Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1855 Page 6
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IDFEfiTlSBlENTS RENEWED EVERY SAT. WANTS. OONTUTtnU) FROM FIFTH PAGE. ffrANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A f| situation as nurse au<l to do light chamberwork. Apply at 191 West Nineteenth street, third floor. firAATED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE J V young woman, to do general homework for a small family Good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 36 Ooerck street, second floor, back room. lirANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESITOTABLE |f|f girl, to cook, wash and iron, or do general house work in a small private family. The best of city refer ence can be given. Inquire at 278 West Twenty-seventh street. MIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE W you ok woman, as eh tmberiuaid aud w titer; is ea liable oi taking care of children am) doing plain sewing. ;\pplv in the store corner of Columbia and Hicks street, >0Lth Brooklyn, for two days. The b.jst of city refer > uc*. 1IT A NTEL' ? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION fv to take care of children, or ait chamb rmaid and t J ? b p!.uu sewing, or would assist in housework. Apply at fc. 15 Ehcabeth street, third floor. "t I r ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Y> young woman, to ilo general housework; wishes go to'tlie country. Good city reference. Cau be seen r two days, at No. o$ Elizabeth street, third floor, back cm. H'ANTtJ)- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ff to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small oily: would do housework: the best ol' city reference Ten. Can be iieen for two days at 106 West Nineteenth r?et, between Sixth anil Seventh avenues, In the base ment. "*Ir ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ft young girl, as chambermaid or waiter in a private family , the best of city referduces, Apply at 064 Green wich street, third floor. IITANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA fY tion in a p rivate family aa seamstress , is accus tomed to family sewing; she can out, tit and make boys' ciothea. can also do up ladies muslins; can give the best ol city reference. Inquire at 349 Twelfth street, near First avenue. "MI*' ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN, f f a situation as nurse; is competent to take the entire charge of the sick in any case, laquire tor Mrs. Powers, 14 CTiarles street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT Wo man, as cook for a hotel or private family. Best ol city reference given. Call at 467 Ninth avenue two doors from Thirty -eighth street, fifth story, back room. Can be Keen for three clays. "l*rANThD ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A ft situation as chambermaid and waiter in a respect able family. Can give good city reference from her last place. Call at 266 second avenue, bet ween Thirty-second and Thirty third streets, second floor, front room, for two days, if uot engaged. *Tr ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION f| to do housework in a small family, or would de chamberwork or take care of children, no objection to go to Brooklyn or Jersey City. Is a good baker. Good recommendations. Call at 1S4 Clinton street, near Divi sion, for two dayB. Inquire for Logan. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a situation as chambermaid or waiter, or would do general housework, in a small pri vate family, the best city reference can be given. Can be seen for two days, at 108 Twenty-second street, be tween Second and Third avenues, second floor, front room. ?T ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION ft as chambermaid and to wash and iron; is a most excellent bne wa -her and ironer; thoroughly understands French fluting and doing up all kinds of fineries. The best ol city reference can bo given from where she has lived last. Please call at 59 Cniversity place, between Heventh and Twelfth stieeti. mjrr anted? by a promstant WOMAN, A SITUA Yf tion as cook, washer anil ironer; good reference given. Piease call, for two days, at ?SI Essex street. "*IrANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH PRO ft testa nt girl, to take care oi children and assist in light housework and chamberwork. Apply at 11* Chris topher street, first floor, front room. Inquire for two days. "lYTANTED ? BY A RESPECTAB1.E YOUNG WOMAN, ft a situation as cook, washer and ironer, or to do ihambei work. Good city reference given. Can be seen lor two days, if not engaged. Please call at 201 West 1 .it. en tli street, in the rear. ?r ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as cook, or cook and laundress. The best city eference will be given. Can bo seen for two days a iol f ourth avenue, corner of Thirteenth street. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, In a small family, as cook, washer and Ironer. ( ood reference cau l?e given. Please call at No. 3W West 'Ihirteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, first floor, back room, for two days. fir ANTED? A .SITUATION, BY A NEAT YOUNG GIRL, f| of genteel address and excellent city reference, as chambermaid and waiter; is a neat plain sewer, fond ol children, and a girl of good judgment. Can work and iron for the nursery and uive six months' city reference. Will take >6 a month. Call at 323 First avenue, first floor, back room. Wr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situation as nurse aud seamstress, or chamber maid and seamstress, knows how to cut and ma?e ladies' and children's dresses. Can be seen for two days at the fourth cottage from Smith street, in Warren, oppo site the Public School, South Brooklyn. TtMT ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A MOST HIGHI.Y RE ft commended young girl, as Mama tress and dress maker; is accustomed to the care of a babe or young children; is a girl of excellent judgment as seamstress; would do chamberwork; can give two years city refer ence. No objection to a lady who boards. Call or ad dress 323 First avenue, first floor, back room. "11 'ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ft situation as good plain cooU, and washer and ironer, is a good baker. Can be highly recommended by the lady with whom the has lived tor the last year. May be seen for two days at 93 Sixteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, rear house, in the basement. \\T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ft young woman, as chambermaid or waiter in a re spectable family. Best of city reference, if required. Please call at 43? Seventh avenie. between Tw-ntyfifth and Twenty sixth streets, second story, back room. Can be seen for two days. If not engaged. "1*' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ft French girl, a< chambermaid, and to take care of children or to sew. wash, and iron fine clothes, (iood city reference. Has no objections to travel. Please c ill for two days at No. 199 Gotrck street. WANTED? A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER OR nurte lor an ol 1 lady, in a | r?li?{ioiia family, by a youcg woman of neat anil tidy habit*. The mujt laiislactory re ferine*' can be given a* to chara -ter. Ap oly at 347 Houston street, up atairi; or addreaa Susan, Itrald office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ftrl. to do general housework; she is a good wash n and ironer, and a good plain cojk. Please call at 313 Third street, near avenue D. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa cook, washer aad iroaer, or as laun dress. The beat of city reference can be given for the laat flve years Can be seen for twj days. Pleaae call at U4 Monroe street, front house. \tf ANTED ? A tITl'ATION Ad CHAMBERMAID AND Yf to do floe washing, or aa nwer, by a Protestant girl. Has the beat of city reference. Can be seen until suited at 362 Tenth atreet, third floor, front room, be twten avenues B and C. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABUC YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid; ia able to take the whole charge of rhiloren: ia alao a good washer and iron er. no objection to go in the country , wages not so much an object aa a comfortable home. Best of city refe rencea can b* given. Call at 110 Mott street, corner of Heater, second floor, room No. 1, for thre* days. WANTED? BY A SCnTCH WOMAN, A SITUATION aa cook in a private tamily. and is willing to a* 4et in the washing aad ironing; has good city references. Call at 14S Kirat avenue, between Ninth an 1 Tenth streeta. for three daya. ?\I'ANTfcI'? A KltTATloS, l!V \ M DIM.E AGED Vl American lady, as cook, also to take charge uf the washing and ironing, or to do general housework in a small faintly. Not particular whether in or oat o' fie city Apply at 4ft8 Huu-toa street, between the B<>wery and Pe< end avenue. *J| 'ANTKD? A MTUATION. ItY A COMPETENT PEK I? son; is a g?od cook, and has no objection to wash ing and ironing. Has the best of city reference. Can be seen tor two days, if not engaged. Apply at 157 East Twenty first street, between Second and Third avenues. If'ANTET? BY A YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMAN, ff juet come from England, a situation as plain cook, washer and ironer, or can take care of a child from its h'tth. Would lite to go to Cincinnati. Ii willing to give her aerricee long en-High to defray t*e "upenses of her journe) . Please call in the rear of U'^ Henry street, third floor. Call for two days. ?fANTEI>? A PITI'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY girl, as nnrse and seare^trexa, or chambermaid and seamstress, is willing to make herself generally use fnt Go'*l city reference given. I'tn b ' -eea for two <'b<s at W> Satli avenue, corner of Eighteenth street, flrat floor. "?MrANTKI? ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE J! young, id some respectable family. Is a tirat rate ?<x>k ?n<l ? *?,M' ???h?r and ironer. The beat of reference Can be seen for three days at her present place, Ml Third aeenue, near Twenty-eighth street. fir aktkv-by a KEsilinABfiToiRi., a sitca Vf Mot*, la ? good plain cook, good waaber and ironer, aaii good baker, la willing "? ,t" g*n*ml bo<iaework in a prtva'e family, U willing and obliging. Good eity -?ler?-ncea given. Please rail at No 4SA flammd a??, 4 >?tween Twrtity - Mcta and T wen ly seveath street*, r?tir:U 0<??r, tnwk vr/urn. ^ WANTED? A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID, OR washer ami ironer, or u laundress, in a private family. Can be seen (or two days at 180 Kant Twenty - second street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation to do the general houicwork of a arn&ll private family; in a ,;ood cook and drat rate washer and ironer. Han good city reference. Can be aeen for two day*. Please call at 317 Eirat avenue, one ttoor from Nineteenth strtet. WANTED? A SITUATION AS AN ENGINEER ?THE subscriber, in every way a competent engineer, desires a permanent engagement. Favorable terms will be offered to any one olfering steady employment No objectiona to South or West. Address W. H , Herald of fice, for three days. W ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO /tet tant, woman as wet nurse Best city reference given. Please apply at No. 2 Twelfth street, one door below Greenwich avenue. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? A COOPER, TO MAKE FIRKINS IN THE country. A man with a .-mall family deair<iil. Apply to subscriber. atHungerford's Hotel, Duaun street, this evening. H. C. CLARK. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman ; sbe is a good cook, washer and ircner. The best of city reference given. Has no objec tion to go in tbu country. Can be seen for two days at 2Gd Twenty- seven th street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. WET NURSE.? SITUATION WANTED, BY A A RE spectalde young married woman, who has lost her own but>y. I he best of city reference given if required. Call nt 2s7 Ninth street, between First avenue and ave nue A, third floor, front room. 1*7 ET NURSE? A YOUNG AND HEALTHY WOMAN V V desires a situation as wet nurse. Has good re commendations from her present place, where she can be seen for three days, from 9 to 1 o'clock. Apply at 830 Broadway, near Twellth street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as children's nurse and to do plain sew ing, or would go as chambermaid and do tine washing. Is willing to make herself useful. No objection to travul to any part. Would wait one or two weeks to get a com fortable situation. Please call or address A. C , 3o West Thirteenth street, for three days. WANTED? ONE OR TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG men, to solicit subscriber* tor a new work of pe culiar mtereat at the present time. To the quail led, a liberal salary and commission will be paid. Apply be tween 9 and 12 at the office of the London Printing and Publishing Company, 56 Dey street, fourtn Boor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, is a first rate washer and ironer. Has the best of city reference. Please call at 193 Fulton street. Brooklyn, top flcor, front room. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young Protestant woman, to do general lnuse work. Good city reference given. Please call for two dayB at No. 361 Third avenue, third floor. TX 7" ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN A SITUATION Vv us nurse and aeamstreis, or as chambermaid and to aasist in waihing and ironing. Has got three and a half years references. Can be seen for two days, from 10 till 2 o'clock. Apply at 219 Walker street. WANTED? A SIT JATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL TO cook, wash and iron, or to do chamberwork or waiting, in a private family. Apply at No. 04 Greenwich street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION in a private family, or chambermaid or waiter in a boarding hou.-e. Has good city reference. Inquire for two days at 395 Greenwich street. WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATIONS to do general housework ; would like the country, or a boarding house. Inquire at 117 Yarick street, in the rear. \\T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV young German girl of genteel address and good education, as seamstreu and chambermaid ; she under stands all kinds of family sewing and embroidery, and Is willing to make herself generally useful in a respectable family. Best of reference given. Can be seen at Mr. Beiderlinden's, 294 Sixth street, between avenue B and C, third story. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNGjWOMAN, A situation as iioner in a hotel or boarding house. GooO city reference given. Please address a note to L. K., Herald office. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as wet nurse. Please call for two days at 28 Abingdon place, first floor. ?1*7 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH PRO YV testant. girl, as chambermaid or nurse. Can be seen for two days at 17 East Eleventh street, near Third avenue, second floor, front room. Good city references, A Jewish family preferred. ANTED? BY A FIRST KATE FRENCH COOK, A VV situation; she underetands all kinds of pastry, and has very good city references. Please address No. 9 Niblo's Garden, ft 90 Broadway. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, a situation as chambermaid or waiter. Refereuce given. Please call at 241 Bowery, in the store. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION, to do the housework of a small family. Wages not so much an object as a steady home for the winter. Can be seen at her last place. No. IS Jay atreet, Brook lyn. WANTED-BY A SMART, TIDY ENGLISH I'ROTES tant girl, a situation, as chambermaid, or to wait on a lady, to travel or otherwise. Please call at No. 30 Greenwich street, third floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do plain cooking, washing and ironing. Rest ot reference from her last employer, with whom she lived three years and a half. Call at 101 Lauren* street, near Houston. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework, or would go an cook aDd dairy woman; is a sood plain cook, first rate washer and ironer; no objection to go a short distance in the country; ha* good reference from her last place. Please call at No. .'i Vandewater street, room 19. Can be seen until engaged. WANTED? A FRENCH COOK, WHO HAS HAD SE veral year* experience in the l nited Mates boteli, wishes to And a situation in one of the above mentioned establishments. No objections to go abroad. Address B. T.. Herald office. Hood references given. WANTED? IN A FIRST CLASS GROCERY, A YOUNG in. mi, 18 or -0 years of age, that is acquainted with the city^trade, and understands bookkeeping by single entjy. Must produce unquestionable testimo nials from hi? lait employers. Also, a boy to drive a horte and make himself useful. Address J. L. B , He rald nflic, stating age, uame and reference. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, KKOM 18 TO 20 YEARS of sge, in a situation or responsibility and trust; must be familiar with accounts, and disposed to make himself generally useful. Undoubted references will be requited as to character aud capacity. Address for three days, in the handwriting of the applicant, with references, F., box 41 Jersey City Post Office, prepaid. WANTED? BY A YOl NU MAN, A SITUATION AS porter in a dry good store, or In any respe:table house of business, or to drive an express wagon; is wil ling to make himself generally useful; can read and wnte; knows the city. Has good city reference*, ('lease add re.- s H. M . Herald office, or 119 Stanton street, near Essex, second floor, for two days. WANTED ? A YOL'NG MAN AS WAITER; ONE TIHT wjuld make himself generally useful; also a girl as good cook. Wages, $0 per month. Apply at 170 West Twenty-first street, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock, WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG M.\N FROM South Carolina, either :n a wholesale dry goods or clothing house. A reasonable compensation will be expected. Can give the best of reference. Address D., Manhattan Hotel. WANTED? BY A YOCNG MAN, WHO IS A GOOD penman, correct at figures, and can come well recommended both from the city and country, a situa tion as assistant bookkeeper or entry clerk, in some mercantile establishment. Address box 101 Coxsackie, N. Y. 117 ANTED? A YOCNG MAN, BETWEEN THE AGES W of sixteen and eighteen yeais; one who is a good writer and correct accouutant The best of city refer euces requited. Salary $.*00 per annum. Any one |4,s>e>seil of the above qualifications, can address a note to H U., Herald office, stating rame, address, and refer ences. dSl A ? IW1LI, l'AY THIS AMOL'NT TO ANYONE ffilv't that can tind me a situation in some respect ive wholesale establishment as porter, or to drive a hur.-e snd ?art where steady employment can be bad. A line adilre-seii to Porter, Herald office, will meet with attention. (BjU T<> $20 ?AGENTS WANTED TO CANVASS THIS tCjO city and tne adjoining States. Agents are now making trim ?i> t<? 111) per day. No risk. Call and ex amine, at No. 2W Broadway, office No. 12. POLITICAL. DKM<m P. VT1C REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMirrSK A regular meeting of the Committee will be h> 1 1 at Tamti.any Hall ibis evening. (Thur< lay. February I,) at 71 l, o'clock. HUBERT KELLY, Chairman. JsMKH I. BKXKDirT, In,.....!,, AurM Chax( m ioh, J Twmra ward naaoauiw republican ward Comndttee met on the '26tb January. 1S.SS. at John Farley *. Kour'h axei.ue and 134th street, for the par Mi-e of organliing A C. Flanagan, Ksq . was called to tl:e chair, and Michael Murray acted as Secretary. I'he meeting nominated without a dissenting voice the fol lowing gentlemen for ward officers ? A. C. Flanagan, i ha ruian of the Ward Committee, Charles Hoke and Michael Murray, Seiretsne*. Stephen Uti, Es i , Trea surer The meeting then adjourned with the greatest unanimity, to meet on the 'Jilth February, at .Stephen Jut* Hotel. ManUnttenville A C FLANAGAN, Chairman. nil ~ Cn?*t us Bote*. ) jt^reUHen. \lim? Itl Ml R?*v \ iwsTKUCTioar. (fh fT? TERMS REDUCEDONE HALK-^OLIVEB B GOLD i?t) SMITH'S academy of penimnthip anl bookkeep ing, 302 Broadway, corner or Franklin street. Ladies' ?fi ting claw at 10>J o'clock A M, daily, excepting Saturday! Gentlemen's clauses, at 0)? A. M., and 3, 6, 7 and 8 o'clock P M., daily, exoepting Saturday*. Terms re duced to 96 for ten or 910 for twesty-flve lessons, in cluding stationery. Payable at tl.e commencement. Pri vate inatruction. $15 lor ten, or $.6 for twenty lessons. Kacli pupil ia entitled to a separate parlor. Bookkeeping ? terms reduced this week; reduced from 925 to 912 5 > per quarter of three months. Booka and atationery. 91 50. Arithmetic in 'proportion. Term, payable in ad vance. The rhlrogrfpliic ait ia much moreiir portant to man kind than it ia generally couaidered, ind Mr. Goldsmith may very well claim to be conailered at ita head. ? N. Y. Courier and Enquirer. In every profession there ia a recognized leading man ? one whose pre-eminence ia ho decided, tuat nobody ctlU it in question. Among thuae wbo teacli the art of wri ting, Oliver B Goldsmith ia juat that indisputably pre eminent person and recognized head of tke profession. ? Home Journal, June 25, 1863. (jnr ?BOOKKEEPING.? MR. DOLBEAK, 609 BROAD way, liaa juat opened another 95 tlas* for teach ii.g double entry practically, without th? uae of text booka. A few vacant seats may be aecurel this day and evening. Onie prepared to jcin, If you wish tj become a practical accountant. Foster, dixon & co. give lessons in writing. arithmetic and bookkeeping, day and evening, M No. 340 Broadway, (Appleton's Building,) There gentle men are qualifleid for the counting-house, in aa expe litmus and auperlor manner. SPANISH LANGUAGE ?A PROFESSOR OF HIS NA tive language is willing to take aome pupils. Terms reasonable. Address E. DE T. BORRERO, 71 V srick street. Teachers wanted.? three female teachers are wanted to go South. None need apply but those who are well qualified, and can bring the best of reference, and of the Protestant faith, and speak perfect ly the English language One must be a munic teacher on the piano, harp, &c., and sing well. Apply to J. M. EDNEY, 56 John street. THE TRADER, 4cC. Goi.d pen maker.? wanted, a good goi.ii pen grinder. Apply immediately to Rendell k Fair child, 132 William street. TO PAPER HANGERS AND DECORATORS.? 