Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1855 Page 5
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i MfcrMBMDt win break op all the drinking establish ments in tt>? State The Canada Railroad Riot. A??D LABC1UMH IN l'UIUUSION OF THE ROAD ? T'x* MILITARY OAlLKD upon -EXAMINATION or THE FKIBOKUUt ? I UNEKA1, 01 1 V US MURDBRSD MAN,, Hcptalo, Jan. 28 ? 10 V. 11. The labor-rs oo tbt BatTvlf, Briot ford and Oooderioh Bailroa'l atili Lav* piMteiuiun of the track at Cayuga. C. W., about thirty milo? east of Brantford, where, fully aimed, tt.ej hare assembled to the number, of 150. Yes tori'ay mcro ing the >lir?c torn, with flftj^ men, took the train at Brant lord to come through to '/ort Erie. On ar riving at the spot they found the laborers too itrong for tbtm; and, eo far from being able >/> clear the track, the directors and their co-apaity, being unarmed, were obliged to twg permission to rot urn to Brantford. The abends of thb counties of Niagara Haldimund an 1 Brant have been called upon, and will take flfty British aeklwri) trom Niagara village, to-morrow, and pro ?eed to the Mseue of rot, wheu the road, It u expected, will be opened, and when done, the laborers will be paid olT, for which money is oew ready, and discharged. After this is dune, no far ther trouble is apprehended. The examina'ion of thcmau who killed Weimper, with #klrte<n olner prWoni-n, was finUhed to-day at Fort Eri'v lie being held for willul murder, and the others as arc. : sories. They will be immediately removed to the jail at Ninjrara village. Wchni-elN funeral took place to day in this city, trom tlie 1'iun' of his mother, aud was attended by a large roncoume of citizens. Krom Boaten. RAILROAD ACCIDENT, DETENTION, ETC. ? Boston, Jan. 23, 1866. About ten o'clock last night as the express train from Mew York passed Clappvllle, the switch rod broke, throwing the engine, tender, baggage and four paten ter can off the track, and ono car down a hank tweniy Bve (tut. No one was injured. The earn were detained lour hour*. From further information in regard to the accident to the express train, we learn that the en<ine passed over the break aaleiy, and the tender went on to the side track. The baggage car ran oB the track and along the edge ?f tke embankment. The firnt passenger car wan thrown lengthwise across the track. The second passenger car was thrown down tho embankment some thirty feet, ?tending nearly perpendicular, the upper end breaking ibto the forward part of the next car, which, with the last ear, ran along the edge of the embankment, but, fortunately, did not go town. Ah soon ax possible attempts were made to rescue those in the fallen car, and some were drawn ?ut through the window*. One man had hla boot torn from bin foot, and other miraculous escapes are recorded, bat beyond a few (light bruises, no one was hurt. There vera about 175 passengers in the train. Mr. Hobart, the eeoductor, and Mr. Ixjrett, the superintendent of the House telegraph line, proceeded to Worcester, a dUtauce ef nine miles, on a hand car, and obtained another train with which the passcDgers arrived safe in Boston. Bold Attempt to Kxtort Money. Boston, Jan. 23, 186}. A lingular and daring attempt was made yesterday af ternoon to ex-tort money from Mr. Enoch Train, at his Modence in Dorchester. The perpetrator, known as a writer for weekly papers and cheap periodicals, called on Mr. Train. who was confined to his rcom by indisposi tion, and drawltg a large knife, said? ''I bare come to you for money, and must hare It." Mr. Train managed to Mcape from the room, and gave the Intruder into the hands of the servants, who, after a severe resistance, handed him OTer to the police. Be was taken before Justice KalTord, and committed in default of ball for 92,(00 He ro'-eutly started a Know Nothing paper in New Tork, which soon died, and had borrowed 9300 Awn Mr. Train for tbe purpoie of carrying it oi. Philadelphia Howdlri in Baltimore. Baltimokic, Jan. 23, 1865. A gang of 1 hlladelphia rowdies visited our city yes terday, and last night roamed through the streets, staking night hideous with tbeir uoise. On their way they encountered a mad named Peter Sherlock, and beat him severely. This morning the friends of the injured man met the patty in a tavern near 'the Holiday street theatre, and a general light ensued. One of the gang was badly beaten during the row. E. W. Paul drew a litatoi and stun James tovoerj, ur this city, 'n thettilgb; the won id is not serious. Tbe whole party was finally arretted by the police. The are the names of the Pbilndelphians: ? James Cady, Joseph E. McGee, George W. Oanley, E. W. Paul. Paul is said to be the keeper of tho Third Ward House, Philadelphia. From Hy rartxse. 8WINDI.HR ARHEbTKD? MECHANICS' FAIR. Syracuse, Jan. 23, 1856. A draft, issued by the Otsego county Bank on the Me chanics' ami Farmers' Bank of Aliany, for 923, but al tered to 92, 1100, was presented to day at tkpJPiti zens' Bank, FulUn. The alteration was detefflMb the Gaahier, and the person who presented the diflpfc.i ar leeted and lodged in jxil The first annual Fair of the Syracuse Mechan cs' In stitute opened this morning. Toe display is unusually brilliant. The weather has been very cold to-day. The Weather and the Late Oalr. TBS STORM AT BUFFALO. Bckpami, Jan. 23, 1866. The storm abated (his afternoon, after continuing forty-eight hour* with alrooet unexampled fury. Much ?new fell during the past twelve h?ur?. Tie average Aepth cannot be l*?e than two feet, No damage of any account is reported. The woather continue* very e^ld. IlKAtTY SNOW AT CUICAUO. Chicago, Jan. 23, 1865. Railroad communieation is entirely suspended, the ?oads being completely blocked up by snow. No trains have arrived slnoe Saturday. Telegraphic communica tion with St. Louis is ateo suspended. WEATHKR AT DETROIT. rhtmorr, Jan. 23, 1856. The weather has been extremely eold here for the past two days. lout wight tho river frose over for the Brit Mate this season, and people are crossing to-day. The terry boats, however, worked their passage over. THE WEATHKR AT CLEVELAND. Clkvklaxd, Jan. 23, 1865. Boring tbe past .".6 hours the weather has been in- | taaeely eold here. The thermometer at 7 o'clock this noraing was at six degrees above i?ro, being six degrees lewer than at any previous time this winter. Prom (he Month. Bai.twoks, Jan. 23, 1866. Tbe Southern mail as late as due has arrived here with Mew Orlvan* papers of Wednesday last. The message of the Governor of Louisiana was sent into the Legislature on Monday It relates almost ex clusively to tbe lo*al affairs of the .cta*e. Clark Mills, the sculptor, was at New Orleans, prepar lag for the election of a statue to General Jackson there The Crescent announces that intelligence has b?an re eeived there of tbe failure of the house of Page Raeon k ?o ol California, having confounded the ft Louis house with it. Tbe papers *p?*k hopefully in regard to the monetary affaire of the city. Ttie legislature of Florida has passed a bill abolishing the Supreme Court of that hot*. Prom Itsu-Hbrd. ?I I ?I1IQ rr OF THE I OK IN TBI CONNECTICUT RIVER? IMRNHIAKT FIBE8, ETC. Hakxxobd, Jan. 23, 1865. Tbe storm of yesterday caused the lee in the Con nee Bent-rlver to break up this morning, and the weter le new fourteen feet above low water mark. ?aesndiery fires are occurring here almost every night aad rtd wooden buildings being the usual planes selected for setting fire to. Sentence oft. M. Booth. MiLWirm, Jon. 23, 1965. hi the THstrict Court of the fatted (Hates, yesterday, ft B Booth, eonvlriel of aiding in the escape of a fu attire slaee, was sentenced to par a Bne of 91,000, and he tmprieieed one month. John RernuMs. for the same ?Hence . a floe ?f 9200, and ten days iaa|>riaoament. Piree at Devtland. Cucvneuro, Jan. 13, 1866. ?