Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1849 Page 3
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the mouth cf February, 1M9, wars $28 817 08, again* $19 012 74 for th* corresponding month In 1848, aba* lag an lucre as* of J9 804 24?being equal to fifty pa cent. The increase thl* year, thus far, ocmpired wit! the oorreaponding period last, amounts to (16 108 06. The quotation* for foreign itud domestic exchanges ptioie. and for nneurrent money, in this market, roll ?aannexed fDluc.r Exchaugs*. On London 107K* it*1 On Amsterdam... 39)4*40 On Peru M .'IS air 32K On lliuuburg .... 31)4 a 36 -On Bremen 77>? a 78. Domrstic KxvHAneics. Boston. per it K lib M- l.ilo ?p. checks.IK a 3 dii Philadeliilua per* K die Nee Drlueue K a \ dii Baiumoc id u X die Nortbt aioliu*.,. 2 a ? dii Biehmond IS *2 die Cincinnati 1 a IS dii Charleston. X a 1 die Louisvilii 1 a IK dii I Ssrsenali IK a 'Xdie Vjtnvillo ?a 3K iil Augusta ? a IS die St. Louie 2'.? a HKdit Columbus....... ? a 1>* die Detroit 2i& a 3 dii Buffalo 1)4 a ? die Pittsburg X a 1 dii Mobile (bk notes). 2 a 3 die OitotATiona ruH Hreoia Per Cent. Vaim. da*.gold, old.. .106 a IH6 c'srolne dolls. $1,01 a (1,03 do do now..190 a WOW Five trnnoe... 94 a 94)4 U?lfdollars par a I'*'S Uonldouns... 16,00 a 16,10 Portuguese gold. .190 a I9"V do patriot.. 15,60 s 16,70 Spanish dollar*.. .1U2 a l"3 Sovereigns... 4,86 a 4,87 do quarter* . 99X a 19" do Usht... 4,83 a 4,88 Mexican dollars., .look a lll'X llnavy iruiatas. 9,00 a ? do quarters,. 9l'X a 100 Nupolcona.... 3,86 a 3,87 uaci'RnnnT Mo.vkv. Hot at. S'td a: Bo't at. If Id at (few England S dn-pnr Mobile, sp. pay*!. .2)4 die I die Albany, Troy, tec. S die if die Now Orlosue..,. 2k die IK 'N. York country.. X die S die Ohio 2Kdia2 lis iNew Jersey f, die >? die Indiana 3 (lis2Kll* Philadelphia.... X die par Kentucky 3 die 2 dii Baltimore K die S die Tennewme 6 die ?dia Tinrinia 1U .11. I .ii? ? ?At "Worth Carolina.. .2>, aii< 2 dm Mulligan. 4 di*2'4di? iJoulh Carolina.. .2 dU? dia OaatU 4 dud dii dleorgia 2 dia ? die WluxiliuK baultu lira I >4 |>or oent discoinb The demand for foreign exchange by the steamship .' iuropa. which leaves tbla port to morrow, (Wednesday) for Liverpool, ha* bean active, and transactions to some oxtsnt have bteu umds at our quotations, i be apply of BtcrliDR bills upon the market la large, but drawere of the bast are flria at our highest quotation Domestic exchanges are quiet, and quotations remain without any material alteration, 'l'bo rates are in favor of this city, on alt pnhut*. Uncurreat money is is plentiertban it bae bean for some time past, and more is offered for redemption. As soon as business becomes more active, the brokers will have as muob of ibis eurrenoy as thoy can oarry. Our quotations for specie remain about the same; there te very little movement going on in coin. A bill 1o extend the time for the oompletlon of the JJew York, ilsrlsm and Albany liailroad, has passed "the lower house of the Legislature of this Stats. This hill gives the company till December 31, 1851, for the completion of their road ns far as Albanj; allows them to increase their capital stock eo that the whole amount hall be $5,000 < 00, aud to borrow $2 OCiO.OOO; bat dl seating that this shall m no way interfere with the preferred ttock The last section of the bill autborizas th* company to build a branch to the Mant Illror, and a "fcrauch North of Twenty eeveuih street. The annexed statement exhibits the quotations for (government and State scoons in this market, at three periods:? Pbicu op Stocks in th?: Nkw York Miukit. Redeem- 181V. 1HH. 1849. Ktktt able Jim. Si. Feb. 19. M t rch 6. OnitcdStates6 1867?03 109 ?K'9X ill all IX ill all3,X ? 0 1862 107 ali'ir>? 10f aid; X 109\ail0 " 6 1866 106 alU&X 106 alOJ* U?? aloMg ?' 6 1863 !? ? 99 X 98 a I^X 90 a 99? Chca'y Notcr, ? 108f,ai06J4 iu? alU9* ll'JX*U0X Few Vi'i'k . 7 1849 -a- ? a? ? a ? " 6 1860-64-00 108 ?1U? 108 alOfl 108 a 110 *> 6 1 Nil-62-87 - ? ? a ? lot) alio bM 1860-61-66 lUlXalW l01X*'O2 ? a ? - t 1818-7-8-9 ? a? - a? ? * ? ' 6 1860-1-3 ? a ? 100 aUWX lOO^allH ? 6 1866-8 101 ali>2 101>(al01 l&l>4tl02 " 6 1869-60-1 97 a 97X - a ? - a ? " 4X 1649-88 ? a? ? a? ? a ? Ohio, 5 ]86*?-60 108 ali'JX 103 nHISX 103 alOIX " T 1886 10) UIOIM lltl alUISi )l>2 alll2U Kentaoky IS loo ului ioi>4aioi^ 101 aloi>? " 5 ? a? 63 a S3 85 ft 8G Illinois, 6 1870 48 a 48)4 45 a 40 40 a ItiV *udiana, 0 26 years 85 a '<6)2 ci a 40 40 a 41 Arkansas, 0 ?? 83 a 33 ? a ? 3t a^3S Alabama, 8 (It a 02 62 a 65 02 a 03 Pennsylvania,ft ? 7a>Sa 70 7t/iia 79 80)6 ? 81 Icnneeefo. 6 ? a? ? a? ? ft ? IN. York City, 7 1367 10ft nllltf IDA alOX ? a ? - 7 1862 ? a ? 102 ali>2X 1U3 ab)3}fS B I860 ? a? 93 a 00 ? a ? " 6 1858-70 06 a!00 04 a 06 97 a 974* 8k Co'm. N. Y. full 06 a 97M 02 a 03 97!<? 9754 " scrip ? a ? 07 a 08 08 a 03M St. T. Life Inn. !k Trust Co. 101 a'Ol)4 J-- a? 102 a 103 Farmers' l.uan IkTrnst Co. STJIfa 8.1 34)1? 35 37J?u 63 Ohio Life Ins. Ik Tnut Co. 72 a 72 V, 82 a 81-4 81 a 81VI Bank of 17. 8. in feuueyl'ft. 3 a 3>? 3 a 3)2 3Wft 3 >4 U. Jersey R. K. <1 Trans Co ? a? 100 alOl 102 alOl Mohawk Ik Hnd'n Kailroad 73 a rO 77 a 30 8 2 a 81)6 IJtica k Schenectady Itail'd. 114 ail6 113 all9 113 atlO Byraouse Ik lltica Kailroad, 108 nl'-SI 115 allfi 113 allU Auburn h Rochester, 84 a MS 83 ft 84 80 a 87)4 Beadiiift Railroad, 2.;.'4a 23 21.It 24m 33111 31 .Delaware Ik Hudson Canal 145 al < 18k alto ;,lf,0 a 160 Seading Railroad Bonds, 43 n <5 44 a 44.';j 81) a 31 Shading Railroad V t* Bus. 60 a M 5o a 56)2 60 a 62 It will be neen by this comparative statement that quotations for these teourities hare improved several per cent during the past two weeks. Toe advance In government stocks has been very moderate, compared with tbat realized in London and quotations in this market now range below these current abroad at the latest advices. This margin will s ou be covered, and ere have no doubt advices by the steamer, mw nearly due, will confirm thl< impression. The election of Gsn. Taylor, and the character he enjoys for determination, and the principles he has avowed, have, no doubt, tended as muoh as anything the to create confidence in cur public (counties. The progress we have made during the past four or five years has been so great,the ease Kith which we have contracted large loans, and the favorable re?ulta of the war in which we have been engaged, have all contributed to give this country a standing and position abroad whirb it never beftre jrnaohed. This has created a desire to invest capital In our securities, which hat heretofore been considered so safe loclttd up in the sleeks of the European governments The confidence already exhibited in regard to our securities, must increase, and, as it inoceases, cur public stocks will be absorbed by foreign capitalists. This is not confiuad to the securities of the general government, but to those cf the htatea, particularly those of the regular dividend paying churaot-r The stocks of our delinquent States ate held lu Europe to a large amount, and the holders generally feel confident tbat they will ultimately realise every dollar, principal and interest. 'When they look at the progress many of theie States have made in wealth and population, in the development of their resources, and in the administration of their financial aifairs, all doubt a* to their ultimate solveooy and ability to pay very tanning or tneir ihaettteaaess, win ds removed. The opinions of that portion of the Jlritish preen which bis heretofore b??n most bit *er towards tbe delinquent States, have undergone a complete revolution, and they Uo not now hesitate to admit that, eventually, the creditors of each will realIs* every fraction, bo far as the opiolons of any EujOptan press are concerned, it matters very little here; among European* they may have some weight; tut the exp-rienco of the past twelve months hat done muoh towards placing our Stat* securities befors European onptlalists in their proper light. The legislature* of uiost of our Statsa bavs adjourned, wbil# others are still in resston Nothing of Importance has transpired In relation to ths Onaaoes ol any of tbem; but the reports which hers boon from time to time made ? /hioh we have from time to time (riven will give the latrat intelligence, and poet m those interested to the last moment. There is one thing pretty certain and that is. none of these State) go backward They are all progressing rapidly, and extricating themselves from the difBou.tles which havi treen such a burden to them The Inoreaee of property iruhject to taxation, In all the new States, is annually Ttry great, which ooes away stti the necessity o Increasing the revenue law*, or the eats* of taxation The creditor* of these State* will therefore see tha there i* no possibility of their beo-tmtng again delin quant; that, at the rate of taxation which the peopl mow cheerfully to. the rev?nne must, before thi 'apse of irany years, be large enough to not only mee the avnual expenditures, but provide for tbe gradus Jlquldntioa of all arr.ars. About the time thestookso all our States become again established at regula dividend Faying eecuiltits, tbe government debts o J.ur' pe will be repudiated. Stock Bichange, *M(ei)Trrn? Noll-S l.'Ji lur-e-n Railroad (H Jfu-o do 11 .ft' I-uimj States Beak 1> JUKI tJ 8 h"a't II 1" t*M VM hou* Ulan a 27) *10 do 'M lib l"0 o? 2? KHW do '<>* coupon ll.HJf & v do 27 ' W l-O Indiana Mai* o'i OA ?".? do aOt> *71 flOill t ei-a'ab's. *10 Ht'fi l-Vl do 2/ Aimukri' II?no?,7'i Sh-U HO do blO 2f> sutu do Dr.