Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1848 Page 1
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m tt " I. J~i.. Whuli Hot 50^*4* JACOB S. PL ATT. AUCTIO NKKK.-ORO'CKfcR Y, china. gla<<i nail earthtkw re gtroud< Ira. *ol?r la" pa ?c J ifob 8. ri.itr'i fi at Spring S le, tlna ifiion, will lake place on Monday, 28th February, at lOo'c ock. in the large sales' ro rn orer ih< Auction 8tore. earner of P!at# and Gold streets, ?*t us si us' of 70 err i* s frnir th* shelves, assorted, flawing blue, printed. white grauie, dip* rc aad *Uged ware ; am .nc which ar? jug*. tews e. p'oles di*hta, Uk?ra iwill'a rauih ii, toilet ware, how U turec bo?t?, pick lea, lie. Alan a general a?* a rtm^ t of vlataw re tun. biers. I*mj>s, u^ppera, dera ics PI ecro j trt, tkr. 4ho '0 lots table kmves and f?raa, carvers, jara' urd bread end le i traya, brass <andlMtic^a. kc^ Country dealers wil' ha\e their were carefully picked. (..ami'goes ?if uovttf.J-: mil c^u he h?d *1 the Ani-li?u Room JW. SHOWN*. AUCTIONEER?FUR'' TURK Sic ? I. W. Drown wi'l 'ell this dny. 81'urd y, Feb. !6ih, nt "'cluck. ai >o. 142 Uroadwar, a In *e st'ick of iiaudtome furniture r< mpiiiice ?ofis. miltngiuv anil maple clrif* 'liv tus, ott?inv . ctrr*<inx ar,d pli>in boreiui. nimble lop v?h stmts. mih' vaay aid black w laui k'leucb aud oilier ord?le di, huir ui. I re sac, &c , with variom other ntticlca of furui'tie. Also, l irni doles. solar Umps, tea (riys, plated watc. table cut'eiy, p-mlcd tible covers, wi h a 'arse variety of Oilier ii rfn'ii i| nmiMrtil hou-.e fnrnithiiiE artielts. BY n C KEMP, AUCTIONICK^-VALB of HOWli g Ailei" (hi* day ? R C. K-nip will sell nt public am-tieo tbia day, SitunUv. the 26,h ?t h?*lf pnst 10 oVIoi k, at it2 U-- iitwiv, opposite ilie L'iiy Hall, six Bowline Alle.yi. with Bulls Pi,.?, R?n?? *n-l Cushion* complete- elso a cived and Kit'. U&r. wiili lixi ure?, 2 l^rye Mirror*,Oil Clo'h, large arm chairs. matb!? top aides ? i :dow shadt.i. cut slaa< He auters. Sic.; i Isa a Ibirc stoeN of choi. e wines, li<iaors, end sf gars, lij fcc. Wi'e poa-tivw rnd withoatmrto J M B. BuOEUT. AlJi:T10N?,'.l,'ll.?C AT VLOUUE Sale i f Kiuthentv >re CI inn aid Glass, at the Store 93 Joha s'rret, on Moudiy, fc'ebv ' It, IB o'clock, consilium of bestaod second blown Bior V/ Omnite lluted, light ard d*r* Rlii* Printed, Tea, (;cTie *id Dinuer Wnre. Kuiilisli Vellow lro? ScjonJJupr* Nappi's Ur. English White aud Fancy Cb'ua Ten Se'v Mantel Ornaments. M ill and Signal Liale:n>, Engl:ah and American e?t p'niu aud tressed (finis Ware, ard rarioia other Koods, in lofi?to auit Oioceri andRetniUrg. "ales pe*?mptoty. lermsftsale. j W?Ni'KD-2iO LA.OORKK 1 AND QUARRYMKN, to voik on iha Jamet River and Ktaawha Canal, M inlet above Lynchburg, Virginia Wanes, SI par day till ^-avIat.Sl 10 from that time till Sept l?t The work will Inst t** o vara. Punctual payment every 13th of the month ? U' ard $2 2i per wee*. Kor paiticnlnra inqjire at the"WeitcheitVr H-te1, No. 21 Bowery, from 9 till 4 o'clock. Alae, SO pond Kt"nrcuttera at $2 per ^ar WANTKD-1Y A PRACTICAL OARDBNKR. A miriitd m>n. a aituation ?i n gentleman's gardener. He nr.:?ers'ai.ds evety branch of his business peifcctlv, and haa m*uy ye^ra eiperienee cf thi* climate. He can five tha knit of tefe-e nee*. Ilii recommendations cm be seen ?t Messrs. Duntar Hi Thompson's 'eed afore. Broadway comer Bleecker str-et or a few lin?s diiect?d to J. W. cure of Mesirs. Duolap {< Thomr?"n. will meet with imardiate attention. WVVTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOmi?, a situation as eh.mbermaid or children's maid.? The bfst ?( ritv references. -Arn'v a* 39 Ea>t Broidwav. MfANTED-FOUR UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS in the ueiuhhorluod of the Astor Home or Chair.ben street^jnrlor, bedroom, servants' room and kitchen. Applicitioris to I c m.:de t j J]., i t this office, stating locality aud ] , v f?| renng. WANTED?A SITUATION* B\' A GOOD HONEST tiiil, to do iretier<l hou-.e work, with good re"' mmendatian? from li?rlr?t p'ac?. Enqnireat 188 Canal street A FIRST HAND MILLINER WANTED. WHO tti?ru?hly arderstnnds her bntinMa. Apilr at 371 Hroa i-Afy A reference, both as to proficiency and general resp?-r<bili(y. will be indispensable. tfifi onn TO ?MM-P VRTNER WANTED (SI"i?"lvfvM.r leat or ac;i?e)?Any persou having this WWWi (ortw with h?lt the amount each) may now meet with an opportunity for investment which neldom offeri, to ri iu a safe r.rd luc-atiTe hnsintss, in good operation, unembarrassed Mid Yielding several ho- dred rer cult pr/fit The additional Cihiial being wanted to ?dd another branch to the concern ia wkieh business can b* done to a lurge i m -unt the first y?ar Al'this will be sniiftctorily proved l'eferen esexchaoned, and all comuiunicitiius stiicily confidential. Adiiresa boj 1C69 lower post office. /m i.nnt -Ml I lit HAHU >V 0U i Ti 'ne.t WKhafaihcarital of from two to th'ee thousand c * 18 8 f ":lDC? f?T * m*o within* to co it to a tife aud tare t.nMijf*?, ttldom to be uf t with Tki ?ery bett f regijen and r;quir*d. A lne addretsed to 8 L. i i 333 Hvuston atr#et, or re.tiual application, will ' ? mrmdxl to. A r VilTNER WANTED IV A FIRST CLASS HO jt*. ?f1. ^ ih*CMhe?piulc/fJ,?00. Any ifcutlaann wiahjur to cnpr^e or oe in'ercttad in ihia lioe ot bmiceii any ad c rets tnesubscriber imtnrd atel v. and ttate where au iatervew mar h* t,<r "^tiia.d. OF.U ICV i>o?t "flic*. New Vo?k. R?.*1?P WANTED FOR A RESPECTABLE YOU> O lady, down town, who it etoHoyed at a tr.'de The rlnr*e ni in be lo^r, ard it trust be in a retne ruble pr-rate family ? * e eiepeet evchacged Aduiesc "K-inham " at t^e Courier AC K.n(;?irer ? ffW 1WLKT-THK OLD MTARLI9HKD HOT1TL AND iLfrrry Ftibl#, N . 163 aed !6& Wathington afreet, nea C *u rlanrit strteL mowii at th? Drore't1 Hate1. The dwell[' 8 eoniaius ?.bont ) ro in*, ?nd the tt^ble about 63 stalls for h.irtei. Alto, the three storv dwelling No. 4# CourtUrdt >tre?t. AMv. between 10 atd 12 o'clock, to 3. B. hUTCHlfrCH.J'i >ohu*rr?e>. TO LKT OR FOK 8 ALE?The two ttory brick hnu'e, with a Isrpre yard. No. 141 Vercer,near Houston tf'eet. BocltJiOjAiu lr atNo.532 Bio JAMES I R003ET MadTeon iTr'eVt It )? in complete order. Crotou water ba hint io m. vtiih hot and cold w\ter. coolrn* raufe fce. It i? or<* <?? th? h??t heuaea iu the Seventh Ward. O LET. IN WILLIAMHBUROH-THIC MODERN bnilt two noty *tuc brick hoaee. with counter cellar mirbi* install in paxlora. he . )W huntli Third, between 7th nrt I'll ?t rtt?. P:emiie? ! by 11* '??t> c?ii?ti|?ti?f a y-rd. with kt re aibor. Ac. Rent $?J0. at whwh a. V'P'JTfd applicant Miaht hare a leaae of three yeaia. Apply at the b,m e. r>r a?i Kerry ?tiee?. 3'1 atory. CTATKN ISLAND PROTERTY FOR SALE OR TO O Let?Several housesaad cottas'a. kc aitni>ted in the tiIUcea if Tf.mvkiuivil'e and Htaplrton Two of the houtei ar? ani'able for private b^rdine e.tabli.hmenw. a fu.e riew *.ud aaar tba ferry. Apply to P. WOLFE, WolTe a Hot.l. Tomplcin?Tille_ Notice^to the lovers ok fat beef Tre <it zsna of New York and ticiuity are reipeeifully r?q?e?ted to call and examine the beef of eiaht ??ry anpnrmr fat ttaara.two fatted hy Ebenfjer Raymond^ rwo by Richard Carpeatrr.eud tw? bjr Jamea Wilapn, all of Oreenwich. Conn , and two by Smith Town.and, of Oraoge CO.. N f.. willbaeihibiladand eipoacd for ?ale ?n aUMa Ne?. 1 an' 4 Cothartae Market on wai?rd*y the*.h <a*t. WM. F WARNER. ALKR/D VAIIIAN TY.B ?The abore caa be teen at the aNoihter hovte 48 S'anton itreet. irom 'j'bo'iHtv anrninc w.nlj'pd^v two ^'c'or.k. Liverpool < oal-w m per chaldron-a swurrior art cle for family ?ae, now lardin* foot or Moma alraet. North r.yer. Alio, a food atock of firat qaality Peach Orcharil. L?hifh. Cimburlftod ltc.,oa hand and for asle low, by E BEN J aMIN, M Waahmtton, and 205 Franklin treat!. Bwli'i ??rpli?d 0~SHI." OWNERS-PROPOSALS WILL BE Rfceiy?d nntil tha lith of March, to chuter a ahip. of M? t>ai, to tfhe oat IMl nan atd aaeichaadise to San trincaao, C?liforaia; to proriaiun tb? men fir the yoyaje. and 10 tail i>i> toe 13 U MKT ?..v ..... - contract. Adilreai "Immigration," poit-paid, care of H. (). Kii] . 