Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1848 Page 3
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m<n W "*11'-" "ib nmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yectft S(ki? .? inok hlw tip; eo???. at4? * r t'Ht) of otoearitr, by ft|!*ir* htw t- *:! ?< i*r ft proff-lv that he wmldp'.ay |x>)|r?u.*?i,fln'1 the ooftt. and brln# It to the offlos. At tbi- nmld-d ?nn??rit, and leitthc court room on lit* m.fsion, feeling b!g with the authority just invested hy the msglatrato The French sailor wait r> quested to Fit down between the black ra*c?!s who were brought in ns aocoiuplioes, who were held an hostages, uutil the retnru of Sum; but whether Sam returned, we were unable to Viarn, and iu all probability be >iid uot. The next prisoner called vu Hugh Tiverman, who wis arrested by offlier Waliion. of tha ti'.h ward, charged with being druuk und disorderly. MiaiiT?ATr-Well, Hugby, what Jo you ?ay to this charge? I buovkr?Well, Julge, I'll tell you how It was. Me ?Dd two other fellows came down from N#wbur?h, lrst Bummer, in poach tune,and Jimmy Wataou asked me to lend him a quarter dollar, oa the corntr of Oranga and ("hatham streets, whioh I did, you know; and last night 1 wanted the money, and axed him for it,when he fetched mo in. andlnakcu ma up. Maoistratf?Officer Wftt#on, i? th?t so? Offickb - No. your honor; 1 nevar borrowed ft cent of the Em u.. PaiBONia Why. Judg?, I'll t?k# my o?th ho did, and that's th? way with these M P'a, after* fellow lends them a quarfp', ?nd you ax them for it again, they Buakes you ri?*h' ' a id locks you up Maoutbatk?Th^ 's n rery good Btory for you to tell, Hujhy, but 1 don't OelieTe it, as eimilnr stories are told daily at. ainnt tflloetrf without any foundation; therefore I shall flue you one dollar for being drunlv and disor derly. Piusonbh -I'll be il d if I'll pay one oent ! M40UTBATK?Well, take him down, officer, and wa ll keep tlra in flvo (lave to work it out j The next cam that attracted the attention of the miglstiate. was two women, called Mary MoLaughlin and Mt>r!<i Lov?joy, both exhibiting bloated red faces, showing evident signsof dissipation, mixed up together with tb i destroying element called rum. One of them spoke up and gild: "Judge Osborne.we are sick, and want to go up town far two months." (Meaning the penitentiary.) ' Very well," said the judge,,l take a seat over there," pointing to a lot of other loafnrs, ' and wait until Col. Snow comes, our vagrant clerk." The next case was four young literary thieves, called J*to? s Wil?on, I'atrick McCreau.v, James McCready, and Thomas Garvey, all boys between the ages of 9 and l'J yen ri, who were arrested by officer Stoweil, of t'le 4th ward, having bafn detected In the act of stealing froiu the premises No 11 Spruce street, 600 copies of the Illustrated Magazine, the property of N H B Smith, whose premises the young rase->!a had broken open. The books were recovered is a basement on the southweft corner of Fulton and Naiaau streets, where they had b-en deposited by th*se thieving news-boys Justice Osborne committed theui all to prison, prior to their being s-. nt to tUe Hour# of Refuge. Recovery oj Pr ptrhj.? A telegraphic despatch was received jasterdny^by Osborns, (rem officers Zell and Ridgtly, of HlUmere, setting lorih vhataJtw by the nime of L. Z fr'uslner h>id obtained a lot of aegars, valued $300. fiom A. ?* 1. Bonn and Brothers. al.^o a lot of tobaoco from Tbomcs O Little & Co, winch he procured by false pref.eucer, and left 'ov express for this city. Upon th arrival of tnis despai.oh. officer Crosett, of t?;e lower poilo',nnd ex oiTioer Lalorof the lath ward, traced the properly from Adams's K.X\>rees to No 2&2 Deiancy siret t, where they found 9i boxts of segais concealed lit n back crlUr, wUieh proved to be the same as describe !u thi liglilniug despatch from Baltimore. ('.might in the Jlii ?A man by tho name of John . O'Bri.-n was d' trctecl yesterday, by one of the hands on board of Ihi Ne-y Brighton steamboat, rnnniug to Stat en Isl.-nd. iu the aot ol c?rrjingolf a bundle containing dry goods, va'ued at $30, the properly of Mr. N. F II Barrett, ol Caatleton. Sta'.rn I: land The accused wa? handed ever to oflioer Nelsoa, cf the 1st vard. who conveyed him before Justics Osborae, who locked him up for trial Takm /row a Thirf.?Two blaok frock cuats and two vests were tekei. vesterdav, from a thief, by Capt tiard ner, of t;ie 15 li WdiJ police, ior Hhiuli an owner is wanted Apply to the fibove e.floiir Jlrtrtt of a Fugitive?Patrick Nugent, charged with baring seduced a young aad interesting giriot 16, in Boston, und 11 id to ttiia city, liaviug preriously obtained n ljrg- aiuount of gooJs by meant of f Use pretences, was <irrt'gtc'i ia this city on Saturday, by ofiloer Do li<? cf the cti t's ofiice.deliverrd over to a Boston officer, who left the oity with bis prisouer in one i f the evening baits. Law Iiiuuigciivei Coubt?special Term?Jan. 31.?D.ifore Jad/j Edinoads?Decisions?Elizi Rouse v$. Richard Rouse? Div toe lor adultery granted. In the Mutler of ,lo$'i>h Scg'iin't tVill?Appeal I from the Surrogate of Rlshtnoud county, admitting th? probate, buld that testator putting his finger on til* sjuI. after signing bis will, and saying ' I aoktiowUdir* this to be my last will and testament"? was a sufficient publication, and that his sending for two persons, and on their entering the room, saying to 'hem that hi had Bant for thom to b:i witnesses to hi* will, and then immediately proceeding with the formu'a of exrout'on. w?s a suffloieut bequest, withia the requirements of the statute. Deeres of Surrogate affirmed Tht People tx rel Benjamin Griffin.vt. The Cenlenwy M'th iii ii Episcopal i.hunh of Brooklyn.?Motion for a reienptory m&nuauiu?. ttoause of the insoflit leocy of a return to an alternative writ. Tha defendants were crsanir.'-dbs a religious society, in connexion with thi Nleitioilisi Episcopal Church of tho Uuitei 3:at-s, subject to i'.s dUclpiiae It formed of members of thrre other Metl?o<li?t Episcopal societies; and by collection!) made from Methadists generally, they built a meeting houre fetid parsonage. Kor eight years they r<ceivej their ministers trom conference, agreeable to the practice of that persuasion. Their minister, appointed in ItMG h iYiur been su?psuded by the church authorities, a majority of tUe male m*mbei8 of the congregation determined to retain him as their preaoher, contrary to the discipline of the church, and refused to admit the relator, an ordained elder, who had reoeived a regular appointment aa their preacher, from the prea'diug bishop at the couftretice hall The itinaraooy of their preachers is a well'establlened rule of the M E church, aud that their praotloe of enforcing that it?neranoy by means of the action ol tho bishop, stationing the preachers without regard to their wisbvs or those cf the congregatioas, is not coutrary to law That tha Centenary M E. church in Brooklyn, having been organised in oanneotion with that society at Urge, is bound, so long as the connection continues, by the ' dootrlnes and discipline" laid down for the government of the church at large That their meeting-house and parsonage, having been built by contributions frcm Methodists generally, and for the use or a Methodist Episcopal oongregatlon, it Is not in the power of the trustees to divert them to any other purpose, or withdraw them from the subordination which was voluntarily atsumei) at the establishment of this society. That It is no excuse for the (trustees to allege I bat their action has been sanctioned or governed by a mijority o' the males now worshipping in that fcou-e, it being tbeir duty, as trust ee, to taka chitige of th- i?t rnrsiities of ihe society, and see that they art falthfiuly s.ipropilatel to the usea intended by those who<? b"i) ? Irnce founded and endowed the chnrrh. That th-y eir?d in refusing admittance to the reUtor, who had b??u duly appointed their pastor agreeable to the wll established discipline of that persuasion. | * That it is the duty, and has long been tha praotloe of this conrt to anKce the rights thus established, and that with regard to ministerial officers and corporations, it is oompetaap for this court not only to direct them to act, but dire* the manner in which they shall act Therefore, a peremptory mandamus was awarded, commanding tha defendants to admit tha relator to their pulpl' and parsonage. Cowrtn v$ Fitzgerald.?A suit in aqulty, involving an examination of long account*, la properly referable, it being ane of these cases which, In tha language of the judiciary aot, have heretofore been usually referred to anv cleik. master in chancery, or refere*. Livingnon vm. Fitzgerald.?A motion for An attachment against the defendant,ifor not appearing before a referee and making an assignment to a receiver, and for not paying the eosts growing out. of bil default. Held that the act of 22d November, 1817, forbidding the Imprisonment of any person for interlocutary costs, does not apply to those en pee of contempts where a party may be fined, for any mlsconduot productive of an aotual lone or injury lo the oth?r party. A fine of $20 imposed, and a* attachment awarded The. Mayor,fc. of No\eYork adt Jlinslie andotheri.? It Ik irregnUr for a ;udge presiding at the Circuit to foroe on the trial of n cause when the counsel of one of the parties Is unable to att?nd by reason of sudden indisposition. Inquest set aside. Common Pi.kas, Jan. 31 ?Before Judge IJlshoeffer.? Jilhert