Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1848 Page 3
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I - ---'' " 1 " object of obseer.a comparison, nor that tbs'r earoeit sod repeated exertions to slevata him to tha freeidenoy b' uld be oalled fraudulent, and brought about by intiiijuiug oongrcsemen ar.d piaraea? giving a faint direoti 'u to publio opinion. It waa not nesesaary to Bay that hi* "suits" war* a fataa pretence to ruabla him onca iiiore to foroe the whigs to nominate him to the rre?id nry Will it ba remembered to tha honor of the whlgs ot Pt nneylvacia, that at a public meeting, ' the father ot tha American' system" was charged with resigning bis peat in tha Situate to esoap* the responsibility of oting for tha tariff of 1842 But wa forbear even rer f'ogtrance at the unfortunate ieh?rs taken to elevate oca gallant "hig| p.t the expers* < f tha life long reputation cf one whoee memory can never b? obscured The remark of one rp-ak*r, that the meeting wns obt-iaed not only without the aid of the prsae cf Pittsburgh, but in tn? face of its oppo*itlon< is too trivial to fcottar, to say no'hing of Its untruth, so lar es the Gu*' <<* i.-. concerned, directly or indirectly. Th? Gaz'ttt has u single objeot in view,and that, to praserTa amid all tli" eiciteoent ?f primtiv meetinas, an ind?r""<l',ot. liberal and tcru^nioutly impartiBl prsit:o*. The ze&lou? friends of Uiom niniid for high offload, In the beat of the moment, may iadulge a feeling that tb?ir views are coldly seconded, but the sober reoond thought oannot fail to it how them the candor it our oourie] in relation to nil subjeets affnoting the interests of the great whig party. The day t? yet to come whan the Gazette wil rh rink from giving a blow for the good old oaune, and the publication is yet to be made in whloh it does not extend equal and exaot justice to all. Uljr lnMUI|?ac?, Tub Stkamkb mmh Sanui.?The steamar Sarah f a. ds will leav? her dowk at the f<M>t of Clinton street, tod?yat two o'clock, for Liverpool. She ?^?s to have vailed on Saturday, but from some oause *? * detained until to day. Common Covkcie?There will be a special meeting of the Board of Aldermen this evening, when the subject of the new polioe bill will be taken up There is considerable opposition to the passage of the new bill, and a remtnntranoe from the insuranoe companies of the city has already been presented to the Common Council; besides whiob, we ieara there Is another very numerously signed protest to be presented this event*;. T*k Weathch ?The weather, yesterday, was very fickle, having been cold and pleasant, clear and stormy. The early part of the day wa? beautiful, but towards which, for a time, threateae4 a h;?vy rtorm having twice begun to anow. The o'ouJs paused a way, but acou returned airalo, without a itorm ; and. towards night, cleared off vary prettily, leaving a beautiful night, though considerably colder than the morning. Alraady baa the weather peculiar to March come upon us ; and, In the short spaoe of twelve hours, we are visited with Caveral ohinges. Fikc.?A fire broke out about 8 o'clock on Saturday night, in the offlce No 8J South street, whioh was extinguished, with trifling damage. The fire originated from the stove. Another ?A (irebroke out on Saturday iu the buildlog No. IBS Canal etreet, which did oousiderable damage. A very aged and ii'flrro man was iu the third story at ih? time, and several efforts were made to resoue him. the third or which proved successful. Had he remained in th<< hooae a short time longer, he would have die! of auff.nation ; and it was with great diffljulty he oould be rescued. in o<>naequenee of the smeke with whioh the apartmrnt was filled. Accidkwt ? A man named Thomas Patterson brd his leg broken on Saturday afternoon, by the oaving in of the bank of a cellar, whioh he was eugiged in digging iu l'hirty-seoond street, near Eighth avenue iie was taken to the olty hospital. Oil and Gas.?There seems still to be a great want of attention somewhere with regard to the street lamps In Madison street, there is not more than one ol every five lamps burning after eleven o'clock at night, and In the upper portions of the olty, it is really too bad. That portion is lighted principally with oil, and soarce one in ten can be found lighted after ten o'clock, and many of the streets not b ing regulated in that amotion, render* it very inoonvenlent for those who travel in that part of the oity after night. An occasional lamp niv be found in some of the streets, which will burn all nikbt; and tbnt is tolerably goad evidence, that if the lamp* were tilie-l, aud properly oleaned, there would be no detlolency of light. (These complaints are constantly before the eyes of the corporation, and yet there seems not the slightest attention paid to it although good street light is necessary to the preservation nt lilt and property. Thieves and assassins are enabled te lurk uaeeun, and commit their depredations without fear of detection. Mohtalitt Docs ?Port Hkbiucnd and its vicinity, on r>UW>n island, have been thrown into a complete state of alarm within the last few weeks, in consequence of several dogs beooming mad, and running at large, biting others, also chickens and geese ,all of which died in consequence of the bite. We also learned yesterday, that oh Saturday, a negro rssidiog near Chelsea wu? ennvuvfld tn tha Aivlnra nu th* !ul*n l ?Tinf euppoard to hare been ocousioaed from the bits of 3 rabid dog aome few daja previous Tha inhabitants hiTe turned oat with loaded gaoa and paraded the streets, shooting down all the doga ruanicg at large; tbua aome fifty of three faithful oreattirea have been destroyed, In order to prevent further mischief. Suicidk bt Pouon.?Coroner Waltera was called yesterday to bold an inquest at the corner of Warren an i Chinch streets,upon Margaret Brenaan, a native ot Ireland, aged 26 years, wife of Michael Brennan, who put a period to ber existence by taking arsenic under the following otroumatances:?The deceased, it appears, waa aent by her huaband. then confined to bal bed by aickneaa. to purchase a pulater, and. on returning with it, abe laid on the bed by tbe aide of her husband, and began to cry; on bring questioned as to the oatue of her unDHreut Brief. she informed her husbaud that ah* haii taken potion, and was going to die; tbe latter paid but little regard to he; statement. being entirely Ignorant Of any cause or disposition on her part to commit ro rash an act; the deceased, however, repeated her statement, and aisuied her busband that she had procured arsenio at the di store, where she, get the piaster; vh?reupon, Mr. Brennan,with all possible expedition got u( , auu repaired to the drug store in question, where he learned that her story waa too true. Accompanied by pujftioiaD. the distracted husband returned home, and endearored to administer an antidote, but his wife suacesslu'ly rcsieted the effjriathat were made to make her take it--and 011 a carriage being procured for the purpose of ooiiveyiog her to the hospital, sbe was equally successful iu frustrating their designs Soon afterwards sbe bepau to vomit very freely, and appeared to suffer ery muoh, when sbe manifested a desire to lire ; but it was then too late, and she died about llo'olookat night. Verdict In aocordanee with the foregoing faoti. Funeral or Msi. Drmhai*.?The funeral of Mrs. Daraaa took place yesterday afternoon, at 4 o'olook. The prooesslon, consisting of about one thousand perrocs toilowed from the residence of Colonel Denman, in Jam*-* strert, to tbe (' ithedral. corner of Mulberry and Prince streets, where tbe funeral ceremonlti were performed nccoTdlngto the Roman Catholic faith. Her remains were then deposited iu one of the vaults, and the crowd dispersed. In every ODUntenaooe waa depicted a fueling of sorrow and gri?f, and a cloud hovtred over tbe brow of the disconsolate husband. The firm soldier tewed to his affliction, and surrendered again all that ch'ers tbe life of man, and brings sunshine to the disconsolate heart Mali* for JK>uropc Tbe auxiliary steamship Sarah Sands will leave this port for Liverpool, at one o'clock this afternoon. Sbe will take with her two days later Intelligence than that which went by the Hibemia cn Saturday. The Ne r Yatk lUrcld, of tkl* morning?prio* two cents per copy-containing the important Intelligence from Venranela and tl>a latest news reoeireil irom all paits cf the American continent, will b? ready in wrappers for the mails. We intend to have, in addition to this, am edition of the fVttk/y Htrald struck off to go in the Sirah Sands. Both papers can be obtained in single wrappers. muorbMil's Oraduatsd Slngnrflc Muctilnrs_ Tiirte itw, benatil'ui, convenient ami eflectnM inntrnmente, eie mtr.irti'iK nt: rmii.n t<n Mcruniu of ili-ir great r(Ticicb<*v iu Hie r.ure of nil i\erv. m Oite-ifg lu Dvi' epeia, Neiirru* De?fif??. Rhetiaatlsra, FiH, P*ra|v?i? jnd all kindred i fllictheir effect* are tenly woideiful. Mn.nfictn-ed and i id, wboleeale mid retail, by I). MOOHHKAD. 