Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1855 Page 5
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feoa bv your intercession nn A youth from an untimely gravs^ Prom misery and perdition. l*t one and all with free consent, Request the British Parliament, For my re-extradition. Their present Minister of State, Lord Palmers ton, is truly peat, Magnanimous, discriminate ; And on jour kind interpolation, Ascedes to my retransposition, I rather calculate. Deep gratitude you may expect From me, dear friends, if you effect Mv re-elimination ; Far I will then, in prose and verse, Through every land the praiee rehearse, Of the brsve Yankee nation. poBTicurrr. * e * e e ? e e Why Russia'* ion should be rejected, Yet Dutch and IrUhmen protected, Ia a itrange paradox : That I the scapegoat should be made, 'Cause murderer* a quibble eared, Puziles the orthodox. My compliment! I must convey, To thoie who during my t>bort stay, Showed me !uch kind attention. The only thing that gave me pain, Waa that thev sent mv back airain, After three months detention. Ob Marshals Hilyer and Thompson, M?y all the goou they me have done, Heaven bounteously requite ; To Ridgway, Phil'ps, Helms, ^tiUwell, And all who helped to gild the pill, 1 grateful th us indite. ? ???*? ldo not nor shall I ever forget, .the many kind service* rendered me by the gentlemen attaches of the United States court*, to ahom please present my particular re gards; and alio to Ux. nw. Thompson, whose agreeable acquaintance 1 hop* one day to revive under more aus picious circum> tsnces. That Fortune is net so blind, that she doe* not always dlspe nre her gifts unworthily, you, my d#ar sir. are a tiring demonstration: for you are an much the object of popular esteem, a* of her signal partiality. My humble wishes, therefore, can not augment your prosperity; jet, with the New Ysar allow me, dear sir, to bring you my sincere congratulations, hoping that you may enjoy a eentiauance of health and happiness, enduring and unchangeable aa the deep esteem anil gratitude with which I remain, my dear Mr. Thompson, your's most devotedly, SASCHA A. V. D H1ULBRONN. P. S. ? 1 ne?d hardly tell you what extraordinary de light a faw line* from you would afford me when you have an opportunity or eneloiing a letter to England. Police Intelligence GRAND LABCKNY. Two men named John Little and Andrew Finley, were arretted at an early hour yesterday morning, by Officer* PeUard and Donelson, of the '.Sixth ward polioe, charged with having stolen a sewing machine, valued at $60, from Messrs. Miller it Heed, of 158 Chatham street. The police arrested the prisoners at a junk shop in Orange street, where they were endeavoring to dispose of it. The accused parties were taken be:'ore the magistrate at the lower police court, who commit'ed them fur exami nation. HTAHBINO AFFRAY. Richard Morrison was arrested on Friday night, by Offlser Tilken*, charged with having stabbed Denis Cal laghan in the abdomen with a knife. It appear* that these men got Into a quarrel, and that Morrison becom ing enraged, drew a knife and plunged it into the abdo men of Callaghan. The alarm being raised, the officer rushed Into the premises and arrested Morris jii. Cal laghan was conveyed to the hospital for medical attend ance, while Morrison waa lockeu up to await the result of the wounded man's injuries. Supreme Court? Circuit. Before Hon. Judge Mitchell and a Jury. ACTION AOAIN8T AN IN8DRANCK COMPANY. Jan. 27. ? Pond and Hitcncock vi. the l/anover Fire inturanct Company ? Tbia case was tried before at the November term, but the jury did not then agree, and it comes up for a new trial, and has uow occupied the court for the last four day*. It ia an action on a single one of lour pollciea of insurance? the policy effected with the present defendant* being for the sum of 91,660, and thl* ?nit i* brought to recover that amount with interest. There were other case* oa the calendar at the suit of the same plaintiffs, amounting in the aggregate to over til, MO, and the result of the verdict in the present case waa to determine those other actions. The plaintiffs allege la their complaint that on the 10th of Auguat, 1863, they had in their store, No. 66 Water street, property consisting of paints, oils, rasks, 4c., amounting in value to 17,000, and that tlie defendants in-ured them on this properly the sum of (1, 5S0; that on tbe '..'Id of August, four day s after the premium was ]>aid, a lire occurred, which totally destroyed the properly in.iured, aud that the amount lost was more than (0,000, estimated accord - log to it* actual cash value, and tbe plalntill* therefore demand judgment for the amount of the policy with in terest. The defendants in their answer set up two dis tinct deience* ? namely, fraudulent mijreprese nwtteaa after the fire. The fruiiJ, u is *a 4. . onslsted first in ex aggerating the number ofbanels, caiks, Ac. ; secondly, la swelling the contents of each pad age, and in over estimating the cash prices per pound aud gallon of th* respective content*. The Court directed the jury in ease they found a ver diet for the plaintiffs, tj htste tlie ami.uut of the pro perty in the store at tbe time of the tire, .n order that the loss may be diviued equally between the four com panies. 7 he jury, this morning, rendered a verdict for the plaintitls for the amount insured. Superior (ourt? Cfn?r?l Term. Before a full Bench. KXTENDINU TUK rEKM. Jan. 27.? CUief Justice Oakley anuounoed that the Court hk.l determined to extend the February term no m to mako it four week* instead of three. The order *UI b? made extending the term generally, but whether the Court will lit during the whole of that terra must depend upon tbe buKiaenn. the trial term will be ex tended four weeke, but whether th* Jury will be mini ?>?ned tor tie >a*t fortnight ol the term, depend' upon the buainean al*o DBCIMONS. Woolleyv*. H ti\hbnurne. and uthen.? New trial fram ed, conta to abide tbe event. Mary Ann Boui Wm B. &\ cklet >nd a/.? New trial granted, roatx to abide the event Doduxrrth rt. Jtmtt. ? Verdict ??t amde New trial ordered, crate to abide the event. Unmet rt. Mcbertt ant t al ? Judgment returned ?nd order of reference diarbarKed Schmek and al. rt. Saylvr. ? New trial granted, co-ti to abide the event. Sherwood ri. J'itrce and al ?Judgment affirmed with coeta. Knock W. Clarkrt. Ward. ? New trial granted. Order of reference vacated; coeti to abide the event. Barlh m. Walter.? Judgment afliru>e<!. W hrrler rt. HoVintun. ? Judgment atlirmed. Levi "l. niton. ? Judgment affirmed with coat*. Muller rt. Or. /'**?fer and al. ? Order to draw up and nettle before ? judge. Andmon rt. the tame. ? the -nine dec in Ion Mechanic ??' Bank rt. y el ton /'lace. ? Ori?r di<mi*-mg tbe complaint to be aeide. urder for new trial granted. Coeta to abide tbe event. The Farmer*' and Merhanict' Hank if K'nt minli/, rt. The Butcheri' and Drtnert' Hank. ? Jui'.gmeut affirmed with eoata. Paton and al rt. l^nt ?Judgment affinne<l with rent* lol'man v. Ha<r4:hvrtt and al ? lodgment affirmed except a* to the allowance of ttO fir damage*, which ia to l-e deducted without rott* of 'he appeal tu either party. H hile and ol. rt. A. I). McAllister. ? Judgment re verted and new trial granted. Coat* to ab< ie the event. Superior Court? ft per I al Term i'reaenr, Hod. Judge llutr. Jam. 