Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 22, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 22, 1847 Page 1
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L 1 1 . ' ?' TH] W hole No. 4U08. BOWKRY THEATRE.?A W. Jackson, Mut|ir; Hew Vanajter. Mr. Htkthhs?Weduesday Evcuinit, Dec. 22, will be rc?i?ed the drama of PUTNAM?(leu. Putnam. Mr. Stevens; Oapt Sapling, Mr. Burke; Kate Puuaui, Mrs. Sulh; erMud. Prermus to wliich the comedy of A KISS IN THE UA11K?Mr. Selnn Pettifcoue, Mr Burke; Mrs. Selim retuliine, Mr? Madison To conclude with the faree ol BAMMOOZL1N(?? Sir Marsiadtike Mradowa, Mr. Bellamy; Emily. Mrs Pmllips Doom opr? at 6K; curtain will rise at 7 Boies 21 cents: Pit and (lallery. 12>?^ CMl VfrtAM THE Vi'UE ? Urtdurid* Muaiinm 01 Mi. f KLETC1IEK ?St;i?e Mauager. Mr Hield.?On Weduoid.ty i-veniuK, Df. 22, will lie performed the admired musical playofROB KOV McGREUOR, or, Auld Lkiik S>?e? Hob Hoy M'Urenor Campbell, Mr Hield: Helen M'tlregor Mra. McLen-i. After winch, the MODEL ARTISTES in their admired Tableatu Virants. To conclude with the rery ltf?h.,ble faree of the MYSTERIOUS INTllUDER-Capt. wifdlove, Mr. Sutherland; Zephyrina, Mrs. McLean Doora oprn<Ub)?; performance to commence at 7 o'clock. Boxes 24 ct??Pit. ftnet*. dai PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE?Wednesday EVenin*, Dee. II. will be presenred the lint act ol' LA SOM ''AMBULA?Therose. M'lle Augusta; Michaud, M'. Dyott. After which the l'?rce of RUNAWAY M ATCHES?Jenkins, Mr. W. B. Chainiiau: Betty Kiuniken, Mrs Knight To be followed by LES I'AliES DU DUG UK VENDOMEVictor, M'lle Augusta; Due de Veudome, M Krederick? To eoiiclnde with the petite comedy of LEND MK KIVE HI 11L. LINOS?Mr. Oolightly. Mr. W. B. Chapmw.? I'ricej?Kirat Tier and Par<|uette, 40 cents; Second Tier, 25 cent*. BtlOAUWAY THEATRE?Last night hut one of the etiKlgetnent of Madame ANNA BISHOP?Wednesday evening, Dec. 22, will be presented, Che second lime in thii city, the Kraml Kn^clish operatic spectacle. iu three acts, entitled the IVI Al I) Or ARTOIS? laoliue. (the M ud of Artois.) Mad A. Bishop; Jules l)e Moutarifron, Air. W. 11. Reeves; the M inium de Cliatenu Vieux, Mr. Brou^h; Coralie, Mm M. 13 irtoti. Previous to the opera, the lavorile larce of DAY AHTKU TIIK WEDD1 Nti?Col., Mr. Lester. Dress '"ircle nod Par.|uette, S1: Kamily Circle, (2d tier,) 40 cents; Upper B xes, 2'> ceauiOillory, 1)^coins. Doors omr t n'ck>efc?performance to commence *r 7. il22 Mill II..Ii.^ OLYMPIC IHKATttK-VVeduea'ilay Evening. Dee 22, lh? performances will commence with I'KIDK OK TME MAKKET?Isidore Karine. Mr. Holland; M inim, de Vnlunce, Mf. Arnold; Market, Marv Taylor.? Alfer which, for the 9th time. UPPERHOW HOUSE IN DISASTEK PL At. E?A la Mode, Mr. Chnnfrau; Jeinie Twitcher, Esq., Mr. Cnnover; Lutestring, Miss MaryTay'or; Hitin, Miss Phillips. After which the larce entitled SEEING HOLLAND?John Downey, a Pelicemau, Mr. Holland. To conclude with ihe farce entitled HOW'IO SETTLE ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR WASHERWOMAN?Mary White. Mary Taylor. Dress Circle, 60 cts;Upper Boxes 25c; Tit. I'-ijfc. _ . ___ _ ASTOR PLACEJOPERA ? Wednesday,, Dec. 2vd wi'l lie presented Donizetti's Opera, in three nets, of LUCIA 1)1 LAvlERMOOR?Lord Henry Ashton, S'r Kerdiiiaudo (J Hetiiivent.iuo; Lucyof Lamermoor.Sig'ra Teresa TrufK; Sir Ednarof Kavenswood, S'r Benedetii; Lord Arthur Bucklaw, S'r Kelix (Jenovesi; Raymond. S'r Settimio Rosi; Alice, J" ;'i i Anfiolo Moia; INorman, S'r Cellipoo Alhertazzi.? Maestro Direttore. Signor Barilli. Leader of the Orchtstra, Higuor Kapetti. B"xra. Parquet, nnd Balcony, SI; Amphitheatre, 5U cents, Box Olfice open daily, fr in half past 8 to 12 o'clock, nnd at No. 2 Wall street, baseine it from 1 to 3. Dniir* open at 7 o'clock. To commence at half past 7. \1 ECHAIS1CS' HALL, 471 U road war. tilwui tiraad J't anil lirootn* streets. Crowded to overflowing with the UMAUTY and FASHION of New York. OPEN EVERY WUHT. WW A BAT K.I) SUCCESS. Twelfth Week of the Original CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. The Oldest Este.nliahed Bmd in the United States E. P. CHRISTY. E. I'KIRCE, U. N. CHRISTY C. ABBOTT, J. RAYNOR, T. VAUGHN, 8. A. WELLS. whose original and inimi table concerts art nightly honored with cnowded and highly respectable audience*, and un ire rial It admitted to excel rvirr nmnseiitent of a liniilur character offered ill this citr Admission ~'j ceaU Children under It years, half price l)oor? open at 2, concert will commene* at 3 o'clock. Oa Christmas I Uy tut Afternoon Concert. Doors open at 2 o'clock, Concert will commence at 3 o'clock dl9 7t*re BROADWAY ODEON?Entrance through Pinteux's Saloon?Under the management of Mr. E.G. Giikei.t.? this tradlli December 22, 1M7, will be presented a variety of entertaining performances, among which. Miss C. Blaochud will |>Uy several favorite airs on the Musi cal CKuWI Mi>f llnherti will sing a favorite mug ; Miss Adeln itud Miss Lainee in two dauces, and the Grecian Exercises by Miss Blanchard. After the above a series of new TABLEAUX VIVANTS, including,among other groupings, " Massacre of St. Bartholomew," " Morning otar." "Neptune ltisiug from the Sea,"*" The Maypole Dance," and a Ur.'.nd National Tableau in Honor of the United States, il Mir A~VIKRIUAN,|mu?KUM.?SP?,eNdTd PERKORvl ANCE3 thi.i AFTERNOON aud EVENING, at 3 and 7X o'clock. The ETHIOPIAN SERENADER8 uppear in a variety of sougs, choruses, glees, Sic.? GREAT WESTERN, in an entire New Comic Melange, written expressly for him. Other performers of talent in [heir respective partsare engaged, including Miss BERNARD, Mrs. Mowell. Misses JULIEN, and WHITLOCK. Mr. WHITLOCK, Mr. hLAVIN. Cooiic and Sentimental Singer, Sic. Sic . A beautiful IVORY CRUCIFIX, which has just arrived from Italy, from one of the first masters in Sculpture, is to be seen lora few days, iu conjunction with nil the other attractions of the Museum. Admittance to the whole, 2i rents; children under ten years of age and old enough to walk alone, 13% cents. Reserved front seat*, one hilling each extra. d 9 r GKAND CONCERT ? S1G. BIN I, (GUITARIST), will have the honor of giving a Concert of vocal and iu tiumeutal music, at the lecture room of the Society Library, Corner of Broadway aud Leonard street, on Wei nesdav eve ning, December 22, 1847, assisted by the following talent: Mrs. L. A Jones and a lady amateur. Vocalists. 11 err K. Schnrpf, Mous Dtjanmi, Herr Becker. Guitarists Also, by n quartette company of amatenr vocalists, who have iu the kiuile*! ma mer volunteered their services. Messrs..(?. H. Curtis and W. C. Rayior will preside at the piaun. Pro-^ gramme?Tort I. 1 Overture to La Oiran Lailr*, Messrs. Crirlis a'.d Kaynor, Rossini. 2 Quartette? When the earth is huslu-d to neat-e. lie < all. 3 Wa!t7.?Cavatina from Domzelti. KKKV.ITAUK MlNOINO CLUB, No. 47 Bayard street, tliree doorj north of the Bowery.?The mbicribers respectfully inloirn their friend* ami the public, that they have I uely ii-mit'j the above !i<>we>n * splendid style, and intend to give ent*ri immeuls in the visual style of the old-fashioned Free and Kasy, every Tuesday and Saturday evening; commencing oil Saturday, Dec. 18,1817 The tinging room under ttie man tcement of Johli Simonson, the old favorite vocalist. ?c. DON U l>. M HKOHDAN. N B.?The beat aiiuteur singe's ill tlie citv will be present on those evening*. Room* to letilor |>iihiir meeting*, exhibition*, die. dlS7t*rc rpHB HTKYKRM \ UK 1st IIK M IJslCAL (Tom PAN Y 1. wlm li ire rfcrutly beeu giviug Concert* Iti Boitou and otli'r New Ki> gland cine* where have elicited the unbounded applause of crowded audience' and the universal ri)mmi'tidilinii of the urea*, Imve the pleasure of announcing that they will give their first Concert ill this city at the Tnhernacle, uu tlie evening of the 28th in*t. Progrmime .n?r dl1 Su'l'u W r Vfl I"SIC BOXKS-MKL.ODKONS, Ai\D ACCOAOJC* if I. ON8?Tne subscriber, manufacturer and importer of Musical Instruments, ha* f ir tale a large assortment of Aceorde.iu* Mclodeons, and Muiical Bmev and all kind* of Musical instruments. KDffAKD BAACK, 81 Kulton ttreet. corner of Hold ltreeet. d I r> ut in CrLENDID ROSE WOOL) PIANO KOHTK KOR ' ' BALK.?An elegant linithed superior toned, 6X octave, Oathic case, panuel and * and Piano liorte, made to order, b,r one of tlie fir*t m <kers in Uerinany, n offered far ?ale at a very greai bargain, Jno. being richlv worth ovr r S I.'iO The Piano Rorte can be warranted to be, tor tone, touch, and finish a ve-v superior instrument, Mid may be teen at lit) Spring, between I.aureus aixlThompson streets. dll I2l*rc PisNll rORi'KA Kill! 11! Ill - J V IIKM'KK SON, mauulaclurer of Piano Kortes, 519 Broadway, hi* cosritanlly 011 hand an aaiortment. of lupenor rr.sewooa Mild mahogany piano forte*, kept *<prea*ly for hire. Also. an e*teinive and wrll *elected stock of uew and Popular Music ; violin and guitar Hiring*, Ike., VI!) Broadway, bet ween Spring Prii < ?rr?n* d 14 lft*rro \| KIND AKDT'H OILDKD BRASS LKTTKHS KOR ."iON.1*?These lettersare remarkable for durability wj ft brilliant? of the gilding unequalled by any other article 1* ti.? city?which brilliancy is warranted to stand eiposure to tlie INey are also japanned to any color that mar 1 Itwi I 0">r? left at Jones, Beebe* * Ci.'i. I?0 Knttoa -e>:, -. :! a^enJed tn The partnership heretnfoie 1 jisut 1 ' ? "M 8t Ucutt, waacniolved on li e l?t Ju'y 1 ?. r MSIMIAHDX. all fb < for three guitus. 