Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1855 Page 7
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ADTIBTMElBim RENEWED STERY 01Y. Kimuicijuu, IHjCAm AAA ?MONEY io~i^In~o?*1du ?0 v" ?V/\JV/? monus, watch**, jewelry, se gtr*r pianolortes, merchandise and personal property pereraJly. Notes, stoks, bill* of exchange, It :., uejo tiatec. 'Business confidential and executed promptly at it) Niniu atrwt, tint boor, back "(bee FLORENCE k CO , Broker*. Ill e^k it/ \f\ TO LOAN ON DIAMONDb, W AlCa H p A O" e \7 V/" jewelry . Ac. or bought for cash. ?od eitjr stock*, nates, bond* and mortgage, bills of ax: ?Lanye, kc., negotiated. Business confidential. and Xom pViy executed, at 103 Nasiau street, room No. 2. THOMPSON A CO.. brokers and commirxion irerc\anta. I ?CIA AAA T0 LOAN ON BOND AND MORf ?OU.UUU KM* 'O thil city. BROWER ?* HOROTf, 4 Hanover street. Jjfik a k/A/ TO LOAN ON DIAMONDN WAr. ?l)U?vUU dies, jewelry, segara, ?wr efiantiise generally, or bouglit out. Bond* an'' rnort g* gee bought and sold. Money oehUo' T on hand at 1W William street, near Fulton, up FORBUSH ? CO., loan and commission brokers. AAA T0 INVEST |.i 1HE PURCHASE OP ,UUU bondk and of ?l,00i?anl upwarde. also, house* and lo", farms, country seats, mills, water p"wer, Ate., In e>* ry section of the country, lor nale or exchange. App'/ 10 a SERGEANT, 15 Wall street. A/\A WLOANON DIAMONDS, WaTCH e\J\/Vfe,4< i"welrJri K0''1 ,inl ??'?er plate, pianos. sega; a, iserchaiidiso, gunH, pistole, Ac., or bought lor ca?b- Huainesa contidentinl and aafo. Ap ply nt 237 Grat>f itreet, corner of the Uo<vvry, second floor. N. B. WOOLLEY. ttJl A Al I A SPECIAL CAPITAL WANTED IN A LFvM./ large cash aucti in house ? The bu siness i? well established atd very profitable. If pre term!, real estate security can be given, alao an equal interest in the tiusiness, which la an safe aud free from Lots** ?? any <ity bunk. No comuiiinic.ition noticed* if frcm broken or agents. Address A. K. Gibson, Poit Office. dh Q AAA WANTED? FOR SIX OR EIGHT t?Oa\/vrV/ month*. The sum of three '.houaand Dollars, I jr which the advertiser will hypothecate secu rities of ten thousand dollar*, reai value, and pay a bo nus tor the accommodation. Address X. Y. New York po*t otlice, tor this week. flJlQ AAA OR MORE, IK WANTED, CAM BE |IpO?V'v'\y furmabed by a business man capable of tilling almost any station, to any parties who would desire valuable ssrvicea, and be willing to pay (or tbein. or the advertiser would luvert the same ami bis icrviers in some manufacturing busineis that is sale aud would pay well. References of the highest re i pectability will b? given and re(|uired. All aom-nuni cations will be strictly confidential Address, with real aame, Cash A Co , Herald office. ?i) A/ Ii k TO $3,000 ? TO LOAN, ON GOOD SB ^eVTvJv' ourity, or would purchase bond and mortgage cn improved Net* York property. Address M. E K , Herald otlice. ?AAl I WANTED? fOR ONE YEAR, FOR #V_FVM_/ which good security, on property worth twice the amount, "ill be given, besides iut.?re*t, a mI beautiful rooms, with noard, to a respectable party, on the roont advantageous terrai), u a house with all the modem .mprovements, desirubly located up town. fho-e who wish a comfortable home uod pleasant society will do well to address One in a Thousand, bos 14') Herald rffire, with real name and address, stating *herc an in terview ii, ay be had. dSQAA ? nrrv DOLLARS BONUS AND SBCURI lfl)')vM ty worth three times the amount, will be given lor th>* u?e of this hjid for six month* Ad dress L. W SI., Herald oOire. Broken hank bii.ijs bought ? thk highest price will be paid in gold, fur all kinds of brolien bank money; foreign gold an I silver, and uncurrent .funds bought at the usual raUs: diafts on Kngland, Ir-land and n-otlMid, for aale by JAMES M. TAYLOR 169 Chat bam square, corner of Jarnes street. C1AUH, IN ANY AMOUNT, FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, / rich jewelry, plate, and valuable personal property fnrchaaei. . a*, t >'J Fulton street, secoml door, front room. Office hours, 'J A. M to l P M. R. WOOD. RVING SAYINGS INStlTUTION, Hfl WAKHJ5N STltFJTT, oci ,.oor froo> Gu-enwith.? -Open daily from 10 A. to 1 P. H and itoIP. M. Interest at the rate of fl ^eir cent avowed on ail aums from $1 to t&00. The funds of this iBiititutioo are eecurely invested in bonds aud r<oM(Mg. ?> in 'be :^ty of Ni>* York worth double the ?K/Cudi ...sue' ami ill houdi in Ibis city CALEB c. WOODHIILL, President. 5 u s YaxnKRBiiT 1_ PtixTos, Secittary. $50 MONEY 10 LOAN-ON REAL. BHTATK, D1AM0NIH, piste. wfctchi'a, 'urniture, pianoforte*, dry good*, ao?] every ilwcflptioD ot property, orpurcUaeed lur r?h. Bnn?eKP prompt coot) .lent -?*!, by t'A.SlCS & CON1.KY, Kixj pi re- loan (MB ??, Broadway, adjoining the City HoepitaJ. "W* ONEY.? CASH UBKRALLY AD VAN LTD ON ill watchea, jewelry, diamonds, dry goods. clothiug furniture pianolortes, or any other property, at the Agency ami I* kd office, j04 liruadivay. corner of Ouane ?lreet M-cnml lloor, to m No. 0. I'oulidence mi l boaur mat l>e relied upon. Br&ucb office, *4 W?nt Six x-utti atrret. MclOIUIUJN At O'NEILLE. 5 in<;EP.S FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY ? OFFICE 174 j Chatham ?<iuare, corner of Mott atreet.? Dividend, be Board of Director* h*n this day declared a as ai annual ?ti vitl<-o'l of four per rent upon tile capital stock of the company, payable on the hth of February. The tranefer books will be closed on nii'l after the 25Kb inst, Hy order, EDWARD B. FFJXOWS, Secretary. r|\QK STOCKHOLDERS OF THE PHENIX MINING ? I and Manufacturing Company of Virginia, who in tend rabicribmg to the stock of 'he ncv ?omp?oy, are Informed thai they mint do ?o on or b"f?re Thursday. Ihe 1st of February, a* tbc subscriptions will b? closea DC that day. Apply at 13 Broadway, room No. 6, ae ?nd story, between 1 aid 4 P. M. ppHE UNIiER-IUNKD MAKES CASH ADVANCES OPON | I Hour, grain, provisions, railway and pig ron in More; also, upon vessels in port, ami upon bank and ?other approved stocks or bonds, and upon bust ne*a p? Iper mamr ng in New York. r JOHN B MURRAY 137 Pearl street, near Wall. IffK) IOAN? ON FIR?T CLASn IMPROVED I'ROI'EKTY I I In this city, one sum of 12, 000, al.o one sum of hl,2?>0. Inquire of ROSWEI.l. (J. 1'IKRCE, Pine atreet, |ecrner of Broadway, under Metropolitan ifauk. ?\t/ ANTED? BY A LADY, TWO HUNDRED DOlXtRS [ YV lor lour ?numb*, an l for the use of it will giv? a and board in a ttrnt class house. Referent* given. lAlso, a mortgage on furniture worth three tin.cs the Bunount. Address Board, Herald oihce. Ki;lTHER8 ft PETERSON, BANKERS, SroCK AND I VV eicbange broker". 41 and 41Soith Third street. Philadelphia.? Stock and Corporation leans teougbt and A on coinaaiss on. promissory notes and dralta, nego ted collections ruat e upon all accessible points id the . i- * ? v drafts on other cities, m sums to suit pur itiipri HOTELS. If-HE SMITHSONIAN HOl'SE, BKOAIlWAY, r*>RNK8 |J[. of Houston streit. on the same block with the Me ropolitan Hotel and Ntblo's (iariien, and opposite St. l.onias' rhurrh. Th * new hotel iu the heart of Broad ay, *U1 (t.pply a great desideratum to tiar?ll?