Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1848 Page 3
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????I? IH? ??I 1?1? TEIK.RUIIlf niKLLICKHCE. TillKTIk.Til tOIIUlllCW. MtCUMD UOIOR*, DM. 11, IMS. MlitU. 1 k? !? ?-t it 12, li4 Mr rn*r*T?i< ?. ?tf M?ki? look bwi ???t fa pine* f Mr L?*^ tKm Vu t rmioifT iuviB.itUd ft frtiriittn riMon from 111* rr?tary of tb* Tr*a?ury, to r?iatloB to MTtlll Ml Mixlur Ik* i?n?l <* ik* Naty. A *un 4i>??nl?i took pla b?tw**B Mr Dli ?vl j oth*r*. oa prlattoc Hi "OH c???i of U* S**r*tary *f th* Trwury r**ort T?>?lJ lhoa?aa4 copf** wtrt or4*r*4 >UH, Mr Dm * < ?rt-r*<l * roa?lu*i?a It frror of *itaV liahiBg a tran?f?r ?of fo**raoi-Bt rtoofe to Nr? York, which ?? ?<?o?*a4 Mr ?u? aakt-4 tad eW#? J Ira** to I ntroJuc* bill to* th* **Bte*ira of < alifoeala II SLaU. which ill rttd t?lr* au4 1*14 oo lb* tabl* Th* S? ait* th?a w* at tol<> u *t*etloa of* ebipUii Tb* ?ot* ?too4 HlM*r ; l?l?h t, H*a*haw, , >o4 D#w?y, I Klietr ?a? 4*o!ar*4 ?l*?t*4. A ?!) .oriml fro* Mr A?t>to?*.i *m pr**oat*4 to both bo**** aaktoi eo?trae< fur traa<??rttoc cororahhiI |>r<r?it; arroa* th* ooatoaip a:*4 rallr* id ?na. th* UlkBM of Umm No ootc?'tt**? *pf)tol? I Aft*r tbo tiaaiaoltoa of nsi other uaiiaportaat bsai?*M. tbo h*aata a4jo?ra*<l. Hour mf HtprtwnUllrti, WimmtH, Pn 11. Tho mrMb*r# ?w*Bik *4 it 12, ?h*a pr?y*r m Oflrrrd B|> by th* cbajlalB. Tho C'lorb tb*a ro?4 th* jMrtil Mitililii th* ititflri e??Bitti*i lor th* >rt-r?i ?h rh remain a.u<h a* Ik* lait tbo < ki ran alae r*Uto. tog hlawat Mr. Tivhi* Imtti t'T?r?4 ? r*?olatioa a lop'I a# th* rnl*? of th* la?i *??!" Mr Viirea >> 4 ao?n,|rj.Bt. r? of p?*ee. d*sc* to tb* fr*B*ral A|>|>re|>ilat on i:m* which ?n 4ect4*4 1b lb* afllrr atlr*. Mr. Ani)*i? <~tr*r?J aa UMMwrn to M tor an adattioaal oounuiu*a la ID sn..'JMjaiaa It tltute. " I'poa ItaU motto* an later??Uaf debate epruag up ' in which Menri. Johaaoa. Ooggl* MtUaUaal, Milliard anJ otbm^wiirl^it'f MeCltlUlil and Milliard defead*d the Bigyvwi; j of the tnetitutl' D and Joha?t< u aa/?rd an J oyp tad it. JehBaton'a an andmeat ?w tli?nfon rejestid aad f mlth'?re*<lutloB, with Vlatoo * txrilntnt a |..j,><t The Speafcel than called oa tt..- *er-ral StaUa f >r petition*, ahra nuceroaaoaea were preaaau 1 He also laid befara the Ilea** *unJry comtnuoiiatlous from the tliacutire D?|?artfnrn reiatiag to lha finance* o' the iOTiTiiuh nt and otb?r matter* which yera duly r?ceiv<d audirdered to b>- print* 1 A communication from the ei, - fc "f tfc? II mii wu then read In reia ion t" ?'uB'l'jr b>oh* Tiered by th? House, which wfti ordered to V printed. The Situ Ury < f t be Trea?'i y * report wii referre 1 to the Committee of Way? ami >!? ? . aui ten luuj. sand extra co| ie? or.ereii to b* prin>< 1 Mr. Nit liOL introduced a h.ll h. t-u li '< the civil and diplomatic act (>f la?t action. ?hi.;ii *a? read taioe and referred to t'i? t omiuittee "f ?h? \Vn. > Mr. EcasaT Klhmtttcd * re oluM n ln*t-iotlnj the committee on way* nn<! mean* to r-p-<rt a b 11, beard upon the prlcciple* of ihe tariff of 1S1.' The quettlnn. cn It* parage, wi?? taken by Vca* and Na>*. and decided >u the afiraietire?Ve?? '.id, Naj?, WJ. Mr. Tali.maijaf. introduced a bill f 'r the e*t*b'i?hmentof a branch mint in New t ork. and m >red to | auapend the rule* for the *ami*. which ?a* l<xt. Mr. Aahmun'a resolution fur printing the debate* ot the Houm in the Inltllismctr and I'nmn, had mat with unexpected opposition ; and the edit< r? ur/<l , the withdrawal. ou the ground that they w mid not consent to be put In a petition wbioh would ?u!>je;t ; lhelrt to tbo In.puta'ion of p?n? one! pre****. I Mr. Ourlkt moved to pay * it nc i u the contmt jJ election Cf Muntoi v*. Jach>->u Ac reed In 1 r M?. Ooiii.n Chairman of the c >mmute? ou ths i Post Office ai d Tost Itoidv lim it* it I?port urnini)nlud by a bill, providing for a reduatlou of p ?n letters and newspiptrs. and c -re tlnn the abu?u? of 1 the franking privilege, which whs refer.,! to ue co.amittee of the whole. Mr. Conn, of <?a.. Introduce! a bl'.l prescribing for the expenditures of the contlogrut fund of the two Houses, requiring the aenuierence ol b?th. Mr. itockWKLL, of Ct., lucvud to lay tae bill on the table The question on lt? passage w?i Uken by yea* and aajs, and deeded In the negative? ntys io7, j?a? 70. The bill parsed n second reading that trie Taylor .resolution committte lie instructed to inquire Into the best means of puMiibtng the proceeding'*, which now Ilea over. Mr. Jokm, of Tennessee, wl hod to debate It. Mr Wt?r wouih'i resolution. asking information of the President, respecting the imprisonment of Americana in Irelaud. was adopted 44 And the House adjourned. Klectlon In Virginia^*, Deo. 11, 18-1S. The flection for Governor in Virginia oomea off to-morrow. President Polk tent no gold message to Congress to-day. Election In Boaton for Mayor. Bcitom, Deo. 11 ?P. M. The election in this city to day, for Mayor, result* 1 as follows .... Bigelow. (whig) 6.601 James, (democrat) 1,112 , Sumner, (free soil) ?'* Sml h. (native) Scattering Bigelow'a majority is 3 422 (^uiDcy'a majority last year 082 , Whig gain 1,810 Alnrrcariy and Forrenl, Bai.timohk. Dee. 11?10 P. M. , Macready wm received this evening at tho Front by an lnmenw audience, and throughout tho performance waa loudly and enthmiastioally oheeted. There was no hisa or diatnrbance during the evening. Korreat performed at the Holliday, and waa handsomely reoeived by a house crowded to an overdo*. Vlre In Plklliidclpliln. PHiLAbKi.rHiA, Deo 11?A.M. A fire waa discovered about ten o'clock this miming. In the cellar of the Old l-'rietda' Meeting House, in Pine street, which wax filled with oil and turpentine. The flames, however, were quickly aubdued by I the timely arrival of the tire department. Saratoga and Washington lialliotvl. Amiainv, Dec 11.1 IS. The Saratoga and Washington railway waa opened on Viiuay last, thr< rgh to YV hite^all. Funny Kcmlilr llutler. Auiant, Dso. II, 1818. Fanny Kemble Butler arrived in thia city yesterday, and ia stopping at the Deliivan House. She will share- > \y proceed by private conveyance to Weat Stockb:ld0'c. market*. Nkw Oiu.kans, Dec. 6, 1848. The cotton market oomiuu>-? tiriu, with saiii of 3,000 baler. I n Hour, we hive no ob.tnge to notice; tt>e sain of the day reach 4 010 barrels. The demand for corn is active, with F?len of ,">0 000 bushels at our pre- | vioua quntMions. I'or sugar there I* a good demtnd, though the market is scaicely so firm, are 300 hhds. I'ror.siou.i remain unchanged. CiwcrifftATf, Deo. 0,1848. There ia not much doing in our markets, as operators hope, before the Opening of the week, to receive later l.uropean newr. The rates of (lour are from $8 70 to $ ". 87, with Fome demand for shipment; as frelgbta are plenty, the river is in fine orler. and rates reduced. I!o (S are coming in freely, considering the state of the weather, and f< 11 at 'JO to *3 ;.0. Gtoctrie*?Not luusb doing. New orop sugar, f.iir quality, 4!',c to 4*jo. Rio Toffee, O.Ve. to 7',o N. O. molaaies, i4o. to afto Provisions are veryqulet, with uar.hmc, d rates N?w lard Is worth fii. i tn s? ,. Chen**, BH?o. to 6,'io. lor Relucted parcel*. Butter, 8c. to 10c. Bai.timork, Dee. It, 184#. Tha market has been to-day, with moderate ??'e*. at previous prices. Flour-Sale* of 100 barrel* Howard ftre?t at ffl (imin t;roeeriei?, and provision* rtmain ?m< haiged. Whiskey? Small tale* at'J4a 2i cents. # The 8fQth< rn line in out of orJer. which h,i? delayed the Tegular CucgreR-losal and oth? r report*. Ai.banv, Deo. 11, liU. There In but 1ittl? dnln? tn o ir market*, a* are waiting the iirriral of the ( aradv ' **, Arroniit of tl?c CSiolii * on Itunvil (lie I'ncktt Slilp Sew York. The annexed is a letter from Captain T/tnep, of the fhip N.-tv York, c?r?t;<ininr? an account oj the cholera hS it prevailed on boari* i.-a verael:? os Boaro or Havrk P*rkr.t Ship f nrw york, at qi,*n*xn>k. i Stati.n Ih.ani*. December 6, 1848. ) To Da F. Ca?ipbri.i. Stkwart:? D?a? Sin,?Agreeably to yourrequest, I herein give yon a statement of event* that took plase ou bona this f hip, on hi r late pasiagn from llavr# to tbli p >rt. We left Havre Not ttth. with lit cabin au<i:>n ste.