Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1848 Page 3
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HlaeelUneoua. The Worcester, while fon bar trip from tbla olty to Norwich, od Friday evening. wm run into by i achooner in Hurl (Jate, and bad bulwarda atove in. After abort d?Iay the W proceeded on bar journey, and Arrived aatoly at Norwich. Tb* mail train whioh left Boaton for Stonington, Friday, srached rrr>vtdmo?, 41){ m>le?, in an hour and tbrre minute* ; twenty-five mtnutna were oconpi'd In r*e?ing the ferry. The train reaohed 8toni??'on. 48 mllei, in an hour and twenty-nine minutes Running time for 39 milee, 2 houraand 34 miautfo.? Baton Truttlltr, 2id inn. Political Intelligence. Wucomiw Dkmocbatic Nominatioki.?The dcmocratio Sta ? convention, held at the oapitol of Madiaon, on the 10th Inatant, nominated Nelaon Dewey for Governor, John E. Holnra for Lieutenant Governor. Thoa M'Hogh for Secretary of State, Joeleh C. Felrohild lor Treasure", and J amen 8 Brown for Attorney General. Fkom the Biutish Provinces.?The steamer Adtmrill urri v<*.l lliiu mominir hrincrint/ At. John. N It. paper* to ths 20th Inst , for wMch we ere Indebted to Ounnhnn's exprrsv Accounts from Newfoundland give nnft cheering accounts of th? success of tbe seal titherjr tb? present rpring. Halifax papers record a couple of rlaiiog outrages at Horton. N 8 ; two stores having been robbed and then set on Are, one of which, fceloi giug to a Mr. Harris, was burned to the ground At Halifax. Sergeant Abraham Tagg, of the 40th regiment. who had attempted to take the life of a young lady. in a fit of Jealousy, bad been sentenced to twelve month* in the penitentiary. At Partridge Island, below St. John, N B , vigorous measures of improvement are !n progress to prevent the aprenl cf oontagtou and afford better accommodations to the emigrants who may l?Ld there the ocmlnf summer.? Button Traveller, Jipiil Hi. Anthony J. Uleecker, Auctioneer, -will sell bi;u?ehoid furniture of ft general description, a. tl some fi e oil paiutKg .ou Tuesday, 25:ti mat, u 10 o'clock, on the premises, Ho. t3 dank street. Uubouiiitecl luncess of Wb?thl<>'i Bchon 0 lan ; nr. the Jenny Liu J Hair Ulcss.?This ip'eniiid Heir 1't.lisnof the greii (Jerman Chemist, though baring been but a ?hort time introduced into tkis country, has Iready had an immmse sale, an ' is ornameoting the heads of tbe American ( 'air. Unlike oil> aid o'her preparations, it is never followed by dryness and h* one appication a beautiful gloss is imparted tote nair, which many days is reproduced with increased b'iilisncv by brushing and even by washing These remarkable qualities were first discovered by Whoehler while asing * m? of t? coiistuaenu in cntaneons diseases of the scalp ? 'I h led to farther experiments, sod resulted in this beantiful 1 o '.ucti a,which has since prodaced such an immense attraction iu h urope. 'J he copyright was secured immediately on its introduction here. (Bee wrappers, k" ) The article was put ou rale at the bookstores of Roe, Lock wood k Son, 411 Broadway, and Kum'i havujr. 7# Bowery, sirce which time it has t.ern RoaDter'eited iu label, wrapper, Stc . bv a m?n bearing the nam; cf the legal pruprie or The public, however, may know tie genuine article )>y the form of copyright being printt'd ou the wrapt ere, Ice Wm. J OHNION^M seventh street. >?K ?ntrr-d ii'tu a copartnership with JLDWAKD GOODENOUGH, for the tame businsrs.on and after the 34th imunt it will be conducted u der th? uame oi JOHNSON It GOODE.>OUGH_ Uold Ptiu_Ulamaiid Pelnt?d_G>reat R?_ durflO' ? II vpu want the beat and rheapest pen to be found, try a" Kichelieu " The point* are warrantedto stand for live year*, and for fineness and flexibility tliey are unsurpassed Auio. nit all the wonderftal improvement* of thi* ace, none it more uteful or economical than this pen. B . K. Wat?on, 45 William sirret, and J. V Hanjte, 92 Kulton street, have the axciusue tale of tMfe Alio, all other peas, from 91 upward*. Gold Pena__Warranteil Diamond Pointed?. tl imiy. silver pencil cue in-ladrd J. W. UHEATON k CO 71 Cedar itieet (one door from the Po?t Office, up *tair>) invite purchuere. wholesale and retail, to call and examine their stack ol Quid Pen* and Caie*. Ths* keep not only Pen* ilt'eir own iniuuf>cmre, bat lho*e of *|( other maker*; Clara, B' k Co '* S. eu^er & Kendell'* Premium *hoit " b, Jr>*i&h Haidrn It Co.'*, Kdward Y. Prime'*, Levi JJiOwu'? and oth r maker's pen*, at reduced price*. Gold P?m _Tb? Improved Faun tain Gold Pen*, made by Mr. A. Craytey, for real utility and aerviee, far excel erery thin* that has heretofore been used. Every dealer should be supplied with them. Xhey carry ink enoueh to write a whole page, and can be had only of Beers k Clark, (up aiairt ) 23 John *t., where can also be found the pens of all the best makers ia the country, at manufacturer'* loweat net prices, wholesale or retail. Gold pen* repaired or exchancy. foott'i Cheap Furnlihlng Store, opposite oar office. Hi* dollar and a half ihirtiare the iro*t beautiful article* for the price to be found in the cty Indeed they a>e fully equal to lom for which we Paid S3 and S3 33 f??r in Broadway. Theynot only fit teautifully, bat wearremirkably well. He has also on hand n splendid assortment of spring furnishing article*, such a* glove* hoaiery. under shirts aud drawers, cravats, suspenders, pocket handkerchiefs, fcc., all of whieh hr offers a: a very amall advance from first eott. Call and udge for yourselves? < Nassau street. Gent's Cheap Summer Clothing?.At the Fire n.lllir N.. t ...J C.o.b i. ,k. I.MM .i.l. trench cloth, 2 to $12; Fttnts caisimere, 1 to M a pair; Vests, 6t centi t<> SI; alto, ?a assortment of Basinets Ooati, tweed, jean, drap d'ete. alpaca and summer cloth, 1 t> $5 each; ftoTa' Clothing. 3 to $5 a suit. Cash p?id fur Gent'* Clothing ? Cleaning and repairing- Corner Nasian and Beekman attests. Portable Ibavlng Cain Of tike Subecrlbe-t' own manufacture, which, in many respects, sar.?ss the iu.ported. They are finished in the most tasteful manner, some being richly gilt, embossed, and contain all that is necessary lor the toret of the most fastidious. U. SAUNDEK8 fc SON, 177 aad 387 B'oadwayfin* Cutlery,_Compr1alng Orer !*00 Dlf feraut patterns, ol ti e manufacture of J. - odgert It Sons WoaUnholm. Crooke fcCo , with a eomple variety of scis son. boot <ind gaiter hooka, tweezers, nail nippers, be., be; longing to the toilet. Hazors gronnd and set, and cutlery re' paired, at O SaUNDE 8 It oON'S, 177 and St7 Broadway. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. nORBTnARKET Handajr, April 23?0 P. M. Thar* Is nothing new in the mosey market. Stock peculator* have been anxiously waiting for foreign new* nearly the whole of the past week, and the two arrival*, with several days later intelligence, bare only whetted the appetite for store. Onr acoounta from Europe have, a* yet, given n* nothing definite relative to the progrca* of the finanotal revulsion; political matters abiorbed, entirely, the attention of the new governments, and the people ; and so long as everything continued unsettled, and in estate of transition, there was no possibility of a return of oonfldenoe, or a restoration of pnblio or private credits. It will require a long lapse of time to reorganise, npon a proper basia, the governments spring* ing out of the revolutions, and the lapae of a long veriod after the governments have beoome oonsoll dated will be necessary before the finances o?n be regulated. The ohacgee wblek the revolution ef Europe muit bring about In the ocmmerolel monition cf the nations of the continent, will be of the most favorable oharaoter, and muit be highly conducive to oar moat Important Intereais and to our national prosperity. The restriotions whioh hare heretofore existsd relative to commercial interoourse will, under the republioan governments of the oontinent, be removed, and free trade, in its absolute sense be more generally adopted. This will be the most important effeet of th? overthrow of the monarchioal powers, and the people will be more benefitted, more improved, more rapidly regenerated, by the facilities afforded by oommeroial intercourse, than In any other way under heaven. The monopolies whioh have exiated, for the purposs of giving the governments immense revenues? uok as the tobaooo monopoly?will be abolished, and thelnlaeneoot the extlnotlen of these monopolies upon the oommeroial system of Great Britain, will be of the most vital importanoe. The result of the movements goiog on In Kurepe will be a complete revolution in the oommerelal systems of every oountry, and an increase in the commerce ef every nation, beyond where It would have been, In the regular oourse of events, in the next oentury. At pressnt, all is doubt and uncertainty. Commerce is stagnant, trade Is suspended, and the manufacturing Intcreit in Europe la noarly mined. All this will, of oourse. result in exteneive disasters ; and Individual Insolvency will be Alt for yean jbut the recovery will be upon a basis guarantying tha most healthy and permanent increase, and th? establishment of financial aod oommeroial system, which will bind and oemenl the nations of the world la a stranger tie than ever before existed. The annexed table exhibits the quotations in this market for eaob dr y of the past week, and at the closa of the we?k previous. Trloes have been nansuaHy uniform throughout the week, and there has been leas eieltement In the market than we have previously noticed for a long time. There appears to be no probability of prlemi giving way, and tha prospect Is that auv ckanira Will be favorable : -? Quotation! for the Principal Stocks lit thi New Yorr Market. tat Mon. Tun. Wr4 7Ti$ Fri. Sal. ' Treasury Note* ? * .MX MX I02'< 101* 10? W 10IX 1W IS* w York Htate S's.. ? ? ? ? ? ? i Ohio s's - 98X 97X 9? 