*?ere have been Bve fires ia this city siaee 9 o'clock yesterday morning, the most important of srhleh oecor *ed at 12 e'cleck last night, eensumlng twWre er four 9aaa buildlaga on Hiver street, but the less did no* ex aaedas many thousand dollars. There 1s meek sudertng aasoag the wonsa and children rendered houseless. Iteaikiit Burst at Toronto. Trmovrn, Jan. 23, 1966. The steamer Queen City was burnt last night at (lis Qoeea wharf, sad sank in shoal water. Philadelphia Stork Board. Fim.4Ma.nnA. Jan. 93, 1969. There |f as change to report In our moaev market to day. rtorks are Brm Read iag wo quote at 19 If; Morris (fcnal. 18', i/ng Island Railroad. 14 V: i'e&nsyivaai* teOiMd, i?H , rmvjiim t$\. Bread Mm* the Poor nt the WiMiWwd. Tit* Treasurer o( tb? Executive Coanltto of the fir* Point* Mission (site of the Old Briwerj ) report fol lows ? Amount of n*oney received from J an u try 4 to Jam ary 2iJ, mclumve $1,008 ftO expenditure* 1,010 41 Palnnce in hand* ol Treasurer.,. $8tf2 00 Urea ? 1 attribute J froin January 1& to 20, inclust re 8,498 loaves. Total number of loave* distributed from tbe 3d to tbe 20th inst 17,218 _ The Tressurer alto aol nowUdges the receipt of $:t00 from the fund of the Ladles' Ball for the Relief of the Poor 'lhe cull* on the Committee for relief still Increase, and every day reveal* new cases of extreme suil'ering and destitution. In behalf of tbe Committee, J. B. CORNELL, Treasurer, 141 Outre it. Daguerreotypes?^**, $1 and $9? Taken by BOLMbB' U. H. patent cameras, two in one aittiatr. 28 9 Isroadway. The room* of this old establishment have just hern enlarged and renovated, to betti r accomuio date the people. Power*' Greek Slave lor fl ? Hnlwcribfri to the Knickerbocker, au>i all the other three dollar magsiites, receive a certificate of membership in the Cormopolitan Art and Literary Annotation. The fir-?t distribution come* oil very loon Oall at Ne. 2 Aetor Home, or at the Knickerbocker office, 348 Broadway, up ?Mm. f hat New and Kxti aordlnary Remedy tor ?evere coughs, cold?. and inflammation of the throat aud lungs. can be had wholesale and retail, of HhUtUAN, CLARK 4 CO., lato Rui-hton, Clark & Co., in all their ?tore*. Price 60 cent! per bottle, family bottle* $1. To the Editor of the New York He rald.? The executive skill exhibited by Mr. Oliver H. Goldsmith, in every department of penmanship, and the rapid ana itrking piogre-s of hi* pupil*, have loug since achieved for hiin a nat onal reputation To enlarge upon these point . would he only to repeat a thrice told tale ? to recapitulate facta familiar an Household word* throughout the length and br-adth of the Union. Much 1* not the object ol this couuu'inication, which Is intend ed simply us a tribute of admiration t<> the refined taste which has thrown around the uiost perfect and success ful system of instruction ever introduced in any practi cal branch of education, the most winning attraction*. Mr. Gcldsuilth's suit of rooms, No ;>i.a Broa.lway, con sists of five elegant apartment*, opening iuto each other, all beautilully furnished, and affording such facilities, both for class teaching and private leasou*, as I am woll assured are not equalled on this continent or in Europe. Iluring a mouth's sojourn in New York, 1 have been a frequent visiter at his roAui, and have notonly acquired under hi* tuition u, bold, symmetrical business uand, hut dtrited mu<-h gratification from the society I hare met there. Many of Mr. (i.'s pupils sre flue musicians, and occasionally relieve the fa'iguo of study by ? disciursing most excellent music" from one of the moat spleudid piano* 1 have ever seen. Mr Goldsmith's scholars com prise many member* of the leading families of New York, but the advantages of his unrivalled sy?tem of tuition are not conflced to theae. His* for liidi?? and g> riflemen aflord opportunities for obtainiag the best possible instruction in the most indispensable of all *< coinplK-hmonte, at price-, so reasonable, a* compared with the benefit derived, that they may well he c*lh>d nominal. 1 am so thoroughly satisfied that Mr Gold am I'll stand* alone in this country as a tenclier of |>en nianship, that I could not leave New York without add ing my mite to the general approbation wMch ha* ac companied and must continue to accompany hi* cause. A SOUTHERN KK. These Hard Time* try the Popularity of a tradesman, an*l ef the particular art ck; in which be d<a's The nhirtmakiDg buHinei-* n Kai<t te be dull. GKIKN, No. 1 Aator House, does not find it so. Orders come in freely. Ilia workwomen havo lull employraeut. Excellence and punctuality yield a good harvest, even in tie hardest timet. Broken Banka?Prraeiit Value? Government Stock taken at IU c?nu; Brldgeton, t*0, Wheat Grower i', HO; Lewis County. .'10. Washtenaw, 40; Memphis, 16; Mil foeil 10; at EVANb'd clothing warehouse, BO aud 08 Fulton street. "Hard Ttmea Prices Reduced at Odd Fellows' Hall. Overcoat i, $2 SO to $8; pant* and vesta, $1 to $3: dre?* and frock coat* from $1 .'-0 to $5, corner of Grand and Cebtre street*. GRANT K BYliEK. Winter Clothing ut Nominal Price a. ? Devon ?bire kersey overcoat-. $8; blank cantor heaver do., $12; black nn<l fancy cloth talma*, $11; full circle wraprascals, $(j; 1 .600 pair caMtimere pants, $ 1 6< ? at EVANS' cloth ing warehouse, 06 and AH Kullon street. Linens, Linens, ? Just Received, a Large stork of Fenton'a celebrated shiitiug linens. Tfcose wiah irg linens w:ll do well 'o exam ne thane (roods before pur chasing, as they am the best pood* ever bioughtto this market, and warranted to wear well. R. 11 l?Ab BEATfcB, 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard atroet. Dry Ooodl at Reduced Prices,? The follow ing vooo* will htt sold at gnat bargain* to make rooui for ?Prlng goods:? Merinos plaid, cashmeres, delaines, para mattas, blankets, quilts, flannels, rllihr ns, shawls and bombaz ne*. E. H. IA'aDHEATEB, 347 Mroodwuj, comer of Leonard street. Furs, Fui s? At Coat, at Coat.? Great Bar* gains to be had at White's Remember White's dr?sn bat lor $3. WHITE'S, 212 Broadway, corner Fulton st. Herring's Patent Fire Proof Sal. s? .The subscriber ron'inues to manufacture bis nnrlvalled pa tent lire and burglar proof safes, warranted ?