Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1848 Page 3
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bars Ftrorir hopes that In forty-sight hours we shall hare the full result." PKTFRSBrno,Va., Aug. 10,1*MS. It is now believed that Reid, the democratic candidate, is elected Governor. The following are hie majorities in the counties last heard from:? Afh county 293 Lincoln 283 Rutherford do 107 Cleveland 78 Tredell do 348 Duncomb ...... - . 400 The Legislature is still doubtful. Philadelphia, Aug. 10, 1846. Despatches from Raleigh say, that so far as returns have been received, the whigs have a majority cf from four to six in the House of Commons. Manly is probably elected by 1,000 majonty! Ihc liiulfon liny Company nn?l tlic It. S Government?'1 he Pacta. Washington, August 10th 18*18. The statements resoectinc the nronosition ol the Hudson Bay Company are mostly incorrect. The truth is as follows :? By the Oregon treaty, certain possessory rights are reserved to the company south of the parallel f 49 degrees; the free navigation of the Columbia river is also reserved; the British government, in the name of the company, has, through Mr. Cramp, ton, the British Charge, proposed sell to this government their possessory rights south of 49 degrees, and also to dispose of the free navigation of the Columbia,for the sum of one million of dollars. Some of the Senators hearing of the proposition, the Senate passed a re solution calling for infor mat ion. ine secretary 01 Mate, in a communication, laid before them the whole matter, but did sot, as has been said, advise the acceptance of the proposition. He declared that, as adviser of the President, he could not counsel its acceptance without first ascertaining the value of the propriety of the property the British government proposes to transfer; declaring, however, that if he were in the Senate, he should vote for the purchase, as it would prevent the trouble and annoyance likely to arise from the joint navigation of the Columbia. The agents of the Hudson's Bay Company represent the property south of 49 as very valuable. The truth appeprs to be, however, tha it is of little account compared with the other right proposed to be transferred. Confirmations, etc. Washington, August 10, 18-18. The following gentlemen were confirmed as Consuls by the Senate:?Ilypohte Rogers, for Nantz, vice Livingston, recalled; Thomas Slemons, Matamoras. The House, last night, passed the Light House Bill, and were engaged in discussions of the General Appropriation Bill. Numerous Senate amendments were rejected. The Senate agreed to take up the Oregon bill the first thing this morning. Oeneial Butler, Washington, Aug. 10, 1848. General Butler started for the West this morning. The new French Minister, M. Poussin, was presented to the President yesterday. Money tor-Ireland. Baltimore, August 10,1848. The sum of $1000 was collected at the Irish meeting, last night.% Meeting of tlie Friends of Ireland. Buffalo, August 10,1848. Mitchel, the brother of the Irish patriot, is here. ^ A meeting of the friends of Ireland will be held to-night, at which it is expected that Governor Seward will preside. IN fERESTINQ CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. MR. WEBSTER'S SPEECH a on the t Oregon Sill and Wilmot Proviso. THlftTlKTU COIKURK8S. FIRST SESSION. . Senate. Washington. August 10. J DC ?enaie assent oieu ai lue uauu uour. au i w?f called to order by the Vice President. ukl it.niior bill. After the transaction of some unimportant business. Mr. Baioeh, of North Carolina, from the Committee of Conference on the Naval Tension bill, made a report, which was read and adopted. report o* rill: public privtivo bv contract. Mr. cami how,' of Pennsylvania. from the Printing committee, made a report showing that a debt of a hundred thousand uollars bad been incurred, or paid out, under the contract system. liohthouse rill The light house bill was returned from the House, with amendment*, some of which were agreed to, and others rejected. ciliro op a porflox or the national road to thr state ok irdiara. Mr. Hasscoat, chairman on the committee on roads and canals, reported from the House a hill ceding to Indiana that part of the Cumberland road lying in said State, which was read the third time, and passed. Pe*t routes. On motion of Mr. Nilea, of Connecticut, the Senate proceeded to take up the bill respecting post routes, when sundry amendments were considered and adopted. oreoojc rill. Without coming to a conclusion on the post route bill, the Senate, on motion, laid aside the morning business, and proceeded to the consideration of the order of the day. it being the Oregon bill. Mr. WmaTEk obtained the floor, and addressed the Senate in an impressive and effective manner. lie said :?It is desirable, sir, undoubtedly, that there should be established, as soon as may be, a proper government for the territory of Oregon; nnd I am willing to vote for the bill to establish such government which has come to us from the House of Representatives?but I desire tosay, that if the amendment proposed by the Committee on Territories be engrafted upon this bill. I shall not vote for it. The fourteenth section of this provides that? - The inhabitants of said territory shall be entitle 1 to enjoy all and singular tile rights. privileges and advantage!) granted and secured to the people of the territories of the t'nited States Northwest of the Ohio, by the articles of contract contained in the ordinance for the government of said territory, passed 13th of July, 1787, and i hall be subject to all the conditions and restrictions, and prohibitions of said articles of compact imposed upon the people of said territory." Mr. W. continued:?It is well known that by the ordinance ef ICth July, 1787. involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime, was excluded from the Northwest Territory. The proposal now before the Senate is to give a reason for applying that rule to the T?rritory of Oregon, and that reason is in the words of the amendment " Inasmuch as the said territory ir, north of the parallel of 36 deg. and 30 rain, of north latitude, usually known as the Missouri com I roiui: u. ' I understand. sir. that when a man aoes ?a 1:11, and undertakes to give reasons for that act. ami gives hut one, without suggesting that there are others, the world is fairly entitled to draw the inference that he lias no other reason. For ray part, sir, I should think that with this proviso in the section, the implication would bo irresistible, that if tho territory were South of the parallel of 30 degrees 30 minutts, the proposition of the ordinance of 1787 would not be applied?that if this territory were south of the line, slavery would be admitted. For one, I wish to avoid all committals, all traps by way of preamble or recital : and as 1 do not intend to discuss this question at large, I content myself with saying, in few words, that my opposition to the further extension of local Mavery in this country, or to the increase of slave representation in Congress, is general and universsl. It has no reference to linos o^ latitude, or points of the compass. I shall oppose al' extension of slavery, under all circumstances?in all . places?at nil Hires?even against ail Inducements? against all supposed limitation of great Internets? against ail all-gallons?against all combinations?and against all compromises. This is short, but, I hope, clear and comprehensive, it is merely to announce my purpose, and 1 have no more to say against tho bill. This is my exact position. If tho bill be preserved as It came from tho House of Iteprosonta the*, it slfldl liftTe my support; if it be impaired by the adoption of this amendment, I shall oppose it. So much for the Oregon territory. With respect to California and Now Mexico, no subject regarding them is before the Senate, and therefore I have only one remark to make, and that is, that the controversy which has arisen in the councils of the country respecting the government ?f these territories, Is just exactly that controversy which I supposod it very easy to fore, see from the very beginning; easier to see from the befinning. ] fear, than it is vow to foresee a peaceabi* Mil satisfactory termination of It. That entrant is not now beforo ua. I will thareforo any no mora J upon It, bat that 1 am happy In the reflection, that< f for (no, 1 had nothing to do with the commencement )j of the late war with Mexioo, but to cppoce it with all * my might; and that 1 bad ncthiug to do with the t treaty which terminated that war. but to oppoee it with all my migh*. I regarded the war ua calamity? I regarded the treaty am a calamity ; and I fear It is >' likely to prove, by the