Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1848 Page 3
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I ciimciu imuj, j( AoSKY MtAttKtiT. Friday, May W~? P. M. j There was a decided improvement to-day in the stock market. Before the opening of the board, price* were . pretty well up; but at the opening, they (VII o(T a little; there it*, however, a handsome advauce on th" clotting priciM of yesterday. At the first board Long liiland went up X pur vent. Farmers' Loan V llarlem Mohawk 1, Norwich and Worcester 1 \4.Heading Kailroad X, Morris Canal Reading Bonds **. Illinois funded *4. Treasury Notes >*. F.rie Railroad, old stock, fell off ia' per cent; all others closed at prices current yesterday. At the sccond board Harlem advanced >? per cent, and Long Island 3v. The receipts of the Housatonlc Railroad Company for the month of April, in each of the past two years, were as annexed :? Hor.tATONic Railroad. For freight $15,083 81 I'assage and mail 5.340 92 Total $20,430 53 April, 1847 30,102 07 I ncrease 238 40 The freighting business of this road I* very large, amounting to about seventy-five per cent of the gross receipts. The increase, compared with last year, i" very small. The imports into Buffalo, by the Lake, for the second week in May. were as follows:? , Flour. 50.072 bbls; pork. 6,090 do; eggs. 903; seed. ..19; beer, 2.<24; ln^li-wines. 1.382 casks; ashes. 816: ; H| oil. 96 do; fish. 360 bbls; tallow, 88.600 lbs; tobacco. 30 hhds; stares, 333.722 No; wheat, 225.265 bushels; corn, 13(132 do; barley, 3.560 do; butter. 59.450 lbs; lard, 801.800 do; bacon. 604.030 do; wool. 263 bales; leather. 300 rolls; hides. 4.757; lumber. 879.401 feet; oats. 31,949 bushels: coal. 430 tons; iron. 51. The receipts of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad ^Hj Company for the months of March and April, 1848, compared with the corresponding months in 1847, present the annexed statement:? Nohwich and Worcester Railroad. 1847. 1818. Deer can 1848. AMcregaU receipts, March... $20,107 <18,700 $1,407 Do. do. April ... 21,327 18,878 2,440 ] H Total 41,434 37,573 3,866 The details of the income for April, 1847 and 1848, show where the falling off was in that month:? April. 1847. April, 184A Through travel $4,3011 4-1 82,278 11 1 Local travel 5,.'4<l 77 5,953 63 Krefcht 10,4?3 67 9,058 49 -Vsils, Ike 1,013 41 988 41 Total 21,327 33 18,878 44 In March, 1848. the falling off in the through travel was $1,575 80, a decrease of about forty per oent. At this rate of decrease, the aggregate income for 1848. will be much less than that of 1847. It is anticipated that tlio opening of tho Nashua and Worcester road, and the Fltchburg and Worcester road, will give the Norwich and Worcester a great increase of business, and of courso enlarged receipts. It is estimated that from the Nashua road alone, business to the amount of nevcuty-ftve thousand dollars will be realized the first year. It is in contemplation to open that road in Sep- j tembcr. There is no doubt but that the Norwich road will draw s?me business from the Nashua line; but it Is our opinion that the amount estimated is overrated ' The recent decline in the market price for Norwich and Worcester stock has destroyed all confidence in H it, and as a fancy, it cannot range much above ruling H rates. The history of this stock is sufficient to give H speculators very little confidence in any fancy securi ty. Within the past four or five years, this stock has been as low as 25 per cent, aud as high as 95 per cent, and the fluctuations between these points have fre <iucntly been 10 and 15 per cent in as many days.? There have been as many explosions among the bulls and bears in this stock, as in any other in the street. and the probability is, that it will hereafter be one of the dullest and heaviest fancies afloat. We sec no prospect of reviving or improving it. If its receipts contlnuo to fall off, its stock must sink, even below current rates, as its immense debt must ultimately absorb the whole concern. I The finances of the State of Rhode Island do not present a very flattering condition. The annexed H statement exhibits the aggregate roceipts and expen ditures each year:? Finances of Rhode Island.?Receipts and Expen ditvrts. The aggregate of payments from May 1st. 1843. to May 1st. 1844. was . $ 77.691 19 The aggrsgate of receipts for the same period 68.847 31 I Excess of expenditure over receipts 18,843 88 I The aggregate of payments from May 1st, 1844, to May. 1845. was 77.460 35 The aggregate of reciepts for the same H period 58.720 29 Excess of expenditure over receipt* 18.740 06 The aggregate of paymonts from May 1st. 1845. to May 1st. 1846. was 08.316 38 The aggregate of receipts for the same period 50,691 30 Excess of expenditures over receipts 8.625 08 | The aggregate of payments from May lat, 1846. to May 1st. 1847. was 76.760 57 The aggregate of receipts for the same period 61.415 29 I ?: i Excess of expenditures over receipts 15.345 28 I The aggregate of payments from May lat. 1847. to May 1st. 1848. was 79.267 02 The aggregate of receipts for the same period 71.182 74 Excess of expenditures over receipts 8.084 28 Aggregate of excess of expenditures ovor receipts In the foregoing five years 69.638 58 Average excess of expenditure per year during that period 13.927 71 The general treasurer states that he has no safe and reliable data upon which he can form an accurate estimate of the revenue or expenditures for the year end- , ing May, 1849. particularly in relation to cxpcndituresi ' which are continually varied by tho acts of the Legislature at every session. But thero is reason to believe, | he conceivos. judging from the five years past, that the deficiency in that year will be from $10,000 to $12 000. i The amount of the State debt is reported to be as fol- ; lows. vU : Due the public deposit fund $152,719 21 i Note at the Bank of North America 25.000 00 Balance due from tho State per balanco of his account current to May 1st, 1848.. . . 0.030 00 $187,354 21 The system of taxation must be very deficient in Rhode Island, te make such a financial exhibit as this. The public debt is annually enlarging, from the excess of expenditures over Income. Amount of tolls received on all tho New York State f 'anals in each of the following years, was as annexed : New York State Canals?Amount ok Toli.s. 2d wtek in May Total to May 14. 184 0 $53,681 74 $190,834 00 184 1 91.191 18 250.931 08 1842 62.861 13 253.734 53 184 3 67.785 78 150.190 78 184 4 86.915 31 410.734 59 184 5 79.729 78 426.567 09 184 6 100.183 87 377.673 27 184 7 152.278 86 366.524 (HI 184 8 121.392 31 333.820 15 This looks as though the revenue this year was going to be much smnller than In either of the previous two or three years. j The annexed statement exhibits the value of foreign and domestie merchandise exported from Beston to Mexico in each of the past five years:? Commerce or Ilosro?(?Exports to Mexico. Ytnr rndiiif April 1. 1M44. 1*4.',. IMii. 1s47. |>q.c. Domestic products t*0.M 48,3*) 7#,454 none 17MI5 F"r?i({n products.,., M.'U'I 18,673 42,793 none 61.942 Total $114,946 67.1*10 119.247 " ' Tho value of domestic cotton goods exported in ls<4. [ ] included in the above, was $36,385; 1845, $27,832; 1846, | *4.7^7; IM4N, 9?9,714. Tho manufacturers of Now England will bo nioro benefited by tho opening of tho Mexican ports than any other class In tho country. I There are immense markets in Moxico for our coarse ' cottons, and tho increase in the shipments *f these ar- , tides, for the year ending April 1. 184S, gives us some I Me* of what we may expect when the political reia- 1 tions of the two countries are amicably arranged, and tho commercial intercourse extended and strengthened. There were no exports in 1847, and the aggre- ' gate shipments in 1848 were double any of the fhree previous years. The raiue of merchandise exported from Boston for the week ending the 10th Inst., distinguishing the destination, was as annexed:? Commrkck op Bojtow? Exports, May 1.1, Pomei/ie. Fartign. To Madras $23 .ViO 00 5145 00 " Russia 2 7'27 61 15.841 20 " Liverpool and Canton. 34 053 3rt 400 00 ' Hayti ,1070 01) 404 00 " Cuba f. 1.1*2 ? " Surinam 02il 50 ? " St Vincent l.liN) 21 " British N. A. Colonic! 0.031 73 3<ll M $70301 03 $17,162 IP 'I 70.301 03 * J. Total value of exoort* $P3.4.r?3 *21 J Value of export* la*t week 626.010 13 2 f Difference $431,002 V2 f \ ^ Quantity of certain mlrUl #*)S*rtad the ittu |if-riod. and i<xlcnt of ifcipmettl to cat;h place : To C/Hnti?Coi'd&ge. Rus?la. eoH?, 40| Ta*. 0 bbia; tier. i">0 ?JkoB i Hour bbU. To East Indies?DrilU, 283,885 yds; beef, M bbU: .liease, 010 lbs: Hams, 1921 lbs; let*. 361 tons, Raising 00 bxs. To Uutsia?Cotton, 67 bales; Logwood, 51 tons; Rico. 0.363 lbs: Saraaparilla. 2104 lbs; White Sugar, 219.803 bs; Red Wine, 1668 gals. To South *1 merit:a *-KloUr. 36 bbls; Beef, 10 bbU; 'drk. 10 bbls: Pickles. 5 ca. km Oars, 137 pairs; empty 'uueheons, 40. To Great Britain?I'ork. 163 bbls; I.urd, 300.004 lbs; j ["allow. 20 kbds; Cotton, 214 bales; Sticks Bird's-eye ,1a pie. 60. ] To fyetl Indies?Stoam boiler. 1; Iron Shafts. 2; R. t. Sleepers. 672; Boards. 21,81)1 feet; Shingles. 25.000; Sox Shooks. 3389; Shooks and Heading. 101 hhds; , iinpty Casks, CR0; nests Casks. 75; Hoops. 4 pkgs; 'idor. lObxs; Butter. 214 lbs: Mackerel, 220 bbU; Cod- , ish, 1080 ((tls; Alewives. 