Newspaper of The New York Herald, 6 Ekim 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 6 Ekim 1848 Page 3
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I Isabel let Ore to bi* maintain"* there. A'oertainiog thin, (Jen Taylor goe* to Point Is*b?*l giving dilations to Major Brown lo opprire Mm of hia poal'ion. Hh *an informed of the peril of tbe fort, and twok up hi* march directly bu<'if. I'ri? r to his return he wrlt?s to lli<t Sksm t?ry (if War at Washington, saying. thia l?? my condition, tut if I m?ot the em my. iu wh?tunr cumUrr. I will fight biui lie doe* not i**(ie hi* proclamation, and then run away. as (Jen Cms and Oen. Hull did. bat be telle you what he will do Well, he haves Point Isabel toward" Fort Br??n. and on tbe Ikld of Palo Alto be find* Mexican army of 8,000 men to intercept him. and the*e he eii#o?nternd and defeated on that bloody pluin with bin gallant volunteers. 'I hie was emphatically the battle of the war, for they never bad tbe courage to mtet him afierwaidi, except vbrn they numbered t??nty to four, under Santa Anna, lie figbta tbe battla, and what was the comuiu nication he made to the government 7 lie merely laid lit-found ibe enemy and ditlodged him Tber? ?u no bottling about it. and what next ? The night fur ibis gteat battle. Urn Taylor hail an interview with Captaina MoCall and Smith, aud told them to elect two hundred men to track tbo enemy, no that the battle might be renewed the next day. These men went on the'r duty, and the officers assembled in conclave, and knowing that a battle wai to be fought next day, employed Col. Twiggs to represent the wearinexs cf the atmy and his apparent haste in continning the fight; butOen Taylor's mind ?iw m?de up. He would not alter hia determination, and the battle of the next day was fought and won. The rpeaker then referred to tbeaotionat Matamoras, whtrv the rame success awaited the gallant hero. (A voice.?"What are his principles now ?") Better than yourc, a good deal (Laughter and cheers) Monterey wan the next battle in tuecession, where his trfiups were withdrawn from him, at the instance of the Cabinet, at Wanhington. This, however, did not dishearten him; but with the bravery that oharacteriaed him throughout bis whole career, he gallantly vtood his ground, and gave the enemy battle, knotting that bad be obeyed the ordure from government. to fall back from bin position, such a proceeding would have been certain destruction to bio army. (Cheer* ) III ere the speaker alluded to a letter whiih General Taylor wrote about thu time, to General Scott, and nhich wa? not generally known to the publlo?In which, though complying with the government orders to surrender the flower of his army to General Seott, he deplores, in the most affecting language, such an a&traoidinary requisition npon him, He Mid, that had a lower lank been assigned him, or had he been called upon to resign his command, he should not have complained; but the coarse of conduct that had been adopted, was altogether unparalleled on this side of the \tlantta, and was only reoonoilable with the supposition that it proceeded from an Intention to sacrifice him (Great sensation.) Instead, however, of falling bark with his 4 600 men, he met Santa Anna with his army ef 20 0"0, and the glorious victory that followed was as familiar to them as household words, (l^oud cheers ) There was. however, an occasion when General Taylor did surrender. It was on the day the regiment of women fell upon him in New Orleans, on his return home, and with the flying artillery of their eyes made him their captive. He weuid now conclude, as there were other speakers to addrers them, by thanking them for the patienee with which they bad beard him (Tremendous cheering, amid which the speaker resumed nis seat.) Mr. Charlk* Misiiikj here sung a song, which was received with great applause. L'. Ilnvurnr,. in with M,u wishea of the meeting, was the next speaker, and on presenting bim.'elf. wan received with loud cheers. He taid:?Fellow citizens: 1 aui obliged to confess that jour summons to meet you here to- night found me Tioloting a measure of the whig candidate for your President; for it is his maxim, copied from hi* illustrious prototype, George Washington,'-Why should we leave our own soil to stand upon foreign ground?" (Cheers.) Your message found me in another State, having left my own to go to the State of Pennsylvania. Bat my apology is, that there is no longer any necessity for the sons of New York to speak on their own soil (Cheers ) There is need, however, for labor and work in Pennsylvania And now, since 1 confessed my truancy, 1 will report to you what I said of the State of New York to the whigs of Pennsylvania. The honorable gentleman here recapitulated his address in this State, and then proceeded to say that there was oie incident te which he would refer, nhich had n?t been alluded to by the last speaker. All the Generals who had taken part in the Mexican war, had been called to Washington, to make their reports on that campaign, with the exoeption of General Taylor. lie (Mr. S i thought, therefore, that it was their duty ta supply that omission, and send him now there, te make bis report, (loud obeers ) He then referred to the excessive importations into this country, which brought about the same state ot things as occurred in 1837, to the ruin of the mechanic and the manufacturer. It behooved them, therefore, to resist the principles of free trade, to put an end ta the tariff of 1846, and with Millard Fillmore at their head, to have the tariff of 1842 again made the law of the land, (cheers ) 'With regard to the slave question, it was their duty to ask for the ordinance of 1780, and he believed this would be accomplished by securing tha election of General Taylor, (cheers ) He then alluded to the veto question. This was a great crisis in the constitution of the government, and he believed the undertaking of General Taylor to leave the administration of the country to the legislature and the judioial powers, must be acceptable to every true American?be acted upon by every President, and thus bring back the constitution to its pristine purity and perfection. (Cheers.) There w?re some who bad left them, and had joined a guerilla patty under the leadership of Martin Van Uuren. Now if, In 1844, tbey themselves had acted a similar part, and had joined the party of Birney, the abolitionist, what would bave been the condemnation -which the pnsent secedi-rs would have poured out galntt thtm for such conduct? vCheers.) He apprehended there would be small comfort for those who bow deserted them after the (lection (A party on the outside here cried out " Three cheeers for General Cass!" wbich was responded to by a few outsiders, but was met inside, of course, with hisses.) He thought the course now pursued by Mr. Van Buren bad ruined his party, and the party of the abolitionists. (Cheers ) He called upon them not to dispute about their respective preferences, but to join in I h suppun ui ineir cauuiuaifp, uuu udch morn give the whig puny the ascendency in the councils of the State. (Cheer'.) It' they only did their duty along with New England and Pennsylvania, and if they acted M they ought to do ut the present crisis, the party who now. and for go long a period ruled the country, would for a long and indefinite period be banished from the councils of the commonwealth. (Tremendous cheers, amid which the honorable gentleHinn fat down ) The Kourth Ward Glee Club, in compliance with lopd cries for a song, sang two Taylor and KUlmore congs, to the great del ghtof the assembly. Mr. J. 8. Tiikyer then addressed the meeting. He believed that no man in the country could be found Co well adapted to me'et the hopes and the feeliogs of the people as Gen. Tajlor. (Cheers.) He was like Martin Lnther, like Oliver Cromwell, like O'Connell, like the poet Burns, and all the great spirts of bygone days, who, in their respective times and departments, came up to the spirit of the age in which they lived. (Cheers.) He would not at that late hour take np their time with any lengthened remarks, but oonclude by impressing upon them the necessity of rallying with unanimity and energy to the support of the candidate of their choice. (Loud oheers.) The resolutions were then pat to the meeting, and unanimously adopted. Loud cries were now given for Hoffman; but one of the secretaries read a letter from him, stating that be had gone to New Jersey to take the stump for Taylor. Another song having been sung, the meeting tmlil Iniid cheerintr and annlaudincr. and inarched In procession, preceded by the band, to the house of Hamilton Ira. The Weekly Herald. This she?t will be ready for delivery at 9 o'olock to morrow morning, at sixpence per oopy. Its content* will embrace all the interesting news of the week. Mrlf-Nomliiatlon.?For Ke^iaterof Uie City anil County 01 New fork, klJtVIN Mll.i.ltM.s, Tneaubacriber reapectluby aubmil? htanan.e lur the cuuankiratioii ul lua fellowoitiuni), f'.r the oDioc ot Kcgiater of Urn Lity mid County of Now Turk, tic doe* not deem it of vast Importance that the political pintona of ibe pericn holdiug tho ottioa of Kogister, utiuru tliu duiiea ate to extremely aimpio, aliouid lie d Itutteiy known to tvery jertfiD dom# huaineat with tint functionary. But tho dtrputitm ol party nquttca tliat whoever preaotta ma name fjr popular lavor aliunId make hi* political aentimonta cleariy Known, although bbbedy car h what l,n opmiona arc alter ho 1- fairly inatalltd into office The office ol neater, ail o it haa h en elective hj tl.e | 'opto, hat been surcoaaive y tilled by Jamca IV Lent, 3homn( I r'i aim. Oilier Couiunt, ?V ill I am ti. Btton, Jamea Gullck. Mieriiuu Hrowueil, Slid lastly, by the present incumbent, SutLiu:! Ofgood and 1 am not aware thatthotriospeuJvo politico ever formed any mibjo-t ul complaint a-iaiuM thou: citizens, wl.ile holding and pert>imi?g li e duties the otiioe. But, m prtvailitg custom una the mandates of party require candidates for public otilce to "ilffino their position," I come at i noo to the JM int, ly toying that I an. a Whig, and, usmcli, have been lonjr known w a considerable potiion ot the public , an a Whig 1 oxjsict to lun I r t ie othee in <iutstion. and an auoh, I liojie to be elected, should 1 lx> fortunate enough to rcoetro the regular Whig nomination. To tboyo Democratic friends, who have, and may, |Ciieibu*ly proffer m? their supp, it, 1 have only to say, as did t Junta! Tay lor, 111 accepting tr.e n' initiation of \ho Democrats of Charleston, that I thankfully rective Iheir favors, without tun. promising thoie political principles wlikh I have so long cherish ed. EDWIN WILUaHS. Jiew A'orlr, Ootol rr <i. IHS. 