Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1848 Page 3
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I ' ' Pncts for the Public.?ft la an NtaMlibed But that KncxV tine I carer and in> W.'kin huts cannot be surpassed ' It i* rui niuluuUtJ foal that Knox Uu ?u alrailfi a*K>rtuieut of HiAlatid liraidj, litj, draw. Leghorn*. 1'azmma and Cauada urn* Imu. .ultuUe for the approaching warm weather. It is nu iutcrustiiii fact that Knox has a most teaiifui article for children, entitled the Jenny I,ind Hat, manufactured from China I'earl Straw. It is an astonishing fact Uutt* Knox's huU fur men. youths and children, arc sold at law prima?quality considered?than at airy othor establishment in the city. It is not a surprising taut that Knox rc mains at liis old stand. 12s Fulton street. llon't let them die.?Several thousand chlldrcn died in this city last season, wliich could have boon saved l>y using Dr. Townaend'a SarsaparilU, and there are thousands of i cliildren that are now suffering from liad sores and humors?others , are puny and weakly?who, unless assisted, will make effeminate : men and womau, if tliuy d* not die, which is highly probable. Dr. I Townaeud's Sarsaparilla will rectify this. It Is peculiarly adapted I to children of slendor constitutions, and when diluted with water, It is a delightful Ijevenum. and children love it dearlv. It will pre vout aud cure the Diarriiiva, Dysentery and Cholera Morbm. \Vu trust there in no father or mothor who in no tienurious or inhuman as to deprive their children, for a dollar, of tlui invaluable remedy, which will certainly restore them to health. We will refer, with iiloasure, to some of the most respectable families in the city, who nave given it to their children with the most happy results.? Principal office 1% Fulton street. Removal of tile Canclialacua Depot.?1The principal office of this celebrated Californlan Medicine is removed to :? Broadway, where pamphlets containing a description of the remarkable properties of this plant, recently introduced into this country, invaluable in pulmonary and nervous complaints, and all diseases originating in impurity of the blood, may ue obtained gratia Unredeemed Pled^ea?Second Hand Clothing ?Thein Five Dollar Suits?Vrock and dress coat*, French style. $2 to $10 each: I'aiits. cassimere cloth, &c? $1 to $3 a pair; Vests 50c. to (2 Satin, Marselles, and Valeucia; Business coats. Tweed, cashmerette, Al|>acii. lie., $1 to $4; or overcoats and cloaks, w ith rich linings, a great bargain, lioy's blue cloth suits, $ ') to SI each. Corner Nassau and Ueekmnn. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONEY MARKKT. Wednesday,'May 17__G P. M. The ?tock market to-day experienced another decline. Norwich and Worcester fell off per ccnt, at the first board to-day. making a decline of seven per cent sinco Monday. This rapid depreciation In prices has a tendency to depress other fancies. Farmers' declined 1 per cent; Morris Canal ; iiarleiu ; Erie Railroad new. full. Jj; United States O's. 1807. advanced ^percent; Beading Bonds >?'; Treasury notes closed at yesterday's prices. It will be perceived by an official notice In another column, that the whole of the preferred stock of tho Harlem Railroad Company has been taken, and that the first installment of fivo dollars per share Is payable on Monday, the 22d Instant. This places this company in a stronger position than any other railroad In the country?we will not mako a single excoption. It places the company In funds to pay off overy fraction of Its indebtedness; to complete Us road to Dover plains, n distance of eighty-four miles from the City Hall; to construct a double track to the junction with the New Haven road; to build a new bridge over tho Harlem *.!? ?>. ???<! 1I?A ?UV. mooliinufV and apper^ nances the increasing business of the company may require. Tho debt which has weighed upon this concern like a mill-stone, lias been removed, and all the difficulties and embarrassments which have for years created so many fluctuations in the market alue of the stock, have disappeared, aud the finances of the company are in a healthy and prosperous condition. The new board of directors is every thing that any stockholder could wish; and, although we regret the retirement of one or two of the old board. It is some consolation that their places have been so judiciously filled. Wc have received a Congressional document, giving a detailed description of a work about being published by Aaron H. Palmer, Esq., giving a memoir, geographical, political, and commercial, on the present state, productive resources and capabilities for commerce of Siberia. Manchuria, and the Asiatic Islands, in the Northern Pacific Ocean, and on the importance of opening commercial intercourse with those countries. This will give a comprehensive history of these coun trios, and furnish a fund of information relativo to those sections of tho world, which are at present almost unknown. The immense trade which might be carried on in the places named, if proper commercial treaties were made, appears to have been lost sight of. aud our commercial marine has for ages been confined to the old beaton track. Mr Palmer proposes ways and means to open and secure this trade upon the most favorable footing, and we have no doubt tho adoption of his views by the government, would lead to a great Increase of our commerce, and the extension of our foreign markets. The territories of Oregon and California are rapidly tilling up with hardy, industrious, and enterprising i settlers from the Kastern States; our fisheries in the Pacific are already immense, employing more than six hundred vessels, and more than 20.000 mon ; we have a large number of vessels trading from port to port in the Pacific, and are about forming steam communications along the coast. The resources of those seas are immense, and are nt present but little known; and the object Mr. Palmer has In view in the publication of liis work, is to induce tho government to secure the advantage our geographical position gives us. in prosecuting this trade. The acquisition of California. New Mexico, and other territory on the Pacific. ban increased the importance, or necessity, for an early movement on tho part of Congress, and we hopo the fact* presented by tho forthcoming work will accomplish that desirable result. The annual report of the Boston and Concord Railroad Company represents the affairs of tho company as being in a very prosperous condition. Tho whole amount which stockholders have paid in, is (330.G56; the company has reliable stock to the amount of $600.000, and the amount cxpeuded has been $3'Jo,608. The cost of the railroud from Concord to S&nborntcn Bridge, exclusive of engineering and incidental expenses. is (215,170. or about $12,000 a mile. This is the portion of the rood recontly opened. From Sanborn estimatod. will be $108,343. or rising $15,000 a rnilo.? This portion is in n pood statu of forwardness. About 20.000 dollars have been expended between tho Lake Village and Hiimncy. The charter of the company authorizes the extension of the road to Haverhill, and allows till 185,r> to complete tho undertaking. The directors propose to push the road forward to Haverhill with all the despatch consistent with keeping tho corporation, as it has been, in a safe and sound condition.? The directors think the road may be opened to Plymouth next year. Tho stockholders of the Uoston and Worcester Kailroad, at a special meeting, voted unanimously to accept the act of tho Legislature authorizing the increase of tho capital stock of the corporation ; and to authorize the directors to create new stock, to such amount as they judge necessary for tho purposes of the corporation. Tho directors have given notice that subscriptions will bo received for new stock to tho amount of $700,000. at par. from holders of stock on the 17th inst.. in the proportion of one share for each five shares so holden?such subscription to bo made, aud AO per cent of tho amount to be paid, on or before the 1st of June next. The directors of tho Western Railroad corporation have declared a Half yearly dividend of four per eeut., payable on the 1st of July, to holders of stock on the 31st of May. The gain in the receipts for tho six months past, is about $40 000. On the 1st of Juno an assessment of thirty dollars per share is payable upon the new stock, which will bo ontitlod to the next dividend, payable on the 1st January. Tho subscription list for converting four millions of the Reading Railroad debt into seven per cent shares, was opened in Boston on Saturday morning last.and at 2 o'clock P. M. one half of tho amount had been subscribed for. The remaining four-tenths required by tho conditions, will probably come harder ; and unless tho bond holders generally come forward and accede to the measure, the effect upon the credit of the corporation. weighed down as it is with an enormous debt, without any means of payment, must be disastrous. Tho indebtedness of the company maturing prior to pling itn energies and depreciating its securities. Tho an mint meeting of tho Providenco fttiil Worcester Railroad Company was held In Providence on Monday The number of directors was reduced from twenty-five to fifteen, The receipt* of tho road. sine0 the opening, were reported to ho $80,000 ; eurrent expenses not ascertained. being blended with construetlon account, but estimated at 40 per cent of the gross earning. The whole cost of the road it estimated at $1.