Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 29, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 29, 1848 Page 3
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at tide water, daring the 3d week in November, in the ye?ri 1847 and 1848, la m foUowa;Hour, bbli. Wheat, bu. Corn, bu. MarUy. bu. W 226.W7 319 128 42I5? 1>4 730 1848 263,'jyi J83.B64 HI, I >13 UUU6 laeroaae 37,804 Dei 34 262 Inc. 71,564 flUI The aggregate quantity of the same mrtMwUBm tide water, from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of November, inclusive, ie aa follows:? Flour,bbln. Wheat, bu Corn. bu. Barley, bu1847 3 7 IB 7X7 6.8H410 1.S4A.102 d843 2.840,381 ii,V6V,tU1 2,827 913 1,47-f.OlO Decrease.... 879,406 868,610 2.99M97 Ino. 129,!>.? By reducing the wheat to flour, the quantity of the latter left at tide water thia year, oompared with the corresponding period of last year, shows a decrease equal to 1,061,127 bbls. of flour. The following table shows the quantity of some of the prinoipal articles of produce left at tide water from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of November, inclusive, during the years 1846, (221 days,) 1847, (206 days,) and 1848, (20Q days):? raciirti of Produce at Tide Water. 1846. 1847 1848. Canal open. 16. May 1. May I Floor, 2.860.186 3,070,185 2 840.38a Wheat, bush. .. 3.747 044 3 750 109 294200! Corn, busb.. .. 1.640 882 5,842.005 2.827.813 Barley, bush... 1,376.802 1,308.134 1.478 ol0 Beef, bbls 41604 67 564 ' 47 60i Pork, bbls 78 940 73.313 85,050 Ashes, bbls 45 628 34 509 36 444 Butter lbs 19 944 230 20 877,778 21.932 33) Lard, lb* 7131 RK6 6 14SW.O 9.729.S5U Cheese, lb 37 616,447 40 341,104 Wool, lbs 8 266,126 10.833,484 8,366 037 Bacon, lb* 1,868,000 3 441,130 8,087.965 One more week of navigation will give us as long a period as we had last year. Slnoe the date ef the above returns another week has elapsed, and if the receipts were for that week as large as for the week previous, the deficiency will be muoh smaller than anticipated early in the season. The receipts of floor this year will exceed three millions of barrels, and of wheat nnd corn the amount will be about three millions of bushels eaoh. When we take into consideration the etateof prloes, and the foreign demand this year, compared with the previous two, the receipts have been surprisingly large. The Western country most still be overflowing with the prodoots of the present year's crop. The ameunt of tolls reoeived on all the New York State oanala in each of the following years, during the third week in November, and the totals up to the 22d of November, was as annexed New York Stat* Canals? Amount ok Tolls. id irrek in Nov. Total to 23d Sov. 184 0 $68,230 56 $1,763,892 14 184 1 62,777 15 2 011 627 66 1842 66,661 97 1743 489 7!) 184 3 f. 1.222 82 2 067.308 93 1844 96 979 56 2.432 388 92 184.'. 110 401 37 2 620 532 67 184 6 107 271 57 3 732 759 79 184 7 96,241 51 3 600192 78 184 8 120,860 16 3,217,862 39 The receipts of the third week in November, oompared with those of last year, show an Increase of $24,118 65. The deficiency compared with last year, up to the 22d of November, was $392,340 39. This will probably be reduced, if the navigation continues as late as last year. The aggregate receipts thus far exceed the estimate foimed early in the season some two hundred and seventeen thousand dollars. In the annual report of the Seoretary of the Treasury, dated Dec. 8,1847, and presented to the first session of the thirtieth Congress, the annexed estimates of revenue and expenditures for the fisoal year ending June 30th, 1849, were given.? .Estimated Revenue and Expenditures or the United States, for the Year ending June 80, 1849. Receipts. The estimated receipts, means and expenditures for fiscal year commencing 1st July, 1848, and ending 30th June, 1849, are? From customs $32,000,000 00 From sales of pnblio lands 3 090 000 00 From miscellaneous sources 100,000 00 Total revenue $35,100,000 00 Expenditurei. The expenditures during tee aane period, as estimated by the several departments of State, Treasury. War, Navy, and Postmaster General, are? The balances of former appropriations which wHl be required to be expended in this year $1,475,210 77 remanent and indefinite appropriation 4 587,577 82 Specifle appropriations asked for this year 46.582,150 13 ? *68.014 941 72 This sun is composed of the following particulars:? Civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous $5 613.061 62 Army proper, voluntetra and military academy... 32 007.028 42 Certifications, ordnance. arming militia, (to 2 045.169 90 Tensions 1 604 318 84 Indian Department 026 4ul 81 Naval establishment 101*05.658 56 Interest on public debt and treasury notes 2 453 402 68 $56 644,941 72 Excess of expenditures over revenue, July 1, 1849 $20 541,941 72 In the estimate made by the Secretary ot the Treasury, of revenue for the fiscal year, ending June 30i 1849, a deflolt of $16,72'.).114 27, which was supposed would exist on the 1st of July, 1348, lias been deducted, leaving tho amount of actual means, to meet tbe expenditures of the year, but $19,370 8K5 78. This detioit has since been provided for by a loan?leaving the whole of the revenue j 'or the year applicable to the expenditures. The expenditures for the year were originally estimated at $55,644,941 73, but they were made In view of a continuation ot the war. The war having been dosed before the present fiscal year commenoed, the expenditures on account of the army and navy will, of ooarae, be much less than estimate J?teducing the amount more within the limits of our ordinary resources. As an offset, however, to a part of the reduction In these items, j additional appropriations, amounting to $10,287,835 12, will be required for the liquidation of expenses growing I out of the settlement of the Mexican war, as will b? seen by the annexed statement:? Additional Appropriation for thi Treasury i department. Estimates of Additional appropriations proponed to be made for the servioe of the fiscal year ending the :!0th of June, 1840, amounting to $3,744,003 6'J All of which is on aocount of the civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous, including payment to be made to Mexico, under the 12th article of tba treaty. To the estimates is added a statement, showing the definite appropriations for the service of the three la?t quartets of the fiscal year ending the .10th June. 1840. made by former acts of Congress, of a permanent chaincter, amounting to 0,542 431 43 Civil list, foreign Intercourse. and miscellaneous, Including payments made of liquidated claims against Mexico under the 13th artiole of the treaty 2 882 010 84 Tensions 213,600 00 Interest, fco , public debt and treasury notes 3,285.422 2H Reimbursements of treasury notes Issued under the several acts prior to the act of July 42, 1M6 101,089 31 To'al *10,2*7,336 12 This amount, added to the estimates made in Decern ner, inti, 01 me reoeipi* ana expeomiuren tor m# ns- : rai year, ending June 3l), 1841), will present the annex- I ed account FlNANi k? ok tiie Government- Rtvtin i and EtPKN- I ditl'rrk, Jl!nk 30, 1840 Estimated expenditure* for the year... .$65.A44 911 72 .Additional appropriations required 1?',2H7 -l-'l'i 12 $85.!i32.270 84 Deduct probable reduction in expenditures for army and navy 30.000.00u 00 , Aggregate expenditures . , $35.l'32 27fl 81 Estimated revenue for the year 36,100.(100 00 I ; Excess of Expenditure* over receipt*, June;.0, 1K4P $832,270 81 So far an we are able to form any conclusion from tbe report* presented, such will probably be the state of J thing* at the close of the present fiscal year ; but there <?, doubtless, an immense amount of unaudited accounts connected with the Mexican war, which 1 Mr. Walker will, if possible, keep out of the way, j i nd leave for his sucoefsor to arrange and liquidate. Mr. Walker's estimates of revenue will prove more cor- > rect than hi* estimate of expenditures. There is at ] present verjr little doubt but that $.'12,000,000 will be realized from ru.-toms this fl.-cai year. Nearly Ave I month* of the year have passed, and the revenue from ( duties has exceeded that for the corresponding period I In any previous year. The spring Importation Is likely J to be unusually larg-', and ire have no doubt our mar- j J ket* will be crowded with foreign manufHoture* of ail kind*. Foreign manufacturers have no other plaoe to j send their fabrics, an 1 they must send them to this 1 country and force (he rale of them at the belt price* they will bring In doing this they not only realise { something at once, but they cripple oar own manufao- i turcrr, and breakdown that competition which tiny J ao much fear. If the goods cone here the dntlM ma it be paid, and while the government is recivlng from customs an immense revenue, some of our most vital at important interests will be rapidly ruined The genernl government should have other objeots in view in the formation of a tariff but solely revenue, or in seeking after the shadow it may lose the sub*tanoH, and find it impossible to celleot a revenue from the inability ol the country to pay for a iiuffloient <juantity of foreign nierchandiie to give the required inoom<t to the public treasury. Stock Exchange. S70IW Treasy NoteaO's L(47? 50 *h* canton RR W3 .10 2UC'(X) do >30 104*2 2t9 do J3U 6UJ0 United S6'?'67 ll>7>< ISO do srto 29 V 5000 do 107% 25 do bW X) fittIO do ti'i '68 1OT7. 