Newspaper of The New York Herald, 6 Şubat 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 6 Şubat 1855 Page 1
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L THE NEW WHOLE NO. 5738. MORNItffi YORK HERALD. - -TV' * ?! . r i I . [ i FDITION? TUESDAY, FEBRUa?y 6? l855- PRICE TWO Ca^TS. AFFAIRS IN TOK METROPOLIS. Tit* Illegal Lotlcr/ ami Policy Shop*. riKTUU DKTELOPKMKMn- BUHPIIK8<JI'>H OF LOTTI II I? ITUPPg IN TUAtf? FOLIUY SHOPS, ETC. Ib* buaine** qf te'liug lottery ticket* and policies ia this city bu MHkt do Important aa inWest that it is said that It will be Impossible to br?ak It up. Ail inch vocation! have their aeaaons of pro?p*r ty and of de cline. The lottery bu?iir km is no except >?? to th* gens ral rule. Is 1842 a cruaaJa w?? commenced againnt lot teriee, and they were abolished in KhO'te latand and in New Jersey. At pro-eut the only lo tor'at which ara patronised la New Yore ara protaoUd by law in Maryland and Delaware. T'.ere are lotcriea ia Alabama, ?ad the arrival of an Haven ? nte-<mfr l? cMefly interest tag to a large class o> th? citizen* of New Orleans on ao tonnt of the fact that it briuga the dtawng of the lot* 4ery. Tha regular lottery butin?*i In the rf'y of New York doe* not probably amour t to otn one thousand dollar* per diem, while the policy business, or the insuring of numbers, amounts to thrte or r-jur th >umnl ilolUrH a day. Cp to a lata ,ier:o.l, a distinguished politician bad tha entire direction of the policy buiine** in thi* city ; and, although be has made a hoi t of sale of hit intereet to hia chief cleik, tho property oa which the principal policy office atai-di 1* at. 11 u*ue<l by blin, and whether directly inters t~d or not mu?t b. aware of the fMt that tho business ia ? ttll carried on there. In the poliay bualnee* tha chanc** are about ? no hundred per oeat ia favor of the ofli>- 1 'oeper; and y> t hundred* of poor people adventure their *ernini(S, and hometim** the money received in chanty, in thi* mo*t nefariou* game Of rabbery. It ia claimed by the owner* of latter cs that there is no fraa4 in the buiinesn, and that the buyer* of ticket* have nothing to contend tgi nut except the chancea of fortune, and the fifteen per cent which i* reserved on each psyment of a drawn prize. TuU aa-erlion, though often met, la itill iuj !e hi l it may be in to renting to give an example. We have ieeu a schem ?, printed in thia city, of a ?' aplendid'' ail'air, which wa* to be drawn on Saturday. In thi* scheme there ar* 7'\,073 ticket*, and 43,030 blank*. The chance of drawing the capital prize ($40,000) ia as 1 in 76,076. Th* expectatiouof drawing a price ia not equal to 2 to 1. There are 32,396 prize* ? 78 drawn ballot*. The t cket* bring $12 each, the amount reserved, including the 15 p?r cent, I* over $300,000. These facts go to show the temptation to carry on the business in opposition to the law. In order that every one may sen th* fraud, we give an example. In the Grand Coniolidated lottery of Timbu:too, drawn by th* King of Ashantee, there are g'ven? The namber of the Lottery 78 Th* aaount of the prize* $85,583 The namber of prizes 31,412 The price *f a ticket $1 50 From thi*, to obtaio the number of ticket*? 78 x 77 x 70 Uck(,,.8> 0 To obtain the number of blanki ? 76,070?34,412^ 41,004 blank*. The amount of the sale of tickets wi'l be $114,114 frcn which substraet tt<e amount of the prizes, and adding the fifteen pereei.t, we hav* $41,362, the amount reMrrtd, or amount r?eeived le-s the fifteen percent that ia taken out of the pocket* of the ticket buyers, ?28,(28. When the reader take* ioto consideration the fact that One of theee lotteries ii drawn every day in the week, hs may form aoaie idea of the Immense profit* which accrue to th* manager* of the lotteries. Since 1842 three per ?oaa hare mad* large fortune* by the direction of the eal* *f tieketa ia New Yotk aioue The number of priaes drawn her* U limited. But one capital prlaa wa* ever ?iwa la tfcks e*y. aau that occurred aaey yearn "nwekaaeea *f drawtng a capital pr|*e are very remote aa we have shown? about one chanc* In ieventy*five thoaaaad. Th* lattery buslneaa la managed with considerable akilL Thrrw are two "splendid" *ch me* every week, and the programme* for each ar? distributed on Satur day* aad on Monday*. Ou Saturday*, because moit of the patrons of lotterl-s are persona on weekly wages, their earnings in these gambling shop*. On Monday*, be -which are paid them on tliat 'lay an 1 they invest much of cauae the same per.' on* may bare a 1 t tie loft, and at any rate Uteee who have <lrawn anaall prize or played the right number in a policy eli"p may be iodactd to take atlcKet instead of their money, being asiured that it is their ?'lucky" week. In this manner they are often prevented from receiving any mom y, iu care they are entitled, and continue to play. Of course it la not likely that they will win twice in suerearion, and eousequently all thtir money finally goes to the pol cy ahopktepor. Aa we have before stated New York is the great mar ket for lottery tickets and the great centre for policy buainea*. In the Eastern citie* a few tickets are sold, tnt the aystem of inauriog numbers, which roba thou aanda of money which should go to buy bread for their starving children, i* aln o-t unknown. If th* laws were enforced in thia city n >. one poliey shop won IS be open for a day. The Alter House Club Ball. FINAL DISTRIBUTION OP Till RECKIPTR. On the 17ili of January, the Aator House Club, an association mad* up of attackit of the Astor House, gave their flrit annual ball, and voted to appropriate the ceoeipta thereof to the relief of the luffenng poor. On Saturday last, Hfiini Parker Jonas and G. Swan, called upon the editor of the Ukrald and tendered the trea surer'* account of the ball, together with \ne inn of two hundred and nlnety-elx dollar!, (I29A,) to be ap propriated as he might nee (it. The following ia a copf of the account:? Tim ooMMirrcK or thi actor not e* ball, for the eiuet or Til* POOR. Or. To whole number of ticket* laaued, (400 ticket*, at $2) $900 I'r. By amount paid fcr uw of dancing hall $100 By amount paid for tnuaic 67 By tickets not sold 4A By tickets issued free for preaa and others. .. Hi) By printer's kill for ticaet a and program no.. 64 By amount distributed among the destitute widovH and orphana of auch as who are, or hava been, employes of tee Astor ilouae.. .. 1CT? $504 Balaam $294 Attest. < dmkittes. J. 8. Parker. President; James Caitlia, C. C King, Secretary ; O. .