100 bbls; Herrings. 400 bxs; lams, 100; Lard, 1805 lbs: Pork. 00 bbls; Beef, 5 bbls; , Sread. 74 pkgs; Domestics, (denims.) 5500 yds; Soap, 100 bxs; Chairs, 590; Sofas. 2; Ice. 79 tons; Vegetables. 12 bbls. To British Provinces?Klour. 493 bbls; Rye Flour, 162 , ibis; Com Meal. 296 bbls; Corn, 800 bush; Bread. 28.$!I3 lbs; do 84 bbls; Pork. 21 bbls; Beef, 1 bbl; Chairs. ( IS; Nails, 3 pkgs; ColTee. 2 bags; Boots and Shoes, 13 ases; Tea, 2045 bxs; do 0 chests; Salt, 20 hhds; Lard, i 12 kegs; do Oil. 20 ea.?ks; Hire. 1 Mil: Bcuns, 20 libls: llrooms. 10l? doz; Molasses. 23 tcs; do 4 hhds; N. Bum, 1 bbl; Wooden Ware. 10 pkgs; Stuves. 4: Tarred iinnn .i/mri ikd. ion IK^>. v.v.... i.iu IK*. r*^ni r?r. 20 hbls; Pitch, 10 bbls. The value of merchandise warehoused in the year 1847, was $3,305,019; and in the first quarter of 1848. f.1.004.982. making a total of <14.910.001. The value of merchandise remaining in warehouse at the clone of the lrst quarter of 1848?March 31?was $1,168,480. tho luties chargeable on which were $335,485. Stock Exchange* >35000 Trcfta Notes C's 102V? 00 sh? Farmers' Trst blO 27 '.t 31V) do do 102*; 100 do MO 750 do 5 23 102H 400 do WW Mexican Indem 91 300 do sCO 27 >, 1000 City 5's of'70 94 ft Ohio Life and Trust SI 500 U Suites O's of '50 60 Mohawk RR 7'i liMH) do do '70 1IHJ4 25 Norwich b H'or RR 2>l, 71100 Indiana State 5's 54 aft do 2KV 200 Erie RR 7 pr ct int W>? 2ft do 2sg ' 50110 Ohio ?i'n of 't?0 sGm 99% 50 do 115 29 j 1000 do '50 100 185 do 1500 do 70 100 50 do 2S*J 5000 Ohio 7 pr ct 101U 80 do blO 2**, 5000 Illinois Fundable 43)2 ft lli'iisatoulc R R new 91 4000 Reading Bonds 57 450 Long Inland R R '?>l. 30 shares Merchants' Bk 105 50 Harlem RR 52*n 1 10 State Bank 81 50 do slK) 62l4 100 Reading RR 84 550 do 82)2 100 do 100 85 50 do 110 5i)i ISO Farmers' Trust 27J* 50 do bGO 5J 50 du blO 28 50 Erie RR new ftiU b5d 07 IOO do b45 2S.l4 Second Board. SfiOOO Treasury Votes 6's 102(4 50 shs llarlem Railroad 53 50 shares Long Island RR 29',,' 50 do do ft.'! ' 100 do do h3 29 W 200 do do slO ft3 ! 50 do do b7 2??? 50 do do b3 ft3'4 50 Reading Railroad .11 50 do do slO 58 aH > 100 do do b30 ,'H?? 50 do do blO 5,'H, 50 do do 84 100 do a60ds .53V 50 Harlem Railroad s30 52>^ 100 do bOO 54 , CITY TRADE REPORT' Friday Aptehnoom, May 19, 1848. The flour market continued dull. Prices were unsettled and inclined to droop. Tho sales were ohiefly con- , lined to Oenesee and Oswego.with other western brands. ! Sales of Canadian flour and wheat were both made in bond to day fur expert, a new feature in the course of trade. Sales of Illinois wheat were made on terms stated below. Corn, although in moderate supply, was < rather dull, with moderate sales at about yesterday's 1 rates. Rye and oats were both inactire. By telegrupli we learn that the receipts of flour in Albany were con- ! siderable. while arrivals of grain were comparatively j light. At Boston, there was no change of moment in 1 flour or prain, while the former was dull. In this market nrovisions were less active, and sales of Dork made at a slight decline. Groceries remained about the same. Asiies.?Quotations were nominal for pots at $4 60 to $4 76. and pearls at 6 to 5 25. J1r>:adsti'pfs.?Flour?The sales were less extensive than yesterday, and footed up about 1500 to 2000 bar- ! rels, including various lots of Oswego at $5 62>i to 5 75. and Genesee at 5 75 to 5 87,'a'. including some of good pure quality at $0to 6 00l4 to 6 90,'i. Some small lots of Oswego, in bad order, sold at $!> 50 ; 200 bbls extra Genesee sold at $>7 ; 150 do. Ohio in separate lots, by way of the canai. sold at $5 87X to 0 12}j. and 700 bbls Canadian. entitled to debenture sold at $5 02,'i ; southern was nominal at $0 25. and even less would have i been accepted. Wheat?The sales of Genesee yesterday included 1000 bushels at 142c. To-day. sales of 1700 bUBhels of Illinois were made at 120c. and sales of 2700 bushels Canadian in bond, entitled to debenture, were made for export at $1 26. Corn? Sales of 1400 bushels New Orieans. nearly white and quite sound, were made at 63c; 7000 do Jersey yellow sold at 67>?c. and 600 do at 57c. For a handsome lot of 5000 bushels round (old) northern yellow. 56c it was said was offered. Meal?Sales of 200 bbls Jersey were made, part afloat, at $2 50. Rye?The market was dull, and may be quoted according to quality and delivery, at 71c to 73c. Rye Flour?Sales of 275 bbls were made, prime quality, at $3 68%. and 100 do at $3 62>*. Oats were worth 40c to 47c. with sales. Beans?Sales of 120 bbls white were made at 87>tO. Receipts down the Hudson River. Flour 14.300 bbls Wheat 359 bush. Corn 1.200 do. Cottom?Manufacturers were buying largely to-day, the sales being reported at 2500 bales. Tho prices continue to favor the buyer. Fi*h?The operations embraced 150 quintals dry cod at $3 31l4. and 100 barrels No. 2 Boston repacked mackerel at $6. Km-it?We report sales of 4.000 pine apples at $16 per 100; 1.000 boxes wet and ilry raisin* at $1 40 a $1 60; and 000 bunches bananas at $1 50 a $ 1 75. Freights.?Cotton for Liverpool was steady at 5-32d; bacon was taken at 15s; provisions were taken at 2*.; and heavy goods at 15sal7s. Cotton was engaged for Glasgow at l4d Six vessels have been chartered for the I'a?i)ic to load with Guano off the coast of l'eru for the United States. Moumci?The market continued depressed, and sales were made at a decline; They included 4U0 hhds Cardenas at 17c; 33 do Porto Rico, by auction, at 19)^c, and 40 do Triuidad at 17c a 211,c. Naval Stoke* were in fair inquiry, with sales of 100 bbls spirits turpentine at 32c, cash, and 700 do North County rosin, for export, at G6c. On.s?We noticed sales of 500 cases Florence at $4 75; 2.000 gallons English linseed at 55c. and 1.500 do city pressed American at 57c a 58c; 40 chests damaged Florence sold by auction at $3 75 a $3 87,'?. Provisions?Sales of 100 barrels mess pork were made at $10 37)*. Prime was inactive at 25; sales of 75 hhds dry salted shoulders were made at 3J?c; and 100 barrels hams at 47,c; 71) tierces sugar cured hams were made at 5c; and 10 do at the same price, and 48 hhds at 4J*c. hard?Sales of 250 barrels were reported at 5>^c a 0V,e. Cheese?Sales of 150 packages this State were made at 7,'j'c a 8,'|c; and 800 do K.astern at 7 a He. Butter continued heavy with a downward tendency in prices. Receipts down the Hudson River. Beef 207 bl?ls. Pork 370 bbls. Lard 846 pkgs Hick?100 casks brought $3 25 a $3 43,V SroAHs?There was a large business doing in this staple, and we noticed sales of 300 lihds Cuba Muscovado at 3??c a 4\, 250 do New Orleans at 3,l,<- a 4c, 50 do inferior by auction, at $2 50 a $3S?. and 1.000 boxes brown Havana at 4%c a o.'aC, 4 months. Spices.?Sale* of 100 bags Jamaica pimento were reported at 9!?c Taui.ow.?The demand for export had fallen off. and the sales, which were limited, were done at lower prices. WiniKKV.?Sales of 100 bbls Stato prisou were made at 21n21 *3. Sales in drudge barrels were reported at 21c. MARKETS EL8BWIIBHE. STOCK SALES. Dai.thior t, Sluv 1H?$Ufl0 Itultimore <l's. 1P90, (H ; 2 shares I'nion .Mannfactnring Co., div. off. -111 a. United States fi't of IW7 ciomo at iiH'u bui, 1U4'4 asked. Maryland >'? nt bid. fU asked. Baltimore O's ut l.-JMI at H71., bi<l, '.IS asked, llaltimure and Ohio Railroad shares at ;kj bid, 3t>'4 anked. PlliUAnBLPHlA, May 19?1IU017 S Treasury NolaiM 101J4; 500 do do, 101%; 70 shares I/clinch < nnl icrip, 77*? : 100 War H'ointy mrip, 97; iS' do Girard Hank. ifs,; 1(1 do Kentucky liauk. 78; 23 do Man. Ik Mechanic* Hank, lEt'-jj MOUtl State .V, 74s?. Boston, May IS.?11 rokfr ' Board?2.1 share* Reading Rail road, 16%; 75 do do 16"0; 2 Northern Railroad, 97; 125 do Kant I lot ton Co, >10, 12V 22Sdodnl2%; 100 do 12%; .V*]o do Dividends, No. 4, 4S8; ill North Hank, tot I do Western Railroad, 10fi%; 1 rixlita Boston and Maine Railroad, 82 25; KM) rights lloKtnn rind Worcester Railroad, 81%; 6* "l? do $Y,H5; S2,IKtl Reading Railroad Isinds, 1HOO, Sfi%; SI 000 do do sill. H.W. Srrnnd /}o</rrf?25 ?hart? lionton and Vl'orrcater Railroad. |I7; 2B do Western Railroad, new, 100'^; M do East Boston Co, NB, I2\; 86 do do, I-L.j; SI rights Hoston & Maine Railroad, 82 211; .1 do lloaton and Worcester Railroad, $1.S5| 2 do do, 81,90; .'#) do do Sl,H.'i; 117 do do, $1.80. DOMESTIC MARKETS. New Oilcaiii, May 11.?Cotton?The demand ha* i born active, and the Hale* 8000 bale*, taken principally [ for Knglish account. The prices stiffened toward* the close of the day, but the bulk of the sales was at ft * 5.1c. for middling. Tobacco?We have at length j to report a sale, which consists in 136 a 150 hhds. line refused at 2'?c ; and 16 hhds. selections of admitted at 4%'c. Sugar ? Sales of UO Kair 3% a 3%c. Molasses?Small sales at 12 a 10c. Flour?Market quiet, but no chnnge in prices. Sales 4(H) bbls St. Louis at >i 26. and 250 Ohio ?t $4 75. Corn?00O sucks prime while were sold lit 33c; the same price was offered for a large lot of white and yellow, in white sacks, and refused. Pork?315 bbls mess and 85 bbls mixed, making \ bit of 400 bills, were sold on private terms Hulk pork?75.000 lbs hog round sold at >2 35; and 30.000 lbs hams at 3c. Bacon?Sales 46casks sides at 3%c; 10 it 4% and 25 casks hams at 8%c. Lnrd ?110 bbls good No. 2 sold at 41tc; 145 bbls at 5s; and 92 kegs at -V4c. Whiskey?13(1 bbls rectified were sold at 15\c. I,cad ?1323 pigs upper mines sold at $3 60. Freights?Two hips taken for Liverpool at O-lOd; and a ship for (liasrow nt P-lfld. Kxclisnges?There is a better feeling in he markat. without however any advance in the rates. I'Hii.Antt.rMtA Cattle Market, Mny IS. 1S48.?At narket, i860 head, mostly western, beef cattle. 