Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1849 Page 2
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Ions political refugees The Imperial troops, meanwhile, will continue to maintain a eirtot surveillance on the frontier*, ro as to prevent any farther violation of this engagement on the part of the Vorort. 'X tie seat ion of tbv Constitutional Commlttaa, to vblch the question rerpeating the ben i of the (ierman empire wan rel? rred, baa dnolared in fsror of a hereditary Emperor, with u nivil lift, the right of anooession to te determined by primogeniture. "We have received advioea from Berlin of the I2th Inetant. The military commandant had again suspended aome of the journals which bad bren permitted to redlrputed point, whether the constitution was to have immediately the forou of law. had been deoidsd In tbv negaiive by the judges of lbs criminal courts, in a plenary meeting, tb? old laws mast oontlnue in force till new oner a. o enacted The ministerial par'y bad established a central eleotorel committee In the espltal, and were organising local coinu'iitt i>? throughout tbe country. A letter from Frankfort of the 12th, states that the taro Austrian Archdukes, Ferdinand and Stephen, hare left that city. M. Von Qagren hold* daily conferences with tbe Regent's Minsters and the influential members ot the Parliament, by whom he i? urged to taka ofllee a* president of tbe cabinet. Hi* friend*,on the other band, advise him to await ths retirement or M. hcbmcrling. Aaregardathe minor state* of (Jarmany, It appear* that the Thurlngtan duoble* and principalities will not leee their independent* at prsrent, bat to porreea tribunal* and other inititntiona In common The principalities of Hohtnsollern, Hohtngen. and Hoben Slgmarlng?n. are to be Incorporated with the kingdom of Wurtemberg, unlea* the King Of Frusta inlae* a protest against the measure. There were alarming riot* at Mare I on tba 4th last., tba town being completely In the hand* of th* populace daring four or Are hours. Great exoesjes were committed. Switzerland. In the oanton of Lucerne enrolment* cf troops for Naples are actively continued. A rtrlnt surveillance has been organised on the side of the ltliine, which will have three objeota:?First, no fhrther favor will be accorded to the F.ogltsh, as regards customs duties; secondly, differential duties will he imposed on Swie* artioles; thirdly, th* exportation .of sorn will be piohlbited. Schlrawlg-IIolatcln. Tba Frankfort Journal states, In a letter from Copenhagen. the instructions which have been given to the Vanish Ambassador, who ha* gone to London for the purpose of carrying on the negotiations for peaoe In the first class Is the Incorporation of the whole of Schleswig, as l*id down at the programme of the 1st* ministers; in the reoond olass, Is that of constituting Schleewig one Independent State, indissolubly united to Denmark by personal union and equal hereditary nnccesslon ; and thirdly, tbe acceptance of the prqjeot for the partition of Schleswig; and on this point Denmark depends upon England, because tbat proposal emanated from her This, however, Is the Tery extreme to which Denmark will consent. Tbe Danish journal Flyvrjioiten, on the contrary, states that It la enabled to assert, upon good authority, that tbe diplomatists who have gone to London have been charged with Instructions in no esse to oonosde to a partition of tbe Schleewig. but to insist upon the guarantees glveu to Denmark by the Great Powers, whereby the inviolate possession of Schleswig is guaranteed, and tbat there is no idea of tbe incorporation Of Schleswig.? Hamburg Bortenhalle, Dec. 12 Naples and SlclJy> Advices from Naples to the 25th November, contain tbe important news that the King bad issued* decree proroguing the Chambers to tne 1st of February?a step which it may be feared will prove the signal for a new ontbrerk, unit es the dread of the military preparations which have for weeks been carried on stall points, shall cause any present attempt to be regarded as hopeless The King havleg learned that the new Tusoan Minister had officially named a charge d'affairs to Sicily, strongly remonstrated against such a proceeding but he was not listened to In consequence ol this, he has reoalled Count Griffcn, his Minister at Florence, and has broken t.fl'nll r?liftnm httvciin Ninlesand Tuscanv The outbreak at Home, and tbe murder of Count Koeai, were thought to bave greatly contributed to strengthen tbe royalist party, by tba horror which tbey had excited among tb? Neapolitan! Account! from Paler- I mo to the 14ib ultimo, stare that great military preparation! wt re making to resist the Neapolitan!, and that several Kigtlth officers had entered the Sicilian era ice. A correspondent at Naples write! that the Governor Of Naples is to be changed. Statetla will probably he appointed-a man of great flrmneaa and much beloved. Ae to Sicily, matters are in itatu qua, but aomething Important i! brewing. I'rlnco (etrulla is gone to Messina, on some mtraion. and Filangterl bas been sent from the earce city, and i? now in Nap e!. Ms is in long and deep conferences *itb the Minister for Foreign AOtiis. The King is determined to treat the Sicilians ae rebellions subjeots and compel them to obedience as one may inter from the present aspect of affairs. Great anaicby prevails in Palermo. Tha populace, beaded by a man called ScorJato, are masters of every thing. With regard to the proceedings of tb# Sisiliab Parliament, it decreed on the 14ih ult : ''That tba infantry of the State should be formed in regiments cf tbe line and light battalions." it also decrees "a daily allowance out of the property of the State to all MtrelLere and other Sicilians, formerly resident in Messina. ?b? have taken refuge in Palermo, since the event! of the Clh and 7th of September, 1848." " The present CbamtMrs shall continue to sit as they are in their actual toiui until the new King arrive in Molly and has awcra to the constitutioa of tha 10th July. 1818. During this time the electoral operations thaii remain (upended." "At soon as the gor . vernmert ot the new King shall be formed, the oleotidins shall be proceeded wi'h Immediately, and the ae\^ Parliament (hall sa-cmbie by right as soon as such terminated." "The duration of the tt w I'arliamr nt rfiull be al-rays that determined 1 by the statute, to couct from the day of its first meeting " Affairs lit Hungary. The news from Hungary Is very contradictory and uncbrta n, bttt no events of importance si-em to have Msmtfri as/1 'I tnnn in a Httttfi Of thu DlDit ffiifht lnl auorrhy a* tbe Wailacks and Germans have embisced the Imperal patty. wbl e tbe Sxeklers and Msg)itr adLere to e Hung trlau Diet; and frequeut enoountus cecor bet?< m tbe hostile parting, dhj roband nuultr ?ach oibtr with r< mor?eUrs fury. 'J h? follow 11 g in toe actual amount < fche force to be e-nt by Austria to Hungary Int. Kroiu Vienna, 45 be talliue oi ii fantry ?>f 1,500 men, JI tingle companies Oi -to me U each Lb iqusdrvns of cavalry -it 150 men, 14 eoatpanitB i f j at ton em, and USS cannon of varioun cator-. Wild 1'iom Croatia. Mi 000 men, regular infantry 3rd. From I lacoer, the crpt of General Sou lick, B.OjO au-D. and the corpn of General Siinmooin. 0000 an 4 h, I mi S i n the trop< of General Nugent, T,uiO m n 5 h irom 1 rniieylvanta the trorps of General I'nlme', b,0?0 men 6th. Krum Set? a the Woyvode.-upp i< ur, wt'h 16 000 men. The corpe of Trinee tVinoiecbaiatr forme the ha-i? of the contained a'ttok, I vitilli will be Baiin timullani; iiely from See verloue yoibtr. Gteat j repaid ions fur defence are tusking in Hungery. Truce Windlschgratr has drawn up a lirt of all tbe officers who r til! bo,d o-Jt agsfn-t tbe repeated luvitatlom made to them, end haie not quitted the rebel it HnngarUu ranks and re-watered tbe Austrian nrmy. f Thhmili to be p'aced in the bauds of thn soldiers. ' Wbr> are empowert d to arrest and hand over to courtmartial any clllctr named in tbat list, whereso.