Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ^ ,(J ? < . . . .j ' ' ' T r i * WHOLE NO. 6725. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. DTERTBEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT FIHA5C1AJU llCAA AAA ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIA DtlVJ x-re Vf V/ " ? mouds, watched, jewelry, ?gars, jpianofcrtes, meichandise and personal property "nerelly, or bought for cash. Note*, stocks, bon<s an<l mortgagee, kc., negotiated. Business contidtntial, and mci ted promptly, at No. 78 Naisau street, fir .t Sour, aok office. A first rate restaurant in this city for sale 111 KA A A/ i TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCH i) J. O v/ e Uvv ?*, jewelry, fcc, or bought for cash, 'ood city stock*, nates, bond* and mortgages, bill* of exS hunge, be., negotiated. Bunnell confidential, ana rompUy executed, at 103 Namau street, room No. 2. 'HOMPhON k CO., broken and commission merchant*. JiAA AAA10 L0AN 0X DIAMONDS. WATCTU.N, BO V- vTVy V/ j*w?lry, be., or bought for oanh. fotes, itocki, bond* and mortgage*) negotiated; real state bought, sold aud enchanted. All btuinass strictly oofldectiiQ. CHEEBF.MAN. BKAISTED & CO., Rro?er-t, ,6 John atreet, corner of Nassau. | ?ca AAA~w loan on diamonds, wat 80v?vvv chei, jewelry, sugars, and mor Lauilibp generally, or bought out Bond* and murt rages bought and sold. Money constantly on hand at 1 46 William streat, near Pulton, up stairs. FORBUSH t CO., loan and commisiion broker*. corner of Bowery, room on lecond floor. N. 0. WOOLLEY. $20. 000 ?MONEY TO LOAN, ON DIA __ _ j moods, watches, jewelry, p'ate, Iry good*, aegars, or merchandize of every description; business confidential; 2ra Broadway, and li>3 Fultou ?treet, room II, third story. STEE1 k 00. dhfT IWkA WANTED? WITH A BUSINESS MlN; ?t)?Uy V real estate- security and libt" >1 Hilary: privilege of onequarter interest end ot the; ye ir; $'R?,000 Invested in manutacturing and mercantile in eity. Ap 'aly personally at M Canals treet, from 3 to 4, if prepared 'for immediate arrangements. Business wiU b ar exam ination. ?Q AAA WANTED) 0N A FIRST HON O AND Oe V/' 'U mortgage, secured uu a house and lot worth noub e the amount, in this city, near the Crystal Palace. Inu-rest pu. . m advance if desired. i'rincipalj only need apply at 26 Ferry street, in back office. 4I&/J4 il l ? WANTED ? A YOUNG MAN WITH ? >00 ?^TVVt or $400, as partner in the printing busi ness. Inquire at 183 William street, second storj , front ?WANTED, A GENTLEMAN WHO WOULD ^POUvt advance that a un to oblige ii lady ; can fi. ive security on property insured (or 14,600, or, if more "agreeable, a suit of roous iu a quiet, genteel houso -town towr. Any party having the aoove amount to loan, will please auc.j-ess, post paid, Miss Ellen, l'ost Office. TO I.OAN.? A YOUNG MAN THAT HAS a good knowledge nf the mercantile business, )h* e a situation, and would loan his employer the above or would go into some safe business witb another. Address N- M. Herald office AM AMOUNT TO LOAN, OR WILL BUY AT <>IilHT lor cash, merchandise, |ewelry, diamon Is. pUte, projierty, or security of nny description, in ?umi from ? 10 to $10,000, at the old established, permanent and re Si<nsible i'aclfi) Agency and l.oan office, over Pacific nk, corner of Broadway and Urand street. Busmen confidential aud safe. CASH UBERALLY ADVANCED ON HOUSEHOLD furniture, watches, diamonds, silver ware, nauti cal instruments, mechanics' tools. Ate , or bought oat for'cssh, anil the highest pnoe paid, at No. 26 Catherine Street, by Mofa'AFKitK.V A WALTERS. CASH ADVANCED AND LOANKD III ANY AMOUNT? On diamouils, watcher, jewelry, piate, valuable and personal property, or bought for the b<i(be*t cmb prices. K. WOOD, 00 Fslton street, second floor, front room, from OA. M. to 4 I'. M. Galena and chicago union railroad c<> ? Transfer Agency ? The trani-fer books o! ibeGilena and Chicago L'nivn Railroad Corn pan > haviug been placed In th* American (exchange liana on Wednesday, the 24tii ln*t., will remain open during the remainder uf the week when they will be closed uutil toe 2d day of February next. (Signed) W. M. LAHRABtiE, .-ecretury. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, ?fi WARREN STREET, one door from Greenwich. ? ?>peb daily from 10 A. to 1 P. M , aud 4 to 7 P M. Interest at the rat* of A per cent allowed on ail sums from 11 to Tne funds ?f this institution are securely 'nvested in bonds and mortgages iu the city of New York, worth double th* amount loaned, and in hondt in this city. CALEB S. WOOliHl'LL, President. M. D. vli'pilr.T, } Vl?* Vanukkbilt L. Bcrro*, Secretary. T EATHER MANUFACTUKERS' BANK? NEW YORK 1 J January 23, 1856. ? A dividend of live (5) per cenn on the capital stock will be paid to the stock hoi ters o and after Thursday, the first day of February. The trans fer 'books will be closed until 'hat day. Byorlerof the Board of Directors, T. R ACLY. Cashier. Money to loan? at thk empire loan and Agency Office, (removed Irom 12*1 Nassau street,) on wines and spirits In bond, diamonds, pearls, wa'ches. furniture, orj good*, pianofortes, ami every description ??f personal property, or purchased for cash, upon liberal term* by CASEY k CONLEY, 321 Broadway, adjoining the City Ho-pital. 2/TONEY? CASH LIBERALLY ADVANC ON 11 watches, jewelry dry goods, clothin< pianofortes, ruituie. or any other property at the Agency and ls>au t>Hice, oi>4 Broadway, corner of Duaue street, second iKoor, room No. 0. The strictest umlidence and nonor may be relied upon. Branch office, H4 West Six eenth ?treet. MrLoUOULIN k O'NrJU. HORTII CAROLINA SIX !?!?? C^TS TATE STOCK ? Tbkami RY 1 IV.YA RT?| k>t, R?uaua, N C. . l>ec. 26, IH64. ? Sealeii broposals will be rec?iv-<l at this ollice untd 10 ?O'clock A. M , of tbe 31it January next, lor the purchase Of three hundred and seventy thousand dollars la ben .s, running thirty years These nonds are issued by the State of North Carolina ; and in addition to tbe faith o< the State, all tbe stock bad by the State in said road, and the div dends arising from ?* d stock, are pledged for tfaelr redemption. Propnaals will also be reeeive<i at the sarns time for the purchase of eighty thousand dollars iu bonds rue ning tea fears, is?ued by the same authority, for the construction of the Weldnn and Uaaton Railroad, and the improvement of the navigation of the No use and far river*. Both claaees of bond* are, by e x press enactment, ex empted from taxation for any purpos* They will bear date the 1st of January, 1866, and will hava coupons attached fur tbe Interest at six per cent per annua, payable tbe first days of Jaaaary and July, in each year Boto interest and principal will bepiya ble at the Rank of tbe Republic ta tbe city ti New York, -unless where the purchaser prefers to have them pay able at th' treasury of Nor' h Carolina They wtU be issued In sums of one thou -and dollars -each Parties bidding will please address their letters, en dorsed "Proposals for North Carolina Stoflks" ? to tbe undersigned at Raleigh. N. C. , and will iisiinguish in th?ir bids the particular class of bondi for which they bid They will also state at what point an what Kind of funes thay propoee to pay. The bids wllf ><e opened at lu o'clock A. H , of the list January next, in tbe preee?