Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Mart 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Mart 1849 Page 2
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DR. TOWNSEND'S COMPOUND EXTRACT Of S ARSAPARILLA, THE MOST IXI RAORDINABT MBDI8INR IN TR WORLD. Tkii Extract it put up in Quart Bnttltt: it it tix limit Cheaper. Pleaean't , and warranted tuperiar t? any laid. It cum wit haul vomiting, purging, litiraiRf or debilitating the patient. TBI gnat hearty and .oportnnry ot thia Baraaparilla orer all otJiar madieiae, ia fiat w lit it aradicatca -Jw duoaaa, it in rlgorawo tbt body. It U m of tha vary bun 8PRINO AND SUMMER MEDICINES r known; tt not o-ly purifies the whole system and strengthens toe pereen. bat it cmoe new pars end liah blood. npower p*ssesard bv no other n ediotre. And in thle lie* the grand secret ol ite wonderful mouse It hen performed within thr lsetflveyesre more than lOl.UUH cures of revere cases of d -ea^e: et leaet l\0UO were considered incurable. It ha* aarrd the iirat of inure than 6,000children durl g the two part nasoei. 10,080 Cares of Qmnai Dtbility and Jfant of Nervous Energy. Dr. Ibwasead's Sarsaparols invigora'es the whole system per wintir. To those who here lost thtir mneeular enemy by the effects or mcdici. e or indiscretion ouminltted in youth or the ex* oeeeiee indulgence ot the pensions, nod brought on a general phy Bioal prretrati' n ol ihe i e'vons ststein. larsitude. want of ambi tioa. hinting eei ostium premature d.?s> and deehno, hastening towards that fete I disease, neuind ion. can he eutttely restored by this pleasant ren edy. This S?r?sp?riils is far superior to any INVIGORATING CORDIAL, as it renews and invigorates the system, gives aotlvity to the limbs, and strength to the muscular system, in a moat extraordinary dagrte. CONSUMPTION CURED. Cleanse and Strengthen, Consumption can be enred. Bron* ehltia Consumption, Ltvsr t ompUiut, eolds, cattrrh, otugha asthma fpRtingof hi'od. sotnnees in the oheet, heotie Bush, n gbt sweats, difftoultor pro'use expaotoration, pain in the side, ito have been and can be oured. ' 8PITTINO BLOOD. __ _ , Nxw York,April28. 1847. ssf,Towneend?I verily believe that >our rars.psrilla has been toe means,*hrous h I r-vninnes, of savingmy I fe. I have lor sera gal years had a bad oough. It heoame worse end worse. At last 1 raised .laiga quantities of blood, had night suture, and was greatly dehilita'od and reduc. d. and old not expect to lire. I havei only need your Pans par ilia a shot t rime; and there has a wonderful obauge he n wrought a me. lam now able to walk 11 >vtr tie 01 ty. 1 r?'?? ou blood, and toy tough has left mo. Ton iu wall kBH u? that I til thankful for these ruaulu. Yburvtedioi.t unait, WM. allasKLL. M Catharine street. FEVER AND AGUE. Dr. Townaend'i Sartaparflla lo unequalled in casts of ths Chilli and Fever and Ague Thr f -Mowing letter it only one of hnndredo that we have reosived from the South and West of like baraeter. O.vwroo, Mich.. Oct 22,1847. Dr. Towwscn n: Dear Sir?1 purchtaod for my wile two botUeeof Saiaapaiilla of your igvnt, Mr MoNair, of Kalamaioo. to try it for the Fever and Ague. Before 1 had tiuiahed the tlrstbotft it appealed to warm the blond, and every other day when the Chilli and Fever appeared, they wore leu violent; and before abe bad ttaiahee toe b. ti'a si e waa entirely relieved, and ahe wai muoh better than the h?d been before the took the.Agne. A lady that bad been very tick with the Chilli and Fever, but had brokt them with Quinine, ana was aft in a vary weak and d'sirenilng state, and treublad exceedingly with the Ague Cake, aeeinn the effect that it had on my wife ebe e-.nt and procured a faw bottles, and it rxetored ber in a tew weeks to comp ete heaJah. Vour SaiMparilla is, without doubt, unequalled in disetsos ine dent to the Weet, and it yon think that this coiruiuuioation will bo ef Hie, you are at liberty te use It as you chcoaa. Tours, re pee tfully, CHARLES U. SWAIN. RHEUMATISM. This is anly ote of more than four thnueand eases of Rheums ten that Dr. Townsend'a Sareaparilla has oured. The moet severe and obronic oaaea aie weekly eradicated by its extraordinary virtues Jamas Cummingo. Esq., one of the aRiistaata in the Lunatic Aaylum, Elaokweii'a Island, is the gentleman spoken ot In tha following letter: Blackwki.l's Isi.awn, Sept. 14 1847. Dr. Towifsawn: Dear Sir?I have suffered terribly for nine years with the hlieumatinn ; considerable of the time I oould not eat, sleep ir walk. 1 bad tha utmost dietresssing pains. and my limbs wars tambiy swollen. 1 bare used four bottles of your Saeraaparilla and they have done me more than one thousand dollars worth of good. I am to much better?indeed, 1 am entirely relieved. You are at liberty to use thia f>r tha benefit of the afflicted. Youre, respectfully. James cummins*. fits! fits! fits! _ Dr. Towaaend, not having tested his Barsaparilla in eases sf aim oi oourec never recommended it, and ?> auroriaed tori- I oelve the followii g from an intelligent and reeptctablo farmer In Weetohtster County VoncHAM, Anguet 13,1347. Dr. Towbbeud : Dear fir?I bare a little girl, aevon yeara of age, who ha* boon Mvtial yeara afflicted with Ilia; we tried almost eveiy thing f< r her. but without meets-; nt laat, although we oenld find n? reoommeade'ioD in oar oircular for oaaea like here, we thought, ae ehe waa in very delioato health, we would five her eome of yeur Sarsapaiilla, ?d are very glad we did, for t net oaly tiatotwl her etiet.gih. but ehe ha* had no raturn of the Fit*, to tur great pleasure and surprlee. She is faet becoming rugged and hearty, for which we feel graieful. Yours, roioeoi fully. JOAN BUTLER, Jr. FEMALE MEDICINE. Dr. Towneend'e SsrsapsriUa le a sovereign and speedy ours for Jaolnent Consumption. Banenure*. ProUpsua Uteri or Fal l g of the womb, ceativtnree, Plhe, Leuo .rttura, or Waitee, obstructed or difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, or Involuntary dleoharge there' f, and for the general pro* ration of toe system? no matter whether the result o< iubenntoaueeor onuses, procured by liiegulenty, illness, < r accident. Nothing can be mere sun prising than italuvigormiag eflecta on the human frame, Ceraoos nil weakness *nd lateitude. fr> m taking it at unoe become robust nod full of out rg>, under I'* influence, it immediaely oamervote the DrrveleMDCs* ol the leiualu Inno which is the great oauae of Barren lbs* Itwilliothe rapoted of us. incaaeeol to delioato n nature, to exhi bi t < ertiflcatee of oun a ptrformod but we oau aseuro'haafliicied. 'hat btadteda of eaaea have lieen reported to ua. Tbouaanda of, where families bave been witbuut children, after na n* a few hottlen ol thia invaluable medioine, have been Messed with floe, healthy oflaprtng. TO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. This Ix'.ract of Saresparilit tut been expressly prepared in reference to tena'e|Uints Mo female who has reason to suppms she it app uauhing that cri Ucal pen< d, 'Tha torn of lifs," should nrgh-ot 10 toko it, aa it it a certain preventIvo foe any of the nunureu? and horriole fluent a to which ft malm are subjeot at this time of hie. this period may be delayed for neviral tears, by UilBal thia n ediciue. Nor 11 it lees valuable lor those who are approaching womanhood, re It is calculated to aaaiat nature, by quick) nine the b'Oc d ar d invi.ora.liDg the ssatem. Indeed, this medicine U icvaiuab e for all tbe delicate dieeaaea to which women axe subject. la I race* tha whole ayetem. re ewe permanently the natural eaefiae. by rrmaviog 'be impurities ol the body, notietarati mule tiny ae to produoo luherquent relaxation which ia tbe cafe of maatmedir-iaeatabca for female weakneae and dlaeaai. By uaioc a few botllee of thle mediant, many severe and painful surgioal operations maybe prevented. GREAT BLESSING TO MOTHERS k CHILDREN I tie tbe safest and most effectual mediolre for purify! ar tha lya tern and relieving ihe sufferings attendant upon eaild-birth, evor discoiered It streugtnene both tbs mother aud child, prevents pal 11 aud dUtai*.', tuvu a e? n. d euric.oe the food; those wno have need it thins it le mditpensaule. It ie highly useful boib before and after c?nfiuemeb', as >t prevents dlsetiea attendant upon ohiMbisth?In C>?tivei can Piles, Cramps, 8'tiling of the Peek. Deepoudeacy, H*aribu<a. Vumitius, I aln in tbe Back and Loina False Paina Hemorrhage and in regu:atiog the sooretions and equalling the ournlatiun. it he* uotquil. The great beamy ol this medicine is. it is always sate, ana the most delicate use it most snrceasfnlly; very few eases require any other medicine, ia aotne a lii tie cas oroil, or aagmwia, is useful. Kiercise in the open air, and light lood with this medicine, whl always ensure a safe and easy confinement. NOTICE TO THE LADIES. Thsse that lmhate Dr. Townssnd's Saraaparilla hays iayariv bly called tbeir stuff a great remedy for females ke, ko.,snS bars copied car bills and circulars whiob relate to tbs complaint! ef nonet, werd for word?other men who pnt up inediofue, nays, iiiioe the treat sue est of kir. Tow-mend's .? plaint* 11.client to female*, reoorr mended their*, although preTitukl) they did not, A i umber ol these aaizturee, pills, ito., arc injurim* to franr**, aa tL#y aggravate diieace, and undermine the conjtitotioL. 8CROFULA CURED. This certificate cocclueivelv prove* that thii Sartaparilla ha* perfect control over the mmt obatinate diteaee* of the blood. Three penon* cuted In one home ii unprecedented. THREE CHILDREN. Dr. Townsann?Dear Sir: I hare the plotsurnto inform yea that three ol m> children nave been cured of the Kturula by the um of your excellent n edicine. They ?etr afflicted v?ry severely with bad core*; hare taker only four bottles it took tbeiaaway, for which 1 feel cyeelt ueder >reat obligation. Tour* r?