-vor they may meet btrn. AVnlierlrln anil Moldavia. A l-'ter I join Bucharest. of tbe 7th, quoted by the Jtuttal dr Loiiitanhnofle of tbe l'Jtb, states that during tao days the Human military autborltiea had mad# nunerous arrests among which was tbat of an English subject, wjo was taken from his own bouse to pilron outside the town. M Colqunoun, her Uriitanlo Majesty consul general, bid protested against this violation, and demanded an liumeda'e reiiase oi the party am sts d He, however, could obtain no relics , from the Turkish autboiit oi. and the matter has been refund to tie iirilisb minister at Constantinople. Saxc-AltciiburK mul Aiiltitlt. Tbe Puke of 8axe-Altenburg has abdlraCed in favor Of bia brotler George, 'lbs now Puke is in his Old iear. and is msrrirc to a princess of Mscklnuburgchwenn, while his niece is tnewife of the prince royal of Hanover. The news Ir in Anbalt Burnburg an trounces that the Puke has been declared, bjr the Ojra- 1' missloner of the Central Executive and by tbe I) at in Bernbsrg. Incapable of reigning; and the latter has resolved, by n majority of IN to 1, to entrust theregeLcy to the uul.e of Anhalt- L), on tbe eomlitlon tbat his highness guaranties the maintcnanoe of the I independ) nee aud tbe constitution of \nhalc Bern| berg, eppcints a popular ministry, sand introduce the | jirj Mttmi and open court* 01 jumce 1 Sob'c ol Itie journal* tali* a favorable view of 1 lie qtuiK u, and *s|r??? ho. tt.a' hu tecuuimol*!))* ,*"*! be cflectcd. v>hile others a* confidential? a nurt '"that the rew Kmperor will open the canripaigQ at oooe. W ? believe that the matter will he Jvferr. i for a few dayr, in order to aioritain the effect that will be produced by the rfflctal announcement of lb* abdication of the late Knipcror, and also In order to afford - the Impt rial trcop* tbe oppcitunlty of taking t'ue c*th of aUoiOaucu to hranols Joseph Meantime, the. Magyar* n ade an Incurrlou on the f.'h into the Austrian territory, mar liruck and penetrated ac farm Kolua.n, Toward* evening, however, tbev withdrew. The Croatian* had advanced aa tar an ft irhobtadt. and the tiungai tan army bad abandoned I'rvvborg on tbe-Tilth, tilt., tilting with them 110 cannon and tbegunvof the National Ouarda, who, It appear*, declined to fight I agalnai the Imperial tioopa. The Hungarians 0*4. I taken up advantageous positions In Wieselbdrgft. I And and Koniorn. I Klauri-uborg hat* surrendered to the Imperlal troop*. A The Hime Ztitung. lays that the city of Ami. * eery strong place on the Maroe, near tbi Hunger Hi frontier on the Tranaylvaulan aide, and coui t.nlog H a population of about 16 000 roulr. was bombarded <>a W the 10th and lltb.for the fifth time There *?< oo ? Kauoa Infi kfarvrllnor unlninrvfl Tkn Il'ir un t I IZtilutig omit* to taj whether the bombard aaen: * t? mad* b? it? Imjerial troop* or the Mj^nn Th- ' l*ie foitret* cf Lippa, on tbe Maroe, in roronta. *?i taken frum tho Magyar* ontbelitb. by the W alla ahainf fcfier an oba loata reel* fane*. Th* Teeth Hon** of Kepreaentatlrek ha* declared the throne of Hungary vacant, and th* Hou<? o: flap*bnrg nnaottliy to reign It ii laid Ikit h'nmutk tin ?*titltn 10 Mr. statu, tkr Uuit'd Statrn Miniilrr. in 4rder to tirqunt Aim to ?r< kit tnjtur rt with IfindnrA. grot* to itidvrt tke toil namtd to rentrrif to a tkrm montki' Iructvitk Hungary. Sninnyr. Tb* pre** ia declared entirely frea, and tb* o?n iorablp for t ?< r a boll* bed. a.***. A fa* week a ago, It we# rum red that a treaty had been concluded between the Kit peror of Kuiel* and tlabamj 1. th* Clrcaaaian chief, an 1 therenpoa It aai ao^eatored the Kraperor moat bar* doao ?o with an Vlterior deaif n on aom* other power A oorreapondent, however giv> a ua the following information on tbeaub Jaat Ja the Cmaaa paper* (ha aaw* l.?? ion* a>r<?<l th?? Pawl* Wmcluoed * treaty with In* CiuiuOr peeple, by wlncli th< Ir Indvpendeae* are eebieeledged. |c??, o? trie oi.iv\* yeu tint three r-pertj iwjejre atria* o' aflrw'iea k f Tlx laet <eturs from Tiflis. at It nt say that tlx ponlUo* ?f the ttmietdi >< |witin lemaintd entirely agil ertd. fix ab wa report msy have arisen from ttw taut iliat lomt of the I>?,hst?B t riles, w < hail ul'ciiuiI nil to tlx power ut Khki a Had mid-t a p<o|M<eal iI>r a twj ta I rlnoe Wooi to*, and alio Inn the tact that a bo 'y of troops, mime 5 <a a- o rut k f irmoriy ftstiouee la the Caacaru*. had received irdvr* t march to Poland We also learn tbat Snhainyl. on ibe loth nf Septeraher. with an imposing force, bad repaired, during the feast of Aobtl, to tbe Kamur'chen border, where be had attacked den. Hoth, and h?d driven him back, but being subsequently attacked himself by a heavy body of troope. a severe action took plane. The Russians give tlielr lore in this action at 15 killed and 162 wrundsd. and estimate tbe loss of tbe enemy at SOU In killed alone THK KI'MOHKD RESTORATION OK TUX POLISH KINGDOM. A letter from Posen, dated Deo 0, which Is quoted In the Cologne Quelle, says.-'-Prussia on condition Ibat Russia should re-establish the kingdom of Poland, and plane tbe Duke of Lsucbtenberg over It as K in. has ceded to Russia tbat part of the Grand Ddohr of I'ossn. which, according to tbe line of demarotion traced by General Von Scbuffer B?rostela, has not been incorporated into GermaDy The formal ast of cession will lake place on tbe 1st of January. The arrival of a Russian Councillor of State at Ks'isch. has reference to tbe execution of this Important treaty Similar mgoliations have commenced with duitrla, on the euhjeut oi the neselon of Cranow au l thaPolish part of Galllcta hnt tbe reality of this Is not yet determined. The n?w kingdom of Poland will hare a coiiktiiLtion granted 10 it, and will be placed provisionally under tbe protection of the three powers All thlc may be considered as an attempt to satisfy tlbe I'-ler. and extinguish tbat Important locus of resolution for Kastern Kutope. If the attempt should rail, the whole or I'oianl will return under the domination of Russia, and the population cf the Grand Ducby of Posen hopes confidently that the cession to Russia will be effected. The Gastlit of Poland, however, asserts that It doss not give cri silt to this strange Intelligence. The Pi n'nu Gazettr, on the other hand says there are in the hingdomot Poland 100,000 uien ready to light, and who are at the disposal of Austria whenever she chooM-s to call for them Should Au-trla be reduood to the necessity of requiring ttacm. she may in return abandon Ualllcia to the Czar, which would perfectly satiify him. The frontier between Poland and Rus<ia will shortly be opened It is even asserted that this also is to ba the case In regard to ( racow; and according to anothsr report, the kingdom of Poland vein b* reinstated in Its ancient foim, and Craoow will again be a republic. Such are tbeaccounte given by some of the best Informed journals, although they are not in accord In regard to facts. It nevertheless seems pretty certain that negotiations are pending, and that some change will shortly take place in regard to Poland. Ortccei M. do Iladzikoa has been appointed president of the chamber of deputies, and M ?i L> L (Jondurietti and Jatrcs, vice presidents?they belong to the Camarilla. Portugal. The advices from this country are mostly occupied with ('etaila of intrigues at the palace. Saldauha is not fulfilling the anticipations formed rnspeotlng him, and Instead of adopting conciliatory measures, as sug' geetcd by Sir O. H Seymour, is endeavoring by any means to get rid of bis opponents. As a proof, he has dii-mlssed Rein, a noted Cabralist, from a high office. There is no doubt but some great political movement is approaching. Cape of Good Hope. We have files of the South Jlfiiran Jldorrtiier to tha 16th of October, which do not, ho sever, add anything of Importance to the accounts already received. Sit llarrv Smith's vlstit to Kafllrland bad elioited a most latufmctory account of the state of affairs in that quarter. A meeting between his excellency and the Kaffir chiefs bed been held at King William's Town, at whiob sundry matters were discussed The government agents reported favorably of the oblefs, and the chtefi had nothing to complain of against the agents; so that, as a matter of oourse, the proceedings of the day terminated in a matter satisfactory to all parties India. Our despatches from Calcutta are to the 21?t of Ootober, and from Bombay to the 2d of November. Speaking of the aews from that quarter, the London Chronirlt, of the 4tb, Bays:?The intelligence from In at* attords an unwelcome ana mote sigolneaot commcntary on that policy of diplomatic credulity and mllitaiy procrastination which has characterized all our relations towards the Sikh disturber* and tyrants of the I'uojaub. We hare delayed, where we ought to bare struck, and struck home?we have believed most blindly, where we ought to have doubted and distrusted most keenly. We have takea for granted the allegiauce of fanatical and faithless hordes of half-conquered invaders of our frontier, and we have lent our etreDgth to bolster np a feeble and demoralized government, which either cannot, orwill not- or, rather, which neither can nor will? fulfil any Interna ional obligation. The result Is now tiefore us. .Another "army of the I'uojaub," and another war, to be conducted on the largest scale known to the history of Briiitb India, must repair the error which was committed in the abortive arrangement oi lt-40. and whose consequences have been subsequently aggravated by blunders of administrative and military detail. Our only satlsfaation is. that tbe present posture of affairs Is one which rendirs tbe ) ath of duty and sound polioy unmistakrahly plain, and tbat the deS'.lu'e* of our Indian eniplte aie at this juticure. In the hands of a man capable of knowing n fact vh-n he sees it, and of aprieciattig and responding to the demands of an emergency. lrrlanri. Dublin, Thursday. Dec. 14. 