98 9?* Kentucky ?'i. _ ? ? 99 ? 99 ? | PennsylraDis 5 s 73X 73X ? ? ? 73X ? llli mis ? ? 44 44 44 ? ? , ln<ii?na Stat* 5'*..... ? ? 51 ? ? ? ? ' Ae>dii? KK Bond*.. 57X 57X 57X 57 X 51 51 MX ' Heading M't*e Bondi J7X 5* 57* i?X ? - ? iUtdiM HaiTr.?< ... 37 36X ??>? ,6f? 36*4 1 fwwleh k Wor.... 3? 3>X ?X ? "X *>X t Krle Mailroad.old.,. ? ? ? ? ? ?,, ? Krie Railroad, as*.. ? 7<l 69S< ? ? | liarl.m Hoil.oad,... M'< 12 51>k 5J'? VV 5>X 51X Long Ulaud 31 Y % 30X 31* 30'i 3? X S-X M?hawk ? _ - - 71 - ? tfinniiMton ? 60 61 111 ? ? ? , Farmer*' L?mi 3'i'i 30>* 39J* JPX <">X ?9X aiitim cmpany... 13"a 33!< 33 31 J.? J?'4 31VC Mom* Tansl 1<>X MX 'Of* ? !< X lt ViCkahar* ? ? ? ? ? ? ? IJoi.eo Stale* Dank.,. ? ? ? ? 3X ~" iCaar Butoa ? ? ? ? - ? ? Ni>*th Ara'a Trim... ? ? ? ? ?X ? *X A oomparlsoa of price* currant', at the olcse of the mar, k?t ye?tard ly, with those ruling at the cl >? of the pre 1 ion* week, ?x<W)( n decline la Treasury notes of X P*r | oent; R*e<Mof R illrosd. X ; Long Island Xi Karm*ri' , I.oat\ X i aad an adeanon In Rending Bjo 1* of r 1 cant; Canton, XAt ao Hlectlun for dlreolor* of the Morrla Canal Com I>?ny, which took pUoe on the 3 t Inat., Mr Wright, of Now York, waa chneea director, In place of George I : lr4??old, of New York ; and Kphrulm Marsh of Morrli I eo?nt?, N J, waa elected {Veil lent, la plaoe of Au I ^ WhJtsey, of Philadelphia, rh* Philadelphia Interest In j thia oonoern baa been transferred to New York, ud the itock U nearly all held In thla market. The Philadelphia were purohaeera at high prioaa, and the New Yorker* have anppllad themselves with all they want at low prioaa. So far a* the laat Inflation of thia babble waa conoerned, the Philadelphia opera tore got tba worst of it In Reading Railroad stock they have been more fortunate ; but the sufferers in that movement were Kiatorn speoulatorr. Operator* In thia market escaped comparatively eaay. if the Coat on rpeonlators purohaaed Reading Railroad atook at prloea ranging from aixty down to forty, It by do meana followa that they will bo compelled to aell at tba reduced prioaa current. It la yet to be eaan what will be the reanlt of thai* mevemanta?whether the Eastern or Southern speculator* sucoeed iu annihilating eaoh other, or which comas out beit,?the bulla or beara. The Albaoy and Sohenectady Railroad Company will It is understood, declare a dividend on the 1st of Jane next. With thia announcement la oonnected proposal* for a loan of one hundred tbouaand dollar*, payable within ten yeara from the date of the bonda, aald bond* to be oonvartible into the atoek of the company, if deairable, aa provided for by the aot authorising the loan The objeot of thia loan la to enable the company to relay a portion of it* road with a heavy rail, in aocordaace with the act of May 13,1847, without auapendlSg Its dividends. The financial oondition of thia company haa for a long time been very depreased ; and when the payment of dividends waa oommenoed last year, there waa a large floating dabt la exlatenoe. It would have been better te have paid that debt before declaring a dividend, but the dlreetora thought otherwise. That debt is itill afloat, and the oompany now oomea into the market for another loan, without reduolng or suspendicj its dividends. We leave those interested to draw their own inferences. The movements in prodnosln New Orleans this ssi f on have not been so aotlve as at the oorresponding peric d last, as will be seen by the annexid comparative statement of Imports from the interior, and shipment) to foreign and domestlo ptfrts CouucacK of New Ohlicans.?Imports r?OM thi lit. tkbioi raou Sept. Ib4t? and 1*47, to Aran, 8th 1817 AMD 184S. Article*. Previous. Apples, bbls... .. 4(1 39,Ml 3i Sol JBacon, asst'd, nhds. and casks 510 17,231 16 Oil liacoa, bbl* auj boxes 307 )0,?76 3 60 Bacoa hams,hhds. and tierccs 163 11,207 8,1 l! Bacoa m bulk, lbs ? 2:3.119 248,41? gagging, pieces 662 55.141 20.33? Bale rope, coils 1,133 41,163 20,48: Beaus, bbls. .. 13S 17 444 18,1)? Butter, kegs and firkins 227 27 127 33 231 Batter, bbla ? 1,042 ?6i Bees wax, bbls.. ? 515 $9" Beeswax, lbs ? 3 MO 1,60? Beef, bbls... 360 32 086 21,97? B?ef, hulls, ana tcs 3S3 13,055 16,73? iie'f, dried, lbs ? 53,too 39,i'0? f La. a&d Miss, bales 11,671 718.269 407,23, K I L*ke... ... . 2,352 9 783 2.82, cm. Ala. and 1 enu 2,461 143 003 157,63# t < Arkausa. 1,030 55,807 31,38? a I Mobile 944 7,012 7.26, J I Florida 625 2 663 12.93*1 I l exis ? 4,806 96? Coin meal, bbls 1,718 34 285 11,27a Cora m ear, bbls 3 200 410,4 6 343,00! Cora, shelled, sacks 12,958. 737,538 1,199, (5, Chetae, boxes 43 30,932 3'J,02q Candles, boxes 10 12,107 4,60^ cider, bbls ? 306 45, Coal, western, bbls 20,000 1 85,500 263,96, Dried applea, bbls 18 1,107 - 5,29] Dried peacbes, bbls 4 323 2,99. Feathers, bags ? t 912 3,l>2, Flaxseed, tea 26 2,809 58, p lour, out* 434,*73 1,023,07; Km*, boxes and hhds ? 88 47 K?r*. buadlea ? 131 14, Hemp, bundle* 59 12,079 19,207 Packing yarn, reel* ? 2 0*1 1 2ii Hide* 1,396 30 347 62,94? Horns ? li,ioo 2 loj. Hay, handle* 638 41.lit IWg Iron, pic, ton* ? 391 1,067 Lard, tihila ? 43} 1 ' Lard, tierces and bbl* 4,143 111,414 91,94? Laid, k*|* 2.610 257,047 128,?6o Leather, bundle*., 39 4 996 2,73a Lime, weitern, bbls ? 7,596 l/A? Lead, pig*. 1,111 233,848 130,>81 Lead,bar,k*it*and boie*.... ? jti 32" Lead, white, kega ? 6 940 10,i5o Moirasea.bbls 1,1(8 118,920 80,4l>o Oats, bbl*. and sack* 12 941 319 510 374,55; Omons,bbla... 14 ?,161 5,60q Oil, tiiueed, bbl* 37 1,695 1.48, Oil, castor, bbla ? . (78 677 Oil, lard, bbls 14 16?5 1,87J Pickles, bbla, and kfg* ? 49) 60, Potatoes. bbl* 1,019 118 96) 108 93o I'oik. 4,047 173 287 239,9<i Pork, hhd* 431 12,731 7,93, Pork, in balk, lb* 218,100 10,117.430 5,202,70? 1'orterand Ale, bbl* IcO 1,254 81? 8km*. Deer, packs 5 (67 1,06? Khot, kegs ? 4 483 2,66k Soap, bit ? 3,583 1.98; Stares, M ? 341 7l>2 Sugar, hhd* 1.415 103.541 72,08., fpaniah Moss, bales 6 2.555 3,691 1 allow, bbls 1 1917 5,64;. Tobacco, leaf, hhd* 185 >1,151 12<5IS Tobacco, cnew, kegs and boxes ? 5,332 3,ok tobacco, bales ? 81 79! Twice, bundle* ? 944 56? Twine, boies ? lu2 4. Vin< gar. bbls ? 1,195 74., Wool, bags ? 1,027 62* Whiskey, bbls 918 88 107 87.31, Window glass, bflzas 50 3,760 3.864 Whsat, bbla. and sacks 8,373 3 2 727 170,11, The leoeiptg of Indian com, shelled, In gaoks, this ssaaon, hare only been about one-half those for ths tame period last year, and the falling off in flonr has been equally large. The recoipta of wheat have been more limit* d than any other aperies of grain, compared with laat year. Of other things, there has been no material raduotlon. Pork, in balk, has been more aotive than meuai, iu> rvowpia i>a? nana using uuuoio muBQ 01 till Sugar his Alio materially increased. Cotton hu corns to market mora rapidly tbla season than last, the receipts having so far bean mora than fifty par cant larger. The exports have been in a oorrssponding proportion, leaving about the sams ato?k as on hand the same data last year. The shipments of floor this season have bean 298,266 bbls. against 067,490 bbls. for the same period last. Of pork 233,103 bbls. against 100,TM bbls. Baoon 30,78* bhds. against 19 303 hhds. Lard, ksgs, 1.100 009 against 600,488. Beef, 31,844 bbls. against 30.881 bbls Cam 873 246 seeks, against 1,198,928 taoks. Lead 242,081 pigs, against 360,940. Cotton 728.348 bales, against 414.002 balsa. Tobaeoo 30,971 hhds. against 21,728 hhds. Of the Hour exported from New Orleans this season 85,697 bbls were shipped to foreign ports. Corn, 348,923 sacks Lard, 312,467 kegs. Ths opening of the Illinois and Michigan Canal will give New Orleans a greater seotion of territory to draw supplies of prodaoe from, and a more extensive market for her staple produots and Imports. Chioago will also realise a greet increase in her commerce, both in her import and export trade. The annexed statsmrat exhi. bits the quantity of oertatn artioles exported from Chicago duriog the past year:? Commerce or Chioaoo? Exports ii* 1847. Wheat, bush 1.974 304 Floor, bbis 32,698 Corn 87 316 Beef 28 604 Oats 88,892 Pork 22,416 Barley 100 Ashes 18 Flaxssel 2,282 Whitefish 1,329 Mustard seed.. .. 630 Oil, gallons 8,793 Timothy seed.. .. 688 Hay, tons 4l? Cr-n berries 360 Buffalo robss, bales. 60 Beans 430 Dry bides 8,774 Buttsr, lbs 47 634 Sheep pelts 1,138 Hams k shoulders. 47 248 Fan, pkgs 278 Tallow 308.436 Brooms 3 l?s Lird 139,089 Hrmp, lbs 6 621 Wool 411088 Deer skias 39 369 Tobacco 28 348 Ginseng 8 026 Leathsr 3 740 Bristles 4 648 Beeswax 6 490 Glue 3 480 Lead 18,364 Value $3,398399. ?besidss a large amount of merchandise, produce, provisions, grain, horses, sattls, salt, and suppllss of all kinds sent to the lumbsr and minins recions. and different porta on the upper *0(1 lower lakea . The return* for 1841, will ehow, without doubt, a jtry great Increase on thoie for 1847 particularly in the moet Important Item*. The faotlitlea for communicating with the Interior of lllinoli now. are io great and the mem* of tranaportlng the moet bulky article* io cheap, that we txpeot an activity in agricultural product*, raatly ttperiorto anything ever before experienced in that notion. Some of the moet prolific Motion* of the State have been made eoooMlble by the completion and opening of thi*canal, and the produoe of thoie ato'.ion* will swell the export* at the principal outlet. CITY VltADB RKIDHT Nr.w Yore. Saturday Afticrhoon, April 33. For good brand* of flinr, there waa rather mora Inquiry. and rather more aching. The tranaaotlona were oblefly oonflned to lot* of Oen-aee and Troy, with imall lot* of weatern. at rate* whloh did not vary materially from yeeterday'a qaotationa. There waa a good Inquiry lor Ohio faaoy brand*, at (nil price* Southern remained about the eame Saiea of Qeneeee were made at full prlcea Corn remained about the aami>, with moderate ale* There waa no change In rye or oat*. By our telegraph report from Boaton, It will be *een that tha eteemer'a newa there, aa well aa hare, failed to make any impreaelon on the market for breadatufl* Tha telegraph Una to Buffalo waa down, and henoe wa ban no market reporta from tha lake towna. In thle market, provieion* wore doll and aalea limited. Orooertea remained about the ramo, with moderate tranaaotiona in augar and coffee. Domealte Market a, Njw Orleani, Apnl 14. ? Cr.tton?The aooount* by the Hibrrma bringing a further heavy decline, haa com pletely unaettled our market, and wa hear of the aale of 3000 balra at very Irrfgular prlnee, in fact there l? no market We are told ot the aale of SAO balea middling, at AS; 300 balee g?