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Kuciijtb mid,copy U>e addxi r. ???? I mam ? ? i ?iiw???????? I'nton Coaritf Kar???Kail UectliiyIxtng Itl>n'' Kailtoaii Company. ft'. ' Oclnl>-r l*4M?Train* fur the rat- will leave Kruokl>?. at #)<. 10. 10^,11, II*. IJ a d liif o'clock, ind tetam wlitu the nom in mer. Faro 50 twotj, fur which ft ticket will be given to go and return. Tin- BnalnmM IUii'i Almanac for 1849?V. 1) 1'Al.KKK Tril>uuv Uut ding', Ni gireat. Iia*jimt put* lirhed aiiew fti d complete Manual of Facte and Statist e# fir thi i flue, cotint'ng r< nui :u.d tiremdc, entitlod ft' above, Muitftimn/ a large an ount of liifi nnatiou t atreful'y digested a. d ooad< nmsd with nepuvt to Money and Kxohnaner; IVriftv. paei and pr*??nt: In'ftnd Coniuif aer; M ann aiid llu.ri ef I ftb'.r, Itailruad* and ' iDkle; Pout. ? ot Trivt l; PoU ()?cr and PMta.<k Tha kleu'rUi I'd armpit; Weii hlit :.nrt W1' . m ti^ . n t.<>u & ami I nu'M: Tlt? Ir.tnTmdt*: CVafdo. ; ili-tnrj; Tonnage and Sh jipinx; Pi?'nerthip and UerIwrations: Iminjgntiop? Hatietler: Tru N*wpi?p r Hr'sis Km. fco. 'ru e !2\ wn'( only, lor a compendium ol facta which every nun neo^i often ill tli? cour>e of a year ami few kii'iw where to Bid, for * en tin t* the money. 1 lie ItuHinei-s Man's Alu. ana< m?y IW obtained of the bwkseiler*, nr. at all even'", at V. II Palmer's newtpapcr agencies. New York, Boston, and Ph ladwlphia. Tlir Plnmbc National I)a^u<rrtuii (iallcry. on i he tipper corner of II road way and Murray street ?Strange* led others ihould not fail to Tiiit; it is requisite that it should be teen t? be ippteei?ted. Rablntan'a Katlu.?Th?* etrinslve privilege of hot, cold, tepid, shower and ?alt water baths, muni to be long to tb? name u KaNneau. We find them at tho Battery, at Detbroeses Mrtct, at the Asti r, at the Carlton linu'o, in toll and pi pular career, with ru< ns elegantly arranged ami furnished; and MptWlm arr in ra|iid iitui m to esiaUlsh at the "Irving House" (Ilowaid'a) an equally indispensable append*!"* to overy hotel. 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The stock market presents anything but a flattering appearance to the bulls. Prioes oontinuo to fall off and the bears evidently hare the best of It. At the first board, to-day, Reading Bonds deellned V per oent; Norwich and Worcester \\ Long Island Jt; Erie Railroad, new, full, .V- Treasury notes closed at yester day's prices. Total! $109,212 1.11,098 13S, 909 184,459 238,100 The increase in the first eight months of 184S, compared with the corresponding period in 1847, was $53 70", equal to about 30 per oent. The month of Oct., last year, was a very good one for business on thig road, the receipts being $20,580. If the same Increase is realised this year, which has been shown in previous months, the gross income will be about thirty-five thousand dollars. As the year draws to a close, wear* able to form more correct estimates of the gross Income. The prospect at present is that, for 1848, it will be about three hundred and thirty thousand dollars, against two hundred and flity-elght thousand for the year 1847. Since th?|lst of June last, when the present fiscal ytar commenced, the receipts have been at the rate of three hundred and eighty thousand dollars per annum We base this estimate upon the business of the road for the first nine months of the year, and the same increase on the remaining three months, on the same length of road; but as the extension of thirty miles? from Somers to Dover Plains?will be opened about the 1st of November, proximo?the receipts for the last two months in the year will be from eighty-four miles of road, instead of from fifty-four miles. On about the first of January next, the entire length of the New York and New Haven railroad will be opened, throwing upon sixteen miles of the Harlem road, the whole through travel of an extensive section of country. Such are the facts connected with this road, and such its present position. Those who are interested can draw their own Inferences. Wliat is the matter with the Long Island Railroad? The stock haw been running down for some time, and has now reached a lower mark than it has done since the construction of tho road. Still, the concerns of the company are understood to be ably and faithfully managed. The resources of Long Island are great, and Increasing. It can, and must be, the garden of this city. Some time ago there was a movement made to briDg into view the extensive tracts of vacant lands hitherto uncultivated in the centre of the island, oc cupying more than one half of its surface, and in Suflolk county, nearly equal to two thirds of the area of the county. If these land' were brought under cultivation, and a population consequently thrown on the borders* of the llallroad, commensurate with the a [vantages of the island, the revenues of the road would of course be grently improved, and the stock in the end become valuable. On the deve'opment'of the resources of the island -by the cultivation of these land? now lying waste, or only supplying scantily fuel for this market?must the future pro*peots of the railroad depend. The eonstruction of the New York and New Haven Railroad cuts off the last hope of restoring to the Long Island Railroad the travel between New Vork and Boston, for which Durnose the original nro Jectori of the Long IMand ltoad deglgned it. The annexed statement exhibits the amount deposited to the credit of the Treaxurer of the United Stated in the different depositories, and with Aggistant Treasurer*, according to returns received up to Monday) the 25th of September, 1848; also, the amount for which drafts have been drawn, and were at that time unpaid:? ltn*rnM, I'-htid Status Tm-Asi-nrn.?Pin1.10 Dinotin. Pra/tn hrrttn/ore drawn, but not yrt paid, .4mn*Mf an thou oh jki y- Am' nt t ub~ hi irhnt fiiirr. tirpnnilr. i.bU. jrctto dr'ft. Asst. Treai U?stou, Man*. $42',10i 71 $1*7,748 32 M2I SSS *> A VI Titan, ^w I rk 2,H It,.', til 28 SVUfil 02 | |3&?7 M Am't Ti**". Hiiludsl., Pa. 2 '4,363 18 9 068 21 21ft.290 ?7 Tr<"??. t f I'. 8. Waih. D C. 123 9M II HI l(?l 27 113,790 84 A?S lTroaK.Cl)arl stnn f.C. M.866 74 2,1173 03 t?1.7U3 71 AtftTna*. Si.Orleana.La. ?94,943 AM 140 637 07 IS?A? ?2 An't Tri'n?. St, Luuir, M.I. 772,290 4.) 67S.1MO 27 19.\.V0 IN Di'i^n'ry at Buflalo, N. V, 2,7'Jft !>t 1,587 29 1,13? 6ft i a r/ ui nmviiii n', .nu. u.iii.i <_ i in "' a Ptpot'ry at Richmond Va. 11,415 If tflK 18 6,8117 "1 I>opo? ry ?t Wilmingten fc. Carolina 6,547 2- 2,^7 80 3,f?VI 4-< Dcpon'r) at Savannah, tia. 7,;7 55 ? 707 M Depos'ry at Mobile Ala.. , S4..r>tl 07 34,52.18(1 2,017 27 Depot'ry at Nashville Ten. 6, Si 5 06 1,111 3.1 a,l:C? 73 Dfpi'f'ry at Cincinnati, <>. 27,#2-1 66 16,39* '.f- 11,1.10 38 D? pox'ry at I'ittshurn. Ph. 57 47 26 3J ;ll 17 Depoi'ry at Norfolk, Va.. 11*69 101 20 17 39 Depos'ry at Little Kook, Ark?nm 33,776 70 70 7,197 1X1 Dcimn'ry nt Jeftrrm nvil c, Indiana 32,823 91 IS,429 28 1.1,891 63 Depoa'ry at Chicago, 111 . 44,1*9 77 J?,29K ,<W ;i|,S9t 39 l)cpo!i'iy at Detroit,Mioh. 16,163 87 iiiiiil 31 13,8(9 36 Suspense account ? 2,018 11 ? Mint of the 1 . 9. Philadelphia, Penn 316,115 ?> - ?6,115 30 Brunch mint of the 1. 8. ( harlotte, N. C. 32,000 0<l ? 32,000 00 Brunch limit of the l'. 8. Dahloncgn, (ia. 26,850 00 ? 26,850 00 Branch mint ol the U. 8. N. U., Louisiana 7MM M - 7:1.421 N $5,688,809 ? 2,242,011 23 3,448,813 7'? Deduct suspense aco'at.. ? ? 2,018 11 Net ain'ut n'hject to draft, ? ? M,416,795 61 Trnnftrt ()r<U i ?f. IVm Assistant Treasurer, N. V.. $130,000 IKI To mint I'nited States, Philadelphia 130,000 00 Drafts have, since the 25th of September, been drawn on the depositee In the hand:* of the assistant treasurer of thin port, which will reduce the surplus to a lower point than represented above. At the date of the la.-1 return?, the loan of eight hundred thousand dollars recently made for Treasury note* had not been consummated and as the receipts for custom* ha?e) within the past ten days, been small, the drifts have exceeded the income. On the 27th of this month one Hid a half millions of dollars will be paid out of the nib-Treasury of thi city ; and a? the imports are rapidly felling off, ther>' will b>' very llttl? fnrplus after | that (line i'he Solitary of the Tre,t?nry ?tlil be j mo iisbivoai lunuranov cumpmj, m uohiod, ubtj declared a semi-annual dividend of 6 per cent, payable on demand. In Newburyport, the Ocean Bank makes 6 per oent, the Merchants'and Mechanics' 3 per cent each. In Haverhill, the Haverhill Bank makes 6 per oent, and the Merrimao 4. The Lynn Mechanios' Bank 4 per cent. The Lynn Mechanic*' Fire and Insurance Company have deolared a semi-annual dividend of 10 per cent. In Salem and Danvers, all the banks make 3 per cent, except the Naumkeag, in Halem, which make; 3\ per cent. The Stonington Railroad Company have declared a remi-annual dividend of two-and-a-half per cent, payable on the 1st of November, whieh leaves a surplus on hand of $27,306 67, at the olose of the fiscal year ending August 31st, 1848. The annexed statement exhibits the receipts of the New York, Harlem, and Albany Railroad Company, In each of the firit nine months in eaoh of the past fire yean:? New York, Harlem, awd Albawy Railroad. Grott rtcriyti. 