Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1855 Page 7
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unBBMM unvn imi mi. #3.000. the Dtceturj appi -TOR SAM-:, WITHIN THREE MI I, nutes' walk of South terry, Brooklyn, eli house, three story, basement mil nub cellar, with gas, but and cold water hatha, and all the modern Imercvemeut*. Will be itold at a socrihre. Apply to the owner, "4 Willlun itreet, room 23, N. Y. ?FOR HALE? 80DA WATER, PORTER _ ? and bjttling ??Ubl shment, with all . appara'us, uiacinuery, he., for oarrr n* on the business The bu*lness it now netting from 98,000 to $4,000 per annum. Apply at 212 Broadway, NMlO. SIMliRS 4 PUROY. ttlO KAA ? FOR SALE, AHAND30METW0 3T0 J!)a?OUU? ry frame bouae, with wing, at Upper Morriaania, Kairmount, entirely new, with eight city lota eligibly located. Ab excellent chance to get a goo 1 house atftlowpric*. Term* very easy. E. C. CHARLES, 138 Pearl street. *() AA/ 1 ? FOR SALE, THE LEASE, WiTH FIX jD^tvUvt turns, of oue of the moat profitable barrooms; with bowling alleyn attached; tue location ia unaurpaaaed in New Yi rk, being immediately opposite the steamers, shipping, and boats ol every description. Also, the upper part ol the building to let. Apply to C. B. HO?W, 67 Nassau utreet. FOR SALE, AT A , . , . . P" Refer being compelled to ltwv* the city for the South, e boainess is in good operation, and pays an imtneuse profit. Apply immediately at 212 Hr?a<lway, room No. 10. SiMEKrf k PURKY. (fltPAA ?A STOVE AND HOUSE FURVHHING MOO' J V/e store, in the best huelness avenue in the city, for sale, to a cash customer only ; this it a Arat f tnin chance and no humbug. Apply to WILLIAM CLARKE, V Carmine atrtet, for further particulars. dhylCn ?A 8EGAR STORE, ESTABLISHED TOR NprrOvre the .last live years. doin< an excellent business, on a great thoroughfare In the lower part of the oity. The stock is well -elected, and will tie aold at half tbe value. The proprietor is cotnpellel to leave the city. Apply to C. U. 11QWEH, 07 Nassau street. dSQfTA ? FOR SAI.E ? THUEAD, NEftDLE AND IIjOOU# tancy store, located on one of the bent annun. To any one wishing a place of this aind it offers superior inducements. It is w?U e'tabli'hed and tbe rent is low. Apply at 212 Broadway, room No. 10. SIME \S At PL'ROY. (U1 KAA ?A HUSINK3S FOR SALE, AT ?J.?0Ux_J? great sacrifice, on oc ;Ouut of the j $150." boxes, gas -FOR SAI.E, MEAT MARKET, ONE OF the best and cheapent places in the City, gas fixtures, and everything necessary for carrying on the busine** ; been cstsblixhed two years. Apply at 212 Broadway, room No. 10. SIMERS Jt PURDY. A GOOD CHANCE -TOR SALE, AT (XHf, 50,000 eegart; cheap, the very nice fixtures, or in* whole ?tore; In a good situation. The monthly retail 8120. Apply to FRED. E. R0-SBACH, Seveutb avenue, be tween TSrenty- fourth and Twenty tifth streets. A 6 HEAT BARGAIN.? FOR SAI.E, TWO LARGS mahogany show cases, IS beautiful square mar ble top tables, 2 round marble top do., a tar^' and well assorted lot of moulds for jellief aud cream, all of which euu lie bought at private sale very cheap. Alio, a lar^e tat of chairs. Inquire at d'tf Broadway, late Moif&U's confectionary. k HARK CHANCF-FOtt SALE, THE STOCK AND J\_ fixture* of Marlow's Union stove and tin depot, 75 (frand street, WilKamsbur*, L. 1 , with the iuterest in tbe lease of tie howS* u1ho, two wagons, lior*e, h\r Ac. Inquire on vie prerntoen, of WM. MARLoW. f^i FAKM OF 50 ACRffi, Wim (iOOD BUILDINGS, and under a high s'ste of cultivation, eigttt mile* Newark, will be told r.hesp fyt cash, or exchanged for a good dwelling house in tiiw.flty or Brooklyn Ap ply to CHA8. R. Mil I.KK'S Real r atate, ntock and Proper ty Exchange, 196 Broadway. BAKERY TOR8ALE IMMEDIATELY ? IN BROOKLYN, Dear the ferry, with lease, stock anc fixtures, KB J a leading thoroughtaie. AUo, one on Eighth avenee, be tow Fifteenth ?treet, at a great sacrifice, Apply to THOH1SON K STREET, HI N.?sa-u street, room 7. BONE BURNING AND BOILINU ' S7TABI JSHMENT for saie or to let ? situated within a Uw mile* of the city, on the North river, under the Palisade*, and ??t of tne reach ol auy annoy anee. Apply to MR. WOOD, 410 Broadway. CAMI'IIENE FLUID AND LAMP BUSINESS.? A CA pital cinvn e is offered nay one wi*liin/ to engage in the above business. The sHiek and goo i will of au es tablishment doing a good bir'tan** will be disposed of on arcount ol tlie pre.ent proprietor t>e.u< obliged to leave tbe West. Addrese K. Ihjx .i7 Post OlUce, Albany. COUNTERS AND SHELVES FOR HAI.E CHK\P ? Af ply to PAUL A. lliU./., No. 1.1 Mai-Ion tan?, up iWn. RLG STOKE FOR SALE ? PITU ATED UP TOWN, tbe owo-r bflnK obliged to eell in ca?i?iii?ai;? of bunliru. Apjil) >t 111 Eut T??l(tti litre* t. DRl'O STORE FOR SALE ? NOW DOING A FIRST rate pre-cription bu*uie*?, capable of lw-in< larje 1} Incnwwi, alao tbe general bu-innxw l'ne proprietor being oblige! to leave the rtty on other buaineaH, will mB very lour. Apply to 11. W. KICll.lKDS, 307 Broad - wy 1DRU(i STORK KOK .-AI.E, IN THE EIOHTH AVENUE ? Will b- >-oid cheap, II app led for wituiu ait day*; * good location for a youug pnyeieiao commencing tin* practice of medicine. Aj ply at tbe Drug Stire, No. 14 Flrat avenue, corner of Kir <t atreet, New York. Farms for sale for gardening purposes ? Eight email tarm* of from thr--e to right acre* each ~ ill la rich and admirably adapted to gardening pur , and laud located on a plana road and railroad, ?within 5% mile* of l>ck alip ferry. Apply to CHAS. R. Mil. I. Kit, Auctioneer, 1V6 Bronlway. IfTWGURlNO MILL FOR SAi.E? COMPLETE EVERY I r way; engine of fllty home power, out turn, 100 our |Eit floor per day. Would be delivered aloujai-ie ve**el ?old low, if applied for immediately, or exchanged improved real eatate or an Interent in a good ahlp. T. W. MARSHAL, Jr., 1M Kront atrw?t. IT??b S AUD-THE HOUSE AND LOT, 42 FIRST AVENUE, I P between Second and Third atreet*; tbe hou?e la ?twenty feet front, by forty deep, and the lot about ?aty-*ev?n feet deep. K'or term* apply at 1*0 Tenth ?et. TTORSAU: OK TO LET? A THREE STOKY AND BASK r ment brick bou?e, a few minute* walk from the Hamilton or South ferrie*. prtee R8,800. only $800 caah required , rent $350 per annum, po*aeaainn immediately. Inquire of C. SCHI'I.THKIS, on the premie*, U0 Degraw ?treet, outh Brooklyn, from 8 to 12 A. M. IT7H)R SALE ? THE liol KE AND U)T M NINTH IP avenue, corner of Thirty -first atreet, 100x24 feet la\ inehea The houae ia 44 feet, with 13 feet of an |?<)*et for hall door, leaving tbe atore all W)uare; now ig a good buaintaa in Krocerlea and lujuora, and well ulated for a fine grocery, or the atore to let, a* tne baa to go to Kurope In eon*e-i-iem* of the death two In hu family. Apply on the preminea. ?XpGR SALE? A HOUSE, 12,500; TO I.ET, A REAR ? r hoaa?, at 4-0 per year, in Williamaburg, near tbe [Nniw. To let in New \ ork, houae 12 Elm atreet. Small rea, apaitmanta and baai-menta down town. Rent* i to good tenant*. Apply to S. C. SMITH, No. 59 Roee atreet. ER SALE? A DECIDED BARGAIN A HANDSOME three atory and haaem- ut liou?e, with counter , in an excellent neighborhood In Thirty- Hrat atreet, ween Eighth anl Ninth avenue*. Alao, a Bret claa* ? n Thirtieth (treet, very cheap, and oneaay term*. |j. F. WIIJ.IAMS A BON, IHW Eighth avenue, and fr jra to 3 o'eloek at 115 Chamber* -treet. B-f^OR SALE? THOHE THREE BROWN STONE FROTT ? r bouaoa, delightfully altuated in Twenty i-econd on property lately known a* Moore'* Hill, be. reen the Ninth and Tenth avenue*. Termaeaay. J. F WXIAMS k SON. SM Eighth avenue, and daily from to 3 o'eloek at lift Chamber* atreet. ?