Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1855 Page 3
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOIIT MiBKBT) Thubsoat, Feb. 1?6 P. M. f At the first board this morning the market vti teiTj so far as prioee were oonoerned. Camber land, Nicaragua, Erie and Ha - 1 em were quite ac tire, and the casta trsnsautiona were anosaally largo. Cumberland opened at a decline of | per cent, and closed at a decline of 14 par cent In" diaaa 6'a fell off 1 per cent; Virginia 6's, 4; Lou lalaoa 6'a, 4; New York Central Bin!', J; Harlem, J; Reading Railroad, i; Panama Railroad, 1. Illi nois Central Railroad advanced 4 per cent; Hudson Railroad, }; Chicago and Rook Island, Erie Bonds, 1875, 4- Virginia 6'a and Indiana 5's were offered In large ljts, and the market gave war tinier the pressure. The report of the Harlem Rail road Company has created qu'te a sensation In the ?trett. The community has been prepared for suoh developentents by the experience of the past tvelre months, and it takes a good deal to get np an ex element among outsiders. Speculators in rallrowl stocks are rather sensitive just no v, particularly holder* and operators for a riee, and such an tx pott ia not at all calculated to help then much. The directors of the Harlem R til road Company? those who for years served wi.h Mr. Schuyler? must feel particularly proud of their official da tiea. They wouli be valuable members of any board of direction, and must be sought after for their ad mirable adminlattatlve qualities. Hollers of rail road stocks must hare their onflieoce In such In vestment! seriously shaken by the facts presented In the report of the Harlem company. Not more than one-half of the story about all our railroad companies has been told. We are doing all in our power to bring out the true state of things, and have sue seeded pretty well thus far, bat have not got through yet. A very large amount o i Cumberland stock was put on the market to-day, and it was, under the circunuitances, well sustained. The buyers are strong, and have both oonlldence and ability enough to carry a good portion of the entire capital. There was quite a rush to the offi :es of the Erie Railroad Company to day to get money in exchange for income bonds. About one and a half million of dollars was paid out for the princi pal and interest on those p-eaented. No doubt many feel much relieved, and will look about for other investments. It is expected t&at about half a million more will be presented for payment. After the adjournment of the board, the following ?a es ot bonds and stocks were made by Albert H. Nicolay:? 921.000 New York Central RR. 6'?. . int. added, 10,000 Newc'tle fc Richm'dRK. 1st mort Int. a lded fi0 7,000 Northern Ind. RK Goshen Branch do. do. 8i 1,000 Great Western (111.) do. do. 79 6,000 Flusbin* KR. do. do. 72 2,000 Cleveland J; Toledo RR Income* do. 71 6,000 Cleveland, Palnesville & Aautahuia 7'? do. 80 6,000 Cleveland & Pittsburg RR. Incomes.. do. 65 2,000 Hudson lliver RR. 3d mortgage do. 713? 6,000 Mia?ou>i State *'? 1873 do. 94 160 Dividenl Scrip Cleveland ti Pittsburg RR.. 20 60 shared Southern Michigan RR 84 150 do. Ohio Central KR. 67 if 21 do. Northern Indiana Kit. Construction . 77^a7'j \ ItO do. Northern Indiana KR MX 20 do. American Express Co 1<>4 10 do. lrvintllank 90 40 do. (Chatham Rank 88 5 do. Knickerbocker Bank 20c. 20 do. Atlantic Bank 64 45 do. Suffolk ltank 17 20 do. Farmers' l oan k Trust Co 79 'f k20 do. St. Mark's Fire Insurance Co 10 f4 do. North Elver Fire ln<ur?nc? Co 133 too do. Potomae Copper Co. (with Davis dividend) 15c. 876 do Isabella Copper Co 77c. 600 do. t'uion Qold Mining Co. o? N. C 66a63}fc. At the seoond board the mirtcet was thought bet Ur. Niea>agua Transit went up I percent; Illinois Central Railroad, Cumburlaod Coal, Heading liailroad.i; ) tie Rallroai, j ; Cleveland, Columbas ai d Cincinnati ltailrcad, i; Harlem, 4. The trauBactioos at the Assistant Treasurer's of fi je tc-daj were as fo lows:? Received $1,188,000 00 Pa^mebtt 26,904 13 Paid tor Assay Office 89,208 78 Of the receipts $1,000,000 was transferred from Boston, a. d 960,000 tiow Mobile. The agent of Meesrs. Page, Rioon A Co. , of San Frantir co, received by the N.caragua steamer, a caj or two since, the sum of six hundred and fifty thousand dollar*, prlcclp illy in gold, and drawn drafts against it for only about three hucdred and fifty thensard dollars, leaving a surplus of three hun dred thousand dollars. This gives Messrs. Page A Bacon niarly funds enough to resume payment, aod we hear it ia their intention to do so at an early ia> Thii confirms the imprest) on existing in this c moronity that but for the treachery of their cor respondents the house would not have been oblig* d to euflfend. The value of imports and exports of this port dur ing the month of January, 1855, wa? as follows:? ComnnicB or thk Post or Nkw York. Importt. Eatered fw consumption $8,370,259 Withdrawn from warehouse 2,057,931 Free merchandise 1,2.10 630 Specie aud bullion 00,284 Total importation*. J?nu?r_v, 1R55 Total importation!, January, 1854... $11,740,104 20,226,360 I?cren?e in January, 18S5 $X,4T9 ,255 Entered lor warehouse during the month of January, 1866 S3, 251,954 Krportt. I?oine?tle produce $4. 99ft. 747 foreign fiee merchandise 468,091 Foreign dutiable " 440,13<i Bpecie and bullion 151,398 Total exportation*. January, ls5i $9,051,015 Total asportation*, January, 18.V4 1,990,477 Dwrtair, January, 1866 $1,938,692 The fortign trade of this port for the month ot January this year presents a very favorable appear ?nee. We have made a gocd beginning. With the exception of Aoguat, the heaviest montn for im' portatioos daring the year wu January, while the exports, compared with other month*, were limited. The Unlt?d State* Truat Company have declared a auni-anaual dividend of three and a half per cent; the Manhattan Bank, a aemi annual dividend of four per cent ; the Nassau Insurance Company of Brook lyn, a eemi annual divideni of nven per cent*; the Bank of the Republic, five per cent ; the Brooklyn Bank, live per oent, payable on demand. The United btatea Treasurer report* the n?t amount In the treasury cm the 29th of January aa twenty-one milliona nine hundred and twelve ttioa ?and etven hundred and aiz dollar*. A correspondent ia deeiroua of having the folio*, lug problem aolved, and ve aubmlt It to the conai deration of the aecietarie* of railroad companies In ttila immediate vicinity:? If a railroad doe* a large commuting businea* on one end, an<l little of any kind on the other, an l it* diree tor*, being eitecalve landowner* oa the an* of t hi* latter and, pat down the average rate of far* for commuter* to dve-eightba of a cent per mile, hoir much money, at the and of three y?ar?, will there be in the treaaury of the road, and how much in the pocaata of the director** The cuh receipt* at the Custom Hoaee, Philadel phia, for the month of January, 1H53, amounted to IM7 010 32; in January, 1H54. $539 ,292 76; and in January, 1N55, >337,437 40. The falling off lo January tbia year haa been I201.8.S4. We antex a table ?ho?teg ta? present value of the l?)lfl of brckea and raaptnrfed bankt. Moat any broker in Wall meet will give theee rate* for any ?mount l (fared:? 