Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 30, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 30, 1848 Page 1
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>; ; TH .NO. 5323. THE IMPORTANT EVENTS or THK WORLD. Jk. D., 184ft. . CAKKPl'LLY COMPILED AND CHRONOLOGICALLY ARIANQKD, IFOR THE NKW YORK HERALD. .TANI'ARY. 1 ?The city envelop* d in a dense fog?New Year's calls?the day pained off quietly. Openiag of Uirard Collepa la thiladelpbin Tbe price of cotton within j, to )?d . an low as ever known. City of Cbagres, a mud city. dentrnyed by Hie. (inn Valencia captured Bear tbe oitj of Mellon, by Col. Wynkoop San Juan J de Nicaragua captured by the ?ngli?h Riot and mat[ fieri in Milan?tie beginning of the ttrict of revolutiont in Europe 2- Sunday ? Steamer Hibernia, the first of the C'u?ard New York line, sailed at 8AM, for Halifax and I J.lverpool. 8 ? The debate on tbe war opened in the Senate, by lien Can* H ginning of the ('residential campaign. The Hudson Illter open to 4lMny. Lola Monte*, tbe 4an?eutr,tbe leadiog -piru of Bavaria ' 4.?Meeting of tbe New Vork Legislature ? Meeting t of tbe I'eunsy Ivania Legislature ?Calhoun's gr?al speech ou tbe .vl?xican war telegraphed exolu?ively to tbH Amd Vttrfc tin mil Arrlrul of th?* I 'Al-HnBiu Bosiou with ti?wh of terrific gales on the Knglinli eoast Oov Voung iu fa?or of I ho Mexicans. kip!o?ion of the at- auier Sen Bird and 1,100 of gunpowder on the Missouri. 6 ? Continuance of the war debate in the Senate. ! Call* for a great Taylor meeting circulating throughout the city. 6 ?The war debate in the Senate continued. Mo rales, the celebrattd Mexican (i?ner*l died neir the i ?ity of Mexico. Battle between the whites and In j dines. in Oregon?the former victorious. T - The wings in trouble about the Mexican war? 1 Gordon Wella murdered in Weather^Qeld. Conn. Urn. "Worth talked of fur the Presidency. The Hon John McLean out against the war. Kspartero enthusiast!Wl> recti vtd iu Madrid. x> - Steamboat Blue KiJge. on the Ohio, blown up; thirty Uvea loat. Taylor Mass Meeting in Philadelphia . ?Oen. Cass nominated for the Presidency by the democrats of Indiana Celebration of the Ua'.tle of New [ Orleans in New Orleans; Oen Taylor in the proofs- . ion Rumor of a Treaty of Peace with Mexico. tHanguinary struggle in Pavia Italy, between the students and troops?tlit itcond move in (At republican ' tt't'?f!gie in Em ope. ( 9? Si.'ndat.?Struggle in Pavla continued; fifty persona killed and wounded; tbe University olosed-Tre' vlso in full Insurrection; Bergamo and Bressta in com'motion. | 10 ?Very cold day; thermometer at sunrise IS deg. Lewis Cass nominated for the Presidency by the Democratic Convention of Oblo Henry Clay arrived in 'Washington. Haverdy Johnson's gr?-at speech on the Mexicau war. The steamer Washington put into Halifax. 11.?Another cold day; thermometer at sunrise 8 deg Couolttilon ol Keverdy Johnson's speech. Major General Scott coming home, iu consequence of the [troubles in the army. Formidable election riots in [Montreal, Canada, with the thermometer thirty degrees below xtro Col. James MoK rtck. Cherokee Agent, died at Fort Gibson San Juan da Nicaragua re-captured by the Central Americana 12.?Fight between the Texan Rangers, under Col. Hays, and the Guerillas, under Padre Jarauta; latter 'defeated. -13?Dinner to Col Burnett, in Philadelphia. The tffeat property case decided in favor of Mrs. General fGaines. 14 ?Twenty thousand words of telegraphic news published in the New York rierali in too weeks, ending to-day Treasury Notes 9sJi o Palermo (bombarded by the King s troops Sicily in a state of Revolution? the continuation of Ihe republican move'?(?t in (Ac Old H'o)ld. < l.'i?The Pea Patch ca*e decided in favor of tbe I'ni- , ted States. Bombardme. t of Palermo continued. 16?SfsiiAV.?San Juan Nicaragua recaptured by ] .be F.nglirh , >? 17 ?1'he law against adultery passed the New York Senate. ?,7'rmtZ! lDe "te?mer ' amoriarrom Liverpool irnr H h^i Steamer lailabusha mud forty liven j?. W.&.SVKS:. 19-Uoidand silver accumalatln* in the Book of 1 ogland? Mercantile fmiurei coutinue lu Eurpi>? , r\^r*MCi*flAyyp'fc5v*'Vr#ViFv|uak? In Lisbon. 1 21 ? Wtalfaer mud. Morw rumors of peace with ] ilexico. i '22.?The Jesuits' rhursh. in Elizabeth street, de?trojrd by fire. Capture of Tehuaoao by Gen. Lane scape of Santa Anna. Major K.dward Webster died it 8;. Angel. 118?Si.'mday.?Great excitement in Italy -the Au=!ri?n troops entered MoUeua and Parma. Dr Mo?es P Greenleaf died at Newton, of a poisonous humor, entractetf in a jistectiug room. "24. - Annexation of Yucatan talked of. Terrible eeene in Carnccas; sevi ral n ember* of toe Venezue iian Congress murdered. Grtieaba, population 'lit 000. |oapturtd by General Lane President Ballivisn. of (Peru. resigned. and arrived at Yalparaiso I .'5.'? Canada bevoaiing ripe for anneiation. or something ebe. Kn-cide of Dr Horace Weils, the discoverer of ttber. The democrats selected the fourth Monday in May for their National Convention, to nominate ithelr candidate for the PrekMeney- The movements for jthe Presidency becoming more excited. Chloroform Introduced as an eltment. Legislature of Iowa adIjourDtd without electing U S Senator-) | 20.?The democracy oi New Vork in great trouble ana confutiou. The Fremont Couit Martial concluded, nucti to the relief of all concerned. ,Anti-WUmot emceratie Convention in Albany. 27 ?More rumors of peace?stooks up a little KxAttorncy General Barker died at Buffalo. Troubles in ^ be Tayior party iu New York. 28?Wore peace rumors. Duel expected between the Hon Kererdy Johnson and ilenry J Brent, Kaq , at Annapolis The war debate still continued In the lir s R?oat* Buucombt nearly tired oat. 120. Great Democratic War Meeting In Tammany Hail ?General Houston and the Hon. Mr. Kootu among the Fpraturs Farmery ? Merchants' Bank mob in I Memphis, 1't nn. Vickiiburg Theatre burned down. Bombirdme.nt of Meaiina. National Constitution, like tnat ut France of IS if) granted by the King to tbe Two Sicilies Surpenaion ol arms at Palermo, between the inxurgenta and triopa 30 - Sunday ? Anniversary of the birth of Tom Pa'ne ?great etiebration. Tnruiu.- roittiing all trtr Europr. rntDUY. 1.- Oreat Clay meeting in Pi-tsburg (>r?at fire in Toronto Threatened war between Kngland and IC'bma Sign* of a re eolation in the C-lestiat F.mpira. 2. lien Ca-s nominated for the Presidency by the demooratu of Michigan A projkt of a treaty of peaoe signed at (inaditlupe by Mr. Print, wiihout authority, hI'd the Mexican Conimit*sionera. The I'oat Offlse advertising given to the Ntv York lltrald, becan<u of i'a circulation being moro extensive than that of the , Ttibutit and other papers. Trememlout Taylor meet; ing at Cincinnati. ; .'t?Steam boit Major Barbour aunk near Troy, la, ' Aijf four Uvea lest. Gr?at laylor m<-etlug in CinclnArrival ot Gen (tollman in Mew Yurie 4 - James P Goode and Frauds Dsoha^on fought a dii. 1 at Karmvill*. \a : tour ahuta ex:hang>d < wounaed In the bread Thunder utorm at Norfolk Tbe itn$fttion in Guatemala In progress--the rebela, 1,001' MMk|. bad pinned some victories. 