Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 26, 1855 Page 3
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pit*, and dm hop* by tiMt uaUoM to iikul th* ?mm? after tea. Bat Pru*aU U, ia a strategic*! petal of view, tha moat defenceless State In Karope, and ah* oaraa h*r acaaaat existence to tha tnstlse and alHanws of 1116. For her to amla thoa* trea ties ar forfait thoaa alliances, hat mm es pecially har good understanding with Austria and with lfagland, implies a degree of infatuation which My ?eed to moot disastrous results. Every day bringe her a at*p nearer to the alternative of an alliance with one party *r tha other in thi* conteet. The ground of neutrality leaves her altogether laolated and powerleaa. Yet the Russian alliance, with all ita peril*, almost turn* tha sealc of influence againat the Western Power*, and by endeavoring to tiak nothing l*ruaaia may loee all. SARDINIA. IDHHION or THE FIKDMOHTKSK QOVSHNJrt.VT TO THE WESTERN ALLIANCE. It U itated by the London 'l\met that the Sardinian government ban tigned the protocol of April taut, and thereby joined the alliance of the Wee tern Power*. Thi* important atep ia taken in virtue of the tlfth ar ticle of the convention between England and France, which waa aigned at l>ontlon on the 10th April, 18M, and run* aa follows: ? Their Majesties, the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain ana Ireland, and the Emperor of the French will readily admit into their alliatce, In order to co operate lot the proponed object, auch of the other Power* of Europe aa may be desirou* of becoming partiea to it. Intonating from Holland. OPIKIONH or TI1K AMKKIGANfl ? THIS CASH OP CAPT. GIBBON. [From a Rotterdam letter, Jan. 10, 18.*>r>.] WhiUt tne Queen Dowager fainter of the Cur) and her ladiei are, with a natural and commendable patriotism, making lint for the wounded Russians, and the anti Kussian party are making up very respectable xubscrip tiona towards the Britiah Patriotic Fund, and the agn culturUts are Impatiently deploring the consequence* of tbe late flooda. Dutch politician* and merchant* are viewing with apprehension akin to alarm tbe threat* of the American presa, and the implication* of the Ameri can government. "Hitherto," say* the Nieuux Kutler danuehe Couranl of thi* day, "we have been acoustomed to look only upon England aa that dangerous Power whieh threaten* our oolonies:but for nome time past we have been warned to keep a sharp eye on the conduct of A merioa. The treaty with Japan, the affair of Captain Gibson, the pretensions to Curacoa, the taking posses sion of Bird island, aa well as many other circumstances, admonish us that it ia our duty not to neglect these warning*." It scams that the American press has lately been in dulging in very strong langaage in respect to this coun try ana her colonial poxsessions. It speaks of the Dutch as piratea deserving the gallows, and aa tyrannical mo nopolist*. who, to secure to themselves an exclusive trade with Japan and other eastern nations, have de picted the inhabitant* of those countries aa savage*, to deter others from steering to their coasts: and have rep resented to those inhahitaLt* that all other people but themaelven were treacherous and bloodthirsty monsters, in order tbe better to secure to tliemxelvex exclusively the benefits resulting from commercial intercourse with then. "The Dutch comider themielvei," says the principal of those offending journals, "though a power ?f only inferior rank, ax the legitimate proprietor* of the great Indian Archipelago, without having the energy to develop its resources, or the power to justify their claims; but tbe time is now come for these claim* to be investigated, and if they cannot be supported they must be rejected. Whilst free trade principles animate all o* her civilised nation* , it cannot be tolerated that Holland should make a monopoly of such an extensive and mag nificent territory. Thin state of tilings ha* been lately brought before the attention of the American* in conse quence of tbe recent conduct of tbe Dutch government towards Captain Gibxon Our government, however, will not abandon his claim*, but will support them with all ita energy. If the Dutch, in conformity with their tra ditional obstinaey, refuse to recognize the claims of oar government in respect to Captain Gibson, tbe conse quence will be that America will not be satisQed by their proving, if they can, what they now assume as their right*. She will also call upon them to ?how how far they are able to maintain them. We know for certain that our government has resolved eaergetlcally to pro ceed with this business, and we wait with anxiety the issne of a question of so much Importance to our future relations with East India " I bear the Dutch govern ment has inquired, through the British Minister, what course England would be likely to take should America threaten Java whilst the English fleets are engage 1 in the war with Russia. Great Britain. HUMORED CHAN0E8 IN THE CABINET ? THE MEDIATION J OF THE UNITED STATES? OTHER INTERBSTINO ! NEWS. Various rnmoni wore afloat respecting proposed changes in the Cabinet, which rumors our cnrrospondent sends us lor whattbe} arewtrth. Tec Duke of Newcastle, it wu said, had tendered his resignation, and that negotiations liadbeea opened with the Earl Grey, Karl of Carlisle, Sir Francis Baring and others to ascertain the conditions on which they would accept tfllce under the present head of the government. Ijord Palmers ton and Sir James Graham aie talked of as suitable men for the War De partment. In addition to the steam transports already mentioned as being taken up for the conveyance of troops, it is stated that the screw steamers Babiana. Itnpera lor and Canadian are fitting up at Liverpool for that purpose. The clipper ?hip I.i^btnlng*"! from Liverpool on Saturday, the 6th inst, for Australia, with full pa-. San ger list and cargo, and sixty tons of mailable matter, wliieh her owners engage she shall deliver in Melbourne within sixty-Ore days. Cap*. Enrlght commands her. The liberal* of Man :h> ster intend to give a tnirei to If ilner ribson, John Bright and lUchard Cobdon, on tho luth inst. Eight hundred and twen'y houses were erected in Li? errool during the jear l*6;i. The recent article in the Nrw York IIkhai.ii, by Tal. P. Schaffner, on the feeling in Russia with respest to the war, is going the rounds of the Knglish papers Cardinal Wiseman's pastoral letter relative to the " Immaculate conception." has been read ia all the Ro man Catholic chapels of Britain. The London paper.' record the particulars of another double murder and attempt at suicide which had occur red in that city. The murderer was an Italian valet, named Luigi Buranelli, who, excited byjuolousv, shot a man named Lambert and a woman named Williamson ; and afterwards i-hot himself through the head. It hap pened, however, that the ball took an oblique direction i and the murderer yet survives. The proposed mediation of the T'nited States has ex cited much lesa attention than might have been sup- j \ posed. PUBLIC RKCF.PTION OF LORD ELGIN IN LIVERPOOL, the public address from the Liverpool and American Chambers of Commerce was presented to that noblsman , on Wednesday, the 12th instant. The ceremony of pre sentation took place in the townball, Liverpool, where bis Lordship, who was accompanied by Sir P. 0. Honey and Captain Ton-ens, was received and welcomed by a number of the most eminent mercantile men of the town. Mayor Tobin introduced I<9rd KIgin to the meet ing. Mr. W. Oxley, President of the American Chamber of Commerce, read the address, of which the substance was congratulatory of Lord Elgin for thn part he had taken in negotiating the recipioclty treaty, U>rd El/in replied in a neat speech, stating that during the ei^nt ) ears of his administration he h i I but two objects in view? firstly, to place tie Canadians in such a position, politically and economically, that they need envy no other people on the lace of thn earth ? and secondly, i to place the commercial relations of the United States ana the British Provinces on such a footing