O. Ct'mrnft ft a I. vi. IVm I fain Drinker and Leon Villien?This was an action of trover to recover the value of thl.ty-two boxes of segars It appeared that in January, 1847, the plaintlfls purchased the segars and put. t.hein on storage with a person named Tyler, in (. ourtlandt street, with directions not to give them to at y i ne but to a Mr. Look wood, except on a , written order. The pUlutifTs alleged tlut the segars were afterwards stolen by n person named Palmer, and by him sold to the def-ndar.t, who kee ps a segar store In Broadway, at $12 a thousand for cash Hubsequent'y the p'a;ntifN aroertaiued whero the segars were, and they procured a search warrant from Justice Drln>i?r, and' had tl>e defendant's store searched; the segan were found ami bi^rtuvht to the police office, and ? complaint va* lo,lg"d a^.iinst l'alin?r and the dofendant, but upon an investigation into all the facts,the complaint was dls- 1 ml'sed and the s-gars handed back to defendant. After the plaintiff's eounsel hsd got through their evidence, the d-fendaat's counsel b?k*d f?r a nonsuit oa the ground that the proof did not make out a caie against either of the Uefendmt#. The judge said there was no case made rut ujalnst Justine Drioker, and he would th,?r? i re ditcl.artfe liim; but with respect to the e ther drfeuuaut, h" would let the case go to the jury. The court then a. j urned until this morning For plaintiff i Mr N B Blunt; for dsiendant, Messrs Hudson and , Marvin . Surnr.Mr Coi'bt In Chambers?us'oro Justice Hurlbut Tht Prop's Vi Mad mr Reslrll ? Habeat Corpus? Madame Rsstell ?ai brought up on Saturday by huhmt coriiiis. to t? admit'ed to hail; tHe case was adjourned to this racrnlnp, when Ihe parties arpeRred In Chamber The osseins ably argued by Mr K Stndford.for Madame Rested and w*s replied t< by the Distriot Attorney on th? pari ol tho people. Decision reserved until Monday next. Coikt Cai.vmiai1 This Day?Common Vita*?1st ' r>art- OJ fltl,7l,73 70, 81, '7, N9, 0?, 101. 107, 111, 113, 1 117,119, 77. 3d part - 76, 4,30,20, IS, 10, 32, 34, 3fl, 12. J The I'lesiiiiiiHa) iiniild. This j-ii rnn.1 will be published every Tuesday, at a dollar for the campaign. It w',11 b i the s'x" of tho daily lltruld, and will be perfectly unlqu* in its kind. It will contain all the political natter cf the week?giving all the movements of the ^Afferent Presidential can lhla'.es and their friends at full length. It will also ooutnin the money and produce markcis. Kach number will contain a leadiug editorial article, embracing a philosophical view of the move m*nts of the week?the progress cf the candidates ? their chances ot suooess -the rise and fall of the political barometer, so as to give to t very man throughout tbe country a correct and accurate Idea of the progress the Presidential < lection. We havi already had numerous inquiries for It, and doubt net It will have a tre uendou* circulation, judging from appearanue?probably a hundred thousand subtori be rs mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn fUilcMd StMtlnc?At MMtlnt of th? et? i icfi* of tiw to*:i of roagtih?Mi? h*M at thtVlMtfe H*!! on TaqrfiV/?r'OluJan'tai? IT-h. llii. John Airllutl, ?if] rh nr? I'-r* dent, Howlaod K. Sheiman and Abraham (i. Storin, Vice Presidents, and Josi'h I. Underbill, Secie'?-y. 1 }.t in:?ti>.K wt> very umn roui the spacious Hall beiut crowded 10 oveidowinj. The ohjerti of the meeting were then tinted by Isaac Piatt to bet* expressopinions in reference to the location of th - Hul on Hirer Railroad to th? directors ol the Company, who wanld aoon be called te decide that i que tion. A commi'tee. rnniis'ing of 1 sate Plit.t. Chirles W. swift. Harvey Pal ?c, l' < -h Hirlcr vt'phrn B Tr>w bridge, Chirles Pearl, and d - ,| ' - n.h :> 'k wi t'i 11 on inoti n appointed t i retT- n rc,> n^u'. on* txp :s?ire oflhe sense of the u??e nut i'n- ruin: fr aft c insulting. reported tha ftllowint;, winch, iu * lair division, were adop'el by a vole of two third! of the m-eting. Hesolred, That inasmuch as the citizena of Poaghkrepsie too* the lead in letting upihisnobte enterprise ol ihe Hudson Hirer Railroad, in procuring the original survey and a chirler for the compa 117, we I ??1 it o he our duly and right to rxpeas frankly to the direct >rs onr views in reference to the question of location, in which we. aa itockholde s and ci izfns, are deeply intereated. Kesolyed, That the licit interests of this villus rrqaire that the I luils in lliver Railroad be loc.i ed through it on the Middle Route. in Reference to tKe tliver Route. Resolved, That in consideration of the numerous villages mid minuf'CturinB places situated on <-r neirtli* middle route, the vast amount of hnsineu aid vay travel which they will furnish to the road ou nccoart of th? facilities uivsa for rendy communication with e >ch other i-,n?i witi N?w York and Alb >ny, we feel th?t tne interests not only of our own village, but the o'hers on and naarthe line, will be greatly pro :uted by the selection of sa<d middle route Resolved, That it Having been understoed when the stock was subscribed, thst th? road was to pass through the villas s.tlie selection of the river r^ute will cause a dis'ppo ntment to many who hare ear .rstlv advocated th* toid ou account rf the local benefit it would confer Resolved, That inthii view of tne subject,? e respectfully pe'i 'inn the director* to hivr the middls loute as Uvorable a consideration at in their view the facts and circumstances in the case, aud ihe eud* t > be secuteil, wiM allow, and Inve perfect coMideace in believing thev will adopt auch a course as will in the end be for the peimanent beuefit of the company aud (lie public, anil give geuerxl satisfaction Resolved. Tint Matliew J. Myera, David B. Lent, au1 Stephen B. Trowb'i.lge, be a committee to atts id a meeting of the directors , At their office in New Y rk, and lay before them liie proceeding! ol th ? meetiiw. with auch other foe s an it may be uecessary to present to theireonsidemtion. JOI1N Al'HIAftCK. President. Howlano H. Hiikrmaiv, Aiiraham O. Storm, Vice Presidents. Josiah I. Uudeihill, Secretary. The Plnmbe National Uagncrrean Gallery, on the upper corner of Broadway and Murnr street, is without a rival in its business in the world. The im nrnu number of fine pictures which are furnished to its patrons annual I v*. are substantial proofs of the prase whirh it receives from all qaane.s Portable ilvavlng Cusei Tile undersigned hare devoted their unceasing attention to improving and perfecting these useful and neotiaary arti'les, and hire on hand a larre variety, of construction most suitable t> the wants of th? travelling community. O. SAU.NDKRS Ik SON, 177 Br adway, a few doors above Oourtlandt street Fine Cutler y._'lhe subscribers have paid particular attention t? this branch of their business, and hare on hand at present the most beautiful and well-selected nsumment of pen, porket, desk, and sporting knives, iu the city ; wi h a large v iriety of polished steel g ods. Razor* i;rouud aid set. Cutlery repaired. O. SAUNDERS Si SON. Barker's Creme de Palina Chrlstl, or Castor Oil i re \m, is, wiihou* doubt, the only proper arti'le to nnu'iiVi aud improve the hair. By a chem'cal pro-em, of t'iree months' Uur'.tion, the glutiu and offens'V# smell is entirely extiacted, leaving its nutritive qualities unimpaired. Being slightly perfumed, it nei her burns nor dries the hair, as Itighlv-sceuted articles do, in all cas's when applied ta the head. To be ob'.aiued onlv at BsRaKR'S La lies' Hair Ui-.'ssing and Shampooing Rooms, 319 Broadway, comer o( Leonard st.eet._ _____ ' Diamond PolntclG ild Pens, of every quality, and atu 11 prices.both wholesale and retail,bv H. K. Watson, Si Co.,45 William street, one doorbelo* Wall street, ar.d J. Y Sivnge. 92 Kultou street, makers, and onlvdeslci in the celebrated " RicVlieu:'Uol?l I'en?. Our prices are known ,o be thi cheapest in the city, while our I'ens are warranted -itpeiior to any in the world. Gol I Peus, at $1, tl 85. and gt 59, the same Pens sold el.ewheie at $1 50 and $3. Gold -gens repaired or exchanged. Save your money._To those of our friends ' ho wish to reJuce their boot bills, we cheerfully recommend to call oa our f iend 'ONES 4 Am s reet, as he sells rhs lire oiality of French call dress Boots at (t 50; second d>. SI 00. He also sells a rery nice pair at *1 VI Hi* best Kreiicli patent le .ther Boo-s onlv *7 00, and as for his French water proof aud cotksole Boots, they are not to be beat in quality or price. A Warning to the French?If they don't reduce the price of their Bojti.the day of their fortune is at au end; f>ronr friend Young, opposite our office is selling the best quality of French Calf Boos for S4 50. such as ate soM in other stores fnr $6 and $7; he his got a nice Calf Sewed Uoot far $3 5t>, usually *5 n o' her stores; with a splendid assortment 4f patent leather Boots and Congress Oaiters. Don't forget. small profits is the motto of our friend Young. on the ccruer of Fulton and Nassau. Call in aud tee him?the Doctor C O Mil E R C I A L A F F A IRS. MON K V 1IIARKKT. Monday, Jan. 31?0 P. H. The stock market opened a litile heavy this morning, anuquatations fell off a fraction. At the first board Long Island declined per osnt; Farmers' Loan .Mi Harlem 13<; Norwich and Worcester Reading Railroad 1>?; Pennsylvania 5's,wentup Vioksburg .V; United States 5's, %; Mortis Canal >fc. At the second bo&rd Harlem olosed at prices current in the morning, and Morris Canal advanced ,3i per cent, with moderate sales. Thj steamship Acadia, from Liverpool for Bcston. has been at sea nearly seventeen days, and will be due about Wednesday. She will bring fifteen days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. It is anticipated she will brirg favorable aocounts relative to commercial matters; and nntil they come to hand, there will be a lull in this maiket The Manbattaa Banking Company have this day declared a dividend of three per oent, payable on the 10th of February. The receivers of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank at New Brunswiok, N. J,have declared a further dividend of twenty per oent upon the certificates of bills , of that bank, payable on and after Tuesday next. The annexed statement exhibits the value of foreign and domestic merchandize exported from this port in the month of January, distinguishing the value of the shipments to each country:? Commerce of the Tort or New York?Exports for i January. 