920 WILL be given on the advertiser obtaining a situation in a first rate store. Is a competent workman. City refer ence as to capability, &c. Address T. S. W., Herald office, all this week. WATCHMAKER WANTED? ONE THAT CAN EN grave preferred. Inquire of Weir Si Hyde, 643 Broadway. WANTED? A SITUATION TO RUN A STATIONARY engine, by an active man of twenty years expe rience; understands chain and barrel pumps; is by trade a blacksmith; no objection to the country. Can be well recommended. Address J. T., Herald office. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC. _ CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS? EQUAL IN BRILLIANCY and appearance to the real diamond. These dia monds are cut from California quartz, and the best judges are deceived. We have them set in pins, rings, studs, sleeve buttons, earrings, &c. Prices very low. L. & J. JACOBS, 407 Broil way. u OLIDAY PRESENTS. ? REDUCED PRICES.? J3L Watched, Diamond* and Jewelry.? The subscribe* la lelHitg all descriptions of the following article*, at re tail, much lower than an/ other house in the city JUIim' JUKUKH8KN WATCHH, Warranted perfect time keepers, trom 9150 to 9290 OOOPKK WATCHH, Duplex and lever*, from $126 to 9276 LNDKPKNDINT BBOOND And quarter Second Watches, timing horse* $125 to $250 CHROHOMKrKM., Splendid Oold Pocket Chronometer*, perfect time keeper* (125 to 9250 UOHT OAT WATCHW, Which run eight days with on* winding. . . . 9140 to 9185 KIVAMKL WATCH** For ladies, some in hunting case* 935 to 9100 BUHOW WATCHK8 for ladies, some in magic case* 955 to 9309 MAGIC WATCHH8, Which change Into three different watches. .9100 to 9179 WATCHES WUICU W1SD DP And torn the hands without a key 985 to 9140 ALL KINDS or WATCHM AT LOW PUCKS. Fine Gold Lepine Watches, four hole* 925 Flue Gold Detached Levers 30 Gold Enamelled Watches for the ladle* 35 Gold English Patent Levers 35 Gold English Patent Levers, hunting case 50 Silver Patent Levers as low a* 16 Btlver Detached l>;ver* as low as 14 Ladies' Gold Seta, Earrings, Pins and Bracelets. 919 to 75 ftarrlng*. 92 to 925; pins. 92 to 925: Bracelet* 5 00 to 90 00 'told Lockets, one, two and feur glasses 8 00 to 25 00 told Guard Chain* 10 O0 to 60 00 told Chatelaine Chain* 10 00 to 110 00 told Vest Chain* 80 00 to 85 00 told Fob Chain* 8 00 to 25 00 fine Gold Wedding Ring* 3 60 to 7 00 told Guard Keys 1 00 to 5 00 told Fob Key* 2 oo t<> S q0 told Fob Sean 3 00 to 12 00 told Thimble* 2 50 to 6 00 Gold Pencil* 1 26 to 7 00 Gold pens and Pencil* 3 60 to 10 00 Diamond Rings 7 00 to 250 00 Diamond Earrings >100 00 tv 300 00 Diamond Pin* 15 00 to 300 00 Gold Crosses 2 00 to 12 00 Gold Finger Ring*, with stone* 2 00 to 15 00 Gold Sleava Buttons, per set 2 90 to 12 00 Gold Stud*, per *et 1 60 to 10 00 Gold Spectacles, per pair 6 00 to 9 00 Gold Eve Glasses 1 75 to 0 00 Silver Teaspoons, per set 5 (hi to 900 Silver Tablespoon*, per set 12 00 to 21 00 SUvar Table fork*, per set 13 00 to 23 00 Silver Cup* for children 6 00 to 15 00 Silver Napkin Ring*, each 1 60 to 3 69 Gold Armlet* for children, per pair..., 2 60 to 6 00 Plain Gold Rings 75 to 3 00 ChaMd Gold Rings 1 00 to 5 90 Silver Thimble*, *ilv*r top* 37 Gold Scarf Pin* 1 00 to 7 09 GEORGE C. ALLEN, Importer, Wholesale and retail, 11 Wall street, second floor, near Broadway. JUS! RECEIVED? SOME SPLENDID CUT CALIFORNIA diamonds, which we hnve net in enamel rings. We invite all good judges to call and *ee them, l'rice. large single stone, set in enamel ring. 912 50 ? same, real dia mond, would cost 9400. L. it J. JACOB?, 407 Broadway. HORSKB, CARRIAGES, AC. ~ C1ARR1AGF. FOR SALE? A BEAUTIFUL ONE HORSE / top buggy, made to order by Mr. Brower. manufac turer. on Third avenue. Has been run a little. For particulars apuly to Wm. Cowan. 96 Mercer street; or N. B. Robinson, Prescott House. It can be bad cheap, for cash. Its original cost was 9175. CARRIAGES FOR SALE.? A FINE, HIGH, DICKEY seat coupe, perfect every wuy, cost 9800, will be sold at a bargain ; also, several rockaways, barouches, two seat wagons and buggies, and several sleighs, wilt be sold for lets than first cost. Apply at J. C. HAM'S carriage warehouse, 358 Broadway. Express wagon for sale? strongly built, with platform springs and low body; used one year; now thoroughly repaired and newly painted. Cost 9175; price 9100, cash. Can be seen at H8 Ieonsrl street. JOHN A. CRAY, 97 Cliff street. TjH)R SALE? A GRAY MORGAN HORSE, lft W HANPS MJ high, warrauted sound and kind, has been in family use Tor two years past, can trot a mile in from three to four minute* ? cost $t.OO, price 9400. Also, a carriage, built by Miner & Stevens, nearly new ? cost 9700, 9426. Also, a top rockaway wagon, with pole ? price 91 -f?. Two splendid Isabella bear robes ? cost $125, p rioe $80. Two set* of singlp harness, one set ol double har ness, and ? sleigh and belli. They comprise the stock of a private stable. To be sold separately or together. .Apply to Mr. DEVOY, 73 avenne I). For sale a long tailed gray horse, i? hand* high, sound and kind in all harness, and can trot very fa*t. Apply at 94 and 9fl Mereer street. R SALE ? A BAY HORSeTw llANDS HIGH, sound, and kind in single and double harness, can trot inside 2:60. Also, a light trotting wagon, sleigh, one set of harness, whip, stable and dress blanket*, robes, bells, Ac. All to be sold together, :is the owner is about leaving the city. Apply at 94 and 96 Mercer street. UNAWAY FROM THE STABLE OF ROBERT A. Flood, a large bay horse, with harnesaon him. Any person (jiving information will receive $6 reward, by ap plying to ROBERT A. FI.OOD, hetw?en Willough^y, De kalb and Sandfordstreets, East Brooklyn. ash^gIwn^for saij; the fat tro rriNG bay stallion. Washington, lfi>* band* high: tea years old; perfectly sound and kind. Washington Is a superior foal getter, as all bis stock hat proved, fcor full particulars apply at 94 and 9fl Mercer street. OR* GOODS. SPOT Brown a Doyle. 364 bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones streets, are selling tne choicest embroideries, of late importation, at 30 per cent less tban anv store in the city. DRBS8 TRIMMINGS.? ON MONDAY, T1IE 201 II JAN., we shall commence to close oat the balance of our .pkndid stock of rl;h ribbons, sul'able for dress, ba-que, flounce, cloak and mantilla trimmings, also for sash and i bead ornamrnta, at on? half their original cost. W. H. I.ICHTKNSTF.IN, I .adits' l?ress Trimming Store, 90 Bowery, corner Hester street I EXTENSIVE REW< TION OF TWENTY FIVE PER j cent on all our winter stock of hosiery, silk, meri I no, andcottoo underve*ts. and hose, for children ladies, I snd gentlemen Superior kid gloves, tlve shilling*, at PETER ROBERTS ft 00 . 375 Broadway. DANCING ACADK.MIK.S. Dancing academy. 