Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1855 Page 5
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WuMe'i Behtodam \>onuUe lehwppi m? a Medicine ?Among the complaints for wbleh the ?chaapps h?? been dec ured a speclflc by t*ie eminent phyait'isui who bate corresponded with the proprietor, * am ? dropsy, dyspepsia, debility consequent upoa long continued elckeeaa and old age," epilepsy, asthma, gravel, CoHe affections of the kidney), and alt chronic diseases o( Ike >rt nit-) urinary apparatus. For the?e, and mauy cJie* disorders, it 1? now prescribed. with great success, by more then Hires thousand uiedi:al practitioners in Turous part* Oi the I'bitcd Status. i beg leave to call the attention of the reader to the following letter; liom physicians, _ __ UDOI.PHO WOi,FE ' ule Importer and manufae.icr. 1H, 2U aud 2! llcavor st. Di. Cock, a highly p< pular aud able New York p'lyel e an, oedurn s the usetulnesi of tlie scliuapps, iu the ai lit *ed note, da ed Sept 38, 1 864 : ? SIR. t'. Wolfs ? Havitg u??i the bottle oi schnapps jeu >o kind as to b?ud me for trial, au 1 finding it u.efui, you wiU oblige me by forwarding two more but ti e. If there in an agency in tiia part of tho oity to w hwb you can roler no. it will be a satiafa-tion. Dr. 1j. Calkins, town puysiaieu and auiyeoa, at I.ymi, Connecticut, says. in a dated October 14, leoi 1 consider your Schiedam schnapps a ->U|ierior article, eno olc that will noi come short oi our highest expecta tisins. It ia an article the medical fraternity have lung wanted. 1 have used it so fa* with every apparent euc l'leane forwaid mo as soon as you can convenient ly twelve bottles. * * . v ' w l)i. ?. Russel Chilli, 86 Chambers street, New York, ULder date, July 14, 1164, after referring t? the sclinapj* as a superior article, remarks: ? .... __ Such an article is wanted for medislual purposes. The ftvusnoD are deeply intwo?Ud In thii mutter. ? * I will aiford Die pleasure to lend my aid ia introducing lt.e article you have been instrumental la biiugiag he From Dr. 8. V. Forbes, Toledo, O., Aug. 13, 1843 The frequent notices of the Schiedam Schnapps, both Vy the ptole.ision and the press, hal induced the desire ?f testing the efficacy of this preparation of gin bo.'ore I received your note. 1 trust inat it will fultil ths expec ta lions of the most sanguine, and prove both a blesiiag and a prott to suffering humanity. l)r. Chiules A. I<eas, Commissioner of Health, Balti more, writes as follows ia relation to the value of ?chnapp* ae a remedy in chronic catarrhal complaints, Ad. 'the letter is dated July 27, 1863 ' I take greut pleasure iu bearing highly creditable tes timony to its efficacy as a remedial ag nt in the diseases tor which you recommend it. llaving a natural tendency to the mucous surtaces, with a alight degree of stimula tion, 1 regard it as ote of the most important rem') ilos fen chronic catarrhal affections, particularly those of the genitourinary apparatus. With much respect, jour ?bedient servant, CHARLtt A. LEAS, II. I). Frvin Dr. C. L Leonard, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 1, 1H8-: 1 well know the difficulty of obtaining genuine unadul terated spirituous liquors of any kind for medical pur pnaes, and therefore rejoice at any attempt to render cer tain the purity of these artlclos, and at the same tiiae to improve the medicinal properties, l'erhapt in no article is ibis improvement more dosirablo than In Holland gin. We frequently fall to prescribe it where it might be use ful, having no faith in obtaining a genuine article, and ?f course anticipating as bcnctit from the use of on in ferior one. I shall take great pleasure in receiving a bottle 'of your schnapps, and hope it may prove all that It is described. Dr. C. Kobbins, of Boston, celebrated for his ore or ?pliepsy, cholera, Ate., complains of the great difficulty of procuring a pure Holland gin, and speaks of the Schiedam schnapps as folio vs under date of October 6, I843 ? . . . . .i I have eomme nded your article* in four cases ? two in Connecticut and one in Vermont, and one in Rhode Is land. An article of this character is mush needed. I have been unable to Hnd a substitute iu the materia medica for pure Holland gin Yours, C. KOBBINS. Pint.ADKi.rHi a, July 15, 1853. Mr. Cdolpho Wolfe, 24 Beaver street, N. V? Deir Sir I *at season the writer received, through your agent in tl'ie city, a bottle of your Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps, and rince that ptrlod has prescribe* tho same in certain forms of urinary complaints*, alao iu cases of debility In aged persons. So tar the Schnapps hae been of much benefit to those using It. ? * ? * Io conclusion, where a diuretic ?n<l stimulant Is required I should use tho Aromatic Schiedam Pchnappi. Thin'dog yoi for your kindness. I am respectfully, youri, A. D. CHALONER, M 1)., 18') South laghth street The snbjoiued letter from l)r Paine, of Manchester, New Hampshire, relates to one of the mast valuable ?) dicinal projiertles possessed by the Aromatic Schnappi, and shows that it i.ets as a specifluin a very paiuiul du ea/?? the gravel: ? Mr. Wolfe ? Permit me to address you a few lines, wh-ch you are at liberty to use if you thlok proper, ia respect to your medicine, called ScUiedam Sohutpps. I have had a very obstinate case of gravel an 1 stone of some hve years' standiug, causing very acato piln 'n every attempt to urinate. Alter using m?ny rumsdiee .Without much relief, I was in iuced to try a bottle of your medicine. Iu the course of three day* it proved ?Aectuai, dieloeging large pieces ot iton#, nome of which ?were as large as a marrowfat pea. 1 continued the cor dial, according to directions, and the patient continued to gain and in fast reco? ering. 1 think a medicine of so jbuch value In eo distressing a complaint should be known to the public and the world at large. And I, for S??, must give it my approbation and signature. ' " THOMAS PAINE, M. P. From Dr. John S. Ree?e, cheinl.-t, Baltimore, Md., Sep timber, lb, 18W:? . A number of our phy slc'iaas are ordering th" arti :le, and several have alr< a?ly prescribed It. Persons to whom lave eold it npe*k very highly of its .