Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1855 Page 3
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LEGAL INTELLIGENCE. The C?ac offcoor Ammgoli and the Mexlcui UovernmMit* SUPERIOR COURT? SPECIAL TERM. Before Hon. J*dge Holfman. THE BEPUBLIC Or MEXICO VS. V. AKttANOOlZ. Jan. 31. ? Mr. D. D. Lord, in hie argument <>? be'ulf of the Mexican government against the order to discharge the defendant troin arrest, submitted several point* for the consideration of the court, on which be argued at conalderable length. He cited the l?9th section of the code, In an action for a Hoe or penalty, or on a promise to marry, or for m'.u??y rewired, or for property embez zled or fraudulently misapplied by a public officer, or by an attorney or agent of a banking association, in the couise of hia employ an >uch, fcc., he. In aa action for money received by a ; >rson in a fiduciary capacity, lie i? liable to arrest unless he clearly make* out a difcliarge. Mr. 1/jiJ continued to contend. If the plaintiff haa the money it la hi* duty to pay it over, or he may deposit. If he ha* Mpent the money without right, it in a fraud. It i* not incumbent on the plaintiff to show anything but the receipt ami raudulent character. He is not hound to ?how friud no. misapplication. The defendant shows that the money wan received by him aa a fiduciary, and, a* plaintiff says, a* Consul Ge neral. Hi* attempted explanation of keeping hi* saltry i* contradicted by document* Hi* whole commission ad hoc ?oik" to avoid mercantile charges, risk* and r? -poimibilifies, and the correspondence with him aho>v? that he was a salaried officer, aa ho was addreised a? Con sul General hy the Secretary Hi* detention of the money 1* without previous or sub sequent agreement or allowance by hi* government, and against law. The defendant cannot measure out his own compensa tion, without giving security for the consequences of hi* be ng wrong The cases cited ie our courts are all cases for compensation for service* clearly extra, and where the compensation was allowed by the proper superior, or a usage of office. No such thing is pretended in tuls case. The defendant did not renounce the consulship until after be had determined to withhold the money. Counsel contended that the amount retained was ex cessive, and ho much so as to be fraudulent; the trans action was not a mercantile one ; it was official and fidu ciary, as Commercial Consul, his deposit in his own name neither increased his labor nor his risk. Mr. I.ord con tinued to contend that this was not a mercantile opera tion, but that it wa* an official one; that the trust wa* to the defendant on patriotism, honor and confidence, and as a Mexican officer, and he, therefore, cannot at tempt to retain in opposition. Mr, Lord concluded by reviewing the letter of Seuor Arrangoiz of December 14, 1HS4. THE DEFENDANT'S POINTS. Mr. Antbon, in summing up for the defendant, and contending for the discharge from arrest, submitted that the undertaking is bad, not bi ing executed by the plain tiff: that the republic of Mexico, quoad this action, is a "non resident plain till'." anl ia to be treated as an indi vidual, or as a "loreign corporation," and must execute obligations required by the statutes or rules of court as Mich. [I .egg en Outlawry, 43, &c.] The undertaking, to be valid according to the statute, ought to have been executed under plaintiff's seal, or by virtue of a nower under seal to be annexed. As now executed, it does not bind plaintiff, and being defective in this particular, the sureties ire not bound. A minister plenipotentiary does not represent hi* go vernment in its more private matters of contract. He is intrusted with matters of State and diplomacy only, and to enable him to bind his government In ordinary hi it t?r* of contract, he requires an expreas power of attor ney. On the motion to di-charge the order, th? court h is the power to look into the affidavits and determine the probability or improbability of the alleged fraud, <tud sustain or discharge accordingly. When fraud is fully denied to the satisfaction of the ?ourt, the order to arrest falls in the same manner, and for the same reason as the order for injunction. The right to arrest the defendant in this case is claimed on the ground that he was in a flduc ary capacity; that he received money belonging to plaintiff, and t.Uat he r<! "ains the same without just right and in fraud to plain tifl. It seems also to be claimed, at the end of the affida vit. on th* ground of his alleged intention to l"Ave the jurisdiction of the court. Tie defendant's affidavit, in l-vply, seta forth the character in which he received the money, namely, for the plaintiff's ute, and shows the application of it by plaintiffs order, he denies the de tention without right, ami denies all fraudulent intent. If the court is satisfied from defendant's affidavit that there is no fraudulent intent, and that the money is de tained on a claim of right, having a reasonable founda tion, be ought to he discharged. In this view the entire merits of the present applica- ; tion are resolved into the questiou of probable tight, which, if it exists, necessarily excludes all fraud. The plaintiff admits the services and defendant's title to a recompense in some form, but denies his right to a !<-? unlary compensation, on tue ground that he was (' .Usui General, and as such, by a law o.' Mexico, bound to p- fotin other services, however different from his consular services, without compensation. lhe defendant denies tke existence of such a law, and plaintiff makes no eounler proof or averment. Thede lendant also insists that he had c?ased to be Consul Cieneral; that he thin held but one office, namely, "Spe cial Commissioner," imposed upon him after he hsd made liim-e f a private individual, in obedience to the orders of his government. That he wiiuli have had a full right to compensation tx ci/un et bono, even had be retained his office of Consul ( ^neral, the set vices being entirely foreign and disaimi lar. Where there thus appears a fair question for a court snd jui7, the ca?e is not witliin the penal spirit of the C< de, and the defendant ia not to be embarrassed in pre senting it. The CAse in this stage must also, in addition to | those grounds, be disposed of according to our laws, and In the Courts of the United State* the rule is well settled "that aa officer who, at the request of hia government, performs extia services beyond the ncope of ,hls regular duties, or of a different character, ia eutitled to proper compensation " (1st Kent, 41, 4d, Andrew's vs. I'nited states ? second Story's Hep , Ac . *c.) As it is therefore clear that the demand in question would be legal and sustainable against the government of the United States, had the services been rendered by a person In its employ, under the same circumstances aa those attending the dsfendmt in this ca?e, the money retained has lost its fiduciary character, and is held t>y the defendant in his own light. Imprisonment for debt being abolished as a general rule of our law the facta alluded to, in order to bring a party within the exceptions, must, in favorem liberta'u, be most strictly construed, and under the exception gov erning this rase, a clear c?se of unden ed fraudulent detention of fiduciary funds must be established before bis imprisonment can be allowed. To allow it In this ca?e. under the facts described and sworn to by the defendant, would repeal the non- im prisonment act, and expose ever? consignee, agent, fac tor or broker, attorney or counsellor, who in tbe course of hia ordinary business should retain his commis-ion or :ees, according to tbe usual course of busiueas, to ine vitable Imprisonment, and would compel such persons to leave thtir compensation to the chance* of a recovery igainst an insolvent Mr. Anthon, therefore, contended liat the ordsr for arrest being tioal. adds weight to the oints he had adduced, and he submitted the defendant hould be discharged. The decision of the Court is reserved United Stair* Commissioner's Ofll<<. Before Om. W. Morton, Esq. THE A1.LE0ED CHARGE OF SLAVS TRAFFICKING. Jas. 31.? Tike IMilfd Statu ??. J. MUtti. aliat raft.? This csae *?? resumed thli morning. Kl!*-ri ilaon waa examined by the defendant's counsel, Rn l poted tbat oli* now Uvea in Jersey City, abs redded g ?w Orleans in 1HA2 An<l 1H63. and that hetwrcn the on til- of December, 1852, and January, 1853, two gen rmfn took tea at hfr house. th*y were Capt. Stone and ipt Kelletti; Capt. Kelletti la the defendant now in n.?rt. he aaid he was going to Tsmplco in toe ahip Am iitrlte. of which be wsattie master. saw him a?a n >n h w week* but did not see h in ainse then nmil to y. Other witneaae* gave mmilai teatiraooy, tending prove an alibi for tb? accused, and the case >a? again ' journed In the cat t of DarlhoUmfw Ulancn ? Th? Investigation to the charge agsinat Mr I'lasco for fitting out. the Jlaucloo. fer the purpose of trading in (Urea, waa con 1ued and adjourned over to Tuesday naxt? United States District Attorney's Office. ANOTHER StPFOHED SLAVER. ah. 31 ?The District Attorney seems to hare bis hida full of ?la?e trafficking buainess just noe. He r?1rrd Information thla day, at half-past two o'clock tit a certain schooner had left the dock, and waa ?all ft down tke bay ; that ah* ha I no name painted on her , hi Biade uo rl?-a ranw at the Custom Hon?e. had no stain, and bad a crew of foreigners on board. The I'trict Attjrney immediately chartered a steambo?t, ai tbe Marshal despatched one of his deputies in pur si of tbe supposed alaver. be United states Marshal still hold* possession of the MssaAaaetts seised on <uap'i:i"n of being Sttedout for a tbustering expedition to Cuba, Tue ve*?el tit 0 oded to da r. United Melee District I dm t, Before Hon. Judge logeraiill. n tCH ION IK ADMlltALTY. J N. -il.? f Vrtwefi.' A, Avjhn Ordt r *. al. rt. (ke (AOMB >'i>m -Varijwtfin Company.? Ths fact'* of this case ate is lllows ?On the 2,*1 of May, ISM. the duly authorise) 1 sge t of the (lean Steam Navigation Company at Ksle lignen a bill of lading fur ten cases of ribbons, whth tbe respondents had Mand from Mesart. IK>?e A Koptadt By the bill of ialnt .bey acknowledged ths r?ctpt of 1h? iiool* in good order and ?tU -on niione | to * forwards! front Havre to Southampton by the : n >ub?satern Mt"ani Navigation C?>-npan; a ate*m.-r >?rl. and there transliippe I on board tne r.--|ion i 'Ota" i alerter Waahiogton. to le carried to Sew Y'itk and 'here delivered to the lib"llanta in like gO'?i i >rde- and coalition, (the acta of )?<?! enemies, p rates. | re?tmats of prin<-ea and rnl-re. (Irs at ?ea and on ah?>r? NcMevtS from machinerr boiler* a team or any ?tbei accidents of the ??*?. r.vera, and ateem nav *s t ir n of eha'ever nature or kind. txeept*4<) The goods were earned to ^outbampton. and placet m board the Wa*?ngt'U which arrivvd in New York in the Brat part ef Jsne. haviag had a hoick and pleasant pssaaye, with no i?ugh weather, and without any acaideat to tbe atetm-r or bef machinery. Butoa the delivery of tbe cases here it waa found that aone of tbe rib Mima iu tbrre of tbesi bad been damaged and tbe libel Is lied to recover tbe loss neraainaad ?bs>eM>e, whieb , ia s?at?l at about |T*> Tba ribbons were fresh tmm , the manufactory, and ctmt from dlHarent establish ment*. Each piece *m rolled on ? block io the usual way, were packed in boxe* about twelve laches by six, and about tbree incite* blgb, tro-u twelve to fifteen roll* being packed in each box. The boxe* were made of white pasteboard ? some of them g lazed. Common wrap ping paper waa put around each box and about fifty boxea were placed in each case. The case* were made of French pine, and wrapped round with *traw, over wliich waa a lineu wrapper They were placed in a dry part of the steamer, on the oilop or berth de -k, a place appropriated for French good*, which win separated from the boiler, furnace and engine, by a thick partition of boiler iron, and every precaution which prudence could dictate wan taken by the res|>ondent* to exclude heat and the eacape of ateam from those decka. The ribbon* were of various colors, the mure dplicate colors being in Miree cane*. Tlie damage complained of wan manifested in the change In tlieir color, in streaka and in spot* the lean delicate colura not lieing injured. Tne milk white waa changed to a dull yellowish tinge, and where this change of color appeared, it extendod over the whole piece, from the outside to the block. There waa no appearance ot damage on the wrapper* of the case*, or on the case*, or on the wrapper* of the boxes, or on the boxes, ani no appearance that they had lieen wet or dump. Held by the Court, that, under th>' hill of la ling, the respondent! muat be renponsible for the damage, unless they show that it waa occasioned by oue of the excepted rnuaea in the bill of lading, or tliut it existed before the ribbons came into their posaeaaion. or that it w a* pro dtired by a cause which bad its origin before they re. celved them at Havre That upon the evidence the da mage waa uot occasioned by heat merely. Dtin ure oc caaioned by bent ahowa itaelf in a different way. To oc casion it, the heat muat be excessive, and