Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1855 Page 3
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TK? MIS UflB PtM UTUi, Antral MTtkt MwuMp BImIi Warrior. The rteomship Blark Warrior, Captain Bollock, ?Rived yesterday Morning from Nov Orleans ris Havana, bringing dates from the latter olty to the 28th ultimo. There wu nothing Li v at Havana. The steamer Faloon waa atlll in port, bat wu expected to sail for New York oa the morning of the 29tn ultimo. We are indebted to the parser of the Black War tior tor late intelligence and files of Havana papars 03(1 HAVANA C0BBE8T0NDEHCK. Havana, Jan. 27, 185.">. ft lie and E,+awip*t-An Instance ./ Spanuh T'j rnrmy?9uicUk?Niw Fortification ? -Rifle Corp* ? It ??_7V Affair of t)u Gray Eagle- Accom nidation far tht Insane, fyc. I did not write you by the Isabel (vi* Charleston), on the 2oth tout., becuuse bat little of importanoa had trawpired, and because I considered that a let ter foi warded by the Black Warrior direct, this day, will probably reach yoa as early as would one sen? Jay the indirect route. Estrampee and Felix continue at the Mo.-o Castle, a communication addressed by the former t ? a friend of mine yesterday, which is no*- bc'ore me, I am bappy to and their health is tolerable, but they are getting every day "more ditatMcl with thoir prison.'' "We are In want of nothing," says Ei ?trampes, "except liberty.1' Again, he says. "Iam atill without knowledge as to what will become of me , but that doea not hioder me trom sleeping sound jy( and tolls me I am getting fa i!" Poor fellow!? ia It not a thousand pities so noble ? cplrtt should be crushed by tyranny ' lhe followirg fact exhibits in a strong light the tyranny that is exercised over the liberties of peo pie in Cuba. An actress, named Mur, who was at Mi'.anzn, had Entered into an engagement to appear at the T won theatre in this city, on a oertain recent evening. The usual placards were accordingly posted, and lhe advertisements inserted in the dally papers. Seno.ita Mur did arrive by railway on the day on which ahe was to hive appeared. Travel hid, how ever, so fatigued her, thai she felt unab'.e to ait at the theatre that nlgbt. She ao ordiogly sent a po lite apelogyto the theatre, acsounting for her ab sence, and then, the eveuing being a floe one, took ? rtroll with a frienJ. While aUent from her lodgings, a visit was paid to thf m by on? of th? ctoief police offi ^rs; anl, to make a long story short, the lady was that sight arrested, by order, as is understood, of the Captain C loneral, and was thro *n into the rec^tdud?* place where all the loose strolling wonm are conliaed? where she waa detained all night, and only to def ait next morning by the payment of a fine of 150. On the 17th January, Capt. Nicholls, of the bark John Carver, at Matauz is, threw himself overboard, * and was drowned. No etuse cm ba assigned for the rash act. He leaves a widow, a lady or High i re ?nectabltitv. who has proceeded to the Uaited Spates. I understand the body of the deceased has been recovered, and will b# sent to the linited States for interment. New f .rts are, I understand, to be ere-ted on the blllt in the rear ot the Cabanas , whHi will com pletely command the city, whlb, re ;>ort says, like Paris, is to be surrounded by foruu :a;?ons. will not a lesson be taken from the fate of L?uls 1 hi livpe? May not a&othe- distinguished personage be glsd to take shelter in exile irom a people ovo; wtom he haa played the tyrant T A military mend informs me that G,m. Conoha haa in the course of formation a battalion of 'Cizv dorea" (sharpshooters), to be cimpwi of the picked men of every regiment iu tae island, and wko nre to be armed w;.tn rifles. Amongst the new " city ordinance i* one r?Tiir ing all degsat large to be muzzled, and aire ?dy nearly all the ours in the streets are prevented from biting. Whoahall say those are no', a lav sbliiag P6ln*be lottery drawn on the 23d nit. Manor Rji*. Of the Tacon Zarauelo Compsny, and S nares Botte tinl, Rlucarl and Ni ola.of the Italiai opers o^m pany, were tach fortnn.ic enough to dra* a ?o,uo?) This dty again teean withsoiei and secret polio*. Howevee, tbey wiU have to be more ta*i usua^ sharp ert they discover the miu who subscribes htm tgfv roroiiKKKr^rc;. P. B I had nearly omitted informing yoa that the Coart of Mixed Commission did meet on the 23d ia*t, but that the Knglish and SpauWh jodges could not agiee in tleir decision with raspoc. to the Gray Eagle conteouently ths matter had to bo left to arbitration, and I Jts being drawn, thsSpinish arbttiato?, Brigadier Yllas. Will hove to gfve the decision in relation to the br>g. The British brig of war h-pelgle a^atu entered tbisbarbrryeaterday. p* Jan. 38 ? '? o'clock A. M Tbo Black Warrior w u advertised to have arrived here from New Orleans, and to have departed again for New York yesterday. The foregoing letter waa consequently prepared early yesterday morning lot her, but up to a late hour last evening she had i not arrived. I have thrrofore the pleasure of haid ing jou the Mercan.ilt Weekly R'/wrt, puhli"h?d last evening, and of adding a few lines to what I ^Yes'terda/'i impression of th? Oace*a congrata vaUs its r eadew and complimenU the Caotsin i ieneral be:ause be has to a certain extent earned out one ol his former rchemss of reform, aid which is likelv to prove of great benefit to the un ^ruinate class affected thereby . . , Hitherto the insane bave b:en rjnfi'iel In ahullJ ing called St. Dionisio, the windows of whl'b open iDto the Campo Santo, or bn rial ground, wbich, as maybe supposed, is neither a very j acncobie locality. His Kx 'ellen-y caused to be tur bastd, in ttw early part of t'ae l??t month, a ?mall property called Ferro, about fou- loagues hence, cn the !.ne of rail <vay near to the village of Oalabaza*. On the 5th alt, sixty one demented per sons that being the r umber for whom scotoma la tion could be iound, were removed to th<- ne*P"r chose, and whose health, kc., has beenbsnefltted bv the chance of climate. Indeed, s.nce their removal, not one ot the number has dio?L Btrracoons (tem porary rosidenoes) are being date nil tho lunatics at Ferro, until the premises there are sufficiently enlarged to do sr and it is also intended to remowe the mendicant alulta from the Beneflcencia to Ferro, where those th*-. are able to work will be profitably em oloj ed. l'oub .le<? all this U very praiseworthy , but it is rs'.her too early prf*nt to do more than award praise to the in ,6"!et"us see how the p an is folly carried on', be fore we either bestow praise or blame- Oace more, I . dxo* f r Havana, J ir. 2?, 1856. 