[ualities A gentleman oi my own personal acquaintance, having suiter*' 1 great ly with an affection cl tne kidneys and blac'aer, took tw> bottles, and subsequently passed a stone of oouside.raijlo atze, and was greatly relieved. It will, no doubt, go into general nre. Dr. Cheater, Boston, Nov. 3, 18?, writes thus:? Having a drop <ical case that I should liae to try you achcapps upon, I am Induced to accept yo ir kiudo.Ter. Dr. tno?deu I'iggot, of Baltimore, August 14, Is.i2, thus inclcates the value of "pure Schiedam " in urinary OOBipllUDtli:?- . I am full j sensible of the great benefit* to b* d"rire?l in certain form-* of urinary uinturbanoe, from tho u#e or good Hollands; but that u an article so difficult to pro core, without great trouble, that 1 have b?eu compelled to content myself with less palataole, and, therefore, liM faitt fully taken nifd?CHinent?. A p ir*. Iirst ra?^ fcchUdam, cannot fail to meet with the b ;arty approba tion of physicians. Dr. R. L Hinckly, of Ea*t Boston, August 11, IS.,.', I have just receiveil yours of the 7th inst., an l Itelni fully convinced that pure Holland gin Is poss s e l of many medicinal properties, which, when judiciously ad ministered, produce Tery b noQcial result-, I sliall be l^ppy u> introduc* your Aromatic Scbiedam Schnapps a njoi g n>y Ir ends in thla vuinity. Dr. J. B Ribble, Drakesville, N. J., In January, 18.W, writes as follow* I te great has been the difficulty with me to procure a j ?ure article of gin, an 1 so olten have 1 been disappointed that 1 have almost entirely ceai-ed to prescribe gin f ?r i any e< niplaint, and have nearly despaired of boiug able to do it with oetter succ^sa, unless yours is whit yo i claim for It; if so, you will have conferred a bo >n ou tue priictMlooera in this country, that, I am sure, they will ?ut be s ow to acknowledge. From I?r J. Hilton, New York, July U>. 1852 ? 1 take this early opportunity to express ray e\tr?me ?ratification that the medical profession can now obtain in article so generally bentfisial to the various forms of diopsy. >cr many years I have been In the lint< t of pre ? that, as well a< miny otner a le-tioas, and ahall take" an early opportunity to test the Virtues ol jour Pelieeppe. , From H. A. Prout, M. D . St Louis, June 6. 1<(..3: Having sten yonr advertisi ment of a pun* Holland g<a, wortfty tne com mence of physitiabS, I write to you wlih a view of procuring a sample of it In dropsical altec tions, and in someli rms of renal disease, its "Hca-y has lung bei n acknowledged, aud It has only fallen Into dis nse became of the ls sold under the name of Belland gin. I want to use It at present in colic as it iaan eacellent remedy in inrantlle<olic. aad I cannot pro cure a compound to be relied on. From J. B. .Woodward, M. D , Waterbury, Vermont, May 2, 1853:? ? . I am treating, at the present t me, a chronic affert.oo | ?f the kid nej s, which has shown itself very ot,st nate to diureties, and have been advised to u?e your Schiedam Schnapps. From It. Van Pelt, Kew Vork, June 18, It >2 ? Having fouid yonr schnapps very beneticial le several cares of diseased kidteys. aud having a*, pre ent a case hi which 1 would like to u e it, I accept your klu l offer to furnish nie with a bottle. Fnm Ir. T. B. Adams, Boston. Angmt?, MM:? ? A patient of mine is now suffering under complaints which I have thought might be relieved by som thing of this sort, but we cannot obtain the right arti.-U here. I Herd me a bottle of your schaappe. From Dr. J P Bat- beldor, >e? York. July 1?, Ue3>- | tormerly ? say turty yoa n ago? HoUaad gin was mu<-h oMd in the com plain M t<> which you allude, but latUrly acarcrly prescribed at all by medical m?n, osrin* to the fact that the gtnu.n* article could scarcely b? procured. As I have a case of Inc.pient dropey on h?od, I will give the a trtsl .... , , n~ ,H- , Krom It J Khfin 0' Philadelphia, 2. , 18..^,? It Is a matter of a?ra* impoitanre to f side to pro cute a pure artlclc o( ilcllan 1 gin for the treatment of certain dropsical affec.tlona. It will give m- gnat pl?? aure to n commend yonr schnapps Frcm It. ?. M. Hall Swanton, \ July 18, ' '?? ? Truly glad was 1 to learn wheie a reliable art'ele ot aromatic spirit conld be obtained The prufe-sioo g^ne rally have lour felt the nec?s?ity of astaMsliing au im pwttatkin of the pure article. From Dr. W H. Oormluger. Kensington, Ps. July -1 IMS ? ? I bttt mtn lilt tw trrviiitjr nt procuring ? par* . Holland ?ia (or medical pnrpaocn. ft?? c?ur<w yoi Uut? | |'ur>Ufd In rcenmwndiDf jour AntmtU: N-liiadatn t-'h?pp? t?> th? pr<.f*Mlon mvU my hr?rij approbation I Ut? of> 0fcj*e icu *?j*i?,nic it a ;ri?! In njr prao.t;>*. I t rotu A P. Hutlrr, Kudt.ury. VI, Aug. 10, lisAi. ? Vo?f cirrul?r r?"-omm?n.Uii|{ the Arruuitw S-Lii? !na? Fc' r ?pp? aa a ni?li< iu", In rariou* ahaormlt condltt? i ?f tl.e tw?U my roriial aoe-ptan'e, Laowlng 11. at tar o daltltiioui ? oapoui.'la are tnl l.aro I*. ? ?old unitrr ' be i?o.e ?f (In; ao<t tli> want of to arti'I* lh?t phy>i?mn? may nlr upon ln<1 icea me to itx*>r ti r tnt matka r?l?-rr?d to in your circular. I r< r.i l<r. John J? nlln*. IkmtM, Anj '20, 78 ri ? I am KTaliOJ !?) Uaiu that Ui*r< l? on* plao? ?rh?r>* par* rid can t? oblalt>*?l I !>ir* b? i ruaali trju ?'.? to utaa.a put# liquor of any kind, and c?i?eU!ly of ii<4 Uotl fill. In cMclufion, ! beg leara to nay, theworl "*t!m.pp?" bik>an? aielu^itriy tony matlf' b* oil oUi?r? an e?ii.uif?it. IDOLPJI > w OLFK, 2.' r**r?r *ir?<*t N?* > <>rk. U><Miiih i *nle? ..t ii uMaitin -nt of Kvar* Arll'aalfiamly cagravMl ??<l41a( car<l?, ?oralop?, k i, c?n la b*'t oa *t>pTl<-?ti?n, or '<?at by Mat te any part ? f fi^rcuitry t?iabll?hr,i i-?o. JAJI1C-S EVMtDKLL. SM Dita'.way, eota?r e( Duaue ntnnt. ni. l? ? f o.'a S?f?a again t>inmj>tranf. TVr t?->iriih- N** UrtteBa, VME t, ffteraa A MarT.a, M awl H"> Water atreet Hew York ?Two atarr* burnt U?t irtsinf. Your ?afca trtaaaphaut. Rev. Henry Ward Beecher'a Opinion of Wolfe'* Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps: [From the Independent. Nor. 11, 1851] And now, if oar reader* would like a sober wort la the way of out honest opiitlnn, w? would say that we iwgard this ax about the mott impudent attempt of a gin -taller, tricked up with a medical endorsement, to get tlx* pat- j of that lar^e <-la*a of orph?n drinkers, ma le by 1 the Malno la.#, who desire ta have all th? benefit* of drinking, with all the respectability of temperance ; and Mr. Wol.e ih engaged in that interesting gams loag known unier th> very homely phrase of "whipping the devil around he s*.an>p " TUKTkN UOVKSMOIUl' OPINION or WOLF*'* HCIIXAPI'S. [Krom the Tribune, No*. 