Newspaper of The New York Herald, 5 Şubat 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 5 Şubat 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6737. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? MOND AY, FEBRUARY" 5, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. affairs hi the metropolis. The Empire City Affair. STAVMKNTS OF MB. CARMOBSLL AMD Til* SPANISH OOMSCL. TO THB BD1T0B or TBS UK* ALU. la conee iu?nre of a publication In the Hkiialm of thl* vnorniag, purporting to b? .ignod by 11 Frauk K. lltrwu- I ?let," I muat state in a brief way, the following;? At the Academy of Claverack, I handed him a letter from hi* father, commanding him to return liom* to Havana with me; that it being poa.ible that liii uuole, . Joan KMaa Hernandez would prevent It, he alao com- | xnam'.ed hlu to conceal fr< m him hU propotel departure. Young Uvruand.z being convinced of the necea.ity of bia return, aaid he would obey hit father'* ordsr., anJ Hot ac juaint hU uncle that he wai to leave fur lioiue. ?A letter froai the mother of young Hrrnaujm alio iwgcd hiai to return to hia parent. On my return witii him from CSnveracU, on Thursday night, lie proceeded with am to m>- boarding hnute. The following -1 ay, about an hour tffoie the departure of the ateamer Kmpire City, <oa which we were to eml'.rk,) 1 gave young H-*ra?ndez Tour doll jr*. to puichaae wbat lie i?|uire<lt and be w?nt aluaa tor ttiat purpose; 1 naited for him at my boarding bnitM; be returned, and ve, "unaccompanied," went board the Umpire City. If he did not with to ret ua t? Ma van* he had an opportunity of going to hia uncle audio r?oiVD. Further oouiment la unneceasury t> allow that be was not compelled by me to embark in the Inspire ( ity, all of whicb can be proved by comjjetwnt -wilaeH*ea. Voung lieruaadii* bad obeyed the order* of hi* lather? not rniae. U u reachiu < tlie Empire City 1 found Jo*e Ma? Her ?wfci, the uucle, in uo.n]>any with many other Cubans. Ha aeked h'a nephew If he wanted to go t o Havana *il? boy an. wend that h? wanted to obey tut father'. ?*rdera, but that be would do what hia nncla thought ?iei *+. 1 attempted to make iudki rem?rk?, whsn the r:iuele .aid, "You have aothiug to aay in thii matter," ??don thia the uncle and 1 ia companions took hint on ?hare. 1 enclo".' a translation of a letter which young Her wand ex aent to hi* untie on the morning that Iib wi? to leave for Havana. Your obedient .errant, CRISTOBAL ('ARNORfcll.I. ttomoav, >'ebruaiy 4th, 18 55. TODKO fTERNANDTiZ' IBTTtB TO BIS UNCf.E. Ptab IWrue:? Clirl.tobal Carn.beli haa arrived with a tetter from my father, and also from mamma, to take tne to Havana, be?auae my father ia, a. you know. under *rreat at the Cattle of tie Cabana, and aaid Carn ?o dl liaiH delivered 1 1 me the document*. from which I have o<> doubt that the welfare cf my father t'epen la on my fireitentlDg royaelf to bin; li toon aa poasible. A. *a obedient Mi* I will depart -hia day in the Kmpiro City, ?ind for tbia reaaon I return to you th.i check for $25 ou the Kxobaoj* Bank, for the payment of the college hill 1 hare mo line to take leave of you, aa I aail to-d.iy, the 31 of FeSraar -, 18 '.6. FRAVCI3C0 F. HERNANDEZ. TO TBK HDITOK OF THfi HFttAI.I). Having beoa present at the interview of Mr. Caruobeli, nttfce tfaveraek academy, I vouch the truth ?.( the fore going .tat-MMnt at re that Interview, and I beg to add in rtUtion to my oti interference in the alfair tn i|ue?tu n the fo'lowlng Arriving at Claverack a:t>l'isy In company with Mr. Caraobeii, t resjtieMel Mr. Gardner, one of the princl pain, to call you Kg Hernandez; on hia entrance Mr. C. delivered <o him letter, fro 13 hia father and mother, ?wh.reia he waa commanded to re*urn home in company ?with Mr. C. . a aiesMOger from the father; after the U1 had read the lettare, Mr. Gardner and I approached him, -and I placed fa the lad'a lrund. a letter frem hia father, ?ddrea^ed to mytelf, empowering me with all authority to have hia wi*b?* carried out in reaped to the return of hia aon to hti family At mv request. after young HemaoiV- ha&ideatiS* 1 ihe writing and the aignature of (hi. Utter aa lilt father'*, he tranalatel It to Mr. Oard n?r. whereupon the latter at oace contented to hi leaving the academy. On my aakiag young Hernaale whether be withsd to retai n home, he replied ia Engliah "I gw?*a i do." I thin, no further corur- nt it nee<led tn the com^iu iilcation attributed to that lad in your paper of thi tnoraing. Reaped folly your*, r. .sTOfOHTON, Consul of Spain. Scsba t, Feb. 4, 1866. City Intrlllgtnrr. Tn Wkat:iku.? The mild, molat woather we liar* had recently, waa aurceedcd yeaterday by a cold "?n?p," vrliicb look* a< though it may laat for aont* time Tb* ?tay we* bright and clear, and the walking, for n won der in tbu city, excellent. Notwithstanding tha xliarp morUeaaWr that prevailao during the afternoon, itroil vay and the principal atreeta were thronged with gay tu 4 brilliantly dreated crow it of thejoun* of both taiea, anxFoua to m e and be hi to Toward* evening the woa th? r moderated. and the :ol<! wind lont aorae of it* cbilli o< ix. The lovera of lunar influence!, poet", an 1 the li.f ha> i beeu gratified during the laat few evening by therightol theii favorite ! minary, who baa put on h<>r be?t and brigoteet face :o che-r and iaapire them, tinier, which bad been qn: to lamb-like during the pant ?loath, ia evdrntiy determined to go out like a iiou. Viiuuina a Bum. ? The member* of Columbian T re Kugina Company, hold thtir annual ball to nigh*., at Niblo'* Saloon. Tlioee wi c have bee* in the habit of JttteuJIng " 14'*'' bellt, >;eak well of the manner in -which they are oonducttd. The membera are alt geatl* flea, and "beliave ai alch,'1 and they have, moreover, a happy knack of tecuring the attendance of a n 'in ker of rtrj pretty ladiat. Thit cirrutUiUace, perhept, a. counVo for the tuccett of thea? bail*. l*rot?< l.on Engine Company No. 5, aLto give a ball to Borrow (Toeaday) evenieg. at the ?aa.e place. TUit com p?"y ha-% the reputation o being one of the moat rei I*-ctabio in our city, and the ball* t>ey give are attended Sy th tfliie of the city. We don't n^o by thia that ' hey ire tompoted of uriat ia known a* the' upper ten. They belong to our aubti<iutiel working cla?*ea. ant hare not the taint of codfirh on their warmest*. It U .in iovitatimi aoin'e, there beine no ticket* noid. On Wedae ^iay evening laat, Aru ty l!o?? Company No. 18, held their annual invitation xoiivj at Niblo'a, and it wm, by all odda, the moat brill'ant afaemhlage that haa graccd that fine aaloon thi* w-aaon. The comptny -were all young, and not an old peraon to be aeeo in the rcom, and the itorgeou* and eoatly dreaaea of the Ladie* would hare pat the believer in hard timea iu a Jojbting frame of m'nd. At the ripper taUe Mr. Jacob ? X'ller, offered a toe*t<.ompllm'*ntary to 1). i?. Conover, u<ua*en of the Boar.1 of Coun : lei-n. who ia lore ma a of rA, to nli'fli th- latter re?poad?d in aa appropriate manner, 'i be dancing wa* kept up to a Ute hour. ThU *i*H i* popularly known aa the Amity Hop, and I* famou* for ita excellent management. A Rani tn rm Dam.? Th* tunnel in Atlantic 'treat, Htooalyu, yeaterday moraing waa tlie acne of an ei t (tJeg and norel race It appear* that the driver of a wagon, to which waa attached twe (lee looking horaea, left them for a moment, #hcn tlie animal* becacna frightened, and daahed Into tie tunnel at a rapid pace. The dark nee* of their racing ground had no elect In ?uiotinx their fear* and they continued running with narful rapidity until they emerged from thetermiaua of the tunnel, nearf?outh ferrr. foaming and ao?earh%t in? tared bj b?iog tb?own agtinat the rough walla. Tb?v were with som? dlfBculty *ecured, and retnrt ? I to tkeir ?wn?r. Aftiwc r 03, in rent Ra!UU>At>.? On ITiurilay ir*u lag, about 6 P. 1L the night eipreta train on the Krie Kailryad ran off the track * few milee eaat of Dnnurh. The engine an.l