6 Mrs Alan-ou l/.arnarl, of Ironde^uoit, killed her child and bauged herr-elf Death of 0 oinmolere Kidgely. in Baltimore The Britinh i ouaul declared nis intention to leave l anion ami issued a proclamation, warning Brit|,-h subjects that if th?t remained in th< city alter the letlritig of his establishment, they did it at their own ri>B. I '? S( M)?v Great fire in Wall "treet, New York, j '7. Greek Ministry resigned. ml/wacK of t^e rc| ji'ihlican item in Kvtt'jie h Sp'enlid reception of General Quitman in Al. biny "1 h< epeia'.ives in Kali Hirer turned out for |)i:gher WHgva J Jauien Buchanan nominated for tbe Presidency bj the d? mncrata of the P> tin-} Ivania Legislature. 10 Arrival ot the packet amp l?aan Wright. In 32 (3a>?, lioui Liverpool Theatre baroed in Columbi a, I Otiio. Proclamation of the I'ope to tbe Catholics of Italy. Thr (/old jfisnif d k?mm4 11 -GieaWpeech ot the Hon Henry < lay ii> the I \ Suprrnie Court. M?is??g? Iroin President Polk on "taxes. duties, and imports" lali in M?x>oo. S eniiK'r A t al? i. die Hmh near Itsccon Bend. The Tin H y Int i>t Bill at ill b< fi re t be I . S senate. Mall line fmm Philadelphia to New York made the trip In 3 hcui'i arid 6<! minute* 1? \l< del Artist excitement In New York, BaltlW re, Philadelphia. and \Va?hiugton. Murder of L wis Johnson in bill avenue. New York. 11 St Valentine's l)a> 70000 Valentines passed through Royu'e < lty Post Proclamation of the Kmperor of RuMa for the immediate organisation of the llusnsn army IV Ureal Taylor meeting at Military Hall nprnar I anil cunfution. 10. Vl<-MitbK or thr Wilmot p'otIho democrat**, In | oi nim Ii?d. 10 I til? 17 Tromrndou* and nnthmlmtie City muxting ftt Caatlu <>*r l#to Si/fiit i// n r'Vululian in Hum I 1H \iorx ftotl ri*nt?rn unvHU-d In Columbia c?un fy. N. V . Judge <Jeo W. ' 'Hiupbntl, of Naabviile, . '!?i>n . (f?-d 10 Vtnjiiojil of ft treaty of p?>?3* received at blngtou by upticlftl iuumenciir. ll?T0lutl0a in 4Ulilmi. I 21 Oponi ment ifi New \ ork 21 Wliigniid I'aylor Ntatfl ("on vrntlona tbn orJor of the d?y. TUb Hiiii Scott m?H( inn. held ftt Pit: nburg, Ta Hun.or* of n ti -fttj with Mnxloo. Birth-day ?f Washington (irand M??ould Bali at I'aron any (lull, Otrat Taylor mut-ttng In rhiladnlptia. Tkt ritiilnlitn in Paria- France dnl.rttia lUpuhiie. Taj lor kihuk Meeting at NibloV liaidin l\?j.or nifMtiog In Mi*ftH*lppi. I.mi it Philip/ie atil catrd Ihr Ikronc nf FratictU3 Ki-Prt-fldmt John Hulnoj Adnm* died n* Waihingt'iii, lit 7 o'nln?li In tfi? 'be prnjit of ft Iri-My of pi-ftci with M?lleo laid h?fori< tb? S?nut?. N?nwi< I \ Brid|(ft, drm.. fleeted to t onui-ns troin L?lilgb oounty, Pa. f)ri>at flood nt Mantilon, <)hlo; da.?,??! H Ml. 000 IllT?r open oppo-lte Albany. rL ^24 Military (unaril of i apt Barko, 17. S A., in Vork. Henry ('lay nearly idITmiM with un at . .yor Swift * houie, 1 niladolfhi a. Illumination la I ENE i\rrkT)T 1VXWXU rarls. In hoDorof the victory of reoublieaiM - great excitement in the Cbtmbor of deputies in Paris?demauds for a Provisional Government?tremendous meeting at the Hotel da Villa. 24 ? Meeting of the Canadian Parliament - M Morln, (liberal.) elected speaker The leoeptlnn of the Hon. Henry ('lay in Philadelphia Court* adjourned as a mark of rnnpaot to the memory of John quincy Adam. Navigation on Lake Krie free of lea. Riot in Venioe. Pint proclamation for a Provisional Government of Franr< Issued 20 ? Funeral rf the Hon. J*hn Qulncy Adams at Washington- business entirely suspended. Succesful trial trip of the steamfhlp United States. Steamer* llerdrlck Hudson, Circatsian, and Maysville wharf boat destroyed by Are at Marseille- four lives lost Tb<i bet on the oiroolation. between the Hermld and Tribune, decided in favor of the Herald The Provis'onal Government proclaimed in h'ranoe - the throne of France paraded through the streets, then burned 28. Great fire in Bos'on Vankee Sullivan at the Italian Opera House. Flight of the Iloyal Fanily from Frsnce. 20 - The first report, and a very Important ftne, of the Commissioner* on Practice and Pleadings, submitted to tbe Legislature. City Bank robbed of (2 000. The Viceroy ot tbe Kmperor of Austria at Batzan, in his flight from Milan. MARCH. 1 Two American men of war ordered to Venezaela. to stay the revolution there. Great Are in Albany. 2.?Two inches of snow fell the only real snow storm of the season. Signs of a rupture between India and China Trade paralyzed in Alexandria, in consequence of tbe rupture in F.urope. 3 Great revulsion in business throughout Kurope ? heavy failures Battle between (.'apt Briscoe aud tbe guerillas, at Matagorda?the Mexicans defeated, 4 ? Democratic State Convention met at HarrUbarg, Pa. Arrival of the Britannia at Boston. Departure of Santa Anna for Jamaica. 6.- Funeral procession in honor of the late John (Quincy Adams, In Baltimore Grand fancy ball at tbe Opera House. Great riot at Pesth- Archduke Stephen cbo.'en king. 7 ?Arrival of tbe Hon. Henry Clay in New Vork ? magnificent reception. Capture of the town of Ba nuu. d> uen. I'aes; also captured Cuoidi. 8.? Arrival of the remains of John Quinoy Adams ? great funeral demonstration The news of the French revolution received by the Kmperor of Russia. i V -Sign* of a revolution In Bohemia. 10.?The Mexican Treaty ratified by the lr. S. Congress. Riot* In Kngland and Scotland. 11.? Ogalnve attacked by the Indians, who were lriven off after a desperate struggle. Hon Henry Wbeaton. late Minister to Prussia, died at Providence. 12? Kiv\m>iy ?Mr.Clay atSt. Bartholomew'sohurch. 13 ?Revolution in Vienna- the whole of Austria in commotion The Mexican treaty published in the Ntw York Jhrald before any other paper in the Union. (Jrt-at fire In New York- fifty fevt n houses burned Reception of Mr Clay in Newark. Great excitement In Vienna -meeting of the Chamber of Deputies a riot, and 3C00 persons killed. Austria in commotion 14 - A counter-revolution in Naples Proclamation of the Pope, granting a new and liberal constitution to h)s people. The trial ot Dunlap for the murder of Neill, began. Democratic triumph in New llampibire. 15.?Great fire at Memphis, Tenn. Signs of a revolution in Warsaw. Emmie between the troops and eitixen* at Berlin. 10-Signs ot a revolt in Denmark and Sweden. Battle between the Americans and Mexicans at Vera Cruz de Rotates?the American forces triumphant. Severe battle between the Amerloans and Mexicans, near < bihuahua? American victory. 17 ? Revolution in Prussia?liberation of the roles by Count Degan? Poland declared tree. Anniversary of the birth of St. Patriok. Great demonstration in I'atls? su> pension of specie payments by the Bank of fiance, devolution in Lotnbardy?Luxembourg proolaintd i tepnblic the whole of Hungary in an upicar. 