that they should not, if possible, at :iny future period, fnrnish occasions of estrangement or alienation, between the two neat nations of Britain and the I'nited States, lie further stated that nine-tenths of the people of <'ana<la are now of opinion that their condition, in connection with England, contrasts favorably witn that of any sither people on the earth. And, be believed, also, that the intimate commercial relationship which will spring up between these two countries, when the reciprocity treaty comes fnlly into operation, will render Canada In 1 future not a barrier and a teveranre, but a link to unite the two kindred peoples. Lord HUin has gone to his estate at Rroomhill, 1 ifeshire, Scotland. Fr<uic?. PRESENTATION OF COLOUR BY LOCIS NAPOLEON TO THE IMPMAL OCAKD? THK EMPRROR H ADDRE1M. The detachment of the Imperial Guard, who are under orders for the Crimea, were reviewed by Louis V ipoleon oc the 0th. The Empress was present, and tho troop* ex pressed their enthusiasm by repeated acclamation*. On presenting their new colors the Emperor thus addressed his soldiers:? The French nation, by its sovsreign will, has resucl tated many things which were thought for ever dead, anl today the empire is reconstituted; an intimate alliance exists with our ancient enemies; the flag of Franoe wave* with honor on those distant shores where the bold flight of our eegles had not before ventured; the imperial Guard, the heroic representation of military glory and honor, I* bow present, surrounding the Emperor as of yore, wearing the seme uniform, car aing the same standards, and, above all, carrying in sir hearts the same sentiments of devotion to their country. Receive then tlieee standards, wnUhwill lead you to victory as they led your fathers ? as they have just led jour comrades, tio and take your share of what | still remains of danger to be overcome, and glory to be wow: you will aeon have received the noble baptism which is your ambition, and you will have lent ynnr as , aiatance to plant our eagle* upon the wall* of aebasto pol. Among the rumors it was said that th? Emperor of ? Russia had written an autograph letter to the Kmperor I of France proposing term- of arrangement TLis, how ever, is contradicted by torn* of the papers. A terrible storm had raged along the African coast ? about forty vessels, mostly laden with wine, were ; ashore. Lord John Russell was In Paris with a sick relative, lie bad had a private interview with the Kmperor. Queeu Pomare. of Otsbelt*. announces that she in jends to visit the Great Exhibition In Paris, in May j Oermsny, JEARH'I. IWTWDATOOR AT II All BlltO ? SHIPWRECK OF AKKW TORE TOOL AND I.OM OF ONE HC.NDKED AND -lXTT LIVER? OTHliR IIHABTBRR AT KKA. The German paper- bring us the account of a destruc tive overflow of the waters of the Kibe, which occurred ?n the 2d instant. The dumtge done at Hamburg is i , <timted at from three to four millions of mark*. In I i anover maav of ths dikes gave way and the land was llVoded for miles, causing much loss of property and pro W.bly of life. At Cnxhaven there wss but little shipping wt mi the hurricane, which preoeiled the innnndation, a* on, and not mueh damage was done beyond the of spar* and anchors A steamer from Lrith is re ported to have been lost at sea, and other se agoing s'eam?rs reached port with paddles and deck works da maged. The loss of the George Canning. Sew fork liner, (sapp?**ed >? the same gale.) it referred to elsewhere. lteljr. THE riOWCH oarrimn IN ROXE-CHANOER f THE BAID1NIAN CABINET ? THK AUSTUANH IN ITALT. j Napoleon has iaUmated to the Pepe that for tu? pee pit the French army of eccapaUoa will net be redkeed j he' * tV- luinmu* "? m*n, ?f eleai 1,Uji) shall I* itetkmdtt hw, ulM ttO?ito TMeki*. MImI Anton* 1U writ* ft VHUr U the French Ambuudor, u eenting to this asraageaaeat, and nelng la it ?? new geeof ofapecLal devotion and attachment on the pnrt of Count Cavour 1* appointed Minister of Foreign Affair ? in Sardinia. Letter* from Tlanna say that the convention between A u atria and Franoe "for ?Miiri*| tho tranquility of Italy," haa not bean aimed, nor will it be until the treaty of December 2 shall result in an offanslvsaUlanee between the two Powers named. Tm LATEST. Lokkoh, Saturday, Jhn. 15 ? 9 16 A. K. WindS.E. by ?. ? Fine. musau. According to private account* of a completely reliable character from St. Petersburg, great d is trees is experi enced in that city, and much dissatisfaction prevails at the hardships Imposed by the war. It is mentions! that in all the churches prayers axe offered for peace. As religious services In Russia are subject to the direct con trol of the government, this statement Is somewhat re- | mark able. It has been announced from Vienna that Prussia, has acceded to the treaty of Dec. 2. A somewhat confident prediction in the Prtmden BlaU is, we believe, the only authority for this statement. The Jovmml de St. Petersburg of the 91 gives one fourth of its news columns to the report of Mr. Bright's pro-Ruasiaa speech, delivered on the 22 d ult. in tho House of Commons. FB788IA. A statemeit that Prussia had adhered to the treaty of December 2, given in the Morning Chronicle yesterday, reats on the authority of the Vienna fYetnien BlaU, and Is at least premature. FBAMCE. P stun, Friday night. The subscriptions to tho national loan in Paris an4 in the departments amounted yesterday evening to B00,> 000,000 francs. In the communal school* for girls the ordinary studies are anapended, and the pupils art all engaged in making lint. 8ABDIX1A. Turin, Friday. The Queen Dowager, widow of Charles Albert, expired thla day, after Keren days illness, at the age of 64. The Buasian Corps of Buttscha has been posted at Babadagh to stop the march of tho Turks on the Crimea. THR NEGOTIATIONS FOX F1ACB. The Atutrlan Correspondent, the medium uniformly choBen by the government for communication with tho public through the presa, publishes a communicated ar ticle respecting the important proceedings of the last few days. On the 6th Inst., It says the Russian Ambassador in formed the Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs (Count Buol) that the instructions which h* had asked of his court hail arrived, whereupon yesterday a conference was held between theEngliah and Frenoh Ambassadors, together with Count Buol and Prince Oortschakoff, at the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From the mu tual explanations there exchanged It resulted that the representatives of the Four Powers were essentially agreed in their understanding of the sense and genera, bearing of the fundamental points, (saving the aaaent of the cabinets of Paris and London yet to be obtained) a basis gained upon which negotiation for the restoration of the peace of Europe may begin. The Correipondens adds: ? We greet this preliminary result with great satisfaction, and believe we may ven ture to express our expectation that the high courts of France and England and the Sublime Porte will similarly see in it a result fully capable of serving a i a basis for the negotiation of a conclusive and secure peace. Bbi'kswiok, Jan. 6, 1855. Hanover and Brunswisk have resolved to continue united, and to identify themselves with Austria in the affairs of the East; the secondary States are successively declaring themselvex in the same sense. TBI HU8SIAN8 AGAIN IN THR PRtNOIPAT.ITIRS. Br ait-ow, January 0, 1155. The Rufhiana have crossed the Danube, invaded the Pobrud'rha, snd taken both Tultacha and Babadagh. Sailyk Pacha defended Tultachn as long aa possible. Tliia is the flrst effect of the withdrawal of Omer Pa cha's army from the frontier to the Crimea. The Very Utrtt. [Received by telegraph immediately prevlon* to the , steamer's leaving her wharf at Liverpool.] Paris, Hatunlay ? 