Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1855 Page 7
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IITM? BH 1KNEWED ETERY DAT. $5,500. a brio* bouse, thi A AAA ? FOR SALE 08 EXCHANGE, BY A gentleman leaving the United States, a fin* block, containing 64 lota of (round, with the Urge mansion house, out buildings, *?., Ac'thero ?d; also choice fruit trees, flower garden, Ac., situated of th? fa?hth Aronuo Railroad, near MtComb's Dam, and between Ssventh and Eighth aven uea ilocatlon perfectly healthy, and menerj intcreating: B . * nnd bathing in the Harlem river, near the pre cise*. Good bonds, stocks, mortgages (or (mall houses) taken m exchange, at par, and only a fair price aak?l for the property, which if yerj desirable, and within ao bour n riWe of the City Hall. Apply to J. AITKEN, 119 Nassau street, up itair*. ? FOK hale, within three mi ? notes' walk of South ferry, Brooklyn, bouse, three itory, basement and nub- cellar, with gai, hot and cold water bath a. and all the modern improvement*. Will be ?old at a sacrBce. Apply to the owner, 24 William atreet, room 23, N. Y. Q RAA ?FOR SALE, A HANDSOME TWO ?4 l)vv. atory frame house, with wings, at Upper Morrisania, Fairmount. Entirely neir, with eight ejty lota, eligibly located. An excellent chance to get a good hiute at a low price. Terms very eaay. E. I. CHARLES, 138 Pearl atreet. ?lO AAA ?F0R SAI-E> to?1 lease, w?th fix ?D^tUUvt turea, of one of the moat profitable barrooms; with bowling alleys attached; tbe location ii unsurpassed in New Yirk, tieing immediately oppoaite tbo steamers, ahipping, and boats ot every description. Also, tlie upper part ol the building to let. Apply to C B. liOwLs, 67 Nassau itreet. A RARE CHANCE? FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND fixtures of Marlow'a Union stove and tin depot, 75 <'raod street, Williamsburg, L. I , with the interest in tbe 'ease of tbe houae; also, t?o wagons, horse, har ness, Ac. Inquire on the premises, of WM. MARLOW. A FARM FOR 8AIJC? CONBI-JTING OF TWENTY four acres of excellent tillable land, with a three ?lory dwelling containing sixteen rooinn, situated in the te*-n iif Flatbush, about four milea from the City H?ll, Brooklyn, l'rlce reasonable. A portion of the money tan remain. Apply to CROWEI.L & BALDWIN, 45 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. A GREAT CHANCE TO INVEST MONEY.? TO SEI.L Cm. for cash, th* tlorist est iblishment ot J. B. I.snoir, deceased, situated on Broadway, between Forty fourth and Forty- Clth street*. and possession given Immediately, ?r on the 1st of May next. Tbe variety of Sowers aud plants in all those hothouse* and on the ground are too well known to the public to reouire further descriptions. For priceii and particulars, apply to H. MIUEON, admin iatrator, 64 Varlck street, from 1 to 2 o'clock P. M. Bone burning and boiling establishment for sale, or to let ? situated within a few miles of tbe city, on the North river, under the Palisades and ?nt ef tbe reach of any annoyance. Apply to MR. WOOD, 410 Broadway. Bakery for sale.? the fust class bakery No . lhii First avenue, between lulcveutli and T velftb streets, with nven asd fixtures, and a four years lease. r> ice $400. A W-Iy to W. ANDREWS A CO., 74 I'earl street. AMPHENE FLUID" AND LAMP BUSINESS.? A CA pital cbuu :e is oft. red any one wishing to engage n the above busiuess. The stock aad goo twill of an es tablishment doing a good business will be disposed of oi account of tie pre-ent proprietor bcinz obliged to leave for the West. Address K. box .17 Post Office, Albany. /COUNTERS AND SHELVES FOR SALE CHE\P? AC Vy ply to PAUL A. BREZ, No. Hi klaidea lane, up ?tain. COUhTRY SEAT FOR SALB-ON THE BANK Of THE Hudron, on this ial ed, of easy access by railr*>al. The house is conveniently arranged asd tbe gro^mli beautifully laid out. For terms. Ac., apply to WM. E. I.EWIS, 89 Cedar itreet, corner of Broadway T7WR SALE? THE HOUSE AND LOT, 42 FIRST AVENUE, J; 1-etween Second and Third street*; the house In twenty feet front, by forty deep, nod the lot about evveaty seven feet deep, For torma apply at 184 Tenth atreet. IjNOR SAU' ? A DECIDKD BARGAIN. ? A HANDSOME three story acd basement house. with counter oellar, in an excellent neighborhood in Thirty- tirnt street, between Eighth an! Niuln avenue*. Alio, a drat olass houae in Thirtieth atreet, very cheap, and on easy terint. J. F, WILLIAMS A SON, 386 Eighth avaoue, and frjrn 3 to 3 o'clock at 116 Chambers atreet "T7?OR SALE? THOSE THRKi BROWN STOVE FROST Jj bout**, delightfully aituated in Twenty aecocd n treat, on property lately known as Moore' 4 Hill, be tween the Ninth and Tenth avenue*. Terms ou* v. .1. F. WILLIAMS A SON, 3R4 Eighth avenue, and drily from il to 3 o'clock at 116 Chambers etreet. EOR SALE-A NEW STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER, 10 inch bore, 24 iach stroke, 12 hcrsa power) boiler 4 feet In diameter by 14 feet loug; William Burden's make; mill b? fold clit?p lor ca?U. Apply to POOLE A IIARR1.SON, 05 and 67 Batgraa slip. IJOR PALE? THK BEST OYSTER STAND IN THE P ei'y of Broaktyn. Inquire at the Fulton Market, corner of Fulton and Concord atreets. "T7IOR PALE? NO. 76 FRANKLIN STREET, WE3T OK r and icnr Broadway. For manufacturing. public or hualneia purpoiei thia location offers superior aavau taxed Immtdi ite poa>ea*ion given. l.ot 26 x 100. Ap ply to JOHN 8. KKLSO, 62 Wihlam street. B0R SALE-NO. 118 FOURTH STREET, CORNER Or' Amos street, very desirable fur a physic. 111, dwell ing. public or btnineaa purpose*, having tour room* on a floor, and bnilt in the molt substantial monner. Lot 39.7 1 88. Apply to JOHN 8. KEIJO, 62 William it. U'OR PALE? A HOl'SE AND LOT, ON BEROEN r Height#, one mil* from Hoboken ferry. Alsi, l.-ase of ?tore and fixtures, 1ft Bertram alrett. Inquire of FRANKLIN A NICHOLS, general auctioneer* and com mUtton merchant*, 81 Nassau "treet, eesoad floor, back office. 1JIOR 8ALE? THE TWO FIRST CLASS THREE STORY r and attic brick dwelling* with the modern im provements, iltu&te 278 and 260 Eait Broadway, lotn 21 feet 6 inchet Iront and rear, and about,60 feet deep, will be aold low and ?n accommodating terms. Apply ti THOMAS jifORRKl.L, 280 Washington itreet. If not said by TueaCay the 6th instant, they will then be offered at public auction, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchant'a Exchange by*W. H. Fraullin k Son XI^OR SALE? A MONTGOMERf BOILER, WITH EVERY F thing complete j will be warranted In first rate or der, and ia between eight and ten home power. Will be a?ld cheap if applied tor noon. Inquire of P. A T. CAVIDY, 106 Plymouth alreet, Brooklyn. ?0R SALE IN BROOKLYN-A MODERN BUILT three atory brick house, situated on the corner of isen pla-e and Hampden atreet, will be sold at a great bargain if applied for within a few days, a* the owner must leave this month for the Went. The furniture will also be sold, if Centred, and possession given immediately. The house ia furnished in the beat manner, three par lors deep, marble mantela, Ac. Almost the entire amount ?f tbe purehaae money can remain on bond mortgage. Apply on tbe premises. FORSALKOR TO LET-THREE FOUR STORY HOUSES on Twenty fourth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. Apply to CM A3. H Kill TIL EOR SALE ON CLINTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN? A handeome brick