-rase passengers, and a orew of 3.1 pe.-son*. Total number < n boa<d, 885 souls; all la gcod he&ltb. anil go epidemic or other sickness prevailing at llavro when we left. For the first sixteen day* out, nothing unusual oe- , ourr*d, and wa had made fuvoraklti pro^r * on our voyega? being then In latitude 42 d -g V, anil longitude 01 deg W. I'P to thl* time, all on'board hail re malned in r ft-rt iinftil n mi 1 I w?* lUlirri u,( nijrcrtl' that I *1) on Id trrirtnutp my vojac? w Iclion t h?nritf any fllrhii'H on h. ?rd. wln-n ? f-t> p*?.?ns.. r n n in bk*"! '^P. ?ppii?*d to m<* to prwrtbn for turn Hi told mi that tin iimi b.^n d*ifl--rlDf( frow fr*<|U<Dt eviouatlon* and vomiting for th< ltd too d?jn, and ttisr. h? was nry thirsty m.d *c*V ; * found hi* pu ?? fi'r?'? but quick, utj hU lo:gu? ft'ul, au J of ? <UrU li If n?juk?a?amrmetjju i uii u?gr low appraranoe. Previoaa to thLs attack, ha a?sured me that ha had n?*er bran aick I i-,ave hiu> a warm foot bath, a doia of calomel sail Ifacf.c, abd, durmg tl.n night, arrow root and *w?eten?d toaat water On Sunday and Mcnrt*y, the 24th and 'J7th nit ,ba appeared to be mu-h belter; bm vomiting bad entirely ceaatd. and he had only two evaouatioai Cuttug the day. On Monday evening, howuver, tha < vacuati >n* and vomiting reuurrod with violence ; ha l?-<*eiue apeechlem, and apparently autfered graat pvn; tbl* atate continued uutil be died, which whs od Wei r? f dny night, (the 2!?h ) 1 gave bioi during this tiina amall dnt-ea of the Redtolue which had bean at flrat administered. and arrow-root, barley water, and toast water. On Satut day (the '25it) the wind wat strong fr^rn the -'>athwar<t,wiih?iiially, rainy weather. The baroat* ter in the m< rnintr. ?u at 3U in , and fell, .1 uring ti e day to 81'6 loin., temperatureof ihe air 00" Karenbeit. ('u Sunday aud Monday, the wind waa fr?#h l'rom the w<ttward, aDd thf chip waa then in tha vicinity of ? ape Sable Bank*-thermometer 50" to 48". On ruesday, It waa moderate from N W. with barometer at ..u in inU itmperaiurn 01 air ?? woru now on till ?a?tero edge of Ueorge'4 Shoal*. Th? serond pardon sttuked w?i n old man of 02, wbom I *ii called to ?? on Nunday He told me he was dropalcal. and subject to a stoppage of urine; aod that for tbe da; he bad been troubled with irequeut i Tarnations and vomiting. with crauip* in his stoinaah and Hu b* . he bad great thirst, a slightly foul tongue, and a quick fluttering pulse. 1 gave tiiia a do ie of rali m*i and ipeoao, auowroot aud toast water, with ?nail doaaa of spirit* of nltra. On Monday and Tuesday. ha wai batter, and I thought I had hid oomplaint nailer coatrol wb -n tba evaouations and vomiting wltb vloUnt cramp* leturned, and hu died on Wednesday night When I found be begin to fail, I gave him bt t brandy and arrowroot, and barley water : but they did aot spprar to hav* the least elloat, C??f - On Tuesday, Vlh, I was called to see a little girl, *'gbt years of ag*. I found her completely |,rn?tiaVed. there was apparently no rlroulutloa; the roiiotroanee was pallid and yellow and the eyes sat I tbi tight the ?ai ii\lng. but ordered a foot bath, and gave bar warm alne rnd water, and gruel, and had her arsppad in a warm b'miket and put to bed. She died at flta o'clock, two hoars from the time 1 first saw her. <> inquiry. I found that sha had been well in the Miotaing. but after brt akfast she had a slight vomiting, wb ? n b?r parents thought was occasioned by eeast< kaesa 'l be) bad put. her to bed. aud given her li?H ii op and tea during the d ty, aud aupposed that aha was gettiag bctt< r. until a MOrt time previous to ts?'r eaiiing ma. h iik Cut* ?I wa? called half an hour aftorscelng t e ttia ritl, to vt U a boy ei^ht >ears old. 1 found ' un ?i iiiv it:g a gn rnl?h. watery substance, and was t? d 'bat ^ had ti*d frequent evacuations during the I. t tew boar* II* ap| eared to be completely prontrate | ulie [utck; llu?had clie?k. a U.lie rnduu-d about r and cold foat. land* and liuibi I placed his l in wai ni Water. Diit him ioto a ?rm he I nn>l gaia h ui eaiotoxi an I ip erne, with uruul unj tout watt r llr aril ill t click, 4 X bourj alter I first saw kla/'i/i/i f'ai# Do ^.dni- day ui.>roin<j. (20th), I *m raiu d to ?ea a Lftr. ?< d 4a y* urn 1 found hiin vo jitir tui %> ? i<i?i ih?t fir ?'>iurilo ? previous lie had li. t I n.Ufnt <T*iu? i<n?, hut pt'TioiiJ t-> t:ial he 1 ad b? ru p' r;? ll? w? li H* a |? ared to b j sumpieto y I' >trr??o witbi ut a*y <-ircul iiHiit ul fall of I k ??? I iji a * ana t> ot bath. ?ncui ly iittd ?i'?r, rt ' iiM-t and Ipeoaa. arnw root with wins, a i'i?w arojis ( I. u<lkti.:n it: 1 lint ?aUr Ha died at 3 o clock, til* hour* Ircii tb? tln.a I lr<( raw him. > Mth im4 hufitk Cuff (in i hurstla? eveuiaj I < ti ?<l to t?<. Hit l??y?. yeura old : I fout.d tlmjr bail fri<<ur?l *?<-uaUMM aad roinitio*. with ?uld tarda at?" I'll*, aud feet. and gteat tuiret I (Cava la* in tx th f?. ?t bath*, rhubarb and ai-iffa tela with a ; w di?p* > f Ml n ul petocruiiiit la It ; and duiiog tl iiigbt arrow witir a 1 ttie wiu?, an J toast atir 'ir?yb th died early ou k'rday tu >rmn?, ia .< >v alffct t our' frutn the nui* tha. 4 saw tbvui. I alio la.?, dun n ih? four lav* pr^t.oji to my r> |> r-if ! , twelve other i ae?e. ah'cli a. tin lopital thi ? win ktticii I In the mom way, aul u.i-tof tbrB ?in ?pr? oily ai bad ai tho?*) tliat ded la all tb?fe re. rr. I giee mostly rhub^rd and B?>ne- a w ih a ma root, auu light broth a i a in U'.i -u-iomed lo making report* of tl la tli.4 I. ii d ) oU tiad ?o.\ thii n ho waver, of Interaat. p!en?* i&'rait, aid aiaka auch u of it ?? you way tuiulz proper. \ i ry retpeoifully. your ob't eerrant D. LIVKS. I' S ? I eon'ldewd all tha run to ba of cholera nxrbu*. (iiairi.o a. aad d?>eat?ry t'My (nlrlllK< lire. TI1K ( HOI.tR I ? AM'THAR CAS* I* THK Cltr. Tl.enp. it? o| the heaitn i Ulcer, at iJaar^Qti ne. are rtlll tatciable. as will t? ?t<a trom the fallowing:? I Snr?? lil.tMl, | Dee. 11, ISM. j [lit IIoso* thk Virrr : No ci*e of choii is h* ostiirrrd ?t tb? Murln* II->s- 1 f.ltal ?inc? n.y ret ort it Friday. On. ?t ttiivn ft r.oerly < :t )toit<'d hue died uni't say Iwt report. I lUH^ctlulljr, ALf.V b WHITIKO, III ! n o.n**r. j A cm?< occurred tbU morning at thacorner of Cedar | ( iiidlitrfDvicli itrrt-u, la (Lr rto hou?i*. the fim I f?* w mi on tL* b?i. la wh>elith* ea occurred I i n Ibti Tu?t?U) (J lut *> ?k A* ?< ttu one wai teporttd in? dicai aid ?ra? at o?t? rendered and, at a lata h< ur la?t bight, the pal.out ?a* doinj we I The | Ulty Inspector r-p?ir> d to the plate, and Io.jd 1 it in a . nu>?t horridly Uitby condition, with oiu? b"d? la ih? . r*B wfcnt tl.? patient Uy. !! at oro?' cauied the buia to to rlear.tad. and tha led*to lw rauneei. I . rbi? I* tha proper court* to pur-ue and that officer lia* determined to in-|.rct. and c?um to b? cl-an* -d, all Ibo emigrant toatd ng bou?e? ia irrn nty. 'i'be cholera ippeared id kn <m'nr-?nt baardlog in J a me* *up, la lb.;;, and ha will attead tu ibadu'y ofp*-r?>n- | ally f*i eg (hat aant of cWanlmi-M ?h*il not invito 1 the epidemic In tbu*a places. 'i'be itrei ta wer* y*- 1 Urilav filled wltli laborai*, abd the city will, la a short lima, ba eieaa. Tba following i? the report of the r* ident pbyaician to hi* honor tha Mayor ? " One aiew race of eholara ha* occurred line* my TVport of J a? tar day, the lOih. Tba caaa occurred in tbo phiso hour*, on tha corner ct (?re*awl*U and Cedar > treat*, from whisk tUe ra?a of eholara was taken which wa* Included ta wy rep<?t of yaeterCay. The I r> mi*e* were lound la a filthy condition and tha Sa- ! nittrt Committer hart> ordered tha City Inspector Dr. White, to repair at oao? to Urn bou<?. Laaiu ?< ' the i>rtuii HoUl, *?d cImb anil purify that e?ta- I bliihmaut IhrouRbout " 3KTH GfcK.R Resident l'hj?ician. " New Ion. Dec 1Kb, 1MI." "Mttoi'iOrrici, Dee 11th, 1844 u Th? aloe comajunicatlom are ord?red to bo t>ub? 11 hi W. HAVKMKYKR, Mayor. T1MOTHI It IIIUB AKD, Chairman. THKO II Dht'OKKST. C CHOUV3, WM. ADAMS. NK1L ORAY. JAS M. SMITH, M.I).,) J OH.." U H KCK. M I).,' R. L. MORRIS, M D , J Committae. The Ar?J# my ol Medicine will mi?t tbl< eronlng, and it I* to be hoped their report will bo mora aalUiactoiy than that cf the Medical Committee. Fiu at Oreiaa Da?.? On Saturiay e?