1848 Valw of Val ie of good? goods f'a'ae of noteiit'l'd entitled dome ills to to Where lo. produce dehmture debenture. Total. I Great Britain 1,189 532 ? IS 122 1,199 6V( , France 180 681 5 1 63,79) 244 980 Spain., 20 290 ? ? 20 920 Portugal 28,324 ? ? 28,324 Relnium 75 688 8,6*9 24 614 109 Ml Hamburg 26 9C8 524 17,793 43 015 Holland 23,126 3.369 2.191 28,685 Austria 4 261 480 14,519 19,289 Brazil 69.178 1,5:3 4.7J7 75,42# Eait Indies 17 946 ? ? 17 916 Canton 75 3P0 1,970 550 77,900 Porta in Pacific 89 817 5,158 9,000 103 975 Mcxico 47,199 9 234 16 121 7J.554 fit. Homini|o 21.741 247 145 23.>3) Dauith W?at Indies. 33 589 596 3,697 37.882 Spanish, do 103 877 6 788 1.470 112 135 British, do 120,043 ? ? 120,043 New Grenada and Bolivia 36,464 3,728 5,018 45 210 British North American colonies...... 18.553 ? 5,(91 21 414 $2,181,389 42.807 179,692 2.404 0*1 Total specie.. .^ 1,738 iI Total f $4,141 ill This has been rather a small month in the way o exports, the shlpmentsof specie having been within se\ n hundred thousand dollars of the shipment* of merobi u dire. The bulk of the exports for the month was wl'h n the past week or ten days, the shipment* of produ ? h&vlnir luun afImulttail hv the comnlexion of the adric : from Europe. The aeseaaed value of property In the lttt'4 New York, for the ye?r 1847, waa #630,659,050?or which (509,406,855 waa real la ostate, and $131,162 201 personal property. The whole amount of Stat9 and oounty taxes, In 1847, wss $3,740 389. It appear* by the message of the Governor of Louisiana to the Legislature of that State, that the public indebtedness on aocount of the Citlxsn's Bank is $7,071,516.? To liquidate this amount the bank holds mortgage securities amounting to mors than fourteen millions of dollars. which the Governor thinks more than sufficient to protect the State apiinst any loss. The treasury of the State appears to be in a flourishing condition. There wan a b.iWnoeon hand on the 31st of Deoember, the close of the fiscal year, of $-294,3-28 31. During the pact year gold dust and bars to the Talus Df $20,000 wrre sold In Wetumpka. Alabama. The gold was obtained ch iefly in Tallapoosa county, and thus far has proved to be remarkably pure. A merchant of Mobile rent to the New Orleans Mint, a few diys rgt, 503 dwfs r gra in bars, fjr coinage, and receive I in return, after psying commission and postage, $ol8 The uiint weight before melting was '28 ci and 40-100, ni>d after writing :h S3 100, yielding tisu-IOOOiba -$520 95 In Cutu The annual statement of the State Dank of Indiana, Oiowing the condition of that institution on the 20th o November, 1847, Is as annexed:? Static Hank ok Indiana. lie$tn:Tce$. Note# discounted $1547 722 47 li lla of Exchange. I 464 075 8rt nspended debt 460.115 89 Hanking Hou.'es I7S070 81 3'herUesl Estate 195 10? 14 h'urnlture 5 -282 40 Do* from Eastern Dank*. P39 209 09 Due from ottvr Btnks 241985 A7 Due to IJr?nolies irnui other Branches. . . 81.271 90 Due on RrinUtaJiOi'S l)> posits, and other Itemi 217 693 50 Tre isnry Note* of tne Stat* of Indiana, (6 per orut). 286,075 00 Pr usury notes of the 8 ?t* of Indiana, (6 prr 50 596 00 Bonds of tlia State of Indiana, issued for f r lUrk capital 36 000 00 UodindMIVer 1 ,0H3 979 39 Notes of other Bank 299.2.-0 00 Total $7,039 324 54 I iahililin Capital Stock rf th" State 96M 0 .4 27 Capital Stock of individual* 1,114820 10 Sarpln" Inntl to cover lOMe 453 444 50 Du* other Bunks 34 6?5 88 Du- from Branch'* to o'her Branches. . . 69 147 00 Due to depositors 555,773 41 Due to School Fund of the Stale from ?ai.u.l tax on Individual Stock referred In Bank. ? ?? ?.? 2 076,60 Dm t? C0MiUalM?N 9i tkl Mftkiflg f i-?od SJ1IM1 Da# to cf t&a WftftMb urt l Krts ( Miti oo.oti: M Suxpended interest and other iteurn 67 898 00 DlfltaA ulltll -20 710 10 Profit and low line* Oot. SO, 1847 19,777 Circulation I tioti 453 00 Total f7,0S9,3J4 64 The leading department* oompare as follow* Nov. 18(3. Nov 1846. Nov. 1817. Loans and Diiconati S3,716.545 3.018,743 3,(i]|,i9t Circuhtiuu 3.427,351 3,336,533 3,606,458 Bpecie 1,079,368 1,(03 617 J.u83,<J79 Suipeudel Debt ? 577 617 461,116 Surplut Fand ? 413,563 451444 Meiiai ill Kaiteru Bank*... ? 370.33 1 839,208 The average dividends of thi tbirteeq branohea, in the year 1847, were 8 34-100 per cent. Thi* ia generally good evidence of the strength of the concern*; but the Improvement In the movement of the bank* within the paet two yetts, la the best evidence, ai it shows that the dividend* have been aotually earned before they were declared. The Una of dlsoouuts is about fifty per cent more than tbe capital, and the circulation about three a id a half times mors than the amount of specie en hand. The people of the State of Indiana require an institution like the one above referred to, and the attempts made in the Legislature of that State, overy session, to wind it up, are uncalled for and unnooessary.? The branches of this bank are distributed to every seotlon of the State* and give the people a sound and safe currency. The State Tretsurer finds it very convenient to borrow money of tbe bank to help the publio finances out of the embarrassments they have been and still are surrounded with, and the bank baa iuvariabty aided tha State whenever oalled upon to the ex tent of its ab Hity Since the partial resumption of tU-j payment of interest on a portion of the debt of the State, the bank has been obliged to make a loan to the State Treasury, to enable the government to meet its financial engagements The State bank system, when the branches are properly distributed, is tbe best for the smaller Western States, or for those States whloh are almost entirely agricultural, like Indiana. The report of tho Bank of the State of Missouri and branchee, showing their oondition on the 31st of Dooember, 1847, was as annexed : ? Bank of Missouri and Branimki, Retouren. Bills discounted at pareut bk and branches $ I736 076 38 Kxohangesmatured do do. . . 130,34S IS Kxchauges maturing do do... 611,104 33 Ileal estate at do do... 133.671 70 State of Missouri, (account ourrent) 100,396 64 Loan to State of Missouri, (to pay volunteers) . . 4,37ft 03 Bill* receivable, (sale ef real estate) 48.009 14 Suspended debt of parent bk and branches 104 318 83 h'.xpense acoount do do... IS 398 60 Protest account do do... 63 05 Due from banks to do do. , . 30,619 44 Bank notes on hand of other banks 38,380 00 Certificates State Bank of Illinois 34 307 30 Do Bank of Illinois 181,780 03 Warrants on State Treas Jrtr of Missouri.. 8,700 34 Gold and silver coin on hand 3 314,718 68 $0,424,642 35 Liabilities. Capital owned by State $954.JOS 22 Do. bjr individuals 260 All 00 Due depositor? 1,363,730 74 Unol-timed dividends 014 70 Interest an J exchange 196 869 00 Contingent fund 98 851 12 Suspension aocount 17,323 20 Circulation 3,404.160 00 Due to banks 138.073 23 (5,431,643 35 The leading features of the above, compare with previous reports as follows : ? Jim 184.1. Jin 1816. Jan. 1848 Lo-ui* ami depo*itt*... .$1,166 601 2Qi8.1s5 1,726 976 Sf?ce 1,591,595 1S5J611 2,3.4,718 Circulation 798 880 2,195.1140 2,404.160 Deposits 1,3 "1,198 1,296.428 l,3i3,737 There appears to have baen very great fluctuation* In the amount of loan* a&d discounts, within the past three years, and (he only way we can account for the large per cent Increase from 1845 to 1846,,is the fact that the returns in 1845 included but one bank and four branches, while those for 1846 included one bank and Ave branches; but the report for 1847 included the same numbsr of banks aud branohes as in 1846, notwithstanding which thsre had been a falling ofT ia loans of more than twelve hundred thousand dollars. Within the past thrrf years there have been gr<-at changes in the other leading departments of this bank and branches. The amount ofspeoieon hand in Deoember, 1847,was $861,104 greater than in January, 1846; while the increase ia the circulation has been only $203,320. The depositee have not varied much within the period included within the reports. A semi annual dividend of five per oent has just been deolared, leaving a. surplus of ono per oent, to 40 to thp contingent fund. Stock Kxcltanee. $5000 Treas Notes,6s. *30 99W 50 shallirlem RU *30 41% 5)0 U 8 61, '56 96% 100 do s30 42* 9100 do, 6s, %T, *19 99% : 0 do stw 42% 5010 do. 6?. '67, *15 99 '* 50 do 1)33 *i\ 5500 U 8 5s, '51 88 50 do 4J% ldf'O I'enu 5s 71% 150 do 42V 4*00 Indiana Bonds 36 100 do 42*, 18000 Mead Bonds 61 MO do bit J20 shs Far Tiast bJO 28% 950 do 42% 100 do b30 :8>% 100 dj b30 43 1C0 do b!5 28'* 50 d j 42% 4 0 do 27% 100 do stw i1't 100 do bJO 28'* 50 do b30 4 2% 300 do L61 28% 10 N York (Ic N Hsven 91 100 do b60 28V? 25 VicktburK KM 5X It 0 do >60 28', 50 Nor h Wor KK blO 40% 200 Morn* Canal 9% 225 Nor Hi Wor K 40 50 do *30 10 100 do b45 40% 200 do 10 50 do 39% : 00 do 1>60 10% 25 do 39>i 50 do blO 10 50 do b60 40% 100 Long Island >30 29% 2") Canton Co. *30 ift 10 33 450 do 29% 25 do 33M 50 do b'5 28 100 do 33 350 do 28% 100 do b?0 33* 50 do 27% 50 Keiding UK 49'? 