Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1848 Page 3
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u]< when It wit eaee-Md tint ihsr?ru>*osot (rrwrtdwef Lord (StStouo. would t?l? th* ah*5f Ssventf ecnpodtioni by the old writers ami to be perforated by kn hundred voice*. seated arouud the festive board, as tt?' il to be the faMdon in the days of Queen Bees iVlr.Lumley, amongst hia new engagements, i* stated to hav* secured the s?rvinen of two flow t? nor singers, Ferrari and CUHani. both of sreat oolebrity on the continent. Out of 113 Italian theatres, 101 would open the pre i nt carnival s*'aeou. commencing 00 Ulith Deoember, with operas by Verdi. Thie fact, which ie unprecedented, M.test* the immense popularity ot the author of J'r-.italeiHf in the" Land of Song " This Inst n?w work ot Verdi was performed ut th* Grand Opera, Paris, for the twelfth time on Wednesday last, sustained by Dupre*, A lizard and Madlle Julian. Frederick Sou'.le, the talented writer, left behind him a* the time of his death, a MS. piay. which M Berand. the manager of the Aiubigu Comique Theatre (at which bonne most of Spulie'a pieces were brought out), immediately secured; and it was read recently, and iaimedl*uly put in rehearsal It is perfsct except tho title; the first page of the manuscript remaiaed wold, the author appearing to liava been nndeoided as to its name, and the hand of death prevented its being filled up by him. Much interest prevails in the Parisian theatrical choke respecting this pieoe. M. Kelicien David's reconstructed l; Moise" has been (just produced in i'aris, with much better success than attended its original prcduction. The Germans are still running after ptlitu operas principally from the comDoiilions of Kucken. Klotow scd other musicians of no very great repute, and their theatres am now completely d?-n?tionaliacd, ?" if Beethoven, Weber, and Spohr hod never written for tbem; whilst things are worse in Italy, where the Gaz'ita di Tihla i fissures us that corps of artists capable of executing Rossini's " Guillaume Tell'' could no longer be found in Italy. A new ballet," Les Cinq Sens," is iu rehearsal at the Grand Opera, in I' which Curlotta Glial will appear. Auber's new work for the Opera Comique, it is enid. will be brought out towards the rinse of the month At tho Theatre Hiitorique, a new oratorio ts about to be produced, entitled " Atsla:" it ie the composition ot \1 I'ne?c? tUn , /that th.aie.. d MKa fi. inurj, iuo 111rj u Ill lun lutuvu-, "? Opera National, Moneigny'a "Felix; ou, i'Enfant Trenvn" hB? been revived with the utmost success; it was originally produced in 1777; the tulented composer (lied in 1817, aged 98; this musician is looked upon as the originator of the genuine species of Opera Comique during the eenson just terminated at La $c*la there were 87 performances " I)ou Sebastinn" was performed 42 times! "Linda," 20 ; I due Koscari," 17 ; ' Agamemnon," twice ; and " Mortedo," four times. At the Theatre Royal of Palermo, a ycnug French ringer named Louis Ospier has just made a successful Jtbut in the opera of " Kingal," by the Maestro CopoU. Although the new w?rk was of inferior merit, the debutcnte made an extraordinary impression. A letter from B?rgamo states " Donizetti's health continues to slightly iniprore ; his strength is better than when he was at Paris ; he can more his arms and hands with greater laciiicy. As to his intelleot, it app'ars a little less affected although he is placed under the care of a domestic, who leaveshim neither day nor night. The approaching season is dreaded as highly unfavorable to the invalid." A correspondent in Milan writes as follows:?"A fracai. which may be attended with serious results, has lately occurred, in which Fanny Elssler is the heroine. You are aware that this celebrated dantcvst is engaged at La Seals,, and that.she ought to have opsned the carnival si-a'on, the 26th of this month (December). It is necessary to be informed that at Milan all the females. of high as well as low life, wear on their arm as a bracelet or suspended from their neck, the venerated image of Pius IX MadlU. Elssler, ou this subject, inda'ged herself in some very coarse remarks {plaiianterin dr trig muuv is god ) towards one of the artiites of La Soala, which were soon propagated throughout the olty, e sd have excited a strong and unanimous feeling of displeasure. The report at first was, that she had fled from Milan ; but we have found that this was unfounded. To pacify the public, it has been given out, that she has injured her foot, and on this account ate has been excused to opnn the season, the first night of which (of the grand carnival in particular) is always a stormy one " A letter from Bologna states "There was lately sung at the chinch of St. Francis, of Bologua, a ' Tantum ergo," newly composed by Rossini. This new chef d'autrv. nduiirebly sung by Donzelli, Badiali, and Oamburini, has produced a great sensation. Souie days subsequently, it issini directed in person at the oburoh of intu l'ctronio, a muss in honor of M. Anloine Silvani, member of the Council of State, who died at Roma on fhe 2d of December, composed by five musicians of the , Academy of Bologna The eolos were sung by Donzslll, * Badiali, and Uambarini " The late amateur performance at .Ntanobestsr, in aid (f the bhakapeare fund, only realised ?Y7 6s lid. (jkeat foot race between Jaceson, the american Deer, and Hats, of Hanshaw Moor.?'This event,whioh has for some time past caused the most lively interest in the pedestrian circles, was decided on Wednesday, at l'eokboiu So great was the desire to the exhibition, that nearly two thousand persons assembled before the lime appointed for the start. The race was for ?59, the distance four miles, that being ebv n times round the course, short of eighty yards. Both men looked not only extremely well matched as regarded appearance, but also alike exhibited first-rate oondttiou The signal being given, they went off at a most astonishing pace, and one of the most spirited raees followed that was ever witnersed. Have toon the lead at the start, but retained it only about tbroe hundred yards, when Jackson name up and passed him. and so even was the contest that ere they had performed the first round, the men passed and'repassed each other again The excitement as may naturally be supposed was great at this period, but was considerably heightened (luring the next t.ree rounds, in which the men passed aud repassed each other, not less than twenty times, maintaining the exU'acrdinary speed Bt which they had set off. At length, at the end of the fourth round Hays drew away, and although his opponent made a determined effort to again overtake him, he was unsuacessiul. Hays contiuued the lead throughout, and may be said to a certain extent to hare won as he liked, by about a coupla ot hundred yards. The very strong running at first baring broken, as it appeared, Jackson down. The win ner performed (he distance (four miles) io J1 minutes, 8 seconds. The K.B5B Pavement.?The followiug report I the committee on streets, of the Board of Aldermen, in relation to paving our principal thoroughfares with the substantial and beautitul Rusa pivement, cannot but be favorably received by tha Board and by our citizens at large. The test has now been made, and the result has been most highly favorable to the work already accomplished, as well ns that proposed. TOTHI HmVOBABLR THK RoaBB or Al.DKBMKIt:? The Committaeon Streets, to whom was rsferrad tha aoeompanyiug patltton <>f Ge?rge Uriswold, Job. Goodhue F. K. Collins, and a*?erel thousar.d others, owners of property, that an act 'tha Lsgirlatura bs applied for. having for its otjeet creation of a paving fund, in ordar that the principal thoroughfare* may be paved with the Huh pavement reepretfully report, that the petitioner* represent that they aro dissatisfied with the condition of tha pavement of our principal thoroughfares; that they hava wituees sd the maoy Ineffectual efforts that have been made to keep the same even in a passable oonditiou, at a great expense, which has been Increasing. and mast increase with tha grswth of tba olty; the petitioners claim to reprassnt a great portion of our tax paying oltixans, and assert that there is scaroely a dissenting volos among tbsm as to the durability and nioesslty of this pavement. Your committee would state that thairown minds art mada up on this subject. They hava heretofore made four or five reports to this board In favor of the Rush pavement; and that, taking into sonsiderat ion tha fact that the work referred to baa endured additional trial by the Iroessant travel to whieh it ia exposed, and yet remaintcg uadistnrbed in it* eriginal position, and apparently as perfeat in it* surface a* the first day it was given for publlo u*?? your oeaimitt-e must again give their teatiuoDy in its favor,, and earnestly recommend immadi te action by your honorable body, favorable to tha program of its construction in ali the wain thoroughfare* of onr olty. In examiniag the pstlllon whieh has been referred to your committee, we find that nearly all who a?k fov th'i improvement are thos? who "present many mHliaaa' worth