Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. TOOLE NO. 6730. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. FFAIRS IN ALBANY. tit Week or the Session of the LegUlatu*. | following is a summary of the prooeedinga of a 1 td general nature of the two Houim of the Legia- ! during the fourth week of the pretest aesaion ' IN THK WATS. oar, Jan. 23? The .Senate met at seven P. It. In ?ence of the Lieutenant-Governor, Mr. J. B. Wit waa elected preaident pro ten. tions Presented ? To increase the capital of the At Mutual Insurance Company; agalnat diversion o school moneys for sectarian purpoiea; several, to II church property in hands of Trustees. annual report of the Greenwich Savings Bank o" ork wns received. bill relative to ezcHvations iu New York sad yn came back from the Aattembly, amen led i concurred. ply from the Attorney General was received in ? to a resolution of the Senate relative to suit t Trinity Church. Passed in Committee? To authorize Snperia it of the Banking Department to ioveat belonging to the bank fund ; to autho la Surrogate of Chenango county to adopt a si; to pay Tbeodcre liar ton for work done ou State t Syracuse; to amend the act of 18ol for the more ?l auppreasion of gambling. ii? stage of the prou?".ling* it was discover*! tlint 'a* not a quorum present, when, after iteveral in >1 attempts to autoorue a call of the SeusU* it atijourntd. ' ,ATi Jan. 23.? Petitions? To amend thecbtrter of ama Kailroad Company- to incorporate tlie Hap torical Society "I New York, against continuing ot commissioners to locate county buildiuir* iu ?r couuty. nnuat report of tta" State ICnginter on railroads aino of the JBiooiuingdule Savings Uatik Savings ofSfw York, (over seven miUiooM on ' u . h? Saving* Hank, and South u Saving* Bank. FVr th" payment of canal damage* to ? *?, lhe """" tyrus Walbridgc: for .. . . l'ettis, Chruto jiier HaUhaven. liauk, and John J Culver. ilution of inquiry wat, adopted, calling upon the nioaer* of immigration to report certain facta in to the arrival ol loreign pauper*, criminal*, Acc. *iT,Va adopted, sul oitin^ ini urination from may' enters of police, &c., ol* cities, to procure iufor relative to pauperism and crime induced by in nee. J sken up In Cominittea? To anund the charter at tma Kailroad Coiui any At tne request of Mr it was laid over lor the day, in order to enable to procure information, to appoint conimu to locate the second Slate Lunatic Asylum? H. Mom, of Niagara; Haniel a. Dickinson, of an.ll). B. Brown of New York, were appointed mmissioners. io uutnoriz* chariuble institu bind out children t.y adoption; for ttie support ?la among the Sti.uec <k tribe of Indians. moat, Jan. 24 ? 1 cUtljn* presented, of Super 1 Kinga county, for a law to eatabliah leei of udgea and Sum-gates; several, to prsvent the ichocl moneys lor sectarian purposes; to extin ' of Stockbr <lk-e Indians, to make insurance is liable lor the traduction* oi their agents ior rot to charter oi hoclieaier. mmittee on Comnu<rce made a report relative to ona in tte navigation of the Hudson river, also ion asking Congress to mate further appronria' mprovei ts navigation. J relative to the tenure of church property was I by the Select iVmmittee. Its principal pro "* ? 1st. Thr Stite ctiould have a uniform policy u to the tenure of church property. 2<1. That -titration of tile power which would be vested in i. by allowing tne n to hold the title of coase JunUs, is anUfc.-n nti.*! to lite whole theory au<l outgovernmer :td. That it would tend to he rights of free worship and conscience. 4th. souln tend, by tLe acquisition of power iu the the clergy, not legitimate to their office as teacher*. to some of the most liagraui evil* irom the nniou of church and State. 4tu. i acquisition of real estate in the hands of the langerou* to He* institution*, and leads to all ie.'a which the English act* ol murtmaiu have ies sought to prevent. art* of several saving* banks were presented itatlon was received from Out Ten Governors e institutions nadir their care in the city of announced a* speeJily forthcoming to incor oratio rotter ami other* Trutitee* of th** fun i lief of widows and orphans of deceased clerg uaoopal Church a bill to provide for the ap '? of a commission to visit lunutic asylums ?*, Ac., and inquire into the treatment of th ) authorize the ' oiumi.u Council of Hrookiy money for sclixil purposes, to provide tor th rig of insane convicts. tion was offered requesting the Attorney Ueue ununicate to the Senate hii opinion ait to th ? mr State to divert lr.m it* natural chtuus I of a river flowing iato another State. A pro icuasion ensued, when the refutation wit lost, tion was oflered calling upon the BrooMvu Company for cert tin information. ainder of the seisicn wa* spent in debating a calling for a report from a committee of tlie pointed at the last session, In relation to the d iand*. i to adjournment, the Hoa. Zena* Clark, om St. Lawrence district, rose to a ques ivile^e. He said that the Albany rorresiioa i New Vokk Hi-.kai.o stated that he (Mr C i *d to vote lor William H. Seward for United ator. He pronoun :*d the assertion untrue, (d that he was pledged to no person. T, Jan. 26. ? Petitions presented for an t to the Camden Bank charter, against con i acta of commissioner* for locating Schuyler ildings. rotluced? Incor) orating the trustee* of the lief of widows and orphan* of deceased fcjpis Omen, restraiiaug banks and individual int acting sa tavings bank*, to eularge the 1 duties of commissioners of highways: to laws authorising coilegea and other ia*titu old real estate in trust conceining bank ropriating moneys to the Oneida Coufereore in relation to building docks in the town of is, Westchester county. se<!? ."ome thirty for canal damages - to amend ction of the Code: authorizing the Surrogate ;o county to adopt a new seal, to extend the of 1949 to th* Ontario branch hank. *a* Introduced, making inquiry into the e of money on the fint section ol the Kne rusaion waa had thereupon, which continued i of tba session. Ian. 29 ?Petition? Presented? To amend the the New York College of Pharmacy , also, of ">rk Mutual and I'nien Mutual Insurance (>,m imend the charier of New York and Shawen g Company; several against the use of school sectarian purpose* ; against restraining bauks from acting as savings institutions, rod need ? Concerning han? notes; to prevent discounting on their surplus capital; rfgu sailing of stock by joint stock companies In taxes on non resident land*, to authoriie the Jklyn to purchase real estate from the gene nient; to extend the time tor collection of vn of Cbenaniro extending the tlinn for col axe* in the town* in the state. faking provision for taking the census wi< committee and diseu**~J. ', Jan. 27.? petitions to prevent the diatrlbu k>1 money* for sectarian purposes , communi i n Superlntamlent of eastern se. tion of th* or investigation, for the extinction of the Abridge Indian*; against legalising acts of ere to locate Schurler