2 ?ator Moat*. NOTICE?SHIPPER* PKR PACKET SHIP QAFritk for Liverpool. will pleaa* clear their good* at tVe t too H"U?e before * ?'tlor>, th'? d?y. OTI'E.?PABSENOERS TER PACKET M1IP lamck.frr LiTerpeol, v 111 pirate be on boird at Orl*a> a wharf, Monday, Ftb. 21th, at 14 o'deck, M , at which time the thip will a*il FOU NEW ORLEANS?LOUI8I AN A AND NEW > ork Line of Packcu?Ver? reduced rate* of FreightTo Mil Thu iday. March 2nd?Tha new and ipleadid fsat t tiling picket hark UE*K8fcE, Dillingham, niutrr, it now load, i-g. aad will poaitively tail a?al>ove. ! or freight or paiaaie, ha*>ng aplerdid farniahed accomnodatiM*. apply on bo-td, at Orlaaaa Wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to ? K. COLII'NH, it Soolh (treat Agent in New Or leant, Mr. Win. Creery, who w II promptly forward all (oodato luaaddreaa r?cke* ahip HUDSON will aaceeed the Genaiee, and aail ker icgnlar day __ For ? harlk*ton. s. c.?the steamship NORTHERNER, Capt. Thomna 8. Bndd, will Jea?e pier 4, N. H , on Hetnroay. the !Stn iuat., at So'clock P. M No berth aerurrd until paid for. All bill* of ladinf aigoed by the cleik onboard Pnce of p?j*,eSO. For freight or p?> awe apply to SPOFEORl), riLE8TON 8c Co., <8 South ?t rem. FOR MARSEILLES.?THE SHIP MINERVA, CAPT Briiwa. to be promptly de('<a'che I. Freight, or for P.vaiae, apply to Ctiambeihlu St Plielpj, or ti Boyd k H mk 1 riitbc? 1*i?H VALPARAISO AND CALLAO?THE 8PLEN did fa?t "iilug ahii> KYLON, MiJicgton^MaJter, wil P3?ltl?eiy aail ??"n?r "" mc s n ..| T,?,, ? r., i<vnn>. If vn ? auranor aceomModhtioui, app yioSiiuurlF. Tracy. *7 "lil Slip. JAMES LAWRENCE ENGLISH, ATTORNEY AT Uotiurumery, Alib wi. will attend to Collection! i in thf cotictiea ?>l Montgouierr. Liwudea, I'lke, Macon, J'al lnpooi.i. Ci'tu i HII'I Antaugn He will alao attend to Colli*. I twn? thrim.vh ch? United Ststee Conrtt ia say part of Suuth Alul**""NOTICE.?ON AM) At TEH SATURDAY, FKBnurr IJtb, lie ?(e mboat 5TATEN INLANDER will make th e loliowing tripa, until fur her notice. Leave QuarI nntina at IV(, ;t A. VI., Ii M., J P M. 5 I'. M, Ln.t 5l,w I York at? *. M . '1 v. I I- M . W f. M. ? \f Ti DO. ELLIOTT. OCULIST, ?#J PROADWAY. INforma hia p-lifntt that h't hotire ef attendance at the of (ice arc aow front 10 to I o'cl-*ck, Monday, Wednesday and FridaT. f 1LIHKHUGIM NEWLY INVENTED WIGS AND Set pi ? Public at mtion m c?lled t? th* improvement! whtcli Cluehngli hnjntt iutroduced into the manufacture of Ilia and Scilpa, giving thvm an at pearance wholly diffe-ent fir m a" nthera e ver made in tl:ia country, whether a tegnuN thfir Gnaaui' r cad Ventilating clmactrr, iheirrtecollar <hipe, fi' tod quality of tnateriil. t II wig wearera w ho Ii e ?f an them acliii wiedge tliein the very A'me of Petfer. i ti in. Htrangr.a are inrited to call Mid eiamme. [T7"1H I Hro?dw*<-, ?,ip-ait* the City Hole' Observe the nnmfoer. ; A ' V.D-DII. VVIIEELKR, OCULIST, RECEIVES I Tatienta at hit re?idence, 29 Greenwich atreet, every tn mii.g fii mJ \. M. to t o'cofk T. M., after which li.apraci f" ia rtrlnairely devoted to familtea at their leaidaucea ? D;-eaaea of the Eye, do mat'er how longstanding, or however obatinm tt.ey may be id their, can be effectaallv eradicated, ami I'ericauent cuiea effected. Referencea to lamiliea a ,.f lk? I i t..., rt , 11.. I it if mil 1,? In thme Un C qaiiurrd with h.m. Aitui^nl iyti ibieited and for * I* on rraannahl* t.Tou. Oil (ULIIfi AUTHOR OF TUB "PRACTICAL I'riTKto Trratiao," Inc., it conaulttd up?o any ol th* iliar.aaea Uiera referred to, at hi* r**idenee, ti (ir*?nwirh t reel, Iroui 8 to 1J A.M., nnd 6 to 9 KM. (Hnnday eicepteil).* who apply in Uia fuly ttngrs of that* ?oinplainta, mil bf Mioiit'hrd M Ind rapidity and littl* inf>nT*n?ic* atraadi?* th* " n rhirlly hnw?T?r. thoa* who h, t? ta.T?rrd In jt fn ? cart tin *! ?! nf p>ml?, or nthanrit*, who ?* pr?v Dlt. ULdVKII IS < ONMULTM) ftVKKY I)AY AT hit office Th* trf 'm?nt tod cure of difficult and protracted rai*i, that hsve hsflifd th* tUnl ol phya nan* of Itaa piprrifnir, tr* aittiitlfd l?t by him, i articnlai lyjrlrfta, atrio* | tiiro*, atid all da irata dit?atr?. Dr. O. ta a regular gradual* ! la ?ha Tiadieal pf.jfitoo* Hit eflMa.No. I ABnitf**t, art o tiran??d, that p.titnu da not IH i*U otWT/hreH M< How to bit !hro*|V the MOT t? tt* MBM <Mf. I E NE NEV Vera Cruz, Mexico, Feb. 1, 1343. The Expedition to Orizaba?The Guerilla Fight* ? The Hay Trade. The expedition which 1 mentioned to you 1 should accompany, took, a different route from the nni> rftntpmn!ot?/l ami * ?* ? tl>o nUI. road to within thirty-five miles of thnt place. We had several interesting skirmishes with th^ guerillas, hut they did not attack us in sufficient force to make the contest thrilling or dang, rous On the first day out, five of us, who were in the advance, came upon a party of about twenty at a rancho; we charged them, and they tied, filing at us as they ran. They scattered in the chapparal in all directions, and 1 found myself in the chase of a big fellow, in a "red shirt," and * boy about filteen. So close was I upon the littl fellow, that the foam from my horse's mouth dashed upon him; I could not strike him, he being so small, and he kept begging to me in the most piteous accents. I lired at ilie big fellow over the little one's head, several times; they both took to the chappsral, dismounting from their horses, when further purs it it became useless. Two guerillas were killed at this place, and quite an amount of property lound, which was proven to be the same robbed from a train b?)im: nme since, un tne seconu d.ty we were attacked by a party of thirty, who were upon a hill, with a ravine between, distant about a quarter of a mile from ua. The Georgia cavalry were ordered to dismount, and creeping close, to fire at ?bem with their carbines. Lieutenant Auderson and myself remained upon our horses, nnd advanced with the party. This might Irtve been a serious thing for us, as the guerillas, taking us for officers, seemed to direct their principal shots at us A number ol balls whizzed in very close proximity to my head, and kept coming eo fast that I found it necessary to dismount. At this time the artillery came up and dispersed them with its fire of grape, killing two. Lieutenant Anderson kiJled one of their horses with his iilie, and I think wounded the man?both fell hi his fire. I leave to-morrow for Orizaba, which is represented as one of the most beautiful nnd healthy places in Mexico Major Polk is the present governor. Colonel Bankliead goes with the train, and will be the governor. The Quartermaster to this expedition is Captain Britton. Captain Hervey, of the Georgia infantry, takes this letter to New Orleans; he has been placed on the recruiting service. Advise your commercial friends that they had better not ship hay to New Orleans in anticipation of a government demand. There is a year's supply on hand at VeraCruz. and if any more is sent there, they will be likely to send a shipload back to New Orleans.. Glincoe. One Day Later from Vera Cruz I Krom the New Orleans I'lcayuae, Keb. IS ] By the steamship Massachusetts, whicharrived during the night of the ltith, from Vera Crui, we have pup-re from that plaoe of the 9th inst., one day later than our previous advices. The Free American contains but cne or two Items of Interest, which we annex : The train fir Oriiaba left on the 6th Inst. Col. Kinney, who takee charge of the quartermaster's duty. left last evening, accompanied by a select number of X'exas gentlemen. splendidly mounted and armed. Old Ben, his faithful servant, now 67 years of age, and old Seline, tb? Colonel's favorite hcrre are of the party Repert of general hospital, at Vera Cruz, Mexico, for the kalf month ending the 31st d*y of January, 1848 Number of regiments, 48; remaining in hospital lftth of Jannaiy, 1848, 364; joined by adaiis'i n, J04; total, 763 Died, 17; discharged, 49; returned to duty, 146; seut to New Orleans, 3; remaining, 554. The mortality of the patients in hospital during the month of Januvry. has aecrers^d 75 per cent. J. N. GILBERT, Ileturn of deaths end discharges of regultrs from the General Hospital at Vera Crux. Mexico, from the 16th to the 3lit of January, 1848, Inclusive:? Dikd?Jan 18th?Henry Barnes, private, company F, 9th Infantry; Jokn Ppunk, private, lSth do; Win Dickens, do, oompanv F. l'Jth Infantry. 19th, Wm. Snlleus. do, oompanv K 13th Infantry, ild, James MoKnave, private, thirteenth Infantry. 2Ub, Albert Bradley, private, Monnted Rifles. 96th Nathan K Coffrey.compeny D, 14th Infantry I>i5chahukd, Jen 17.? Lewis Staler, private, oompa oy D, 14th Infantry; E T Randall, do K, 14th do ; Jonathan C. Hunt, do eompany J, 13?b do ; Lewis Wiles, L, 4th Artillery. 