240 cows ind calves. 1080 hogs and 860 sheep. Prices?Beeves .vere dull of sale nt fi 60 n 7 50 the 110 lbs. according o quality. 880 head taken to New York, and 80 left llisold. Cows and calves?Montly all sold at $8 a 15 for try. >14 a 26 for springers and >18 a 32 for fresh cows, logs continue dull nt >4 12% a 4 75 the 100 lbs ; 100 lead left over. Kheep?Sales range at >1 25 a 4 50 iiclordlug to condition liny sales of timothy an linking at 80 a 105c per cwt. and straw at f.7 a 8 the loO ' >u n dies. , WRKiHTO* .yiarkkt, May ]S. 1 s4^ - \t market 2S<I \ >eef cattlo, 05 pnir* working oson. 40 cow* anil calves. s 145 fhee p mill 1 S7."? *wln?. Prlco*? Beef Cattle?Wr < I vote a nf extra ? ": first gitllto 6 M i> 7'> i wtoad t I unlit y $tl a <1 25 : third 5 2.'> ? "i 75 : Working Oxcil ? ' ialcA (lull i02. $70. $85 ami $115. Cow* and Calve* ialen at $1!>. $24. $28. $31 and $33. Sheep I,ot* of 25 j liearvd. 2 50. 2 75 and $.'l Sheep and lauih* $.'1 and ? I 50 Swine I,ot* to peddle $4'.( a 4'? for bowk, and i i'j a .I't for haarowi ; large hog*, harrow* 4c. At retail J . om 5>? to 7c. 1 MmrrtMl, On Thursday tvoninj. the lsih imt. by Hi* Honor Mtiyer Haviitneyt-r- VU*. BruAMi* U. Maun ti> Mi*? Salixa V Saitai* At St. Johns. Porto Ricd. ou Thursday, the 9th of March. Edward Savaok, of this city, to Maria Ter r v\, daughter of Jose Ramon Fernandez. Esq . of St Johna. Died, On the 16tli Inst., after a long and severe illness. Marv Elizabeth. wife of the Rev W L. Johnson,of Jamaica. L. I. The friends of the family arc invited to attnml her liineral. on Monday, the 22d Inst., at 11 o'clock A.M.. On '"r'rtuv the iith inst.. of disease of the heart, M a. CiTHAllNt Hl 'Krv. formerly of Ferns, county Wexford, Ireland. aged ?7 years Her friends, and those of her acquaintances, are re?pectfully InTited to attend her funeral, to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence. corner of Hicks and Laguerro street. Brooklyn. Ou the 19th inst.. A.mi Mrnpiiv. wife of James Murphy. formerly of 58 Centre street The friends of the family are requested to attend her fiyieral, on Suuday. the 21st inst . at 3 o'clock, P M.. from her late residence, corner of l.'ith street, first iivenue. without further invitation. On Friday, the 10th inst., of congestion of the hraiu. Cornelia Latoi-rkttk Younh, age'dti years' The funeral will take pluce on Saturday, at 5 o'clock. P. M.. No. 443 Pearl street. On Friday, the 19th inst.. in the 48th year of his ngo. Mr. Peter McOsKKR.of County Tyrone. Ireland. The relatisns and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral on Sunday, the 21 ?t inst.. from his late residence. Harlem Lane, 113th street, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. On Thursday evening. 18th instant, Sarah, wife of James McNamara. The relatives and friends of the family, also the friends of her brother-in-law. Edward Fox. are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence. 202 Broadway, on Saturday, the 20th instant, at 10 o'clock. A. M. G1 OVF.RNESS.?,AYOUNG I.ADY WITH MODERATE EX* pwhttwi a< i? compensation. wishes to obtain a situation as Qoveniess In a private family, or as assistant in a school in some imrt of the United States or Canada, to teach the ordinary English branches, together with the rudiments of music, ana, if re. mired, nf the Latin language. Satisfactory reference an to ability, &:e? will lie zlven. Please address A. O. L Tivoli, Dutchess co? State of N. V. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MAN WHO UNDERstands taking care of Horses or Waiting on Table, and l.i willing to make himself generally useful. Satisfactory reference given. Apply at Willet. corner of Rlvington street. WANTED?AN EDUCATED ENGLISH LADY WISHES a situation in the country, where she would take the entire charge and education of one or more children, from five ytars old CHAMPION ORDER OF CLEVER FELLOWS.?NOTICE.? Brothers, you arc requested to attond a special meeting of thu above Order to-morrow, (Sunday) May 21st, 1S4H, at 213 n'clock precisely, Punctual attendance lit requested of every mcinIkt, an business of IihihiiImiih will be transacted. Bv order of MANUS KELLY. Grand Consul. THEODORE TIMOLAT, Sec. JOHN S. AUSTIN, Sire. UA. O. D.?-UNITED BROTHERS' LODGE. NO. 3-THE Memliers of this Lodge are requested to attend at tlH'ir lodgo room, on Monday evening next. May 22, relative to the celebration which is to take place on the 2i)th imt. JOHN ADAMS, N. A. JOHN LUCAS, aec'y. FOUND-ON THE EIGHTEENTH INSTANT. A POCKET Book, containing a small sum of money, which the owner can have by calling at No. 112 Pearl street, up stairs, and identifying. STRAYED PROM THE BULL'S* HEAD STABLES, BEtween four and five o'clock ibis morning, one yellow bav Horse, about H years old, and about 15% hands high, long tail, with email star. Also one blood bav Horse, about lb hands high, four years old. willi blaze in the face, and long tail. The subscriber will satisfy any one well for their trouble and excuse by living information where the Horses may he found. New York. May 19, 1K48. A. S. CHAM BERLIN, Bull's Head Stables, 21th street. House to let-corner bowery and thirteenth street, near Union Plaoe, 2d and 3d Btories have Croton water on each floor; store to let as above, one of the best corners in N'ew York for a grocery, (a small bar will pay its expenses.) Apply toKNAPP, nextjoor below. TO LET-A ROOM, BEDROOM. AND LARGE PANTRY, ON the second floor of the house, No. 108 Hammersley street, to * small respectable family. One or two respectable boarders cau l.o accommodated with breakfast and tea, and dinner on Sunday Apply aaabove. Furnished rooms to let with or without partitl Board, in a private family. For further particulars, inquire at No. 114 Franklin street. OKMOVAL? MRS. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOUR IV and Sulphur Ilatlis, removed to 354 Broadway, two doors toove Leonard street. In operatiou from 7 o'cloek in the morning till 10 o'clockat night. BOARDING?SUITS OF ROOMS TO LET ON THE FIRST nnd second floor. Also the choice of single rooms, with jiart or full board; private table if required?in an English family from London, where cleanliness and comfort can be enjoyed. Warm and cold bath room for the free use of the occupant*. Apply t? Mr. Mcdhurst, Ml Houston street, New York. SPORTING INTELLIGENCE?THE HUNTING PARK ASsociation Club, Pcnn., will give premium 'purses, on the 13th, 11th, and 15th of June next, for the improvement of trotting horses in general. First day, $100 premium purse, free for all trotting horses that never won a purse of more than $200; two mile heats in harness, two or more to make a trot. Same day, $100 premium purse, free for all trotting horses that never won a purse of more than $5)1; mile heats to saddles, best in fivo, two or more to make a trot. Second day, $300 premium purse, free for all trotting horses; two mile heats in harness, two or mora to make a trot. Third day, a stake will open, $100 added by the dub, $100 dollars entrance, $50 forfeit, free for all trottiug horses tliat never trotted for money; mile heats, best in live, to saddles, two or more to make a trot. En trance closes at 6 o'clock each day previous to the trot By order of the Hunting Park Club Association.?May 17, lo48. FOR SALE-A NICE BLOOD BAY HORSE, 10 HANDS high, warranted sound and kind in double and single harness*, and a good saddle horse. Can bo ken at 2T4) Wooste? street (Washington Square). The eclipse saddle horse stable, fifteenth street, between 5th and *>tJ? AvnilH?Established for the Letting on Hire of Saddle llorses only?no Carriages or Harness beiug kept on the premises. N. B.?Tlie Sixth Avenue Stages pass within fiO yards of the Stable. Ci ACTUS SPECIOSISIMUS.?ONE OF THE LARGEST J Plants that we have noticed, containing over 100 flower buds, is to be seen, for a few days, at the conservatory and seed store of T. Dl'NLAP, <535 Broadway. SUPREME COURT?GENERAL TERM. KINGS CO-MAY Term, 184H.?Selah B. Strong. Nathan 11. Morse. Seward Barculo, Justices. The people ex. rel. Joseph O. liaslirouck vs. the Court of General Sessions in and for the rity and County of New ) offc. Joseph (). Ilasbrouek. the relator, was iudieted in the New York unions lor obtaining money by false pretences. J. VV . E<1monds. Esq,. neing then one of the Circuit Judges, on the relator's application, made an order for the removul or the indietment to the Oyer and Terminer, aud took the recognisance required by the statute fer his appearance at the next term of that Court The Court of Oyer and Terminer, Hon. 11. P. Edwards, Justice, presiding, without notice having been given to the relator, sent the indictment back to the Sessions, to l?e proceeded on and tried in that court. After the remission of the indictment to the Sessions, the relator was arretted upon a bench warrant iscued out of that court, upon which lie sued a writ of Prohibition out of the Supreme Court, to which the Court of Sessions made a return, setting forth the above facts?demurrer and joinder. A. Crist, for the relator, argued that the Court of Oyer and Terminer had no power, ipecfculy wlllmul Htieo to the relator, to send bioh an indictment removed by order from the Sessions, and cited 2 U. S. 732 $ 7o to M.?2 R. S. 2W ? 