>|iial to any, and aupenor to some, of tbe many which have been test ed. as published and noticed by tbe press tbe world fir tbe last llftean tears, and is sole proprie tor of Hall's pateut powder proof lock, both having re ceived separate mecals at the World's Fair, I<on<l>>n, D61, and New York In 1H63 4. Also the patentee (by purct a>e) of Jours' celebrated patent combination and permutation bank lock, $1,< CO in gold was placed in the safe exhibited st the World's Fair London, secured by ball's and Jones' leek, and offered as a reward to any one who would pick thelo-k* cr open the sate within forty-five days, and although operated upon by several si* ill* o in the art of lock pickiag, no one succeeded in op?n!rg the cafe, (no chsnge or alteration iu the looks or keys having been made during tbe time,) but the money remained in Its sa'e depository and wa< returned to the proprietor, and a medul awarded him for the champion sa'e of tbe world. Otution ? None genuine 1 exctpt those having the subscriber's name on a metal plate. SILAS C. HERRING. Green Block, corner of Pine and Water streets, New Ynk. N. B ?The above safe- and locks can b? had (adding freight) at manufacturer's price* of bis authorized agents, in all the principal cities lu the I'nited State* and Canada. Billiard Tables.? If yon wish to purchase good and wsll mails tables, call and examine Messrs 6RIKF1TH Ai DECKFH'S stock of slate and marble bed tables, at 00 Ann *tre;t. Stilton and Chedricr Cheese, In rases of one dozen each, Crasse Ai Black writ's pickle*, sauces, rat sups, relishes, pa?tea, Ac. landing ex Liverpo <1, frost London Lea 'A 1'ernns' Worcestershire sauce, In cases of two, five and ten Coren each, landing ex f;orneliu? (irinnell, Irom Liverpool. For sals by JOHN I TNCAN A SONS, 406 Broadway, sole agent* In the I'nited Btates for Lea & I'errins. Improvement in Dentistry. ? Dr. f<erHt, Dentist, No 12 Waveriey place, (near tbe New York Ho tel,) Irvites the public to witnes* the suecm* of his va rious Improvements for artificial teeth, allowed by those wl o have tested them to be unsurpassed. OHloe beurs < nly from 10 till & o'clock Public Notice.? Hush ton, Clark A Co.'* Cod Over nil. ? The late firm of Ruahton, Clark A Co. b'lnf dissolved bv tbe death of Wm. L. Rushton, ( tli - naly rrrson of 'ne name of Bnshtou ever connerted with the rui ) the business in future will be continued by HHGE MAN. CIAKK A CO., Mirvltinx partners and sole suc sesaora of K. C. A Co., 1 11- , 273 and 611 Briwdeay, ail connection with the store No. 10 Aator Uoo>e being Us Kintinued. Our Mr. liegeman has beau connected with the establishment twenty an jeers, and for twelve year* ' been a partner and had the principal charge of the bu J ness, and with the benefit of his experience, and the combined rforts of each member of our firm, we ?ru?t to merit snd receive a continuance of the patronage so I bberally extended to us The genuine cod lirer oil, ' hitherto made by B. C t Co.. will in future be maJe , only by ns It was our Mr Clark who went to New foundland to superintend its manufacture, and we war rant it pure Our oil is seld by all the most renpectalik , druggists in tbe I'nited fates Caution. ? Be careful to see that the name "liegeman, ( lark \ Co." is cm <-o<-b label, and the signature upon tbe eork of each b ttle, without which it is not gsouine. Hyatt's Llfto Balsam. Rheumatism In Its most painful forms, also scrofula old ulors. and the 1 worst cases of diseases of the blood, great debility, liver i complaint, kioneys, Incipient consumption, Ac , are moat eerbiinly cured by this great purifier. Principal <lepol, 'MA Gtand street Heventy-flee eents per bottle. lloUoMrsy's PUls.? Hew V?rk, Jan. 41, WVU I have snbmitted to chemical snalyslt Frofeii?or Hollo way's pMs, and f nd them te lie purely ve/etanle I cutietder them wonderfelly effkrtnat in liver and ?tomaeh complaints, snd iti ca>es tj geneesl Sebllity. or when tbe nerveas lyetetn Is deranged Kaay pliysician< in tbe I nited Btates recommend thesa t'l tlieir patiente when oilier cieens fail.? Higned. Jamee Wry an Borlwster N. Y., aailytical chemist, .'-?old by all ^abrs of medleine Is the f silted Hates, st Vfi cent*. Wi He aad $1 per bo*, and at Mie-establishments of I'rofeasi* IIOIJ>OWAY, No. ti:44Mraa l, London aad No. X) MsViea lanr, New York. Cure tfwt Coagh, Whonptiig (ougti. and croup? Or. Kcte s Cough liymp wiU eure tbe worst cough, either from aeeld or consi.mptiao. 60 cent* and $1 a bottle. Ills Whoop ng Cough Hjrup gleee imsie. diale relief. (0 cent*. Ilia Croup Syrnp ab' nJd be in all families. 21 cents. If yon suffer with (its uae br. Bone's lata Carer. SoW by R. H II A H1MK/KNK, l?t lulton street, opposite Mt. I'aol's Church. All Pain CMred llkr Maglr? A OeKliaiaa, a?th a stiff neck ff ma s eokL, was cared la lire ainote* by using Dr. Roee's I'aia Cam Another, wttk a ?welled face sad toothache, was cured In three saiautee. Pala* la the side*, beck, limbs, body, or crawip* or pa.a la tlie stomach, yield lostaatly to Dr. Boee's Pals Cnrer 1? U J6 s?1 60 oanta a bottle. Hold by K. H. IIARTklKihNF, 163 Fulton stxsst, opposite St. Paal'f Church. Look, Cut It Out, and Beiuemher, that Costa r i e/iectual Rat, Cockroach. , Exfemiaalor, w tele sale aad reUI, depot, is at :>$? Broad w tr. j bJOsai i iwd by UiUkl JL MfUH. ' iDTElTlSBHENTS IENEWED 8VBRY DAT. BM 1.H AT AUCTION. ~ Auction saix or watcuki, jkwelby; Fix tures ufe and ithow etMa, tor , at 79>, Catherine street, will be sold on Wednesday, January 24, without reserve. Pale to commence at 10 o'clock A.M. Adkmrabie farm of aai ack?<, one and a bull miles from the railmvl depot at Freehold. Mon mouth county. N. J., 3>* hsurs from New York or Phi ladelphia, witn a pleasanl mansion I otise. lawn, and out buildings a i onn nient quantity and good .juality of meadow, arable and woodland suitable lor a dairy (arm, trucking or ordinary cultlvatioa. finely watered, conve n ent to (burthen, superior s< hi<i|s, markets and marl, without incumbrance , title nood ; pl-asant neighbor bood and healthy country, will bt sold at public vendue by the heirs ot John B Forman, d?cek*e<l at 1 o'clock, P. M., at Welsh A < a >rn'< Hotel, freehold, on tho lit day ol February. Term* ? 6 |>er rest pail or secured satisfactorily on the day of sale; J.l.mio April 1, lHGb, and the balance in thru* equal annual pay men's, with interest annually at 1 p* r cent from April 1, 1866, ae cured by mortgage and policy of insurance. A map mty be *een at tbe above h del. Jouithuu Forman will show the premises For further informatioa address 11 If'. RANIOLl'H. Fieebold, N J K.i lroad line from New York, per steamer Johu Potter, pier No. I, North river, at b o'cloc* A VI , and 2 o'clock 1'. M , returning leaves Freehold \ A. M., and I'. M. A I'CTION NOTICS.? D. & HOUGH, A UCT10N EER. ? jf\ Tbe partieular attention of house and hotel keep em is called to the following ex'eusive catalogue hale of elegant furniture, decorations silver, paintings, mir rors and p<anolorte, Ac , to-morrow (Thursday) morn ing, at l(l)i A M precisely, at honne 7? Warren street, a* follows. ? Two elegant rosewood suit* in brocutelle, mahogany 4o., superb roaewood Ixckrasa. ladles' sacra toire, rosewood corner ekeger-s, roue *ood pianoforte of fine tone and Hniab; elegant Kreneb plate | ler glasa, oval and mantel minora, tine oil painting* and engravings, tapestry and Ingrain carpets, elegant vases and uiantei oriianimta. sofas, easy and reception chaira, rosewood hall, mahogany spring seal ptrlor chair* and rockerr, mahogany and walnut roumi tables, do. eiteu aiou tablet, rosewood and mahogany French bedstead*. o ttage do. leather bed*, hair maitre-aei, rtsewood and mnliogai>y dress ng bureaus with marble topi, do. wash stands, tnai Ma top centre und aide tables, shin* toilet seta; a fine assortment of china, crockery and glasaware, also basement and kitchen furniture, with which toe sale will commtnee. A VCTtBil NOTICE.? GREAT 8ALK or ELEGANT household furniture ? II. Wila< n, auctloueer. ? Thia (Wednesday) morning at 10)^ o'clock, all the