200 do blO 27% 50 do *69 49 50 Long island RK *10 27% HO do >30 49 ICO do 27% 1(0 do b69 50 10) do b4'J 28 10 do 49 100 Harlem RK s39 43 50 do b30 49 100 do blO 43% 450 do 48 200 do slO 43 50 do bnw 48% 400 do 43 100 dr> 4?'4 300 do btw 4 3 50 Erie RK Scrip 90 dj-s 78 59 do blO 43 25 do b60 77% 100 do libO 43% Second Boardi 2000 U S6's. 1862 97% 2CO .In b90 10up 43% 50 ihi Hulem RK b30 43 100 Morris Caual >60 I0l4 150 do 42% 50 do 10;'H 100 do bnw 42*j, ST'autonCo b30 33>4 50 do 42% 250 Farmers' Loan 1>6<I ?8>4 100 do 42% 50]lteading KR t3 47% New Stock BichanR*. l'O slis Canton Co b3 33%' 200 shs Harlem RR 42% 50 do stw 33% 50 do bJ 4?% 50 do s3 31 50 Farmers'Tratt stiO 28 H 50 Long I Iand RR btw 28 50 do b30 28\ lilO do 27% 50 do |I0 28% 100 Nor fc Wtr RR tw 40K 50 Morris Canal i3 9% 50 Harlem RR 43% 50 do b3 10 50 do b3 43% 50 do blO 10 100 do C 43% CITY TRADE RKPORT. Nicw York, Monday Afternoon, Jan. 31. The steamer Acadia being about due at Boston, with lome two weeks' later intelligence, caused the market for breadstuff* to oontinue in a languid state. Sales of flour were limited, without ohaogn in prioes worthy of note, since Saturday. Wheat continued (juiet, without change in prioes. The market for corn was heavy, with a fair amount of sales; but on terms slightly in faTor cf buyers, compared with lait week's rates Sulfa of meal were made at rates current last week,and rye oontlnued inactive. In oats, the ohlef sales were confined to Southern, on terms staled below. There was no chanee in canal. Provisions ware dull and sales of pork oould not be effected at the current rates ot last w?ek. Lard was somewhat less Arm, with moderate sales. There was no material ohange to notica in the prices of butter and cheese. In grooeries, transactions were moderate, without any material change in quotations. As Hut?Moderate salee were reported of pots at $6, and of pearls at $7 75. BaitAiiSTt'rrs ? Flaur?'The sales footed up about 3000 bbls, including about 1000 this State and Western, at $6 a $6 08%; and about I.">00 do New Orleans, 1000 <>f whloh pold on private terms, and the remainder at $5 75 a $5 h7%; 1000 bbls (ieneseo sold, deliverable in March, at $6 06%; and 1000 do, deliverable in May, at $5 "7% fVheat- Genesee and Western continued quiet, and price* remained nominally the same. Sales of 300 sacks were reported at * I iih par bushel. Corn?me sales fooied up 14 or in 000 bushels, In separate parcels, among which wore 4800 bushels of good Southern white at tide; i000 do old mixed at84)^c; and 3000 North Carolina white, common, at SSj. The market closed rather heavy, and at a decline of about 1 to tic per bushel, compered with laa: week's priced. Meal?Sale* of ?k>0 bbls were reported, of New Jersey, at $8 1H\, delivered; and A00 do, to arrive In April, at S3 Rye wan Inactive at 8t) a l)0c. Oah?Sales of bushel* of Southern were made at 4Ac. while canal orntinued to sell at about fi8o. Beam? Hale* of 80 bbla were made at $ 1 l iX ail Jo. Cattlr Markft?At market, 1,000 b?efcattle, 80 cow* and oalves, and 1700 sheep and iamb*. Beef Cattla ?The offering* ltMt weak were le?* numerous than for dome time part, a circumstance that tenda greatly to strengthen prices, which ke?-p up to la*t week's mark The *aies have mostly been within $8 to $8, though we hear of several email lota disposed of at 37>fo a AOc htgber. At these pries, buy?r* do not eviuca much avidity to operate, but leave 300 in the mai ket unsold There were 300 Southern cattle for sale; the rest from Connecticut and thla State CArs ?ad Csdvea?Business haa been rather dull, the offerings comparatively inconsiderable, ai d price*, if anything, lower than the hUhest average of week, but tbe lowest figure I* re ported at $2 2 AO, or half a dollar higher. VVa quote sales from that m<trk up to $4d. all said. Sheep aud lamb*? I'rlceshar* Improved a fraction on those carrent a week ago, but thu buyer* have been rather more bark sard than ordinarily is the ense. Prices from $ J to f 3 a $7. 80 left over. Cottoh? The market was steady at our annex-d quotations, with sals* of t>00 bales, a portion of whioli was for export: ? L'tiwosl Cl*i(ivioatiow. New Or*tarti | Uplmdt. Florida. Hah. d Treat Inferior..,. none. none. ? Ordinary ?K * t7 tV a 7 7 a 71< VJ'ddtmg , 7Vt a 7* 7'* a 7* a 1% U 1)0 Middling.. .... 7jj s Bl, 7'f, s 7', a v]idJIiiik fsir 'M a ?'* 8'? * CJ? t > a US fair.... a n?oe. a 9 Pally Kair *v? a "V n>?t. !'? a 9H Uood Fair ! * * t\ noue. Ijjii I ''ire dob*. cose. pons Fish -Nothing doing Khvit-Raisins oontlnued steady, and we not* Miles HBW?WWL- I. , U-." 1 .. J.1 "J1 J of 4W b?IM of wttdrUd ?t >1 it; and 100 bUI at drt?4 ' I ippW, ftlr jUsl ty, ?n>d ?t 4i Ha*? We hate fceldofii ?erU id ubiifldsOt a "flpplf at the sctlei an Was od aale tc-day. Several load* of Tlmo- A thy aud clover were taSeii in tha morniog at fro a UM o r to ?>so per owt, and In tho afternoon, there were tram- *" actions at 60o 70j. Kor clean wheat and oat straw, from Woitoheator and New Jersey, 37>? a $i 50 la asked. an HicMr?The market continued firm and we note aaiea w of 300 balea of American dew rotted at $130 par ton. ?* lsad?Continued quiet. \ Mol4>iic9?The market continued iteady, with email T, sales at last week's quotations. fri Natal Storks?Hales of 100 bbls spirits of turpentine re were male on the wharf, at 39c, cash, and 100 c!o were ed reported aoid at 38c Oils - Linseed?Sales of 1100 callous English were J maie at tide; and SOO do American city presaed were made at tioo in caeka, and at beo in bb!a, caah. A amali "" aal>* of IS or 30 bbla New Jersey was inade at tfftc About ct] 300 bbla a?Iected whale were sold on private terma There waa no change in other kinda of flab oils lie Pkotiiioni - It waa aaid new meaa Pork waa offered at >3 $11, and old (Jo waa offered at $10. Prime continued notoinai at $0 76 for old. Sains of oO tierces of Winohrater i llama wertt made at 7>i cts. Lard?Hal -a of J00 kegj j / <vere made at 8 ots, end 90 barrels at 7>?*8.J? cts Beef? ik Prices remained about the aaiiiu, with modeiatn aalea to ' cii tho trade. Cheese (onalderablo aalea have of late been I H made, ranging from for Ohio to 6X?7 eta for fair to !i nopd quality, thia State. Butter continued ateady (it ri laat week'* quotations. 1 J kaus ?Sales of 100 bnlea r.f Masslna and Piln-mo ueri' II made on prl /ate terms. | Hick?The market was quiet, and no sales of womeut *1 reported I Si'oar - Sales of 200 hhds of New Orleana were made ; I at 4*4 cts. I tli Tali-ow - Sales of 15 000 lbs, common qutlity, wfre "* made at '}* '<?', ots " ? Tobacco?Sales of 50 hhds of Virginia au 1 Kentucky wj leaf were m*de at cts Salis rf 300 bxles of Cu- 0 ba were reported on private terms. t Whalkbune - The market was inaotive at 27 cts for ,n Northwest, to 28 cts tor South St-a. 1,1 Whiskkv -Sales of73 bbls St-.ite rricon, reoeivsd by "" the Houiatonio Railroad, were madeat 26 ots. I Freights ? Rates were Tory dull, and weonlyhesrd oi v about 1000 bbls me?l taken for Liverpool at Is 8d. Rates stood at about C>?d tor grain. To Glasgow, some en- at gajeinpnts were male on private terma To London, " rates remained nominally the sam*; while to Havre and \ the continent, they continued quite dull. ,,, Sim or Rkal Ku?Tii thi! U*y?House and lot 177 t|, liroadway, 25x100, $35,100; lease of house and lot 00 he Ch.unbsrs ntreet. $2 530;lot 11 Morton st, 23x111. $2 fcOO: a. house and lot 10 Burton *t, 2">x*0. ^5,000; Houie and A lot 79 Murray >t 25x100 $t>,750; Home and lot . 207 Lewis st, 17x09 9, $1,815; dodo 209 L>wis st, same /' size, >1 800; do do 122 Norfolk st. 25x1 ?)0, $4,025; dodo ,u 111 LucJIoor st, 20x87. $5,075; do do 113 LuJlow St. same I', size, $4,700; do do 558 Kourth st, 20x96. $3,075; do do 2tich st, between 3d and 4tl> avenues, 25x94, $4,250. ? ffiLAiUfclfiTS ELSKWHK11E. f. STOCK PAI.KS. w Philarvi phia. Jnn 31?Firtt B '*rd?&5.000 Snte 5'?, 7 >? ~ 1 520 d">. 7'%', I.OO'I Schnvl ??t 6'< 'lilt 14; 2,1100 U STrf unrv I Notes 6's,9t)J?;500 US LoiiC's, 67, 90. 514 26 100 ' o 5'?. '80, J 75: 50 Morris ('anil, 13; 1,200 State 6'g, 71>f. Second Bo rd A ?$1 0 0 U S Treasur/ Notes 6'i. 99)?; 1,800 Ches .vid l)rt t a- ^ unl 6'?, 75V; 2<>0 Schnvl Nav 6'?. '68 41; 5 Union ''a a', 30 f -If er Sa ea?*1 300 State 5'n, "IV; 335 Morrii < anal. t0j?; I c 0 ~ Reading Kit, 24}?; 6 do24,?; 50 Oiraid Bank, 10; 190 do 9%; 15 9 N American Unuk, 108. C.1 y FOREIGN MARKETS. Matanzas, Jan. 18 ? The Z'phyr cumo in on the 12tU I instant, and meeting our ranrket well supplied with rice. * we bad to sell her cargo at llrs, 30 days credit New { sugar has appeared, but we have no established price r , yet Molasses is 2>^rs here for immediate delivery, and ;), 2rs to bt delivered some days hence. Exchange has de- nr. nlinod on England to 13 per cent, and the Uni'ed States tic 2 er cent premium We have heard that three cargoes j1' of rl;ie remain In Harina unsold, from your port ; they are held at 12rs. and this price is very uncertain ' J Alnrrlcil. , At Nassau, N P. January 0, by the Rev. W. H Strom- ,/ bom, Charlks Bra>whitb, K?q , of New York, to Susan a< Anna, relict of the late Rev. Robert Davies At Btllzs, Honduras, January 1, by the Rev. Joseph 11 tlegg, Mr. Awobllo Chaffbll, of New York, to Miss 81 Sarah Waldhon wriciht, cr liellze. | sc Died. n On the 28ih ult, in tbo fith year cf her atte, Isabkl Dorothy. daughter of Hamy and Elizabeth Hong. and ~ grand-daughter of Wrn Whittinghaiu, recently de, c osaeed. ' (5 Weekly Report of Dentin pi In tlie City and Conutv of New York, from the 22d day of iu January. 