of taxable property in this city, and are, consequently, those who will have to bear a great portieu of the expensi. That it is an immediate economy to tha eity, your committee most confidently assert,being bern* oat by tha proof exhibited in tha durability of the work itseli; aatf, further, your eommittee would state, that the per tlons of liroadway already paved In this manner, notwithstanding tho dirt carried on from the round-stone pavtraent, has required but vary little sweeping for the last two years; and, further, that they are daily reminded of the satisfaction given to the pnblic by theeueeess of this work. and their unroot anxiety for It* Immediate adoption r.onstruation; and your ocumittee would alio state that thay Intend that their farmer and present repot t* should convey to your honorable body their derided approval of the Rum pavement, in tlia highest and afroi got term* A* the snbjecs petitioned for appear* to b* the creation of a paving fuud, and h* that I* a mutter in which the finanos of :ho city are more immediately concerned, they would r. . peotfully recommend that the subj-et ho loferred to the finance committee of both board*, ? being til* nut appropriate cjmmittee to judge of the expediency of creating a fund of this description They countder they have dlseharg-il their duty in rec tmmeiiding the work to the favorable consideration ofthe board i'hey, t herefore, reepeotfnlly a?k to be discharged from the further a.inaiaeratloa of the application. Aid KELLY, ) Aid ADAM*. } Committee on Street*. Aid sroKFORD, i The liu** pavement being, p?*t di?i?\ite, eo vastly superior to any other heretofore laid down in this city, we are determined to avail ourselves of the advantages which it presents, and contract with Mr. litis# to have the street in front of llcrald office paved With it. Mnnsk's Telegraph ano thk English TklknBAPit ?Mr. French, the President of the iMnalietio Telegraph Company, tnk tig a *tatein*nt of the expense ol telegraphing one hundred words to Lifer pool from Loudon, a distance of JJ.A miles, his reads a comparison of these charges with those on Morse's line : ?' The distance from Washington to New York is two hundred and twenty-live miles, and a message of one Jinn' red words is transmitted or iinartly in five minutes, but sorastim e in three and a half nilnu es. at aclisrge of five dollar* for the first hundred words, hut. onlv three dollars and thirty-three cents for the second and for each following hundred words The comparative efficiency of the American and krglleh systems of eleotrlo telegraphs Is, therefore, really strted and Comprehend ed:- Fngilsh t?legr*|h. 100 words, 990 miles, It) inin , fJi a<); American t. sg aph, 100 words, JJd mllrs, A min.. $ ) -Philadelphia Ledger, f'ek I'd Draot county, Wisconsin, contains now a population pf 14,091. " " U* IHUUiftHt*. CiSii;if Coi ht, r?t< 19 - Bewr* S?tfonJ Jihn J | /J. iJ CliKMplin VI. T\omM S Htmbiin Wilt Lal'lil M Krrse ? This *m ?n action for tale* imprisonment anil for a oonstruotive nrsault and battery. It appear* that , in the year 1840. tb" pla: ' iff wta box-keeper or treasu- i rer of tke Bowery thi c l ti n he tlrst of April i in that year, the def- * t a* Iu th e Merritt, j one of tbespcoial j i o e .% j int xfiidavit stating that he was ln?an>- uui (.anurous to him?eli aul otbTj. or to that effect; upon wbiou Justice Merrltt i gr-iutad a wartant, under which La wait taken from hi* house, and rant, iu custody of Mr. Henry Jaokson, to the I UloomiugtUIa Asylum, and detained there for lour days. | at the erclol which he whs brought b?ter? Judge Oak- , ley by a writ of h ibauB coipui, ar.d disiharged Tha , lilaititllfU oa?o om conducted by Merere Wyuau H. A. Huffman and (Metnon. Mr liamblin was repreeented by oounael. and Doctor Rteee appeared in person IIkskv M. Jukios was the first wicuess aworn and ex- i umined on bthalfof the plaintiff.?He testified that he knew the parties; he was eent for in the month of April, 1840; recollects it was the 1st day cf April; witness came to the theatn ; Mr liambin came into the ottt'-e to witness. and said he wished witness to go to plaintiff's house a d get the lie* of the ofll<v safe; they both came cut together. went down Bayard street into Centre street to 1 the Tombs, where they met Dr. Heeae; lteean and Hambliu entered iutn conversation; witness did'nt hear it; they then went into the polioe oourt; when they oarno out witness. Keese and Hamblln, weut to plaintlfn house iu Petri street; he was in bed at the tiuie; Doctor Keese asked him for the key of the safe in the ofRoe of the Bowery theatre; Mr. Chatnplln told him the key was in his pocket, which was hanging up near the window; Mr. Ite-se took it out, and told plaintiff te get up that he must not be lying there, and that he had better take a drive into the country. Plaintiff got up, and Doctor Keese assisted him to drese Witness, Doctor Reese, and Mr. liamblin, came down stairs, and went into the street together, leaving Mr. Champlin in the room, it was only then witness had the first idea that, they were going to send him to the asylum ; it then stated that 1 was to set out with bin; to whioh I objected, unless his wife was parfeotiy satisfied. Doctor Reese said she was perfectly satisfied. One of the ueiuiuuu >UC11 uu u u?ui?nr. i uuuui s iy which witness wont up stairs to see about pUlntlff Dootor Reese came up soon after. Wo then brought him down stairs. Witu- as went to sse it the plaintiff's wile was satisfied. As Dootor Reese passed, she made an observation, ''that she hoped he was not wrong1'* By that, witness believed she was satisfied. We then got him into the carriage, and witness took him to the asylum. Papers were handed to the witness at the time by Dootor Reese ; they consisted of a lstter and a paper Witu-ps was to deliver them to the resident doctor at the asylum. Witness then proceeded to the asylum, and left Mr Chnmplin them. Doot< r Reese said he would follow after witness, in bii gig He did not come, howevei. before witnessleft The doctor, at the asylum, took plaintiff up stairs, and afterwards cams down to witness, and raid plaintiff wished to see him. Witness went up, and plaintiff asked him by whose authority he was brought them Witness answered, by authority of Doctor Reese and Mr Hamblin. He then requested witness to oali on plaintiff's wit's, and send her to mm Witness delivered tho letters and pipers to the doctor, at the asylum, before the pleintiff was taken oat of the carrlago Witness, after became to tewn, went direct to the plaintiff's wife, and told her that he should sot remain there, and then went to work to get him out; and oalled upon cffloer A M. C. Smith for that purpose Q From the first time you went to plaintiff's house, until you left him at the asylum, what waatha oondltion of his mind ? A.?He was slokly, but he was perfeotly sound in mind 4 ?Bv thi Court ?Did he express any curiosity about where be was going ? - No, sir. I avoided all conversation with him. t* ?Were you with him previous to ths Sunday before? A ?I dont't reoolleot. Q?Do you reoolleot having been with him then recently f A ?I used to oall on him frequently; but I dou't think I called on him after I went to the theatre, until I went with Reese and Hamblin to take him to the asylum. Q ? What day of the week was it that you took him to the asylum ? A.?On a Wednesday. ti.~ You were with him the Sunday before, and if so. j what was tho State of his mind then 1 A lit was sick ; but, as I said before, I s -w nothing | amiss with his mind; he conversed well enough. Q ?Did you ever at any time see plaintiff orazy ? A.?I have known him for five years We lived toge- ] ther during that time, and 1 never saw him in suoh a state Crm-txaminrd hy Dn Reese.?q?Do you remember ! ooming to my hous- and tulliDg me he was missing ? A?I was sent by Hamblin; but I cannot say what day ! of the week it was; I only reme j.ber calling; it was before i ' 11 wont to the asylum T Q?Did you not state to me that you were afraid he had committed suicide ? A ?1 was sent to you ts let you know he was missing; 1 hut 1 got the information from Mr. HambUn; and I think : 1 told yon so Q.?Have yon any recolleotion of saying that he took ! an ounoe of laudanum for the purpose of destroying his , lif , and did you not so report to me ? A.?No, sir Q?How did plaintiff go to Sharp's ? A.?I don't know. Q ?Did you not go with him to Sharp's ? a.?No, fir. Q ?Da you not know that he tore the bandfgi from 1 his arm for the purpose of destroying bis life ? A ?No, sir. li ?Did you see anything in my oonduot. in my interview with the plaintiff and his wife, on the day you took l,im to the asylum, indicative of any unklndneea on my part ? A ?No, tir; all was kindness there. Q.?Do you rscoliect myfgiving to you, as a reason for taking bioi there, that his violence was so great, that four watchmen bad to be brought to the house, and stop there all night, to watch him? A.?I know nothing of the matter, except what yon ! tolil me Direct examination resumed?Witness saw Dr Reese ! frequently at the theatre, before plaintiff was taken to the asy'um Dcotor Wilson eximined.?Thinks thadocumects for I the commitment