Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1847 Page 1
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THl J WboU ? . 4MI. ' THE HOLIDAY HERALD. I THE ILLUSTRATED BISTORT , or TH* f MUZZOAN WAX.. i Ob htvi*7, tk( 26th lut , wa dull pnbiiab tlw i HilHuy Hertld, which trill ba tbe most beautiful. ? | wll aa tba moat Tilubli and IstTMtlng, pictorial abaat i ?t?T twaad froB thi* MUbUabment a It will ba a omplat* llluatratad Hialory of tb* Maxij mb War, and iriU contain anfrarings rt presenting tb* appttraaN of mijr town, after its capture, from tb* taking of Matamoras to tha redaction of tba City of I M?riooiteeir,inoioaHn plana ana rorunoauone. it wooiu b# imUm to dOailo at My lMftb oa tho yalao of ahoot Mbotbla It will bo a perfect plotorial view of Mexico. ifwti ud othora who wtoh to pnrshaae to Mil again, will ploaao a?nd In thoir ordora u early u poaaible. Tht price will bo oonU pw aingle oopy, or M pa? j hnndrM. It will bo pat la wrapper*, to >and to any part of lh? world. 1 Holiday prkhent*.?ladd and biorlow h?v? jast bean ad >irg to r large mid well selected line* of go ds aa wirliONi of French Br and Brooches, ii? r '.r-.aib, lee Cream Frail and Fish Knives; Silver C - d He r rers wid Cad Cases, al o several very richly s*>?s*d t.lver Pitchers, together w'tli an nsiortmeut <>f L)a lue ?i Jewelry. einsisti?g in part of Kings, Ear Rings. Bracelet !., or(e<. lie. Th??a. with 'he great witty of otli" gr?d>'? their line.t^ef feel satisfied caanot fail to please all who any favor thea a ell, both in reaped to quality I p te*i ?s we loasad to keep oar rovatition a'reaJy obtsme I. ol ?el tot peod articles eh*M>. No W Broadway, coraerW Fella*etieet, first ooraei below St. Peal's Church 121 llrerr a I Mr, HULIDAYO?FOr*?as aieuding u> ceieor tr r K- H lidaye are tec aiaendrd t? try the Datch anH K rtaeh i ordiais, of awe eeperior qnalitr. 'mpor.ed bv H O iHllfel e, lii.r Aeastreet. Beck a? Va 'i'li. Anisette a**ree, "ee de Korea* Persire, et? e>?o Ca'din 1 and B *eh ? a ve?? u <.n - a*de of Kreach aad Rh?a sh ?t ?s. Paaeh mi', wh ok a?kn the oi*et delicious Cm htrxtrsa e aeda. with ?at aev u able; <ls? the eel* ?ed r>?. ? alloMs'a ?a?eH Iwn which bare for veers e J <v?d t e a -teevi Me rsweiat t. (Teraaay. Try thnn, aad j >dje for riareoteoi. H C > IT Ann hl I'.oa i . i. - > aad. a we" aemr.ed s oca oX all the abov Cordial, Wi ia?4C*lsfs|Ve|f dtl Ut*re EL-.U vnT HOLIDAY PfllCoENTd WH?Tba sab ihr h-#? |r?ye retpeetlal'T to snnrnnceihat he hap Oj h md s seaal an be oUsuu Inwry.s fine assortment of V' et-Ce' h whs. aad ether articles sal able fur Chris'n><s and i> \ aur's is. eoasistiae of *11 the tnaliin ?nd Ameri ata A uou >'? pntlithrd for lt<t Family Biblea, bcintilally b 'D*d iu at "KM, with 1*1 wnnrri >1*0 other edition* ol' miliar Bmlaa *"Ma uoand in velvet with gold claapt. Elega t edirtoaer<rihe'-ommoa Prayer Book boand in morocco and-a Wo Hyaai Hooka. eompriaiag the variona kind a a ted ha ilia dlff rant deoemiaatiOna of Chriatiaaa- Variona at nd<r l Heli<r<oa<aod lUaatmtad worha, br the nmt popular aaibort ia flic bind mail Baaatifal aditiuna of tba Knaliih am Aai*rieto P >au. Tba Miaiatare Lib'ary, compriaiac a riat fcheiea little laaea, neatl* bound and cveap. ok fr children? \ very N?ga aaaottnent. including many ne>* paMtaationa Gioea. Pnzz'ea, Diaaicted M- pa and Pictare* Fancy aticlea, viz: Writing Deaka, Work Boxes, Card and Needle Caaee, broaza lnke*anda, rocket B oka. Pa tea erdaooa P-p^ta.iaa. Gold Peua, Seal*. l*ory Ta bl*ta. Gold a'd rtiIv ?r Panoila. Emboaaed P>rt'o'io? with lock*. i;?r i Haakata, Pearl Foldai. with a variety of other H-ti*'eisq f>Mef> weaeota Subaciptio-a received for all tka faaSi'<4?bla Maftz aea fo'ltll All for aale at tkevery iu-r.ipreea SAMUEL, RAYNOR. 76 Bowery. dll lt*r.: Rira HOLIDAY PftBflt W3T V*Al E h? Jnat rro?irrd .i ?p aadid aa<ortm nt ( Geatleme 'a Fancy Ure>i (to da Cotspriiing <11 iba latest and faahio able ityle* of plain bleak aad ftifaraa ailk and aatia Cravat a and Pcarfa, fua ende a Olavea U eaaingRobea ram, W'llets. Pe.fu. mery. lie AI?o, a fall aaaortmaat of Shirti, Coll r\ Htocki, I'uder tiarmenta, *a. af hi? own m^nnfactnre, oomriniug one of'l>e*a ft-st asaortmeataof geotleraeu'a farm bin* rnnUi to b- f iin I 'u thiacoant y J. A?*ATE. Oeutletneu'a On'fitter Kn?ed ?a?' wrwrnf 'ark PI are. d'iMt'r Ri II HOi.iUAV AND MTKODINU PKblii^XYt ? <ilve rtafe, argentine (hirer, and Shell Id Silver Plated tVara. wfb Mlrar nnaa'iaga Thorn u Badger, Mannfarmr*r, Sh?fRr'd of 9'erliug Silver Plaie and of Argentine Wleor ?od Sheffield Silver Platod W*re betta to inform the fai'e. r'a- aa aaaortment of the r che.t description of Sheffield Silver Plate* Ware, warraa rd rohave aterliua silver mountii?. snitahle for elegant and eoatly Holiday and Wedding Pre>*nta c?agriai"g T>iah Covert. Wai-ers Dishei, Bra kfaat Mil T'? acta. Ke'lles and S'and, Lnqne- Fi? m?a kc kc . all the mo t reehercbe ia atv le aad Haien oan b* procured of tba aolc a<eat f'>r hi? wa'a ia the Uni ed Rtues. R. ?. ST*CN TO v, O'qvmI Coaimiia'on Aarut. T4 Ma-tUn Lane, ap raira: wk alao olicua orderi Tor all aeacilptlmia of Solid Silver or-ilver Plated Wa*e, in eeta or bv the piece ' oapieteda* aetaavi baas lolied. otnpriai e Breakfaat. Oinuer. Te i ind S'l iper aeta, all mak'ag one fa 1 ten aet, each piecf maichiug 'he o<h?r, aad got up la the neareat London faah ion I wP (V | UrUit KUAi KOK I'rtJL niitiu A to. OF If I y d??cr?pCi(Ni ?Superior. Lvui. Mirtio, ?01. Fitch, ("lui'ch'lli, Paoirreli J?art and Ianhella bea Mnfi; ?? iim 8waa-<l <ir? T npav; Fnr^ollara and i.apet, with a choice aaaortmeui of Far Trleamin. a, kc . ke , cheaper 'hau any Othrr Ktura iu thia Citv. VV 4. B \NTA. ?l C.'l"3l at . C-'rno O at ?nd l*? rharbaot at'*e>. dl# I1r*rc Wllrt * H tlUII VOUT, Lv ceum Uuiliin <g* 'itti ami tftRioadwar are now o >enirtg i>er 'iir arnra a, an piili * *' rtmai t11 faaer and aaefal Hou?e Fnmiehieg ?*<da which th*y w il a II ateice?duigle low n'icea. . amp?,Ch i, l?li r?. Uinnd lai, Urtcu a d OuFntnni nf ivary nr rt<. i>l<(?d Caaera War era. Di-h Cure'*, R&ikrl*. Cover'd D aiif? and Cangleaticks Butter Knre?, Vo >n*. Fo lia. Ladle?. TaiXat'a and 'outer*, nlan-d and ailrar; Jipi'ial Its Traya alalia ?od in aata: TaM- Cutlery, th- flo'at aaaortaicat T?red to tha pab i*. new p<tieD*: French Cloeka and ran<lal>b'?a Porcelaia Oinnar, Tea Toilet and decorated Waie "I elrgmt .tylea Al*o, aanpenorait'de'f plain white Por-e'am RiiiMr tad Tea Ware I heaa gooda hare b*en ae lected hr their ag-ota ia Puropa wi h meat em and ntrenlie j, ni l ?lv for their own aafea W It H do not heairate to at v that I hey hare tha fineat aaao'tmant ?f aew gooda <n their line, a w in'he market Hieing rereatly olarneH their atoie the, h? ?np?rior accoBintodniioo* for t howirg their g'oda a-d ?onld renertfnllr joviie t ie pnbliC to call andriamine ffn? M > H O'OHWnllT dll Ur?re ?l?Hi t?U LA' -.CVM \i\U BKHTHK'? Wl'l.aM J. icnti k Co , No. >77 Broadway, hire reeeired a lir<e to'k f the above article*, tha > henpaat. they beliere. erer offered Berthea C mm?nci ig at fit, Capet at $16: alao. a batut>'nl atnck of imitation cape* linm tt tt. berthea from M; nh ut Ml doa?n breakfast capa, from 2 akillinra e'ch. Krei rli nerHle woik ahemiaette* at tl; needlework e< llara, fine ij'i din, 2. 'I I. Fluted e lUr? from li ; black fiil'd demi *?il? f.orn t*. large lot d-raa cape (al ghtly aoiled) la. each or finer lb- $1: embroidered moalia and I ce n.bea; inf int'a Mli ? waiafa, kc.. a* cheap a* can b? iound in the city. V B No 'f lli n in pno*. lit I lt*rr XT c l I 119 full I'HR. It \ V n.?Ilium, u, la Mrii lehtlfa'id quarter l.oi-?, grape* aud raiaina in kega aim Ua eurou dried cuTinra fig* prune*, colored candle, and ai>i<*ea. old coffee* new green and black tea* ()erm>naiid < augara. liaht yellow (ahont eqnal to Htmrta) at 7H eta br he hbl or 4a Id. T|ba. ; wnita and brown Havauua mO'i in borea. with a large *tock of groceries, for *ale ai wh"'e?ale and retail, at eery reduced prieea, hy J O. fOW. I,v II Grocer and Tea Dea'ar. Noa 850 and tttO'tetm and 70 Verey atJ. N. B ?Ciroeer* and Baker* are ii th call <nd examine the aboreatock before purchasing.aa ducouut will bemndeto ihoae who bay in large q ian> 111 VANCrtA'CL UMEW?8 FORO*.NTLKMLN ? dreiaei, l?*ithlul iepre>enb<ii r* of ilia character* deairn1 lo hi.e .. JULIUS DKIONG*. 