*s and U* public lo general ? superior accommodation* in tha >e?t quarter o '.he city, at moderate rate*. Itoou* 6C ruts to t3 a day, according to location, h\ ; but the igh. r priced apartments, when occupied to th.ircapa t /, ranging from iO cents to Si VJ a day encb pervoa li'hiiigle knlgings f>0 cents to $1 ?iwh The p?4>ot aithsoniau. lo<ated at ?<<l4 Broadway, three doors low Houston street, is undrrgoiog en!ar;> inent by tha i<iition of two spacious ami new buildings iwijuiniBf >mI extending to liouMOn strfet enlarging the e?tab at u.'Ut to tl.ree times its pretext capacity, ami allord. ?g scconimo< a'.ion- lor ai.oui 'our bun lr?*d gm-sta. The ?cracary works to a<lapt th?' new buiknngs to the pur mu-s de>| are in a <tate ol rapi l forwardness, aud ill lie compMeit in. February, <>' whir.h <1u*V>>ilics will given, aid thereupoa tt>e present house w>l] be the uirhly reno rated. Tlx; feature of a hotel on Ibe E'irnpean plan f>r ladies well as gentlemen which bss met Wilb marked fa?o?. ill be eontinaed. The house will b>- thoroughly heatea y svan p p.- of the most approved construction, s* uring th :s a most p:> a?.iul atin?<*phere and ohvia'-ina ??-rj 'larger of Are, the tire apparatus neing located <?# he pi. an.M suH uinler ground and to ohria'e r??ry B*.sr hie cause of alarm fr m tire or otherw s? *(>nndaat nimnf egress are pfSfMei I here will a hathiog .iMiB, with -epara'e bath for ladle- 11:^ dii.ui,' sai?>n ill '?e by 100 feet on th? firat l<?r in llroa<lwaf. lib privale dining rooms adjoining and meals furaieb 1 a? ord? re.1 at pri ?? graced to suit the rcnveni.'n -e of lO-s n> lined to economy, as well as the tastes of tlM><? ore ntravsgant. The furniture will lie all new and oe ip# oee spared that cortrilii.tes to ci in fort. Toe as M si in*- at shall no! I* surpaased for the r?spertabilltr, icorum, order, ?ea'ne-?, a'tmtioo and amfuit wi'.h bicb it shall t<* crn tue'ed rbe accoininoda'ione of ,e press n' t-mithsonlau will not he lo'rrfer-d with by ie new works, and tr.y friends and patron* are >nv.t?d <oBtn<u? their favors ae beretoftre SIDNEY K0PMAN dPORTinr., at. IfAMMOTH NEWFOUNDLAND AND -T BFJ'.N'ARD vj p"l" E ng '"h .tries ?pat, el4, < ii and R-igiisi. (ack and tan rat temer?. and all th<- ch dc?-<T hrwei?, raya on hand. Mat:ble>* <loga kept etpressly fof ck I lease <opy the address. 306 Water street, flog, i.f Fulton, np stair* ?O Sl'ORTSME.V ?!'!(, EijN -I|(KIT!'..; -A I K*-. 'If $'.u w.U be ( reu a: he Fluabiw Hotel a Taura ly February 1 VM, at 2 s'eM I' V Free for all ortsnen Shiotmg ten bird' ea. f, BRorffRR MaHSK- . (LOriUTO, M. Off "LliTHINO? A LARf.E Qt'AMTTrY WANT ly ad nli^Tneri to 'llspoae of isrge or siaxil its Of I 'd l?f :! we.! lOg af p?rei .in ?-*. t? the f i,l line in f.urre^.? noi.ry i.y addrswamg <ir calling to )MISM"Kl'SK^ 1 1 ? r.< I I r- . r-y ?"i.nge I ar HiaUiam raw flWU??T?9*? 1'HE NEW YORK JOURNAL. BACK NU*RtfW HtTPIJEO. :*ubecr. bera to the ix?e i-puler ptruxlictl can iki* procure 1 0hJPI fte sets from tbe beginning, ?' 'och number* ?? tbey u?y wint, ?t BONCE U BROTHERS, 134 Nm-uu itreet. 1?HE NAT^?na1- POLICE GA7.EITE, OK THIS WEEK, iH hu number, containing the late ca?e be fore the rt,J'or> 'n which a clergy man and route pbyai i.ians ?'* implicated ; alto ??Siadnwa of Nee Yora," very iDt#*fn,1K; alao a new story, 'Clara Neville." ROfrS, A: TO! 'HEY, ag?Ltn, 103 Nassau a'.r*et. sold very where. UOHSIt*, KOOWiS WAiHTKb A NY PERSON HAVING A PLACE IN AGOOD I-OCA /V tion, to the vicinity of Wall street, for it carpenter* jobbing shop, will bear of a good tenant by alilresaing 1). D., Herald office, for two day*. BAGATELLE BOARD WANTED-SECOND HA NO, complete, and id goo 1 ord.'r. Addreoa box 2,024 I oat Office, stating price, 4c. COTTAGE WANTED ON STATES ISLAND-FURNISH ed or unfurnished. Addresa, stating terms and to i Mtion, box "09. COTTAGE WANTED TO HIRE, BY A CAREFUL AND permanent tenant, to Jeraey city or Hoboken, auita til? fer a small family of tbree persona Kent muat be n operate. Addiesa, stating term- fully, accommoda tMiLa, tic., Rancher, Herald office. 1,-IRE PROOF SAFE WANTED? A SE?XJND IIAVD sale, good article, medium aire, for wbich a fair ca-b I r ce will be paid. A'idreai boa 2,604 Poet Office. H0U8K WANTED.? WANTED TO PURCHASE. A neat two or tbree-atory house and lot. with or without the modern unprovementa, weat of Broadway and not above Twenty- til lb street. Sta'e aiae of lot and bouae, al-o chain of title and price, and say you will pay expense of examining tbe same If found dillerent frocn representation*. Azures* B. P., Herald office. House wa> ted? with modern improvements, by a small family, in a good lo.a'ion m thia c'ly, either weat or ea?t of Broadway, not above Eighteenth street Address, staling terms, accommodations, kc,, bos 4,200 Poet (mice. Houat wanted to hike, with modern iu provem-nta, pleusantly looted, amiable lor a small family, below T< ttli street; would prefer ea<t ride of tc wa, in tbe neighborhood of Fast Broadway or Hinry strtet, possession by raidc 1<: of February or sooner, or wvulil purchase a Loutc and lot ? price from S7,0UG ir $8,000, for which a Ural bond and mortgage of $J <>00, well secured on a farm a abort distance in the country, will be given, and balance in cash. Address A. B Y., Herald oil! :e. I0TS.? ANY PERSONS WILLING TO SELL ONE OR J two lota, (by instalment preferred,) in Bergen, West Hoboken or on the outakirt* of New York or Bnoklyn will tint a customer by addre?aing U. V N., lleralo office, hy ntating lowest prise and particular-!. No agent* need ap;dy . Address for one week. DNFUUNISHFD APARTMENTS WANTSD? BY THE middle of April, in a private bouae, with private table, by a family of four persona, gentleman, wifi, t rown up son and daughter; gentleman dining at home Sundays; any family ueslrau* 'if reducing their expente* will find this a good opportunity, and an arrangement may be made permanently; an answer stating location, terms. Ac., will meet with attention. Audrem il. , bo* 1.D82 Post Office; china and silver furnished for the table if neceaaary. Beat reference* givt n and required. WANTED TO PURCHASE? A WELL BUILT, IIAND sem^ and convenient dwelling house, (ready fur ni-htd prefeired ) clear of all encumbrance, for whi-h I pmpo?e to pay part caah anil part inCiocmnati property Adcrna with lull particular* aud loweat ash price only, box 4,877 Poet OBIce. YtT ANT ED TO LEASE? KROM 1ST MAY NEXT, A vt small modern built bouae, b*'t *een Fifth an I Sixth uveuue*. got above Thirty fifth street; rent not to ex ctfd I7fi0 Add real E. B , Herald office WANTED? IN THE LOWER PARTOETHE FIFTEEN ill ward, two room*, bedroom and kitchen rent rbeap. Audr"-n Americua. lieralJ office. ?r ANTED TO LEA8E-?X>R ONE OR MORE YEARS, Vv a modern hou?e, betwetin Tenth aim Thirtieth strtMs nome.'.latelv , rent not to exceed 11,200. Also, half uf a hoiihe to iet. Apply to TIKil ICON ti STREET, HI Naaiau street, room 7. rx; AMTED? AN UNFURNISHED HOtJM NEAR BROAD v> way and b^low Fourth strict, by u linly . Addrnaa Langdoii. Proadway P(*t Ollice HISlCit 9PIANOPORTI0S FOR 8A1.K OR TO T .FT, TO SUIT the time t ? A haou-oun' rotrwood ???eo octave for I12f>, one of lunH?m'a (or }17f>. and other* at e .;> up to $? 