*00,000. The union of till* road with the Stonington and Trovldenee railroad*, has had ft favorable Influence upon tho income of all. and the loral travel of each, hereafter, will show a handsome Increase The name depot answer* for these three road*, and piM?cn- ' Iters from Boston, New York, or along the line of the Providence and Woreostor road, can be transferred i from one to the other, without thut delay which exist- j ed before the ferry at Providence wns abolished Tho Trovldenee and Worcester Railroad has been one of the most successful lines in New K.ngland?not an accident has occurred In the running of its passenger trains, and its engineers are among Ihe most skilful In 'he country. The road passes through a populous } . - k manufacturing flection of country, and it* business Is ulmoat exclusively of a local character. The annexed statement exhibits the mtfementsof cotton In the United Stated, up to th? latest dates this season, compared with those for the corresponding period in the previous season:? Movkmcnti of Cotton in the Unhid Status. Totul export* to Shipment! 1o Reeeitml finer foreiiin porta northern porti Porti. lit Sept. tince lit Sept. linee 1st Sept. 1H47. 1846. 1*?7. ISO. 1H47. 1*17 N.Orl'ns, May U l,IM9,li'.il fiW,l!:D 378,1)90 173,aH !?,7M Mobile, May <?. . 4M,ti80 31.VW* 2X1,311 13U.7A3 70,U(?7 &*,?)>) Florida, May 4. 131,'>1* lll.sis .17,741 21,384 65,385 40,a>4 Trxas, Auril 3M.333 7.77.') 77 ' ru.i ?.as-? ft.aft! (JtMirsia, May 10 179,803 222.450 HI,461 114,375 0z,lH4 74,220 S. ("rlinu " 13 109,481 323.054 149,597 138,973 7?,44!? 133,331 N.C'rlina " 13 1,419 5,085 ? ? 1,419 6.IW5 Virginia, May 1 5,050 10.1U0 382 152 ? ? N.l ork, May Hi ? ? 151,WM 93,355 ? ? Other Torts, May 13. ? ? 8,4tf0 1,91(5 ? ? _Tutal bales.. .2,028,015 1,056,223 1,305,083 911,099 488,974 417,875 Tot 1 last seas'u. 1,850,223 ? 911,099 ? 417,875 ? Increase,... 370,392 ? 453,984 ? 51,099 ? 1847. 1#*H. Ki ports to Great Britain up to latest dates, hales.. .f?K,2H6 889,000 Do. Kranec 191,935 278,072 Do. North of Europe 43,348 97,345 Do. Other Foreign Ports 77,530 1 2:,,,kV> Stock on liand and on shipboard 523,741 498,483 The value of the shipments of cotton to foreign ports this season, does not vary so much from last lis the great excess in shipments would warrant in believing. The depreciation in prices has boen about equal to the increased exportation. If we take the quotations current in Liverpool the last of April, as data, tho decline in prices averaged about fifty per cent., while the increased shipments amounted to about forty-nine per cent. The above table, therefore, shows what an immense quantity of this staple has been literally thrown away. We received as much for 911.099 bales last year, as will bo received for 1.365.063 bales this year, besides the loss in the expenses of transportation, Stc., of a much greater quantity. So far as this staple is concerned there has not boen any decrease in the value of exports ; but in the shipments of breadstulfs. there has been an immense fulling oil'. the variation iu value being almost wholly confined to these articles. Stock Exchange. $3000 Trea Notes G? 102 50 aha Nil St Wor RRIA5 27 19000 do 102W SO do 28V BOO War Bounty Loan 97 25 do 26K 500 Mexican Indemnity 91 25 do 287? 2S000 U 3 Cs, '86 102V 175 do 28 1500 do *?7 104U 80 do 26V 5000 do 104*i 25 do 2g? 3000 Reading Bond* 15 N Haven St Ilart R R 91 1000 Reading Mtg Bdt All, 150 L Inland R R anw 2M? 200O do *11 >J 100 do snw ?*? 7 nil* Stale Bk HI 1550 do 24 Dei and Hudson scrip 192,'4' 50 do bfiO 29 W 400 Fanners' Loan 27 200 do bOO 29 100 do 1.00 271150 Harlem R R 51V 100 do Monday 27 10 do 51C 10 Ohio Life Si Trust 81 380 do 81'+.. 50 Lafayette Bk, Cinn 79 150 do WJ0 52 50 Morris Canal 9 100 do HO 51V 80 do L45 9 250 do bOO 51V 50 do blO 9 150 do MiO 81 100 do b20 9 100 do >90 81 10 Hudson River R It 87>? 150 do 51V 150 Canton Co opg 31 80 do b30 ilk 25 do 30>4 25 Erie, new, full H7}i 10 Nor St Wore R R 27 8 do 67 Second Board. $13000 Treat Notes 102W 80 aba Farmtra' Tr 110 27 5000 U S 6*. '3d 102V ISO do 20 V 10000 do *67 1041, 100Harlem RR alO 81V 100 aha Nor St Wore R R 26>2 150 do blO 51V 75 do 28V 50 do 51V 28 Canton Co 30). j 80 do snw 51'4 280 L Island R R 2iX, loiI Morria Canal 6?, CITY TRADE REPORT. New-York, Wednesday, May 17?2 P. M. Ashes?Sales of 100 bbls Pot, at $5 25; and Pearl, at $6 00. Cotton?The market openod dull this morning; but holder*. m>Vf>rthi-li>a?. urn firm Flour,lie.?The continued large icceipts of WoBtern Klour have hail a tendency to depress the market; and to effect sales holders have had to submit to a decline. The transactions reach 1.000 barrels, at $5 S">, a $6 00 for common State, Troy and Black Rock; $6 12}^ for Michigan; and $6 18?? a $0 25 for prime Genesee. Southern is in limited supply, and held at $6 37>?. Rye flour is inactive; we quote at $3 56% a $3 75. Jerm-y Meal is down to its old price. $2 50. at which 100 bbls changed hands. Wheat?Nothing doing; some 20.000 bushels were destroyed at the fire in Brooklyn, yesterday morning. Corn is less active; holders asking such exorbitant pricos buyers refuse to operate. Rye and Oats are dull and drooping. Fish.?We nste sales of 100 quintals dry cod at $3 60. Kkcit.?Tbe sales embraced 300 boxos wet and dry raisins a $1 40 a $1 50. and 1000 Matanzas pine apples at $13 per 100. Naval Stores.?Wo hear of 100 barrels spirit* at 32 cents cash. Oils?English Linseed continues steady at 55c.. and American do, at 57c. a 58c. Provisions.?Pork, eoming in more freely, has caused pricos to decline. Mess can now be had at $10 68^. and prime at $8 25 a $8 37X.?Beef rules firm; 250 barrels have been sold, including country and city mess, at $8 50 a $9 12>?. and do do prime at $5 50 a $G. Pickled meats continue scarce. We can hear of no transactions. 150.000 lbs sides and shoulders, in bulk, sold at 5 a 3c. Lard is less active, and lower prices are accepted.? We report sales of 160 barrels at 5H a 6c?the latter figure for prime. Seeds?Sales of 100 bbls. Timothy at $10 per tierce. Whiskey has a downward tendency. Wednesday Afternoon. 6 o'clock. The flour market was again heavy to-day. and priceH inclined to droop. Sales of Oswego were mado at a slight decline on yesterday's rates. Genesee was inactive at about the same rates. Supplies of Southern continued light, and prices nominally the same. There were no transactions in wheat reported. Corn continued firm?there was very little yellow offering. Sales of Southern mixed and white were mado on terms stated below. Meal continued steady. Rye was inactive. Oats were about the same. By our telegraph report from Albany, it will bo perceived that tho receipts of flour had increased, and that tho market was dull, while corn sold at an advance. At Boston, tho market for flour remained about the same, while corn was some firmer. Oats also were steady. In this market mess pork rallied a little, and sales were made at a slight improvement on yesterday's rates. In groceries, sugar was firm, with a good enquiry. while salesof molasses were light. Ashes?Sales of about 100 bbls were made at $5. and 60 bbls pesrls were mado at $5 50. Receipts down the Hudson River?896 bbls Breadstupks?Flour?The sales of all kinds, in various lots, footed up from 2500 a 3000 barrels, including 1000 barrel* Oswego at $6; 700 do at $5 87>,; 460 do straight brands Genesee at $6 00'4 a 6 12i?. including some sma\l lots pure, which were reported at $6 18** a 6 25: and 350 do which failed to pass inspection, sold ut $5 75; 300 do fancy Ohio. (Castle and Gallagher mill*.) sold at $>0 .50; Petersburg. Baltimore. Alexandria, etc.. remained nominally the came. iVhral?<ieneioe wan held at 137.S a 140c. according to quality; there was uot much olfering. Corn?The show of yellow corn wis very light; a sale of 3000 bushel* wan rereported at f)9c; 7000 bushels handsome nouthern mixed, mostly white, were sold at 54c. and a small lot of 600 a 800 do do. wan made at &.r>c. Meal?Sales of 100 a 200 bbls New Jersey were made at $2 50; Brandywine wus held at $2 75. llyt?The market was inactive at 72a a 73c. Oals?Sales were reported at 40 a 48c. Harlty was inactive. Keceipti down the Hudson Hiver. Flour 13.654 bbls. Barley 1.800 bush! Oats 4.277 " Ryo 1.407 " Cokeee?sales of 200 bags of St. Domingo were made, at &\c a (Jc. Cottow?The sales to-day wero 800 bales; prices were unchanged, but the amount on sale has increased. Fish?The market, generally speaking, was dull and heavy, and no sales came under our notice. Fruit?The market was well supplied with all kinds; among the parcels disposed of were 500 drums of FigH, at 7'gC a 8c; 000 boxes wet and dry Raisins, at $1 421,' a $1 60; and 50 case* Preserved Cautou Ginger, at $0 00. 