1811 TRIAI. OF fit \H. a. htFFY, Arc. Yesterday the tirand Jury of the oity of Dublin returned Due bills against Mr. Dully, for r..u?t?n? articles la tn? a'.iion. ?aa Tor ttie letttr to Smith O'Brien, urging him to rebellion, found in that unfortunate gentleman's port in note ait These are the third air of hills returned ag*?inet Mr. Duffy, the two fo-mer having been abandoned by the Attorney General. The southern and midland newspapers retired to-dny are filled with heartrending accounts of deaths|>y starvation. extensive eviotlocs of tenan'ry, tbe fli-'ht of tenant* towards the emigrant shios, and violent outrages, in nil their disgusting variety. Awful and 1'slal Disaster on Hoard nit Irian 8t?uiiur, On Tuesday .' 'nnightreports reached Liverpool of a lanO.^ I-,. i.riiOahinli k..< ?n hI . I . . . Meamer Londonderry, plying between S'.lgo ?o I thl? ( ort. sod though the tint accounts were strangely tocorrect and horrible yet when the tru'h heetme known, it wae rhown tbat the lot* of life bad been ratlu r unilerrla'ed ; while, though CO actual crime had b?en committed, the details i I the true relation were not a whit the leas hartowtcg and distreaiing than those of the fabricated story firat transmitted. It appear* that about four o'clock on the evening of the Ur*t of December. the eteambcat Londonderry left th' h'i-b:>r of Sl'go There were on board of her three cabin i>tn?ng-ra a number of ebeep and oxen, and about. 160 emipmnts. The vessel win crossing over to thi* put, whence tbi- majority if tile unfortunate passenger* intended to proceed u* emigrants to America. Toward* nightfall a heavy gale came on, and at la*t blew with ao much violence, that ahortly after midnight, or rather toward* one o?eb pk on Saturday morning, tlia decks were cleared of all except the seamen. The rteeiHga paaiengera. perhapa on? hundred aod lifty In number, were crowded Into thofcrecahln, men. women, and children, and were driven below ? driven, we ray. I tenure several atruggled against thoie who lorced them down the companion ladder ? After acme difficulty however, ruauy remonstrances, i ud much opposition, the poor emigrant* were crrmmed into the narrow compass of tk.e (era cabin, a compartmrnt lltt'e mere than eighteen feet long by eleven feet wide, and aeTen feet high. The apace war ttptbllonly of accommodating about forty pae*enct*ra, and hart wire nearly one hundred and fifty of both a.'xea, huddled together ind a riminately. the old and tue young, the robust and the aickly. the adult an<l the infant. Mianwhile. the aea waa runinug high in the channel, 10 that the wavea repeatedly broke over th* ateamer. 1 hen It waa that, through the negligence of tho*e who were re<ponaible for the live* of the people on board, a measure of momentary convenience wax adopted which led to a cataatrophe, the like of which ha* only orcurrtd before In the notorioua priaon of Calcutta. The companion, the only aperture by which the fore-cabin received ventilation, wa* closed, and over the companion was nailed down a piece of tarpaulin ! This waa atabout midnight between Krhlayand Saturday. The result proved to be only aurh a* common renae would tell every one wa* inevitable. The dlixineae and <[ualms of ava-eiokneaa were very soon forgotten In the unendurable eenea'lions of -uft ic.atinrr? Kfforts were made to force a way oat of the condnemint: they were found to b? unavailing. .Shout* were raletd to attraot attention.; they were drowned in the rearing noire of the storth. And then according to the description of the few eurTirore,eneu*d a spectacle Mich as (ete the imaginations of even the most morbid at defiance The steamer drove b'avely through the tempest, while those who directed her remained wholly unconscious of the frightlu' conflict for life and death which was then raging in her very entrails.? The trampling and beating s.iunds within the cabin were rendered Inaudible by the throbblnc of the pistons, and the shrieks and groans of the sufferers only died away with the gale towards morning Not till then were the ret men aware of the tragedy which had been enacted under their feet. Out of the one hundred and fitty passengers who had been driven down the com paniou ladder a few hours before, seventy-two wart fcutid to hi; re p.-rlehed ' Men. and women, and littls children, h it hands and wives, sons and mothers, were hmpd iboi-t the floor of the cabin In disorder, some v>lih their clothes torn from their backs In their tatters, v> me ? ii n their band) and faces lacerated, soma with their features trodden into a mummy by the Iron shod ' l n>t??" of their fellow sufferer*; here a father locked In tb> * me of his dsughtar; tbera a sister clinging t* the ccrpve ofber brother, tbelr countenances blackaad dietcrti (1 with the convulsions produced by suffocation 'I t e following is a description of the ecene wJMch n t l the eye of the mate when a steeraxe passenger, ?hoi>a<t at Isst. forced his way out, communicated to 1.1m the terrible Intelligence:? The mate Itntsntly l?cain? alarmed. and obi lining a lantern, went down to render as: istanse. Such tuwertr. v? t ? f..?i I late (ft! sir in tlie labin, that th- light was itntnedi itely extinguished. A eecor d v as obtained, and it to), wai extinguished. At i igth. o* it o lavrsahn baiigC" mptvte'y turn wd.and alio *-ce?s ef air admitted, too r*?l vs'.ure of toe oa'aitropV, exhibited Hsnlf. Ihtro Isy, in t usiw, tf r living the dying and the dojd. one frightful mass of niintled "gory at il dsath, a sie-cta<l? r eongh to appal t'S sttmtist Iesrt. Msn.wovatn and ohifdrrn wi re hndd'cd togntber, i laxkcncd wt'h sntt alios, dis'orlcd by sonvu1slon?. hr-itied aod I leertiiia Iroio the desecrate ilrmrile for existence which nrt ieded th* nli** rihauatid naure ntigiwi tlia atriio. After Kmc 11to* t'a li-ln acne reparoled from the dead, nod it wai thru found 'l.?t 11.? latter amounted to t early oi.e hairef tte (i.ttf number. The entering the iteerago of the a'.eaaior, was, pir l ap > tvlol a cp otaole ae could Ir wltnetcrd Set not/two oead bodka of rr.< o, omin, and rhil'lrtn, lay piled minor mi HMtf Wtt tafh ti hi due p. all nratjtin< tienh-atly ap penianee < f per*i a who had dittd in tin ifionl"? of mlf mation : ?er) tnnni t f ti. m noaated ulth 'he Hood which had gn-I.ed frrm tin* it nth and rone, or had flowed from th? wound a infltosM by the traiiipl.i xof rail atudded brogue, at I by thefraitle aiolcnr* of ihot-e m no atnijigled for aar<(<*-lor it *a'? bnt too to dent that, in that, itropgle, the poor rraatoioi hod torn the a)oth<a from tlTtgoh other'a l-nek/. and erin tha H eh from an.'h t th.f f'a I N. t? " W? bar- not', i-ig more to Add toth> brief but tragic laid. eave that the coroner's jury found tlexander Johnstone, raptato; Ricb&rd Hushes. flr?t ma'e, aa t Ninian f rawford h-cnuil mate, of tha Load indarry, puilty of manslaughter. an I hare eipres'ed In tha stroigest term*, their abhorreucs of the luhu o?n 010dunt of the other seameu on board, throughout this unhappy transaction. The Cholera In Grant Britain. [Krom the Kuropean Time', I)eo 19.| Tha cholera still lingers about tha enbarbiofthe metropolis. and ID Scotland ice 1 ?