house and aix lota an t stable, on rorner of Oatea and Onion avenues. The houae is 30 by 46 hat, contains all the modern improvement*, and the situation la meat desirable. Fulton avenue car* paaa will In 200 feet. Apt ly to ROBERT 8ARJEANT, No. 7 Jauncey court, 41 Wall itreet. f rVKRY STABLE FOR PA I ? ?THE STOCK, FIX 1 j lures and good will, together with a Inane of flee years with toe privilege ef purehaae of tbe stable No. 60 Weet Fifteenth alreet, now doing one of the best iiuelaes* |t the eity Alee several private carriages for sale cheap. Apply en the prenleee. TO CARPENTERS, PIANO, CABINETMAKERS A*D ethers ? for sale, lot on north side of Thirty-third street, between i'eventh aad Eighth avenues, 2h feet front and rear, aad 100 feet deep, with three story shop en rear, with eellar, also, dwell ng on front, with gat and Creton water, all In rompUite order. Inquire of PRATT A HILL, on to* premises. Also, a ho-ae power fer tale. MATRIMONIAL. "If ATRIMONIAI A GENTLEMAN, AGF.D TWENTY ill seven years, ef prepo<ee*.ing appearance, aad do>ng a very respectable bmine-s, with an aonual in c?me of about 93 000, wishes to unite himee'f w th a taung lady or widow lady with soma fortun" Ooly goo I I oVingatd well educated ladies ate iivltod to rorresp-md, with 1. J. B., Herald offls**. Ail communications atrlctly confidential. fl'HF. AiiVERTMrR IS A WIDOWER, AUOUr THIRTY J. eight; is a genUrmae, and a inan over tnellum statue, one of th* first and moat prominent men of the country wheie be resides, and of some wealth. H is a->ra* very fin? children He wants a lady of education and refinement for a wife, not very par icular about her age, (this muet fe stated,) but she ruust be a well bred lady. Aoutbern ladle* rery much liked. Such a one may find a gaod huiband ana ?go d hoxa by a Idre-a ng box 274 Poet Office. Jersey Oily, Sew Jereey. As the advertlaer l? n?jt only l.unest liu; m earnest, all communication* (to receive attentioa; must be accompanied by the real ?ame and reference of the writer, aad will be treated with the nost perfect eoaSdeare. IPORTUO, AC. TAMMOTII NEWFOUNDLAND AND HT BERNARD pups, K ng Charles *pani*N. Hc"t-li and Eaglieh mca and tan rat terrier*. at>d aD the shoieeet brMds, always on hand. Matanhns dogs kept *aprMaly for etoek. I lea** copy the addrea*. 205 Water street, oor aer ef Fnltoa, hp stairs, RfUJARDfl. BILI IARD TARIA -?WE CALL THE ATTOfTION OF those who ntea l to purchase table* for private or public use, or who wish to hav* elub rooms fitted up, to call aad tssmlse our aew styls of cushions, which are superior to any that have ever been ia trod need la the United State* or Europe beitg male of mtteriale manu factured by na, aad eannot be bought el -e where Oar tab lea ara made of th* very best material*, well Masoned aad dry. Order* by mall promptly attended to, if ad dr eat lag at at our factory, 90 Aaa atreet. ORlKFlfll A BECKER. niivn* UQDTIH. Broadway property.? to let or, tub atorM 400 and 40* X Broadway; best location on ?treat; alao, tha whole upper part, auitable for a millinery, a dressmaking or an* other buaineat. AUo. Brat floor of 397 Broadway. Apply to A. 11. A R. DAVI&3, 887 Broadway. SOBOKfN ?TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS, IN con?equence of 111 health of the proprietor, the known reaort, Washington Houae and Oardena, Hudaon atreet, about two mlnutea* walk from the ferry. For particular* apply on the premises. JOHN IRELAND. T 0T8 TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN.? FIVE LOTS ON I A North Second ntree'., ruaniug through to North First atreet, convenient to the river, and well calculated (or a coal yard. having been uaed a* aueh. Apply to 8. LEWIS HUTCHING, 38 John ftreet, N. Y. OFFICES TO LET ? PINOLE OR IN SUITS, IN THE new banking building northweat corner of Naaaaa and Pine atreeta. Apply at the Bank of the Common wealth, or of JOHN LLOYD, 18 Naaaau atreet. OFFICES TO I.KT ? OVER THE MARKET BANK, COR ner of l'earl am) Beelman atreeta; likewiae, a small atore and office under the bank, on corner of Beekman atreet. Booms and offices to let? rooms and offices to rant, in Applaton'a building, auitable for bn*l mm men, lawyers, Ac. Apply to D. APPLETON k 00.. &4? and 348 Broadway. fl'O LET? WORKSHOPS, WITH STEADY STEAM 1 power, on the corner of Broome and Mercer atreeta, ?lie '2H by 100 feet, heated with ateampipea. Well light til water cloaeta and ether convenience*. Alao rooma wi Lout ? team. Apply on the premiaea of WM. GALE & f- ON. TO I.EI? WILSON'S HOTEI., ON THE CO AN Ell OF Liberty and Greenwich street*, with a rood gro cery ilor* attached. All I he fixture* of the li itel are complete, and can be had, together with the liaaa, on eaty term*. Immediate poasesaion given. For partioa lara apply to WM. WILriON, 100 Weat atreet. TO IET? THE NEW YORK BAY HOTEL, SITUATED ON the New York Bay aod on the Jeraey City au<l Ber gen Point Plank Road, two and a half miU-w from the Jer aey City Ferry, commanding aa it doea one of the moat splendid view* of the bay aud Narrow* makea It a most desirable residence for thoae wiahing to s;>end the sum mer months in the country. The hotel, together with the furniture complete will be rented. For full particu lars, inquire of PETER BKNTLKY, Eaa., Jeraey City, or of Capt. Geo. W. Howe, South Bergen, N. J. TO LET? SOME GOOD LOFT8 WITH EXCEI.IJCNT light; alao, a convenient atore on Morri* and Greenwich atreeta. Apply to JOHN LLOYD, No. 18 Naaaau atreet. TO LET? 1SI T1IE UPPER PART OF BROADWAY, BE twees Twenty-aeventh and Twenty-eighth atreeta, alao between Twenty ninth and Thirtie'n atreeta, severs! stores and dwelling houaea, to one of which can he a llied a large rear lot. Apply to H M. 8CHIEFFELM, No 11 Mudiaon square, north tide. TO LET? A FINELY FURNISHED RESIDENCE, ON Fourth avenue, near I'nion square, completely fur nished. and in excellent order: no butter location in the city Will be let to a private family or for a drat claw Senteel boarding houre. Apply at the Union Square Iteal state Office, No. 3 Everett Houae, corner of Fourth ave nue and Seventeenth street KEYLS A- UOAGLANU. TO LET? ATFORDHAM, A COTTAGE AND GARDEN, w th abundance of fruit. Three minutes walk from the depot. Alto, a houae to let, (No. 9 Third atitet,) with all the modern improvement*. Inquire on tbe premiaea, or at No. 4 Allen street. TO I ET- HOUSE 12 F.LM STREET, A HOUSE IN VAN dewatar street, a house in Roie street, a house la Ann street, a house in Varick atreet, a house in Pearl ?tr>*t, a houae in Mott atreet, and a houae inJamea atteet. Apply to ?. C. SMITH, hi Rose atreet. rr.O LET? THE EI.EOANTLY FIJRN1SUED, FIIISI 1 class brown atone front dwelling hoj?e, 38 West s vi Dteenth atrtet, between Fifth and - tth avenue*. It has all the modern improvements, and affords a rare opportumt> for pardon* desiring a pleasant and genteel residence. The aouse an 1 furniture will be rented to teller. and possession given immediately. Apply H L SMITH, 226 Broadway. rIKT?A VERY FINE! COUNTRY BEATTTn THE vicinity of New York, with houae completely fur nisbed stables and out houses, for the term uf from two to three year* Possession can b-* taken immediately. Kent $2,0(10 per annum. E'or sale, two carriage horn**, f< i < ' ' v well matched, young and without a fault, rice ?SCO. Address boi 796 Poet Oflice. HpO LIT OBTLkAHE? TH E STOKE AND D WEI. UNO. 1 on the northeast comer of Fourtn avenue and Nineteenth street, a sjdeadid location for a grocery it ore; alio the store adjoining on Fourth aveo'ie. Pos sesion given immediately if required. Inqaire on the premliiea or of A. L. 0.