/d middling at $!(; 900 bale* ml Idling and 6u0 *1*0 middling at ao. Bogar-Fair, a^c a 8?vi Molaaae*?19o a 30o Flour - Market qm??. Si|<? I'.Oti bbl* a? follow*???4 Ohio, at $4 AO ; 70 Ohio, J .SO ;tt. l.onia ?t |4 6 iK; and 300 Illinrl* at $4 60 t < id?Sale* 10.000 **< ?*, 1800 white and I'>00 mixed at -MM; <00 mixed at 80c a3lo; 1000 yellow, at 8Io; SAO miiod at 3Jo; 400 white Bad yellow, and 300 white, at 84o; aad 'J400 white and yellow at 96o Wheat?700 aaaka prima wheat aold at 91o. l*ork-Fair demand; Maa*, f?A0; Prime, (7 13#. I.arJ? Markit dull ; fair, ft^o, Baoon -Bldea, 4a, abmiden, J?n Whitky?lTJUo l*o Hemp? fill K>?. Ooflta?lllo, 6!4a a 7a. Krelghtt?A ahlp taken for Liverpool at 9-ltfi , and a vewel for Ireland, and port in Kngland, at 101, for Corn Interesting to Mercliuitts. ComuuATB e* SrAiw, ) Nbw Yohk Apiil'Ji, 1?4H ) The Iutend?ntof the provlnoeof 8t J?go de Cuba, uo<l?r data of the 37th March last, has cimmunioated to this Consulate the following or^ur esta'ilishlina dfposlt or entrepot at the pott of 8t. Ja*n de Cuba. FHANCI9CO 8TOUOHTO.V, Comal, Sec. [TB4*ILATI0N.] [KromEl Redactor,of S*Mia,to da Cuba,Maroht!7,1848 ] Hie Exo?lleiioy. the Nuperlnteuucut General of Finance of thl* island. baa directed to be published at the oapital and other plaoas, the following nntioe ' The Superior Executive Committee ot finance,having resolved. at the session of the 10' h of last month, snkjeot ihnwever, to what her majesty may deign to order, to establish provisionally and by way cf trial for the present year, a mercantile deposit, under the game regulations aa at tbo otpltul (Havana) Hi* Exoellenoy, thSuperlntendent General of Klnanca, haa directed that aid depoalt shall be opened on th? first of the next month of Apr*l, to which end the necssary measure* have been adopted. Ml by order of His Exstllency, it la published for the information of the public. JOAQUIN CAMPUZA.NO. Havana, March 16,1848 And the Iotendint of this diitrlot, by a decree of this day,in accoidanca with tlie superior order aforesaid, of tha 16th inst, communicating the above mentioned notice, published In the Havana Qjxtt't on the date abova, directs that the same be made public by fourteen consecutive insertions in the paper of this oi<y. tha R-dactor, ... ov-.iui iuivibiimiuu ui iiBuniB 1-uu iiifi |fuunu,?uu that a hun >red copies ib?recf be circulated immediately; th? present is ltaueil lor the aforesaid purpoee, at St. Jago de Cabs, Marcb '25,1849. JUAN DE MATA HERRERA, Soretary a J interim. Died. Sata'dey afternoon, after u lingering illness John B. Ha?tv, Police Clerk of the Lower Polioe Office, aged 36 years. Hie friends are invited to attend hie funeral, at Trinity Cemetery, this afternoon. Carnages will be in attend anoe at IBB Fulton street, at 3 o'clock, P. M On Sunday, 33d mat, after a long and painful lllnrst, Mrs. Elizahkth Mohan, wife of James ivloran, in the fifty-eighth year oi her age. The friends and relatives ot the family are requested to attond her funeral, tbia afternoon, at batf-paet two o'olock, from her late reridenoe, 198 Second streot, near AvenueB On the 33d instant, Ocoitas Wcllcr, son of Weller and Luclnda Crana, aged 3 years, 6 months and 31 days His remains will be taken to Montgomery, Orange oounty, for interment. The friends of I he family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from No. 37 Vandewaler street, at balf-paat 6 o'olock, A.M. On Sunday, 33d intt., agod 6 years and 1 month, Jamki V. N. AaMKKTTLE. Funeral this afternoon, at 6 o'olock, from the housa of James Van Norden, 163 Grand street. 'f?HR FKIKMDS OF THE FHENi H HEPUBLIC X are repeated (o attend a meeting, which takes p|?ce th>> evening, at 7K o'clock, at American Hall, co>ner of (Jnnd atreetand Bioidway Dr F H. Vionia will deliver an ad reaa in French, in behalf ot Un>v>rul Democracy and ttie Caledonian ? oahiiiKton l\ B. Society 111 I.ill KEPUULI AN UNION-\ MEETINU OF ilie Irish ilei ublivan IJnion will be held in Pa'oio'a Op?ra Moult* Chambers at , on Wednesday evening at 1% o'clock, nn which occasion the chair will be taken br Robert Kinmrtt K?q 4 tier of boxtt will be rescind lor ladiei. CHARLES D \VIKd. SecV A MEETING OK THE TYPE FOUNDERS WILL be held at St John't Hall, Frankfort street, at half past U o'clock to hear the reuo>t of the appointed, and nlio to t>ke into cunside'atioti the beat meant to snitain the preient prices geueruly. It it expected that every man connected with the i< ade in any war. will attend, toy order of I In Coinmit'ee? J"hu Piunket, Chairman; John Metzies, Robert Leslie, C(|is. Ke ney. UA. O. D. ''OLUMB1 \N LODGE. NO 16-THE members of the above Lodge are hereby notified that th? next regular meeting of laid Lodge will be held at their new room, No. Mi Hester ttreet, on Monday evening next, 24th iutt.. ?t which time an election of ofl\-ert for the ensuing Term will ba held. WaRR?N P. SMll'Ii, N. A. George 8. Glbbens, Secretary. ri^HIC sixry.-eoond ANN1VKR8ARV of THE Jl 8t. George's Society. of New York, will be celebrated with the per lor mance of divine serried, in Trinity Church, n Moi.dvv next, the 24th inst when an address will be delirere I by tlie Rev. Johu >1. Wainwright. d d. nt Chaplain of the Society, a id a cttllectKn made in aid of the Chaiitable fraud of tit* Institution. By ordsr. MOSEb MARCUS, Secretary^ St G&ORGE'S SOCIETY.?THE SIXTY SECOND Atnivertary Dinntr ol the 8t. George's Society of {New Vork, will take place at the City Hotel, on Mo< day next, the 14th imt. Ticketi to he obtained of the Stewards?'Thomas Kuoci, Esq, 170 Broadway; William J. Heather, Efq . 577 Broadway; Robert Martin, fcsq , 172 B'oadway; John F. Walker, Esq., SI Exchange Place. By order. MOSES MARCUS Seer?ta y. LOST-A POCKET BOOK CONTAINING 8EVEral promissory notes and other papers of no value except to the owner The pe s nwhofoun'l it will be liberally rewarded cn leaving the s\me at No 4S Eaat-nxteenth St., or r t 88 Cedent . hv H A TAYLOR ?pnl>31 LO^T?SUPPOSED TO BE 8TOL >, A B KY HORSE W tig on and Harnett; the horse hat a spavin lump on hit left hind leg, thort tail, and no white markt; the wagon iqnare nudy aud wooden ax'.ea,Stc blue cnshinnt; harness well worn; by a unn who gave his nam* as John fi. Berrr. 'r. of Bergen, N J He hired him on Saturdar about two o'clock, to go to the Five Mile Houte. Sd avenue. a?d return at five o'clock? tince which he hat not been heard of A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the prope ty and thief, at 36 Canal it.. Dartme'e Lo'ioa Uepot. I'ORN'8. H. BAKTINK. Five dollaks reward will be p?id for information, by Silvt St Co., Stapleto.i, S 1., for the body body cf Charles Perrr, who war drowned oo ihe nitht of the 19th intt., aged ahont 40 years, about aix feetiu height, dreiaed in a ru t of o.l skin clotnes Statm island, April 22 id, 1848 A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE Young VVomaa. at Uncdrett or to do plain Cnokuif aid washing ana ironing, in a un til family. Plente tJ enquire at No. 100 Gold ttreet SITUATION WANTED?as COOK. WA8HERWO uanand Ironer, br atteadr perton, with excellent eitr re ferencet t.'r^characteran J competency. ( an he teen fort*o u?y? m nv r.iuriugc sucei, irom II lO ? O CiOCg, OB (l.e Ilrtt floar. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE INM Woman. *? ClNMWMw, to tike <\ire of children, or to do gsueral honrwuik id a small private ftmiiy, has bo objection 10 go ashort dutance in the country. Brstt.f city reference car be given, Please to cal' ?t III Uro.ndway, three doors fr m O'nce ' hurch. I'an be ?een fur two <i?*a WANTKD?IN A SMALL FAMILY. A GERMAN Lady as Governess, to teach the piano forte, German, he. On* wonld be preferred who has lately come from Germany. A libera] aalary will be siren and good references required. Address A. D , 323 Walnnt street, Philadelphia, post paid. TO MACHINISTS.?A MACHINIST THAT IS matter of bis trade, with $1600 to (!000, csth capitsl, m v hear of a desirable opportunity to engage n business. by addressing, B. C. at this rfliee. Good refe.euce will be required. The advertiser has a good machine shop Willi steam power and tools, well located for business. _ POR 8 \LE-TWO BAY HORSES 16 HAND* HIGH young, sooud, and perfectly kind in untile or double harness; can trot iheir miles in th-ee ininn es. '1 liey ctn hes-en at TownseaU It Send tier's stable, Brooklyn, nesr the FulrOn Ferry \? EKC?NT1LR MUTUAL INSURANCE i OMfAiTI. nv, No. 63 Wall street.?In conformity with the equiti tions of tbeir charter, the Company submit the loll?