Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 9, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 9, 1848 Page 1
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V H Whole No. 4!>7 ADVERTISEMENTS NEW EVERY MORNING. ' PAl'K TM K AT UK -Mei?n. 8AND3, L?NT* ell's AMERICAN CIRCUA?'This mammoth Equestrian Troup* ia gow performing nichtly at the above establishment. 1 Airman the principal performers are Mr. R. Sands ard his children. Maurice and Jesse, Masters Hernandex, and rlrmtr. Mrs. Camilla Gardner, Die Queen Equestrian; Joe Pentlond, flam Latlimp, and Dan Gardner, Clowns; Messrs. Sr-mt. Serjeant, MeFarland, Mons. Cane, lie- Perex. MurRlas. Johnson, Lacr. he tie The dancing horses. May Fir. and Bucephalus Twin Ponies. Fixhtissr Ponies. Cinderilla, Tom rh.imb, ke Itc. Dress Circle and Paranette, 40 cents; Boxes, 24; Gallery, IV1. Dno's open at <K: performance to commence at 7 o'clock. Particulars see bills N. B ?A grand afternoon peiformuice on Wednesday, commencing at Sbi .'clo'h. Tkour.ii. i'Hc.*Tks-BHILI l ,NT KILL OF AT. ti TRACTION* !? Mondav evening, Jan. 10 1811, will he acted the celebrated play of "THE STRANGER, or Miaanth-opy and Repentance. The Stranger, Mr. Barty; Peter. C. burke; Count Wiotera-ein, Jordan; Mr* Haller, Mra. I'hillipt Affr wliicli Mr. Plumer will aing "Let Fame aonnd the Trumpet," lua firnt appearance at thia theatre To be f >|lowed by the G and Nautical Dram* of CAPTAIN KID, or the Witch of Hell Gate. Captain Kid, Mr W. Marahall; Horaebean Hemlock, a live Yankee. C Butke. wiAi the celebrated ^a! ad of Captain Ki'"ountaa*. M ra. Wtlcott. To conclu Ic with the ' nmrdv of a KI 88 IN THE Ok H /"CHATHAM < THEATRE?Sole Pro new Mr. .1. Ty KLB1 CHER?Stage Mouager Mr Hirld?On Mondiv Evening. January 10, will be performed, 81'. CLAIR OK TilK 181.E8 : <>r the Outlaw* ?>f Barra?8t Clair of .the Lira, Mr H'eld; Lady Roa'ie'vn, Mr?. McLnui. After which, the MODEL ARTISTS. To be followed by M.nterJohnanu on the Tight Kope. A'ao, Mr. Oike'a rep*e*entatioii' < f the B,ttlea of Mexico. To conclude with the performance* of the Ethiopian Melod at*. Bote* 26 cla? Doora open .at Chi o'clock?ferfnrmtnre will nemtnence at 7 o'clock BROADWAY THEATRE?Monday E'eniyz, Janmry 10, will be pre?enteil Mr Lovet'a New Comic Drama m S Act?. of MaCARTHY MORE; or. Nine Pontr of the Law?M-earthy More, Mr. Fleming; Darby Sullivan. Mr. I.over To couc'ude >?ith the celebrated Drama, in 3 Acta, of EIGHTH JANUARY; or, the Baltic of New Oileant? General Jackaun, Mr Fleming; Geoeial Packenham, Mr Dawtou; Billy I'ow-Bell, Mr Hadrwav; Charlotte, Mr*. Sej-ant. Dre,aCircle and Pari|uette,50 Centt; Family Circle (?J tier,) 2) cents; Gallery, 12>* cent*. Door* open at 6){ o'clock, performance n cmnmeiice u 7 MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THKATMH-Ou Monday evening. J.aun ,iy lbth. wi'l be performed the drama *? ti'led the BEE AND GttANG< I REE?King Block, Mr Lin k; Pi iere Amiable, Mr, Mimm; Princeaa Amy. Mary Tuyl. r; Fawy 'Irnfio Miaa Ba.-ber. The new larce entitled BOX it COX? John Bo*. Mr II dland; d ime* o?, Mi oiiovcr. To be followed by TH|a HOUSE TO BE SOLD?Mr. < h tt'rton Chopkina. Mr. Holland; Ghott. Baker; Deademoni, Miaa Taylor To conclude with LOVE 1V A GARRET?huslang, Mr.Holland; Mr* Wi.kt, Mrt jlei ry. Door* open at 6, curtain ritca at 7 o'clock. Drear ere c 50 c- *: toy, 21: Pit. I aOilling M ECHAN lUB* tlALL 273 twiiww, heiwrae (rir?t 1*1 ? >'ll>roorr>e tirteu. Crowded to overflowing with tha TY an-' FAS"ION o! New York OPEN EVfclti NIOUl UN ABATED,SUCf&Sn Fi'tecuth Week ol ?u. i . Liui,Tvin oiticvni . ^ i-.i,i,., Ki ahliahed Gaud in tha United t'tntes r.. I* CHRISTY, K. PEiRCK, ? N. CHRISTY C. ABBOTT, J. HAYNOR, I". V Vi.GHiN, wiwie uripiml oxiti uiimitsui* cw f.trti nrf nightly ai n-re'i ?>. irh crowded sud highly respectuiii ^ audi taut I, and ttiiivesnilv tiduiit'e-.l to excel eve y naittiBfi o- - similar character ottered in thi* city. Admission 25 cran. Children order ia years. Hall price ? Devi oper. %! 