Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1849 Page 3
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TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. THIRTIETH CO* OH EM. < SECOND SESSION. ' d i?nat?. -Waahinoton, January ST, lit?. The Senate tu not In session to-day. House or RcpreMnUtlrti. ViiHiMJTOK, January 27,1849. xitua rii 10 orriccai or wusn1 airLeaiNo expedition. Mr. Stanton, of Tennessee, moved a reconsideration of the vote passing the bi 1 providing for an extra compensation te be allowed to the forward offleers of Commodore Wilkes' late exploring expedition. The motion pee vailing, Mr. Stanton then submitted an amendment, so as to inolnde the names of Lieutenants Ring gold, of the Porpoise, and Hudson, of the Peacock, jj which was adopted. A sharp debate, mingled with some confusion and merriment, took plaoe. Mr. Batter, of Pennsylvania, King, of Georgia, and Atkison of Virginia, warn the principal speakers?the two former n gentlemen advocating, and the latter opposing, the bill, q White the gentleman from Virginia was speaking, cries r< of "order," "order," arose from various parts of the ? House, the members generally not being disposed to a hear him. t! Mr. Kino moved the previous question, when the bill b, was passed. ii THI JUDOK CONXLIN C4SB. Ol The Honso then resumed the consideration of the ol resolution wblob was reported by the Judiciary Com- r< mittee yesterday, authorising an investigation Into u the charges which have been preferred against Judge ol Conkiin, of Northern New York ai Mr. Conoaa, of New York, proceeded to makosuch ri an explanation of the subject to the House as he oen- fx aiderod duo to the accused, when the vote was taken, r? and the resolution adopted. lii COMMISSION ON raiVATR CLAIMS. On motion of Mr. Thomson, of Pennsylvania, the tl Honso then resolved iuelf into Committee of the g, Whole on the 8tata of the Union, and Mr Burt, of ii South Carolina, being oalUd to the chair, took up the t j bill to establish a commission for the settlement of private claims Mr. Kaufman, of Texas, offered an amendment, . which occasioned considerable discussion. In which the 11 mover, Mr. Murphy of New York, and Mr. Atkinson ^ of Virfdnia. participated. After several other amend- " cents had boon offered and dieoneeod. the committee n roe# and reported that they had oome to a oonelusion, 11 and then " The Honso adjourned. 11 p< Legislature of New York. > Albans. Jan. 37, 1849. petitions presented . 1> A petition wae received from the stockholders of the ? Canal Bank of Albany, preying for en in Mtlgatlon of p it* affaire. unfavorable report. Mr. Finb reported advene to the bill prohibiting T the protect on promissory notea and Inland bllle of ex* ti ohange. *| baptist home missionabv (ociett. tl The bill to amend the Baptlat Home Mieeioaarj So* fc olety wee np for consideration, and finally referred to j* a committee of conference. aj NOTICE OF bills. pi To anthoriee a company to build a railway leading T directly from Batavla to Buffalo. Also a bill relative to ?! co-partnerships. K' Mr. Smith submitted a resolution, which was adept* ted, calling upon the Canal Board to report to the do* nate the condition of eontreots for constructing re* ni pairs,ho Also respecting the Ohio oaual basin at Buffak), stating whether it Is of suffleient oapaelty to ad* ti mlt ef inoreastd amount of shipping, ho. ALBANY BASIN. , Mr. Fbost, of tb* 6eta district, offered a resolution, which vaa adopted, requesting the Attorney General to report to the Senate whether the laws regulating the construction of the eaid basin are constitutional, i *, HTATB STOCKS. j _ Mr. Williams, from the oommtttee having the subJeot in oharge, reported a resolution in faror of telling ~~ the stooka, held by the 8tate, In banks and in inaur- ?; ance companies. j CAriTAL PUNISHMENT. The bill for the abolition of capital punishment wai fl up in Committee of the Whole The section relative to applications lor pardon, to bo made in oanes where f the penalty now it death, was strloken out. An " amendment was proposed to leave the question with . J the people. The further consideration of the bill waa postponed, and the Senate adjourned f( ASSEMBLY. vl PETITION FftOAl BROOKLYN. tl A petition was reoeived from inhabitants of Brook- n 'jn, pray lag the Legislature to grant authority to tl borrow money for the purpose of oompletiug the gi Jrooklyn City Hall. ti BROOK1.IN CHARTER. b , Mr. Fise, from the committee to whom the subject t] waa referred, reported complete the bill respecting the n 3raoklyn city charter. fl rASSEP. ll The bill providing for the eleotion of justices and t< :lerks in the Muntoipal Courts of Brooklyn. w COMMISilONKSB ON PRACTICE b The 8enate bill for the oontinuaoce ia efflce of the h < 'ommiseienere en Practice was yesterday reoeived by a the House, and referred to the Judiciary Committee.? o The committee this morning reported a resolution nrovtdins that the Senate hid continuimr said Cim mlteientre In office be indefinitely postponed The c committee reported instructions to the Commitsioners ti of the Code, to reltot from the existing Code of Proce- f dure,snob portions, and recommeod auoh alterations c If may, in their judgm< nt. be deems 1 Metal end ex- f pedient. Toe committee made this report on the ground that the reporta which would be aubmitted by a the two boards would be entirely different, and of n t: cen Stating natnre. a Mr. Taylob. of New York, delivered a learned and 0 eloquent speech in opposition to the resolutions, and in favor of the continuance In oflloe ot the Commieaioners on Pleadings. He assumed the position that j, the resolutions were unaonstitutloaal, and he there- a fore urged the speedy aotlon of the House on the sub- ,, jccrt. The report was finally laid on the table, and the j bill in favor ot oontinuiug tho office of Commissioner ^ on Praetioa was taken up and made the special order t ?f the day for Monday next. ( BILLS IBTROOL'CBD. # Mr. Bouchtor, of King's county, introduced a bill , authorising the oiiy of Brooklyn to raise $3,000 to complete the City Hall On motion, the House adjourned over to Monday. ( The Kentucky vs. Schuylkill Bank* j Philadelphia, fan 37?8*< P. M. i The Supreme Court have decided in favor of tha t Kentucky Bank rerstis the Schuylkill Bank. , Murderers Sentenced* j Taov, Jan. 27,1840. 1 Andrus Hill was yesterday pronounced guilty cf the J murder of Met. Amy Smith, of PeUrabnrgh, is July , Loot; and thia morning aentenced to bo hong on tho 10th of March next, betwen tho honra of 8 oad 4. j Barney O'Donneil ?u aiao aontoaood to bo hong on \ the tome day, for tha mnrder of Antonio Ratteo. t I Flro In Albany. i Albart, Jan. 27, 1840. ] Tho atoro of William Oaborno,oa Wenblngtonatreet, , wae damaged by lira la?t night. Oaborno wao commit- < tod to-day, charged with incondiariam. Ho had 08,300 J inrared on warthloaa otook. I Tho Ohio River* J Pittioubu, Jan. 27,1848. < Tho river lain Una boating order, and wo report 18 j *eet water in tho ohanncl of tho Ohio. t Markete. Hoaro.i, January 27, 1847.1 Tho market waa not vary active. Morchanto wore , waiting later foreign advioee floor?daloo of 1 300 barrela wore made, inoindiag common and etralght ; hranda Now York and Wee Urn, at 06 74 a 0 87)4. , Cora?The aalea, amounting to It,000 bu.hal*, won , mod* at 60 62b , for white and mixed Weitera Rye? ' 8am of 600 buebrli won mode at 72o. Oa'a?Salea of 000 buahel* wen made at 40o. Prorloiona wore (toady ( 7 Supreme Court, General Term. t Preaent J notice* Mocann Her bet and Kdwarda. 1 Jahuaot 27.?Decision*?John T. Mann. Receiver ' 5 c , of. Frederick Pentx ? Dteree of AsaUtant Vic* ' Chancellor affirmed, with coot*. 1 The tame vt Wm Pentx.?'Tho Ilk*. Thot.M. Frrgujon v* Wm. E. Uennit tt ml.?Dooroo ' appealed from reverted, without co-t* Harlbut dlo 1 Mating. (Thio eauoo waa argued before Jurtiooo Strong, 1 Ilnrlbnt aad Edward* ) 1 Henry D. Vruger vt. Harriet D. Crugtr at ml, and f A* contrary ? Doom of the Vioo Couoo.llor affirmed. 1 with tho modlfioationa otated la tho opinioo, aad without aoata, la favor of either party a* against the other. 