0?n'i. Canal Bank, ("lerMand Obio Cttr Bank rf Cblumhus. Ohio oa hank of Cirelertlle, Ohio ...... aj Vftrrhar.'* Bank of Bridge'on, Ji. J.... 75 Wheat Grower*' Bank, Newti.o N.J 76 ! (niwrammt Htork 1'ank. Ann Arbor, Mi<-h 60 Baak ?f - ? w ? 26 Krie and Kalaauxoo Kailrnad Bank m> h .-an ... ... 'H farmer*' an i Mechanics' Bank of Kent county, if'!.. .*>0 N- wprrl Hafety Fund Bank. K-ritu-ky _ P'ark Back, Vermont If) -t'ochltuat* Hank, Hoatnn, Ma?a 63 i Kighth Avenue Baak. New York eity !?i 1 ewi* Oonnty Bank, Martinaburg, N. Y 10 I rion Baak. f-liioago, Illinois. 76 ?Ot v Bank, Chicago, Illinoi ? TS * Mechanic*' and Farmer*' Bank, Pprinffleld, IIHnoia... 75 1 Farmera' Bank, '"hicago, lUinoia 75 Shipbuilder*' Baak, Maine _ Traaa Aliefhanr Bank, Virginia 80 Bank of Milfotd, Delaware . _ ?x change Bank ofM'lea, Withers k Ca. , Washington 6# The I<egtsiature of Arkaeaaa haa turned over to lb# Kampala and Little Bock Kti'road Company the fmn meat lauds which were gmuted by Congress j at its aeaalon la 1853-4, In aid of a branch to the Cairo and Fulton Railroad, to extend trim Little Rook to the Miaalsalppi line. The aggregate amount of the leading departmsnta of banka in Virginia, on the lat of Jannary, 1855, waa h annexed:? Banu or ViHrii\iA. Loan*. Dep. Oir. Spe. Fairmount Rank $18,009 9,912 53,410 11,214 Monticello Bank 117,878 55,032 185.4*6 49,565 Mao. &?ar. B'k. Wheeling. 111,044 38,421 101,000 '23,007 Bank of Rockingham 208,280 63,074 242,570 46,633 These are email bank*, and hare principally a local circulation. The entire public debt of Indiana, on the lat of November, 1854, according to the official returns made by the G>vernor to the Legialatu*, wai an follows:? Fin*. vera or Istoiama? Pcnuo Dwit. Old Cmi/mn H<m<ti. Amount outstanding, Oth December, 1853, 920 bonds at $1,000 $920,000 Amount since turrendered, 122 bonds at $1,000 122,000 Amount outstanding 1 it November, 1 854 .... $798,000 Five Per Cent. Stale Stock. Amount Issued on account of bond* surren dered, eth December, 1853 $5,059,000 Amount since issued 61 ,<>00 Total indue $5,120,000 Tivo and a Half Per Cent S'a'e Stock-. Amount issued, Oth December, 1853 $1,870,191 ?' fince issued ... . 40,812 Total Issue $1,911,003 Preferred Five Per Cent Canal Stock. There la outstan 'ing of thin stosk the nam* as reported ia>t year, ri* $4,079,500 Preferred Five Per Cent Special Canal Stock. There la outstanding of thia stock the same as reported last year, rii $1,216,737 Deferred Five Per Cent Canal Stock. Amount issued, 6th December, 1853 " since issued $979,50.1 81,000 Total issue ?????? ???? ? Deferred Five Per Cent Canal Stock. Amount ii-su?d, 6th i>ecember, 1853 " since $1,040,500 ' $294,962 40,812 Total Issue Total foreign debt $ 14,501,514 The domewtio debt has been entirely liquidated. The treasury bad in on the 1st of November, 1854, upwards of nine hundred thousand dollars bil&ncs over tbe current expenditures. Bank making in the New Jersey Legislature seems to be in the asoendant The Senate baB just passed bills recbarterlng the Mount Holly, Trenton, Med ford and Cumberland banks, and for the enlarge ment ot the capital of tbe Elizabethtown Bink. A. bill was passed by the House supplementary to the charter of the Trenton Savings Fund Society. The fitst section authorizes the managers to luvei*. money in the public stocks of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia, and in the public stocks or loans of tbe cities of Trenton, Newark, New York and Pniladelptaia. Only one third of the de pot its ate to be invested in any of these stocks at any cne time. The second section authorizes man agers to loan temporarily on approved promissory note*, with such security as they may think safe, to an amount not ezoeeding $10,000. The third sec tion allows th?i managers to take seven per cent, and the fourth section allows them to take on depo sit money from the Court of Chuncdry. T e report of the Morris an J E'sax Rail road Company cf New Jersey, gives the fallowing statement of operations during tbe past year, and the financial condition at tbe cloae: ? Capital stock. 11,166,716 00, fun l?d debt, $218,000; 111 ating, $63,600 00; contingent funa, 1170,482 63. Total, ?1 ,677,679 83. lost of road and appendage*. >1 519, C21 68; oath ami bOi? receivable, ai'JK 076 M, Total, $l.t'(77,tl97 8K. Received auriug ih>- >rur frim pan-i-n^i-r-i $141,461 40; fiom treignt. $87,727 6$: mall* and aundrlen, $4, 411 64. T?Ul. $233,696 78. Paid lor repa r?, maintenance of way, motive power ann continfteuci<'i>, $12.'), 861 Oil. ititereat cbarg- able againat income and debited to profit an l ikkb, $10,31 > 30. 'lottl. $134,21633? leavlni a bulanceol $99,379 4b. Two dividend* nave be.n declared, ummiitnm 10 $>8, <>81 7 Tbe number of psahengera has Ix-en during tbe year, $'.67. '.'41 , exclUhivH nf commuter* and free. Tb? nmn'ier o! milei ruu by tl?e train* bs? been, by passsngsr trains, 80,362; frtigbt. 32,600; giavel, 9,390 Total, 122,262 Tbe PebnsjlvsnlaCoal C'onpa?i? h iv .? declare 1 a div dend cf Ave per cent for '.he las; ha/ year; tUe Aniesktap Maaufactaiiog 0;mp?uy, a dividend o' three per cent; the Long Liiani 11* .k, u semi sdlusI dividend of tive per cent; tbe Lenox Fire Insurance Company, a dividend of four per cent; the Boston Dock Company, $30 ptrahare, (par 1700). Tbe amount cf coal sect to market last year by ttie Pelswsrs and Hudson Canal Company waa. tons 410 ,941 By tbe fennxylvaoian Coal Company ton* 496,048 Excem Pennsylvania Coal Company tona 66,704 The Isabella Copp*r Company, of Tenneas*?, sent to market, from the 8th of September, 1854, to the 23d of January, 1855, 1,020 tons 18 cwt. 3 quarters aLd 8 lbs. of copper ore, averaging abiut twenty five per cent richness. Tois is probably a larger quantity than any other copper company ia this , country ever miaed or marketed in the sane time. Tbe warrant* entered at the Treasury Dipirt. mcnt, Washington, on the 20th in$'~, were ? For the redemption of *tock $9,689 83 For paying Treaaury dsbta 11,471 96 For tbe eustnma 39,622 72 For tbe War Impertinent 12,278 *1 For the Navy liepartm.