2; eosceit will tonmiuct at 3 o'clock- On Siterdiy, J?nu iry B. an Afternoon Concert. Uoora open at 2 o'cio'.g. Concert will commence at 3 o'clock fj ROADWAY ODEON?KlBiaWttoowh FlMirt By L> tooa?Underth? management of Mr. K,. O- Unr.ii.v Thu evr-ung, Jill 10?I'art I?Singing tic Mi?? Roberts; VE.V TrtlLOQUISM bv Fig Giuseppe Valentiui ; Oreciau M> erci-ea. Oo den Showers. See , by Miss C Blnuchai<l. I'art 11 'i ABLEAUX VIV a "NT8,or Iivipk Ma e and Female Figures by the vlODEL ARTI8 PES?Amazonian's Oath, Amazoniin Triumph, uuben'a Virgin, Masaacreof tbe 8t. Ba-tholomew. Favorite of tbe Sereguo,lkr. Part 111 ?The Lute Player, ' alypao'e Dreero, the Maypole Dance, the ) hree Oracee, Tableau in honor of Gen. Jarkaon- and of the glorious Battle rf Nrw O leans. Orchestra Box 50 cents. Pa quette 25 crnu, Boxes 12% reuts Pe-formeuce to commence at h?lf past 7. AHnuM'S AMrCHlcAiX MUaJbUM?P. T- BaaauM, Proprietor?F. Hitchcock. Manager?Splendid exhibitions and performances, every afternoon at 3 o'clock, and every evening at half past 7. '1 he manager has re-engaged the company of BEDOUIN AR \BS, from the Desert of Sahara. Ari 'ia. Also, CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SEisENADERS; Great Western in the Loan of a Lover; Ivory Crucifix; Saaksprrian Cabinet: Mrs. Mousll, Miss Barnard, Misses Jnlieu and Whitlock Dtucers; Mr. Whitlock, Mr. Prosser; living Orang On tang; Wax Figures Likenesses and Portraits of the Amisnd Capt-ve Slaves; wax tigurei of Queen Victoria. Polly B->dine, Daniel O'Connell. Father Maihew, Itc. Madam Rockwell, the famous Fortune Teller. Wax Model of the Human body, to be seen privately at *n extra charge of 25 cents. Admission to the whole, 25 cents; children under ten years of age. and old enough to walk alone, 12% cents. Reserve.l fruit ?e is, ne shilling each extra C~u 'D V i.Vfc s|NU c.UN'Vr tvla^Oi 10LU o ATTO H.VMUA JALOOV?The uoders-gued, leader of tbe celebrated " Saratoga Music Band," st tl e request of numcrous familiei resprcttullv announces that he has made arrangein nrs with Mr. John Niblo, proprietor ol tne aoove elegant esttriliihmeut. to g vn a series of Sunday evening Con- ens, duri g the winter icisou, consisting ot S cred Music, viz : ? Ovenuici. PopPoutis. Anas. ? autatas t horusrs. Uc.Uc, from the works ol Hiyda, Handel, Mozart. Berthoven, Spohr, Aieudelttohj, Kossini. and Bel'iui. Tha geuerallr exnressed onnioo ol the public upon the merits of tha above Baad .when e gaged at Saraicgt. h s induced Mr. Schneider to enter luto the above arrangements. aud he confidently trnau that a corrispiadiug return will he made by a liberal and discerning lubn Pickets of admission 25 cents. The giand Saloon ia Magnificently illuminated, and >adirs and gentlemen c*n obtrm ,ei>eatimruta ol the highest order, with carefnl und real acta bla attendance. To commence at half piat seven each huii'Lv eye.i'iig. If. SCHNI1IIK8 QIAis G .a - (VI) IN vl'nll ne,.VT\L CUnCKKl AT O PHe. TABEHVACLE. on Tnesdav Evening, Jan 11th, by the STEVEn MAHKIoCHfi Musical t'ompany, consisting ol 12 performers. 1'iogranime I. Vorwari'e March, (quick step) F. (fungi. 2 I oucert Overture, by Kallicooda. F Vloll 1 l'tliainan Wallzer, F Lanne- 4. Introduction to LVLsird'Amore,Donizetti 5 Triumph Quadrille. F. Strauia, 6. Variation lor ihe Violoncello, csecmed by Juognickel, Kuoim-r. 7. The Nightly Kerisw, Grand Pot Pqurri, (by rrqnes ) Title. B Drtnurt, William Tall, Hossini 9. Austriaut Jubilant Waltz Sirauaa, 10 " Maiapau Bajaderem G illn . Liiiner Tirlrels "i?d doors ne before. H. L YNNJb'4 HUUP aL 1.1 UaTrt AJ ION .i~AN~P K h. A DINtsS OF 1 H AK8PE Ah K.-Female Arademy, Lrolemou it , brooklyu Thursday Evening Jaiiti ry 13. ? J HE T'.MPEST, with the whole of Purcell andArne's Vusie. Vocalia s eugageo?Mm M. L.Leicn, Mias De Luce, Mr. Arthunon. and Mr. 8 L Leach with an rfiicirut chorus Conduct r, Mr. G?o. Lo'rr. lu the course ol the evening, M-ssra Aiihuram and Lerr.h wi'l si.a the crlebrnted dneti. " Love and War"' Ti'tcU iO centi Doon open ut 6 >4?to commf rf at :}> o'c'"i k. T\B".i?.Na<LE- rh KnHiTlsH pitl) i'ECTlVe. EviIOUA^T SUCIKTIf reapectl?llv notifv the public, tint n Grnid i ONh ERTand LI Tk.H ARY ENTERTAIN MEN'l wil-be given at the T. hermhle, on Friday evening, January II, 1818. in aid of the 4. h ;r.table Fund, fur * hich tha Curninitlrr have aoccerded in aet urn g the tamable aerricea