-*<n( statementAmount of premiums not marked off April 3tf, 1147, SI 16,136 44; amonat of premiums on policies issued during the year eudir.g Arril 3J, 1141. (713.940 33?total amount oftiremiums, (149,071 76. The ara?aut ol p'eminms marked off du itg the year as above, was?ou marine risks. (6o'> (38 36; on irland transportation and navigation risk*, 161,8(8 91?total (667,437 21 leu retarn premiums, (53.7)1 t3?earred preminm? for the year. (614 CM 16 I'aid during the sum* period er re insurance. (63 460 tl; expenses. (19.711*1; interest, e. mmissioa and bad debts, (39 738 79; marine lessss, (374,037 74; ialard navigation do., (30.631 30?total. (416 5*7 49: profit! te do divided. (191.111 77. Amoaniof earnings of 1147. ()3.6il 75; dn. d >. 1141, as aboye, (i9l.ll! 77?total for two years, (250 770 53. Toe company farther report that ther have at this date tbe following aasets. vie?Invested in United States Ttensnry notes, (104 *59 II; b lis receivable, (434.337 31; cash and unsettled c aims to bo closed by cash^ir note*, (43 998 37; of other companies, (1.199 9*? total i.sets, (561 585 41.? Tlie Trnsuet have declared a dividend of thirty-two vet celt, ou the net earned preminms of the past year, par 'ble ia acrip en p.nd after the second Monday in May next. Tne Trustees have also resolved to pay an interest ot an par ceat. oa the amonat of the csitiflrates authorized to be isjued in April, 1147, to be paid to the holders the-eo^ or their legal representatives, on and after the eithth day or May neit. It w is also resolved th t as soon as the nccnranlated profits excesd the sum of half a million of dollara. tho excess shall be appropiiated to the redemption of its scrip, agreeably to the provisions ofihechar'er By order of the Board CHARLES NEW< OnH. Secretary. Trustees?Thomas Hunt. Jsmes Kreelaad. Henry Kh*luon, Thomas 8. Nelson, Wilson G. Hunt, Stewart C. Marsh. George Hastings, C. . A. Rogers, Hen y estop, Septimus Urookea, I harles fayne, Charles H. Kitfrt, H. E Mortng. nmuel J. Beats. Williim W.m, Almet Reed CvrnsCartis. Her ram Bokcr, Charles O. '"arletnn. Lacini H pkms, Daniel < . Haviland, Levi C^ok. David L Sayrc, Henry A Stone, Jnmea M illock. () T. Ma'tby Ueona I) fnelpi, James ?. Jsoa'ier, Kredar c* Victor, II. W.T. Klnli, Richard Biqelow. Al*iis 8 taker. JOS^FH WALKER, Pre-irfent; LEWIS GREGORY, Vie* President: ELLWOOD WALTER, Assistant Vice Pesidcnt; CHALKS NH W'QVin fW> tar? ! Improved magnetic.machines. with man- ! u*l (:lth edition), pp. ?M. giviau instructions for their n?. ?'riee. ??. fit, tit. aud ?I4. H. H. MHERWOOD. M D , 101 CaaTibers it eet. riUTI'A I'EKfHA KOK FILLING DECAYED J V* Teeth ?Dentists can be (applied with this article, preP?red enreidy for Ailing teeth, with fall instrnctiors for : aiing Korsa'eby the ? m*r>*n Ontta Percha C ompany. 9. . |VARMmTK^INI), in William .fret. NOTI E-THE8UBSCRIBER KEXPECTMILI Y Iff ri'et the attent ou ofgentlemen having a sniplos > f ho'ses vehicles haineaa. He. whu wish ro convert then n.tom >ney. to 1 arud them to N V Taiteraalla, wheresales ar* cashed proirpt ! It. Alan?Manufacturer a of ee'iielea will lind it their lutereat to aend their wo a to ihesubeenbrr, who will eth?rparcliue. loan money, or receive it.em <;n atorar' ind for aale,oa ?a reasonable lerma as any simi'ar establishment iu thi? city. . Is )?Purchiters will find s ipe'iur MtmMH at all timet, aa the stock m> hand is very egtentive, Alsi?'je it'emen's hirses accommodated aboye ground in a surerinr atab'e for Inch' ard air, a consideration ofte.i overlooked br owners. Alan?Public Auction galea every Monday at II o'elock. The while of the arrangement nnder the direction of K'>. W MI>LKR, Original Proprietor of New York Tatters ill, 446 Broadway. , Havana ioiacco leak. and"imported sk. ; gars? \ Una lot of Havans tobacco la'f.all wrappeia, , jut received and suitable forth* ritr trade Also,a lot of , H nna itgari, entitled io debenture; for tale in lou to mit , parch s?r? hy J. A. li>.D 'N. No ion \?"n ?tree'. I^rrtRVEftciNo ICK.?THE WILLIAM*BITR?H ! J i< ffetveiciug Ice Company. respectful y announce to , h.xel an'1 (tore keeper a. and priva e families, that their walks | w II be oreued ou May I, fur the s?l a of the above delirious, , hcnltlifol aud coolict beverage A?e"ii willing to collcet orders in New York. Brooklyn and elsewhe-r, may a| ply by letter, to ba left at ihe oflice of this paper, addressed t? the aubsenher. W. T. Nit ftflausger , Dr. h^I7h, author ok the -practical i PRIVATE THEsTlBE," k; . ii OreeuwtcH rtreet, office hoars* to 13 A M , I to IP M.. (Sunday excepted ) These who apply in the early stigeawill herarprisedat t e j rapidity ard I t'.le liic .nreui'nce attending their core. It is chiefly, however, thoia who hrve satfered from a ca taiu clasa of peop'e or jtharwise. who e?n properly app eeixta hia ?er? c*g. la stricture, from its first or incipient, to ita mora advanced and distressing stages (from uncommon advautajts, in aldition to a vary eitennv* practice in this eomrUiat) he cull afford a rapid, eaay and tsdte?i far* which, ha Km rroand fot stattaff. eaa ha obtainfrun to other mt;i la Amaika _ J . - UN'ON COURBK, LONG ISLAND?TROTTINf>? Tueiday. April 13. it 3 o'c'nck. t M ?"take and pnrae Lady Ballon and Black Hawk in lha field: pane with ?o ioaide attire of ftMO. half forfeit, mile heata. be?t three ia fire. 11 211 lb wmddi. 'amea Whelpley namet hr. m. Lady t-a'ton; Albert Cnneklir namea hk. h. Black Hawk. Immediately after a pn ae nftV), ini'e heata. beat three in Are. litter the saddle, lor parert Albert ConeHin entera r (. VMIane n?T, laaie Wo draff eater r I Hoanoke. The ear* letyeftiuth eirr. Brwiklyn. fur the coane at half-paat I o'ciocb na rerun imiifu v?iy ?.l'?r ih? terminati"u ol in riri> F<r?fichwi?JS(!mii M D. (1HEE>I FrnpHrto'^ NBW YORK AND H ARI.EM R AILROAD?SUv'MKR arnngcm*nt On nrd aOer Monday, th? 34th inet., (he ca-*wilt urn ?? fol'owi. ontil farther ?ot:ce s?Tr*in* will le*ye th* City Ha'l. New York, for H*rl?m and Morriiaaia, and intermediate pl?re*. at 5 34. A M 7 10, A.M ; I, and 10, A.M ; 11 A.M.;IJ, M. J, < M.;],P.M.;I,P.M.:S,PM.: 6 J?. p M.; William'* Rrid and Furdham at 5 JO, A. M.; 7, * M.j ?. AM: 11. M : 1. r. M ; 4 JJ, I*. M ; 5 JO. F M ; White Plaint ?nd Tnchahn* at 7. A. M.; , A. M.; J. P. M.j 4 JO. P M.s 5 JO, P. M ; Pleanntville. Monnt Ki*ko Meehan- ; icuville. ?nd Crofo? Ml* at 7, A M : A. M : 4 30, F M. Returning to New York, will leave Hir'rm and Morriiania at 7 8 A.M :? A ?1.; 9 A. M ; 11. A. M ; 13. M : 3 p M ; 4 P M.s 5 F. M : ? P M ; 7 30, P. M ; Fordhim and Willi* ' Bridge, 6 43. A M : I A. M ; 9 15. A. M.; 1 IS 1\ M.- 3 40, P M s 510. P. M ; ? 35. P M.s Tnefcahoea-.d White Plain* at 7 15. A M.s I J5. A M.s 3. P. M.s 4 45. P. M ; P. M.s Croton Fall* at 7 30, A. M ; 145, P. M.s 0. F. M. All the Morii*?nia train* leaving City Hall at 7 10.1. 1*. and II, A M., and 3, 4, 5 and 6 3", P. M . ?uJ retor. ing at 8, 9, II, and It. A. M., and 3. 5.6 and 7 30, P M . and the train* for Williams' Bridie at 5 30. A M and It, M .and returning at 6 45 A. M.. and 1 '5. I*. M., will *top at 17th 3td, 4?id 51st. 6l*t. 79th Mth. 109th, H5th, 115th, and I31d itreet*. The William*' Bridge train* will nl*o *top *t Harlem. Morriiania. and Fordhatn. The accummodatioa train forCroton Fall*, at 9 . A. M ., and retnru>ne at 1 II, P. M , and al*t the urcommoda'iou train for White Plaioa at J 1*. M , and returning nt 4 43. P, M., w>ll ?trp at all placet heyond Morriaania to laud rnii to receive puienger*. and will atop to r?c?ive paxengeri going np. and to 'n?d ilieni coming down, at all the itreet* above named. The Croton Fall* tr?in (etcept the aecommodition train) will not atop below Fordham, eicept at Broome itreet ?nd ltd itreet, unlet* to re eeive pai?eui(?r> ?t Harlem going beyond Whit* I'laina.or to land them cnmng down at Hsiltm. The morning train of can from Croton rail*, at 7 JO, A.M.,and the nfternoon train f >r Ooton Fall*, it 4 30, f. M. will not *top between White Plaina and New York, eieept*t Tnrk>ihne. Williams' Bridge, md Fordh'm The morning train of car* from White Plain* will not itop below Fordham, except to land passenger* at Harlem New vork and haki.em hailko'D covpaoy, April 20th. 1848 ?The annual elsrt on for Directors ot ihis Compan* will b* held at thai- office. No. 4 Tiyon How, on Tuesday. the I6th dar of May neit, between the hoar* of It and 3 o'clock. The transfer book* will be closed from the t7th ol April in-t , t? the I6tli diy of May neit, both >a*a inclnitre By order if the Board of Director*. A. If V Th~ lr M ? TL ... I...U k appear upon the bnoka at the t'we of the above doling, will be the peraona entitled ts anbaeribe Tor the p e(erred atock to be itaued nniUr the rereat art of the Legtalatnre, for which propoaala will he iaued i" a few daya Notice-thk interest of the undehaignrd in the late firma of Wella 1c To., and Livingaton, Welle kCo . waa on the 4th of March aold and rtlirqniihed by her to.Heerr Wella, and the aa<d firm? hereby diaaolved, the buaineaa brine continued by Henrv Wella on hia own ecount CAROLINE C. LIVINGSTON, Widow of the late Crawford Livingaton. f ew Vnrk. Ap'il II IMS. OFFICE OF THE NEW VOHK OK8 I.IGHT COMpany, April 10, 1841 ?The Preaident and Direetora have tliia day deflated a dividend of f,>or and a half per cent on the capital alock of thia C->mp*nv, for the a>x tnonthe endit g lit Februnry laat. payable to the atockholdert on and after Monday the fit May next The tr.inafer book will be cl~??d from the 11th inat. to that date. By order. C. L. EVERITT, 8ec retanr CORSETS DE PARIS (NEW P *TTKRN).