86 Wa'ren atreer. N 11 .? v| Kancv ts res tea and iheitnca) prope.tiea made >o ordet the a' o ifa' not'ee dl? Mt?r C L \KKt'rt HAcKO?li. B CLAKK&, Merchant Tailor, lit il iamatreet opi<otitethe Waahington Wlorra. haa a Terr h iidiome atock of UrercoUa and bodv Uacka. the prieea of whirhra y from t'O to ?l?. A'ao, Clnthi, Caaairarrei and V'atinga m -de np to order, at low price*, for caah < nly. My t<rn?r . a i M""k Becki art nanaaomny [numn, wnn Trim 0 ilmr* and cnff? nud I urd ?nd waddnl raciirly. Hon* hare nclil? worked ailk finoU. (Wereoa't mad* to meaiura at the vrr ? m-i""ee?at h ? > fhry a * a?td r?adr m-da rtWafr U--iu - ?A?Ke.T oborHi>o HTOHIT? AM. L. M \THKIi, m Second itreet, ael'i firat-'xte Krork, Dr nurt Ifvaieoata for 2 ; Veal, Paira fee. tqallr cheap. K<rpi a large aad f?ahi?uibl<> atock of all kind* f .rcu.ii in tralr.ani with the help of It. Nubmf, ao f?mcd h<uh in lL"?laii' aud America aa teacher of catling. f*al? con ft 1e* t of gi?i c foil a'ti< faction to Hfty friend. df? Jr*r rivir. .1 KIVKTUULLAITriii i ? c o \ mirurcLul H M r.i at. ca??imere |*nti and fancy rail Alan cloakt and or*ri-it?t>, wi h r>ch liuiaga, ti to $>0 rack: buaiu?ta ei?ta $1 to $1; ?? M cat t? to St. Caah i>aid for cmt'a cloihi.a Cl jkiii z 'I reparian, ?*d al.arj >r cornar of ^aaaaa and H'P'mio ?r Two Oi nalaarn wanted. d| 14.rt T ?.K' UKKi; O'I'HI vO AND Ft'ttM IL'HK WA"*TJLJ t,D ?Lad.ea -nd Oei.t rmen h-rmg aa|> rlliiua- a Carta | . d'?,.o?r of ?uch na We Apparel. Fnmnur* lie r?n ob ai a fa!r raih r ee f<* the ?ame. i.y ?e 4.?g f r the aabaor brr tt r og* tha Poat OlB'e, i r n?? erwi-e, who will a'ta 4 at'her re-td?acee. J. LK VKNBTY.n, <4> Pra?"way, *> tai l. I ad ea taa b? attended t? by Mra.J. Leraaaty*. j dia 'J're A^I'U^f CLUTHlNli ? /JjT KD? adiea and Oentle-neu harm* aaf raat offo",-M. 11 u n? p|"thm?f f for.itor# tt di?f?ae o?. can ohtnn a #,.h 1 rn-r f r tlia aame, by ?e' itin* a uota, or br CaJliar the aah cr her at hit reaideupe, rr .hrs-uhi the i?ei ^,f|l Wl|, ^ pu .ctu.Hya.ieadedto. H PC lOf-%. Caail .tree- ap N B-Lad ,. eiu be attended tog* M? D. B(^r O (I a'nnk and Jul) ( >oda bonght, of M- dearrir-tion aad df? )? ? T. CLwAk*?The aaba<gfber |?aT( tn call the JLJ attejtim' ol lad.ea toh a preae,, Moeh of, fc. ? the btat tu the aud rompna.^ |h# MW ?,T|M n ? ,k ^ 1 .JI'..?.. I* iV",r* j??*? ? greaty?ri?ry w.iha L'*?i m i I I J li)* tiiuhU ??r th? leimn which %. ill b? ??'?<? ? ?? P"?*? by T PATTISuN, No l Sow e" , PaVk' m\i7JL?^6TOu5h?,k> i-coi;KTfc pni.ia in<r3ro?4?raj.N#w y, tk Thoy .tilldya aad Daub in ! i.ew and !> ru.1' *vl? ell ,nrt? i.f ?<><WU. ?* wirtf ?l'k aod tw It,? trawl, orriutn aad ?,?bb Ik: I' |iti V f WO ?W? TO WOfl!|iq y*rr: ??in? "ON ?ob?if. !m" " i TW ?f tUm* ?or>d? k.tetm moijuo?. T?>lh?* ?h?w|?. nioii*. (mm* a. ri,t4? m. 4 t???? ? Hd iMiltnn') >nni"n kc.dv"' ?<J ?l?aa "ln ,l "*?? artielea Ordrra carefully M'Bnded In at d P" 1 U..I ?|i HI*m UIIBO ii.K wutti ID ti* liwl . ' New VmU -n I ita vletaity t*< -t ?S? ha* r*lB?dCd iri-mi w 9^,(1, ? d |ni?r>d h> r.rll ?r No TH Sn?irv.err oar. I Di?ii,ih| ft.04ft, at IK* baildii ( known n Proton Hall ru 11- !? r <0 , ti , ye, (j,, Vlnarnm wkere iha will b? b*pp? tir*<"?i??na fh'Bnnlo*/. fhyiiofnoBi/. Awreirg). it rrnlni* >-r,h#p|,n,M ?h ci|> mig fnta?i crrMiit a?d fa t'b* prri d <>f oar hi th It mrkerl with r>m-p* ciM*' <*> rnm<tancat,' hut Kara a ?i?ib'a rfm Bp mtha fainr* eo,'i'Vl!Vt,foar li?e?, wh'Ch Marf<iin? D w'll re??l ?'pUm J" aia.wrai a ,d f>fi?fietion, d ??? will ui?wr all I narMioaa hBaith. bmiriev |.rnp?rty, and L'L*?j>(r I I to " ? ? wh ? f???r b?r wi?b tH.<r pat ? ? * *l4? TubM >y fanhf bi r*. that b*>? ? ? ?<???d? nor die* *" i.r l'*?i* bo winner 'ft. bm on'y ?{ ** ? v b? Irv^rd j?cT #? p s. Me4?M>C* sot ?n>ac? to rtaaia ib the r<tr , # hi t I'm* lona?r. ' MHi'i M H H H. OHVllU'lf will pl?**e call amfweiet Ki?? j gtir^dinMSisi' I . J A | a jnk NEW BOWKRY THEATRE.?AW. ?*c?io? Ma. BKr EKIT OF MH. OTW HMITH-? Taeidav tTHllUf, pre t|,t th? iwrf-rmance to c/ nmrncf wit* OLIVER TWIM1--Olirar +wia\ Mn 'atnerlaad: I'll BiJkaa. Mr. J. H. Hil1; Mr "amh'e Mr. C. *B'ka: V?i Siiii, Mil Madion \n?r wbii b the It ?c f UltELLK? Oiw1>?, Min 'Itirnha I: ?r un <lb?r?, Mr (* W. ?mth; M >tha Vn rd?n After ?lii-b L* ^HTSj' LL--^CMij'lr, H' Pa ka T" cnteloda ?i h th? VIARRi-,0 R^KE? Mr Klirlrv. Mr. Clarke; Mia Fliibtv Mri JokJ.m; 8n?an, Mn. litrUnd Dnj gpri v Ik. rnrr.nn ?i'l n?? ?t7 8 x atioa'i; ttaad Oillery. I>H CH ? i MAM 1 HiAi ivi. ? Liuuii uta i^muiMti M' JLETliHER?Slat# Manager, Mr Hiela ?Oa_Turi la* Erasing, Dec II. will be Dreianted.tha play ?l the wRE.N BO;''?fr-oieoe Htoimoi d. Mr BtandoaiEdwud Fitumy W H<etdt Emily Bun-, M i McClem To be folti wea b> hi ,vil)DKI< \HT1hTKB. To ?oclade wi'h tlx dram* of 8KAM JN'i LOlMirVtilenlD. Mr Varry; Caitaia Oakum. Stafford; Frederick, Vv Hiald: Madge. Moa Hernag; lenay Kraukliu Door* opan at 6)f; iierlormanaa to eon m?" re at T oVIi.ffh. Bmei 85 eta? P'l UH^'i Pilviu'a OPCHA HUUME ? I'rtnday E*ea<rg U'C II will ba i?ei*n?4 tha fitce of iba r-E' RET?Mr Daii M, n?ii' U, uM n.n_ . \i> Nbhotj; Ant?!i i, Vit* F*lynn. After which. the Br?t Mg<?f LA SY LPHIDS?Li 8ylphid?, MMjf Epi dVMr. fudrrtck. l ob* followed ?y LOVfc 1N LIBERT?Lor" Spar*l* Mr P??! Patent. Mr W R Ch*p?*a:Con te**, Mr?. A.i?borr; Lt u? Mr*. Py- ? Hetty, Vi*a F * To co'elad* with Lfcsi P?Ofif OU.DUC UK VENDOM*Vietor. Mile Aimutni Pee < Yrtja?. u rwUrck ? ric*a?Fir? and Pa>qi*tte, 50 ceut?t Second Tier, JS cent*. nOAUWAY THEATRc.?L<*c n*ht lai two of he tD(i('Diut of vl< dmn ANNA T?tid? veaibs, Dec SI, will be rmented, f<rihe Bit rime la ihi? *itv tue gra ? Enal.ah iperitie *peet?cle. in iur*e arte. ertltl<-J the ?'A'D oP ARTO'8? l-olioe. (the Mj* d of \no* ) M?d A. Bi?h p; Jute* De MoaUu rou, Mr W. H. R*ctra; th. Maiqaia de Chatrau Vieax. Mr. B.-oavh; <...ralie, "ihM. Hanoi. Prcei-u* to the orera. ih- f*?.i-i'e farce of CAPTAIN OF THE W*T" II?Viwonntde Lirav. Mr Letter Orraa rjte'e and Pa'qiette, % ; Fain lv f ircle (2d tier.) JO cent*; Upper B xc*. 2i cent*; Gnllerv, 1?^ cn!i. Docr*"ieu ntHW "Vloclr?n??fo'm* ri?rrm?l>C- * * dl' t/fl UDTMflC 'l utAllUk-lll 'I'uejuai .ft Kvrcmi Dee 21, the performance* ?ill commc t" wiin rttlDE "F TUE MaHKET-U dure Fa.ioe, Mr. HolUud; Ma'quiade Volauee, Mr. Arnold; Market, Ma'v Taelor ? Atfer which, for the (th fine, UPCERHOW HOUSE I> DISASTER PLACE?A la Mode. Mr Chanfran; Jem* Twitchar, Eaq . Mr.Cnnover; Lnte?t'irg Mua MarvTay or; Satin, M??? Phillip* After which the farce of 1 HE BOARD ING SCHOOL?Capt H?rcourt. Chanfrau: Caroline Blythe, Mar? T.ylor. A DAY WELL hPENT?Mix* *? N?r Holland; Mi** Brown. Mm Riiberti Door* ope* ?t naif pan ?. ?nd th* curtain will rue at 7 ? Dr*a* Circle. JO ct*; Upper B"?f*SV: Pit. HXe __ AS TO* t*LA? E OPERA?Wednesday. Dec Sd will be preaented Donizetti'* Opera, in three act*, of LUC I 4 l LAVERMOuR?Lord Heury A*hton, H'r kerdiaaudo O Btneveuwno; Lacy nf Lamermoor. Sia'ra Ter??* Tiufi; Sir Edgar of Baeenawood S'r Benedet i; Lord Arthur Backlaw. S'r Felix Uenoreai; Raymond. H'r Fcttimio Hoai; Alice, *l?'ra Anfiolo Mora; 1 orm?n, S'r ^ellipno Albert***!.? V1ne*tro Duettor*. Hignor Ba-illt. Leader of the Orch atra. 4iguor Rapetti. B"Xt* ""arquet, and Balcony tl; Ainphi'liear'e, 50 cen'a Box Office open in hilf p**t I to 13 o'clock, aLd at No 2 Wnll atreet bai?m? t from 1 to 3 Door* o|ien at T o'clock. To commence at htlf pnM 1 tl ECHAM1CS' HALLt tro*awa? itw *1 and Broogne (treel*. Crowded to orerflowinj with the BEAUTY and FASHION of New York. OPEN EVER* NIGHT UNABATED SUCCESS Twelfth Week of th* Original oHRISTY* MINSTRRLB l'h? Oldeet Ea tahli.had Band in the United Ptatea ?. P. CHRISTY f PEIRCE. O. N CHRI8TV C. ABBOTT. J. RAY NOR. T. VAUGHN, 8. A. WELLS, whoa* onxinal and inmr tabl* concert* ar* aishUy nouurad with cn>wd*d and highly resrectable aaditnce*. and nBiverullv admitted tn ?rrl vary imnHnMil ol a timil&r character offered in thii city Admiaaioa X> cant* Children under 1* year*, half price 'tnon '.pen at I; con cart will commence at 1 o'clock Ou Chriatmaa Day an Afternoon Concert Doort open at 2 o'clock, Co?cr_? will ron>m>uce at 3 o'clock dl# It're BKOAUWAf OUEON?Entrance through Piutcui'a 8aloon?Under the management of Mr. E. O. Ureklt.? tbia tTcninc, December sT, 1147. will b? preaeuted a variety of entertaining performance!, among which. Miaa C. Hlanchaid will play lereral favorite aira on tne Moai cal O aaaea; Mim Roberta will ting a favorite ?onic ; Mian Adel* aad Miea Lainee in two dauca, and tin Grecian f xerciaea by Miaa Blauehard. Alter the nbove a acriaa of new TABLEAUX VlV ANT*. lucln-lina.amongotbergroapmv>, "Masaacir of St Bartholomew." Morning atarr "Neptnne Rising from tha Hca " ' The Maypole Dunce," aad a Grand National Tableau in Uouur of the Uuited Statea. dltr i">ii;HtU~vi-ni'i.tftDiU ftuKOIt w ANCE8 tbia AFTfcRNOON aad EV NINj. at 3 f d 1% o'clock. Tha ETHIOPIAN 8KRKNADER8 appear in a variety of atuga, chorine*, glee*, k:? nEAT WESTERN, in an entire Slew C iOiiC Melange. witt?u expreaaly for him. Other |*rf<>rrae'( of talent in iheir rei|>ective partaare engaiced, lac'uding VTi?? BK.HNAKD Mr?. Mowell. Mu.eaTuLlliN, aud WHI'fLOCK. Mr WHITLOcK. Mr frLAVIN Com e aud <entimeut>l liuger, *.. tec . A beiotiful IVORY CRUCIFIX, which haajoat arrived from Italy, from ore of the firat umatera it, Heulnta**, ii lobaiaea l'?r a frwdava, in conjunction with all I he other atu act tuna of the Muaeum. Admittance to the whole 25 ceata; children andei ten yeara ol age and old aaongh to walk alone, UK eeuta. Iteaerved boat aeata. one ihiHme r.?ch extrn d 9 r AuLe..