'J* ? Jatnet Al'-oek nr. John Btnttt rt al ? Motion to *tnke out certain part* of complaint, at irrelev ?nt or redundant, granted a* to 1, 2 and J, denied I and ?. No coat* to either party. Lahmt vi. Henry ? Motion to vacate order of arr?-t denied, tin eo?t>. Al/ke rf. Darxd G. Starley. ? Motioit to continue in junction granted. II .? coat*, to abide event. Wright et al , vs. H'-vduard ?Motion for injunction denied. $10 coi-ts to defendant, to abide 'he event Geo J.W . Zabrukte rt .Samuel W. Hubert t >t ?/ ? [>e fendaat let in to defend on payment of 410 coat* of notion. Judgment and execution to itand a* aeeurity Ltrt rf. ItUon.? Motion to *et aaide execution ir regular denied, with tlo coat* tu pUintiB. Bit h if i, et ol., rt. Witkt. a al ? Motion to ?nter judg* Bent hum pro t unt denied without poetv Srci i rrt rt. Senion ?Motion te amend atiminoa* ?n<l complaint, by enlarging the auaount of lanrige*. grant ed. ?lu co <ta to deiemiaat. Vomo Tba vi'li.krr.- A gen'leman litonnM w yeeterday. that *lx children, the elle.ta gul not more than thirteen j ear* of age arrived in ?hi*eitv Sy the Camden and Amboy emigrant line It appear, thattfc-v reached New Yr rl a few day* ago from Ireland, In a packet ?btp, in -earch of rhetr parenta, who r*?i le at PottrviUe. and on learning their ?toi v, they were kindly forwarded thu? far on tb?lr way by tbe Camden and Am boy Gunpeny. Tbev were poorly ? lad an 1 in wunt moat of tliem being without ?h<*? or atocklair* but a ?ub ?erlptlon *aa rai'ed aio<ng i few ettlreu?, and titer were mwo provii'M with warm clothing and a little money We leara al?o that the Heading K?i!nad fotnpanv will coovey them gt >tuitoualy tn I'ottavilM t? lay. 'Thev appeared to be ,n robuat h*aitb and rbeerful. Uario^ fallen into good band* .luring their ? Iventorov* eoy?ge aad journey ; *nd tber looked forward with ireat flee v> a jojful nw-e'iag with tbeir parent*.? f'h,i flel^K^t ?? r/firer, Jan. 2T . Planeal Planoat? Ureal Hnlnrtlou In Prlrea. ? Hupertor tone. I ptano* for t1T8, t'JinJ and t-"i' . lot* rinr a* good, and ' h? entire inatrument a* atroug ^sd a* durable a* tboee oblch rout ?V>?i Itaaoa of every va riety of (tyie aad price, cooipriaing tb >?e of ten diflferenl manatactorioa? aaong there the celebrated modern re proved Uora.-eWa?era piaao?,aad the >r?t premluta WW lias piaao* of t Uilbort k Co.'* make, (owners of tbe aaoliaa patent) Heoond hand piaaoa at great bargaina. M*k* 4*en? nf every etyie. from Ave dimrei.t manufactoriee. ?atb mftrument gn*r*a'eed. MolaACK WAlUt\ w^e Br^a*?oaj , | Plw t* t. J mm IUmItmI ? Rita Am sortment of M* 0 W, ?X Mid 6% octave pianos for Mat. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. What Is Aromatic IcUcdua Schnapps J? Sa report of Ton Governors, published in Uu Tribune November 30 ? 11m Committee on Prisons (Gore. Duke and Degro,) to ?bom >ai referred the propriety of suing Wolfe * Schei lam Aromatic Schnapps in our hospitals, respectfully ??port that they have examined the article, and in their judgment it possesses ao advantage over other brands of fin at much lost coat; and therefore reeommend that this Board do aot sudor; e it oyer the par* Holland gin Adopted. ARTHUR KENDALL, No. 7 William street, sslla the pure Holland gin. warranted, as imported by the gallon, at $2: sample bottles 60 cents each ; 12 bot Uee Id ease, complete, 86. The Only Usylcr Baft Depot, 'AOS Pearl street, opposite Fletcher stree-.. ? Established twenty Itc years. No safe cheaper or more secure against fire and Durglars than GAYI.EK'3 safe, for merchants, jewellers, housekeepers, Ac. Btflancs lalamander Hafra? Rob*- rt H. Pat NKK is the sole manufacturer in the United States of ft* above celebrated safes, and F. C. Coffin's impene sable defiance lock* and cross bare. Depot No. 103 fearl street, oae door below Maiden lana. Elghly^lx Shares of Seventh Ward Bank stock will be sold on Monday, 29th inst., at 12>f o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, by A. H. Vicolay k Co.. affording a desirable opportunity of investing in one of our old established banking institutions, paying divi dends of 10 per cent per annum. Improvement in Dentistry.? Dr. Levett, dentist, 12 Wavrley place, near the New York Hotel, In vites the public to witness the success of bis various im Civements for artificial teeth, allowed by those who ve tested them to be unsurpassed. Prizes, Prises, Prizes? Hard Times don't effect the I'nited .States m&ilx. They come laden with fun, frolic and conundrums. Kight pianos and ten gold watches are offered as prizes for the best conundrums. No. 486 Broadway. JAM K.s rh< K .t CO. Keen Pan, the Celebrated Chinese Shin Pow der, for restoring, beautifying and preserving the com plexion, and rendering the skin delicately white, smooth and soft. ? A spurious article, in imitation of the genu ine, has been introduced by travelling agents. Pur chasers should examine the same, and ?ee iny name is on the stamp at the back of each box. For sale, whole sale, by R. M. HORHS, 36 Maiden lane. Clothing at a Nominal Price.? filark beaver overcoats 9121 fine cloth ttlmas, $11 ; full circle wrap rascals, <0. 1^00 pairs fancy cassimere panti, $2 50; black cassimere pants, $2. At EVANS' Clothing Ware house, 66 and 68 Fulton street. Broken Banks, Present Value? All city bunks tiken at par. Government Stock, 75 cents; Bridgeton, 90 cents; Wheat Growers', 90 cents; Wasb teiiuw, 40 cents; l.ewia County, 30 cents; Indiana banks, 90 cent", at KVANh' Clothing Warehouse, 66 and 68 Fulton street. To Southern and Western Merchants Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps. ? It is not an un due assumption that no beverage, whether medicinal or dietetic, has ever won so spontaneous a popularity, and so enthusiastic a demand inevery paitof this vast country, as Wolfe's Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps. The fact is so unexampled as to constitute a commercial mystery, which none but the manufacturer and those men of science to whom the article has bteu submitted for ana lysis are competent to explain. It is true that all who have tasted this improved Holland Gin, by personal use at one perceive the unquestionable superiority to every other they have known. Its incomparably retlned flavor, fragrance, and delightful diffusiveness, a* an invigorat ing cordial, wholly free from any of the objectionable tendencies of Inferior liquors, are immediately discover ed and universally admitted, as are also its inestimable medicinal properties by the medical faculty, who every where give it an emphatic preference In all those cases for which the use of Holland Gin is crescrlbed. (Jltl mat' ly It must supersede all other alcoholic liquors as a medicine, and ns a beverage it has no superior in the world. For sale by all the respectable druggists in the United States. UDOIJ'HO WOLFE, Sole Importer, 22 Heaver st. Cant Ion to Citizens mad Strangers? in order to protect myself against fraud, and the public against dangerous impositions, I deem it necessary to state that imitations of my Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps are abroad, and to warn all who purchase the article against theiie deleterious and dangerous preparations. l<et the merchants, therefore, and the public be on their guard against deception. Let it be borne iu nnnd that the name of "Schnapps" belongs exclusively to my article: that it is manufactured and imported hy me only; aud that any other preparation sold under that name is au imposition upon the purchaser. I ain impelled to state these (act* from a knowledge that an attempt has been inade by certain grocers and liquor merchants, claiming to be respectable, to flood the market with imitation Schnapps, to the Injury of my Interests and reputation, without regard to the serious results which may, and, In deed, must, follow the Introduction of their impure and noxious counterfeits. Be it, therefore, clearly under stood, that all gin, purporting to be " Schnapps," tha are not put up in quart or pint bottles, be??'