> <?) hare n it senelbly diminished The t .t il number of eaies, fr >in tne inoptlon of the maladv uo to Wednesday Imit. were a.ieti. of whioh U88 bad died. 350 had reoorered, and h.T) continued ui der treatment In the inotr > .oils, however the cases are generally not more than from three to Ore per day, and In the prorinoes about the seme number upon an average. It 1* la Seotland still where the average continues from twenty to thirty per day The fatal oases In the metropolis were la?t week only 21. against 20 in the week and 31 In the week before that; whilst the mortality (or he three or four preceding wei-tig, varied inou 04 >o 06. The general health continues good The deaths In the metropolitan dls'ricta were 1.119 last week; whilst the average for the last five years, during the same period, was 1.161. Iu isolated Tillages tu* milady lonictirnes aorears end carries off a few p-rson f?n or three esses bare been reported in Manchester, and the name is Liverpool, the latter nhietiy members of i>o? f-tnoy. who list! jut arrived from iiuuirm-; b it the great towns have been throughout singularly exempt from atraeke Last week a report was otrculaleil that the disease bad apo -are J In Paris; but the alsict has qui e subsided The Weather throughout the country is unusually floe; we soarcely remcnbsr ever to have experienced such a warm temperature In December. Tur America* Fifto* " St. Lawrrvok "?The S> I.awrenre came up Southampton Water an 1 anchored abrtaet Netley Abbey, on Sunday the 3d last When fie dropped aucbor. the Admiral'y superintend* it's b<at. with the royal pendant flying, pushed off from tbe quay to oonvey Lieut. Brady, H. N, who, in the absence of Capt Sir J. U. Sinoiair. Bart., the senior ifllcer at Southampton, went to pay bis respects t> (apt I'auldlpg of the St Lawrence, and to offer hi n the oivilitivs ot the port. Lieut Brady was received very polite.y. ar.U the moet respectful oour'?i|es were reoiptoca'ed between the American and British officers. At 10 o clock on Mond.ty morning tho slumbering monks of Netley must have been almo<t arou'ed by the reverberating echoes of a sa ute of 21 guns froui the frigate This wasanewered by a salute ef 21 guns from tbe Southampton platform, which was fired amidst a great concourse of p< ople. Tbe United StatesConsul now went off to the frigate, In official ooatume, and returned to the pier about 12 o'clock,vltb i? viral officers of the frigate. Tbe captain was detained en board by illotss. Tbe weather was very tempestuous, butta number of gentlemen were on the pier, and weloomed the American officers very'cordially to Southampton. Nuuieiouatlsgs were hoisted, and the ohurolt bells rang merrily during tbe day. A number of reports having been iu circulation as to the conduct of ( apt Paulding in passing Portsmouth Harbor. We are authorized to elate that, in strict accordance with naval etiquette, tbe captain did ruiute tbe admiral, the garrison, and Osberne. C'apt. Paulding and the ?Boers of the frigate were entertained on tbu l ;th iusc at it splendid oiuuer, given by the Mayor and Corporation of Southampton, at the audit house, In oomniemoratlon of the visit of tie St l.avrriiet. and to testifv their respect for tha Ameiiosn tllag. About ninety persona sat down to dinner. The Mayor presided at thep-lneipal table, and at the right band ot hla worship sat the guest of the evening, (apt. I'euld'Ug. dupportvi by inauy of his officers On the fame side we also observed A. K Cook burn. Ksq.,M P.. I'apt Norton, rapt. Keele, K. Sholton t,sq.. O Atberley, Ksq , O. Burnett, Ksq , O. (ioldstnith, Ksq , and J.Witt, Ksq On tha left of the 1 choir nun were I). Brooks, K?q.. the late mayor, E. i Barnard, Esq , Captain Lamb, T. L Herman, Ksq. ; The vice chairs were filled by Mr. Sheriff Andrews i and C. K Deacon, Ksq., town clerk. The banquet , wae of princely magnificence : every delicacy of the season wss in profuse abundance, and tbe wines were cf unsurpassed qualify An excellent band was stationed in the orchestra, which played many popular and national airs during the evening. The health of tbe Queen was drunk amid a salute of 21 guns from the battery; and the same honor was paid to the teait of " The President of the UnitedStutes " by the guns of tie St. Lawrence, both being very oorreoily timed by signal. The healths of Captain Paulding atid the cflictrs of tile frigate; J. R Croskey, K?q the Aintrioau Consul st Southampton; the uiomb-ra of tbe borough; the Mayor ; and many others, were given, and rcspoDdei to in a becoming manner; and 1 the oompany reparated, after having spent a veiy delightful evening. i Coin is California.?With respect to the alleged discovery of vast quantities of gold in Californ a, the Minim; Journal has tbe following notice :?" We learn that two gentlemen,recently returned from California. sod arrived at Southampton, by tbe Watt India steamer Clydo. confirm In part tbe late statements of the American j lurnala. as to the discovery of gollia i that country ; nod, an evidence of th? fact, exhibited specimens ot the metal which tbey had with them. ' We nevet had n doul>t of goidVeing f.iund there ; but to tbe eitent represented by our transa'iantic coternporaries we are very incredulous. That mica has been mistaken for gold we are a<nurrd ; and can state on the authority of a gentleman no* in London, why is exti uslvely envaged in the gold mines of flraril, that b<-bas frequea'iy hud applications to purrase gold, yhiclt was proved to be mtca To Inexperienced por' j sots tie conviction uny uot b? r-ady ; hut to a practical aod experienced miner the detection in easily made." American Stole Htcclxs, Dec. li, 1BW. LATEST IOSOOS CRICKS. i w'.u.i ntsUs Kito per Cents (I8.?ui > , , p- g r x ' f dir. from Jan. Ditto Six per Cents. (180S.) 07 l8*?New York Five per Cents. (IhDd,) 30 l,ex. div. Ditto (lS.r.8 ) i'O I, ex div. Ditto. (1S0O.) fcO 1, ex div. Pennsylvania Kivo per Centc, f8 70. I Ohio S s per Onti (1650,) ill 2. Ditto (lhtU.) 01 2. .Macrachusetta Five prr Cent*. (Ster. Bonds) 05 7. Illinois Six per Cents (Ster Bonds.) 33 0 South Carolina Five per Cents. (Baring fc Co.) 84 6 Ditto (Tatmer It Co ) 82 4 Louisiana Five per Cents, (Bating k Co..) 185) 52. 86 7 Maryland Five per Cents. (Ster. Bonds.) 68 70 Mlstistlpf I Six per Cents., 00 Alabama 1'ive pir Cento., 63 { Ditto (Sterling BnmK) 08 60 < Virginia Five per Cents., 85 7 Ditto Six per Cents., V0 New York City Five per Cents , 85 United States Bauk Shares, 7s. W? beg to call the attention of our readers to the fblowing circular 15, Amukl-COI'IIT. BASK, ) London, 7th Deo , 1811. ( During the past year there has been a constant and 1 Increasing demand tor all descriptions of American stocks, principally with a view to p rmiurot investment, and to tLo income derivable fiuoi them ; very few tpeculatlve Investments huve b i n nude,excepting for American weeount. The federal loans for ? 16 000 000 lava found purrfcasers at prices advnnclDg from US to 6U)? p-r cent, which is the lait'[notation for tho sis p r coat stock currying the dividend trom July. A portion of this 1 stork is represented by cerlidoales proving tli* owners | ; to be registered on the Treasury books in Wa'hing; ton. anu transferable only by power of attorney or in I person; another pottlon of it is represented by bonds , of $1,000 each and upwards, having coupons attacked and payable to bearer. / t tlio present price of 8D'? percent, the investment will pay for twe aty years 6', I per cent on the money invested, after tho de4u jtlon of ! every allowance for exchange and commission, and give I to ilir holder a dividend in January. | 1 his stock has round large purchasers on the Continrnt. where the pclittcai Doubles have caused the more cautious to make investments in It. for tho purpose of securing, in another hemisphere, something out of the i wreck of their iortunes. This stock offers to bankers the additional facility of i realising in New Ye:k, and thus, iu the event tf any derangement occurring in our money market, the ; holders can at any timo send their securities out to the .8 ates. and within five weeks the proceeds i of the sale In submitting to your notice American stork as an employment for capital now so nbundeut, I have to leu ark that the non-payment by itomn of the separate States does not apply, and oughl not in any way to be I piarediu juxta-positlou with the federal govrrntu-nt, who always have even when at war with this country, rs'd to the day the interest and principal when due : Tbe present loan has been created to pay tho txI ei set of tbe late w-ar with Mexico; and the reason j for Increasing the debt having ceased, we may fairly cot sid?r that tbe revonues (being annually more than 1 1 ? 1 t th? .i.s.m -.ill - I* J subfloribr mjfflf, gentlemen. Vour most obedient servant, LEWIS H H ASLE WOOD. Rank of Kiiglmd. An account, pursuant to the 7th and 8th Victoria, i chap 38, lor the weak ending the 25ih day of December, 1Mb. I*? * PfPARTKIVT. Notoe iientd. 