1 o'clock I'.M. A courier from Bucharest confirms the account of the [ war on the Danube having been ri-coramencd. The Rus- , sians, in force, crossed above Tuiacha, defeated thu i Turks, took their town, and are now marching on the Katchin. The Austrian* do not interfere. Thia report ban cauatd some conaternation. UvnrooL, Jan. 13 ? P. M. Onr cotton market to day, exhibited a hardening ten- ! dency, but quotation* are the same. The day's business amounted to 8,000 bales, of which 500 were for export. Financial Inttlllfrnre. [From the London Time*, Jan. 13.) MONEY IUKUT AND CITY MTKI.LIUKSCE. Friday Evixivn. The influence* which opeiated unfavorably on the Eng- ! liah funda yesterday hare continued to-day, and the mar- * ket haa been heavy, but without any further permanent decline. Conaoli "for money, which receded yesterday after baalnera hour* to Ml *4 , opened thia morning at 91*,' a 1 74 , and subsequently touched at 91%. A larje pur chase of new Ihree per Cents theu produced a better tone, and a recovery took place to 91 % , from wbl :b there wai no alteration up to tbe regular termination ofbuai- j neaa. For the account the laat oflicial quotation waa 01 V to %, but there waa ultimately buyera at '.?1%. The demand for money, already heavy, owing to the deposits on tbe French Han, waa Increased by a payment of ?200 0U0 on the new five per oent abarea of tbe lireat Northern Railway, and the intelligence of fresh conflict* between the Russian* and tbe Turka on the banks of the I'anube likewise bad a depreaalng ten dency. On the other band, the newa of the acce**ton of { Sardinia to tbe Wratern alliance wan retarded with great satisfaction Rank Block left off at 5MW to 210% ; red 11 c- ! ed, 91% to % new Three per Cents, 91% to 92%;I>onf Annuities, 4% ; India *tock ,11ft to 'JM: Indi* Bonds, 11a. to 14?. pm. , Kxchequtr bill*, 4a. to 7a. pm., an 1 Exehe- | quer bonda, 99% to %. Foreign ?ecuriMes were neavy, and prices closed at a decline. Rossi m and Turkiah were unfavorably In fluence 1 by nates, but in other descriptions th? opera- 1 lion* produced no Important change. Ruaaian Five per lent*, in tbe official Hat, were marked 100, but they cloaed at 9* to 1U0. In the Four and a Half per Cent* | bargains took place at 99%, and the final Quotation waa 8R te 90. The tranaactiona in Turkiah were, for money, at 76%, and for tbe account at 78'%, 76;;. 70, an>l 7 .'> % . Ibe ln.t price waa 76% to 7A. Brazilian. 100, the New, 1S69, 94, Mexican, for account, 21% : Peruvian Four and-a-Half per Centa. 71 ; Portuguese Four per Cents, 71; Sardinian, H4 % ; Spaniah Three per Centa, 31; the New Deferred, 1H%; and Dutch Four per Out Certificate*, 93. Ecuador waa rather firmer, the buaineia trana acted having been at 4 and 4%. In the foreign exchaugea thia afternoon there were no alterationa of importance. Amu W 'am waa rather blgb ?r, a moderate amount of business having beea trans acted . The laat accouot* from the I'aria Ronrae thia evening preaent a further decline of about a half per oent. At Amaterdam Ruaaian baa rt ceded, and at Vienna alao pricea are again abowiag eaakaeaa. The letter* from Hamburg atate that money ia readily obtainable at from 2 to 2% per cent. The bank bullion return! of thia evening have been partly Influenced by the gold taken for the quarterly payment ot aalariea, he, ia tbe varioua public depart ments. but ' be effect of the payment of the dlvldenda and or the chief remittancea to Parte on account of the French loan will not b? exhibited till tbe next publica tion, when a singularly heavy reduction muat be looked for in tbe stock of gold, it bems estimated that upwards of ?1,000.000 haa been aent to France during the preeent week. Thia exceptional circumatance, however, will not cauae any dlaquiet, a* the amount will gradually low back from tine to time when realisation* are affected. The bill embodying the new measure of tha Chanoellor of the Exchequer regarding the faad* of aaviaga banka haa juat been printed, and it* clauaee are in accordance with the particulara tarnished in the 7\an? ef the 22d ult. It rrcitae that on the :Alth of November laat the amooata dne were ?3S, 909.303 11a. 5d. tOta^ngs banka. and ?2.199, 649 13a. to friendly societies, making a total of ?30,109. M2 4a. 6d. , agalnat which Uie following secu rltiea are held t 1. J Coo sols 10.0s?,MI 7 1 Reduced 3,56 V 874 8 3 New Three per Cent* 19,346. *10 1 6 New Two- and-a-half per Caau. ....... . 31,900 0 0 Exchequer bonda 1, 800 000 0 0 Exchequer Wile 6*,000 0 0 Caab at Banka of England and Ireland. . 170, AM II 3 Total ?34,V$7 A77 A Also, that aince 1K17 the sum of ?24,901 350 1?. haa beea credited to depositors for interest, while the re ceipts bave amounted only to ?24.070. 250 1 As. 4?l. To meet this atate of affair* ?.'1,738,624 14a. Ad. out of the above aecnritiea ia to be absolutely cancelled (natnely, ?H,H46 ,8:;4 7s. Id Consols, ?3.645,871 8s 2d. Reduced, and ?15,. '46,340 Is. 6d new Three per Onta*>, and an account Is to be created in ita place, to be called Ibe "Mate Depuait Account No. l,'r to the credit ef which tbe sum 01 ?24,000,00u is to be placed, being about twi> thirds of the smount due. On this credit 3 per cent interest Is to be paid quarterly, on tbe SOth of February, May, August, and November, com mencing in May next, wbi-.h int?re<t, together with their <>tber ncelpts, ths Commissioners for tbe reduction ol tbe National Dsbt msy invest in any gov ernment securities, holding tbe ume l abia to me*t any demaada Ibe Cammisaioaei* are likewise to prepare a balance sheet annually on ths 20th of November, when sny daAcfeary or surplus that nsay be *kowa to bave ee sarrstl onlae year is to be arranged either by an issue of additional eeeuriUes from the government or by tha cancelllag of a proportion of those already hat ! The saspeaaioa was aaaaanced to Jay of heaen Melior BethertMU?n 61 Oa., a respectable firm In tha Amer. ?s trade, flie amount ol ths r llaMHties ha* aot been ita!*.1, hut tU ??? |ipe^- has b> 1 9% \' 'St pace u I failure of Meeere. Morewood k Roger* , ud, although the public (NMitr bar* learned I* attach n?laMrtuM to euch eUlOtiata, it Im ?Id ami mjm that the liquids Won wtt not be unfavorable. Hewn. Urtherington hare a houae at New York. The return from tbo Bank of KnginiiA for tha vaok ending the 6th of January tint the following reaulU wben compared with tha prevToua weak ? Public depoaita *8, 381,381 Decrease.. ?304, 076 Othar deposit! 0,981,361 Drcreaae.. 677,023 Beat >,191.807 Increaao.. 38,814 I On the other Ride of the account _ Government ?ocuritiee.?U.811,B00 lncreate.. ?147 Otbrraecarltie* 16,481,V28 He : rasar . . 325,408 Note* unemployed 7.308.765 Decrease.. 472,930 The amount of nntea-ia circulation la ?19,6M,70(). be ing an increaaa of ?380.660; aod the atock of bullion in both dppartmanta la ?13.887,384, showing a decrraae of ?167,273, when compared with the preceding return. i Bank of BaglaiMl Returns. An account, pursuant to the aot 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending January 6, 1856: OBI VI MrtKTMOrT. Debit. Credit. Mote* issued. . .?26,988,466 Government de port* ?11,015,180 Other securities 2,984,990 Gold coin and bullion 12,988,416 Total ?28,988,466 Total ?28,988,466 UHU.MII MTiMKUIT. Debit. Credit. Proprietor*' ca- Govemmeut <te pital ?14,663.000 curitie* ?11,611,800 Reat 3.191 f.*7 Other securities 15.4U.228 Public dapoaiU. 6.391,341 Not** 7,306,766 Other " 9,081,364 Gold and ailver Seven dar. and coin 818,929 other billf... 9(1,420 total, ?36,078,712 Total ?36,078,711 Market* ? WCHAM80M, HFKNCK A OO.'fl 0l?00l4?. Ijvkbpool, Jen. 12, 1855. On Monday the public were *urprl?ed by a telegraphlo report from Vienna, gtatinf that Ru**la accepted the fo5? point* without reaerve, and that negotiation* for neace would be entered into at once. The corn trad'-, ta comequence, became exceedingly dull, and the budne** thm week ha* been of the mod trifling character, at a gene'el decline on all article... Tueadey'a markel wa* almoit nominal *t a reduction of 1*. p*r barrel for flour, fidT per buabel on wheat, and la. per quarter oo India* corn Since then the tendency ban been downward, with Hcarcely any transaction* In wheal or flour, and only a few *ale* of mixed Indian corn at 42*. to 12a. 8d. on the ii not . tnd 39h. C. F. nd I* , . At to-day's market there wan abetter tone and firmer feeling? political new* not being *o favorable to peace- i and the reduced price* of Thunday were maintained We quote Philadelphia and Baltimore flour, ^ ;Weat ern, 40 a. per barrel. Whit* wheat, 11*. fid- to 12?. 