?? 1 w* ?*?* "Udolpho Wolfs, in r?i.?u leiwn ? on the side, and veri fied w j ? i>mi with my autograph signature, as well ai by a seal on the cork impressed with my name in wax are fraudulent Imitations. The "Schiedam Aromiti Schnapps" thus authenticated, is endorsed over thei own signatures by two thousand leading physicians, an<i adopted in their practice by nearly the whole m?di cal (acuity; but as all gin ia flavored with juniper, it i quite poi,eible that many, who are not accustomed to discriminate the qualities of gin by thu taste, may fai to distinguish by that test between uiy pure preparation and the tiery, adulterated stuff sold as "Schnapps," by unscrupulous imitators. Therefore, look to the unpres sim on the bottle and tb>- cork, snd ?ee that my auto graph signature ? to conn forfeit which ia a felony ? is on the label UDOLPHO WOLFE, sole importer and manu facturer, 18, 2o and 22 Reaver street. Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schnappa? A superlative tonic diuretic, anti dyapeptic and invigora ting cordial, recommended by phyilcian* in gravel, gout, chronic rliruniatimii, incipient dropey, kidney anil blad d?r complaint*. t'ut up in quart and pint bottle*, with uiy name on the bottle, cork and label, and for itale by ail the ie*pectable drugglat* In the United States. i'dolpbo, Sole manufacturer and importer, 2'Z Beaver otreet. The Maine Uw tit Km York? Will It Paaal 1 can it be enforced v am que*tion* continually propound- I ed in relation to the Maine Uw. Our own view* on the ? ubject are known, but we will here remark that if it : uiuat become a part of our co<le, a clauae abould be ia- I erted compelling the ageut* charged with the nale of li?, tier for medicinal purpoaea, to procure the pureat *n I moat wholei-onie article to b? had Id the market. That ' article, it would neem, If chemical analyii* aud the teeti- i mooy of the Brat phyaiclana In the country, given over their own aignattirea, are of any ralue, i? WOI.FE'H iv hiecam Aromatic Scliuapp- and we are glad to learn that the town agent* ia New England are already adopt ing It, on the atrength of tlieac eminent recommenda tion*. We are well eatlafled that it will miatain, in me dlcal practice, the reputation it haa acquired ? ^uu lay Iliepatch. tTW I Holloway'i Ointment.? Profeaaor Hollowajr i had the honor of beiug presented to tb? Emper?r of Ruaaia in 1853, and obtaining peruiaeion for the *ale of I thia extraorcinary ointment in Kuaaia. ia con*<i'i*nee ! of Ita great efficacy in all akin diaeaie* It will cure aalt rheum and acrofula wheu all other m*aua fail. ' Sold ty all dnigg!?ta, at 2!W\, M.'ic and SI per pot, and I at the manufactories, SO Maideu me. New York, and i 244 tttrand. I/mdon. Kaaenrea of Cider H randy, Selgnettr, Ifen l neaey peach and otard brandies, Jamaica an I }*t. Croif | rum, Schiedam ochaapp*. auniaette. abaynth an I cura cao. the moat farori'* brood of oil of cognac, oila of | bitter almoada, juniper, pimento, etarranui*. ab*ynth, railway, peppermint, Ac. p, biauiuth, maugaueee, I cadmium. nickel, bromine, iodiue. cyanide, potaaaium, i flirtil'ed mercury, bypoanlpfcide ?ol ? Thorne a extract copaiea, fumiga' pa?ti|e?, carmine rouire Ac For aale by Dr. I, KJXC1 FT W ANGER. 141 Maiden lane Married, At the Chorrh of the furitaun, oa Tliureday. January ? IS, hy the Her I?r. Ilurchard. J**a Moagwuoo ?eeond I daughter of the late Audiew Glover to EnwaHfi 11 Itian 1 PALL. Died, <?n Friday, .lauuary .'6. Jim* Ihn w, in tha '."9th year of bii age The relatiiaa aad fneu taof the family are reipeet'nlly til ted to attend hi* funeral at one o'clock t'naafier noe?, from hi? late residence, 1*4 Weet Thirty third atreft, o?ar Flghth avenue On Saturday morning January 27. after a long lUneaa, Ma*o*n*t Hi air. age' 40 yean! wife of Jam** Healr. Her friend* aad acquaintances are avltad to at tea I the ftiueral, thi> altetnonri at teno cluck, from her late re?l .?wire No 78 Weat Seventeenth etn-e' uear -lath avenue Her remain* will betaken tn < alvary Cemetery '/n .-aturday. January 27, of !*? aae >f the tieart, Wfl Ma?Cn*tj-v, aged 16 year* aad l'im->ntha, *o? of An i drew and Cat barln.- < V>nl y | The friandaand acquaintaace* are mv tad tt attend n? I fnneral, at one o'c!' ck, from liia lat? resident, So. J4* ! We?t Thirty eeemtid *tre?t On Saturday, January 27, IUmkkt N". Caoaao*. age>t 2 year*. Hi* friend* are invited ?o a'tend the funeral service* tbi* afternoon. at three o'clock, *t hi* hate re-idence. Xn. Ul trial *tn*l, carnor of Lu> low street Hi* ra it * n? will betaken to Amity. Orang* coanty. N. Y., to :>h ft ? mi nterment On -atur ay, January 27, Et oicxi el lent ton of Fran< .? and Ju!i* Monve nel aged * yeare % m< ntn? md 21 lay*. The friend* of the family, and the of Hi nceHte LaogaX" 2-m1. 1 t?. of O Jf., ara retjxclfully inTit"! to ? tten.. h,? funeral tbi" afternoon it two '. '-lock, from ?he residence of hi* la'her. No ..*?7 H unton -tr* et Hi* remain* will be .nterred In Greenwoal < ametery On Saturday. January 27, of cnrnKimritlou Ast I.aa j wife of the Hon Jacob S Miller, M I'. Ihe finer a I will 'ike pla ? - iier l*:e re?* leo?-e N?> 764 Greenwich ?tr?' - ta-iu-irruw altaraooa, atturee o'i kick In Rr^oHyn on Saturday, Jann?ry27, after a loo* ' and ?aln!ul Uineo* Oi-a.Ua ?#e?l 6 year* widow of th> Ute John 1'eily , I . oi ? t,e nty af ' -rk !r? ,n iler funeral will take peace from her late r*-ld?n?e. No I 190 Columbia afreet, at !hre? n i lack tb a afteriaeeon la Bte<?klyB. ?m Friday, January V>, Muui Ekklu, .a the ' 2d year of her age. Ihe fi.ei da and a?*{ua>ataare> of t^ie faro ly, awl thoaa of her brother la law, Bernard Kafterty, are r>-?[?<-tf illy biiM |? attend her faneeal thla ?tetimn. at "tie I check, ii V*a her tale r?*iden.e> Sv lllfrnat *tmt I Brooklyn. Her remain* will be interred la Qalvary 0? Mtan. Ob Saturday, January 27, at the Catholic Half Orphan Asylum, In Seventh street, Cinuuxa Lavbll, aged about 9 j earn. Her brother, Eugene Iavell, and bie un.le, James Daf fy, are earnestly requested to call at the Asylum, aa aba will be interred to morrow moraine. Any person know ing either the brother or uncle, wlU confer a favor by giving them this information. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT PEHtOlAU INFORMATION WANTED-OF THOMAS 0 FARREI.L, of Tralee, county Kerry, Ireland, formally in the Britiah army. By addressing a line to Mr a. Christopher, care of John Llndmark, 26fl Itnwery, New York, he can hear from hii (later, Mm. Hyland. Canada papers pleaae copy. Mlt. A. W. GWYN, KXI'fcCTED TO HAVE ARRIVED in New York per one of the .Southern steam- :a, will bear of aomething to hiM advantage by calling onSimouda k Edwarda, 86 Braver atreet. OALDO? ON RETURNING TO TOWN, MY ATTEN lion wax railed to your advertisement in the Herald about the lbth January : am most happy to resipraeate a favor. Call iuitued at'ly at the Broadway Post Office, and get a letter for Sacrementum, containing informa tion for you. MAI. DO. mew piftioATiomi. THK ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. All those who wish to subarril* to this CE1JCBKATED JOURNAL, Are informed that Till C/OHMkM 'KM 1>T OF THK Yl AH la a very favorable opportunity for ao doing. Thr sub aciiption i? TlCV DoLLABH |>XR \N.vm, Paid in advance. All order*, accompanied by a remittance, ihc il 1 be for warded to W1I.LMER It ROGERH, 42 Nassau street, New York. Who are the only authorize*! a<en'a of the 1)1 ultra tad London News in the United States. LECTIHES. Ol'R REPUBLIC? ITB RELATIONS TO FOREIGNERS and foreign nations. ? The lecture on the above subject, by E. W. Andrew*. Eaq., postponed from the 24tb, in consequence of the storm, will be delivered on Wednesday evening, the 31?t, at the Broadway Taberna cle, at 7), o'clock. PSYCHOLOGY ? DR. B&NTON CONTINUES HIS LEG turea and ainuaing eiperimenta at Botanic Mali, Eaat Broadway, Monday, Tueiday anl Friday evening* and 7). o'clock. Admittance, 12;, rente. Office for medical application, 438 Broome atreet. THK MILITARY. BROUGHAM light guard ? the fifth annual ball of the above company will take place at the Chineae Aaaeinbly Rooms, in consequence of the destruc tion of the City Assembly ltooui*, on Monday evening, Feb. 12, 1866. Persona holding tickets for the City As sembly Rooma will he admitted. J. M. DKKMOIT, R. IIkahsui, Secretary. Chairman. MUSICAL. ACCORDEON, ACCOKDFO.V, ACOORDEOV ACCOR d?on taught in six lessons. All thoae wishing to become Hniibed performera on the above instrument, ahould not fail to eall on the original profeaaor, J. L. JACOBS, 102 Chatham atreet. Leaaona givea In the eve ning. Terms $6, in advance. Banjo : banjo ? banjo '?the banjo taught by a new and improved metho<l in alt leaaona Term* nix dollars in advance, 1/esaon* given every evening. Pu pils, by our method, learn with the greatest facility. Only agents for D. Jacob'a banjo, l'ri-e $16, and $18. Professor* 8. B. and H. P. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. MUfflC ."TORE IN JERSEY CITY.? THE UNDER signed begs leave to inform h a friends and the public that be has just opened a foreign and domestic music store, at 60 Montgomery atreet, where he will aell all kinds of aheet music at New York prices, and mu sical instruments of every description at the lawest terms Dealers and purchaser* throughout the country, aa well aa schools, he., will be supplied by addressing E. A. FELLMEK,60 Montgomery street, Jersey City, N. J. I NEW MUSIC? "SPARKLING POLKA," BY THOMAS Baker, 26 rent*. This beautiful polka has already paaaed ita third edition, and it* aale W becoiing im mense. "Birdliug my Messenger," ballad, by Madame Julie Pettigrtw, 30 cent*. This la a very protty and ex prtsiive ballad. HORACE WATERS, Publisher, 333 Broadway. THE BALL lEAMM. Masonic bai.u- the ninth annual bau. or tbe M W. Grand Uxlp of Free ud A i Ma wins of \ixe fituto of New York, will be given it Niblo's fcaloon, on Tuesday evening. tH* ?' ?*rj, isoi. 35k et* at ? ? gcutlen an and iadiea, ui?y be tainvd at tie Urand Hecretary'a office, No. BOO Hroiul way, or of the committee, Tlx; ? James Herring. lj> win Feuchtwanger, N. B Mountfort, Jam'* H Howe, Julia Mansfield, Robert Roberts, and M. J. Bennett. PAINE BALL.? THE lUni ANNIVERSARY OF TIIK birthday of Thoma* Paine will be ealehratel by a ball and *up| er at the f'hiri?*e Ituildliig*, !,A9 Broadway, on Monday evening, January W, 1*65. Dancing will positively commence at K o'clock. A meeting of the njnnagrr? and friend* will he held on Sunday afternoon, at the Free Inquirer's Library Kooms, In Military Hall, 193 Bowery, where ticket* may be procured. M THE TEAUKI, AC. OCKI.IXR WANTKti ? TO ONE WTCIJ. ACQUAINTED with architectural modelling a permanent altua tlon and liberal wsges will be given Apply from 7 to 10 o'clock P. M, any evening thia month, to JOHN WOOD, 11 Degraw place, Poutli Brooklyn, via Hamilton aveaua ferry. 0 WA1CHMAKKRK? WANTED, A F1K8T RATE watchmaker, who will b? constantly employed on the beat work. Nona need apply but thoae who can bring the b*at recommendation" a* to capacity. K r. W Gait k lira., Washington, D. C. Apply to Fellow Co., 17 Maiden Ian*. WANTED? A 1JIIIH, TO BCRNI8H LAME 'liver plated reflector" Apply to William Porter, 17 Piatt itreet. ' DRY UOODM. AC. " BROWN A DOYLE, 3M BOWKKY, BETWEEN fourth amKireat Joaea atreet. invite the attention of la-lie* to an inspection ol tUeir rtock of enibroiderie*, which on account of price and quality they believe will defy com petition. DKEKB TKIHMINC8. ? ON MONDAY, THE 30TB JAN., we shall commence to elo*e ont the balance of our ?plendid ?tock of rith ribbon", sui'ahle for 'Ire.* t>a?ius. flonnne, cloak and inantilla trimmings, alao for "??h an I head ornament*, at one half their original eo*t. W. H. UVfUyiklM , Ladies lTe?a Trimming Store, HO Bowery, corner Heater atreet. Madame ritteai k?*w th i.-jo ninth srurr, three door* weat of Broadway, would inform the ladiea that ahe ha* ju*t receive. I a large aaaortment of Chantilly veil*, and Nancy embroideries in different article*. Burner, io families -in addition to the 1 great bargain* 'the Subscriber* .are f-ring n Iriah linen*. th?y will add on Monday. January 39, th" following desirable good*. *nitable for hou**ke?i>er? at correspondingly low i>r1<-e*, vif.? I .men *he*t oga ?nd pillow case linen*, all width*; damask* and daraa-k ta blecloths and napkin* counterpanes, blanket* and flan nela. plain. striped and plaid aarnbric muaiin* American and Ingliab long cloth- " ra stout cotton slieetin/s Aw., Ac. I. T. CTKWAHT * CO . Broadway. 8?LF ADJI HTINO FRENCH WOVE OORSETB ?MRU Uaynor will open on M' nday. January 39, a new im portation of her celebrated French wove corset* *ming tlirm are self-adjiiatlng. and several new atyto*. No. I> Thinl avenue, aear Tenth street OOTARTIERfinP fOVIOEI. MAAA -WANTED. A PARTNER, WITH THE ? v'UU- above aaiouot, in a large hotel down town. with a long lease and making cnon-/ A great opportunity. Apply to 0. a ROBIN-ON I J Nasasa street fflje AAA?* I'ARTNCR WANTED, WHO H? ?Oe'-M_'\y ?* >oma>*nd m ca*h. I ? to take the charge of a Drat cla*a hotel on the K?m;?ao plan, wltb a splendid reetaoraat attached la ?r?* of the he*t location* la ib. a city. A ' han e to make ? >-<0" per a n n . m Aioae ae? I apply unless t amy har? the ready ca*h. A-i'lreee 0. I. G . po*t ottiee. Al'u k-A LADY HA VIM. A HlOff Cl.Am IvOeUUl/ b?tel :* Aeelrnus of aeetiag a geotle m*a oT rrpu'at on and buslneas habits, to bec?a>? a .(lent or active partner in the bu*ID'*a The hon*e i* facing handsomely, and th?* would b* a ?sfe m l lucra tlve iaveetment for aa.v party who is ia poe???*>oa uf 'he above naa>e.t mm The i*<)v Is well <|uaofied to manage the hotel in caee of say ;>er*?o wishing to bacons' a sileat partner None neni sppiy uniess they have tu* ca*h to advance. >or further ^formation al ire?? with teal aaaie I. EI,., I uo>a ?|Uars ^oet oth e for three day*. P- ARTNUK WANTM?-WriH FROM ?? '>"0 TO ??i .a an an t on and commission hnsiaea* welt e*tab li*bec Keferencwe given sol required. Ai'r*-? L, lieraid uAie. CLOTHINO, 4U . CtAhT f?lT M/milMi and ??