Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1849 Page 5
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V m ooptfcivcaf Hue of rallrosd shall be finished dawn I ' ? uch ride of Lake Champ tain to Troy, sod not an I ken the Ogdeneburg Railroad Company shall ogre* to cktrp io more freight when going by the way of Burlington and Rutland to New York, than if aent bJ the Vermont Control Rood to Bootoa. Mr. 'V- woo proceeding to demonotrnto the otter ground IcMneeo ef nil the Nora entertained of directing Crado away from New York to Boaton, whan Wan awncunoed by h>a immediate re prate nta tire, Mr RoRMiriLt, of ronip-lna oounty, followed In a j btantiful address by Mr 8*ttr, The Aricmbly then took a reeeaa to 4 P. M. Poor o'clock, P- M- < "tne .proeeodtnga Ma the Senate and Assembly at I their meeting after the reoeae, were oonflned te peering I appropriate resolutions relatire to the decease of Sena. ' IwWuiiu. 1 In the Senate, Mr 8 H. Hill presented a series of > resolutions one of which wee as follows:? < Karolred, That the Senate hare beard with profound I regret the decease of Hon T 8. William*, Senator from tfaa 25th District and that, In testimony of tha'r high appreciation of the exalted orlvsre and cfllcinl character, and cberl?bed memory of their late associate, that eaoh Senator will wear a badge of ujurnlng daring the remainder of the aeaeion. Ma. Co tie will raid, that bia acquaintance with the decaaaed Senator had been mad* when the aeaaion Of the Senate commenced, and that teen hla high virtue* and atrlot integrity hud beund biaa to hla friendahtp "by strong tie*. There wa* a moral worth, a lore of vlrtuejabont hie character aa a man and Senator, that wndeared him deeply te every member. If in the brief lateroourte of the Senate it bad bean thna developed, how much deeper and more endearingly matt than qualities have been oberiehed by thoee who knew hla in hla home?the home of hie affections-the arena of Ohie enterprise. He bore well the honors?discharged -Well the dalles of every publican * pr vate trust. There was a void In the Senate since be died Th* society to "whloh be waa eo invaluable will experience one still greater. The home he loved will feel the bereavementi ** only they oan who lose the strong and true hearg that eherlabed them in Its love. He commended them to the oare of that Being to whose paternal proteotlon they were each day eommended by the prayers of him whose loss th* Senate deplores. Mr Bono seconded the resolutions. In a apnoh of characteristic beauty of expression, deplotlng the unfeigned isllglons ct a'acter of the deoeaeed. Hie oharacter, Mr. Bend said, was calm, oonetant, and truthful, as manifested in the every day action of his life, and snbet as listing him in death. The resolutions were unanimously adopted, and a copy was ordered to be transmitted by the Lieutenant tioremor to the family of the dcoeavd. In the House, similar resolutions were adnntnrt ?Sl?r i the addrrraof Mr. Kounsevtlle, of Tompktne county, 1 and were ordered to bo transmitted by the Speaker. j A VOKHOUIE POt Hl'PSM lit THE CITY OF HEW TOUK. Among tbo bills reported this morning, is one pro. -Tiding for the establishment of a Work House in the j city of New York, for the reception of all able-bodied pauper* and penitentiary oonvlots. fllartiets. ' Baltimore:, Maroh 12 1849. There is a fair demand tor ltonr. and we notice sales ?f 1.600 barrels Howard street at ?4 76 a $1 81,'i; City ] Jdills 1* quoted at $4 87,*? small sales corn meal at j $2 DO; rye flnar Is du'i and lower; moderate sales are making at $0 12J4. prime red wheat is quoted at $1 07, ] with moderate business Kurcorn the inquiry is fair, "With sales of 10 000 bushels, including wbite, at 47c, end yellow at 6 to Sales of oats at-ido a 29 o. ami rye t SCO a C-8o. Whiskey is dull, at 29^o. Sales (300 beef j cattle at $3 a 8 76 psr owt; p<gs are quoted at $6. There Is no change in other articles usually spoken ef ] In markets. -- 1 At a Numerous meeting of Strip Owners, abip msetors. and oih r* opposed i? tb t Pilot i.?w psHt by the I Adieu.My.ami bow un'ercOns deration by the donate of this state, ( iielc at tlie 1 troha -u't xohange. March 12,1819, fhuinas fiUiton, Jtuq., eut ch< ton Preslcent YiCK PRK31LENTS Robert S.-ro It, Mosee n Grianell, Henry ( hsuneuy, Charles H Marshall, Robert L. Taylor, J no. I* Atplnsrall, Georpe w. Gray, A. Arernl, Thomas Durheni. George T. Elliott, ' Samuel L. MUcIdll, John I. B^yd, huestU Sturgee, Ira Bnrsluy. ICOETAtirS. Avgustu* Wl.itlnek, >.L. Mclroidy, ? hlus ilicks, jnn"r, John 8. Tappxn. Tbe meeting wus opened by a bnef nnl pertinent address from the President, stating the object for waion they were called together. On motion, a Committee, cons'alirg of Walter R. Jones, L. L. Stems, and Ucorge tf. l?ray. were appointed to drift suitable Tcscluuono to Wo iul>nii"od to the meet-ng?wno reported the tot Jewing, wi.trhweru tep.rstely read, and ua.'-lmouety adopted: ? RoaoiTtd. J'bat tbo Pilot By ism of th'i dtato, prior to the act of CosgitM ol Mai oh, WZ7, oy in ur>pg a monopoly of the bustbess, t and oomientatiou wtili. ut tsrvico was unjust and injurious,l.e l aenieg tho indue -omenta to exorcio-, S"cunnf; to iuaf.onti in tad f lem tsncis tie repaid one on y to lanor and courage, and result- J' jng in the ta et uerioits n as ot pr< poi ty and life. * hmo.veu, To-* toe opening of tlio bus eea-i of the pilotage of this poi t hj tho act ot loir-trees of March, and tbo abandonment if the monopoly pysieie b> tho law of thta Stato of Aprl, a J**6, havo resulted in most oeneflclei ttfots to navigation and ?< minuet; tnnt toe coiupc i i m thu i crusted pr danoi prompt iota attention to ant; end iltm on f;e petol'all piloti selling ? out at tins p?u. uckuuwu imf-ie; a-id slowing iao?t evld nt'y * ti e bemli e .1 a system i-ieeem ing Irish to iudaslry, enterprua r. andoourngc en at tnun te m>ooob? haooived, Thet a'l whton oan la inquired or ought to ho doae, D ieio eoomo streamers caTtgntioj in oi.r wetore lroin the impost- j turn ol tinqn* lfird poisoie. end t at this duty will Ke lull* dincharged by provioi n lur the ghtnu "f p. oper certificates of ipis- 1 l.tloaii t fr m coin.oKtit ezainiuori, einolt eaa bo without _ iegleiative ant. P Ksaoliuc, That tho giving t? pilots h&'f pilotage for vessels not t siting a gHot, is uijuet aud ltaiioitic: nn|ust. bycomp?s!ling payment for a sot vine neither esked cer noc el; impolitic, as inducing tie chaio of vesio.s where no eerrioa was needed, in pie- t fcretoetoth Hi where It would bv ; aud alihnugn aueli a provision might) ave an apparent policy to jus till ic in tho infancy of tho 2 pilot errvicc, let cow vlien time le uhuadant competition in e -net e. rvico the necessity is gone. end thiro cejiai*.s oaty lop>* licj ai d li justne. a Kreulvco, That the obliging of the ship owner lo employ for outward pilotage the pilot of the o tho same vosnel inward, ie an HBwarratiUd intcilerouco with tho management of his own bus.- o . neiK and hae no onele either of right or lUrtss ; securing, often j . tend goterally, to mero accident, that which eliould belong to ' etinetiT. g Hceo v- d, Thet tho bill reported to the T.cgtn'ature in whioh tlie priceipk-s above d ulured are infiingtd iiiutoene respoete objes- ' tionatlr, is en attempt to totter tho iruedom ot tre o, and to bar- . <iep theCMcmciee ol theoountry with* system of privilogue not calltd for by thoir merits or by public bon.ilt n Jteeolved, Tlmt a oommitieo ot eight hs ?pp dated hy the Presl- t 'Jont ot this mentisg to oarry ont the principles ana objeot* of -these resolutions, and to secure to th s port tho bom-five o! a free e competition in the bnoiLese of, ahfoh can be beat ac-ium -plmlitJ without p.anna any new law on tbii tubjoot, The Prenidcno tli n appointed? Waiiar R. Jon?? Roheit Kermlt, Ckarlea H. Varihall, L. L. J Mtntgee, Uoona W Gray, Wuhnm Nolaon, Bilaa K. Everitt, N.L. a JloCnady auch committer. , On moiiou, Rnoived. That the pmeeedlnga of thin meeting be rigned by the 1 fiiMnri, printer in pampl let form, tnd forwarded te e?eh member e? th* l-egUiaturo of thig State, aod alio puolUhed In the daily tnjperael Una city. On motion, adjourned. ( ignodj THOMAS TILKSTO.V, Prtaid t. , Atrovrrva Wiutloci, 1 1 N. L. ftccmcADv, ( , ...u. Iuir Uicaa, Jr., f *'r '"red. IOH.V 8. TArPAK, J t Rati ?Malvnilo, fHow .like ye the eat or ( jour gallant bearer'! I i w? Prithee, I think it admirable, aid of oboiee favor. ( Had Maatnr Mnlvnllo or bhak.poaru. teeo naa ot Kno.\'?,12d Pal- | tea atroet, taahlonahU -pring B-arenor Mola t'ktna, <<a wood ) bare gone off ta cogtaclos. hea ly, a mora tany atyla hat never i ben got np in Nur Pork. Tbay are aold ae ohoap aa thay art durable and adu lied. Ton table Drrolng Caeca, Manufactured by 1 the lUbicnlera. will be toned, on rxamiaat on, to oontam all teat > i? daaiiah a for a ROtitlcmva'a toilo. la tne imallett pomiblo apioe. *Ibe articled are lelrctod with ttiiot rca.rd to oathty. and art W at ranted. (1 SlUNDBitd ft 80S, Mo. 117 Broadway, corner of Liberty it., and 3S7 Broadway. Elrganrr, Koonomy, ?iiet (durability, are n three cumblnc.r in (llMt'd beaut vitality of Moteiki-i Rati, eld at the low prtrc of fnnr dollar* but wa ranted in every re eneet enuai to the lieet of lite dollar hau aold at other itoreeia Jircadway. !. N GINI.V,2ll Broadway. . The Plnmbe Gallery In not Idle, bat In con- 1 dlnaelly oaklrg aoditiova to wi at ' ai lean for a long tine tba ] laneet collection or I'oriraltain the world. *e advi?e all who . wruh to tea ihe rffor ta ef th* oldeat artl.t in th i lint to vnlt thia ' celebrated Gallery. 