Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1855 Page 2
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arasrzoKfAL irrim. progress op the municipal revolu tion. TBI WOR DKA1.D8 AMD TH1 BCHBAT ?flBJIB OV TBI LAW ON 8UNDAT LAST? ?1W STMT VmmJXQ l.AOHDi?B-MrOBT8 OF THK mru OK VABIOl'S HJWICW A few cf the liquor dealers still continue to Act In de Canoe of tke orders of the Mayor, by keeping their stores 0feo od Sunday. Some have had their Ucen??? revoked; hut if the Board of Eiclne of each ward refuse to eoncur with him in enforcing the penalty, it will he Impossible to enforce the law throughout th# city. It will be seen (rem the following Uble, showing the number who kept ?pan on Sunday, that the Mayor wan unable to revoke the Keen bee in the Fourth and Sixth warde, in consequence of the refusal of the Aldermen and Councilman, who, with the Mayor, constitute the Board of Excise of each ward, to co operate with him Ward. Iv*?' 5 13 NonO. i i ^ m-- 1 \ i ^?m ill'( Mayor can t revokc)10 10 . ? ? (Mayor'can 'V i? ..... . I iiNonfc 20 1 J None. None 10^11] None. JJilljione; all out of town Total 3" hotils. A NEW 8TKKET 8WKKPKH. New street cleaning machine* have boon shipped ?rom Philadelphia. and will shortlyarnve. They will be tested as ?oon as the state of the fll.h will permit, t helne to hard at present, in confluence of the frost, ftiat it would be 1mro?siijla to operate with the new in vention. The machines will first be put in operation bo the Second ward ; and If tosnl to he serviceable, the whole city will receive the benefit to be derived from tliem. ?HAT TnB rF.OPLK BAY. That the ash carta ha%e failed to remove the aihes In j9N>at of 25 Fu'.ton street. , That the pump on the corner of ttrove and Bedford street is a nuisance, as the handle projects over lue sidewalk bo far it is dangerous and an encum ^That the stablei on the vacant lots fronting St. Mark h alace are a great nuisance, and that the neighbors su. fcr nuob annoyance from the st"uch and noise thereof. That the sidewalk in front of 14! Cedar street is con stantly obstructed with goods, to the great inconve "nSWA sidewalk In front of 218 Bowery, to constantly blocied up with old casks, boxes, wagons and all sorts ot imaginable trash, to the gre?? inoonve "*Th a' h^coal hole in front of 193 East Twenty-second ?tree! lias no covering ou it, and thai it is very **That' the lot on the northwest corner of Twenty ? ?Mend street and Seieath avenue i? not fenced In, and that all Manner of nuisances arc there committed. _ That Oathi-rino street, from Oak to South street'', is n a dangerous condition, and th;it the stages are eont. *ually being damaged in consc^uencc of the ice and dirt which has not been removed Ircm it. That tlio New York and Harlem Railroad Company are to the practice of shoveling aU the snow and Ice be tween hlizabeth street and the liOTvery, in Broome stree., tendering it impassible; and also that the *ai'l company have, by raising Broome street, between Centre and Elizabeth, above ilse original grade, midc it not only dangeroim to horses, hut to the lir m of person - through it Jennings h Co. have had fivo of their stages broken in consequence of ita condition. JenE.ingt also ?omplains that said company have not complied with the orders cf the Common Council in lay:ng a grooved rail through Broome street, as directed by that body. That liquor store, corner of Sixth avenue and Twen tieth etreet, was kept open on Sua lay the 4tU insi-, *>l that several persons came cut of the store with bjuor 4?ring the day. 'fliat the sidewalk is raised so h ga in sixth avenue, firm the corner of Sixth avenae to l"ourtb gt'est, that water overflows property in that avenue. Mrs. Ann Maher complaint that h<sr husband tren.s her brutally, threatening to turn h*r acl her infant eluW/cD into the (street. BOAKD OF AT.DBRttEN. The Botvd held the tirst meotltj of the I'et ruary a?s ?krn last evening, Isaac O. OaTler, Esq., rre?ident, In the ehair. The minutes vrers ro.'.d and approved. rrmnoxa nraninREP. The petitions of tc vital partiis to liave the ne w City Ball built in Madison h iinre; cf J. <5. Harimyer, to b? appelated clerk aad internrete.- ot the bourth district police court; of Ompany 33, to have Ihe en g oe lately nsed by Rngine Ompany 18 assigned to thorn; the potitio is cf tievera! pa:t'.?B to te r^heved fro a erroneous taxation, ths peilt'rn of John Iijtn, for leave tj ex hibit thf great California true in the Pir?. IN' 1TATIOV. An (BviUitioa fros? W. B Mot'att, for ISeC < nm't'.ee on Building to visit tii? Motiaithu'Mings, Kroalway, war rt teived and accepted. 90UTTI KKKRT *CCOMMOT?J. TJOV ? 'I ?? K VilN^^'i T COM''. VY. Alderman Fox offered tho f l:0W/0g.? Retiol'"d That the I'nioO Kerry t'cnpauy li's.r .ct ed bv th roard to run a hoat from tho terry foot o? Cathai ? every ten minutes Ir'iui 'J )'clock M. until 1 - < '? k , and -v.-ry hour from t'jcu until 4 o'clock A. M. 1 w? i to the < omfflittoe on I'errles. Alderinac B*m? offered tho follo^ini;; ? h?s<y.v?d, the Un'on 'e>rry Cbrep any be d-rcc e l to run the r boAts on the H?ni:ton avenue ferry ofory quarter ol an hour after 0 o clock I' M. up to 1 o eloe < at night, and that they cox aion :o running at 4 o clc? A. M. Referred to Committer on Ferris* A KNOW NOTBWC MO KBK-NT? Ol Wl.'0M AK> THK V* ? * conroaro Alderman Bkn;< v, Thirteenth ward, otr?r?d the follow *g resoluticn, and, in doing so, he said hs th3Ught it was hiuh time that Ua-y should kn w to whim tb-j c .re of our livoe and pnpeity w?re mt-us\ed:? Reaolv-il, that W. Matsell, Chief ol Voltes. r? port as so?n as possible to this brdy how many Amiri cans Irishmen, Scotchmen, Hn';hfhnen, and o! all othei ?ations, thtro are in the T'd'ce I'ep artmen'. o1" this alio, how many of the present policemen have been !r Ike prlsoun of the I nlted States and of other countries also, how many of the preser.: i<ol ?emen have boea ni turili/ed, and hiw many have I'een in this cointry le*' tknn fiv^year^; aljo, by whom a.11 tbo of thf ?resent l'ollce I><'partment of this city were appointed. Aklerman Howikd moveil that the resol ition lay on Ike table. On <vb.nli motion th'r ? app-nre.: ittir.natire O? Bto^o, Kirst ward; WiiUm oa St^'onl ward; Burd, Fourth ward: Hofiinire, Fifth ward; II Howard, Sixtii ward . Jas. ?teer?. Eleventh ward; John Ke! y, lonv teertl. ward: llerrick Nineteenth ward; Varlao Twenty Brst ward. N*ys, 12? Moser, Th'rl ward; F<n, Seventh ward Br'm. Tuiker. KUlrh ?*rd- Voorhis Ninth ward; Trewhrirtge, Tenth warl: tVakemsn. Twelfth ward Briggf, Tuirtecnth ward; the President, Fifteenth ward ?Christie, Plxteec'h ward: 13v. Seventeenth ws--d; Lord Eighteenth ward: C II. lu'ker. Twcotieth wird. Ah Mat? Drake, Twenty-second wart. The mam 'ineatiOD h?ing put tar the adoption of thl nwelution, it was adopted ?>y a vet* of lji to 8. Affirmative ? William -on, Moser. Fox, Wm. Tueier, Voerhis, Trowbridge, Wa^emaa, llriggs, tho President. Christy, My, l-ord, t . H. Tucker. Negatire? Bro *n Bnird, Hotlir.lre, Howard, Steers, Kelly, Herrirk, \ a vian. PjlltRS OOMI'KHI O IS. The report ?>f the Committee on i?rdiiiap.'e? -In fv vor ef concurring tho Hoard of Cjuus Inien in an ordinance providing for tho li-tnslng eipresi w^gnns of Committee on S<-wers ? In fevjr of cone irrlng with the Cunncilmen in rescinding ordinan'-e lor a sower in 118th street, bitwi'cn Thirl and Fourth avenues; n| MM- In relation tr sewer in Korty eighth rtreet, be tween Eleventh aM-nue and Hudson street: report of the Committee ot the Fire Dopaitnient ? Concurring with the Board of Conn -ilmen to huild a new carriage for H >s? Company 25: Report oi Committee on Bolij?? Concurring to pay Pr. Lodge for me<li-al a teulan-e at Sseenth ai?ir:et pol'ee ?tati>n n-port of the Coi.oiilttee on_ Fire Iiepaitsnent ? A1verr? to th.' pet'tlon of ileo W. Wi.ite he id, to be reln'iated In tho Fire I* partmeot ; of sime? ? c?a<'\.'rring with the Coanoilniw to repair house of Kagla* <'oirpany Ni 4; of -amo -non con. urrln* w't'i the Itoard of C-iuncilinen to j.ur''h"se ten ad litional feet of groand for Knci'ie <'omi<sny No. 20, aid in favor of pnr"ba?ing a full 1>'; of same? In favor of eonvir ring with the I'ooncilmoi; to sulk) an Iron bell te?er <n Twenty- fifth ^'.roe-., letwmn Hejoad and Toiid avenues the rej art of the Coiumitlis- on rteTeri? in favor ot c on earring with the Cjuiicihuea to con -truct i sower i n t^eond street, from the wea i rly aide of Kirst a\ en as to the Bowery. Atjinrne.; to Thursday next, at ft o clock. BOARD OF COI NCII.HE*. Km. 6.? The Boar! met lor the f.rst time this ui mth. D. tonovtr, Ksj , I'res doat. In th* Chair. The mlu ?ton of the U?t maetlng were read and appwvod. rrnn iy* HKmiim. Of P. ? oyle? To be paid the am nut il ia on his eon traet for eleanlng the stiee'a of th? ^con l, fourth anl With w?rds. OfAlfr.d l.tgran and othera-Ti all oneUiindre ) fee to tl?pler at the foot of Harrison street. Ol divers persons ? Praying an investigation of ti. matter of cuthlnff, guttering, .Vc., E a'hty third idreei. dlven pcrjons ? To have New City Hill In .n f.