6d . lied, 10?. Od. to 11a. fid. per 70 lba. Mixed 42*. to 42*. fid. . Yellow, 43*. Bd. to 44* , and While 44*. t0UKW ? Ihe mai'ket U well aupplled with new; but in ctn?equence of the peaceful turn of political affair*, dealer* hold off, and the trannaction* tin* week are i much le** than wa* anticipated. Price* are without change, but importer* ahew an Increased dUpoattion to '?J1"1*' We bear of 1,500 tierce* " Hough* Indian Me** being taken In I.ondon on French account, at about ?7 10*. Pt)BK continue* to command fair price*. .. Bacon 1* in fin all compa/w, ami old or fair quality mL*Kir!^a?bdeclIned 1*. ?d. per cwt., without Inducing boyera to relieve the market, and tha *ale* only reach 100 ton*, at 50a. to 61*. . .. Tallow i? almo?t unsaleable, at a decline of 4*. to fti. ' "otto* wa* favorably affected by the proapect of peace and advice* per I'aclllc. The market gradually Improved ?U week, and ended yeaterday with an advance of J.d. per lb. oa all description* below (air. To-?iay contradifc tory report* cauae<l a reaction, and the extrerae pneaa are acarcely maintained. We quota mlddUng Orlean* ft 116 and I pland* 4 151# per 11). Sale* fbr th* wee 64,270 bale*, of which 19,000 were American. BARI.NO BBOTBBRB A 00. '8 OIBC0L4H. I4NHOS, Jan 12?5 P. M. The eolonlal and foreign produce maiketa have been without animation during the weak Hread.tuff* lower. in active demand. Consol* have oil at III . for nioney, and 91JK ??1? f? the account. 1^1 Um, 6a. OWd. liar *ilver, 6*. l>^d. Doubloon*, 76*. Jd. a 78*. 6d. American eagle*, ift*. 3d. In AWXUJi Sroraa we have little variation to notice. Buyer* of Ma*aachu*etta at 102. ' sterling to l? bought ?t 90. Virginia Sterltag 5 a at H? a 85- do Dollar 6 * at 82. ivnuaylvanla iUilroad fl a at hfl 'Canada 6"a, 107, ?i. dlv COOUHUL ?480 ba <* at auction all aojd, Mexican about Id. lower ? Hllvt-r. 8* 3d. a u*. id , blfJck> "" a ;:*. lod. Handuraa at full rate*? Silver, 3* .2.1. a 3? 10d.: black, 4*. a 4*. bd. Corns in ateady demand, at l%*t week * quotatl n?. Coco* ateady. 285 l??g* Trinidad at auctlou to day wwe all withdrawn at high price*. Com* ?The demand in ateady, and the quantity of plantation Ceylon at auction during the week, camp rl<^ mg about 1,000 ca*ka and l,i00 barrela and bag*, haa tt ?i ly all found buyer*, at full pricea, good to *>' "*1 nary from 4fa. fid. a 53*. M : l"* middling to middling. 56*. a 02*. fid ; and fine fl? m 76?. a SI*. 290 haga *? ?1 ordinary native broughtli*. 6d. a 4fi? 3,000 hag* -""l* Rica aold from ila. aA?i.,aad 675 cane* TeUicberry ''com.-? The 'apply of Enzliah wheat at the market on Monday wa* fair, ami the greater part remam-l over un m>1<1 although 5*. i*r qr. under the prerloti* i Monday ? Tnce* would have beeo takan. Of foreign the arrival . U.e alao tolerably liberal, and hardly ' ?to? ^ made, holder* not heing dl*po?ed to give way. To -.ay there w*? again very little bu*ine?a ( oing, and* of Kn<li*h wheat mult be quotel 3*. a4a. perqr. loircrth<Ln on Monday. In forelga ncarcel/ any tram-action*, an 1 quotation* are quite nominal f t/rroN ha* been in better demand thia waek, and the ealea amount to 1,500 bale*, at lull rate* At l.lverpool there I* al>o more doing; y. .t??day * quoUtlon for mid dlii.g Orlean* wa* 5 1 lid per lb. lTai ua, Ai<'.? In the ahueoce of putdlc aale* wa have lit tie to ret'xirt. Cutcli ha* declined about 2*. per cwt , 2? ?4 hag* good l'egua being partly r*alii?d at ?1?., with a few lot* at 28* 6<l. ; qulck.ilver 1* lid. He* r.? The market haa bean in a very un?ettl* l *t*ta, and quota tiona inu*t l>e conaiderad nominal. 1,000 bale* Manila were oflered at auction, but all bought In, then being no diaponiticn to purcha?e. A cargo of 7o trm< ponml clean St. IVter*burg, o!!ered to be aold w.thout re aerva, l* *aid to have be^n *oll at X50. for export. .1 ) ton* Kound and retried, from ?ound at ?35 10a. a ?1 1 16a- ; redrted 130 a ?37. J,,<* y 870 bale* were offered, and about two thirda w forced off at a decline of i.0. a 40a. par ton, aay from *Yii*oo.? Wa have nothing t?. report, and It U not pro babli- there will be any bu*ine?* in anticipation of the tale* to commem a on the 13th February. lj>h?3it> are dull, and lorr.jer rate* hardly *up ?We have no Impmretnent to notice Our quota tion* are ?Kail*. ?? l?a a ?fi 15a ; bar*, ?# 15a., lreeon board In Walea, Scotch pig', 57* for mixed number" on U-* Clyde. . ,, .. Ij*!? quiet. Wjf?tern, in k<-ga. 52a. a Ma. ljul>dull. Codkion pig, SJi'i 10a., f<panlah, ?22 6a. a ?22 10*.: raflntd, Vi\ 10*. ...... , , _ ljiW-ttli ? There ha* be?n very little dolnj during the week *nd quotation* Burt he conaidered nearly noml nal. Arrival* into I ond n dunng th* week are 4,?07 quar t*'?, principally from the Ka*t lndiea. , Moium eteady; a la* hundred punchaona Uarbadoea and ? uba have been ?old at 17a. Ottx? Hat? Sptrtn h*? advanced to ?120 a ?WI, other de*cription* *ra without change. OUt? !in mnjle rate demand at la?t week'* quotation*. I.lna<?d declin^ ed early in the week to HU. fid. on th* .pot, but haj since recovered, and 37*. ia now the neare*t_price a few forward *ale* are reported at V* *1 a 37*. dull at 54*. t>d. a 54*. for reSnrd, and 51* ttd. lor b'hK* flat 1,1(00 bap mid. white Bengal pertly *old from 14*. a 14*. fid. 100 ton* Bengal, to arriva, *old Kid ^ very dnll, notwithatanding that the govern ment have ?dvert!?*d for tender* for another contract for 50 000 gallon*. To effect **le?, a oon?i'Urable reduc tion on late quotation* would hav* to be *ufetnltt*<l to^ Hai.mtra> flat? io<? baga (6J< te 7 per ct ref .) aold at 26*., and a few hundred bag' (guarantea.1 und?r 0 per ct ref.) at 29a. ... H o*n.? The demand haa been inoterate, and a* tha qnaatity ofleied, eepeeiaily of beg eugar. haa *??*'*** large pricea hav* generally given way about fid. per twt except for gr?cery klnda, which are fully aa dear a* laat week. At thla daelioe a conaiderable bu*ine>* ba* bee ti done, the *ale* of Weat Imto* amoaaUag to 2 <100 bW*., and of Mauntiu* and >a*t India to V0.00D baa* Of 24,000 bag* Manila about l?, 0U0 bag* found buyer., from W a Wa. 'd? the remaiader being takan in from 30*. a 30a. fid. . and M'JO boxe* Havana an-1 5^4 hbd* Porto Rico alao chiefly aojd at ?teady raU*. Th'tre ia nothing of importance to report privately. T*I ujw ?There waa quite a panic In the market in the early part of the week aud T.C waa *oM aa Iow a* 5h*. , but pricea have aiace recovered, and the prtee to day on tha *pot I* 69e. . Tr*.? There eontlnuea to he a fair bu*lne*? in the m* dlum and fine qnalitlea of Congou, at full price*. In common Ongou little doing. The nemioal qu.jUt.on ia Tia? Flat. Common bloek?, 117*.; bar*, ll**.; r* fined, 21 a. atralt* 110* alll?.;h*ae? 112* fid T' anon** ? No bu?lne?a ia rough to raoort. the neare.t quotation la 11a a 10a. *d Bpirita dull, Amen can, In caaka, **< Marine A (Da Ira. y i?* Votai.?.? The American r|Jpp*r ?h p Typhoon, Capt Haml Goodhue, arr.ved at l/md< n JanuAy 10. we are informed haa made the pauage ia the remarkably abort time of P? day* from Celeuta- The ?eme ahip made th* paaeage out in R0 daya ? thm taaVIng <>ae of the ?h> rt?*t voyage* ont and home on tha record. Hr Hooaxa AaRoaa ? Tha eteaaer M. flandford, Jarrivel yeaterday from ' fhiladelphia. report* ? -? ing a for* ard aft aebooner aahore at Barnefat a* ? o'cW*k hl.e lav with head off -bora, aaila hanging overboard, and tha *ea making a clear breach over her. five or aix of the crew were on her ) b-hoam, and the earf boat wa* gouig to their aaaataa' ? . Wllllaiaharg Ctty Mew*. ImfVaLUiTV)*. ? laat even lag Rev W. W King wa* ia ? tailed paetor of the l.'nlver*ell*t cbnreh. corner of Fourth and Hoeth Third etreete The aerm' n wa* delivered by Rev T. J. ftewyer. addrena te the aocietv bt Rev A. H. Chapta, aad charge te the parw.r by Rev H R. My*. Iiwem ?fir eeveral daya peat a female about twenty -fle* year* of a4r* ha* he* a making appeal, aeio gat oar rttiaeaa for alma, aoaaetlm** to aa*i?t the needy, and *ow>etiaae? te bury the dead kr A *u Tiber of peraoa* Hare been vi?ti?