< e of the i^tvernor tbe Se cretary and Comptroller of Mat#, and of G W. Mm ducai, Presliient of the Bank of the Slain of North Carolina The undersigned reserve* the right of accepting such kids la whole or m part as saay be deemed most advaa tageous to the Mate. Successful bidders will be required, as soon as inform ed of the acceptance of their bid*, to deposit in beak tne amount of theu bids with tbe accrued i'.terett from tbe 3r*t of January, lb6i, to the credit of Ui - Treasurer of tbe State of North t'aroiint Ibis deposit m.iy be mi le in the Rank of the Republic, New Tori, the Bank oi the Htate of North Oaroima, or tba Bank of Cape Pear, Raleigh. I locumente showing the great reeoarcee of the State and the small amount of her indebtedness tiu? ne had at this office, or oa appliCsUno to Messrs. HKilft'N and DF. ROSrETT, eity of New V?.r*. DM. ?, 1864 D. W (X>i UTS, Pub. Trees of N. C. "*i* ithers k rrrtJvoN. un stvm k and Jf exchange brokers, 41 and 4 1 South Third street. Philadelphia. ? Stock end < nrporstion loans nou /ht an t sold on commlas on promiss>.rv notes and draft* nego tiated collections made upon all accessible point* .n the country; draft* on other cities, in sums to stilt pur chasers. TMK KliiRHRV. ItUtE DVABTMJCNT -N(/n< I. til HtKKHY UIVRM, Lurauaat to th? of th? [???<? of Tor*, in (tea ?a<l? ?n1 pr Tirtf.l ?h?l ?n ippl will fc* ma>> U> tb? at ita pre-?Dt mhmJ-ib, for lh? of a law to iarraine th? rua<1 of tb? Firi I* {?r'nrti n and of th* eltf of Now York, to kua urod ami fi'ty tbouaaad dollar*. JOIIV a. (ill. FX, Traaaurar. Now Tort. Job. 10, IWfc X'aiad hose co it, m mkjirhh and h<? uiirarjr membra of tht? company ?r# rnn-''?<l H ni'*t at ? h? r*rriaf? h<>ui>? thia rfaj r, at If o'clock M., to -UUml U?o funeral of 1'auli Youni Br or i>r of Wg rUOMPdOM, Foreman. R. W. Rmm, He?r?t*rj CXTHA Ptl^ _ t~T g. N*rY HAlUlW* A.VK t/IMIM -KXPKA PAT ; . |>mmik ?) ptid boaaty laad warrant* obu n?-i, oi.pbt vntl adM p*?atf>aa pr?ri.r?-1 dn? h?trt of ,!???< I - s- ??????? co|lmt?1 an 1 all kUiJa a * -Iain# awMsat tha C. ?. r?w>?arM k? S" KD*A<I? lt*m. aad litl Pww P. 8- *a*T, *? Wall ?tmt. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. THUlT?-TiURI> UMUKBM. 8*00 ND 8K88I0M. Wauhinoton, |u. 38, 186}. TUK OIWTRCCnO.M AT BILL OATW, WTO. Mr. Scwaxd, (free soil) of N.Y., presented a petition from Messrs. Hatted ft Krocbi, nub-marine engineers, pr posing for a per centage of duties to remove the rocks in H U Gate. Referred to Committee on Commerce. Mr Jamer, (dem.) of R.I., called up a bill relative to patent*, and made it a special order for next Saturday. Mr. Skwarv, from the Committee on Pensions, re ported adversely to the petition of R. Williams. Pasted. EMIGRANT VAVTEtM AND CONVICTS. Mr. Coopkx, (whig) of Ha., offered a resolution that, the President be requested to cause the Seoretary or State and Secretary of Treasury to oomtnunicate to the Senate from tbeir departments all information relative to the transportation of convicts mi l paupers Into the United Sta'-M from foreign countries, and what agency tin r governments ha"e had in sending them here. Al so, bow many volunteer emigrants have arrived within 4wo year-< past. Reiolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary be in structed to inquire what, if auy, legislation in required to prevent ti reipu government* from transporting con victs and paupers into tlie United States, and also whi ther any nnd what legislation is necessay to pre vent voluntary emigration hither of either of the above classes. Tim BOUNTY LAND HILL was taken up. Mr. Wuiu, (dem.,) of r V proposed making twenty per cent increaae for invalid*touers, Rejected. Mr. (.layton, (whig,) of Del , move<l .o exclude a de serter fri m the benefit)* of the bill. Agreed to. Messrs Dawton, (wbig ) of (.a., and Stuart (dem ,) of Midi., occupied about half an bour of time in cliarg ing each other with Incsn ister.ciea in reference to th 1 1 ami other kindred measures lust session. Mr. Sih'aRii ? Hie question is upon tlie ailoption of the i ubstitnte < f tiieSerator from Pennsylvania. Tim*, is objectionable, because the princpl* of the bill ami the object to be stts'ned are antagonist ical. Volun.eT* are generally moved by patriotism, and are generally mo'e meritorioua tlian soldiers of tlie 1 ne. They leave tbeir octupatons for the emergency, at a great ?acrlfic? Such wtre tlie I'latt.sburg volr.meers, from tlie States of Vei iu<mt and New York, in the war ot IS12, fo* they lelt their occupations nnd devotedly gave tbemielvei up to the service of their couutry. Now, to discriminate ngaiust tucb as these is to discourage the m litia, the most impoitant institution of free countries M'e must always have a small stead ng army, but at an expense of republican principles and risk to republican institu tions. Mr STt'AKT said ? Tbe donation is too large in amount. If *e pay at all, we slionld psy what we owe, and not reduce our debt by nn unjust discrimination. Mr. Rrodhead's substitute wu>< then adopted, and Mr. Wt Iter's ain-ndroent revived and agreed to Mr. Hrn.BR, (dem ) of S. C. offered an amendment to place the widow-- of the Revolutionary soldier* on an equal foeting with the Indians, anl offered an amend niei.t to that effect, but Mr. Urodhead dissented Mr Btnrm, dem ) of Va , sai'l lio was instructed by bis htate to vote for tbe Kevolntiouary relicts, but he was afraid of overloading the bill. lir. BUTLKR said thi* was merely a proposition to put the widows of Mie soldiers of the War of the Revolution on an equality with 'he widows of the rotdier* of the war of 1812. Adopter) almost unanimously. Mr Foot, (whig) of Vt , advocated tlie claims of the I'latt- burg volur leers, and an amendment inc irporat ng them was agn ed to. Mr. Fhweniikn, (whig) of Me., tried to Incorporate the Arcostook soldiers; but Mr. !*Ivart sniil if thN were done, the soldiers of the Patriot, Wolverine sn t Mormon wars would apply. Mr. FBtsKNMtir replied, advocating his amenament. Mr Wkukh opposed it. Mr. Podok. (dem ) of Iowa, hoped Senators iroald not try to extend tlie provisions of the b'll further J r. Kessenden's amend nent wa? then rejected. Mr. Radoeb, (wbig) of N. C , advocated an amend ment to bring in all th? volunteers of ail the wars of *116 I'uited States. Mr. Rt tlkr moved to give one hundred and sixty acres to tbe widow of each Revolutionary aoldlor. Adopt i ed. Adjourned. Hour of ReprtKnUUTM WiHiii.MdTov, Jan 23, 195$. COSW)I.n>AT!NO CVRTAIN LAWS. KTC. Mr. Fi'i.ueh, (d?m.) of Me., introduced a hill amending and consolidating tl c navigation, i??rnur and collection lawn. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Monday, Tuesday and Wedoeaday of next week were net apart fur the consideration of Territorial buainea*. On motion of Mr. Urtri.vo, the Senate bill granting a regis'er to 'lie bark Coll n?, under the name uf "Lilly o New York," waa panted SAVY YARD AT ?Rf!?gWTCK. GA. Mr. PgWARD. (d?m ) of Ox., wan allowed, by unanimoua content, to make a few remark* He r- erred to the pe titiou preaen'ed by him asking f?r the establishment of a navy yard at Krunawirk, Georgia Thi* subject wan M-nt to the Committee on Naval Affair*, and nothing lia* been heard of it nince. He wi-bed to unow whether tho etanding committee* tare the right, exclusively, to con trol the bufineas of the Hoti-e and make their room* t!?e graves of all measure* refeirwd to th*-m At the la*t aeaiion three niillioc* of d liar* were appropriated for huih'ing a x firs' i-laF* frigaiea The relation* of thi* country toward ( uba se>u,?.i to require this provision, and the I're?ident nut in a uieiowge on the auhjeet whi;h wa* refi rred to the Committee on Foreign Affair-, where It now alee pe. not with tanmi g the cbaiim in of that commit tee, Mr 1 aylv. ?ald it excited hi* admiration. He want* i the >ountry to know that the committee* manage >uai nesa more than the Houae two -h rda of It i* nunnfac tuml by the ill- pari met t* and the llo'iae rw-| ured to endorse it H- mail* no clmri(e? of corruption, but the tendency i- evil. Hand ng committees are not judge* of what the country want* they should either report favorably or unfevomMr on the matter* aubmitle.l to them, ant let the Hotine ta e definite action TDK PACIFIC RAILROAD RIM. The Hotter voted, on a motion male ye*terday, to re consider the vote by which the I'acit-- Kailroad bill waa r? I. rred to a select con ait t?? and to lay that motion on the table, liecidel in tUe affirmative i<y a majority ol one. THK rRKMW SPOf.lATHIf RII.L The Hi u?e went into Committee of the Whole on the Hate of the Union on the French Hpol at! n b< II Mr Bayly', (item ) of Va , said?' Thi* auhjeet haa lx-? n reported on tor half a century, almost aiwayi favorably. It haa paa<-ed both house* fr*?|.ietiily, bi.t not at the eame session He intended to move for a substitute for the House b 11, that of the Senate. provid ing for the direct appropriation o' lf> <*/) (*>) from the treasury, and the appointment of a solicitor on the part of the government to appear i-efore the board, to mm tbat juitlce waa done Tula subject waa one, In respect to which the beat intellect! of the country have been exhausted ? Marshall. Wile*, 1 Ivng'ton and Webster he would not include tl.e gen'Iemar from Mis-ourl, Mr. heuton, who wax preaent. He would not claai bim with tie 'lead (Laughter.) Tlila bill la unusually well guarded ? tlx- mere presentation of a cla m ?o the '?oard releasing the government Irorn every obligation except the p.ytr.entof the amount awarded. Mr. Uhr, (dem ) of d. 0., in<|ulred what la the proba ble aggregate amount groelng out of apoliat en* * Mr Bayly ? lhat la to be ascertained by the Hoard. The Ave millions are to aat iff all claim*. Mr Hihhard (dem ) o' N. H ? It baa jiaen eatimate.l that the claim* are I* t wren thirty and forty million* of dollar* without interest Mr Bayly? I dr.n't believe any aueh thing I believe five million* will satisfy ail claima if no , the Amount I* to be mvidwl pro rata Mr. Hihrard? Well, we will wot commit on reel re* to thirty or forty miUiona ? Mr Bayly ? 7h? cla manta are will ng to take the five mdliona in full< barge Mr Cirrtau, idn?.) of K Y ? I have been requested to sta'e by am.v friend from Maa?erDua?tl, (Mr Aop'e ton. ) thai. acuiT I n* to tie heat Information and eetl mate the total amount of i laima ta between ten and twelve m ll on* ef d< Kara, wi hont iniwre*'. Mr URR cooteu- ed if there were any obligation on the part of the government to pay any of the oemanda, It n tiidsr the o?ii gatieu to pay all lt.l* Mil waa but *u t?rir,g a wedae. The propoae<l r*>triction in the bdl would mil ?|? rate a* ancb. Wt.?n th < five m>llioa> are *? peburd other hilt* will te paaaed until thirty or fifty niiUn B? o? . dollar* aball aed'awn f'om the traaajry i,e wax oppo-ad to the hill altogetner i r t.iiM.MAir (? *m.) of .V C nrieSy cadet atten ion ?o the circumatan e under which the goveruaaeot be cai'.e I able for the paymeut of ap*d atluja Mr. I n**DLitii (whig) of la, waa reml.i'led of aa anec dote. I wo wen went to a~tt e witt their Un I a ly <?ae rnli:ce*l bta bill ttfty per ceat on the ground of over charge*. the other aaid hut bdl wa* nm tali en -ugo and eo the *>*? woman ha ted it up a^eorl ngiy, but el hoti' rettlin* the men ran away (la g ler i t,n wa tie worrt kln-?<fpay are ant o?* V- m*i? ? at a larger rlaim of forty or nit) million ?, but will n<-t |-av the smaller one of 6ve m illione. Mr. IliRitjiRD? I ool ? atavd tb? estimate. My o?a op nion i* ttere la (bthing une Mr < HA!?i'U.a? lh? g-otleman fmil be la in I he raUgnry ol the laat per?on I referrer to an I ? ?ll not ja> anyth ng (Ijaiighter / Wl hm tue past year, thia ^i-vetHBient. fin ng ita-lf una ?ie t?> 1 1, 1 ft I the treaty of t.uadalijp* Hmalgo paid Meocu ten m ll >ne of dollar* to be rw|r*.?d Irorn Ita '?b"ga ?|< n- . and Bow, a hen a ca?e la pre* oted uf a atnt lar <b?ra '"*r t' e mentis man 'rom f- ufh f and na diarua-ea ? hica. In ib? opinion n' *ai ng'"B. a g"? t mo- to for indivHiual* a* ?etl n* govsrn<ret,la. la ' Hoi???ty ia the l?ft |uliry " The cla<ma ahvuld he paid without I' nger de'ay klr Ktrrr, fdern ) of H c aa 4 the mi*t of flftjr year* bad rl> B e, the i|iiesti<,B he en Id not pat the ap propr>atioB on the ** ore uf rhar t|, but would It not b? rigl t for tie n vntiy to take ti e >Ue < A lib-ral Joail^e ? I, I ( ? e> n ?thiag doe? J( the awtouLt a **? m!y balf a mlliiB wonli not geatleaaea vote f?,r ? ?aa it note fair c< m| romi*e to five are auiUva* ia fall to* ? raieaaa of all obligation! 1 With such a provision, ha would rote for the bill. The ctminittee hera rose. Pending the consideration of ? resolution to clone the debate on the French spoliation blli iu two hour*, the House adjourned. NKWHPAPEIt OOBREfirONPKHTS. [Correaponuenca of the Courier aao Ka>|uirt>r.] Wmihxotoji, Jan. "21, 1885. Another Attempt at a Duel. The belligerency of Virginia politicians haa received a faither illustration Irom a aharp correspondence which has b.-en going on here during the last few day*, be tween the Hon. Win Smitl and one Mr Nat Tyler, a democratic editor up among tbe hlila thia aide of the Blue Kidg?. Tyler's paper recently contained an article on tbe topic* pertinent to the existing caevais in Vir ginia, upon which the member felt it hia privilege to comment with something leaa of that urbanity and amiability which the sensitive chivalry of the editor re quired from the < r tics on hia professional iabora. A* in duty hound, lie hurried down to Washington and pro ceeded to call the ex governor to account, in the manner prescribed by t lie co in Tbe result waa a challenge from the editor to the member, which the latter refused to receive At thia mage or the proceeding* the police In tervened, but their service* were not required, for Mr. Smith had peiemptorlly declined the honor of an invlt* tion to tbe Held. He had as little disposition to p.