10 or to I* t at <? . fc.l S4 ami $f> it month. PP.OF DUU8UAY, Uiuiirand -tiwt. A VERY HNK BO KWOOD I'lANKK JRTK, OMftflM J\ ik few raont '? mora, tor *?!?' for $170. ? I* per set, nn liVrn cane, an. full y warranted by ~?lf tirafe>l linker*. Hub patent metallic Irani* ami modern improvement*. Sold ou account ol ficknee*. I nn )?? ?n, on Wedneaday and Iburariay, from 9 till 2 o'clock, at 16b Cbatnbtr* *t A YOUNG FRENCH UADY, FROM PARI-!, HKHSXTT 2\. I' comjetent, and speaking hnglim wall, U an* icu? to oli'ain employment in teaching French, mu<lc aod drawing The beat of n(>r>n?' givi-n and <-hari{e4 modtritl. Call on, or adi!r*?<, M'll<* UANTILLON, 2i2 Siith avenue wbere *he will rMtiW pupil a. or vkrit their home* n tl ?y may df> r? M ile Wantdloa and i>er mo'her fcava claaae* <? thair r**id*n' e, in '.lie even ing N. li. ? M ll? Cant linn In* irr?uluiit?<t at the Hotel de Vtlle Puna, and ha- a fnll di| lotna M ' lie Gantillon and her brother are in Brooklyn twine a week, where they would be glad to have a few more pupa* Banjo, ba>jo, banjo -thk banjo tacohtby a new, eaey, and unproved method, in an leaaoaa. lerm* $n, in advance. I/>a*oui Riven every evening. Pup. la by our method nam with tin: greateat facility. Profa. S B. & B. P JACOIM 407 Broadway. ?1 UITAR AND PINGING -MMK MARION 00NTI I nuta to pive leaaon* at her ftatdenoa, 779 Broad way. Mmc M'? clan* for the ihe< ry of nlnging, every Ihuraday and Saturday, from 11 till I o'clock Musk; stork in city.? the under. atg n?l begi leave to inform h a friend* an. I the putdlc that he ha* juat opened a foreiga and do<neatic ?uualc iitore, at 50 Montgomery atreet, wtiere be will **ll all k'tiila of eheet muaicatNew York pri^ea, an I mu eical ix^iiruuienis of evvry description at the loweat term? Dealer* and purchase,-* tbronfbout the country, a* well a* reboot* Ac , will be aupplied by %ddre**ini( E. A. KKLLMKR, 10 Monlfcro?rf *trr*l, J*r?ey City, N. f. IJRKMIIM PIANO? -IM'.KY fc GORDON No M Broadway, lmve juat received a lie^b tnpply of ?uper or improved ajale and acti u pianoa, froin llalieit, Divllklo i celebrated n.anu factory, whi-h aurpaaa any that we hare belor* altered. Buy ug for eaah, we are ahle to <e I at ?itr*mely low price* Second b ind piano* tor aale and to let at reduced ratea Newly improvrd'modvl melodeon* with sli octave*. for aale or to let. Monthly payment* taken for part of the amount PIANO* MKUiliEONH, AND MUSIC? GRIAT K In duction in price*. ? Beautiful and celebrated piano* at eitr? mely low pncea? an aaaortmeot of all varletiea, cr.mprirlnir tboae cf ten different ma n u'?c torlea ; melo drnn* at a large diaeount from former price*, a larn'e variety of all ti e varioua aiylea from 8ve dtlferei.t inini factorie*. aecnnd band piano* at great bargain*, prio? from MO to {16<lj pianoa to rent; muaical inatrmnoot* of all kict* nuie at Die reoueed rate*. Now xellin^ rapidly, "Hpnrlling I'olka," by rhr>ma? lUaer, price 26 ci n:?-a nx -t beautiful production. HORACE WaTf.R-!, 311 Broadway. SBTONI) HAND PIANOS AT '-RKA 1' li A Fit > A IN 4 ? ON K Cluckenrig piano, round cora-r* *ev?n octave, with n>< iildingi, Irct <teak and fan y ieg>. t4*K), lx-?a uaed at.out '>? n month* will t>e aoVl for ti'h. On* H?-w'e piano 7 octave plain round < orne:? price 0040; will he Id f' r $.4 ). Ai-o octav* do price til,, kill le ?oM for WOO. One '?r $1" , ?! I $140, |1K, ? |llu 1. 100, t*'), f''l, ard f40, Hecon 1 hand m-l'Hl-oo I for $::0 ont Jo. for i Nea | i^d<" aoUl on in >ut.<ly j payment* HORA< K ? A'l KI:-< 1H< Broadway. ; rpilk MI 11CAI. Pt.TilsI'; ARK INVrrEH TO EXAMINE 1 and t??t the rerently pateeted k?ye ! eiop finder board lor vi'.liaa Tin- iireat Impr'tveanoul can )>e at tached to aay VH lin. It chance* the Mlictli and di* couragiag ch?ra?ter of t\* matrument readWV 112 tl>? ? t?p; iv>k and tunmir <a?y and unemagly eorrect, 1 lkei?hj pla< .or within the reach of the people t'n* I mo?t |4pular of all Inatrnmen'* Vmoo tauirht. W I WllllillVuN, 3.1'i Br <. ad way over Water*' muex: <tor? I frai noun TAl'fiHT. AT XIX DOLLAM I'ER g' vR 1 J ter by a pupil of Rol>ert Hano. of Covent Utr ? I tbea're l orn on Apply at ?.?h '* theatrical wig ?t. re, ' f.?.9 Ivatl Ktreet, f#i.r d??r* from Broadway !>ae?Oti? | given at all hour* MATfUMOMAI*. 1 4 YOl'Nli A (URIC AN fiFN TI KM AN WMlW Til1 a'ljua rraoce with a view to aiaUim >ny of an ! An ?:<*'. or ?h lady under twenty H- *ut> an I 1 reepei tahil'ty of birth and aaioctation are indiapeo* :<le Hi* mean* are ample, and u.i nature gvaeroea to in* wi rthy of him. A'Mr?*?. appniating an Intarv.ew, liofd Raglan Broadway Po*t Offlce. J GENTLEMAN or WtAl.TH AND RERPKT\BII)ITY w ?b?* to r: arry a lady ?ia>iiarl* altuate I .tone but ladtea me vmg am< nf*t refined a r* lovlteal to adit r*M < poat paidi A 0. , car* of Aar><a swata New York Tt.e ad?ertl?er t? ?i?OW0 and alii. ok aa ran ha tacertained by rcreajionding An amfhican oentleman m yeafm op a?f a?"l po*-?*?ed <>f a goo>l fortune, would like to form an a <,ua n'aoce with *oid* lady of pleaaln< m isaer* and rood di-poait.ciD. All 1 'iinmuoif atim? atrftly cosfl>:*a tiai Aidreaa A. E. , Broadway Po*t Offlea. M' aTRIMONIAI, OmCK ? 1.AD!?* ANDOENTI KMfN who are ? <h of to for xi a aUlan~?, w u fr.da very r?#i* table an '. a!van*ar*o< ? o?-??ioa by c tllibg >> MADAMK HARWI-IU 109 I -wery wlter 1 an* ha* oier.el a matrimonial r?4l?',<f, wr.ereSy aay | 'ady it g?nle*un may **nura tb*tr.a?lv-? a iar- jer for ' lif- M?dime Harrn onveree* arid corr* pon la in F-t( 1 tlab, r re 1. eh and German. No Vattarf aotiiail aalew [o*t paid. Ixiiet w tli and without fortune w I do wall ' l.j call t g at mj re .J? nc* >ucharf to la ira, rOH BALK* $5,500. nut**' walk of South \rrry , Brooklyu, a brick house, three utory . baaemeut ao I *ub-cclUr, with faa, bot unfl cold water hatna. and all tbt- modern Inipri vements. Will be sold at a sacrifice. Apply to the owner, S4 William atr?*t, room 24, N. Y. tfJQ AAA ?FOR SALE? 80UA WATER, I'ORTfflt 3jO?VV Vt and bjttling e?tabi stiinent with all to* necesar.ry appara'u<i, machinery, %c., for rarrviiu e on Die buFiuow Tlie businee* is now netting from $3,000 to $4,000 per unouin. Applv nt 212 Broadway, room 10. SIM ICRS is Pl'RDY. MgAA TO $2,0(0. -MA?(JFA(Tl'RINU BUSl ?t)v v oe?s for Hale established 1K48. ? Tub above being but a branch of the subscriber's regular busioees, which requite* alt bin time, be would like to fella* a'ovt, and would ?ell bn HM3e>i)l'( goods. For further )*rticu)iirs address Manufacturer, Uerald office. (JN I (TA/i -A BUHNER TOR SALE AT A ?JLeO " V/e ?r?at sacriQc*, on oc-ouu'. of the pr> pnetor being compelled to leave the city for tbe South. 'I be buainee* ie In pood operatior.. and pays an btiMOM I roflt. Apply immediately at 212 Hmadway. r.i >ia No. 10. SIMERs A Pl'RDY. ffjPAA TO $h00. ? FOR SALE, THE WHOLE OR ?OvU part of an established wholesale bt?iue?, >n a pood locality : to an man the .i'?ove Here n good opprtunity for a Kale investment For full I articular* iidilreas W H , Hi r il l Office & A KA ? A 8FOAR STORE. ESTABLISHED FOR ?