-nin* Uat, tha bouce of Judge McCcom, near Oytler Uay, wu d?uroyed by Are. Tba furniture ?? nearly ?ll m-d There wna an ln?uranoe o| ||JN In th? tiien ? ore , Mutual Insurance Company. wh'cU will coreroorlialf, , the lea* being eatimated at |10,(uO. ^ PriTH or Aii'?:ast?* Mi THa*ieTT.?Wllllaa II.fl McDennntt. , Alderman of tlia Ktghth war i. died H abrnt twelve o'clock on Sunday ulght, of apoplexy. He wax well at noon prevloM, though ne ha j been t vise attacked bt ft,re by the oame dl*ea??. A reference to the prcccedleco of the Beard of Aldermen In another column, will ?bow the grtat eateem In which ha wa? held by hla aaeoctate*. An Emm'tk ii Mix caSinnr.?An"< disgraceful row cccurrud In Mercer etr<et, n?ar (irand about f even o'clock on Sunday rttulrg \ gang of rowdia* niade an ttum>t t? fcrce an entrance Into tbo h >u?? cf Mi*. Tratt, wlsicu raind the gr,a'eit ea-llemrut nmocg the frail fa'r lninnt??. The pi.ilca were on the | tot; but the ru.uNr ol the oGVnltr* wa? too great, und they retired without acjompl^bing tb ir object or bclrp: arreaiedlor ill-turbine tlie peace It will be re. ?nllai<li.i< Ui?t t In net Uffhtei with ffa*. and of rour*?. dark n i?kIi l? f it* <iark**t d?fj to b? p?r] etiatrd wUh injpuni'jr. and ! bout fear of d tfrtion. ! Accir i:xt.?A R<"BtIt-man, whoar nam* ?i< not rrrlatm <i. in *frrtjUti>K Mi* t"ps of tUa i u?lom Houw, I ysalttdajr, frll li ni thi |?laat li tin to lb? n Jrw<tik, Injuring h.uic-lf ro ft nt-urly that br m not ?xjwet' d to rrcovir. Court Cnlrmlnr for Till* < if. i it l our lo. ie. iw, m, ?v s? n < 44 to 60, Inchifi**; ?0 to CO, lnelu?l*r>, 30, SI. Rrrcmti Cm it.-M. 11 17,'iS. 42 ' II 44 04 70. 7*. b3, Kr>. 13 1#3. KV 117. II* 1IV 1?. lil !- > Hi. lu", 147. 14S, im 11. 0 n, M, 7, M, Tf, fro Mi, 41, UN, lro; 21, l?. M0, 1.4. inA. - , t ommoi I'l ui - I art lat-S, ftl, U, Mt. 41, ?7. 71, 76. 77. PMt .'1?74 1.4, loO, lu-, 1 lu. II J, 114. 116. IJ2, W>. NAIl.S rOIl RIMOPK, THE WEEKLY HERALD Tha KtMtOFhlp Britannia will Ira* Boaton to u?r low, for Halifax and Mrtrpool. The tuaila via etaa*. in ttili? city, thi* aft. rn<> >?. The tVrrkty lb,?u. prut* I l-r'n'H tn 1 k.j; .fc, anrt full t f Intaraatlj tintfr, ?l 1 r.a\j at r. j Accrj o.htr thin. U wilt contain b rrpoitaf lb* Sterol of tl)? I rj.our/. ?:>? \V^t U?f i. i? N . . nil th?- !< ! <.* to the jt >!.| ot ? Co'tito. the reports of th? I'holor*. . k.t . ht Sici?> cojii??, in wrappvr* rr?ly (or mtitlhf %. prac*. Tlt? Kditcml of 1 t\c li*tr Alilomu 1< u rm"tt. will take on f? ?'?r I ??, at 14 1 o'clock, M. 'Il.t i <.'H wi'l N> rmuM l ,? I. ?!?? t. ?> ?# >?-, v ?f. Wait rtint, ? lt,S oViurk, In IN Lmtth H.ijiaii4 wfemvA la frMk- I lin k'? tt. ?i ?to tin i mini ?i.| l? |M i< 11-.-??jr I' ? I I f v. Pr, ll*r?Miiivli;Blu-rw 'Hi ti e it i Will I- o < I mm I j u ? 1 aualcal. II n. tl.c lo. t .1 I ittl IB ?tr ?V,<? ?. v (" il ( <li lerj. Tin Ichtivit ar.?l fr*< n?l< ' ( the Ih.iIIt, m -nk-n aiu.> C< n n; nUvaril, utitli'Tiii ii'i Iw o? i mid ?ii: # ??nhr.r.?i#!?np > Mttlly I ttt?i<4 F. l?. KiMII.Ml, itmirmm, | ,. . # 1K. 1 Una. K. lA/HMNti, I ' "' m. IT ~ WM. AI?AMH > ?' ? ?? H.ORKIM KH ANKWN. IWi. | Altrwmrm. or<?. ii riANkLiN,chatr'ia, .tl? . ,,, joiin k. ? a \k?n. i''?' '* a. c. iirRRiKo. j 7JL .. M II<t<)N SWALI* Kre<l4*it. ) A ( linni'C for ( nlll'oi nl.i H|ii< nlnlon.>>THI Euti,lt t>ttnk worth th<-r? >.'i<lf.wh. <;l :h c"?t. o?-w . n j ti ny ?rc J??t th? thing for <Na' ntlm. A ?\ <h?tr??M m4 I W to C'lnitt Nthiti ulh iMiii. c t lm Voilai Suit Sum. I The Winter Mata of Knox,. " Now or* ( or brow* bouud with Tlrr-orloaii wmtHx" Thoi Pl.uki ]eara iead?. a?e'imir|C ln u? tha ii|w i f huu :h.b?eVeJ fiiil.uro'." Tie prrauut wailing by men ?l into am f??hUa in. "Now are mir browa graced l>y tliie hat ul 4no*" Fxratyta ?'i.i :iI ilit , and ti i?h. Kti"X.(f l".,k> fulton aircm. u o( htn Ut batter liie prioea ?ro low ledttd. Strangrn and Citizens wlio atudjr Krnn. Oil.y ill the uurrluwing of oarpa'a, oil oluth?. he.irih ru ;t.dru*i?ta, wilidiw fthadea. ho., ate directed to the ctlaVat-d . V-*iw<l.... ri^-i ei.taMihliuirpt in tho United S.?to?, No. 'J'l Kouury. HIiAM A r> PERSON '3. A UTin( of 2'i par cent to tlia pun Uaatr. ? Dun Koine, the very Idol ow me 'Art." mid an eA<|ui*ilv, aa ha au.od 11.0 glaia, aJinlriig th* nice a>mm?lrv aad btanufal fae'uoi given to hia hiir aad vliirkere by IIill, the Inimitable, at No 13 Na??au street, where aU iray b^aeivod with i-qnalaworaa IliU'e luhllible Oa uent, lot promoting the growth of tha Uair. ob'aine.l aa above. Wig* aim Toupee .?We would ailrU* all p*r?i>? wishing a iauanor Wig orSca p, to examine thi extensive un<oUiii(>nt at BaUhelor'a Uiai uf&ctori, No. 4 Wall atn-et, old N?. Ult ne w-iuTeu t ed wig* obtained a stiver medal at li.a rair of tii* Ameiioau Institute. Copy thn addroaa. Hair Dye?K*tcHelor'?lng? nn taiieomllrjnld obtained the Uret premium at the Inai Fait of Ui* Amoricm Initituie. This ia a new artiota, entirely frco from tlie many o'ljoot'onr ?f other djea, and mora ?<J of application. For able at Batohelor'a win manutaotory, No. 1 Wall street, old No 2. flaa la decidedly the teat article in tlia martat. Copy the addreea. The "Cholera," the Cholera."?A anre preventive. If p#i?LS will only wpply tbem?elve? with Woollen t'Ldcr Clotting. and change frequently, they will not oolvfrie thriaielrea from that dreadful diaeaae, hut contribute greatly 10 their comfort. A Urge aawr'inent of i nose gooda, at re'a 1, aro to be found at 167 Fulton atrtet, one door east of llr o? J w?y. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HOIIfCY MAHKKI, Monday, Dee. 11?ft p. M. The "Yellow Fever" 1* rery prevalent in Wall street, and people are so much a (Tec ted by it that thoy hardly give a thought to the cholera. It is well known, that during the existence of the oholora. It is necessary to keep the mind easy, and think as little of the disease aa possible ; and excitement will act as cne of the beat preventives extant, by absorbing publio attention. There was deposited la the Mechanics' Dank to. day forty pounds of gold, just received from California; and the agents of the line of atoamera between this port and San Franoisco say, thai a large amount la new on the way to this oity. The quantity deposited in 'he mint by the government ha* been pronounced genuine, and there is not the slightest doubt but that we shall soon have large quantities of coin, made from California geld, in ciroolation. The excitement in reatlon to this matter exoeeds anything we htve over seen, and it appears to daily increase. All sorts of theories are advanced relative to the probable etfeot ol tlie anticipated supply or gold upon business, upon the value of property, upon the currency, upon the country, and upon the world at largo. Some predict an enormous inflation in prlcea^of property; while otHers argue that Infteail of real property increasing in value, gold will depreciate. There will bs no variation in the relative value of properly, but the increase ' n the fupply of gold will lessen itH value, so that it will then require more gold to buy the same property than it does now. At present, all is speculation, all unceitalnty. and, for a time, there will bo great dorargcciebt in everything connected with flnanjiaj slUirs. a great inflation ip prices for everything; but, iftera while, they will settle down upon anew standard of value. There will, however, bo no important vnritLion from that now in existenoe, as the elianga will go through all tbo ramifications of trad?, and we shall realize very little actual alteration in the relative position of prices for every species of property. In the meantime, there will be, wiihont doubt, an Immense rpeculative movement in stooks. The brokers bave already been very much affeatcd by the mania ; ind if the outsiders become inooulated with the disease the fancies will rics more rapidly than has been known roryeara. At tlio first board, to-day, Harlem went jp 1<? p-rccfct; Lonn Island. ?.?; Heading Railroad, Nor' Kl?h and WorcMter, 1; Kris Bonds, l,i\ On ton Co., Karmtra l.oan, X; Illlnolr. X; Treasury Notes, J ind Oliio 6'a Krle Kailroad fell off ' ,'i and a >11 at SO Jullend of tbree per cent oil. It la tUe gold fever j *lnne tkat la carrying up stocks at this rate; and In tb? sTent of any reaction in the excitement, the bears ecu! 1 roon make up their losses. The advauoe thus ; rar, has brought out an immense amount of stock, an,i i ll.e ball* will soon hare, At this rate, more than they | ran co?.ftrtably carry. The annexed itatement exhibits the receipts of tb* i New York. llailem and Albany Ua'.lroaA Company, In j each <f the Crst eleven months, in eachot the pa?t five years.? Kt* Vtix, IIarikv Aifit Ai.i'A^r Raii.koad. (Iron J.Vn,(li. INI 1N?. I>MS. JK47. INS. r 1IW? 11.3U9 13,6*1 21,331 ?t'liuai* 7,'2? K7t'.t MM 19,1)11 M?rr> 7>at? 10,730 11.010 U/JI7 20,172 Ai.fil 1U.U.1 12,-0 1.1, HI 3 1C.W, 22,436 hTt H VI 17.77J 18,691 1*105 28,179 Jot* 1MM 17,'JTH 17.