*t>ectlul>y. ISaAt, W. CHAIN, 106 Wo esterftreet OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS. Dr. Tcwttfeod 1* almeet d*ily receiving order* from Physician* la diflcrent part* of tb* Union. TM* i? to oertifj. that we. the undersigned PhTtlolan* of the City of Albany, bay*, in numerous oaae* prescribed Dr Townneed's Sarsaparilla and b liuvait to be on* of tao moat valuatl* preparations tn the market. H. P. PUL1NU, M.D. J. WILSON M.D R. B. Blliaas, M.D. Albsnv, April 1,1847. P. C. KLMHNiXlKf, M.D. CAUTION. Owing to tbe greateucceee tid immemeeele of Dr. lowMend' flariapariila, a number of Don who wert fonteriy our agent#, h*ve cmmnnd n at log hai (oparilla ICx ractr, Clfxira, fitter#, Rxtracu o! Yellow Dock #10. They generally put it up in the e#nir ilapid hottUe. eml eome of them hav# #tol# aad oupied our MVMti?tn><ri>u. The) are only worthies# imitations tad ehou a re ?? 'did Pnaeipal ilfte. Pultun #trcet, fun Building. N.T; R?d ding A < .. 8 Mate arret t. u atou, iijott v Hone, I.'li Norte Hecom' street, Ptnlaoelpi i?, ><. a. ua, Cf l)rUggi?t, oil imore; P. M. Cohen,Charleston W ri hi ?t On, til i hnrtre# street N.O ; 1'lft Tooth l*nerl itieet A '>?uy aud hy all tli- pr no p>1 druggi te at.d u rrchetite gei era 1> throug out tl e Lo t.d tntee. War in dm# aid the taeniae. mj;i Hit' CURIOUS CASE OU CONSUMPTION. The following err ilieati r are selected from a large number received this wees. The tirel we# kindly f.irrar.lel tour hy l>r ColeelL a rrsiwetah e pi.yeiciar, ol ooeai vo praot or at <>sw-gu Ne.i York. ii# wine# tin t tt? dsraapanlla liar p, rf .rmt'l many outre, and tbe bettir it 1? known t. n ut r it le app tcnated. ilia letttr can Le toon at tl.o ottico. if any eirb to i? it. *?T Oiwiuo, Dec 10 1R47. Dll-CoLWEIJ-?Dearer:?Yh.?iet? cr'tit) that I Lave hen ucka ti.inler of year# with th? ' oneuu ptinn. ?nd that the peat euu niti I ratio low ih?I tny ff'e da thought 1 could not iva hot a lit' ehnrt tine, and h> your acvioe tlilukmg Inert ??iy it a loje left, I ciuitnircid takiog a?r. Towner ode daraeparrW, w hien roon gave me rel et I arew lw trr ijm ?r n? taking the Sariaparills, ar d ate i nw ai>'e to lw about tin homo and do tome w. rk 1 o*e m> rro. vory. tbue far. to the above medic no. and ht'ieio that it rave I me from toe grave. If you oh oro you in?y forward th:e sfa to Dr low or'i d a; at 1Y| t Rli \ R K '' AHM3PROVO We, the ui dtreigned, ire aci|uainitd with Mrr. Armstrong, and kiow its koova to he true. S?a?H lav,: *>gneOv, Ki.i7.ahkih Banrnpuwevr, Kr.iz.anr in (laui.ur. \U*v Court. WOSIlEliKlIL Cl'UE. ,N'.? V.imk l)?o 14, 1817 l)ii, T<.w ,MI?m ? > ?l.i. i Vt*r/ l<?y I rrov I " ? jjmrtt*. tor ? if ), u ' ,nnj?nli F n us f?#r? pi*vi? ? U- III r I ? ? V?l> >1 U 1.0 Q . I i ;.Ul >0 I'd u out l ' li m 1 l| c'liO to ! i i'i .!> > n"i ' n i H , ? t?f ; <i ?t '! Ill f I n top rill ivt Ift-i' K our Atr,?iur< i? I lull Aliliiirt '10 rp.,lllliot rOltlPlC !') I' t tt 1],., . ,( ;f| || y tf I It ..-To I UI vs" r. I ? '? <? *?': in" ' >' !' . I >n Mi'iirr pilu* m nit ? ! nt, Mul Uif , m o ?' tr uur'i f. I H|, .'...-tiiin r "< tii a y limit to l,rtlt??? mif milium ), rl . I .<* ,*l ? o. it fi'T tl ? I HIi li tOf U'?l .li i - It ,..i a oi I...i If , I V< ur tot if m ?. ir i? -l. i. Iv if >, if lici t? ft tlu.?, ' il i oo'i 111 i i i I'M Fiitumli. In li.ur vttki I wibii "k' . ' ii' il ii. ii ,. . , 11,-1 ItM IHI'M??1|I)' it I" ? ?'' ' I" !> ' .ry f -V ?r?l p rul li i to J on - r*i.. ri ; '-i i 'I I'tt'' h -i i i l t v t ' ii vtii ii,'..' iii < f dnotlnn otb-r- ?'on - }* li- < ' t ' ' " itf-Milli, you IB urlconi* to u,-.?u it i.u"?ii 1 'iri-. I iiv'iliuij, t, st MNLft, 7o Vi.BJ?ui Ktrit, SAND?' SARSAPARILLA, IN QiMRT BOrrLKS. FOR FURIFY1MS THE BLOOD, A I'D FOR TH? OtfRK OF ICIOnJUL, MIICI/IIAt IIUHAIM, RHIl'MATlAUt OWTAfWW iKWFilO>% ITVHBUIK ULCESa. IJT?? OOHri-AI'T, DVIPCrWA, ?OI?CMITl?, alt ihcr iowiwmw, 'kvsr go it |a it'll''ti, iiyuf llaa dom op appetite. p nplaa, ml, oa** al kkmiutt. he. THE PkI/PKIltOKS hA'e apni t much time to bnngiapthii Lioparetiop of sa?a|<i>riila to lU P'tooi.t ?t?to of p.rfaotiou; ?d the tapcrieme ' teur can jwnhw fatsiehad thorn the bm ample opportunity t? arudy. In their vari?m far* lb* dii.aae* lor which it ruvemmai ded, aud to adapt it exactly to th iir taliaf and cure FaiieiiU who wiah a really goad Jdadeli a Ma tartied lo piit a trial, and *?tiafy thomaalTM af iWaupartoritv, and tha invaluable rraperty It p.-*e*#e?? of arreatng and curing diaaaae. fl a b. ttla hi? Veen enlarged to h"U one Uuart, and lo iu praaeat improved form m?y iafely claim ta la the best and ehaapaat inadL i cma of ibeaae. Ira progress to tha tame it has attataad map ba traced by a loop tin- ottaottand our-a that atand aa landmark* and heaeoba ior tha Invalid, pointing the vayta tha havan of health, and what it hM already don* for the th n-aoda who bar* uwd It, Itiieapakl* i f doing for th* tntllioui still aulfari <p aad straggling with d ataaa It pnridea, oleanaaa and atrantthaaa tha ft uataia epringa of iifa, and infaae* saw vigor throughout th* who)* animal frame DYSPEPSIA CURED. Tha fellowinp testimonial, in m a pent eenan ao wall known a* Mr. Cox, require* so comment, aa it (ecommaada itoalf to all imilarly afiliotad New Tobk, Dooambor 18 1848. lfcaeia A. B. ft D. Bawps: - Gentlemen ? Having axpeneuoad the moot banallctal effucta from tha no* ol your mrsapamla, it give* ilo plauure to add my teaiimo y to the numerous oponta uovua euueivne vi u? ??" ?uiwi jra muauui; an receiving. My cm* ?u dyapeptio. or rathar I nay term It, a vtiknm of the dipcaute crease. tor mow ti an a year. I was troubled with wind opon my (too acli andita frequent eruotation, together with producing a epadmodlc oontraotieu of tba hetrt, otien give me much annoyance. After trying vsrioue remedial without avail, ar d these, too. prtteiibed bv one of oar moat eminent ptiytioiana I commented with your Sarsaparilli. Before I had need half a bottle, a'mnet > very rymptom of thie disagreeable complaint had vanished and in a few weeks itaoontinned use effected aoompete cure- 1 therefore confidently fee mmond it to all peraona affected in the tamo manner, and have re neon to believe that many who are suffcrng nuder a auppoeed dteeaee t f the heart if they would take your Saraepenlla, in a few woeki would And tbomielvea reatored to health in both mind and body. I remain youia very truly, JOB NT. COX. 93 Lexington avenue. SAND'S SAR8 4PARILLA IN PRUSSIA. The proprietore of tale valuable medicine havejuet received aa older trom our eaiemed friend and oorreapondent, Theodore A fay, Secretary of l.egaiion to Ua Court of Pineda, for the uee of a member < 1 the Royal Family?a oopy of wbloh we herewith lay before eur reader*.?H< me Journal. " U s. Lxoation, Bkbijn, Nov. 30,1818. " Gkntlbmkn?i with you to eend two doten bottles of your Sareaparilla, tor the u?e ol his royal higtinote Prince Wald'inir, ol iruasia, to thie legation, ae sot n a, possible, it is neoeseary that be shou .1 receive it imaediatelv; therefore, please aond ft by first steamer. 1 he bill can bo made out in the name of the prinee and tent with it. Yonr obedient torvant " TURI. 8. FAY." The following certificate from Col. fiamuol Q.Taylor, a gentleman of high etaadlng and extoaelve acquaintance thronghout the bouthirn States. and lately appointed consul to Now Uranada, oommende iteelf to the attenion of all New York, Jan. 7, 1843. Ueser*. A. B ID. Banns:? IrM LtMiN :?(laving mod and witm seed the effeote of your excellent pr>) erailuu of Carsaparilla oq different persons in van ous parts of the southern oounlry. vin?Virginia Louisiana, Texas and Mexico. 1 feel muoli nlemure in stating the high opin. ion entertained or its great med'Oiaal value In my own case it acted almost nhe aohaim, removing speedily theetervatsd state of the system, and exalting In the most egreeaMe manner, a touio and inv.gorating influeLce. Your Sarsaparllla n highly approved and extenslvrly used by the United States nrmy in Rexioo, and my ooueia, Qeneral Zsditry Tnylor. has fur the paet five years been in the habit of using it, end recommends the same ; he and myself adopted the hfLiclo At the i a inn time. A Ad it ia now aonrfltir-riui An hlmmit in. dlapenahble rcquiaitt in the ermy. In oonclumon I wou <i aav, tbtt the batter it ie known the mora hi.hly it will be priced, and i treat that in health reitonag virtues will make Icgencrelly known throughout the length and breadth of oar widely oxtendeid ooun try. Y onre very raapvotfallr, 8. 0 TAYLOR, United Steteo Coniul to New Uranada, The following intereating o?ao ia proeeoted. and toe reader invited te ita oareiul poruaal. Cemmeut on auoh evldonoe ieuaneotstaiy New York, April26. VH7. Vintkb. Sarnie?Gentlemen?Having ioug been wflhoted with fsi eral debility, weakneae, loan of appetite, Itu.. reoeiviag no bene t tr< in the varioua rnoiediea preaenbed, 1 concluded about three montha eince to mate set of your rateaparilla. I low have the pleaanre of informing you that ite elfeote have beon attended with the happieet retulte in reetoring my health, and 1 am iudueed to aud my toetlmouy to the many othore you already poaeeaa; and to tboee denning farther information, 1 will peraonally give the par tiaulara of my etee, and the a (Two a of tbia invalnable medioiue, by calling at 2ti Bowery, New York. Yoer* reaprotiuUv, JAN KT MuINTOSH, Thia entities that Mine Jarot Melntoeh ia knowa to me aa a mtmber af the Church, in good atandi, g, and worthy af eonftdeaoo. J. 3. SPENCER, Faator of Seeoud Prurby torian Churoh, Brooklyn. Prepared end eold, wholeeaie and retvil, by A. B k 0. SaN 0?, Druuicte and Cheroitte, UiU Fultou etreet.corner of William, New York. Bold ulaoby Druggist# generally throughout the United State-and t anadua Price S per bottle; tit buttlea ftr Si. Bold also bi Augneyk uickiun, Philadelphia; >'anbyk Bart lett. Baltimore: K. 8. Patterson, Waahliigtou; ilaviland Hurral A Co., liarleaton; Siokleew Co.. New Orleans U. l)eator, Albany: and e. W. Vowle BoaWn. inhDSUtSiHKNCK'S PULMONIC 8YKUP, I TDK ONLY MKLlcIr E WUICB UAS HTiJOD THE TEST OP iXPERlMENT IN ALL CASES OP ULMONABY DIJEASB,?TUB ONLY MBDIC1NE OP TUB KIND THAT CONTAINS NO CALOMEL, OPIUM, OR ANY OTHER vabtianiuua unvu.