4Jait of Francisco E*trumpt? ? Effict of the Publ* mtion of hit I-Mtr in tht .Vn? York Herald? Commncial AJfairt? Arrival of the Went India Mad 'Vitamer Cornea# ? Alteration* in the Regu lation* Concerning Cuban Slate Piiionert ? Apathy of the United State' Government with Re g ard to the Cate of Felix. The publication of a letter of Eatrampe* >n jour colnmoe, inane of the 13th mat, ha* excited aome ' ia<iulry, aid It baa been alleged that It will preju <11 e hia caae tor tie exercieo of clemency with the ?nperlor authority. Your orreepondent, whan I do not know, aaod the power he had with frlmd* to procaie the doc am sot from the p floorer; and aa far aa he ta con owned there waa no wrong done or in tention thereof, and the letter wai received by him in gcod faith, with the belirf tha* Fraaciero Fotraapea entertained that hia tr?itrn#nt, ai well .aa hia political aentimonta and hi* politic*! par poeea, whioh bad been frnatrated by the vigilance ef the government, ihonld be made Wto m to the world. I apprehend that the friend* of KHrampe* are in arm aa to the idea that tb? publication will 4a any way be kjoii. ?? to him; oa the contrary. for tfce ptiaoner bimaelf ban aiade declaration of aad reiterated every wwr 1 he haa written to the rovent neat, the Qneen'a A* tomey and tha " military com wiaaion;'' farther, the publication ahowa that the world holda under constant obeerra'loa everytWng done or being doae ia Caba: and the verdict of the world, the Intelligent world, will be rendered for or Agalnet ber rulera, ai they may act with or la oon tempt of the ealightenmmt. prograe* and polity of the ?**- Thla fhet, I tbiak, will have doe Uttueace -with the eupertor in'ofllgaaoe and judgment that will temper jnatice with mercy. That one of yonr I corrapondenta. whom I know very wall, had deter nlned not to Mid the document, ia ao evidence against the other*. Ho wae Influenced by the NAef Of the pensaal Meade of Retrampeo that It migat be dhndvaatifOOOB, aad he yielded hia opinloaa.aot I booaaae he thoatfM hlmeoif la error, hat for the reason that be w ju'.d do no rioliiM to tloae moxt deeply MnmM la hia safety. These ftieada wars nnkLoini, M I believe, to "P.," aud iu had no social obllialiooa U control him 1b w'W wu with him positive datT. Bo much for the defence of one whom I miff at know if I endeavor** to to do; bat 1 have thought that the public mistt be advantaged by the aggregate of facto that w.>utd be brought to bear oa it, without the poeaibl'ity of ooacsrtod actios, and have declined seeking the acquaintance tor Bach reason alone. We hare in Issne of the Diario Jt la Mnina. of vestorday, an exhibit of the o ondltion of fie of the flrwt warehouse and banking company of Rsg la and Havana -showing th* working in egg?e Fropcityof all descriptions $1,142,921 2k PAgaveaDot matured ... 1, 512,957 8 J 1> bt of fcteum company, baiMin^ boa 'a, Ac ' 10,216 34 Canhiaohent 777,419 4 \ I Total $3,443,636 01 Capital stock fftld In (3.000 share*)- $1,600,000 ch? PioOtand Ion 369,414 4 I>iputita on interest at 4 per cant 203,197 ti Deposite without interest 1,370,920 lj Total $3,443,535 1 The statement which leads to the above reanlt is veiy clear and explicit. T<ie "inn on deposit with out interest and liable to be dra vn according to the wants of the busineee depositors, have anpls provi aiou in the cash on hand, and t ie ouatan* m tfaring of buAine$? paper, which has the hmt possible predi cation. The non-paymont of a note in Havana is a very rare occurrence. The British West India mail steamsr Conway arrmdfrom St. Thomas on the 23th, early ia the m rning , passing the steamer Isabel as she went oat of port, and left the um? d-ty for Vera Crnz and Tunpico. We received nothing by her that we had not previously by way of tie Uaitei Slates ex cept orlvate oorretponden oe. From St.Thom ti and South American States wa have only conflrm*tion f intelligence that you have Motived by more direct route from A?pinwal]. It is spoken of as a thing concluded, that for the future all State prisoners are to be sent to Spain, with tbe "expedient?*" of their cases made up here for final determination thire. We are not alvlsad by published orders, or whether if so that it is to bs applied to Mr. Felix and Mr. Kstrampes, whs are kept acme time in saspenso as to their fate. I ahonld li ?pe that it might be tha ease with them, as tima and distance may hive considerable effact arm the royal clemency. If it is to be reached. As for 11,-. Marcy or the President., 1 cannot ascartilnthnt they have attempted anything to aecare the fair triil to which they are, or irather Don Felix, is entitled a&der the treaty. Mr. Marcy his permitted even the clear trpoti of this class of trials, mi to to him by Mr. Thrasher, to sleep on his tab>, withou*. any mental action, or granting a though-, for the Ufa of his countryman; and the President backed out un der the imoke of his only big gun? tha intugaral? and has aever boon seen since, with the banner in hand that was to protect American citizens wher ever its stars could be seen or its stripes felt. The mantle of Old Hickory seems to hive fallen upon nobody. Will you please let us know whether tha head of the government and his Secretary of State have joined the prevalent "order"? They knoir just enough for legitimate membership. t?od help the couctry, we say! D. Havana, Jan. 28, l85o. The steamer Black Warrior, Capt Bullock, ar rived this morn:ng at 7 o'clock, bringing twenty seven passengers for Havana, among them were Dr. Levert, with his lady and daughter, from Mobile. The lady, who was oeleb'ated aa Misa 0:tavla Wal ton, with her matured mtelli gents and cbiron, ia still tbe anbject of tie moat reajecMul admiration wherever ahe goes -the world ia full of her praise an an exceedingly excellent woman and wife. D. COMMERCIAL ClIU'U/.All. Havana, .Ian 27, 81 i;ak~ of new crop have been in active dent in. I <!ur lug the pait fortnight, principally for Spain; a* yet, however, transactions are limited to small parcel* oa account or iraall receipt*. During the week about 3,000 Ixixea hare change*] haiula within the rauge of our quo tatione: a contract, for about 12,000 bntet from twj eatnte* ?iit made at about to X rial beloir prewut Eire*. Ths (tock in the C ty ani the Regit warahou*"* * >ncren*#4, mil l< oattmatod to be now abo at 32 <100 boxea, agaiuat 45,000 .n 18">4 and 15,000 In 18jJ, a.tme I>erlO(1<. Exported ? 8,317 bnim to -pain, I 113 to Trance, 2,309 to limut llntain, 1,156 to United rttn'.ae, 'JOi to Antwerp, anil o 7 to tieuoa . iu all, 14,41 , jijjc-i The i| notation! ?rf ai followa ? White*, common to Unretea, ",l? <o y,'?' rla.? 22a. Jtl. U>27?. 4(1 . . yellow*, common to lloretea, ? W to 8 rU ?20a. 3d. to 23? W ; browna, No. 11 to 12, :>V teMJi,' rlv ? lte N, to Hie. *d.; C.icuru ohoa. No. 9 to 10, I to rla.? 16a 'id. to 1 7a. lid. ateilmg per owt., free on board, at 13 4 per cent pre mitim exchange. Iloi Af-w. ? The downward tendency noted in our ia?t laatie wai ebrckoi! bv the fa vorabe advice* wool ved from t rance, in eonaequence ot which \*rgt pnrchaeei were made of clayed al 3 rla. for immediate and future dellrery. Pirice then ?al?a liave been mule at rl*. ; dealer* arc now aaking 3S< rU. keg, and email lota in the harbor for Immediate delivery cannot b" bad under .1', rl*. keg. There have been no tranaictiona in muacova do, the article not being at prevent ofi-re I by th< iloalere. Kx ported ? 