1 No. 1M wm tho hi*heat number reaonod oa the oaloa- J dar. No 64 (nturaed) wm takoa up aad argued, after which tha ooart adiournod tint die. SPXCIAL TKMM. 1 Before Jo*tie* Kdwarda. ' Docisiewl.?Afdie* D. Heard re Stephen Dudley ? Motion to amead granted, exoept a* to tha general ' denial contained in the antwer. The defendant to < pay eoita, and $10 cost* of this motion < John T. S*e/y vt. Frmrteit Price ? The defendant ' must appear before the refereaoe end make an m*lgn- I mentdn the tan daye, or be attaohed. Wm. C, H, Waddtll, elnrt. fc., m. dorf tl ml., Em ?Motion to *?t aeide inquest. aad tot oomtnlaeloaer and referenee. denied, wtta $10 oust* Wm. 8. Humphrey! r?. Chat K. Smith tt ml ?The defendant moat file and *erve hie anewer i'lttanter, or i be committed. He taunt aleo pay the ooeu of hi* eoa- | tempt la not aa*weting. I Mary O. Burnett it. J at. G. Burnett? Divorce or- < | dered. ) l.mnitm Downing tt Rnht L. Downing.? for dieorce aad alimony, oa reported by referee in the matter of the attaobaieot. agalnet Jobn 0*> < eon and BrnJ. Wilson, the effi dam * ehow that tlie I actual reeldenee of the defendant I* in tbla state. The I attachment mutt therefore be duohsrgsd The Circuit Court le adjourned for the remainder of the term Mr. Juatlce a.d wards will hold a epealel term next week The Senate of Wleonnsin ha* passed a bill legalising any rate ol Interest agreed upon by the partial ia ooutraot. Altai ra In the Chinese Km pi re. Our latest adv ces from Csntoa are of the 30th if October. We have received tlie China Mill. eith extracts froti the Peking Gazcttt to the latest late. Tuey ate canons, but not important : ? [From the Peking Gazette ) AFTER AT IONS IN THK IM1KR1AI. HOt SKIIOl.ft. (treat changes bate recently taken pUce in the ap >ointment of those courtier* who attend upon the r-cn of Taukweag; new officers of the guards hare ikewtse been nominated, and it appear* that the whole ttabllrbment I* to he remodelled. I'a >u- thtujJ, the x minister of L'haeea enjor* the blithest conttienoe f his master, and U his constant companion. Other lames, as for instance, that of the famous He gan.hare ntlrvly disappeared from tha list of oonrtlere. Tauwang seems at present to prafsr the eompanions of is youth, and to oherlsh the msn who, from 1813. long efcre he had any hopes of ascending the throne, chowd attachment to him. They are. without exception, oary headed reterane. the last of a raee which le eery oon to pass away entirely, and with them the existsg state of things. SZK-CIIUKN?TRAINED BANDS. Keshan, ths Gorernor. stands in very high favor at cart, judging from his constant applications to the ?<vmc, wuiva lauufiuu uru wuaa wuuiu vaaiurs WO iake. The country, under hi*jurisdiction, I* not yet ulet, though frequent me worms to tbet effect here taobed the oapital. Same vagabonds have combined 1th the native mountaineers to disturb the provioae, nd a censor recommended the oelltng out of the milla. To this measure the sagaatous Keshen objects, ting well aware of the ooDtequenoes which the railig of trained Sands has had in Kwangtung. Instead r adopting such a oonrse.hs suggests the reintroduotion r municipal authorities for the suppression of the usily, the laws to that effsothavlDg long fallen Into dlsre. The Kmperor is vary wroth at tha conduct of hit Boers, and has given severe ordere to dismiss svery os who, under the plea of sickness, or for nay other I use, absents himself from the soene of aotion en the ontlers of Sse-ebuen. If the soldiers of this provlnoe isembie those who terved In the war against the Kngsh, they are certainly the best of the Chinese army; lit the enemy they have to meet is greatly superior to tem In physloal strength and determination. The ?ran tribes have never yet been anbdued. and secure i their mountain fastnesses, may safely laugh at the Tort* of the largest army. 6MIQQLINO Or OINSBNO. The Peking (Jaiett* nnntfti n* & lnnv nnmnlalnt mKmifc le smuggling ot a few tnaU wstght of gliueng. This rtlelo ia nn imperial monopoly, and ill sold at its weight i gold ; and when not in demand, companies and ,ch men are foreedg to bar it at a fixed prioe. The lan who was caught with the smuggled drug on him, rid he bought it for hie mother, who was siok. This lay probably be received as an excuse, though the malty of infringing upon this monopoly is very seer e. the court. The Emperor sacrificed at the graves of his aneesare by deputy. What prevented him from performing i person the so long contemplated oeremony, is not tated. - Extensive preparations for tfie journey had sen made, and all waa,in readiness, when the monaroh referred remaining at home. i,lam as. A oonstant stream of indigent Llamas proceeds from 'hassa to China under various pretences, some as enoys, others as tribute-bearers, and not a few as splrilal guides. They are exposed to a great many hardlipe in their journey through Kokonor, where not only le rigorous climate and high mountains render traslling very difficult, hat the natives, though devout llowers of tae Llamas, provs very dangerous, by waylylng these travellers and plundering them of avery ling. Many attempts have been made to effeot the pprehension of theee marauders, yet all to no parme, for the mountaineers laugh at empty threats, o secure a safe passage for these holy men, the Kmnor has been requested to permit them to traverse ts-ohuen instead of tha dangerous route through okonor. This permission was not accorded with a >od graoe, for notwithstanding the homage to Shaanism en the part of the ruling dynasty, the governent is disgusted with the arrogant eooduot of the -iests, and endeavors as muoh as possible to keep i?m from the oountry. If the access is mads easisr, itre will be thousands instead of hundreds, and the nd will be entirely inundated by them. imperial kamily. The statutes about the imperial olan are underling great alterations. Sinoe the aooession of the sntchoo family to the throne, the various impsrlni - inches have very rapidly increased Their numbers ake the keeping ot genealogical tables a-matter of eat difficulty. The prinoesses are married to various ongnl and Mancoboo chiefs, but many remain aidens without n suitor. Only a few princes receive vil and military appointments, the remainder pass an le ilte, some of comfort, others of great misery, either t Teking or in Leaon-tung. In general the allowanoe very email, and quite inadequate for their met nuance ; hf noe the shifts to which these aoions of an lustrlous bouse have frequently to betake themselves, nd the disgraoeful conduct of which they nre often >und guilty. Having no employments, they acquire loloue habits, so that gambling, opium smoking, and mtingT are ordinary ooourrenoes. Kew have any lonty of their own, and nearly all nre dependent ou be imperial bounty; and on acoount of their profilate habits, are always in debt. There nre many laws } regulate their oouduot, but on acoount of their high trth, they enjoy considerable privileges, which enable htm in general to <My such regulations. A very comiod punishment inflicted upon them, ie solitary oonmmmt in an empty dark room, to allow them time >r pondering on their misdeeds. Others are banished 5 the wilds of Tsit-sl har, or to the Yon-nan swamps, 'hence few ever return. The present Kmperor has een vtry lenient towards his kinsmen, but neatly all is predecessors treated them with the utmost severity, od not unfrcquently, with Tur'iisb jealousy, would ut off an entire tribe. RRVENIX. The wants of Ho-nan are now relieved, but the trade f the province hae not recovered from the pauio, and be duties are very short, so that the State must disease with them this year. There remained in the ust< m house of Hensboo. not far fro n S-o-ohoo. 200,00 taels. As various dykes are to be raised in Keaugoo province, the (lovernor has applied for part of this urn to t arry on these works. He sent in a list of parlotio contributors, who haTe all reoeived rewards, nd several of them obtained the much coveted poaock's feather. YT'N-NAN. Lin-tsish-seu reports a revolt that took place within lis jurisdiction at Chaou cb^o and Nle-too. It arose o suddenly, that the authorities were quite unprepard; but by adopting the most vigorous measures, they n a very short time succeeded in restoring tranquiiliy. Yet much blood was shed, and the regiments sent o quell the disturbances show no meroy. Patrioiio lontributions have bten offered to defray the expenses if this internal warfare, and the donors have their tames written down for promotion. TURKESTAN. Great changes are making amongst the Mantehoo ifflp?r? Th? fflkmnuH Yihiihan nrootadii from Y&rkftnd o assistant resident One.thousand soldiers sent o the former piece, at the commencement of the war, *111 remain behind for the present, to strengthen the [arris on In the meanwhile, considerable efforts are nade to gain adherents, and buy over the disaffected; tnd If this does not snoceed, to sow dissension between be various tribes. The ruler of Kokan (t'srghana? be fatherland of Sultan Baber.) has sent an envoy to tasbgar, offlolally to declare that his master took no jart in the last insurrection The son of Jehangir, luring the war in 1820 and 1827. after losing all, took -tfuge In Kokan, where a generous chief directed the iffairs. From thence he has never ceased to molest he Chinese frontiers; and it is not improbable that hey were his adherents who laid siege last year to <a*bgar. The Mantohoos, to revenge themselves upon ;bese unruly