*nt 41, $46 " j For the Interior Department 7,710 73 ! For repay inx in tbe Interior Department 1,722 60 The Rutland and Burlington RsUroad w?? sold a*. | auction by the sheriff, a', Billows Falli, last wo>-k, (or one mill a ehare. The<apital was $2,200,000 and its fl' at OK deb. $2,000,01)0, besides the debt of $3,000,000 secured by mortgage. This work, so disastrous to the stockholders and to Its n weired ci editors, ha? doubtless been of immeise advantage to the people along tbe line, aid greatly enhaoce) tbe value ol property. I The annual rt port of the Ohio aid Pennsylvania Bailroad Company, shows that the road is in a very prosperous condition. Tbe re chip's for tho year have been $1,111,629 18, against $668,' 004 40 in 1853 i ? an increase of $443,621, or over 06 per cent. Toe cost of working tba rosd haa been abou", 45 per cent on tbe gross earnings. Tbe ne. earning* were $612, 117? beirg about 11 per cent, on toe cut of the I road. After charging off to profit and loss, the loss by the Treasurer, $35,628, the result yields 9 per cent, for tbe year, with a surplus of a'jout $50,000. From the smount due from tbe Treasurer, it is ex pected that $50,000 to $70,000 will bi reco vered fbetanlngs of the past six months hsviug b?n expended in the purchase of equipage, Ac., it was decidtd to declare a dividend of 5 per cent in I stock. Tee Central Railroad Company of New Jersey bave nade the following report of iU operati ins curing tbe past year and its financial condition at j tbe cloee:? Capital atoek $2,000,000 mortgage bonds, $1 600.400; other Indsbtedneta . $132,086 28? total $ .1.632,08.) 2* I Coat of railroad April lat. 185a. $2,379.4*4 64 exp-odl tnr?a aince. $IS7,>-vu 81 land and work at Kluabrt blown, $f0,f02 15. station ho u*ee s?l ih?p4, $tt7.W.> II . engine*, $116,417 05. care. $174, 74* W. ferry interest and bneta, $189/60. mUeellanooan property, wood sndo>sl<m haul, 1 inaterlala, kc., $?o.47it)7, nundry accounts' $76, MO; , r.newaif, $37,048 88, balance of iivt?re*t acount, ?46.91 4 M: ra-li and eauh Itemi, $126. &>9 31? V>t*l, $3,638, 0S5M. Upcrttumi /hiring th* Y'ar ? Rcc?ipU from lapl'.al ?lock, $388, ('10, aundry, $70,987 22 earnin.-s $ ij?14i ?Ul- Uital, ?8i8,l?4a 66. I'aym?nt for railroad. $126 Ml i 16. work at hi /.aberbpnrt $23,162 A3; .Ution huu**, $2,802 6."; engisoe, $9,687 06. can. $16,1*4 29 f?rry int'rent and boa*a, $1,000. miacell*??ou? pr iperty ^tid, I.V 411 06, ?osdrv acronota $71,37J bon-l* paid olf. $16,009, reJueti.m of indebted nra? $1.8? ?'iJ, nter?-?t dividends. $117 .172 76; interwat ?? t.on I $168,361 "H; reievsla $37,648 88 ord'nary etpeataa $197,349 43; caab and eaah iteat $Ts,6&l 22 ? tetai $828,042 56. f ordinary Rrrrip'i ? Psa?eniera $181 .118 .19, freiglit $187,6*8 '.2 niSila, expreea, rente, Mr. pi 1.48 Tl? t.,tal $378 14:. 3-i. ' T.ltnary Er)*r\>ti - Kunnicg expenaea. $67 54.') 1$, wood eonsamed, $26,241 03. roal, $l8,?f<7 14 reea rn of mad. %'it, 024 dlito . ' ? a>? 'nfloen St.- $ t 4 .1 1 1 8' lerry expense*, $4'i,$17 11; expetwe a?n int $s]i8| ji miarellabeoos espmaea, $6,870 US ? Vital, $197, AJ 4 . balaor*-. net earnings, $180, ,95 !M). IM HiV-niii ? Two irtsreat Url >n.l? at tbe rate nf y ter sent p?r annum bsve beea paid, am uat at h> $117,17$ 76. * r From as article in the Chniimn, npon the past, present aed fotme at (^lvsetoo, Texas, that city appear* to be In a fl ottrtahiag oooditioa. tier po j* latioa cn the 1st ot January, 1855, is activated at be tween seven and eight thonaaad. She has three cotton presses, which oomprewwd during ths Isst year 80 000 bates of oottoa. Tnere an* am* twsaty ccttoa and deaien, beeidea whilanle aad re tali $a? i cheats aad grooera. There are three fooa driea and machine ahope. She Is also well sap plied with ohoichee, achoots and academiea, with aaay magnificent private buildings. The trade and abtp plng of Galveston are in a flouiUhlng conditio!, showing a rapid and continuing increase. There were engaged in the trade of Galveston daring the peat j ear, exclusive of transient vessels, aa regular packets, five steamships, aaren aail ahips, sixteen barks, three far!ga, fifty nine schejners, eleven sloops, and fourteen steamboats? making a total of regular packets, 114. During the year ending August 31, 1864, 243 vessels entered toat port, with an aggre gate tonnage of 84,458 tons. The value of merchandise imported and exported frcm Oswego to foreign ports during the year 1854 was aa anLexed: ? Kokkjo* Tiuni! or Ohwkoo ? 1864. Valua of fortigu merchmdue expurt?M ? American v?nael? $919, 7*6 Kortjgo io 700,092 Total 91,926,878 Value of domeatlc merchandise export* 1: ? American vessel* 9830,473 Foreign do 1,277,017 Total 92,108,200 Total value of merchandise imported ? In American vessels 99'*6,7I7 In foreign do 1,894,201 Total 9tf,8H0,918 Value of merchandise on which duties were asses??l ? American vessels 9416, 5:t0 99 Foreign do. 939,065 08 ToUl 91,366,184 07 Value of merchandise Imported, aod sow in bond, at the beginning of first quarter, 1866: ? Total value 9124,033 Mont o' this la wheat. Drawback payable on merchandise exported ? Total 97.711 81 I>utiea received on merchandise Imported in American vessel* 900,181 01 foreign do 188,480 41 Total 9278, Ml 42 T ne Britiah porta on Lake Ontario receive most of thiir foreign manufacture*, Ac., through the port of Osweg->, and their value it nearly equal to shipment* of our own products, Ac., to theae porta. Meet of the Importation* into Oswego from the British ports on the lake are breads lull*, provi sions, Ac. Tfce report of the trustees of the Illinois and Mi chigan Canal for the year ending Nov. 30, 1854, i gives tt.e aonexed exhibit of its aft tiri. The re ceipt* for the ytar 1854 were $924,896 70. and the expeaditures .488 89, leaving a balance In the ' hai tie of the trustees on the 30th of November of i $274,408 21. The following table shows the sources ; of the receipts and the objects of the expjadi I tuies:? ) Illinois *.*D Michigan Canal? Annual K sport. iixceipts ? 1*54. | Notes collected since l>e<\ 1, 1863, for lot* and I land* Mild in 1861, '62 and '63 ?181,319 ( ash racuived for sales of lauds in May, ISM.. 186,361 1 Canal toll* from Pec 1, 186:;, to Nov 80, 1864. 1%,.124 i lnti-ient on deposits in tht Amrncan Kxchauge Hunk, New York, 1864 7.867 , hale* ot ttone, timber rents, 4: 1 824 I Sales of old materials 1,298 Kent* ol water power a'. O'.tuwa an ) l*ockport 1,310 , Refunded payment on 91,000,000 loan 665 Total receipts fi r the year ending Nov. 30 1854 9777,862 Balance in hand* of Treasurer Nov. 30, 1863, | lest eirorol 9124 (over credit) in 1863 147,044 Total to be accounted for Nov. 30, 1864 9J24.896 Ejrpendilurti ? 18.' 4. ; Payment nf arrears of interest dueou regstered canal b>nds atid other securities 9658 793 I/isii <>l 91,600,000, principal and interest 2 404 Maintenance and repairs of canal and feeders, and toe pumping engines 63.212 j Protection of can il lands expt-nnes of cwun-el in prosecuting clniina. do sales, do selection of lands, In 1*64 I 11, M2 Canal damage. Ilowage, kr 144 Collection of tidls tic . to November 30. |t?64. . b 4 > ; h?