*. I!) S3,0il> 29.5D8 J?l* 17 21.1 ?l,<10 19,173 21,-.17 .12 114 A i >imt ir? 7<ti 21) I'M 1KX22 30,060 33.JN ^hiiaUr 1077 17.56S 18,519 25.9K6 31, Ml Octiinr ll.W 17,245 17.280 2*312 29,601 Neretaktrn.... HUM 1-V* 13.413 2t?78 2I'S4S loult H3U73 16&.2M iwjS 23>,3n? Th? receipts for the month of December, this year, roust amount to $27.C85, to realize the company's estimate of j:'?20 COO made last June. It is highly probable that this mm will be reoelved, and that the estimate will jrove correct. The r?oss receipts for Deaeinbrr, last year, w? re ('10,788. The increase this year, in th# first three da ji of the month, was more tbanone thou.'J saad d< liars. If this rate la oontlnaed throughout i more than the amount required to make up the estl. | eitta will be received. Whan this ? m?H? . It ww anticipated that the extension to Dorer Halm w< old ?.? in operation at Ira? t a month of the year, bat inch ha* nft been the nm, the inori'a-ie biTingthus far 1 Wis dirlvedfrf ra the old line of road. The Increase In the ?tccipta In tha CrateleTen month*, tbU year, ha? averaged twenty-0?* MX cant, compared with those for the correrpondlng padM in 1847 The annual re part m the Winchester and Totomao Railroad Company, mad* on the 28th of October, show* ttiat the re?nnr?*? from freight, pagtenger-.AP'J mallfl, Eng the year, ?u $81,6^7 23. Thli Is MBhan the nue tf the previous year by %!> nby the reduced quantity of^^^^^^^^^ed; there hai'.r.gbeen only 115:0(i7 larrH ^^ru-di OTrr the road dating thia year. The tknrovjhly renewed with rubnUntlal rrp< it fajk that the boiice?? of the compa^^^^^^^f rondueted with a dacaga and I'M acoo^^^^^^ $147. atd, with one exception, in whloh d?m*re wa? ^attained nor injury suffered hj^uyone I the whole buiinc** of the year has bt.u rMacted. Willi p n?ti ienuiariiy mil perivcc Mlriy. Tie n*D*c*tnrBt of the flcaadal aflair* of inrorpo. I rat?d ronipanita 1b tbia oruatry ]>*< ever tn-n a for lead enmpUlBt from tboaa who have bi>?n to put their snaey la them.and in tra I I y ?ap?rirBca coBduot upon more pita, the e*II ?pp??P? to be rteadily lBcr>a?ra|^^^^^H n.? o?? BBKunt* of raplfal ara eqnandered in IrrUrl. b?edlew muBtrt, att?rly r?gardl?;!# of all-remit*, or rt the ml? lr<a,;bt opoa tbo?? who hire *b. tru*ted tbelr property to tboe# who are ln-*pable of judici.>?f!jr eipesdlag It. Moaey enm^b ha* b?ea auV?<*tit* d IB tbia rtly to cobttruct aad ei(uip errry railroad dlerrglwg from It MIIIIob* tl dollar* hiva b rB raiird wilhtb ttr|kft tro jr?r? for tha poropWtin* o( rrade roattaUwf tbia alty wilb tLa N^rtb and W>it alt of which have be?a eipeaded and the lia-* but part *11/ UK??" ' . -*T?r It beOHBI* ???* my, In ib? ttlr di of a f*w eapitaibt* aad fp.-e-j'.atora ta art Bp a r?w |<ae af rr ad a great furor U created. ?tiBiatr* of the Btoat farorabla ebaraeter paraded, flnf ly lithographed map* BMhWfaetwroi, anJ tbalmueoia a<le*nt?re? nf aB Immediate eoaatr Je.'i?a of tha roat railed for, to pretest the trade of the rlty drained away by ??r aeigbbcriag ileal*. gubacriptH."? 1!,t' arr tiaal-d about btaded by aoaae of mm wealth!*.' aad m?-et dblib?b *tei aMtaaaa an.I th* ennuat I rr iiirta *t . i t>?1*i??l I j .H rl| U?? Af'-I a tlroa. l?M?'w?aU arn *al>4 It, ami at ? ??r'j a im-n'M ' th?- iliMk >1 'ip A* ?<oa M tkr rtaak it all r?!4 np at.J nyrtM, p-oU a at* la?<t*4 I t lit* of ?Mfk a I M> f fatty ft ika aaapaay ? a??*tga;r4. a o4 ?!. lata* a???f la rwi ? ! ai4 attl?na?*ly axpand 4 lat????t ttuk lk?>l?'k aa4 koa4< U pr> n?i>?4 1.4 i* '< !?? <k? h?il< laat, pi?airUy paiJ or ji Miff *^4' lakri Ml ( *N pffkrt aa4 fat in >? UUf. Ik lk? krtkllM. Ika a?a'tiarlloa o< tka roal r*r?rMK* ?)tk ?tMrk M?ar<i t at. ant nliat^ai. '<* ?ll kla4? | ra< Il<w4. aalil II U 4i?ao. ??r*4 Ikal lla aomkl raia*4 as trmm ?f alack at.4 t*>i 4* |tkUk ?w nliMl*4 to ro?|l<t? ar4 ? <j?lf Ik* raaJt kaa k*?a ??p?n?*r4 >a I tka work km laif falaki 4. 1 ! a i?bikm?i ika .I fll ui'y Vak rj all f a* aMM fihtatM koa?l? ka4llMl<rrllIrgla Llfuarkrlalakfiijdi ^ utl aa4IMli>*M ifuiMt aa i4*likU* data af r*?r*4 ik Aflrr l|a gat lag alee* fkt a 'lata ia tkta raatfitlaa, Ik# ?aala?i *f ikal pad af ika r?a4 la af>rali?f at* appropriate to Ik* |-aj a? at ol raaalat n^aft aa4 >a*aMI alart.# to ?l?ti -a tl"vragk rvralalioa U ?a4r ia la ?>k a>k<>ai a f?? a*?UM*al ri?a'?4 >a ptiUio atiai a a?* nNrlfUoi ataitai?a ' rt(>?k all at^'k rcn* '!]?'. ! Iitint la?a4 tk? |>rcr? ??1? of |??# ?> * ? -fc a?r,wi t* th* Ml?D'i(B ?l t>? ret 1 T>? Cf?ll Hlllll* until lb* IIm mv? k<a'i k?<U I tm f?cii|k I* MJ ?* ?tatek ti?* tk? ?t?aV br l<*?r? or ?aba?r**?-ra to ih? tr?t t-.,.- i-*r?a^aW; Iff t eight of atiii tk? tr*t ktaJM4m an I iwt itvkboldtr* got all tba sat pr*?tli, la th* ?kt^? of la. Ur*?t at 4 dl?l<??4? Tlila la a lr?? btat' rj of a^nrtf oyrj rvlrn?4 ?->?punjr tnaaatlag from or aaaaaa'.ai allk IkU city, aa l it la na'lj a??oat?hlr* with wkat ?tan t 'ofojJij th* pidlM IbUrrt>d W%r th? lim^aM Im.m inpoard ope a th?m. AIlM what kaa t?k*a plaaa la ??ara tot it tin rfouM imbi at?anM tn maa? tKal Individual* eould be found ?bo would tiak Uilr ttfltil in the band* of such people t? iniiif* IU Iiti4al a ITnir* of these compania*; but so ill* Thar* ai? at 'bis mement, three railroad* a r?i-?ljr eoaarr el with thin city, all about half flaUbed, neither am of whi h can be completed without ntlli?t>s upoa mil lions of dollar* In feme way. l-.aeh of th--a eoiap?nle? have already eipendi d tc< re lrnn.-j than tV,lr mm a ger8 estimated would coat to put e?i>h ra? la p?rf*?t running order, with a.l the turn lur* and appurt* nances necersary for the m> at exfniiew (raffle Ka*h of these compsnle* hrrc not only exhausted ita ore lit but have been compelled to raise mouey at enormottj faorifloes upon tba bait security tbay had, (tba flrat lien on their road,) which has a Idol largely to tha oo?t of the Uno so far a? tbey go, and plaoaj it utterly out of the question to pay interest upon anything but tho first irtue of bonds. It is not astoni'hiug, in view of th**e faots, that the stock of eaeh of these n o m; anles Is felling th? market at nfty cent* on the dollar ; but it is extra.'>r<ll',w'Jr that th*7 not sell at a greater depreciation. Stock Kxehnnge. $22000 Trea Note* C's I07?i Ml fasten Co *6} tt U 17000 do KM CO do fcU) MV? OftX) U Btat.*6'*,,?(J 1U3*< t*70 Nor In Vt'or RK ? ?(KW do 67 M7.'? 125 do dq ?J 1000 do 'UK vn\ 78 do i|? WHO do 'C8 VI7X 1.150 Reading RR *Q| ' *) * 2000 Ken t'a large lid* 101 ,1ii) do 10W0 1'tnn 5'a atm 7'i)tf 150 Harl.'m Kit Kt 8UO do utiO 77 400 do MV 150U0 do sl2m 76 MX) do AiW SI DO Erie 7'* 1)2 200 da b*l m2 M 0 Oliio 6's '00 10|'/ 100 do s30 'si2 i?.o do iw? ce do bio m2 1000 do 7'* 10IK 100 do bflO 85 1(KH) lllii oil Fnn<>iMa Hi joo do . ft1 ha Del Hi U lid acrip 12rt 200 do h(10 Si 200 Farmers'Truat VO ,'tO lootf da itn uu 50 do fCO 30 80 do .'JO ii* 3>0 do bliO S0J? 50 do blra BtV 180 do 30V 200 do 8i$ 1480 do SO'i 80 do jOQ jiv 100 do *01 30>2 4.'/0 Long 1 slant RR siJ} 80 Uorria Canal 100 7). 800 do <m ..i 4 i lfti) il>. 