** pi; Heeding Rillrosd .It 2UH) Reading M. it Bonds i'lld do MO II' 2MI u<> ?2 I-.hl do bid .14 fdl shs N Amur Trust bSO OV )ru do slim .11) SU do id Mj iw> do S-o lit JO Vetch Fxcli FU Pi;, )I U do ?:M .'it RKnm 1--tea 'I rust to hft 40 do 341 J2-V i i cSulI 11 lis) do sSO .'It) k JO" do Ilk l'S> do 54 * 1241 onion Co Sit, iv vcrund Won 31 00 do *10 il'i 17 Mo,Hin'- u Kailroad M db kri- Rail rood, now, full hly# 44 .iiu-ou Rivur -x .l.tjad 03 26 do 1 t.l>4 III -Vorsa N taven 01 Ml Hail-m Psllri-sd (>2>a 4 o r ni ?W Tieit 17,' RrrOHil Hoard. 011*10 Readier Mor' Itunu . Ml -i nu TnisS i f 26 el *Hr.t-*at-mo h. (u<? I In Mi .1 u.-t? < .-? al lw, 46 hue Ha,li> od, I cv> ful. 11H IK't) It -inn* it) ft) llsrlen-hit-tutd t-.S, I"" m lu>a Hallioad OjJ 200 00 WW 1-1 III) d, too .1) UO do b3U I) 6" v aiii-u-Jo bow 4i' lirm do <!:? 6? do bi k; juo do ?G0 Hi o f- r uxro'1.-aa .1 60 N />ni Trust V\i 7u-i bung li.uu-l 2J; ?- ttvm t AtivitwTiKwiwev .. WVN'VWWWWWWV r ivwn/wwwwvwwovvvA,? _ "*U MJII UK KKYJ. 1 ri'WO roil.AKA ti K W A ft l>.?> \ *". <r*|iT -? vetv ihi.e 1 rn.tfthcmai al ow latch key Th.?."' o? .*? No li i rewaid. ty leaTilig Until a. No. SK ? ta|j ^ tft?T ?rero ] New etreet, frort t ihce, H??: Hour Itit initioa going up Broadway m a Toin i n s iu >r "u *V AA'I'M. ^NTBD^BTA fttsn.TAset protest* NTJ^L^ w it lu, a aituation u? i hainberinaid and Sewn. _ ' wbowould nuke hrpeilt gonerally uaetul App'y .Vil do 1 I U, ANlKU-bV A TUT HE-rgv TAHUK GIRL, A I WW tioi'i aa chambermaid and lttuudrvje. ur nur.e or to , I hontc wcrW She has the teat if reo, mmei-.dations. final V I call at 30 WritThir tenth mot 1 d floor, haok roito. W' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ ft. tig I i b girl to Co chamber wirk. or waiter non ?<a, I ft lcaae direct to James lay or, Boat otfioe Caat ,\ew York, Unok 1 lym WAMED-bYA KESl'KCTAOLK YOUNG WOMAN. *31 a an experienced o<i >k. a aituation where aba wou'd oe will. Inga'ao to do the ironing and waahlrg. Beat o' c ty reforemit oin Ui given. Can to seeu for ?wu daya f.t I IK Mot* at W' AN1 ft,O? r SITUATION, BY A RES "K TASI-E GIRL. in a private lauulv, to Cook Waah aud Iron, or u n r . .ko general housework. Bus no obje ition to go a ains'l dietunue In tl c country. I'lvase call ut No. a llainllioujtreot. y^ANTEE-A^ SITUATION BY A RHJl'E ITtSLE YOUNG . . -. ..m . im'iii m ? i-a?n pr.vaie ' iin'ly Bast oitv reference gtreu. K?. i>uto at 27 iioievelt street, up tiira. ir Mr. bully *. 117 ANTED-bY A STEADY YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION er as coucha-an. wliohsi Uen oiployad at -he aeovaior tha last tin yatb Ma- no obiuotiou to go lo the country Can give goto rtfurrnoe. Plr-mo sail ai Nn. 15 Park Ko?'. WANTED?A HIiUAUlON BY A HF.Srlf T t BLIt 'ilRL, te t;ike cureof chilurou, > rt? .o enauib.nw-irk a <d wating. or the get-eml housework vf a private laanly Best ut u.ty referenoe given if rr-|uiied. Enquire at No. !W G d itreet up at lira. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIKL. A SITUATION in a privatu family, ao Chun-he mala ..r Walter. . r > w-.tst hi washing and irouicg. Thu brat of ciiy refcranoe can n?itivi-u irr-iii in laat plac*. Pleare oa:l at 221 First avuuue, at Abe con urr BUire. Can bo seen for two duya. Wanted?a pekson who has at ms command INK) or *1.000 to pot into u prolUabln ca-h busnnise that will pay ovor 100 pur coot, 'l'hu business ran bo increased, and in nod ir.o whole yrar. It iaa r ire opportun ty tin a p-raoo wi,n lng too'-mmence biialnesa in 'lie ci-y. Ad-lieM D K thin office. WANTED-BY A RESPE TaHLK YOUNQ WOMAN. 1 situation to Ho genera'7 lit mewrrk in a small priratr ficnilv, or to cook, *a?h and iron preferred. Uno-i roiurruoci from hor lust plate. Fieaieuall at 2lli El zabutli street. Can be a on for I) dava WAN! ED?A SITUATION BY AN HXPEKl EN KDOVKR" ?-?l of power noma, such as cotton st-eoting or rither a'mrg good*, wt-o has been IS yeata in the businea*. Fo" references apply to W. latilNI, No. 82 Greenwich street, Slaaufao. turvr'a Am a. New York. I 117 ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, A SITUATION *f aa a packer or rep-ckcrof i roekery, by ona who is fully competent to fulfil ti oaituoi-on, who lis* tectntly been imp! yed is the SUflcrHsfits Potteries For rof reooe, apply to W. ROB- I IN.'ON. No (12 tircenwiohafreet. New York. Hr anted-a situation by a kkspkutable youno < witnar.aa Cook, Wuafer, ai d Ironcr. who pecfeotly uu- i doratandx bor hu-dne**; Mia willing to unoertake Onaiabsr.uaid or V* aitirg. Can proourtWhe beat uity reforms*. fleam call at 257 Btivnj, in the rtore WAN TED-A SI1UATION BY HtiPE JTABLE I youigman, ana wai erin aprivite family >-r private ooard t inn house; I o oan give refeieLcee ftoin his la. t place, -vheri da lit . (1 r for three years, in this oity. f leaao to addresj a note to 0. O. f., a 52 Frankfort street. , Wanted?by a reste tah.k youno American 1 Woniun a eituation ti it'-tiie Itucaseoric of a a-atll family, er to laheiuro ol childieo; iaa rood plate aewnr Respects b!e city roterenoi a given, f lease inquire at 160 Brootue (treat, up ftblra. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE FRofKiTAN f YOUNG woman, n situation as go- d plain Cook. Woa'.er and Ironer, or would do general h use*oik lor a aiuaU la-nily. '-he boat of city releM co can be given. Call at IbO Ninth street, between 'ihitil at (I Fourth avenuis. WANTID?A SI1UATION, BY A RF.d.-ECTABLP YOUN3 woman, aa good plain Cook, and cx-lleut Waa!u-r and Irouer, and first rate Laundress. The tnoat uuexcrpt. Doable oity rclcrti-ceaH to ohar-cter and oap&liility M ould preler ihjcountry. Ileum upi-l;- at lkcl East Thirteenth atieet. Can be soon for two data 11/- ANTED? A SITUATION TO GO TRkVlLLLl *U BY A *Y young woman witii go. d refereao*. She cau i?ka cire of children, clo plain sewing, and would ' ? wtl-t-g ;o make hersilf ?oi-sial)y it tful. No objection to go to Cal lornia. Anoeadtewd to D. ()., No. 7 Franklin a, reef-, first room, second Moor, alia 1 n net immediate attentinn. 11/anted-a mii/ation, tly a young woman wuo T? until rrtuuni. her bniinere ns ' hambormaid and 'Va tit-k or l'lfcii. Fcaiig, by one thut i.iulcit lauds Greet Making. Hutting and Fitting, or a.?iii>t in thu Washing, and i> willing to imke herMlfg*rorally useful Ihu bent of city retereuocs Will be given as I 0 sintu and capability. l'leaso uull at \M) Meroer street, in < Te rear, upstairs. (Jan be seen fur two days. 1 ?zl (11)4 I OK W'0 WANTED, AT SEVEN i'ek CENT, ' yprxjV'vFVF for three team, on Hint bond and raortsnge ot' a * Uftyaur e, villi a new n'one iuuiimu . huu-s. Hitu.icd iu , V. tmchetter county, twenty u ilea from thitcity Policy ot $!, , lllUso igcid. Title will be found perfect. Address W. W.,at i thlsotilce. JKiURSB wanted- either b< OTiJU OR COLOiB'J ll Woman, fully cap*'U of taking care ot taro oliildren, aud w bo rnn pr' ditcc antiafuetory rcti renca. May hear of a good a tu- ) etion by np,lying at id fail place, to MUa.O.tVlh. | HOUtk IN TDK COUNTRY WAWWIU HUE OVER14 J mhos from tno cily, uitoble fora email family. Itmuet , towca? all tie reiinisites fit a ooinfortaMe riaile.oe Address , 11. IV. at ti c Broadway l'oat office, stating particulars, rent , if tu liire. or price if for sals. , rilO MERMI4NT TAILORS.?WANTED.A SITUATION IN | a a coston. or ciothugalore, by a practical tailor who bas had . revorai e.ipciieuoc in the shove branch. Beat of rete.euou given. Addreta " <>. II.." box 1 HKA Herald offloe. ( A YOUNG LADY WISHES TOGO TO CALIFORNIA (S ITU 1 sonin lerpectable family. nbe wishes to eugage herself as a ' to ,r ,iti, and can rccointLend herself to be u very excellent oicii. maker. If any fuinily should wish such a person. please to ndoree. a note to th? Hera d llffioe, to Mrs. Mnrgttet W. 1 ASrlM CAMDEN**, Willi Bid WIFE BAd JUsT ' armed fmui Europe, and isdeair.ius of ohialmngasit atom as Godcier, or to take charge ot ageutletnan'acriuatrv ueat. lie i: peifect iststur of every biancli of his p'ofmeiun, and naa ttia beti rctereuces at to bis character. A pply at olTkce .?t i Cliff steel. A Kits.'lci abi.e wwvian waki's a hli'ua- j tion as Uook in a pnvsto tnu.ity ?first rate paatry or meat , cook?who has 'he boetof city rtlurei-ce. Has no objection to go a ehori distance iu the country, fluase apply at if West Uch him t, in the rear, between the 5th and lith avenues. Can be seen fur two dtys. AN OIcGAmft WOIT.L) LIKE iouutAIN ASIflJATION j in an Episcopal Uiurch in this city or Brooklyn. Address , ' Organ let, this office. I CLUTiUaO. TO THE PUBLIC.?MADAME NEW STAD r TAKES THIS i method of L tunning her fronds and *he public in general, i tb.t she is now prepared receive oruers tur embroidery la I silks. worsteds, gula a..a irer, tignr.rr with fiucy needle work I in ail its seriuns branches, at her reei.uuce. No. 2 Thompson I strict, comer of Canal, whore all orders will be thankfully re I oeived and promptly at'ended to. Ksgalios aud Masons' Aprons i mtdi t > ora-r nt the (ketMst notice, dadiaie .Ncwscadt rcturua I btr sinecre tliuni.k tor ihc kind aad liberal p ttrunog.-bestowed I up..n her ainto her rctuiu from Eunpo, ai.d bOpai fsff ft OSS I tiooanie of the name. N.B ? Instructions given tj young ladies . in the art, on reaaunnhle itima UaOBLLAfMMJEs Tm'k koyaL MAIL bTEAMfUlf " EUKOPA," E. G. LOFT, will Nave tin oock at Jcr ey City, at twelve o'clock, (12 , o'cloi k,) precisely, on W eituotday nrxt, 7th met. ! lAOK savannau-TUK stlend1d STEAMER UliBftO ; JU ELK, T. Ly.u oominander, will leave Pisr Mo. 1, North Hivcr, ou} Hunt. 7tn insL, at 4 o'clock, P. IL. precisely. ; Fur Height or pattitgo having un.urpa.eed ap|4y to samlll l. mitgbilu lift Frontmmi_ Direction forpilotl-vessels subject to visita ion by the lita u. Olhoor.?Every vcssoifrom a foreign p rt i having pa. i* libera and evory vi?ssilia>iugiiau,durisg erps-uagy a?