-rut u.T LY MEDICINE ill AT GaN BE used with 8AFMT andadvantage BY consumptive faTIB nts, and others, BUFFERING UNDER THaT 0' ASS OF DISKABES GENERALLY THOUGHT INCURABLE BY lull MEDICAL FACULTY. Tho elements ot which thi? 8yiup isi ompoted xre s'mpla Herbs Slid Hoots, the medicinal properties of uhluh parity the blued, strengthen the system, and give a healthy tons to the Lung' aud Digestive Otgana lis operation upon tne system is mild, yet efficacious: It loosens the phlegm, which creates so muuil difficulty when tight; it relieves the cough; it aaeirte nature to si pel from the ststent ell diseased matter, by expectoration, which if re taineo produces unci imp ion; it ripens tho matter in an abscess or tubercle, and then causes Its expulsion from the ayatem, at the same tim- soothing theiiritaied parts, healing the laceration, a - d producing a healthy action; it ragulates the bowela witiiout the aid of pnxgstive n-edlcinee: it alleys tho meet troublesome ooogh, witheat injuring the system as other medicines generally ?o B1RTORY OF SCHENCK'S PULMONIC 8YRU?In oao lm per tanl particular, the medicine here offered pteeeuteetronger eiaime to pnbl.e attention than any other preparation piufueeiug to have eimdar remedial virtues; inaeniuoh ee Joeepii U Schvnok, the proprietor ot this 8y tup, was actually restored by it from the last stags ot Uoeeutnptlon to sound health, ee in 17 fie eeeu from the following abridged history of hieeaeo. A more partioulerao oiunt of hie cute te oontainea in a publication oalled "a tlistorv and Deaeription of the Character and Variety of . oninmption. vshloh it dieinbnted gratuitonsly trom the principal others aud agencies ot Mr. Seheaek, in almost every part of the country. From the laote hcio stated and crtlflid hiyond the possibility of cavil, it will to oboervud that there la nuthicg merely theoreti oel or epeculntive in the onrative prepertieeof tola Syrup Nothing is taken for granted; the proprietor offers in advanoe of a mase of evidence, hie own case, which la remarka de, bat by as means witboui a parallel in the history of this medioioe; for other cures have been performed by i' equally se prising en as we I authenticated. It may be rcmarsed in passisg however, that the anntdo ot medical seienoe donot luraleh a (iugle iostacoe wbeccin pulmoiary ditease had boea allowed to proceed so for as in ths(case f Mr. cehensk, aad wao then cored by medical treto ment; in tact, the moat eminent writer* emong tho regal sr faculty have etated that icon a result is impossible. By n* medicines whatever, either regular or irregular, exoapt Schevck's r m. iiomc Svavr. sax such an extrems case bosa suooeoofully treated. The loader is here called on to observe that the testimony offered by Mr. Scbench in his own case and in other*, differs m tonally from the ce tiflcate eye torn," in general uee among the vendors ?l n.,?..S . Tk. ? k? ...v?lo* ?I twtify on oalb to the merit a of thia ijrup, arc r bI p-raora, many of whom occupy high aration, gonial and political, aa will ciearljr appear from an cxamim a on of the paaphlat referred to above, ana aieo Tom wha t follow*. Id tie y?ar 183U, Mr. beheiok, then reetding in Philadalpbta, wae declared by aoTeral eminent pDyeiclana. among them l)r. I'aniib, to be in one of the ohet.neU augea of fulmenary Con Bum pi on. The aymptoma were appalling including an inoeaaanl cough, rniaing ot blood, a Tare rain ia tba brent, lieotio fever, i igLt aweata,? nd in fact all th? indioat oan of apptoaoMng death, bureoove-y wae anivereallp deemed impeaeible, when with a Tiew to relicae the a U treatingaymptoma, without preiuming te i Ldn'ge In th? hope of a cure, be oommenord tba nae of thia medl eiie. lte brntikial rffecta were immediately aeei. The eapee tormtionbe-anieeepiona an laeiedible una-'tity of ye'.l >w m itter mixed with o otted blood waa dieoharwod from the lunge, after which hit coavateacei a waa rapid, a d to the am > mentof all hie ae<|uaiataaeta, mo'udng tne pbyaieiang tu about there w. eke hi* be ltb waa perfectly tattered flixtcen yeara have ptrerd away and there haa < een no return of the diaeaae, and Mr. ttehenck la now enabled to attend to hia active dutiee With aa mach rigir teatanj time in hie pnvioua life. For a raa re particnlaraooonnt of thia aatoaiM lagcare, ece Mr.Sehenck't pampbl?t, p gel-, where tne teatimony of mane of the principal inhabt. taut" o? the neighborhood where be livid, including mmtliiri of Cong eaa, Judgeeof the Court, other gentlemen in high ffloo, menib-tl of the h?r. p> yeioitne. neroheme, adduced t eetihlith the whole irnin of tbeta, eo thet not the lout doubt oeii remain in the mtt dt of the moot tkeptien1. Thefmnie of thin cure, which wet almoet eat< emed mireouleui, tcon ex leaded to B great ditUeoe. end Mr Bchenck hnvieg becoM potteeevr of the original reeipe. erd highly improved It in the node ol preparation. bed ee many epphoetiont for the nedicine, that ho wee et ieit obhgeo to devote hit whole time to the n e u feoture live feund thet related eiptnmeett. In every variety <f pu Iconic diecage, conflrm*d ell the eipooiBhont which the S< mp lied raieed, and proved tbet Itt virtuao were mere extmiively applicable then bed been anticipated. A greet verietr ot d'wtocii e< m? of them pruLourred incurable hy the meat ox p-riOLcd end ekl. fill I'ootove yieldtd to the gen tie, j et pcwerlul, influence o? the fljrup It would require evmunio to enn'eln oven > brief outline of tie t nnierrua nnre" which have Imn effected by the medioiuo. 11 e follow log ream n'ee are teb clod lr?m the pamphlet prepared I> Mr. Sebtntk lor aratnitoua circulation: ? BRONCHITIS. Mra. ffarah Deaar, reaadiag at So 3-"12 Race afreet, rh|ledet I Inn. about four year- ago - aeatttoVed i.y tha n.nat diatreaaiig tjmp ou ttf hrorchliie? patu to ti e breast, trouhie?omu cough, aon throat. Ac., itbd alter the Inpac of a yi ar the mtie aarumed a inntt thrcnte) leg and tetat apiwureoce She had eevere ptiaa I :n t or a de and stomach, her tl roet waa In a dreadfuleondttion, o tore that ahe con d ecaroely articulate eayilahle. Sh. had e liith li ter every day violent In adurre. crrepug cnllla, and pro 111<X riiyhl i>nil Mm wua al?e elDuloo with tutal loai of appetite iioetivei eaa, and general debility- Pat phyeio an ileapairal <lg'v.rn htrvoy r< liaf, :< no food or mediolne w.uld nnnin an htrsinach .At thia rime the beyan the u*e nf M.'UlNO&'d hC' ML/MC RYRU width immediately broke theonugh. an! ? rl.o brer article which her etoroaoh would retain einne the eetni< ?t cem?nt of her illeeta A natural at.d healthy warmth wi a ie*to> eu to the ex t r.-nii ie? whoh had lately hoc .aiu ae cold ? Uierh a. the ei|w tereticn uee Iran, and auon oeaaed ittlely. fnt wl?t autnrifed ever; one war, that atter "ititr t'vera1 h. ttlea of the Sjrtip, the alTteieo aide and Cruet I okei.nt In ahtat tet nty large otlee by the dlaeharan of ?huh tl c dmraie w at e*(elli <1 tr m her ayetene, and aha waa aooe nttirtdt.i |effect Ioalth, whi<h ahe I aa atneu e<Joted wi'hent HWrruttion Iter cure w?a |vnnvn"nt lire Oearr. wtoee oeri ho?W ii,ay 1* aeon at nor < tfio* in hi adelphia Itkewtaa teatilea to MVi ml other c rta i ot lei I lot p ta<ng Una her own, whloh ili. hie Vin u n o hi y rfi rn i d hy thiahyrnp She wd I avti fy all 11 (inviea at her r?* dmce ah ive mentioned. ThUeaaa eahinin v |*iiihaiily if tleayrnp. In olew*lrg the eyetem, aotnelitnea hy e>j?cte a mo, and xusetio ee by eruptieaa and outaneoue dl> cl a'yea. Tl . I u iroMeSyrnr, it n-rywred by J. D. 8 'llENCK, No. M touih ii.t I. tlreet, Philadelphia. a ??o nKVOTS htu 1<iiik-RT'8 t si CI,I Rarrlav atreeL ?. arojt- H HIDING * CM..H t a be a tree" ' flairiMORK-S R. ."Ml'lH.-?n buildinaa m? i'i'i,?*aa-j. vi hi (IT n . ,i. .si ci.artreeatreet raictfl per home, or IXh?Mi*, tor *! mhlTll ? 1,1 bi-'lRit will. runner anv SUM, in W tt\S failit 8 tn r?re ni J tiw ot went diavam ihat may oo'ua II ten t III cat#, ni matter how loag aianding ,-r affl otiag J'a tin ta art Invited o I la Omfu-naary. No S Uivmni atreet, ae It "O.?kCi ate CI rod yearly, h> hi* pf Kit cal r?|?irientM end grvvt rin.?i':ta. htrn<hoia old i there Who lave b vn u lortooake ta ft, wlitttu, il n jliyafctan. are to rail n.i the d .otor. ! i i d ttri o " liar niivte In dineaee* cf tW< e'are. Ha*d *od r?n 11. 1 he t Itln tort wound tie well to reflect Kef .r? trnatior their j i a it, l-kpy nei* aid.m many oaeee, their Urea, In the baade-of j lijin i n* igr oral.t of ttla elaaa ot maladtee It lamrta ol> na. |n*rb'e frrii.itnai t" ii > di tvtund oil the ll'a the hiimao fan ily *r* nil jutto h very Te<j?t tehla phvnlntai taa h<a particular l.-atit It wMo' he I* more inooeaattl then hte hfither profeea ire, ana Iheer'me to u*t h* devotee m?rw ot hie time and ated* tr liin term know i to bathemoataoooeeefnlpTaetlttewer lothelTolted ih ea. .ii n eroutlai avd venereal diaeaaea hi par rial, with di reit.iraaid i. inidical book gratia Kee-embrr thia le the oaly p'ei* wl er* kla araet riimed-, Tr Hunter'i Hail trron eae ha had 't ia t ow brow* all orer thlaeoneWy aa the oaly thlag that will naliy onre, Philadelphia, 38 Worth SeranU tttaeh mk? It* or. feltx gouraud's 1TA1IAH HBl'I ATkD MttP. Thi. l?n kytnamuo wuwinbli No. 1 Mitwitn (m Bi?leMk flvpiM. I natulan Sc*r?, Tan Frvckiir. rtaiharn all kindaaf nuiAtotia and avary apeolen of dl-) loratioa of tnaakln. All o-un patitlon ha a beer cotnp'ntely dtatanead by thi* inraluaola aaaa poaitiia. tlie dam tad 'ar which within tha Uat a.i m a tha haa ivonawd mora than Ut? hundred pa> ami, aad it aiil umraaaiaa T)i? ohainca. a>n ira>hp'm wi.ia, it. uaa t apart a to tha nam pit ilea haaa tai daiad 1' proia-biai aa a htautiflar ot tna-tki> ; at d ru d'aa'iia roi m oaa he enaaisrnid fu utabtd with a proper klet 'hat tacka OOURAL'D'S IT ALI AN MEDIC \TKD 80 \P. It la alto adeiiaioua ahaaira; c mpuacd and cat ha u>ad in aalt wat<f?