188 Bro.\ilwi\v, New York. Price (10 and S12, complete *rd warrir.ted, with fnl! direction for u?e in every reject. The michioci can ke taiely xat to any part of the rouatry. Gold I'm*?t'rlce lUduced X3 per Cent . B-er? it n??k. 8S .John ttreet. (npatairt ) would mvi'e ihe at'eati -n of ell pnrrlneere i? their line (wholen'e or retail) to tfceir uinorfrent, comprising Pens (with or witbont rim) of ill the beat per. n??ker? in the country. Their pent ere le'rcted pe j. a il wvrrai'ed: a.rl their prices ere warraetrd to be lower?han the price? of en/ other e?t?bli(hment in the eity. Gold Pen? repaired, eieli <a?ed, or rrpomted. Dliunnnri Fainted Mold Pen a. Wholesale and I? Wnta a kO , <5 William etreet. on? dm.? K? low \WI atteet. au.1 J Y 9iTa*e,93 Bolton <Ju|d Pen m w:u<Vtttr*r? hi.v? the l-(real a?<ntin?nt of (Jr.ld Te. t, <j o'd nn l fc)il??r Penei a and Pencil t ??ea, &c., to l>e iti.d in ihe eit/ I lift.- :."-k cnmprisea eeerv atyle *uid qualm of Gold Pem n w m?(l? i nirj?< * nir.h air tn* cr|ebrat*U " liieli'lien" Pen. ih? o' ly trallr vrrtnted p;o in t'r market. Gold Pent retail'd at $1, $1 J3, tl 5J and $1. (i.ilJ 1'eni repaired or etelia kmI Warrniittil <*i--l?l l'eiis._N<?l l<(mnr?t..A'[? vinrryea in ni'?hn?.. Y- of JOHN W. Gn' A'J'OiN fc C0.t N'? 71 Cedir *'r?r.t, (one (loot from the Pout Office ) The? hirtf na of their mvu and ill other maker* aUi, * hirh ore lelerteJ bv aeot.ipeteat person; ike poof rr rejected peei returned ti the ?ii?; er?. I the poiui? come off of wnnanted 1 em, Lew ontnare civroi* their plure willioot cliatge. If jren l"iv A i en rf them end it d'>ea M t t.nit. they will chance it. Their price* are lower for ? good article than anv other Mine in the triiie (Jn'<l P?n?, with ailver e^aee, it7ic?uta, $1,(1 21, $1 *0. (I 7V t2 and upward (lold I'eni repaired. Unredeemed l'l-d?e?, at the S'? Still Store._ Seek f at? tweed elolh ; dr ip de etc sod Alpaca, innde tn the ino?t elrgant a'tlc, from SI to e?ch. I)re?? and Kircs Coete, French c oih, from tt t> t" : bn?ine??"Co*tf, tl to $3 end l*.<nn,$,t> t<. Veaf?,Jfctr> (2 ICeaiiinir end repiiri'g ( e?h paid lor Rentl:mea'a clot'imu, corner r*a?aau and Beekm u. The tlnlr?All th?*a wtio are ilealions for the preaerr iti'ii h?anty and griwtb of their I air, ah^nld at once t?v Birkerj ('rame d* f?lma I hria'i It ti prepared fr in the I nieit Kaat Itnn ni' b.aproe-a hirr I v ch?oiiral. an' whi(.l) nkee t?ree in i.thi or in c .mp eti iB. By 'Ina ir |k?) nwwn I" ;ir| rirro o? Hie K'nttn S11 OIK iTe iineM, while it' >>n*Mti?e qu-l"ir? rrmitn m tmpmred Kirer? ;ce >?d?i v If* hi ig miav fh*t thu prevention ! the b*?t e*e' intro'ured ?n<l t'>e im|>r>T'inrut mi t>er?on*l ?ppriimi r, whirh i.*C"M?'ily fnllow? nicely ce^xoml o-e, Cinti' t he too huhly eppree ued It u fur nVe only by Ii*r* 1> , ?t -i? hilt it e?ig i'< iier >"iiix ?n?J wig miking iwini, 9 Uro-?J?Av. eoreer of Leonard ?trfe'. lllit-httgU'a Nevtl) Invrntert Wl|i mul 8r< re ? Piihue attention i? called t'i the improvement! wt ieli f iprhnih lin< jntt inforturf<1 into the iinu"(V,u This Will ?id Pcftl|>i giyii.g hein *1 ?pi>eir?uee wholly || (T-'rnl from K>l otliernever in-* 'e in this C"im'ry, whether u irgr.ri ? t rir Onatmer end VentiUti' g character. their peca'otr rh'M'. lit rn<l q'flitf of im eriil. - II wig wenrere ?!>., h*?e >e?n them, aeknnw>e Ue tlirnt the rerv *eme i f peifrrt> -n. Strnrger* ?' inr-ted to e.ell end examine. fl/"" lift Jlrcadwey, oppo*ite the City Hotel. Obierre the nnmber. We near Mr. I ufc? W?M, Ik* Young and Talented Ethiopian Perfoimer. ii cmtiti great exciteu tat ud jb* the JCa.tern people. We with him much mcceaa Hot Brrakf??t Cnkci?In another column will be found a recipe, which we are told will product breakfiat cake? of auperior qaality GenUeimn'l liitta..Kathh)ti fm Spring, I84N. ? Win H. Becbe fc ? 'o , fit if i UG Droidwav, New York, and 111 <:heitnut atreet, I'hi'id|>hin. th'e Beene and f'uatar.) ' will introduce the Hptin? Faahtun f >r Ornt>emnu'< Ha i, on Saturday, the 4th day Marcli ensuing. Upon mu oa the h'a?tiion tor the ureaent aeaton, W'm H 1'eebe St t!o. b'gle ve to call the ?tteutiou of the public to the eitemive and vaiunb e : imp oretneuta recently effected in their eatabliahment, for (lie purpue . f facilitatirg its future bo?tnen tr*uncn>jn?, ai well *a ol read-ring iti at rictire aiipenrsnce more conspicuous. I he S'.ore I5ii Broadway, tin ittid*'g tie 11 thorough renovation, hiul is rt pr!>??.t unqieitiooibly the firat house of the kin'l i'i the wor,d, a?d the proprietor! here t'.ke occasion to ??y tli; t the gooda offered for aale th?raia htlI alwaya bear t e tame character,?that lit beaury of design, ricnue?a of {Material, and elegance ot atyle.thay aliall be anapproached and iuitn.table. Their busi.itaa'ia now to couiple'el r a; ateuiat.ied an') reflated, that all crdera receisro. , whether from Ihe citizen the traveller, or the trade, will be atteuded toaui deemed with the Htm j.t promrtneaa an l punctuality; and in conclusion. they wj?ii to asy that their establishment. both iu New York tad Plinndelrhi?hMI in future recommend themsrlvr* to (he fivumble notice of the entire ennmun'ty. Mr Win. H. Berhe hec* leave to return hi* thauk.". to the public nuil the trade for the very libehil pntrouane bestowed up*u tna Ute Twin ?f Beebe 8c Cottar, and invites a continuance of their favor* to the present concern. Batli or BeMUty_Sol-Dlsaiit Saraitpmrllla, and other peraiciou* decoctions, it is known by theuufortuijife victim* who have been drenched by the nauseous it iff. to produce a general Mssitude and utter prostiation ol the ay*ttm. accompanied with a clammy, sluggish. sallow skin ? Gouraud'a Iittliau Medicated Soap. has supMauted :hesc notions Sarsaparillas. Uouruud's Medicated Soap arts ou tlse bl->od, ihr.ioth the porr* of lie skin. with the potency of * charm ; indeed the curr* < f aggravated case*of scrofula, a or vy. *'aly, rough tinned *?llow, and other cutaneous diseases, byittnse would almost sl^ggrr belief, were it not that thry are so well attrsted as to place (he rnniter beyond the p ssibilitv of douht. Sometimes we n'e startled at seeing the profound remark " tint beauty is the offspring of nature, not of so?ps or powder*," nor, the author migl f h ive *dded, of denorted molasses, yclrpt Naraiparilla "Beauty" may be divided in'o two classes?-.he beauty of Natu<a, and the beauty of the Will. P-rthe first, we are indebted to Providence solely, bnt lbs otlier, we owe to a heaven-born intelligence Acquired beauty ha* a great advautaa over natural charm*, heraase it is iiiore varied and p;quint. That this remark is arus cue, all will admit who have evarseen th* statue < f the Veuns dr Me licis, or I leopatia. The beauty jfCle-pitra has formed the theuie of many a poet, but it i* not rqmlly well known tint ahe v?* ini)eb''d to art for the perpeturtiou of that inarvelloas lovrlinrs? which ao enchained her rrgal lover. I' i*ou record, however, that she d ily laved heraelf in a batli composed of the ono ni ro-ea, .imi rxpreaaeu jmce ri raapneiriea: i ne miuej ol fotoii would acareely yiel't an?oi?nt ailver lo defray for ? lifetime. the expeuaea of this luxurmua hull How n'ateiul, then,ahould the preient generation be to Dr G;>imud for h*rtL'K in hit Italian Medicated ^oap, aop lied the raeaua of beautifyii g (he c mcl*xion Inr beyond anything that the anciecia ever dreamed of. Thia exqn'aite Snip not duly chrifiea and whiteni the ikit. but it cive< it a imoothneaa nud brilliancy nhiulutely marvelloua, Beaidea removing "" cutnieoua di'figu-nneuta. anch f? rio* worm, chife'. cracki. eh pa, nud a lioit of othe a?it la the moat drliciooa So?p ia the wor'd for shaving. Avoid the numerous noxii na iinititiona of Dr. Uoi?. r'ud'a preparation*. J he only depot which the Dr. hit in the eity, ia at ST Walker street, 1st itore from Broadway. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY SUliKBT. Sunday Feb. ?7?0 P. 91. Daring the past week there has been considerable excitement in tbe stook market. Prices have rapidly ;.dvanoed, and as rapidly declined. On Monday an Extra HtrAd announced tbe arrival of a special messenger at Washington from Mexloo, with a treaty Irom the late commissioner of the United States, made by bim with the Mexican government. The effect of this announcement upou the stock market was eleotrioal - prices instantly advanced, and outsiders cams In with confidence and purchased largely. This relieved the market of a great deal of stook, and it wai almost the universal opinion that a farther improvement in prices must be realized. A day or two after the reception of the treaty at Washington, the stock market continued firm, and holders were not disposed to sell, even at a moderate advanoe, as the ratiCoatlon of the treaty appeared almost a i matter of oertainty. The sudd ;n illness of ex- President ! Adams, and the suspension of business caused by that event, delayed all aotion upon tbe treaty, and gave the ; stook speculators of Wall street time to cool off and time for refl ction. The deUy also |tT? the speculators plenty of time to ciroulate all kinds of reports relative to the treaty, and the most ridiculous sto'-ies were made for Wall street consumption. It was first stated that a condition similar to that of the Wilmot proviso waa inserted io the treaty, and that its ratification was entire ly out of the question; a ilcnn other itatements, equally grounJleel.were currently reported, and the pubiio mind became very mach unsettled. The only oorreot synopsis of the treaty was given in the Herald of the J6th inst., and the sosroe from whish that was derived gave it a semiofficial character, and it settled all doubts upon the sutjeot. Assoou as the Wilmot proviso condition exploded, the opposition centered upon the section whloh provided that grants of land in Texas, made by the Mextoan government prior to the year 1836, shall be respeoted by the United States, as the most objectionable part of the treaty, fcnd sufficiently so to condemn it. The balls and bears of Wall street are leap able to form correct opinions relative to the treaty, or anything else conuected with public affairs, than any other olsss, as their interests ohange almost j every hour; to-day they may be in favor of a treaty in almost any shape, and to-morrow opposed to any movement oalculated to bring aotual peace upon any terms. The longer all action upon the treaty is delayed, the le.?s confidence those connected with fiaanoial and I commercial afftirs will have in its ratification; and the ! (ess anxiety the pubiio generally,will have for its favorable | consideration. The public mind is so easily exoitei,and so j easily allayed, that the treaty in a few days will cease to j create any wonder, and even in the ev> nt of its ratlfioa. ; tlon, will soon give place to something .else. This feel, i log is pretty well understood in Wall street, and the i shrewdcst operators of that seotion take advantage of ! the inflation in prices produced by the temporary excitement The treaty has been of advantage to both j bulls and bears during the week, as it enabled the for* mer to retliso at a handsome advance, and the latter to mate new contracts at higher prices. There is no doubt but that the anDrehtmsion relative to the ratifisation of tlie treaty, bu been the prime cans* of the decline la prices for most of the fancies; it is, boweVer, bo reason why prices ehould touch point* lower ttun those ruling previous to the announcement that suob a document had be*a received, or even bad been made. The advance might bare been premature; but be decline is certainly unwarranted by the present position cf thlcg* generally. The treaty of p<*o? with Mexico, already presented to ' the S?nate, has been made with the existing government of that republic, with the bid and advioe of the repre-1 tentative* oftbe British goverhment, and of the prlncii p tl capitalists cf Knrope, and with the content of Santa J Anna, the prlnoip^l leader of the military or oppositiou party in that oouctry. It is true the treaty had not been i ratified by tbe Mexican Congress, and there has been n ' vast deal of Informality In the mode of negotiating, on 1 the part of the United States; but that doe* not affeot the uutbentlcity of the treaty, or make it le*s binding upon i the Mexigan government in the event of it* ratification. , j\ " n i riTtomi, n may on a dangerous one, and measures I should by *11 mean* be cd optad to p rer?nt m reeurren ee o, uch proceedings Should it, howaver, transpire that Mr Trlst b?s been activg under secret orders from tha F.xp. outivo, all these ohjaotloosfall to the ground?and that he | b*j 10 Is pretty generally believed, from the feet that the i I'resi lout ha* sent the treaty Into the Senate with bii , eDdoresinart. Should the term of the treaty ba satis i fae'.rry to the Senat#, the fart of its not having been | ratified by the Mexican Congress nay be an eviction to it* immediate ratification by our government; this will, however, ba mertly a matter of time, and all doubts itj lctive to peace will bi removed H utilities in the maautima will have ceased, the expenditures parI tially reduced, and the end and object of stock speou' Utorj accomplished. Tha Rothschild* rf F.urope, | and tha host of speculators in this country, have for a long time be.?n closely watching tte course o* things in Mfzlco. to catch the first glimmerings of peace, for the purpora of tahi' g advantago of i's iiillaeote npt-n financial a(T irs. 'i he Rothschild* have, through th< Ir egent in Mexico, who was o?e of the prime mover* in iudueiig tiie Mexican governmeat to to termsj been early u;p Ised of the probable result of tha p?ndI lug negotiations, and they have, without, doubt. prtlHed j largtly by it, by purchasing our own State aud governj meet securities. Unil.rl States G's snd Treasury Notes have, wiit In the p^ft three weeks, advacced three and j flie per cent, and good State stocks hive Improved nearly *1 much. This has bean the result of the cur le V, turners of peace, and the agents of the Rothschilds were, no doubt, < fllcially In formed of the facts, and In possession of all tha necensary information, whan the mtlotj t?r\iou nrvtx ao long a?ru floating about, ware flrit a.arUd Tha truly waa not signed njitll tha 94 inst ; but it must 1i*t<< b.??n datortnlnod upon pom* tim? pr> viouM to timt Tlio sptenlatorcof %Ji country ba?f I hud tin* lotnlli((*ne?, aseor.d hand, and luta had to play second flddlM to tha grai?t r.apital'sta of Europe, wliota ! t urctg of Information aro unlimltn I, at.d wbna* flnanI rial pont-r l? anornous, from Its connection ^Itb all tha principal gjTtrnnti ta cf th? world, axcapt this Wo are yat oat ot lhajr pow<r, but biw lonj? wa ahall remain ao, depend* upon our future ex -e-.dUuref The Mexican treaty may not b? dlspored of for rcmc tlfflo. oa It* various *?ctlons will, no dcubt. giv.i ri?* to <*onsider?bl* debate In *Mcutire serrlnn. In tlip inenn- ' time, advice* tnly ba rcotlved from Mexico cf its iatl flnntlon by tha Mexican CoDgrvrs Later lulelllgmce 'rem that city A dally exj>< cted, and fully due, aiidevrry - - -thing from that quarter will hor?A*r be looked fbr with th* most lntonso anxiety by ?irj on* Interested ia the resumption of poMofal relation* between th* two countries The annexed statement exhibit* the quotations for stock* in this market for eaob Jay of tbe put week, end at the oloi* of tbn previous week. It will be perceived that price rapidly advanoed, ami as rapidly fell off, oloa' log about the tame as In tbe week previous:? QUOTATIONS ro> THIS Pmicir*!. STOCK* IN THE NSW VOKB MIHIIT. Sat. Hon Tut, Wti.Tkt.Kri Sa'. Tre-?U'V Notes '*...JOS** 100W 101.V 103 10JV 102V 10Hi N. Y. Hute6's ? - - ? ? _ Ohiotv... #9 99* 101* 10UX 1U0\ 11(1 % 10#X KmtuckyCs 98W ? ? 91 ? ? _ P'lituylvduis S'? 72* T2>? 73* 74% ? 74 73* Illinois 44 ? ? 46 46 _ 4J>? Indiana Stit* 5*..... 51* ? ? ? ? ? Reading 11R BeiuU.. 43S, 61 61^ 61 * 63V SJ* <1 Ri udiui: M'tge Bonds 60 60 60* 61* 61* 62 61* Readmit Railroad .. , 44* 4(* 44* 45* 44* <?* 44 Norwich* Wor..... 38* 39 39 v4 JJ* 19 39 38', r.rie Railroad, old... 63 63 ?3* 65 65 ? 65* Krie Railroad, new .. 75 75 7r, 7*^ 77 76* 78* il-itiT/ui ivauiuail . , . . ?? lljfc 1 m 13 41 , Loiik Island 21IJi ]0U 31 3IX 21 31 30K I Mohawk 78 ? 81 ? ? ? ? | SromilKton 56 60 ? 6* 60>* ? ? ! Fnrinera' Loan 29'f J9K 31 31* 31 SIX 30 Canton Comiamy... . 33>i 3} 3">^ 3 V, 35 35 34 W Momi CanaJ 11 loX ll>i 12 11X UX nJi I Viokiburg 5* ? ? ? ? ? ? j United States Bank.. S,1* S>4 ? ? ? ? ? i ICaat Boston ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I [North Am'u Trust.. . 10>? 11* 11X ll'? U ? ? i A comparison of prises ruling yesterday with thoM current at the close of the previous week, exhibits an ad vance in Treasury notea of IK per o?nt; Ohio 6'a IK; Pennsylvania .Vs?i; Heading Mortg Bonds 1J?; Erie Railroad, old, K.rie. new. 1>?; Long 1 aland 13*; Farmers' Loan ! ft ; Canton ??; Morris Canal %; and a deollno in It adlug ' Bonds of per oent; Reading Railroad >tf; Norwloh and , Woroeater fi\ Harlem l)tf. It app?ara by this that the position of our Mexican affaire haaprodaoed no Improvement in price* lor fanoy stocks. The value of merchandise imported into thi* district exoluslvo of that sent to the warehouse, the amount of specie lmportsd, duties recaived aud average rata of j duties on impurta, for the week ending the 35th Inst, in each of the past three years, were a* annexed : ? COMMcncL or tuk PoaT Ntw Yoaa ?Wkkuly 1m forts. 1(16. IiU7 1848 Free foods.. 123,85* 100,7r* 32 344 Dutiable goods 1 217.153 1.736.M) 3.184,098 Total raorchandise 91.341017 1.8J7 609 2.216 442 Specie 32 261 511447 7,587 ! Duties received 37V1C0 436.24* 5'" 269 Average rates of duty 30% 25>? 2!