ear* were badly injured by the train tanning ageii .t an embankment. Fortunately, the pni eengel* eaeape l unhurt, with the eieep'Jon of a few alight eentuainna eauaed by (%e ahock. Twe Of the em ploye* are reported to b* aeterety eut and bruiaed by heiog throw* from the train. The accident arete from the rmila being apread toe far apart The paaaenger* vne detained aovrral hour* by the occurrence. taxi* a Fir ? Aa old lady, who gare her nana* aa lira guann Harria. waa taken with a #t laat flnturlny evening, in Anthony *treet, aear. Broadway. She waa conveyed to th* Fifth ward lUtfon hone, where it waa aecertatned *be waa deaf. A alate being procured ah? wrote that her realdence wailn l*hilad*Iphia where aha had a hn*hend. named Willtam Harria. There Heiag no frlaada Ve care for her, ah* wa* **ntto the Almahoua* A Bot RrK Otm.? A little fellow, named William Hrown, aged eight year*, while croeeing Heuaton atreet. Danr Sheriff, waa run over by a butcher'* wagon ani ?ereroiy injured. The driver, teeing what he had done, <aetead of aaaietiag the child, whipped hie horae and drove eff at a rapid pace, an that the pe'ioe were unable to aaeertaln hU name or arrest him The hov waa ooar ayed te the reeitenae of bU porenta, Wo 1M Second atreet, wheto it waa found hla Injur!** were of a aeeioa* ?har actat. A wtnt - tfilLam McQuode, aged thirteen, en atep >.-c fron oaaa of the Harlem eato, altpped and Ml, an I before he waa able th regain hi* feet, no Ice cart, which waa naaeiag at the tiane, run over him. without, how orer, iai c!'* aay tever* iaajery. He wee ceaveyod to rWdoM*. Police Intelligence. CIIAKUK OF Kil.SK i'UBTf NliHH. Offlcer Km pp. of "i? Court of MimIw, yesterday r* turned from Albany, hwia( >n cuiMjr Wai. B. Hot brook#. %1Im J. W. Holbrooke, ? dnllr in en^rsvinf* an 1 paiutings, lately doing buaineas at Ko. 505 Broadway, ? bom bo n*4 arretted on a warrant issued by J nit ice Bogart, on complaint of the junior member of the Arm of Visscfcer k feliell. advertia d( agents at No 314 Broad way, who charges him with false pietencea. The a IB davit of complainant tUtoj that in llta month of March last Uiu priaoner called at the olfloe of the complainant, aud loformeu him that hit name iu J. W. Hslnrooaa, and stated that he wa? Hei rrlary of the Aiuericin Artiata' I'nitn and win n asked by the coaplaiuaut what said American Artt?ta' L'ulun was, aul ita objects, h' staUd that It waa an asaociation of atllita, who bad uaited for the purpoae of devialng means to eflect the sale of a Urge ouinberof ?rgra?ing* and palntinga, then in their poi ?etsion, and ay thus creating a aa!e for them. a.Tirding each number of the aaaociati m coustaut employment; that be waa dts'rou* ol making an arrangement irith tlie complainant acd hia partaci to advertuio their en gravings mid ('Hint ngi in varioua pirta of ths Called stati a end Canada*, and that hp hvl call '<1 for the pur pose nf perfecting such arrangement; whereupon the complaisant, believing these tepreontations t > Oe true, after consultation with his p?r'o?r, did conseut to ad vertise (or raid Wm, H. Holbrooke or, aa he aud hia pailstr bvlnvid hi* nine to be, J. W. Holbrooke, tipiu ci-rUin conditions in regm 1 to payment for said ad /er t sing. which con itious were that t!w amount w\icli ftotud l.o due for (aid advert If lng should ill lie (>.itd be fore the elidraMcn of three menttu frcm the date afore aaid, which amount hit never lueu paid, aad whhh ??i 1<1 Holbrooke rcfu>ra to pay. t>at, before commencing to acverthe for wi'd Holbrooke, the complainant draw up a:i inner fur laid Holbrook* to sign, which orier autho liM4 h ni and hia partner to <to sail advertising, and ft hich order aald Holbrooke .vigned "J W. HoUrotAe," in the pKsinee of complainant and hia cleric, aud ?aid order ia appcuded to the affidavit; that com plainant and h!s psrtner pevfoia:?<l slid advertUlig to tie amount of aevrral thousand dollar i, fully bt lleviag l li?? the statements tuvle by aald Holbrook* ?fietrns, but lia* ainre learned, a* they believe, that tbej wen- totally false; that there dil' not oaiat at 'he ?ald representations were made any such asso Ciation a* lcfoie named, called tli ? Atnerijau Artists' ?Jnion , that .-aid HolbiooVe wax not Secretary of aald Aitikta' I'uion, and that the came or taid Holbrooke ia not J VT. Holbrooke , and cmr.luin mt therefore b-lieves tfcat .'aid Holbiooke made the statement! afureaaid, and ni,tned Ma nam* J. W. Holbrooke, for the purpoao of de eeivlng Mm and hia partner, and with the view of cheat npr and aefiau'ling lliem The rompln'oant furthor Hat< ? that he baa beeu iufornied by odirer Kaapp th?t tin pr'koner admitted to him that he waa worth $12, UO) or 115 000, and that he had put all of hia property out ot bis )>OHi>eabion, and that Ue?>ira. Vi>ach?r H A hell could not reach it. The accuaed wa-< taken before Jus tice Conuolly, at the Tombs, and held to bail in the num of fl ,000 to answer tlie charge preferred agatnjt b'm CUAKUE or 01ITAIM1NQ MOS'KY P.N DCK FAME I'KE TKM0KS. f-'ergeant Martin, attached to the Second District pi li.-e court, JeRerton Market, arrested a mm named Mar tin Donild, charged on the complaint cf tieirgu Itoaall with having obtained iltw by falae pre'cncuj. It ia al leged on the part of the complainant that he was iuiup?d to advance the abovaaum on a lot of aegara. represented b.v Uiy SCcUh'.d V.' Ik valued at #0C0, aad wU ch h<! said wee In an auction warehouse, and would be suld at a sariiflca if be did not get the advance irom ti;? coatplain ant, who. relying on the iepre*eni.itioaa of fie pri?o.vr, parted with bihmoney. It u further allegtd that wh?n the complainant went to the a!or? to iniuire about the goods, he ascertained that the; had been tol 1 and taken tiom the premise^, leaving him no security whatever lur the advance that be had made The accmed waa takea before .luetic* Brennan who committed lriafjr exuui na tion. AN ALLEOKl> FUOITIVK VilOU JUSTICE. A fellow named John Murphy, alias Murray, aliaa .lack Monro*, was ane i*.ed in tliia city on !-'atur<tay, by oflicer O'liriea, of the Third ward polic*. and hande 1 o v ?* r to the sheriff of Pasaatc oounty, N. J , who had ?arranti tor bi? a ieht, charKing bin. ?ith having invn connected with a notorious ?et of thieve* who for some m iu'.hi psst, have been preying upm the inliab.tanta of 1'iter s< n. The priaoner was aireat?d in a bonne In M?rier sttvet. and conve} (d bark to i'ateraon, for trial. Mnr pby, it ia alleged, las no leaa tban aix dilti-rent indi?t nvnta aga'nat ldm, charging b m with having beeu in phcatrd in the commin-ioa of aeveial biirglariea and iarren Vs ccmmitted In aud abiut I'atei ou. FAMILY A aaa nan-ed William rtberidao, residing at 95 Jam*? ? trret, waa aireated ytaterday and taken berore Joatice Oaborne, at tbe lower police court, chars?d with having beaten and 111 used bie wife Mary Anne, in a cruel uaaner. The complaint charges hiui with ha ving from time to time, both wi lie aober and iatoxicatml, bsaten and abused hia better half. Th<> accuaed <>utel the f barge hron^ht against him l>y the lelatives of hi i wife. tl.e rause of the diffleulty t?etneen5hei IJan aod hia wi'e fcao been attribul*! by seme to the fact of one b*<n{ a (ttholic while the other was a Proteatant; this religious dMttrt'noe of *p ni >n has it is alleged, crested all this troub>. f'heiijan was held to ball in ;he -.urn ol tl/XM to answer. ARK EST OF AN ALLLdRD HAM. THJKF. A man givicg hia mine a> ixiui* Braimer, was arr^stel on Saturday night, churgad with stealing a lot of cloth ing from th* dwelling hou?e No. 3d Market street. It appears from tho complaint mad? again -t Braimer be was caught In tbe act of carrvlng o!t tlie property by the inmates of the houae. who immrdistely inn, el him over to the Seventh ward police. In the p >s>ess o;iof the accuied waa found clothing an 1 other articles valued at about 9(0. for which ownara are wanted at the ata lion house. Tbe prisonar was taken before