-I.A?T fifth inn ltd <pred at Paria amnnct the raoat faahionible ladiea. moat comfortable and gracefnl for the form, aa well aa for the liberty it leaveain the moytme<-ti of the ner?on who iDxkea nae of th'in. To t-e had only at MR'. PROSI'KHf.'g. To iitialy ihe great many demanda which a?e made upon her, ahe bcg? leave to inform the ladiea lharahe hm received a very handaotne aaa >itment of Coraeta. from Paria of the rewcat pattern. Krom the auccraa ahe h?a already hid in fitting the ladiea "ith elegance a?.d comfort indncta b*r lo ho e th?t many will come v.aitiugher i,ew atock at 53 t'enal atrect, np ataira REVOLUTION ! REVOLUTION I-1T8 WONDEROil nrogrraa and re*talt?!? A.1I honor to the people!? Even in trite city ia witneaaed the reformation the* have atcompliahed ; no longer compelled to pay t2i or $30 for a coat, when the aame garment (and eveu ?npe?o" in atyle and quality) can be pu'ebaaed at Charlee Coi'a, No. (6 Broadway, lorf'6 fll and $31, ?nd all <h? articlea in hia line at propor lionata reJac'inna So much for hie (ontiMl) caah eyatrm. Aa haa France l>?en to all continental Europe in her t?an<featrtion (rthe aovrreicn people, ao haa'harle? Coi been the Kioneer in the e-tibliahment of the e*ata?of furniah-ng the eat articlea at ihe ch*aneat pricea Call then and examine hia gooda?be' convinced?and adopt the nrknowledved good tneafturaa of CH AKLK8 '"OX *6 Broadway, 11 door below w.ill atrert Vive la Republiiiie ! LAMARTINE (BLUE CLOTH) SACK COAT8The revolution wa? achieved bv men in Blue Blou??a: but Laroartine wore a Bin- Sack, a model of which I have juat received fmm 'aria and h-ve many of them made; 'he price variea from tin to $l<; Buaineaa Pack. S5. Cloth, Caa aimerca and Veating made to order at really low piieea: French rinth Oreaa ("o?ta made to mcaeure fr-in tl6 t" $'0?O. B. ' L'HKK. U6 William atrect, eppoaite W&ahington Slorea, betw#e? Fulton and John. CLOTHING?E. DEGROOT It CO.. HI FULTON 8T , near Broadway, New York, have juat opened a large and entire new arock of ready made apring and aumraer cloth ing, which will bo anld chenp*r thin at any other (tore in tht citr for niiah, or they will make to order in the moat faahiooa bid Kyle, at the following price*, entire mits:?Coat. panta and yrat, (M order) from SI4 to <{; do , (ready nude) from S10 to SIS; bnaineai. office and aommer coata. from St to $>. Alao. ahirta. dra were. cr.ivata. atocka. coll&ra, gloves, aud erery arr-cle of Oeoflemen'a wearing arpirel. NKW ZEIKTIC METHOD FOR ENGLISH AND French comp aition. containing an introdnction to the rhftthoric, a at m'idelaand arguments for narrationa, letter*, descriptions, aprerhts, debates, fcc , fcc.. by A- A.RCM'X hafiHIT i.fKrench lantrupge ard literature, in the Mount flea aant Acalrmy, aud uthor tlie ' Zelrtin method or euaieit method of learning l?rench " fecoud and thirl series, price $1. JOH"< WILEY 181 Broadway. New York Among the many valuable articles to be told at M. Oori'a 293 Broadway, aucton. on Wednesday, there will be fifteen Painting* by real old m<i ters. The? will nmiuestionably deserve the admirttinn ol the intelligent without the aid oi h'irh sounding eulogy. The portrait of Rembrnnt is worthy ?f parti'ular mention ; bat a bore all. the rut,I c atteet on ia rrgursted to a reel cariosity?a v?rv remukab e rngfiviog, frnr laet in height, of Michael Angrlo'i grand master piece in the Pextina Chanel, the lut Judgment Thia engraving ia equally deceiving of notice lor ita excel lence, antiquity, and rarity, being one of the largest and beat engravings ever executed, and extremely rare, eyen <n the cntinmt. To thos* who n*ver witnessed that great Painting, thia faiihfal copy will onvey a cor.ect conception of ita grandear, while those to whom it ia knuwn, will fled it admirably calculated to reriye their former impressions True cnnnissens cannot be ir line need by aboard and ftlae p aiaei; let eyery one follow hii ti?te, and d<cide alter hit own feelings. SOLAR LAMPS. QIRANDOLK8. HALL LAN THORNS and TeaTrayt, of aoperior atyle aid finish, in jet, bronze and ailyer, at whtleasleandretiil. JOHN W. iViOWOAW.IM Fnl'on a?eet. oce d?or East of Bmadwy. MRS. CAIIOLINE DAR1U8CONROLN WILL Receive letter from Enrnpe, by aending to No. 79 Kront ?t. up rtaira. TO INVALIDS?A LADY 18 DK8IKOU8 OK PROcuring a aitoation to attend a lick peraon. The beat of references can be giyrn. A note addieaaed to E. V., at this cilice, will meet with altrniion HOR?E* TROUBLED WITH HKAYE8, COUOH, broken wind, or ont <<f coaditiun, can te ?tt right by Kirkbridet Ta<ters\llt Heave Towc'era. which ia a wonderful manner searche* cut disease in any part of the horse's system pnr.liraihe blond, lwiteiii the hide and gives lone t'> the vital o ga-a. K.very horse t'lonld go through a conrae of thia medicir.e at thia. tiie mru'ting s.-aaon.aatt prrp?rea him finely for rl e snrwmer A. H OOUUH Sc < <).. M9 Fnlfn at. Dft POWKLL. OCULIST, AURI8T. Itc.. ATTENDS fiom9 to 4 o'cli ck, ?!aily, to diseases of the eye asd ear, a hia surgery,361 Broadway, entrance IX Warren street ? The sreond edition ot Dr. Powell's 'l'reatiae on the a ye, < < nii'uiup wv i'mti auui'iiiuai uiniicr is jun |>aniiiiiea, pries Vlcenti. it can be had st his office; slin h's Self-Aetitg K>e Koautaing which obtained the premium from the Amsrican Institute. Jost imported. a large tipply ef Art fieial Kres. DR. COOPER. 14 DUANE STREET, BETWEEN Chatham and William sts , hiu (or the I ait fourteen years enjoyed the moit extensive practice in pi irate diseases.of aay medical mm in New York. He can ct<re the most aggravated cuts of thiidiieai*; end mild cases cu.ed id two to fire dart Stricture-?Dr Cooper haa discovered a new methoe by whicb lit can care the worst formol stricture in from one to two weeks. with scarcely aay pain u> the patient. Constitutional i debility brought on by a leeret habit indulged in by yonng I men. This, when too freely indulged in, begets dyspepsia weakness ot the liiobs and small at the back, confusion of the i intellect, and arereioa to society. A core warranted ia every ease. nr an oharv* Nn mereaev used 1 Medical card-mi. glover takes this method of informing those who have exquired by letter i whether he had retired from practice, that hs mil continnss to core those difficult atil protracted eases of constitutional and i delicate diseases, which hire baffled the skill of physicians of | less tiperience. Dr. O. would espeeia'ly inrite those ?ho . hare sulfered from a csrtnm class of pertuns to call at hisoffice, No 2 Ana street, where they will meet with a certain, speedy I and effectual core. Private entrance through the entry to the office d?w?r I MOST kxrr\ORUlNA?'t work-EVERT >10- J Oier's Hook?The apprehension of poverty and tlie prospect of too large a fimily of children, prerent many I piadert people from entering the married state ; but here is a work that will tell yon inmr imi>ortant secrets which will ( nretcoine all inch objectioaa, a?d the author is assured will ( be universally approved of amo--g married people fnce. JO rents. Korssle br Burgeu Ktringer, t( Co , 222 Broadway, New York ; Z"ber k Co.. corner rf Chesnnt and Third itreet. Philadelphia : W N.n>m H *<imt meet. Bniion. t Doctor motts French pills for the < ipeedy cure of a certain p> irate disease, are sold at 121 Kultoo ifeet;p'ire *1 per bci The fsciluy with which the cure is effected with these pills is si well known that piai* ng tliem wrntd be sipeifW as, ba. wv will speak of the gre<t I ta e and couren eu e of their use over every other remedy ia I; they ire so pleasant to t<ke, thit they eou'aba > raten while wnlking in Company, without being insrected of I F'kinr medicine I HE ward-CROSS's PrBClKIC MIXTURE j (Jtivv for the cure ol gonorhoev Of ail remedies tret discovered for the abore c m,.lsints, this is the m iit eertam; it makes a speedy *nd'permanent care Without !he le?st restriction in diet, drink, tipoiare, or chance inap^heat<on to business. The propri-tor challenges a single in- t it nice of recent gonorhoia to be brought whKh the miirnrs , will no i care, under fo'leimre of fioO. Msny are rnred >a ( ;wo<lays fold at 273 Broadw-y. co'U>r of Chambers street. . md 3 A N D loo li'ultna. coere William ?r?ee' __ i DK.JEIiFrtlfcS ANTIDOTE IS WITHOUT DOUBT ' the moit effectual preraratioe ;u d for Gonorrhoea and of er disorders ol the Seiaal Orgsns Repeat- " id eip'rimekts and eipertecce hare pr red that it 1 will radically curs aay case wtftch can be produced This ' Jcsia'ble result is obtsinea in fn mt?u 10 ten dsyi. and as it ' uenlier creates niusea cor ofT-rda t'le pil?te and readers nn * jeceasaty any desiarinu iu diet or interruption tj usual par- t in ire. sou. d sleep or healthy digesti'ti. the laisariee is thus ' e mured as speedily as is oniistent with the production of s r hoiou.h and permanent cure Its inr-edients are iiitirely re^eiab e, and to injurious edic', eithst ( :oii<ii'.utioi ally er locally, can be cauaed br its use t"re,a r <1 by f. Jeffries, M D , and m-y be obtained wnh lull direc 'j tons for use, price $ I per bottle, from his sole Agent lor this lily, n H Ml^O 192 (trend^ae, earner J..tin street. * ^TKAMEU WASHINGTON WUala LEAVE f.OR h ' tiontn>mpt?n and Bremen. on Ta-adsy mo'umg. 2ith init. it 10 o clock. Passengers will pleai* to be at I irr %o 4 North I Hirer, at 9 A. M , Wiers a steamboat will be leady to take { j hem on bnrd. I ? Foil LIVEkPO'IU-THE steamship sarah ; Jl fliaJa will sa.l (or Liverpool on Vsy VJi. hei regular day. | i 11-rii.g an auusually gw>U upportuniiv fo the ehipmer.t of I hukS la ia-n>1 ot^gr l.ireign goods. For fiei.htr rpus.age, 1 ipal? t> it kkhmit.7h "onth fee'. j POK NMV OR LKAN8 ?I.O I8I*NA AND NEW e York Linn of P eketi Vttf tnloc#U rt??? > f frfiglii. ,i i h* onlr "Kn'tr [ Mil on Thnr? ay. M*' 4 h Th? j ewtnl fPictidid f*?t i.ititg p*< k?tihi|) > LIITON. J?m?? > J. la.moll. mtiter, i* now lo dm* a il will loiihvtlr 'til c > Abo?e h?r rata'nr diy K >r frtiilit or pw*?. lii?n? ntndid farmahrd fteenmmoditiont, tpply on bond, ?t Or- 1 chiii wh* f. (o- t of Wtl! (f rtt, or to K K COl.l.IM, 51 I Jou'h ?rrr?t. Po?