-' ?n?a Juacphine omnia u rr.ap.cilu ly X iiif^rina her ffi>n<l< aad tha public, tli-1 die will give a rasd vocal and iuatrdmea'. 1 Concert at tne Tabernacle, Broadway, on Titosd<tv evenine December 3 let. 1147, on whicn occiaion ahe will be a?aiatrd bv Mnilame Otto, Mi a H tf mraaou. (her auter ) Mr Crnat. Mr. Timm, and the Derwn.i k... ?... aI.... * IV? *orr. ?ged 12, v bi>u. M.?? L1 *? Dcrworl, a?ed 10, violin; Villi (J iroline Derwort aged I ainger; .Va>te' William Dernorr, ?*ed J, violoncello. Pn gramme? Part I? 1, over are (La >oiie di Figaro.) a-raoged la a Qnuaor and executed bj he Derwor Family, NNMt 2. Fiuuuia. ( "rr u , f.lert*,) punoiorte > i?? Jn?ephine Innunn, He z; 3, Meeitaiivr tuU Aria Ctia ltlln) Vftd r.)tto; i. Jiffgie. F.ntr, Mr Phil'j na-.; S Dc?lt piauo (La Vtoietie d< Cara'a) executed h Mi??e* H-ir le and Josepl.i e R-auitou. F* *; 6 tixle Vaid'i Song. Caroline Derworr, ar?ompuiied b? her brother and ai* tera. Fenton. Ptrtll?7. Hjuii, Two (Jrand Tiaitoj. (O dilce eon< Mr H t-.Timm aud Vij** Josephine Bumtn Hen; Baic note, ( v ngao i*it ) Mad mi i, ?,nnip'u*;J Kou<io ( I lite tinte arm one piano) Derwoit Family i tcay. I* Variations brilli-nt, (tfeimtu air) Hji?, &r..*t; (1. Qraml fr'anUuia, (Prayer in "viiiaeid ry.ttn,") Piano Mix Joseph Dramaon, Thai erg; It, P"tpourri fur ih>e* violin* arid vio om ello. U'rwort F?'i iy The two (Jrind fltliM ?ert ki d v furnished b? Vr t'e.iraon. 1'irkrti, 40 ceu'a; t>- be had ii 79 Foertn itrxi, at the principal Mane s orea. and a' the door on the eveuiog of ths Concert. D>o-a open at#J* o clock; c .ncert to commence *t I o'clock. Misa oMphu e Branit. give* Lruon* on 'he Pianoforte. Vita* H would call at euti n to the f II. wing from A'derman Kng*.?New Vmk, December 9 1844 ? Miaa Jo?< phiue Br?msou hubeeii, f .r ? me timr. a teaeher of mnaic iu rnv family, on the piano; and I am anhorned by my two diughte a (both ot competent ye?r? to ja fge.) to mr, thar among the teacher* ihey have hid, (all of ihem Iu g kj(I atandiug a* professors) ahe it in >*r competent to teach They le'l me nUo, that one quaiter of her te<clrng luu b'eu ? oi tli t > ilieiu iliren of aouie oihe s Her mode?t? u,d inn (ical talent, in rn? poor iudgmeot, wuh the ficr ol h-r p ecucity of a ill give her a rank tl a* nldei memh?ra of he P'0(ea?ir>n might envy, lecnmjieud* her to tho>e ? h i woir<* ii?ve t'eir daughters prnGoieuti on the piano. P W KNuH N-w Vrrk. Ken ?mh?r 18:7. dlllire MK L NNfc,'? .ViU^lU sL i LLiHI MA 1 IU.1S uK all xKHI'KAKK, at tne 8ociety Library Lec'ure Komn 3it B oadway.?' ue> ay evening. Dee, 3i,''T'<? l>mpe?t." fne following vocmis s will ai pe*r; .Vrj Fd Loder, Mn? L)e l.nce, M L A. Joi.cj Vr.. I, lin v'?Fareu Mr al L Leach, Mr. J. A Johns m. vlr. Ore if re* and Mr Ar>hu-*on hi* aecond appearance iu New k ork. CngdlFtar, Mr. Geo toiler. Ticket*, 30 ceuts. To commence at 6 o'clork. dIMfr _____ RUTUB-" iNvrilUTt-lk-hoi K*N Lonckkt ?The 11 >.naer lamil/ will have the ho iir of gmn< liicir teu'li 'lime t in Ameriea n Weduesday evtm g Deccember23d at the Bntger* ln?titu'e, ou wh ch occa-i ?ithey ai|| pretentan entire change of programme. Ticket* vlmittinira g-otleman aud two I dt a, one dullai; aoitle ticket* lil'iy emta. Door* open atS)a, to commence at 7>^i.'click. >! tr rie iin v/ir>. *rt MaviMuTH PAN OK v A ? nr. *8.8sipp| HI V - K, painted on three milt* of>! Tiriibi'iiiK a view of eoantry ItM milea in length, eiteadiae ihe month of th Miai.uri Kiver to the eitv of New tni.*j.a, a?d if<chi?j over tea ..egret* o |M tade >?? ug the larat? pilbtitg lu the wrl.l at the new P*nor./n? Ai?.ldT.? i. B'oadway, .djoinirg Niblo'a. Ua-deu 0,*u"* ^8n nda > etc* ted) AdmiMion 51 QU; vhil<'r?n half r?n?l 1 he Pnuomm* will eommenee moving ?r* oYlITk Uteraoou eihibition* on Wrdueed?y???,% oVWW ?e,,..crt,re.| from !j Mdi" Aj I* K tVlDAYS LUNlJKH, l're%foa. ,euloT 1 to Bin to .. ?> [g nal ailendid alwr pin . f |h. A-oratioa cf eh# yngin and I, Ui.t Je?na and Mint(j.wto. by Br a p.1. ted I" Ihe Uth eeatary b. i.aWaa, juat arrived iron Ea rot*. eih bt'.ing for short. p?',?d at 413 B.oadwav, roiaer ..I Liapeakid aireer. Aiinia?ioi,|j c?ut?, au>l can be aeen from 9 A. M .till 10 P.M. ft?aaoi, tiefctta M ceata. dll ltr? AfjNt'TSI'.THIJaTRK, Philadelphia.?Leaeee, Mr. , Jt,?. *Wger, Mr J. Wallack, Jr.-MR WLLISB' iaet Nf|ht bat three-Oa 1UK4?AY EV D?r tlw^i^j,,, u-med >he iirama of the WHlTE li< RML or The rcPPK.ll9-aeroldrepper.Mr. 'nlluia; -?ilh I OOtj of "fin a rai tiuff. rovias bin**;" Major H^m ui r?1 Mr. Cli pmiii Mifilui. Mn Rogfra; A fitha. *}? AIV Wbieh the HArrt M V*-faddy Vw.-hT (?nh)the * eg of "The Bo'd Holdiet Bor") Vr. V<i e Willi PEKF ECTION?Char.ea Para W? Wheail.y ANUVU hOKHIO *. <>r KATTLE UN ARE?The uobI c w<ll recollect tlie u Inrtu ate a d lameaiable dra h >tihel%teL)r W?iew iglit. The tei'tile 'h Ciuifil hit uuHaiti) deai>? (>a U,? ih ri apace or fire hoara) h.ia been aiamn ea by ear gir.t'at and fn<?t ab'e naturaliata. who nnani naoealr it uoaa'e it the Wrgrat and m ?t ittageroaa of i<a Cera. tt.e m->it dilftcu t to preaerve in a c?ld eliiaate | | T> th? pa liea tKaarr >o view <Kia ie y haadanmt anil aearteworh Ql eiettioa. it baa he?a v?ry eare'elly eaged. and Mill be orxa ( r the ia?ie.tioj of iiacrv who eaaeiamioe luia w iliout th* Waal daager. lie will be eitubi'ed by the nwat Weadeifel aid imil '.tin. .nc,l hi? *(t in ir.* ?i> Id. ben g II veara aad ( m. uihi old M lath" nijh and weighing <t Iba Bo h to be aeea at ttl Broadway. Admir'aaee. t> rer'a- rh Urn hilf price. dll V"? HIEtiVlTAOK VI.NOINU CLUI. No 47 Bayard met, ih-ee diieri aor'h ?f the Bowery ?The Mibarcibera teapecifu'ly laloip their fneada ?ad the pah'ie.that the* have lately f6ued the ?fco?e h >aae in a epleadid alyle.and intend to |i*e raiMtaiaaaeaia ? ibe ftaaal Mj^eef the nld-faahmaed r m-mrn j I fTIHlll'K; T m nti ciiiK m l)if 1ft, Iftif 1 ha aiMdidg r>oiu aa-.idr lu? maaaamdat 01 Joaa mniiioii, tha old l.?? n? N. UO ' *Lu, M kl.OKl) \NT N B.?Tha baat amilmr D(? i II ihd litT will ba |>rd*dnt ? lhn?* tiini>(i |ln< mt to (it for nMr ffwniwi ??* hif in? ftl*. rfl*Tt?re The ht? yemmaiuuslhk mu-ical company who M*? rcralh ' < oi.'arti in Boaton mid o l*r N*w Kigluftwlwn ihrir M>furv ?ncr. bava rli oitad in* ?Uo?*d'd api liaaa of rtom4-4 aad t)>t alraraal coifi"*iid>ll< a of ib? rr*?a h^a ihr Hraiara nf aa noanrlot ? ?! il??v will f" ' *tf 4'at r- m 'liu eitT at ihd Tahdraacla, ?* lha a>aabta of thd Ittb t?al. ProrraTma ||.*.for _ d|a?aTaWaf Mt'.lc i'?X4 i Mt~i.OUe.CM*. AINU A<?.OHl>?(|,NI-Tm . ! ' aaafartarar aa?l i?porar tA Muflcdl ladtmoaaata. baa f r a t'f aaanTimrtl of Areor droua Mrloddoaa, iuidjia iral Hoiaa "II kW? of Mm pil iuitivumi EDWARD Ba 1CK ftl fttllon a*'of fWd rtrdadt dl? l'i*m C^r.NPiTT wo?t wooli" n *So~Ti?inT~7ofc k) HALK? An rUgaal II ??? > < aap-rio* t-nad t}{ OCtaad, f??Kir r.ur r?an?l tnd and Piaao Fnrra nud* ( on'dr. b / wi? of thd firai m*hara id Oanntar. M off?r*d f?f aal? at i *?r? ffn. (Mitnin. Ilia b?id? n?l.l? worth aaar MM Thd Piano Forfd caa ha warr n(a<1 to ba, lar load, toneh, aad fiuiab a ?a y unanor laatrtiaaanl and ??r ba adda M IM ttpriag ba | twddd L- ntdni d Tboiapaod "ItddU. dl? 'tl're PI?Nu fUHi Ka ruK HIMK-J V. Mk. NlTES HON, maaataxarar of Piaao tortna, Vt Broad war, baa conaUkatlf no haad aa utonmfii of aaparmr maawooaad mnh gany piano fortaa. kapt ripraaalr for bird. Alan aa atfaaaiaa and wall adlaftad alork of ddw and bdl'dUi Jlmn ; violia aad laiaw Niriagt, tut-, M? Broadway, bataraaa ?pr a? a4 flint a itmtt. 4Mll?