annexations and acquisitions which it boa brought to ur, a great calamity, j in being more permanent than the war itaelf. i Mr. B tlkr, of South Carolina, followed In a speech ^ on the adverse side of the qOMtiOO. Ho spoke in a ( most vehement tone of declamation and defiance against the degradation of lubmission to which the North is attempting to reduce the South. He was on- s pond to this bill. bee? uah, If we admit the principle * it contains, the South is lout. He repeated this de- * claration emphatically several times :?That If a law is I pasred excluding slavery from territories adapted to j ? slave labor, ho would, before < ?od. advise his constituents. to go out with their slaves and occupy the | country?uiid go out with arms in their hands, pre- 1 pared to maintain their rights to the last extremity. i J Mr. Douoi.tss thought it would be as well to wait to ] J see what shape the bill will assume before opposing it i so bitterly. Mr. Hai.k followed In a speech for the proviso, just | . as strong as that of Mr. Butler against It. He.urgued I t that the South, in the annexation of Texas, had ' t agreed that Oregon should come in free; now they cry no. and demand the right to violate their pledges. I South Carolina might be very determined in herposi- j , tion, but she would find this time that the North was i i in earneit, and that her position was also taken. If i the South was so iumoderate as to go to war in dell- I 1 anco of law, the Nerth would have the moderation, the I will, and the power to meet the case. dig ini tan apfhophiation p ILL. Mr. White, from the Conference Committee, re' ported the Indian Appropriation Bill amendmentswhip h were adopted. civil ano diplomatic bill. On motion, the House then resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, on the state of the Union. Caleb Smith officiating as ehairinan, when tho Civil and Diplomatic Bill amendments were considered. The House agreed to strike out the Savannah River amendments by the f-llowiDg vote :?Yeas 78. Nays73. The committee then rose, and resisted the bill, with amendments. The House then proceeded to act on the amendment reported by tho committee, which was Commodore DcKay's appropriation. The yeas and nays were demanded, and resulted affirmativelyJJaslfol lows?yeas 08, nays 67. The House then took a recess until half past 5, at which time they re-assembled. The Amistad question was rejected. At 9o'clock, tho House laid aside the Civil Bill, and took up sundry bills from the Senate, when, at half-past ten, on motion, the House adjourned. Mr. Calhoun was opposed to tho bill and the amendment; but from very different reasons from those of Mr. Webster. The amendment was ambiguous, and be wished to be explicit in his action upon this subject. He then proceeded to a general examination of the merits of this controversy, maintaining his well known grounds. This question will not heal itself; we shall have to settle it, and the sooner the better. The consequences will be fatal, unless the evil is arrested. He gave a history of the origin of this excitement The ignorance of the fanatics of the North started it. Jackson's proclamation of 1835, by strengthening the idea of the supremacy of the federal government, gave strength to this cause of abolition. The question of abolition petitions had further aggravated it. The ambition of a disappointed man in the North, , VTI1U uwvrr mci^buiiig iu me auuui, uibu cuuovninibuu I a'l the elements of opposition against us. Bat can , this thing go on ? No, sir. We must settle It, or it must lead to dissolution, or the overthrow of our institutions?one or both, and more likely both than one. He dwelt upon the signs of the times, tending to this awful result. The South would yield?the North would not yield. Where is to bo the compromise The only plan was the Senate bill, lately rejected by the House; but that bill had not been ofTered as an amendment to this; it was because there was no prospect of its passage. He deeply regretted this aspect of things. He defended the institution of slavery, and the rights of the South, and depicted the universal distress that would follow emancipation in the South. He would not vote for any compromise upon this question; but would acquiesce, if the compromise 1 should be assented to by Senators from the North, in j reference to all the Territories. Mr. Mamuum was opposed to the amendment, and the bill. He did not believe in the power of Congress over slavery in the territories. Mr. Nilei followed in a vigorons vindication of tho proviso, and against all extension of slavery. Free soil and free labor were his principles on this question. The debate was continued by Messrs. Metcalf, Johnson, of Maryland. Berrian, Foote, fce. At four o'olock, the Senate took a recess. The Senate re-assembled at half past Ave, when, on ' motion. 2000 copies of the joint report of the Commissioners of the North Eastern Boundary, were ordered to be printed. The discussion of the Oregon bill was again re- j sumcd. Mr Foote. of Mississippi, moved to lay the bill on tbe table, which motion was lost by the following vote: I Teas 15. nays 36, The preamble to the Wilmot proviso saction was \ then taken up. The question being on Mr. Underwood's motion to amend it, a ong debate ensued, in which Mr. Foote of Mississippi, Mr. Davis of Mass.. Mr. Downs of Lousiana. Mr. Hunter of Virginia, Mr. Johnson of Lousiana. and others participated. At 9>? o'clock Mr. Underwood withdrew his motion. Mt. Doi'ol(i< moved an amendment in favor of extending tlie Missouri compromise to the Pacific Ocean, which was adopted by the following vote :? Yeis?Messrs. Atchison, Badger, Bell. Benton, Berrian. Borland, Bright, Butler, Calhoun, Cameron, Davis, of Mississippi, Dickinson, Douglass, Downs, Fitzgerald. Foote. Ilannegan. Houston. Hunter. Johnson, of Maryland. Johnson, of Louisiana, John-on, of Georgia. King. Lewis, Mungutn. Mason, Metcalf, Pearce, Sebastian Spruance. of Delaware. Stunreon. Turney, and Underwood?33. Nay*? Mean's. Allen. Atherton. Baldwin, Bradbury. Breese. Clarke, Corwin. Davie, of Massachusetts, Dayton, Dix. Dodge. Felcb. 'ireen. Hale. Hamlin Miller, Miles, I helps, L'pbant, Walker, and Webster?21. After some unimportant business the amendment was adopted, and the bill as amended, was passed by Yeas?Messrs. Atchison, Badger, Bell, Benton, Berrien. Borland. Breese, Bright, Butler, Cameron, Davis, Of Mississippi, Dickinson. Douglass, Downs, Fitzgerald. Foote. Hauncgan, Houston. Hunter. Johnson, of Maryland. Johnson, of Ueorgia. Johnson, of I.ouisian. King, Lewis, Mangum. Mason. Metcalf, Pearce, Sebastian. Spruance, Sturgeon, Turney, and Underwood ? 32. Nays?Messrs Allen, Atherton. Baldwin, Bradbury. Calhoun. Clark. Corwin, Davis, of Massachusetts, Dayton, Dix, Dodge. Felch. tlreen, Hale, Hamlin, Miller. Miles, Phelps, I'pham. Walker. Webster, and Wescott-22. The Senate then, on motion, adjourned. P. S. So heavy has been tho debate this afternoon, we could not attend to the telegraph. A large report by mail. At 9 I'. M , on motion of Mr. Doug'aes, the Missouri compromise was adopted 33 to 21?almost precisely the vote that on the late bill of the Senate. It I runs the line to the Pacific, and secures slavery South of the line. The bill provides a government only for Oregon. On engrossing the bill, the vote was 33 to 22. Mr. Calhouu and Mr. Webster voting no?they doubt- I lng the power of Congress to legislate on the subject. , Mr. Webster has made half dozen speeches to-day. I The bill will be laid out as cold as a wedge, io the | House, from present appearances. Nearly all the House members were iu the Senate to-night. House of Representatives. The House assembled at 10 o'clock, and was called to order by the Speaker, after the reading of the journal and prayer. | suspension ok contract for the connressional GLOBE. Mr. Crosier, of Tennessee, moved to suspend the rules, in order that be might offer a resolution to suspend the contract lor 1*4 copies Of the Cotitrettinnal Globe to each member, made at the last Congress. On Ibis motion, the yeas and nays were demoaided, and resulted as follows : ?yeas 7-4, nays 53 j two thirds not Toting lor it, the motion failed. extra coupes! ition to postmaster. chapla1x, ajid otiikk employees aiiol't the hol'se. Mr. Cxtik irt, of Indiana, moved to suspend the rules, that he might offer a resolution extending extra compensation to tho postmaster, to the chaplain, and to the folding-room employees. The yeas and nays were demanded, and resulted in the affirmative. Mr. Hot itox, of Alabama, moved to lay the resolution on the table. The yeas and nays were demanded, and decided in the m native, by yeas 73, nays 64. Mr. Catiicart accepted an amendment in favor o including the Sergeant-at-Arms and Postmaster. The resolution was then put upoo its tinal passage, and the y< as and nays demanded, and deeided in the affirmative, only fifty-three voting in the negative. cost 'xflkxt k'sd 01* the hol'ae. Mr. Cobr. of CiiOTgia, moved to suspend the rules, that he might offer a resolution to prevent the Squandeiing of the tlou.