21 Howard street. ? mlijc CAROLINA VK7.IKNS b?gs leave to inform tne public. that she bas opened her dancing academy for the Instruction of ladw* aad veutlemea, In the most stylish dsncea of the day. School (or practise every light, 'ro? half past aeven to ten a'clock. Tujurrr segutir. APART of the three stoky and basement bouse, 190 West Kifte?n th street, near Eighth ave nue, consisting of four or live roouis on first, second and third [lours, to let to a smalt fam 1/ without children. Batb, gax and water, large yard and cellar, a good neigh borhood and near stage and railroad route. i. Rent il.'iO. S ROADWAY BUSINESS PLACES? ROOMS TO LET for business purposes on the first floor of the naw ting 836 Broadway, southwest corner of Thirteenth street. For a writingmaster, merchant tailor, milliner, dressmaker, dentist, hairdresser or artist the situation is unsurpassed. Apply to ARCHD. WRIGHT, architect, front room, second floor. HOY'S SCHOOL, DWELLING HOUSES, LOTS, ETC.? Tu let, in Bridgeport, Cl., a most eligib'.e build ing for a boy's boarding and day scbool, which is much needed there. Also, tor sale, on excellent terms for in veitment, liouses %nd lots in the most desirable portion of the town. Bridgeport is one of the most pleasant and thriving towns in New England. D W. THOMPSON, agent for P.T. Barnum and W. H Noble, Bridgeport, Conn. DESIRABLE HOUSE TO LET ? RE.VT ?t5C.? THREE story and basement, ten rooms, newly piiutod. with baths, hot and cold water throughout, and pleasantly situated near the Sixth avenue. Possession immediate ly, and lease one year from May next. Furniture, car pets, Sc., price $'.260. B. W. RICHARDS, f07 Broadway. OFFICES TO LET? SINGLE OIJ IN SUITS, IN THE new banking building northwest corner of Nassau and Pine streets. Apply at the Bank of the Common wealth, or of JOHN LLOYD, 18 Nassau street. Rooms and offices to let.? rooks and offices to rent, in Applston's building, suitable for busi ness men, lawyers. 4c. Apply to D. APPLETON & CO., 346 and 348 Broadwty SHOP TO LET? THF. SECOND FLOOR OF NO. 41 Wooster street, "J5 feet by about Co. Possession immediately. Inquire on tlie third floor. mo LET? POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY? THE NEW I brownstone front house, 119 East Thirteenth street, with all modern improvements; rent $1,0(J0. Also, the new English basement house 106 East nineteenth street; price $800. For particulars apply t? TRUSILLO, FRANCHI ft CO., agents, 106 Wall street. TO LET? WORKSHOPS, WITH STEADY STEAM power, on the corner of Broome and Mercer streets, size 28 by 100 feet, heated with steampipes. Well light ed water closets and other conyenlences. Also rooms without steam. Apply on the premises of WM. GALE & SON. mo LET? THE ELEGANTLY FURNISHED, FIRST I class brown Blone front dwelling house, 38 West Seventeenth street, between Fifth ana Sixth aveuues. It has all the modern improvements, and affords a rare opportunity for persons desiring a pleasant and genteel residence. The bouse and furniture will be rented to I ether, and possession given immediately. Apply H. 1. SMITH, 229 Broadway. TO LET? WILSON'S HOTEL, ON THE CORNER OF Liberty and Greenwich streets, with a good gro cery store attached. All the fixtures of the hotel are complete, and can be had, together with the lease, on easy terms. Immediate possession given. For particu lars apply to WM. WILSON, 109 West street. TO LET, STEAM ENGINE, &C? rHE BUILDING NO. 147 West Twenty-sixth street, with the machinery contained therein, suitable for a carpenter or machinist. Possession immediately. Apply to JAS. BLACKWOOD, corner of Thirteenth street and Eighth avenue. TO LET? A HANDSOME FOUR STORY BROWN STONE and stucco front corner house, on Lexington ave nue, with the furniture. A gentleman desiring to break up housekeeping will let the above at $1,600 per annum. It il well calculated for a physician, as there is room for a stable in the rear. Possession would be given, if desired, on 1st of April, Apply by letter, stating real name and address, to Thomas, Post Office. TO LET? THE NEW WHITE MARBLE STORE 145 Chambers street, five stories high, with spacious cellars, near the depot of tlie Erie and Hudson River Railroads, , and 'well suited for a dry goods jobber or hardware merchant. Possession Immediately, Rent $3, tOO. Apply to C. S. White, 58 Broadway, or between 10 and 12 A. M.. at 36 John street, to S. B. HUTCHINGS. TO LET? THE FRONT AND BACK PARLOR ON THE second floor, very desirable for an artist or profes sional offices; also, a furnished or unfurnished attic room, will be let, together or separately, very cheap till the first of May next. Inquire on the premises, 97 Canal street. TO LET? A LARGE ROOM, 312 BROADWAY; GOOD location for any kind of businese; posieision given immediately. For particulars inquire at 307 Broadway, B. W. RICHARDS. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OF A HIGHLY RE spectuble house, to one or two families without children, consisting of rooms <m second Hoot, and five moms on tbinl floor, with basement. No moving in May. Good references expected. Inquire at No. 14 Watts street, near Varick, in the basement. TO LET? APARTMENTS IN FIRST CLASS TENANT fcouves, Nob. 84 and 8>l West Fortieth street, oe twecn Broadway and Sixth avenue, consisting of a parlor, two oedrooms and kitchen, all communicating; tliey are finished in a superior manner, with marble mantels, gas, Crotcn watei, and all modern improvements. Rent mo derate. Inquire on the premises No 8<5, or of A. C. MORRILL, No. 9 Chambers street. TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF A LARGE FOUR story bouse, handsomely furnirhed. consisting of twenty one r< ouis, with gas, two baths, range, &c. To a gooo tenant, it will be rented low. Possession imme diately. Inquire at 114 Waverley place. Also, a fur nished cottage on fetaten Island. TO I.ET, POSSESSION 1ST MARCH-A HANDSOME three story house on Lexington avenue, on ? cor ner. The house is in elegant order, with m idem im provements. The furniture will be sold at a low price. Also a number of houses to let. Apply to E. B. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7. 10 1.ET CHEAP? STORE AND BASEMENT 28 CEDAR street. Apply at 45 Broad street, up stairs. TO LET OR LEASE? THE STORE AND DWELLING, on the northeast corner of Fourtb avenue anil Nineteenth street, a splendid location for a grocery store; also the store adjoining on Fourth avenue. Pot session given immediately if required. Inquire on the premises, or of A. 1,. OSBORN, at 86 Canal street, from 6 to 7 P. M. r LEASE- FOR A TERM OF SEVEN YEARS, A four story house in the neighborhood of Cedar street, suitable for a boarding house; convenient to the shipping snd steamboat landings. For full particulars apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LEASE? THE HOUSE AND STORE 717 EIGHTH avenue, on the west side, between Forty-ninth and F'iftieth street. A lease of five years will be given at a low rent, to a suitable tenant. Apply at 626 Sixth ave nue. TO KENT? THE UPPER PART OF A NEAT TWO story house, situated near Broadway, aa<l near two stage routes; family small. Possession immediately. Adores* Comtort. Herald oftice. TO MERCHANTS, LAWYERS ANI) AKT1STN. ? A SPA cioua and most eligible store, and elegant suit* of chambers, to let on Broadway, the northwest corner of Anthony street. The building is one of the most tub ?tantial in the city, secure from lire and thieves, and comprises about one hundred separate wffices or apart ment!. The store is adapted for either a wholesale or retail trade, requiring a central situation. The rooms above are laid out for the occupancy of lawyer*, artista, bankers, underwriters, students, or other professional gentlemen, and possess every requisite convenience and all modern improvement*, in gas, water and ventilation. Apply to WM. B. MOFFAT, M6 Broadway. TO DRUGGISTS? TO IJCASE. THE FINE STORE IN tbe new house on the west side of Sixth avenue, between Forty sixth nnd Forty seventh streets. It is well situated for tbe rirug business, as there is no other store in tbe neighborhood. The windows will be ar ranged and gas put in for an approved tenant Apply at t>26 Sixth avenue. rpHE TWO NEW FIVE STORY BRICK BUIDINOS, I 6^6 and 540 Pearl street, near Broadway, ami three lofts of the middle building .'