1 Song?The mnsic we love mml-by MrsJones, Misi A. Browu. i Solo? (guitar.) ? Sig. Bini. 6 (Juarfrtte? Ph? soldier'! farewell. 7 Solo?Iguitir)?Mons, Oejnuon ? Quartette?O give me .music t. Comer. Tart II. I Overture to Cinderella?Curtis and Kayuor, Roisiai. 1 Quartern?Serenade from Longfellow'* Spanish Student, U. II Curtis. 3 Solo?Them* aud variations?Dejanon. Conpa. * Song?Wild May Klowars?by Mrs.'Jones. J. H.Horncastl*. 5 Solo?(guitar) Sir. Buii, 6 Quartette? Wliat phrase ?id aud soft, Buhop 7 Italian loug?Sig. Bini 8 Grand finale? Bofoft at I'ot Poun for 2 guitars. K. Schnapf and ItuScliiraidt. Tickets one dollar, admitting a ladv and geutle nan, to be had at the priucipil muaie stores, and at the door nu tne evening of the concert. Dooreopeu at 6, performunee tn coiniiie-ice ai 7)? o'clock. No postponement d22 1t*rc RUTUKK* INaTiTUTK?tvkoLean conckrt ?The Hauser family will have the honor; of giving their tenth conce't in Ameriea on Wednesday evening. DHenilWlSSM) at the Rutgers Inatiture, on which occasion they will present an entire change of programme. Tickets admitting a gentleman aud two ladies, one dollar; single tickets lifty cents. Doors open at 6}?, to commence at 7>i o'clock. d2l 2t *rrc ANVAttU'S MAMMOTH I'ANOltAirtA uFtSk MIH81S8IPPI ltl V&lt, painted on three miles of canvass! exhibiting n view of country 1200 miles 'in lengtli, extending from the month of th* Missouri Hiver to the city of New Orleans, aid reaching over ten degrees ol latitude, being the largest puintiog hi the world, at* the new Panorama Building ia Broadway, adjoining Niblo's (iaiden. 0|>eu every evening, (Sunday excelled) Admission io cauls; children half price The Panorama will commence moving at 7 o'clock precisely Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesdays aud Hataiiiaya, at 3 o'clock. Heats secured from 10 A. M .till 12 M. d 12 I2t*rc WAl.NI/P 81'.THKATRK, Philadelphia.?Le?se?7W. K. A.Marshall. Manager, Ma j. wallack, Jr.?mr. COLLIN'S' Last Night but Two?On Wednesday Kveniag. Dec. 22, will be presented the comedy of KliNO u'NKIL ?Capt O^ril, Mr. Colluii, with the sing of "The Boys of the Irish Brigade " After whieh. Tilt, WHONO rA!'SKNGKR?Denau MeCarthey, Mr. Collins, with the sougi f "'1 ruai to Lurk," and '' Cronkeeu Lawn." To conclude wirh MY WIKK'A DKNTIST A\ <in thkatrk, norfolk, Virginia, now iu complete repair, nod redecorated, may be rented bv trauaient eiiuniiort lor rue < nnsimas nmiaiys, and dauug the months of January and Februar*. by the ui|ht or week. Address, prepitd. Mr. \V. K. BURTON, Philadelphia; Mr- W COKBYiV, N?w York; or Mr. W. J. HAKDY, Norfolk, Va. d22 3tcort*re _ 'PIIK THIKD ANNUAL BALL OF Tllft HI LU K .1. liOSK COMPANY, No. XI., will take place nt the Apollo SVoou, this (Wednesday) evening Dodwnrth n enpaged. Ticket* can he had at the door. J. W.STINMAN, ? hair-man; W. Y. TAFT, Secretary. Ticked, SI. Driven ol carri <ge? and hacks ere directed to place their horse* head< fxciug toward* WMker street, and take lip iu reverse order. By order of J Mnthwaite, Inspector of Hacks. <121 |i?rc 1M1K 8KCONI) ANNUAL BALL of the Allen Street Nsckcr Club will take p|ae? i>.t the Coliseum, Thnriday Kveni; g Inuuary litb, 1?48. Ticket* cm ballad nt the ( ourt, in Allen street. dU 3t*r It} IlillTII ANNUAL'BALL OF THK HIBKKNIAN J IW-uevulent Bnrial Siciery, will be held at Castle fJ.ideu. oil Weduesday evening, December 23d, 1817. The proceed* of this, as on lormer occasions, will be devoted to charitable purposes The Committee of Arrangement*, therefore, rely upon the lilieril support of a generous public, to carry oat their charitable intention. No pains will be (pared to render the ball eipial, if not superior, in every respect, to any of the society* former halls The North Carolina Band is engaged f ir the ocraiion. JOHN McNICOL, Chairman ; P. ( * aiuK, Secretary. IU <t*w |Vf 11811. AL SOU V KNIK.?The Musical Annual, pepared I ? . by the sub>criher, will he ready for delivery ou and alter Thursday, 23d. it contain* Sougs, with likenesses of Jenny l.iud, Madame Bishop, w ilh popular Ballads, Wallxe*, Polkit, illicit Step* &c., hsadsoniely bound with gilt edges, and ruiy dejireJmrne wi'l he printed on it free. Price $1 50. Byremilting $1. it wi'l he mailed to a?y part of the country free of pottage. I'll* music contained in it will be a'm ist entirely new C. HOLT. Jr., 156 Fulton street, corner Broad aay. d23 ,'itWHtF-M WhF?te a #e NEW Y C11HI8TMAtt AND NKW YKAKS rKK8KNTS-Archey'a, No.5 John aueet.iaaa utual. crowdril with fathere, brother! aud lovera. aelertiDR from Ilia uurivalled atock of fancy aud >idk>?K Birda, prearnta fur the tirat of tlie year, ua a remembrance of the paat, atd happy proapecta of the lu lure. Kemember, No 5 Johi at MM ImiwiT. dtt 12ti? SI'l.KNDID lilKT?What would be mora valued than (he ateel engravm* of the Great National 1'icture, Ueclaratioo of Independence / It wi louly coit ti to f(j, eleaantly frmiied. Call on W. L. Orimhy. I lti Ku lion sfeet. i!22 1t*rc S' EOAK8 KOK TI1K I101.ID \ YS.-Thc aubacriber be*, leave to inform his Irieuda and the public uenerally, lliat he haa juat received from Havana, a case of mint auperb Sek'ara, auitable lor preaeuta, put up in rich nud handsome atyle. lu addition to winch, will be fouud feuiua of oil (lie moat celebrated brauda. St< re No. 51 William atreet 1). M. fiKNKKtUUS. dt3tJyl*r PKKSKNTS KOK TI1K HOUDAV8-32J BROADWAY?The aubicriber haa now optyi hi* complete collection ol Holidav Preaeuta. received by the lite ateuinera and picketa from K.urope, and iuvitea from purrhnaera, au early eiiDiiuattou. ilia preaeut nnportationa, which are unuamlly Urue, have been aelected with treat care by bis tasteful aud experienced .ixi'ut in I'aria, and include nil the uoveltiea of the aeaaon, got up for the approachiun leativjli Anionic the extenaivc aud varied collection, may be eaamernted an eutire ucw ihick cm ricniy u porcelain, irum inc 11w>sl tenbraced fabricants. suchas Vases, Jardinieres, toiletViacom, IukiUndt. Tete-a-tetes, si-gar Lamps, he he , tine Bronzes, Groups, Statuettes and Votes; rich dress Kant, m every conceivable variety; ebouy and bullied writing Desks, dressing Cases, travelling Cases, work Boxes, Papetenes; Itlove, shawl, handkerchief, tegar ten and moner Boxes; ladies'work I ablet ol ebonv and carved rosewood, styles of Louis XIV: and XV.; odeur Boxes, card (.'ases^8ouvenirs, Portfolios,jKeticules,Purses, Tablets and Pocket Books;|Bcli?mau Glassware,in every variety; I'ortenioiinairs'lor ladles and gentlemen , papier inaclie Ornamtiits; musical Boxes, suuli do, Accordmus, card Baskets. card 'lables, p iper Weights, fancy Thermometers, toilet Cushions, jewel Caskets, wntch stands, bureau writing 8eu; Mensgerea for sewing, biscuit Groups of the most beautiful description; mechanical and musical Tableaux! very curious; boxes of Games, card Boxes, walking Canes, riding Whips, sugir Cases lnou/.e segar Lamps, grotesque; liqueur Caaet, rich opera Glasses, a ureal variety; mathematical aud drawing luairumenls in boxes camera Opticas, French Coufectionary in 1'iiiov boxes, self-moving Toys, &< 4io. KKKDKKICK A. WOOD WOil 1H, 325 Broadway, opposite Broadway TheaUe. d22 fltexSa* rrc l^KKNCII KMBKOIDKKIKS, Gloves iud Fancy Ann ies. JO ?Mad. DiilUU, haviugjtist arrived from Paris, rHers for rale an elegun assortment of [lie newest embroideries, e'ld alto.French Kid Gloves ofauperlor manufacture, with a nice choice of fujey articles. Her 10 >m is on the second tloor of I !' Orctn wicn street?will be open from 10 to 4 o'clock. The articles will be disposed of at manufacturer's puces. Ladies cau be attended nt their own houses. d22 Cfrc IJANY; Y GOODS FOR THK HOLIDAYS^ at the Preluiuin Comb Store, 3t?3>4 Broadway?J M. (|UIMBY, Importer and Dealer in rich Faucy Goods, Freuch Jewelry, Ue. respectfully announces to the public, that he lias made special preparations for the holidays, aud increased Ins itoek of useful aud ornamental goods, consisting of Diesaing Cases, Work Boxes, Desks, Fans, Shell Combs, KxlracU, Soaps, Perfumery, Cutlery, (kc , which will ba sold at reduced prices to suit the times. It''/" Mr. IJ. directa particular attention to his rieh Carved Combs, which ob'aineu the iirumium at the late Fair; alto his plain Combs, ChUdrens' Neck Combs, (kc.: a new and beautiful article of jet guoi'a. N. B ?All combs purchased at this store warranted. Plain oomln altertd to carved. Sign of the Gulden Couib, S03X Broadway. d23 tjyl ?r Holiday pukskntS.