0 and 7. John McKeon, District Attorney?hcontra?who was stopped by the Court. Per Curium.? We have no doubt of the power of the Court of Oyer and Terminer to send tJu* indictment back to the Sessions?as to want ot notice, the relator was bound by bis recognizance to )*? in court w hen the order for remission was made, and allege any reason (Ut ?l... 1 itil in t tn?tn t i ,i t lio ( iv.r > *?. I Terminer. I<* t a writ of consultation t?su?. pursuant to 2 It. S. ,VS i) (5ft.?Brooklyn Star, May IS. , NOT DEAD!!! CHARLES COX, WHOSE DEATH HAS announced in the Herald of yesterday, is not tilt' Chas. Cox, of the original Cash Tailoring establishment, No. SO Broadway, 2d iloor lielow H all street. II* in liearty and well, and is busily engaged making, to order, bin lieautiful tine French cloth draw conl.-*, and Frock.*, from $10 00 to 20 00. Doeskiu and cassimcre jianU from S.'i fiO to S 00; Su|*Tt*.c French blnck cloth frockNicks, a handsome garment, from ?10 (Hi to ml mi. Fashionable vestings in great variety at the same great reduction in prices. Not to be excelled in cut, quality, or workmanship.?>v> Broadway^ NOTICE.?ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAPTIONED against Imrlnriug or trusting any of tiie crew of tlio Spanish steamer Uuadalquiver, from Havana, as no debts of their contracting will he paid by thu Captain or consignees, CHASTE!.AIN & I'ON VERT CITY LOANS.?TEMPORARY LOANS IN ANTICIPATION of the Revenues of the City, Mill lie received at this office, in sums of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars and upwards, for which bonds of the City will he issued, payable February ISth, 1*19, with interest at the rate of irix per ceut per anuuin. Comptroller's Office, May 10, IMS. JOHN EVV'EN, Comptroller. Notice to the subscribers of preferred stock of the New York and Harlem R. R. C?.?The whole Thirty thousand shares of preferred stock having I eon subscribed, the subscribers are hereby notified that the 1st instalment of $5 on each share is payable on Monday, 22d inst, at their office. No. 2, Hanover st.?A. KYIJi, Jr., Secretary. NOTIt E.-T1IE HOLDERS OF THE BONDS OF THE Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company, due in I860 nnd lsM, are hereby notiliod that propositions lor the conversion of khi<I bunds into a preferred stock oi tbe cmpany, bearing seven jut ccnt interest, to be issued agn?cably to an act passed at tiie last session of the Peunsslvania Legislature, will ?' received at tbe office ,,f John E Thayer Ik Brothor, Boston; Charnley Si Wheelan, Philadelphia; and a. JAUDON k CO., &4 Wall street, New York. II MK. THOMAS DOlij~OF SCOTLAND, WHO ARRIVED in the packet ship "Liverpool," at New York, in August last, will send Ids address to CAMERON k. BRAND, 42 ana 44 Pine street, New York, his letters will lie forwarded. If this should meet the observation of any acquaintance, information from them will be thankfully received. JAMF.S HANK BILLS ARE REDEEMED AT NO. 44', William street, opposite the Exchange, ami are bought by the brokers at the usual rate of State money. W S. KELLOUG. TIIE (iREATEST SEA TALE PUBLISHED ? SECOND Edition now ready?Price Twenty-live Cents.?JACK ARIEL, nr Life on Board an East luiliaman?Hy the author of The Post l aptaiu. Life of Chatterton. &c.?Niiticm " The new novel by tbe iiithor of tiie 'Post Captain' isJust ottt, and is entitled ' Jack Ariel, or Life on Bonrd an East liidiamau.' Having a desire to sTome Ipettcr acipiainlcd with a gentleman whose previous prolections had won so largely on our affections, we sat down to the east he had prvjinrod for us, 'determined to make a night of it." x liich we did in its most literal senst?and richly were we re* 1 filed. being actually ' crammed with good thiugs,' and ' fed Ml hi-'hthiu, ii iHantgniv wrougiu narnn i*?, hi mJ shades, whose ever-varying incidents keen the reader's imigiiation <ni the qui vivo fur what is to fullcm. Fiiere is no (lagging, m pause In the interest; on?on?on to tin' end?at a bursting >aee,' without even ' drawing bridle.' Thus it wan with us, and Jim ?( Invo no donlit It ?ill he with those who, like tin, will keep all intruder*' from their nanetnin, and with ' Jack Ariel' fur :licir pilot, depart on a voyage of the most intense interest. To linsc who may think our picture too highly colored, w? nay, 'pet he book and judge for yon reel veil.' "?Daily Advertiser. " .1 a<k \ni?:l..?This. to say the least of it, is really a spirited and highly htcresting tnle; so inueh so, that many individuals, aware of its ligli reputation, have availed themselvesot the author's incognito O la* elaim to his laurels. Tlie objeel of the author has Wen nsinly to depict ' Life on Board an ttidlaman.' and all who read lis production mttstjoin us in saying that lie lias been eminently tucwsful. Tlie ehai'aeters are most graphically sketched, es|*'ially the Nabob and the gallant Captain: in fact, the portraits are 0 true that we Mieve we conld name their originals. To those vlio wish to shorten an otherwise tedious evening, we would say, ! id'.lack Ariel.'"?l.nndou Chronicle. Kortab- hy II. U'Nti 4i lltol IIEK, H (late .'12) Ann street, N. V. | 1M1E I'AKMMt MAGAZINE 11 Ml~~ Niii'lTlNti! M AIM ni??, reader, at this aiinounceiiicnt, nor set It down a? the a?i humbug of ilia d .v. It is a fac!. whose truth la daily proved, kny person wishing that magnificent national engraving of the | igu. rs of tlin Declaration ofind?|?adeiu!e, engraved on steel hy tnnshy. and considered fully e mill to the one formerly sold nt , may ohtnin a copy ?f the Maaatine free of charge, hy ending . i.!,the lowest price fo, the erig aving, to the otflee, Klft Nassau ?t. i he Maiatlnc is considered reennd to nunc in the market. Sam>V'i> fir i'\auiinatio? sent grstls. i he pit! Usher will ls> happy to eit the truth of ti.? above proimsllion t" any who may favor him 1 itli a call. E. E. MI I.ES, 136 Nassau stieet, Clinton llall. Henry ci.av-mr n. urady, de -? '> ukoadway has jnst published a very s1 is-nor Mettotiat Engraving of ieury Clay, ior sale at&iO Hroailway, upstairs. I if^RK wttAm?ntftrtv t?* MWBAT *UJW r M?y 72, uuh ihe rtl?brtl?d bM?catt? Ykiin >l?.:v t* ?n nun U r u? .rr thr direction ?f MiuUmr joirtiluin ?Tt.c neri-r Hill '." iitiiH(M< Hit Ntf ?Mr. 'Urti't HiotDiU, M- C'tUJaUfBi A M'l Kj?>' lt<Ti: Afttr uKi'-n th? PAS DEM fLtllM?hv 47 D?njeu?e? Viennol**-!. To v. Mo|. will b??M*d SHOCK)SU XVRN'TM UriSiuhofl Mr Hu -, Kitty, Mrs. Kn^ht rtfwr whleb ih< Poi.Ka PAYsKNNE?l?y "4 lUuniM* VleunoiKi's. After which A KfSS IN THE I) \UK ? Mr, I'ltUtjiiiio, Mr. thapman ; Mr*. Cittibunc, Mr*. knuiu. To aouolude with the PAS 1?ES AMOI Ukl'l KS?It) 4? l><u.wu?>? > >vuuoi?w*H. Huxes $1; I'it fiv centi; Gillory 'jA couls. Doors upon at 7 u'cloek; iwrtorinance to imminence at 7M pricinely. B>>? KIIV TUI.ATKE ? SATlMll.AY I vv;S |\-,, *AV 2.1 will !? perl.rm.d. the s. medy < f iril.l) ()ATd-llorrr, Mr Clarke: John Dory, llall; sir ti,Mr?.- rhun.ler, Bellamy; Ephraiin Smooth, Mr Iturk.-: Lady Amaranth, Mr.) A'l)"tt; Amelia, Mrs Jordan: Jane. Mr-. Sutherland. To conclude with tin Tragedy of IIOUUI,AS?lil.-tialvon, Mr Dyott; Voting Norval, Mr-. Phillip,.; Lord ll.uidnlnh. Mr Til tun A lUtt, Mr? Walojtt; J.ily it in I ,|..:i, \lri M.idl-iou. lin n. M ocntK Pit, 2A cento; Oailury, I^S .entr; l'riv?>e %i. Door* open at 7? Performauoo to ci,minenc. at hall j*at 7. CCHATHAM THKATI1E?SOLE PROI'Rl P. Toll ami i,;;s J nee, Mr. F. S. Chanfrau. Saturday Evening. May jn Will he prsmnted the drama of the (1111,1) OK Till'. ItElllME\T?Suplice, Mr Pardey; Andreas, Varry; I laniard, H'inu Corporal, Kite; Madelaine, Mrs J 11 Month: Marchiouenn, lsherwon.1; lo l,o followed hy NEW YORK AS IT 1S-Mone, Mr. Chanfrail; Joe, Mr. M'inanc; M'iliiam Twill. Mr. Ilerlwri; Katy, Mr?. ltootb. To conclude with SPIRIT Of THE WATER*, Or. Ih? Eire Fiend?Sir Huldohrand, Mr. Uield; Matter Ijipwin f 1r d. with, aucttoniir-ry josipr murphy' ' XV Saturday, May 2l>ih.?Leasehold property ?t 12 o'clock. M. I ou ?.