*rr? W V o YORK, TUESDAY MOR HIGHLY IMPORTANT PROM THE CITY OF MEXICO. ANOTHER REVOLUTION. ATTEWPT OF SANTA ANNA TO OVERTHROW THE OOVERNBSHT. MARCH OF QEN. WORTH OVQVftRKTABO, LOSS OF THtS BARK ST, MARY. Mtvmnta of (kneral Tavlor. the death or captau houe. fee., fcc., &e. Oar UtMt ?d?loe* from New Orleans, by tbe regular mul. ?r? to tbe l'ilh ioetant. loclualve Tba U 8. ihooner Whig arrlr?d at New Orlraua late on tha night ol tbe lOcb, from Vera t'nu, wbauoa aba aailed on lb? JOib ult. Adricra fiom tbe capital, to tha :14th November, bad keen received at Vera Crui 8anta Aoua. it waa aald, bud iaauad auotbar pronuntiamtn'o agamat tbe provisional gO'ernm'Ut.and called oo tha country to organi je lore, i ( M) 000 men to renew tbe war. Ha w?? at th? baad of a atrong force? by aoma report* 10 000 mo a of all arna->nd waa threatening tba Congma, la aaaalon at Queretaro, tb? majority of wbieb waa, It was aaid, rtrongly Inclined ta beaoe. So great were tbe fearn entertained at tbe capital, of Santa Anna'a breaking up tbe l ongraaa u la Cromwell, that Oen. Scott bad ordered Uro Worth, with a atrong dlrUlon, to Queretaro, to ptiitoct lia deliberation! On tba JSJ lour of tba men of Company D, La., mount ed Uet'alioa, left ciuip to prooura aome beeve* Their long tbteuoe alarmed tboae in camp, and Lieut Hunter, f the mdc company. t?king a r<]uad of mun. p(poaeded on tbe morning of tbe UUh In taareh of the mUetng Men. A* be approached the rancho of Ccl Zeaobia, aoma in milea from Vera Crui ha wan attacked by a atrong gu-rlita foroe, and wai oouip?ll*d to retreat to camp Capt Oao Kerr, oommauding Co. C, with 90 men and I aubalterna, waa orderad out in purauit of tbe guarilla*. taking Llaut. Hunter a* a guide. On tbe ulgbt of tbe #4th, ? apt Kerr ranched the rancbe of Col ?eaot>ta. where a it -ong gu?rt>la fjrue waa poatad. and attar a abort but declatve conflict, auoaaeded In killing nt ?H. ?-.? l.H? ? *- - > <> ? / ? ? fn?uu*t?. Aiuna trident that the four man who lelt e-imp 011 the Ud xri murdered by portion of ZouohU'i men (ouu of tbepritontr* taken at the raacbo baring on the clothing of una ol tha wlaflng man) Capt. Kerr proceeded to lake ample rengenoe on the enemy. Therancho was burned to the ground, and the gue.-Ula* (bo I' The following ia C apt. Ken'a offlclal report of the ejt pedition j? CiNr CiiAMrcTHia, near Vera Crui.N'or Jft (Joi.oncL? By your 01 d?r 1 marched from camp on tbe 94th last . at 8 o'clock r M , with idnety men and three subaltern*, Lieut* liarklnt, Pearson and llunter. Ihe latter to act a? guide About II o'clock that night, when ci oaring the ttaota Ke pialrle to the Orliaba road, wo beat d tbe barking of dog*, which led mo to bailer* we were in tbe neighborhood of a rancho? the rain* fiam which Lieut Hunter and squad bad bean driven oa the moraine of tbe 9Uh. I'ur*ulng our courne. immediately after bearing tbe barking of dog*, wa were flred upon by a picket guard I ordered charge, and a* we n?ared tha ranoho, wa received be fire of a strong body, which, judgiog from the tiring aod yelling, I sup poaed to haabou' tarenly or eighty They retreated from tha rancho, but continued, for a short time, to Are upon u* from tbe cbapain I We *urtoubded the rancho. took fire prisoner*, (one of whom had on the clothing ol a noldlor belonging to 1> oompany ) and found Are more more tnat baa ftllen by our lire. One admitted that ih?y ware all guerrillero* We fuiind in the ranoho a largo quantity of cartridge# Parktfe* of dry good* were opined which had cariridgwa packed in the centre I bad the ranohn flred, and burned every thing in it ? The fire prieonrra preferred a dogged silence u to the (ate of tbe f ur m?n belonging to company D and I bad tbena shot All of whloh I respec fully suliualt GEO KKItn. ( apt C Co., L M. V. To Col. W F. U.uur, Cum k L. M V. Tbl* <iioce**ful expedition of the Intrepid Capt Kerr, and hia nummary mode of treating the guerilla*, has had * salutary tlfeer. upon them; their aadacity for soae time previously knew no bound* Tbe l*t brigade of Oeu Bull?r* Division, consisting ot the first Tennessee and fttti Indiana rfgiinei ts, under tbe command ot t ol ( heat ham. mov*-d from Vera rui on the 96.h nit. On tbe Utftn, Oea Duller, wltb tbe 3o K-iitaeky regiment, and an escort of O.a^oons nnrt-r oomuiaLid of Cuptuln U'he*'.. U-ok up h<* line of march for toe interior On the 90th ih.i l??? ir.ii, . rations n't 'J7 pieces of artillery, s'arteu tor the o*plial 'too bark .it Mary, Captain Nasoti. h?noe fur Vers Crut with tba T*nneaa-? troops on )>oarJ wei t asbtre un the reef at Autou Lia?rdo. on the 'Jrtih tut . la oortber. trying to make a harbor. The troop* and pasMogvra baa all arrived in safety at Vera I rut Tba U 3 steamer A R Hhj?I Capta'ti M B tker. wool to the -t?MUn?a of tba St. Mary, but found It Itopossible to get ber off There war* varinn* rumors afloat, at Vera Crni when the Whig left. In relation to a contempt tied at tank ?>> tba Mexicans on aoma of the posts on the Una of be Itlu Uranda. tba moat tangible nf whluh was, that General Vllnon was secret y organizing a loroe to a<Uok the post at Saltlllo, now that General Taylor hat 'eft We place but little credit la these rumors particularly thai in regard to the vallatt Mlnnti's ontaiuplated attack on Gaoaral Wool's poeltiou at Saitillo Mtnon wa* here onoe before, and will not be likely to try It a ascend tline. [From the New Orleans t'icayuna. U*o 11 ] The bark Warwick Capt Wilcox. arrived bora yesterdiy having left Vara Cm* on tha 1st inat.,a week later than onr former udders Captain Wbann, of tie toabiat Soathernar, esme up tba river yesterday, and report* that Captain Andrea* of tha towbnat Terslan. apoga tha JiVlg 8ald?na on tb? Htb lost, off tba Southwest Para The captain of th. laldana reported h r;m( apoken on tha 7th Inai . the U i ateamer Gov Eutlar, one buodrad mllea southwest of the 8 W Pass, In dii-tresa Tha Oov. fiutlar was from Vara Cr?? bound for this port. Wa weva deeply pained yesterday to lesrn that Capt rti'j j'itr a lino*, or me sin Kegtment U S Infantry <>l?d on tha night of the 8th Inst , at Baton llnuge. irom the tff'Ota of a sever* burn. C?pt Hooe *m a nmlx o( King Oeoi'gs county, Virginia, a moat gallant and ac oompllfhed soldier, and gained great credit by Inn gallant conduct upon the field ol Palo Alto, tba flrrt battle of tbe Mexican war, where he lost an arin Ha entered lb* army a graduate from U>? Military Academy In 1817,ana nit alwayia rred with Lo tor to hitnsilf and his eonuiry Kor his gallantry on the !*th of May. IM6, ha was breveted to a maiorlty, aod most deservedly. (.'apt. H !> longed to a gallant family, and wai a brother of K-ilwrt Emmett Hooe. of the Navy, who died about six n.ontbs sinoe, and we believe was the last member nt his 'ainily We regret to hear that a fond wlte and ohlHreu have been lalt to mourn the death af a husband and father. [Correspondence of the New Orleana Delta ] Tampiuo, Mexico, November 7 ?There were 300 men on sick report at the end of September ; 9J8 were taken sick or received In hospital during tha month of Ooto ber total, 1118 817 were r? turned to duty, fl weie discharged the eervioe, (10 died?l-aving a balance of elek and oonvalesoent, 310, m hospitals and quarters strencth of the oommand, during the month, at tnls plsoe and vicinity ?nfflocra, 89; enlisted men and volunteer*, 1174-total l>03 list or discmaroks awn nt ths h tkt D*pai tmcnt of /?r (As tfnlh of i Qu-'-tr, 18 If. Discharges ? Lot.itiinm r?ii.? c?r?-Oct 10? Cor poral vtltcbell Lowrao. hernia ; P. W. Barium, hernia ; K B. Varnlry. Imp?tin Id Htiimtnt llln */? Voluntrtrt ? Oot. 18?SrigG'S vnlnus lao?a(>im; Camhle. ascites; Christie, asthma Deaths ? Ijtuiianu VoUmtrert ? Oct. 1-T Marlin. delirium trem-ns; Colllster, yellow fever. Oct 4? Wll liameon yello? lever Oct 6?smith, yellow lever; Hull, do Oct 8?Green, yellow fever. Oct. 7?Seigiant Hart, yellow fever Oct ft?Jordan, scrofula; Pool, yel low fever. Oct. 0? Flynn, typhus fever. Oct. 11 ? Hynei. pneumonia Oct 18?Woodcock, yellow fever. Oot 14?MoGary,chronic diarrhroa. Oct 16?A. Marlin, lelirinm tremens. Oot. 18 ?Dennett, chronio diarrhmt; Dm vie twnhlia f?ver WneiHe iluiiiniwU O-i n I'heopold. congestion Oat. 'Jl?Oremon. ooogootlon; I'ulMkt, dynonterla. Oet J'J-Klllot, chronic diarrheal Oct 27?MoCrarwr, yellow fever. Oot. 10 ?Kelly, t?citee; Oreau. Beetle; Rnark, chronic dlarrlirea. Murinn ? Oct 1?Corporal vlalrne, jtillon favor id Jfrtilltry ? Oot 11 ?Raaaell, Co. D, ye'low fever Oot lfl-Whitten, Co. D, yellow fever. Oct 30?Morton, Co. D, yellow fever. 7ih Iv/anirtj ?Oct. 30 -Amf, Co. K, chronic dlarbm?. Il yd's r. UnlMri.-Ott. 1 ?B'own. yellow fever Oc*. 4?Thompson, yrllow favor. Oet 10 lirckemtoe, vellow fatfr Oot 11?Dioki, yellow fever Oet 1ftLaiinu, yellow lever Oot. 50- Marlow, yell< w fever. Oot til-Herman, yellow fever; OaMner, do Oot. 3d ? Olton. yrllow ftver Oot iO-Haiti, yellow f?v?r. Oot. 30~Myrreck, eppoplexy Mounttd 11 non Valunittvi^- Oot. SO?Sergeant L'n older, yellow fever 14 R-gimmt lll n,ri$ Vtbmltcr#.?Oct. I ?Floyd, yellow fever ; CUmoet, typhus fever. Oet 3?frebert. typhna fever Oot. t-Captain John Ewlog. typhna fever Oot 4- V^tuf, yellow fever. Oot S?rubbe, mauls Oet 7?Clem, chronic dlarrboi*. Oct 11?J Crawford, yeilow fever. 