> csiu of Bin.11 Poi, or infectious ?r ouutagious disease? irnv lug at a. y tunc. Ail vbrsels from any peit, in the inl nary panMgu trim wnicii tbei must p-..s souui .,1 Caps lleuiupea a nr. leg leiwtcn the thiity drstdsy of May and toe suue.iia day of Ootolair. And nil vc.tcla ir.ui any p'aor (<nciudin< island.I in | Alia, Afrtoa, or tne Mcditerraneau, or Iruin any ot the Wort 1 nuts, Knntma. Bermuda, or W esicru Is'ai us, or from any I iti AllllttlltM lit tl.M nrdilllSPt t.A.-Hlm f. rasaa Ufl.inK thjw '.??* ot l.totgia-aiming between the nrn day at' April ami the nrat day ol Nuvaiubor, A MX b A ill H NO, nrnltn Olli xt. Journal nl < omtuiict", Li oiling I'oat, tud Sun, p|.-use copy. DIsm'LiAjon.-tuc i o-i'aainftss. ir UEntruroRg axia'lng bottiRxn thu uuUer?i,t> edtu Jaunbora. under ilia tir.a 1 I ol Allu USICS nlftp ft CO., If. tliii city, ia thie day diBsO.Ted I by mutual c.incut. AUWUSIUA UUHu, New > vk, M>nb 1 1M'/ iiAMtY , KdiENt; tA^T/, ' Tlis andcieignnd will conti un the buaitta* of l>m?(i?t, on Jul own act ount at No. .'4 IP rtlanut mr ot. Al'til'aTl 8 HI.'ftD. SIOl'l A m ' r a 111 broad* dyx'osbfchof W a1>kor ittcet The nut* rib. r, at tua reqoast ot hia tanner patron! anu ti e p iklio, baa ag in icttticd anew uia axtanaive oathing aa- | r tibtiibmehl Willi aeperior aoaomu.ooati >na it being will lighted and tcnti'vled, and preniilihg uvory Imaginable laoility tor an- I Joyi>g to tike Iui.t at extent. tke luxury ot a batn. Tfio laiief j bAila Bin lilted up witn tni?e, elegance and comfort, and cannot 1 tail to |u? univcrral fatiblooiion to all ita fair patrana, S' TA1KN IsLaND JrKKRY.?IBANK Nlf YOKK AT 9, ' il, V, 4 and 8 o'clook. Leave , Vaudorhul'a Landing at ti. ' 1U. I. .i I I d o .clock. I I fAAlt TO TilK PKAM1.-S5 or TdE Sl'BICKI HA It, A i , Vy large black Dog, whi a epct on tb* breatk. The o? oar can have bini by calling at k87 South meet, proving property, paying | r ci argea. It not callad lot in thru* da) a, will oe aoid to pay i j axpenaea O. if W<X)J. | f | KAVANWC-ATU'S IMi KOV1CU UOLii WASHAK3 WILL i I J laparata tin gold from tba gravel taiterftbau auy j >at invented. and witfiana wasting tr.a wator Alao every do t , aeriptiun of oaliti'tnia tooia. wagoaa, pumpa, pioka, liorva powata, Aa, Ae., at tba agrionlturai impMuvoi aaii aa?d atom of . ? b aLMN ? (XL ^ 1S9 and l'Jl Water etreot. New York. , ' OA l. DOT, l'HOM I'AKld. AlXOROfcON aNO SfeKAPBIlI ' 1) inner and ropsdnr. and makaa reeda lor both auoasinatra" I mauta ntiadtnnt n a-rcet. 3d lluor. 1 I logy FUNKS * BUftN BY-LANDING, AT Pitt A No. 8 I j ft. *.,& m oath Pallas, tr.m bordeaux, li*9 p.ekagu. of Uo . nao, Lcgur l'rarcs Bordeaux, ueury p. u cnat u. II, and alao the r Biai brand of, ot different vlutagea. in H- >i. aud ^ # I'ret pale and darn, loraale, Irum thewnarf. in qua ntities to 1 idol the trade, by U*_?ftVLAUAH, 1(W Well a root, V' lMSk~A?l Yl>Bi?Ait! I WUITA WIN* AND kJIbiS Viaegkr, warranted pure, and ciear ot nay deleiariena eatb Itancea. r or errtiti.uoea, au? hoarier eud 1... quirei. Onlors ay b p>m,y poet, ttnting ibeaiud ot viuugat w.iuieo, will be scut to b nny put of the any osjjioi A CitiJoKKK. b | Toot of ii7lb ai., Onl Alman aM Buildiuga. * Hi lit70 LOAN. ON BOND \ND MOKTdkGB, AT k jpOiVl/U mvtiu pi? cent, up tu cU$ pr^porny Apply to Da M Mi ^ XI' K?a? S. b i ity 11 ?H p < i O. OF O. P.-TitB R W.UAaNDLOi Uf.or rilA8f\rR j J a ot Now Ymk will lioid as|>euisl degree aiveion taiaaveniiiA { . at B o'oieca, at ibe Lriiiui isidgo-toora, No. Xki Broailiray. ne 4 ptaentauvse ate requ- ab'J to be (mictiial. By order, I W. II. u S'A.auli. til and deoretary. i f a RaNDTCMPLHOFBONOb 80F N.Y.?AN ABlOlliNBD N.A aie-4 ucl tr u jraod lample will tie ne.'d in their Had, ,ljd J.r. gowey, thia evening, at i.aif past seveo u'oineit; reprca-utwtivne will |i me be punolual. By rrf-r, MIX8 .'.V 1IX1UJIA ^ | M>N\LltSAl'lONb ? H ANOAISkn, nK UtM'd TAtffcuT Vy na the oral .yaleo tnaulmg t,, npesk froiu the Aral e?a, riT, ai d Inaormv ecw and fliunry PI pop-ia (mora adv-mmd. bnadolti c eui in apegi n,g r > B'e iniUoti an hone, tl por montc, oittn , in olnve , SI air,nits sod eon una attended, ihosfa adilraaa '? N'li.i.l't 1.1 IUHe I.. I atil ue rati*. 3n tiro'.t* i\. % I Ol ill k I it J Kb t A ABO.k 1 >311 A- K lUVi'iNI'.N '.ft# M ail airwi. Ne* Yora. M?io:i A, H41 ? Tie .1 urd ot it.ianu tun ot i is k i u.pMiy I x\a tliis uay uei.l.iied a divnleeu ol hve per 4 cte.k, payoi.M 10 itio sv csbidnors id Hiai l'"g? lepisn-ntni .aaoa >a ! ueina..A taAO. 1'. LO< A. ouoraiagy. T-rr -tj.. ; -r*-- ry-'Twagt* 'tarxri I AUCTIONS. ; T F. UOlan. --At' T10V SA .* 01 I . Uwn.1, ( erriagi-e. llnrnji We., this d?y, dareh 7 at th | N.w 1 erk II ores luur, r* o 3' frnei," "treat. ooiumeBeliig a Jcveb o'clock with ctrr a;.ee, ted at twe've o'o.''!,lt ,,lth "oreie. | d. H. UtTKIEuO, fT'.y.'iainl'. tibk. vau'ibi.i stock of SILVER w a kb, iV AT 'ubs, J. Jo?rir?. Uiin.i'tda Rubies, Pearl/. Emeralds, Re. to, ot Lelst'n Dud I'rradwell. No. 1 Ascor Ik'**-, wi.l be a-jlJ at a great pacpflre for ea/b. until April next when the gnmls remaining on lwod will bu Mild a t auction, and tLO ounoera olosod by ordor of tbo MM ),;nee. dim mack. For sale-a patent for a nlw ly invbn i kd iin?'< Wrr/lleu gun, with oar ridge tol?, < oldiug iicha'gos aad c uvtjrsr, acting as a se'f repeater. ('an be loaded iu ct sains tpiie of time as jut other gun. end does not weigh heavier tnaa OeU 8 nHc. ApplieaOou, pest paid, to bo add.crad toll. K? f ^ 6< 6 Post Cflli e Fuh SALE-a BLACK llOiiSE, sixteen II a.NOS III j'l "Jl v on old warranted eouud and kind, a lir. t-rate famtl/ l,i J ?.ua d?<M' traveller. lobe aeon at Barr'a livery s able, 6b1r'.iikbn a trc,t" W-B' Tll# "''on bono u a hr?t rate raddle hoiee. . Itllh salk?a a k ilesa.janoriraifsxilarsrort " la otT7th. cap.'?'?r dolrg a ti-.t rate hu.iaew u ? *?,)?,.5*n'' 0 ?,,r* lor sale There are kept In." I Art of this store hai generally k ' "ei "p> d"riLf 'heeaiamer season, tor a i. umber or yean, aea a ft*1"1- lb? owner wubfe t" roll out very eoju. Thia u a '**e "boats. Apply at JUd Peart street. Last day but one or the great atbi canal stmt.?Dun lit this day and to n orr,'lw> bujDILl, & I KJkSON will cl ?e out ti i entire balan e of tns* Roods dainagrd In coneci|ueiae ot the line tire. Tbo stooa r m sluing ou hand C, mpnwe hnlir, black, plaid and tanev, Bn ugea p.'iuced Lawns; De nletf, Clotlis, tassinores. Doe.kint, Line as. t.'-, to. Tne wbulo must bo cleared by Tnureday n iih', ptspsratocy to the o-nn menoeiw nt or ih-ir recdar "prtug Trerie on Friday, the b'.himt., wlwm they will o|--u luu oases now and olioice Roods, adapted to tl o preaent season. Lion SaLE. ?A LARGE MANUFACTOsY, DHY.NG i?JEi>8, F *o, erected for dyciig and hnmhiug hutt r.' leather, with F'ui dinhle cottage limine and about 'even Acres of gnon i.aud, situated 1) the village ot A'eicpcrt, Fairfield county, CounojUcnl. The manufactory m.d omtngea are luruihed with au inexhaustible supply of pure soft water. The oot ages are large, intruded for two families, tnd pleasantly situated on tho eastern turrptko road. For almost any mauutcoturing huduuss, tin I property las ureal advantages, from its supp'y of p ire water, and it* being within two Louts ride of the city by the Mew York and New listen railroad. For price and terms, apply to 0. H. K l*t IK. on the property, or to. bAIGfl l', llALalY ft Co., No. 171' Hater street. WOEAM ft 11At'GHIVOUT, Nil ANU AciS BKOAD*AY, l ave the pitssttia to inform th'ircuscmiiers t'at tliey are receivina p r tlrps Mtosota, Aipo, and Ouoida, arrived thin day from Uavrti, the tin t portion of ihe content* of ui extrusive ?*. ULI'shmout m ti e China trad:, in Paris The balance of the got ill will in a tea days. T'ciogood. were pnrub*a d by our spent iu Pari* during the revolution fere, at ouosideribl# icduciion ironi their value The as,- r'tueni consists r.f more tlnu thirty patterns oi decorated dining, dessert, aud toa sets, gold ha'd and plain wh'io Cciua do white dining sots far twelve p. ronroan Is sold its low ax S.'tU, knd souio :aney doing acts, vtry leat tittil, for $.'X) to $75. The sets are so urra> god 'hat n utty of'I en ma* be asserted to suit purchasers Tiie hritnrnt ul ui tlie-o goods wi I bo landed and ready for inspection about llie lfth i f Mart li. and will undoubtedly bra moat fi viable opl'oriu>ity lor (Into wishing to make purchases in this lino, as the) aic to be sold uta luge discount, P. U.?A large assortment if new style gustixtures, with agt.neral assortment vl house turi.ishinp geods. HI I'll. L 1UX HALE THE BEST PUBLIC liOl AE 1 U I'UE eiiy, in the ceniiv and must crow ded part ot llr ad* isy?snug lease auii low taut The tti.liurd Tabes aim Toil ill A leys more than pay 11 c rent. The bar is doing a Ixrgo cash lusitcse. Ibo bouse is commodious unit roomy. Xn actuemm nay clear SitltU o year. A chonctt like this inxy neteroflor gam Jn eoi.s?i|uei oe of ihe id health of the proprietor is the t ie cause ot ofleriiig this valuab.e establishment for sue. Halt >f lite puiehaae ucuoy may remain on mortgage. Apply to OlIAEH 'IE, Agent. SVi i'esrl xti'jot. Til LET. TO LET?TIE HTtiKE AND HOUSE NO 1UU CHATHAM street. The sture is an exoelluut stand tor oolng n large road business. If desired by a good tenant, krr>.ugemenu might be nadc for diytdmg the time into two, A piny to _ Rll K JANEWaV, No. lUUMnldeulane. TO LET.?1 HI TtthttKS'l'ORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE Ne. *14 City Hall Plsoo haviug a arse vurJ, am! sunplied sitb Crutnn water, a^d conveniently loca ed tor persons doing susiucss down tot u 1'osxts. ion given ituu cdiatolj. App'y to WM. K. J SMEW ay, No. lUd llaidoii lane. f|iO LET, AND > OAALKiilO d GIVEN 1st HaY-T 'E A lower pait of Ihe two story Dwelling House N?. 17 lienor | itreet, to a small family?rent, Jill). App y on tho premises. TO LiT-THO GOOD TlirtEK BTO*V FAMILY UUU3E3 in llammoud siriet, with hot and cold baths ; rent JbJU" Apply to ALLX. M. GUI Id, 7 Us .over street. MPM.1AL ikOTIUCIH. NGTiri TO THE ISliAEl ITK&?THE UNDKKS1UNED rt tpeetfuily iufi rius the Israelites ot this oity and vioinicy, i at he basergsgoa t be ex tensive Cr., ton company tftova us.xary, tori ei ol t.hirry and Plko streets, for the bu.ti g of the t'useovcr read; and, also, that he has intent-d auusr inaohiue fiuiko J em ti|itare, so as tu av. id Uie p tribnity of Having any scraps, o that tiers tan Lei.u further object,on to the making ot me iBE.e by n,aobi. try. I'il warrant that tliey shall be of as gioa a pinlity auo tliintcrs us ?uy in Ihe oity. ahosxie use be-n approved by tho Hoard of Trustees of the Cong, llrai Jishurum. ji Ut re taken at his rusidonce. SI sit)if COHr.V, ?11 Dtiane a'leot. VW^fclO' 1TYAND CUUNTKY MgRJHANTi?CHAS. It t. W A'I F.hBUKV So ( O d sirs to turret all merchants u starch of ti e Uigcst as well at tho eho-.p<et and choicest d> i:iibccotton good,, Co tinir cxtornife sheeting lefhlistniirnt, ju tho corner ol 1'load way and Pine sc., whore triey will Una mown ird Mooched shootings. yarus huts, wicks, t.vinos, warps Ate.,In tii ut \ uriety u.4,?.tlo. won in particularly call tho attention_ it lueiohunta to many brands fheavy sheetings m tldsstock, (ox miuvi ly uidcrthoir control) whioh, anno their origin, bavo stood in inly iij on their merits as a aupoiior lass and asylo of hoary sin otini-i. 1I.OSO who haro not already tested then) g'< do, and B'ho desire to buy elit e tings valued lor their remarUaolc uniformity. weght, and beauty as well ascheapness? whioh smoreobfc in. m lion compaivd with others in iliin mukct?an invitoil to xaisiic tor tliemsolvea, at the store of the subscribers. Mu. llti bmuuway, oorncr ol' fine street, second llaor, entrance either nop HuU'EeB UF ILLINOIS 1 NThitN AL JMt kTvlMiNT bondsntd Bit p aiehereby iiniitied that the time limited by law fur" refunding" the b tate debt, expiree on t;.e 18 th proame. New York. lebrnary 15M, 184k. J l LI I S WAl>3W0KTiI, Agent of the St\to ol I'linnis, No. 65 Exchange iMaoe. KTOlKK-TO ALL ttilOM IT MAY UONlK&N ? 1AME it on ahore cn the osnth side of Loog ls'and, in the vicinity of bunt auk Light house, on the 1st iuat.. a vosocl's Long Boat, said boat ia seventeen teet in length, apparently about two yeari old, I lightly stove, but otheiwise it good condition OF.OhUE iliNO, Wreck-master. NOH< E-TBE MEMBERS Of THE U. 8. l'EHSIFCtt F. f until Aesno ation aie partlcnlarly rti|iirsted to attend a ncetu g ol the Association at Co. trnl bail ibis uvoniog at 7)? t'citck. Tlie of crcrv member is indiepeu?anly usees inty, as an extmessoamvnt of Jdlu must be Imposed u,.cn every in btr. This will he the last inci ting. F. u KG K A i ll I tj hOMMIIh I OA HO M*" BETWEEN t barlcaton and NcwYcrk?On tho li'th of Jauuary (last month,) a message was placed in tho office b?ro for Now Vorlt, of Donsiaerabie importance, which communication was n ntun at nine unlock nve minutes, ihe eau e nig n, (Friday,) to I'ctura burg, from which office a message was ietu-nod the n?xt day, liVitirdsj,) to the office here to tfireit the message of the day boh re, tic 11-th which was done and atiaesrvd the same day I rem ti e a i-ten I urg i.tbco, by stating that the mta-ngc *ai to same ai was received the night betore, (frid-y, men fanuary.) ami h twirled to w a'hingion. *ih? party in Lbarlaston receiving no m iwcrfri m N? yv Vork. as to thb inception of the communication of ?t'dit, tli' lkth, applied t' tho office here to know w>liy the cnniutinicatiou had not reselied hew Yum, anil rcipiirsl that they sin old ucjuiia of ihe office at Washington, why tlie cointauniobtii n had not bet n forwariml froui there to its destination. New York, when tne following communication was made lrom Ihe office at Washington, to theoffi1 e here, vis: ? ' (Yasiuxcros, Jan 27. 184T. "For Operator?Mosaoge to ? was at pped at this offlo), bocat ac wi ids wcic wrong, aud was told by Feb rshurg it would be tnrttoted. WAflMXMVMI OrRoa" Notiing m're of tho met saga of tho IHth is I card oy the party hete who mods it, ui ul the 3d of the present month, Feoruary, when a letter is receives fr in the homo in Now Yntk to the party hrie, dated ikihja. uarr, suiting that the original c imtnunica. ti u, sent frcu the office in t hnrn aion, had h ?n rccived by the psity to whom it waaaddreascd that morning, with the following cert tea e ujKia it :? "Kcccivtd at New York, Saturday night, January 27. 1*1'.'. " i?ued E OtiRO.iN, Clerk New Y ork Office." Wi4i thelollowing eer'itrate appended by the house to wboiu the original eomuiuutoation was made, written on that communication, vit:? ' M eccrtily this roiumni icaticn was banded to us this mornlug, at precisely' r past nine o'oloek, A. M. 'New Yi il, Jai t'.ary >9, ItlD." Thus it will l>e icenthnta communication, (fan important ehaiaeter, was mada oy the office in ijnarleiton to Mciv York, on the I'.'ih ul r,st mni ill, an pped in H aainugton on tke 2uth, ' he cans# words wttewrwg " ui.d that non.mumofctlan was kopt in Washington until tlio 7,'th, it la lent on to hew York and recti ml there the name day as certified by the clerk of tb? "Hi jo As I sieii Ih lore a atvd- kept in that oHiuo until the ifiltli, whan It is received Ly the liotioo to whom it was addretscd, aa eertiiied by tl em ?a I eion lelore itated. Bo that it toos t"U dityahy lata giaihtorenh its destination? New York, from tiaareatonl! Tie oiiginal Lutiun, at inailo by the Liurleatou affioe, I w I aire every Uiiu a relating to it ap|?ars to have loon regularly ami poperly ccnduoted,) lanuwiu |h* session of tlie w riter, and it ia word fur w. rd and ettar lor letter tex opt tho hour at wldob it waa hat did hy its author to tlio officii here) as made otiginaily by the |iarty wlio wrote it. who ntwhertoy oalisupon tho " Ik ashit gt/n la egrapelc t/ffire" for a wttialactor) explanation for atop Flag the tin stage ' tbora, as tho ross n given, via: "benatum wutda were wrung " will not do aa log that tha original aotninu mention, as made fioit tlie office hare and now ia the writer's porsession, and is as it was written by its author, and then a mo lOiy ixpianstinn fruio the same cllioe is toipilred why the mas,age was Attained It the Washington ffioc from hnturday Ihe 20ih. w hen it w os received there, until tho 27th, when it was sank on to h ew Yi rk, and net ilshvored to it? address until tlie morning of tic Tilth, as tha attention of the meaisg* alluded to may involve (aliens onnKyiencs to V o I'e agraphia ffis- at VI'ashington. 1 l.o writer 1 f tids article i name is with the Editors) es|?oto u at tha desired explanations will be nude without u.ineeoaaaiy di lay. Cnarlcktov, Feb. 1!>, ISC). The above statement, as tar aa my oonn otuiu with the above aid facta a, eotnmaaicated br Die to Pe'arthorg and Waahiagton an concerned, 1 hevaby certify to be correct in every partiou lar, and the meataga received Ikom the I'cter.burg and Washington Offices by n e, also ourieot. (Signed.) H. L HDNTINQTOS, Chief Tslegrapbii t (liarlaaton Office. HLLiON it J V La uAlLKOAb i OJsJ'inT.?LOAN.?NO. tice is hnruby given that $62* Ut>' ot the Isisn on the 0 uds of this Looi|?ny, ororwl by proposals issued undtr date of LStk instant, laa been taaon np by the lubeociptioni ol tho following parties: l, t< I Leuillart $3)000 Mynd. Van Sohaiok.... $10J"00 John David W olfe. ... 3IUO0 0. U. Uvwiand 20.000 W. A t|ieneer 16,100 Japhet llin op 'Ai.UOO Orotgo ttmco lujmu Tnotuaa tnHinn 10,000 Fetor Holiermerhorn... (i.OUO J, W. Uammsrsley f.r Morealarlut lOOOO Jaa.Ilookarandothora 76000 tV W. Dek'tcst 6 000 Edward Jonoa 6,000 .a... . IS 1,11 A n LM.?n J ..Ml C. V. 8. Ilooaereit 4,1*0 Beth. ViHir 10,000 Ju B. Kooaevolt 8.0)41 W. A. Davtoa, for self Aivr. tuviu 4,0)10 and others 14.0111) 4. H.Johnson 2.4WI Oso. B. Hot,or 2,iU0 J Boorroan 100,1 I'd Ward It Co., for sundry RliahalVok 10,?otf paraon 140,000 To ?ITord all 4t?mkhoMera an opp-T'onitv to rocure their preemptive right to BoodaoonveriitUi into Stork whinh t.he> obtained in i|'t ha nrttnal anbee.ription it la con a dared proper hy the hoard that the time for rwieiring aubaoriptiona for snob B ndg In* tbota giookholderawho have aotalraadjr anbrsribed or takoa tfcrm, aball be extended tn 80 days from tbe pnb ieatien of this noiice, ria., to tlifc Slat day of Mareh, 1040. Alter thatdar the light will cease aad be lost to toe original ewheorthcrs and their aritigra lip to thai date inolneie., persona now holding Stoek of ir e Company may auburn* far Honda to the amount of their Ktooli at. paying down 4 pet mnt. when reo*lpte will be gtven to Hi en, eeotinng in* orlainal pre eruptive ri* t aad on tn# nauia loiraa In all rerpecta uat ware given to tuhera of Honda on tho ?uh of falrnary fbo amaleet Boaoeiarued being $400, litookholders of a leaaamonnt will bo allowed to ae<ptire othor Stook by ttanil.l tomakt lip ei.onth H-r a Bond. _ The rate * pat i r BoaSa bearing stern per rent Inteteit, add tilth |rr eeni for Bonda tw?nng aia peroeut, both convertible w it11n, ivr) ata from the r onto tniu tlie etoek of tba (Jompbay, *< cornh'g to t> a amount ho'uully paid for t am. A, oi ti, may apply l .r Bo' tarnr Mxjkholdere, In amovnta nat le>k than >8,1 an K the ogam * to, and ti e Company, aa offered by tho promt* is or the ISilTlthruary. meant, will ray snnh agents e o<n n ii-aion nI oao |er et r J kl lltlTit I til, Treasurer N.B?The ahovo aotee auicrrodoa the.ncverUsnannt I sen ad Cnoway on this . nljeot, w bi?h was noa>ol<iaMy drawn np In ere. ei d was pn' mhed with some typograpoUeJ'errors. Mewlcdk, Matoh Ut, 1049. 