80,1X5?.J Th?Ccmuuttee on Pri on* (Govs. Duke an I Dagro,) to whom wan referred the propriety of using tVo fe'? Schiedam Arc matic Schnapps in our h< spital*, respect fully report that tbey ha,e examined tile art.cle, ant in their judgment it possesses no advau'ag* ovor other brand* cf gin at much less cunt; itud thsrefo** roooin mend that tin* i>>ar,l do not endorse it over the p ire Holland gin. Adopted. ART111R KKNDALL, No. 7 William street, sells tli? pure Holland gin, warranted as imported, by the gallon, at 12; (ample bottle* 50 cents each j twelve bottles in ca*e, complete, 90. Anion ? Daguerreotype*, Large Size, for AO sente? colored, and in nice cas?, twice the *ix? ever taken for 60 cent*, and equal in quality and alio to any that are made elsewhere for $2. ANHON'S, *69 Broad - way, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Daguerreotype* for ??"? cento, and all Prlec* and iliea, taken by HOLMkS' United State* 1'atent double -acting Camera*, with machinery and system agreeable to progress, perfection and economy, No. 28 U Broadway. Pianoe at Greatly Reduced Prices? The largest assortment in the I'nited States, comprising pi snos of ten different manufactories? superior toned tt.1,* oi t.ivf piano* for $176. melodeoni frem Are different manufactories : second hand piano* at great barrsins? price Iron $40 to $160. l'lano* to sell on monthly p*j mcnta. 1'lanos to rent. HORACK WATERS, 333 Broadway. Sllkn, Silt'*.? Wr are now offering great bargain* in rich drill silk* of every ityle. We will open til* morning one c??e of rich plain silk* at 7s. p ir yard, north 11*., slightly spotted, but not to injure tn?m. R H. LEADBKATEit, 347 Broadway, corner of Leonard atrest. Broken Bank*.? Present Value.? All City banks taken at part; UoTSrnmt nt Stork, 7) cents ; Bridge Ion, SO; Wheat Growers, 00; Washtenaw, 40; ]<ewis County, 30; Indiana Backs, BO; at KVASi' clothing warehouse, 66 and b6 Fulton street. Winter Clothing at HnlfPrlce.? Black Ilea ver < vercoats, $12; tahnai, $11; cassiraer* pant*. $2 5'? ; business coats from the gr-nt fire, $1; kid gloves, 5s., fee., atjEVANS' clothing warehouse, 06 and 66 Fulton at. Dealer* In Clothing Visiting New York this season are respectfully invite-', to examine our stook of spring iiud summer clothing, a* we feel assured they will find it, from its extent, variety, style sad ch? ipasas, well worthy of their consideration. Whilst the dispo sition of our manufacturer* this ssaaon ha* b??n to grtatlv reduce their stock*, we haro availed ourselves of the advantages of a low market for gxwls and labor to manufacture a much larger itock than wo have ever done; which, consequently, W2 will b? enabled to offer at rc-maik ably low prices D. DKVUN k 00., 261. 269 and 260 Broadway, corner of Warron street. New York. Last Day? 9" only for a Country Re sidence ? Valuable building lota and farms w.U be di vided among aix hundred *ub*tribera on the 6th day of February, 1865; each subscriber, for only 115 will re ceive a wsrrsntee deed for lour lots, 20 by 100 feet, or a farm of from two to twenty acres. A few shares left. Apply this day to tHAS. WOOD, 208 Broalwa/, where maps and pamphlets can be had gratis. Ciyli r's Reliance bid Defiance to Are, burglsra, and gunpowder ? not on* ha* over failod ? hundreds have been tried. Only depot 20A Tear! at., op posite Fletcher street. Safes for jewolers, housekeep ers, kc. Immense Bargains? Continuation of the Hale ? The stock of dry goods in the store corner of Carmine and Bleecker streets, consisting of a rich variety, which is now being sold oil st one quarter its value, to close up the firm of THOMAS k J.YMK-*. These are called htrd times, and people seem to have very little money to spend, and want to make tbe in ?t of what they have, there is an opportunity to make one dollar get four's worth. Brnuilietha Pills ?Sold In the year IK VI, of these pills, cue million, seven hundred aud flfty tdou sand boxes, snd their sal? is still on the increase. I ask U this is to b* wondered at, when they perform s tch works as thou* stat d below. U. IlitANDRKiTI. New York, Feb. 2, lHO.'i. r*. B. BlUNnRrni? From tho great use of toba.'to, I became so debilitated, about eight years ago, that my physic. ana considered it impossible for me to recovur; I was worn d>iwn to skiu and bones, was alllicted with chronic dyspepsia, und everything I ate disagreed with me; I had constant pain in my chest, my bowels worn costive on<l seldom moved without recourse to medicine, wliish debilitated me mote and more, la thia condition I was Moom mended to use your ?' Vegetable Universal Pills." 1 did so, s ml gradually became restored to ex cellent health through their use. They mildly, yet enor, purged; and altar each portion I se'-med en owed with new life. My original ro'iuat h"<tltl wm loon restored, an ', 1 thank G'xl, I am now a rigorous man of ttfty slx. Hut lor your pills, I very believe I should be now in my grave 1 shall be pleaded to sen any any one at my store, at d will state furtlier particulars. I am, very respectfully, your ubedient servant, JosSfil KitRR. No. R13 Rroadwsy, above Klcvcnth stre-t, or at the Irving House. Must the world cont cue to use baneful mercarv, to lore blood to be thus often rnlnnd in constitution, wuen Brandretli'* pills would In a fsw days have re?tor*l tbe , petlent to sa improved state of healthr Over oue nullloa of persons have experienced their good elTeets, and 'lally recommeud them to tbe atllicteil. Hrandr'th'a pdU are ?old at 2!> crnts per b>>x. with full directions, at the pr'n cipal office, llramlretli's fliiildingH ent'snce 4 1 Canal sin e* ; also at the branch offices, 211 Hudson itr.-ct and 274 Howtry. Keroember. Brandieth's principal office I* in the b ifi?- | ing corner ol t'atial rtreet ant Broadway, entrants* 40 Canal. Rushton** C?mI Mver Oil? This article, so generally prescribed by physicians at this season of the yesr for consumption, coughs, colds, Kc , to iw insure 1 genuine, muit have the signsture of F. V. Rt'^HroN. Bold by liirn. wbolesals snd retail, st his drug store, No. Id Astor House, corner of Bar lay street, and 417 Kroad way, corner of Canal street, BranJieth Building. Hollow ay'* Pills and Olntiurnt? Rxtraordt nsry cure ol rheuinatisia. ? Mr. Brown, r-slding iisar T wenty-aeventh street, Third ax nje, had been Is Id up two winU-rs with rbeuma'.iam. but was cured In thr?s weeks by these celebrated me Heine*. None ts-d suffer from this complaint if they frc ly ass th??e excellent nmedies. Bolil st the manufactories, All Mai lcn I*o?, and 244 Strand. I/im!on, and by all druggists, 2A c uts. b'iyi cents, snd 91 per [>ot or box. Who mill Buffer, whrn Dr. Toblne' Olr brateu Venetian Uulmtnt wll immediately cur* cholers, colic, dysentery, vomiting, rheumatism, sweliiogs, cuts bums, ic. Depot '.0 Corttaadt street, New York. Sold by sll druggist) aud storekeepers. For Fcv*r nnd Ague, Indian Cholo^o^ar, $1 ,10; Itowaad's tonic mxture, Hesbler'a yeriodio pi I a, $1 ; for coughs, folds. Arc., lint ng*' syrup of niptbs, Ayerf' clierry pectoral, lVatts' nervous aitidots, for rheu matlsm, scrofula kc , Townseod's, ^'anils' and Morse's syrup Mropanl!