-ladd anu'bigklo'w have jutt been adding to their large aud wellsclcetad Muck of go assortment of FrenchBracelatsaudBroaclies, bilver Cruinb, Ice Cream, Fruit aud Fish Knives; Silver Card Hereivers and Card Cases, al<o several very richly chased Silver Pitchers, together with nu assortment of Dia rnond Jewelry, consisting in part of Kings, Kar JKiugs, Bracelets, Brooches. Ike. These, with the great variety of other goods in their liue, they feel satisfied cauuot ftil to please all who may favor them with a call, both in respect to quality and price; as we intend to keep our reputation already obtained, ol selling good articles cheap. No 2(11 Broadway, corner of Fulton street, lint corner below St. Paul's Church. cUI IU*rc ' RICH HOLIDAY AUAi'K hu jut received a splendid ywitlMW of Qwtlliw'l Fancy Dress Goods, comprising all the latent and fuhiouable styles of plain black and figured silk and satin Cravat* and Scarfs, Puspenders, Gloves. Dressing llobes. Purses, Wallets, 1'eiturnery, Sic Alio, a full assortment of Shirts, Colltrs, Stock*, Under Garments, he. of hi? own manufacture, comprising one of the largest assortments of geutlemeu'i furnithiiig goods to be found in this count, y. J. AOATK, Gentlemen s Outfitter, 217 Broadway, corner of Park Place. d!8 Mfr Rich""holiday* andwkdding presentssilvei Plate, Argentine Silver, and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, with silver mountings. Thoinai Badger, Manufacturer, Sheffield, of Sterling Silver Plate, and of Argentine Silver and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, begs to inform the trade, that an assortment of the richest description of Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, warranted to have sterling silver mountings, suitable for elegant and costly Holiday nnd Wedding Presents comprising Dish Covers. Waiters. Dislie*. Breikfast and Tea sets, Kettles and Stand, Liquet Frames, he , he , all the most recherche in style and finish, cau be procured of the sole agent for his ware in the United States. H. H. STANTON, General Commission Agent, 74 Maiden Lane, np Hairs; who also solicits orders for all descriptions of Solid Silver or Silver Plated Wa*e, in sets or by the piece. <'omidete day sen can be supplied, comprising Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and Supper sets, all making one full tea set, each piece matching the other, and got up in the newest London fashion. d 12 12t?ic Git KAT BARGAINS in India Shawls and Scarfs; also Canton Crape Shawls of every description, at very reduced price*. M JAMK8 BKCK k Co., 359 Broadway, d 1 tt end till Jan 1r_ _____ RICH LACK CAPES, do Handkerchiefs. Meckliu Lace and lodging, Vat Late and Editing, Cellars, Veils, Scarfs, he.; alto rich Silks, Shawl*, he . embroidered Hand k?rcli:clit. ('ipo,Collars Evening Drrsses, he , ?ith a great variety of goods for Holiday I'reeents, at extremely low prices, at James Beck h < 'n.'.s, Broad way. dljjeodtjlr LM>ii TilH HCLI DAYS?Persons intending l" crlrbr Ir 1- the RoHdayi are recumineuded to try the Dutch and Erench Cordials, of most superior quality, imported by 11. GOSSI h < o , No. 27 Ann street. Such as Vaiilli, Annette, < uracao, Kau de Noyau*, Persieo, etc. A No Cardiu I and Bischop, a very pleasant beverage, made of French and Khenish wines. Punch Syrup, which mikes the m>?t delicious punt h that can be made, without any trouble; alio the celebrated Dr Stallman'siStoinichl Bitters, which have for yea,s njoyed tl e mosteuvi ble reputation in Germany. Try llirin, and judge for yourselves. II. GOSSI|h Co,; 27 Anust. Con taurly on hand, a well assorted sock of all the above Cordial*, Win< s and Cologne Water. d21 I4t*rc ORAM kH AUGHWOUT, Lyceum Buildings. AsTand Ml Broadway, HHMMMI per lale arrivals, a su perb assortment of fancy and useful ilnuse Furnishing Hnods, which they will sell at exceedingly low prices. Lamps, Chm deliers. Girandoles, Lauterns and Gas Futures of every variety, plated Coslors, Wai'ers. Dish Covers, BasK'ets, Covered Dishes and Candlesticks, Butter Knives, Spoons, Forks. l.i <nn, j ea Setts ana < uuteri, Mateu and silver; Japanen l ea Trays, aingle and iu sets; Table Cutlery, the finest assortment ev?r offered to the public, new pitterns; Kreucli Clocks and < :audelalir?s, Porcelain Dinner, Tea. Toilet and decorated Ware of eleguit styles. Also, a superior aiticle of plain white Porcelain Dinuer and Tea Ware. rhese goods have been se lected by their agents hlllM with (M care and attentiea. expressly for their own sales. W. -V II. CO not lieaitate to lay mat they hare the finest anortmeut of new goodaiu their line, now in the market. Having recently enlarged their store, they have superior nccommoduiuns (or tboinBg their g.iods, andiwould reapectfully invite the public to call and eaamiue. WORAM k IIAII(JHWOUT._ dll Mt'rc THRKAI) LACK CAPKS AND IIKHTHKS ? William Scott St Co., No. 377 Broadway, hare received a large atock of the above articles, the cheapest. they believe, ever offered Uertlies commencing at $10, capes at $16; nlao, a beautiful stock of imitation capes, Irom $2 50, herthes from $2; about 60 dozen breakfast caps, fron 2 shillings e?ch. Kreuch needle work chemisettes at $1; needlework collars, fine quality, 2s. 6d. Kin ted collars from 2s ; black fill'd deun veils from 6s; n large lot dress caps (slightly soiled) 3s. each, or three fpr $1; embroidered muslin and Isce rubes; infant's robas. waists, he., a* cheap as can be lound in the city. N. B. No deviation in prices. d? I4t*rc LUNCY HALL UKK88X8 KOK fJnTnTLKMK.N ? >ew J. dresses, faithtul repreaentati'ina of the rhararters desired to hire at JULIUS L)V,JON(iK, 6$ Warren street. N I) ?All Kancy Ureases and thsittical propeities made to order at the shortestaottce. dl4 I4t*r IMPORTANT, IF TKUE-WM. T. JENNINGS Jt CO , Drnpers and Tailors, S3I Uroa4way, American Hotel, with a view to closing up the aff.urs of the present copartnership, which espires on (he first ol February nest, and to the enlargement of their atorr m tarrt the i?.t. ?r ... tensive patronage will, on and after this date, offer a large Its sortment of Hendy Mide Garments and Fancy Dress Articles, comprising overcoats, cloaks, dress anil frock Coats, pantaloom, vests, dressing inmii, youths' anil boys' overcoat*, scarfs. cmvats, hrikfs, gloves, suspenders, tic., at a reduction of25 per cent, which will be au inducement to those wanting an outfit for the winter, the truth of which will he evinced by au inspection of the atock, every article of which will he marked, and uo abateineut BUM. diy Glcnd r LAHKK'S SACKS?O. B < LA UK K, Merch .m Tailor, J 116 William street, opposite the Washington Mtores, has a very handsome stoek of Overcoits and body Hacks, the prices of which vatv from $10 to (Iff. 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ClNt'lnrati, Deo. 14, H47. No description of mine can be adequate to portray the distress now experience here. The river Is up in the city?thousand*are moving olT. the water being in many points up to the second story of the houses. The poor are made poorer, and in many instances wholly unprovided (or. The Council has called a meeting of citizens to bid the indigent. Mr. Bates has olosed his theatre, and given f ;j0 as a donation, though he has personally lost $10,000, by drowned hogs, mill swept away, and other addenda. Nothing but wailing and spectral laces. In casting my eye upon the river I Haw three hounes floating down, and whole rafts of lumber, hundreds of cords of wood, dead hogs by thousands; these are being caught and sold to make lard oil. lloata cannot stir from their muorings, being uuprovided with fuel, and no prospect of getting it en r?utr. Wood >7 per eord. The new bridge across Mill creek, Is so far damaged as to be wholly useless. (Jod knows when our distrevs will end. It has snowed incessaatlylor three days; it is uow getting warm, aud our fears are at their height. Marietta. Muskingum, Scioto, Licking, Kentucky, and other rivers are gorged, and vomit forth trees wrenched from their roots, aiding, by their tributary foroe, the sublimity of the Ohio. In Louisville, things are worse ; the river is CO feet above low water mark, with eontlnned rise. Wednesday Mobkihu, 8 A.M.?The destruction still partakes of the oharncter of yesterday ; the suow storm has abated, which only renders more visible the appall ing distress. The ohurthes are being tilled with the homeless, who are nobly cherished by the activity of (he mayor and sundry committees. Mnuy deaths iroin drowning bare occurreJ, anil others, trorn incessant toil, bare dropped benumbed into the water, rendering resuscitation almostjhopelesa. The water in now iu Water Ht., front ?t . and Columbia st., und approaching Pearl ; these streets, beiug parallel wltb the river. Cincinnati, the Kail ltoad and the Broadway Hotels, are rendered useless for the prudent - beiug inundated, preventing all culinary operations. More h*uses aud barns are descending ; skiffs, tiat-bcats, and other matter, either deserted or wrested from their former occupants, are ploughing their way ooeanward. Vortki. [Krom the Ohio Statesman, Deo 16 I The Postmaster at Chllllcothe write*, under date of the 13th, and received last night,1' that the Scioto river is so high between this place and Portsmouth, and the pike cut up so badly, that the stage