4i7,733,731 (Jovcrr.mmt Debt. .?11 016,100 Other Sicmitliia ,,, 2,#K|,'J0Q* Oolii Com aud Buiboii 13.2i5.b38 Silver Bullion &U7.UU9 ?27,'33,715 ? 37,7*1.735 ha.vhivo inmrvrrt. Proprletore' CapitaLxM/.U1?<> uiverni-ient Seenrl Hut 3,,?t,.3l tie# (latluOing Public Depoei'e (In- Ifc-ad h ri^ht An oludlLg E*. he- auitr) ?13,323,1)12 nuir. Ravinge Other Seeuritiei.,. lu.&^Vib lit. nk a, Commie- Kotea 111,771,730 alotieiaofNaUunal Oeld as 1 Silver Debt, and Ulvi- te.n 7M?,.?5 dot.d Aceoon'a).. 7,081.102 Otter Deposit# U,?o7,Vod Seven day and otlior BUle 1,1X12 728 ?.75,508,148 ?15550,115 The Corn Trade of Knropc. [From the I.ondun Maioantile (iaiette, Deo. IS ] 'J hough the trade in grain ha*, within the |*,t forinight,antumrd a Itrnur tonr, there la nothing in Che pinont position of mirair* to induce ua to think that the value of breadttulla I* likely to advance m iter! ally. Nome flight Improvement may perhaps occur during the period ot abort supplies, hut It t* well known that a large number of veascle, grain laden, are no* on pariage to thia country fratn th? black and AaoIT Seas ; nor baa the whole of the battle, supply yet reached u*. Up to lha present period there are Teasels loading at many of tho near continental porta for Ureat Britain, and tbla will probably continue to ha the cm? until the winter aeta in and the navigation of the different rlvera ahall bare become Impeded by Ire Meanwhile we may expeot our own grower* to bring their produce iff market rather more freely than tbey bare done of late, for nnremnnerating aa prices now are, tbe Inducement to hold la, under eclating circumstances, not strong This must be nt onoe ap parent, when we state that (here treat present offers to abtp capital red wheat In spring at 89a to 3'.U. par \ ' T qr , wblch with freight and the then nominal duty of le. par qn?it?r. would not ei-t over 42* t? 43s per qr. here. Tbase quotation* are certainly tempting ; aud though tha languid posh ion of all oinaeriiial affair* render* capitalists unwilling to embark in corn eperulation* at present, still, we think onr farmers ar* likely to m -t with at least as strong oomoetition aftsr the let of kebrnary as at present. Holder* of wheat bare manifested more firmness of late, and at seme of the large consuming^towns in'the north, and atmrgtof the markets in tUe Hgrioultural districts, prices have slightly advancd. The arrirals of wheat coastwhe into London bare been trilling el nee thli day week, and the quantity brought lorwara at Mark-lane, hy lend carriage astnples from the home counties, has also been sma'T. Ou M?nil>ir th?r. was aeligit|y improved demand for good dry qualities of wheat, and factors we/* induced, in the first instance, to ask enhanced terms; but finding the miller* unwilling to pay higher rates, they afterwards consented to a soept tbe prices of that day f*'nai<ht, when a fair olea-anoe war made. This morning the operations were again on a strictly retail seals, and ia the absence o' business of importanos quotations under went no variation requiring notica It is not improbable that the duty may rite a step next Thursday, the last return for the kingdom being 48s. l?J , or Is. 6d per qr lower than that for the previous weeh The supplies for wheat from abrosil have been moderate of late, but there wire a geod many parcels fresh up for to day's market, and having still a tolerably large number of oar goes n float at this port, sellers have shown a disposition to meet the demand. On Menday there was a somewhat better oountry inquiry, and a moderste share of business was transacted atpreviousrates. On Wednosday vi ry little was dona, and this morning the dan and was also slow, but priors were not lower than in tbe beginning of the week Klour has throughout the week hung vrry htnvily on hnnd ; Its previous vnlus has. however, been about supported Barley of hom growth has noma sparingly, forward, and the arrivals from abroad have not been by any means large; superior malting samples and good heavy grinding qualities have commanded quite as muoh money as lest week, but the intermediate descriptions have in partial instunces been parted with at a slight reduction In malt there has been little passing, and its value hat remained nominally unohanged. The receipts of oats hare been unusually small; the dealers have, however, acted with suoh extreme caution as to render it impossible on the part of (factors to establish any quotable advance, and the business done bus been at previous prices. To-day there was. however. a decidedly firmer reeling Quotations of beans and pease have remained muoh the same as before. In Imlien corn nothing ot the slightest interest has transpired. Blsu-ketSa Lennox Montr Maskit. Deo. 15, OneO'olook.?The accounts from the continent continue satisfactory ? confirming the good impression produoed yesterday. Men's mind?bav> been much relieved by the peaceable result of the l'residential election in Franoe; and whilst gloomy anticipations have been dispelled, a bright and hopeful view of the future is not only svldently new apparent, but there ars indications of its spreading far and wide. in 7urlous oircies we bear the expression of gratification at tbs favorable change whieh only a few day* has brought about, and of intended operations of some magnitude. Already in France lisve symptoms of enddenoe. hope, and revival of business shown themselves. At Havre, for instance, the cotton market was beootning more and more aotlve and buoyant, in oonsequenoe of the result ot the eleotion. lu 1'aria itself business of every description has been resumed with renewed and increased activity. In afewdays similar evidences will, it is hoped, be manifest here. A dividend of 3per cent for tbe half year ending the 31st August last, making, with tbe previous half-yearly dividend of per cent, a gross annual dividend of 8 per cent, wis deolared at a mooting held yesterday afternoon by tbe Oriental Bank. The total profit of the Institution during .the year had been ?94,916. The lessee at ibs eemo time have been heavy, amounting to ?fi2,0C0, arising from connections in Calcutta, Bomhay, and Coy loo. There was great animation in the Liverpool cotton market yesterday. All sorts of American were a shade lilghei, and may be quoted I fully lid. dearer than on Friday last. The sales, including 3 COO takeu on speculation, amounted to 10,000 baits. The Stock Market to-day present* a generally steady ttppetraDce. with not much business doing. There is not much change In tbe value of government stock"- from the closing prices of yesterday, but a decline must be noted. Consols, from 87?? to ex dir. for the opening?the closing rate, yesterday, are note marked 87,u to ?-?; Reduced Threw per Cents, 87 to New Tine and a Quarter per Cents, 8"?? to Long Annuities, 8 7-10; Exchequer Bill*, 39 to 42 (\laroh) prim The Foreign Stock Market Is onoo mire very quiet. Turks: O'clock?Consols for acoount, 87),' ex dir. London Corn Markkt, Deo. 15, P. M.?At tbis day's market tbe little English wheat on sale brought the iroprovt ment noted on Monday. A moderate but not extensive demand prevailed for foreign, and late rates were fully supported There was more inquiry for small floating cargoes of wheat and Indian earn, but belrg litld for Is per qr advance, business was cheeked. Having a better supply ot F.ngdsh barley, maltsters succeeded In buying on somewhat easier terms. A retail demand existed for malt, peas, and beani, in a Inch no change In value took place. London Markf.t*. Dkckmhkr 15?SfrMft.--The d-maud for pig iroi has bsen limited, but there is rather more Inquiry for home use. The production doss not much exceed the consumption, still Scotch No. 1 can b- purchased at 40s 6i to 41s and mixed numbers at 40s. For early delivery there are not sellers within 2 to 3s of these rates Dealers here are but moderately supplied. The value of Welsh bar. i? iiuuanu, ik AC ; listl rod*, x" ; hoops XK Kia.; sheet ins'ir. ?0 to X9 10#. ; refined metal, A3 ?? Ad. to A3 10s. ; foundry p'R- In Wale#. A3 16* to A"4 6? ; forge, A3 to A8 6#.; p<gs, In Staffordshire, A3 to A3 15-'. There has been only a limited .business oar.eluded. Foreign bar ir< n i# in am<lf eupplv, but is nnt much wa?v?4 ; the worlu cf Swedish i? All to X12 : Russian C.C.N.D. A17 ; and Archangel, ?13 Swedishsteel is heldwith Arrrmefs; still only a moderate demand exists ; keg is A13 10j. to A14 ; and I'-ggot. AIA There is a teif stock bare. For m-prer the market baa a Arm tone, end orders keep go til si larger. The shipments to India last month reach 473 tons. We qnote British sbset at lid ; cake, ?79 10e per ton; tile, ?78 10s ; and ' hid A70. Tin continues to And a ready sale ; British block 7i's. ; bar. Hts. Od ; n fled hfis.; Bane*, f >r home u<?, 10s ; Straits, 84s. ; and Uaoca, for exportation only. 7?s. The stock ct Fast India is only 200 tons Of English rcflned the rupply is very sma'l. and SAs. is the value. Tin plates are in exo-llent demand, and the strrk is small; there ere still large orders for the United States. The value of I C eake is AOs. to AT* ; and I C charcoal 2'.''