|t-.are. i Sev rial petit iowe ) To remove dumping board* from loot of \ essv street, North river. ... , For remuneration for bricks ta' en _ B?*e?m?u street by Oeo. (!. <ila/l?r. In d|.rei(*rd of p?rmit pr r. ouaty obtained by petitioner fiom OosnUilxw (>. ttrerii. To lay Creton wat?r pipe In Eighty-fourth streit. For dock at the foet of KoTty seregfi street. f.?st river. To build a msrkst in the vlelnitv of <iansovoart or Vourteonth street, North river. To have sunken Uts tllod between Twelfth and Thlr teenth streets. North river. For a lire bell a* the inncP'.n of the Third and Fourth aveaues. In ths cttv of New York. Asking toat the Tompkins liaoof stages ni>y be com Mlled to run the whole length of tlicr t??ti. Agaiast propoeed change in li/htiog th- ?tre-t?. ( Se veral petitions ) Of ifoso Co No. 9-1 * ? n w hoae fff prglne Co. No. :13? T i havi- their hoase alUre 1. For a s?w?r in Mott street. To appropriate a slip for the exclusive use of the branch ell . t? of this port. Of R -Bard Cainbl ng? To be pad ?j. ..for bis ' w?ee? as jK-ficemao. . . , Of tr?.?t?eeof Preahytorian ehnreh In ?. thai ni , #Of*er of Nineteenth ? :e?t-lto tw> sv t . Jan.)- ? freet of 'fehureh l> Beventh avenue, nmt Hghteeath Twesitysecond street, between BUth ?n<l ^"To? lay* V "cros s walk In fiont of Twenty-third etreet mSt^* be paid ?144 for -Trice. ? '^ACbm-To be paid ?M 40 for eerviees as '"wW^DenekerandJ. B. ?ire privilege of carrying away all the dead ?ria?U Md butcher*' ottals at their own ezpenM, for the term t*Of^Jbe*i>a8tor ?d clerk of the First Baptist Church? Tii be relieved from aseeiiment on sa'd churoh. Of residents ? To hare Madison square improved. RKSOU TIOMH. That it be referred to Committee on and Slip* to inquire into and rejwrt upon the eipett ency of extending and repairing ftot at the foot ogftfth street, East river, and also as to the that said extension and repairs would coat. He?rrea. To take up railroad track of Hudson RWer Railroad Company from Chambers street iO Thirty-flrst street, on the (round of its being dangerous; and that the oom jany hare not substituted new rails, pursuant to law. To 'have Catherine street pared with iron or with the ^*T^a? the Street Commissioner notify the Catharine street Feiry Company to remove pilee In the shp be tween piers Nos. S4 and 36. Referred. To have pier No. 34, at the foot of Hammond street, repaired. Referred. __ _ , To remove incumbrances irom pier No. 39 East river . That rroeiving basins and eulverti be built at the E. and S. E. corners of Beach, Vestry and Laight streets, on West street, under the direction of the Croton Aqueduct I Department. Referred. _ . , . , .... That the committee on celebrating V ashington a birth day be requested not to furnish any kpintuoui llquofS for that occasion. I.aid on table. . . Calling for information from the Comptroller In rela tion to contract in Eighty-third street. Adopted. For groov ing the Russ pavement where not already grooved. Referred. To refer to the Committer on Lands andPlacM tiit they may enquire and report whether any further action Id necessary on th? part of tho Com moo Council to bg cure the opening, &?5., of the around between Thir?l ana Fourth avenues and fcixth and Seventh streets, a.4 and for a public Bquare. Referred. Directing the Counsel of the Corporation to draft a In w to authorize the city to raise a loan for building the uew City Hall. Adopted. To purchase the Oystal Paliee lor market purposes. ^Appropriating $"00, t.nd dire .ting the Chief Engineer to make sd exlnbil on of the steam tire engine. Adopted. That it 1* referred to Committee on Ordin?noes to re port upon the propriety of adopting aa ordinance to prevent the driving of cattle and s" ice through the streets south of Forty second street. Reforred. To prevent tl? slaughtering ot animals DClQW t.t teentfl street. Referred. IMPORTS. Of ("oirirutteo on Finance ? On of working men, submitting the following resolutions : I That this Board deeply and feelingly sympathize *' ! tbe sufferings and distress of those indur.nou* in? .h? nics and werkingncen now out of empley, and t.:at iV re^ grets its inability io -neet the call upon it for perain?nt and endmlng reliif. That the Committee on i Fiuattce be, and tboy ars hereby, dis:hargcd"from tUc turthir coa s'.dtratlon of the petitions aud memorial aumxod, as thi measures required to bo adopted by thorn are unconsti tutional, inexpeditnt, unwise, anil unjust. Referred to the Committee ef tho Whole, and orderei to be printed in pamphlet Ic e. ? , Numerous other reports were presented, an'. rorerreJ to the Committee o: the Whole. COS1MUX1CATIOVS. Commit nlcu'.ior.H were received from the Commlssionsr of Streets and limps ? one on tbe eon tr rets for c'oan.nj ?Ireetl, aul the other liubttlttine for the ajtton of tie Cotnmon Council that tho report of the Ooaaaiwsionorn for opening ll!2d street, from Tlurd <i Fourth avenue, had been duly ?on!irined l<y the Common Counjil. Rj From tbe Bureau of Asaeaameu's, with acccmp-.ayiug assessment lists, asking that thenrtino may b9 vODi-rfued ar.d a coHe-tor appointed therefor. R*f?rrad. From the Comptroller? !u reply to resolution of loqu *y relating to paving Bowery, fas. 1. aid on the tab e, aau ordered to be pr.ntoJ. 1'je Board then adj turned te We ln?"(i ky a te'Doon. BO Alii) OF SUPERVISORS. Fm. 5. (l.i U.toi Mi j or Wood in ihe chiir. Tiis minutes of Cji last meeting were read and approved. kii.ui r.'.io. Tbe following hills we;e ordered to be pail: ? To the Bloomtngdale Asylum, for hoarding Ann . E. Fmith for one y< To Dentin Flyin cuit othera^for copy Jig .a tho ollice of the County Clerk '-'J W To JobuB. Molloy, for opytng indexes iiJ Jo John AdV>y, Jun., for do 11 J ^ To John Pajuter, for do ?> ToSundav nev spapers, for pub "?h-pg h.a eiaent ,r of tbA Ckrk of tli e boar<l~$40 25 ea.'h 1-0 !?> To C. Whi'.talier. for cepjios ,8? ToS. T Fisk, for do n* 'w. Several petitions for coirect ou of Ux- s were rassivat snd referred. Ihi Board aljourned ic Tbcrsdiy n?:it nt 4 o o o-jk. Tll<atcei) und ElluWtUws. BuoiDWATt TMWrRK.? ' The grand spectacle op*ra of ? Cimieif 1U." wljich han had a gnat rue, in aneo'inuai tgain for t';:s evening !(:??? I.. Fyoe is une of t'ue grevt I st iaro rites that ever app 'ireJ in Vew Vork. I jc I farce of ' A- Like as Two 1V*S;' will oncliide tlj' "?nt^r j lainm^nl.i o. tbe evening? Da vldffo. Whiting ani t-aa , Misses tiougenheim in the leading pitta. Bcvvkhv TpVATni:. ? The enter tainuients which are an I nouncei fur this t.w.nlug are su^i a i cannot full to ! pleam the Dowtry folkf. Ihe drama of 1 Ireland V" It Is.''' the amusing | :ce* raited "The liish Lion," *'k. i 1fce comic drama the " Hn.ppy Mm. ? Mr. and Mm. I < h&rles appearing in ihe prln.'ipai rbarviters. A beiu ; tiful ffciry legcB'i is in preimiation. I Ki HTi'N'e Thkathk.^ ? fills e?t?bl'shnient cont n es in a prosperous career, the perroruian?es gi> :u,< lie utment pleasure to tbe vUiter-i. To-night Burton foismv'.e a g kkI select.' n. fhe flr?* is a nevr pi?:e by eu Ameri un author, vnti.l' d ?" The Player's Plot1'? Burt n, Jordan, 1 "nher", and MUl M .uthj n the leading p.irti. The favorite piece of " I'Mhiou'' cencludes all. tV>ii.*i K'c Ti(K?rRh. ? Bluke'n >iepctlt oou'.i oft' thia evtnlng, and If ever an ?-'iof deserved public Mipport, t Mr. ?. is eniitled to it. a# we Relieve tiiere is not a better ? omedian in tbe couotry. Tne pieces announced are, Mrs Mowatt's comedy ot '? Fashion.1' and t*ve afloctlog . piece of ?? llie l*- t M m Mr. Hlake in h;s eelebmte l character of GcotVrejr Dale. Amkih an Mi ski x. ? Die dr.ur. i of ' Amhro-e Gwlnott, or n ^ea SMe Story," Is ?nnounceil for ?he ?ft*m.>on, end In tbe^ening, the tragedy o'- "'Jge'In i with 11 Scott as I I'olino. ?nd the domestic melodiaro. of ??Black-Eyed' Susan,'' with J. B. Scott as William ?r. i Miss Meitayar as Susan. VtirrR0?'0ilTA>' Ok' rs, ? Si^nnrina Ciiarinl ai>pc*ra to iil<;ht In a scene s>f Terpsirhorian equiiatUu, and Mis-: I'mma Nathans in hoi 1 and dashing feats o' t-ocemansh p. There will also he var'ous fe?t.? orHt'anltlng, tumblin/, and the ei|n??ti-lan t urleiti of Mon?. and Mine Depnie. Woons Momtkitw. ? A bill of great variety Is orer^l for this evening ? negro melodies, Instrumental |>er foriuances, and t ! ic burl' sqneof "Blsck Blunders#" Bi tki.kx s SfT.uiATikR-. ? The burlssf.ue of ''Lucy of 1 jimnierin'Mir," wliieli has hien produced At this favorite resort, ie announ'Tiiagain for, this evening, prodnoed In eiquicite ityle? the muaic'of tho opera is preserved throughout. D?i>ai I"*)*'* Ol'KHi Tboim are playingat Hope Chapel, and tbe.r negro deUaeitioni in s;n?in?, in?lrum<'ii'al pieces and d.micg ar? ? neli silmlivl. The (ir'si and Mario company played "D.iu Oiovainl ' to a very small andiem e at the Boston theatre, onl r lay evening ,-3emJ:aiiiii!?)'' was brought oatla't ui^bt. Mr. Jnnius Brutus Booth was a passenger for Cali , iirnlu. on the Oeorg. l^iw, yesterday. A Wlteitttk C?i*n?