>tir#lv no freight will <>* r?c?i?td r ft*r r IVodnMdtf tyctinf, Mtv >d Ntw Otl*u?. Vr. ? W^CrMrr. who will promptly forwtri til go?4a to iu? 1ACOB 9 PL ATT. AUCTIONEER.?HARDWARE, ii * ,n" '?'ks, carded Poeket cutlery, watches, Incases Vfl.JflP'J???. *?''1 ? "? ""d P'ncil curs, f? i-? * ods, lie JACOB 8 PI, ATT will sell, this d.ty, at I# the unction room J1 Piatt street, aa ah .ve Alio, w.ili wht h 'lie sa'a will Mnni'iM, 8 dozen k iM?n hie. nod r>k's in lots to ?nit purchasers: irnt r knivei, diih kettles, tape measures, nr# dnen k ives and fo'Us. ea^cd p?o end peck't kn>ve?. 100 C**to-a, one hogshead alasilanterns "nd a general a'sortment nf Krcrch and Oefmin laney eondt. aceo'deons. violins, fla'ea. clocks, clath. hair anl toilet htush#a. INriai?n mmKi aud rnfrenders. t?oth b mhta. purses, bin. toy wtch a, tea ball*. India and French fans. rattles. dra-rn, petfnmed envelopes. rw?d? rttsks ringi. iiens, penho'ders. snspe?<ier straps. toy baskets fl <b nooks, colognt so?p, segar tn?i, Oerman pipes, lie Alao, spool eotton. while aud e >lored thread, fl?ne?l d*?w?-a It*. JACOB ? PLATT. AUCTION KKIl-OOLD AND silver watches gold pens and pencil eaaes, one massive b illisnt diamond ring of great value. several other dmnnud rings, on* r'eh mounted diamond bracelet; 500 go'd nens ?nd pan holders, 300 (fold pencil ease', some of which are la'jfa and heiv, ret* I p'ice SR acd 41" each, gold w'^h eheins and kevs sterling ai'yer spoons, ladles, lie. .IA<'OD * PI. \TT wil'aellthts day. M a*o?e. at 12 o'clock, at the anc ion room. 13 Plait atreet. after ill* ?ale of hardware aud fincv goods Alio,SOgold and siher wa'ches. Catalogues are te?dy _ JArOB B. PLATT. AUOTIONKKB.-3I.CASKS OF looking r'aas nla'es. forA"con?t ofBnd?rwriter?, foreash. J4COB S. PLATT will sell, thia day. at llr'clnek. at 'he anerion room, f I Piatt street, asabove, the inyo:ee, being seyeral ihonaand dollars in value. Terms cash, and no allowane* 'or damans of any kind. BKNJAMIV VOOVKY. Al'CTlONERR?EDWARD Payson willssll this day at II o'clock, at theaoctioa room, No M Piatt street, fancy goods ?nd pocket cutler* A'so an invoice ?co'n lamps, slates elcthes horses shoe end horse brushes he.. be. Also, an i' voice g 'Id pencil cases and w-tehes &c..Scc Alao tl>o best lot of pocket cutlery ever offered at auction Alao en ea?k pocket cu'lery. damaged nn viivi-|Dui iiupuruiiiuD. pur luruicr [nnivuiai* itr t. iw IflfM By i hkov\mm, auction kkw?monday. April 94th at 10 < 'clock, * . M., on W*?hin?'o?i nyenne. the aec.uid hon e f'oti the Hailroad.?Homeh >'d Fn'nitnre, cooaiati:>fr o' aofii, bureau aecretary, nud hook c?ie,clock?. cane a?v a d oth*r chni'a bedatead* mait'aa ea: bed> lnnhouanr and other waah a'anda. tnahng dining *nd other tab'ea. 3 ply add in rraia cai pen, rng*. crockery. Rl?aa. amd kitchen furniture ? rermi?V>err article mint be paid fur on deliyefin bankable money, and taken away immediately after the lale. H?le p"aitive. unleaa the day thrnld *<e I'onny, in wh'eh caie the aal# will be roatorned nntil farther notice Brooklrn. Anril ?4th. 1848 Moodny, April 24th, at 4 o'clock. P.*1. at No 73 Adama ?i'?et, Frooalvn. a quantity of Hrni'hoH Fnrniiure. in good order, eonaiating of carpet*, chair', oil cln'h, hat atsnd, h?ll lamo. hediteada tmreana. looking glaaaei, fee. lie Tneaday. *pril tj-h at So'ctoek. a. M. at No HI Ademi atreet,-. Honaehold F'Mnituie, ?ofa, walnnt cane aeat chaira, carpeta, oil cloth, aideboard inahog tnh'ca, hediteadf. be , in good or. tier. 8ame d?y at X pa?t 9 o'c'oek. A. M., it No. 13* H'gh atreef? a quantity of fnrnitnre. ca'petf, oil clo'h. chalia. tablea. hedi'eada, crocker*, aofa, cookatove. Itc ,ltc. Bameday. a* II o'clock. A. M . at No 114 Sanda afreet ? Hooaehold Furni'nre, eonaiating cf aofaa, maho;. tablea. French and other hedi'eada. b"ra*m, chain, looking gl-iiea. beda, crockery, oil clntha Itc.. lie . in good order. Homer morgan auctioneer?el,eo ant Honaehold Furniture. "wil> Sc Morgan will veil *t auction. Tneaday April 35, at 10 o'clock, at No. 33 Warerly ace a yery full and egtenaiee aiaoittnent of <Tnna?hold Fnrnirnre. compriaing eyery article reqniaite for houaekter ng. Th? fumitute w?a made bv the beat city workmen, ia to prime order, a'd well worthy the rttentior of purchaaer*. 'atOoenea ?t th? rfTice on vonH?y mornirg. No. 9 Pine Street Homer mohoan, auctioneer?ei,?''gavt honaehold furnifre?Swift 8c Moiran will lell at unction, on Thnraday, Apri' 37 at 10 o'clock it No 61'"lin'on place, a fall and complete aaaorment of furniture. The fnrritnre ii in perfect order and well wo-thy the attention of purchaaera I >t <lognea the day befo e the aale, at the office. No 2 Pme atreet Uw a ?. n r. [> , ? iji , i nj n ? r.n ? n a m >?' < ?' r. hnutehnlri fnrniture?At No. IS5 Oree?e ttreet. near Hleeckeritreet A C. Tntle w:ll *ell tha day ar 10 o'clock o* fir above prrmiae.a |1>e eut'r* fn'ritme of * family declining hon?ek?emng cnnaitt<ng of Bruttele and ingrain caTetin*. rotewnod and mahogany ct'-ir* and tabontc're*, with cm hroidered a?ata ; torn bedtt'ad. look ire gtaaaea. m?h?gnny hnrrnn*. w?*h ttind. mantel ornament*. rolar and hall lamr.t, oil c)ot>>?, h?<'*, bedding. Itc. *lao, one elegant roe wood piano forte. 7 oeiav* B??t"n manufacture. OWAHRRN. AUCTIONEER?AUCTION NO f'ce.-Clnb Room and Homehold Furnitnre, l?nte "ier Olaon. valuable Oil Paintiagt, fi?e Kni'raviiig*, Pi'na, &" at No. 54 Walker (feet, near Broadway A C. TUTTI.E will *e1|. this day. (Voudav.) on the above p-rmiifi the entire Furniture contained in *aid hon*e. compriaing a general auortment. viz:?!'"fa*. Tlivana. O(tora?n?. Chain, 1 arpets. two lirg# Pier Qlatae* Lonii XV. order; Solar, Hall, and Mantel Lvnpa, famnhine Branch l.?mr* wi h two to fire burner*. Al<o. Oil Painting* and Kngrav irg*. Alto a large a*aorfm?nt of choice Wine* and Liquo'* JOHN R. WHEELKM. AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO ICS Fnl'on *treet?Fnmiinre. oil p'intinga end choice l n? engraving* will be fold on Tuetday. April 15th. at 10 o'clock, at No >4 North Woore itreet. of an artiat going to Fn'ope. enmori?i*|f a general a*to?ment of parlor bedroom and kitchen fnrnit'-re ; a>fo one line painting in frame, entitled Spn'Uman'a Lait Viiit" by Wm H. Mount Kaq ; one of ' W?ahiegton'a Head Quf'era at Newburgh." by wobertW. Weir.Faq ; aUo.iom* ehoic? line *ng-avingt in frame*, bv Fharp. Feller. Morgan and Doo. J R. w per onillT attenda to *v'e of furniture, real eatate, ?t?., m city and vicinity ^ BA. C HILTON, AU"Tll)NEEH CONTINUV tion of *tle at the American Hotel. Broadway. corner of Barclay atr-et The aa'e of ths furiirnre in the ibeve hotel will be cnntinned on Monday. April ?4. commenc ng at 10 o'clock: it embrace* the entire fnruture of about aiity large and amel) bedroom and lull oil clothe, vix:?Bruaaelt and ingrain rarpeta. Large and small looking glattet. mahogany and minle he'Utea'V hair and moat mattnaaea, dre ting bareant end t?b1et wrri>rob*t, wathtUadt and crockery, toft* and chair*, hall nil clothe, fcc tir ASSIGNEES 8AI.E, AT AUCTION. VALUAble and exteeaive tale, by order or attigneet of Thoina* Billtl'nd, of tplendid (. hina. Olati and Earth enwere. Ergliih ttone. granite. and china dinner, tea and break'attset* : deiert and toilet tett ; yaa?? and much bowlt, of the mo?t cottlv d?srript;on. and manyorher valuable article*. W A CARTER will tell nt auction on Tartday J5ih April, and on Friday, 28th April at 10 o' lork, at the *tore No. 447 Bmadway, (between Orand and Howard ?treet?)? th? largei: rich retail itock in the cit?; cuniiiting of blue and white, g'lld bfl'dered. while gianite, bnm?hed go'd, royal rnbv.flowiag b'ue, Whampoa cathmar't. Nankin. Liguire, g ild bordered ditto, and other valuable br?alfmt, dinner, tea and deaert lerric*? ; toilet t?ti of ?re'y variety, with tub* jarannd other ehantber article* to matHtt decanter*, tnmhlert, wiuei. Athbarton gohlcti; I'mouade, hock, c'aret. liquor, tie and egg glctiet; rngrane, cut. pre**cd ar d plain water bott'c>, pitchen ; cut. colored and pretied finger glaitei and bawl*: armlert, bouquet hold?r?. perfume bofte* of every de* eription; Yiennoite, krench. Bohetnien and Venetian bououet holder* ; rich cot, concave and itar whip bowla. caito-*: Britannia ware, celery di*he*. fruit and preierve dithe* ; D/etden ebina. an at<ortm?ut of thif rare and cottly article ; Eoalith dinner teivicet, from th* celebrated manufacture* of John Hideaway k Co ; alto Britunnia, breakfttt and tea itts. of ?upeiio' masufacture; aa well n* a very choice iclection of fancy article* The **ie of the above ttock will be without re*erv?; it will be re*dy for ex mination. with catalogue*, on Mnnday, the 3t'h Aoril. Alan, all the (tore fixture*, ihelvet. counter*, detkt, cha rt, r*ck?, (how caiea with mnhocany frame*, tovei, lie be. Term*?cath on delivery. J. K. WI1EELEU, aucti.neer. AU TION NOTICE-FUBNitURF. 8ALt.?THE entire Furniture containe l in the h' ute No. S9 Ureenwieh trett, will be *old Chi* day, at 10% o'clock. THOMAS HK.l.l,. Auctioneer. \jCTION NOTICE? ELKO*NT AND EASHIO.VAblc roMwood. black walnut tod mahogany furniture,made by thou well known cabinet makers, Messrs. neven It Brother, Beekman street, who are now closing (Mir copartnerahip Thoa Bell wall sell at auction, on Tnesday, Apiil 2'nh. at lt% o'clock, the entire a nek of this well known ard old estahmhed manufactory? ronsiiting of the m 'at ?plejid!d rosewood, mahogany a-id black wa'cut psr'or furniture, made ?p in the moat modern stvle ANo, Louis XIV., XV , and gothic atile. Site positive, for eauh?no postro?eme> t. N. B. Parcliaaeri eau let the furniture remain in the atore for a weak or ten day*. bv paying one-third on ncctnut of the purchase. Ca'aloKuea will be ready on Monday morning. JEKFER8' FRENCH *HOE3? LADIE* O' NEW York and of the principal eitiea of rhe United Ptitea, I return my moat aiaeere gratitude for the liberal patronage and interest, and disposition ahown me aince my commencement in bn*inr?