-UJ0RN, at 86 Canal street, from 8 to 7 P. M. TO LET OR LEiBE^-THE STOKE 10C BOWERY ~2f> fret front and 75 feet deep, elegnn'ly fltte i up. The lease <>t the above for nine yearn for aale, or tho store will be divided to suit tense te Apply ou the premises. TO I.ET OH LKAHE ? STORES AND CELLARS, NO. 00 and 92 Maiden lane. Apply on the premises, to J. F CLEl A CO. rpo LET? A SMALL STORE, NO. ftfl9 BROADWAY, J between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets. Po* session can be had immediately. In juirooi" J. M. DENNIS, No. 667 Broadway, TO LET? THE MANSION FIOCE ON THE EAST river, Immediately opposite Hellgate, and now ia the occupation of Mr. II 0. Betbbins: also the couvenient two story double bouse on Elghtr eighth street, near the Second avenue, In complete order, with eight lots of ground attached, runn ng through to Eiglity-sevenlh street. Apply at the ofi>.:e No. 233 Washington street, near Barclay. TO I XT? A PUBLIC HOI'KE, WITH SITTING ROOM, and other apartments if required. Alan, two large rooms, with four ante room* adjoining, suitable for socltties or military purposes. Apply at 126 Grand a*. TO LET, POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY? TVO NEW brown stone front, foor a'.ory English baiement houses, with all modern improvements, 119 East Thir teenth street, rent $1,000; and 166 East Nineteenth street, rent $800. Location excellent. For particulars apply to FRlfJILlX), FRAN CHI A 00., Agents, N... 10? Wall street. 10 LET IN WILUAMSBl R<;, TO A SMALL GEN trel family, a new elegant brick cottage, six rooms, basement, iron balcony, marble mantels; atagespiss the door; rent $176 per year. Inquire of Dr. LOIUCTTE, 462 Crand slr*et, Williamsburg. HTK) RENT? I'O -Sl i-'ION IMMEDIATELY ? THE THREE L stnry brick bouse No. 26 Summit street, &juth Brooklyn; houae it, perfect order, with Ac . respect ab'e neighborbocd, ami live minutes walk from HtmiUon av.'nue T?rry. Inquire at No 27, next door, or at No. 2>j Maiden lane, New York. M AlHH * CO. TO RENT-STORK NO. 6 CANAL STRUT, NEAR Ontre atreet, the first story ami basement, with or without (team power. Inquire at the store. TO RE NT- THE STORE AND LOFTS, NO. 42 BEAVER street. Po session immediately. Kent reasonable. Apply to Edward J. King, No. 149 Water street TO LEASE? THE HOUSE AND LOT NO 364 BROAD way, corner of Franklin street, will be leased for a term of jeais Apply to ADAMS * LUCKEY, 76 Nas sau atrtet. mo DRY GOODS MEN.? TO LET OR LEASE, THE X store* No. 7?1 and 781 y; Broadway, which will ba altered into one 26 feet feet front, with two large win dows. The atore ia *0 feet deep, and partly fitted up with counter*, shelving, gaa, Ac. Apply to JOHN MAD KEN, 673 Hroadway. AflHOLOCiT. DR. WILSON, ASTROLOGER AND SPIRITUAL MF. dium, late of 90 Brooaoe street, will answer all Qnesttosis addressed to bias at Jamaica Post ( 'Ace, Long Island, with correct time and place of birth, encioe ng $1, with address of writer, and postage pre-paid. Na tivities calculated for the wbeie life wben required. LADIFS WISHING TO CONSULT MADAME MORROW, will do well to rail sson. aa she will leave the city in a short time Residence Mo. 70 Broome atreet, near Cannon. Oentlemen not admitted. Mrs. bir-ky is a true and certain fore teller of all fatnre events. La<lies 2t cent*, gea tlemrn 10 cents. Resldeuee 416 Pearl strtet, near R.?se, attic fruut floor. Notes a<l-irr*?ed to A H . Chatham Square Post Ofllce, post paid, will be anawered ia three daya after receipt. Spiritualism. -.Mitt, trachagen, the wki.i hnowu test medluna, will hold cireies this evening and evirr a'ternocn and evening during tbe week, a' Ml Hroelway, opposite the Tabernacle. Any persoa* waking private cirelee at tbtir residences can beat tended ou by Mrs. T. 8FIRITI AUSM ?MRS. COAN, RUPl'ING AND WRIT ing nsedlnm will receive visiters dally at 72?Broa 1 way. in Hope Chapel building Hour*, to to 12 A. M , and 3 to 6 and 7 to 9 P. M Wedne-day an I Saturday evening* excepted N. B.? Parties attends.) at their re sidence. Apply as above. WATCHM, JEWKLRT, AC. CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS? EQUAL IN BRIL1JANCY ar.d appearance to the real diamond. These dia moods are cot from California quarts, and the beat judge* are deceived. We have them set la pies, rtage, stalls, sleeve buttons, earrings. Ac. Prices very low L. A J. JACOBS, 407 Hroelway. JUST RECEIVED? SOME SPLENDID CUT CALIFORNIA diamonds which we have aet ia enamel rings. We invite all good judges to call and ass then. Price, large slnfl* (tone, aet la n.smel ring, $12 SO? aaas, real di* moad, wenld cost $400. L. * J^J AO0BJ.J07 Broadway. WAT' HES AND JEWRIitY -TOR SAIJE, A TWO years lease and flxturee. (stock If desired,) of aa old establish* d watch and jewelry store, sit iat*d in the teat bnaines* locatioa in the Bowery- the preeeat pro irtfter has tceupied it for the last eight years, and has irade it answer hie purposes well Such an opportaalty of taking hold of a payisg and esUbU*h*i basioeee eel dem eflrrs . poseeeston glvea middle of April For aa to terview aad particulars addreee A. B C., lis raid eCce A coa*e<Ved with ttors aod rest tow. ygAKML. _ it CA A/\ A TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. WATOB BxOU ? Uvv M, jiwtlrj. fce, or bought for each. fSoSeit/ atoaka, Mtaa, bonda anc morlgagaa, bill* of ?9 ?kup. be., negotiated. Buaineaa confidential, ul promptly executed. at 103 Nuni atreet, room No. S. THOMPSON k 00.. broken and commiiwion mero'iaaU. QjlAA AAA WANTED TOR INVESTMENT? ?lyv?VVV under land guaranteea that prin cipal will b? aafe ; and with mm aacurity tUat fifteen per cent will be made for fire yearn. The amount need not all be from one party. Tfaoee wiahlng part Interact, may addreea 146 Metropolitan Pott Office, Bible lloote Mew York. dh? AAA SPECIAL CAPITAL WANTED IN A iDO? U U v manufacturing buaineaa, well eatab liahtd, and very protiUble. Good and aatUfaetory ee cuiity given. and a proBf of at kaat thirty percent gua. ranteed on the amount invented. Communication.* from agenta not notictd. Addr??.. Duanena, Herald olHce. flh ff Anri ro ?1?.000 10 INVEST koh a stock JJPOev/v/V-f of good a ? for either jewelry, hard ware, lancy, or dry gooda. None need apply but those willing to make a heavy discount from coat. Addrcaa C., Herald office. ANY AMOUNT TO LOAN, OB WILL BU Y AT 8IGHI! for caah, merchandiac, Jewelry, diamouda, plate, property, or eecurity of any deaerlption, in *um< irom ?10 to $10,000, at the old eatabliaheJ, permanent and re Eiaible Pacific Agency and i/oan office, orer 1'acilio k. corner of Broadway and Grand atrecl. Buaineaa confidential and aafa. Broken bank hi 1.1,3 uought? the HiuiiE-tr price will be paid in gold, for all kindaof broken bank money: foreign gold andallver, and uncurrentfunda bought at the uaual rat-a: drafta on Kuglan 1, Ireland and Scotland, for aale bv JAM KS M. TAYLOR. 