*r#i It Hank Bill Maim furtory HroUeii Up. (From the * levelsnd I'lain ftealer, Jan. 2d.] | With a prsis'" worthy .'eWmioa' ion to nniooie lie I tightness o. tbe times by making money plsntier, several goo>l lool;;ng yonng men, and at least one jon I looking yoonp la<ly, have asso 'lat" ! themsolve<7ogo'her with )'it asking the speeial ;>ri\il' g.' 1 of a IxigiJ'.ative charier, and . have pie|>?red at coH-ldeiat>l ? expense i large atu'untol ! pictured prmr.'ses to pay, d ily signi?l and counter* ?igne<l, which ruthles-ly have hen wreeted from tn-'iu In Slivrifl Si-anglT and <,?putles, aiel eveu they arre ted and pnt In "durance vile '* I The cfticers hsve ueen some time on th> trail or this | gamr, end ye?tetday by incajs "f a l'ost <><K :? tran, the ' residen *r of Jhe ehlef ccitD^rfelter wns found ti he In this el'y. at No. 'J' Soorllle s'reet. His nuoels E. J timers, nl-a-> J. l>. Mtoer. iiieSherlil and his p'irty went boU? lessly to Ws reirtdtn.-fl last night. A gsntls tap by i one of the party hronghi ft very polite Iiiie little wointo tj the door, who said Mr. M.ner was n tl In la Ihe mesniime >ir. M. was making his cvlt out the Va"l. way. and *i' srrested hy one ot fhe Vputies. Ihe besieging party then "pitehel in" to the li>u?e, out found the inner rocm, containing Mi.< 11 nor anil a Mr. ltose, rants atlas Si.' its, l?i ? -d .ml adm trance re fusad. Ihe ordrr was giv'?n to hurst open the Jaw, wli- n it was nuickiy oponed by the U ljr la the store was found s ;otr:ng fir", all of n?'w hink bills just pnt ' in. Row.ant* and the ladv were sciied. the room , ?*arclied, aud a'>oiit twenty titouund dollars of pruitily jir.nted bank I lls, all on l istiru bVnks, wire (O'ind i?ailv for eirculatlon nnu a * hole trenk full r.vady to be lilted out. fin Min?r was found a I 'ttor from on? of tli? gang, or drrlng a a lsige amou!!' to be rem't'ed to him, as h? was giiiog Faat via I hilid^lplaa and Baltimore, aud could put It off like hot cake A lis of retail heaters, enstomers from abroad, who were pitr<ni< nf this wholesale house In ( lsvelaml, was als?> found. Ihe three are in jail, and hjr ai l nr the teUgraph, nj doubt othtr aire t? in other pans of the countiy are ere this made. Tills is ? i. rand haul, au 1 SherllT .-'pan^hr <s entitle 1 to much credit fi?r the e?ler!tj snJ u* ntne?s with whlcb h? 1 has depat.hed this Job. An Earthquake in Vtnotxr*.? An earthtimlw 1 was felt In Virginia, on lild*v Inst. At Clarksvllle, a I uttie befoTe^-ree e'^lock A. M., there was a rnmb'.in*. rattling sound, whleh r. .embled S"n^what the noise made by a four horse coach in rapid motion, or a wag n with an empt' body, running rap.dly down a rough bill, froekery standing on the lik e ?. as \ialhly shaken. At Wylles''?rr . the hou?-? w 're shiken, snd .??? gen'Ietn m was wak?'f up by t^e serere jar an I noise. Alarm' lbr thacrackirg ?ounl of his n>nve, he lumped en 'ef >e I loBxiderahl; frifl t'n?', au I rsn oat tj s-? it the ho <e was not on Hre at the top. In Ivinoe Ft ssrJ, we lear ?, tbe fhsiek was st;li rr^a"' i . lu Ha ? -u< ? r. legal intelligence. The Alleged Uan Trmflc la 1869. THE CVITED BTATKS V8. CATT. J. fttiLEITI ALIAS KRAFT. ClflTSD STATHB OOMMLWIOirn'S OOCKT. Before Geo. W. Morton, Eaq. Fkh. 6.? Eli A. F. LavelletU, examined |by Um Dktriot Attorney, depoaed that ho *u the i?mm lil^jfr the squadron oa the Ccaat of Africa in IMS; recodeot? the case of the achoomr Advance; our iquadroa arrlr?4 1| I the Port aa Praya la October, 18M; I fouad the schooner Advance there on eur arrival; the ichooaer drifted upon a point near hfr anchorage and the boata in the com Band of Lieut. Rogers; I think Mr. Walker went to her aaaUtance; it was nccesaary to take some portion ft her cargo out in order to get her off; she was released from her perilous position, and, being much damaged, car penter* were sent from our squadron to repair her; a few days after tliis Capt. Kraft came on board the United States vessel Germantown and expressed his ac knowledgmenta for the assistance given him; 1 then con verted with him for more than half an hour, and learned from him that he had been an old trader on the Coast; I asked him several questions as to the currents, winds, &c., and he gave very clear answers; I received from the Collector of Customs, on the 2d November, 1862, a letter at Port au Praya, to which I replied. This is the ropty. (Objected to ) Admitted. Ibe letter is as follows:? Flao Ship Gkrmantow.*, I Port ac Prata, Nov. 3, 1852. J Sjb? 1 have received your official communication of the 2d in lit., informing me that the American schooner Advance, now in this port, has landed, under suspicious circumstances, a large boiler and fourteen casks dons up in bundles, at your Custom House, and that you sup pose, from these circumstances, she is intended for the siuvc trade: also, that you have notified the American Consul to that filed I tback you for the information, and will have the necessary steps takes to investigate the matter immedi ately. I have the honor to ba, 4c., E. A. F. LAVAIXEITE. Witness continued? A joint commission of officers was appointed by the authorities of that place, and myself, to examine the Alvance. On the report of that commis sion 1 sent the Advance home for trial; I sent the mate of the Advance, and one or two of the crew, home in her; tho captain of tiw ve?scl and the supercargo had, iu tho meantime, ^deserted her; Captain Kraft toll ice that they bad. sent a vessel in alvance of the schooner Ad vance, to the coast of Africa; a day or two after this the person called the supercargo of the Ad vance came on board tho Germantown, aul sa d that ho understood the Germantown w? j going down the coast, and asVod me to go with us to Cabindo. The Captain of the Advance expressed bus feiri on sho:e that I would seize him at the tirnt opportunity, and I should have done bo. There was an English vetsel then in the harbor which, carried olf the Captain of the Advance; 1 don't remember the time when she -.ailed; It, must have been in Novembor: the Advance pro >ed?l to the United States, and I understood that Capt. Krvt went, to St. Vincent, one o!" the Cape de Verde laUndt, and trgrn thence to England. The suspicious circumstan ces against the Advaic9 were that sin wa; abindonid and surrendered to ra? by tee authorities of Port au Prava: my latter of iniuuotious to the olloer (Jo : n T. Walker), in whos? charge 1 placed tho Advance, dated November 1852. tj. IJo you reaogniae tho Captain o I the A lvance h?re)? A. In lay conversation with t'10 Captiiu of tho Ad vance, of more than half an hour, I sat op osi e toh:m is 1 do now, and I asked him a variety of questions; liis height was about that of thii gentleuiau (tho accused); he was thinner and paler; i da not retneocber to have no ticed the lors of a tooth, which I sec now. 1 dil not d s oover any ble atsh in hia eye v, iiicli I see no sr. Q. I'o you recognise an> per , on present as ihs csiti a cf the Advance. A. Impressions are sometimes nude liy circair.stinccf. L' this gentleman (Filletti) had bien placed among ; veo ty or thirty men, in a room in th's house, aud I wis asked if any one of thorn bore a reicm dan:s to 'he cap tain of the Advance, 1 should say th.s gecil nan (Fil let 'I). The witness was cross-examined particularly as to 'he identify of tho aecuisd. Could not particularly his dress, but thinks it was of a lighter ma.eriul than it is now. Raymond Knowles, one or the cr.rpvnters of tbe United States sloop.of.war Gerwan'own, deposed th\t he aw tbe Advance on the coast or Africa, fr>ui the latter p-.rt of October to the Sid or 21th of Sov. ; 1 i now the ila'lf a; 1 saw her first at Greenpo'.nt. (Objected to.) Q. What is the build of the 'lalloa? I A. *ho is an hern-aprhodite brig or a brlgaat'.ne; I don't know licr tonnage; I csu't stata her length or hroad'.h. Illeiconeof tue part owners of tho P-vilei a lintttel that the vesstl was 1U-1 tone.] Witness conrnued? Her build is very sharp, an l "he ,s wt-11 tabulated to sad: after she was launched, I saw | her between Jackion and Gouverncur e* reels: iho