*M)RRtt.E-A STOVE AND TINWARE KTABLHH 1 r meet; one of the beat -tend* in tbe city ia now of fered. A* y one wanting a buainea* of the kind will do iWeil to apply to W. HANFOltD, E*q., 2-iW Water atreet, hen particulara may be bad, and eauae for aellmg aa |M4. _____ ?W7H)R SALE? SEVENTEEN ACKW OK LaNI) IS' BAL BP timore, Md., within wven hun-lrel yard* of pave sent, in the moat deairable quarter of tbe city. The nprtivement* i---Bai*t of a cottage, with in-> lem eon wnience*, (new witula fw jeara,) atabling, tenant lonee, fee hauae, kr. Hituatun hi* h and commanding lie purchaser would realixe aeveral hundred |?r cent iy holding It two or three v'ara Building lota witn.n ,200 yard* have been aold for four te five dollara in et per froDt foot ibi* aeae- n Terma ? II int. per t foot for the whole only. The lot* to ke on M feet Jitrerta with 20 feet alleya, 140 feet deep. Payment*: mm fourth <-a*h; balance In fl or 12 month*, with in ?reat. For further particulara, addreaa II. B., box l.'<6 oat Offlre, Baltimore, Md ?T.-VJR SALE IN BROOKLYN PLEASANTLY L0C A |D ted, a genteel three atory hou?e n elegant order, ith gaa, furnace, hot an-1 cold iiath, range, fine large ?rard, /rape arbora Ac Price only $6 too. Alao, a nmn ?jar of houae* for ?ale in New York E. B. KINSHIMKK, |llll Konrth avenue, fiom 3 to 7 P M mpOR RAU-THi: TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRI' "K Ig* houae and lot, with under cellar*, 224 Weet Slue ?eeatb atiaet, betwe-o the ligbth and Ninth avenu-Hi. |Uee, the Uiree rtory brick houae and U>t .125 Spriig itreet, between Greenwich an-l Waahlagtna atreeta. For iurih>r particular*, apply to W. F. PUIT k BKOTIIER, 0 Greenirlrh atreet. DR SAIX ? IN UWXtKLYN. A CHOICE BUIUKWO lot. 2A ky 100 feet deep, w.thio oue hundred f--et ?f ?Ith atr?et. Cholca treea on the raar of tbe lot. Tkia t joiraa line brick bo-iae No money required, if the . ia improved. Apply at 241 Water atreet, New York. 7<ut saij^tok nbeirromw, and leajuT of aa old established grocery atore. one ..f tbe beat nrner* in Brooklyn Kor particulara ln-|u re corner of rladaea avenue aod Bolivar itreet, or at the corner of obai-oa aa-i Prince street*. OR SAI E? A HOUSE AND IX)T~ ON BER'JEN ___ Heigbta. ooe anile from Boboken ferry. Alao le??e ITatore and flxtorea, 14 Beekmaa atreet laqnir* of [RANK I IN 4 NU H0IR, *1 Naaaaa *tr?et, aaeoad floor, nm m.1. Fhor hale? a beautiful farm or ninety acre*, in thigh ntate of cultivation, good and nub ?tantlal building! ou it, ritual*)! nvar Spnagtiel I, Uua. full particular! cm be had on application to A. G. BAOLEY * CO , 277 Broadway. FOR 8ALK? A HOOK AND STATIONERY STORE, IN the upper part of the city, doiui a *ood cash buai ner>*. Will be tolil ln?. on account of th? owner Having auotber buainen. Addreaa #. C. '1., lleral<l ulfloe. Eh RALE? A COFFEE, CAKE AND GENERAL RE ralinient saloon, situated near tbe Heral 1 aud Sua i. The place Oaa bwn established aeverai yearn and ii paying from $2,000 to ?3,000 yearly. Ill h?alth of tbe proprietor, is tbe only reaaon for telling. For par ticular*, apply to C. B. HOWES, 07 Nauau Urea;. FR BALE CHEAP? A BOOT AND SHOE 81 ORE, ?itb stock and llxturei, iu a good location, d>ing a good caah builntaa. Will be told low ai the owner ban other business to attend to. Apply at 265 iWeo'.h avenue. For haleor to let- -three four *tory koines ou Twenty-lnurtb itreet, batweeu '-etngtou aud fourth avenue* Apply to C1IAS. II. t>Mi I'll. FOUR SHARES IN A B!>IL"?ING ASSOCIATION? wtich bait been in operation aince a u:e September, 1R61, and ia at this time in a moat pro* permit condition, will be disposed of cheap for cash only, as the duel, lie., arc all paid up. Addreaa C. L., Herald olllce. Great hargain.-disirable hol e and lot fur aale, idtuated at Yonkera, WeiU-henter couuty, N. Y. tt.e property at a low caah estimate ia worth $4,000; will b* aold tor$t,:i00. Term'), $l,d00canh, balance to remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire of HORACE WATERS, 33J liroudway. Livery siabij; for sai.e? the stock, fix turei anil good will, together with a lease of five year* with the privilege of purchase of the > table No. M> Went fifteenth svreet, now doing one of the bent business |u the city Alto several private carriage* for me cheap. Apply on the premises. PUBLIC HOUSE H>K SALE? AN OLD EdTABL'SHED houie, in a good location, doing a ttrnt r.itr busi Le?H, with lodging and club rooms, eating, it;. Price, $800 cash. Five yearn leaie, r">nt reasonable. A ipt-ndiu opportunity. For further information, apply to SIMEKS A PURDY, 212 iiroadway, roim 10. TJROI'ERTY IN NEW YORK TO EXCHANGE FOR JL pioj.erty in Bergen, Newtown, or lUrl-Ti, West Ho boken. ? A Brat clam four- story house and lot to ex el'unge for a small farm or lar?e cottuge, about three mil- f from the lerry. Apply at 47? Fourth atreet. npO EDITORS? HAU OF A DAILY SEWSPAPER 1. for hale. ? Any person having the requisite ability to aiaume the editorial charge of a tint clann p.tper. aud a few tliouiatid do 1 lam in caah, w.ll tinil thin a rare Op portunity lot investment. Addreaa I'ubliaher, with real name, ear# of V B. PALMER, Tribune Buildiwrn New Yoik. * ' TO CARPENTERS, PIANO, CABINETMAKERS AMD others. ? For aale, lot on north aide ol Thirty-third street, between Seventh and Eighth aveuuei, 24 font front and rear, and 100 feet deep, with tliroa atory ahop on rear, with cellar, alio, dwell ug on front, with gaa and Croton water, all iu complete order. Inquire of 1'KAIT A Hli-L, on the premise*. Alio, a horae power lor TO *X' HANi;K- HRStrri.A -'.S READY MADK. CI.OTH irg, at wholesale prirea, for real eatate on thin Island, eitker limine and lot, or lot*, to the value of not more than $. ,(JVO. Addreaa L. J. C., Herald otlke, tor one week. ?AI.UAl*.E TIMBERED AND FARMING LANDS, U??r Jamea river, Virginia, for sale. ? The snb acrlbor ulftrs tor sale, in cjiian ities to auit purcliaaera, 3 50V?creaof land, Dear tidewater, in Surrey county, Vs., heavily timbered, principally with pine, but con taining considerable oak, poplar, cypreaa, <Vc. , and an almost inexhuuntlble qutntity of pine and oak wood. There ia, probably, no tract of laud in mar et embrac ing no Urge an area, aid alfording ao mauy advantage* lor the wood, cliurcoal and lumhtr trade an the above. Th? undersigned liuviug just built, ou tteir own private account, an excellent plank road, lix mil'-n in length, intersecting the tract and connecting it th-reby with tidewater. The Norfolk and I'eterahurg Kailroad paesfs within 2) t miles; another railroad, built on private w count, j.assea within milea* to Jamea river, The village of Cabin Point, with telegraph and pmit ?Bm, hotel* and stoies, in but three m Ms distant by plank toad, iu uddltinn to the above, the aubscrib ra oiler tor sale threw excellent farm*, nearly every acre well inarled. building improvement* extensive, and get. -raliy in g'>od repair. Addreaa by letter, or in persoc, PaCK, I'l IT ? AN A 1 1 HKINS, I'ete^burg, Va. "ITALUAl 1JC COUNTRY hTORE PKOPERTT K<iR SAI.E V ? tlairtj mix mlle( from th? clt/, in a pleaaaut, healthy country village, now d .ing a good Ciih buai o?