neighbors, stopped the trade; and as tea a a neceeeaty of lire to the Turks and Usbecks, this neaaure caused them much trouble. Stnee the em>aesy from Kokan, however, the restriction is taken off, irade Is >ert?ed, no duties are to be paid, and the enroy received a present of six hundred taels. It Is, .bere ore. very probable, that the oommereo between (nabgar, Yarkand, Bokhara, Kokan, and Siberia, will was? Kim Tka I. ;o cultivate the loyalty of iia Turkish subjects, by an txhibition of kindness and monlflcsnoe. and bribe* sithout number. The flnanee* are in a mlMrabt* toadition; and it would require ten time* tbe sua to >ut tbe unruly down with the *word. ThU more oonrmlent, cheaper, and even more effectual method, le heiefoie ohoeen in preference. Jfnwni Intelligence^ The United State* chip Congreaa, Captain I.avalatte, on her way home from the Paelfle, to (top at this tort. Captain* 8trlbllng and Taylor, we learn with rlth regret, are coming bom* In her. eiok Lieutenant rhornburn I* also oomlng bom* In the Congre**. The -rxlngton, Lt. Com'g Cbafard, sailed for 8an Francisco m the 1st November, and was to leave for New York tbout the 1st of Oeoemher. The Southampton, Lieut, yom'g Handy, was to call from San Ftanclseo on the th December. The Preble, Com Olynn, sailed from :he Sandwloh Island* on the 37th of July for th* East ddie*, with Com. Oelstnger, and waaezpeoted back at iau Franoiico, In January, 1MB. Th* Independence, Jem. Shubrlok, sailed from Masatlan for the Sandrich Island*, the coast of Peru, Chill, and New York >n the 34th of Jnly, and wa* expected to be at th* atter place In May 1849. Th* Dal* 1* expected to sail or th* United 8tatee about th* 1st of Maroh next. Th* It Mary's had not arrived at Monterey on th* Id of December. The Congress arrived at Hampton Roads yesterday tfterneon. Th* United States Ship Albany, Comm'r. Randolph, tailed from Havaoa, 14th instant, on a orulse.?Nor. rsi* Harold, Jen St. Death op an Ambaican Abroad ?Information fins been received, at the Stat* Department. Washington, horn William Crosby, Esq., consul of the Dotted States at Talcahuano, Chili, oi th: Jmth ot Stephen A. Salisbury, an Amertctn ritizeo, at that port, on the 17th December, 1SI7. The deceased was from the western part oi the State of New York. Carrier Wanted-?An Assistant Carrier, to were paters la th* fifteen'h Weld. Apply ut th> dak of the llernl* offlos. J News by the Steamer of yeeterday, bring* ?rlags t. inteifigei o* that Vot. Foudk's Boot* knu* the highest [ntmium ot sny boot* at th* gold rr'c,*.i. Mining Boole ro u SI ioSSi ten Fronoh Boot*, gt 80; Sno rrenoh Coif Boo'a *1 Ml ?nnlly *4 SO and $4. Wholotalnaae retail, oornor Full >n nod sas*an. tbi do .tom. California Uoota_The Cheopeet and Imt plaer In tbe city to get good b .ot, it at Jnuos's. 14 Anaduvr*> riretq slit> ot Fronoh Hoots gl 80. badi.ts* Boo't $4. alt'oruut Mining Boots *3Mi to %&, rrenoh Water proof gt 80 ts 3J, at loco's. 14 Ana ot*. ot, m or th* Maaanm. I'ortabla Dreaalng Cbms, flanufactursd by t> * iiuuooribnrs, a III tm found, on sxaouoitton, to ooutolu ot i? at is eei'.roMs f"T a gentbraea's totlotla tti* amille.t po?Al>i<i M.iioc. 11.0 arttataa ore ooiootsd with strict n*Hl to luolttr, >od aiowrrontui U. hAWNDIiaSa UN, No. 147 Broadway, ecraer of Libit ty at* and Wf Broadway. CAllfomlniiN.-Kvfrjrtlilng In the ihtpt Cloth iii*. for wear or ?population, ouch an fu ii*n Co*'ft a Um<m? article. Poncho*, thereat Mexican B'auket. IudU NuMi.r arU efot, cr Moo^ey Jjcfcetft Mininf Jtnkni Minin? Proof ou'-?e?tetft Provision Pa* ; aad laat, thou<U uotle&nt I them Five Dollar Huh*. at 3? Naa?au itrMi corner of BeeV uni' hurnha'oa t>f *? r Siin. *ix iu ruth*' cwd't '?u nv%l'nV? n*???i *i?v. C frBMfc RCIAL A 1' PAIRS. JtlONKV MARKET. Mtnrday, Jan. ?T?8 P. ML. Th# moremei t 'o-day In atooka waa upward. There ware lar a aaea of tba fanolee at the flrat board, and tha advance ranged frem ene-eigbth to one par cant Treaeury No tea want up X per oant; United State* 8'e, 1887, Xi Indiana ( a Reading Mortgage Bonda M; Farmer*' Loan X; Morria Canal X; Cnnton Company X j Long laland 1; Erie Railroad X. At the teoond board, Karmera' Loan lmprored X par oant; Reading Railroad X] Canton Company and Morria Canal X] Reading Mortgage Bonda deolinad XThere were very few tranaaotlona at the afternoon board. The Creacent City, from Chagrea, with several days later intelligence from the Paeiflo, waa telegraphed about 8 o'olook thla afternoon, and tho fact apread over the city with the greateet rapidity. It waa too late to have much effect on bualneea; bat the moat intenae rumu w ituu ma guuHHr 01 ner advices. The news ahe brought will be feund at length In another column. It le not ef a oharaoter calonlated to lnoreaae the emigration to California by the lethmua route, untlj it U certain oonveyanoes from Panama oan be obtained upon arriving at that port. Many will, no doubt, be disappointed in not receiving aooounte of large arrivals of gold by this steamer. The Court of Errors, of Ohio, has lately declared that the person who obarters a vessel done not become owner for the trip, when, by the terms of the charter, he pays h gross sum, the general owner furnlthing the master and crew, and defraying the expenses of the vessel. 3. That in such case the veieel is liable on the bill of lading. S. That a contract by the captain, te oarry goods and collect the price from the oonslgnee, Is binding on the vessel, and may be enforoed under the statute, la a suit against the boat. The Heading Railroad Company transported 11,020 tons of coal to tide water, during the week ending the 25th inst., making the total for the season 32,183 tons, Stock Bxcbangs. $20000 Treas Notes 6*s 106 SOU sh* Morris ^aaal 9l? 2H00 do b7 100 30 Loss Island las 6s 401)00 do bow 106!) 115 Harlem preferred fall 91 10000 do L60 109*4 SO Hudson Kirtr ft ,( >! 87*4 4100 Illinois. '47 40*4 100 Canton Ce 40*4 1400 Utats 5'S, M 102)4 '25 do bSO 4014 1000 Ohio ffs. ?> 102 400 do 40 V 170W U 8 ffi. 07 109V 1(11 do *15 4O'J 9000 Indiana Stats 5's ti.'t lnu do 40 0 12000 do bao e.i'4 WMl Reading KR 2?5% 1000 Reading Bond) 411 1780 do 5SW 4<>U0 Read Mtfi Bondj 67 100 do eaw 5s0 4000 do 66 V 78 do #4(2 6000 Rrie 7 percent !<7J4 600 do bGO 6iV 20.heM.cb BkgAeso HOV 125 Long If land RR 21V 60 Merchant*' Bank 104)% 60 do b90 >5 60 Bank ol Com eortp 98 0j6 do 28 6 American tx'geBk 100 300 do 29V 480 Farmer*' Truat 36 K* K'O do h60 29>2 60 do bl6 354% 100 do 630 28V 60 do 060 86)4 200 do 29V 400 do b?0 3G 60 8tonicaton RR 60'2 100 da bl6 35V 86 Brio RR, now 62 300 do blO 35V 76 do biO 62V VOW do blO 36V 75 do 62 V ' 460 do 35V 25 do MO 62 ? 16 nilnol* Bank 9)2 50RrleRR,old 60 100 Morria Caul 40 9)2 Second Board. $10000 Treai Notee6"s 109V 60 *he Harlem RR MV 5(10 Reading Bonda 46 20 N Hav ft U'fordRR IIH'7 (000 Read Mig Sonde 56V 30 N York fc N Hav RR 975% 6000 Kentucky 6*a 101V 20 Obio Trait 82 SOOO Brie 7 per ot Bdi 97X 100 Readini RR 25 600 aha Tarmere' Truat 36 60 Canton Co bt 41 300 do WSO 37 100 do b60 41V 100 do 36V SO do *3 41 150 Harlem RR baw 68)% 60 do 41 250 do b60 69 125 MorrU Canal 9*,' ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT MORNINW. WANTS. ON D1MANDR DANS IiNR FaMII.LB PARTlOtUERB, une Jcone Fille Francaise. ages do 14 d 16 ani, aachant parlor Ai g'eis, et pouvaat lire le Fianfaia. B'adreiaer No. 149 franklin street. _ WANTBD-BOARDrOKA LADY. IN A 3 RAIL PRI VATB f.mtly, w here there are no other boarder*. Addreae 'All C." thiaofHoo. stating terma and location. HObSE, BliQUY AND IIAKNESv WANTED. TtUCTllER or singly.? Any peraon wishing to dispose of an establiah ment that ia in good stj la may hear of a purchaser by dropping a 1 line, gtringparticular* of price, Ac., to Rox 121 Poat office. SPS3CIA1* NOTICKS. ~ NOTICE-NEW YOhK and HaRuEM railroad cor pany? On and alter Monday, January 22,1849,a train of oar* will ran uaily, Sundays excepted, between New York and Dover Furnace, stopping above < reton Falla. at Br* it iter's Patterson. Padding's and Jackson Wings, leaving New York at 7)% o'olock. A. returning, will leave Dever Furnace at 1}?, t. R.. until further notice. M. 91/5AT, 9up riotendent. NOTICR-1HE SUBSCBIBKhS HEREBY GIVE NOTICI of their Intention to applv to the Legislature of the State ot Maw York, during the present session thereof, for an not to Ino.rKrate themselves and their associates. with asapital of two miL ws of dollars andir the corporate name of "The United states Mail Steamers Company. New York and Liverpool Line/' for the purpose of rnnaing a line of stearoere between New York and Liverpool, in Engl and.