<red by *he r>tai(ihle *' >rte? of th*a 'man wSv i. an mpo*'er UlOfiL OF T1K UOKSK L4W. ONE WEEK LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. $1,151,000 I* Mi Dart. Revolt at the California 8tate Prison. DESPERATE FIGHT BETWEEN MINERS AND ROBBERS MARRIAGES, B1RTI1S, AND DEATHS. MARKETS, Ac., Ac., 4o. Ttio steamship Georn* U?, Lieut. Jnraf* P. MrKmttry, U. N., commanding, arrived at h?r dock Burly jreatar day morning. She lelt Aspinwall at 8 o'clock I*. M. on the 15th inat., ami ?rn,?l at Havana early on the morning of the 20th She left Havana at 1 o'clock P. H , same day, aud arrivod at (Junrantine at 7 ^ o'clock on the morning of the 26tli. She tiring* the California ni ilU of January i, 91,261 61ft in treasure ou freight, and two hundred and nil passengers. In tha Ii>t of paa?eng?r<< will be noticed the nami* of Col. Inge, of San Francisco; Major Donaldson and C.ipt. Auger, of tha Army; Ueut Maury, of the Nary, anl Capt. J. H. Haughtna, late of whuling ship Meuinon, of Nantucket, dent royed by lira in the harbor of I'ayta, on the 13th of Nor. last. The follow ing ia the specie lint of the George Law:? Page, Itacoe A Co ,?)$ 967(1,000 A<!am* ft Co iftl.000 Wm. Hoge ft On 100,000 ltaxel k Co., Philadelphia 00,000 Metropolitan itaiik Hft.OOO 1 boms a Watson .V Hon, Philadelphia 6?,000 W ell*, Kargo A Co 44,r,00 Order 25 000 J. M. Forbes, Boston 20,771 l*rthat k Meinertrhagen 14,3:13 H llama ft Co., Boston 7,*U John Durand A Ce 3,512 Chambers A Heister 2,537 KROM AUHTKALIA. Adams A Co 34,601 Total $1, 261,646 The George Law connected with the steamship Gelden j Agt, which left San Francisco on the 1st Instant. Wear" indebted to the expresses of Wells, Kargo A Ro.< I Adam* k C# ., Hinckley A Co , and the Pen Francisco Ne w s | Depot of J. W. Sullivan, for files of California papers. We are indebted to Mr. Edward II. Mitchell, purser of j the George Law. for favors. The trial of " Yankee Sullivan," for being engaged In ' a prise fight, resulted in a non agreement of tho |ury, and he vas remanded for a new trial The people of the neighboring town of Oakland have been In a state of excitement on account .of the defalca ' tion of Mr. Hngan. their City Marshal and Tax Collector' and the supposed connivance or f articipatlon of the 1 Mayor in the transaction They have held public meet ings. passed stringent resolution., and olTerel a reward ' of 92.000 for the appreben.ton of the defaulter, who has left the State. He is in default of some 916,000. Revolt at the State Prl?i?n. I'ERFKHATK KIOUT--A NCMIIKH OK THK PKISONBK9 VVl'NKII) ? TWBNTY-TWO HCiPKU We glre below an account of th. uprising of a large number of the convict. of th. SUt. IT m Ml th*<r ?? cap* in a small boat to Contra CusL, th* p??aU b/ th. eu.rd, ?nd the al.ootlng of s?v*ral of them Th? fal lowiril particulars of this mo.tdariug outbreak wl.l a clear understanding of the desperation i of the conv.cts ? ml tl-e mean area adopted to recaptur* them ? Th. following la tien. KstUI'? ilatcnn ;nt of the origin of the outbreak ?About ?lx o'clock on Wedn?<aar morn ing a* the Htat*, quarrying atone > at Mat* I I,5,1 wcr? proceeding to thfir wgrk in a body, ?om* ?i*ty of them mad* a rush for a small schooner * the wli.rf, and nu-c^ed In ta log * J*J In the atruuitle betwsen the ptlaonera and the guards. Ibon? taeniae managed to get on hoard an, .hove . .ff Tti*j pulta! her tiactlj b?hm*l ? uotber taJing in tie harbor, aud by keeping her in pt?' vented tbe itunners at the cannon from tiring, as the JSpl, on th. other veaael, attract*! by curiosity cam. L 'leek |n such kit that the guard woul 1 be compiled to rink killing thetu if they fired. After drifting and pull ing about 400 yard*, the tide placed them in when the first cannon wan fired, mln.lug tbe revael .ome two feel, the cannon was then loaded with grape, and at the second di.chargo -cveral shot. pisrtd iTu' a'd ranks of prisoners doing some execution. It llaald tome were thrown overboard supposed of coursi .to M Willed The third -hot mis.ed, and the guard pla<w I th other prisoner. in their eeila and prepared t . .olln e h fuaitlvea with a whale boat kept for that parp >se V leven started In pursuit, an I KUcCedad in fugitive otf Iron. Point San Pablo, ju.ta^val^lHock and for. ad then, to lund un tlm Bret ootttt aho*. on th. CVntra (V.ta aide The gtiarda I .oroe " after, when a running fight ensued for aeraral mil... A few of the pri?onera were killed and ?*Tl rlJ ha^'Jr wounded Tie guard continued to follow the in a'lniirbt, nnd were still in hot pursuit ye.Urday. Cap. fc"t.?, ol tbe guard, states tliat the prisoners, in attemptlngio Mf ( ate, seiaed on l apt. Pullnm. first asaist.nt captain o thi ku.h! and took him into the vessel wilh th#m, to .'derto prevent the guard !rom firing. This did not, however have the d? sired eflect, for the guard, souie of whomVre thi'V It mark, men in the SU-e .elected ir.en and made terr.hl. havoc. Capt. I', .11.,. -as -hot throuib the hand and arm before he would aak the guard to cease their fir*, when his raqaast was with lie wsa taken to Contra (osta *ith them and left, where lie still remains severely wounded. After the convicts Ian lea In Contra Costa, they were vigorously attar.*.! by ibe guard, who MMwri to Br. up. n them without aiert*. To avoid the unitc'l fire ',r tllr rnard they neparated, and a portion of them pro ceetUtd noithwarda to I'oint I'inole, aoout tweUemiie. from while another portion i fled tow ard. Oakianrf. The ?h.rl? of Contra I Ml* has aUrte.! with a Urge posM '* arn.ed dtl/ena th* dr*t er*?lo*? r?r Th?? ?b*rltf an 1 10 t L. me !a are alao actively ??ngag*"! In the eeareh for tllosT^.o came down Uie coa.t. The wr- . hes d.^rve Oiisrters and should rec.-lve none. Before daylight ve.terdsy niorning twelve of tbe eonriett, on borsobaek, in well srmed with kolvea, falljM ^ the b*eh, about four t.iiles n>rth of OakUnd, and hastily _d ? oiouutiog, pro. i eded to Uke 1Ki??es.ioo of a smaU trad , , ,rl.,-,n.T lying at a temporary I mdiag place near by \o one was on l.oani the achoon. r evcept the master, who ws. suddenly awak. ned, and befor* he C -uld ooi.i^ ,r.hcnd the meaning of the .list.rhsace. hurrfe on H e whoU gang then went to work ao^ throw ovtrbi.aid the freight of tl.? achoouer, consisting of about four ton. of wheat, belonging to Pr Cham din IJ.vlug aecMDpllahed which, th?y let go Uer fastenings SJM op tbe hay In the dlrwct.on uf rfan Jo-e fcre raUf tbe fugitives tha capuin says, appaar^l to b? so T,A ',hlUnD*h? reached Oaklaod about daybreak, state, th^t be . 'countered theo-^vlcU a Is. m.les > ?Ri li and that they compellad him, uoder pain of (feath, V. conduct them to the apot wh^ tbey took th* ?h, . ner Many ot the fugit.T.s ha v. obtained arm? by plui^ic^ag the ranches in flJht a^wUl^roba^y o ak. a .'.sperate resl.tanee. Officers have been aw o.tch^ to th. neigh l>or hood of A lviso to tho? Fn til* v-tooner Boald they land on elthar .11. of the b,? they will find the clllr.n. at all l?"?ts arouwl and prepared' to gite them a warm mm? or mrircri comtici*. John Hsnderson sentence! to 3 j*ar?... ...... .at IM|I? T- II - la.a " 1 " wounded Cfilhn Ie.ugla.s ' ^-ji- wnun<led " Willi. n Powers " *' b*'Uy ? wliSTvu?^. I 10 ;; ?' } :? Kiel. ard Berry " < IhtfeuV do J t an Marier0 " ? slightly do ? %&?!&? dangerously, r.takn ? u?? William Klaek 10 ? (.<>.rg? l'U?7 , n William Kerry. ' eock*yed t-rrj ft" Br>'*nt alias 8. in.y itrown, b^'ly wounded at larg. j.j.nWcUh aenUnced to 10 J?%n .... .... ^ ?Ver,.ke*Bob ? 10 ? -nort.Uy woond^t SfjaSS-f the .bor., Valentine. Th. II. with two other. w?r. ? w?i?W !? th. ?" sr -3 its W J wc Iiiteil ? the leg J.? *?>th was a i?o ?^.T. tMi uaai.U toimMed fartn?r Ln h ? wouodsl ?.rn.l (?<? Richard Berry had a f.w bu. ksh-.t la hi. ? Jsms* A?k a? wa. badly wwaded by a?o?^ ke?"all but l.y .nnunt ng hl? on a h-*^ a- was aM, t? B Imel'toon was woan lad a dlaaharga af KLrkihit but aaa.IV to rtl* Wlthoot diltcul.y Joha u' re it a Vei '-an, was wtandad by a batl j7bn1V mp-? wa. hoi*4 ?T ? hall ?a th. haods ?? tb? gu.rd ?hila la th. act ot eUmbia* tb. ?a?t tor ? he onrtoe* of aljastlag ?a?a ?