1 be liberty of the press granted in Prussia 18 ? The charge* of Gen Worth against Gen Scott aitbdrawn? the obarges of Gen. Scott against Cot. Dum-un withdrawn. Riot in Stockholm. Remonutiancesrt Belgium. Prussia, and Austria addresied to the Provisional Government of France, against alleging Belgians, Germans. and Poles to make demonstrations against their respective governments Insuireclion in Berlin. Tremendous conflict in Milan-the people victorious. Concentration of the IluMian force, on the frontiers of Silesia. ' lSI -Supu - Tranquillity In Paris. Con:es*lons of abolished to his people the oonsuUblp tio Sprsgun. V. 8. Consul to Gibraltar. died. The mpritoued Toles In Prussia liberated The Independence of Schletwig declared -a provisional government bTOClftiDtd. 21 - Alarming convulsions at Silesia, Breslau. and Lithuania. Ore at flood In Williamson county. Tenn. Signs of an outbreak at Alx-la Cbapelle. Don Kbraneio Valua murdered at Montevideo. ^--Coal and iron convention met at Harrisburg Great excltemsiit In Dublin. Funeral of thu citizens ?Lo fell in tbe imrute at Berlin. 23.?First election, under the new constitution. Ill France. Meeting of the French residents in New York, congiatnlatory of the events in France Speech of Mr. Webetetonthe Loan Bill. Venice de-'ared a republic, after a capitulation concluded by tien Zechy with tbe Provialonal Government -Venice to remain a republic until all the Italian States become united, and in/tMiixtidt nf nf AuxtHft 24 Revolution In Genoa. Black Dog, the Osage ! Chief, dn d. T< Abolition of the censorship of Denmark. Separation of Naples and Sicily completed. Swiss meetIPX in New \ oik JO -Si M>?r ? Insurrection In Madrid. Commencement of hotiilitiee between Denmark and Sshltawig. Njanifetio of the Emperor of Russia, bidding deftanoe to the rest of Europe, and preparing for a general war. Prince Adam Ctartryaki and other leaders of the Polish i evolution, at Cologne, en ruuit for Poland Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte on duty as a guard in Parle. Attempted revolution in Spain- terrible conflict in Madrid between the trcops and the republicans. 17. The constitution of Spain suspended--Madrid in a state oi selge. Battle between the Cbippeway and Sioux Indians -the former victorious The .Sardinian arm), Ubder Kifig Charles Albert, crossed the l'rwntier, and ike. fl/st division entered Milan 28 Sardinia deciaied war against Austria tattW at .Voiitechleu, between the Austrian* and Sardinians the latter victorious. Prinoe Eugene, of Savoy i avgian. appointed Lieutenant General of Sardinia, in the absence i f tbe king. *J6. John Jacob Astor died worth $20,000 000. The Kiug of Sardinia entered Lodl the Austrian* under Radetsky retreated. ;i0 - John Nugent, the correspondent of the Iln-mlil, Imprisoned by the I,' S Senate, beoause of his refasal to di?c'>o*e the means by which that paper obtained the Mtxioan treaty for poblioatlon. A iRi r.. 1. Rumora of a difficulty at Moieow and St. Tetersburgh 2 -Svmdai -A British fleet of nine Teasels arrived In tbe bay of Naples 3.- Election in Connecticut Whig party triumphant. Election in St Louis -Democratic triumph. Reoeption of the Irish Contederatlon Committee la Pans <ireat celebration in the Park, in boner of the Rtpubllcnf Kratce Sir Thomas Daring, Bart., died. 4 - No hrpe of tbe ratification of the treaty by Mexico. Retreat of the Austrian troopi from Desoa/too. & - Savoy declared a republio. Kuoeral of the Hon. J A B.aek. of South Carolina, in Washington. Departure of Santa Anna fioin Mexico tor Jamaica . .v. llm.f O tirfttl fflQlll'lUCIIV kUI'PUfUVUk iiTTmuw. Taylor meeting ftt LaNyette Hull. New Vork. Cenlmiii'n of Charti?t? met in 1,on Jon The Provisional Government of Milan placed all the property of tha Imperial family in Lombard?, po*?ened by them prior toihelRthof March, under ae>j<ie*trt?tioo Savoy derI?11(J a^aln in lav< r nf tbe King of Sardinia. < J rent exI'lltiurnc, throughout Ireland Chartist revolution lit kigland anticipated 7 Katt Day in Vermont. Madrid In a rju'.et utat*. but a u^Lcral feeling of dieoontent pruvaii'd. ProiI-.ct ot a war b' tiv.nn \u?lrla and l'ru*aia. for the *upretLacy In Germany Prorpeot of a war between (ictnutij and Muimia, for tbo Independence of Poland. 8.- Opening tf the Parliament at Turin. Prospect nf a war betwten Denmark, and p*rhap? KngUn 1 and buflfia. on tbe one aide, an J l'ru*ria and Hanover on the other, tor tbe annexation of Sobletwig- llolr,t<in to the (>erm?n foaf^d-ration. 1) SvaDAY Battte at baa. between the P&n?.i and llo (tfliiK- - tbe Panei victorious -Hem'burg ojcupled by tbo llanrf. Insurrection at Heate-< asfel the InMityendi victorious, and the eoldtera surrendered tbe toe ii lntoth"lr hands- the Danes took po^sttion of the smell peninsula of Holnl-, after a qlort but!'. T hrratened revolution In Kngland 00 <H><? tpe-inl eonHuhlr$ ticorn t'?. in l.undon ? 10 tM>0 ri fultir troops ilalioiml in the city the Hank n/ England, and all I he fov< rnment builjinga put under tuatd; the. Dnke o/ WtlliligloH per t'ltially supeiintendiut the wholt arrutigement?the l^uren urnt to the tile of II'ikM. 10 Tbe irieat meeting of tbe Cbartista at Kennlngton Common a total failure the petition presented. 7he Pant* entered the city of Schleewig. War In \ uratan. between the white* and Indian*. Placen/a declined in luvrr of union with Piedmont. 11 Uen<ral depression of the markets throughoat Km Ope. Klot at Cologne tbe iniurgents defeated. Klot at Herham the Piuotlan eagle torn do?n, and and owl put op in it* place. Battle between tbe Austrian' and Italian* the former defeated, with a loss of 8 100 killed. Ir?nrrectlon at Guadalupe 12 Great sympathetic meeting for tbe Kreneb, In Boston broke up in a row. 18 The Piuselan* ordered by their kiog to drive tbe Panes from Snbletwlg aroepeot nf ? war between Denmark and Prunfl? MioHy determined to oall an Italian Prince to the throne. Haul* between the Indian* and V uoateeoa--tb? laf.or victorious 14. Insnrtoctlon at llayti. 16.- John C. ( alhoun spoke in tlie U. S. S*nat*. in opposition to the propound Mexican treaty. Horrible massacre at the Kejee islands. 17. Plight of the Kmperor of Austria from Vlen na. 18.- Treaendous conflagration In Woaeter street. Khirmlf hiDR between the Austrian* and Italians, at I'alina Nmva- the victorious Slight disturbances In Moldavia. !< <?reat snow storm. <?r*at?ioltement at Washington the abolition (JVcw Kro) newspaper ofllce attacked seventy tiaves kidnapped from Washington The brig Htbeeoa C. t'lther struck by lightning, and destroyed by (Ire Battle between the Italians and W Y 0 SING EDITION?SATU Austrians at Vico?the former victorlcua Trouble anticipated In Portugal. Attempt of Tool Steele, th? Irish pacificator, ta commit suicide. 20. Large Ore in Water street. Railroad aeoident near Rochester--two persons killed. Urand review of 226 000 troops in Paris Great meeting of the clubs in Dublin. The town of Valoalla, Yucatan, burned by the Indians. Tue Russian fleet withdrawn from Sebastopal. 21.?Arrival of the attamer Sarah Sands -Important news from all parts of Kurope. Ba'tle between the Danes and the five Corps. Great Bunuoial crisis in Greece. 22.? General Taylor wrote tbe famous Allison letter. Threatened revolution in Spain. 23?Si'wDAY.? Arrival ot Ifie Acadia at Boston- impoitant news from Kurope. Battle between tba Danea and tbe confederates, at SobleHwlg?tbe lauer viotorious. Flentburg taken by the German troops. Venice blockaded by tbe Austrian fleet. 