there waa no auch excessive beat where Vittw ribbon* were *tow*-l. That it waa not occasioned by the eacape of steam after tbey were packed in the boxea. If it had been, aome trace of it would have been ahown by the paper aroun 1 theboxe*. No auch trace waa iouno. .Steam could not penetrate to these deck*, except in caie of an accident to the machinery, and no auch accident happened. That there can' be no doubt that the original causa of the da damage was dainpneas, the damage being made to muni feat itaelf a* it did by heat. That if this dainpneas lntd been occasioned by water reaching the ribbon* after they were placed in the boxes, aome evidence of if would have appeared on the boxea, wrapper* and cases. Hut none 1 such could be found. There i* no probability that wa ter could have reached tliein where they wera stowed. I under the circumstances. That the ribbons must, 1 therefore, have been damp when rolled, or must have become no after they were rolled, but before they were packed, and, there 'ore, before they came into the pos- ; session of the reapondenta. That though thia damage would have manifested itaelf differently if the ribbon* had beeu brought in a sailing vessel; and though the peculiar manner of manifestation of the damage waa cauaed by the warmth and dryness of the steamer, yet the dampness waa the MUM of ths dMMM to the rib bon* and for that the re*pondent* are not liable. I.lbel dismissed with co*t* Supreme Court? Circuit. Before Hon. J udge Morria ACTION FOK BRKACII OK CONTRACT. Ja.n. ai. tVm. J'. Furnin vs. Wm. H. Brown.? Tin, ! case ban been on for never*! day,. Iad the fact, have already been published in tbe Hkkald It w? a? action against the defendant, a ihip builder, for a breach of i contractu made with him in November, 1S40. lt appears that Mr. Brown agreed to sell one half of the ateainshin 1 Shod. Inland lor 125,000, and to lit her ,,p in a nronir I "?'?worthy manner for th? California trade iTa second agreement of the game date. Brown wJd to aell to the plaintiff one-balf of a steamboat then in 1 *36 000 m',CrUTdltb,i N,'W World- for th" "I ?.ih,ikh). The Rhode Inland was sent to s?a and af t" being out a Jew day, wa. .warn, & It ?. ion , tended bv Mr. Noyea and Mr. 0. H. striker ou he pert of tie plaint i IT, that her loss wa, o-cas one ! bv ' i f fa,lur? ol the defendant in fitting her up in a hwI ful and workmanlike manner, and also that fraud win thir?h! rl 1 BriT? in th*?a,e (,f Kho'e Island | that 'he wan an old boat, and not worth more than half tb? Xto'r ?? "r"wn kn,,", wh,?" he niade W,ei?5 7"""; After the of the New .v. rniLBryW.P refu?e'1 l" deliver her to FurnUs and on the 9th of February, 1850, Mr. Furnias commenced ? suit for her delivery to him, and placed her in th" cus tody ol the ,-heritl on the 10th of February, which was on . unday, at about 12 o'clock While the Sheriff wan n ponsenaion of her, tha captain 3l the boat, Mr. Wake man, under the direction of Brown, ".teamed un " un der pretence of trying her speed, and carried hef'oir to California, puttm* the Deputy Sheriff an 1 iua rrlrty ashore at Statcn Nland, but not, It .eeim., withouUhi use of physical force. Mr. O'Couor and Mr. I'eabody a? peart-d for the defence, and d?*nr that th? Khod** ill. mi wan improperly fitted 'up. and {hat ihe was made a^ strong aj ?uch a boat could be made for ocean naviira ,'?Mr r" N>" ?r"[l 11 never wa s aftd - Hi, rurn'K,<- therefore Mr. Brown had a right to do with her a* be choftt, Damage. are laid at tlUO OuU ?Tideuc? having closed, coons#! addressed the thlt'if the" W n l"? ,Cl,"r!f!;1 bf th* Co'>rt ^ effect that if the defen Lint had fitted out the Khoda Island in h proper and seaworthy manner the plaintifr eoiild n o? ' i i .! r con^eautoce of hln neglect to d?? ho th* plaintiff waa entitled to his S^ OOO, the one half of the exMoaei i ol 'her outUt ami on- half of the loss on the coal which she had on board when on her voyage to Call lornia. \\ ith respect to the New World, tlie plaintiff ' "vnl-> recoyr t,,e difference between the CM, 000 which be agreed to pay lor and her actual value when delivered to blm. 1 he contract for the New World not l aving been e?cuted, the plaintiff could not recover fur any anticipated profit*. ,ur Tl.1inMHmi"r?iDg 11,8 J,ury Iir"u?ht 'n ? verdict for the plaintiff in the case of the Rhode Island for ?"x 060 to ge.herwith $11,813 40 m-erest since Nov. lO.' 1M(? making a total of ?.;?,*?;{ 40. ' nnlf"the *Vr*. WorM the jury gave a verdict for plain tiff Of si* cents damages and cost Mr. Noyea and Mr (J. H. striker appeared an counsel for the plaintiff, an 1 Mr OTonorand Mr I'eabody for the defendant ' Superior Coart? 8pe<|?| Term. Before Chief Justice Oakley. MOTION TO DISCHAROt FROM ABKKWT WRANTKO. Ja.v ?1. ? In 'hi Mal'rr of Curtis Judion.? The Judge, n giving hl? decision this morning, on the motion to Va cate order of arrest, held that the affidavit, of the plain tiff, in themselves, were not mfficitnt to justify the arrest of the defendant. Judaon. In order to justify an arrent. it must be shown that the party charged made a r*p"**ntatlon of his mean, which he knew to be false and with Intent to deceive; that if he makes a repres-n ?rron^u?-" be himself wa. misUken. it would not be a case for arrest. That to arrest a man on tbe ground that he is disposing of his pronertv with Titent to defraud Ills creditors, something mart- than be lief or suspicion must be shown: the facta mint be IJfi. ' "'i'1 ?P?U hearsay, but upon knowledge. The aflidavifs In thlacase did not supiK.rtthe order for arrest but whether that is ao or not, the aflidsvits pres-nUd on the part of the dtfendant explained a?*y a'l the suspicion stated in the affidavits" ?? the pa'rt of ^ ^ u ? J ahowed that there ??? no fraud on the part of Mr. Jndson, -ither in contracting the debt or dis posing of his property I nder these Drcumstan. e. the Court granted th* motion fo vacate the order for arrest with coHtfl to the defendant. ' Theatre ? and KthlMtlona. T,H*V,K'.Tn" ?r" 1 -C" ?"') fslry st^c. > V '? "*?'"? immeuae bouais-th^ Tli. ! u ,i ! MHe<! n?ai ly for tTiree davs in advance Thla establishment has done a great busines, ever since the ol the I'yne Op-ra Troupe. The present "tn" "nythin? but depression of trad lo night ? Cindtiella and tbe fareeof '? Betsey Baker From present appearan -es, - Cinderella" wilfbeiiselv U> be playeil neit week, wh?n, no doubt, a go.