1 f>89 hhda to Roaton. 340 Halifax. 227 Charleston, and 33 Portland, in all l.r>99 hhda. OmtK in unaltered, at 19 ?0 to $10 >0 per qtl. for good aeeonda aalea are rettrleted to amall lota taken for con numpticD. HbiaU ma n'ain their value. F.xported? I 15* rallle to 1 ranee, 8.C4S United State* 1,172 toother part*: iu ail, 8,97Gm lie. ToiurNB ha* bo?p without a'llk activity, and price* of good qualities have not undergone any clwuige. Ei ported? 20,27b Iba to I nited -tatei, 13,0<)U to Autwerp and 9 (>00 to Franca: In all. 42.27rt lea hi u ha? declined in value aalea hivmg bacu mid? at $ S and $40 per pipe. Kx<?A*OK hua declined. IT# qno'? lx>nd?ti at 13 to 13,'j per ctnt prem , New \ork and Boaton. 3 par cant pram.; Paria, 1 par em prem , am! New Orleane abort 5 t u'<H per cen' prem. Imi'oRtx ? Proviaioa* continue tolerably active. Jerked beef. 3,000 quintal* per ItaMamda, and 4.000 quintal*, per Moto, at 1C rl* p?r arr., 4,50 ') quintal* per H itario at 14&, 5,700 quintal*, per I'ariilad, at 18}(, and 1,700 ?(iiintals, per laabellta at 18 Six cargoes . .tl 0? <|Uin tala remain afloat in lirat handt un?old K re (C*ro 1 na)? 340 caaka and 50 lulve^ at 1J,, rl*. pvr arr. aod WCCiia'.a at 13'^, j>er Wa'hingtoo, 70 cnak?at 14, 1<>J do. anj &0 \alve* at I t*,' and *6 c??l a a' l l*|. par A Dev. run*: 101 eaiks, par l<oreJto, at 14, 12ca?k? and U) bag* al 1 ,. and baga at 13',', p?-r /epbyr. M7 caa.4 at Id and 1H3 at 13'?, pei V.. Eger; 70 per Kvckport. re ta.led al 1:,,, and 70 caaka at 14 ll30A*ka KJ halve* ' and ."4 bag?, per Adeli, At 1 3 1 J , ami 4'<0 ba?? Va'an-.ia at 12; 129 at 11 '? and .'1J bag* ? ampe he at 13. leaving only the remainder* ol the cargoe* p?r /* \i hyr ao l Ki:? port on band, ??v about .00 calka Ki-h? 2.100 iioit and 300 halve* Norway ?<>! *t per quintal: ST? ca'Ua and "5<l drums .-?h1 per Cynthia, from *<1 John*, at >? ?, : 100 caaka, JW drama. .'K> Boxea ami >0 haiveaood, and ft" < ?!?"? baildnck, per ''Krma," from Halifax, at % ? t 100 caaka Erulluli cod, at 81. 100 ca*k? B >?ton cod, ax 84; 80 do , at 83>(; to e*?ka hake.f. If.anl Ml at *t\, . llertingM-1, 700 boxea, at 3'j ria. Ma ;?eraJ - li*? bbl<. No. 3, at S*>. laird ha? continue 1 to retail at 815. 81 > '? and 825!, i|tl , both in bbla. and kega . i tock 1.20) bbla and 1,|00 k*fa. Bo*ter-100 keg. rliitih at 8U qtl , '? bbla. (iuahen, at and **> kega New Orlaana, at 8^:. l ueate ? none haa arrived. Haina? 9 bbla New Orleanv, at 813,'j, and 8 do. at $1" >4tl fork ? 100 bbla. prim, at 818. Beef ? In bbla meaa. at 812. "To-ineta? 10 b >xea New Vork, at 812}^' qtl. Oandlea ? 6'i boxea aperm. at 840', <(tl. ; 70at84l.apd 1M at 8U j0 aoxe* couipoai Hon. at 830. and ^9<l tallow, at 820. -Wap ? none ha* ar rl red Tallow? 44 l?bl? at 814 otl. and 21 at 8I71; ' Beana? 40 bbla. whtte, at 104 rla. arr. t'otatoea ? 41 bbla. at 84 '? 326 at 84 and 4C? at '4 . Oniona ? dri iXJO biir.cfcca, in threa lota, at 8 ? per bundrel bunchea Cider? 20 bota?. In kalf bottlae, at 84 and 2??at84'4 Mg* ? 4 ca-ka, at 013 qtL and 1" bote*, at 814. Sella ? .'i?j kega cut, at 87 qtl. Oil? 7 bil*. aperm, at 8i'i, arr. 13 raaka faCaed whale, at ii rla., arr. . 6 at 26;, M bbla. at $25, and .1 ca<ka machinery at lo rla Wrxpi, ng paper ? t,rn? ream-, at 4 . rl* Tar ? 179 bbla at * > Pitch ? 100 bbl? at $4. Toi>ac o? 14 boiea cbawmg, at $17 qtl. I.i mrir A.ttt'. i. K ? Mtch p na con'iaaee in | exceaa of <lemaiid >a|. * 11a '00 feet " part tim b*r at 824. lS4,OO0f?et lamt .uaiity andd>ni' nvion?, and , by aame party, at $29. 27 '<*J :eet Mobiic, *t$2?. 170, 000 feet Penaacoia at t97 , |8*,0<j0 leot <r*orgia, at $23, anl one cargo flOO.OOO feat ) Mobila a* $28 .'*> Whit# fine Haarda? 40.000 feet 1'ortland at $;l U,00o Ho. do . at $^2 127,080 feet Batb at $27 ; Uo.oon fact New Br in* wick at 827: and 3." 0H0 feet 1 "ana/la, at $24. Sugar Box ^hocka ? Our aripfehenalon* India itad In oir laa< laaua have bean r' ali/ed one of our larrOat Impartera of the article gave way, and continued lowering the once until it reached * rl? , ?.n time lArga juantitie? ?iave t>e?n at fired, until th?ra I* ao mere room for thein Maoy hnve been dellierad en -antract f>ie aalea that have taeie to our knowledge are 2,6 "i r-Uile-1 at In rl*. ; 2,5<Xi uo., at ?: 12.'**' ai si,, ,nd M.DOO a< 8. Hog?lie*d ?t? tit oolataea. Portl*ad ctty, ?t 88 24 an ! 1,47?? do., retailed at $.:???? couotry at Wt 7*. and Hi aeewnd baad cf ok) at 8J, 210 augar, 1'artian.: city, at $J12>; 3.26'1 old with i'a hnada, at $1 Ml, and 74 . ol<| w 'h old beada, at 10 reala Old angmr hoj?h?ad ihwk. are ?vary didlealt 'o nUaaot any Hiopa are'n m?e? rave eupplf and limited demand, .1>|0 Hhode leUnd 12 foat, aold at $V>. and 4,n00 at $44. ftenpty Hoga bead* ? fiood "-e oo 'liand for mola-aee are In fair demand too pocf ,nalltT a?,l<l at $4. and i?l fair ,'iality reta.led at 84 641 7* emp'.y tiareaa al $2 M Khiui.iit? ?The priucpai budaea* tranaactad haa b?en frr mf 'aarea to Eurajp? Nine ve?ae|a ltarr h??o -jhar toreil to load the article at Matanaaa aad 'lardoniefor tnrk and a market, ranging Irani 4'?i tai 1 i?x? bhda capacity 1 at LI at. per ton, $ at tl In* , l at ?2 16a 5 at ?. 1 al ?2 17*.. and 1 at ?3 Ta ??! ? a<? three' abflllotr* additional if to the eont'neat; 1 of Ton hh I* tn ti.e < "lyd# at ?8 4a.. for Kalnwuth tram too to 1 .Ml Iiii'.a . 1 at ?2 10a.: )at?i7a lid ; aad 1 at ?1, 1 of ' $,*00 boxea of augar at ?J, I of 2,400 bate* for Um dm, at ?2 lie. #d ; f for IJverpool, a abeut 1 <wei boxea each? 1 ot?IJ? M. aad 1 at ?2 10* ; 1 of 1 wo bote* for Hoaahwrg for ?760 1 of 1,700 baxet for Coaaa bag'# at JU. 1 of 860 boxea tor Bareel^na, at $3 per an 1 for Codlv, l .aoo boxee, at $1 I of 3 MO hoxae foe go to load rodor ood tehee#*, at $2 per vara and $1 par bat#. T# the I'nHed Htatea very liltW haa teen duoa; 1 far (ieafo'goa aad the North aogar ta hbda at Me aar 1?'i [.made aod aalaaoee, ao Jack, at $t par bbd ; 1 tardemoa aad do aanlaa ?e?, o? $1 75 par bbd 1 Utoera ' fl^eoa and do., at fj; 1 de on tkaooeit for d# . ot $2 , H1W GUT CHABTHB. MmUm(I of the Aldermen la Favw of ? Sew Organlutlwi of the Cl?jr o? -recti ment* We appead the new city c her tor u prcpoeed by ? ma jority of tfc* Boeril of Aldermen It ie different fron , that recently offered id tlx Aaiumbly by Mr. Stuyvaeant We give the draft in full. tt wilt be immediately *ut> mitted the legislature ? AN ACT TO IMA XT) TBI OHAKTKIt OK TH* OITT OI> SKIT TOM. Section I. The Coiporation, or body corporate, no* ex:? ting end known by the name of "the llayor, , muu aud Commonalty of the city of New York," shall remain and Continue to be a body politic and corporate, In fact and in name, by the name of "the Mayor, Alder men and Commonalty of the city of New York," and ?y that name ahall hare perpetual succession, and be able j to aue and be lued, to pl?:id and to be impleaded, to answer and to be auiwered, to defend anl to be defend ed, in all court* and piuces, in all mnnn>>r of action*. auMa, complaint*, pica*, cau*ea, matter* and demand* whatever, and of what nature