< liimge on funds remitted to New York 761 Contingent and general expen>ea 10.246 Total expenditures fur the y?ar ending Nov. 30 If-:, 4 660,488 Totui to be accounted for do 921.894 Kalancein hands of treasurer. Nov 30, 1864 9-74, 408 Of this balance 91>sM.H45 26, was at MMdateof tain report, January 1. 1(66, on d< |<osit in th? American Kx change, New York. 941,200 02 in thw aaoe bank to creuit of Treasurer; applicable t<> |>ayiiieut of arrears of interest due July 1, 18o4, 9"'>.09i 16; tline drifts ia /meri'sn Kxchsnjre it ? n>. not matured on 30tb Novem ber, aad tne residua, 918,266 19 on deposit in binks in Illinois. The January, 18.'>V dividend declared Norem'jer 18, lt>64, on arrears of int. rest on re,fister?d hoods .ml se curities lor the coupons of January and July 18(7, ab sorhed about 9180.000; of this the Htata of Illinois was to have paid about 946, <>00, or one half of the Janutry coupon, leaving al>out 1136,900 to be paid by the board o! trusties. Ihe available balance in the hands of the treasurer on the 1st of January was as above aar 92&1,201 69. and after the payment of the dividend then due, left the mm of 998,201 69 applicable to the narvice of lMf<5. fur renewal of aqueducts, bridg-i, and repairs of canal tic., Ac The board of trustees would have b-sn grati fied to have included one more e?upon in the dividend dec is re. i for the 1st January, 1H4H, but as that would abserb some $90,000 of tbe 994,201 69 on Inn I, an I tl-ere being no further facome from lands or from the canal until April or May, 1866, It was considered inexpe dient to increase the amount ofdivldrnt aa it would leave the treasury too nearly exhausted at a time whso funds will be required for renewal of bridge*, aqueduct*, k j , kc. The annexed statement exh'bits In detail the securi ties held intrust at the Banking D [-ailment, Alb?ny, (or each banking association and indlvidasl banker, and the amount it circulating notes issued and out s'accltg on the 30th of September, 1854. We con tinue the list fiom yesterday:? IiAfcKM |ok tiik Stat* or Nrw Yoag ? CiarcLATtos A>y fMH-tsmss Central New York, Rank of, I tica ? Hotds and mortgage* .., 947/, 96 00 New York fcta'e nvck, 6'* .. 7,000 00 CO. do. 6.V? 7,0-? fXi Do. do. Is t.oO'i On Canal revenue certificates, 6's h.'KHi no Arkansas St*?e stock, fi's 10,000 00 Illinois do. 6's 4 'M0 00 Michigan (to. 6 s 6 000 00 Ca-h in deposit 2 fcOO 00 94,79$ 00 Circulation 9u,63i 00 Chemung. Hank of, Elmira ? lb rids and mortgages ...980,006 00 New York r-tate stock, 6a 3 000 00 I?n. do. 6 LjS- ...... 32 0i)0 00 l)o. do. 6. 47,900 00 1 A3 iiei 00 (Irculation 142 001 oo Commrrce, Hank of. New York New York Mate stock, 6 per cent 9,000 00 Circulation.,,, 9 090 00 Commerce of i'utnam Co , Hank of, far me I ? Beads snd mortgsges . 945. -0" 00 New York State stoek, 6a.... .14 889 00 Canal levennecoUflsatee, 6s..., 12,000 0>i a: \vt o>) Clrculaticn 90 824 00 O mmonwealth. Hank of the, New York New York Mate feUKk, !?? 976,.'i?7 87 IV, do 6s :u (J00 00 United States stack, 6s 6 HOO 00 114,3:# *: Circulation 113.000 00 Cooparatown, Bank of, Co?p*r*tuwn ? l'< n.!? aod m< tU .013 00 Saw York Btata utock, 4 a,0>Kl iiO Do ?.o. a? 1 00 to. do. 4',? ?I,OUOO? Ho. do oa r/i,7w no Canal ravoua crtlflcataa, fta 10,00009 13ft 311 TO Circulation 134 01J <f> (tmitf, Hank of (<ratnf Iv I'll Mil D?i <*?'*? . . .II* 30(100 Illinois Mill clock, 6? S0.O00 00 M :m 0 OfeulatH 42 713 0 > Coxaarkia, Hank of, C4>f>aeki<- ? Honda and martgvcaa ...,$11,MOOO ?New Y< rk .WU1# utAcli, I .. Xk '^0 00 I?o. do. ?? II, 000 10 I'nitad ftataa do ft* 4ft ooo oo 104 1*>0 (Ircs'atkra 101, 1ST 0 ? Pair;tn>-n> Hank, Newport ? Saw Y>ik htal? rtoek. W I 1,f/00 '*) lm d?. k'^i C.QOt I'aitad B'at*? >lo 0. IVJhii/O MJHODI Crcula'i n w ?)?: W |*Uwam Hank, Jalbi ? Saw York tlata atotk ?'* ta.k 001 0( 1 o. do. 1^1 }7 Mr>01 Do. do. A* 4 4' 0 Arkan ?? Mata <!o. ?> ,,,. 4f ?' <10 lUino ? do do. ?>a Wl HI M.cb jan do. <lo. l? 16,0oo?o ? 1 32 40 1 On Circulation 10V i*4* OO D* pot it Bank, llapoait ? Honda nod axir '*af ?a . I / 740 00 Ntw York Stat* tiiKi, 4a 1, OtiO On laaaJ cwrUftcataa, 6a 33 <rt*' V) f T4??> Orro'atioo 44 "MJ 04 prorata' Hank af M laatoiw C? . ()|in>liari;> Iv od? and mo'tfafaa 4.4 K*i M Nav Torh t tela ttoek, 4a Po. do fti 10 10V uO C?i??d Hta?aa do fta 4 000 00 Caah la dapoalr I4i? ttONM CUcalatl 00, *44 M Dukirk Bask. Dunkirk? M*w York Mat* atoak, 6'a $arj,*? 09 ??- do. o'a lft, 009 00 ? . .. ? 63,200 00 OreulatirB *i jig qo Dalctn-m Count; Bank, Amenta ' New York Stat* atoek, 6'a $41,000 00 I)o. do. ??, 24,326 00 Canal ri-Tenue certificate*. J'i? . 0,000 00 _ , to, m oo Circulation. ?iu un" im Panaville, Bank of, lMnavlllc Bond* and mortgage* $62,860 09 Ne-Yora ?wck, 6'* 38,038 00 J? ?|o 6X'a 11,000 00 _ ,u? , do- O'a 10,000 00 C?al? in dejoait 4,800 00 Circulation 77! iu'tw6 oo Eagle Hani, RocheKter? ' ' Bonda and mortgage* $80,458 00 New i ork (State *u>ck 6'a..,,.,. 5 000 00 2?* d0- 5>i'a 22,000 00 l)o. do. 6'a 65,600 00 (.anal revenue certificate, 6'*. .. 6.000 00 rl?. , .. 167,963 00 Circulation td7 , (in Ea?t Ki?er Bank, New Yon- ' Now York Slat* .tock, 4V? $?,300 00 'l?- do- 6'a 16,703 00 I)o. do. 6Va 16.000 00 .? J . Uo- ?'? 27,900 00 united ataU-H ktuck, O'm 00,000 00 124,993 00 * irCUlfttiOD ???aaata 1 ?'*' IKkll mi Eighth Avenue Hank, New York? ' Bond* ami moitgage* $39 500 00 New iork Mate stock, 6'*. ..12 0h2 00 Do. do 6>,'? 1,000 00 Canal revenue certiorate*, ?'a. . . :;?t ooo 00 Lmwd State* Ktock, O'a 16, :oo 00 f? ? , ,. 105,5*2 00 Elm ka lian k ?Kl i n Ira? l?4'0aT 00 Honda and mortgage* $72,860 00 New York btate atock, 4 V 2, < 00 00 JJ? >lo t '?. 28,000 00 P?- ?lo. 6 V? 6,000 00 rr i. i U4 . d.? '' '* la, 000 00 v Dltf'J ?lo. 6'| ,,,, ,,, *2 (HK) CO ??* <!<>? fl'a 23/1 00 00 ru , ., ?140,450 00 Circulation .... n.. Empire City Hank, New York? ' New York . tate atock, 6'a $5,000 00 laual revenue (?.?rtifl-ate*, 6 t . 48 ifO DO United Male* (tuck, O'a 5*, 000 00 . ? ? 100,000 00 Circulation lui ?7j mi Kxchaoge llank of Ifultalo, Bullaio? ' Bend* and mortgrnre* $1 000 00 New xork btiite hUice 6'?? 12,060 00 . 4 ? 13,650 00 Circul?tlon 13,023 00 Stock Eichange. THUHiWAY, Keb. 1, 1866. $3000 !nd State Klre* 80\ 1(H) ah* Cumb 0 C'.aao ;><'< )0000 (to 80% 800 do b30 35', 1000 Virginia 0'*. . . 04% Ml Jo b 10 35% (.000 <lo lip Jo ?60 a.< >4 IiOoO Jo kJ 04% 4im Jo a* % fcOOO dc ad 94 loo Jo bil) 85 % MjOO Jo 9-?M lot) Jo biO 36 ? ; 1( 00 Miocouri 6'* .. 0 1', 100 Jo 115', 8000 Loulniana 6' it. . 84J{ 250 Jo aft 800 InJ 3% pr cent 47 100 NYCen KB. .opg 89 1800 Jo *1% d(' ?I>H 8t,1? looollarlat uitgc ba 87 108 Cleve C fc( 'in KB Wi (iOOO do..al2m 8fl 75 111 On BB. . . *10 07 4000 Eri* BJ?.'83 b3 87 50 Eria Bail road 4ft', 2000 fcxitf H- ? of '7b 80% 360 Jo. *3 4fi '4 2000 Jo 8?'