Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5390. Canadian matters?The Einum-nt In tl> gartt 10 the Rebellion Lu?wt?Flnt 8yui|c to ma of R? vol at lull. Our latest advice* from Montreal are to the 3d Inai. inclusive. [Krom the 8t. Johns New* 1 We had intended maaing a few remark* upon the resolutions Introduced by Mr. Lafontain*. in the Home ol Assembly, respecting the paym* at of losses lueoried by the rebellion* of 1837 and 1838, in our le*t tut want of space prevented our doing # > We hope, however, that the protest we now make against tb? payment of 1 hot# losses, will not be to> U'o At all events, the subject I* one of such mean','nie, Involving so great a principle, and threaten lug rush direful r? suits. that no iu.iep?Ddrot journalist ota shirk the lespoiieiniltty of manfully and Or inly speaking out " with a loud voice." e In those day* we struck f r tbe (iu'-eo and country, and we have never reg otteil tbe course we then pursued. Tfe clemency siooe ratilbuad ey the Biiilsh government baa oliallsoged the admiration of the whole world We rejoiced over 'bat cveiincy. and the admirable constitution besto*rd upon United CaaaJa. We have no symoathy with thos- who tnuut ami proferibe the actor* la tho?e d*p'orahle time* We are heart ana ?oul f> r a complete toiaes'y. We have teadi'y frowned uo?n every effort to revive the bit terness t>l former days and the same reason pr nap's us to condemn the resolutions of Mr. Latontaiue I'tey have alieady re-u.-ci'aud the hatreds of 1837, '88 1 bey have convulsi <1 tbe nonntt y ? they bav* r used a teru and Impiarable spirit among tbe loyalist*; aud tltey ptiitlnn to dispove tbe connection ot this prov now with the parent state! But we cauaot bitiid our eyes to tbe "signs of tbe times," a d we know that if Mr. Lafoctaiue'a project be eaired out, ttose who (tod by tbe Queen and gO'-rninmt In tbe bour of darg-r ; wbo saved tbe country from all the horrors and evils of a lon< and bloidy civil war, will no longer regard their adegiauoe bn ding Tbey will go farther. ' Passive reel neooe" will not (atia*y th-m, but tbey will agitate and pro>?tt, prcteat and achate until tba sta'a of feeling will become to exil ed that an explosion will follow tba ^teeing ot tbe torch, which many uneasy man ara even now ti< pitg in bavs so ooportunity to baudle Tbe Si?diOil<>n wade by Mr Irauc Buchanan bide fair to e rea>ia*d Lout Elgin may be tbe last Governor General of Caaada. But If it does puss and becomes law, wilt any sans man bny tbe debentures redeemable lu twenty years? We inaginenot: for in less tban one-fourth uf r.hat period 01 tiuie, Canada will cause to be an appendage of tbe British Crown. We do not guees upon tbis matter There are signs which indicate to every reasonable man lb* current of publio feelings. Let all houest and piaoiably disposd men; >1 fiiend* of British Coanrction avd Constitutional Government, unite as one man and frown down tb<s unjust and unreasonable, impolitic aud dangerous mr.rure [From the Montreal Pilot, March 8,j Tha psti.ion from the conservative minority of Montreal to tbe Governor Genera1, praying for the Dissolution of Parliaim nt. and <be dismissal of the ministry, was presented to His Excellency on Tuesday afternoon. 1 be petition having bean read by Mr. Moffatt, His Excellency was pleased to make the following reply : ? UsstttHis :-l request that you will iut'jrui the subscriber* to tola petition. tnat. you nave piaoeii it in iny bands, and that Ue allegations and prayer will receive fall consideration from me Tbe deputation then oieated out, and thus ended the important ciremony The pet>iion was signed by upwards of 0 600 persons, and ne wonder. We have heard ot one gentleman who saw no less than twenty signatures to it forged, and we ba?e no doubt that hundreds of otheis were obtained in the eame creditable manner. [From the Montreal Herald March 1] The Kr.ntLt.ioN Losses.?Meetings it will be seen by our present Issue, continue to be held, throughout the length and breadth of the provtnoe, for tbe purpose of petitioning Her Majesty's representative to withhold 'be assent of tbe eiown from the ministerial measure, by whiub( it is sought to remunerate the defeated insurgents of 1837-8, at the cost of their eououeroia, the loyal people of Canada, i ? ? e TVs toy again, if (Ac majority of the Canadian people are hart enough to lend a hand in riveting thtir own khains. we Ariose of no constitutional remedy for so foul, to fatal a disease in the body politic The specific of the physician must he. cast aside, and the knife of the evrgton be resorted to otherwise tbe poisonous Vitus may spread from tb? offending limb to the vitals of the empire, of which Canada, after suoh an aet, would be all unwoithy. But, we repeat, we will never balieve that the assent of tbe Crewn to its own degradation wii be given, until, at least, it can ha constitutionally demanded, as tbe result of a general eleotion. What that result will be, We have not tbe ebadowof a doubt; but. whatever It may be, surely the loyal defenders or ber Majesty's throne make no nrreasonabie demand noon her prerogative, in asking that tbey should not be condemned naheerd- that they should have an opportunity of constitutionally revising their deoieian at tba last eieetion, when tbe slightest whisper of tbe Injustice intended them *ae car, fully avoided. Mhoald any tber course be followsd. by which such men as M. Major are enrlobed at the public expense, a greater political 'chisel" will never have been perpetrated upon a b>gh-minded, loyal and unsuspicious people, and It will be resented accordinglv. [From the Montreal Courier J A sort of -'scene" took place in the library of the Houee of Aeicmbly last evening, just after tne Hou?e met. The notorious William >.y a Meokeniie. it is well known, has had the impudence to visrt the House several times since his return under the Amnesty BUI. Upon Col Prlnoe go'ng Into the room, be *%w Maokens e sitting at tbe table reading, when the fodcwlng seen# occurred:?The Col ncooetert him by name, and assed by whose permission he was there Macks one hesitated to answer, but afterwards said be had be-n admitted by a door-keeper Tbe Colnnel then declared lie wonld act suffer his feelings as a loyal subjeet to be ti suited oy the presence of such a person la tbe library, and wrdned htm out Mackenzie hesitated about Departing wl en Colonel Priuoe remarked?" I shouid b- unwilling t* lay hands on aueb a fellow as you art; but unless yon maicb down immediately, 111 kirk you from the top ot the stairs to the bsttom, end Into the ptibl.o street also " I be hero of Navy Island took up his hat. end very quietly marched before the Colonel down tbe two Uigbte of stairs, and tbr?a<b the lobby to tbe street deor, where he left him This took Clare in ths presence of several gentlemen, and we are it from an eye witness Mackenzie was afterwards introduced into tbe library by Mr. John M tcdonald, M P. P. for Glengarry, end tbe Hon Malcolm Cameron, M. P. P. for Kent, and one of Her Majesty's mist* ten. We have net a very high opinion of Mr. Mackenzie, but we Fhould say that Colonel Prince's conduit was rLfhan'y. Baltimore, March 6, 1819. Return from Washington?Office Seekers at IVurk ?Change of Programme?Theatricals, tfc. Our city to-day is crowded with strangera, and every hour adds a thousand to the number. The return cars from Washington commenced to arrive at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and have been pcunng in ever since, nil being apparently aa anxious to escape from Washington as they were to rench there. There is considerable atir here among the office seekers, and all the offices in the city are already appropriated by a derm