<> promises. Seventeen years unexpired li of the three I otory 1'iiok house, known ??f*i street, with tho privilege ' ol 'a renewal of 21 ymwt of tho wm(., being a* feet in width, Uil | | about 70 foet doop. more or less, with0*" any incumbrance what- , ever, Full particulars and terms on day of saNEXTENSIVE SALE OF SUPERIOR ROSE-WOOD, it A HO- ! gany, and black walnut Furniture, being the entire st??ck . ! of Mr. George P. Weil, No. 421 Uroome street, a few doors cast , I from Broadway,?A. C. TUTTLE wifl sell at auction, on Tuesday, tlio 23d Inst, at 10 o'clock, on the above premises, the entire i topic of dopant and fashionable furniture, manufactured by Mr. (J. I*. Weil, expressly for city purchasers, and will be warranted , in every respect as to the material, workmanship, fee. The stock ' n - narlor. Ixmdoir. and U'-l-ro'im furniture, of the must I modern styles. Catalogues will be ready on the morning of the 1 F.'ile. STATES' ISI.AND PROPERTY FOR SALE, AM) TO I.F.T ?Several House* and Cottages delightfully situated in the Villages of Tom pkinsvi lie, Thrifty Valley, and Stapleton, suitable for Hotels private Boarding Establiihmenta, and private Dwalliag^ to let. One larve House and several small Houses, with a nil mher of aood Building Lota in each Village, for sale. Apply to P. WOLFE, Wolfe*fl Hotel, Tompkinsville. < hie Cottage will be let furnished. I ON HON CLOTH 1 NO -Til K Bt'RSCRIBER, INTENDING , A to establish himself in London as Draper and Tailor, would respectfully invite gentlemen (especially those having business | relation* in England) to have their measure taken, and favour him with their orders* either at the nrenent, or any future time : attendance f??r the purpose, daily, until the Mist inst.. at the store of E. W. Tryon Sl Co., 287 Broadway (corner of Park place). The advantages offered an* not ?nly In the cost (say !J0 to ,W per , cent, less), but iu tho ouantity of the goods, being much superior J to those usually imported into this country. The reputation he 1m? alway enjoved lK?th in Paris and New York, ana which he will ever be solicitous to maintain, is the l?st gnaranty for the ' faithful execution <?f all orders he may l>e favoured with. I*. TI TTER. May 20. N.B. Clothing sent to any part of England free of charge. j LAMARTINE SACK COATS. MAM FROM BLUB FKFAUf cloth, with rich silk trimmings, from $10 to $14 : Black do., j $10 to $12; Brown do., $11; Caahmaret do., $10; Tweed do., $ft: | 1 skeleton do., $4. Black cloth dress coats made to measure, $16 ; i J the very finest, $20. Every article warranted of the very finest 1 ] workmanship. G. B. CLARKE, lift William street, opposite the Washington stores. Not to be equalled for cut, quality, aud work- j * man ship. SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING AT TIIECITY CLOTHing Warehouse, 102 Fulton Rtreet, opposite the old North ? \ Dutch Church. Coats from $1 to$10; Pants from $1 to $fl; Vests J from $1 to $3. A whole suit for $3 ? D. P. SMITH, 102 Fulton atreet. J TO BE SOLT). AT TIIE SHOP OK THE UNDERSIGNED, | ' No. 87 Ann atroet, where he will in future carry on the house ' carpentering business, a largo glass Case, Counters, and several J other fixtures, in good condition, and ready to he put up itnmedi- , * ately. Can be Men by applying to 3. HARRIS, Carpenter, 67 ; 1 Ann street. SPOTTEN & STANLEY, CANDY AND LOZENGE MANITfacturcrs, No. 118 Bowery.?Candy carefully packed in boxes 1 2(1, 2ft, ftO, and 1(10 pounds, for tho Southern and Western markets, ! 1 and delivered In ' any uart of tho city, or shipped to order. No j < charge for boxes, packing, or cartage, to any part of the city. Or- j 1 ilors l>y the malls (cash enclosed) punctually attended to. | 1 T BROWN, STOVE SEAT. ENGRAVER AND HERALD ! Painter, removed to 231 Broadway, comer of Murray street, < up stairs. Seals, signot rings, pencil cases, feo , engraved with coats 1 of anna, crests, &e. Arms found and painted from S2 upwards.? Hsoks of heraldry with upwards of 200,000 names. Information | given in heraldry. WOOD CUTS AND STEEL PLATES FOR SALE.?TWO j 1 or three handred lint wood engraving!, illustrating tho ! ' leading events of tho past three or four yean; and two splendid ] ' Steel Plates, Views of the Park and Union Square Fountains, for ! < salo. Apply at this office. i WIGS. WIGS, WIGS.?TIIE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST, i tho best assortment of Wigs, Half Wigs, Scalps, kc. Toii)ieo3. I Braids, Ringlets, ami other ornamental Hair Work, is to be a found at MEDIIITRST fc HEARD'S Practical Hair Cutters ami i Wig Makers, 27 Maiden Lane, N. Y. N. B.?Tlic trade supplied j wholesale aud retail. I PRENTISS PEARL POWl)ER-THE REAL ARTICLE, GE- i nuine, for im|>urting to the face a natural flesh whiteness; J 20,000 boxes?warranted genuine. J0"Cut this out A. St J. , RAMSEY, 25 Maiden Lane. , LEECHES! LEECHES!!?J. F. CLEIT, IMPORTER OF | Leeches, No. 7 John street, respectfully informs the Druggists ! [ and Physicians that ho has just received per steamship Washington, J a msii mi|i|iiy ui .-tweuisn ixjocnug, win on no sens at very moderate > prices, by quantities to suit puroluisers. P. S.?Country orders . particularly attended to. [ ' Belt ribbons.?just received, a large and i ' choice assortment of tlie most fashionable stylos?for sale by ! the caw, carton or piece. S. Sl U. MOORE, 45 Beaver street. Deer skin&?thirteen bal?s in prime order, 1 ' for sale by TUOMAS KRAZER, SH Ferry street. J Baltimore convention?extra line from piiila- ! ? delphia to Baltimore.?On Sunday next, 21st instant, tlie I J Steamboat Ohio will Wave Dock Street' Wharf, Philadelphia, at J -!i o'clock,P .M.,for the accommodation of those wishing to attend , ' the Democratic Convention at Baltimore. | FOR CHARLESTON, S. C?THE STEAMSHIP NOTHERN- I , cr, Capt. Tlios. S. Budd, will leave Pier 4, North River, on \ Saturday, tno 20th inst.. at 4 o'clock, 1*. M. All bills of lading ; ' signed by the clcrk on board. Letter ba* closes at 8 o'clock, P. M. i ? Price of utuage $25. Consignees are particularly requested to at- 1 1 tend to tne receipt of their goods immediately after tlie arrival of j ' the steamer. For freight or passage, apply to SPGFFORD, TILESfON lit CO., 4H South struct. j US. MAIL LINE FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN I , ?The Steamer Hermann will lcavo New York for South ( ampten and Bremen, on Wednesday, 31st May. For freighter ' 1 passage, apply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Coin- i pany, 00 Broadway. An experienced Surgeon on board. POR HAVRE VIA SOUTHAMPTON.?THE NEW STEAMship "United States." JKMI tons burthen?William (!. HackKlutf, commander?will sail for Havre on Saturday, 10th June; and i from that |>ort on the 10th of July. This ship is intended to run . milhllji faliww this j>ort and Havre. The United States has Moved "a remarkably fast vessel, and an excellent sea-bout? i having performed the passage, uneoppered, front this port to Li verpool, in less than 14 days. Cahiu |iassage outward, exclusive of , wines and liquors, S120. Freight on watches ami jewelry from | Havre, one per cent, on amount of invoice. For freight or )>assa?e, having splendid and spacious accommodations, apply to CIIAS. 11. MARSHALL, 3H Hurling slip. STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?ON AND AFTER SATURDAY, J May 20, boats leave New-York at 7. 'J. 10, and 11, A. M.; and 9 1, 2, 10 minutes past 3, and 4, 0, 0, and 7, P. M.;?Quarantine, at t 0, MJI. 10 and 11, A. M.; and 1, 2. I, .'>, ti. and 7. P. M. LAKE ONTAHIO.?THE STEAMER A UMIR Al, WILL " leave Oswego for Toronto and Hamilton direct, every Wednei* i day and Saturday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, on arrival of Packet H- :it. Time from Oswego to Toronto from 12 to 14 hours. To- t ron'o, May lfi, 1W. , YACHT COQUETTE FOR SAIX?TOE COOUETTE 13 ' schooner rigged, 76 4.V95th tons burthen, ooppered and copper ] ! fastened, built in IKl<i for the present owner, ami is finished nnd , furnished in every respect hi the most superior manner. She Is (Mi ! i feet on deck, l<J foet Iinch beam, draws \U}4 feet aft, HW feet I ,, forward ; and is supposed to be tlie fastest vessel of her class in the I . ; States. For further particulars, apply to JAMES H. PERKINS, ! < j No. 49 Long Wharf, Boston. Bostou, May 10, 184*. SAIL BOAT FOR SALE?A YACHT OF TEN' TONS, BUILT : ' in the best manner, uearly new, and very fast sailer. Apply '< at 2.> Broad street, or Peters' Fisherman's Hall, South Brooklyn. ( Foil SALE?A SCHOONER, SEVENTV TONS. I.1UIIT Draft Water. Innuire of Francis Secor, tW Wost stroot. DR. POWELL OCULIST, AURIST, ETC., ATTENDS DAI ' ly to diseases of the Eye and Ear, at his surgery, 2>.l llroad- i way, entrance IK Warren streot Just published, the second edi tion of Dr. PjOwell'i Treatise on the Eye, rrice 50 cents, which can be ha<l at his ottU:e; also his premium selr-acting Eye Fountains A luite supply of Artificial Eyes recently imported. CUMINS, HI'NIONS. AND HAD NAILS EXTRA* TED.? ^ S. Shiriakoff, from st. Petersburg!).?S. Skiriakoff begs leave, inrt.u respectfully, to inform those who are in any way affected with Corns, or 1)unions, that l,e can he consulted daily, at his otttco, 3 Chainbera-st. lie engages, to any who honor him with a visit, to cure the ahovo without the slightest pain or trouble. It is not his instruments, alone, which he relies on : hut engages his 1 Elixir to he the most facilitating remedy for extracting Corns? I which will never return. Any person who will call, can we a > I number of letters from their fellow-citizens, returning thanks for an immediate and complete cure.His oftieo is at G3 Chaml>er<-st., opposite tin* I'ark. mOB DIAPHRAGM FILTER.?THIS FILTER DE, J. rfgntd to I'Hriiv ail rirer water, it i.s a sumii. portable I apparatus; fitted for application to any faucet or barrel tap used for the discharge of fluius, and is constructed for application to a j vessel of the eajfctcity of a keg or pail, as well as to a city's hydrant. It cleanses itself by changing it end for end, will filter from ene t*? ( five gallons j*r minute, and is of a durability to last several years. Price $1, with faucet \\ ater-coolers, an invaluahle luxury tor ! " the Soutli. (price are also for sale at the oftce of the Diaphragm Filter, 34U Broadway, corner of I/eonard street, next ' alcove St. Charles Hotel, by WALTER M. GIBSON. Filters, Sic., , sent to any port of the Union. ALEXANDER''STRD 'ORAl'llE?A NEW AND V AT. 1 ABLB discovery, l?eing a liquid Dve which instantaneously changes the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to hair or skin. The great superiority of this dye consists in its easy mode of application and instantaucnus effect?all other dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its su|ierior excellence will Ikj apparent to every one upon a single application. As this article rests on merit, not on quackery, we oftr M irMenoe of Itc exeeTlency thai upwards of fifteen thousand boxes have l?een sold of Alexander's Tricbephe since its invention. For sale by A. II. & D. SANDS, Druggists, 11)0 Fulton street, corner of Willian ; II. Johnson, 278 Broadway; A. L. Winship. 