* tae r ggla *. roiith waa h?dly woaadad by a ah t fr?>?a a m?*Vaev Rrewa. alia* Brvant, was ?hM throagh th* ,/7. w as la 'oaipaai with Ch*roae? Hob ???*a i?>o S3f';.CU? aa,ir.e chapparal Jast b^ore th* gaart. cam* ? it# i? it? 1' ? ? {>(erv*w Mob was unking rapidly this give bat llttW ad 'itS"aal lufarmatloa M? *?* ?* tinsM slightly deUrioos and may have been m.itaaeo ia . ^rtioa <X hi. Mary AHaWMsea, thenar. ? ^ ?? mad. for tha co*ie-tne.s of th* *tary. ' ,h ... c.ivr?.bora'a>t by - that, who wer* re^apt ir+i ? * "?e? ths a< o- rt? ?-?'? ?"*rrj!j:l syrsrst rarr^r bwwi| aaddlee, elotbiag, u4 everything elae tktf Ttoy biti ion* iiau, but tlwr u? rutty u<l of little uh, uw a flat ride they took fro* Captain I'ulUtn, uJ ? oiuaket they nklaiued la the Agbt with the lurk Captain Kullam ia itill in Ooatra OmU, (hut in the hand and ital. Ha it aufleriag greatly from kl* weun U, aud will he removed to the prit.n to morrow Tin- hot C" U ia lilled with the wouaded end dying. It U a aw choly eifht, but eould not ba avoided It ui, lives aside, and T am compelled to give tha order to kill. I could not obtain guard* at all without they had the right t? leaeendeagethy ebooting those who attack tham I ?? that a> it may, I have made up my mm I to kill, if Calble. tmy peraon hereafter fouad il auch an act of ubordinatioa aa ttite. We will hear from tha fiuarda In tha morning, who ar? In purauit. Wa hope to hear a g?o?l account of th?m. I doubt not man/ will attumpt to oroas tha bay in tka neighborhood of Augeiv*, and raach the Coait Iteo/e They will murder and rob every one that falla In their power. Some of tha atrauger* will attempt to reach thl* city, and may get here to ni^ht Ttia jollre are on the watch, and will probably Bnu them out Kvery good citiaen aliould he ou the watch for ail auaplaniu ttrauger* whom they may chance to meet for the next weak. AU etr anger* complaining of indiapotition ahould ba nan ined at ouoe, and if gunahot wo >nd* be fouad upon them, tbey are "oacaped coavict* " Some l?w, by ateal ing hornet, may get a con*ldt<r*ble way oil before taey are diMmtrtd. Moat of them hare one half of their lxea la abated recently. They will prosure wig* a a aoon aa poatible. and ditgnine thenuelve* in (every way poaalble Kt|(ht llrtwron Hlnrra mid Robber*. rOl'H AMMIIOANH AVD SI* CIIINAMgN ItOIIBKU A N!> v mi:., iu J. ? TWKLVV. K" l.l'.fc-KN Klt.I.KO. 1' KkviuJ<, Dec. ii, lS.i-l. The Mounlaii flrmncrat, extra, aaya ? ' We roctlved the toll ?? i itg utartllog intelligence laat night, after our pap* r ba>l been worked olf. Itocky Canon, the plaoa of tte tragedy, ia a dtep aud alsiost Inacreiaible ran'in, about forty inll?a north of this plaee, near Todd'* \al ley, and uninhabited. Rocky CANON, liec. 20, 1KM. ? No officer Itariag beea within a convenient dltlance to attend to a caae ot emergency thut ha* juat happened near oar Lao lated camp hire, the underai^imi constituted Ih'in aelrei a coiouer'a jury, and h Id an iui(ueat over tha bodire of twelve mrn that wero killed within a mile of our camp, on the lUth inat , a lull account of which we deem it our duty to puhllat . Three of the under elgned were eye witneaHe* of the whole acane, though too far olf to give aid In any way, and tha real of ua can readily vouch for thoir veracity. On yeiterdav, 19th mat . three men. who afterward* prove.! to be a Mr. Jat. C McDonald, of Alabama, now deceaaed; a I)r llolivar, A. hparka. ot Miaaiaaippi, and (.'apt. Jonathan K. Davla, bfhouth Carolina ? were travelling on foot on a trail within a mile of our camp, to proapect a vela of gold btariug i|uart* aome 'itl or oU mile* north uf thla place. Aa they were pa**itig the bane of a mountain, three of the u net rained, being out on a bunting expedition on it* hide, taw a party of men, who were concealed in the liuahe* mar the trail, Npriug up and commence tiring at them. Mr. Mcl onald had fallen dead. He had a piatol abut before be oa* even aware of hit danger gja and hi* pat ! v had nothing but their revolver*. Thorn** I'ara* shot twice at the banditti, and then fell aeverely wounded. In the meantime Capt. Davia, who wai the flrat to commence ahooting in defence of htinielf and parly. In an iimtant after the Qrnt vollay of the robber*, heiug n t ill unhurt, kept up an iace*s*nt tiring upon them with hit revolver*, every hall forcing it* victim to bite th* du*t until all the load* of both partlea seemed to have beeu diacharged. The only two aurvivlng rob'iera ma le a charge upou Capt. Davia with boai* knivet, and one with a abort aword or *abre. flnpt Oavii atood firmly on hi* ground until they ruahed up abreaat of him, n tthin ahout fotir atept He theo made a Miring upon them with a large liowle knife, warded ofl their blow* ? a laat a* tbey were aimed at him, and gave three of them wound* that aoon proved fatal. Having wounded the other one very iilightly, and dlaarm' d him by throw I ing hla knife in the air in waruini; otf a b.ow, a* thli laat man expreaaed In a tone of gratitude liefure hla ?'eat h, Capt . I> went to work at once tearing up hla own ablrt, and binding up all the woaud* of th* living, nf 1 l oth hi* friend* and eiiemien. Ou an examination of the peraont of the deceam-d of thoae who coinoiena*<l the attack on t'apt. U. and partf, wo dlactiv^red pap*r?, carelully concealed in their pocket*, purporting to be a copy of law* mid bye-Liw* by which they were governed. 1 lie laat of thla band ba* juit died. Ilia wnun l he thought himaelf but alight, and teemed la a fair war of recovery uatil within the laat hour, he corrolraratei nil the evidence nroven by the paper* in hi* pocket* If Hr hpark* 1* well enough to truvel, Dr. Davi* aptaka of moviog him down to hi* friend* t? morrow In conslu aion, we drem it due to atate that, from all tli? evidence beloieaa, C?| t. I> and hi* party netcd a'dely in Keif-de fence, We tend the communication to your patter, ba caune ibe Iwarer having a very tick family In low ?IU travel p?'iit liaate all night to rtacervlll*. Mgned ? W. (' Ih'.ni) ton. Joaeph lUmptoa , P. 8. Ko lx" trw/n. C. W. Ilendriciia, J. K Noma, 1. A. Hart, T. J. (?alllbut, N II I'nrter, <?. It. Wlugate, VV. A. KewmkO, J. C. 1< wit, H C. Slartli til T. C. WallU. A. Hufliet, J. Wtbeter, O. K. t.lerko, J. K. Trial. Another leiter, I'ated Itocky Caaoo, Dec 2t), to Win llenderton, >*'| , l'lacerville aaya ? Veaterday we ha<l unite an eiotbng aoen* to happen wlthtuaTnile of our tent. Wh le taoo! my partnera ?n?l mj elf were taking a hunt ov t the hillt, we h?ar t tl.e report of guns below ut, and **? two ?mall pxrtie* ahoot ug at each other l oiivlu.-ed that they were a J atrahg) rt. we heiita'ed for a moment b-'ore we ten tuied down t<> thain. A telling of doty, however, tooo pr? n.[ t?il u* to liat'eri iii.wn l?n ap^roaf-hini we saw two of a 1'tth party of thr- ? ?) oiti ?e had aottaed fol Irw.n/ the ti ail uneb'erve-1 a'.me half hour preriout, full iu the tight, an i the r mi l ug one, a man above the i li-uht, wiiotn we could readily dlatlngulih tan all the reit by hi* white hat, fighting bri . for hu life *p |r?iachlnz *ti!l Marrr, wi *<ro aurprl.ed at the light of eleven men lyin ? a' retched upoa th< ground, aeveii of them de? I iel. ugiiig. aa 'hoy after ward' proted, to a part/ f ic '>uer?, and on* only of 'he party of three ?o andd- nl* rlrwd upon fn?m the buibe* by robbers. Three of fie wounded robhera having d.ed iatt night, we had t - of them to bury. One ?urvive?, who ? 111 probably rec vt r If It mark*-!, however, for life, having !o*t hla no*? in toto, an l the foieflnger of bi* . ight l and. Haven ? f tbeui wero abot througii the head. The tjrv v!ng one, who aeema t'i l>e hot little hurt, aaya that tiielr band wui composed of two American', ? frenchman, llvii t y Iney men aad four Mexicans and that thev had juat commenced ope ration*, having killed s|x Chinamen three dayt tgo. and four Americana the day before yes'nrday. Although we count?'d teeiit} -ewht nullet holes iu t'a^ta a Davl*'* hat and clothes nineteen throngh hla hat and eleven through hia ? oat and thirt, he received but two vary alight Ut- a h wound*. Voura truly, JOHN' W.'fKTTR To William Httidereon Ea>| Couaty .'