-wan, Parker Jones, Treasurer; A. -uscott, Frank Henderson, Jam*-* Trny, James Cray ton, G. F Alexander and others. We distribute the fund, at the request of the commit tee, as fallow* Home for 4he Friendless $28 .Nursery for Poor Children uh lof Charity 26 V&rtiv. __ Respectable Aged Indigent Females ti Orphan Asylum, Bloom Dgdale 5i House of Protection. (Mister of Merry; So Houee of Iodsstry, Five Pott* 20 ?Fire Paints Mission, Old Rrewsry 20 Third Ward Relief Associstina 20 Fourth Ward Relief Association 20 8itb Ward Relief Association 'JO Seventh Ward Relief Ay >eletion 'JO Fourteenth Ward Relief A ?soclatioo M Tetal $?.".*> Those authorised to rece re money for the above lostl tutloas will please sand to this office for the share as signed te each. I If* CKp InleUlgrmr. EiAU*Anojr Bwork a Pour* Jiroct- Yesterday, Peter Kyan, Thomas McKamee Patrick Duma, Win. Bean Jaa, Ellas Vaa Meet ram! Nstbaa Swltserr. Henry Joaee and Jiaes Rsisell, ws re examined before Justice D. R. Smith on charzee of riot and highway rohbery. It ap pears that on the 27th ofYla.t January a party, of which defendants ware charge! as composing a part, attacked a conductor 1a the employ of the Brooslya City Railroad Company, named George Wilson; after beating him, cutting off a portion of a a coat, aad taking the money ha received (or fare The ground was covered with snow at the time, and the conduct** had charge of a sleigh. Whan about atarUag from the Fulton ferry, a party ef yeong men eatered. and made use of ndecent language. The conductor n menatrated with thewi, but wtth no effect, and they attacked aad beat him. They ilao beat the driver, la the teetlmosy adduced, it wa* pot shown who struck the conductor, or wtu> cut off hia Cats. It was, however, proved that the Jef-adsn's Nostrum, Ryan, and MeNamee were engagnd In a Bght ou that oceasicn. They were accordingly held to answer the charge of not The other defendants were dlacbau'td, no proof be ng brought against tt?em. T? C*rt Fi*a*cb ?A jo. at meeting of tha Coram in Council and Board ef Bopervlsort wae beid y ??terday *f tetaae act"?a in reference to the flnanee* jf the witv The Mayer pre??ls>r, and he sutm ttad a lU'e . (be amoert teoeosrv to be raiaMt bv tat ia the ,rer. which was -eferr?d to the Ucrk, te be fru ted- Ti* DlfutroiM Ft i e In C^Ulon Street. About half past 1 o'cle ck yesterday morning, firs was discovered Issuing from the building 140 Fulton street, nearly opposite the Hxiuld office. An alarm wai im mediately sounded, but before iue arrival of (lie firemen the fltmei bunt forth from the third storios in great volume. The lower floor of the building wan occupied by R. I.. k J. Tilton a* a clothing warehouse. Their stock and all the moveable fixture* were raved by the insurance watch and the police, witfcout damage. The upper floor* were occupied by J. M. Falrchild 4 Co , publishers and booksellers; K. T. Young, booksaller , O. W. Hatch, Jr., lithographic pruter and engraver; IiK. Keenojr, letter press printer, and Wyncoop k Co , manufacturer* of oilcloth, it whose premises it i*, by some, supposed the fire originated, and E. F. Quidort, wine import ?r. Tho efforts of the firemen, who got to work with ad mirable celerity, for a long time proved unavailing, and the lire extended to the adjoining building, No. 138, the upper part of which wa* occupied by Price k Sons, manufacturer* of label*. The lower part of this house was unoccupied. Shortly after No. 1C8 took fire, an explosion occurred, which for a brief ipace of time created considerable con ?ternation, and caused a stampede of th? firemen and police who were within the building. It resulted from the bursting of the chimney between the two buildings, the brickwork falling upon the third floor with a tre menduous cra.-li. Hariy Howard was me of the person* in the burning building at the time of the explosion So far a* we coal'l ascertain, however, no one was injured. From the front building! the two extensions took fire. They run back some fifty feet, and were foid" four stories high They also wero all gutted, from top to bottom, leaving only a portion of its wall* standing. The firemen succeeded in keeping the fire confined to Noe. 128 and 140, both of which at tho time we write are completely gutted. When the fire was first Keen it appeared to be by the batch* ay on tie third floor ot No. 140, and 1* suppo vd to have been the woik of design. ADDITIONAL rAKTlCCI. AR*. Tlie fire of last night has resulted m >st di-a^rously. The buildiDgs, Xos Ki8 ami 140, Are levelled to the ground, and are now nothing but a mats of chtrred, dis jointed ruins. The rear of 136 Is *lso badly burned, the upper portion ot the house being destroyed; tho front, however, U dsmsged only by water. There were a num ber of small offices in the building. ar.d many persons have been made to sutt?r by this conflagration. There is considerable suspicion as to the origin of the tire, which evidently began in the third story of No. 140, some dis tance hack, and the flumes had made con.sidorabte head way before it was discovered; when it finally reached tie front windows, the Raines burst out with great vio lenco, and there was every danger that Ho. 142 would b* destroyed. This building Is occupied by Thomas Sutton, printer; Ilunt't Merchant's Magazine ; K. Pe Groot, em pire doming store; E McWuod, bookbinder; 8. (J. Steele, ergiavtr, and W. H. Heath, engraver. There was ?ut slight ''aine done this building No. lo8 was occupied in t ie -.econ-l, third and apart of the fourth stories, by Aleesrs. .1 M Price k .-kin, label iranu'a< turers. Tl e proven, thirteen in number, used for printing labels, together with the stereotype plates, and all the other materials comprising the stock, weru ei.tiidy destroyed. The Iocs of Ibis firm was about 9.30,000; Insured for 914.000 in tho Atlantic, Granite, St Nicholas, Etna, Norwich and Rutgers. The 'store iu this building *>* unoccupied. The basement was used by Mr John Oliver as a pot tor and beer bottling estab lishment; loss eat imated at 97,000 ? insured for 15,000 in the North River Insurance Company. The adjoining baaoinent was occupied by Mr. E. F. Quidort, importer .of Freicli win- s and ltiiuor*. His wliole stock, consisting nf costly win s and liquor*, was totally destroyed; loe* estimated at 91- 000 ? insured for 96,060 in the Merchants' Rutgers sod other compwaiae. Ib^A- ^?|M^gcen|^ed a ftrlfca^ of^ the IsH Nl tfl, about 910 (100. H? was insured in the Klre mens' and Rt. Nicholas romp snies, 91,6fsi. Wyncoop Co., commission agents for the sale ot oil elothi. patent medicines, 4c., lost all their stock, vslued at 91,000? uo insurance. Mr. George W. Hatch, a lithographer, lost 95,000 ? not insured. The buildings were owned by Mr. Edward Macomber, and were valued at 91ft, COO each ? injured. No. 140 was occupied ou the flrst floor as a wholesale and retail Wotblig store, by R. I., k J Tilton. Through the exertions o! the firemen and friends these gentlemen succeeded in saving ihe Wetter part of their stock, whi :h was valued at 918,000. Tney wero Insured in the As tor, City, llamll'on. M. Marks, I'ariflc, Trs leumans'. Tra ders' and Mechanics' fur 918,000. Mr H. T. Young, h'.ok and stationery dealer, lost f."