*a of Hv',000 per annum, on tbe prerai*e? ?re a large<iiou? dwelling, ntore 40 by 40, with otter i?n|nav?n*xtH , twelve acre* o( land ID a high ?Ut? of cultivation, abum'ance of Iruit, Ae. For fur'.uer parti cular*, ap|>iy at 212 Broadway, room No. 3. XtlATCma AND JEWKLKY ? FOR SAI.E, A TWO VT y?ut ? leaaa an I B*turea, (ato<k if deal rod, J of an old eatabii(n?<l watch nn'l jewelry store, aituateii in the t*ai buninon* location In the Itowerj ; tfce present pro pnetvr nan cc> upied it for the la- 1 eight yarn, and hm u.ude it anawtr bta purpose well. Su<h an opportunity ol takirg boM of a payirg and e-tabhaheil bu?inea? sel dom Oflera, po??< <?ion *iven middle of April For an in terview auu parti -ularw aiMn-aa A. B. C'.. Herald office. A dwelling connoted with (tore, and rent low. MORNM, OARIUAIJKH, ?*<:. f()R ?ill A LONG TAILED GRAY 1101-iK, 10 banda high, round ami kind in all harneja, and can trot very faat. Apply at M and 'Jfl Mercer (treei. I^OR PALK? A BAY IlOliSB, H HANIM HIGH, ' acund, and kind in an.glc and double barn*aa, caa trot inaide ? SO Alao, a light trotting wagon, nleigb, one let of harneae, whip, (table andilren hLiok?'.a,robea, bella, Ac. All to be Mild Wether, ?a the owner la about leaving the city. Apply at '>t and V0 Mercer atreet. F^OR SALE? A FINE English DURHAM COW, Jisr received by the steamer Waahington, and for aale by MILLS k THOMI'-ON, .'>1 Oortlault atreet. Hormc for kale, Ar a hahgain? handhomi color, Dve yeari old in the apring; haa never l>eea unven angle marh, la very atyliah and a tlrat rat* travel ler, kind in deuble harne?a, and will improve every day lie 1a kept. Will b* (old for 9126. Addreaa, p< at paid, box '.',41ft Poet Office. mr I.KT ? THK BRICK STABLE tU T WW! POCTHH 1 alreet, with an entiance Irom Ninth avenue, juat t.uiabed for aclttb atable. with accommodation* for tifl?en lioraea and carriagva, t>eaidea three rootna adjoining, i'.en* 9MM> per annum, and poiseaiion immediately. Ap ply to F. Al.AXCHEr, HW) Sixth avenue, near Eighteenth atreet. ?rAMnNOTON.? FOR SAI.E, THE FAST TROITING W hay a tall ion, Waihington, lB,i? handa high, tea yea ra old: perfectly round and kind. Waahington la a iniprrior foal getter, aa all nil atoek baa proved. For full particular apply at M and (M Mercer (treat. \\T ANTKP ? A CARRIAGE, SUITABLE FOR ONE OR V T t*o hiraen muat be atrong and well mail*, nearly new; alao a double net of harneaa, nearly new, all iu lirat rata order. Any one having the above to diapoae of cheap may haar of a purchaser by addreaaing Cocnuiu nlcation, atatlog price, condition, and where to be aeen. R. 8. R.. Herald office. MUSIC Ala. Avery finer<?.-ewood fianof >rte, ?wti2&o a few m?ntba aince, f..r aale for $170.? la per'eet, modern caae, ano fully warranted by celebrated makeva. Ilaa patent metallic frame and modern improvement*. Cold on account of aickneae. tan be Kan on Friday, from 9 till 2 o'clock, at 165 Chamber* at MUSIC MTfiRK IN JKR?RY CITY.? T1IK UNDER aigned bega leave to inform h a frieoiia and the public that he ha* juat opened a foreign and doaeatlc mu(ic (tore, at M> Montgnintn'y (treat, where be will aeH all kinda of abeet im.aicatNew York pricea, and rou deal tnatrumeute of every deecrlption at tba low?at terma Ilvalera and purclia(> ra througbo'it th? country, aa wall aa a?hool(, Ac, will be auppliM by addreeaing k. A. 1 1 I I.MKi', M> Monlgoinery (treet, Jeraey City, N. J. PR>.X.I M PIANOS. -RF.R IY V G<iRl?-)V No if .7 br<iadway, have Juat received a Ire-h atippljr of aupermr imp.ove<l ?-nie and act on piaooe from llaliett, IiaviaACo. a celebrated mauulaitory, whirh aurpaaa any tbat we have belore elT?rel Buying tor raab. we are able to m>>I at eitremely low pricea. Second hand ptanne for (de and to let at reduced ratee. Newly imptoved^iuodrl roelodeotM with aix octav?(, for aal* or to let. Monthly pa) m* 1. U taV.n for part of the amount. PLAN 08, MLLOI'EONH, AND MCSIC? <iRKAT RE duction in pricea. ? Beautiful and celehrate'l pianoa at extrt-mely low pnrea? an aeaortment of all vanetiea, cempriaing tlrnae of ten dillerent nucula toilea , melo denna at a large dicount from former price), a large variety of all the varioua (tylea from five <U(Terent m*n ? fa< toriea. aerond hand p?noa at irr*at ftargaina. prioe Itom f4*i U> f Ibd; puar.oa to rent, muaieal inatruiitenU of ell kinda, mu?ic at trie reduced rat". Now ?elling rapidly, "fparkllnf I'olka," by Tbomaa llaker, price 'i& cente?a moat beautiful pmdne'ioo. HORACE WaTaRH, til*. Broadway. SKOORl) HAND PIANOS ATUREAT BARtiAlNl? ONE Chickering piano, round cornera, aeren octave, with it>< >ulding(, fret deak and fancy lega. price (4^0. been uaed about ten montlie; wiU be aoll lor |'i7&. One Hew'e piano 7 octave, plain round cornera; prica will be a? Id for ?;4<i Alao octave do . price S t 1 S will be aold for **< O One for 9176, IIM. |l?0, flU 1110. tlfo, tH?, S'?. and *4n Second hand melad-on for $ii0. on* do. for t.V) New aMd on m >ntoly pajnientf. HORACE WATIJW, 3M Broadway. TRAVCLLERir OUTOK. Nfw jxrpet raiiroad.? kor rifn.ADn.fHil and tba Hontb and Weat. via Jeraey 1 ity mail and ? ? preea linea ? L#ave New York at n aad 10 A M.. and 4 aad A P. M. Par*, fit 76 In 4. aad |3 1a 6 aad 10 A. M and A 1'. M , (erond claaa, fl U ia 10. and 12 M.. at |J itfippin* at all way atatioaa Through t cketa aoM for Clarlnaati aad tbe We.t, ami for Rait more. Waabtawtas Norfolk, Ac , and throagti baggage chackad to Vaakja too la t aad 10 A. M aad 8 PM. hmmovau BKMOVAL? PAIL A. HRLZ IMf'Rrf.R OF watchea, baa rewvored hia >.fflce from No. ? Cn rtlandt atreet to No. I) Maiden lane BOAJRXMKO MD UNMIVQ. ITfTf) BROADWAY? AN ELEGANT SUIT Of fUR I tjJj nishad apartments to let, with board, to ? (tuil) or single gentlemen. Private table only. The house contain* all the modern improvements. 7 rv FRANKLIN STREET, F1KHT HOUSE WE-tT Of f " J Broadway, neatly furni?hed room*, witb bedroom* attached, on the first and Mcond Boora, for gentlemen ; breakfast served if raquirod; also, one or two aiugle rooms, for lodging!; cleanliness strictly observed. fr(\ ELDRIDGE STREET?A GENTLEMAN AVl> WIFE Of" or two single goutlemrn, can be azommolated with a plvaaant iront parlor, furnished, and beuroom with ot without board, in a respactable family without children f- ff WB8T TWENTY THIRD STREET.? A H ELECT OO family, and also one or two gentlemen, can be accommodated with suit* or mngle rooiua, Willi full or Prtial boarn, in the eligible brown stoue l> illdiu<, which newly turniahed, containing all tbe modern iiu pro vo mer la, and In one of the mint daligiitful location* iu the city, between Broadway and Slitli avenue. U UNIVERSITY PLACE.? BOARDING IN ONE OK the moat eligible location* in the city; immediate vicinity of Broadway, Fifth avenue, Urge uotel?, libra rii-s, aumn'mrnU, 4c Immediate application will assure apaitnitnt* for &eutl< men and ladian. Also room* for aingle gentlemen BOND STRKkT, NEAK BROAD WAV ? FURNISHED ** room* to let, with lull or partial board. Dinner at half paat live o'clock. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRE* TO FIND A SUITE of ro<im*, conaiating of bedroom, parlor aud bathroom. wi<h gat and tire, (.oration between Four teenth and Fourth streets, aud Fourth uiii Filth avenues. The aeooud lloor prelerr*), aud where there are no other lodger*. Adore** Alexander, Broadway Post Office, for three day*. A LADY, RESIDING AT 66 SECOND AVENUE, H desirous tl letting a plaasant hack p trior, with board, iu a house *itb modern improvements, to a gen tleman and wife or > mall family, where tliey r to have tli? ccmlorta of a borne, alao a room for two single la die* or a gentleman. Term* very reasonable AT NO. 91 1TUNCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR liroaciway, a i ngle gentleman can obt tin a desira hie aid neatly furnished bedroom, with full or partial b? ard. llouae first ctaaa, con' all the modern 'mprotfuienta. A PRIVATE rt^ANISn FAMILY, HAVIN'O MORE room than they require, would let to a respectable family the aecond lloor, conaiating of Innt and bask room* and pantries, with full board, on uloderat* torins; lath, gaa, and other improvement* to It.: )ioua?. Ad dress, post paid, X X., box I'ost Office. AGkNTlEMAN AND WIFE WANT 10 HIKE THE secind lloor of a amall two story house, iu tbe up purpart of this city or in Brooklyn preferred. Would cot object to Jeraey City or Williamsburg Address, atat ng full particulars aa to loratlou and rent, which must be moderate, kdward J , Herald oflce. A FEW DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET. WKII BOAKD, A ('U serOBtl lloor. to families or tingle person*, at I J deccker street. A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WILL LET A FEW neatly (urnishad rooui* with convenience* for tire, with or without partial board, wbere the comforts of a Lena can be enjoyed. Bath room in the house. Apply at 66 Macdougal street, between Houston and Bieecker. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY WILL FIND i WELL furnished parlor on the first It tor, with or wit out board, on reaaonafcle terms. Apply ut 65 Watts atroet, two uoors from the corner of Cunsl and Hudson streets Board? near st. joiin's park, front boom, second story, handsomely furnished, (puntry at tached, ) Iront room, third story ; tit), other rooms, with boaio for gentlemen, or gentleun u and wives without children; is a tirst class house, 18 Varluk street; b tths, gaa, fir. Reference* exchanged. Board? a highly rehpbctabij: private fa rnily, occupying a first class boure in tna up|a-r I art of the city, a few doors from Bioadway, and wln're tbe K ii|* I i ib, French and .^paniah lani;uitg?a are spoken, would be bappy to accommodate one or two alugle gen tlemen witb handsomely furuiahed rooms, either willt full or partial board, where they could have every com foit of home.and where no morn than two periooa wo ltd be takeu. lho?e only who run furnish the i>e*L of refa rrnrt-s, and willing to pay a litx ral price, may nddrea* a note to G , Herald oltice, stating where an interview ui.ty be bad. Board.? po-bkeion given immediately. ? a pur or and chamber in Montague n'.wi, the raont deflrahl* *iluatlon in Brooklyn, can be bad, on immeli ate application to box 8,13tt New York I'o.t Offica). BOAKD.? IF YOU WIWI COR UOOD BOARD AT A low price, call at No. 301 We*la-y pla'e, between Mountain unit lllieechei a .reel*, t-w> block) e**t of Broad way. A low room* lett. *uil.ibl? forg<'otl?m<?u unit lalie*, or i.artie* of gentlemen. Also, aingle room*. Board? with convenient apartments for latniliea or *ingla< gentlemen ; a Very da>*irai?e location for gentlemen ilom^ butine** ilown town , own tnd et*yen pa*?ing Ui all part* ail toe Hlj. Apply at >o 4 Abingdon *<|uaie, wimd houxe from Bank ntrwt. BOaKD? AT 102 mWII ?MB, NEAK THE tilth ava*nu?* railroad. ? A few *ingle ?entl"iu.m can be accoromoiiateal w th furniahed rmima and board, at the above tlr*t claia* liaaii*. ; alao a large room, fur niahi-d, mutable for 11 gentleuuin and I'"* *il? or two aingle gentlema-n. Dinner at 8 o'clock. Board on brooki.yn heights? a gentleman and wife, or a few aingle geutlei.ien, cau obtain hoard, with lb* comfort* of a home, at 1 2u ? ailumbia atrcrt, commanding a tine view of tbe hay and city of New York. No moving at May. BOAKD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHtS, NEAR KI'LTOM fury. ? A large aquare roamt and bedroom, f m main- I , alao, roa>m for a lady. Genteel and pleiaaut location, two minute* walk froin the ferry. 4.1 Middagh atr-et, one door from Willow. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? A GENTLEMAN AND Hf9 wile cat find a Itrge ami handaomely furniahed r< ' ui. at .18 Willow *treet, three minutea ??lk from Wall atr "t nr Fulton ferriea; trie house ia furtunh-'d witli gaa, hot air*, he. Alao one aide room. BOAKD WANTED ? BY A GENTLEMAN. IN A Pitl Tate family, wbere lie can enjoy the comfort* of a hon.*?. A young widow lady preferred. Addre-* I . W. L. , Herald office, Mating full particular* a* to term*, lo cation, Ac., Ate. Board wanted.? a Parisian oen daman, just arrived Iroin a Southern college, where he haa been engaged a* French teacher, withe* to board in a Brirate lamily who would acsept hi* tuition for a part of ia board. I'leaae addre** I. E J., Herald office Board wanted by a c;knti>:man and hh vn in a private family ? full board lor the lady, a a 1 dinner on fuaday* for the gentleman , do a.- n town would be preferred. Addre** Johnson Htrald office. BOARl'INO 81NGIJC GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC- ! ixamooated with room* aod full hoard . aUi, , large pi aaant room* to accommodate a party of four gentlene i, at 122<*hambert atreet, Day boardera ac comm <?la:*d alao. Refe.enc* required. BOARDING? ROOMH AND BEDROOM -< TO Hh.ST. J together or neparate, part or full board, private i table if iiaaired. Bathroom and ga*. Mr*. MEDH1 H.1T, | 641 Hounton ?tr**t. Boarding.- a gentleman and ihh wife and two or three (ingle gentlemen caa be genteelly coinmoaiat*4 with very pleaaant and hun<i*<iu>ely fur nlahe^ room*, front'rig Broadway. Hou*e 7H& Broa Iway, c? rner of Ten' b *treet, and naany Oppoaite Grace Chureu Entrance 136 Tenth atreet. BOARDING ? TO I.ET, *IfH BOARD, IN A PRIVATE family, a back parlor and bedroom on aecond atory. Rnure ha* all tbe modern improvemente. A gentlemaa ant hi* wife preferred. Reference* exchanged. Inquire at 101 Heoond avenue, or addre** box l'?l llerald otlie*. Boarding in an amerban family ?two <?r three amgle gentlemen can be accomm ? with lull or partial board, al*<>, a gentleman aril hi> wife. Apply at It Orchard atreet, between iirand and ll?