1?W Chat ham aquare, corner of Jamea atreet. CASH, IN ANY AMOUNT, FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, rich jewelry, plate, aod valuable peraooal property K'chaaed, at OU Fulton atreet, eecond floor, front room, ce houra. U A M. to 4 P. M. It. WOOD. C1APH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOI'NT, OR WILL PUR / chaae at aight, diamonda, watches, rich jewelry, plate or valuable peraunat property generally. No. SO Fulton atreet, aecond floor, front room. R. W00U. Office houra, 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION , M W akREN* STREET, oae uoor from Greenwich? Ov-n daily from 10 A. tL to 1 P. M., and 4 to 7 P. M. Int- rex' at the rate of 0 per cent allowed on ail auma frem >1 to HiOO. The fundi it thla inetitution are aecurely inveated in bonda and oortgagen in ihe eity of New York, worth double the < mount loaned, and in bonda in thin city. CALEB 8. WOODHULL, President M.' Q. vlirtLf, }Vloe r^'^ta. v ajv dkrbilt L. Bi'itow, Secretary Liberal cash advances made on household furullure, pianofoitea, watchea, jewelry, nautical lnatrumenta, Hrearma, he., left to Ije ao.d at auction, or the lime bought out for caah and higheat price paid at the auction atore, 30 Fatherlne atreet, corner of ll"nry. McC AFFRAY k WALTERS MORTGAGEES WANTED? $3i, 000, TO INVEST ON productive city property. Apply to JOHN 8. KKlvOrt, 02 William atreet. mO CAPITALISTS. ?TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ARK .1 wanted for nee or two yeara, on the bent located katehold property in the City, u|>oa which a awlj, Un til! building haa juat been erected, and leaawl at a large per centige on the inveatseot. A reaaonatile t>onua over atven per cent per annum will be paid fur the j amount required. Ad'lreaa W. H. V., Herald olllce. I HE UNDERSIGNED MARKS CA-ll ADVANCES fjttM ! flour, grain, provisions, railway a-d pig iron in ?tore; alao. upon veahela -In port, and upon bank and Ither approved atocka or bonda, and upon buaiuean pi per maturing in New York. JOHN B MURRAY, 13T Pearl atreet, near Wall. bi coram or the ouujmbus and Bu|B Railroad aeren |>er cent flrnt mortgage bonis, due Decembtr la*, llt64, will be paid at the bank of *.he State of New Yoik, on preaentat ?n E. G. WOODWARD, Treaaurer. 10 THE AFFLUENT AND* BEN KV0LENT ? \ YOt'W man ? uaaged in buainera desires to meet with a per ron wno will loan him $600 to eoable him to continue iiia bualne-a Will glvealir^e internal together with a life policy, and a chattel moitgige for $1000, as security for six mon'.ha. An anawor, in conll lauoe, ad'lre??ed to Harry 8., Broadway Poat Office, atat'ug whew an inter view .an bo had, further explanation will I* given 11'irilEKS k PETERSON, BANKERS, STOCK AND ?T exchange brokera, 41 and 4t8ojth Thirl atreet Philadelphia.? Stock and Corporation loaua i>ought and toid on commlaa on ; promiaaory no tea and drafta, aego bated eolleetiooa ami? upon all ac eaaibie point* in the :onntry ; drafta on other cltiea, in auma to a ait pur >hnaera. _ HOTOEI, AC., WtllTKll A SMALL GENTKKL FAMILY WI?H1S TO UK.VT A ?f\ two itorjr bouae or a pari of ft bniM, which ha* the utual uod< rn improvement*. i'oaaeaaion required aa foon a* poa?ible. I'leaae addreaa W. B, No. 000 Fourth (tract. i1j?aN AND WIFE WAST TiTHlflB" APART J\ o f a home, in Hobokcn ; the aecond floor of a two atory boure preferred. Addrea*. Utiug full particular*, rent and location, Jam* P. Herald office. Fn RNIFHfD HOUSE WANTED HY A Y017N6 WIDOW lady, where nbe can take a few friend* to hurl Would like to make arrangem*nt* with a family thai would board a part or the whole of the rent. Addrea* A H T, Broadway Poet Office. HOl:8E WAN1ED? WANTED TO PURCHASE. A neat two or three atory houae an I tot, witn or without tbe modern improvement*, weat of Broadway and not aVore Twenty fifth at rent. State lite of lot and bouae, alao chain of title and price, and aay yoa will pay expenae of examining tbe name If found dilferent from representation*. A '.area* B. P., Herald office. HOl'FE WANTED FROM 1ST OF MAY-A SMALL two or three (tory hou*e, beteeen llleecker and fourteenth ilreet, and Fourth and Btxth avenue*, fer a family without children. A family occupying auch a hou'e, and wuhing to give it up on the I at of May, can aaee th<-m*elve* from being boure hunted, by addmailng a note to 11. H. W , box '2. '?13 Poat Office. Mu*t have the modern improvement*, Crotoo water, gaa, furnj.ce, Ac. If lulted, will be paid for tholr trouble. hOl'FE WANTED? WANTED TO P0RCHASE, A TWO or three atoty brick bouae and lot, with or without atore weat cf Broadway, and not above Thirty fifth atrret. Terma c ?*h. Apply to J. McD., M Battery place. OFFICES WANTED? ONE OR TWO ROOMS. IN I'lAl f itreet or neighborhood. Addrea* Mercantile, Herald office. STAT EN IFIAND.? Fl.'RNlSHED COTTAGE WANTED, until tbe firat of May. Addre**, with particular* of aituation, Ac., Z 191 Herald office. R TABLE ?WANTED TO HIRE, FROM THE FIRST OF May next, a atable auitable for Ive boraen, aituatel below Canal itroet. Addre**, atatlng term*, I. , Herall office. riLAWYERft-A Sl'ITE OF TWO OFFICES WANTED , on tho aecond or third floor, near tb? Carleton \ Houae. mu?t be light and eligible, Thi advert iaeer wiihe* to mak* arrangement* with tome active young I lawyer, familiar with practice in tho State Court*, to or- I cupy an adj'-iaiog office, who<* profeaiiooal aerv ce? : wo lid be received To payment Jof rent. Addroa* lmrne d lately, box :i,68fi Pott Office. ' BNFVRNIMIFD APARrMENW WANTED? BY THE middle of April, In a private houae, with private a, by a family of four peraone, gentleman, w.f?, frown up aon and daughter; gentleman dining at borne Sunday*. any family dealroua of reducing their expense* will find thi* a good opportunity, and aa arrangement Kay be mad* permanently ; an anawer itating location, teima.Ac., will meet with attention. Addreaa H., boi 1,982 Poet office, cblna and allver furniahed f.?r the table if neceaaary. I teat reference* glvtn and required. WANTEI>? BY A HMAI.L FAMILY, PART OF A home, for fifteen month* fiom the firat of Feb luary. Itent mult b* moderate, * ad tbe location below Fourth afreet, the eaat aide of tbe city preferred. A<i dree* E. N., Herald offle. fir ANTED? TO RENT, FOR TWO OR THREW YE ARJ, | W on Steten laland neighborhood of New Brighton preferred, an unfuinlahed houae, with garden, arable, Ac Apply by letter, atatiog aituation and term<, to 0.. I box 4*, Poat Office, New York. TKT ANTED ? BY A VERY SMALL FiMII.Y, WITHOUT ! FY children on the lat of May n*it, part of a rood?rn bu'lt houae above 'Ixteentb *'reet, kitchen, one ptrlor in firat atory. and three or four fom* in ?oc<>nd or third atory. A family wiahing tn make au-h an arrangement with a reaponaibla tenant, will pleaae add re- e Dw, box IT i Herald office location mention *>]. and where ao later - view can be had. ReferencO* exchanged WANTED TO HIKE. WEST OF BROADWAY. A TWO atory building, wltb baaem'-nt. auitable for roa duct Dg thf aoda water buaine** location between C m*l aed TwfBtieth atrtet*. Addree* M. C. WIL*iO.V, No. M) Sixth ? treat. fET ANTED TO PL'RCHAfE ? A OOTTAOE. OR -"MA I.I | f* h"U?e. In New York. Brooklyn or Winianaeb irg, within forty m nut**' rid* of tbe t.lty Hall. Pri e not to exceed $3.01 0 or |.1,600 at mo?t. Ad lrM* Alpha Herald office, for thro* day*, itatlag fall particular* a< to *ix*, loeat.on and prio*. BBKBH ASEICTEI. 0HFFIO OF WWLLM, FAROO A Co h NEW YORE Caliiornla and European Exprea^and Banking k>. . No. 12 Broadway and I New atro*t ?New York, Fob. 1, 1 SAA ?A dividend of five per cent on tb* capital ato-.k of Well*, Fargo A Co. baa l.