? 100 Jo *16 46 '4 KiOO do....b(10 hojj f>0 do *30 45', )000 H llla'mtge b<t* 100 100 do blO 45', 4000 111 C RB bda b3 72 800 Jo b 10 45', fiOOU Jo ?a 72 200 do c 46% f 00 <o 0 72 100 Jo 010 45 % 46?NI N VC hB bd* c 87 60 d" 4:.%' 10 aim Ilk of A tnt*r . 101^ 450 do. 4'.% an Meiicpolituu 11 101 100 Hailem BuilriaJ. 20 76 Bunk of Com. . ?U 104% 160 Jo bl6 29% | 4o Am hi liank.... 105 860 do a3 7 do .. K>4?{ 600 do *3 'iV\ f.O'nuton lo el 22) , 400 do *bo 21'% 8< 0 Mc Trail Co . bMt 17 826 do c 2J% S(I0 do b(>0 \t>% 100 Jo blO V?\ 600 do boo 17 2WI do ...... b''?0 30 100 di lfi)? 10O do ?I0 20 H 100 Ilo 1?% l?? Jo a<W 2H% 860 Cumb (.'oalCo. e l I'O ... 2'.'% 100 do n 85)j lf,0 Jo aa 36% 2.1 8tOI> ilgton Kit . '>8 100 do aa 35^ 21 Beading Bal.roaJ 71% 160 ilo *:> 86t^ 200 (in * 1 71% loO do blO :'.5% M Jo 71', 10<l do . ,.?16 16 60 lludton Biver BB too do ?3 36 3 0 Jo b**> 37 % 1(60 Jo... .... '16*, 100 Panama BB '>3" "t", ICO do.......c 34% 33C. k Bk la. BB. b3 80 HBCONO B' i \ Hl>. tlOfW Kile Bill >.f '76 801, 70 ahttOala h Chi BB 87 : 6C0H do.,baO 81. ', lo CU? and TtJ BB rtl Oi 0*1 Krie I on li?, '71 74 % loO JCru* BB 4 % Boo N Y On 9.. 160 Jo 4.'. % POO aim Nit Iran Co. 17 % 200 do 40 200 do 17% 160 Jo h30 4<1 VOO do boo 17', 100 Jo biiO 4 ?'>% VO CIct, C k Ciu KB U?H J" a3 40 lOn ID On Bit 0 ', 100 do 4' ', 100 Canton Co a.'l 4'tO Jo. ?a 4 ti i0> b* 0 33 1"" do... . blO 40 >4 lei Rcalln,' Hit .... 72 2')0 do alo 48 libCkUi Coal Co. alO H 200 Harlem BR. .. a? 2?S 100 do a.'t 86 100 flo ??10 20% 4/0 c.o 35 S *0 Jo 2'?'4 ](K) in aOO 85)g 200 <Sn bOO 30 20f) uo ..... ... 3ft|^ 400 Jo .......I 211 '( CITY TKaDK BKPOHT. Iui loti>AT Keb 1 ? 1 P. M. A ail lit --*-?!(?? 26 Priraa uochanjal. Itnuii-Ti rr* ? tiour? Ilitt murk?t waa fWfly. with aalaa to lb*- agnrr^au; ol 7,0<Ki a 8,'HiO bbla . mcljJ'ii/ rommi r t( (r?K"l Htal# at ?8 "6 a 60. r.?ininon to jootl Wratri i. a I 1 8 <,2 a ?V 2V aaJ t'J 02% a $10 02), fn ' '* tra Ohio and 110 60 a $10 75 for extra (??na??a ( ana Jian told l>ri?t'y fr*?lj at fH 76 a ?8 87 to ?0 in bond, and at $'.? 2.'. a ?V 76 dutjr paid lorluded in tlia ?al?a were 1600 in U ?J for M|iort In ftonthcrn. a fair huain* a ttn dona, at ?H 87 a ?l? 76 for common u> fancy braodii W baat t?a? quiet, and q.iotatU na to aonaei t nt ci'inlnal Corn? Tb? aal?-> footed up about 2 ? <KiO a 3(1,000 buahela, locloding 1,40<1 |i?oil Boutliern white at W8c the remainder of common Jeraey at 05e. a <Wc . and hodth<rn yellow at U7e Bye conilnued dull, at 126c. a 128c 0?l? were Aim ftrC'hicago at ?0c a t'.4<-. lt\e (lour? The market wa? quiet and pric?a unchaniff 1. Meal wa? dull with aome ?al<-? of Hew Jersey at $4 60 Hrandjwit* wa? nominal, at M 87c. CumK-^abi of about 24,000 baet fit Pt TWimln/o were leporteJ ?old for export on prtrate terma Part aoid at Ix-. About &nn % (no ha?- Bio aold at U , a 10c The itock ?/f aM |l,la mar??t *a? eetimated at iibont 36,000 b-tgh. "fte at'>?k of all o'Utr klnd? w*? lifht. CC'Wow ? The market continued Arm, with aal-? on I the ? pot of o??ly aoo a 400 balaa, and about 500 ditto In tiaiiaiin, a" at full prl< e? Khmohtk? Baiea were rather alack 'or Europ? a? aM[r|*r? wre ealtinc f-.r the receipt of priTite lett?'r? hy the A lira. To 14*erpool aboat 0 000 a 8,' (8> bmlitll I-! run wrren^a|fed at 5/%d. Id bulk 1.609 obla llour, at l? &: 10o bbla pork at 2a Jd , 60 hhli tallow, at 15a. . and aoioe bopa at 3a M. To l/?ndon (Mai bbla. flour, at 2a. #d. To Bretn'O. 60 hhda tobarcn were en g on | rirat* larma To th' (Vnt'nent r?t?- were uni-hanircfi Te California theia waa rattier more ? ller in|t, at old ralea Jill it ? Kale? of about 600 l^i^ea dry r*l? ne were made, at t'l 37 H- anJ500 JUt > wet dry, at t. 20, ehlcii wa> (letter llrar ? T'i? marVet waa unlet and quotation* nonii nal American dieaaert waa b?ld at >2'*i a 1 aud .lew rotted ditto at 1160 a 9100 Man ia wa? h^l l at lO^c |*r lb Jkii.i ?The market wa? quiet, and aala? unimportant M< 'i Tiie aala* embraced a'iout bbl>. New Or'eana prima, at Vac N*\ at. Froaaa ?About 60 Jbbl?. ipirlta were aoM at 4c . raib Bnaln waa dull at II 70 (nu? I. naead wan at 81e , with mod?ral? aalea Other k nda were unchanRed l'?r>? lenisa ? Pork waa aome flrm?r, with aalea of fOOaOOOtbla of old meat, at |I2 02 New pork wa? (julet al 114 26 for it.eaa and f 1.1 26 for p'ime 29< t ercea elty prluM maa? were aold at 111 Cat m??u were in ioid .lemand with iaiea of 4*0 tetie* abart m<d (llei, del(?erabl? Is Baltimore at 1\r an I abon' '>00 do were auppoaed to hare bean aoll, dellrerabla >n Cln clnnati, at fe., all for export 60 hbd*. eity cured b?ma ffl'" at 8c.. and 1? hhda dry ialta>l aboutdar* at *%e I*r-* ? I'f ?? wii a me Ormar, with aalea #f about /<>) tiercee. at I6t , and 200 ke?e wil l at 11c lleef ? falea of . 00 tierce, prime men were made at batweea ?2* ant ?2A. aod about 2li() e>n.ntry do. at eld price* Th? fol lowing tabla ahowa tbe atoc* of pork and beef in parting yarda .a New York aod Brooklyn oa tbe l*t fr?t. ? J'ork. I OMmeaa 27 2T. Pity Saw do nVl City prime ? I Clear 121 Bepa<*k??l Hex 2*1*0 18, Itiiafi aeit ,.. 8U "lhta meaa 181 BaJroad b?ef 1'' Prima meaa 347 Kef nee max 1 > auk I Baf uee prune ... ... M I rime 3*1 ItaliiMi ....... . 'W | flinipa... ......... 14* TWeee mae?.,.. 281 ! Ka(ua* port 843 Tlerca prini' aaea* 1 X'"' liefute meaa .... M0 C?aatr> . . t W fofuaepr me 081 Onintry |ifiA ... 1,847 lnna|ailad pork... 4.H7 L'unep?cted ^f It 8*7 Total aid .'4J.7V1 Tot a1 otd 8a? lota a* w 4.807 Total aaw.,.. /?,H3 Pkt -f'alee o l'>0 tier -et a?r* ma-.a at It $< 2- ? >? Ml per 100 lea M UK ? The marVe*. for New < trWna waa more ee'*?? and about tHki oh la were r^d for re( o n# aa 1 V the trada, at 4 %a a 4)^e. to 6 eitb eoaae pt an" , ? ' lag lot# at The at< ? k la (hie iue?i?"t w?a ??t.maV-' at liealt.lOOIiMa and 14 OOo ho, a. vaiaa1 ?e? b'i la :vi: U tea, 3 U l.aga brutl avl ' 8 '.0 Man ia"* the lat ol Palmary. J8ej 7ai 1 ?w ? TVe market waa 4 utl at *?. aim na. at 13 Toaait*!.? Tba martet ?iatmtel f fm wt b ? iaU ?ale, T(?e (el nw ng table 1 r** 1 V ?u/| of |or> ft a tkia n arket at tbe pert >ta alakal ? ' Ifmrtna fala ,*? ;?<i "%'? f fitoek Jan 1 balee l.tM 1 ??rt 3, Oil I'M 14 Ke- el iel Mace,.,, Mi 1,64 ? ? ? Total 3 8M < 440 3 Of 1 l?*l ? ha.ea to Jta 31. . . 1124 4u 1 TM 43) t VI MM* fab 1 1.T7I 3iM ?'? all 112 Tbe tianwlviaa la f*r?g> t? iiafag tba bate tea* aa fo Uea ?41 bale* Marts, a, Ytr ; Ml d* M Jago a?^ ilfwawi, ITe a lae 631 do Marar far a 1 paTl II %e. a I 1%' M3 da toga* foe h- aae iaaa 17r a l*S' <14 (a Kagaa fae e apwrt II ??<? a I5? 333 de Caafaafia ib a V4? . 463 4? fara, Mr., Mr., 1. r i3*g,llM*? M??aaal8? il'y Wmaaae ?we knew aaly to aoal^e a*iw* a( 1*0 w Aa Otoo, at Rc VUta fr.eo* w*a iail *1 Ma mimmm bbneweb mi: day fHAWCUL. ' (flj (TAA AAA -mm tO LOAN fll\U fflOvv?'