. to SOs Lead finds a more ready sale for home use. still exporters operate with caution. Spanish is to be bought nt ?14 10s. for middling ; better sort. A16 ; English pig. AIA ; and sheet A17 For Spelter a good demand exists at A1416s to A14 17a Od on the spot, and at A14 16s to A15 for delivery in the rpring. The stock is 2 f'60 tons, ami at the stmn time lust year. 2 235 tons. For quicksilver the price ie yet 3s. fid . but not much d?msr.d exists. \aral Stnrrt.- Rouirb turpentine Is not mnch wanted; prices have a deolinlng tendency, as the stock on bend is large, acd the consumption is small. We quote Itrttiah at 31e to.'lAs and American 32s fid to 31s. per cat. Tbeie are sellers of rough at 7s fid., still few buyers are to be met with, and the stock gets larger 1 lore are also tatall parcels y?t to come, and lower rates are expected to exist. There Is no vari itlon in the value ut tar. but tbe market is Arm. and a good deu and hie bcpn experienced; tbe stock Is griduaily diminishing Pitch remains ths same as last quoted but not much bas been done. i'reiitifins.?Iibh butter Is ctTered at further reduced rates, us arrivals ire upon a large scale. Ths tide lias oprrat. d with reluctance, especially la inferior finds ; whilst on t-be psrt of importers a desire Is manifested to tell noon the following terms: ?r.ork >a to 60s . Limerick title, to fis* , Carlnwand Clonmel 71*. to 80s.. Waterford 62s. to 72s . Carrtck 74s to 76s , Belfssf. 74s. to70?.. llubltu 70s. to 74s . and Sligo 60s to fids perewt. There Is nn improving oonsumptloa, and whtcn Is likely to c niinue, as prices rule low Thw best Liu'ch timl a ready sale, and at better prises, as the supply Is small; inferior sorts are much wanted, and there are ready sellers, as anivils keen large. I ins Frieziuud tralixe 961 to DSs , Kiel and tfoUtein ! ('.?. to 11? . and other sorts from 08s. up to Mi. For English the market I* unlet it Sfta to toOi in.l 1(1*. to 13s per dozen lb*. There am a Hereof Scotch at ((In to 72 and few buyer* are to be met with Bacon La* been dealt in with caution, and I* further <! pretsed in value ; Walerford la otfrred at 60* to 56* . and Belfast 49*. to 63a . atill dealer* only purchase auf(lcicnt for their immediate want* Kor delivery there la scarcely any demand. Import* were 1 700 halea for the part wtek. Middles keep In rmall supply, and are wanted bale 60a. to C4a.. and tierce 62*. to 66*. For liarus the demand ia pei'.iiit better; Irish realise 6S*. to (-4* . Knalisb 05c. to 110*. and Westphalia 64s to 74*. I.aid ia little wanted, and can be ?btain*d at a further reduction; the valna of Waterfrd bUMered ta K'a to 16*., keg and flrkin 40* to 60* In Iriah b'.addered provirion* little business ba* been dona and selltr* are willing to accept HO*, to 62*. ?i 1 for prime toea* pork, and 44a to 62* for Scotch Cheese of prima <|Ut!!ty 1* in good demand, whtlnt for Inferior the market ia in a dull Mate There am ready seller* of American provision* upon the following term*: U*"h?. new. 40*. to 46*.. aid 26a. to 34* . middles of pork '24*. to 30*. new 40a to 40s ; lard 34*. to 44* ; obeese 24* to 60* ; ham* 21a to 4ts. per cwt. i'time India beef t'O to ?0 6a per tierce; India mesa A'A to ?5 10*; ptima mas* ?4 Its to ?4 16* ; Indian pock ?5 to ?5 10; anl prima mess ?2 to ?3 par barrel. The pnrnhaes mad* havs b? en to a amah extent only, and supplies ar- plentiful, especially of infer or Tatlvw ?The market 'or Russian on the spot I* offered at further redaoed rates, still the town and cotio. try demand ha* been limited. The value of One P V. candle la 44s 3d. to 44*. fid. K r delivery In the three first months of next year fear buyers arn to be met with, whilst seller* are willing to accept 41*. 31 per cwt. Other sorts have been dealt la with oantlon, and prices are receding, a* the supply la plentiful At auction 210 pipes, Sfihhd* . and 90 boxes of South American were eeld at 41a to 46a. fur common to fin*, and 186 cask* of Sydney at 40*. to 43*. 3d for ordinary or pood. There ate ready seller* < f hum* m> lt*d at lis , net cash, yet fee buyrp* are to b* met with. The price of rough flkt has been redun?d to 2* fld perston* of 8 lbs. The stock continues larger, and far exceed* that of this time Inat year whilst the increase In deliveries is of little moment. I'rloea continus to range undrr that time. Liercaroot. Dottow Mtnur.-r, for the week ending Dee. S.?Alnio*t Ineenelbly, during tbl* week, the ootton market ha* been cro-ping upward*. T?ken alto* gether. the actual advance In price I* net great; midcling Otlra'-a and MoMle. which etnod lint week at a??d . are now worth a7id.,and lair upland can nardiy be bought under 44 ; the earn* may be *ald of fair 0?lenne, which are now ealrable ae we think, in moderate i|uantitie? at 4^4 , although the broker*' <|uoiatioa la 4'id . ehowing a gradual buteteady hardening la price* of all American deeoriptloni Loog atapled i|ualitina, including Sea Inland, Rraril. K.gyptian, ho , oonllnut to ba freely offered at prarioua rate*; they ara not, boweror aDy lower in price, but. io common with American, are alsa held with more confidence Thera ha* certainly keen eome epaeulatlon going forward, chiefly In Bowed*, at fl*?d. told ; but tha great eprlog and prompter of all wa ara doing, If the batter ttate of thing* in Mane,heeler, and throughout tha aountry ge. net ally. I'pon the *u eject of crop al*o we hare furthai advice*, and to far m th re i* any change in thif important point, It U not In favor of Increased aitU ea mate*,but rather tba contrary. Nothing. howerer, oan tei l? mora obvious tban what <ea ventured to atste last tb week, namely, tbat all thn Improvement In Vliiohitter, M and the trade generally, la flooded uoon the nontiau- Pa ance of low prlcea anf that any great disturbtnee of tb tbe present eurrenoy would bring again upon tie that M cbeok which baa eaueedaomuah sulfating 7.500 Ans- Jo rican hare been takun on apeoulation. and 750 Amirl- ba can ard 700 Sur*t f-r export. The sales of the weak of amount to 28.660 balea ? Urn Ho't <f- Co For tbe week ending Das. 16 ?The ooatlnued aetl- tb ity in our ootton market and tbe.large bueinesa trane oil acted from <1 y to day. la girtng'a more settled couH- ah dence in the article. Speculators until within the last in two or three weeks, bad completely abandoned tbe market, having, as sellers, some time ago oleared out at tbeir stock* and relieved their fear a and necessities tb being a great mean* of depressing prloea to the lowest dii point of October. They bats now. however gathered oo courage and turned round, being active buyers of fair dl uplands.and most kind* of American at the full prlcea tb of the day. It la true they found their operations on oa tba better state of thing* In MaoobetUr, and the hope ui of aoonlinued large borne consumption, but wbioh, It Di , should be remembered la grounded to a Urge extent A' upon tbe present low soale of prices. Tbe spinners, b< although receiving at this time considerable imports bi from the United States, are willing boyersof American; as a whole, the trade are but lightly stocked Thisao- to tlve state af our market not being checked by Increased of estimates of or op, although lbs weatner. according to d? the latest advices, was exceedingly favorable for pick- of lug. bes produced its Inevitable result?higher prices, wl Ksir uplands and Mobile are now quoted at 4>^d , and tl and Orleans at ; long stapled nearly as bniore. in With there quotations for American ootton, and in- in creasing consumption, tbe political disturbances on fo i tbe continent seem to bave lost toelr influence upon in onr market. 