4 AatsssruNe *.**?>r nowi?Y YnrvrRi"- wionbsDaV rvtViso. kC*^ i LT.wi'l beioi.-.t.-d hecoiujdj cfSLiSiitA jNO t'BAiUK I *-Mr. >aii,p?on ain?hir. Mr .urduo. H ??, Uri. *i' Aft* wb cb, TOM ANU JFRItV-TVm Crib, Ooun'ry MoCluiky; Ml l-prkhily Mr. t'. Duuue H?rry Snm't Mr. UarJ-on r?in Clou Mr.( ntn[.> ?!I; Jerry Uawilii.m, Mr. S'cn.u: a'orin hinn Ksm Mu Msry Tayler Tu conclude with the drama of Ml CM OF TIP ' bO'iD.1. or too Jibixu.iuo.ay? Ittlia Doe. Miss Mary Taylor Koai'.u/ Kslpn Stiwkpols, Mr Winn. s; Bloody n'atliin. Mr T PlA, Pinol trhaw. Mr. U isUo.1- Nlok tl.e Words, Mr. Doll, kir. 'jiurr, Mrs. SueierlaLd floxrs. 25 cea'o; Fit I2IJ cents CsiLrr, 1?K con's. Doors npenat IM O'ologk. comment' ?t T. fliafuhau 6 national. tilia'tMl. la ft OUaTUaM V/ ? widnuaoay Ltoiiii a Marcn 7. trill be a?ed the uro# Mi HAtil'UJ.Kd. KINO or CLUBS?Jsptain barling. Mr. Mtoa, Are. huiuebotn m, Mrs. ihupman,' Louisa, Mm* Fan y dor don. Attor wh>cb, TOM AND JKmMT?UoumecUcut Tom. Mr. Ctanlrau; kmorald Jemmy, Mr. 8rvaiour; tuaau Ifouchnat, Mi?? K. Mrs lay or. After which MOSEIN CAL1FORN lA-Moeo Mr- haofrau; Sykeay Mr. Ik v moor, L!m. Mint E. Moo'.ayor. T? cotciude with S? Ibi'iir.ARTS and H IVBJ? Admiral FrankI'M. Mr. Ferrey; Charles franklin, Mr. Tiltoa; Mrs. B: 11 Mra Chapman Uuirenia, Mrs Ishorwoud. Boxes 2Jo., Fit I2H". Doors of"1 ??<>:W "'oh ok?ourtain will r s at 7k( BKOAIIWaV LULUS. 657 BMOADWaT, NBA It PHltUI sttoct?Wednesday err bids March 7, theCliluese Festival by Urn whole trcupo. Beauiitul display of horsemanship by Master Waltsr Aymar Sports of lierou es by Messrs. Stout and I'arkia FotirWie Act. by Mr. W. Float. Mast.r Muurico Hands will apysar iu a principal sot The whole to couulude, lor else tenth time here, with the bur'emiue snorting scene, entitled TUt PONT RACES, OR UNION LOUitSB Is MI VIA TURK?Hose, Mr. H. (iaiduor Widdy MeOowan, Mr. Peutland; Fat Mt. naiiklta: Italian blinder Mr MT. Aymar. Afternoon performance on h?'uroa>, at 2 o'c ock Admission to every part Of the house tit.?children half arise. MKCllA N ICR' Ball, 472 BROADWaF, BET# MEN brsud and llroomo strooiA Open ovary ni^lit during the ?.... I. .m,. 1 - - - ?.? ?? . ? ? >uv I'tiaiuM aim wfu awuwa tmiBtv s winutreis, organ ii<n 11*42 'ho ul(Vbt ettab bhcd baud in the nir!< ; who clai m, find can ail atsnliute the on e, of boing tlx ftret 19 hamiauo Negro tie,edita ai d ortglua'i in of the pre, en 1 populur stylsof Ethiopian ertertaininentii. [A premium of t-Vai will bo pi.d to any other Cmni.nny in oxigti uce, who can pioduoe tvidouxi ofa juat tight to the shore diatinotion ] Vkhoae Crmoorta in this olt), for a period ol tlree >care hare been rero.vod with ureal iw'rotage aid favor, nnproeedrnud in the annals of outilia amiiaan cuta In th a gnat uiulr.peii* and co tlnue tube uiahtly received with approbation by large ai d highly rr.>p<c(li)Io audiet.o s, a moetoonvinclnyevidince of their superior mens and attractivMicaa Ihey will li tre the liunur tit introducing a groat variety of new and orirfca! Uelod on, llurleefua lip ratio ChorusKa conga Cba'iii-teiietio I'aieei. ko., lu a a-aniter froqiieuUy atteu ptcd by ' numerous imitator*." but -'not with the lame ? ulta" that have criwioid the efforts of tlti? ' original" and "inimitable" coiiipany, who ohalloi.go eompetitioa ia every departI ment of Ethiopian ropceaen atioua Iho oompiay eauafota ortn porlV tutors, under Use oimction and uiau g' mi nt ' f E. I\ Christy. the whole comprint!-* a corl-trf une<|u<)'cd lerettilitv nnd talent. Adtnieaiou "10 routs. Children und- r ill half price. Doors opon at7?1 oacert will uommei oe at 8 o'clock. Au afternoon Cm cert -n Fatiirdsi, con mm nit * at fl I* M S'lt'YVESANT 1N8I1 I'UTJS.-MK Ulhb'S LEUTIJKE8AND Entcrtul. 11.note lor Tluec Evenings.?Mr U. H. Hill, Cotno dan, known by the familiar ootmeuun of ' Yantoe Hill." will have the honor ol giving hem. ruua I-i-c-1 in a and Eiuert itn-nenta, at 3tny vusaut Institute, on Muiday, Wednoeday, and Friday Bniiinga, March htb, 7th, and For'ar* too pro gran lues Ticktta to admit a lady and gentleman. 50 onnm, tingle tickets Ml (tufa c-oh. May tie obtained at the Irving Uou?e, New York Hotel, and of the Janitor at the lii-tltute Doors op(.o a? quarter to 7: I o< turc w ill 0 mmeron at 7V; oVnt V. T I'M ATI, ICAL NOTICE.?-iT CUARf.ES, t KW OuLF.ANS, a:.d ft. Louin Theatric.? We am now r-i.Jy to reeeivu aropoaitiona Iroin ladk* and gentlemen of ??od rtanii g iuthedra tattle 1 robnelcu, for ngngoine te during the nniuing aumiuer teuton, tu 8t Joule, and winter k.uo-u. in t oiv Orleana. Ui-.\ tug been thi MUM of the Mobile ( ?la.) Tlicatro lot tevcral SS?i(MH part we bavc frtaiuoi tly loon addreeind thia sou-on an business connected wi h thil eitablkhmunt. VPe lake line oocaoino to inkm ti 11 pr- h-psion that we have 110 oonuoetion with, nor intero.'t in, any tbea'reu except tlioae named at the t cad of thia notice. LUDLOW A8VHTJ. ASTLB (JARDBN. THE AMOVE VVsLl -KNOWN 81111 V mer reaort can now bo ergaaad for Evening A ntuaoroonfa during theaMkilg soas-a. For lurtbar rartioirtiri, ami terms, apply at tbs Office on the premise^ or by letter 11>, at paid) directed te tlie preprietors. FRENCH it HEISKR. lALlPOMAId 1AOR CA1 IfORNIA ?A BfEEKAUE TICKET IN THE CRESCENT CITY, wliieli leaver for Cliagroa 01 the 15th mat.,tor tale. Apply to MORF.AU u FA l{aEd, ill Barclay ?t IAOh 8AN FRANCISCO AND SUri'RH'd FOR!. -THENEW Baltimore olppur brig OttBlT Ounnng. mas-er, having boon detained by the r. uatlu-r, will aatl on tint (Ah Marofi. For balauoe of Ireigbt or pussae c. apply on hoir?, fool of Mtide l.u-io, or to JA8. A. VAN BHVNT, 75 South st., o, r. Maiden Lane. N. B.?No ateerage pasaetigora taken. FOR CALIFORNIA.?TUB NEW UA , K 9bSAN. 8UIITONS' lyingat foot of Couitiea t hp, will sail in u tow daye nnd car rcciivo tli e iiretoabir paaarngnrs with hanaaome acnommo fictions- Also, tliiee uioru mombcra iu a ao set assoeiaiion, who will own the vo-acl ci tuiilotu outfit lor two years. Apply earli, tit M Wall stKetoron board. For ban Francisco. California?tub sacra, mento Mining and Assaying Assooiatini wit) hold an ad meeting at Stonenfl's Hotel, 131 Fulton street, tide evening, at 8 o'clock Members will ploasn take o- ties thnl a re Dumtivu iao<n.u mun 1UVCUU? ili-IU "11 IIIU .ill llll.ll.l, r<"| lllllg all men turn in em in to pay tho balance of their instalments ou or befoie the meeting to to held this tveaing. By order, **. Bit (JOE. Pre idert. FOB VANi OUVEK'd ISLAND, 8AN FRANCISCO, fce.Tr< Brit it h eteiiiush'p 11 Mi JUAN, 'Ail teas ourtben, will tail from Jersey City on or abont Jhtli day of Batch Pities: o?- P Assault. in cabin. In steerage. I'ot Rio Janeiro $f, y Valparaiso 3?KJ 1S|I Son t mueitoo B60 ,'SIU Vancouver's Island (SKI Oil) An oxiierienced surgeon will accompany th e vessel. For outage, ?l'PJto K CUNaHO, 3-1 Unmawiy 'ft o Unicorn had new boilnrs in Glasgow last April?is new undergoing a thorough relit, and her cabin and steerage will lo very comlortahle and well vent lntcd. DM e\is fkancisco, California.?tub fast 1/ sailing clippor huilt achoonct (IKt< . WOhTrf. will sail with dmintcli. for Height or pawnao, apply to N. li slc'Jready It Co, 3d South street; and i.uliog It liolincs. 182 Vt'est a r et; or he Captain on board, pier 8 N. R., foot ot Rooter street N B. Three more mainbora want el to complete this asso.iatloa. i'.e sage Si26. Apply as above. CAl.IFOKMA.-A CENTLP Mfli ABOUT TO I'ltO IF.SD to California, via lathmna of I'nnama, w ishes to J la throe or five othcra, ?ho lmve emdsr views?m.itual proleotioii, comfort aid tenrotay bettg tl o chlof ouusldentione. I he licit,,r re f. n pi es given ana roiiulrod. Apply or to J. ii? % Cnasi bci * i iriojt SAN FRANCIS O ANDTi F. GOLD H EG IONS.V I A M AQRl, lan Hira.te.?The ftpt miring and now coppeiod and copper (asiened brig JULIA MOl'LTi IN, Wnrirg, master, will sail oo or about the lhth Inst. Blia-oh. t> 10". ? hich entitli s tin* ho dor to a st are in the vessel, mining imp'smeats and eighteen mouths' r revisions. For Inrthir r?i Oculars, appli to Mr. Joel Sar ols, fresiurcr, 1U3 Cathorine street, or on boar!, at pier S'J. Eiat Kiver. 3he association will meot every evening at 7JS o'olook. at W estcl.i cuter Hon c, comer ' I Bow.-rynnd Br >ome strcnii. O Mr SAMfTET I'llil CAl 11i? :NI A.-T HS dill WILL O clcroa Saturday, tiie lhth mat. All freight must Ik) sent down nt oroe bliippi ra will send in the'r billu ul lading I .r sup nature The 8a motet being a v?r j fast sailer. pa/!?onr,un may calculate oh a pusoaiu of 100 days. Pusa: agent nv tho Kgmosct have a through ticket to bnttor'u Fort per a uali steamer that I' row on board tho ship. Time from dan Francisco to Suttor'a Port 10 nours. A limited number of passengers can still be taken. Also some f. tight. Apply to ?. U. BUTTON, t II Wall st. cor. 3outh, up stairs; or J0I1N OGD.EN, 110 Wallet. F.NOR CALIFORNIA VIA CHAGILES -TUG SUBSCRIBER JC wilidespatoh for Cbegres, without delay, tho superior very I fast sailing Baltimore built brig CoL Howard. Durkoe, master. 1 She Is 332 tons burthen, newly oeppered, retitu-d and pu< in parloot order. Iiir accommodations for paaaongcre are of the lint class, having Just been oomplewd at groat rapamu. Fir?t cabin, AC, second do. f 10. The bulk of 1(1 barrels freight allowed to caoh passenger, tree of charge. For freight or passage apply on board, foot or Dover street, or to Fernando Wood, 102 Mouth street, corner of Dover. 