^*n declared out of tb* a*' earning* of *aM eowipenv praviou* to tho firat day of January, 1*46, and w .11 be paul at the office of the com pany, n Rroadwar, on tbe l&th Fitruarr laetenL The j tranafer boo** will bo cloaod from '12 o'clock M. oa the I2tb, nntil 12 o'clock M on tbe Ifith inetant. By order of tbe Board of Director*. T. M jANKH, Traaaorer. | LI?lORai?C. Choice ion don dock branpieh. old amontil lado and Ynaite aherrte*. Eaat India a*4 ftereial 1 m adeira. leado* Dock pirt, Holland gia, Aeotcb ant IHlh wklakeya Jamaica ram, Mavaaa aafara at low I price* OpM VD 11 o'clock Hatarday*, to Mioaaelau thoe* who bay for fawday. R E MR8n?4lER k 00., M f.ltefi *tmt i MUSICAL. CI AMI Ml'SlC AND PIANO STORK OK HO* AC* j WATERS, 83$ Broadway, New York-Oppoaittea to monopoly, music at greatly reduce 1 rates. ? N??twlth ?tending tli comblaaaoa or auiic dealers to keep up tbe pricM of Bon- copyright music, against the interests of native composers, uo their refusal to extend to llr. Water* the court* *ie* af the trai'e, he 1* matin* im mense sales, baring abun<lant evidence that ha liaa pub lic countenance and support in hie opposition to tha greet nonopulv, and Inula efforts to aiu native talent and to adopt the national "-nancy. Ilia stock of Ame rican and Karopa*u music ia immense, and tha cata logue of bla own |>ubllcatii>a* 1* one of tha largest and beat (elected in tha I'n.ted State*. H - has also made a grtat reduc tion in the price* of niauoA, mel ? deon* and musical instruments of all kind*. Superior toned octave piano* for $176, $200 aad interior of as goo*l quality. and instruments an Strang and as durable as tho-.* which coat $500. Pianos of every variety nl style and price op to $1,000, comprising those of ten <1 life runt manufactories? among them the celebrated moiiern improved Horace Waters' pianoa and tlie firnt premium a.'olian pianos of T. Gilbert ft Co. 'a make, (owners oi tin' s-ollan patent ) Sec on i lian 1 pianos at great bargains. Prices from 1 40 to $100. Me lodeons from live dillereut manufactories, including the wall known 8. D. At 11 \V. Smith's malxleona, ( timed the equal temperament,) tbe best make in the United States. Prices $45, $tH>, $76, $100, $116. $i'25, $t U?, and $160, Smith'* double bank melodeons, $i00. Each piano and melodeon guaranteed. The beat term* to tbe trade, schools, Ac ; r: .. per ecat discount to clergymen and churcbos. All order* promptly attended to. Music sent to all parts of the country, post paid, at the reduced rate*, (iencral and relect catalogue* and schedule of pricet of pianos forwarded to any audrera free of charge. I'fflC STORE IN JERSEY CITY.? THE UNDER signed begs leave to inform h * friend* and the public that he has just opened a foreign and domestic rim ik store, at fiO Montgomery itreet, where he will tell all kinds of sheet muscat New York, an<l mu sical instruiuenta of every description at the Lowest terms. Dealer ) ai. I purchasers throughout the country, a* well as schools, Ac., will be supplied by addressing K. A. KELLMEK, 10 Mon'?omery street, Jersey City, N. J. PREMIUM PIANOS.- IIERll Y ft UORDOV, No 207 Hroadway, have Just received a fiesh supply of super or improved njale and action pianoa, from Hnliett, Davis & Co.'s celebrated manufactory, which surpass any that w* have before offered. Buying for cash, we are able to <e'.l at extremely low prices. Second band planoi for sale und to let st rMIMd rates. Newly imp(ovedpmoii?l n.elodeoas, with six octave*, for sale or to let. Monthly payments taken for part *f the amount. PIANOS, MF U)I>EONH, AND Ml'SlC? ORKAT KF, duction in prices. ? Ileautiful and celebrated pianos at extremely low price* ? an assortment of all varieties, c?m prising thnse of ten different manufactories; melo dious at a large dlssount from former prices, a large variety of all the various stylus from flv* different mau j factories; second hand pianos at great bargains, price from >40 to (160; pianos to rent, musical instruments of ill kin)!*; muilc at the reduced rate*. Nov selling rapidly, "Sparkling Polka," by Tboma* Baker, price ii cents? a mo' I beautiful production. HORACE WATaRS, S33 Broadway, "1 J 101 IN, PIANOFORTE AN'D NINGINO.? I. MKYEt, V leader at Geo Christy A Wood '*M ins trel*. ia nowrealy t? teach the above accomplisuments to Ud'ee an I gen tlemen. Clui"i of two or n<ore taught in cla?-#fi. I'loase apply to I- MEYER, 100 Canal street, from 0 to 1- A. M. M' public OKI UOODO, ?C, ft ~k BROADWAY? OENTI .EVEN'S FURNHIItNO Ifjf) Uaiaar. LEWIS k !-EAAiRD invite special at tention to their system r f shirt making? complete mta Mirement, careful cutting, bv>t of ntedlawork wita artistic Cui*b, and no sale if not to pleaae Gentlemen who hsve b>-en dUappoluted elsewhere are particularly Invltel to call. BROWN ft' DOYLE, 354 BOWERY, BETWEEN FO Itril sad Jones' streets, are selling th" chi'eest embroideries at JIQ per ceat teas than any other estab lishment in the city. Best kid glove*, 4s. M. p*r pair. Bargains in carpets ? the subbcri hers offer for tale the very best quality of English an I Ameri can all wool superfine ingran carnste, at Cs. per ya*d; second quality do 6s |ier yard, English tapestry bru* seis. (of Mensrs. Oouleys fc. Son's aud others) at $! j>er yir<] , royal v ivet do at $1 6?. per yard. A. T. STEWART ft CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Itrude s'.recti". c 1LOAKS-CL0SINO IT THE SEASON. We are receiving per 'teamers, we'-ly, Stench importations of mantillas, selected by Mr. iie.l perronally, and to make rouin for thun will oitar out the r< in* tider o( uxtf winter sU'Ck regardlesr of price, and advise all who have sot purchased to avail tiiem lelves of tbe oppi'rtvnity of buying a handsome -lo*k cheap. MOLYNEt X BElX 60 Utual itreet. CHEAP DRY OOOW.? THE EXCITEMENT KTIU. lonticbes at our friend KEYKH'. The crowd waa i? great during all of last week that t wat foun t neee tary part of the time to lock the doors, aod let the la die* out by the hall No wonder, wtien goods are soli at *uch nouvn.tlly low pri ei. Hi* object, we belive, is to clear out his stock, in or>'er to add the *econ 1 story as a ear net store. We would advise ill our lady friends to call there H>* store ? at No. 343 kigh'.li avenue. Dry uoojb-hi.acr thhkad lace vraut, a choice (tuck, ju?t received al?o Valciicieuo?e and Maltese laces at prices to nut the tiroes N. II ?Win ter hosiery selling a*, a reduction of 'lb percent. PETER ROBERTS k 00., Broadway. DRKft) TRIMMINGS. ? ON MONDAY, THE 39 TH JAN., we sl.all commence to close out the halance of our splendid *tock efci:h ribboas, sui able fordreie, baron*, flounce, cloak and mantilla trimming*, also for sash and hand irnnisnte, at on* half ttwir original cost. W. H. IJCHThN.HTfcIN, ladies' llrtss Trimming Hlore, 00 Bowery, corner H'sler street. CI ENTLKMEN'S Fl'R.VISHINO 00008 AT filEKN'H. f No. 1 Aitor Houie. ? Just received from Par.