1 * "" Gold Pena and Watches.?The Celebrated Bitaioud P?in?td HiohelienGold Pens aotnowledged to bd the (Matin th# world, together with aarl ndid atnok of Gold and St I- ] * ?- ? ?? i-.-J?..II 4\.a* neeh kv i V Si. ><T rase VBUltwxc alio r?~J -. . wage, Jr? 16Well iiwl VVawliea sod Gold Pens repaired. Five TbonMud Dollar* x\ 111 he given to AB]T perres whosnn prodoos tso I utter liairouttrrr thaa USD- . bUsftl' k BEaHI', 27 haidtn lano. A olean pair of hairbrushes ' ?tcd to eaoh customer. Uive them a riaJ. | California Dliiilng Door*, from Two Dollar* and 6ii cents tn $4 .V, at Jo-BVA 14 aim a rect fine fr nch welfdrws boots fs fin, noisily Jtl; daily business hoot* Id, and nnnuul to wtsr aa wall aa any booU mad*; much watac unroof booia, irom $4 ?U to > , at J jNITB, U Ann street, near SI* Hueta COMMERCIAL IPFlIll" HONRV NARKRT. Monday, March I'd?6 P. M. Tbo stock market opened exceedingly hanry tkla sac riling, and onntinned depressed to the oloae. jNenrly srery stock In the list declined a fraction, and #.he hears supplied the bulls with as many shares aa they wanted. Tha bulls purchased with oontldenoe, and the tiansaotlons consequently were large. At the j fir?t hoard tlaihni fell oir ', per cent, Canton Co. \ j Vairn* rs' I.oan Treasury notes'.,'. Indiana Fires )i, ! Pennsylvania Kites Ohio Sixes Heading Rail- I wesd V Kii?> Bonds Kr>e Ra Iroed Long Island ' was the oni) Isucy qnolatlcmi for whloh were sos- 1 talced It Is utterly Impoerihlo to ancount for this i state of things In the stock market. With every elenT'nt <f speculation laaheeltby condition, with an en-y n oney marknt end Increasing ao'lrlty in trade, wares no n a-on why quotations for stocks ah sitd f*t| ! <ff so from iley to (ley, and the market coatlauu lu 1 erch a fsrrrlrh, un"-ttled vendition. At the seeoad board (be mIm vora only to a Halted vztcnt, and tb? market eloend weak. PsnmyWaals Fire* fell off yt pet cent., Keotnoky Sixes >?', Harlem Canton Co. S(, Farmers' Loan ,S'. The Senate of thi* Stat* baa paaeed the bill making | United State* SI see receivable by the Comptroi* a* security tor olroulatirg notes; oae-half of the w *>o> ' it* with the Comptroller to be United States Six an 1 and the other half New York State stock*. 1 By an arrival at this port, on Satmrday, jfron Vera | Cms, > 2 625 in specie were received, moot of which ) baa been deposited in the Wall street bank*. j A lull and comprehensive report of the affair* of the , New York and New Haven Railroad Company is in the 1 course of preparation, and will be presented at the annual meeting of the steekholders. It 1* the Inten- j :lon of the President nnd Directors to plao* the road In perfect order, and eupply the line with the requisite machinery for the moot extensive operations, * io that the aggregate ooet of eonstruetlon can be pro- ] wnted. So far a* the arrangement* made between the t Vew Haven company, ana the railroad and etcamboat lnea with which thcyr have oome In oontaot are con- ^ icrned, we are satisfied they are upon terms as favorable to ths New Haven Railroad as oironmstanoos ? rould warrant. The report nllndad to wilt give the itockholdere all the Infermatlen In regard to theso mat. i ers, thay can desire; wbloh, we have no doubt, will do ( kway with the Impression entertained by some, that I he Interests of the stookholders have not been pro- * >erly protected. The valne of merchandise imparted into this district, ixocpting that sent to tho warehouse, for the first nine ' lays in Marob, in each ef ths past four years, with the imount of duttee, waa as annexed ^osisicKcc or ihi roiiT or NawY ork?Yalub or Issfobta ' 1848. 1H7. Jh?8 1*49 >J rreo eoort ? $181 46| 628,?I9 613,962 286.191 > Dutiable goo4l 1,722,804 3,481844 1,191.928 2,111,6/0 , Potalmdza $1,904 $VS iUlU.OOg 1,896,678 2,3/7.787 , Specie 99,888 121,881 9,722 1.974 f .n.h titcived 699 914 904,169 342 831 648,913 J Compared with the corresponding weak laat year, ;bere baa been an incroare of $571,119 ; but eompared rlth the same week In 1847, a falling off of $1,832 295. a rbe amount of drafta on the Aaalatant Treaaurer, for ' he weekending the 9th last., waa $1,179 763 83. De- 1 tooting from tbia the pa>monta on aooount of dntlea, c howa the withdrawal from the Treaanry. for the week, 0 to bare bean but $631,460 88. The reoelpta at the Cue- 1 om House today amount to $160 000, and the pay- 0 nenta to $25,000, showing a farther aooumatatloa of , 1138 000. At tbta rate the depoalta will aeon reaoh the irevieua lar/e amount. I Tbaraport of the Boaton and Lowell Railroad Com- 1 >any, for the year ending Nor. 80, 1848, presents the ' tnnexed statement of reotlpte and expenditnrea0 Boston anb Lows.i.l Railroad, 1848. I Fur Pasterigtrt. 5 log ton and Lowell Ral road $146,811 96 ' n eenneotion with Nashua and Lowell Railroad 16 864 28 1 n connection with Coaoord R R. 21 870 74 " " Northern " 11,745 62 " " Boaton, Con- ? cord and Montreal Railroad.... 2.659 66 ;n cenneation witn Vermont Can- 1 tralR. R 1,763 09 la connection with Connecticut aod Fasiamp'lo River R. R. . . 439 05 In connection with Storey Brook R. R 73 34 -201,218 63 For Freight. Uoflton and Lowell R R 148 514 35 n connection with Nashua and Lowell It R 24 212 86 n connection with Concord R R. 38.994 63 u " Northern " 31,436 11 << ? Bo-ton, Concord and Montreal R.R 8,362 05 h conceotloB with Verirent ContialR R 4 069 81 In connection with Connecticut and PaesumpeioRiver R R. . .. 1,474 6* In connection with Stonej Brook R.R 86 62 n connection with Wilton R. R. 428 24 ^arrylrg mall* and expresses, use Of engines. Be. &c 7,51136 260,120 72 *461.839 85 The payments on account of transportaiou, for the same period, were as follow* :? "or superintendence *4,053 33 ?'cr general explores?clerk bira ? watoilmen, depot expenses, he. . .23 502 84 n '"or engine end our conductor*, brakenitn nod IIrumen 3020701 "or gate. awitch and draw tenders 6 281 04 oi or loading aad unloading meiobaa* c dire 17.141 04 ? "or repair* of road 60 123 48 I! 'or repairs of depot* 16 461 45 } "or repair* of engloea aod oar*. . .72 738 63 'or fuel and water for enginea 60,987 67 ? 'or removing loe and enow 681 71 _ 'or oil far engine*, oar* and depot*. 4.262 90 i 'or of Treasurer's offioe... 2,043 14 264 616 73 * ot Income from working tbe road $194 623 62 ^ Tba groaa receipts of the road have Inoreasad from 166,124 in 1836 gradually, to $401 339 in 1848; tbe ex- Jj] enaoe, from $76,826 in 1830. to 268,707 in 1848; and the iet profit*, from $46 629 in 1836, to 192,631 in 1848. ' 'be dividend* were 2 per cent in 1836. 7 per oent. in p 637 and 1838, and 8 per cent every year alone. The ~ asaenger fore, reduoed last Juna, 1* now only 60 oant* ' o Lowell, 26 mile*. J Tbe capital (took of the company ia $1 800 000. The f< ota! ooat of oonetructlon, double track wbola length, y 6 mile*, including branches, $2 013 687, esoeeding th* ^ iputi ?tzio oof. idh iDoaca ?na uoating uevi ? mounts to $60 COO. Tho net earnings ere equal to J .bout ten per oent an tbe capital stock and debt of the ~ ompony; but it is prohibited by en not of tbe Legists- ' ure from paying more than elg'it per oent. The fare || ipon this road is lees than on any other in New Eng- e< end, being below two eents per mile. The report of ? eccipts and expenditures, as given above, we reoom- ' aend as a ipodel for railroad ootnpaniee in this see- r, ion of the country, so that stockholders may get I eme insight into their management. The report of the South Carolina Railroad Com- ?j any presents the. annexed aooonnt of the revenue Z ,nd expenditures for the year ending Deo. 11, 1848:? ' South Carolina Railroad. d neome?Freight $636,5!M 68 v Passage 231 863 60 Mails 80 106 24 } Minor ear vices 4 000 16 $800,073 64 J Dther items, chiefly maehlnoTy and materl- ? als farnlrhed Cam*en Branch, sale of a negro, sale of old rope, he 10,016 00 $840,088 60 ii Current expenses .$398 R02 70 ' interest on Sterling Bond!.. .. 108.601 16 Marxian Branch 220.777 60 -and 4.241 87 ' mprovrment of Depot* 2 241 88 Railroad IroD for road between Charleston and DranohrlUe.. 29 ?48 29 J Vegro purchased 7AO 00 -and for Charleston Depot 84,871 28 (u ncresse of balance* of cash, , bill*, and bond* receivable, and amoanta due by agents on 81st December IS48 over i the balances of idmtlnr ?o- , enunta en Slat December, 1841 40 018 70 $810,888 80 ^ It tbna appear* that the Inoeme of the year has r Men absorbed. The net inoeme ($388,084 80-100) was {J absorbed oblefly by the ezpenditnre* on the Camden Iranch, in purchases el land for the Depot at Cbarlea on and rail Iron toward* the work of relaying the road j >etwoen Charleston and Branehville. 