( RNITt'EE WaVTKD - j lAd.?? sn>l gentlemen having any of th- sbn?e a/ tie ee to diapAae of can ';Mem a fair ? *?h prkt by *wnd ing to the sub*cri>?r or by the Poet Offlr* N tl attended by Mrs DuepaiAorf. L M IH KPi i.I'HtF Ne U Da streal A KTIHOAL T?ETH- OF A BEAt-IIH'l. AND NATf A ral sppeara?ee inserted, from s tiegU <?nth to a c?BBt*U set, Withoat S|iriigi er daeps, sol >aae a?l enwlort in>ure>| to the wear ?r f'omph I* awt M0 fall ?Iter Mt I'J", oa Ane *oid DM JOVEM. Ne. ; BWeeker rtmt. ?ALM AT APCnOM. A DCT10N NOTICE ? PW1TIVT SALE or EXCELLENT A. household furniture.? A i?re opportunity it offered to housekeepers. botcl keepers, and other*, to procure the best articles for housekeeping offered at auction this mion, most ol which have Man made to ordar or im ported for tba owner'* um. J. L. SMITH, auctioneer, oo Monday morning, Jan. 20, at 10K o'clock prtciselv, to the highest l>idd?r, for cash, all the rich variety of ex. reliant furniture and liouie furnishing art.clcs In tlka three itory houM>, 76 Franklin atreet, near Hroadway. The Hale will commence with the kitchen furniture, which embrace* a great variety of cooking utensil*, crockery, cutlery, kettle*, table*, chalra, oilcloth, kc. , containing everything necessary for convenience and comfort in that department. The parlori are elegantly furnished with rosewood suits, covered in green anil gold s itin bro cade, expensively oar red, and waivanted in salid rose wood frame*, richly carved rosewood centre and Hide ta bier, with marble tope; corner and music rnagni flcent roaewood seven octave pianoforte, with rich carved lege, of brilliant lone aud Unlit), very eoatly; 112 yard* tapestry carpet, in superior order: plor glasses, brocatelle and lsce curtains. gold band parlor shade*; auperior oil paintings, by celebrated artiste; mahogany suit* in damask, with cover*; mahogany cushioued chairs, sofas, tetea tete*. rockers expensive bedroom farniture, em bracing roaewood and mahogany bedstead*, bureau* and wailiitanda to match; bed* and tie Ming, excellent !i?>r mattre-aen, bedroom mirror", carpets {tables, chair*, & ? Alio a large variety of choice china ware, consisting of elegant china vases, card receivers, dinner and tea aet*. with gold band* and expensively decorated ; cnt glaaa waie containing all the uaual assortment. Silverware ? one rich tea service ? aalvera cake banket*, apoona fork*, elegant plated caatora, with cut bottle*. fcc., to gether with u large aaaortiuen* hi other valuable l.oti-e keeping arti:l< a. Arrangement can lie mule far pt ?. i Iii-' and shipping on the premie i at h smaN l A-r, If de tired. Pale positive, without regard to weather Alhkbt h. moo lay, ai ctionkkr.? stocks and bonds at auction.? Regular sala.-rA'bert H. Nico l?y will k?I1 on Monday, Jan. -i', at l'2.'\o'i:lock, at the M' reliant-' Exchange for account of whom it inn* con cern, $.'i,000 New York and Now Haven railroad 7 per cent bono a, intereat June lit and December let, $1,000 each; $2&,000 (Ireen I lav. Milwaukie and Chicago (known a* tbo Wisconsin lake Khore) Kail road Company H per ct. 1 at mort/afre bonds, Intereat payable aemi annually, in April nnd October, bond* $2M>. $800 and $1,000 each $10,UbU Ohio *nd Mississippi Railroad 2d mortgage 7 per ceut Convertible bond*, intereat April 1 and October 1, $1,000 each $16,000 Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 7 par cent convertible income bond*, intercut payable lit Jan uary and let July in New Yon, $1 000 each; 110 nharea Chicago and Rock Inland Railroad, $100 each; 20 do. Flush ing Railroad, $20 each, 20 do. Cleveland and Toledo Kail road, $f>0 each; lOudo. Ohio Central Railroad, $/>0each; 86 do. Seventh Ward Hank, $&0 each; 40 do. Atlantic Rank, $100 each, '11 do. United States Kire Inauraoce Company, $26 each; 10 do. Arctic Kire Insurance Com pany, $ftO each; 60 oo. North River Kire Insurance Com pany, $'.'6 each; 00 do. Knickerbocker Kire Inaurance Company, $40 each. f O do Greenwich Kire Inaurance Company, $25 each, 30<!o. Equitable Kire Inaurance Co n p*ny, $35 each, 20 do Ameiican Kxprei* Company, $100 each; also, by order of executors, Ml aliarei Austr alian Steumshlp Company, $100 each ? .lames Kreeland, Esq., la {"resident, and Henry C. Ilowen, Ka>| , Secretary of the above company; ion share* New Creek Coal Company, $10 each. Terraa of sale? Ten per cent thl* day, and the balance before 2 o'clock to-morrow, The accrued inter eat on all the bond* wili be charged to the purchaser. Next regular sale on Thursday. Albert H. Nicolay holds regular rale* of stocka and bonda, every Monday and Thursday, at the Merchants' Exchange, aud also spee.ial aalea, when required, Tueiday, Wednesday, Kriday and Saturday. At private sale, a great variety of llr*t class railroad, city and Kta'.e bond*, bank, insurance and other ?tock*, of undoubted character, for investment. Kor particular*, nee hi* private aale* rata logue. Office, No. 4 Broad street, next to coiner of Wall. BY 8UYDAM HHQEMAN, AUCTIONEER, MONDAY, Jan. 29, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the large *tore on the oorner of Myrtle avenue and Ijiwrence atreat, Rrooklyn, all the furniture, consisting of vofal, chair*, bureaus, bedstead*, feather bad*, mattreases bookcases, two pianos? Nunna k Clark, maker*, fcc. Also two valu able liorses, harness, wagon*, tinman'* to?ls, kc. All to be *old without r**erve, to close the copartnership of the Ann. BY C. A. WATERBI RY, THIS DAY, SATURDAY JAN uary 27, choice wine*, brsndle* and other liquors, In variety, ini|iorted for table ami hotel use. Also genuine Havana segars. a large Invoice of well known brand*, ail to be eold, by order of the importers, without reierve. Sale will commence at 10>, o'clock, and con tinue till every article oa the catalogue i* disposed of, at the (tore, 38 Broad strict. By c. a. waterbury, auctioneer -hkeat continuation aale from Monday 20tli to Tueiday both. In eoa*ei|uence of the immense variety of good* we are obliged to occupy two entire day* to complete the sale of thl*, the largeat, without duuSt, and moat valua ble importationof diamond Jewelry aud gold watches ever ?old at auction ia thi* city. The sale will be continued by catalogue, and the diamond watchea are aufflc ent to attract univeraal attention. The aale tmnmencei e?'h day at 10J4 o'clock, at our itore, 38 Broad atreet, and i peremptory. 1M GK.NK.B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER.? BY FRANK - i LIN k NICHOLS, oCee Ml Nassau street -K. * H, would meet respectfully a*auuu? la tuir fiienda anil Ue*r"l,''c thai ?!??? will give their prompt attendance to aalea of household furniture, merchandise, kc., at private resilience., and atorea. Henry h. i.keds k on., auctioneers ? kir-^t rate aleigh ? llenry il k Co. will aell, Mon ?lay, January 2'.', at 12 o'cleck, in front of tlieir a to re, No. 10 Nassau atreet, a large and first ijuallty Albany built 'lelgb, lined and cushioned with red pluah, in ex cellent order Can be seen in front of the store before the sale. Henry h ijcum. auctioneer? by h. ?> ipn k Co.? Monday, January 29. at lo^a o'clock, at the salesroom No. 1'.' Nassau street, large and valuable ci t action of extra> rdinary old and rare book*? a private library ? smong tliem are a number of illuatrated books, with line engravinga alio a great n>unher relating to Napoleon, Krance and the Irencli devolution, Irish and American b'atory and biography. Ilayles Msxarie and Itailey'e old English dirtionariea, all in folio, .loaepbua in I>utch, with a vast number of old plates, very valuable work* of the great Kre<ieriek of I'russia, |.'