^1 ,]eil moie money will be added to the treasury. a Ten* T ' A complimentary ben?fit will bo g^ren thla evening to Messrs. Richardson and I.vons Infill v'l 1 "/^"'can Brothers, with Mr <? tk, niface a? > at. en and f-oul, del Iranchi, will be the lir i LT' ,lb'" w'" ^ ?r "" farce of '' j'add v Miles Hoy. Mr. (?. C. < harles as 1'addv Mile- vr ??f 1 '?'f- M Far land w.U a?.,?d i . ',17 ' Th' ?f " Michael Krle," snd th.. last act of ?' Timour the Tartar," will also played B i?T".n> Thmtk*.? The new comedy, c.illed "Our Set, la announced again for this evening. The cast e?, brace, the names ol all tbe leading artT.ts of Burt,,. ,'.y Mr Burton a. Dr. li%e,e ? Waahi^.n ,'V:U,1"L v?nety of excellent music wdi be i layn.1 mai s l"fl * ,'?*nd <b' ytTr P?P,ll?r of Wo A. B,.hre*eraa maid, wife and mother, will rSL s"uJ*r 5 *5 ? ""Fton, Johnston, JoHan Fisher, and Miss Kaymood In the principal part, Waiaaoi 'g Thkatk*.? The pro-luction of Morton's comedy of Town and Country" baa met with great sue cess at this ??sttbusbmen t The cast embracea the came, of most of Wallack'a star company Among the "osT^- r .-r' ,!uh"' in.nT Vii; "d M"- ""?y Th* ??". ng farce of the eonM. J. ^"'rr N|o'?Dt " ?t'e Artful l-oegsr. will tvwi ^Tei L ?l.u "" ",1 f>"ntrJ" '* ?nn?un :e.l for r'?; effBinf thin wee* and"evia1neMI?! * 7Th* wWct'00* for tM" ?ft?rnoon ? "m! laeee rSI i*Uf i?* i c,nno' <?'! to draw !?,??? S'ffi-W " Mustache wfthC l*'nl? . ik!f ' I* ?r"1 Ml" I* Mr .n as -itch, an?' Mr OartV .."iilc^'VoVthe American "cTlV.V" -The doabU trou,? of f iZJi cttatiZ * '"ur ship, tLe.e will be ?.m"f'n<" tu'm b '?[ r^',' " ?" " of mewL and the b...les.)Ue of . Kobert | Ht i ?im '* HaHK.vanw.a.? Tlie ne> h?i?. , of lanmiennoor .admired fy aiTtbo^ Ji"- 1 ' ?. It wdl played aaam thuVveJ^' W"? h"? HoeKCliam..- fk.naTdeoa fa m,k ?J .. establi.h hi, company. Negro m*|J?u. ""T ir, end tie M..S ?? ,,pl T7s?" 'ro;^, - FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. NOIKV MARKKT. WKD\E?t>4r. Jan. il? ? I?. M. Tbe itork muket waa all at |0OM eoia t>4ajr. Th?re was no |*artiral*r mov rnm'. eithar way. S?in?of tb? leafing f*nci?? w?re up, and other, were down. The moat active atock on ttM lUt waa Cumberland. It op*n*d ftt an advance of throe eighth, per cent on the eloatag pttrea of yenterday. bat fell rff afterwarda. The parchMm am Mae oontiBoed large, and the aborta may get la tk* mum lied for thw. At tbe Ant board today | Miaaoan6'a advanced i per cent; Niciragna Transit, ; ]; Panama Bulroad, 3. Erie Railroad fell 08 J per cent; Harlem. 4; Reading Railroad, 4; Il'.ino'a Ceu i tral Railroad, l?; Chicago acJ Rock Island, 4. Bill ! road bonda w? re ratner qme\ to day, without cbacge in pricea. Erie bonda, new iaaue, remain at tie frubeoiiptinn price, bat any quantity pressing for *ale would deprwa the market value, beyond a doubt. The company hare about two millions of dollars to pay tomorrow, ard it will take ciuaidarWe shin ning to raiae tbe amount. The semi annua' interest on tbe bonda of 1871, and the semiannual interest on the principal of the income bonds which hive not been converted, all come due tc-inorror. It ia e?tl mated that ab ut one million of dollara of the income bonds have be*n converted into the new iasue a a fourth mortgage bonds. The payment to morrow will be the largest the company ever bad, and the mi a as to make it have been purchaaed at a greater Iom tbaa any loan ever before negotiated. The three million two hundred thousand dollars raised by the new isaae of four million of bonda have becu tiled in paying the Income bonds and interest, the in terest on the bonds of IN71, and a small portion of tbe floating debt. There will be left outatanding on the lot of Itarch, *hen the sinking fund commences operations, a floating debt amounting to nearly oae million five hundred thonaaud dollara, a load wh<ch will weigh down the slock, and keep it at very low pointti for many years. The floating debt can not, nnder the moat favorable circumatancoa, be paid out of the net eurnings in less than four or live years. An annual payment of tire hundred thousand dollars would not extinguish it na<ler four years, and co one supp >see for a moment that the company, after providing for ita sinking fund, will have anything like half a million dollars a y*ar to apply to the payment of ita floating indebtedness. If It punctually pays the monthly instalment to the sinking fond, it will do better than we anticipate. We hear vaiious estimates made as to what the redaction ought reasonably to be on the par value of the shirts of some of our leading fancy railroads. Our State Commissioner haa told the public that no reliance can be plased on railroad reports, and the experience of the last year or two prove* it. But one thing may be set down ai certain, that aft-r having bfen Hchuylerized, shaved|or cheated, as are known to have been, for example, the E ie, the Hudson Blver and the Flarlem roada, the real par of the tint cannot, at the outside, be taken as higher ttan tifty ; that of the aecond than forty, and that of the third than thirty. If any of the?e roads ever , come to pay dividends of seven per cent, it will be not on the nominal par with which they started yeais ago, but on this reduced par, to which their loeses and expenses must ultimately redu?e them all; and one of them, it la nuderatood, Immediately. On the snppoiition, then, that these roada, which have not to day a aingle dollar laid by for dividends, will make them at the rate of seven per cent in the course of two or three yeara ? which we do njt at all believe ? their present actual viluj cannot be regarded, for tbe flrat road, us high as forty; fur the eecond as high as thirty, aad tor the third aa high aa twenty. No prudent capitaliat wishing to pat his money in a place for safe keeping, and also derive an annnal Income from it, will buy the stocks at any price; but lot even the street ?pe.ulatori, and the clerks who go in for fliers, can fairly estimate th? real value of their shares auy higher than this re duced par, less two or three yoara internet. If the Butland road, which, afUr a c?t of 13,200,000, has juct been told under the hammer at one mill per mile, bud been a Wall street fancy , with a clique in the direction, and In.the street to sustain it, it would no donbt have held np a respectable head alongside of our prcnden fancies. After the adjournment or the board the following ? ales of htocks were made at auction by Messrs. A. H. Muller A Co. f 0 tbarc Excelsior Kin- lnHuraucc C'ompuay 7->; UO do. Cor mtrcisl <lo. <lo. R5 10 ito. Clinton do. 