0*t. 14 ? Wehh. yeiiuw fever Oot 18 ? Koeier, ehroato dyeenterla. Oot. 18-Walker, ohronlc dywnteria, Walker, yollow fever. Oet 20 ? Baker, typbui fever; rbllllpe. Intermittent fever Oct. Avery, Intermittent fever. Oot 'II ? fioubougb, typhue fever Oot. 3? - Femloy, typhna fever: McOulre, y?ll >w fever; O Crawford, do Oct. 58r?u*?n, Oot 117?Moore, yollow fever; Martial, do. Oot 5?? Uurdlge. yellvw fever; Oougb, do.; Clark, do.; Morgan, do : L*W?. chronlo Olarrl.a i Total? dUebargee (10 death*?7A C. M H! f?.HCOt-K. A-eletat;*. Surgeon, U. ?. A., Mrtloel Director Dep of Taaploo. UK 1 NING, DECEMBER 21, 1! AFFAIRS IN WCATAN. from tbe Diana it la AT rina #f Havana, of the tiOth aft . we translate an article upon the stats of aff*lrs in Yuoataa 11 would be um!mi to march for any grand political cause of the oivll war In Yaoatan. wbloh U sustained apparently by tn* rival pr t-nsions of M-rida and Camp-achy to ?x?rd?e a controlling power In tbe Stat-* vVeartrone and thankless wool I be the offloe of historian f Ut* ?Veut? In tbls country, wot thy, both on acnount of ib* natural lntrlllg?nae of It* Inhabitants and their pleaeing charact ?r. of a batter fa'e tban they have Met. H?rcelortb. therefore, whto we apeak of Vaeatan Md until the rt tbility of some government may ?ive permanent lit'ttrt to it? admlnlr trail ve acti. we shall cont<i t onr?i-lTea with noting only the most prominent Went* of Ita deplorable eiwll w?r. AcoorUing to the R>vi*/a Vuca/rra, the only paper whteb appears to haro been left in the peninsula, and whtsh Is snwrked by tue peculiarity of r.ot being dated, nor gftfog the d?ti of events, not of the news whloh It ooDtaiaa. at the itepaiture of the lart paoket for this peit. any txecutlve power whoee authority was reoognia?d timunnout tbe 8tst?. The executive at Merida bidoaWd U J"se fLul -K'o Ro?aJo m1 lit try chief of tie department of VaUadoiU, although Sr. Eoaado w as the pol tioal a'lver/ary of tbe*xl*tlnga<)mlnlttration of Meilda On the ttoer hand. 1) Jose Zelina was stationed and ecUfnched at Izimal, and endeavoring to torm *an e*eeut?#i to be composed of -ienorei D Pedro Sout%. D Pablo CMtellano*. and D. Jot? Irn-s Reyes; but not ubtiuk auie 'o penecc ibm proj -el ine same Zetloa bad provisionally assumed executive authority to Ixamai ai'd bad nam*"l a council oompoeed ?f Mid stout t and R ?y > nod ot D Kelipe llosado. the lait la plaue of I). I it ijro K>Jjo, wbo w*-uti?-ui Notwithstanding that thoee who pronounced witti Z?tina bad r-fused t nurnnt to the tries offered them from Camp*achy.various persons in favor of pesoe.had again endeavored to bring about un aooorauiodatlon. On the 6th of Oot. 0 Fintaleon Bmreta left Meriua with this object, bad an interview with /? tin*, ?n'l r. turned to the capltsl with the following resuit. / t!uu nod tome of his officers declared their own readiness to negotiate, but explained tnat thryoould not do It uor enter intouny arrai>g?meut which should net Include the interests of ail the rest. Ou the other hand, the government of Marida utterly refutes to admit suoh conditions, and rupture and new effusion of blood appear inevitable. The Indians ar? in continual insurrection against the inhabitants of various paiti of the peninsula, and distracted the fnroes of the governments of Yueatan. The article then goes on to note some paltry hostilities which bad ooouredbi tween the revolted lud'ansand the foroes of the government. We do Wot g ? * the details. MAJOR GBNKRAL TAYLOR AT TIIE HOMRSTKAD. The brav? old General was received by bis old neighbors snd friends in Baton Rouge, on Suuday last, the Ath Inst, with a hearty, an ff-ctlonate welcome.? u. u a?rrj, i -en id oeuau 01 me oiuzcu*, auuressea the (ieiutral In a neat. pertinent ud impressive speech, ext?nd(kg to him the hospitalities and cardial wrloome of the t??n and parish, and oonreying in tit terms the high appreciation and ndmlrttion entertaloa4 by iha inhabitant* for hit distinguished services in the battles of bis country. The address was In lobeianoe as follows i Unr?fc?.iL? I hare the unexpected, though enviable privilege, ot extending to you. on behalf ofyonr old friends and fellow-cltfoens of Baton Rouge, a hearty welnomo home. We oome, without parade or ostentation, under the In0ueo?es of heutfult regard and friendship, to greet your return and welcome you back to the boa in of your family and friends ; we come as old friends, to express anew the respect we feel for the vlrtuts of your private lift, which a long resldenoe among us. at various periods, has enabled us to highly appreciate, and tj testify the pride and admiration with which we cherish the many distinguished services you have ren derud our country I feel. sir. that I oannot convey to you, in adequate terms, the pleasure and gratification with which those who now surround you, onoe more trelcome you home. ,Of this, however, be assurt d, that I but faintly reileot their feelings of attachment and respect, in whiob I so l&rgely participate, In ttnderlng to you a thrice hearty wolcome. To this address the General made an appropriate reply. The city wns Ulumnlnated In honor or him. MOVKMENTS Of 1KN. SHIBUVV This gallant offlue; was yesterday the guest of the city, having been eioorted by n committee of our oltlteiie from GrilUn Ki>r Bevel el hours, during the day. be reoel*ed tbe colls of the oltlxnua a large number of vboru availed themselves of the oppoitunlty to give blm a most eordlal meeting, upon whom, by his courteous HDd gentlemanly heerliif;, he has left m moat ftfjtfe!lhle Impri sston in tbe evening he partook of a dinner tendered bam by ibe citisens, at which a large number of gentlemen were present, some notice of whiob we may give to-morrow He leaves this morning, and after oreahfastlug wfth our ueigbbors In Hamburg, will take a special truin f <r Charleston, where suob a greeting as ChuiUstonUus kuOH bow tt> give,awaits him.?Jlugutta (f?n ) />*? 16. Tli" Hibernla .Society of Charleston, fl. C., ware, nt last acoounts, making arrangement* to give Uen. S a I the Washington Light Ial'autry, of the name city, are going tn honor tilin by it ydMW bull 1 i Montgomery. I Altumuii, demonstration* of r?*pect nra to be mad* to ' the gallaut (ieneral, both i*y the citlxeu* of the place | ami the body of Htate Kgielalor*. now convened there : A d!nr.i<r ha* teen ten-it ri d him, and preparations wire making to do tilings up ill a ityle creditable to tU ocacernoi. ARMY INTKLLtGKNOIC. The itmmiT PortWnd. which l?ft the city noma day* *go, with ? de1? diiuf of of the r fl- corp* and a qumtity ot government iiorr? on her pa**?g > down the river rau Into a bayou about ninety mile* o*low tbl* port. She <ot off <1 >y liefore ye?terday. and proceeded on her pi*to Vera Crui I'hn *u-amer N-w Orle-ina 1* under order* to leavefwr Vnra< ru* t >morroi? eveuing ?Otun, U. c 10. C'apt Andrew* seat forty reoruita to New York on H'?dDr*day Sino* hi* return, on the 30th of July lant, b? ha? wade 803 *ali*tm>nta, and r'j-cted, for variou* oa*e? Qll other appljo itiuni. The m*n edified In thU city and f< rwaid-d are proronncfd to be a very *up?rior hi of man for noldl *r*.? HuJfalj Couri'r, Utc IV. C'aj.t Korfoony, with an eeoort of flfuao or twenty nan, arrived ut Independence from Smta Ke.on the 2.'itb. Ha bri ught no news.? St. L?uii Union, l)te 8. On the 31 at November aeven hundred troop* arrived ' atVeraCrul They belonged to different regiment*. From thi Oncoon U*tt*mon ? A letter from Fort I ettyit: We are getting along liere pretty comfortably We have erected, and nearly completed. I aoaia .it, or eeveuty log cabin*. with dep. d|^t, and ?tr?w roof* Capt S'ib'et-.e'i company returned from I Oreti'I IMaod on the-.'3 I ult . d-llchted with their trip. and convinced that it mi a great niUtaVe in the governI raent (topping uc at thl* pl?co A detachment ot two hundred aud *uventy-t.?o men under Capt MoCaualand were rent to (cour the Junkaw and Sioux oountry I'Ufy proceeded Rom* three hundred inilen. and aru now returning, with borRes worn and dying. without seeing an Indian, or acccwnllah'd a single useful object The command tvaa exptct id at Sarpy Point yeeturday, and will bo here tomorrow Rogers and Impey of the 8ar?unah company, (the former captain, and tue latter Ut lleuterant.) aru r turning homo under arrest. Impey gave H'g> re the He about Row" matter of oon'roYtr*y. when lieatkic*>d him, flrst with a muBket, and then with hiR (word. The hytt <nder* Interfered and separat d thcrn before any damage wan done. I HA VAT. ITTKLMOKNCK. The U B. schooner Hoorplon tailed from Vera Cru* on the 'tfd November, lor < ainpeanhy. Thriltlcal and Rlunlcai. THsaTaa.?Last night being the benefit of Levi North, the great t'|U?Mrlati. the houae ? ? cratum. J. The performance* ?MratMed