1 It appear* that the inoome of the road, far fir* year* receding tbe laat, Increased at an average rate ofetjht >er cent. The Inereaee of 1848 over 1847 waa twenty 1 (wo per oent, which waa In part effected by the new | i>nelne*s on tb* Camden braneh. A* other arennea , will be opened In the oonrse of the present year, 1819. < 't la estimated that an Inereaee of twenty per oent wlU 1 bo realised. Calculating, however, upon an Increase of only fifteen per cent, and the expenditure* at forty- , five prr oent, and w* have the annexed statement ] oi revenue and expanses for the year : ? Kettmaled Income for the year ending Deoemher 31. 1849 $920,000 ) F-etlmated expense*, forty-five per oent of la- t come 414 000 1 Katimated net revenue, 1849 $100,090 Tbe company bava to provide for In ureot. To nmt lltlifnd idflp mi lolwot, 130,003 To ONt klijutlll bolODOM OB CiBdfn rood *."M Toootlmatod ooot of additional oocblnorp ? To do. of drpot ond workshops 40 000 To pay for loadsj S 137 To pop bondo 6 W To bo 0 Iron to rolap rood + $400,030 Probable (Tollable bolanoo, Dm. 81.1140.. . $100,000 Of tbo obOT? expenditure* $148 680 eoaaleta of dsbt, wblob, wboa pold, will bo o rodaotloB ot ladobtodaooo to tbot extent, ond $63 000 will bo for tbo Improrsmsat of propertp. took E(?hongo< fM?OUS*ot?ie'?,'M 10ft IMUkiMutnU mi mi? do 10<K fio da bow 61 limit) Tk(( Notes DO 1IW do l)6 1 rut) . do b80 1 K'V< SO do (SI) AI)V liiwiuft?">??(, (? 1)3 an do no ?i>2 jittn?hio?y 'e<) irsh wn d? mi sit; TBI) Ohio r? 1"3 7*0 do Hrni 63 I Keotuckp 6'? Ut SM) do NK I w ?^dfrin " 5* WW XI" .? "*4#i SfO ?? WJ ?il* nto pBw' ? * - WX ?1uBwJb, as 3S ??? ctty??, M . ^ u" 4* iio u ( J((Oi??dl'H bOfc. w ,? i| 37 Id ? lCOO?r.? Bord?, . ? T"> Nor k * or? ?* WJ,' t ? 11 ?ho rrnson'Ti t k f 3C*.i j? - 1 ?i ? 100 S* noKn.BR.-,wf*U k9? SiiS s ?n do b? St'i 51ft f? ?3 ?l'X ? i7ciAw?ci ,t#em0i sft '-ft^o-bw s 7?CMto>C* ^ 6H?u-tt>-to.old 1 IUO do 40 , SMond Board13000 FoaMylTUlk 6-i MX K-1,C?t#B * :f'X 0 HOOKoowky ? 1?2 *" V, bit *? th j? a I i; ^ ss S 1: *ss S* ??-" s? ? 8m.M ? ??< 'i'-*c"" "' " JlvSKTIKUIIiiVI* POM** '?'** X""1"*? _ LUST. f LOBT-A BANK BIKI, NO. 7***0. ON TUB BANK OF fl fnvirga, Chamber* aWMt. Th* find or will plana* l**T* It with w. b? T*U?r of tin htol. WAKTB. IKpANTlir?-jTisiTUATIONrBY^rRBSPBOTABLB^YOlJNQ * ww Oirl,w. ?andentanOf th* Mr* of ohildro*. w? .1 .* or 1 hambarmaid. Sh* t? us art, aotlv* ?*d h** good olty r ifer net rom bor liat plao*. PImm oall at 434 f worth tliHl. ?J*a b* aco two oaj *. (XT ANTED-A HTCATION FOB TWO REdCnCTABLB ] ww Won cd oa*M pond plain Conk. Wither, and lroo-r. th* dhrr i* Walter and Chambermaid; hav* rood recom oandaitona fane* o*ll at 21U EUsnboth^truet, baok rooui, up ata ri Can b* oca for two day a WAN FED-BY A NEnPICTtBLB OIRL. AI.TIJaTION _ aa Cook, weither, and lroaar, la a ratp*otahl*prirat* fa a all*. Beat of oltjr rcft-rence* givtm. fan bo roe for te a day* J it 43 Jay street, op atair*. Hrat floor, front room. Uaa an ob|*o- u Ion t* po a abort ?iatance In the oonrtry. y WANTED?RY A RSSPE TABLE TOUNQ WOK AN. A * aituation to do general houanworfe fa a small p I 'ate family; be la a good plain Cook, an* excel a-t Waahar and lroaar. and ? 1a* th* oral of olty r*f?reao* from bar laat place. Plana* oall at i !9klm street intheatoie. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A REAPS'ITABLB GIRL, *j a* Chombcrmaid, or M Nut** aad betma're-a la a prtrat* * amlly; would to to the haa good otiy rnferaooe. Ploat* ? II at So 12th atieet, wa?'. of 6th aTenae, the rotfdooo* of h*r 1, ate emp'over. P IITAMKD? A fllUATION, BY A VPRY COMPKI'ANT N It girl, a* t 00k la a ptirate tataily, would helnat tb-twttebinc c ,Ld Ir ainr; would go to thee untry. Pleat* ctl at 74 6th J venue in tl e boob it or*. N. B. 11a* 1 x vlten reference WANTED?A MTUAUON Ad COOK, WidIIER. OR B Irouor. or to d> general bonaewort, by ayonna woman aho P* an give the beat ot re trencea. Apply at 82 Variok atioet no cl I jootion to the coun'ry. IXrANlEP?ACTUATION, BY A RBdPE'fT* BLE YOU NO vf LProtnetakt alrl a* feaaia'reta; hai no nbjeoti >n o ,0 in th* I ounoy Plena*o?ll at No 226 Varlnk a-reet * 1X7 ANTS D? A MT1 AUON, BY A KB8PKCI ABLL YOIINO * WW B?oman, to do general housework in a amab private family, * a good wa' bar and troanr; th* beat"f oitr refinance can be given. 'leas* sail at No. 21 24th It, ea>t of 1st avenue; oaabetMufor . woitgys J WANTED-A SITUATION BY TWO RES "BtTAULl ?' y*ung women, one o do the Cooking in a private family, Ll ryo ai Laurdreee. Tbo other to do Inamberwork, or mind ' Ihildrtn and do PUic hewing or do llooncwork in a private fa J' i.ily Good n-forenco can ha a Ivan. Plaaie call at No. IB 61 Elitaheth (treat, in the rear, between Broom* and opting.? _ 'an b* *een for two daye. M7 A NTH)?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS tc YY Ladiea' or Children'! Maid, in a roepeetable "roterta't la- * illy; it a food Plain Washer and c*n aire good reference fton " he laat lady eha tired with. Adoress A. V. #. to.mcrrow, Uur-tld P1 ffloe 117 ANTAD?A SITUATION, BY A BRSPKCTABM YOU tlG ' ww woman, to dn genoral house work ehatuher wotk 01 waieer w ood plain Mwar, orto take oare of ohtlureu The nest ?f oltj P' < furence alren. Can be ?een fur two date ?t No. h R .v afreet.y 117 ANTED?SITUATION', HY TWO,Rr8HSUTA BUG k>?0 ?i YY teatent gir's?one a< Oeok, hen no objection to "e-i-t with " rarhlngand true in.. Tie other u CUmbemiaidane Lanndreea 'an be eaea for two days. Fiaate eall at ,18 .dalbnrr street, he n l ho rear. Tt WANT! I -SY A MOST It GSPGOTABiK YOUNG WOW AW, " a situation at plain Coot, Weaker, and tret-rate Ironer or H anndrtet; or at Chumteroraid end Waiter. Would prefer the ~~ cuntry. The beat of dry refeteiioee end a good character from I erlant place can bo tern fr two days Pleaae to oa;l at i'.IH * !ael Thinoenth e'rret. tornerofthe FiretaveMie. Gi Wamkd-a SITUATION, by A YOUNG woman, TO rc do Cookii n. VI ashing, and Ironing, or g-nvrel Bou>ework. v, n a en oil pnratr ten ilj. Can g re the lent city refere ioe from pt i" r laat pleoo. Pkaee to call at 7 0 Washington etieet, teoond fcj I per II7ANTAD-BY A8COTCHMAN. WBO HAS BBIN TWO i ww year* in tV country, a ai1 nation ae Sorter in a nrkoleeale d< r retail store. Good ctj reference g ven ae to cheracter, (to. P< rqnirrfit h? letter, ptet paid) nt I7>< I nc irlet irr*'. m |*fANT?W? BY a HIS' F.ri'AHLt GIHL, A SITUATION a' YY to dogoneral Btuneworh ina ptirate fimllv. T e heat of g# ity rtfoiei oe can beyivrn. Ficaao to call at29 Pearl street. Cut lo e teen tor tw< dure n 117 ANTED?110 AGENTS TO blSI'OSF < >Y A N AKI IOI-E J, YY that will oonimund reeh in all parte of the United States. ,I. ,n active pera?n can n uke mm S6h to $|utl per month A -j naJl amount orcapital icqoir d Call at No. I John street, baee- P. iet t. A caipenter le also ?? ted. ^ bit-girl aa ehi.d i> i.urar. knit to no p'ai . tewing ('aii t*kn _ ire of a child from iu birth; ir ?? Cli njicrma d and ? mt?r. w m make heraalf pen* ra ly nwful ; haa > o object!- n to go to toe X -unity. Plcate to call at 39 Knot Br-aduiy, eecnod H ior, baok mi tono fr. [J|T AMID-J inCdlHWm k P OTISTANT Yi'lJNG ?? woman to do general honee v-ur.. i n rri t rwi t? mil g, ifaderieii ra to honie-y and qualiflcatio . Pleaie apply at 71 ? leortk $ ieat., for 1*0 data. ^ 11/ANTED-A PI UATI 'N, BY A TO NO VtOMAN AS ? F? b* hambertriaid. or to do general h?i?e > ik?la a tint ra'e x a?her ai d Ir- aer Beat of city letoreiice Riven. Inquire at 217 |u< anal afreet. ||( 117 AMI O- bY A Y--UNO LAO. aGEO 17. WHO HAS A ? rf tborouah know I dg. of tl.e French Bi-gliih en i Portu _ near languagra, a aiiuation ae c rrk in a merchnnt'a othoa. Bepcctehlo rtl-i-onoee will In-given. Ad-ir'aa J. 0.. tier -M olive. 117 AMTkD.-TWO YOUNG HP.'LTHY WOMRN W-il'LD Ir tale aituet one either in the city or country. One aa rl nth, tl o o'ker aa < oundrtaa, or to do general houaowark. Ap ' ly at ICK Amity Place ''a __________ ? fc ( 11/ A NT ED- A 811 CAT I'?N BT A RHPC'T. Bl-l " ft married in-n, aa fcarhman or to take oaro of a am ill I i'm. 'Jho beat of rnferer oe from hia laat p'aoe, where ha t-a< " ten lovin )care. I lean call at 3 llaiciay atrert. Can be aeon *?h >r three daye. an 11/ANTID-A H1UAT10N BY A RiSPEOr\BLK h BO- "h ft teatent r-ung woman, aa '.onk, Waehar and Ironer. Cat at roonrc good referenoi-from her laat plate Alavayoo a woman he e Chambermaid, and Waeh- r and It" er nrg?nar*'|houeework la ban all fan ily. Ihey cao be aeon by oallhg UM Baroeraiejr, ah > iherear, for thrte deye. _ [1TANTED-A SITUATION IN A RSIPKIFAB'-C FA 1- ? FT 11}, aa good Cook. Bakar, Waiter and Iloner by a Pro- In sa an1-woman'who can gtee th? beet o? refer-acea, or who trill lie ike tho piece of < ook in a (rat olaia boarding houac. C'aa he wt i?e et hn. Kt Hulbertt mret lei [17 ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. TO TAKR oil rY oar* tfobildren and do p aia aawng ; hu no ohjrotion to mi ? a thort dtatmea in tut country Apply at (ill Mutt street, p< nirtli II' or front room. ex 117 ANTED?6T A RESPECTABLE YOUN8 WORtN. A *? ?