/Ul/? BKIOI, watrhea, jewelry, |Cr?, pianofertea, merchaadite a ad pennon I prupert) SDerally. Not**, atoeka, mH? of exchange, ke., ited. lluxneaa rr.nlM<-nti?l a ad executed pruaiptly at 78 Naaaau atreet, ftrat flour. back otMca KIjOKKNCK k CO, Broken. *1 f*/\ A|-V/*|TOU>ANON OIAMONIW, WATCH - BlOUtUv' " M,j?w?tT7. 4m. or baun lit fur onuh. RkxI cit/ atockl ??!???, bonda an I ra<irt>ja<?? billa of ?%'. ?haage, kc , negotiated ihnineae wiittdeutlal, *ua nrouiptly akecutad, at 103 Nawau atr-?*t, room No. 2. rHOMl^ON 4 CO., broken and oomminicn meroianta. <m-| f\/\ AAA WAN TK1I POK JHYmmUXT H)lUUt\/UU uwlw ted iMMOtm thtt prin ri| *l will b* eafe ; mid with Mine ?eeiirity that 111 teen per cent will 1>? made for ttr* yaara Tha amount r*-el uot h 1 1 be from one j iirt y Tlio?e ?i.lnnt( purl lpleraat, may mMreaa 146 Metropolitan I'oat tiRlee, Bible llou-e, f>?w York ttbl'fi nn/i TO loan on diamonih. ?UU'UUU watcliea. jewelry, Ac . or huught for ca.ii Noti'h. atoeka bouda and mort^agea oe^o tikted, rial e-late bought. aol'l anil exchanged. All buatnexa a trie 1* confldeutUI < "IlhhHhMAN, IlKAIMTKi) A Co., lirokera, M John atreet, corner of Naiaau. ? c AAA ro ,mv ON W>ND ANf) ??j' f,l 'IMJ K*t(* >n till < city ? lUtUVUkK U BliKOTr, 4 lliiBovcr afreet. A| || k ? TO LOAM ON DIAMOND* WAT. _ eV/V/v/ cliea, jewelry, aegara, and nier tmllae nen-rall*, or boii/ht out Bonda and mort r<wa bought and aold Money roaaiaotly on hand ?l 14o Williani atreet, near Kulton, up ataira i'ORill .Sll k CO., loan anil comniiaaion broker* mi ff / v AAA TO INVEST IN T11K Pl'lti IUSK or ' bonila and mortgage* of fl.ooiaod upwarda; aleo, haui-ea ami lota, larma, ruuutry a??ta, nulla, water p"wer kc. , In every amotion of the country, fur aale or exchange. Apply to A HKIMiKANT, 16 Wall atrnet. AAA TO loakwi DtkiloiroB, w?tvh /UfJ t Vr O' ' ?*. j"?elry, gold an I allver plate, fTaooa, ai'gara. njerchan -liae, guua., kc., or /Ugbt for raab Hiiaiue?? moil Initial anil aafa. Ap pit nt 2J7 Orand atreet, corner of the Bi>??ry, aeoond floer N. B WOOLLKV. (IS . ki , AAA ? *0*?* TO LOAN, ON IMA ilpiJU?vUU? ninnila, watohxa, Jewelry, put*, iry good*, aegara, or iwruhaii<lii* of erery dearriotion, bnalneM Minfldent'al , J 12 Broadway, an I 163 kulton ?treet, room 11, third atory. HTKKI., k CO SPBOIAL CAPITAL WANTKIi IN A ck"h auction liouae ? The ku mil very prolltahle If |ira (erred, real estate vxurity can b? giren alao an P'iual intrrekt in the liualneaa, which ia a* aafe and Iree from k?aea ar any city bank. No cotntnuuicitlon 1 if fr' tu brokura or ageiita. Aduna* A. K. Ultiwa, I'oat 0?ce. 1810 000 *In?aa la well eatablialird an (Jh r / w lA TO 116,000 WANTED TO U)AN KOB ?O.UUU tlirea or H?e yeara, on r'al eatate worth thr?"- timea the aura rwiuired. I'nlley of innuraiice aaaigned It requeated. Ilandaomi' roiniuiaauin Kiven if obtained aeon. Apply to S I. JOHNSON, Itl'l Uruailviy, room No. !t. $3,000 Jhff AAA To I4JAK? ON IIOND AND HURT* ' Uv 0|> improve 1 i&d \ pto lnotlv* tir al cI?m? rrtl ???tatc in it?* loner p?rt of thin city, for jenrd, a' 7 pt*r cent. Non** but principal* *ili be liealt with A*Mr<*HP .f. f* IleiaUl ofllce, thin day W A S TKU? FUK till OH KUUIT _ __ _ roonllit The Sum of tbn*e lbounnn<l dollar*, f T which the -rtlner will hypoih**rat?* ?**cu nt)en of f n thouMUid dolUra, r**ai vaine, au?l yav a bo diih for f he at rommodaUon. Addresi X V. Z.f N?w York pout oil or. lor tbla ne*k. ?b> * nn ~A Yor nc; maw wu?? has at his M command te??nt? rtve hundre l d??l Urn wauti it hJ imtfi, d u* |>ookk*'??{*rr or ca?hi<*r, wher** lie t an loan bi? employer Hie i?ani<* on good a??uritf . Roforetice gi\ta Add/eat Jume* NV%)U-??, l)r>iad ?v.?/ Vi)*l Office. ANY A Ml *? NT TO L'MN, oil WfLI. Ill V Af HI HIT for ca?h, in?*rchandiM9 |**welr/, diam<itt?U, pute property, or WT'irity ol an? do?''#lpti<?n n mini from $Oi lofl0,<MX?, at the obi e?tatikUb#a, |?nn merit and re ?j onaihi? I'a- ifl *. A^nc) uu l-oan o*!i e, over H'^nk corner ? f \ln a . eaf *n?i <iraud aireOt fit m n ?? cuft'lei tiiii and aalw. AI AUVWi IIK- 111 KIND A "A'UY ? HO WOOU> loan litt #1U0, twr ? lituiabail parlor. for mqjt p mi l that may U1 e*i>i|r*<l A ? I ? ! r ? --a pu?t |>a <t, Miaa I'ercy, 1'net oniif. BRiiKKN I1ANK BIIXS not ORT? TiTK MKUIK-iT price will l>* paid m (old, fur nil Km la of bf.- n back money l..ri'ini tjol 1 and allvar aul uncurrant funda bought at Ikf uiw rat-" draMaon l.nirlaul Ir-lau I and iMbwl for Mia l? v J AMI.- M. 'I AVI OK 1 VJ i rjat baui ?<|Uar*, oorller of Jarnra .treat Ciahii, 01 aw audi sr mi: UUMUNM. WAfQN^ / nch jr?? rv plate tml tilaaMx ffnaoil pro: .-r r purcbaae. at ID V ill low itml, mwd floor fr ol room Otli>* houre. & A M to 4 I' M. R. Wi??U. I KVlMi gAVINM lM?TI7Tnu\ 1-1 M'AfOtjCN gtHtXT, 1 una door from Graanwlch ? Oyeri da Ir from I I A M lo 1 i' M awl 4 U> 7 1' VI. Int'raat at lue rat* oft par cent allowed on all aum> from 11 to I-'*) Tba f j?i1i of Uil? laetltiiHno ara wur?l y laeaate.1 in bf>ada and a?ort?eg?a In the elty of Saw V?ra, aurtii double the unount I'jana-I, an.! in '"nda in thle citr ( Al.l II H WIXtMIt XL, I'raaldenL ?! ^Ttoa Pr*uto.U. A.n?*HHr!.T U B imi Heerwtary M D. Vajr hu, ^ Money ? ca.?h ubmuij.y advam h> on wetrbea . jeaaelry , dtaaionda. dry fOoda clothing, furnltor* plan"forte< or au; other property. at tlm Agency anil l.oan ??Sire -.'M Hroadway corner of I'uenr ?treat, aecond floor, room No W < oafldf-B' ? an I bo a ir may Ik relied upon Hranch oBce *4 W? t fli 'eenlh ?treat. Mrl oK.HI.IN A O NKILIJt. I ITfiKRS ?IRE INBt'RANCK (YiMPANY ? OPFICBtft Chatham .cuare, ? '.rijer of Mutt etr'-?t U. ti lend ? Tea Ib.ard 'if f/irartora liaee thla day declared a aa nl annual dividend of four par etui upoa tba . aplUl et/aafe Of Ui* company, payable on tba 6tb of frbruerr Tba traoafer booka will ?.* rtoaed on and after the Wtb Inat, Br order, HlWAKIl II KILUIWU Hacretary IBB I NHEIl-KiNKll MAKkN OMR AtlVANCIB W0f flour, grain pravtaiosa, railati and pig inw .a (tor*; alao, upon rft<*la la port aii'l upon iiaok an I ftkor approrad atoeka or iH-o'la, an l upon I n i.a?? pa par niat'iritif n s?? Vork JOllS H M' KHAV 137 Taarl *tra. i naar Wall. r ( Ot'PONf <)? rilK < <11 I Mill * AMI I AM E.HII'. J lUiliroad ?* tan | ? r r< at flrat aortfafo bo?)a lua Lao-mUr lat, I'M. alii be pa;<l at tba bank of lua .-'at" of N?w York i n ara??wtati?o > (i WfKiriWARtl Treaanrar. WfTHrlth * n-IUtr'iS, BANKKIIM K a Kit eiebaone brokera 41 aaO 4StV<atll IbtM alraat, Phlla<telpt>ia ? <-loc* anJ ( orpurati^a loana l..>u/bt and ?oU oa rommlaa o pronilax.r I ootaa aM dra/iia, feafi) Uatwl eolWln na tua > up .a all M'* pxinVa a tba ?onatry dra.'ta oa vlker cr>a, ta auma vs au.t par ?owaara IIOTKUI. MCKKL'H fl'?TC., W ANN .?fR?:ET, N >. t R UW?AD way? taery lhli| a*at an riaw " C/'itioaly aa4 a> oallanee" la ttia matto ti.rn.att*-) r*iaa by th# r, ght or ??ak. at .1 a*a'.a to atraacara wr |?rm>n-at b-lj-ra liar aa<1 lilliard rwm of tba Brat claaa Op?o all aifht cr tba a* uwamodatioa of Ita patroaa. TI1K Ml ITU -ONI A* IIOthK. BRO U>W A T ~(?RNBt of llbi.aton atr*?t fa lh? aaai* NW* a ?.