7U vim ,i,. ,i, 700 Car.ton Co Si" it*! do Wm $!? ! 20 do ilO 34 600 do 21 1 50 do ?6U M SOU do l.yo Ji ^ f.O do 34t{ 60 do 211, 100 do b20 31 >| 260 do 21 >5 60 da blO S4>2 200 do hHO 21& I [UO do 84 K 80 do bIK) 21X I 00 do 160 34*, M) Kri? RB, n?tr, full 6.V? 1(? do btO S4? 11.5 do 64K '.'ft do 34'4 llW do bCO (M* 100 do ?!2m 33 16 do l,!"-. I 00 do hH) Xi% (.6 do (>! Scroti*! Board. $0(V0 Trcas Xotee, Cd 10H 60 shi Uar'oin RR $30 5114 ' iOUK) do 108 lit) do 64 J i 60,hi 1. IxlatdRR -''4 200 R?sdi:m Kit aid 2 >H 2*0 do 2IK 60 d) MO 29W 1 160 So 21 i? 20 Canton Co 34', <l? do 21V 27r? do 85 60 do MO 21% 60 do b60 31V | rtio ITnrlrm BR biO 81* 850 Parmer*'Loan !MV, 00 do 84X 210 do 30C I 160 do 61)2 00 do 30 | 100 do 64ji 100 Nork (Tore RR 35 60 do 16V 66)4 7:> Erio U R, div o(T op (? 641 do b30 55 25 do one 6'1 IN) do 51)^ 09 Uonio Canal 3!*) do b60 05 100 do 4 moi 7X For City Tkadk Rkfort and Mihikti F.lskwiif.bk, tea fourth page. . I llARI.EH l"ARK TAOTTINU COURSE.?A 1'L'KSB Ok' J I Thirty Do'lar* Mill oome o( this day?Milu IIuilo; best ] tlnce in five, to Harness at 2)f o'clock. J. VVoodrufl'euterj b. li. i t Faspci'irer; J. Somcrdyte enters k li Liberty; O. U. Cc.tper enters s. b. Butcher Hoy ; W. Font or enters s.h. ConllJpncs. W. FONNC1. Proprietor. i CI U.M,L?Mi?-TIJJ; ADVKKTKSLK W I LI. KIN ? NV MAN > in these United States, ng Union (Jonrsn, an eight mlK- he?t, for a rum not exceeding $*>00, n01 less than ^KM). The adrirvitercan be oeenat Matt Cre'jn'e, Clutliam e i'iuron Ihurtfday 11 iel 11 next. tfQfl WILL BEOIVEN TO ANY PERSON FROOITRiVO ! iKriammt employment in anwtng aud ptealog e t >b j lifl.reent, or any department of <arpontry or ina'hioery, i.,' ? rong. active, young n.?n, of rare mechanical endowment*. A lino addieased W. O'B., 7M>uane ntri-et. (care of Mr. lV*Ulia,)ur I n call between tho heuisof ii and li) A. M., or t> aui ?.P. M. will i meet duo -ittrotion. A KEWARD.?LOS-T, YESTKKD.W AVTEKNOOV, IV \ Jp 1U llr< ad way, or Houston street, weatoi llrialway. an old \ ratM^MatsMMMnrt bMili There were actaftaav ' unall Mntciii imcii of ?ilver in tho opnoxita extr inity "f iln 1 jane, of the value of three cents each. Tie above 18w ar J, ? d | t'c'hank* of tho owrer. will ie tomlend to an/ pcraoa luaving jhe po: tie at No. JS Broad itrcet. SI OLEN Oil STRAYED, FROI'llE COL11MHI A F?>UN DK Y, in liuape a'reut, on yo*teiday, the 11th inst., about ,M o'clock, a large Bay Dorse and Cart. Any pirtoa firing Informa'inn at tlo above pteeo, orat <3 Whitehall atrott, will be auitably rewarded. I03T?PROM ON UOAK1) THE Sl'F.AMlIOAT MAC VU\, Jk list evenilg, a black hut-box, with a strap around I t, marked ' F. Ryuatt No. (1 w?r l!??th street, N. V." A lultablo leward will be paid by leaving It nt the franklin IIouc. UANtOCK LODGE. NO. <9 I. O. OF O. F.-A SPECIAL Meeting of this Lodge will lie hi Mat the L>d'j Room, No. 33 Cm al htpet. to-morrow, Wedntfday, ihs |Jth tenant, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the purree* of payine tt.e last tribute of ro to ot to our late brother, William J. UoDortnott. lly erder. IglDOK Sli.VF.RMAN 8i\ i WANTED IMMF. T)I A TE L Y?STABLE AND COACH | Houie ai eommodatloni for a private ostaUistiment, eo.u- | p; itiBR two earriagi* a-id inree hers' < in a fit nation in or uljoiiu , ins n rentral part of Broadway. A gied hay lift and oat bin) will be t'xi'ur d with indisputable access to tha praiuiacs. Ai rtrra* "^labUs." Herald oflicc.atatiu^ lue position and ualura of the tf onmodationa. f?AOTUf a UTVATIO.t?BT \ YOUNG ffOlAW, AI Tf ( hMohermatd. fiaa no objection to d a the general honvework of a n.iall privat* fumily. tan Ik) utoa iorttrodaja. I'he beat, of city reference in bo given. 1'ieiio call ai No. fill Houston ctreet WANTED?A 81 n'ATION RESPECTABLE Vnl S'G wi'Mtn. to ooU, w.iah. an/TS^^n^^n^in[jv:kui fi-aily. Boat ee \ roar. WANTED-BY A Ki:Vr('TA|i^^^^k|AN, j ion to da cook^^^^^^^^^^^^Eng, or (moral h'nrework in a genteel in her lust place. Please to call at lot! and Llizaboth afreet*. WANTED?BY A K Kil'MiT A P.!. E V >1 NdB Hk nitration ai ( I amkaiwahl,an i Waiter Searoftrefs. (jood refcreM gifeB. ri. :wo eall at No^^^^^^h ilwt. between Fifth Mill flasth aMiiTii.. X\T ANTED.?A SlTUAflflFFvA UESPE'JTAIILbI Tv ?imin, fafamily, as ch-tmbormjiJ u;*l I onwwf^^^^^HHurunceii circa. Arrly it Ati.-li'ii W ANTF.D-A tent to lm tract nii? all the I CMifd k * r aforetime ran j k tnu Id?y?. WANTED?A SITUATION", BY A V< T\'<J MAN, ASCAK renter. It?? no objection to i^owlt i n Tentt?r.i/in f the ? ii.ti),t<ido the earpenter work of iii? housi orf.iim Cr.ji re i?u I i? !io<;*fiiold furniture, rn'l tarn^h it. Cnn tike euro of a j hi rf. Can be "een for twoonj ?. Pimj. i: ,?!?? at No. 17ft Luii. > r<. ?r<?t,lii tt.e store. WANlLD lMMBDIAThLY? AN AMfc 11CAN K.UlT.K. ' <!'[ !/ tn V. J UN' f. ,< Ur 'ii'lTny, H/ANTBD-COLD FfcOMTIIU CALIFORNIA GOLO HR c,ion in ciih?ui? fur Kiady Wide Clothing, wl^eli the ??'m til er? < ffi r lor eal > at tl? lowcet pmvke'. p i i .t, frra ti.< if ?rg? -nd veil ai-'itrd Stock, at their whole.'*'? warevuw, No, n n llllam Mreet, (the lant?st tn the Oitjr.) This is a raro opportunity, a? of the futn ha* a thorough knowloj,;o bf what ui!a the California Gold Region Trude. BEKM1MMKR5. NEVVIIOL'SF. 6 CO. \YOtNG LADY, FROM TI1K tVPST 01' S:OTi,AM>. IS deolr? ? Hi obuui a ?lt#?tl. n ii a ftnrly where th'.'M aro ehitdi. n t" Inntmet. M can ?e?eli the eJemni far/I f.ini h"? of n?i?ti. ai.d a?iUt in Ur: > Mxkin A'idr'-J A. IS., No. Hi hn?<iv j*y. |J(,"Kt AS* WANTKD.-SBCOfD-nAND, CUBA!'. AD (J J*f?' "olt '**' Office, mentioning ?iwnTl prl<e. iMolM 'TTO* WANT*0-0F ANN FLAVNEQAN, ACBD tout i> * native of, who dirappexted on tmiM >t^,An>' 'ifofinalion left with iter ;-ter. Rr^ef I U'.ne/an, >. ? w tlmnkinIly rieaived at IF'Imai II.*"*, Mroekl) n. | MORMATION WA!?1Bi> M\ ,NH^ D 'RN'N' V, 0{ Ills 1 hr<t r, Mil Murtin Ko???. ff'n< tlw P?ri*li i ka>i' v?*<u'? ? ui'ty, IreUnd, , Mo?ru is from the I .? I , ui *nlc?l.aa Uu?rn'? rci'i ty, Iri. *L Any li.foruution i' tii r,*>tli< r < l tlienj. wlli be thanktn'i." A' I:m?i ?, -I. >r to >^d fir, at Blr. fcei * *> Delano/ . N. T. 11 I'.tl>KMAT|ON MASTED OT KOIJERl' r.\HTOE a '1"1 ** oa ? < uuAt i f bi( ?il. 1 ?lftrr, Imbdlu He \ loll, Htetf d. >5 n't' V?r te 1?<?|>II?\ Hr * lit a ml ?nrd r b-re leinor on at tlr<W.-rof CobriI kii.nrr> ?f Ktviifratlon, In tlie i'tik. New 1 Iaok. | J TO I'Rl Clil 4T<?WANTID, A BIT! AIMS, A? ASM4T J ? ? la a <r rjtl'l Mtablifh jimi, A.I !?'.? 0 0 . ' J '|M? j|Vt l.|.l.tK< -UANTII>, A GOOD UF.VEK4LWORK. I > ? r, f., JI.W!.,Ala. AppljtoCI KR* 3TR \ Mr?( l>1 Hr^lnif. 1 BUARD WAN ran ?<>H \ UD> , W ITU AV INt'AN F u4 Nnr??. ta h??ar af ltr?? r?-|? UW'ltf, ?h?rt lher? ?r? ' N <'H?r k*r4?ri l.'wavtn'aal U> li.o K<?t?kci4>< tkaror Hudaou t(m( HHM kiiirtm A H C . at tliln Olflra. H'.AHliihO A LA ROB ' *1 I KMSlirk? M ov THB ' H i-.rj. ?Kh hath m m tad clnnata ItU-hcd: and a < ( rwMM, third ttory, ta Wt, with hoard, in a pteaaant faal- ? \j ?a? o< Hr?ri way and aonth ?t Caul (tn*L A*. 1 PAKK rU*ATB*?TVUfiiY FTENTNO. DBOMBK* Jtiw ?h. ?ntnt?ititat . will o. nniwci witli tb<-ol .>111 K.hirt. I> i>.-of Ul?'?'*r. Mr. .!%V."Tiat I'mrr I I. Mr. tiilWr; Rioh?-wi4, Mr. Dak* of B itfkl?l?irL M?- J. V. V II, fclmlo'li Mr<_ fimitlni l.vly !> . t? DmImm of V irk. Vr?. Dy .tt. AUif ? tii ? ' l* fr d? ? l for lha 8r?t ttma ? ?ny aicuhrv Ijr ?i>4 41V* r<*il l)iv?rtiti?t>en'. anniiikit ?r tt?4 k? >??. '.I M"?pUi*r, en'it'?l 1.11'.KtTV, 07, I'm f'?V <r nil ohJ -?iim ci Slur. ,\ le'? M iBflJiT fnirfr. M'll* Hi. C'?<* Ann. M'l!o f>ldi?r>tK AfHci M"l? ' ' ?. IK'm i'ir ' T* aiuta; -'itcl?. ftt) ojnU, Cppr ? , <ut? Pit. .17K??t.t<; 0?!!. r>, 13V. HOW IKY TIIEATtfc?llKiOAV BVIN1NO, UKC. IJPH. ?iti fc* pari ru.xj In* drain* 11 ML'.N'GO PARK, or tlM Arab oftb? MtV l^rfi. Otrr Drtoobkch; Munijo Park, Mr It. All Mr. faff; Col. Ijiidly, Mr. W"?r<l?n; 1 ohy o?n>r( Mr Mlori.i Itnnmlre. k r? Hi>ri?'it. PwvWiu to wrhlcb, MY tUH-t> tiooior, Mr ? >?; T <Co. Mr. U?ll; ui m- -> i hi rainy, nr? ueiitcrt. uurtn* t'te eiertiai; t raa-l II* W . muni lijr Ituuoru Ci >CJ? anj Ji?u >r <). N-I T" b? I..I..K.