superior lurniture in bouse "t) Franklin street, near Church ?tn-? t, via. : ? Tapestry carpels, rosewood and mtliogany jarlor mites, centre and aide tables oil paintiuga, mir rors, brocatelle and lace curtain*, magnificent rosewood pianoforte, seven octave, made by Cbevali'r, with carved legs, co-t also all the china, glass ware, ailvar ware, bctsteada, bureaus, wsslntnnm, sofaa. bada aud bedding, lounges, cbaira, *<?., Ac., all )f whi<:li has ba-'n recently lurnlabed at great expeuta, and will be peremp torily sold to close an estate, Ib-posita required. A SSKaNEE'S 3 ALE ? RAM'L. OHQOOD, AUCTIONEER, J\ No 06 Naasau street, will sell at 401 llroadway. ou Wednesday, Jan 'J4, at 10 o'clock A M., the stock ot Urat class Broadway fura and sleigh rob-a, tbe rura are ol superior quality. N. B. ? The sale will b? conliaued until the entire stock ie disposed of. A UCTI0NN0T1 K. ? .MAMl'EI, OSGOOD, AUCnONEER, /\ will sell at hia salesroom, 66 Nassau street, <m Wednesday, Jan. -4, at ln^ o'clock, tbe balance of the superior stock of furs and sleigh robes. Particulars In catalogues. Auction not ce.? thoh. bell auctioneer.? By BE1.L A UL'SH, this day, at lu >, o'clock, in the salerooms, Centre street. ? Will b? sold a variety of furniture, dry goods, clothing, watches, jewelry and pledged articles, guns, Ac., fui account of wnom it inny concern Tbe sale on Thursday, at 10U o'clock, at No. iill Ninth avenue, near 1 wenty -ninth street, will be found worthy attention. The property of a family going to California; all kinds of china, crockery and other arti cles, including the furniture of all iU*'rip<iona, too ex tensive to nonce, 2 splendid gold watches, ladies' dress es, splendid paintings, looking glaasei, mirrors, Ac. De posits rtquircd Sale positive A LCTION NOTICE -PRIZE FOWLS, AC, FROM THE XI late shoe at liaruura's Museum ?PETER l'AKii.S, auctioneer, will sell on, Jan. 26. at 10)^ o'cli>ck, at his ralesroom, No. 70 Nassau street, about 'M) pairs ol fowl* from the late lair, consisting ol every veriety of dom* atic aiid game fowls, and comprising most of the premium birds The sale will be unexampled in its way, and worthy universal alteir.iun. A I'll ION SALE OF FINE GOLD AND SILVER jfj watcbe* and tine jewelry. ? 3AMUF.I 0^4iO <D, auctioneer, will sell at auction, by order of th"? oiecutom ol J 8 Mauritz, decca- e ' , on rhursday , January 26, at lb)i o'clock, at his sale* room, '.0 Nassau street, a larye aasoitmeut of first class watches, consisting of hunting, patent levers. Independent seconds, witbdouble time, lao tea' fine euamelled watches, gold guard aud vest cbaius, shirt studs, si" eve buttons, brooches, ?ar ilngs, Ac Catalogues on the moriiing of sale. 1/1 (.1NEB FRANKLIN, ALIT10NKER.? BY FRANK. !i LIN hi NlCHuU, office kl Nassau sticet ? F AN. w? ui<l uiont revpectfully anuoi.uce to toeir friends and the pi.blic that they nill give their prompt atteuilauc* tosabaof household furniture, merchandise, Ac., at private residence > and stores. 1MJA8 CUUHS, "aI CTIONEER. ? OuAL YARD, 231 j loorteentb street, with six yearn lease, stock and kxturea. also, ten years lease of t o brick twe'lings, three story, situate on Thirteenth street, betwe- navrnue t and First avenue, will be sold by E. Combs, at a iction, by orcer ef the as-iftn*?, on tbe premise*, on Friday, Jan 2f at II o'clock A. M Tne stock consists of lump anil egg coal and dust also, two horses and carts, Ac. lor particulars Inquire of W.a auctioneer, 244 Orand street. r J. r'tTLiW, Assign -e. ]5lward BCHENCK, AIM M ion KER.-T-F.DW a kd j M HfNCK will sell at auction, this day, at 11 ' o'clock, at bis salesroom lb Wall street, a splendid coi I lection of oil paintings, from a private sa'lery. co? | prising chef d'a uvres ol tbe principal, French i and American schools The following paintings are the j property of a gentleman leaving for Europe and will tie I*remptcrily sold to tbe highest bidder, aud offers an I oj pr i tnnity for the ? nrichtnent ol private galleries very | rsrely met with. The paintings mclu .e very t>eautifiil I lanocapes srchitactiirsl interiors. Dutch interiors, win ter scenes pastural suijects, flower p? es, marine | pieces, and many splendid landscapes of home scenery, by the following aitiats ? Wi bst?r, Carter, Hcharpe, ' Scbaflael, Vandres Wlllisms liergi, Ptlliet, llotti, Vaei, F.vans, Causaer, M'atbeal, Om janck, Jasper, .>-ely an I HKMiV H. OfeUt*. A I < 'IWiNKKK. ? 11V il H. I.Hr.H-i A Co , on January 24, at 10% o'clo-k. at tbe ralfrroom, 1 u N?a*au *tm>-t ? Admiuiatrator'a ral?- ? fcy order o( Slonion Knyaar, atinmntn.tor of llonry heyitr, decea?ed, hie entire atock of valuable )???iry, cori?iaticg of ?olld ?l|rliteen carat (old inii(?r irtDK*! earring*. breaatplna, *olid ?r?l<1 ringa, broocbea In (rent variety, gold pencil r??w ehate lainea, *tud*, mi ?air rarnnga and l?r?aetpiue, watch key* and acal*. lockd* of vaglona alxea, an I a gr?at va riety of other jawrlry. Al*o two Urge iron *af??, fur ni*h>d wl'h drawer*, auitable for jeweller*, one ditto table, di*ka, Ac , tha whole to he aolo without re*?rve. Alao* an invoice of valuable (fold chronometer*, lever watchee, ditto, enamelled ditto art in diamond* and other coetly jewelry, removed for convenience of rale, being the balance of good* rrniii<i( unsold AI*o all the coontera, denka, tabh ?*, -oia oilcloth*, and other office furniture. AI>o, for account of tboae whom it it ay eoncwrn. tweety noren i?al gob] pencil t??i, ten don n guard chain* An. H~ Yshy~u~ T2xw~ Xi ctiJndck ITty" h. 'h 1 I JKi-.S k Cf> ? Wedncaday , Jan 'H, at 12 o'cloca, j ai Uie aalra room, 1# Naaaau airi et, by order of ' or ne I llu* W I-awrenre and Jofin k. I>elapla n?, etecutora of i John k. ftelaplaine, K?w| ., receaeed, hi* eotire *V.. ? of widen. braiiuie*, madeira* claret*, Ac. Ihe niii|>k) | will be exhibited at our *fore on tbe ino-n of ?.ile, | and the winea delivered Irom tha wis* loft of the de ceased No wine, admitted except th"-e belonging t/> tbe eatate ? comdating Of liot'le* March K Hen*on'a madeira, vintage 1*2*; Tit do. old cotith .-'de Mad.ira, black leal, 240 do. do, redaea', lft magnum* K. I 'ell a brandy, about 40 year* old aealed with tlia name, 110 bottlea very *uperi<r branoy. vintage 1K4'.?: I ea*? ft. Julien claret, viutege 1M4 The ilmre will be aol>l In tola to ault pnrcha>*r* Alao 0 rt?a of loudiotit wine of tha vintage of |M4?i, contained in ca*?* ol 24 half rjottle* each, direct from tbe Cape na Ho'lan I. Thia very rare de>ert wme ia warratited tb? pure arti- , cle or no *ale. Al*o, immediately after the above, for account of whom it may concern. SIX' ea?e* preserved frulta eonelatinir of cherriea, |>e-icb?a, ra?|i- ? benlee. pear* Ac , in |i>art and i.alf palion j?r her metiraily aealed, adapted for family uae, without re- | aerve. H INKY If I Ul-H, Al? TIOSKKH.? HY II H. I.KKIrt kit). ? Tbtiraday, Jan 24.? Mar'la m?nt?l?? \t i ? o'clock I' M , at the marble yard of Kof<erl J. (Jalidl V ('a., fin 2'iiFiitliannue. tbud door above Twenty tlilrd uticet, a Urge and valuable aa>oftm< ai of marble mvii tale, ntanu lectured by the alxive firm. coneJi'l ng or ri My carved aixl moulded statuary. Italian, eelaed, Ij*h?a, F^yptlan, plain, and ether f*-hioeahte mantel*, to he , sold without rt o?r>e They ran remain two nr three veek* <*x tba premi*** If deairnl, after payment of the 1 purOtanet. Hwmy n. ijudh, ArmiiKnji ?Kv h h iJiw^ 1 A to ? Ihoraday, Jan. 2?