or more expectants. The moet prominent names mentioned tor the Collector ol Cui-toms, are Jonathan Mereoith, Esq , brother ot the Secretary at the Treasury; Colonel Kii e, Captain Pickell, and Elias Griffith; for Surveyor ot the Port, Mr. Kenley ; lor Postmaster, Col. Isaac Monroe, Mr. Maddux, and Z. Collins i>ee; t^r the offices ol District Attorney and U. 8. Marshal, the names are lemon, comprising a great variety of both young and old lawyers. For the minor offiees the applicants do not yet show tbemeelvrs, as they are unpointed by the higher grades, and t uch applicant for these stations has a host of friends in ex|>ectancy However, the scramble for office among the whigs is not half so great as ?, the rerent eeramb'e of the "outs" of the democracy for the places ol their dsmocratic Mayor, Stansbury. The appointment of Mr. Meredith to the Treasury Department, it is calculated, will upset the jTOgrsmme ot appointments for the custom house, laidout by the whig Central Committee. II his krothei should desire the post ol Collector hs will doubtless get it. Mr Peale, formerly of the Museum, in this city, " has become proprietor of the Howard Aihenimm, mid intends to exert himselt to repair his losses in Philadelphia. Both him and Yankee Silsbee have made money at the Baltimore Museum, only to squander it Hlter a gilded bait in Philadelphia. Thk Late Miir. Walker.?The Norwich (Ct.) Aurora, ot the /th instant, speaking ot the melancholy tate of the late Mrs. Walker, says: The history of her divorce from Mr. Miller, by the Legislature of this State, m 18-13, is probably fresh in the recollection ot all. Such was thes.mpathy then excited in her behalf, that after a long trial before the committee, the Senate granted her a bill of divoice by a unanimous vote, the bill havirg belt-re pushed the House with only three or four dissenting volet. Our prthf.nlGovernor, Bise? II, tin n a member of the Senate, made a strong si cech in her favor; and Mr. Billings, of New London, then Speaker of the House, whs among those wno advocated her cause in the House Tiuly has her life been an eventful one. A short . lime, we trust, will clear up the my stery that seems to hang sbosl her horrible death. Cowrt Calendar?Thlu nay. 0i??t?T Cava*.?No? 83,68 66.64.67, 09 to 7T, 79 to 14 18. Cohmow Plk?i ? Tart 1st?11. 81. 85, 43. 46. 47. 61. 58. 68, 67. tO, 61, 68, 66. Part 21 49, 54, 80 32 *4 to, *.,84,1*. E NE M 'I lit: FllkldCli), S-ilt(ury Dlrra llltli, ?i.ll the lntlr|it licit nt Iwylor int.n or PtilU<lel|ilil*. (< orraryoLaeui-e or ibe ('him Sou.] Wakhimzton, March b, 18-19. The independent ra^nrtfre of Ova. T?ftor, of the c.'iy mid county of Pt)il?ri<-i|ihia, now present here- 8i the capital ot the republic, having muinal? d to Gen Taylor their deeire to visit him iti it body, ht h convenient time niter his inauguration, rernved. through Col Bliae, an intimation that he would be prepared to rerei/e them at one o'cli clt ih's day Accordingly, despite the eitnme inclemency of the weather, a large Dumber ut your lellow-cttizeiiH met, at that hour, at the re sideni e ot the Prcmdr-nt. i hey found his time orcupi d in receiving the calls of a number of Indies. who have all be?n t-iithuMwticully anxious to shake hv the hand the vet<-mn hero who, na he hssbten ike lioo in war, s.ems the moat affible, cutlet ua and mild of gentlemen, now that the frword has bet n lain aeide for the executive mantle. Of rouiee the ladies had the first claim upon file attr tition, and it they had not ivcssessed it by all t-ociaJ and chivalrw; comity, they would have demanded and tnlorced it; therefore our friends waited unnl the female greetings were eoded, when they were ushered iuto the reception room, where the President was alone, waiting to receive them. When the opportunity wax at length afforded the delegation of meeting htm, they entered the apartment, and while they were arranging themselves, the chanman, Dr. J. K. Mitchell, lemaiked i? Ma Put iDkitT?Many of there are the h*n*?tan<l bard wcikiog son* of P,nn?tlviinia. who have g'veu a pert of their time and labor to tight for yon and the country." The President replied, " I ahull like theni all the better for that? they are welcome : I war in iny youth a wirkiug man, end was brought up to the plough " Dr. Mjtchbll then uauiesaed the President as follows:? " W?. who now addreiaonrrelvei 'oyoar Excellency, have the binrr ? a delegation, to repreei nt fifteen t) rutasd Ivdependeot eiectore of the city and county ot I'tiileaejphk* Uuided by ibetr confidence In yonr ui question, U honor sod civil ability, u they were by thru gratitode t r your emineot military ?*rvlo*s, our cosrtMuente tneoiibad your name upon their patriotic oHDtivr. irrveptclive of party tie* or reational denominatlona. U btge. nativea and Ormocraia oo-operated at lovere of their oommon country, and resolved to euetain her iiiatiiu'lone, by eheoeiog a cnief magistrate who would not be unduly bU-reu by loeel Interests cr party fvuda, hot who would cooslder rather what migit be urvtui to the whole people, thau what might conduos to the interests of only a part of tbeia To promote ch?se Au ericsu views,Mbey seieoted you, sir. as a ehlef in whose ability et^amty, and honesty of purpose, they would implieitly rely, aad resolved in defvnoe of a just aid reueiLUe principle, to encounter their pollnoal sovermresln whatever force' they might assemble. The victory which has pleoed you. str. In theexeautive skslr of tbs nation, leaves them nothing to desire hut the continuance of yonr physloel vigor, and the harmunions co-operation of the coordinate branches of the govurnioont. The people, who nominated and elected yon. having net a doubt of either your oapacity or your purity of purpose, will eootiuae to sustain your sOmiiiiMiation. aid to look wi'h gratified pride upon its beneficent propiess. and itaglorieu* oensummaMon. As you have so signally manifested your patr.otisin and propriety of ehaiaoter, hyjseleoting, as your persons! end political model, the master spirit of trie revolution, and the grand exemplar of the age we Indulge the hope, that altera not less prolonged and sue ceaetul admioiMTation. yon will also enjoy,in the shade of peaceful retirement, a repose unclouded by one regrer for < he past, or ene doubt, for the future " Pres dent Tay lor,who hud listened with the most nierkid attention, then said, thet words couid not express the grateful emotions he felt at the ttddrese, snd the niestnee ot the delegation irom Pennsylvania. Having spent forty years in the camp, and for the moBt part, outside of what might he termed the boundary ot civilization, the courtesy snd eloquence ot the forum could not be expected from him, but the will must tie taken tor the deed. He had always toid his whig friends that he would not be the exclusive candidate ot uny patty, hut would consider hiuis> if, it elected, as the Pres.dei.t ot the people. To the people he w hs indebted lor the highest station in the world Whigs, native Americans and democrats, had given him their support, and uhhough he might d tier eiignity witn eonio oi tntm 111 points ot political opinion, he would as toon turn his back upon his country's enemies in battle, aa upon his friends, who had stood together in the late civi1 contest. Ail were equally entitled to, and should rtceive, their proper sha;c of hia regard, la the distribution ot offices, he would endeavor to give to each of the divisions of his supporters their share of the burden ot public duty, according to their proportion and numbers, so far as he could ascertain them. He said that a large share of the honor oi the late important actions was due to the brave soldiers, both regulars anil volunteers, who fought and conquered Tor their country. The very honors which were now showered uinui him, weie but an expression by the people of their sense ot the magnitude and importance of those achievements It was his good toitune to be p act d in a position to lead tioae brave soldiers, and to that circumstance he was indebted tor much r.f his military reputation. 