of plaintiff were enclosed in a letter ? that is frequently the oourse. Witness does not know of any thing particular happening at the time plaintiff was received by him. Witness led him to his apartment ; all witness recollects is that plaintiff was feeble ; be appeared to be sick and in low spirits; saw no evldanoe of insanity at the time. (4.?Did you see any evidence of insanity while he remained there ? A ?I did not. <4.? Did you think he was a fit subject at the time ? A ? While he was in my oharge, 1 did not think him a fit subject for detention ; I saw no evidenoe of delirium tremens about him ; I am acquainted with that disease. Q ? Was he in solitary confinement? A ? No, sir.exeept so far as he was obliged to confine himself to the Hall; he was In company with lunRtics all the time lie was there, and took his meals with them ; he expressed his surprize to witness at being sent there, and s?id it was a very improper place to send him ; he conversed very rationally about tbe locality of the asylum, and said that the property on whioh it was built, or a part of it, belonged te his, plaintiff's, grandfather. Q.?Did you appear befere Judge Oakley? A.?I did I don't think Dr Reese was present before Judge Oakley ; plaintiff was disohaiged immediately upou witness's evidence; numbers of his friends calle J while he was at the asylum. Crots eximined.?Should not think, under tbe circumstances of tho case, at the time that be was laboring under delirium tremens, but it might be so ; tbe dlseast. of delirium tremens varies in different subjects, from tho | nature of tti? circumstances James W. Halk examined.-Knows the plaintiff. (4.?At tbe time he was confined at the asylum, what ! patt did you take ?* A. Went out there and obtained permission from Dr | Wilson to see him The doctor directed witness to go to one of the keepers ; witness did so. Ths keeper I opened a grated door, and let me into where .Mr Chain p] lin wns ; it was a corridor on one of tbe wings of the building, in which ware ranges of cells Mr. Chimplin ; was in one of these cells. Witness was a good deal alarmed at the appearance of tbe plaoe, and called on the keeper for his protection The keeper acaordingly went with witness to plaintiff's cell. Witness asked him what was tbe matter, or what caused him to be there | 11^ seta ne aid not know, ana that It was a very improI per placa for him. Witness aaw no symptoms of insanity | about him at. the time. They talked for about a half I an hour, and the burthen of it waa that he wiahed to get ! out, and requested witness to take atepa for that purpose?the people there wero playing all kinds of anttes ; | In laot they were all crazy exoept plaintiff. Witness felt very uneasy until he got back into the keeper's room | After witness cane to town, he procured a writ of > tribes* corpus, took a carriage, and went out to the | asylum?snw Doctor Wilson, and told him that he had a ' writ of habeas corpus Dr Roeee was there at the time. 1 Witness waa Introduced to him Doctor Reese urged witness strenuously not. to use the writ of habeas eor: pus. Witurss said to Dootor Reese, that he had a writ i iu his pooket. hut if be whs sure the plaintiff waa insane, ; h* (witnsas) would not use it. Dr R-eae begged witness not to use It, and if wltne?a would let him stay a ' day or two longer, he would take him out himself lie added he did not wish to have a patient taken out of his ' hands by legal process, as It might nff?ot his professional : reputation if such a course wan pursued Commov Putts ? i* BsvcO.? Decisions?Shultt v? I Hail, ft al.?Motion granted to stay proceedings until Ajril term fir which the cause must he not.oed. De lendant's coete of this motion to abide event, otherwise the motion ie denied wi'h costs Snrll, anignif, fr. vi. Kogpey, et al?Motion grant' ted without cost JJiken aimp. .Indian -- Report of referee confirmed with cos s. Certificate grunted Mnrvt adim. I'latt et. ul --Report of refsree opened, end they are to hear.further, proof and report anew.? Costs to abide the event.. Clark vi. ft/a A?r.?Judgment for plaintiff on demurler. Defendant may demur on payment of costs. Harrii ll'ilian,' <x r, 0-c., impleailetl, 4 c., rdttn the , Mayor, g-o ? Judgment for defendant on demurrrr. I i'laintiff may amend on payment of costs Taunig et. nit ,<i Synd-rgky, sued, g-c?Motion to deposit the bill of exchange with the clerk for 10 days for examination The plaintiff stipulates to let delendant and his witnesses exunioe It on application. The plaintiff uiust. also furnish within six days a sworn oopy | of i he protest, or deposits tame with the note. Costs to i abide the event. I IJrink r impl'itd'd. fv. ndim. Cleei?nf, <f-e.?Motion | certificate denied as to Drinker, without costs Sf/'ne. mlim It'ard, rt at. Proceedings of the sheriff ?re stayed on the execution, provided defendant submit* 1 the eve forthwith for settlement; and within fair days after the saute is settled submits the s.tno on written points, rtaiiitifi's ocsts to abide events, otherwise the motion Is denied with coasts Ogilvirnt Folnm'r. Judgment for plaintiff oti de- I murrer Defi lidant mar amend on payment of costs 1 I'he f'rople g- - , et. C*'' - il it al.? xotioo, granted unless th* defendant forthwith after notice of this order. ! psys the sheriff ell cct* Incurred In th* postp nemeut i of the sales since the 17th January. 18-18 and the Dit- | : trint Attor ey the cost* of making this motion, a d pr,?: vided the other execution creditors consent to a del?y tor sixty days. In wl.irh fTinta th ? piecesdings m?y be stayed for sixty days. In order to give the defendant furher time to attempt to surrender the oulprtt Into his ouetody. ? M tn. HmNiUU t*i? *mmm wfcyh? wtsksd pl?(afllf fo Mf to th? wjtaui ?fl?jr or ??o longM f A - He did: t?tiotlir?*scni; they were In effect that it would be prejulloUl to hie own professional reputation; witness does not remember that his reasons wore of medical nature, although he might har- given medical reasons for bis putting him there; if he did, witness does not recollect thim; he certainly said It was better for him to stay there H. by d fr.ndmit,i counsel.?Did Champlln tell you that Usui tin had been looking through the window all nlgM 1 at hi in while be was there ? A ? He said that the matter made su~h an impression on his mind that he fancied that Haublin was looking in hrough the window all night at him. (tuesilou repeated. A ?He told me he had, or he thought he had, but that if he was kept there uiuoh longer, he thought he would go crazy. H ?Have you not told that lie saw Hamhlln all night looking at hiui through the window ? A ?I might have told Mr. Whiting and Mr Hamblin that he said Haublin was there, or that he thought he was there Q ? Wers you not frequently in the habit of visiting plaintiff at the house nf Mr. Wsddel, in the Bowery, after he was taken out of the asylum? A ?Yes. sir ; and at this distance of time I cannot recollect whether it was one week or one mouth after his release from the asylum. ? Did Dr. Keeae. when he asked you to let him remain I for a few days longer, say, that taking him out so soon, after such violent symptoms, might bring ou a relapss ol those symptoms again.9 A.?Perhaps he did I have no recollection of his haviag stated to ins the reasons why he was takeu there, or whether he was violent or not. Q.?Do you know that be did relapse white he was at Waddell's, and was he not very violent there? A ?He wae vary sick there, certainly; tut I never in my life saw him violent; if Dr. Reese was the medical attendant over him while there, 1 must have seen him It is a matter within my own knowledge that Dr. Reese did attend hiui at Waddell's, but at what time, i don't rtcolleot (i ? Did you not state to Dr. Reese, at Waddell's, that the asylum would be the best pUoa lor him? A ?No, riir 1 said to Hamblin that if I thought he would be so slok after ooinlog nut. the asylum would hi the Uttest plaoe for him; but I never said he was mad, cor did I ever think so. 1 never reeolleot that 1 s?w Dr. Reese, except at the asylum, and hers this forenoon Direct examination resumed?C'bamplin told witness, iu a subsequent conversation, that he oould hear and understand everything. but that be had lost the power of oounuunioetiag hie Ideas. Jo>kpit Francis examined?Is a dea'.er in life boats; visited the plaintiifat ihe asylum the day he was taken from it; was acquainted with him a short time before; never saw any symptoms of any insanity about him The remainder of the testimony i.f this witness was not important. After his examination was finished, the i curt adjourned to Tuesday next. Si'rcaioa Court, Feb. 12 ? Decisions ?TA? People vt B'ickliy, el al ?Judgment for defendant TIart vi. Willnrd-Judgment for plaintiff. Simpson adnn Smedl'y ?Re-argument ordered. Brack vi Pand'wa/er.?Judgment of non-suit. Romryn a,Inn Banks ?Motion for new trial donled. Cohen in etror, vt. Vupont in^rror.?Judgment affirmed. Dohirty in error vi. Bunting in error? Judgment reversed. Baldwin vs. Palmer?Motion to set aside, non-suit denied. Riddle vi. Hayes.?Motion for new trial denied. In the matter of opening Washington Park, Brooklyn. ?Ordered to