60 Norwieh & W..r RK SI7; 10000 do *30 107 V soil Reading Railroad 'JS', 11000 <*o coupon lOfi 30 Erie RK. new full '000 Ohio O'a "50 y.i 130 do 60S 5000 do li s'CO *00 mi1,' 100 do *60 60'.. SHU) do 7'i 101 SO Bailem Railroad 4*'. 1000 Pennsyl 6'a h60 74 100 do 860 41 3000 Beading Bos d* 67?i 60 do (60 4Hl4 SOLO do b60 571a 600 do 4S 1000 Erie RR 7 per cent ISO do blO 4SV 111 aim Uniin Bank lis.'.; 200 do bliO iHbi 10 Bank of America ITJi S) do *30 48'. 20 State Bank HI 60 do *00 4"',, SO Farmer*' Truit ?60 2>'.* 464) do 4+', * do 2<>'70 85 do prefaced fall 90 3I>0 do b30 27 100 Long Island RK 18K ISO do 27 660 do dim 1S}2 61'tica & Schenectady llCK 100 do 18lI IWj Mohawk RB 76 Second Board. fl?00 Treaty Note* <)'* U'6 260 aha Barlem Railroad 4HS? W OO United States6'*'67 107W 60 do *'1J 4010 do '08 107% 60 dopref.full (00 90 1260 Ohio 7 * 101 60 do aim IN) 3000 Erie Bonds 1b 56 Erie, full CIIU 1110 ths Mohawk RR 1>4S 75 100 Canton Co *13 .'10 660 Reading RR b4m 29 60 Phemx Bank 8:) 10 Madison 8l Ind'polia 120 ISO Long Island RR 18 U 100 runner*' Trust b3 27 t'l'I'W TRADE RKPnHT. Tuesday, Not 28?2 P.M. Ashes ?The market Is quiet at $5 87% a $6 for pots, and $0 12K for pearls. Cotton.?Operator* are busy writing their lett?rs for the steamer, which cheeks the transactions. Flour, itc.?The market for Western flour is scarcely so firm this morning, owing to the oontinuanoe of pleasant weather. Quotations are, for common to straight brands, $5 yl.U a $5 37>?, and pure. $6 60; sales add up 4,600 barrels, including 2 000 for export. Wheat is also drooping; a parcel of 2 000buBhela prime Genesee changed hands at SI 27. Corn rules dull.|and prices nominal; sales 2.000 bushels round yellow at 72){c , and 3.000 Southern at private bargain Rye and oats remained the same. Provisions.?We have no change to notioe in pork or beef; the sales, however, are confined to the regular trade. Lard continues quiet: butter and cheese are without change. Whiikbt ia held at an advance. We quote at 24&C. a 25c. Tuesday, Nov. 28?6 P. M. Thla being packet day for the Acadia, to sail from Boston for|l.iverpool. 'change was rather thinly attended, and the flour maiket was heavy, while sales of all kinds were moderate, and, in many oases, at about 6J*c lower than was current yesterday. Moderate sales of wheat were making, consisting chiefly of Genesee. on terms stated below. Corn was rather heavy, with fair sales at easier rates than those obtainable yesterday. Kye remained about the same. Oats were less firm. Barley sold on terms statod below. There was no change of movement in the provision market. Groceries continued quiet. Sugars landing were chiefly going into store, prices ruling below th? views of sellers Cotton sold to a moderate extent, but on easier terms to purchasers than prevailed previously. Ashes ?Sales of 80 a 70 bbls. were reported, including pots at $6 87>?. and pearls at $6 a $6 12)?. Biikipstitfi's.?JFiour?The sales footed up about 6,(00 a 6.000 bbls , inoluding 30,000 bbls. Oswego, at $6 37>,'; 600 a 600 bbls. Michigan, (mixed brands,) at $5 ;U>4 a $6 37)?. Small sales of pure and fancy Genesee were made, at yesterday's rates. Southern remained about the same, but rather dull 2S0 bbls. Howard street sold at $5 50 ; 300 bbls middling sold at $4 SO. Wheat?Sales of 1,500 bushels (ienesee, afloat, at $1 27 ; 700 a 800 do. do , at $1 20 ; 390 sacks North Carolina, at SI 1 'L\i. : and 1.600 huahnla Maril. trrrancan, at $121. Corn- The sales reached 35.000 a 40.C'00 bushels, including 10 000 bushels high mixed, at 67c.: 10,000 bushels, deliverable in February, on firivate terms ; 10.000 do Seuthern, mixed, deliverable n January next, at66o.; 8 000 do. round Northern yellow, at 78o. : 2,000 do., at the same price ; with tales of eld and new, mixed, at 63o. Rye-The sales reached 0 000 a 8,000 bushels, delivered, at 62>?. Kye Flour?Sales of about 100 a 150 bbls. were made, in lots, at $3 12,Oats?Sales, by the cargo, were made, (canal,) at 33 a 34c. Barley?Sales of 3,000 a 4,000 bushels were made, at 64c. Cotton.?The sales, to day, amount to 1000 bales, part taken for home use. and prices for whioh appeared to range along our inside quotations. LivERrooL Classification. N. Orleitu, Mobile and Uplandi. Florida. Ttxat. Inferior ? hods none nou. Ordinary Sl4 a 6U a 5V Middlirg fi a 6 a 6S,' 6 aB', Good Middling eSati-'j 6)4'a63S 6% aliK Middling Fair (i;'t a ti* 6*2 a 6)2 6V, a6H Fair a <'"? 6^a6J, (>% a 7 Fully Fair none 7j2 a 7>? Kif ii ?The demand for Mass. mackerel continues fair, and market very firm. We notice sales of 600 barren. including No. IV at $7 a $7 12}?, and No 2's at $4 87>? a $6 Dry Cod move along slowly at $2 25. Freight.- 6 000 bbls tlour were engaged for Liverpool, in a transient ship at 2s ; 7.000 bushels corn in bulk, were engaged at 7 ots. Cotton to Havre was engaged at .','o ; and pimento to Antwerp at \o f ruit.?We notice sales of Malaga raisins, in lots, at $1 45 a 76c a 42Xc.; and 25 barrels PecaB nuts at 8'4o. The peanuts noticed yesterday as African, should have been new southern ; which also sold to-day to the extent of 400 bushels at $1 a $1 12X By auotion, there were sales of 280 cases Bordeaux prunes, in fancy cartoons. at 81, a cts ; 63 do., in glass jars, at ll,\' ots. 300 half kegs white grapes, (out of order,) at $1 a $1 10; and 20 casts brandy cherries at $3 26 a $4. Hat.?The market was quiet at 40 a 45c. Jrji-nc Paste.?50 cases changod hands by public cale at 14c. cash Leather.?The receipts are considerably on the increase, whilst a corresponding one exists amongst buyers, thereby keeping the stock on hand at a moderate point In light hemlook sole, there has been an advance of a cent a pound, and about a half a cent a pound in middling and over-weights. Since the last public sale, about two weeks since, we quote light hemlock sole at 14 al5o ; middling 14 a 16c ; over-weights 13>? a 14>?e . good damaged 11X a 12>,'c., and poor damaged at 8 a 9 ots. Naval Stores.?In addition to the sales noticed yesterday. there were 500 barrels spirits of turpentine at 34 cts. cash Oils?At New Bedford, within a few days, some in nnn Varrala a norm barn h??n diinnaa<t nf nf C1 HO a , $1 05, and some parcels here at $1 07. American linseed continues steady, while English, in consequence of some recent arrivals, has declined, and even at a reduction of lo oer gallon, moves eff very slowly The transactions of the day are 2 500 gallons American, in barrels, at 63 a 54 cts , and 1,000 E^ish at 52c. Provision!.?Sales of 200 a 30flW*rrels pork were made, including mess at $12 60, and prime at $9 25. Lard?Sales of 100 tierces old were made at 7o. BeefSales of 200 barrels were made at $10 for mess and at $6 for prime. 40 a 60 barrels beef hams were sold Sat $lu. Cneese was lower, and sales in casks were making at 6*40. There was no change in butter. Slaughtered hogs were firmer, and selling at 6c. Beai, Estate.?House and lot 132 Rivington street. 17x78. $4 200; do 132>, do., same size. $3,075; do. 134 do., 22x78, $4,300; do. 142. 22x75, $3 300; dn 144 do,, same size. $3,325; do. 144.K do., 17x76, $2,825; do. 146 do., same size, $4,176 Hick ?The market for this staple is scarcely so firm, siid about 160 casks were disposed of, at a redaction of 1-16c a Seeps.? We notice further sales of 400 bushels rough flax at $1 20 8i<;ar continues extremely dull, and the sales of the past day or two have been extremely limited, including 250 hogsheads Cuba Muscovado at 31 ISo a.'l)^c.,and 100 boxes brown Havana at 6>fo.. uxualtime. Tali.ow has moved to the extent of 20,000 lbs , at | ?\ic a 8>ic. Whalebone ?There has been sales of 30,000 lbl. | South Sen aid North-west, at 25c. ?20o. Whiskkv ?Sales of drudge were made at 24)?? , Interest added, and at 25c. on time, without interest, (in Pennsylvania barrels;) 130 barrels State, with 40 do Ohio, were reported sold at 24c. a 24'iO. Wine* ?We notice sales, by auotion, of 550 baskets ('1 ampaigne. rough and ready brands, at $6 60 a $6; 500 d?> Russian Kagle. (quart>.) at $7 a $7 75: and 100 do (pints.) at $7 37'i a $7 60. all four months. HARKET8 ELSEWI1KKE, STOCK NAI.ES. Bai.timorf., Nov. J7-*2.?*? U. of 1*9\ 1075^: SI 000 Hilt. sml <*M" Reilroad Div d Bonds,7l l-lli; $1,500 do. 7-i <> "> shs Franklin Bark, '.>'4. f'nii a 1 > 1.1*141 a. >f v 28?Kir$t Hoard?$30H0 I* 8 lis,67, 1075?; fflK'll 'fu s-urv Notes, f>?. 106'j; 12.tfit? Penn 5s, 74}^; 2tiOU Sch NaT Sn. lis, 2-' ; 1H (ITenn 5n, 7ti; 77* Irfhitih Nav Sfort. WW: 3>> shares l nfon Bk Tenn. 42V; 2t? Pe. n Bk. Hfl; 7 Com Bk. 50*; 5 Meohs Bk.2?X. jfter ??/< ???2HW U 8 Us, '#7.107^ ; 2000 Penn 5s, Nffontt Hoard?$1419 Penn 5s, 74J<; IIHl elurws Resiling Railroad, I4>^; 2 Chen iw Del Canal, 54'i 7 Union Bk Tcnn, 42?^. BosT'itt, Nov. 27.? Hsrhangt Hoard?7 Western Railroad 102; 10 Nirtliom Railroad VI; 1.1 Etatern Railroud 100*! 5Fitchtinr* Railroad Rinh e. 1 (50 do. 1 40; 120 d?. I X>: 5 Ruston and Worcester Railroad, 111) HI lloston Ik Worcester Railroad Rights, .'IV Iru; itn S.V MI7 H,..,ll?,.,1 111/. 4. llklll B. -,,ll?? Ballnud Bonds, 1860,8*',,; 1,000 do. 6H. ' | ? foreion markets. St. Thoma?, Not. 7, 1848.?Tho orops In this and j the neighboring IMande are looking wall Kine ruins, ! and plenty of them. Trade of *11 kinds dull. dt k REWART>.