? vols, folio; also a large folio scrap liook fllled with English eariea turea, works of the litike of Marlborough and Duke of Pavsjr; Lucretius, 2 voir. 4to, 67 Mushy, a nuni'ier ?f worse ou architecture , alliums, with autographs of Tbos. .teflereon and other illustrious persons, together with a Isrge number of other very rare and valuable works. Csn be exsmined one day before sale with catalogue Hale without reserve. John w. komirindyke, ai ctionk>.r.? to hotki. and teslauiant keepers. ? Constable s sale, on Mon day, Wth mat., at 10 o clock, at No. Hi Naaaau atreet, by virtue of an execution, two large counter*, one large stove and pipe, lot of ateam pans, and other fixtures; al>e, la the basement two isrge topper cylinder*, two cooking ranges nf the n-ost *p proved patent, one large portable oven, ice box, kc. Tlieae good* are all new, and worthy attention. OiARLEh K. WaTTH, Constable JOHN W, rttMBtlVDYKE, At.'CTloNKKR MORT gaga Ml* of l.ouaahol I furniture *5 , no Tik-iiUjt, January 20, at 10)4 o'clock, ?t It lion I atraat, iihnjj bnuaahold furniture, ronaMlBg of tha uaual variety of parlor, dining room, badr<?>m anl kiteben furniture, palatini*, booka. Ac JOHN W X>MKKIM>VKK Attor nay for Mortgagee. Lr.AHE, riXnTBtS, I'AINTINt.S, ALHAMBKA, 193 Marrer ?tr?at to uurruw, at 10){ o'<- lock , mirror*, oil rloth, lounge*, eantra tibia* ian elialr-, rouatera, t,ad?1a aila, carp- t*. (Uawira, {daeaataito, bar Aituraa, furni'ure. alao, oil uaintinga. Vmn rla Medici*, Ac. AUo leaaa of lionai- Itaiioelta rr | uired W. A. f'AlUVK. Au< tIouc?r 47 flay *traat WMX W. WEhTUHT, A ' < ' I lo.S KfcK. ? tiENKKI. houaahold furniture at auction, by 'analogue, o morrow, Jannary 2?, at 10'i ?'?look, at 72 K>ghtb are ouf near I'onrtcnili a?re?t. ronaiatltig of all Ilia hanl aome parlor, chamber *t l beaetnaat furniture, in the aboae honaa. f-alr |?ltlr? rain nr abiita connoting of three al'gant pta r an<l manti- (liatta io*rwo>?l and ma bogaay trta a tataa, arm chair*. n pl .?u anl hair alotb, ro*ew<x?1 parlor fornit'ir*, In.hilr cloth anO br or a telle, rr rtegrre. mirror doora* rnaawo<Kl can Ira an<l pier tahl**, marbia top*, all??r vara, ricb caetor*, Mlrara, rata baakrta,, fork*. napkin iin/? laldlaa, Ac., tapwatry. royal WilUa and otb?r earpeta. lace enrtalaa, aladee,, carred bookr*ae. c?*tlr marital ea-ra and or nabta-nt ? with a 'aautiful colUrtlon of oil painting*, o-awnod and mnlioyaoy ba-lateada alagaat marble top buiwaa* aad wa*b(tanda cb?*al glaaa** aupertor hair aiattraaaaa, feather bad*, apring a?ai rhair*, iwkrra, aofaa, loonga*. gilt mirror* aiamallad an It eh am bar far nlture, toilet art* . A?\, villi a larga variety of liaawtnaot furnitura, diolag an-l 'a* table*, rich rhlaa. cat glaaa wara, rrrx-kary, oil cloth, kr CktnlaftM* at hou*? t?m. wrmato'. AVcrTnxnM wili. ?u. o* V? Tueaday a' 1 0 >, orlork at M Caeal -treat th? mtna alack ol a millinery atnra together wilb tha at-.ra Ittarra oouttara aho*>-a?aa, ribboiM, ralaata, pluah alika futltara, Ac . worthy of tb<* attaat.on of la 'lira aad othara. (ala p*ramp<ory lor aaah KIKTKR r*?IIIO*l?. ??711 rilW-A >f ClU.'fTAl.AK, AlCTKJirE**, r "111 aall on W?.|r?a.4ay Hat laat , at 10 o -l*?, at ?! !>? 1 Rroa-laay, Bp a'j??r? ia 'ooa^j ura>a n< tlta pr* pitatora dkaaolaiag pariaaralt>p, tbatr aattra ati? k of Aawrirao and H'laa an far#, C"ti>iatiag ia part, n' aaMa, Atrb, miak atnaa aad mnaatam martaa. ahinchUla. aqaitral aa<: aralna cart* 1 1 p ?1? otafla. boaa ?.*t'p?<na^, capaa and (iC'iltra g*'itlan>?Q a collar* aad gl???< tl^rr V-ar ?/.|f aad jaaat atmgb ro?a* and a lar*? luaottty of othar (ur? too anaatou tom-a'w?. a. ? roantara, glaa* >a?a?. lookiag gLaaaaa, larpotlag te , Hr Thla aala a worthy tha ift ? *U'>a of tba tra>ta aad otbara who will tad it a rl>a*r? aaldoa* to ba mat ai|A < ataUjg ua> wtU ba raa<<y <a T .a. t a/ mnrtt tag To ba ?aaaoa HomiaT aad Tu*?laj . C'HRAf mj hti i?i ftiunrf." asr. i: T'> tut. p'ibli' , for ????' ial aa#> ? r at?<<? ? i> aad It M fa-r aat all ara wall inwanl ai?d 4atirar*d 'r*a of oar' a*a N. H Tb*ra ia i*aiil< 'a'kxi wi>at?*ar frwwi '? aa ?boratanna Kl< HAl'I> CUKToV, iM lirat a<*aaa WIHITIAMM, SWWTVAL MAMIKTATrON^ rfH* < * ? o S r.AT ving aad writing aafttlam wtll h?*t p-ib'.i atr- ?? at Tf'i Rn^way. ia flopa ttapal k. Hi*r tbia allaoami **da*?w af. atan a>?r? tar tk'.a Mai M >???, 10 to It A. M , I. to k awd 7 t? ill t aaa?i ?<!/ '??!? ?IMfPMWi a Pvjft ??.hiij' a* l> ?nn? nm *A< tm? mm ah.p U|t ITU) rfATW f?/? f?r?l ?r |a-*afW afyly M haaH, fact af flfhth a ira? t fait rltar uurwu. X?OR LI VKRPOOU? UNITED STATW MA II, STEAM J ahip PACIFIC. E. Nra, Comtuan ler Thla lUira ah'p will depart with tba ualtad State# mall* for Karopo Riaitively on Wedneaday, February 7, at 12 o'clock 11., ?a bar berth, at the (out of Caaal atreet Kor freight or |taaaaf?, liaviug ia?ja(lbd aoauaiiaodatlona for ela gaace and comfort, apply to JO) W AlU) K. COLLINS, Art WaU Itreet. PaaaeBgera arc retiue?Ud to be oo board at 1 1 Si A M. The Atlantic will aacceed the Paeiflc, and tail Kelt. 'il. Shippers will plraae take notice tliat the alupa of thla lire cannot carry any good* contraband of war. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief cabin paaaage IMO Sect ad cabin paaaage ?& FROM BOSTON TO LIVERPOOL. Chief cabin paaaaga $110 Second cabin paaaage 00 The chip* front Hoatoa call at Halifax. ARABIA. (apt. J lid U i lie, AMERICA, Oapt Ung, PERSIA, Cap:. Ryrle, El'KOPA, ('apt., A.-IA, c*pt. K. U. Lott, CA.NAIiA. Capt Stone, AFRH A, Capt. Harmon, NIAGARA, (apt, Uir. h. Theae vraarli carry a clear white light at uiaal bead; gnen <>u starboard bow; red on port bo*. ASIA, tatt, leave* Itoalou, Wrdtieaday , Jan. 17. ? AN A DA, Stone, " Ilo-ton, We .oeatlay, Jan. SI. At- MICA llarrlaon, " Roaloa, WadoaaJajr, Feb. 14. Berth* aot aecured until paid lor An experienced surgeon on i > >m i >t 1 In* u* tit rn of tltn n alupa will not be accountable fur gold l int, bull. on, pecie, je?"lry, pieciuua atone* or ?in lair, unlet.* hilla til tailing arr n'giiril therefore aad the value thereof therein expn aied. For freight or paaiut^r <>i ply to R i t SARD, 4 Bowling Green. Thirt* will be no att-auiahip* ol thi* liue from New York until further notice. EB LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend aoiltng trieir favorite aWaiualiipe OF MANClit-^TLK. . . .2,126 km*. .Capt. Wyilo CITV OF BALT1MORK, ( new ? .Capt. CTTY OF WARUINWTOK, do J, TOO " . .CBpt. R. Ultah ! ton rilllUIKI.PHIA CBTY 0? MANCHKVKH. rhwrartay, January IS, lilt. raoM L^RKi-noi CITY OF MANCmHTVH We.lneaday, February 14,18*6. kaloon $90, 94b aad 164 accoriling to (tate rum A limited number of third claa* paaaanger* will ba taken from i'bUadelybie aad Liverpool, aad found la provlaiana. From I hiladelphla (80 | From Liverpool. 141 Partlea wlahlog to bring out tbelr ftiemt* can oliUio oertiticate* of paaaage, and draft* oa Liverpool In mmi of ?1 (terling and upward* Apply to S' MlfK!. SMITH, Agent, IT Walaut atroet, )'bUa<lelplua, u.d Ho. T Broad way, New York. f?0R LIVERPOOL FI'OM PHILADELPHIA.? THK NEW r acil aplrntllil Pbiladt'lph a built ateaiurhlp NORTH CAROLINA, 1,NHI tuna, Cnpt Waaliliiirtiin Synintaa. will be ready to receive freight ut Second Wharf, above Vine Mreet, on Wedneaday, Mat mat . aad nail en Saturday, February H, at 10 o'clock I'ate* of paaaage ? Saloon berth*, $tfO, inclui in* atrwanl a teea Third claaa paa ai pceri ? A limited number of tlurd chuu pa*?eriger* will be taken from Philadelphia to Liverpool, and found In provlaiona, at 1.5. Uralta on agent* lor ?1 ari l up wtirda. lor freight or paaaage apply to TIIOklAS Itll 'It AhlfrON A CO , 15 Broadway, New York, aud 'J Walnut atreet, Philadelphia. ?OK SOLTHAMPToN AND HAVRK -THE CNITEI) [Statea mall itMMf ' NION, K A<lara?, Commander, luaye N?w York for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the malla and paa?enj*r?, ou Saturday, Fab. 10, at 12 o'clock, from piar 3T, North River, toot of Ilea It atieet I'dco of Paaaage? Flrat Cabin.. 