> 000. Is uuderstooi to be insured. Mr. II. M. Keeney, who4ia* large paper mills in tlie country, kept an office in No 140. Ho lost all his lit ters ana books, vulutd at 9300 ? not insured. Dm ng the tire, the store of Mr. -'tever*, clothier, No* 1S4 and 138 Fulton street, wss broken open, aud 9?o were stolen fr< m the money drawer. During the c ntinnance of the fire, fears were egprets ed ol the safety of the new> paper offices in the itntnil ate vicinity. HaC the wind -eeo blowing fresher, there is every reason to suppose that the conflagration would have been most disastrous. Police Intelligence. THE rATINT SAFE OA MB A<> AIM ? A COt'NEIlTM AN 8 TBI!' TO HOBOEEN. A man named Jonathan Nelson, el l'enobacot, Maine, appeared before tha magistrate at the I/>wer Police Court, oB Saturlajr, ami ma t* a complaint against two pin-oca. that win unknown to him, for having ?win died bim out of a (old watch, revolver, and a f?w bun died dollar*, in all amounting to over $400. The com plainant's tal* of hii misfortune la, that while (topping hire lo the city until the departure of the Oeorge Law for California, wbithor ho wai bound, he was met by a fallow of very polite addre**, who managed, after Rome little conversation, to appear, in 'he eye* of Mr. Nels'in, a* one of the moit obliging friend* lie had in existence. 11* itaten that tbi* Individual, boasting of lili lmmen*e wealth, offered to land the complainant any amount of Money he thought proper to aik . Mr. N*l*on, however, having the fundi Decennary to convey him to San Franciico, politely 1 the offer, at the ran* time letting hil cewly made acquaintance into the iecrct of hi* having monry in hi* possession This beicg all that wa* n*irsd to be %acer'aine<) on the part of the polite individual, he at once propoaed a stroll to the qui*t village of lloboken, where a tecond acquaintance was ro on made. All three then procoeded to take a wait through the wood*, and when about a mile from the ferrv tjj? *afe waa accidentally produced by on? of the alleged ? harper*, which interested Mr- Nelson to iuch a degree that in a few momenta be loat hie gold watch and $'?19 in cash. Hewing at laat that be bad been made tSe dupe of these perron*, he drew a loaded pfstol out of hit breast coat pocket, when th* one that had the watih and money I the aecond acquaintance), starts) off at a rapid rate. Mr. Ntlaon waa about to bre aftrr Ulra, but tbeacquaint anre No. 1 prevented hitn, ?a)log, "Itt me havo the pistol and I will sweetea hia coffee." No. 1 then took the piatol, and utarted after No. 2, but did not, of course, take tLc trouble of coming back to let Mr. N'elnun koow whether the Sail had taken ellwt or not The complainant, after spending aome time la ?earthing for the pair, made hi* way to New York, in a peaailta* condltu n. a nr. there made a oomplalnt agamat the men, of whom ne gave an aocurate and full da?crip tion. The tank of hunting the alleged sharper* beinft ?atruated to officers Kitrnnr a?d ."tnith of tba reserved corps. they kept a bright look out for the parties. Yes terday a man named William lee wai arresUd In Ilroad way by these officer*, on *u*picion of Icing one of the persona against whom Mr. Nelson bad lodged a com plaint, ana accordingly th? prlaoner waa conveyed be fore the compla oant, who .dentifled hitn an the man who ran off with hi* watch and money. The accused waa taken before Juati e Connolly, at th* lower police court, who committed him to pri?on, preparatory to bring ?ent back lo Hoboken for trial. Mr. Nelson Ua* lx-? n a aevereloter by the uu'orti nate trip to lloboken, a- all hi* money and valuable* are doubles* beyoad re covery. MOCK ArCTIOKMRA COMPKLLID TO DIPOOKfiR. Yesterday two verdant youths, from the rural di* trkts, mad* their appearance at the Mayor'* office, and in a dolsful mariner cnmplaiaed of the way they had been -wind led by *om* of tha I'etor Kunk* in Broadway.'lenee at their being "taken in and don* for" being unite clear, aa waa daepatclied along with them, With orders to tnake the mock aurtiooeer* disgorge their ill gotten gain- At one plac* $50 whl<-h had been pal 1 for a braaa watch, ' baaed in aa eiaaiaita manner, wa* recovered wit!. out much trouble. The uffiser aect vial t*d the premiVe* of Pet*r Kunk No. 2, la Broadway, near Cbaaler* *tr?a?, where $'.*0 had liaswW* been 'neea'-l in a brasa con :?r n <if tli? mine valne andl description, llerw the othar daped individual had the gwod fortune to recover hi* mumty, with which be went ?a In* way re joicing. It la aetuntaiiinc to na, that with the daily wsrnrga all coi.t.trjm-u ro eiva through the aewapa |,<ra, r Lative te tha adroit nasality of mock aa< lion *ara. to many ct-.i of *w,ndl ng, by thia mean*, akould occur. ALLIOBD OftA*P I.ARCKXY. Ytalerday off. -?r twoahur, ef the Kirtt ward police, ureeted a Gerwan, who gave hi* name aa C. Refer, etargwd in the eomptatat of il. Legram of 12$ Broad way, W'tt. having stolen a pW-ce of lilk good* valaed at $'.&4<. Dm complaiat allay* that th* arcn**4 carne into the sta.e a ad aaked ta ha ?howa saw *ilk goads that he *sid ba waated to pnrchae*. Tha sila* being shown hia* *7 ??? vi Ut? $itli?, $it?{ UUMi>| Itt W<ii| eO, a* he suppohcd, to aecrete two pieces In hi* overcrti ii , pocket without being observed; but such was uot thi case, for hU a;ti< n> Iwrg cloiely watched, a ad the I alarm bring promptly mado, the prisoner wm arrested I before he had time to leave the premise*. On being til en before Justice Connolly, at the lower police court, lie was committed to prUoo to await an elimination. The accuied i? a very respectable looking man. CBARGK or B17KGI.4KV. Henry Burn* was brought before Justice Davison, at the Second district l' Court, charged, by Abra ham Dema*ert, of No. 124 Amos street, with haviag, on the -Ith in st. , burglariously entered hi* house, and steal ing therefrom an overcoat, valued at $14. From the evidence, it appear* and is alt. -Red that, on the day in queation, tbe sciufet was caught in the act by Mr. Isaac Parmslee, who. handing him over to officer Uannlper, of the Ninth ward police gave him instruction* to convey liim to the station bout*, lhe officer alleges that, on the way to the lock up, the accused put bis hand Into his pocket and then taking out a htll door key, threw It away, and that upon recovering the name, and upon ex aiuinstion. it wan loi.ud that thin key lilted tbe lock of Mr. Iiemarert's bull dorr exactly. The accused was committed for further examination by the magistrate. ARREST Of A THKATltlCAL. l'RKBOSAUK. Yesterday afternoon, officer Maeterson, attached to tbe Chief's office, aiTestcd a man named John Sherman, alleged to be an ac'or at one of the minor theatres, cbsrged with taving atnaulltd his mother-In law, Mrs. Mary Anne Williamson, residing at 16 City Hall place, and thieatenlng to do her some bodily harm with a lo*d? d pistol that he had in his band at the time. It is alleged that the difficulty belw. en Hherman and his re sri'ited mother-in law grew out of a quarrel that to^k place bt-twien bim and Ms better half. The priaonor was taken before Justice Contolly, at the I<ower l'obce Court, who held hint for examination, on the complaint of Mrs. Wil.iainson. Meeting of Iluikmen. The haclmen held a neeling last evening at N'o. i'i White street to tike Into consiJerat ol 'lie propriety of pttltisnlng tbe Common Council for the i< enl of one of the ordinances regulating the pr?priet ? \l4 drivers of backs. The ordinance to which they rel.