Jnitice Wood yeitcrda/, who committed hint for trial. C'UAHOI OF BUKJJf AKT. A young man about 20 years of ag-?, named James Hand, was ariested by the Seventh ward pnllea, charged with having, on Saturday night, burglariously enteial the atablea of D'nnis Moylan, 1^1 and 13) Monroe street, by forcing oil on ; of the window shutters. It is alleged that the police found Hand in the atatitoa. He was taken before Justice Woof, who conmtttel h:m for examination. United Main District Caurt. Before Hon Judge Brtte. TBI! NRW TOKK L1PK tKtt'lt AKCI AS D ThU^r COM PANY VK. ST. LCIl'X HOSPITAL, IfC. Fah. BurrU ty and Robtrt Hunch. ? Tbe defe&daiit, Mr. Barclay, ia her B. M. Mioiater at tbia port and Mr. Buncb In now British Consul at North aad Snr.h Carolina, but <??? formerly Vlee t onaul at New York. It appeal* that in the tear IMS Mr. Burn-h had cc IkeUd the nuin of 910,000 In'Kngland for the purpose Of erect.og a hoepital in New York for Uw u?e of Britiau*nta ? the principal cootri>utoi ? bomg lie ring i'.ro then. Mr. Ceo. I'eabody, and Bruen, Shipley k Co. Mr. ruiicb acted in the matter u a m-?ml>er ol the Veetry of the trre church of Ht. tleorge, to whom the Corporation of New York had granted a lit of ground near 05th ?treat, r>niba**nii?, oo condition tlut ther won) J there erect the intended hoapital for tk? Krltiati emigrenta. 1 hr Vp*try were unable to carry out tbe prop wi object, and ther entered into an e*r?empnt with tbe lit. Luke's Hoepital, by whom tbe conditions of tbe great of land were <? be cart ihd out. Toe m mar collected in lCn/lan 1 * a.* lepotitt'l with the New York lire Insurance an 1 Tnet To In Oct Mil, by Mca?ra. Barclay k Hunch, on ?rhi.:h the plaintiff* agreed to pay 6 per cent ant that -the $10 000 waa to he repail in O to'rer, ltM Uie plaintiff* duly pei-l ' 'ie Interest, and In ISM the St. Cuke's Hospital mile application to ; ti e plaintiffs to pay to the said Hoapital the $10.0 >0 <>r<>sited with tbrm for Uie llxpitil. sUegiag that tba rtber defendants, Barclay A Buacb, *rualeca intended to j ? I vert the morn y tn aorn' ohjec'. not ont rnpU ?. .1 in tbe tra-t. Tbe New Yor* Life Ininran. e an t Trust < otBpsny rrfueed to comply ?itl? tbe s/pl:eation an t an act'oa ess rnmmenced against th> m bv Yfe??ra Barclay k Bunch to recover the $10 ?>*>, ?rb.-h"th*r ear they are ready to pay. together with the Internet, to *ueb parties aa tbe Court shall direct. Another action Is pandiof ia the I'aitad States Clrcatt Court, at tbe anit of the fit. I.uke'a Hoap lai agaiast M?a. r?. Barclay k Bunch, for the recovery of tbe same mo ney. Three auita are to determine the ownership The dpiendaats contend that tbe object to be attain*! by the disposltioa of tbe fund a waa aa hospital for British emi grants aad none ether. The St. l ake s Hospital, with wbomtba Kree Church of 91. Ueorge aaede tbe agree meat to carry thia iate effect, applied to Mr. iinnan for thofuada he peid over a certain eum. bat subeaq ieatly refuarfl to pay the baLanoa, aad thor?upua the President of the !*. I.nke a HsspiUl directed the Tru t Company not to par nor portion of the fund to altber Mr Barelay 1 or Mr Buncb, aad they therefore brought their amt araitst the Truat Company to recover the depniit. ur , Charles Kdwards appears for tha BHHah COaaaf), aad Mr Botte for tba *ee York Trust Cosaaaay. The paes atsmls adjt orned to this <a? < Mcadar), oa 'hs aa.Wr , derstaiiJing that Judge Bstte decistoo ia tbe present suit ie to dateraaine both aotloas. Corwner's lw|a<al. A WoaiR Bcrmb to Dura.? Coroaer O'Doanall beU ' aa laqaaet yeaterday at 1W Yarieb street, upon Uka body rt Mary Be Idea, a wosisa a Swat 4* yea re *f age, wbo was borne. I to doath oa C? turd ay aig%t, at Wr rwei dense at tba above plaoe, daring tba tre that partially ileelroyp'l tb?- bu'lding. fross tM seHsan Ubaa at tba in., seat, tha jary readered tba follow lag reiMiet? "We fia-i that Mary Helden came to bar death by bans re rrleed while under tba laluoaoa of U^aar. aad we be lieve tkat tbe areaaiaee wars 8 red by hor while ia tbis stats. ' ' Tha Is ma as I waa a aatlra of tralaal. Broeblya CHyr lataUlgaafS. Test order, aa tar several flwadays provtoaa. tha j tsv.ras aad shone tbrewgboat the cHy wore olaaa4, aad sobriety sod ardar wipsl aaasaaaa. Tbara apaaara to bo DO tiaaoaltlsa now Is vtalats tba Baa day irllaian i tarp<roctta l^aar aasUaa. aad faiot Habbatbs aaar tboro fofe ha nparUd from IMa Ma* tarward, ag at lnat aa k?c aa tbe p isswt ev4er ef thsafa ?Ma. DESTRUCTIVE CONFLAGRATIONS. OUaatro?M Kir* In Vullon Htrtnt About half-past 1 o'clock tin* morning, Are tMill cover*-! Issuing from the building No. 140 I- niton street, D??rly opposite tbo H*k >l? office. An alarm w*s im media tsrly sounded, but before tbe arrival of the lire men the flames burat forth frcin the third stones in groat Volume. The tower floor of the building wa* occupied bjr R r. k J. Tit on at a clothing warehouse Their *to:h anl *11 tb? no> nabl* fixtures were anrxl by the inaurxma watch awl U?c police, without damage, lhe upper floor* w?r* occupied by J. M. Fairrhild k Co , publisher* and bookseller*, R. T. Young, bookseller; l?. W. Match, Jr., lithographic pr.iter and engraver, H. N. Keeney, pre's pricier, and Wyncoop ,V Co., meaufaeturen of oilclo' ti, t > whose premises it i* supposed the ure ori ginated, but we cannot atate with what truth the aster tiou made. Ttie effort* of tbe flremen. who not to work with ad mirable celerity, for a long time proved unaraltiug, and tlie fire extended to the adjoining build oj, No. 1SI th? upper part of which waa ocupied by I'riee k Son*, manufacturer ol label*. The lower par', of thli house waa unoccupied. Shortly after No. 1?8 took lire, an eiplosinn oceuieed, which for a brief space ol time created ?on*iderabie eon. sleriiation, and cauaed a atampede of th? flremen and police who were within the building. It result* 1 from the bursting of the chimney between the two building*, the brickwork falling npon th? tliiid floor with a tre mcoduou* crash. Hariy Howai l waa one of th* period* in th? burning building at the time of tbe oxploaion. So far at we could ssceitain, however, no one wan injured From the front baildingi the two eitensloa* took lire. They run back gome fifty feci, and wcte loni" four ntoriea high. They al*o were all gutted, from top to bottom, leaving only a portion of it* wall 4 standing. The tlremen succeeded in keeping th? tire eonlloed to No*. l.')8 aud 140, both of which at the tui< we writs are completely gutted. When the lire waa first aeeu it appeared to b* by the hatchway on tie third floor ot No. 140, and i* supposed to have been tbe work of design. Front the lateness of Ui* hour (!i o'clock ) we were unab'a to afeertain whether there waa *ny insurance. Th* lo** will amount to up ward* of $50,000. Other Klrea In IM < Uy KIBE IM HKVENTH ATBXUE? AM AI.UHJKD CASE OF AWON. Abo it one o'e'o^k on Sunday morning, a Are wa* dl? Co vend Id a grocery store situated at No. 10'J Seventh avenue, corner of Klghteentli street. 4 few moment* before the (Ire wa* i Uco/ered policemen #1sh*r and Tat*, of ibeHiUentb ward, were standing ou the corner near the store, when Mr. Francis Murphy, tl#owner of tbe alore, came out in a hurried manner Officer Fisher spoke to him. lie did not atop, but proc*?l*d down the avrnue toward* fceventcCutU .street, to where he lived and kept another store. The policemen itill regained by the store, aoc iu a few momenta they aaw a flash of light in th* ator*. and thought probably til* cl'-rk wa* in the ator*. They looked through the crack In the d.*>r, mi tben dieiovered a great amok*. ? At Mce they saw the prcmiie* were on flre, and forthwith (*?* an alarm aud wok* up the thrfe families asleep over the (tor* T! e fin** ii caine and very soou e*tio*ul*bed the Ore Aft*r the lire w?