14 000 American and 1 200 Surats bave of been taken on speculation, and I 750 American and th 300 Surats, for exnort. The sales of the week amount re to 66,620 bales.? Geo. lloll t Co. in I Liverpool Markets. Deo 16 ?A*heo ?The market r" for Montreal pots has improved during the fortnight; ? ; they bave been sold at 80s. The demand 1* good and > tbe supply email. Pearls being osmparstively low : with pot. have been more sought for, and 200 to 300 i bbls. have been sold at83s. 6U. to 34s per owe. |n Coals.?We have a good demand, and several large , j parcels exported sinoe our last. Prices remain as our to ; last quotation. The etooksin the dlstriotare lessening considerably. Hideo.?The market remains quiet, without any sales of memcnt to report. A on ?The market continues depressed, and there *! is little disposition to purchase now that railway orders bave, to a considerable extant, oeased. Makers are employed In throwing asnperlluous quality of other descriptions into the market. This oan only be g< checked by an increase In the demand, or such are- ri duotion of price as will compel a portion of the makers d< to snspemd their operations. An Improvement may take piece by tbe combined operation of both tUese modes; bnt as yet it is not peroeptible. Present quo- fo i tations Merohant bir, ?5 6s : best rolled, ?7 ; gi I sheets. ?7 10a ; hoop. ?7 16s ; Scotch pig, No. 1, net Pi cash, ?210a. b A aval S/orrs.?Turpentine of prime quality Is dearer, si From tbe 1st lo the 8th 700 bbls of this sort sold at si Vs. 8d ; ordinary parcels did not command so much, la 600 barrels middling quality also obanged hands at m lie. No sales this week are reported In tar or turpou- <?1 tine. Of rosin we report a few hundred barrels at ss 8s. fid. per owt. T Quercitron Hark.?Among the transaottons are 10 f. bhds. at B?. per cwt. , ? . of Jhce. The traneeetions in Carolina since the 1st,are ^ estimated at 210 tierces, namely, 160 at 17 to 22* , and 60 at 20s Od. to 21s 6d. per o ?t : 11,500 bag* and ,c 2.000 pockets, pert, at 8s. 64. to 9?. fid for low f? fair . white broken, and lis to lis. fid. for good to fine white. j_ Halt.?There Is a little obange to notice in prices, except that some of the makers are unwilling sellers at ihepreeent quotations, and higher prioes are looked for. Tallow ?The market remains very dull. Peters- T burg Y. C at 46s ; Taganrog at 43s per cwt ; Ameri- b? can descriptions are offering et a further reduction, ft but without inducing any material Improvement la m the demand. Lard is without alteration; the sales of tbu week reaob 160 tons at 84s to 36s. fid per owt Tobacco.?Tbe market hss been quiet since the 1st lBft , and sales are about 300 bhds , including 80 Vir- j,-, ginia Leaf and Stemmed for Ireland, aod a few Virginia Leaf for Afi lea, the remainder to the trade A j,, few r?rv flue colourv Kentucky Strlcs sold as blah a* ti>,d. The market is steady, and holders are firm aad ramulne of maintaining prerent rates. p, Wool ? An improved tone has teen gaining ground a, in our market, and a f tir amount of bu?lbe?e bom dene in foreign Wools, at prloes rather in favor of the m seller ; and It seems the general Impression that alter the torn of the year a further improvement may be P looked for. f'saioHTs at I.iTKsrooL, Dsc. 15?The depression ? in freights still continues, and wo are nuable to notios the least improvement iu any quarter. Passeog-r* are also scarce, and ships are lrequently despatched not much more than half full, though rates are eatremely low. For New VorK. dead we'gnt teHs to 10? per ton; : fine goods, 10s. tolas.; hardware 10s. to 15s.; earthenware, 6s. Boston - dead weight. 15s ; flue goods, 20s ; hardware. 20? ; earthenware. 6s. Philadelphia?lead weight, lis 61 to 16s.; fine goods. 20s ; hardware, 161. ? to 20s.; earthenware, 8e to lOe. Baltimore-dead weight, lot to 17s.6d ; fine goods, 25s.; hardware, 25s.; earths nware. 16s. New Orleans?dead wehht, 6 to 8s ; fiDe goods, 12s Gd ; hardware, 12s. 6d.; earthenware, 6o.?Fockt 4' Hoult. C THE VERY LATEST BT j 5 SPECIAL EXPRESS AND ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH, ! " IOR THI NEW YORK HERALD. j ? The i'oatol Treaty between 6r?at Urltnin 1 and the I'nltml States. 1 Ltvsaroot.. Dee. 16?13 A. M. Our London reporter hei jut tent ue, by special ( teirgrspblo express, an Intlmat'on that tbe dispute regarding the poetege question, whleh has existed between tbe governments of the United State* and Oroat Britain, has at length bee a satls'aotorily adjusted, as ' far as the authorities on tils side of tie At'aotlo are conetrned. We need not add that we are highly grat- 1 ifled in n aking tbe announcement, end are snre that our readers will find pleasure In perusing tbe following brltf letter fomour Londen reporter, whlol details < tbe terms of this Important treaty : ? Lowdo.v, 4 Tbanet Plaoe,) Saturday Morning, Dho. 15. > I have just obtainrA information, on which I can rely, that the muoh-vexed question of posing* between this country snd tbe United States Is 1 finally agTeed upon- that is. as far as the British go- a vernment and the American Minister %er? are con ctrned. Last nlgbt the treaty was signed by Lord Talmerston, on the part of her Britannia Majesty, and | Mr. Bancroft, as the representstlve of the United n States. I understand that th* Secretary of Legation ^ proceeded to Liverpool last nlgbt, having the document in charge, which Is to be sent out to Washing- ij ton by the F.uropa, which sails this merning for New j York. I have made enquiry from some of the offielals eon- , 0 nectedwith the Foreign Office; but,a? a matter of course, I , * it cannot be expected thattbey would be very commanlcativeas to the terms of the treaty. 1 learn, however, 1 that the ship letter postage Is fixed at sixteen cents for { w half an ounce. The postage on newspapers to desti- | c< nation at two cents each way. An Inland postage of fire cents to be paid on eaoh letter. Letters may be < Bf prepaid or not, jost as the sender pleases. Letters , th r,/.n a ??l-- i.. i'..... --a -ii - I I.vw ^.HIOXVO) IVI rmuuo nuuuvurt pOIlB UI L LIB COQ' ?f tinmt of Kurof e. are to pwi through Kngland free, ^ under the Amnioan seal, and in oare of a mall agent. fa Letltra and papers from Kngland for Canada, to pass w free, in like manner, through tt Unit* 1 State* The** (i are the chief point* of the treaty. It will be observed (|| that It la ore of complete reciprocity and equality. Tlir I.a teat French liletri. ' Parm, Friday morning. l'1 The city continues quite tranquil. The returns I''1 oontinue to be hourly received from the departments, 'n and the acrutineera are lnoeasant In the proteoutlon W of their arduous labors. They have Jast made known te: the following a' the result of tbelr labors, ao far: th Louie Napoleen 2 300 000 w| (Jen Caralgnac .020,000 It la expected tbat Louia Napoleon aiU be praolaim- ''r' ed President on Thuraday next, as, previous to that 'lu time, all the votes, except from Algeria and the more distant colonies, will have been received, and will pre- th< aet-t to large a major ty that nothing nnreoelved can ld< alter It, and It baa therefore been resolved that proola- xv< mat Ion shall be made wllhout waiting fer them. wl POSTSCRIPT. du Our oerrerpondent atatee tbat tbat before closing tlc hi* letter, a statement was made at the Hotel de Ville, where the rerntlny is proceeding, that Louis Napoleon ||>u ircriTFU 1vui iuiiuhui ui miri, wniiet lUOSf OI Gen. Cavalgnao were only nine hundred thousand. I The fundi) rose owe per cent in oen*ei)Uenca of the increased confidence felt in the new government. The Latent Irleti Newi. ,.(i Livrsrooi., Deo 10?11 o'olosk . M. We are just in possession of our correspondent's latter*, dated Dublin, Friday night. The chief feature M* In the new* which there communication* contain, ha* reference to the tate prosecution againat Mr. A|l ( harks Oavln Duffy, who ha* been imprisoned on n charge of felony. The law officers of the crown have ed every dodge poMlble to try and ensure a omvlo- ^ lion of Mr. Duffy; butl at ho ugh two commission* have paused ever etnoe hi* arreet, from the shuffling, and, we should nay, shameful manner of ju| conducting the proeecntion, he ha* not yet been brought to trial. On Wedneadey lui, the Grand Jury ot the olty of Dublin found a ttue bill of tlndictment against Mr. Duffy This, the Jul third Impeschment oontalns fresh matter, Including T the prisoner's eelebrsted letter to Mr. O Urlea, wlwreby the Attorney General avrrs that he ooun<e led thelevyiog of war upon the tt'ieen. According to j pibTieue arrsng'iment, the Julg-i fl\eil yesterday for Ill DC upou the prisoner to plead The Court ut at B o'clock pr.Mr Dufly ^ th,B -.|n| H e bor; tho Atterwaj General. the Solicitor U.oorsl, < sere Baldwin. q. C , Pluoket. q C, >'m "-y an J nnefatber. attended on bohalf of the Cro<rn; aait H o prisoner wan defeated by Mr Ntoi-w q r, , MP., r Bott. q 0 , Coloimn O'Coghla*. Ho'inss. anil kn O'Haaan Mr Uulti b?'la< b?