19th?John Conway, private, compv nj E. 1st Infantry; Bunj. Denoou, do company M, 7th do. aoth-John A. Evans, do company D, 13th do ; Uco W. Taylor, do. company F, 13th do 21?t?Kranoil KarooeM, do. company 1, Voltigeurs; John Ecker o.i, do company C, 3d Infantry; Andrew Craig, do oompany O 11th do : Thomas .Moore, do oompany B, 11th do.j Patrick C. Gating, do comptny A, 4th do? 2ftth ?Andrew 1 Helan, do. oompany A, 18th do ; Isaac Mock, do company B. 11th do. J. J. B. WRIGHT, 8urgeon U. 8 A FROM THK RIO GRANDE. iVrom the N. O. Picayune, Feb 17 ] I. steamship Telegraph, Capt Wm H Folg?r. arrived yesterday morning trom the Brazos. She male the trip from Braacs to the B&liae bey in sixty-nine hour* Lieut Patton of the 3d Artillery, serving with Bragg'sbattery, now stationed at Walnut Springe, Monterey. came over from the Braioe in the Telegraph. He brought over three men, In Irons, for trial by jury, fur offences committed in Mexioo We have a copy of the Matamorat Flag of the 9lh lost, for which we are indebted to the attention of Capt K., but It contains very little news. An arrival fiom Camargo the preceedlng evening brought <fo?vu no news from above The Flng Iseys that Lieut, ratten, baring in charge five men in irons came down on the boat They were on their way to this city, bat the editor did not learn with what offence they were charged. We extract the following items from the Flag : ? A gentleman who came errors from San Patricio, four days on the route, and arrived yesterday, ibfoimsus that Indians, in ?m*ll parties, have mide several recent vif its to that neighborhood, oausing considerable alarm to the settlers, who were f ar.'ul of losing t^eir cattle and horses Me states that he met <>n the road three American deserters, on foot, snd armed oclv wi h pistols, who bad been suffering much tor waiit of food, and still several dsys journey from where any nouM be procured They were steering for Patricio, t'ueiice through Trias Berg. Msj. Trusaie and ' erg. James Eastley, of the 10th Heglmmt, having bean sppoluted and received ihair comai'slons as lieutenants In this regiment, were duly sworn In by Col. Davenporl on Monday la?t, and reported tor duty. We undereUnd, from cfflsera of tie regiment, that they were meritorious soldiers, and well deserving their new appointments On Monday bight, the 7th Inst., tbe patrol were at traoted by the cry of murder, Issuing from a Mexican house In the outekirta of the citv.tnd proceeded to the house to woertain tbe cause. Oa comlrg to the door they 'state they were fired upon by lome one inside, which prompted them to burst open the d-er, and re tnm lha trail * M?vlr>an f.:nnd within. The man shot at ww mined, but tbe ball passed through the arm of a child about two years of an*, who, frightened, bad concealed Itself from view in the bick port of tbe room. A woman waa In the house, who had bsen crying, bat she re fiued to sssign any eatue. Tea man lound in the house hid no fire arms, and it in p up pose i that the person who Arsd at the patrol, and had h**? abusing tn? woman, made bis way out, by a baok door, m the patrol entered !n from it Tbe ohild's trmwta broien, ana we undnstend hae bfen amputated. Finur WITH THE CAMA.1CH f S. Tba Vlotoria (Texia) Jhlvoiair of the31inst, ssys ? "News has reached town this raorilng. whio^ we ar? dlspcstd to credit, that C?pt lleory ..IcCuli. ch, wltb his company of Hangers, hi 1 % f^rit a ( w .lnye ilncr with a party of Cmunochts, a s^ort distance ?bov* Austin L?rt McCnlloufph lost five men killed and almo. t all his horses. About 40 C<.m-B:hes weie kilwd " CA r T AIN POBTLKY AMI) TICK DI'RL AT CAMARGO. The following Is an extract of a lette r, dit ? J lamargo. Mexico, Jau i71 h from Msjor Hamilton rf the 10th infantry, to the wire of Captain Tostley, of Company K same regiment :? " An affair came off at this p'St the other day, which has caused falsa reports; among others, one oonotrnlng myself end your husband, to tne eff'Ct that I had or dered him out ol ray quarters? that bo had shot me, and that he had been plaoed Id iro -s?with other stories as false as the flrst Your husband was not in my quarters on the night alluded to j we nave never bad any difficulty since we met, and I was tbe flrst to inform him of the false reports that Wrre la ciroulatlon '' INOD1NTB OF TllJt WAR. In December, 184(1, at Columbia 8 C., the fair daughters of that town held a fair ; it was at the time tbat the troops were encamped at Columbia, and about to ranch Among the specimens of beauty's handiwork wes very handsome miniature American (lig, on a staff. "This little dig waa presented ti a young soldier bra lady, who at the same time exacted a promise from him, that If he lived to return, he should bring the flig home with him. During th? few dsys tbe oomp.ioy wre encamped here, we often noticed tha little ensign surmounting on* of the tents, and gallantly floating In the breese The young soldier has rsturned?and true to his word, as arery Palmetto boy Is, has honorably redeemed his pledge. But tha flag bears uomietakeable evidences tbat it has been amidst soenes of Mood and carnage. The tiny staff m crushed, and Its silken folds stained?no, not stained, but richly crlmsoued with jets of gallent blood The young soldier was himself wounded, and two, at l?ast, of his noble oompanlous, occupying with htm the same tent, surmounted by this llttla emblem of their country's honor, bare been brought home llfelers corpses. The lady who has the Ha*. |nz?s it highly, and intends treasuring It up as an 'D>ro?tlcg historical mtiuento. for the insiruotlon and imitathnpf her sons." nines the U. 9 army have been In Mexico, a few desertions have taken place. *erersl of these deserters DaT* r?tarn>4 to their Old oerpe, nteklni all klnde of ??. ousee, says Ike Nwflk for their ikinoi IsBi IBV9M H" WllwHi ?W*fV HI Wi | W YO J YORK, SATURDAY MC Sto , &n But they all agree upon one itory?'b? hard fare i hoy J. the eunpecioa with which they w?r? treated, and th? sufTt'rIoi{? they endure 1. A onrr^spondoQt of on* of the C i i<c tun at i paper* atatee that the liuetm Vista battle-Grid in Mill coveted with bone?, r*n'? shoes. hnapMck?. Iko And wh-?t I* iur'Ht iv'(4*ilir * f &II, is. :hit a few Mexioanil who wer? Wit uu buvled, ?f? et 111 on the hattl*-fM<l entire N?lt'limr niitrMf' irtil rtnm * v? - -? ? * *- ? * t - - ? - "" upau mem, DUl they ure dried up like luumtai'B Ttitnlr'UU kntl Tim Park Th a k opens on Wt-dnesday evonirg -jest with the o;li trngediau, Mr Booth, in tli* character otKichiTdlll .Jxnd Mr. unlMrs. Urcugham in the"hi"h Lion." The ata^o management will bs under the direction of Mr. Barry. w?ll known to the play-going folks of Old Drury, as a g>rtleman every w?y calculated to suit th? ta?te of thfl nge. Bcwrar Thkai kg.?Tha lending performance at this popular plan* of amusement lait night, \th the nelobrated historical play of " Henry ths Eighth," which haj been g^t up at this theatre, in the highest style of dramntio art. The scenery reprt.tenU the various localities, as t.hey actually existed with the buildings peculiar to that oentury, and all the oostu,nas. which are of the richest materials. and o'iir?it ristio of that period Of Mrs Sha*'aper*ouution of (.{ueen Catharine, th'r? can be hut one opinion; in thin uurt rhe cannot b? u> t? ... - - - . _ti?. uirry o repreen'iiaiwn el (JurJInal VVolScy Ij most m<tst?rly, and worthy of that 'KperiBneed Hctor ami elocutionist The putt of H?'nry the Eighth, h? Mr W. MtWhiH, and that of t'romwell, by Mr C VV Clark.*, were also well sustained; and the other performers wore so elltjotivs In their reitpeotive parts, th?t the irt?ie?t in the piece never lagged The house was fully and fashionably attended, and we orerheard several of the audience expressing their entire satisfaction with the evening's entertainment, whioh oonoluded with the beautiful comedy of the " Honey Mooa," the paits of the Duke by Mr. J II Hall, and the Mock Duke by Buike. being sustained with their usual spirit. This evening, the play of 'Henry the K'ghth" will be repeated, and we w. 11 guarantee any of our readers, who desire to see a play of the immortal Hhakspeare well purformed. that they will uot be disappointed, if they visit this theatre this evening, as this play will also be followed by the laughable burlesque balltt of the " Gbieelie,"' and the exoitlng drama of "Charlotte Temple." Chitiiam Theatric.?The performances at this beautiful li'tle theatre, last night, were highly entertaining ar.d liberally varied. It is no small achievement, both for mansger and for oompany, to provide every evening for the publto such a variety of pieces, and wh it is more, ts perform them all so well Th? n . .? - . a drama which may ba called terrific and thrilling, rather than entertaining or pleasing. waa well peitormed. Mr Weld, In the maniac scene, difflajtd great. truth and power in hi* delineation, and was deservodly applaud ed In the ''Four Moworay's," however,all the power snd beauty of the comic and domestic drama deemed concentrated Mr. t:. Taylor'# Old Wilton was auoh a perfect thing that, for the time, it had ail the illuMon of renlity. Mies Sutan Denin wan charming; h'r ycn;b, vivacity ar.d be-iuty, captivated the houae; while Mr. Winans and Miss Hildreth, as Peter and Peggy, oombiaed to ahaka the aides of the audieno* with laughter Indeed, a truer ploture than that drawn by Mr. Taylor, aa the gouty old autlerer; Miaa Denin, hi the juvenile tormenter, and Mr. Winatia and Miaa Hildreth, aa simple, honeat humorists of humble life, wan never b?tter drawn or better painted A varied and equally rich programme is prepared for to night, and from what we aaw laat evening, wo c in aay, this h'.itis* well deserves ti be p&tion^d by the lovera of the drama. ' Jriih Evemitos."