1'aesengors by the Col Iloward will have the prelkiuiito of parrago from Panama to dan Frauoissa, iu a vessel uxptoied to tail thence la April nest FORfiAN FRANCISCO.?THE A I CLIPPER UUILfAIIIP HU8AN (1. OWF.N8, 7.TJ tons bartnen. aud butSminihi old, will nail from Philadelphia a bent tho 1.3th inat, as abort. Con patent Judges have pronounced her to tic nntn rotated In l?auty < f model, strength, and comfort, bv any vessel ulloa'; snd It is confidently claimed that sho ? in all r a|wcrs super.or to any yet up lor that port. Fho will have alb rary of Alt) volumes.and a pt.j eican on board, and every arrangement has been made to inturo the health ano comfort of piuMgarn Moit lilwral terms are prcannted to auch as may wiuri to Join a mining association. Fot full particulars apply to II. P TuWNbEnD, I.TiNmiiat D T. T will provide for the cap'-nsos to mid from Thiladi 1phia of an agent ef any respectable coinptny or ae?-elation who may winb toarcertoin more'y as to ths above ship. FOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA PI 11K IT, VIA TUB Straits of Magellan, the nsw and substantial stcamnl.ip UUK()N,< apt. A bin. lir.uckor. ot 24U tons burthen,years old, boil tin this eity, of the best material, copper fastened, and uewly coppered, boilers entirely new. and Is now aid rgolng thorough repairs fur sc* rrvtoe, and wiR posiHvelv sail on or about UicAlthof March. Bur saloon end cabin will be handsomely furnished lor ease toil ouovlort; and a morn profitable opportunity oannot be offer'd So Ams deiirousof going to California, the will be disposed of by loU shares of stock, at fiSW each. Too owner of eaoh eitato will bo emltlcd to his passage to Ban Frauoisca, and his oqnal undivided sharo of ths slilp. and nil appurtenances thereto Ft longing, and of the prefitsand oarninas f said ship sfrer her arrival at 3aa Franotaco. Each sharo of stock will .bo mads transferable. Application should bo made soon, as already over one half of IM stock in taken. For partioulniii. apply to AUSTIN ft WATKINB, No. 8 8outlistp>rL np QtlM noi BAN FhANCISJO-TO SAIL PITH MARCH?TUB C steam I hip SENaTDR. 7M tons burthen. Lieut. R. Bsc ho, tf. 8. Navv, ooaimandor. will positively sail as abovo. at II) A. M, Irom her berth at Buriing Blip Slie was built in July ln>t. by Wm. R. Brown. Es.{. ot this city, to run on our ooaot, between Boston an l St. John's. N. B., where sho has bscn wel' tried in some of onr heaviest northwest gales and proved herself s splendid tea boat. Numorous nddtliou* and vlurstP nt have been made, at a heavy milft to pcrfeot her lor this voysce, and her accommodatiooo for paescngerr art very supaiior. one will go through tho otraits ot Wagelian, touching at Rio, Valparaiso, Callse, and Fauna. Pmowor Passabi.?State Rsoms $800 After CaMo, without kUio-roomr SOU F<>rwn*d Cabfn, ct*w'? faro 4<:o Deck do . ??0 3110 It*. baggage allowed lot elan puuougiirt, and no freight taken. Fot further particular*, apply to WOOBBULL fe MI NT CRN. S7 South itroot. For California and oreoon-h* mar :h.-tok United hi ate* Mall Stcamelilp Ommiiy nerehy pre notice, that In pur?ua*oe of tb?ir contract with fx Navy Depirtmaot, the aplvndid new ar.d epaoione itoanialilp FALCON, Ciptala Thomuicn, will tail from tin* port for Uav*oa anil Oliarre*, on Thnrtday, the 8th of March, at noon, from pier 4 North lUror, with the main to tL* Tactile. Ferton* withlng to take peerage to California, by the way i f the Irthmui of Panama, will find It to their adrantige to arall thrmeelve* of >hia opportunity, ae la the opinion of the uudetmgnrd, agent of thia compaoy, meane of trabaportation op the eoaat of laufornia will be fnuud at Pa. am*. It if tapcotiJ tliat the Faloon " 111 artlve at vhegre* in time for peotengort to take the Pacill* Mail attauierf of March and let of April from Panama to 8?n Ftanc'aoe. Perana* I evlng ticket* for tli no ateamcra, hoa'd aectire their pnasage immediately, in order to avoid dieappoint mini. Be tore the arrival of the ralcoe et Charree "n thi* tii)age, the road icrum tie l?thm?* will be eefar improved that no danger or difficulty need he eapeoted U crooning. N 0 eugecrment for nMegn will be binding on thfa eompa?y nnleaa the name l>e aanotlnned by the nndorflgtiod; 300 the. baggage allowed. 70 oente per fool lor freight. Information roconlly received at ti le office, n ill eocvlnee pereonanhontto viMt California, that the route by the mail liae, via Chagree, he* great advantage* over aay *th*r, lu point of epeeil, refety and economy. Thv departure of the Pa'con le (lied at a date to avoid delay at Panama. The pniaenger lie* le now open. For puttee or furthtr particulate, apply at tho offico of the Compear. 118 W*at afreet. _ M. O. ROBERTS. Aenut. NOMMBOF YOU NO MEN DaVB AStOUl aTBuTBKM elvcafor tho purpoee et proceeding to Ctlilotbia, via Capo Horn, and are willing to rough it on the voyage, u wrll no take hold of anythin* wach may ?nor the beetuhance of a'looaa* on their arrival. 1 he) have bought a largo A IX eohoonor of euprrlor raldhe qualitlre, aid with cxt-ltontaooommodaMon* for 1} ah are hnldvta and 1(1 paaaragera. Sha re $1101). Paaeengere $XX) and found. Provieiot.e for 18 monthe For an aeeoetatloa about forming thle will prove a oipttal opportunity. Rnohae wteh to Join Mill pleaeo loeo ao time in addrooehig boa 1 981. Poet offioe. _ F1BK ARMS >OR CALIFORNIA.?TRIALS ALLOWED, P? rtiee going the ovorland ronte. and wtiu are therefore Haeljr tomiuire tniatwnrth) wrapona, arerequotted to oall at Waller a Tun Movt% and bifl- a?d Pitted Shoo,log Oallery. No 18 Broad, way D< uhlc and riogle Rlflea (adapted for the long ball); double fiune, one barrel r fl d douhinand aiagle fleiolai and a variety of new and aecond hand Hie arm*, low for oa-h. Ouaa, fee, honght, or takon In eaehange N B.?nettle men may bring their own weapon* to pteeihie with. Tenel-SV oeMtl pet (IOMR I (hot*, (tile or pietuL IixtruoUoo* tret w ? P "-w WB yi-wijyiCTOTrm'tnmm'umniii i y *?i ?'Vl* liBOADWAY THEATSR.?E. A. Ma^SttA^c PKUPHIEU-J tor.?> tilceft'av evening, Man a 7, will be acted the com oily r I of i o.n don AS'l'KvNiK Sir Uaicouit Courtly, Mr. J r'luit ' fi'? M.. t lUrk iwu?. Mr Vsihe; CharlesL'our'ly, Mr. D?ott; Mr. 1 I fir?? her. Mr I. bhaw. Di/r.U, Mr. Cottar; Murk Madd o. Mr. . i mdauaj; t col. Mr !Ht Douall; lad/Day Spsuktr. Mita F. IFalI I lack; Crsot liarkawav. Mrs. Abhoft; Pert Mr* Watte. To uua. | elude with the MIDMCBT * ATCQ-Ubarrt Mr. P-pe; Pterin ' I u. ? S.'1 Vmre; Anton e Duval. Mr Moorhnuto; Pan , lino. Miss F. Wn'ltck; NinoOc. Mies Tclbin Ore's Circl* ssil Par5 1 SE??'J5L'USS I1.01"* Cifo1'' " "? "? ??* uauU. I , *_?.. ^ ? fl; commence a I J. r- 1 ft*hlOW'? THEATRE. CQAMIitiU BTitlCE VflliNEJ. ^r^rN^Ar^ru^'.'^8.^! V,'f ^Mi ^me" XL'.VuS^ innkw YX-l: irv''& > J1"" *LT. Johnston; General Committee, Mr. Jordan; Mrs? ?2L ft V' m' VuUtrarse, Mrs. Vernon; ? I * Tipeonptie, A. Kuiphl; Fanny, i! it Dowline* Hi an i A"i'"??u Frederics raiotnwuy. Miss Mom*. To oioclufri with THE TOODLES?Mr. Timothy Tuodle, Mr Barton; Vara"! J'rVnk Acorn, Mr. Ljnne; Mrs Timothy Toods slit. Vernon; Mary i . Acorn, Mrs. A. fniyht. Divsa Circle aud Parouotte Wo.: Knu.iiv i Circle i!So. Doors t|-:n nr (i>t; curtain rises at 7. MllCULU 8 OliYMUCTUSATKE?vSP. iKN'tDAT EVE. ' ting March 7. to commenco with HOW TtltY DU AT I WASHINGTON?8. llui.k us Warblubottom Mr. D. Marl.U. ? ol. ! Mcliu.tlor Fart, Mr Arnold Tapis, Mr. NLokintiu: Mr. Warring. i ton. Mr. Remolds; Virginia Virnon. Miss Nioltinsun Aftor I which tht lon e of TDK PEOPLE'S CAN DIDATE-Itulah glinttuck. Mr. D. Marble; Mr. Noli id, Mr. Henry: Mr. Crauston, Mr. Arnold; Hum Danville. Mr. Reynolds; Miss Julia Nelson, Mha Phillips. T? ooutlttdu with TU1S KINO OF TfFl PEAOtK'KS? nvua, Mias Clarke, tloriiol. Miss Phillips; Prinoo .! an y, Mr. Lereio. Dress Circle Wo.; Upper Boxes IdPit 12)(a. Door* open at 7; oontinvncr at 7%. Be UN I'M? AMKIIIOAN MUSELM?LNTlhC CBANUEOF N utc; tu t.' ti plcndld performances, uvi ry afternoon at 3. aud trri Gvct.iigat 7*1 o'clock. IMuugsrMaoangsgsd the most wonderful curiosity in existcnoe? s I'emals welshing fit 10 pounds, luesi u: mg seveu feet yi ilnd the want.' cil inches around the arm!! This lemaikable lady is much mors of a curiosity thau thereii wnod Pairiel Lambert. Shu tuav he Men at all hours, with TiiiLi.t, the Fuiry Coven, tha oelebratod Lee Kutnliy; the srrat I iit Hibriite nud Eastern Jugglers, have also been engaged. Alto, will U (inhibited ut cash perforuiauco, tbemsgniflcunt uiov. ' in .- Panorama of London! Also cngsgud, Pete Mortis, Mr. Chapman, Mr. <Y)ieland, Misb West, Mrs. Moi ell, Mrs. Averill, Ito.. Mo. Living Dmsrg Uctang Madame Kockwell, the furtuno Uiller. Admiuiion 25 ecntst children (sudor Id years, IKX cents. ffDE (ihltATCUIJIK8tt ML'dKL'M, Ml) BSOADWAV, DM- i JL twecrt Spring aud Pru.oi titrocti, and the only ono In thlg | souarry constsu el a great nuuibux ol lifo ftn tgnras of Chlucor, ti all classes, several hundred Chines) paintings, apartments in 1 tounti ntorus and m-nni, ? ?i-- i- ? ?J todgiw, pooiiuciu of China** mammae turut, thuir ftgnoultVAl r lid locch&tiiuAl io?loinM\tfl, instruyr?iuta of uioitio, Iantoraf, Uo, Is. Owb from niuo A.II. till 111 P ML daily. Admittance, 20 d oenti; nhlldntD undar two I ?e. htlf-price. MBS. b BANlEH litMBLE Bl II.KK WILL RE A I), TO- ' morrow eveiina. March 8th -Tho l'emp ? " at nail' po?t tl even o'cloik, in ilio Stujvoiint Institute. T cheta to Ihi had of i Mr. loin anu, Janitor of tlio Iniiti ute. at the living tio.iM. tlie Astor lloiito, and at Mr. Fianctn' and Mr. Cowen's book itores.? Pi loo SI. t MONfcllUK ADKiKN'3 VARI f'.D AND ILX I KAOKDI- V nary Exhibition o'Boat wonduiluI and aatoinsliing uovel- ' tle?, evtry at half past leioo o'cloox. at Miuerva Hall, ti No. Ji'fi Broadway. A dmin inn. AUo : children. 2Ae. WAl.LIlALLA, Nn. ;? CANAL SUtKKT, NKAll HKUAD? ay, open even ( vening, at 7, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoi n at 3 o'c'scli, v ith a company of fcninlo artists. Ethiopian screuaders, and n tioupeof mo' cl artists, wlm appoar in a vnrt'ty of urinet and ciioioo iintorixinnirnta. Adinisaiou. Orohoa . tru Soma '.1% vents; PliqBtta Mocnta, t (1 YVVAVriQ BXB*0frB8, N<>. 