>aj , Notwithstanding our limited exports, the import*- | tioDs oontinue exceedingly large, oompared with the corresponding week laatyear. In 1847, the importations ; of speoie were muoh larger than they have been thus far this, which made the aggregate importation greater than | jui uuiiropuuuiad wrvu iiuo jraar uciuic ?uu turn yvmr, j while the large exports of specie thus far in 1848. added to 1 the exports of merchandise, make the aggregate greater j than that of 1847. Th? trade, however, Is not bo favorable ! for us, as we Import merchandise now, instead of apecie, | and export speoie, Instead of merchandise. The iaporta! tloos for this season must soon fall off; we have large stocks ! on hand of every speoles of foreign manufacture, and if our market* are glutted, prioes must depreoiate, and , losses muoh greater than those already Incurred, realised. We have no recent returns showing the extent of [ the exports this year from other ports; but if they hare not been larger than they were last, the balance of trade h&s, by this time, been reversed, and is now ag* inst us. StocJc Kxehange. ! $15000 Tr Ni 6'i ten bio 101V it ilu Canton Co 34K 45'Ml dj b30 10132 60 do 34* . 1(100J do b40 101W 550 do 14 4000 Cltv 5'a '61 92^? 200 do blO 34 10(0 Peiini-lrania 5'a 71V 50 do inw 34 1000 iJhio 6'a'60 IOCS 25 do b60 34X 2000 llliuon fundable 4'>? 200 do slO 34 5000 Beading ttonda 63 25 Nor k Wot 38& 50 JO do 63U 50 do lift 38l* 2000 Read Mort Bda 6 iX -V do b6# 39 5000 Co bl5 61 25 do auw 38% C aha Bank Com scrip 95)i 15 New Jersey RR 106 10 Reading llR 44 1 50 Long Ialaud RR 30)* , S25 do ^ 43? 300 do So? 500 Farmers' Trait 30 50 do bio 30% i 100 do ISV SO do 30H 250 do 29% 30 Harlem RR 180 43 I 100 do *10 Sit 600 do 43H i J5 Ohio Life It Trait 85V 150 do 43?J 100 Morrii Canal llJi 10(0 do 43V 650 do 11 90 do bW 44K 50 do b4m VH 2'.0 do b60 44V 50 do blOd J1V 435 do 43V 50 Illinoii Bank 13>? 100 do anw 43V 35 trie Railroad 65t? 100 do btO 44 20 doacrip 76>* 1(0 do b30 44% New Stock Eiehang*! 5# shi Farmer*' Tr b30 30)^' 50 shs Harlem KR c 43V 50 Morris Caoal bow 11 150 do c 4'k 100 Long Island RR bid 3<>V 150 do bl 41V 150 do c 3flK 100 do b3 43V 75 Nor & Wor RR bS 38V 200 do (15 43H 10 do e 3*V 90 do at 43V 90 Harlem RR e 43)2 CITY TJHADB MB PORT. N*w York, Saturday Afternoon, Feb 96. The flour market continued firm, and good brands Oenecoe, Minhigan, 8co., were in good demand for home use No sales of wheat transpired, while holder* oontinued firm at previous prioes Corn remained about the same, with fair salas of white and yellow. Holders | of meal were disposed to withdraw from the market, i the oilers of buyers beiiiR under their views, llye remained quiet at previous prioes Provisions oontinued steady ; the ohlef operation being in hams, on terms ! stated below. Grooeries stood about the same. Sales of New Orleans, with some boxes old brown Havana, on terms stated below. Ashes - Sales of 50 barrels pots were made at $6; while | pearls were nominal at $8 25. Bksswax ?Sales of 2000 lbs yellow were made at 22 a i 4?u. Boots and Shoo?la consequence Of lug* salee of ! brogans to tta? povernment. that article baa improved, 1 and more firmness is manifested for all seasonable descriptions. The production for the past year has barely kept paoe with the eon sumption?the rapid addition to 1 our population by emigration, and the withdrawal of journeyman shoemakers to the war, are, to some extent, the | aecounting oauses of the t?ct alluded to. BatADSTurri ?fiour?Sales of 600 bbls Black llook ; were made at $0 25; and it was said that the same price i was refund for 100 bbls more. Sales of straight brands I Michigan were made in various lots, for home use. at ; $6 35, and 100 pare Oenesee sold at $6 31)*'. Ne* Orl*at>s, according to quality, was worth (5 93Xa6: '200 I bbls w?re sold at the latter figure; 100 do fancy 0<-ne. see fold at $6 ,'>0 Howard stteet was steady at $t> 1J , Wheat?The last sales of Oenesee were mads at $137, ' wbile good Ohio was worth $1 US a 1 30. Corn?Sales ot 1500 bushels Nrw Orleans, damaged, were made for distilling at 48s; 3500 do handsome Southern white sold , on private terms, supposed to be at about 57c; and 1700 i do old yellow sold at 67o, and 1700 do oid Ohio mixed at ; the same prioe. Mtal?The sales made yesterday at : 3 50 caused holders to withdraw supplies from the mar| ket, and they were unwilling to olfer it, exeept on more I favorable terms Rue?Was worth 90c: and Canal, with North River oats, 46 a 48. Bml-y ? Sales of 1300 bush'ls 1 were made at 83s. Beans?Males of 100 bbls were made at $1 37 ? C?rrKK?Sales were mad < by auction of 170 bags damaged Kie at 3^4 a 45,'i. cash. i Cottom?The operations to-day only amount to 700 1 bales, which were taken for export, chitfly at pries | ranging along our inside quotations, at whiet rate hold1 ers supply the market very freely. LlTEKrOOL CLASIiriCATlOM. New O' <???? Uplands Florida. Mou Texas. I lefencr aone aone. I Ordinary 6* s t,?.' 6\ a 6j; 7 a 7* Yiidtlliag 7*5 a 7* 7J? a 7? 7% ? 75* , Good Middling 7W a 7tf 7* a 7% 7* a 8 I Middling Fair 7* a 7# I n H? 8\* a ( 'air 7*4 * g Boue. Hi a 8 v : Kollv Kair. SX a S1* tune (V a ?h 1 liood Fa;r 8J? n 8K aone 9 ?*>'-? ! Kiie nominal none. nominal Fish?Sales of 400 bbls No. 3 Mass. ma.k-rel were | made at *f>Ji to $6; 75 do No 3 Halifax do at $5 '25; ' dry ood was lira at $3 75; 1006 boxes scaled herring old at 63Xe kkathk?s?The market was quick, and sales of 3000 Ik. !< * r.nnr.,l o t 111, . .1 i 30(H) Ibi (W at 4'?c Kh'it - Sales of 3000 boxes wet-dried raisinn we re , oi?d* at $1 4* a $1 60, t>)0 bushel* dried peaohss, with ' skit* on. were m?i1? as $l ftO a ft 70; (OOOlbn dried apples al *Xn. and AO bales Lrnguedoc almonds on private | I term* I Hnnr.?Sale* eMOO balee of Aaerlcaa dew rotted, 1 j were made at $117 60 par ton ; and 130 balM do $136 j 1 per ton, 0 months Lkathkb?The atock i? getting quite low, and muoh I broken. The suite are et?ady, at lair prlous. The stock nf leather to com* In daring the is supposed, will be lighter tl-an wu ^anticipated. owing to tbe fart | I that n>a?y of the hidea eent out iaet fall were not worktd 1 in,for the want of bark to tao with, and will, conetquent- j ! iy. have to be worked In thie spring, and thereby ounsti- ; ! lute a part of the spring stock or hide* Hidi ? retnuln in*otive The stock in flrst and recond ' hands ia Urge , tbe importations are also large, and re- I j ports from abroad are anything but favorable for advance 1 ; The isles are ohlefly confined to email parcels, without I Iurl*l .i>u,.iinn I. U,n.n..l l.l Lrtn S*lea of UrtO plga ware made at $4 .15, flrt daja . iiit<-rn?t ni'.d'd. Vot.tMrt Stil o of 160 hhdn. Cardanaa wara mad* at | I "V,' a I fln; 13 tivrer* New Orlaana at 2.1 to 24, and I'M) b' l< <lo at vie a 'J7o. Hararal onrgoea of Cuba bar* { bran *.il<l at a IW v Naval hTonr.t ? The market wa* firm; aplrlt? oftur- | pfDtina vu held at 4ftn, and rough turpentine at $3 J ft Roaln remained about the aama. Oil V.kal?8aln of 30 tooa were mad* at $1 U\ par 10*1 lb* Oii.i Liw??r? ? Modarat* i*1a* were mikiugatold prli'.a? There wan no ch?ni(a in flub oil*. | r*- v|?ion Vrw met* p-irk oor tinned ataady at ! , f 10 114 ; and old at $fl 37X ; old prima wa? worth about >8 14 Sale* of Ifto bbla VVinoh**W* prima new ni'?a. were road* at 910 Him< 3?le* of 140 tlaro ? j ? r* ljuuo uan*'s 11 ?t ; ?nd ' . UOO do. plalnsr quality at <,Ho Lwi-I'luol i&Obbla , "ere m>il? >t t he*sa?No BuHrt- | *?! h *o pucknn-? this Stats were mads at l;>\o Kgg.i Hals* 3o Vtlilfl wt-rf mails at lfto. p?r Union. Rick Nf sale* #sra reported hi u?* S Is* of -Hi hhJ* Nsw Orlsan* wsrs mails at 1 $? S7!, a f.'i 19; 77 bozca clj orop hrwu IKvaoaa' fft'i Soiall parcel* naw crop browu H.Taoawrrs sell iuk at bl?o Hrirn Sal** of 900 bair* psppsr wars mads at (W?, t> i months, and MX) mals cassia at )0a, A months Tsi i.ow - Salss ot ft 000 ||>* wsr* rsportsd at j l)r' a? H?lw af 100,000 Ih? ooarsx qnaiity, war* mails ut To??rco?Ws suhralt ths n*aal wsskl? atatsmsnt, *huwli.? t lis prlrM, sals*, isosiptsand stock on hand for lb* wssk ending this aft?ru?on;? Sold thit Rec dUiii Slack i> frictt. week week. hand Kentucky, Vlffinia t 3\ to?X<- *? bdi m b?U Ml hd. aud N Carolina.. f 4 to lie. Marylandand Ohio ? ? ? ? i hd? Connecticut Bred.. < to 16 lie* 10c ? 229 ca Peooarlrania do... 1 to 15 ? ? J'Oca Klonaa 5 to 60 ? ? HI ea I Haraaa tor* ? 101 Mi JMbla I Cuba. l?Xio? tit tla 471 his 4570 bla Yam 12 to V% ? mbla 700 bla i Ht. D<imioiro ? ? ? ? *17 bla*| . ~Tb? bualu?e? in general waa dull and there im a Rood demivid f v tobacco of all deacrlptlonii; but with 'he ex- | eeptinn of Kentnckr and Cuba tobaoon. ?b? atook w?a low. an4 tha pareela broken up Holders of Kentucky and Virginia tobacco, aa a general thin*, demand higher rate* than the trad* wa* willing to pay; in Cubn tobucoo there wae leeg doing than aome time agi WmLtaoKi-Kor N. W?t. 'ifla wasrfferej and iTo. ] asked WHiairi-Was quiet at 34 a Kukiuhts? A yeeeei was taken up for Ireland, to load i with 16.D00 buaheli of corn at 9JI. l.ard wan taken for Rotterdam at HDd cotton at 11-ltfc per lb Cotton waa taken for Havre by the paoket of thi Oth In*' at >*o per lb. Hdd. stave* were take* for London at ?i ?s a ?4. There tu nothing new to other porta. KflRKlfJN MARKET*. HilT**a, huh 10 ? Oarsugar market la without rhaof?. transactions very limited, with no change in prtoee >i cept for Inferior qualities. which are a little lower Ma lasses firm at l%>s,with an active enquiry 1 h" la?t sales of rice have been tbe oargo?? per T. C. Mitobel a; UX *?