* out It was v-ry evident where tUe tire had originated and il* very aiufular lo;a! ty; aud th* tact of Mr. Murphy only leav ng the store a few momrnt* before the dlfccovery of th? fire led Cap ta n Stev u?on to suspect that Mr. Murpba might kio* lometbing about ita origin, and he acconlngly ordered officer Fisher to take him Into custody oniuipto'on. Mr Mwr[.by was tak?n t.trore Juste* Davirtson. who d? Ulntdliim foi a further examination Tba Fire Mar list wss untitled by Captain Steven -on, and the whole matter w II b* inveitisateil Wuru the above named uiigisirate It sppears Mr llurphv has an insurance of t >'<>) on his at' ck and |(>0 ou hi* fixture i . In the Ken?a?Ucr Insu rance Company, cf Lansiugbutg Th* damage ia >'*tt insWil at about $1S0. Tiie buii ting is trsoio, au l usia a^ed about fl". KIRK IN MUiKST*K!Cr. Shortly alter eoe o'cl(x . on Sunday aftereooe. * 8re waaauppoie l to !>* in ajewtller s workshop, situated In tie rear of No. 87 Read* street Tbe tlremen w*re sm?n at wrk, and there was but trifling damage. Tlie alarm w** Aansed by th* atore pi;>* beeouiiuc out of place. KIHE l?f ILJCTKNTH HTnlHT. (let ween three aud lour o'clock yesterday aftvrnion a lire took place ia a brick dwelling in Rl*v*nth street. The i a mage waa but very tiilliug. and no damage done to the built icg HKK IN 9TAMT0N HTl!t*.T. Between font *nd flveo'cltck y?*terday, an a'*rni of flre wa* given la th* Slith district, ranmt by the burn log of a stable at tbe corner of .*l*ut in aad Mang ia strict*. Dsn ?ge aWut H50 AN ATTEMIT AT AIL? ON. 'In last Friday eveuinj s womau named Carolina Ix>gr.e, waa arreited by the polic* of the Nim'teanth ward, charged wlt'j attem|itinf to set flre to the ward school lions* corner ol >l'ty-flrat street and Islington ? venue. Jr. ho Kyan the "an tor of th* school, dele, ted tbe and causvd h?r arrest. Sh? was taken he toie Juftice Davidaoo, who ue'aine.1 her for a further elimination I<*r?r Clrc In Wllllimbuif. INCKMtlABT riKR IK A HOPE WALK- TIIRK8 JlgV AKKUTln. Yeaterday afternoon. about ft o'clock a flr* broke out in the exteaaire rojn- walk of Meaara. Htepben K. and William P. Rli hardaoo, aituaW oa the Uuahwick sro?? rnada, in the Eighteenth ward. Tb? fire. which wan no doubtcdly the work of ta Inceadiary, originated la th? | lower *wl of the walk, aad in a fow minute* ibe entire building, him Ave hundred f. et ia length, owing to tha combuitltle material*, waa coo-loped ia flame*. Tlie Aremen ware aooo oa the ground, but, owia^ to me ?rarclty of water, were onljr a'.le to un aome of the mi rot-nillng buili'.lrg". The flr* caunualcafed to the Jen ny Houia a lar/a three atory brick building, an<l from thmce to tha far l.oute; all of which were 'le?ttoyed VMira. Richard eatlmate their lo??. on bu Idlng*. machinery an I atock*. At 9'. 6.000. on which there ia an iaaurance of about tn,00(. Three men. nauwt Jamea Hu ff, Win. and Joliu Bold, were arreated by olttcera fionoran Viinkan and Jeokinion, on autp'cibn of hariag net tfia building in fir*. Tbeae partle* bud worked ia the rope walk and, baring ion* difficulty with tin- proprietor, it la uM, bad threatened to bare aatlafartlon? tbl* being the (round* upi n wh'rh they were arreatol. Tbey were committed to tbe filth dlatrlct atation houae, to await examination The Rrernt fire l*i Ptai I UrarMlaiplrlon of Araon. The inventifation Info the allege.! charge of Araon fending againat Charlea Clair, wa? contiaufd on Satur day before J u at io* Connelly, by tb- Klre Mar aha I The ?vidaac* (bowed tliAt the aeruaed had, In the flrat in ?tanc*. on the 1th of but Norember, procure 1 an in ? nra nee of |.''J0 on hla bonaehold furaiture, wearing Ap parel, An. . and again, on the llth of tbe a* me month, ba procured aa additional 9200 ia tbe cam* company. It waa further ahown by U>e etulaiue of Mr WAy, eecra tary of tha Bread way loauranoo Compear, that Clair made an application At tbelr rlfl- a oa or about tb? lat of liejeaibcr laat, and wao'et to (ro-ure aa laaur*ac*o' more oa hi* houaebold fnraiture The ?arrays of that compear, Mr. W m I ?e, raited Mr. 'lair'a pre mlaea at No. *10 Pearl atreef and examined tbe prrmtiee aad furniture, and hia report to t!ie company waa. that an Inanraate of 9-100 would let ample to make on tbe -aid furaitare, irdepeo<!<at o| anr othar ineuianc' but when ib> company aarertaiuad that <1air bad al i**dy I WO Insurance on hi* property, tha Broadway tonipanjf refuaed to bare any thing to do w >J. h rn Tbere aft many other facta to bo brought before tbe oouit. The tareetigatioa will bo continued to day oef'.re Juatire Connelly. Daprrmr ( MiUCIrtaii, Before Hia. Judge Mitchell and a Jury MIT FOB INJCItr DONE IT JJ.MtOK U CAHELEE* NRM? VKBDfCT, $4 >00. Ko. 3.? AVer IrrUJ Vamdurp eef <w JntrpK llmmn Hei A. (Ml tnd ''kmrUt Horn -am ? ' ThU rtao haa bee a oa for aoraral day*. It waa aa action for damaf** o-?-a aioned by alleged neglect The avldent oe -wrred in tbe a aw rner of Hi*, and waa oceanioae.1 by the fal: *g of a beam of . timber upon tbe nlaintifl while paealog aloeg tho lidowbA, ia front of the building No llM Bowery, owned by tba defendant Hnaaoa, and then ia tho ' no re ef bolag l*>pr ored, whereby '.be leg of tb? plainbtf, It 1* aSegwi. wee SNMb la two pU' ca an i he waa ethwl* terioual* tajarcd. both ?*t?rnelly aad ialetaally; aad that, by reaaon thereof be waa < oateed to hie fee foar awatlia aad waa i*jir?d for Ufa. The da'an iaau pat ia ? era rate a never*; and 4ef? ?? la a* lloaeon aeta ep tbarela that ba. tl.rough hla ipgl <Coit), contracted ? itb eae Pttar i. B*rrr to make aaid improeenMale. and that be had no coafiol aeer tha wart waa ca^aced epoe the coa treat aad that tha A^eMeat enearred tbrowgb the carelreearae lad aegl geace of tho otber defevtaou the defeadeat Morriaoa aaetaly arm that tbe ac?..ieat ??? caaeed be ike caralanaeaa of tho ptaianf ; a?i tbe ?Weadaat Co!\ eaye that the ?artaara were aot la bu eeailoy, ul that the ptaintif waa aetltef ia 4m tuae '? ' 'be kearteg of tha beaaa. or etteh ef Umke* be the ? ? I* ra emplopod oa tha bull Wag Vei#?' for p. 'aMr (I, Our Pail* < orirapondtiMT*. RPCKIVID fly THK STKAMrfBir UHION. Paai.i, J* a. 19. 1*5 J. Tht Open Tempt* of f>>uble-Vitn Janut ? 1%' Pxxr a nl Mr. Orator i'uff? Voioet for War? Voictt for t'eioi ? Voluntary .lubtcriptHmt, or a Chapter of Frmch ft nam**! Hutory ? Ike A'fw [.oan?HMigiout New? The Miracle La SaUUe? I'rayer Meetingt at Poru on Ike Wk of January? Vniversal Conference for 1'myer, ami tie Wifnm! Frhibition of 181t ? I'mjtr tff American Mediation beivren llntiia anJ the Wft'ern I'owsrt ? High Price* of f'rtrlsionr, an I Mlttry in IVanc.? fAhrr+t in China ? Hi . Maton'i Health. The teanp'a of Janut, at Kuma, mi never elite 1 ??c?p>. in ? tin- nt unlraraal peace. and the l.atiu deity himael wa? repreaented with two face*, looUing in oppoaiti ill* rectmoa if the t-icpli wen reonatractel at thia mo B' tit, ita uoora wouli at \ u 1 mora widely ojitn than ever, and the two facta o < .lauua would atara in oppoaite direv t ool, at of old. AU Ui* w.rld la aurprita 1 at tlic a'.raaje of negotiationa, and of hoatilttiea in K.ur ip). (iaten at the i'wir of a certain cabinet in Vl'iiua, an i you hear Prince Gortaehakod uncapacity anno iuee to hti liroth'r ilipliiratlsta the coi*"nt of Rti taia to the re opening ot negotiation* for peaee, on the hatia of the lour pointa, and you aeo him, p.-n in hitnil, ret'y to algn a? aooa aa the interpretation of the four poiat.i abatl hare been aatlalaetorlly interpreted. Now put you . ear to the ground an I you h'ar in lee t nothing but the lir ug of random ahnta at Uobaitopol ; but wait only an iiiatiot aid you l?-ar Ruaaian (una on the other aide cf the Danube. Thatriv?r baa been croaa. ed :iga!u by the P.uaaiaua and at three ditfernnt pointa, which Indicates an emernbU of new aad formidable opera tiooi-. You almoat aee a* weil aa hear. The aecon 1 di Vialon, tiealioed fortliearmy of Podoliah, ia marching to warda the npp-r Itaoiaterjand haa received ordara to ac celerate ita march. Maaaea of the troopa in reaerve are i* irnvi m?nt toward* the l>?oulx- and the Pruth. Nay, aa )OU haveven they have alrrady croe-ed the Danube and invaded Turkish territuty aoew. The Kutaiant hava ae <ed upon tboae twu important plarea, Touhacha an] Uabadigh. Will tbey not croaa the Pruth aa they ha?e croaa* . 