of vir LOVF.H, author f Itory 11' More." ' 11 unly Andy." Sir.. who will deliver fvotite aelrcrioca from hia IRIbH K VEM >OS,and two of loa ehoiee Ileciutioua Principal Voral Perf rmer ?Mra. F.dwV Loder, Miaa E Wataon, Miaa De l.ure, niid.Vlisa M. L. Leach; Mr Ar'huraon, Mr Greatorex, and Mr Hrepbeu Lea-h; as-isted bv a Chcrua, ?e!ected from the American luaic I Imti nre, who wilt arpea- >n a V i-aI ' onerrt i-ud alan >? ihr intereating and popular MUSIcal ILLUsTftATIONS r.F 8H iKsPEAKE. deliit red by Mr. Lyme Couduen r. Mr. George Loder TicnelaOne Doll r; 10 re otrimed at the Muair Stores. the cflve of the Hoc.ety 42 Coitla dt atreet, or of the loliowiuir incinberxof the ommiltee:?Th maa Dixon, Eaq , Preaiuent; K T. Snnderaon, Biq.. J. K. Wnltera. K,?q , Anthony Barclay, E?o , John rt. Bartiett. Eeq , M. 1) , (,'hnrlea Filwarda. Kaq , M Kuda dale, Kaq , ?V. D Lu hbertanu. K>q , Joaepli Fowle , Eaq., J C. Bealea, Esq , M. D , hirhard Bell, Kaq., K, W. Panning, Esq, Henry Jeaarri, Eaq., Samuel Maycoek, Ft q , Seitimna Crnokea, Kaq , NicnoLa carter, Kaq , Alexander f. Wataon, E q . xt. D. ILi, t'OeiTI VELY CLOSE. JAN. M? Sli8. PELCVS te ebrated < olleet.ou of SCRIPTURAL ST A 1 U A It V, ecnaiarinR oil lie following groupa, (he aize of life : ?The Trial ofOur SiTiour. The Laat Supper, The Birth of Chriat and the Moral Scene of the Intemperate Family, ia now open at 411 Broadway, late Waky'a Mutic rooma.oppr.a te the Apollo, eyery day from 11 A 18 P.M. (* Saubaih after Divine t-eivite, from 6 P. M to II P. M. Aom tiauce 2) centa; children half price. Te-chera of Schoola admitted free. The Hall M let. Aoply aa above. OKKG jN BRASS BANDS B ALL ? AUiTflS I US EH'., lead'r, will take place at the Sliikapeare Hotel, corner of Duaue and William atreeta, on Thmaday tvenirg. January 13th. Ou thia occasion. there w ill be fourteen.mnaiciaca lu ihe orrheatra, and tlie aeleciion of quadnilea, rolkaa., reela and other daurea, will be of the moat elegant order; and the propriet-la i f the Mhakapeare will give Mr. Khl'a trie lda the hear i f entertainment Mr K deairea ihe P'raence of all h Ainericin and German fnenda. Ticketa at tha Shaaaperre Hotel BANVAhlFS MAM.ViOlH PANORAMA OF THE Miaaiaaippi Kiver painted on three milea of rauvaaa.exhibiting a vie w <f country 1210 rnilea in length,eitvcding from the mouth ol the Moaourt river to the city of New Orleana, and reaching over ten i e/rres of latvtcde, being the largeat painting in h? world, at the new Panorama Building, in Biondway. ndjo ning Nibtn'a Garden. Open every evening, V-unonr eicepr i 1 Admiso.ui, 50 centa; children Inlf price, lie Panorama i i11 commence moving at 7 o'clock precisely. Aii?rn- on eth o tiona on Wednesdays and Satntdiya. at 3 O elk '-ears set, .red from HI A M till 12 P. M. C'N', KIt I HALL, NEWARK?Maden-oiaflle Augusta, In a the honor to an naunce, tjlhe ir fi-brtada of Newa.k ami it a Tieinity, that it>e w ill give threelBallet rerloimaucea, CO J<mencing on Monday, J-nu rv 1?. I8IH when will he pet f im rt the gr,. d ballet of NATHALIE. OK THE SWISS GIRL, with all the oiiuinal daicea. first Act? ( omic Ta* dr Pfu* 'lie and Mr. Heiimnn; P:\a 8 nl by Mi a >? e la; Taa IlfBi, VTIIc. Aoi;u,t, and Mr. Kreder i k In Ac aecnnd-Tyiolienof, hv .lita Walla; Comic V'llc. Auatiau and M. Frederick. c .mroard by M'llf MgnMa T ' IM fnl'nwrd by th- (oltowinc Dirrrtiaemeut:?Tl>? Ci.-nvicnuc, by Mi.a Wella; n.iloi'a Hornpipe, M. b'radsrii-k To conclude with La Cait'llnune, by MMc. AugiiiM Doora oyan at 7, yerlonnauce to rfimmmcr al a qinrfer to 8 Phi n j>;kv Ji vi n i mk.n r am v * all i.n H'cnok liK L1KU1. THOS W. SWK.IlNKY J he eommitfee ippointtd at k i nblic meeting of the printer? of New Y??tk. )i ire n?n fc arrangement* fur * public BALL at DA^TlK UAPDKM.nn viONOAY KVENlNd.Jnn 17. 18.|?%id hon .r of HIlUT THCM W hVVKK.NKY. Tickets $ I. ma? be obtained by ap; Iication to line of the following i..minirea < f ArrangriTieits: ?Hamnel it (I'm, llrrala (mice; David I). Keid Nl ^asiaa at ert: Wm Beuuett, lltrtld Olffce; lohn Kmch. fl H-u'v it ; Win. KMisen, 30? 