w:nt I from there to Brooklyn, remained there about a week, | and took in coals in h 'gsboad ?: from Brooklyn ,-ho went | to Jersey City, where she took in lumber; caw lur after j wards at pier 7 North river. V. Did you see the caplsiu of the A li.nice oa the ootst I of Africa: A. I did, ?ir. <J. Where did yon see hi ,n A. I saw him on board the schooner Advance, then lyinj; at Port au Hrij.a. ' Q. H '.ve you seen him since, and i.' mi, w ln<re f A. I lis \ e . I J saw him at Kicenpoist. vj. Whenf A. In tho month of Ju'y. I l/. L'oje'i reco^oi/a any pert. n in this room the I mmi person. A. I recognise ike prisoner as the t ij u n I of the Advance. VI. State the cironuistancen under which yon saw him i at GreeDpoint in duly last. A. I was at wo;k oa tue j bark North Sea, an.l mw this man od the frame cf Hie i bHg Falien; be looked to me 1 ke a n an thai I bad ssen; j ho was soita distun ?? from mo; ono day, while j asslng ] Iho brig, he gave me a look lit;? the wav tho Capti n di-t i on the ?.choicer Advance; I saw hi in every day wh'le I I worked there, for live er si? weeks; 1 saw him after that j at the foot of Jaehson street; af'?r that I saw hiui at a , real yard in Hronklyn; I next ??w him in Jersey Cl'y, the same brig was lyin* th?re; I next nw him i i Front ?treot. East river; after that I >aw hm on board the | llallea in the North river. Counsel for the ac-isjl? You seem to have lis! iioth ivitT else to do but watch him. I'istriat Attorney? 1 want to ahow the slaiers that they are tracked at every mo'omin'., an 1 that Islml! n?e every eKort In my power to detect them. Cros?-exam!tied by Mr Kiteo ? I u-n 2:t yeari of a/-., i whs born in the State of Me.iue; I was cooper on uo.rdi : ^be (ieimnntown, ? 0- Ho you think yo ir judgment li as go>d as yo ir < ofti.'er'H. v I A. I think it is as gmsl as one hsir of tlmm; fltu^h i ter ) 1 th'nk my judgment lu id-ntifyin;; a m*u it as gco as *r,y of tb"ai , I think his dress at I'ortau Prava ?nns like that he Ins on now. j Dieerosf examination as to identi'y was cootiuo?d, ? and the rise was further a Ijoumeil. The Ninth Awcitae Hallron.I. MTKT,MR OOITRT? flP?ClAr, T KKM . lie fore Hon. Judge Clerke. I'U Apollnt R. WetMortando'lMrti apt. Viiur O. ! Story ami nthert.?A motion came on in this case for leave to file a supplemental an.wer sotting up as an additional de'ence lllt passage last April or the 1 Aet relative to Ihn constntctlon t f railroads in cities,1' logo ! ther with the fact that the construction of this railroad had t een commenced jirlor to this Uw. Mr. A. J. Willard, in opening, stated that he had entire com: donee In the defence contalred In the present an ( sw?r yet It was dealred that a snpolement bs allowed, ; to bring them within the third eociion of this act, J si rDoiiiin 1,8 u> nreveut the cou I ti.. ma : 2l V "?? ,'? ?ny railroads in an) or I ^ * wh!el> l' ?ve already lieen cftn | p"rt' ''ut ?Wt.v? parties and com pi I t nf , M,ch r"a:'" 1,avc ' ""f m part cons'.rocte 1, ' " f\, assigns, ara hereby aut!ior!/?3 t) conatru^t, aa JkC "JcU rnl,lj ln aul througtl I "Tr iu tuo riap,c-.lvs tCe i hTv1:^ ??*, e, contracts ua lor which in I Ihi lrVrV. i'i . "? 'b ?nr.1 "'""tractld; and to that he^by Unarmed re,oln'-'0"" -re ' 1 hit" J' T" C*rt'?Sd r"Vy or this law pro 1 iced, that .t pas.e.1 the Asstnibly .Mm ??, 2<i; ?n April 31 it j terror* ' ' l' " 4th ?PPr^ 1 by the ' .Mr?" ""V"' P' 'infirs, re .1 in oppoilUoa af j fldnvitasho sing that gro.uid w is fl,. t br.keu in ihe i Ninth svenne, at Fifty flrst ttreet, prepiratorr to Isvin t thi- railroad, onthe M.tof March' lu? a t^n l* ?^lut irofe-.tinlnngtli. sl-epers w 1. 4 V Z That oa tue a tsrnooo of Apul 3d this trench ha I not bci>n niled. that this * is the .rnly part or the ra'lro^ 1 constructed |t, .r to tie , law inque.Uou, and that n,. Ue.cript.on if cars have es, r t?t.n wsed np<.u tlvs- rails Ex-Chtor Justice Beardsloy followed, arjui.w that 1 Mi?n t wm pm^il no rMolutioo or ffr.?nt ^ H Corporation au.hortriog t". r.V 1 f I . url'lcr ?Wcn the defsn Uuta olaioi *n is?. 1 1 Assistant Alderni n, De;?ml?.'r JO, m., that on January 1st lotlow ng, these A<? -t?ut A detmei. went ?t of office and a ?w fioard cafceln , That on Jaauary Mh the Ik.ard ur Ald-rmea nss^J i" on Jan aary 12th the Mayor vetood it; oaNovembir 1 Ith , the saw- Hoard of .tlilermen azalo pa?tel i' orer th, .veto and mb> di^eal Board of Assistant Aid iimn concur re 1 Th s was ,''al>t>*.l to 1* llegal. and contiary to the c:tv char er wh , h wl J said to be simi'sr in reapect to tile n .uner of' le/ sU'ua . I nlted . tatif. That it was uuheard or for a bill to mas VV* r, tf ?f!"r <he members of 1 ,b* ?- bo?ly ha. ^igone out of oill-e, tor it to hetivn uo and passed by the .,ve Sure , one would .,u"'Hn , anch a rroceedieg h?ii,T entirely void Further, that the resolution passed in 1* 2, ; r,>toad ... Jit,, ,1. I diiferrnt f,ora the one passe : In rVc-miw.'lM*, beca isa the Brat requited I the cMatructioo of the r-iad to bscom : ,h? ?"? ^ire' ? " t?e ctnmenced rrlor to May 1, u?4, rhat t'l-is it n< an eatirely void act of the two b?ar s, which h vi a- v!r 1 submitted th. Mayor for hi. ?-.provil }? Zy I ^ . w eottlil not b?lp the .Ufen-e an.: th-f ) should not te a. lo* i'd to -et !? |nil,m.jeh ? XM'r , prrceedvBs to bring Ihem eh.. w,thln it was a frao I I ii|on vh'' law. It f?? ahaurl to aty thftt dicing a dlteh i j feet long, and throwing Into i> aoms tlnth -s with ' | rallaupo.i tl, m, was ' ? a raili ??! In ,?.rl irue!H-. 1 ! w.thiu the msaniugof thla third s?ct.m Th-re roald ' 1 . no ersi . r.d (,* pretence that this a ?' 4 d m..r? than 'o ? ay to tl ose rom.,aniea who ' a in the eoeatruc j t lots of tb'.r road un bra rail I gr%nt t' a1 they i?i/>,t go on ai d co nplrte tbwir w .rs w,'l.0it k ? n/ I sut'ret Isi t?.e pr>trl>ioca of th? ???', tv.? t .>?? of thia law, re,,s?r ;g :be lenwn' ?.( t? ? o^oe- ?f | t^t ?;n,u. c Mr. Jobs Tu Bona continued on the uaa site. ud contended that in this mm the U* should not subiaat tke parties to litigate questions which had ton M ?! nitiveJy settled by the court* in the MM af tkt Broad way Railroad ; that hwaww a void grant w?|U W be confirmed by aa aet of the Legial iiw?; aad he insisted that if tbii wma aay so eh coaHia? tloa it wu in Itself nM. He reviewed the preoeedinai of the Common Coun cil in psashag this resolution, and contended that it had bm?v feoa through the requlsitM to mate it a vslld est. That is addition tothis, had it received proper le^.iU* tive action, it waa in direct violation of Vns Mftnth mc 1iw. 9f thf sUfcfter or 1853., Which required all (rant* of franchises to be put hp for sale at auction, aad waa therefor* void. That all legislative grants were to be construed by a reverse rule to that pervaillng in the construction of grants of individuals, as every intend t mult be construed in favor of the sovereign . .. er. But under no rule of construction could this _>w of last April be turned into an original grant. Its evident intent was to provide that thereafter no railroad in a dty should be constructed without the consent of a majority of owners upon the street in which it should be laid; and that then no grant ihould lie made but to those who would give security and carry passengers at the lowest fare; that tbe third section was but a proviso, preventing the application of the previous sections to roads constructed and in operation under previous valid laws and grants. It was absurd to say that it is an origlnul grant of a right to construct a railroad where no previous valid and legal right exUted. The constitution Itself prohibited such a construction of it, as that required such things to be done by general laws. Mr. Charles 0:Conor replied for the defendants, say ing th it on a motion for leave to file a supplemental answer, he did not come prepared to argue the whole questions of law involved in this ca ise, us he supposed it to be the duty of th' court, in all cases, t> permit such an answer whero it was sworn to, and appears to set up new matter. It was not necessary for the court to see more than that the question presented was a fair one for litigation; and he denied any obligation to go into an extended answer to the numerous objections of the opposing counsel. He stated that the Common Coun cil frequently passed resolutions in the same manner as this one, and he saw no ev J in it ? that the charter did not prohibit It; tliat it was not a grant of a franchise, but was a valid exercise of a power possessed by the cor poration oyer the stroctsof this city; that to call it a franchise would be to say that every hack driver and cartman in the city possessed a franchise; that although the construction of this road was