24. Venice blockaded now constitution for the government of the Austrian States preporwd. The export ot Kussian coin prohibited by tbe Kmperor. 26.? Slavery abolirbed in all the French oolonies. 20. ? Movements to oreate a German Empire?barricade fighting at Cracow -the city capitulated27 .? Italy in a state of ferment. 28.? Ibturreotionat Rouen Revolt of the Illyrlani and Grotlans at Kikinda Verona blockaded by thu irauans. war declare*! against Austria by the Top* The Turk* revolted in Ureece. '29 Airival of the new steamship America reported arrival ot Louis I'hilippeiu New York. Destructive col lUgration in Philadelphia. Batue between tae Poles and Piusrlans at Xtonz the lattsr victorious The Jews cruelly mated at 1'ie^burg Battle be iw tie a the Poles and hriiKtians at Milla'lan ?the la'ter notorious. The town ot lYsen nearly destroyed by Are 80? Suni>av.--Acoid?nt on the Sohenecady iailroad iwo men killed. Departure of Oen Sco'.t from Mexico Battle between the Poles and Prussians at Milatlan the former viotoriouB. MAV. 1.?Tremendous conflagration in Troy. The wbale hip Casta nder destroyed by lire in the Paclflo 2.? Violent hailstorm at Charleston. S C. National Medical Convention met in Washington Funeral of Senator Ashley, at Washington. Stettin, Hatsound, Mortrioh. and Wisman blockaded by the Danes 1.?Sympathetic meeting lor the French, in Baltimore Meeting f?r the relief of Ireland. In Louisville, Ky. Pillau and Dantzlc blockaded by the Danes. 4.?The National Assembly of Kr*no? mm. 1'oe insurgents driven from the town of Buck. The ports on tbe Kibe blockaded by the Danes 6 ? Insurreotlon in Hunsarv?tbe town of WW Nenstadkel plundered and deoiroyi-d. 0 ? Lx^itement in Kngland in consequenoe of the chartist movement. Tr?-m- ndous battle between the Austrians. under Radetrky, and PieUmontese, under Charles Albert, at Verona. 7?Sunday. Two hundred of the citizens of Morida murdered bJ the Indians. 1.1 Hilary iniurrection at Madrid 8 tiraad German demonstration in New York. Iiirh meeting in Montreal -Irish sympathetic meeting in Baltimore?ended in a row. Cattle between the AuMrians and Pltdmonte>>e at Souihm? the latter vie- ] torious. Krtdtrica bombarded by tin- Danes 9. ? Fracas among the Aafistant Aldermen, of New York; a tie in the buard. Four sreamboats burned at i St. Louis. An tmeute in Berne, in oonte^uenoe of the contemplated resignation of M. Oohsenoein trom i the Diet. , 10 ?(jrfat Abolition breakfast at the Tabernaole. Eimute at Pesth. j 11.?Tremendous conflagration at Detroit?three | hundred houses destroyed. Revolutionary symptoms in j Canada 12?Humor of the imprisonment of the Pope of Rome, (ireat excitement at Berlin t hreatened revolution in Ireland Arming and drilling with pises. , k; John Mitchel. the Irisu patriot, arrested Ter- , rlble matracre at Naples Military insurrection at Seville Murder of lour children, and suicide of the i lathtr and mother, at Kdgecomb. Me. 14? Sc.tDAY ?Lord Arhburton died. I 16 Attempted revolution in Paris- the National 4 Assembly forcibly entered by the prople?Ulaniiui, U*rb. s and Courtie* arrested ? the dissolution of th* y ??emoiy proclaimed?ine greatest confusion prevail t hlltt^^fcUrm?man mini"try di??l*ed the city in x 17 ?Thomas Hays murdered his wife, in New York. f P"c\r?lifl'd b? the American C .ngrw, ' brought btfoie the Mexican Congress IK *L * ??* *- Hal. M< d< intcher, Is Philadelphia Hiatal Utloai. j 21? Sun oat. General Scott arrived la New York, from Mexico. Opening of the Saxon Diet at Dresden. ; 22 -Meeting of the Democratic Presidential Convention at Baltimore- difficulty between the n-jnkere and i barnburners General Scott's reception by the citi- \ zens of Kluabethtown. Insurrection of the negroes a* Martinique 1 23? Both the brrnburner and hanker d-legations * from New Vork, excommunicated by (he Baltimore Convention. The Prussian Diet opened 24. Another levolution at Vienna. Riot in Fortland. Me 26 ?Grand reception oi Gen Scott in New York? (lrent military Gen. Cass nominated by the Baltimore convention. 20?Tbe trial aad oonTlotlon of John Mitchel. the Irish patriot. Iliot in Berlin. 1 27 ~ Gen. Scott arrived in Philadelphia. 2b? Sunday.?Destiucthe conflagration in Baltimore 1 30 ?Pescblera capitulated to the forces of Charles Albert -battle at Guito, between the forces of Charles J Aibtrl and the Austrian*. The treaty of peace ratified j by the Mexican Congrers. 81.?Louis Bianc threatened with impeaohmeot. JINK. 1 - Tremendous conflagration in Allenstown. re. Indian insnrieotlon at Tuspan. Great rejoloing at ( Milan over the Piedmontese victories. 2.?Austria declared the empire Seiave. TheSclavonian Congress opened at Prague . 3.- Mote gold mines discovered in California. 4-Simmy, juage jowui n. nuuunu , Mass. &--Lombardy annexed to Piedmont-- Henry Von 1 Gsgtrn elected President of the Natioual Assembly of ' Geriuauy. Great sympathetic demonstration for ire- ' ( land in New York. 6 Great meeting of the barnburner* of New \ ork. The property of John Mltcbel told by the government. 7 ?Meeting of the whig Presidential Convention at Philadelphia. 8.?Gen. CaM arrived in New York. Great meeting . of the barnburner* in Albany. Great exeitemmt in Paris. The houee of M. Thiers attacked by a mob 0.- General Tajlor nominated by the Wnig National Convention, a* their candidate for the Presidency, and Millard Fillmore for the Vice Presidency. Tremendous democratic meeting at Tammany Hall. 10. The Sicilians landed at Calabria, and six pro* vicots insurged. 11?Si hoat.- Prospect of a war between Russia, Denmark and Sweoen, on the one side, and the German States and Prussia, on the other. 1'J. Great disorder at Prague?the Princess Windlscbgratz shot -the Insurgents repulsed -the fon of 1he Ptinoe wounded. Annexation of Piedmont with Milan. An attempt to proclaim Louis Napoleon Kmperor of Kronen. The chartist demonstration In London a failure. Treaty of amity and commerce between the United States and the republle of New Granada conoiuded. lt--Ail strancrers ordered to lesve Prague. by the Cornwall d of Prince Windischgrttx?Btnya. in Hungary. declared in a slate of war?insurreotion at I'ssth; the fjfy destroyed Inaurreotion In Persia the royal arm j cnt to pieces by th? insurgents of the Khorn?>eu. I'ilel taken by the insurgents. The Spanish minister expelltd from the Court of St James. 16 Prlnee Windisebgrats in full possession of the elty of Pragne. Thomas Steele, the Irish paoiflo*tor, . died. Pitnve l.ouls Napoleon spoken of in connection ' Kith the Presidency ol Prance 16 -The son of Prince Windiscbgratz died. He-Una- i 1 Hnn nt I ntili N.'?nnl?r.n Rnn&n-irte. uf bla ae&t in the National Assembly of France. Indian depredations in 1 Yucatan. 17 - lieaignatlon of the comman l by the Trince > Wirdtrrbirralz the com ids u'l taken by Count don*> tforff IliOK lor the I'nltnd State* loan op?n?(t at Wmhj ington Tremendoua conflagration in Norfolk, Va It; Si'NDAT Battle between ibe troopa and In iiaO'> I at Walnut creek- the latter repulsed with great law. ]'.) A republic demanded by the (iermau people 20 deception of the new* ID Kngland, or t is rati' flcation at the treaty between the I'nited State* and Meaieo. 