184?. 1S45. 1H46. 1847. 1848 January $0,642 10,045 11399 13,688 Sl,5i31 February 6.625 7.4'ir> 8.7vM 12.597 19,<?t2 March 7.9:0 10.750 12.010 11,917 20,172 April 10,183 12.070 13,813 16563 22.436 Hay 14.W4 17.772 18.651 19.105 2S479 June 18,008 17 978 17,?49 23,016 29,598 July 17.243 20,4V) 19,373 28 537 82,414 Aoptuet 16,7(10 20.05S 18>22 30.050 SUM September 14,377 17,658 18,519 26.9*6 31,441 ing about 20,000 bush, high mixed at 68s. a 70c.; 2,GOO do. common mixed brought 66c. Some parcel!) of round were reported at 78c. Some other lot? of mixed were sold within the above range. M"it?Sales of about 400 bbiR. were made at $3 81'4. Aye?SaleB of 1000 buch. were made at 6%c. Oat*?Sales were made of canal at 34o. Cotton.?The sales to-day amount to 1600 bales. Trices are without change, but are certainly no higher, as sellers show every disposition to meet the demand. Fruit.?The sales embrace 1,000 drums Smyrna flgs at 11 a 13c , and 20 bales Languedoo almonds at 18!.? a 14c. Kim continue in light supply, and firm; we believe there are none afloat. Featiikrj.?Sales 1,600 lbs. oommon Western were made at 22c. Kiiibhti -Rates to Liverpool were unsettled by the news, and were ncminally the same. 8 000 barrels flour were engaged to Bristol at 2.4 fid ; to London 3s. were asked for flour, and for heavy goods 30s. a 32s. Od. There wns no change in rates to other ports. Imuiuo ?Sales by auction ?f 83 cases Manilla at 40, 62 a 00c., time. Lead.?Sales were made of 2,000 pigs Missouri at f 1 37>%. part cash, and balance time. Naval Storei are without movement, and no sales have lately come under our notice. Oil*.?Sales were made of 80 casks Knglish liuseed, In lots, at 68c ; 1.600 gallons American at 68 a 60c., and 10.000 lbs. palm at 6% a CV|0. Kick.?We report sales of 100 tierces at $3 60 u $3 G2>i per lOOlbs. Si cars are in demand, and the light stock has had a tendency to strengthen prices. The tranfartionn of the (lay are 600 hhds. Cuba Muscovado at 4X a 5J?, and 350 do. Porto liico at 6 a 6c. ; seme samples were reported as high as Wa* ?1 500 lbs. yellow beeswax changed haud? at 20)?c.,caah. l'Hon8io!tii.?Tork was firm at $13, and small sale* were made at $13 1 2X from store. Crime was worth $10 1'2,V. l.ard.?Sales of 600 kegs were made at about b>\c. We heard of no sales in barrels. Beef.? Small nales of new mess were made at $12 50. Cheese remained about the tame. Tobacco continued in fair demand ; the last sains of Kentucky leaf were made at about 8>* a 7o Whixkey was inactive, for State prison at 26c. and at for Ohio. No sales of moment were reported. MARKETS EL?KW1U:KE. STOCK SALES. Bai.timobk. Oetofccr I.? $i000 Maryland C's, v7'?; <lo S7?.,; fltrt Biiltimoro li'n. 'Cio, W.{ 500 do. 70, 9'i, lOto tin. 'IH Imn do. ?>>. 97; 6"0 du.97: It*' UiUt. and Oliio K. K JI v. bondf, }2L 260 do. 7I&. Piiii.adki rviiA, October 7 ?Fiml Ito i i it?fcliKHI State 6'a, i S4)4; Letilgli CI .-crl|i M, K2; fto Morris Canal. "? 1.1; I l-ehict) S uck.'J4 *4; V*' W'ar Itouut), V7tW Morria'ovwi o. i I'filOO L' 8 t>'?'t>7. I'M; &0 Norr ftown In, 11100 (SirardiS. 10. $il.*?) 8 t>*v < '?, 'op, 39: $2000 K t> i, Au*5, 55; 5il Yk'ksborJ KK c, lo; Ml mbia h'?' $UW Uhtgh CI rcrip. ? Afl> t s I 2UOO Realm I- K H?. flu, t>\ 2J00 Lebl*h CI &Ti|., ?i; I'rtHi S<-n N I fie, fix, 2V. 6H"?ldo, 81 ; ifto Ciranl llatik, 111; SI) NorrUtown KK, I ll??: M Vi< kid urg Ilk, 111, fiO M' rrif Car.?l, " ?. Srcnnd Ho. it J 2r?i I S Toy N "tor 6>, 103; 8000 IVnii '>*. I'm 1,0 ,igh Coal Scilp. SJ; .Ml Morris Canal, f ^; 300 do, K'*: 0 Camden ii Aiul^y Hit, li!S; 13 Cum Bank, Mi. After S.itei? 1000 Sell NaT tV, (Is, 2.4; 77WII <lo, 30: IW.0 I'cnn fm, 73\; 41 Lcliigh I ill, fill; 10O Mjrric Canal * V n Sell Nav, H. Boit'.i, U< t, 4 ? Hrnktr't Ito.inl ?10 ?hi Kail Ri\ r Raiir >? I, 4 B' ist n u n I Wopvslor do., Itlil'j; A Ft toll I are do, 112^: 2A Jn, do.. 112 V H RukUm ai"l Maine do, IWI!4i Norwi. !i and Wok. ntcrdo. 33','; too Reading J.., MO, |ft},; Iinij.. d |'. fO \ trn.cnl (. rntml Knilr'ad, new, M)^; 4 Chcitiira Railroid, ?i?; 2 Benton and l.owell Hallroad, M'i't, <t>l,m>U Reading Kailrnad Hondo, 1HMI,6I '|; $1,000do. do. do. ls*>0, MJf. HyStepuon Broun & Sou?16 khuri n K/St?rn Railroad, 102; 0 Nashua snd l/ woll Railroad, ll.'lJt; '< Western Railr.iid ils', a JlO; .'t Boston anC I.e. w 11, 6tf>; 20 CI >>ire Rim >d, 70; II NorUiorn Railroad, 01: 2'i Rofton and Woreeiter It i load. luiK,; I do I owia Whirl Co. f>S*JC; H do Creat tails M-tnuf. Co. l^f "Od" Market Rank 731, (rjr 70); .H'do Morohanta' Bunk IIH', .1 li;i; Ml do Bc.'ton Uanli I0110 tlranitc Bank !'4{ l.">do Sbato Hank 61; 12 do New England l!;ink 3d do l'i>it^n Rank Hi1,, n V.'iJt', 27 doTrrjiont Bank I1.1; 12 Uo Atla* Rank ! ?, I do II ami It "it Bunk 0''1 i; 13 d. Exchange Hank 111?,,'. FOREIGN MARKETS. 1Ia>a*a, Sept. 16 ?Tho utocli of rice at presint la Kttall. which makes the pro.?pect more f*To~able for shipment*. The Homers' cargo luis recently bern sold at iii1, rs. Shipments of superior qualities would be more advisable. aw there is enough of .Manilla rice In the market. * Bkmik, IIondurM, Sept. 13, ?Market ijuite inactive Indigo, 3 to 7 real*; cochineal. 7 to 10; ru apnrilla. 0 to lflo.; logwood, f6 to $12; ninliog iny from $20 ti$00; mess pork, $ 14; Hour, $8 to $P; butter, 20c. to 2io ; lard 10c. to 12,'io ; rice O^c.; soap, Sc.; can lie". 1 '><? ; All kind* of wines and lienors Id no demand \ ellow pine lumber, $30 to $4li; white, do.. $27 to $30 p?r thousand IMKF. ATBBOOKLY!*.?tF.FT, Dt'RINO THE NIUtIT OF the uTeat. Fire in Brooklyn, a l?oktr null us and two Pic- j I turn,?.? Hick ?no?. Tha owner, by proving pr'ip-fty, anil ] !>?}ion for adverUrcmcnta, may havu them with picture. j TOKENCD IIF.NICVOLRN* SOCISTY ?TH t VRM8KK3 OF ' JP tills 8o?lety, lB(ion?"|ii . i.f VIM *i ilntrvs en-ting 1 aniont inai fln?? of their oiiutr>m>'n to wnoaa they afford ai?f, 1 havn deemed it proper to dlipenM with the annual dinn-r an in \ 'i il, ; lb ii fant, I ?EM???T??MM??-WIMII IIM'^ nwn> compelled aooa to eali in further instalment* oa tU? loan ; and if the lueoewful bidders are n >t prep trad to mtet th*uk without forcing ?al?s of Tr?a*ury notes or Government stock, they will be large lojern. Trei ury niit?'? ?ru dow ??llin? *t prioi'H M(|ii?l to th.i ruto at which the bulk of the lust loan wu taken. The foreign trade of thiti port, for the month of 8?ptember, in each of the past two years, wan as auncted: CoMMERCi: or thi: Poht or N?:w Vo?m? Imp jrts and B\* ports, SUTK.miiih, ln4V *MI> liiK Imports. 1847. l'itS. DutiaMc $8,11 pi,Ui.\V9 Fre? 91 ,lt"J 6(3,744 Sftek M,M<; 1?7,"UH Total $U, IU6*J0 $ W?, 111 EK ports. 1H47- 18IH. DotiaMe $14tiS?2 $I7.'>,1M! Free 4?,W3 414^1 Domutis rrodoiy 4672 443 2,9#Vi 3 Specifl ?* tit in >i .W,!W ftrii,44A Total $J^U,7tt! $3,71(4 428 The decrease in the value of Imports, and the inerevie in the value of exports this year, compared with last, makes a difference ?f $734,023 in our favor, for the month this year. The difference in the foreign trade of the Dart, for the flrat nine months of this vear. nnm. pared with last, is a more important item. CoMMt.RCC OK THE I'oHT OK NctV Vollk. January |, lc Oetober 1. 1M7. 18W. Dt reaie, M*. Value ot imports $S1 7M,.tVi 74.27M.1.Ti,"Ji Value of exporte 41,352,7(19 .'il.cj9M.iMt 10,2011,609 Ixcefi of imports over eipoiU HO,361.687 43,186,176 2,?UW9 The falling off in the Imports this year, has been principally specie, and the falling off In exports principally breadstuff)). The balance whioh appear** against us, in the above table, is, however, merely nominal. The home valuation of merchandize exported, in not much of a criterion of its foreign value, as, in the returns, whatever profits have accrued, on the original Shipment, by tbo dtllerent o barges made, are appropriated to the liquidation of the value of import*. It la, therefore, impossible to form a correct idea from the Cuatom-honae return*, of the position of our foreigu trade, and the actual balance at any time, for or against us. Stock Exchange. $10000 Treat Note#, 6'e 103*, 10 aha Ohio Ijle & Trust 7e 2UU0 do 103 300 Morria Canal SV 6010 do M0 103 lft N V k N II RR 70 1200 U 8 6'a 62 1U3 426 Canton Co 32V 6000 do ti'a '6B 11M',, 100 do M0 33 l 600US6V63 a 10 93 126 do 32 V 16000 do 93 60 Nor Ik Wot RR M0 32V 1800 City 6"a '60 93 60 do 32% 1000 Kenttcky 6'? 97 16 Ilarlsm RR 62 ! 1000 Indiana State 6's 66 460 do 61V 4010 Illinois Fnndal'l" 40V 400 do n(i(I 51J, 1IN0 Rtadinfc lionds 64 >? 100 do 61 100 tits Grt?n*i< b 11a 106 100 do blO filj, 10 IS Am Trust 9 160 do 6l;2 6 do 360 L. on Island RR Xr ? 60 Reading RR ?>?2 ?60 do 2.i'i 200 do 39)2 100 do M0 23^ 600 rannrra'Traat 27 29 F.rie RR new full, pso 61'? 200 do 36 J; 10 do 61 100 do *30 36? lot) do 61 Socond Board. 60 lbs Canton Co U30 32 V 60 >ha llarlem RR bdinns 62 100 do 3^S 100 di> aOO ?|W 100 llarlem RR n3 61V W Erie R full, s60 60 CO do Bli 60 do opg 60 ^ 100 do M 6I.W CITY TKADE KEPORT. Tiki rsdat, Oct 6 ? 2 P. M. Athtt axe dull at. yosterday's prioes. Cotton, since the steamer, has experienced no change. The salus of the morning are 300 bales. flour, #c.