>th, and fnday, 'iBth, at 1<>S o'clock, at tha ralenrtiora, li? Na*aau ?tr??-t, lar** ?af? of fancy |nod*, an entire Invoice of Woletenaolin ? real fhtBeld flaled ware, in Imita'lon of a)lv?r. every article la wroaxbt by han^mti. and will nrver wear i UirtLgh aa plated gotxla, con*l*Un( of l? a kettlea. tea , ?et?, apuona. fork* cantor* aufar*. urn*, ladle*, tray*, , cale baUieta, candleatick*, tea eadnie*, t?. elaMe dl*nea, lak*tanda, and other coetly M>efh?ld ware Thia Inn ca i? to !>? a? Id without limit to the bipbeet bidder Alao, W> ratea Ital an marble goon*, the rwcrot importation of fipr.or f! H Pandolhnl, coneiaflng of baautifui alateater | ? rca|*, statuette* and (l#ure*. al o, larfa (tr?*c*n, Hebe, lion. an, and other va*ea larra a?ate vaee* lor *? trie* and ii'b?* urna. and ???!? all In the new- | eatatyle. Al?o, eeveral invoice of aUr>a*ter *tataary, | r?pr>e?nfing tha Tbr*e f>rarea Venua of OaaoT t, l>anc.rm Glrli, f leopatra, huaaanal. Ilebe of Caoova, Merr ulee, Vena? ia a hltell, bnate Alao, a large invoice ef brf>a?e?, (loupe Afurea, Ac , china ware fancy anap. portarmoa' na e*. |?? k> 1b?.oka. imitation jewelry and fawy article*, tr^ether with a variaty of other guuda. to ek?*e iavoicee. JTlJV~~lI i AVI KWAflK Al fTIOS'kf K -VxNKt WAT1B * TT B^KK w.ll mII. an W..|nee.!ay, J aa 'J4, at lOJj o'clock, at tba *ale?ro<>m. SO P w aad H <?<lar atreet ? Oil painting* ? IVrempf- rj *ale ol doe orMnal oil palntinca. moetly of the T>o**eklorf achool, and aif ned ? -Among which will ba found w- rk. by th? celebrated art lata Ir Muat>r <.ro>lf.?id Krati. Kriea, Muara, Cu4lc, l>khardt, Kru*eman. Vaartniel.n, r lie man, Varboeckhoees, flaaebi-arb, v*n I'yca. U I ??, Jiedtg Mblier ami aavtiai ?U**ra. u rl?b (Ut <r%m" Syw ? ?toht'Q. IALKI AT AUCTION. JOHN W. SOMEK1NDYXE. AUCTIONEER.? CONBl'A bl?'? -ale ot roeu* aad boy*' elothaad pluah c?p*. Thi* day, at the auction room 110 Centre atreot, eotuer ?( F ranalin tt I*-)* o clock, * hrj# lot ol hipb h m?I boys' clo'h and plush cap*. Also, 4 large 'taud oaik* Ac. Al*o, un account of a former uurchaaer, alma, 10,000 aa^am, pipe*, Ae. NaUI'L FINCH, GoniUble JOHN W. SOUEKIVDYKE, AUCTIONEER. -OOV-tTA ble'n and riioitgage aale ? Thi* day, at th* auction room 110 Outre stiL-et. corner of Frsnklia, at 10)^ o'clock, by virtue of wi execution ? Mitio,;.iny b'dstead*, mahogany and t>lack walnut aula table* nuartette do., leal do., bookstands, ?Uat not*, towel rack*, warble top washstanda, table l:am>i, in greut variety. Ali>o, by virtue of a chattel u.irtga?o, one -pl?o >??* cott*g? ?uit, with marble topa, cottage bedstead ?, pallle?teri>, hair luattreiae*, blankets, book. tau< h, couch and couch bed stead*, Ac., Ac. JOllN W. BOMERiNUYKK, O n?tabls and attorney fur mortgagee. Mortoagk haiz.? a. m., Al'CHON eer, * ili . ell, tbi* day, at 1'iJ, o'clock, at No 4 Corilsndt street, tin stock ot a manufacturing jewiller, consisting of lath**, itawp* ?ti?*?, plates, grinditmi-a, forge ring* ami belltw*. rolling m-ll* ami fnuie*, vice*, vitriol pans, nil stovus, fixtures, office furniture, iron safes, Ac By order JOSEPH 00KNE1X, Attorney tor lilMtp|M MOR1UAGK HAIR? THIS KAY ? AT 11 o't l/XTK, at 1??J (.'anal itreet ? By virtue of a chattel mort gage? 1 wo elsgant ov?l mirror*, two parlor *tove* dressing bureaux, cirpet*. chair*. W II. I.I AM WITTER*, Auctioneer. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WIU. 8E1.I, THIS . day. .it l<i,'; o'clock. at ft4 Sixth avenue, all tlie genteel parlor, chamber, and kitchen furniture of a faintly btrvkiBg up houfekeeping, convicting of aofaa, tola b. dstead*, ttte \ tut**. lounges roc km* and p trior chair*, iu haircloth centre, dining, card, and extension tablt*. weretary anl bookcase, pier an<l oval mirrora; window shades, et'gfre*. vase*, clock*, plated *?r?, ele gant thr?e ply and 'igrnin c*r|>et* oilcloth*, mahogany, rosewood and walnut bedstead*, hair mattre**e*, stove*, kitchen furniture, he. PI RKMI-TCKY S.V1.K -VAI.I'AHI.K I>?T O* THIRD avenue, .orlinmii account.? FETEK I'AKKH will anil at auction on Wsdteadav, Jan 'J4, at 12 o'cloik, at the Merchant*' Fxcbarge, the valuatte lot in fee with frame built irg on th? eastside oi Third avenue, adjoining tba northeasterly eorn?r of Third avenue and Twanty n nth atreet. 1 he lot is feet wbie by 110 feet in depth. Title perfect. For particular* inquire of 1'KrER PARKS, auctioneer, 7!> Nassau atreet. Eukeli. w. wEsToorr, auctioneer ? house *aie of gentu l furniture. t" morrow, Thuraday, at o'clock, un Righ'b avenue, three d< or* from Thir teenth ?tr?*t, embracing the entire superb furniture, Ac., of the above lour story houne N'e [mat|ionement on acroiint of the weather, and every article to bo Hold without reccrve, conai?ting of 110 yarda Kngllah tapea try c?rpeta, on tba parlora; elegant roaewo- <1 etegere, mirror front and back; two very Urgo Kreneh plat- pier (lansea, alabn and bracket*, suite roaewool parlor fur nlture In iatiu hrocatelle, l'hrary bookc??e, mahognny tot* a tete and sofaa, rosewood centre and tn'.m table* with Mat'iary mtrblt topa, elegant painted window ?liadev Ince curtaina with cormcea, coatfy l>r> ?den china and blequet flgur* mantti ornaments, brouie and ormo lu clock, oil painting*, &c , rooewood and mahogany bedhead*, aupenor hair mattrcase* fe?th?r b*-d* and bedding marble t<ip roxewixel and mahogany bureau* and wuahatande, French cbina toilet *et?, oval and oth er tnlrror*, carpet*, rocker*, xpring aeat chair*, ro*ewood and mahogany arm chair*, with the baaement and kitch en arrangement*- extension dining tables, ton and bretkfaat tanlea, silver, china, crockery and glan* ware, Ac. (.'atalogues at houae. Tunis morrell, will beix, nns morning, at lotj o'clock, a large *tock of variou* kind* of property, at hla salesroom, :t04 Broadway, con aiating of rich and plain furniture, oil painting*, mir ror*, cbina, Mr. The tale will commence witb a large invoice of separ* of different brand*. Thi* ?ale to be continued at 3 I' M. W8 MEUOR, AUCTIONEER? BY HOUGHTON A . MK1 1.0K ? Thursday, Jan. 'Jfi, at 10>? o'clock, at 113 Naasau atreet, elegant household furniture? Supe rior tli octave roaewrod pianoforte, made by Real of New Sork : aeverul tapestry and velvet carpet*, hair ma ' jrrsM*. rprmg bed*, ? pillow*, hall lamp*, china and crockery ware, worthy (he attention of the trade and housekeeper*. Also, a large aasortmnnt of elegant cahi iiet furniture removed irom aeveral warerooma, and will be aohl |>oelt.vely to pay advance* We invite those In want ?f good furniture to examine the good* prevlnu* to the mle. K\ery fadl:ty for packing and *hipp>ng on the premises Several rich pailor suiti, coverel in the moat fathionable maleriul*, curved ae rota riee and l ookcartaof tlie Ut? *t itylea aud design*, two elegaut eaten* on tatlr* lonrtren feet long, ten ? uatoia made ti te a tete sofa* iu roM wood and uiahog?i>y , richly de corat' d and enamelled chamber suit* with marble top* ore elaborately carveo rosewood Gothic. bedat>ad, coat (l&O, willi bureau and warh?tard to match, mahogany and wainut eliamher furniture; easy, rocking and spring ?eat parlor chain, card pier ar.d side table*, with an rr-dle** variety of detlrable furniture, several South Ameilcan t.oree hair mattre**e*, pa lias*ea, Ac. Alao, to pay advance*, neveral thick I rench plate oval a ail pier mirror*, in ornamented frames 11 choice oil painting*, V marble clock, chit a toilet net*, vaae* Ac Ca talogue* issued on morn ng of *ale. The article* are nuw arranged for exhibition. "II'M WITTER?, Al'CTlONKER, WIU, SHU, TFIW V? <Ja> it lo>a o'rluck, at 1H7 Canal atreet, all lb* gi-nttcl parior, < bainb-r, and kitchen furtul<ir? of a laniily t 'a*>ng up houaclrrpiig, conflating of ?ofa?, roek ng bud otbei chain. centra and dining tablra, pier fclaee**, pain' lag*. cur'alua, ulitilu, S??kca?ea. etegeree, Umpe plated china gUxHwarr and elrgant U|i?? trjr aon iigram carpeta, oilcloth. im'iogany and walnut . hrilataaila, hair rnattr*>?