<t? r B0AMHM UP TOWN ? roi'K OR FIVE HEBPECTA hie mechanic* can obtain Intard and nice rmm ? at 13 and |!l bo per week, at 26T Thirtieth atreet, beteeen Ninth and Tenth arenae*. Boarding down town, no. ? oullmk pi.a< k ? Heaatiful bMtation. One large ront room, auit able for a gentleman and wife, or tw i?t thne aingle gen tlenen. Feveral atnaller r<?>ma, ?uitabie for two gentle men, may lie obtained on moderate term a. Boarding at no n WMMKU RM0.? PMU- j aant, airy rw mt for gentlemen, or geatleiaen and tite r wire*. Aluo, ladiea acoimn ^tate'i with board. ) Irlce* iniideratr, an<l tbe comfort* of a home. Day ; hoarder* accommodated. Board, and mi hkani^h lajkmjaol? rtro gentlemen can b> ateomnxxlated with paitial r.Mrd on mooerate term*, in a h ghly reapeoiahl* Awe ? ?n family, "Here they may lave leaawjria in aai l laogu. /e without any extra chnig- The hoti *e ha* all the wodei * | improrement*. Apply at 123 Troy atreet. BOAHD ?OR NOTH NG? ANY PARTY ADVA*. IS : I to the advertiaer tMO, upon eoii? -ral *e. urity, -an hare or the u*e of tbe nae, teoard n flr*t elau <lo*n town hoa*e, laviag ail the modem improtem. at*. A I die** KitfDaioi, Herald otSce 1. : v HKJ APAETMENTR TO UMJTR PAR'IAI r boaid If deal ed, and the u*e of a bath at 1% H*d ford atreet. Th* Bd4lt*a atreet atagea p th* hoaae on tb*ir route. IjH RM-HED ROfiMfl. WITH BOtRD, WITABIJC F'?K gentlemen aod their wire* or amgle gentlem*a m a boute with mo'lern impreTemeat*. Apply at 61 Went Twenty >r?t ?tree*., corner of naitii avenue. Ft RNIKHED ROOMH TO IXT-WITH I'ARTI Al. HOARD If roq Hired ia a amail faaMl y, aad a teeirafcle lora tioo the bouee ha* all tbe motlern Improreaaeata. Apply at It W**t K I* Tenth atreet, between f.f'.h aad Biith arenue* FIRNI-HF.D ROOM4 TO I XT. ? A ROOM, HF./iR'??M and kitrhea, wnh mak atove, tt , to a (mall re apecv bie family alee. MM mom* uafaralahed Apply at U3 Wait fweaty fourth atreet, mm Mtventk treat*. BOAKDIira AID LODOTWe. GKNTI.EMEN III* RINO KIKMSHED ROOiM, WITH out board, cau t.e accoiuinodaced ?t 1U Jay atreet, Dear Greenwich. Abo, a front btODMt to Ut, auita ble for an oflice. Apply a* above. ? 0 10 I'NION SQL' ARK. ?A HANDSOMfc. PARL0B anil bedroom, on tbf ttnna Boor, in a ara-tll family, suitable for a gentleman aad hi* wife. Also, a single room. PAK11AI. BOARD *IX OK SCVSN YOUN0 OKN- ! tlemen can tie KcommiKliiml by a *?lo? t*>ly , wbo will make them *omfortahl* in every re*pect; two minute* ; walk trnm the cam. Inquire at 73 t'eventb atreet, In tbe btNMlt. PRIVATE BOAKDINU ? KVKRAJ. VERY I'lJCAiANT ? room*, in suite or aeparate, furunhed or nnfurniah'. ed, can be l ad. with boari', un reasonable term*, In a private family, reading al No. -???? fourth avenue, oppo site Calvary Cburh. Tin* bouiw 1* finely located, ? nil ba* all tba modern improvement*. Reference* ti - clian||e<). PRIVATE BOARD.? A OKNTIJttlAN AND LADY CAN be accnminoduted with an * le^su' ly lurniahed I rout rnotn, iu a private family, with board for a lady only. Term* S14 p?r week, with lira I-ocation central ani con venient. Address Hyron, ltriadway Tout Office. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, OAS BE IIAD in a modern bolide witn a ? mall faintly, witbin five minute* walk of the South ferry, llrook lya Term* moderate. Adilre** H. D, through tha Brooklyn I'oit Office. TO I RT? WITH B0AHI), TWO OR TURKIC LAKOK room*, furn nbed or unfurnished, at 163 llulaon ?treat; n?ue need apply but those wbo wiah a permanent home Location desirable. rro (f.T-A FURNtthED ROOM, WITH BOARD, TO I. a gentlemen and wife, alio, a room for a single gei.tlfii.uu. Apply at 1ft Obrystie street, bet won Hea ter ami tirand. f|U? LET, DOWN TOWN ? A FURNUJHKD ROOK, WITH J[ oat hoard, for one or two single gentlemen, iu a plea' rant ami i|Uiet house, where no boarder* are taken. Ap ply at 86 Murray street. IJil1 WITH IW)AKI> TO 1JCT, A VKRY I.ARWk front room, handsomely furnished, ga*. urate, and a very large pantry in the room, iiut lew boarder* in tlie house. Call at MM Broome atreet. rpO I KT. WITH BOARD, IN TENTH STRKKT, IN AN 1 eltgant private establishment, three or lour room* To perroua giving r"'i rtlerence the term* will be a senudsry oonsideration. Addr*s?, with real name and number, W., t'niou square Poet Office, N. B. ? A private table if preferred. fl'O I.KT ? THE STORK AND I> WEI LINO, 114 CANAL X I'.rttt; alto, tbe third and lourtn lloor* of the new maible front building, 106 ( anal atreet, corner of Woo* Vr well ailaptfd lor sa't* room*, office*, or some light maiiulactiirlng buMiie?a. Po-*ea*ion given immediately. Inquire at 1IAN lA'S bat atore, 1U0 Caual atreet, comer ol W oo> ter mo LIT? THX PAST OF A 1W0 STORY AVI> 1 attic liouse, flea?autly located in Market atreet, ceusisluig ol front and ba?:? room, uud entry bairooin, if applied lor Immediately will be let to a family witbou'. cliilc ri n Addreaa II., t halhmi anuara i'o*t Office. mo LET? LN A I R1VATE HOC8E, NO. 2* LUPIN till) I street, two turn'*lied or unturnialied 'iwim on the neioud atory. 1'ricu iiK.Hlerate Keferen ???* e\oban^e<l. mfO OR THHKK BWI OKSTLK.MKN, OR A J gentleman and bia wile, ran lie ae.commo lated with pleaiant looma, with or without board, where there are no other hoarder*, lxicutioo doxirablu. Situated No. 17^ Went Kourt"ertb atreet, near Kightli avenue. 1<WO on THRKE M.Ntil.K OENTLEUEN CAN HE A<> coniint dated ?ith single room* au l full or partial board, by apply iug at No. 'I I^r iy place, Bleecaer a .reet. TLe houte 1* prov ded wttli the m<alei n impiovuinant*. Dibit, r at al* o'clock. ?<n?h and Engliab *poien. lHHJttK.d, KOUMN, ?C., WANTKU. VPARTMENT8 WANTKI) IMMEDIATELY? NOT I.SSS than three rooma, unfuroiahod, for * g*ntli'in<tn, two ohi 'lrtn un<l evrvaut. Kent muat !?? mode rata (jood refrri-nco glva and roi|ulrcd. Aldreaa S. W., Hi raid cilice. HOl'BK WANTED? WANTED TO PUItCHAtE. A two or three *tory tiouno aud lot, witii or without tlie modern Improvemanta, ???t n( Brwl??j -nil not iloTe Twiity Blth ?lr-?t. jUkto alio Of bot aodt houee, al*0 " liain ill till? and prti-a, nod ??y you will p?y e*|tn?* of ??i.iinioin^ tte -iim? il found dtlferont from rej . i?n ntatioi.a. A 'urea* H. I'., Herald ulHea. HOl'RR WA?TI 11-WtTH MODERN I MI'ROVKMKN rs, hy a mmi I faintly, id i good location hi tbla ci'.y, tltlirr *mI or ?Mttf |lra*4*tjr, not oboaa tOxhiaeulh ?trart. Addroaa, at.iiing term*, accoui'n eUtiona, \ . , box 4*oat Ofllrtj. WANTKI) TO HIRE, WITH XODKRV IK prow-meat*, ple?.?ntly Ux-atad, nuit ml" for a Mi, ml I n n> i ly , b? low '.lUi wrr't: woul I pralnr ea<t ?ldo oi t< wn, il the iiri|(l Imrboodof l*<t llroilaay or Henry atn ft , jtj aoflaion tj v i i|i l*i ill lebriMry or wmwir, ir voulu purr.haao a bout' noil lot ? price from U,o K) or t*,l(00, fi r which a lint boml and mortgage of $?