-I,03T. ON MONDAY AFTF.RNOOV, 27th Inst, It Pointer Do*, liver colored, with white breast; ha hum tear on one of hit f>re feat. Whoever wil' return tald dog I .o IM F. ilrldire tiroet. ?h<?ll receive the above reward IOST?ON TUESDAY MORNING, IN NINTH VTREEr, J lietween the Filth and Sixth avenuet, a black Bmrnoli Lnce VelL The Under will to liberally rewarded bj; leaviig It It the house on the oorner of 17ih atmt and Mb aver ur\ Jti'l VD IN FIFTEENTH STKF.F.T. BETWEEN FIFTH I and Sixth avenue*, a BrareleU Arp'y in the court in Sixth n cnue, lietween Fifteenth and Sixteenth itreett to Mrs. MoMahor, wl o "ill return it on being paid for ?hi?advertisement. NOT1C1.-TBK Ml MliKkS AND EX MEMBERS OF SBcon d Ward Horn Company. No are reniiest'd tn meet at ihe CatrinRe llouso. Thn^day. Nov .10, at 1 o'clock. P. M., for the rmtpoMi of attending the funeral of our late lellew member, Mr. Robert M. Thoinpeon. By oroer. P. t. CHAN FRaU, Oro. II .Ir^mynt, Secrettry pro tctn. F >reman. I^HF II MIRK W BEEVOI.ENT BOCIITY WILL C?L?bratt their 27th arnlvnrrnr) by a t'nbllo Dim ar on Thurs. )ty. tho .Tilth ir?t? at the Collinum, Rroadwty ? M. M. Noah, I'nrdnnt; II Arinior, Vice Fre?1doit; John I/ery. Tventnrer, Leopold llaat, Hy. E. Ilart., M. Merita Z. Berntein, JaO'ib Mack, il a Kit , A. H. Liseak, Geor*e S. Mawtcn and Louis Lyoni, Director*. nY GOLDSMITH Secrettry. r?OR SALE THE BUENA VISTA BOWLING 8ALOOV. I In cci.ecnoence of the owner hnving other business to attend 0, he will well the above aaloon vary cheap for oath. Inquire at 44 ffwy itmt, l/OH SAl.K-HIE STOC K OF A FANCY RETAIL DAY 1. g< odt ?tc re; the owner hat eeenpied the tame for the last fnnr oen jrart; the prerent amount of ttook in about $ I HON, the imr;ham r may iltl *r take all or a part. The store <i*n he rented for .re crflve jear*. Further parUcnlart cau h* Earned hy addrtar. I n J B , iK . tld uffirft. WANTJD?.,Y * , A SITUATION AS Porttr ia a V0" "r 10 driT? ? ???. ItNM addn-m not* at thiioflioa to WANTfc.*? fOK AN MTABUSI1*0 KX til BIT.ON. A Partner, with a small or 1 8*11- oa li wral terma. Af?o to H're, a lai** Room. Al?.?vi iBinicdlalely, to F. L? Blond, 4<W Bon er J. WANTED?BY ARESPEUTABLi. PROTESTANT YOLNi. Urtuian ftoman. it iitu* hii as miaul, or ainiu (inn, it lo Waaha'dlrutt or to take car# of Uhildran. Bait of city rrVtro cm* hf civep. Inip'ire at. Vo V ffirfaw itrr t. WANTID-BYA RESPECTABLE OIRL, A MTU ATI JN, to d"K' ner?l homework, or a* Chambermaid, orLauodreu. . No okjectimi to no hit* th? country City re/oreno? nan bj giTen. Apply at Room 40, Haduon Court, 215 M tdim>u street. I WANTED-A SITUATION, B7 A RESPECTABLE WOraar, to Cook, Wash and Iron, or to do Qencral Umiac Y> or*, ill a small muiny. n m ur??.n norrun unirr illy ll . I u i when engaged. Good eity refer?Lce. Apti^y ?' II Oak street. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE OIKL, to do general l!ou??work In a small family. Please on juira at 2.'12 lltli (treat between lit saJ id areuues, of Mr,". Woods. Good city reference can be Riven. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation to do goneral U"u*ewurk in a rospeotatle private t' rr''y: is a good plain Cook, Washer and Ironer. Please to call at 67 4th at reel Can bo Been tor two daya. _ Wanted?by a respectable widow wovun a situation as Wet Nurae in a gentleman a fvmily. Cltv refwcrice given. Any family wanting mob will ploase leave a note 'it the otRco ot this paper, aid it will be attended to. Ad drew If. A. B. WANTED-UY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AT TOE Chandlery husinesa: haa worked at it in the oid oouutry 1 wtuld wish to finish tke trade in some respectable establishment in tt ii city, l'lease addroaaJ. B. W.,218 Woostor street, or at thia office. WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM IN. A situation aa Seamstreas and Chiidreu'a Wurae, or Chamber. maid. Can cut and tit children's dresses perfectly. Bmt of oity reft renuct. Please addreaa a note to E. M,. at tlie office or th e paper. Wanted?by two respectablk young women. situations; one to do the oooking, wishing, and ironing of 1 a sma'l family, the other to do the oltamlierwnrk and waiting has no objection to tlie care of ohildren. Tho beat of oity rel'e renoe. l'lease call at the hi>em?nt, 818 Sprni afreet. WANTED-A 81TUATXON, BY A RKSPECTABLE PROteetau t young woman, as Chambermaid; la a good washer and ironer; can take oare of children, and do plain sewing; can do the wt rk of a small family, and ia willing to inane herself generally uaelul. Please applv at Rivingtnn a'reet. in tlie rear. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMEN, situations?one as a good Cook, Washer and Ironer ; the other aa ( hamhermaid or children's maid, or to do general h<-usework. The beat of oity reference can be given. Apply at 13216th atreet, front room on the aecond floor, weat of 7tli avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLK YOUNG worn an, to take oare of Children, a* CI amberniaid, Ook, Washer ot Irorer. or to do the general Uouaework of a small rati ily. Baa no objootion togo a shert distance in the Country. The beat of citT re'trenoecan be given. Apply at M Jamts street. Can be seen for a week. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PSOTESTANT GIR|. Ifi years of age, a situation to do Cliamberw. rk. and to asaiat in tie oare of Children, if re>|u re<l, in a rc*poctalile private family. Can give the beat of oliy reference. Please call at No. T5 Perry street, oorner of Bleeoker street, Brat floor, up stairs. Can Ik seen for tw> da) a. WANTED?FITTY AGENTS, TO SELL A FIRST RATE article, whieh will sell readily in all part a of the United Stites, and an active man can make from .V) to 11(H) dollars per month. Call and see at 87 Cedar stie-t, room No. i. A small amonnt of money will be required to pay for the goods as they are received. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS None; a neat and plain Sewer, ia competent to take care of a baby from its birth; has lived several jeirs In that capacity. No objection to go In the country. Best of city referenoe can bo given. Please apply at201 Mott street, front room, up stairs. Calls w ill be attended to for three days. Wanted?bv a widow lady, residing in a pic anaut aituation in the upper part or the city. Two or Three Children to Board and Educate til the English branches, with French and Music, if doaireii. They would reooive parental care and attention. Terms very moderate, a*d unexceptionable refcrcnces given. Enquire at 88 Christopher street, corner of Bloeoker. WANTED?EMPIOYMENT FOR TWO BOOK-KEEPERS, ono Shipping Business Clark, one Beady-inade Clothing Clerk. 'bree General Clerks, oae Dranghtman on Calico; one Fire Glider; one Honie and Sign Painter, one Brewer, one Cooper, one Weaver, one Ceok, ono Stone cutter, one Coachman, six Fortera and four Waiters. The French Democratic Snoiety will answer as reference for the persons that it advertises tor. Address 2?> B'"ad way, at the Society's Meet inn Room, post paid. A YOUNG LADY FROM THE WEST of SCOTLAND, wit-hes to obtain a situation as Children'* Governess. She can aMist in Dressmaking and is willing to make herjolf otherwire useful. Address A. B., No. 31 Grand street. A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN WISHES TO APPRENTICE him self to the Cabinet or Pianofote business, for three or four years, as an oot door apprentice. Address C. Aubrey, offioc of this r*pw BOARD.?A PARLOR TO LET TO ONE OR TWO QENtlemcn, or ft gentleman and lady, with full or partial t'oard. Apply at 104 W owter street. _ _ OABD MAY BE OBTAINED IN A QUIET FAMILY, where will be found oomfoit, neatness a, and every atteition paid to make home agmablo. References exchanged. AddressS., at this eftloa. OARD, DOWN TOWN.?GENTLEMEN' WISHING ACcomtnodations for the winter may be suited with rooms, with or without board, ny application at No. 6 Morri-s street. Baths (hot, cold and shower) included. Tutor wantkd, for a gentleman's son, of seven years of age. He must be acquainted with English, French and German. Applications, stating character, referenda, qualifications and terms, addressed to "B. Band left at the Hendd office, will receive immediate attention. TO G ROCERS' ASSISTANTS?WANTED, IN A RE spectatle Retail Grocery Bice, in a central part of the City, a Young Mar, competent ss salesman, active and intelli SnI, ana posressing anna merencrs lor integrity. Nona hut om having ?och qualifications, and upon whom it riot confidence can be pUoad. need apply?nor those who are not perfectly acquainted with tie city trade. Apply by letter, " Groce nr." Herald office. _ _ VENISON, THIS DAT?FRANKLIN COFFEE HOUSE, *6 Ha*den Lane and IS Cedar street?'Thtee tine saddle* of Vention will to dreaded this day. ai d served op in the u?ual style, at Sl.l< cents per plate; ready at 12 o'clock JOHN P. BROWN. Turtle boup, terrapin and venison?the proprietor of the Bank Coffee House, No. 11 Pine street, would mpectfully inform his epicurean friends that he will erve up the above, with all other delicacies of the season, every day this week. JAM IS FOS8ETT. PRIZE MONEY TO THE OFFICERS AND CREW OF THE U. S ship Cyano is now being paid. Officers will forward their address, and crew send their powers of attorney, properly authenticated, and the amount will be remitted them. r m. PRICE, Prize Agent, City Hotel, New York. fThe Philadelphia Ledger, Baltimore