1 hird street; Jc hn L Brown, True Him Offie; \V*m M. Hobiiisom Job" inr,Tribune OfRee; iMniel J. ONnllivin cor Km k'ort end Bote sti; h>eilr \i k K K*an:h 201 Walker sf; K. H Hogers, Tribune (jlfice; Wm Kellokg,Tribute (Mfi *e; John Wesael*, HI f\ivman st; Klward Cole, 33 Atn it; Hugh ? larry. '22 Broome it; llrnryH IVa-s n, Courier and KiQuirer i Ince; Roderick T Kutwhi?rle 1(9 Kidridge it; A..I. Williamson. Hun ?ay Diipitcii Office; John H. (/lark. ro?\ (ire nwicli end Ilimmo id hi; I hn W. Mi-n ton; ti*r? W. Paint,3 2 Mot* roe r; I hur!e? V< gt Cnu'ord it , Brooklyn; lame ,N Kice, 20 ( atnnrine ?t?e*i; 8>riitirl Udell line Hug Office; James H. Clerk, foe. \4n- tnomerv and V*?'i?nu at*. Kiil ?< t \ v v. XI. b lie i.c i It I * H * * V1 l(>K A NT AO( I K IT will lake piece At the tolisenm Hhdiiu, ,\o 4!?0 Broadway. on Tuesday ? reninJar. llrh, PDA Tickets ($1 rsn be procured a the < ffice of the Hoc.etr No yftHimce ?tr*et, or of the following ? oinmittee : ?Gregory Dillon. 9? Chambers street; J**rph Stuart, 50 VAiPiam street; Hush Kellv, 138 Bowery; lime* Vlatthr-ws, 9> Wall street; Jnm-? K'vbmn, 23 South William street; V* illiun Kedinnnd. 44 Kxrlwtge Place; Felix InanliUbv. 119 Maiden Isue; John M-un-ng, ir?f> P*arl st.eet; Chsrle*Hweei y 19 Centre street; Nicholson, V) Pine ttreei William Watson, 43 Kxchange Place; James Olwell 171 West srreeuThomAs Swanwtek, 55 Pine street; T. Donnelly, 7 Sooth William street; Charts fc. Shea. 34 Liberty street; C. M Nsnrr, M Pine street; K. fi. Daly, H Broad ftieet , Fnae?s Maioi, IH Pearl etreec. ' I v < >'"mm ????* "? ???"???? E NE1 NE1 I ; - ~ - . " --U? The town of Santa Barbara is a fair specimen barracks of the troops stationed in the town ; and along the coast. The Presid .' I" " ~* The Presidio of San Francisco is one of the fo district. They are all built ot adobe, and, like the A Antra In Alaxlco. [From the Mexico North American, Deo. 7th.] FALSE SYMPATHY FOR THE SAM TATRICIO FRISOSF.RS. The singular charitahle mania that appears to hare ta , ken possession of a portion of the citizens of Mexico, in 'egard to the deserters now undergoing imprisonment in this city, has assumed a character that demands notice The guard ovar there prisoners is importuned daily by persons apparently occupying * rerpectnble position in ooletv. who drive to the in their mrrliiffrs. nnd I carry to theui all aorta of luxuries, while fhelr o*n countryman, prlaonara alao, the stck and wounded c Ulcere and privates, are utterly neglected. The greater portion of these ostentatiously benevolent people are women?few we think can claim the name of ladies, if their deportment has been properly represented to us. These people procure mattresses, floe linen sheet*. lint n shirts, &.R.. and t-k? them to the gusrd and request the offloer on duty to give them to the deserters. It r'fured. according to orders, they olten become insolent In the extreme? arousing the officer with wjn' of courtesy, lack of sympathy for the oppressed ke. We hn v? taken the trouble to inquire Into the condition of the San I'atricio prisoners The regiments to whioh they formerly belonged furnish th> ui the same clothing and rations that are given to the I curst soldiers who belorg to the army. Thev therefnrehave enough toeat and euough to wear,and to look at the fat rascals,one cannot hut think that the Mexicans have other motives for their false sy in patby than inrre generosity or charity Th?s> men have committed the damnable crime of deserting iroiu tlio ranks of their country, and lighting against their fathers and brothers They have boarted that it waa their good aim that stilled the life-blood It) some of tbefcravette hearts of our army. Three despicable traitors and murderers hare asceped death by the leniency of the law, and still live a disgrace to their country and the race Though they have proved themselves to bj unwottby the confidence c f God or man. the Mexicans, for whom they committed the foulest peijury and crime* of blocd, leaving t heir own cnuutryuieu to suffer, sbed crocodile tears over them, and endeavor to assist tlo-ni^o com- 1 " forts and luxuries hut few enjoy in this country ? An officer who was latrly on guard at the prison infoi ins us that he was sutjeeted to the most Insuitmg language from persons who o*me there in carriages with presents to the deserters?which presents he at ot ci< g ive to tl,? rick and wounded Mexican prisoners We cannot understand that It Is the duty of ao officer to receive the abuse of theee impudent apologists for treason and murder. nor would we, If in th? ir situation, submit to it Whenever a man attempt to interfere with the disc ipline of the army, as th> se men do, he should be tie d up : aud flogged, and the Jos? repeat-d with a repetition ol the offence.