commenced after th s law had passed the Assembly, and before it passed the Senate, yet there was nothing at all improper in so do ing. Be answered the oppoiing arguments at some length, and claimed, as a matter of right, that this mo tion should be granted. Decision reserved. Court of Cltnersl BcmIous. ?ICDSK STUART'S CH'IKiK TO TUB OKANB JCIIY. l>n. ft. ? At the opening of the court this moruicg, the following gentlemen were sworn In as grand jurors: ? James Ha'per, Foremtn. Alexander Annin, IVeenvm Derby, Thomas M. Adriance, < 'h*ries Fo?lor, James Alexander, James lluutir, Louis Anrich, Benjainiu F I-ee, Theodore Bea :n, William P. Miller, John C. Chamberlain, James Marsh. KacU Cornell, Edward Neln m, Edmund M. Young. Judge Stun tt then proceeded to charge the <>rand Jury. He ?aid Gentlemon of the Grand Jury ? The oath jnat adminiateied by the Clerk of thii Co?rt, while il qualifies you for the discharge of li'.gh and important public trusts, also declares in simple but exact terms the duties yea have sworn to perform. Mo eharge by any Court can be more instructive, complete, or comprehen sire of your general powers as grand jurors, ami of the common duties incimbcnt upon you, than is expressed and prescribed by -he direct *nd forcible language tlm.t composes your oath of office and of duty. actim, gentlemen, touching those of whom crime ma] be im puted, will be of tie most important and solemn concern to the | ubllo TL? ? x icution of the U for the preser vation of publ'o order, the protection cf property aul person, and th^ security of human life, dspenls, in a great degree, upon tbe faithful manner aud fearlea i in tegrity with which yo.i shall present offenders. An escape of tho guilty is an Jfjiiry to the isnojentnit only, but, it at th* h?nds A those having the power and proof ne -ossary to his io'V.ctweut or conviotion, is at otfen-'e ugainst ihe State. It will be your caro, gen tleman, to investigate thoroughly each and every complaint that comes before you, tj find out, each juror for himself, under tht law ana upon the proof in the ease, the or innoc<nc ? ol' svery person who may be cuarged or suspected of oriuw at y. ur bur. B it o(? th s, Kentleieeu, ! aak joir spccal observance : do no; indict or proient any cue, citvson or stranger ? wluther of good reputation or ill ? unless hii gu.U, up iu t';o *x pane tc.-tnnony before jon, Is so mm feat asthit,if i?|.?>n a jury, you would, up in the samo evi ones, without rvlie for counter proof, convict him of the of fence charged. This, however at vaiiance ???th instruc tior.s iiMuli; given to gra. id juries by Judges ol cri.u'mil eo<irti>, is, 1 -on II dent ly submit, not only a aoiu-1 and -oirect rule for general prautice, bit nisi nnd important to ends ? f public justice, > nc-j ii will gre.i'ly eoudn"e to a 11 rm, certiin an I unifo in {irattice in the administration tf the crmnal Haw; arid, moro than all, it is sa'est for tlii citizen, as i; i~ pr'jt? . tive of his rich's, cli i rafter aud lib.vty. The adm.nlrtiatlon of the duties of your office, gen'.lc I nun. Heigh of tht higher', po?siblo concern to t'le I public ami of deepen ? iutersst to .liise whose acts b'Couie i be r object of jour lnvesligaiiou. i>, wltli il. perform ? i in ?? cn t? an ? lenuut in an inst'tution for public jas tici* mMe in consonance ivitli the sp;rit .f the a,;e and go\- rumen; in which it ii?d its ori*in than in r> ir njhv with the s?utiment ar.d poli-jy of our time aol pi opl?. Neither the public, le wliosc na ae au 1 for whose len?-tit ailmlnal accusations arc made, nor V;e a:ousr>d for tbe dettrii.ination of wnose guilt or lnno'.snce you ai> i-onveu..! is permitted to bear or sue aug'.t yon saj erdo. Not only are you guardrd In sec?sy by the Uli ctk cf law and tho recsees of your chamber, m?<~.o in tt'-iesslble by closed door>, but jouiselvos are swocn to silence in respect to the transaotious of your holy ? pro eoedinjs lie at the very base of the puM'c justice of tho country on on<- hand, and affect tie property, life and liberty ol jour feilow-citlaens oil the other; al this not only; but, acting within the pale of your office, you arc not account i'o!? lor the wro.'g jou mar commit to wards the people nor the Injury you may Inflict ui>on tiie c!ti/?n, to any hitman law or earthly tribunal, the oath jou have taken relvres your ?e ?ountabllity for a wise and jnat dis.-b*rg<> of jour duties alooc to your Cod. By til's, gentlemen, you w.ll S'>S tht' a", op the inrt of publi- ju?'l-e is entrusts! to your fealty to i lb: good, aid all on the pari of the individual oiiizen charged with crime to your lidelity to. a citia*u's rights; if inuocen', to the protection of his innocence, an 1, il guilty, still to the lawful accusation o' the olfsnce com plainelnf. Your office, |*ntli>incn, is one of gr??t res ponsibility and equal delicacy. You are licensed t ; In qtilre fnllv into every cas<i that csmes t > you for consideration, to examine thoroughly every wi'ueis, es pecially the one iuovirg the comidaint, and l?arn not onlf wlat be would wijl.ii di-cfose. but all he knows relative to the matter of ? hie ii he would tcstl'y; see ?[ there is any personal U tores'. private mabee, or any motive or oiijec.l o?h jr than tiie >-nds of public justice to be rRectei or attained by tb<* pro: jiemout of t o indict went . and if so, let your caution be equal w.'li his pnrpo?e, lest by possibility the fair fani" >n I wall earned lepntation of a just man be b'ssted by a breath, snd Ids ehtracter for a'ter life unjastly wound ed by an indie meat without remeJy or relief. I l.sve sa'd this mu -h, gen 1? men, .with rjferen je mi stly to such matters and c:t<es a- have their orig n lor crlsDinsl protection upon parte test;iaony alone with the grand jury, with ni previous inquiry iu fie prffcnce of the accused, befors any o tne criiutoal na? gUtiatea of the city A largo amount o' vour Iihot1. however, will be confir.'d to the crimioil acuta!! us giveu to your < bar^e by tbe district attoni 'y from lh* severs! pol ce courts. 1'bese eases, as a generil thin;, will evince an investigation by the polios just :e? sultl tlen*l? thorough, in some instances, to establish aVso .'ute guil,; and n others, a belVf of probab's guilt. You may preaumc upon the judgment ol these nj igiit-atos as , sgainf the innocence of tbe accused, but in no :t'C to the extent ?hit will preclude the noe?sslty of an evami I nation of the aame witness's already Inquired o' at tlis police court,!. Let tiie oi'der or yo;.- b isineat, gentl' i men, be Ihe disposHior, lirst. of all ta es where the a: j <-u?ed pnrtie arc In a-itoal c-;nllnem?nt, follow rg with | Ibose whero ti e defendan's are upon ball, anl af: r ? ward> suuh nw'ters and th nrs tim? will allaw aa I I the public interest dem uidn. foushiog utlfeas ince in pull c offi.-e, it i? your privilsgs net ouly. but you: duty, lo institute an exatniuaWog into any allege I misb- ha v!?r of tho-? in pub'ie trusl Bigtt places aud ia>,<ort?n . pt sl'lous o t honor and yo\+.\r in oftice Must b no bar t > as f^rless an l faith'ulao ijriulry into t lie malpractie*i . of the ofllce as Itioujli tbe < iiut was against the t lowcs' and most unim|>ortmt puolic aervant in th ? e ty; and while it l? your duty to pr?acut all oll'eu ;e* o. r >ui minion prr|;rtr*t?d, and all oflsnces <>f ouiis-iou prac tl-ed in publ.e office without foar, lavor or par.iaii' f, t Is equally cettain tba jou ouflit not, at th? onelusion : of jour ierm of aervioe, mat a general and sweeping pr?"?ntni?nt of mi-beliav.or in tho aimiO'atrati m of lb? duties of ?ome p.irticu'ar dep irtment of :bo city gov rmm?nt| er.mioative alll e of the raiUfii and uofaiili fal oOic-r? ehargisg no narticular one with a sp^'irt; olTenea, nor ef!<-pting anv from impli.ii ac u-vion. Such a :ourae imnairs tne e< ntid.-noo nf tbe pui-'ie in all . thote in public place, and dseplv wouns ios"y it <ii( thofe in office wbo are aa bone-' o .<* e ia> T - -r .-y with <he lift ol any ck's o< tl^sir fe iow citis*ns I No, gentlemen, the right way is to prea?nr par ( tlcaUr odences in their true rhiract"r, nnd par ti ular offenders by their true nam's, th^t ths wiong may be r medied ami the wrongdotMH pnni-he.'. i It is of public report, gtnt)e?i>n, that there ins of late been a iiumher of criminal ollenc.M, mostly ol the ' charai ter of eml>e7aleninnl?, pTp'tratsd upon -evera | of the corporate an I monetiry iostltnt ons o' t o- city by their offi ers and sgects, of whieh, if true, but a ermparstlvely -mall number have heen brought within the rogoifMiee of the law If the ctuao o' this has b >en a dmie to conceal orcsmpound th<??o!??ncos eoodit oa ed jpon the return of the stolen prop?r'y. i will, for your infou..atii>n and the adv ce of par'.les to such ' no" i - lions, resil a ?'s*u'? of erimlual law tsueling tills ?u'i ject, to the snd liat presidents aou directors of sui > In ?tltutions as r.egotiate the crime* of I heir agents, ??r vsnis and di r. s, in cxclnnge for tiie funds th?y have stolen, Kay hereafter govern them?