-i the Tyleston at Mrs. 1500 casks remain In fl"-t band*. Freight* very dull, and shipping abundant We quote sugars to the States $1 per box; mcla'se* 3 a ^ ? ' n?r hhd Kxohange on London 11 a 12 per cent prem ; United States par a 1 per cent prem Be*f, pritnn and met*, a lOJii baaos, white. Ha 0; butter. 14 a 30; cheese, 10 * IS; cradles, sperm. 44 a 46; tallow mould, 16 a I0W: flour. New Orleans. 17 a 00; hams. 10 a l .'W; lard. 11% a UK; pork, 17 a 00 Kxports ? Sugar ass'd hf white and ht brown. 5X 7 a 7 11; white alone. 7)?' a 9; yellow do 5>? > 7'4'; brown do 4% a &)?; f'uouruoho 4 a 4^; Muscovado, 4 a 4>?; molaesns, IS'* IV ; I'offea, acoond and third quslities, 0 a 7; Honey, 2l* 0. Krelsrhts?Great Britain. jfc'J 10a aS 6s; United State*, per box sugar, l a rf rs ; molasies. $1 a 1% Rio Jaiskuio, Jan 7. -Flour?Tha receipts sinoa our last issue embrace 17 533 bbls. and sales 10 715: Baltimore rea'iilttg 17 MM) a IS mostly 17 500; Haxall and <i illegn 18|| a M0|| and 11||; Columbian Mills lt?j a la!|500. una Brantlywine 16|| per bbl. Holders are generally Arm. but them in only * until burin*** doing The quantity b?ld by import rs comprises 4 7A3bbl* Osileno; 4.546 Haxall; 6 191 Baltimore; ft '100 Brandywine, and 1.000 Columbia Mill*. Coffee ban been largely dealt in at uteady rates, and the shipment* of the past month oxoeeded iboie at any former period. Superior* and dark good firsts continuing loaroe, are very firmly maintained, but the market may be considered flit for the lower qualities We quote Washed. 3 -200 a 3 ?00 bags, to oost on board, per owt, 6 86 a $7 HQ; Superiors. 3 900 a 3,100, 6 31 a 90 68; Good Firsts. 3 650 a 4,750, 5 84 a $6 03; First Ordinary, J .>00 a 3,550. 5 56 a $5 65; Second Good, :i 400 a 3,450. 5 37 a $5 46; Second Ordinary, 3,000 a 3.300, 4 63 a $5 Suifsr ? The oourie of the market has bran the same as for no'me months past?the transantions having a train been chiefly restrioted to sales for consumption at 2||700 a 3||900 for Whites, and l||d00 a 1J900 for Browns, per owt, on board The quantity on hand Is about 3,000 cases, all packages told. Freights have deolined, and few engagements being made at the following rates for coffee In bsgs: Uatted States 70 a 75 cents per bag. Onr dates from Montevideo come dowu to 37th ult. Salted Hides had risen somewhat in price, and all other produce was expected to advance after the dosing of the ports of B ueuos Ayres to the trad a of Montevideo, which was finally died for 3lst ultimo Flour was retailing to net $6 30. Exohange on London 41 a 41>?d ?^ Died. In the 41 ?t year of her age, Margaret Maria, wife of Sohuyler Livingston, and daughter of the lata Robert L. Livingston, of Clermont. The friends and relatives of the family are requested to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 36 St Mark's Plaoe, this day, (vtonday), 38th lnst, at X past 3 o'clock, without further invitation. Ou Sunday evening, 37th lnst., Thomai M , son of H. W. and Jane MoDonneil, aged 8 years, 6 months and 18 days On Saturday evening, 36th instant, Mary, wife of Mr. Wm Ash kettle The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clook, from No. 309 West Thirteenth street. JACOB BTPLATT. AUCTIONKCB.?CHOCKEH Y. china, (lata cud earthenware, giroudi.les, aolar Is^ps, &c. Jacob 8. Piatt's fi'St MpriuK S le, this season, will take place (hit day, SStli February, Rt 10 o'clock, in the iarKe tale* room over the Auction Stum, corner of Piatt and Gold atreeta, eont'fting of 70.'crat?a from the shelves, aaaorted, flowing bine, printed, white granite, dipt, cc and edged ware ; among which arejngs, tr iwa e, plates, dishes, bakers, ?wifl?a. muffiaa, toiet ware, bowla. tureens, boats, picklea, fee. Alao a general ??a rtmei t of slaaaware. tuinblera, lampa, nappies, decaotera, apecie jara, Itc. Alao 10 lota table kuirea and forka, csrvera, japanned bread and tea tniya, braaa randleaticks. be. Countrydealers will have their ware carefully picked. Catalogues are now read v. and can be had at the Auction Koom. JM. B. BOGERT, AWTIONKKH.-CAT4LOGUE Sale of Kaitheuware. Ci iua and Glaaa, at the Store 93 John street, on Monday, Febv Slih. 10 o'clork, couaiatinrof heat aud aecond Flown Bine W Granite timet', liifht and gark Blue Printed, Tea, Coffee and Dinner Ware, Engliah reiiow iron 01 lur nappi t occ. r.u(iltn wniie sua ?nncy Chim Tea Sett, Mtuiei Ornaments, Hnll aad Sigiml Lanterns, Fnglith and American eat, plain and Treated Glut Ware, and various other goods, in lota to tuit Grocers and Retailers. Hales rereniptory. Terms at sale. WILLUM DUMONT, AUCTIONEER?BAY SIDE Farm, Lung Itlaurf ? Dumont & Hotaek will tell at auction, Saturday, M-<rh 4th, 1841, at twelve o'rloek, it the Merchant*' Eiehange. that well knnwn Farm it U.tvai'le. near Fluthicg. and known nt a part o( the Matluck Kit ?te, beibg the lower farm, co?ttiuing about 131 acres of cellent land, superior feuce and (ins tillnge. The farm lies on tlir II tv, i nd is uusurputted for beauty of scenery, tkr The Apple Orehtrrl of about 11 acre* con'aim ab ut 500 fine thriving trees; also, other frui'ireet ou ibe pl ice. For particulars ai>I'lv to Wm Rtnn't, Flushing. Lin'l Agent: or Fanning C. I new e?\ K-11 . V ..rk : or "I lh? A u<-i oneer , 11 i whilst Household furniture?a.n.tuttle will ell at auction on Tuesday, the 29th, at 10 o'clock,at No ? Wcit 2'id street, bitween 5>h and 6th avenuen?Household Furniture?Comprising the furniture of a family decliuiug housekeeping. the aauie having been in me only since May last; consiatiug of mahogany sofas; euinge chairs; rosewood centre table, with mirble ton; porceUia m<utel ornaments; sola tab'e; 3-ply oar.ietmg; lull lantern; English oil c'oth; tar carpets; patent stair roda; b'ack walnut bureana; beuateads: waihstandi; toilet ware; china and glass wart; lable cutlery, Stc Alio, the kitchen furniture, with which the sale will commence TO THE JOURNEYMEN CORDWAIMRn* (LA dies'branch).? An adjourned Meeting will be held at Cent al Hall, corner of Grand and Centre ma'ket-place, on Monday, (>eb. 28, at hilf-paat seven, when yon ere lequested to attend i nnn wanted?a partner, either 'Jptfy Wvi active or tileot, in one of the be?t located Hotels on Broadway, iu sneceuful oprration Aut person with the above sum can secure a comfortable tiring and mike from, thiee to four thousand dollirs pe> anuum i Address 'Howard.Herald offl -e." to-day or to morrow. Ui AN~I'ltD?250 L*BOB^Ri AND QUARRfMEN^ to *oik ou ihe Jame? River and Ktbowhi Caml, 14 miles shove !.'uchnurg, Virginia. Wa;;e?, SI per day till Mav Ut.fl 10 Irom that time till Sept 1st Tl'e worlt will 'a?t two vara. Puuctuel payment every 15th of the month ? Board 82 25 per week. For particulars ibqjire a' the Westchester Hole , No. 21 Bowery, fiom 9 till 4 o'clock. Also, 30 d iiiMecuite-a nr $2 t er i'ay. WANTED?BY A I'HAU I !' iL UAKDS^BH, A ; married man, a situation m a gentleman'* gardener He understands every Ivanch cl his butmest peifectle, and lias many > eari experience i f this clim?t?. He can give the best nf icferences Hit recommendations can be tern at Messri. Diuilac It Thompson's seed store. Broadway corner Bleecker ' street or a few lines directed to J. W. c re of Messrs. Dunlap St thompson. win meet with immediate attention WANTID?AN ACTIVE AND INTf.LLIOENT Lad, to rnn erranda nul make himself u?eful If he cm writeaoaick hand, all the better. all at Telegr'ph News Room. r.Hii HuiI 'intra between 11 n"d 12 o'clock ihi? il i WAN i ED?A BLACK* VIITH TH \T I?WKl.l, iCqiainted with fivgiug heavv steainhiiat machinery, and cin manage a t'ip h mine', t > go up to the city of Hudsor ? | t 'onsunt employ ment and good w g?s wil be given to a slra- : . vgood m<n. Euqiire at J. H ALL'S ship sm;th iliop, No 19 , Front >trert. W ANTED?A FI^sTraTK URIE M (WHTfifi OR colored) capable of taking < are of two fast Honrs, Wagons, lie.. Address box 2.471 Post Office, with refetence, which ma t be undoubted. I HArP WANl'KO \ UOOL) SINGLE At^llON I Harp, with picking hox Any person luring such, at a in Jd>rate price, may address, with terms. Sic. 11. Y L. II}* t hint avenue. Great improvement in hath-the hub i sciber has the pleaaare of informing his friends and the ! I'Ub'ic iu general, that ou tt.e 1st of March, he intends ?i cuing his New Hat Store, No. 107 Ne sau streer, next door to the corner of Ann street, and will offer for sale a hat manufactured upon an entire new invention, an improvement of his own on Hid witer proof ?t> fT. h? which k not *nlv retain* it? 1 jli'i e, bar ? pe-petua! pnim. hij prieea will he : lint quality ] btiver H/lta. $4 ; (lit (Id INntriv 13 : fueat aid b'?t quality i Mo'eakin, it ; fi-at qualify silk, $3 ; ae:ond, S3 M. Tb' 1 ivhole uniurpaaaed for materiita, elegance aril durability. The ?nSicrib*r inf >rm? the public, that baring aerred hia nuie ; t > tii? hat'iBg trade, and Inn g mm* yean piaetiee and riI grieuc: in ihe butin-ra, hia \eavr.m-iit wi I be warranted, aTi'I errry effort Bade to turn ont an acceptable article at redared prieea, ard of the r?iy beat nmeriala. Come aid judtte lor yon ?e!?e?, the adrant'g'a afforded br thin e?t?bl' b meat oter any othera. N. KSPEN4CHKID. Iu7 i\a?aiu ttreet. neit door to ihe comer of Am. OKArriKHOKTHKOPKH AT"'ILL 201 BHO 1 O ; * * way. h?