*xOv/e tbe U?t Hve year*, d<>in,{ an excellent usiDess, on a great thoroughfare in the low*r jiart of be city. Tbe stock ih well selected, and will lie itjld at I alf the Talk*. Ihe proprietor in compellei to leave tbe city. Apply to C. B HOWES, f>7 Nassau street. ALAR(iE TKACT OF MINERAL LAND, OF (M>0D title, and lmvirg abundance of copper and silver ore, together with floe timber and prairie lanl. to trado for ftocka, merchandise or real estate. Adilresa box 4,677 I'ost (Ullce A 0000 CHANCE ? FOR SALE, AT (X>?T\ 50,()IM) fe^-are, thtap. the very nice fixtures, or Ke whole ?tore, in a pooil situation. The monthly ret ul $120. Apply to FRED. K RO^SBAf'H, Seventn aveuue, be tween Twenty- fori rth and Twebty tilth street* A(i?x)o faviku Bomms for salb-a uam manufacturing business, established seven yearn, and paying a good protlt, will be sold at the cost of the tools at d iixturei. Apply nt W1 Fulton ? treet third floor Bone biknino and boiling establishment for saie or to let ? situated within a tew miles of tbe city, on the North river, under the I'aliaades, and out of the reach of any aunnvance. Apply to ICR. WOOD, 410 Hrondway. ClOINTRY 8KAT FOR SALE ON STATES Ht.ANI). - > Tlic new mansion of ilill Pars House, eijien live ly furnished in every d< tail iuiI in the l.ii.-Ksti style of comlort and *l*ganoe, together with barn, . 'ablei. ice bout.*, filled, and >ii acre* of ricli garden irronnt, situ ated on the Hill Park estate, on the Richmond heights Hodni-artl.elUcl.mond p unk road tj* ni In from Van derlilt's landing, iiemi; the Qret of a oiunoer of tir't c.faes residences intended to t>e erected ia Je.iraole locality. Tbi* mansion was built last year ( by days work, in the in< st substa itial and costly manner, ami from the number and sue of tbe rooms and the elegant!* ol tfce appointments, it will be found a complete e-tab li?hu? nt for the inception of a large an l wealthy f i tal ly, lor U th summer and winter residence Tue lo< v tion is well known to be entirely hi- alt by, au I although on flevated ground, is y?t completely ahelterad against tbe! OOld ? isti rl/ winds, opening wtrin'y to tbe south, ami as tbe mankiou is fitted wtili ail the miHleru mi prove meutH applici to to wu house- and the pUnk r iad incures as eaiy an rcrest to New York in wiut?r as .n Hummer, th.s resulen e is particularly recommeo led to partifs desirous to remue m the country all the y*ar round, or tu invalids r>.quiring a mild climate The Hr, eat wat<-r is supplied to the house by never failin' Hjiriiics, tbe country -s hiplily picture-que and th ? neigtibo rhood select. Pruo $2-'i,(IOO, on* half of which urn y rvmmn on mortjrape for five years but n* '.he pro pr'etor will remain in tho Miirbborhood. any part or the wholn of the furnltuis may l>e excluded from t'ie sale, to > mt the convenience of the pure haters For i-ards ol si mjision apply tn KK h 1 'H ItHIK R (iHDl'i: lis f-road etr* et. Alio ior iu>lc, bui.'diug HiU * on the Hill Xatk estate. DRl'O STORE FOR -SAIi^-DOINt; A 0000 Rfli ki-i, well stocked with fane; rotmIc rwid imslicia#, situutnl un an aveuue a Brat ra'e I'.bante for .tphyai ci?n Agents need nut apply No iriteire received un less [lOat paid. Address lir J. tutsii vl olli .i'j Howard street. Apply J to & aud frota 7 t-i id, P M DRf? sTOi-E FOR SALE ? ffl rUATBD OF TOWN, the owner beioij oblige.) to cell in i uii""i|u?nt e of other huaiuess Apply at4ll BMt Twelfth street. IvXLIOHTFUI. OOUNTKT RESIDENCE FOR SALE, / ne? bouse. mo?l?rn sty l?, containing eleveu room*, iMsidee amprf cedar rtoiu "pantr e k" Uve or V na;re? of gi< unit, tituated on the Hound, lO We t< lie?|.i-r rn ,u ty , one hour'? riue fn m the city by New II iven Railrovl. I osurja-sid water ?e?, bathmr, IMung, uysierinir, he, Wdi tx ."oh! cheap oii ea?y '.erinH, or wiit Is' ex ehabged for i!y properly Apply Vj J' dl.'f W O'JVKlt 32 I'.ei kman ?tr?et I-ARM-- FOR HU.E FOR OAROEKINB POKFtWBR ? Ki(r lit amall farms, from tiireo to ? t'> a ? ?< each Foil is riob und a lmiial ly adapt I to gar leon* purposes, and land located nn a pUuk mid ? n ? I rallrna"'. witfnu f' s tn ilee of leek -lip ferry Apply to < HAKLR4 R MII.Ll-.H. Auctioneer. 1 .di Bi?.?d ?ay IMFTFI AVENUE !-l?TS FOR SALE CHEAP ?KIX I/r-< corner of t ifita >tv?un? abil MiaUiUi rtnrt, oriu pied a? a panlin wi'.h & email bout* oa tli'in A ?|> rn inl ncatio.i f< r \ retiuenie or t public linuM Term-i ?? ??y Inquire *t IS- Sullnlk atreet, or of V. KF'VNoUH, Attorney tt l.iw , 39 Allium rtreet. PJXTt'RFS TOR HAI.K? TO ORtlCERH, DRL'G<;HT9 and ?eroid liitO'l fixture n-.ilera ? The lf*t iret n the ktore 2i9 W?*biogti'n ?tre?'t cun-mnof o'two turn, with drhwera, set* of b ox, capable "?( boiling i barrel tarb khelaet, Ac ? built to order ? for ?ale ebaap. T7H>RSAUC-THK nn AND I/C, 42 KMC I AVKVI'K, r between Second ai.iI Tbiril itreeU 1 1.? boq?e il twenty feat frout. by ft-rty dees and tin lot nin.t eeemty ?e??n feet ileep For Urc* app'y 1,1 l**1 "fentb ?tree t. 1 'OR RALE <?R TO UTT-A THREE JTPORT AND BA*1 rnent onck tiou?e, a few minnirt walk 'rnm tha Hamilton or Houtb fernea; price t H00, only ???'?>? ewli re>|uir?iJ , ri Dt t .'J.'iU per annum (mjcm-xioq ,n.u '-d.a ? iy Inquire of i . f Hll.THKIH, on the |iram ?e?, 12") [le^r.iw atreat, tooth Brooklyn, from k to 12 A. M. 17?OR fAl.R-ON WFXT FOURTEENTH STREET. NFIAR Sixth IffuM, au elegant four 'ti.ry Kogli-h tit-e ment lif.u?e, with every BKxiern impruvatn-u'., ami butt by il>)i work (or the owiitr l/Kttloo bo*. ?urpa -?l in tbe city. Seventy per r?nt ran remain. Apply In K H. KINf 111 Mr. R, IV roujth avenue, (nun 1 'o 7 ? clcxk 17%R ?AIJC-A VERY DMBUMJ FaMII.Y MMt, . H I.adiIh Digb, blaci.nx IMntU, '.'Ki'th'r wi'.h a rorkaway, buggy anil harneiiB, n*-arly new Cis he k?o At any tin* by esquirim.' of J U. HF.AMaN, at Mllea'? ? tallica Not f.2 aa<J M Waet Nineteenth atreet, Dear Sixth avenue. For halx ? tuk uoike and i>or ?,<v ninth avenue. coriicr af Thir:y-f\rat ?tra?l, I00i24 'e?t Tha laoun* in 44 feet, with ..I fe. t of an f l)"?t for hull door, leaving the . t-ire all eviare n'iw ?Ir.nif a it> oil tHi-.o>>? m fnteriee An<! lt?iaor* an I w* J raln.latnl for ? fine ^n.'ery or the atorv to iet, a? tha owner haa to to i/i tur?i('e in eonm ijuer.-e of th> !? >'.h or two in bie fa?B ly. Apply on tbe preaiaw, .ViR 'A: ! -A liOL'KE, 12,400, TO 1J5T, A REAR F houne S'Oper ji ar, in WIIUkkHkafl, near t!i? ferriee Tn ?? t in New Vork bouee 12 Elm ?tr>*t >? nail >torea, fcf ai tui -n'-? ami fji?i mente ilown town Rent* ?ow '.ii gi? 1 teoanta. Aptriy to K ('. .JU' fll, No 59 Roao utreet. I'f'R SALE- AT A 0RE.AT SACRIFICE, AN MBfR ii< a line i.f < tunibuae- ran. ,?fe?t?<i (I6,UU0, will tit ?o;i for flP.GOO [ 1/,'XK) i?aab,tb" reii; i.nler t/i r? u a'n ?n L< c.'l an'! h. .rtga^i- I'arii .;ar? autwl on aa Interview Apply at '0 av. D'M () I MM HALE? A DECIDED BARGAIN.? A BitfDfOKI three atory aa1 baaevent bv i>?, witb counter eellar. in an ei aller,* neigt?v rh?o.I la Thirty flrtt ? tre-t, t>e'.ween Kigtith ar.1 Ninth ??? nne? Alao, a 9r?t rlat-i li?.'j?e !n r?.i.".ie'!i atreet, *ery ami os><M -itn'. J I WII IJAHM * HON", '/>'l ti^iitL kNBM, tmi fr. ii 2 tt 3 o'clxii at 1 1% Chaai ?T" - ?t^or salf^-tii'^i tiii brow 1 stone fiio t hO'i?e?, >te|.irlif''iliy aituk'^ri in T*?nty ?? >ti I /?r??t. on r ri fvrty L.tely kaown a? Maofa't tf I, tie t?"?B !t e Ninth iO?l TenVu areo ,e? feran ,<v I f Vll.I.lAM- A >OR Kifbth aveu ie, atrl ' fr ill 2 to >? clock at II' ' ham'^re ?trei-t I .'OR 1AlJt~N(? 10 R <r*F. STKEKr, NF'AK FHMK _ 'i ? t TM valual lt tkr?