>nd la a e< Trfiga and Inatanianaana rimed ? tor fia niton odlrareta. If beautj br. aa la aawrtad . o*l> nit naar, it la lie mora Important 'hat tba tola onrnriLg la whiab hmliuaaa raatdea ainuld he kept in Ita i recant aad moot atiraotiaa aiata. l?r Q. might go on amplifying tha mart* of nit Kalian M-'ionted Aotp, but ha ihliika that tha extrnordi, arjr numlwrofcerattoat- a which have been wiMinbtd tlnoughtut the Union, at tha cut ofaacral th> n?a d of do.lara to the Doctor, from emineat Ph*a elane, I leigymen M mi ben of Congrem, Captai.-e of Ahipe, ofbo?rt of the Aim;, Old a In el of Dletiiguelied I adiee, the original of whioh o?u?l??ye bo rrquin-d, ore the Oootor thioki. aufheient to ocmviice any ore not * ilfully b ii d. It tho-e be oaf nek the Doctor might eipit to tbetu the loneu goof Sahptare. i d My,'? II ye belirveoot Uoeeeood the propheta, neither woaid ye believe though one rreefroo. the d'ad." AMONG POPULAR ERRORS There ii probe b y do ?ne more mteoblevuue then thet whioh iDppotee tl nt oatkiieoui eruption can be removed by deluging the ettmanh with eo celled SaraapariHa, end ether wiany aa*hy do cortiona. ptlla eleotuerter, An. The error te not only vu'gar. but exceedingly pernioloue iDiemnoh ne the elope not only cue a large drain upon the puree, but actually tend to aagrtvaW the deformity they pretend to run The medieal faculty have, tiuie and again, den on Orated that diaeaaea of th? tegument oan onlt be n moved by outward appiioath n. ea red ally by an hen. and that for tbia putpoes nothing la ao preeminently va ua'le aa Dr. OovBavoi Italian Medicated Soap. Indeed, the u-ofulneae of thia exquiaite emelieat, in aofUning, olanfjing and whitoaing the cutiole, baa pawed into a proverb. If the natural fur otiont or the akin nre depnatod. and the harmony of action which ehonld oxiat ba'ween the external aurfioe of the bed); and the vital maohinary withiu, ia tliua da tioyad, the iaiiloationa of tho charge are u uallj developed <n the form of birr-plee, Bletohea. bnatulta, or a una moroapeoifle f- ran t ft utaneoue dueaae. Theae diaeaaea be ng eaaeulial-v bloat require only ? local rtmedy; and harm* all of thetu, exoeptiu the onntagiotia virulent olaaa, a common origin, obi remedial agent will fBlfioof r the euro of ell PHILOSOPHY OK WORM8 IN THE SKI V. Many y?Bu? pane a? aapeoially thoa* of foil habit*. or thoao who Indulge ia rich food?aro vert muob annoyed by the aopearaBoeot black apota upon the sideiof tbo bom. on lhoupp?r up, tba ohin. tho forehoad fcc. teaembljug graiua of gwop >wder ticking in the akin. When tho akin la roughly aquoeiid, u einvl worm Ufa nubatanoe protoudea having a biaok hwid fna aopp> itiin. honover, that they aro in reality wnrtna. laerr >neoaa Thefe apr ta are ocoaalonad by an uoduo aaunno ation ol the tatty muter which ia aepnraUd from the blood for the purpoeeof lubricating the akin, at.d thie overplua chokaa up tho porea and ooioretaa Tteduat floating in tho air adharea to the greaay aubxtanoo and cautea the black apack. Thlagiveafie ftoe a dirt/ and dlaguadng appearance, and the remedy of aqueeaing, ao uuivera II) reeor'ed to, ia not only painful out frequently tiaoleaa. Viry otUn theovrr diatenaioB of the porea oauaea inflammation and painful pimplea. 'I ho only certain remedy for thle affection ia to waah the faoe with waim eater. and OOURA'JD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. Mothera tbould a'waya ure it in waahing their balnea. Itia bender dcHcloui for shaving, aa it enn be used in hard or aajt ?l'?r an veil at aott It it moreover, an iufalliIda remedy lor icurvy and to Caiiloruian atiould go to lea without a uttpplr Dr (Jouiaud rofera to Mr. Rablneau the oeiebrafod proprietor of tho hew Y' rh aalt water hatha tn proof of tbe Utter. CERTIFICATES The following, from among n boat of almi'ar testimonials of tho ixtraordinary virtue* of Uouraud'a Italian Medicated Soap are elected for their brevity:? [Extract cf a letter from Petersburg, V*.] Dear Doctor Oot'RAt'n;-Are you aware that thoro are dangaroua counterfeit* ot your oalabrattd ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP afloat in the South and Weill 1 have juit i eturucd from a tour, ?. d mot with many pcmiotoui oompouuda purporting to bo "Medicated Soaps"?Ucaveu save the tnark 1 Surety you ought to do everything in your power to put the publio on ita guard arsiuut tbe vile impoxltions. You will wonder porhapa, why 1 am eo aroeat in praiio ef your excellent Scap, but when you learn f at through ite means u>y oldest girl. lSjcara. haa been oompletelp cured ef n face foil of naatv pimplea and fro* kits, her brother had aiotcr, 6 and H years, of acaio l ead, which they caught at school; and my wife of adangeroua outbioak f halt rbeum, which extended fiom tbe facers ol the r.ght arm to th? alio ider -your aurprito will cease; I uae nothing elee, nor want any thug bettor for thavlng. Yours, aa ever, JOHN HARDEN. Naw York, April 17. Dr. OoitnavD?Bin Gratitude moral e.o to thaak yon vary moclifirtha bonatit 1 have derived from your Medicated Soxp lor the put two yoara I have been inon or ieea troubled with email eruption*, irritation on my breaat?or ehem if you ploaae o call it ao which tormented tne paat all eudurance. I applied' foot Man's Plaater, with no efloct; ointment and other oaoap re mcdteel need abundantly-all wete w or these. Aaa lait resource 1 ruled, rather foolishly. (A for atx quart bottle* of aarsapmlla 1 unoctatly swallowed the whole, and became qulto dstulitated, without the sUghteat abatement of the Itching. At length a friend, to whom I mcntloMd my ease, exelalmvd?"Why don't von act a half df-llar oaVeuf the fatnoua Medinatwd Hoan of n? Onumud '? I look b aadvloe, and with on* oak* waahed the ekiu. 1 in net only entirely relieved from the itching, bnt alao hare tbs pleaanie of fooling that thtra li a briakaeecand amootbnaM to the whole eorf-ioe of my ikU 1 novor bafor experieaoed. Pleaee Bind by tho taarer ha'fa duz.n cakra, and one over, for $3; I want to tax* them t* Jamaioa. and oblige, Ycura, 11ENHY JOHNSON, i<J Wooater atreet, N. Y. Dr. Oonrand?Sir?For a kt'o? of yean, my faee and forehead hare teen oorered with unsightly bloiohaa and puatnlee, and. to aggravate the matter, my hum gradually aaiuuiod the redneee of npeona; in ahort, I beoame an objrot of dinguat to mvaelf, and riafenla a other*. inasmuch at my affliction waa attributed to an undue nae of atimuianta 1 have proved the contrary b< tiling jour Invaluable Medicated Soap through tha lufluenoe of whioh I am eatirtly freed from th* aforesaid nuiaanoaa, and my akin haa beoome aawhitaand olaaraalt waa waa in the dayaoi "<y boyhood. I Ci nenve thia public toatimvny to b* ominontly your dee, and you ateqtti'e welcome t* make what use of it you ploaae. Keaptotfully i eura, JNO. JEFFRIES, Printer, True Sun Building*. Te Dr. F. Oonrand?Among the eneomlum* which yonr invalu ablo Soap ia daily receiving Ihavo thought that a mother'a praiaa may not be out of p aee. Your mediated loan hat uudor God, been the meati of protorviag my darling oabe from muoh anffer. ing. I had put him out to i ura*. and torough the of thu woman who had him In onaige, hia deleato tkin under tha anna, behind hia ear* ai.d around hia atomach. waa ahafed to the rednvataf raw bear. Forn whole month-during whioh I waa abteat Iron the oity?the little dear euffcred thaae tormenta On my return. I used your da'icioua eoap Ircaly while warning him, and now he la as plump, white, playful, a> d fro* from chafoaaa any child 1 ever eaw. No mother whovaluea tha health and comfort of her infant ihon'd be without your soap Truly youra EUZa BLACKUAN, No. 11 Catharine atreet, near Second, Philadelphia. The merite of Oouraud'a P< udrea Snbtilei. for eradicating supe ilnoua hair, have been attoa-ed by ao many tkouaaad people that to eulogut it at the pieeent day teetnialinoata work of auparer. gallon. Neverthaicra. there may be aume who bare not he ird oi ita fanio; and those are earrn stly requested to read the following tuaumonial.aelreted tram many:? Maw York, Feb. 1, 1H4A " I have had an opportunity of observing the operation of Dr. Frlix ti< urnud'a preparat'on lot tha rtmovalof superttuoui hair, and am wrfectly aati.-ll d of ita atrgnlar efficacy. After an analyaia ol ti e o. mpoaition cf thaaa powders, I oan, without any nesttutirn. pronounce them peifeoily harmless, and in every way inhoitely euprrlor t? any preparation of the kind ever offered to tl.c pukfio. I have pieaaure iu giving them my reoomtneudatian, being thua fully oonvmeed of their value VBMBU n. Ul/U01?"| > l/.| "Editor New York Lanoet." Testimony ef persons to whom the " Italian Medicated Sotp" has been eminently serviceable, and to whom Dr. GOUBAUD isat liberty to refer Airs tnnie, the lady ol the Hon. Edward Cnrtle. kn. Lawrence, the lady of the Hon. Cornellni W. Lawrtnoe, ci-mai or of New York Bernard Meseerole, Isq. Alderman of the Tenth Ward, Bon. R M. Robert!, Member of <;oagreaa. Mr*. Hopkins. No 118 Elitabeth street, New Yodk, eured of a red and pimpled face. Joseph Hall, 140 Pulton (treat. New York, of tan and freckles. George Curtis, 1.1 Henry street, of dark and diaeolered akin. Pelia McGee. I Ml Orange street, New York, of aoald head; hla three ohildnn do. Hannah E. W. Woiatcr, Division street, of a dark tanned faoe and ted nose. John Bishop, S23 Grand street, of ehllblaias, and eruptions on the taee and ncok. William Nash, barber, In the Bowery, of worms in the faoe. Mrs John B. Lift tbody, 61 Rue Bourbon, New Orleans,of a severe ringworm on the check, whioh had dolled ordinary remedies ; and further, tne appiicalian of the Soap removed ail her tan and trickles Mrs. Psarnhead, of Belleville, New Jersey, of tan and freeklss, ko ftr. lie. Be particular to bear in mied that Dr. PELIX OOUR.