* an l I.ondrn, a fine assortm'Bt of gold mounted and plain shirt stud* and sleeve buttons, scarf*, d? Joioville and other tie*, undcrihirts, drawers, glnves, half hose, tra velling shawU, dretslag cms, umbrdla*. k' , at (?RKkN'H celebrated ihirt establiibm?at, No. 1 Attar Home. HOTICE TO fAMILIBB.? W ADDITION Tt) THE great bargains the iubs*.ril>er? are offer fig in lr sh linens, thejr will add on Moo lay. February 4, tbe following deiirabl* goods, suitable for housekeepers, at correspondingly low prices, vit.? Lnen sheetings an 1 pKlew case linen*. *11 widths, damasks and danaaak ta blecloths and napsic*; counterpanes, blankets aad ll*n nets; plain, striped and plaid cambric muslin*; American and Lnglisli longcloths. extra atout cotton ibeetings Ac. , ftc. A. T. ffTEWART ft a) , Rro^lway THE M'iHT IMPORTANT SEI'/t'RE BY THE I'NITEI) State Marshal of 150 eases of Persian cashmere*, superior de< gns to any ever offered in this city, for 9J. a jard, and no family Will be allowed more than tiree piece*, *ad all those that buy them at wholesale will be charged 4s. a yard, as It i* tbe deteran nation of the suo ?crlber that those splendid goad* shall be distributed amongst tbe poor aa well as the rich. T. E. l-'AAf'KS, Agent, Importer of (ilk* and ribbon*, 24 and 30 John ?Ireet, corner of Naaiau. COPARTIUUIUP ROTIGU. DWOLCTION or COPARTNERSHIP -TIIK FIRM OK Murphy k (Jain, marbl* ?utt< ra, 'VH (iraanwn b ?traat, vu thla day alMMlvad by mutual ? -.ooaent. All Luilnrii of Utc Ut? firm will b? aattlal by P L (j i a Neii. murphy, Naw York, Fab 1, 1864. PATRICK L OCIN 1U? buds*** wtli b? continual aa <uul bjr P. L. i.a Dlft-Ol.tTlON OP PARTNERSHIP, BV lfUn'ALCXI.V aaat.? thuaolTwl, tba partaaraMp h?r*t'?fora ail?t ing batwaan A. W Wetnar aa I J MarkMa. A. W. Wttmar ia author! lad to eolUn*. tha aa*aU. D1H50U HON.? THE PARTNERSHIP OK A V DREWS, Pcbultbaii k Andraaa wa? di?a?l?H by mutaal *ooitnt, Janua ry 1, 1H6.V Mr C. Heliulthaia r>tir n/ from tba firm, tha bualnaa* of tlxi firm w II !<? aattlad by tie partnara JOHN K ANDRKW4. christun / . * ^ OHMS R. ANDREW* Partnership ? the nOBMIID have POpMI a partn?rahlp, under Uia Arm of Audrtw. At Urn (MT, and will continue tbair bualnaaa of manufa?'.ur ng jtatllari, at 4W * Hroadaay. JOHN R ANDREWS OBOROE H ANDREW J Naw York, Kabruary 2, 1Ut. S'OnCK? ON AND AFTER THH DAT*, tlV HHO th?r William I ?* ban an jotarait in n.y htalneaa Fab. 1, IH6 JOHEPH l.KE, So ? Warr?a atraat ] partner wanted? with from $t,m u, IMM in ar. au'tl-'n and "minima, on baain- nlaittV Baked, with bo rlak. Addreaa B , ll?r>4oCc? He'ar. ?nc?a f ?? n and r?'|ulr?d The i nt krrioned iatim. in o< h/ber, mm, di??< Ir?d ropartn?rabl|< with UlfU H. H town, tba paMh ara hrraby notified that all 1?M? I ia tha l?t? firm of *m A Hr-.wn Ac Co , ar? payahla to tba un ?tfiiil, who (a aloao authortiad to rolU?-t do <a an 1 ra 9M|>t for tha Pirn*. WM A RR<?MN 177 "? <;th at. I he oorAinamp mourrorwr kxmttno be t???n "AKI.VY k EHI.EK la tl ? day dlaaola.J Fab. 3, 1?M Mfaad EDWAk()'<iaKI EY. WANTED - A MRffptM Atli I NIAj' JtrKJ) r*ap?- tability, U> lati tha Hda>ln artery of aa Knitliah manufacturing conrarn lib)?'.Uoo ir.a>ta to a Kalrtady eaga#*4 7a other baataaa< A4<Jr??a. wlih Eular* and rwal nana aaly for three 'aya, ?? if, 'nam Na. M Carlton llouaa Mr*.* WANTKD? IN TOI-WKl OHIO, IN A WfXf. E^TAB liabad wholaaala Arug bouaa, a partner with a raab capital of from thra* t<> era t itouaaa t A?1 ?r? aboil oaiatad with tha bu-.o?<?, and VilB*f aa I ?emp*tant lo taba rhaifa of tha boob a. aa-i do tb'w I raa(on>ltnf Tha booa<ha> a iaff? waU ??taSi.ab" t an i rapWIy istraaatag Ua4a , aad farUitUa a^ fara? rooan aa l I lacattoa aia <-mir?raa<l. f or dofag a aaf? aad prafitaMa 't baiiaaaa af ovar oaa haadrad tfaooaand Aallara ya?rt/ It la ao? aoaaathiaff ortr fit* yawl alana tha of 'ha aalabliahaaaat, tha laat tbraa aad a half y?ara of ?hkb It haa haaa owa?t aad toatralM by tha in?*-. roprtator. Aay raapaaatbl* paraoa Aaairtaf aa'h a nt .a- | <ae, wtU ha aAwiaei ef aartualara, by a*treaak>? the aa araiffaad, baa M, Tolaio, Onto JAItm M ? *111 E/. Wihm?, M Ward, CVm k Oa., M Ma laa ^aa ?iOVAl, t ? ?*< ? a ? p act. a. muz Imi-ortkh or II waWhaa. haa raaaavaA hta o?-a froai Na. 29 Cevl laadt atraat ta Na. LI Maid? laae uroncmm BROADWAY THEATRE ? B A MARHfMI L, BOLE Lnin ?If on ufM-n at ( >,, rouinv see at 7 o'clock. Monday netting, February 6, wiil be per for ined ONDKUELLA. Pr.naa Fahi Mr Harrta< ? AlHdoro tir. Ht> Daadini Mr. Borraat Fompolino Mr Horaraalia Padro Mr. Maviilge ilorioda Mb* I'yn. Carlottl I'orion i CkBdor?Ua Mlta louiaa Pyae AS IJKK A8 TWO I'EAH. Ficbarde Mr Itevidgc | Mm. K MimJ G ougenlieim WALLACE'S THEATRE, BR?ADWAY, near Broome itiMt.? Monday aveuiug, Feb 6, TOWN AND COINjHV Fauben Glenroy Mr. I#*tei i'owj Mr. Blake I Hawbuc k Mr. Vmcwnt Trot Mr Brougham | Rosalie .... Mi** R. Itennati I'laitic Mr. Htewnrt I Mr?. Glanroy Mr*. Ho?j Owen Ulan toy .Chippendale | Mr? More*n , . . . Mr*. Blak* THE CRITIC. Puff Mr IjmUrr I Whi?kerando-..Htoughaii Sneer Mr. Bland Tilburiua. . . . Mr* Kepheni Dangle,.., Mr. Chlppemlale | CooBdant Mia* Carman Barnums AMERICAN MUECM ? CHASTE ant beautiful performance* every afternoon and even leg- Mr. John R. Scott will appear on Monday, IVb 6. Kvrning, at 7>,, in BJ.ACK KVhD Sl'SAN and ITOO MNO. Afternoon. at 3, AMBROSE GWlNKrf. The new Wui Statuary, tbe living Giraffe Happy Kamlly, fca., to be aeen ?* uaual. Admittance, V cent*; children undei ten 12)t cant*. GW. CHRISTY it WtKID'H M1NHTREU*, IN OONSB quence of tha deatruction of Ibelr ball, 444 Broad way, by lira, will perform every evening at MECHANIC*' HAI.l , 47a BKOlDWAT, ooi'.or tbe control of HENRY WOOD, 1 GEO. CHRIST* , J A'U bortnaaa traraacted by Retry Woo t. ETHIOPIAN MINHTREI.SY, bfribque opera, ught karcw, dancm, rrc, Africanned by the moat aoompliahed company in tit* world. A change of programme every evening. 1'aora open at o'cloci- ; to NWHiaa at 7)? pre eieely. I1RANE1 IN Ml'.HEl'M, NO. ?3 BOWERY, NKARL1 oppoaiU the Bowery Theatre. Performance* everj afternoon, at 3, and every evening, at 7. H.B ? Btrangera will obeerve that the F'ran hn Mu??a(n ii the only e in t.h? I nlted Slate* where the Modal Artlatea are eilnbitc t with other original en t?rta.rmenl?. Re member No. IS Bowery. WALLACE'S THEATRE. ? Ml!. BLAKE RESPECT fully annouacea that hi* HKMEKIT will take place ON TUE-DAY EVENING FEB. ?. wheu will i* perinrmel, for the ii rat i m? here. having been moat kindly preaented by the authore*-, Mr*. Anu. Cora Mowatt'a popular American comedy of FASHION, caat with the entire ?treni(lli of the company Adam Tru< man. (ha original character. i by... Mr IU?ke With, by aperlal ier|ue?t, and fur ihi* (>cM*iOB only, the favorite irama of TIIK I A*T MAV. Geoffrey Pale by Mr. Blake Itox b'i k now open Full particular* hereafter. J Al.l.At h ' 4 THEATRE.- tXlRA- MONDAY VIS b. ? locreaaing attrartKm of Mortib * line ?: >mcdy ol TOWS AV't COl NrRY with iti comi lei? aod aplemi ' rii^t To/ether w.tb the romeily of Tllr. CRITIC. I'Mh pircea calling into reiju^ t.ou h ! 'he talent of the com | any WAUjkCK B VHRATRE ? TIMDAY, VIBRI ARY ? HKNKKl'l' OK MK HI.AKI I'niit nigbt of Mm. Mo 'all'* Aine.'ieaii con.<dy .if fashion, * tli n*w and appropriate aceaery and a fplan iid cast A'Upi Tru< man ... Mr HUke Wr l??ter, Mr. Uro'iKliair, Mr. Iivott Mr V.n ent, I'i M ?;irt, Mr tiiaiid, Hi? Rifi Menri'tt, Mr* I'.lake, kirf Mipifii*, Mra Brougham, Mra Cramer anM Mr Cooover, klao will ap|iear In fie < > m?(t> . Firtt night of tbe ><ra*?o of the t"urLin? dram ? tf IHK 1 A->r HAN, in wbi<h Mr Dial * will perform In* id*t rai< I < rigioal part of GeoRrey Da'e. BOW'f h Y MUnft-" TAtfr'-OOMTUIIkTiVr b? arflt to J S K HFI.Kill (treated bill of the teuton " For Acid !?nr Hyne Obi friend* torn out oo thi? or it* oc Iba following grand cMiibioanon ? I pit ??