cannot get along, but they are going to take it oh horses for some days." Mr Corwine. of the House of Representatives, from Pike oounty, has permitted us to take the following extract of a letter received by him last night:? " Wn k.HLv, Dec. t J?We have at this time a very high freshet in the Sclot*. The canal Is said to ba broken, both above and below this place; at the third look below Waverly. all the work lately put in is gone again, aud at the Big lift)in, also, the culvert below Jasper Is washed away; above, at the guar ' lock at Davis's, aud above that, the canal is also got. The turnpike between here and I'iketon, is all torn to pieoes; the river has broken over Prathers' embankment, and torn it in many places. We have had no mails up or do^n tor two days. All communications between Portsmouth and Chillicothe is cut oft" The Chillicoths (Jawelte savs?" On Monday, Deo 13, the fourth day of the rain, the Scioto is up, up, far above high water mark. The waters have backed over the Columbus turnpike, in many plaoes, so as to out olT direct communication wltb the capital by ooach. The mail which left on Friday arrived here yesterday afternoon, bypassing around towards Lancaster. Below I'iketon, on the Portsmouth turnpike, several culverts hava been washed away, leaving chasms, in one case3U, In another l'>,and in another in feet In depth. The road near I'eepee creek ii wasbe-1 entirely away for many rods. The roads are impassable. On Hie western turnpike, no coaches can reach HlUsboro' ftom this direction, In oonsequence of high waters In the Kooky Fork of Paint, the bridge over which is dilapidated. Paint creek is even higher than when the bridge lloateil off?a few weeks *?<> Several of our friends aiaoDg the farmer* have lost hogs. The Messrs. Krazer, At the I'aint Crossings, near liainbridge, bad 1 Oil hogs drowned on Friday night On the 14th -the Columbus stage arrived yesterday, by dint of wading and swimming, bringing up the mail to Kriday uight, but uo letter from our correspondent Venterday a)>out noon, tho ruiu changed to snow, Jfcid it oontinued snowing nearly all night. This mornitjft It is melting olf rapidly, and the streams will soon tie higher than ever." Between this place and Wheeling, things are. if possible, still worse. The eastern mail, due on last Tuesday evening, ame in this morning iu a most horrible condition? soaked through and through. " Zanksvillk, Ohio, Deo 1A, 1H47.?The mail due yesterday, has just arrived, all wet. The coach lays under water east of Cambridge. The mails cannot get east or west of that point. Morn trouble?the pike Is covered with water in many places, and the mail, It lesms, lost the track in crossing through the water, and tlppe<l aver?wet the mail, but hurt nothing This was on the bottom east of Cambridge, one mile; the water in threa feet deep os the pike, and n mile In wfilth There are nine such places between this and Wheeling Thorn has besn a bsd sIId down near Washington, which has t k?n all the pike for some twenty or thirty yardH. and various other places art- perfectly used up 1 do not know hew long thin state of things will exist. I hop* not loug A stage .passenger .from the east, reports the water three feet deep on the floor of Lewis' Hotel, in Marietta. This would place the whole lower town under water. The Ohio, when our informant left, was within six feet as high as Ln 1838, when^inany of the citizens, driven from the second stories of their dwellings, had to move to the high grounds for safety The Zanesville Jiurira, of yesterday, says " Below the dam, the Muskingum has been higher, it is stilted, by those who have good memories, than ut any time since l^JS, and within fifteen incites of the murk of that year. The llood of 182H wan the higheit flood ever known on this river. Above the dam, the Muskingum attained very nearly the same height as in January last." Travel wan suspended between Xaaesville and Marietta, and what damage, if any, was done, was not known. The Wheeling Tim*i ssys " We have au immense river, a^d it will still le higher. The Monongahela, as we learn by the stage passengers last night, had risen 1 tliirty-tive feet at Brownsville It was nearly up to the bridge. The Tlttsburgh boats were below the bridge, aud oould not get up." The heavy rains this side of Zanesville, and especially weat of Columbui, have generally been south ol the National Road?hence the Scioto at this place, and Miami at Dayton, have not been out of tkeir banks. [Krom tbe Ohio Statesman, Dec 17.] At A o'clook last evening, the Ohla was A t feet six Inches above low water mark. This is just about nine feet short of the greatest helghth attained during tbe llood of ln3'2. .Steamboats were butting Water street at the junction with Main, fastening their anchors on Front near Sycamore, and between Sycamore and Broadway, lying on a line with tbe south walls of Cassllly's row. liy indicating a few points, we can better than in any other way. give persons familiar v. 'h the lawerpart in tne cuy un uea 01 me rise. At a o CK CK lam evening the water wan on the curbstone north-went oorner of Main auil Water street*. At the north-went corner of Malu and Second (Columbia) atrceta. it atood in the Kewer aoant lour feet below the level of the atreet. Frosa Wnlnut atreet to Weatern row, it waa on line at every crossing with the lower aide of Water atreet. At John atreet. where tho trench for a new arched newer haa recently Wo dug, the water wan within '2% f.<et of the level of Front atree*. At Wood atreet, the river and the water in the Whitewater canal were nearly on a level, separated by a distance of not more than eight or ten rods, and the highest ground between them but two feet j above the water in the river. At the junction of Fifth and Front atreetn. (high ground) the river waa perhupa I alx feet below the road At the crossing of (Jarr and Sixth atreetn, the bank water was in the corner houne. The Area In liuiley and LangaUlf's stuam Haw mill, and Weat'n flour mill, were ezlinguinhed on .Saturday, and yesterday afternoon workmen were removing from the ground floor of the latter the flour that had been elevated to it from the basement on Sunday. The flooring of Millcreek bridge waa removed yesterday morning, and list evening the floor timbers at both ends were under water The low grounds lying west of West's flour mill, and between Sixth and Front streets, were all submerged?tU? water having entered by the aewera Nearly all the smaller bouses were deserted, with several feet water on the lower floors. The inhabitants of others wera removiag. And some whose houres had not yet been quite reaahed, were hauling skiffs from the river, that their families might be taken out In the night, if it should be deemed necessary. In order to be able to give an accurate account of appearancen last evening, we walked (and w?ded) on Front and Water streets, from Broadway to the junction of Front and Fifth, and thence on Sixth, till stopped by the back water at the crossing of < arr street The damage in already large, and muoh more threatened. The immense quantities of lumber lying ali ng the river from Itaca ntreet west, are in great danger of enmasne The owners of some'of it were removing It to higher ground. Others had hemmed their a in by flat-boats, which were well fastened to the shore \nd still a third clan* were leading into flatn that which was already afloat The report last evening, from MIIInreek bottoms was, that the large tUt. lying southwest from the Brighton House was mostly under water. It mm no uur, urn mmrucilun 01 property Will "Tie large Kroin Fulton we have very I ail report*. I oimeiifl** damage hu been done. specially to bouts oo the atooka. some of which wire aQoat. Tlii merchants on seooud street worn last evening removing the merchandize from their cellar* a precaution taken with good judgment Some considerable damage baa been doua to property In the lowest atory of tha houses in Caasily's How ? the water pouring in before all could be removed Tha report from Storrs township yesterday morniug was, that tha water tu within a very few inches of tha top of tha lowar flat at the river's edge, near Jackson's Harden If this waa correct, aa we suppose it waa, the Kro.ind between the Whitewater canal and tha river at that point ia now under water. The road at Baldf*?e was yeaterday morning between ten and twelve fret under water. The main rlae of the river, throughout yesterday waa three innheep?r hour} ll the same Mttcontlna?'J throughout last night, the southwestern portion of the city will thia morning preacnta aad spectacle A boat down from Pittsburgh yeaterday morning, reported tha water pouring widely nut of the Allegany and Vlonongaliela Another In from Wheeling laat evening, reported th? river aitramely high there, aad still r'ring faat. A latter from the Kanawha, received yeatnrdiy, atateatliat there waa at the time of writing, an immene* freahet in that rlv?r.? Cm. Oaaeile, Die, It rinciar.ati, It is now probable, will suffer from anothxa I8.VJ flood, whlah covered the bottom to the depth of l'J or 11 fee* in Main street The river to-day la 67 feet bore low water mark Th? lower part r.f the nity is subm?r,' ?d, and the whole valley of Mlllcr*ek over flowed to a considerable depth I'eople b?T? been irlraa from . RK I IRNING, DECEMBER 2?. their houurn, and mills and faotoriee stopped. A great d-sl of loose properly has been swept away, and further less is oertaln to a ^reat extent. At the ship yards above, we learn, much and Irreparable daman* has been done by the loss of valuable timber, and In one lustanoe vessels on the stocks hure been dislodged and floated from their position Laborers are sought out and large wages are offered by merobants near the river, who have goods endangered, and property of evary description is being moved to places of security. No advices from above give any hope that the angry tiood will MWin be stayed; the streams are all fall?the rain is still falling. A visit to Hie river this morning satiflrs ua that an incalculable amount of damage has already been done .