county buildings, educed? To extend the charter of the ( ' dlege y; to regulate the number of billot boiea in itv; to amend the act relative to the dapoelta eVnited Stat**; in relation to the raosmp ' sold for taxes; to Incorporate the American ?torlcai Association, for the protection of lie cemetile*. lief bill* were pissed. * I an was introduced, asking for a c ommittee e the cause of the resignation of Dr. Ilene e State Lunatic Asylum. l<aid on table tion from '-he Hoose. asking t'ougree* to aid I of 1812L waa adopted amend the ehaitor of the I'auama Kailroad a taken up in cosimittee and discussed. comm aaio i?r? to lo-ate the second Mtate l,? o waa pa seed in committee, also tbe bill to ?trurtion of the Shine :?ek Indians. m was adopted, authorising the Commltte ? to visit New York on the T?t of K-braary distribute school moneys to the Vive Point* h"?1 also, tba Mil to enable the ncil of New York to take testimony in cer J IK TH? a-BBMBLY. Un 22 ?Petitions Pre*ente<l? To rmlnc for Iran-porting conrlcta: for a free bride n creek, Island, agminvt changing th tbe Twelfth ward of Ftreoklyn; for a Stat committed f) to remov* obstruction- In arbor to amend th* charter ef the Atlantic an' e t ore | any ; Matlve to the removal of ob t Hi rlgate; for an appropriation to th* nb Institution, for s change in the criai rapnrt o| the Canal '"?mmiaaiaaers was ? tbe report of th* State Rnrinaer on ca tat ion from tbe New York Ten ttnvernon to institnt'on* was r*cei\ed end laid on the need? For th* better sac ir,ty of stork hold Mirste.1 ct miauies; to p-ei -nt the ante of relative to the general saaalons la (Ju-tns ?? cd the State railitia laws: to amend the ? tea in r*latiou to the coL- - iii n of temande sn l^t ?*l? rtK.ulr sjr the pvr^sn of tl>* fibster IKnty to gtv* hon l. relatie* to the 1*1 women to amend the r.'evlaed Statutes Ok jolihtng , to continue t.te rhkitar of the Jont ss nutosl Insurance t . mpant A raeoll.t.i n was la*.t on th* table directing the Adju st Oeneral to report ?o the Honaa whether aa> ntgl ?at, batuion vt cotnran; of a lius no* xgaalaed i bM beea so organised oontrary to law, and if so, to dis band the ume. Tl-hday. Jan. 28? The Speaker appoiated Maura. Beadle;, Gate*, Boyaton, Seymour, L. B. Johnson, de lect committee on the Coda. Ilie temperance bill was taken up in committee, Mr. Blatchford In the chair. A discussion of two hours en sued, and an amendment added to the second section, declaring that persona authorized to sell liquor under the lav a hall receive not over twentyflve per cent prebt on ail eal?a. No other bualneaa waa tranaaoted. WmmK-nAT, Jan. 24 ? Petitions 1'reeented ? To amend the assessment law, for a bridge over Newtown creek, against abolishing ftea of Count; Judges and Surrogates; to legallte tfcp acta of t b?* Rupervisors of New York ; for the appointment of county Superintendents of Common Schools, to eitend the elective franchise to colored men; to extend the time for the Stateu Inland Railroad to corn mem e work; several for church tenure lav. Bills Presented ?To areot the town of Tuscarora Steuben county, tocxt?nd Hie charter of th? I'rankltn Mutual Insurance Company; to piovida tor clearing out Black Bock harbor; to amend the New York lien law; to make the Register a salaried officer. A proclamation of the (Jovernor of Maesaciiuietti, ad ding Roaton Kiva Corners to thif State, waa received. Tt?e annnal report of tbe Commiaaary General was re oeived. Further Bllla? To dispose of the Quarantine property; to remove tbe Quarantine . to huiUl a floating hospital and to appoint a Quarantine health officer and physi cian; to secure the purity of elections; for the incorpo ration of the Trace; Female Inatitute of Rochester. Tbe resolution from tbe Senate providing for Ibe elec loa of United H tales Senator, on the Oth of February, wan taken up and adopted. '1'he resolution relative to the lands under water granted to Mr. Buggies waa adopted. Ihe resolution directing the Adjutant Ueneral to die band ull military organization* not established according to law waa adopted. The invitation of the Ten Governor* was considered and debated for an hour, when the question waa taken and it wnn accept?d. In tbe afternoon aeaaion mine progress wa < made on tbe bill relative to tbe assessment and collection of taxes. Ihe temperance bill was again taken up and dlacuised, but without much progress Thursday, Jan. 26. ? Petition* Prevented? To provide again**, unsafe building* in the city of New York; to regulate the tenure of chuich property; fora free bridge over Newtown creel. Tbe bill to provide for the distribution of the revenues ol the Literature and United States Deposit funds was paaaed. The Committee of the Whole then resumed the con sideration of the temperance bill. Motions were made to amend in vsrious particulars, to strike out the enacting clause, to rise and report progreea, but all declared lost. A reconsideration of the vote taken yesterday, by which a limit of twenty live per cent was adopted, waa obtain ed. when, upon taking the question again upon that amendment, It waa loat. No farther progress waa made in the bill. Tfce committee paaaed the bills to amend the charter of tbe Syracuse Water Worka Company; for the relief of tbe Kinpire face Brick Company ol Richmond county; to provide for the conatruction ?: a road :rom lake Plea sant to 1 ong Lake. The bill to enlarge the powers of the Court of Sessions of Rensselaer county waa passtd; al?o, the bill to amend the charter of the Newtown Bridge and Hood Company; also, the bill to charter the Montgomery Farmers' Mu tual Fire lnaurance Company. Fkjimy, Jan. "_0.? Petitions Presented ? To euforce the statute relative to cbursh property, of the Hebrew Bene volent Society for incorporation: to re-inatate the office of County Sup<*inten4eiit of Common Schools; to aBow town 4 to take stock in the Albany and Susquehanna ltailroad Company; to remove the quarantine; to repeal tbe law exemption $1,600 of clergymen's property from taxation; to appropriate the military tax to tbe poor fund. Billa Introduced ? To complete the Idiot Asylum build ings: to sii thorite the purchase of lands for tbe manu facture of salt; to amend tbe act providing for a special county judge in l ister ; to authorise Westchester coun ty to borrow money for building purposes; to provide ior the academies which taught common school teachers during 1864; to dispose of the Quarantine on Staten Island ; to amend Reviaed Statutes m relation to the col lection of demands against ahipa and vessel*; to prevent tbe sale of unwboleaome or impure milk: repeahL^thn act prohibiting the circulation ot foreign ban* not* a under live dollars; to build a bridge ovr the Harlem river at Klngabridge; tu provide tor certain expenses of tue State government; in relation to the support ot tbe poor. The thirteenth annual report ol thi New York Society (or tbe Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents was re ceived. Bills Passed? Appropriating the