<-]v?* accor ln i. ' livery person l.aving a knowlcdgp of the actual com- ! mi slon of any offence punishable by impiitoameut u a | Mate prison for any otber t?m than for life, who shall Ute anj money or property of another, or any gritu'ty or reward, or sny engagement or prouise therofor, u,->ou 1 at j afreeiorat or, express or iuipl cd. to ! rompoc nd or conceal any aucli crin.e tr to abit .in fr"ui ; any prosecution therefor, or to witib< 1J a jy ovideuce I thereof, sha'l. npononvic'.l )? he puniahel byiupris- I oeini'at in ? Slate pris- n not etessuiing three y*sr?, or | in a r un'y i? I ?<d exceeding si* MMthf. ' FltOM among you. (tntVmwn. who have o,? ;v?.| the cnur-e ! of erinioai j ist e in tlr.s e ty, must hare see* Ii ? [ swiftly the low born sod ill bre?! offer ter? reared with j out mural culture tu sari/ cr'roe? is hrxighi to tbe bar | a; .. , >t a a trial ^ ^ :? . .... ? ' than Mtouvt, coaaignad to ? felon's cell, while more MM villsdn* ef batiar birth and higher social petition are indeed seK'om msda to aamr to to* >?!>*; wUsfe irte|l^h 1 jaetiee ismaads should be pronounced ferUxir conduct. The fellow who with forta takai BOrt your person the a ?*t valueless thine in your pocket, may, 1b a few dnri or week* at most, be fonnd In the Bute Priaon, enduring i* sentence for a period of not lees than ten years, and It m. VT be for a term equal with his natural life; while the mo.1* considerate scoundrel, with an intent no less criminal, and differing only from the robber In the exercise of treachery ana the absence of courage, by some studied artifice or akilfal device, de frauds vou in a day of all the .bard earned property of your life, goes unwhlpped of jnsv'lce. Rely upon it, gen tlemen, that In a country like ours, if one class of wrongdoers who are as offensive to the interest of the Eublic and the rights of the citizen a* anothtr, in not in ke manner and with the same certainty made liable to punishment, a day will oome when thos* who have most concern ior life and most regard for property will be made to suffer consequences serious indeed. If you ask how it is that this difference exists preju dicial to the character and dignity of even and staet justice, and so calculated to Impair the respect and les sen the confidence of the people in the laws which par fart to be sufficient for their security and protection answer that the evil lies mostly in the Insufficiency of the Criminal statute laws of our State. Many of thorn, and especially of those relating to this city, were enacted, if not for another meridian, still for other times and a different community than that of the pre sent day in New York, and would be obsolete from non use, were it not that in the absence of laws more wise and applicable, courts and magistrates are compelled to strain them over to uses greatly beyond the purposes of their original creation, while the more important gene ral atatutes of the Stato, although revised pursuan'. to an act of 1830 for that purpose, are nevertheless most loose and unstudied in their composition, unwise In their classification of crime, and unjust in tho penalties affixed ; but, above all, they are greatly deficient of pro visions against wrongs and gross iniquities so offensive to the moral justice of our people, and so detrimental to the policy of the State, as to demand immediate atten tion for the common good. These, with the numerous ill-digested acts from year to year since that time passed ?some of which might very well havo been prepared by the very offenders whose crimes the public suppose t'aera sufiicient to punish? comprise the body of criminal sta tute law of this State, which, an a whole. Is so conflict ing, insufficient, uncertain and incomplete, for the sure ana efficient redress of all public offends, as to mtUe it important that the present legislature should create a commission *f qualified criminal jurists, thoroughly to revise the entire statutes of the State against crime, and prepare a code of criminal procedure clearly certain, and amply sufficient for all tho ends of public justico. It is with this view I solicit your attontioa to the sub ject, and hope you will make it a matter of considera tion. It is my duly specially to charge you to Inquire iito all violations of the law against the rale of lottery tickcU; also into all violations of the laws in reaped to elections. You wiU present all infractions of the act relating to interest on the forbearance of money; also all persons in public office wlin shall demand or re ceive fees to which they are not entitled. I submit to yoa the propriety, geatlemen, of confining such action iu rs? pe-Vto crime ?s originates with yourselves ( with no pre vious complaint before an examining magistrate) solely to those offenses that more immediately alfeut an en tire community, rather than a single inlividual? such (without partieulari/iog) as otfead public morals, preju dice public health, impair public virtue, endanger public order, or in any other way outrage publid propriety. You will lind, gentlemen, that the great amount of business initiated before the criminal mvgistrates of ths city, and presented for your consideration, will preclude tho possibility of your giving much attention to a.iy other class of offences than those I have described. Ba s'des. gentlemen, it Is my conviction ? and I am free to express it ? tbat in cases of alleged individual wront doing, such as charges for larcony. forgery, false pre tences. and all ?tber (except capita') felonies, with every kind of misdemeanor, where the accused may be arretted upon a warrant by any of the criminal mag stra'.es of the city, the compla uaut should not originals bis pro coeding before a grand jury, but Ic rebuked to pursue tbeeaurta tlie statute has in such case provided. Let him go firs! boforeone of the pollco justics? of our city ? a class of publ c officers with extraordinary powers specially creu'ed for this very service, and who, it is to be piesumed, are of intelligence, Integrity, and judgment | equal to the importance of their placo and duty. If suf ficient cause exists tlie ascnaed may bo appreheaded ? and it 1^ only when a. -rested In this wiy that the defend ant Is afforded an opportunity to osercise tho right, -so essential to i.he innocent and due to all, of examining the complainant and hi* witnesses, and of producing evi dence in his own behalf. If it appears to the magistral from all the te:>timony in the case ihat an offence has been committed, and t'aat th-i accused is probably fie ofliudei, the prisoner is bonnd to appear at ITiis court, urd tho arcutat on with all tho accompanying papers and proofs certified ta you. and it is here, gentlemen, thai your powers and functions obtain an i Interpose, not *o originate criminal prosecutions, but to review the action and judgment of primary magistrates, oud out of your superior wisdom to determine whutlicr the party charged oug'it in trath in l in justice to be placed at the bar of a criminal court to tbc hazard ot h s liber ty, or p..rl rips the peril of his life. It is this high pre rogative and important power that renders your inatTta tion o' to much Interest and roocern to the public? ao imp >rt?nt tor gocd >,ben composed of good mec: so tearful for c\ il when otherwise constituted. Hy any ion j Uier general course of proceeding tjan this a grind jury hoc-met what jou and I, ^en lemea, knov to lie BNt repugnant to the American peopl? ? ? secret inq> Uttorial conelfvvo of ei !oi!nal accusers, touching (be lives an ! II iwitiea of other>, who nttbing know of their silent and liMd-n proceedings until plnced in the fe'on s do -W of a criminal court lor, with no tn?ans of kn wing wi at they aio accu-ed, except that, aawa'{ tbs l,ain Icrtus ana legal phrases employed iu the u?el?