'to. KJ , b do. Suffolk Hank 12 Mr. A. H. Nicolay's regular eeni-weekiy auction ?ale of stocks and bonis will take place to-morrow (Tburtdsy,) at 12? o'clock, at the Merchants' Kx charge. Among other ae.uritiea to be offered wil be $21,000 New York Central Railroad nix |?er cen mbtcrlption bonds, sold by order of the trustees o' the late Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Fall* Railroad. At the second board the market was a little bet. ter. Cumberland advanced | per cent on the elo* ing prices at the first board; Nicarsgua Transit, 4; Virginia 6's, 4. All others were firmly sustained. The sales of Panama Railroad stock lately hare been mute large. Hoidtrsare availing themselves of the little excitement created by the opening to realize gocd prices. The steamship Canada, from Rjstoa ter Liver pool to day, carried out 1278,375 in specie. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to day, were as follows:? Ilecelved $91,7 M) 15 ! a\ ui^nlM ll'i.UW'i WU Paul for Aaeay Ofll (*.... 34,765 93 I la lance 2,42*, 418 99 The receipts aid disbursements of the Assistant Treasurer's office duringthe month of January, 1US, were a a follows:? Amiktut Tuinm's Ornci, N*w Yomk ? Km mm axo Dttaraanncvm. lialance January 1, 1*55 $3,193, ISO *S Keceipt* ? l?n account of custom* $2.M*,;j:i7 21 " patent fee* .... 2A Po?t Office I* p 631, OCO 84 " trivn?fT? 770, OOo 00 " miscellaneous. . 5,091 07 93,979,152 42 Total 30 I Payment ? ? Trea.ury dralti 94 ?IM,*6? 11 Po-t Ofllce do 237, 04* JO $4,923,914 31 lulxnce January 31 92, 42*. 414 99 By balance r r#<]|t intereat account* HJ7.719 00 lo payment* H'it 72? ui Balance 9*5,012 54 By balance credit diaburaiug account* 7 7 h . J J4 M By receipt *79,579 34 balance 9*9.1,427 iM By receipt* for cuatom* in January, ISM. $4,3M,:i1$ 14 By receipt* for Cuetoux n January. 1*55. . 1, 444,337 28 I Vcreaae in January. 1*55 9 By balaiice crejit bullion and txpen** ac count fot A>uy Oflic* 1.19,532 24 By coin reeeired during tbe month 4 '114 *04 69 Total $4.7i4,?3? 94 lo payment* on One bai* $390,03* e$ Toptymmta no coin 2,4?0,K: 7* Balance $9* 1.97S 5i Coin In At?. 1re**ursr ? <>ffl<'>*9: 4o??,|(?i $7 to n n A-*?> office J t?? $4 139 "41 $1 I'ine bar* in A*?ay office fMt (*5 I ni-aitea| bullion in An* ay <lo. I,fc90,0wl 40 Bullion at U.e m nt for c> ina?* 1 ft*7 si* Total $7 * * *59 47 Tbo retort of the Hari'zn Railroad company has at last been teouel. We J ? not thl'.k that toe President ha* made a goo-l job of It. Kv^rytblox appeals to be j'linbled toRet^er. as J we doubt if tae stockholder* wt;l really know wjythln* mire aS "it tie company's affairs after a careful ex?-nin?tion of the paprs of flRU-es p:eaeot?d them, tftao tttey do now. It has neither bead or tall, but we will try and put sr>me of tbe (litres t igether nuto m ike the reenit ' lesr to th" C5mpr#b?B*t?m of all. The earnings ac 1 expenses of tbe n?d lor the year ?n t tog hept. >?, lH.Yt, were aa follows ? S > * Voss *?? H*si.*m Ktiuhrup HttrtfU Frrifi peoemrer*. $i;0 r.wi so fr m Tieigbt ?7* ** Vt r,tn mall rUTiie* fm V H r<??d r?nt*. hr *? 4 I ?S Total .MMM 0 1 Eifavn ii( operating the r?a1 .Ml 4 4 M fappoee4 to be net earning* $?<<-', A4'i IS /"a /mmlt Oikrr Ikam for Kapen.e* 'or npeta'mf roa i a* altne* $ >*1 4"t *4 ?to m? nta nte< r>v1 . ... 171 IM A do repair* d M'tlMiy.,,..,... SO.TSI #4 . Aet?at opeiatlnf eipea<*> Groaa receipt* Actual iet earnings 9147. '>20 44 Interest, prr miutu/i, discount, funded mi floating dabt 9194,S1'.> 9A Dividends for the year, preteried and oI<l stock 192,941 00 S9T,19? #S Total 9*19,640 49 Deduct itemstuppieuied List year byS*cbuyler ft7 ,?R?i 3* Actual deflcieaey for the year 9181, 784 11 The iepoit say* Io otli< r w.*rds, there was earnod of tbe dividends hut 911,066 N9, while the payment i, hi above, ?m 9192, Ml , the deficiency a* last above *tat>?l 9181, TM 11, has gone to swell the floatiug debt. Inquiries liare satisfied the writer that the dividend* heretofore declared upon the "old stock" have seldom, if in any instance been truly earned, they were the result of simulated statements ant exaggerated estimates. Tbe??> diviilentla. in th? aggiegste, aince February, i860, In clusive amount to 9?1H 407, anil thin aum is uow repre sented in the funded an 1 floating debt, it it notorious, that at no tiuie wuen a divi end him been declared wu* tie money in the treasury with which to pay ti. Each semi-annual period put the company ill tile market a borrow era; and if the frauds of the lat<> ,'^ecretary^iad uo been perpetrated, and everything left to more in th beaten track, the company coul 1 not have gone on fo ? long period before its incrcating euiliarra laments wuuld have forced minute am pains lasing inveaugat Ions, and the fact above indicated have been disclosed. The capital sto. k, funded aod floating debt, oon structim account, are a* follows: ? Capital Aiyilicablr to thr Construction of th' /load. Old stock issued, including the fraudulent iaiiiie of 9208,000 94, 21 ?! ,040 Preferred at ock 1.600,000 Funded debt 2,714,201 Floating debt 813,303 Total 99,243,646 Co.'t of H ul l and Kqnipmrnl. Graduation and masonry, bridges, auper atructute, including Iron, passenger ant freight station*. building anil fixture*, land, landdaiung** and fences, including city real estate 96,503,080 Locomotives and fixtures, Know plows, horw* and equipage .... 360,618 Passenger, b*gg*ge, freight and oilier car* 399 280 Albany extension certificates, re tired 1,868,600 Difference. i Accounted tor by the above fraudulent stock, for which nothing haa been received into the treasury 909,000 Iron on hand, paid for, but not uaed 207.8:t!? Interest, discount on bonds, com missions nod brolieiage, p.iid aince May, 1837, 17 years 1,313,618 1,730,333 Kxcea* 9614,006 Thir InvcatigatH'n of the large subis paid for mo-rest, discount i, coninii sions, ic., has not been carried buck beyond May, lfc3T, because enough Is shown not only to accouut for the dillerence of 91,116'i66 33 between "capital" and the "cost of the road," but also an ex cesa beyond that difference of 9014, OVA 9-1, which must have been drawn, la the early history of the road, from its earning*: but aa no practical good can now ariae from any attempt to discriminate between that portion of Interest and discount* paid from capital, and that part taken frrm earnings, it ha* nut hcen attempted, nor would it be easy, from any data bow available, to make such discrimination. It Is the opinion of the President that the ulti mate capital of the company will be 110,000.001). Nnmercu* claims are unadjusted, and many account* remain open, which U ?uppoMd, swell the preient capital to the mm named anove. In reginl to the lutnre earning* of the road, tne prospect ia r.ot very Mattering. It ia eitimated that on the I t ?lanuarr, 1H50, there will l>e a surplus, after paying the dividend on the prop<?ed stock, of 158,000. It in figured out that a dividend on the old stock, of tour per cent, can l>e paid out of the net earning* for the vear 185ti. It is suggested by the President that the par value of the old st ick '>* reduced from ISO to |3o per nh*r*. This would r?duce the capital oto.k from 14,500,000 to $2,700,000. The annexed statement ex >t bit* in detail the securL tie* held iu trust at the Backing Department, Alb my, lor each banking association and individaal banker, and the amount of circulating uole* issue! aud nut ?UndlDR on the 'JOth of September, I Ho I: ? ItANKH or TSK ^TATK Of \KW YoBK ? ClHCC LATHIS *\ll Hsctramm. Agricultural Hank, llerkiiuer? I onds and mortgagee 9'>t.077 M New York >'ate stock, 5's ls.oiKj 00 1 io. do. it's 17,000 00 l nlted Ftutes stock, 6'* l!t,0<;0 <Mi $108,677 00 Circulation, 106,492 00 ^Albany Kxcbange Hank, Albany ? Bonds aud mortgage* 9 0, / 00 0>) New York Ptate stock, H's ?'