-r, as will be seen from the subjoined copy, operate* rather lnju. riously upon them by preventing them froin soliciting custom at public placcs. They say that it was enacted for tLe Mile purpose of pu' ling a stop to the "agency system, " under which the deck bands on board of steamboats were employed by some hack propr.etor.i to solicit custom before tin Ir a'rlvul in the city. Tho com mlttee appointed at a fonner m eting on I ho subject reported in favor of petitioning lh? Common Council for the lepcal ot the oruliianjc which reads as fotluws ? "No pernon shall solicit or request, nor shall the li cense owner, or Uriver of auy hackney co.ich, carnage or cab, or accommodation ataire coach, solicit or requint in any way, diiectly or indirectly, any patSM or per sons in the puldic rtreets, or at any plsce of public amusement, or on toard of any steawboat or other vessel, or at any steamboat, lanuing or oth- r Unplug, or upon any wharf or pier In the city of New York, to ride in, or hire, or engage, or employ any hackney coach carriage or cab, or stage coach, under the penalty of ten dollars for each and every olTence, to lis sued for, and recovered fiom such person, owner or driver, any or either ol them severally an ! respectively." The report of tbe c< minitteo was adopted, after which it was ein(ower?d to ilrae up thn petition to ttieOom moo Council, and another committee was appointed to obtain signatures among the hachmen preoaratorv to its presentation to that body. Th? mivt ng then adjourned to Saturday evening next at eight o'clock. OH jr Intelligence. nORTICVLTfRAL 80CIKTT. A meet lag of the Horticultural Society wan held Lint evening, at No. 6C0 Broadway ? Mr Abraham I?ggett in the chair, and Mr. Peter D. Mead acting ai secretary. A report waa made by the I loom Committee, in favor of hiring Clinton liall for the future meet ng* of the so ciety. During the debate on the report, aeveral of the m" ra ti* ra coBUi-nted on the fact that the ao;iety era* aa yet lodi bted to iu exhibitor*, who had not received thai' premiuma. It ?U etated that the mm let/ own* MOO. and had aa nNM to rnm ? ?* toaaad. A tfcH M it Mirien Bad prxtukmfl to cotoe torwarl to elear the aaeeriaticn of Ite embanaa .mrnta, but bod not aa yet done no It waa decide J to take a room In Clinton liall for the *n?u ng year, commencing in May next. Some very apltndld ?i ?rin'i n? of g< ratiium* were here exhibited ;al>o lume of the nee. ling a bullion hybrid, of a trery aaperior ceecription. The meeting then ad journed for two wwk-i. incut Etxcno* von Oodwcilmax To Dat ? There la to be aVprcial election held tu-dny in tjc Fourth Ward Fifth Counci* dlatriet, for a representative to the vacant aeat in the Board of CouncilmeD. At the luat elcctlm there acre two candidate*, vu John Bnulch auJ Win. Clear) ? and from the fact that each received an e<i i*l . no tuber of votea, the neat ha* ao far btcu left vacant. The polla will be npen to-day. between aunri*e .and, at the Fbakpeare Ho?el, coiner of Duane and VVilihiui street*. Hie Inspect' r< are John A very, Stephen Lynch and Anthony McCrodden The candidate! voted foi at la>-t election are agnin placed <n nommxtion? Mr. Wm. MoCleary by the aortal, til democrat*, an i Mr. Jobu I'.aulch by the hard*. Ihe whig* ruu no caoiiidnte, but it la under*! ood they will aupport Mr. ilauich forth" vacant neat. The Major ha* latued the uaual proclama t.< n againnt illegal \oting. SnXH x Accuxyr? Snusag Km/aci of a Ciiit.o.? A wiman named Bore Clark, while crMtm} Bice. Wer htreet, near the Bowery, alipped and fell under a coal ; cart which wa? paaaing at the time. The wheel* paaacl I over the lower part of her boly aod brok-t one of her l?iin. At the time the accident occurn d ahe lia I a child in her arm*, which, fortunately, wa* not hurt by tie fall. The w man wa* ta?en to an adjoining drug atore, where h r wound n w<re dretaed. hho wa* then conveyed to the New V-rk Hoepltal. Jammko lurwn.x Raiuumu Ca?*.? A tailor n?r.i?d Jame* Fhillipe, about 60 yeara of age, wa* badly hurt on Buniay evening by being jammed between two of the 1'ightU avenue railroad car*, whan n*or Twenty necond lie waa taken to the < ity Hoapital iu aa inaenaible condition. Aiu/thth Hvr.m.vo Cam,? A wi man named Mrf. Mar garet Conaban, teaiding at ?3 Columbia atrtet, wa* dan gerously, and it i* feared fatally, injured, by her clothea taking tire from the atove. F.very e!Tort wa* made to extlr guiah the flamea, but for aiinc t me with out effect, si e la not expected to recover. Wllllamabarg Cltyr ttwe. Purt'iirAMn AMuMitT l'Mu!xif.v? leather a acrtoua dU turbance took place about 10 o'elock on 8un'1uy night, , between Fngine O mpaniea Noe 1 and 10. Aa far a* ' can be Mcerta'ned, the atta<k waa made by aome per- ' aona in No. l'a company, in Grand atrcet, cornor of ' Eleventh. Carrtt D. lac*, of No. 10, formerly an a* ! aintent roglnter, waa Drat atruck aero** the li.e nth a i. iron and waa very aeverely injured A fight tin n took place, which >aoted but a few miauUa, during which I?uac I low ling, Adam Warner, and aeveral otueia belonging to No 10, were beaten, ano aome of the mm were driven from the rope*. Warrant ? have been iaaue I for the arreat of ten of the naaailatita. The officer* of No. 1 did all in their power to atop the light, and it la aaid that moat of thoee in the wuUe wete runner*. Wn UAKRarao Riaut So imr.-' The tenth annual meet lng ef the Williamaburg Rible Society waa held laat eveniigat the conaiatory room of the Reformed Dutch fbnrch in Fourth atreet. The Prealdcat, Kev. K. 8. Por ter, atated that it had been decided, at a prtvioua meet ing. to omit, for tbia year, th* uaual annual eierci?e*. 