-4 by lUrr Or trli?h in the LI VI Vfi ?' l'\ H Ti .-orchil vitn THK MIM.RK AND lili HRV 1 ? ??. ?> > marter p?at 6?oommoiica at 7. Boxea, ?H?ent? Pit ?! . r.'S ruli (til AM .< Al T> NATIONAL TMKATKC, LAT1CSATHAIL J 1 > '?< I i*. u ? lie.-, mliur I2t(i, will be acted the Mtl'Ol.r?n? ..I KIM. (Sll OK->KKlT.-t? albert Moiiataolie, Mr. 1 ' rv I Mr. fardy; Rleronlmu* I) lukulfui. Mr. Cortr '""""lln Tbnrna. After which the drama of tho H ^ fc 01 HIN' t H< lit ( 4. ie ol i liivai ? l*i' 'r.n.ny. M r. T'.'t' < ; H .i I.Vr Mr*: rlai d; Or - goire, Mr Seyirn ur. I'anl, Inl1 * >-, i r r.i conclude with the pi.i.l.r or * il tli KVSflilM M?l> MIStKIFSOP S&W \i'hk Moaa, Nr. t litnfnu: Captain Tobin, Mr. C. Burke; I'l I' * Mrr W ? !ii.|, I lull I if.', 1I>hh ?. V > tuy or. Ooari ep. r at I Si, certain rut a at 7. Boxee. 2fto ; Pit.l2>4o. 11 ahmh'9 AM KM 11'an MU8IV M.-P. T. BaRVUH.HHO I ) | n?ii-r, If. lliti hoook, Miuvet MigniHoant performancci and 'im-aa. ewry ?l;?"raoon, at.'i, and every eroninjt. at half-past 7 ?,'| i'? * iii# uianrrer ia happy to a?n >urne thu amallest human ft i that weir eaer-eu aiive, in ibe periinaof Major lVttlolinn*l ar? bu aweet i >arl, Tilaaia. tlio ftury t^ueun, both nf whom ara muth en alter than t.rneral Tom rhumb. i tw-y may bo aeen every day aad en-nt* Tha manager i" *l>" happy to abnonnea a Itur v * Opera, *ritten ripreretjr f"r tho American m umnn inI "The Sleep Walker." baton a dark ronton of tho populai Min of HoaaaniNila, with a choice aeleotion if the ?-'JI0 ? tfcjt aad other pi.|'?lar nptraa and tfca furorito i^t.'i-pian Mc'o dlra? <La ?t olr nrJi*r tliu dlrialiunof Mr J-C. Kvuii-i, and th< rt/in f?n?' ?n4 tnU^t ol th? 0tUwrhtfHl Stb'o Urutherd, and i ,;,na full An I lowcrful clinri.. t an* 6<< tcOiauiati, Mil! i^ouUuue for anullie *(.t i-i Inj i. a in tnrlaut n. Tia woritjil llomoptntil. f?t V- ill", Mr-. M -alt. Mm A wall. MIm I/wlle, Mr. T. J Oldflold I>|.. IS lilat.d Wan m .'ti llrotl nra KlrlnR OnranR Oiitang, Wa* Brrl|i?in' Btitiiary. M-larui U - kwcll, tlio l'ortimo Tailor. Ad WllHUa SAwntai Bhildpan udfrtn toaranf nir?, lo^nrnt*. D1 OKNBVAi I<T,?MAUUCaaTRAKOSOairiU IJ (i?c. pn ?ii im to hi* defartura for tho South, a Farewell C t>r< rt, at the Mii'iual llall. V.H Hroa I tray, on Saturday next, DcoatLlier 16th. Mr. Straki-K-h will p?rtorm, amoiinn' othai 1'ieraa, a *r?ail 1 u . < ?i orlania with tli? calobratad pianist Hoarl ill tj. mho haa V ilely a t. ntnl to lend liin a-fiatan o for the orca. ?4n? Pftrtl<*il:ir? n future alvuriii montd. TieUute, at on? dollar, liaveto be prcctired (' m 'Jio mnsio attraa NKW OHLEANS SEKB' .OEMS, AT THE STITVVESANT It'itilnte. Ur adway, i:"ae Mlonckor (tract?Third H'a k ? lver> N mlit.- Tin Ethiopian <>|<era Company rmbrioo Inoverj avtmoa'n er lertainmeiit gr*. d wrnta from Italian oprrap. 9ommrbti'a. t urietia Hurkia. and Noma, withiftlttNllf of J|Q1|, S'jnar Ijalilacha; Vnlim Otiii, Slgatr Mario; H.uUm ll'tliop Si*m r Qarlioiii Admittance. oente: llonrt op?u ut 7 "'flock ; Com trt, 8 o'clock. Balurduy Altarnooti Concert,.'! o'oleck. BRiiAUWAV CIRCtl?NEAR SHRINQ STRFKT.-JOTIN mM, Mam," r; Wm. Ni'do, Jr? Trjaom-ir?Third wrek ol iha Clann.- Olympio fiamON?lion manahip by th* iirkt rldi ra in tho pr< f< anion: il e Exercirc? of ilia Cirola com prim all tie ei|tustniiu aid acri i-atio u'ent in tho country. Kemp, tha eelel'rated tCnxluh v.'1- wn iitU(ag*d to uppoar on MoniUy, iKth f'l'ooniltr. It. ua, SO conU, Upper Circle, JSoonU; UniUraa hail price. 1 At till S I'l. MT. AI'iTO iN ?1 t K<n li EitV. 0III VA, t 1s?b. und t?rt)i':iiwaro, ke ? Jacob S. I'latt'v l.ti t fill -nlo, il ia f? ?n,u, a? ahi ie. will take pla<? to morrow, (?? Inojdty,) IStt. innt. at 101.11 t!iola'"a aaloi room over tho Audi m tHuK. iiirniT ol I'lat-i n ! Uo d tin la, and will mn'.iracu the i ntluv Dnala r?, ku., nuuli * Mrn** Cu4lMlilkji m mm in and t<(i|eudli-tetta it !*;'innul Tia Tri>a, knives and I'orl'.s of all ill hot !>'!oi a. (' tvn>, lii r Irrry Table CnCerv : and nl"0 ail aaanrtunni i ( r'tli Vjwa. Mnrtei Oririuioala, C.lotnu, So. Alio, (I" which the |ml aUthtion of imrcI'Mcia ii d rooted,) an i ?i c < f tl.K il v iltie i f noli Cut (aluw \F.ire, for no of tl e Mnmifaotutera; and 1"?> cit a il pai-bafa uf Gla"i lV';iro, mill > lumb'im, DUhvf, Specie J urn, .N.i| p.ta, Jfcc. Salo uf tlio ?li(1epftamptoi7, AlCIIOM NOTIC* A- I KS SAl.S ?>F ; \\T ( lotM^ir and Mep'i.aiit Tailor'* Goods, n??n?rnllv. Alio, Ccntltint n? Fumibhing Articlen, llociory, Shirt*, ilandko cl ii f?, lie., this day, at lOo'olook lit thn Old Church. outlier of Willtasn and FrauHrt attests. Ala", I'tt piir* tilanketa ; 10(1 BonaBlillketlfee, C. K TAtLOR A'tnrt.oy. THOS.MLU Am linnn r. nKNBv h. i.rtm aictionkeii.?ris?EMrroRr3AL5 of licli Uiai.ii/iid Jowalry.?Hoory 'I. i.eeda Ik Co. wi'l w I at auntion, <n Wi Ui'i rdny, Ilec. IHth, at "J o'clock I" M., in the i'iil cry, roar i f the fales room, No, X Wall sorest, a I a r < a an ortn,ert uf rli Ii Dlnmoid Jcviolry, tto atoek i f n reUilei-, and recintly imported from Parit. oonnUtlnn of Harp, Hioxlo Stuie, ( I itir and O aun'i A 1<ut-y liiogu. Urwat.ti i ia, So. &e? warm t d IP per catalogue. 'i t c guodii oau tij atua oil tho uioruiDg of the nal<'. 8tlt |?wwptnrr. I.10H rt-d K.?A FIFiT 01, ASS, TIlKKiJ ?rO:.y, AT TIC, Iriwr i tone, front Douse, in tlr.diaon avenue, Ijo', ?' -n :t't'l Brd .list streets. near Madison aiiicre, The home is' tewith f?ery convenience?haa t^e I'roton, liot ar.d cold, throughout; ;;a? lixmr ?. ho. 'Die Irent parlor is 41 icet deep, wi-.h an ornatnmit\l Unta or Innsom acioie the centre, with a tia rum l'i fret; the Krci'tn! story ten room ia fitted up for a consortatory The house iaiet tiirpa-ed for ticflpnco and workmanship by any of its size, north ef Ulli Ktreot. "1! e unjoining lot, together ?h!i one in the rear, can be ha l with Urn houi*c. I uqalro of IVM. ('. COSNER, J5 Aim Itrnt ooTm"' ..r Nawiu, AfclTE.:IOt KA1S5I, Ol I." \ "I T>JItE&FOUKFH8Of a mile I'ron Kiiuhinn gte'ial>oak landing, with asid D->ellir K. lliirm. Cairiajce houHe, Ilovela, fco., flae Orwhrrd, 0^4 liitli n from W illiaton'oi'.rtli T'stry. T!i? land lirntrate; thf nitration clrpint. Tho whote or part w'U bo dirf>oe?4 of, Tfco Sta^e* ptaa twice a day toandlvoia tlie city. For rertii'ii'ann and iniment, wV i t' is c-joy, call on A. SERGEANT ft SUN, U Wall tl, N. B.?0 otfci r F?rm<i. |,10K SALE-A FlRif CLA>S OV^l'Kf SIMM.v, X iloinea sc."" t l>unfne.K, will be iuld cheiip for ctafi. Call at lis Canal i'reet, thla^ay. I1URNIBUED HOI SB TO RENT.?A FIRST C'f<A33 TIIRFE au<rj and uUio lkusr, repute with all thj m id rn irnprjroirenta end toiironi-noca, neat I j fnmi?lie?l. in tho vHnity of I 111 - 'II i.. u *? r?-. Alplv^n ,1. il (i f, i. \ | 'A t > i( ! i I I* i* > i I ? T i t. i|<u i/M-iim cr.? r.n-^ixn T t?i it.ait u'H 1 'I 1. Leonard s'rect: iho hoinie lain K&od order, and may I o ii"?.d u * distillery or ImIhj. For further j>arti?-n'.-vrr imiuir-) at No. I Crutnwichstreet. CBAftliB A. MOLAU. rpr> I.ET?A DAU.. :*> BY 1*1 F&ET, NEUI.y rrm ), JL fnrcoiiccr s or mhiUiiioon, in Broadway, bel nr 0-intl itieeU Ti ?oMiou then I" nn-dift'ftly, Fur term.1. &j apply to S'IKVKNSfc UOXIE. 7 Bj.drwin ?:r?et. To LIT?A KEATI.T F17RNI?'IED FRONT ROOK. WITH B< il room at'itehe", ?n tl? fir?t floor, will bs let to % r*?ii ootabie unnthniiiB. One iloir* biminest dnan town ir-lerexf). Mreti<fcst ?nl tea, if re ;Hired. KL.jniro nt No. 73 tte.1t K'.U stroi.^ a ! w d?i' re In m Statu t.Tmm. Mammoth pictorial brht'iier jovatiian, for . Christmas sud New) car*, will bo ready for .Newswu etriy ii men ic?. Tbia is, by t?r, tio inurt sp l.d 1*1 loi l'?l cr e\er ln?u?J. Perscra wishing t?*?nd 0 pitsto their r.- udi in tl0country, mnhave them u.aib-l ibi 1 itay,at the offloo, 1.1 Sprucestnet, 2d fttr>. Price, one fihllltDg. HOI.yn.VY GiX)P!\?F3ISPER1CK A. WVtODlVORn flgfi llrnadvuy, eppnalto the ft ?atre, has niT ctrfii Mi r .m p tto colleetlen of rijh fancy articles, iir.portcd i'or ilnWdaT I'm. i.!tit?,o?nitTifin?!*Tery rare and beautiful asaoKinontot nue'ties' fresh frem 'he innnulactnries of l*ri* 1'nroliasers will And an Sdvun'ore 111 i-ikine tholr leleetiors at on early day. Macon and western baii<roai? coiicany, orIke at Nacm. Deoomler >>. 