*. each 11, Hyatt's Life llalsam, 75 cents; for sore D'pples, Rlchsrdson's nippls oil. M cents: for suppression IJr. \ an Hambert's female pills, $1, at Gl loN H, 127 bowery. Harried, On Sucday eretlng, February 4, by t'ie Re* J E. I fVarlea, Mr Okoki.i R. Hot, of th?* ?lt y, to MUa Pilau* j daughter of George IcwUi, of Syoe?et, I., I. I Of>|? la arid paper* plo.iM? ropy. On (imilty, February 4 by the Rer. F. Bmrlw, Mr , flioKC* Hi m y Rumim, of Yora, to Mi ?Cathajuvk I Uil'rn, of EilTalo. nird, On Saturday, February 3, Joox Coxsnt, ajr l to y-ar* , ? ml 1> mon'tm. The and frlandi of the fatally, the mmiWi of Oceaa I <>.!(>?? No li?. A M., tn l the fraternity In grneral, Uie trternn Corp* ol 1M2, the member* of lam n.arijr Pociety, ant! tic mrtubtr- of tba Cu?t >m II hi ? (kutrtment are reapectMUy laTlted to attend t ie fuoe iai, thia aflrruonn, at oae o'clock, from hi* late rea; !euc", . No 2 1 (>raud ativet, without further in. > tat < r. On Mmdar, I tbruary 6, Mr J>.?n C?t>T, agt?d 43y?ar* The friend" am' nlallrejof 'be I* ml* art iurlted t-i | attmd tl.e fuLtral from hi* Ute milium, No. til 3Utli avenue, to motto* ?ft?ri o< n, at two o'clock. i n Monday, Felruaryft, M?ry KiiMhirti M-l'DUDr*, aged 2?i yeara, wife of (lio'ge Mi .''utile*. The fllenda and aiyjnatnUnce*, and the ra'raban nf Oceacu* Hre I n;lne Company No. II, are r<?p?'tful!y invited to att<nd ber funeral, from her Ute re*Uent?, No. 10* Hot?!<r "treat, to mom* afternoon, at ooe ) o'el' ck . (m Sunday, February 4, Ntwny B , Infant * >a of : I !?? m*3 aud ll< anor 0. 1/omia. aged 1 ye?r, a ni ?olaa and 12 day*. lh? relating and friend* of the family are reapecfuliy InTlted to attend the funeral, from to* ra? d-no* of hla ? par?nt*, No. -JH W?-t Thirty eeoooJ a-.r.el thi* a'ter mori, at two o'clock, withjut further (nriU'Iua. On Uoii ltT. February 5, Jcu* K , daugbterof t/irciuo ?Bit II- tin M Po?er?, aged 18 yean ani 11 in-tnta*. | Ilia itlatlve* and friead* of the family are rvepenlfully Itrlud to -TV nd her foieral. frtn th" realiten-.e of her iarent?, No. 132 Weet Fvitte nth atre-t, to- m rro* af tiinorn, at two o'clock, without furlber ioT'U'Jtia. On Monday, February 5. of a lingering illnaa* Uk? * tap Cofiait, a?ed ft* yeara and A m nth*. I'anlrulara of fur,< ml in to morrow'* p?|>?r On f- on lay. February 4, Ka* > J?ir in ant 4aujrhw of J'.bt and Margaret I'eare. aged 1 r?ar, U mouth* aad II day*. Tl.'- r?latlre? ar. i friend* of tba family ara renj^tfully lUTilei* to atteno the f oaeral, (ruaa the pi-ai ieac- ttl l^r tarrat*. Na. 140 Hereath att^et, thii av-rn ng at elgat e'e!o? r, w thowt farther iutiuti >n ? in ^nn<ay. February I, Wnatuu** fk. itt, only ch.ll or Will-Kin*, aad Jaae D B'auwn The frien4a and tMuaJaUarm ar* retfectfally lantei to alten4 the faaeeal, ttw* ajuraooa, at two o eleoa, from Ho. 21# Wooeter atraat. Ob Svtilay. February 4, Join M. Ki um I'tfi.Uitwl.'klMIlk, ?; wi .it vW, l. .mu 44 i residence, foot of SUty-flret street, East river. E'? | friend* >r< invited to attend. On Monday, February 6, Kwfxixr, voungext daughter of 1/onidaa ?oa Catharine Osborn, aged 1 year and 7 months. HU remans will be taken to Greenwood far Interment, tbi* mo'nioi;. at ten o'clock. On Friday, Ft bruaty il, of asthma, Minuii. FuttMAH, of New Jer?ev, sg'd 73 years. Freehold and Trenton, N J., papers please copy. (>n Monday, February 6, of consumption, Kuwvbd Qi iolkt, printer, In the 44th ) *ar of bis ag*. Hih frlerds, and those of hi* eon, Thcmi*, are respect fully invited to attend bit funeral, to-mornw afternojo, ut thre- o'clock, from hie iate residence, No. liOO Colum bia street, ilrioklyn. On Ho ><:ay, Ft bruary 5, Sahau, wit* of Chirle* Franka, in tbe :?7tb i?*r of her age. The friends of the family are respectfully InT'Uvl to at tend toe l u wml, from her late rem. e- <*? No. l.'l'J Desraw street, ilrooklyn, to ninrrow afternon, at '.wo o'clock, iler remain* villi he taken to Urveov xvl for interment. At Astoria, L. I., on M'noay, February of congestion of the brain, Cktiua Al'iii hta, only daughter of (>eorge and Klira Darling ?K?d 17 y-ar-t, 2 inoathx an' 1*> days. The relatives ami friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, tn-morroir afternoon, at three o'cl>ck, at Hmithtown Landing. HtnithW*n, I.. I. On Sunday, February 4, after a protracted Illness, Amhjki: 1>e Gkovk. Her filendit and relative* are Invited to attend the fu neral, from the hunse of her nue'e, Noah T impklns, this afternoon, at two o'clock < arri i?ei will oe in a' ' "O'l ance at Mamaroneck station to meet the twelve o'c.ook tram from this city. At Savannah, ou Wednesday, Jnnuary 31, Rt.vnomi Got \ kh.vki'h, youngext child of Fraarl* J. and Anna F. Ogden, sged '1 years, 4 manttis and in days. 1OTIKTMHKNTS RENEWED EVERY DAT balks at auction. A LBKRT II NIH>I,A Y, AUCTIONEER? PO.SITIVE /\ salt) of thirty-two valuable lot*, on Ninth avenae, i lOeth and 107th atrc?tn.? Albert H. NicuUr will *ell at anction, on Wednesday, Feb. 7,lH.'>5, at 12 o':lo:k, at the Merchants' Exchange . N. Y , thirty-two valuable lota, an follows:? eight situated on the west ai<le of Nintu avenue, comprising the entire block b?two'-n lOfith an 1 107th streets; twelve on the north .-ti t.' o I lOdth street, commencing 100 feet went from Ninth avaaue; aU > t?elvo on the aouth aide of 107th street. com u?neing the aame distance went of Ninth avenue, all in the tIc: ui'y of tho new Centrn) park, where extensive improve ments are in contemplation. Hii* sale oiler* unusual inducements for investment of capital, and i? worthy the attention ol parties that are desirous of ohtainlag a handsome prolit on thoir purchase*. Terms easy and title perfect. N. li.? In payment will b-? received caecks ou the Knickerbocker Hank, for deposits, or on the Kuick- , erbocker Haviugs Bank. Kor further particular*, apply ! to AI BKRr 11. NICOLA Y, Auetijneer, i No. 4 liroad street, N. Y I ASSIGNEE* SALE? MOItTGAUKKSriALE.