atand over nntll next motion day, Guthrie et. al , vs. Qlrim.?Appeal dismissed with $10 oosts. Court or Oenkral Sessions, Feb. 12.? Before lleoorder Soott.and Aldermen Adams and Crollus.?John McKeon, Esq . DIstrlot Attorney. Sentenced ? James Anson, alfss Anderson, convicted on Thursday last of reoeivlng stolen goods, was this morning sentenced to be imprisoned in the State Prison for the term of two years James Anderson, alias Harper, who was oonvloted at the January term, was also brought into eourt, and sentenoed to three years i n J oue month's imprisonment lathe State Prison Ait-r disposing of a few bastardy oasts, the court adjourned until Monday morning. Religious Intelligence. Calensar for February.?Id, Sixth Sunday after Epiphauy; 20, Septuagesima Sunday; 27, Sexagesima Sunday. The Presbyterian Herald states that the interest iu the Ssoond; Presbyterian ohuroh bos continued to increase Fifty persons have expressed much Rfixifltv. A. nil fthnnt: tvsntv tr? Hut Art fn hsvs KAnnm truly ohauged by the spirit of God. The Catholic clergy of Newcastle have memorialized the Pope to allow the Bishops to be eleoted by the Catholic ecclesiastics. The King of Prussia ha* granted the sum of 70.000 thalers for the purpose of building a new Roman Catholic ohurob, for that part of the garrison professing the Roman Cathollo faith ia the Prussian oapital. A letter from Cologne eavs. -"The oentral committi e for finishing the cathedral of this city, has requested the Pope to attend the six hundredth anniversary of its foundation,Vhlch will take place In August next. The King of Trussia has also been invited to tne festival. On this Occasion will be uncovered the fine painted windows of the side aisle, towards the south, wbioh were presented to the oathcdral by the King of Bavaria. The treaty between the Pope and the Emperor of Russia has bs-n ratified. By this, the Roman ohuroh is to be tolerated in Russia. For the first time sinoe the revolution of 1830, a Mass of the Holy Spirit was lung at the opening ot the Kreuoh Chambers of Parliament,?a ft used to be in the tiuio of the Bourbons; only, it took place at the royal ohapel at Luxembourg instead of at Notre Dame, as of old The grand obaucellor, the Duke Panquier, with others of the chief ministers, and pbout a hundred of the peers attendsd. Louis Philipps has sent to his holiness, as a present, an ostensory magnificently adorned with pearls and preolous stones, and to the workmanship of whioh the golden medal was adjudged in 1844. The Brothers of the Christian Dootrlne, who wera expelled from Krlburg, have arrived at Lyons. The enthronation of the Archbishop of YoA, took p'aoe in York Minster on the 18th January. His Ur?ce, it is understood, will hold his first ordination in his cathedral, and not in the ohapel at Bishopsthorpe, as has been the previous praotioe. "The Pope rlaas evrry day at 4 o'elook. enters his ohapel, where he spends an hoar in prayer, and then oeleorates mass; he daily hears afterward another mass in notion of thanks, and then passes to his oabinet, fortified thus by the divine assistanoe which he bad sought lu the blessed sacrament. Here he labors unremittingly till one o'clock P. M. He then dines, and daring dinner, treats of public affairs with some ambassador, or dictates to his secretaries It is at this time also, that be permits artists from various countries to sketch his likene's. His inseparable oompanion is bis private secretary, the pious and learned Abbe Stella, for a long while past his most intimate friend, and who, hitherto, lias not congratulated his patron on his accession to the Holy See. and. they say, Is not very likely to do so in future. The account that the Abbe Stella gives of Piue 1X. is. that the long endeavor of Mastai to keep forever before hira the thought of Uod's presenoe. has tor more I than ten yeara become a habit. After dinner, the Pope | walks for'an hour in the galleries or gardens of the Qui- ; rinal. Then oommenoe the receptions, whioh last till five o'clock, and take place without ceremony. At five o'clock, the Tope paasea an honr before the Blessed Sa< . crament; roost commonly he performs this act of devo- J tinn in ttie ohapel of some religious oommunity or pub- j lie institution, into whieh be drops without warning, in I order to see how things are managed when bo one is ex- I peeled Af'er this, he enters again his oabinet. and la- | bors till near ten o'clock, when he partakes of a coila- I tion, at whioh. ordinarily, aome one of the cardinals is present. He then recites his prayers and retires to rest, i Stioh is the dally life of the great Pope Pina IX " Cl.bric4l Chaisoks.?The Rev. A. H Cornish bn removed from Abbeville to Pendleton. 8. C , and become raotorcf St Paul's church The Rev Charles Tomes has removed from the dloaese of New York The K?v. j Llbertus Van Bokkelin has been received into the diooese of Maryland, by letters dlsmiesory from the diocese of New York. The llev. Mayer Lewln has aocepted the rectorship of Christ Church Parish. Calvert county, having resigned that of St Michael's Parish Talbot county The R?v. Joseph Spenoer, D D , is officiating in St. ; Michael's Parish. The Rev. Mr. Miles, assistant to Dr. ] Cutler, of St. Ann's, Brooklyn, has accepted an invitatation to take oharge of St Stephen's, Wilkesbarre ? The Rev. 8 T. Carpenter, late of Cennectiout, Is offlciating at Bangor church, Churohtown. Pa The Rev. J. J A MoKenny has acoepted tha oall to Sherwood church, Baltimore oounty. The presbytery of Utioa, at their recent annual mast- i log. at New York Mills, adopted the following preamble an i resolutions, on the subjeot of the Mexican war : ? Whereas war is one of the greatest evils which oan af- j diet the humsn race, and Is espsolaliy to be deplored In this age of national advancement In knowledge and religion; and whereas, we of all other people on the face of the earth, have the least oocaslon to disturb the peace of the world?and from our geographloal position and the paciflo nature of our government, should be the leader of the natlone In all things conducive to peace; and, whereas, we are now engaged In an expensive andrulnoue war with a neighboring republic. Therefore, Resolved 1st, That wa viaw this war as wholly unne- i cessary, aggressive, wicked, a stain upon our high profession* and oharacteras a nation, injurious to ourselves Hnd to the people with whom we at* at varianoe, clearly I ominous of evil to our union and prosperity as a rspub- ' lie, and rendering us justly obnoxious to the vengeance 1 of heaven Resolved 3d, That the ministers and churches within our h >und* be recommended to discountenance this uncalled fer end most unnatural war, in every suitable i way, ami ispuoiully to cease not to pray for tha cessation of hi slid ics and the restoration of peso* to our belorad yet guilty country. EJFrom N'kvv Hru.nswick.?The St. Andre wsGa- j veite announces the death of the lion. Charles Jeffrey Peters, Attorney Oeneral of the Province, at Kredericton, on the 3d inst. Col. Huge McKay died at St. (Jeorg* on the 39 th ult, at the age of 97 years. Ha served tnrough the Ameri- ! can war as Lieutenant in the Queen's American R*n- j gors, and went to New Biunswicx in 1783. where he set- I tl d He represented his oountry more than 30 years, ' I i (he Provincial Parliament, ana was senior Justieo of the Court of Common Pleas A Kevr Splendid B ark and llrown Bark Coats, nchlr irinima I,scarcely soiled?they tire mistits from n Broadwar, I urchosed fur ca?li. and will | be sold a bargain. Also, a lev over colts and cloaks S3 10 t'O rich; dress anil Irocx coats, Kren h cloth and style, $3 to |S each; nanti $i to tl a pair; vests SO cents to >1 Cash paid I n Kent's cioihing?clea.tinf an I re,wiring. B-okeu bank In >a r 'ie.i iis exchange. Corner Nsn.n and Beekinsu. $5 tail i ore (ientUineii's Nntlcr?'arMileisicu mud not figet li t 3i .\1u rav. Corner vVaa'iiugtail street, ts he on y p'ace wher* to get ) onr Co da and Pints o e med in a sn.icnir It.a I er, witlimit st'im or coloring Ornt'finea vr Piing to era i 'isn a w >o'd do well, ay trying if I cannot c am your Coats I lr sit shilling. P ints three slmliugs, briter tlii.i tli- se wio i htrge stand $i k trial is o tly aske.l, hv V. CORTISWOS si Murray street. Repairing of every description done cheap. *H# MmH w*H#n?M'tH4?n9, M M*ta?r | in Pel'.an tad WjMinm jtrfe * * *! h?ff x, hMytiii !> s?!l? I Iiu best stench flouts for U it. (old ib the ;<iuc liieeu far fc and $7; ami giod Gulf Boots, he sells for $3 50,? I?1 i" othirsteres for $5. Well, lor 'liii information, we would have them vieir our friend VOL' (>a the oruer of Foltnu end N'uitu etreeti, opposite our office, and there witness for themselves and are him iel| twenty live or ihirtv pair of beoU a day, for eaah; and hia Patent Leather Uon'a. Hhoea and 44ailara, are equally low. Call and aee him. THE DOCTOR 9IOOO Kevearrl \evv lurk ' vlugi. llaaak, No. 4 Aon at , near tha Museum, you ran net ilia beat Boors, for the mice, ever sold, aud it is astouiihiug what n treat buaiLeaa Jones live tot. bv selliuir lloots at audi reimikahly low prices ; and lie sells for rash, with a very sansll profit, an I is destined to dn more business tlnn all the rest of the stores in New York, aud the time 11 not for distant when Jones' litt'e store, a: No. 4 Ana at. will lullil the above witlvut a doubt. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. money market. Naturday, Feb. I'd ft p. Bl. Tha stock market opened heavy to-day. At the first board Long Island decliued >4; Canton, X; Reading Railroad, IS'; Reading Bonds, t; Reading Mortgage Bonds, S; Harlem, y% United States As, lH.m, advanoed per cent;'Pennsylvania As, .'4'; and Farmers' Loan, S There wore large sales of Harlem, and between the boards the prices were weak. At the second board, Hsrlenv closed at a further decline of Si per oeut. There was very little done at ths afternoon board, but the tendency of prices was downward A Wall street broker ramottd this afternoon, about three o'clock, with about $30,000, in bills of the Wall street banks. It Is supposed that he took the boat that left at four o'olock for Charleston. He was not a member of j alttiar Knar,I of hrolrar. .I..I la r.ll./S .treat operator?one of the class of speculators found hanging about ths corners of the F.xohange. How he managed to get so much money in his hands at onoe Is a wonder to all acquainted with the olass of broker* to which he belonged. We understand some speculators In Harlem have been the sufferers by the operations of this modern financier. The shipments of specie during the past week amount to $00,480, of which $41 890 went to Liyerpool, and $18 690 to Havre. The quotations for foreign and domestio exchange, for specie, and for unourrent money, (n this market, rule as annexed : ? Forkkiw Kxchawoes. On Loudon lf9Vs Hold On Hamburg 35V a 351% Paris 5f2i>V ?5f25 Bremen 77V a 78 Amsterdam 39V a 40 domestic f.xchawoes. loston pa' a ^4 die MobileSo.cheeks par a V die ,'iuladelphia... . V a 'adit New Orleans,...! a IV dis Baltimore V a V i)is North Carolina. .2 a ? dis Richmond l.V a? dis Cincinnati 1 a IV dis Charleston IV a IV dis Louisville 2 a 21, (lis S-.vantish lValxdis Nashville ? a 2V dis August* ? al'^dis 8t Louis.. IV s 2 dts Columbns ? a IV dis Detroit ? a 2V dis Buffalo.. IV a ? dis Pittsburg V a 1 dis NWile(bk notes) * a 1 dis Qi'otatioks ron Besets. Per Cent. Value. Amer. gold, old..106 a 106V Carolus dolls. .1,03 a 1,06 do do new..100 a 100V Five francs... 04V a 93 Half dollars... par a 109S, Doubloous... 16,00 a 16,25 Portuguese gold.lOO a 100V do patriot. 15,80 a 15,75 Bpauisk dollars. .103 a 105 Sovereigns... 4,85 a 4,87 do quarters. 99V a 100 do light... 4,88 a 4,85 Mexican dollars. 104V a 101 Heavy guineas5,00 a ? do quarters. 99 a 100 Napoleons... 3,83 a ? Treasury Notes. 99V a 99V UwcrRHKitT Mower. Bo't at. S'ld at Bo't at. Bid at New Knsland... V dis par. Mobile, sp pay'gOV dis ?dis Albany, Troy, he V dis V dis New Orleans.. ,2V dis ?dis N.York country 1 dis V dis Ohio 3 dis ?dis New Jersey.... V dis V dis Indiana 3 dis ?dis Philadelphia.... M dis par. Kentucky 2 V dis ?dis Baltimore * dis V dis Tennessee 8 dis ?dis Viririuia IV dis 1 dis Missouri 3 dis ? dis North Carolina. .3V dis ? dis Michigan 4 dis ?dis i ! South Carolina. .SV dis ? dis Canada 5 dis ? dis ' Georgia 2V dis ? dis I Wheeling Banks are IV per cent discount. The steamer harlog just left, the demand for foreign exchange has bcoome quite limited; and,until an en qulry springe up for the next paoket?the Washington, i tor Southampton, on the 30th lnit., Sunday next-que- | tatlons will be merely nominal It is not known yet i whether the Washington will take out any epeole or : not?everything depends upon the ruling rate for eterI ling exchange a day or two before her departure. Domestio exohangee are lnaotlre; the ratee are ail in favor of thla olty, and probably will oontinue bo nntil the opening of navigation. The exoltement relative to country money ha* subsided, and the ratee have fallen to about the old standard. Bills of the suspended free banks are selling at seventy-five to ninety oents on the dollar. The receipts of the Miami Railroad Company for the month of January In eaoh of the past three years, wsra j as annexed Little Miami Railroad. January. <848. 1847. 1848. Freight, $6 013 81 19,498 49 $11 988 33 Passengers, 2,782 10 4,188 38 8.471 42 $8,793 31 $13,684 87 $18,439 33 8inoe January, 1846, the reeslpts have more then doubled, and there la every probability of the revenue for thl* year being proportionably large, compared with 1846. The bill to loan the bonds of the State, to the amount of $600 000, to the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad, and $320,000 to the Hiwaseee Railroad, has passed the lower houae ot the Legislature of Tennessee. The bill had previously passed the upper Houae, and is, therefore, without muoh doubt, a law. This will add immensely to the internal improvements of tbat State, and ensures the connection of the railroads on the Atlantic coast with those on the banks of the Ohio and Mississippi It will rapidly develops the resources of middle Tennessee, and open a oommunloation between the Mississippi and Atlantio, which will be of vast benefit to the southern Atlanta jitles. Several railroads hare been stretching from the seeehore Into the interior, but the progress of most of them, has been arrested at the line of the Scats in which they have been conatruoted. The movement made in the Legislature of Tennessee ; not only authorizes the extension of the line, hut provides the means and facilities for doing so. The Western States are waking up upon the subjeot of railroads; the South has for sometime past been extensively engaged in this system of Intersal improvement; and the oonneotlon which must soon be made between the lines of the North and South, the Fast and the West, will increase the usefulness and produetlveness of the whole. Stuck Exchange. $13000 Trea Notes 6'a 9974 100 ihi Farmers' T bnw 29V 1813 U 8 Btv Loan 91* 600 do blO 29?, mono I' ?6's '67 |60 loo too do 29*4 3000 U 8 5's *33 9114 too do 29 V 3000 do 9'74 23 Canton Co 3374 3300 do 93 100 do bnw 31 3noo U 8 3's'33 conposi 92 100 do bow 3414 20000 1'enn 5 a b-0 7274 30 do 34 1 3030 do 72 V 2 0 do b30 3174 1 3000 do *10 7274 60 Norwich J( Wor s60 374? < irooo do b60 7 1 60 do 3774 ' 1000 III Intlmp '47 34 60 do b30 38 4P00 Bonds (10 62 200 do 38 8000 do 62 23 Utiea 8t Sche RR 1 7 Read Mort Bds 68 40 Aobnrn 8t Roch UK 92 ' 70?lis Meehs Hk 103>4 50 Long Island RR 2874 ' 7 Bk of Com, full 89 300 do 28', 3 do (974 270 do b!5 28T4 ' 530 Reading RR 43 30 do h20 28'4 ' *0 do b15 43V 300 do b30 29 1 199 do b5 43V 300 do 28'< 90 do 437a 100 do s30 2SV I 36 do 4374 100 do inw 28V ' 30 do 43*J 200 do b20 28V ' 30 do bnw 44 700 Harlem RR 4474 0 1 dn 1.13 44 100 ' do blO 44 151 do ax 400 do 41% 30 North Am Tru?l 9 323 do 43 | 23 do t% 30 do 1)0 43 30 do OX 230 do 44% 1 100 i'o b30 10 100 do bl3 43% 1 200 Karats r'sTrutt 20 27 Stoningtou RR 33 30(1 do 29% ?Erie RK 03% 1 30 do bio 39% 23 do 63% > Second Board. 30 ihi Harlem RR '144% ' 50 shi Morrii Caual bl 10% 1(0 do bio 44% 30 Nor and Wor ?30 37V | 330 do 44% 100 Long Island RK b!3 28% < (few Stock Ruhanie. 100 aha Moma Caual b30 II ton ihi Harlem RK 41% ' 2i0 Harlem RR e 43 230 do b3 43 1 630 do e 44% 200 do bnw 43 100 do e 44% 100 do >3 4?X ' 350 do e 44V 100 do in? 45 , 100 do e 43% 30 do i IS 44% 150 do 45 , CITY TRADE REPORT. Naw Yohk, Saturday Afternoon, Feb Id < ' The pacullartlanguor usually prevalent, following the ' departure of one steamer and preceding the arrl-ral of . another, waa fully manifest to- day. 8a lee of Hour were , moderate, at about yeaterday'a quotations for Oenaaee, i Michigan, ko , while oelea of New Orleana were made on I terma not quite eo good ae preriouely the preeent week. 1 Further ealea of Ohio wheat were made ontheaame j termo Sale* of corn were made pretty freely on terme j etated below. Meal waa eold on terme. It waa aald, aome- ,, what in favor of buyera. compared to ratea current ainne the newa In provieione, there waa very little doing in pork, while other artlolea remained about the aamo In groceries, eugara continued scarce and prloea Arm Salsa 1 I f coffee were made without material change In prioee. J Aihes?Salea of 26 a 30 bbls. pota were made at $6 , Pearls remained nominal at $7 BaEADtTurra? Flour? Salea of 1000 bbla prime Wee- ' tern were made at $8; 300 do Genesee, at frt 25; looo hbla common Geneeee were gold at $8, arid 300 do at I $8 11%. Small lota extra were eold at 38 87%; 800 bbla Ohio via New Orleane. were eold at >5 08%. and 150 do, ' , fancy Ohio, at $8 75 a 8 87%; Southern brands re t malned about the aame We noticed aalea of 200 bbla * Richmond, country, at $8, caah There waa no change lu Howard street or Alexandria Salea of 9800 : i buabela <f Ohio, were made at $1 25, and 500 Long Island at the same price The last ealra of Genesee n wi re made at $1 33 a $1 35 Corn- Sales of 2000 bush- ' els New Jersey yellow, were made at 80%; 1 500 a IfloO 1 do, new yellow, were inane at 80c: 2 400 do, Northern ( round yrllow, eold at 8 >c; 2500 do old Not them yellow in store, ht 840; 1000 yellow at Olo Aleut - Sales of 3 0 a , 400 bbla New Jersey were reported at $2 75, and a lot ot i Brandy wire, at $2 93% Re wae quiet at. Hbo a 00c. i Salee of 100 hbla Rye tlour weie made at $4 60, under ' clrourostancee not oomidered indicative of prices Oati \ were worth 60s for eanal. with sales. Reus? Salea of 00 ; bbla were made at $1 81%. i M Thef* Wei 4 IMtil eel*, by RUStloU Of H ! I i?olr? iBwlor *prro j* 'M(i, ; jooi Viroflrm 81c ' fossae?Rio cuiitiou*il steady at 6.1% ? To Haled of , " 00bags Maracatbo were made on private terms CoTTorr?The sale* to J ,y were 400 half* to manut'ae- r, turer*. at n decline of about a quarter of a c?nt from tl.? .