1 SI? A 11.? * 1 u r f 1 holders of this eon: | any,and an tlMttaO fe* niilwil >11 ll t) 1 r tors, vili bo Im den at it is oltke ou Tuo-i! ly. the second day ol )anu-r>, J-<19 glgntd. J. n. TAYLOR. Sec. f"5 TO HIE PVBLIf.?TIIR H BLIt: ARB KB n'ly infomed that tho adeert>a>.u>ont la fin l!cr iM of laltd December 4th, lh4?L and atani-d (Jcorpo V irtue, t I had that doy b.on diroharyia from h s employ, it 1.0 110' bei' jr ills:?that I refi'.ied to remain an" I'm.-or f 'oy.liis siren t insiitinr upon p>*Hiij{ another md v'.lutre, and trsDaferrfnff me "> oae by whioh I oon?id<-.*4 iser 1 roapectfnll) ullclt th<i |-at;< nve of 'h jmb ie. oitirenceil .miooos oa my otrp account In tb?"itie? of ani Brvokjjr*. W.BL D\SHr?iRU. NDSCOTCH MALT WHISKET?HIon PLAVORED s rivT qrtlity, in p*oUas?j to nit t' e trade, and bator r their poriHiee than any in the mnriet. For sale at lees thaji the lieiuU ralas, ky WILLIAM M. I'AKK.>\ hoy TV.i t'iler, HC Sever i.* avinoe. (lffloe, 42 Stone, at. BROADWAY.?IN ID \-F.i;l ENI K OF TOR AO unojd Kaicntf ti e y >ar, ?ml in order t i pr | v? tor trade. Meeers See'tw/iiCo will s-11 at ere itlv eclnrod rlnr tlictr pnmit rock i f Uru Kin'.ndH.r cN* Ribbou?, tt.t* Rr.i. tec. &<>. *;o v?tti<.u1*rljr L'tt'iled to r.ill ai.J ex. jjtu. For sa \ f nv \ ti.-n?gi-mk i im:.- iik m..v a\i> \cry roj^rlor tcatniVp Chcrok'fl, Tun*. Lvun. Comintnd r, will ka?? on W<dnet day, l.iUi iait., al i <>'?luui p. m., Irjiu i'.or No. i, N. K. l'or freight. nr p i ?i n imli- U MAM/-. I,. MirrriKlW,, in Front a'.roet. Iiur mai.-! id i.?tim bam mar iiu*, oafr. p. Inrlf"" vill imt with prompt d?Kp?t h. Fur ftnith? w 1 ? *> apply to I'll A UtSLHI-AlN (i. I'll LLl'i, or to fl jV.'U hi nov i.n brothtr *. |JIOR :JtN FRANCISCO. CAIIF0BN1A.?TOE SPiaCNPID I. i??t mllinx New York l.vil'. ?hl|i l.:i;:o n, i run it ('. C'cflin, inkier, will men I withIni. ?d-. , . ton. l'?; lioifbt cr Wu'jr"*, huvirj superior AcuMBUird iti'.m, apply 11 ?UlI >BD, tile HON i; ni,;. ?r<y. N. P.?Cart. Ciffin having lifl frr>;at ?xtx<ri? <ci in tfil*'", v'U t?V' cli-i.-jpi of ror?<'nir?'nt?. find a", t !ii? flilp i? or' if tl.f IMlnt mu ii * rr?wl? oil Iho noooi, m admiral ' > upp<rti :lty is now ot!?rcd to ulio M isU U> >iiit tin f/ d mioai of Califlcri ii>. Ctold ki; i'in. IN camiobm.i.-A MAP i W I lUk n >" el OHin;; :!.< mMN|tMUkdtWitt NUlMHnt NOith Amtri'-*, ludioatin/; tl.o rimtcily hud ?nd n tbo liihmi.* ol F?na*a, will l? pn'jliw.d 1 y il. j. IANNfc.t, l.'xi Fulton ttnot, on Tlumday n< <t. l'ri<-s M) ecu's. rpHVNKS FOR CAUFOaNl A-A NEW PATE r \KTI. 1 cl? tl Tnmk*,tt?d tho only Tniuk tnilnlilo fir t*e Oallrorrir murk"". j? t lini.lied and l> r ??l? ?ho froat Trim' M|>ot, e->rr.<r of Btocdwajrand Maiden, ky CKUL'Ofl k Kil/.UAftALD.Tinuk ili'.noln tnrtrr.v.hal V -n l rt(_'? H, r,.?ihofo who Intend golnit? ?i. - v ui t :iI i' to tl:i'ir?*>r.f tif-o to taUiom- wjjli U cm | ti \n .it; -,lc #ftr.>ii", II.<y wuM It Tb\.*>lv?'l?In tin Ooiil itginn*. INttUIMIL c'h'ohb, cui.ns, kumi?ATl3SI, fco.? Vtxt, n?*lio ?rs sIBI '^? trilB sli'icr of the *b'iT? eomr ;$ ?? !!? W'SUrW -i t?' ta? rv ? ???. Uaxtjli* >1 ated Ftnir ari ;s?T nr Wit'a Hr .'way. tk?* UftUit h#Te >?"?? w optntio* ulict I) 31; and hsrofcu a nectnwetmcd or tic nr?t jwynciwx m uv citrEVK /.ND tAK.?l>:t. FOWJ2IX ruSVOiRI UIHATTftftinr. exclrMvcly to rtlNffj* of tlr. K,b ;i I li<r, tt .ail JJro in|> tntrufico l}i M urren, v. here cto " <-> I :.J hit "nwMM oa t.'.a i l'ico ohl>e.:f BCiiCfiS/r j'rua,;' iil c fyno. Artnlcinl eyr# Jutt lui| r -J. Dn. IS-'. 6 '"v 'V; "" ? dtri t<-? lil; f.'-ic*t:''ii t" nf t^r u'y0" .j O fitmto fc "if. ?,*!:. ?uU HXAni H kh n prr,<rti j|, xu* ?!?' ? *-?!(,?.,<i. ArtiB^ klft,, j*lo :?r.d im'sd. (>'_U< c lw,-jm ? iat w J t ti,t J \ J Rtfcreuceetatlie #utfliiaI!ioilDtli?ci?j. M-? OI?tl .WO jrAT^-OIL couli .T . i> racmbor nf the Royal tollers of Snrcco i,U J ., u M reu m*y l . ri) igd Rleot, ukcn npoa t!>e bod? orU Uw throv. oi "'"1 b?.!?? u it I l< - x A pricjci oI .ui cn TV*** u> *uB-jrr.?i iii?o?w? cu? ? J Dr. V. loc.cs ho ?w " '"i" cl tuii diK*')}. Re . a. .-w cored iu fonid.vt <o rotnojj *sjl. Mrteturse cured in oa? or two wsekn witft oarooly at>v p. a' Titow ftidhrtdnala who hare Ir.dn'jrd In I ertaintofttticQise.'Afcitoin Mdtlreljr he rtifored ? healthand ooicty. N. 0. Btrwrera ?W9?t'<oncd not to be deoeiTed. Br. >t be't ha? not tousoTcd. Kvwmber 19 Duut iimt, oppoeita >t Mnm'ii Dr. turnrRAcncAi. nirATinuim on ui? Bftlsro, ijmp'.omi, pcocrees, oona><ir.onr< , reuiedici, *nl mre of tlx >en lml orf*n?, lnd?41?B maetnrbetion, atriotare, di? wiee rewimMin* Tenert?l. (Rt > tn no other work.) kd >ptnd to ?Tory lodiTldna), of both mm*. ThU ! Um onij trulf lacfnl work on tho imbjoet, wtIHmi la nlAiu laomuu^ th? relipM for ?ll modioinen fklWrfullj *It*b, It Ii intended to bo pm?M. *IIt vM to ?T?T7 on*, I* ertry plnce, (tli edition, Ml pnma. Price $1. M*T be h*4 ol the knthor, W (ireenwieh etrtet, ot DAilodrraeby port. AkMefWMtof thebook V.i '' * ?* ' ? i t< > t ? *- mvmm jmm ? T??? 1 i i?roadway thbatkb-b. a. */hcimix, raorms ' A# u>r?Tunday t\< oik*. Dae. 15. will to Mrfanaad to* Uaaatfw of lh? llUNCII.IA 'K?Y?aUr #?lt*r. Mr mixii 3r I Thtiru CMT'irl. Mr Pynt; L/?rl Ti?.?l, Mr B. t .?w KwMf M lilu.d Mr. UakiT; Ma.t.r lfnri??M. ilr. Matfio-, Ut.M* I'l til' I'll e/; JnlW. U:m F Waltvk; lliMiit *-t O'tolfc l'A8 IBl'AOINOln l ? ?'id Wli h'? T*<-?a?lad* will Ua* 1 f-rrA 01 i/ir II M M IK.) * A K B - M r I ri-d fti al,a J't-n. Mr. dmllnt Mm Tr>*r?4-. Mia* f. MT?' ? >* lifn <' rM si <1 7.V.. Fually Oral* Md I ppet Tiara, Vr. (I*. I'M tj, I2H*. i>nui? <.p?u at lifttf put 8. CwxUi ? I'l nil at t ti cli-rlt | ri ripely BURTON'S TUBATKB. CUAMBBBB jr?SBT.?TUULiAT ivauiniL Dm). I ih, will <*> aeicd the comedy uf tu* ttliBA'.M Of I Hi >MI >B? H?'i,ei' r .Suiluon, ?r. *r J? i<?r, M' JnfuiK r.;, Mm 0 . Ch>pia?i>; Vary, Miu M*:*" At ?t wh <"h. i?ii entirely new inilrarritability, rilled. "UMCJ B ? it N'l M ??Mr. Smiler. Mr. Hi'.u,b*m: ftplf?ki*, Mr ij'irfoo; J j I 8lii'l>?t*y. Mr Jobii'tf.ii M>h 'erinmmi *mith# M;m c | conclude witti TUK TRa'.KHV ijl.EKV, ?r a Imt front the llialory ul tt-e 8 ?**?Mri*. Ani.e liraoe^lrrile. Miae ('ltp"j?n? l.?w*? r fi?ni1H?t. Mr Johnson. llridtM Mm. D>wlir>*. Drwa Ctri'!?. At1*.; family ''tr-1# or .Vrond Tier, S*a Ooon opea Ml | t.%- ri i M. rii-eo at 7 Mm uimvsoi-vmpi<<;ojron?ibbi?eflfc.--T?t?d?J Dec. 12 will b? p r formed I AN I' LEANDKK?Lcandor. Vim Mirv (iannn'i Al*nt?ru4, MtCoiovfr. Mr.O. I. ('ouoier will iji-jir in hi* rutahrated Pom I G)tT)n*flMi*?. To bo follotwi bj Mii Mod-< ICRDY- In whUh Me. I I t antraii will M>P*ar ,n four d llcr*ti? l lorn. Af'er whioli. ; HIU'TIIfcK AMI hi?TICK? D"ii Chrlataval Mr Niakiaton I n> ni a ln?d?ra MimiClatk*. Alter which, t' Jutly celebrated 1 !-M I I U'S Ml NSTKE1.S will sppear in nine of their m?rt p p >1 ur | horg*, Dance*, H irU'f.juc^i. fito To conclude with the Ullr I INF,U'S IIOLLIDAY- 3<mon 8|.?rkea E*|., Mr. Holland. I Dow op? iw^ili win Ho rty. Mechanics- hall, no. 471 hkoadway. bbtmtbb* Grand and Broom* it met*, ootnmenoad on Honda*, OoV, | 2d, and will oontiiio* ev?r> nlnht nntilmrther notion?Biavanlh week of th* rt openisi. The original and well-known OUMHTVS i MINS'l'KEiA (nwanlied in IM2.1 TU* 71K3T TO HAiUtONIZE NEORO MELODIES. AND ORIGINATORS Of Tfll PRESENT POPULAR STTUl Of ETHIOPIAN ENTERTAINMENTS, who" bonoert* in thl? oitjr, for n periodof tan I month*, wer? ",celved with nuoh distinguished tavor and j.ntron"Q .Alt the honor of announcing tu ui? laaus .?U Keiiti.inon 01 mew Vurk aud vicinity, that they will pi'.j a mite* of thet* I 1 popular Torn'ort*. introducing a variaty ot thoie ritfnM . I CThoTii.'Cfl, Charaotoriwtio Daiieac, bio. Admisjivj i"> coats. Door* 1 I oj'i at 7. Concert will 0"mir*n0e at H o'oli^lr. A i Af'ornon 1 i <'o:ici'rtcTi.ry 8aturJ\y, commencing at 3 o'clocS, l\ M .n . d** I themiMijjemont and d'rcelion I" u. **. Christy, i yooi.ooioal ball, ss an?t) n ;u:*f,hy. -this MAQ, ? * uiili ei t BiiUvalinhmont i? notr open daily frott it* till 4, and Irora >>< till 9, K. M. The hill of exhibition i* fitted tip with gr?at cl^gance, and tl.e/ollection of llyinj Uea*t.