1 have not attempted to give the language of the Piesidtnt. but in the above digest of bis remarks 1 think I nave retained the Bpirit of his declarations. After this address of the President, the various members ot the oelegatiou were introduced to him, and afttr a cordial interchange of congratulations, they piocetded to the itsidcnce ot Mr. MrieOith. I*i on tut ir arrival, the concourse being ertiiely loo Luge for an in door reception, Mr. Meredith appeared on the front steps, and was vociferously greeted with three times three. Dr. Mucin U uddieseetl hint in substance as loilows:? "Ycnr frl ow-citlzens feel honored In having this op. por'unity of exprrsrlng their respect for you We esnnot say that we feei Mattered as fenne)Iranian* for If* compliment paid you by the President in selecting yon, a* the Secretary of the mo'timpcr'ant branch of the executive adc Inietraii- n. because the power and dignity of the Mate, as well a* yoor own professional en incurs mod putity of character, entitled you to the distii.ot.ion ftloet of us have known you from buyhoed. ti.d lave ever perceived in you the cepaol'.y, honor and hnslne** talent which to admirably fit you fcr the station you new occupy The qualities of your l.eait have endeared you to jour feilow-oirisen* j the qualities oi your head bars made you their pride and (tumiet. As Philadelphia** we feel gratified by tba icnal dietinrtion. whieh gives to r.s a Secre'ary of the Treasury although socially we lament th? log* of your residence and countenance We have no doubt, both us l eni fylTsniar.s and rnnadeipblans, that you wilt not only not lessen In year new sicnatlon the brilliant reputation you have already earned, but that you will Illustrate it more imprriuut'y and emphatically. We beg yon to coniider that this )nad< quale expression of our sentiment* towards you U owing rather to the uapiemrditate.d nature of Its communication, than any deficiency in the sentiment itself " Mr. Mebfdith. much affected, replied that he ft It overwhelmed by the unexpected and enthusi* valued fellow-citizen*. It was gratifying to him, at this distance fiom home, to he cheerpd upon hie new pathway in lite by the light of the count< rumors of hie old friends and tellow-citizens. Wnh whateyer diffidence lie might undertake the i.twund important duties committed to his trust L> the Pietident oi the United States, he would erdenvor earnestly and diligently to execute them ti r the rake of iha country. Among the rewards which he might premise to himself, as a recompense for the severance from the pltiee of his birth uLd the Iriends ot his youth, not ihe least importnnt would be the appiobation of his native biBte, and ot those among whom he had so long lived, and for whom he must ever continue ta eherieh the kindliest sentiments and the most resjectful deference. Tins endi d one of the most delightful days our friends hate exprrienctd since the auspicious result ot the Presidential election. The interview with President Taylor shows that he is now eonsittent with his professions when a candidate? that lie is not ultra, and will recognise no partisan eli'jUfs or scheming cabals for individual and eeinsh ends. Supreme Canrt?!lfhi r?l Term. Present. Justices Jones. Kdmouds, and Narlbut. March 8 ?This day being set apart for notions, tha Cei'Diolenits1 report tn the matter of ll'.h street was teKeu up, and en application made to oonflrm the eame. The sonflrmatlon was opposed and counsel en bosk sides ooenp'ed lb* enttie dny In srgtilug the question The rs?e wss not flniehrd when the Court adjourned. No deo'sions hare Seen announced since the opening < f the term, nor will until the latter part of the month. No. i is the only cause yet called on the calendar. The following order was entered on the minutes: ? f>rd? red. that all ceses and p< Ints. and all other papers * hlch may he delivered to tbo Court In calendar shell he pr'nted on white writing paper, with a p orpin not lees than one and an half Inches wide. The pr.nted peg#, of any marginal note at t< f r.nee, shell he seven Inches long, and three and an hs 1 li.ehee aide. Common l*leaaWasch 8 ? In th? first hrtnrh of this Court, a eanse f>t? m oi ftk fnr $136 *19 fODinriirvd jMtArdty, And it not yet t? rmu<?ted It is of no interest, eat*pt to the partire cero-rr.ed Theteeond branch adjourned early thtr mrrntrg, n? bu*iue.s being ready. Circuit Court. Before Indue Kdwards. Mas?h 8.?Tbsr# were only two or threa tnaweste, sod cue small ret . rare, tjVd in tbie Court to day. W YO ORNING EDITION?FI filunllve Kxirii ScmIoii of Ml* Washington, Marsh 6. 1840. The sura executive session of thw Senate opened to day at twelve o'clock. Mr Klllmore )n the hair. It Is comened forth* purpose of anting upon the appointments riqureit to set tb# now administration la motion Tber? I* usually at these extra sessions of the Senate, i'-m* litrl?> incidental hurines* of the morning bour transacted with open doors Tbu* it was this morning that Mr. Oouuuaas rose to a question of privilege He **k*d that the Senate admit bit colleague James Shields to be sworn In; and h* asked it as a matter of right in behalf of the State of IIIIdoI* Mr WsLtii moved to take up bis resolution for refrrrii'g the credentials of James Shields, to the Judicial) t'en mil tee. with Ins'ructions to luqulre Into his eligibility to the Senate it being supposed by some tbat be bas not been nine yean a ottisen, as re quired bj the constitution. Mr Makui'M observed that on the adjournment of the thirtieth Congress, Its committees were all dla solved. Mr Douolas claimed his question of privilege The ri gnierly authenticated erearn'.iais of the Senator had beer presented; it was au* to tbe State of Illinois. and to the usua1 ensiom to admit the member, and if a unestlon ot bis eiiuibllit v la rals- d. tbat is a enhioet f >r MibmjurDt eoLiHlrrotioo. Such h-d been tbe previous son on of tbr Senate. A* the question la tuh case, c.f tbr alienage of Mr. (JslUiio. Mr Smith. of S. C . and bleb. of .nichigau General shield- wee entitled to tbe sent. and tbe rights of a member of the Senate. till adjudged to bp ineligible. Ha mad* out a very decrease of precedents, and insisted upon tha right of hi* ooilsague to a seat In the chamber till adjuug'd not qualified Mr Mangum. Mr. Turney, Mr. Badger, Mr Butler, Mr. Wehner. Mr. Atohison aud Mr Berrieu support o Mi Drug's** in hi* ilnr of prperdeuta. Mr Waikee pleaded that bia object in drat aotir-g on the eligihi.t'y ot General Shields before admittlrg btm, was justice to General shield*. justice to tbe Senate and justice to tha country, and tntiinated h n belief that Gmeral Shields could substantiate bia eligibility Mr foste showed tbat the resolution to rafar was ont ofirdei. as there were no ecmailtieea for the referenoe. We ought to adhere to the old established practice. Tbe motion of Mr. Douglass was carried, and Geneia si n ids wsa qualified ana admitted to a aeat in the ebemher. On motion of Mr Milleh, a committee of two was appointed to wait on the President, and infoim hitn that the Senate waa ready to reoeive such ceinmunioations as he might hare to make Mr. Margin moved that the standing committees of the last Him n in continued, and tbat tn* vroanuies iscnrring by the expiration of the terms of members, he flilid by the Chair Mr. Dicsineoh asked what effrat that would havaf