77 East Broadway; Rush ton & Co; Tliomas Si Maxwell, and Johnson, Moore k Taylor, New York; and by the sole agents for ] tho United States, R.kG. A. Wright, Philadelphia. J rilO PREVENT THE I SE AND ABUSE OF MERCI'RV. A call at the llunterian Di?)iensary, No. 3 Division street, where Dr. Hunter's Red Drip, a medicine never known to fail in curing the ni"st desperate oases of secret disease, can he obtained. The nature of this medicine is such that it drives every vestige of the )toi*on from the system, and in in every manner convenient. J All may life it with perfect safety, without regard to cironmstances, situation, diet, or hindrance from Imsiness. Price SLpcr viol. Some mau in Boston calls himself Dr. Hunter, and pretends to have this medirine; Tie sells a counterfeit. No man in any city in the United States by the name of Hunter, has any connection with this medicine, DfeJEFFRIES antidote is the MOOT EFFECTUAL preparation sold for Gonorrhoea ami other disorders of the Sexual Organs. Long experience has proved that it will radically cure any case. This desirable result is obtained in from 2 to 10 days, and as it neitlwr creates nausea nor offends the palate, and renders unI necessary any deviation in diet or interruption to usual pursuits ! sonnd sleep or healthy digestion, the nuisance is thus removed a? speedily as is consistent with the production of a thorough and | and |>ermanent cure. Its ingredients are entirely vegetable, and | no injurious effect, either constitutionally or locally, can becansed j by its use. Price $1 per bottle. Sole Agent for this city, C. H I ItlNG, M Broadway, corner John street. ' ' ^ t/in REWARD?CROSS'S SPECIFIC MIXTURE FOR * y^lll/v the cure of gonorheca. Of all the remedies yet disco j vered for the above Com plaint, this Is the most certain ; it makes | a sficedy and permanent cure without the least restriction in diet, rj ! drink, exposure, orchange in njiplication to business Hie nroprie. , tor challenges a single instant ?f recent gonorlmra to be brought irl.ioli !.? will ,.f OKI \f...v * ; .liv gnnil in two days. S-ilii nl 27,'i llroadwav. corner "I I hamhera w' 1 atrvut, unci )iy SAN DS, 100 Fulton, corner W illiam strict. Dr. glover is consulted at iih office during 1< the day And eveuinx in those difllcnlt and protracted eases u : of stricture, gleet, ami delicate diseases which have proved too ?') d stinate fur physicians of less experience. Private entrance to his p ! ntflie, throujli the entry in Nn. 2. Ann St. 1Mb Extract copavia t< cnl^tin, etc, so extensively prescribed by physician*, may l>e had at [> his atore in front. No. 2 Ann.?Price $1 per Ikix. O MEDICAL CARD.-STRK TP RES ARE NOW REMOVED -i in half the tibial time, hy Dr. Morriaon'l improved method 1 of curing hy absorption. As strictures are frequently complicated <.( with th* morhid result of masturbation, Dr. M.'s mild plan of v, treatment will he (ound the only successful one. See hi? diploma, j,. with the signatures of Sir Aatley Cooper, fcc., in hie office, 304v, Fulton ittMt. w NO CPRE NO CltAROE.?DR. MCRPIiy, OF ?3 GOLD * treet, in confidentially consulted on nil forms of private din- w eases. Recent eases of giinnrhhnia he cures in 2 to 4 days. (oust!- n tuti .nal deMlity and impotency successfully treated ly Dr M. | No mercury nicd in any ease, or hindrance from liuninws. Office t'kl Wold street: open from 7 A. W. to 1(1 IV M. DR. RALPH. APTIIOR OF I II K "I'l!AC'TK'AL PRIVATE si Treatise.' lie,, KS Greenwith street, office hour" !) to 12 A. M., ci 6 to V F. M., (Sunday excepted.) TTioee who apply In the early n> atigoa will l-e lurprtaed at the rapidity and little inconvenience re Attending their Our*. It ia chiefly, however, those who ha\o suf vi fered from a certain clasa of people, or otherwiae, who can pro. t? |*'ily appreciate his services. In atricture, from ita flrat or inci- \ j.ient, to lU more adv#need and distrcMlng stages, (from uncom- tL rr.on advantages, in addition to a very extenaive practice in tlila sc complaint) lie can afford a rapid, easy and radical cure, which, he |m haa ground lor stating, cau be obtained from nu other nource in oi America, ui frog, Mr. Win.mis; I)Unda, Mrs J. II. Ilooth; Ondiuc, Mrs. (?. iottun; I.iitn, Miss Dcloriaiie. Dnora ojn>n at 7?Performance, Ouininence at 7o'clock. Muxes 26 renin--I'itl li'V Vf I Tc li E 1.1.' s OLT M 1* H' TilE.VTRE.?s.\T( BDAY l?i. evening, May JO?Will Ik> presented tho musical llurlet'.i lit' tho SENTINEL?Maxamllian Schloppien, Mr llollnnd; Linda. Ml*s Taylor. To In" followed by a now piece entitled an OLYMPIC EXTRA?Louis Philippe, Mr. N'i'kiiisun; Xiolvlas of Russia, Mr. (,'ouover; William of lluvaria, Mr. Itleeker; l.ola Muutes, Mary Fay lor. After which, LAVATEK?.Monsieur Unman, Mr. Ilof. aid; JohnCwntr iattur. Nioktnsoa; ImComwi l anno. Mim ltol*?rls; Mail, lletman, Miss Phillips. To conclude with tho IIOVERNOK'S Win: liioU.. ry Sh-r.. Mr. Holla-. I Captain Holystone. Niclilnson: I,ot t V Itrl^ . Ml?.< Taylor. Drt'-Ii Cm:!", W cents; Upper Doxes, i">; Hit, 12J?; 1'riva'o lloxe*, $.1; Onlnutra lo, $.1. l>oor? open at 7 o clock, curtain rise at 7>,. Broadway thbatrb?benefit op mr. vnderson Mtriu Brewing, Hu '-i' will hi pwfbmwd 11] new play, intitledthe PATRICIAN'SDACGHTER, anil the Cititvu's Sin? UorJauut, Mr. Anderson; Earl of l.ynterne, Mr. Fredericks; /apt. Plerpnnt, Mr. Mel) .oil; Lilily l.ydia l.ynterne. Mr?. llieM; '.'iilv Maliel l.ynterne, Misii Fanny WalUck ; Lady Chntter'v, Miss Gordon. To conclude with the |?'tite co.mdv of MATR1llONY?Frederick Delaval, Mr. Anderson; O'Cloh r y, Mr. K. <htiw; Damn l.imlmr^, Mr. D. C. Anders m ;Clara Delaval. Min Rose Teltiin. Dress Circlo and Pfcrouetta, Oil cents; Family Jirvle, 25 cents; Gallery, 1-"^ cent* Da m open at 7, performinne to commence at 7;? o'clock. Mechanics hall, 172 iikoadway, between Grand and Broome streets. Monday, May IS. and every light during the woek, the orWlnul CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, hose ooncerts during the rait EIGHT MONTHS have been revived with such distinguished patronage and unexampled snecess, nost respeotfully announoe, that they will oontiouo their original ind inimitable entertainments every night until further notice. Admission 29 oonts. Doors open at 7. Coneert will commence at H, Manager and Director, E. P. CHRISTY, For the aooi.mmolation of familios, they will 6ive an AFTERNOON* CONCERT EVERY SATURDAY. Doors open at 3?oi.mmence at 8 P, M. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM-!'. T. BAltNUM, PROpriistor, F. Uitohcock, Manager.?Splendid Performanocs ivury afternoon, at half-pait 3 o'clock, sad every evening, at a piirtcr before 8. The Giant Baby, only IK months old, weighing liuety pounds. The Balloon Panoroina of London. Wax Be) I i'll re Statuary, representing, in 100 figurus. size of life, tho liir'!: of "hrint in tho Manger, his Last Suppor, his Trial before Pontius r'ilato. Intemnerato Family. Groat Western, the Yankee. Tho American Fire King. C. Reisiuger, Violinist. A variety of 1 ;i I iant Electrical Experiments with a new and powerful apparatus. Kadarn Rockwell, the famoe Fortur.s Toll&r, may bo privately it an extra charge of 25 osnta. Admission to the whole, lnolutlug Museum, Performances, &o., 26 cents: ohildren, nndor tea roars of a^e, and old enough to walk aloco, 12>4 oents. Ro icrvcd front seats, one sliilllng cach extra. PA LMO'S OPERA IIOUSE-FOR A FEW NIGHTS ONLY.? Friday, May 19 Tho MODEL ARTISTS, consisting of a ompany ol 2fl members, under the direction of Sig. Mnnto Lllln, vill appear in a variety of Groupings, Statuary and Illustrated 'ictures, Historical. Mythological and Mystical, from tho great talian, Flemish, French and English masters, viz: Tho Throe V.I.WU IWh ItatMnir ?,,.l f'.Kti.l I'..,..,, lie Sua, tiie Throe Graces, tiie Bacchanalians, Hercules and lymphs, tho Supplicant, the Listeners. Cleopatra, Tableau Finale n honor of the United State*, bo. sto.?Dross Circle and I'arluette, 60 cent*; Upper Boxea, 28 cent*. Doors open at half-pant ?commence at 8 o'clock. PAl.MO'S OPERA HOUSE?TO1S ENCHANTING LITTLE spot in crowded nightly with connoisseurs of U>a?ty and grace rho strive, but in vain, to find a blemish in the artists who exhibit ,t this theatre. They hold forth the greatest attraction for to. light and the remainder of the woek. A talented " Dansouse," ogelher with some mot beautiful young Indies have been engngid. Tableaux all new to the public will be exhibited. Soo small ilia. On Tuesday Mr. Hurke receive* his farewell complimentary leneflt at this tlieatre. BANVARTVS MAMMOTH PANORAMA OP THE MISSIS mppi River, painted <>n three miles of oanvass, being the arrest pointing in the world, at the Panorama Building, in Iroudway, adjoining Nlblo'i Garden. Open every evening (Sunl*ys exoepto-i). Admission SO oents childreu half price, The Pn. toraota will oommenoe moving at to 8 o'clock precissiy. Aftertoon exhibition on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. fc/TELODEON, S3 IMlWERY.?THERE WILL BF. A (iRAND LvX Afternoon Performance on Saturday, May 'Jlth, comnencing at 3 o'clock, for the accommodation of lailies and chilireiu The entcrt&iumont will consist of a variety of Ethiopian i'crformanccs, Burlesque Lectures, be., Ike. For particulars see iuiall bills. Hall of novelty, corner of centre and pearl streets.?There is yet au omsirtnnity to the beautiful ?irls in the Animated Pictures at this establishment for two nights nnlv?to-night and to-morrow night, when a nunilier of favorite ?ii"[exciting Tableaux will be given; also the Greek Slave, which will be |icrsoiiated by a young lady whose form and beauty is the I'lmiration of every person. For particular* see small hills. Adnissiou, Oue Shilling. Doors open at 7'4,' commences ut 8 precisely. Messrs. B. NORTON k M. FLAVIN, Mausers and Proirletor*. trauxhall gardens now open?splendid saV loon pcrfonnancos this eveuiiig.?Grand vocal, instrumental, mil tcrnsichorean entertainment by the Kllmiste family, from Eu ope, who will appear in their most laughable churaeters, pleasing onus, "peratio and other duets, trios, glees, aud brilliant dances of he ballet, accompanied by tho harp, violin, and guitar. Adinision to tho garden free; to tho performance 25 cents?commencing it 8 o'clock. rAI'.F.RNAt I.K.