< Ctory and 'laiew nt Iwei! icpr, ?i!b (hup in rear, and ?"fy 'a* rai l* |e? ? of t'.? |i t, (ik yen r? to run i An .llent a tuat. in fur ?" ?' :nr fi* ewa.ler ir .aar-.itti, ur 'be !!?? t* '>*1 ii. ay reinaia < u uior'pn e Apple at 'lie nfle* of EDWARDS * tIAM, >4 Wa'KtrMt. C*OR fALF? TiiE rwo F'lRcr (!LA*? THREK T0HY P trick h' .*e? ami l-U ?ituate Noe. 21k anl '?< I Ft*' ftroaoway c< ntam.rgall tfie mo'lern imtr??em?nt?, awl aft iB an ellen'. offer r'ny ? il t.? aoM low, .n i i n ?t'<.n.morla' rp :?rnj- \p|. y u> "HOVfAH XUHH-'IJ. '.k0 Waabiafltc n I'.twt f^ORCAIF^-A KTOVE AND TINWARE BkTAW.f?ll k> nt. ' Le > f the tie*t etan It in tbe city a no? of Ai y 'ine waoting a ' tuna of ftie k ml will do ? ?il to apply to W MirOHIl, K?q 2 ''' Water ?tre?t, wh?n (*r. ular? n.? . be ba ', an : *u?e 'or a-ll nf u ?if sed. IJ?0R HALE? A VFRY NRAT THRF.F TORY AVf> . tae'Biei.t l.i !?*, with ? ? "er ??- tar, an-! all th ?Kwteni IfWwti m' ii alt ? K r: ???h ?treet, n?ar M?'h art d ua Fr otfVlOo Tern ?a-y A, ply at '"2 ? Hiltll nm e F-fili VAI.F A '.AM,. I" A K !l 'I. ' ' ! i ;. .? New'oua .land dof. ^u>' irt<>rt?l fri -so M"?'niui| 'aad. The ?*>o*? U cte r.f tbe ?w,i ae*( i ro ij'it to ?n<. ?ll' t# told 'a rea?oiia'i .? '..rma, or wr . .1 t*? d iikr.otMa In rMnrn Ad r> ?? Naw '"iin .lan I, IDraU of. ra FMH ?aIJ A Dtm ? 1 W . I II. 1 t .-ICR- II ? ? of the be?t ?'ai- 1? i tha I rat ????!, a?ar tbe Bat Wyy Ifreivta |k to t'2 MI; lit* leaae "1Mb aad filtt. rra mil ba anM tb * day for 1140 ***>r !? C r. HOIK M, 0# ?Um\ run ialb. FR f-ALE CHEAP? THREE NEW THREE KT.iRY baieinenl brick house*, io a betut'tul and healthy location on Fiityihird etreot, ns?r*<e'>od u?dui, Unti ed in |oo I it via, with all fie modern imprmnii ot*. Will be wild cbeap. ?r exchanged tor {tou t available lot*. Apply to FOUNTAIN k RICHARD!1, on tbe |irruii???. For sale cheap? a boot and shoe stoRic, i wltb slock and fixtures, in a goo I location, doing a good o?>h busine**. Will be ?old low as tb- owoer h?i other bukioeel to attend to. Apply at 256 Beven'h avenue. RDUHEi AND LOTS FOR SALE, IN EVERY VARIK : tv of ?tyle, price and location, by JOHV S. KELSO, llliam etreet. Livery siablf. for sale? the stock, fix | torn ami good will, together with a leane of lire vears with 'be privilege of purcbane of tbe stable No. 50 Went Fifteenth mreet, now deing one of ibe bent l>i?ini?s in the city Aleo teveral private carriages for ?ale <bc?p. Apply on tbe precoiwi. Newspaper and job printing establishment ! for ?ale ? Tirnn moderate, and a great portion ?<( I tbe amount can be paid in printing. A raie euan * for one cr two honorable aod good printers For particular* apply at No. 1 ("lin'on court, 13 Dock man street, be- I tween 12 and 1 o'clock P. M. PUBLIC HOl'SE FOR SALE ? AM OLD ESTABL'SHKD i bonne, io a good location, doing a firct rate liun ne**, with lodging and club rooms. eating, .V:. Pr.ce, 1 M)0 canh. Five j nr< lea?e, runt reaaonabf'. A splendid opportunity. Fcr further io< or -nation. apply to 8IMERS A PI'RDY, 212 Broa lway, . o >m 10. TO EDITORS ? HALF OF A DAILY NEWSPAPER for calc.? An j per*on having the requisite abili'.y , to assume the eo.torial charge of a lift clan piper, and i a lew thousand dollar* in ' a?h, w II tin t thia a rare op portunity 'or inve?tmeut. Andrei* Publisher, with real name, < ure of V II. PALMER, Tribune lluil lingi, New Yoik. SPECIAL itllTlttClk CCMI'TBOl LER'h OFFICE, CITY HALL BROOKLYN, January 22, 1S0V ? Notice ih hereby given u> all per son* having claim* again*'. the cit e" of Brooklyn, Wtl liKinxburg, and the town ol Buatiwick, prior to that they be reque*led Mi present the -lime with the vouolier* thereof, at tbe oilier of the *iiii?or'Wr. a* aoon ?- prac ticable. WM. b. LEWIS. Comptroller. rO. OF O. F ?THE MEMBERS OF CONTINENTAL ? Lo' ge No 111, I O if O. F , arc e.krne?tly r*i|<ieU ed to attend the regular m.-e'ing, oil Kri lay evening, February 2, at tlieir room 1.12 Bowery, o? inn?u ltn"iit* to the by law*, connected ei'h the finance* of the I. "Igc, will be pre?eiit?) for their action A le.turo Will be iie llvereu by a I' (J. r?f the Lodge By or 'er. C W WILLIAMS, N U. Mason i ? m?:h k rni members of excel rii-rl'iiK* No. I of F. and A VI are r>-.| U' *leJ to att?n>l the next regular meeting of the lolgft on T i'i day evening, February a? bu?.n*-K? laterentiug each member will be brought forwari.'. By i r .er W M I J L HaUey, Hw retary. MEKT1NO OF niE AMERICAN liFOORATHICAL AND I ytftli?tical ^o' ii ty, at the .'?e? York lniv?-r?ity, I mi Tliurrday evening Vebruary I, nt H o'clock. Iti-v. I l)r. flawkn ? ill read a |uiper <m the Woguaiea of llie I Al origmm of thi* cntineui The ixirie'.y will uieet lor the traUMkCtion of biimn?n? at o'clock P. \1 5 roues,? 1 THE C0UJDCT0R Of TBI rOWN OF PH# I Lam will iniet at the Ni rth Am r> an llot-l. i l.owery , corner of Bayard it reel, to feeeiv? !a??? of anrendent owners of i"t< at PelhamviUe U'l Proepe-l i llili, in "aid town, on the '.'d and '.'th of February, n thO til j ol New York, from U u'clo<-k A. If to 3 I'. M. HEN J F I1OR10N, < oile tor. ?VTO'nCK IS HEREBY (S1VKN THVT THKRK WILL Bi. a "W-.-ial inte'.iog of th^ etm-khoMere of the Am"ri ran and Foreign iron Pavement Company, at their ollic.?, 1 10 Broad ?ay, New York on the 16tn <lay of F'br iary ; oeit, a*. 12 M for the ele-tion ul seven tru?te<n New York, J?u. 2), Ihbi 1. 11 *%A(>E. Se"'y S'OTU'K? ALL I'ELSONH INUEBrk'D IO TM FIRM ol 1 riinci." A Mminn w II pay John F Ma?oa, Corner of 1'eail "treet ami Myrtle avenue, llroonlyn JOHN F M ASON. NTOlICi. -TIII'MAS BOn A 00 , HAVE THIS DAY _ Adiiiitteil hh partner* in their firm Will.ain J Vler r> 11, J< hn W f'oodit aod 'amen K<xlin .nd, and will coo t n i th>' wholei-alu ami ret.i I gro. ery bttllkm ?? h re tofore at 132 Cb*ml<er* *tr*et, corner of ? tiller" plar?. ?ew Yoik, > vt. 1, lh.'j. THOMAS IIOI'K DAVID D. a' KKR EC IJQUGR DEALERS.? A ^lEKTlNti <>F Till- Llgl OR DraUra' Vo? ittjf will Lrld at ti*e +vgtcue*l*r Houmi ou TburitUy eviuibg n>*it, al 7 n iU ^ Atl l* thuitn pokhk*<\ iu Hie triMie are U> %nd id* iuIhth of tl?? MHM-ty The following %rti ?# i'f th** *>oD?t tuiiou (ootain? fMHAry <|u.tliU< .k ? n *'Articl? XII Any j *r**w lutlieliqu'ir ? ?, of gfioU etiirjkcWr, n??y tMfioaHi m ntai^r of *.bfi iw.< t o recKit Injf a in- junty of ti?t voU - ??f tt??* m?m bfm ?l any uf itt an*l paytng an oi tutu q fie ui ten Uollurv an t ni^ntn/ the ? n^ntuti^u no i by hen, tucluoioi; U.<- j Tne ?lu? ? fi ur ?l r fi a ?^uarU'ly " Alt p^riorM ID gaftil in thf t?u?intraa *re vo ;h? r n nn u HiiU to 1 1*?* **? ;?Lkfy a I tl?? We*l "?t r for the o ?v of tbe *<h ? iy wU ther :t.? y ut*n4 to r?*roto? iiifiiibtri* or not N K Hl'NCK, I'rrti lfot l?. H. I Ai?4a, S ?tret*ry MPIKITIMMfcM. HI IRITUAL MANIFWTATIOVH? JtfKti OOAM, RAH. I iuk *on wr iltii : mautio. will r? - ?* ?u>i Wra at 120 l.i a???y >u Hop* i.'n a|>< i builjin* Horn a imu 10 to 12 A M and I to j and 7 to y I' d Admiaaioa .'?Ot??U N B. IVtM at>m>d at tb*.r rwnd*oc?i?. AJao, priaat* circ)** at Li r r, un< Ajip'y -? ?l>o?* rjrmrn'Auwi ^boond volpme. bv jowje ?x> ^ MOKIIH and I r DlXTSB. with Ua<- ?t**l J.lata *n f ravm^a, *-'J th.a day S4!lfl|ri> ikUih, tmiuti fully bound l.'J.WiO of t'l* tu??* a |.ub lirliad and n*arly alt t?H M Iptfrml ArnnpatiwoUi | ba?* i??n mi> by which th? pibl ?'i?-a *11 b? iiiit..-l U tlM further rtrui and I'n", II po* lh rtjr 'fiitM A literal il'irMnt allowed U> Hi" '.ra a | Publiihi* at tti* ?Hirf of tb? HytXitual T?i?