1 he following officer* were cieetad for the prvaent year ! Preeiitent, Rev. J D. Wella: Vice Preiid?nt, J. ft fiurr, ; Correapondlng Secretary, Rev Mr Kllb.t ; Recording ! Peer* tii ry, John Trualow; Treaaurwr, William Morgan ! llepoaitary, Natbaniel Brigg* A committee, conMatiag of I*. Me I ar e. Rev. J. I) Welle, and Kev. K. S. Portar, 1 waa appointed to confer with tbe Brooklyn *n I Orean r<^nt tdble aoeietlea in referenne to conaolldating tbe*e I *<>cietiea with and under tbe Wiilitneburg Society. Dkath av Lai hakim ? Roeannab, wife of Jobn Tltua Jr , reeking at No 323 Kirat atreet, died on funday evening frcm the iRecta of laudanum. From tbe teeti moay at the eoronor'a Inveat gation, It wae *hown that Mr*. Tltua, being unwell, procured a aivpec e worth <?f laixlaauai, which aha took in the ape<-" </f two howt cauelng her >'eath. The jary render' I a verdict tliat death waecauted by aa ovev daaa of laadaattui taken through ignorance of ite effect*. ABA?tM>?a> ? I**t everia* tl<e poUoeof the Thirteenth ward abandoned the old Klrat ward cetla, and took up thair <juartera at tbe etation hmiae In North Fifth atreet. tbeee two wardf conetitutiag one p>dice dielrict. Court Calendar? Tlkla Day f?i rw*? Corar? fieneral Term.? Noe. I, 1 11, IS, II, 1* 19, 20, 21, 22, 2.'f 24. 2S, M ? t*micwB Qmi-dran ? Noe. 174, 117i, 12W, 11?5 14^6, 1228, 1217, 164.1, KS, 1?67, 11?7, 1624, IM, 1244, I 1 U*. | Covwo* Plia*.? Part 1 Noe 1*T, 1W, IM, 191, ]M , ta 2ft" Part 2 ?Noe M. 66, ??, ??i, W, 72, W, !*, 10?, 10?, 100. 113, 117, 1M, *00. Br rrama Co. av ?Noe. 87, 12, IW, W2, 6?4, ?M, V*J. !?*?, ?M ?MH, WW. <103. ?04, 618, mm, 61, nm MO, ?|t, 1 ?la, ?1?. Me, 817, ?10. 621. ??, ?2S, (21, IV, 4M, 144 ' M>?, MO, 340. BhoM Ifl.A-fB AJTT* TH? I)r.At> fig* DM -Th? ft?l j k/wieg ia the earood aeetioa of a bill in relation to rail , road*, rerentlv Introduced in tbe Rhode laland I*gt-la tara>-.Vo ralboad cr.mpany aaall great a frwe pe>*?g* avev ite road, except fa pa a per a. poor pert. aa. an) per aen* baring, by eifaMfag '.aw or by lawful e< -i* -act ota^a prte r to the* of tb'a act, a privileged rtgbt e' pa* ??ge aad office'* or per-oaa hi the enaplor - -at ef tbe (aw pa ay wbiie actually v^joged and ?3>}laj?4 * tie Vl'iAtH Vt \U (Hi AFFAIRS AT THE NATIONAL CAPITAL. ffa???ge of the .Bounty Lanu1 Bl11 in tbe Senate. Spcech of Ceo. Ca?, Rrpudittiig Iiutrtirlions. ' THE COLT PATENT BXTEXSIOV. A Reporter Expelled from tho House, | Ac., Ac., Ao. THIRTY-THIRD CONflREM. BUCOND BEMIOM. Senate. Wahiiikoto*, Feb. 4, 1851. BLAVMtT m run TKUKIToKIHI-OKM. t'AfM KUTlt-M TO (HUT uwrccnom, Mr. Btoaut, (ilem ) of Mich., presented a joint resolu tion (rom the l.eglflature of Michigan, Instructing their S'? nators ami Representatives to un their best etertloas to procure the pasnage ot tbe act prohibiting tbe iutro (taction or existence of slavery in any of tbe TerrltorieH, especially in Kansas and Nebraska, and to introduce without delay a bill for the latter purpose; aud alio to procure the ivnudlaie rep. al of tbe act of 1850. Mr. Cai-h, (dim) of M i- b., spoke substantially as fol lews:? Wl.en, some years ago, tho legislature of Michi gen Instructed b--r delegation to Congress to rote tor the ! Kilmot proviso, I ?ai<l 1 should rtsign wben called upon to act- Tbe i^ii-la'tire repealed tlioao Instructions. Consequently 1 did not resign. Tbe democratic party has lost th* aondeni y in Michigan, aud ttte-e resolu tions are the action ot a new party 1 am now luii r utad to Tote to deprive American citizen*, In tho Territories, of ti e power to regulate the r-latioON between miller I and servant, and for the rep. al o( tbe fugitive act, which was passed to give effect to a 'oli-inn guarantee of tbe constitution I shall n".th?r obey these instruction* 1 nor re sign my seat. If a political party whenever, a>id by whatever toinb>na'ion, it attains power, cuu compel I 1 its opponent, bottling legit lative trust* to riol tte tti ir ' consciences mid coi sntt' ocy, or resign their'on<, It ' would radically alfect tbe organiza'ion of the Senate, 1 and be in< ompntihlo with its office us tl.e represen 1 Utive tirancli of the sovereignty of the State*. Tlie ' Senate would loae every cbaineleriatic of perm ?? n?nce, an p< wir was transferred from one party to another. Tola would operate ajfalu-t the democratio party, frr their oppon ntt do not reco^nne the right to instruct. Tbe intolerant proscription, which ia advocated by the new party, would exclude from po litical confidence tbe first General who f? I at the head ol an cirgani?^ American army at (Juelx c, because born across tl.e Atlantic, and the last snrvivina; signer of the Declaration of lndependsnce, because a Catholic The adopt oo of either measure recommenced l.y ?h? Legls lattire of Michigan would be the sgnal for the breaking > up of tide government and the di-solutlon of tliia con- I feoeracy. There arn many honest men who scout all ! idea of danger, and.ere prepared totacriflce the structure ' of freedom to ho overpowering impulse. I shall remain J in tbe position I now occupv until the end of my term, : unless the democracy of Michigan shall require roe t j I aet against rry convictions of duty. What 1 lear abnre j all tilngs in that tae people may be struck with a Judi cial blindne.a with wlalcu nations are punished for na tional offeaeea. and tt.js add to the melancholy list of , people who have not * iadom enough to appreciate the the value of tree in fitutione, nor virtue and limine-.. CBoiigb to ina otiiu them. Mr Oas" tlu n said he shout ! neither follow the^e inatruetkns now nor resign, and !' proceeded to state In* naaona. ' Mr t-Tt akt. (rem ) of M ch., said, " Suffleieat unto I1 th? day is the ev'l thereof. " Wli *n 1 he proper tiuK' i1 (x.niea f shall be prep treii to act. L'ntil then I think it I unijecisearj to trouble tbe Senate with any remark i upon the nit cct. After aun>lry maiooriafi and resolutions bad bet a pre aentcd Mr. Ihodbead'a mrmr la in am Wt- Ukrn up. Quit* a efcaf9?MMl*? (or m?Ur e '+?y ' ??.iW| >r?. ftm$ to the Bfttinty (?a<l bill Mng cooKioered ? Mr 11 win urging the Pacific llailmad bill, Mr. hltdell tLe bill for tbe improvement ol tb? South w?st ! pass ot tlie Mississippi, Mr t 'lay ton the 1'rench Hpolla tlrm I*. II- and Mr. the ltounty ijtud bill 'I be ri-stiiutiona of the Michigan I^Kislature were Itld upon tbe table. The Bounty l.and bill Maa then discuss.-.! by Messrs. Bell, (ass, llaJgcr, butler, Ihxon, Hilelds," Suio'.er, L'oi'ae. ot Iowa, and < t' ers and finally paaced, after being luhjected to vur ous aionocnieota. muiokiaiji. ktc . <'? aU. rum or Mr. 8tmmi, (free ?oil/ nf Mass , preseute<! a inrmoria Ircm tl e *oti-*lavery "ocietv of Kr.rnds, in Iwiiaut, 'or the rep?al of tl e fugitivrt act ana the protihitloB of i.lavi ry lu ?I1 tl.e terriUiriM, and in the District of Cell. ml ia' and fi r tlie suppn.s on of the coastals slave trade, aho, tao n.einor.ais the cit'rens of rtfuck liri.'ne Maeaaokuaatte, in favor if es'a'>l.?hiug ariiitra tlon In our treaties a- the mode of settling in^'roatioual disputes Mr. I'OOT, (wbig)of VI., presented a rnemorial from ti e citlaane i l IJurl n ton, Vermont, praying for the erec ion of a tuariLe ho pital al that place, ltefer.ed to tlie Comruiltte on C< ir.merce. Mr PWA'TtA*, ioeni t of Ark., introlnv I ? Mil to chaiigt tLe houn.lerita of the Coainpagnoie land district, Arllt-lt. H? an thr?? timis and pa>?e.