-Mlt. UKM PSTKu I A - I INTF.ItTA I S . nient this season will bci/ivcn at 11 Tals-nrf le on Wednuslay evening, May 24th, on which occasion lie will sing his most popular songs. "The ?pot where I was born," "The loved one was lot there," "John Anderson, my J?," "The Kniny Day," "I'm with mil once again," "Saw ye uiy wee thing, Hie Lament of the rish Emigrant." ' Let us love one another," "My Nannie. O," 'I.m alone, all alone," "Jennie Morrison," "Duncan Gray," ami is popular cantata, "The Mny tjueen." Tickets SO cents. To 'oni me nee at 8 o'clock. IITALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA ? TT Sntmlay Evening, Muy 30, 184?. will be performed Ihs >K\HSll(Vl' *fl?r ul.l.l. IK ill V I'll/:.,1111 I II f leen O'Rafferty, Mr. Collins, in which he will sing "Tin* Liu nor of ?ife," ami "Widow Mahoney." To conclude with THE WRONG 'ASSENGER? Dennis Mc( arthy, Mr. Collins, with tiie songs Trust to Luck," and "Croo*kem Lawn." p REAT SUCCESS OF PROFESSOR PEsc^t CELEBRATED UT liand of Female Minstrels and Illustrated Pictures, received lightly, with enraptured applause, at the Temple of the Muses, Mo.,'#> Caual-st. This is the tlrst land of tVinale minstrels that ever ipi?ared in the United States. Door? open at 7 o'clock?per'urmance to commence at N o'clock. Price of adxnisaiou to parjuet 25 cents?Orchestra Hoi, 60 cents. Till: PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, STATIN ISLAND In con sequence of the tinmen* of the weather sevcrsl famiics have already taken up their abode at this fashionable snd comfortable establishment. It has l?een 0|>ened since the f?th of tho uontli, and parties desiring to take apartments can ro< et thv suh vri'cr every day at the City Hotel, or he will Ikj happy to wait ip iii them iit New Brighton, at any time tin y may appoint. Tho 'avilion has been refitted, and fresh painted during the winter, md is incomplete order. < itv Hotel. JOtli May, IM>. 1. IILAN' \UI>. A steamboat loaves N'nv Hrighton at S and 11 o'clock, A. 1.. and 1? and li". IV M. :g an 1. Pier No. I. N? rth River* New fork, at!' and 11% A. M.. and 3}( ami 0 P. M. rint YELLOW OR < HESTER SPRINGS, EXTENSIVELY Enlarged, and Grounds Improved.?Tlii-i well known place | n mntQi i" retort it now om I p tlw i I a 11 > toi . TN at ho medical attention am! accommodation extended to invalids mder Hydropathic treatment as heretofore. Pasren^er.i l<*are 'hiludclphia with the Reading ears at o'clock A. M., and at P. M. for Plecnixvillo, where go?>d coaches will l?e in readiness, md arrive it the Springs at 11 o'clock A. M.? and at AP. .M. V Sunday line connect* with the Coluinhia mill"a Is both up and lown. For further information please address Dr. GEO. LINJEN k CO., Chester Springs, Chester Co., Pa. Henri iierz*3 pianofortes and pianinos from his Factory, rue de la Victoire, Paris. Genera) Ag?*ncy and kVarvn?onis, No. .1^ Ur-'adway. New York. The gwat demand 'or the* Instrument- I. made it necessary for the underpinned \:rent to enlarge his sales rooms. Since the 1st of May Inst, lie ias been enaMe-1 to remove a grant |?art of his stock from the pubic stores, and M.ere ? now a larger and better assortment hand, ban has ever l?een offered lcf?re for sale, Price* have been greaty reduced, and the stock comprises now in Rosewoo<l and Mahontiy Cases. Pianinos, s iuare, seini*grand. and jfrund Pianos.? \ W. llODSTEIN. Orders and letter* please to direct, Ageucy Y Mr. Henri Hen, Jt.18 IJpadway. N. Y. U8VC TAUGHT?AND FOR FOR SALE, ONE ROSE. J. wood Pianoforte,including sUmil,price $K11 and oue Mahogany it $40. Alts ft good assortment of Guitars, \ cordeoni i I Violins, cheap for cash. Apply to M. Dl'MSDAY, Teacher of the j ,bove instilments and Sin^iu/, on moderate terms, at I'm Ilr' at'ray, near Grand street. I Hit THORPE'S CARMINANTIA rHE MARVELLOUS \J cures that have licen effected by tins medicine are creating >u eicitemeut liefore unknown ; its wonderful effects in the two r three cases given below are such as never were before heard f. I)y(i|ep*in, Consumption, and U?er Complaint, need no l -ner be known among us; their days are numliered when brought mder the influence of Dr. Thorpc^s Carminantia. Mr. \ar??n l\ lyers, Tinsmith. '247 South street, in his certiticate, which can '-e cen at the proprietor's offices, after detailing the many r medics e bad tried, all of w hich were of no avail, (emphatically oh. urves) strange a* it may anpear. in a few weeks I was perfectly rstored by tiie use of the < nnninantia ' Tlio c* e of Mrs. Weed, i he wife of the President of the Troy Hank, is also an extraordiaryone; she had been troubled with dyspepsia for years, had ml could not get any relief; as a dernier resort she %*as induced I o try Dr. HiortNf'a ( arminantia. and in taking a few hottlea w:m I rfectly cured! Also Mr. liAtrershal!. wife and non, ofTroy, one f the fir-1 n?ereliant!* of that eiry. A number of other cam*4 will I e published in a few day-, and any person desirous of seeing fur- I her evidonce can do no by culling upon the jnroprielor, l.*L' Green- , ?ich avenue. lie 1 EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TO TUB MARRIED ?jL or those contemplating marriage. The married woman's, j 'rlvAic Met Ileal Companion, oy Dr. A. M. Mauri conn. Sixth ediion. I'rice $1. This work is meeting with most astounding sal-, .51 >10copies have already l?oen disused of.) Every female ia ? d* a coot, whether married or *nmArriad, Althoorh il la la nd*'d e*pe?iilljr for the married, a* it disc I one* important secrets, Iiicrli should lie known to them particularly. Ilerw every female in discover the cause a, symptoms, and the most efficient renteiev. and moat certain mode of cure in every cma. For anle. T22 ir ui wAy? At the PnWiahing Olloe, 129 Liberti treat* Nia York; lao, Zielier and Co., corner of Chcsnut and Third atreeta, Philaidphia; tie and Co., Albany; W. R. Darin, Iloaton. On the ;oeii?t of $l, a copy will lie transmitted by mail, free of poatAjre, > all porta of the United State*. All letters must be addressed, nat paid, to Dr. A. M. MAl'RICKAU, boi 1224, Now York city, tftco, 12W Liberty street Voci;re,no pay.?dr. corbitt, ia duane street member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, maybe insulted in treatment of delicate diseases. No matter how long mi may have gleet, ulcers upon the body, or in the throat or nose, kins in the head and bones of the leg*. A practice of fourteen *ars, devoted to venereal diseases, enaMes Dr. C. to cure the orst form of this disease. Recant eases cured in four days.? o mercury used. Strictures cured in one or two weeks with arcely any pain. Constitutional debility. Thorn individuals , ho have indulged in a certain loathsome habit can positively istorad to health and society. Remember. 19 Duane street, i?pisite Dr. Johnson's. Vv \ l RIMOM \l. SK( II I THIS IMPoi: i \v ' ^ " Valuable Secret is the discovery of an eminent P ranch phycian. I is province is to nrevent an Increase of family vitlmut irtaillng matrimonial privileges in the least. The mean? cost thing : f\e knowledge of using these means is contained in th a ereU The means are within the reach f all. The ri/ht to ?itilge the secret to married people in ti e Pulled States ha.i Veil irc!ia*ed from the original dlseovcrer by Dr. Paveolctt, now of ew York. The menus employed an* new. sal -, iuf.i'l' l^irui* , s;4t convenient, simple, and msn 't injure ' he m 1 e I he - ret will l?e sent, under seal, t ? any married person bv -ending, , >st-poid, $1 to T?r. (ia?ricl X. Paveolctt. New Y< rU < ity Pnat flee. No unpaid letters taken from the <>tncc. Th?-sa Interested I ay depend on this aecrot. I ?. romuGiwi? v Tim mifT1 U. (! 1 I ' JliC P*r Woi'v? Mr Alkn cm the Prr <>!"*?<, nf t'n>; Hrm. As the delegates front th South continue ' ? pour in, u great change is takiun place in th.