> iMH, wi ll aeured oo * larin . ahi'rt dintauca in tlie country, will III* given, ?ud lalaii n iu cmb. Addreaa A. H Y , Herald olli IWIKII FOB J'AltT OF \ HOlrK, TUHkK Oil POt? rooma, on lk? C ut . r i*n ml floor, with a reap-eta ble lamljr Kent moat b? moderate Addreaa, p >at paid, atntmg location an I term*, E. Albeit, N"0 Hi i belle, Wtilclii*it*<r county, New York* IOTO-ANY I'KH-oNH WiMJNC TO HEI.I. OVEOR j two lot*, (by inatalrnauta preferred,; In llergm, Wmt lloboken, ur on tho oitakirta of New York or llri'oklyn, "ill find a cantom- r by .addra>??ini{ If. V. V., Ilrral'i ofllre. hy atiim* lowrat priea an I particular* h'oagrnta need apply. A. Id re* for one week. / vHICW WANTfcl' ? ONE OH TWO KOOMH IMH'I.ATT * ' Klrewt Or neighborhood. Addrwo* Mei can tile, Herald oflke. CtAFE AND DMR WANTWl ? A GOOD IEOOND IIAVH n medium ?II?<1 -al.imau l?r ?afe; alao a jo?mI atand Inf ilmk. Adilteaa N K. <Jo. , boa 3,u.X) Full Oftt*?. flTANTKIi 10 UA4E? fkOM 1HT MAY NEXT, A Vf M mall inixlara built liouaa, V-tween Kilth m l ."tilth aftDiua, aot almra tTbirty dflh >tre?t, rent not to ai C??|| tilK). Ad'ircaa E. II , Herald nflica H^AMtVD? BY a EM A IX kamii.Y, I'AKr OF A W bourn , for liflwm inoiitba from Ilia Brut of ? <?!? ruary Kent wont ba mo<leraU>, and tba location below Fourth >tt*et , I be eaet tlda of tba city praforrod. Ad dreii* Iv N , Herald uOic. ' A< HT -WANT Ell TO fl RCHA.SK, A HtfALI. YACHT I or lar|(a -ail Uiat of foo<l modal and a l*?t nailer. Aodiaaa box I Oflca, wltli full particuUm, aiia, jr. re. ag>\ wbeie to ba naen, Ke. OIMKI'LAIIEOVII. "" a ? / V t A.-tJt Hl'llinw TUiU'KN'TlNE, OONTAI VINU four rana of (l*e n?tl<.iii each, put up in au penor orilar, aultabla for the l*lifornia an l Anairaliao maikrta, for tale .y Uit'NsUHKY h HKTIM, 32 llurllnf ?lip. I /.r canal IKKET, NEAR VARICE.? W * H. J |)0 VAN SI ifiata aud fender, kltcbea ran<*, ? uniiner ranife aud >tn?a warerooma. Wa bara a lar/e aomimeol of tba lataat pottarna of mantel (ratea, ranK*a aud (tovaa, for aala on 'aaa-tnablo V*rma ?>rat?a aud ranfta a?t and r"pairod, ran^aa lined, braaa found ?ia' an 1 jawellara' I iroaaaa built, atoraa lined, bakara' u M- ii a built ao? rapa ;ed. DWORAHVE EIOH*) PAIVTETI or THE OKKMaM aod Italian acbool. ? la ready Vo darorata lo tba moat aj.piwited inann. r, and In all ittlaa Addreia at J* "prin* atraat, Naw York, OEOiUiK FICHT. Ii < liMID, NO. 471 PEAKL 8TREET. MAN IF AC a turai of jewelry aaea. Ofdara executed promptly, an i in th" D*at?at Know VirtWNif ~i ia i- thw hkai rini. ami (ragrant aoap, tmbbmitical of Know Nwtbioj o in, ahould Ii" In and on tlie ban la of arery mem'ier of Ifce of'er and frleodt nl '76 To tia obtained wuolaa^la of llAtttJ", IUN'MDaIJC k HlMI.Vrf.iS, 41 liey atraat, and re-a.l of T. (odutngtoo. druggiat, 710 ItroA-lway, uii'.er tba New York Hotel, aod of all tba pr nop*) dnn'''a> L' XI RIANT W H1HKEK OR MOCifT ACII W K'H'.i i :i r?J fTHir etronj; and tli ek ia aia waaaaa, by my oa/u ant, ? bleb will not ?tam >r injara tba akin, II a '*>nta tent to any par*, of tha ? iuntry. K II liHtlUM, lut Naaaaii It/eet, Hayaa, 17& >ulton atraat, llrmitljia. J EAKY R0oF8CtHED.-AIX KIN'trt OF HN HOOFM J j rtpalred and enatad w lb a patent me tall' j.a^at - i w oat t?i?f e jual tii Ora ?,f ornoary paint -and war raol"i water ti(tit. Hoofing depot, No. 91 MaOj O at.eet, bear Mabtoa I^EJNTWO TTUfE WHO WMH THEIR CARIM, ClR culara, bill I e?.la, prlra liOta, bil.a of la.iior, ao lit'), roeeipW, lo.tioj or handbilla, eoaatry mere ?uta ? tora Idlia, or any other kind of jiib priat>n/ Ua l-aiaa iy rtnae at la.r friraa, will 4o well to rail at IHodA.-1 k. FtTION'lt pnnti ok ofltea, 14i Kultoo atreet II HIRE ARE YE A 0A1N', ff To tha up town raaort, * liero I it mutton ptea Of tba r .ht Ua4 ara gut. / I.FX I' TAR'MCt, 4<>f. H(th aaanua, near Twanty 1Mb | t real, -??p" tl ully it ouaoao to bia fr anda ?a) tua ( utlis IB (eaeral tnat b? baa opened a b'?a-l and f.a f rake bakery and fn far tioaery, a neat and c-mb mtdk ua ?al.-ia atUebait, ?i ara ba U f n p?r?i t?,a?r .a up hi t fruttra ) aa, tar la %a*1 r rears ryat era, Ma r'mta, taa and 'offea Mr , kr We-tdinf and part> orlara rot up'.o ifca ab' rte?". aoti'e l>on't forgot 404 Ai'.b ara nua EtFREM AUF 1UEI, t krm?. OF WEI 4 it, UK?,|) k OO H ??EW Y'Mt< i alnoaaia aod Karopoaa Eipraaa aad Maalua? ? No ?2 Hroo4way aod 3 Naw atra?t ?Naw York. Eak I, 1*6.'. ?A diaMaad of ita par -wst no tba -apt til at/e-a of Walla, Fargo k baa lata de?; arad oat of tba not trt afa of aatd OMOfMV peerlow to !ka Irrt day of Jiaaary. 1IM, aod w.ll bo poid ot tba ??? of tb' -am ? I ' a.' h?. atway oo tbo Ib'b Fa braorr >oataat. Tba troaalar bnooo will bo etoaod ftooi ' It o'claeb N. oo tbo litk ooM II o rlnrb M oa tba lath oataat Ity ar kr of tba Raw? of leraatara. T. M ?AKH, TMaant Aanunurn. Broadway theatric ? k. a Marshall. *ii.e I y >??'<> ? 1> ?r? open ? commence at 7 o'clo- k. Friday evening, February "J, will be neriormed cunmu. PriDM Fa Us Mi. Rtrr.MiD AlUdoro <4r Re* Dtadinl Mr. Horrabl Honipolino Mr HwaiMtu Padro Mr. ttavidge C'lorinda Mi*a i'yne Thtab* Carlotti IWdi Cinderella Mim Louiaa !??. ?? BONA nOK TRAVKIJJCRS. Butta ^..Mr. France | Jemima Mi?* J (iou^niwlui WALI.ACK'd THKATKIC, BROADWAY, NEAR Ilroome atreet. ? Friday ?riming. Kab. 2, TOWN AND COUNTRY Reuben lilenroy Mr laiter l'?>aey Mr. Blake | Hawbuck Mr. Vmc*nt Trot Mr. Brougham | Roaalle . . .. Miaa K lieunetl I'laatic Mr.Htew?rt | Mra. Olenroy... Mra. Iluey Owen O|?nroy Chippendale | Mr* Mnre?ti . . . Mr? HUK A LADY AND liKN TI.EMAN IN A ?'K? TUaRLY I'KM 1'IJCXINO 1'RKDICAMENT. The Gentleman Mr. Vn ent lb* Udjr Mrs. !*t?|ib?a? GEO. CHRISTY ft WOOD* MINSTRJU^, IN COMB <|U*dc* of lha deatruction of their hall, 444 Broad way, by lira, wMl parform every evening at MKfHANlC.1' 11 Al.J ., <72 H ROADWAY, aodar tba control of H WOOD. > r UKO. CHitUflT, AU buaineaa transacted by H. Woot ETHIOPIAN MIN8THKI.SY, BCRI ft-yujc OPERA, IJOHT FARCER, DANfTO, KTC, Africaniied by tlia m mi accompliahed company la (hi worln A cbunge of programme everv evening. I'oora open at 0){ o'clock, to commence at 7>? pra Maaly. BROAIiWAY SUNDAY ONt'RRTM. METROPOLITAN THE vTRK. GRAND rOl/J PERFORMANCE ao<l i'>tra attraction for HUNDAY NHT, FEB 4. Entire chanye of programme. Selectiooa from " la i igliu del Reggnnento." Kir?t appearance at thru* |><ninla~ concerta of HONOR HKR.N A 111 , and other eminent artietea For parti' ulam aee Herald of to morrow. Price of adnit*eiiii to eve ry part of the home, ?'i i:ant>; Reserved Seats, U6 cent* eatra KRAN'K HUGHES, Manager. TirAlJAIXH THEATRE. -MR. HI.AriK RMI'HT TT fully annouac?a that Ina IIKVKHI will take ON TL'IMIAY EVENING, FKIl. ?, when will be performed, for tlie llrat t in* here, hiving leen moat kindly preaented by the authoreai Mm. Auua Cora Mowatt'H popular American come ly of FAHHION, cant with the entire itrenglli of the company. Adam Irucrnau ( Ina original character ) by.. Mr. Blake With, by special ret(iieat, and lor thin occasion <vjly, th>' favorite drama of THE I AST MAS. U?o!Tfey Pale by Mr. Blake Hot bo >k uow open Kull jaiticulari bereafVr. ri'llk: IMMKN.