-e contingent fuud The yeas and nays w>*ro d>qiiauded on this motion, and resulted iti tlie negative. to.MMI'IIC ?TlOff >'ROM N P. TRllT, K?q. A columnnieatiou was received and read from Nicholas T. Trist. Km| , dated Wott Chester, l"a . giving the history ot his agency in framing the treaty with Mexico. mid < lutrgiDg the President with the intention of conquering atd annexing the whole of Mexico, and ( wit h abu.- ing the power entrusted to him: and also with retorting to ubornation nnd perjury, intimating that the House run investigate as to the t ruth or falsehood of the i barges, with inference to impeachment. Much M-ncation was wanife. ted by the reading of this t document. Mr. Tut ma* S itit, of Connecticut. moved to rofer the paper and accompanying document* to tile Committee on foreign Relations, and to print it. Mr lit rt, of South Carolina, made come remarks respecting any private grievances indulged in by Mr. f Trist being sanctioned by the House. Mr. (Jim. J. Im;i 1'ot.l, of Pennsylvania, Mr. Holmes, of South ( arolina, and Mr. A. Scheuck, of Ohio, made some suggestions as to the disposition of the subject. On Mr. Smith's motion in favor of printing, a di- | vision was called for, and the yeas and nays demanded, ! which resulted as follow* Vias, 83 : nays, 90 The motion to refer the documents to the Committee en Foreign nidations, was carried Markets, At ram Auguat 10.? Receipts within the pasttwrn- , ty four hours, 2,000 barrel* nour; corn. 3,900 bushels. Sales of 1000 Ibis, flour were made at *4 87,', to f 5. , Corn was in small supply; sales of 3000 bushels wero made at 58c. Whiskey- Sales of 170 libls. were made at 22,'ac. Sale* uf 8000 bushels of corn were made, to atrive within a week or ten days, (flat y?llew) at 09c. X? change in proyUicne sdersifned. old drivt rsof the Tonipki ? Lip# "imujIi llroad .ay r0 ad A?tor Place, tro'lor our ?iocere thauis to Mr. Jwm.M Murp ly, sop rietor of said line, (or hit gentlemanly conduct In coming of Di-.vard immediately < n benrio* of tl.e tribe among the oth>r ires. and i ffv ring to pay no mi adequate i mpcnrrlion for our ervioes (tne'veahil u>K? u day) without he itntion. We (in pe erely tmat (hat the public in general will emtiune to give hlu hat liberal patronage which liia irener >?i t ?> r'rh'v dee rvia v< OLD DRIVERS OP THE TOMPKINS LINE. cf Soldiers* ClnliuK?VVt arc heartily k1r!' ** tarn, by an atlvert ici uieot in ore if our columns, that n r i mi nuch tsteemed friend uud fellow ciluen. tJ hnel J. 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Not a dollar was en- 01 tered upon her manifest at the Custom House. ^ We annex the semi-annual report of the Bank of ! p: Missouri and branches for June, 1845. '47, and r48. | u showing the movement in each department at each pe- \ riod. There has been an increase in all the leading ^ "eaturee. 1 State cf tiie Bamk of the State of Missouri and its Branches. Retoureei. June. IMS. June, 1847. June, 1848, Bills discounted at parent bank and branches $1,341,391 1,513,181 1,077,898 Exchanges maturing at parent A bank and branches 167,772 883,7! 462,232 14 Exchanges matured do do 517,3111 620,260 141,547 10 State of Missouri, for interest 10 paid 71,94!) 101,697 107,311 2 teal estate of parent bank and II branches 121,097 166,380 120.261 14 Suspended debt parent^bank and 10 branches 108,704 163,301 180,9:2 Expense account do do 14,679 14,043 14,312 Protest account do do 583 633 51 [hie from banks to do do 171,104 40,108 22,407 Bank notes on hand of other banks, at parent bank and di branches 122,900 60,140 40,650 C rreasury note* on hand do do 6,300 42,150 ? n .'ertifioates of State Bank of U- _ liiois 21,307 24,307 ( 1Mnl, 1)0 lUnk of Illinois.,. 183,940 181,906 > 192,0.3 1( (Variants on treasurer State of 8 Missouri 7,475 ? 01 n Bold and silver coin on hand at * parent bank and branches.... 1,709,545 1,003,780 2,4)5,741 p $1,078,873 3,4-15,090 5,17.',000 J Liabilitite. Capital stock $1,100,101 1,201,899 1,206,163 Due depositors parent bank and b branches 1,541,735 1,218,529 1,63.1,88') 0 Unclaimed dividends 29U 1,882 807 g Interest and exchange of parent a bank and branches 152.616 193,690 187,37 i, Contingent fund 69,330 f7,340 lit),898 , Circulation of parent bank and 1 branches 1,474,170 2,040,70) 2,119,">!0 5 Due to bank by parent bank and 1 branches 1 223,102 84,355 191,406 a $4,t!87,873 5,415,690 5,173,(00 J The leading features of these banks compare as foi- j lows:? ? Dec.'39. Die.'4.X Jiiie'iT. June'48. 1 Loans and discount*.. $1,406,929 723,570 1,533,181 1.077,898 t Specie 502,890 1.3?Ki,2t57 1.608,766 4443,711 y Circulation.,. 410,740 1,073,090 4601,760 2,1 !!?,?>.? o Dtp'siti 246,746 1,220,689 1,218.544 lj639,K8,| jj A comparison of the movement* this, with those for a June 1847, exhibits an increase in the line of discounts of *144,717, in specie $841,056 and in deposits $421,351 11 and a decrease in Ihe circulation of $521,170, The issuing department is in a much more favorable condition than at the date of the last report. The circu- Ii 'ation was in June, this year, about three hundred J thousand dollars less than the amount of specie on 0 hand?whereas last year, the circulation was more y than a million of dollars larger than the amount of F specie. This is certainly an important improvement; y one calculated to relieve the bank from all apprehension of a demand for specie from any quarter, as it is able ( to meet every dollar of its circulation and every dol- [ lar of its deposits, with speoie on demand. Since June 1847, the specie on hand has increased more than ' eight hundred thousand dollars, in the face of all the < shipments from the seaboard, and the drain from the i Western banks. 1 The movement of each bank in the State of Missouri, consisting of the Bank of the State and branches, at i four periods, within the past three years, has been as \ annexed Bank ok the State of Missot at and Branches. j J.nans. 1 Junr. ' 45. June,' 46. Jnie, "47. June, '4 '. Bank of the State... 690,398 6' 9,660 716,.'>44 848,459 Branch at Fayette... 133 16"; 140,518 133,116 14 V 76 _ I'almyra.... 180,425 112,320 179,981 182,632 J Jackson... 142.88'J 149,401 a 115,081 243,914 f " Springfield.. 125,242 179,117 161,929 161,704 * Lexington.. 38,274 190,999 170,527 185,308 *1,341,391 1,417,218 1,538181 1,077,"98 Specie. Bank of the Slate... 12227,819 1,074,664) 1,101,860 1,96,204 t Branch at layette. .. 112,1.3!) 91,106 92,.315 KB.703 t Palmyra... 84,292 94,183 73,571 82,781 Jackson... 138(138 131,497 184515 1H.753 , Springfield. . '42,485 9.3,152 95.300 88,872 1 " Lexington.. 114,781 123,683 108.115 92,425 J $1,769,564 1,610,221 1,608,706 2,415,741 j Circulation. , Bank el the State.. . 6-2,22 4 571,190 1,639,770 1,100,600 * Branch at Fayette... 216,510 237,009 236,010 227.430 f Palmyra... 180,180 198,000 176,600 200,601 " Jacknn 1(941'.-II 17(17(41 1'IM Mi, 1111 'ik> ' " BprinfMd.". 186.670 jwMWO iSiSjll IS-' i ' Lexington.. 07,1.-0 221,690 238.150 237,290 t (1,474,47V 1,967,640 2,640,700 2,119,890 ' Deposits , Bank of il.o State.. . 1,433.900 L4.0LI47 J.OK.3,906 1,523>7< ' Branch at Fayette... 2iv3S 14,9*1 4 >.117 17,30."i 1 Palmyra... 24,838 4,712 36,182 bl.922 Jackaon... 11,273 13.814 3,74.3 11,177 " Springfield.. '>, '>81 .1,067 11,667 80/115 > " Lexington .. 40,807 40,601 40,034 30,613 $1,841,731 1,811.972 1,219,128 1,6SV?0 J This table shows where the changes hare been. The 1 Bank of the State exhibits the greatest increase in the ' leading departments, particularly In that of specie and j circulation. There has been a great deal said about the drain of 1 specie from the Southern and Western banks for ex- j port, and a portion of the shipments has no doubt been drawn from them, but it has not diminished their supply, but on the contrary the returns recently made show an increase in the amount on hand compared with that of last year. It conld hardly have been otherwise : and the fears entertained from an exportation of a few million of dollars, liavo been entirely groundless. The amount of specie received from foreign countries within the past eighteen months, on mercantile account, and by immigrants, cannot have been much less than thirty-five millions of dollars, and the amouut exported within the same period has been about ten millions of dollars, leaving a balance in our favor of tu-enty-five millione of dollars, which has been so much of an addition to our previous supply. The banks in all sections of the country have secured a part of this, as exhibited by recent returns, the government lias received a portion, and the people have in their possession the balance. A country whirh can secure such an accession to Its wealth In such a short space of time, cannot be la a very dangerous or alarming condition. As an offset to this, It may be stated, that our staplo exports hare depreciated in value twice the snm; that, had thig amount of bullion remainod abroad, it would bave given us better markets and higher prices for our products; but it does not follow that such would have 1 been the result, and even if it had been, it is by no means certain that we should in reality have h?