*. Therefore, throng!) the nnmeroas acknowledgment* ofaitUfac ton from my customers, that it inirgesteri to me th* id?a of iiivestug aome tew series of article#, and to critieiae on the different forma, to know where to make an improvement: therefore, all this exertion to p'ea e in both materials and Attioy, I leare to my enatomera to judge Thia no fire is to apprise my enatomera that my piaeea of bnsineis known as7? Broadway, and 7# East Broedwsy ahall be consist ed to No. 46? Hro d way on the firs* of May. where every article in the Ladiea' Firii'h Mhoe nnsmest hallbemaanfactuied, aid I thill aianre thoae ltd ea who ahall favor me with their patronage, that they ihall he waited on with the most Isdy-like att utior. W. H. JKKKhKH, 117 Broadway. N.B. Also manufacturer of the gold and silver Kid. made in rariona designs, t > suit different branches of bnsiness and inrentor of that infallible remedy. " warranted" Corn Halve. To let?-P * ht ok A THHEE 8to^v BRICK house. in J3J street, second house west ef Broadway. Either the upper or lower pait will he let to a inn 1 respective family, on re-a enable terms, if applied for soon. Apply jn the prem sea. _ TO LET.?WITH THE FIXTURES. THE I.AROE and commodions Store No. 114 Canal street, seventy feet Itep. shelved and fi ted for the Dry Oocda bniiaess. Will Holds Urge stoek of goods, and is a good stand for a profitable jns'ne??. F?r terms It*., apply in ih? sfo-e. TO LET.?THE 8TOH K vNO BASEMENT, 47 JOHN st.eet 2i leet wide by 7J feet tieep. Pr.sieaiion given im mediately. Er.qaire of W.SI'ENTON It SON, 47 John si., p srnirs. lmjhn ishkd apartments-a private famir |y occupying a veiy r>le?s et hens*, wish to let to one <-r wo sug'e gentlemen. a we 1 faronhed pa'lor and bed rooms, aithur wicr>eut breekfaar. Apply at 431 Broome street, thite loo's Irotn Broadway. > o boa ders taken. House to let in the country?to let, at Norwalk. Conuettirnt. a large and eo.nmodions i< ub!e honse, with cut-buildings ad ont kitchen, delightnl y situated on elevated ground, end in the iiamed>ete viinity of the churches. Several actei of gniun adjoining the lousecan he hid if desired. The prem ses are now being Hinted and repaired throughout, and will be ready for occasion about the middle of May. For particulars, mmire of I.NO. P. THE \ DWELL, krankliu Honse NEW A N 0 OEN1?.L HOUIM AT A LOW RKM, To Lei io tfonth flrookltn, ng Uu m Plate, between ' ulumbia meet and lh? Hamilton Ffiy. Thai* hoaaea arc \?t?fully finiahed, aome in fu I g thic a;y!e. aupp led with rery convenience,asd designed ticlunvely lor getter 1 famiie?. particularly merch*nt? doing buameia in the e,ty. betrg n 'nil view of the I at'ery. and IM IS mm'itea diitmt from A'allatreet. They will be let 10 deiiubla teaauta at the Inw nt of (SOV. App'von the praouaei, or to K. AlAKTIN) VLK, 14 Pine atieet, op atatra. t^OU HALK-THE LCA8E. KIXTUKES, AND FUKnil ore of the Minaiva Hooma No. 4C6 Broadway. Thi* itab'iihuent hai been long an-1 favorably koow.i at a public nil, concert, and tihibition room, and n p oyidfd with ereiv bin* re<|nitife ror the rurpoae intruded; the p'raert propr e> or wiabiug to retire from the bnaiaeaa. Apt licit ona to be ??d? o > the pr*iniaaa. _ f|CEAMO HOUrtE, CONEY ISLAND. EttKCTcD <J in I 17. wi'l be np?ned on the lit June, And c< . aef< mmo<te (M to4M rrr ona; it atf.irdi an eteellrnt view of the aea, Sew York artf harbcr, the coovtniei cei to-bathing are an riaietd tor pertieularaace h idbili Koom i cao be rnajed by applyicg (o Y.N Car. \atir Hnu-e between the louraof 1j oi.d II rt'cloi k, A. M. Dr. A. CLA.KK, Piopriet.>r. riOABDINO-A GENTLEMAN A" D WIKE. OH U two atagle Oenilrraen, may be anited with very plMant and comlmtrb'.e rooms with fall or pettia' board, in the nnie of a genteel fann y cear Broadway The hooae It a a >lra<ant (garden attached and n a very dea rable |oe?tion. : i inr, .\.i 18 W', )ker ?tre? . [JO XRDINO \ T TOWN-X SM ALL KXMILYBfr U aiding in a rl?a?art and heallfcv li etfioa in t''e pp?r pert i f the eity, h'Ting mere room :hi" the- reri't're. w uldae , nmmcdnta a gent'eman .ind hi? wife with <>-'H ' >r the fina# inmiifr, <.r ye?r il ?e?i"(?. Arplyat Vr> 1 How, 7th ?tr?et 4h door h ait of th- 4ih ?e; Hr a w?r afeea nd lailr. ad c.iri paia to nd (ro every flreiai' U'ea, raj tug ntil Tiidnig' t -1 PEHMANENT BO tRD AT NO 141 CltAMM IS tn>t- Fm li?a or ?'M?!e I en'lerprn v thipg to tt*ke ar > grmen<? aa to lull or p?r'ial bo r i f r ih (iam. a > r-j en. biaia a autre ri ai>?tui'ly plea art (runt rncae aith ' oa 'ha te.?4 Ot thud floci. 1 ha bean i? w?U Aeithad*ad in co? in* arda*. . . _ i Jr* LI AN ?TKR(, ARTOtl 1*1 ACE.?THE RErKE. . UIIIHU of iha Op*r>, will be ?n?pend?d duriaa ;be remm ad A of Paaaioii?Mk. _ BOWVT THKVTt? I.?EKIT Of MRS. HiCOUIN.?Monday Efealng, April Hth, (he parformnnre? II commence with the ce'ebrnted Oo-ra o( BOHBMI 1N OlRL?De?il?ho*f Mr 8e*?m: Tha?fden?. Mr. Oi.(]nrr;C?Mn' Arr.haiM.Vr fjinee: Arline, Mr?.Hetoin; Uixn of the ti.Mim Liekcm em ? mmVi ?"K iTie icrxi d Bnll't Ortn> rnli>l>il LA B A Y APEf E?The Uoknown. Vr OiHptr O|if?0r V* ^|0'n. Mink*, Mn. Mvain; Zoloe, Miu Tornbail; Zelicn Mi?? Leiehf??etai?. l)'w>ra open "t 7?iierformmce lo cirrinerce at half-paat 7 I o'clock. Hoiea, all o??r Ihe h. o?* K> eenta; Tit, S3 c?|U; QaJUrr. UK emu; Priyaie i ot*?, V> CM AIM \M I' 11 i: A 1 ? 'iN:i \ V EVENINO. April 1*1*. w II he *<-t*d. the nperal ? draaa it I PAUL AND VIHOINIA?Cant Tropic. Vr. P-rde-: Ka?l. Mi??H. Danin: \* Vii. nmilb. Afl*r which. EAINT HEART NEVKIl WON F*l? I.ADV YKT-Rbt 0>tne*. Mr Hield; Hncheta le Torrenenra Mr? O.J one*. To be followed hr NKW YOKK A9 IT IH?Mote, Mr fh-nfrmijoe Mr Winn; Knv vr? Booth. To conclude wi'h OUM N ATI NAL DEFENCE" Major S?ni.p4lraBOB. Mr. PuriJfy; Adrian de Montgerun. Mn. (J. Jnnea. I'oore ooaced it 1 o'clock rerfurmfiace commencta at 7K o'clock. B'itm ?* e?~??; i'it UK. MIT''HULL'S O'.YVPH' THEATRE.?MONDAY Kvenir* A|<rii?4 it-e entertmiimeii' lo rommaie* ?iiii the farce c>f PKUQY OREKN?Nieh'lai Hooiale. Vr Holland: Mr. Kdw rd Hove-ly. Arr.old; P'Ikv litecn. Mi?? Marv Taylor To he follow til hy ? new local piece, rulit'cd a OLANt-E AT NKW YOHK IN um-Mnae,Mr rhaafrao; J?ke. Mr I'oaorer; lian Si l>hin?. Miat Vary Taylor; Mary, Mia* Phillipa; .lane Mi*a Roberta. After which the ert-atararxa of TAMI^O A TAKTAR-Maioarki. Mr Hollaed; Kins Candle. i*ickiu'on: Mu nikt Vim m*iv Taylor To C'lnelode with fr AMlLY JARB?Delph, Mr. Holland; Due gory, l.onoTar; f rally iu Hubert* ' itn t.ircla 50 rtnti; Uppi-' Bnxeaticaata; Fit. one ihilli ; Private Boie* S3; Orelia*tra Bom, tt. BIlOM)WAV ''HEATRK-MONDAY KVKNINO. April 21 will ha pre*eu'ed ?n original comedy. by >oho Broogh K?<j , end led KIMANCK AND REALITY ? Jack Hwift Mr. J Br. ogham; Olirer IV'an'y, Mr. Vnche; A?per Manly, Mr. Blaka: Frank Meredith. Mr, Ftemiigi f.areniler Kvn, Mr. D?w*on: Tom B'llirr. Mr. H'diway; Willi?mi, 'Miotrpaon; Koaabel Miaa Fanny Wal'ack ; Ji?rbiirr Manly. Mn. Wina'anley Bln*?om. Mr?. Wgtta. To mine nde with the U'ca of NIPPF.n Iff THK BUB?Mmi. Oaluchard.IV'r Hidaway; Mad?ine Oaloehard, MieaTelbin; Lou ?e, M ii Fannr Gordon. Door* open at 7o'clock ?Perfem.-net t > b?gi? at half pait 7. '>ra?? r.lrcla ar.d Parqnatta, vi rrm P-?mil? ?ire'?? W ?r* nailery, l?Kc'? MEr.HANICH'HALL. 47a BROADWAY B' TWEKN Ora?d and Broome j'reet*. <* elnaed, until Monday. M?y 1. The oriamal CHRISTY'* n INJJTRELB whoa# l O' cer:? during tha na?t *even month* hav<nff bran received with *uch di'tingaiihed twtr n?ge aud unnxmnled laccau, mnat re?peelfn'ly announce. th t Tor the purpoee of renovating tha Hall and owing to ihe annual examination of tha pnpila of tha achoola o> tha Mechaniea' rnd T'adaaman'a Society, which will occupy the Hall dnrirg tha interv*la nntil Monday. May I. when they wi'l have the honor of recommaneit g thair inimitable nn popnlar ??terr?inmenta,comprising a variety of ElNTIRKLY NEW FKATURKA. Tha J.'ompanv will perform on Monday. April 24th at 8TATEN ISLAND: oBTue.H-r 13th ar JERSEY CITY: on Wedneidny, ?*th. at KL1ZA BH THTOWN; and on Thuredav, K-idav anil S*tnH*y i?7fh J*' H *r<l 2a>h ?t N M' w * UK. N J. BHO ^D^VAV ODKON?ENTRANCE THMOU?H Piuteui'-. I'ufe de* Mill* Colonnaa.?Manager E. O Gre?ly?Muucal Di rector.HerrYnn In wigen.?Ammatad Picture* and Pygmalion Statnar* by a new company of ladiea and |trtlaman, with naw coitnmaa, draperie*, fee?Monday, April J4 ?Programme: Part I?The Yru a Warrior'* Dream: Kapha; Five Star*: Venn* atealing f'npid'* Bow; The Amazoman Oath; fee. Part 8?Calypao'* D earn; Vena* and Adoni*. fee. Pan 3?Three Hr-ce*. (a p>'*>rion*): Tha Judgment of P*ria: Diana, tha Oodd'ia of (lie (*ha?e. fee. Tableau in boror of | the French Repnb'ie Orchestra hri, 50 rents ; Parqnette, 33 c??f? : Bovts. I2K cent*. Performance Co commence at o 'clock BAKNUMU AMERICAN ftfUTSFUM?P. T B ' RNUM, Proprietor; F Hitchp>ci. Manager.?Fnlendid perr?iDmct> cvny afternoon at balf-p??t 1 o'clock. and evert evening at ijair ec heiore 8 MagmAcent Disio'vtng Viewe, and Dalxxl'nglv Brilliant Chrmnot ope: flreat Western, (ha Yankee: the Fire King and Qnren ; la.t week of Mi(? Bernard ; Mr James Halt, (.oipic Hntter ; 'n TVIby'a inlendid Wax Stittiaary ; Madame Rr.rkw?