#a, leather bed*, dieaaiug bu- , reaua, wealmtamia, wardtobee, kit lien furniture, and ?to***, Ti; II J JAM IRVIN0, AUCTIONEER. - MORTGAGE "AI.C W of fcouaeboM furniture. ? William IrWng d Co. wll K'll at auction on lliura lay, January S5, at 10 >4 I, clock, at I'M K ghth a**noe, batweeu Nineteenth and Ti**ntl< th'*tr**t?, ft.r eieuuni of tin- mortgage*. ? Urn a >n> carpeta, Kreiu h plat*- gb?-r*?. wtoilow curtain*, roeewood ettgerea, marble elooli aud innUI untmixitt, iribogany wifajt, parlnr chaira, rocker*. Ac , ui haircloth, roe'-aond centre tablra, blam walnut aui mahogany trench bedalrada, ilrKnot' bi.reaue, waahatanda, ward rubra, Hruiaela aod ingrain urprti, hilr in*ltr?e**a, leather b<<l?, bolilrra aud pillow*. bli.uknt*, uullta, abeet*, Ac , mahogany dining iooui furniture, dmu.-r and te* arta, glaaa waie, cutlerjr, Id:., tog<-thar with a gvii'ial aaacrtaienl of kitchen furniture. PKHMINAL. HAKI'WARE FTOREKKETFRS TAKE NOTICE Two German*, on<- about "J7, >.h? utter r about 34 jtaraolage, tfar- lirat about 5 (art ;t Inchea, the aecond b feet 6 Incbea a Leight, wearing blur gown a, liar 1 red Wiilo, 1111* Irrqurut * ardwara at<rea, buy "oror trifl-a, and a'.ral K'Bir taluablts, aap< cially cupper aod braaa. I r Tlli.- .-I. (ill I- ?n:i HIE NOTICE <iF JOHN Oil J Henry I h> bill, they would bear of aomething to tbnr advantage by calling at .J" fourth arenua INFORMATION WANTFH OK Hf?iMAr<0 F.l I'.KKt.l. J Cot 'IraW, county Kerry, Ireland, formrrly in the Wltlab army . Jiy aTilrni.Ujr a line to Mr* Clirlatopher, car* < f Juhu landmark. 2b6 nowrry, Naw York, h? ran b?ar Irum bla alatar, Mra. Hyband. Canada pa|?ra plraaa t?py Mary cowi.f.y wiiu to iikar from hkrbik , trr, Miubrtb Hart, latrof(v<rk Dtrwt car* of k>i>. Mary (jMtr, lb Kaat Capitol at., M tiiiingtco, II. C. rrw: FUt'ON WHO TWK THROUGH MUfTAKE A J[ black ?nrtm.t i.rrri oat, at tba Acdlrn) of Muale, nn Wi'dnr>tay rvt ning 17th loat , will plaa^r rrtoru th? ?air r to J J. MOEr ATT, No. 3 Cortlaiidt itrcrt, to aa?a fuitbrr tri. utile VINE AltrN. CU Hf? ' IONORNH 0IJ!XO( AI.YO, THK WHJ. KNOWN I unlet, and hi* aoo, Jolm A. ( alyo, baring roaotly leturnrd fn-ri C|>aiD a trr an ab rn ? of tbraw tnd a l alf ; ear? ,? hern thrr l arn been honored by the pa tr< nag- of thr Wna*n and nobility org lea'* to itaforin tbe p> bin- tliat they hi|| rranuia tli??r pruf? au.n In all ita I ranch*., tapei lally laudaranr, portrait p igling aiwl tiacb.'ng N il ? Mr Juhn A. Caljo nllrra bta aervteaa to luri.i?b ilraigna fr,rcla??ic and pteture?|u* adlfi ptnatr mannuna, Ac. He will alao furnlal all klntaef deelf-n- for woud ?ngr*?lug Reanltnc* lao baa*. T? n tj firat atreat, mtv f?ooiM. ?f . AT. KIEWaRI aoo. WJIX OPEN tw M< I^ r?A V, a January i'i, 1 noo rrarw ?f heavy hnuarvlfa Irleb Imrna. Bsadr eiprraaly for fa ?Illy uae, at prir?* from ih Ui bO crnta per y.H inu'.h belo* the e<,a? of importation. ri HE I A-r M1ZI RK HV THE I NrTEH HTA ITO MAX J a hall of 1M ca?'-a of l'er>'an raa bin area aupeno* da aigaa to any errr olTered In thla elty, for #4 a yard, and a? faBily will b* allowed more than three p eee? and all thoea that buy them at ?boleaale will br , hargwt 4a. a yarat, a< It la Uie det*rmi?atl<>a of the auhacrlhrr that th *e? ap'rndld gi^r'e at, all fcr dletrlbuUd am' ngat the |'?r aa well aa the rieb. T E MAACK", Ageat, Im|*ir1 ter of alike aod nbUw, 2? and 30 Jobo atraet, ooroer of Maaeaa. WIHTKR KAfllllOSM. Am mucnrtT MomnT or mm* or run lata el I'artataa at; Ira. lor holla and area. rig partira, ate ? flered f?>r aale at balf tbe coat of tnp' natwin, by I I- 11.11. I1IRKO.N k 1.AKK, 471 lin*lea, G^HBXAT BAROAIN' ? 8 rUAMBKH*. HfOCnr."iK Vi hradbrnob No Ml Broadwar ha* a MlMlf w- liter atork, eoneiat'ng of ladioa', Blaeaa' aa ! gar oieate ladle.' cap. and headdreaara ? de rhamtie*. ! A r All BMde of the beat materlala. a-i l ?.U bo eoM | rery low to ir.ake im?i for aprtag gov!* Wao*a?l t'imr Iwil t4| L UMTAIHAXTI. f t lAjh M>?< WA?m?~ V7 lONAlJ/l, uf tbe r>ta<t"l H?n ai> i 1 '1 '<?ai ' rorr.rr of fil'oe atreet aa<l Hroadeay, waeta tb? abure aaBiberof a>en at bie free loaeb **ery day tbu waek. To day bo aariae ?> hia BBCiualird g?ero turtle eo? p aa ' aieaka I uarb b*tw**o lOawd balf pa?t II u rioak V on t M> M#RI liARI TIM>^ ?V(,I0J?H ?' r X a tow wind kp to aa? at tbe Re aWi* -1 lt??*maa I -net M* |4.< trie 1 a'itbe beat booeae tamm kaoa, ai.d we bwd a???e like tl>e RalMbow Ivt a | ed tkawet. liar bit into a*u fc?ab?w iwaara. nuppno. IjtOR UV^^T-UNrria, OTaTW iLuL iTrEAM ' ship IUL1K, Capt. Jo*. J Comatock. Thie il?u ip will depart with Um I'nlted HUt?a mail* fur Eirupo Citively ?ii Wednewlay, Jan. 'J4, at 1- o'clock, M., from berth, at the foot of Canal atrevt fur fr?iglit or pa**age, having unequalled aceummodatigua for ulegauca and comfort, apply to EIlWARH K. OOlXrNS, 6* WaU .treet PaaneBger* art* viju. ?t<-'! to be ou board at 11 < A. U. The I'arillr mil aocceed Ilia haltio, and tail Feb. 7. Khlpper* will please take notice tlint the *liipe of tbta Hue cannot carry any good* contraband of war. THE BRITISH 1M' NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL HAIL 8TKAMRHH>4 FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief cabin paaaage ...tlM fc?c< nd cabin paaaaKe 76 from Boston to Liverpool. Chief cabin paaaage 1110 Ktcond cabin pe?A*+<e W The ahip* from ISoaton call at Halifax. AH A HI A, ( apt. Judkiaa, AMKKICA, Cant lang, l'HL-IA, Capi. Rytic, U KOI a, <?pl. Fhanuon, APIA, (apt. K (I Lott, CAN Alt A, (apt .-itoua, AI RICA, Capt. Harrnon, MA'. AHA, Capt. Lettch. Three feaa*'la curry a clear white light it imtat head; green on t larboard U.w; red on port bow. AfIA, l<ott. leawa lloatou, Wednesday, Jan 17. (ANAliA, Htone, " Ho. ton, Wednoaday, J*u. .11. Ah I 1< A, Harruon, " Do* ton, Wedneaday, Feb. 14. Rertlia not accurwl until paid fur. An experienced aurgeon on hoard. The owner* ?f thrao ahipa will nut be accountable fur gold, ailvrr, bullion, paci", jewelry, praemua aton^a or nn lala, unleaa liilla ol lading uru nlgu?d therefore and the value theieot therein exprraaed. F or freight or paraagr apply to K. < I NA1U), 4 Howling Groan Tln re will be na atcaiuabipa ol tlii* Hum from New York until turtber notice. E* IJVKKl-OOl AND I llll-\liKl.i'IUA -fTKAMMHI* Compauy intend aoltiug their favorite aieamahipe-. OK MANCllfctfEH. .. .51,13ft tone. .Capt Wrila Cin OF UAI.TIM0RE,(new)'i,b4ft ? ..Capt CITY OF WAHHINOTON do 1.7U0 '? Capt It Ui ah U)U l-UII.AIiKUHIA. CITY Uf MASCUH. W". Thuraday, January It, IMo. rKIIK UVMMOI. 01 TV OF MANCHFSTIlR. Wa.ine.elnj .Fi-oruary 14, l?ftft. naioon ftMJ, $tt and 9 hi. aivoromg to etate imbi A limited numbar of third Aaaa re w'il oe utken from fb.ladelylia and Liverpool uri 'oond 1b previa! ana. Frotr I biladelpnia W> | From UverpooL 94ft Partie* wiahing to bring out thair friend* aan obtain Mrtiflcate* of paaaage, ana deafta on Liverpool iu ?uraa of XI aterllng and upwarda. Apply to HAMtlHu HMITH, Agent. 