?Mr. Malone Raymond's musicr.l entertainment, called " An Hour In Ireland," paaaed off, If at evening, at Brunettl'a Gallery, Tanorama Hall, with infinite success. He was ably supported by Mra. Malone Kaymond, and the Misses Malone Raymond, who aang, and alao performed several aelect and popular Irlah ai a and <luctt?, on the-palno-forte, with much sweetness mad grrat powers of execution. The duet of '? Alley CroaklM',h"?hUDC by M,n ?bnd M'u Mttlone Haymond, in wb ch they were loudly and rapturously applauded -lof'm!* K fv fa M*lore Htymond, vas also received Zi-A, b,!n''J1"'"*?: ?nd the different airs and duets announced in the programme, w. re all extouted with much sweetness, and in a highly finished style of i>?r. nh,*ViCi*' Produced a thrilling effect lu the duet \n. v1 you?not h"rn' the Ularnny," by Mrs and *i,?- Ik Kiymond, th'J rapturously encore! Altogether, a richer treat could not be enjoyed by the anmirera of Irlwh mulody. unci other mu?ic from th% meat luh ZTfiT1" Th?* ??tertainrar^t was interspersed with rich Irish anecdote, toid in a WMtbUeiVlthr M too apt toTadnlge in. Mr. Mnloue Raymond and his talented family will give the American people a oorreot idea of genuine Irish melody aud song, and refined Irish talent and ability Mrs Malone litfmcnu's exhibition of Jerusalem takes plaoe thU evening. Aroixowio^j ?Th? attendance at the Tabernacle, laat evening, to witness the performance of this highlygifted juvenile band. wks merely a paying honse ; but we anticipate brighter prospects for them in their future e^naerts, as their nplendld abilities, either as musicians or vocalists, must ultimately oomtnawd patronage commensurate with their superior skill In musioal science. The grand march trom ' II Crooclafo," by Meyerbeer. was exeouted with great precision as to time, and a qnlckDess of ear in unit; of sound so as to produce the most thrillicg harmony. The quartette,1'We come again togrtat you," evidenced 3 refined education In the beautiful accomplishment of alnging, in which the interesting little Anna Maria took a distinguished part. The fantasia on an air, by Bellini, was executed by thin charming little girl with a soienoe and brllllanoy of execution which would reflect credit upon some of our great masters. To select any particular feature of the entertainment, is deemed useless, as all was performed in a manoer so as to draw dowu repeated cheers It these truly talented children had been announced as coming from ruma musical country in the old world, they wouid certainly meet with treat patronage ; but we hope the day hr * arrived when sterling talent, wherever discovered. will be cherished and encouraged, and that an evi' denoe of this will be seen at the uexc concert of this sweet,harrnoni jui band. Cmous ? Bowkrv amrhithnatre ?The benefit of Mr Downie last evening, was really a b neflt, tmd every thing went off very satisfactorily The manager of the Circus is determined it seems, that the lovers of e<jue*trianism shall have plenty of excellent performinces In that liue presented to them, and he will lose no opportunity of engaging all the b?st talent in the profession t'here Is something peculiarly c*ptivstlng In this species [ of amuwamt ; the exciting scenes of th? ring; the questrian careering rcuad on his horse, while in the most easy and elegaut a'tltnde : the jokes of the clown witti tne ring.master,anu tneieua imgn or ca aumeuce. when that latter functionary receive* a hard bit from his partl-colored attendant ; the graceful and wonderful iKility o' th* gymnast* ; the doel'ttr and Intelligence of 'hehnries; li flow, th* tnu' rniemhlc of an ?Tf?luc at the Clrcas. I? well calculated to ttnum* and please every one. To-nlirht, the bill at the amphitheatre Is quite an attractive one. ar il tbere la kino an extra afternoon performance, given at 2 P. M , for the accommodation of ftmlly partite. Christv'i Minitrki.s ? The reputation of this band iiai dcubtl?i spread to all partcof the Union ; and now the first thing a stranger do?s. on arriving in town, Is to enquire where they eng. and go and h'lr thsm tliat very evrning. We do not wonder at it. Our cwn citia?cs a*e so delightad with them, that they keep on going to bear them, and will do in for any length of tlni". ns lorg a* they ohocse to hold forth 1j New York. They giTe an afternoon concert to-day, at 3 o'clock, in audition to the usual evenlrg one. Pai.*r.'? On.aa Ilot'ir?The Model Artists ni-ill h<"ld out at this theatre 1 heir drens?s, parapht-rna'l.v are ?!1 first rate, end the manager does <. very thiag he c an to make tha exhibition attractive. D?o?i)wu Oimnw ?<Jr?ely, the maosg-r.of this place of r?eort. is an mterprlslng K'tJlw; his p.esvnt OTnpany is quite attractive, and the Oieon Is crowded nlgv tly Ranraan's l'?nentM4.?The mighty MisaiM^tpl, end rh? scenery of its course, will beoorne enfmnllisr Sn household word* with cur oitiasnp as the splendid und accurate painting of it by Banvard I* row visited by tbou who all ere ue.l ht.'J with it rs'othtotf line u ha^erer lefore been kmc la New Vork, iiDd henceforth IHrir-.rd's name will be lii.kedwitn that of the Mlsflsiippl, as the (treat delineator of Its megnifloent scenery Ditrxiwiov'a Statuart ?The Apollo nod Vena* de Medio!, as modelled by Brunswiok, after the original. are rcRl'y ?err beautifnl The Ion*; experience and artistic talent of Mr Brunswick have enabled him to do fall jus tlce to tbe?e far famed statues, and the romooeitiou of wbleh thry are made give* thrm a peoo iar y life like appearance. Ma B*?? has returned from the South after a successful professional tour, and will reiume bis duties at the Park. Important to foreign Femalee. To Tin F.Diroa or mi Nr.w Yoaa H*?ald:? 8ia : ?In referenoe to the paragraph In your paper of the 94th ln?t%nt. entitled ' Important to fem*ii?s born out of the United Stat?e," I take leave to refer you to the 11.Mb chapter of the laws of 194.1?'" \n act to ena ble resident alien* to hold and oo:i?ey real estate and for other purposes." By aeotion 1, any alien harlog purebred or taken,?r who may thereafter purchase or take, reel late, mtv on making a deposition pursuant to 1Mb eoc . rf 1st tMe, of l?t chap , of 3ad part, of thereTls-d stMutes hold the same in the same manner as a citlien of the United Statu. The ' section gire* a nirallar right to wiraa or aii*na The 3rd aeotion gWra right of dower to lien women becoming widows Ti e Uh ifotlon enabla* heir* of dreea??d ailenn to mice end hold real aetata The 7 th arotion enable* the widow* i f alien* to take real eetnte under the will of their df cea.'ed hn'band*; and tha 10th aeation enable) resident alien* to *tay nil r agataet them to reaoyer land* by rraaon of their alienage, on payment of eo?t? of eult, and filing the deposition mentioned in Motion one. Tha writer ot the paragraph referred to, appear* to hare entirely loat eigbt ?f the ita ute of 194ft. J T. Of the ol*?* mate* of John ?4>ilnn? Adam*, the follow* t?f ?nr?tT? la gut aauntr. ti? i?Jui?e Putnam, Her, Ur. Jlaiow, Hon. Laoaati While, aUo KaT. AW?l Craoafc,Rat, Of, faOMl HlmnlM ?*?# *MINI h*iirtm. I M W t " xi Jv Jt )RNING, FEBRUARY 26, Common Council, nomnok Aldf.kmh, Kri?l?y, Feb. 35t!l.?AlJ^rmtn Mo Wrath In th?Cln*i.'. m? uinuiurrooi iu? noari or Aiderraen were cnn eL-d for the purpose of milting ioiij* .leraon?tratlons of tl><i sympathy of the elty in thn death of the l?te JobutluU.oy Adams. Th* following communication w?j itosived from his liquor tho Mayor : ? Mayor's Ornci, Ktsb. JJ, 18-18. To the Hon Onimon Council: ? U.?ntl men It becomes my molancbtly duty toormmuali'ate to rouxthe mournful intelligence that the country has ln?t fmyn the patriot, tho statesman, the "?