4 mos. Frei?iit??There was no change in rates to Liverpool or London; to Glasgow heavy goods were taken at 20s. HKMr?We have not a sale to report; prices were without change. Hon were inactive at previous rates. Moumki?A fair amount of business was doing in this staple at firm prices. Naval Stoiii:*?The only transactions we beard of wero 100 a 200 barrels spirits turpentine at 32 a 32't'ccash, and 00 do do at 3a a 36c.. 4 months. There was no change of moment in tar. while rosin was a shado better. Oil?A steady demand existed for linseed, with lales of 2.000 irallonH citv Dressed American at 57 a 58c and 4,000 do Knglish at 55e. 100 cases Kloreuco changed hands at $4 76 Provisions?Mess Pork was some firmer. and *nlos of 30<) to 400 bbls in separate lots wero reported at $10 ti2\. Sale* of 100 b\ls of extra Illinois ni'u were made at $10 Hi1,; prime win worth about $8 25 ft $8 8"X. Pickled moats were firm?sales of SO ticrenx of sugar cured hams were made at 5^. and 60 hhds of dry salted shoulders of good quality were made at !)', A "ale of sides was made at 6>f.. Lard?Sales of 200 a 250 bbls in lots were reported at 5 a 6*? a 6 Beef?Sales of 100 tierces were made at $16. There was a good enquiring for both mess and prime, and sales were made on private terms, while prices had an upward tendency. Butter was heavy. There was no change in chesee. Receipts down the Hudson River Pork 106 bbls. S?;kd?.?Sales wero made of 1000 bushels flax at $1 27',a$l 30. which was cheaper Sugars?Remained about tbfl same, and we report sales of 180a20O libds. Porto Rico at. 3*4a4'{: 120 do do by action, at 4a6'.i', and 160 boxes brown Havana, at 4??n5XSvHi-r.?Sales by auction of 76 hhds. Stuart's refined at 33a34c, and 16 do Woolsey's do at 34*36c. cash. Sricrs were selling to the trade In a moderate way, at previous rates Whiskey was dull, at 21%. at which gales wero last inadn. There wero buyers at 21. Teas at Arcno*.? Importations per ships Heber and and Samuel Russell. Terms, notes at 6 months. Hy1? l.r -t ri?i .i. ik. ha t\M. ii i 25; 21 do 21,',; .'!() hf cheat* withdrawn Young Ilrnon ?2 cancs 60. 4 do 57>f. 14 ilo nnd 108 21 lb hx? 5(1; 21 Cttue* 53>j'; 20 11f elicnta 62; 20 131b hx* 50};; 44 caei * 60; 13 hf ohofttn 44; 0 do 42; 20 171,1 b bx* 41; 40 1(111) do 36; 67 lif ohontn 34; 34 do nnd 02 10},lb bxa 33},'; 41 hf chest* 33. 137 do 32; 28 do 30',, 2&2 do VW','; 08 do 29; 06 do 44 do 28; 43 do 2(1},, 75 do 20; 148 do 25','; 24 do 24, 14 do 23; 103 do 22.1,; 35 do withdrawn Hjm>ii Skin 22 client* 24,^; 30 hf do 10; 25 do IB},'; 03 do 18; 120 cheitf 17; 450 do 16}, Twankajr ? 84 hf cheat* 18',; 253 do 18; 87 do 17; 77 do 10',; 105 do withdrawn, tiunpowder?25 hf chest* 68X; 10 cases 60: 32 do ami 10 16.',lh bx* 48; 15 hf chest* 41^'; 6 do 38Ji; 34 do 38; 31 lA^lb bx* 35; 60 hf cheat! 34; 4 14}i ! lb bxs 33*; 38 hf chetti 33; 18 do 32>4: ll-| do 32: 70 I I 171b b*s 31; 20 hf oheiU 27 16 do and 4# 12lb b*? 26^; ] 30 hf chert* 20: 79 do 23; 144 do withdrawn Imperial 5 ?15 hf chahts 54; 7 52; 8 do 53; 10 hf chestx 49; i | 4 do 3D; IS do 38>*; 42 do 30; 33 do 32; 18 do 31; 70 do , 28; 24 do 23X; 23 do withdrawn. Souchoug?05 hf , j chests 19; 94 do chests withdrawn. Tim Crop*. We continue to receive most favorable accounts of ( ; the appearanoe of the crops throughout the country t Not only ig thero a fair prospect of a good corn orop? | but the fruit tree*, wbich It was feared had been so- 1 j rlously Injurod by a late frost, are now holdiug forth 0 I large promise* In reference to the wheat crop, the ' i l'..II',,,,,,,. I In \ i. As c..--o ?... I. . .. .... - ,i? no no.,- m > u i ( able to aacertain, it promises to yield an abundant harvest. Farmers with whom we have conversed. say their wheat never looked better iu the spriug than it ; j does now." I ( The cotton growers are cnc-omagod by present ap- c pearauces The Jackson (Hits.) Southron of April * '28th. says :?" We are happy to learn from our planters, that although the growing crop of cotton looks rather I red iu consequence of the unusually cold spring, there 1 is still, (without t'xe occurrence of some unforeseen I drawbacks) every prospect of Its recovering from this ( slight check, and yielding an abundant crop." | MARKETS BL8KWUBRE. STOCK SALES. ISai.timork, May W.?Stock Bourd?'3) sliaro* 1'iiiun Maimfkcturinx Co. (dir. (.IT), 2UJ.. I'nitvd States ti'a. or IN>7. eloped at 11M\ asked, Treasury ti's, at 11121, asked, 102 bid; Mary- h ? liuid ti's cloned at sy linked, >7J)(' liitl; Italtimnro li's. of IS!*), at WS\( f linked, !W bill; l)altim<>rv aud Ohio Kailroad shares, at Sti1.* asked, | 3ft?. bid. | ' Philadelphia, Mftv 17?Hr?f Hwml?$1320 State .Vh, 74 i 200 l'SO'h,'56, llTJ1-; 1000 Trv*. ti p c Note*, 10"J1m;2hI?? North I Am lik. 114; ftU KeiKJingKR; aftwn.JG^; 100 du MorrU Canal, | B >>.; : iu no i.i'iiiKii niui'K, a. aecoiui noiiru?si""" ' s t>*. W, i 10l:>4 3000 SWte &\ 74>i: 1000 City lis, 7?. W?: 1000 Reading UK Mortgage It's, <>2; 10lW Reading G's,'ftO, ftO1.,; iftAlO Sell. NaT. ti\ 'tfft, 44; 31.1 hIih I<ehizh ooal scrip, 771 a: 20 <1<> I'enn Hit, 3: 100 do Morris Canal, 9; 2 uo North Am Rank. 114: t liar Kit, 33; j SO U.i .Man. Si Mecli. Hank, 2.1V . AJttr SaUt?Statu S's, , U\-, ISO U S Bank, S>?. J Boston, May 16.?Broker't Board?2ft share* Reading Rail- I r?ad. !?.>_; SO do do blO, ICS : 3S do do WY. ; 2ft do do blO, lli*.; SO do do CtiO, 17: 100 do East Boston Co, 12C; 7 do Vermont Cen- ' tral Railroad, 76; 10 rights Boston ^ Manic Railroad. S- <>; 8 rights Boston and Worcester ltailroad. S'2; 25 do do 1%: ft do do ' i 0-10: 1 it* Cheshire Railroad, KSt... Second Hmirtl?shares 1 Reading Railroad, blO, lb*,; 7ft do uo liia?, !t Jo do liil^; 17 do ' lloston and Maine Railroad, 1 l(iJ,,: 2 do Boston and Worcester 1 Railroad. 117^: 2ft do East Boston Co, 12*,; SO do do \i}i\ 52,000 Reading Railroad bonds, lttftO, 56',, payable Th. ' DOMESTIC MARKETS. J New Ohleans, May 0.?Cotton?The demands has i been fair, and the sales sum up 4000 hales, taken again principally for the North. Prices are firmer, and we J quote Middling 6 a 5}f; good Middling 6*i a 5'f; Mid- . tiling Fair 5&o. Sugar?200 hhds have been sold at <| previous prices. Molasses?Small sales at 13 a 16c.? , Flour?Market quiet, but firm. Sales 1000 bbls. including 300 bbls second St. Louis, at $4 75; 310 Illinois, in two lots, at $5; and 184 Fine, at $4 35. Corn?The ? stock on sale is light, and prices have advanced. Sales < 000 sacks Mixed, at 32c; 400 at 33c; 300 Prime White, s at 35c; and 2000 White and Yellow, at 35c. Oats ? J 1100 sacks sold at 28e; and 1000 bushels, at 30c; an ' advance. Pork?100 bbls Mess sold at f 8 35; and 60 at $8 50; 250 boxes short Middles were sold at 4,Sc. Lead . ?1000 pigs. Lower Mines, were sold at $3 50. Freights t ?A ship taken for Glasgow, at %d\ and another for s Liverpool, at 0-16d for Cotton, and 40s for Tobacco.? *' Exchanges?Transactions continued limited. London 3 a 6 pr ct prem; margin credits, when wanted, f V.rtnn> o hiirllur p.ln K?r.Vn.l> HO /I. va 01/ .. 1 dig; do sight, )? a }i pr ct prom; do bank rate, 1 pr ct i F prem. * New Bedford, May 15.?Sperm.?We have no em- | " provement to notice in the market, which remains depressed, the transactions of the week including only 1 two small parcel*, amounting to about 260 bbls. at f.1 , j per gallon. Whale?We notice sales of 100 bbls N. W. ' a Coast at 32>? cts; 160 bbls do at 32; 300 bbls dark oil. : t in lots, at 31 cts; and 600 bbls Inferior, the price of ? which we did not learn, but which is understood to bo i ' about 29 cts. There is (considerable inquiry, but 1 holders generally decline selling at the prices offeled. i Handsome oil may be quoted at 32 a 34 cts. as to qua- ' lity, and there is probably none to be bought below v the lower price named. Whalebone?We have heard 1 of no transactions in this market. Last sale 26 cts. ? Sperm Candles?A sale of 200 boxes was made at 20 v cts p?r lb 6 mofl. 1 J : ( Married. ? On Wednesday, 17th inst., by the llev. Wm. E. I Eigcnbrodt. Hector ?f All Saint's Church, C. i Bartung, to Ann Eliia, daughter of Mr. Martin Du ' Bois, all of this city. On Sunday, the 14th inst.. Mr. John Griffen, to 1 Miss Caroline Booth, both of this city. \ ] On Monday, May 15th, in Harlem, by the Rer. Mr. , Abbercrumbie, Nelson Crawford, to Miss Deborah : I Ann Bell, all of the above place. On Wednesday evening. 17th inst., by the Rev. Mr. i Benjamin Evans. Robert M. Chatterton. Esq., to 1 , Miss Josephine Willougiibv, daughter of Joseph Wil- j . loughby, Esq., both of this city. , . Died. | ' On Wednesday, 17th inst.. Andrew Loris Tonnele. i native of the city of Agen. (France.) aged 35 years. His friends and those of his family, are respectfully I invited to attend his funeral on Friday afternoon. 19th ' instant, at half past 3 o'clock, from the residence of his I l' uunt, Mr*. Hebeeca Tonnele. eorncr of 10th street anil i 6th avenue. without further invitation. ! On Wednesday morning. 17th inst., of a long protracted illness, Charlotte, relect of James Gray, aged 71 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re- j spectfully invited to attend the funeral from her lato residence, No. 80 Murray street, on Friday afternoon, j 19th lust., at 2 o'clock. Her remains will be taken to j Greenwood for interment. On Tuesday morning. May 16th. after an illness of six weeks. Harriet Rosalie. daughter of Abram W. t and Amelia Juckson, aged 5 years, 6 months and 10 | days On Tuesday morning. 