31 Crrat meeting of the Irirh confederation in l)ublln. lireat escitement at Home- the 1'ope refused to declare waragainat Austria -the ministry rit?gn*d. Croat flood at St. Loula. Trt mtndotu insurrection in Fnrit. 22 The barnburnera' convention met at Ctlca The Inaurieo.ion in rari* continued. Terrible'laughter of troopa and citizen" The K.xeouttve Commit"* overthrown, and Cavaignao declared dictator. Insurrection at Marseilles. The Archbiabop of Paris murdered. 23. The continuation of the deaperate conflict between the people and tbe troopa and National Ouitrda of Pari*. Martin Van Buren nominated by the l iica C onvention for the Treaidenoy. The Danubian provinrea Invaded by Huaala The Eleotreaa of BavarU killed by her carriage being upaet at Wa<aenb4rg 24 I'arla declared in a atate of aelge tb* in anrreot ion late aublued Battle between the l)an-a and Jagera at Iladerelebben. Tbe Diet of Jutland clored 20 Stuoav - Jutlje Archer, of Maryland, died. Revolt of the galley flavea in the ialand of I'roaida. 27 John C Calhoun apoke lu the United States Set. at* on the Oregon bill. I oa .? r.i.v.u 30 ? Kdmund Simpson, of tun Park Theatre, died. Jlii.Y. .1 ? NapW In a etate of i'nrm. 4 ? The iSId aonlviTHftrj of \inertoan Independenee; great military and civic celeorntion throughout the country. 8 ? Pierre D. Drenon4 murdered at No 102 Na??au rtreet. Civil outbreak In Guatemala. The Hungarian Pit t opened at Peetli. I>y Archduke S'ephen. Attempt to blow up the hnune of Mr. Mann, at Providence, hj placing a oannlrter of powder under the tl1e?alk tl Revolution lu Mnlco Destructive Are la Brooklyn?20? hnunre burned 8.?Oen Duvlvter died from the fleet* of a wound In the tmeKf* of Parle, on the 23 J v'une. iRK I RDAY, DECEMBER 3C O?Simjay?Battle between the American foron and (be Camanohe Indians, at Cimarone river?the Indiana defeated. Got. Shunk. of Pennsylvania, re10 ? Venice and the Venetian Province annexed to Northern Italy. Riot at Drury l ane Theatre?benefit of Mr. Maeready 11 ? The Duke of Oenoa eleoted King of Sicily. 12.?Great military funeral of the fallen heroes of the Mexican war, in New York. Thomas K. Meagher arrested at Wuterfard, for sedition?bis rescue uns*cceFtfnlly attempted by the people. 13 ?Great meeting of the frlendi of Ireland, In Albany. 14 ?Archduke John, of Austria, elected Viear General of the Germanic Confederation. The great banquet of tbe 200 000 laborer* in Paris. 1ft ?Threatened rebellion in Ireland approaching a rlsls. 15?Sunoat - Attempted vavolnt'OB at Montevideo. 17 ?Tbe* ra*ed at St. Petersburg and Moa- , oow. 18.?Armand Marrast eleoted President of the National Amenably of Kranee Attempted clave insur- I rtction at 1'orm Rico The siege of Crasow raised. Tke fortress of Gugebel taken by the Russians 19 --The Women's Right* CouTentlon met at Senaca Kalis. 20 Got Shunk. of Pennsylvania, died 23 8undat.? Battle between the Austrian* and Pledmontete forces tbe former victorious. 24 ? Battle continued between tbe Austrian? and Plrdmonteee. the former defeated, with a loss of 2,500 prisoners. 26 - The battle between the Austrians and Tiedmoatrse renewed; tbe latter victorious 27.- The Oregon tuiritorlal bill passed by the United States Senate. The oholera appeared iu Uerlin. ..PmolixnitlM I- .4 1> r? MoOeo Smith O'Briep.and ether of the Irish patriots. The fortress of MeilUa (Morooo) mta-ked by the Moors. Serious outbreak and conflict at Pt-roambuoo. -0 ?Emeuh between the Irish rebels and the constabulery in theoounty of Tipperary; the former defeated Arrest of Oonsale* Bravo, at Madrid 30?Simiav.? Attempted revolution In Florence. 31 ? Cretnonu <-vacuaied by the l'iedmontese army. The ministry of Florence resigned. AUGUST. 2.? The Wilmot proviso pasted by the House of Representatives Treaty of Commerce and Navigation concluded between the United States and MecklenbergSchwerin. 3 ?Rumored dissolution of the French ministry. 4.?Rebellion ef the factory girls at Pittsburg Reported csoape of Smith O'Brien Uattl? between the Ansirlavri aud Italians, at Milan the city capitulated to the former 6 ? Smith O'Brien arrested. The ohe'.era appeared in Germany. 8 ?Conflict between the Bolognese and Austrians. 9?The convention of free soil democrat* met at BnlTelo. Armistice ooncluded between the Austrian* hdd Sardinians 10 -Slavery abolished in French Guiana. Martin Van Buren nominated by the free soilers. at Bulfa!o, [or the Presidency, and C. F. Adams for the Vice Pre idtncy. 11 - The great fancy ball at Saratoga came off. Movement uf tho Catholic clergy of Ireland to restore ijoie t. 12 -Qusrrol between Senators Benton and Butler, in the Senate chamber?a duel talked of. Trouble anLiolpited in Spain 14 Congress adjourned Stnators Benton and Butler arrested at Washington. The Oregon b'.ll paused tbe Senate and received the sanotion of thu President. Ilevclutirn in Leghorn?the insurgents succesaCul. 1'l'e town of Osopo bombarded by the Austrian*. 15 - The King of Prussia arrived at Cologne. 2823 iSr0* " ' lv,??8h?r M. It Lynne,and P. O'Donoghue mdSr.r?f Hol,CroM- <ht of Irith fr^dcn , ivardjor the preient 20- -Sowdav - Slight disturbance* at Berlin. A ser- ' .V? ? f<unil> .of Dr- Hu?n C?ldwell buraed to I .?! ^7, ** plod on ot a c?mpbine lamp u>i>k ,;,ou'|,|,?U three wen killed. Conflict of *0'hm<-n "'1 national g.urds at V enio , ||? i? tk /"f Ul "i p 0a?a Monarch destroyed hy ( lie in the hngn.h ebaonel-lt>0 l.vea lost Tue (;/. 'lie tie hatir, supposed by toe Jiuvutaumot W^ WFToIV.- -Hon. "Win J. Grave*, of Kentucky, lied 28 Judge Tucker, of Virginia, died. Br. J. L. i 1 mtin, the Amerloan charge d' affaire* to Koisp, died. 2V. A woid presented to (>eu Worth, at Hudson j .ieut liuxtcn, tf the British army. died at St Louis. , ilahommril .Shah. King of Persia, died. ?0. -Grand fanny ball at Newport Grand fancy tall at Kant Pascagoula?Gen Taylor aud family pro- | nt. Violent tbunder storm inLi>nUon. SEPTEMBER. 1 1 Hon. Daniel VwHir delivered h!s famous larsbtield speech Artnietioe concluded butweuu Prus- 1 la and Denmark 2 ? .Virdiation < (Tared to Austria and Italy, by.France. i 3 -Sunday. Kigbt between ilon A ii Stopiiens ,nd Judge toce: at Atlanta, Ga j the former soriously tabbed 4 BatMe between tbe Austrian* and the citizens of I 'arma. Tbe first work on a railroad in Sweden cumn> need 6. -Tbe Democratic State Convention met a*. Syraure Ollellly's telegraphic line comuK'nued opnr* i ions between Baton Kjuge and New Orleans Phe Sritlsh Parliament prorogued by tbe (|ueen in person 1 6?Join Sle'gbt murdered his wife in New York, n* amotion tit Legbern Battle between the Knglish orces and the Boors, near the (jape of Good Hope I 7.?-Tbe Insurgents entered the comitat of Portona. Jen. Beugeaud died In Paris. Innurieotlon at Aleck- > 1 enbtrg'8bellts u ?/ ABfth.innkn felt in New Vork. ' I Conflict between the workmen an J guards at Eden- I :>ourg Saxony Messina taken by the Neapolitan fleet ifler five days' fighting 0 Tremendous conflagration In Brooklyn -250 I bouses destroyed 1 11. The telegraphic law suit between Morse and O'lteiHy. decided in favor of the farmer. 