<11 the way down from the head waters of the Uhio; and below, the loss cannot be rnuoh lesa. People were crossing Watrr street, at the foot of Walnut, this morning, in skiffs, of course; the cellars and flrst Hours of the stores are covered with water. At Sycamore street, the water is up as high as Front street. The steamboat K W Stephens arrived thia morning from Mempbia, and reports very high.waters all the way down. The wet weather has been general, and the tributaries are pouring out floods of water. Last night between thia city ana Louisville, man hailed the boat from a floating log, and *IkW that his leg waa broken, and begged for (jod'a sake, for a rescue The boat waa stopped, and the yawl sent out, but the night waa so dark, and the drift so thlok and heavy, that the yawl was nearly lost, and as the cries soon ceased, it is supposed that the poor fellow was lost. Ureat difficulty was experieuoed in getting back to the steamer. The water is still rising this morning, at the rate ?f au inoh the hour. Since yesterday at .our o'clook, I". M. it has risen four feet We will hate a telegraphic despatch from Pittsburgh to-day, and it will then be seeu what our fate Is to be a o'elork, P. M.? The river is still rising. The water has commenced fillling the cellars ou Kront street, many families da the street have already moved, au?l others ?re preparing to evacuate as soon as possible. Below K.lm, the water is uearly up to < oluuibia. in many places. From present uppeHrsiicHS, the river bids fair to bo as high as *3'J. A report It) meutioued tha'. the aqueduct over Milloreek has giveu way, and the eaual broken in several places. A meet ing has been called at the council chambers, this sfternoou, at 8 o'clock, in order to take measures to relieve the destitute sufferers by the ilood,of which there are, doubtless, many. It la said that at no time, since the memorable flood of 1833. has the Ohio river been ao high as at present. The destruction of property along the river, and the distress of the inhabitants, is truly appalling. In the towns of Uuyandotte, Point Tleosant, l'omeroy, lloekiagport, Tarkersburg, Point Harmar. Marietta, and Hun b'ish, many families were compelled to leave their uweuings, ana oiners reoioveu to me upper stories. Most or the islands between Kanawha and Wheeling, are entirely oovered. Fence*, corn, wood, and property of all kind* have been carried the|water All the people residing in the low lands have abandoned their dwellings and taken refuge on the bills, leaving their property to the mercy of the water, being satisfied to escape with their lives When the Pennsylvania passed Portsmouth the river was rlsiug at the rate of four inches per hour, and at Marietta the M uskiugnm river was found lo havecominenced rising tho second time, and more rapidly than before. Kears were entertained that the ships now on the stocks at that port would be carried off. The late rains have been very heavy in (he valley of the Muskingum river. At different points on their way up, they saw several hovses atloat, and innumerable quantities of corn, hay stacks, Sic. Un many of the I arms, the people were observed gathering their corn from the fields in fiat boats. At (ialllpolis the river lucked but five feet of being its high as in '3i, and was rising rapidly. In many places It was dlflloult to tell where the main channel of tne river was, the low ground being overllowcd tor several milea in width. The steamer passed fields on her way up fnlly thirty fuet higher than the channel of the river at low water mark Capt Luoas. of the steamboat Mary Stevens, reports the distress occasioned by the Hood below Marietta, as being truly alarming. People deserting their dwellings in such haste as to be compelled to leave their property, others taking what they could in boats and removing to the hills. Krom /.anesville, we learn, that the Muskingum is now higher by three feet than the great floed of 183i, and 100 families have been forced to leave their homes by inundation. About 2 o'clock this morning the levee commenced giving way, and by the most extraordinary exertions West /anesville, the abutments, mills and bridges may be saved. The water is now subsiding. No lives have been lost. At Cincinnati the river has receded just one Inch at thispoint. The New Kngland, No.'J, has just arrived, and reports the river gradually subsiding from Pittaburgh down. This welcome intelligent)* toas gladdened the hearts of thousands of our citizens, who may now soon return to the houses which they were so summarily force to leave by the flood.?Pitttbuifh Gazette, Dec. 17IA. *X Yesterday looked out upon a morning that woi'ld do honor to the ijuetm of M?y; but before meridian, the iik/ *m ovtruaat. and we had it all the afternoon and night -rain,.rain, rain. TJm stream* ar? swollen so an to Interrupt the passage af the mail* and "at tbln present hand writing'' wi< are treated, by way of variety, to a compound of rain, enow nnd slrot. The weather is truly shocking. ? Coluinhut (O.) Dec. Hlh. The Canal will be lett in a bad predicament, on ttmmite Of th> WrtlH. Thm ill breach at tka ^uaid'lock, II miles below < hlllicolhe, and a worse oae at Jasper basin. A portion of the look below Waverly has fallen in ; and thvre is a report, (Improbable, however,) that all the lock* south of W'averly are destroyed. Near Clrclaville, some damage has ensued ; but aH our inlormation in limited, and the rain still continues, we defer particulars tor another number ol our paper.-CMlticothe (Jaiftte, Dee. lfttA. Tne Weather, Snow Manas, Ac. There was so much suow at Haleigh, N. C, on the lnth, that theoars had not been able to leave for three days. Yesterday, about ten o'clock, the clouds thickened aud it commenced snowing in good earnest, and when w# put our paper to press, about 7 o'clock, the storm was still raging with every prospect of its continuing for the night.?Marietta (S. C.) Advocate, Dec. Ifl/A. W? had. yesterday, at our olline, a speoimen of this rare article, which laid on the window throughout the day. without melting It was gathered from the deck of the schr t A 11 enuing. just arrived from Georgetown, and we heard it stated that at that place the snow fell to the depth of live or six inches mi Thursday last. The mail from Weidon, due yesterday, was daiayed, t-wiug to a severe fall of snow. The train did not reaoh VVilrni' gton until 7 P. M. on the Kith Inst From the fl-ime cause, it is presumed, the oars from or beyond Weidon were delayed on the 17th Inst,? Ck?rle$ton papers, Dec. Irt. At k'ranklln, La. ,on the Ut of Dee., the weather wan cold, toil had been *o for a week , the *ugar oane *ai4 to be materially injured Between < incinnati and (.'olumbn*, Ohio, the road* were Raid to be impa**itble on the lfith, on account of now and ulldee. Political Intelligence. The Maryland Legislature will convene at Annapolla uest Monday, the 'J7th lint. Tmniiii Ltcin.ATirRK.?Beth HnowJen and Thomaa have been Anally allowed *eat* In the Virginia House of Delegate*: the former from Alexandria, and the latter from Fairfax Sm-TM Ciiti.HA Lrnm.*Tcar.?On the 14th ln*t. the electoral bill, whloh had previoualy panned the Home of Hepreaentative*, wan rejected In the Senate by a vote of 17 yea* to I'-i naya. The Senate of South Carolina ha* rejected the bill providing for taking *tock in the Wilmington and Man' tester. Charlotte and Wreenvllle railroad*. uovkrkoii nr Tmi.-Wooil i* said to be the Governor elect of Texa*. The return*, aa far a* received, Ntand?Wood, 1,837; Miller, 4,141 Till: IJui ha!?