<'*? John (Jim*cv Ad*mi,Is now no n>"re Selaed with u fit while on the ll">or of the Horse of Representatives, on Tuesday last, he hid b'?n tahcn from urates u? lull o yeari; and honor. Another of thoso links which bind the present to the pant history of our country, has been hrf>k*n t y the death of thfs venerable statesman?otie o' the purest, the tru*f>t, and h-et of men sleeps rlth his his fathers. !Jun ve haye the rcemjiy of hl.i worth and virtues. and the txamp'e which ho hue left behind bim is one whioh ciinnot bo too highly prized. But it uo?s3 cot become rai t.o atteccpt an eulogy upon a chara'iet bo puf? ; ai d rommuuloattug, us I felt called on to do. this ra?l'iuuhGlr information, I r?sp?cttul'y submit for your consideration the propriety of adopting such measures as will testify th? s?ntim?ut3 of profound ?rlefwiih whioh the nity of Ne*r York is now slllioted by this great national calamity. llerpestfully, WM. V BRADY Alderman KniNKi.iv then rone, and made a few r?. murks upon the lifj and churauter of Mr Adams, lie spok? as follow* : ? Although we are o!"ten reminded of the truth of the declaration, that man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about th* streets yet seldom has it been has occurred at the capitol, in the city or Washington, for the venerable Adams has cea??d to lire, kdI the nation mourns that on* of the brightest stars in its political galaxy bus set to rise no more. That thrilling voice of eloquence and wi?dom, which, but a ft* dnyi ainoe, was heard in th-) councils of the nation, is now hushed and still. That pure And noble heart, which be it hi?h with the moat patriotic amotions, has ceased to throb, and the onoe bright and sputkling rye, is closed forever in the embrace of death Well m\y the nation mourn, when the pale messenger enters within the halls of our UfUltnti and selects as iti victim one wh > has oocupied and adorned tho highest office in the ({lft cf man ; and who, after having peiformed his ullotted duty, and retired to the eujoymun's of domestic lif?, with e?ery thin?. calculated to eheersnd animate his declining days, re-enters the arena of public life, andjsurmounl lug the Infirmities of age, again resumes his st at among the representatives of tho people, where, l>y hisiiapissioned argument uud clussia olcqaenoe, he threw a charm around tUe subjects ot debate, commanded the breathless attention of his hearers, auti, as it by a magia spell, poured oil upon the troubled waters of political discussion, and said to the angry wuvrs of discord," peace, be still " This is uot the place, neither are we prepared, to do justice to the character of such a man ; lor the record [if his life is but the hlBtcry of our country, and it will devolve upon the historian of the <luv to cumnile vol. I uines from the manuscripts which he has prepared, aud I which will forever remain as monuments of hit untiring industry ami research; but it is our duty,as the representatives of the people of this oity, to pause in the midst r.f our career, und drop a tear over the grave of one wl o for more thau half a ccntu-y has been identlflt d with the political movement! of our country, and who finally fell, like another Chatham, with bis harnrsson,and expired beneath the dome of that capltol which had so often resounded with the thrilling eloqueooo of ills voice. Lot us traoehisoarutr but for a moment, and we Und that wbrn a mere b'*y, at the early agi of 11 years, he twiae accompanied his distinguished father to the court of Prance, where he embraced the advantages cf tbeschocls of the capital, and which laid the foundation of that splendid struoture which in after life became the admiration of tho enlightened literary world Wh-n only fourteen, he was S'lcotcd as private secretary to tlrj minister plenipotentiary to the Empress of Russia, and at twenty-seven was appointed by the illustrious Wash inxtfcn, the resident minister to the United Netherlands, and for several years be remained in Kurope engaged in various diplomatic stations, and rs a pub'.in minister in Holland, England,and Prussia After having discharged the duties entrusted to his care, to the entire satisfaction of these by whom he was selected, he returned to his native country ; but talents such as he possessed, wre not long permitted to remain inactive, fur he was elected as a member of the H -nate of Massachusetts, and shortly ' afterwards he epr.eared upon the floor of the Sonate of 1 the United States Under the administration of Madi- 1 sou, in 140!>. Ue was nominated and appointed as the envoy aud minister plenipotentiary to the court of llussU In connection with the time honored n?m?s of Ilecry f Clay ana Albert (iallatln. he was named first upon the ' list as one of the Ave commissioners to negotiate a treaty ' of peace with Grost Britain, and the manner in which that was peifornaed is Iresh in the recollection of the ' American people. Having accomplished so desirable a ' ?... ?n?i.h. r.f t ejection, that as his father was actively engaged In negotiating and finally arrangiug tbo trust/ between this country and (ireat Britain, upon the termination of oar revolution. ana was the first resident minister at Lond< n thereafter, so lain son. worthy of the ?uccesslon, performed a simitar act of pnbllo duty, in reference to our late war, and occupied the fame station which had been held by h"? honored parent. But a wider and more important sphere of duty now opened before him. and on (he 4tn of March, ls-J.V he was inhb jurat ed as the 1'rceident cf this republic, and within thoie Yny wails where his mortal career was ended, he pledged himself in the presence of his God and bis fallow men, faithfully and honestly to discharge those high and Important tru?ti confided to him by the oioe of a tree and enlightened people; and how he has disobvged them, let the future historian honestly portruy. Bnt in the midst of hie career, and in an unexpected moment, the summons came, and the old man eloquent bowed his hoary bead and died. Such, indeed. Is earth ; and happy, thrioe happy, is that man who can ray In the sincerity of bis heart, I am content. He was not oaly oontent, but prepared to m??t the c^srgr for the principles of early pie. ty had been instilled into his heart by the preoepte ?r.d -xamp'r. of a sainted mother ; snd when eu?h men die, although the shrou4?d h'llls, the muffled drums, and the tolling belis mny sprak the uatiin> loss, and the booming cannons sound a requiem over kls grav*, yet how animating is the rrflrtnticn. that although Jonn Quinry Adams miy be dead, he will indeed speak Ion? after his remains ehrll have crumbled into dust, and the present actors upon the stage of life shall have folowed hlin to the cold and narrow confljes of the grave Tbe following preambles and resolutions were then offered by Aldurmau Fusitis, and uunnimcusly adopted : U'h?r?as, In the dispensation of Providence, the uailon mourns that one of its meat distinguished sons and deToted patriots, in an unexpected moment, and white engagtd In the discbarge of Mi public du'ies. was visited by a fatal malady wllhin the very walls of the oapltoi, whloh finally terminated In the atb of the venerable Adams. who, in the fullness of a ripe old ape, has been gathered to bis fathers, deeply regr< ted by his associates and ?.n sdm'rlrg but m^U'niog world ; And whereas, as the representatives of the p?ople of thin city, we are railed upon to sympathfoe with those who by this sudden calamity, hire been most deeply ufflicted, and to mingle our tears with his immediate constituency and the common no'intry in tbe firm but solemn conviction tbat one of tbe mo: t eminent statesmen ot our age has been removed, and tnU the place which onie knew hlin sh*ll kno* him no more forever ; Therefore resolved, That in reflecting uron the sudden and afll'eting cilarui'y which has befallen fhe people of tbe oooDtry, In the d*ath of the venerable John (Quinsy Adams, this common conncil most deeply sympathise with his sseoc>st*s In public life-with the nation In whoa* service he wei a llrm and devoted patriot ?and ei<p?cl?lly with fios-i wh?. In the domestic relations of life, srvre connected with blm ty the most entering und itwrrd ties; for blm it may be truly said, that a grestrcali has, indeed, fallen in our rr.iist. K-solve!, i bet in retrosp?otlng opon his history and his life, und tracing him from ??rly boyhood to an advanced old a^e, wo And combined in him the ra??rprlt ug youth, the aocemplished secretary, the able miulst-r, the deToteif rtafsmun, the influential n'gotiator. t'i? p'triotic Pr?sid?nt, the r'.pened s:ht>lsr, the zealous christian. an.J the !iooe?t man ; ana or micm n m?y up truly raid, that he in tl.c oruacientof th? age in which hollvtd For America he lived, and lu her omsti lie died Resoived. That the cb-?mb?r? of the respective boaidr !