-Jan. 13, ItHi. JAMES BROWN. EDWARD K. COLLINS, E. RIGOS. W. R WETMORE. BO&RDINU, &o. ACeKD.?tV. TOVEC, or TUB " MISTLETOE bough* 817 Pearl strict near Centre street. New York, would reeptoiful y return hie thanks to his friends and the publio is general for the kit d patronage Uttowed upon him during the past year, and bege tr assure them that it will be his const int aim nod pride to continue to eserve their ftitnre favors. W. r. assures prrsons from the old oountrj that his establishment will be found to be one tl the most desirous quarters is the oity. espe olally as regards eeosomj, excellent accommodations, and nnrenjfttir g attention to his customers; and begs to slate that hie strck of ties. Wines, Liquors, ke. are of the most rare and ohoice selection. Chops and steaks at all hours, and at the shortest notloe. Good beds. N. B.?A Tree Concert every 9aturdsy evening. Furnished room*, with board, suitable for Gentlemen and their wivea, or for single gentlemen, may be bed on application at Ne. Iff Chryetie street. The location ie pleasant, airy and oonvenient to tbebuelneee portion of kieol-.y TO LET?THE HOUSE NO. 57 DBT STREET, CONTAINitgSOerdOrooma. Bath roome and other eovenleooes to let. and fornitnre lor sale. Possession given immediately. Apply on the premises. MUSICAL,. WILLIAM 8CHMEI81BB, l'UNIST FROM BERLIN, weald be willing to nccrptn limited nnmber of pupils on ths pi> notorte. For further particulars please tpply at his reddenee, No. 00 Liipsnard street, until 10 o'olock, A. Is. _ FOE BALE] 13OR SALE-THE STEAMER NEWS HOT, W11IOH FOB several months past has been employed by the News Association of this oity fog the oollsotion of ship news. ke. She was built in New York, of ths boat materials, by JosaptrC. Coffce, la 1H4Aj la ooppstad and ooprer fkstaaed, and of the following dimensions:?Length 154 feet 4 inches, breadth 22 feet 2 lashes, depth 8 feet 6 inches, tonnage 240 I8VB tons. The engine ie a powerful I one,having a 54 Inch cylinder and 8 feet stroke,and ie in eioellent and the fxpMH of putting on board, about $3,0W. 8ba haaltwo large tank* (Or froan wotw, and (or rtreagth, apeed, and otbn good qnalltiee, la believed wot to bo aurpaaeod by any tteamor of her e!aoo In our water*. For further particular* apply at thl* office. FOR SALS?Till SUPBRI04, COPPRRRD AND COPPERloetaoed bath Alpha, burthen, per regieter, SI7 tone, three year* old, built at Swaaara, Maaa., and it welt found la tall* aad rigging. Apply to the Captain, oa board, at pier No. 43. R. R., or to BOYD It H1NCKEN. 88 VaU tenet. ffto COLD AMAYRR8.-FOR SALS. PRIOR $,(W ?A PAIR J. ofAanyei'aCcaleeaadaetofweithtecomplete. TteeeSoalea bate been tooted and the weight* graduated aad proved at the U S. Mint, Philadelphia Apply t* WOODWARD ft BROTHERS G? Id aad Silver Penoil manufacturer*. 144 Jay etre-t, Brooklya* DRT GOODS?AA KXCKLLR^T WPPORTUN!-TV TOR a n mi MPiAn daurAnB to f>nt?r intn th? ret tail fW? (1aa<U kuai. near.?The enhecnbar baa reeolred to retire from the abort buttneea, and will tell the whole or a part of hfl gooda, with the priri. leu of the etore, tar one or mora re art, at a reatonable rank The tubtcribor haa oooapted fie p rem Lee for the laat fourteaa reara. To tnb liADiKft?Should the abora atook not be dlepoaaaof M aboee, I will commence ratailing the tana, at Tory reduoed priot, on the laat dap of rebrwaiy, tod oontlnue till the whole gooda art told off. J. B. WAIST ELL, 80 U ad ton etreet. The village or noBOffiN, as a convenient healthy, and pleaaaat place of riMdenee, petite to adraataeet at leaat equal, If not inperiar, to any other plane in the rioinity of Ntw Y-rk. Through the medium of aerenl linea af ferrybeata, a conmnnicatlon la offered to three differtet pointa of the city, eia Barotay atreet, Canal atreet, and Ohriat-pher tired. Aa aa indncenient to theae deatront of arallirg ihemnlrea of the ad ranUgte of a retldenee in Hoboken the moat Uberal terma will be made, ho'h in the ealee of lota and in the nn of the femee. (the commutation being at low aa on any other ferry from New Tnrk.) The attention of partner deeiroua of obtaining eligible altea for bnildinga, ia Incited, for terma, fco., apply in the offloe of the Hoboken Ca. Hoboken, of W. It. 9BIPKEN. A rent. WHO WANTS A GOOD HORSE f-*E HAVE JDST oome from blahley'a fttablea, 165 Waahington atreet, where are the beet araortment of horaaa for eaddlaa double baraeaa, eart, or anything elta. Thoat in want af a good horte had hotter apply Immadtntrly, aa they will be eo d cheap for oath. HlffCBIiLAIWOVI. tVWVWWWW. '/VVVVVVVVVVVVW\VVWVVV%\V\VV\.*^ New cHABTor the north Atlantic ocean, show. lag the grtht circle rot tee, between the moat eoatpicuom pointa: eeetgaed praotienlly to asatat the anrigator in thaping hi* at.oTtect eouraa. By Andrew Scott. Juat pnkUehed Bad fur tale wholesale and 1 a tail, by D ROBERT R SON.JW Pearl atreet. VALENTIN B A?IV HOIRPALR AND RETAIL, AT Eltoo'a, the original manulhetum. 90 Naaaaa atreet, op, a aita the Boa office, or IS D riaton 'treat. The trade aoppllea on the meat literal terma The aeeortaoent raagce flrom ait eeata to 111 par dee. Con.cry daalcra can hare paroela forwarded by expauaa aaeorted from ?, upward* laoe pa pert, aaralopae, Re., by the dot on. at Importort ream or greet riret Havana seoars of the choicest qdalitt and of the meat appro re/1 Vranda at the new tiore, 401 Bretdway, neat to tha eorner of Waiter atreet. nador tht frelng Kooma The nadenigBed rtapeetfWBy annouaoee to Uw public thtt he hae opened hie new ttoruattee abort number, where he win keep o-nttaally an hand U large and wall t?looted aaeortraent ?f I)arena regare ef the nhnlomt and moat approrad br.iada Alts tha tool brando af Virgiaia thawing Tobseo.., SoulTk ko. CHaS. Taw UPLPEtf. NOR MAKORILLER-THI FINE, FAST SAlLINd AND JP eopnerfattened Bark EDINBURGH, .oawag. Matter, will kavequMc d tape tab aa abora. Fur freight or pataage, nariag nparfrraaaammadaManaaoptoon hoard pier II If. N.. arte J" _ _ ROTDfc HIWORRN. W Well itntt UTAINKD GLAJA-lonu FEET STAINED 01 aSS. IN ALL IJ the dURrtot retera, for rale low, to oieae oonaigaiaees hy BGVSE R VIRTUE, f# fPagl ttmi. ' .vmu?a4m.aurrr?. Bowehy theatkk.-mundav eVani*cj jvh'iri *!'. will bo yertonced a lem arain* eatctlod the II 1U.N I'd ?A.N?Mr. He. else, Mr. J. M icott; Tho Huatcu, Jar. illcbifl Tmtetbv * Oo., Mr. Winnua M.ll y Svc id pro, Mill f lolti Afte ?li rli, Mr l-av.tcr lx? the "wlchra'.cd E-iuiliDr'at. in Uii>'''tvl iig feat* alio. Mr U. 0. Lee ? J III*Infant Pupil In ti e frollm ? luck. To ce followed by ll)l'N LlKi) ON I'.V ITI-Mr. loepti? Mr. (lillrrt Mrs. .Sceptic, Mli< Mirr U l-.r fn Oonclude will lli? drama of MAKV, THE MAIL) OF TDK INN?llarmp Mr N ll.ilaikc. Kit hard. Mr J. H. IIa<I; Miry, ill,a 0. VYowiv** Mariar. bn. WrnidVv Bear* Wo: Pit. US! tvccUi Uajiety, 13X ccnte. Doateopen al 6)4 o'clock ; ?ot cut nee at 7. pllAM'hAU h NATIONAL TU6ATRA, LaTS0SATBAM, V> Monday fvoripg, Jan. 21', the pertormaucu trill ooiraouoe with the djana ot AM' 1) iY ? Mai tin Devoured. Mr. J K. ttcott; Tory Haywood, Mr. Mcfarlani; Rachel Urjwo xl. Mra. Woodward; rally Br n>, Mlaa Male*. After whic h, the new loeal diaio# entitled xOblNA MltAliUW'3- Uarry Mrudoo, Mr. ChanInn. Mr. Metdowa, Mr. MrFarland; Jethfe Barter, Mr. T. O. Beech. Kt-iae Mmdowa Mice C. Meatater; M'a Maadowa, Mrs. U. cbainiin; Alice Wnrren, Mlaa f. (lordua. To couolude with u>e farrr ot MY PKiENlk'd HI YE?Mr frank Bemertoa, Mr. I'll' n; ? >? Benc-rioe. Mra. laharwocd. Beaee 2So; Pit, UK0 Door* HM *WX iWnk-wwatM at 7. A At, ERICA N DMAMaTIO >UN? ABSJO JIAHON. iTmideat? i)a?ii) V. Cue.nan, ?*]. Tnuteoa. J. Preoaeott Ball. Ian , John MoKcoa, E*|, W. B. Cba|inao. Kc<|., W. 0. Sttbldn, Es'i, 1 hornaa #. Hatnblin, B?{. The I'reiident.Truetees, and Dlreotora would respectfully tonaaii.t the patrol* of the diaoia, aud the public generally that tbtir iirat biDtii will take place on Tuord .y evening, February nth, at U e A * tor Place Opera House. liberally tendered for that purpoae by the lrtare, K fry. Etc). The tbleat of the aaaoeiatioa to oitnbliah a tuud wherebv aueb proloaiort of tho drauiatio art a* aha 11 become incapacitated by age, accident, or infirmity, Iron) punuii g their uiual avueattoua, may receive ueoo.aary aid. it ii earnestly hoped th it the favor of your Individual lnterott tod support w)U beexpended on that ocuaaiou. Tho ontartaiDmoat selected, willoomptiae within Its Hope all the available theatrieal and mueical talout at preaenl in the vieiadty, orabraoing the following namee:? Mr. Koh nrrrr. Mr. W. R. Bi.akk, Mr. W. E. Bt uron, Ma Vacua, Mr. Jonn Soorr, Mr. Dawaott, Mr. Dvovr. Mr. Jouw Uti.nwRT, Mr 0.11. Bakbbtt, Mr. tl. W. Ci.abkb. Hr. 0. Uiilu.mi, llr. Tilton, Mr. mittmk1.i, Mr. clianvrav, Mr c. Bass, Mr. MoParua.,i?, Mr. G-LohrB, Mr. Win ami, Mr. Hahawav, Mr. W. B. ciunm, Mr. McDouai, Mri. Ykrnon, Mini Hat* Wauavsu. Mr*. Horn, Mum Phiuun, Mra.HAii.KV, Mri KNiuirr, Madauie Otto, MIssJiima Northaij, Mrs. 0. Loi>aa, Mia* r,. Kirkham, Mia* Rosa Tiuii, Tb* Misses Da.