17 Walnut atroet. I'h'ladeiphir an<* .?o 7 Krnad ?ay, Naw York I ?'OR BOOTH AMPTON ANll BREMEN. ? TIUC 0NTTKD btaten mall ntramer HERMANN, K lliggina oow uisnder, will tail lor t!rrm?n, touching at .?xiu'.iiauipton to land the nia la and paaaengem lor luiglaud ?o<l France, on Saturuuy, January 21, at 12 o'clock M.t trou pirr 07 North river. l'rl<-? of paaaage? In the firat cabin, main aaloon .ftl.10 In t'oe flrat cabin, lower aaloon 110 In aecond cabin 00 An experienced aurgei n i? attache I to each ateamer. All latter* muat pun- through tu? I 'oat Office ripecia delivered ia Havre anal i.ondon. For paaaage or freight apply to C H. (?AND, agi'nt, 11 Mouth William it. lheateamar Waalungton will aaeceed the Uermaon, and aail February '/4th. S-liK SOUTHAMPTON ANll HAVRS.? THE UNITKO ^Statea mail ateamer t'NION. R. Adarna, Oiiiiiiian<ler, lleave New York for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the muila and paaeengera, on Saturday, Feb. 10, at I'i o'clock, from pier 117, North Rivar, foot of Ueacb *tr?*i l"rlca of I'aaaage? Firat Cabin $l:? " ? Uecoiid Cabin 7ft Lnggaga not wanted on the voyage ihould b*1 aent on hoard the day befi.rr, marked " below." No freight will be taken after Ihnraday, Feb h. For freight or pnoage ?pply t> M0KI1MKR lJVlNliKlON, Agent, 6a Broadway. KW YORK AMD GAUFORIOA BIBAMBtDP l.INK, via Nicaragua, the Accetaory Tranalt Company icaragna propnetori. ? The aplendld ooobln engine ?teamahip NORIIIUtV 1JOHT, V,4(JV ton* burthen, Capt. t. L. Tinkrlpaugh, will leave frooi piar No. d Sorlii river, at 3 o'clock 1'. II. preciaely, for I'unla Areu.ta, on Satur day, January 'J7, Ib.' J (onnectlng with the favorite ?teanujiip S&rra Nevada, ton* burthea. over the Nicaragua trauait route, hating but twelve milea of laud trasaportation by lint viae* carriage*. Theae *teainera are unaurpacaed In their ventilation and accommoda tion. For information or pe??age, apply only to C11A.S. MOhOAN. Agent, No. u Howling Orean letter bag* made up at Um oflica. Letter a 'ik canta per hall ounce. ACB1RA1JA.? INrEPENDENT 1JNB? TO HAU. WI1 H cut fail IVbruary 1 ? The cl ppar ahip KAlfl'KilN bTAlE, Icr klelbourne will be reuOy for **? aa above. Can a<.conimo<late tour cabin and alx lecoud < %blo paa aengera, if applied for tin* week. Her accommodation* arr superior io any vi'aarl now up, ann partlr. d?airoua of coinlort and a ahip, will do well to take paaaag? in tbia veaael, lor baiauce of freight aud paanuge, apply en board, at pier No kaat nvei, or to Anufib ? HI. .1/1, Ho I earl at vet, or K. IliaiAHUKIN & CO., S'J houth ftreet. AtKMUlJ^ P10NF.KU LINK, CAlUtYINO THK linited htatea oaul ? The now and elagant A 1 clip par ahip UhOKtatX William .-later, Jr., ui*?u-r, 1,^00, will *ucc*ed he 'traaa Queen a* twonty third ahip of Una line, for Hydnry and Melbtiumn an t anil hava immediate deapatcb "aaaeogera for Hydoey taaea an der government ? rrangementa, pa>inc part paaaage here and the balance in work altrr arrival, wblco la g'laran Wert to tbem at very blgh rate*. Cabin accommodation* not aurpaa>?<l by any ahip ailoat. Intending paaaen^nra will olea>e examiae before taking paaaaga elwwhera For freight or |iaaaage apply ot board at piar 7 Kaat rivar, or to H. W . CAM LKfM, lit) Wall >traet 1 I 'OK MM.BOl'KNk, Al'HTIUI.lA l'A-HA<l> I ?> Drat mwl,? lha li| p?r ahlp T \KI Alt, K. A. Mil. wa?t?r. bating naarlr nil b< r lr*.*ni ni twa r<l, a ill ull tn 1 1?? d?) ?. hh* liM liiif n> ii[)i(nu<Uti<fiu lor a f?w mora Brut Bid ?*eonil ela?a p*a*<ui(*r? lor wbirb or light freight apply on board ?l |>'*r 13, fj??t rtrrr, or to SlAH.I Kit A. U)KD, lw Will *tr*at l/.OK Mhl.itOI IlNK, Al KTRAIJA - J'A.--A<iP. ?'*>. JT I'oaitltal/ Urn V Tha elippar *liip IaKTaU, IjI Mil, lutUr, bnving b-r iargu ou b?*rd, ail) M'too or A'oiiA^'tie UlL ni?t A llimtol nuiui.?r of paa **r.|f?ri wiJt (<? tolm at |U0 ?*? h an- 1 fttocid, id bacidlng, if Im'.M-diata Application ba Bvl? K'?r Ugbt fmpht, or pa*<aga, app.r an b- art, or at ii?r II I rt*?r. or to MaU.I.KK M lAJlil), U? Wall alr?at V IV- Yl'KK AND M.W OKI.KAN.-t -rKWl llIP Company? K- r N?w Oilaaiia aluppiag at llaraoa, cairtiffr tha ' nt" I f*taln m?ll ? Tua ?tc im*htp CA ItAWliA, H W. Hiuf*!dt, cotuauillrr aill rn?i n?n? rrrrlrmf ir?.*ht cm Monday January .''J, and aail for tli* ahota port* nlborMt; January V*. at MoYiock, from pt*r at foot of ffearh ?' r*??* , S. K Kr*igbt for th? Ittrimt and for Vtol.ik, ? ?if i?'l lo oar *g*nt* la Naw (irl'ar*, Jam* a < c>r noly ft I ? ? til b? foraardad fr*a uf ?c toiiiiMion P?***ng*r? for Htttna muat protur* porta b?f< r? l>i?ln? p< rt lirr frrift>t or poacaga apply to IJVlNt.KNiN <HI< IIKKONA<0. of* a la. Ill Hroul I way N. B.? ' lha Blark Warrior, J, It itvllock, r<.m* mariner. will *ucr**d tba f'ahawba, arid ?all I'riday, K*b. | 0 I III* of lading mu?t b* ?*ot In for *ighing tha ata amp praaiou* to tba *hlp acting. (AOUIUMIM AM- rtOMDA - BM'WUII.T I nit?d Pint** Mall I i?a.? T1?? o?? iu4 faat going ? KAKION W Ko*t*t, commander will l?a<? *>?. 4 North rtT?r, on t* *dn**day. Jan ? l* at it o'clock I* M pr?clr*|y lor ff"|M. apt'') on Ix'aH, wh^ra all billa ot lading will b* ai,t>"1 and for paxafr, at tbo ofMra af KOMOKK TflWTON A < O , ./? Ttr< a^tway 1 litoufb tl?k?ta to JariroRTl la I ) to lniAUa, Ih? foatbarnar *tll *urr??d, and Ua?? oa faturdar. Jan 27. J!io? umantu a*i? n /hoda? u ? matl unk? Tb? a?? ?ud apl?a'" i ?tr?m?bip?> ' <'KII A apt M ??odtull will ?a?a N?? Jon for ivntiufl '.ii ???<"aj, Jan f'.'t, fr? n> pt*r No ?, Nortb, il>?r, all o'rWxk P M lilla of IvtiBf al^nad oa U'ard Par fr? <bt atplr op board or for toHAUI'KI U MP< HIIX. It Hraftai; Kor Florida lhr..jjh U>lat< fman Wa? Vorb to Ja?*?"??llla >il ti ft lata a. US. Tb? AIM >TA. Cart Ihoa. I.yao, will ? ? ? ..oad, j Iratr oa falordaj, /. n *T. -r^frn fwinmia and k cnm'ihd ? V Tw I 0'i?d -tat?a B.a.l aUam'blp JaW/KToWN. I. rart ah, naiKaivWr ?tl) Uara pt?r li ''orth rl?ar "9 Natii'da; Jaa U7 at 8 ?><->?? p M , ?I!J arrlra la Nor , folk 'li? ????? aflarawiti, and PaUrari irf aol fl.rbtaood ?'ia U.aiar BK>ra)B| From Korfolk p*a**i(?r? for . t>.? Poiitti iyrtr?4 ??? rallrr?d dtra't, a U ' bro iab ttafe ?ta fraa ??!<'?? to WIIoi.b/V B A J(u?ta km f'amal and 'ara to Nor .lk I*, to falatab'irg ait<l >OalMuM, ftj? <na^M? *.alf rr>a Applr V* I j iW.AM * "UaAaVT* n nr'?4??y. ][}A?K?T ntfp >VfA/<is. WITH Air:-, i L r>i" - U bd? fi Jattirf M, I'M J bo ?.rt*w*W ? <).? -faar air * b t?|?''! 'a tlif at?ova rig it ? j?at lha tkiBf and I bapa It ? !l wnr fall U> my U#t to aail ? rhip attb ar ; ? ' I - r rig " 'I" W-? ail" ara far )??? tru?M* | tkaa tl a t< |'. aail an' nx Jaaa ? rr^Mkaa l>a l ad rat).*> I oil tka toptaua t?. ? tbaa <opraltaat railaotra Aftar tl,a ana jar ! ? a < d?<bla4 I "r*bi a> I tha appar loj ?%ilr, aad rt a aitli a fori" ia gaia ? rvWr r ?#*?? appar t> p?ai), aln *lth . r,a old plan I ? ho old hata to 1 ad all aail farla*! ou '.ha mala It rata* oa <o blow ?o br?'/. I *oul4 part Itoul tba;>Ki in I >oa*-rad tba >ul 4-. an, and tha ttltb faikad it vl'h ail *a?a 7 1 ? fa" li, f a?a tba da-'/ of tba l.f, aad t lika H >.a?t?i aa-- 'tar tba Ur.r I an ^'.aia'rd ?H! It III ??kY It ll?\ P.r. ( < OA I *(. i (^iikaf rr'Al - ?? ' ' I <f<fcT4>*r m It'xyH kt?vp. t?