<?Western flour is in good demand, the sales reaching 6,000 barrels, (part for export,) at $5 a $5 08?,, for the asortment of oommon brands, and $5 a $5 75 for pure Genesee. .Hral is held fcr an advance,but no tales transpired. fV/ieiit 1b in good demand, at prices in favor of the buyer ? Trantactions embraced 6.000 bushels Genesee at $1 27. 6 GOO do Ohio at $1 12>; a $1 15, and 4,000 do. New Orleans at $1 10 Corn, since the stoamer. has become ftiffer; fa'es of a cargo of high mixed was reported at 70c.; round is held at 78o. a 80c. Oats are without change; 6,000 bushels canal sold at 34 cents. Provitions? Pork remains same as yesterday, with moderate rales. Beef Is selling in a small way at $12 60 for new mess. Lard is unsettled, and no sales of moment transpired H'htskry is dropping, sales of 700 bbls. at 26!,i a 26>i for Ohio and Prison. Thursday, Oct. 6?0 P. M. The effect of the steamer Hermann's news on breadstuffs. as far as developed, proved favorable. Klour sold at about the rates current before the news, while corn was firm, with sales at bettsr prices. There was considerable wheat on the market, and sales of Western and Southern were pretty freely made, without material chango in prices. Meal sold at an advance. Rye was held higher. Oats were also something better, in provisions, pork continued firm, but sales were limited. Lard. In kegs, sold on terms stated below. Thi-re was a good demand for sugars, and prices were firm. Molutses were inactive. For the state of the ootton market we refer to the article under the proper head. Messrs. Hecker Hi Brother, owners of the Croton Mills, in this city, exhibited on 'chinge to-day two barrels of superb premium flour from Southern and Western wheat, which, for perfection in manufacture, teemed unequalled. Ashes.?Males of about 160 bbls. pots were made at $0 12X and 40 a 60 do. pearls at $0 18V- and 240 ditto Canadian at.$6 12**. Breadstitii.? h'lom- ? The sales for the day amounted to about 10. >00 bbls., including about 2,200 bbls. mixed Michigan, with some lots do. of Ohio, at $6 6<)'4, and 400 a 600 do. straight brands Michigan at $6 ii2.'i. and 1,000 do. Oswego at the same price; 900 do. this State brands at $5 6tiA? a 6 62>?. Southern was held at same prices,and small sales of Petersburg city mills were made at $6 76; 300 barrels pure Genesee sold at $6 68*(. Wheat?1,000 bushels Southern were sold at $113K. About 6 000 <lo. Western, via New Orleans, in lots, at $110. Sales of 26.000 do. Ohio were made at $1 12,S,. and 2,6o0 do. at $1 15; 2.700 do Noith Carolina weie made at $1 16, and 1,200 do. Ohio at $1 12. and 1.600 do. Oenesee on private terms. f TV... 1.~,1 -1 * OA win l-.i-.J I LOU? ON SATftftD-tY KVK\IN 1 L&9T, t * fh*9'7vi tiU, ! / th-? luP p^t 4 ' )! >ek Mm fr>ta PMNP Y rk t?? Phil?(Mi.l:ia a 1 un<t'*j onnu>inUs; sundry valuibta pri v*t* p&rcr-M mp?1 J*tt ra of credit in t*Hv.?r t t'm nuiM.nritar, co't'etif #? ?? t? hi v fhW'ii I'M I. mfct-lf. Ttiouhvo r*-ttuni will l<fl ihunklully paid on a l.tifchfut ry >4 t^e al - r? pnptl', 'wivirk thvn with HI A Nu ?n. , No. if:, u ill ud (uuita r*) or tl.n tf?to?trihor. hliiiiA <l> *for*i>NVKLT* 11VU HOI 1| ># *& UMT Oil WTO'JVf, fftOI 61 Urcudv* a;, a until iai Terrier dor, dirk brown, wiih l?n? er 4*? rr? f r? ?! Apm ?m t? i>?m? of TS.rt^r.*' i At IllliU MIM IJII' UIKb, IK1 * * ? wauaeieu from bi-r home, No. tf OraugH a'reet, y??i?sniay, and hu? not ttnce be'n lionid f rom ah? w m ?ut to autoul?a Lo'nr* <1 til'iln ut <1 pi:i* nanre i rhii Narbo. ing'.er. Shahalona p j nlicu frock ai.d a ii'raw Unmet, blacK ahaw I and bLkuk /.utor toota. ? I s FORMATION WANTBD OP WII.MAU DIVAN, MA ll1 m r, lulu '.I Liverpool, and formerly .ituwdied to ll??> IJ ' Slatm Frigate roluiukun. He i* ahmit t?'<aity-nin? yearn of a;?, low a'atute. (light make. light liair ami complexion. Mac >?<. Any information in relation to i nn will lie Uiiuirtt'uliy n'toivel, by addressing z. Y. X , at thin office, and nieh information 0011veyed to hi* affectionate mother, in Kn<liunL WANItlU mill US CUA 4UKK. t Knmohor Uerwao), who Mill have no olj- lion to go Aouili for UiriB or I'Hir onth*. Apply 11 43b Broome atriet. lir AVIKD-A KKMMK l>K CllAMBWE, (INK I'ltOPEKLY M qualified will thid a petmxiient ailu^tjoa anil good wage", by addreaaii-g II. I. D , ai thia oftioe. 11/ AN1EI ?A SITUATION BV A KRSI'BCTABtil fOUMO TT woman,iti < l.ambcmimd, <>ook W oatmr, or Ironar, or Ui do H i,i ral Homework in a amall family The beat of oity reference 1 ian he giver. Apply'o 17^ Eighteenth aire-t. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN T<J OPEN"BKS ANII wait on table; one i f ate-my and iudim liouM liabiw will tind a tteady aituailon, by applying at the New York House, 145 bowery. WAN TED-A HKSi'BCI'ABI.K YOUNG WOMAN A3 Chambermaid and Waiter, m a private boarding liouao, Eiod required. No Irish need apply. Apply at Ml oBitop atreet W anted?a situation. by A youno W i? \ N Ai Chamliermaid, . r i am dreaa |.n r n I No objection to gentral houaework. Pleuw apply at UtS Thirteenth street, near the 7th Avenue. WANTS D?A VAI.BT DB (11AMIIKB.?ONK WHO r|ieak8 Spunith ihuii Kii^I;h1i, and ran i?hiic well roomnmended, may apply at Pelerin'a Hotel, i> Whitehall atreet., bet?Ml tile hour* of [) 11(1 11 A. M., and J and r> P. U. WANTED?A tilTll ATI JN l? V A RBSPCOTABL* WO man, as Conk, W fuiher, and Iruuer, in a private family; no objection to go a abort distance in the eountry. Good eity reference* given. Apply No. 122 MoM street. WANTED IMMBDlATELV -IN I'lNE, WILLIAM, BBAver, or Broad streets, a "tore, or firrt, or necond floor, -intod lib to aituation, kc, for the Dry Goods (Joinmimion boniiiciv. Address J. H , box P??st Office. WANTED?A SITUATION bv A RESPECTAblk YOUNO Woman, an Cook, W aahur or Inner, or to do tbe general Housework of a small Family. The bestol city references can >.o given. Apply at 371 Sixth street. Wanted?a situation bv a respeoiable younq Woman, aa Chambermaid, and a^aiat in WaHhing and IroniDg; would be willing to go aa Cook in a eapootaole fumily. (jo d citj letereice given. Pleaiw nail at ,'I7J Tlnrd avenue. Wanted?a situation by a kbsi'Ei.tabi.e YdiNt; Woman aa Chainbeiinaid or Cook; 2? a (ood Waaher anl ironer. i.noo two years m n?r lasi place Tft? Oest ot city refereuec eu lieeiven. Apply ,'U .'id Ave' ne.cor.yth st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE VOL'NO WOM\S. A situation to do Vhaniberwork, tine Washing arid Ironing. Tlii! Icrt city can be given. Can be kiio fur three days at 1K)$ New street. WANTEU-BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS. SITUAtJons, oilc as Cook, Waaher, and Ironer, and the other to do Chamber work, i r l anndross and Uoutiekwper m a small funny. Can be seen at 33!) Washington street, in the rear. The best of city reftrenst c- n be given. WANT* D?A SITUATION BIT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman 10 d.. the general housework of a small family; la a gm .I plain i-'onk, washer and ironer; has no objection to (to a short distance in tl e country. The best of city relerenoe can bo given. Apply to 34 Oak utioet 2d floor. WANTED-A SI1UA1 ION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG VVciPkU, for Chamberwork, and Waiting or general Soumv w ork, in a unall private family. The beat of city reference can lie given. 1 lease to call at I6i Seventeenth street, first floor, between the Seventh ninl Elglitli avenres. WAMED-UY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO woman, a sitnation as cluimbermaid and soamettv rh, or children's nurse, lias no ibjeetion ti either oity or country, Good references given. Can be seen for two days, at ltiH Eleventh street, near F rst avenue, from nini o'clock in the mo ruing till m in the afternoon. Wanted?situations, by two resectable Girl*, one to do the cooking, washing, and ironing, tne other as chambermaid aid do pi in sewing, and has no objection to taks caie cf ueildren. Gojd oity reference given. Please caII iiiii. in rrmiBii'rb Mrvuu lihi db seen nir uiree aay*. moodjection to go a rhort distance in the oonnlry. WANTKD?BY A RESECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation an l ook or Chambermaid. Would assist to Wath and Iron, or can do general housework. Withe* to live in n pri*ate and respectable family The beat of city referonoe given from her laat lady. Addreas 2.12 Eleventh ttraet, between the lit and 2d Avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUWG Woman, as Chambermaid and Waiter; she lolly undor stand" the busine 9, or would do tht general housework of a nr all liunily. She is a g'>od plain Cook, and excellent Washer and Ironer. The Iwtt of reference can be given from her last place as to character and cap<bility. Please call at 23H West 21 at street and 'Jth avenue, where the advertiser con be seen for two d?y>. ANESIECTAItLE 1'KOTESTANT GlRl, WISUK4 A SIT nation as Nurneor tight Chamber-work. U a very p iod plrin s'-wer. i'lease call at No. 2 QUI Placc, opposite Tompkins' Market, 3d story, bauk room. Good city reference. Can be Been for two days, if not suited. TO MERCHANT TAILORS.?WANTED BY A YOUNG men, a situation as Assistant Cutter would be willing to as ist at the books orin Collecting, tie.; can give good city reference. A note addressed to Mr. Daily, oorner Broadway and Cortlandt street, will meet with attention. HARDWARE.-A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS, w?nts a situation in tbc Hardware business. II ai been in the trade tor over seven years. Inquiries, or a note addressed to C. Wary, !6 Chatham street, will be attended to. BOARD WANTED ?A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, DESIROU3 of obtaining the comforts of a boine, would like to engage in a private family, or w here there arc hut few hoarders. Location to be within tenminntes' walk of the City Hall. Address L. H. J., office of this paper. Board wanted.?a gentleuan wishes to obUin Board for ajoung lady, in a pleasant location, where there are n? other boarderr, and where his frequent visits will oe< Ufien no re-nams. Addrem, Eugene, at the office <d this paper. IXi.iRl). Wiril Fl RNI.