15 - lirand total eclipse of the moon. The qaeen mother of Naples died. 13 - -The Vice Soil State Convention assembled at I'tlca. 14. The Taylor Whig State Convention assembled it I ilea 16?Trial and conviction of Jacob tla(t)er,fortbenianulaughter of Patrick Coogan, in New York. A Jewieh iysag<gue ennreorated In Baltimore. John Jenkins, j editor of (be Vicksburg Smlintl. shot by II. A. t'rabb, 1 In a street fight. Uea. Catrera let gmd the Presides* cy of Ouatamula. 16 ?John Sleight. Imprisoned in New Vork. fer the i murder of his wife; died of voluntary starvation. Democratic liarbaone at Bladensburg. Md. The anal- < verrary ot the independence of Mexico. Kmcut? at Kianklort, teriible slaughter. IT- Si'ituAv -Severe battle betwoan the insurgents > under Cabera. and the queen s troops at Labajol -the former repnlred. 18 Kailtoad accident near Wilmington, Del?two 1 persons killed. Battle between the Hungarian and Croatian forces, at Vzala Kgenseph?the former victorious. IB. Tet< r Brush murdered In BulTalo by a negro, named Shorter. I'rinee Lichnowtki died of nit wounds received at Frankfort on the Ittth '20 - Battle at Ta^aeco, between the forces of Bruno and Parades Meeting of the friends of Ireland at C? rpus Cbrifti. Ti Arrival in New York of Krederio Jerons. the heroic sailor. ro active in saving iir? at tile tiura.og 01 th?t Ocean Monureh. Battle between the \ ucateooes in) Ibdinlif. 23 Je?i? Oakley. Clerk of the Superior Court, in New York city. f,bot himself In Treiuendcus ooulla(jration la Peasaco j, Insur- ; rection in Baden. JO The steam propeller Gollah destroyed by fire on Lake Huron Insurrection at CephiUouta, Ionian Islands. 27 Threatened blockade of Canton by the Amerle?n f |naJr'>n Henry Clay mass meeting at Vauxball Garden. Tremeuoous co nil air rati on at (ialana, 111. ' ( oiint I, a tn berg assassinated at I'esth. jx ? Timothy Sbea murdered in Leonard street. New York. Tfae tek-giaphtc wire* extended from INililboro to Wheeling I he trial of Smith O'Brien commenced A repnbllcnn plot discovered In Muahh Dnron N ?neudorf and Or. Hermann arrested as the leader*. Insurrection at Dicolo- the Austrian troops defeated. 2P. JohnS. Austin arrested on the charge of mur- ' denrg Timothy Shea. The freedom of the olty of 1 New i otk presented to Krederio Jerome, for bis n>ble conduot in rescuing from death the passengers of the Ocean Moraicb The Turkish ship Ararat am red at Boston Anti-Kent State Convention met at Vllnay, Harris llell executed at llonesdaie, Pa., for the murder of tlliia Williams. oi ronKK. 1 -Svkdit.- Battle at Coro, Venezuela, between th>' government troops and the t'aez party- the latter de- i lea ted. 2 Tbe constitution granted by the Duke burnt ' In the pub le square of Modeoa 2 -Terrible storm on the whole e*tent of the Atlantic board 4. Arrival in New York of Herr Krederlok decker, tbe Ueiman patriot. 5.- Reported death of Ibrahim I'aeha r?1rrc, Mm(lowan and Pratt, the Chester Bauk robbery convicted. ? Insurrection at Vienna. 7 - Tremendoua sympathetic Uermaa meeting a' ! Tammany llall The Kmp>'rorof Austria tied the city ot Vienna h Si'ndat?Lieut. C R Perry, U. N N., dlod an b<ard tbv ?hip Suvith, at mi 0- The Mormon Temple. at Nauroo. destroyed by Ore William Smith O'Brien, the Irlih patriot, sentenced to death. 10 I'elittcal riot in Philadelphia. Thomas Breu nan executed at Montreal, for the murder of Mary () Connor Col. Jarane Austin murdered in Gwinnett' | county, (Ja , by one ol his nxgroei Revolt iu ?lilan. 11 - Battle botwfen the wbites and Indians near tbe San Antonio rl?er -tbe Utter vlctoriou*. Ministerial eriela in France >tre?t excitement In Pari* on the subi?rt of the rreeldanoy 1 13 Destructive conflagration in Wheeling. 1>? IERA I, 1848. Mructire conu?Kr?tio? a ?A ,i. V II The Na- I tlonal Ouard of I ?ru rwu.4 *4- anj called on I Louis I'biiipp* 14 ---Terrenre B MeManua, t?.e Irish patriot, MB* tenced to dMtb 15 ?Sumuv?TerrlM* . mrut> li U? rlln. 19.- Tha village of Waterloo, \ V , destroyed by Are. 18 Tremendous conflagration at Alexandria, La.? fix r.|tinres burned. 10- Three trsmondous ontlagratlnns In New York I Imeutr at llavra. 20 Thu of Pirli raited. <barl"S Langfeldt executed in Philadelphia, for the mu'der of M?g, {{a* 1 oemaoher. The Brldgiport liank roiibe l of flft 000 by Charles Beach he e?cuped la the Herman a, for Liverpool. 31. -Violent tale and snow ?'orm at Norfolk, Va. C) pi cm lllll Cemetery dedioatsd. 22.?St/JiDav?Twopersons bums Ifo dfa hat Woon orket. K I 24--The Swedish Diet oloied, Jonathan O'OJdhue ' died, ill New York. 26 - Hon. Dixon II Lewi*, of Alabama, died In New N oik. The Cochltuats water introduced Into the city of Boston great celebration 26 -The sentence of death on O'Brien, Meaghir, MoManus and O'Donoghue, oonmuUd to trausportation for 1 fe by (|uueu Victoria 27 The Austrian garrison at Meatra a'taaVed and surprised by the Venetians The funeral of the Hon. Dixon H Lewis took place In New \ ork. 29 Vl?nna bombarded by the imperial trooos Prince Windischgrai /. in poet-eMion of the city Hon. Harrirou (Jray Otis died in Oot.^>n. 20 (MMj.n -Vlenna capitulated to the Imperial , trocpf. afitr being bcluugurrd fur seven days. 31 New difficulty in Berlin, in oonse<|uence of the king appointing an unpopular nobloman. Baron Vo* ! Brsndenburg. ax hea'l of >h? niultttry. Brigadier Oeneral Kearny died at St. Louis. NOVEMBER. I. -Tha Vl<uin>?. ci-.i-t 3 -Rumor of a decree to exclude ava'n'iHC from | the Presidency of Franoe Hum .red b?tt!e at Piacenra, | between the lied mo niece and Austrian* 0 - I'Iib shook of an earthquake was felt In the palish of Green Island, Canada. Tne Paaumsic Railroad | opened to Wells river. 7.?Geo /achary Taylor elected to the Presidency 1 of the United Staled, Millard Fillinore for the Vloe Pre- ! sldenoy Major James Cochran, a revolutionary soldier, j died at Oswego. 8?The Jewels stolen from the Patent oMce, in Washington. U -The Athenian Parliament opened by the King. 10- Ibrahim Pacha, King of Kgypt, died. Abbts , Paoha takts his place. 11 ? The constitution of France promulgated. Bar- 1 lln deolared in a state of siege by Von Wrangal. 13. Svpidav- -The celebiaiiou of the Catholio war- . ship introduced In Switzerland. | 13? M. A. Marraat retigo?d the Presidency of the National An?#inbly of Franoe. 16 ? Ureal tire at Glasgow?the Adelphl Theatre tlx- | hlrojt d. 10 --M Kossi assassinated in Home--the city in a 1 state or revolution. Horn. A. D. Sims, M. C. from South Carolina, died. rf 18.?a new ministry formed in Rome. fe?i0. Reported deatn of Marshal Radetsky. A set- | , tirnient cf (be dlrpute between the King of Naples and the Sicilians, expeoted. French troop* ordered to Rome. 1 21 -The Dutchess of Manchester died. YV}alidole wrecked near Ytcksbutg, and thirty Uvea lost. 2-1 The < allfornla gold f?Tcr broke oat in New York. Lord Melbourne died. The Pope tied the city of Rome. Ex-Gov Benjamin Fitr.patrick, appointed l:. S. Senator, to fill tne vacancy oocaitoued by the death of Hon 1). il. Lewis, by the Governor of .Ala- 1 bania. 