10th inst., James Newton, i youngest child of Juste and Estelle Lanehantin, aged j seven months. I Drowned, going ashore at Brazos, on the 12th of j April. Either S. Millett. wife of Dr. Nicholas R. i Millett. and daughter of the late James P.Carroll, of i New York. Also. Silvia-*, eldest son of Nicholas and i Esther MiUett. WANTED?A MAN SERVANT-MINE IU T TIIE MOST unexceptionable need apply? lit St. Murk - I'laiv: WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, to do chainlierwork, wash. Iron, anil plain sewing, or the ttoncral housework of a small family; has no objection to go a short distance in tlio country. The best of city reference can l*i |llW. Apply at 17'> iltli street. WANTS A SITUATION, ASI'OOK IN A RKSI'El "lABI.E family, by a woman wlio perfectly understands her hindbusiness. Also, a young woman as seamstress. Apply, for two days, at 19ti Mercer street. WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND SEMPSTRESS, OR as Nurse and Sempstress, by a young woman wlm has had considerable experience in the management of children. Can come well recommended by lier last employer, and produce the best city reference, l'lcase apply for Catherine, No. .'*( Whitehall ytroet. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK IN A HOTEL IN TIIE city or country, or on board a steamboat, by a man who is a first rate bread baker, and would accept of a situation ill eitln r of the above nlaecs. and irive the l?Mf of reference. Address B. No. y> Oak at.. N. V. ] WANTED-A LADY'S MAID. WHO SPEAKS FRENCH nml English, or Spanish anil English, and who is a good Dress-Maker, to co to South America with a family. Apply at Mr. Brown'*. 4\'i Broadway. WANTED?A SITUATION. HV A RESPECTABLE VOUNG Woman, an chambermaid Mil Waiter in a private family. The bent reference can lie given from the last place she lived in, where she hail been fur two yearn. Apply at 17'.' I.awrcnce street, in thr rear, between Houston anil Bleeeker. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNG w oman, to dn chamber work nml plain Hewing, or to take 1 care of chihlreu, or would do the w ork of a small private family. ' The liest of city reference given if required. I'lcaw to call at No. a 'Jill Mutt street, near Houston, ou the second floor. Can lie seen p fi r two days. f WANTED?A MAN WHO IS TIIOROrOIJLY AC- 1 inainted with the manufacture of Electro-Magnetic Ma- J chines and Apparatus. To ouc who has had expcricnoe in this v; branch, who is a tirst-rato workman in every resist, and can w bring suitable recommendations as to character and capability, an | exeellont and permanent situation is offered. Address inline- i, diatcly, " Box 1M57, Post-office, New York," stating full particulars, t WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABI.E YOUNG 1 woman, to do general housework in a small private family. 1 She is a good plain cook, and an excellent washer and ironer. Has J no objection to go to Brooklyn, or a short distance in the country. a She cau produce the best of city reference from her last employers. ? Please call at No. (10 l.aight street, third story, front rooni. p IITiVTfn a <inTiTiovuv a Dronr/'Timr vnirvn P n Woman, as laundress *nd to make herself generally useful; l has no objection to go a short distance in the country, The fcest J of eity reftrenco can b? Riven. Apply at 110 IKtli street, corncr of a 7lli avenue. v WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNQ j wntnan, to do chamher>work as waiter, or take rare I of children, in a private family. Please call at 12) Smith-street, s South Brooklyn. CM be in for two day*. ? WANTED?A HEBREW AND AN ENGLISH CLASSICAL Tcaehcr, to take charge of a Seminary. Application with ^ reference in tlio hand writing of the applicant, must he adilrnMcil i.. ilf'.Mn MOSES, If I Houston ot.. More the 1'lst inst. i WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ,, , woman, as chambermaid and seamstress. "r mine and ^ seamstress?understand* drew making and doing up fine muslinr r| can be well recommended. I'leaac apply at No. l'>7 Ninth street, (1 lctween avenue II and C, third story, back room. c, WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, OR ISSlffT IN * Washing and Ironing, The liest of city reference for fr Ten years and nine months, from two families Can be seen from 10 o'clock MM ?. at MB Btondwny. J, WANTED - A SCOTCHWOMAN. CAPABLE OF DOIJIO r3 the work of n smnll family (w here there is a little scrubbing . to lie done once or twice a week), liexides the usual work of a J family. To one that will mil, liheml wage* ?ill he given. Infor- mation will be given where to apply by Mrs. John Whyte, l.'l Third Avenue. " WANTED?SEVERAL OUNCES OF A SUPERIOR QUA- ? lity ?f gold pen pfWting wanted immediately, at 170 Itroadw?y. corner of Maiden l>ane, hy spencer Ik kANDELLS. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CAPITAL FROM $6,000 ?< to $10,000, in a good husiness, w ell eataldished for nearlr hi tuotcirv A nnlv I a Iv C IWMVVicsu ? v,?n iimi V \ I A I' jll'RNISIIED ROOMS TO LET WITH OR WIT1IOPT | 1 partitl Hoard, in a private family. For further imrticulars. * | inquire at No. 114 Franklin street. \r,.\r?Y EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING F.NiiMSII. ! "f French. Herman, and drawing, la desirous of ? situation a* 0I I teacher in a school, in ih? city or country, or as resident ?ovcr- j [,( j iiom in a pleasant family. Address. I) E? Herald otBoe. j rfMIK l-ADV WHO PROMISED \ (JENTI.F.M AN TO ME FT j ]\ JL him on Saturday eveninglast, at 7)j[ o'clock,on the corner I of I'rincc and another street. Is earnestly re'iuejted to leave a note or maaange for M'illiam, at the place in Houston street, where they 1 ' met together on Friday. Ily doing an, *li? will confer a favor on \Y., who ie rery anaisui to see her again. f; SAII. BOAT Ft>R S.M.F \ YACHT OF SIX TONS, lit'll.T " In the best manner, nearly new, and very ftwt sailer. Apply | <] at 2ft Broad street, or Petore' Fiaherman * llall, South Brooklyn. IF MR. THOMAS DOIO, OF SCOTLAND, WHO ARRIVED al in the packet ship "Liverpool," at New York, in August last. d< will send Mi address to CAMERON fc BRAND, 42 and 41 I'ine re street. New York, hie letters w ill he forwarded. If this should Ui meet tha observation of any nenuain tanoa, information from them p> will be thankfully received. O n^Ht" RACItS?i'Nios'_rorReEr i Ti^?THE RACKIBE X tweun Lucy TuliiU'l and Latona. S uille hMti, for ? pom of j>. uO, will take place tliu afternoon. May It, UaviiiW>c|,n postponed ,n account of the rain ytcterdav. Previous to which, Sweep4takuj 'or tluve rear olds, Sub. $100?Iff fr., 3 entries. Four Mile Day? 'riday, May IH, Fashion and liontona will contend for a purse of US09. After which, two mile heats, with three entries, hy Mr. rally. Mr. Hare, aud Mr. L:iird. O. 1'. HARE. New Vork, May 7, 1?48. __ CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. I?TROTTINO?PITRSE $100, two mils heats in harness, to tome off THIS DAY, My he 18th, and eloied. J. H'helpley names bl. m. Modesty; ?. Clng names b. m. Philadelphia Sal: Mr. Pe.'k names ch. m. Jenny -,iud. Purse $300, mile heats, best three in five, in harness, to ino off May the lfith, and cloned with three subaoritol*. J. Ca'O tamus b. m. Lady Moscow; D. Brian, i.- in. Laly Suffolk; J. tVhelpley names hr. m. Lady Sutton. JOEL CON KLIN, proprie?r. Cantreville, May 18, 1&8. LONO ISLAND RAILROAD?UNION' COURSE RACES ? ON THURSDAY. 1STH MAY. SPECIAL TRAINS WILL eave Brooklyn, at 9^, \[)\?, and 12>? o'clock, for the Jourse, and return when the raced aro over. Fan;, each way, J4J ienU. DAVID S. IVES, Snp't. TRB KCLIPSI SADDLE BDftSK STABLE, FIFTEENTH treet, between ftth and tith Avenues?Established for the jetting on Hire of Saddle Horses on 1}*?no Carriages or Harness x'lug kent on the premises. N. B.?The Sixth Avenue Stages mm within AO yards of t he Stable, AUCTION NOTICE.?CON'TIN CATION SALE OF ELEgant Rosewood and other Inriuture, at No. Broadway. V. C. TUTTLE will continue tlio sale of elegant furniture, at No. is Bnsulwav, on Thursday, at 1U o'clock. Thin sale will embrace ;*io most valuable port ion of tho stock, and consists of Rosewood Tete-e-Tetes, Fautnils, Chairs and Divans, in plush and u muslin, Mahogany Sofas and Chairs, llall Stands and Chair.-, Rosewood and other French Bedsteads. Dressing Buroaus, W'ushitauds, Centre, Side, and Sofa Tables, Office Furniture, &c.? vil?' in r. 1111>t..r, ana without reserve. Terms cavh. DI). NASH, AUCTIONEER?MORTGAGE SALE OF BAR room furniture?Friday, at 10 o'cb?ek. in the basement of Vos. 2M Sl 1Broadway, by virtue of a mortgage, the fixture*, lie., on the premises; comprising bar and fixtures, tables, mirrors, :lass ware, crockery, table linen, cutlery, oil cloth, chairs, box fixtures, signs, stoves, sc. Benjamin mooney, auctioneer. ?edward payson M ill sell, this day, at 10 o'clock, at the auction room, lard ware. Cut lory. ice., consisting of knives and forks, carvers, hx'ket knives, razors, shears, scissors, hand and pruning saws, cythes. hoes, rakes, ten trays, waiters, hammers, currv eombfl, tercussiou caps, brushes, &o. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACcommodated with very nleasant rooms, and with or witiiout ivsikfast and tea. in a small German family, where, besides the idvantage of acquiring the German language, tho comforts of a iome can he realized. Apply at 67 Bank atreet, uear corner of lleeckor and Hudson streets. HOT.FT?k i*omr iinu?nn\i kvn r 4unr iuvtiiv ov JL tha aeeond floor of the house. No, 10S llammcrsley street, to i small res|m<'table family. Ono or two respectable boarders can >o accommodated with breakfast and tea, tuid diuncr on Suii'lav. Vpply an aliove. 