< n more benefited by It. In former years, when our export s have commanded much higher prices in foreign markets, when our foreign trade Altogether was appa- , rently much more prosperous than it has been during | the past year, we were not tho recipients of such a large amount of specie, and the balance of trade was ( more equalized. Our Imports correspond more closely 1 with the value of our exports. If low prices rule for ' our products abroad, we consume less of foreign products; and reduced prices for our exports tend more to a restriction of our luxuries thnn ?n tli? s-tUin ? - e our pocket*. It I* said that the value of any article dc- " pend* upon the demand and supply, and there is doubt- | lee* much truth in the remark ; hut it applies more to I the luxuries than to the necessaries of life. We hare, ' within tl-.e past year and a half, as Is ?Vn*n above, drawn from foreign countries twenty.fivo millions of ^ dollar." in specie; we have on hand the surplus of two a crops of breadstuff*, and an immense cotton crop on the eve of maturing ; our market* are filled with. n foreign manufactnree of every description, most J of which hare been paid for, and scma of them paid for twice; wc bare reduced cur imports to a ^ WlU m 1 insulating eguinst us to be liquidated with shipments ipeeis; and w# do not see hut that, on the wholl. ?<> r internal and eat* rual affairs are in a very pros- ?< rous and satisfactory condition. We bare, if any. a J." ry limited foreign indebtedness?we hare hundreds millions of dollars worth of the raw material for sding and clothing the people of llurope; there arts ?b| illions upon million!) of dollars due us from the bunkpta cf Great Britainand the Continent, not one cent ^ which we (hall ever see; and bad it not boen for the ? > arketa in this country for the manufactures of ting- J") ml, when nearly all otht-rs wero good for nothiog *,t e half of the manufacturers would hare been ruined loking at thinge in this country, in the most unfa- ot rable light, it must be admitted lhat there is nothing to apprehend if we are cuutieus and are not prodigal (| , the many blessings we enjoy?if wo husband our re- 1 urces and wait patiently for a legitimate domnn<lfor r| ir products. Instead of forcing them forward upon aU arkets before they ore prepared to receive them. J. ices are low, they may go lower ; but If our products ? predate any more in value, those of other countries ( ill experience a corresponding decrease, and it is our jh? ipression that we are in a better position to bear a furler reduction than any other country. Our tinancial id commercial systems are permanently established V son a basis as solid as the eternal hills; and upon tat basis our movements have, for sometime past, sen formed; whereas the financial systems of Kurope ? re in a state of transition, and no one knows upon \ hat basis they will finally settle. Every thing con- etr ected with the publlo debts and finances of the gov- ? rnments of Europe is in the greatost state of confu- I on and uncertainty, and will, we fear, remain so a * ing time, it is, therefore, Impossible to form any ide->. ^ r the standard of prices so far a* the markets of the r,| Id world are concerned; but we know that prices in lis country must, under the operation of the Inde- 1sndent Treasury, be reduced to a specie point; und ireign products of all kinds seeking our market lust be regulated by that standard If the govern- kj lents of Europe adopt a paper currency, and it be- ^ nines very much inflated, wo shsll find more eiten- I've markets for our products and our markets will 5 a reduced for their manufactures; for they cannot roduoe under an intlated paper curreney and sell V nder a specie currency. We havo found out that, nd the knowledge cost us something. ^ Stock Exehnnge. IttOW) Treas Notes, 6's 10-1^ 4 Ml *h? Morris Canal !1 \ *000 do 10^ 10 Uticaft Selicnccta'IvHIll I v MUtO do b60 104 50 Canton Co MO 3SH 'ti .jOt'O US 6 s. of T>8, coup 104?: M) do *30 .13 d" Scot) Ohio 6's, Of 60 90J, 50 do 33 ~ too do of'70 994,5 25 Nor & Wot, BII V 501*) Reading Bonds 57% 550 Harlem RR 52? 1000 do 57*4 300 do sOO 52% fttl 0 she Reading RR (00 33% 100 do blO 53' P" 0 Farmers' Tnirt 27% 100 do l*jO 33*4 **' 0 do 27% 50 Long Island RR 27% tm 0 do bl5 -7% 100 do bOO 2H 5 Illinois state Bli 11 01 Erie RR, new full 02 I 0 Morrit Canal 9% tiO do CIV 0 do b60 9%' 14 do 01 J, ? 0 do 130 9,', 60 do blmoa 63 ^ CITY TRADE REPORT. I Thursday, Aug. 10?0 P. M. w The flour market was, if any thing, tone tinner to- e.i ay, and with rather more doing. Small sale* of North arolina new wheat, with tome lot' Western, were lade on terms stated below. Corn continued Arm, ri ith sales chiefly of miied, at full prices. Hound yel- J >w was scarce, and, for present delivery, only obtain- 01 ble in small quantities. Meal was firmer, and held at n advance. Hye remained about the same. Oats ere in moderate demand, and prices inclined to droop, rovisions were quiet,.without material change in rices. Groceries were steady, with fair sales of sugar, r rithout, material changes in prices. HrsADSTi'KKt?Flour?The sales footed up 5000 a 6000 jj ibis, consisting chiefly of common brands, this State, p ommon Genesee. Oswego, he., at about $5 12%, with li ome small lots at $4 04 ; 250 Hope and Yates County 0 lills at $5 60 ; 600 Ohio flat hoop, at $5 12%. Small ? Dts of Michigan were reported at $5. Southern was nactive, at $6 37% a $5 50. Wheat?Sales of some ? 00 bushels North Carolina, new, were made at | J 02c, and 2000 do Western at $1. Cam ? Sales of * .bout 30.000 a 40.000 bushels were made, including ! ihiefly mixed at 60 a 62%c, and some lots of round yel- ] ow were sold at 66 a 67c. A lot of 2.000 bushels of r rhite changed hands on private terms. Heal?Sales if 300 bbls were reported at $2 94. Holders demanded ( >3. but supplies were very light, orders of any magniude were difficult to fill. Small sales of Brandywine Jjj rere reported on private terms. Hye?Sales of about j) 000 bushels were made at 70 a 72c. Rye Flour? h ales of 300 bbls were made at $3 87%. Oatt were dull t t 42 a 44c for Caaal. v Cotton?Sales of about 400 bales were made. The ? rarket was heavy at our quotations. a Liverpool Classification x S. OrU.i >14, u mid tii Uplands. Florida. Texas. f nferior none none 6'4 a S? vdiutiy 53* a 6 S% t dia 6 a 6'* ~ liddling, 6,V a 6? ?? 64$ 6'i 1 6^ H ood Middling 6?, a ?iW 6H a 6?$ 7 a 7', J liddling Fair C.J, a 6^ a 7'a 7? a 7? fa sir / a 7N 7>5 a 7)2 8 a H>2 w ully Fair 7>* a 7?-, none 8)4 a 8)$( F iood Fair nominal none nominal _ ine nominal nono nomina 1 Freights?There was no change worthy of notice. d" :orn was engaged for Ireland at 8>;d; to Liverpool. t< :orn was worth about 5d. Heavy freight 17a Od; and * iotton 5-32d. V Fhvit?The cargo of the bark Missouri was disposed if to-day by Messrs. Mlnturn It Co. It consisted of r 160 boxes oranges, red (O) at $4 a 4 12),; 172 do do at (3 60 a 3 76; 270 do do at $2 a 2 12,'?; and 720 do le- e nons (L) at $3 26 a 3 62>j, cash. By private sale, we * noticed 166 casks /ante currants at 7o, lees 3 per cent; J arid 400 boxes raisins st <>1 50. Provisions?Sales of about 360 barrels pork were node, including mess, at $11 26 a $11 37,'i, and prime it $8 i?4 a $!?. Lard?Sales of 200 barrels at 7%C a 8c. There was no change in butter or cheese. Hn.-ic?The market wos firmer for rice, and the sup- j, ily not large; sales of 122 tierces prime at $3 87>? per .1 00 lbs. K Sue irj were without material change, and the foljwing parcels changed hands: 300 boxes brown ila- J ana at 5ca6'.t'; 200 hhd* Muscovado at 4ca4.StC; and a ome lots of Porto Rico at 48,co4^c, all on the usual ? ime. ^ Family Provision Markets T New York, August 10, 1848. The following is a correct report of the prices of all he meats, vegetables, ke . as collected at the Washing- ? on Market:? | Meats?Betf Steak?Porter house, 14c per lb : sir- 1 oin, 10c a 12>$c per It.; roasting, best quality, 12)?c ? ier lb.; inferior. 