04th anniversary of Uen Taylor's birth-day. t in* cuy 01 .Maraomuo Hurrenuereu 10 linn. raar >6 A comet diacovered id the constellation of thii j ij Swan. Great excitement in P*ri? in view of tbu I'm- I Bidmtial electicu The Austrian Diet op <ned at Krem. j 1 Hit. Hon. Frances ilarley. sifter of the Karl of Ox- i * told, died. Kifert. in l ru.-Hi? declared in a stilts of ' lit-lie ThhiikpgiviLK Day in New York and twelve 1 C Dltot-r Stat*-* f.hiule- Duller. ,V1 I' . died t 20 si'sdav -(lie L si sieuui?r Dragon lost In the uiouth of the il u (, Dr Juui iinTiDe. iuipris>u* a :d ? I' f. r lb* uurOer of Kiobard Wall, V a' luniittfU suit: Je jlobo Hufo4 28 ? The rruaaiuu ohamlier opeued at BrandeuH-irj. 2u. Tremendous BalI*lo?gruat do?iructt>u M probity. LWi^eu nod Uy?u r>-lo?St d from Natrguto pi ip D, Hiid MjHhI to ltm?H Imlau'l fbx twitb Tue triual" seminary u'. I'ltutiur^ dootioyed by Urn -uarrow ttcape oi ibe. pupils DECEUHKR. " 1 ? David Wilinot on tbe fabject of free soil, in rhiimlci) hii? auio.s Nuribrop oxceu'od ;it White h?in?. tur uiuraer i'he Uuited States inuil bag ntulon iri'U ibe Mhge litar K? rt Ann. N 1 F 'i The cl>u ( iuppeaied ut S'aUa Island Th?; MvX'ian M outer fmmaily ie<;eirod by tbe I'nitttJ State government at Washington Violent Rale on ibe Ctcsapt-ako b ty. y 4 -TYe CoogreM of tho United States oommeuee.1. The L-ui-iature of Ohio met a mvolutlon expected L>r !>tl? II ,UI1U CUOl UUI1U Ul Utl.uu 1>UUB 7, v/ v>. , in a nucoutre 0.?Marriage <f Col W. W S B1I?1, U.S. A., to Mlga | A Mar; Kl/.ubel h. daughter of (Jen Zacharv Taylor, tin* ; President l|< of of the U S Lot M. Irwin committed suicide iu Vi truer county. Ohio T Destructive cnntl.tgr>ttion at Utlsa. N Aug. j I)odjt?- aodOro W lines. democrats. elected to the L'nit? o StatfR Si-nut* for the new St.?te of Iowa. h Tbe Waihicg on and Saratoga Railroad .opened to Whitehall 9. -Cnpt. David Lane, of Oloucester, Mass ,commit- J ted suicidc in Boston. 11 Mr. Douglass introduced a bill in the l'ni'.ed States Senate, to admit California into the I'nion as ? State. 14.- Seven men drowned in the Mohawk river, near St Johnsville, ?>y the cap-lrlng of a boat Mr Benton Introduced a bill into tna l;nited Status Senate for the organization of a Wrlto ial government in New Meii to, with the exclusion of slavery angry debate . between Messrs Benton and (-'alliouu. * 13 The Home for the l-rimd less. In Now York, du- ' ?j dicated. John B. Floyd elected Uovornor of Vir- { ginia. ' 14 -Mr. James Whitoomb elected to the United ' States Senate by the Legislature of Indiana The 1 Ohio Legislature in a snarl. The Western rivers ' closed, above St Louis, with ice 15.? William Western, a revolutionary soldier, mjed ' 18 vears died at V'rstal. R. Y. 1 18 ?The Park Theatre destroyed by fire. 1 17 -Hon A. P Butler re tleoted to the United ' States Senate from the State of South Carolina. *0 Hon. O F. Badger elected to the United States 1 Senate by the Legislature of North Carolina. The cholera appeared at New Orleans Hon. Charles MoVean, Un ited States District Attorney for the Southern 1 District of New York, died 21. Kev. Mr. White committed suicidc at We'ls- ' burg, Va The California fevsr continues to ra*e. Uott's resolution instructing the committae to report - "' ' ?- . I. - oi-A'HiAh of tlftvwv In thn Dis B Dill 'ATUIttUin lu ku? w ? ^ trlct of Columbia, passed the Mouse of Representatives b> a vote of 118 to h7; 45 members absent 22 -Violent tsow storui through mt the Kastern and Middle Statu*. Tt rrlbU conflagration In Saco, Me. William Dandrldge f- pp??H executed at Kiohmond. Vt., for tbe murder of William Mulr. Caucus of tbe member! of tbe Senate and House of ll-posentatives from tbe slave State*, and a committee of one from ea-ti State appointed to sustain tbe rights of tbe slaveho dirife State* on the question of the exclusion of slavery in tbe near t. rritorie* 23. Ilonll.i* murder and suicide at the oornerof Henry and Walnut streets, New \ ork, a man named Kraiicls Gelger killed Frederick W Mark*, attempted to kill Maria Kloster. and iben killed hlm*elf. In a lit if jeal' u?y Tremendous freshet on the Waba?h river great destruction of property A man named Skimmou* killed by a locomotive in Aiban; . The dilHcultie* in Oblo fettled lit. Christum* Day, the 184'.'th anniversary of Cbrl*tianlty. Tbe New Haven Railroad opened to New York, 27 Violent *now storm In New York. Nice little bret /eln tbe House of Representatives in Washington on mileage Tbe New \ ork and hrio Kailroai opened to Uli<champion. -H. ? Npl-'DJIJ gold medal and dinner given to Col. j Pnncan at tbe Aitor Hou?e. 2!'. ? Violentmnow sto-m 'ii V?w Y<rk. Tlir Criminal ftlntlttli 4 of New York. Statement* of convlottons, acquittals, ho., had in the ( ourts of Oyer and Terminer. (ienxral :inl S >?clal Sessions of the Peace. In and for the city and county of New York, during the year 1848. Or? h and Tr.itm 1 nkit 1848.?, ,?1847. Conv. Acq. Cont. .lc 7. Murder 1 4 1 0 Arson In the flr?t degree. ... 0 1 0 0 Manslaughter in first degree. .0 0 0 1 .Yaiirliiunliter in *'cond degiee 1 0 0 0 Assault and battery 0 0 (T 1 Bigamy 0 1 0 () Grand laroeoy 0 0 10 Raise pretence* 0 0 2 3 Selling lottery policies 0 0 10 Total 2 ? 6 & OcNKKAt. SKS?iei?. Conr. Cefyic. *lc>l Manslaughter in tir?t decree. 0 o 1 - ; Do In fourth 'iegree 2 0 1 0 | AimuU with Intent to kill. ... 3 9 11 Do witb intent to malm.. 0 0 3 0 Rap* 0 1 1 Aseault with inteat to oommil a rape 1 0 4 0 Rihbery In the flrtt decree., . ft 4 11 2 Do In the second togree. 10 0 0 Attempt to poison 0 10 0 Riot and anoanlt and batter/. 4 0 0 0 AmiuII and battery 46 4 40 6 Ar?on in the HHpnnJ degree. .. 0 1 0 0 Do In the third degree. ... 0 0 0 1 Attempt to ctu^aiit ar>on. . 0 10 0 Burglary In the ilrit degree. ..4 1 1 ft Do tn the *voond degree. 12 6 4 Do In tba third degree.. 20 ft 12 4 ' ' Attempt to oommtt burglary. 3 2 ft 0 j ' 1-JDtWlliHMBt 1 1 1 1 >? 4 ^ ? WM?MMW? B T> fs 1 A JL>' TWO CENTS. (irtnd larceay 35 fll 31 Atirm't Ueom't grand l?r??ny 4 14 0 Conspiracy to d-iftraud 0 0 2 0 Ob'alniL* property by Mm prttiseM 16 4 10 S Refl'g stolen good* (icitnler).. 8 7 7 0 IVtit larceny 65 12 6?5 0 Att'pt to commit petit larovny 2 0 0 0 Forgery in tbe frcond degree (counterfeit note*) 6 1 J Kirgrry In tbe third d?(ree.. 2 3 1 0 " fourth "... 0 0 1 6 Perjury 0 1 0 1 Cbiti'en^c to fl^ht a duel. . .. 0 10 0 B'gamy 3 1 6 0 Sodi/tny 0 0 1 1 \n-iDjil to commit <odouiy. . 10 10 I'rbcurlDK ao alortlrn 0 0 1 0 Indtcent exponwrr of pntnon. 2 0 3 0 Pelting obycene book* 0 0 1 0 Kip ingobscane print* for sale 2 0 0 0 lu.l.. . nt exhibitions (model artUU) 2 0 0 Abandoning infants In publio street* 0 0 1 Aloin< prnou?r- to tticape trow penitenttkry 0 0 1 0 Kirpiog gambling bouses.... 7 0 0 0 diKrJ.;rly ' .... 0 1 IS 1 Selling liquor without licence 0 0 1 0 Nuisanoe . 3 0 0 1 Violation of a'ectiOB law. . .. 5 2 2 0 " auction * .... 0 0 1 0 Selling lotteiy tickets 2 0 10 ' policies 0 0 1 (> Publ'sliing account of loterfss 2 0 0 0 Soliciting alien passenger* without llceu^e 1 0 0 i> Countt'ifi'ltiL'g labels 1 0 0 0 Poisoning 1 0 0 ft MaiaciouMy injuring a bar"-. 