\DDr3 prtparat'ons oan ont.v he ohsnined, onnviNB, at his depot, 67 wa>krr street, first doer west of Broadway, New York. m .1 131* AoawTS? BateeIt Jordon. 120 Washington at, Beaten: Poet k Willi*, RtchsaUr: Jcea, 8a!em; Car'-eion, Lowell; Rokltnin, Portland ; Outld, Bangor; Perry, Manobeater; Bllaa, dpringtl.ild ; Covll), Harford; Oaenor fc Wood. Richmond, Va.; Couse, D? iron, ?acn , ana various ouior parti ol tfte Union. ALL WHO DESIRK HEALTH, READ! MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF HaRSAPAKILLA. "Med Cine ti <lnt,, It u necuerary to health, particularly thin the blood la disordered. hi food iirequired to ropport the animal Innetiona"?aiibmtht. MORRISON'S 8AKhAPARILLA?Thiila roniw article, nor ii it ]irei<0Dt?d to the pubtio with a nnley announcement or Sourish of trumpet* In hn ooiiree ol huiineoe in the linty and Medicine l ine, now extol dii ft otn I a period of f.rty years ia New York, he has prepared tine Extract or 3ah*apai,ili.a, from a formula, much used ai.d admired by our OLD STANDARD PHYSICIANS By then it ia biahly reeotr.mended to the publie, ia aUooaplalnt* ax d corruptive ditoaeee of the Blood Lytpepeia, Want of Appetite, Affection ol the Liver, Mental Dapreeriona, Sen fula, Over I'm ef Mercury, Ulcers end Cancers, Central Diearratieemeat of the System. Conenmption, Weaken* of the Booy, Faint in the Kidueye, Falpitati'D ol the Heart, bournes. 01 the Stomach, and Chronic Dienasoe, end all Complaint*. TO rCMALIB, It cannot be held in hijh eBoufth?i>imatinn. A trial of an article it retter ti er ant urrue-ent and this is all that Is required in the Die of MORRISONS EXTRACT OR SARSAPAKfLLA, to prove to the puhdic th< t hie is a genuine tpecibc, tor w at it e iun i rates. ieed? irmn run >tritil ->er?apartll?, at a prioe whore icnoi my ia eon lilted equally wl h health The hi t'lre en of the laryeet rite, sold et only SEVENTYriVK t ents each, ok four dollars per ualvDozen. Rea rroNr the well known old establishment, when it Is prepaied and told. JOHN 0. MORRISON, Apothecary and Druggist lee '.rrenMei ?tr?et, mh IVlSt* North Rivar Side, Naw York. MORAND'S KLIXIR. OR. PROORE ATIVE CORDIAL, rpllf CRBaTEST DISCOVERY in medical toicaee ii that of -a wiai.e ?, ni I ini. ua naa enr-rni) exploded the gaui'tally rooeirtd opinion of theexiatoicn of incnt.Me aterility or barrenmm (rxiept Indei d in cuea of m*lf. ruiat.nn, w itoh are axtr- maty rare.) 1 ta ioranatle and iibirerral enact es i.| hia Elixir (Jor* din-. in every laatanca. of prtdneii-g that auto of health which r iaulta in the vifa btecmiag bleated aa a mothar. who for ytara fiinad in loneliuera haj fall/ "ttehnehed the fact, that a fat la n unity tamo d harrem aaa, i? rnr&hle hy the me of tha Pmorrative ? ilxir coidlal. It ia intallihle in seminal weakness, floor >l>aa.dcbliity, li contirei.oe, and tha rariana train oi cornplaiateariiinx fr?m rxoaaa, illpraa or imprndenna In *11 thorn taara * hate the vigor la impaired, where MM mental end phymnal ponrra ria prottraled by an uumatrnit ad Indulgence of the p?* at "nr. particularly hy tkoaa solitary and daatiaotira halnta ?f earl' yuth Indiioini docility and uttrr wearlnoaa of lifa, *0nod's E'lxir wi I be found a oartain rairrdy. It reiviree 'hi anx?al crime to tealiby action, infoaini energy and strength to tha ay at i m To thrae ntfT,rlrg from a eonasiouannaa r.f haying thronah either indiacrrtion or tgnnianee ercrrated the.realraa who are afliiccd with the train of diteareaItttt dam npnn their lakim anddrn i.rahla onnditlon. itacffnota art truly wonderful, ra slog Hen Irani tier pendency darpair. to hops and nalixaiion ? Ft- m aiekly, weakly, dehiliiat- d. low epin e I, lis- less tnd *1 <i iet O'cleaa ha rga, wirl.ont capaciry to anjo ha< raiaod thou ai.da to heal-hy, strong, ' aoihitlons men asd e?n<', possessing errry faculty of mind and body to ?i joy I fa phyrl-al'y ai d mentally besides rasllrlng their fondest hnie-i in e tabling fhelr becomlne paraaia, It* gr-at and InTaria'de anecesalt i'a rem n msndation The fa ma of thia wonderful I lixir lor It t! la weileatab In rtl. A aala r.f mora than flit* thoneai.l bottlaa ad l-aeksres iaanfll iert erldenar of itj e* n lleijcr lod the jg itoat.- i in which it la held It la pleasant and agreeable to the t.aatr, - ud |e adapted for both irta?, Tlioee :ihont ertortns Into tha ->i*ef ?"e state, eoaaoinna of piysical dehilily, eh olid n?*ll ihnmselves of ihle treat remedy, and epare tlwu.eelres tie hitter redaction nod moriiBna'Inn ?h eh oiherwiie they might ivfTi-r. f^ioe g.y per bnu'e for aale hy the importer and only anther urd agent, at I27H l.lhertystreet N. V. mW It 1h PLUINZA, I Oi l, ll * COI.I.S, nII El MATIHSf KT !. I ertom who Em with th*?r ot the cab obtain mmedUto mli?t and ??ruin into hy t.h? ??t Mrt ranaira Medicated Vap r ard tinlpnir Baths. Vd ftmn. war. Theee hatha have hran in operation since lH5r>, and har* henn reaommended by tha Irak phyaioiaaa la tha aity, t?hM lt? CANCHALAOUA TRIUMPHANT! PROM THE MRESIPEST OF TIIEOKAEFESBI'RQ COMMAS Y. NIW 'OKI Feb.. 22, 1849 -My DurSu-PltM Kti inn i bott'e or iwo of Cauchalagna. My wife nw haee aa invali' fi iHtn.iiDdhu bad the very best medioa] trMtumt, but t< roavaib A fortnight ago last Sunday, I to!d her that alia hat bt? <iy'l* Conobalaga she did. and haa beaa tin previa* rapt 01] overaiLce 8hatayaiti< the Ganohalacua that tiea d ue it, am poihtBg elae. Dealer thouah 1 be, '.n pa out med'Oiaar, aha wil Cfr you rnecfy our very bceteer itioat a Her di?oase waiehrouti o, hills Truly Yiuri, t A.U?v.I*u. J. T. MAtt'HALL. Letter ftom Thomat Shaw, Km) ,one of out oldett mer chann engaged t'n the trade with the Western Court nj Jim erica well known in the United Statee from hit connection with the Jimericun Eapiitt Mtemonarj Union. Bostom, April 17, 1848. Dkak Sik- You inlorni me that yon have prepared an extrsol fron a well known uiodtcsl plant growing in Uad'nro'a. called Canthalapua and re<|ueat me to ttate what I know In rvlatiou t( ita pioptiiiea. Dating hoes engaged la oomrotrial trinsaotiaas, and apeal n any terra on <1 a ooaet of Califoreia. it may be preanmed fiat I lao Uronunurvlat acquainted with too pant in iiuestiou and 1 had known S'umthiog ot ita superior inente. I cmfed thai 1 l ate net riven It that attention that many others havo. yet notwithstanding. I n ay venture to haaard an opium,. As to iti eft em. from persona) experience. having never mado uae ?t it; yet Irrmwitnma nr it* egeeta on others, and knowing th? high sail mation in which it ia held by the penile of California, and also b) many individuala of ibis country, 1 hesitated not to sar, that It my ( pinion it iioneof the moat valuable and oat tain speoittoa foi Intoimittent Fevtrsytt brought bnforathe public, ana ae a Mail it e*ar da nu-iralled; also as a purifier ol the blood It may claiu MMibtMk In thisageofnoalrumsand speoittos f?r the oureof all diseases It wouid seem ol doubtful eared ency to bring any new proptra. tun before the eommnnity, but in the Bxtruct of Canohalagni there eau be no risk, as, onoe brought into use. no family woult oi > sett to be without it That iou may meet the e courrgomeui uhich th? introdnation nf ihia li ehlv hinohrinl nmnum da server, in the siLoere with of your obedient servant, p MS 6t TU<lf*A8JL,1A^ BOGLE'S HYPERION FLUID, IS new considered by who use it, tho twit article for the hail ever in vclted,aud is indispensable at the'tiilet. It entire ly altera tl e akin of aourf and dandruff, aud by ita tonic aud ati mulatiri quautiia, caeaca a bealty aotiuu in tve blood-venaela netvea, lie., which feed ihe hair, thereby preventing baldaegs am gitj hair. AUTHORITATIVE EVIDENCE. From Dn. Winilow Lewis, one or the most E m i went Physicians or Ooitow Boston, Feb. 15. 1SI7. Ma. Wat. Bonus?Sir. Tin preparation Invented by yon far tht hair hoa been cxtoilively uaed in my family for aome t<uo. ant they give it the dotidtd preleronce ovor all other compositions oi the kind. It invigorates and beantitioa the hair, nnd cloara tho skit of all in purities, without projuciog any ultimate du'ettrious eft'jc-s which a>e 10 Irtiiueat y the result of mauy well known patented compounds. Having been thoroughly tested, and its reputation fa rly eata blhhed. ae tbc boat article known lor the linmiu. hair, it may br Mipeitiueua, atiil I cannot resist the oppurtuuily to add to othoia, the nan e of your wbediclit S'.lvant, mrtU 13t? ___ WiNBhOVF LKiyrs, Jr. FOR THE PILES. Till. UP IIA itf' S F. I. E C T UA 11 V, AN Infernal Remedy, is a certain cure for the Pilos, eithei inttrual or external? bleeding or blind Sold wholesale and retail only in this oily at the office of the original proprietor, A UrliAM. M D., a regularly oducatod phraioian of twenty van experience, outlined to an office where Files nnd Chronic diiieaaet ate iuccrrafi lly treated. Medical Office 195 Bowery, four doom above Fprirg street. Office Lours from 7 A.M. to 9 r.W Advice gratis. mh.D l.'lt* DR ISACC S. SMITH'S PATENT .MEDICINES. ' 'MB sunicncer naving manufactured ur. Isaac 8. Stntuf X Patent Family Medluintw for him for upwards of twelve years, provisos to liis leaving tfix eity, would givs notice to bin Burner one pstierto th*t they cannot proem* tha gonulire at any other place, be harm*appointed me hie solo agent to make mid soil bis Antinurturin! Synrp, or Indian Panacea. Pothers'Onrdial, Fe rale Strengthening Syrup, Anti-bilious FILle, together with all bis Family ratoat Medicines, mlllt MRS. H. WOODRUFF, 48 West Broadway. A PERFECT SAFEGUARD AGAINST QU ACKERY. THIt NATUPB OF CVCRY PRIVATE DISEASE MIJ netely dosenbod, with all their symptoms; how todistlogulah one Irotn another; bow lu Judge between them and tlioae orher ii ntcontoomplaints that very nearly resemble venerea), so *s to be entirely safe from the impositions daily practised by iiuuchK on the ignorant. Also, all the remedies statediu plain English; ibe effects they should produce; the proper doso* and way to mix and compound them, and how tu fix upon the right one for any case, so that the medicine proper only for onecur>?, should not be taken in another, which is frequently done with advertised quack nostrums. This, with other invaluable knowledge on thecu diseases, inalnding masturbation, or si lt'abuse, bo, he , is contained in Dr. Ralph's Practical Private Treatise, the only wotk really giving instructions that can bo used without a d"Ctor. tithedition, 342 pages. Price $1. Sold by tho author. Ho Greenwich stieet, Ry poet, mailed free. Address box Hii'j lower post oflloe. Dr. Ralph's hours tor consultation ars !t to 12, A. M . t? to it P. M..Huudats excepted. mh 2) It* THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION. By dr. a. m. maurickau, professor of diseases of Women. Sixth edition. ISmo pp. 280. Price $1. 