|r.?pti a oil i >afrnl C.rcla, ?>* 0 itroadway ny PARTRIIKIK k BRfTTA* HIM K<J<AIIKOII< QfA^AFB! SPIRIT* TO U KNTttOe, OO.'TIAIMINfl l' ur ran* of flat (aflona Hcli p 'I - j prior ordar a .ltatil* for tl??- 1 ?l f.irrim and Auatral .?o n, ;.!? .*.* f. r aai* by i Ot NMJEKY ft BEITS '? Burl.og I ?^'f' H* r ' a.-va: -miKT near vakick -a * n. X OO VAN Nfflt:,^ ifrata and faniar. kit<U*n ran/a, luiitoirr ramra and ?to?* wardroom*. Wa hata a i*r/a aaaortn.rnt of tb* latrat pattarna of mailt* I grata-a, I rai.*?a and itoMa, for aai* on r*aaonabl? l?rm? l.ra>a ? and rab|fi a ??'. and r*pairad, ran|*a hoot, bra-* found i t ra an' ea.iwr*' furna- *?, ato?*? lm*d, bakera' o?? n? bu It aaC r*fair?d i(^ ,1 HI. UK ? OKNH HY MAI'AMS BERHARI), NO 107 J |loa*ry *a?t aida, b*twa*n lin.oto* and IMao^y ?ti?-?t? Madam* H raap*rtfully informa that puhlt ? that ah* l.a* r- !nr? i b?r pri** .0 ord*r *o *natl* *?*ry oar to 1 * f TM ' ICS (a n, aa<l f**la HiMmI in promiua< fiat I ' ? t.? ail! "-Bflif noma batiiona. aa>U /ro*n 10 tb? | A' a tt fiut rauamg tbr i*a-t pain or 10 Pairooa can l* att?n i?<t to at hooi' , or at Malaat* H ? ] r??nirtr?, fr< m 1 BbUI 7 o clock P. M. DetoHATivr mx*? painter or tiik o^man kiii tallat Mtosl. ? la rraty So ilr. 1 ra'a alba | a ??: a|>pru<*d Banner, and la all ??y i?? Aii'lraaa. at . ft ^ .'.n! s?? Tovftj 6S0HS1 n n 17 SCBMID. NO. 471 PEA HI. STitKKT ! r i tar? r of ta?M Uf<tra ci?cut?d prainptiy, | aoo ib *.li?" o?a:??t inaaarr. | I f ? II NHH II PATENT MTARCU I I r.aiard tba l'ri?? Mr<]al at L4>ii"k>o, 1*M, at. ' at ? N? ar Voik, IHJ.'I. 71* la *? ar* r*>|?ct'ully >ali< it* t to mak* a tr^l of tba ; i?I> NKIKJJi I'ATIJ'T I-TaR' I!, W I, 'h ff f doinrat.e o?* now ?tan'*.' uuriraUrd. K'U) HV ?Li. NJ?rn.-raRi.? iifc< ROBERT No. x r<u* atr?*t N-w York bo>? A??nt for tk* UaiVad Hat*i. HL>RY Wll.MfN, CI.XION A*<D t'NTl HTAKKR ! U.'* 1 Hiftb attnb*. In iNTRor.rnm; to Tifi- maRjckt nW'if joii.v J I .'k A D a ft '?or'l Jt f> yar 1 ap ni\ >iAUiu, w Ik.' j r*. p? rf ' ? '.ly to rail tlia att*r.tion of whol**al* an-1 rit . bay*r* ani. rotaun ra to tl>* art el* a? a?.ri< wortb* tb> r faToraila not ra. Mr Dtck, Hr , w?* for a--*rlj j Unity y?*ra manager for lb* man ifa't>.r*r wli ?** ??tt'.n - l.i )>'* tli* f rat raiik in U<U 1 ity au I tk* '? t 't It ? tia* lag rri?t w.tb ft*at aucraaa n tl>a RrlUali, '*4kadlaa a?l ; W ? at lad a or-raa' ? ain< ? bayan if,an-i'?'t irinf oa l<ia 1 oan ar*?.nbt maim ? lw| Mtlafc l Ual 'ta nttn lai 1 j only U I* 11 wn to '* i-'-m* a |?opular ao I fa? ?r.t' ar' ! i.l* I ri bi tba * ? Wot l.f M>?fa l> ' ? ? 1a lia an l t .'Ir j n.a bit ?ry ba?.li| all til* lataat impro??a^o'* W- ?r* *iaf."l to -ali 11 rlxapar Uian any .'hif 'ir-i tt/iad it. tb* Mr In-k *r., i>|*i.a> ?!? tb* I B.aaufacttr o|r i?|.artm?n' anl aa tm *iamii?*? t r?-? , j l|o<ila aar nr '.knr man i'a't ir? and ti*'<ir* ah i i.-nt ! a* >aft g .arar.u* 'bat th* 'ottam will alway* ?. " ' ita t?.arart*r and f<" *'|ual, if ry>l ??p?ti it In a if 8'?*. i Ha* I tbraad a< w kl<o**n A ?f?tt la a?j|ir?*^d !fm Vl fa '? ! * fan w.akimr tb? r p?r*ba*aa for a|.r.n/ by IVi'tt.Kf 1 1 0< ? A > A tO, M lay *tra?t N H ? fba tfiraal >? faft.iiaily v!apt*d for a**in< na'l..i.a* rtxr kia>t w HivKnt or m< ?> kta< nr> r> R'"n> 70 J I m* df nf lint tkltl Ik ? I Wtarii by fry '.'<1 ant, a t i n wi.l out itatn or .ajtir* tt>* ?kli> fl 1 b>'U i aant to aay part t f u,? rantn R H oRkll-M l'/? ; Xanaaii *tra?t IU?*a 17b I ulton atr*** Br'? klya. 1>10lfv"K-N*l f ?TrEK WKFTIV . M HI* TO* a. , d b? ba| | y to a>na an t .?dit* *tt*ra if, t ' gar.aial ? n* n at a..;. 'at* ? <? ? bo would ? a' U? a?all !bama*l**a of I. -r a*? t *> Ap>'y a^ tb* t aa?rant *V| Bfoadvay OA t> IRONia EXTRA NO I, TUT ?*OOT?fl.r K? j ^ ja'.ail 'fo?i J to It f- jn ! aa.' a> ' 1 ? ? by b aa i'a?'. orara N'?RT?I 'HAtt * ??'?? TH. U< Norlt. eacou^ a*ra?t, Pt >-adai|La 1~yo au. whom rr mat comoekk? a car"Knt?* a a4 bu.k ar of ?k4*?Ma4 kkJl'f, aad tf at 1 nf*n?Nt a. 'aa '? 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Mr?. liUK* TIIK ARTVl'I. IXiIHJKR The Artful tkxljirr Mr Via "an*. Mr. llnrdlny Mr. Clilppail Ula (julikulivrr .... Mr 1'vtera | Kiuily Mm -teaart GEO. CHRISTY ft WOOll'S MINHTRUX IN PONHIC <|urn. ? of tb? 'l?**lructl< o of tlia-ir ball, 444 Brood way, by (1i?, mil i4>rfmm ayary avaniniral MKOIa' ICS' MAI I., 47U BKOADWAV, on.lar tba ccotrc) yf ?ka OiKISrV, ) *,r?P' l?t??r?. All bu'infkK tran m ><! by II WuM ETHIOPIAN MIN^THKI.SV. HMtlR-yl E OPERA, IJUIIT KARi'KH, DAN<'CJ4, OTT. A lriraui>*d r*y tba m >at ..mpllalird company id tl?t ?<>rlo. A cbitucr i.f prn^raitiinr ovary avamufc I1""" 0(<*o at 6\ o'tloo to t'ouituaaca *: 7 V. pra alt-vly. CI EKMAN OPERA liO.'HE, NO< 17 AN'UW IIOWHIY I Itiurailay pab I. will prrlorm~1, for tuo hrat tunc in Airn*ri it. Adaia'a beautiful .? inn up' ra. Lh BlOPhhl K l-E PM>TtiN, I th? llr. a.- .if l'i. ?i<m ) rlKKT PaMTIIM. I aoitl R?bin?oo, Irrai-r I , I ,, <.*?rKa Bobinnoo, olbear { r*??. { "' ri <*"Bl Toby ^rgfAOt Il#?rr Vin<ka OilVfr iblp I*|)tklli . . . .||?iri M illrr fcSie Mr. l>. Hobmaon'* hri*in ...Fran HiM#nburi; Conductor Juiiiin I h;*?t New dreaac*, u*w n^nery. Door* op-natM, to *otn inet.r#* at h o'riork Ticket* will b? I I in the ofli ?< from io until o'clock irAl.l.A( K s TUEATRK. MR. B1.AKJC RKSI'KCr f V fully *anou?c** ' U? ' HKNKKir ?% i II uk?* |?l?c? ON Tt'K l?A Y KVKNl\?i, KKIi rt. *%h? n nill |m rformwl, ff?r lh?< rtrft t m * 1 1 * v i n ^ !*+& uiimt biiKlly prfHfut#'! hy tli** 4?uthor**iiM Mi . Ann* Cora MoHutt n popular hn&T "tii <-?iin?0y of FAhliloN. rapt w M? th#? fntirf utmiKth of th?* ?*omp*ny AHam Trufinan (1i*b ung nal rharA?,t?*r, ) by Mr RUkn With, by tjMHM&l r^qijeit, arn) for tbi ? orr.a?ion ouly, the* favorite ii mm a of TIIK I A-T MAN. (f*o(Tr**y I al*? by Mr. Mlak? Hr>X bo ?U now o|m*u Full particulATH b?r<*Aft*r DONAli^ONV OPKRA HOim an<l 7v0 hioA'lway, Ou|x?Mit?* thf N?*ht V?rk Hutrl. 01'fc.N K VICHY NHiHT T)i# iiio? t tmi**iit*(| .in I lifnuHin^ COMPANY OF NM.HO Ofcl.lNKA 10K8 IN IIIK WOHIJ). A<1mipi*ios. ?[? * uu. Diorii op?n \t , Ut uiumiBM At 1 h o'clock. -atunlay af.?*rnoon ? <'onc#rt for tbi AccoromixlAtlon of Uilifit iiU'l rbiUlrtrn. coinn?n(!?ilM( at .1 o'clock rpilK IMMFN.-t SUI CK-<S OF I KKII VM S Kl llloi AN 1 Irou|>?* in lio?>t4?n hA? in<ta -?m tU?m to prolong th* ir Ma). Du* r otic? will b ^iv**n of thu Kb ( ilMSC. OF l MhlK OlM.K A HOI SK, orta IIROAPWAY li. !.?? no finwiiil**. t fiii t lo'Autif ?! ttdtablliiUmvcit will i? i*i? <1 tor Couc**rla, Lpcturra io<l other r??p*^lAbW? aii io - ii utrt Apply At OrbAin'i Oift l?? kAt Oltl ??*, In tb* bi.ildit |T, wh*ic <? if t Tlck^ta and inlorniAt on io rc lato n fo tbo t riterpri>*?? * an be obtM firii. lallUNKl.IN MlhEiiM, No WiVVKRy ,n>aKM J/ oppoHit* Wia Howvry Ti?a?trt. F?rioriukuei>'< ivtry afternoon, at 1, nil *vcry vvi-uiqw, a* 7. S ??.? "tmigen aiU oPM'ivr tb^l '.b*- Fiao 1m Miia**urn In *hf only pU't in tb* 1 m1e<l ^i^te- tlit> Art** La# %re fihibiUKl, with ottit r r?n^?u^J fi? No. t'i Howrrj f NTH N'ATIOSAI. MI ^KI M N<?. Ul IMVMIW 1 atrr?t, near I ln**ry Ittb^a n Vlv?nt*> -i.'mi< HtA*UAr> I'n l?P?or hmr > tronn# ot Ffom n u?.1 Italian Mch'*I Artiata, nn?i W. K ? tro'ip* ??t llinatr^ia. ail.ib t* a*. 