-NOriC'K B I hereby given that by order of the assignee* of MeKim. Kipp ? Brorvn, and also uu ler and br virtue of a chattel mortgage executed by said Kipp V Brown, the , valuable line of stag** known a* tho "Chelae* Line," formerly belonging to aaid Kipp .it Broea, together with 1 the horse*. sleighs, carta, harneas and -?,l tno pnfwtjr and appurtunances belonging to or connected w th line, will be sold at public auction, at tho stabltsta Twenty-sixth street, between Ninth anl Tenth atomi**, on Friday, the 9th day of February instant, at 11 o'clock A. U. Sale positive, term* cash. Auction notice? crockery .olaw andchina. J. 8. II. BAUn.KTr, Auctioneer, will well on Wwl ucsday, February 7, at 10 o'closk, at No. 281 Pearl street. in lota from the shelves to sait purchasers, a i superior quality of white granite wire, gla s flM, I'a rian, Rockingham and gipsey ware. .Sale peremptory. A UCTION NOTICE? ASSIGNEES SALE OF CROCK A. ?rv, glass and china.? J. E. VAN ANTWERP k SON will Hell on Tuesday, Feb. 0, at 10 o'clock, at their auc tion room, 2l?i I'earl street, by order of the a?->ignee, from the shelve*, an extensive sto;k of crockery, glass ami china, of a dealer unfortunate to bi?.a-*-, Terms cub on delivery, la bankable money, Auction notice? j. booart, auctioneer.? by 8. BOGAKT, Wedn**da?, February 7, at 10,'^ o'clock, at the salesroom, corner ol Frankfort and William streets, a large assortment of new and second hand furniture, ?onr luting in part of mahogany aofaa, chairs, b ireaus, bedstead*, mattresses, wasbatanda, extension, d'ning and other table*, window curtains, mirror*, rocking chain, desk*, clock*, china, tea and dinner set*, gla>* ware, carpet*, 4c. AC* TION NOTICE. ? XORTUAOE 8AI.E OF SPLEffDID household furniture; house to let, posseaaioo im meniately. 1 will sell at public auction to morrow (Wed nesday) m iniiig, at 11 o'clock precisely, all tbe tarn. - I ture aud dc -.orations in th>- large bMM M Weat Tsreaty fourth atreet, unreservedly for cash Ine pailor farm- | ture is all rosewood; two sua* In the beat of French aatin, with solid rosewood frames, being of the flneit material and first class workmanship; centre anl aide table*, two *eta brocatele curtains for four window*, lace do.; etegere, large oval and pier glasses, oil pa nt ingx, parlor clock*, about ThjO yard* tiruts Is carp"t.s on the floors, one richly carved rosewood pianoforte, seven octave, carved legs, made by t.'beveli* cost S)A0, and cover, dining room furniture, maoogany suit in dama<k with cover*, solid mahogany ei euvon table*, china *a??e, gold band dinn-ran I tea sets, silver war*, outfits* ware, together with the furniture of all the bedro-jms, both in mahogany and ro*ew.M>d, such a* bedsteads, buieaus, waslistands to mttch, gen*se anl mitiogtny cushioned ctairs, *ofaa, be Is aod bedding, hair mat tresses bolsters and pillows. Also, the basement furn - turn, comprisltg everything requisite to a flrnt class home. Partiea attending this site may depend upon tie articles as repreeenUd, an 1 that everything will be per emptorily sold to the highest bid ler, for cash. Ths Eighth avenue car* pass near the Uouae. . I H WIlAJN, Auctioneer. Auction notice?' tiios. ijeli., Ai ! Hy HELL At BUSH, on Welhesday, at U '? o'clock at 27 Cen'r* (treet, extensive sale of new aud se.-on 1 hand furniture, reutoved for conv'inien'ie of sale, con anting of coiicnei, carved be Is tea -i a, hitel furuiture, burrofm chairs, fcc. B^HY C. a. WATEBBl'BY. A UCriONtEH. ? VN EQUAL Ued sale ? Ibis day, Keb. f., at V>% o'clock, at our [Store, .'IH Broad street. ? This sale incl nlei tbe balance of Breting, Freres A I'j.'a watche*, *ome of which are self wind. ng and setting, requiring no l.ey for either pur 1 pose, bting a late | .ttented improvement; also, oth raof the same make, which are double timers and have inde pendent second*? valaaMe for travelling and tim ng race hoiaes. Each watch I* put up In ao eb? ny case, handsomely Inlai I, an 4 has attache! II ! . A Co 's guarantee for two yoars, be*ld?* extra faee, crystal anl spring complete. This aale afford* a for tunate opportunity for all who desire a very correct and valuable po;tet piece, at a sacrifice from tbe regular trade price of the-e cehbrated w^tch1**. The jeeelry cmbrac> s almost every article In the line, sucli a* rnu<, fins and bracelets, set with diamond* aod ruby (tones, alto, silver ware, In vailetr. For fall parti -uUrs, I catalogue tliif morning. The sale is positive, without , any reM-rvation. i DD. NAHM, AUCTIONEER ? HI ORE, 310 B W>Af> a way ? Th * day, at 11 o'clock, at the store a quantity or furniture wi I l>e sold at auction, to pay a-1 vatiets and other srpenses, aaid furniture consisting la part of tables, cushion seat chaira, spring mattfesses, i is< wood bookcase, also, bedstead, beds and bedding, j carpets and office furniture. By order of the H'lenil. EIIWABI* eniFN-'K. Aft 'TION'EKB ? KDWA 'II Hshenck will sell, at aui tlon. on Tuesday, F. h 8, ' at 11 o'clock, at bl* salesroom, 1 1 Wall atreet, a inizoi fi'rnt ssaoriuisnt of Pari* made jewelry, diamond*, im ported -stitches, hiovy gold ve t, fob aud guarl chains 1b>' Jewelry consists of hraceh-ts, earrings, broocae* cha elains, gold guard chains ladle*' enamelM watches let with diamond*, kc. ; diamond cluster, and single stone rings end pin*, in rich Parisian settings; fine koI I sleeve buttons lockets, pencil case*, cliar'o-, Ac.; also, inpoited wnt'-hes. doable time keepers and iudepen !>-nt second*, by tbe be*t maker* in Europe vi*. . Jus^ensens, Breting A Freie, John>on, Kjsaell, To lias, Kreieh, Coops r, R gby, llent, aud others. Hale positive. T.-rnis caeh. J.I CCLTON, AUCTION EUC ? CABINKT MAK^R 3 ? stuck at auction ? F t *?lton will se'l onUclnrs aay, Feb. T, at 10 % o'clock, at No. 13 avenue C, oetr (Second stie<t a very large assoitm--nt of rosewood and mahogany furniture, the eotirs st'x-k of a d aler Ce. Ill, II. K the bus nes*. It will comprise the usual asaoitm* ut of rich rosewood and nwhogsny furniture, such a* sofas tete a telee. msrhle top centre, eaid and sofa tables: dining aid si 'en-i"n do.. marUs top dress. : ii.g and (lain bureau*, waahetaads, divans, boe?cas?-s sn-l secreisr.