50,(WO copies sold in six months. Team of lufferii g, of physical and mental anguish to many an aflectionate wife, aBd pecuniary difficulties to the husbai d, might Lave lieeu spared; thousands now poor would have enjoys,! oom jetertoe thoutands now broken in health would hivo enjoy* 1 it; hundreds now in their graves been still alive, by a timely possession ' f this work. It is intended especially for the married, or those contemplating niarrirtu, as it disclose! important secrets which should bo known to them farticultrly. To three whose health does not permit of an inorease of family, it is of eepeeisl importance. here, also, every female?the wife, the mother, the one either bedding into womanhood, or the one in the deoline oi years in whom inttiie contemplates an tie porta* t change?oan discover the causes, symptoms, and the most efficient re aedtes, and most certain mode of cure in every complaint to whioh her sex ts subject. For sale 522 Bmadway, and at the Publishing Olllae. 129 Liber tv street N. V ; Little ik Co. Albany; W. H. Davis, Boston; f. B. rtterson, fH Chtmut itreet, Philadelphia. On the receipt oi $l,r. oojpy will be transmitted by mail, freo of pcttage, to any putt ot the United States. All letters must he addressed. pest iaid, to T'r. A. M Muurtcenu, Box 1,224 New V"rk tity liffloe IMl Liberty street. rnh'M It* MRDICAL CARD. DB. 110 as I SON oontmues tube consulted confidentially, ea private diseases. Gleets, strictures, venereal nicers and eruptions; bo oures where ethcr> tail. Recent oaces cured in a few days. Nervous and orgai ic Utbilily he wa rants to euro. Those con. templateting marriage. and who softer from the effects ef a secret habit, e?n lie to perrct by Dr. M. Letters prepaid. atteadtd to, and medicine forwarded, with advioe. A perlent cuie guaranteed. See his London diploma, in hia office. tuiton street. _______ mbBIlt* 1)R. COOPEK, 14 DIJANE STREET, HAS. for tie iaet fourteen years, cuniined bis praotioe to the treatment of Meroumi and other Disoaaesof a delicate nature. lie oan cure the meet aggravated eases of this disease, and mild cases removed in two to live days. A peiteetoure or ne charge^ 11 DR JOHNSON. 16 DUANK STRKKT, So wk; l known in the treatment of dblicatk dii eases. The Doctor's reputation for skill in these haif cured cssee that have existed lor yesrsie pre-eminent. Oonsittuuonal weakness, brought on by a secret habit, effectually cured. Recent eaaes cured in fonr days. m 20 Is* no curh; no pay. DR. CORB1TT, 19 DUANE STRHKT. MAY BlCONSULTED on the treat iner t of oertain delicate dlseaaes. A praotioe oi sixteen years, devoted to the treatment of delicate disease#, enables Dr. C. to cure the went form of this disease. Recent cases eured in three days. No mercury used. m 2U it* California News. The New Orleans Picayune, of the 10th met., eoberly giveB the following, as it says;?To conclude our budget of news from the Pacific, we cive a letter which reached ua yesterday from California direct, it is written with spirit and point, and we incline to think it as honest a statement of affairs in Caliid|iiia as we have seen? CALIFORNIA, I IT THE WoODI A PlLCE, ) January 3, 1840. ) Rvary newspaper I see from the States, (and they are mighty few,) contains one or more lettere from out here somewhere, giving the most awful description of things here imaginable-horrible murders, outrageous theirs, hanging people by scores on trees, Lynch law, ho., Ito. Now as one of our company has made as much as he thinks will de him, and is going home, they have all agreed and requested that 1 should give you by his hands a little history of how we do things in our "diggins." In the firs, plaoe, we assemble every Sunday morning, numbering generally from 130 to 130, our whole number who have signed the by-laws being 163. Our place of rendezvous is a large oak tree, on a beautiful hill, out of whioh gushes as pure a stream of water as was ever drunk by man. You ought to see that tree. It looks as though it had been topped about 210 years ago. end had never stopped spreading At ten o'clock the secretary reads the by-laws, after which the president risee and saye : " Does any member know of any violation of the laws just read ?" to which, three times eut of five, thsre Is no response ; and since I have been a member, which Is about eight montha, there has been no offence committed (with one exception) that received a higher punishment than a small fine, or a reprimand from the president. The exception alluded to was a poor devil who was detected in hiding a portion of the day's labor of his company. The members tbereot, consisting of nine, immediately held a meeting among themselves, gave him bis part of their joint earnings, (which was abont f 8.000). and told him to go, as he knew what would be his fate next Sabbath. He aoeurdtngly went, and has not been beard of siace. The penalty for theft is expatriation. What we mean by that is to leave our borders, and if found in them, the first time, nine and thirty; the seoond, he palls hemp. One of our laws is, " There is to be no gambling of any description." Another is, " No profane or obscene language shall be used in the assembly on the Sabbath." neither of which has been violated in tbe first instance sinoe I have been a member. Now where would you go to find 153 mors orderly men? and all this, too without any law except common oonssut to do right. Not to the St. Charles. I am sure 1 mention the St. diaries from a circumstance that took place th-re during a few days' stay on my way here I walked Into the billiard room with a friend, and looked on a game until played through. Upon leaving the room, I observed to my comrade that the game keeper was a very careless scorer, or else he designed to ohent one of the parties. "Why, certain ly,? replied he, "one of the players is a gambler, and the other Is a countryman I'hat. fat fade, nulky looking fullnw was cheating for the (ambler " "Why," shIo 1,''did not eome ef these gentlemen tell him he was cheated?" "Because," raid he, "they are all Ramblers, sod all concerned In robbing the country fellow." Said I, "That polite, fin*.looking. old gentleman, with gloves, cannot be a Rambler." "No' said he. 'he has got rather old. Hie eye sight ain't sharp enough for the new tricks now; he's what they sail a farn broker; that means roping men Into the hank, and his commission is heif the wlunings." "But," said I, "enp. pose tha bank loses " "Ah," said he, "that is not a ruppoeablectse; they don't play those kind of games " "Vt el!. Is that little d<- etor one ol 'era ?" " What? that sly. sheepieh looking fellow1* Yes He pretends to he a dentist?got a sign np across the way, but I expect newer drew a tooth In his life but can take 'em from any part ct the deck " Now I would ndvoe all such "brokers ' nod "toothpuller* " if they have any (lea of nomiug to fe.1 Doradt. not, to nonte about the "big oak," nnless they bare made np their ndDtls to abandon their old tricks aod are dlrpesed to make an boneet living; aud I would advise all, any where, who are doing well, to stay where thej sre: though fortunes can and will he made ber?, not by picking gold out with a jaek knife In four or fire poand lumps, but with rnuoh toil aud hard tabor. Krom the bent information I can get. the average et our whole number per day far the last eight months, has been $10 .V) So you sue fort unes ain't to be made In a day nor a ?nason If yi.u eret saw men at work on a canal or m'.il race, or digging a foundation for a litga house In your city you have a very good id*a of the labor In gettlug gold her*. I w< old not havs troubled yon with this III digested epistle, bed it not boon for the eocowata I htn iMd about tliia country. How it bo la other perilous I kn?w not; but wiet I bars told you about our u dlgpins" i* true. I feel muob more eafb bora from erery kind of barm than I wou d in your well- j organized city or any other olty But ( think there : are more rllUlns congregated tu Haw Orleans than In j any other plarein tbe world Oo to some of your billiard rooms, and out of tbe multitudes usually there, nineteen out of twenty are gamb'ere What dronee open i eomnunity ! "Whet a multitude llrlng off of < honest men ! 