* aitoailon aa Chamb rmaid, Nnrae or haa no Fi bjietiooa to atriat in ?tnhinaat d ironlig. Can bo a sea for Ht irre da) a in rear room, at 187 Beater atreet. ,x [17 ANTED - A SITUATION BY A H*4fICTAHLE UIRL. aa plain Cook ; ia a firet latewaabcr and iruuer, and oa n? eratardr all kit da of hnnre work : no o'jecu n to onuntry or Itjr: the boat of city refercnoaa eaa be given. Pioaea to tall at ci lo. 2lB EJiaabeth oticct. _ [ITANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE YOUNJ VilMtN. A w t' aitnation aa afirat rata C?ok ai.4 **aatr? Cook j haeno ob- 1 iction ta go a abort dittauce in the country; the heat of refer >ls noe can be given P'eaae call at No. 87 weet 1.1th atreet in th* tar. between ftth and tftb Art nura. Can bo aeon for two daya. A PBOTI6TANT FEMALE WANTS A SITUATION AS ra. Knit* or Chambermaid and plain newer; it capable of fill ~ ig eithe- aitoati a. Can be aean fur two daya, at No. 7 lltb 1 trret, between A rennet A and B. EaatTompki a ,'lnoe. A r* A YOUNO LAny WDBES TO BORROW tOHE M IV SV '* from a gentleman, to make bna.neaa Adtfroaa P.. Herald ? 7} A N APt-RENTICE WeNTEP?A SRaRT. ACTIVE AND *' r\ Intelligent Ametlean Lad. from flto Id yeara of age, it waet- *' d to leern th* Sign and H< ueo amtl g 8u?in?.?-o* nrnat be 11 f gi od habile, with a proper tecoaeoeoda io -^ All app yln< ainat nit the ebovu. Apply imioediat* y at alti Pearl at. near aaidea f are, f tpaen ent.} V A PRi'TESTANTBlHL MANTdA AITUtTION AS NU-ISE. ? rm Bramatnaa or Nnrae and tliambcrmuld cr go a tr-vellieg jj nth a la dy, raa to aaan for 3 dayi. U tee tu nail at 117 Laurena at ?.. S o. I in < ha rear. ? A Bf.BPICTBLE VOUKO PERSON WLeRES FOR A SI ( fa. tnatlon at 1 ady'a bald, no would take th* charge of one or (,a w o ohildron. tad giro them Mtiaa kat la Euaftati. Under t* tarda hah <!retting the making up of fl. e lioei.a la the aeatrai airier Alan a aoud ae*tnatraa Baa no ubieitiun to make f. lore*!'gobtr-U* u* ul. Addieaa K i ., 7 Dot r atreet. To bo I. rt? fw 10 n til i o'oloob. A | A HR8PICTABIE FRENCH liAllT WISHES tDOaTAlN f cV a aituatim >n ft Motee (amilv. in tha rapoa tyuf Uonrn-ta " r Fein pat tea*. w mid litvo no olJiHtlon to go to Lump* or rt South. Addraa* ti T at kiln itriot r* . 01 AN IXPEHIENCEI) TEACHER WI'HEa EMPLOYMENT A In ?h? Mathematical departmae', u prinoipnl or aaalatbbt ~, flcaae oddreoo " Diflnrontwl." tt i? nfllc* | wanted, a h uation tor an excellent ?, s I ook. in b omoU roopootohl- Unity. The fantloman with e h< m ehe haa li*od lor >on>a jkri U eoilom ?o proouro hor b :nn<iortb) lo \ lie# Bh* l? well qjaltfltd In bll r tptota. Applj / it rS hit 18th at. nobr lib Atoooo. i SITUATION WANIED-AS FIRST RATE . O >K, *ASH- " trb d Irnner. by b yon-c Woman, competent and wall ro- t. it wmended with good rn'eretima: oho no i.bjaalon tnfitn tha t, rmmtry ?t d la wO li a to n bko her.eit naofal?hb* bean flta yearn J In ooo family. Kbunti* at ?M> n? berry at. Irnnt room. WET NUAhB.?A REALTHV RESPECTABLE IOUNO marr ed wombt la daalroua of obfetelen b al nation in b I rnaptotbhla family, aa Wat (inn*. Apply bt Mr a. Pittgeraid'a. bt I the oornor f -e??nth a Tamo and Thlrty-moond aUoot The boat 1 of rtlarai ee will ba al?an p DART OT A IK USE W ANTED. BT A GENTEEL PAMILT, - ot r rr* paraona, not nigi or a p t?wn i haa ?th atrn*,. nar J I' war ihnn 14th * ??'. and ?u uf 4'i av*i.u?. Tl a aaoond floor 1 pr- f<md ni d t?nt rot tnexrred Sl.Tf'. odliana " A. u." iieraid *j Uffioa, aatil noon * Wadnaoday. K*ttr>aa* .Iran. o ? r IMiiRHAiion waited. or rouoiy mprik wao la tuppoard to ?? a farn.rr ?lilr?y mil*, f'm Now Torn? j Any Inlo'iotUon onnoori In* I im w li h? thankfully rroa-vad by 1 hit ayod iiaid, Mar) Mrtholand. No fl*l North Third atraav PI, ladrlphia. M hit* > Una papera p'aamo pj ^ AT niin OR WAMRO Pt?M PIVR YKAH3, Ji Bl .UuU on nt>* cumbarvd r aleata't at 7 par oent, ly ol lac i n*r lb* olty of Now York: eoat SiH,Ul?', who- pr -party wat not worth lialf w> at it ir aeltla* tor at praaont. ft in no* <*?? 1 I lad by the pr-rant nwarr w o it anxm.ia t* ronkn many im- I proven ?>U on raid rroprrty a ndraat W K . tbl* ofllea. j, ru L.44iT, ;v T(Tl*T-THR D WILLI NO nof/JE NO. IIS CROSBY a ttraet. oppoait* NI*lo * uatdrn with ,.r without o-iacn bona* [ an* itahia, cx eidi-? to. and front! iy on. Marian otrae . To* I on e it aituatad. and Hi *"nd ordar. <A. bo vi-wad ,, dally from I to" "'cl' oa. Yor term*. Bo , ap,ly at S,# Broadway, |, ( r r,? I" ? Of. If) l< Wn'l ?tr?l t f TOWN FAt TORY TO RUNT.?THE POB . STO/tT [ brtet bailt Faat'rc, In 27th atrant, nowouoopiad by tpo , Manhattan Piano FirtaMamlaotmin* Company. Apply at (ha Albion Office, 3 Batolay a tract ( CALIFORNIA. '** <*>? 'AOT.-THB^XKJ A' ''Ic MAIL m<lr.. ?AU<)V. from Kaunas ..nil **** -"oad trip of tho HumQiQ v- k,lH?l?i-. Uu T ,b* uOo?u) thecou.p*V,oo?"r^^ aurt ?, !.*! " J* ' WMW.WIh.r. h *? Mfr ?"? - ?trJhT.Vf * 2il " ?*>* * ? * ^UStf * > V ."in oat .hill Ur? bMknaarartaiard. it will . -!? -m. Si* da>? for the n m thip d.p.r ui?t ftnm , i-ju'j. . hb jO * l*? ocond trip, lit Have Fuibi if praoi. ' ) 11 . I FOR BAM FRANt^O. CAU'OBMA. VIA LtKE Ml !A L ram*.?'1 hrouah in 60 daW ?Th. rooand *?-a*?l of thla II u. 1 ill ha*. New Yolk Oi, tfcchth ApfN, for -Mm Jn > > da Nioaratua. ratacofcta ar* onnaapad Bp iba ri**r. A <1 acroae th* Jake, u i Niada, bp feaaboat, from thence bv a (< ad road to KoaU'O. on I. FtcMto what, a veawl la MpHxd for dan Fraasaeu, dlspato >- I bp an apootof th<a ma. 1 Th* hatbora of Mr. iio and Baa 'ou art aafa and aa?p of aootaa, I 4 th. rou i e baa I tip aod lamreetloir, I r'uaatp. through to Saa Fraaoioo^inoladlag p:o*i*tona, oamp ' uipnicnia, no S.J5. I For paaaaga or iitf*ra>atl<<n anplp to i WM O. UBLHORN. I0? to 1 WM GOODRICH^ CO.. I Id Markotav. i'h'la. i ,>0B VAM. UUVBR'd ISI^AND, BAN FBANCI900, ka- " Th? Britirh awwmahip UMUOiN. 660 toaa ourthoa. wiliaail I on Jamy Citp oa or about A th day of Maioh faicaurfAUAQa IaoaUn. In aioeraca. t or Rio Janeiro $?0 ? 1 V alpaniao BUO 1W I Ban traneixco UO BIO I VanoouT.r'e If land hU?l 400 I n ei penanced auraaoa will aooompacp tlx a roaacL For pwoafi, 1 i'PJto RiUMaB D. 3d Broad wrp I The Unloorn had now boiler* in Olaanow laat AprH?ianow 1 BOrrgoing a thorough rvBt, and her cabin and otaerage will be < r> cow l.rtahle and well veat-lated _ ^OR SAN FRAN 18CO.-TBS A 1 Oil 'i'I? SUIdTJrtIP SUSAN O. 4>W ENS, 7J*ltoua burden. And but 8 month! old, ' ill pa.itivnly uil as above. On JUin imt. She U in every re- i wot tbe inet vessel up fur that port A few more pereoai oan be 1 ken aa passengers or i*enif.ra ot a mining aaiooiatiou. For I lima which are m<>it advantageous, npp J to I H. P. TiidNUND, Nnnanoat_ 1 htok ban francis. o, jaufcirnia lmrb'.t, via i'ila < 17 Btraito of Magellan, tha new mad sabatantial caaesehip hll- | on,> apt. Aba:. Snooker.ol mn ton*burthen,5yearaold,beiltia 1 lie oily, of the beet material, copper taeteued, and newly oopnered, 1 Dilrreeotirily new. and iauow undergoing thorough repairs for sea 1 nrioe and trill pusiiiveiisail?n orabuntiheiSltnoflluroh. tier t iloou and eabia will be handaotnaly furniaheo tor eaae and 000- 1 Tt; and a mora probable opportunity oanoot be offer- d to Mlrona of going to talitornia. :ho wiU he diapoend of by iuu 1 inree of >Uxh at $mq each, ha owner of eanh anaro will be < 1 titled to hie passage to San Fran 'aoo, ana bla equal undivided tare of the ahie, and all appurtea-inoee thereto belonging, and t r the pr. hta and uamtuae. f aaid ehip tier arrival at San | ranoloco. Each skare of atnck will he made transferable. ap- t iioatlon chould bo made aoon, aa already oeer 0110 half oftbo t ,ock ia taken. For particulars,apply to aUbTIN It W ATKINS. c n. R Henrh atra t. npata.r* t JJHIP BAMOSLT, FOR I ALIFOKNIA, WILL SAIL ON 1 5 Tburrdsy, tho IStt instant. I'aarengirs will plexne aend J >?n their Ireqtht ai d extra lng?>ko, that i. mov i ol he excluded. 1 ilia ladii g n nat he aent to the offioe tor aiana nre A few more t tea Ltereeaube hai damnoly aocuwtnedated. it immediate appll- I itlon ia tnadf. At ply to 1 K. B BUTTON, 119 Wall, oor. South iL JNO tiGitw.N. ||X Wa'l at FOR 8aN FRANCIS U AND aUT'"Ks,i FORT ?THE j 7 |oew Baltimore Clipper hrig ORBIT, donning maiuor. will pr < tively Mi! on the liUu, Maroh. A lew 00 0 pvro gerioxu bo ( iken 1 tlie cabin - fare $1.10-and a small apiuunt of freight. 1 pply cn Loard. foot of Maiden laue. or to i a VAN BvUnT, 1 J J. B. MUEEAT. U Old Blip. . ClOK CAI1 FORM A-Til K FAST S.e KINO BKI 1 ROBERT ! 17 ia row ready far eta. flitrd up with gol l waehari, uatooa, | air era, tump, 1 oae. Ho ,aud pepsred iu tho Iwat p itatble man. { sr lor tl.e o|oatmea ol the company at tho Gold Mines. fnoro , it lour fi.ares vteint, wbioli oiler the belt inducement of any ?? 1 ffvnrg. 'I bo br g will tail immedUto > i.fter tho ah area a a lltd up. rllE Sllir FI.AVICS FOR CALI'-DV-IA. IIRR mkr bera are rotlfled, and moat p .rtuul-rly requoated to meat 1 Try a. 2 o'clock at Dunntnga' HotoL for a Hualar angom nt id appointment of ler aa.liig day a low puaougere ? II be iken atvety low rntoa. , Three thates for (ale at only $130. Ap? on loard of ihlp, foot of r*iku street. aSOK CaIUoKMa IN 40 Oat Yd.?TUJf AOVKtvFI IER, who knows trnm eapeiirnce what be propone, au.l can, it irhrd. give alinrrt refeienoe, wi lacounpunv n a nail It) to San Francisco guarann eitig arrival thorn uitli nf rty lyr, by caa> travelling Ue u ill loeva aloot the 1 ttt of Harea xt, and go by uayof the .It) of Mexico Ula aoqualntauw tn Mrxieo ai'd the Mexicans and fa thorough having ont I >1 timi between the two a rnica during the entire war. it* part) nmat not bo over cwolve in all (a t- ircoentli will not 1 trkri.). ol when, have already preacuted toeutaolvea icy mint be men who go tnmv for sdve tur.i than anvtbingeoO, id carry 110 fat gage but clotl lug, and that, in a email compare. <r further Information apply to C. M. till<J Bit IS. at LoveJ.iy'e ntat. jlOR CaIIFORNIA. VIA TE X AS, THE GILt AND JUA nuit) iuiiii t.ce rou.e am w agou r uw or Unyoe, Coo <, at am K.