1 the Danube t If ao, mutt tbey nit, according to treaty, find thfmaelrea face to face with tin Auatrlan troopa > What kind of a welcome mjy they eapect from the cunnona of the yonuf and chlvalrlc Knip.-ror - Acta fpeak louder tbui worda. Kv? when he taiku only, the Ciar, like Mr. Ort'-or Puff, haa two toicea With hi* ?oice for peace bo roara you gently aa a anrk ing dove, although thai* la atill something dlaagreoably uncertain in bia accent to the ear of Ida h on ami, UI ? good fiieinJ, the fcmperor o! the lienrli, author of that ?lmo t obaoltlc aaying "Tlio finjiire i? I'etcf.'' With hi* Yoicc for w?r, the C?ar?hout* forth dlatiuct'j- en >uj?li to h!it till / inilli'iai'ol auhjecK, hU ?ntaUiMa<<tiu appeal*, I "aword in hand and crone in hurt." '11m I leoch p?iK-r?, which hare rare'/ n?ot?.l /'unc A , 1 the London Charieiri, during th* past three rein, I iiuote the facetlou* humpback'! patriotic rereion of tha Cxar'ateit: f'uneh would ao chunge it a< to put th-? ' cioa* in the njml* of the Kuiperor of all the Kuaia.'i, I j n<l the aword in b'a heart Ihe Vienna d<j*patcha?, to irbhh I alluded in my lait I It tier, reachud Pari* in time to atimuiiU the ojgaraaee, i I I may nay the graedineat, with wh'ch the live buu ired niillicn loan ha* been tat on up. Theglimpa* they a.1iifdc<l ' 0 a clw nt* of appioarh dot p< are waa a u-odaesd for the peculator*, and almoat all ire ichmen, of every claaa, ar* aperulitora, or would fain he, In th* pub ir> find* In no oilier country, pnhablf, doea ao Urrr a pmpor | tion of the inhabitant*, iacludtni pirt < ulaily iho*- of limited income dabble inntock'. Tlie llounto, (tli" Ki (haage,) great and mi<; an aa it* fluctuation* are, ia on* of (A* moat [.?rmaneat Institution* in fiance. It i* al><> nue o.' the mo?t popular, ?n<l It i? therefor* Win plaanln Pari* wt.era p-ople of every degree, a* well aa I "man ban'*, moat iio iong|i*g>tte. '' 1 hii will partly ai plain ami juatlty the prol.mud rtm-i'. t imt yoj unght ?iit" the political hi*tory of I'rioci with tin h jlN.'i in 01 lilt Itor.iae. (or Ilia last *ixty yarn. Now 'ha Iri <|U?iitera of the Bourae, and everj ti ? iy ' el.e, wli-n thty r aught a glimpse o! the chance ol peace. ?at*d iteadtaatly atlt tu l p- fated it out hopefully . I k tlie practical joLeia iuiicorUii/?d bjr 1'TH.aji ia, wit ? ??uiJeit b* reelnij. or tblnkin* .hejr aaw, th'- iniagin "J I prodigy which tiiey baeougbt their oompmoiti and tli I bystander* to loo* at ia tbe cloatil. So :,i| ruahr i ti at luci '. to the loan. Tbe door* of I lie itairie, (Miy j i 6i a ? Aco. < in tha rue Urouot, vm beiiaged daily a* early aa time o \ look In th* morning for a>> feral (ay* I tun iar ? ag. me'K waa elatwbaro uianiRiited, an I it ia not aurpnaieg that th-- anharrlptloo, which elo-eJ on the I4th. eice-d?d alkteen liuadrtd railiinna. Thua U 1 ha* tunud out to beaieally voluntary aut>?-iiptloii - tbaaaanot ao muih to popular lattrest In the a;tual war or areata, the traditional I. aired of tba I r?o : l lor tlie Kur* an-, :i? to tba ?p*'"tlii(ing i-rnpenailiea nl tli* fni iner If < t area tbe long r?i*n ?>[ I />ui* Philippe e\ hiblt* ! more -.Inking iftatait-i-a nl the predominant lua*. fcr bit by lucia than have been aupplied by tha threa lirat yeara ol tbe leatore l '-up i* l ten it th* Imperial government had n'd aurceadtd in skilfully tou< bin*; till* kay, thay bail learned to ahit other muelc Ihey might aet tha tun* to make Irene h mm danre. if my relnrtaaee >liO'iM be manifaatad. It I t.B't learned tb ? wb?n tha (iperiment of tha Arit loan for ?50 midloiii waa itaoe heten rich nunet weru then iii?roT?re<1 wh'fh b??? not jal been e*'.au?tej, Kirat, tb'Te are thore great ttaancial '?ni(ianiea ao pe.?ul|*rly ILeoratui) * of tb* zoveinmAa'.. 'Ilia SotitU t (lit Credit Hitd'r tt rlu CrrdU Mobilitr, ffor mortgage < *u 1 loam 1 1> land and movable*, real aad paraonal pr . i ;**?? 1 1 ,) with tl.e I'ank of Kranca and ilia Vnin>, d? (iMiiifMMnu, ( ?Le il*pi *it* ) tiecoud, the ra 1 ?ay I 'mipaniea. Ih.rd (tewlrat* (leoaraL Kourth, minia??rial o?cer?, notariea ar HI*/. ( attcu ney* at Itwj and fcuiufan, ( aaher* ) | > II til >i.dlclary nod adminlatratle* 1 unctioo iilra the Morrat of wl.'im w.iuld not find hla ribilui d***pi*ed, for lit. la I. rook* help make big riear* and *i*th, private iodif dual* in direct relation who aaak to h?) with goTOrnmrnt? their name ia laglon. How the>? seven mtn?* might lie profitably worked I will *pp<ar Irani a aiugix ioataa-*. wb.cti wtli narra alao ( to ho? o! what definition thaworla riduntary *u >aerip , Ima are namatilM* *uacepUhI?i, aader a atroug *y*t< in o! ci ntral /at on Aa attorney m -of ) who, lor nonio lenaoa, had not 'boaen to luharriba for tb* loan if two lit.3<ired an I fifty millioan, waa politaly inform?1 by tbe l'i?i.ii!ebt of the < .lamber of Attorney* that ba lial b?en ia?1roctrd toaenl In to ilia Attorney l.. (/V rnr'wr <;iMt?f) a compute Hat of tb* aubwribera, and allied? " Tournanw b< now tha only on? laektag. Yna I are lit* to ahitaln from atgniug, but I woult not oouaaat jon *?! 'nake your?etf the Miy atceptma. " lh?r* waa i.o rr>i>ting auch kind couaaal. aad th* attorney at oar* ?ubnrib?tJ? Toluntarily. r.f eourea? for I.OMif. Hat no i urh " putting the acraw on waa foun I n*:?a ?ji r on tbe ociaaion ol tbe aeroml loan f or See hundred million*. The gliapaa of a chaiKx fur pa aw aaffi<-?d to make everybody " walk up to tb? captain a ofli. ? aad aettle, ' l^an ? erarybody f*It i|i|.t? aura of a bandaoma l?i ceataga on th* larutinrit. Nut a few autiecrlbara li* v ?? aJri*ily anticipatad th>' pro- u?iou< progta whU ii all atulil aha re in the e?wn ol a *;,e?dy pe*i~a. Other", boeever, heir in to [**1 that diataura l<?** not elwaya !rod eBcbautinant to Uin view, now that their hop * cf pe*'* T*nl*h aw*y remotely l>ehlnd cloud* of airolie lioin the nld aad ntw battb- B'hla A* for tbw 'lege of .-ebaatopol, they ata un< <afortably rem alxl by it of th* 'in yrara aiega of Iroy, The auoimoaa of Au? tin to Pru m* and tha b>rta'i (Hat auggaa'* to tbam It It* *?} doutit* a* to th* prooahla raufoata which It wti! rer<lfe Tb* crotaing oi the (lauul* by the Ruaataa tio-jpe baa ?t*rtled tham roin their drram* of lhn dm of .nceaaaat toil ia tlia porta aad araatial* of I lasca diatuifca Uietn. Ibay real, with a abudder. of tha*. monatra ua ftoatmg bBttery , tlie I wraatat ioa, whi M w..l ba ready to leave th* ato^ka at llaere .a k'et.ruaiy? ofcaanr ax that > ra belag caat after the modal of taa Mia e rifle ? of boait*, bait*, ant ail aorta of mardaroo* eng ne* now en ttMtr way to tha la<t ia VWidl ao bianlr laden thua aa to laave coaparatiealy littl- ?pa a for the <|U<-ar laaortmeat of charitable contrtb it oaa Vi .lie ?rn.j ? blanket*, clothing, medi amenta, wiaa* car dial*, books nawipapara, hama flit?. ~-/a ?, p paa ar, t telwrf) and *o fartb, and ao forth. 1 hey read, with a ?lirug, th* ilecrra *hi b ap*n* a r?