-eaent hlmaell a* a mark for tbe editor's pistol, aa to aubinit uncomplainingly to the volleya of paper pallets ol the brain which had rccaaioned the difference botween them. Correspondence of the North American. Wadhinqtox, Jau. '21, 1365. Commodore I'erry ? Increase of the Xai'y and Army General IVool- tUlling njf in the lt-r-tnae. Commodore Perry ha* been la Wuliiugton during the past oeck. He ba* bees nbseut two year*, within which period he ha* rendered service to the country which *111 identify his name with its history. He his been received with the mo?t gratifying attention. He will present to Congress a claim for diplomatic service* iu tho ni g .tli tiou of the treaty w th Japau, and for expenditures In curred in the object* of the mieslon, about equal to the ?.mount which would have oeen paid to a 'ull minister for the t:me durirg which he lit* been employed. The last recoinui?nilation of tu? h<ccretary of the N'avy for tbe building of seven steam ainop*.ot-war hai not been leceivea with *o much favor a* the necessity for a prompt increase of tho navy renders desirable. It does not i-eem probable that any Mill in accordance with it will be passed. I noticed, on Saturday, that the Houno had refuse I to allow a hill for raising three tho man 1 volunteer* to be employed in the delence of the f.outier* t.i bo lu ro duced or printed. It wa* a pointed rebuke of the .Seire taiy of War, and a alight to the PtaiMl at. for li i'h bad equally recommended the meaaure. Hut it will have another ellect of great importance. Th" action of tbe House eiK'angera the hill for the increase of tUi army, by raising three or four additional draguou regintuut*. This much needed incre>seof mounted troop i wjuUI have been promptly sanctioned by botu House , had it not been trammel ed with the political scheme* for re organiting the army upon a pl ?r> wh c'l would have placed nearly all tho superior officer* at the mercy of General I'ierce and Colonel Davis The quarrel whic'i has arisen between t:.e latter gentlemen and General Wool 'oes not at all ucrease toe pof ularity of tho War Department with Congress. Mr (iuthrie is engaged in a close calculation of the losses and gaioa of the year He baa ate rtaine 1 that tbe loseea up to November, a? compared with the same months of last year, are only 151. HOC. Bat U appears that there was an increase of revenue in August, 1S54, over August, 18511. I be real declioo coinm-ieed m .-up teniber, aud the diminution ol cuntoais hu* (wen, in rouLd numbers, as follows: ? Septem ber $ 1 ,000,00(1 October a s),O0 November 1,550,800 December 2 000,000 Total decre?ae In four inontLa $1,85.1,000 [Correspondence of the i'ei n*ylvaman.}*, Jau ti. 1855. T\e Pacific Rail read? General Harney and the Noo Orleans Volunteers. The great if not tloal struggle on the Pacific Hailroad hill take* place in the House to-day When '.he House adjourned on .-aturuay the feeling wa* .lecid.' Ily in favor ol the grand trunk (not Grand luru) proportion, with two bran' lies at the western term nation. Hut who kt'CW * wist a day will bring forth r VI t day which haa in*erv> i?d has given ri*e to much tut. aod meditation : and as the bill in it* present shape, may no cou?tru?'i into a government work, many who acted with itsfrieuds ou Saturday on the preliminary vote*, feel dispose I thia bright, cool ana refreshing morning, to tale tho " *>aek track." However, there i* not much ui"? in ?p?Ciil?t:ng ? t the pr*?^nt time, as th^re mild be an end of *a?pen?o iu th? coor^e ol a 'ew hours An energetic move will be ravle in the House this week t<> | ass Mr. Kaulsner's b'll authorizing the calling out of three thousand volunteer* for the de -nee of the western 'rontiers. In case ol the p ol this b II t is un'ier tooo that the cummand will heglren to thegal lant fieri Harney. who will organ!** the volunteers Into battalions and not regiments I efore au ouming the House re-commltte I the Pacific lull to the cornini'tee ol thirteen. This is equivalent to a death-blow. The New Pension Hill. At the rf'jumt i>l m-veral lMn?ate* of tan lata floldiera' Canventk'n we rentMmh the lotlnwiog Mil, introduced into tin- Hi ua? of Keprenentativea b; Mr YV*ntworth, of Illinois ? A Utll granting pmtioni to all pertont mgay?i in thr i oar cf lfr I 'i and the Indian wan prior thereto, and to their i. idi re. I> It eusct?d, Ac . That each of tbe eomailtalonari an I ii' n-iou-in aaioaed oflicers, musician*, anl private*, whe'b?r of regular*, vlunteera. ranger*, or militia who |irli rn.?il miliar; or natal aervloa in an; regiment, company. or oeta? nuieiit, i ron board anr veinel of tbe I nitixl Mate*, or hlj of tbe htatei, who were mustered or were received n'o tbe service anl regular I; d ?? charged, In ibe war with Great ll'ita.n, declar-'d no th? I81h of June, INI/, or any Indian war ainre t ,U0, h'u II l>e placed nn 'lie |<en?ion roll of the Ijoited S'litm during hi* imtu ra I life, commencing on tha 4th 'lay of M troll nexi alter th- paa>at(e cf this art, anl putakla '??ni acin all; at the same rate per month whloi lie received, or wan entitle i to receive, accunliuf to b>* rank, in tbe service all re*aid. he.' 2. Anil b? t further enact*!. " hat In caie of the di nib of an; auch officer, non-cuinuiaaioue I officer. urn reign or private, before or alter tbe pa*sage o'th'S art, ? bo -lall have verted a* aforesaid. leaving a widow, Hirb widow ?li? il bo placed oo tbe pen*ion Pill for life at tin- m am* rate of munllil; pa; an hor huahaud received for *ucl. aervlae, or ? >u I<1 liate been entitled to receive, if be baa not been pla< ed on the p-n-iou roll. her, 3. Anl ba it furtter enactrd, That in caae nf the dettb of an; perron ? rigagel In tbe prjvision- of thia art during the |<erio i mlerve-iiug between the s* ml annual i payment* herein < irected to be ma le. tfre profiortiriiete nn oust between the laat >01111 annua' pavinent and th" <Vath of curb pereon ?hall ba paid, If be lie an ilflcer or lohtirr to Ins widow, if ther* be on?, and if not, to bis children or If it be a widow, to ber children or lefal rep re tentative* Marine A flairs. or Tim II* van fnunemr Anaoo.? The iteam ?Aip Aregn, for tbe New *ork and Havre Steam Naviga tion rur.ipan; will be launched from tfce ;ard of Jacob 1 A We?tervelt'* Sena k Co., foe t of Hevrnth atroet Kant ' river, at 2 p M . tomorrow. The Arago I* 3,000 ton* 1 hortlen ar.d la in ever; re*pect ?|ual to en; ve?ael built in the eonntr; The enginea are in prooesa of con ?truri>ori at Mm Viv?lt; W irks. hi Volcano. ? Capt. Patterson, of th ?hlp Magnolia arrived yenler la; from Cellar, atate* that nn the "th of November, In latitude 42 32 South, longitude M 4f. We*t, he experiences a ecvare shock of a aubmariue volcano, causing tbe iblp U> appear at if raunloif over a 0 ral reef. Ho (rr>-at wn the abock that tboae belo* ran on Otck, auppv*ln|( tbe veaeel to be aatiore. N?w Mrruoo or RxraiHixn a SMir ?The Rritiah arrow ?teamabip Hloalaja, wan latel; aeilonal; damtged in the lllack Fea but b*ing conaidered In a (It ronditiou Vo catr; invalids to Lngland, waa deapatcbe-l thence On ber arrival at Malta, however, it waa not thought pru dent to continue tbe voyage without repairs A a tl.ere was nodr; Cock large enough tb'-re to contain ber. Rear Adml'sl btewart, with tbe ss-iataocs of the eug!i.e?r. ? on shipwrights of vhe dock fard, ami the steamer's an gioeerr, aurmouated the difllcult; in tbe following mau ler ? Mi* wa? taken to tbe dock about noon on the first of 1 eeeml-er. Her lore runiperltneaf waa fllle-l or kept Clling t<; four siphbcs, for about two boura. At thst tin * s | owerf ul purrba?e waa Bxedaft to four derric' s, bovt 'uut. and sb* started up Jw inches. Tbr?e h >ura later the purcbaee ea< bovr aeam wheti ?he movrd up I', itrtes and*?- rontlnued till balf past II P M wirn i* wa? oni.d ber ?haft bole waa 16 incbea out of the wa fer. At tliia time her was 7 fe?t ten iit 'iei aM. tad IT feet forward with ab<iut 3 loot of eat r fcfl'ler forelovt ; and *bia waa a eompliabed so ?aaii; tbat^eranna wltneaa ng the oparat on alio"?l do 1 tli?ir?wn evea t-be atraiaed nothing whatever, a-td ? leti ber defeeta had been made good ana waa let down, l? 1 .water in her fore a apartment pumped out. anils tweiva litara ate rega<ne<1 her natural poalt oo and lot l?ii a> tr'm on 'be water as ?he .