5JT.VTEV ISLAND?A COMFORTABLE AND PLEASANTJ Iv situated cottage, near Dr. Winslow's church, to be let, fnrdshod, to a good tenant, to the first of May next. Rent $300. Enluiro of P. WOLFE, Tumpkiniville. lyTOTICE.?THE HOLDERS OF TIIF, BONDS OF THE Ll Philadelphia and Rending Ilnilroad Company, due in 1830 jid XS.V5, are hereby notified that itronositions for the conversion f wild bonds into a preferred stock or the csmpany, bearing seven *r cent interest, to )>o issued agreeably to an net passed at the Inst ession of the Pennsslvania Legislature, will bo received at tlio fflee of John E. Thayer & Brother, Boston; Charnlev St Wheelan, 'hiladclphla; and S. Jaudon St Co., JM Wall street, New York. NOTICE TO TIIF. SUBSCRIBERS OF I'HEFEliRED STOCK L^l of the Now York nnd Harlem R. R. Co.?The whole Thirty housaml shares of preferred stock having bto'n subscribed, the ubseriber* are hereby notified that the 1st instalment of $S on ach share is payable on Monday, 22d inst, at their office. No. 2, lanover st.?A. KYI.F,, Jr., Secretary. rO PROPRIETORS OF DEFUNCT PERIODICALS. OR others.?The advertiser wishes to procure a list of names of leasons residinK in any aild every |uirt of the United States, for fliii li he will pay liberally. If furnished in wrappers, ready writen. in a plain, legible hand, they would be proferred. Address, 1 Wrappers," office of thia paper. LAMARTINE SACK COATS, MADE PROM BUTE FRENCH cloth, with rich silk trimmings, from $11) to Sl l; Block do., tilt to $12; Brown do., $11; C?shmaret do., $1(1; Tweed do., $.1: Ueleton do., $4. Black cloth dress coats made to measure. $l'i: ho -Tery finest, $20. Everv article warranted of the very finest w orkmanship. G. B. CLARKE, 116 William street, opposite the Vashinxton stores. Not to be equalled for out, quality, and worknanship. MAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE.?LADIES AND ^entloinen having superfluous effects to dispose of, such as nunc app<?fel. furniture. Sic., can obtain a fair cash price for he same, by sending for the subscriber, through the post office or therwise, who will attend at their residences. J. LEVENSTVN, ("si Broadway, up stairs. Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. Leenstyn. CITY LOANS.?TEMPORARY LOANS IN ANTICIPATION of the Revenues of the City, will l>e received at this office, in ums of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars and upwards, for which >onds of the City will lie issued, payable February 15th, 1S4!), with nterest at the rate of six per cent per annum. Comptroller's Oflee, May 10, 1848. JOHN EWEN/ Comptroller. TO LET?TWO LONG ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR CHURCH Meetings or Drill Rooms. Also, a private House, which will l>? let. on reasonable terms. Apply to TIIOS. REILLEY, Hurmitlge nail, corner of Houston and Allen streets. Some handsome King Charles Spaniel Pups for sale. Notice?the copartnership heretofore existing under tho name of Johu Anderson Ik Co., is this day lissolved. The business of the late firm will lie closed by John \tolorson at his office, Nos. 2 & 4 Thames street, until the 1st of lulv, after that date at 105 Hroadwav, corner of Pine street. JoflN ANDERSON, WILLIAM C. LEMON. NowYork, May 1st m Removal?john anderson, has removed his Tobacco and Snuff manufactory. fr<?m No. 2 Wall, 21.3 and 21.r> )uanc streets, to Nog. 2 and I Thames street, two doors from Irondway, until the completion of bis now building* now in fourse of erection at 10IS liroadway, corner <>f Pine street, which a ill be "ii or about tho 1st i f Jsly< ah ord< n t"r Tobnoo, Snut ind Sonw, will moot with prompt ittontkm difootod t?. .m>h N \ NPER8QN, Nop. 2 & 4 Thames street TO FOREIGN GENTLEMEN ARKI VINt; IN THE UNITED States, or others desirous of purchasing a permanent Country tosidence in Pennsylvania. The subscriber offers for sale his 'arm, situated in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, 14 miles lorth of Philadelphia. It oontains 308 acres of land, 2SS acres of k'liich are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye. ndian com and hay, equal to any upland fann?the remaining 2U cres being woodland. On the premises is a fine stone mansion, feet by ifi, with a verandah attached, 1.1 feet wide, extending lie length of tii.- house. and . ? Ium pinna on tho east, thi whole ivin^ ample accommodation for a family of twenty persons. The ileasure grounds surrounding tho house are shaded with elegant vergreens, and very beautifully laid oat. Thin an on Iho wn liree stone houses for tanners or tenants, together with three arge stone bams, containing stabling and conveniences for a hunIred head of cattle, and for tiie storage of 230 tons of produce, with oaeh house, wagon house, granary and corn cribs attached.? ['here arc also the advantages of a tine spring house, ice house, Ish pond, a gardeu of two acres, orchards stocked with the finest ruit, green house and grape wall, a stream of spring water in very field, a daily mail by which the Philadelphia and New York wipers of the saint* day are received, and an oninibofl pasgjuf the ate morning andmohc, in the immediate vicinity an Hitopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. Farther description iunaootnary, as all penene wishing to punhan inrited t?? all and examine the estate. It may, however, be added, that for eauty, healthful situation and advantages, it is not surpassed by ny in the United States. It may be well to mention the price, rhich is $220 per ncre. Apply to GEORGE SIIEAFF, W hitob-Tsh, Montgomery oo,, Penn. 3IIAK&PEAKE A LITTLE ALTERED?READ!?TO HE? 5 troubled with a bad cough?or not to be, that is the question : -Whether'tis good sense in tho mind, to suffer the pangs of an utrageous cough, cold, hoarseness, Ate., or to take arm* against a a oi pulmonary complaints, and by oppodoK them with in Je#? is's Cold Candy, end them ? To take this excellent article? oe ntfi?nomon: and, by it> use, to aaj we end a oold^ and the tis a consummation devoutly to bo wish'd. Sola wholesale and otail by MRS. U'. JERVL{ 37U Broadway, comer of Wnite treat JTATEN ISLAM) FERRY.?ON AN I) AFTER S.\Tl RI>AY. ? May 20, boats leavt New-York atL ff, 10. and 11, v M ; isd , 2, 10 minutes past 3. and 4. 6, H. and 7, IV M.;?Quarantine, at . s. in an i II. A. M.; and 1. 2. I. *. '>. :m 17 I'. M. HOB NEW ORLEANS?LOT I SI ANA \NDNK\V YORK LINE V of Packets; very reduced rates of freight. Positively tlie rstand only regular packet, to sail Tliur?dav, May 2.r?, the splendid i<t-sailing packet bark Genesee, ('apt. |I>il1in"ham. having most f her cargo engaged, is now loading, and will positively sail as hove, her regular dav. For freight or passage apply on hoard. at Means wharf, foot of Wall-street, or to E. K. COLLINS, .V3 Southtreet. Positively under no circumstanced will freight Ik- received fter Wednesday evening, May 24th. Shippers by this line may ely ujMin having their goods correctly measured at all times, and hat the vessels sail punctually. Shippers will tdeasesend in their ills of lading early for signature. Agent in New Orleans, WM. 'REEVY, who wifl promptly forward all goods to his address. [ T 8, MAIL UNI FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND P.REMEV. U ?The Steamer Hermann will leave New York for South mpten and Bremen, on Wednesday. 31st May. For freight or assage, apply at the office of the Ocean Stoam Navigatiou Com* any, tHJ^sroadwny. Au experienced Surgeon on board. MOR CHARLESTON, S. C.?THE STEAMSHIP NOTNERN" er, Cant. Tlios. S. Budd, will leave Pier I, North River, on aturday, tlie 20th inst., at 4 o'clock. P. M. All bills of lading ignod by tlm clsrk ou l?oard. letter bug clones at 3 o'clock, I*. M. Vice of mssage $25. Consignees are particularly requested to atund to tf?e receipt of their goods immediately artcr the arrival of lie steamer. For freight or fvassage, apply to SPOFFORI), 1LESTON k CO., 4M South street LEECHES! LEECHES!!-J. F. CLEU, IMPORTER OF Jxseches, No. 7 Johu street, resjtcctfully informs the Druggists nd Physicians that he has just received per steamship Washington, fresh supply of Swedish Leechcs, which he sells at very moderate rices, by ijuantities to suit purchasers. P. S.?Country orders articularly Attended to. %i lh iimn \ m> ii .1 m.r.n iuhi'A.m-.m .^i the Annual Election fur the Directors of this Company, held t their office, on the Ititli instant, the following named gentlemen ere elected Director* for the ensuing year, vir.Messrs. K. elmylcr, R. M. BlatchPird, (Jenrgo Harker, E. K. Collins, I". >atcr, John Ewen, S. Jaunon, Morris Ketchmu, T. IV. I.ndlow, f;. Sehuylor, J. Sturxes, ff. C. M'etmoro, and \V. S. Wetmoro. At nhneqaent meeting of the Director", the following named sntlcinen ncroele. ted officers of said company Robert Schiiy r. President; J on*. St urges, Vice PresidentMorris Ketelmm, rcvsurer; t . w. Sandford, Counsel, and .\. Kyle, Jr., Sccretan. . KVI.E, Jr.. Secy. [\H COOPER, II 111 A\E STREET BETWEEN CHATHAM I J and William streets. has f r the last fourteen years enlyed the mnst extensive practice in private diwwes, of anr mimical man in New Vork, lie enn cure the most aggravate.! c:i#e? f this Olseaxe; and mild cases enred ia two tn live days. Strieire?I>r. Cooper has discovered a new method hy winch he can ire the worst form ?f stricture in from o?e tn two weeks, with aroely any |v>in to the patient. Constitutional debility, brancht n hy a scerct habit indulged in l?v yeuag men. Finn, when toe eely indulged in, litres* dyspepsln, weakness of the lim'n and null ef the l>a<k, eonfusion of the iutelleet, and aversion to joety. A cure warranted in every im, <t no oharge. No mercu; ii *ed. )r. Ralph, author of the "practical private Treatise,' sr., HK Greenwich street, office hours 9 to 12 A. M., to HP. W.. (Sunday linVM.) TlMM who apply in tli?