7c a 10c per lb.; corned, 3c a He; ongues, 60c a i>2>sc each. Fork?Fresh. Oc per lb; salted, io : smoked, 10c; hams, ll){e per lb. IahhH? 7r a 10c j ier lb. Mullon? 6c a 'Jo per lb l'eal?6ca 14c, as -* i?r quality. Fi*h?Salmon, (fresh.) 18c a 26c; do., smoked. 2 >c; In nirkl, ri 1(in ri,.r Ih fv-frir,...! I B-. .. Ill* II. Io., (sen.) ic; weak fish, 5b a 6c; eel*, tic a 8c; black Oi id). 8c: halibut 5c a tic; blue fish. 4c a 5c; cod fish, ^ ic ; pcrgies, 4c a 5c; llounders. 4c a 5c; mackerel, 8c; k. hud. smoked.) 10c. Shtil jitk?Lobsters, 6c a tic per f? b ; cliinttt, 50c a (.l per hundred; oysters, 6t)c a SI a " id per hundred, as per quality: crabs. 18c per dozen. q J'oui tk)?Turkeys, SI a $1 26 each: chickens. .87}, a _ oc per pair: ducks. 02,lac a 75c per fair: geese, 50c a J >2XC each. 0( C hcesk. 4c.?Cc a Oc per lb ; Lard- 7c r Oc per lb. * Vutltr?15c a 21c per lb. Eggi?0 for 12',c. n> V Beans, String. '25c per peck; butter, t> l'2X'c a .5c per quart: peas, 16c per peck; eggplant, . Ic a Oc each; carrots, dc a 4c per bunch squashes, ] io a 12Xc each; onions, 4c a tic per bunch; cab- ti liage, "2c a 4c per head; tomatoes, 2>C per basket; h' beets, 2c a dc per bunch; potatoes, (Irish ) 60c a t' i'j'jO per bur-hel: do. sweet, a 50c per p'ck; j1 pumpkins. 112*ac a 50a each: peppers. 50c per hun- ' jri d . preen ccrn, 60c per hundred; cucumbers, S iiOc p< r huntln'tl: t.krR. '25c per hundred; radishes. 1 Ic a 1,','e per bunch: leeks, tic per bunch: turnip", I' Be a t per bunch, i' Km it--Peaches, S"X<5 o f>l 25 p<r basket; pears, 37 Xc a 60o per basket; apples. -47i?c a 62Xc per bushel; > jin/e". t 2Xo pi r peck; grapes 50c per basket: plums, t 2.o- a ?'2>;o per peck; pine apples, dc a 15cea< b: water Jg melons, lor it .50c each: nutmegs, 6c a Oc each. Pi biiik- ~Cranberries. 37'ic per peck; blackberrV". Ir a tc per basket; whortleberries. 4c a 6c per quart. II -I'ardey. fig per bunch thyme Or per do ? ?apt*. 2c per do; riiint. '_'o per do. " There i* a very great quantity of fruit in hands of jj dialers, and 'aba are dull, even at the low rates. The j demand for meats It fair, and prices steady. Vegeta < U s are plenty, and of the finest qnnllty. ti MARKETS I XSEV. HERE, STOCK SAT.KS. * ri i i ei.i n<A. Anaust l<).?Hrst ffiwrrd?tlOtl Lehigh Serin t : '4 . io W il K It C'? IS.7fiX; H? 11' 8 Hank,: : loitJIrtrd Ri nk. U V ' 9100 War Bounty, !>.' .: gtflPO Mm our.' It's, 82: | ; 0';in?ar] .NtsSiiil' Hi',; 60 Reading.} 2000 date A ?. I 7 Ml <, 5. o ill, .s'l/rt - I' ' >'i'?,5X, KM1.-. liu 751,: .'."till lilt iiV, 7>-Si 1 > M arts ?'ana'. ' ? Sen .11 .aid.~-J.tO I' 8 <i>. I.-. MM*.: 3*?> State ft'* 7S',; ! ??<i Ki. ii t j( R R C'f, 5", X; I'Otiiraid ltr.nk, It'1,, Aft, ,' $ ilrt? 7. t'e.i*0 fits'' 'q s5d..' , dJ Giiurd baud, 10',; 16,000 _ fitstr.Vs.7: V E I'.:.. V. An-'iMt 9.~pr?h ''It, red- 1!) Plfbbarg U.iilroa.1, {. Ill }j : '!'> ksndlrr Hn: trend, 171 n: 92U10 Bore .n''ity 0'e, 1861. :i I . . Ait, lion?22 sl.nit Won, rn ad. WX a W \ per -h; j. v i U.i -i... I, ,i "i , r ,i ; :? '.? N'srh ..i ,i 1 I r ir'l di. Iti|nr cut tdv; 6 ile M'ss'tts < "tten Mills, (per s 0,1 i?w riT t; S2 do I v. l.aiifc Bank, I' 1 per cent; 8 do New p rlstper rent a<lv; 2 do M re! sins , pr oitidv; 1 l.'liin Rranit" Bri be (Ynv ra'dn, <10: 9!W0 Tcrtuoat and Mas- ) ik< 1 uMtts Itkilr.'U'l Deed, 07. i-'orr: on iiarkf.T*;. 1'? istsi 'illy ]8 Bus n? -s the past fortnight has ? been tiiy dull there bns b'rn a crssatloiiof iin- ? ... .. uml'UilK'.ri. OUl mo )iT?tto'l?U"aVy ktoei.s In flri-1 hand* arc fcutlltlio reduced. aa rales J I" i ii very limited atnl confined entirely tore- " I?11 There is n alight advance in pork ; c>ilti-h i- jj jetting scaree. rind the uuality of what rumalna in* t, JilTerent. A cargo would fully bring our ^notations, ti ind unless an arrival fakes place aonn, there will be a r 'onsiderable advance in price. T' weather cou* ^ llnucs showery, e ports still scarce. and but little dejiand for tonnage. J ' ?? I mmmm?*? Mnrrlt'd, Jj On Hie Rth irtft , at t irace ehnreh, by the Rev. Hen y D< koren. Mrs Moitiu 1". Ro 'rn.i.. of this el?y. ir ind Mr. Ai mr.n Mt'.saor. of New Orlenna. ' On the lOtli of July, in Christ church, Sag Harbor, by >' lev. ( . II. (iardiner, Joiin L. ( a r u i n k a. M. l> . of J1' Iridgehampton, to Misa Mart K. Otaon*. of Kast ? Umpton. ? Ulril, Ii! On the 10th inrt., of scarlatina, Ja?ir? KruiLits, son of t. Villlam and ' ordelia Sitncnson. aged 'Jyesrs, 7 months " ,nd 25 days. Ilia frlenda and relativea are respectfully invited to J|| ttend hi? funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, .j rem tl" corner of 26th street and 2d avenue, without ti er'her invitation. 4< On the hth Inat., India t'u isci > a, ten 0/ Wis II. 111 V alien, af?d J men the and H dayi. ^ Am tnit- Dry Qfwxiii, rinUiiiur, Itc. ThU day, Friday. " )|?lt 11. at H? otl?< k, at i h?? a.U * r oiu, a ?fof K of l>ry <i? wH, 1 n iftlB^ of olothi, cattimtr**, renting. ahotMBg, shtrtift*. lioen. Wjl *!orei. ho* try h<\ AIim\ *in?n Or&noy, rU; nn?tul"i of Whii ;ond htTvl fvmiitirv. Faniltiira on 1 u^Mli *vruft Irt. At fflWM IIAil, In'.O Itrovdway, a l:?rtM t*uk <1 furm'.Ufe, at t*) | yn' c ltd it for apt royad end* r*?I n??t? r. rt \ 1 A KRWABD?LOST, A VOLUNTEER MEDAL, NAMES | (V.Vfl ) IvJ Lnwret*c? Mnrtie. Any perr?.i who .will rttum | tain | I nun.? vi ill r o?i ? tl.c iKiiVd rr -vui S, a* the OftW of tlufl j mrnr ac REWARD WAS STOLEN FROM TUB ST A Bid OE N ?(/ Doctor liiy.l, Linden ..rove, t'lie.ter t mi >*/, Penn., | oriel BIo.hI.iI Mere, verv tan;. I.ob tail, ejrrle'' r i, #<l very time, itli to ona *ide, and ha. a ?| uvm in *rk very plain "it her near ^' ..1 ley. T1 n nhova tewurrl * lil i.e 1'T ilia recovery >,t the Vu. h ire en appliealien nt tie Herald Offii e. I ~ ? Bt.ak WITH ICBRIFN t l.un?A MERTINtl OK TUIS CLUB H IV will I* hal.l tliia (Friday) av.-nii i*. at Ne. 'Si Ju u\f 8t?vv?, Mr. t 8 o'oli hear tin? r. |mi t .1 ;l,? ?"..I!;11 y t'n ;*nii and drr, * take further maiti'ire?to aid tha moeeuient in h. half ??r Ire- id. Coiue one, coma all. Free., on rallr' Let ui nohly ic* " n.l JOHN KUAN. Ii1 ri.oRKecc McCarthy, Secretary; - -* 1 lie mi Ml E MEMBERS OF NASSAl' LODOE. NO. VJ, i.O. oft), r, of Jl of Ilrcoklyn. ari ie>iueele.l to n' Meiiiinti'.i! llall. ti.i.i Feint ern.iin ?t .'t o'elook, to a tend the Linen,1 l miv nto bri 'liar, the r J. IIAliliEKTON. W. MAl kAY, N.O. 8IIAJ JOHN C. RITTEK, Secretary. Mr. I Dur.r, tHALLKNOK? WE.IIIL I'NDE'SIONEl) WILL SAil, *ith i ' Delude Ti.enon Win Loeell, 1' Fit*.- rn <1. ' Craigi iut a rave in I# loot beate fr<i-.i *10 to 1 ! Vf.niaa ie ,|y at I'.ntn Nanaau atrtct, at any moment. JAMES NF.AIIY. Fannl JAMES W1IALF.N. ?;Urta New York Auc. Illh, IMS. JAVIHS OLAS? PA fl'SIC?A LADY WHO OWNS A FINE TONED PIANO Vy t ... I. .!! ? ere she can on* or more children ion 1 The - ily m- Mr. I isvtion she re"|iiir'?, I* her hoard in the family. Apply it'. 't'hl I'hill oadway. 1 our tioliS IU81CIAN8 WANTID? FOR THE U. S. SHIP ST. LAW- sc!s, RENCE. Apply at U. S. Naval Reudei?ou?, No. 8 CiKrry Rim t *?t. ' dale; N't OK MA HON IV AM LOOK A. STARNS, M HO l.l'.l'l' HIS |?,n( wile in the Mil if April, IMS. Any information r .irling u hrrvahnnts will l-e thankfully received hy hie wif?. No. > / I Cm net rlreet, and i unctimJIy attended to Canada j'.ijmrn, XJ 1 ?... < orv. every LAINHF.I.O SCRir WANTED?I'llE 111(111 EST CASH price given hy J. O. EA Y, have Limp Store, i t" r niton ?'***? High: CITATION WANTED?AS t OAi'HMAN a.ND i: \liE- Ja"ai,J ' luW'r ly a y<?nn? of good ch*rmt??r 'Mi-t < x- twin riencu, *ho can produce the best ?Mtv tc?fcimouia rt of character prj\u d < om justenoy. App y at Hi B# ckman -treet, for Frauciis Iw. v MMi IMM.,rM.?.'lxw. gj V ANTED-A SITITAI ION BV A RESPECT* BLE VuU?C. ?en" Genuati jrirl, us rtehinp.trt-h. in ? private Anusrivtn 1. ni'ly 44 f this o ty. Good refer*noon given. Wages $6, I'lea-e ea'l at ) Stanton ntr*# t vtl Mnrr hack room. Weeil VAN'lED?liOAKD IN A i'RIVATE KAMII.V, ItV A single g ntlein in, in elt'or Oroharii. Allen, or Khlridge ,r()In eels, within o-e l.lo k of (iriind street. Term* meat I i mo- i,.v? IM 'I- A' d * < : '1- ,. J. - | V- to .1 , t's llr in, I x* r.'M'. have VANTEL?A 1ITIJ.VI ION AS COOK, BV A KESIV'JTA. llcgirl. Is willing to do wnrhing and ir >ning fur a strall J? /, n'ly. Would have no objection to do In ure work. I'n Icrs'ands ?. Mr r> ecohine thoroughly. The liest of city reference given. V'?? en-c rail at .V; Mull* riy btreet, in the Btm. Cnu he i-cju for r"*0 day*. J1*1" i ? ? Sougn HOARDING, WITH PLBA8AKT ROOMS, FURNISHED OR "P*"1 * unfurnished. for gentlemen uud their wives, or ? nglo gentle* ? ^ ?n. Terms moderate, and references exchanged. Apply at No. \ Mornc itreeubetwe.n Market and Cuthsrine s'roets. cump > K? UTIh'UL STUFFEO liln O ?THIS D.