>-n sulci tu the / ^B r toplesil. the Clerk "f th.Orova r^el ao ib-trso: the indictment, Id tho u'uiw.j, H Mr. BuTT.q C., objected to hi* client pi'allot to e present inillctmrnta, wlilch ha>. b-"ii foua tbr tba i L? Grand Jury at tba previous ricnuW.l-in untl they H ould bo disposed of. He. Mr Butt, submitted tin ' dlotmont abould bo qaaabod. Tba ATToaear Osi>:>ti. oppossd the application. id contended that If the Cou^t was of opnunthat a bill found by the county Grand Jury a null bo t sposed of bef'Te tbe p ixinur ptesdni. tb- pn??r H are* would be to enter a nolle p> oiet/ui. After a abort IB scussion on the aubject. in wbioh it appeared tbat J ^re were affidavits preparing In supnrc or the apo'l,tion, tbe CoHrt desired the matter to stand ot>r j jtll this (SaturdaV) morning, at 10 o'oioik Mr. > 'B uffy was tben oonduntod back to Newgate, nod tb* B ttornoy General loft to batah mora schemes,whereby i may swindle this young and a?d?n: pstno., out of s liberty, ... B Tbe Internal state of affairs in Irelandare,we regret any, without any improrement, or evwi tba nops B a ohaogefor tho better. Between tba pv?rtv and :B iitltutioD of the small farmers and tbe oroai -d state : the workbousas, the awful amount of poos rata* , blob art refused, and the disoon'.oat whiob pres.iii * H ia country is in s frightful state. The eviction of ^ H solvent tenants is the order of the day A largo an^ B Huentlal meeting baa been held in PortarllngUn, S H r she purpose of inducing tho House of Commons to stltuta a searohlng Inquiry into tbe whole working H tbe present poor laws in Ireland, in order to effsot 9 legitimate pursose of the poor laws At Sklbbsr-, .B en a meeting has been held, at wbioh a oommlttee of IB telligent gentlemsa baa been appointed to visit and port on tbe present stats of tho poor, wbioh is at f ? esent really awful. ^ ,'B The Latest Market Report*. , I Liverpool CoTTow Mabket. Duo 10,1848. b Ths demand has opened very animated this morn- ?*. m g, and altogether a very firm feeling prevails, and thn > itreme Quotations of yesterday were paid The salsa -day, will in nil probability reaoh 8 to 11,000 bale*. LiTiarooL Cob n Mabkbt, Deo IS, 1848. |] There was nothing parsing In the trade to day. The arket remains in much the same position as it olosed ; isterday; and as regards prioes, there is not any lange te notloe. Jj Manchester Goods Market, Dro. 18. The market continues very good for both yarns ant t. >ods; and notwithstanding the rise of the raw mateal, which they have to oentend with, spinners are V Ding an excellent business, at advancing rates. Havbe Cotton Market, December 14 The market here for ootton has been steady, with sr the most part a good demand, whioh, however, reatly inoreased upon the overwhelming suooees of rince Louis Napoleon at tbe election for President rooming known, when the market reoeived a con- "" I) derable impetus, and prices at onoe advance loon- i, derabiy : our present quotations being now?Up- Hi ind, middling, f. 62 ; and for fair, f 69 ; New Orleans, ilddllng. Oreo ordinaire) f. (4 ; and fair, f. 68. Tbe :ber articles of Ameriean produce are quiet, and the Its of eaoh very limited, without change in prises, he average pilce of heme wheat for France, was 16 20 per hectolitre, bushels) whioh is a deoline ' 39o. on the previous rate. riie Latest Continental Commercial News. From several cf the capitals of Europe, and the free / iwns of Germany and elsewhere, we have advioes of < i improved state of feeling at the Bourse, and in many istanoes an advanoe in the prioes of 8toak. v BOMB. It has been discovered that false treasury notes, to a \ ry large amount, have been put luto circulation. he publio treasury is quite exhausted. an>l notes had ten issued to the amount of 610 000 piastres since the ipeleft; but tbey are looked upon with great disfavor, Dt having bis sanation. HAMBURGH. ' At a free trade meetisg, held in ibis city a suggeton was made, and reoeived favorably, to establish at ra union. n crD'm disk ior an ueriuany. The Liabon mail reached Southampton at an aartp tor this morning ; It bring* about ?20,000 at specie \ i freight, but do newa of imp"rtanoe. , , The unfortuoate man, Kuah who baa nndargona any examination* on suspicion of hia being the marsrer of Mr. Germy and hia aon, at Wymondham, waa eierday committed for trial. MEW YORK HERALl). " arthwcit corner of Kulton and Naiaaa ita> JAIIE8 G Oil DON BENNETT, | PROPRIETOR. AMUSEMENTS THIS DAY ANI) EVENING. /, 4 BOWERY THEATRE. Bowery?Afternoon?The Finn Bawbk?Riohaud III ?Uoi as Doc. j Evening?W am.?o??Love's Stkataoxx?Port* Thiitaa. BROADWAY THEATRE, Bicadway ?Montb Cnurro. NATIONAL TQRATTtE,Chatham Square?Afternoon?Oman iui. or Obroa?Vi*wi?a B?i Taoi'pa? Habi.Minna. Evening-D?aton ahu Pvthias?Yiknxa Billit Taoura -BAALAItVIK. jk BUETOW8 TBFATRE, Chambers street?fJ?i.TOn"n4 Qni.o , iiitne?Miomwht Watoh?Whkbk's BARnvut? Ssai moths ? luruAsr, r BROADWAY ctnniTR. Nnt Arwfns strsat?Batraarniask M,Be? Sam;*, List k Co.'a Tftovrr. MECHANICS' I1ALL, Broadway, Near Rroeon?C'u Butt's Iivstbkla? Ethiopia* Sieeina, at Sand s P. tL MELGDKON -Yieoini a Sbb*i?aj)*b a | j DOClirt LIBRARY?camrbvll't Muvitikia m 3 i?4 9 ?, n. ,?? rj ZOOLOGICAL INST1TCTE. Bowery?yah inohrt \ *1 )bani< ItC'-AGKr.lE. BTUYTE3ANT INUTITUTS, Broadway, boat Sloaokaf DinI -Mtw orleans bkhei,idtni' i.thiofian congests. I.YCItm. Chatham Smart?Km/s rASTOwmta, da, at 10 i. M., aod 3 acd 7X F. M. ' . THALIAN HALL, 4?l) Grand etroet-THAUAw Minstrel*" iTHinriAn Conceris, at.'Iand F. M. Nrw York, Monday, Jnnnary 1, 18*9. ' . ;imilBtlan of tbw other LcaiUng Ilornliig Journals* Courier and Knquirer, (d?Uy).... 4,800 Journal of Commoroe 4.800 Express 8,500 . Tribune. T .11.600 Aggregate 34,000 Error* In the above estimate win u norreoted OS idequate authority. To-Dlorraw. Si!'' j' Tbt AVir York Jitrald will not be issued to-morrow I lorning ; but an Extra will be publl <hed at 10 o'oloek, / 3 contain all the news that may reaoh us to that honr. | 'be New Year?'The Progress of Rrenla> I The Circulation of the Herald. "1 Before our readers will have seen this sheet, the Id year will have run its course, and the new one, 18, will be upon us. We cannot allow the occasion to pas', without 'ishing our readers, one and a 1, individually and ollectively, health, weahh, and prosperity, and > >ng life. Neither can we allow it topis', without | tying a lew words concerning ourselves. From - ! ? le first of January, lt-18, immediately after eirg our friends nnd acquaintances on that day, hich, if our leaders recollect, was one of the ggiest, wi ttrst, and most gloomy of the season, ;J e determined that during the year which we were en entering upon, we would maintain our repulion for enterprise and iudustry?that we would, n ing that year, continue to devote ourselves to / j e public, and spare neither trouble nor expense in acing before our readers the latest intelligence :>m all parts of this continent, as well as the old \ orld. Whether we have persevered in that derminatton or not?whether we have maintained e previous reputation of the Htrald or not? liether we have added to it or not, we think ta d lived by the fact that our crculation, and c unseen t influence, have been considerably increased. (i As a matter of curiosity, and aa au evidence of r progress of the llrruld, which 19 so intimataljr pntified with that ot the age in which we live, , ? have compiled a list of the number ol papers lich have been issued from our establishment ring the year which was brought to a terminan at twelve o'clock last night. Here it is:? Actual Cihctu.ation of tor New Yor* Herald in 1848. ' ffh ending Week r .din# uarjr .. H. 14A.4C4 July tSS.sos jr. i?,?iju is a i.vs iw a ivusc i'J. j;?sts ( ( retry.. 6 131,310 Anoint.... Im?!J it 134 4W1 * 1VI WIS m V.. . . . . ia#txu iv !?M<| . 26 131.498 ?} A rth 4 1V4 (VSi 9*pU-mVr. ? IJMI* ii iv mi ? 'M 18 141 WO J" '5V '"5 ? HlltiOft " til .... 1 144616 ? 4 . ?' ? ?? H IS'l.ftlu OoioW . .. 7 ( lft 14V'ftft 14........ III.*# 2> lftl.Wl 2 l.Vt.Jll ? lir.Wi yt lfttj.M) . ?' * Hi.lMt KoramUr. 4 I 4.848 ' ,? ;:: 141 WO II IHj?* 147 w? 18 I-WW ,\\ & V 154.444 lft HM?? .? 164.741 Decfnitwr. 4 IIM>? , J JO..'...... 1M7* 9 16 '.04 .'ff. 17 .... I"' IK> '6 1V11M I 2? I47.ll!* VI I ft I.'174 ? , 1 154.H* '717H y > oui ..imifti Towa... t ?? jo / \ggfR6ti circulation in 1*44 7,4M,iltJ w rtieyi-ar l?l?h*? bc?? an oveutiiu one. It bM I

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