1 hare no deubt many eipeot to m?ke tbeirjack out of tbe gold " dlggina" here, but If tnsy should squat down aeout tbe " hig eak'4 with any suob view, they bad better think of Vioksburg Yours,ho , JNO H WALTON. The Emigration to California, fltOM MT\V TURK. The Haviloh Mining Association, leit yesterday, the Kith, lor the gold region, via Fort Smith, Ark. The following is a list ol n? members: ? Doctor John Conger. Joeiah W. Thompson, Henry O. Langley, Wooleey Teller. Darid Hoyt, William B. (Irant. Henry Vandereer. John S West. William Fewr cett, Edgar F. Leeak, J. Brlnckerhoff. jun , Amos 3 > | Miner. William u. Coleman, Joba J Lott, rhotots ! r I Parsons. Cornellni H Van Wyck, Charlea B. Tapo-n, i [ : HenryS Cobn, George F SntfTen, Kraools A. Hoyt, George K. Pattlaon, Bartholomew L. Noe, James H. , Macdonald. Charlea W. Kbr?a?troem. John George ! Billing. William Wear, jun , Edward Norton, Earl K. } Mile*. Tilly Allen, Frwderiok W Gorsegner. J. Gre<a ' Garelly, Jacob F. Randolph, George H. Andrew*, C. . Stryker Sohenck. Total, 34. Annexed in a list of passengers in the bark Griffon, Capt. Ilalatead, which bailed on thj 8th mat. for San Francisco:? r Jamea T. Hedden. Newark, New Jeraey; John Ovsrton, Jersey City; Win. W. Martin and H. H Martin, Newark; H G.Hunt. New York; Geo. Stoatenburgb, | O. S. Halstead. jr , F W Halstead. Theo. Louie, Oliver G Smith, Jamea W. Louia. J. R. Donalaon, and Edw. Belant, Newark; Morris Kennedy, Belleville, New Jeraey; Darius Bedford. Morria county; John Denyae, Brooklyn ; George D Hughes. Hooper C Ward, and A. H. Haletaad. Newark; Piatt Soper, Orange, New i Jersey: Wui H. Wittimore and finra-ie Vaugrirno, l Newark; Wm. H. Gnatier, Jeraey,Ohio; charlea Cush. 1 lng, Boaton; J W Newlll, Newark. Geo. Bedford. \lorI ris county; Dr A. I\ Munaon. New York; Thoa A Vanaandt. Brooklyn; Tho? Potter. Rabway. New J?ri aey; John Peters, Klizabethtown: G W. Soudder. Jeraey City; J. B. Freeman, Celumbia, M C.t Thoe K Andrews, Newark; Henry Griawold. Morris county; ' John Craven, NewiTk; Jalwortb Williams; L. Lyon, ' Newark; D. 0. Pleraon, Jeraey olty; A. M Hunter, New York; A. Vendeventer, New Bedford; C. 8 Lufbeiry. W C. Lufberry, and J Lemare. New York; D. R. Sture; W. O. Moore, N?wark; S. B. King, NewBelford; C. S. Penman; Sydney R Smith. Newark; r.awura < orry,coiunji>ia, Morris county. Jeriiey ? 1 Total, 40. | PENNSYLVANIA. i The Pittsburg Gazette ot the ltith inst., says:? 1 Captain Ankrim's company, numbering two hun1 dred and fifty men, started on the Consignee, vwbterday evening, at half past seven .o'clock. The scene on the wharf was quite animated, as many 1 persons being present as attended at the departure of our volunteers to the Mexican war. Although there was so great a crowd, no accident 1 huppened, further than half a dozen persons falling from a plunk into the river. They received no damage further than a good ducking. We'were sorry to perceive that, prior to the departure of the boat, so much hud feeling prevailed among some members of the company, that it was with difficulty they were prevented from coming to blows. OHIO. The Cincinnati Gazette, of the 13th inst., says:? Would-be-C&lltormans, for a few days past, have departed from our city in considerable numbers. Parties from Pennsylvania and New York left on Monday. Yesterday two companies from the northern part of the State?one consisting of fifteen men, who will be an acquisition to California society, from Akron, Summit county, Ohio, passed down the river on their way to the gold region, via the northern overland route. A oompany, organized in this city principally, leaves to day; also, another company from Gallipolis. missouri. Emigration to California.?There is every indication that the emigration to the gold regions via St. Louis and the Plains, this Spring, will be immense. We have no means ot estimating the number who contemplate, or are desirous of going by this route, but we have evidence, in letters uuu other communications to ourselves and others, thui justifies us in saying, that the number may be not rlnurn nt frntn ftoon ir\ *> >? ~ ~1 a II uwhmu. iiuiu iiimuiu itvcuvj HIUUBailU- /III of three may not pass through our city, but by far the greater number will do so. This animate is founded chiefly on what we know of the spirit of emigration in this and neignboring States. In our own aud several of the adjoining States, we have information that in nearly every county, companies of fives, tens, and upwards, are forming. Doubtless, many will not be ahle to go, but if the half go that are anxious to do so, our figures will be within the mark. Already, those who are in the line of furnishing outfits are busily engaged, and IB any articles which are dsemedsessential lor the trip, have risen considerably in value. The overland route is preferred by all who are familiar with the country and the different modes of travelling. We have conversed with men who have spent a large portion of their lives in the mountains and on the plains, and have tiied va- i nous routes, in and out, and they all concu; in snying that the route by the plums, either up the Kansas and the Blue to the Platte, or up the Mis- I souri, crossing at St. Josephs to the Platte?and 1 by the South Pars?is the shortest, safest ond most certain. This route leads down the valley of Bear river, and into the valley of the i Great Salt Lake. At the various Indian trading posts, provision will be made by the traders I to supply many of the articles essential to the emigrant. In the valiey of the Salt Lake, parties who may find themselves short of provisions or othe necessaries, will be able to procure an ample sup I ply, by diverging about sixty miles from the direc route, to the Mormon colony on the Lake. There i are about eight thousand Mormons now settled there. Last year they had a field of nearly eleven thousand acres in cultivation, in various grains, and which yielded them an abundant harvest, and left a large surplus above their own wants. This year they expect to double the number of acres, and as their harvest will be ripened by the time of the arrival ot most of the emigrants, tney expect to have an abundant supply for all who may desire provisions. We are credibly informed, that they are now driving a profitable trad* in stock and grain with California, notwithstanding the distance which they have to travel to reach a market. We further learn that preparations are making to send, early this spring, a heavy stock of assorted merchandise to tne Mormon settlement. This will luiiiipu tuivtNvi uicuiuiu vi du|'|mj iu mc cini^rmns. Beside the thousands going to California, there 1 will be several thousand Mormons who will go out this spring to the citv of the Salt Lake. A considerable portion of tnose now located on the Missouri, above and about Council Bluffs, will move i early in the spring. In thiacity there are a great , many?perhaps one or two thousand?who will also move as fast as their means and the duration j of the season will permit. Added to these, there I are hundreds arriving every week, having the same ultimate destination in view. We are in- 1 formed that, within a few weeks pant, upwards of I three hundred (many of them from England,) have 1 arrived in this city, e? route to the valley ef the 1 Salt Lake. Those who do not know these people, or have I not the means of witnessing the extent of their proselytisrn, will he surprised at tne number who f me connecting themselves with the Mormon i Church. The persecutions they have met with, have only given them strength, influence andsym- l pathy: and the persons who are now joining them, 1 are, in intelligence and property, above the rank < which has usually been ascribed to their mem- i bers.?St. Low Kr/mhlirun, Mii'di 2. ' LOUISIANA. The following are the passengers per steamship Palmetto, Captain Smith, for California, via Lava- 1 oa and San Antonio, which left New Orleans on ! Uie yth lllst :? ] XV. Madox, J. Pan*, H. Kvans, G. W. B. Kvans, L. 1 Ledeubemer, H Terry. S B Johnson. O H. Carpenter, ' C. Speaker, 8 S. Cameron, M M Cameron, W, A. Hal- < lab, A T. Parker, B K. Hutchinson, J. C. Maoauley, K Bruntr. H Crittenden, J T?ats A. S Walmsley, I). i Kcneer. H. Terry, R. B. Johnson, J W Lott, W. H. ] Lott, VV. Whitehead, K. D. Eullock, J Owe a", J Karl, } K. B. Jatkson, A. .1. Gregory. J. W. Seale, 8. Watson, J. Livingston, T. Brazol. J. VVatson, J Laeroie, S. B. Kauntleroy. T.J. Halliday, J. McDowell. J Perkins, J J. G Leonard M MeMlller, C. R Steward, O, S. Garrett A. C. Garrett, C. Nerill. G. Stanwood, J. Harvey, < T. Smith. H Wilson, J. Gleason. M. Rtoekwell. T. < Jones, Major Buckbam. J. W. Armstrong. J. A. Oarrett. ( D. Kiting, J. Bailey, T. Waston, and sixty three on | (leek?Total, 122. The following are the names of the passengers in the schooner Friendship, for California direct, , which left New Orleans on Friday, the }lih met:? , T. Guard. F. Arnold, lady and two oblldrea. J. Arnold. lady, and one ohlld. A. Hamilton, D. F. Rayres, 8. Ramsey, Dr. Harris and lady, J Slwell. T. Maokay, H. Valley and lady, M. Cartler and lady, P. Youngman , and lady. V. Pobl, J. MoDougall, J. Ryan, W. H?n- ( wood?Total 2&. The following ar? the names of passengers in the 1 schooner *t. Mary, Capt Chastean, for California 1 direet, which sailed Irom New Oileans on the 10th : inst:? Dr T. H. I.og?n, Dr . Rhi'l and lady, C Flesea, K. T Wilktnsand servant. B. T.Davis. J. Boiling, R. K. Rolling. K. II Pegram, K. F,. Markman. T.C. Smith, 1 K D. Voundrav. J 8 Carringtnn, W. R. Cox, H.C. Durald, J. R. \ alloau, C. Knfeld, T. Wldman?To- I tal, IB. | Nkw IfAiMPSHiRg F-lkction ?Nearly complete < returns show that in the 1st and 3d districts, Mr. I Tuck and (Jen. Wilson are probably re-elected to i Congress, each by a majority of from three to fiva hundred votes. In the other two districts the de- | mocratic candidates are undoubtedly elected. Mr. Ihnsmror appears to be chosen Governor by morn i than 4,000 majority. The L>at??t from IhIm and th? Pacta, I ( rem the N 0. Pioayoae, Mtnk lo J * We are iu possession of files ot Vera Cruz 4 to the 28th of February, add papers from the c . tal to the 24th. The Ar'o-Irta mentions the departure of vari parties of Americans from mat c'ty tor Califor It makes no complaint against thern ; oa the c trary, it speaks of the mrn composing them at spec able end well disposed We hope no c? pany may be so reckless as to c>inmit excessei the rou'e ibrooth Mexico, by which the gov? nuntdthxt count>y may be excited to mterl with the travel The m imvncamtnto of Col. Marquez wa complete atmrtiou. He was arrested at Popo with one ot his adherents. While on his way the capital as a prisoner, he was so insecui guarded thai he made his escape. Congress is doing almost nothing. The citiz ot Vera thuz, Tampico, Matamo'as and oi frontier citie.