|b tba M> tropclltaa llotel aa-l Nibto'a '.ar )?n, at>4 two IttO' ta abora tb? M Nlrbotaa Motel; la oaarly r<<roplat*<t, an I filter a ta< trarallera auper or arromtn^la ton a n laa heart of ftrwltiy, la laamediata JaatapnaltiM to tba other Brat rlaaa boaaaa an I pl*r?a<?( am iaeir?at. at **ry low ratea. Tba b'-aaa bae all llie>aa?alaa'*? ia?o(?a larlad b( *t*aan baa'ara an-l will be "?lu-l?1 oa tba t.uf pean plan of brflflaf room* at Wit teata to > : a day, acroroiaw ta lax-aUoa kr. ant w.ea'a faralaiKd aa ordarad, at pri'-aa ara-la-1 to >ait both tba a*o?oaiical aa-* eitraaa?ant tna yaaau or<l?rlB| meal* a" pw*a<ara, aa-l pa; o* for oaly wbal la uaM faM'ltaa aar! p*? t >a aa aajl aa la'f tliluaia, WiU find tba Cmltha< o>aa **ll rabrtilaf*-) ??H tl.rm and ran mkar thetr billa If aa by at laalt foe third than at othar Irat claaa hot <la '? adact?f) o? tba oW ayatawi Kor r?"pa-'?Mlity, or rr a-a'naaa ca-aafort aad ftfooiaji tfca "aatb aatai ?hall taak* it* aaarr on th* tlmea and ba arorthr tba patriate of tl?e rt a HUXtY KOI'MAJI BITIU PAf, Dr watt rai'4'W anu <mi r."* -rr.*A m proapUypalt bf-jal; lal?1 aairaa'a otKataad, fc-rofht an p*aaoaa p halaaaai daa batw ?f dareaaa^ I I aeaataw illwtll, aa- aU hawia af flatrrf afaiaa*. 'ba V, V. raewrera-! br MiWA^B ryf'.f, aad lat# V araor 0- i Ka?r. AT Wa.i atrwal I.IU1AI. mriif it*. oorBf or vrmwm mmam vim tidt cm I awd n aaty f ' Naw Tw? Tl mi- C Oaraat and ll?r,ry ? < raw* aet'fu'ee '/ Diana T Intaat, a<a >*t l"Ha r Rf'imar, an' Ma -? I' aa, I. a wife Hiraoaf/na? tor I alia ? - (, a**, arr-aad i - Ta tba Aofaakfla ,U _ Yott ara l*r*by ? .r.?ao??d awd pa^ga>rad If. ?ta?.r ' ha a at "hta ir< aw art i-a waa A tad la tba Afa at the < left (4 *ba < o jrl af l/WMl 'taaa a aa1 f' t Uta ?.t? aad ?frttnt| a t New T.,ra at hie "dtfa a aai t ?a?y, f ti t ba H*k Aa? of Jaaaaey A |i l?i aad a na a aafpw ?< yi I liiatr !<. Ikt aaM tnaiplaMH -/? lt.aa.b If?l, 111 -1 e >' r < l-ilaa>at ttty. wtihtw twrwty dapa a'Ur taw a*r*?a* of 'M> a-jat a. ai M ;m aif.ueraa'f' lla (aj a( eafi to- -a aai if ???'< fall to aaaeet lb eal ! oa? |latwt althlo t ?>. Uaaa a atatald tl<a plaia* "a lr. 'h ? e? ? -?a a.i: app y to 'Aa Mart l?i U* rwMaf ?-> ?/. *d to 'ha " tapia a IrftJlN# N' U all' >:i* a ?*< <*aay, I " fheaahae a ilpal fate-* N.W Tae* iaaaa-> It IV TV "jOT"" lirmTnTfiS "?< Ri?? J gate ef thaliiiipl; - ' taw T rt a Ilea la baraftw f.e#a 'a all bar. a/ aia ?? ?.-* aa' lata I It IbfWtia, liiyl Iban't at ''?e 1 it nat- baal la f aaawl to preaM "he tana wtla> ? ?wfa tkaraaf Ve tba ealfOWr tar . a* hi# ndh'* H" II I aaabar* atrae* .w the - It - f Vew Yore aa -f ha?.ww 'ba .*ib toy V 1 il. aait tiwtad Rft Y art Um 2Mb tot *f iaaaarr, VWA. I Kin B HWUUIt reaHe A4?WbwWW*. (Hiprao. 1POR UVEBKOOI.? l'MTU> KTATkX MAIL KTKAM ' ablp IMClFit, K. N't*, Commandar Thla iu? id will ii?|>trl *iu> tbo Yaitad Mala* mail* lor Kurwao positively ou Wcdnreday, Fabruary 7, at 12 o'elook mZ from bar berth, *1 the foot of Cknrl atrwet For frwlgbf or paaaagr, h?Tlo( unaouallad aooouraodaUonj for tt? gauce and comfort, apply to KliWAKll K OOLLINH, ftfl WaU atroo*. I'aaaaorer* an- rrqurated to b? on board at 11 W A M. l4S# Atlantic will tUi' ctH 1 1 the I'aciUc, aad aail lab fl. Hbypera *111 pleaaa take notice tliat tbr ahipa of thla litV cannot tarry any good* contraband of war f| He NK.V ^ i 'KK AMI 1 .1 V KKIt K?|. I SITKI> ST AIM J| Mall Hti ajnera ? Tba ablpa cotupoaing the Una arw (lie following ~ ATI AMU., t- pi Weal BALTIC, Capt Ooaata*. FA1 IHl, ( apt. Njr??. AIIU.Vlll, ( apt Tli?? ablpa hare braa built by contract, iipmalf ht gem-rnmeut aerrlre. car* baa bnn Ulan la UM construction, aa also m thair anginaa. to rnaiire atrrr^tfc and a|?ard, nnd their an omumdalionii (of paaaangrra arw unequalled lor elrtfauce and r.itmturl I'm-# of paaa^o from New York to Liverpool, ia Irat rlau cabin, $1JU, tu mm mid do t"6* e?eliial?e n?? o' aitra alar ataie raai ? Ct, fn m I .i*?-r|x??l to N?w York, >/0 au<l 'ill lulaM. An nprririii'wl ? urgeon attached to each ablp No barth recurad nuUl paid lor. fHiiiiihtai datmi or miiijso raoM arw ton*. rima u.wrot WednraHay, lvc. 27.. 1H%4 riaturday, Itec 17....1M4 Wednesday . Jan. 10. . lli'i. halm lay lioc 30....1IM. W vdaaodajr, Jan. M..1IU Natarday, Jan 13..,, ISM. Wednesday, ?>?(, 7..1t>M Saturday. Jan 27 . . . . IU*. Wedmeday, Feb 21.. IHuk Saturday, Feb 1 0 .... 1 H**. Wednesday. Mar 7 . . IHjl Saturday, Fab. M.. . . IMA. lor freight or naaaag* apply tu KJiW'll K. I'OlJJN."*, No. Mi WaU atreat, Now York. BROWN. WIIFIJiY 4 IV. Liverpool HlhFHKN KKNNARD A CO , .7 Auatin Frtara, Lii<t a 0. WAINWKJUin Jk (*>., 1'ariB GKORAK II. MUI'SH, llarre The ownera or Uieea ablp* will not ba accountable fa* gold, ailver. bullion, ipaclo. Jewelry, pre.ioua at.maao me la la, unleea bllla of tailing ara signed tberafor, m4 Uie value theieof therein ei pressed. Shipper* plaaaa take noUra, that tb* ablp* of tkia llM cannot carry any gooia contraband ol war. rpHk. 1.1 \ KKI-ihii. AM) PHllJkOKiJ'lilA tfTKAlWHCT AS Coanpany Inland aoiUag tbatr fa'urlM a ?Y ur~MAX(9j?3?TUt....S,mtoaa..(?pt WjrlteT CITY Ok HA|.TIMl'KK.<naw)2,63fc ?? . .Uapt UTY Ok' WAhlllNuniN <to 1.700 ?? . <*pt R L?tMb 44m ruiuuumu UlTK Ui MANtatK.fflBi rhura.lay, Jaaaary II, IM nun ijruruDL OT'Y or MAN<llk>l>.H Wa.lnaa.lay,rrbruary 14, Uti Saloon two, t and $61. areortliug t? atata nma A limltad Dunbar of (bird claaa pa*aancara will bo taaan from l'hlladalybia and Urarpool, mm fovad to pruvtalana From I'hiladalpbla MO | k'roni Ijrarpooi , i'artka* wiablag to br<ng out tbatr frtanda a aartifliata* <?f pa*aa?a, and daalta oa Ijvarpnol ia a? of XI alarling and upward* Apply to H/MUK1. HMfTH, Agent, 17 Walnut atrwat, 1'bUadalpbia, aa4 ho T HttmA way, Now Yor? f^Oll l.IVEHl'OOI. FHOM I'BJI ADKI.I'III A.? THK tntW F and aplrndld rb>ladrlpbia built ataam>bip NOKTU O KOI. IN A, l.NXi tone, t apt Waablutfton byuiutta, writ L? ready tor*r*l?a firl|(ht at h'erond Wharf, aliora Via* *?rtat, on Weduraday, lilalmat . aad aail vn laturlay, katiruary at 10 u'rlork Kataa of i,a?*?^t. rialooai brrtba, $00. inclui.tng ataward'a laaa Third claaa paa ?? og?r?? A 1 nitad nunibar of third elaa* paa?aogwra will ba takrn from I'hlla'ialphia to Urarpool, and foua4 in |<tiivl*ioia at $'X!> I>ratta ? n a??uta for ?1 and aa w a i da. h'f fralgbl or paaaaga apply l<> TllnMAH HUM ARlHjN At M? , Ik llroatiway, Naw Yolk, and V Walaat atrial, I hila<>l| hla. T.'tm eoiTii amitom ami ii AVitt-Tiik. rxmai 1 [htalaa mail * Ira mar I NI'lN, K Adam*, Gommaodar, will l. a>? Nrw York for llatra. touching at ??ViuUiaa.pU* to land thr mailt and paa>> rig?r.?. on .