-v?r iiid ? ha' a a' t?r >he gft ber mi/ I in anl topgallant* fodntel. vsrds n|i?tw, hi |< ? II b- ?oan thai she wa? waier rwvne Me wl oke Oine, hkI tbat b; dea|ni;ini( th? jeo; an- j fotwsr-t Hie ae'iataeae .be required aft to raiae ber waa e mparatlvel> smalt Ibe Himalaja arrlted at Southampton oa tbe 2d inst all well after encountering terr h^av; galea m th* w?dlterrsi.?sn as well aa In the Ha; of ll<aca; an l tba l;ri '?U t bar n? l. Ilaval Intelllfcrnee. "belated Matea brlf Hainbridga, fr"? Wo .'snelre via Rar 'ad'-e* arrived at th a port ;eeterda; after aa eireedingt; rough paaaafe, haviag pu*. into t ?? latter port for wa'er and repair*. <n> Hnn ia; night laat eipe tlen'ed a violent gala iron the soattiaast, and rams ???; near 1 01 ng oa Ibe Jeree; ??each Tboae oa boart of h r rej re?<nt b?r ?? being eatirel; aoaeaworth; Tbe f I law ir.p la a llat ?< b*r "fUcwts ? C ? II laltr, li*a' " ??*?? "ng, f F. Iteming. I>emel Aaanen I "i< -oaa a llowa?lt l-n>.W?r puraer Wm Mitra-ll, nrtteg m ? ter Jc br. R?Aea?tela |?a??d aurtena Waa I. I xv? * m Kwlna HI l%afea. C A Habroak, mmsbipsaea r l harcb. emanandaat a clerk DISASTROUS EFFECTS OF THE LATE STO*M. Vtiwll Wrriked-Houri VnroofM and Blown Down? Floods tad High Tide*? Mumcroai Accident*, JLc. THR WRECKS ON LONG ISLAND. 8TRAND1MO OK Tim 8MP Hl'LLlVAN. The ibip reported yesterday a?bore at Fire ' Island ia the Sullivan, (.'apt. Mitchell, from Savannah for thi? port. She lies one mile weat of Flr? Inland light. She tailed from Savannah on the lTth inut., and treat . aahoro ihortly after nix o'clock on Monday murning, op poait* Bab/Ion, during the violent ntorm, having become ? perfectly unmanageable. Captain Mitchell and hi* crew aucceede I in getting aabore in their boat* with great difficulty tlx hours afler the veaael Ktrack, after loaing their beat boat, which wae awamped. The ahip lay at last account! high and dry. Iter mizen waa cut away, when the moiuinei-t went along with it. She in very much hogged Her cargo la com poaed of rice and cottou The rice U very much da maged; the cotton ia iu good erder. There ia but a little probability of ever getUng her off, aa the tide wan very high wrheu she went on, and, to gether with the atrong wind. ?h" wan driven eo far tip tbat the chauce to fl >at her ia very email She ia owued by, and waa couaigned to, Mr. Charlci Uulkl.y, of Sou'h afreet. Tbo Sullivan waa an A U,4 reaael, having been built at East Hnddain in 1839, aud waa valued at $M,OijO, which ia covered by Inaurance in Wall afreet. She wait ?>ne of George Bulnley'e line of Charieaton packets Her cargo comprised 70n bales of cottou and aome rice, al together valued at ah: ut $3f,000, and probably covered by inaurance io Si.vanuah and tbla city Hie brig reported aahore near tho Hutliran ia the ' Marlon, bound to Uo?ton from 1'biladelpbia, with coal, ; before reported. TIIK 8C1IOONKK PRtHI. A8HOHK. Tlie aehooier I earl. Captain Wenlervi It, from New bern, N C., for Now York, with navil stores, went anlfore on the 22il at Rt.ckaway, at nbotit H o clock ia the 'evening, and ia alao hi*h and dry on the beach ?-he waa conaigned to Batemau h Kudderow of thia city. She ia loaded with tiirpeatiae, roe a and hides, and will probally be got oil if the weather proven favorable. Tin BaKK plight. The report io a morning piper that the bark Fli/ht, ashore at Rocka?ay, bud g oe to pieces, with tin- pro bable lonl of all on board, waa not coriwit. t'aptvn Yates, of the ateamtug Mercury, left her at half pant , eight yeaterilay morning, when Hbe laid in an *a-y pull I tiun and woalil probab.y be got off In a day or two. ( Captain Yatea re porta a very heavy *ea at the N'ew Inl?t Bar. It drove her further upon the beach ao that when ahe comti off, which will be aa noon aa she ia din charged, alie will he got ofT into the bsy inside, and Uien brought through (lie inlet. Site ia perfectly tight, etaxda up ntraigat, and heuda off nuort. The lighter that went to her aanlataoce had a rough tiaie of it, aud excepting tbe loaa of an anchor and amuninaat, had rod> out the gale in eafety The fallowing le.ter from theapentaof the underwritera. (kinily foru ahed by Klwood Walter, Eaij.,) givea the latent u?? from the lark Nirw I\i.rr, J an 22, ll'i-V The bark Flight waa within one leng'li of being off laat ? venirg, with ancbora laid out and every precau tion taien to en?ure ?uo-??a. Owing to 'he w- ather w? all left ber at nndni^lit. It blowing n vety heavy gale irom j the eoutbweat, with a trimenaoun ?e* on. lo*?rdl morning it ?niked round to the weatwar l, and now blown vety heavy from that <|uart~r I tirwsuine tiie j hark has bilged, a? ahe drove in tbia m ?ruing over one 1 hundred jar a and I think, from appear *Uien, ahe | iriu>t ba w a< nie water io hei , and parted t ie cables we la d i t. t There in too much wind and to ap|ir<iac> her U> day, and 1 think weahall have to lane her laaule the iblt-t TK-n ta no doabt of our >aviug ah p and cargo; but tt will take dm* VTBKCI or TH? BRIO lOWDfTCn. Tlia ainie 1# tier furnUhes u? with tbe folio viu< pir ticularaoftbe atrninllo? of tlie brg Bowd.toh, of Port, land, from Alexandria for tbia port ? At 10 A M , aa the fog lifted 1 aaw a lafire f?psa I arh<e o< r on nhore about four mile* eaat of us, full of ' ?a*?r, aed tbe crew on the jitibooni an I tx'wapnt f-'apt. Mrm't, w tb our erew an l b>at. Imin"di? ely w nt to their relief, end I naw aome of them landed, but cannot aenH particular', aa it I* impossible fur the ooat to got beck till it Boderatea. 1 ran i mo etother aebmner a^hon about ten miles to tie lied o' lie (Tbia ia mut 'ikeiy the Pearl rep<rt?d abov? ] I'. S. ? CepUln Merritt returned lant nigit from the erl orner aehnre to the eaa'ward. She ia tbe How litcb ol ror'Unrt, from Al'xan'iria to N'ew York, with coal for New York. She went aehore lw miles we?t of t?i* Flight on Sunday morning and will proba'dy be a tsi'al loaa. .-lie has bi'gsd and I* full of water All han Is aate. DTBA8TER8 ON HlK JEIHEY COA.S\ whk.'i or Tim mohoonir con* a. i ini>-av. Wp ha<* al?o bfn faaored by Mr Walter with the fol lowing account, from their ag' nt, ol the loaa of the tthoot>>r Cora A IJndiay ? fltrDi Rt?d. Ju. ]} 1 S5S I hare joat arrtred from the ?ch'vner Cora A. I.lndaar, Tap'. I ay. a-bo'e on ?qmn l.ea<-li, abo it te? or twlve ipiiea eoiith of Fijuan li let hbe la of an. I fro-n New be:n v I. bounn to *e#Vori< with neral more* 8he l?y? taid or . and !? Mlged . ? e'er ebb? a 1 1 fl iwi la her Tl" ?*?"! I' up to hi r leal mark. Her bulwark* are gi.r e an l deck load waahe.l off ao t ncattered along tie 'each. H?-r carg" niimtiere-t 70<? hW?.. hut I 'lo o?>t thitk c*?r fOO will lie an red Her fateii?-? are 'tore, and cnalderablr rariro wanhed ogt, and eoma atoee to piere? Her ??!!? ate mora or b-aa ton. Hhe U about 100 ton* burthen t-outhern built. K'Himnif T. J BKKr.MT, AMI I IIVIK4II AllIORK. Aiiot! er letter to Mr Walter, date l Atlantic City Ah-? cm Jan VI ?tat?? that the achoonera Thoa J llecket, of North Carolina for New York with cott<>n wheat, corn, Ac.. want a>b<re on the beach on Xtioday night Alao, that the achooner N?jr, of Sew York, with oy?tert, went aahfre on the #iuth Hide of the Inlet. Ttie achooner 1 eb>rab. of >ortli ' axillua alao went aelmrr there, but waa afterward* got off. EFFECTS OF "HE HTOIlVf EI,HE*BEKE. MOl'bT VIKNON In Mount Vernon a new bouae, helnnr ng to Mr. ! T" itia? Hi Hand, w.ia blown oeer, a? al?o another dwell- j log, the own?reblp of which waa not ascertained Tlie roof of a new amok<-houae, b'longlog to Mr. B?gU'p'ker, waa likewl?e blown off, and carred a conaiderahle | dUtanee. KFW ( A large brick building lo New Ilorh?lle, known a- tie a'ea tr aawmiU owned by Mr J. W. Tompklua, and occupied by tlat gentleman and Mr A. B Hudaon, waa nearly d?molieh?d, and the machinery dtetroyed hy the gale on ti e nig' t of the 21at and of the ; KA met. On Morday a aab*?r1ptlon waa aet oa forit arnongat tho cltlnena of New Kochelle for tbe benefit of 1 th-lr unfortiioat^ lownioei, and ? eery lilieral apirit j wn niaoifeated Id affording then aaaletance. TAUKTTOW*. V. T. We ha?e rereleed the fallowing let'er from <mr ?