-un. MUi Mary Taylor, With otters, whose nune* will be Rolf announced. Mr. 0. Looan will superintend the rauaioal department. M. Mas KTir* will direct tb* orohmtra. STIWAKUS: Mr. Tiiomas^S., Mr. Brougham, Mi. F. C. Vt'kssva*. Mr. Lvwnb, Mr. John Puvar. Mr. Q. Asmcv*. The Box Oflioe will be opened on Saturday, Februarys, from nice till twelve, when purchaser* of tioket* can have them exchanged for certlticat** of place* Box tioketa >1; Amphitheatre 60 cent*. Mbuhamch- hall, no. ?n bboadway, urrwuN brand and Broom* street*, open every night during the week.?The original and well-known CHRISTY'S MINBTKBlS, organised 1S43, the oldest established company in the world; th* first to haimonine negro melodies, and originator* of th* prasent popular ityl* of Kthioplan entertainments; whom oonoert* in tins otty, ior a (cnou 11 two year*, liar* bean patronised to an extant unparalleled by any amuaemeat In thia neat metropolis. They will hate the honor of continuing their Inimitable Conoerti every,night, until further notice, introducing al each repre*entation a variety of new Operatlo Burleaquoa, Bong*, and tlislt new Burleeiiue of their Voyage Musical. Admission, 38 oenta Door* open at 7?Concert to commence at * o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, oomir easing at S o'olook. Manager and Director, E. P. CHRISTY. GLNQ'L'S THIRD GRAND CONJKRT SINCE HIS REturn to Now York, will take place at the Tabernacle on on Monday evening. January 211 I'jtOO RAMME. rear i. 1. Overture from the opera Der f relschnti (by re-iueat). .Moiart. 2. Chomefrom La Sonnan-bule Bel'inL I The Rural Halt (by request) J. Oung'l. I. Vagabond Polka J. Uung'L fact u. 1. Melange potpeurrL J. Guug'l. t. Charivari Quadrille J. Guug'l. J. It-ring Festival Oalopade (by re-meat) J. Uung'L L Aipineee Recollection* of Home, March J. Qnag'L part iu. 1. Overturefiom tlie opera La Uaiia Ladra Roiaial. 2. Narraganeatte Walts (new) J. Uung'L J. Pruaeiaa Parade, March Potpourri (by request)... .J. QunrL Ticket* to be had at the nuve stores, ana at the door on the evening of the Concert. Coneert to oommenoe at 8 o.oloek. No poatpoiement DONNAVAN'8GRAND SERIAL (ORIMNAL) PANORAMA of Moiico? Painted on 2l,l<tW feet of Canvas, exhibiting a view of otuatry AlKW mile* in length, extending from Cor (rue Chrliti to lluena Vtete?thenoe to Velladolid?and from Vera cm* to the oity of Mexloo, (prceentlag to the spectator the moat tublime toenery in the world.) will open for a itiort time only, at Panrrema Uall, f-i'8 Broadway, acjoinlng Nibio'a (lardon, on Monday evening, Jan. iflf. Door* open at (>?Exhibition to com mence at 7 o'clock ?Ale on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon* *t .8 o'clock. Ticket* Ml cent*; Children half price, office hour* II to 1. lor particular* eee Deeor-ptive Pamphlets. HOI POK CALIPOKNIA. FOR SAN FRANCISCO?TOR FAST SAILING BARK KEOKA, Capt Ja*. Mcduire. having all hor freight oo ward, can take a few cabin paxtengers ifapp loatlun 1* madeimmedi ta'eiy Apply to A ILK N Ik WHlTTLEiEr 21 South atrest, or to tha Csp-ain, i n boanl, at pier 18, Eeet Rivet. IjlOR SAN F R A M U duo. UAL iYo k.vl a .?THE FIRST ola>* coppered ship ELIZABETH ALLEN will sail far the above port on or about the let of February next. A few more peeeengcre can be taken In the seoend cabin, where her aocom mtdabona are of the moat superior order, al $1ML and found.? Apply en board, pier 1,1 E K? or to K. KICBARDiON k CO.. 82 South street, N (I. BANSON It CO , ?t South street. For ban.fbancisco, California?the new a i New York built, and copper fhetened ship H. HARBEIK, Cept. Merwtn. will sail for Uan Franoieoo about the 1st of February. Thia hue vessel la not two years old, has been fitted up with aonowimodalious superior to any other ship, ex pr> ally lor this voyage. Has an ax pel-end d Captain, and tabes out a physician to attend upon her paserugera. For treight ot aaoaase apply on hoard, at Pier 10, East Miver. or to Ot-NEY k COrRELL. & South at N. B -The favorite paoket ship MEMm)N will aatl for the above port on tho 20tn February. The ship ia only ore year old, and has no eqaal afloat. Cabin passengers only, taken. Fur california.?toe splendid live oac siiip Robert liow ne, will eall on tr.e first of Ft-bruery; an ewooiatios goes out in the ship. 11 or main dook has bean converted into a splendid saloon, oa the plan of the North Rivet .... -lh. nrnvl.,.?* A.. -WA MAM Ml AAMml.tu by (.'apt. Cameron, one of tho ablest (hip muteri that null Iron this port. Capt. Bailey goes out as first mate. A. few sriarss is the ship and cargo remain unsold; pries (13(1. Nine flnt cibin passengers will be taken at $160. and font d. Cngnire of the Captain on board, at the foot of Bo- sen It street. HO! FOR TUB GOLD REGION!?THE FINE BRI I Allgosta will sail for Saa Franeisno, Csllfurn)*, with despatch, or as soon as a select number of passeiin-rs aro procured. App'y to Oei rge W. Pgi.U, 61 Southetieet. The Augusta is ISO tool burthen. I i months oil, oopner fastened and o< pperci witaia &: days with hear) copper, ana eommaiiried hy an ox|>ericnoed mat ter. Her lightdiaft of water will enable her to proceed mnsh far thst up ilie riser than most ot the vesseli wh oh hare been despatched. An experienced surgeon and physician goes outln the vca el For tbe gold regions of California, via cha gres.? Will tske steam and positively proceed 11 set on tin 14th February. The fine, fast tailing, c .ppered clipper bark Omlfoid. Capt. R. W.Tborp, being fitted itp with comfortable anil well venti atcd state rooms, will yet take a limited number ol secmd cabin passengers, who mty tecute state ro -me to then s? Ives, and will enjoy supetior adraatsges to those afforded in any oil er ti etel The state rooms in the first esbln art all sngagjd. Passengers will be allowed to remain oc bosrd the vessel let fifteen daysafeer her arrival at Chagres, (provided a majority of tbs l* toiiger? desire it ) at a moderate rate per day, to afford them an < ppot tuoity tf securing their passage from Panamv belore le .tlng the ship. For freight ot passage apply to John and Robert Osborn. Ill Wall street, or Jstre-i W. Klwcll 67 donth streit. SniPORPiiEl'3, FOR CALIFORNIA?PAS'ENGKRS will bring their baggage on board on M,nday, the 29th lust, and get their t'ekets. CALIFMR* 1A MEN, LOOK BERK -? HY NEED YOU fRV to waah and gatbi r gold trom the earth, without being wel supplied with hrase or eopptr, or iton were wire, whish can be t< easily had at 1UH Beekman. and 49 Fnlton streets. Passage ticket foe rale-a passage ticket in steamer Faloon, for f'hagres, and ia the Pacific Mail steamei ttotu Panama to San Franoisco, 16th Febrnary. Both ticket for the saloon. In f.iirv corner of Fulton and Wgshiiigt m s'a Ticket f<ir California-wanted, one or twc paesage Tieksls from Panama to 8sn Franeiioo, on Mesn bowlsnd k Aspinwall's steamer, to mil from Panama oa the I6tt February Apply at the ttfioe, at the Astor House, before the Is ofFekrusry. __ 1.1 or California?wanted by a marriec V msn, $6* 0. on good security : ths best of refsrenee in regsrJ to host sty, industry, and morality; is willing toallow one half ol the proceeds for the above loan. Address " W. M,"this office. For oalifuenia-overland route, via vera C'rus aid Ma tails n.?A oompasy is now forming, to b? ccmpoaru oi on* nunaieu men, w proooea m ana r ranouoo, dj iho oboTO route, under the eeoort of Capt. Charlee U. Inn**, U. 8. A. Thlo com peer carrie* with it provident laffleieot foi t ttiDll of the member* until the nrnrei ot the company'l ahipfwhieh will be despatched u eoon e* loaded, Tin the Capeej nt Sen Frtacieon. For further itformntton respecting the company'* pinna, apply toon nt No- Jt Water etreet, near Broad etreet. At in adjourned meeting of the member* of the above Com. pany, held at Florence'* Hotel, eoraet Broadway end Walbci tenet, on Friday evening, *1 h inetant, it waa onanimoualy re eolr.d, that a final meeting be held at the earn* pine* on Hon dnv evening. 29th inetaat, at 7 o'elook, at which tune the liat will be ekteed MANHATTAN MINING AND THADINO OOMPANTAa adjourned meeting of thie company will be held on Monday, Jan. 29, at 8 o'olook, P.M., at 131 Fnlton etreet. A Cnotual attendance le retjueeted. ae bueiaee* of imp rtence i* tc transected Pereone of reepeotability and character, who intend going to California, are requested to attend. The ehaiei are *500 each. CU AS. 0. H. < OOK. Sao., 81 Be veretreet. NItr ASSOCIATION.?THB NlfF FORK MUTUAL, BR neflt a eecciation will eommeao* te receive eubjcripttonr on Monday, Joinery 2Vth. at their ofloa. in Tammany Bali, for thepurpoee of paying for the ahlp RHODB ISLAND, Onpn Thoa A. Kldredge, now lying nt the foot of Markot etreet. Toe veeetl hte jnit ocm* off to* Dry Book, thoroughly overhauled, repaired, and newly eoppeied. Captain Rid ridge it an experienced navigator in the rtolflo Ooean The ehaive are l80,nt$IS0oaoh(flraifaetaimeet $50) whioh laolndee owaerehtp ia th vvomI. eight month*' provieiou. th# nimmery mi ting Implement#, and tea prooeede f her freight, whioh will pr .baWy amouat to 2000 h?r rait at $3 per knrreL Mr CharLt Brewa. ona of th# proprietor! ef Tammany Ball, tat eoneente i to net a# Treaenrer to thie Aetoriatioo, who will reotlvo and reoaipt for nU raoerripdeaa. Pereoe* reed die* at a dietance can, with entity, remit t> thie aenUeman the ptiee of a there. I* the event ??ibetr being ell sold, the money will bo euMoet to their order. The agen t of the owner le nt Tvtnroany Well, whore any farther Information can be obtained. PUR CALIFONIA.