< and Bird* I* the larfct'and rnont porf. ot in Auierlc*. A perfortnnnoi ii fiTen &t oaoh exhibition, including the F?*t* of trairiod Elephant^ i Poulcsand Wonliiee. Dr. P.rnoluenters a dun of Lion* and TV I gilt*. Admlnsion 30 oents, ohildiei ?n ler n'nn half price. Sen sontichcto $5. VAN A MBURQH fit CO. Proprietor.*. Tabernacle-dr. kovnton will give sboond l.ecturo nnd Exhibition at the llrnae*?*y Tabe.-nao'n i Tiiofilay ?vi nin^, Deo 11 Su ;ieo;.?The Elcctrliityaod iljgnel. lam of the Cloli*. Brilliant oxeotinionta will be given, showing the Kurth to bo a Magnet?why 'ho Magret Needle point* to th? ' I north. A new tlioorv for the Pfortheen Liirht* Tin ka,Iai* i?. twcen tho motion* produced by Electro MaHnetic IVroen. tail th* motioi a of thu Tnrth aod Heavenly Ho J if? A Rod of fron will lip made to stand in the air. touching nothing, and to revolva oa it<. nxiH by piH.iins electricity a tons it. A aeiiea of new sad ratprifiua oxterimei.ta in Eloctrn Ma^ne'lam w II bo given. Soma of tbenehnvc rover been preianted to the publio except by Dr. D. A few momenta will bo occupied in explaining the Eletr?Vagrotio Teletrnph. The whole to oonoltido wiih an exhibition and e.x|<iiinaiion ?f I'calo'e groat moral puiniingof the Courtof Death. Di.otk open at li'*'. I ooture to ciuimoneo at 7)4 o'olook. Tiokota | Twenty live auir. For talc at tho Muaio and Uook Store* and afe tho door. ASTOUNDING i.OLLKCUON or IMPOialHLHUURIOSU iisiMe.i at the Now M11 Ht ?1111. exhlMtod. cvory night, at Bur| ton's Theatre, Chambers struct. Read tha bill, and stay away? if I jouoan. ONLY !?V? ill) tt'Ol I.. (i ) WITHOUT TEF.Til, W'.IKN I y]> tl'<jy cm liavii them inserted fott ono dollar, and warantnd tin- livo jt ar?, at tho oflieo established in IS3I, ftt tho reduotinn of prices? Filling with 1 Uiw gol J, 78o. to $1, Extracting cent*. 1 Ollii0.Ummlwey. Imr<ih'i'A:<r j'Hfcv1 vk or cuoi,K?A.-ir bbcoBt'o a ir,alter of the Highest moment to over? pinion to I ki ow tho means brat cnlmlate'i to fop the prigresiof that horrible cy.idi mio / -ate Cholera now 1 h it. it i 1 aim oat at our doora, I Dr. Ul.ike'ii Aromatic lilt t< r* is lufuly reoummendid ai tho mart . raloabie remedy yet Lnevrn f>r preventing thia dnwute if takes in araion; and it in only nectary to take 11 small nuantity of th 1 Hilt r.i when rkir.g In tho morning, an li?ur before dlmet. anf ong ing to l ed at mailt. If thin oourseij Htrijtly adhered <<v its hoiioii' in1 ofleote will no folt in * armi -ig. purify in ( and invigtv rating ti e bli od. aud thia will atrenirhon aid fjrtifr the body a uiLBt any aitaika from that jinrter. Kvory fimliy shoult have IJr. II uke's Uttteis, ui,d iIiih "0 hi ply prepared f ir the u m urgency. Awrd lo the wife in suflio'ent. Sold at 118 Division street, and OS 8111th s'rect, corner of fine, ml by all druggtsUl I feneral'y throughout the I'liltedStates AMAT1C CHOI KRA DISINFECTANT,?IT BEING WILL Uhc turned tt at the mu to of uholcra if tho ( xlstonoa of vory mn a'e i. ticts in'he a'-inospi.ore, and aNo tho utter motility of a'l irodit i' is urod when oneo the pi'iont inattaoked, it h?Hoor?S tho pnl-1 0 to pieparo thrmat iven with a pntv ntiro that will ttfeotvally intnre (bam n jalnat an attank of *bl? dreaded diieaaa. Tho (Jiniift ctii'R jigootg geiieially iu iise, although they removu l>ad fti e'In. lave no eflVot nv^r tliete p>-oiiliir inneota. KeuaivoA fr?tL th? 11 a i.tkoturer, uud for talc at tho etoto No. 21U Chatham, ct n 1 r r?i er atrect. I \ Al llON.-'IO DKI'CCildTS ANII AFOTHKUARIB3 ? A W |crsonia tra'rlling thr-ugh Nuw England and the State of Now York, ami ia now believed to hu in this city, who is offering tor iali vtrioui cl.omlval prepatatlons?at times repreKstiag ; himrelf a nan icent. ?t,d atotler times ?a a principal. iu the housa orPowersh Weightiuan, manufaeturltis chemists Philadelphia! j both f which nta'. monta am wholly witliout foundation ill truth. | Audi ?m lUMart ami requested ly my friends and oorrani 01 d, r.u, Minrn Powers rt tt'iinkunan, (lat? k'arr, Peweralt iVcit litrnau.) to cuutien ilio ttade aisaintt the purotiuti ot nay artloles purporting t? oe of their o,aauf.iotnr.', und \ h'l ti m:>y lie f'fTti'fi fir ml? by a.iy pcr?iu travsr .in* the coanIry ostensibly in treir behalf, as they do not employ and never have croplot ed. any per?rn to actiu thlamnnn?r on tV-ir wlounC Any individual hemp in riiw .uicn of infi ro.atioa whl.'b will load to li e detention of the mipnter above al1ad"d to, vwil nou^r ? tvor by coix.rtui.kauw th> ef e to tho nncfcralsaei. C. K. PKOBN, KJll Wall ?? Solea^nut for Powora fe Waifihtmm. S- w York. Par. Ifllh. MK ffMIB COI.I/F.N K YTf- At T-TI1M KKMftUr J. n'anda unrivalb d ni a mfe, ap. edy, and pnrmauent cure foe nil di e.rwa of the uiinn-y orr.'na ?mic'i aiffononhin g'e?t. airieture. araiol. kiitb'-y and bhtdiler afTi otionr, dr ipay, fema'n irr>yn larities. and all th.oa* ueliente onmpki'nts which mndr life a bap. <tcn. Agent for this city, Or. Ketolmm, No. IL'I Pulton atmat. It tuny co .< nt by mail to ary part of the country at a trfllagev|? nw. Oruera addrvsncJ to tho agent-f post paid) snolouag ti, 11 ill me.-t with pronut attention. DR. H. B03TV IGK, 1.BCTURKR ON Dl jBlYRj op TUB urinaty omns, antfinr of a Complete Practical Work on the r> aturc and Treatment of Venereal Uiicjiuwa? 77 plate*, fa. tiaot from Boston Meurul and Uurainal Journal:?"it may b* aaid, fearlessly, that thi* venereal guide ia decidedly, and with iot qualification, equal t*> nv European publication, on the hum family of dtacasea, and tar snrpajfcoa any t'ing if tlio kind hereto, fore attempted in tliia country." Author of a work on the Natuia and 'In-atment ot Ps.ntnal Weakness, impotenoy, fee., rsaultiac lum s'lf-akuae?2M pp. 14 plate*: author of the Family I'hystcian; author of a work entitled IJinta to Phvsiolana; nndatViadit* phjaician and ?i,rgi on t? the N Y Mi dieal and 9ttri[i=?.l Institute e?tab>ialied Itr many ycarf ot 7.1 Chamlwra itreiit, bat now located ntmi Hroadway, eifht door* ntvive llrootno street, wheia he may l.e i oaaultetl, and where any of the above wnras may h* of fiiied. Tli? uk.iaI monthly report of thia institution will not j Ik> publiahed for Uie pruiioat. II. BiMrtflCK, M. D. f I rotn the Ronton Cbionotypo. Oot. 1, |H47 1 (lOMSUWrilOfc Ii TUB UKCATf-ITK^kOr tlb'k NORTH. J < rn latitude. It ia the blight of doau-Uo tolieity and tltt . , ,>. , f i.h*.,i' v li tl u ..l.^l. ,.f o. k..i.t.r?i ti I 1'iind of id wrailty, and the nye of it* brilliancy. Itwaataa th? | lorii<, dima tl>? int"Il<ot, and plnnR-is iu v. tin into an early git ye. 1 ii? j'ainp, Hie old, the ? rloin and tlio <?av, t'i* city bullae tl e country las?. are aMko ita pivy and iUrioiim*. Klewinr* ? ' tl a ui&u,, ? lioae xeniua ?ui :'< : irvh tur ill hi. 1 u* wa^p na to I hid deflj&rs to Ibis "Dwrllcrof th? Thrwhold!" Ho merita th* , u; piauie Mid ^ralilndo cl'w; ho ahall lava our a, at laaat. i One nf llui mi.r iinnortant dlworeriflaol m"Jum K'tnn, f'ir !'> I cit?a of tral?ior?Ty nlTi?ctionr, la the H.1I UAH OF W ILO C?? SH, K V, lha cr*?l t of ita di?eovcr> la due to lh? ceWbr-iUi'l Or. j >V iitar. Thin vaii'ab e e tupouud haa raat 'roj thonnand < of auToaera to health. ft is exiuclornnt, toniu, and drnml .aa', aud la *?I4 | to be a puroly vagelabl* piepuralioo. L'a<lur iM w*kii> iuHuono*, tie mo?t obatlnftte conn'n,. Ida, a>d bronchial Irritation* fllaapI p>ar. W? hare nerd Hand can rtomnmondod It, particularly ak ! thia wuoo, when thia great caujo of (Upoim, aatt wind*, ara a* piviaknt. None icnnftM cnlcn M/ned I. RirTT3, on the wrarp'r. for, wholesale nnd retail, by Mtnira li. th D. S tod a, 1W ! Fnli< n atrt'ot, correr ol Wlillain; ll' r.ry Johnion, Z7.'t Briul?ay% I'eaiold ll C?., 4 I- letchir lioct, and by tho 1-iu i>ia K.unt rally. MO..T tXVKA?RUINA.i;Y WORIY-TO TAB MARRIED or tbow C".r.e'ii' Klin* aiMilafi.. ?Tho tfarriod Woman'! I l'rlrate jdtdi .~.l Cnta] anion, by Dr. A. M. llauricoaiL 8l*th ?dt, t'.in. l*n-? fl. 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