- ? . Voltjtre and easy eli airs rie.hly oarreO , ! mahogany and other rockers, full Freuch ??jste.ils. - cottage do., black walnut and chamber furniture mv hogany parlor chairs, sll patterns, carved rocving lo., | mittrea-es of vartons kind*, together with the entire stock of the store, Citalogues early on the mo.nin; of sale. No poCpsmement on a."ount of weather (? E??R?.E ( <i )K A nio\U i. <> - . M ?? II, this day, at lOJj o'clock, at tl.e ?ton wich str-ct, a general assortment of a?w and >sv?i.| - hand furniture, .extens> >n dining tables, ileski, couatwrs, I be 'stea<ls. mati resses, pillosrs crockery .Jk*. Al?o. iltl | ds/ien sofa st.riigs, 2?i doyen pjrter'* lrap*, platform scales, *c. Pale peremptory. GI.Otf.P Bs~ HERBI S<}\ BUCKWHEAT, PffVJJ.ia i almonds, hardware ? 1 ue.-lay, l'>d>ruary 4, at >7 I>s y atreet. corner of (Jreen eich, tetss, s irsrs, --otee. ?e. gars, waccait ni, currant*, raisins, prise.**', soap, can Ilea, oil, spenn cardie*, liquors, champagne ernes rb *?l?, kaivee, fork*, balance*, sheep shears, bailers, whip*. w. A. CABrtB, Aectionesi. . 17 I>-y stmt. H" Ol'Mu- |. !'. -M.I AT A" l.'.N, HV aT il '? " I AY, at the Mer*>.aftts ' Excbanr*, on to ui >rr..w, "th last., at 12 e iVi.-Cr t tlass, all tlie mo tern in p'ovemei.t ? , four atoriea Eogl *h basement br- wn ?to ?e front built by day's work, just completed JS Ninth itrest bete'en Fifth aid flilli aven ioe. al?j No 1'., extra fm.-h,'l feet 4 eid -, at same place an] k< ur. Terms n ade known at th* sale. HM Mir T LKEM, At (' io-.KEA? *iaH sal* of lichly manafeetire) fur*, this dsy, at I'S o clock, at atore cs>ra*r Broadway anl Wst*-r street, con .atmg of st< r.e marten, eh.achilLs, sable royal irnni and other sste telmt- '*," ' . A ?os' v , o clock P. U . a gsaerai assortment of fine g? ? da, all of which moat be sold 1 . clssse the ; >rt aersbip J" niiN k'n.-i a ? r (> ,?.k. ;-sr?s - f ? c. aad v*lentto*a.-~ Tbe aale of the^ largs laio'ce of , mw peUtsbera' eithangss, f*mhrae4?V over V>'? vaete ties, In aUlartl** style*, fresh frovntlis .in'.erles ) whr'i << aaeifsitM hatorday evening M last , wtll be iaC nas>I on Taesday snnsg Mh last at the sslewsesi ,?7* I'.rovtwsy, tarvf of 0b te street, Tbe tale will also eiwkraee (a? stationery, a led ao iav<Ke? of splendid eslesi aea, af tbe* eWgawt as l s ?V> rsIM lefts, InfarM fei IS* pewexit s?e*oa. LT < A ? la W.f (latsssews W vsiwsej g fcseis f s ?ALVI AT AUCTION. I ICC IKK W. FRANKLIN, AL'CTloNEiiH ? BY FRANK i LIN It Nit oBce ill N i???u atree . ? F. * N would murt reapectfally announce to tBelr rrleode and the pnhlle that they ailil rIvc their prompt attaniaooo to talc a cf houa hold furu'tuie insrchaiidlee Ac., at private rendencea and storr* JOHN '.V. MOMKR1NDYKE ACC t'lOVEAR ? M )RW VOE naif of botelaod re-taurant mrniture ou Thia day, February fith inat.. at 1<M, o'clock. all tbW I iruit jn>, .*<? , of the Fountain Hotel, corn *r of Centra aud Fr?nklln aire con-lating of tb*? furniture of thirty ?even bad r>KiDi; bed it' a^a, inattreaaca, tx-ci ? and MiM uif, cirpvta, waahaUnUa, toilet *?t* ra>rror?, Ac. ; aUo. parlor turui turc, aofaa, wardrobea, offl -o ??hair*, win .ow aliadea, reading tab'* io olhce, large Iron aafe, d?*k, nettee i, countera, bar llx tarry. ?!-?>, ih ? saloon furniture, ta'ile*, cba'rn, linen, crockery. glaasware, counter*. oy*ter alanl, clocka; also, ateam boiler and pips*, ateain tabl?, coo*- | lag range with eopper nunai'a, &c., 4c. j tlila prop jrty baa been ia uae 1 .ad th-m a year. WHJ.IaM T. BOYD, 8*le?m?o? JOHN W. SOMI.Kl.VDVKE AIMTION'WHR. -M ) IT (age aule of machinery Ac-, oa We.loeaday, Feb. 7, it No 270 Fifth strict, at 10'^ o'clock, by virtue of ? chattel mortgage, one ulna inch lailm, witli *cr<w chuck; one face p'ate, t?o wr 'nchea, turning tool*, -Iri II chuck, with drilla (he dog*, counter aba. ting, pill-ya, Haye?' hand lnthn, gilnlston*, aiTlla, b>dTow* an 1 forging tool*; vlo-a, stoila and tap*: al? i a <|ta>an * ity of iroa and *t?el DAVID SAKKERN,Att'y for mortgagee. JOHN W. SOUntlVDYKE, AUCTIONEER, WILL *?11, by virtue of an execution, a lot of parlor fur niture, on the 7th 'lay of February ln*t., nt 10 o'clock A M., at No. 72 Weit Tenth atree'. chas F. w vrn? GmAM*, JMORIAItl Y AI'lTIONKER ? WILL HEM. this day a at 10 o'clock, at 17.) C'hat'iam atreet, tli- furniture of a family Irom Fourth afreet, a good asaortmeut ; alao from Beventh atreet, the furniture of a family ; a!?> a number of feather bed*, clocka, uirrora, Ac. fiale with out reserve. Notice? hy virile ok a chattel mortgage, I will expoae for aale, at public vendue, on We< 1 noaday, the 7th day of February, at II o'c'ock in the forenoon, at Noa. 211, 213, and 21& Centre street, a ? i earn engiic eighty horae power, together wth boilera. ?batting, belting and lltWM on the above described premue*. By order of Urnry Erben, Mortgagee. A. M'DIJIW, Auetionwr. REAL BTATE? V A Ll'A CLE PROPERTY? WI'L BE ?old, thia day, at 12 o'clock, al tli* Merchant*' Kx change, N?w Yor* , by Mr. E. H CrlilJ W, auctioneer. Tbia property ia located at the corner of Ma'llaon and Market htret'ta, Siventb Ward. Capitaliata <10 ill b? tnindlul of thia import* nt aale I b? a'xjvu property waaouned and occupied by the lata OUrer Joinaton, fcr the laat thirty ) care. SAMUEL OetiOOD, AC .TIONKElt-WIIX HEL1., AT bia atore, G?, Naaaau atreet, on Wednesday, 7IU mat,, a gtneial ifaortment of houavbold furniture, aofaa. aafa bed* carpetin*, paiutinw, eograrioga, panted ami euamaled furniture, minora, kr. arc . ali" one p ano. Tboae in want of good furniture woilddo well to atlaui thiayale, aa all will be aold to cl.iaaadranc a. QMERIFE'B SALE. ? BY VIRTL'E OK A WRIT OK IO axecu'lon, I will eipoac to aale on Tuesday, Kab. 6, lHR.'i, at U o clock A. M , at No. IK Went Ttiirty fourth atreet. one huraa and wa?on, a lot of lumber, door and winoow carvlnga, fcc., kr.. ? llateo K*b. 4, IHOi, JOHN ORn'KK, .SUeruf. TiioHii Can li*. Deputy Sberlll riWNIB MORRELL, Al CTION KJER.? V A^IIION A111.E J furniture at auction tbia morning, 10)^ oVlock, at ?104 Hroudway, aulta of roae?no<l p trior covere I, bro.