-MOTICB IB BBRIBF OITBN TO ALL portent whe have made arrangement! to aeeempnny the everland expedition, eommaudtd by Capl Maulden, to moot at the Unit Bonee, Cincinnati!. Ohio, on the Kith February next, to pro eted at once to California, via Rio Oil*. Other* wlthlng to join may obtain any further information, on apprtoatlon to W. A. Km pp. 90 Wall atrnet, N. ? daya j or of Oapt, Manlden, at the Airerienn Botd. rbllndelphln, until let February. FOR"CALIFORNIA.?A CALIFORNIA MINI.OO AND rradlag be oom poted of forty me a berg nt $ Hit oeoh?ia now firming, and tnoetafiuady am hare od la the ester prim have in view perk*pi the beat vernal la pert, nnd one pen vet* rgevery re*nt?le nemeeary te eeoure a epeedy aadpwaeaal v?) age. Fi-rfurxhet partirulaiu. apply at Wm. Rankin* mar bk wnrka SM Oreenwioh etreet, beVeeen S and It e'oleek, A.M., Moneay.ina. 29. A nearly application iedeeiraM*. Califmrniav-pemauns nrriNu out fur caufjg urn, and who are in want ef Tebaaee, either for ep-oulgtiaa or privnta nan, are leepeoifUUy tnvleed te eaiJ at ear e'ore net examine n new deaertptioa of Tohneeu. put if ex pro* Ay fbr thi Itfimia market. Ml* pnt up la harfpeund ilnbe witfi tie ee relay.#, t* protect it tr<?m the dampnvea. and ps<ked iaoeavt neat lined pn*e?**a It ia warranted te red .4 in* deeaytai effect# of a Ui men the voyage nod It ia eonSdrmaly believed te b< the only kind of Chewing Tobeaeo, OoVeadlah or Fin* On that will etead a voyage to Onllfof .a. Th# attention of ekippta la invited to the above, j()HN AMDRRFON Si CO, i 188 B tend way, oenm Ftaeitgiel s ? ?r??n?a?an-?W?Mr AfliiSJsjaKH'n. r iiMVAfWAII CilUlkk-t. A. lAH.lllti.1. Cuifl'lklt j L> tot. On Mi?.?iy Jtveuicn, January si. ?ril' b? prvee^ <, the ,<.ia: J ,'txuiu apo-tice. Irura ihv o?v. l of A.ea. i>j f n.r.fc ui TIIICUUMf Of JIONXK-CHIsT\> bdiuond Hint'.*, I -lu-r*ir?l?CrfUpt of Mootn-CrtetO, atsnuiing tin, characters of A ' t ii: uralor. Siftbjil the drrek. an Knaliah Traveller, .md a Fruck j Ahbe. Mr. LeShn; Unas. MorreM, Vr. Vnohe: Old DtnUi, Mr. let ( I oard, Uuna. Bowville, Mr B. 8haw: Ferrand, Mr. Frederiolt , i Most, die, mri. Abbott; ilaydee, Mis* A'atta; Carooate, Mr.*oed. Dree* Circle and Farrjietm, IWoenta. Family Oleel* I - '-"tit*: runt.. n? r? ??>*? ?t b*Jf nww* H Ul'HION'8 l'tlk athK, CHaUUKHS bt4rrt. MOW- t i by lwun January 29, will b? payed flMUg'ivm's come( n 1**5^ v I I'Y FAIn,?eawdna (rattler. Mr Broughami iPf Mr Bur'i n: Sir t*>tfe Crawley, Mr. Johns en; Cap- I] I m i "vlJPi i!' Jord-n: M> jor Dobbin, Mr. Chrletan: Mra. , I MeJor O Dowd, Mrs. Bro " in. To conclude with tlie burletta, o intwo*eta,of the CALIFORNIA qoLD MfNBS?Mr. Br?u.?, ,, ' ?ri t*doo?,l#> Mr. Brougham; Jacob Broree. Mr. ( ;; Oldlireese, **. Hamilton; Biddy. M rs Barber. d Dreee C,role and Marquette Wo.; Family CircleJ60. Doote open , ?Ja e^oloca. (ti MITCHELL'S OLYMPICTURATRB?MONMAY EVBNINQ PI Jaa. i??Ihe pertormancee will commence with the drama colli led the MAKE'S PKoUMtSS?Turn Maxwell, Mr. C VT al Clarke; Jenny ,U'inland, Mine* Phil ipo; After which, the EnI CHANTED ISLE.?Prospero, Mr. Niokiceoo; Artel. Wn Marv Catron. To be fallowed by the farce or the LADY AN O TUB M DM VIL?Wild love. Mr. C. W. Clarke; Jen-my, Mr. Holland;/.! phyhaa, Miea clarbe. To o nolude with the farce of the WI roll in OF WINDERMERE?Natty Primrose. Mr. Holland; Capuln i? Seymour. Mr Reynolds; Ro?e, MUeClarke'e, SiVote.; J? Upper Beiea, lie.; Pit,U)(e. Door* open at #X o'olock?oom- " mence ad 7. Cl American circus.?sands, lent a co.. proprib- ol lore? Bioadway Alhamhra?Monday Evening, J*n-tJ, will be el jrtnentid a new piece, entitled the Camp of the Bedouins, com{loeedof ten he race end rider* in fall Arabia* ooitumes. Mr. K. i and* and hia Troup* of Fonie* end Dancing Burma, in a variety (Meat* Mr B. Hugjrlet, the Flying Yoltigeur. Mr. W. Stout, the If Modern Ileroilea. Matter Walter Ay mar, the Jurenile Rider, b Matter Maurice Sand* in a principal act > f Ovrmmanship. Comio l' Pony tonne. Dancing horm Bucephalaa in the Poeturing A it, by ? Mr. Sand*, Tie Arab Troupe in tbeir Uymnaatio Feat* Horee- 11 manaiiip by Mr. Gardner. The Ghost of Barl.-ouln. Admission to even part of the home. fft oenta?ohlldrea half prlo*. (r BAHNllM'S AMERICAN MUSIUM.-P. T. B iRNUM, MA- it linger and Proprietor; J. Oreeawood, Jr.. Aeeiotaot Man* BJ ger. Sploadid tietforniances every aflerao. n at S, and every eve- . mug ? 17* ooiova mji or |oruoajrr wu .? t wo rimni, ha. wen feot b gh. weighing (Q6 pounds. Determined, u usual. not to lie detetred bv aty consideration of trouble or expense from |jj procuring for public gratification, every novelty o h oh time. In bor nrd money o?u commnnd, or the world produce, the mann- ' Ker le proud In attnomoing the following bill ol extraordinary ??d II unexampled attractions f The Quaker Giant and Giantess. the m tulle.t and dtcidedly the largest pair of human bolnge the world ever produced, Hiu Elisabeth Simpeon, a delioato young Quafcoteae, ot'21 )ea I, la nearly H feet high, and weighe 337 pouudaf Of Mr. Barnum pledgee himaolf to pay ore thouaand doliara to any ur yeraou who can produoe a female other height aud aiie within .u one year from this time. She ia beyojd all ea'oulati in, the moat ln astounding and marvellrui specimen of humanity that the world SC everaaw. Language is inadequate to deaeribeher appearaneo.? n? Mr. Helen the Immenae Giant. ha\ mg proved to be larger , ? than the Quaker Giant recently arrived, being himaelf aQutker, " end having for yeara worn that garb i a Eualand, haa now reaumed tri it. Th e Quaker aentleman. 17 yeara of age. atande plump right \v feet in lita stocking', and weigh* SDh pona-ls. It ie impossible to iy oonvey any just idea of thia oollossal humaa oonp'e. The world never aaw their like before. The puhlto ia pneitivoly aaenrcd that C8 the immenae expense attendant on thia engagement pveolutles the op pteaibility of ita being extended beyond a verv abort time. Tlwy will be aeen at all houre, in o< ntraat with Majrr Llttlcfloger and Ticaula, the Fairy Queen, either of whom ia rmeilor than 1.m H malleatintant tliat ever walked atone, and are therefore together rr tlio amalleat human pair in oxiateure. Also engeged tie Highland | ... Mammoth Brothers, tho fattest pair this aide of Greco* Tneuu- ! tcrtainu in tain the Lecture Boom are umqualled hv nny tlx 1 KI i places of tr tuemeut in America, and will be produced by Qceet ! ill V? catoru, the Yankee Comedian, Peta Morris, the comic singer. .1 Mts? Emma Leslie, tho p tutor vocalist. Misa Jowiphine rte.n, , the beautiruldansenre. The Sable brothers, the b?? ;bn dif No'ro >< Miua'rels in the city, ooosisiirc of seven perfect muiicitds. uodor |h the dlteotion of Mr. J. U. I'.vin appear in all ti air r> >pn at ..1 a'nas gleet and eatravtigiimas. Mrs. .tverill Mrs Monoll, Miss ? Burroughs. Mr. T. J. Oldtt Id Ac be T .e hi*hly popular musical Yankee extravaganie, which is a beautiful luston to all California d 1 speculators. et,titled Cnliforna Yellow fever, or Gold Mauie. ia which Great Western and Pete Moms arc supported by the entire company, including the (able Brothers, and in w hich the anther, B' Mr. kvene, personates the celebrated chaiscter of Dandy Co*. A th new Yankee Story by the ever freah and laughter provoking |(, Great Western. Lett week of the elegantand Instructive oarved , Model of the olty of Jerusalem, as it now atande, with every al hu hting, street, lane, feo he. in the holy oity. The Model ia for hi sale. Linrg Ourang Lutang. Wax Scripture Statuary: Madam rp Rockwell. <ha Fortune Tel'er; Picture Gallery, Grand Cosmoramae; 600,1 OU curiosities. inoludit g every thing wonderful In ne B* ture and art. Admission 25 cents; children under ten years lS'g th cents THI GREAT CHINESE MUSEUM, 539 BROADWAY, BE te tween Spring and Prinoe atreeta, and tha only one in thia oountry constats of a great number of life sis* figure* of Chinese, of all classes, several hundred Chinese paintings, apartments la bowses; stores and vessels, models of pagodas, temp ee and gl Iwldawa amJnlmana nf Phinamt mmnfarthiwaa thai* a>vunnltnv?l f.. and mechanioal Implement*, instruments of mnalo, Inn term. A*, (to. Open from nine A.M. till 10 P M. daily. Admittance, 2S al oenta; Children under^weivc, half-prine. 