* thiaday pnbliahed Vo I of ihe Brautteaofihe | Ope a?emhflliahed with a beantifnl likeueaa of Xignmina 1 Trufli.and cont'iaing ?n elegant naaoitmeni of the mmt po[ ular 1 munc tiz : M'O.'a ah Modi : ;, ??li Hear .Vie. liu.ile to tb* P'ra of Lncei a Borjia, ai d << aitng by Te'?*> Truffl : AlAu n??i Cirarlna : Our Life to ire bleat ahall he. a? am g by | ignora Biacarci.inti, in t ueia di Lammermoor; M'"~ulighr on f. ke Mahopac. written bv the Hon J. Leand'r Ptirr liedi r tel to Mia. Wnldhurg Rarelo : WedJirg I hortn. Per te d' inmenao vuibilo, trnm Dimtr't i'j r>r?*t nfLociadi Lan.- i inermoor. Th* li*aatie> of the Opera la pnMiahed mon hiy at i fi per annnm, or 50 reott par umnlier. Subacribera the trade, ?nd ag?fa wwllitl. Aiwill pibliaher Ml Brnedway. PIANOS i HRIRTT'S NEW FINE toued Piau .a, each Thia <lt? pafcliahed, " Oh !, dou't von cry," one of Chriaty'a beautiful tonga : alto, f?r a-ile top tint Knocking Itr ai Lee. or don't be fooliah,Jot? ll-nreat Mae, Mary BUne. Catty me birk to old Vitgiuny. A P irkte'a life it alwara gay llmtly Broad warawtll, I .een lier at 'he window. Ho*e of AU^tm. We'll ha'e a lit'le tn-niglit, and all of Chriaty'a aoujt*. C. HOLT, Jr., Muatc I'nbliaher, lifi Ktilton atreet. IIOLKA?ALLKN DOD WORTH, N0.448 BHOOMK I a treat, ne^r Uroxlway, it Irniiiftf a clan I r the abo?e dnice and the Polka Quadrille* Tl e cla?? beinn inc' tni 'el*. w nld be pleta*d to receite 4 or i pupil* Kint leaco au Tne liar feb BHl tlAM V BALL IHlMSK.-i Ki)I! o NII.'M N.- ! New dretaa*. fai>hlnl reii'eieutaiiona of t^e el aiarteia deiired to hire, st JL'LIUW D ' JONU- 'it, f(l Warrm >treet | N W ? dreatra and theitiicnl jropertiea mad* to order, at I he ulinttea notice i EMU4RO PAKC1 DREW toil EK ?THK MtM- { r heraof'ha ahnye ?(iei?tv are partir u'arly rei|ie?ted 10 ( at'ead III "djourned and aprcial tnrrfii at 411 Bro ilw , on vve.l. e?d iv f T'niiir, vf?r>h !?', p'ep?ntory to their Oiauil Soiree of the Ifth at Charrimd'a Hooiut. Meamrrism NOT witchcraft-AT THE CO- j liim^iin Mall, 3t?J Ornnd aire?t thia evening. ( Weeday) , Feb 28 f>* Tl iera will lecture i.ii die .object of .vleiineriaui. , nr.d prore the ncienc* ia of I) rii e origin an far a? factj a' r concerned, and chill*r>ge ft mticiim to prove < a:lit to the i.intiary Mr. A. M Khaw, wh^ ii nc n-wl'djt:! t > be the | malt an"f??tlul nprrator in tlie In fil S?*t?a, * ill op?r?te i.n i, |li? who'# >uil:enee, en I ahin *i|>-(ira*i>'t ii w t<( hallnei- i nation eatalepay, antl nth-r phMM of unvn Many ticketa hare already brm MMidMilNi.M ptaftwl i eat c 'me early. Lec nre t > commence at W o'clock, admit- t iauc? UK cent*. j - PA.HK ' THKATHlt?RK-OPBNINU OK THt SKA * u?Mr. Booth, Mr brougham, and Mri U i.ughun ? On Wednaaday, March Id the tragedy of KI'.'H A >< fl THIl THIRD? Richard, Duke of Uloater. Mr Booth: Hichmi-nd, Mr. Oyott; Queen. Mra. lonci; I.'Jy Anne. Mra Abbott, To conclude with the IRISH H??N?Tom Moor*. Mr. Brougham; Mra KiT?ig. Mra Brougham. Boira tl, Pit ceuU; nailery 23 The lidiea aud gentlemen of the Corp* Dr iinatiijtte are reouealed toaitei,d .1 rehraraal, on Mouday 1 the ?Hih toaiant. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon IJOVVhKYTHKATHr.-VlUS. BHAW IN ANOTHKR O brilliant 8hak?peari* i character, a^d I ?t week ol h?r | engagemeut. Mond.tV Kreniig. eh :'B 1118, Will br ar|e,t 8 mkai>e?re'? trsdejrv ofCY VIBKLINK?1? gen.Mri Shaw. Poithuin J* ?lr Barry; J\chii?>, ,\lr W. Marahalt ; Pi- \ lanio, U VV. I'Urke ; Clote", Mr. Hu'ke ; CTinb-line, , Tilton ; Beturiui, Mr Suyena ; fiuidenua, I H. Halls' Arirngua, lord?n ; The Qacn Mri Jordan. To r nclu' Willi thr <r?ma o< OILU1- HOY?Oilderov, Mr W Mar I all; xlter !- rfnn. Mr Hrerena; < loutem. Mr. Ifu U : | J-HI8 L.?uau vlr? rfiiTln*. u<>ie?, wcent*: rr nun <mii*ry | 1 ceut? Uu >ra op?n ?l t>X o'ciock. Performance to com- i P flltf at T I PH\THV.1 THT.ATltK. MONDAY KVJfiNINO, " ' Kchrei r ?J:S ? "Vil! be ie'former! (lie comedy of LON- I I) t> 'H\\<'K?r Htrconrf Court'r, Mr. lV?lrot; V t Mr.r Taylor; Mark Meddle, Mr. \Vman?; ' lv U?r H|.,.ikrr. Mi'i Clark* : (Irace Herkaway. Mm I! l.'r?i)i P>rt, Mii, W. l>lirrwo< d Dar.ce l?v Mi<? Delor\ire 'i Wi'fc (It* tlr.imi of THU.HltSE?Carwin, Mr l ? Pm iri. Mr. C, Taylor: Marieite, Mr*. Wilfcinajii: < ?k-iMM vi ir?i!l?. Mm Hildretli Unori open at i . ur* : mutee 10 commtuci at 7. Hoxe*, 25 ceuU; Pit BI'O Al> W ' V t TMKA.THK? .ION DAY KVENINO Keb2* ? Will lie performed he r.i incd/i.f Ol.U HEADS ANL) VOI N < HK\RTS-Jf,-r H iral. Mr. W. R. Blake; I om r ke, Mr. Fleming; 8nh? Mi. Iladnir.iy: Lady Alice Hawthorn. Milt Kannr WalUck; Mi** ito krtt, Mr*, ^erCeint Alter which, the Natmnal Polki, hy M'llea Wr Clair hl<1 < el*?'r. To conclude with ilie uew I'vce of BOX AN D COX?Mr. Boi. Mr. Ha>*at*ay; Mr. ( o*, Mr. Chapman; Mr*. Bouueer, Mr* W in. Door* open at 7 o'clock; performance to C'tnmenee at 7% V|1TCHELL\S OLYMPIC THEATRK-MONDAY "X Erenintf February KB M commerce wi h the rfMmaeiitlllrd the J \COUITK-joho Dnck, Mr. Holland; Sir llichard W'rouaton, Mr. I'hanfrau; Emily,Mia* Rnbrrti After which FAMILY' J AR.4?Deltili. Mr Holland; Kmil? . Mi?? Roberta To be followed by A OUNCE AT NEW YORK IN 1148 M >?e, <i.i ifrau ; H<rrv Oordou. Aranld; Mr* Morton, Mr*. Henry; Mary, Mis* Phillip*. To conclude with K A olil, or the Woolei Hhoemaker? Kabri, M-. Holland; Nico, Mr. Conover: Madame Kabri, Mr* Henrv; Annette, Mitt Rohett* Kairy Blanche, Mi?i Phillip*. Doom open at half put 7, curtain rtaea at 7)*. ITALIAN OPKRV HOUSE.?THIS ETENINO WII.L A be performed the ziaud opera. in lour nets, mu^ c by Ver. i d', entitle1 hRNANI? r> Iviri Sig'ua Teresi Trnfli ; Kriniii, 8n; or Ad.-'i ido V irlti; Don Carlo, Signo' l?' (J B^iieveuta ui; Doi ltu\ G imrr de Silva. Hignor Setmni i Hosi; Don Hie<nrdo, Siviior Onm'i pi> I'ie'aontesi; Jago, Hignor Hevero Strr t>l; Giovanni, Hig'ra Teresa AvaKidro. Mxe?tro Uirettore, Siguor Burili Lrailrr of th" Orches'ra, Si^.ior llapetti. Poo's open at 7 o'c ock; to eowmeEee lit ITALIAN OPERA HPUSK..-GENTI.EMKN WISHiiik to procure Tickets for the FANCY HUES* BALI., to take place at the IT.AL AN OPERA HOUHK on the 6'h March, will please le.ive their mines at the office, Attnr Place, oral No. I Wall street, iu the bojemeul, aa the number oftirbeti will be limited. GREAT ATTRACTION AT PALMO'd THIS KVKA'lug. The Model Artie's* at P.-lui i'i cVses on Tiie?dny evening, We are informed that something rich ai.d beautiful will take pi ice on Mundiy evening The nrires of admission ate advanced to (I. and in ctnti. This iu itself la sufficient to warrant a fall h mte See small bill*. The lost Htza will not be f< u id at Palino's on Monday evening hut another Eliz.i, \erv superior in everytpoint and ?<> l>e, wi I he iheie MECHANICS'HAUL,471 BROADWAY, OETWEEN Grand end B ooiiii ?ti ?Crowded to oversowing with the beanty and fashion of New York. Open every night daring tiie week except Monday. Unabated success?Twenty-first w?ok of tiie original CHRISTY'S MINHTBKLB, the oldest ssrablisheJ Bend in the United Htate.i. K. P. Christy G. n. Christy, k. Pierce, J. Raynor, C. Abbott, T. Vaughn, who<? o.-igiual and ini.ntaMe Concert* are nightly honored with crowded and highly retpectable and univer aallr admitted to excel every amneemeet of a similar charac Mr offered in thi* city. Admission S3 centa; children ueder 10 years half price. Doors open at 7 o'clock?'"oneert will commence at I. On Monday evening, Feb. S81I1, Sixth Concert at the Brooklyn lnititnte. Broadway odeon?entrance through Picteux's < afe des Mill* Colonnes ? Manager, K G. Greeley?Musical Director, Mr. Oidfield.?New aud effective 'lableani.?The manager respectfully announces to in* riutrm ill una isrwm uivuucuiii. nuu to uu-vrrt ? i?'i* in* >t. that ha haa engaged the celebrated Band ol OOKON MINSTRELS, who will appear in their popular Overture*. Boega, kr.?Monday,! Keb*y 38th? Programme? Part 1?Grand Overture Kunge. variety ol Dancing, kc.?1'arl 2?TABLEAUX VIVAN8 and Poaea Plaatiquea by the Model Artiata. Part t? Karonte of ilia Seraglio, lie. f'ricee? Orchattra Bm. Sfl reati; Parquette, 2'j rente; Korea, 12K ceeta. American museum?splkndid perform. sncaa every afternoon and evening?M -a. Prlby'? aui'e'b Scriptural fitatuarr, repreaentinp the " Birth ol Chri?t,""IL? Lul Supper,"" Hie Trin4 before Pontiua Pilate." aiid at?? a repreieutation of an " Intemperate Kami!y," all in writ, the ?Ue of life, way be aeen atallhouri every day and evrnim:, with >ut e*tra charge. Bend* there are engaged The Unban nan Family, a talented company of vocaliits: Muter Johuiton, Tight H.i, c Dancer; Or eat