-MIKDOR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, J can be had by gentlemen and tlieir wives, or single gcntie m?? otKIn Ilm^.lf.r.1 P?f 1. J Boarding -persons seeking rooms an?board for the Winter, can bo accommodated at No. f>48 Broadway. 1 bin homo i? ?o arranged as to aflord convenient parlora and bedrooms for families, al?o room* for nii.Rle gentlemen. Mvala can bo fcrved in tlie euti>, if deairrd. IMNE ROOMS TO REVT, WITH OR WITHOUT BREAK fast and Tea, at 773 Broadway. IIOR 8AI E-A SPLENDID RAFFLING SALOON AND Porter Honae. doing a nod buaineaa. bieknaaa ia thn caiwi ol idling. Kn<|iilio at the Exchange Hotel, 1.13 Fulton atrwt. IClWsALE.?A BOWLING SALOON, WITH FOCJR ALLEYS. J; Wo. 3tm Broadway. Inquire on the premiac3, or at 118 Cnmil street. The saloon will be rented if required. I^OR SALE?A GOOD U0R3E, SEVEN TEARS OLD, . large site, and perfectly aound and kind. AI?o an Exprea^ Wagnn ncariv 1 cw, tog> tuer with a Uaxneis. Inquire ot W. L. nail, 184 Chatham ?qmw. (.1 OR PALE.?THE GOOD WILL, SIOCK AND FIXTURES I with leaaa <f an eld eitahliahcd Lodgina and Porter lunne, ne w doing a firnt.rata btulncM, in a good neighborhood. The i,ifi|irletor being aboa leaving the city ia Uie only reason to- partit a with the fame Addresa a line to ' Agont," Herald Otfieu. None bnt a caah cnitnmer need apply. / 1 BAND ACTION FlANo POtt HALE?FROM LOAD'S vJ ci lel'ia'ud hnno factory, Philadelphia, entirely new, anil a rrilondid Inalrvmcnt. Uillbnaold ?tu crnnt lumin m... i H"* n ?ttC Pike street. For terms appfy to Professor George Krister. W l-retard street. POWER LATHER.?FOR SALE, A NUMBER OF SMALL Engine Lithts The) wtra oullt to order, Mid flnishrd in tlw I ml icMintr; are perfectly n.w, and will bo *ld low Apply to JOHN E. I1YUK'4SONi, 11 Mftidoo Laos. ri (. 1 V.T, 1 OR A TERM OF YEARS?SEVENTEEN 1/)TS J. i fCrotr den the Third Avenue and 01st stioet. Omnibuses run to and from the place. A pply to W. C. ?i A. A. HUNTER. 20 8ooth street. r|M> LEI-TO ANY RtSl'EVI ABLE FAMILY, Till'; UPPER X part of a llouso, si'uattj l"7 Spring street, corner of Mercer cntnirre on Mcrter street. Enquire of f. M. Baroo, on lite pre oi i ?ef. rpo LET-AT 1?9 LIBERTY 8TKEET. UANDSOHE CURX niahtd moms to single gentlemen or tn a family without children, the 2d floor, wilii or without lurnituro and kitchen. References cxchanccdIMIOMPBON'd BANC N01E L18T.-Tt?0 SBILLINOS 1 per copy will bo paid fur certain Co pill, i this lift puMi.hed between June, 1H43, and Janu*ty, 1M6, on appicaiiou to J. O. F4Y. Lump Store, 134 aid 136 tut on btrect. where the Jesired eopit 8 will ne selected. A very liberal price for of the same during any portion of the above period AM, PERSONS ARE HEKEIIY CAUTIONED NOT TO buy or negotiate a oartiBcate of deposit of the Union B:ink of New York, for two limusand dollar*, payable to the order or T i V. Necrganrd, and endowed by him, u> Christian Lctitbecher. Said certificate having been lost or stolen, in Charleston. 8. C., t n vmcnt thereof has oven stopped. * r,i>w. hh'h a. ki'nii vhnr. bo Wc?t ?tr*?t. / ' IIH' >MCl.KS OF MO^KS - Til h\ Will, DK FlilAD IS V./ "Nri Dunllint'a Own,' with other rare and racy matter. 1 !ie paper will bo iMued aa usual lir<i*4?ay, on Saturday. Only 10,'<0 eitra are to be itrjck off to aupply Ui? exptcted demand for tlx CbrnjclM IMPORTANT information.?i.kntlem IN wish inc. tl'irWinUr Clothing cither Cleaned, Dyed, Altered, and R*. ja ird with new oollatp, cuff-, linuu. ami iiuttona, :ire informed that No.ti Murray itrot t in the only plaro to jet their work done well and cheap. J*re|iitrv y<,ur oven ?!? in time. Nooolorii'* UR'I iu i Vanini. A lino Kldnwd fi-oiu any [?rt et the city will be attended toly the general Tailor. A CORTISS'>$, No.ti Mo my ?tre?t, near Broivl *iiy. Charge for cleaning ovenxata, >1; otlier.% t?; punln, .'is. No dinppnntinettti IJAK1S STYLE SHIRTS, OF ri.NKST WORKMANSHIP, nado to r.ieararc, by the halt doien or more; unsn^aaiioa in tlii? country. 30 |?r cont. lesa than price* mn ly charged, j, Oi riHKIA it Is years Itroiilnuy I'nahiouaMo colebn'y, ?!!; < vin fen dent II C. OUION. 1|,M William at. upataira. I^NOLlSn OAS FIXTURES.?AN EXTENSIVE A^SORT" J mint of Enghah Oaa Futures, comprising Chaodeiiera Bracket*, and Mantel Ornament", to., of new ntyl?i and rcoi-ut im| i nation, rnai ui'actnn d hy Tli<>ma? Mewenjer Si Sou, of London and Birrointham. For*alo at7!< John afreet 1'RAVEl.I INCI TRUNKS.?JOHN CATTNACU, TRUNK Muanlaeturer, No. I Wall street,corner of Rroadway, haf ( now on liand, and constantly miking a good assortment orTrunki, I Vahxos, Carpet llacs and Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a 1 raj-ri r article of Sole I<?ath?r Trunks, suitable fur American or ' >ur >pean travel, and I'ortmanteaua for tlio French Maile route. Old ra tor the Wen Indie* South Amctiia, fce.. tilled wiUi Uoa P"* j (A,\KHIAOE 1.IN1NOS, CURTAIN MATERIALS, AND j J i'lido a ?Constantly receiving, by the la'oat arrivals, a I . nnii'lt to awoitmi nt of these goodu. At? >, oelored ailk and cot- j i Velvet.-, riid Fl ir i e.m lor Oa?vierreotji?'t for ??! > by \ I*. S. k S. A MARTIN t, luipor.era and Jobber*, 112 Willum 1 M n 11, i i r .1 in, i IHIMI AND SCOTCH MALT WHISKEY, HUPKRIOK TO ! 1 any fin in ir arket. ;it d the only pure Malt WliWkey in Aim ( riea, I'm' tale, at welve shilli* tn f?.r new Whiskey, thirteen lor old, lb p?r eent over proof, by WILL AM M PAKK1, Difttiler, HO ?. on >i av. nne i itK, e 12 Stoae atnet. in nnn window shadk?, from io cents to j IvjvUU J.'ki - Brn ' 1, ( nl, Tncaela, UJt Cornii.e, I'a ' |. hangiria ke. k . in |.r.>poition. Mercianta, afr.knrora, fa. 1 niliea, ..r my one waniimt "> h ftiMelea, willaall l*P>rei*\r )ha?ing at BAkTOLL'S* 17ft tad 177 William it/vet, b*tw(vi ^piiccand B'.tKitao aUttitk ' w*jh ? ? > wnjnmmmrr ? wr> i ? ? r,u PAR* THEATRE? FRIIMF BTBNINO, OCTOBER \ I Ifce en t?-run anient# wll ?Mum?nc? with the o*?m*4iett% railed FORTY AND fin Y?Mr. Ullywhite. Mr*. Gil ert; Mr. Iill)*hir<t. Mr*. Gilbert. Alter (be ew?iie?li?tta Matlame Anna Hi flu p h ill |?>rf(?nii :i ootnedy scene I'nun H<??ilni'? I antlfal i ' ferik < f Hit' " Hurberot' N-ville " in which < hei .u t? r Jw will in trod ace f I e ? a\ a tin; v. I'na Voce I'nco Kn. After which the KTOS BOY. In utldili* it to ul tc.h \fit'lam?' Anna BiiJmp will i?crf??rm [urfu of "1.4 tannainhula." Atter wliivh, for the iflth time, h?* ftnnd ballot of K.HMfcKAM'A- l.t BtuneniliJa. Mad. Allele M?>? |,|j?i? r I>r?'M < if? le Tfi 'entu; Family Circle, 00 oents; Upp^r Bine :f> oents Pit, cents; UaJler?, \2% ocntn. Ojoriepea ? ? ,Mur?? r t.. 7: ourtsir rises ata quarter to 7 o a look. IJUMjkKIr I'iUCaTkE.? fHIDAV CVtMNU OCX ti. WILL ! U h? r?irated inr. I KwN CHEST? -?ir K.iw?nl Mortimer, Mr. IlimMiii; ' .ijituin Mtlhardiig. Mr J. M Votl; Wiltord, ?r. J. H. U?l); \i'ain Wiulcjion, Mr A Andrew ; Hmvhold, Mr T. Dull; Orfuu. llr tttavunt; l,?dy lleli i, Mra. JorU'l. Al ?r which aCi.nd Sviou* PAS DE DEUX, by fiunori (Jloooa unit Hpt. Nrri To cnuoli 4>? with the K"inafiti>' lll'imi tn -spiK!U^lil 1>I B?J4N lI'/hnlMHB- llnau H >rolathe, Mr. J. M. S.ioMs UfDoioghu#; Mr. N. I; riar'<; reie,ic.., Mr. #vna?i M '.'nr'V More. Mr. Jorlar; Hbolerifl. Mr Warden. Erni i. Mi* *1 ,rv IMto . I)< (r> o|x'l pttirirmtnce to oonim.noe ?t7o'ulook. Boxer, 1 W f"l? : Pit, Itft rent.; (iallerj, I2& oenta. C^llAM'KAto Nfc* IS.i I lO.NAI. I IILA 1IU., FlIKM KKI.V S Chatham?I uduv Etcuiii.. Ircb'her ti, will bo pr?"r* u&ed the Miect.cle drama of EttM EK A I.DA. OH i 'IK 'II' S:;il li vUK. OF ROTHE I?AME?Tli? Grand I'Tuvo't, Mr l.lndon; ('Unite I'lollo, Ari hdiaron of N D. Mr. Uaik; Pfco-I nr, Cnpt. of Kii,<'h Archer*. Mr Palmer, (juuximido, tho Hunohbiik .if N. I). Mr. Junes Eimoralda, a Oi |?v ?irl. Mm* E. V. uvcr After which, liYMKKIE.S AND MISKK ES OK NEW VxRK Moee. Mr. I'hii.friii <>inli.i Tnhl.. U. < It,,,!... If. l> u. Hi? I/iic, ^Th MeT.efui; Little Lia>. Minn M -?t?yot . Conclude* ?itb the laive of iheL.tDY OP'I'll l<; LIONS CI...I M,.,| lien . Mr Iturk. Doorf open at 7 performance to auuinnuuoo ?t i/% -vUrt Bniee.Jft oenta, Pit. 1J.H Mll'll AN IL'8' HALL. Nil. <7-' llr< :i.|n ne'w eu lir.u.d and Broom? atreuta, eommcti td on Monday. October 2d. and will eontlouo every night until Inn Ir notice The original and well known CHKI81V8 IIINSTh fcLS, (nrgtniied In 1*12.) ahoee concert* in this city, fur a period of ten month*. were re reived with lucli dietiiiruialicd fuvor and patronage, Inivo the boner of aiinmineing to tne ludicx and gantle'ut u of New York and vicinity. that they will jrivo a mHm ?I Hi-ir Mtlll Chm4 intr< dncinga variety of'heir original Songa, '.hnruafea. Cbaraolo.natic Daneta. toe. Adn\ii>alon 25c*u'a. Dnnra open at 7. Concert will oommanec at H o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday commencing at .'I o'clock. 1'. U., under the management and direction of R. l\ Cliriatv. AH ? U M ' 8 AJUUUCA.N MU&BU1L?P. T. liAKNim, Proprietor?*\ Ilitnhcock, Manager, Splendid Perforinancei every aftornnou at 3 o'clock, ami every evening at lia.ltpaat aeveii. The Manager li?a the pleasure of announolug the moat extraordinary wonder in ercaiion, Major Llttltltngur, hold, ing tho same re'iition to the I'amoua Lilliputian that the llttlo linger doot) to'he thumb. lie iu ten your*'I'l, only twenty-four Inched high, and weighs only thirteen pounds. llo uiny l?i amrn every morning fremiti to lialf-riwt 12 o'clock; in the aJ'urnnon from 2 till half-past 5; and tn tlw evening, from 7 till 111. In addition, the manager haa alao engaged firea* Western, tho celebrated Sable Brother*, Mr. S. K (J. Nell la. tin man h rn without anna. the three Dighland Mammoth lloye.tliunt or Mammoth ftahy Eiiormoua Boa Conatrictor. Admiaamn to tint whalfe Including Museum Perfonnancea, Little Finger, Ike., 23 cents: o il.lrenun......?