111 ZOOLOUICAL BALL. 37 BOWERF?THRILLING AND Interesting Perlormanoe by tho Lion Queen. Mis* E. Cnl- I boun. who will nppeer in the Den i f * lid Beast*. and go throngh a her extraordinary performance*, every Afternoon and Evening ... of this Week. Ti e colleotion of animal* at Zoological Ball, i* now in tbeflmit possible condition, particularly the great White Polar Bear, who i* a* fresh and a* vigoron* a* be wa* on the day si he wae captured in the Arctic Ooeaa. Admission, 2A oenta ih Children, half price. " HOI PUH CALIPUHNIA. CALirORMA GOLD?AT THE UNITED STATES WHOLE ale Clothing Warehouse, Noa 232 and 236 Pearl street, may be found the largest assortment of Clothirg la Pie world; also. Bhirta Drawer*, Oil Clothing, and covered Hata eul table for all market*,and cheaper than to* cheapest, and put up in doaeae and halfdoiena Lot* assorted, and Jaet the thing for Californiana Who may be going ont separately, or in oompaniea 8t LEWIS A BANPOBD. ,, N.'IL Call and examine before purchasing. " T.1IHE ARMS. ? TRIALS ALLOWED BEPORE PURCBA- lj< f slug. Fine double Oune with one barrel tilled ; Holster. Pie tw tolswith ritl-d barrel*; North'* Carbines,a* alio several short large bore rifles, including some by Woeeon, Whitney, ko.; now h( and seornd hand Oune, feo.. honght or taken in exchange, F. Wal I.IK'SGcn Store and Shooting Gallery, (90 feet long) 28 81 Broadway f je] CCalifornia rifles, guns. ko.-n. w. spies a co? to J No 91 Maiden Ian*, have a fell supply of Kill,*, Muskets, doable barrel Gut t. Pietuls of alt kinds. Pistol Helta, Gold Picks, he Piik Axe*, Crow Ban, Bowie Knives, Ao? ho. Fiehiog Tackle of nil kit da _ a PISTOL BELTS AND HOLSTERS, FOR CALIFORNIAAll kinds of pistol belu end holet-n, trnvelliog knapeaoka ;'! > knife shenthn, gnn slinga Me., and bullet pottchM made, at the 1 shortest i etioe, by r , JOSEPH T. BELL. 1S6 Fulton street, opposite Cheroh street N. B. Ssmplee of all hinds on hsnd. a 1EAVEN WOKTirdGOl.D WaSOCRS WILL SEPARATE t> A the gold, black send, platina and elnnebor from the soil, fast 81 ft DM Will inoToi ii io?o ino dmdiii?( ana wn>? u most importent, the gold, *e.. cannot escape Califnrnisne are adviied I ' to call at !( !> W ater sties' and tee them bet'ure purchasing. z A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITV.-CAPITAL AND LABOR d Irateroixing ? Five person* have associated, with the design c of admitting a amsll turn ol mon?y to there at the eixth. la eol- U lectleg gold in California. Thme tithing gold withou' going te ; the digging! thomtolvet. a ay tddrete immediately, poet paid. Big f I2K. ( hetliam l<mart Poet Offroe, i fating amonnt ef fhnde they r [ would like to invest. CALIFORNIA BOUSES.?TBE SUBSCRIBER IS PRE- c pared to furnieh Shoot Iron Cottagaa, of the moet substantial *], at three dayt notice, built in eectioaa They are eery ti > portable, and ocoapy but little room on ehip board For view of a model cottage, and terme, which are eery reasonable, apply to 0 B RANSOM. I HO Wall sweet. (j I / 1 A 1,1 FORM A DAGUERREOTYPES?PER JONS ABOUT ? | Ay to eiait Cahiornia and deairoue to leare their llkeneaeet with h > their friends, would do weii te eall at Brady's, Noa SOS end I, ' WT Broadway, where, by reason of recent imprsvemaats and ad. dltlone to hie eetahlianmeat, faithful and true Ubeneeece maybe tt ' ohtaired at the shortest notioe. (CALIFORNIA?TBIERcELIN'S PATENT GOLD WASB. ' era?Ihle ingenioua mtclcne li the only one which Alls com|ih tely at d in a short time, the purposes for which it is designed. It prtclndte the possibility of lorng the smallest pxrtiole of gold. I Ot< eta from ail parte of the oountry will bo immediately fulfilled u Apply only at > irtor Blahop'a No. 39 John street. 0 Cf ALlIObNIA LIFE INSURANCE.?TUB NAUTIhUALlFI > Inauraoce company, No. 6S Wall ttreer, insuree the Urea of o periots nailing California, with privilege of reaiding than and of making tie voyage on tend home, either by the way of Cape Horn, 1 the Isthmus of Panama, or by Vera Crna and through Mexico , I MORRIS FRANKlIN, Preside.t. 1 ? Pt.rav Fn? fmAir. Actuary. j. CS OLD WASUERS BY AN EXPERIENCED GEO PQIA t ff miier.?Ihe subscriber has now completed his improveroeati 1 in Gold Washers. lie It ready to test his maehleet by lenuving t braes tlings. or other mater al of much less spooifto gramythan i gold, irom any kind of grit or sand. In hia tueohiora he prracuts ' ' the result if pracileal experience in mining In ?he gold region of j ' Eah'onvga. Ga. ar.d offers nothing untried, except self evident u facilities adapted to well known ana improved contrlrsuoes Ua ( | i Bira. first, ihe Moron riated Pelt Washer. for Urge onto mates, price yj-r>; 2d. the'"orrugated Rot ker, for two or three. Sl? 'id, I il,c submerged W hirllrg and Test Pane from SI S'itoRA. Re c . tary Pumps, which are invaluable in snpp.jlng water at adlstanoe i : from rivere or creeks, alorg with hoee pipe, Re. (ymokeilver and ' other miulrg applim ora WALTER . 01 BSO.N othoe of tiia 1 Diaphragm Filler.-Ml'Brnailway, comer of l^onara s riet. t NEW ROUTE TO CALIFORNIA, VIA IlARtUSON k bolmes'a Great Shy Light Baguarrean Paesage, No. 2"W 1 | btoadway. Travellers by the Sky Light will be the first at the r mli en For the finest likeneaaex the now route offers superior In- . duccmenU.aa the ladles and children are dailvgniig to i aliforaia ; ! with j rnpgiaty and pleasure Rooin No. 37 ca Farce Buildings. " i /vniiiiavii nnui nirun IV NEW t (JRK. ?SBIRTJ !', . ^ which I Mid at$K per doeen were told tor oneuunot of gold 'J 1 each, in California. 8?? offloiaf report of 4no. herein. B?|., U. S. If Comul. Tb<n noire there willthuedo better by buytug ebirtj }, than gold dinging. Therefore, mil and examine a large aeeorv meut of all kinde, auitable and expreeelr meaafltotured for tlx above trade aad market, at the inannfeotory of M. WoOLF, 81 U| Maiden lane. Alao, under ahlrta and draweri of every deecrip- a 1 J a PO* OALirORNIA.-PASSRhOIRS FOB CALIFORNIA n are informed that thee oannot obtain a more uaefal arttole K, 1 for the preterratlon of health than Ie Doyea'a Dialnfecting Fluid, , for one In overcoming the Iwporeeirneceaearllyprodaoed in long 0' ' voyage* fi*m foul clothing, bilge wator, Re., a d of itepewer to pi correct which the following oertiflcau ia aufll dent:? l New Yowk, September IF, 181ft 0nivri-nainie? Baring need yeor Ofefnfecting Fluid on By lent f voyage in the Naehlogt m aor *e the Atlantic, I found i I an invaluable article for diatroy inn the tflluvia from the wat.r eleeet, ? Re. It ia aleo relnable for the peeeengere to on In their etete , room* particularly in cneae ef atuinee* I think it the beet die- ' InfbcUrg agent ever Invented. V (Signed) J. JOHNSTON, Mnater Steamer Wnehington. n of Ocean 4tea a Navigation Company. To Menem Povuw, Room* fc Co. Large qoaatitteenre now being cold by the propnetore forfhie I pwrptee. For enle by POULIN, R'>ORK<, R CO., 30 Merchant* . lachange. entrance In Wtlltecn etroat. DANCING. d THE QRRlT FANCY DrESS dALLOFTHESilARSPIARI !, Itramatio Ateooiatien, will take place oa Friday evening, February 3d, at the Apollo Roome Tlekete way be obtained froat any of the member* John B Tn lor. M frtnoe etreel( Sumner R t Tnwneand, 242 Broadway, and at the deer oa the erenlng of the r fealL ' CLOTHING. 1 DRMAN OOLLABS?HOLD SRPARaTRLY OR ATTA J BED t XX to Shirte?a new and paenuar arttole, fit Linn and netting , better than nay and nil other collar* now ready for aale or got 1 np to order, Mm. by BBMaM, at her Shirt Relabliahmeat.149 Nan- 4 aaetreet, 8 ! DANT8. FANTB-F. AORRNS. S>H ANN ST4RBT, IS DA [ X tacaataed te eiear out hie whole week, aad ha baa I rod weed the mine ef hie 94 Paau to K aad ethera la eroportien, t Alee aw hand, a good aanrmoat of Coat* Paau aad Feet* maPe ? I u enden. kwt notcaBedlhe, whleh will be eofd below eee* * ' MB Die Alee ~ " 8 rtL ELLIOTT, OCULIST, IS* BROADWAY, INFORMS [ I U yatteate t' at bit oSloe bourn are aow from Mlfd to 3 o'oioek. , I ea Monday* Wadnedaay* aad Fiieaya Of B wdl) give adviaa I i ta tho po< r or Taeeday* Aindtf* bad Sataiday* Mob 11 la IS > O'eloek. ^ . ftL OLD TEE IS CONSULTED DURING THR DA.f AMD 1 | L/ evening, at hie offlo* Ma. 2 Aaa etroaa, (now Va.ll.) ta t theae difficult aad aretraetad eaaea af dattmta dWaoee taattikvo ( , bafflod tat ebtll ef phyeMaa* ed lea* enptnaaa* ilia enuaeeW * : iiwiib i i i mim\m oikluinMii ?* the mails. U AiHi.-oro.i, Jan 3fi, ??I7. 77..' SJuvt Tradc m j e i iuri't?Stnit^r H ? Ah rmirttm ? futwt Advunta^ nf tH: Si ? RunKtrt, fyr. T\e J>tr>f>le ol this District desire tJie abf l:tioa it the sine trade, but tney ere nu willing :?? ft hail1 be done without :r??r consent. vr* ot trnsslted open me subject wnea ?Lr. uott mroduecd his resolution having rn view this object; ut since, all the members <?