* Our pbllcy Is so extremely lenient th-twe J are continually subjected to the Impertinent demands ot ' , a certain dais. j THK'JW,) AUMIKS IN A FORKIUN POINT OF VfRW. I | The following interesting arttole, expressing the | opinion* entertained by the foreigners lu the city of i Mexico, of the deeds of our army In the conquest of that I olty, Is translated from the Court Frmncuii. a paper published in Mexico : ? We owe a report to our readers abroad, not only of tha events whteh have happened, are happening, end r will happaa, under our immediate observation, but by : ? ?m),? '' .* ' y < * f ? >** IV TO W YORK, SUNDAY MORt C A L I F O R N I , O Ani A ?1 A MUA MA fjama oai udiaj r7~"" 'B.r Fr^: . .- v. "- ? . ?? ... of tlie California towns. The houses arc but one the one about u mile back is the Mission ol .Santi lb la of San Francisco?The Enci : . r - ? y : -i *::. :* ^ ' ' * C'r'A i c ur which were built for the accommodation of the M one above, all are in ruins. One company of the 7tl Tin Ca lifornians Li > %= w - . J The (Jaliforuiana are the most expert horsemen in lot to be beaten. They always catch their horses rowing the lasso thirty feet, and seldom missing. RK I flNG, JANUARY 9 18 A VIEWS. California. "- :.; -T1' .... jr "? - . -.-" T.- :'r " - * ^ lite#; - ^ mm-- ------ story high, anil biult of mud, covered with i iiihura, buck oi which is a rugged range of in impment of the New York r:jr.V:?jrl 7~UT'' * - - - _? - . r.TL-...:\. . ... ' :? ...&A T?" - 1^ r .'-^m y Lexican troops stationed in the country, and i i Regiment is now stationed at the Presidio ol issoing Cattle. V ' " '" > v' ^ - ?- ' - v ' 4' mi \\ \ - \ , - n. - . * ikiJt ' i the world, nnd, in the use of the lasso, are and cattle iu the same manner, sometimes I i" " ?. y i^i "" IER A 48 " - - ; ; : : :r ' . -. -.1; . ' .? 7-"r !r i "1. - 1 - c - _rC-'OkTT' ' ' J ' ' . ' - -r*-"j1.''r. ;.ft&pjrfjQjjlr qTmj^T tile roofs. Tue large building in the centre is the ij>assable mountains, extending about thirty nulet Volunteers, -1 JU . : y"' -A* - ___ %' I I ;> " is tlu* residence of Jthc presiding authority of the f San Francisco. the more fact of publication, we have contracted the obligation of entering into details with regard to the Vorth American army, of whom foreigners know nothing, except perhaps through Mexican papers, whleb are naturally disposed to represent them under unfaithful and prejudiced colors We alone oan, at this mo 'cent, give an exact, or at least an impartial, idea of this handful of vatiaut roldiers. who, In the middle of the nineteenth century, are in a fair way of renewing the marvellous adventures ef Fernando ('.orte*-excepting, nlways, the barlarities of those distant times. The sketch, which we am about hastily to present, bo oiuso it is nece*s?ry for understanding the facts, has no political bearing Wed# not d?sire. nor do we fe?l it to be onr duty to enter into an examination of the causes which hare produced a eanguirury contest between Mexioo and th? United states We shall restrict ourselyes to describing tha two armies, ruoh ?s erenls bare rande them known t ? !.?t us remark, In the first pla-e, thst those per* aagss nbom we hate seen nrrtye at power within the lest ten years, hare all c wed their ehvstion to revolutionary hssards, which have mver received th" approbation of the country. There w.