anl kind whatever, in a* | full and ample manner and form ai any citizen; aad ; ?hall be capable to take, purcha-te, hold, receive and enjoy, aud 10 fell, deuiiae.suiorfgay*, assign, di*po*e of, and convey in fee, for life or live*, or for yoara, or In any other manner, any property, real or ptTtonal, of what nature, kind or quality whatsoever; aud may aad ?hall have and uee a common aeal, and tnav alter or ebange the name at their pleasure; an I shall have, aud rontinue to exercl*e and enjoy, all the rights, immuni ties, power*, privileges and rmnchi*es heretofore and hitherto belongmg to it, and (ball have power to make all needful law*, by-law* and regulation* for the muni cipal government of aaid city, anl for the laying, Mseaa ing and oollecting all tax** neee-isary for the pa) raent of th* expenses of th* city government. .sec. '1 The legivlatlve power of tbo corporation of the e'.ty of New York thill be veated in a Hoard ot Aldermen and a Board of A**i*tant Alderman, who, t wether, ihall form tue Common Counntl of the city. The Board of AI lermcu *>? all consist of one Aldermau from ear'i ward, who ahali be elected by the people of the retpwetive warda. for two year*. Toe Aldermen and Councilman, now in office, *hail continue to discharge tli* uutles of 1 tbelr laid office*, until th? expiration of the psriud for which tbey were elected The wards having an even nu merical designation ahall elect Aldarmea at the genvral election in 1864, and hi anuually thereafter. The ward* having an odd numerical dealgaation shall elect their Aldermen at the general election in 1H56, In like manner. Sec. 3. The Board of A*ai*Unt Ald>'rm*a siiall consist of one A**i*tant Alderman from each w.ird, who ahail be elected in like mauner, ami ahall hold their ofllise (or one year. !*eo. ?. The llayor ahall hold hia office for two year*, and the first election for Mayor under Una act sUrill be held at the general election iu 1R56. Sec. 6. The election for charter officers 'hall be h*ld 011 the day of the general State election, whsa all eh ?r Ur officer* to be elected by the people, ahall be chosen, and the officer* who ?hall be *l*cted ahall be aworn into office on the first Monday of January thereafter, ami the law* of the State regulating election* (hall apply to elec tion* of charter officer*; but the Common Council may, by law, extend the tlm? for the eanvaa* of the votea. Sec. 0. The Board of Aldarmen shall have power to di rect a apecial election to be held to aupply the place of any Alderman whose seat ahall become vacant by death, removal from the city, resignation or otherwise; and the Board of A*iiatant* shall also have power to direct a special election to aupply any vacancy that may occur in the Board of AssUtanta; and in buth cat** the person elected to lupply the vacancy ahatl hold hi* *e*t only for the reaidue of the term of offioe of bi* immediate piedeceinor. Provided, however, that inch *|>ecia1 election ahall uot be ordered in leas at leaat two m >nth? of the tuui in which auch vacancy occurs shall r*tnaiu unexpired. Hac. 7. The two Board* ahall meet in aenarate eh im bera, and a majority of each ahall lie a quorum to do biihlnesi. Each Board shall appoint a l'reaident from it* owa body, and ihall alio choose it* clerk and other of ficers, determine the rulea of it* own proceeding*, and b'i the judge of the elec ion, returns and qualification* of Its own member*. Each Board ahall keep a journal of its proceadlngs. and the doori of each iliall he kept op-n, except when the puhlie welfare ahall require aeoreur and all reflation* and report* of committee* which shall recommend any speciBc improvement involving (he appropriation of public money* or taxing or a**e**ing the citir.en* of said city, shall be publiRhed unu '-lia'.cl) ufter the adjournment of th ? Board, under th* authority of the Common Council, m all the n-wapapcr* empioyxd by the Corporation ; and whenever a vote ti ta\eu In r? iation thoieto, the aye* and not* shall lie nailed and published in the same m inner. Sec. H Kacli beard shall have the authority to :<>ni;iel the attendance of absent mumben, t > punish its m 'in hers for disorderly behavior, and to exjiel a m*mW, with the concurrence of two third 1 of the ?l*ct?d to the hoard, au I tti? members *0 expelled ihall, by auch expulsion, forfeit all his r'gjtsand power* *sao Alderman or Aftsiataot Ahliirhian Sec 9. the stated and oseasional merlin ;? of each board of the Common Council shall lie r?g'il*te I by tt? own oidinunce*; and botli boar Is 111 ?y moot on the saoi or on different days, as th*y miy set rally judge expe dient. t*c. 10. Any law, ordiiian-e or re dotion of the Coin noon Connril may originate Id e.tlier board anl wb?n i shall have panaed o?e board, may lie rejected or amend ed by the other But na law. ordinance or res. I it. on requiring the conenrren'-e of both boards sh*ll p'*i either hoard, exerpt by a mijontv ol tj* ui ouaers elected. ? 8ec. 11 Nel- h?r the Mayor, or th* Recorder of thecdtjr of New Yoik. ?hall be a oirmlifr o' tbi ( uuim >n Couuc I Sec. 12. It *hall bo the duty of the Mtyor on t i- Or-t Monday of January. U.'.l, and thereafter imtn?!i?t?ljr after being aw'un into oltiee. to nominate to toe it ? * r-l of Aldermen for confirmation an cxe?utive cojnull co i aiating of a Comptroller, a C'oi position Cornell, a Omul of Police. an Knginoer of tliefroton Aipioduct, a Htroot Conimi?Moner, a ilty laapootor, ?nd a Cera inl* -doner of Ki paixi and Supplioa, to auilt aim In the discharge ol the executive dntie? of the city, which duiiai ahaTl b>* clearly defined by ordinance of the 'o.incii, aid 10 like manner to ,i|>po ut when "ve: III vacancy ihtll occur In anr of ? aMofll-ea If bi? nom nitloni be re j>ctad,h* shall, within fire days therea'ler nominate oilier aiiJ dlflVren* pei'ona for iu d ei?-,i'.iv>- 00 if. I Hep. 1.1, Whenever there ahall bo a varan**/ lu th oflire ol Mayor, and whenever tbe M*yor shall b* aWnt from the rlty. oi be prevented by or aur other cause from attending to tbe JuUoi of ills ofh ?*. the 1'roaidaat of the Hoard of AU?rm-n ball act at Mayoi and shall poaieea nil the rights and p iweri of tbe Mayor during tbe continuance of such vacancy, absence or dla ability. It ahall also be tho duty of the Mayor. To communicate to tho Common C-> in -ll, at i-a?t on-e a year, Olid ofUBM i! 1m ?!i?ll <l?-e i .1 It ??*(. % .<??>* ral statement of the situation and conditon of tbe city in relation to it* government Bnancee and Improve u>< nU To reemmend to the adopt on of the < <>mmon Gotin' .; ? U auch meaaureo connected with toe police. sec iritv. health. cl"?nune*?, ?nd ornament of the city, aad the improvement of It- ifoveroment md finance-", ?? he iluitl deem expe dient. To be v.gj.?nt an ac'ivo in ntnf the !