|l, the F?roons Fortnn? Teller, m?y be privptely ci>>nlied at an extra ch*rge of to cents Adtnition to the whole, ircluding Moieara, Performances. lie . " '> c?nt?; children ncder IS rear* of ace, and old enough to walkaloae, UK ceats. Reserved (roat seats, en* thill inp earl* extra AN YARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OK THE Mi?si??ippi river, painted on three miles cf canvas, beiag the la?ge?t painting in the world, at the Panorama bnilainc. ia Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Garden. Open every evening. (Hundayi excepted) Admission 90 cents; children half price The Panorama will commence moving at 7K o'clock preciie'y. Afternoon exhibition oa Wedaesuay and 8amr day, atl o'elofk 'F?HF. GRAND COLLK< TION OF THE WORKS Or X the Old Maaters, comprising original Pictures, by Titian, Mnbena, Raphael. Mnnllo. Yelasqnei, Yan Dyck. Oiulioromano. Parmigiano, Holbein. Jan S'eea. Carlo Dolci, Cuyp. Wilroa, and manv others of the old Masters, is open at the Lyceum Oallerv, No 561 Broadway, from I A.M. to P M Admittance 25 rants If AHEWELL OF MR LOVER?SOCIETY I.IBRaRY, Broadway ?v'r Lover, before his departure f>r Farope, wi>l give KaeweM Irish Evenings cn Monda* and Tuesday, .April 21 Hud 25. In addition to sketches of Irish character, neprrgramme contain m ny new re itations revrr before delivered in New York The " Flooded Hit of rlia Mississippi," the " Crooked Stick," and the " Nvmrh of Niagara;" '' Rory O'Morc'a "atribnte of Irish gra'irnde to American seneroaity; the " Irish Begkara,"and " New Potatoes." with many of h's old favorite hi'lads. Mr. Lover will *ive bit new song. " Dortor f 'npid "?Admission 50 cents. Doors open nt 7X to commence at ? VOCAL ENTK.BTA1NMENT?THE HUT' HIN*ON Family, on their ntorn froin Washington, respectfully 'unonnre to the ciiiztns of New York, their intention of living a Vocal Entertiipment. at the Tabernacle, on Moadey Evening next. April St. on which occaaion they will have the ple.tiure to int'odnce n programme of their most approved election*, via: '' ^e'rewiin yon once again ;" "The Old ''hutch Bell " Jamie's on the Htormy Sea 1 Be kind to the. li,red oaes at home t " The Mountaineer ;" We're the Hi.ns rf the Tine and Brave ' The Bereaved Slave Mother ' The Song of L'fe"?The Revolution in Europe : ' There's a good time time coming ;" " The *hip on Fire ;" rYnvressinriul ?o ig?<t Dollars a Day;" Family long. tria ouie. i.nrus ni na'nission, 30 cents e?cn, to do obt<iued At the mane stores and at the door. Doors opta at 7? Concert f"Hinmwi M 8 MINEHVA HOO>18, 406 BROADWAY, (OPEN EVerr night). The original Southern Upera Troup# of Hnbls HiumooKts, \ eisri. IV O I'lauer, T. Archer, W. Browning. J. B Fsrrell. IVllou'k Kngeue, H. Bond, Nelson KnetM. wusics) Director, and K Pike. tha ealabratad Accordionist, rtsj-ec'fully announce ihit they will commence seres of entertainments unparalle'ed having bean attended by the fashion aod bcantr of the principal c.tiss of tha Union, consisting of selections from tha best eompoaara ; parodiaa froin the operas; refrains ; atgro meladiea ; glees; sosgs ; repartees, witticisms, burlesques, pnlicas, solos, kc. *dmissioo 15 cents ; children, accoiupuiid br ther pareata, half price. Dnors open at 7?to commence at t. For psrtiaalars, aaa amall b Its J. C BKNSON. Director. UNITED STATES ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS ? '1 his is the name of a new bu.d, consisting of young men with musical talents of the hiehest order. 'Jheyar?all residects 01 Brooklyn, and one of its members <a the far famed H . W. Alexander, who possesses an altt ansarpatsed by any in the country Their intt umental performance is perfect,combining both onwer and harnuH.y, and the toot ensemble is sach cs to draw forth elicited applause wherrver they have performed. Their harmonious strains are so well b em ed as aol t > tffe, d the most delicti ear of the severest critic. Throagh the information iliat we can gather from the press, they have met with unbounded success in the c <nntry. where they hava lately pcfnim-d. They intend shortly to give a series of coacerta in N?w York and Brooklyn All th se f nd of good music gu and hear them, aad yon II have a rua treat Now be ou the look-ont ! rPEMI*LE OK THE MUSKS, 16 CANAL STREET? A Uteit rash to witaesa tha Tableaux, at the Temple, whete t?-a Venus and a trout>e of Indies hare been engaged, acd faultless u>ms. who each evcrtng will give a Sanaa of Tablemx. which b'icg <l?wn ebecra of admiration, from crowded asd enthusiastic andiencea 1 hese Tableani a.a universally believed to be very much lika tha Model Artiats, under a new na'ce. 4m< ngit the I'icrures represent'd are lha f >llowin?:?The Bathers Sa'prised, Maidea's Hescae, Favorite of Per?glio. the Seldi?r's Dream, lie. kc. Colemaa's Band of Minstrels, with M Flancerv, whose dancsg is second to none. The whole oader ti e management of Mr. Braoa Norton t.S B i RTIN K, Proprietor Doors opea at T, par forronnce to commence at I o'clock. Pai queue, 25 cents; OrriivitM Boi. 60 ceais PALMO'H OPERA HOUafc TO LET?AWL V AT the Box Office, between til* boars of I* o'clock. A.M , an^ 2 P.W. WALNUT STREET THEATR"-.?PHILADELPHIA. C. Wemfu' last night. Monday evening, April 14, 1141, will be performed, the tragedy of kVAUNK ?Evadae Mice Winrn; < olonna, Mr. J. W. Wallack: Lnd.vico. Mr. 1 emu: Vicmtio, Mr Whnibr. To conclude wiih OENEVIEVE?Oeaevieve, Miss C. Wemyss; Henry, Mr; Arthur, Mr. Lemani M-itquis Quilliam, Mr. Jordan. NEW HOWARD ATHENAEUM, NORTH-EAST comer of Baltimore and Chart** itreeta. Baltimore, will < :>en on the Ml of June, 1111. Ladirs and KMHMkWIM histrionic profession desire,ns of obtaining permanent fs??ifmenu, will immediately be trtated with, oa application (letteis post paid) to CilAULES i> 8 HOWARD, Leasee and Manager, Baltimore. Grand militau* and civic jubilkein Honor of the prog-ess of freedora in Europe, and ol ti e day ot the meeting of the Fi-st <,on?rrss in France to frame* Rerubliesa constitution. a Orand Ball and Classical Ceremony of prescniing a Cap of Liberty to t-ie < i y of raris, through the French < omul, wi'i lake place at .he P.irk Theatre oa the Kveniug nfth? Wthcf Apeil, III! Premutation i ommittee? Hon. Willi-tn v Brwly.Hoa a. H Mirk'e, Herman Knee*. Fuj . Thei dwe -e^goir-k, E?q . Hon. W. F. Havemeyer, Ecetc* Oil eader, Ksq Rubra Emmet Fm|, Oen H.Walbridge, Floor Comn ittee?Col. t'nrneit Col. Van Baren, Msj Lynns, Capt Lonati Cni t Me.O ath.Capt. Avsiianna, ''apt l.nerai#a, .Viaj. hjcler, Capt, Loutrel, Col.Benson,Col. Potter, C?pt. Avies, Captain Met auley. Aldeiman Ctolius. Alderman K ihler, Aldeimm Webb. Alderman Purdy. Aldeiman Fseks, K. C??los, Isaac v. Fowler. John Bernard, H. Kick*, C.vAnderson, H. P. Wanmnker, J. V. Tarncr, Henry Liebe niu.lf. H Harris Kioor Mansger?Professor Chules Ur rigbt, 4)nler r,l presentation of the Cap of Libe.-tr, (t > ba fo'war Jed by the citnena of New York to tl.a rity of Parts ) At eleven o'clock precisely, the Lafayette Kusi'eeis and Oird* Lafayette will enter the theatre, and taka the position assigned to each?the Band playing ' Hail, ColnmUM." V v ' resident Van Bursa, sopported by the Presentation >mmiite?. will then advance to the right of (he Lafaye te Fusileers. aad rece>re the French t oa?nl oa the ri*h of the U?rd* Lil<r*lt*. I he national color bearers will st the a ine tune sdr<ince to the front a?d cettre of their respective eo-ps At the conclusion of the address and presentation on ihe part of New ? rk, the letter aceom any ing this symbol of Ireed .in will then Be lead to the assemblage: after which ihe B?n* will o'ay 1 he Hiar Ppangled Banner!" And up n1 ha response of. he rreaen Cor.sal in behalf of the eity ol I'sris the * Marael'oiee Hymn!" The represeatatires o1 esc-iis.ion, with Liberty ' ap. flinStd by their rolots, will stand on the right of the French co'ps- The Lafayet'* Fnsiieers will then more ?o the right aud form on the left of the O 'tde Lafayette, and both present arms The represeatatires will then proceed do-n the line, aud take a convenient pesiii?n t?? receive a Marching . alute from the retir ug Mlirmy-ih* B-v d playing a ?Jtfh. dedicated to the Ufa ette Fnnleers The Presentation Crm.line* and Oit'sts ?ill. al leisnre. reti e to the room appropriated to item and daccipg recommence. Atlhe second Allege ri. si Nsrioual Dar..e<nd re rem I la' ies willrake i lace, represettin* France and America eiribraeine Liberty ! arranged by Professor Wnshr e>i ressly for tl e oeca ion Usncing will comrnencc st tn'elock. * ticket will a geut.einta ana two lad es Refresh...? v.l wn m r h <rsi> ct ihi ciilhriittd ritcifr. A I . Bur < >rni ' ' ' D ANi ino academy.-vh. sabacco hah thf. honor to aaaoaaee 10 the ptiblie, that ij toutqtMM af the iacreaM of the Ainktr ol hia leho'ara. ha I an removed hi* -endeaiT trow No M Cue! ?'rea? 10 No lit Grand at. <tw i'oom from Bioadwar). where he Iwa aalixiaa in every reapact fit ior the reecptio.i of iha " alite" of fahton 8ti?i?er?, b^tit ??ot'emsn. ?hoiote*-.4 rem^iam* but ? uio't um :> ,\ew V k i??i>eeihllly i.i>ite<l to hia a?lo< aa. where. in a ftwV.rt ihrycia 1 e<ru alt the new ao<l fwhmaabta iijnc??. Mr S* acco will b* tiatifl?<l to ha*e hia lonBar ieh"'*r? rjiit hit r?? eifMnhm-n Paintu by the rouyv.-JvnT rkceiveo, a ireth napvati' n of ?uperior na'tib hint* Print* bain* It-l?'t??r lot: f pm,i? off'red at rtt-il in th'? tit*; a'to J ?, t-4 aa4 i 4 -hetti -a 8hmi#?. Jacoaetn. Caab'ica Mnl'ikc . 1t'> ; It.tM yurdt of h-?ntifii Pit?t?, pitehworb, kr , (it.. P to he told hy t'>e i? aui|. J \ V ft > A . Jl FFY It c O , < 8 i<?n'l??r?n e' tn*r f < c rof k or rut .nohthwkisthin imtnuMt rfrj^&T&xsxr.M'ix''" * " ? . . ^

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