<s compulsion, but never free and spontaneous adhesion on the part ef th? Intelligent majority in consequence of these continual surprtsess thrust upon the public inlnd. men in power, who found themselves suddenly elevated to tottering seats, developed?develeloped as if it were a blessing all the resources id money doroi riloa, lyrmu; usei inruisueu.ioe ui oy uie j'sumcai 10I terpretatlon of the legi*iativ* arsenal, delivered Into their powrr by tweuty different congresses Thus they dissolved the tie* which bound the governed to the governors I fence a fact quite natural, and at wblch. m v. rthelef", the governors ingenuously expressed their netoniehment?at the moment nf real danger, *h?n It became necessary to save the country in earnest, DO(hin< at all ??< eared, f>r the reason that a thnueand times already, intriguer*, iu furtherance of their usurpation*. h*d announced th- commonwealth to be la extreme peril, and bad solemnly vowed to *?v? it. Mliera'le paiedy of the glorious epoch* of our reeelu'ioo. Q'it let ue approach our subject The new*, paper* of the Mexican <Jo?erntnent, an 1 likewl*e those of the opposition hat* b en guilty of the Unpardonable row dish norabi"? offence c f depicting. *tn< c the commenceinrnt of the war, the North Ameriosn *miy as a handful of cowardly banditti, a* a squad of miserable dYrbturer*. whom a few lancer* Could easily put to (light. tf ?r ever* defeat sustained by the troop* of the Republic, the invader* wefa mors demoralised and more easy to be vat qutabed ' What happened* Why, hie rquad. Ibi* b*oulul of adventurers, without disolpllne, wubt u. courage, wlihoul *kill. h is conqnered iu iheir flight, and dtiii'llshrd the thru' most splendid arc ie* evr possessed by Vctloo '1 lie cowards, in i.umbers griatly Inferior, have vanquished in succession 1 the mightiest Oeneral* of tile age and the Attest troop* in the universe if we are to believe a doi*n of those wh t are fouls ot blind But i* the \1> xio tu nation re* ponslhle - i* It accountable for so tueny offence* ' N i. a thousand time* no ! and the worlj will not be deceived with regard to three stupendous events A glance at the composition of eaoh army will oorreot its judgment. If It were possible for It to he erroneous I We firmly believe that the Msxloan sold er Is indivi^ dually squat to the North American soldier , but an aa LD rrtc* Twn . (wntui ? capital condition hu been and to alwaya wanting to the** collection* of poor. needy dewlto, who aremuffled up in * uniform, io J compelled to mareh to { glory by binm from nwttohea, with a hug* and unwleldty ' gun upon thairahouldara What to wanting to tbam la good commander* af companiaa. who can gira tbam asample* of eoureg* and lubordlnatlon ; offloarf firm and | eiperlenoad who will not take to flight at tha flrat flra of the tinHmy ; in fine, gvneralx who hare grown gray lu UJillVfil j >uuiri, wuu euuw Ul>w Ml UlMJVOrra mm mtiAJj to calculate It* movement, govern their troop*, lupin them with ardor, with confidence, and especially charge bravely at thair head Since the month of May, 1840 tha tima whan hoatilltte* broke oat, to tha occupation ot tho capital, these abaolute, IndUpanaabla condition* bava not been often found in tha armlaa of Mexico Tha American soldier. fnll of ardent courage, march** boldly opto danger : but thla la a quality *? ordinary ao trita. with tha soldier who oomnrahenda all the dignity of tha title, that wa only mention it by way of contraat What makea the real strength of the army of tha United I States. whloh would otbarwiaa be Indubitably deotroyed, I la the oorp* of excellent officer* at tba head of theee aaI Remblage* of armed men ; thoaa old general*, far-aealng. brave, skilful tactician*, wla* adminlatratora, profound politician*, who command them. When anon troop* | ahall hare bean vanquished, they will not any. they oan not eay. there wa* treason committed by thlaor that oflI oar. cowardloe by thla or that regiment : they will know i how to retrieve a partial discomfiture, or tbay will die In J the attempt. To resume?it is the oorp* of officer* of every grade, whieh conatitutes the strength of the North Auirrtoan army. In the present campaign ; whereas. In tha Mexican aimy, It Is what Is called the nfficialidad, [body or offlceral which has demoralized the soldiery and caused them so often to be vanquished. The proof of thie Is, that In the various engagement* whleh took place near the gate* of Mexico, the National Uuard alone made an active resistance If Mexico desires to : assure hereufterher