<*< ,.nrt ordi nun-e? of the grvafrr,i n: of the ci'y to be duly rtecu'e.l I .idU ??n'on ec. ? To exrrc>e a constant supervision an 1 control over the conduct and a?t< of all subordinate off, :er?, and to receive and cxamioe into all such complain'* at luay b prefeired sgan^t any of th m for violation 1 r aegV < of dutr, oad generally to perform all xi'-'i il itles aa may b* presqribelto him by tho chart?r on 1 t* ordin >u es, and the law-, of thin -tate u ? I the foiled ntat*> tiec. 14. Annual and iMCMltnal npproprittioa* shall ke ma !e by ; roper ordinances of the Com noo Ou inol for every biaoch and objeet of rtty eipon liture. oor ?hall .iny money bo drawn from the ci'y troa-ury, at cept tbe name ?holl liavo tieon previo nly o;>propri tte-1 to tho | urpoao for which It wa* <!ra ?n. -or. la. The Commuti Council aliall not have outhoii ty to borrow any ?uiu? of nion^y, whatever on the credit n| the corporation except m anticipation of the re venu<' of the yeor n wbi Q rnch loon ahaJ be Made, unU'M author red by * ?pe<-iol act of the I?i(i(laluro, oc applieot.on ol tbe Uoyor, Aldermen and C'o.oraonalty o! the city of N'ew T-rk Hoe. 10 It (holl be tho duty of tbe IVimiiu Council to publish, two moDth* before the onnuol eloct on it! rhort'r ofltcern, In each rear, for th ? general mfo.-uia tion of the citiiona of New York, a full and detailed xtotomeut of 'he re;-lpt? ao I eipoodit irev of tho WW ration, during tbe ye*r ending on the firat dor of the niootb in which (U'-h publication ia ma lo. and in every ?uch atatetnrnt tho d.lTerent aour ti of city reieime, and the amount roeoivod from each the aoveral appro print. one toado by the Common < ouncil, tho ob ec:? 'or which tho aomo were n?<!e and 'ho amo int c! BonWI expoedod under ooch tho moneya borrowed on tbe :rodit of the corporation, tho authority under whkb *??h loau wii ana^e, end the t*rm? on which the tame waa ob talao<l. ?hall bo clearly and parllcnlorty apocilled 0M I* The (omnum CnM eholl hove pof or to ero ate inch deportmoota aad out -oe by ordiaaace la ? ! i tion to thoao herein apociftod, ae nay bo oe<-ee?4ry to ?ranaact tbe nuhlit boaineaa of tho corporation, ao I to den no their duti?a. ood to It the aolarteo of all oMeora Cid from the city trwiur. Ail <olario*of oflkcora eha I Cxod before tho apoointmea*. la mado, aad oil n1l?ra aball bo appelated by the Coaamoo Coaacti witb tboei C'ption of the F.iorntiio Oiuacil, numi(Ute>) hj the Mayor All oftlcor* of tho e?tv govern, n ot etocgtUo. administrate ro ik juiiiciol, and all jodgoe aad Viaa ia tho aoveral courta of tho Hty, ahtU roc'v" ? ??k'et aolary, or a per d>om allowance for iii*ir eovvic?? ? inch ahol! be 6xed by tUe Commoa ? ' jo- ll, ood aha.l oit of tor tka i rat day of Joaaary 1M roret?o totMrova aae any feo or compenaotioa for th<' him aa 1 all fete <>r Charge* paid to them ac.-ordiag to law. for the nor fnrmaace ot cay dutl?o appertoimag to thoir offlo?? anal ho paid by tiiom m^athly iato '.ho city troaaory I* It aholl be tho duty of tho Viminon 1 o in- I to prn\!do for the ac/vmntability of all o%?ora a a- 1 other p-'taona to whom tue r-ooip'. or eipoaditara of the luaie of tho ef?y lhalt be entmate V by r? , ? rm? fr ?. ?oSrieat eoeuiity for the per'ormea^o of thoir data or tru?t f?<^' It The Herk of the Board o' AMormeo .hall b? vtrtaa ot hia oil^o be I Vrk of thei omaa.o Omactl, aal ?tall perform all 'l>o lu* e? ,?rot'.<., a porfonaod f i flerk of the Orwmoo '>unc<l ei?*pt aoch ae ahail ke aaa g no-1 to tho Qork of the Hoard of Aeaiataat Aider men aa] it ahall be lua dot) ?o keep open for iaapee'lon at all reaeonahle timaa tho rooorda an t m nile* ol the proi.eo<llaga of the f o*mo| i ouncil ai op', -a-h ?? ahall ho apecially ordered other wl ?o Hoe. M. It akall be tho daty of tbe clorka *f too re apocllv* Hoarda to pobliah all ordiaaac<-e an! aeou meats of ord'aaaiee which aball ha pvaaod ant a ten toe proaeoduifa, im the aoweyaaora employed by tko co* porat'on, eieept .a h parte aa may rOqulr* . ? and whan aver a rote ahall ho tokaa lae thev ?^'d. a*o? the j>*aaago of a rvMlatloa or erdiaoace, which #h?U 'ootOBiplale any f^oelftc Impcavaaaoat or iaootve the aalo dtap i al tW?w ar appaapriaWia o* pahOa property of thr aipewditare M public aaiaeys or laarnw thorefreaa or lay aay tM or aoanaett. owe* reaalaUwa ar <w? aaaea ahall hoCaro Ike aame ahall ha aaad to tho alhof Board aad laaaadiatoly oft?- the ad>?wraa?^' of the |Mti at which the mom Hull hft?a bajn P? ?fe *"1*^ ! liahad, with the ><H *n (J ion, with we ?? ?? person* voting tor Md against the *???, l? <?*?? JJJJJJJ ! Mrs employed bj the oorpcratioft, ?? fng*. and BO act, resolution or ordinance jKH 1 hYve r one Bonxd, lhall be actod upon by the other Board ?n the urn1 day, unless by nnanitunua oonseit, eacept In caw of invaaion. insurrection or pantueoce. , See. 21 The Uoard of A**i?Unt AJdwuin .hall have the *ole power of impeachment of all city olicer* not otherwino provided for; and jv-uding such imp*?cutnent, aud until the final di?po*it,on thereof, the party lm oe&ched *hall not exercl?e any of the function" of hi* , office Ttr Uotu i <?* Aldermen shall tare the ?>?* power . to try all impeachments; wheo iltt'ng for that purpose, they aha 11 ba oa oaUi or alhrmatiJO, truly and iwpar tlaUy to try the imp' acliinsnt, according loe/uleuce, aad no person shall bo convicted without the eoncui renew o? two thirda of all tho ui mberi tlecled to *ai I Board. Jlidfment in cane of Impeachment shall not It tend farther than removal from offlee anil Uia-juallaca ,j tlon to hold any office under the city charier, but the party couvlcted shall be liable to indlctamot, trUl, Judg ni< nt and puuishtneut according to law. , hec 22 Any officer of th* city government, a?cept the Mayor and member* of the Common Couuell, may be re mo\*d from office by concurrent resolution of ooth lloard* of the Common Conncll. Any member ?r the K.xwctitive Council m?y b? retained toy the Mayor, and am member of the aaid council m.y K move any clet. n hi* department . ^ Sec. 211. The several < xerutivtf department*, ant U?e officer* and c lerl* thereof slull be act ject t" tl?e 1??C'/ lat ve regulation and direction ot the Couiioou Council, , o far km Hie name shall not he locomdatent with t>i s a- ; and the duties thereof ahull b? pcrforme-i In accordance with the charter ami laws and orjl'nance* of the city , lue j Mavor and each llonrdof the Common Council, inty at any j time reiiulre the opinion In writing of the head ol auy ue part went, upon any subject relating to hi* department, or any information pMieiant hy him iu relation thereto. And every h^rnl of Oopartm^ot Khali r?|???rt in icritiii* to | the Common Council, on tlie flrst Mon lay of tfeptoinbar m each year, the state of hit department, with iura *u? geatlona in relation to the iinprorement th?r?of, and to the public buniot'na connootcd therewith, v he mtiy deem *JJee" 24. All wark to he done, and all xupplie. to be fur nlahed for the Corporation, Involving *n e*pe?diture or more than two hundre.1 and fifty dollar*, . b' contract, under auch re^ulatiena a* nhall oe eatahlialieil by onlinanee of thefiommon, onlesi bv a vote ot three fo?irth* of the ui?mber* elected to each Bosrd ol the Common Council it *haU be otherwiae nrderwl; and all eontraeta ahall bo founded on aealed bld? or propoaala, made iu compliance with puhlli notice, advertuld for the full period of ten daya; aud *11 ?uch eontraeta, wlien ?iven. shall be given to the loweat bidder who give* Huch *ecurity a* ahali be pre"';rib*d by ordinance All audi hid* or propoaala nhall be opened by the oftleer ??! Tcrtimnf) for them in the preaenae of *ueh of the partiei uiakiou t lie no a* may dealre to be pre*cnt or tlo- Common CouncH by ordinance deiig.i te Sec. 26. Evtry peraon elected or *ppoint?