<l. Mr. Hm trTtAK also preaen e<i the nwiiiorlal of the (Jei.e ral Asaen<t') of the Htateof Araansai, for graofs of lar le snd for t) e roc struct ion < f a railroad alonrf fhn Western bcrser of Ars>isaa. to Tevaa A'so, for ti.e cmstr icti ui of a railnad from tt<e Mia-wmrl liun to ll< Una, on tho I M'?s'ssi|p river, alsa, resclut'ona in favor of the conti nuance of the naval depot at Memphis. All appropriately referred. Tint KKi.r-TiiATio.v or etiniv. Mr Tot PIT, (deua. i of Conn . submitted a rssoletion In structlbK the r<mmitte? on the Judiciary to inquire Into the eipei'irnr-y of re|?aling the a< t pa* el June il 184**, nn.riidiCK tLe act lor the registration of ?? siu?n on Uierd public ai.d p'ivate armad vessel* of the I'uiied States, ano ; a. '-d March it. I MX Keaolution agreed to. int. linn krouAtio.* nut, kti Mr H '-aiK. (dem y of Me , callsd up the 1 rench f*po llatlon bill and tried to press it to a role Mr Wicm*, (dem ) of N. II. , askad for an opp -rt unity to sptak npon It. and it aaa made the spec-al older for to uioirow at 1 o'clock Mr 0?W, (dtB.) of Cat., intro<luced a hill for tha es tabhsliuji nt of a arm! monthly line of s'.eaiuers froia SS7 I raLrlsco to Puget'a Hound. Mr. Toi or reported a bill from the rom'oitt'-e on the jnitic ary, establishing a United h'ate? ('ire Jit Court wi'.tib and for the fctat<- of California. Adjourned IIonM of RrpirvnUtlTri. ytB. 5 ?MUAKr A?D JUTAt <rr<ui. A t?>b)ktict wai adopted. by 4 rot* of 124 agalaat43, atttug ?(?art tin- *th i n?t for tba conai'lt rat >iu of b-lia of a public character, reported and to b* reported from tt > t "D ni.t'to od the Judiciary. anl Tuaaday, the mrt., for tha n uii'it-ration of public bUIl from ' U? Cum mittee on Naval Affair*. IBtMUU KAIUUMD IM? Mm, The Hone* by a rot* of 109 i|imt .'.j, pataid tV> feoate bill lefund of .be dutiea oa railroad txon la ported by t> ? *>?t Ptilclana Railroad and G"irgla Ka I road (kmpaoiM, but wbleb ?u aot laid ova according to the prutlaloaa of tha law allowing the irr portal on of railroad irta daty fr?e. under eertan rlr> umataneaa, owibg to the fln-nclai embarraaamenta of tha country ?rosoMtiuiri. nm M' Hi rwm. M?ra ) of Ala., aaked leaee ta offer a ra M lution that for tha remainder of tb* [invent e*aai<in, a0 debate In Committee of tha Whole. ah all aa coaSaxi atrietly to tba 'juoetion under coaailcrt* on, unleaa ??ta nt aamatone iliall b? held for general dalal# Tha lloxaa refined ?be au?p*uiloa of tb"' fait by a aota of 103 age nat "J? not tao tb r<!? n an' ai ildixm ii nifiriuk On motif a of Mr Wnuj, (dam / of (Ala , tha H?ue* ?on* up tad paaeed tha ffeuate bill, cbang .?r tba appro pnat on for the erection of a butldlug In Mileeukie for Co?tom llouaa. I'oat OBe* an ! Courta Too otbar bl'Ja ?fr? pa and a a apeeial farwra, on no ti4? a? a ? rally of Maaara. tnrniw.r and Hiuw. a?rtl-Kaow ?<iiUK?T. Mr Wrm. Htm.) of Pa . ui'4 leave to .introduce tba folic' I D| preamble an' retoiattona ? Wbeieae, diarii>aiona baae bo*n indulged In tbla h<uae la C ' Bomit i*a of tba Whole, whtah. with other circum ?tancee, leal to U.? conviction thai there at lata 1* thia f"uatr? an attMatva aacret oa'.b bonad politic al aaaoci to* wn?h aeema lataa/Wd to latarfera wuh tha purity of alaetiota, and tba legislation of tba "aantry ? au'U an aaeor .alio* aa aaeitm tha faara and la<luc?1 tha aoWma vara of of Waahlaglca la bit farewell adtrea. , Tberafotw, Kaaoiee<l, in thaoaialnn of tbla boaaa, tha eiiat et>re ',f eecret oath bound political aaaoclat.oro baaing la etow an laterfarene# with tha aaactilr of tba ballot , U i . and the dlrecti aa of tba eouree of national or mi nl?l|.al Uflalatloa, U IboonaiaUat vitb aad dao*'f-'ia to lha lialltutjjna of rapaMteabura and diract'/ li'??Uia U. U>* I 'B i n ? of tht* *ot?rnm?at S^oivad. That aaory atUrnpt to proarr ba any claaa ? f citta# aa oa a'c-uat of tholr raligw a or raHgtooa "p.otoaa, or to fa?o* or lajara any r?llgt? ua ??*?< nuaat oo t; t.a | tb?*l Wtalatk n la ?a dira?t rltbtt"n of tha c?-.atit? two of tl.a I ait?d Ikataa H?aa'?Ki, That ?h'k a aaraful aad adrr iaatra I Ikt of tba JfttanUiaWia Uai la a a?l?ra? ?lutf, yat #?aiy int?rf?r?aca with th? (?arabta?( r'fhta of na' .r al -?ad Htti'M ia inuoaa'a'aat w it. th? p! |bV I faith of tl.a aatxa, aod aiaat dlaiialah tta growth aoi pf ajar ty. (it ..'tlao ?a? mada Mr V'rfrr ? 1 mwva t! a ttiaprMlKi of tb* ruk*, aot wWh *ha tola to t* r?rar !?< a- a taat ?atJ?n Mr *ur?i at* t\rm J ?? III I aant a aall of th? Houaa fir i till Tot# V|(i| IV .?> It lam p?. par? J 1U H a a* ih# ?-,TJ Mr ll?)t.T, (??? ; of Va ? Wo go Ttlaaaaa ?an ;>Ttvj?-a ? a 'ft for aa Tba rractat Mi poa* a? idtaa, t*4 I aa^'i ?!? B? Va* B. ' ? U IV *; J.| It>t. Mr. STA.NTOS, (iltm.) of Tenn.? ?o ?h*U I. Mr. B?rir? And I nto no Know !*o?hln*. Mr. Jo**. (dfin ) of T??ui.? I ?'u B*ti?fl*d iw? foo l but b"mw?U he don. U (J.y, ?0'1 1, Ucrtfor., motre tl..t ^No^raVriwi! M> rb ron/mlon ?od cri*? of "Quf itloo, lie* n u *'"i t!on* ? a? UUon rn itisj^ndlnf th? d<r:df.l ,S-aot two thirdi, ?? f^'l0W? iTjMBM C. A11?n of III . Willi. Allou of III . Ap| l* fto ? iiu|i, of (1? . Haik?4.1?, B?rry. IUIch?r, ton. A?b?. *??. ilotc*. l;r?ek?nrl<l??. Ilrld*#., Blt.?, Booftv ? Clark. I'nut, Curtti, ?*????' 1 ; Irr, CJVi^A? Cd muii4>, i;4?iiuUkOO, LUiilt ?'f Mill., NlloU ?' nr^a ll?mlllon. Hm'Ibo. fuiur. jPT.% UM.t.r, IfiH. HlllrV'i ?tt* V!,?u llrudnok, lleun, IfU jon'? of t"B., /??? '?* ? * ,!? Ji.hnn'B, J"0?i of Tenk |.|||?, Ltndil-/, Ki.Wrll. Kurl., I ???>?> iojurro, *?/ MoMuIUb. M?V / Mot.l? Alili, Orr, l'?nl? MilltT of lod . IturriMi*. Mob?. ? , Kokl),,. K,? Kuffls. of Lb., I'kolp., tUckBrdBBB, ?{~#* '. Mmmom, SiojUtoB, Kumi-ll, Symunr, St'**. J? . jjuaton of Kjr., ltr?'ik of T?u? . Bm.tb of Tfjw. ;,'|"V n V , T, nl. St :?rt of Mltb , ftowt ?f Uk''>. TJ> w,|k#fi i\r.t WB^::>v.r.v.;oM k &?"?. ??"??"? .. Kth.r.d,.. K'orblH. lBUlkwr ??????. tjoodwin. Ilrey, Urow, llBflan #f Ohio. lUrlBB ?' ?r^a??sa^s?. saw? to * DiWIlPitd QUMtioo rvmmdlnf g>nUem' u <b?l VV iigiSlS=S3 r?it-r wii, ?c,?- ?( to b.o.? hfi;;rv^t ; , ,oiutio|? is, ;;lb"\',i'7;f;rr?.u?u"o into VSSt I i? errUloui i>i tb? Smrcini. Uuit to juUHy ?. . T,. u,.,.., i n <4 r.n tbt o<in occasion* ? * fcl* , .??f! Birr.Ud IndlTMluiU for oooUni|>t kr(?t tb'ra ilti j i (iuftnfni?n'. #uil a t?r trl.l h?. pMmouncM^.rUm^t a"u^To ??cl,"n^.U,^,Br t" ,tbor,' bo tb.ttbj co? | r*?* MyA'1 I ?C?KK?ttSl ; rsssrssisn-u ???? r&'isfe'ws i ^WJr.WS-k3r JZZ&ZSX'*"* whol? tiling I iiounf liE^ tli? riflit to pri \ Wmimm:. SS25?:igSS ' air u'cooccriid,^ **' W not car., but h. fferK' -v. tzz w:r. .'..t,,,, il . th? riHaW?r -IiihiUh'w l'># Prt I8n?!n^ i CKrut'i^ tl?