Mr. Ma so ti si re-stated his mution Mr. Di kc in son preferred adhering to the piactice of electing the enuuiitteee by the Senate Mr bembicn and Mr Manuum represented that It wan usual fir tbe t,hair tw fill vacauoies; and tbat in this rase the committeea ware only to last during tha extia session. Mr. footk objected to the method proposed. Mr. from feelings of delicacy no the Chaii, and of respect to the majority of the body, withdraw bis laioluilon. And, On moiiOD of Mr. Tohoey, it was ordered that the Senate proceed, at twelve o'clock to-morrow, to eleot tba standing committeea. Mr. Bi tleb than moved to refer the credentials of Geneial Shield* to a select committee. Mr. Hamlin thought they ought to go to the Committee on tbe Judiciary Finally, the |oiotion waa carried to refer them to a select ccmiul'.tee ol five, to he eleoted by the Senate tonu'inw. with the other committees Mr Kooie moved to adjonrn. but gavn way When Colonel Bliss entered the aisle and delivered a message from ibe Fresldent of the Unites Slates Whereupon, On motion of Mr. Wxhster, the Senate went into executive session. The message was sop posed to bathe cabinet nomiaa tione; which, we unuerttand, were left over till torn w row Mr. Webafer Indicates a strong disposition to support the new administration, in good faith and ' ith a hearty purpot e. W. Movements of the Kx-Proelvlont, his iimarhkk prom washisotom. On Motdhy ain-moon, alter the inauguration of Prrb'iatfil Taylor, ex-i'ieaideut Polk and hie amiable lady received, at the Irving Hotel, numerous visits Item ihttr personal tnends; and, in the couiae ot the evening, accompanied by several distinguished gentlemen and their ladies, they took nit II urpsiiuic iui iv n il iiinnu . 1HK KkCErTIOM AT RICHMOND. [Front tlit) Kicfcmond kuquirer. March 7.] Wf nave barely tune tw mute that the reception ot ex-Fiesidout Polk, y? eteiday. on his pHssage to the Houlh, wan honorable to the Legislature ol Virginia and to the citizens ol Richmond, and w orthy ol this proud old common wealth. Mr. Polk was accsmpamed by his lady, two nieces, and other ladies, and by K. J Walker, Esq., lute Secretary of the Treasury, Major Graham, late Register ot the Treasury, Mr. Thomas, M U from Mr. Polk's distiict in Iciinessee, and others. At Firdencksburg, and other points on the railroad, the people turned out to waicome him At the junction, he was met by Messrs. R.G. Scott, J. A. Seddoa and J. 8. Cut k it , of the commit tea ot invitation, who escorted him to Richmond, where, in the midst of u great crowd, he was taken tn charge by a committee of the Legislature, and conducted to the hall of the Hause ol Delegates, wherein had assembled the Senate, the House, the Governor and Council, and a Urge number ot citizens. >Ve rruuh(d the rotundo ao late, that we wera unable to force our way through the crowd. We lesrn from othns, however, that the scene was lull of interest. Mr. Speaker Hopkins addressed the exFiesident in eloquent language. Mr. Polk, in reply, spoke warmly and eloquently of the very nigh compliment in being thus received by the Legislature of a State ?or w hich he held the most profound veneration, and lit nt whose apostles he had drawn und gathered up hie appreciation ot the principles of constitutional liberty. He said he was taken by surprise in the flattering reception extended to him by the representatives of Virginia, and he should regard it as the very highest honor of his life. To be so received, having lust laid dowu power, and no longer clothed with the patronage of the government, filled him with gratitude. He bad been most laboriously cngxgt d during his administration, and had endeavored, to the be6t ol his ability, to discharge the arduous duties that had devolved MM him aa President of the United States. Measures of greater magnitude had been crowded into the four years of bis administration than had fsllen to any that had preceded ; and the beneht ot tha country alone had guided him in the conduct of bflaire. Hia principles he had learnud in the school of the illustrious statesmen ot Virginia. He was no longer a servant ot the people, but had become now a sovereign. He spoke of the greatx>('as of the country, and, in connection with the extension of our territory, of the value of the Union. The Union would be preserved by maintaining the compromises of the constitution. Freer i ve the Union, and the march ot our country in prosperity and greatness would be immeasurable, end surpass the glory of ancient Rome, the miatresa of the world. He referred to the vast commerce that would flow from our newly-acquired possessions, making six hundred millions ot people comRierciafly tributaiy to ua. He contiuned to respond at soma length, in fine taste and with much forse. We trust that acme one who wan present, who fortunate ensign to preserve wnat tni do well and so handsomely said. Mr. F. E. Ilivas, of the Semite, the#, in approprate terms, introduced Mr. 11 J. Walker, one ol President Polk's advisers. Mr. Walker, who reemed to (eel deeply all he said, responded with much effect, substantially sh follows;? I'* Plriltl Oil OsXTLEMKN nr THE LlWIHitfEi: ? It Is profound feasibility that I acknowledge the b?Lf>r tbti (Jh j done Da. I certainly roncetve it to he at It art at high as any other that la the et area of it j lite i have rtceived who that la an Amariren ran I e upon the toll aad In tha Capitol of Virginia, the aether cf heroes and eta teamen. whose faas (a beyond firtclan or Rouen parallel, without deep emotions? Virginia! whose great etaplti ere intellect, patriotism, eon rage fidelity and virtue. Permit me again, With all ay heart, to thank yon. The ceremonies over, Mr. Polk and suite wsre rtet j ted by the ^tate Guurd and many citiiens to tl e Youthen depot, whence, at 2 P. M., they took their drpartsro lor Petersburg and the Jkoutli Pre* viousto thr ceremonies at the Capitol, a aaiute was liied at the Capitol by the Kayetta Artillery, by cider ot Governor Floyd. Mrs. Polk and hwr iriatris were, in the meantime, hnndsomaly entertair.ert at the horpiUble mansion of James A. SeddoD.E?q The ex-President, family, and anite, were expected to atnve at Wilmington, N C.. yesterday, where every arrangement wax made fur a cordial reception. Uencrnl Sessions. Ne bnalaess was dun* In thieoeurtyeat?rday,laeoBrtqu.nee of tha abrence af Judge I'elmadga, who, It af peered, bed not returned from Washington. Marine Affairs, Tha heavtlfulatsamahlp Empire City, la to balenaebad on Saturday morning at bal'-peet Id o'aioek She la te ran In sonneatlon with t?o t roaeant City, between this ally and Havann and New Orleans She meaaurea 240 feat on deek, 40 feet beam, aad 24 fleet 4 Irebrr d*ptb of bold. RE E IIDAY, MARCH 9, 18^ Committers of the Senate. Printing- Baldwin sod Hamlin Littery? Pearo*. Ma ton. and Davie. ef Mlse. *?rml Jlflairi?Yulae, Maaon, Bright, Badger, sad MDUr. Sitae! Committee on Election of Oentral Shielde? Benton. Fetch, Maaon. Wabater and Pearee. Te?n/#? in Oouglaaa Butler. and Honaton. Puttie Huildingi- Hunter and Yalaa. Contingent Kip mm? Dodge, of lawa, Walker, and Smith Roade and Coneli? Brieht. Sebastian, and Footo. lie Ioiutiunoi y C/aiMt?Walter, Norria, and Dodge, of Iowa. foreign Relatione? Benton, Case, Foote, Webatar, and Mat gum finance? Dickinson, Hunter, Donglaaa, I'helpa, and WebK?r. Cammirre? Hamlin. Soul.', Fitipatrlok, Darla, of Ma^a.. end Smith Monu/iicturee? Sebaetlan. Butler, and Jonas. Engroe/ed title? Jones and 8ebastiaa. Enrolled title- ftuek Pentium? Dodge, of Wlaeonain, Fitipatrlok, and Huntrr. LHitrict of Columbia? Maaon. Yul?e, and Sblelda. Pa/rhti? Tnrnev. .Norria, and Wblteomb hnrmchmnit- Bradbury, Hour ton. and Feloh Putt Office and HuaUt ? Husk, Sturne?u, Souh', Bsrrln ?i;u < or* n. Judiciary- Butler, Downs, Bradbury, Berrien, and Dayton. t luimt?Whitcomh. Norrie. and Jones. Pvhlic Lundt? Keit h. Borland, and Shields. ulrurc? Siurpri d. Turney.and Walker. Military Jiffairi-Davis, ot Miss., Benton, Borland, Bell and Dawson. Mihiia? Houston, Fitrpatrlek, and Dodge, of Wiseonsln Pritalt Land CJutstf? Downe, Whltoomb, and Dickinson Indian Jiff air t? Atebieon, Sebastian, Rusk, Fhelps, and Bell. City iHtnlllgeuce* The Cholkha.? a messenger arrived at the Mayor's office from tbe (Quarantine ground, at l'Jo'elockyester day. lie it port* d that no cases of oholera had as yet some on shire. Dr. Whiting, the Health Officer, has made no offiolal report. The Sanitary Committee will probabiymeet this afternoon, in order to receive any communications that may be made in relation to matters with whioh they are charged, and to take sueh action a may be deemed advisable in the pi entices. The existing state of things, in reference to emigrants arriving at this port, Is lamentable There are bandit da of destitute persons arriving almost dally, and tbe f oaimlMslcntrs of F.migration have only about I DO t oo on band, with which to ampply their wants. Wr * n ibis sum is expended, what are tUey to do 1 1'ha recent decisions of thetfupreme Court out off the hospital money from their collection, and unless the Legislature by town Judicious action, will provide for the emeigency. a most lamentable state of affairs must be brought into existence here, tbe beleful Influence of whieb cannot but be felt throughout the populous towns of the interior and Western part of the State. Ihsre ere now 1.400 emigrant paupers at Ward's Island. 1,1(0 stthe Marine Hospital, and '160 at the tern prrsry hospital on Bediow'e Island. The Commissionvts ot Emigration cannot take the passengers of the Liverpool into the hospital at (Quarantine, fur the very food reason that there is no room for them. It has, beiefcrs. been decided te procure, if possible, a barge ef lcrge oluitnsione, and to make of that a temporary hospital, to which ibe patients from the L. may be removed. and thus be kept eeparate from all others at the (Quarantine. Daxsiirun Suicide ?Yesterday morning tbe Coroner was called to held an Inquest at the paint store of Vlr. Frederick B Fcsdiek, situated at No 40 Fifth avenue, cn the body of I'eter (J. Van Beuren, aged 46 years, born in New Ycrk, who came to bis death by shooting himself with a doutle-bairel pistol, through the head. It appeals from tbe testimony taken at tbe toque*!, thai the deceased was formerly a partner witn Mr Kosdick. an defter their dissolution In business the decern* d became somewhat reduced in circumetanoes; which is supposed to be the cause of tbe unfortunate n an taking tbe awful step of self-destTUotion. Yesterday mcrnmg, after entering the store, be walked back wares and toiwaids. then went towards tbe door where he it( od frr 10 or 16 minutes Robert Riohter, one of Mr Fcsdlck'e workmen, was in the stole at the timebeard the report of tbo pistol, and saw tbs deoeased fell On going to the spot he wae horrified at seeing the head of the unfortunate man nearly blown off, from the discharge of bath barrels. The daoeased has )?ft a wife and three children twmouin hie loss. Tbe jury rendered a verdict that (be ditceaseii came to bis death t y suicide, by ihcoting himself In tbe head with a two-barreled*pistol. Leotvmk oh Calivobhia ?We understand that Mr. Walton, a gentleman who ha* redentiy relumed from California ana wna was with General Kearny In that regleu propoiee deltverirg aleatnre in this city on tna I i oil ellmaie. piodootlon*, and gold mines of that por- j tins of our territory, aud atvha same time will glre soma hint* to emigrants, in reference to tasking gold as an obj? ct ol pursuit. Bkll on ihi City Hall?The new bell, weighing 1010t? pounds, was raised to Its place upon the City Hail, yesterday. It is a magnificat casting and if its fauna is equal to its appearanoe, it will effectually answer the end endatrored to be attained by plnoing so large a bell in the piinolpal tower of tha aity A large concourse of pe-ple were assembled In the Park, yesterday, to witness the lowering of the old bell, and tha rahlngof tte new one. From the appearance of the bell and spparatus. we conclude that the old mode of striking the fire alarm Is still to b? used Why not try the i ew ren lving spparatus and lever, which ware exhibit e a in the resdirg room of the Board of Aldermen a few weeks ego ? Surely so simple and yet so perfect sn airanpi meat, ought to bare been added te the fixtores of the great bell of the eity, so that the city govt rnmem need not be not to tbe risk of being obliged to pay for a sew tell before the present year expires Eclipsb or thc Moos.?There was an eclipse of tha icocn. last evening, beginning at 6h i.Uui. There were no clouds to Interfere with a view of tlm phenomenon, end there were moengasers at almost every corner. The corporation failed to so their duty In the premises, end no lamps were lighted In the streets Ths consequence was that darkness prevailed in Gotham for the spsce ot an hour or more. Tbe gteaeeet obscuration vis at 7h Stun We shall not hare the pleasure or witnessing anotbrr eclipse of the moon, in tbe northern part ot the United State* for some two years; it was therefore, most fortunate that the one which was seen lastn'gbt went off so beautifully. At 9s. 29m . the eclipse wae over, and the moon, having emerged from her ol-scorliy, went on h?r way in all the beauty imaaginable. Usxr'wr Mar Dsowsru ?Ths Coroner held an Inquest yt*t*ida},at tbealms house yard, on the holy of an unknown man,found floaiitg in tbe dock, faet of pier No 3, East IUver He appesred to be about 40 yearscfagei orvrsrd in a brown froek coat, no vast, narrow plaited bostm sblrt, red flennel shirt, grey pantaloons, buttoned In frent, no drawers, dark hair, and whisker* extending areund tha chin; five feet fight inches high; in his pocket were found a pocket compass, a pencil, and a pledge ticket, with the name Lane, or Lang written tbereon. The bjtly appeared to have been several weeks in tbe water. Dkath by Asoflkxt.?Tbe Coroner held an Inquest y rater day. at No 68 Liberty etreet, on the body ef John H. Salon, a natlva of New York, aged 46 years, wha came to his dsatb by a fit of apoplexy It seems the deceased was employed by Mr. Rueben C. Bell, and lived and slept at tba store. Yesterday morning, as the deceased was making his breakfast, he was suddenly attacked with a fit. and before assistance arrived ha expired. Verdict aoeordingly. Mrs* Fanny Kcmblt BnUtr'i Heading! of Bhakipaaia. Tbaaa readings still hold absolute sway over the Bind* and feelings of the liltraii of this eity. Last evening this lady appeared, for the third tine, before an equally crowded and fashionable aadleaoe. Con* lderably before half-past seven o'clook. the hall was filled In every part. We were, however, most fortunate in obtaining a aeat between two splendid girls, whose lovely countenances called to cur recollection the tkef i'tcuvrt of the Grecian artist, which Is said to have exhibited, In ene glow ef associated beanty, the pride if every model, and the splendor ef nature herself Our (ratification was not of long duration, our gallantry having been silently but lrreeistably appealed to by a magnificent creature who was standing behind Of. We at once vacated In ber favor, bat not without some regret nt beirg obliged to make so grsat n sasrlfloe nt the shrine of polite breeding. Sbakspeare is always acceptable; there Is always a hearty weloeme frr him There is a perennial freshness and an undying interest about all that he has written, wbieb pnt