Sun, and Norfolk Herald, please copy ar d publish twice - send bllla j VOLUNTEERS, ATTENTION.?McDONALD'S BENEFIT, this evening, at the Bombardment of Vera Cruz, 69* Broad way, near Niblo's Garden. Volunteer*, rail/ round him tliM eveninr, as j on did in tha trenches of Yera Cruz. Admittance 21 cents Ti e fleet sails lor Yera Cruz at half past 7. Glkksinoino, etc.?the subscriber will dt liver a Free Leeture, this (Wednesday) evening, at half-past seven o'clock, at 413 Broadway, on the ad van tages obtainable ftom exercise, utder tasteful criticism, in the lighter kinds of steular concerted music and vocal drills in classe*. J F. WARNER, Translator of Weber's Theory, fcc. CONVERSATIONS FBANCAISE8, OR FRENCH TAUGHT on the oral system, enabling to sronk from the first lessons, and insurirg ease and lluency to pupils more advanced. I>ut deli ciont in spcakiug. Private tuition at heme, fct per month : ditto In clashes, $2. Families and schools attended. Ploisc addre.nt Mons. DE ST. PIERBE, natjf de Psris..K>H Hroadwsy. TD. JACKSON'S PATENT ANNUNCIATORS?THE 8UB acribcrsmanulacture the above machines for hotels, steamships, and private dwellings, and are the only authoris d makers ol them. All persons arcoautioned against infringing the oatent, ither as makers or users of them. Orders promptly executed and warranted. T. D. JACKSON b CO., 132X William street. New fork. INFLUENZA, COUGHS. COLDS, RHMJMATISIf, ko.Persons who are afllieted with either of the above oomplaintt can oltain immediate reliaf and certain cure by the use of Mrs. Carroll's Kcdicated Vspor and Sulphur Baths. 364 Broadway. These Baths have been in operation sinco 1825; and have been recommended b^ the first pVysieinrs in the city. EYE AND EAR.?DR. POWELL DEVOTES HIS ATTB.Ntii n exclusively to diseases of the E}e and Ear. at 2rtl Broadway, entrance IWarren, where can be had his "Treatise on the Eye," price fitloccts; also hisself acting eye fountains for strength cmiUK i"- ' j o i . - in n?i xif-m jiim imyxirTea. DR. JONES, DENTIST. 7 BI.EECEER STREET, MAR tlie llowery. ineerta whole and half act* of tooth, ni. a newly diacovcred principle, and nrrinti them thir'y |wremtt*itot and cheapcr than nnjUiin* of the kird made in the city, ma*tientirn Win* rendered qaita May by Dr. J.'i diaeovery. d* 1 ONLY ! ?WBO WOULD 80 w.t'lol t TBETH, WIIF.N' VP 1 they can liave them inserted for one dollar, and waranted for live jfara, at lh? ofBoe eataMiehed itvlf.ti, for the reduction of price*? Filling with pure goL1, 75o. to $1. Extracting, 23 crnta. Ofllre, SPH Broadway. RAILKOAD IRON,-THE INDERSKiNEO ARK PRE pared to aell, for account of moatreaponsihle Iron maker* in F.niilond. 30(10 ten* of Ra'lroad Iron, of 6311* to the yard, at a fixed price here, diliverable in tliia country or in Epfland, In monthly deliveries a? required, and subject to irapection. Application* tobt made on or before 8th December next. ILLIUS * MARIPf, 41 Broad atreet. N. T. IS I1E TATTF.RS ALL'S I1EAVE POWUF.KS ARK NOW REcognised a* the horiemtdicine of the age. IUwonderfuleflect* in the cure of Heave*, Couth* Cold*, bo., in Horaea. ha? gained for it an increasing popularity, whioh overpo* ern opponition. ooiron & K FTC HA si, III) Fulton etreeu Sole Proprietor*. Fold a'ao by I) Kctcham. 121 Fnlton atreet. CI U A N O. - 1,000 PARRELS PATAGONIAN, IN GOOD f order, for aale low. In lota to tuit pnrehaaera. If app ied for immediately, and taken from on board. CHONTIAU, MERLE ana SANF"RD. SI New itraet. ('i AI I AM IIISCIIARCINC, K V EK V 1) A V Til I 3 W FFK. J ti e leat red aah coal, tor tliea* low pr eea, delivered from bea t; Nut, 25: itoveandew, *( 7A per ton. PETER CU.STON. King and Orennwiehafreet*. colak 1*8, girandoles hail lanthorns ?.c. 11 Jiut opened, a beautiful atock of Girandole* with white china and ruby column*, an entire r.ew article: 8t>lar Lamp*, Ohat dellera and Bracketa for oil campht ne and oandle* in ({teat variety; Tea Traya, Bomiuet Stand* fce at r?dnocd nrio'a. JOHN W. MORGAN, 1M Fulton atreet. one door eaat of Broadway. t in nan to $.*u?o to loan in one amount, ? I I"v/ on B? ud and Mortgage of improved R al Eetat* in ihla cltv, (fiinatcd downtown). Alao. $.1,000, $2,600, $1,600, 5.1,001. Apply to W CORP, N" 2, llall of Recorda. Will H K DID'YOU BUY YOl R B AT??AT WOOD'?. .11 Canal atreet. whe not only aeila aa low aa any atore in the city, hut l? give* full value for your money; and. aa for Cap*, you have only to look at them, and you will buy at Wood'*, 61 i'ai al atreet,New York. i New bazaar, no. :ii crosby street - Avction f-alea ol Ilorfci. (' Triage*. llamcua, Saddle*. !tc, thladay, Wednotday, 29ih, eommerciniat II o'clock, with Carrl*|ca, Ilarnerx, kr., ai d at 1? o'clock, with llor*e*. JOHN H, QATfllLD, Proprietor. D W. TRTON ft CO.. Z7 BROADWAY, HAV E RECEIVED Tj. I j l*?t *teamer, one c?ae of the newe?t and moat fuxhionah'o Pantaloon Goods from onr Lerdon eatublioliinent, Cutter ft Co. i IJS LEG ANT AND81! PERIOR FASHIONABLE ROSEWOOD IJ and Mnlicgany Furiiiturc at auotion. to morrrow (l'hur*day) at MO Bmndaay, without reserve.?4. c. Tuttle will tail at auo. lion, to mc mw, at 10 o'clock, on the above premiss, the entire atock of Roaewned and Mahogany Furnltore of Mr. F. A. Vrede. , C'.nipriainn a rich aaaortment ot the latent Parisian atylet of Rom wood and Mahogany Furniture, maanlaetnred ntder hi* immediate direction, and warranted In every reapfrt. The at?ok < i mpiifea e\( ry variety of pari .r. hall, hundoir and ohamber , I urnitnre, and will li? peremptorily aold for eaali. Catalogue*, with full pat tieulara, ojj the mornirg of rale. IItVT IMfIIVIED, AND Fi)R SALE. A RtGI'LAR A5tortmet.t of new Cafetierva, for making Frenoh enffae; the* are wel< worthy tl a attention of familiea, and etyoially Franak CitTee llouaea To h? ac?n at **9 Un1*?n itraat. PARK THEATU?WEDNESDAY EVENINQ, NOV. 2?, the enter laiumenU will Nuinnei with LOVE CHASE? Sir William Foaalore, Mr. Gilbert; Wallor. Mr. C. W. Clarke; Wlldrake, Mr. Weloot; Truowortd. Mr. Moorhouae; Neville, Mr. Warwick; Humphries. Mr Hamilton; Luh. Mr. Fletcker; Cnn. stare*. Mra. Shaw; Widow Onwn, Mil WiuiUnJe); Lydia, Mr?. Waloot; Alloa, Mr*. Dyott; Phmba. Mrs. Needham; Amelia, Mr*. Dewitt. Towliieh w'l. he added. FOMTI'NIO? Baron Dun over, Mr. A. Andrews; Qmorable Miu Myrtina, Mine M>rr Taylor. i i/itH viraiv, (v won, fwujuiroit, <kt oeou; i/pper bomcb, so oenU: Pit, 37H oents; aallery, 1JK coats. Deors open a* pasta: performances eommenoe at 7. I DOWIRY THEATRE.?WEDNESDAY EVENING. NOY. Z?. MJ will be presented, 3d tin*, tlie tragedy of GENEVIEVE OF BRABANT? Uenrj. Duke of Bral ant. Mr. J II. Ha". Coast Banaalt, Mr.N. B. Clarke; Genevieve, Dachauof Brabant. Miss C. Wrmjw Mannieritta, Miss Gordon. After wliioh. Too ABMJCTION OK NINA?Bdirard, Sureor Omudo Neri; Ro land, Mr G. W. Str llh; Nina. Slcnora Giovannina Ciooea; Adeia, Mra. Eusn. To oonclude with the WOODMAN'S OUT? Perdi. nand Couat Corenberg. Mr. J. B. Hall; Wolttnder. Mr. T. Duff: Miampt. Mr. E Warden; Amelia, Mrt. Jordan; Marin. Mra. Herbert. Doom ope* at 6\i?oommence at 1 o'elook precisoly. Bciei.VS cents: PitandGallery, 12){oenU. CUANTKAU'S NIWNATIONAL THEATRE, FORMERLY Oia*.ham.?Weilnetday Eveaiug, Nov 2*. will be pn^uunl an entirely new romantie tale of chivalry, entitled t ? rWIV BRl'TIlEkS? Reginald do Lancy, Mr. MoFarland; Sir Edmund Wilton, Mr. Hiohardson; Winntkin Ounle, Mr. Burke; Wild Man of the Mountain, Mr. Canlield; Bertha, Mra. Woodward. After which, THE KINO AND I?Perkyn Pietinch, Mr. C. Btitkc; Sir \\ iUiuin Melrofe, Mr. Tilton; Jamie, Mill Mnetayer. To oou. elude with the romantie dram* of the .SPIRIT OP TUG WATERS?Sir Bnldebrand, Mr. MePailand; Rudolph. Mr. Pardey; Undine, Mil* E. Mostayer: Olinda. Mra I herwood. Doors open at tS|, curtain rises at 7. Boxes, 25c.; Pit, 12Ko. MEC1IANICB' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Grand and Broome streets, oommencod on Monday, Oe?. 2d, and will oontinue every night an til farther notion.?Vlnth week of the re- open lug. The original and well-known CURUTYU MINSTRELS, (organized in 1*42,) THE FlRAT TO HARMONIZE NEGRO MELODIES. AND ORIGINATORS OF TUB PRESENT POPULAR STYLE OF ETHIOPIAN ENTERTAINMENTS, whole oonoert* ia this oity, for a period of ten months, wen received with sueh distinguished favor and patronage, have the honor of annonnoing to the ladies and gentlemen ol New York and vioinity, that they will give a seiies of their popular Conoerta, introducing a variety or their original Songs, Choruses, Characteristio Danooi, Ike. Admission 23 oents. Doom open at 7. Concert will oommence at 8 o'elook. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, oommenoing at 3 o'elook, f. M., under the management and direction of 1. P. Christy. Tabernacle.? great solemnite musicale, to be given by HENBI IIERZ, (hisfirst appearance this season in New York.) on Thursday Evening, November 30th, for whioh oeoasion he has srcared the assistance of the ITALIAN OPEKA COMPANY. The full Orchestra under the direotioa of Mr. Max Mare tick and JoMf Gung'l, with hit celebrated Band. Herr Siede performing a Solo on the Flute. PROGRAMME. part i. 1. Grand Overture, "William Toll "?Grand Orchestra.., Rossini 2. Ail, "de la Juive"?Mons. Laborde llalevy 3. Concerto (the2d), Pianoforte with Orchestra accompaniment: 1st, Andante Religiose; 2d, Rondo Swiss ? lleari Heri " "? 