proceeds ef the lite rature fund to academies in which common school teachers have been taught in 1864: to amend t tie charter ol village ol Norwich; to amend charter of Syracuse City Water Work* Company; to facilitate tbe dissolution of the Empire Face Brick Company; to amenl the char ter of ths Newtown Boat and Bridge Company. Bills Introduced? To eatabliah Courts of Conciliation; to explain and amend tbo Passenger act ef 1#47; to amemi the act requiring police justices in New York to file convictions tor vagrancy : to amend tbe charter of Brooklyn; to prevent the circulation of bills of the banks ol other statea, unless secured by public atoeka; to regulate the operation of foreign railroads o trned by companies out ol this State: to provide for the election of certain judicial officers of the city of New York on a sepaiute ballot; in relation to the Justices of the Ma rine and Justices' Courts, and their (.'larks, in the city of New York. The joint resolution authorising a Committee of the l.egt*lnturn to visit tbe criminal "Institutions in New York waa called up anil rejected. Thn rt solm ion nquiring th* amount on deposit ia the bank* of this State, and per rentage paid on said de posits. was adopted. [1'heoiiject is to ascertain what security depositors in savings banks have.] the afternoon session was taken up in discussing the temperance bill, but no progres* waa man* thereon. sattiway, Jan. 27. ? Petitions Presented ? Several in relation to tenure of chnrch property; againet the re moval of the quarantine, to allow certain plank roa ls to increase their lolls; to change the name ol the town of Kirn. Bills Introduced ? Relative to tbe salary of Treasurer of King* county illative .o tbe militia of the first di vision, to amend the militia laws of the State; to re duce tbe several act* in relation to district courts of New York into one act; to provide a separate ballot for certain judicial officers in the city of New York; to explain snd amend the New York Passen ger act of 1M47; to ameud the charter of Brook lyn; iD relation to Hamilton aquure. New York; to amend the act incorporating companies to navigate lakee and river*; to regulate tbe pilots of H'llgate chan nel; to incorporate the New Yerk State Colonixatlou So ciety: to authorize the sale of company property; to re duce all moneyed tranaactions to federal currency ; autho rities attorneys and counsellors nf to* Supreme Court to take affidavits: to ametd aection 114 and section 3M C*de ot Procedure. Mr. Petty offered a resolution Id relation to tbe elec tion of a I nl'ed state* .Senator, laid over The House went into committee on th* bill to amend the act in relation to the assessment and coUectlon of taxes. Reported progress. The temperance bill waa then taken up and discussed until the boor of adjournment. S: Perm Qiittl of the Member* of the lew York Amiably. [Prom the Albany Journal, Jan 27. J There are fever lawyer* than usual in the Legis lature- the only note-worthy tact wa obaerve in the | Hat. The farmer* greatly predominate. Toe l*w jeia are recond in toe list, and merchants next. It is a dagular fact that there are just aa many me chaaice aa gentlemen, and only tour of each:? Ftrmera 40 Lawyer* 21 Merchaata 10 I'hyaiciana 4 ! Farmer* anil merel.*nt?, 4 Teacher* "i M*chan:r* 4 Urntlemeo 4 i forwarder* 4 Clerk* 2 And one each, lawyer ana farmer, editor, lumber men, watch repairer, sailor. naval archite ct, tailor, hotel keeper, otnnlbu* proprietor, auctioneer, con I tractor, manufacturer, nureeryman, author, farmer < and mannfeetorer, and carpenter. The birth p lares of the members are given aa fol i Iowa:? - New York .104 'onneeticut 7 1 Wment 3 llam^niMtta 3 | F*nn*yivanta > New J?t*ey 2 I Indian* 1 N?w Hampshire 1 Kliode lauod 1 I'ranoa 1 ' Ireland 1 Judge H. Smith, of Hteuben, is the oldest metrber, , (bale and hearty); and K. Minitta, of Near York, , the youngest. Intelligence from Ttui. W* bar* Hah?*ton paper* to the l#th ia*t. lb* Trinity ruer, at Inat adeio**, waa low and failing TheliaitesUn \rwt any* The nnateadiiie-* <?( the ntn gat? n tl.u- far baa not permitted nneh of the cotton ' crop t" be braiagM 'low n, and iltiKn bar"- been In dnedby th* *urlden hang** in the *tag? of water to nistent *,hf?B?el??* with what hu*(n??? they can do in the lower portion of tbe rteer. Freight* deati'n*d for the upper country ta*?>- beea * to rod at tbe lower landing* Hn- aame paper my tb*r* M?m? to be a general det*r { mlnatiou In lexa* tbi* ?*??m to plant more com than ' aaual, la antisipation of a heavy an?igratioa next ?Mat Ferernl Western Texan pap"r* are urging <>n tbeir reader* tbe Importance ot -ending delegate* to tbe rail road convention pr'poeed to be held In Aoatm. At a nteetinir ot the citl?*ne of Trarle county, b?ld In Anetin on the *th inat., it wa* roaoleed that th* railroad conveo | tion be held at lagraag*. on the ir?t Monday io March next. A petition to Congre** la being aignad in Anatin, re faceting two dlautcta to b- (ornx-d and two federal jndgsa appointed in Tela* and that Ike eeorts he held asinl annually. Tbe object fought to b* gamed la th* more *p*edy netUament* of suit* againat r-aidant* of the -tat* J. P. ' lev* land. Kaq.. ha* be*n ?lerfe-l Mayor of Ana tin Wa underetaarf that the Know Nothing* eiaeted their entire ticket. Tbe iroonnt of cotton reeeired at laease thie aaasan, up to the 1Mb inat., wa* -,ouo haioe. Aa agricnltaral aoeiety baa been organised ia D*Ua< (nuty. Th* bark Trinity, twelr* days from Bostoa. arrired at Oalraatoa on the morning of tba lath . Tb* .V?>| aaya ? Mi* htUge a full cargo, about nw half o? wblck 'ooalat* M a ataam engine, two boiUea. a ad all th* machinery of ? cotton factory ta be eetebiiebed In th* >jtat? Pmlt* Viary at Hnatsvtl* ARRIVAL OF THE EMPIRE CITY. Tkw Dmjm Later from Cuba? Baft Arrival I of the Falcon at Havana, 4m-., dee. The CnitedFtata* mall i, team ship Empire City, Capt. Windle, armed ye?terd*y from New Orl?ana and Ha rm*, in tour uay* and eighteen hour* from the latUr port. Tha Kmpire City left Near Or lean a 20th inst., at ft A. M., readied Havana on the morning of the ',i3d, and, after transferring the California nulla and passengers left the flume day for New York. She mat with a vary haavy gale off Hatteraa. The steamship Valcou, from Aapinwall, wan at Havana having arrived on the 21*t, and the steamahip W Dorado, from Naw York, was entering the port an tha Kmpire City left The puriier of the Kmpire City wiU accapt our ac knowledgement* for lata iuteUigenc* and files of Havana papera. - OUK HAVANA CORHR8PONOKNCE. Havana, Jan. .13, Hi:.. Mr. Montoro and Captain McCuUoch *01 im Prison Mr. y*lix to hart a Hearing before the Military Com miuion ? Genet al Review of the Military by Concha The Opera ? Arri\<al of the Mexican Schooner Anita JVeio Municipal Ordinancet?Krliiiioun Mat ten, <tc. Mr. Monturo, citizen of New Orlean*, remains in prison, but with tha privilege of oecaaional interviews with hia frienda. The government deapair of constructing a