independence and her nationality, I which lh* I'nlted Stat** possess neither the will nor tha ' ability to destroy, It is necessary, above alt things, that ! a good government, selected by honest men. the true | friends of their country, should disband the army, and i organize, on a grand scale, a militia of citizen*, the only > force competent to defend henceforth the honor and liberty of the nation. INCIDKNT* ANI> ITEMS. Gen. Valencia, who was so hadiy whippsd by tieu. I Hmith at (rntreras. possesses otie nqulsite. and the chief requisite, of a great Mexican General: he has a moat splendid and costly uniform It is said that when In full dress he bote upon his distinguished person at l?a*t t'JO 000 worth of gold, diamonds. and precious metal*. What a splendid ca ptui e he would have been to *otn? of our ragged boj s ! No wonder he rau so fast when IIlley charged hi* butteries lie hsd mm'thing | to run for. though how bo inad* such good time under J such a heavy load, was a wonder to everybody. We ' understand however, tliar, the General wa* in very bid spirits - we mean nothing cgaio't the quality of the ' epiiitm with which lie quenched the Ttlor of hi* soul, and kept the cold otf his etnmsch? on the memorable ' night of l'.lth August last; but h? was dieto artem d by 1 Ibe absence of a magulUcrnt jewelled sword, which eost *101100, and which, under a mooted pressure, he bad i left u in soak utliie jVfoiif* iJ o. This sword I* uow to lie seen ill Mexico.,it erne pawned f >r ti Its absence ut Uontriras ha* bun assigned by Valencia4* friends ss era (if the causes of his detent st outrer.i* It would ; tie tin interesting coutrast to cstiuiat the comparative : value if the respective uulicrin* tl Gun Valencia, the I ...I .1 I I..,, SM.irl. II.. wtj.l,>e .1 I ' The result would throw much light upon the gvm'. lending distinctive traits of American aud Mexican character Without moaning to impugn the richness and fx tent i f Oen Smith's wardrobe, we do not think it extravagant to enlitnate the value of the old dark bine coat and lightish bine pants six-bit gland oap, corki soled boots, and service sabre, worn by the Hero ef Contr-ras on that memorable day. as of the value of (16. We doubt whether any of our little Jew tailors wouldn't think that amount enormous But the' inward man" ot these two generals is not irss striking in oontrast than their '-outward man." The showy and costly exterior cf ths one oovers a vain, faithless, oowardly heart? whilst the plain, simple, and unpretending appearance of the other, gives token of the dauntless heart and in domttable character which made him the conqueror and the hero.?A. O. Dtltu, Dtc. 30ik. MEXICAN AFFAIRS. [Front the Washington Union. Jan. 7 ] Aoeounts are pouriDg in upon us from the army, respecting the opinion of the oftloers upon the best mode of carrying on the war, and obtaining a prompt and honorable peace. We have conversed with some of the officers who have arrived in this city. There teems to he very little diversity of op nion upon this question We understand from an intelligent officer, who baa arrived this week from the city of Mexico, that he does not know an offl ier, who. whatever may be his desire to return to the United States, hesitates to say that to withdraw the troops from Mrxico, or to occupy a defeusive line, would be the most direct means of prolonging the war The only plan f?r obtaining an early peace is a vigorous prosecu Ion of the war We further learn, that the officers of the army, of wh-tever psrty. with great unanimity, attribute the prolongation of the war Ico our party feuda; that tba rum intent* or the oppoaltlon prer* and leadera ana grerd'ly promulgated by tha Mexican* amonff tha people thara ; and tba Impreaaion ' prevail* among tbem, that a majority of ibe people of i tba Uoitad Statca are oppoaad to tha war, and determined to bring it to a clove Tba offlear fnrtbar ra| markad, that, if Congrea* bad voted the naoaaaary aupj pile* as aoou a* paaaibla aft?r ita mretlog, it would have | bad tb? bappiaat etTeot io Maxico. and in all probability would have aacurad an aarly paace I A oorraaooodant from tba National Bridge Max lea, 1 writaa on tba