with the national drama of the " Battle of Bunker 11111," In which Messrs. Hall. Clarke, Burke, and Mr*. Philip* wall Uft lined their respective character* ' L* Chlaelle." a la lad extravsg <bta. full cf tnlilh and Ian. w** ?1ro well re eel fed Burke, a* the B>w?ry dancing girl, transformed Into a fury, k*p'. the audience In roars uf laughter Mr Stevens, a* one of the Bowery bho hoys, wsi e?ry cltr-r. end >1 ?l>d a ruuod of applause f.ora the boys In tba pi' L-tI Norm* performance wob hlR Oeaut'fbl eteed.Tan many. Is a ?ure card at tb? Bawety tbe extraordinary *ag*City of thi* aulm <1 Is quite the talk of the olfy W> a>Jvl*e all who ere f.ed of trippm* It on the llgnt fan teat lo toe. to go to the Bowery Th? atre. where tbey can eee all kinds of waltsmg executed with an eleganoe and (rare, which do biped need be Hihamod of po?seer>lng. Th? Bowery is la the full tide ol eucceRs. and I* llk?iy to oontlnue so Chatham Tnrun ?The performance* laat evening commenced with the drama of tha "Wren Boys,*' which parRed PS with much # lot. It I* a plrea of great Interest, and is founded upon a custom which Is familiar to many In tbla country that of tha lower claaaea going' on St. HUtcd'd dny,fn to the country and abootlng wreaa which they plao? tu buahea, decorated with flowara. and oarry from on* houae to another, rmioltlDi either money or liquor, a* a praeer.t for their palna lu^perpaiuatlpg a omton whlcb, (or cenlurlef, ban been pract oed In lr?. lar.d. Thara ?r? many thrilling Incident* Introduced In thin plaoe, which are received by tbe audience with <! Il^ht Tba Model Artiata followed, and wa mux aay. t'i?t thin xMbltloo alone, l? worth paying the adminalnn rainey for, an the InU-nna airmnh aihlblt the humtn fritne In all ita beautltnl eymmrtry and proportlooa, whlon ohII forth tba unanitnouaappUuee of the audlenoe. Tin naw drama of tha 'Meaman'a I,og ' ooncluded the Performance, and **i wall auatalnad Pilmo'k OrtH* Hocic.?Madame Augunta, having wade arrangements with tba aatora of tha l ark tbaatra and Ita oroha*tra,re-op<-ned, laatavealng. Palmo'a hooaa, b'fora a very good audience , and. we may aarara oar readern, that aba la bow ready to ooaUotM bar aampalgn with real ohaooca of luooaaa. Wa bofa tba reward that Madame A deservr*, will reach ber In dna Una Laat evening'* performance terminated In a very piaaatng tuanner lutbo farce of '-L'-fo In Liver*," Mr rhepman ahowed hla pecnlllar atvle, wli end humor and wa* well supported hy Mra Abbott and Mtienrn Dyc<tt and Povey The 'Somaambula," flrat aet wan giwa by Mailama Auuuala In a very eredlbla manner, and fba deaarved great apnlaoee from all her admirer*. who had neglected I'aJmo far a plaaa ?f rendeevoue Mad Augu?tV? handaoma figure. bar elegant aohool and choregrapblo education enable her to keep tha plane nhe baa alwaya deaervad In oar beat theatre* We ehoold ouly advlne thin talented artlat to obtain ?om<*wh?r* a aecond dnn?auae for Mlea Welle, who la m> houtaly, and laaoa* ao out of time, that a JE K A 847. w? consider her only a? an omhn nu tabUau. Th? motors of th* Park, though having left the old Drury," seem to hav? an oM pr. dileotion for * Simpscn anil Co.," and played that farce with a great deal cf fan a?d mtiaia Mrs Abbott, among the member* of the company appeared In very One spirit so Mrs V-rnon The whole concluded with the pantomime. called " Las Pages dn L>uo de Vendome." In wblah Mad Ang'ista's acting was af pathetic aud dramatic as her uhorenrapblo knowledge In the art of dancing ? ? remarkable The entertalument* of thl* evening will commence with a faroe caU?d-'the Secret." followed by the trst. act of ' La Sylpblde;" then will eome " Lave lu Livery;" tb? whole toconolude with '* Lea Pagee d'u Doode Vendome " No doubt Mad A will have another large audlenae. Baotowir Thk?t*i?The entertilnments, last night, commenoed with the oomlo aitarpiece ot ''Hit La?t Legs," In which Mr. Barret, as OTallaghan, from hie oomlo action and excellent personation of a reduced gentleman, kept the audience In ecstasy. B-lllni's beeutirul opera of " La Sonnambula" followed The cavatina "Sounds so Joyful, hllse revealing " waa eseouted by Md'lU Korsiusky veiy sweetly If the possesae d a little more energy and confidence, >he would appear to grent-r advantage. In the reoitstivo of Amloa t? Teresa, Madam Bishop displayed all the rare beauties of semitones wbloh sba Introduces ia tbe words " This bosom glowing," and lb* execution of the chromatin tele, In the senteno* ''While this beait t? j ay reveal log," w:?s given with suobc'etfuM* and ecleutifln blend ! g oflialf tones.lh?t tbe audienoe uuaDimously t-stifled ttuir udmiratlon by repe?t-td rh??rn indeed no Diut an;, taking the company of Vlad. Bishop's voir o. Into view, ihnt If iht potreovd but two notes more la the under tone*, she might compete with any artitt, iu the world ; I but aa It la, its ?wn tnew, added to the management. j which tier deep knowledge of rauMral science enables her to exercise, Madam 11 ia daoidedly tbe b?-t urns', from tbe days of Malihrnu, that w?r visited this country. Mr Keev?s, aa Klvlnu, waa excellent. bta solo siilf o gently e'er me stealing," was t?? tefully ncoutod, hi* voice is peculiarly sweet, particularly the falsetto. Valtelllni. aa Hodolpho. waa oapital Indeed, the entire pieoe waa well sustained. and an audi-uoe comprising aboHt 40(1 persona, seemed Ia be delightfully pleased. Ciact'i ? Bowrmv Amshithcstbic ? Th# poney races re great thing* to rush in an audienoe; tbu way Tom Spring and Deaf Burk-> lay asld? their pngulistlo games and lay themselves out for the winning of the purs-, Is a caution; they prove themselv*> pluck in every way The supper party given by Lathrop. in his peculiar way. to the tain ponies. Is rich In the extreme,and the p ir of them bebave as well at any of tbe quality " Th-y have evidently gentle blood running iu their veins a? their b baviour before folks shows. Tbe whole performance of this double troupe, which is now performing ?t the old circus, is admirable, and th-re U no place of | aiiiuniuruk III hjr uilj Kurm lUUrn lua OVQ M n?l ID one evening. than at ?his home W? eommenil it higb1 ly to ail seekers after amusement Tryon. tb* ui'.usg'r. baa engaged no 1pm a person tban old Santa Claus ti appear a?i*t Saturday. He will draw ail old fashioned bona*. Chris rr's Minstrels.?Wat or ao war, meetings or no meeting*, rain or thine, fair weatbar or foul, tbera ia alwaya oue atory to be told of tbete darkles, vti : full housus. lota of applause, young Udlealaugblng, old ladles delighted, young men haw-hawlng right our, and little boys quite beslue themselves. wttb all tbe funoy things and pretty song* of tbe Cbrlatya, Vaugbn. Abbntt',Kay> nor, Pierce. (>.o. They sing. tb?y, they joke, they lecture, with as much g?nt aa ever?like wine, tb?y seem to Improve by keeping. They give a handsome bill this evening. Mm Bram?om's conrcrt.?This eveniug tbia young lady glvea h*r conceit, and from the bill aba aets forth, and the vocalist* she baa engaged to aaslst ber, there la every prospect of her having a good house. Madame l)tt?, wbola such au established favorite among us here In New York, will take a part in this as will Miss II. Bramson, and Measr* Krnrt and Tlmm, not forgetting the little Derworte, who an thoroughly charmed the whole audlenoe at Miss B 'a lust ooncrrt. The performances will oonslst of selections from tba muslo of Moi<?rt, lifii. Thai berg, he , and Miss Joa< phlue will exrrnte two solos and take pa>t In several pieces accompanied by her slstar and Mr. Timm on the piano. M? tlame Otto will sing twice. Mr. ?rnat will perform on the flute, the little Derwnrta will perform on thavlnlln and vlnlinoello. and little Caroline will sing her little song about the little maid. Altogether, there will bean rx oellent evening's amusement,and we sincerely trust Miss Bramson will obtain tbe patronage she deserves Her extensive acquaintance lu this city (where she hii-'glvrn so many leasons in our best families) ought to remember ber this evening. aa<i freely answer her modest appeal to their "aid and comfort." Bnn&owAr Ourow?The new groups represented In the Tableaux Vlvanta here, are wtllgot up?tbe dancing nvmns and massacre of Ht. UaithninmHar ? >?