> rree pondent a'. TarryU/wn ? Ta?Krr?iw?, Jan Ti 1*14 j The ?tonr laet eight and tl < n>' r? ag ha?din*ro? aideratle dan-age f< tbla ? llage. The roof of th-* tar/e brirk bouae Ulon^'ng to Mra Keodfi.r.i, an ? ?e ? uptwl ?y j l>aa<" I ?Bike aa a W-erdtrg eouae waa innrHy hJ-.wa oT, dolne much damage lo the "itber part* 'He blnae Tl e r??.f l'f the Catho! e et urcn waa entirely Mown off. an! a cntiaWeraMe po>t i u of the brlrk wall Wl in ieiii g the Inner part of the rberfb. Cnnexterable damage e aa done to the traaii Ij'n^ at the ?p|er noeb. ht' rm api tmcir<T?n ri.i or? at albaxy. fKri fli th? Allien Journal Jan Tl ) ( on. : tera le -Ian a?> aaa "oe U) property la tblerliy by lh' tv< 'hie m"ri>log Toe II iwn I atreet Ira n waa Itiiri aaayaab'ttdl 'an ? a -at e* tbe 'Jnlre Mar <? t, at ti e i. a ?? n. Bta o' dwell 14 |i<?, -ea Sn? 24. tf' and '/T weie t Ud ?''!! water. "He wi-er lo n t an ? atle' tbr? th t?t wip?<tw( ao . rea lima b the ranN toear ll liaaeet ? reel 't tbia ?t e?l t!>e i<a??i'iil o' Mr Ja>u*e f ir, 11 ? i* willing .*<? 1 T a' ale ? "bat u' hi* w?. 1..,. p a ja r. ???-, were oaerfloard doing m irn l ama. e n pr>i l<-rtj le?idaa eneetlug tbe lneit>( with tt'h a?-l m 1 I |K r ng <1^ moramg tl.e water m tOe neer bae rt*en ?eaeral feet, ant at Ibe rate "t from ait I/ tag iart.e *1 b? ut f e attif !e a'MI a few 'e?t below (be t??p log ai tfced?rk. >>01 o r n en bauta la aatkinaU"? of a fl -A, ar? rev 1 tig tl.elr property fr'-m tbe ltd tnut of th- r a a r? t "t- a- 1 We barn fri m paeaeagr r? fr?m 'he H?at ib ? aura t * 'I at 'lie ranioao waa Iniin Ute'l il ee ? at p'aiwa aa." 'o eurb aa 'tl>?i aa ?? e?t eg ilah lie Are it tbe !?????>?? 'Tea. AIMbe atrear.i are o**rt" e?d. Ilrom Ik. Al'-any Argue. Jaa 'i~ ) Tl e in in tbe Mntiiei wa< b?'>ke? ep y eater ay IB ?' a e pls<?* tbe water '? tbe Hii lm* t ear m?a aa . a fiod waa ?; | 'eket'ied oa tbe d?'l Mat la If 1 oo? Il ?!? et'?- up ead the tberBM-bOter fell aalf'ir a btt'e IN w ?airi, tbe wra'bwr elllei dew b ap;< >.i-a a 1 a- 1 i'*f > I It a aa <|ahe c?M ?g? ? o At ?!?!? teat teebirg tbe eeiee w%* iv,n Iwar 'e-t btU w the Co- k tiBHaf 'a' ea aoee what o?>a ana WewtwBrtJ we bear of aeeeral I ef ?y be ->g telle t , I BOSTON. [Krnfri the Ikaton Herald, Jan 22.] W* learn tb?t a >hip ly ing in the *treaiu, uear Ka?t IIokIuii. dragged her anchor, thi* morning, ni l ? aa drtven ot er tewanl* Cbel?e?. A* Cbarfe?town. a n?w ahip wait koeled over by the fore* of tbe wind and wave*. TI.e l'e?ple'a ferry boat* to Kaat Ikiaton. are running finely to day, and ?u account of their ateadiae** uioat of the team* go upon that rru.e The large nignal ntall on tha lower marine telegraph station at Hull ha* been blown ilown by the gale. The wire* of the telegraph between Ho*ton and Hall ateud the ga ?, and the line work* well at the preaent time. UAIITFORP, CONN. [From the Ha tford Onurant, Jan. 23.) We learn that our worthy aoo much reepeefed ex Major, A. M Collin*, Kiq., h*l the roof *'rfppel off fr> m hii home during tlie at?rm yeatordav morning. Hit- home wn flnirhed only la*t aummer. and bad broad projecting eavra. The accident to th* school ho>i*e on II rIi *tr?et, of a fiimlur rature and fr>m a aiiniUr cauM-, is a Icsmw to all builder* in thi* couutry to be ware how they gi>e too much projection, ao tha'. the wind acquire* a purcha-e and an irre?i*tiM? lifting power. lTie Major * r> ot wa? carried oil into the adja irrtlieldw, ?nd took the < blurry* down in It! oour*e. I'roxridentlatly, no peraon waa injured, a though the family nu>et have bad * rouaing time of it A part of the large sign of Cnlhiun Itrother*, in State atreet, *#? torn from it* fastenings. and In falling struck a boy named I arker on the head, knocking him *ei>*elets to the (round. !!>???. rarried Into a neigh boring atore, wlirre he revived, and we believe wai found not to be neriou'iy hurt. f-ome of tbe wood ?ork attached to the roof of St Jcbn'a cburrh found it* way to tbe ground but we be lievo tha 'amnge la to no vert great extent Tha chlmnty ol a bou*e on Truuibull ?treM wa* blown down, and a gi nilemm who wu pa** ng, finding him self in a*ho?er ol liricl-*, thought he wa* in a f ? fr w*y to lieeonie the subject of * newspaper paragraph, but we bel eve he had the good luck to escape injury. Ono of the trees in the 8tat* l|ou-? yard wa* Moon over, limits were twisted off front otner* iu var on* part* of the city, i-latex and 'liingb* ?'n' lilown from tbe roof* of hojae*, and there waa a great vnr ety of damage in a ?null way, . occasioned by tha promiscuous blo?ing about of signs, boxes, and movable* of every sort, too numerous to mention. Tbe ice in the I ittle river broke up early in the morn ing. and passed oil. If the rain extended far to the north, tbe sudden me i.f wnter in tbe Connecticut will probably ha\e m>ui" effect upi u the Ice in that river. A ibange of weather may , howwer prevent it. NEW iiavkn, CONN. [Krom the New naven Journal, Jan 2.'i ] The tuulheatl storm of Sunday nlglit anil Momlay win a vei) severe one, and caused cuuidd?r*lile ilaniage It must l ate be< n quite disastrous to ve??ei* on the coast, and we expect to hear of l'>**ea ou 'he ocean Quito a number of veesels uia<ie a harbor in tbi* port, an 1 rode mt the g?le iu safety ? airi ng them the hiig War l-'gle, wh c'i cleared on Saturday for l'orto Kico The railroad track under the dep<it wa* aubmergeil, but no ilaniage done. Awning* wer* demolished, sign* Mo* u dbwu, and the balustrade on a wooden building in Cliapel itreet ?ai torn from its place, and deposited in pieces Iu the atieet. On the Naugiitiick road, a quantity of *and wa* washed fn in the euilit lil.n eut on to the trurk, aliich ?au*?d coDrideiable ile'ay with the trama, but no*ariou* damage w?? experitnce i. leurn that on the Pro ride nee and Kiahkill paid, be j twei n Wa'.?r!iury ?n>'. llrUtol * culver1 w*? wa*b?'l out, j and the road badly dau aged In a number of place*, ?o \ much *o that tbe train- could not paa* over It y n.'er tay Hie Htboonir Kiabliawk.of l.yme bound from New Yora to aorae ianteru port, wa* diivcu aihore near Madfeon, end au Kiinttrn brig, name unknown winch i anchored oil Mad >rm, diaggt her aachorr, but brought up before Mr Iking the brea ?r?. At the latoat account* abe waa rale If i tlloii|ht that the i'iah Hawk wdl b? | ^ot off aitliout a?rioua damage a* alio went eahure at high water, t-be It loaded wto rait. TRIIKTOH, P. J [Krom the Tr?-uton t;ar.ette, Jan 38.1 Tlie wind romnieuced n owing on Sunday night anl la a *hort time it to a perfwet hurricane K*nc?* ; wi re blown dr>wn in ditb r> nt |a t- of tbe town, and the awning* in Sthte atreet, bet?e?n Warren and <.reeu?, j were iiii<?t t tl i m tora into aheed* tine of tlie turret* in the ?teeile of tin- Third l're*l,yteriau c'nirch ??* unappen olf like ? rent the tin roofing on tha IMaware bridge wu* ttrn off to a gnat extent, o-?ide* many inl nor cal.'