-K MUCX-TSR OK I'MUIAM'S KrHIOP AN X Troupe in Htwlon hai induced thein to prolong th> ir ?tay. Ilao notice will b'* given of the RF OHKNINO OK TIIKIROPILRA HUl HK, <V03 BROADWAY lb the mianwbile, tbat beautiful entablli>hineut will be rented lor Uoneerta, lecture*, and other re?peciaM? amuatuicnta. Apply at l erhiim ii liift Ticket Office, in the building, wbrie (lift Tlcketa and lolormation in re lation to (be ruteiprlna call l>e obta med. rjMUNKJ.IN Ml ' M M, NO. 63 H??WiUtY, NHJkRl.l r oppoaita lha liowery Theatre Performance* ererj afterniMin, at 3, and atary evening, at 7. N 8 ? Htrangera will okwerra that tue I ran no Muaeum !? '.h? only plai e in the I nited .-late- where the Modal Artinie* are ea hibited, with other original entartainmaota. Ha meia,*i?r No. M liowery. fliWO NK1HTH MOMt? BOnt CIIAI'KI .? THK I'ANO 1 riitna ol the I.ife of i lirlat, thieevebin< and to mor row ?l 7 H o'clock, (in Saturday aftarnoou, al .1 o'< I > k, a lx lit lit will he give 14 to the ragged or h imanlty actio il, under the rare ol Mix M A. Dow, Mitb avenue lY.'k eta, 2b c?nta. PnriM muni wr. uhio, nmocw ? tm iiud< raigned, aole lepaee :ind maiia^i-r, liege to call the attention ol " aUre" travelliuu eeatwtrd to Ilia |?i pular eata blip h fix nt tb? only one in St. I onia regularly o|x ii for an tntire eeaaoli Ir m the laat of Aurfiiat to lha 4tb of July, (-tarn can r?ly upon tbelr pie 1 1-a tx-mg ? ?-II put ii|on the ata/e <> well aa l?elii t anp|Hirled by the lient cum pany in the Weat. Thoae of acan-iwladged talent wialung all enga^eio >nt, wi l plaaae dire -t to 1 iW. W0< III. Mauager, I'eopla'a theatre, ,~t l^iula. M l. rpHMIRK AI. NOTK'K? 11* MRS. RO'K Mr.RRlKIPl D J[ will adilreaa lioi tt:i I'l iladelpbia, ahe ill .. J bear ot ?oim'tiing to her ad?aiita. e UHY liUUlll, M . 4 1 ?? T'K/.RI. MTRKKT. Hil.SMH, OORMKIM, I ' >K -?) ??t* Mr*. BTUNK be** to call the aiicotinu ?l the lad iea to tier ktogk <>l fruiu h *?> I hngllab ?.>?? corn te, of every aiyle, w Inch hi. ve bon ur-tully ?>? b-rteil limn Ik* drat Mkm til London aoi fern, ni l nlleia at prlrea that drflea r.irnpeti' >n. I'ie??i) call ami ?iauilo? U pun baring elm- whaie 44.1 I'aarl vtreet. Drwimmhbmm ?on Momur, noiwniJA*., we *ball commence to cloee out the calati a of our rpltmlid atock of rl b ribbon*, eui'able fordreae, bti'iM, flounce, cloak and mautiUa trimming*, tlto for aaab aad brad ornaim nta, at one half thnir original coat. W II IM IMN-TKIS, U I'r?m Trimming More, WO llnaar;, ooro?r l|e?t?r atrei ]\ HV t;uoi K.-lHK STUCK or A DRY 0OOM / More for ?ale, id of lb* proprietor going to hurnp* rarly a||'l ??"'"> repaired. Alao tw? filllitr li?il?, of tba beat J. leant goo-a frathera, with lie hq ticking, <|Ult* m-w brought from Irrlaad DtafW Ot|urM, bouae furniture. Ac. Apply at 340 IUr*:k*r ?treat. I1X1KNMVK RKHf !< HON Of TWK.S'IY KIVK ITft j ei nt on all our winter atork of b ??l?ry, ailk, m?n no ami cnttoa underve*te, anil boar, lor children, ladiea, an'i K'nllenieD Muperior kid glovea, lira ahillinga, at I'k.IKR KOIIkJtlX * <? , J75 I {roadway HKU'tltlM. W2 (JSOA KKWaHIi UlHT JA.?UAHY 2, 1*46, ?.??l V?. tJJOvJ Irmn i.raiid atrtet, through -W Tents to V.rth knit atreet, Will. a?ia?>urg, a patent lever g oM b int n< wall b, gold <lial. with chain, U? aet ami key attached an oul lady * llkentaa on on* aula of the Iw krt. lb above reward will I* giveu lo On lir by l<-ai nj it at Mr Hn.wn'e aegar utore, 142 Grand atraat, WtJllana* burg, 1 I. (Jjair KkWAKD ? HTOIJCN, KROM THE HI. Af fJIITKR ??a?? O home yard of the an barr. iter. 5 a 1 Hulaoa atrie1, on *e.,neadaj ui|bt, Jan 'IA, twn large dark red cat tie, tarrd on the runp The abora reward will I hi pail to any peieon who will furniah aucb infortnetirni >< ? II lead to the convict on of Hi# tliief Apply Ut fHKIHOIIIIK liWYfJt No. I Weabia/ton war. at ?b>C RfcWARD? IJ ?*T, ON WKtlNWIiAY, OOI.VO mO from tt.a Nt* York Illapeaaary to Matter ? treel aad up I hatoam Dtraet by kirat avenue tra t ? hevtuteeth *tr?et, a manuscript pocket book ?<ibUid1d( I' 4 In bank bill* aa<l atiadry niomvran lum* Alan, ? aurgical pocket caa* Whoever will r< turn ttie tame to I?r KNf'X corner of Urat areaue, iteeeuUetb a're- t ? III receive the above re?ar 1 aad tbanka flhfcja' Hk.WAkl I'-lf. ki'.KM IIO. *?! II-' lD^') between I n.d .1 ? alock, on the nt'irmaf of U.a lat kekruary, al>ay mara, ; aa*-(, about 1 ? bioda bigb, aitb blact mane and tail a atnail white ipot oa ber forehead, at>d a acar on one of bar froat fee1, an I cm bind foot a little awolten huppoaed to hare bean attached to an <14 ton ii|tn witb one a?at an . I.e?vily Ironed , which wit ?t< .? a in the aeifi* oe f hborl ?-"! al?o, two acta aln?le harneaa aad an old blanket S !..# ever will return the aald atnlen nioperty t<i the tab ?crilier or g ve any lafnrmatlOD that will lead to Hit r> covery of the aame, will rueive the a'-ove reward, <-t a proji rtior ?t? reward will la gtv?n for tba return of any I'.r'li n of the ea.d property kab I, IMA. i.tbHiiK lltVHt )k |iia<n ?'! ? ? I - KkWAKI "i?IMI-IiaI k.-. 'MM. I. A ^?) ti? It 9 1 r i a* llMIHHf tl Uiik ant Hau.e i. ley atreet a la I wae rob bad of a parcel coat ? in Ibg oae dorea tllver t?a ipmti uiarkad 1 <>lbaon The atiute rawaid will be pai<i far aurb .af ' aa wU| lead In tba tfetect oa of the ih a?ta aad rwi.otery af tba |ri|.ii:> AjjijtoW 'nit OS "... ?? i lark ?on ? | '"?' ? Qkii | I k.W AKI - i s klUiM Til* tHPlHWAt ?' ' a,' eir aa .M Hf-ajeay, ? i. klir.-.ay Jaauary ?Vlb, one gilt fraase ma lata .ag five plcturea Alto, ?n * edneaday llit a la<|t rtava I fian.e loatamiag >evente*a ptrt .rea The pt-turoa ee re ail tbi aa ot laciee aad i bildrea an-i are af onurae >f m wae to aay one but Mr tiaife ti ' will be pa-d foe the apprebeae.i a i f tl.a tkn! aad tba recovery .if tbap.4, or a pro)orlioaete ? ,m fi.r any po>ti< n >4 'b? ? V (tAI'il. aM Hi ?4*a; W- tU.WAHH?UfT OS f IJi'. lM)Al Nl'.irr, ?) January .1 bel?t?a tli? ra "f I'D arei . ( eTti.?r ta Nofb Wl;l art, ??('??I i.?at I'-a'l -.r > ti.i c.aity af MV l-roeo way a Kaaa aa atmh cape. I nad witb brown a. Ik The aliove mai elil be p?td oa 'ialive tag t I at 4* Hrua-lway, tbtrd >i?r *1 f RICWARD. ? l//<r, ON VKIiVMOaY tVC i |5]t) nig at Hi* ABi'ly br.p a pearl grape .ra-e .. t aet in filaf rt* gold kirteaa do.iara re ear I wtu be paid to* .ta i?co* try by ap^l;iag at rrtvtm J Utt a??"?e I to at a. Wr mwaH!' -?foi.?.v moM Trii: iiau -?i * ) 114 k fth aoaii' a blare oieraat, * Ik ??l veA m nar aad fa'. ara tog etbar with abraea oter at. a klack a a' a overttrat, ao 1 a aaatil boy a green talma Ti e ai-rrve reward will be ^aid oa retyruiag tbe earn a o tbeowntw No 114 kiftbaveaua I* 1 / a K*.? AW? - l/*T A priCKCT ROOK, WITH t? I ' f. 1 > Ingl 'k lata ailet ae4tl Aar per aoa tbet w.ll )-f ag tke <aaaa to f?r Ra elaad, V.I Uraea e.ib ttree* thai J re- ? 1 1 e tl'i reward. ?bk HI W AKI' I !