4. Somae Cavtteaa, " Ernani" Signorina Trutti Verdi 5. ImjTomptu burleH'iuo on two popular songs : lit, "Ob Sussnna;" 2d, " Carry me baok"--Henri Here n. Hon (.Grand Duo. ' Norma,'--Miue. Laborde, Signorina Pattl Bellini Between the two parti Josef Gnng'l and hii Band will exeoute the Walts, "Farewell to Berlin." llerr 8i?dc will perform a Grand Solo on the Flute com pond by Furetenam. PART II. 1. Trio, "I Lombardl,"--8ign(>rinalYufti, SI*. Benedettl, Sig. Boiii, with a Solo on the Violin by Sohicver Verdi 2. Bondo Final, as rang in Liada di Chamouni--Mme. Labirde... Marctzek I 3. Fantasia Military (manuscript.) on the favorite March ftrcm La Fillo du Regiment?l'ianoforte andOrchestry, executed for the first time by Henri Hen H. Herz 4. Romarza, "Una furtiva lacrima," Eliiir dzamorv? Big. Benedetti Donizetti 6. Invitation a la Poika--Graiid Orchestra Trumpets ohligato, by Messrs Wind and Lacroix Maretzok 6. The Giamt Prayer ef Moiie,?by the entire Company f the Italian Open Rossini Tickets one dollai?to be had at the musio stores, hotels, and atthedi>or. Doors open at 7?Cone?rt to oommcnoa at 8 prooisely. No postponement an account of the wea.ther. The grand pianoforte used on this occasion is oas of the raoently adopted form in Pari*. (lien's manufactory.) SMITH'S MINSTRELS ARE AT THE NEW ROOM, 332 Broadway, next door to tho Broadway Theatre.?Conoert this Eveiing, commencing at 8 o'olook.?The director of Smith's Minstrels, W.E. Bmith, has the pleasure of introducing to the public of New York aoompany composed ot the best accessible talent in the country, embracing the cream of some of the troop* which have hitherto stood highest in pnpttlar favor. He hat taken the New Room, one of the most braatiful and oommodiotu rooms in tewn, for the season, and is determined to expunge from his concerts everything in tie sbane of offensive vulgarity. Am*ng other well Known and talented musicians and singers m his compary an D. C. Abbott, late director of Chriity^ Minstrels: J. P. Carter, late of Campbell's Minstnls; G. R. Sowell, late director of the Sable Harmonists. A Concert Every Evenirg during the week at 8 o'olook. Doan open at 7 o'clock. An APernoaB Concert every Saturday, commencing at 3 o'olook, P.M. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY-SEVENTH SEASON.?THE public, subscribers, and the associate mcmliors an respect fully informed that their tint Codoert will take place on Saturday evening. Dec. 2d, 1848, at the new Assembly Kooms, Chinese Buildings, C.'W t roadway. Subscriptions for the four nonoerts of the ntason. (time tickets to each concert) $10; associate members tickots (one tioket for each conoert, and the privilege of attending all rehearsals) $6. Subscrption reoeivod at the store of Scbofenberg Ik Lois, 483 Broadway. Hy order. JOHN A. KYLE, Secretary. ZOOLOGICAL BALL. SB AND 37 BOWERY.?TBIS MAGnificett establishment is now open daily from 1^ till 4, and lr< re 6% till 9, P. M. The hall of exhibition is fitted up with great elegance, and the'.collection of living Beasts and Birds is the larro?t and most nerfcot in America. A performance is given at each exhibition, including the feats of tnined Elephants, Ponies ant Monkies. Mr. Brooks en ters a den of Lions and Tigeis. Admission 25 cents, children nnder nine half price. Sea] son tickets $& VAN AMBURGH k CO. Proprietors. ' COLLYER'S CLASSIC MUSEUM, 2ii BROAD WAV.?OPEN every evening this week. Performsnces at 7}? precisely.? Dr. Collier's orienal Artists, in thsircelebnted Living Tableaux; Mr. Nets* will peiforrn tin ten different instruments at one time. An pfficiMil OirhMlr^ Illn?ii?.l*il I" rw..? ? -?I Lift'it*. Programme changed every evening. Admission, 26 c?nt?? parkin tte. SO cent*. HU. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?EXECUTOR'S SALS OF a Urge and valuable (took of oostly jewelry, belonging to the estate of the late John Brock, to he told without rcaerre, in eluding a Urge quantity of Diamond*, Precious Btoneo, bo. Henry II. Leeds ft Co., will (ell at auotion, by order of the Kxecutors of the late John Brock, deceased, all the oostly and valuable stock ot that well known establishments! No. 72 Chatham street, hetwten Chambers and Pearl streets, on Tuesday, SHth and Wednesday, 2!*th November, 134H, at 10 o'oloek, and continue each (ay afterwards nntil complete. Consisting of a largo assortment of Diamonds and Previous Stoma, Silver Tea Sets; rich plated Waiters, with real silver edges, Castors; Coffee Pots: Silver Knives, Fi rks and Spoons, of every description, poarl bandies, ke.; Silver Candlesticks: punch, butter, and cream ladles ; every variety ef costly plated goods, with rich silver mountings imporUd expressly for his own sales ; a large assort of valuable Clocks in bronze ormolu and marble, some of which are of great value; Watches ol line gold, of tho most celebrated makers; richly jewelled silver ditto; silver and gold thimbles; Spectacles ; Finger rings with diamonds and precious stones of every kind ; together with every other articles in the Uns Sale positive. Sixty dajs credit will be given on all sums of 150 dollars and upwarda for approved end< rsod notes. Theaboveisan excellent opportunity tor the trade to supply ttemselves, as every article is manufactured xprrssly for privato sale in the best manner. The goods can be examined one day before the sale. JW. BROWN, AUCTIONEER.?CROTON HOTEL FURNI turc nt auction. Wednesday and Thursday. Nov. 29th and SUth, at 10 o'clock, st the C*ottn Hotel, No. 142 Broadway.? J. W. Rrown will eel) at auction as above, by order of Assignees, all the furniture comprised in the above i otel, comprising a complete assortment of parlor, chamber, and dining room furnituro, together with the kitchen furniture, large mar gle, floor, tile grates, and various other fixtures of the house. Catalogues wil 1 be ready on Tuesday. JW- BROWN, AUCTIONEER.?TO HOTEL KEEPERS ard others?J. W. Drown will sell at auction, this day, Wednenlay, Nev. 29th. at 10 o'clock, at the Croton Betel, 142 Broadway, one large Rotary Roaster, .one large Steam Boiler, Ranges, dangle, ko? in the |Kitchen of the above Hotel. The alove are higli cost artioles, and worthy ofattention. STOP.-TWO Si'LENDIWJNEW SCHOONERS HILL BE < ld by P. M. Hoffman & Co., at one o'clock to-day, at the K> charge. Vesrels lie at Rutger s Blip. ROOFING?THE AMERICAN COMPOSITION OR CEMENT Rooting, invented and manufactured by Hi ley Reman. New York.?This Cement is abetter rafegutrd against tire than any other kind of rooting used previous to its discovery: It is adapted for covering all kinds of buildings, but more particularly flat roof buildings, deck bridges, and all o'her f aces tint are roiaired to be water nr?nf, where its application is practicable. It combines very peculiar proportions and kinds, both the vegetable and mineral. and Is perfectly impervious to air and water, and free from any and all the general principles of dccoxpoi-itlon to any im p<>rt*nt degree. It is admirably adapted for the re covering old lln, Zinc, or similar kinds of rooting that is leaky, at a small expense, rendering them perfectly impervious to water, and more durable tban when new. The cost of new roofs when executed in the city of New York, is 4^ cent* the square foot, and 2'? to 3 on old Tin, kc.; when executed out of tin cit? the cost will be in proportion tofthe extra expense of tranrpntation. N. B. Those who have eld Tin or Zinc hoofs that are leaky, in aay part of the United States or elsewhere, may have this Cemont forwarded to then, with directions how to apply it, so that it ein lie done by any laboring man. New roofs ri"iuira an experienced woHrran. Material sufficient to eivcr,) 4"' ?pnro fret of Tin rncfwilllm delivered In New York for eight dMlors. All nrdets or eommonieatlont addressed to the suhtcrilier. No. liO Fulton s'reet, will meet prompt attention. Order* mar also he left at No. WOBwrwy. mfclt bf.maw, Notice is iikrkuv givrn, according to law. to all persons laving claims agaiiiit Joseph S. Merrill, late of the County of Richmond. deceased, that they are ie<inired to exhibit the i ami. with the vouchers thereof, to iho subscribers, the exeou1 ers of the last will and bstament of the said deceased, at the dwelling house of Isaac Merrill, one of the laid executors, in the town of NorthfieU, in the county of Richmond, on or before the third Monday of May next ISAAC mf.BRILL. Pa'cd. Nov. 13. 1W. Al'STIN TOML1N3QN. V fc*?;cBtor"W, M. I. SUAW (JAMAICA ROAD, ADJOINING TUB TT I'nion Race Course), would inform the public that hit bouse is at all times supplied with an abundance of substantial* ami delioicic* to suit the moat fastidious epicure and of inoh a inalitj as cannot fail of Hiring satisfaction to whomsoever may h< err bis hc.nse with aviait. He w ill guarantee to send thom on tl elr way r^joieing Mr. Sullivan and his attendants fare made Uiis house their home, when the former will go through his trainins. preparatory to hit tight with II) er ; and as the backers, and ott us interested In the result of the fight, w ill b? anxious to so* 9nlliv?n from time to time (who, by the way, it always happy to meet his frionds), the uidertigtied plednes himself to hsve on hand, *t ill timea, a bountiful supply of all that the market affords, including a good " drop o' turomut" to aid digestion. WK. I SHAW. I MIR CALIFORNIA A N I'M BEHJ OF CAPABLE AND energetic YourgMcn, of charaater and reipcctability, have foimed themselves into a company (ooipprisliigjeweller* and other ar'innnn) i?r the purpose if proceeding lo California without delay, t? cemm?tc? operations in the newly discovered goH r>ci ii. Any cnterpiiaing capitalist, desirous of reettri' g a lirn five investment, can reeive every satiffaetory hy addressing < ' ntidentially, "California,' this office. I^ovs: TOYS' TOTS!