.m tle- ?uch a* breaking of win towa, aliuttera, Ac. At I'rtnvi t' n lki.iu, a long ft.nnt v belonging to the canal tintponv, wa* ci,mpl"tely demollnhe l and a large building a N th Amtaiy, lielungln/ to tlie railroad eompany ?a* fdown own with a tremendous craah. I No acclornt* ?'? life or I ntb oenarrvd in th'n vicinity, to I far ?? wt hnn brcti abb- to lvaru, CAMbbV, N. J. [From ? Hum <-'phia Inquirer. .Inn. 2-1 ] T-jc tarrfcc ..a'a of Miiitlny m^lit w?< aaaaraly fait In rami.'* D mi I ' i tlcmlty. It ?Mminaoa*! shout ?lav*u o'clock an*] 'he roarloi' ol ilia vln<l in trainatmlou* fiuttn Irom that hour to pnat liaa o'clock yanti-riliiy rmirruoit rt'tnt'M^niniii thnN*' Ttm rain fall n tortfito at in'trtala aim tba llgti'nlag wa? rtvnl A'rritl bnuHl roo rfl altli th* lor y of flo- gnla, otbarf ware unraofbd, (anna wart Mown diivri In every dlrxft on, and niy? ?nre ? > - j?oi !?-. i of tlielr apper layer* ??( brie* ?nr< Mhijjr lamlifar alarmd hy (tf nolaa of th< nunlraa* la it p wild rui- ?-r( from tba>r bad* ahortly afta*r ii?? I Bi, lit, aid aoinht ii" IllttfT retina aat I i|*ybre?k ? llW lite !? t*j|*t-nt itulwidHl, ami lli* w lit rhfeBf#<l front tl ,e H K. t' lb* S W We Intro that th* ipaw<ii m4 *tr? rig roo I Vf tl.e new Couoty I ourt llnuae aadrollal op and anthaly taken off hy tba win I A UriC* p?r >n ft tlie roof of the *ln> !<?? ?ii Mr Hai-ll'* hotel waa ?<r |i pco of It* ablnirlaa aeTaral ot. er buiMing* warr ojuri'l. anl It ia rain li at rn$- hbi ?? la tout U I ani'b u *a- IiUi ?n <l>?n Abmt I alf Ilia lirlck wall an l iron railing iu lr i.t of Via 1 dtal orn a uiiiir-uu on Hrnnlwar ?ih forced a a ay Ly tli? (carlo bla?t and ganlaa awl other puberty f. ore* war# laid U.?r in nary direction, Aft?r ilia core mm anient of t ha -tonn, t ? (an; liMta aia peBdad their i'lp?, wlil'h coul ? Dot hara lieeu made ? ill 'Mil i.anii* * f<j lrolat?*r<iua wa**lia river It il Var* I lli?' much daiiuga will be reported from tba Inferior of lit Jern ) riiu.Atmi.raiA. (I f< % the fliliadalpb a lo juirer, J an v.'l J fit a of tla.iro? furioua ? torni? a?pnaared for many yean pan ??! over tbia city oo .-aula orb', ?;?i-iri< gieat darat ruction ol property io <11 ?n ot twt o>. . al oar c ly anl mi ouvly daRia^OM the ahipptag In llir r *er. It e< ??nnml Ll'-winc at an ? aily hour oa liua lay r van* If'K. ,;nt no', cmf auth ilaybiaaa yanlcr ay morn in* 'Ilia lari(?- Kull4iO(( oo Kat> atrr?t bcbiw |t?'oa4 Ciact?d far to* MiifWar Hum* Oimpany, waa bb.wa doao ? b< ut 1 o'tlacl. 'ilia tiuib.loic wa- lour alur>aa Itijfh aaTcaty f?*t < ? p an<l I ?? oty fr?.nt, Mil tint lull Cbirbail J be Luck wnrk waa n< t aa atroay a? it all ...I I laic li?n Iba nmrfar ?aally rrumbla* loto dm', Id ct oaci|iiri.i a. it i ? ? ? 1 of l<#ir,tf mtia<l with ydlii* ?nn4 or Mm 1b> ron.pany bod aii'Arty a?p?i)>)a i ti a ?,hb ofl'iCOUon tba ??ractuM In f?H'or aa out iiouaa ?f tba hM itra?t achiM I >K criiatii-il to tba earth aad oaa ol Tba dOf'CI Of 111*- I. ill log fur ad Ul Tba tborcb of h' Al|ilion u wnar if fourth an I 2<ead atraata, aloud tb?* |n w f r of tha aii rm T'ia win <jii?a aara am Ioiail ? b rough tmar ia, that "ara I, I iwa ID anil it ia iboi'iibt that bat f"C t' a lar.a atcopia au-l riot, l.'/tb of W'. n ara aall framed anl 1 1 i*a ? * >ul not ra*'ly ruif! tka al'dtitract'iiv woul-l bit* laaa ra du< i'l lo a heap of rii'na < n Kid *trt*l *1.1 at two aquara> waat of th? rhofrh w? ? a n ? na ol itr n tum Tria larga kay pr**a "f Mr C flag baa we partly ?'?oiol?l,ad A eoo-uWrakla p?r ton of tba wil ? arra ttrova >lown, h it a l?r<? and baa*y (frdrr *a*tain?d tba roof, aad tbia ?a?a-l tba t uilii tiK 'roaiautlr> d* w litioo Along tl.a ritrr In i.t tbara wn mora or l*<a duntr* lti? ?!?>< p K' iiw oaiad >y a Mr Itatlia, lli?* *b*jp Iriaim ar, oar? ' by a Wr Hurt ? ?bdtba ? hooo?r llatly Air. owna<t ty Itorla k C'elMti* all n>* ?1 ?itn tj?tar? war? drtwa aiotaatly ? aach ?th?r at ) atra?t wbarf ami a oak ia a abort lima fioaa ?bo wara alar aiac <n IMrd ??'*p?'l lr< m tli< >iaUt( titaa'r. Tbr bulb ?ra l.adl i damafOil At Kernel ?lr*?[ wLarf th? -loop Itolpb'n 'apt MI4 I'laion tba a>< op > la-b .woa.1 i f 'ha >aio* |?r? o tba ? 1'?*>P i alt* oar ?<1 by M>a>r>. ll.oru'an k Vlub/ tba ubii ur in l?al i apt H tpatr -:k aa4 tba aa?"?iw Amaoda (apt 1 umlj ?ara all aunk. Fortaaably Do I taa wata b>*t .??ataro! otbrr *a?.?l? ati.p' ;ai ia ?ba aya'ar trada . ail tbalr bowa|r1t* aad b>?nn< nrrkd away, aid Ibair *?ow? ami atarn* aUiaa In bu* not hm iO( 'iaaia(ad !-n,? tba wa'ar liaa, tkaj rrwalatd alb< ?t About twa'y fi *a ftti of U>a io,( of tt.aadi at?>ry atora of I 1 1 1 ia?ott, ??r reio k Co.. book aallaya, al tba coraar ol Iniirth atdCmaiKa itrarli waa hl'-wn hnl ly idt, and buag ia a <ary parirMa cnaditi' a far aaaaral boura our f >t?.a arra ?t ?at, Tb* wind Uftad tba w>a>4 work of tla t<M aa wall >? ita l a ?o?ar of A portloaof the iait?r waa blown la'o tba >tra*t Al?utU raa o'el>. k ?ha ??t. I.u?a oa tba Ma'iat atr??t bri'igt ii?rr 'b? .-rl u?lk U i?/.!?ra-l tost 'b? waa oparatiag aa tl at r'n.i iiir* I' au aba??a >1 .'aat ly aad pi f' i ui of 'ba wooil a<<rb of tkaroof ?/aiii??'?d la>l a? At a l.tila kafor# R>a 'ha aMjatfail p'ay i.i.crr tba rii?f, aad aboat tao l. odra-i faat of 'ba lartb ara a * wadur ankara ?ttr n ly aaa hft*?l kp, *a t?ra kMNiM ar. a??' >11 t i-/i??r;/.( -arrt? 1 Jt | la ' v rtbaaatwar<l? < ra. Uo? lit a >. a p- fit a 'if W.a wnn foil tato lha rtrmt aboit < ai, I.t) yar a fr- m I ? alM^tlag p ml, wb l? da arkm ;i rum ? tarriad a d "tana of wia tl ba*dra4 ' yoi da. I' tl.a ff h??i -r an p?<'|? -ly -tayaa it ia aot , | ri La' tba aatabap aowM liaia ? imd. i La ?l t* kr.i'.a waa a? yad ta H i fro rii>laa1ly by tla at' *ti ol tba tab* bat It i fi)? I 4aaaa#a ti* atop Jarn-a 1 aui. , ' I p al '? I ? > It a. taw I ail ? 1*1 a'.- ? a 't ' it'bti* u< wa aa> vaU ri aatfaari la Mwra lali rr? liia- a I I. b?r llibaf a tot aar biuoa labn a ar tb> I ?? at llaHiaa II ?a> al and rargo will l?ui|! bat tba la* Oaf If oa- i> riatiad lLa craw at da a aarto* aacapa ? tk 'I ? i V,t?a. , I ? a.i 1. 1 ? Mary kta, ' aj'a'a ' nfiar la daw w.'h ? o a ri.i.* |k?d la ill < V llttr'aa ?<> *?a aab nra f ? a r ' baatar. L-it alii b? g'A ? ' wMbbalUUb I'.aaaaf* A kart n '? ra< < | pi alia Ma ?ra wtv.ta k <> ka,M a 'it* 4b H. wbaiaa- aaa I ra tl ?? bar (a-'an afi am. aaata .a oa'att alba aaa at aaar >aa a c-at Ma ?t ?? ? a aa ra raaa.' a ra *?l y daaafM ib? t-?r 1'rat>a' (apt a -laaar, from f^aaa^'wa t ?g at i Ifca airaai aaa alaa bl?a? 'no, bar faatawac* I a 't aa ia aaa'a- ? a.o aad <ryiaf?a| a- ta*al taaiaia < I ? Ifttaoal Mllp <1 W b li?t I'd Of liana a r* lit a. < a Ij Or a' M a .fa A <a t *|WI b ' o ? a barf . a ? y Mart at ?! ?a? waiatak Tl ' ball b b? . laif'ra, l)<M at ib* fa' of Aaa ibaat aaa aaa'ly kaaa>>fa> Oaaar tw itaat pa ai a *rr* tata ? f Inia tba atar' av4 \ ?? aaaa aaotar; b |it Nt atint b*? - ft t* Ifca bVa<*( *^ar' iktt, rfrrtohbld her up. She in from Callao, loaded with guano, and consigned to M*aara. H J. Chriatau Ac <>a. The ?hip Edward, Iyng at,' Vine itrMt wharf, waa bull; tb?fwl. to ?rmi" pltm her plank* w*rw marly worn thnuyh Khe waa alao damaged l>r being run lato by the bark Uconia, from lloaton, which broke loon# from lirr faalr ihiij,- . ?? t)ii adjoining wharf. The Imc? ma eacaped with but l.ttle damage. 