?. ixK) (S) Do. do ?i? 16,0?.0 00 Arkansas ."tale stock, 6'a '>0,0n0 W 101 600 00 < irculation %0,.)'?7 00 American Kxcbange ltank, New York ? New York Mate ?to< k, 6 s 974,000 ix) Fatted Mtates Stock, ??? 70,000 00 llhnoia c stock, 6'a 3vi,C?ifl 67 .24,6?,6 67 < irculatian 46a,72t) OD Atlantic i.aiik ot the < it) ot New York. New York? New York State stock, 5's 914,200 00 IV i!o. 6'.< ilH.SOO 00 I nited states stock, 5'? ll,0oo is? do. do 6 *. . 42.OO0 00 10?,0U0 00 Circulation IOo.iiOO 00 Auburn t.'itjr Hank, A'lUurn? S.-w York Stat* -to..k, 4 $13,000 00 I o do. 6 < <io |>o. 'to ?'? 104,100 0") 1.11,700 <M? Circulation 1.W.420 00 Albion Hank of, Albion? Honda and mortgage $ft'J,48t? 00 Saw York Htata ?tock, 5 ? 40 177 00 |V> do. ft'a liO.OOO 00 lllinoia fUl* atock, ft'a ?i,7Ul 40 12? 3T5 40 t rrulation li^Wii 00 Au.ritca. Hank of, Naw York New York Htata utock, ? ? 10,000 00 llrrulatioa. ... ? Attica, llauk of, Budalo ? Fonda and mortgai<?a $50,405 i<0 ;,<-m York i?tata -lock, b't 0 <i Do .lo. ft'? ?i,ixjo oo Intel F<ata- atock, 0'a 14,000 00 ?? 101, C33 00 C. rrulation ? 1<)0,.'?4'J 0*1 Aui'iiro. I'ank of, Aubjra? S?? Yotk htata a'.o> k. 0 ? $10,000 0 0 ? anal raranna rartif'n, ft'a H0,i)00 I'Bitad Mataa ?to<;k. o a 11,000 00 101,000 oo ( ire illation 101,000 00 l a'.Utoo hpa Ilank, HalUton ,-p* ? Hood* and mort?a|[aa ........ $.'MiO 00 J?tw Yoik J-tata a'.ock, &'? a.1 0i2 00 Do 00. 6'a W,000 00 l0g,4.VJ 00 Cliculat on . 10i,WO 0Q Jilncl. Rltrr Hank, Watertown ? Hond* anl mort|r??aa $14,791 1,4 New York Btata atock, &'? 4ft. MJ0 00 Do do. ?'? r. 000 00 Cult"! >"?ta? atock, 6 * 10 f 00 OO < anb in dapoait 1,4 '1 'HI m,*2# ?$ < ImlatluD , , 131, 74W 00 I'. a?r? liank, Nrw York ? Naw York Mate ttock, b't $1HV S4I Oo Ito. do. ?S ? ... i,</0 mj 1. 0'ta4 r*tataa utock 4 a Ji.Wi VI __ '.'II Hfcl 04 Cliculatloa 'ill 462 'N Kr?a Iway Hank, Naw York ? Naw Yorn State atock, fl'a. .31# 'W 00 Circulation 'JH* noo 'X) | Br" k port M'hanga Ilank, Br'?:k p. >rt ? Honda and irortgajraa $ 00 Hh York State atock, V, ?.... ? Do do ft a 1 4,00*1 00 l aited tstatea atock. 4 a W,000 '*> ^ 44 flKl iai , Hrculatloa H,Wi W i Hufalo 1 it? liank Buffalo ? Honda im mortfagaa $' ? \lt *?? Yoik Mate ata<k . 6 a ;4 50 t ?/< U? do ft'a 12, >i0 00 I altad Stataa atock. ft'# W> IV) ?? ai llrrjlalton 1 1 *i?7 * 00 Hull* H?ad Hank o' tba city of S'ca York, N?a York ? N?w 5 f/r a -tal# atock, 1.2, 'AO Wi IV. d?. ft a 10 ,<????> O 1 ?lta< futea atock 4'a i? '*> "0 < rcnlatloK I.nrnal Hank. I'ot'.a ai.l MltmM.,,,,,. \?w York rt?*? at?!k I ?ita<* Mataa -tork, 4'a C!rt<iki1lna F?frli?ia > !?? f>rot?r? Ha ok. N Sa? rk -ta'? I,. 4 a,. I o ta?l Matea ?twk, 'lrrnlat ?? , . )'? nbi (? I'aak of I ana Van '?a lora Mate atork, 4>, a. fv. <" 4'a,, . 1?. 4- fc-,a Canal ra?aa?.? c?rti$c?t?? ft'i CSr'alatto* .... pa'll iar.k of Hatlfr? Hxada >a4 mn'Tfrnf' $'?'? 237 *1 N. ? Y'ork !*<a'a ?i < k, 4'a.,., , . T.OOT OT la 4o #'a, r W '? ( irrt'il it B af Ham to* Hank of, Mogfcaaa t?*~ iV.ada and m?r*faf?a 41 * M0 ??! ?<?? tort hta'a atock 4^i . .. %**?'* tm 4n 4 a $9,774 >? r>> ?o $H ? ?? lV> fa 4 a ....... Ml I'nitad Sta'e* Block, 6'a 10,000 ?) 230,716 00 Circulation 313,711 00 Camden Butk, Camdta? Hoc da and mortgagee $62,HOO 00 New York State atock, 0'a 44k,. Mo Ot United State* atock, 6* 4 <hx) oo ? ? ? lo:i, aio oo Circulation lot), .v) 00 Canal Hank of Lockport, I ockport? Honda and Moilgaifta #1,2!! 00 Near York Slate atock, 6'i 17,017 00 Do. do. ti'a 0,000 00 C&ual revenue certificate*, 6'a.. O.OIM 01 I ntfad Stat-* atock, 6'? 1,100 00 llllMla Mat a# Stock , ti'a 2,61)1 Tti Circulation ,'>'',407 00 Catakllt ll.i uk Cat. kill New Vork State atock, ti'a 000 00 United Mnti-a atock, 0'a 0,000 00 10.00') 00 Circulation 10,000 00 Central Hank of Brooklyn. Brooklyn ? New York State atock, 0'a $13,800 0*1 l*>. Oo ?'* 08,000 oo Ititrd Mntea atock, 6'a 00,000 00 100. hih) ki Circulation 100,000 00 Ceatral llank of the City of New York. New York ? New York State atock, 6'a $67,013 00 Io do. 7,100 00 t nited Sta'ea atock, 6'a :!'.?.700 00 101, $33 oo Circulation 99, IMO 00 Central Hank of Troy, Troy ? Honda aud I0'>rt|(in<i? $01,207 <M New York .Statn atock, 6'a N 0<*0,00 l)?, do. 0>, a 0,000 00 Do. do 6'a 15,000 00 United Stain atock, ti'a 32 '.00 00 1 1>4 7 ,7 in) Circulation 100,000 00 Clinthiini Hunk, New Ycrk ? New York State atock, 0 ^ a . . $13 0n0 00 Do. do. 6'a 60,700 o? UuitaJ Ftatea at>? k, 0'a 71,IHd r?2 ? 14H.M86 69 Circulation 14.1,407 00 Chemical Hank. New York New York Slate atock, 6'a 11411,710 0") Do. (io. fl'a 40,000 00 United State* atock, 0'a 179,090 H.! .? 3$3,6J?? S'i Circulation 866,877 00 Cheater Hank, Cheater? Honda and mort-'ayc* >7,000 00 New York St?t?' atuck, 0'a 70,616 00 Do. ilo 12, ooo ih? Do do. ?'? H,t*)0 ().) I'nited State* Hock, fi'a 2, 000 0" 104,1 111 00 Circulation 104,114 oo ( hitteDiiigo Hunk, Cliltteauugo ? Honda and mortgage* $.'>7,004 00 NVw York Stutn atock, fia 87,000 00 United Statea do 20, 000 00 115,404 00 Circulation 114, M4 00 l itiz.eoa' llank of Nrw York, New York ? New York State atock, 4'4* tun) 00 Do. do. Oa 28,40 j 64 To. Jo. 0',? ti.000 00 Do. . o. 0? ?3,116 00 Canal revenut cert Iftrate, 0* 10 fOO oo United State atock, ua lo.Otaj 00 l*>. do. 6a 07,01)0 00 1*9, 5'J0 00 Circulation lHO.llO oo ('it y.eun' l ank ot Kulton, Kulton ? Honda and mort^a^ea $04/H0 00 New York ! Ute atock, Oa 10 1100 Oo l>o. do 0a 10,000 00 t' re?eime certificate!, 6a 18,000 00 United State* atock. 6a 10,000 On 107,660 0") Circulation 104,000 00 t it) Hank of Brooklyn, Hrooklyu ? New York .-Mate aiock, 6a $5n,000 00 I'nited S'.atea do t>a M),000 00 10<i,fl?