dtb December, that Col. It. M Echoic, of lb 13r.hU S. Infantry, died on the preoedlng evening ' at that poet. A VOLUNTEER 1 Baron Von Uroae, of tba Prun?lan army, who diitini Uuianed him?alf at the National Bridge. in Auguat laat, br hie courage nnd skill, and al?o in the engagement* which afterword* took place, batura the command under | Major Lilly ranched J?l?p*. baa arrived In New Orleana 1 from Vera Crus Tba Baron waa wounded in the hip; I at the head of two companies took a fort at tha National Bridge ; and waa of great u?e to Major Lally through' out lie came to thl* country by pnrmiaaion of the | King of I'ruseU, to nerve with our at my In tbn Mexican aaiupalgiio. Central Scott, to whom h? brought lettara, treutad bl:n with narked attention In tha city of Mail co. and liivit-d Mm to join hie atntf The bjbtiDg being over for the preaent. nnd the iiaron'a abaence frtni I Pruaala beirgneni'Marily limited, ba will occupy tba re| tnainder of bla time in viaiting Cuba, and afterwards, j the United State*, on hi* return home?N O. Dtlla. SWORD TO (JEN. CADWALLADER. A raaolutlon haa been introduced into the I'ennajlva. ni* legislature, to preaent General Cadwaliadar with a ; a word. j LIST OP CASUALTIES I.N THE ?N. Y. REGIMENT, SINCE |sr NOVEMBER, 1817. Cumpa C*utt of i nir? ATo met. Da'e of Death. Rank. Dea'k B. .Billot*, Nor 11, 1947.. Private. .Ordinary ". . Artrleb,.... " .. * " D. .Farrell, 0 . " K.. Nelly Deo. 4 .. " K. .Burke Nor. 92 " Of wonnde received In action. O. .Klwood Nor. 99 .. " Ordinary. H.. Maxwell. . .. 7 ..Sergeant. " ' ..Steele 8 ..Private. " "..D Nlhloek... 9 v.. " " 1 ..Richardson... 3 .. " Ofwoundt recairad In action. "..T.Halaay.... 9? .. " Ordinary. K..Batum Oct lit .. " " ' ..Ilorton Nor. 18 " Total. 13 (Signed.) HOBT. A. CARTER, Adjt. How a a u Hotel. ) SJv Vork. Jan 9th. 1949. \ J*? U Bkhvhtt? Sir : i send you herewith * lift of casualties in the Vsw Vork Regiment linos th* let of November for publication. < ol. Burnatt received this morning a lattar from tba city of Mexioo?all quiet; also ona from (Jan. Quitman, from Washington. i? which ha expressed his Intention to visit the mty of New York?the city of his native State. Your* truly, W FORRY, I'apt N Y Volunteers. The French Steam nhlpe. | To iHt Koitok or tmk HsasLD? I Hiving observvil a oommuni'-ation. proposing to send : the French steami-rs to New Onesns and as yon have > uian.les'.ed some interest in this line, I propose the fot' lowlnit routes, say:? From flavro to Madeira, I 380 miles From Madeira to Ht Thornm 2 4IMI miles. From St. Thomas to New Orleans. . 790 miles. 4 AOO miles. kuTraeivn. Hrom New Orleans to t.hai leston. (to avoid the ?1 winds and cur 0*0 miles From < harleston to Fajal 3 9d<> miles. From Fayal to Havre 1.300 miles. 4 SO0 miles Or eten another Mute. *f follow* ? Kioto (Uvre tot aimry Irlee I ,<>W) mil a. r rotu Canaria* to Martinique 1 S7t> miita. f rom .Martinique to New Orlran*. . 9A0 mile*. 4 6110 milar By tither of the abote rout**, the pareagr could 1* ( ttiNiio In twenty-Are daj?, while teaeela take thirty Are to forty. Htid wou d proee f.?r mora ruccuraful th?D the preaent; for by rtopp" it at two or threa porta th?y ' would draw to the!ua*lte? the chief buameta of tko*e j pi so**, and would return at New (Meaua that (f the ! Mouth and Wert The advantagca of going to aoirw : othar port than N?w York. tntirf. appear rtHrot. ? beu I it i* oonaidared ilia no tuber of boat* i bat are to run ftout b.-re, and with which the hreuoh ateainera hate rhr w.i they 0 >Pnot compete; whih by beiMiuiiog'he piooM ra ot ? inf rou'.r, th-jf wnulJ r. mite a more liberal aup i pnit than would be awarded tht ra here 1 New Orleana ht-iug I r eta Preurh ci'.y. and the bti , MUnra centre of tne tV?rt-, praaeute t o mtikII attract1 oa 1 aa a port for h-a* afeatmra (RKM< ENT tf T\ , Mla? ellaiieoua. ludga Ko^n who ni mi ??*ertdy batten by lawyer Ilrynor. of Troy, a rhort time rinca. la not aspactwU to lira Tha pbyaioUnr ray that bta oaaa ia bopele?a The Savannah H-puhli aa that OueCapt hook made at a bowling alley in that city, aer-ntaan ruoeej, ait a "tan airUta," counting 430,

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