case agaioat him for the murder of the rile denouncer, I 'a* ta rn do, but have determined that he ahaUfial the power of*n*piclon. Captain McCuUoch, alio a citizen of New Orlfann, where he wa* born, retaini hia residence in tha Quten'a Koyal prison, hia mate bearing him company, without any immediate prospect of releaie from the aw fn1 fangi of Spanish ju.tica. Mr. Kelix has been notified that be will have a hearing In public before the "Mili tary Commiation," under the same rule* as were eitab liahatl by the case of Mr. Thrasher, but the worthy flical did not state tha time h hen the consummation of the parade would be. Thi* ceremony, in the can* of Mr. K? trampe, will not ho nece*?iry, and, therefore, probably dispensed with, a* the word* which drop from thu lips of thi* agitator aeem to travel far aad fa*t, with force upon J Cuban intelligence, which atonld be avoided for presorva- I tion of the public peace. The Captain (I^pworth) and a 1 brother in-law, maater Wm. Draper, of tho Hritish ship I Isabella, lo*t on the louth aiae of Cuba, go to New Yo/k [ by thi* steamer on their way home. ftn Sunday, the 2Jd. we had a grand parade inspection j and review of the troop* by (len. Concha, on the I'aseo I Isabel. The ehief wa* surrounded by a brilliant staff, | ana the mUitary appearance of the whole wa* impoiing! minus the negroes, who were placed near the centre of , the line, in order to disjiania tliulr strength, to right or left, a* might be most grateful or inritiag to their com patriot* In anna. Pie lancer*, light artillery and infantry, I with a *i|uad of militia mouated men, made up the line ' about three thousand men all told were on parade. Concha itemed in good spirit*, and ahowed tj advantage, as he alwaja doei. The bull peu* of Belaacoaln ware de serted for the parade, which wa* tho superior attraction, j The opera thi* season, however well it may have pleaaed the public taste, ba* not received the usual patronage, *nd the job or *peculation will fall with loi* upon the contractors. Tha etpril du co.-pn baa not been atrong enough to prevent the irruption of petty jealousy and consequent dlfcord* among tha barinoniou* feminine ?tars. Steflenone, from longer place la oor affection*, claim* precedence over her new rival, who ba* peraon. Hguie and face y at, for admiration, while her intelligence is equally captivating. Die Mignorina Ki-orenti has de clined continuing in aisoclatiou with the oompaay under its prtstnt organization, aad will liy the orbit to shine by aad for herself, a* the c*?e may be. On the 18th in. tan' the Mexican schooner Anita, lluvo master, ar rived with ICS of thec?anta Annacaptiva*, mada in Yuca tan >7 lieutenant Colonel Jimenez, aud contracted for, through the i'avarian ( omul, for the bouse of Goicouvla lii other*, to whom they are consigned. Ilow long tbl* 1 gume will lie permitted, or whether any restraint will be brought to bear upon the iniquitous traffic we are cari- I oun to leam, but II will b? m*de aLjiarent, probably, af t*r the disposition of this cargo. If they ao not go into the government depoilt, tho quest oa la settled in favor , of the (peculation, by the preparation of u batch of coo tract*, with apparent s.guatures of the self c instituted slaves. They are uow denominated oalonisti, or freo emigrinta, aud as such they will overcome the objection which h** been intimated by the Hritish Consul? Joseph T. Crawford. We hava once more In port the French war Meamer Acheron, Commander lionaciiriati arrived from Mart inioue on the 16th Insl. Her ilritanan Ma jesty * wir ichooner Scorpion, arrived same<lay with the officer* and crew of the Spanish bark I'riaieva de Catalo nia, wrecked on the Key Verde, bound from Han elontto .New Or lean* in ballait. A* the Scorpion left port ou tho morning of the 19th, the SpanMi men of waY manned yatds and rigging, In compliment for the service ren ilered. In ia?u?s of the /Mario <U la Marina of the IVth an I 20th you will find extract# from the fJvtvt nmrrtt *tir of our new municipal ordinance*, which are intended as improvements upon p**t legislation. In many ciuie* uae l?fs restrict Inn* are omitted, but some objectionable feature* remain under the head termed " religiou* Uutiea " For this age, it seem* idle to require the crowd to kneel. If they chance t? cross the path of a priest ac companied by a half dotea nagroe*. bearing the Host or sacrament to be ministered to some dyiag creature under the penalty of two to Ove dollar* fine for infrac' tion. This hoaover, i* better than the liability to b? knocked down with a musket in the hand* of a eoHier as ha* been the case with persons? strangers, and igno rant of the requirement* of the law* in thi* particular. I It i* better, too, than the tnforcement to kneel to everv image that I* borne through tha street* on the holy Erade day* of the cniirch, a* I hava seen in the city of vana. Ilia proper obeervanca of Sunday* by omission oi personal labor, and the *ame for other holy dsys of the ehunh, (II not too many,) are evidently for the re I'giou* advantage and culture of th? community The ordinance* for public moral* and health. If they cm be enforced, will have a tendency to improve both Other ordinance* far preservation of property or "pub he saiety" ? lor "comfort and appearance," in use of streeta, fountain* Mr., and regulation* for our market* are in conformity with p.nt laws, ami necesaary for the general health. These provisions have bean submitted to the Hon. Aqantannento and approved. We have had a few days or pleasant weather, but we have now the froah breathing of another norther, which will bieak in upon our comiort. You will find the us tal files herewith, ind report* of the pa*t bu.ines* w.-ek The rather clo*e pr<>rl*ion made on *hore by the agent of the *te*m company here, for pa**enger* which were left at Havana, ba. riven general dl.s?ti*f*ctlon, and will In jure the company Caiualtie* and detention* .re bad enough without the annoyance of compulsory board at rates below the Havana price*. The steamer liabe] arrived at seven o'clock A M having bs.n aahore at ?u.d Key, and wa* got off bv the ?rew and boat* of the t nited States war *teamer Prin el ton having lost twenty four hcur* time Old age ba* Its inttrmities. and the sight must haie faded that rot the ve.ecl within two hundred yard, of the light? but it wa* a thick day. .. Tb*' atJ "rived from New Orlaen* at the *?m? time. Mnce my aete* oi tb* morning we have nothing new. A* ever, your*, j, Havana, Jan. 23, IHii. State of the .S'nyar Crop? tiuuuU of Im Ch iiKJf ? ItoatK of Mrndvt* ? IHfiiruUy viM thr Moipiltl Jfuria?Stu of ? I'rvtl ? hmplnym^n ' of Cmrmployd H'orl mm?Krtrti? m of a Xtw Fori ? Thr H'yr trMa'xt .fyi Irm to be Rrtti.rtd ? .V'r I funi-.ipal Htgulatu>n> > i% Horan a ? lAtrrarjf In tel I iyewv - Thr Optra, ?#' I bail the pleaeure of aldraMing ynq a few line- by lb' Uaorfa Law on tbe ?ith taft.; beting but tbat boar r* tarned from what it h> re cooallered (jalt* a ,?