< w credit of 1,700 no friar a for erecting liarrarka ia tba Crfaiea. ant for ti a in port, ag ptovlaioaa and munitoat Aa th*y aaw tha tela 'l.meata of tba Imperial ilaard that left for th* l rtmea laat arak paaa to tha I yoa? railroad itaUof], tfcey did aot ihara tha eathuaiaaan with ahi-b a 4ian?r and a farred peliaaa glvea to i*rb of tba a> -era by tha In perar, aa?ma4 to nav* iaapir'd. at U aat. tha tfiir?a A lutird jehi>* would ba darMoi.y comfortabi* ia tha i i m*a, eapaaially U atawdlag aratry all aigbt were Ike du'y of tha ofBror a* wall a* tha on rata. While wai aad raaora of war aarupy th* pabi. t talad, tba heir* leligiaua mayei aa ti?? wh <*b tha l'mu?ri I w hoar aaturo m act lyaiputk a* ai'h tba beHicia* spirit of tli" tlawi had ticttad bf la iiing tb* arm of <-iv1i authority agaiaat tha Ywlt, wbioh bad pralaMbly doahUd th* aatkaatf Ity *f tha pee Uadad mirarla a( ia MriHf*. Yau r-m?iti *r ia wo*', term* M VtuJiot, the editor of tha t a iwrri . aaaa?ar.wd the pior.UmalioB o( tha dogaaa of the Irniaar alaU C?a r?pt.oa, ei'lalaiiag a roacl?aioa. ' IV.aae i* draafe wtth IT) No c..abt the daugkty ehampiaa af nMrawtoa taH-m al lied la tha Hat a.aoe hi* retain to Paria, tata palrkao-b af hteadle* Mat kave beea pretty w-ll *ab. rad. aot o*ly by tha a on ad 4r ? bkiag ha ha* r ~ ei rd from tba /Vera* an t tba .HtrU. bat by the reprotia .hick ju'w-toue l>thoii? (aaraal? base leM it their ?my to ateMaieter to him Yawr Pradeataat raa<1era ba iBteeaetad to laarw that, ia ail the I rwtwataat ehapela >A Par" prayer ana iag? war* held oa tbe aaaaiag af the *th af iaawary, ta taaoke aa abaa aat eCaaio* of th> Moiy apint apna tba tbarrh aad tha world, at t*e e:*w eg a< tlaU yaar. wbi b aeew.a i.kalr ta ba aiyaal aad by aaah *? raardiaary *rar? aad maH^lied aaaata Tbey will aho b* d epaswl t" reap? ad U tha larllatiaa wfcrk tlaaar pratoetaat bewtb re a baea jaet IB* aad ta Oft. t mm af every aaase aad tliaia. who 'hetlah a 'Hill i bei ef ia ---Tig-"--' 4a* tnaea, la aiUi tha graat asMbetaaa of I W . the ****a aa af a great eaaagaiiaal mfaiiaai at I'arsa TVa mituUee af thU a< aleraaa* i* due to tba irWMh bf eh af tha FeaegatWa. Alllaaee thewa U at faaw saather aA laaaa, wh?h isaiU I'aatf < aa aad aMwva!, aad whUh haid It* eeaaad aa Baal arawag H+ ChiWama day H eaaata aMaa-if W> I 1 aUlierrut-, ProteaUnta, latbofc?* or Oreoka. M. lAli?r, ' i ? r?ltb; I'tiiiiin banker, 1* iti PfMlilmt, au1 the | celt braird poipit orate r, M Athanaee Oo-|uar?l, ??nior, om* of i a principal taamber*. 1U device U ' Toletauo , *ud Charity ." It attacbea lcea Importance to tba prate* ?!?>? of btllrf id any dogma* whaUver than to th* prac tua of Christ. an virtue. But lie icheme, oottrithaUad Iti nr injr amiable feature*, can hardly recommend itnlf lo ltu?e nbo !ioU laith ana iroo4 w >rk* to bi In M'pnah1* act! who, by a inciety that call* ileelf Uhri* tian, while il waive* if cot denim Iho divinity of Cbriat, ?ia re ml mli . I of tbo company of player* that proatw*! "Hamlet" with lb f Part of Hamlet left out. Iti ? I'arlt journal* at lirat pablUhed, without com tn ut, a translation from tho Nrw Yiiiik Hkhai.ii, of tba l? t tioa aigurd a* New York in favor af a proffer of iu* aiauon, ?n tlia part af tba Unil<-d State* g?vernra?nt, wiili j vit w to the reconciliation of Ku**ia and tha W??t ? am !'< wera. Ht veial journal* have*ince e*pre**ed their doubt* whether tliU gemrou* project i* practicable, or would Lara edlcacloua result*. I' lilmoDt has nut heaitatcd to ally It/olf to tba Wn*t etn 1'ower* You uiu*t l>u ??? noticed what a *enratlon II Hatazzl'i i.i? bill for lha auppreation of conveat* and niiinaa'ic orltti-tlu I'ledmoateja ?|>oll* bill, ? ? Ihr ultra uicntaiil.ta rali It ? ban produced through o'. ' t? thi'lic F.nrepc. Thlt bill ha* converted arch ival op* aud biahepa, and priaat* without number*, into tha moat ardent Irteitanta- that l*. againtt liar if. ?*n* hundred and thirty of tha prelate* wh im the Im maculate Conception bud attracted t<> Route ta*t month, !? nin!n< 'i to keep lliiiatm** with hi* llolluvaa tlia l*?pe. , il???t of the French binhop* have ainaa returail; levera! of th? in hy laud, In orcer to e*caiie aea aickaoat. If It be true that the IVnmioicaui at Florence have rc .-oiled, op< nly. aja n?t the prepou 'crating induunce of Francia <nn i and Jr?uit>, which hastened, it ia aald, tli* prom il gnt;ou ol tbi- Immaculata Couueption. may uut the diaei- | plea of Ft Dominic run a ri k of ta?ting them telvei tha ' ? ei 'mt me of their own peculiar and favorite laatitu tlonaV Father Dominie founded tba lu^uiaitiun in tha | twd'th century. Jn tbi* centary ? although una. a* of old, it l? true I that ' man livetli not by Diead alone." tha lood<|iiee tkm force* ii*?lf into preoed? o> orar thaolofUal q? ? tion*. The Kaafern queation itaflf derive* an incr?.\?lin ?hare ol 1U luU-ftat and importauc* frcm l* relation to increasing price* of meat and br*a I. In I'arl* tha t in tinual augmentation of the price of meat ba* again brought the I. utclirr* under tbu acrutiny ol thu govetn- , trer.t a a wi ll a* the public eye. lUraly alluding to >ba infinite aunt of petly im onren>nca ocoa*luna I by It in *11 but rich familiea, tha journal* mauti-jn tha aigmdeaat fact that the eating home keeper*, who proridv autipera Inr llioua*n<'* of workmen outaide th* rlty gntea, hciag no longer able to balance tit* price* of m?at.t with their or - nary tarilfa, bare left nlf aupplyiag certain ktnda of nii'it, a*, for Initance, treat. In the , ountry the dnarn* aa ? ppHlutM hmmu* bIiII moie clo??-ljr connected with 1 niim-r jr. lhe duel tear de Saint (Jvtnlin, a proTlnoUl pijxr, Im * piorcd It* ataUioi'iit. which had l>eeu thought eaapieraled, that 1 '^.00*1 out o! 'lb 000 InhahltastH n h<<-n admitted tu rhare iu thediatrihution of bora <!<? pan* ? hi lad ticket 1 for the indigent ? at Haiot 'J ientin At Cholet, al>o out of Ita 10,(00 Inhabitant* 6, .".OO laaan ap plied for the aamn privilege, and 4,i.h0 were admittel b/ i the authoritil h. Whin nratly the half of a population i* tin' a iltpeudetit on tke chaiitiea of the ether half, | political ecobomlata may well look on the caa? aa Milau*. ' ilowt vtr widely lb<y uity dilfer a* to tbo c.tu of lhi> ilearn'** of pmvi'ionr, they cannot b? bltnl to the ' miaery which i* lt? comeijucnce The L'niun and the Until* </' A'<ance lie * lately gii en long extract* from a wore by M line, a learael miaaldnary, who paaaed flftten yearn int'hlni, wh?re, bccording to hi* account, liberty, liberty of tl.i- pre**, liberty of the placard and th* advei liremrnt, thn I tcrty of amoctatlon the liberty of n'eetiog, ex. at "If Utia be *o," egclaiina the Sirtle, "let pleaa ire tup* tin- e be orgaalMd at one*. We will lake ticket i'" Jutpe klarou, I'niUd i^tatra kliniater at 1'arii, ia, tluiul ato the nkilfi.1 care of I*. Itigoloe , rc/orerlng flum hi* ihncL of apoplexy. dnlt th rty multaUoo* hare be? n revived at thn 1'oifei' ftato* legation for the ball at the Hotel '.*> Ville on the '..2d. fifty nam?i of AmeriMn* had been * nt .it, "aaliii.gto be invited ' FICAIIJ. Ma line (onit. Ilefore Judge Ibonipaon Lunr rrv or k MAh'ir.ii or a Mir roit lurrua AMI' BkVAlU 1I1K1IKT0 With* lilUWi Oh' MARK . I'ai ?tr i ?. Ila'tyrr anil o'Ktri -Thli action in brought opou ? u acceptance, of which tli* following U a copjr ? ?J no fo 1 11 lunuk rot NV* inn *?, M?j 'it, IMl. Hnrt-nty da?* after iUt"'nf |kll lt*l of (MklRfl, ** roti'l . p. if In |Im Wiltt ul Charle* I'aUaar, two buiidre ! and rlxtj dollar* eighty tenia, caah ktvuwad hi ilikliiirhominltt for account brig Charlie a ad owaera Value Itctlv'il. and chargi- the aanie to ai: lunt <?l ill* bum mrnti ol bug fharlr.i au4 owni-re *'? neav 1. <-ll \ltl.M I'Al.WKK. To ( apt !-*tb Hnminond. Ilri? Cbai lea, of Xew Vnrti. Ani'i the faor of whic'i i* writt?n tb* fallowing ? Accepted, I-1.TH HAMMOND. 0? tha trial it w?? tbitlu 11.1 StthlUn mood wa? th" captain .mJ d"leodent* tliu o* ?rr< uf tin brig fbatl**, ami that Captain flam maud algn*4 I'm ? replanr*, or rattier that t lax* *i*aal<ir* to th- ar ?ptan-* we* bia iiaii 'D Cbmcii waa then < %li? I a* n eituaae for tbe plaintiff, uil vntlM (k*l Iti iMi^i i|?f llil, )lti I lia t Ira waa at N*w Orleanw, io| lUl liatiai had bi i u appoinlel Diaeter iijr tfie uwwrr- tti*ilU*?*a j >??1 *a< !? ?t Id the (iolf of M?t to ton' -i ?e d-irlag tint "piirg that preriou* to btr ! in tli? nun* i^rlif, I l amiii'ioil n.?<J? a contitct w-tb Mm <i <aJaal' a* I >? < itf ol Near Yctk, to Hall th* ae-aii mi ab.a e. VMat Hammond waa to ta'.a t If vera* I aril i!* Ht-i b'?t lie ( oulii with her ? go wlier* ba b*.l a niii'l to at. I bare li?r ? n aiiarea ? victual and man liar hi;;i .f .i/ ail th* Mil*, and rharf# tha owner* on# tj? port i hargn . that >u the apr.og ol 1UI, i?' tM V ton | waa a partnrr of the defeii ianta ' . u it .n{ to <1 1 Wi th tb* *Haal Ha further l< ?' <?) tin.'