1P48, to the 29th day of January. 1811 ci Men, 102; wnmeu, 78; bij s, 87; girls, 71. Total,341. ill DttKiSES. t< Abices;, 1; up ipl'xv, 4; nulima, 1; atrophia, 1; bleeding, 1; 7] burned or scald<d. 3; bronckiiis, 3; caocer of stomach, 1: can- m cer, 2; carbnnrle, 1; cisualrie*, 2; cholera morbus, 1; colic, 1; <,l consumption, 60; convulsions. 13; croup 9; congestion of luces. ? 5: det.iI?tv-, it; deliriam tnaiai, 5; diarrhoea, 1; irapiy, It * drrpiy in the hratl, 19; dtseutety, 3; erysipelas. 6; rxposuie, I; It fever 5; fever bilions, 1; fever puerperal. 3; fever remittent, 1; al fever sea-lee, I; fever typhoid, 6 ; fever typhui, 21; fever con- ci irestive, 1; heart, disease of, 7; inflammation of brain. II; in- re llimmati >u of bowel*. 10; iufl inmitiou of chest, i; inriiinma- 1 lion, of heart, 2; intlainm lion of lungs, 22; inllimmatiou of 11 -tonacli. 4; inllaminati .11 of tht'>ar, 2; mil unmuioii of liver. M 2; Ins 1nity, 2; intemperance. 2; j lund'Ce, 1; Ines venerea, 1; B malformation. 1;; in ortificatinn, 1; old, 5; pilsy, 3; prtmafure birth, 4; p'ostrate ((laud, 1; ncofila, 3; I small pox, 6; spinal dise ise, I; suicide, 3. teething 2; tumor, 1; -1 ulcers, I; ultrratio 1 of intesti-es, 1; unknown. 3 nl Age?Under one year, 63; 1 to 2 yeurs, 34; 2 to 5, 39; 5 to 10, ti 9; Id to 20, 16; 20 to 30, 45; 3 > to 4U. 49; 40 to 50, 37; 50 to 60, 16; >' 60 lo 70. 9; 70 to 80. 8; 80 to 90,7; unknown 5?Total, III. 'I ???rmmmm???i \ COMMISSIONER ' O ADMINISTER OATHS, AND "J to t<ke Affidavi.a, Depositions, and the acknowledgement \ and proof of d;eds and other instruments, 'o be nsed or -ecord- N ed iu the States of Ohio, i'ecusvlvania, Virginia, Indiana, Deliware, Tennessee, Illinois, Kh.ide Island, North Carolina, f Michigan, Vermont, Sooth Carolina, Missouri and Horidis I T. UAiiKV CALLlCOf. 51 Wall street. ^ NOTICE -I HE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE rxistmg between the subsciiberj, JOHN CORRAO and OUIDO .vIANCI.n I, under ths name of C <r ao k Maucini, j(' lias been ths day disso'vrd by mutual consent. All debts due to the fiim will be received by Ouidu Mancini. And all v. deinamls against the firm wilt b: presented to him at No. 155 I , i. and 157 Droadway. j)r DISSOLUTION-THE COP^RTNKRSHIP EXIST- "" ing under the mme of H. k J. Marks, was dissolved on the first day of January, 18i8. hy m.inil consent. All recounts , of the firm will be adjusted by J. Marks, who continues . the business under his owu name. JAMES MAHK4, 28 f Du ine street. ^ BROKEN BANKS -ATLAS, JAMES, CAYUGA Lake, Northern Exchmne. kc taken for cheap Dry Go di \\ hi.iiiht at auction consisting of Br. che and Plaid Shawls. Meriuoe, Silk PlilJi. Alp'oas, wool en Shirts and Drawei, Black ? Iralian Cravat", Supeifue Black Cloth, OentlemenN White Kid Gloves, Suspend*rs, Satinets, Red and White Flannels, ' Ticks, Damaskt, Ginghams, Delaines. Linens Hosiery, Calicoes. Domestics, kr. GEORGE STEWART k CO., 143 J" Walher street.corner < f Mulberry. _ | ( niniv.N lixi itua iiniM nurk nn is. D Bi.i* on the Atlai, James, northern Ext lunge mid ' oilier Brokm Bank Hi I I* taken in exchamre for Shut Bo ^1 toinx. St 'cki, Coll'rt. (ilovet, Hotiery, Under Shirt*. Draw era. Pocket hindkerchieft and t carfi. at Scott'. ch?apFuru- i ithing itore, 91 Nanau .trect, oproute the Herald office. j Jl PAPEU-PAPER-CHEAP CAP AND LETTER PAper. Alio, line and tupeifine blur and white, ruled and Ju filaiu cap an I leltei Papers. Alio, rag and ttfkw wrapping, ' Mi ari'ware, druggists, and match box Papers, for sale by jAS. | NOWAL ICO ,)oli;i stieet. | TO PRINTERS.?KOI SALE, ONE ADAM4 IM- j A! proved Printing Machine?pi,ten 43x28 iiichen? hns been [,,, in u>e but * short tune. Apply to 11. HOE Ik CO , 39 nud 31 ,UI Oo'd street 2tit JUST IMPORTED AND FOR SALE. ONE PAIR OF kjl beautiful matched Shetland Ponies Apply ut the Sta- th/ ble, corner of ) :| flf Fr?nkfirt itreeta jje F ?U BALK?A HANDSOME, LAROE, FULL-BREED Fewfnund!an<1 D nr. Having no use for him, isf'ieo*ii. 1* er's only reisou for telling him He can be aeen at 93 Broad , itreet. CL1 NEW DUTCH HERRINGS?A VKRV FINK LOT- f New full Hutch herr:iiK> per Amphio'i from Rotterdam, .. now landing.and for sale at A. J. O. HODENPYL.13 Maiden- . lane, up itairt. j E NOR A VINOS?SPECIMENS OF THE NEWLY- K dl covered art of coloring fine I* ngmvingt, by Win H. "141 Bntler, can be seen at hit roomi, No.251 Broadwav (Plumb--* 'Jl Building), among which are the following lubjects:?" Wiuhii-Ktcn, Spirit ol "76"?" t-ir Walter Raleigh taking leave cf hn Wife"?" The Capture cf Andre"?" Mer Mr jetty the v1 Queen"?" His Royal linnets 1'iince Albert"?" sir Walter ",l Hcott in hit Study"?' Bolton Abby iu t!ie olde i lime"? . "Crott Purposes' ?Firtt Appeal, and 1. ast Appeal" (a pair)? H and a variety of other tubjecti not mentioned as nbovp ? pe CHEAP FRENCH EMBROIDERED GOODS?COL- ?" lart, Sleeve*, Canezoat, 8tc R taileri tuitrd on I lie vr b?s; t^rms, at mi*. Roullier't, French Dren and Coriet Maker, i*. 10 I'a-k PUre Rheumatism, pains and utiffness of the ? ' Jo-liti, Scr.fulrt, disease* of the hkiu, &c.. Sic ?it ini;'j C,.,MP lit-. ,,f lk-i Inn, l,l? ,, I" l,.,r.,??.. N,r.,n?r,ll9 n,.,l I Yfltow Dock. This mniirinal remedy is published fur the v sole bene t of those suffrrii-R from rheumatism, pains ami * s floras of the joints, swelling o' the muscular snlntuires " ueartheiu, eropnons <>1 the skiu, h*. It u the hest i>i>sai*>to combination of r-me Iks for the ah >ve named diseases. Itis pi'pared from f e purest nriiclrs. and is warranted to sire sat- . itfiction. It tliios. ptiitN t: ' qaiekeas the liniilMiMI I r rll.1T* irritation, and leaves every p-ut of the animal economy I-1 in .1 prrfect state of health It is recommended in full rou- 7^ fidenee. and ueedi bot a trial t > convince Hie most incicdulniis j of ita snro'isuiR propeities. Piepired and sold by CHAKLEt ,.l: II HINQ, Druggist, 192 Broadway. corner of John rirert. N. It.?be ture to obierve the wntten signature of C. 11. 1v RlJ?o over the cork ol'each bott'e. T'HK WONDKI OF TiiElAOE ?Dr. K KLM Niinli'8 ' _? Linime jt is warranted to eradicate p.nns < f all andrvrrv . ne'me.and heal all ma rer of sores on manor horse. It is jy on'v abont 3 ceu'a en oune?, at SO ernts a bottle, or |4 r cr ( dozeu. Priu'iptl (jflioe Slfl re?rl stieei, at the various Marlein hail road offices, at the Kushto.s', and ihe drnguists' ef" L . nerally, also at the stores, saddlers'. nd taverns throughout ih?> ' country. K?r lurth r |<arti< ulars, see " Spirit ol th* Times." N. B.?The piopnetois will forfeit JlOdi if they 'nil to show j.d greater < ures of jointer siaudnw, a'ld ol more milignity, than j " any other known remedy. All pe's ns commit f'om a dis- "y Ian. e to jiurclnse ihal hsve all ripenses l aid if we tail to sr.- , tisfy their fullest espectations-that we stand alone in point of | J* ?eal merit. It is he rnly ar icle tint coraminds the attention of the elite of the whole c nn'rr ___ 1 I Dll JACKSON'S ril.E AN I) if.lTh i E..!UiU:. tio:? h*? k lined a rf putation uevri btl.t.-e etj in 1 bv y meoicine?it i< warranted to core. ct-arpaa >f iomic ml r ll ? ' en re Deafness, fain, the Uisrharte of Ma'tst fiom the Eva Inc. J". These msdicines l.ave u ed mor? 1' rs tH-ts all ottieis comb'ned. Foranie bv A . H Si D. Binds, 10# William it. N. V ; Dr. 1) do. I'hila rlphia; <;.iiter, Wilsoc k (;?>. Boston; F. W Pnller, Washington city. Al?v Jayne, riit?lmru; H. k I J. Ad ms. Si. Loiii. nnd N. I "via & < o. N. Orltkns. 1 ? to I 1 O 1 FUL I ON STKKET -WVATT HKETCHUM'S the * & 1 wholesale and retail Medicine anil Perfumery Ware v, i h u e.?This is the oniy establishment in the ? ty where 'he he. I'U ili" inay rely on aet'icv illv aiticle tUnt tliev inay rail fur, \o a. d w h'ch are warranted gei nine a d di eet from the propria- y, tors. To s iTe tri uble in lnokirR i Iter diffr ent medicines "?N iti'l perfumery, you have milv to call at HI, where yon will fi' d one < f tii* la'Ke<tand t-he.'pest as?ortmeu n this sute of Ell-ope. (ieoeral Wholesale Ag'.nta, for l>r Upham's Pile Mectoarv ard ir Wo d's Susat arilla and Wild t herry Bit- tha 'ers, l)r Van /mdt's Pit is Jo ies'? American <;iio|ng.;UKr, Dr. Wiling', Affne ind Kever Pills. Bull's Sarsip ril vV l?, Hwsyn-'s "<viip Wild ('herry, Ayres's ( herry Pectoral, Dr. M'a lworth's Wo'ru Kil'er ami Wild Cherry lllo s ni |ir<] Uent'ific, ainost > eintiiui artic'e and lecorrninidmi hy pro- I |f, lessor ttillima ; Dyer's Family Med.cinea, and C,.m'a Lustra! \> fort e hair Oleniia Perlu 1 <ry. tojither w tli au unb'>uuded ,n i i ninhrr oi Mediciaeaaud rer/'iimery, Pills, Plasters, kf kc. ?.,t Kukbrir.i'i Tnttersill Heave Powders, and other koraeo^cdi xi cin*e, for sal* aa above - ()d nmmsMTJ m %mr v v -. L PjTHON* J. BLKtt (ir 't. \U ,'iiO.MEKU ?HKAl# J 1. Mtat- M iJiin-i -.|mr- . ,i"ve -. e i I" t.?r; v- it rrr; I luib'e L' !? n the mint impriivii g ; ?rt of iht cit iu the nn- 1 dia e ficiniy ot JU 'ii r <iu.n-~0.i i'.irdiv, K?bruj y I" I, .it12 u* lu'k. Will l> kI4 by it.i-uv J. Mer<k<t, Hlie II nclu.iU iiuml) r of veiy ,.e>i ?b> l .t?. 