>? drrned in the unual mournlM emblems-that the flag* of the city be displayed at half-mast dtuiug the iUy rf the arrval of the remains of the d-e?e?cd-Hurt that k ccpy of thes* resolutions h? duly authenticated end tranei.iHted to his (a-nily-and that n committee of three Irom esrh biaid b? appointed, lor the purpose of making suitable arrangements to rroeive th? body, and, In connection wl'li any othir committee which m>?7 be appointed, to euperintend and take charge of the funelat solemnity to 1>? observei uprn that occasion The following commute- were then appointed by the cbalr on the part of the D^ar J of Ald?tmen Aldermen Maynard, Aden*, Tappan. Oilvt r, Mtscrole aud Frankiin and the Board adjourned Hoard of Assistant Ai.dismk*, Feb. 'IS.-A rpeclal meeting of this boar 1 was called this evening, to receive a conic*unloatlon from ilia Honor lh? Mayor, relative to the death of Kx President Adiims and the propriety of taking suoh measure* ay mi^ht be deemed appropriate to exprea.i the grief felt by o?ir ritis?ns at the mel iiiohoty event AenUtant Aldermen Oiar being called to the chair, n series of resolution! adopted In the Uo?rd of Aldermen wera than rend, aud unanimously adopted ; nod the Treeident of the Hoard, an 1 Assistant AMermeu Allen, Cummin;*. Robertson, Jncisoj, and Muliii)', ware appointed a cpinmiitp" ?i min u-jmu l? curry ttao spit It or th* reeolutiob* Into effect. PoilC* lliUII!g?l>M< .Ji rttt on a Charg0 of Firjcry.?OtHett Patterson, 0( the lower police oflloe, arrented yeaterday an elderly <iu?k?r. by the nuroe of Stephen Weeks, of the Arm of Brink-rholTV Week*, No -227 Waehi/iafon etriet, on a w*n ant l?*u*J bjr Juntice Osborne. wherein he stanza charged with faltMy awearln$ to an afllJtvU charging Mr Oeorge Andrew* and Ira, of No *2 Dey treet, in feloniously obtaining a receipted bill for the amount of >14 which effl UTlt rue prored ??bseq;iently to be falee *od ontr-ie. 1 hearing before Ih* w?ic;.ttr.ite will b# htd at l<? o'olork t)r* forenoon A (i?rman by the nam* cf .Johnnou, a eonrlct in Ui* Htnte pri'OD at Sir?K S,n?. on Tuesday the 13th Inst, attempted ta rauke hie eeoape by going down th? rirer ?. a p?ir of UaUt, wb!?>i be bad Managed ta make and ?flU m bit fh? AlaiH wm laiiaotiy |!r?a, wkew life ftato*UUS ftTClut""*'* ' ^ I ERA 1848. Olty Intelligence. TkiWhitncii-There was still another cbaaire In the ! ! wratber yesterday. The roornirg dawned mf?', b?uutlI fully, batacarceiy bad <h? sun rlaen above the horizon. ! when beary clouds atrrtnbed themselves from east to west. I'uJ the north wind hie* <jult? cold About runpi t it attain beoitoe cl*nr, ami was <[iiife oold. which continued to iDoreaa* up to a late hour last night Remain* or Capt. Bi<rkk.?The r?mui?a of Captain Burke wero yesterday i-emored from the City 11 ?* I >. and nrnrey?dto th?bo%? bytbeLi Fayef.ts Fuaileera, tbeuce l>y the llouiut. nin Ktilroa I to Haratoga. Kieic.?A tire broke out about nine o'o'ook 011 Thuralar night In the bi'emeat of house No. 'ill Washington street, which wis put out with trifling damage. The honse la oooupii'd as a butter ato'?, a>d ib fire originated I'orn a candle which caught to Art In of butter Accidknt.?We l?srn that Mr. Jr??ph H-irgrrarei. tie g-nUrumnly purs.-r of tlie sUam'hip Hiberuia. met with a ae< ious iiocideut yealerday morning In oroaslnc; j th? river In on* of the furry bonta, he hud ope of his ; legs br ken by beln* jammed in brtwren the pier | the bunt. A Buoadwat Ahi'ichikt ?On Thurnday night, or ' more properly ipenKlrg b?twrrn one i?nd two o'clock on Krld'ty rno-ning. some four or flvo men were a?ut*d, or huddled together, in r light wagon, drawn by two ep'rit d looking horsed, although they inu?t hare been of a docile character, aa tb?y wete driving along th* ?ide walk at full trot, enjoying the fun and (!?? of travelling turn'na 8K?ernl gi'iiMero?*n off the walH Inio the street, and on the atoopa iu order to inakM room for thea- aprrr inx gentleman Tney pnraed nttUlm walk at Broome atrifef, down Bro?dw*y, two blcuka, and ?g ?in on tUa aide walk from White street to Llapenard, aud not a policeman daring all that time wua to bs auen. A Grand Fancy Bali, will come off on the 6th proximo, at the Astor Op?ra l[nue<\ The faahfonahl* world < 11 T?tll. ? ? -<- * ? a =... ~i. ! *? vip-KUi-. Tf nun U3DI1IC a oouqueis will DO doubt draw much attention, yet thorn ia no doubt but thit the J?nny Mnd Hair Gloss. by it* rloh effects In b-nutit'yin jf Dm hair. w. II sbine fortb with i(r?t spleodnr on that evening. H&vltg been asked where tbln "8chou G!anr.'can bo procured, we could not toll at tlrst, but now hare discovered that the following I* the address of tUa agents: "Km Lockwood & Son. til llroadway ; Mr Rsynor, 7ri Do very, sole agents for New York Wiu Johnson, New York,sole proprietor f >r th? I'olted Ntutes Rntered according to Act of Congress, loathe year itt'H, fcy Wm. Johnson, in tho ( Ink's MHbo of tie l/nit'd State*, for the Southern District of New York." M. OxanriLLic's Bl-st and Statu* of G*i. T.irlon.? We understand that some moulders, who live upon other's works. have aire idy taken a copy of the remarlcublo kilf.oe of atn'uary of M (J?rbeili?. This artift hud tor acme time applied at Warhington for a pa'eot, and !t Is bis Intention to prosecute. by the laws the oount?i filters of bis genuine likenesses of the hi ro of Duena Vista. To?r Or net Wanted up Tow*?It bas for a lorg time b.'eu the subject of complaint that we havo not au up town post offlod. The citiiens resident In the upper warji ot New York, must make a pilgrimage to the corner of Nassau and Liberty a'.reets whenever thny have noy business to do with the post olQon which thev are not willing to trust to the private letter carriers Fcr a few months, we bad a sub-effloe in Chatham square, which, though by far too near the lower terminus of the oi'y, win, nevertheless, n great convenience ; but evtn that was discontinued just as the residents in its vicinity began to learn the convenience? attending It.? This is a matter cf manifest injustice, and shows a partiality on the part of the Postmaster General which 1 < uny thing but oredltable to him. ter while the mails are dropped in the oountry at pflloes frequently no* more than a mile and a half or two miles apart, our oitiz*iis nnr3, rf 1l1 ^ from throo to ?'* mil** to reoelvo or aepo. it letters e,vou (ha new city of SyiHcm<? hf.n t*o ]" st oMo ? V/hsn i,ho vlllaites of Mvri offlaV 8d!in* Tf* VuLt*d ,nao,ty- thoSallna'poat ! r .? .i d,"0?tlnu.d, bat the oitixens applied for a 1 nowthehiuJ^ an'1 *m K-rant.-d; so that 1 nor, ?<S h.lf-fl.dK#d though promising young city, has ' h*iU?>! bett8r aocommoUntioias, in this respeot, than 1 ?&LYtn?U? 0f th* SUte !ind oountry When shhll 1 we have a new arrangement of our city postal affairs ? New York Institution for the Infraction or ' U??r aim Dumb. i.,", 7? r,0l!'T?'1 tile tw..iity-ninth aunual renort of 1 ^institution, ficm which we collect "So King ammary of Ita condition an 4 op^rutiotn Tin re to $41 W iS r?mndi?hmy<t{?r th* }*"tr 1847' Mounted J Vd th" disbur??m?nt8 to $41,-iH9 til, ! j iticluileg 3"?. balauoe due the treasurer on iccount of 181(1 I'hli statement dots not tacludn the ' uHdic JXsn0 iV f?r Vh? Mctlon additional * >f thi t.,1 jif ? ?? }>? of Pu?i!" Lhe close 1 .. *a 3M' V7- : 13' ual "< *?