<,lull v nr. Well (lone. Altogether, thin boune la veil managed, tod plmaant place to spend an evening at Hauifk Familt?These very pleaMng slogan glveauothnr concert this evening, at the Brooklyn Inftlmtv across the river. Th" Inhabitants of our titter city will find In tbem % quiet,geatftel and eminently harmonioiis family We can reoominand them to their o mc ri with a clear conaeieuoe, as they will undoubtedly be delighted at It mriical Ili.vjtiutioimor SinKirt/in?Tha "Tsiaowl,' to ntaU lormit tbe tnljert if illustration and a fair field f'ir th-> musical powers of tbe artists associated with Mr Lynnn. Hit method of e <iutneiHlng.atid the apt auU happy observations he makes onthnttXt a? tlin business of the evening progress- a add much to the Intereat of the whole. Mr. L is evident ly a t jorough Sbaksperlan i<obolar, and evincea ft Mr** fouod aoqaaiotiiuoe with the text aud me&ulngit of tbei great poet To night, frotu 1'ie uature of tbe m>'J-cl.we may expeot an entertainment t f no c imiuou order. Mr AUiUrson, the excellent tenor who has lately oome among ua. will add hla power* cf aonff to tuoae of ihe other artlata who bare aaalated at the previoua lUuatra tlona. Amcricai* I**TuruTK ?The miscellaneous concert given by the m mbeta of Ihia (natltute a short time baok. waa ao auoceaa>ul that they have oonclnded to give another, of a similar nature, to morrow evening, at the TaWnacle The bumo will oooulst of selections from the works ot Ilossinl. Donlseltl, Bellini, Wallace, Cook. Kooke, he , and will be performed by nompetnnt voealUta, auon aa Mr Artburaon. Mr. 4 L Leach. Miss ea K. A Watson, Clara Rolph, K. Htraoban, kc. Th* choruses will be performed by meubera of the Institute vlr. Melga, tbe prinotpal. and all concerned In gettlDg up these dellgbtfu* oonoerta. deserve the thanka of the muaical par ion ?f the community. i/otiiino utuiitii. Board or Ai.dkhukm, Oro J i) -Morris FranHlIn, K?(j ' PreMdent, la the chair Tie minutes of the lait ni?i' Idr tinelng been read and approved, lh? following paper* were tikea up. Porira'tnf Wmihing'oi.? A 'O-ntnunloaMon wan pre. sented 11ocu George We-oott. offering toieil 10 tae Cf>mmoo Council tho portrait of U-u. Washington, no* in the Ouvernar'a room Referred to the Committee oa Art* and Holm c??, with powt-r. [fill amibiirgh Firry -A eommunicsUon from tbe trustees ui Wtlllainsburgh, asking to be heard before any renewal of ferry leaee be grant*d Referred. Brick Chwck Piuprrty?A communication was received from the corporation of the brlok church, relative to the property held by ibi-m II. frrred 8* wri, Pi i?, 4r ?A communication from the itreet commissioner. relative to aewers arid pl-r* Referred M'i eal Hoard ?A communication irom the medical board, Dr. Whlttlmion'a appointment aa assistant pbjcian in the hospital, Uiaclweli'a Inland Reaolutlou to that effect ad ipted Hoar<t ?/ Kduention? Comraumeutlon from the Board of Kduoatlon. asking lor an appropriation of >4-19. Resolution in f?vnr of the same adopted. Law Pau'd by Ike Lrgtilaturr?cop tea of act* pained by the I.'glslHture were received, and ordered to be printed v*:? An aot to ameud the act pr?vldln? for Ick ai>d distblvd seamen An aot providing for the election of recorder and surrogated the ol y and ooun ty of Naw York An act to emmd tbe title of statute* relative to the marine hospital and Ita fundi An act r?l<tiva to Jurors lu this olty. T m,? nry La* it ? Communlcstlon from the Comptroller, r.UuVe 10 making a temporary appropriate, and an accompanying ordinance authoring the aamo Adopted Fnuuk Jlvtnur ? Resolution In favor of oanslng tbe Four h Avenue, from Sixth (tract, to be renumbered Adopted / preI?e ?f n'tirhn, fc ? Resolution in favor of ap pointing Hb lip Pl.tilef), (napartor or wal^hta >n>l Men *ure?, tu the plton rl Allen B Jolly ? ???! Adopted N<w Fvt ?# ,,?.< ?-R?poit la favor of organising t?o n*? Bra oumimnla* Adopted Ptarry nr?t fxrr - Report In fa?or of extending the pier at ?he f.ot of Ventry iiraat. A Joj.t?d Una 19 uri'f.-Report In faror of renumbering Moratio (irrut Adopted blind .hi/lum ? Tba conanilttae. to whom wu referrod the potnlon of tba luitltntlon for the Dlmd aaklug for relit* report-id la favor of grinting a doLaUon of ?i,MK> Adopted. Util'rv P>nf' riy ? Report in faror of Falling all tba ll-Jltrue Alma H?ua* property, aituatad between vrt h ?n,l JH'.h ttreat, with the etoeption of the raalu bundIon Adopted X>w Jl'mt Horn* nnA Nuntry ?Tba Joint Committee oo Charity aid Alma. reported that tho nrw aurr't; bull Jlnfn on Raodall'a Inland would aoon be notnptnted and ready for the recaption of tba children, and rroimnend?d lb* tntiodurilnn of Croton oaor, and that an appropriationof fit)(MM be made to oarry ih?una Into effent l.aid on tb? tabla to be printed Hull of K<iird< ?I. uinmunlrailon auggfatlng tba pro. printy ol enlarging tha building known a* the Hall of Keoorda. and aoaordlng to aoctinpany i?g plan*, aud that $J-\ <*)0 ba app opriated to cariy Uia tenia in o effent Referred Hotimu ?f Er-M*yrr K~ hU,? herein'lot) ofterad by Ai . Mi Mrain in favor 01 appropriating for tb? purnhaaa cf a auitaMe frame for tba portrait of t.s-.Mayor Minklo Adopted tln*4 la f*? //if* Bridg'.? lUaoJotien otfrrrd by Aid Fncki, In farnr of nauaing I74tb trert to bi opened lr< in la nth Avanna to t he high bridge Ado|.Wd. <' !?. TttrgripK ? H?aolutlon in favor of oonnaotiog tha varioua polio* (Utlona by MagaeUo Teiegiaph ? Adopted Htvgti, 4-f. ? Raportand raaoiotton from tha Board of Aaalai?n>a, reoomraendlng belt, r regulation i f omnl. bnaara h i Laid on iba f bla Harlrm llnitrond Hudti. +r ?Report In fivor of reI quiring tba Harlem Railroad < ompany to trpalr their brl?lg -a and put fenoea on mrli aide of thair road at tba Jaep eote Adopt?d D*tth ?Aid McMrath. aa chairman of tba coauaiUealowhumwai relent J ar?*oimt?u la Uvof - -- -- - ?r*^| LD. " PdM Two OhII. oTMUtog an examination to ha mul? of sundry TOlaM Of Dutch in?MJ>oript* * ntoh hare for many y?tl bnt? lylos Id *d?mp bt?nrnt to the City Hall, m ??tail a lon(i**port In relation loth* Kama, netting forth that they consist or 89 TolmoM; of whiah 31 appear to be dasu*11. 1^'h" Prodding. of the olril authorl tl?? of this ol?y. 200 T*?r? ?to: while the remaining 1# ?oiura?? oont-iu a eurt of Journal of hlatory of tba eity wbll? under tbe admtniatrellon of the bu'oh. aad Bit up aa In portant cbun la the history of men and thing* that wers Th? report. In eonel onion. rssom mended that ths Committee on Art* and Sclenoe* he empowered to o<nw the manu-ciiprs to be translated at an expense a?t exceeding $1,MW. Report accepted aad resolution adapted Iittrtia'ttml ExcActffs.?Th* aamn oommitteee, to horn waa referred a cuiumuoioation from tbe Mayor, relates to the mtgniflceuC donation of book*. So , pre aented to iba ctty through M Vattemare reported In ftror ot transferring tbe solleotion of books. ho., to the new free aoitMjr or lone one of the public libraries Inasmuoh as Ifcrru li no room under the oontraot of the common MUuall mite hie for thalr preaerr atlon, and proper parsons to take oharge of tha same ; and. further, that a room Id the bueement ba appropriated for the reception of private donations ef books, charts, ho., from private olt'iens. to b? pra. aen'?d to M. Vaitamare in return Adopted. El vtnth Sir u.~ Report In faror of discontinuing all proceedings in tbe niHtter <f opening 11th etraat, between trie bowery and Broadway. Adopted. Altar diap aiu* of a number of oihar pftfxri of alaor Importance, the board adjourned Board or A?si?t?wt Aldhkmir?Dm 'Nth - LI?m N Mtevena. t?<i . I'reaidrnt, in the chair? Aapeotai m*atIrp of trie Boitrd ? * held thl* evening tor tb* pmrpOM ot takti-g up for oonaideratiou tb- report of oodhIUm, and rtioliitioo adapted In the Board of Aldermaa. la '?%ir of contracting with the Manhattan Oaa Light Company lor HKbtiuK the upper pait of the olty with gaa Alter much dUcusHon nu I bo subject. tha rubjeot w*? referred back to tbe ciumtttae ?t ibla B ard General paper* of minor eona'de ration, war* thaw token up and diapoaed of. after whieh tb* Board adjourned until Monday evening neit. Law Intelligence. 