-rooy, Fremont, una nthert.?Tim tliitd division of the i xron (iMuemtim in now fonuiu(. and will at?rt for thl.a fav- r te i into on ttui 2 hi Eair* rxpan-e of j ? (two mutea, > tillable in m nu.g ai> uvn, ai d ilimo months' i-uip na provi'tooa I ir nan), >110 While jour ey, !Hi days. Full pirtioulare giren I r 0. Hough jr , t Front etreei. ] 3 I Oh KB K ( THAIS FOR OAUF' RN1A? ' ( by the South laee.?Tne tiud raut?od propose t o uratoh ft train of wagona expreialv for tha iranaportati .n of tatngera and thoir baggage tu t a itorma, in addi'iou to thalr enhai.diM train. n? early in iha iprinr a* practicable. Taa eat numler of applications made to m for tramp .-tation aa >ove baa detrrn iued ua to tit out a train oxcluaiv. ty for pusco- ' ira. Illp io spring wagons, eurered and fitted up oomMrtably 1 r carry ir r ax pasariig*i( eacn. will be provided. Prto of pu ge. inoludli g rations front tho day tbe train staru, $Jo0 100 t. of baggrgo will bo at owed oa. a man?extra baggage. 30 eoata ir pound tvue half tho pontage more/will bo required at tba pro of air nirg the ooi.treot Fur "urtoer ii formation. timoaud araot starting. So. addrtaa tha under" g od (poat paid) aatil e 2*'th <>f March next er-iufng. at ft latum a'ier thai date. In .atdetico, Mo. TURNER Si ALLEN, 32 Meeond etroet. . 8t. Lou la Ho. i Reference Now Yorb.R. Rage, !2ti Maiden Lane. j IO! hOR I'ALIFORMAI-THK ASSO IATED <!ALIFOR- ' ma Overland I'tavelkra. 1 Mi party, now oorap a d of U 1 u,11ri, i teuda iuoroaait g ite number to 50 men. who will tail ! <m New Yirk en ttedoeed<t 28 h inntiiit. for CorputtChrleti? J e?ee to L< rtd El Paao. and up thvrlvor liila to the apot where ihnel Fietuoatie a' pioeedto be galh ring gold, and Ihtnao to ' n Franrioo. Bi tire o, et through to Sin r a> ultoo, SI If, with c d?e,eto alteraiT'V<i.g ar the n inee. Apply te C. W. NEW- * OUr F, 112 Froi t etreot. hat ween 11 A. M. and I P. M. JBOIBCTl YF. OVERLAND COMPANY TO CALIFORNIA' via Corpus Chileti, amargn, Monterey and Maaat>an In rtj-tlia days, for S Ml, and fou d witn eicort, interpret.r, pliy. , lian and aurgcov, paaap rta from Department of Stato and Mexl i n Comal, tenia, eun pequipage co, king utcn lis, eto. The mem. ta et thn i,mlai y are recanted to p:?v into tho consignees of , < triiel their p lane to L'i rnn ( hruti, thia week A lour va i i cioi* lema'n. Immediate apppea'lon ahou d ba made at tba nipani'soffie", 101 R ail atreri of rront atreot. I'Hi pi o:six California associaiion having i L bought tha hark G t LIN DO, with her eiaviatooa on board, I voa tew aharei to eell at $UW each. Apply onboard f.witof iorevelt atri et or to BbElT It VI,aS. 28 Smith etroet. ( AVK8 hU VDA d Mt CO.-CALIFORNIA fI Aa N D CXPCDI tn i*.?a puhlio we. ting w il tat held, ev.-ry Toeaoay and I lureda evenii xe, at tha Hu na V.att Hi/aau. c -ruer of lira, d d Fotii} lb ftreetf. In the)nip<?e ot encr.gnt fi"U able bodied iD t< go to the hold Htgiora. The o>inpany will furniab a coari? oLiflt, ><ud mt ku nil oth,r arrangement, f r o nvtyau-e ?y , 'i utr far nirpM.ii any other v> atfrmptee. Toe prod-a will div dt-d bgiween the id?i. and o< inpany The prr'.fcu'eni will made kt oa n at tlia me ting, or at any time, by applying at tbo ' ore pi'on. IlILI 'S COMBNTM0 GOLO W AS'1 KK.-T<iK AH'iVB * 1 meet inn it no experiment; on thcoontrary, IN gnalltic* have 1 en trand by the clmatana moatex'eneiva go deaeiyin, celeb hmini in the corn tiy the proprietor el which i# no well pleated tr< itf i petation, that lie rod J, farnWied wo with the follow- I mrtifltaia.? I do trrtby ataio, that Mr. Jatnea 1 Bull, (a total atrxnger.) r mn aid exhibited to we a uiaohlnn for washing gold, which, oa ' ptcbon and triil, I fauna to he the beat article for tnat par " ee erer biontht uodet m> notion. I amy farther wed: tnat my K porlei CO it to.d eaahiur a lib ture, if not a rary limit or a. by any mean-. JOHN WA IWICK, 17 Johwet, N. f. It bat evii attracted the notice of Mr B'otori Atnermn. of San aiiCiioo hiniee f who. In hit lecture en California and tha (led , 'glci t n ade u?? of chc lollowli g language when deaerlhing the I Mi ur aachluet ueedatine mince I ear yrt i rday a ma | lie fr gold waahiig. leei-nt ri by a gentlemen of thin ofty, u 'irg I lellrvo In P.luiidga t'reet, which I ooneider a sopanor a. and I * rid adrift thota who inland going to the gold dig it to rxanlne H: It it very finipla and aaay to tranepor;. 4 ill and fee the naohii e in opTotioo ut ti>e ru* af?o*nrf. " J. B BUhU HI Eldridre .tract. M.T. p FAVBMW MITH'S 1M PROVED (30LL W ASH BBS WILL J i cparate the gold from tha grarel latter 'than any maohwd i t invented. and withent waettng the water Alae orery da t npilun of California toola. wagona. numps, pLka. hone puwert, 1 i? Bo., at the agriaoltnral Implement and trad flora of a. B A Li,EN It I.O.. t 1W and IHI Water street. New York. " .MHkAhMB FOB CALIHIKNIA -TRIALS ALLOW80.? * for eaie low. a Double Rifle (by l ock, e#Ctnoagn), a locta 1 i tfovlarly wall alee a d ub <Ju i, ono btrgel nilad by Hint n tl'tid for target ahootlnaorhant p? Botn are luh< and o?r 1 Me. AU<> one of * issoi.'s be.t rifUe. nearly uew S.n/lsrdlie t. wit ' the iemiril twiet; wolr i, witli wrap ewivela, (to, < jibe.: win do rxMutioo w th the long ball at. r alt a nilo. AUo rsr'ety of new and weood hand Double tiling Rifles, flgtolg, I g. tiling (to h< oelitor taken In exehai ??. Wal'er'g Una dtore, a id Kiflo and Pistol Shooting ia'lery. 21 Broadway I 1AUFORNIA DAtil/RRRBOTTf'Ka. -PEKAUNtt ? BOUT J to rtgil California, anu deeiroae to leave their llke-iewae Ith their friend', wonld ds well to oall at BradyX Noe 3 dead 7 F roadway, where, by reneon of regent improvements and ad * tiors to bis establishment, taitbfnl and true llkaaaasne mar be * iwnsd ?lli# hansel wo"e* I i t At IFORNIa,? A OBNTLCHaN U VDSiTaNill >0 "iOLD > J aaibing mnltiig teal inc. An , wishes to join a reepaottele ? rtygoiig to "atilbioia a?y wg. but by Cape Hern, as a mi m- 1 r. Address J.C., Herald ofheo. jtOH CALIfORMA ?FOR SaI.B, A SfltBAGB TICEET I In lbs Ctetoani City. wlioh sails icr Chagrvsoa thg 15th ,uet I [Ipyln MORE A U A H A " R iji ll.fl'ra est -ioi*G To caliiornia.->ok bale, tub bisr * wholesale and retail Liqaer Sture in tii< Sixth *trd. well tabli. bed, and plertt if e?iu coatoitern long lease end low it a chenoe ukn ihls mty neree Iftr agnln Also n Or onry d a ortnr Benin. Oood staads. Apply to OILLEirlR, to t,Ml I earl sirret 1 IaLIFORMA LIFE ASSURANCE.?THM Hitlllsll CoM J n eioial Idle Astnrtno* Company of Lo. don (cap iai tbrss ilion dol.ars) oonlinaos to take best as* risks o.i lives of renns sotag to California. FREDEBICE SaLMON <OV, Qeneral Aannt 3k Wall st. 1 AlirORMAAH will find aT the ATORC op the -A undireigasd. Provisions ul ersry dnser ptlon n-ogesary tot am attar linr arrival at San '? oseo. All artistes put op iWeep, and to wsrrai md. PritWd Hits, eoaisinira th- qnsa ty ninaassry for individnaU or aatnoiatio-a fat-al-hod graMiitona r A. R (MP, lid Wall street, .hew York. rubhjau r>OST' ONEMENT.?TIIB GRAND MUSICAL rF.lTlF.AL ' la sid of tlw Hebrew Bt-eeo eut So-'ioty, Op.otpousd until ii'.daj evening, the AI A instant, in eoats<|ueii?e of tha India, otilion of Medline Isbmoe. AHOLPHUS 9 SOLOMON!. Hon. 9so est try. k/f (lill'si. ISA bUMENTi-TURSUBKRIBER. iMOA VI Itr asd Msanfhoinnr. keeps oonaUaiiy on band the liitnsil aorta rat of Manns I In tr uKii.ts in the otty. Country Mersets sre reqaaatsd la oali, before pnrcaaaing el nwhsra, at SI tilion street, soronr < f Ooid. Rl> k'D 8\\!K. LI AI DOT. FROM PAMIA AOCORDRON SNU 9RRAPBIM L> inner ai d repairer, and masea rends lor both those matnC isnta at 43 fltaatoa street. .Id floor. ^ ______ STAll* ItiLnKD foOPKKIY FOR SAIK-TIIHaB tt9 aiitenrto. repleto for ranlHoe oonnoctod with th? ku>iwof 0 t? aho aovera) tittl tor rcoicrnci a. p f OMiur'TTOet boon IT r HK-ottiB AIP" to l-f h IJ i.YMAM, liftoi, j. I, [)iai>0 rO?1b fur uu, ClllAT.?T>fO oouo dlt cord find it aetata Piano Fo?ta hating ail iho modern la r. vemonii In paitoct ordrr. I rteee. $126 and |IM. ToboeMa > d?), at 4m Brood wnj. i Malta tit M. Daguotr, TmoImc of I mo, w ho will bo at bono ail tola afternoon and bran ng of cor k < '? o?b . LfU-I' l-TBR HaNO WILL BITAUQHT BY 4 YOU ,10 Y1 lad),wh<t foot thrT''(i|n koiwtou?o of ai>ate, and who .t. ( vr tho moot itoaxceprionaMo ro'orrnoea lotna.f r ho mi" > ?