7/# o'clock tbl? owning. A'lin ? muii r? nta SMOMi OHaNIi l.X llllil I l< ?N AT H. FKKVATH H FfDrirjf 1 1 a* I , on hAturlay, K?*i?r i try .'I Ot m l itoHng Match, Orarol S ? t . * ? ? U nt:li. Kaoicl??' s\ mi* I with tbi' < in*-, ra?.?l Tot e a ?a t*tia<i*??ooA. At7?i? I :?'iul\*?y. A' * ?0 enta To imm?*u<-?* at 1 o tkk a 1 . V , prcciatly IMF BALL +* riCM'ANMA!. HALL ( Mil J TvK V AND (*|V'|(*; Ol JP lio' fit?>oii r An.e au Hr?a<i liAii I will t^t^pla ? at thf ('Mo*' ? Aocinbiv i ? on.f ft t l'.(oa<lwayf ??n A. -it noddy e vp ton ? , ltl? F*-lir i?ry I'lrini; tbc iffnuiK, Him I'anrt will ar?|,4 <ir to uti.'i rtn and perforin -"v^rAl pl**ca Th K#?> ci h, r*n tt*> had at the lUnl'i fl'~ t t(|oart*r*, tl-c "Huffle 2:0 Orani J te?* of Mr IW?I1, <?ti|H i'Ot"ii l *nt of tb?* ei??n?'?o* i.bly Room*, at tbi* on tb?" ? vrii uk o! tLe ftall, or ol ^ny of Ut* in**ino?r< of tb** 6a nd TIIK ANNt'AL MifUFK OF TMK UM W/O II ^WK'* ard Ouard aill tak^ p*a. *? at tb?* Ap?illo rooon, 410 I'roAdway, on Friday ^Oruary ?U1, |ai., I icketa two doal ?ri WA-?UN?.TON KKYKK, ' hair man MAt'HICK liAf.iuY, fWr??taiy I.IU? OHH. tAA oMmm sonant ci.ahct, hhanhh*, ?.)' *' ' wiuca. run.* Mtb ml Iriah irhiakaya Ijirxtoi, ?ri'l Iiu' l'n portar, H' otr 1| a?*-a, <I>>roa>tir ? !? ?iul rmrtar, for family u?a lyrnna, *ixl ronliala, for ??U by WM. HL UMiKKl 111.1 . l?r. ?'?mo atr??t, Mtanf of ClMkf wtofoim. I>ROiC*-Al> Officii OF THE i;OVHlNOfH~Or 1 1 IK Alinahouar, *?* Y(.r?, Jan 36, Itb.'i -Walar au<1 Mum H'-ativ Apparatus SmM prop?i?ala a. II |><- ra by tbaUorarnor* of ih- A)m>b?aaa, a 1 th?,r ?l!l<-a KtUnte, I at*, until i '> ' I" * I' il., of tb? il 4?y "f >*bni*ry Mat, N r tha ??:? r ami no apuara' i? for tL? laundry ol tlia- Work II >ua? oo Hijack ?? II '? l?l*ixt, c? r.?i?llj>K of wmuylit Imi Unit l>oii u? tub. Im4 p*p?a, r<>( p> r a>.<l iron xiiia, 'trying li<>raa* a>i'1 utbcr app ir tanar,ra?. ft, r lurtMrllfmutiw apply Ui Harmon H i)rr<!|(*, t ol WoftbouiM ?ab?ra llta plan ati'l ?i^-'lli'-ation tan ba mwii Th- ??ra r?aa-r?a lii? right lo r?j- t ao? an<1 all '? Tar ? nor <laatn> <1 by 'bun ?<lv. Uxaa >ma t*tll '.ap?i ' roaot SCAIJCI) I'HUI' SA1 - Hi* JfUE RAUNI ?. (|IM,M) ui lb* Jar ar ' i'y Wat?r I <>au. arnl b? r?-*i?a I al tlw <'ll ef ?( Ma.ara .1 i. KIM<i> **lXA ra,roar t, f I lr.r ami W Ilia pi atr?"'af uot.l . ? tlnil I" M, k?h I (lrcutar* u.a > ?? *bt* ?"1 al tha-.r ofli ? BILLIARD*. pBlUJB) TAKJM ~wt HAVf. Off iiaxi- 4 LAMM |> at'''* Of rna*?i>o>l aril mati'-ffaoy 'ablwa wltb > *la atx a.urtjla au labia for pr >r pulli' uaa In !? wen I l< an ? t t#t?ia for atl>, at a l>a /a ri UKIf tfllfftMDf'hKK 'HiAm.'w. MKDI4 "aim DX WARl'H WOMAN \? KKJKNft -Tllf. BUT I 'MCI' A rati' t> 'if ir? i ,o? atrr atbib :*4 la r. aa?? af famalf ?rakn?a? f|k? |i s?at by poat >ipr*a? or to Um ouaa ur Dr j<n.s min .#! ;i'a^k mat r omi. aaltail - ' ? ? n j la yraia a ap**- ality ?Mr?iaf .'?> J Vi far- ?u n a-?? a. K??a alfl~l ll??? >aa at <? < ? . -il lb ii I r (' O'lit .1 oaal oUMNiha toally firad, ? >m ul ? ? i>a of aky Ma *<rrio?a 4r?g. DK (?M?| ?R ,4 ? ? AS* "TJtl I/IVO KNOW* V> tba 'll >??? ' t h'9 ipf| may ? AtiaaulM tilt ???' a a (anil, a* >..? #14 'iff ?. w?#f* all * bo Un wl?fa4 'f m tb? ft.a<lr'i'ia*Bt of ^rataadafi Mf raly ->a baiBt t??"?'i) tr?al?>! MO rit Till fl RMi -IH. Hi IWTT, of Ml I itaa *r??1 nay ?. ',?ulV . ?;:h "itl'laMam lfr.1; II ?? yaara Mta - tlily aatllM ? ? wi j ?? ? a i? '.toft t> H - Or C na a ? a bar of tba V r? , ? aaraity -? k ? ! pi .?? o b a olfra f| UK MaRRII ! 1IONAS - I ' i'< ATK Al. M'W J pai .fi I . I'i A M M -i r I ?? i ? f '?-? a- r ..f 'an. . | ?ai, ? ?? I . ? I ?. ?! '1 ??! |,u? Pt . oa kaa pat*' '? ??!"(# p* ? II K?rj a n an '?? !??!? ? a?r I ? "'inpa' i r b? ' "aaayrop l? o.a at tfi U " >wt b?'l tl* n!'ii?, vr?-l?/ an I rtuif if tar fi ri pia'n*, Ift4 ?[4m feck aatkHy ii : aaUatifc^ li? ?,f* about I- u/ a aa- lk?r baa '?'ii fj t ?a1 o' a.'fitl i. ao) ?? ? ' ' k? I* pitatialtkl 'il l* b?a 'l> a r?a|? t la ?bwli bar MMilllfIHa 'rrllda '"?? ' '/ a a#4ka tr?l>???o, a I ' iu'Ii laaV .'i 'n ar. ! a- a. 'a, n-1 aia> aa^Uaa 'i i >?' laany ?}i pi* n ? abl'b a iaa a?i?l' vt*. >i (a it 'h a?, i ? ? j of a !af?n H' * a " t af aiHoii( fi? iti ? .<? i ?? ?? fa . r if .jf . ?f ,:,<a (?? il?ar t*? <ba '?taala aj*v?" ab ' k ;? fir *aa Iba ?*?!? 'if tba ?V | n4 al b tl ay afa iyf.i r??l ar I a I. b 'baif >ii *^y Iff a aa ?! i | i. ? '*i ?i* ? ?a |I ? a^aai a 'ilTaf U,,m pra iap ? ?'*? 'ai'.tf hf '.|?? ??? , ?r ' oaa t .?# ?f'< n ? aaltail 'at >1 "> V , IMIf ?-a ? wMltal If i f>f ?l'ij f. ' a pf a a g ?r??.?a l.a*t ' II a aaey ka'a l II u.l ' Ml '.alfafoil lafciaraM i?4tln* ill i .'Hi?'na"?t " * raa >w.ia 1 i?< nu-1 H *?H?f?"b |l?a ? ! ??-h l?! b iMfaiMMtM nf P'a?a?l r, a? f?' " ?' ll itWM; <>l!af n Il'f,'< k' ? rn ?' I ?b *.#bt b%f a bM* apa/*| to ||a mlftfr, It lia til I / '? > a f. at aaa ? ; a ?. |y j- aa-- ? ??. a KV 0 t< .l?a' ll ? t>|ira V4b4la mini fall j lt< hi a ? a '? 'raatad I til 'j?j ar* af a r?' ii? ftr 17 * '0 *?' ' ' ? ? mirtal af tboaa ?? a '? ibj ?llf>t aaatrMf ? l.r aa'? / * U-a* W*4, fi'a^ai; *laiMli I " Aat/ r ll< .aa ? t, | Taaay al?aal I?a It b 1'ataaport if ' iM I' llHlMa, ?' >< 2 Ac r II 1* Hrttlaif uU at 1b# p ibMwUaw ?f a, ll# ! karly itr'a-,, >l< a Ym /i*apli1??inf, Ift' ? Man T h r?W?n* ' m?i'. -if?at '? w bl|k>l 0? t|?|a'*4p4*f tl. ? l"Pt ?,b *?a llM lit- , ?? k) <r?a ?' f. ?u<a u ui P%- ' 'a# ' ? I ? l?4 M|la< lit Wlpri b? a^ aa -t ?<% -l. '?? f? a if tfAiri r?>r * a ii<K -J rr*K, S. * , ? b*? I, ail, ">?? V?f? I art * BlUTDS* THEATRE, OH AM HKR- HT'UKK.T -TUP** d*v. ? Tb# ???> aurowaaful nightly ilraw'og cruwdwl Imu#**, Ami rwcelvlim kmd aj>pi*u>e. 'lb* Aui'tluo uomady ?f or It sEr, Ami I be capital drum* nf WoMAX'H I .J KIT, l>K MjUI> W in A?DMinH*M in of the met int?n<tiD{| |il?eM ??? played. Mi. Hurloo in two of >il? b??t rbnraMrra All Hi* WW ill of lli? eonipmiV will *np?itr row? TIIE SKK101 l< FAMILY Mid rOOQI.BB POWKKV THEATRE ? PROPRIETOR AMD MANAUl 1 I I' W ?l<lr?n , Mtage Mauttfar, Robert .lob? ? ? f'rie A Ihium.iii ? lloxea. 2'? CfliU, Pit ab'l lialiery, 12 rebta; Private Boi?t, $6 Haiiefit of Mi ??r?. 1*. > har<!*on and Ly<<oa. Till KH'lY Khuimi Iinkimhv 1 (tlRtlGAN MtOTHKltX | Ml* 'H ACL BKI.K Pa Mi Y mill.*' i?)? | timo'R riiK taiitah Bochxyv mnaiAiMM, &a? hhhadw&y ?the aiemlou* aiiccea* u( th? ?r?iid oew burlewiue ua LUCY or L A M M K K M O II H Id four aria, lulroduclog all 'lie " or * gen.*" ol tbif favoille opera WHICH WILL UK HEI'KATEH Al I TH'H WPEt. Pr?i*tlll>K the ui?era, NKI.RO MINSTRELSY. IVmrert i ottimen. aa at 7> , o clock. Tii k?U, J> -aota; IU- nerve. I Nmta, Ml i elite On Malririlat ?v> mug. Feb '<i, benefit of E. VJ llooil, Macb>ne?t. BAIiM M'S AMERICAN MI ?PM -VIUXTS AMI) an I it 1. 1 |>ei foruiau'-eo every afterbixio ?D i even inn.? M ? John R Hrotl ?'ll * on DiiimUf even Ilia Feb I an MAI III III n>?iate.| by 0 W i tor**, Ha<laway, Mia* Mtitayi-r m4 Mlu l? Brgi,tc Alter uuoii, at a, the I irurii itram i gf LI -TAl'll1:. Iba ?#?r Wax Statuary, the living Ulrilli, H*l>|>y raui Ijr, 4c., I* be (irn ?? aaual. A tmlltanre, 25 ?gU, children uader ten, liS' rent* CIlHi t METROPOLITAN THEATRE.? K HANOH * j J J. Natbun* Propria* tor*. l'li<* givnt combine 1 iriiiiM of A Ml. I'll AN AND El Id il'KAN Kli KKrt will ajipinr 1Mb rtetilbf, lit ail tlielr evtr.torillD.iry Irttk !