> the City Council, with the exception of twe,) am} other citizena, rew up a memonaJ, which has been presented to le House, asking that the kw of Maryland bo (tended over the District, or that the corporate ithoritiea of Washington and Georgetown be ithorised to act in the premiere. The law of aryland prohibit* slaves bom being brought into at State for tale ; and any slave brought there r that purpose, can petition for and acquire hta eedom. Cases ot this kind are ot treuuent ootrrence. The negro pens in this city, from one I which the banner ot freedom ftiats on fadependnce Day, are extremely offensive to everybody ut those who traffic in bones, flesh, sinews, ana lood; and if a vote were taken at the polls toiorrow,-they would be banished from our mtdst y an overwhelming majority. Like squtbblea etween man and wife, we need no impertinent iterfertnce to settle our difficulties A sub-committee ot the Committee for the Dialct of Columbia have been assigned the duty of uming a bill having in view the abolition ot the ave trade ia this District. It is not probable, Dwcver, that it will pass during this session. A Dr. Williams, ot Nortii Carolina, is giving eribitiona at the Odd Fellows' Hall, in which he ills electio-psychology a species of mesmerism.1 e has imparted a knowledge of hts art to several inistrrs of the gos|>el, foreign ministers, and embers ol Congress. Lastnignt a lad Was told to >en hta mouth ; he did so, and coiud not close it itil the operator gave him permission. It may be ut General Houston, who is an adept in the tence, will make use of it hereafter, in the Seite chamber. It an opponent should arise, to eak a good word tor General Taylor's ad niuisttion, all that would be necessary to silence hint ould be lor the General to make die "pars" or is the power thus restricted: the " subject" n be made to speak what the operator may attest And he can be fixed in any attitude, or bo ade to dance or sing, according to the ruling pis uu : v? iiuvui any aigumcui irum nirf II Will tidily be perceived that this science is to be of eat importance in the future legislation of Coness. As to ministers ol the gojpel, some of em, by their dry sermons and dull manner of livery, put their congregations into ihe "sluin?r;" but soon they will all have the ability to keep leireyes open and prevent them from enjoying easuut dreams during preaching time. Corcoran, the banker, has lately given splendid inners to members of Congress, and for this the jliticnl naturalists say that lie is in the chrysalis ate, and will after the fourth of March, emerge into te spring atmosphere a bright and beautiful Tay>r butterfly. Messrs. Chubb and Schenck, not beiag [>le or disposed to entertain men of influence so indsomely, and who have all along been modest aylor men, may be eclipsed by their wealthier 'ighbor bankers, Corcoran ana Jiiggs. To bo e agents of the government, and to have the finTing of millions of money, is by no means conmiitible. t nave noticed that there are men in this city bo have no fear of Cod or man," and yet have eat tear of the New York Herald. If it were not r the independent tone of this press, rottenness id coiruption in high places would progress at a ore rapid rate. Yesterday was a beautiful day for promenading, he finest specimen of beauty on the avenue was Minesota lady, the wife of the delegate from that rritory. The House were to-day occupied with the coaderation of private bills, and passed many sf it m without debate. Washington, Jan. 30,1819. lie Boundary Commiutonert?The IVater Witck ? Temperance?lion. Horace Greeley, and Gen. Taylor. The Secretary of the Navy has placed the earner Water Witch at the disposal of Coloael feller, the cvmmiseioner appointed to run the hi rirln rti line nn fh#* mart nf fhe FTnitaH Staffs hfw i*een thia country and Mexico. It ia doubtful, iwever, whether the will be used, as ahe ia too nail to accommodate the whole of Colonel Weir's party, and would have to make the voyage Mexico twice, fctoe ia laid up at the nary yard re at present. The Commissioner's brother? young gentleman of talent and active businen lbits?goes out with the paity, we understand nd will, doubtless, be a valuable acquisition to it he commissioner appointed on the part of Mexi i) speaks hlnglish fluently, so that the services o n interpreter can be dispensed with. Colone teller expects to be able to start about the middlo I next month. At a temoerance meeting, this evening, the Hon. lorace Greeley, among others, addressed the citiens of Washington upon the evils of intoxicating rink. The hon. gentleman was much more suoessful in his warfare against intemperance than e has been in his contest with the mileage of nembers of Congress, a fact which we sincerely ejoice at. One of the speakers, in the course of 11s remarks, alluded to General Taylor as a man aually temperate in hia habits as in his opinloas. [ue mention of the General's name brought down bunders of applause from all parts of tne ho ise. f course. Now that the election has decided be matter, Cass men have become remarkably carce in these diggms. This is a fixed fact. We ave the whig Taylor men, and the Taylor Tay>r men, and the democratic Taylor men; but they II go for old Zack, and no mistake. B. Washington, Jan. 26,191?. /.'t'cntng Purugraph?. The House passed some eighty-seven private : 11- j.. 11id iwun; . The Senate were engaged on two or three, one f which was equivalent in the sum of money avolved to the whole expenditures of the Indian lepartment, being a bill for the relief of Dunson, H.hott & Co , who built and equipped a navy for he republic of Texas, for payment of which her ariff revenues were pledged; but these revenue, laving been absorbed by the federal government n the act of annexation, the claimants call upon Congress for their money. Ifence the bill; but an t bioaches the question of the assumption of Stata lebts, although a case standing entirely on another lasu than tne debts of the other States, tt is loubtlul whether the bill will pass, and probable hat it will be rejected. Mr. Iiadger has introduced a resolution instructng the appropriate committee to inquire into the xpediency of repealing the existing contract with lie Jnl'lhgtncer and Union, for the publication ?t be reports of the Senate. Senatora were not leased; and the fact is, it is impossible to please lem, whether vou report at all times exactly what icy aay, or attempt to mend it. But, on the other and, it doe a look ridiculous to see a whole broadde of two papers, at $7 f>0 per col imn each, takes p in a debate on a private bill tuvolviag, perhaps, pension of $96 a year. Hut the papers adhere to Iflr coinjiftci ; wiu tiirjr mc ii<iii iu in* mo mm iuch ot it as possible Indeed, as the contract ands, they are bound to re|>ort all that ia said ia. rbate, though it may be a dead waste of time, aper, and money. The present system will peihaps last through th? tssion, sod then it will stop. In Executive session to-day. Col. Duncan wan ontirmed as Inspector General ot the Army, vice ol.Crouhan, deceased Col. Duncan has nobly ion his bonoia in the war with Mexico; and loaf lay he live to wear them. We understand that General Houston aiA iotace Greeley addressed the people in Tetnperjice Hall to night, in favor ot total abstinence. Tickets to the inauguration balL (whig ortholox.) ten di Uars A lew more left. .We shall* erhaps, have a no party ball, in opposition, at ftv* lobars. "It will never do to give it up so. ' A delegation of some fifteen Chippewa Indians ire on a tour from the Fur West. They ask for * uece of land on which to settlt. They visited the wo houses to-day in full paint an I feathers. Wo earn, also, that .they called upon the statue d Washington, in ths Eastern Park; that hey surrounded the statue, and smoked the pipe >f peace in veneration of the memory of the Father if his country ; that the principal chief then p-eented the pipe to Washington, and addressed him, elling him that they loved his memory} that they isd travelled a long distance through lus country, md that his children were prosperous and happy, md that the wild orator invoked the spirit of Aashington in behalf of the Ohippewas, that ome return of a little piece of land might he givea o them in consideration of the millions of sorea which the red raea had gives to their whit* irethten. The pipe was theu passed round sgaia, md the deputation respectfully withdrew. Dr. Douglass, the Commissioner of PubMo Juldtngs, caarges the public gmrdeaer with "ex:e?ding remissness, in the peitormaace of his luty." The charge we incline to think is aajust. -tiace the time that General Jackson was Fresilast, James Maker has bcea the public gafdeaeq

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