1 wo ot Mr- am (>iant A TfhII'i bark*, MomliiK to tha lloaton line, which wire rt ported below on Hunday, rode cut tha gale aafidy ? the only damage auataiN ed brine tha Ina* of a ?pur. Tha vnaeeU < ompria Ing thia linr are aim ok tha atauncbeat which ?ialt our port, and are commanded by old and eipnrh noad either* Tha Una ha* I In o .eration aim it a >|<ii>rU of a century paat, during which period tha/ hare ?n dar ed but vary trilling We ohaerved in i he atreain, oppoaite to Arrli atroat two aeaaela, both badly damaged in conaeijuruce a coming in rolllaion during tha night One of them had her bowaprit turn "II, and t.'ia other her nUru aiaaahad in. A bark, ro< ored oppoaite Mcaara Wm. ft I'otla k Co ? wharf, II fx V a Arrli (treat, lore upa large pout, and ia*J a naiiow aural* from being Mown into tha at ream About one buudred yar<U of the lurby piaukruad we* ripped up and *catt< r? 0 to aomi' distance; fenca*, faraad near, were proetrited, and traea that hare wltbat lod the. atorin ol year*, were upnoted I'nptam Weaver, of tha Twenty fourth ward, rrporta thai for ten yeara h" now* experenced auch a *101111. 'I he nmaining portion of the roof of the workahop at lha Honee of llafuge, partlallv deatroyei) by fire a b? weeke ?inre, waa blown olf, ai.d too walla prcatreted. 'I he roof of ? dwelling hollar on (Jrti-o treet, between GUtaenth and Seventeenth atrrrta, wu* hfted from lt? faitcutn** and carried a abort i' ate no*. the achoouer Hull, loade-i with oyatara, at llrawa atrert wharf, waa a love in an I - una. Many boanta, (torn a number of board yarda along Uto river front In toe Nircteentb ? ird, w*r* carried by tha wind to a diatamr ol aeveral h 1 Ireil yarde, and iu aowa inatatnen landed < n ti l- liofa I the bouaea. Ilir bark hulhiliiga ol aeven ir right uulini-hed dwel ling# in Twelfth a'.ieet, biar. uraon, 11'n IWu'letk ward, wrra completely pi >*? li d by the force of tha wind. 1 hr aalla, which *?" liatown down, had not bet u completed. Tin root of the Iurge ho I of Mr Henry Orthweio, em net of llrond aud < arpeutt r tr< ta, >ai blown awaf. A large frame bain, tint mh . finished, belonging ta Chuiha Votier, aud aituati i nr the powder maga lite, in the Kir?t ward, . i- 1 111 over au<; d'-mol-abed. fM.TIwiU. ( Kmm the Bait n,.,,, <neri('an Jan % I ] One of lb< nn at d'?'f ? t ? tornadoei which liaa ?l?t ed our city lor a lot ' ?>>??. >ed over on Muo lay mgfet, unrMdinfi lion ace and ? . |i<i ini t ?e?ae|? everywhere la ita conree. Iiurlng the ?? 1 1 ? rt ? lite evening thera waa a heavy black cloud 1 ?h-> ? the aontliern hoHana, but there were bo a| |i loua of a hurricane ?? It had l?e? 11 raining n> )y ? lav About ten a'rlne. tha wind rhatigcl to I' it'io at and cominencMt to biaw with gnat virlen. rl nida ahoollng oil fn frag ni nta which loot volumea of black >mo?a. Ilif tornado contlun 'o Incie^ee in riolaace op to m.4 night, and did not . ~ out . about three n clock yoe triday morb ng. ra waa a l?--? awtnnnt of aiii;<ni?R lt> pi rt, but we an I- i.v t1 ><? tberw waa but IoUa ?lannnge done oti>r h'xiiiera lying at Um I '1 Int lhedeatru?* ir4g^?gi<4 at the ? barf, loot of Hroadaav aeie no leaa than tbma i:a pelted and aunt lha acbooner 10 ? tenait, own?l by I*. k J. Handel, 11 tli ?< cl y rrtli at tha end of the wharf, fbe waa capaired .1 I aata reaf d upon the wmel pila upon the wharf. tl< in< waa not ao much Injured. 81 o waa li a 'ed wit 1, the whole decaload of whlclk Hi ated oil when tl . ? I ?rnt to the hotuiin. The da mage to the v?if"' ' out t"00. Within a faw |e< t tha crhi oo?r Vai iru ?>* -d by Captain Hadcl ITa, of thia city, went to tha I " 1 She t<ei loitdcd with wieid, anil ail on the dr< ? inat The datnaaa to thla veaael >a> about A i'iort diatanre from the laat na'nnd VI-M I aaa tl.ea iiont r l^-o I'arker, owne t by f!aptaiji (, of TUyL ion'* laland, aud loa<lad with oy.ioca. II e Marmn ? aim I* to cnntai t with Iter, atova lie- aida in, and ah* too went to the bottom The duuiago to bar la aof poaed lo b> a out f ' iMI. Tin- new anipf wr\i r l ove, lying at Htnderaon'a wharf, broke hrr m< rip tnd ?aa driven with great fnrea a^alnat tie b at lio ?? lielonglng to the teuton lloaeo, ccn.pleUly 1 luai i.( it. bdt doieg no otner lujury to tka ablp than cbtfln^ I r 'tern aud aide The new clipper ?h |> Napier lyln at llelte' wharf, waa thrown partly ova r, but alio ri||iite.l without auatein iig any injury It Ik atated that at lhlap<diit the ein i Idea wab ancfc 'urjr that tbr ipra/ w 1 ? airled to the atre< t, a diatanee erf more than a Inn i> I feet from the wharf Hut tbe gri a'e? *e?truct >nn waa at Uing wharf, near CiatO lit I'll ai.ipvai'l Ilia fl-at veaael here waa a ratal acbooner, fa'! ' llo Jubn which wai repaiied ead anal on vha! ( I n >wn aa the M ddb' (iruund after whlak a he llcatid 11 r til ' f li're / t th? wli?f{ the flret ra?. arl waa tl e ir.?- Crrrx r ftrneiJ^yrapt John Wadaa. of it a, i ' d ua<d a? a p.??Vet between thla pari a/ d that plaf' h- had In a car^o of flft'-en hundred bual i ia of o; U-! a k,n waa c? p?l?ed and an nk at her n.oorlrg' a-'dn i rl jf I er liggu-g and rail workbrokaa The dan.L., .1. 1 1, WO. Neit v, * an. I 'yaler ch'eiijef which waa <-ap ain . aud aunk. V ? ? ouh! t >' learn her name or t^aner T>ie 1 my hon. floe large ech'eiui r, l-elotiglug ta V'? ia. Ilandolph k oil *it waa repair d v? that h?* || a a re?t?d U|outbe atilogp ece of th waff. 1 ha a. ? iner M. Ileh ii* b' long 1 11,. ut tl.o aame par'ea. waa tie 1 it Tha va'el lea , ? rfect wrwak ll?r niaia 1 I ivai thrown oi t by the fort* of the win I, aa l aear I; l -rwlolede ? 'ram 'orcwl off Tit* aclnwiaer Wia. I ? 1 ry, l^elo g to Mr \4m Ctine, waa very badly Inker Hi w in! the whole of her atern worv* ?? le a attej ut be neither rapclied nor auai. ft will>>; ' e * to repair her Ibe ach'iooev I ai a1 111 11 Miaira Klrby h lla>< he waa nm t - to/ ? hw ? but not mate, .ally injured. A large !(????? tr,a?' ba r-alleil the I'atapaco, had her air# ?< ike bro.en o. We could not barn U> whom ihe be ki ini. There aaa ako a a Uo>>n*r aur.k n??r 'ba la. in to, but the a nil a uame we ware iltable vo lad No* ? r.t < ' lli? ???*?!? injur*'! by Un* t?ma4? 1 _ ??1*4. I it < ? <1* .*** it ?"l ?? <r ?t ? tl I. r*t ui|lil I* *i I | 0*1 ? th'i . <tl e'llitl'ltrabl* aipatlaa will b* n?*a mr? <? nli' *o>l | it lUm lli i?r*>|??r ufltr. It a?a ra |,< r "i ?>' tj 'Ml hiiiiI lli? frr? l?i W Uw <?f iliik' lli> ? l?'it nfi.o I ? nw~t r?r.f?J la|iry, ??til ? ? >V ? "I tl'tl ?>!'? U I* o ?t Ilia f*<l, ao4 lliat tbara ? ?? |? i I ainirl* ' '? loat Kui II" t r i on w?? not confln**! lo tlx 7ha til) ? 1 ? If '?.! a Inr tbara of tb?- r ?'M*? of ll?" atom. ?u ?r. Iinria/i Uotn down in mty itlnrllui I .>.?? 01 bar > ?rn?r* A 11" ? li'Mj** in A aa *'r?at, i. ? lio?w?)r, ha/I lb* root bt/iaa off >?l * |< rllon < I ' wall* llrnaii il'wn It aa* ?fcflBi*>i*4 ti.1 rtn '? t!i? W ili| aa>mt I W4 It* I111! ?? 1' il ? inn loua4r> "f Mr Jani-a llataa, at "fci ? fr?? 'l?iit a 1. 'I Wti*a wa* blo*? tat n 1 'a aa- '.Ml Tb* >1* intra it a joat ? ? Tl - I a - ' a tb* ttnlHn? of Mmn IU;n?H, lar'l. > .ml *.,! . I ? rat ??i( Haiti Mora, fM bk*b*M I'd, aitlii'ut ii'Uf Injur) lb tba baiUiag. Hit il> u ? ? ?<iyj*/**.l to In at*? I I ,'iO. Th? ri'.l ??4 tl*i. bbat 1 fl Ilia *111/ bouaa IB < Jiarla* aba I, r.aar I rat* I> o. 'Uplail aa ? U)U* ? tba lnwafa to tba pn p rt_? ? 'Ml |.i 0 lit n< tin M I luffli, ?B l/i?l?*r.l a'raal y* iIb I hi , ? int. aa* bloBii 1, It afiil <:'.int >l* 7 L 1 k>( ' , r> 11. ? iS?ui>(? lo U a biilU.m .? tbwit )?(? Ufl ?? ?|* ?f. naf'f oa 1 l.nlkiiBft la *liaa*< nrj h . . 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