*n "TRAYDl <m nOUDT, IM < M Uei ei laet a large Uaek aad w u bal' br-?d aetltr dag. *!..?. tr e<U retara blta ta IM Waat I .a> teentb atreet wili ra-tive tbe above reward wttb tike OWbef a t beak a jrr - _ ?W. aear uCle ^ Z unrimim. B IRION* I HKA tkk, ihamhkhm stmkkt. rw da y, tba too |iHl paeuliar tj tin* tliaatra, for tbla night -mly, THK -kRlOlft FAMII.Y ?n.l THK TOODIJN. Amlnntiab *lrak and Timothy l'?o?tla hjr Mr. Burton. Mr Jordan. Mr Fi?bar. Mia* Knymnud, Mr*. Itugba> Mr?. Hough. Mr*, dolman, Mia* Annla l<ta, Ac , he., will ?ppaat x-au may tw *a<urad fraa of mprOM. To mnrrow, tba trry mreaaaful drama of WOMAN IJVK on* n( tha grrat bita of tha aaaaou, with BLUB llhVII.H, and anut'iar farra Unuilaf, inn romady rail"! tba I'LAYICR'B I'l.'H ^ . 1b? Managar and tha Ml ota tar. 10 W FRY l'HKATRK ? I'RO.'lUF.ruR ANH MANAOKI , ? I P W tldron rUga M*nt^*r, R?b*rt Jon> Print Admlaalou - Hutaa, it c?U; Pit and Onllarj, 121 . E cant*' PrUala Hoir*. I Friday, lm?t.*HY X HIIaNDY M Alii hIKK IRISH AlWRl' AN K AN1> YANKKR MOHWTY. THK HAHI.K OK AU.IMH I IKIJCY'I* fckRKN Al>UL-. l?itt ItROAIIWAi -TRR nirinli'u< ?ucra?* of tba grand naw burla. i i ? on 1. 1' C Y UK 1. A M M t K M llll H , In four art*. Introducing all tb* " original gam*" af nit fatonta ouara WHICH WILL HE KKI'KATKD Al l. THIrt WKF.IC Praeadlng tba u(M>ra, NMiRO MINSTKE1."Y. I'oncart coninianiaa at 7>, o clock. Tickata, ~b oante; R?i>arvad Fanta. fco cant* lin ."atnrday av>niiig, Krl> 8, banaflt of K. y Hood, Macb n??t. Barm m '8 amuucam mlmccm ? cha-tk and baautlful parlor m?iir? ?*ery aftrruooo and aran ( mg.? Mr. John R ticott will *|>j?a?r on Friday ?ton - log. Fab. ?, a* MAI IIKTH, ii>iiiI*I by C. W. t larka, llalaway, Mi?? M??t*yar aud Mi-a \* llrun, Ac After noon, at <1, tba Franob drama of IXHTACIHC. 'ha na* Wax Htatuary, tba Iivlnx (? I calif H?|i|iy Family, Aa , to ba ?aan an uaual. A 'ni.tUm-a, lb cant*, cblldraa radar tan, 12*. c*ir.? t \ RAM) CONCKRT A1 CALVARY HAPTWT CIICRCH, VJ W?t 1 wauty third atiart. bat >wn Mfth an I Slitb avtnuaa ? Iba Indian ?f tbr ongrgtUoo will glaa a conrart of lacrnl mualc at tbncburrb, tblaaraning, coin ?mneing at 7 ), o'clock. A ? b". ? aalai tioo of mualc, tha innat ami "ot r< wpxaara will bn parfor mail, undar tb* direction ol Mr Mai< u> I'olburo. aoal?ta<l by Mra. liaorgiaaa 'tuart, Itiu |iiB?lay, Mra Jamlawm, Mr. i Naab, and iitbn tminant artl-i< with in alB< laat ohorua. | run'tuctril by Mr. li Auilrata VI r ti ||. ItrUtow will pr*?lil? at till' oi||aD and p. mm, and par form a grant! I Frli|??. by Tlckai - , .?'> ???? nt? to b* obtainad a tba iktor C1!R|T> ? Ml IROIUUTaN TllKATIlK. R. KaNIM tc / J. J. Nathaua, PropriatoM. Tba graat enmbilii'l tr?>?j of AMKKII AN ami Kl HOI'KAN RlllRRrt i will aiipaar tbU atrning, lu all U??ir otraoidlnary faati. .*-am I? t L r < ? j Clown Admloion Fir at f^irle '?<> e"Tit., lacond Orcla, [ cant', I rl?tti? lloaaa, > I'bird fir ?, I.'1, eanta. | lioora o| ? n at f>i,, parf rtnauiaa o m uaiwa at7>*. | Alway* orar b?- ^ra In o'< lo k. i Kxt'a antrrtalnimnta givi'n oa A'a<tn>'*-tay an l Satur ! day altaruoon ? ? ? DONAJJieON'H ?ll'KRA lin' .JK, i Ih aud *'.<) Broadway, Oli^oaita tbr Naw Yur? llotal. OI'tCN kVKRY Nltair T).? nio.t talrnt"! an I amu?ing CtiMI ANY OF NKi.RO HH.IVK \it)IW IN THE WORLH. A ImiMlon. r-nu Hour* (>p*u at fl\, to eutninanrw at 7 ?, u'cli" * . Saturday aftarnoon? C?ni"?rt for tha airrnminolatloa of la<!lp* und ? bll'lran. oou)M*u< aiiig ?t .'1 o rlm-k , N. II - i. mi l Uillmoiiial ta W. IS. Ilonaldnon, Tbura day *vai,kng, labruary * G1 I'.KAT ATlRACIKJV ItltlMlHlVN INMIITL'TB. ? V .1 C. I no > ? Matroji li' i til ' a TrOii|>* Will par. form, In wonaiiltin witii f ?? ?a*'! C'irt*nna Fa* mil*, in Friday and -at .r' ij nnuog?, Fab 9 and it, at tb?abo*a naiiird pla r. Aft-rcwon ? on'-art on Hatur day , at 3 o c'otk I' M , for ladiat an t r.hllilr<B 1NT? RNATIONAI. Mt'HKl VI NO. 61 blYlM'OM ?traat, oral Itcaary Tllilaan Viran'.* ? IJriri f Ktat*ian ? |'r? f?*na?.r Maur't troipa of Frwah anil I'allan Mialal Artiat*, arid s-??r l? r of *ar< uadri* axbltut at i o ' kxia tb'? aranlw/ t I Mil ?lull i!> rrbta / vTTK.NON S (,YMN t M \t i t III : v t tion. Iha Mivautb ? III ,1. II by * mrnilria of tha ilion* a?t.. i ? t? plara ou tha Mb, 7tJl, lod Wtb o' ?br IKtt. ilambara' tlcka'.i tnn r?aly .UMlN Wt?<)D lMa?u?r. TaTh n.m m ? -tiiM.Mis, ii r i iim N ?% U.?*tr- * ? a ? r? ? ii lay try \'2. i. o ??' ?? <2?*?ir1ng mfOd will iMi?h t!?? nu'li r?^n*?! JamF> J. KOnlll.NH ? r??nt tWtrf, !t*ttt<???r*. q IIV \1WY CIIAHl K^InS, (* H1A?W WIHIflNa I t > vi?it Ihi* efjf from Mb M*rrh t<? A|?rf 14 will pi ??? I'MrcM J' liii ' bin, VI ?on/- r, tliAAtr*! (ItirUitofi, >* i' I Till ??.LI. 4KAMIW. >1MT A'. M AI. HAM. , MIUTaKY AW HVH ) Of KnlMltMl'i AlMftrftU Him< II?ii I ? H taa* p a a ifltltlltllM I l!> oi >11 Bwxwy, w Alxl Midi; Wi I< Ituar; ?<w lug IM atwaiMj 11m liMini will at (-??r In mi' ?fOJ ?n I < I rm ??t>t?I |>fa*t. Tlckn'i $1 <?*? h, ran l? In - ' li>? U?at?j i*rt?r?, tt.a "Bla(l*. " 2.0 <<raal *'r* ' of Mr It* 11, au|>. r tUti I rot It lb* f ">i I n**a. A?a?rlilj It* " t>? *1 lltf 'I. .or on ' bn of tit* 1*11, ot of k if ul t ..? ?u'* af IIm ?Mi. 1-?Itr AMNI'AI. fOlRKK or TlIK l.oKKN/o 14. ird Uuiri) Mil Uk? |.ia> ? *1 li>? Afillo room*. lib He ?.!??/, tin tr.ltj ? >-ain<, 24, UM. Iklata t*o dollar*. VkA inV T'V I' y KM <"fcalraa?a MAllU? li I'AIJIV Vr.Ur; IMM 1%. 41 I't 'lilt. T pum iiam in<i jfinrmt. wo m x*.* Broadway I^MIU IJ.tfntb iki?l la mam ap*a I or tb* WfiUca "l y*|<iU ?!?" r?r, romit?*a'* at a uj t Jri.? ijj'ri m l rhUiirra "0 t* r.fnaa lay* aa>l "tatxr da??, at .1 and 4 I' M , <?o<l?Bi'B on '?.Iw?Um Than lUjri. ant *T?ry ott.?r lr ?j, at 7 % I" M riwt?la| aaa?ibbli*a oa i<ator.t?jr *??aiii**. r la-l>** aiwt (*alk? u.*n Month!? aoiraaa aa uatial < if ulara, roa'-aialaf 4ayi, hoyra a?'l tanna of laalru tin* -aa t?a ba4 at Ua irvlrn; at any tin*, or "III b* aanl by ?t. IvAM IN?i MOB* NKW ( l ?I. Ill U. / jpl "KH1 -yil ltr< atr??t, li M I an] |.>V <ki?*at t? ? aaui*n * loiin- 'iaUlf All Uia fa.b,. nablaTai -? U?'<ft|t '?? "?i?aa of laaaataa. It ??(? laaioua at va/.vo * lauurg. )????<**? Hat ia**4ay ui?I.W D ? ~ ~~ MkJ * .AN<IM<A<AIIKMT. il H"WAJU) rtilOLU . * ' CAWUNi VKZIDfti ba-fc-* Wat* ta i af ar? . yoblia, that aba La* o|r*a*H b*r !aa af ar.vtaaMf for tb* inatrur t:.<a of la'Ut ia<l lanllmaa, ta Ika Mat at/bati 'lao'-a* of II.* 4a? -? bo-T ?.? (tracO'o am; aigbt, ?*.b> balf ia**t ?.aa V. to* a .Ja<t (< RAMI. DADflMi ACAI'KMY SO l? ins |i +THKrr M If- 1 M!HAJ<il>. i aa t>.* pWaaaro to laforaa tha |>utll? that hla room- at* r.o? ?|?a -laily. for ara'tkr* it) all th* n.o^nti ?lanrra, V A M laatll 10 [' M la 4io* ab'l ftUiu'ii ?ulitac nMrarttoa or ^rwtka ran ?l*l)a U aot< of n>atl(| at bla r nm? th* xuiat aolart aa I faabl'.aabl* -"Utj A faai.iaioalila aa 1 aal-?t hall *111 l? |i<an at bla on lu?< U/, tab 4, aa>r t*t ?..l* dlra'tion PHIVATK M HO" I., AMI it, OAI --A \V laugbt la tb* i)ulrl<il I' .aibla tlmr I a1i?? a?4 (f*nt!. u.*n rati o.. * ???*< fot *my ontob ?r of l*a<?a*, a o< a rlaaa a?* futtn af for h*t'i?n*'a <a?h .aa laatrart a t a<p<rital; in; 'Ian a f liaulata, ati'l all at>all at ona tob*B?.|a?t F& friwrj H ltrR.?#TOT ARTBIIMM.t. \nn'?iocY, rmrsouK.r and '."HIRomaxtt ? Tit* raU >.r*ta4 Mra flJC'. XT, fr-?a fart* 'aa Nai toaatiHad iMiat lo?a ','ia:ii?a. man.*(*. At H; booaa ad ?' 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