*d to any office under the city government ahall tal.e and Mibacri^>e an oath or affirmation before the Mayor, faitbi nllv to perform thedutiea of hit office, wh eh oath or aOirin.i'.lon ?hall be filed in tha Mayor'* offiee. Hec 26 All effieera of the city government, who ahall be iu office when tlii* act *hall take effect ahall hoW tbeii ottceit, an?l eseenti the dutiei thereof, until their aueceaeora ahali be duly .jnalift^d. S?c, 27. No member of either board ihall, durmic tn? neriod for which he wan fleeted, be appointed to, or be corn lietent to hold any office ot which tbe emolument are paid from tl.e city trea.ury, or by fee* dire-. t?l to IhT pail by any ordinance or act of tne .ommoa Council, or be directly or Indirectly intereated In any contract, the expenten or coo*ider?tlon whereof ar^ to be paid nnder any i rdiiianee or the Common Coune 1, but thi* action *h*U not be conatrued to deprive any Alderman or A?ai*(ant of *nv emolument* or fe?? wbl b be la entitled to by virtue of hit office See 28 Every peraon who ahali promi*e,olTer, or give, or cau?e aid or abet in canting to be promiaea, offered or given, or furnl.h or apr-e to furni*h, in whul-.or in part, to be promised, olieretl or given to any mem bar of {lie bommcn Council or any officer of the ( oiporation alter hi* election aa auch mwn'nr, or before or after h? shall have ciiialilled and taken hi* "?at, ?ny money, b<kh1*, riRbt In action, or oth r property, or anything ol value, or any pecuniary advantage, present or PJ""" Active, with intent ti inBuen.e hi* vote, opinion, judgment or action ou any queation, matter, ea Uh? or proceeding wh'.cb may be thin pending, or niay, oy law !>e brought before lilin. iu hi* officia eapnilty, eh?0, up , n conviction, be impri.oned in a fUte pn*on for ( a terra not exceeding ten year*, or shall b? fined not . i ceedin^ live thousand dolUra, or both, ? the discretion of the court. Kvery oltcer In this aection enu ueratwi. who .h\ll accept auy aiich gift, or any promise or um'ertal log to make th<> same, under auy a;a:?c ment or undertaking that hi? vote, opinion judgment or artiou aiuil be induanced thereby, or *hall be given in any rartlc.u ar manner, or upon any particular ?'d*o inv ine.tion, matter, c*n?e or proceed in* then pending , ?1 which may by law be brought belore hi.u, n hU ofli ? rial capiieity . shall upon conviction, he disqoahflel fr >ni holding any public office, trmt or appointn-nt nwder the chLrtn of the City of Now Vurk. and -hall forfeit hi* office, and shall be punched hy imprhmnjneat to the htate pri.?on not exceeding teu y"ei*, '<r by a lln n . exceeding live thcu.and dAlnra, or birth in tion or toe eo'irt Kvery peraon ?Ka'" ot the provision* of this section, .Iwll be a eompeUnt witness aC*in?t any other V r?on ollen llng ln ^he *am? treuanellon, and may )>e eompelled to api^ae and give e, before .iLy ".rand Jury, or in any court, n the name manner *? other persons, but the testimony so ,riven ?^aJi Mil be need in *oy pro?>cdtn>n or proceeding, civil or cnminal againat lb* pert on no testify nj gee 2? Kvervsnt ordinance or resolution which ahali h.?c i.aaoxl th? two Hoard* of the Common Council, be lore t .1*11 hike e'lect fi.aU l"' presented, duly certified, to the Ma voi of the altv. for his approbation If be ?p prove be'fliall sign it. if not. lie fall retarn it with kb ?&"? to the board in whl '? It origin, t-i, withm ten day* thereafter or i'?o h board be not then n *e* ? on at ta next meeting The board to wlii-o it * all returned .haHeeter the obi" tl?n* at large on their journal, and au*e the sum. U. ^ publi.W ia onw or more of fhe public n?ws|,*|>er? of the c ty The h .ar l to which ?u'-h a--t orlinan' ? or resolution *ha l h*v*hjM0 ko returned, shall after the expiration of not leaa than ten da*'- thereafter, pro eed to reconsider * lie lam It. after mi'U reconsideration tw., tUrd* or the m?mb*rs *1 to the board "hall agree to p. ? tne same it .h*l! te lent to /ether the objections, to the other board, by which it shall * llk*wl"f f ? onsi<!ered, and if approved by two thlr ^l* of ? II t)ie ni? u?^r? t*. ?urh it nutll Ui f.ct*. an act or law of the Corporal on In all su-h else* the *ote? of both boar l* shall b-- determine 1 by yeas an I n* vi and the nam*, of the per^>u4 xotmg for and against the p. ?s?ge of th meieure reconsiA-re l .ball be . ntered on the journal of each board reiplW; ri*elv If any or llnance er reaolnton pa**ed by b?.h. i.,?rd* sliall not b? returned by ti e Mayor with ri tea day* fMindaye excepted) alter tt .hall have be. n pre ?+ut"\ to him. the nbail t*ceine * Uw in k# "nun is if he bad Sign-d It, nnles. the elo?e of the se?*i- "U ,,f tl .. board in wh"-h it or glnatwt -hall prevent Its re turn, in which ca*w it -hail not M a law nntU thei ixptra t,.?" of tb< n-xt meet ng of said bo*rd. by whom tb^ or III, an e or re?ol itioo snail be f on. dered, if returne.l ? t .ue wetiog and be dUpoaed of iu the iam? mxnner and wi ll like si'e. t *S if pre?en'e.l at the pre vling ses *, No Alderman shall here.fter sit or act a? J?,:geli the I'ourt of Oyer and fermmei r in tt,e Co irt* offieneial-r.-tecial -WMIOM in tt,e city and ? oanly ot Vew York but tins .ectlon -hall not prsv-nt hi. exercl. ipg *be power ??f a magistrate , m tne arrett eoa-m tm-nt, or i. a I Li of ni enrter- except th?t ?.* cannot let to bail, ordi*ch*rge ? pers-a arrested or eommlt'el by annth'r l,'s?'"'jt Ail ferries, dock* per. and slips "hall be leasieC nd all leases ar 1 s*l?sof public property *nd franchise*. oth?r thxn grant* af land un lei ?at?r to the iwn-ra of the upland shall base a right 'liill ?>e made by public auction and to t?ie highest bi der who will give ade-innU-ecirlty. l-ereeftergi.en -x-ept a* the -ame m.y he repaired ?-r e< ? *i.*at? of the Ccrrporation already ejlating. Uiaii i* ft. r a loiik'* .erio", tt *n ten years and a'l !errj !'??' .ball 1* revocable by the Cownon Co in il, for mi>insr st riuent, or neglect to provl le adiouate accomm^a tioa* ) All person* re jOii-ing an* ferry ?*'? franchise or gtant under the pr?v s ?as of this a , in*" le required to purchase, at the fair appraise-. ?*l i*> on the l?*tt build 'ng* or other pop<r?y of t.e former Is sees tr irsnteen actually aeceasary for the pnrpo.e ot such fe.rry g. ant or (ranchlae previous n4 ' e of a la|ei referred to in fa.* .action .hall lie dven under the direction of the Comp' roller, tor thirty da ye m tha nee. p.jet" employed by tb? Corporation -e. 32 Nc bid. shall be accepted from, or coatract awaried to any person who i* in a rears U. tn? corpora tioa. Sioo iebt er cmtrart or who I* a defaulter, a- .? eor ty or otherwi.e epon *?y obllpat on to Ue eirp ? ration. ?'