the ICea ot being tired of bin out of the qaeetlua; aid there Is something extremely Interesting in the fast, of seeing a lady holding In breathleas site no# a most dlstlLguuled assembly, by ber interpretation of ihe works of a men upon whom Nature's God bad bestowed some of hie choicest gifts, and of whom that pioneer of literature, Johnson,said: ? When learning's triumph o'er ber berberoos foes 1 uat reared she s ngs > moral &halis|were roe* le?h ot ruac) color* bfe ho <lr?w, Kaheuetrd ootids aid then In.Mined new. Laiete, ? tew bis. spam unbounded reign. And ptlihag Ume lolled etter turn in v*ln. Uie pow,rroT lire tee presiding truth oonfeeeod. And uareelrtlng passion stormed the braast. Many have eoogbt and bad the honor of editing hi* wetks; among these were Pope, Theobald, Sir Thoraa* Hammer. Dr. Warburton.Capell, Slovens. Malone. he t ebe were of opinion that to the hero of tbelr efforts, they might apply the language ef Hnraee "Jngemuai mi n', cei eisi dietniev ulyue ea Magna genarwi-wm." The ,41 rmpeet" was the sublet of the evening. We cannot say whether Shakspoare was aver in a rtcrm at s?a. or not; be has. at all events, described it with great minuteness The reefing, the furling, the bustle and it ntuslon. and the terrific rearing of the wind, are ant tru y repftwented and were given with doe effect by bit devoted and distinguished ulsoiple. His ervaions at. d pictures were bandied by her with the most xgeir ttc deliceey, and eaiied forth hearty and repeated efp eute [ERA 19. Theatrical and Moalcal. Bowmt Thk4tbc.? l"h? drama of The Sergeant * ! Wlfa" lu performed last evening a* the first im* oe. ! it la a drama of amah Interest, though th? story of It I iaan old obo,t1i.: a lovely chatoau, where railde two ruffians who deooy traveller* into lodging lh.-re for a night, and then mordering them for their property. Duff and St trans play the rumens and Gilbert and Visa Wemyia the travellers uitbert la an old soldier, and MisaWemyss the sergeant's wire. They U'lrlyfeJl a saorlfloe to the murderers; but y the prt'CDce of mind of the sergeant's wife, aided by tbe got d offices t f Mar got, the rufhana' servant (pltyed by Mire Tayler ) end her hnebaud, a oomle part played . fy Wlrans. tbey finally escape, and tbe ruflsui are j arretted end handed over to jaatiee. In tho coarse of ibe plree there ere meny very Interesting seene\ end nil concerned in the piece pleyed inoet admirably. Tom and Jerry" eeme next.. The excitement in fevor of this piece doee not abate a whit, and ' the boys" show off nightly In grand style Of oouree each tries to do bis best, and oonsiderable interest is evinced by the irkniii of tbe respeetlv* parties av the rhsi res t f war go for or aaatnst them In the friendly encounter ou the siege The drama oft'Niokof the Wrods" ocneiuded the performances. Broadwat Theatre ? Last evening tve performances at tbla place ot amassment commenced with the son.edy of ' Speed tba Plough," In whloh Mr. H. Placid* sustained the character of Farmer Aahflsld. Tba clb?r members of tba talented company at tbla bouse supptrteuthe subordinate parts, and acquitted themselves tu their several character*, to the gensral satisfaction. Tba ' Double Bedded Room" concluded tna 1 enlirialniuenl* of tbeevenlng and It la only the almpla I uneiapg'rated'truih to say that ?? u.v?r eaw th.a popular piece better played In tbl* city The bunoroue Incident*, tbe laughable surprises and tha oouil- ' ral denouement, were so adut'ra ly represented that ; tba bouee wan kept In eonttnual roars of laughter j Witbiuch an eminent comedian as Mr. H. Placlde, aid io superior & stock oompauv at this establishment, | tbe manager may be wholly Indifferent to all rival at- 1 tiaeltcne ana may even bid defiance to tbe eery ela- ' trente; for no wind or weather oan now have any etfeot | against tba poweiful magnetism ot hie establishment. | To- nurii'W nght will be performed, for tbe firat time I at thla theatre, tbe comedy of ' Tba Weft Kod." In ! wblcb Mr H. Placlde will alao appear, wltb the buactl- 1 ful and accomplished Mle* Rose Telbin, who, we un- I derstand, baa completely recovered from her recent I Ulnars Her reappearance on the stags will he a ! eoniea of the greatest delight to all tba play going I people af tbe olty. and Indeed, to every one uapable of ; appreciating histrionic talents of the first order, eoin- i bmed vilh all the advantagai of good features and ; figuia. ' Natiovai. Theatre.?" Tom and Jemmy " Is in the I ascendant at this house, and is allowed by all to ba I ota of tbe richest burlesques ever produced here The whole thing, from beginning to end, la well worth seeing. Ae for tbo sparring, It follows oopy to the letter, and la a perfect " daguerreotype," if wa may so term it, *f the great fight at ltook Point. Squire Tom and bis darkies have a bard time oatoblng tbe fighters. and tbe rrferee of tbe fight (played by Buotb) la one of tbe moat laughable places of faroa acting we bare ever seen. Chanfrau certainly ought to give Messrs. ' Shovel It Spade," tba reputed authors of tbla pfaoa, a full benefit, aa they bavaputblm In tbe way ot gettiog a series of tbem himself ' Moss in California" still tickles tba fancy 01 tba audiences; and though there eeeme to be eomewbnt of a loll In tbe real California fever, tbcre ia none in the one to see the California adventures of Moss. Sykessy, Ltxe It Co For to night's bill wa refer to onr list of amusements, by which it will be seen that a full and Interesting programme will be presented. Bcrtos'b Theatre.?Last evening this theatre was | gain visited by ft vsry intelligent audience, to witness the very popular piece called the 11 Old English (Jen tlenaan." Squire Broadlanda, taken by Mr. Burton, was an exquisite pieoe of aotlng; Temperance, by Mrs Vernon, was equally goad?In fact the whole pleoe drew down from the audience renewed applause fats piece was lolluwtd by the new piece oalled " I'unob In New York." This piece Is a very laughable affair, and is I well worth seeing Mr Johnson, Mrs. Vern*n, Mrs. I K night, Miss Morgan, and all the other performers In this piece, do their utmost to please, aud snake the entertainment as perfect as possible. The evening's I peifoimance concluded with the' Irish Help " Pad!/ ! Bjan. taken by Mr Brougham, was exoellent, keeping the audience constantly on the laugh at his drolleries. On Saturday evening, Mr. Hellge's takes bis benefit. Auihicis Cmcvs, Bsmuw*?.?Vestsrdsy was a gala night at the Circus: It was Intended for the benslit of the ring master, Captain da Camp, Id Kichard hwlveller) The honse was crowded, and the applause of tbore present was unbounded. The performs noes were of the highest style, including the new and p'endld " Eatrie" wtiii the whole troupe, the "hpnit of Hercules," by M. Stout and Uankins; ihe tgUilng penies; the billlalat evolutions on the flying cord, by M.Ruggles; and several other entertalnsoenie of great dai log and merit. Mr Dan. Gardner and Madams Osrdher appeared also in a great equvetrian aot. The riding of young Neville was a great feature in the pevfsrmances. ana ho stands unrivalled for th* fame bo has won. Mr. Samuel Lsthrop. the gloat rlowa. appeared a'so, and tntroduoed jokes which are J-.kes, Aim, mots, and reparties, together with his renowed stump speech, embracing all the beauties of extemporary eloquence sad set aei-eehes-patented and monopolised by this highly celebrated and original ring politician The whole concluded with the bnrltrque of the'' Pony Raoes," which was eminently successful Bsrili's Mcmcai. Fkstival.?The tabernacle, last evening, presented a billiisDt array of all the fashionable aad musical oitisens. to bear the sublime scriptural ompnsitton. "La Desert," by Kelioien David, executed by one hundred end fifty musicians, and a chorus of one hundred vocalists Muob praise Is due to !sign or Barlil for bis excellent arrangement of the respeetive paite of this grand impressive oemportion. The orchestia acquitted themselves entirely to the sstlsfnotlon and delight of tbe^musioal and the ehorns part was rendered with great harmony. We must not ftrget the masterly effort of Signor Arnold!, whore sweet tenor tones vibrated with quivering melody upon the ears of the audlsaee, as he sang : "Oh 1 night, oh lovely right, in thy tits inrM ir oeligTit, ass betaisous mniilcu smiling, Onrgr-tis beguiling A* ay. Thou sooth'&t the burning toil Of dsy." In fine, all those who feel their hearts touched while listening to the solemn and sublime notes and ee, drncse of racrsd music, had an opportunity offered to them last alanine, whleh. from the excellence of the talent |re?exted. ?