> aad 17 for ba<t r?l aili i1??? 'i -ga to tha paUt an- !'? Mfrriarr* rad a?b aut ali ara waU rrmard ik4 fiitdf carta** 77.?*? ar? ?a4 Mr d*'ian<> abafatrar. H< llAKIi f lJM'.N Ul I .rat ?'???? bat?*?a l?ar'.a*ath aad liftaaath *u*?t? |~ioAi.-?ri t g' Aijrr ixach oiumauk kw< aj? V, - ? ? ? .(> f< r at ??? ' r r * a'# ? r.aa a>Uiaf at |T|0 par Imn froai"ra*'?f I arrow a*4 *??h'tW?, 183 Haedoagal, tad 14'. Wart TVrlf ??- 'tad rraat* TTf* MAlttX ?PORTIKU, AC. S*AXCT I K.r.f/WH 10k "AIJ ? At ?AKKT-Vf ITt". thirty pair*. Ia*.<adir>( ?arrU" t*aavlar?, M ipata tarhtta, aura aaapaaa. r-.IEr***k* aad aaaJlowa *a*.p A,, I, to QAJ I ;<?? M, at tha Maaaaat, ar ???< I a raw ft y ^<</t<H 'UKIW I'*. I k ??Alt 'IIKAI-JIKT n ?" fit ' ??? tar.. I tit*, |?|a '">< p-4 vAk A< . ??till M*' ?iilUnU (?f ?14 n?)i *?**??????? It * ?w?h#f ^ * t+t m tit# (vf w-yi at M M?***b *Uaat, mm t aaal. A w*m ,, Aw- 1 Fn.M'i.h ouu, w.vnw a ptti' attow ah cban.brruiaid mil waiter, or waltar aud plala ?ewer. for rafeiaacaa Inquire >1 bar praaent .tuatlon, 16 Wa?t Fllteenth atreot Ih (*n? Fifth and !n*U? atra bum. Can ba ae< n lor two daja a situation u? wantku. j?v a room i.khmam A ?ifi aaccok. waabar and ln>o?r, or to do gaanral I uu???ork ( an ?>? *ern 'or two Uaya, If not engagad, ? V Vfl All n ?traaf, ro< m 12. REUI'M TAMJf WOMAN WANTS A HITI'ATION TO m.m 11,1 I'M"! bou>*work oi chninbai *"rk In ? go?.l war her and lr. oar tinod city reference fiver l'lea?a till H H0>> T?u';Hnl ?llitt. mcuM Boor, frvtl rooB.No k, for two day*. JfelTl ATJOM WaNTEO-HY A Y0UM0 KEMAI.H. aged aiataan jtut, to lata rara of cblldrvn, Itgbk cl.auiberwurk and waiting i an do plain tawing llaK tuod < ity referi-uira. A |>|<l> a'. 603 Kirat aitiua, taa Kigbtarntb atiavt, top floor. A ncvfl WOMAN W A NTs A km r.\TION IN A PHI ? ?at? family. aa teamatr**, wn<> porfei'lly under - atanda rutt it rhililren'a drear**, abiilwaklng, ami all ktudaof family aawlog. the l ?at of tllr rdatftc* -an ba glrra from her laat |Jaee l'Uaa? call at 97 W**t NU.a teeotli atrial. J nr?i'FCTABi.E young ENCI.MI GIUI , WANTH A dtuatimi aa i noli , waaber and IrOBer. alt* liaa I v.wl nine ye ara n tba la ? t platn aba I aa bw u in. Apply at> 2I?4 Mutt itml, In the rear, tup Hoar. ASCOTt II WOMAN IS M31H01H or OflTAININO \ ?ituatrn in a prlmf" family a? look. Kirat rat city refrrrnce* a? t# capability, A Apply for two day* at Sir*. Kluloul'a, M'l I- irat a tenuo, >? >r Ninth atxret. A YOiNO WOMAN WAMH A hlTI ATION TO DO J\ |>la>u rooking and M'iat in Hie waahlan and iron fnjr, or general h >naa??rU in i atnall private fao-tly. (anlwii'ii at lr.7 Went I birteenth atraat till aui'.cd lUm brat o( city refereeroa can hagireo. A HB^WTAHIJC YOUNG WOMAN W?NTH A WTO J\ atlon in >? private family aa cook ant to aaaiat in waahmg and Ironing (.noil city relereno given I'laaao call lor I wo ''a) a at 124 Wa*t I walftli atraat. A HTUATION AS COOK WAN ran? IN A OBHHL x\ private boarding boaaa ?.y a woman who aoder ataoria all kiai'a i f \r rrncb and Krali.b rooklBf. ('aa txi ?r*n, far two daja, at H-4 Kllrai rib atrrot, llrat fli? r, liark room feba would fn aa paa'ry cook AH HOr-ikKVKI'IH? A 8I1VATMM WaNTK) BY A . i*omp?ti-nt p'f.1,0, In a bnirl or otbarwlaa wauUI niakabriarlf nmrrally u>alul llaa |<>od rafaranaa for tb? aborw capacity. Apply at 31M Kira'. annua, nrac h If bt-*n'b atiaat upprr llnor a BMFBOTAtUI HMHJ8H GIRL, iwkvty ykahh f\ nf a ir i'. waata a altuatluo In a prlvata family aa cnambrrinald , baa no ohjacllon to ?-aiat in Iroalng. I I a i |und m'?rrni-a from aim laat llvad all montba. Call at lira Hart'* V*l Mullwrry atrcat for two uaya. A IT10TEHTANT YOl NO WOMAN WUHW A iflTC j\ ation aa good plain cook, *a?h*r aad Iranor in a ' mall prirati' faniily. Ii?- - 1 <>f city rwfaraaa*. <?n ba a??n at 4H U?at Thlrtaantb alraat, n-ar HtUi araauo. baraalf aa boua*kra|?-r, ar aa a anmpanlon Ui a lady or Invalid pcraoo. liaa no objoctma to trarwl. I.'nai ?rptionarda r?r?r*a<-aaglrau. Call fur two daya, lwtwa>a .bo houra of 10 and 4, at lb Tbornpaua atraat, aaax -prlng. for Mr T. A. Aimwctabi TOCWO WOMAN, who IH capa bl* of taking Id gantlrman and Ia4taa' waul, ng and ImnloK. can dn Frwm b tinting an'i riimpmg Can giva t ba brat of ralarrni-a Flraaa call at Ad S'inrtaaoUl atrrct, batwran Kutb and Kavantti aT?nuaa. A MMMOTASIA aOOTOl wom an wlsiikm a hitca aba t (?raanwlcli atraat. . ? tn.n aa plain rook la a flrat rata wa>har and Itonar . aba wlal.aa a boma for tba winter. Can ba aaan a; 644 A YOl'NO tMRI. WIS IIS* A KITt'ATION |N A IU ? rprrtaMa fam ly . to iln plain ronklng: I* a flrat rata waaliar and imr.rr Tan fie aeea for two Jaya by calUcg at 672 Grand atreal, f rat fliuir. A KI>1KCTAU>: WOMAN WAVTH A HITI.' ATION AH J\ rrink, and to aaaiat In waahlng atid iroDlng Ooo<l air ralrrne' gitn fbaaa rail at 100 llayard atraat, llilril floor, for twn daya A YOOre WOMAN H MMMOVI OK OMTAININrf J\ a aituatlon aa roiik an I waanar baa no abjai tinn \o do tb> work of a aroall pru a'a family. <'aa bi aeaa far two daya at No. 74 O'ang* atraat Hinktyn Al'KOIEfTANT WOMAN W|-UBd A -IT' ATION Ar! font !<? it ?a>b*r aad Ironar au<l Haarr tba brat, at elty rafaraii'a I laaae . all at 1VJ Waat Nluataan'.U atraat, for two da;a. AMHWilU WW WOMLAM WAtl* AS luaUon 'o do gaiifial b?u>awork or ijia-efierwur* , gi.i d city reftranrt lUaaacall at N'u. > Iteai. a.raat, I'n okly n, to \\>r right nf t'ourt atraat A Hf^IHTAI.IK IHOIWTaWT WOMAN. WITH A J\ fre >U braaat ?># in Ik, aanta a ?itnati?n aa aa'. nurra. I'lana call or addraa^ laaballa, 4] Laurana atraat, for two daya. a ? A CuMniXNr, I'AillIKi I. MM IMS x\ ana wta.ig w.aba> a altuatmn aa 'ix.k, n i I rirata family aadaiatanda ? oalng aad baking la all it i rai > b'a would ant object I ???lat in tba wa>h ag an in n ag "r tr. fit a af art dlataura In t?* country Tba l?a?l of .-Ity i?fi lapae. Can b. aeen for two <1*7 a at 4 Hlatb two ?' ? ora frt rri !? urtli atrwat A I.AIiY WKX A'giAl.STEO WITH HOf ->.KK>P. j\ lag. la <*ealrou? of mtatlnf a party baaing a fur i>labe<t bliaaa to let, who aauM b? willing ti taaa tba r> nt r.r par' tbaraof In kuaMl ilia hmiae ol aofllalant r|. fa-Hy to a-enn.mi at- afi-w r> n ' a* I boardara. AUraa , with real narua Mr* llart Derai l nltl-e. AOOMHETKNT liMI.ia<MAKIJ< WMIIKX TO WOIUT out bj tba da*; a'a rail gifa aaary aaUafa tli.n in cutting and fitting lad iwa draaaaa. Ple^a aall at 4.'i *??t Tlnrt. >uth atrawt, top H'?>r. A VHiY RnrUTTARUt Olltu NOT A>1t All) to /% work, waata a fitua'.aa. either aa a pla o rook, howaewnrkar, or (bamb*rmald Klaa haa 11**4 a tka f,a*t ( a mtilaa .a a Oral rata< waabar aad Ironar, aad a a! r- o^ ill. pnaitli.n Applf fwr two daya at tba oB>-e irj llgh'b iTan'.a No 'barge, Ji ahy warn to bsoom a ?ooi? rua m an efti- ant girl alma* aartloaa ika 4a** ant aow require, aa tauudreaa ila* no uhjacti'i* to a kotal or l^.irdlbg lir.'iaa I n<!er*tanda flutlag and 8a" raall| . Alan a plai-a waatad for ao hoot at capable a .y of eti teen ?<*i* Can ba aean duriag U>* waot at N?. UU ftroa?t? ay AR?>I P'TAI IA VO' N J \VoWaN W ATM A KIT! A In.# ?? vUtu ?*W ?? l UuMr, ar t? 4? ?? prril bi. iv work In a ???.II (irtrata faitalljr IU? *"'> rlly rafarafl'f# I Mil I" t <'M ??/ ?t No 6f?t ?U40t, batoaoa Klfbth ai?1 Ninth a i? tte* rw. ________ A MIM IX A'.lft WOMAN WAlW A MP ATtON A4 A liljf *lt?'*a*r#'.*#*!a 1h? of A laA'i* 'f? |14 fir!h . *U? 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