^ d**?k v If lie under ?ljicb Mr. *.?* i .1 u w to SjSit lur Kii'mp"' 'ul" ' waM it* UiM* in ??rcrf t, " V i"JTn !?< . ^rtBlk U i ct .r?et. r " m. n. V He, * ?Uon. uo on' u.r-1 t.,,1 fort!, Bud ^ !b!? M?.Mlf - tt. -7-r. .odtb.^.U.aBn.M^ tecoi-rsss? ?? -r 1 mi. 1 > ? fi#ci the ^1 RicUr f>( tb? <!?? j*** or I <\TRu"diT,du.iD,mb., .,?j h:b-???,,7l^;:I;tiv ?" <Mr /???:?? u;1;'" I..? bH'.i- I uPifuar.V'K Hiring errl??n report ?, I overbeftt*!! no I ^ - rAicuUtM^to iojai? t?*? 1 icBt'.or. . . 1 p?.i|o,! |n tt.o ri-in*rk* , "'?"<;?? - x |j? mint w uw . . , r4?m-uHt?* ?? FI?^E^rr^.^rs" ,n.l ooton u,.r? I'll* rnmor^ m??b.r? no* Mr. /<pm ?u-t ?r. ?to" ? (ll,lUt.l -o ^ tCron'lulo.^ ,'X -X :- , iu??ub?i? by ?*?' Th, of tb? ?"? , tl.TB.. fn,m Objo ??7(;^n^tb. ... n"t I ?ppoiat?d io ir cbirtcW 01 Mr. n-MJ ^7-^S:.,^ tb. r?t WU.,rr^?^i%dl.ttoi. th? llouw wottM j(*n., wl'1 m ? " 1 . ' , . t? u ,| ?|?.r? b* < 1 PubuS.,.1 a ?... N.? V..? ( .etu i, il tbBt iK'lj I wr<|' ?f {i,.TruJh, Who i r^lu-.n ?? ? 0,u,.?*. lor f?i?? ,.ouw . r.. - ?SSSfe? rS?rAr>E? 2SS2f?iiu%. Ii*'"? luu.,0 ?B. r,n r*oo.*bWin( th# ?ot JMr^TW rirfuu? tp? , ???t uo iBoruui ,oud, M.1 vb? ucu.? Our Wellington ( urrrtponilriMf, WaemjojTOX, Feb. 3, lKVJ. 1 fit Gintral Arm'tron# ('??? in the Sinalt ? . TAr Ptrr-y Cort fp.nilrnri Tin Hrptrt of (V Jaf<m E/tid\l\cn lUuti on PixmUt BtllU ? Fmvdt in tht k'onttf Ttrrtff </ - l'i ft, Unti Isvtt Japan Cur ioitly rm EiMntvm~T\* CoU't i'lilt*! Call A HicH Mrrm in tht limit. The Hrrala w?* oc?ipl*d the whole of ye*t*rday In the ooL?litr?ti< o ut the mo loo to rc oti?l>l?r tho ' rote by which the bill for I'm relief of owner*, </&? cere and cirw of the private imwd brig <?et?er*J A i rout r oi, k iu ordered to IU enm'wwitil Mr Berjattln, of I/:aMana, whose m.Uoa It tw, id dneeed the Sto*ve at cjLaidtrabIa lengtj la oppo tltton to the Mil , admitting at the mux- Utae all the facta mlik<1 by the friend* of the meteor*. He admitted the attack wae made b j the BrllUh romel* - thai ihe I'oitoffa*** gt/rtrameat aad heea llaWe to the claimant* thai Uut liability' hal been die charged without the haowle-lfc* or conwil of tte clalmaale; yet Mr. H. eoateadad that all Mm flxid do legal Itabl I'y upon oof for era mett, ae the govrrnfaent alone wae toe Jodg* ae to the proper meaaa of dleporiag of the claim* of private eMlMM aatmated to that got ? riB.'tt for *r***eotlcn. The gisvcraa?at of the L'tlwd Btata* bad di*po*td of the Armetrong claim by r> fen lag It to arl/ttmin? and ha cowatdared that afina. dk*>alitoD of the matter. Tkle poelUoa of Mr ?? p;e*in wae met by router a*g?aeoU from Mtmr*. heeard, Bayard aad Clay tow, who rotter ?rate d petty modi their raaaoae lor eipporUag the hill 11.4 wtuxrjt a rote b*tag taken Ue Hew ate adyoarted am oatU Mo*dajr-a<4 frm reaper* u the VL'tuty of Heaw Dui FlUa* Motion. Miaieter F.rn p?.te8-iaiy frtm tho repoUloeof CoeU I! 1 iniUBi'a aad onr Iroea MM to V* a?*o.ory of tt*t good <.A bm?, rtteptea Pleee a turn, Y?> i , late K ith aaUitor of too Treasury. hot ujM a ?'!?*??? a mad* by Mr. (Jlavtwi. of ? are b tb thet * death* were UCew lata rnm*A \er% Ml I , ? d hy a etaUia of "la- king the'e waa a eef fi te At as* ur t of ?*?p*c'. m^ruiaad far tbm lw aUUiakMliiiMoiriiMaty to evnat the ad ii> ..r**|ABd?t oe hetw?ea the Kate t?*p%r'. treat ( > ma*4 te I'my wae nMwttal to the . ;ee* r??j. e?4 to V* U I wtu make aome two huadred para ofprlnud m\t j ta*. The n pott i.f Commodore I'erry trae left witl) .b'a ud U ejected by the a: St ateiuaer I fa'? UlUuiD 4. Xve U ? ute ol fttciieaentatieea m In actulMi <*-4a? ou prt.ato <?'!-?. #u J a lar<e DumUr k beta* pa Med. 1 Tboae 0.10 bope '?r relief from Coogr><n at IM HfLf n m'.o.i iboDlJ now be up and doiGtf, m oo?? aucfc bill* m i V* watched aca wcH managtd *1:1 be diapoeaa Pr The Hecreary of the Jutertor corem ini. ?ted to the IK uae to-Cay. in o.iupliance with a reaoiuUfa, a I the t vltifj.ce lii bit* oRl< e ttidiog to ?1j>w IraNd ar p?n..'at on on tbe pirt of gorer ru>ul ofllclaJi cetr errplojed in K .wki Territory. Th a trtdmic* U"?o [ hiojiMtue, an* Implicatea a nnmber i f g*?tlemeata an < utragerun atu apt fo awltdie a?d i\>b the I>?d? ware ana otmr trlbra of l> alarm. Tbt I'iCkideBt'a me waa at ll atUu dcd liet evea ' lit?, aoa <ul p.imiit be<uuJ to e&J-iy ib m?*rea. I The gr* ?tr?t object o' a traction wax ?? cu tou* cabi eet, imi'M by C< muiodore Periy ?r ?? Jauan, a?J eihibited lo :i* Pra?ld<-ai * ret eption room. It area of ra'e cor ell action and wo kratirblp, at< elabo rately Inlaid with go d end eil?er. The bill f >r the ixteaaiou of (Vi'i pntrnt wm call ec up 11 tL# lioa?e of ItepeweuiativratbliartTMiaa, aid Mr. Pratt, of C< cm 1Lut, gittiuij ibe fl -or. a rich eorn* wa? f*e?<nt?*d >n the OootireM of th) tattoo. Col Colt oculd well bare ?*cl?tin-?<, " ea?>? inetrhm my frendu," r ad I e board Mi l*rt;t'?apeec>i In bU cefecca. Mr. P. tlrnt enaour.oro that bo ha<l a Kn at |>eia<'Oal lou-rmrt In tbr Mil, ?b ch aai oatee* aei t beitg 'ollowed by a roar of leug'.ter I.mi ai i art* oi it e bouae, h>- 1 ip'alt.i d that be m* uit jmlf tt-e int? it -t that o? e fneiid would r.atur .lly feai la ? I e wt-l a;* of uno tier. Me paid ' e d'd noi brlloee Cut. t 'oli bad 'lirecVy or tinlirectly glvrn a briba to at/jr nn*r cf t;.c IIi.uht, if be bad, bo now uatM i l mcb rnemhrr to ru ?. Here abot nr explnet m <f loii, L'tr Mid i I?;ipiriK tl hntdit itrfr V e irh>le bonne. -*vera! io>-u t? u, w.o had beet wttniHag alf u', txgan to docgn ai,d t In'o *lm nearaet Htata U a( oi f>r<'d ib< n,k? Ivi ?. ai.<l again <*?Mtt up % ?bout 1 1 b IkU rutu lkiigliUr ;it-d clapt li'K ?' band* which witilu h\?f d' lui credit io lb* pu of a play Iwa tt r. 1'iait aald bt< i uiy *i h.- ? vi d?U na Wie chaiacieraf Col. (.'oil bm fri n fnim l >ul Impata ttcn?, lor be did ut>. believe lorn ca|??Ue of a dWt bonorab!e at tlr.n. A great crowd will utb nd tbo N)?eaklnt hi Alex aidiia ?o nlkbt, but ibe B>.haLI> wul be wok<?1 ta lot a full report of |>roce< diugc. K. Wahiindtox, Feb. 4, IrtM. F.fftct rf th* .Ya? <i/ U?f ? m Ih II rhf l*tiy Rt gii/<iiionj So Incrfite, Intl <i Moit Juit Di* tttbultvn. I b?g '.tare to itj to you that oce of joar cerm.>, wno, in a lettur of the :d ici*t.,exp(atafl the iflrrt of the Naval It-form bill, wnk'h ban )?at I utea ibe Heoate, m?ke? a mUuke la regard ta tta principal frature. Tbe bill doea n>t Itcrene the aggrpga^e pay at the t lBoirn of tbe navy a dollar, nor doaa it redaaa the pay of any one. It almpiy placc* i01:en wko tie iiiO?a|i(tetit to active urirtoa, fiom aoy oaaaa whatever, upon a "rerrve !lat," out of tie live ef primotUn. and upon tbetr precrnt 'leava paf.'? KfH( lent (fll?e>a are In be promoted In their phMH, w o, iroeii ? IT du'y, will reodre no adilitloa t > umt pay, but *Lm on du'y will rec?ire the addtMoa wi.ich tne .'aw low g via to Ibe grade to which tbey tc.o: g. Tl.iic. were a commaider U> be placed oa the "ra ?eivc IW?," be woull w.ntiuur to norira Ida pre m-li lenvc pay, whlib i? ll.'ttt) per annuoa. rha llcuitiani promoted t<> bia place w?