'ell I' lulled en MVnoj /.ft- ue, 29 h. 3ik:i, m l 3l<t it tni, il L eit ?id* of Ki uith i vch i> , i follows ; 13 In n Mmlmu I1 enue; 7 do 29lli i'r e!; i; <o 3U'.h at ret; 9 do V?t ttreet tl i rinx libera! and made U mwn at the * r W P H .Ietl <( t> fall at. Terra*?Huty ;it r ceat ul tl.e iiurchaie weey < u I mini on bond and mort?H2 for three yearn, it6 |> -r r*;.t p jin tike lit of Jul. Inst) US 17 ) 'I he aale will be without u jer-. e l>ilhnfr<l>'ir Man* i f the above lota c. u be obt <i . ? I of (he auctioneer, No 7 B otd Crest. <> LNTHONYJ 1LECI KKU. tUCTlONEKft?DK*I- I J L table r'aidenoe on ilie >utli e tt r Tiier o| M.idiaoi. \ve ir and 28<li uriet ?Anthony J. Illeeckei will tell ?.r iiuetu n, ! i VVedneid ty, Keb 3d, at 12 o'clock Htilie Merr.hv t?! ' t i.mtie, the three atory attic md baacmeiu hme ou the L'. ruer of Mtt'iiaou avenue and V8th >t eet, u I the lot in tee, j line H feel ?>^ inchei, bjr i8 feet dt ei>, iurluiliVK tra room . t y leet deep, built hi the b<s; ma.icer, ?nd fiuiahed in the mo- 'v nn atyle. with all the late igproveowBte t l I < TION ANP ! OMMI^IOV TOtiK. 112 UIIO.A.' ' ?. wny?Ths at>b?cril>er wiU make cash edv.ii.i-ea i-n {.abi mud xs keueraily, consigned for public nd piivate *alei. ( e will alio attend 10 nut-door safes ot furui uir, stocks of mei, Ike. J. W BBOWN, 'nct'omer. HI Broadway. |>HE NEW VOUK CENTRAL HOUliH AND MI? ADY } L Club will asirmnle, pursuant to adjournment, at 1V1 iliiai v 1 all, Uowery. this Tuesday evenirg, tl 7X o'clock, llyo: r. J K BUTIEKWOURH, Clnir;iiau. UIuaMKULER. Heeret-rv. J T A.O. D?UNlThD BROTHERS. LODOENO. J- ' J T'ic in rubers oi Mm Lo'ne >tre itquested 10 rne*t at ' rir Lodge Uor in, :>t one o'clock this day, (Tuesday ) to ?t- i nil the funeral of our Icte worthy, John iJlison. K > :t V ^lO.'iilKI!, a . I< !i i Lucj?. SecV V | ft hK?'AM)-LOH!' n\ 'i'HK ?(; I ll I'.S . IN J.AF i am many Halt, or between there ?i>d the corner if' haihaui and Utiaiie sued*,a gold cue silver Lever Watrli, ' ' aker'j name Aicir C?.ve:i, No. 28 iS A; V p-,?oii ft 11rk it I * all receive tlie above lewitd by le. viag it at thu office, : 1 d no questions iuk?d. jj 17 AN TED?A RESPECTABLK VOUNO WO* AN I v wishes to 0'itnin a ntu >tiou m Laundress in a private fi- I. ilr. 'I lie beat <>I city tllntMNMlH|iTtl?I an tie .-em ltG Macdougnl sin e: TkTANTED IMMEDIATELY?SEVERAL YOUNG j 'v and enterprisiog ineu, to solicit subscribers end ollcut , >.ney for one of tt e must pn; nlar periodic Ji published m \ e country. Men who cm C( ire well recommended for | i.itsiy, intelligence, Mid enterprise, cm make liom t'j to 88 , Jay, ihe yearrouud. iSr ine lie nukiug at these rates now ? I ^ pply to ISK POST, Mu Na titu stre?t. ) L RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN W18HK.8 10 A obtain a situation in a priva e furily, as sr jiitrem an.I irse; harnever lived out, lately arrivtd from England? . e se < .11 at 101 Greenwich ?trert, lu the i > I L MAN COOK.?W A NTH! D, A HITUAHON, AS ; ? Cook, by a man who h;? perfe.-t knowledge of his; rofeiii'd,: nd possesses high testimoni Vs Irom the firat families i.i ' A line uildiesr.e I " Man Cook," Heiad i.tfice, w ll ? promptly attended to. Ilr I ?? no family excepting his vt ife, l>o is po excel,ent housemaid. j MHB ADVERTISER WANTS TO HIKE \ SMALL ' L ue .t collate, w.thin ten < inutes walk uf Fulton fer.y ddre-s It. bi x 133?, New York Pn?t Office r JEW YORK SECURITY BANK-BUNT*V Li.E. ^ Saratoga t cunt)?ii redeemed by Washburn U Co., ,krrs, at Albmy, ut a half of one per cent disc.lint, i'lie reflation of thu Bank is $61) (ICO, secured bv S15 00 > in New ork State Stocks, and a inoitgage if Si, 000 en Netv Yi rk itv property, worlh over tJO OfO. ^ i.0WE".s-tli:'-. SI', si!in!ikit woi.'l:/ k/ ;i\u liis fri ridi and (lie public, that he is now prep.netl to ?u| y orders for all the mm bean'ifir an1 choice varieties of e Fl wen of ihe xe non, which he will arniiice ei' in my bwkets, v .sea, b uqueM, wre.ithi, or in any other style a may be doi nl.ata in derate price, jroridrd sufTiciei t t ce be given He alio ofTe j a choice from his la'ue cullee- 1 in f young ir.d heVthy pi tuts. which embraces a'l the most i si ablenpecies and varieties cnltiva ed in warm ioi.m?, p.n s,end greenhnnses. ALFiiED 15111DuEM *N,878 broad- ] ay near Kih at FRENCH L..\NUUAa?:.-rROKEhBOR F. RICHARD lit mill ti* pnliliC tilit lie -?111 iiejiia in M. il l iv. H e Ii ;?cijiu iry a new route of tin Fteiich LanijtH'- a' 7 c oc'x I'. I., und o In emtluiie-l eveiy Mi.ndiy. Wrlne:iy, taJ f r i il a V t at i t aoule uy, 181 raJway In o er o ?< > every one the nac1 t ui-.i 1 me leiioi.s, .Vl i< i, h i'd I* red.1 te i (be price i it t n r t ol St a mon p i vahle in iviiics T e c?ar.* ^i I bs 1'ter a pra 'tieil iyu*!ii. or, ther, t piaortM ft tiie {rjtieeh limtll. b-'OMM every hol.w til leiru without a book ail, i' -1 lew mm.tin. corctly understand the laii/inge he uudeisigied iusists that ch scholar may c all on tiie actdemy to uke his ticket, be nue no scholars w II be received niter the 7lh of February. K. HI' li \ ItD. Lilii I'tO' 1.1 the Aeade HIV. JPANI*H LANGUAGE OLK.N DOUFF S OUAL < ? Sistem?Senor K. J. Vifigiit, professor of the nhov? Inula ge. and the auihor of a new apuiish ti' inmir ou OiendniU's J n, will commence two new cl ui i. The nne fir K-rtlemea ,d l idies will beopenrd Wednesdly, 2 J ul Kehruar7, t i meet rery Wednesday mid Salutdny from 4 to !> o'clock I'. .VI.; and le other, for gen'.ieme i alum,will commence on Kiiday, _<ih, i meet every Aloiiday, Wednesday anJ Kntlay evMiug.fioni ito8)i, at No. 9 Dey st'eel The scholais vnll icieiie ram iiKtruction for two weeks so a; to jui'ge for then srlves I'the system mid the progr?ts that they may expect, and after Inch nme tho;e who m iy bepleued to contime, wil form le cl^ss r.t the r ,te of$(i lor eicli eoura* of 21 lessor.*. T < se lilies w'io Yooultl iieler to join in tie exc'naiie class of ladies :eaily commenced, m y do so at any tune under the sauir Kditiou, but they the a to take d ily lessons until nch ni the lesson oi the c fss Application to be mule a! " sm.r V '* rfsi^euce, No. 9 Dey street, from 12 to o'tlook by a note. References?I). Apple tun It Co? 200 ilro'dway; i lark 11. Newman St Co.. 199 do; Le^vitt, Trow Ik Co.corne ioadw .yi.nil iJey sl eet E1PSK IN HAXO.NY ?THE 'i S1).. h.s|<i.Nr.D, i. -J Merchant cud Ageu*. reapectluliy offers lua aervicts io n I persons having any Lusine^.'s ' other nlf^irs iequirii r ntien i on in Central Germany. JOHN J5.KNES1' WEIUEL. ? Ifioe fjr the trausiction of general commission bu<iues', ' nef agency for Central G-'inany of the niei'eral T ai.s- i .tlantic PrtcketShip Company between Havre and New Yoik, feiicy for F. J Wickelliaoseii auo Company, mercha ti. Sic t lireineu; office fur emig'atiou aLd other busine a 4n:.4tc, >. 33 Gninmi street, Lei{>sic, iu Saxony. JijH.v i kfESV WKIQEL h CO. _ J. JKNILKAL EUitOFEAN AND EMIGRANT r,\S " ia)fc unite?iiew /arr<iugeijienrs mr mn? i ne auumri- \ ra l>eg leave to inform their friends and the tmijiic thit their ' r.vige mrnis are complete I'or bringing oot I'uis'icni I'rm ' y part of the Old Country, on .lie moat mode ate trims. in I" ?t Packet Shun, sailing from Liverrool every ii?e "J yn. Aud for the accommodation of persous wishing to re- f t mouey to tlieir f milies or friends, ihey call be lur.iislied 'I tli drafts at sight, from ?t to any amount upwards?collect- r' le ilirjugh all the llaaks of Ireland Piviaengers cm b " ought trom Liverpool to Unatou, Philadelphia, Baltimore d New Orleans, by first class Ships anting weklv.and the ' eatttt care will be taken that uu de'entiou vill occur in Li- 'J 'P>>l. Apply, if by letter, po?t paid, to Nl. P. O'HEHN & " I)., No I6fl Sooth street. corner of Dover "kCEAN STEAM NAtlOVTlON COMPANY-U. 8 ?< " Mail Line to South imptou aud Bremen?Krotu ilie begin- i i.? ol the year 1818 the SteaineM ot tlua Company will n ul gul <r|y once a month, as follows:-Krom Ne* V ork?The * i8HiNUTl)> ,' rtjitain J lohn.on, on tli? ?0 h Feb., 18IS. ? he HKKH.vl ANN, Capt. < rabfee, on the 80;h March, IS43 ' in firemeu?The WASHINGTON. on the ISfh Much. " 18 The HKRllMANN, on the Uth April, mi8 From ' ir.homptou-Ti e WASHInGION, in ihe 20th * ' arch, l1 ; The HEKRM ANj"N, on the 20th April, I84H. Pun;? 4 >in New York to Ho itlmnpc u or Bremei, S12<> I'asa ge jto Bremen or Houtham. ton 'o Nrw Vork, $150. f or ' light or passage, apply at the office of the Haain {Navigation impauy, 4J William at. New York, or to J .11. OHO"tBY, " leutat Southampton. WILLIAM I8ELIN. Agrntat Hi- ' ' t. O. O. HEI^EKEN fc ' O . Agents at Bremen . M1TI8H AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL L * Mail Steam (Ships between Boston and Liverpool. i.nd be- ?' .-en New V ork aud Liverpool, calling at Halrf x io land and '' :ri?e mai'sand Passengers? AMERICA, Captain C. II. K. ' dkia?; EUROPE, Capt. E. O.; HIBERNI A.? apt. N. '. mnou; tfMlTAN NI A, Capt. W. J. C. Lang; NI.