-RECEIVED 500 ASJORTKH CASES, at VfKDIIJ.S fe MEYER'S. .VI William strecr, up nt^r* HOLYDAY GOODS.- FREDERICK A. WOOD WORTH, NO. 12ft Bread way, oppoalte the Theatre, haa received by tlw late Havre packets his usual supply <.f rieh Fury Articles, for Holyilay present*, to which he invitee the attention of pttrvhalers. Ihe selections hare been made with the greatest ear*, i iy the same tasteful and experienced a^onta in I'nris, who, < for urwarda of thirty yrara. have brea connected with thisestabi?hment. ar.d the purchaat* in all cases made fur oaah. The aa i sortirent cempnars new styles of Woik Boies, Dr ssing Cases, i Papier Macher and Ebony Tables, Papeurlss, rich I'oroelain Vans. Fine Broniea, colored Glass War*, Mechanical Tableaux, if and all (he novelties of tlw mm. 1KIS11 ANDL*COT('ll MALT WHISKEY IIKill FLAVORED i and superior |iiality, ia packages to suit th? trade, and better i adapted for their purpose than any ia th? market. For sale at I very much less than the usual rates, by WILLIAM M. PAltAS, Malt Whiskey Distiller, H* Sever th avenue. Offiee. 42 Stone at. rwm III Ul PERSONS ( IJRKI) OF TIIF. fll.ES DCtll'Uj v/"ring the laat yiar. hy Upham's Ilia Kleatuaiy, ind it is now known to be the onlyoertaiu eurafor tha'm.'st distressing disease before the public. The genulae can he had of DAVID KETTHAM, 121 Fulton street; also, aay patent mectio ne that may be called for may he found at ttds depot, pare and wiw. MOCVM./iOUiAilttlt.?DB. MURPHY OF IU CHILD nml,li confidentially consulted on all form* of private dia eases. Recent caeca of gonorrhoea ha cores In two to four day* Constitutional debility and impotency ancci-entiilly treated ky 1 Dr. M. vNo mercury oead In any case, or hindrance from bofr I mm ?oa OUOold itCMtiopM iron 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. I B' ROADVAk" TH*ATR?-1. A. MA B8H ALl* PROPRIl tor.?Wednf* N??- 5?. *" * P** * 01. I o.iled the 81'RAk. ,r , hj. Stranger, Mr. Murdoch; Bar,,. Stcnfort, Mr Djott; Cui.'.nt r nct? t*r R.; Solomon, Mr. V*cl*,P*'?r- Mr lladawa?; Mr*. U?U*r Mm F. Waliack: Count*.'1 ?lnt?-r?en. Mm. Abbott; Charlo't* Mr? Watt* To aonclud# *,lh the BOLD DRAGOONS?l*>>n ""ort,*, Mr Lo.t-r; *? ?. Mr Hadawa,; Vioto, (iavurd. Mr. Baker: Ko?lna, Km.1 Waliack; Ninett?, Mr* Abbott. Dre*? C ircle and r*r<|u?tU>. 7# <* nt?i Family Clrole and Upnor Tier*. it cent*; Gallery. Vl% oonU. Doonoptnat halfpaattf? I performance t? commence at 7 o'olock. ____________ BURTON'B TUKATR*. CUAMBCR8 ST**KT-UKD\E5. day Binning, Nov. 2V will be presented the celebrated comedy called tb? OLD ENGLISH GF. VTLRMAN?S<iu*W B(>adlandf. I Mr. Burton; Uoraue Amelia* Set wood. Mr. Jordan; George >. U I wood. Mr.Gra-e; Sparrow,Mr. Raymond; Temporanoe. Jlra.V crnon. Tote followed by th? Huccuaful Burlotta, oalk-d MU97CAL A R| RIVALS?Jo?ef Jlng% Mr. T. B. Johuton: Mr. CreWtot Mr. i Raymond; Manager Burton Mr. Jordan; Jenny Jlng'f, Mix OtapmoB. To . onohide wltliTOM AND JKKRYIN AMEKJ(Ta{ Robert Logic, Mr. Jordan; Jamn Ilall Trollope Diakina Fuller ! Orren, Mr. Burton. DreuCirole, fillo.; Family Circle or Beoood Tier, Jbo. Doom opro at % pa*t 0?enrtain rim a>7. j ITCBBI-L'SOLT MPICTI1KATM? WIDNBSDAYEVKN 1TX Id g, N?r. IV?M\s* Clarke's IWnrflt?Ttm entertamrnenia will commence w<thJEANNETTI AN I) JEAN NOT, or LaCoq du > ilbge?Jeannot, Mr. Conov*r, ili-rcuUi Jeannotte, MImClark. After which, for the Hr?t time, aa interli du ontitlod THE NIPPER Mr. Bombay, Mr. Arnold; Cantkin Cattle, Mr. Niakineo*; Buran Nipper, Mi** Clarke. To be followed by the MaYQT'EKN? ( aleb Pipkin, Mr Holland; Hugh Bowyer. Mr. Ni<kln*?o, Mary Bowyer, MisiNickinniti. To conclude with POOH PI I.LICODI)Y ?Jinn Peter Pilliceddy, Mr. Hollands Sarah Blunt MixrMiry Gacnon. Door* open at half-peat (j?onrtain rise* it7. Drea* Circle. .VIcent*; Upper Bt-xes, 23 cent*; Pit, 12Xcen'*. Broadway circub, alhambra, between spring and Print* etreeta?John Tryon and Corporal Thompeon Manager*.?Wtdnradav evening, Nov. TJ?Tho porterraaucwa will commence with The Sprite of the M ver Shower?Ro. engagement ef the French firjtheri, Julien and Phillippe?Uorsemanihip by all the great riders; the Clown Goasin; Picture* ot Ancient Sculpture, by the Swif* Rrothera; Di*Iooati?n and Po*turing Feat* by Signer Bll.s; Still Vaulting; Superb Classic Hoao* and Grouping*, by Matter* Willie and Charley, ajaiited by Mr. J. Nixon; Wrnst. lera ot Olympia, by the trou|? of Acrobat*, ?c. to. Bnxe*,50cent?; , Upper Cimlc, 2f>c?nt?; Children half price. Commencepast 7. NEW ORLEANS Ol'EKA COMPANY, AT T?IK STUYVElant Institute, Broadway, afew doors above Hleeckef street, every evening tlii* week. Metara. J. Swain, J. C. Collina, J. C. Rainer. Matter Ole Bull. J. Burk, and J. L. Sandford, moat reapectfully annonnce to the Ladle* and Gentlemen of New York, thai they have retarned from Europe, where they have been giving their entertainment*, for tho laat two J car*, to large and applauding audienooa of the nobility; having alio performed at the White House. in Washington, before the President, Mr. Clay, and other distinguished citixena, they tlat'er themselves that their oonoerts will aurpas* any thing ol the kind whioh has yet ap|wared. A series of entertainments will commence at theabovo room, on Monday evening November 27.184H, w hen they will give a variety of burlesque ana operatic music, in Ethiopian characters. For particulars, * bills if the day. Doonopenat 7 o'clock, oonoert commence at 8. Admittance 2ft cent*. American museum.?p. t. darnum, proprietor F. Hitchcock, Manager. Splendid performances vary morning at 11W, afternoon at 8, and evening at half past 7 u'clock. Monday, November 27th?Tlie original Gen. Tom Thumb bting on hiaway South, bus i-onacnted to open leveea at the Muaeum for afew day a and will give hia entire performance* every mo ning, afternoon, and evening, at 11>?. .1, and 7X o'clock. Great Western, Yankee Comedian. The Sablo Brother*, a mmt auperb and talented band of Negro Slrgers, Dancers, (to. Pete Morri*. Mine Leslie. Highland Mammoth Boya Living Orang Outang. Fairy Fimily. Infant Ves'ri*. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwell. Fortune Teller, may be privately consulted at an extra cnarge 01 a> cents. Adyiiaaion to the whole, including Museum, 1 erformsncos, (to., 25 cents. Children under 10 years of age, and old enough to walk alone, 12)? cents. Reserved front seals, one shilling each e* tra. New assembly rooms, costar mansion, broadway, between Spring and Prtncc streets.?The llermania Musical Society, from Beriin, composed of twenty-four performers, under the leadership of C. Lenaohow, bare the honT to announce to the ladies and gentlemen of New York that their last an 1 Farewell Conoort for this season will take plaoe, at the above rooms, on Wednesday Evening, the 2Vth November. The members of the Society, desirous to make this; their last oonoert, worthy the attention of the public, bog leave to aseert thai no pains shall lie spared to satisfy the most fastidiont; and are happy to sdd that Mauame Antoinette Otto has consented to assist tor this occasion. The following programme is respeotfnlly submit ted:?PanT I.?1. Overture Guerriere. .Mndpaiatner; 3. Cavatina. ..Madame Antoinette Otto; 3. Soldier's Walts. .Lanner; 4. Grand Solo for the Trumpet. .Grans, executed by Mr. Uaaae; 5. General Taylor's Triumphal March. .C Lenaohow. Part II.? 1. (.rami Mutieal Panorama of Broadway, a descriptive pot rurri. .C Lenaohow?for particulars of which see programme; Grand Aria. .Madame Antoinette Otto; .1 Souvenir of New Ibtk, a waltz. .C. Lenschow; 4. The Storming of Conatantine. . Lanner. Tickcts 60 centa each ; to he had, on the evening, at the doer, as also at all the principal music stores in the city. Commencement at H o'clock ; doors open at 7 o'clock. No postpone ment on account of the weather. WILSON'S ENTERTAINMENTS lON TDK SONGS OF Scotland.?To-morrow evening, Tlinrcday, SUth Nevemtar, at 8 o'clock, at the New Assembly Rooms, My Broadway. Mr. Wilson will g ve a favorite selection of Songs and Ballads, it being his last appearance for tie present in New York, as he returns to Boston on Friday. Programmes at the musio stores. STOPPAN1 IIALL. CORNER of BROADWAY AND Walker street, will soon close.- F. Grain k Co.'a Grand Moving Panorama of Mexioo, illustrating tha Piotcreci|ue and Romantie Soenery of that wonderful country. and the glorious Campaign of the American Army, under the command of 0<neraT Winfiold Scott, from the bombardment ot the City of Vera Crux to the planting of the American flag on the Balls of the Monteiumas, now exhibiting every eveilng, and on the afternoons of Wednesday and Saturday During the passing of the pioture, an explanatory lecture will be delivered by Captain R. A. Carter, late of tha Now York Volunteers, who participated in all the battles. Doors open at 7 o'clock. The pioture will eommenoa moving at a quarter before eight Price of admission, 23 oenta; children under ton years or an, half priee. Reserved seats can be secured at the otnoe from B till 11, and from 2 tiU 4. Liberal terms made with schools. Panorama of taylors campaign in Mexico, so popular while exhibited in New Vork, is now at Frinklin Ball, Philadelphia. It is not only the larg> st but thr best painted and most intern*ting exhibition cvor placed before the American people. Open every evening at half past 7 o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at .'