?urveytr, llacer Vilie. I.ynch Uw al Iowa IIIIL. Wa laarn liom an "iitn" putiiahel br the .lu hum that WUDafn Jobnaon. commonly kri ?n aa "long J oh neon, wb? aiabt/ol Montgomery, at Iowa liUI, vn tb? morn In* of thai ?M of l>cnn'nf, ? * i Ijr a moli. a abort dletaure out of town Wher ? 'he ? r tricm I ilifl.c ia 1 oocurr-'l We ara not informed i> f Uia < aua* of tba tu*rral, an 1 < nly that It recurred on the morn log after the Sirem?n a I. all, that Juhnaon knocked Montgomery dawn, that Urn jattvr aubaa<|uently pronura<: a piatol, which, i.h.u the two again mfftllif, ha Ural at the format The piatol hung Ara, and Ji. urnou ihmM the -ho' hjr dadglag an 1 !n mediately drawing a Inile, ha ?taUl<*<l an I ? it bl <o'. ginnery Id a terrible manner in aareral place* It wmi that afUr lb* affray, re-ultlog In tba mor tally woutMSIoff of Moatgomcry. J.iIhimio ile.l but *u parauat!, on-rtaken, ana pla'-e I n tbe lieu la of Ibrp itt sheriff hinrlair in whoee rue'udy lie remained until tt< ul un o'riur.k In the At a large cr w! of people ba<l aaeembled, aod a 'All ?a< made for a Jory, wl ?r?u[?n thirty two man ware aalected by ?ote, am: out <f tl.ta numi-ar twel.e pereioa were e b><eaa ta try tbi' pr.mner, Ti?e jury time empaanellel retire! to the Vu.-eo i it y flail, whera t Uej remalnaO until about ? unrtM yaaterday rroralag, when lb*? l>ro ight in a ear diet o. " guilty. ' I. pna rendition of the rardrt, Ute rroad pr<>ct-aded to cbooaa olfi' eta for the ocraaton aod abont no?n tbeprleoner taaen a ahort diataare from town, t? a coueeoient twe- -haying l?ea Lalormed a I the fate that awaited him- -wl.eraupoa a rope waa pro -lured, and alio a couple of k'ge placed "ne a top of tba other, for tba prieoner to ?ten I npoo and alt> r the rope wae adjuated to hU ne-W an opportunity ?w g.i-m for whatever remark* he oiight d*?lre to wake Our Informant waa tan far llataat to diat.nrl / hear all that wae ea>d, bat atalea that at tbla U?? Joiin ?on 1 m lied for writing mater ale, but hla haada being eoriloel a gentleman preeent noted for him tbe remark a ahicb be tnada f r tba parpoae. The prteonet tbaa ateted that tome pera< a preeent owe 1 hie. li'J which ha wiane ! pal I to a'/?ne one to wbowi he (prlaooari waa indebted He aUo wiehod a ring to 1* taken froaa hi* Barer, aa>l eeot to bia mother aa<l aiater, but hia hand waa fouad to be ?o moi-b awollea from hoiiig t-' ia l aa to ran ter It Im ;?< eilbla t'< ren.<>*e it. he ? ara I remark ? were made by . 'haeonto ililfereat paitoea ur. ?ot aW.ut tbla time, wbirh our laf'.rmant >ai anable to hear Tba pn-oaer tb*a ra<|ii*?ta4 that tbe rnym abo aid he properly h?e-t and that be tap routed to ' haab to the hmb of tba tree and jump off. Thla ba ng d'ale-t him he aeked perm a aioa to fir* tba wnrl hHuaelf. wr,lek waa graatM, mt.era f-.o ha ea* plaa-ed 1 poa tba keg* and tbe r->pa be ag l <htai.i l he ihatlactly "iu?M i.ur, two, tbraa, a ad ^Dmped, thua partially be to ml I g tua own ((ecu taw Ihiriag tba whole of tba prooea<;.Bge ha apf^aradaar fertly cool aad entirely la'iTereat to k i fata Tba^w waa abawt two tViaewt people areeewt hot nor'.e-ly lem or liranbeaaete waa B-an 'e.ied 4?rtag tba eaUie day Tbla pliieat nnn hafota In I "'I we ttnak aawve oeer ma?tlac tba aaaaa fate at <a>b>ma, hat br r<mao-i ef ??? raiaeeed up- a e??fcliti it tbat he aboulrl l>-a re tba ple'e |aa-l ately, w leb he 414 kr-?, r -Ing to nor iaieet lal.if waatl m, M'inl#oa<*rr waa atlll alive uot ao h- pal wareaaletta ae4 of U areaoeery t>e with wblrb he eai aiah>?4 her ag p> ae r?l? I tba laage We ua^eratand that M waa a tlert of Ike Uet l^giala 'ore of Una .-tala. Altera ller.r ona. f.(Tkr>l'* "in <1 IbjtUi IM *1. NU -tr.V/O Mhimw ?A tarn tad wad planned rohbery t mA pla?e aa boera the I' M H C 1 'a ?'.ea?ablp r-.i.ora or, bar 4naa ward tr.p to I'anama Tba pai*'i atari, aa fa/ aa thwy r, jld he'a ? ?d are aa fo"h<Wa It la ? 1 ppr. -*d 'iat tbe plaa laid to obtala pawaaa low a# tba ???; waa ?i h tad 4ar ag 1" fine I -at tba etaamar wae n?wt. gwf H rwpafl ?< Bewkrf*. The traaeare rawa .? dirflir nadernaatb tfce an* eaj the floa.r o? yraary '? rweerwd with aawikelath tbaoilalaUk ba^. W?i, rm>l a anal ra I load off, aager l-.le. u<n4 ao 1 a hi eel aaed V 0 tba I laaka ware eepara*-' tbao>leM'i ra apeeal aa! a trunk piaaaiwaartbaepn* wb> ra tbe aaarta r* had taaaeaV It ia aappoaad tbat the e< try ha! baa* aflew tad ab .it the ? >amer waa oa her eay to fa aaaaa Tba rohverr waa d'ac?.?erwd al l*aaama lataae.', lately >m tba a meal n? tbe ? teaaaar. It waa waartaiaal a h?t taalba-a( ?14 '*?. aad a carpal bag aeaatatalag IU ?'?. tba pro party al r M P ' a , bad Wet abatrw tet fraia tbe 'rmm ? ore r><a<aa. llt.DM ware lewad awnatad is a water aha eat , tbe ra ir ala 'at I* atiii ?a' xwaaaed Tba '?raeater Ha ater C Vaegl a a? <he bawteea a, Oaeiga w|.ba4e, a re aw lia'eiy ai'ilbt >taal <a iiiiM>aiin?*wt ?wd brought baek to Haa Frtacuwo. They ate at peeaaat ?? tbe city prison, aad wtii uadergo ae liiitlta to morrow, before the Rooorder ? ,Sm Frmndf AUm OWN /iirnit, Jam. 1. Ixxunoa or m C*rrr*i ? The loag agitated qaeetlaa . of the hwt?B of the Capitol hu bm at but aettled to tbe Hupreaae Uaart, Ud Haoraineatn U declared to ht the legal M well aa the political Capitol. Thli will pro bably dlaappotot few, m no other reeult waa loeke I fee under the ctrcuraatonoea. Although tbe aubject excited little intereat bete, It haa given Hm to quite ?? eieito ment 10 !<en Jo*e and rtecramenU), both of which have prepared haadaoaae edifice* for the accommodation W the l?irl*l*tuie a oil State officer* The State Hew* at Haciameato i* raid to be an elegant and romeiodiotaa alrurture, tud the cituaua bare erlamd their charaetor I- tie rnterprlae in all their preparation* for the recap tion of the nirmbra of the legislature. ? Sm franettm J/rtalii, lire. 2S. MmtN.i or Til* Lttiui.ATi kk ? 1 The fifth I-eglalature mt the state will aaaeuible at Karrameoto on Wondaf neat. 'Ihe leading queatioa to come imfor* the Mr la the eiea tion of a Senator to aadceed I?r. liwin, until that la aet tied there will i* but little elae done 'Ihe proniaMt candidate* an- (Iwln anil Bradarlek. It U very doabtfrf whether either of them ean be elected. Their reepeetiew faction* are too widaly aundcreu aad too nearly equal la ?trengtb to leave more than a poaaibihiy of au< o?aa to either. The frleuda of Mr. Mcltougal hope to aecure hto immiDaUoa, ae a compromise but the pr?i>abilllie* are all in iavor of a new man not yet named The wbiga bold the iialaai-e of power, if tlia two factioaa of tha other party do not hartn"M*e, and It ia underatood aet* tied, Indeed-- that tfcey will rote ateadlly for a whig, aad leave the dominant part * to flxht it out. But whether tha tlrinorrac) door do not lieal their arhl*at, It may be re a ?Meted about ae irrtain aa nny future event depea lent upon contlnuem ic? ran be,fthat Hena'or tiwia will not be In! in ned -.Vow h'raumrn Alia California, Jan. 1, Hi.wtr Kaii i nr.. ? 1T?e large fancy good* depot of Mr. J. 0. fluncan, well known throughout all (lallfornta far Ita Art i'aion eaterpnaea, waa ? loied laat evening br at tachment. The debt* for which tbe a' tachmento bava keen levied are heavy, but tlie atock of ir-nvla in a lore and to arrive, we umleratand. 