>0 00 Circulation 1 <>0,000 oo City Hnnk of New York , New York ? New Yi rk State atock, fl< $5,000 "0 I'nited btatea do 0* 4,600 00 10 000 00 Circulate n City Hani, of Ocwego, Oawcuo? Honda and niurt|(a<?ea $01,710 00 New York State atock, ?'.? 32,000 00 D? do. 0',a 4,000 00 Do. do. ti* 10, ooo 00 105,710 <X) Clrcutat on... 1?,277 00 ( < mu>arclal Hank of Albany, Albany New Y? rk State ato< k, .'>a Ssll,.'.!!") 00 Do. do, 6a 123,000 00 Canal re?fnue certificate-, 0a 15,00 ) oo 2:1,000 00 I irculatlaa 21$, 636 00 Comnietcial iiai.k of ? 1yd", Qjil* ? Honda und mort|(air<" $28,901 00 New York Mate ?tor'? 0? 1,800 O'l Canal irvanua <'ertlflcatea, fl* 10,000 00 United Mate* atock. t'? . la.lHiO 00 &?,9os on t Irculat 'Hi 58,013 (K) 1 1 mniurrt'Ui tUnk of 4>lana Kalla, Ulra* 1 all ? ? l'< Unix mill u)or'|(aj(iM *' ',5J0 Oil Naw Yoik Itttr at?ck, 5a 4.7UO 00 I >0. do. 6)t? a, 000 00 I to. do. 21 I'K) .14 i ft iin I ravanna eartlflcaWa. fm.. . 10,000 Oit I nltad ?tock, .f>? 12,000 00 Do. do o? 8,000 oo 10.'.,?20 .i4 rir<"Utioo io4,tis oo i i.riimtT. ial I'-iink of Rocbaatar Kocliaitrr ? lioodft and nwrU*K" $141,1)75 on Naw York Htata atock, 94,450 00 Do. do. .'?s? 7,00it 00 Do do. fla 54,700 00 Uliaola lw. ?? 2<>, 000 00 ? ? K0.12S 00 Circulation 1 '?>%! 00 Guminarclal Kan* of Troy, Troy ? llond* and auirtyaga* $VO,.V.tO 00 N?*a York Ctata atook, &'? 22,073 no I M<. do. 5'j'g 22 500 00 I'll do ? a 5,550 00 ? mil r?i?nu> r?rtifl< ?!??, flu... 10,000 i<0 I nita l 8t.itaa atock, O'a 47,000 00 203,7 1 - 00 < trcalat.oo 'joo 702 00 Commercial I'mk ?l Whitaliall, Whit?hall Nrw Yor* htata atock, ?.... .915,000 '*) im do ?'? <? Canal i??rniia cartldcataa, O'a. . 2", MX) 00 100, Mm 00 Orculat <>b W.0.M) oo < ?n'tn?nial Hank, Nta York ? New York Htato afcwk , 5'a . ?47,7ii? oo Do. do. i), 'n io oi) ho do. 6 ? 1<I,000 no I'nltml Hafaa atock, <5'a a5,H00 00 ?????I'M 700 110 ( trculaticp 100, J50 00 Corn kicbanga Hank. Now York ? Saw York HtaU atoflk, fl a I'm W*t 0-1 C rculat on 1C0 00*1 Vi ( roaa* (lank Hjra'.iaa ? H >a<la ami mortfa<M. . $6.1, Ml MJ SVw York Rial* ttnek, . . ;i0,000 00 I Bttad >talM atock, 0 ? 20,000 OO ? .la: lion o>t Circulation W0.WT 00 Ctjjrlar a hank. I'alrnjra? Honda and u.ortgafa $4.1,742 00 >rw York Hafa atock, 5'a 44 Ml 00 Do. do 5)| a ?.0o? 00 Do. do. O'a 14,000 00 I Bttad Hataa ? . 5 mio no IW ?4i <>, CUrcuIlfcoo 112 71 W Canan?<laf[>ia llank of Canto lal*na~ Hood* atcl isortgagaa ..$20 01 >.'.?? York .-Ufa atock 5'a.... V> 00 l?j do ?'a 2* 000 ??? Canal raranua eaitiflcataa, ?> 5,000 M? ? ^ flf <*m f ..... 01. 00 Capital, iian- >.f tba, A'.liaaj ? Saw York flat* nt< rk fi'a IT, 000 ** {to do 5^ * 2 '<"0 'M) j>o do. t ? lo non oo lis 000 oo QreulaUoa . Ilu HM W la/'itfa !??? l afu of, Painted I'nat ? York iMate ?t ? k. . ? ?v> .41 ?o I aitril Ma'o tterk, 0'*. ........ . 4.500 on f.4 *41 'rt nr'oiatKo. (tun oa Ktark Ktrhanc. *ii'"wi'n Jaa II MM 5t<?4l Vlrg nla 4'? ?4)^ Wi aha I jm ? 1 l?. >..! p '( I" " 04, *4 W? b? l'*0 do W4 ', 141 >to ? ? V, <i )??<?/.( ?, < v. lutl do an <f, , ,!'<i0 I/ml. ana ft'a (5 **l to . . . .MM 4</>/ Mim> 'iri t'l I Ml do ' .v.\ >??H*ikn latkil Mi 4? '<K M ,4M Ir1< C*t H>, 71 70S 50 d?. . . tvi '.i?0 ?>!? Rita '00. . >T M 4a M0 M :>'0> Rrta IN lb M lift )o v: M 4"0 4a ? *'i to . , *10 s?, r,?4irt do M> 6? I, . a?0 0*S UA Mud It. ? lat 1<i| 1 *>S I f?? QIm >>? i>i I0r0 Had K* '44 M H -KM I' *Y?.bK* -im *>, '#?) <ta . ,b. nx ?'< . . a40 00 ;M?0 lUOaa II R boO I mi Kr? KK ?1 4 , 0M0 'i< ??;? 72 IK Vi .... 4'. ?, ^tio V .... e 71', IM 'o ... '? >? 4t'4 M/i 4a ., * *IS 'o .... ' 44 , '<f0n 4? a&O * I 1 4a..(. i-/i ?i> NY Caa RX Ra ?7 , i.? 4? .40 44 ; a?i da ? 1"* If ?rV P.'' )>?> a 75 Vi -v. , , . aJ jr. alia M" <a ifa III V> >0, I'. 4ai !.?? naaf? R5 I'* 100 4?.... v-O 7o 'i.'.ii h*in 1 10-, MO -Ui.,., fcAO I"! i| | M?t/'.^liUr l? 100 M Had K<? RK *s , HOOtali'a A TCo ^ I0 ?..o a^Via HR l< I', 'oal aaa I na f>. |l 0 1"J H*a I ??< KK I 71 M IU < antoa f o , it Ti1, InO 1a . Tl , .- ?. do T.% son da. . 5"! 7 J SA ?.?. . V- U l'?? da a." JIH 50 d?. W ? d?? . ri?, I'* 1i*? l aaa i ., aO . ' l'*j '1* *>> 71't If I*H 1* M^a Roa- . ?? l"i 4a. M? 17 Ji 04 ?, I'.O 4* I", Wi Faaaaaa IU* M > ? V> 4a.. ...OIO l?', do bfllm loa d* as i", -Ki?i i ?' kk'., m ?M f ak Caal O 35 1.. 0?o RR... . ?*?. t? d-. . a" ???, '-0 4o kl '?T>| V. 4a. ... It 10 ImAM I ? '?? W 01 1.4 4-. M , 3*1 u r, \:m 4 ? ? MH 75 C* ? * R ! RH 7?H 1^0 4 ? M 'AH IVOotofb R* 00 I /< 4j . . ? ?<H ? ICOND BOA&D. (4000 Viigiaia 6a... U5 400 aba Erie RU a3 U4f 1000 Inda llaok flu. 7*1 50 do blO 4A 26 *be Canton 0?. . , K't 200 do MO 45 TOO Nica lianait Co. 17 300 Reading UK ... 71V -00 do. ....MO 17* 300 do as 71 Jt 50 Cumb t oal Co. . . 36 * 100 do . MO 72* 15o do ;!'?'? '?> Mleh Houth'n R. 81 mi do hOO 36 >4 50 I'ataama ItK INK l"0 Ilarlrtu Kit SC% M do V9% too do ao', f>o i w>? ?0 NY Cant KRopg ??'* 260 <lo boO 90* IfcO do ?3i0 S# 50 do b30 100 '-<? do aM) MJi 200 SUniDg n Kit MO !*K 275 Krie Kit 4IK 200 <j<> 6* 840 tlo bio 45 V 25 III C* nt'l KK .*10 07 ??" -I' blO 45 u 6 Clara k Tol RR. . 60* 200 do 45'! 1 ork Cattl* Marfcrl. Wicoaaat; a*, Jan. 31, 1H66. AT AI.IJtimih'H WABlllMiTON DKOVK Y AMI). Ol'.ered today. 1 ;06 l.e?-f cat'U o'leret during ttw ?m<1, l,4t<5 We iul'join the return* of til* week la detail, 'together with tlie taction of country wl.ence Ike ku trite* came ? Htrj Caul* Ity the lIu.Uoi. Rirer Uallroad 370 Krle Railroad OM llnrleni Kallroad INI From Million., on cara 101 Otto. on car* ? 207 Kei tuck), on car* 27 New York Mate, by earn MM Donmrtlrut, on foot W New J? raey, on loi.t 24 Other Stock. By tba Krir Itallroad ? Heine 70# Hudann Klver Railroad? Sheep 614 llarlem Kailroa'i I oea and calrea 20 l>o. do ? Veal ca!?e* 232 I o do. ? ei beep and lamb* 037 J'rxctt llaef cattle, eatra quaL, | mr 100 lb*. $10 50 a II 00 I'o good >| uality . It 00 a 10 00 I d common M 00 a H 50 Ho. mleiior 7 00 a 7 W Cow* and t air*-, good.. -Ml 00 a 45 00 1 1* . do entra 66 (Mi ? 06 00 Veal ralre* good 4^ a ? Do e*tia 7 a ? Hieep, eitra ft 00 a 0 00 l>o common 2 &0 a 3 60 ?wlue 5t^ a bf( Tb* ti< mlier of bt el rattle In the yarda to day ahova a larg? d mini, lion, <mnp*red with tb* oiler ng* of la>t week, ami p'lce* bare *ti(Tene1 a little In coaaeqneaoa. We un.eretaad theie .no >tlll ? oii?1er?hle orlera on band lor baef on lliitiah go?er mu-ut an. oust ? ' ?tani'i- which ati.o contribute* to keap up price* la other rattle w* n >ie but little vitiation from pr*vi?aa q u? latum* 'I be market eln*ed Orni. at M>owai.xa'a. Hint beerea t* 60 a tl'l 25 row* and caltao, common . 