>38, will lie let or leased Ht moderate term*; these buildings. which can beorcupied immediately, are provided with vaults io front, and can be connected by arches, if wanted, ?xpre**ly built for this purpose. LOST /UID roima I^Ol'NI* ? A CAKl'ET HAG, ON THE 26TJI INST., which the owner can obtain by proving property ' and paying ex pen*e*. Said bag was found in lwenty I third street, between Filth ai.d Sixth avenues Apply i at 144 Essex street, room No. 2, In the rear, fl'st tlonr LOST-ON TEE 30TH INff., NEAR TAYLOR'S SA loon, llroadway, a beau nurse, containing a htir i bracelet, and a sm^il sum of money The tinder may I retain the m<ney. but will please send tbe bracelet, (it l )>eii>g a meiiietitoof a deceased friend,) to bvt jIo l'ust ! Office. LOT? ON TIES MAY IVES ISO, ON GOING FROM l'ark row. ap Bronway to Canal, Hudson and spring ; streets, a ('ark colored portemonaie containing a small amount of money. The tinder may have the money it i onta med and will he rewarded for his trouble by leav ug it with the pa|?ers it contained at Mr. Reed's re-taumit. No. 2 l'ark row, IftST? ON MONDAY EVENING, ON OOlNi) PoWN' j Kighth street to Sixth avenue, and down Sixth ave i. lie to West Washington place, a lady 's gold pin. The i nder will be luitafely rewarded by leaving it at I'M ( liaton place. STOLEN? ON THK 2i<TH INST., FR<>M FOOT Of F017R teenth ?treet. North river, sloou James Coats Any person giving information to tJapt J. Lyons, 1'iermW. Dockland county, New York, or wltn A. Jew?l, corner of King and West .trecta will be liberally rewarded. EXTRA PAVj OS. NAVYBAIIORS AN It OTHERS. ?EXTRA PA1 pioaiptly paid, bounty land warrants obtained, i .ought and aoid . pension* pro-ural, balances due heir* of (tecenaad 0. 8. aeamaa collected, and all kinds a# s aiass against the 0. *. r*e?vnr*d by FT) WARP RRMKLL, Agent and late Ptreer V 8. Mavy, ?T Wall atrMt. ?OiMnro igp lopqdiq ?* A Q BROADWAY ?A I.ARGE 8100MD FLOOR vJtcO front room, with full board, for a gentleman and wife; also rear suits. and two rooms, witb grstoa, for aingle gentlemen. Houae ban all modern improvemeut*. Q6V7 broa: >wa y? r itbnmhed rooms down | town ? Gentlemen requiring lodgings in the busmen* portion of the city, at reasonable price*, will please apply to B. F. FA RNS WORTH, opposite the Broadway theatre. QQ EA*T SIXTEENTH STREET, FIRST HOUSE BELOW t/O the Park ? An elegantly furnished parlor and bed room, on first floor, also a handsomely furatibel parlor and bedroom on second floor, and room* for single gen tlemen, on the most reasonable term*. House tit it class. prn LISPENARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ? A t)0 hant soraely furnished back parlor to let to a gentleman and his wife, also a back parlor on the aecond floor, without board. WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A SELECT OO family, and also one or two gentlemen, can be accommodated with suits or single rooms, witli full or partial board, in the eligible brown stone building, which in newly lurnished, containing all tne modern improve menta, and in one of the mobt delightful locations in the city, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. QQ AND 40 HOWARD STREET, TWO DOOttS Ou from Broadway, east aide, a sui'e of parlors, on lirst floor to let, famished or unfurnished; also one or two sn.aller room*. t' i hrbbkb mmr. fAP4Tr? > onmji man and wife cau be accommodated witb a pleasant furnished front room and board, in a respectu ble family, wbere there are but iew boarders. Also, a single gentleman or lady. "I I UNIVERSITY PLACE.? BOARDING IN ON K OF _L-L the moet eligible locations in th? city; immediate vicinity of Broadway, Fifth avenue, large hotel*, libra ries, amusements, &c. Immediate application will >eoure apartments for gentlemen and ladies. Also rooms tor single gentlemen. ? UNIVERSITY PLACE.? TWO PARLORS, BEDROOMS and n front basement, handsomely furnished, to let separately to gentlemen, without board, or together to a family, with use of kitchen. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT TO HIRE THE second Uoor of a small two story house, in the up per part of this city or in Brooklyn preferred. Would not object to Jersey City or Williamsburg. Address, stating full particulars as to location and rent, which must be moderate, Edward J , Herald office. A FINELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR MAY BE A. had with board, (partial for gentleman,) by a gentleman and wife, without children or servants. Ap ply at No. 8 East Thirty -second street, between Fifth and Madison avenues. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH BOARD, AT the table of a French family, are offered to a gen tleman of respectable manners. Apply to the French teacher, 292 Sixth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM J\ modated with a well furnished, second story front room and bedroom adjoining, if required, with a small and respectable family, who will endeavor to make their guests comfortable and at hose. Apply at 21 West Twenty-second street, near Fifth avenue. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET, ON THE F.RST floor, to a gentleman and lady, (board for the lady only) in a house with all the modern improvements, in the vicinity of the New York Hotel, none but persons wishing to live retired need apply. Por particulars, ad dress Home, Broadway Post Oflice. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO FIND A SUITE J\ of rooms, consisting of bedroom, parlor and bathroom, with gas and flre. Location between Four teenth and Fourth streets, and Fourth and Fifth avenues. The second Uoor preferred, and where there are no other lodgers. Address Alexander, Broadway Post Office, for three days. AGENTIJ5MAN ANI> HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOM molated with a well furnished parlor and bedroom in a house with modern improvements. Every attention paid to the comfort of the occupants' no other hoarders; vicinity of Washington I'ark. For particulars address Rooms, Broadway Post Office. A LADY, RESIDING AT 65 SECOND AVENUE, IS desirous of letting a pleasant back parlor, with board, in a house with modern improvements, to a gen tleman and wife or small family, where tliey ctn have the comforts of a home; also ? room for two single la dies or a gentleman. Terms very reasonable. A YOUNG LADY CAN FIND BOARD WITH A LADY, where there are no other boarders, at 164 Ninth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. AN UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH TWO NICE pantries attached; also, furnished rooms for single gentlemen, |or gentlemen and there jwives, may b? ob tained at 173 and 176 Hudson street. A NEATLY Ft'KMSHED BOOM, IN THE UPPER xk.'"tory, witb grate in, and one without, to let cheap, at ?9 Prince