. be 'trrot# a letter to tha plaintiff of wbtrli lb" foll?wlii( I. , r.^,jr . Nin i<wi, Ju.) I'M. Mr '"barlM Palm#r, N>w Orleai ? In l?.i>r..' V'i f*>or< arn all at Itaad euf-ernlm ? 'oiat a,fK fia'. Ii rriK' Obarlra. Th? ' \la t> * luc ytm aa | ?-. arciuni, i >7H ;l], you are at Ubt rt; to ilriw oo u for Kiuln aland fiom Cant llamm'tad 'ha? th" dr>'t ???! *0' fn.ii Mai lor $260 V> aai laaured 'if jfHl in N? ? ' rl aria, vbirb in ra?? of loaa jrou r iurt to thai IwartiKi n.n I.aoy, aa it waa 1 ot fr< i|bt fOi inaui*!, bit a'i|:i ?< Ca| t H inforiua ua lia mat j on a from K"r Wf?t. Ilwnif, l( it bu gat seMe to hiui y 1 *1 lit* tbe 11 ?? of our?, abirli yn a will Dn 1 1 1' i< ? 1 ' liter I). Pilmrr F?j dipt H. Iia? vrltlan pm t). 1 i!ay Youn, Ac , BAM<ICIi, CIXK ;>',j 'lb* altnoa furtbrr >a(d Ibat at th* lim? thia Utt*r ??a ?ritten tb* ?r?a*l iia I l>?*i? teat. The fMa' " make* no claim lor tkn t *1 31 |r>f*n ???! to In iM foraf' 'H letter lb* p'alotifl hire i?al*l ha <?.n ahta th# rounael !.?* 'Ufandanla, mo*ed a ''.I'm fit t*.? CaBH lamt ia the action upon fba fbil .a a^ , r<???Bda ?? I (r? t ? 7li? p'aiot.n i.aa fiilai u> afc.?? tMt tka Iran ?aa (Ivn for anM "n aceocat of dtibu a?m*ata?L p*i.ileil upon 'lie brta In ifueatlia 8?< out? lb ha? 'ailad to prora tb 1' <^ap' 'in LImw m >a I ?a? tl? ayeat of 'b# ?wn*r? uf the br f Ibird- Itat Capta a Mami?'ia>l had no ?>?' h .ritr t-? bin'i tb* oenara eolai.og ;nto a ?vatva<t vllhataiil pattjr to r?palr ib* ?MmI 'III* ri nnttl for the pla.atiff oPpnaad th* ?oli >n Tin >?"??, J.? Ibe i.oiy pivot m ti * eaae that th? in.' ^nt i lalmfl waa diabur**-! lor and on a^-xtuat of tb* tr 1', la that nblrh la coatatiMd la the aortanc* It mIi. W Li at tb* diabotaa B-.rnta acra ii|*ii.M lor lain fo!??d in total <.l?cunt*. In ar .7 ??-at, t .* ?j|.t* o d< ?a aot pn***a> nnllmit*.' p?w*ra a. to prorar r ( r* talr|A.l auppliea f.? the abip tad be eaa oal; hiaJ I h? Wii 1 a for ?ueb aa ar* o< i'???ry ua>i*r Um a/ tnal cirrumataneei 01 tb* tufagf It t?*a not tbp*ar 1 tbia raj* lor ?ba' purp *? Ul* pialatlff adaaneed b.a wiMi a fa ? t that abou'd be < ieailjr pro?*d Ir. tb* uaa, ?? taat th* >]U*ati' a * betber th* Cioaef aa. a 1 pea 1^1 for nm ret tar ?? mt|bt be decided hf <l<e ' ?urt or t> ry for a '?bt that 1 an' * thl fua la maf ba>* '?? **p*ad*d !or auj'ifli.itie* or lui irl?a. Th* ? oetraat of a aatlr fi r aorb tii o(a ran ia on ***at biad tb* ovaera. Il a aai.l that, (ae*ial, tb* a>>ater of a ?*a**l appear* to a. I tl.e ?? rid a a tha af nt of tb* oen*r* in matter* re tat nf to tba oanal em ploy ma nt of the ablp; an doaa be ?;?<. a n altera rflallaf '?> Ibe r?*an* of vnpleflif b*r th< bi aieaaa of Dtt aro .t fit taaiiaf aa-l manoieg bar b# pg left ahelly to aiaeageaarnt u f 'ua ? a vhera <1.* ovitia do aot raalde i?4 baae ao aatahHabed af at aa'l I r e.t w*Dtif . alae, earn tb* piere of tb*lr own re* ?lear* Nrr*rtb*l*?a. Il>* partr aaellni U? aa'afre a taatrid anada aitb the maater, a^aiaal the >.anera nm at - learif proa* faeta and rire iaaataa-ea eb>?Ja (o ti ? h<.? tba'. the ma-'er haa aot iiualel bi* a?to <1 t j Hat il * ppe era .a thl* ea?e that at tbe tia>? the pla n'lfi aud* tk* ai'aaa * ia naeet.oo taflala Haaanwiad ba<l roatrai 'ad with the owner* to a* I tb* brif at balaaa, a ad ?!?? the he*' be f?'iM eltu t*r H* a ''?od n the pe*< tiea of * raai'et ^*t d( to tb* ownera for Dae aao ?f I ? r < i>* half of tbe prolla aaiaed. The a*ao*l waa anter bia eielaa ?* < to go obere be 'heee (o |o a ad to emf 17 1 ef o whit? v*r waf or maneer he a>TW|?r Th* i apta a waa a act* b i*r <4 tb* chip It I W a a?r a-*v>d rnle ef law tba'. tb* hirer ef a -'iattal earn t without ipa al aetbofttf tm 'bep?rpoea, ?raal* ? MaMBtf Of Ilea owaer for tb* -**t ef rap?.< ? m a op pi Ma f uaUh'd if dir*- ti*. r. of tb* bi rar to aid b ?i la d?rla ng adiaa'af* from tbe tbieff blred *k?ra a **?**! ia l?t te> oa* who I* to b* maater aatd .a tn >|et?al aod to man aad ia to pej la Ue as. ia for bar btr* a ear laia prec?.rt<oa of her r*rwlaf* tb* owaora a re aot I'abt* d irtag tba time fat anf *ap*a?ea lactrrwd bf tba aaaeter for or on a 'caaat of tba v>a**L Fa' th* pia >at fl'a ca *v*a*l r?*la*M ' ba ' the letter wrIlUa bf tbe wi *a*a* 1 lanb. wa* a aoaiiiga)H? af |Ka liellbtf o. tbe def*?'a?te. fbe letter a mwretf , at ?'?' a ? V?r* Of what (apruin ftaanaa^ad *a. ' aboait th* waiter It la bf a* awaaa a re?aeelMoa ef 4e#ea*d aata uafeM 'f to a*f tke draft. I? am-aaia to aaiki(| atoi* 'baa tbe aUietiff be I al/e.df (ratal ? that 1* to ' af that CeptaM Haaaatoad bad aifwad tba v^etaaea It r.?*a a?t I mo?at to a K"a"a to pat, aee aaa I aalelf draa 'he a?*t*are *??a that tbe d?(e% Veate pa?eea*ed haawW<"f* ef the parpeiae* for w%l-b the plaiattf bed a* * aaf ?'??-? I a an ?f tb* a?ab*e for Uw.* a ad f|i| raaaoa* which aMt be atetod, 'hat the rv> . ? for a ' i?an<aaal of pla at.f * aaaflllat ab'- M be free <0 1 ' .<(?*??, '.harefara, *'eordt*?lf irraf tttjr Hew*. Tai Kteaami ? Tbe hoard of rw-*r? <f 'M t*my <ltf Uf* fwpartaial baa deter aalaed to male imaf aarate far tbe rtegtag af tl.a be j to lae fim rieabrtertaa Cbattb la ca*e ef a ira bf daf. awd fa* Mb* nae-agwf otber Wile la caee of a Ir* bf alfbl fMmii are alee aaal '*g to aiafafea tbe rrtf e*?aaaee, ag " r? aaen ' ' fraaa tablax bob* af Uaa rape* ef tba eagaeee wtae aa tketr <0*1 la Iroa eet fiaai to- eg .a a?i aoaat tba e<a?ia* Waeo* I Our Albany ( orntifiiitcnf* Mux wt , k II I, M.'i Know Xoikin-ti in a Trap-Cunning lortui of ?*<vJ J Co.? A J<ombth*il i ** ihr lluute- likA .lontn <XiUt Hur t Namtt ? A Main* Ix ii ?# 7W in tkt IHnLt I fc< W irk. ntm?Prrpara/unu for '-At I'awui D'<i! Thoaa j try wia* politician* known ks in th* Aeaemldy, bar* bean the r|eUm< of a w*l cm coclad plot, planned aad perfected In all u t*t ilia In thw i mug Inner rhainbcr of tUf Journal j 'H v ft/ til* of I one or two acromplic** ia tli? Know Nathlng rank*. It ?ai agreed upoa at a nu tt n^ of tbiia* geaUwnaM that ona of their uumtiar ahouU pieaant a i?aolulii* fafari log Uia liu'.xi .State* Senator .al i|u?il.<>n IVi ?n* brought about in tlia following manner ? A wiuaai | of tlie WmJ Taction, youi r*pr*aon'.atir* from IU ? Ninth ward, a amootb, a per loin gcntlriiita, glib Wnjuotaod , not without aome ability, who waa eienlela. a ^?<ai law man aolelr. and without h--iig In an/ wa j r?n?att led aa a politician bad been laalra -ted to taae a.l? M taga of b'l known independent i t.?a on Hi* tonatorfn# quMtion, and bjr hint* and lauondo** to indu-a the or>* poaenla of Mr. Howard to bellow l iat if auma i eialnt'on *? could ba Introduced into tha llonae, oai^ulated to draw on ? diaruaaion upon th* Senatorial queatioii, lie wouU be pleaead 'o ?' drjiue bin poaitlou " at lb* aaraa lioaa, inspiring them wltb ooufldin a that he wa* firmly in heart with tlit Auieriraa mn?nuieul an I *b"ull cattaiuly nppoae Mr. Heward'a rt elrelioa t '? tb* 1,'olloJ .ttat** tVnata fh> cai*e4 by hi* pUuaiblllty, the Know Nothing* fell rea?tllp into tb* trap. A ramlution wa* drawn by Mr Ij*igb lilinaalf, an cunningly denned aa to lead tti* mamVr who abould olfer It, and who wnull of ? ouiaa mako a *p*aala upon It, lo touch upon erory p >lat wb'i li th* Htwarl man drairad to be brought up in lb* di-'uaaio > It wne offered, aa you already know, by Mi I'etty A 'tar th* raiuaikaat tual nautl- aiaii fo?'M li? Mr. 14'gb 10* I* reply, and got aoiue way lutoa highiloen piei:? of decla mation win n b? wa* lolei optwl br tie art ral of Iba Hour of adjourniuout Ho cunningly waia liia in trod u* loiy remark* coniortmi, that at the. r temporary anepea ?inn hia dupe* were itlll left in diubt aa to li.a leal ia teutlona, ami bet* were ar?n oflrred hy tha Kn >w Mw tillage, alter I lie adjournment of the llou>* that iaiffb waaoppoaei to Mr. .'award. 