11. '.0 * " ?Second Cabin 76 Luggage not wantid on tin- voyage aliould he aent on board the day before, marUd " beloe. " So freight will be taken after Thuradar, Feb. 8. For freight or pamage apply tj MORTIMER UVINGSTON, Agent, &a Broadway. 1 1 AM till ' HETWtEN BATHE AM) NEW YOKK _ diiect. ? The Meamalup ALPH will aail from Hnvri- di rect for New York, (without calling at any port in Kng landj on Saturday, Vfiib of Novimtier. ilm ratia of freight aud pamMK** hr 1,1 aerund cabin* will be v?ry nioderati'. I he aaitlng of the itucc' <"llng aUamera will be abortlv aiinotince<l The raf of in^uranoe lu Krancr la lea* by ahlpa from Havre lireet for New fork, than in ahlpa railing at an i.ugli?h port. Apply in llavm and I'arla 17 Boulevard' dea Italiruit, to IKinald Carrie, or ia Ntw York, to K. C1NaRI>. 4 Bowling llrwn. N OTICT -FOR IJVERPOtJL ? THE WEIL KNOWS packet ahip NORTH AMKRICA, Captain Hark, will Mil from New Yovk on Wednesday, Slat Inet For pa? aaiie, whlrh la very low, apply to O'BKIKN \ BRoriiUt, l!i.i South atreet. BMlR UJNllOb ? TIU. PACKET -IIIP UVKRPOOI., Capt P Kearney, w It aail on it. ljy. F*h 'J. k >r tia??a((i?, in flrat or aecond cahiu, apply to THOMAS C. ROCHK, *3 South atieat. A OBMUkLlA? INliFJV-NlitNl I J NK ? IO SAIL WII'H X\. out fail Krbruary I ? lh? ciipiwr ahlp KASI'KitN MATE, I" Mrlbourtte otll be m rtur viaa above. accoinawdate four cabin and aii aernud cabin paa ai'Sur,*, if applied for tlra week. Her act ommodatlona aie aupt rior 1o an) Teaaotan* up an 1 |?rtiea deairoua of comtoit and a fine ahip. will <!<? eell to take (Miaaagr in tbi* yaaael. Por balance nf freight an 1 pa??tt|te, apply on board, at pier No. H, Fi t river or to ASKU.L i Kl I JOT, 14'i Pearl atpat or I KlCHARI>.-ON k CO., 62 South atreat. A I'STRALLA PIONEER LINE, CARRYIM0 ?? J\ t nlted ntatea mail ? Hie o<-w am! elegant A 1 clip Cr atlp UKWliUt, Will am Muter, Jr., ma al#r, I,.o0 na, will aucreed "be t? ?ao ')? eer <? t arnty third ahip of tbia line, for Sydney and Uelixi trne and will have in. mediate deepatih. raaaenfera fur Sy tney takea aa der goverBBieal arranit- Biroti pi t lea part paaaage h. re aail the 6alaii<? in work alter an val, wblrb la guaras teed to tbem a) very high ra ??. (at. to ar-oMiodatioaa acit aurpaa.eil by any ab p ailoat. latebdmg paaaengera s ? ill tileaae riamlu. before taking pa.iiage> /or irei*ht or pa.aage apply or ' ? ar4. at I river, or to R W CAMU 't S i t Wall airaoV B Nil Hi KUO.I- MAIL L1M. FOK CALIFORNIA, VIA A>|<Iii>iU uid I'aDiim-i li fotniim ar? In fur mi' I (by Authority fri/m t ??? I'autma Rottrnoal Cumpanr | Hat tba triBaltnl ttr Iiti in > will In by raiirooil fii m ornn to ??? an .In BMiro Oiulrt trui?l Vo rtrar bnat i ng < n Mr.n<)>j K?b I, it 'I i elock Y. M . from alar foot of W?rr>? atroat, North rt??r will i>- j.atebat th? fla?t I / v Cipt. II V pet, I" H.N, to MKriMt at I am. en* with tba new ?n-: aiiparlor ataaraahlp M'NOKA A Optra bout ? lima kapt at I'laaono t-> [in nut ilaTrnt.i.u IB cat* of a?uWnt No fraiflit ra Ctltf<l,tlt>r I'M I cWk i p 1b? 'u njf lay For p ooottfo apply at tbo rotupaoy I ot4* 17* ntil itmi to J. W. KaYMOND. DibPah ii uvx ron can fhancwco ? tmi new a ml aiagar.t ftr> ' cloto A I I'lpiar -hip H AMI 14. ?? II LKW, Hpif ?r maitti ? bow Ii*oim at p rr >u '11 kaat rltlt, ami bor.of tha bait or bar ?n gagnt will bar* tba u<uil Wpttrli of ')na lla*. Mi p pa r* lo h*n I rati' laro ara port. ulorly ra naoa-.a-l to rtoit tba Hani ual Wlllato, an I Ju IMmmiM of bar oup* nor tail tig ?, I. ? lit ??, till Ua.i.g 0*0 'ha -Uoipaal >U I a 111 a li ail n* for b? ?bo?-- I l<*r tba btUtN (f ? mall tipm'j durngi,. app'r lo >1 T7"N k 00. ''I Wall alraot I^uKCA VANS All ISII I 'A MlrllflAlkn . Mail I.ilo ? lb- oaw ao4 Of ? n : at- amah p K.ViX II I * apt A I' li.'t. ? *|U Wa<a Va w Y < ? i i tor Ho ranoari no hatunloy Fab ... from No 4 S irlH r ??r, ?tSo'elxk I' M Btln of lt<!>og t.'goa-! mi boori. Pog Irngtt apply om ixur.i or far [??????ra to "ami H, I, Mil' Hill, lit Rrooiiwir fut rVirWt* through tklatl from Saw V< rk t? Jirb ai.oailla i: I Ul 1'ilotka. I U. riia Morula. (apt kt H. Wa*4laaU, ?l.tooc*f1 itl liaii in KtilMnli;, lib, ' 1|V|R CMABUChfCN AMI ? MJKlliA- flill WCUCI.Y I'llMllltM Mall Ii?? Tha la writ# it / faat flog ttrimiblp NAfBVn I K M Hrrrrc '.?r will l-??? plar So 4 Ni rth Rlrar on A?*|f.?iUr, January >1, at So'rlori!' M pro- oalr J'jffra.fbt no I. ant. ? t.ara oil Hlla n( Mil Of *1 ba IMWd, ?n<l for pa?aog* It tba r<Ara uf hPfil kuKli 1 1 1 ? i ' ? m A * " ./I Hm?l aiy Tliro?(b t.rlala to PlarMo la '< lloa? to louao t lla, Ml lo i tlatko, ? i \ rou and t Auror.viA trttanr um. tloNkarsgua T?>' Jfin-; Trina ? '? pinr or .?-irorogaa hy ?tw TV "jilaoij ? !< .. bU *t,g tv* ?tooMoMp t^iAH or TTir. wi r mm .um.a?. tapt Ii<r?>r Will l?ata fr i i p.?r >'o KoVtti nror at It #i ? look i' M foi fklta Araoat t? Moo4a< >'?b 12,' tiO( oitb lk? Ulklt . V ? 'u? ? I. I'baa ntti tbo .Sieai>(ua Intu: rwlo, In < Kg .ut tor -a a,.l*a n la Oil ttaoa(KirtatwiM by Iti' -'all f iiuim Natarol >>? io4 i?if1 Irok utraoiboMa bin ; Wo pot ?? tbo r ??r I|4 ill* (hi(b ?!iortao* !)>? tlaaa IH tba trillil frooi '*??? to M*in, Th'-a ??!*???? a;? ??a..f (aaaait 10 tl?Oir faot lolioo III a " Mi. to via ' ?rtU for oformotioo i.r i? ?i* * i-;-1? "<?>> (HAH I???t k i hi.? ag l?ra?o lattor lot" ?>aOo up it ba a' a L/ '> ? .l i?U par bolt o*u<a B- - Mill ?? t )"l! IUVaN* , ?o< * ?? <fi?? ? On It ? , I'M iiry^itl f M , ffiioi [itar t ' '? ?rai ".?! \ H 'if tbo a.1 Iii>.?a aoit firor ta ibtoi p I MHRK ? ITT, Cope M. Wiotla. I aaaogo 'ao '? aoou o-t a' tbo "tkpooy'o oAro frO'gbl to >?? ftrlaolt '? ? Obta oor MM M Pblpyara oill b> ??| : l?4 oitb ??.? Mlla ?t -oAlng of tba arm . g?a t bf 'fca M?pt|| ?<? typ at.n* at tlia i I glra No III bar !? in ?lgo? >??. uo V r?. n W'Uog olll I a t.goaif if'?r tk ? l-ii r ?' a* ' { t nr 'ra gl.( nr mm Ufa ?pplj It tba o?/o of la |0(0|*lr. Wo. HI Waat >I |00| of fomo ? O tViltUtT* Bfl W ~Y'?i > , ^ , I CMfOU I "I Nao '? ? IK I' NMg ll lloroao, roirt iog tbo (?.??' "????I o.? I . ''awi'lj. HI." K *Ai KI'IK J I? ??;!!??> ''?? ' ?? ar o il i-mmopoo rufltiog 'iOir?i? | ? ? * Mi't ooii t'l tba ibM? |?iit?i* I'll i>.|ab ? M ||*i 'k 'raoflorit foot it HmiIi iina' Nortti ? <ar fro (kl for Uba o laru^. i?4 lor Mob lo rm. ? ; ai-4 to i?i OgodU lo Sa? IllHM, Joloat t<in |y A . ? . '<iii >| f/ao of i ooa.iaaii o? 1 aiaaog ? ? for Haunt t ut proaotO pooporto balota a>t,u twit Ttf !tl?!,| ??> o| ply to i A l*WW' . C Jb* M1 . "? k ? <) UtMf I llioofriy s P ~THa t ii io i , H ? >'??.(* 41 ' lootao '*t ?III i tba Morb Won ? it4 oil K ifif, hb ? ? Hlla of Of oaoot va ?a- .n far *'#ok?g Ota arao ?og I f ? ?M to 'ba >b p ooUtag rp NOKfOUB, *Nf) *!' HJ0"*U ? To* t o t?4 - <atao oto 1 itaaBUJtp " Ml/H ? i *tl, |_ forno'i, r>iioooo^ar, *IU laato p?r M bortt rtaor *? SatoMoy, J ao TI, ot ? #?b?t I M a I) orn >o IO Nor bll tba Mil oftiol' 0?, to-l fotonborg o? Kubioool tbo lo'Wviag ??i?0't.| fro Karfoil p*o?'?#ora for tba HoalA imaal bf uHwol luWt, oft tkro^b M ata frota WaMa* la ?l|o..a?V-o, AuMW, A- r i mgo la-* 'tra '? <4orfoA Mr % * I -f M fhb? gj ? 