\Y FRIDAY, #.'?Pit 3 aui ii,t Ilrh, nr 10 i'clock, at IU! IIruxd"a , .1 W. Brow*. ^ u, ill?r 11 at auctifn as n' o?e a large coll i?tion of xeuntifni xtutf- rrtne 1 hirds. pn | ared i y W. Galbralt", of Wc?t Ih.bokeii Tlie oo - <jUt .' etioji comprtnts he most bemtiful hirds of the United States 8 ? 1 mill A " ..Ion fin the Wrsf Trdira stt'S ?? ? the g |M1E SOLDIER'S OFFICE-SOLDIER* WHO M vv Wl ill * vei l to procure land warranth from the I hkud Staten t'.incrion Vice, ii> the hhorte?fc possible time, and oji the moat favorable , rn?p, < r who may with to dirtpoito of their wnrrmtn at the Man iklit-Bt price*, may find at the subscriber's office every advantage _j|0 hich can be afforded at any place in the citv. *u? . J. P. WOOD, 51 Wall atreet. JjJy rHE TARNAL CRITTER, NO. CONTAINS a SCENE te in Coll on'8 Gambling Room, on the night of the murder , !nrlie? ; fcrilltaut biographical sketch of the lion. a. tf. Sevier; low Dank, are Robbed; Scene in the Third Tier of the Park; [|u lob Suttou and the Sham Marriage; Prison Songs: Graphic P<>iee Sketeli; P. S.Snow, or the Premier of Christ; Whist Player's ow,. luide; How m Cateh a Husband, he., Ike. Prioc 4 cents. For iG, ale at H0>^ Nanan street, in the rear. r ;In J 1ST PlyHIJSllEU BV 0. VALE, -tT Tii* BEACON OF- R'"j tico, No. .1 Frank! 11 fqu .tc. New York?price 60 cents: "The "J i \\V Ken," us f. r Believing in One God only," ,l)y Vl'ni. Jaoohi.? ~ II?This a work of rcrcaroh, nod alike interesting to the Chris- J' iiin, the Jew, nr.d li e inquirer n tor ti-.i'h. Also, just published, H ? llie Vontbly Beacon,"ill yol. 6 he Political works o Paine, in ' vol . are in press. Pa'ne'a R'gbtsof Man; new cJi.iin of Vol FF, ey'sRuins; Strauses I-lfo of Chr'st, kc. he. ^n(j )n: svsanna! removed.?c. holt, jr. publish- j?*1 cr of "Oli! Susanna," and other Songs of Christy's vli.i Mne rels. will remove from Fnlton street, anil o|kjh hie now stoi-', P0? iO Broadway,corner of iVar-en, tins morning; and while he is Mi* lankful lot | ast l ivers, hopes tliey wiil now he i voce ised. He will ave a tine nssortment of new and betniuftil Music lor the Piano, *Pv uitsr, he., consisting of Song-, Ballets, Duets, Quartettes, ?, * Fait res. P !kas, Quicksteps, he. Music haiidsouiely bounl. rr lanostnned. I'art "CONVERSATIONS FKaNCAMES, OR FRENCH T AI GUT hnlt ^ on flu- Oral fyftvm. enabling to *p?.ik from the tirafc losaonf, j-v ? nd in.mringeaso anil t'uenoy fo'pupilu more advanced, but dt- M , ;iei.t in ftprokitir. Tuition at home, in cla.'ics, ; privately, whon J per month ramilk'H and school* nf tended. I'Icufo addretio ?-.? MON? PW **T, IMFR?'F!. Nntif d? PurK.W liroodwiv. ?orf^ ticfl d ro IJtT? AT HOBOKEN, A LARGE FRAME HOUSE, near the berr). rent to 1st May next, fi'JlM, feirilge free for niily; contains eight rooms, and has just been thoroughly re- , en d. Enquire at the ferry landing, Uubukeii, of W. IV. SlIIP -.tart EN. Agent! rO CAPITALISTS?*U?I,?*X) WANTED TO CMtRV on A Part! businesi easy, regular, safe, and whi-h w ill realizo one bun- s'-akt red llicusana d'dlars siweily profits. The control of tlie capital willl > remain with the party who furnishes it. Undoubted refo- lug w tncos given and require,!. For the names ol the parties --id don t tie character "f the enterprise, apply to shun THEODORE SEDGWICK, fid Wall street bera. ? ? ml ro DRY GOOBS MERCHANTS-for SsLE.THE STOCK allle and Fixtures of^the staMislicd store, Ji.'i Greenwich Unas in-; uvn m mo city mr 1118 ? hole- be df 00 and retail dry goods business. 1 lie stork is small, mostly le:ei 1 taple goods, and in first rate order. For a perwn with a modi cf8e ?te capital, tliis is a chsnge seldom to bo mot with. l"or further unlet articular.", apply on the premises. Sat" A OENTL1MAN ABOUT LEAVING TUB CITY, WISUE9 w' [A. to let Ids house and sell Ills furniture. Ti.o h?usi Is a mall. jw' ear, throe -story brick building. aitunteil in the west rn part of * lie Sixteenth Vt arJ. pleasan ly located, and of e.iav ncr. ss 11 the f*n] lweriart cf the city. Rent very mod-rute?S-7?p;r aunutn. J?n' ,i i ly to COLL k CtllLTUN, 27 Wall streat, or address to " Sea- J? r' l.te.-.v thecUtceaf tiII raid. ?**? LAOK SALE-THE Sir <'K AND FIXTURES ??K* A tilth. wy ? cere store. In a Im- nesa part of the el'y. In iiiire No. s7 la rr n tie C, (torn I to 3 P. K. r>llj -X ART OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE?LADIES AND Jlj" J Gentlemen hayng superfluous eireots to dispose of, wea-ing , . parr I, kc., can obtain a fair priee for the same, by sending 1 the subscriber through the post otBce, or otherwise, who will dope tend at their residence. Lndieaattoniied to by Mrs. Issvenstyn. ni, hi J. LKVF.NSTVN,Pit! Broadway, upstaira ( IWUt UMTKD STATES MUSKET*. 2,I??) SINGLE CJ L.vs'JV/ end Double fowling Gun*. ?,tKM Pair* of Pistols publl so.ted. Also Cun le ha Powder Fliwkr, Shot Belts, Oatne 8jru ot", Percnesl'n Cups, in great variety for sole on tl.c most in tl y. rslte tem*. by A. W. SPIES it < t).,OI M.iiden laae, mm ?a - abd < )OCTOK F.WVTEIT IMS REMOVED 1115 OFFICE TO At deru Ecy street, wlitne he can he consulted on ail private die- t<r. ,ii . lie most abstlnate yield to hi' modu of trrntmcnt, which of w on tho non insmtri >1 systo i Stricture# cured on the most gar" iproicd pi 11. The victims of corstituti nial dehiliy, hronirht mori I 1 y i'jdpcroet itp'ulgcoces, can ci ply with a certainty of c'tir". comi .11 Dcy street. featu "KMINAL WKAKNE4S, l.\lPOI'fcN(Jlt,kc.?DR. HALF 11 3 }1l? > rraetieal Private Treatise contains deeply interesting in- i" rmation, and but too little understood Tie only trno treatment * , id cure, with recipea mode of living, Ac. ko? faithfully given; "I11 h editim, 342 pp. piice*$l; mny lie had of the author, 88 reenw ioh street; or oy pest, mailed nan. rixi 1.1 Kl-ll VI 1 A lt'- -I nl II Ivl-o AKE At'lV KSddOVEl) -?- , *1 in hall tl-c usual time, by Dr. Murr s -n s improved method curing by al rption. As strictures are frequently compliant*! rort' ithmrlidr itlt of masturbation, Dr. M.'s mild plan of treat- r,VB 1 cut will lw found Sucre-, fui. Si - his diploma with thn signa- derat tres of Sir A at lev Cooper. Sr.. in Meoffi - 21)4)4 Fulton street \t:. GLOVEK IS CONSULTED DURING THF, DAY AND \J evening at his olTce, So. 12 A ..list. (fotinrly No.2), in fu-It and mrotra i i d, ite I' . t which a rve baffled the skill of physicians of less expert-nee Ids Ex- J\ act 11 Cepaiva 4'u'ovb . kc . ro v*-ens', sly "r.'tcribed by | '.y. i ,jr, ciins, may lie had at hisst .ro in front. No. 12 Ann street |,,,,|, 'oruerly No. 2). #1,j k,l UjIOAL Or'EICr?DR. JO! N"ON, 1(1 Dl'ANE STREET. N'' yl r.csr Chatham p?tc-t,no wc'I known ;ts the nvat sjccsaful ^ [- in A -w i r-. In tl' ti itmont 11 v taerral dLu n i. I,.. Iiccti r's reputation f< r skill in thoseold half-cured o ?" TV nve existed for vsare. is ne nodosal. OI?i .t 11 p n '.he ledy, c: in the tUr ut or noa?, turin.* n the ii vi a id oid> one* of the h ;r, "H 'n*11jr cured, Com tituti->cal ? ikn"?j, of pi roo'-itt tii l>y a accro' h*'it indulged iu hy y eg:.: u, causing am i laamov* drenma : id nightly in inn-. p :'.ivel? pruts i .vi. Will ciM i eurod in I >tir 'Iny?. without merenry. No ulterati. n n di-t. or prcv nti'n frnn luAwa TTj 1ST ril.l TSBKD? PR. BOSTWICI IREWORK .S , I untile'- trra.m Vwiml, ae 1 oilier iflNllotl of lbs I'ri. "Hl ary Org uu, ."SO raya* "imrto. TMa laths m-at < mp|ot< r.t l,T' MM wstlt tf tbsiMI ?r IsmdlkM the pif. || < ntatn? birty-Hven coined iii/niting", whtnh delineate tire clnaa of Ihikj Inimitably. It ilat euMlu brtp wood mtiMtapi fV . ill' it'. <!; ant! cit/yUin ; know .i atai i ' rn " ? pestnient of the"-tlbei '"hanl'-em refntty n i i I, no.! all Fui' io n i-t aptroyedp orl|'ioti- and formulas h*ve 1 -n gl*?n. 0.1aleat li e oftio of pufllo.nt ii, 7X2 llrostlway, and uf the rithor. fitM liroadway. Frico SI''. Also, I'r. II.'a w rlt on ?*l!* * ,:ic, f.'il (a,. a, 14 < .gtai lu: _ , with lilats to young m o. Price * 1, foras'e a* ah a. il - [\It. KAl.lll. AI 'III'tR i?" rill. "I'll \t If A I, l-HI VATE \J 1 r?a'i"n," to ,S-(ir :? > r". !>t i11 A. M? toil F.M., (Sunday t>. c; <!.) Tlfto who apply in the early L^t age a nil! l<o rtirp.-iel ; the rapidity and little ine .iT?ui'iiee 1 'ending their enre. It iscliii fly, however, tlioa* who imveauf- "d ired from a certain tlaes of [o i l., or otherwise, who ?an pro- matt irly ppreeia'S hla sendees. In stricture, from it > first or laoi. lent, to ita more an n d i.nd dl -trexaint afager, (from uneotr. a n ion advatiti'cea, i. ftildtrti n to a very extensive prtotioe in 'his ?tr nplslnt,) he canuflorJ a rapid, criy, and radioal < ore, whloh. * 0 In a tToiiml for suiting, o.iu bo obtained from no other aource f',r 1,1 1 AtaaHea. l>< i . ?? sail l k|l)hl t I KAO.ilMN.VKY WORK?TO TUB MARRIED Ta or i- ni con on1 plating ir.arr age.? The Married M'oinan'a |t 'J riv t.' Midi' i! :iip?