- fw i|u?tt?r?toot* more adtaitcod (11 Apply to a. *ww 'rw l? <11 Ai IN81 itL MhNTj WITH TU BIST AMORTId o.eiit ot AooomIooi a Flutinaa Mo.,c Brian Jewelr . and m ey Artlnie , at tbo v ry lowaoi nrioHi, are to Oo foocd *i -f-obi't. It I'laliam . Heel, ai d iHU Jot?io 1 atioot. Aooocdtoa nd ii. jo taught, turnii, and rtpv.nd. TU*jD4y"bvsVINO. nVtcaV', k-?I_Oh?r? * oow aod o iamal drama oaJkd l?..L| * ' ? fUB'tjr. Mr M. B. CUrko; J ha Mr Wl at.- "ft Mr Jordan; 8.1 Maria Mr. 1 afford: L? data. Mr. , * *?' Jokn Smith, Mr? Oiker'; ?utn dmith. Kri Joih-tJmd: OMhoniu Hr. J. H. Mall; Taaaoaad. Mr. ?*'n ^oo.a, Mr. Gntildann: ? allalah. Mr *# ouaratx; Go<|U aa. k'.'a ??d B?ed, Mr. Dud! Mieoa. Mr O *. Smith. Ptr^u hfw. ,b* ?t UNOt* JOd.N?rrnola John. Mr. <JUWrtj hap*#* '??h, Mr. Jordan; Nieoa H*?k. ?rm. Gilb-rt: ' a. Mra. Waioot "w* eaa'a; Pll eontc Galinry. i?H *+>+-mmmm Ht. f "t MaNi H.iU'B NATIONAL Tm'ATEM, L ?TE CIT\ ra Jid U Tlx a ay oramo* Ma ca ij, win "? Y'LUAO l PHAN loM-fcoOiUud ttaanohamp, Mr. Mofarlaad; <;u io da rr p Mr. Booth; Ej.-MOdi a i onrmntl Mitt * Mwtorar; Oortnid*. dm. Ifhanrod. Tom piueeded brT'tUK UPrS OaN .an-cono otrot g. Mr Hu-tfc: irUn<i? Lanadorf. Mr" aood After whine, llLASwIlt *n (rah'IkR?Mr. Slaeher, If. * B. Chapman: Mr. Cracher Mr OaweX Roe", Mra labor- ] '?* To eono'tide with (ho OBseOTgD MILL?Pierre riervtnd. I Ir. Carder, IdwardeeTi.nrouy. Mr. Tiltoo: Life Mra I (her. I rood; Jaeoo-UneMiee ?. Mc.taver. Bore. He; tH Ufce. ??>M ? ipen at 6X " dloofc?comla win r ? at 7^ ) BKUADWAY CIMCUS. M7 B?UAUW?Y, MkAh CMINCR 1 atnaet?Toreday eveoint. March I], the new a ad ?|.l,?JU I > J ioiw Emree Sport, of Uerou'oa by Mown, Stout aaa ilenkina V four borro Act. bv Ml. W. Float. Tl.c lighting Pomoa Maat-.i Ma*. 1 let Saade will appear in a prinoipal eat The ??o>? to conclude, j or tbo tooth time hurt. with th? our uaaat ayerting eeene, enrtled.TUk PONY KaCRS, OR UNION COuitSB IN | lUHR-Moee, Mr. H. Gardner Widdy MoQowaa, Mr. Pentiand; ( Pat Mr. Dankii a: Italian Grinder Mr *. tyaai. Afternoon i wrfonraooe on Sa'nr-at, a) 2oV'0"k Admiaaon tonyery part 1 I (If hanaa Mht?ohtMroo ha* pgtoo. r Mk< iiamu' ball, tn tikoadwar. between 0 Grand and Broomo etruota, Op?o ovary night during loa took. Tha original and wall known Cbiiaty'a Miaatrola. organ ico IM2 theoldeet eetabdrhed baod in tha rorlo ; who claim, ind oan mhatantiata tha aatae, of being tha drat to harmoataa , Nerrn Meiodiaa and original era of the prwetit popular atylo of < Ethiopian entertainment*. [A prainiuu. of ESilO will bo paid to r iny other eo ituy iu exiefanoe, who oan piodaon trnleooe or a i uct right to the ahore dlatloauou ] Whoee Oonoarta ia thia lit), for a period of thtea yearn barn been revolved with gnat tn'roi ago ard favor, nnpraoedtnt- d ia the aanala of pnbiia miuarn out* in thta great mdimpoii* andoo tiuua to be unhily I rceived with approbation HV large ai d highly rerpootable audi n o. a, a moitoonvinoiiigavtatnceof their aupcrior merit and at- i iractivvneai They will bavo ?ho hooor of latrodnoiag a great va inly of oaw and oriaiLikl Melod>en Burleai|ue Op- ratio Clionta r ** onga Chaiactrrlatio Dai oaa. kc., in a manner fra<|uontl) at- I nlte" thnthan- or twi.ed the effort* of thle "* original" and "inlniuble" company, who ihallaiigo competition in erery iliimrt I Dent of Ethiopian raptwaaa ationt 'Ik* oompany cansitt* of tan ' mrformera, under the riivotion and mungi mraltfl. ^ Cbria- * y. ilia win la comprinti g a corn* of unripi-lled versatility and w a?nt. Admiealon 26 nanta. Children under id, half prion. lieora ? ipon nt7?l ot cert will o?mui?ai> at H o'aluoh. Au afternoon T V? eo*t < p t*a'nv*av. ooti n??> atei* aMP < n MK.\ 1HAN Kl KKUULK BUTLER >F1LL hlAU, TJI8 *1 aweaug, Tu?aday, March 13, tna p'?v of " Kuanxi tar A Norma " at iha Stnyvatant Inat. uta, ar 7^ o'olock. Tiokata M lieh*dof Mr t'oimatm. Janitor.f tho Institute, at tho An'or K douw. the Irving Homo, the Unl"n Uotel, at Mr Kranoia' and ol ir Ifookilnre* Pr'eeJIl. ??? r IiaLI.vA OPERA?aBTOR el A' E-hR'MSvauK CON. a> rt?Ilia Marrtii k has tha honor of nn> onncing to the c ;iub io. iliet ha willaive Ihfce Promenade Coucer'e, on ? cil eo- o! lay. Ti niidny, nio Fr day of tni* wo-k. Mr. Mereteck hn an- h pyed the ltalienf'pern Oroi esha, which dnrint tie pern Opa It latio min, aoqutr.d to di tingulahed a reputation. The Can a eru will he conducted in Hie eamo tua-iner a* e.lwo which met A atth eocli favor eltnr the Bulla given daring the winter, and the o anie decoration* will hu need for the houee Tha programme*. Which wll< he inn h richer in elaborate place, than thow uf the T f lot carl*, will be publirhed to morrow. Tickote Fifty J I'eur to lon-enao* und Bnnte; Twenty live coi ta to the Am- < phltla *if. j, BY UFMRAU lilQURiT, - H e Ml.13 SEIQNU UlfgND i Mut'cal Fretival, at the Tabei'iiaolc, on thi llthof d.eroli. It 19.?I a lit 311 hi ol Ful ci' n Uavid lithe origin il Fruuoh inn- c tua, e. will be p rfotmcd w th Mi e J. Nor tha 1 and I All inanoian* . tha i art talent in ti e city. '1 ha ohorut will noneiat of Oil to ee*, ' unong which revorul dntingnitheil un nteiira linva k nd'y eolun- , tiered, ai d all tha numbers ol the A'ucneun Muainal lvet'.tiita. Iha nrolmiua will ha compand of Ail mueiriane, among *" <cli tra atecial ol tho Aeti r Plaoe lMihen Upara: thi whole ondut tha lire ctii ii and leadership of Signer Han i The throe aoloa hy Mi l* i t I Norilull The rpokoi. peri will he d* In icd in 'glim liy dr. i * Lyme. Tho Telxirn?o a wlirte, on this occenion, aplcnd.dly ilianinaied Ticl-.ei*. St< bo bad at iha princical li ncle anil muiio 1 t titor. Bofkeortl.ep wiry in bra M and Rngeah ma be hud " I ti e mueic ttorc* oral the door* uf tho Tnbainacle. No pes*. ] L oiemant. Door* open at half [>a*t 7. * orforinanca cotnueucoa a th o'clock. t! 111 Mot OB MICK. AII'VI ION f. Ell ?HOUKfl! FUJINI IFNNfl 1 ? ? Arno'ts, ioi?, ?c ? mis ??a\, at u c on-on. at ^0 . * 'atliPtlre ?iro*t, will*o'd a largo awortincut ot T-u. Wooden j ft > d U it law * are, Toys, Doll*. Yaucy Article*, Culler/, Butan- , B in ? am Ao. 810. -\ to /1<in A CI.AlM SECUKAD BY BOND AND | 1 Jp&jHk\J\J Mortgage on llouee and I ot, in Waging;ton i>ayab e S3iM> par')oar if not previously disposed i f, will j "1 xt ttcld fit Auotion, at tl o UrrcfiDina Exchange, on Wtftr.nuUy, ' J d o 21st inxt, a? por future acv rttsements By ord-r f Mr* E. I Dunn, executrix of the into Joi n 1 u-?n Apply to T. W. fltflTd, | ) 4 N?i' n?n fi're* t rrl QU1N.F2 Nanssu strort. j B KDU *ALA. 1 ob 8alb?iive naarm oe eagle unb tow boat { ( dip: and a Canal Boat, in unoo erfr will h? diarnatvi of, luw, for cash or approved paper. Alio 'J<> tat hoot a I ia molt attain , itaUe, and anohoia, and cbuina. second liandad, ol rarioua a i?a. J. ItAl.l, IV front it, nun 247 South it, | I^OB UAI E?A 'JL08KOB OI'JSN KO :K A w AY C tKKI aQC. ' I hat little mtd; ntey be aeon at u.e itablo iu rear uf No. S Utihlw'ft' bqnaw. J f'OB SaLI-OK 10 LET, ON MOOBRaTK terms?a < ri nt claw three atory atiio bntuc, fashionable brown atoue J no. t, o< Aact'ton avenue, between Shtb and Slat etreito near ' Hadlron tquara Tim houav is repleiol with every o.<nv?i|io oe, ' iaa the Lroton. hot and oold, throughout; g>u hxtuioe, *o. fua ' Ir.nt parlor II 41 fo. t d<e;> with nn nrnnmeiital CroataorO'l tho 2 lent'O wttli n tea room 16 f< et. Tho aeoond ator, hat four ' 'oi ma ea eiiiive pauirea. and a hathm* room; the tea room la 1 Itted up for a conrervatori The toud ?te.y has lour and the itt'. live rooma. with pantries to?uoh flour. The huuao la not " tirpaarod tor tln,anoenud wolkt aeatlp by any of ir?aze north * il konttrenth i tie< t 7 no adjoin n? lot togt thcr with ona in ttia * ear, can he bed with the bnuee Inquire of W M. C. t tiNNBd, 75 At ti ?treet oornor of Natitu. '< 1 be prrmiiea ran le aeon b> n .1 it-r at the adjoiutn< Inoiao. BOAHUIRiU, Ale. jrt 1'IlK UNI. EHttllaN r 1) UfcU i TO IMOKM TUE riBIJQ Ui?t she will mmlinoe Me boarding ? <1 lodging ua anllm runt ot ti?r ilmrutil hu.buml rouepti Krstant Iocs'ed at HI r R 'Ihun ?trf?a. JO<KP/ t?aTZIH'? Wtdsw. BOAhDIsO.-A t'EKSON UAVI >0 A HOUSE PLEASANT)jr situated. nut ibm miiiirub' w?U fiorn Emtio ?er y at , i.o c< n?uiu u.i ol'tlit llclubu, would so luairaoda'n agcntls* Dsn and Ms wife, or two lisgb gsutleiasn, wild b?iud. aj p.y ] it Mo b Widow ttrsst. J I^O tTUANGIRH?TBI IIKOAOWAY UOTEI. IS ON T IE J c, run of Vrosdwai and fork t luo. mud dlructly opposite t i.e City Boll, fori:, t'oun< un. . IirfAEI. 3 TUCKER, Proprietor. ! CLUTH1NU. NOlIi RTO QBNT&?Mu% 18 TB? TIME TO BAVE YOB H Flock and Unw Coat* cleaned aad ispair d tor tr-; pun ; a* It lint* t loo to lesvo oil overoc* ?, by bsriiig th-m olound aid baada< uibly pioi-aod to look cjual to now, yoh o-neuve naoy dollars by oaillug or sonding a no to to Mo. n Murray it. isar Hroadaay. A. COitridAOA j M. B.?Mobtesm or dlmgreeebls color* ng used , PAhls 81 YI.E r'. ! VI'.H OF FIMEiT WORK M ?MS IIP, unsur|aencd In tlus country, undo to tueasmu at Uuio,,'i . uaauiaoiort, l b WU.b>m st up amirs, tor 3D per omt less (bin , aio?? a>ua ly chargra for shirts witliout snaps or fashioa Tlis j iiD.rn tn orders daily isosivad prsvn r.holr great superiority of n ly i ano fabrio. I g nmcRi.i.A Nf.ouH. ["k ham'T.?warranted or the but quality.? . L/ 1 In- Nawarkaid Hveandsl* LIilo and t emeat Coiiipooy'a I lata White's) llsdraalla Cement Uino, ua s'd aad ground (Has- ? ir, n.aibio oust, lot sale ai too Is agents for New 1 ?ik, ? BR* DMRt. bBLt fc CO..7*? ort aadtaf. N. Yak. j "t?'Al.