* all sufficient to excite tbe utmoet transport cf tool, and to fill the breaat with tha most placing celestial amotion*. Wa are persuaded ! If tbla canctrt be repealed, the Tabernacle will bs crammed In ever; department, Mietav* Room ?M. Annan, tiir Magician ?Thia rel?biattd wixard, who ia fo well known in our city and throughout the United Statea. which he visdted in 1836, give# u'ghtlj, to crowded houat-a, a aeriaa of entertainment of the moat eurioua kind. M. Adrian la one of tha moat ekofui magician* and the moat expert at bgerdemain, we ever aaw. The trick* which he perform* ate dona with rneh a dexterity, auch a viva city, that ha aurprlaee, astoolari**, and dalighta all bebolds-ra. Thara ia no doubt that if M. Adrian had bean living at tbe time of tha inqotaliion, he woald have been bnrnad a* a sorcerer. The eabinat of Inaironient* and mecbaoical piece* wbiah are exhibited at Minerva Room*, ate undoubtedly one of the moat complete ever witnessed In our city, and they are tbe greatest proof of what human nature 1* able to Invent and produce, in the line of Uitrslen and deception of the aye. Among the many trloka of M. Adnen. wa may mention the orial suspension of a yeung lady, whore eib< w only ia loaning upon a billiard stick, and who then He* horlxontally In ttealr. without any other ! aupport, to the great aatoniahment of the audisnoe. The dissolving views, which teiminate tb i veirio. are tbe moet perfect of the kind we ever raw. and we are aura that V| Adrian will b* weil patronlaed by all amaUnra of aklll and jiux dad, tree. Collin*, the Irish Comedian ?Thia di*linguiahed art at bar born vary Kuec?.*?fui in hlatour through the Statea. ilia ooncerta In Washington have been attend* d by pvracna cf the drat rank, aod hi* aonga are rvtry night encored. We are glad to h?ar that he commenree an engagement at tbe Broadway Theatre on McLday evening next Thl* look* well for tbla theatre, at. < olJin* ia juetly a general favorite, and no donbt will draw crowded howrea. Chrkvv'i MmiTacLa.-Tbe eellpaa of tha moon, laat evening.attracted much attention, and among theleee rclt nnflo it waa feared the etara would alao be put oat; but there are acme atara in thi* eity that nothing can put oat or darken, and Chr .sty's mlnatrele are among them. Their eoncert room la nightly Oiled to overflowing, and their petformnnoee are moet highly ap piauded-and weil they may be, for they are of the moet entertaining deacrlption, and aa they are varied nightly, no one need refrain from going n eeeond time t" bear ihem. Something rich and new tnkea plaoe every night. Ntw Orleans SracivAWcaa ?The scientific manner In which tbeee perlormera give their concert* give* tbe fullest satisfaction to their nnmernu* patron*. There I* a tooe of refinement about thalr einging which cannot fail to please the moat musical ear. and their buries qn?? are aleoreplete with the moat witty and bomnroue h'tr at 'b* musical relebrltlee of tb* day. A moat delightful evening can be apent with tb# Seranadara. HY*?art Hill, who ia known far and wide at tha meat original and bnmorou* delineator of NewhogUnd peculiarities, la giving a eerie* of hi* racy lecture* at ti e Stnyveeant Institute, aod hi* anecdote*, profeealexal reminiscence*, ocmlo dialogue*, and funny lmptrst nntlon* of 1 note# character, wh'oh he Introilncee in the aonra* of tb# evening,canoot fall to ioki tee gravest and moat aerionely inclined minda Hawlll IhiaevenlKg give the laat and beet of hi* eerie*, and e commend It to the attention of the public Crnarrn Mvsivh -Tbl# remarkable collection la vlei'ed dally by arowda dour most Intelligent aitiaen*. A* many etranger* are dally arriving at thia *ea?oa. we wmld remit end them to visit tbl* establishment; -,t car not but interest tbsin uad n.oret ver amuee them Kith. ? L D. TWO CENTS. Police Intelligence* jl Daugkttr Huhkiwg ??r Hiker.? V mo*t ou\t ft>on* care was brought yerterday before JdhIm <) borne reepectlog a smell girl of only lu y-er* of we, by the nem* ef Mary McCaon, who stole ?89 from her mother, and *be was *ub??< robbed by e Bill culled J? bn Connelly end hit wife Tb* airoumetannee ere ae followa:?It seem* the girl stole the anony Irene her meiher'e bureau drewer end then left her borne, which is on the corner of Ludlow and Houston streets, trolled down the Bowery and entered the beeeuenfe kept by Connelly, in tbe Bowery near the theatre, wbere the girl war enticed to buy an old watab for S ? of the stolen money Connelly and hie wife Hading that nhe bed mere money, cloeed toe door against bar ooedeyacda n-Rht, took the balance ef the a?ooe\ supplied her with liquor, making ber Into sleeted and In oraer that, she might forget where she #?< robbed, I Connelly then oonveyed her, while stupiflad with ] I 1 qucr, te Brooklyn, end ttar re left brr to seek a home. I ! OUlcer Weill*. ~r <?-'?* - ? 1 _ < wm*. wi nui wruioinaii uinUlW?ri> ??* pillOV at the Tombs, bad the matter placed into hi* bnniM j jrstercay mud tu * very short llai? he bad the girl ia cusiroy, tcg-ther with Conrcily. his wife. and khalr i bsi-k'eprr. oallrd Jamwa Rowland Th? girl told hor story to Junt'ou Oiboror?bow and |q what manner iha war Treated and robbrd by the acousnd parties. rh* magistrate believing h*r slory, enai-uUted the accused pirntT to prison to await a further bearing Jin Kattiuivt Entry Uuhhtiy.? On Tuesday ttiting last rro>e thief entered the had of the dwelling house ' No 18 Charles sti art, onuupled by Mr. W o H. Orinneil. and aiole from the entry a blue cloth eiopt, a ' blaoK ninth overcoat in the pooket of which were two I memorandum b<cka. and ablu-?nk parte, containing ! $200 Id American gold plecea, four sovereigns $100 in ' Charleaton, South Carolina, billa, and a $'40 Virgin* | bill. Veaterday a man called Thoma* Wilson, a fellow who goes about begging, waa arrealed, on auaploion of utmilng tLe above properly, and waa detained by the uiegiatratf for a further hearing jctrrtti nn a Artie A H'a> rent ? Captain Magncaa. of the flth ward police, arreted an old thief, called Jem 1 Dunn, on a bench warrant, charging him with committing two burglaiiea. He waa looted op for trial Jhrttl of a Pickpockrt.? Several coiup ainta have been made to the chief of police, wlfh n the last few daya. leepesting the loaa of pnraea and pocket-book* wbile riding in ouinibaaea. In consequence thereof the obiet derpatohed two of hie plokpooket. detectors? (flioiiB Rued and < rolius-to eearob for the depredator, and yeaterday they auooaeded In d? tee ting an vid pickpocket. calling himself William Smith, seated in one of the Dry Donk atagea. waitlug fcr a chance to rob tome of the paeeeogere.? The thief waa takan in'o ouredyaad conveyed before the ebirf aud seated in a room araonget a number of policemen A few dav* since a lady wae robbed of a puree containing $2o, wbile ridii g In an o.nnlbns. Thia lady waa rent tor. and on entering the room, ahe war a?kedto pick out ibe u>an fr< ia tue number pre. aebt whom she ihougtt picked b r pooket that day In the stage Af-er looking around at the dilTarent faoee. she picked out 8n>it.b as the man whom ahe suspected of plrklng her pcoket. On thia charge the aocneed wae lorktd up by the chief forafuither hearing Several otter charger, we undma'and. will ha brought agalnrt him to day; and we recommend all thoae who have been robbrd in tbu emoibnrea to cull upon the I hirf of Polioe aud identity t ie rogue if possible. Chargt of PoKfing had Monty?Two men. called Lawrence Moi arty and I'honiaa Dunn, were arrerted yerteroay, on a ebaige of passing a counterfeit $6 bill, purporting to he on ibe Susquehanna Bank, on John Hughes, No 8H0 Cherry street The accused parties were detained by Juatloe Timpeon for a further hearing. , jirrttt en Suspicion.