>irn?) , namely a trip to Mataoxa* aa<l < aril(-na< ? that elrcain ?lanre mnat pt?-a<1 mjr eicj.* for the brevitr of tba |tin, Th? planter* wara all aom|ilaiBia* nf tbe aVrt )M4<i(tb?caM>, ocraeloaad, ai I un lrr Uu l. by tb? dry weather tbat bad prerailad Tor a eonaid?ratila period prior to the commencement of the crop 1 eoafaee I wa di?appoiiited In the appearance of the --an* flelda, which to toy, jerhapa unskilled, aya, did not ?eaa to poaeeaa tba lomirlaace ol growth which I had prenanely ? lw?" l In miim other of tha Want India lalaade, I b'trd tba a ?l.?>it time pr*?iou?. on on? ntatt, "U !.m?a, ' altaated about two mila? from th* railway atatbm <>f Conaifulao, the property of An?'r?w Kin* K*(j , brother, ] b*lt*vw, i'l Mr ?enati.r K ia( of t,n rjia two < liln- a* bad commit tao eoieM*. Th*y bad act a <ia> Raid on fit', and Aaiiin,: tha preliminary examination* a?tor?-! Into by tb* authorities war* liaaly to lea l t# their an* tic lion. and that thar* wa? m underataadlng they war' to be aeat to ?bi? ci'y for trial, thay applied for their rlntbea, aad baring attired tbemeelte. la their ?? fun U f ? go to Bteetla( dr'aa, " -wnntr t bema?l*** off , fa^a to fa. <? from tha trwplar* of tba room la which thay ware -on baad Bayaad <hia i lrcamataaaa I gleaned aatbiaf lirlbg mj trip worthy of toing recoHaa On fun-lay week tba mortal remaiaa of tb* 1 tee IK ?.'( (lawyer, Meadma wet* interred at tkuemter? Mar *b.< city. It* waatba pcaaecatiaff iaral uAat Chr>at? ? u ? h rtimpaarf ne, a law y*ar ? ?in *. aad bad tb* aaita< ty la Bemaod tba baaieblreat af tba Coaat PnawtnlMM ( who re t .nrcaaded la clearing away all tba charge- r ? ?(ted latitat hi to ) It a peran* wfcw frwm lua rre.t , ( u Jge waa 4ewr*t(,ti- ta ba partoittod to rwatd* la lb' cp ? a tali toMtbni lie alao ii ? alii thai Chi at l?1f0h-n^i',V^00id ,ufrer bT 'he tmroto > But do* ha I ChrU,0aB" ilinP-s S5ra^SsS?!K u,.u r;r ^?,^f,,v'r ^ '?thor,,y "">? ? MtuVLatRb* ir,,,nNite l^mu.lor?ino*"SrrKi!lB" oew plan" K. Cirl uliVJoAt'^.r i",t'ue,i bpre- -?/ ^rVb'r Wr/JSra. 'oTorZXn' ?' ?rtir r?? ??" puniabcd aa row. lie. / JL !L" L * n "*bl? to h* ^.r.ra^'SKfsSt i ass ?a? u- aSSJsoswA: s j yarda) of the city wall* ,,h,a 120 t"aro* (?P?"???t, ?iipfii"sx?w;5*?:irz'l*ir' -?? "? 1 ESSSSs? 2 sssr iasSaB j r?l of maHora in to aa.iat ,"",?r*1 ?"'? the geno ?<!U'dn \t | workmen have been emplo,Lth.r. ??.'?. b"'' of new fort Doom th.* ?i- j twr<i in tbfir^rtion of a I meant to m*!I Cuba f ?Uln# ?Ce ,0?k ** tllouf|* Hpain Added to which I can nunurt* you that * nun j * SSftSS? 7'rvSsSvrl1- " have iiMti ri.i.M<ui +Z, ,nc? the CVwoIoh wouM I "?' ??? 1 wttneaacd the arreat of i ??un? ffllo.-X^. ,V. ' litre?who bad attempted to pick the pocket of * '* v 'nd '???? 'herefrom h*? Crotch . W M# h're warda r MS5-t.Wr celador, ami dlatrirt No. 6 la diTld?lW|nta "*h' *"V * eacb (of ouuim) w|tb i ?JTtodw itaJ *T*n a saw: IrssSBrS?^ ? :',:b- "??? &??. JXirs^ir SS-SS^sSTiSS alittu.iri . 5 '" * proceMloti, following iv,n:r:".";,,ruro?7s;mb,i,'? tu - >? i fr^tSbV:^ It ? to be u n popular with th. poople over whom be lb# Italian opera troupe, ax aaual, have bad a .marr.1 amount tbeumrlrei. The ''Klo.ntlnP ? VI. * '' J A^SKiJTy^ "r ":;p * rirfcis k - iOOTwTwben t'bi" C'tr"" *,trwn,1T ???<" although, I b"^ ?ou,b COaH" l" m*rktl "" ehaU all kn , ,Tl * '?'??? '? ??Mom coo tain a anrtbioa in tba abane h.h t'.T*' "b,",4Uo"' "?*? ??- f'?. iuiu out ,,f "C ! habit of eiaminloc that portion of (b? p?,?,r Howrv^r "opre??ii?n of ' ducortr ^one '-omplimenLArr rfm.rL. JT * ' Tw ""'oielpol ordloaocea ao?l an oiler of ffj** une of Itn columrm for la# publication of inr po,n*rt.i S^trsairwSHS '.i:, ' per?on?i{e aa the t'aptain (ien.'ral' fir if. i.n ' # 2H"rr^-"?~^-?rK the captain, tw uty aallora and foartMo |na*?,rra f imh rn ?#r* d* wreeked 00 th Orl'ana to Barwb'na " "? ""**?' N<" wlr ,UMMr ?ni*n,d ui" h"^ th!^1 "" ?ft*rnoo. of goodar la.t 1.1. t\V?,n,> The Captaio lieoeral, attVodli bjr a really brilliant atalT, and ao entire aouulruo 01 lau Uk?a tbflbiai -j.nUlM'l m m, wrfit?n" mt ?n-f thcp'^iou. rrrlew lie ro<le with U(er .tlrrupa and T? Ur/,"OT* ?' * ""l't*ryr bea'inf P TTie Brltiah mall ateomer Wre ifoo here 00 the 12th W ^l ii ,rfi T1 ?" *?**?' lMt' ?'* ?be b'o? her aide lever ohen on her paaaafe bene to Vera f n,7 rIL '"1 r "*V"* "?"'rth"' ' bateeen tbat pj. ."m lamp .o, aod a aucceaaton of ^ a tea from the noith b. fwe"n Tampico anil thU h niton The , M\t"v 'r-^rw 01 *"> '^Scr. lb. lrk?,n arrlred he*. 00 th* 2l.t |D.t She and the H IV>rado hare -i k .nijtl captalna the former nnx oe-l ?nr taioHr p^rt, tb* latter ti A.pmwall. ' .h? I lonrt ot Mljed Commlaaion Will, I learn, deliver lltl l'h ?bortly with reapect t? th- <,'rey !. i're.t'^r ,M ^ "*b^ 10 ~nj 1 here hare Men two marriaaea ixdemniie.] at the C '?'*'? ">ia eity rwen,T?. ,be V. boL (?> rariora I elnj p-rfnrm?<| by the Re,, j A? r? V?e!. I herd late reef * of Ht. Andrew a College. Jacka.!? U?. *"d fM;r '?'plecopal chureb, uoder the bi.h' op l hat Htate The Brat tor.fc p|?fe c,n tb? l?ith ina? Jamee ?,l?,o. W |>., ?f New Hamp.hi.e, u Mr. Umr. Abna Adairm, of N*#w York l)r W t ^ ^ I -.. of the eapuma of J^t'^iT^r-, yeLa^at " b*" ,bU ?""? f?' aome The eerond in rHa^e tw)|| p,,r# ?? ,h<. ? "'l"n ed"?trte^ ' .C'' m'n ll? both clti??, ?f n , <1 "*??? Adloe l""l WIIKKKI^IK Prraotial lnl*lll|fnrr. W? torn from that Ctai innall of b r>>i?y laat ibat Mri> llarriiKin still iluiimuilr HI It thought that aim rook] Dot aurTlt* T night, bat , .b? ?Tightly r? 'Itrwl on IBIVlUi At i ? Vrif |?litan HoMl? llun Jaa H lira lie. U 1 Mia.' ??r ta fi*w <<r>aa4a. C'aat )ili??r fMriU* lit- I' h>*n>R ?<*', l.tnlaBd; J'.lin ? V Mallaul <1 Ya <1 ? I ?| t l>b?m ' tlM rata. K4*ar4 Ri44la. Ileal -a H"a W It ^ 4ktl, Mion'hiiHt'i T M hnif'ill. t %*rlMt<R ; 4!'r>4 ff I ml Sill 1 ree.lac A ? I.M?. I' S tn|, I I. A4aaM I ? > ?ry fr?m .N'w Urliaa?, la ti.a at??ir * i|> FiaMi Mi?-Mra U t.ratK J' ltf M44-II, Jo. -pi ?*? at?<?t>, W II Wal ? ?14 >'n?i ('?!? Tfea, Jo.-fb It -Jaia*. Ilirrjr VeM/l K<, . ri I f?rr K I* Hal! A' Nermaa. K Malaaey. 4 l? fl>, j lint .. W - i <,i4?, f I Hw. 1 ?rrat> i ' raa.?f X ? Mill?r. Mre laaafta, Jaaaya Pw?4| A 1*1 ?? ? Irfra llxint-l r. I I|i?nttn ul M> Mr IMI PCu'n I N ? 1 1 b**|i. I' t ar*aat*e, i; Ca** ?*ll< At th? l*r**'at t II' awe? M*a. ? N?U A*r**a?. Meaat Merrw II r La*i Kaaeea. i leaelaa l ?a?? - <'*a. Ee<j. i a la erf W I in F? | i l<i l?a>l J. l a Neville I ??., >??* Unrf't'tBi Aaeaa 'lai-r Em "Mii? R4?t* ' I, ,.li. I?| . ?? U-i i *? . I?. k !???? Km . f'ifl AAtb**'. ll???l? t?ea ral I MU" Alfcaat 'aitaln !*? I a ir.' ? tf. PhiU'tal|/iila . W A iMfW l*ale . 1 1 1 > ? I lUfMia* ( berle?' llh It mwII *e<e. ViAimM; K l*He?l*, * Heary <ilie4a*, N.rl.iU I'. I Walla*, lUal.aiaa I Wm Reear, Oeieaet II i V <tt. ala. llama. K A Hi* her la fl ???-??. M II V r>?? r>,i-a?a. 1 i ";'?4 t?a?r?l*. H'l J M r?hea4 l?. I l> f . A I' ' 1 Me?>real I w Her"* I'-aaaylvaaja. II I' Reaker. OHM; Tv l I Mil. M; ??<??