-a telle, oak, mahogany and bla>-k walnut eitennoo uinln< talilea, boskcaaea, Kiiiicb badateada, aolaa, chair*, dt Tana, tete a-tvtea, rockera, centre talilna, plaao at wly, eaay chain, ottomana, wanroboa, centre '.ab'ea, bU 'k walnut aecreiariea, bureaua, roaewooil waaliat-tn )*, oak b*dat?a<l(, oil palntinga with and wltnout Irarnea, w th artK-lea too nuineroua t<? mention, all ot winch to be ?old thia day. Sblppera may have their boxing, A:c., on tie prcniiaca, at moderate charge. $20?! bracelet, ??t REW A HIM. ? RRAVAHD WILL UE rw, AND VO QTM> iD^t) tiona asked, If the peraoo who took, ty mis take or otherwise. in December last, a gol I huutmg an chor watcb. hard dial, will return It to too watchmaker'* ?tore 21B William atreet. REWARD.? LOST, ON THK VlCilr OK THE .'tlat of January, at the Ami'y Hop, apotrl i?tln form of buorht* ?r glapea. The llr |cr wdi re' elre the abore reward, by Waving it at room No. II i Collamore Houae flh ?)l x REWARD.? IjOUT, ON HATl RDAY EVKMFINO, HaU Feb.n, either in tha IJ-iwery, 'Jraad, l/idloe, Brogue, or Ka*ex atreeta, a diainun I pla, < u;li atjn*, enameled Mtting. The findi r will receive the above re ward at No, S lk wery. AtQfx REWARD. -LOST, ItKIWEEN SO S00 liKN'RY iDZU a'reet, lirookl) n, a id tha llriaiaay theatre; on Saturday everdrg, tn'e lid inat , a diamood crosa with ; guard chain attached. The atxiv re aard a ill be pa d on Iti delivery to M M. CAIIKT, 10U Urovl aLeet. dhl A REWARD? AIt>LKN. KitOM NO. ?8 AMll'f KpAvf atreet, on I'H lay, E bruary 2, three allrer tea and two tahleapoona, marked C A ll< Elroy. Ttxa'iove reward will be paid for the return of the aitlcies and de tection of the thief. flh fr RI'WARD ? KiflT KROVf THK LTVERY STABLE, IC)0 ecroer of Filth atre?t an*' ileeon I avenue, a black ?r.d taa terrier d"W. had oo a wait* and rrd collar. The above reward the aame flhf? REWARD ? STOLEN, FROM No 13 DRY Do K ?O atreet, mi Hunday, Jan 4, a amill whtt.( po ille '."g with a black apot oi ea li <-ye. V\ iioe ver will return Kim to the eume, 1 3 I'ry Dotk sirawt will receive the above reward. DANIEI. KKI.I.Y, I t Dry IKe k atrnet. Stai REWARD WnJL HE FA'D FOR THE IIKTI KS OF ^ a lur caff, loat laat errn n; between Taylor's -a loon and Mcl'ongal atreet. TH* al>?ve reward will be paid on iti return at room 13 International H .lei, Mb llroadway. aurd will lie paid to any p ra .n by r 'turaiag to 14 (4 con 1 awnne, corner of Filth street. , BKWARI> ? f-TGI-KN FltOM A BUGGY WAGON, IN Thirtieth alrest, on Hatur lay r?enin([ ? Hue Itu-aia Lear akin robe Any oaeic.Tintf information of tie -ein> to V. 1.. Cornell, #10 ltro* l?ay, will be UU-ielly re warded. UWT AND fOtTND. It foii chain wiiiij:c>m j iiif! fiom Clinton place through llnndway to Fourth street and Bower/. The llndsr "III be liberally reward rd by returning li Ao Francis I'entUn I, K ni serbolicr Mutel corner of Fldndgo ant IHrUion street* T l.T-A I* A I ft UK HT'TaIMW, IS A MA I i bofig; uw, it lk? llnnrj Hotel, or In psasiug fr in there up llroadway to the Herald nine*. Toe (Wider will be suitably re*?r?te<t by leaving (ham at the store ol t.ault, UUar.l a. < O., Ito 1 Mar ? n l|M, A l.ABY'H MIN'K Yii'lORfSR, ON HI XI) tY j evening, In iromg from Thirteenth stre t to Cutli an ana, am) tlen to Ttntli ?treet A suitable rew.ird wiU be paid by Waving It at 41 Tenth street. IO-T? A BRACH.H , ON TIIK KVKMNU OK TIIK j '..t\ January, In Itroudway, uear t Tabernacle. Ill* finder will br liberally reaaMrd by bating tba a*<oe at 71 Ihird avenue, in (torn Lost? ok mnday night last, a pockfi uo?k, Containing three n<dr? an<t a memorandum, which arc uf na use to any person except tba owner, ps) ib -nta of which are stiii ped. The finder will ha suitably re warded by (ravin* It at No. 11 Ktatn atreet. ?HI TIA DKI, AC. TIIK MII.ITtltr. L'Ni^nr wj t? armory, m?mnb rw "J* iwrnttn of Um ftVov* rmp* in hrnfuj rm lint ted to I'mtli t'lf drill Uui (Tucslayj nm af, mllHJ ?, M IK ?'?Wei n? 'ft .er EDGAR A C aaail.1 . Viiiij* Hr?tn, Or- Wily UatORI, AC. A H QARDfNKR?W ANTED A SITUATION, BV A married nan witbi.ut ch Idr n. underaUa Is gar r!^ til li" aii'l (arming w. II ? wifa flrat rate at <lalry or c*?k mif Addreta M. C , 'T can lie ?- n far oii? we-k at A. hiidgcmaa'a seel stor?, eoroer of Bioalway an I Kl|(!iteanlb street AG k I'.DKNF.K WANTS A HITIATIOS'? W AN F.Vii lirLman, has ? w.fe aid no children, fully unl?r sthU''* the man*geia< nt (>l fru.t, floaeis, Ijrir nbouse, an . tine*. I h" best of r> ^Ivan tall at, or iiiidre)*, A II , {ai'lener, .?Ti IVarl street BLACKmiTH WANTED, TO 00 IN THE COt HHiY, to wbnm m .'l?rste wi(e< will he (Iran An later t.fW c?ii be had at V a. II I'ack a! p, ti.i? day, between lb and I V o'clock. 1W FOAI' MAMKA( - WANtHI. RV A MA's that un iera'abrta s<*p making in all Ita eai o ? briaeh'a, a situation toUae*' of a a ap mmalx t?wy K<it of r'feience aie?n. Adlreas, f?i ane week, ? . ? | n . ? / ? ? i ho, liwrald ofltaa. MII.LINKHY WNHIM. STHAW (.IPilM KKt.Ndl FIOW KM, k We are aow cp?n i>( our atwr.k >.f straw ftcrla, Intieb Boeara, k? , of thelateet laipirlttUsa sni man i faclure, ta toa eiswtlnatkun wf which we w*'ild inrlte tlia s'li ot.on uf cash purehaeera. a? to U?en are a.Vred the grea eat iodaoetuant* the present aeaewa howkh k Kerrnr*, Nra r I ii let J?bn siraal. corner Wilbata tee Ymk " ffRE riHJCMK* 1'hF MFv.intH ?if moTumoN f.yoink oiicany No. I>, ret i rn their elaewre tbanaa to Meiers Iks* * To , No. IT John straal, for tb> t I 'xial ? ??je; >y cf rtfirsbwx atl forWished Utera at tba la'e Bra ?? 1'alUtn ?t net on the.'.th last. II C. HfnooNMAMKk. Fore una r?a?. T fltrn jKTt*., Mi? Ury. 1? i iMii .vi/Y, porr, > in wamjm nto twi 1 1 lakillk( -N pi r**. zi -aiC pif? , Ui ^??r>r?. of t>7 tiD koowa at kaet n branl IA saartsft. IM tiOlki. J. JU I" 10, p*'?e lalss, a ad tt, talsa* M ? ???rfeA fene- >rV try red w aa lawhaf y ^"erU aac f* r fcr UMlUVtU * JXKMAAT, ??, 1 $%. IK1V PIIIUCATMna. "VT EARJ.Y HEADY W>K PUBLICATION. J> aO.OOU CUIIkH ORUUUEU IS ADVANCE. The Uff and bcautie* of KAVNY fekm. Ttin exfraordu.ary fxiok will im puMi?U>"! aba it t^e l?th February. Ill* pubhahera ht>'? atfaly racelvad cider* fur " 0 oople* and order* are coming In con stantly from ?H p-rlt of the Miuntrj Auotlier Un ? edition l? in prase. Ibia bo'>k I* dea'inud to make a g.< ?t la>pre**lun on lli? public. Ilia ao.ireely poeaible. nut withstanding our utmv-t ?? IT? rt? lo k??p up with our order* 'lb? delay ia th" pubilcat'on turn boeu oc.:a-, U"d *olely by tit.* unexpected leiutnd for the work. >'ub liflinl iu 1 vol., rlotb, SI. II. UI.N'fi k RRO , 121 Naatau N B ? HookteUer* ami affeut* who with an early sup ply, will do well to tend their order* dire:t to tho pub Ii*ber?, a*. Mr aodnng, tiny Will l>? well aupplod from tbefir?tn'l ion. T|,i? work will D' t bo *eut to age it* unle*? >p cialiy ordered. STAR; LINO KX POSITION OK AMERICAN lOOBl'V ! Nearly i?ady. ST A Nil OH K BUR I. Kill II tiik mem in hi a iio*M. A Novki. II v Hu.r.v Dm'. Id one r)eg*nt l.'nio Volume of II" page*. artistically II Ua'ra'od with fin" tinted od^ ravin*". I'rice II. Inn undersigned take j I.aaurr in announcing that they will abmtly ??