>il ? raoatve, wlnlw off duty, i.o idd.Mon >o bU leare pa f at II, '.loo ??r m-i.utu, tut wfeeu ou uuty wnjld naea tbe kdditl n wbtch tbe <oa.nitn .cr ?o<il4 have rw cc.ted.of 1700, makiLg biaout) p?y 91 -Oft pec aa lqbi- Ytu wid parowtve tliHt ia? ?gg>Kate pay vt tbe two olRiera wou:e n mala lue aa4Mf ili'?Vlh ti would be dilUretitly diridtd- It m a p!ai tw4. Ooal<U?M>, wul prove a g o<tori?>.if ih? ?> U p?*?aa tb? Kou?e to brtag efficient off!<;>i* lorward Uitr? fi|K>ti?lb> p>*itloua they Irciii aupataa L t d acu wlihou'. itcfeaalnif ih,i ta^eut-tx of Ikt '?V>* 11 i..e Notidt* \tj a unt'i n kj? ? An. (Ci>riM|?bd< n'? ? f tl>> l'bila<!>-lpM* l.?4n?r.| WiNUiut'ja, l?b .?, l? ,V Tl ' Ktitnrn Ksymt 1.1 n anil ill ft fuHri t'ke !? ??vrnmsn' an il Ihr Iran ' it ( ''mftatt y Mr Mallnry t Ihll /nc IA* tj! nf tie Na > I hf Jul iff an I ill (. /.vti <*?? 7 rtr 7r <Jt I itrtUm Hill !>'< Ki> it*j (.?? I ?tl'l (loirtr*fi( *u<! *11 ntU nl run.' i. *(? In l..i tm.ualj c r .itoio'l at >1* ? Klaabfi i nui oil. c. ail/, tbal la* I' a* I4*v ? 1 lt?u* b * | [i*Uu,?'l mi k^aiutt tii' in, but I Ii"?r4 that (<? ? Ibrr) ?tt} (>???(.< i I I*mar?<- 1 Utai 1.1**. r*ra mbt lait a t iiik l< .to ?uh '.rfla^ lau I talto* u (>? tral Alu> nca. On Iblng, b?va??r, It cart* u? Iba Tratt ? It lor-jany l? not ii fati.r of ll a iifofMllli.ii, but, ?? l*r it utiar; di latf awrytblvtf to torn* ol-U'l?? IB I la aa; I |>t ? >uin? tba f. anall I ooipati; b?'* ti*?a a*4 plai ? >.l I'm If a ti<t In tlJitwia to ihit, IKtf con m ild mot* < ? | ri a I It la, aliota all, tbr r < ap.taj'b la IS< ?t a*raa*ai/ to lb* *lta< eat nl an rntaiorlM <f that tort. No < ol.ta a'l'.n can t?i* ,.i? ? vilboal nn mj Iba Ai?.y * n raptl*'1! o bill p*ai"l tba Janata, viUk an ku?atn.iit*t?t to lfr>?M our uill.Ur y a tlaMia'irna ut by four f?n i."Uln, too if eatal'T l?4 l?>i of lafauUjr, Iba tolubtaar It ic* an ; lb* MO frlau Ii lu'wn1 vara ko^iat Into a r<<:k*<> bat ?? a*ra, in ?*?!, tba n I r.a kiMilaaaal bilndu, 'n tba bill fur ic'rgati <ti?* tba arior r ut bill, of (Curat, a|a*j.a M?ur..lly wilb tua ratt Iba A rmj A PI r? p la'.too bill, aa am*ait<t a .11 pi.ibablr paaa Ilia ilouav, though tbaia altl b? a Igbt on It Aa lit* Matt cu *ai no :n fitm mi u'twi;, h>ro vorablp a*4 *t*r; Iblug e"i r."- "1 vllb it ara *!? a lar.libio* in Uia diktat.'*, though th? nation ma j not ill* ba?a pai.1 tba n,i ral i ? 1 . 1 1 ? k I n4 pr?nmar/ itobt of tba war Mr Mkllot/ a (.ill, lo prtmiola t.? a fUrli-m-; ./f lb? na?,r, fiorj tba H? nala j<?l?i laj but I OwiM vbulJtac tb?'? ?i'l ?? tru* to ii tba i|?'?1nio In Ua Houa# flMrr ar? tut t*?nl]r ill tgrtl(| itj* toll of tb? n? ?- tit ?? a>.-o, ?* I Wi?t r.i.uit??T, with Ilia ? er i'rr alrrailr ?'??!?, will bartl| ?ll/>? tba ik -Lar *p prouill i o blllt to (?? (,rnp?ilj n ni>'tor? 1 Tna a*ra? bolila ol tba tariff, * bu:b ?tii r>.au? up afaln oa W?l i.n ty D. ?t, but abb b ?ili nmr w n ?<!??; or ma tul>4 tl.imi' .t Th*'((?a? W la |i>itiliiilf llttto n* .1 Of UirlB |i|i '?U<i juil bow, vblto tb* ro'rna* !? lallirf of, anil iba tnr^lai la II ? fr?a?ary 4 a>tui>kln(. : * bit u fhU'4 h m vxUu?n-aot tb* fr*? lui, bui it ia ! *)?d*al7 agaioat tbo Iroa 1U1 taal tba fra* trvtor* ?#a Io< <? clan oro Ik* Ufit ?o or*r 1? Iba nail Gov ?r?aa, in4 iri n? In tb? B -aoa'i ? *?lia?Maa* ia out bab ta, aa mora luluaUrtraa a?i *a?u?| 4t Vfc* of! narj ( i-tuita of l>la Tb* lata* l*M b.ll, ?b?'li ? raa U tba ip?-clal er4a# I for Tu*a4ay Aaat. ai<pr<>prla>*a l".VM,nt In fa J t-i tba i.ijwbtaUnc^ f tb* Talk* dibt f?,r wbifh b?f r?>? aua frotn rmli mi waa jl?!j I, on CObliUan U'at 'ba rr*|ii i . ? f lata* ?ba ? ????? tba l'oila4 CtalM^ { but aja'. T?iaa lb < ? a> i .*(# tu n hi Hi ? ?; | r.i|n t Una 7?ia# ?! ?li rtliiv I' '?0 l/0 aiih latafal ant Jf? trlun I?aar>a-I oil.* laitad f'at?? .r/ ?al bar : ilaiaia la Ia?taa ?r? l ati u* ;r?*1>ot ta ib? lr*t?f af ' n <i.ti ( b ?!>*'? Tb* Taiaa <?*M la Jul?, I*' t/j 111 .JM.W, at tlrv? ai ? *i< |'|i*4 tb* 'at?fa at Alb a,a| iat*rra1 ay la Julf, IWI, I(va?l4iii/iitt* 112,111, I'M lb* antaoat ?p pmfir iat?i tb?r?'< r* !? ti*t tan of tbaaHaal ? tut of Iba rr<ij. itn Wilb a lit 'to |>arllaa^atary auu.a(aifiaat oa tb* pari <1 M' llr?'b*rirn'.|? tb* b t ? II j aaa, aa1 If all aap*ar*a?*? it* aot <i*?*|iU*% T*la* *UI |ImI) a> all krmlf of tba jirot I?wo< PulMbal ltil*lll(th<r, mi m uri icm r<>? aiv >vu. i <io*. (laib, vbila in sat Yort ova baaiaa** nati, vaa a< ? I* ru. to aaeapa a pari. a* n .nil t.?a lla vaa va.t*4 ay. a by tba * t .4 <<*a?fal <>j*aa>llta* ?? Tb .r?-taj a?*a a? via rr.Urad tbatr yrataal faaft tba lro; ft ki* agaiait tb* app" at?*at of a atafrwa tba rv/al u ati ?1? aa IJ'aitb cS'?r of Saa Yofb ?l; THI I V.I IA1CU *1 iltri r MLA'-O AOAIMf F9 UMIUI. Tt* fa'to?lbf r*aol .t Mi vara latrolaa*-'. la '.b* Btt*%f Kb'- a laUn! 00 Iba ilat alt I. **>.!?? 1 llat imf "??alun U ('it(i?? ara kar*S/ | aatra'l*.' aa<t our watalliia .a < i.afKu f? |uaat ?4, to arf * ap*a tb* uiau?ati?a vf 1 ov. r??* iba a* 'avail; vf (?Hit| a lav afUf a?ra^MJU*i afa aal U.a . ntro^a<.Uau or m.p rta ..a lata U>la ? ,?aUf if fa r*l?a aaapara a*4 f?.ra*?a *n?.laala tua Iba ial? -4v* \tom tl Iba fti*t vaiu?4 'toaa af fur* fax* a ? to laapuaa aartaaevabto l*t?a a r*a Aaaarlraa rt ilaaata, aaaO uf tba ka'Ur tlaaa, to '?<*?>. vb* pabla* aawrala av4 ?a^.taitr Iba aubbt aa'ati ^ H. ? l, 1 bat If a </tvtr *1 Ataaaabl/ ?vbf^ia ?U 'irl* <-ar Ha ^a-' r? la f ??# ?? a?f ?? ,a?aia *?r r*p*v amtau?*a Ui tta ? l-*tr b?*l l? Ut? p--r b; li * *at.a>a.*i l*? itotar* of a aaa aaalvraH tattoo lav vb.ab aba 1 ra-i* r- a |?**Mt?a awtaa x.vv inu). a./ a vf taaalr ova aaart ia tba* maalr; In aval la an al-an U lava* a ?it-.*v lb*?vaf avl I bat ail prv .wa? av: <*U ? r?, . r? by ta'b lav a ball bv r?,a.fa4 Ui b* bat a^ Wat a tl'U" !? r Wi* aoava Un .it vr UatUVl (aavrl V) I'a* ? Malva, ia4 balvra dm Jm\? \ or ;*-??*? tb? '*vf to ofw wtarl. ? K? aa.Trt4 Ibal bto J-falVoar tba bii'iraai bv ra 1 .,o*?lv4 U. Ira/ t? l <-?f?*a af Iba atoia rv*vlai??a I* o?r rtrvala t a*>4 IVpr~avi?i. aaa I* 1 I*fraaa V. ba bp tb*aa |t?*V)>'?l Ui IM*r it a pa. ta*v bt#aa*a of IVafrtaa aa. . iv tb* Uvtarauta af Uv atbar H?*ve vilb a r*{va| ti.a' tb*; bv ?tata?aa^b'a4 to Iba Uytalalvrva Ibaaaaf lbvt* rvaaaaltiwaa v*ia r*w4 a*4 rafvrr?4 boa aOaai r?*ai?*v, e aaulaa* uf Mavan V alaoa, laara a >4 ivkaaaa bcanaan iM'Ttoa or rHtufr m riii ro rtm run# vtart* ia?ari rata a imaaM. T>.* n*?a'?e.4 H' aJit f tb* M?t att aa;a -faa l^a. *??? b IV <"ay tmafi Um aw* tbvi rba'laa |n i|v avC Mt aU itaab'wat la 4rfa: i? tb* I'fW "V??w ('? ? * taivt f ia tlaa pta** af Aafatlaa t* 4f* Br I?^.a4? a ?aa i/b*

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