utreet. T~ ImaT. I. SIZED ROOM, NICELY FIRNHHKdT WITH J\. grate and gas in Sit, to let, to a single gontl>-niau, in a private house, with all the modern improvements. Apply at 96 Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. A FEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH pleasant rooms, at 116 l?onard street, east ot Broadway. Terms moderate. AT NO. 91 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR Broadway, a ringle gentleman can obtain a desira ble and neatly furnished bedroom, with full or partial board. Honse first class, containing all the modern Improvements. OARD.? TWO 8INGLE GENTLEMEN, OR A GEN 1LE man and wife, can lie accommodated with a large pleasant room, with a private family, ami in a house with all the modern improvements, and a very respect able neighborhood, by applying at No. 116 West Twenty first street, between Sixth aod Seventh avenues. Board.? a nice parlor and rooms attached, with the best accommodations; alao, a room for single gentlemen, in the new brown stone liouse, 192 East Fourteenth street, near Union square. Board? a handsome front parlor and bed room attached on second floor, also plesant single rooms, to let to gen'leiuen and their wives or single gen tlemen. with full or partial board, at 64 Bleecker street, near Broadway. lOARD.- ROOMS AND BOARD MAY BE OBTAINED I on application at No. 46 East Sixteenth street. Board? near st. john'3 park, front room, second story, handsomely furnished, (pautry at tached,) front room, third story; also, other room*, with tioaid for gentlemen, or gentlemen and wives without children; is a first class house, 18 Varick street; baths, gas, Aic. References exchanged. Board? pleasant rooms and board for one or two gentlemen, or a small family without children, at -6 Amity place. All the modern conve niences. Dine at 0. Board down town.? two or three gkntlk men can be accommodated with board, at 288 Greenwich street, near Chambers. Board in a private family.? a small private family having one room more than they want, are desirous of letting it to a single gentleman with partial board. Inquire at 64 Amity street, (stage route.) Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and his wife caa find a large and handaomely furnished room, at 38 Willow street, three minutes walk from Wall ?treet or Fulton ferries; the house is furoish"d with gas. hot airs, Ac. Also one side room. TJOAhD IN BROOKLYN.? rWO OR THREE SINGl.K II gentlemen ran be accommodated with board in a family where few boarders are taken, in a pleasant loca tion, Ave minute* walk from Fulton ferry. Apply at 57 High street. OARD~ IN" BROOKLYN? A SMALL FRONT RO )M to let, neatly furnished, suitable for ageotlemau or two gentlemen who wc aid be willing to room together, or for a gentleman and wife, who would not require a very large room. In It there ia a good stove. Inquire at 16u Adams street, near Fulton ferry. TJOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN, FOR A GENTLE 11 man and wife, from 1st March next, in the vicinity ofthe Wall street ferry. Parlor and bedroom required. Address ?'., box 1,349 Post Office Board wanted, in a house with the modern improvements, by a gentleman anil lady, full board for the lady, in a piain quiet family, where there are no other boarders. Please address P. K., Herald office, itn mediately, stating particulars. Boarding ? sinoi.e gentlemen can bk ac i.mroooated with rooms and full board; also, ! large pleasant rooms to accommodate a party of four gentlemen, at 122 Chambers street. Day hoarders ac commodated also. Kele.ence required. Boarding? a private family desire to rent a handsome aud well furni>hed room, suitable for . i,e or two gtntlemeu. The house has all the modern mprovments, and s in s goo.1 location. Keferen.-es ex I ? hanged. SM twelfth street, between Third and Fourth I avenues. Boarding at 106 WavKley place, third I door west of Washington park.? A gentleman and nls wife, or two single gentlemen, can be accommodated | ? th bostd and a pleasant tr<>r.t room: also a sngle room House Urst class Teiro- moderate. References j exchanged. Boarding in Brooklyn? f.\miijeh, ob single gentlemen, locating pt-rma- ?i.tly, will find lar<? pits -ant rooms, at 4" Sand street. Also, a young lady owntn i a piano may make some favi.raMe arrangements for a pleasant home. Five minute walk from Fulton ierry. Re 'erenc exc^angnf Board.- Xni> "iTi k ^Iam.-h i ftM.iAGE.? rwo gentlemen can be accommodated with paitial board, on mod< rate terms, in a highly resp.v-tnbl* American family, where they may have lessons in said laagusge without any extra chaige The house has t;l the modern improvements. Apply at 123 Troy street. 15 1 B KBOOD ROOMS TO LIT, WITH OR WirHOrr hoard, at No. l#i Rond street; private taMe, if re quired. the bouse has ?|| the modern iro; rov?meuU. Wines and liquors furnished by the house. nit RMhlW 1> APARTMENTS TO LET? WITH PARTIAL P hoard if desired, and 'he us" >f a bath, at 1* Bed ford street. The Houston s'reet stages ptss the Him* on the r route. BOARD ISO AID L006IHQ. URNlSHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD, SUITABLE FOR gentlemen and their wire*, or single gentlemen, in a bouse with modern improvements. Apply ?t H Weet Twenty-Bret etreet, corner of Sixth avtnue. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED AH ART HINTS, with or without meals, alio a tine larje trout or back parlor, at 379 Fourth street "WJUtENCH BOARD IN BROOKLYN? ONE OR TWO F gentlemen can be accomoi'Mlsted with Uamlsooeelf furnished apartmen'a and toard, in a French family, where there are no children. Address tie Willoughby street, Brooklyn, or box 4,148 New York Pout Office NO. 10 UNION SQUARE.? A HANDSOME PAULOR and bedroom, on the second floor, in a small family, suitable for a gentleman and his wife. Also, a singU room. ONE OK TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM Un dated with partial board, in a private family , third story, front room, with pantry attached; location plea sant; convenient to teveral stage routes. Apply at 24 Attorney street, second door from Grand. PARTIAL BOARD? A SMALL FURNISHED ROOM, with convenience for fire, esc be had by one or two persons, with or without partial board, at 108 htreet. first block west of Broadway. Terms moderate. PARTIAL BOARD.? SIX OR SEVEN YOUNG GEN tlemen can be accommodated by a widow lady, wbo will make them comfortable in every respect; two minutes walk from the cars. Inquire at 73 Seventh street, iu the basement. PRIVATE BOARD IN A FRENCH FAMILY ? TWO beaatiful parlors, front and back, on the Qrst floor, to let also a back room, on the second tl jor, all well furnished, to let to a gentlemao and lady, or gentleman alone, with full nr partial board. The house contain* a bath room. Apply immediately at 603 Broome street. PRIVATE BOABDINO? SEVERAL VERY PLBA9ANT rooms, in suite or separate, furnished or unfurnish ed , can be iiad, with boari'. on reasonable terms, in * private family, residing at No. 280 Fourth avenue, oppo site Calvary Church. The house is finely located, and has all the modern improvements. References ex changed. JJOOMS TO LET ? TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, WITH \ or without board, In a private family. The house new and first class, beautifully furnished, and replete with all the modern improvements. Also, a suit ol offi ces, furnished in oak, suitable for a first class physician. Inquire at 119)? Ninth street, west ol Broadway. BOOMS TO LET TO A GENTLEMAN AND LADY? board for the lady only; a trout parlor on the first and second floor Also, two small room*-, one block froa? Canal xtreet and Sixth avenue. Address C A. M., Broad way Post Office, for three days. TO 1JT? WITH BOARD, TWO OR THREE LARGE rooms, furnished or unfurnished, at 163 Hudson street, none need apply but those who wish a permanent home Location desirable. TO LET WITH BOARD.? TO LET, A VERY LARGE front room, handsomely furnished: gas, grate, and ? very large pantry in the room. But few boarders in the house. Call at 383 Broome street. fTTWO FURNISHED ROOMS? LARGE, PLEASANT AND JL with urates, snd baths, to let to gentlemen, without board, at 20 White street, west of Broadway. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR A gentleman and his wife, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms, with or without board, where there are no other boarders. Location desirable. Situated No. ^ 172 West Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue. ?HREE SMALL FURNISHED ROOMS TO IJCT, TO SIN gle gentlemen, at 26 Lispenard street. "ITT ANTED ? IN BROOKLYN, NEAR THE CATHERINE YV or Fulton ferries, partial board for a young man, in a private family, or where but a few boarders are taken. Address three days C. T. J., box 779 Post Office WANTED? A PLEASANT ROOM, AND BOARD FOR a young lady, in a quiet family, where few or no other btarders are taken, who would endeavor to pro mote her comforts. To such a one a fair *quivla?nt will be given. Address, with particulars, J. C. M , Herald office. WANTED? UNFURNISHED ROOMS, PARLOR AND bedroom, fur t#o <>r three young men, without board, location Itelow" Fourth street. Terms not to exceed $1(0 or $150 per annum. Address, stating terms and location, Leander, Herald office. WANTEP? BOARD, FOR A WIDOW LADY, IN A strictly private family. Will require a furnished room, with tire. \c. Relerence given and required. Ad dress C. D., Herald office, stating terms and location. "IT J 1TH OR WITHOUT BOARD? A VERY HANDSOME Vr suite of rooms, on first Uoor, I urnished, bath and gas; private ta jle if preferred ; one block from Broadway, looking into the pleasure grounds of Grace Church, 89 Fourth avenue, opposite Eleventh street. -<S70U WILL BE POIJTELY DIRECTED TO SUITABLE 1 boarding places, (free of charge,) or boarders will be sent to private families, boarding houses, or hotels, by applying at the Agency Office, Clinton Hall, corner ef Eighth street. N B.? This office ha<> no petty branch agencies, but rtands alone. COPA.RTWKJR.8fUP NOTICES. <811 O A /"i A? wan ran, a special, or <;ene IJiiJL tm ? V/ \J vJ ? ral partner, with tbe above amount I in cash, in a business or the highest respectability Se-I eimty can be (oven for the capital. The best of refer-l ences given M,"l r>'<|uired. Please address, with reil| name, X. Y., Pont Office. flhl I AAA ? WAN1ED, A PARTNER, EITHErI ?1 XeVfVfV# special or active, witii the abovel amount, to establisn a braucli of a Mf My respectable! and lucrative buslueas in the city of London, Englanl.l Parties answering must b? men of ataniiing, as reference*! to well known buainess men in this city, will be givenl and required. Pleaae address, with real nam*, boi 3,10tJ Post Office. (mpr AAA ?WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH THEl ??)?UUU? above amount, to take one half in-l terrft in a large hotel, on the European plan, dowu| town, making money, and always did. Apply to U. A. ROBINSON, 85 .Nassau street. ??"| PAA ? PARTNER WANTED IMMEDIATELY! kM ?')UU? ? To take an interest in two long *s-l taldisbed manufacturing concerns, paying large proStol and sales for cash. Ibe party investing will be gunr-r aritced against lose. No agents need apply. Refer ence* exchanged. Address, post paid, for three days,| Factory, Herald office. (UjI AAA OR $2,u?H).? A PERSON WITH 91,0041 JJJ) JLe V/ V/V7 or t-,000, would be glad to Invest thai same in a safe tnisinen*. one that would pay a good pro-f tit. Address box 4,067 Post Office, with real name, and| the business. (IjjrA/l ?WANTED, A PARTNER IN THE REAlJ HpUVVt estate and brokerage business, one nail paid down, balance in three months. An active, ener getic man required. Call upon THOMPSON & STREET, Hi Nassau street, for particulars. dh i AA ?PARTNER WANTED? A MAN WH(J >5^tUy? understands the segar business tho-J roughly will meet with an excellent chance, as the ad vertiser wi-hen to gc .nto the wholesale as well as retail 1 rad*. Established for tbe last live years, i doing a good bus-nets. Apply immediately to C. HOWES. ?7 Nassau ftreet. (JN-I FA ?PARTNER WANTED Of A UOHT MAl ijjlylj, nufacturing business, without aompetil turn, and paying large profits, one who will id driving the husim ss is desired, sh may easily be inferretfl trnm tbe small amount of capital required Apply to Cfl H HOWKV, 67 Nassau street. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.? THE UNDERSIGN EI? have m is day formed a copartnership, under tb Him of MORRIS PROTHERS, for the transaction of general auction and <-ommls>iori business in tbe city New York and In connection therewith will negotiat notes, loans on bond and mortgage and the sale am purchase of real estate. Their place of business wil] . ootinne to be at N'os J3 and St Wall street, corner Kroad, where they respectfully solicit tbe patronage their friends. J. WYMAN MORRIS, DE WirT CLINTON MORRIS, WILLIAM L MORRIS. Jr. Rjrvnixxi'm. JfKW YORK. Winstow, Ijinier A Co . O. 8 Rotibins A Son, D. \ A. RingslandASutton. Wm. B Astor, E?j., S.H.AC W Foster, ''harles O'Connor. Esq.. .losiah Mscy's Sons. James PoriaM?on. Esq., Vsn Wyck, Townsend A Hon. John A. Dix. Warrens, r Piniai>rtniu, Myers, Claghorn A Co., Matthew Newkirk, E?.J. BALTIMOItK *KW ToN( AMI KO*TO?. Thos. Whitridge A C > Francis, Skinner k Ik D 1*01.1 TloSTor copartnership.? the' copae? nersbip heretofore existing between the Hi. under tbe nam* and tirm of H I. Jackson k Co , this day dissolved by mutual consent. Sept 9, H64. lakayene karri noton, Hiram i.. jackson. Vr<)TlCE.-THK PARTNERSHIP HEIU.TOKOHK _ istirig under the tiaum of Rol<*rt Sta<** k Ok iFls day dissolved, by mutual consent. R. i-taje alone authoiiied to settle the business of the old him. f>TA?;E, STEPHENS A JONES. Dated New York. Jan 4, 18f>5. Ihe business will in futuie be conducte<| at tb* o stand, boat No 1. foot of Spring street, North river, I the sobacrikers, under the name of .-T^tifc, JONES k CO. PARTNERSHIP.? THE PARTNERSHIP HEREToVofl existing bet*een Paul Andlrot and John Arthij Hughes, carrying on business as merchant tail this day diasolved by mutual consent. (Signed., PAPL ANDICOT. , WitnesH, JOHN A. HCOHB.] SsMt'Kt. Owkk, 7i Nassau street I'HE PARTNERSHIP HER ETt >HMK EXISTING fli tween Otto W iifsn.i an. I ,rg? VV. -n-r un'ler tq firm of Wigand A Werner. i? this day di<aolred fl-.ei (airs ol the partnership will be settled and tb* busiM icndurted by t,eo Wernei a; 14 North Wuiiam s:r*et.| Wit. AMI January 29, Hi 5 OBOROE WfcKNER. ?ti'AMU'- v PAi-.n mi mmn- ivn rs:*)"ur>H ? f resp* 'lability, to take th**tcluniv* ageacr o' English manufacturing concern Object. on made to] party already engaged in oth*r business A ldresa, wij l?itir.ilars sod rva! nam* ou'y. hf th>e? days, 0 room No. &3Gtrlt?B Hons*, Bto?4w*y.

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