8tF*KMr. Count. Deo W - Hp>uial Tarm?B?fota Judge iiarria? Will,am 11 John Jlnditton, et at.? The plaintiff aiU for leave to amend bla deolairation. The 01 ly material (juration ia upen what urm the application sboulu be allow* d I think it ought to be granted on the payment ot the ooata of the mcttoe. Elinor F Ik n 3m-dl*y?Ihla waa an appeal from an order made by Judge K imond* denying an application to oi?obarge defendant fiom bail Order oonOrmed. i oiia to abide the event of the ault I'llht Maittr ?f-Kt Rial Etta e of Jatquiia />< ttuir? Tbla waa an applteation to review tnree ord*ra made la Ctumbuta An attachment agalnat a non-rraldant dab'or waa lamed and aerved on the Teaarl tf whioh h*, be non-realdent debtor, waa owner On tha n*xt day. tbesgent or the debtor applied. nnd*r the provisions of ihe statute, to have the verstl discharged; aod upon giving the u?ual boad. she wu accordingly dUobarged. I he atktuttt declares that *bu that la dona, no fonbar proceedings should ba bad on tba attachment, but givts a right to bring ao action on tna bond; but it a?ai tbata'ter the bund was given an application >u made 10 a judge for an ordar to appoint appraiser* to sptiialM the vessel. which made it necessary to give another bondOn tba 17 Lb of August, aucther ordar was mada, to ahnw cause why the second bond sbould net bo given, or tba attachment be discharged; nod on toe :14th September, ano ber order was made directing the attnoblng oredltor to pa; the ooets. All the proceedings are aube?qaeat to the of the bond tor the discharge of tt>? Teasel, an utter nullity, and tue motion must be denied; but without costs, as both partleH were In iault. Oi'oKcri ? Jar.ah Day ti K italalh Day ?In this case the bill was tiled for a ditoioe, the bill alleged that Mr and Mrs. Day were married In lHt?, and ta?t tbejr bad resided t igetber uutll 1444, wbeu she eloped with ? oisl nstned Trotter, with whom she baa rtnoe resided. The defence set up was, that the plaintiff oonnlved at bis wife's inildellty The oourt granted a dlvoroe, and that the custodtof the eldest oh'Id sbould be given to the pwintlff, and that tile youugeet ohild. WhloO WM born in lS4a, should b declared Illegitimate Jattph Kn hardia* ?. Mary Jinn Richard***.?Divorce granted Z-n i Cevtll vi. Parmalee Coatll.? Proofs of adultery iusufflcleiit. Divorce denied. Sures ion Cot's r - In Chambers?Before Chief Jostle* Oakley - 7'?? J' H rmn f'aumy Hank vi fr imt IVurd 4" Co.? tluti ii? to.pus - On Monday (this day week) tit* defendants were brought before JuJge Oaiuey on m wnt of habeas ctrvui, to be discharged. After bearing the atgumeuia of counsel on both sides, his Honor poatpoaeu bis decision nntii tnis morning, when be decided that inasmuch a* it appeared on the taoe of the commitment that the judgment was entered on the 'J 1st November, nuiwu unppruvu w u'l ouaaumjr, v? wujvu ubj bv lljil proceeding* could It* bad. the partlaa tin aotiUad to ibeir dlacb?ig?, ul dl?o barged Uum aooo*4U)gly. Before JudAe Stndfoid?i*?(cr Kmhury ti <*i. r$. Jmt. Conn, r et at.?Tbla waa an MUM of ejaofant, to WW Tor poaaeaalnn *t a lot at Um comer ul Ana bad Sum iimtt Tile pUictill" claim in Iwoworr* In th* defendant* olaim unarr a Rale from tba corporation la , 18 j# Too* almga th..t ihe Uw uuder whWb tua Corporation Mild I* UQcon*iituiiobul,and tbal.tbcraUre, the bi.Ib t? invalid A vnraiet wu mt?r?d for tba piulctttt, rubje^t to tho upitilnn tn? m>uic on tb? ijueetli'u of law raised by Ula def?iid?uia' oounaal. For piaiuUflu, i>le?#ra K ttaufurd end It T. Kukia, for d?icudituiB, Mr. 11 K Davirtt aud Mr. 14 Mutt. UI vrr I'undcihiU ri l'K* <tic/i??iid turnpike Compr-y?Thin w?a an notion ot traepaan, to recover dan>??r" done to l tie aitawboat Wiita. owned by platuli , by ibe iteamboat SouirOn, owned by deleuilanii UoUl bu?u were miming UittMu V* bltehell nod SiaWn Irlaud-Ob some day of t!>? Hummer of l?S1 the Wars u ft ber pier id ibia oily with hrr deofc lull of paaaangen, and w?? tuou after followed by tba Haniaon; tiut about a mil- below (ioT?iuor? Inland they ?n? tu ooutaot. by b ob tba W?Ta wan damaged to the amount ol M"Qi tud bad to learo the Hue. Thn caa* waa ouoe triad befora, and a Terilct tor Jinoo wa* tendered lor tba plaintiff*, which waa ufterwai d? no: ailda Adjoorued to loin rrow (tblc) morning Kor plaintiff Mr. Orturd aLd Mr Burton fur dtfeiidanta, Mr. Tborn Bejore Cbuf Juxtlo* Oakley,? Thumnt B<?y?J ?#. T\* Hi rl> m Hui loaiI Comjiuny ?Till* ?U Bu action Of trespass, to reeoT*r dan. a {en for >u lijury raoelrad bjr tbe plaintiff. In *0o?m[u-ii0?- of bniiic Wirutrn Iroa bw e*rt l>y d-frud itit* cars It uppeared, that on lb* nth L)?Ofnibrr. 1841. tbn pUiniiU ?a? drlvlin a cart la Centre ttraal. tint one of d-l?-udanl's st?K?i *M coming in mi opposite direction. at:d mopped opposite Anthony street; tuat iroui si>ui* oause th* tioraes marled off, at>d oi. m-In cooUot wuh th? plaiutitt'a oart, by wbicn ha ?** thrown iff hm leg brokrn, and wan otnerwise itjurul. '1 be deteuue, lUat It w?h an inevitable aocidebt, or ahtch delrudanis wrtu not renponslbla Mealed TeTJiet to-niortow (ttin) tuoiiuing for puintifl, Mr. C ulna/,; for defendants, Ueurritl Hanford and Mr. O'Couor Circuit (. ol h i -There will be no day oalendar for this oourt unlit Thursday. Court or Uimcual Sihom. Deo. 'iO.? Befora Recorder ?c>U, aiid Aidei'iaeu numb and Croiiaa Trial f?r h'miie Prtltnm. tuniludtd?1 ha trial of Mr Crott and Lewia K P. smitb. ? > brought to a cUisa, this atteiuoon, and i?fult*d in tbe ac'iuKtaltf ibn aoouted The court tben aujourned umu to-morrow. Court Cal?:?I'?? -Thi? Day ? Stiptriar C-vrt? no#. M, S'.l IW li, 6J. 60 lift. I'J I 3 4 J3 41.40, til ..u rj 4 Jo, lilU, Ii4, 74. 70 UJ, 41 .V), a J 119.99 liO, US 1.4, ui, 120 1-7. itfH. IJ'.I ? am man I'lr ui-Firat l'?rt? No* -:b XI, 3i,3.'i ;i.> 3?7. ?7. 39.41. tt?nwi I'art?Nos. 14, id, UU, 24 .0, 30 w?, 80, ?3. 34, 66. Tlie Arrcat o( Keirten Hralnank to* i hi nk? yuhk hkhai.u : ? In your paper ol tnts data, Jobu ll??4, of Ntw York I'oliee state* that be arrested Krldeo Uraioard at bo?M No 103 Grand street, WmUuii>our|<h, fee. ko | Tbe auovu mentioned huu?e bat Inrii oocuplad by ma fur Urn last hum and ball ymut Kli?? oorraot UM atatameot, and oblige V? ur?, Vo. W1I.M AM MfcEKS. ften HO 1847. .No 101 Grind at., WliliMBibmrgk. fJIrl'kfcN f . WrthU ?To lb? ??l?ri aad eapeciailr !!> pio t. I > . irurrl > uu tat-pat ei? ol Ul? xli ?v ard. U?lr> t.nn u ? it iiu.t.olr > >?! lu.*? '., t.ui >uor inpaiat ? duty o ..II etna out lu a ia.m llin <) y. lu #d.> In. ua >uitl r ???l?r u.iei.i?fut. i??y*M?l? v n.*n lu ih? Vv aid ( naaitm, 111 x.?c III* )IH| : aimI'O elect flee d'le.atea lu tb? n hif lliuf ilCi ? ittea Tilt ou<rnk?> iiimiifed ?t our lui ilw li'di will au ely pr mi t ? u li to ia n tbit tba ward m f '4 rr.jirtlii'T rpr arii ted f. r ih- lu u 1'a pot Will be le auuiite Ml IIUIII. atCouit.m i^n Hall d I -f AO.aU?.hi U? yntlu.> LA Mit^liLS.IM M?e? way ? Krmch 1 etmii M|.ani.h Oera u ud k.a?liah ? riuf. Do r.Tul' ha> the hnuor toamiuutira to the |f..Ura>fii nd nd.m at N?n Vork, tint lie ntijmi opautd la Academy of Lau|ii ill* ab..?? place. Inai.ateai ii u ?y awl 1>iirt,< .1 o .< and will eable the i tipil to cuutrrir lu a abort im- . a id ?ith rery little application Hpeeial piotaam.a a a e^(ag*il lor each laniiUiKe I la?ae* for |e> tl man ai d ladiea menu* finra n,'u ? hirli o? y? lioi.teu anmiier willhoadin tud. Apply fiomli A. M to if .?; auu leo* 6 to I ia the erailing. Tenna moderate. B?Tia. aat ooa ol ererr dearnponn, lri>m and iiito i.ll the above languages, dine with I ' 'I'' ?'* >_ at I i ii | ntW/inU- -tutu nao.cnor''a.h 'ti.? uu 9 il/v gtn tu lilunl (iol i Lr'tr VVi'.cli. fv I. I obiu k < u, No. 1 III. ehucii e ? , douole boiioui, capped mid jewe led Fif'jr il ll*r? reivn'd lor ihe watch. mid fifty duller! lor detecnou of the thief. will be paid by INO V. Ct. UK cir.ier uf Old ilip and 1'earl tir-ft. No IH rttt ?t?rc n LI OH To WHOM HO.M)K ii bU*. -The II l i'udiol Sfrneni.t KUWaj>D COOKfc, of Co. I, N * V..|iiut?ert, are rqucat'd In mee at I eural Hull, c..rm rot' r nd aireet and I ; lit Murk* t Place, nu Wedneaday Kvruim 2< imt. it t I' M. for ttiF I'Ur.Hi** of d'Titing ann tuuablc mrihnd < f tuiifv i ( ilie r reap et tor the di>iinimelie<i invi'.H rtndered by hnn while trrvini hit coaniry in Mn C'i m i'r OkVlt. ?. OH I tic. no Iliu uh .iiA> iiOr it? ul 7-a Udd bellow.' liitll A??"cia ioi of me cit of New Yoik -ink York 0?e 10. U?7.?S ?l?d i>rn;*oi4,li will br rrc. i?ed at ti>e < lHre of ih ? A??ociatu n. No. J9 Cunal at, (National H ill) unll Wedi.e?tU?, the *Sd in-taut al I a'clork, F M.. iui comiacta for painting the Old Kal ow?' H?,l m lh? junction of Gr ind I antra, i nd*r at'c*,?. arrnrJiag to ,?< lAtttton, wh'fh may ba ?c?n at the office of J Trench. nbit-et, >o It ( human itrett tardea p o hiiiui nan at?te the time r?i| nrcd to perforin t' e work eeifced. and the iiKiiUrr aid t,m? of p.y.uei.ta whriliet my ur aktl nroiniit ul inhtcni turn to atock m the Aatnriatim) will lie made on aMuanlof pa> nietir. I he biura of at leaet two e impale., i aecarii e?, with iheif em tent eipreaaed in writtug. for th? faithful i e-1'iiniinee of contract mn*l "company the pmiKalt C mint be endorsed?' F.?t>mite tor IVnlia*." lyoilrr BK.WJ \M| v I P? -T7 'oeretar* Ifrre CMSTLDRVN>? Kl/K HA IX kOH TMK HOUO.iVH? J A cho.ra aivrtmei.t of hildrci'a black drah and white ur Hai?. ol eutl r new at la Alto.a Urgr nawitinent of children'a Veirei ?ud Cloth Ua t ?c*l *t.d te mt'elea *i Chri'tinai and Vew Ye n i"f'< K >r ?nl? ?' UAN I A'8 Hat,C?pmd For *4 ' *nai,iornei ?f Woo?iermreri. dl? llt*(C I

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