< 8? females - ' 1 bin Institution reoognls.s ns flt subject* for adul'sltn 1 l?'" W^? krJt?'r born tlekf- VT *ho. by mmc ?c- j Jhn^ll, ' ? V. , ' *T# lo,t th* cl ^satins, and ' KSui mute*, but woo are no: afflicted ' fereuty-oue from various p-trts of this State, twelr* * I'rom other Mtatss, and eight from the British prrrlnoea. f wenty-one are p*Id for by their friends, and tl'e remaiuJer, who are mostly introduced by the superintendent of )0tumnn school*, are supported by the institution Duaf nutee should be sent by their friends while young to the BStitution, as the older they are, the more tliffloult It Is 1 :o teach them. Ho many we'l instructed pupils hare eturned to their homes in various parts of tne country, 1 hat it has had the effsct of rapidly. Increasing the ap ' plications for admission, and the members of the institu- ' :lon believe that the legislature will cheerfully crant ap- J firoprlations for an iuoreased number As a proof of . the healthiness of the situation. and the exoelieoe>? ef . its domestic arrangements, it is remarked that only two ! cases of sickness hare been fata' during tho year; and uo serious accident has nsppeoed to auy of t'je pupils ' to wlilch tney would seem to bs more peculiarly lleb'.e but that they are na'.ura?ly endow d with an instinctive ' wiirineM which singularly protects tlicm from all dan- ' ger. During the intervale of study the pupils arc ail taught fie most uaetul ordntry Ira lei, witti pvat ad- 1 vintage to chemstures, and to the support of the Institution Th? particular* of 'he annual exainiu ?tinu of 1 tbe pupils, as published in the report, aflf.trd satiiNcrsiy evidence of their extraordinary progrees in the various branches of instruction. Four of thx tesohsrs are well educated deaf mutes -the other seven are gentlemen of collegiate education, and the rresilmt. Hurv y I'ritidle i'eef, Eeq., tearhen a class perronaliy The art ind soieoei f t iustructiu< ueaf mutes Is daily improving, Hnd so many txpedients are hourly invented for abridging the labor, the prerident has in progress a publication of the proceedings of the iustitu'im in order to pr?serve these Taluable technicalities. During the last Qlteeo years of the <>xisteD':eof the Institutl >n, the number uf pupils annually aduiitUd has doubled. beingabout forty two each yar. It 1* now Dearly initiy yearr slno* the foundation of tha lnn> llutiin A* ono of ;he results of the diligent and scientific investigations of its members, with regard to the laws whioh uny.-rn the teudency to natural deafness. they are iaaltnxd to UieopiU a, that in numerous oases, It arises from tba intermurrlages of too near relations, in evidence of which they adduce the foot, that while Ira thi oommuoi ty at Urge, not iooto tban one ohlld in fi'leeu hundred is born denf. tht re exist in certain famlllei, as many as from four to eight deaf mute children, who are g-tnerally ? ouslns nephews, or nieces; whereas, the children of deaf inutes who hare intermarried, but are not relatives, are born in full possession of all their fsoultiei The education of tha daaf mute is an arduous and difti cul: task, aren before raising them to tha meutal level of a wholly uneducated child who hears ; and it is, in every resp?ot, a far greater lab >r than the education of the blind, possess'd of tba faculty cf hearing The amount of indivldaal donations and subscriptions for tha list year was $3713, buetdes a few presents to the librrry end cabinet. la tha mode of education adopted by tha Institution, it Is their aim to develops the whrla m?n. moral and physical Tha pupils are divided into clars-s acuoordiog to iheir Handing and capacity U?*ldea tl)e expressive Ungusge of signs, wrltiig, being tha principal medium or Instruction, literary composition nsturady beoomes the basis of their labois, to wuich are added the f-tudy o? the seripturn, geogiapby. and ai Ithmstie; auu t ie higher clause* svldecoa in their examination no mean proficiency iu snob subjects a? physiology an 1 Ms tory. There ?rs, also, In each cNai a few who have uiore or l'-?s tha power of articulation, that aro dully < setclsad In tba improvement cf this faculty. With regard to the last annual exaniina'ion of the pupils, wit glean ths following interesting particulars : ? r" ?? ??l>im.t.m?kf[!? txhib'ted me yi.uus u. i. rinj/iwj h*n<lsome epecm 'na o'. n?eful household furniture, eu;;h us secretariat, bureau*. table*, Sio . manuiaclured i ? the best style of the art. By their libjr the institution I* furnished with every article la thl* line, and all repairs are made at a trtlliOK fip'nw. The young men engaged at the truleg of shoe making. tailoring, and book-binding do oil the work ot the concern In their re?pectivc ari*. and rorno cf the male pupils are employed ill the garden (which l* abundantly supplied with the choice*: kiuds of fruit ar.d vegetable* Iw their proper ecunn) in the iludy cf hortimil'ur* It will be perceived I hat, iad.p nd?ntly of the cnow? of moral and literary iD'truotiou, rne nf tbe chl-f obj?ot* ol the iust tdtlon ie. to afford the liupi's the mean* of an Indi'penUent livelihood in future, at th<i fame time that 'heir present labrrs jbld a benefit to themselves anl the Institution The committee ascribe the reiuarknli'e heal; hi u< is of the establishment not alone *o the exlubrity of it? sl'nati >n, iu?ln)y to 1:* excellent sanatory n gul itiocs, wi'h regard to proper ventilation, and scrupulous neatness and cleanilnes.t ; and. in oases of occasional sickness, the patient is provided with every ronsf'rt, acd treated with parental solicitude. Since the last annual examination, various improvements havs b?en added to the buildings ; and the institution may now rank amongst the architectnrr.i beau ti<* nt Nmr York Durmn their examination, inn pupns Indite ooui|-'MUon* on virion* ?ul>j?cta, nucha* letter* to their relative*, characteristic deecrl['HcB* or anlmnia. paragraph* deelgmd to exhibit their d!*tlnct eoncepilonof ua yarioiM part* cf ipeeoh in Rranfaat ; and the MrIn** olae* ocmpoee e*<ky* of a higher order, m*ny *p?cimen* of which ure acj>?n Id to the pnbll'hrd report At th* cloieof tha examination", diplomat, oariiQo iter ami farewell letter* are oor'erred upou ??ver?l of the pupil* w!iO have completed Ih. ir etudiee, *n4 hre about l.-avlog To reclaim tlvie (.o-r deaf mote* frointhe lowe*t eeale uf humanity, and train than to beconin u*eful and Intellect b?ing*, ratrlt the blnhe*t ' ol>>i?y ; and tbl* institution I* a n?l?l? ?vldenc? ot th* philanthropic *plrlt of tha oltixen^of New York. At Albaay it* <v?a*b*r mbUoo*! ?**vfcably ***? T** (Mil at* MtttaflfcMttfcit.Mtf f?*mW?| 11 iptt^ meviewt k tti m wi U? imt JCj # _ ?- ? _ ~ ^ i jfrl(K9 fw# C?Blf| Law lMfrlllgeiirr. dtithorm* A??mi ?'Tie carls, with the exception r.f tbo < ircuit < ourt, atd iroond branch of the ^upetiort'i urt, adjourned venterlavuiornioKa* a inark of impact to (he u,?m<ry r f .Mr Adrian loth# court* wl.l'h r.ri>Hmi..j in mhIob <*%us*a had hren taken up I on Thurtday; and the Judgm 1im<1 of n"-^n?ity to nitftttd flni?h thetu to day, b"irg the !a?t <lay of the term. Circiit Cm kt -1 Wore Ju't'.ce Strong?Ehtnta*r hi, I Rohirt Rah ui Kdw-.rd l.yneh, el al ?Thl? cause, whi '.h h? I V>een on trial tor the ln?t two d'iy?, wee dammod up to the jury by Mr K Sirf>rd for defendant, and Mr Dlkem^D f?r j l*liitl(Ti The Jain* charged tha jury, who, after abrbf declaration. givi'it verdlot for plaintiffs I'or $.">13 KO duma^t ? *rd *i* cente conta Mr. Juatic-* Strong, at. the clone of h'.s rharge, *ald ha regretted exceedingly that in eousequeDoe o' the pro-rata wl i<'h had been ma>i? wo the trial ami ih? u-ce?mty of hi* leaving tha city to ranrrow, he ha-4 l>a?n obliged to continue his court open during ? part of the day, notwithstanding the melancholy intelligence whi li had reached thin city ftorj Washington y sterday?th?t he had scrve.1 with Mr Adtin" i* t.':e 38th Congress, and that the exalted re*pect wliloh he had previously antert iiaeii for ?liat eminent man. for Ms i eat talents. vaiuable public serves and American heart, was confirmed by personal obaer >at:on. SirMtion ' ot*rt Fl, fure Chief ,fu<tie? Oakley.? T.rvi'iri ut L'tny- Thm cause will be given to the Jury to inorrnw (this) morning Toe court will ?<tj*urn tomorrow fit a wefk. No iMU''i of f>?ot will hi tried during the March t*-rui The argument oaleniar will be taken up the first d?y Kr.D 3ft.? DuxairT Court ?In ll" mat'tr ?f 1ft cam ef t>o?d? and From iicn df I'nn .<> i in n in'.? On the 10th of January last, the olalieant. :t na'ive of Paris, arrived in tlil? city, brii<i(ioR wltn htui tlfrean niuea of rood*, containing *' wsortinent of i.incy articles. consisting of cotton goods, millinery, hats, aud 'tlier fancy articles, which were the j tint property of the olaiinant and nnlh?r nitriAn ?V?-* -1-1? * - " ' " r..cWr|ii >u? niiuwnt ?> inuiTimiuiJ the ownar of certain pinturea mentioned In the invnloe, which ha hid collect'd from time to timet within the last ibjbt y*ui> ami brought them to thi< country aa a part of his furniture, (intaudiug to have them put up In hla boon) which, he unOi'miooil, was true of duty Th* cWlraart,n* he alleged, was, at the tiin? of hi* arrival. an entire stranger, igeo-ax>t of tha la**, language and outturns of the country, ami bait no regular invoice of the gooJe, upon which 1\? addressed himself to a French houe? In this city, f r advice and assls'ane*. in maklaR 'ho entries ut tba custom house, 8c s. Hh friend, flriding he had no InToioe. advitnd him to make general invoice of alt the goods contain) 1 In the tiftu> n eases. so as to nuke 0'ily on* entry thereof to simplify and facilitate t'lartl'toiu houia business. lis accordingly laade tha inviico, as directed. In th* n&iaa of hlmarli and hla partner. and j laced upon it the picture* which we re bis individual property. Tbe ouca were afterwards aent to the appraiser's atom, ?nd they, upon examination, tumbled upon two of the pictures, one described as - Keiiiuit a uu Bain," aud th? other described aa "Jupiter and Leda," wnlcti they considered cntne within tha denomination of "indecent and nbrceno paintings," and wtre within the meaning of the J-Uh seotion of the act ofCongr-es of August I84i. Upon the certitl laieof tbaappraie?