?r So M'mey tball Keajenoed by t' e | , ' ? tlon lor say rel#br.tlon, proce?s on or enteftnlemwat m me kind, or on aay o- eas oa , except for tte ^e,etrat ?>e ..f the snaivertary of the national Independen ' l' ' ? wnty flftb of November f"F.v.ce*Uan l?ay, ' aad the anniversary < I 'he birthday of W a -hug ton acUeaa ay ? ue ,ote of thrw fourth* of all the mem>rs sle ?*'' n .s -< l<?rd ef the Common Coonoil , -A No additional al'.ewsn'-e levonl ? ??** rlana under any contract with the eorparalloa ?>< -or ar.y .ervwe on ite acconat, or in It* efspleyfrtea! , ?f.a.i .hall eter oe allow* I ./ '"bep'er 14.', of l*w? o? 1* i.da. a'tt* a i,., ad th* charUr ef tine City ol New Vor. I*"*' . I'to aad enact to amend *e . t ? a title* ana ? ? wend the ckartar M the city ef M?w Vor* .? ia?'< peee?i Jaly 11, 1**1. *ad an a" ? ?*r '?*' amend the -Urter the city M New Y'f* pa*? *1 |J 1>M and an act ?upplement*ey u> ea ? . en ? te aa act farther to amend th* -barter of I " , ' York pe ee<! AprU 12, t*i t, pa*s?d June H I* ? ' tad tne seme *r* hereby, re pee ted en '. s?cl, part' o the -barter <4 tha "Hy of S-w Yora *s are i,? o a ?f*ten' with the proei*Wxi* of tfci* law .b.n ? ? ron.tfied a* repeals l mo-'iae. o? la *et w.naet ,te te 1 th'Tehy, but *h*U rontin .e *n ren.ain a ? > ? force and all'law* iB'an.i.ten'. With t?i? S't at a?o hereby f pealed. ?e. IT Tbie act ah*ll |0 |B*? e#e-? on the Is. July. 11e& and tb? terms #f ofHee o' *11 the til* sir< ?f?. by tbn *ct **c*?,t as **berw!*e krreia f ??>s ? ?bad etp're oa the (list Monday ?f iaeuery I* Vt iu at Pn.TO*Tiuj, n. Y ? Tha brick b?U4ia? loccup.Ml li * ?m( l? * Ar*< -lir' ?? ? *>1 V' ' by w/ A m a elotVnf Hot* ?a4 ?7 *' ft m ft. ft**f>U ?? ? <l?*Utaf fco iM, watlf ?irxja-l b? fr? &a !b? b fUt af '.b* tltt iH Tha la? amrrnofU T ThThMm k ? l)?tai ?'JojM, ?* ?w > ?>-!?? 4wa<llaf >a lb* ?:-?>???/ ? Mr* W :??? 1h? b-uMiaa ?r?t iB^stloaH ?? ?"W ?? the <,.??llia? kMK MM im prnfTiy of M r W ? t??a pl? P.?r? ?u bo laturafte* aa lh? batkliaft or ftaeb ?f f>o4a, af vki'k wis* ?H wt?4 Tk? M<a4 It from t? ?IC <m ?? T?? Ftaffr S??ll n Lan."- Tk* Manilla (IaJ ) Jawrmml *af( that aa ?M g>att*i?a. ?**' ? 4 ?? aaa warr*4 ? fa? 4a;i af* ta taoi oaalj. la that Mata, ta baa atith vtf* a*4 k> hti oalj a?f?w( Iff Man Mm tr* vtfa ta Ma tea* w??, >a4 iM ? ?a* ta ? *^|k paat Nha ba* baaa ??">?* ibraa GREAT SNOW STORM IK THE WEST. Tfe? B?l?m of rk(r?|a Riup?n4nl.lUll' toaib Blwkwl Up Unaallfe Holier* K?n Of lr? Tin lUlnoU UglaUlar* In a Know Di lfMipnkrr of the Hanic rhnppli K VVotxl ?Country Nmbtn Making Oyster Mtr vr? A Kli(hi on cht PnUrlw. (I'roai i tie Chicago Pimwnt, Jin ] The rariiua railroads ?> rr juft ah nit ieared or the ?now from Ihe atotra i>f Hu?<tajr, wbea of THuraitay night pul tlirin iu ?? bed or rnutu* ?l i?l >n tb*'i ih-r wrro before. -ni- Ire* triln attetr.J>ta4 tiibi run thro i rli fraui Rod Uli.ii i to thU ? Itjr ?iiic.o >uo l?y ?<? al.ipjy 1 yc-teidajr iiieni.iii ueu Morru TUe n . a ehir'i left tbi?rlt* rntrriif miming a|M tkl> Ro"V I ! ?: i t mvV retuim-<t at noou, having galnetf only ei^ht iuil?<, and tin Marf It iui|h -nibU tn J ri? ?e< In tb<- tfltt'iMI foar cngu.e?, with ?row plough* went o il in ' i'i. mi/ ? ? clrsr thi* track a f >oiI force of uiim with ?V>*eli. How far they hud reached laet night we bar* o >1 h".?rd, but Jt i* the intention of tt>e Superintend! Dt 'j ???mi n a I *>iu ngrr tiaiu tliin rn'run/ On *iie (iah-na roal, the tu n (rum An run. arrived With a i.rr mile* of th* W?IU atreet i!?put T'iuk I >jr nnjht wlien tl.e mow imMra iU pro^r' sn to that the (tllirfllH up Itir pa??#agora remained iu the can ?II aight, auJ in tlir> luuri.iii^ th? conductor procured ?UilUa iu the neighborhood . an I brought them to the fit* An ? limine ?en'. out in the niglit to no : tht? t aiu BO'l it in; but b-fore na < -lug it, tUu puuipi froze up Other *nt(ii>e< W?fW ?ent out lutiug the uigtif ? ail ?uexwtwljf Vro/e Up until four wi>r? thut 'tl^a'ili- I in 'lie dtktaurr ol four ni.lm. During the day.ttiay ami th- tram ei'irrraoha ! ait 1 brought in tu t ta tepot, when three finb locnmotlrM ooupUra t iiftth ?? ami prorkvl eltli >now plow*, with i ear ci utainTn# fart) tin n MinTrla, were ?eut out to eieat the traak. it l? u ore <l<f Suit to gat tbiougb |)m 'I' ftltku It wa< on Monday Kury effort will be triad)' lo 'ip-'n ruBiuio .Icatiuu, but it nimpoitai'. lr I > *?r whi'n it Will be pITr.'.t I; and ?<i long na the Mtow it aodrv, the Ural wial ? 111 til: tin- call up ?? bad ?n i v rr tin the Ml' hii(nn Southern road. the t Jn dii* from 'ioledo yeaterday mormon aimed la?t erwAiax, alinwiug thttt ruatl now o-lear, uu ! tiaiui iriU l?|.v?t tiom here to ca 1 aa uaual. (>u tiie lliciii^m ('en ui roul no trala ha<l arrlrx l ycaleMay, but it n not ki> <wn th?t thu <inw w?< the cauee A ileaputch from New Umtilo Wit eTeuing ?tatwd that line* ior.ouiotifi'i were oil tit* trark imr Ilia' place hut uo particular! are gi??ii by wtiich to jungo of the aauie or can ?iucuom h.~ 1L11 atci 4e ut Our hotel* are rrowJinir full of |iai?eu/en arrirm^ ftotn the aait, who cannot get well or io h. t riig It trninn aro not attcuipti'i) to be run at preit: .t. an I boat new depending upon tbi-ni la therefore ?taguaaV We have neror bail auythiug like thi* ntorm in thi? coun try. and Hir* iu 00 lituatioa to immediately overt-. m ? iti diiad vantage*. [From tli* Chicago rr*??, J?a 2 ' J | f The Oilortgn ???! HtoaUaippI tram , lor Spring!. old Chicago Thuraday tnorolBK Al '"J*,*1 ll *.*' m. tb* which laft Chicago on W?tu??Ujr . ?#nt ?" ? ith two loccmoMetW to thro* mile* ^T""^ OJ"11' ?nl1 a I. nut bu thi? aid* of PoatUo, when tha " , tailed lo ? ?no? drift, and rem* arlj.arlnf Tlur* night At on* a'cloek at night tha wood wa* *ihna?tal, hiiiI Ikt n**l*ng*r? commenced ? uf.iug up emigrant rar? lei fuel <>'? Friday morning ***ciaT hundro<f can? of oyatera ?n? fo.ind in th* e*pr^ th* pa? ?.ii*er* braakfaetad on oyatera?raw. fried 1h* noaroat houoe It aim .?t Hire* mil** from tha drill Bevwal f??tlrm*u otarted for* .attlemeat not far oil and procured t?aun, with prwUlom an I wood Wb?B our Informant h it. th* ladtea wora being '""i*'1 1a wagona to the fagmhouae* m tba vicinity lh <>?'" county delegation, with Mr Turner, 8|.*b .?i o. tl.. |lou?*, and many m*mb*ro, w?n< on hand * ben our mlitruiant left, the -peaker wa. actire.y ?? is a ?d in rhupidar up tioa for fual Mr Parnhmn of the rallrniul, i*nt on veatarday, from Jotiot, a loco mot Iva and car with prorlalon. Tli-re .? no danger of actual outlining by fold or hunger, a* there ata plenty of Ilea and pro'lalou. to be obtained froo the .elll-m-nt in the *' When' tart hoard from tb. Shaker of th* H.m-eaxo in band, wai i.raalding over ? woo I pit- ? the (.Uaiiui. of Ilanko and Incorporation* had un lei conoiderat on a no* l>;?nt< 111 teen feet deep ond twenty tn-? hi ?? i ar!r a hank of "depoait " Tha Uominitteo .,n Int. . na Improremeut were deapatched afte. i mUoB pie. and iandwlrhe?, while the lobby, "my UrdOnke In the i hair, had re.olved Itaelf Into a oiniaill** of th< arliol* mi the atnta of the weather. a V. Arnold, bq., and Judge (tucker, who ^ on bo?. d, obtained a Vain at a 0,"K morning, eame to M?rri? aad Uklngtha tra.n thai a, ai r rod hom* on Hat ur day e*i! nlng Tb" company on b..ard tbe earo on Tbiir? ay evenl-U nift !" tit* beat of tbelr pradicametit an I both lall.