- I All 1 1SCUARGIM0, kVaay DaY TBIS WERE. f aba boat t'caoh Oroaard Coal, and dalimrlog at theso low kaa? Ml; Store ant Egg. K? p-r ton. PETE* (JLIMTO.v oor. K ng and Grisnwiohsl JTAlEN IsLaND IRKItV.-lRaVE NEW YOKE AT9, ; 3 II, t, A aad <S o'oloek. Dears , Yaadsrbiit'a ban ding at b, u. I, 3 aa 6 s'slnak | GRAPE viNE!-.i8ABEi,inA ANDCATAWSA--5IK?ITIIREE j tar old; H 10 two >i nr old JWKJ > no year old. lines viuol ne eery Hlo Aleo. icy o*a?n?i?t oolloo-io.. ol rtoaea?ota lung it it* moat aeloot kind*?Hytfid, Parcotiial Bourbon, li neal, lea. Nntioite and Inira iiua?a I offci ti e ?'?.vo at reJjcoi lit**, no aooount of ab-aiigDiy ba mm. J.tllfcS B. WBlrf, ' ] 11 lit < rntr of XT.-oue si il T? a y rChtn urcct. , TDK V A UA BliB STOCK MP BILVCP WtU. ?AT. IIM, Jewelrj. lliaiLiadn Mttbtee, Poerla, Ameruda ar. an. of Sainton tu<l Tpadweli No. 1 *a or H?nea. aiU b* and at a great I aeiiflce fir caali, nodi April i ext. ?lion ti e ?o-.da ron-nin u< on ] . do will bo fold at Rootim. aid the ooxccrn ul?ot>d by order of he a??tgDeo. y riBKNtZE* TdVLOB * SON. WATCll BANL'FAOTIJREd err, London, SBTlug xamrlAUiOd that a innrl rebio number ' il N a ton j.oren.0. it nam larljr boon metnifeotutoi fir tlto Ame ' can matte', t" which thilr nam. t horn b^ao frauilu o ly p at, . rub the ondgo o/pulnitng upon the puO'lo tu nan at an or illi ) oil known o.aha of hboatdar Taylor A 4oa i,'ndon no moa no- "| onr.ttd lor the n gt> hD'ib and correut pnriormanoo of their mnTO. . i cat'. bo'h 1 Iron and tl..|il?x lioroby caution Iiiiik rceie, I 4 << h baker* and arbor* again*, the fraud ind to ran.mead for te pr> n n >on th*l ail .rd-ra to in tutor* ? "troanad d rect to i bom in i on'on, with a r?ft err* kbit#. or tbmut'i t. e bona* of 1 laibirk I rtoliard, m?r?'ni.ta 7"' Bioad arret, N. Y; 13 lUr, rtt'n Hu bin aa tioito ro l/.o<i"U atlil'I'iltitK a Til i. uhlllBH a * Li nuk f I a HE moan U. M. STEAM- 1 tlrjw. between fimtouand Lp rpI'd hip* boiaoeu Now c Ifork aeu Liverpool,rallitg at Halifax to laud tad raoilva oiaila t* d |iaaWT>ai ra: - . gait v?pt. U. Jmlbina, nihrmfit.Capf. VP. J. (Liang, Africa .. " a.. Pyrin. Niagara.. " J. Stone. J ami en. " N. Simmon, Canada.. " ? (larifocn, J Ait ja.. " t, Cambria. " J. Lei lob. I lunoua M W. !> u* ite, Ti,at n-raela oirj n clear white light at maet heaJ, green on btaiheerd ba.iid i"d re port bow. all t, na. I qat. Heir *>.u. lr. u ICe-oa. Wadneodn; tlat Mar.h Lreiula, H.UxrtiMm, ** N. Vork, do dih April. I ! Maaara, " A. Ayr" Bnaaun. do IKtn taiupt, " *. O LvtC " N- York, do 2d ll.ty. . an hi'*. " N shannon, " Boelun, do 'Jth ' an ix|?i'enrrd eorga. n on (Barn. Knight will la o larted on pcm it.)oi d ab amou-1 lor expoitao*. All lottnta and ow,|aiara mint rau thrungn the pi*-, office. Puaange froea Now Vera or Boatoa toU*??poo1,a?tt aahtn, |1AI( tooond cabla, I 5.70 lit freight or paaaago apply *<i A. Cl/NARD, Jr. .*.< Broxdtvay. f-iOK SALP.-TUK ItlHd.? PTHB Bl BfTANTlAL dTKeM- | h'jat< LAHT1U OAK. hut' ttiaknrtlieo, ceorer fiatenod and in br*tiMo 'nit r. hat lug joa* beta dmskeo aad found to bo ta I 'XrilitLl c r-d.tloo. Mia it Well ealonlxtao ?ur a bargA and will earty an immriue cargo. Can ho txaninod at preatnlat tbo Dry (>? k. foot < f froth Mnat, near T. P. 8, eor and Co.'a lr >.i work*. | Pot tei me arpy ta auiam II. Senford, 30) fcaat Broad way. or T. - F ttcoraad < *.. foot til Mot* moot TO SHIP RVILDtal-A LaHQfc QUANTITY Or b IIP Kaira if til mi, horn 6 to 111 iiohon, foj tain. la lout* i?i? itinkittn. aa whan. fo. t ? |;m itrtwv Pftrtn tnt, Ariltio DaNI.. t D* it LINfl-lAth at. h*mr l"flt arr*'>* Nt? YOhK. MAUCII Htm IMA?CAI'TAIN TICIOB, l>? Mho. r: r bora*, aiaa bn utd t.tof, will i>iM*a unyl ! e tl awl i !>l th? <;*i Ulo aid crew I ih? flahla* tn?k Mm/, It r On lr Haiti) at* rat*, drd lo an la tlx latr *a'? <* ?M* cmhi, w* lain* in a idakug eoaaltWa. aad txr f ubnaitl: iIm Fk ilicir h< i.tkuml) tnllmttl if a* wrhOa ?? b aid Our tonal, Stf-iC. (i 11.ES 8AKTLRfT, Lap*. I JAMES LA (JKANT ' C.VdM EHBAMBt. 1 I CtAPJAlNR or VIShSLb AND HHLSB OXNbRA.*o_ / in molted M hi ?a artlolo of Ptr.i Qiata. at brilliant aa >i r III' cat N had Iraa. abroad, aad morn for Ml* at No XI BaillhA Hlif. by tho Momlbet in r TUBO. RCIIWABTI^ L-7EAl4?RANT*LOPE. CAPTAIN 8 VaN VI. KM, *11 T, U rot*?* Mr rofa'ar trip*** ITadnaadao. Marrh Uih. bet torn ft? t oik aad Naw Bruwewlok. Iter lag Now Yark a. 3 o'tiloak, f d , aad Naw Prniiwlok at *H A M? laodirg eaoh was at t>?*tlia. Woodbttd**. Tottta * I aadhc P*Hh, fiwaolft aodiAR, aad Mactia'a Dock. I #?trnt!MBnTn. 1"'"* ? MA*sa4tu pRorvr OHOADWAT TB*aik?-_ ?fc??ad ^v"1? lVr^^,^7, ""* } areata#, Marcih 13. win um iLilL"AN aSD Tu? MiN Oi *1 ivi-dt. Atpon. ar * k. u k ? i*. Mr. Col)U? Virion, Mr. Mtliaew.; duraiebr >i io JT VT1' Hr K dhaw: Lady Uoo>, Mr. A kb it* SfJV ei!- !* Tu be fallow ad by the of tin KMl Kr. "iT?f^.00Jv,3r: "r c?"?* tb?a,t*mi BlAStlFlt oN^'i'-u^tiii?"1** "" To ettollivlft Mt.B"taw ?>?. ??>?' Mr. B.J..W iwkir, IW* Cm. , md ?'!LlSli,,,JW H'owhard Vn" I out...nL *? " ?* . ? "?- "iiwK ? miM| BX Ml Poor* opea at T; cotnmeneaal , RtJRTOm TUOATKE, CUAMBRKS HT?lli> knatk.v aranlng, Hwlil.1 "nllbeplayrdtheNEiiVjiMS^d inn THk^ or >ERva 1,?,^ ?Tn^ir m'*?a Mr. ivengham; U> l?uh. Rr. Crrm-m Re ty Tt ooi k 'ud. with Di/MBKY fe SOV-iJ Do-nW Mr mi Mr. CirK-r. Mr. Jordan; Raj rJee Sagatoek, Mr. Brougham; 15 Too to, Mr. B??monil; laptoin t'uttla Mr Burio.i; sol otlla Mr. too 11 to."" MToJter Coj. Mr. Moan Jtnk UaorbT. Mr. *ron?. um lob, K'r ? ? Mr OmaUae; Edith. Mra J. Ii'tgkr; Plitrrh roDomhto, Mtlae Bill: Mr< 8k??t<>n, Mra V.-nmnj hum Bipprr. M'ra Bnwgham. Draaa cirri* tnd Porn tntto SuT r?mlly < Irnlo 'Mt Poow opoa at 7i oortala rim. at 7)f. MITCBKJl l ' &laYMPIO THCATMK.?BMNBPiroF MISS ( am t>n? i aa?a e*?nl?g, Maroli i\ to m.romance witfc kt.0 8PIAKS FA, <*p? .* h"le* *r "lokioeoa; oik) l.diowed by 1* W ELHU UIRL?Sir Owen flttB Im, g. >trl<l. boo; Julia, Miaa Mk ry Oannau. Aftorwhlen CIVC -(ai.Da -i I*ude Frulio Mr. Area '< : Onaeiatodo, Mr Mlckhuor; "lorhn, r. Ri'in.l n Earn. taldtp, V "?ry Oanno.. To eoiiolurfe with 'AMaRaI ZAMAN a NO BADOIT 0 A?Rung. Mr Nbuiutoo; amar Iranian Mhia C'lirkA J,n Siiuj, Mr. Arnold; Baloura, (in Pliiii pa; Maimonna. MMa Mirr ( annoo; Paaaioh, Mr OonoDt?.a Ctn te fiti c?a>; Ifpror Rosea IS coata. Pit lxjf OBtf. Doora opoa at 7; NBWt 1H Bt.t?ab*AY TuCaTRB ?a OARIX-MB. 0. PLlCIOM noiii ri'irrtluliy.nt.onnuKa U Mi frioiidd aud the pa hi la, h it I,,. Ui-nilit. ia r.| i??i, md for f ?k lue day nrrning. Maran 144k I oil a aollit o'kttTaaMva tt l iu*n iota will lit iruaantrd Mb. min a. the Irlah (omodlan and vo.-atk t, will ippoar In ooo|nnatrn w.?h Mr Plntide, in afaTOrliw ft. una ana Karoa, la la I l.i I ox h. ok I. now of n. A I'aKI .III VU III Tlliieil OB D.1P . .. . . .... fx taiiael benefit-Mr. Holland hog* l??v. to laforin hi* i ir> ai.d 'l.o put.lio that Lis farewell he ostit ?UI take ptaoa ti Krrt?), Itiilt Matuh. btiig tlie last night but on? of his api tra. ca- TI o i till rit'St v?ii will la (by pus tloular dri'rl) tka ?lite coined. of "Ti Cneonsbury Fete." 'ha imtttive hutiott* vl i<t ' A B iy A t r 'he Fair." thu langhghV throe of ' ttrx larva" a p ! ular ixtrayagnuia, and a Variety of other tutar * tnsf* BARNUM'B AMERICAN MUdKLU?ENTIRE CUaNQSOF Noveititel Mplondid tie Hermann* a, every aftert?->on atS, aod vo-? g at 7H "'olook Hit Mimiigtr Iran engaged the moat rondurful curioaity la existence?a Female neUhuig A1' poundx ensuring etven fort round the want! 31 incite* around the arm? hi* rrmerkabe lady In much more of a curiosity than tin pa 'WBcd Daniel Lauihort Sbo mar be seen at all hougp, with ft tula, the Fairy Queen. The celebrated Lea Family; lta reat Fqufilbrlits and Bet-torn Juiitlera, have alao been engaged, lso engaged. Pota Morris, Mr. Chapman. Mr. rVpeland. tsiaa i eat, Mrs. Moeell, Mrs. A van II, Eta., ttc Living Onrang Outacg. Isdamu R'ckwell, tha fortune-taller; Admiseloa US ecntai aildten nrder IP yearn. I'.'K ncn'a. rui cheat chiNARa mitbeum. m h no a o may, ueA twirn pring and Prince streete, and the naly one in thia >ui tij, onnsiita of a great number of lifa rise figures o' Chi ota, I ill oluneei; a veral hundred Chinese ptli. hogs; aportmant) ia "usca; stores and reavis, laodo'a of pasodas temploa and iiriner. rpwiut'iis of Chinese niarufsoturet, iheir agricultural <1 mechanical implements inrtruuirnt* f mualo. laotoroa so, o 0|?n fiomnlaa A.M till ten P M daily. Admittance, XI aite; t hildten uuder t? aire, half price. k,|ON?lki;a ADHIBV8 VARIED AND EX' BAO-IDI.vl nery Exhibition e' taoat wondeitul and astuu.ahlng uovelii-s, o?. ry evening at half past sotou o'oloox. at Minerva llaJA >e. 4o? Ilr--.dwav ' dmlnsion. (Vie ohildrrp. Me. FUANKLIN TUBATHK. CBATUVM SQUaRR? PROPRIt'lor, Leo go le-a. Doors open at half-p*et fi?pertormasxe oirnienco at half-past 7. Boxta i!fi cents; pit 1 llfeeista. Grand a rl'orn Bhco e/trj cvei ing oot siatli g ol the Female 'and of t'liio; isn Perunadara, 8u?taary, with a variety of saleat rtortatoniei te. LF.t TUHB DT THEO'DIMTA KI'KE.