/* w Ve*ta rhi'<4e;fhia I ? . f-a? r* a. f(.la4-lrb>a Praia Uta*M|, la >bip Uf*a4a<.agbl? 0 rva?k*f ?. J . ha ???4; i>< lllf irxa I ? a, la -h ?artl<aBtorlaa4 ? laaaUa aa t | a' tl'-f, F II ri m K* aa4 Itoaa HHwIau Naval lnUlllf?ar< . Tn J aio?t* 0>aarmTK>*.? Wa ara pl?a?4 U laarn that thr Puratar j of I ha Ht?j b*? iu?*il m4?tt tr> 'ha '? of tMa aobla ahiy, tha "OH Ifoa ,?|aa. w ft?caa4 In PorlMMttk aaf T yaH, la thia -<??? M r?t if* horaa ? h" h ?ftl |?ohaKly ha ahna' lh* ? I' ' ? ?if l?>t of Mar Mil Cm* ta a frwav af a^*ar<t* af ?<wi haa4ra4 I feM lMrtk*n aa4 aarrtaa tftv gaaa ia4atarfaar hal wi<?ll'tniM Aa aha ha* haaa am a trmt? MM Martb iM>1. a larga aacaat of aaoaaf *10 h* l*> a n i '?> {nay a" bat a>-i?, u4 fai ath*r aaraansa-a' IraVtj ?*0.I4W, a> at* lafaraaad, ail of arblah vul KMll ?rd?nf.??n 'ha ?nw-1 rMf af I'ortaaaaath , a*4 aa tkaa* th? H*rr*tary lof tla ha haa *?I4 Haa.aal'tf* >i ??) 'I to i,?r ahaaaa th- fauaat 'I' 4 ? If ) r*rv*. 'W* M iMtcrcattng Ann (lie ^National Capitol. WAitmniiTOi, Ju. 27, 1H65. Highly Important from Cub*? Kevolutionary Morementi ?The Administration in * Quandary? Urati/ying In ttlliffenet from Utah ? Attempt to Praeelyte tht n*v> Governor ? Intertill* g Vrbate in tht Senate ? The Brig Gen. Armstrong ? t'otilions of tht J'arties? Vote on the Kn grots men! ? /'he French Spoliation Claim ? (Jen. Houston on our Indian Affairs? Xxpotvre qf Frauds, <fc., <tc. T>ia State IVpart merit, ( learn, U in puaaeaaion of irn |xirl?nt advice* (rout Havana which report the greaWat I poaaible excitement ovar the whole laland. in eonee" | ?{tienc* of tha lata action of the Spanlah Cortea In rata- ' tion t4> the <alr of Cuba to the C'nltod Statea While tha : great body of tha inhabitant* of the irland were ?ppo*od to tha late revolutionary deraonatrationa, they looked j with anxiety and iuipatienoe to the period of Cuban an nexation by peaceful negotiatieu. Now the laat veatige J of hope it a wept from them, and revolutionary meeting* are living held by the verr individual* who formerly op- 1 poaed them, and tLe newa of open rebellion ia daily ei- I pected by tho government here. Tlii* tate of tbing* acemn to be perplexing to the adiuiaiatration, which i* j lM>tb yleaned and worried at it ? ideated, tnx?u.e tha : revolution, If Hueceaatul, may furniabit with a aafe an ttoiage from the xtorm of mpopulanty which now boat* | M terrifically around the White Ho a a* aatllM b??><l eltl ! not be able to hold in check the OUbuiteriii^ apirit ! which an outbreak of t he kind would eu?tmd*r .u our country. 1 he aeixure of the xteamabip Maaaachiiaettn, tha other day, by the United State* government, while lying in your port, on the allegation that alia wan about j nailing with arm* and ammunition for the Cuban pa triotx, waa the '.beginning of Mr. Marcy'* war upon till- ' biiatetiog, brought about by the late iutelligeui h from 1 Havana. The I'reildfnt la alto in po?*?*alon of highly gratifying . Intelligence from I 'tah. The Mormona are not only do rile, lint are much plcaaed with their new tiovernor, whom they noon hope to convert to their religions faith. Several of the officer* under Colonel Hteptne have de elated tlielr approval of th? Mormon caatom relative to matrimony. It ia to be Ijo(..n1 they have left no family tien behind tlicm, or tbey will llnd it a ' hard road to , travel over Jordon." The debate in the Senate yeiterday on the bill for the reliel of the claimant* ot the private armed brig tien.-ral , Arinatroug waa eloquent and able, and considerable ex Oitl nii-nt prevailed during ita continuance iJeaenla | (Sana and llouatnn apoko feelingly ot the gallant conduct of t'aiitnm Keid and til* crew during the war of 1113. Mr ( faytim gave a full hlatory ef the claim from Ita origin in 1H14 to the priaeut time, and allowed tbe ' legal and equitable liability of the government of the I nlted State*. Mr Hrown, of Mlaalnalppi, Mr. llHyard. of l>elaware, and Mr. Waller, of California, alan delivered eloquent apeochea in behalf of the claim auta. Mr. Keanenden, ef Maine, Mr. liawaon, of (leorgia, and Mi . Stuart, of Michigan, op poaed the bill, and denied tbe liability of tliia government. Mr 1'awaon laid it down a* law that a neutral nation waa only liable for ilfttrmgea reaulting to a friendly power in her porta, whan ahe war alila to prevent the injury ami failed to do ao. line j.oaition waa ridl suled hy Mr ( layton, who con i tended tiiat, when a people venture<l to M*um* nttion allly, they ucreaaarily aaaumed all the liabtl.tlea of a nation, without regard to ita b'ieg a weak or a atrong power. In hie declaion upon the care, Mum Napoleon aaaumed no ruck poaition aa Mr. itawaon aaaum?l for hmi, but decided tiie raae again?t our government, be chum- the teatiniony exhibited tbe fact that the Arm atrong waa the aggreaaor. tliua admitting the liability of the Portage** government in eaae t tie llrlti ? h fleet had commenced the attack. In th'* connection I will mention the lingular fact, that it waa never allegetl by auy party that the Arinatrong waa the *i?gieaaor until . tin- royal umpire diawivered the fact. At a Ut* hour in ! the afternoon the teal vote waa taken on the engro-a irnnt of tbe bill, which reaulted aa follow* ?Aye* 'J7, , nay* 17. 1t,e llouae of R*pr**entative* *** engaged to day on tlie Kreneh Spoliation claim*, and varloua amen Imenta were aubmitted. Mr K'aulknei'* aulial .lule will priba bly be adopted, anthorixing the Secretary of the Trea aury tit at to aacertam amlie(Mirt toCongriia th* amount of tbeae ( la una leaving it for a future I jiOifre*? to pro vide for their payment. tien llouitou ha* the Boor of the Senate for Monday next, and will enter into a full review of our present In dian pollry n* will m ??* >?me acathing ex ^oeare* of ' fraud* in tbe Indian ftureau, an I will alio* up th* i *pec> lathiiK of our government oillrlala on 'he Weatern ft on tier, lie contend* that truth, juattce and humanity are more effective than military force in keeping p?* ie and quiet with our red brethren. f. Poller Intelligence. Till H- KCT OK CLOM.NO TUK LH|t)OI HTtlRE < ON MfKDATM. Kver -ince the ordinance forbidding the aale of mtoxl rating liqaora on Sunday haa >ieen enforced hy bi* Honor , M.y or K'oo<i tbe city ha* a<a>imed a <|Ui*t appearance. etJbtraallng atrangely with what we have bad occaaion during the peat few yeera to notice. Tbe I'ollee Oinrt, uaually crowded witb drunken men and pereoa* charged witb aai-anlt and battery, are a* dull and nolaelea* a* a > liuri ti almoat. The police th ronghout the different di* tricta complain <>f having nothing whatever to do on rucdaya, for in many ward* no arreata have been made at all cn the Sabbath, while in tbe rema.nder uf the dla trict* th* arreata wonld not average more than three At the Second IHltrirt i'ol ce I ourt, (Jelferaon Market), , there waa not one ceae of arTeat rt""orde?l on the booke 1 yeai. rday, except th"ae conveyed there from tbe varln i* ?tatioa houae* at aa early hour In tbe morning, "tie prisoner waa aloue brought In by a Ninth ward ofli