1 hey warn diouM I to dla men). ha via a of operation* ba? iman a'mple ecoatfli. hat aomawhat inci'iuoa*. Tne wliig caucu* I* A Ki d foi tlim aiming Ve*t>-iday tba Journal, ? Inch had baeu almuat UH.m upon fNMtoltet queation. opana t Ita baltana* with two broalaiiea of ? ? ti: .1 apint ol the whig prraa'*' a " iplrlt1' of eourae gat up to order, out Uri*<l an I >eau*d from tha tiantral lioard at Alb<tny? a run* ag fir* of "cortaanoadeuie' uiuakelry, and ? baavy rliargn /<*>? "the admiral * '?wn long turn 7 In* nnalaugbt wa* Kill, wed by a aociai gathering at Mr. We*d'a U?xi?a !? the eremug. to which urartr all the iloubtfwl iruiia >era were ln*it*d, an 1 where a liberal auppW of tba apte?li>t wliea aed IU|iiora for which tba boat a leUara are 11 it*4. a lie* Iiaaotajult aoap lo waab olt tba lieraaina whieh hai ktaiaed mi man? at tha guiata aud tha hue* a< l:?ity of a auhaerrlent loliOy, did thair utmo*tt<< A\ l'i* **' rt*g and bring hack tlia fractcua mt > the tr?-e?. Tn day. Mr. I'lgh a leinarka baring b* en ptirpoaely til abort yatrrday before hit real p??iHua wa? 'l*fla*d ? piopw ? it inn to rrn*K th* dlnrtiaaU'n > n the Senatorial i|u*at'?a ol oourae mat with aucww? U? ai ti Ftwui d men banag b<en akllfully entrapped mtu rotjj fur It by a preUa-lM nppnaitien 1 ti the part ol ioiip of the m n! ni loritiia ?' the henalor'a aupporteia. Iltt* I a a*. lu< Imen Uw entir* plan of Ii|ielal on ? . ll liaa auo?**ded igually What will te it* ft ii* I retuit, ant whather It will ln'!neit.i eeeuie U* de?i;?d ch|*' t. w* hara yet tolear* Tina* wlU aLow. Mr I efgli armed With acme half dovm rolom** of ll.e lifn and wora* of Mr havatd, pr?<-e*de<) wltb h a ?li>rourae, tba brad*' of wbicb are auppaaed la liar* Wen tuppiie), and the paa?*ge* (ram Mr Mawarl'a Kort* marked, by tlie Jmimnl n-titera. Tbl* ? ip|>?wl t am appear* to liare liean wall louaded, from tne faat Ibat Mi. l.eigh. in the (outae of bia ieitr*oc? to Uta "li (her law'' ipeerb could n it nod tb* mark*4 at tract, all r. ??< about t i proo*>rd wltbowt It, wh*u. w tk a|itat?ii m ?tuiii, jii 1 ?iihdue I 1 r "? ol ' tlh, y*u maak read It." certd n ou table r* altai Imd to newipapera t i?b ed to tba teacue, and tnrned buaily nrer tlta i*>r>* in *ean b of tha paragratdi. Ai Mr. Iwigb proree-t*d, Ik* limti r nation ?.??picli-'l |>U the CO utenaar** ol tlie or t?e nai Uughalile tu liebold and wli*n ba c?nclu t*d, It wa* difficult to a ay whetb*i tag* or iliamay wai t'ia pa rait leg ?eutiment among>t liia dupe*. Mr lleaillay wn 'Tie flr*t to reply, aa I ha it, I ai, wltb out b> aitalioa, ia pietty plain laaguage It* took ai once the gi I'un I tlwt the trick which k?H liaen pli)*d u|?? tb* Know N&thln^a wia a diagraceful one, a id pro <*4 iroiadaclalraly ibau au^hl eh*, tne troa tyrasav o? f '<7 ilea|oliim. K< aecuae.l the nembai from Ne* V oca of prartl?ln/ w Ifnl ^aceptton upon g- n' O'wn la t Am il'Mi-e Ihla gave rite to * ?' a?e Mr l^lgli n*it? 1 point of on'H. Mr W.ig?r eh i w?l tb* m*K)l>or that had been duned rail til"rliig 'he r*?'iin;itioa of the tla cua*i*a, laid - Mr (liairman I call up>? tha gentl* man III end nphli po'ut of uriet in wntlnf. pie 1 1 u n ? ll r (Hal 'nri th* ganllMaaa '? ** New Voik, will pleaienduia bia point *f m let l<i wp A. li- iit't mm fi-nm Kew York ft it -bul, Mr '"kalr irao I ran eapl* n In a few wnrda ? ? Mi. Wagi r I iui *t. air, upon tb* p*<a' of 1H11 Ima^ ? tM'en. Jfr ; erd<m f rapping tb* tabb< i? W- >* It ml t will* It ? you have tuppel ua une*. Wr.t* it, I ?*?. ( M m* r?p? ) ti. teller* an ' friend* round Mi laifli S ? don't ? r i* it- 0'>a ? i ;? it. *<r I * gh (ar .bn 1 but ?err aann to a 1 . 01- t* a wurdnrt* r -i *?? 1 t but Mr ? ha 1 man, It la a i|tie?tioa >1 I'M I. j I *t |i''B| l'i n>i te a | i?ali*a of pi 11 lirje. I n* * 1 1 at 1 a?k*d Mr. fter*** ? ? I unli i. -Will* It ? I wa -ke*p 01 ler p ia ? >*?* ' T, i*. Mr lei 1 1 iiw nC ?*ld- -The grntl- maa haa u?*d n.y nai ? I pr -par> I t ? a*/ tba' I i* ay caiM Iran that tie (til an ff> 11 V*w V*r? (Mr leHgb; ? ?a fu-d.) trail 1 '1 ? tfil* pieit aa. by * <*n** of J * uiu '-r pii ml o *>l>.ng a far*r. I c*a 1 in tad, a* .a -1 o i.r'ia.i to Mr l*etty tu naara I be re?*/l*t -u. Mr. I.< .? b Irew tb* raaeda'tloa, and I gal* It t<i llr l>'(j Ii* now In* th* original In Mr leigh'i 1 ndwutieg The geutU-naa from Wa? Ydrk ' Mr. I' 4I1I b** m* me M* taUwaw vetraywl 11.; uttilaai ? ?aal laUM my btl?f m hi* trita, ao4 t| e rtj'ir I o( r t ' who ?M Wltb rn? I'r I U a'l try tlwa inalii iai bl* '?*? t r* ? iel Mr I *lgb a tan < i<i aa*t , b l in the na*??g?a *< tb* I lone# a t. ct^araa ? iu*mb*i *ppr?*rLe4 lilw aad *??<!, u an i u.rf vole lion t i'i 'lnak ?** ? a ?. ? t>9< ' ? I 'ib von it.nk you hare dan* a pratty ataaa ai builniaa' You're * ,14 11 a. *r -a<ill ti *' You tiara a?t aalr made font* of oi air, bat a foal aol a 1 >ae* i.l >'1,1*1/ if tlie lempeianc* rot* waa '.aae* t* dap, yn'i could not gr' fifty role* of II." Mr. I eigb took all meetly, and iwpbwl notblag After Mr. lt?a? ley had eonala 'ao, Meaira I iitl*|ika, Pt? bbiaa aad I tker, ad'tr*-** I tb* Ibiu** aa 1 all an tha earn* aid*? In faror bl toward of aonr** I i*tt* ' n toak a. Ira 1 l<. ? r law giowal and waa. w'i.a*? 'Xrnrlog to 1H1M Know Solb.agi'm, aakat liy Mr. lauipart If b* bad not lake* t'.e oath hl-n**!' Tba ? I i*k*r waa *?ebntly a lit' I* it*ff*r*>l but eiteianlnd klmi'lf by decUnag that ff ba ba-l Ukra a* nth. k* waa aatbortaad, nadar lh* " higber liw ' prl*?4*U, ia kieak 11 a* aao* *a be fo?n.l Ibat tba d ?!*??? of bia a*a a>lenc * urgal blm lagiei Ail'gitbi. tb* d*bat* wn* ?ptrtted **d etcil M( ?*-t tb* HMIleit aa4 m*n>Ww of 'K'eaete (ett of wind of tb* fun larrM Ibro^gb tl.'lr b iali^w. ad^aiiai, *a l <rwwd*-l an la Ik* t*w of th* biwer Mane* Tb* galt*>i*> aad aata i^ani w*ra alar, gilad I i.avarad tbat taa l*al e!t*at ?f tba W**l p|?t ia tor/ doattful It i* aaore than probaol* tbat it will m jure Mr haward Aeernapliibed i*a*ral *? Mr Ward l?, l,e her b*ea *o long aeaaetanaad to enntoal el* br I *gw*l? ture. **d bold mnn " in tba bollaw *f b a a ad ta araoM them '.a bl* will by e*;'d*ey la coat thaw w th pivfalaea at to ilfira them * tb threat* tbat h* di** am ?wt*ritaad ?*t bow ta* old appiiaaoar aaa ha*a laM% their f*re* Mbrntai th* i* <ep*ad. at r^r I ibnl la at preMal the oriwr of tha Cor IU tk***for? nawiady ?1 taa tab* -a by bia ua*iilrayn*** to cone*ia atighl In th* a** ae* nt and bl* *r?. :<r?iy trUra -aati'ia W% rale abll with 0 ro? I re a If i|<j i* a aomner af Vba whig aaember* aba- ? I tbemavlra* froaa tb* '***?* lo a*glit , aad Ii rr.'.'j|! afthaiu Ifd 1 aat a/aiaa* ita aaan dale* to tbfi.* or> r tb ? ?l? <<;ii of a I ?.<* 1 et?'*r -aa '?i ?lUiaa.'iirUrn it wlU a* ana.aly. 1/ M* aaMe ta lW j< li'y ( . .?.? 1 M Hewer-. ? fi.eedla ?rae Ihiag ai'rlaln, I Key hare a?w opealr and unt.a (wiatdly a.ada tha laaa* daatUMt bet we*? Veae"lua aad Amerbaaian. II er? aaa be a* baif way |r -aai. t erember on tba Inar rif either il'Hre ?n n? I ta a kaow Moth *g .a h**rt. t il I d*> aat *?->?? eer ?* .aat a.ateat ta rate (ar M toward ' Ibey writ *a a and etrryna* mak* tbair a|*e'l->a aad it*' I by tba ne ard*r. or i r* y lk*n*lir* la dirwt *? ??* ta tt If U ey abaoea tb* latU. 4 all??, a here are the I 7 ?' *** |ratper<* f,,i tb* Cut . * MiW , *?? I -? ? "*? 1*W I ? . 4 bbf'ok **? Li >. i?, t ' ***"< '? ?5#rfcik. .??? , M 2L?1^ .f*mm ' '' "T "*? ??*?55 71 vT. ;, 1 * t" ?? ?r?rt?4 m I apa ' l?l/u J**. I ^Wjglirti www . ? ?? !??>>'"? Ki i,. n? '? i^d ' '? ^ *?*?? ????>? *?!" ? i. m4 ., <?)?? ta?? M|lf ttlM? ?* il? ihmm ' ? liar 1 V r> OmMm ?'??fct 0fl?aa ;*??'? ml at** ha 1 ,/w +i4lm*ry rlr'?a>la?<>>, ? ?< <UiKt ?< |n .* ? . in ? ?fua t>.M T>.? t*?* i? .1,,- J t?l ru ??'? w a .!*?.? f? *_? h; ? ??'? >??? TWhO vfclrfcZ ? ?????*. .'vara . I Of Ml M atar.bM UilMUrf ? ??. i" ? w .?tUi ^ fi;r ' ?? ~?l?* rta fc. Inm ?-" r-1 h *_T .^rtXAftrS?; ??? * ">? ?t'b Ik* -imt.. ?* r*y *' * _^jj' i ii < mumiwMr ^ ?&?.??? * ' .??? >????* l n> *n r?u r>-. ?, ma % 4a?aa '4 |i?- Zl.ttM, <?* f?Wta Uw Mb; In* W Mf, iiU IM M|, UH, ?C ?w? m4 mtrm bn! m Ma Car* rH Ma***. ? MB fC ii/t

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