< ratf* paid previous to the arrival of the Sarah Hand*. Provisions?fork was quiet dpw mess w-s bold at 10 n, and old at $0 There was no change in prima; 3AO bbt* 1 J of ham* and shoulders were mad* at OX" tar 'he lot pi' ,j and at 3Xo for th< latter Beef-8<l?aof 60 tioroaa were * mad* at $16 7 i Lard?Hairs of 300 km* were uiade at n 8'?c, and 100 bbls. No 4 lard, sold at 7}$* Hal** of 40 u ti*rcf* ham* wpr* uiadr, part ut 6*. and part at ti>4c. Thar* was uo obnng* In oh**** or butter of moment Rick ?The market was quiet, and no sales of uimnert v transpired r Si'uaa?Hal** of 1*0 hhd* New Orleans were mads at 1 X a do. 4 month*, and 40 do prima at AXc Tallow?Hupplia* wore light. and trsnsactlon* were limited; whil* prices remained steady at HXaM'ti for good rendered. I Whai krone?Sales of 4600 lb* North West were made I St 47Xo I ? Wins a r t was dull, and no sales were made worth reporting. i I Ki?h?There was an arrival of 400 bbls. Halifax mack- j ere! to-day, which were disposed of on private term*. L)ry cod and lierting continued llrra at our last quotations Ksiiit?Sale* were made by suction of HO oases maoa- ; roniatfet*.; 100 ken* olive*, a little inferior, at 84X. I , and 40 fr?ile Malaga mtt fhell almoud* at IM((BsN deys We also not* by private sale OtiOO lbs. dried apples at 4 ots.; small lot*of dried peaches, common, at (0 per bnshel, and 200 bushels Wllmlrgtcn pea nut* at f>I 31X, ca?h Hrar?We could hear of no transactions. I Molassks?New Orleans continued to sell In a mode- j t rate way at'48 ct* delivered, and 47 ot* to arrive. Car- | ' dents was in light demand at 41 *4:) ots., at which we : quota the market firm. | ' Navai. Shirks?No sales rsporteil. Oils?Linseed, olty pressed, continued atesdy,without j sales, at 85 a 66 ot* . und Knglieh;dn. at HA ct*. There i *a< no change of moment In other descriptions. 1 Touaeoo We submit the usual statement, sliowln < the prices, sties, receipts, and steak on baud, for the week ending this afternoon: , Sold thi* Krc'd f/tt'e Stock on Price t. week. week. hand | Kentucky. Virginia 1 3!X-to8>(C 200 hd? ? 5,051 hdi and N. I arnlina.. i 2X to 1\ Maryland and Ohio? ? fi lids ? i hdt | 4X to 5X I Connecticut Seed.. 6 to IS 20 cs ? 410 cs i 8 to 12^ Pennsylvania do,.. 7 to 15 ?(>< ? ? llOci , ux Florida 5 to 60 32 ci 12 c? 137 ci 22 to 33 Havana 25 to87% ? 7 bl? 264 Ms I Cuba 12% to 23 473 bales ? 3316 hi. I 12% to 21 < Yara 32 to 37% ? 130 bla 231 Ma St. Dnminao ? ? ? ? 367 bla BuiIdfm *u less animated than during the preceding week Holders of Kntutk/ Mid Virginia Tobacco ware Arm In their prioea Segar wrgppem of all kind* were soaroe, and very much wanted. Cuba continued to be purohaeed at low rote* There was nothing doing in new Seed Leaf Tobacco einoe the beginning of the season The reason that the unprecedented inactivity in this desoriptlon of the article has not been productive of an accumulation of stock in this market, has ariseu from the fact, that holders and speculators preferred storing It In Conneotiout, where storage Is cheap, with the view of keeping it thereuntil in better j demand here. But, from present appearanoee there would seem but little proapeot of their realising for good i wrappers more than U a 11 cents. Frkight* ?Rates continued dull to porta in Great I Britain 1200 to 1600 buehele of oorn were engaged for 1 Liverpool, In sscka. at 6d. Flour and meal were nominal I ae la 6i, and ootton 8 I6d Krelghta also oonlinued Inactive to Havre, and few engagements were reported to any European porta. Both shippers and shlp-ownsrs seemed inoltnedto wait for the next steamer's news, before operating to any considerable extent. OARKET8 KL8KWHERE. STOCK SACKS. Baltimobf. Feb. II.?$I0(W United States 6'*, 1867. 10(1% ; 20(10 do do. 100%; 10L0 do do. 100% ; I 110 do Treasure 5'<, loll; 1000 \Iarvlaud orreiicfS* 69; 2000 do do fi'a, C6; 1000 do do ! 5's 69; 1000 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad dir. bonds 78%; SCO do do do, 78%; 12 shares Farmers' and Planters' Bank, 22. Philadklfhia, Feb. 12?glim State i's, 72%; 28C0 County 5's 77>?; 5 Girrrd Bank 10%; 800 Wilminglon H R hnndr. 77%. .If'er Salrs-508 S'ste 5's. 72%; 4500 1' 8 Loan ; G? '56. 99; 700 Schnyl Nsv 6s '63, 43 . econd Hoard?200 U |"4 Loan fia '56 99; 17 t'hil Bark. 112; 157 Lettish interest, 58. Jifttr Sole I? 3'H U SLoan6s'58, 98%; 1600 do Ci 'H7, 101; 50 Gin.rd Bnnk, lf%: 38 Bearer Meadow It H,25; 100 Morris Caual, 11; 1000 State 5's, 72%; 500 do 6's, 82. ' Boston, Feb. II. 1848 ?Brokcr't Hoard?60 shares Head- I iug Hadroad 2 2%; 23 do. b o 30 (Is, 23: 25 do 22*w; 19 shares i Old Colony Kailroad 89%; 10 do Fast Boat 'U Co 13%; 17 do I Fitchburgli Railroad, new s ock 110%; 50 do Norwich and Worcester Hailroad 38: 34 do Vermont and Mans. HailroaJ 72; 2 rights Western Itnilrmd 30c: 116 do 27%; S2000 Beading flailroad Bouds, 1890, 63%; $1000 do, b o lOds. 63%. Second ' Hoard?12 aha'es Vermont and M iss. Hailroad 72: CO do Head- i inir Hailroad 22% ; 15 do Western Railroad 103%; 5 do do, i 103%; 1000 rigli's Western Kailroad 30c; $10,000 Heading Bouds, 1850, 63%. Died. ~ ' ' I [On Saturday, 12th inat, of iDflamatinu of the lungs, r Ph ii-ip Dos an, aged 43 years, a native of Ireland. ! t His friends are invited to attend his funeral this day. c (13th Inst) at 3% o'clock, from his residence, south ; west corner of Churob and Warren st. On Saturday morning, of a lingering illness, William , Hatina^, in the 39th year of his age. i The friends and acquaintances of the family are re < speotfully Invited to attend hig funeral this (Sunday) > afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from his late residence, oorner of 1 Stanton and Wlllet streets. On Friday. Feb.|)lth, Abraham Tikdman, aged 37. after a short Illness His friends and acquaintances, Knickerbocker Lodge. Independent Order of Good Fellows, and the Order in ' general, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his lats residence, So 18 Stanton st this (Sunday) I afternoon, at 'J o'clock, without farther invitation. ' February 12th. of a ahnrt. hut severe illness of two 1 (lays M?jpia*et, eldest daughter of Robert J and El- I P Inn Collins, aged 13 years, 10 months and 37 days . Yesterday, 13th inst., of erysipelas. Laik.i, infant J t daughter of William and Luoretla Hunter, aged P < p ininUs , , The friends ot Mr Then Kenton, and of the family, a are invited to attend the funeral this (Sunday) after- * noon, at 2 o'clock, at 9M Hudson St., opposite Broome. J Louisville papers plesse copy. ' GHAND MASS MEETING OK THE FRIENDS OK f General Xachary Taylor?A Grand Mass Meeting of ) the l> lectors r f the City and Couuty of New York, favor.ih'r , to the election of Gen Z tcharv Taylor to the Presidency of 3 the United Plates, will he held nt Military Hall, in the , Bowery, cn Tuesday evening ueit, Kebruarv li'.li The ' Honorable W. Cost Johnson, of Maryltnd, end Honorable . Edwird D Rakes. Iste Member of Cougress, and (Colonel of the liliuois Volonteers nt the Battle ul Bnrna ViStB, have gaged t be present and address the meeting. Several other prominent epeakers a e expected C- inmiltee ol Arrange t menu?John K Burterwoith. Jrmes I lialen, Ca'eb H Wood- v luill. Marsh ill O lloheits, Krederick ( oggill. .\lo"s Max- I u id. jr. John T Bowricg, Win S Johnston, Jainet H Welsh, t < Ins Uevoe, Charles McUevitr. Robert Silver, John Lloyd. I Siml J llocketaver, A Sidney Don ,e, l)r?ke M'lls Charles K Biicgs, J Clitz Morrison. Chns Chamberlain, J H Burk, Peter ' B Van Honten. Owen Vv Ureimaii. R W Ryckman. jr, Win H llaynor, James B Turner, John Ormond, Samuel Cinirell, i E R Sheiman, Benj K Craigin John Stiles, Robert Coll ins, t Charles Williams, AC Piuckney, Stephen Taylor, James K a Wil ntns.JnhnC Brant,Simeon Draper, jr. George JToleom. b Plinth Dm. 1111 tr, Alonzo A Alxord, Geisrd Stuyvesnnt. llna n Knller. Win W Lyou, Geo A Halsey, Kredenck Frye, Jns S | 1'hayer. William Cox, Phillip Jordan. K Garretton Lorkey. J Silas M Stilwell, W illiam Cosgrove, William Oale. dmuuil 0 Gritfiu, Jacob Kostrelt, Ira Brown, John G liver. Jis II Tny- j ri lor, John P Hidrer. Alex K Dodge Peter Sunires. Charles J |, Kolsntn, Jiines L Smith, John LMor, J1000 D Young. J D < r Cook, Geo A K Browu, Robert P Lee, jr, Peter 11 Ilrever, 1 James Lucas, Daniel Horton, Sidney U ISaicliy, James r Hsybern. _ I ? 