ier, ehoeeoffenoe conaiated in (landing on a corner when the policeman ordered him to be moving tb>* p*raonage , replying that he would atand there aa long a* ha hk?l, and at the >ane lime doubting the legal authority of tlie "?tar to remove bim.flrmly adhered to hi* declaration of itmamng in i'nt u 70 ? Ihla enrage 1 the ofTI -Jt, who hau not made the aba<low of aa arr^et for weekv pa?t, and he Immediately made the man priaoner, a ad no vej ed him h< for* tie mafiatrate to >bnv him 10* far bia authority ei tended fbe magiatrate 1 Juatl ?? Hren nan 1 of diamia*?'d tbe complaiiU, wklcb ?eeeu-d t<> d.ap|?a-e tl.e ofBcioua liceman very raueli. ily order of tbe Mayor, the reserved ex>rp* werw detailed ye.terSay f?r the purp"*e of ferreting oat thoae ll<l?or dealer' who atill pera ?t In diaobeymg tlie la** Hie ? nttre fore*, each *>| tad un >r the lomcand ef ita re?pe>tive Her gee nt, re|-ut?t th?mae|vea ready for daty yeaterday at 12 o cloek at tbe f.hief* iftiee, where they received tlllir ofdera. Kach man waa dre*ae.1 IB cltlrea a el,. the*. *o aa to ei' ce effectually |erforni the taak of eaplonage All p. a -a ?ti?re tl.e llrenie law 1* diacovere ' t.. 'i*ve been vi > I* ted will be reported to ''ay to the Mavor who wdl put lab 1 he owaer* of *ocb drink, 1 g ahop* to the utrmnt extant of th* law . '?MMlIKO API RAY OTTWICESi TWO ?AILOIt'. ? in Saturday night a difficulty oe arred between tag ?all" r*. named Hoix'rt Hrown *nd William .iacoba board lac at 16 lla?kltoa (treat, which reaalted In a deaf rate fight, In whieh Jacob" rec*ive?l two ?evere (tab*, one ia the arm and another tn the aide fr? m wbieb the bl>>o>l fWwtd frvely S? me peraoa* whv were prewat dortng the affrav interfered aad prevented Hrown frota doing any furtner Injury Tbe wouaded man waa taken to toe h'apttal for me-'ical treatment Hr'iw* waaarr*at?l by the reventh ward palne, and ea?aveje?l before Ju?t, e Ue|.b wlo locked the prieoner ep for et?m n?t.o'. Hrown *ev*. ia defewe of hi* coaduct. that be w** m ?nlted by i*<ob*. who threatened to daaiage hi* '?**? tenaate before he *ent to aea aga r ?Mi Ml I.AMCKWT. '<? P'?r af th* With war ! p. 1 -a ? rinti 1 > w ir . n raw) Wary '-alllaaa "ti rharfa '.f l.iila/ a'?.l?n MC" fr?n > ?ii> aa?--! MlrWI KoDlaaa From tha ?liUni'it r.f tba c<.oi;.lajDaat It ap|*ara<t thai ?.a I ?~1 ? ?li ll.? are ?aa?4 that ha ki4 Um ib*?i iia/nit <J ?tfii; :n (?M aacratar* la Ma trunk. ?M-h *%? b?i>? ..(?n b? > . ??(?*, bj If.* ?<-??a?'. aMail U>? - atatan th?i?fl<.? Tha a'maarl ??? brraa'?"t at 1 b? Vm? .In | 114 /nUrf'A* ?tl?t, ?k?r? tl .1 M of til ? ilnlH mnnrj Hsry -a. takan bafaraj ?at< w ' onrwjlr at 'h.? I ?.??r Mir> Ciwrt ?b'? '?r> lin l?f ?? ivIaalUa * mortrrr muovimum 1 a th? |>are? a r( ,o? ? f th- ?..*?>! ' bi- 1?? ?rra.'a.) oai at >r<iaj I ? ' *r"t P< llar'l m l Joarlan f?r ? '? a ma' h n? aaa foa?-! a f*aa ti*aat far a 'ml ?n giaaar a infwflai iiUnstat nlaal at abaat |1*< wklch >tl ^aaai by Mt tlfeaaa falkr* . for ? pr< ;?rt* *?a .?4 at tka iMlava at Mr. Mac* IN'IMaf |ha I ???? Cal'a Catrt TV." rurt ?* *4 tba pfaaarty '?a ra*? i ro iafr rTaat.??r> ralabaa Ikrratu a; ?{. Cj t>r t* a#"' J*ut4aa at lha f". ith aa>4 HaUa ?(*. m?R?c or rodogur . A yi m-t Maa A aaaaa4 Jor.a I. k?a4a> >a< maato-l nm bmXm 4?f, ?l.arf?-1 with ba?laf forfarl Ux ar<tar ?f M. V tf ' raba'l far atgfct tfcaaaaart >a|an oa Jar at Til <?? ?l |W ???? ilrw ?ata^ailai at Ik* It aaa that a br?.'l-i ! Mr. Ma?aba<l ba-1 ??r.? r. to tW< r? ailh tb? . -?"?r iff n*a<n a??f '.Ifig that all araa awt r?gbt, 4* f|ir*4 'a iMI*?T 'I?b prtfarty aatil Ha h?l anaw >???? 'a ftatifa '.a IM aaattar ? tb Mr MarataO aal <a n .i?>* i?,airj ?< Mr MaraMall, ba icltn t that b* a???* t >4 inn n* a?<b aplar aa4 pro** arwt tb* a f r.atartr ? f? if* rY Ha >?.,<?! ?aa taiaa Mar J art" a lain at l*a ? Oaart (ka aoaaautta-: .. aa l? i ukb aatial. r atari ( al?r.<ta ? ?'I lata Itaf 1l'i:n>ttin> ;*f a *i ' near. - -Maa. S>, M ta ?l Ml llft^M 'JiT-rt ?fart 1 -Maa Ml Ml, IM mm, iim r?t trt mi, t *, um, \v* i?r ?*n. I m. IM?, M! City ???U-lllgvi.T. thk conri.n'ioN or rax i-akaiuC bailmoab? m cukkion or tub arcH-iHoi.tioui to ohjumuts TBI. IVKNT. Ill* iliimtr (ieotxr l-aw, Captain Koi, wltl (cave Uu port on Ike 6th of February, with tlx i 'tochholdara af the I'anatna Railroad on boar 4. who, tn?*(l <er with Ihmr gneata. will procaed to Chagrea, anal from Jhatrw oeer the new railroad to I'laami *h?rr IW oml ntli and oouvenleat mmmnnlealloa krlma tM A HMc >at l'adllc Oceana? an eveut long hope<l let. and ?e?w hap pily raalited? will lt? appropriately celebrated. Jt ia ui> ?leratood tbat the celebrat ion will ba ? t atwiUaj, Tin- iu'Dihi of the lata Jobn I.. Hteveue tba pir?eci>r of Ihla great rntarpria*-. uudrr wb<>..e eaap.ce* <?j? ewnmenrr 1, wltt be duly honored >? the rtwnuui* that will take place. A HTOHMT Xl'NDAT. On Fatunlay theie waa every todicalioa that tte weather would it mam froatjr for eeveral leya to nomm awl ao keep tba atreeta aiol avenuee in good aletghing' condition. But yeatrnlay tbara raar a klihag froat - not to tba atreet", but to the hnpea of thoew who la dulgad In tba pleaalng delualoa that Ihc cold weathnr and good aleighiog would oontioua Dunn* tha day tha ah lea kranic OTI rcaat, and toVarda ? va nlag tha rata cimi' down, feebly at flr?t, but gradually the *lnl"aoa of the ?torwi IatrrtiW, until at length It poatwd a par fact tor mot or ataady eoaklu* rain, which coat I owed to a lata bour In tha nlgbt 'Thn atr<afte, which before tha aoo? atorni, were lw(iiiali| to talKaa aaa?b?l ml a elnal* apyaiaaee, tax a#?ia talapli* lata that* wwat ml 61tby aiate, an<l the rro? path* ara aa dirt) and iaa paaaable aa ever. It In a perfect tcrturw to delicate par ? anna to veuture out ou tin* or>in nf mud that mewta their eje on ar#ry turn, unit unleaa Mr kbllng acta with great energy In lnvlr* the utreata properly cleaned, ho mar eipect the Mayor'a t "inplalnt Itook to lea an with complaint a againat himaell m l tba contractor* uadhc bla charge Ai'iinoTat ? A watchman named Michael Keating fall overboard on Saturday night, at tha foot af Pike atraet, an<l wa? drowned before tha ueceeaary aa aiatanca could l>a render#"! him. Tba body <>l tba de reaxi'd waa recovered jMit-rilay iri'muig, and thel'orw ner waa notilWd to howl au ln<(ue-t. Fikk in tm* Third a* nn ? At alx o'clock in tba eras ing on Halurday, a ttra broke out in tba dry gonda aterw ol II. I', poverty, in the Third avenue, near Korty Aral ? tree! It caught from the goo<la In the ahow windaw bring placed too nen- the gaa H(ht Tbla la tba aaroa?l ttra tbat haa ocemred from thla rauna durin* tin- put aeak. The flr?