*n ri.i'i miiiii iv Miliiinrri ?The Orfanixrr4ot Minnixnipjii. puts in nomination Mr Uuch' nnan.of I'enwylTanla, (or President, and (ten. ({uitmm of Minniaslppl, for Vice President. The Hon. Millard Killmore left Buffalo on Friday for Albany, preparatory 11 entering upon his duties m Comptroller of the Statu. Wkeck ok tiik Hki<? Fai.conkr.?In addition to the items given l>y telegraph, respecting the Iobh of thin unfortunate vessM, the following particular! were furnished by a person who was on the spot?The Kalooner left (Jape Sable ou the l.ith, with a freeh easterly breeie. She made Hquam light in the thick weather on Thursday night, but took it to be Cohasset light, and tacked ship and atood northward. Upoii making Ipswich and Newburyport lights, the oaptain dlscorered hie error, but could not make nut where he wan He continued healing about, until Friday. ID A. M., wlieu both anchors were thrown over The beat one parted; the other dragged slowly ashore The mast was cut away.and the brig rode in safety until Saturday mori'ing, when, about 7 or ^o'clock she grounded, about three-fourth* of a mile from the shore, the sea making a oomplete breach over h?r, aid the brig leaking badly Ai the wat?r became too deep in the oabin. the passengers lelt It, and in one hour after, the captain, wife, and ion, 4ied from exposure. Owing to the h?avy sea and high tide, no help cnuld be afforded until about noon. At this time M other* had perished. Most of the d??d and ail the llring were transferred to the shore, and hu manHy proridrd for at the Town llouae iu Ipswich, un der tlw care of the Selectmen. The dead will be Inter red this afternoon The flrat and second mate*, with most of the crew, are waved; also most of the cabin passengers I enclose a list of the lout In all 17: ( apt. Joaeph Itolerson and wife and his son < barle*. Cabin paaaengers?Mr. Tbomaa Shaw and wife, Miss juus I,arum, nice* or .Mr snaw; Minn Margaret llenneay, Mr. Horace ?Jro*hy, of Albion, Mk.; Mr. Tucker, native of Philadelphia. and clerk of Ounaromb k Harv?y, Ht .iohnf Mt?t*rag? PAancnffftr* Mr. Kdward Klltidf, Mr Thomaatirady. Mr rater l onner* Mr Jann-e ( mid. Mr. <J?org? lUyfn, Mr. Thomu Warren, Mr. John SiimmfM. Inaae Jonea, boy total 17 All the bodlea nr.- found except that of the boy Jonea Hml the raptatn known Ipiiwlch light, he might have font* Into that harbor without trouble. The brig I ? n about three feet of water at low tide, anil muat be a total I?m Hhn In about .100 ton* and ia 'JO yearn old. Said to be iuaured in New York apt llolaraon ia atated to hare lived half hour after reaching the abore. Th? keepar o| the Ipcwioh Light atat#? that he waa watching the brig all the ninlit of Friday, fearing ?he might go ashore without being able, however, to render anv aid kiva boat*, manned by the cltlaena of Ipawlch. put off ?a er on a? poolble after Ike brig atruok. one of whlih waa awamped Wi?Ji th* aid of a life boat, It Ik more than probable that tt a live* 'M' ihe?e urfortuuata victim" ml.jbt liavo b<?B MVtU. lERA , 1847. THu War wMh Mexico, dM. from tamico. The sohooner Charon, Capt. Holding, arrived on Saturday, from Tampioo, which aha left on the 30th ult <?pt. u report* that the ludian population in the neighborhood of llusjutla had ri??n upon the troop* stationed there and the white inhabitant*; that in the Insurrection many had been killed and wounded, and that the Indian* had been suocesnful, and bad lm priaoned a large number of their adversarie* Thia new* reached Tamplco on the 'J8th ult and Col. l>?te*, the Governor, immediately despatched to the scene of the diaturbanoe twocompauieB,?nderaommandof < apt. West. Ills command left on the 3#th.? Stw Orltam Btt, Dtt. 19. TIIE STATrl OP TAMAL'Lll'AS. Triiditra frnin all r?f fhx wlallin.f this city, and they apeak their opinions on this subject without any hesitancy. The question* asked by each one i?, " When are we to nave the laws and protection of the United States T when is an American governor to be sent to Ylotorla t and, is It not the Intention uf the United States to hold permanent possession of the country to the mountains If not, say they, "every Mexican who has traded ?r been In communication with ih>< Americans, will be foroed to learn the country should it again be given up to eur former rulers-neither our property or lives would be safe, if again they have power over us " That there are good grounds for the tears they express, cannot be denied. If left to the meroy of the Mexican government, the inhabitants of Tamaulipaa, who have refused to bear arms against us. have much to fear?and we ask, would it not be injustice on the part of our government to deny them the protection they desire, and whloh they have a right to alaim Why not give them our laws and protection immediately ? ? Nutlinovai Flag. TIIK rAI.UKTTO KKtiIMKNT. in the South Carolina House of llepresentatlves, on the 4th l>eo Mr Jamison, from the Military < omuiitlee. maile a report upon so much of the (iovernor's Message No. 1, as refers to the Palmetto Heglmeut. The report sets forth the services of the regimeutkin glowiug terms, but suggests the difficulty with whicn the committee ulort the proposition for a pension eystriu. They recommend that this matter be left to another Legislature, who will have better opportunities for devising a system, but that the Governor be requested to have a monument erected in front of the Statehouse, in memory of the gallant dead of the I'almetto Kegiment; and that he be also requested to have suitable medals strnok off, to be presented to each surviving ofllcer and soldier of the regiment, and that for these purposes the sum of $'.'0,00(1 be appropriated. The report was ordered for consideration on the following Monday. Mr Yanoey gave notice that he would, on the sncceeding Monday, ask leave to introduce a bill to emancipate ( harles, the slave ef David Adams This slave, it seems, accompanied the lato Lieut Adams to Mexico, was personally enjji gi'd iu all the battles and marches in whloh the regiment participated, and behaved with much gallantry throughout. ARMY INTKI.MGENI K. The steamer Oav Brent, Capt. lirandenburg. from Uatesville, (Ark.) brought down, as passeDgers, Lieut Magrnder with .">3 recruits for company C, I Jth regiment I'. 8 Infantry.?N. O. Hrr, Dec. IS. The ship Kerax was under orders to leave for Vera Crux last evening The Kerax will take down Cempany K, of the 14th Infantry, under the command of Lt How nra luifl company number* three officers an J men Lt. Kolly, with 'i0 recruits for the l.oaieiaua Mounted Volunteers and in recruits for the Louisiana Foot, and Lt. Hull*, with 70^aoldiera for the different regiment* in Mexioo, will alae go on the Kerax. The ateam ship New Orleans leaves this morning for Vera Cruz via Tampioo; she takes out aa passenger*:? li'or Vera Cruz?J. B. Cozzena; K D. Drake; Col Whia<iler and servant; I'assed Midshipman VV. II. ltiely; Mr. Ulasdell; Theodore Aub'nel; Mr. White; T. M. Koues; A. J. Ileudrlok,Sutler of the lat Infantry; Lieut. Comdt. Dake, U H. N ; Mr. Chase; Mia* 'Huntington, Mr. Thos J liurke; Capt. H. Toulmin. A n M., IT. S A, and servant; Mr (iroabeck; and lour U. |, stamen. Kor Tamplco? Lieut. James and servant; Judge Capers aud son; Wm. Hwift; Lieut. K.McHenry, lat lteglmcnt La Vole ; Martin Duralde; and four aoldlera belonging to L?. Vola? JV. O. Dtlta, Die li., NOT. 10, 1817. Mutteal lialttri?Imliifiilian aj Jenny Lin<1?Dtnli af MandtlnaKn?Kffecta ?J Ik* Commerciil C'tfi* ?n England and JJerlin, ft After the excitement ef the Landtag, the good folks of thla eity have returned to their usual atate of torpori from whloh they were aroused by tLat stirring. but ?hort-llved, polltloal Interlude. (everything stagnates from the guttera of Berlin to the mJnda of its inhabitant*. Music, the theatre, phlloaophlcal theorlea, and literary squabbles, are again the standing dishea- the ohlef toploa of conversation?aid public life la aa dull aud barren aa the road from IJau to Heerabeba. The only Incident that brought a little life amongst ui, was the sudden advent of Jenny Llnd, who made her appear ano? out) flue morning, or rather evening came,"sang und canqnered, pocketed the cash, and vanished. m<> teor-like. In a cloud of inoense. It appears, however, that duriDglier late visit to England, the .Swedish Nightingale allowed her charitable anxiety to ears John Hull of hl? loose coin to carry her a thought beyond the boundi of dlaoretiou, aha has sung too often, and too much, and her voice. always excessively delicate, aud easily affected by the slightest fatigue or indisposition, begins to fail her, in no alarming a manner that a critic of nome repute iu these 'diggings" advises her to repone on her laurel* for the next six months at least, and not to sing a note, or (unkindest out of all) to pooket a dollar for that space of time, on pain of being inoapaeitated henceforth from appearing in any other part but that of the ''Mute of I'ortici." The musical world hasjust experienced an irreparable loss in the death of Kelix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who expired on Thursday last, after a short illness, In the 3Uthyearof his age. His two oratorios, " I'aul " and ' Klijah," are considered the finest modern prodnotious of the kiud; the former, 1 UelieTe, is not unknown in America-tbe latter only came out a few months since, and after creating a great sensation in hngland, wa? performed here lor the first time, while the composer was lying on hla death bed. lie was a native ot thia city, and a descendant ?f the celebrated Jewish