* w.ll M prt ientr? ? 01 R <>AU HIE IHI II KNOW Sir THING FIVE HL'MIRKD I'OlfNI H ltr?/;Rr), and tbe WATER WITCUSH * itb a fxnt array of talent. < on?i*ii?ir < f MH. G C (HAHI.IH, MIH1 M. A I HA: H, MIKS FANNY LANtiERS, Mr G. Hwttt, l'rof< *tor M.Failan 1, Mr T. W< aiy-a, T Mitrhell, I rofertor B Yat? a, J It llart Fmiiuy Evkkivu, Fdi. t I'oi ah>tt i* now ufo If you want a go teat a* ura it early. PkOUK'rt THI AIitl , ST. MKIM, MlHSt'l'IU ? THE u?d> rained, tol? ana, i+n* to cail the atti ntioL of " ttara" Uattllia; we*tw?r?l to hi* |*j pular eatabli*b? enl tbe only one in (it. l oui* r<gularly open 'or an ? nlir* **a*< n Ir< in tba laa: of Align at 'o tba 4th of July. M?r? ctn rtly upon their pte^ea t*,ng well pnt u| on tha htarf h* w?U ?* bain/ *rp|..r'?-<l by Ua beat company m t tVr-t. llioae of *? t n wl* Ir'd ul< nt wlabing *n engagement, will tilaa*# r*:tt?GEO. WOOD, Manager, I't opla'a I i.tatre, wt Louie Mi w ?lOltMKM, CAM 111 * ? ?' V AT. ANf.W LIGHT EXI'H?j6 WAOOV I ' P t-AlX ?IN <1 u i r? at 4 47 f ourth ?rtr**t. E'OB pale a MM TAMJCK OR A Y IIOIIKR, )? baud* high, aonnd anil kind in oil l> uuva and ran trot wrj fa?t Apply at M and Wl M? r<?r itmi FOR BALK? A HAY HOKhE, 10 HANI* IIH.I1, aound, aail kn. l Is an.gla and <l< ' bnrtt** ? raa trot inaid* 2 !>0 Airo, a light trotting wagon, ?1? yn, on* Mt of barn*M ?Uli>, ataxia and lr< ?? blMk?ti,Nbni. I?li>, Ar. All to b? fold tngothar, aa tin owo?r la about Watlng tba city . Apply at 'A and Mt Mrrcrr ?tr**t For ha i ?? 8ix nkw urum WAOOIN, or BO frrwnt ?m? a al/o, a conatant ? ?? ' ? Land Ap ply at ?Tt l)LKY 'rt, 87 < ?nal atro*t Howe for BALK, at a MftllW BHIBW color, 0>? juri old in tl>o ?pr i v 'a* n*??r b??ri <lriv?n angl* much, la ?ary atyhali and a flr*t rat* tra**l l#r kind ib <loi<bl* l^arna.a, and oil Imbravn ?*rry day lit la k*pt. Will ha nold for $134. Addr?aa, j*?l paid, (k.i . 4 , I .t 09 c? H0R"C8 TO LET? TWO OOCO lilSHSpOB* OKI a flrit rat* laiy '? boiao Will b* lat UifilUr nr **parat?ly, on m -Urate i?ib> or tbov on .Id b* lat a* bar n**a bora**, w tt tr without a good ?i j.r?> ? wagnn Apply at No. b Carmine atraot ?i ale aid rrnmrifriT wumm, wo, 2 1 htvimity ) plat*. At tli 1* ?? tablUhm*i;t may alwaya b? found hor>aa to aolt any ilrarrtptton of work On band, aoow fin- animala of ail *i<?a and "po*"*, an I a*, priro* Ui moot tb* timaa. iliirura and wagona bought an*. ooiii on com n. in Ion at 1 lnl??r?ity plarn Washinoton Ztor hai je, thk kakt trottino bay atallion, Waalnogtnn, lft lunda high Van yaara old p*rf*et)y aonnd an I kind Wa?n;ngvon ka n aupanor foal g*tl*r. aa all tia at<?rk baa pror* J Tut fall particular- apply at W nnd M liar ?r a'.r**t HIMCKLX. A NEO I'll. 1/?r CANAL g'f ? NEAR VAHW'K -W A H. XOO VAN N< "TE'M grata and f?n !?r ? uUt ranga, aumm*r ranga and atn** aarmam. W* l.ara a largo aia>?li?nt of tha lataat patfora* of mantel grates, ?aug?a and at?>?*a for aaln >>n roaaonabla term* '.rato* nad rang* a tat and rvpnlrod, rangaa lino' kraa* foaad ?ra' an i >ww*ll?r?' f .rnaaar bu.'t, atotaa I nad, taaara' o>rna bollt and r?pa ?d. CURE OF C0IM BY UAl'AMr BHUIBl NO U7 ) Bnoary aaat aid*, brtvaan llruoaaa nnd Iw.a^y ? ti??ta. Ha 'arn" H r??p" tfull/ laforma tl.a pabllt (kit aba baa raduca l Mr prlc* in ordar to r mtla aiary on* tn b* fr?* fr? m pam. and f**la rcnGd*nt In pr 'talalnf that aba will reaova ?,rna bunt ona, aa la grown in Um d*ab, k t *itl.?ut ran* ng th* l*a?t pain or tn* >u?*nlan?-? I ?r" na can b* att?n'U : to at bcm* or at Madaa f H a mulrrrt, from I until T o'rk. k P. kf DIXORAT1VK KA1NTEK Of TTIK ORXRAM and Italian acAool ? Ia randy '? 4<w?rat? .n tkn ?mm! apprr t*<1 atannwr and La ail fly la* A* ra*a at JM "pr,mg *tr**t Nov York, W If HQS rj< Iff mm Y'^.k Eii>TH<rrv?'?. j ?rtaMi*bnant ? off* rnd for ?*'? l >m ? . >.g l?. angaa* in Ik* al of* b iain>- a wttl do ?*.! tn n r* or A II JOtr.l YN, t? nnd W K..I oe alrwt. KNOW Nt/TKINO BOAI ? TIIIH HEAL'TlfT! AN 1* fragrant aoap, ambloma' ??> ( |mv al.ot.Cl b* in and on tba ban ?<a of ***ry ?ain?i*f of lb* oriar and filanda .?f "9 T'< I/* o' ajrfl ?!.<.la*nia of HAWM, HIXIVALK A H?idl* tN, 41 l*y a'r?*l, and rola I of T. Cod I oft'<o, ?irng? a- TI 5 l*r?*.!?ny undar tba Sao York Motel, an! tf a in* |ra->p*l drafglata. rro TBI MWtfiiA??TH or nkw rOM iTY -wn J K O KI.-01, of tfc. arm 'f (I Kmm a <**lr, Att< rn#ja at Iao Ian? Ag*nta an'. OnUMoff, "prlnf f.*kl, Taiaa, a nov In th* db, ( J Ag a? ?b? Ir ?lng Flnaa*, tn 1 *111 W glnd *?> ?lt an r ? rr Ut'a oka maj bat* lad rla ma la Tatna, ?n I nr* >. rati of ba*lag r**|-*n*lbt* aad vffi'ioat ar'iti l? ** . or M after tkMr tend*, an 1 nla'> nay ?kn may lata any ela n* for NlfU"! la any part of *i.? ?fate. Mr O kH'n a ll r>n< a in tba ? ty ?a ??*A andar yanar. alantd a bo nay 4*>ir* t<> h??? a eonraraat un m tb b ?n tan ??od tb*tr far'a to tba Irrlag Ho .aa, ac . ??* will enU to aa* it#*, nr tK?y 'an call a< Iba A '? Wa ba*a a gaaoral a'T?a nUitt -br? gh' it Inw t*d'a*g?a r*.|'>o?ik a rafvronraa V'k la tkat Mala aad < tb*r -U af '.M t aten ? ?ARE ARk YS A' SHOP. To tba ap t??n raa' rt fk?* b?t o.ut' rti |4M ''( IA* r fbt kiad ara ?? ? llil l>. TA/-.I1* r, ?< "? mu n**nv*, r.aar ' *t?t; (Mb atiiit, r**p?rtf?lly t?a?at'aa la h.a fr aa4* aad tba |il m g*a*ral tbat k> ban ? paaat a hnad a* I faa- y 'Oka bakary aad ???ofaMannary, ? tb a a*at ?r>d BMalloaa aaiaoaattaaAod. ?t*ra bo In pr- parod i?>*r?* ?p bat tilbn p4aa, larte aa'. - '?a?i. or?>r., ->? ? '**?*. ?a aad ? 0a? Ar . A' Woddiog and l<M/f or Vra got ?p *a lb* t4orta*t aotea Don t forg*t ?I *?'b a** I iuwwjwam, HWBWW THtATKK, CIIAUUMCM WTRKCT ? MON A> day ? Flrat oi^ht here of lln Mv.tu , eomtdy ,f KAHHliiN, ' rut ?ltb Iba (nil ?trtnath of the ?kole uiuimui A 'lam Trueuiao, <nr*t 11 m- ) Mr Hurtoa; Tkftauy Mr. Kiaher, Count Jollmaltra, Mr Jordan Muobavn,' Mr! Jnbwtoi, Mm TKIinjr, Mr*. look*, l.rt'.ru*t ' Mr* Hough; l'r?<J*nca Mr*. Burlon Wtlh th* fare# of I AMII.Y JAK? Itelpb, Mr. Burtan, IUggarj, Mr. Jobnitoa HM<lj, ?ttb tool*. Vii-? Mararthy. TPfhDAV? A d?w comedy in threa Kit, ctIM tHK hlaybiim purr, i Ok Tiir Mana(IK? AMU thk Mivurrai Haltbarar, manager of a company of comedian*. M , Hurtoa, Kk-rtval, one of lita actor*, Mr Jonlti. Mu, ?Ingiuc lad*. Mix Macartbjr , I?opotd, Huh* of N'*la? (Win Mr. M?her r With, afroDil t>B>*. U?o comedy of KA'-HION. | I .in. - - ? ? - > TJOWKBY THKATKK - PHOI'HIKTOR ANI? MANAHM, r ; J) I. 1'. Wtldron Stag* Mauag.r, Robrrt JoiM*.? i of AtiBlaalon ? Bo*ea, Vt6 o uo.rtt and ttalltif , 12)t , cent*, Private lloie*, ?f> l Joint Hentttt of Mr and Ml** Cbarlt*. I ! MoMlAV K?km*g, I UIKI aUY & , I IKM-ANH AND AM KKIC A. | OIK <JA1. 1RMI KNOW Nf'llll.V. I 1'AIMiV MIIJ*' BOY. CIR?TH-- MKTHCI ol.n AN THKATKK -I.AT WMK of thr great . | < (iMIiIMlI TkOUI'K OK K HAN'*- K J. J NATHAK-). , ! SiliNOKINA O. <'111 AltlNI ' in a new and l.iiJ'iant performance | | MIS-* KM MA .VATIIANS will perform tin- w u l> rful frat on horaebacli uf Wapiiig ' through alUeen balloon* during ouh ciromUon of *b? | aii'oa | lleaiile* an entire changa <>f programme. Bickjjcy'h hkhknahkic- u mhoahwav -no. niemlou* ?ueo?