-wturdar, ka'i 14, at U o'clock, from plar 37, .North Kirar, foot of Ua*ak itifH l*rioa of I'aaiaga- Fir?t Cabin $IM i' ? Karond Cahln T$ l.ugrafO not wauUd on tba toyaga abould ba aawt oa boanl thr day iM-fnrr markMl " baloa " No fralgbt wdi to tatru after Thtirai'ay Kah H for fra ght or paaaaga apply li kiOKTIMUt UVLVUnTON, Aganl, (.J Hroadwaf. gin AM liar l:inui', II W IIP AMI N'l:W VOKX i dliai t. - Tli a atr:, m*hip A!J?< all! a*JI from llaar> 44 rrrt lot Mtl York (without < ailing at any p<rt in Ka( land,; on taturday, ^tth of Sufi uiliai Tba rataa a f frrignt and pa-a*K>- In flr<i and aocoal eabm> will bo Tary modarata ll.a aaillhg of tba auciaad'ng ataamaoo will b? ahortlr aiiuourirad Tlia rata uf Inauranoa a Franca |* laaa ly >blpa from lla?r> lir*?t tor Naw lark, than In ahlpa calling at aa Knrllah pot I Apply la lla*r? and I an* t< Hoularard' d?* ItaL'ii-, tu |k>aald i uiria, or in Ntw Yolk, ti. F.. CI N'Allli, 4 Ibtwllng liraan. lONIK^ Till i'AGKLI KIUI' UVKJlFOOli, J ? apt I' hrartiay, will aatl oo Friday, I <-b t, Fur iloatr, nlfri ?r nd r?Mn, apply to IHOMAltC htMIII >? . houth alrtat It; iif ii vtate> mail uni. for cauvornu via J Aai lnwall m4 I'unaiaa t.'alitornlana ar* inforata4 (by autl>onty liotn tlia Fannma Kai'.rua I Company, ) t L at tin tran?itol tba iatliMUx ia III b> mala by railroad fr aa onari IdMM'. N" mora mula trau l No rirar boating I On Monday, >?b b '1 1 (lock I'. M , fr ui Liar foot uf W arran atraat, Nortlt rirar wJI ba daipalabo<l U?a flaw* ? taainalrp hHIIHjt i AW Cap! <> V pi ?, I N , la r. r>naat at I anana wltb tba naw aad *upartoi itaamablp MiN'iliA A *|iarab<at ia alaay* kapt at I'anaaa la pratmt dctantaoa in -aa" of acci4*u' Noliaigl.lro caitad.oftar oa* o'clock oa tba *atl>ng day Fur pa war* apply at tba company a oBlca. <77 Haai atrawl, laJ V, I;aYM0N0. Dlrl'ATni UNI *Olt KA.S FKAM1KJ0 ? TU* NK? aad alagaat lu.t claaa A. I chpi?r *i.lp nAMI Kl. M II I IT*, Fptcar i aitir ia now iMding at p rr No XT kaat rirar, and baaibg tba graat bala of bar cargo aa> gagad will bar* tba i.aiial di*pat<h of Jli.a l.n? Mlua. par* to Han 1 ran' lacO ara parti' u tarty rr<|u?alad to viaik tliaHamnal Willata, aa ! judga tbamalraa of bar aupa rli r aa 1 1 r. g ijualit.aa, aba b*'Ug uu? ol tl*a ? bar paa t ah pa B' w loading '?'> tba abora port For tba balanM of bar a n.all capacity diaangagtd apply to kl Hns Aim., M WaUatraat. e kw M>itK ami caijforma visa nun r ijnk. *U Nicaragua -Th* A ''*? I?'ir J Traoa I (wn^M; v/ ? laaua, lr?| r 't<-r> 11. ? ?( <l?ubla aaala* a'aakiah (, KTAk <iF Till WK-1, S ono tona toil baa. (ajt Tuinar will !??>? (r?m |?*r Wo 1.. N?rtb ri?Br, u I ? clock I* M foi CuBia Araoaa <n K' t,'l*J . I ?b 11, ? onaritliif ?itii tka < <11(11.", 'i <40 U na b irtbaa, #m lb* Ni< a'atf Ba Traaalt rest* having but taa.fa BalWa af La A I traaa|?rla1i<a },y J rat rlaaa rarrtofva h???nl uaa aa.l ?*ift Iron ?t?a<nboata bar' UM,< b**B pal aa tit rim ml lat* tkirli at.orUaa lb* Uarf1 no UkB tianul frf/i.i w?n u. m<m. Ilea* at?a?>?ra kr* aaaar faawd la tbrlr itaUltllot an 4 aromnMcUtUrtU. Fa* lufi to k'.lta if J>* ' ?a|< a|j>1j> "Ult to 4 II Ah X'>KfiAN, Affaal. N? * IV vtlaf Oraas I ? ttai Ufa na4* u|> at tba oft' a Latlar* M eaatt J/?r ball oubf*. Ul. Mill. muMOr COHTAKY? fu* iUVANi I a*. I Saw UtUtai -U? hi ?J, I ttlnAJ/ 1, ?U I' M . froai |l*r foot of Warr*n >ti??l N K by tba *?'1 knoaa and ( ?i.r l? at?ama up LiU Ul ',1TV, II Vt|a4W I'aaaafa ran ba wrurk! at tl.a ? Fr*l(M t/. *>"a? 'rriakna 30 <aat* M> ?ubW foal, hhlpaara will b? auu.lal with l.l a a k Mlla of ladli^ of th? lore. ?l(tad 1% tba company, oa *(.(.! all'* at tbatr I ?ra *.<, otb?r f- rm aiiav) and o>. b .la of ladiBf will U *l*B*d *fUr tl.a I -?* a' aa.m.? far fr* fbt ar j*a ?*?a B|,|il/ kl tbr . /la* u>< r*; *o 171 Waat atr?a> t'tui ?.! WaM'b. M 0 KollU'.T <, A IKTIUIJA lldXDK IJNK, I AKRYIM. THE CN|. -<V tad IMataa Bial- lb? a*w A I cil|>| <*r akif IJf'M.B1 hiatal, a aaUf, ? li rail tontral; </a or ba tut* 1 at of Marrh 1>.a *alabrat*-l rlip|?l thip Oa?kM M??d, C C fan nwaitar, a il tail "a or bafura 1 *'tla Var-b. to la follovad b; lb? aar)*Ui*4^Of ablp ('???!?. >ail um or b *<ar? |i lb April. Tba ' naaa Ma*4 a.a>> bar Uat in ??? In M <la ?a tba NaM lafal* la :it '1 a i a , tba tao abartaat oa raaar-l f roaa tiila ro n'r? F'-r fctfbl or aaaaaff* ?|^ljr W K. W CAM WW fit Wall a'.raat T.v,K MIIJHil KML, At> I HaI I A ? TMIC MUT TA*TA? JT b?i?f loll, w>tii|Mar a II plaaaa ?ao-) I* tba r Mlla of U4la? for ?tf*at?r? A faa faaa>ar*r> *aa to w B<o<Ut*4 at W? rata*, If mr?U'a a^^UaaUea i? iaa< a oa board, at flat IH fail riirr, or tr. MAIlJJJt * timU I'M Wall atraal "?JV'K t"A V A N N A II A M" 1 1 '<1.1 'A I KITHi "TAT** r K?'l l^aa - rb? I'a aad If aa'tl at* am. b p KH''X VII i r fapt A 1>. I ?<la a, a ? II laaaa M?a York for Ha ??anafc oa Katafta/ I'ab 1, froaa aUr No ? .,"<rtb r>*?r, at S <, <W? y M ntu ' f U'i mf Mfmmi aa kaaH Far If.jfct ?ff'; a* board, ar l<r ia*aafa t/> UNI U.I. Nlnlllll. Il Iraataa; Fur tl " ?<fb t ?ka*a )!?? Krt far! la Ja/la<>ar!lla 111 ta 1'ilatla I fk? Fw*",4?,'t M B. WwodballL *U1 a?a?.*ad. aa! laar* oa Wa.!aaa4?;, ?afc T. B*o* uikVUSrn* a nii n/#Hii.ji mi Cora-1 Mat** aaail l.aa ? Tb* aaa a*4 faal fataa a!i?#? JA M?Al >? ? Taiaar. Owitbitt ?Jl l*a?a paar "?? 4 V>r1k rr*r "a Wator<1a/ labnarr 1, a? .1 o?a(ark }' M I ?? fra^kt a?|lf oa buarl, ? t.?ra ?ll II # V V af ? I ba ?Ua?-l and fir at tfca offira >4 M"-?l?'<Hii T|I1^T"'? A >*? j? lf??^ Bay Tbrr<wyb Urkaia tailor 4a aa falawa T?. iaa*. ar-arlUa | .l t/> f' .a'ka I I ba Ma rl?a aU ?a<- < at, Hi >?!? '* la* T. CM TllkllM 1R< ? IJ*" rut < SITtVWtATttt Bkkil alaaaial i? ^AN^' f N Oaftala I'ar- lab vill War* pi" I * rlkrtaar'a atorday a'waw^, Fakaa* r; .; at t o rloaa 'or Mtaba a4 ia4 I ?tarab >r(. U-aab la( at V.ri'. a aUf* ia ???/??? l ? af*?rlrfr ftnat* rat taka a ?/at nao*a I B? o?ra iraa^. ttifoafk < ar? I aa, f<aar?ta *' |J M AM *i fiXA-ANTM 1 Ikr *4aa; ,b It -t*i? j;?r. aiU ^Uaaa ?al li^ ?n ik?.('j far T | eumuMK *0a "IT '1/fTIIIN<>? A I.AN/.F ANTTTT WA'n *4 <aaatl?Ba*a a al.laj ta IMrw *4 !?'(? ar aaaall lota o< Irft a* aaaflaf ?pyf . raa rva. a* tk* fa* aai a* la >?r'aat mtm ?y by aV!f?n?M or aattat ;?N?- V-'M"%?I.Y, II lloalar atraat (faraartf <*??*?,) ml ' katl aak CI I '/TM.'Nia ?IJtmi* AND 0KTT! IIOW ?/ ltk*A?a la I af m af. 'aa M >? k (air ?a*k pnm br a*i. uhf %? U? abkra 1 1 I.a?r*aa atr?at Baar ' aaai ?r r. Waal Ntaatway f aAHraaa kr <a?ta? tba f*a%, la A U?MV I Biiaa allikli 1 by Mr* CHtfT Off Ct/mONO Wanttji '.KSTUDinf MAT a? kar lafl '4 awra^ af-ar* la ?f la larfB ar aaaali aaaatlt>*a iba I r?a?a laa b^baat mm far Ikaa by ark. J ' Br ?a a* atdraawea TIFKi* # (?>NNf)Y Ml r-?*r a Waat, Wxaaaa Ul/ IU4 f lM bmA C?u"? atfMVi.

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