< o'clclock. Admission 25 cunts. Napoleon crossing the alps.?this great historical Pic tare, by Delaroohe, is now exhibiting at tha National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street. Open from nine, am., until ton, p.m. Admission. 2So.; season tickets, SOo. Steamship united states, for Havre, Tuesday, Deo. 6th ? In conse'iaenoe ot the new draw back law en oertain descriptions of export# from Prance, ceasing on the last day of tho present year, ti e owien ot the ''United States" hare determined to dispatch ter for Havre direct on Tuesday, Deo. 5th, and from Havre. Friday, 2'th December. Passage to Havre, $1*1. No berth secured until paid for. For freight or passage, apply to C. H. MARSHALu.l* Burling Slip. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY-FOB New Orleans, Havana, and Chagree?l<andiug at Charleaton and Savannah?The Stcanship Falcon, W. T. Thompson, comminder, will nil for tho above ports on Friday, Deoeinber lit, at 12 o'clock M , from Pier No. 4 North River. No berth* aeourud until paid for. Passage to New Orleans In Saloon $78 Do do lower Cabin W Do to Havana in Saloon 70 Do do lower Cabin, 80 Do to CbagTei in Saloon 190 Do do lower Cahio 120 Do from New Orleans 100 Do do In lower Cabin 00 Freight to Chagres at 70 cents nerfoet. Do. to New Orleans 26 cants per foot. Passengers to Chagree will be charted freight on all except wealing apparel, and on this when it exceeds 2R0 pounds This ship will connect with the Panama line. Fot freight or passage, applv to M. O. ROBERTS, 11* West street. Bills of lading signed by the olerk on board, and to be presented for signature by 9 o clock. A M? of tho day of sailing. For savannah.?regular line.?tbe new and very superior Ocean Steamship CHEROKEE, Thos. Lyon, Commander. will leave on Wednesday, 29th Inst., at 4 o'clock, P. M., irom Pier No. 4, N. R. For frieght or passage to _____ _ 8AML. I.. M ITCH I l,L^ 194 Front street, J PACKETS FOR nAVRB.-SECOND LINE.-T1IE SHIP j Oneida, J. Willard. master, will sail on the 1st DecemberBOYD Ik U1NCKXN, Agents, SH Wall street. STATEN ISLAND FrRRY.-THB STEAMBOAT 87ATKN * Islander will run as follow*? Leave New York at 9, 11, 1. I SH, and o'clock. Leave Quarantine at 8, 10, 12, 2 and 6 o olook. Medicaloffhe.-dr johnson,it;duanestreet near Chatham stret, so well known as the most successful practitioner in New York, in the treatment of venereal diseases. The Doctor's reputation for skill ia those old half cured casts that have existed for years, is pre eminent. Gleet, stricture, ulcers upou the body, or in the throat < r nore, pains in lira head and hones of the legs, effectually cured. Constitutional weakness, i brought on by a secret habit indulged In by young men, causing lascivious dreams and nightly emissions, positivelv prevented. Recent cases cured in four days, without moronry. Noalfc atioo in diet, or prevention from business NO CUKE NO PAY.-DR. CORBITT, 19 DUANI ST. member of th* Royal Collage of Surgeons, London, may be consulted in treatment of delicate diseases. No matter how long you may have had gleet, ulocrs upon the body or in the throat ot nose, pains in the liead and bones of the legs. A practice of teurteeu years, devoted to veuereal diseases, enables Dr. C. to curt i the worst form of this disease. Recent sasos cured in four dava No mercury used. Strictures cured in one or two weeks with scarrcly ary pain. Those iadividuals who have indulged in a oertain loathsome habit oan positively be restored to health and society. N. B. Strangers are cautioned not to be deceived. Dr. ('obbett has not removed. Remember 19 Duane strost, opposite Dr. Johnsen's MOtvr EXTRAORDINARY WORK-TO T.IE MARRIED or thorn contemplating marriage.?The Married Woman'l 1 Private Medi .al Comianion, by Dr A. M. Mauriceau. Sixth edition. Price SI. This work is meeting with roost astounding sale* (-24,000 copies having slrea iy been disposed of-) Every female it getting a copy, whether married or unmsried, although it is intended especially for the married, as it discloses in. pnrtan t secret* which should be known to them particularly. Here every female oan discover the canaes, symptons, and the most cfBolent remedies, and most certain mode ol cure in every case. For sale at 222 Broadway; at the publishing office, 129 Liberty atr.-t, New York; T R PfttJmMl. No (!Koiniit I'hil&Holri I.lttl* * Co., Albany; W. R Da via, Boaton. On the receipt offl.a copy will be transmitted by mail, free of postage. to til part* of the United Statoa. All letters muat be addressed, post, paid, to Dr. A. 11. MAl'RICEAU. box 1.314, New York eity, Office 12? Liberty Itreet. i DR. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE IS T1IE MOST EFFECTUAL preparation (old for Qonorrt.o'a and other disorriors of the Bexnal MpM Lonx oxprrience ha* proved that it wHlradl- { eally cure ai.y oene. Ti ts desirsble result is obtained in from two to ten daya, and an it neither create* nausea nor offends the palate, and renders naneoeaaary any deviation in diet or interruption to asaal pursuit*, aonnd sleep, or healthy difceat on, the 1 nuieasice ia tbua removed a* speedily aa ia consistent with the production of a thorough and permanent ouro. Its ingredient* are entirely vegetable, and no injurious effeot, either ceastitationally or locally, can be eaoaed by its use. Price 11 per bot'lo. Hole Agent for thia city, C. H. RING, IVi Broadway, oornor John Hreet M&D1CAL NOTKX-DH Kit IIARDSON CAN BE CON. nulled at his Medical Office, No. 1U Park Place, from U A.M. to ,* P.M , on all private difca?s, vis : Primary or Secondary Sypliilis. CJonorrlnea, Oloet, SemiLal Em'ssions, iio. Mis consulting room* are perfectly private, so that patients applying to him need not fear closure. l>r. R was the llrst regularly educated physi. i-ian, in this city, who had the ooursge to oppose the lioet of No*. ' Irtim v*nd?rsand>|nacka in thi* branch of his profession, byes- I tahlisMng an office for the purpose of MVirJiag sound medical trea ment in those < omplaints, in oonnection with aoneofthe most exp? rlei ieri phjsioians in this city; and during the seven years, he was at the head of that establishment, bss had m?re practice ?i.d experience, in every class of private disease, than any other phjsicisn would be likely ?n have during his life. By continuing in tho same course, Dr. R. Hatters himself that he will be able to hold tke medical position he hs* acc'lred, in defiance of all opposition. Communications from the couueryattendsd to and medicine* forwarded, a* usual. DR. RALPHS PRACTICAL PRIVATE TRSAT19K. on tb? nature, sjmptom*. progress, oon sequences, remedies, and care of the genital orgatia, inolading masturbation, sirieturc, die eases rest lu tiling venereal, (given in no other work.) Sto., ke^ adapted to every individual, of both seaos. This is the en iy truly useful work on the snHoot, written in plain language, the re eines for all medielae* faithfully given; It Is intended to hu praott eally ntefnl to evsry one. ia svery plaoe, 9th edition, .Ml page*. Price *1. May be ha* e< the anibnr. W Orwnwieb ??r?et.ot mailed fre* 1.? poet.. Also of mest of the sellers la the IIS. DR KAIJPH, AUTHOR Of THE " PRACTICAL PIUVAr* Treatise, fto., 88 CJreenwieh street oflVoe honr? ? to IIA M?6to? P.M. (Soaiav aassats A^.Tte** whoarply la theeart* stages will be surprised at the rapidity and Utile Ineoavenieoe* attending their ouro. It I* ahleljr, however, tho*e who km?o? fercd from a certain ela** o? pe< pie who oan properly apnreoiatl SI* nervi-oa In strietare, from it* ttrat, or incipient, to It* more advnoed and distressing stages, (from unoommen advantages and a very eitensire praettee.) ho nan afford a rapid, ea*y, and radical euro, which, he ha* let stating, oan k? oVWteM Iketi no other *mim la Amopoa. J , ' INTELLIGENCE BF THE MAIL8. i Wasiiinoton, Nov. 27, 1SW. The Uovtrnorthtp of Ofiio. ! We underhand from a member of Congress, jus1 arrived from Ohio, that Weller, the democratic candidate for Governor, was legally elected by forty-two majority, trller all, without reference to the illegality of the votes cast by Cincinnati, Co'umbus and Cleveland. The case stands thus :? ' When the new constitution was passed, a new county (Morrow) was mac'e out of the old county ot Kichland. The new county contains three townships. No return has beenr made of the votea ot this new county, the clerk alleging that he thought it wan I he duty of the Richland clerk to make the return, which, of coars< *? the Richland clerk ha* not done, it being unuuestio. tably, the duty of the Morrow county clerk. This wit.' be amended immediately, it it has not already beei * done. The three townahinH in question gave weiler ? majority of :158. Ford's majority, by the offici return, which omitted these townships, was.'tlti Vhtn the three omitted townships are added, it will he seen Weller has a majority of 12. The question of the registration which we alluded to in