\GAK A, " ii't. A. Kyrie; CAN ADA. (apt W. DiukIss: CALKDO 1 I A. iCapt J. Leitch; CAMBRIA, Capt. W. Ilarr iou; r ,'ADI A, Capt These vessels catry a clear white ht at maat; gr?en on starboard bow. aud r/d mi port ,1 w. Acadia, C?pt. 8t<ioe, f oni Bost in, Saturday, 12th feb . sry. Ilibrrnia, Capt. fhauuon. from New Yt rk, Satur.lay, J; h February. A Steamship from Boaton, Saturday, llth uch. a ,-t nm Ship from New \ ork, Suuriliy, Ml ' nth. Passage monev $120 8hii<? sail from l.iveipo I on ' ; a inie daya l >r the aa i.e pjria. fmilliri will r>e rha-ged V gh: ou prraonal luggage when it exceeds half a ton men- ' re.uent and on specie (except lor personal eipeiuea ) An *" perieoccd Hurgeou on board All Letters aud Newspapers 1 lat pasa through the Post Office Kor freight or pasn-gcaiT t.? K < UN Mtn..Ir. 38 Broailwav 'Oil NEW Oill.EANH-LOI'ISl VN \ AND NEW [ Yirk l.iue <>f Packet*?Hegular Packet of Thursday, bruary 10th?Vrry reduced iates of Ireistit?The t.ew 1 >i>!ei.did packet bilk THETIS, Captain i is uov. iding, and will positively sail us above, her regular diy. rf'eightor pasaage. having splendidly furnished accommo- v liona, apply on hoard, at Orleans wliaif foot < f Wall atreet , tofcUWARD K.COLLINS, ifi S?<uth street. Agent iu sw Orleans, Wnlmm Creevy, who wll promptly forwnrd ' goods to las address?1 he, packet bstk OEM ESEE, < apt. Iliniha-n, will sccceed the THETIS, and sail her regulir ,. r *OR UVEllTOOL.?NEW Ll>E-KEOl'LAK PA K | et, of 26th Kebrnary. The new aud splendid laat aailtug , cket ship UARHIr K, Mi.srs Hunt, master, is now loading, ? J will positively in i i aa above, her regular day Per inrKht i having splendid accommodations, At-ply nu boat Orleans wharf, foot of W ill street, or to E. K < OLi IVS, a 56 South street. The packet ship Roacins, Capt. Win < . I'. vlo He, will succeed iho Uurrick, sud snl as above, her 1 mlarday t?; 'UK Wl.ATIIKIt \l> O.Ms; A I, I. I't.HMINS > . 11 be careful i f their health. ?ln. Cairo,l'? Medien'eil ipor Baths, 1SI Ku'tou street cue auuil'n cold-, thrum A nn, chill? udRNt erysipelas. fee., in I ftwaty*, and by ? _; nely u e pr? vent theiroccurrei ce -Sulphur lleths requi.e e honr's notice. Portable Vapor Biths aent to aaypirtof t ? ei?r ^ ?RiVATK DISEASES IN ' LI. ST UK*. AND ' N- ? der any circumstances, cured in Irotn tlireo to five itr.a |,y .n Lamoti's French Hemrdy. It it lha only medicini- r.f ihe ' id til it can be takci with safety, ai d a ht>pe of lit leaving ' >_ s person ma healthy condition It is e. tirely ve?e;?t!r, F i not oni leasart to the taste. bold only fct lil Kult< u tt f> ;w Voik. I'rire $J. lette.a pott paid, will lie reinptly ended to,and tlio medicine arded, and secure a|{iiual / Sakiige. I. Iildical omCL-D i. Johnson, 17 duanf. atreet, near < Imth m street, ? > well kn wn a, Ihe m t , 'ceaaful practi ioccr in New York in the !r> atincnt .1 vc r1 diseases. The Doctor's ieiuiatioit lorskill in 'lira- old \ f-cated c<srs, that have ?iated f r years, it eet, atrirt ir, nicera upon the b dy.or in the ihro t or lose ^ ins in tlio ht.d and bonca of the 1 ?S, effet: ually cured, nsti'u'io. .1 .aeakness, hr.'Ujht on bv asecre* habit indulged hy v. nr.v . , n, causing Isscivi >us dre.ima a d nightly emi? im.p ii vi-lv prevented. Ueceot c?ses cured i>. four d <yj, S thcut i.'CK'ury. No alteration In diet, or preveuiion 1 |M?a J VTEMPERATE H ABIT ' AKK RAfllLV, fPEEDILY ' i> d rffeatually cared by the uieof Dr A B Coii?'? r/m?ilv. few days'nseof the uiedi'ineprndoces an alteration n the 1 i lition i f the atom ich, ao (hat l,i|iinr brromei ru ' aiitht, amell or taate. The lemedy is pleasant and enay to k' ,e, a ir doea it interfere with diet or oecapit oa i ru e II rr 'ale by ihe Doctor, at Wyatt Si Kt'chum's, 11 Full no at. n runai inc*or an ordek of tiie burro- ' gate ollha ,iur>ty of New York, Notice is herebv giicn ill rersom having claims agnirst John M. Wii ant, lute of | , city of >ew York, de-eaied. to p.eaent the same vrith t'-r ichera thereof, to the auhacrihera, at the residence of Al t W. Smith, No. 110 Vatick atree , in the city ol New t rk, on or before the Thirteenth Day of May nesf Pa "I ' w York, the teiHli day ol N'ovember. 1847 ALBEUTW, I Mil. BENJAMIN T KAIHI IULD, ICteeat ra | 1J (i It POM v i ION NO i .1 Ill- BALE Of I ROr< R1 1 ' lor Uai'uid Aa^eaaments.?Pniilie .Notice ia h"fbv ?i?en '' t a ?ale of property for unpaid a?aeasin<-nu will ' tke rl >ee at ' >lic auction, at the City Hall of the City of New ? ork. on >' edaead iv. the first day of Vlareli near it rwrlv? o i look at ' in and be enut>naed from d?T to day twil the whole ?f said ' ? 1 iperty all'II be aold ,.\nd lliat the del il^datatemerr < ! the pro 1 ly so to be aold for unpaid aaseasmeiita is published m the 11 w York Daily Tnhnne, a oewspaj<er iirinted and published , he city of New York. By order ol the Mayor. Aldermen i I l/ominoualtv of the city of New York MARTIN B > I0M''H()N, "treet Omoiissionet. Street ('oinniisiioner's ice. .November If, 1147. all UtlawMw'n I * tiirxTiKEW* \n utm' >r?v ) p. >%K T.-K.i " Mt-"> .1 r v ?. 'p. I ic?,i' ii I >rcn??Lat W rtk but iut?>t.!' Jul ?l of Perform* rrf? < ?-lij ijiij *<.vcp',? !rg.\fcenieti' of Sig. Henna" . the rr >b ted ICiiui ? . u Jug In. Kirul wfk 'I I tie I ON V li A< t h > | < rl , n ?.i .,?r uu< re >1 ?u" 'went) i: i<fh* ?t A allay'a K? j n i,, i r Ii- r?. <,ndou Firat wrri ul Vona ' :i?, .? [1 e i O . . l.K I.Yil" very ittmeti u in < Lf nr. ud lull. < li.wja. Pew . i I * imp and 'Jiirduer i/im < ircle and 1'.-iijh , in,It; ,,ici, Jt> Willi: Oallery, UH cent*; Piivatt Unlet, l. irh hildren under 10 year* of ?*' when ncci.uip iinrd i<t their neuti or guardian*, to ihe drei* circle, half price li<,oi? "en *t 6K?performance to cuimnei < e il 7. . li ?A riernn-/' performance every H-iturday, cumrneuc i.g t Ji, 'ciork. JOWKHY TH'ATBK.?TUILKDAY tVtNINO I KB. ' if.will lie ctei! ihe 8IE'ie. OK MONTfc. ltK\?*ieu I V, I r, 'r.v vlur, hill: Ueueritl Wn ill, Y r. IJ n?:t nt ii \ 11 r V r I.Uike: Oemr.'i Aiupii'Ji i Mr. ?iltnu; t eunr flu, \i i I'Ini in; Buil.i, i\ir? Joidan. Pr'non? to wi ith, ll.VN UK A'l H ' 'I W HI I'KHKAl)?Uimdlothe' Whit-e*d. Mr. Buike; tub Lincoln, Mr Hall; fcilwwd Dnyioi. in Winti; l.oiim Ui?yi, ii, Mil. Phil pi. To cukclud* i itli A WIKK'.i Hi si l,K SON?C'oluLel Kite i>*e .Mr ' II; l.i id linen, \h Ii,ii,i,; J;nre>, Mr Pellaipy. ili*)belh KreM vr ;ri l'liit |,f; Vn l.i.vii, Mr* btickne, ' ,t> njfi cen**: Pit and U I iry cenu HilV:ilA.'1 TilKATII -III;- V ;NINO hi Bid nry ?i, wi I ?e (.re.ei, p? tl e 1 ANOr'.U, m V ? n hn. iv in ttep??uuce?The Stranger, Mr. W ?rr?n; Baron Miew rt, Mr Crsndon; Mr, Halle r, \ ri Wilku.auu; < onutea* lliai Hlldteih. After which, a Dance,'ov M Si<,p. Iiu'tiftirody. by a Youth, hia lirit >i pearacce lief,,i, tie New irk uhlic. To coii<-liiile with the i.ilmned i!r m,i ,i L*D ")|N ; or. the Wcuderful Limp? <vin4il u ' >-i llilil ch,? vnric, the Dumb Blare, M. il li i; .. . u-,/.ir i .Mmci n Hr llraudi n: Prince** Bailronib don--, \'i?.i < Wili n; the iViiiow t.luuK V list pha Mra V* y |> nraopenat 6?prr iirmance coTineuce at. 7 U *'*, :!i i enta; I' t UH cm' U ITCH ELL'S OlaYMFl TBK \ I ?I i.x 1 ki ' if tVlia* Jluheiti ? : nrnday Kveiiinu, February |, '1148, t nirinriic/ With tl ' INV13IBLK T'lll < fc?l) u I.r i ilrr ilia* M ry T ylor: The lufniit' b rit>>-i d, N'r.( oncve . / I erwhici the RKVOI.T < K THK POO > IIOlifiH.-Mo t I u'ib, Mr. jVIir< heII; Aiammt. Mis* Mary Ta}l<i'. Atte; rl ioii, 'he V IRG1 ?N| A ;\iI/MM ?*?uger Blue, r. i in, rtU; a*ait, Mis* Robnfii; P?imy. M?? ?i. laher ood T<? one id" with ISKVV FOOTM A_N? Hobby B.enkwiudow, lr IltilIhixI; 1 apsicum, Mr. 1 unuin&hitn; roll* Picnic, \iis* Lobert*. Door* oi?*n ,t curiam rises I 7 o'clock )rei*ere*e flfi r- * i'ri i. 25: Pit. I nHiHicu RBOADW*y THKATHK?TlfKHDAV KVKMXJ, I ) F< !>. rl I e i ii'nf Shuksi ?ar4 '# lijCli A tt I.) THh. [ III t< I), or the H if > ??( r. twnrtli Field ? ftichsrd 1II, Mi tines ' Ibck r ; Karl of Richmond .Mr Leatei: King He: y ilie? Sixth, * < F.edeii?k<; l^iieeu f.liziheth. Mr* Jawie* *Vf ailac* j . T< < onrlu?!e with the laug' nble Fine of the CI.34 IN THfi iMlliWIr. 8-1 mi Pntiboue , Mr. \V ha|*vii.tii; Fa k Kath - in, Y\r McDuuall: \tj. Petiibone* l'j.Sr gcaut; A try *li?*Fitxj i??rg; Vi r*. Fathom. Miss Shan ,on. jiiesaf ircle and P. rqnrtie 5ii cents K.'.iaily < ire'es 2.'> tut** Galler/ rents Po jrs opeu ai ha f- , ast G o'clock? erfoiin u ce ? * co umeuce at 7. DP i- \ lUU"^". A^ 1 \. i r -V. h !)NI Si) \\ Kvening, will he prrscu:cd, Jeipcia of LUCI'bZlA JOltGl A?Luc re xta, *<ig'rta Teievi Trufil; Pu? a Alfonso. ?in >r eiti'm- Hon; G*nnaro, Signor Sesro Beutdetti; Ouit.Sig'ri LieUi Ro**i; Gubitn. isrio.- Severn 8tii?i; Hps Hi, Hitu-ir iiorcizo Hi ndi; Vitell zzi, Hiyor Giuseppe 'iernonte?i; Hastchsllo, 8iguor Nicole* ne Parossi; Liver llni B nlard; i'r ueci, 8 gnof Pi c? Gfat* irrino. Maestro iJiietfore, Signor Banli; Leader < f the OrJhtstrs. biinornApctti. n< v.c%. parqocitiaM talcouv, ti; mphitricMe, 5*> cent* ? Doors open Rt 7?Perform iuce to coin n?nceat 7)? o'c'ock. P I. AO9 01 I H( U /' - rUK DA) WI I O I Kea 1 t?Profe si r '1/1KIi(S'gruur* f M( i>L AK* i I SI'S, tweufy iDLOmher, w 11 hav?- the honor oajieanui; ii a Hvties ol their celrhratrd (ir;tt,d J nbleaitu ViT.n.t* an?t Vie a PI atique*, >vh;ch h.i? been ouaide'fd the moat claiai ti Mid inatriic ive ?ih bitn ii that I hieve appeared in any <untry,?!)d has been Ii n? red by tlie p\tronege of the mo?t uun*' per^o '" get. K?n?tai i>e*iaiiee of the bABLfe< KUUII RH Piotfihmme? Part 1?Original waltz mil qmck atep, ii I b?*id; lilee, a dnrkirs lile is alw*\ * car, conn nay ; Hone, .< mnin Bell, H L lVuke.; old null CI ma, v e aie happy ud tree*.J (J Kvana m <1 <>??m;?any. II?1, 'I he DreMin f. Washington > efoie t^ie Il^voluti^a, Tn^ira ; '2,' am and Vbel.f ur positions. Thiers ; 3, bavi* playirffthe Hup lor Cii'ii Saul, l< vphnel 4. The I i^'eteri. Hubeoi.5 Hon-mbul*, Jelliui. h'ifieen minute* iuteruiiftaiou Pari III?Quirtette, Vles.v .