philosopher, Moses Mendelssohn, .but himself a aealous and sincere Christian. Though next to Munich, there Is no city in < ieruany where the arts are so muoh cultivated as at lierltn. they appear at present to be in a deolining state, and with but little prospect of an improvement. The most distinguished masters, Hehadow, Ranch, Cornelius, are either superannuated, or on the point of beooming bo; and when they " shuttle oil this mortal ooil,'' they will leave no one to supply their places. I caunot say that the new freaco paintings executed under the superintendence of < ornelius, have made a favorable impression upon me; the time for these tar fetched, lifeless allegories Is gone by. and they have as strangi- and Incongruous effect in our age as a modern poem would, If written on the plan of ttpenser'a'' * aerie i^ueene." The unparallelled commercial erilis In Kngtand has not alfeoted the bankers and merchant* of thla city, as the direct business connexions between the two countries are ofno great Importance, and tbe failares in London, Liverpool, and other cities, being confined to housea in the Kait and West India trade, or ootton speculators, they have but little influence on Uerlin The stoppages of corn factors In Mark l.ane. however, have caused heavy losses to aoine of the ahipplug houaes la the porta of the Baltio, who are in the habit of sending grain (chiefly wheat) to London, although the high prices aad scarcity of breadstutfs in this country prevented its belnir exDorted to so considerable an amount a* formerly The public fundi and railroad shares have boon depressed for some time, owing to the oontinued decline of government and other securities on the London and Pari* stock exchanges, which produced a reaction on this ?ide, though to * leas extent, frusman OoTerumeut stook (.State bonds) paying per cent Interest. belog quoted at Xl.^ money Railroad shares, however, have continued falling for several years; they rallied a little now and then for a short time, but noon gave way again. This has been the case for the last tliree or tour months in partlcluar, and even suoh poads as are known to pay a good dividend, and on which 4 or ft per oent Interest are secured, nave dropped id to 3d per cent beWw their highest rates The holders of railway scrip are in the most pitiable condition,this description of funds having been depreciated so enormouiily, that, like the atmospheric thermometer, at t#)is moment, they stand nearly at zero. Noma of them, on which Mi) per cant, has been paid iu. are now quoted at l>6 to 60 for money. In consequence of the apprehension* entertained by the public that the ainouuts requisite for oompletelng the roads will exoeed the orlglaal estimates by a million or two ; in this case an additional issue ol shares would have to follow, nnd these eould only be placed at a low figure, aud high interest This falls heavy o? the unfortunate holdert of scrip, who have paid up the iastalments as they were called for (lately about 10 per otnt every month or six weeks) and had in fact no choice but to do so, or to sell at a Iom of something like JO per cvnt on the eapital Invested It is difficult to say when the share aud scrip market will reoover from the panlo, just now all prospects In that line are very glooiay Indeed Ttm Royal Hank of Prussia continues firm, notwlth standing specie is drawn from its coffers la considerable amounts, to be exported Kornlgn exchanges being very high, this is profitable operation The bank discounts merchant's bills, with good endorsement*, at 4 to 4)t per cent per annum, but business Is dull, not so nmcli lr?m want of money. but because people are waiting to see what turu alUirs are likely to take to kngland The potato orop haa not been satisfactory, aud prloei of grain continue high ; many operative* In the lactorteearaoutuf employ, and winter U looked forward to with dread. I.'nder these olroumstauees It In not to t>e wondered at that 'migration Is going on from all parts o((termany. to a greater extent than ever The chief drain l?. and probably always will be, to the I nii?d Htates ; but several thousand* embarked this year from Bremen and Mamburgb tor the llr'tlsh ool mles lu Australia, where there are several flourishing Herman settlement*. and where they flatter themselves with being able to preserve their nationality better than tn Aiuerioa This I* probably an Illusion, but after haviug got tired of all their other hobble*, tneWerm?a* hava lately hit upoa that of nationality, aud are riding It to their heart * noutent. A U. I A destructive lire occurred In Mobile on ttia 'Mb of Deo , in the store of,Messrs VVeatfeldt, on Water ?*r??t, between ' out) and Bauphln The building w?# consumed,with $10,(MX worth cf ooffee, rope, and segars Messrs W. were fully Insured, hut Mr Shon>Ai'k?r. of the Monterey tofleM house, suffers a heavy lp?s in the distinction of h Ixrge lot of fegnr?. wbloh ):? bad on storage on ike pt?wi*?a. LD Mm Two CouU. , Alall FitlnrM. 1 fcTh* mall f?iUd again on tu? Bth, from beyond the main falling point, Stockton anl yeit?rday? mail froui beyond* h*rlu?ton -V 0 Drtlm 10IA l)er We received no northern mail yesterday l>?yon<l Welilrn Thii we appose, i? the first of the new arrangeoiept between Utltirnor* and Rio Union J. Thi Houth?rn mail also failed buyond August*.?Charltifn Mercury, Dec 14. At Mobil*, rn the nth, the mall arrived. but brought only b?ok date* On th* nth, the mail ialled entirely from beyond' harlestou At New Orleans, Deo nth. the mail failed from beyond Mobile. The mail facilities and connections ur? very bad in Ohio, when the roads are good; but now, the mall* fall almost dally in all directions ? Ohio Slatrimnn, Dec. 14, The New Orleans papers of the nth. due last evening, tailed 10 arrive. ? aavtnnun urorgun, utc. la. DUictlUneoiU. Mr. Maynard, the express rnau. who waa arrested hera, bad a vary large quantity of letters from merchants and others in Canada, of Immense importance Tbia Is the second attempt to smuggle letters through tha States, and he passed through the first time uuui&leeted Ha If now under keepers. to await his trial The letters, ho.. will remain at nurlingtou until orderaare received from the Post OIHoe Department ?Burlington l,Vt ) (ratetle. The people about Uayou Sara and Bat n Rogue are moving in the buaineaa of aeeuring a station of the Mew Orleans and Obio magnetic telegraph line at their respective towns. The fever oontinuea lta deadly work, it appears, at Alexandria V'rost, blaek frost, says the Itm?i rat, doea not appear to check its desolating career: not leas than six deaths have oocurrsd since our last publication ? N O. Delta, Ulh init. A bridge, which will be two thousaad feet long, la to be erected ucross the Illinois river at I'eoria. Tiik i?irk at Attica?The rontl.ignition ut Attica on Saturday lust, was the most disastrous that baa ever occured in that villa**. Among tbe sufferers are <>. (iardner, loss about $M)0 ; no lnsurauce Wllbor fc KUls. $-1000; no Insurance. t)r <?. Uorrance fJoOO, insured for $i>00; Wyman ?i Blgelow $6099, Insured; A 1'. Curtis $'.11)00, insureJ for $1000 ; I'ost Offli e ; Scott's l> louring Mills $7000, no insurance ; W Sanborn. f?00, no insurance; 1) it W Scott $1000. Insured; W. D. Goodwin $?>000, Insured , A Ooodrich $1000, no iniuranee ; C. Towusend. greater part, sated, Miss Palmer ? good a moatly saved, but building torn down to stop the tlaia?s. Lofs about $?()(?. no insurance. J. Civer, $10#, Tbe Ore, wheu first discovered. had reaohed the roof, which waa all In ttames. In one short hour, devouring element had done lta work. Attica baa reoe4ved a blow from which it cannot easily recover ? Jlttica T?lttraph. ASrLENDID COUNTIlV SKAT?A Country Ssst lor lie, ul 18V acrvi, apleudid new Home. Hnrua. Carrot** iluiiie, UrcliHnii. 4ie. ol all kiutla of fruits. Kvery tiling dealruble for the ueutlf man; aituiie one mile north of iilitaheililown. New Jcaey. nenr the Hmlroad. 1 or Luirticulnra cull on A. SKKUKANT ?t SON. li Wall atreet N B.-Who Imve for asle aeveml apleudid Couutrv Henta on tbe Hutlaou Hirer. Alao, S : i . Hid to Loan in iuioi of Miy amimut. d 17 TltSn'rc UKNISIIKD HOOMS TO LKT, in u private Krencli Urn JL ||y. with or without Board . nlao front parlor Tor a Doctor 'aotli?e. Enquire at JM Bowery. d2l_2tr* I^UHMIHHKD KOOM8.?tjeveral mimic lirddrd healthy m rooini wuli KMtea?breakfait and tea if required?with a reipectable KukIiiIi famly. Kor clennliuraa una comfort tiny cannot be excelled la this city. Wnrin and Cold tlont mil ahwwer hatha for tin- use of the occupanla, Apply to MKH. .MH.DIll.'Krt'r, ill llonaton it , one block from Broadway. <120 I2t" r rpwO HANDSOMELY H HMsiiKI) LODGING J. Kootna.tobe rented,ona on the tirat.aud one on tilt aecoud lloor, at 7*? Wlute atreet, a few door* from Bmadway. dl7 Tt?od*ic DIK DLH VOKTIIKILIIAKT BKKANNTK.N und elegant emitrrichteteu eurnpneiahen Knife* HtUW, Auatern, StlttU Hiid Keatamatiou. 