a former . Vtter, will, however, in all probability, still come u V. it involves thr election of the members of Aai> *Mn* bly returned for the cities. Present appearaa ce? in < >hio seem to indicate that Allen will be . felectedto the United Stttes Senate. Bai.timokk, Nov. 2S, 1*18. First Ice of the Staton?Colonel Taylor and the Office Srekert?Madam Itithop, frc The first real ice of the season is to be found in our gutters and wash basins this morning, nearly an eighth of an inch in thickness. Since it has been officially ascertained that General Taylor is elected, his brother, Col. Taylor, who has been stationed for a year past in Haiti, more, has been the object of the most fulsome and officious attention by the band of office seekers in our city. If he goes to the theatre, the box in which he sits is crowded to overflow, and it he should drink all the bottles of wine for which invitations are tendered, he would, indeed, be in a bad way. If he% walks in the street, you will observe a oevy 01 omce seeKers striking ? bee line for lum ; but he is too old a bird to be caught with chati, as most of them will also find Old Rough and Ready to be. A few evenings since, a party of office seekers from Baltimore, ana other sections of the State, whose claims dia not conflict with each other, assembled at the Relay House, to congratulate each other en their prospects; but the object of each and all was to secure the friendship ol Colonel Taylor, who was an invited guest. The Colonel, of course, laughs in his sleeve at the efforts of these gentlemen, and being a silent, thoughtful, man. is a close observer of private character. Of all things, he detests a professional office seeker, and if General Taylor should ask his advice relative to the officers of Baltimore, I feel satisfied that he will recommend those tor appointment who have sought his acquaintance without a thought of office, rather than these standard applicant* undec all whig administrations. Madame Bishop had a good, but not a crowded, house last night. If she had a good opera company with her, she would draw well. Booth is doing a fine business at the Museum. PlIU.ADKt.I'HIA, Nov. 23, 1848. Hit Charleston Line of kteamthips?Providential Escape?Banner Presentations, $ < ., <Jv. The Philadelphia and Atlantic Steam N.ivigrtion Company have contracted with Messrs. Vaughan Ar Lynn, of Kensington, tor the building of the first steamship of their line, to ply between this city and Charleston. This will make the third boat to embark in that trade in the spring. While tlie Taylor men of the lower section of Southwark were tiring a salute, yesterday afternoon, the ataall cannon they were using exploded, and a fragement was thrown several hundred feet, through the window of a dwelling house, falling into a cradle, where a child was asleep, which fortunately etcap* d injury. A female was, a moment before, sitting at the window. A splendid banner has been prepared for the Rough and Ready Club of this city, which will be presented to their brethren of Lancaster county, as a reward for the Urge majority given at the Presidential election. The North American fireworks came off last evening, at Penn Square, and was extremely creditable to the proprietors and the artist who manu aciurf q me various designs. The Italian < >|*ra re-opens on Tuesday evening, with "Linda dt Chamounix," in whicu the Labordes are to uppear. The Fanny Kemble Divorce Cane. Tiiiladci phia, Tuesday, Nor 28, 18-W. At the opening of the tourt this morning. Mr Cadwalader. aounsel for the libeJlant, indulged himself with a fling at the reporters of tha city paper*, who were co mystified by the learned argument of tha day before, an not to be able to make bead or tail of it. Mr. C paid tliat he would endeavor to make himself undarftoc< to the court, if the reporters did aot understand him. Tlila annauncement caused great satisfaction to every person present, as it was an undoubted faot that not only the reporters, but the entire audlanoa of the day before, and ft is sagely believed the court itself, were altogether ignorant of what tha learned counsel was driving at. There was some little pleasant conversation on tha subject, and the junior judge amused himself with a relation of some anonymous case remaing in the profundity of his experience, where a reporter bad as tually made a mistake in the report of aoaaa. This little matter being settled. Mr Cadwaladar Eroceeded with bis argument, whleh, thanks to tha ints of tte reporters, was somewhat mors luold than upon the previous day Mr. Cadwalader is undoubtedly n profound lawyer, and a perfect gentlestan Ha allows himself occasionally, nevertheless, to ranga a little beyond the record, and though his language ia good, and his sentences perfect, It is sometimes dincult to discover their relevancy to the subjeot he la trying to elucidate. To day,however, he was Interast iug. and held the large ana understanding audienoe in profound attention, by an able, Bound and eloquent argument. Mr. Cadwai adkb started, by laying down m the proposition be would enforce, that neither party to inuntal contract bad a right to determine on the cm ration of the marital duties, aad that the wife in bound to remain under the roof of her huabsnd, and be obedient to bis orders and control A<reamenta for cenjugal separation are disregarded In the ecclaai> astical courts, even when under hand and seal. Even if tbe parties separate, purKuant to a valid agreement, md there Is no provision for the support of the wife, the husband Is liable for her maintenance. The point may hereafter arise, as to the operation of th? ict of th- husband in bestowing maintenance on his #ife during or after desertion The English House of Lords will not give a divorce where the husband la willing to maintain tbe wife, and she deserts his habiation. Tbe case of Manby t>? Scott, oited in several Rnglish cares, waa quoted to enforce the position that i wife, once having wrongfully left her husband, he was not bound to take her bank, even although she jtlered to return; the law is otherwise if he turned her iway himself. "If a woman leave her husband wlthlut cause, lather live on obarity or starve for her own wilfulness," says another sage of the law. In th? arly days of tbe divoroe law. they required tbe husband to take back hia wife, even although she had been ;uilty of adultery. This has linen altered by th* :ourse of the law and decisions. Tbe experiment wai tried in this State of a qualified forfeiture by the aot ,t 1786, by which in certain cases the huaband was obliged to receive back the wife upon bar penitence. I ntii this lady resorted to the piofeaaion 01 her youth, Vlr. Butler's allowance was auoh aa waa sufficient, unler the circumstances, and It waa not nntllshe had lerumed that profession, that hia paymanta ceased, rhe condition of hia allowance was that ahe should not resume tne profession, and it properly ceased when the took that step, whloh she knew to be aforreiture A question might arise as to the operation of he act of the husband In bestowing m.iintenanow upon bis wife after or during desertion But tha husband wan bound to this, if he wished to preser e th* Mrtue of tha wife. Where Is the protection to thw rlrtue of a female who lives separate and apart from tier hoaband. without malntenanoef Mr. Cadwaladac continued atlll further, citing many cases to Illustrate bis remarks, and strengthen his position. Befera commencing what might be considered mora propefly a* in application of the fsotr to tbe exoeptiona of the answer, Mr C. said that it was due Mrs Butler to sa? that it was bis belief that all this difficulty might have beau prevented if rhe bad not been Influenced by injudicious sympathy. Confidants ara sought, and eagerly sought for, when a talented and interest!ng female Is dissatisfied with her c.)nj i-gal relations, If she (lorn nut finds ready tar wbiatkt confliiu kw gr i??t to one. she will confide them to another Thvn every little circumstance is wrought np into a phantom into cruelty. The petty occurrences ol year* am treamred up, and worked into one gr.evou* wrung. I'ay hat tb?re has be?n ill advice somewhere. I cay that t there had not been bad advice, these cirmnuUanoaa sould not have occurred There was do intention on :te part of my client to aggravate her coadaion. * he found hern-lf In a relation in whlela 'he thought herself unhappy dimply from inoom; ittibility; for, In this form the proceeding W b?f>r? he court Now what were the nireum<tano?? of the departure? What are the clroumttanoe' of uruelty which are spread through thla answer ' Wa ill find that ihe rare after all. i< a ea*e in hio'i no n an ran put hi* flag'"*' on anything which la taogiUe. and some of the avurinent* of wr?>oh require a third ptrusal to coinpreherd. What 1* It In elT. t ! Why, that unless che can have things In h?-r own way, aim will not be raftrQetl at all I grant that she tin* acrcu.phfliment*powerfully invitiuc to sympathy Her very letters were preserved, copies kept and shown, p. t lisp*., to S)?pn*hetio irtsnd* Now. said >lr O.I will Tukd a pa- aRe from a pen stronger than mine, to show tbe Mat (ft of trusting to the po-tlr**! feelings ft wtrters. when ib^y are ooneer in business ra?*'ers He thru re%d from a book, the title of w2?l?U he dll

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