Weateru. the low comedian: Pe e Morrif. eom.c linger; Clara Ftaher'a Shakapere&n Cabinet; Mn. Monell: Miaa Bernard: Mieaee Jolien aid Whitlock, dune ere; Mr. Whitlock; Mr. Proeaer; Madame Rockwell, fortune teller, lie. Admiaaion to the whole, M ceiti. Reserved fr.iet aeeta o?e ehilling each em*. NIBLO'8 *LHAMB"A-THI8 KXQUI81TEGOTH ic Hall, haa been recently enraged, and la now in preparation. lor the purpoee of introducing to the public, in the coiirae ur the preteut week, a new aud novel exhibition, termed Pictureiquea '"oucerta ; on which occiaion ill- inimitable Viifonia Harm muta that have b?en delighting "<e a'liith and weat. with the;.' rblice a i?gi, glera, lefra in, kc . Sic , will hive the honor of making their S^ut. aud preertitiug to the eitizone of New Yoik.aaeriea ol chaai*,tltniotdinary and delightful rxhihitioua. A COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT Oh 8A< RED nle, on Thursday evening, Marcn 2d, to the Bp? Moin M treat, (Rector eftae eliu-ch of Ht. George the Martyr, iod Miaaioutry to 'dritiah Emigrant!) Principal performert? Mrt. Loder. Mitt Miza Rrienti, Mitt K. Watton, Mm Pe Lnc?, ami Mm Kiikliatn (Pupil of lite Conaervatoire of Pirit, mid of the celebrated Cotta and Dora* Orat?her aecond up. pe.iraace in America,) Mr. Manveta. Mr. A'thurtou, Mr Stephen Leach: Mr. Jos. Hurk?, ilia eminent viol unit mid the MApolloneona,"ihe celebrated maaical fimilr, wbnia performa?cea have eyery where elicited unbounded euthuaiaim (l'he above artistei have voluntarily tendered their aervieea ) .Mr. <?eorge Loder, Conductor Ticketa One Dollar, to be had at the p iucipal music and bock itoret, and of the membera of ih? committee o' arraiiveme'iti. MH. MALONE RAYMOND'S MUSICAL IRISH Eveniiut, and the ladies of hit launly, every Monday, Wednetday. and Friday, Me. Mrt. Malone haymond't lec tnre, with the model of ancent Jeiuaa'em. Suuday, Tnetday. 'I huiaday. and Suurdnv, 21 centa Both b'gin at 7JJ. Brunetti'a Oa'lery, over the Panorama Hall. 198 Mroadway. M' ECHANICt' INSTITUTE.?LECTURES AT SO ciety Lib"ary. 318 Broadway?P of Hutnea' eleventh j leciure ou Chemiatrv, atapplied to the arta and sciences will ' he given ou Monday evening. 28th inat. at 8 o'clock. Admission 25 centa?free to tnemb-ri .Terms of membership $2 ye'rl* dii-a ; St initiation. Privilra* of mrmbeia, admission toa'l lectureaand d-hatet and me <.f libra y aud reading room, and diacottnt on eh-rges in the aclii>ol. By o der of Lecuie Committee, C. L. B irritt, 4ctnary. P 8. U. S patent (genCv at the 'natimte. IB City Hall. L. Barritt. Agent. C INVENTION H'.LL.-THIHD WKKK-I HJ; ORIdiiisl -able Brothers, orouiaved by the very liberal pat ou se ofthe public, will continue their select Ethinpeai. ?iterta ntnruta at the ahove Hall, 175 Wontter, near B|ee<-kfr afeet, every eveniDg during the wek; their ci'ftiul hnr|rmjnea, aonga, glees. d meea, fcc . cli'lleuge co npetitiou. Admitt<ure Si centa; doo-a op?.i at 7 o'clock, performance cornineucet a' 8 o'clo It Au aft? ri oon perfoiumnce on 8ati.r.tay a'3'i'clock, when the price of i<tmitaiju will be one thilling f rahoola, parents and children. SEVKN BEA.ULIKUI. FEMALES. AT 'J HE HAM, of Novelty, cornrr of Centre a id Te?rj afreets in the Tabl'aut Vivanta or the Livn g Model Artiata, inalea and lenities. who art the animation of all; and by the etpiesa daaire of a great number of the patron* of the eata-dnhni* t.the mainge - i? iudured iliein to rahihit the OKKEK SLAVK for an ni h't l< nger. tot ether with 17 o her new and aplendid Takl-an? Alt', I'olemin'a B?nd of Hrr?nndert. with tonitt, (tlees &e. Hiosimt and dancing by til ilea and femalia. See I .gramme. ?i di i aion one abiding Doors open ts?*; Curtail! 'ia?a Ht 7. Tableau* at 8. Laht wkek orTHComux blavc, atti e Hail rf Novelty (corner r.f Centre and Peail it'eeta) Tiblein Vivuits, or the livitiK Model Artiata in many new en I ! eici'iof p'ctaiei. nnderthe direetton of Piof.'Jaleo; alto the I A poll,> urof e.a. wiiti ? >!]?:?, Ri*ea anu usr cea. i>Nro refaiia, W. II ('olemnr.'a binji aol ?; ainitinf! nud dancing by I the mala ind female pcrlorn e.a. See programme. Ailmiuioa on* th'Ming. U"or? open n'8'4. carta in fimi it T Banvard'h mammoth panorama ok the Miitntii pi rirer. paiuted on I'irce miim ol MMVSM, be- I in (ft lie lurgeat paiutiug in the world, at 'he fmonnn bnild ing in C'oadwny. ftdjoinimr NiHn'a Garden. Oren e?ery eT>mnu (Snndiyt excepted ) \dini??pon JO cent*: ehildren j price. The Paoorau a will commence .-.iovin* at7X o'clock p-etiiely Afternoon exhibition oti w?4ie?day? and Sjtur day*. ?t 1 o'clock. r|i i"' MOST VALUABLE roi.LK/'TlON OK PIC. JL turea erer ia thii eoontry?comprp?ing aome of ihe beat wwki of Titian. Mnrillo, Knbana, ami innrir other of the old | Mutirt, ia oo*v oren t the public at the (l?llery of r>.? Na tio.ial Academy of De-igo, corner of Bnadwiv an'1 Leonrpil a'.reet, frotn *. A. M. to 10, P. M. Admiaaion, ?5 ce i'?. BIU.'NSWICK' ' RTAT|TA?V-LA"OE 4R I.IKE? repireaentir* the VENUS DK M r.O (CIS and APOl-lO I JiK.Mli.DI1 IS for ? ?lio't fim? only. Oren Iro a 9 A M tft ! 10 P.M ,?t39?> Bioadway, next to Stoppuu'a bat'a. Admit- j lai M 35 ream A SI RIE8 OfGRAND ERTERT UN Bv T I WILL hr-siren by Pcrry'a Min?t eU, the vonijeir ba-d in the I 8late? on Monday Kin<>n?, Keb. Min. at Si l.a<e'? Pnilr'inj, corner of fl-ore sn'l Hndaon atreeta OnTuea'ay Krcniiig. tha 29th at Lexisaton Hall, Willpamibur* li On j V/edr.eiday nnil Th .r?di Kreniu**, the lat and 2d of March, at tha Thatched CoCtMt*. I*r?ey Ci'V. K.oat aea'a reaerred f >r I.aura Adiniaaion 3^ centt. The atrieteat or Jer aL.J danirum enforced RAND .11' VKNILB OALA, f ABE -L A f \ V K'l'l B B?7.<-r Mechanic 1 ai.d Diorimic Theatre, H9 a. J 151 Briidwa?.tip at?'ra, for fl it week only frer- cenaia'ii.g of I Pi.-awic Mar n* V e wi repieaentma the Na'rowa t.r-l v K.rt Hamilton, Pombarilm-Bt of Vein ('rax View of T^t?V. f hipwrfck at H?? I'he ir erra'mtr iu.d li ihl v c t?ilairiii g perr-'niancea of ike Italian I* n oeemi, or life like fik-n-ea hy 1 the celchr,itcd 5t(rnor A KHint In arid.turn to the ?b.rr, i there will b*the rerformnrce of the v??r banc 'I Rope Daner, and h? jni'lv celr rated .^iii tioa Bi.d tal?ii g le^aona from ita miafreta Th'f will be'oand the la at tatereatiaK exhihi'.iou oftbedxv. I'crfrirmitiee at 3 o'cloak a'ternnon, nnd 7 o'clock in the evening ?nd forthia wek onlf Iiee. WAI.NU I 'I REE ?' THEA1 RE. PHILA DEI PHI A Stcond Night i f M'I'e Bl"ii*e ? v!o'i?Ja? Eycri'ir. Keb ?3. i8is, will be p'rformerl the M AN AND TIIR TfOER^idaiher, Mr. Wh-atley; Startle, Mr. n'itecke:t; B"S, Mr. L'hapmw ; Someihill, \tr. Nnale ; Puain ^1'a llojifr?, l.rap? viri Thnver. Prr rioua t<> which, th* billet of ASM0DEU8, or Le Dia^le Boit--nx?Don In no \'r. .lot-n?. a; I) hi Manncl Mr. Korreat?r; Fig?ro, Mr. Hoawell; Direct r. i. l'l _ . i.....l_ vi . p. 111,.,.... a .......1... . m- ^ Wr Cleophm, V? r?. Boimny; Vlnrinte. MimV?ll*e. ! M'llr B!au?y will ?PPe?r eyery cvrnmtr thiiweek. ElA'NOY BU.L.-THK MAN KHOKTHf; AH.OK j r Mome Opera M?? |fiinl?d * CoMir i tee to ins!<e > iioBfn eDufrtr? Purr B?lit to b? (ini (pi the I?>efit of tlx lime, on Monday, the Mb of Mtvrcn. The Committee nn e I 'he ollnwme arrtircementa : ATh t the pti-e of n [ rket far n ling'e getrlemaii be ?u Hollin ; tbnt the price rf i'icket for n gfntlem o end three i nlie? *en doll r? : r< t 10 pet?o? he admitted oat of eontume enirpt the lir*H< of e? htyitiii children present in e> "tome ; *pe??i i'* be ilmiltrd to th? Brnphitheatie at the prirr -J < i;e Inllir. Ti.ketn (n be hnd nt the Opera Home, or At No. J IVgll a?r?n\ n? M rd *v the ?&rl of fre'?r??*rv [OtT-ON HTNDAY. AT HALF PAST a T. M.. A the 17>h |of Fehnnrv, fiti-i >' >. 9' I*r .?dw te, ? grey 'ertot with red tail ; fl?w to Trmitr t'hn/ h y "I A if>nlern?ii iln pirk-il him op i* well known. ?nri '? ?e;ne fit t? ctnrn it 10 ih? owner, forwhich lie will rrcsne i Ii a' ewer I 'l i e fitmlirnti French. |1A I'.kii L)?S I'M AY I'D OH STOI-VN FROM IP JL" |he premtsft, 314 Sero. <1 ?treet. (in Tue*d>ir, V2'l u?t.. n blnrk New f .nodlund D g, about five m n.thi old, w th i white spot on hit nreW, ind u?wer? to the niwir of Lii n IVhreyet refun.a the Mtn< 10 the ^h.iye number will receive he abire rennrd end the tlivika of theowner. ANDKK-W IJLUIOH. - ? ' ? .11 . " ?I - -4 msLLicENfF w TV ? >.m? Affairs In Washincrtop. Washington, Feb. 25, 1S48. Tht Treaty-Mr. Polk The more the proviaiona of the treaty ar<' c.>qidered, th?* more singular it will appear That th< PrcHidiMit hIkiuIJ b<- ?<? eager for ita raiifie it'.o? The tiK'dr of it? negotiation?the irfl h brought to boar?the violation of law? the bedienee of order*?the whole rircum 'mierft attending it, tre 8u < fj' thai the enriM-atni'88 with which the President hnn clutch d at it must cauae universal antoniahment. It is, beside-, ho directly in the teeth of nil hia former !??>-111onf, that iidh in oi>!ir>.