- sentiments of the politicians. Tin* unwary hive b < n running wild about nevera! new and uuhf* . I candidates, l?ut it is 11 :>'.v qaite certain llitt n > Southern man cau receive the nomination. The Southern delegates my that the views of those they represent are strongly opposed to th selection of a Southern man. Neither will they t ike up uny new man. II the hunkers b rejected, Mr. Cam cannot receive the nomination, and hu fnen.l.s will in that ease cast their votes for .Mr. Buchan-in In the South, Mr. Buchanan is decidedly the tronj/i'M candidate, hnving been the tirsi tod'1 clare against the Wilmot proviso; and on tli -othr.r hand, the barnburners of New York are bound to him in consequence r.f Iim withdrawal from the conli t in ISM, in compliment to .Vfr. \' in Huren Should Mr. Buchanan be the c hoice o( the couvcn tion tor President, tien ral Quitman will, in *!i probability, b<- the luinnnre for Vic-President Mr. .Icflerson |J ivis is supposed to be too vtronelv linked to the fortune of tieneral Taylor to be available, I do not think th re i any authority for stating that Mr. V\ ilUi i 11 ;i candidate, C,c Iieral Quitman would ii.'ii ildy lie tin; nuiii available candidate t??r th?* vie -I'rc tdencv. 'I'll.' hunkers believing now ill it it is iiit|M>f~vit>l' to oust the I tic.i delegates from tin- convention, desire to be admitted r.r (Pi/ii<>. They would thin neutralize the votes of their appoiunts. Tin y have very little prospect of being admitted on any terms. [t is now clear that Mr. Polk despairs of a noruination; and he is therefore giving solemn ass?-anees that lie never meant to be a candidate. Of course nobody believes thofi" protestations, but everybody feels <|iiite certain that there is no possibility of his re-nomination. That his frienda have arrived at this condition, may be inferred from the fact, that Mr. Hanuegaii threw up thYucatan bill in the Senate, yest-rd ty. It wastha last trump card held by Mr. Polk, and t!i ahsoluo renunciation of him by the united democracy of the country;, has rendered it wholly unavailable. As to the information pretended to have been received. that was too shallow a pretext to deceive unybouy._ Air. Polk has abandoned all hope of the nomination, and now we may expect n are at deal of pompous boasting of his fidelity tu which h<> failed to break because he found it impossible; mid ot his magnanimity iu refusing a nomination which he knew would not be offered to him in any case. Mr. Allen made, to-day, an indignant speech against what he alleges to be an attack by Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, on the prerogative of the President, in calling for information why certain nominations have not been sent iu to the Senate. The facts are these. The President was authorized, at the last session of Congress, to create two additional Major Generals. The rank was conferred i:i the recess of Congress on < lens. I'illow and Quitman. It has been invariably the custom to send in as early as possible after Congress has assembled, nominations made in the recess ; and in this cane there was a peculiar necessity for observing this practice, as General Quitman s services had entitled him to the highest honors that could be conferred by the Senate; and it was essential to confirm him as soon as practicable in the rank to which he had been unofficially raised, as the war was expected to terminate, anu in that event the confirmation of the Senate would have been but aii enintv honor. Senators felt exceedingly anxious to confirm General Quitman's nomination, but it has not been sent in, although these ssion has now lusted nearly six months. The cause of the i!>-|ity is easily explained. Mr. Polk would be ( ileil at the same time to send in the name of General Pillow, who, he knows, would not be confirmed. He desires to hold it back until the war shall terminate, in order that General Pillow, by resigning, may be saved the disgrace of a rejection by the Senate. Thus, to save from a merited rebuke General Pillow, his colleague in the practice of the law in the small courts of Tennessee, he does a gross injustice to General Quitman, an able and gallant officer. Now, it is true, the President is not obliged to send in those nominations until the close of the session, if he choose to delay them so long, and therefore, Mr. Johnson's resolution should not be entertained; but its introduction is, nevertheless, _ by no means to be regretted, as the debate lias exposed this most unusual, and, under the circumstances, most vile transaction. IIow Mr. Allen, of mi nu n mi me senate, can attempt to justitv huh base and grovelling scheme, is incomprehensible. The doctrines that gentleman advanced 111 the Senate to-day, are even more strange tlmn his justification ill Mr. Polk's meanness, lie attempted to prove that it is morally impossible the President of the I nited States can he a bad man. Mr. Allen is able and honest; hut twice the degree of his ability and honesty cannot sanction so monstrous an absurdity. lie need not go farther than the present administration to arrive at what can be proved from his own words, on a former occasion, to be a direct falsification of his present position. That Mr. Allen should be heard extolling the man wln? made the Oregon treaty, i:< exceedingly strange; almost as strange as that Mr. llannegan, who devoted this same man to an abyss of infamy where the hand of resurrection could not reach him, should now lie his blind and subservient agent. Mr. Allen talks largely of the freedom of the press. How long will the people be gulled by those who talk forever about the freedom of the press, and who, when the occasion presents itself to defend the press, basely truckle to power and desert their dutyT I will Jo Mr. Allen the justice to say, that whatever votes he gave in the late proceedings of the Senate against myself, he sustained the rights of the press against the power of the S"ini". Hut Mr. Allen contented himself with voting. Xo denunciation did lie hurl against the aggression of the Senate on tjie rights of the press and the liberty of tlr.' citizen. There was no crowded gallery to listen, and he therefore spoke not; no reporter, to herald his speech to distant parts of the country, and therefore he spoke not; ii" one o/posed to the Senate who could give him ( \Ir. Allen) the vote of this State or of that for thn Presidency or Vice Presidency, and therefore h" spoke not ; no President of the I 'nited States to be conciliated, and thi'ivfore he spoke not; in tine, no political capital to be in ide, and therefore he ppoltc ll"t. When a resolution was before the Senate last session, in expel the editor <if the Union from the Senate. .Mr. Allen denounced the attack on the lib crtv of the nress holdlv. vehemently, and with great effect. Mr. I'olk, as 'i mutter ot course, \va? nit rested for the editor. When the corrcsnondent <>f a New York paper w;ii vilely oppressed by the Scnati?deprived of his liberty, and treated with sh miefitlly viudietive violence?Mr. Allen was si I -iii. Mr. I'olk had instigated those proceedings against the correspondent. There lay the differ< ?!< < . Mr. Allen made a stveeli to-day, in which lie glorifies the press. Mr. I'olk is not at present particularly opposed to the press in general, and (ho convention meets on Monday next. Mr. Allen feels therefore at liberty, and it is his interest to glorify tli" presM. And yet .Mr. Allen is par excellence trie great asserter of popular rights in the Senate, and professedly the greatest enemy to humbug in llint body. It is but just to Mr. A lien to say, that lie appeared hi "ii extremely false jmsition?!o??i amid the sophis; tries which lie wov.?entirely at fault in sustain j mg the false and disingenuous theories he enunciated. His style is suited only to the emphatic utI ferance of honest sentiments. He should never assume or attempt to defend positions which h? knows to be untenable. Gai.viensir. Washington, May 18, 1HH. The Halt intore Convention?The State of the Case <r& neurit/ax we uiu/erstund "it. "There's a good lime coming." There is hot work in store for the Baltimore convention. Skill, tact, concession, conciliation, sacrifices, explanations, ami many other things will be required to bring the convention to a co-operation and conies, cence upon the card for the campaign. The ( ass stock promises the dividend to-day? the fancies are down. Kflbrts are now making among the friends of General Cava to ascertain whether he has not a substantial majority of the ut'legnt.'H. They believe nc lias, and rnnr they may defeat flic two-third rule, and thus secure Ins nomination upon a majority of the convention. I Then" i' also an understanding between the friends of (i?nernl ("as* and those of Mr. Buchanan, to fhif (fleet: if the two-third rule be adopted, and < icn. ('a** mIdiII have a majority over Mr. Buchanan on the lirxt vote given, and if it ulnll apr>\ir that the combined vote ot Buchanan in:l < m iv, in fiich an event, to the nomination ot the t, then the friends of Mr. Iluchnrian ai>to concentrate itieir strength upon < I ;ii i ! ?; ?!.( 'a><; but it ii shull amu .,r t!i it \[r. Bitch it 'it i.-> in the ascendant on tit" fir.-1 vot ', inid tint without the co-operation of the friends of (? m. C'afs ii|)on him, he may be defeated by p. com: iuation ot the other divisions ot t'> convention i;po:t some new nti'ii. then the friends < t ti.-n. C.imto come Up to t'.i' : . file. (Jen. Cuss, to-duy, apparstobe the mvi. LCj- ; *

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