-a and L-entleun n enUeaned the toliou* huur. hy ? brl,k n tar change of wit and repartee aad for a ti.u? f?? "'' P'' railed orer relation that It aeemed alinoat a lucky cir roioiiAn<M that they war* coiii|.ellad to ton* ?t ao uu a M? I t--. ?f t?,;. waj ^thejrn an. I,1 coot" b* joba* O" all o. ran ion ? He ralliec Mr. Jul I iIxju' u bill which he had intrmWe.l Into ? ?nrr a i'ii ao ire ?*T?nt? B*<- aeationa am. r*roirk*dthat attbatieb a ituantity of " tba't daniiei of ?t?r?#tH)n. We ar^ ?ifnrin-d, bowco.r tt.a th < li'*' tor koked ra'her K1*" *1"'" he ??* Me??r? Arnold .ind Kuckat Icavnj lor houi' (In Th urv'ay Mr Karn*mb id live hundred men ? >t aork tlearlaa the Uack -f t> ?U?ok laUud >o.d d.ter mined no', to u* con jutted *? ) the eloini o< H>* train *?< in thi? poalt.nn on -atnrdav, ?n l pr?l>* bl* baa not yet l^-eu rel.e >.?<?, but b* Oefo r-n ,!?"red m< r- (oacoeao.bU l?* the ?noe of ir .ay night ""tie* "n.^'otaud that the M1-ai?. ? t? I . 4 oltiffle I ... omotire at thl? end r.l th? ro.'t- hot that al >i.- laet In 'lie >u< ? riup?riBt*a-*Bt ll? ?ry,of the Ko? * I > land r*ad .-ot una do tn Juliet (or the pui f ot an iratort.ig to r^lieee th* tiaiu. but wo ba.e beard ' 'l"!and train I- T all -t the rlg'.t of Fr.di y in o .now < nft, tbia -I I- "I -boll eld The ?r oin -h b l*(t Hfaefl .d.l lor Rock Ulan I Hiur laj ha I not ro.M i?d I ? ih ?tinaHon < n Saturday _ . . The I'aori* .nail UaiB 1-1* ''?" oo time on aUrda. "Tt iMt awonau from K?-:k l-Un' on* train wa? ?? Anaw.n and one at cheluM, both goto* if I* -iii' \ M ..u SitunUr Mi4*'* nu latortnalkM ol tbe ar. ?? th* <>mral Uoll.ay althar "VtJollfl up ?? half |??f A M ',,,,rU; 'h'"* wa. no trala irom tha m. Ui on tho 1 1 *t'. *?d Mia... IIH., r?|. Thrwi *ng'n- X"n* u| to a d k a.? l*KroB|T HWomiogUn, ao to lrid??, w? leoru tha the tra.aa going north on tbot ontral an. < '? *" ioi la wero at th* farmer rlo<-a at w i -h th y II, on W*dW?Uf. ^ho -n ,w o' Uur.Jay bad Ult U.e Mi l. a ba.l a. tfcoj .er. . n Monday ? ?*ow imirr kmibti^ mum i.?i?o ?*?? bi??t rm.T ?mr. If mm tbe Cbl Irlbun? Jan I A (.arty of lour gonllM.i-n ?h? lo.t -? 1 " ? " " mot n ing of Sunday, tb* -irt in-' on the ' lIlo.ia.lpp. ra.lwad r*a- h< th.a ity ^ '1 in* lij.ii.r h?*u nln<- d?y '* r<-"" Ihef ? re J run u. o e. ta - be., tl oy ai fit. .J b-.a, ho >ag b^n ; ^ for ttt* gi-a'er p*rt of tbio t.iaie . i. . f Leow otortna which 1 '?*"> u * d" ^ *k*y -v 1 u .1""" ':n:.:w" .v ^rUhh' ^y ? n to r-l, -?h g "r>xZa n -wchti-r ?*? *??* * ?Vt'i r hatha 'BOW a' at naar e?lagt?>. * oUtlaa <?? tl^ t ? ? ?- . Il'arUw.n tl ' Jar i-'r tb ? 'iv 1 n"? t?^t!oa*g ^eVaoM fl!*"'.V"r. '??* ? ??/ lad oaw tb* ?:?>. Ililon is * . cb to- ?'?"? JfJ 1 ft itrrrol* * leiing" n to. .01. e.r ' * ?i/e of l ont'ai 'h* lUftaai' m "'??? ?? app?r \L. ...i, h?M bt tb* ?' ? and V ou? p*"- **? rr.T'l.r onl he '? ? of tb- aial hae.M .a tt,, ,?, m and rendar* 1 it b*rd a* )le i-nfc la at-th ' ?.? I*? trataa fr,'? / * ?tuck f. at'. rot.*? ob ute.ghw.n mil- loag and < ;. .fe,tbl,o?. ture?' to a.gul f^t ^ ^ ?d .. r* to b* ?'n V. ..mot.o" w. l u *' jito to tweak 11 r. ai. 1 ? Meh, fcae,. g ' af* e?e*r*d ?at.tely u? hy im.?, ?o* ' "n?oo geattemea think tbat tbo.?e I* <??> ??" ?WHtf ? Ibo road t*iag op?%?; " *' ? " <. m? o| ??.? Ugioiatwra *>o w, HO'*, *""? * l?r?m tb* C* o?g? l""?oera?, l?a A . ,Tr' ?t . <*'-**? V . z JL'IZ ? t*i * .nta no oa tb' -e.tB 1 ?? g tbra ? 0 'of*, dri 1 fig a*"-* ?*" , *' \ im? : Jolt O. tb* roof. M .U a* aa4 b aad uo.r tafte.a to ? k 'b* a .. ... U*4 J* ? a ?. f f '"I- U? I* ?'? * ? * "* " .,aaat.?? ???r k r,? ,.t .*4 It ,*u.i.*a??- .aawlag ?>* ? "A ... caatteaad ?? 4o ?* ftaadlty up ? la-' ? get w??oa ? fl' M-l ...?*? ? ?; \ St? r??o ??'? '*y ? ') ting Hi* rt. lb? oi<-.o- lab., al ?%*? fa ? It aao r*?or ??< " I"4 "J aajtb.a^ f'j- ^ U' r* It lo no d. g" "*"* ? , , ? r , ,??? a the M?ftb??*t ?? * * * tk? t ? *?t*i art ' n... . th. (.ft -o *.ii. ... t. - > ? oi' .ot ahab uat ??? a tb* ^ ? o. .o i<m we#taa? '?>rf a* ii?t kat"a'<* i????<lM f"' ? * * * , , dubk. * Itt* -.a* ??' V I F .1 - /, ? ^ . a'tMO) night tka 1 ?.t *?' ?? ^t .ieaT ^ tt? -?.d *? *>"?? ? y* 2. iy. ;[^r. , 0. bad. ' ?"?' '? i! f ;4>T ft> mi ??? ' -'jU'jf fct4 rr ' '4v * Vi ?? vV> |J'; f ' aka. n.?--*a' a. -Mr ' ?? ?*'' " ?????*? -?, jp |,?M tb* aa?t* U> #" ?? * ,,fc *' LOW ggl-l. I "to t* a ' bl .gol'roao J?^ ' i 4r <*' a Wao r*^*oe*4 la '??*? ?it? ya-'" a f >a ? ' fM,la.? (kat !.?/? >1 U ?? l; .. kt- - w. r uZ ffiSi fSfcr n^l* a?ll?< a e.h ?< H? ./? -a i n4ay ||l MOW C*?TI?I It >e?o aat *t?? '???laf *? ?<bs,alaf f'"i? " o.-. to?t? ' itoi?'*t ??* oafltol 'i*d ' f 'Ls. Jad Tha c '.tat TV* ra^u whitk l?f* lier* wit* ?.Kt train De'rvt' Sou J a; o rfbt, uafortwnaWljr btaat * lrn< k at (Jfclumat bnlgo anl baebe t up Vu Mm Junction, ilfl It >u unable to gat oul of tUe w*? of lb* Wats waidb left htrt jantord a* moraloc, anl at lat'. acco'iaU Uity wart both 'Wlajta thoro. ?voir ON Tft* itftOM limit Una Cluajo iMwocrat, Jta.30 ] Hit molt of hum of tbo tloret on I -tVt ?tr??et m?nif?* to ?\u.ntuiu> of break u* >)?wn ?a?:erd?jr <*i ?aino of the ua* oMt, with t.iflmr bulMlott oa tilac udo, Um ???? it trout tiirvo to t\rr drop Tba welfht u ttm >r<i > ntly THtjr litafy, auil tbff ?buold be lookt4 to b* lo.r t Uu?, at Waal. H.I'H IKHTS. Tilt itrUinti ag in tat liverr ?tat>le? of Mottrw l>wi? \ IjDPin ? oiole Inwnua huaoay la?t br tba fiitl M*ii(ut m aim* ^ iu,u, jU,i ,t in : ,'a< id ib?t a larf-? numb* of *?rri?<n, tiu(r1ri, kn whirli ar? unVraaalb tin u *re mot* of ten li.'uri't IKHHini.k AtClU'^VT. I MB *b? t Wng| laiimtJ, J%a. I A 'erripla arridaat took |il?re on > ri [mj latt oa tlba IHum hir on* to uiu ut the ipeittlrta iiinptiiyad la i-p- olnu tlie > i> ilirm (ti ? iionater ?<rilt K 'ia. ..I?rar t'j tbe ' line o> I'ortar t.a of tkt mm ?>< ti?t, >n.r.">?U an I tlbi mi* oio>. upva tht wbu ? liut ol IK* io*4, ba4 ?o ?iit- ? ifl hl? ?rili m to l.elj. Via tr?ti. tumult Ik* tini? a lid w K Handing ?iB ti.e tide plalfurui tf tbe low mi tire ? lien tilt letter vti i>ut to ttol on A WW of ton* triklug ? >a nut hint (4U?d b ? fool fci illp f runt tbe f.iatfi rn> tt waa can.f l bj tu i ln? wbtcl ia mob ? w nf a* to wrwncll tlie I?k fntir?ly off at thi kliea joint Tbe pour iuan fell backward urer i lit rat. ag of tbt plttfi rm ulii't bit lejr altli tl>o boot null up?in ft, !?>? Ui 'in tin 'raik braeatli tb" lo?<TO >tira. I'u.Vr w*0 taVrn <tp ?o1 aarritt * tulrklf at poixtbte baok W Itiion, wlieti the reiraiiiin/ portiin of hm lnnl> ?aa tvlre tirnutatr flr-it .ju-t ilif.?e t|(? 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