-?, are all clamorous for a reform .L - a- i J- . J. L... o. uie mini, tinu i& reuuuuuu ui uuucb, uui v^ougi iw dilatory. We have been favored by a friend with the p< sal of a letter from Aeai uleo, via Vera Cruz, fr which we make the following extracts : ? Acapi'lco, Feb 11,184 The general impression U from the various rape aeocunt* ?u4 in'oroistinn obtained along this eo that we get all the good news from the gold dlggl the bad being left lor our arrival. From authei aouounta brought by the P.ngllab frigate Herald, to !18tb November la*t we learn that some persons w averaging tmm $!)0 to $40 per day. but the msjoi from lixty to ninety <iaya through. did not realize per day Gauds wirt low. with a few exosption lomi articles that, were scarce During tho wet season. say the last four mon ' some two or three thousand miners had arrived at Franoleco aud Monterey, and suoh a eoena of g hling. dissipation and fighting wa< never witn?d before * * * Acapuloo differs from the .oitle Granada?in the first, duties are oppressive; in latter, merely nominal The women of Panama^ drees well; here tbey are poor and dress badly Tli are all kinds of frnit on tnls ooast. and the aat make it an important item of oonmuiptlon. Our si pege hero was a great relief to mu and a good r>. with a One nap of chocolate, has made me feel Ilk new man after my crowded passage to this point. J think of 188oahin passengers on steamer to tlhag thrown into a steerage, with not half the room alio by a special act of Ongreee in all cases of emigr or passenger ships I have never seen, read or hi of aught to compare to oar situation. I was \ nights in my banimork. with the tea beating over VftoflPl fttld f nrttV noil r I no r\n inn ull nltrhl and m of my fellow pn'sengers lying in water two or ti inches deep. Hogs u-VS o?*<. imd some bulls n desk with us?it really onnaot be described could write sheets on various subjects connected ? this voyage but as many pao?r? are represented board, you will see long and interesting reports Aoapulco, Mexico. Feb. 1 I avail myself of a short steppage of the steamer llforma at this port, to ad rise yeu that we arrived evening, ettrr a disagreeable voyage of eight daye ft Panama, wbicb piece we left on the let Inst, VVe t wet. r bore, and sail this af.ernoon fur Masstlan, wt we exprot to arrive In three or four days. Since my last from Panama, I have little from C fernla to Interest you. I think there will be gi difficulty in returning from that country to the S'a Already has a fse'lug of insubordination mautfet itself on board, and all hands are Independent of officers; and there Is little doubt that if the etorles c rent In relation to California are true, the ship wiil deserted by all hands, seve ber officers, and wii obliged to be laid up. We are without any tlili Prom New Orleans sinee we left, exoept via New Yc the 36th December. We have a number of stok beard with the Panama fever Thank heaven, we h no cholera. About a dnsen Amerioane died on Istbmns, and it ie fortunate we htve se far esoaped our vessel it crowded with 336 passengers. 1 will write you again on our arrival at Masatlan J From the New Orleans Plosyune, March 11.) We mentioned yesterday evening the recetp Mexican papers ot a late date, and since learn t they were received at Mobile by the British stear Great Western from Havana, having been c veyi d to Havana by another British steamer, Dee. Capt. Alien. The Mexican papers which we have'read abot in complaints against Santa Anna. The state a general governments are called upon to pronout perpetual banishment against him. Hia name nurd as a rallying cry bv all discontented splr From the pains which the government through organs takes to denounce him, we think they m have grievous suspicion of some design on bis p to return to Mexico. We had an idea ot transitu several articles on the subject, but they would reveal the secret causes ot the government's app hmsions, and we have scarcely room to-day them. The official documents in relation to the rev of Col. Marqaez, his arrest and subsequent esc; are published, but possess too little general inter to be re-produced here. He made his escape bribing a sergeant of the guard with a f * "ounces." The sergeant refused to share i plunder with a fellow soldier and the lat " peached," whereui>on the sergeant is now durance, and will probably be visited with i weight of punishment which otherwise wo have fallen upon Col Marquez. Capt. D TomasMejia has much distinguish liimsel* in the Siena Gordo war. The thanks the President are conveyed to turn in a fulsome I er of Gen. Arista, the Secretary of War. It strong enough to make of him a hero and a m tary aspirant. * 1 The war af castes which has been so fatal in t Sierra and in Yucatan, has broken out in the sou ern part of the State of Mexico. The news w communicated to ihe capital ny Gen Alvarez, w was collecting troops to put down the tnsurrecti< and expected to be able to do so effectually. Coinp'.aints are flowing in incessantly upon t government of Indian incursions upon the from States, and praying for a force to protect them. The American deserters who were incorporat with the police force of the capital, give infin trouble to their officers by their lawless condu Instead of aiding to preserve order, it requires i the vigilance ol the authorities to keep the soldit straight. A paper of Duranco reiterates its complaints th a numerous armed force of " North Americans a FmupgVrs" had entered the State by way of Pre dio del Norte, and were in leaeue with the India to make a permanent lodgment there. Gov. Tri had gone to Duraiigo for troops to drive out t Indians, and we suppose the North America with them. The Monitor Republicano of the'2lft, invok the attention of the government to the proprie of diverting the travel from the United States California, bb far ns possinle, to the Tehuantep J route in place of that of Panama It advises in ' the government should close with the offers Manning fc Mackintosh to open the eommunic tion, which ahall make Mexico the highway tor tl commerce of the world between the two nation [From the New Onleeae Delta, March 11 ] Petitions have been presented to Congress fro various parts of the Republic, in rela'ion to tl tolerance of all religions. The Monitor tak> ground in favor of the measure. A proposition has been introduced into the L gislature of Vera Cruz, to establish a seminary learning at Jalapa. The Monitor, alluding to the hingiag of tw famous gutrmUtrot at San Juan de los Llanos, s<r p that if all other places would follow the eximpl !' t.iey wonld soon enloy that peace and quiet which thev cannot now boast. A sanitary corps had been established at Ve; Cruz. al 1 ' - * * - * * " * mr uit'iiincni season oiosea in me capital 01 ?< the 20th ult , with a benefit to Sefiorita Marine ] resus Montezuma. General La Vega had taken command of th f military forces ot the State of Tamaulipas, h ,1 tieadquarters being at Tampico. So the fotindei I >f the Sierra Maare Republic may yet have I :hance to emulate the prowess of the gallant Ma; I alio I " Trod down La Vega's flras " It appears that the Mexican mose has been calle ! n to arouse popular indignation against the ret ir if Santa Anna. The Mcmitor contains a string < verses which had been extensively circulated, an which seems to have about as much poetry I J hem as is contained in some of the new edition ' >f our Yankee Doodle. There were more than four hundred persons d? irous of embarking as passengers on the Califoi it >ia, when she touched at Acapulco, o.i her race, J voyage to San Francisco There appears in the Monitor a long advertise ment of the proprietor of the line of stage coache tietween Vera Uruz and Guadalajara, setting lort :he advantages of the route, the prices from pot :o post, fee. The distance is 800 miles, cost abac |I60. It is two hundred miles from GuadaLjar to San Bias, and three hundred and fifty to Md zatlan. More than ninety-five persons, amnue them ee 1 I l-D * fcmi nviiiru, imu ini mazstian lor the oold r? gioiis between the 20th and 24th .Unitary Usl. Navioation Open ?The town wan taken l> surprise yesterday morning, on hearing that th< steamer Columbia. Capi. T. N. Ilulse, bad mad' her way through tne barricades ol ice o the city sad war fast moored at the new Hteamlioat land ng. Nobody could realize the fact,lor lew though Ihst auch a feat was possible. Rut what can' ['apt. Hulse and the Columbia dol ."She left Ne" York on fctatuiday morning about it o'clock, am i ocounlered but little obstruction until she paaaet I'oughkerpsie. The ice to Hudson was aoinewlu ; lormidable, but she pushed along slowly resolved ; it poisible, to reach Albany. I'bey succeeded i landing at the loot ot Rtoaaway, about 2 o'cloo* nn Vunday mnrniwr, but not without slight injur lo the boot. The ice was tu md to he very tnieslid solid between here snd Ooeymaiis Cnnsiler . in,; all things, ('apt Dulse baa aocnmpl/kued i ( p great feat, and is dt si rvtug tlo> thanks ot th^bmt 1 litte Community and of ttie trsv lling pub 't t' j'l general. The Columbia leaves at it o'clock tht morning ? Albov\ h'nvknhuiktr, March lit. I

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