<s vib ie ties oi rn indictment may be lonnd some pec uliar tech nical formula ejpres-ing the l?yal definition of an of ten e, with no cert Ju'y ot line whoa tho crime thargad is alleged to have hecn committed, ovce,?t that it #i< a day i any day ) within three years next precedinx; nor any iaforaiat'on as to where it wvi done, snve tbat it was perj* trot- d in the sum* county in which the in lict nieut -? .is found. No, gentlemen, tho apirit of the 1 1 raw and public r ntiuvnt, not more tliau a lair an-1 impir t al ndminUtiailon of justice hetvtcm man and his fel low, imperiously demands that you shill lie and rimiin a pure and powerful umpire for truth and the right as between accuser and accused, in a'.l cases, for thealmin ih'iatmn of the criminal law that may be presentel to you by the responsible public aathorifies or the city. All indictments found by you must bs endorsed oy yotir Foremen as true bills, and by him in your pre?ea e pros, oted in open couj-t. by whicti they ueceme public rrcords forever, it is lae instruction of the court that you will endorse the names and residences of all wit nesses examined by you, upon the indic'.tnent, In the case of every bill you find to the end that the accns'd whose life or liberty is invjlvei! may immediately know up. m wbo<e testimony it is tha' lie is to he placol at the ctlminal bar, aa<: upon wh>>;? evidence it la proposed to consign h.m to a felon's prison, perliap a talon's death. 1 i-now this is not th> present ]>ra tioe iu this State, and tbat the contrary to this instruction has been mo t care fully observed in this city, as well in t je Oyer *nd Tor m ner upon indictment* for capital offences, as In the | Ceneral ."??ssions in all other cases It is, however, as 1 well the opinion of tho present learaad District Attorney, j ( I am allowd to say,) as It Is the sens-} ot tL's cour^. | that the ends of public justice do not require that the men and means by which a party Is to be prosecuted for a criminal offence ibouhl. alter indictment, be concealed { from the defendant until the hour of his trial, and then knddenly spring upon him to his utter confusion and | cvtiliirow, with na time or opportunity to contradict, i perjured test'niony or impeach the ch.iracler of false , witnesses, nor to aispel or explain criminating or mystu | tious circumstance!!. Next in importance to the pri , soner,Vijowing what the charge is, comes the import in e ! of knowing who makes it. Of *o much justice to the de irm'.int is this beld to be in Kug'and, that upon tfrlBet of the greatest possible iaportarir.e, it is within the di< cieMor of the contt to aliow the Crown to pUce wit resicg ui< n the stand, who ba-1 b?eo by int. firard Ju:y, tiBe'S'' Ames were todorsod upon the indictment. This rule is so fair anl just to those indicted for criminal uflcBces that it ought to obtain in this court. N'ot more than twenty three nor less than sixteen prisons constitute a giand inquest; a concur r.nce of twslve Is necessary to the finding of a Mil of indictn'OLt. Hie fotemnn of your bo 1y is authorized to administer oaths and affirmations to witnesses appearing before jnn. Kither of your n imbermay oct as alcrk. It will be a niisdeiceannr, geotlemi n, to disclose the finding of an iudlc' men t against any person not In confinement or un'er hail. It ,s your light to r"quire tho presence : ami ceun?e: of the District Attorrey. but not more than j it in his privilege to appear aiel advise jo i in respe -I to all natt'-rs thai may come for your ac'ton luring this pre seat ser\lce. Tou will now, ?-eatl> m -n, bo ooadacleA I to tbe<>'rand Jnry clumber by youroflicsrs. the following is the calender of prison ca??- for tlie preset t term ? ? Mor''?r y I Assault, with intent to kill 5 ! I> .bbery i - As.sult, wi'h Inteat to rcb , "i Assault, with intent to rape l<uqtUry "" 14 I Fc-??ry ... x unMsltneit,,.. j I firsnd larceny S3 False pretences ?? c net. K'epinj. itisoralerly hon?e I To'ul 07 (,'wii t or Common Plias? Si ntrnl Trim. Before a full Bench. t r< 1- ions? ptrorTANT to tenant*. fa?'?r n. ir? <tlh> u M.? Woodri it, J. ? In an action ob tfee ci?e aga'bst the o?n?r of a hou?e and lot for In jnry to the a Jjolning hoa?e, where it appeared that ihe ( "jury cf.rffp.ainei'. ol resulted from the want of prup r rcj sir) to the l< a<t?r and gntter upon the dnl>iidaut'a prembes, snd also that those premises are In the occu pation t! the defendant'* teuanta, held tha*. upon this . preof slone the rule presumptively applied tbat the 1 tei.snt Is bjund to r?i>*ir- and tberi fore the defendant I t .he laml'ord) Is not liable for an ininry to the adjoin - I ing pierrls?s arising frjm the neglect of the tenant to i mai.e such rejiairs. 0P?<TRrCTI>0 THE ntOM*AV. ! Cltiik it, Kit >? (in ? Woomii rr, .1 ? When a delendan', | wbo ? examined by the plaintiff In an action f?roli ?truc'irg the li'shway wi'h building materials, test ties ' ex| licltly that th? materials hiid be. n dellvertd to him, | *n<i that they were pUeeil by the person from wboin be I purebasesl them in tho very place whare ha fthe defend ant) directed tha vender to place them, evidence that by lb# contract of pur' ha>e the vendor was to deliver theai at another place, is Irrelevant and immaterial, an I its rejeeticn fnrnlsbes no ground for a reversal of tb? judginent. Although an ohstruetioa is Wrongfully placed 1 la tie highway, yat cm who sees, or imM, r>y ordinary csie acd prudence, see and avoid It, car not resjver for an Itjuejr eustainrd by him on encountering such ob , stmction, wlien he vol a a tat ly, or tlirou(h the waat of such care, drives against it, or places himself in a<-e4le?a peiil. Hut passers a the ni/ht >aae'ia, ur at dark, can ct>'. be <>s meii to have tbe aame means of diacovrlng ' Where the defendant In loch caao ii grossly In faftlt fof creating or tearing the obstrnetioa, he should. If he mh pratoet himself on the ground of nogli?s?c? tothu ?*KSS3SS5f purports to bo in full, and it appaara that It ?M ob tained ny refuting to pay the creditor anything exoept on condition of hi* firing auch receipt, and hia dreuaa stance. were such ai to compel him to yield to inch de mand. the rroeipi wae not ceneltuto again* t a claim for the re.idae. Employment by an agent U binding on the principal, althoagh iuch agent waa directed to make such con tract* only in writing. Lnutu. iiak.-UGiuBAM, F J?The admiaaUn. of a wifeTin regard to an Injury to the plaintiff's child by a dog Woaging to her husband, arentev-denoeln ? aetioa against him for damage, therefor. Whether a party ialiabl* to a person who la bitten by hia dag, If imch d<* i. chained and the party injur*! hat know Xeuhm d J>MM.-Iiro*AHiir, P. J. ? Silver ware cannot be recovered Tor from a conunon Oiirier, when .arried in a trunk a? woan. Whew It appear, that the aHkwr? acUm received for it a .mall sum of moDCT, w^A Aetomeo'laUly turned to him a. a loan, without takliy:. any.' ride nco of iddebtedne.., and npon the under. tyaBlng ?nnt I If there wai a recovery .he .hould receive the beta a fit of it, held that the action waa for her iasmtdiate beneflt and that ? uch assignee could could not be a witne... * Marina Court. Before Hon. Judgo McCarthy. ] M rO&TANT TO BUTCHKKS AND DOOTIttS. Ki.b. b.?Oeorgt A. Toffty w. John, Boitrt Acklei and Daniel llolert* Thi. action was brought ta recover the .um of $290, the value of four head of cat tie told to defendant., under the narnw and ?tyle ol Ackles, Roberts Co., In December last The defend nts resist the payment of the claim, aad deny tint nny partnership exi.ted between defendant,., at least tint the purchase of the cattle, for whicll thU tttit ia brought, wa. an individual transaction of the defendant Brccan. It appeared Id evidence that tae defeniiaiit Brogan was in the habit of tattle at tbo Bull-. II. ad, Wi.hi ngtou drove yard and other placet), and pav'ng for the sano with checks of Acklee, Roberts & Co., Drawn by Brogan. On the part of the defence it wat alleged that the firm of "Ackle.. RoborU k Oo although consisting of thj three defendant's wereen. gaged onlv in gelling beef on commit <ion in Washington Market. That 'Arklc. and Roberts" were ah.o engaged in tbe pcultry and fruit busings, on their owaac count, and that tho defendant Brogin was engaged oa hi. own account in buying and slaughtering eattlo and selling tbe tame at a shop of hi. own, the other two do fcudania having no interest therein. Ttie Court held that the fact ot the tlireo defendants eornpoe ug the ; Him of Ackle, Robert, & Co , aDd being engaged in swir ing meat at Wa.hingU n Muriel, and the further fact i of Ilrogan buyiDg cattle and paying for the ' jun# with I the firm < bevk*, it was ??jlflcient to them to thft ! uuWlc.wbo dealt with them, whatever their privaU nuo'tseaoent might bo. Judgment for .gains t 1 ail defendant., lor *200 and cost*. Superior Court? Special Term. Before Hon. Judge Holfuinn. Fkb. 6.? (hltbi r. Oibbt ? Tdls was an appeul iroua a veruict in a divorce suit, rendered la?t term. The Judge sustained the verdict of the jury in granting the divorce. The Feranle Mquor Riot lit Ohio. (From the Cincinnati Gazette, Fob. i] A .lay or two since we gave the particular* of a lUfior ? riot lu the town of Mount 1'l.asant, Springfield to?u ; ship, In this county, and yesterday we tof I names had been arrested by Deputy Marshal we lm>e btfore given the origin of the riot as ! to out knowledge, but have since received the following ! fiom a correspondent, who minutely and graphically. ' gives a description of tho whole history of the .jilficulty, ; In narrative style, asloltows: ? ai. The 111. 