** of th< granl n*w burle?i|u* oa I.UCV OK IJMUMOOR, ' In foor acta, Introducing all the " original game ' *f thM i favorite opera WHICH WILL HK KKPRATKI) ALL THIS WKKK rrtrMlir the opera, NKtiKo C'onrart ooninn*n< ?? *t 7 '4 ii ? lock. Ticket*, Si mdIj; ' RrMnxl Heat*, 60 rent* On Hatnrday aTcnuiif, K*b 3, ben?Ut of t. U I load, Macli netl. DONA' l*ON'H OI'EilA aoi -IK, 71H tuil 7.0 lliuitdiraT, Oppoalt* Ihr N<-? > urk lintel. OI'P.N kvem Niour. Th* moat Ul'iitnl 4 n l .imuatng compact or nm:i?> cms Aroiw in the wori.d AilmtttW'B. 26 c*nt? Dnflfi -yen nt ? )?; to mbmhi clock. (btutdt/ tfwrew>i-C?nc?rt l?r th* acomai'iaUn o' Ullieaao'l ollllilren, COt?m*l>' Sn'eloob, N. B.? tirtml toiUunli! I* W. It. I<on*l<l>oa, rbar? day tVWlllig, K*brn.?iy H. The immfn-f hum ess <>i puuum'1 kthioptan Troup? id lii.?t<m 1m# < ur*<i them to prolea* ' their #tar. Due antic* ? l! 'inn of th* RE OPENING OK TIIMB oPFHa OI'HE, OAS flltOADWAY lo til* ?iabwIiiI*, that brant fill ?at*bli*hlu*Bt will b* rented for t oucrrta, Lnrtura *n>! other reepeetabl* ? muKinrntii Apply *t I'eiliain ? (< ft 1l< k*t Olftet, la the building, win re (.iftTirk'l *a<1 I o for inn '.mid ia ro tation to lh* *nt*rprl>* can be ? t?in<-<l. I > ROADWAY THKATR1 Tlli MANAGEMENT BCMR J> to *unounee, tliat in r<|U*rm* of tbecrowJ* unable lo H?'H mlniixlon to !!." theatre Hi* pa*t two *f<l? ?n I the repeat.*! 0' mtnda at th* b?i offle* f?r uai to wltnen tin' N a ? ifat f ilry oper* of f'lN I )E llll l.A, tlint ll will li- pr* ? tol, for a Urn ingbta mora, with it m|i.all*(1 faat, e*>il!ful *c?-o*ry, m?g inl|reat plutou lU (?on ii a, tra -formation*, A?., kn M!a? I oula* I'] n<' ?III lliiK *v? ry e?*nlag, a !l?* third ft of theopira, lli' ????I .' In! a nf Hit: MkVLAitK, pronounced by all to be tie art p<rl*etiu* of votnl nation BHOAIiWAV HI SHAY C" ?< t'UX -MKTHOItlLJlAM Opera Hon**. H*Oa<tWay oppoalto Itoad *t?e?t. MniLiiAit * mi * i*r . ? ? n?K n I i.i TIIIH (81 NDAY I INU, IMi. 4 Flrtt tppetrtB"< tt tbi it or Hid. Ill I'N Al<()l, ih< > !? i'ttte.1 itarlUin* M'l.l E CAMI I F. I RHO * I I rifurm a tir ? . lo on th? Violin by Yiiuateatpe Ne? opwrat ?' ?olectlo** I 'In OBUltlTKA <'on<lurt?T. . ..Ilrrr Krlntur MiBtger ... .Mr. ' rank Hugh** I f i) .1! \t!MK r*kr i ? ?u Oa*rtur??- HarrK" . . . . M*n?t?l Krmani* ? " lion -*bnali*n I?? mtu i-hok bjr .-u I ? '? Are Marl*-- Arranr?'l fui lull ' r> beatra, by T lluacb Icbubort Hoto, V oba ? TVma ami Mr I ia nt V arutlbuita froao " I a liglio 4*1 l'f)l|',i>"it*M .. VMtuiUmp* Pwfarw-1 hr M'lh ? am ii* l oo. "lafoDin? 1 ba H< Ik i i tnui tlio r.ofoula In A M'lxMUaokB | Am*r.< aa facto** '< u""' * <.rnnd Na U<aalA r> Juh *a I ii l* i in 4 < . ?? ii lulauU*. I'aBT ll - .""rtULAB.* 0?*rturt? "Zanipa .... . IfrroM ! Holo, Violin? Air un<l I II liaiit \aft?t| jM>!. I af*o<bial P?rf*i ninl by M It* ' .i a'"Trw WnrcU Intr<Mluri*(r it.* - t| uf U#44f*lltwt h?*rt I' <>?lfrry * Hong ? Air du t ha lit , . A ikf<i Hung b? t' IWinardl HWIgh RWo? I ?*** cr ? I'ti* ?f i ?li-!lidv . J . II-* Final*- March,., M*y*rb**i A<!n ulna lo all p*ita of Hi* h< i*? H ^*nt* fUintnl CtaU Iri I'annrtti r I- a. r* ata An ? Bicii nt '< !(.? i.l I Ii ? *t I b* id atttnlai''* to **< <ut tl.f auilwrr, U. tli'ir . ,.la lK?rn op?n at tu "? /i?*n>* at 7 S pr?< ? . ffMII K8DA1 fill .1 Al-'i I, J -A' HUH Tt \?>A KX J MONI'E,? 4Jratift< la' ?? r ?!? t to o*ir i?y and |l*M*d l-rjonl ti|ifi..un ?t Hi* t*Uat <ll>pl*y*4 la yjut rtailinp* from tlw Iroli National I'oata *1 ?i.*oa ?tr?*t Hall ta-t n-nt f, *? r--|<*' './ully you to gl?? a r?a<1to( fruni til* Irian an '. Am-.- '-an t'o?U at Ui# ? anir plar* on V?liir?!ty M'nlai nait at 1 ncM. W r h>T* tb* boiwn lo Ij* ?"> ?*ap*ctful|r, yfii.ra O'Mral Job* Tylr Jr < ?l ? i? t* w laari) , Jan 'ioodoian U*>t tot J Hai<? Maj'.n 0 W l'a??r, T Ryao . < *pt*ia* l> O'Kan' I" K?ai>* li< ward, < ro?l*y (i. Ih?rry M rpby liauitnaata J * Ityn*. M' InugMin. I'. O't'oaBoc, An ' M> Manna, l>*i *? M K?aa> J. Walker, Kooii. < .aipbtil Ko <1 jr , t M KaUy. M.I'IV Jo*t> Horn I'h U'l'lph a 1, 1^4 fil>Ti>?K,? With Idling* of pri t? an<! pU?. .r* nSBte*? ply with your i")?ot lra*t og I may pr<i<* oortby %r tb* taak y<>nr kindoe** ha* ?ip- ?*d i>o n.* t aai, io*ra, r*?l?rtfii ly an* grater'illr T? H?J<A K" MOMlK T? li*n?ral John T) ler jr C*loa*l I* W ? ? ar?y, Col . ' ? ? rnao. lint Coi Jan?l H*rr*y, Ma/i ? W. l oan, Cap'aiB l?. O Ka?? Captn 9 M '??*y, Ii* ?t. J. N H;rit, awl otb< ra 7TI<iNt?S H UYM.SAfM M .-EMI Ah SI At. UHIBI tioo 1h* >*v?B<b a>tai mntal nkitntna by Um b?r* of tb* abo?? ??tabli>'iw*Bt vLI Ut* llaw ? ?rnton' o B.ra th* tth, 7th, *B'l VlL of Kilwiiar . __ Hi k*1a bo* r**4y J'MlM Wfjftfl, fNr*?tBr. NaTIONAI. THKATTtr *aMU.V?.T??N t> C.-THV tb? tr? will open for th* "iitii ?n Monday. F*b*a ary 12. ln^k*a *?4 goi>M*>*ra *f *? . o"?u.^*d uiant, <?? no* **|raf>B.*nU vol a ' tr*a* th* uo t?>? ga*4. JAMUt J ROSHInM. tronl *t-?wt U.-*u*. ItniUaMto IJ'TAB' Jff IMICMT W1IX K IJCT, ifkANp OR HM>Mr??AI>r < DM TUT* RA'. I*. OK AJff nv?l TAHI I ILNTt-Kl AISMKWT. For partkautora la .air* of Mr WM A M'MMU. nt Um fr'*t iA?* on Hrondvay II'aMII/ a hkht vi<i|.:nwt, BANJOMr AMD V* TamboriBiat ?i.o uataratand muak ntaa,ngnn4 fa *?-y I>aor*r. to fl!l op a '<mpaay lor fartlwf pn/tl ? alar*, *f ply to V RrJTl at 'b* tar of the Frank ho lln.i**. nor tk?'<a ''-if Hr xblra on "" t*t??*n th* h> ar* of !'? A M *ndtF M DA?? I nu AtAOBMIEl A MlflWOKTH'ft ACAMWT, mo. m* a Hroad?ay oppo*it* IJ*>?nib atr**t, I* now open tt? r*?*| ti?t. of *k" *?*' "ibbum at nay uB. Indt** tod cti>..?a on VadoMdny* n*d ^ntnr day*, nt 1 acl 4 I' M , ?>ntkn". on Wtdnawdnta, Thar* d*;*, aod ***ry *?h*r Tr.taf at 7H Y M Fra*ta*teg a**na.bti?* oa Maturday ?Ttwtnra. t> r ladio* and gr*tl? a ?r. Mon'hly cuipm* a* aa<.ai Urnlnn ?*nta.aiag dnya, koara a*<l Uimi of iaiirutkM ann k* k*4 M UM a*ad*aay at any !'*.? or wit: ka awn I lay pwat. PI ATF. cn:??"I ' MIW1AI>W AY IrAX'St taaght In th* lutrkec ? -**ibl* 'im U<l? and gantUn>*n raa an ?atw fw * any n?n?bnr nf laaim * n*w rla*t now fofantag far k?/u< -i*?* *a*ti on* Inetrw'l "1 **p*rat*ly an; daa ?* <ti? *?*, and all apfli ?? ? mkn>4?kHll fcawy, teat Mw. fcfflTT" NEOM \ In T po?EJ.VO?> Ktmu?." . A iuTIKC' C1JP aaao r..;. r. I C . ?? ?;. ja a f*w day* ??*?? c? 0* a I o*r?"?* a.atvring, It aaatww* to < kaowa lb* a.*aai of ear* *11 ?wl ff*w*l aor ? tl* prw**npt oa a?nd wn ?* ? ? ag a l*ttw? /tan pa f?r*rt to Vo* iO||* M 1>V>'>A1J. M faManalro ? Hr'Wklya _ ritU (>RKAT Mil / - <4KIIMIY 10 TIIK A J Vantwataa r?r> : t**?; ;*nr* of grwat it" or log - 7 b* pr*fr ipi "* ?*?! a'llka *?wi tnm aayw* ? ?, < n rw*n?*ln* a Mur rp?."p?4i I> rw*t In t ? ? U. wiujaMF M FbHmi (trwat m<Mai;a v y rn ORFAT Ig^U.I r KA?t| fir r* TMB A'.F. lit baa>lr*da .rf l*tl?t* r*' end ff wa p*rawn* ,n ? Twyy M'tlwn of tb* ' a **, to wb' a '.b* rtp?lwr?a a' tb* treat ??ra?'n r*n?ty b*** a*nt bna M?m4 Dr ti WIlAJAWa of lir-?*ly* ? bn La* bnd Um **4a pew pnraUon of tb* i ? 1 ? ?? '"V naaaV. r* and plan* IM* "* *a>* U> manai :nb* Ik* bandrwta tk* wiib tn a*ll tkew wltkttl ? uitng In penanfw UM tfc?Ba**l?*? ??* b*?* th' aa pr*p?md Fr.?? fin** bo< ll.?t ran kw bnd kefe*f?a t *1 Vb* > Mew of JAMV W Mlfl-Nftja MFalto* *tr**t, Ha-^blyn, B Y mvEu.ERi' minim. \ ujoad.? *o? nuumtrwA tb* Nontb and W*wt rU Jorwny r?ty aa* J an t ?apt an* Lm* Inn tn* York at ? and Id A M and ' Fa/n, H 71 ha 4 a*4 ft m ? and id a M and ? F II **ee?4 rlan ?1 14 in Id. and it M at I* TWnwgn tbakM# *?4d U* Jm+mu mt at* tnet. and fw BnhMn*> Wa.l aytaa, " ? Wlb-g* Wtm* -bnabnd t* Wa#b a? ten In I nnd I* A M and IMf

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