-I if> proiioune* it u repetition of the Oregon chic^n^ry and n-r^ivt-ranion. The lion's roar, w hich, in hit* !:??t an niml mesaag*, be wm prevailed upon a' 1i n^th to flimulnte, hns dwindled down int> the veriest penuy trumpet squeaking; aid bia " Hinplr indemnity for the pjnr, and ?? < urity tor the In in re," turns out to rnnaiat in the payment of about Heventy-five millions ofdnllar^, and the siicrificr of eis:ht or ten thousand Itvf-s, for a *trip r.f country which lian actually he'-n open to all corners?nominally und^r the dominion of M?x ico, yet virtually common to all nattnuH?and for which, h^for* n drop of blood wan npillfd, the Pr^ident would not, even under the strrti pressure ot impending war, have been willii:/ to {jive more than twenty millions of dolUrv. But Mr. folk declare the n^xt el-ctton cannni in- etrnea peace n> rnnue; una ho lie n-.* consented to retraer lii?< footsteps, whfii, to h consistent, ho should have gone forward, and to piy tribute when lie uhould have exacted kuI?* mission. Yet such is the a;, ^il < ! committing a fali>e step politically, that very t*w Hc*n*inrs will vote ii;;*iri*t the treaty. Th* unmber rf (hose opposed to it never exceeded hx. There n>>ver have been twenty Senators ro muoti opposed us to vote against i'; hut I have us yet convened with 110 Senator wh* thinks it a good treaty. Members of both parties any, 44 it woula h * madnesg to vt>te a uinst it?to do to would kill our party;" and thus, through concern lor th* party, I'le treaty will bo ratified. Mr. Ciav has s.ronglv idvised t?< ratification, und Mr. Polk is usiny nil his effort * 10 en.-<ur<* it. Great Britain will in ike no uninediate demon* ?tr<ition on Lower California, or on any other portion of Mexico?that would he to deleft this treaty. How Ion# alie will forbear the prosecution of her claime, is another question. And here again in a rr.iv* mistake of the President, [d making out the cn=e of this country against Mexico, he has alleged, one of the chief causes of the w#r, the non-payment ol the debts dae our citizens. This must have equal force when tiffed rb a cimm* belli by Great Britain against Mexico, and the principle of territorial indemnity can be insisted upon with equal force. Why, then, may not Great Britain claim the right of indemnifying herself, after the manner of the United Stftes, by the seizure of Mexican territory 1 Mr. Polk Ins furnished her with ample arguments. He declares, forsooth, that he will allow no foreign interference on this co ntinent; but who will now attach value to his declarations 7 In the man who has run away from all his positions on the Oregon question and on the Mexican question, who can have confidence 1 Who next will expose himself to derision by supporting. in good faith, the ambiguous declarations of the President 1 Alas! what a chilling disaff pointment awaits his credulity. "heu qnotle* fidem, Mutatoequ* deoa U bit, at super* Nlgrl* tequora rentis Kmirabltur inaolens!" Who now will swear by hie broken faith, or trust himself to the shadowy platlorin of his delusive policy"! In it Mr. Casa, whom he betraysl ?>r Mr. Sevier, whom he deceived ua to the exittence of this treHty! or Mr. Allen, or Mr. Hannegan, whose indignation at the Oregon juggle Iuih scarcely evaporated ! or Mr. Houston, of whom he is jealous! or Mr. Benton, wbom he hasjilted! whom can he again deceive! If lie turu to Ilia divided cabinet, he will find "linked against liim, a manly intellectual opposition, and 011 his *id<*, a mindless and subservient majority Will hr turn to the democratic party, which he has distracted?to IS?* young democrncy, some of whose sentinels he lias seduced from duty?or to thrs old, whose leaders he has betrayed! Whoift then can he now delude with protestations that no foreign interference w'll be permitted on this continent! There is, however on?* comfortable reflection, which may be indulged: that w!i?n the time will come for asserting this cherished principle, Mr. Polk's alipperiuess will no longer be available for initichi?-f, and there may be some man it (he head ol the government wlio will exhibit firmness without bluster, and calmness without timidity. Galviemsis. Washington, February 2<i, 1848. Funeral uf John ($uincy Adams. At an early hour tins morning, guns were fired in token of respect, and repeated at stated intervals. Members of the military companies and organized association* were seen going in every direction, to the places designated for meeting, previous to falling into line. The houses, particularly on the avenue, the principal thoroughfure, were shrouded tu mourning, the stores were closed, all secular business suspended, and the tolling of th-' bells excited the most solern 1 fueling and regrets for a patriot g^n*. Tin* ii tl' | of the House of Repre^entativej was shroud'1'! | in moiirnincr. The statue of the Mu?c of History (her body was env loped in the pahi;* foil!?), with the lun^-piece at her l?et, seemed tu or Im king at the vacant ol Mr. Adatn->, and v ith her pen inscribing the last scenes in th life of her illustrious sub.icct The guilt ri'S w< re filled with ladies and t'entlnnea (o overflowing; and below, on the li'>ur, even be; ore twelve o'clock, officers of tlie army and navy, iri full unif r-ii, loreiyn mill intern in court i!r aw, and the member ol' tlie II > tse, h id n.-i-ern!?le?i At noon, the House was called to order by the Speaker, and the journal ol Thursday waa r. ad by the ('lerk _ The Pn sident of tli United Staler, wii^ Ins iirivat'- Secretary, followed by iM?f-it>rs Hu chinm. i\1 iso:i, Walker, Johnson, Mttrry and Clifford, comprising the cubinet, then entered, flie Justices of the Supreme Court, with it< ofli. i r , and tlw members of ill" Semite, preceded t?y its presiding ollieer, to? k position in the g.tnie vicinity. President folk ftnt i:- x'. to the speaker, on his ru'lit, and Vic* President Dall. u on his left. The f- r.nly and friend* of the dcci'ined cninc in, and were conducted to *e.iis. The chaplains of both hot'.act?die Kev (iurby, and'lie R? v. Henry Slicer?proceeded 'own tne main ni?l?, 'oil' wetlby th>* phjMcim.i who attended ili? decased, and the committee of arrangements (consisting td thirty members of the llouatf), and toe bail-bearers, wearing while acarlH. The ilenae mM in the hall arose, <nd remained standing uutil the coffin was pLcad upon the sable bi< r in the arena. The fiev. K II. <4tirley read a chapter from t'f Bible, and delaered a prayer, and tii-* choir ?> the gallery t>uiig the following paidui: ? H>nr, wli?t tba aolce fr nn h-arju proclaims Kor ?II (ho pious d?art! ijwset is the aivour of thair name*. And soft thair ileapiuc be 1. Thfj 4: In J??a? >.a 1 ?re b'assad, M iw kind their slumiar* ara From snfarlof* *nd sin release J. And fr?ed from ?T*iy soara far from this world af 'oil and strife, Tbey'ra proseot a lib tha Lor;! The Ubers of their mortal lifa, Kad la ?large Th" R??. It R Ouslky, tna cha^'.aio < . the Ifou thru annuunoa I lUa taxt fio.-ii Job, notip ll,?araal7: \f>d tblo<* apce fvall b? i learer than Loo :j: t u shalt shlna forth; thou ahal* ! ? ** tba norulag " Hi id that the h tB l rf the AlraigV / who Is th? s"nra<t of Vftj living IhioK ?ud every gf>o.i imd p?rf?os giit, had MkiufrJin that *?rv seat una foil ofye,<r* and prcjii*.-. who, r>mUK ra than half a eentniy, had (Jlied various stations In tha pubh<> MtTloa; who adorned erery.even the hi /In st st Ulon. and who-* ln#t;?iir? i? fair in n.wcy, It not la all th- Statm of th" rlril i I w<>rl I. lh? words of the text ius.tucf ni ?s ta the e(Y<- t? ot practical tal'f'lo i in old age, and afforis . ncouia?i?roent to '?wr us on our o UK**? thtou*h lit''". N'atur- shows un ti-<d'a work*; but thare waa tor i!lr:u? r??l*t!on IdglilNutii'H *hon? fjrtb, rli>*r ar the noonday ana mild an ih? uioruiii* tun, in th?> old a^a of t ic graat and Y?n r*bl? man around wlio?a uoaoiuiat'd firm w* now Hlc'.ory will tranamtt lo fu'urs i;?>n<?rtti(>n* , r?? xarapleof :r??t patriot, whoa* oUarMtrr blrade 1 ih? lapreHloo of Woman fonltud < nod virtm vith fhiioliar of nni??r*al philanthropy Toa in( of th" ?ohooU. u.o prtid?Dc? of wi?di'in,th<? inuiiao: < f thr mil* uniti?4 ta him. may nffoi J * ;in? ci*??claii 'D It )* not lai,irob\b ? tfc \t. th? mind of our Tcn<?rnt?"j frie'id >iRd fathtr ip??Itik1 i ?> no r * inn -.alftnd rrllftlon* dutl?a ftoiii h<n dbtt' tfuiihnd parfuia which >*^r^ ii?vt-r vlUord lll? mi ci' :h*r wro>? to Va, i > 177s that nr*at I. uri in* and foptirior abilities. eii.>ui< ba ?*<-r i ?p f* ilirio w.,u .1 ba vt littla ??lua and aiualt i * idiftti*- uolrsa >' nrr an 1 t:nth ?h?ul<t b-< i hrnrhad by UIij; ai d ahw' xhortnl him to ar.!,*r<? t> ftiaivla early iimiilad ii hli mid. rid t? i<m>tnb? liiat ha w?a r**r'>iaibl" to hi* Mod. U a: a? h>< WM to her, ?ha Raid *h? w uld much r?th<r that hi would ha?>- found a g' avp hi tun O'rtt. which ha bad crtM*d. than to * ? I m un inaiori*. .racl'M child H'a know but Hula rf tb* d?,,"C rf (VoViAaBc# .'rot,ably. In th??? r.rr word*, tt'j tra'li Ml on tiie b( irt a* talr ai d dtaMIUd aa d??, and iaaktn*d i*o?< vf Tixtua ?nd r*l/g ou, wL.,ii v.ic 19 ?MM?

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