< ??i -ij 1. . ?. ....^ . - -W WVIM-DWI MIX! ?<U W H.l|| ?IUUC. I i UOUM. tlfr served front seat*. one ahllltnt; extra 11' II.MlN i KN rCKTA IMMEN'IV O.N TUB UoNQS ' If ?T Scotland?lli? pnhlir Ml MINlMb illbrOMdi tnat Mr. Wiliioii, late of the '1 heatrea Koy&l. Covent uarden, Druvy l.nue, anil English Opera House. ia about to pay a visit to the United Stat**, and will *i*e a ?eries if his enteriuiiimcnts "ti ilio Son^a of Scotland, tn New York, during tli? month of October, the particular* of which will be given in future advertisements. Mr. Wilson wn tlic tint voc a'i*t who nave tliiu i|iuote? of eutcrtuiuments, which combine anecdote and information oonneotcd with the song" and their anlhor?; and during the lant nilht |IML ha hna given them witn ureal neMM, 111 Cldoit and tho principal towns in luglard, Scotland, and Irrland. ~U*HMANIA Ml SIC SOCIETY FKOM BKKI.IN, X composed of twenty live in?trument il and flolo ptrtlRUia who have mad* thenselvea well known on tlio continent ol Europe and Eng'and, lor I lie precision and at 111 in the execution ol the heat work* of the moat celebrated masters, aa Becthovnn, Mendelsohn, Von Weber. Straois, f.anner. He.. Ike., respectfully announce to thecitiitn* of New York, that they have Jiift arrivod in t hia country, and that they will make their flrst appouranco at Mr. Niblo'n, Astor Flare, un Thursday evening next. Alter which, Uiey intend to give aevaal concerts, at tl.o Broadway Taberi aele. beginning Monday, OB. 0 th. For the S'liety. CARL LENIN HO W, Lctder. THO "EXHIBITIONS.-CiKAM) COMBINATION OF 11A Nington's Sacred Diorama.* 'of the Croat'on of the World, tind the Grand Speotaolc of the Deluge. Ala , twenty two maguitiront Scriptural Fainting* by Mr. Baker, ol I ondon : cach one containing about 1U0 square feet of canvass?the whole comprising one of the mint beautiful and iiitereiitipgexhibitious ever exhibited in America. The Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ol tin Almighty, E? pulsion frem Paradise, Death of Abel, Evening before the DeInge, The Delude, (iod'k Covenant with Noah, Destruction of (Jodon and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Mnses, The Seventh Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's, Muses Breaking the Tables, Fall of the Walla of Jericho, Joslma Commanding the Snn to Stand Still, to.. Ifcc.?now exhibiting every alght tliia week, and Wednesday and taturdar afternoon*, commencing at throe o'tlock, at the splendid new lln.ll. 3116 Broadway, ovor Stoppani's Baths. UAN1NGT0.V8 entirely new Grand Scriptural Dioramaaof tbnmoat magnificent S|K'ctacle ever witnhaaed in New York?Creation of the World and t'..e Deluge, assisted by powerful instrumental accompauiinenta. Six Daya of the Creation.? Scenery and Incidents?kJhaca, tlie Firat Day'. The Firmament, tlie Second lay. Dry I.and, Htrbage and Flowers, Third Day.? Snn Moon and Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fiah and Fowl, Filth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Garden of Eden ? Adam at J Eve. With the completion of the labors of the Creation, the first part ol the exhibition cloaca Part2-Grand Diorama of the Deluge. Tickets 25 cents; children hall price. Doori open at 7?curtain rises at 8 o'clock. N- EW^KIJOM.S, M-' HKOADWAY, NEXT DOOR TO TUB Broadway Theatre, Friday ovcuing. Oitober li ?The ce ebrated Clairvoyante, Mne. Levasseur's experiences, tin buautiful and admired Astronomieal Diagram* and Diaphanous Tableaux. Pi intk nf miniiidnn?r<*\ <> ?? 1 2'icentf. Commence at7>i o'clock. Racks-union course, l i.-four mile dav? Ibis Day, Friday, Oct. (!,?Purse o) fl.'J'O? Four mile heats. Entries:?Samoel Laird's ch m. Fashion, by Trustee, d:im Uonncts o'Blue.axed, 1211 lbs., dress blue and white; O. P. Hare's *. m Bostuna by Botton. dam Andrewetta, .1 years old, 111 It)*.. drtsJ red and white; Calvin Green's br. h. Free Trade, by Meioer, dam by John Richard*, 4 yearn old, 101 lbs. Pccond Ra<"e, immc day?Purse of J>5H0?Two mile heats. Entries:?0. P. Hare's b. m. l.ucy Priam dam by Eolipra, 4 years old, 1UI lbs., drv?s red and white ; Samusl I<atrd's br. in. Fam'y, by Hornblower, out of the dam of Stanly K. I years old,lui lbs., dress bine and white. The nr .t Rich w ill < >uie off at two o'clock, P. M. Tile c:ipi will IIDWiniBW Pin ling for the Course at 9>{ o'clock, and rontiniii' running every hall hour until the races conimen'o, rnturninii at the clone of the sport*. tt" Person* ;?P engaged to -"1! tickets to the Grand Stand in the cars, which will facilitate the en trance at the gates. (I ENTKEVILLF, COURSE?TROTTING.?THIS DAV, FRI J day, October tith, will come off, immediately after the racesover the Union Course, a pnrse of f>lb. two inile heats in hariieiwMm. W hee'an enters b. g Telegraph; J. J. C. enters b. g. Honest John: Owner enters b. 1 Mac. Auction notice.?to the gentlemen of the Theatrical Profession, and others.?On Monday, at 3 o'clock w ill be sold in the Old Church, corner of William and Frankfort, streets, the personal Effects, wardrobe. Books, Music, and other property of the late lamented Mr. llammnnd. whoso < nrver with us lias licen unfortunately too soon ended. His wardrobe in sutw rlor includ ug almost allre<|uired in his lino. The best sclootion of Wigs, Wearing Apparel, tcc.kc., will ?-e ready tor examination on Monday morning. TIIOS ItELL, Auctioneer. Homer morgan, auctioneer -splendid specimens Camel,a Japonicas, l&c ? Friday, Oct. 6, at 11 o'clock, will be sold at auction, at Bneban'-i Garden, 17tli street, near fithavenue. 1U0 vorv c.lioiee r'ttm#.lin? ?i.? < ? - W. Livcttuoio, E<).. tcleotcd without regard tn cost and compn- I tir.ji tho best and moat valuable cull'ration ever offered at auction. I The plants are from .1 to 10 feet high. Alfo. a few other oho tew I plsnta. Catalogues ?ro now ready at the office, No. 1 Pino it. 1 O Ofin ROSES or TDK RAREST VARIETIES. NOV 1U)VVV in full bloom, will bo sold at Auction on the premiers of the mUcriber, by G? B. RoUin*, on the IOUi inst., at Id o'clock. To those rose fancier* who arc convinoed by expedience that imported standards will net thiive in our climaoa tJ i' >ale will afford an inducement, na every roie to l>o otlered is budded on the American awcet briar, which rcunir* no pnv tection against our ooidcat winter*. Catalogue* to he obtained at T. Dunlnp'a, 638 Broadway; 0. n. Roll in*. Auctioneer and of the snbicricer, JAMES B. tVEIIt, Florist, Corner of Twenty-eighth street and Second avenue. PUONOGRAPIHC VERBATIM REPORTING ACADEMV, Corner ot Broadway and Canal atreet, (Entrance No. 4>W Caral street)?Persons anxious to <|iiahly themselves to take vtihatim report* of L' Olnrea, Speeches, Sermons, Law Cases, tic , ( So , oitl ci for their own use or amusement, or with a view to bminirjt professional reporters, or f"r the more general purpose ot private ? nunir and correspoudeneo. fur w hich it ia already used 1j)U| wards of ouo hnndrou thousand persons in America and Croat Britain, ar" especially invnod to oall at, the Phonographic Vtrlatim Reporting Academy, corner of Broadway ana Canal atrret, (ontrkneo <2>jj Canal atnet,) where new olaaaca are being eonstat tly forn > L Terms, per course of Twelve Lesson*. $5. Five d ll< lent classcs will be commenced on Monday, October1.), to be ennliiiued every Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, until tlie courie is completed, viz.: two classes In the m >riiinf*. one fri m 8 o'e'ock until 0, and tho otli r from 10 to II; two m tlio alteruooi', one from'J o'clock until .'I, un I 'lie other from 4 to fl; arrt one frfim 7>? to fX in the evening, live other clarfos will be comae need at the same hour* on Tuesday, lOtli, to be continued ever) Tneaday, Thuiadtiy, and Saturday, until tho course ia fc<ml?!ct< d 4 wliuu-a-M u. ?ww? a> >. B. It will be seen that each class receives twelve le sons of oti' Iionr each, three timed a week. The courso will enable the muntcrs of a class to read and write I'hnnntcraphy with facility, in thu! af(.-r a few months' practice, without tile aid of* teuohor, tlicy will ho able to report public >pcakers. Private classes taught at the resldencct of ti e members. Term*, p- r course of 12 lifpon*. ?tlH, for any number ol r* win not exceeding twenty riniii i am> ao?nt.-j. ue coioota, nitsuRO' J. m.d General AgeiitjCan be found at the counting room of tor. A. H. IIcud, No. .'Ill Water stree', Corner of Cootuiei slip, lot a few dsja. He will attend to the locating, aurvav 114. and rutentii k land claims?the payment .f tatcs, ;ind redemption of [ui (In told for taxes?the sale or leasing of lands in the neighborhood ol llomton, Austin, or Galveston; also,'he collection of debts in tbo w (Urn poitinn ?f Texas. and the auditing an 1 ndlostment of claims due individuals l>\ the late Kcpuhlio of Tex^. Subscriptions will le received until November I, to his new and pomplfte Map of the Slate ol Texan. Me.xi-'o l.'.'.l: ril\lfcl>. a ro.vl' m.scmficent and elubonted 1 aiionmio painting of the wholo lino of march General Scott's victorious army pursued, fr un hiiltpit landing at ViraC'ru. till lie iriuupl.aut occupation ol tho city of Mexico; ilh a faithful and continuous view of t.nat romantically w inder tul country, which h?u been many months in preparation, at an er.orniot'a cllWDse; and will be opened for exhibition iuafuw days a' the extensive room, No. 8il8 Bioadway, on the Corner of Walker street. rpaK LONG ISLAND INSLRANCE COMPANY. :\PITAL X 2u<i,l)W) dollars with* surpliiH, ollieu No. 41, f.ilton street, Brooklyn, continues to take rnka on buildings merchandise, machinery, and property generally at current rates of premium. < This company ha* pr.stwd through the great N x l'crlt (ires of ht'i and 11 and also the rerent disastrous Brooklyn tire; tli./ owe their escape fr?