- Officers "FoAibay and Duryen, of the Lighth ward polloe. arrested yesterday. William Stein and Ann Spaike on suspicion of having robbed K.iI Wbltakrr of the ram of $65, by what in termed bp the thieves the " panel game." The magistrate committed them both to prison for a further hearing. The Emigration to Cnllfornln. Failing or the Sibamsiiip Fal>.n ?The Rpleodid Bteaiiithip Falcon, Caul. 1 uotniotwn, though only three day chad elapsed since her arrival, wn? again Teady to depart yesterday afternoon, but owing to some slight site rat ions which were making in her machinery, she did not get off" until about ten o'clock in ihe evening; consequently, the crowd that had collected to witness her departure went away about dark without being gratified. It will be seen by the annexed list that she takes out a large number of passengere. consider ivg tbe time the has been in port:? For Havana? F. Cibert. Lo-hozo/ >rtlla. P. M. Fagajo. Cbagres- R. T. England. P Smith. K M t'-rry, J. G Miller, C M. Gray Wm. Sllpkin*..Mr* Newaomb, children and servant; .Major MoK'a*tre*. Birker Bu rell, Dr. S. Fletobnr. Wm H. Sutton, Wm S n th, Wm. IVcMurphy, B M Foleom lien W Pluroer Dr. Eaftman, II. W. Weill* s <1 Chide, Ch.rlee Clerk, A mo* Crockett. Thome* Co'iion, Jeseph l/itner, Annie* Staple*, Samuel Blaiedell. It , Alee Hamilton, Thome* T Tate. George Hall. W. P Harrington, Jr.,. Dantel Crodden, Deunta Mahooy. K Brook* D K Luiber, Jo-epb Coomi* E W. MeKfn?tree, C B Heieltlne. Rt ubi n Steward, B D Metoalf John Fuller. E. I'rreeott, W. Rowell. Geo. H Devi*, U L Hewlett, John Ellli, Albert Wllren, H. M Smith, JamaaSwartwout Charles A. Bowrst, W. II Utohardaon, W E. Singer, T. B. Overton 11 C Overton C Oownn, llagb Mcmeine, George Mcllralne, Alex Q L'anomb. W. II. Smith, John C.C Glleey, H Q. Walworth, M. C. Mety, J. M. Albright C. D Be'janiu H t,**h-r B. S. buroblll R Butley, Edward Oreeawood.8 M. ludeon. J K Wbite, Samuel Emery. Jr. S. W Laogton, P. Mllburn. J S. Trook, 8. II SHirock John Taylor, 0. E. GKTord, Wm Miller, E Height, Jam** O >url*y, Weeley Newoomb. Dani?l Neweomb, A. E. Ha*kin. larob Stone. Jncob E. Fuller, Plerey, Purney Qregory, J. M. Smith. Cramer, Taylor, Kulght, Tuaktr, Torranoe. Clow, Eldy. Bristol, Comttook. Herman Pzn*e, Jama* Crlpplu, Uenlel Price. Edward Lewla, Smith, A. N. Vaunlrtlne, D. Benjamin.?Total, 106. Thr Greenwich and California Mining ^n?l Trading Co. sailed yesterday (or the gold regions, in the I ark Palmetto, Captain Crocker. Annexed an- their names:? William G. Wood, President; Thomas Mo^osdon, Treasurer; WillUm B. Maxnn jr , S?or?r.ary; vVIIIU-n II. Brown, John Dent, Jaeob Deltb, WillUen II B igert, Alfred U Hatfield. Langdon Wilron Franklin V cee, William Mugbr, Alrxander Bryan. William A Mead, William Simpson. William M Burkhead. Henry L. King. Joeeph M Wood, John Callaghan, Jem** Suydam Ebenea*r Wood. John P. Bell, William M.Everett, John VI. Sehenck. Ella* (I Pugaley, Ellea T. Pogaley, William MoClslland John MaCrackee. Albert O Day, O Fe d. W. Weatberhy. Peter Kitaxerald, Dennis O'Mrara, George R Uoderhlll. Aegelo U. Brower John B. Welnwrlgbt, Charles A Roger*, Caleb B Garmmd, Cbarlea M, Cornell. J D. Moyes. Milo D Peit'hone, Chatle* Penny, L Hubbard, pby*lolan.?Total, 41. The following is a list of names of persons comj osmg the. Columbia and Greene County A*socintien, in the bark Mousatn.Capt. Walker, which sailed yeaterday, March 8, tor .San Francisco :? Henry Waldo, captain, S J Coflln, flr*t mate, h b Geary, aeeond mate, J M Bnrrangba, P Oolerdonk, physician*. Hudson; P. Onderdonk, Albany; J O. Spangler Kinderhook; A G Newman, Huleon; Geo. A. Pea?e. Valltla; P. Roual, Cairo; A Veodar, CnttsKill. H Lampman. Athens; W. William*, Ghent; R A. Demmiek, Hudeoa; S. Skinkle. Chatham; A. A. Fuller. Hudson; J. E Baboock. H. P Lees, P. D Bray, Kinderhrok; H Doty. Hudton; P H. Van VI#ek Kinderhook; J Cakln*, Hndeon; Z B Wittlok. Monro* county; r. van Drtiair. r;oiumoiaviiie; m. a. mdooim, (leerfe F I*. Dawson, Hudson; C. Oray, J W vfnribk'l Chatham: E Howard, B. Brn?b, W F Worthy, Hndron; P. D. Freielgb. Leeds; W. Purdy Cairo; p. Creoeberon. Hudson: M Bain, C. Mark1*. 8 V as burgh, Copane; W L. R. Livingston, Clevereek; P. A. Wfnna. Cairn; L E Robwrta, Kinder hook; I O Madison. New Lebanon; C Smith, W D. El'nlug. P. Hollenbeab, CettrkllJ; 0. V. HRebeoeb, K. Boat, J Boat, Klnderbook; O A. Naah, Vermont; R P Danebury, Hedeon; F. C. Rlesdorph, Cairo; C L Blereron, Ban. get ties; C. Van Doeeen. Cattaktll; C. E. Oarpea'er, New Lebanon; O. F MltahaU, Naw York; J. C. WEliama, Hndaon.?Total, 64. The barklNorumbeag, Capt. Buckingham,nailed yesterday lor Galveston, Texan. The paaaengrrn in her comprise the " Pernifer F Smith Min'ng Aseecmtion." and they go from Galveston by land to Corpus Christi ; from thence they proceed overland to the gold regions. Ths following is list of their namea t? David Ktaner, President; Walter Hysr. Viae Praatdent; Edward PHlat, baarutary; Samoel O-eodeaougb, Trraeuter; George A Baokna, Charles Bloom. Charias B. Smith. Direotort; Wa. Jona*. Surgeon; Jeatah J. Monroe. Harding Vanderpeol. Andrew Perlnew. Robert Bnebanan. Darld Demareat, Edwin Raa, Wm. J. Watkina, Franaia Donnelly. Samoel Vonng. Wa J. Howard. Myera Morange, Rlobard Dagan, Cornelius Knlkeraon, Samuel H Denton. Wm. H. Warden, Patrick M. Mahen. George Tkompaan, Wa. H Benjamin, Oaorge Lanedcwn. Ceorge Vonng, Tboe. W Denton, John MeBeatb. Jebn F. Wilklna. Augustus 8. Noa, Wa Brain. Rodman Baekaa, Darld Levitt, John Danton. Total, 3d. List of passengers in the bark Henry H&rbeck, Captain T. G. Merwin, for San Fritnciaco:? First Cabin- Cornelius Sobanek, lady, and aavyaat, of Naw York; E. Swift, lady, and servant, ef BufUlo; Dr. J R. Edwards, Cbaa. D. Smith, Capt Jaa Myrtok, A. P. Middleton. Beooad Cabtn?Peter H Carman, Wm. K Coat, Peter Warner, Tboaes R Howard, Wm. Cbriety. Themes Ryan. Joseph Ryan, Jonathan Hoodbell. John Lawrenee, J N Wabater, BenJ V. Weaver, A Nail la, B Worden, C. O. Priae, B. 8 treat, A. D. Wbl'e. J R Smith, Wm HoaMlng. C. O Barton, P. H Owens. Walter Lane, Geo. Hoffman, L Taylor, CFerd, Lewis George, Cbaa Ford,Gee W. Ceffaaand Ova n'htre. L Btddlvnian, J W Flandrean, Wm Beaoroff, Wm. Snydae. 8. M Dagroff. O. Sedgarlek, Hleha-1 VI?giaff, A.C. Maynard, J Meaiek. S. M. Gallup. II. V. MeConkey, R.Welab. J. 8. Hoatllng. J Salisbury. H. Burton, H P Degroff. J. Larkia, H. M. Beana. J. E. Stickier, B Rmt'h, H Worden. J D. K-nnard, W H. Kllbcin. J Mot ilium. H C. Bonek. W P Keanerl. Also the Mabawk Mining Company, of 28 members ? Total 86. The Iltniy Harbeck has about 600 tone of hitt'hai.dise. She also takes out a ainull atramhoAl, with machinery eomplvte, for navigating the "H| v. weieav. eel a)a

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