1* very valuable end wtfl fully cover the habilltiea of the concern Mr. Ihiaoaa to ill in bed, and to hia matilily to attend in prraoa to ito maiiageawat of tlie buaineaa, we bear tbe cauaa of tha voibariaarioent aaaigned. ? All a California, Jmn. 1. l*ma Aiigclea nnd Ban INago. the Sfttikwn Calilitrnuin ia earneat in tu appeal for a ?llviaion of the Mate. and it declare*, furthermore that the cilitena o( Loa Aagelea have at la*t talea bold of the ({ueatkoa of a diviaion of the State In earnaet. l*eU tion? to the ierUlai ure for thle object are being eirea latent thiuugboutthe lower oountie*, and era oomprlalac the name* oi aearly every reaponaihle pereoa la our Bee tion, fiiraiahlnn a aure imlei of thaetmng and uneqalva chI feeling in favor of thla meaaure Indulged by our pea* pie. Advirea front the Tejon Inform ua that everything to prxereaaiag linely; Indiana peaceful and ce a ton tod; bulldinita rapidly going op, Ac. U. Alien, Ra<|., the ^upermtandent of the new roaA throuah tlie Pan Fernando I'aaa, reporta It ready taw ii ae We bel eve that no work of tbe kind baa been esa cuted in thia state that appmachea It in point of eitoat aad magnitude. A road haa been cot through the aaltd reck, affording a line wagon track, where heretofore a pack mule could barely ?rramble We are Informed that the government auppliea for the United htatea fort at the Tejon, will heaneforth be laad ed at San I'edro, and reach their ultimate deetiaatiaM over thia road. <>n tlia 27th, a Norwegian, in tha lower part of tha city, waa found dead In hia bed, ahot through the body, and a pUtol laying heilde him. Whether he oommlttoA tlie deed hlmaelf, or waa murdered, la of coarae an known, but the proaumption I* that the deed waa hto own, either accidental or lutentiooal. The time* are very dull In tha Houth, aay* tbe CWyhr man, and tbe great anarcity of mooey la *eea ia Ihe |re ?enl exorbitant intereat which it comma mla ? eiaht, toa and even Ifteen fifteen per cent a month U freelv and the aupply I* too meagre to meet tbe deaaaaa. Wo know of no better apvulation than for oapitalieta frwaa abroad to bring into thi* aection a few thouaaad* of raa dy raah? the preaelng n? ea>iilea of our ranchara* wM allord the in a lucrative return for their capital. We are In hope*, however that tha return of apriag will bring with It the cattle drover* from above, aad ac trkato our people from tlie diffiau'tiea af tbe preeeai unpropitivu* aiata of alfair*. Ilnmholdu iM't** Am ma ? W* have advit-ea from Humboldt a week later The condition of the Indiana In that aeettoa la lepreaented a* vet) unfortuna'e Keuda betwaea tha n onntain tritea and the Indiaua of the coaat lontmae to eilat, breeding constant dl*'url>anee, li axnaa Koan ? Tlie lltrald *ajr? thai fa all pro bability three wagon road* will be *lmultou*-*uatp cr.atrueted, and |>eibat>* aa early aa neit apriag. fruea the aouth, or Hliaata City, from tbe north, or tv-otto burg, and froM tha eoaal, or Oaaaaet Uty, all aiala( to r>-ach arid pa? through Jackaonvill-< an I Yieka, to rlaim the trade and lnteroour?e i.f tiioee region* It will Ih> aero that tlie capital Itnck la Hied at divided into *60 aharr > of tliai each, on which au aaaeaaiaeat af ten per cent will be railed In after the atock la all aab> embed for. and tbe lompany r"ady to c<>maaenoe waah. HH.MMI of tlie atock baa w?n taken already. lur Muniti Hoah. ? Wa le?rn from tbe rtate< that Lieut. Wither* baa recently returned from the aarvep af t) e ra'lltary road ia houtMern Uregon home of the aat tl? ra were diaa*ti*Ue<l. and )>*'iti?iird J edge !*???. y fin aa Imunrtion to atay work nron the roa l. ti it he pr'>|i?rty decliaed for want of JtlWhMa. Tha coutraiU have beea let in auaia of tl,"!K> each, aavent-au in number. Marriage*. lilrttaa nnrl Uralh>. KtMlO In Km Fraorl*?i I?i VTib, at tli? IM .l?n-a of llr. Y' M. Cialnn. by th* ll*?. I'r Hrotl ?!???> I t K Ofi*r, Ju'lga ><f tlir U, M, Joirt of th? Huutb?ra Utlrlil of Ut Ulorui*, to Mi?? Ab'ift Ki l/?r ?m <li?- .Hat of Oi t'Vr hr K*? Jim"* IFortb, Mr D. r. f lark, ol Cor rail la, 0 T , farmer!? of Fralarttkahurg, K'iih count/, Ohio, U> Hm IJnai?tli M i?ray. of Um M.nnty, < I T fnrnjrrlr of lafayatta In I >nt In MatkrwaRaL'l*, B Dorado >-ouniy, lb-* loth, Mr. G. II fiDrbn to MIm Ah Martia. At W**t|?rl, Saaork sounty Oct. 24tb, I'hlUltta D. M'irlain and Vflaa KI rahath tt bit n?j At ; an Jot<\ Jar J.'ith Jaabwa u?n Ui Mi?a tn?n V. Praonan ''aofhlarof Mr Iiim Itiaabam. At.-nl.m O.I Nut. I'll. Ml llartlry Haarta to Mlaa Haiub llnrrlaoo In .-an I iau< laca, I *??. It, at tit* r??t4*n-* of Manual A Oi?| la, !??( , by tl ? I'*t T H lluut, Mr Alfr*4 L Tul.b* to itlra l.nti* K < ha pin H> Juatica Ba.kjr, Mr J J ll^a tu Ml? J*n* Htaa art, both of I>la!utti|ia.H"iBi>m* o uaty In Nitiita, I a? M, Tboua* Wblawrt(ht IMbarn la htll.tM kj r*tr*U> lu N?>? .? Dn Ui, Mr William viuront t/> M aa Mart* htim Mli of Montr i * ma At \a? Orlf-an* Flat K ir??a tflanablfr, Mo?. Jw, Mr. Amlraw liucaiiitaa to Ml*? I nrj C. Ija? i?naa In fan Fraiiriaro, rv-r 'ja, t,y |{*t Wi'lbm Rtlllnao*, Mr A II IWniaaaay, of Harraoimta, liNai Biaa H. Cantor*!, ol Wmi' ui In k?n I riO' ki>, I"*? Jt, at 'h? ?V-on i M?1b"ll*t I ^M-opal cburrb, br th* K?? K Maiil*t*r. Mr Waa. M. t ??. iik'' ii to Mi-a I' M Kimhiiu In Can I ranc. ?/;??, Mr. V I IVrva to Miaa Jaa* IM* wart, of I ?'?luma In ll?Mil*la, liar. 7. by th' K?? C 0. Iramvo Mr Jala I i < il.urti ta Mia* kJi?*-?'li Ua?|l>aa aiHTtia. At V?rya?lll- . tb? Wtta 1 1 W ( fv.k'?, nlaaaa At hb?*U, Sat 21, Ilia aif* of W. f*. Uaftaaa, af % daiifli'ar. Oa ' r> urn ''r*?li, Ko? IS Mr*. Mllaa < ahon ><f a ?oa At Yraka, Ink. 1, lb* lady ot It I). Uft -n ?if a <taa?b t*r in '>*? nr*to?n rv i? ti? ?if? -h ii m i .*w ? , af ? ?M. At (iiaaa \ ?l>y, l?ar It, Iba wi(# of U. <i (Jorala, aC a a?o Dim. la W?av?r*IU*. l?<-*mt#*r imb 'apt JakaKaUar, ?<*! 4(1 yaara, foriovtt) <>f 1 oaiatllla, Kjr At Hai<l Hill* infant aa of Mr and Mr* W K. G?fH?r At l.'ii*ka, Jaro??.J MaiiUo. i|rlM 7*ara, foriaarl| af h ?* Vmk *?!< jr. At Moatlaa. "rU.b'r 1Mb, R R ?ialt< .a. t'aMa4 Mtatr* ( oaaal at U.?t pti* (h> boaid of tb* hart f I'alaxr. liar ? tb J aaat Wai)t> (???ata) of ?<ar?|, a?ad ?? yaar? af AUaan-trta I>rava*4 at liatta twaly, Mr. liafk IBaab, avaatT ear??rof -<f llai'? tonoty In Mary>nlM, I*r 3lrt Jao l^mn'Hy, a**4 1 yrara. In MaryrrlU* W?- l>. KaU-aa, a aativa af faaaiwaaa^ ?K*4 J" y*ara In ran rranWaro r?- ttth, J. A Maatra |(?I ?S y>ara f.u ?alty of ta* llr'HBi At Viana- a IliU, lira Utb. J?u*? -? 'aryaatar. Kaf , foiawrly of Jf?a Vara afa4 M y iri la Maiy?*iB*, fi???aab?r Jlat Joba Coatla a<a4 14 j mm. Marlwtii baa I kafimi, Dm M, la .t Tba ag ??fbtoaaa of tb* aaaaay aaartat. aa4 Uaa ? itr*a>* 'llfbaalty of af?tia< u>* aioat trlrtal f-IUrtlaa, l ata dlwlrl atuabaa Iron. tra4* m gaaaial aa I ni ba a Mia alaaa*t *at.i>ly ta 4ar Ia<taa4, ?laaattaf la tw ?a>l 't< anMtkr ?? aa baa* ani a ?la#U traa*a*Vaa ? art by of ramr4 TU?r* ara aoaaa aoaaatry laalarl la l"?a, bat aa a c*a*r*l r*rnark It aaay ba a*M thai Ukay ara a?i'b*r pr?yara4 to |<y ?p aM 4oaa ar rurrbaaa laifilf of fartbar a ipv *? ka tba tattar UalraJaka, i n', . r? ? ?r?l aa .urr?mA latariur tra4a, abali bara f i?*a tattar praaaia* of th* f "rmar rha aanal of Mar iUa4la alr**4y Ik tba laiarta la larfa lar tb* aaaaaa, an-! It ?*aa"t ibat a ^(ivaaaM k*aiaM tar aaoi*. at Una t aaa, ?a*U ??* ??' ; ?r?at >1/11- A r?a*/rt*4 aa ? of V?i bbia <??iWfr, aa pri - ? ?ta t*m* ta af. tM ?? i*?ar ? f ima tat baa4a, ta a4 <" i '>a ta U.'ia* ablab *? n W)?it?i Ui <a aar Aaaaal i.ftb*Tra> IT.* fcaWaf a* ?hink la atill aaara irat ta 4a y, \h?n*h tba k ?? af tba aaaan baa #ltrrt*4. utMtka lr?? lk> arista. It ta (T*aliy ta ba ;?ar?-l 't.?t ?? ?r* tba ??? "f aaotbat ' . - . ? i oa If Mtb abaal4 yinta ta ba tba ?aa* tba raaaM all ka a?at ?t# aat .-' a* W. I ha d-it * ?r*av? af tba aaaatar. Tba a4? '*a abkb a. ll (>. -"?k'1 oa Moalay vtll y>* U'Jy IXMa bo*?y ?? <a?a*al? ba*b fkaaa Ua* AttaaOa a A? *nl fr'-m ' bill ia afctrh aaalba# yr rata Baa# mrtit, a?t Ut? art a of u ? fa'i?ra b??M I of tW ll?f iba "mini y?ar ??l >* *l?,-at laaaitaMa All parUaa abioa4 ataoaM wait aatll fartbar iar?<ta? araaa 4a?a4. Iky 4?i| m t?*y a 1 **-*fa Mary aa> -a -?W/ va Ika ?*t*at af IWi aai.ra It t..'na??U MWk| a ata a ta ^ay af M? ar a<ta Hapyy t altar. atH M 4a At*t m n4IM4a aa?'>al?, |' It Jl. W U aatiakML aa ". ?*> V faata' at 1 10, 9A 4? Maf'f^ia lai ','Ht 'Vii aillkV^ MM 4a Aablay at III aaa W% I . , t* ira-W' tl lit I?i4a. |I4 Hi a?'i :??* la ab Ii i-r bbl For a lat >4 a*t HaaaiL la arrfra. |H V' aaa t *?. r?4 aa?. taatlaiA. t* a??t ? *at*? af 4a* aarka MMattar OMtfanto, at *M ? '? S* ?? 4a la. at Ska par lb. ISO 4a la at ? 2 bt (-'?"? aa? n?4k r*4 4a at J*, aar lb i?? *aba at I Mb aaaba U Mr tata, ynin>^y jb .(ua. at ?a Ik * O'W IkltMllllimniwh Mt? m4 4a* I* I* . a*l Ml lr. hank tba laUa* fakb*. *4 la. far lb lalaaaf It* aaaba (Waa Oblfanla *Mtal ? K* fat lb r*??* ?fair. a ?f ?aa aaabt. i? taba at IHbf*i

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