10 btwrua ba'' trua laolo to LI U-AM A riXkAAJfT*. ft MooHlf WAm A YOl'WG MAN WANTS A HITVaTION AH UROOMt f\ or road. man, undaratanda hit bualnaaa wa.l, and la willing te mnk* himaalf (Mar* It uaaful the < ountrjr prafarrad Imjuiro or addrcaa Ml llroadwaj. Dmorativf. hm nkMHmwmn uerman ? nil Italian acbool.? la road* to daoorata ia tha moftl approard mannar. anil la au atylaa. Addraaa, at VO* Spring atrwt, Naw Yark . GEORGE nCIIT. I>MI LOYMENT, AT GOOD WAGES? TIB WORKISd j cla aara malted to attand at a ajaa? n >-i in.g n( tha h< mr labor icovi-mrnt, on Monday avaalag nait, Jan. 20, at ?aaan o' I' M , at tba Broadway Tai-arnacla, whan th? graat problam will ha labor. Ilea an am ? plnyn ant l>? found lor tha prop la of tbla coanti; .tgoid wagaa Aouilaatoa Iraa. I- ' AW BI*INE4rt ? AN ACTIVE AND IWDt; MUOOR j yaoog of about two y#ara atandli at 'I a I nr, uml wall rrv] in tb?- law, o'la-i ? h a aarrca '?> mer chant* anO other* who prefrr t? truat thalr legal bual m-aa in audi hand*. at amdarat* Uargaa, ra'l.r than <ni| l'iy "old logira,' *hi want largo (???? an 1 *ra for nothing rl>*. Adtr?-a? 1. I. M. IIm all office -VTIRJ-B? WTl AT10N WAS >11) MY A RIWkXT .i. * able Woman, to ak# < ?? ? t . Iiililirn a 1.4 la 1 gilt arwlng nnd chamlia>r?ork '? I II* c. in pe tent to Uk? charge of an inlanl from Ita I irt>i Any ona daairaua of tli* aervlcea o( a peraon linn . if?pact aup-ror, will find thla an opportunity >el<' > ma-t wi'b Inquire at her | rraatit place, No. <<? Waat italtic atrari, Ho.iU Brooklyn. S All* MAN WAVTHI IN TDK KKIAII, DRY OOQDfl baalneaa. Apply to O. T. ).< nnrM, lbii Grand atreet, WUHamaburg. SITUATION W AM kJ rECTAILE YOUMI man, aa porter In > ot "ibfr, boaaat and .n ?Inatrlotia, am) la not all. 'I ? ' w k Salary a?p? 'ta t t<> bairndrrata. Adilreaa L. 1' and 6# Kuitoo atreet. rpO THE I'NEMPI UYE!' -ON THE KECEtfT Of ONE J ilollar, pent paid, t will ?? I a ir< eipt for making aa artli-ie, wunlei! by everypodj ptlli of $.'t U? li par ilay ran br ma 'a. No eipltal raaiuirad. It la a ganteal l.?alnr?. Aildrtaa H. K ( IIaMIIKU, 180 Wllliarr ftran, bit, Yolk. llf ANTKI* ? A MltJATU'N, I V A OERMA ? GIKI , If who apaaka I nxliah. aa < ok and f ouaa-kaapar J aha U a vary guo<l bahar. Hua tha b"at of c'ty rafaran raa. Can ba aaan for two Oaja, at tHa Wooa* ? r aUatt, naar Hlaackar. WMMY A YOOKii AMERICAN !.A f>V, Or good parronal appaarMoa, a atlnatwin n ? i < uaa karpar or compaalon tu ? ifrntli man of 1 1 b?- ra? I ir- ana. ^nna uthrr n?a<t anawrr I laaar a>'dra<* Am. . <? aajr, Hr< a<lw*y I oat Ofltc*. prapald. WANTKI ? A ( (IA< IIMAN <>NJ WHOI'NM". ! (NIK lila huninaaa |?rf?rtly, an I ngliah er lV..teh?i<a, muit I ring gi i d irlriaBc. < ?il?tliE??i fi..riy Br?t atraat, to day, Hatnn'ay. WfANIKlwA I'ROTlWTANr GERMAN <1H s <M II girl. >a- that f*n i orno wall<tt? idad a good wa> bar and Ironar, and flr>t rata ri?ik an 1 ab# haa baan >oin>- t ma in thia o un'rj. No otkar m ?1 ap ply oppoaita ita roroar of Mf-nuli' atrtat and f . I w.?a ?aanua, llnahwli-k. Intwaan tha I our* of 0 an 1 10 1 uaa ?lay morning tl a ..Utb inat. ?\\r ANTED?A HMART, A'TIVK GfRI., AHCHAMIIEH TV maid niuat ba a I'rutaMant Apply on Mon'lay mornitg to Mra tamaworth, 3J! llraauway. WANTED? A (t)IXlRKI) WtiMAN Of GOf)|i < IIAR ? ai tar wlui unilarataad* plain ciwhlag and la wil ling to maka b ra- If Kaorrally uwful, la a aaial! family, Apply at VI llmrman plara. Wa.t Thirty-third rtraat batwmn Eighth and Ninth atmua?. WANTEK- AN ABl.E HAI.H*MAN AOQDAOITVD with tba hard a a ra bualaMaa, for aou>a arlit'aa n that Una. Apply at t:t7 Klui atraat, fourth Boor. ?PKCMI, mmfll. A Ml RlCANH AROrai TO A BKNHE "f nriY -- A * lliii'tia ??f llobiikrn yon an raapoctfutly ra-[U??>J l? bmI at liaiilMi'a llotaL In lludaon atnat, tl.i? fKa t ii i ifay) rraniLg, .1 an '.'7, lor tha purpoaa of 'la^'d rif whlrli ia thagrrati at and moat InJvriMa rll'iua tl.oaa who "o nroet" In i-ality i>>t?ata publia luaaimga anil a||*al to tbtlr dinn?ia f<'r aupport or lh')a? wto "can cnrt" a aitjr rl art?r for a battar and mora banafirla) gaa aimnrnt of tha ntiaana and town o| IfoSokan ia pr aa'.a an i in aarnrj mi at;lad by a tlangaroua part* who ai* brlbad to tnpptrt and faror a wnopoly, acdau.aato thrlrutnoat III a tiranulr ami rl.tgrnatiral, '? otatthinw and put down all ???<*'. m l aidarly ' ? tana, wfco wi ll to m (a and govtm tlx maalraa, witbo ?. ;ta a >1 ol grcg ahnp 1 1 dit i* an | a anucixn, Amnpi-AU. wmt awakw. : I aitf'l \niir >an<, Know Nntli ri|a, ttawfbtff* "t Tirrlra, anil all kindiai) an iat ? a, air inai'i 1 \u a'taaA I tb* yraaantatlon < f a Iraotlfol Aiaatirai. atrDaaa ta I 1 leliard Auatin. at tha maattag of Or Nraae'.a | ward Trmparanaa hociaty at IVHaei-- flail |o f t Kaat ' Broadway, *n thia i- unlay ) avrnlog Goial ' l*ak Nf and ainicmg |? ri|*?ta4. I inilllllan a-ldraaa m 1 l? ball of tba I ? ?? ?< ta t ? ia of A marl ? a. I .? ' bar '? M II#. 1 1 >4 Admiaaii n Ir-r By order of AMC JA BA1. 1 " act I Wght I auplittf n; A?i> i.ra II^AIR, FAIR, EAIE? IDE UMCI <<E Hi' <.'-n CtmarMaa aackity ara now holl og a 'a i for ' I l.i m-Bt of tha n ln f fui..| r>( th< or tar In tba M ??r! Ifall, | ?? il Broadway, oj | oalla li.omi a-m'a aalo-.n b-'.waaci I < oaartl aao f rank'n airmta. IhalnanMa at lUMM ol tamprraner aia mtilad lu 'ali Opan atari n#t rr at T o'clock. Ma y ok h orrxx, javcaRY I. i?'f-niicK* ? . bprnMt at tbla ofll ra, a romplalat Imoi, aidar ta ga of a ?? ni|-t?nt j?-ra?o for tha puryaaa . f ;a*att Itg ami anWing all < o?np aintanf BiatUra aotr tf 'ft m tha jurla<"rt,< n -t tha Binnlcipal autborltlaa. fix ?af ? r aid ant-rtam, ami ?? far aa llM law* ft** t i uaar, lata engniMf ? af ? Ua'gra prafarr* I by ItlMI ? ? a par Ua-( for *loU( u ? I ordlaaaraa aad d?ra 1 :.i af f?l f u|?ia tba fart > ' any prra<? boMlag oSa* a i?r 'aa atf gotaramaai* 11/ ori'.ar of tha Mayor WM II KTEMIKNII r? ? 41] tl a pa |<a t a la thla city wUI plaaa* ?a p ? aaa aa>? tkair b.ila to *Kia ofiira. V'-I'D. I lll.IU.Br GIVEN Til *T Tin M W I IX EC 1" fa al n.aatmr of tba atorkh.d lai- ?/ ri . ia..r, rar. and I oialf ii ir'<n raiamant Coaipauy a* ti -if ? " r, llOBriadaa< York t mi lb? 1Mb f?y of l?bi ? y aatt, at 12 M f* r tha rlartlnt af aavar tr lata** Nrw York Jan 34, l*tl I. II tltUI %? y a p. a - ibe ona or rsnm amuiu a^", wMrahbrata tl.aanalv** (l ap! | latkinrlal, iiM ?> Erbruary -'H i -ua. aaai. Mr Ika A<adf|uy af M a <i ?? I ?| I atraat, i l aa baan piorain *r tl# ix , , .-i < ? !? ? '?ofnrwad by th? ?'.n??B'.oi. il ... wl v h' '4 ' l< r n * ? r ? it C'ianrary l'i ' ra<.. ratat r|o! ink ar.i (laitaran<t ^ w p!*a*? ? t* W (if BORN < lai *' iK*. a'. Jia. ' Hi law '?? ?, <7 I 1. all an ? ? lait ft Mli-aaaia ?, l or. Hra'jr ,1 ?i. ? r*? ? k?? ? ? '?? 1 ' ? ?? 1 1 Ml AVI? k I ai.j Al Iba ana .al i? bald aa t!_a '?? I any, Uaaa'i b'-l? a II I? ? ??<) h?m tlia 1Mb a>t a' I a"#r II alarti>/a By aidrr, I' C. KliiiW aa raia rf. OIEH'E "I TBI I- RUIN !? AVEKUR I AitJ paar ) a* Yatk, January It, 1BI ? I #l?rtl? a *'? I la' t' la of thl# V "Jiall > W ? M M i ada y |al i lit I u?a t al tb# idl 'a of tt* '# No f-i Miy fum 11 tl'l 1 a\Vak Tu Tlit I'O 1 1111' ?RY |S?TITt'T>.? ' TU AltlYI ?- Mlu'l aaaatlat.i'li r? mpoaad -I llabr*w ya ,r.g iwan ai.d >'a*ata4 ba Iba mpr aamaat nf Ita aaawbara n arta, amaara and l.'ra1' ia will ball a maatlaf tb a, f- t iar) atraiar Jan ary ^Mb al tba " dab Movaa s'o l'i |:<>wiry, at * u 'lock. IAMTKI ?*rio?. r r* ok ? ? n iv. oo? mum* a< a in * r ?? ?V/# l!i ' ?'! *? * l"?rn a* k?(it b; lb* vtara. fr??a >'?!?( (fc# I' '!??< If! wr?fc iu?j ??cur* tn If' r ? 7 t*upiii w i.l t?*ra lo 'f-? 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