* MeeMer, Pa ker, t |^v. and anU Kvans; (Jri mi ii loou he h njo r\. Koiest; Oriijinnl sou. and clr r? don't you hear he bell*a rinvniK. ^ L. Parker. Part 1 V?I, Haint John P?each'g in the Wilden.eis If a? h e!; 2. .If prhu <yhoi mar ; 3, Moses oiiud iu the bulrushes by 1 haraoh'ii tinughter, l(>phe<il;4, Do. i ii ruing, Girrodet;5. tMimton and Dillil fi t o noaiions, l<uheus. lnteiini*i>ion of (iiteen romutrs Part V?V tlnpidn medlev overture. Foil baud; Song,', life by the gallev lie, J ff (''evelai d; hrtg I^iaiy LUne, new veruon J (i. Cvan^; Song Old Pee Dee, A Karest; Finale, farewell ladies, i. L Parker and compauy. P..rt VI?l.Fer-stol Bachus, Ffuifus; w, Time discovering Tiutli, Ginodet; 3 JViara and Veins, G.r. .det; 4, Fairy Sin ?of 'he (viselle, Thiers;5 An?m ?.d vc h Kipnlsion from Pnrvdise MacGowau; 6, Tableau 'male, in li'.uor of the United 8rates Thiers. Doors 0|?eu t half p; *t tt, to commence at 7^ o'clock. Prire of Admiaaron -Dress Circle nnd Pa?qnette, taily ar d g^utleman* 60 cents; ;e?.tie innti alone, AO cents; upper box?s, 25 rn:t?. Box office ?i en from 1^ A. jV to 4 P M Co doctor of the Orchestra, tfr. < hnbb, froiii the Paik Theatre. Police Department uuder lohn Davis VI H V I v !i ILL,<73 iiKH 9WAT. HB1 WEEN Gi ud and Brconeiii.^OtowM tooretflowkf with he beanty and fashion of New York Open every night dunug lie week except JVIoiidi-y Unabated succes* ? F.ikhteentli peek of the original CHKIHTYH Ml v? - i B i"s. the H lent e*tab*ished Baud in the United ^tate*. E. P. Christy, N. Christy. K. Pierce. J Hay nor, C Abbott, T. Vauj,ha, ^l ose origjtnl and inirn'table Concerts are uightlr honored vi h crowded and highly resectable audiences, aud univer er flcred in llus city Admission 2i cents; children under 0 years half price. Dnnji openac 7 o'cl- ck?C< ncert wi.l onitneuce at 8. On Saturday, Feb. 5, an Afttinonu Concert. )oon open at 2. commence at 3 o'clock On Monday eveun)!, Jan. 31. at ihe Brooklyn Institute. DHOADWAY ODEOIf?PARTICULAR NOVICE? 11 In consequence of extensive nltera'ious now making, the b >ve popular place of i.iniiseuient will b? cloied lor a few mil's. It will reopen with a new series of tableaux vivints, .nd ot'.er novelties, tlie particulars of which will be finuouric d in the newspapers mid bils of ihe day. Ppleudid and nnvel 'litertainments will be given in the front s <loun every eveline, free of cl'arte Superior let resliments ot a'I kinds to be md at ill tnn?sin the saloon, e O. GREKLY Manager. BARM >t AM/.III' AS llli'sKI'M-r.T. DMtMj'M Propw. ; r?F 1111 m ' K. Manager?Splendid pertor nonces, ever; afternoon at J o'clock nnd every evening at 7fc I'l.e in wager has en?' snl Master Johnson, a ver? MMj and ccomplishrd 'I ight Hope Dtter who gives some of Ihe noit <stonishiiig feats ever finessed Also engaged ,thn illowiug emlorJinary attraction:?Great Western the low rnitdi.v>: Master and Miss \Vyei'e. ated 8 and 13 vear?; < Isr a 'ishei's Misksperenn C'bmet; Mrs Monell; Miss Berusrd; lusfs Julian aid Whiliick. dancers; Mr. Wliirlnck; Mr rosser; M d line Hock well, fortnne teller, tie. Admission to ie whole, 25 cents. Keaerved front seita, one shilling each itra. PUIS KVEMMI, AT THE HALL OF NQTILTT, L of Centre anil Pearl streets Ttblcaux Vivanta, or le living Model Artists, mile and female The Greek '.ave, tiersmated by a young lady of faultless form, whose yle ol re preaeu.ation brinir nacilv alt?r Power's Maine The linstto B inn, with 9>ngs, Glees, kc. W II < olemsn's Banj % nlo?, Machi' e Poetry. Admission one shilling, Lioors opeu 1 t;?C'trtam ris.-s at 7 precisely. jjTUV VE8 * NT INSTITUTE, BROADWAY-LITE J eriry ?ud Vuscal . ntfitaimneit ? Mr. l.yiias respecti ly announces that he will give the sixth ofhis popnlsr Muicil llluitrn'inus of Shakspeiire, wih intioductory remsiks u i readiugs at the above Koom, on the evening of Tuesday, 'ebra ry lit, i8;8 Principal Voeal Peiformers;? Miss Leach, 11?i D; Luce, Mr A'lhn ton. and Mr. Lrach, who will a'so |i "nrm n Se.ect Concrrt. Conductor, Mr. OFORGE LO Kit. Tickets AO cents earh. to be had ai the Music Mores, r of Mr Lyuue. at his residence. 39 Me-ear street Donrs per at 7. To ci.mmence at 8 o'clock. The Seventh Entertinmen! will tike place on Fridiv Rvenipg, Feb. 4 l/|UfH \l. Il.l.r-TK YTiONS OK SI! AKSl'KAKE vJL Mr I.ynne respectfull'.'announcei, that he will givi a tcoud serin of these popular Literarv and Vusical rnts/dements at the htuyvessnt Institute, Broadway,on the etc-, inns ot Tuesday and Fndsv, Feb. I and 4, Monday anrf hursday. ' e b 7 and 10, and Monday, Fab. 14. Further patr.ulars will be duly announced Admission each evening 50 cut* To commence at 8 o'clock rHK ' M \< OMBF.W TROl.TE." CONSISTING 0^ Miss Clan vlncombfr, 1st soprano, with violin; Miss linn i Vai til' r r. 2d rn;r.'iio will violourello; B. Covert, ?l!sd siugei- and tenure; O F: Dodge, primo bus i; J. H. Hecir. (Torinrrly ui lh? Bau er Family.) seenndo bssao, wonld ijpectfully inform the pnblic that they will giv* a Graud Voiland Inst'umr til Coucer', at the Societv Library, Breaday, corner of Leonard stree', N Y, ou Wednesday even g Feb nary 2d. Miese* Mtcomber, the twin sisteri, will frfinm i nnmber of the moat roialar sirs on the violin and olnurelio. Tirkets. 5n cents, to be had at the prinripal music res, ni d at ti e door D.iora o; eu ,it 6.*?, Crucert 7J(j o'clock, nr pirticulars see programmes NDIAN PORT BAIT GALLERY-MR J. O. LEWIS respectfully informs ihe eit.ztna of New Yoik that he ill > pen forrxh bition oo Wednesday Evening at No. 411 Iw y, nia (lallery ol T'*ns, arect Portraits of lnd<au h .!* ters. comprisirg aoine of the pnncial Chief> of the ,< i, Foxes, ' h'ppeways. Winnebago's, Pottomattnmirs, 'enomonies, S'-awuees, Sioux, and Miimi Tribrs These diiitnus h-ive In-eu all tiken from Life, by Mr. Lewis, while I tne employ of the ITnitrd Stites government, copies of hich are preserved in its archives at Wa hiiiK'on, and may r implicitly relied ttp> u for fidelity I xlubition frnn 7 p> 10 M. Ad" ission 25 cents. [) It INS.. I Its S T\'l I Vlt V?L AllUE \S I. FE. 3 representing the Vi -N'tM UK MEDI' IS and APOLLO IE MEDICI-I Ope.'fro. I 1 A. M. to 10 P M , at 396 Broid'a-r, rit t) 8 oppini's balhs admittance 35 cents. 5eaaoa ckets 50 cuts Monday excluMvely for ladies. > A N V \ I! I' ' ' "III PAN OK AM A OK TIIK 3 ' >Hik>ii pi river, i> iuted on tbr?e mi'es of cany iu. being i? Iirgest pii- tie* in the wn>M, at the Pacorama building, in miw.y adj .mm* >iblo's Oaiden. Op?n every evening t.inrl , teseepted) Admission'i0 cents: children half priee. /' P.innraii ? will eon.rneiice mov rig at o'clock precisely. rr?rr?. u ?xhibitions ou Wednesdays and Saturday!, at cluck. ? .IMTS1' Kf.TTIIKVriiK I'll 11. ADklrH IA r? Tuesstsy tvrmnif Keb I, MSI# will be performed, a fairy le of enchantment, called OBe.UO.N, orihe Ch rrne-i Horn; i heitire new ? cuery, c ?"umea iiiarhincy, kc ? One run Mas Chapman: S"'park!e, \li?? Wa'degrave; Thistledown.Mil time; Airiand , .in lt>ir?rs; Sir llnan, ?lr Wheatley; li*numin, Vr I(i?hi .itfs; "?d*k. Mr.' hspm n; Brh?kcn, > r. rresfr. K'tims, Mr- Tlia>er. to winch, the r. e . I YOUAMKMt.'A. i HM8TYM SONUS-"! StV,N HKIl AT DK WhV y dow'usi i abiiflied, the shore beaotilul and popular n,i ...i n < i* nd C'hi iuv A'so, for is'e, " H> ?a Lee," I'euest ; O!' a ry m* B el< t? Old VI"J' NOy " " Hap. ; r- e We," " Mary Ul ne," " OM JoeJim f rwk C?ru;M Jiii Cr< w Pi'li' Mr Pretty Ysl'erOa),"" Snow Drop i: i " top Pit Knocking." " lirn'y' t'i'Ik.i.'' au the u. melodies sung hy < histy, ?mi b- l'? fch.'e. Brothjwe, c. Oidvs icreived from ill partso! the country. C. HOLl , i u ton ?tr?e , co i er Bror.dWsv )| i : iM B TH8-FOR KHUPTIONS OK TIE ' r Inn Scr ? !>?. M t'T.-o! , 181 Kn'ton street, opposite ,n ehineet. v ?>o'd i> for," I arsons sffer ed wnh diseases ot . km hi' her b .'In I. ve been n opeiaUon since UJJ ? i.ey i e roc mm- d?d by orir first ihysicians. Drs. Mott, vms l'o- il Sin r'i a d ? hers v> hose le'tere e*P be seen st rent i iliilinit' i*. They hme rff'cted cures wh*n all ott er in-i,!?? h vs fli'eJ Open fiom ? /? . M In It P VI. Shi [V, i re tr i ed ( V iii, our.d Si mp i,f Saisai anila, at 71 ni? per h"tt'e I KINHAU 1>1 *8 UIL.OKD BKAM LITTIM KOi J ?: ire lette nre remarkable for durability , a l r- :i ncy -1 li e gilding vtiequalled tjf any other article ili-rit ? ' ' h brill'a ey is w vrraided t.) Sli d etiosor> -e-.'her. t hey ^.re also jip" nut d to iay color that may k On'eti left aL loirs. Pcfbeelt t o's, 13 Kultim eei, mill be ntleoted t The partnership hsrjui'ora et. w bet???n Meiahordt y. v r>tt, < as " ' 1t-"J the 1st u i IMI i mi l IHItADICLPH'A MKDI' AL, HOUSt-DB KlNKlII u. ?termm Pny?i i m, fifteen ye - rs resident practitier u Phila?le|phi?. Iheiure ol ait di eases ill the sain, lanies of delicate nature and .vstr etive l.auits ot youiu, II continues to ensnge l)r Kiultelin's ntraost atteation. In nds whose CO pi mil* are m most desperate condition ll depend ou b*n u always t ii.ourted b\' Dr. K. himself. th a p omni, ,t le aud energeii< tteatioent, to a perfect cuts. rangers trarelliar, nnpplied at a moment's notice with ae<li ie sullieieut to c ire themselves id the most eoaveuient aa d ivate in u .sr. Cure w.ti.-molcd or no eliarge reqaired. Let rs, post |'?id, w.'l neit nrcmpt aueatioa ttesMleac*. N. W . -a?ti>f T-?i.?'ard Mto. half a square from iSe Kt isee r7~<erul m'eslm,we?lb MM ?f Phi!?-<? 3?iiii?fik?riM?. ___ ^ 1

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