- early ages will lie surprised at the rapidity and little inconvenience tending their cure. It is chiefly, however, those who hftvo ?uf red front ft certain class of people, or otherwise, who ran pro. rly appreciate his service*. In stricture, from its first or inei. ent, to its more advanced and distressing stages, (from nneomon ft4n>t?e?, la addlti m to n nqr nwuln prMtloe in this ; mplftint) he can afford a rapid, eaty and radical enre, which, he | u ground (or Hating, can be obtained from no other source in i merica. "\R. GLOVER IS CONSULTED AT HIS OFFICE HIRING ' the day and evening in tho?e dlflfflllt and protracted MM stricture, gleet, *nd delicate disease* which liuve proved too nl?. inate for phvsiclans of les* experience. Private entrance to his rice, through the entrvinNo. 2, Ann st. IHs Extract copavia ihehi, etc, so extensively prescriM hv physicians, may he had at s store in front, No. 2 Ann.?Price $1 per box. ofosT EXTRAORDINARY WORK?TO T5 MARRIED r J. or those contemplating marriage. Tlie married woman's, rivate Medical Companion, oy Dr. A. M. Mfturiceftu. Sixth cdim. Price $1. This work is meeting with m mt astounding sale, j M,imO copies have already liecn disposed of.) Every fetnalo is itting ft copy, whether married or iiumarriod, although it is in1I.I.-1 cs|ie. tally for the married, :o it liii|*.rtant ?. cret-. Iiieli should lie known to them particularly. Here every tcmale in discover tlie nausea, symptoms, and the most efficient roinnos, and most certain mode of cure In every ease. For sale, It! roadway; at the Publishing Office, 129 Llbortv street. New Vork; so, Ziehcr and Co., corner of Cliesnut and TOrl street*, PhiU. llphift; Little ft?id Co., Albany: W R. Davis, Hnston. (?n the oeipt of tl, ft copy will he transmitted by mail, free of postage, all parts of the United States. All letters must he addressed, >st paid, to Dr. A- M MAURIClAU, boa 1221, New Tork elty, fllce, 128 Liberty street. pA.HK TlfF.ATHT. -TnF P1TW.IC I? KBWUTHJUV 1^ ] I fftrmfd that U??n theatre wUl be re opened nn Monday. 1 h* ilJci in*'.. with the reiterated Vtenm>iM) ihildren. ander #he dhw tion of Mdlte Weta. The member* ol the dramatic eotnfttnr, and oi the orofodira, will hav? tLe goodnf to aend their addreaae* to the bo? offlrrt immediately. Rowkkv tueatkr nm:<r>w kvkniv.-. m\v will bo rwrl'>riii?4. the c ui.mU . i MONEY ? K.vflyn. Mr W. Clarke; Sir John Viaey, Mr II?-1Uimiy: Sir Kr?* 'i-rirk Il!iint, ' Mr. Hall: Gmv?fl. Mr. Hurke: (.'law, Mr*. I*billi|??: (ieufirinin. Mr*. ) Abbott. To eonelude with the tragedy of I'lZ \RRO?Holla. Mr. I)v 'tf: Ahmt?. Mr. Mall: 1'i/ irr Mr Til! v \taliiMr. Jordan: Cure. Mrt I'liillips: Elvira, Mr* Abbott, no*#*. fin cent* Pit. 39 eent? Oallery. I2*? cent<: Private Boiea, (.1 Door* open at 7? Performance ro commence at halt ptut 7 CCHATHAM THE \THE?SOLE PRO|'|< I KTOK AND I.M J aeo, Mr. F. S. ('hanfran.?Thursday Evening, May I"? ' Will be presented the Mil.I.Kit AND Ills MEN?<irinil. IT, Mr V urv. L'thair, Mr. Iliol.l: Knvina. Mr . .I"' . V To )>d followed by NEW YORK AS IT IS?M ?-. Mr Chanfrau: Joe. Mr. Wiuana; William Twill, Mr. Herbert; Katv. Mr*. I Booth To conclude will. SPIRIT OK THE WATERS, or, j Tim Eire Fiend?Sir lluldehrand, Mr. Uield; Master Lupwir I Frog, Mr. Wiuana; Olinda, Mrs J. H. Booth) Oudine. Mr*. (I. June*; Loto, Minn Deloriane. Door* open at 7?Performance ooiiiiuoih'u at 7S o'olock. lino* ib cent*?Pitt 12)4" Mill'II ELL'S OLVMPli' THEATRE. Till KSD.W even inn. May IS?W ill ls> presented a now local piece, onI titled A UI.ANVE AT NEW YORK W l*4K?Moae, Mr ChanI frau: I lurry (ionlon, (lurk; Elita Stnlibina. Mia* M. IUrl?*r ; Jenny liogvt, Mian E. Harlier. To Iw followed by AN OLYMPIC EXTRA?LoiiU Phi 11II I*', Mr Nlrkinson: Nichola* "f Rn-aia, Mr I i "iiover; Willi Hi of Bavaria, Mr BlMkat; tola Monta*Man ; Taylor. Af'cr which. LAVATER Hmilm Hetman. Mr. Il?f. ; land; John Caapar Lnvatrr. Nlckinson; Lui?. Coiiover: Lonine. Mis* Robertas Mad. Batman, Mlaa Phillips. I Delude with the FAMILY JABS-Delnh, Mr. Holland: Mr. Porcelain. Mr. Ilnnrv: I Liddy Larra^nn, Mr?. llenrvs Emily, Mr*. Robert*. Dn<aa Clrolo, j AOeenti: Uppar Boxai, 38; Pit, Vifu IMut*Boat*. |\Ovehae* j tr> do, $3. Boow open aft 7 o'clock, curtain riie aft 7^, Broadww theatre -'Thursday eykning, mat is, will lie performed the play, in .'> acta, entitled MoN'EV? Alfred Evelyn, Mr. Anderson: Lord Oh- more, Mr. Fredericks; Sir John Vesey. Mr. Vaeha: Sir Frederick lllount. Mr. Lester: Craves. Mr. Ilnlawav: Lady Franklin, Mr;. W'instanlcv; Uentviai a. Mr*. Sciyiunt; Clara. Via* Eanny Wnllack. To conclm!" with the farce of MV COMPANION IV ARMS.?Mot,s Itioh- I nrdet, Sir. Itrydgea: Peter Laeotte. Mr. 11 iii a way; Robert. Mr. Dawson; Joanette, Miss K. Telbin; Peretto, Mia* Fit/lames. Dress Circle and Paripiette, SO conta; Family (Mrele, Z'i cent*: (lallery, \2% conta. Doors open at 7, performance to coromencu at 7 }i o'olock. MECIIANIC'3 ITALIi, 472 B BO AD WAY, BETWEEN Omnd and Broome airccta. Monday. May IB. and evi'rv niirhtdurinn the week, the original t'HRISTY'S MINSTKF.I S, whoae concert* during the imiit ENJIIT MONTHS hav? Iwen reI oeive I with such diatinnulinad patronage and unexampled success, ! ' most reapcetfnlly announce, that they will continue tlielr original i and inimitable entertainments every niitht until further notice. < Admiuion 25 conta. Daora open at 7._('oncort will commence at f. I Manager ana uirecmr, K. r. uiikihty. ?8~ Kor the nocmiiwdation of families, they will give an AFTKRNOON CONCERT EVERY SATURDAY. Doors open at 3?commence at ,H 1'. M. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM-P. T. BARNUM, PROprietor, F. Hitchcock, Manager.?Splendid Performance! evory afternoon, at half-put 3 o'clock, and every evening, at a quarter before 8. The Oiant Baby, only 16 months old, weighing ninety pound* The Balloon Panorouia of London. Wax Scripture Statuary, representing, in 11)0 flgnres, rite of life, the Birth of Christ In the Manger, his Last Supper, hta Trial before Pontlui Pilate. Intemperate Family. Great Weatern, the Yaakee. The Amorican Fire King. C. Reislngcr, Violinist. A variety of brilliant Electrical Experiments with a new and powerful apparatus. Madam Rockwell, the famoi Fortune Teller, may bo privately at an extra charge of 26 cents. Admission to the whole. Including Museum, Performances, ko? 25 cents; ohlldren, under tea years of age, and old enough to walk alone, 12X cents. Re served front seats, one shilling each extra. PALMOS OPERA HOUSE?FOR A FEW NIGHTS ONLY.? Thurxday, May 1H?The MODEL AKTIST5*, consisting of a company of 2S members, under tlio direction of Sig. Monte Lllla, will appear in a variety of Groupings. Statuary an<l Illustrated Pictnros, Historical. Mythological and Mystical, from the irrcat Italian, Flemish, French mid English masters. viz: Tlio Three Danoers, Psyche Bathing; Vemis ami Cupid, VibuMMi(f(on) the Sea, the Three Graves, the Bacchanalians, Hercules and Nymphs, the Supplicant, the Listeners, Cleopatra. Tableau Finale in honor of the United States, Sic. hic.?Dress Circle and Parciuette, AO cents; Upper Buxes, 23 cents. Doors open at half-pait 7?eommence at 8 o'clock. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE.?THIS ENCHANTING LITTLE spot is crowded nightly with connoisseurs of beauty ami grace who strive, but in vain, to Hud a blemish in the artists who exhibit at tills theatre. They hold forth the greatest attraction for tonight and the remainder of the week. A talented " Danseuae," together with some most beautiful young ladies have lieen engaged. Tableaux all new to the public will he exhibited. See small l.ill. I?.. T.. 1.... W- II...I 1.: C - 11. i: ? I - ..... iivtngi Ui> uuvmu vuui|?uilt;iiuirj< ' benefit at thia theatre. il BANVARD*8 MAMMOTII PANORAMA OF THE MISSIS- t Jppl River, (minted nn three mile* of canvasa, being the Urgeat painting In the world, at tho Panorama Building. in . Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Garden. Open every evening (Sim- I day* excepted). Admission 60 oentc children half prioe. Tho Pa- 1 norama will commence moving at Wto H o'clock preoiaely. After i noon exhibition on Wednesday and S,turdny. at !l o'clock. Minerva rooms, no. 400 Broadway, between , Walker and Canal atreota.?Major Genwal TOM THUMB, tlie amalleat man in the world, runpoctfully inform* the citiiena of 1 New York, Brooklyn. Ike., Ike., that he *nll hold hia loveea in tho ! above rooms, every evening during the week, and on Wodncaday ( and Saturday afternoona, commencing Momlay, 14th May. "The Major" will alao tie In readinea* to receive hia frienda, daily, from ' 10 to 12 o'clock, A. M., and from 3 to ft, P. M., when Free Tickets < w ill he issned for the evening's entertainment He will be aMiat- J d by several profeaaors, the namos of whom will tie found in the I ; small bills of the day. Admission 2ft cents?children half price, j , Evening's performance to commence at H o'clock; and afternoon, | at .'i. Director and manager, THOS. McKEON. | ( Vauxiiall gardens now open?splendid sa- ! > loon performances this evening.?Grind vocal, instrumental, t ami terpaichoreon entertainment by the Kilmiatu family, from En- j ( rope, wlio will appear in their most laughable characters, pleasing , songs, operatic and other duets, trios, glees, nnd brilliant dunces of j I the ballet, accompanied by the harp, violin, and guitar. Adniia- | ( aioii to the garden free; to the performance Zr> ccnts?commencing i .. at S o'clock. I ' rpABERNACLE.?MR. DEMPSTER'S ORIGINAL BALLAD I A Kntertatnixnt, ftt the Tabernacle, on Friday Evening Maj | < 1!', will comprlae the new anil favorite songs?The Song of Indian Women. " The dark eye has left us"?Those wo Love?The ltniny ' Day?What can an Obi Man do but Die??The Imprisoned?For- I get thee!?Footsteps of Angels?The Dying Child and the Angel . of Dentli. Songs of Burns: Oh! portlth Canld and Rentier Love?lliglihinu Mary?Mnry in Heaven?and Duncan Grey. To conclude with the Slav <)ueeu, in three parts. Ticket* AO cents, i To commenoe at eight o'clock. ^ G1 REAT SI-CCESS OF PROFESSOR I'ESCII's CEI.EBH \TED 1 f Hand of Femalo Minstrels ami Illustrated I'ietuns. received , f nightly, with earaptared anpiauee, at the Temple ol the Mum No. 30 < 'anal-st. This is the first band of female minstrels that ever ap|H5ared in the United States. Doors open at 7 o'clock?|?er- 1 A furinance to commence at H o'clock. Price of admission to pur- , <i qaet36oente OwhutiiBw>JOowti. i] WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA? il Mr Collins* fourth night. Thursday Evening. May IS. 1*48, c will l?e performed the drama of HORN T<> GOOD LICK? ,i I'audreen O'RafTeity, Mr Collins; Count Malfi. Mr A'llerkett; 11 Owrodino. llr Na&le : Marsruewtto. Mrs Rogers; Nina, Miss Chap- i I) man. After whieli. HIS LAST LEGS?O'f allaghiin, Mr Collins. y To conclude with the new drama of THE rARIION'ART. or the Goldsmith's Daughter ? Frederiak, Mar<|uis d?- Palavicini. Mr Wheatley; Ascani" del Donjo, Mr I/eman ; Rebecca, the G??ld- V Mnitli'g f) 'hia* \lia- A US Ml *'l T . I morrow. Mr Collins' Benefit. J j NIBLO'S SALOON, M7 BROADWAY, IS NOW OPENED id mdj to ftuidih to (ha Udin and Oiitltmn of Nan , York and strangers. Confectionary and Refreshment!* of all kinds In leaion, both oa% and ti niog, Ci nfbotionan, Ioe Creatna, Fruit- 1 Ices, <'harlottes, Jellies, Cakes and Fruits ready at all tirws, and ' V served by indite and attentive waiters. Families awl parties fur- s niahed with anv thing in the Hue. at shortest notice. Brown's f Cotillion Hand in attendance every evening. TO BE SOLD, AT THE SHOP OF TBI UNDERSIGNED, N ?7 An stmt wbara he win la ffctnxt amy <>n the mom oarpentering business, a large glass Caw, Counters, and sevornl '1 other fixtures, in good condition, and really to be put up immedi. <J ately. Can h? seen by ap; lying to S. HARRIS, Carpenter, f?7 i fJ Ann street. WOOD CITS AND STEEL PL\1 KS FOR SALE -TWO } or three hundred tine wood engravings, illustrating tho ^ Idling events of the |?ast three or four years; and two splendid 8H-i Plntaa? flurs of the Pack and Union Smnva Fonatna% 1.1 n sale. Apply st this office. Yacht coquette for sale.?tue coquette is r schooner rigged, 7'? 45-9ftth tonsbarUien, oopixired and c | per I' fattened, built in 1846 f<?r the present owner, and is finished and furnished in every respect in tho most superior manner. She in ???', feet on dock, ID feet 1^ inch beam, draws UH<j feet aft, C?K^ fe-t '* forward ; and is supposed to l<e the fastest vessel of her rlas.< in tJi?? States. For further particulars, apply to jamf..S II. PARKIN \ No. Ad Long Wharf, Iloston. Boston, May 10, l.MJi. \RT U N I 0 N.?THE ART UNION GALLERY. IVf 111 fine collection of Paintings, is now open and free to all. The cagravings are ready for delivery. Members will please call for them, and pay their subscriptions for the current year, h 1^(111 ^ M i;-nvn >IV|X SIVU.K. II M!\l ?. llt:<l'HTV " now, Ti III 1.1 VIMJUp. Apply III UlC <> Stable, No. 13 xliini ctrwt, near the Bowery. Nattrfsg\i.vanicbai rruv-iK Mum its rni kkv l?e correct, Volta mid (ialvani ha?l been antici]>atcd !?y ti many thousands of years In the construction of an apimratus fur fi generating the Galvanic fluid. According to this theory, the hair ii" a galvanic battery, and the nerve*, which arc in fact continua- j! tions of that wonderful orpin, are tlie agents by which it difi^-mi* nates the fluid. That ecrtain functions I the hair arc ana!;u<?m (i not identical with those ?.f the (ialvauic Circle, cannot Us doubted, for ^e know that the latter will produce the phenomena s of aiifnrent vitality in the nerve*, the muscle*. and even the di- i. gcstlve organs of a newly animal. Dr. < hri.stie's Galvanic Curatives are in harmony with the principle!* developed hy these 1> phenomena. When nature fails to afford the (ialvauic stimul.iir in the requisite proportion. or of the proper intensity, the fiat- F vanie Cincture, uhien in in the different form* of a Helti .NY klace ^ or Bracelet, in order to suit different localities ??f disea c. ?upplie< i the 'I ficiencv in <|uantit) and ?tn ngth, and by continually throw- j ing off and difTusin^ over the surface of the Isosl y. the galvanism ti generated by the diverse metals of which it is com|>osc<l. soon p - j r creates a healthy action in the nervous nysteiii. and produces the .1 rapid convalescence of the sufferer. It is upidicaMc to. ami ffec five in all diseases and arrangements of tin* nervous and vital ? mechanism, embracing most of tho maladies " that tlesh is heir to," u except thohe of organic origin. The genuine articles, and doscrin- i. tive immnhlets. may obtained at the only agency in Nc* y. rlc. , 1). C. MOOR11KAD. lw2 fir >adway. si DISEASE1* OE T1IE U N'OS AM) MROM/I,A. I?R, V. NEiVTON. recently returned from \. *ndoii, has for twelve r. years devoted a large portion of his tiiuo in socially studying tr diseases of this nature. lie graduated in Philadelphia ; for two j, years was one of th?* lOivsieians of its largest hospital, and for | seven years has studie?l in the best hospitals of Europe. Dr. \. confidently asserts, that a large nnmi r of thoae caws regarded ?? Pf hopeless, W prois?r and tiiuely treatment, may be restored to I n health. < Hn*e, ?>l \\ alker street. TIN: TILLOW OR CHESTER SPRINGS, EXTENSIVELY oi Enlarged, and Grounds Improved.?This well known place || for summer resort is now oj?n for the reception of visiters. I'he | same medical attention ami accommodation extended to Invalids I" under Hydropathic treatment as heretofore. Passengers leave n< Philadelphia with the Rending eari at 7^ o'clock A. and at 2% P. M. for Phmnixville, where good coaches will be in readiness, and arrive at the Springs at II loek A. M indatA^P M ' A Sunday line connects with tho Columbia railroads both up and | O down. For further information please address Dr. GEO. LIN- | (. GEN Ki CO., Chester .Springs, ( (tester Co., Pa. 1 DR. POITKLU OCULIST, AURTST ETC., ATTENDS I>AI d ly to diaeaaee of the Eye and Ear. at his surgery, 2M Broad- I . i way, entrance Warren street. Jnst puhlished, the second edition of Dr. Pownl't Treatise on the Eye. prloe cents, whieh can ? he had at hiMoftye; also his premium sell-acting Eye Fountains r A large supply of Artificial Eyes recently imported. jl rpilF, I > IA P11H A < .M I'll.TEH.?TIMS IS 1 apparatus; fitted for application to any faucet *r barrel tap used m f^r the discharsce of fluids, and is constructed for application t* a vawel of the rapacity of a ke? pail, aa well a* to .1 eit\'? hydrant. It eleanaes itself by ehanfcinR it end for end. * ill Alter fr-mi' ene to Ave gallons per minute, and in of % durability to last year*. \v J'rica $1, with faucet $\ Water-cooler*, an inraluablo luxury far ?. the ?*outh, (price are also for wile at the office of the Iha* phr&gui Filter, ."U9 ilr<>tid*nv, corner of Leonard s'reet, next HI above St. Charles Hotel, by VrAl/TKFl M. fJIHSON. Filters, ke., II pent to any port of the I'nion. M, No cunw n<? < n mgi nn mi npin 01 : street, in c< nfi-lorr ially consulted on all forma "f private di* Y]\ ?iIM60. Heopnt caaeft of gonorhluea he cui*i in '2 to 4 days. , tutional debility and iin potency auece?