'not on j of our u?ually '1'ilet littletowa i was dis turbed cn Monday morning by an incident wbtoh has had many precedents witbio a few year. H seems that 1 u .Mr. I'att-sison, of Covington, recently reiiteu the pre | misc. in this p'ac-, and tic- house was nitor ous as one ! of the lowest sinks of drunkenness and dissipation. Kathers an.l brothers, too, witti saddened heart*, .ought ! amocR the rlotoaH baclimnal* of this houits for love<) kimlrort wlio liad t>"".n seouced by the voice oi the syren, ! whose be.udles? yet Voated faces told how young in ycarf, jet old in sm. K<-nion?trance. a. before obiorv#'!. tmving fail* 1, the peoplo detr nined tho nuUirice should . b<- abut a!? l? aceaidy it thfy could, forcibly I. '.hey mast. ' A tiiiidlc m'etiag w called, and mos* n raeron?ly 1 "attended. B'lt one feeling ?a* manl ??t? <? Down with the traffic in alcohol, this totn shall be parr-1 o.' the curse. ' Through a committee, special J aPPjl.nt; ed for the purpose, .n earne.t appeal to d?r!?t from tbe further ptosecut.on of tho nefarious traftio >'*s .reate.. with scorn and dtluuoe. revaral prose^itions wera thru commenced, and the tork wa* soon j-vnpleie ; not ? <r?p of liiiuor oul ! b? opeuiy obtained In the totu. and tho proprietor of mo liojse before al uded to close I his door*, uud movo-1 a <ay. Hissont ien n Krtook It, ?but short work was made of him, anl ho, too, ^ave i? In despair. Ibc )?-opl.- now l.< gin to oongratulatt i them selves that the work tins Bui^heu, the < nrmy slain, an ? cant T*^ fr?e. Old s.?ak?rs ? i;ne I tlio ple-lge, nM? **m nerance -pe ch?w, and ot'is.s began to guw t>un anl whiten out. But the *? irk <v?s not yet aCeomi) -. A valiant mar p. before -Uto.i, hirej tho preimte^ lor a term of y**r?, and with a full Uuo?l-3dge ot aU th-^t had transpired? of tte stole of p'lbltc opinion on tie *;cbject ?of liio doterm'natlon o' almost the peopla that the tratiic sh" ild never bo resumed in this v.ll ige, tud fi?o in opeu .lollance of repeated r.*, and witft n full I. .low ledge of tho late decision of the . 'iprenic tri bunal of tho Stats, ->n -aturday last sent to town* , w*gon los l of ll.i uid poison, labelled gin rum, braady. whiskey, fce As he had net yot moved iato the house he intend ed to occupv, lor better ^cuilty tho linutr was deposited in a barters shop, and put under loJk and key. Bo' where 1. the lock strong <nou/h to st.nd btrween an enragsd people and their dcsdly fo. On Mo?lay mtinlng, certain .uspiclout motemciuMU were d .cov ered ani'ing tbe women, aud .oon a small but dwr minrd i>an.l of tbe most respecUbli ladle, e. the vilia^-o were seen marching sil-ntly. but firmly, in the direction c f 1 he aiortsaid b?rb? r shop A carel ul observer might have seen in the hand of ouc an axe, in another a ha'chet, and a third a hammer, &c. Ch" .hop waa reached and at the word open se.sam*, ths door flew open: a keg wa. toized by a strong pair of alms and hurled into tho street; a i'sw welld rec.ed blows from ihe sams arms, and mother eaj b at one awcon diauk the burning content*. M're haal! wtro bn.y w'th n, and a dark purp i.h strtam was seen es capinu from the huiliing. running ovar ftcd sta;ning tlu purity of the .now. One laJy bad toiled away '?P"n tb" start, of a ktg until hor strength wa* well Blfhe* hausted, without making much liuprossioo, ua..l la itttio fellow wh'i s'.oo?l by enjoying tho fun, understanding bftt?r where the weakness of the monster lay, r*n up I and turned it on tnd, when a few blowt cn tlie he?'i 1 laid it low and the ec?k gave forth "an empty sound. , A few of tho friends or tho destroyer stood by, anil at one time essayed rejlrtance. but many stooo nround df.Urmin d to see lair play, and kept the riog clear ot 1 all vegatiou. Intruders. The work of destruction ac I .-ompl -heJ, and tbs avenger., encourage, by ttree I ch? em fmm tbe crowd, ctuietly ratlrod. Mr. lAboytaus, the person having In charge^ the Ii.juor, mud* a cuiDplaint In the I'ollce Court, cbarg tg ! Killnn, Bam?y Hole, B. I'. ltonn, Oliver Mday, A. A. Italrd, Benjamin little, Pete* Uboytani, and H C. <-or mar with riot, by a?* mbliog together to do an unlaw ful act, and a wairant was issued lor their arrest, with, sobpo nas for the lady psrticis>atit. in tho riot, ano many of the citirens of ihe villaj e who were ?pec'*tor. of tb? scene. The arrest w.s accomplished on Weinss ay eve ning, and the parties held to bail for their appearance ou. Thursday morning. Early jesUrday the citi j ten. oi Mount I'lea'ui.t, almo.t cn m*W, i male, were ia the utv lo?? "~^Dre tui i court, and were assigned ro>ms In tbe c'.t / buildm** pqi d tli?ir c.s* w.? railed, which w ould be after tho di? po.ilii.L of the watcbhcuse eases. AtlOo'e!o,ktl.e ca*e was railed, and In a few roinutesevery p-j?,lti..n i w.s crowdnl to its utmost capacity. I All tbe defendants except Mr. Uboytau* responded their ruriKs, Mr. L. belrg unable to attend, on a"S>unt ol the serious illness of his wrif?. The females present, w ert intelligi nt and gtod looking In *pt>e\rance, as tl they were the wive, of ?u ?st.ntial bnrgher*. A. J. 1'ru.ifn, K's<j., appeared for the defendants, aed .liomv* ^.logan, pro?*cutlng attorney, for the Jtat?. tfter i the call of the wituersot, about fixty in cumber, Mr. j i l'fud'c nitde a motion Cat tho defendants bo ui chaifed for wan' of jurisdiction, a. the m sd^Bieanor said to have been commit to', wa* not wf.biu the city limit, of Cincinnati, or ore n.ile, a. UHI do vn n stc'.tun siiteen of the city charter, but la'ield township. He ala'med that tbe cooit had ao m*re W <la with the esse than II It lrnd ocemre.1 In the JIate of Koi. tu ky. I' tbe Poliec Court has no Jurisdiouoe, what . rrcogu ted tor SyttlwAurt of Common Pleas, for they havu no jurimllct on in th<?-> caits? n*>r 'he Prubate Cj .it, fnr they canno U.o c >g niruncc of crlmlna' caet-s in this county. Heaske>l(ui their difehargo. The Jmrt stated that tbe trouble wa. a ???tudlet ?t eiimirsl JnrlsdisMon. Althoi sh ths poli 'e .0 irt b? full pi wsr to e>.min?- in'o tho case as an eiapi ning n.i it, yet the Irg.slat re had, by tbe act aboiish.n^ Hie criminal court. cause?l a vuruum which tht great meis at Col'Jinbns had ne/l^cti'd to ttll. Tbev. n tu-ir ann . ty to hit sninelio iy. firat at this police jurt, ino faililo;, ha-l hit Judge 1 .iuu (ho lining proba' .y a Ur/ i body .. and ia so doing bad foigotton to provide a suli slit'ite, wh?n by miu'ii oTencs* outside tho ^cuiadietioa of It. prolate ?nd c inmon phas courts eo iid b<^ j tiied Kirst, the polies court is clothed with the same powi-r* a- naagistralt-s in tl.o county?it sits as an ev | simninK court, and lias final jurisdicUiU ualy wlth.n the city limits. The cTtmltiul courts la this eounly are | to organized that this ease esnaot bo bri'igh* to final tiial I nder this st^te of allairt, rog -sn run at j large through tho es.nnty, aud honest m-n Uk" the present defendant*. 'Pg?g> t In au nalawfol a-'. rt';'nt prosted with Impuolty. lh?y cannot t>? broigl.f to ; trial ur.til there ls some .mieadirtnt to 0#rertn?'n?l 1 rode. The comt then read tLe law defining 1ho duties of the probate judge, wlm they oiaimod had no jari^Het'on in r.inor criminal offcnce* "nor had the oir.non pleas the ji rifi'lctloa. Hit defendant, were ditcliarjed. Here the friends ef th"* oe'ca taiite, male au.l fe?ai? . fi.vt theni a hearty shave by the band, anl OsiDgiatn I lati d tLem on tie result One female waa bej,rd to sa; < . "If they brng sny mors ll ,nor to town, we wil? I serve them and It in a liie nunMt." ? A ?hooTiNo Cask at ruruHnumc ? i Mttoui sod dearly fatal affray occorrol last Friday n.ght at I'. , c' t'-ej .I.-, it jippe.,1 . tliat thera was a dramatic ? , itri.inmeat given at the City Hsll on Friday nla^ I [ About half past oigtit o'clock, W. Houa'.ram ?i?l ?* r ' .1 o? f- .,r othtr p?i v,n? c?'.. ii,'..i the r a Tr.;la ' nti ' eat< d. Ilonstram cumui -need tnaklag a Ite* ??h?n .. i whra Mr Wlnslow, thr tlty Marahal, et?'| u hi_ fer tbe purpos* of e'?<.tiu^ hi?a from 'ha ronm |)bu. trsm caller him names, sad .trnck him, a* 1 followM him backward, to the wall, lioa^trtun then rai?*t h"? band to rtrke Winslow, wbaa the lat:>ri]j^, a Di,4,' i from bis |<e.k?t, sad lov?U?l it at lloustrAo,', ' lisi lie ball jurt rr?/. d lis thp.l . W D<; ,w I ? i II whet, a Wf.m.. i ? ii?i. ? ,?k n, ^

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