18, FULL! ITS CVMV\ li 1 lium in open Ualiy, f? r oxoic tin* therein, at No. id Court- j a. (Unmet lhM roon in lumidhul with ull ll:o neec dsryum*lUMia l't<rtteao K&lcliul and ivig rutins ixtwisos. Vor nose 1 who cit&VjOt attend ?iur?up the du>, tho Gjia iridium will ho upon tbio' i.uliti intliewenh. Wuhdayr, v* fduerd.iVH Rod Fi*id?ya. MABVKLS AT TIlE COLIS, I'M.?DR. DON WILLOIVE J seerics of ainueioir und exnitint ex penmen's tLis evening t t Hi.' t'lilipi'iini, at the oloeu of hie lecture. Ladies' claae will y meet this afternoon. j l/AhlKURhtA. ' PhOTECTIVE OVEALANDCOMPANY TO OALlPdKNIA, C via Corpus Clitsti, i an.arm, Mooter y nod Maciu Ian. in to ] days.?A company in now forming to prooced to the i;e d ropone, , as above, cacorlod by a gent omaii w. li aci|uaia*ed with tlio route, ' n; d conversant with the language, manners and oust one of the (1 people. 1 hit patty will mil It m Now York on the 20th iast., in | n tine row nist clam pvkut slop. fcntirs mat of pus.igo tiiri vih, including pa.aporla froui I'vputinont ol' State and 1 Mexioan Consul, eenoit intoipreur, modioal attendant, teuts,nud C| e?mp equipage, provisions from Now York to ~s?n Ftauoiaoo, t looking nteusile. Ma.,$l3il. Persons wishing be ioni tide pvt'y . should niako imuitdiate upidii ntion to F. li. HOW I AN I), at tho 1 o< nipnny'u ofA o. IHI Wall ttroot, corner ot f ront,betivejn lU i o'clock A. M. aad S P. M. CiaLUOKMA DAiiliEKRKOrYI'&A-I'RHBUNS aBODT ! 1 J to visit Cr.liloruia, and desirous to leave their likcueitma with thalr friondi, would do woll to oall at llmd/e, Nos 2 >5 and JP7 Broadway, wlioro, by renion of roennt improvements and ad- 1 ditiOD* to lui ostaBllnhmcut, Iniihtnl and tiuo Ukensssus tnay lit I obtained it the hortoot notice. Csaufdrnia LIFE AS-U?ANOE.-TUE ouil'isa COM : J n ercml Life AiiMirauao Company ot London (capital thruo 1 million del an) contii.ues to if so li st riski o? lives of |icrsoi.s ;-i'iDA toCa.ifoimu. FttEDKK t K. SALMOvSON, (tourrai A|:sot, 2!' ifall street. CAOK BAN KRANCISC(?-PA8sA0K ONLY-TO SAIL 1M" sitivoly on Saturday, ll'th instant?^1 lio first clam bark LLAhlrSA, Captain Baboidne, can aeooaim slats f>ur moro pu seufiers in the uisft luperior manuor, lior oatiit licmg of tn? ra id ci mp oto kind, ana provisions umplo, and of the b-st <juahty ? Cabinentiroly new, and ptilectly veii'iliied. Apply to _ JttbSL'r* tl FOX. I/M'.utlut CaaLIFORNIa (JOLD TL81C.-A COMPACT BOX, H'lTil , J soaks, Troy tveiglitf, micioseope, nr.d u? da, fur testins the dillcrcnt metals, with |Jaio dirootioni; Ketort fur distilling 1 (inicksiivcr; Tulesen ie< MaaaM Poflkftt CompassML Ad I JOHN ROACH, Opiioian, fcj Naaiau street. tMM I T111: grand festival. in aid or Tire " Hebrew Benevolent Society," will inks |>'a>o at tua 1 Bromlway TsUtnnole, cn Tuesday cvoniug March l.'Hii on whiaa c M'.caaii.D tl.e following c?!ebi?t<d artis'es will app ar. - Madntno . Lah' rdc. Hjpw fitMk Bona. Ullllllli tiruor t'sffanolli, (IflMf Nova ill, hfiUaT witli Mm tola vlitioio. M u Adelo HoMotook <t ami Mr. Charles fltdinstock, aoC'.tnpaiiicd l>) the urind I tra of trie Itnliaii Optra, ODOer the direoiion of Max. Maretick, Ein.. who has composed seionl idciv s txpr si.lj tor tho o oiAiuo. Ticket* (I. To I o bad st tho prinrlpil muse stores, a, tho door < on the cvtnins of tho Concert and ol tbo Hon. Vcrctarr. A DOu1 Ill's S. Sol.i IRONS, 03 H strri t. k rugrnmines w ill ba i?auiil Patnrdav m at _____ BA 111 LI'S (IRANI) MUSICAL FESTIVAL WILL TAKE plaoo on the Mb of March. Ac Desert of Felicii'ii Divid will . be puitoroiod with 1MI mnaltiana. under tbo dtrcetiou and lead- ' r.slop of Sum r-r Ant. ButiL Tickets |t. To bo bad at tbo prin- I clpal mil toehtoret. hotels. Doom open at Eli post 7. i'oi- j fotioancc ooma cnota at 8. OAUOUitt, &r. Sueeriob BOARD. in biooiiiti, l<nt \ cbnti.Ema n and Wile with moor two parol*. at $Mi t- $IV Lo. i catioi rutrtbo Brooklyn Institute. Mootuldrsn in tbo hon??. ] , ai d family tn.r 1 and p. rmanent. I.n<;uiio tor two days at 167 Aram o r * t. pen er of opooad. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BR ACCOMMODATE ? WITH 'J wo Rooms and t'antrne op tin- wound tl or, with bwa ilaoi i 1 and tea Irocu the Mrs! of .Mnj text, in a ppjuII pnvatowfcmilv of i three pi moon, in tbo vloinity of gmuJ street and tho ttow-ory. < Bofmnccaiirtnand toqnind. Addroi v.. u , ii icafl p. Board winted.?a doi blb and a single room wuLtod, for a lady nnd two gent enion, wnh b >ard. I'rsfurri d lonw I haoiber* streps. Artifice* K. S. S.. this "Mine. , HMWARDfl, < on KM WARD-STOLEN *BOM TBI IIALL Of MO. 1H Charles i treat, la*t (veiling, twoO'crooaio anil a Clank, containingiwu Mcmcrandom books sud a 1'uisj with no iut two ' bundled dollars in Amotion geld, and ins hu drcd dollars in ( bat lcotoli and Viral ma Mils, '/be above teward will to pud fur tho recovery of the guiiucn'B and their mnt-uti on app'iration at IK Charles street, or at Lit I'e.rl atrcit. Leasers ar* cautioned rpainst Virginia and Charles.on Bills, as D.iy arc of twenty, tone and lives. BBDHIAL. BhEWSTKA'S Rf>fE TO")! II Ki.lXI l AND DENTRII I .E. ?The tumowb t'geo p.Kocllonc* ol thoao prepuntians lor tho teeth an' aumJ sro ki own by nil who Iiuva tra>c bin in fejururio. . .11,... K .... th., re.. * ..,..1. ... I.. .. p... . - .. of the invet tor, is to li. I im d r.p ton i, at Br. E DlVUV'tj, WW Br adwextdown towt at ls.i llmirtwvy. \ Br 1,11 IM. Of IE T IN A BALI OUNCE VIAU-Dl Hunter'n Hud Iipf cures ail private (life itcuwitfious nry rt unction in tho pot'out's hiibila in Ir tm to a dnya Tin (Inn U'rinu Xheinnnrj, ;i laitikou street, ia,the unly place wfans item be I *d. f>l only _____ j Dr. faw< Ell can bkuom'jdentiau.yoo.nsu/.tbd at bis e?oe, 31 lley St r et. on all private diseases f;m most Urinate yield to liia mode .1 trialKOiit, wldch la on tho rreal ei on rial ptineinlc. Siricturea tared ox the moat approved pita. Tho victims of noli lory iodiili-"eoe cu alto apply, with a oertainty i ef core. Otliee, bl I>ey strut i, A CLUE IVMUI.tNTKO Foil (INK DOI.I. IK?1'itl YATE Bodual Oflire, l\o 3d Ora'yo itreot, ( five Fuiute.) ijo'tor 1 1 abaci's i'roboh lautnre, | ?i,a f i per bottle, ia u ariaeted to oora , ail cr.eta of a pnvate imiurc i? a lew days. N B.?Toinotlloe liai Urn established oyer thirty ytara lor the cure of all dituaact *f a . private nature. 1 ' ARTIFICIAL tiF.A-JlST IMPOeTED, A I, \ (IE AND ' tuperior lot oi "Mircati's" relehmtcd inn otic are. which ; era be imxitcd and worn without any pain or operation; and at they move I ho the natural cyo.tuuol-.eest, observer caneot dt- | tor; them. DK. 1 OWEbL atieoda, rj ii-ii 'l. to de-cases of tha , jyesr-d Far. at :81 Br-adway, etirrancolX tVarr us;rc?i,where ' W bsbad fas p"t"i'?r Bcek on tbo Bye?Prittlteeatt | l DR. 1* BtlLIR OCULI '1 <r.h v W1UU bTKBL r, DE- I ' vo'eo hia t velnaivf attontion to dueaf a of tl.o Eve, aid la- , 1 vitea the,10 whe are in w ant of Artificial Eien to call upen him. ! havit a j< at import'd a moat btiauulul aeleotlan from t'aria, and I witt the r.rranip tnenta made f?ra reader aunp y. the laaaity rill be furnieted on lew termt. No charjea far Inter .Ion. Oflloe hour* from P A. If to I '^t|<'VltP. * _ The oi.1i31.nae liquid hair bye.?ale.xandcrs Trleobaphe, lor dying the hair, whia'rort), oreyoarowa tnataataneously. a natural brown or r,l?ok cob r. It n now three years unco lta intention: neatly one huudud thousand b \t.$ nave boon sold of ft alnee that tirre. and It in aoknuwrlodned to bo the neat pvopiirnt'ou in the wor'd for this pnrpc,c. Imparting to the liatr the I cat ty a nd elaatiel'} ol youth. F r tali by a. 8. k i) S. idi, ! enrrircf Fulton nnd Wi'liam atro-ts; lushton Ik Co.. Broadway; Thimaa In Maxwell, William atrrst: Moore ? Taylor. M Mildea ! Hat; by drvRiatagenerally throughout the United S a'cs. and by tJi? lolpagcLte, R. Ik U a. tV i 1 u tlf. No. '_'1 Jonth Fourth atjrct, r^'wdeljihia. | DR. COOl'EK, 14 dua'IE STREET. UkTW^EN uua? ll?M i and William a tree'A hr.t for the latt fourteen ytara enjoyed I k moot eitonaivr prmciioa in private discaaee. Ue ear. cure the I moat aggravated case* of thisdiaoaee; and mild oteea oured ia j two to live data Stricture?Dr.Uooperoaa ouro the worn*, fom ' of stricture* In ftom one to two wtwka. Constitutional debility brought on by aneoret habit indulged in by ytuag man. Tlia when too freely Indulged In, Wget* dytpopau, weakens of tk? tymbe and email ef the bank, eonfuM-.n of the lataHoet, aad eveaaton to noolety. A oore warraoted ia every eaao. er no ahaaga No mernury need. Moot extraordinary work-to tde kaiu'ib or thorn oontemplatlng marriage.?the Married Woman g Private MedlfM Companies, by Dr. A. U. Mauricean. Siidiotihon. Friee gl. Thia work is meeting with moat abounding aalar (?,?? capita having alacxdy beja diapered of) Erarj Urnale U letting a oopy, whether a xrf.kd or ui.iuicr.rd. al tin- ugh It lo lakended aepecitlly for the biim, ta ii dlwaoeoa Important aecmM . wbloh ifaonld be known to Uimb pacBcularty. Uan avevy femala can diaoever Oie eauaea araaetxme, aod the moat olboiaat rrca Aits, wad mortcertain mode oTeope tn oye^ l~ Bred way; at the pukttehbtr oflloe, Il? Ubrrly street, New Yor^ T 3. I attereon, N& MCtwait Hfi't, I'blladalpbla; Utt,le k Co.. KUadt ; W. R. Davia, Boetoo. Ckn the aeoeipt of SI, a oeoy will be tnemrJtted by mail, (bee of po tage, to all parte cf Jut United 8tet*a A11 letter* muat be add eared, pojt pajdi to Da, A.M.* 1,EM. New Vera elly. ?i?o* IWfakeg. Bifi P, R. RALPH, AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTIOAL PRTVATl 1 Traatlae," ?