*fnllir treated l?y Dr. M. ' . No mercury naed in any ease, or hindrance from husi 110:4, Office Ml M(Jold atreot; open from 7 A. M. to 10 I1. M. (ll Ml m, \ 1 , AK|, -IKI. II RKS \itr. vow RKMOVBO * in li?irih?ii?ii?l time, hy l>r. Morri*on'? iiniimvp.l m?tho<t I.fmriti* hy fcbwirption. A? *trietnn-? ?r? frequently cr>mplio?ta4 111 with (he morhiil m.?iilt t.f mMturlwtinn. Or. M.'s miM (ilan of ?r treatment will I* toiinil the only nteeewfiil on?. See hi* diplom#, i with the nignatim* of Sir Amley Cooper, sc., in hii ofllee, JiU.S " Fulton ittMt, 01 ' .m ? ? m mn ? i im ,n, IMTlUCFXfE BY TDK UULs. A^numvn, .?iuy 10, 77k' Bidtitmnts Convention. " The Campbells are coming." The delegate to the Baltimore national democratic conventioq are dropping in by detachments, from the South and the W'e^t?from Tennessee, fr >m Kentucky, from Ohio, from Michi" in, from Mississippi, from Virginia?and not one mini of them knows what is to be done. This in the half way house to Baltimore, where tiiey stop to compare notes, to talk with the members of (Jongre-s, to see the President, and to consult the oracles. They meat in s<|ii.tds at the hotels?thev talk over the Prcsidency and the chances, for hours. The way they do bclorr they meet at Baltimore, in the aggregate, is to meet here in detachments, Slate by .State?if the whole delegation is not here, th leading 'piiita dictate tlie ri'/c. They are mi the ground. A member ol Congress, or mi, fiont each IStutii is, Willi lew exceptions, a delegate or till alternate. I le is generally ilie iimii -major domo ?lie knows vvrytliiug. lie is eniirailii-d upon the matter of instructions, and particularly upon what is to be lone, when having obeyed instructions, no caudiiate shall be elected. That 1- til'1 i>point. The question now lies between the two-third ill"' and < Jen. Cass. The ienernl will li ive n plu ality to start with, if the delegates vol - tli>*ir itiitruetions, expressed or implied. He may have a Majority, he cannot get two-thirds. Il'-uce the Viends of the l reneral, like the friends ot Mr. Van iuren in IHlt, will oppose the two-third rule?th" )owstring by which the sage ot Ivinderhook was xecuted four years ago. The friends of all the othc iindidates will perhaps combine for the two-third ule. We understand that the friends ol the ad ninistration desire its repetition; let Gen. Cuss answer why?let Mr. Buchanan explain if necessary. We take it that the two third rule will be applied, .,.,1 if'o., ..... ?.?^,.i..-.. .i. i:.. nit all the prominent oantiid;it?*H ol lx 1-4. onec nore, and perhaps forever, beginning with (Jen. "ass. We give np the chances of Mr. folk. Ho >v<m11(I be drowned in the harbors and rivers of tic West. lie would be snagged along tin- Mississippi, 'rounded in the Ohio, and wrecked within siidit of tvery hnrbor nlong the lakes. Besides, we believe le has no notion, no desire, of running again. Ie has said so, from Baltimore to Augusta in VTaine; and from the shores of the Kennebec >ack to the city of Trenton, he has repeated the isseveration. lie has had four years, his health s delicate, he has a competency, and after a rent >f four years in recuperative retirement, h?i may >e called out again. Rut not now. Not now. rhe glory of war is yet ahead. It is paramount. A'e must have a drum and life?the "ear piercing ife, the plumed troop, and the big wars," at the lead of the ticket, or as part of the ticket. A trietly civilian bill of fare will not answer, as in 44. Not at all. And then New York must be upteased. Prince John and his balance-of-nowerlarty must be conciliated. Not one of the old itagers,_ not even Mr. Woodbury, we fear, will mlfice for that. New York, and the barnburners >f New York, must have a name upon the ticket; list or second, they must have a name. You can lot place them first without you take (Jen. Worth; nit it i-i feared that he is too new a democrat, laving changed front in Mexico?not to the enemy n front, but to his old friends in the rear. It any ither inan is selected from the North, for President, Vew York must be left off the ticket altogether, ind that may suffice to lose New York, uud to lose he election. We must have a drum and fife, and we must lave New York on the loco ticket. Considering Worth to be in the condition of the Duchess d'Oreans with the Count of Paris?that is, "too late"? vherc shall we get the drum and fife, ho as to give he (empire the second on the ticket! for the drum ind life ought to lead in the march. We must go south of Mason and Dixon. There we have Gen. iuitman, Gen. .lefferson Davis, Gen. Houston, uud the immortal and invincible Ajax Telaman, Lien. Pillow. Take either of these chieftains, and you couple him with Gen. Dix of New York, and you have the card for the campaign and for New V'ork. Yet, again, there is Gen. Butier, of Kenucky, who has fought the British and Indian* > tlong the lakes, who stood by the side of Jackson it New Orleans, who has fought in Mexico, and arries the mark of Monterey with him. Placo iiiu and Dix in juxta position, and you can trnvel. .'lay is the only whig who can carry Kentucky gainst Butler, especially if Gen. Taylor be noniilated without the assent of the Ashland chief. The way, then, to the democrats is plain. With Jen. liutler, or.lohn A. Dix, or R. .1. Walker and ren. Worth, they could pull like wild horses, paricularly with the two first named, ad the order of lie day. But the notion of Col. Benton, that the North nust have the next President, is likely to do som? I.image. He does not mean Gen. Cats ; he means >1iirtin Van Buren, (ien. Dix. or perhaps, as preeruble to Gen. Cass, lie would take Senator Allen, 'I Ohio. And it may not be amiss to observe that >lr. Allen is talked of, this evening, among the pponents of Gen. Cass, and even by the friends of lie general, as the man upon whom they will fal ii the event of the superseding of tin; Michigan hanipion. In this connexion we understand that lie probable vote of the convention, oil the first allot, will not give lien, ('ass a majority of the I'hole number, utid hence his friend* an- already astini; about for u man upon whom to meet, thereby to detent all the other candidates who !.??? hack to |H41, including prominently Messrs. iuchnnaii, Dallas, nud Woodbury. Finally, the choice of the convention,'first and seond, is involved in the most inexplicable complexly. The devil himself-?the chiet of jtoliticians, us veil as the prince of darkness?would lie puzzled to olve the problem this side of next week. Mavis, lie magnet izer, we defy, we challenge, we comiiand, we implore, to tell, lie is a humbug if he an't. leather Hitchie is in a clairvoyant state; hut e is oblivious, and his oracle is dcafns a post, and uinb us a mummy. II'1 is right to keep still. lie light pull the wrong string, and play the deuce llioilg the eroekery, if lie were to pull in the dark, lold on. Lie low. Kei-p dark. Look-sharp!? i wait the moving of the w iters, and then whoevei I* wh-ifi>v<*r i< turn.-J out lor tiu? f i/ !?.? f mil m it* glory, miri Iny on nil you know liow. No man -iii say who is to be tin- successor, at Baltimore, i James Is. Polk ; but we strongly suspect tha Ir I )ix is to lie tin' in.111 tor th" Vice Presidency , nil a better could not Ik selected. The Dtx'TOR. Wasiii.votom, May 15, 1S4H. I'iiI i Int. I'iiIcs; some unlooked for change take place beveen tins tune and next November, it is most prouble that the democratic party, iuiIi mh it be guilty I' Home extraordinary lolly, will succeed in electlg their candidate lor the Presidency. This being le prospect, the country has a riulit to expect that icy will make a proper selection. It is proper, nit us they claim to be the predominant party, |ey should present lor tile suffrages of the people omc man whom the people will not afterward* ave cause to blu.sli for; a man who does not liaitually violate pledges?who has some principle, nine mind, some honesty?who is not given to teriversation or trickery?1<> blustering or timidity. ii a word, the country lias a riijlif to expect that ie candidate will not he chosen, as in 1HM, be.nise of hi insignificance and obscurity. It, for ie sake of raising to the Presidency one of their wn party, for party purposes, they select such a i iii as Mr. l'olk, tiiev will merit the defeat which i sure to follow. They know that even the veriest aves of party tolerate him with most rebellious mthimr, and 'hat the country cannot again be heated into elevatinp to the chief magistracy of ie confederacy, a man of whom th'- people know othing, except that lie has been a small and uniceessfiil politician. As for Mr. Polk himself, his hemes are all absolutely abortive. There is now 'It tile smallest chance lit his siicce*". The letters of Onerul Worth have fallen coldly n the ear of the party in < 'onixress. Some say rit I lom.riil Wortli'.j ...v.T^mli to democratic inoiple* inust have been recent, a* they prominre him to have he en, before (he war, thoxiirhlv whitj in feeling. < 'titers believe that, like eneral Taylor, lie m< v r Mated rightly wh it hi* pinions were on smile subject*: and that, on most uestions of public policy, he had none at all. There >, on all sides, however, a pretty general coincienee with the belief of (ieneraf Worth himself^ hat lie is ni ' -ullieeutly qualified for the task 01 overninir th<- \ni'-riean people, at so itnj>ortant nn rioch in the affairs "f th;' world as is the present. is (|inte certain, therefore, that he will not fuv* inch trouble to the other candidates in the eon ntion. (ieneral Worth deserves, perhaps, rs ueli rredit as any other otTieer in the nrmv; bu' I innot conceive of what use it ran be to pump htm his opinions, by propounding to htm thn hole strilie of interrogatories contained in the poieal catechism, when the result of th prcces* list ncee snrilv be so absolutely unsatisfactory.? is view-< appear to have been ?bt lined by instnl ents. lie was first addt '- wd by a .gentleman ot i unsubstantial name, in Pennsylvania ; next. Mi nglish, ot Indiana, expre; i|ed a devir" to be mad' cpiainted with Ins p<<litieal opinions. I |e t< ok n< ini? by his motion ; he was referred to tnl; and, tally, the general was tapped dry hv .Mr. Dowdon II this trouble seems to have b'l'll fruitless, Inttiglf is bitsv. and the vanoa candidates 11 n state of fearful excitement. \fr. folk's friend ? e resolved upon an effort to k> . p his nam s> du nslv ont of the convention until toward- the clou* * J

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