11). OK G. 1-1 UK MK.M BEK8 OK KNH KKR- | bicker Lodge, No. 5, are re,incited to be i. uncfu I in at- ^ eudance nt ih?ir lodge room Gothic Hall. Broad way, th s 1 a. Jay ( kundsy ) at one o'clock, to pay thr lost tribute of teipect , o their deeea?ed hrollier. A. Teideman. Bv order J AMI'S ,,, HEIGH ON, G. P. GEO B ANDERSON. Srrrrtn.y R/k RKWARD-LOST 0> LONG ISLv.NI), BE* 1 ' Iplk" tween Bedford and Brookl n. ou Kridsy apernoon, '1 t wrllet eon raining about flit) to fioo, out hut 1 ed cf wl.n I a-as on the Long Island Bank, iu two's and three's. Italeo v mnrained a l umber of bills nuu receipts, amounting tonb<>ut (600, which are of 110 nse to eny one hnt the owuer. The ibuve reward will be paid by leaving the same with .) P Scndler. No. 4 Water street, Brooklyn. H A CONOVKlt. C '"in KK.WAHD-LOST AT THE SOIRKKOkjlTHK. . JpiJVJ tittlv company of National Guards, outheSth mst., a t, Clutter Diamond Ring. It is mnrh xa ued by the owner. | < The finder will reeeixe the aboxe reward by returuing it to I No 3n Walker s'reet. _ _ __ UENTLEMKN8' LEFT OKK WARDROBE. KIRK I Arms, lie ? Gentlemen or families desirous of disposing 1 ,| jftheir supertlaous clothing, jewelrv, arms, fcc., for cash, .a may do so adxaulageons'y by sending for the subscriber, who 1 will a tend tliein at their residence by appointment H LEVKTT, 3 Wall street, corner of Broad A hue through the < > II office Will feet with tine attention \ PANTALOONS-F. AHRKN8. THE WELL KNOWN N r,vn a Tailor, i0% Aun street, has lately rereixrd over Kb.' ;p pieces fsuey I assimeies, of which he makes pants 10 order lor jnl y $1 to f3 a pair. Also, French and English black C'ssi- . meres and deal kins fr> m ft to f 8 per pair, warrsmeii good or . jo sale. Gents who are in want of pants will do well to call ( it 3(>K Ann street. 0, f 3 \ST C)KK 1 i.orniNG ..\.ND FU. NlTUBEWAIIT. rt Ir ED ?Ladies and Gentlemen having any cast- ff or iu. e'floua Clothing or Furniture to dispose I, can ohtvin a fur 1 ash price for ihe same, by sending a note or railing on the m his residence, or t'uougii the post, whirh w ill K ponclBtilr iiieuuca m. wi. ur. uwr.ia, n?i ann >ireel, ip ttair* N. B ? Ladiea can be attended to by 'In Dr Boer i "I )d itork mil job goodt bought, of any urarripto n suit *' mount. f ttXfm I HALLENQE?NOTICE TO GENTLS ? JktEUvr M who want thru obi iMmU loell like nrw? 01 all at the Tr. during, uyiog, <Cleaning and Repairing K?iab> > iihmei t, at 66 Gold (beet, wheieyoueau gee >11 greaie mcl) nr. iilnr. punt, extracted withont (oiling your elothea, !'< ,t the ?hor!ttt notice, and on the mo?t reaionable terma, hy it 1 B NO\H, 66 Gold (trrrt. two ilaon from Beekmau N. I I.?The higheat price paid for gentltnien'a left off wearing t n [pparrl. ; ?i FOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LIN REGULAR HA< K et of 26th of Krbiuary ?The nrw and ?p!eudi'J faat anlica racket, the GAHRIl K, Thom-ia Shipley, maiter, n now lmd | ns. and will poaitirely 9?11 aa abo?r, hrr tegular day. For j y reight or paaaage, having apleudid furuiahed nccommodatioii>, ipplv on board, at Orleruia wharf foot of Wall atrert, or to b . a. (COLLINS 56 South atrert. The |>acket ahip K()8( It's Jt 'ant Wna. M. F Moate. will aucceed the Garrick. aud aail Hatch >6th. her regnla* dar. ALEXANDER'S TKICOBAPHK -THE MUST SI C- ?lj teaafnl hair dye ever dia?nvered, lord, rug I < In r 1 itantxrtcualy, a benutilul black or brown. Kor riwe by Jtuih *' n k''o , Broadway ; \ B. k 1 . Sandi, En'ton and Willi <m a; I homaa k Maxwell. William at., or of John n, M ?.rr ud Taylor. HI Maiden-lane j C(J WHAkF AND 8Mb DS IN BROOKLYN TO La T fr< m '?r \\>y ittt, ??r lor s<le ?The il or? i rope V Iror.t ol l.M) feet on Kn -tmu street, and tuinuog to the ! . t 1 ' liver abc ut feet, idi< lays directly opposite l" W*U ?rr#'? 1 n New York an.i eery near the if* Ffr y ?h 11? to b" f ' ished to Brooklyn. It I a* been ecclpitd in "V I ' * idviii), for the n'oragr < i naval store* If old. the ? I r\ymeat will be very I beM.or it will be 'tn'td for one no re years. Aprly to V A]. ? NTI N K O II LL, r r' J terktonn and Pch>1 srree t? New York. 41 so to let, % g uteri trick house come of Bauds street and fiudioa Avtxue, i. \ i ooklrn I tat. $2 ') PUiLU HOUitt TO LI ODt aO. 4 Great Jones st. Possession ?iteu immediately. Alpl\ : ?a in the premises. # j H 1 JAR* THEATRE-PAR* MOV |m i w g . * a ** . r ! u*ft' I *? " ?1 I A Tin Mil ' ' 'f ' irueat solic U(lor.1 I.f nil the; : inr, ? rietors nam the pleasure 'u ans< ui.c - ih-rtl c ? n1 the 'I li<airs for a tlnin time I iige who h niuat iril> limited in eonariuenca ..I (hr r eug I inn ? : [ i*. OKU viA.% I "till annuel I ylurccalul ' , |. i cI' M. mi WALTKK ftY MAH < Nfiautdluen ( . MOHKLV ApmcLcii unparalleled! low I? :'< nil, Allirop a, d Ouidner Uirsi I iiele . i V i|U' r > lei 15 een'a: Oallely, lljfc rtnta. Loot u, . 1 . i ; I i.Vim k Performance to cumin* c- ?'7 o*. tU J r | rrulara ire Inlla. N. B.?A la.-aud I ?fh> mine? evely : ill <v afuii'iHiD. enmaaane wen tjf oVIoch. [)OWI. \ T1IKAT1'-; lU'DM .\Vr IM I ? I" 11- i I 1. 18 19 I ll- lie I- I . V Ik n ?, mil lir M> ,te'? tiagetly of 1 HE O/Ult-i E ?'? ia i't> |y, Mra. Shn-v ; Mr Beverly, V Barrv ; KinLe v. 'r ( A' Clarae: l,ewim \ir. J. ll. Mail: Jarvia. 8,r lie! ?' . latea. Mr. W nwnk, i t-rlntte, .I'm mliaoii f.uii U"?'lly. - " Cl at' id' Willi 'lie don a of '.A l"I A ' N C\ 1) ; nt lli* W ii.ih 'f Heli 11 lie?lapoin Kvd. ^"r ,v klaraball; Mark Merail;t)i. Mr Mrvia; Puma, A r (jormin. tnraebi'A i Hemlock, Mi. P. Builie: oui.ieja, Mrs Walrol Bocae, i'j eerta; **ii and (kilter' , \-4% crtile. lloora open 11 o'clock Perfoim* i re in e inir.enf e a- 7 Mi; (TH A ,| thk | HI ' i' * 1 . k.VKMaO *Kel?. Uili ?['"ir-t nppe i'mee . f I, I Winam - ' e errorm-.nre will coRimet <e wnh THl.TUR.'l* K a (I VTE ?Cock. Mr. Wi'.tm; M rv. Mua Klynn. , lie winch. (lie W A N Or KINO BO *1 S?Count ilr ' r- - *y, Ir H 'dd; I.m bin, Mr. Winaua; .luaiin Mia. Demon I Mi?a I). n? Po conclude vvitli I.If,I ?. N', 'I IP uVVtiUtl I) anon Dili ;te *!' VViuaui; Ever d -n I ml l.ili, , ... (i,t. ,ii I), lira.pen ei ii)i nVi'. ii-o foontuce lo c.,n men it 7. Boiea, J:i cents; Pit, 18;;. reui, MITi HKI.LN OLYMPIC THEATV K ?MOTDA \ Kerning. Feb U ?The .-i jtoi nimriice a. th lie exfaV'tiaiixi CAlleil 'J 1! I a H('I' K To lie SOt.f) v r. ( Inttertini f.'li'phini i'r ''olmud; O.-nol aw, Ci li ^ady ' oiatance, .M??. II Ll erwnod Alier wl.ich, ihe r, ra? loan'.i rutitled KABKI?K l>ri, Mr II Hau'I; N rn \ yoiinver; aor.etie, Miia Kobrrls; '1 he V iry Blam li. Mua *'illipi Af:er which, tie farce ectu|etl_ the ll.'HNED ir \u?irira, -*ir. > iicn?n; t.aura. aims 'iuiiiih l' r rrtai "neutt P i our lude with the farce emitted MODS L OF \ WIFE?Mr. Stump. Mr Cuumnahani; (Jinrn. >Iim |,? ieru. Doors open it (>% curtain rises at * o'clock ? Ohm 'ire ')) rents. Upper Boarv 25 csiits; Or'hrstra ilui?, II I'nv te Buiei <>. Pit. I soiling |?HOADWAY '/ HF \TKE.-MOIVD AY EVENING ' Febnurv ICh?Will le pte?ei,teil If now lea' comety ot I" LOVE OH ASK. Sir William K oullove, Mr Vaih? Wa'lrr, Mi Fleming; Wildrake. dr. Lester; Tue worth Mr. " reden ks; Const* r. VIr* Fa ten; \liee, Mrs ' hwm i r? conclude with the I'e'ite comedy of "K.VKnTJNiViscount, Mr, Frederick F'edetiik, Mr 1 eiter; Notary, Mr II imiltor,; rmstnc M its Fanny V. atlack ; Itiitet. Mi?s M ' hews; Marie- Mm Telbi ; kgatln Miss C -i man. Dress I'ircie and P?rijiieite ' r'i ? u.>i - ' wc'i 25 m Gallery I'R rents Hours optn si half past tio'clock?l'e.formance to commence nf 7 piiUUS. BOWERY .'AMPHITHEATRE-9T. VA Ay leutii.e's festival, Monday, 'I'tie day, ami Wrducscay, Feb. 14, 15 IS Firu aopea ance hi New YorkofMrs W > arroL. Hob Williams. the world reriouned trek Olown; Sown r i th* King, \lr. J. VVe'ls Mr. N t in with his Pnpils, he Holland Kainiiv; the Wells Fjip ly Five m no Aer; Mr W.Cole Mr. I Sweet Mr f. Haonn, Master W. Nit n Mi nt Lalhnmr.M tier Willirms. Mil's' Band of Ethiopia" Hnimcnut*. Walts ai d Entree?Great i in.c,pal Art bs Mra_W. It ('.Troll. To conclude with " Lubin "inl A? ette Lubin, Mr. Carroll,(lid 't*n, Bacon; Anueite Miss I. WelL D' ors open at C o'c'ork, I i , formauce to ecRinteiiCQ at 7 Ad mission?Boxes 2a centa. Pit I2R centr. PALMOtt OPKItA HOUSE.?M() v D a V EVENING. Fell. H ? 1'infenor TH IKHs'OHOIIPS ofMODK.L AB CIS I'S, t wenty in tiunibrr, w II have the honor o appearing m i serin of their celebrated Grand Tableaui Vivans ami I'osea Plasliijues, which lina been considered the most classic I anil uitruc ire eshihilinn that has ever appeared in any conn ry, and has been honored by the patronage of the most Itigust personages. Doors open nt to commence nt 7)4 dclock Dress Circle and Paninette, lndy and centleman. 5 :ents; centleman aloue, 50 centa; upper botes, 25 cents. Jdut ilfien open from IB A. M toj P. VI AMKRIUA\ MUSEUM?SPLENDID PKDFOHMi*. ar.cet every Hft?r?or?i nod erasing? Vlea Pr!hv\ snpe>b Srriinural Mutuary, representing the " Birth ot Clrist," 'ills Last Supper,"" His Trial befo e Pontius Pi t-, 'and n's" a representation of an "Intemperate Family,' ml in was,the lite of life may be seen at all hours every day and evening, wnliolit ettra charge Bejnle lliere are engaged?Mast. John iton, Tight-Hope Dancer, Great Western the mw coinedja1 Pete Morris, r oni r sinner; ' Isrn Fisher's 1-hak.spe renu Obi iff. Mrs. Monell- Miss Hrrasril Muses Jnlieti and Whitlock, (lancers; Mr. Whitloek; Mr Prosser; Hockwell, fortnue teller, See. Admission to the whole, 25 cents. Reserved front seiti, one shilling each ettra VI KcHA.NK 8'HALL.172 BROADWAY, BETWEEN ''a Grand and i!'onme?is?Crowded to overflow ing with lie beauty and fashion of New York Open every uiuht dn-iin ;be week et< esd Monday Uoabntea surre-s ?Twtnt elk aerk o! the miiiic -I I MIH MTV'S M INr I'll El.!. tl . illicit established Hand in the United States. K. i' briny , (J df. Christy. K. Pierce, J. Haynor, C Abbott,'!'