-M*. FI.iKB WILLd'iivot his la?t Itemteat the coliseum. this ereniug. upon he aa'onishing o mi ilhcted by psyohological remedies, attar > hioh loine w do- til experiments will fco oxniblted. Cartle garden.?the above ifeli-known sine merrusortcau now boei-gacsd for Eveninga muse men tod upon the et'snii g sets', n. For further nartinniara, and terms, sppiy t the office ou tha promises, or by letter' n si paid I directed to he proprietors. FRENCH k BETTER. 8PKCUL NOTICIC*. T A. O. It. l?R iND HOAHD OF D( tE'irORfi IT. S. REJ preset) tatitee, are hereby notified that the Marah ipiarwrlF lasioMi ot the U B. O of O. 8 wil. heoouvenedae tie Grand o 111 Koein. Nn lli and48 Centres root, in the eity of New ok. thu Tueadoy, eieuing 13 tilnst. at eight o'clock ? ui ciual aitendaaou ia ro'i"> s'rd. B; order iQ'IFB dEO-t'lB M AXON, O 8. Exhibition of rnuiTd and flower*?tub ambrican Asrioul ora' Aseociation will hold their first weakly ixbibi'lon of theteasou, Wednesday of aaoh ?mt) at Mr. Data. v'a, No. HSfi Broad*ay, on Woaasslay, the Uth or 11 arch. Ad. litter, re fn e. HUDiON K1VCK KAILROAD < OMPA<tY.-U>AN.-NO. tico it hereby liven thai of the l/o?n on >ho B tide >f this Company, oflorud by piopoeale leaned under diu of iHth nstent. I as been Ukao op. To efford a'l Stookliolden an opportunity to seenre tWr proimpttye right to Bond* ootirertible intoHwk which tho. obtained inter lit) original autieeriptton it ie ooaoulered proper by too Board that the time lor receiving enbaoriptioao for mteh B ode trim those atookboldera who hate not already eubear)cod or takes them, eball bo ox'uadod to 30 daye lro? thn publication of this lotiee. vit., to the Slat day of Berth, tn 19. After thatdav the igbt will oeaee aad lie Inet to tno original eabeeribara and tlioir ionises. Up to that date inoluelvt, remuna now holding "toot ?f iho company may tubioribe far Honda to one amount of tboir ?took on paying down S pur c<nt. ahun ruoulpta will begieoa ts ,l:uu. eoonrihg ilio original precinpuro rig t, aad on ton a Mae oiras In all respects that aero siren to take ra of Boodron MM fiih of Pttrnary Tho Boaoa issued botDg $#W, titoafc. toldci a of a loea aroosD t will be allowed to ao<|uira other Btnok by ran. hi to make up enough lor a Bond. *1 lie rata ia par P-r Uoada bearing aovon per oest interest, aad ;i 11; per emit for Bonds bearing aix per emit, ooth coov.-ruale .illhi. uve y art from thoir date la'o tho otoch of toe Company, ecordfrg to tin amount ic'ually paid for ti em. Aire (its may apply fir Bonne for dnckltoldora. In amount! net ire tl on ibd.UUt' to tlinagiirnsrxte. and tl e Company, a* oflbrtd by ie protuite.'a of the ISih February, instant, will pay anon agents coir.u iwnoii of ono Kr ent. J. M liOI'dl Mi, Tmasarar. N. II?Tim abrvo notice oitporsodeii tbe^idveruaenient leaned s'creav on thia subject, wl i li was ttmivold-ibly draws up hi MOO. rid a '.I' nub with ainr.e t) pugraphluat error*. NowVntk. Mar'li'at 'M# r() BM.INKJR . K.UhW.t Y CUhPhMiS. ,ko.-AN 1Y-jineer,?l connilnanieexperience In F.urtaidft tu the mane iu'u>o ol ml kindi ol ttpli,e Mid luacLtier . xruuta animation nbtr in u louodij, or on ? iniiway. I lroct t? L. C., Herald fliic. Noiiciy?TBI ?VMQtlBBU ustituv uivt MOVlca nftlitir nittntAm to 1.0ply to 'h 'I'u-o of ih? dtaloo-f tew Ymk dr.rlmt tho pteeetit ien-ion t'..-loot, fni tin act t1 Uoet/ rate then teloei Qtill ilioir aiwtnlatiunder bo enrnorate name f' The International Art I.tilno." tor t'ie purpose of promoting .rd txtindtnr 'to tne'c t t the t*uo jci intou ; out ino l/mtua l<Dtei. Aow Ymk, I h.W. 1S19. AlXU'-lut iJttUi'Ii., T J W)!)<).?? VI IB <t. AI.PitRO MelVOUSr, WlUUnd W 1AIH. DA a iMh YT<y)l<t.-UOUNT.iOY AMMBbY. no :i, B O. of .18I' rn?r>>, w til ?tvn tier Kir-t Annual U til, en Tueidar night, Mnrrlil'O IHtH, ftt 1 ho Apollo Siilmiu. till Rr*doar. t'linoun unto* | Joigot1 rmtelvr# that they will tpiro no pair a to moke t ei 0 of the pleura tec ball* of tV-aeaoon Dint ?'1 <o brat .1 -rata l)ai d i. ti mired fr the oeoa?ln? Tioketa eat be hod of 111) of the ei trmittee, at tht follow nr p'sera:? tenrji f| fnjn1 en. IhN William rtine*; Stewart Ai new in. dZI Thnopannafreo*; loin Mi l III I., Iliti Alilridge tenet; Ikntraa Make. I> I We?? rwcp|i?th atrnn", Thorn>a .Holer "in enrrer ol Pntr. and Conoonl lre*t?, Brooklyn; John O. flcei in, ll ior tpaoagT HllW-'Aii. fTMYErSITT OK NP.W YOH 8 ? M CDICAL OEPiiRTU met t.? Tit animal oonitr.enonn.rat of the Medina' ..- put i*nt of 11 ? Knlxete'ty will be hrld "n W ndnoada j, Mirth 11 lb, 17 o'clock I1 M , In the chapel of the Uulvoridty, Waihtngtu* 'nuare Tleeddrceeto the iprrduatea will oe dodvared by Pronraor Vat.tioon. The rrofeaeion, and tul'.io ruaorully, ate repcetlnlly inelwd to etui d By order of the Faculty. JtlflN W oRil'BH, M l?.. t.-ntarr. ^ jMPOkTatvT i.r.rrEK from^ ok i tOiv" Dp Iti m 41n MiTfh, Hi u'h, Kuet ei.n Wvet :? ? I waaiOieied with Aathina forfMtrtertiyoarr. toil had tri.-d i.rcrj teuiody in the r untry; I had aim boon to eavrrol p' )t oiDiitki.d torn d o relief nhatavir. I wte adhered at t'Bieoo acvcrely, that, the blood would ;-oah fi om my ceo, iwul my hnathiae wn tliflionlt lid'td. tin) diaeraj bad avi.cil tt or d e tliat I dmp.ired ofercr ?Hint well, wr.on t chanood to pet a bottle of ' Wiatar'? Bo'oom of Wild t'lierr;'." which vf feem! n p-rftctoar ,ond 1 now oooolder myself perfectly noted. II it oau te proved by anribrri of man Hi Pnnklfa o-onij and licinity, X think It my duty to lac it k. known. TDOUaS A. PATRICK. Franklin ecnnty. Georpfn, Mot. I?, IHtd. Be a ot droet ri d: remember (hat aoortoiu Im katUna and other jn paratior.f of Wild ?lu rry abound thron^hoat thii and bat la a i?. * taupe thtt haa po'torabd to maty fion<aod wandorf.l inrrrj thtrtfrrr hny no otner?boy the re nine orytunl Ba aara ad F'HCbenrj.arnrdX flu tea, on 4* a wrapper. for w l?. a h 1'ia raid retail by Meaara A B. fc D Sinda, IOB Futon .trior a'mer of William !I71 Bro-idnay?Irrlny Ilonaa. nmrr ot t'hambar at- Pat Hold A Co., 4 Wlacohor atrect and by he druyytata ye aerally. Maun ITU powders. rorc tub DssrtiUuTioir or etcbioit hee, bed buyo flite, flooa. a.'.too, anU. uioofu itoee, n.d yarlouo other In* ou; alio. Pull I t ttm ''eetrmittnn ul rata tod m m Wairantod without (rdaon. Orttflcatce frin tin a< it eminent pbynriararf ntir city may be ece.i at the oflicr.? b B ?lime ar'Hlep roc.lead thohiyheat ptamium at the la to fair jfwiBtrirtn Iwetttam. i. 4 too iyi tirovtway. 1NFLURN/A. (XiU U\ COuDS, H H > I; 4 A IStl. ?,?!.? Pcraona who era afflicted with eitnir of the above oemplaiat* aobtala tn mediate rein f ard cert on core iythvttv of Mra. larroil'a Mmicatod Vapor and Hotphni B>th?. At Brn-tdway. [Kan Betl ahnva teas in opemtioa Bam HjA. < ad hara baaiairmmet.dtd ly tba Drat [hytaoiaae in the city nari a .a inoti >n itniiivktraan M t ear lhatham (treat. a > well kuown ?? '.be uojl ante# ml Jrao UluMT in Ntvr Yark, In lha tramit<.r ttneralimilH. hxi Do wn'r repntatio, f-rtMil In th <?a -It r.n-fotml o*?? that tare nxirt 4 for )<*? la pr* eminent IH ?t atrlr tnr>, ulnar* ipun Uw bt dj. oi in Ike throat or u<?r, pun* In the Wad ?od bur m of the leg*, r lfo< tuoll c urd Con ".iiutioonl xtlMl, l-ronpht on hj ? ncnt hafctt 'ndoLtd in hj youn| men, iiiulu l?<civ|i<?t df.o ? find ni*liti? ?n>l? o*h ) eitireU pm'ontod. Berriitcam unird la four da) a, without inore?r/. Woaltaratiaa la diat, orpcaeattiaa from buaroeia. Minn rxtraokdimakv wo*r-to tb? marajmr OTtbvw oonuntp latin* BUiimtj- >'** Rarrtad *?> > STT?ff?^ft^aSSsSS ^TPk?--r-:-l'r t?* worried. ai< 11 dboltaa* Itiparteat Nirata whiohiboald W?a?wa ?? ?bmt paibjcoiarty. Ratajeatydwaat? tail dMo??e* theraow*. ?J A|t?*<N and tba matt Ha? iiex vt4 mottoertiln riodt ct ct*t la crepr cam. For tab at OA ftradaar at tha tnM'tlilinofoe, 1/9 IJbartT -meat,New Yorki Oa. A'laujr; W*. H. D*?U, Bwtta. On tha mobpt a* ?l a am S3 ta wtm-'itbd l? ail. ?< t' P'.'Hb. .*? m ft ^ fi Sniud I'ttM All leibrt reoal La add ratad. pot* paM.M Da XIV RAIJ*1<?AU. tar 1.5*. Van* rt^r nfllaaltSrdhnp. ? ** ?? _ _ AOWBE WARRANTED FOR ONE DOLLAR?'FRIYATB Re?hcal t'fhea, M 3il (>,IFW* k'oinle ) Uaatap I ahaid ? Ft- ack hixturc, vil'-a $1 par ikkMo. U warranted to sara all raw of a pnruta oarnra la a Uw daja. N IA?Tntaoflto* h?a kra laralliabed over thirty yaara fut tha com of all dm ? ?1 a prWale nature. R. Ml'RKlW M CON lim M TO R> CONSULT*? COMVilo tiari? on ptiiam diacama. Ulecia, (tricar a. vaaaleai ulrrr> and eruptx aa ba cot*.a where other* fall, kaoaat mm cnrtd la a fcw dtp* N?r*e?* and organ!') (lability ha w*ritna to i hi?. Baa tua Louden dtp Una a la ait oteanK FwL ton ________?_ DR. Kaij-a. at raoRor THR "nuunoALFRITAS* Tikku," Re.. 8S Otae ivrKb nm -tflM hanft f ? U A. R S to? '' R (."avndn ennpiid) tVo?* whoapptl la Ma(at will b> taepl'od at the rapidity and HMW laaa nam a?c not. a tkin wtu. ItUoktafly. how??a?. tbotawA* ****,** or. d drew a tarsal., o.aatot po?i>l?, who aaa pulbQ *W? ? datcrrirM in atrlrturo. tr-at ill ftrak or lnotp?ank b lb WW -dmactdand dtatraml.-a r??c?A (barn ttPCPtme''. adTtatyj ad a ??/ MHlw piaeboe,) ha naa a?ad a raplA^?a^. .**1 radical o*> >. >Iiav h*??pmnd i?t tta tab taa NHMM * ? to c t^w Iowa (a A noaba.

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