179 Broadway? theilen drm ptihlicum lieirdurcli nut dnaa ne uroiuit ye Anamlieii naucht !. ii" ii, die Icinateu deutchen Dium uud Houpeea ii I t carte zu aerviieu, ?ie aind hierxu tou den beaten deutchen koeclien uuterataetat, und Koeuueu ?eraichern, daaa lelhiite in der hoelirru Kochkuiiat interna uebeitioffeu wet den koeuueu Uuter Lager von Hhem und I'raur. We men 1st icichhnltiu uud imaere imae aehr moderate, weaahalb wir nlI Kciusrhmekrr eiiiUoen, una init ilirem Beanche in beehrcu. BUOTT k WEYRAUCU, 179 Bioadway. N. B. ?Uuaere Deutche iraMumtiou wird am 1 December, 1847, emagnet. dl 7t?fl*rc A HOTEL ON IIKUADWA V TOILET? I lie leaa. of the larxe buildinica Intely occupied by the Manhattan ( IIIb. Iiexl to the corner id Broome atreet. la olfered I- r aale ? To any one deairoua of keeping a reapt-ctahle hotel, the praaeut o/fera nu opportunity rarely to Jje met with. The liouae ,, tuuni.iiu*, ucaiuri niiy aparunriil*, wnrm, cold, mill showerib.iths Jgai aud Croton witn ia introduced thronghnut the liouae. Tlie apartment* tire newly ami elrgnuily Inrntshed. Tlir lease list fuRr years to run, friim the lint of neit May. Attached to the premises. nnii fronting >>u Mercer at., are three of the heal hmlr Bowling Alleys iu the eity, together with a large Billiard I loom.. cuulam'ag ilnce of ttaasloid's heat billiard table* The lucitlou nl the above named p*e n aeaia uotsurpassed by any iu the city. Further particulars may he had on application to the subscriber, L I'lJllDY, mi Broadway. d2i 2t *rr Sl.OTT'8 I1AZAAK, No. 'j l)ey 'street ?Hands Heult re turns Ins ihtuks.fur the liberal support be liaa received aiure he reiurned to l)ey atreet, whcielie established the firtt houae of the kind, urar (even yeara ago, and lutrndiiced the arviiig up dinuer*at the low price ol'one (hilling, which he till coutlunea to do, and which liaa giveu ao milch tat slaction to tlie public. 3 Scott ia liappy to aay that In* consort liaa re covered from a severe lit of aickne**, of live week*, and ia uow able to attend to the culiuary department, a* before, making all the deaert lint is arrved up in the honaa, which alie la famed for, iu well aa conking in general. Tea aud Coffee served up at all hour*, nud nude fresh after called lor Ilia bar is wrll supplied Willi the heat of Alea, Wiuea, L'naor* and Segua, that ran he procured lie will he hsppy to aee hia old frieuda, aud ra*i>ectlully aolinta the patronage of the pabI if iu general Hleaka, Chop*, Cold l ata. Poached H.ggi. Itarebits, aud other reliahaa, aerved ui> at all hours, until It I'. M No lionae better auppliad with huropeau aud Naw York papera. Dinner from 12 to 2. Koait Beef aud Yorkshire II lidding every day, mid a variety ?if other dialiea. d22 6t*rc KKMI II i III N A. ? F I eranliu, ageni, So 3f> Broad way. r (formerly No. 31h l? lust rttuiurd In,in H i.inre Willi au eutire new itork of plant white and decorated China, rich fancy article*, itr , for Chriatmaa preaenta, which lie offera wholesale or retail, al very reaaonable prices N B French and Knglish < 'hina, decorated and gilt, to order, wiih u*une, initials, or to match any pattern. dli I2t*rrc rri)K CHKAPK8T STUH'r IN THE CITY. ItjH f?lf ton atreet, tor Curtain Material*, French gilt Cornice*, lace and embroidered curtain*, trunining*, fee-., paper hangiug* and wiudow shade* The Huhicriher ha* uow in atore altrge asaortmeut of the above article*,(of the latest Pariaian style. Also, manufacturer of galvanised spring, pure hair and other matlrasaea, feather heda, pillow*, fee., with every article in the upholstery liue, wtuile?ale and retail, at prices tweuty per rent lower lhau any Wtier eatablishment in the city. N I). Curiam* hung aud room* papered at the ahortnt uotire. Slop and ateamhoat rabtna aud hotel* lilted up. !(. DAVIKM Upholaterer, ItilX Fulton atreet. dlil2t#rrc SOLAtt I.AMl'S. tiirandoles, I handeli'ra. Hall Lautern*, Sir ?The suhicnlirr offer* for *ale, at reduced prices, a beautiful aaaoitinent of the above articlea, conautiag of gill, brnuaed, ruby, turcjamie, and rut glaaa colnmu Molar Liinipe, olvarioua patterna; Kilt noil broized (iirandolea, of aeveral ww atylea. with from one toeleveu candles. Molar and Candle Bracket!, for hotels,churche!, Icc; stained and engraved Hall Limps, of several new pntteras, alao, a handsome assortment ofJapanned Tea Trays, of splendid finish JOHN W. MORUAN, 164 Kulton street. on* door aaat of BroadwaT. 4M l*?*re WATCHK", WA T1 ilk.N?The subscriber nrrnranud haa constauily <ia liand, watches of the following highly celebrated manufacturers, viz: T. K. Cooper, London, duplet and lever; Morris Tobias. London; Hohert ltnakell and M. I. Tobias, Interpol I. Warranted seuaine and perfect tune keepers. Alao a great variety of other ailver and gold Knglish mid CJenev i watches and jewrl'y, auitahle lur Holiday areaenta, which he 1a enabled to aril very low .{J K. LIM BL'HUKR, Imiiorter and f Dealer,Ti Wall atreet, corner of Pearl.? N. II. All kiudaof watchea repaired and warranted. <H IM'rc Dr. mikiktik'h oalvanh; hthk.nothkmnu PLAHTKKH?That peculiar season of the year when plasters of any kind .ireful acknowledged value. 1a juat at li tud.and it is therefore ileemed proper to direct atteutiou to the peculiar claims of "Christies Onlvaoic Strengtl eclug I'liuters." At tin* season many persons are liable to bear fee ted by sudden Chilians ol the weather, and thoae of a delicate constitution experience conatant cilda, paint and weak ueaa of the'cheat, aymptoma of esthinn, oppression of the pulmonary organs,aud many other distressing rura||<iiii ) ? All theae might be entirelv prevented, or when present, may he promptly remoTed by the uae of the "Only one Hrengthening Plaster Kor the speedy relief of severe rheuma'um, constitutional debility, weakness of tlie back, paiu in the aide aa a certmi prevention forcolila, il lu npuv nf ri nnlainta til which females are especially liable, the ' Malvauic Strengthening Plaster" will be found ofgreat and p# rmanent advantage. fa a few worda, it embraces all ihe urtui ? of the hear tonic preparntien, with the important addition of ihe galvanic influence which ia neither impaired our exhausted while the arliou conlinnea 1 beae plasters will be feund entirely fiee from thoa# objections whichjare a constant-source of cum plaint wilh the ordinary Piasters in common uie, and ihe aenaatiun caused by wearing ia exceedingly pleaiant nud agree ble Caption? Beware at' spinous irnitaliona The aole agency in .New fork, n at 112 Broadway. No druggul has he genuine article. dJJ f>i?rc KlltHBHIUh NT \TTK l? * A L L 8 H K A vTTr< >WllkK M. ?There is no disease to which horaea are liable tint in jurea their aggregate value at much na Heaves and Orokr Wind. aLd iheae Complaints are generally the recall ol yi careleaaneaa, either by driving violeutly after a fall megy g feeding rnuaty provender, or moat commonly bv nrgle/waralignt cough or Cold. Thefl'attersalls Heave PowleiiAeveiit Mtilril to rur* * recentcouDiur cold inn (*\v d ny??vyti to the founder or chill, when thrirwu into the lnoil tint i'/!u re*ult( heued animal after a b?rd dri?e, and the 'ii'Miil,,i vicinity tint haye been (HVcteil by then ute. 111 thi* Cit?7tiliriue? of alone, iom? of which hive been pabli*hed in tl|<tiri? eitraorMrnri (rule, ! loyd (* Davit, proy* that they complaint* "f diniry power 111 the removal of He*ve?. uij^y enfC ?f which the 111 ok*, and wiad|>i|>? o| the lliirf?|CPr ol the tliei will cure, eicept where there 1* ec|f ,, merciful to hi* 1111 u* or coniamptwu. A merciful {funa, can form an iden beau. Thine wh hareiuffered will? troubled with i|eave?, of the agonizing d litre** which* hjif?ll(j cnninlernlinn mint eudu'e while eterciung brj(, rr|,evr their afflicted nuinlaiie ihonld induce hor?e own|(lirnn(.r t|,it this yilunble rein il>. when they have *o muclrujiDiTION MKDH INK? inedy will do it <>KKA'Jfllt remedy uto cure complaint* Althoughthe .pecilic *nd^f lf ,|tetMive mi l reilnratim of the lungi.nnd vet fro|f;||f.n, e?Bditi?ii medicine; lu Unlit uropertiei, they nre ai^j m|| djt#Me?tli.t denotedemagement hide, Ion orM'Pe_tittt(0|1| or eamnn< e of Kottn mid wortni ol Hie .lige.hve lii([?| M described in the following eertif 111 the alimentary ?j,,UK)i &<. < o ? Uentleaien : That packC'He :-.Meiiri /r puwden that I bought or you forwiy honei u-enl your I ir(J ? different way than I eongh ha* etjy( fcipectotaut Powder* brought sway ;*n imeipected. t)f,f (Jf wo,ma from iiitn, and I beliere thev weie jill nie?ae im^( |)|( couu|(i rougli < oat, etc., which he eiliibiieJ? r .*u2Hafh*Ke ha* entirely cured hnn; hi* appetite n good. KC:. ""ie condition. I rLeerJly , I'llWJem for worm* a* well u for hear**. V ?*. ROBK.HTH. Ka*t llemp?tei?d. I. IOn * '* 17 /ru e il per iickr-iif of uiricient to cure n ofdin . . lor ft A A (Kn'OH * < () , 141 K-It"- "J"V lole proprietor* Per?ooa in anv part"' , ,,fncaih. po*t paid. can haye ? <!../. or ???,dt?Im at n i>ec?e. aad it be *b,ppeu i>er the i n n ?if,,|e Agent* riflinjt coat AliberiliTucoOBttade.l *. ? N,. -C KWtt h To . .nd Aiim.eT *D IC h wn, rh 1 Hde I . howl*. Bih.od; Waier.kVaB sin,. ?./? > Hl,0* , o uNtw Vtffk TMMlMdili WfiilMWir. 0,m i

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