- In tbla riu>' waa aoon ettlnfulahel with a damage o( about algbtjr doliara. Kuily Inaured. Ilidinuii M (iinrwAi ax - The ordinanre oompalllac boiiaoholdera to keap their aldewalka wall ? prink lad with aahea or elae thoroughly cleaned of anow and lea, ahaaU !?? enforce^ by tha police captaina during the roabau ani e of fruaty weather. We ara continually bearing of ac< identa of a m?at aerloua character arialng from tbla nauae, ami a ft'u> many doubtleaa occur of which notblnx laner heard It waa hut the other >lay a man fell In the (tract anil ?aa Will<- 1 by th* fall Anothar rare occurrait on Haturday nlglit which did uot, liri'i oately, reanlt In ao aerloua a manner. Mr Tliomui McNuIly, while welkin? In Third aaenue, near Korty aeeoail atreet, allppe<l and fell oa the ice breaking hie U-K, and ntberwlM- Injuring hlmaelf Ha wa? taken la the < ity lloapital. A proper degre* of rigilanre, on tba pnrt of tha police, nouM aoon putoorwaUa in a <oa aitlon that would prevent the recurrante of act identa af tbla nature in future. Wllllaiualiiirn Intelllnrnra-. OONCKKT MKMiriT roil Till POOH. A concert will l>e gir^n at tba Urge hall nf the fMeoa, in li'th atreet, thla fMenday) evening, the entire re reipta to be applied through the Keiiaf Department, far the benefit of thoae now In a auflerinK coodlUon. Twa hundrad |>erforiiiara, vocal and inaUuinenlal, bare eel uateered their aarvlcaa free of et|>enna, and tha altair art! Le axreedlngly attractive, and >leraledly the richeat an alcal treat that ha< taken place >u WilliameHurg for urima yaera. The uae n( tha hall baa tiaea ifn* r*?i?l* UalarH by the proprietor. Mr. Thrall There are now about 100 lauiillea, rnniti'ialng aome fcOU aOMla who ara raoeletac aid thiuugh thla department an l tba nuatbera am eoa >ta ntly in> reaaltg The fubda of the treaeury cf the Re III I Department are ni aily eihauatad, aad unleaa oar rltlrena ??< niiDii" their liberality a few w?ki longer, laa men>e aulfermg muat euaiia Imr ? A lira occurred aboat nine a'ctvck on rtotnrdap evening, In the baaem-al af the twa atory hoaaa, Ml Urand atreet, owned by Km Aadereoa, and araapiad hp Frederick Hlffi end. aa a reawtence and bakery aad bf Mr l!alr<l aa a eigar >tnre The lire waa a?g aitia {[ulabed 'tamaire ia bulMlar about t'/OH. Mr rvtmad'a oae ia about lliai. and Mr llainl'a akanl !*.'< all eoverad by inau ranee Tii? Hi siur ? It, a Hniwlay law regarding the aeN of ihjuc r and mer< han-'iae, app?ar*^l to be univaraall|r ohanvetl In Wlillainahurg during teeterdar, aad, a might be eiperted, the day paaaad off ia <|niet. Bnxihlyn C4tjr liita lllK*i>r*. I'mni i (Tina m a ITaoiJuaaurn K*? n<?? >< lina 'hi rut<liy oiurkiitf >b?at dm o fkn-k, i flfr brot* oat iaa larf* ann-Un hulMmr "" ">? cornrr of Hroitli a?4 <*alrw iliwti, wlnrh ?>< cuj. >'! In r tha m>nal>?tui< o' py r'>*l(RMiiia mI4 ?im! < tllco |iiiot?r? mordaat* A pnlla* 'Hi bit teat in th* rloulty, Iimi'I an *iphiMoa la ll> HitKtloa u( Itn tmiM n/, an t haat.nmg to ia-|uira Into tha ? a??, found til* flautaa alraady l.uf.Un* lorth. lb* malarial* I ' lng of a (-auibualikl* tiatur* tha huill lag with ma'kln.rT and aV-k ?a? ?p**4ily ri>H?ar4. IK. |ir..| il-tor la Mr John llarlm* I /ia* aboil |l ON No Inturabi a T1.? prwrla* canar of tb* 'tfkalin la a il known. 7nrKtai.ii I aw ?Ilia Ua raqalrliHt tha rloa^ rf liqaar aalllnfl pUr** waa atn lly </b*.r??l yaatarlay, thinu(> out tha whola *it*nt u I tb* city Tha -lay aaa ??<|ii' tttly paaaa.l off In a ijulal ami airirrly itmai -It ra* > ? It y li*l*lll||rn**. V*<?ia*n??.? Iba Cuaibin touwil i'?malttw "t Ali.ia baa aa(a?*d Iba a*rtlr*a of l?r K?ywl l? to ?a'? nal< for lb* km* po i, all Ia4lf*nt poraoaa ia J*ra*f tlty , ai.'l It la l.i p*d Uiat all othna la n* I of ?w ?i?at oa wtM (taw It to ba don., la ur<Jar ta rk?k tha aprrart af Um ? aia.l poi, which ha> *il*tad a*n or laaa la tb* wty duni.f tb. |>**t y*ar, but la mum ap; .rail If apo* tha lactaaaa fit Ka;r>"Ma will today flat! thafhtboUa*>\ In Warhlnytan Ilatl. for tha parpoaa ?f raaaaaW tha rtilMrta Thi Krerarx - Tha hill ralatlia la tha Urawtao of Jar ? wj t it/ '!?? aot mak. th? f*(M af awratra la Iba 4a part n>*nl Br. /*? ra InrWad of taa aa anaaa Uaaa a?p (-caad, bat tiH far.a ji-an aa th# tun*. aa 1 allowa all who ma; but nrwit ;a?r? prartoaa to aagl May , ih'.r 'm. a Thoaa who ha?a anal fit* yaart oat 'ivar will by thia art Ua<a bat two y*ar? to **rr*, ia ?r4?r I m (/???? ?i?rnpt In J II Caroall?oa, wf J?i?a> Iktj baa bwa worn. a ?1*4 aa a Jic!(* of tb* (xi'irfaf tppaala by tkaUaiaiaaf, and tba nomination haa t>a*a '? ulriwl by tba Plata f*nal* in K. ? ar ii tl t . fWaalon Ihirt Taia<? ? I *trtdal.> aa aaan proaart y arw frw ? i ' > ? aal abo il th' al.arfr it ia ? ridaat that tha . ia>a 'f tblaaaa kaowa a* ' whaif lata" a ra rmuaaalr watrbiaf for o| j-Tt aaitl?? ta *aal. (la Hataritoy if taa aa" a, a raaal boat I; a# la tba Morrti '* aaJ baaia. wa? rabti*4 4ar i>t a bt ai aWaaaa of tboaa Ml aharga aa4 ? lotl ??( aa ! oth.i artK aa to Uta >alua of >>aaa ||?U aara tak'a away Hn? M t l'ai*?iaii Hiitri A aha ry bftit took ylaaa oa fnity a .? I. ' a a <lnakia* pUr? la i<fo?a atraat. aa^t I l.y '-aa > kill> raaitb, ahtrb ')'at?rt?4 tha aaagbbarbu n ? OfTtara \aa Pall aad Nartwalt ra^alra4 to vha ?po1 aa Iara4. ?( 'i?l>'' tb* 'Halarhaa a, an I arraaWal lai i f Kar lirin Jta? P'inkalt, hlit'l lull* a awl Mrtaa I laoi j> Ttia It*- "filar as -aiafla;, a*l tbaaa taa ?to liar a *a b iiiwr ma fiun I a r?ia?-a a ?w? ? Ikwrtaf ta* pm t taaa of tba h^aof lr aa la tba Mo taoa aaa at f aow/t Mr lUMaann ??*?' "f tha ? arw -a Ua fw? waa anwatot ia ? - wi^.a at of w.lllaai Ha?l*r, far aftat?! paafarf. lal aaa lo.k?<t <-| a ,ail "??*r.l l.oara aatil bail waa pro ?IF*.! Mr lui.if>a.,a oa Irvtay, raaaa4 tb* arraat of Mr Katlwr ? a tb* 'l uff ?f fal*a laaprlaaaaaaat ?a|artar ? aart, p. 'ir* < hlaf Jwrt *o lb! *f aa4 a l%lf I Al l rn 4???|*WT ?T?iaa<??i CI *?? aafi ?CL?N. Tbla oa* aa M-ihoa 'o ??tm a M of la*4 Ma bt Haa ' tar *tr**4, la tba ac??fbUMi of tb* 4*fa?4 aaU, aat a bleb tk*7 aa I U.c* ihro??b ab?? 'ba; - Uiai baa* haU! far fort/f'* ;oar? Yha lot la i(a*at?w faraaafty tialaaf*4 la I'at.f Cwll/ar, aa4 b?, by Ma will aaM la | >**4 4a ? i?w' H In ku 4a ?aU> Im wba wtarrM Job* haiwat J'*'?r ? uilywr 41*4 aao? aft*r aaaktaf bit Wit] , awl bla ?ait 4aa?b'*r Kaa aal hot b-n' aal aaU (Ma M la ^aaatioa ia 1?W. TV* ^af*a aa'a ?*?>? lkt?a|k thai lata Ik* aa-t fcaa rracMt 4?wl la fabra ary, ItM l atwr ' aUyar ba4 aarwa 'biMroa. wto aU rnra**a4 bla I lb* ?4aintlft i* *aa of than* rbik4ra? aa4 aow rlaiaM taa l lot aa Kotr at law ?4 frta* f'aOfar, a.>**ia? taat tha a tl ' aiy ?a** *?w aa *ata?? la* ufo awl at hat ?aaib 1 W a'*r?*? oa4*r tl4 will 'imit, *a4 vh* tat miu-l | tr. tb* hatra at law irf f-?r*r < oltyt r Tha Ja#y, bf tha I ?trwtloa of bla baanr tba pr**t'l ->? Jaati a foo?1 a far I?l*t far tha ylaiat'f aabjart ta tMo ofialaa M 'b< at (*?*'*! t*na 4 Taw?*ha?^ mwwaal lor f.lalnt.4, ?. Iai?r?l|t for '*f*a4aat I4IU4 Mala* IHatrVI tllamry a 1Mb., ' rrraaa m cilif?*?u ritrin Jaa ft ?A r* ta(t aaatarlriac I '-4W IM H aa a ?*'>a! by tha naall kffwat oa A4aaa?' IA|ra>a Mraa >*w Tort m4 CWlfirMt, aa bnaag rarrw4 >*alM/y ta 'aw Tha IWtnrt li'.amy wm i?|wraa> I W tha **?? .ra *?4 tn it*4 that th* Wtirt. atw t.ll S* oat la t a W 4fci<arhk??lniiiu tha'1 taa' aa1 #? b- t <? IMW4 Mataa ?U

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