30 u0 a 44 I o do., eatra 40 00 a 60 30 r? il calre*, (lire weight,) 4V?c a fte. 2,4t4 ehrep *n<l lamba? Sheep H 00 a ftA ?l)o. extra H U0 a 10 ?i *mlia 2 50 a 6 Ibe matket bar* waa not remarkably aetlra, hut aa tba aupjihe* were rather *hort, a ? ootupared wi'h tUa ? tiH'k ofieriiiK tue prerloua weak, price* of beere* war* well luppoitMl. An adraoce la aeeri on the piMirar aorta, but the Le*t t( uali t lea ar- a nhat'a below the (Igura* af la*t week two ahillinK" tl>e hundrad, aa y (owaaad calve* lea* plentiful and firmer We append a u>ao?a raiidLtn ol *alea ol alieep by hamu*l Mctiraw ? :4 aheep at 107 M 4H do 172 37 1*1 M U do 57 00 r.M do ..'M'2 M 50 141 7? 1V6 d? U1 2* Account of nalei by Jamr* M < *rty 74 *heep at ?'/?? 60 f.5 do 254 VI 2# do 17 7ft 112 . 540 00 IhO do 635 00 IM 63T 00 67 do 54? 80 M .'o 177 00 35 do 144 76 2.'! do 119 00 42 do 17(1 64 17 do 04 60 15H . 7<W ?S 10^3 64.54U 24 AT CHAVlftKai.AIM'H. 404 beef cattle ?1 110 a ?10 60 76 cow- aud calraa P) 00 a 00 00 III ? eal calre* 4 50 a 7 00 4512 lamb* { ^ ; -"Ami 4W lb* io?r ?t lure iia>- b?eu pi-tty *t?ady dur ng Uia week, an I with but little cbanae In j.rl wor^h record Ing (Quotation* are the aaaae a* I * at weak ei?.apt far teal, the poorer qualitia* of which are *oui*t'.nng h ghar AT o'IIKIKN'h. HX> beere. ?fl 00 ? $10 00 40<oaa and calre* 30 00 a 45 00 20 veal* 4 00 a ft 0?l Market flrm 'or U<<-( at aHout l*?t *wt'i prieaa. l ow* and calrea *Uoa an nnpiufeuinat, ? >n?? eatraa being quoted at tM II BCAPITI'LATION, t 'owl and I' nit timet falmt. Itllvtl. 1+m bt. Allerton'* 1,405 JO 1.1 037 Itroenlng* W'l 25 M) f , 4A4 chamberlain * . . 401 76 31 4,411 O'Krieu'* 100 40 20 ? Total 3,::V2 |#| 31 I 7,013 MTV TMaI?K ItKPOJtr. WitimiMT, Jan II ? 4 P M A' II M4 ? X? l<- ? 1,1 alout '?? libla M'utraal pill varv ?old at 71. l'.Krii"T' rrr? Ha niariaat vaa f)rm*r fur a-uooaoa graalaa of fl'jul Tha u m fouU?l u|> l??t ???? 7,000 aad k OOObbla. of *11 klti'la, Inrlu'l n* corn* lot ? fur aipvrt, In ?li:rh wcff r< iiiircu to (<ki I *".ata, at ft ?% a liO rowuion to a?tra WaaUrn at l?37 a 91(1 49, aii<)?itra liiiwaif, at |l? 0;. I.wliii' ?l 10 lb? tkon ? rr> aliout I , Mm bbla ( aaa4 an a' I1* <7 a |' m bua<l, an'1 at |? a I ' "4, 4at r |?i ! Mnut)a?ra vaa (r??f ami ainong tlia aala-a I JtO bola vara 'llaoaaad of at M NT a I < 'or riiUiiiHm to gool an 1 10 .17 a 110 ti It fur faaep ? fiat aatra ? ornlnoal- .'a*, of J*! bbla Jaraaf uill at 14 Mi, alif h l/.aar Kya flour *ai uaclMaf *?! H liMt 01 ajulat. <oru? 71ia marfcat aaa btlUr auppliaxl. an I priraa ? la?a?-l ?a?l?r. T).? aalaa ??mbra'vl al-out 40 '?*' a 46 UOO buabala at 'fir a H*. for Houtliaaa ja-liaaa aid alalia, llaa iBal-Ia ftgora for aoriaoaoa '| uall 1 J PoalUri J a r aa 7 aoM at '** Hra vaa lovar, aa<l oal/ ? aUal.ia at about II '"1 a II 21 for laravy ao4 N'/TVM nrar liata aira Inn al b> a .4r for Jaiaay, atal Ctat f?go haary ??r? liaM al 70 1 orratr -|>(|n of 'V*> a 100 '?ag> Rio war* ma la at 10 i-a-nta. Ii/nm -flu Mrtat *aa about *,? taatla*. tl>oif% trauaart.ona war* light aa laalara w-tm aallu taa ra ? a.||,t I,f tlia Atrt-a'a MUm Wa iguota ni 144 ling I'p laa-la at ?? . H"ii4a 4* al t',r a???a.; Kabila at 0 V Aa lliara aaa 1,0 Vaa "ilaaaa on lit* ouiiat, tlaa pHr-a vaa non Inal V ?ai<<im -llaia. aar? raaiar to Ijrarpool fur (ra ? aii'! aotta.ia About II, '.<*1 bmlaala of mra vara aui(a4 at t VI a 04 , la bulk an4 ba(a aftaraaf!a 10.000 baah ala war# a-ngaga.1 In b 'Ik, at 4 ?,e A faa hiialrwl pa-k - agaa> ?.iaa aara angaga . at prar.oua rataaa < wttiia aaa at aV.ut a a a f-T jvr baia a ',4 par lb. Ta I<m4>n I'iO llanaihaal aara takao at la . 'JWJ bbla. |Aik, al |M <A to 4a. awl W Uar^aa part at 9) , an t 70 ti in Irak a at lit* A bark aaa >r^a|*l to laad al Kay Maat for IaD'ImO, at ?? taka tut tba ratf* of tb? lialtara, ablrli aaa *fwta4 naar tbat plana. 1 La r? aaa ao rbaii|* vf Baoioant to aotlna la rataa for "I to a ? r Aafralla > >r-|t _??l?a of a JM? V??aa aat In II K r?l an, a aara Biarfa at 12 21/11 - 111* mar?at atma'Uual a?'l aalaa nvlna'a, M~jI iikaV'*"*^** "f fJObbla ofNaa 'irWna ?a-a aaa- la at 'Aa, >???!. **?ia??? ibii'it l,*#0 bMa ?i?fiM'ra rqaa aar? *t?a ! at |1 7'/ jar .lOlba /Un?ara>l H|>ir.ta vara at ?t??t 4<i' ?aah, aii'1 ra?4<i at $3 fiO "it ? liaaaa'! *n 4all at *1*., akaia aa 1 apara 1 aa ? Lar.aa-l l.t bAakata ,?iva. km ra oil, aoM at $1 M, I tan N< | lar^a mackarai vara at III Ut, ho 1 at III. au'l Kk I at M V' itr/ a?! raafwl fruaa M to I I iA. r?.i" umia- I .Ik vaa laj' >aaa wtira f'bv aalM atabrac*^ *"1 to Ml bila . '4>l maaa at 111 M a til 2"t 60 aw loaaa m. aap??t?i at III a?4 M 4* al |14 Nav ft M vaa >,? at at 111 2* Maaf **> in MA bbla aara at obi luotat lama ( at naaata aara la fair ? amaa'1 al ilaa?l| pfl-aa, 171 tiaraaa of kaaa aoH al 7?,a , aal 2i M? la ah<?al4ara, at l^?. Uka VW.'AO lt,a of b<i.( la it'ia ??*?-? raj^, rt?<! y.atar lar at ailaal* tarana. am a" 4. Hal rvrai la <<? akl|> b?ar4 la V?? <H. laaaa at TH* aa pa*t t?. Kjaf laaa-l I^r4 vaa atav r , a I tfc aalaa of a?i at 4<* ' pa - a a< aa at *'?' a 10a Tka aoar Bfuia for an>all lata nt |,i ra ?a Ir Km a- tdA Harm a a?ra aa?-ia for aaaarl. al 14 l?a |i Hail CaTair? " (?a im lot Sn k Ji?aa alip 23aM. I*.K4 ?.?? lat at M r aan.? I0lil7 I U?i k?>aaaaa4 lot I'V llf m? a trail a ' 1 7 1, 14 706 <!.? \u 1^4 flarfala II *> 4' 1 40 4a 4?. I "?i Ui t-. I4'i 4" I r /.4 40 ?'? 1*4 4a,. 4v, ??,:?' ri- ? fba aaa rat ; <ai Itaa aaaa a awtaa?4 paatar Uf aaa H,ai7a at J?r ala aaaivtba aal a ! at >0 4a ja aa alalv4 aa law 'a o# 10 '<a Iba vaa aaM, ta artlta ?? prnata tara a M"*!! -JlkM ^00 bb'a 5 a a ' t t-aoa aara aaU at 4',r a ?S* W aia a ?? T) a aalaa ar 'a al ak?)< *"? kMa (Nate a n't prtaa-e at <? >aab vltlk a aiaa . lat a' J^raay, ra ? ynf \?A at >3? |ya.a<xin atav of a 'argo ?af I 1 t-?a at I -<aa afa aara a. a a al II* a a *4 iMi 4a to al IIT M, a m a b<?4 ?? ? rba lafalry aaa gav*1 v tb t raaa*artla?a t? ao*? rata tit JU IMi RaaVaakf , al T Ui. a l'? 4? lalai Hanaa a tjr 1 1 4 Va Yar? p I ; ??I <*- -V. a \ t l/l ' ataa p I |f. a.aa>. U?r' < V Ilia B4a ?>r?4a 'ar Ijly IWiaaai atlr Narbat. S av ?aa/ r.*! (111 Maaa art. Jaa .?! *p*aaa ?TV* aaai lat far alalia f vtaaaaa Itutvt Tka Maaa a mrm oar kaat air. iaat la t" b^U , a- ' ra? la4. || ?% ?( a '? a ' ga af I ?4> bMa , la aa aitaaa ia bO'.aa la It'ia it/ 'or aaaaafaa 'ailiag vbaab ma; a*t haaUw^ly ? -a? Waal a iata, k%t ta f*4tk? !?g ' ba , .aal I; a4 <ra4a la tba 'aa/ k vi Wata .a ala* q??l a tfcoat iaaat*r a> ' aaga THa ma J Uaaaarwaa va laata ta rvpaarl arv alaa af a baa I Uft btala , Wb ?vr a bla .a Nav Tvra al *1< . aa4 10 bbla al t priM aaa traaap4rv4 W I alabaM TVa aal/ traa< aatto* aaai to a*r k vov<akga 1 a aala af I '41 Ha ? Wik, 4a?aaaa4 .a tav Tart at ?l

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