. Vauitha, ivi me original a d iaim table Concerts arc nightly honored wi h crowded and highly rrspectab'e audiences, and nnirertally iidnntteil to etcel every amusemaat o' a similar cltaraclet offered iu this city Admission 25 crr.ta; chd ieo nader Id years half price Doors open at 7 o'clock?C ncnt ? ill commence at 8. On Haturday, Feb. '9. .a Afternoon (,'ourert. Doora open at 2, ci miueuce at 3 o'clock <)n Monday even iug, Feb. 14th, Fourth Co cert at tlir Brooklvo Insti'ufe dhoadway odeon?entkanck thkough IJ Piuteui's I nfe des Millc Colonun?Maniurrr, K. (4. (Jre?ley.?Great attractions.?2d urght ofJKALOUFY?The manager respectfully announces to the citizens of th.syreii' metropolis, and to strangers visiting it. that The 'd?on is pen with r.n entire uewi'.'ompony of Male and Female Ariiles, of flic most beautiful sviniecfry, m o?der to produce a rries of splendid new Tableaux Vivans. Monday. Feb. 14? | ir?t appearnnre of Hignnr eisse?Progrsmme?Part 1?Overures, 8oi gj, Ike. l*ait 2?TABLE 5 UX VIVANS and Poses 'iuithucs by the Model Artisn. I'nrt 3? Fivcrur of the ieo glio. ike. Prices?Oichestia Box, 50 < ents; Panmette. 25 :"tit*; Boms \2\ rents BANVARD'H mammotu PANORAMA ok the 'ViiMiui.pi river, paiutrd en three miles of rmuu. be UK I tie largest painting inthe world. at the Panorama buildUK ,'U Broadway, adjoiuiug Niblo's <tardea. Opru every rvcniug (Sundays excepted ) Admissbu 58 cent*: children vice. Ti e I'dao-ama will commence moving at 7>i o'clock, ireitely Alternoon exhibition on Wedueadayx anil Batur. lsyx, at 3 o'clock. BKU.mvviCK'3 STATUARY?LARGE as L'FK? ( ii Bexican cortip., ut 111.) repr'sentiug the VENUS DE i EDICTS and .ATOlLO UK MEDICIS Open f om 9 A M 0 10 P A3 . at 29fi Croaowny, next to Stoppani's bitln. Adm t arce ?'> ceitu 1 T.N PAR ' I.LKLEU NOV'!' LTV -SIGN OH AC,AS <-> ThO wtllni kehis irar appetence tu Auierien. at the 'sbernacle, on Thursday,- Feb !7th. Nignor Acssto will erfoiio itilir xauie line on (lie Flnte nnd Pi mo. T' follow IK eminent Vocalists and Instrumentalists anui lnm on ie occasion?Mm Jnlii Noril.all Miss Bneiirt, Mr Masers and Mr. M'.yrr Foil O clieicra of tlie it lnm Opsia , .eider. Si* Kajpetti. Mr Tnara at the P.*uo. For parti ulars *te atuall bills. Tickets can be hid at the Mnaic Stores ml principal Hotels Price?Family tii Iter* for tlner puron a, $2 ; tingle tickets, at Music Stores and hotels, 75 ctl-t ingle tickets, at the door of the Tabernacle, $1. iluors upeii t7 Per form nice e inmeuee r-t It Learned > s \;tv iiiiils-sk; sorsimnetto respecitally tnf run the ladies and gentlemen ot thi? ritv and v icinity. that his exhibition of th**e in at wondetlnl nrda, that Ii ive ao chairned the people of t.-e old world, are row oil exhibition at the Letiire Rootn in the Society!,' brary, IIU Broadway, Afternoon exhibition every day. at 3 o'clock pen eve y evening, (Monday evening excepted,) at 7 o'clock I'lie per'oriuiug birds will eorritwiicejnt half-past 7 preciaely Admiaainn B c ante?Children hatf-pfce llf ALM'TST THEATRE nil. 1 DELPHI A.?Mmvv day ev nioir. Fen Hlh, 1818, wi'l he | e formed the ragedy of DOUGLAS?Lord II nJ 'ph. lohnsi n . iilena1 on, Lrmiu ; Old Norvil, Kiclnngs : Young Nurval. Mm lean Lady Randolph, .VTIss VVe i.ysx. To conclude with lie FRENCH SPt'. (. n Tuesday Miss Deen and Misa iVenvm will appear. I7HEATR1CAL PKKFOHMEH8-?wanted, FOUR I Ladies, of ui.di.ubted talent, to (ill responsible si nations n the Notional theatre, a' Cincinnati. None hut those ot n'rnt -1111 rest eetabiloy i eed appl v. Applications to be mail* t tho Box Oflii e ol the I!ov,cry Theatre to A W.JAt K ION. Written communications directed as above. Lectures on astronomy?new york sth February,1818 To Professor J I , Nit-hoi L L. D ?Dear lit:?Aware of your high reputation and ability as an as'ton ner, we bento express to yru our t.esire, and ih it of the in i bitanis of the upper port of the city , thar yoe w II delivers oorsc of If urea no Astronomy in si ine more accessible I'll than that in which you are delivering your present ' niae Wearc yours respectfully, Samuel B. Ruggles, Jo I'll (1 Cogswell, Sidney Brook*. L iliailisli, James T. Jones, olui A King, T Tileston, H Ray. Jona VI Wainwright, Lichard Irvin. J W.tJerard, An us us hIcming. Henry Cary, tnnel Henry Dickion, Jacob Hsrrey, J. AV. Benedict. Dr Mrhol has the pleasure of announcing that in cona>quencfthe nl ove request with which he has been honored, he will eliver a course of six lectures on thr tnoe interest-mi of At ouomic 1 s rciiiations and plieuomens, in the Chapel of tlm niversity, IVnahiogtou Fqiiare. og the eveuingsof Tuesday id Thursday?the hrat Le- ture to b* given on the evening I Tharac'av, I7tll ol Frbtu uy, at ha f-past 7 o'clock. A tall .abas of tlie conrie ma* he hiol at the bookstotes of Messrs. viley h Putnam, 181 Broadway, and H Ker-ott, 8S3 Broad y, where tirketa mav also he procured. Tickets to tho "Ur.e, $2: admitting a lady and gentleman,$3; to a single reture. AO cents | UNIOR BACHELORS?FOI BTH SOI REE-BIRTH ? Season The above Soiree wil tnlie pi ice at the Cn|i urn, mi Tuesday, Fenruary ljth. Single sdioi siori arils may be prncu'ed of nay of the Managers By order. JUNCAN M'K.WING^Wec ?c. caan< v ball dresses for gentlemen.? P New dresses, faithful representations of the eh meter* eaired to hire at Jglins uejoiigr eg w ten street. N B til dresses and theatrical properties made to older, at tbe lorraat notice. AONNJtlK'b UNITED STATE*TVPK HHJmjHA"! J i ' of Ann and Nassau streets, New Yo'k t entrance . 25 Aun a1 ree; The u<idei*i,,ued h ive select"! a uati nal t oe lor their establishment n* above. They tl-iter them .'vesth ?t. mce they have, Phceuit-like ri en f ?ni t*> aahes their old estsbhahtnett, they w II th ough strict st fallouts e wants of their T, pogrnphiesl Dieihreo and by tne bevu'y, -lability,ard general eieeleooe ofTvi e, be m*blei] to . orn and not only a continuance of the order* of their nlil friend*, it a liberal ehve fbaainrai from new net T'-eyhoie in ugh the liberality of their friend* to be enabled to attain i the heigh; of perfection in he line of th-ir profession heir old eatabliihnient haa b'ru succeeded by a uew, a lodiou*. aubgt'ntial. a d better adapted building. New lonlda, Mattriee* and Machine a a-e aubUiiulediiu the place ' those detfoyed No pain* eirense, or ear rtiona I.are been la ed to produce T? or of all nwt en ' kinds, together a? ith rery other a'tiele in tne Printing 1 i..e- f the very Featqoeli't eiv lace*, ol a Scotch cur, front Agate to Pica, of itoanrpaa d btaury.and nnequall* .I fot durability, p rtn-ularlv .'lit* ad !i r newspapers, have been orocureu at great et, euaa. fn ui ie of the beat Inter-cutters in Seotland. 'Vith tlie?eaaar.y Ivaulapes, we solicit order*: prom in g evert faciln m rwarrilng in every w /, the favors of nor irtend* A liberal tlicy in p ice and rredit.aa well oa la deductions fir raah. lall ch?racteri*e ll.eir moor of doiag beatnes* N B.?Such e spajera throughout Noitb America "a will COpv th* tove a. v *rti*e men t three tiruea, and will r 'be four times the mount of i heir respective bids Mir in printing mtteriala, are quratrd to cs pr. JAM KB I'ONNKK h BON. T N ION BANK OK DO V K K N. J-BILLB OK THIS J Bank re'eemed " tia as beratnforc. t> VAN DU/KK, tchange Office, 17# Greenwich ?tieet UTONTHLI RBPOKT. FOK 'AA AMY, OFTHh vj. New V ork Medical and Surgua' Inatitute, 7S f'h n is street I M* laatdntioii vai founded in 1*4} toaup|i*a? i ckery a-d lenders u d and *< lenlilicmedical and surgical I to the effl c"d uuder the . Htiugniah'd patronage (** will I remembered !>v any) of the tttoat em n-it Citita iMy ?fingoff le avrnen and .Vied cat loan C**ea aureus >'njlv rated 74 ei.sinined t detect diaraae of he lungs, 7 pr mary n. sumption. li tore throat V bud coo? h, 8 r we* I imp teuty, aern ual ?eiltura*, i great d-bilty, 9 gonnrrhmi J liver mi I ir.r, 6 consumption,7 acute iheutn- tun> # irregularity tor, hly). I aeeondarv v%rer?ai * prima,' cancers ) balanitis, a I pit el inn nf heart 6 ir'itati' n in i reihra, 7 of glret, I ulcer male urethra, * midwifery, 1} rcidiiy of i'i mach Surgical eraiions and Cure*I a'r.eiuie iu tecum I strictures in rethra. J ndnler t nicers 2 hydrocele I eucvtted amors re lived fr hi the head, 2 tisiu's in kio, 2 iiuger* empnteled, ver.vl ii jane* alien >e J r(. 2 phymoaie, J perano^a f< r mil. tt. JO ven?real wan* rem red, m my more surg ral operation* rformed,? lust published?A realise on the nature and ntment of vemiual l> sece* Inio.tency, a d other knd' d r Ctiora wil practical direct" >is loriheniin gementftod in snl I 'lie eauae nrodiir.UM ib-iu: iloistroed by mauve?avinge Tng? ther with Hint* I ihe V uiing, by H. Boatwich, .1). Their et'cal ch.yMCt'r nt ti is bo. k h j gnen it a larger le It n y he hv . f bu ?ea , *n uger It Co , IM Broadway, Bubl'W I K, M l) , Attending Phjr?i?tatt and burgeon.

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