-em full. in|. rio a ii Adniiiaion Kirat rflto VI rent#, -? und I'lrcle, 'IS ciult; I'rUtie liiiien < fli ri' e, IVv, ''#n*.a. iNxira opea at ? |h > t rinaur ? obimiik at 7 Ala aya over b#iore In n < luck K?tr? ??lit* rtalnm* iitn Kiren no W?*?!iii*i?<lAy %n>l ^tur di?j att? r lino n It IU? HAN AN. Till. AMI III' \N KB AKMI'EREAh ^Tl arli r will ?| |n ?r at llbam Moaday, 'au N, ?? Hamlet ; Tuaaday ?? Ullie Ii Wedietdajr, aa lv.'t>v!ie', 'I bin i-ilny ne Mactieili Lri^ia^ b* iittfll, a" 1 41 inna. ia tb? new li|?l< ilml li?Keily, enllile.l "CacIlM, Iba H?a? t nunil," writtaD t'i|irettl> Uir M< It u i.anun, au ' vitn <r?at >ucea?* tbrtiuybou <>rea! Itrltaio Mr I', rlianan will apix'tr at tL? N'ati >ual Tbaalr* HuaV ? Kebiuary 1'.', a> llaailrt tPAWKSRW POIJT.00 VB.L DSTIMEli, IN T?l<: Yf new Ante r Ira 11 com "l? AT III IllON 8 THRATKE, CHAM I ll? - 'HI rT till* eveoln^ with the e< ? 1 111/ and un??t iuW???Mrf drama evil |da>ed, WOMAN ? 1.1ft- II MIL MLMlt I A Ml I V VM> THF Timi! . JM, AT Hiirton'a, ti> mnrrow uiifbl, (Ftl'lMf ) ^rc^ra your reata direr t ly 1A"T U 1 KK HI IIIL I'A.N' KAMA 'iK THE -I..KK j of I'trlit," at Hope 1 hap?), llroadway ? Tliia exiling ?l * n ilork mi unla* afta DWiii, l?n?fit of Mi ti> uveaae kaKK*4 Hchool Tlalieta, 'Jb en ?; cfeill ten, lilt II I ru e ClIiKAT ATrRArilOV ItiWOkl.i.M NHriri'TE ? ( .11 I'uun'i- Matrop?.UU i 0|M>in Froupa wiii per (01 m. In 1 "nil" In n ailli t eili.i? I I'l.riXio* Ka milji. < li Vinlay and -atordat annulag', 1 ? b Va oil I. at (be above namMi place AttvruMD Ooo ? rt uo H?t'ir dajr, at o 1: orW I M .l r India* a 11 1 ildrto ST. CIIAH THfATHI No." 17 AMI) It HlWKRY. Tin* Uieatr* to tot < ae .la) In tlie waa?. iih|u a at the fi x 1 lllce IIIIjO'H.o' THUI EMTABLI.-HMENT hi I < L LET, i.HAMl OR PROIIKNAtll lOMKiiT- BAI I* ? " 'MV POPE* takij entkrtai VMENT Kor partliiulaf" ln,uir? <fftr WM \ M?)OHI* ..lib# front ? II oe, in I r>*.l*ay * Mll'KA '0 M.Nlil.l Wi.-H AM KNCai, ?;Ksr;s J\ a 11! Kftbloj an per'orn.em \?14rv*A lll^ HI 1 In u- ??y p. I I (lit# OITM.NO.N H l.VIN.v. P M hKMl ANN 'A (.Xlfim I on lb** revenUi ??on .vnti .al - at. s.l. 11 t.y Iba n.rmt.em of lb* above ??<*> > m?al * I I t?k? pla # ?a t lie Mi. 7 Hi , tod 'Jill of v?bt' 111 l? kltmlafi' tii ket* bow ready. J' I ISft WOOD, [MMler rilHKAlRK Al. N(/Tlf"K II Ml'. - HO' 1: MfKt.ll PI D 1 will aililrri) Mil Wl I'l. a ana II. .J l.i-at 01 wniia tlitrit; to 1. -r advanta/? 1 I INK All I K. VALCNTIKHj.? ? i M ia: .f. ? O HI ?/! - Valentin* ilaalar i a. i? V of 'b*a?rair.ry ? hnulil aaoit a'. mi" It* ?*?? of ?mono'* r*? MM.O **???:# i rr* of ?*!rutlo?* N'Ull III** '|.? flail iall tl|(M ' *'lt ?l? - 144 fiiilr ral?fi*lii<*a M No I, ?vuilm i<t? i to laMflM U4 ? 2, " 14 ?? af ?? n >, r, ? .< <? ?? 1M ?? u 4 ?? It " U, " " '? |? <i 37, ?? ?? ?? 11 " to, a ?? jo*, ?? ?? ?? I'i " I, f>?<7 aaaalrp**. '? ia m u_ .. . ?? is ? i?, ?? ?? '? S fllratlM ?rltor? rt.a.a ai" ? a*at .t cu ? .a ft oa*', r* ?a,a 'j ?i or Oil ? ? !**, til ?I<1 < ' , mi Ol *>!!*** a b* nttarl Hat** r'*n?ia on r ? ?ft it i*u u.ra. Ttiia It tba moat literal offer ??? ft. . a *o itxtllM ilaalrra bj any palliaWrr ai.t ?) nraWl n ? * all oh* ?lali UiMmn It* ?'i??nt.,a? to ???til a l*? r w<! *r? ?ttbnut ilalat VaUnvua *rn|raoia? nil ~r - tialt ?laatara *ufip'w*1 on tb* aacnrt I r? ?? m- 'rr m b. ftonlU UUK'II If I' *.nM fit. ' Mrfl ??lit to T * KIHOMl Mn.ii'a ..r?r - w*aart , M. Y. a. II b? yuMtiiill} Itti 1 1? to AMTHOMM.Y. AKTKnMXJY. I'llMXIfilOY AMI i I!!!;iiM AN TV ? T)i? catabi at a 4 Mr* HJCt KV, from Car ? aa b* ?i>muIM al/out to** b?*lna*a rn*rrla*a %? I'f t?oka ? ix! iriture a***ral <|<i*at.oaa nra im?r?l Ir ?? ai.l r<?ita.ii So as' Broom ? ?tr*-?l Mlth I'M! WhT> K M <4KKAT J<J> - "TXErr, Off# e?r of Hi* ffia?ry, la* tatii to .u**4, Oiraafb 111 |*>niw oti of bar fr fn-t?, to ton c -a inttl far tbar notira hl.a ?ar l?? (??.?? j Ua-1 la *a1f<i'n^(7 Wyaa, ami lav nattta, itUr^it ti* l--?ir.a >j lami au<l Ml anra ari't tali tba n?na* of tb? i*'; lit faf.l#*.** 1 ka / atll inarrf, alao tba aanwao' b?f air.tara MAItAIIK IIA> . If ri'.OM I % ? TRafi |rj-a ||>K MrtWt I* <lw will ai4 r'?tl' ? ?? of tlaaciij .a |ilaiai.i Ui|)i, by !<>? aa ail'' a' ?(,-? ?-fi? ran Oa mib auMaat al?>ut ?fltilual facull ?a U.ia i a rr ac* A* all will 1*11 tbo nana* of tb> la-la or f ri>rc .*? Ibaf ? II naarra alao lb* r.ama ?f ?Uit*ra Ma4ai'a* Haar.a ?oo aariaalu loiliab, Iraodi ai. t tjafMO K?aa4?aa?, .Hf bataaao life! aalP? ' wt aon iai II W l'll>n !?' A ll't I A |I ctr* s i ? iKK ill toiler Ol all futura aacn'a 1 a >*a |a>, a',.,|iafa (??to, (our all Its nfi Mra I a*w loavaa Uia r \f roal ' (2( i'aarl alaaot, n?ar ltn? lo.f atUf fl? r . ront lalW arittan f ?r piaiih* oka cannot ? r la itnnaaiia<, at a rt.aaf. |.'na. MKIIIf 41. A ( Aid. T' I niR I.AI'IIW W? ? MAXWrii. 14 f\ I .'C atar i a'i?t < >?U <>'? iu >*r ^atr>n.a at * Ff ?u'a Ibat aba ha* * j*oa-l a la- war ?,t'j a ,oaraor %f rnrnrntt- utrfina for a |rt?ato laii>g-W lA4tM in flallraU boaltb oil n( prlaa" traftt rr ar. t 'It nit r,n b? a ? (?rial. ? at 4 a4 ll aa aa 'fa a- ;l.;l .aa pHJ'HIMRI - HY IK' ?A ?< A ,'V KH I #?"! lai 1fa# i.naaa It - <jr?-? aianf T\H VAHMW, MEMHr.ll d? TMK (MMiJMI OT \J f fir.i i. f I'u'nn at.r | n1 r'i I'ira'i ta 1 1 aa t at b a >14 ?atobl(a.*>. I' *| K* aori nrrat, r??ar I atkai lfc? ? bara i.a |< |*r*"tart>nf U ? oaart art?, a *1 ra r .? at-,. r ? r t ; ra *. la '.at" ? ?l. i.Al HUM is i'A?il? *?< !/'.,* < *W *1 | / it iriia at r afa 'aa.'ta, 1 1 tb a la' a, I ? it " ra.|rar|a<? rai<l a' : 1'iM'latf. tal ??>' fria r r |l i |ba aatb' r |A)ai -aa ra4 a frra n . In ' a<ra.i tuiifi of (!???)?;, ilrraba ? ? ana/ ' ff<?IU M ta'a I* M . awl 4 fra f P. M . Iaa4a;t ra(,t> ' M |l ? Not tlaa insg rtaara f i' at'a 'r? ? > n.a.l ? r at|t arr ArHrrti all tol*a*a bat Ml ' V'rt I'at ' r r la raaarnr a tt. a.'l ?? '* arrft.iOfif Uftvat la U|* air rl? ? It,?rt\ti4m ( ala ti. nR Ht vni.-K HIM liMfir If TO! K f/m-f Hi. I ar.ra for ? tL r"t|k lara n 'arttla uaawn ? f ' b A at , ti.a I?|; | if a-.* aa ??U iai?i *? "if ?H; |"l' l.'.1 lllla f .art (araa it laaa (? fornaa-.', * l vt ^ or I in^raa'? It' m ba?n?aa ar a all atlai rrr a . ai al; <<ri?a 'U < r?aaa >n t?>a a .? ? I aral; a ra i ra a Iba ja'i.r* fr- rr. .a-'atort t lark* ia* ra i b? oal| ra?"1; '? aarib U-at laia it Tig ?III ia^ ' MMaf ,, ?, ???? M f-a tow to '*'?1 ? i '*'!?' ' ? K ' *'#r ' ' |\|t V?MfK lumRVUti ITiWu -IRIOB II 1 I ? a' . a a IM4, r.aaaif a al aa* i? aa *1*7 . 1*1 mia ri I?aa*. al aa; 'aaf it K f*raj ??/?? toa alii tarl l?r Wall a'Uarl nc ? |arai* f? na* t ? |*i ? 'i A4tto*fr*i.a |i? M ?'*? aal ureal ? ?.* '" 'f'-na H*oa4?af. \<m*t 10 tlir AM ! XTKIi ? TU"*C W|M? IUVE i ? '*i aHic nf,!al t* rail at tb* ?aa a ?? I r 'tltato K'i J I'raaabn ?f iwa al to* . - *?? ?' I ?a?l 'V?rr/ aa.4 Ira-.afari vImv* aal fti t' ' Ij I H 1 "'1ll|S|iUl *U dtiiaifa* |ia a Wra a a > M la ' ba aawi of 1 1 <*Mi a?a ia*1 |W* .. . . , .baoarval *M r iiiata^ aa <|eeaa* af f "filar "laa aa1 'kl1riHl(M 1*4 lb* *aarry*Uai ' aaaa* V. abklalta* b-.ntoa tjfm r | .1 i mi ??>r (\ id* it * 1 1 at ?f*vi ?r*) t 1 ??*<?*????? al M*?a'.?ay >y fr *ar4* aafa/ ia?l'.a* If,* i a -*?*?* a a ?*? Mill a* *r-a ' ,n * ' " T>* ? *Ml fr?r? al part* fw i a r. .** ; u*l I ?f*t ?b?a tb *;*? la 1*

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