-. V* Gieenwteh ktreev?otftee houm 9 te 13 A. ( to V P. M. (Sunday exoepted). Thorn who apply In the eaUf ttagea will be aurpriaed at the rapidity aad Uttfe laoe avamienek attending their care. It la ehiefiy. however, those whe have auS feted from a osrtaln olaaa ef people, who oaa proparly apnrom tba hi* eervieeu In atriolaK, ftam It* Ant, or inmp ent, to Ila more advaaevd and diatreariog ataga*. (from naeommcn advaatagr. aad a veiy aatonatve praetloe.) ha saw afbad % rapid, eacy, tadioal tmre, whteh. be haaaveaad (? lUtlag, (II beeh>4k4 MSBtoUwtMVW IkAoftlMu t hum i n iw?| m\*\mmtmmmtuWmm. j iWKLMtiKMK B* TUE MAIL8. wasuinoto. 1? iy,arch a' 1mf* . lit J fume Department?TUe A 'w Vabtn't Mi*iufr?? In Hcrlm ut.d Da\ fyb' t. I apprised you last night, by telefc 'ral'h? of |ls# creation of a Ilome Department, ol i appointment of John Davis, of Massachusetts, as '!a head, of Mr. Abbott Lawrenee'n declination ot th 'Nary depaitment, and of the consequent changes. n die cabinet. The democtats ol Virginia have b *en? 'or the Inst three years, the recipients ol the |mtn ,B* age of the Navy department. It is now the turn o. * the Virginia whigs. If tlrey be as bountifully fed for the next lour year* as their political opponents have been for the last three, Virginia will not have much to complain ot. And yet, though not approving all Mr. MascV*'- acts, I must ?wy that the department bas seldom kind a head more 7.-alona lor the welfare of the nx*val service, or more careful ot its honor and interests. It wuuld be uulttir to jm'jodg* the cabinet coming into cilice; ltt them be judged by their acts. They will have am;ilf o|?portunilie? of proving their ability. It is er.jrf that Mr. Ewing hus unlearned milch ot the ue;<ertfV of party feeling, which lie once exhibited.! It is also said, that Mr. Meredith, though lrortv Pennsylvania, is not in lavor of any sweeping changes inthv couimcrcial and tinancial policy at iwevent in oper at ion. It would ceiiainly be unwise in the new administration to make any chung is, except s ich us utc absolutely mid clearly necessary, aiid I be-hove such to be the opinion of General Taylor. Mr. lJannegan was Una morning urmiaated and conlirmed Minister to itr-rlin. His nomination was earnestly solicited by several Senators of lioih parties, anil the President seui in hn nain?,a little after seven o'clock this morning. The noiujntion was unanimously confi med. Ol course, Hie dissenting voice could have defeated iMin. ah lomiuutions must be laid over oue day, tvoept bjr leneial content. Mr. A. J. Doneleon goes to Frankfort, a id this italics wuy lor Mr Hunnegan at Uerfin. At i ildnitgau will scaicclv be disturbed, us be is ?a very ntiniate terms of friendship with Mr. Crittmden ml oth< r prominent supporters of the ndimn xralon. He is, to be sure, not expressly fitted fur the 'flice, but when such men as Mr Todd go t? frazil, certainly Mr. Iianuegaii may be perm n ted ugotolkrlin. N. Wasuinotun, March I, 1M19. 'Dir. H'ind ing I'p. "Fttic la Rejmblnjue." The session is ended. Congress bus adjourned. And in the territorial [Ucstion, " Purtiiriunt monies, niucitur rulti:ulut nus," the mountain has been in labor, and is delivered ol a ridiculous mouse. Now, God heln the people ; and !et him siy nnen, who witnenaed the outrageous founts in he two hom-eB last night, t'tl and on, Mr. Hditor, ve have been a commentator of Oougresa or the eight or ten years last past. We aw the expirmg throes of the disastrous vhig extra session ot Ml?the death struggle it the long tariff and bankrupt session of ~ 8-12?the fierce and protracted and bitterly hostile ight on the Texas res.iJutiona, in March, 1813?the leudly battle on 51 10 hi 1816, and the intend;! efervetctnee on the Oregon and Mtxicau questions n 1817?the exciting content in the S mite on ths mention of declaring war; and we. were present luting the two live-long iilgtils at the last session, n the hand-to-hand encounter between\|ie North ind ihe South, on the Oregon proviso. We have Been Calhoun triumphant on the Texas annexation, and persevering to success on the Oregon treaty. We have setu hun standing alouo in itic Senate, opposing a declaration of war, and controlling the action ot Congress with a corporal's guard; we liuve Been, yearB ago, the lie and the bloody challenge exchanged on the floor of the Senate, and men fi.htuig like pugilists within the bar ol the House. We have seen dignified SeaatnrHuiid patriotic representatives spouting ofiiaetr alcoholic pussions and absurdities ; but never before have witnessed^ the parallel of scenes like those which dignified und disgraced tne proceedings of the two houses last niglu ? For the testimony, we refer you to your reporters' reports. As ever, they are fixed lo ifieir posts of duty, whether the session be id ihrec or ol forty-eiglu hours duration; aud the strong points winch stamp the ch trader of the iroceedirigs, they catch us ny intuition. The House was tu a state ot fusion for several tours, while the general appropriation, wuu its eriitorinl appendage, were under consideration; ind the two fights pending the discussion teeb y udicate tfie feioeity ol the sectional animosities xciled. There were men, however, wbo mainlined their equilibrium of 8ell-reeprct throughout, nd kept some shadow of order paramouut uinid he unurchy ot the night. We can t|ieak more particularly of tne Senate, >ur duly retaining us to tin ir especial benefit. Mr. Webster stood loilli ugiam among tiiem till. (cm and emphatic, and magnificently sir uig in >rt soing home the great 111 terests of the couutry. N'ever did he acquit lumselt so meritoriously in us lite; never did Ins great powers of mind do more lor the public good. And though he in -t a persevering antagonist in Mr. Berrien, and a strong one on the constitution, all other opposero seemed to lull before him at a sinu'e blow. He put the practical question of the bill, us supenor to nil nhstraotKuis, and in waiving bis motion tu concur with ihe House, he did it to secure the bill. While, therefore, Mr Berrien and Messrs MasoQ, II later, Turney, Foote, iVestcott, Vulee, Butler, and others of the riouth, gamed theirpoint in defeating the amendment of the House, Mr. Webster, iissuftd by Messrs. Atherton, Bright, and Bradbury, gaini d bin great object in the passage of tile general appropriations. General Taykr, perhaps, owes the escape front in extra session to the effort* ot Mr. Webster, fins whs the bright feature ot (he picture; for the laiker ones, see Senate report. W. Baltimore, March 5, 18-I&. The Travel lo H'unhin^ton?Arrest uf Pickpocket* ?Burglary ? Disappointed O/Jiee-seekers?The Markets, frc. The cars this morning carried out about BOO more passengers for Washington, and a second tram will start in a half hour. Trie number that luve passed over the road towards Wastungion during the putt five dtiya exceeds ten thousand Tlitiflags ure flying trotnall prominent parts of the city* in honor ot tiic lnauguiatioii ot him who hits ae fearlessly and victoriously borne it through ill# battle field. A number of pickpockets were arrested here ond ih Washington ytsfrdav A man named Kdward Bundock, alius Little NVd, was caught in. the act of picking the pocket ot Mr. Aspiuwad, of the firm of Aspmwall At Co., of New Yoik. He had evidently followed Mr. Aspinwall from New York, thinking to get a "tat take"' from the packet ot the millionaire. The store ot Messrs. Ilenry ISeatnrn An Cca, o*. Marsh Market Space, was burgUiously entered, nn Friday night last, and robbed ol some omaUL.' chance. I have never known the appointments.of th? Muy or of Mainmort: to occasion so much ixmtoment among the democracy. Tue gieateut l iuf . of the Mayor aeema to be that he has rioiu' aa ?l j ?ack intenca to do? appoint meu to office, legal j. less of the fact whether they are professional office-seekers, or industrious nod nard working nr en; tlwaj h preferring the Utter, however. Toe ,V| ,y0r has removed ail the old proteaaional ol'.'tce ho) ckrs, and appointed new men. Philadelphia, March <>, isif). The Philadelphia Collect?Dtulh of- Cop';. A. Hunter?The Rimains of Luut. li t my, 4-c. The commencement of the Plwlade Jphia College took place this morning, at the Af tisical FjbJ Ilall, when forty young gentlemen re ceived their hcenae to kill or cure the patients t'ney may hues the fortune to be called upon so attend. Capt. Wm. M. Hunter, of the; United States Navy, died at his residence in this city, this morn tag, in the 57th year of his afpt. Tho- deceased was not the inventor of the evo'nergedf pmyeiier, as, ficm the similarity of tPeir nhim*, ringbt be presumed. Ttie Litter gentleman is named Win. W. Hunter. The remains of the late Lteul "Deany, whs dierl in Texas from the ravages i*f the cholera, will shortly arrive here, wben o^ir volunteers intend paying a suitable tribute* to Vis memory. He was Bunched to the eighth regiment United Stales li fantry, and behaved very galiactly during the Mexican war. A rumor was th's n.orning current, that M iyor !*wift had died ct %Vai>lnnuun : hut it has since >cen asceitaia'd <0 be unfounded. LsncasTKH, Ohio, Feb. 27, ISM). The JVti# Admmulritlion?Muvemrnti of the line. P. Atcmg?Ha Connection with a California CY mj'any?Hi* Protpeclt of a Cabinet Appoint' Vrtenf, and hi* Alternate Choice. Since my arrival here, and after a few days social intercourse, 1 have gathered a few items in rer.aJd to one ol the limited lew meu that have a national notoriety f mean the Hon. Tuomia EBring. Ai.d first, I will mention tltat the company of California gold se: kt ra notiocd in the HeruLl of l\c 20th mat., on their way unopgU Cincinnati is J

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