>. n. by Dr. A. M. Maurice*'!. Sixth edi- ' on. Trice $1. ihii v.. i ii. e or i nil r.i" t it'tnnndingsirlc, r".'r' 24,Of.) C"| n" have a'n lylc ' i! | Jud il ) Erory female ia * " atting a copy, tvlo ft" - i >r i-nniai rico, altho. gli i| u ia- pairo - di d -j . >| y rt. it <:-' mriinp rwnt r .rata, ?r?t i IM ahoul i iv knsww i" tliem i-irtl n'lariy. H ire erary femals " a" ii, diac it'i . ..n-e-i e/mi't ioa ar I the most ctfVlent rotne- rr lis, and n. if r :iin n ..e J euro in every cars. For .?!e. 243 " ( lr b'.-xat! at the | 'Ii- v. 121 Liberty street, New York; osy. lao. 5?I*1"'I li t .. r.or t I and TliirJ llreeia. Phili- ?t( iIrLiu; Mule fc Co.. AllwiJI W. 11. T>aria, R .Hon. On the JP ..eiptif fI. -m" 1 tianari Itted lytnull, fr ? 0f r.oata"e. rr,.. } all porta of the I m .--I Stn ca. All latter" muat lie nddpjxaed. ..?t paid, to Pt. A >1 HAUWCEAl', box llhll. New Vork city. CT ?n iftee I? l.lhwtv street. i lie \ i t.?i: (i.N 1)1 "ft \ IS OF TUB "I'Virt. c\ -tl-u Ii1 ' \ t J t" Fi i i.lar and i'rufcsrional Heading, and thoeTpn. n>ir.i !i< t- ! Oua< !<iry. Ily Kdwud II. DU n, il, I) T7f> pa ire s, Sth rn h, li.i, n, "M. AIM', VV .on and her l>io -sps, Ulicli . I r-rp yd '.''i Frm the livenim roc" - Dr. Dijon in a in. 1J ' J i f IT. Mi'I, *he Inventor of a great number of\alualdo surreal * ifin tr.rni and a |>ractttioncr of eighteen years' standing; lii.i *' r.| dk* are vrittcn with (treat de'lra' y ami care, yet with an appia- " nt desire to communieate tiuth *i,b ti e wtin"?t force and ear- * < ; n< Fit m Il.o New York Journal of Medioino and Collsrat Sc l-noe*.?" It la written in a clear, nervous stylo, and ii cal- , M ilatcil, aswe think, to d> much good. Tlio dwcriidions are 11,1,1, oviutely drawn, at.d tho remedial inoatiirca judicious. The ,'t' acii'k nor whl Had it ali undi' t In valnahlo oints, 1 I the ptral tiad'r will , iae a r .'.any useful . na ami m 01. Ill >ry warnings." From the lloaton Mr lical and Surgical Journal. 1 v Dr. Dixon hna mitten ravcli and noil on varioni branches of Built irt-cry; hi* book show a th itoitgh a' |uaiiitnneo with mod rn etna r&ctiee; and he baa secured attention to every ru '? in the vo well me? an art that few witter* pi Stricture, Uonorrho a, Sy. great illis, Varicocele, Hydrocele, and Fistula are particularly well servt rated of. 1 he author ? ackuow originality. and thorough pralt votion to the rational 1 rlnclpktof medicine,and hiilngcnuity guen ;k)cttrying snr/.calcifcnir.staneea, atnropit with mope than of- ftlft nanin'trcft." I'd Mile by CHARLES II. RINU, *arju>.w iciwuv ^Coriwof^ohaist.aadflMMlway masrm r?(f ot the Lilly ?l>t lorna-hi Din. Mr oi-jif; y Dattnn, Mr. *V|nen- : Eft linilrr. wiJ '?ary Taylor Dm it er, Mioo S. Dinm; Parol P." ler 11 i-t K. > ? 11. To Ke k* ,I l-y the itiur tent pi.-cnfJEaW l.f N f) ? J.-H t\y Llnd. Mm y 1 avion Mr *wl;;iti'f! P.? * r," Mr. tCarifea; Mr. I .a w 1 Leaint rimy*. Mr lie I amy: M l.rauly Mr I. II. (lull, nolcde with the rmo'l romio'i h oa of < '!. CLAM ? 'aa. Mita Mary Taylor; Anil" ** Cnrew I". Mr. Wni*n?; ip. Rolando, Mr. Doom op?n at 7: f?r*V rm-.nteicoru< ?P)W e'elock lioaea. ?'< into; Pit tntl iJollrry, \l)'t reote I BLO'S-ASTOK PI.A' K, hkH.V 1>WAV. ? I Kl DA Y Lv 'Lit, Aui'utt II ? 'ubtiiiiinl Iteuiand f. r too t , nn: J *fwn 1 in comedy; It will I c ." T< 'bin evui.i'i? fi r tl. laot lit. Ilackettaud Mr. (I. V?p ' U'-ffIn tIn v i t of tit irml Mr Por.l Mr Chi; 1-ml ilc. Mr. lohti Meft. n Mr. r, Mr Dawanr, Mr. Minn; Maeo-r, Wi? t. FV.iiii, 'I 01 "IllIIifv, will a|>[ ar. I\rt< ri 0 t > c tntinti.? with [ art:* ttoiiioil.. 111 h' 1 acta, entitleil tl.n HrHKY KOI .HNDN'R r ' I. 1 P.ilfn .. Mr. II -t I - I, fat n nli-fl I 1 li.'.ii, Mr ,i,' 1 *1 , Ai r 1 ,1 A,. , fr. Chippendale. It, or? ;*n at a nuarter beiure 1?et>u?inr at a qwtMti ?. tlmWrni MlenlH KTONf THEATKfc, t HAMHEIW PrHBET?BEvr.F 'T if U.J. Mar/eiti.?Finiuy ..?rn m. Am. 11 tin hi. tcnai.i1 will coiiiinei cc with *li * t;.r 1 ,,il . up i- 1 in ouionr, )C K()' Tit* IIHA7.ri.IA' M'l I . I.n, Mm M.i, ? -; Li.dez, M, I I.r nit. * ' ra. M , .nuiluM-. *tt.r wlin-b, r'w t.oi ? m??, by I) Nnru./.i I, K , ralltiwl l,:vv I ' U t AM<ll.K~bunco di M r lut. Mi 7 M y?r, tt , mlo, 'Mill*; Count Fdgn do T'.-.t ii-'iut Rr.-mwi, d. .1*. I ,i,a ; l.ucia, Vie* Chapman; AlW, M!w ' lair. 1 !? new comic Lillet pantomime culled Til E I'll UK.!- ? 1 aid. M. Antoinr; l,? Ilelle Conunllcit M 'In oi l,, ,[ ,n on M llr. MutliiMe. r)r w < i.ele noil Panne- ? o'tt; , 'y Clre'e oroecond tier, 3A cento. Dooro open at 7X o'oMtk. ,111 nreo ot 8. ill llAlirtEN?FIUDA V SVMMI.m.. ??.... 1, - .. ...u " peiturmed tli'i admired ilra.rn of \Alhil.lliP A 1 My Kit?l^iril lloaiivllle, Mr. Rhn r; ll*nry, Mr. l?r. 'I >- n, llhektr, llavreaao, Mr. Ni kiusAn; l.mly I : 0.0. pr; Mclar.10, Mir* Nickioroe. A tlranil druli. '.r.. P.; rt (fthe boot coinpisitionr of tin M int.. * ..1 n'l To conrlmle with a very laiiirlioMe enter*aiuo ent, in J cntit ed tlw UVSTtKIOUS F \MII.VT-Mr. Twoddbda!-. Mr. 1; Narcir u* Luflo'ltl. Mr. ll illaml; Frtderiok, Mr. Ir,n. Caroline, Mra II I'liillipii; I,sum. Mr.*. M Iville; I .'l<?r, Niokinroii; Arotielliiia, Mr*. Vernon. Performance fo crtn* ?t a o'clock Artmisrion i't cent*?Children half price. 1 KN (JM'8n AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. 0ARN17M: i-ropnewr?r. inwnooci. Manage!.?.-plendid I'- rformunoeg afternoon at halt-past 3 ouhck, and every ev, mrigattw nauager has engaged the celebrated Matdo Brothers, a moat I) and t 1-'IStell I.and of Negro fingers, Dane*rt,& , who just returned from Boston and otbei eastern citi .. i t0 land Mammoth Boys. tiiant or Mammoth Baby. Knormcna Llonstrlctir. Two Living Orting Oiiiangs, a* much human ute. Fairy Family. Infant Vestris. Wax SVtrpMiwi bta. r. Madam Kookwell, the famous Fortune Teller, may bo ,tely consulted at an extra charge of Ah cents. Admission to rhole, including Museum, PcrlurTiiar.ees, (to., VScents; ohiL under ten yenra of ago und old enough to walk alone, l.)n k Reserved front seats, onethilling eaoh extra, It HE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING" MONDAT , Evening, August 7th, and every Evening during the i?8ocisty Library Rooms, 34,-i Itr uOwny, corner ot Iconard >?CAMPBELL'S MINSTItr.1,51, the oldest original Band in United States, respectfully m niutieo their return to the city a highly succoisful tour in the lwnt, where their 0 mourte lieen attended by the fashionable and elite in every city they had the honor of visiting, and have met with a patronage ghout the Euetern oitien nnpreecdeuted by uny other cotnof musicians, will have the pleasure of commencing a '-rice lir inimitable and highly noimhir Musical Entertainments at jesety Library Koime, Ma Broadway, on Monday Kveiling, st 7th, when they will introduce a varied programme, emtgithe most popular pieces in Ethiopian Melody, with several , Dunces, kv? that are original with this Company. Doers at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 33 cents. I hi HAL WONDER.?W ILL AKilIVS FROM EUROPE innfew davs. the MORAVIAN Ml.xSTBRI-y o ta'.n?..i oi>y of vofslists, whoso pertorinancas in all tic continental air, and all t> c principal cities ' (Great Britain, have created (in it astonishmnnt a&d delight. Fran lien l/narney, the ipnt vti alist if tLo tr'upe, liaah en a-knowle gc 1 thr.mgh Europe, ti e only r *al to Jenny Lind. The Moravian M'ins have received the highest honors that can be conferred on tr, and arc acknowledged l y all who have heard them, to tie rtatost tmuical wondtrs of the age. Full pirtlcular will bu i on their arrival, INORAMA OF TAYLORS CAMl\?iCN IN MEXICO, AT the Minerva Rooms, 400 Broadway, shows natural aa life, the :hei, Eacampmenta, and Battlea fought by Gen. Taylor. It gives comet views of the country, towns, cities, tic. It ia moat beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night at 8 >ck. Adminion, 2.1 cents. School# admitted on reaecuablt is. No chime for descriptive pamphlets. iCKED DIORAMA 3?NOW EXHIBITING AT TMI iplendld new 1UII, SM Broadway, over Stopimni's Hatha? iningtnn's entirely new Grand Scriptural Dioramas of the tMagnifleent Speatacle ever witnessed in New York, will ba led cn Monday, Slat of July. Creation ol the World and the lgc. Assisted by powerful Vocal and Instrumental Aoenmpaenta. Mr. II. lianningtun has Just completed a m.vulfisent rams, intended to illustrate the snblime spectacle of the Six s of the Creation 1 exhibiting by moans of moveable figures# try, and powerful optical effects, all the progressive cliangea i the Chaos and Darkness of the unformed llniverse, until final com plction of the great work of Creation, as described la first and second chapters of Gcuesis, termiautiog with the sp anee of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Diorama le result of a long cherished Idea, and of a lifetime of study experiment in this department of the arts. It is the most ly, beautiful and perfect work of the kind existing, and ooms in its exhibition the highest mechanical ingenuity, with the t astonishing scenic effects, insisted by superior pee'ry, pointsnd music. Scenery and Incidents?Chaos, the first Day, firmament, the Second Day, Dry Land, Herbage aad FlowThird Day. Sun, Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation ish and fowl, Fifth Day. Creation of Animals. Sixth Day. Icn of Eden?Adam and Eve. With this oompletion of the a of the Citation, the first part of the Exhibition closes. II. Grand Diorama of the Delnge. Tickets25 eta?Children price. Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at H o'clock. 'EN TO ALL THE WORLD-GREAT ST. LEGEM Bwecpstokcs?12,IXKiSubscribers at ?5 each. The party fot i the first hone is drawn to reoeive ?20,000; the eecond , ?10,000; the (bird horre, ?10,000; to he divided among nejtrawing "The Starters," ?10,000; the liks among ,rNonere," ? If, IKK I. Sweepstakes, No. 2?12,000 Subscriben at ?2 -first horse, ?10,000; second horse, ?0,000; third hone, lb, divided among Starters, ?3,000; divided among Nonera, ?3.000. bweepstakes, No. 3?12,000 Subscriber* at ?1 -First horse, ?4,000; second horse, ?2,000; thud horse, K); Starters, ?2,000; divided among Non-Starters, ?2,000, ins desirous of sccurirg chances in either of the above Sweepis, are nuuested to make early application, us each sweep ie drawn immediately it is lull. The result nf the drawiiU lio advertised in uie 'Times." "llell's Life."and tlisLee. laily papers. To give ladies an opportunity of taking :s, scrip will b? iuiied in initials, at the option of iheswbacriAU communications, to lueure attention, must contain a trance. Foreign nrdcremay lie mnde payable Is Loudon; bat Hern mutt be addressed to Richard Nicfiolls and James Par,n. TempleSouare, Aylesbury, Koai.aud. The third horseto ,-ided by Bell's Life. Prizes paid any day alter the race, ((percent. The race will le run at Doncsster, on the Mtb ptember, 1WH. To prevent fiaud, no acrip will he genuine ? the letter containing it hears the Aylcabury poet mark, crihera wishing to lend Bank Notes had bettor stud halm tfcrent poet*. IKK. THEATRE.?TH F. >AI.OONS AND BARS OF IUIS Establishment are now to let for next Pennon, or a longer ail it required, commencing on or about the first da/ of 8efiber next. Undeniable security will be required. The conuu s under which they w '1 1?: let can he ascertained on apphcn (between 10 and 1) at the otRce of W. CORBY1T. i Barclay street. I.PTI'NE HOUSE, NEW KOI IIELLE-TUE StIBStfM ler lege leave to inform kit frienda and the public geuer, that ho has had recently several of his best rooms vacated, rare located on the lira', and second Hooro, communicating, tonic of ttiem opposite to each ott er, on the same floor; and 0 let to pentool families i accommodating te-ms. Also, 1 for horses and carriages. Tisnsicnt company can always id n|ien being w ell accommodated, in particular on Saturday ts. P. F. RICE, irft at MkOKIIEAD. I.H H l/fi'v Sl itaJtl', NEW fi'KK. The undersigned respectfully inf..mis hia t fiend i and the c in general, more especially those from the Westand .? cute, that he luis a nor! tiled himself with Mr, (leerge Case io management of tie above estahiishineat. The arrange. ti> of this house for transient hoc nuno litio'i, are extensive'cte. The furniture of tli? Bed Rooms is new r.ndmc; therooms airy in snta? er,nr.d comfortably warmed in winThc lar has been newly stocked with the test and purest ines, I randy, So., r.Il purchased froro the imp triers, s th seof the best brand, Iind atten lance civil and obliging. A irg lunoh will be found in the saloon, and, in order to a : nodate their lodgers and visiters an evening lunch (aiey ire in the history of saloons) will be in roadinecs from V to swe'l for the benefit of their friends, who htvor the osta moot with their patroaaje, as the travelling community, may re ,uire accommodation an 1 rifroslnncut on t .eir at, without teckirg it elsew here. JAMES MOO Kill A P, 13.3 Hilton st. If. I,, i . V ? it ci hi. c. I-M-Iif. illi.i.MiK \L i". .ST Office, St. Martin's le Grind. London.?This magnificent float'log recti.tly undergone extensive alterations, and a .treat on of it newly furn ihed, will be found on trial to havo no in theuietroiedts.'boto in point of ace nimndation and ice:o cliafjts. The C (fee rv. to is < re of the lances', and m> n brittle in England. Ooarl, <.2 per day. Hot aud Ctid ,s. THOMAS SPENCER LF.NNKY, Mantrgsr. Formerly I hicf Steward of t!ie British Queen Steamship, forer.oe In New York to Mr. O. A. White, itH.'cdar street GOOD CHANCE TO ANY PERSON WISIIIM! I I IRPT.' rate c tldithment In the lower part of the cil^t. The owner 11y. u lurKC Btl'iard Sal n, with thrn* nr tourlihlei, B.ic ftx'i rta? at a moderate ptie-. -?f-i'ly in th* en'ahi.nhmer:, TO Naicr-u troet,' r to J. B. STi i','V KN'KU Win" Merchant. No. Hi J h i B.-IapnrttJ Graytre I'htwi mr rate in the ?> ovo pine, oil' iH< fc (>T i IIK Kl KKL \sj? i.KMlfrii-.V, pi) Bn ndwiy, o nen f llaiden Ln?, (?p -tj?irr-.> whoro all r? .li I < rvceivnl from'J A M . to 4 i\ fr the ptir- .?** ot? or for iti .'-ntieElfc l';in/ t? m! maps of the ground Tidy for diiti ihoMf-n. At other thin ofB e boar', irdcig le re.cued at No. 1311 WcMHtor a'rem. WIIXUM ABCflEg. 8w|rt. ritH urrui SSW vork mar in it in?iirnt.',v I'otnpany. No Vork. AiumtTd. 1H4\ Iovi.lend? lt< a d of Diror tori have .it -liy deelire 1 adUiu- idol Un ' at tor iht h'tdi i cn'tf. pi;abo on demand .; the ll'co >MWpiDjf,Ni.71 Willitmt. l>. unOI-".nil1 LI.. ___ . ti.ry. Til K 1 .* H--.. !?<??> I' oi l- I. ?. .i.N i UK tfcir-1 toiy of th? h' u ' ! N .if .t'. between Iihnnnd poitioctf. Ei.ijuh'tof fc' litNK f I; "K! II V? ' 111 ?if,. It Vfi-r,'. )R HAI.E-TUB Si lt" sMIIill "If'RS KOK SALE IIIS int-res in 'ha tirirpool i. eof l'?fkc? ennilv .* of the lua, (.larritk, Mioridiu ..i l MtMt The ropertoriiy t( fhlrili tr well known to nc I d , . " lpn'??o E. K.l ??l l.rN.i. Ui *oUh ??, )H n f w diUJCA-n: i.OIInlANA a n U new VOHK lite ' iv.'le'n?To ??l idi.v. t'.?? Jftli. The mw I !?r,(!ld'o.t Oiiiliug ' I.M i >v I. 11. In-.rj'dl, I r, 11 O' ? ! die* ltd ' id . lively >l II ah- : .T 'ar o. ' r i . h mug l.Wudid ion.-Id i leodatlftMrr'T 0? h.-1-d.if n?l-ae' -?fiirf fe'tif ' t. or tf _ E. Iv. uOI.UNS, Si. Sooth itreee. km if * V 'rr. I'.ryan nil Ure tvy, ? > will plly ?'l goode o 'he:- ndilri!?. IV k<"h bar* . I, f?r i. ( . T. Dllliiighim, will m ooed thn Cilfb u in ! -,er reeulir diy. dt LIVER!'" ?. -NEW l.INE-REfllM.AR I'fKETOF _| tl -Mn An nut.? rot new im splendid fast ; picket *1 DIKtN!4, Edward B. Cobb, master, is uow h.wl I- a tlve.y Mil aa abov> 'u.r rgulardiy. f it trwiglit >t ft*. having splendid funds! ed r. ;> neiodatieoe f :ii m ho mil second cabin-, apply an board at. <Irleins wharf, foot of ftr-et, ertn " K. k. COLLINS, WiSout'iat. ice of cabin passage, J71. The packet ship SherM in, ' JuorgO ufT.feii, mat r, will Mixta.b t).-? StdJtn>, and - il tier re -ular >h MAKSfclLl.f ?the IVEf.LKNOWN 11 i uk >1aRCF.l.LA. l.'?| . Ic rri. is i.ow lo idinu. and will meet With ipt despatch. log fo.iglit r , 'm i(?. apply to Tl.kMllEllL.UN ft rilShP". ROTO ft UIWCKRIf. Brokers. IR I 1 t ..11 \ r.W'.KK ONliY.-TUI PRE* H !lar> INDUSTRIAL, C-apt. Friburg, can comfortably acnoda.oflve rait cabin pn-jenger*. Apply tu the Captain, wrd. r i BOYD ft HINi'KKN, Brokers,Wa'l llKU FOR IIAVKR?SECOND LINE?Tilt; MIlFsT. l enis. G. W. Hone. Muster, will rail on the lit September, rtiglit or jariage, apply to Boyd ft Ilin< lisu A gas to, No. NJ street. URGE ROGERS' STOMACH TIM Tl KL Id AN INvaluahlo remedy for cholera, colic, cholera 1*1 rbus, and all loli dlrearer. For rale at 3 Chamber* str-ct, and r..iny of uok and drug atorcf. No family, or traveller, should ever he utit. k iWUk DAUl LRKLorvriv-i IN TWELVE 11 INTHd. "jUV/vr ?The cly-Mgli' < )pi.rit.ii, N o. 0 T,a l argo I ngr, haa given notice of the laip'rtr.nt fact, that, no has no eetion with ro< m No. ii. For tin reputation thin rootr, inr.k iilm for the scknowledieinint. The ancceaaof the : fky.light Gallery ia rsalixed, and we are fully prepared to a'l onr patrons faithfully and independently. From the e and sumiration beator.ed noon Harrison i Avtiftio Da eotj peft and the increasing deniaud for th ,'re shall bo irod to -ell 1'J.tlW) ayear. HARRISON s HOLMES, Ccrn?r JU-fJcitltlt an<l Broadmv, (Kc* ni ? . % *&*' M m m

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