-ra, tha collector refilled to permit tba uasra, and instructed tbe District Attorney to take proceedings against all tljngouds, in order to have them forfeited The claimant presented apetitlou to.lud [a Betts.ton tbe 10th in*t , praylag that the auljeot might he Investigated, testimony taken, aud a sfattraenr, of tbe facta laid before tha Reoreca; y of the Treasury, tbH the fcrfciture might be remitted. Th?"F<wniMiin Haiti," it seems, waa painted by a French artist, naiifd Fljgonart, in tba reign of I. ;nl* the 15:h, and is (as tha prcduclions of that period generally ware) free in design, and to tbe sens* of propriety in Amenoa, would be considered ((Ttnsive; yet In Franco it mif'it and pTlraps *a>, publicly exhibited, without being considered obscene or rbocking to the of the people. The "Jupiter nod Leda" I* not considered no objectionable an tiie other. uirl it In averred that it ha? been frequev.tly exhibited in publio ii Krauze, without remark, and in to be foun?l in almost til the public ooliectioua in Kutope The prllen were c?kin^ testimony, yenterday, on tin iubjee.t, In the District Court, an4 ( ovorai American and French artlets per* examined on the pair, of tho clatmiTit Mr. H. iC Owen app??r.?d for the claimant; Mr F. F Marbury, for :he United State. * Couar oc omtitl Session* -Feb. 2i ?Before ll?j irJ >r Hof tt, and Vlde;meti Adiiui and Croliuj. John ^loK-on, Kkj , District Attorney. Mivl Cam of Fr l it.?\ youa* lriihm\a by the i*me of Drunifi Dully wan pWoed at tbe b*r fjr trial o-tlty. on an indictment. charging btm with having obained from Capt Kn^wll >n of thi United rltatea Army, ho ana? of t'3 bounty m >o?y, by fpri-annting on hi* nii?tment that he w-.n o?er twenty one yean ot age, :nd had neither father, oiotber, brother, ncr filter to ontrol h;m On the part of the proetcution It vrM adlaced in evidence the* the ?ccn?ed oa the 19th day of lanunry last. went t> the recruiting recdeavous of Captain Knowitou, in Crdar efr." t nnl r?pre?ented bat he w%? b?tw<ien twonty-two and twenty-three ;?ri bid. ami eniUted. rucaitilU tho mnil bounty waatak-nto Cbo reri ll-li'Jl#?? l" ahum claimed 'be re*?d (*3U) itwed for ilon Captain Knowlton,b?vin< ?een queer i^ogsdene >efor?, refu-ed to pay the bonntr money until 1 * ?? {* 19 more natUfaotorily anoert:.iced that all wa* rl*kt In egard to the matter, and ou detaining the iwalt the result or imo investigation, ma iouiuhi ?ho had hitherto stood by, an nfiparenUy disinterested f>eotr?trr. pulled out ofbis pooket? writ orhahrat co'jiut. Intended to hare been used tbe moment th? anticipated eward bad been paid,) and handed tbe same to Capt. Cnowlton to bring tno body of the prisoner before udgo Ingrsham on the ne*t or following day ? n the mean while. Capt. Knowlton, baring asaertained hat tbe accused had, in S?pt?inb-r Ivt. enlisted In ininpaDy of light artillery for fire years, renelved lis clothes and 10 bounty, anl then absquatulated, reiolved to have ths accused pimiehe I, in order to make in eiampte of him, and thereby put a s'op to the numerous ti'K'i Js f this description upon the government, .U'l with this view, fitelerred a or i initial complaint igiin'; Tbr ptl^oner Accordingly, on tbe day assigned far h bearing, u pi.licetiftu w is \ resect in court to arreit liim assocu ii< ho ih n'd be discharged, npon the gronads set forth in the application for the writcf hab?aa oorpurt. 'i'be prisoner or bis mother, on learning the state of affilrs, withdrew bis application for dlechsrge,and consented to re'.uru to his quarters on lioTeruor'j Island The police cfll -er. iu pursuance to tbe authority of his warrant, toon tbe accused Into custody. The <Jr?nd Jury found a bill against him, airl yesterday he was plaoed on trial. ' On the part of the defenos a witness testified that she whs at the hous? of the prisoner's mother, a day or two alter he bad enlisted; that something then appeared to be the matter with hici, but witness could not say whs ther he was ucdrr the influence of liquor or had the horrors At this stage tbe proceedings in the rase were postponed until to-morrww morning The District Attorney then ruse and moved un adjournment of the court, on account of ib? death of tba venerable ex-President Adams, upon whose oharaoter be pronounced a truly eloquent eulogiom. The court accordingly adj mined. arrntnk Cocit of ihe I'situd Statu Keb 11, 1848. Nelson K Shelton, appellant, vs TiOln U Perry. Tha argument of this eause was oonoluded by Mr Jones for the appellant Theodore Lewis et al , appellant*. T?. John Baird et al The argument of t is causa was commenced by Mr. Krwiog for the appellant Keb 31, 1848.? After the openiDg of the court, this morning, Mr. Chief Justloa Taney made tba fallowing remarks: ? - * ? Uentleineo orMia t>ir?in coaire?|unuon vt ma? Mr. Adunr, the court will not prooeed to-day with the i m? under argument Krom tbn long publio service* of Mr. Adamc, and the distinguished station* he ha* held in the gi.vernin*nt, the aoatt think It their doty te thow tbfir respect for hi* in.mory by adjoornlrg to-Jay without trsDM' tlnj any buboes*. KrtMinnoiOF TNI ALLCean Miarmras rr Jam** CvKiAif it Salpm - This e*?. mlnelion w?* concluded on he y4tb inft mt The court ordered Pa'rlrK end John Ilyan .fohn Rirrden and Cornelius Hhalne to be folly <caul ted nntll discharged by due course of Uw Mr. i-.ud Mm R D*n. w?re ordered to reooirn!*a and give bill, to bo retained as witnesses by the government ; aa were also several other of the principal witnesses The other witness-* were ordere I to recogal** lor th?trforthcoming. when required ho to do. rrxorD ? Ooodwin, w);o confined hl? wife In i'lij-Btye. in Canada, and suff-red her to p?rleh mivra lily, has o eu *enleuoed to itupri8onm>'nt iu tb? jenl^enliiry for life?a well* m?i ittd pun ehnient for ?o horrible ?n off-noe. The ju<lge,1n passing eeiitxnc*, told him ihat the jury had been very merciful In not convla'.ing him of murder, and If h? bad been ?o con*'oted, hi would assuredly bare t?sn bang'd. ?*<> 1H<*I InUlllgenc*. ArrAiai tt r?!iin,'tsit -Stmu?l A. Bridges. J?monrat, has been elected a memb?r ??f Congies* from ?be Oth i ongre.**lon*l district, I'ennsjlv mi* The democrat* of Perry county h?ve oboseu a IV* I las delegate to the HUte convention "Tns: Via .iwi* Wnm Sr a rn Cowthntio-i met at Cichni'.nd on the -23d inot, nwd or:^*n ?*d Won f.Ar'bsr wa* chcaen President, aai ru'ea of orier. eto w>>r< adopted. The romiu itlo'is wrie to be m?d? on the Jt.h Tavlo* Micktiiu ? A4 a meeting of tho frlerdi of (}?n?rel Taylor, at the Court Hi u'sln B'?ton Hnuife on the I'ith inrt , a aerie* cf meet compilmenta. y rrsolu tioc* were adopte I, an 1 slx'y delegates appointed to attend the convention t*> be h*ld on the J'Jd Ins; lf!?t., in thisolty.?iV. O, 18. ""(Jeis. Tavlor ?Mr .Maorieon. of the Dayton (Ohio) 7>rtn?evip^, In writing lo't*rs "> bi? paper frrm Ciuelnnati. mj?? I rccatlv f?* a man f onj Misttasippl who - ? ':<? Tat lor wa? a member of the iDr<irtc?a eii ?u?? Methodist church Ha s-iid ti? hoard lilm exhort ouo* la a' lore fe?st " Th? t?ars str?-am?d from tee old solaU? > f j es 1.1 b? relatsd In* axpaileace. A Maomkicent Lai k Hitamsr?Tha "Litpire fidte" i? to be brought out next season, to rua between B'lU'lo and < hirago, and j? #xp?c?i>d to accomplish tha'rip in sixty henrs She i? to ba 310 fret ..long, with a hteadth of b. nm of 37 feat?burthen I rt.<0 ton* '1'he ?CtrlOf is t'> bti in tL* 'i\i? nod cf that on tii* ( ??r Nentou ; %ilh a 7i? laak cjltodar, and * stroko of IQ fe> t; wh*?',* 40 Oet In diameter: hnoket* 10 t??t face. Sn? will h?T? am^le acoomoodatien fcr 400 o?bin a-vi 1,000 st-i>ra<<? pa".i ug?r? In addition to tha mv'lidcwrl sslcor* and cubic*, fhx is to havo foma 100 f-iulijr and state room*? ill fural>Vd la a styla of aaotBoanea and aemfcit Haiird vo4 Mooleath". aa4 F. 0. Ihsrnan tn tfce owian Cap*. >1 H??*H I* * I?Ml tl? tMtiac pftiM*

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