0 2 0 0 Oftlcers demanding and receiving feci 0 0 1 Libel 1 0 0 O 323 101 297 M oil <141 SF.MIUU. Conr. Acq. Com. Jtcu. Aaaault and battery. . . 4:w 5J 3.14 4S Petit Larceny 1 004 278 1,000 173 1,600 830 1.334 2111 1848. 1847 Number of trials in Oyer and Terminer.. 8 7 Do. do. General Sia.-ionn.. 380 3418 l)o. do. Special Seaaiona 1.035 1,851 2 023 2,020 Number of conTiotiona and actfulttala In Oyer and Terminer 8 II Do. do. General Seari >na 423 8<H Do. do. Speoi*! Seaaiona. 1 830 1,813 2,201 2,230 Number of peraoua di a charged by Oftrr aud Terminer ? 3 1)0. do. fGeneral Soiaiona 142 178 Do. do. Special Session* 072 1.109 814 1290 IVhole number convicted, acquited, and dDchurged In all the court* 3,076 3,510 Vumber of Indictments found by the Urand Jury 831 .'>93 Do. Complaint* diauiUaed by do 200 18J Do. Kecotini/.<n<'ea to answer. filed during the year 1.388 1,321 Do do. i< rtnitfd do do fli> 71 Sentenced to be executed. in 1848 1 ; in 1 *47, 1. Sentecotd to the Statn Prison lu 1848, 111) men aad 7 wiui>n, total, 130 In 1847,1)1) tnea and 21 *oo?l ; otal 120. Aggregate time of ?-nfenre In 1848. 440 yeara and 10 30'>ibn. lu 1847, 490 yetra and 7 month* Sentenced to ih? (Yni entiary in 1818. 700 me a and 70 women; total, 870. In 1847, 014 men anl 181 romen ; total. 820 Sentenced to the City Prl?on in 1848.102 mea and 7 won en; total. 221*. In 1847, 171 men and71 women: otal 242 Sent to the House of Rnfuge In 1848 68 biy? nd :i gina ; t?>tal. 71. In 1847, 04 boya and 0 gtrla ; ata't 70. ?AIMANAC FOB. 1849. S a 5 ?. ? j & / p S 3. c j* ?? ? ' I -2 S '4 S '(> July.... I 'a 3*4 5 8 7 14 15 It; 17 IM 19 2" 16 * 17 18 19 20 2i 21 22 S3 24 2u 26 27 22 '3 24 25 26 27 J < 28 29 3u 31 29 30 31 tb 1 2 .1 August... 1 2 3 * 4 6 6 7 8 9 10 66789 10 11 11 12 13 14 1ft l? 17 12 13 14 15 Iff 17 18 18 19 2M 21 *2 23 It 19 *> 21 22 H M 26 J.'i .ti 2" 28 2t; 27 28 29 30 31 ? larch... 1 2 3 Sept... . 1 456789 III 2346678 II 12 13 '4 11 l? 17 9 '0 II 12 13 14 15 18 19 21 21 22 23 24 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 20 26 27 28 29 3? SI 21 24 Z6 26 17 28 29 tdl 1 2 3 4 6 6 7 Octobor.. ? 1 J 3 4 fl # ' 8 9 10 1112 13 14 7 8 9 10 11 12 l? 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 14 10 >6 17 18 19 20 ,22 23 24 25 20 27 28 21 22 21 24 25 JG 2T 29 30 M 21 29 3)131--BT 1 2 3 4 5 NOT. ... 12 3 7 " 6 7 8 9 HI 11 '2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 13 14 15 |ti 17 18 10 11 12 13 4 '5 18 17 M 21 22 21 71 25 2? 18 Ml 20 1 22 ? * 27 28 29 30 31 25 36 27 JS 29 JO ? B*?"" " ( 4 5 6 7 8 9 ^e? 2 3 4 0 6 7 # 1(1 11 12 13 14 15 16 9 10 II 12 13 14 IS 17 18 I# 20 21 1? 23 1? 17 18 ? SJ) 21 22 24 25 Jfi V ^ 29 30 J3 31 21 S5 27 28 2? Circuit Court. Before Judge Klmonds D*?'. .8 ?Si.avk Ciil.-/n re Jutrph Btlt.? On th* HKt meeting In this matter. Mr. Lee, the owner or ilairaaut of the slave, put in a return to the writ of ,ahr,u rnrput, claimlag Belt M hU slave, under the uws of Marjland. averring that he had run away, and nsisting on hie being restored to him. On the part eC 3elt, an answer wae put In, denylr g that he was ? liT0, and oontrovoi t?Dg *11 thu o her facta stated in Mr Lee's return. To that answer Mr. Lee'i aounsel lemurred, denying Its legality, fco. The demurrer wan ktaued on Tuesday. and hie honor gare judgment thin norning, overruling it. which left the partlee In the >ame position in whioh they were before the argument 'ominenoed It wan then argued that the two (joes) iiODt to be dtcided were. tr?t: wan Belt the alare of Mr Lee. and incidentally, wan Maryland a slave State'? and. teooudly. did Mr act in acoordmce with the requirements of the act of Congress, which authorized him to recapture hi? slave In an nth.T State' Mr l-rederlolc Lee. the nephew of the claimant, ?ts producod mad sworn, to prove that B*lt wm the property of bit uncle, ?nl that h.i had known him to bo so for twenty jears Objections wern taken to (be testimony; but tbe Jud/e overruled the objections. reserving to himself the right to decide afterward* on their legality They were then proceeding to esamine lu relation to tbu ?lave law* of Maryland; but thia was objected to, on the groaud that the >tatutm themselves were the b-*t evldenoe, and that they should be produced Thla objection waa allowed. Some furtbrr iiuesltnns. of no Importance. were then put to Mr, after which, that branch of the caf waa closed The second i|ue*tion, namely, whether Mr. Lee. after the racapture of Belt had acted In conformity with the aet of Congress, was derided by the return to the writ of hahcai curuut, and the aniwer to it pat in by Bait, both of which w.'tt: sworn to From these documents, or at all events from the answer it appeared that instead of taking Belt before a magistrals a? the act required, Mr Lee took blm to Oruvesend on Long I?land and detained him there f r a lav end a nlnht Uelt'a oounsel now moted for Ills discharge. on the ground that the proof was not f-ufllcient to shoe that he was the slave of Mr Lea; and. also. l>acau?e Vr Lea had not compllud with the act of Cougresa. The court t'X>k the same view of the ewe aud ordered hun to be diaoharg* ed. upon which the colored r eople Inside and outside the ei urt room, 'oudly cheered the Judge, and cava three cheers for Belt They then took him on their shoulJers and ran blm down stairs, and In a faw seconds had bioi outside the Park gate, and ran him off through I-rank Tort street It Is understood that a civil action has b-en already comm-need against Mr. Lee for assault and battery and falsa Imprisonment, and tbat both criminal and oiwll proceeding* are to be immediately commenced aatunst the two police offloera tU'ploytd by blm to recapture Belt It Is also understood (bat Mr Lea ia'eoda to commence legal pro ceedlDK# against all patties conorraou. i?. liissla\e. J! .wine a^d Murder is Calipornia ?Private let^rs received here from the g?M mines of California, nre raiher discouraging to those about starting lor that region. They eonlirm the former reports us to the abunduacc of ?old, but at the same time Mate that tlio*e who are in (>osgession of the precious ore in any <|imntities, are inirked, and ofirn disappear. Even some that have a'tatched ih< mselves to trains leaving the mined have been robl.ed, and trains on their way there have been plundered Another letter states that the mate of a vessel iying on the coast, who had deserted a , nionih or two previous, had rcturn-d to the vestel with $2o,0<j0 worth ot void ?Rottcm TYav. I hum Rio ue Janeiro ?By tne birk W. II. D. Wright, we have advices from It o to the 22d ult. The supplies cf coffee at that date were not fully equal tu the demand. The <|H*lity of the new crop wa* not ful'y prime It is said that accounts from Uuenos Ay res make it pretty certain that the English minister would not he received, ami mat there wis talk of the renewal of the block lie. reports tr?m L.a nam, wiur ?K1 Novemtwr, are unfavorable ? Bait. Am. Tba L*gi*latur? of South Carolina adjournal oa Wednesday night last; aftar a (caMcn of twenty four Hay a.

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