~m them with com par* tire I v slight los; ?, lo tie lystem which they practise, of limiting and scatier nz their risks. The ooni|*ny inform their dealers, ar>d tlie public gMM* rally, that lets than one third of their business is on nsitj in t ie cit y ol Brooklyn All los.<r? w hieh tlie e< mpany may ?ust*in. I will be adjusted and paid promptly as hcretof' re. Siinod, U. W. DttiA HATER, lWt. I. C. FINN, See'y. <71111 tfWWk IIOlllM NK1KI.V HI mi. K .I, VMfjV'i'V linger a W< n i I aol<l ?lib;ut a murmur. Itbialt old fori ", null Md brnitea, in mediately upon the hone, *<rU liira daily. All 'tun -, ealloaitlea and hard melHiy,s 1I every n_: are i ill,* ?.? man < r h"r?e, yield' oforf lt? roajtte iufluismatantly At? f'""f UnintI all our M hor?e Mkm (tkbhlMMI, and (tan proprietors I'kvc Inirt down every oilier remedy mtd by many 1 them tT'm thirty ?o forty years, anduae this m '.he l*at, in J <toBldedly Hie ohcaieet lijiirn- r t In uarket. In large bottles, at .VI cent*, yix bottles tor f2 W': Mad'/m, at IXI l'earl, and ut Tattf rsall's. Broadway, ?lio!':i.a'e and rctail-and of tin innrpiatM ftorcs and tadlers, generally, throughout the city aul country. NO CURB NW CHAKGB.?DB. MURPHY Of S3 OOLD treet, It eoi.tldcntially oonsnlted < n all lotm? of pr.rated* met Decent cues of (onorhhrea he cures in 2 to 4 daya. i.'ontUIUclonal debility > nd unpot-ncy maoeeirtulW treats ly l>r. H. No meronry csed in any oaae, or hirdranm from buainem it flnlrt at?-?t- orwn from 7 A. M to 111 P M. NOCt RB, NO PAT.?I)K. COR1SITT, 1!> Dl'AN C SI XICfcT i member of the Royal t tiltafte of Sur.itona. linden, may be a >cn>nlt?d in treatment of delica'e dim aaea. Mo matter' ow lo. * 1 reu may have nlo?it, uloert upon the body. or In the thro it or noso, i Mine in the head and bone* of the leu* A praetioe of louruen o feare, devoted to venereal diseases, enables Ut. C. to our*! the 1 eonst form of this dljiea*e. Recent far seared In lour il.-.yj. Mo mercury need, Btrietnros cured in one or two weeks with , icsruely any paiu. Those individuals who have Indu' -< .1 in acet- J :ain loathaome habit, can poaltively be restored to hex.ih and , loelety. N. B. Strangers are eautloii"d not to bo deceived. l)i :..l.l ?t has not removed *??Bb* W I?u?n? itrni, oiposiM , Dr Johnson's. D<?t"U)K MORRISON rONTINl'ES TO ItK CON 41 LI'BD ' on delicate diseases, wbleh he cur?< wltli. ut mercury or * lindranoe from business. The di? as? In its i-ariy stages he eur^e na few day.'. Debility of tliemrvos fr rn early ludmnUoa, ? kMvmpanled with a mdnal im.atraiion of mental p..wer. ia rn c leaalully treat'd by Ur M. The moat i (.annate sirietarr* yield J ?. hia method uf eurin# by absorption. N-e hia London Diploma, ? b Li* office, MS Fulton llmt, Lettt'Apolt paid, attended t* L> ROADWAY TUJLATRA.?FKIDA Y EVSNIJfCl, OCT. ff, D IM", n III > I^rf' i mr.l Ui" inrdy ?. t i a. i ,vl u K>KN K i?Pierre v/Ilara, Mr Collin#; Wr. Ftei4injr Mr u i>?r* n?rd Ma'I n, Mr flai* r. Wy'ie. Mr M ?t ti*-w?; Mis< hiri**, N>?a Car i in. To be fol owvd hy the ??>-?dy of fffft j \ST LM.S- <>'( a lahap, Mr.''ollir : M* Ri??rt. VIr Andr w harh* Rivera, Mr. Itaher; Dr. Bade. Mr. ReraaH; Mr-. Mo-? a *> T?? roneltide with U * tar?'* of T JK l> " IU,lu HKDDK I) ROOM Mr Du'eimr Mr Ha iawty M. r Mir an, Mr Vietm, Mr. M r ???r' ^r< f, "nit Mr* 'v.- ^ Divot Circle and l*ar<|nett?, 7^o*nta; Family ircle, 20 oca la; (Jaller> 12* - ta Doort ope? al7Hi MOM 8 TUKaTII i m If SMI flllAT tvvoiof, OeU?l?er i;, will i** |? rtorm'-'i the |?< pilar drama >>( l>OMBKY aND 80N < a^um * uttl** vi r liurt'd Jiwk Bunaby Mr. Broiiahair; Mr T-**. Mr Hivm-m* rtaltr <iay, Mr Greet; Suaan M|>p r. Mr*. Itr m i atn. Mith Mm Knight. After which, the favorite burle. t.i ,t u,..- *<ma\ 11 \ 11. t - !iar>u Ki^enel-uiy, Mr. 1 ynii?'j Fn-ier V vj. .i,,rian; \a h.t \1< Lolcr. Tooouclmi* with fUK CM I Tl K| MP a- IAIN CUTTLE, a further extract fr< m the Nu?-I i i? tn v and s-? Price* of admi#*i<>u -I>rt*??H Circle and Parquet. / " ei * unity Circle '>r Hecotid Tier, 1$ ata. Duoiaop?'ri at t.all j a ' ?, . urtain t?? ru** at 7 o'clock. ____________ XT IK!LO'.*v ASTOR PLACK, BUMDWAV Sfc? ONI) SIGHT J^l of fcr. M \< READY, who w II -|>i*jtr in fthakape tre'a 'l racrdy of Othello. In oenae?|uru?*?> of the vaa', i?utla> ou toil occasion, all privilege# ?f * r. M.crtndya mghta nimt h* ana l^miod and'h* pii w will Ua?3ox?jh and Par jtmtt*. $1; AinjiMtheatrn, We I'ri^ay evening Oct. ? , the i? rfortuaoce will cot mence with Shak*r>ear*'* Trin^dy I'')?Otheilo, Mr. Macrtaoy, Iafc?, Mr. hrdtir; < aaaio^ Mr VI'. II. Crisp; l> denx.ra, -M? s Mfii^aa. Ti? con? lu e with tlfl Karoo of MY NM(i|ltl</K.S WIH Mr. Stiuerton. Mr. ? harle#; brown, T. J lande; Hmith,, Mr. J S?ft n; Mru. ^oruerton, Mrv. Crtuier DM rm?|?'n m la l efor?7, oonitnen" n< a' l % |?*at 7. MITCBXLL1 OLYMPIC Til KATKE.-KHIDAY RVRNinp, Oct. fit tlio ?ut?:r*aiuiiicMii-M will coniiiiene? with an extrivg^aiiaa, mtillod U4<\ MONIES-Count Muffontiff, Mr. Mckinaon, Michael Rr iwaki Mr. i IUn.1;'iorinu Kloper. >l)cc Mary Gannon In ?he tour f rfie f* oo- M.h/< Miry Gannon will <iai i c ii I ua Seul Afu-r which aM**a*d urirfiual oke^ h. entitled WHO'S COT MACMRADY ??Mr. Macready, Mr. Nick. itiH't. Alter whieh, a inimoal i*r?vn|fania, enutle?i IIEROAN D LKANUEH -Ltuioder, Min# Vary (iafinoD; 8uleyin?n A*ha, Mr. Nitkinaon: hero, Mian Kul^rta To conclude Aithihefavoe of AN OR./RCT OP 1NTS t T-Mr Murium luKe PrimroN, Mr. IIol! nd. Door# ope at7?Curtain n**# at7H o'? looli. nANVAliD'S PANOKAMV IlAl-L. NO. A'JH BH'MU^AV, . J ......... .... ?. .-iva , !?! net ,n II IC '|rn nil O'm'liy, It" nill I tolur, w itli a inucnifio?m Furor mha ind Dior?ma of the B< >Vf ii A HUME NT OF YEK.\ t KIV hv the I' iI MiMtlonwii.? Tie tirvfc n't n? i-in the fiulf f Mex ; men of-wir aro n**xt mm'ti tailing inajiHtica 1y along, until U.?y arrive ?9>p?i?tU: the city of Vera Out. ?p)?-td d J'u oramlo V i?w of tho CJity. Mu^nltfc*ut Nijrht Scene, and arrival ?>f t'?? I S. brig <?a the blorVadm/ ?emce Engliaii ih*p? ol w r Kudyiniou, [><riaf.Ke t and other foie gn virhjIb at*' Mtvii a' anchor, when l.i'utenari, 1 arker, with llynion, Rouen ?n<1 a boat'werew leave th" Sonn-rn. and ?r*' ntn to r?>w to the fcudymion ; and * 00011 uh dnrVnlavora them,they leave t hat at ip, and are '.b-?*r> i rwmg <0*41. in the Castle o| st Juan d'f'Uoa. Ttiey an- xt - 0.1 hoarding the Mexican brig Creole, which had run the Hi*u AfN? tN; ?U? u -re, nad wuh now ha'ely moored to the very wall* of t-i^'le, the ciew lit tie dreaming of the fate that a**'ted them. I'liiy ire the crew, take them prisoners in tl.eir h.ataanl i?ct tli<: brig ?m tire. They then row back to tl e Sonier*, 1 avi'g p *rf??nned one of the mot*, during feate ol val< r ever r n rM m hi?'"ry. The flame* are set n to arise, thffontrv u alarmed, tin- c*?ttie driiio* t eat to arms? but too late? theg illant \ merit an* ha\c?iu:ie their duty too *?ll. and t' 0 brig ioon hemmes enve'oped in fiitr.e-, and final iy bio** up. Thin iieeue and ti e f Hawing are the mint lifelike overseen in anv exhibition in the * orid * * tor in arimt; the *ja bccome* rough,and the?omera in aeen heaving ah ?u 1 un til ahe vrikee and Lecomea a complete wr< ck on tl at terri b 0 e >uat one of the fjallui. t 1 i r * ll> i.b?ui, and hall 1 m< .v ?? ?!.' I in ?ha' dreudlul gale. The boata liom the feiioyuiton and the other l?roign vaanela |irocccd to the wreck and rescue the remainder of toe crew. 1 ho next view is ti e arrival jf Uet *> al Seottl 1 a sMamer, tort conn o&tte the p'acu. They enter the harbor, and finally return to the anchorage ground without re< *?tving damug3. Vhe ihlpiof war, tiMipoi ta, aitatnera aiid o*ta? m ii tnnii arrive oppeaitc the city; aotneofth* v?a?tl* ueire?t the spectatora are 01 great magnitude, and are crowded with noldiera and (WIIUI.1. in ii|.,,iiiRi iviuuiti IH ;irrm mpVtH 'nMUOll of nature evr teen in the Ln 1 Uil ht<it ') he troopa an; than ordered into the mtl'-l outK. ami a landing in effected at niurtt. The howit*et?, cannon, It a, ?rc landed, and the IwmMawi om> idoimch. The dioramlc offcet b? dayli,ht and b> night i? truly magnificent, giving an opportunity for tlie iu?u beautiful <Uy ana night eflects ami grand pyrotechnic di-pl \ - firing of shell.', canBon. Sic , bursting of shells an thev tall into the city. Real ran nor, toadi >1 and tired by mechanical lignr ',1a a triumph in the art of mucha nitui refervod for our No*- York aitizuns to accomplish. 'Ilie uity and ramie surrender; thee i or* are presented to 'leaeral Scott and suite, the victorious army enters the hiihcrro iinpr"guaMe < ify and oa?tIc, and the l/ui ed States flu*: wave* tnumphantlv fr< in the cattle aud fortr, under a general saute. The whole in the work of native artist* ami artisins, and if got up on a h ale of magnitude hit' erte unkno? n in the Cnitud Ntatea No expcu.Je has heun spared to bring before the publin a vivid representation of tlu deeoanf thoir fellow citizens ; and tho ll.wll, wbioh in the largest in New Vork, will be renavated, and inadu the moat comfortable of any in tin city. 111 wet es a ill ho described by an officer of vclui.teeis ? ho served through the campaign. A lady, a pupil of Thai! erg, will pmMl at tlie piaoo-lorte, HI Um lovers 01 harmony will havo u musical MM an well M a mnMMH and diurainic exhibition. An overture will precede tnc performance, and mn>io between the part*. Tio*e'i fit) ce-its ; children half price. Doors open at 7. and tho curtain ri?es at 8. A n exhibition at on Wednetday and Saturday afternoon!. Panorama of tayi,ok> campaign .n Mexico, at tho Mtncrva Hooms, 4tM> Br ad way, shous, natural aa life, tho Marches, Encampments, and liatt>s fought by Geo. Taylor. It also gives correct views of the country, towns, cities, (to. It la the most beautiful painting ever seen. Open every night at quarter before it o'clock. Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday and Saturday, commencing at 3 o'olock. Admission, 2A eenta. Schools admit ted or reasonable terms. No charge for d?Mrlpttn pamphlets. Children halt price. Cm i riL, vir.EHTk cos. exiiiuition or European f Paintings, i'M9 Itroadway?open from !?a'elock, A. M., until 10, P.M. Aumi?tan;e 2ft cents. Suixon Tickets, 50 eeats. ' Mir. .\air.i?iv,A? insuium uAo X lislied a I'lunoh of the vocal dfji irtm'ut ia the Krooklyn Institute, which is to coinmenoe tbn ( F*ritl&y) evening, atH ' look. Aline Invited to Utnl,ftN thin eveniiur. Anew class for the violin to-morrow evening at the l.yceiiin, Sti.1 'irosdway, ?t N o'clock. II I'ri. < iiulI, .'oil Broadway. Vfl u si C-riANO-roKTE-slNOlWO?MADAM To>vItL lfr, ar.ativeof Herniary, having aodmd mimici.nd dnging under tl>n tirst roasters on the enntim nt of Europe, and had the honor of giving instruction In tho-e aocnmplishmeata in several noble houses and families of distinction. intends coinuieivitDg a course of private lessons 'n tins city. For te'ms and other particulars, apply to Firth, I'ond Hi Co., Franklin Square, or No. J Set aft 'l Bon( CTlltfim strict. ACL'ITAK CLASS KOI! L..1UM MUX lie; FOHUGD AT the rooms of the American Musical I nsti'ute, unicr the direr tien of Mr II ('hadwick, thia(Friday 1 afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Also, a clan lor Ladies and Gentlemen, tins cvsning at 7 o clock. Terms, live dollars per jtiar'cr in advance-frie lor all tin* evening. H. llEfGGS, Principal. M8 Rroadvij, Dam inu.-MLLK. PAVUMB dkmamuns, Of TUB A' adtiny of 1'aria, has the honor ot informing tho publiu that ahe will open four different classes, to suit the ennvcnl-jno# of lier pupils?one up town in Br adway, one on the Third Av?nnc, one in lircon street, between M'avcrly and Clinton Place, and the other at her residence, 74 Leoi ard at. Mile. i'. D. wiU aive instruction in all the different branches of dancing. Tor information at to the date, hours and terms, apply tu 14lie. P. D at any lour during the day. JP A H K E K'S DA NCI NO ACjt V.-MR. J. I'AKKKR has the plcaiuie to announce to his friends and tho public,, that his School is now open for the acasou, at hia room in liayarti street, where all the new and fashionable dan?ea will ho iutoo duciwl. Days of tuition, Tuesdays and Fridays; Indies' and jaiaecu > iui ti m j >g .1, Hoys 10 onin,ence !ir .1. UenUemea'S clara from fc to 10. Tho first public ataemblie will take place on Monday, .Tilth r f OctoberPRIVATE TUITION IN MODfHN AM) ANCIENT LANauapea ? Profefior Towlw, member of 8t. John's College. Cambridge, aruI *uth?.r of leveral liteiary and philological works in 1 lie Englinhand Oen an language, having liad considerable experience in teaching both iu Eugland and (ji rmany, purpose* givirg private leawma in tho Eughsb, Herman, lAtm and t.reuk lanytiaizfa and literature; in arithmetic, mathematios, and ihvsirs, aa wtll aain all other Lraaohea of a general education. A pplv (lor term sand particulars) No. 11 Bohafis Hotel, Chatham street. _ L'AIK ?>F Till AMERICAN INSTITUTE ?DK. PIIWIU.'S JF teli acting Eye and Ear Fountains can be seen in operation at the Fain wnete can be liad froo cfcoat, a pamphlet describing the peculiar cues In whioh this method of applying water is so rmin'ntly serviceable. Dr. Powell attend j an usual to disoaaea ol the eye and car, at 2fil Broadway, o ruer of VFamn street. Dr. Powell'* " Treatlaa on the Eye,' price 50 cents, can be proourtd at his office. J nit imported a large supply of beautiful artificial eyw. BRADY'S GALLERY OF DAUL'Eb RKOTYPE PORTRAITS, and Family droops, Noa 3)5 und 4117 Broadway, third d>x>r nuth of St. Paul's Churoh, second, third, and fourtli ?'?rics. Hours, from eight In the morning till six in the evening. l/I KIEt F, TaVKMN, 10 l?tY SCKKtr, A 1'J >1N1NU THE X Franklin Hotel.? DaVUj MONChIEF,fnm London would keg to ae<|uaini the inhabitants of New York, aud visiters generally, thin, he ha? no nine need t.iiMiie m 39 J ivrn Keeper, and by unrt roittirg attention, and determination to keep every article ot Hi* teat <|uality, hopea to roeiit a sham ot |>nblio Itixinemi. For a Hoaat, Sb nk, orChop nod other ot ceteris, they will be aorrod ink atylo onti|ualled in New Vurk. Ui<-uKlaata and Dinneraat ?ny hour; alao, an Ordinary at I o'olook. I\ 1. Mr. M. would wiah to call pariKular attention to liiu far K?< llui, the rineat winter ilrink everi ompouudirf. Juat come and try Itonrq, I OM/YI-WUU WOULD GO WITHOUTTfcKTU WUKN fp A they can have them inaertcd, und * arran ted for Bve yearn, aiono dollar i*ach, at tho offloo entabiHtied fur tbe reduction ot prleeaIn IH.'tl. Killing wit>i oure K"ld Ml fci 7ft <i*>nta. ikw ilmftdway JUeT PUUUSUJtD.-bK. MMrWlU&t tfMA* WORK nuil L? Jluiea on Venereal, aud otuur atluououa of th? Urit ?r> Orgaua, SOU panes '|U?no. 1 lunia tlio iuo#t coi |>lo Uj practical work of the kind ever iwued li contains 37 oolored enfravinigi, which delineate tbiacLuia of d a>:tu*i* ibimiiaMy; VI wood ii,^ruv)ui>i and everything knowu about tlio modern treatment of thcM li-Udfi hag b'.rn cu.-etully rtcordod. aini all tbo moat approved pretcnptlona and formulati have been given. Fora&loat thoclliceof publioatiOB, 2i2 Uronow^y, and of tho author,3H4 Ilroadway. Also, Ur. H'? work on Mil abuae, -Ml pi^er 14 engraving*. wiih hinta to young m-n. Krio? SI: fataalaaaafcaifc IMPORTANT MfcDICAl< WOKK.-KK, HAUPU'4 rRACTI oal Irnfctc fieotitc on Uj# Uivuxt of the Ueui'al <'.*ana, their nattire, aymptoin*, pr gr-=, uou.e'iiHibce*, reuiediea aud cure, including ujaniurtaiiou or eeif abuae, atrictuns and thoae (iunoC'.m) COo plaints which rocemkla veuepjal dijuiito*, aud to which all ate liable?adaj>'< d to the u v. ol tvery individual ot vow . ? j' p, win cuiwuii ..-l* j'f >1 ?vii niiinvr^'i\v piaic s. i rice flinty be bad if the author, n? (Jricuwioh nreet.or by po> t, mailed flic. Addieaa U\ "C9 lower P"?t lIBce; al*i of moat booktel'ers in the UtlH State*. It m aa invaluaMo work to all who with to bourne ?c?|'iai?tad with the matter* upon wh"1t>. troita. Vr. l*alph ia a pin mciau of high at audi Kg, am ha* already |?ib)i.<litd*.veral work*, which hwvn cquirvl fur him collectable di*tiacti< n - [ Daily Uloh? J C< ntuliauou houia, V to U A. M., litoUl'. M So day excepted, M-r EiJliAOKDUNAftt Wi>tvK ? to iUa MAXftilJ) or tl.ixj coutcnaplatlmi r w * - iUe Karr.-J W<.nan'* He iral Cciui anion, by Dr. A M tfanrwu; birth si..Iton. i'r. $1. 1 tun work ia suoeu^ wilh moat a?t >itudia#*aJ-?. ( 4,1*01) coptua hWJ already been Ji"|ixd ot! t.very . . i? o u g-juinjt a copy, whether n.arTiod or unearned, although 15 la in K-od :daip.- miiy lor thomarnm.aa.idiaelooeaiuiportane wcie*, Which ahoold be known to thetu jartMuiarlj Hew every ft malt San discover the nauaue, aymptota*. and tno iuo?t edloieut rcmodics. and moat ocrvain mode ot out - tu every oa>?. For eale, At Uroudway; at the publishing ollioe, IJV Liberty etreet, New V orkj a!ao, F. ll I'lteraoii, nunji- r !>S Caostnat atreet, U. B. Zeiber Itiiladelph a ; Little Ik Co., Aloaii.y. ? Davit lioatoo. On Uie feceipt ot f>l. % oopy will be trar.Hiuitttd by inaii, trx of pottage to all >art( ot the Cnitcd State*. AU< ettcrs tuuat bo ad treaoed, poat paid, to Dr. A. M- UAUHICMAV. boi IXM. Now Tork oUf. WEDK ALOUfiti.-D?.>OUNSO?, 16 DL ANK SfKSCf near I Hall am I'twt, ao well known aa the moat anoOesafiil practitioner in >c? Tork, is 'be treatment of venereal diaeaawLThe Dootor'o reputation tor skill in those old hall-ouredoaaea thai havoixi. ted lor yearn, ia pre eminent. Oioot, atrictnre, ulowra upc n t>,? ) <ly. ' r 111 the throat ur iiveo. puma in tho head and bcuta of ilio >'-(( . effectually cured. Cmn. itutionni w-akoeaa, brought "n by a sccret liabit iuuul%od in ov yunii# men, atuing l??i?iomdr inn an?l nightly eniiaaiont, ti,aiuvely |r vented. H. onl c?" ?ourtd in fnur days, without mercury. Noalteratio? n 4|*t. or prevention (mm huniTw UIH 1UK * AM it. II LIAS KHIUV *l> HIS uKl'IC* TO 61 Uvy atnet,where lit can be tontnlMtl uu ?il l'riv?t? l*ara? a. The ui< ?t ohtlinnte yield to hi" i; ode of treatment, which if n the o'' e rc o rial By nt?Bi. Strict ares, no mailer of how m (tending, arc treated by Or. i'., < n uie moat acieatitio nod pproved plan. The vtctins of c.naututioual debility, broughk n l>y indiscreet Indulgent**, ean apply * "h a eertaiuty of cure, 're-paid letters, enclosing a tee. intended to. Ofliee, &1 liej troet. I )K. K.iLl At IUUKU* int. i Kai 'III ALfKIVAtl I ' matin.- I.C. "? Ore nwion atr.?t- oillcj hour* * to 11 A. f., 6 to 1< t'.X {Sunday Mtepied.) atho apply in the early tancawill lw s trpriacd at tiie re I li'y and little inoonveuwunn tt-odinft tkeircnr*. It iachietty, however, timm who Bare mlurrd fn m a certain etna* of people,whu can properly appreciate ila'irvtps. In stricture, ftoin lie lirat or incipient, to ita mott , !-.mi" 1 acd diatn wingHar,y (tr?mui.coniiu- n advantage* uj iiery c?:enai\e pra^'-iw.) he (tui adord n rapid, imay and radiant tire, which, ho bu nr. and lot ?at n*. nan be oouuned from no ither?n'irce In America. Jk li?KKFl?J. J'UI'LUIOK ??<IKH.N LWlli Oil. W)R jyf Snlo, ty 11 fl r/XJ il KICK, 84 fiimt j-.rvit.

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