>ue tlie above brilliant aid powerfully- wiltten Amen an romance, which tliey foel ju-tiu' d In believing I* dea'med to have a ciienWtion an : influ -nee to rough out tbia count i } unparalleled iu the bietory uf American author>hlp 'lb* American Ke| ublnt 1a uow ply etlrrwd by <D'.' all pervading tentiiaeut It la the broadeat, tbe drepert, and the inten***t fei ling which ba> existed In tlur country alum the gnat alruggle lor Independence. ll?w li D|( tl.- leivor of tbia M-utiineut rany laat, or what may bo ita rcault*. it i< not 'or ua to determine; but ft ran hardly Ik denied tliat the t'luoi are ripe for a great book, widen ahull go lot tit t?/every part of the country. eniU>:yiug tbe principle* an t hi oat hiog tbe aplrlt that I* aweeping all party llnra away, and rolling the wave of patrlctic lire Iroiu ocean to trtaa I'lie vork tin* teen prepaicd expio**ly to meet 'he tiinaa, an 1 it will go ii rtb with lb" tain t ou an l hearty approval of e?<-iy man in that vuat a i n IV of Amiiicsu* who believia and Itals that the rmgn <>l JHiMm Md pricalcralt, for elgu influence and Amer. can demagogue*. o.igut to come. It delineate*, with graphic power, the tub lie intrigue* of the Jeauita in America, iu our hum**, In *ocioly, in politic*, and in goverum 'lit. i becorruptiog ami d?gra<l lug intilguv* of ucpr nciph-il political demagogue', of all Cartie*, are brought mlo lull view, uudrr thu inUili-rabln laf of light ; while tho artihth' <l*ve!.>penieuU of tho plot impait to tbe work the nioit brilliant cbaraiterl* tie* of tlie flneat roman ?? a. Il hat liet n *ulijecta<l to tho ?evere*t and mo*' onll, hli i.ed rnticUm , and aoveral of ?ui irid't itecoBplmh'daeliular*, who nave road the man uampt with rare, liatw all coMurred m tbe opinion that it i* rlie moat drauuti - and |iowirfiil novel hat ha* la>on wri'tvu In tbi* country -that It muat huvo au aliiinet uiipiwcodeiiti d circulation ?iinply upon It* im-rita a* a h'gbly wrought *i rk of fiction Hut written, aa it haa bcin, with the tpei'ifie objoct of enlightening the mind, and tliirlog the heart' ol a giett and * trr? people, tli 'y do not beaitatw to prtdict for it auch a circuit! iou aa u > Other Au e. icnn book ba* hud P< *it vi|y itO c?pi?a of till* wo k will b* ?ont ttiih uit apeeial order*. Allbough duplicate plate* have boen made ordara ahould be forwardod with detpalch. that they in I r l>? promptly r.'lail : and in every c.ia? order* will b? liliixl in tbe oroer of r< -option. KTRINOER A TtlWNhEND, I'u r?, '112 liroadway, New York. N. B.? SpecUl ftrm* to the trail* will h ? fo url in our private proapeftua. Circular* lor caiman lug will bu fur Dlabed when re<|MMtrd, fTU'E DR1IAI. C1LAU11KR ANU 1 1>? VI VKl'i.KII.-', ??K 1 lift at our 1'aab.ouabli' Hotel* by (leorgo Toomp ?on Tbl* long loot. ml for, th" gr ut***t novel of th" day will he ready on Vrlday morning, V'tliruary U I'ublUh , eh by I'. ?. II trr.n, at tho oflii-e of Hie liroadway lU llo 1' 2 N'ainnu *tr el lMal-r* an I tfreut* ? ill or <cr dire t from the publisher. Hpleadi 1 numtf ra for ageu'.i. Retail price, Utt cen'a. I>. V HAI'.IUS, 102 Nasaau atroet, PEIUHMal.. INFIiltMATIMN WANTED? RE'P?TIVO WIU.t\M Maddoi, a native of l.-verpool, Kn land .ibout forty veara of ago, and *t?uda about five l<et five Inrhe* high baa black Unlr, full bltck whlaker. . and rather dirk com plexion. tV uie tbrte yoara ago ho worked a< a laooror at tbe NoTi lty Worka In tin* rily , an l I* *upp Me I to have gone Wet. Any information rr*p?cli3g ih? abort prraon will be gratefully received by hi* famly, and ?u? be rommuuicated to John Irippett A Hi olhor, 82 William ttreet, New Yoik. TNFOHMATION WAMim-Of KKRDIVAND DM -* INI., who left III* father In Decern tier, 1M9, from lliatoo, on hi* way to New York; I' a UTnau lly calling at II. IViderhaae, No. HO Dutne ?tr >et he will hear of ?ae tiling to l.i* g'.eat udvantago. J 0I1N JONEil WIIJ. PLEASE f ?I.L AT TIIK < <?l' > I iot' b.'iit of the Herald u!Ti *, when h< will lin 1 a is to !i < ad(!re*a, with a auitalilo reward ei. lo ? I. II H. A 00. PKrtiONAl TIIK KKI.A I IVfcM itKlillOK E. Al.l.KN, reccn 'y mala of a ah.p mt of thi* port, arul aup Ctd to h ? from fvnn*ylv<ni?. un hear aomethin^ \m it advauUfc'e, by Kp'.ly.'V ?<> J/ IK- **i. f>2K ulaetraet. TO ALT JN ?VOt WILL I LVD A I.rm.P. i.V HIK Ne* Yoia l*oat Dili * lor you, direct* I a. you gave direction* lu your laat. f riniK mmr who midul- <s.i> t LtrrrnR to tm J| proprietor of bm 'ui gio, (v'vort >-l iu th - New York ll?i:?ld, Ke^rllary V, ; ui iy rve ire inform iti m on the I?iidi<o gin by cnimn nil at.o< With William Hood, dl*til!er, I IM Twenty nuiUi street r.lween and Third at'nue*, !> Y., formerly diatill r in l.nglao I un i-r the LxcUe law*. MmiAh nun m ??? ClARft-IN CO W.Qt EWCE <>r Till HHV oy Tufi / moin'ng. by *1 b i u v pr?-in. " were entlr*lr dea troyod I would r**|?ct'i ly l- foru. my iim i>-riiU4 fri ? u ! ? and patrona that, lor tbe preaent Innla found at III lull ii >lriet /ml, with many thiol.* lor p*?t far?r< I hope in a lew day* to he rowdy *gaiu to ? ?|ro tleir trd-rn aa nana' A- A I. >ll!H>fA\ III I ilton at. hew Vink. leb. IHj'o T a O f ? THE R. W. ORASD Of tHlCTH J ? ?rn New Vork will hold tli< r-cuU r *em aaaoal aeanlnn, In ita ro< ui O. Hall 'Irto l aire t, ?n Welue. day t?rn og, the 7tn iB' t , *t . o'ehx . lly oi ler. J' ills J 1 1 i \ I Jvt, firand .** rwtary MA-ONIC M/TK K.- RY-ri( TIL IXlO K No. 772, 1 . and A M I ne Brntwri of Hi* aline M|t in re<|iie*ie<l to ii.* et at il.eir lo .ge room, corner of lir ? ?tm* auo Croaby *ti>ei thi* eti-uioir at 7 , o rj. . k p . cu"ly Ly ? id' r of K U. I lOf.m.*, W H CnaaigH A. Ki ati-n ^'retary MA. ONI<- NMII K -.'IIIK MIMBMU* Ol KX KI>I? ! |j?t'ga No J' nl V. K A W ara ri _ rj".- . twl t'i >1 I !? fc<3 lit* "k ? !?r m ? ting llila xnitj I *'?? iar/ <1, ? < kuilb. ?a tatrrratliig tu **< la luataiU t ?i I litlran'i.l (?? ? arrt It* * W. J?*?1 K. K.ffUrj, ?*1 ft. AM) 0*'4? MIAMillAl ?>N T ) I ?? ' r? K? i.f J turn (row ? i milf flirlk ? I Ibr A1 \aj Inn Ma rauia la raiati irl oilu tka Oii&rri ? K r -?i?? !<? ?l Tit ? atn>|glo ??a f?rnm?? fc? t b?*i >l?a?B, i?>?u <*?d (Mr-llmi 4mi taw ltd (Mtf At tli*' In I ?taut Vlmidy aifl ' Lam arl w. n im < tMa.itf lh? r.xiwl 1 to hWraa'U*, ? lion in tl??/ ml <ralran>i> kit "lil UM (? !,?<. ? < a-i? >ii|>|x? <i to btii4illM>IN* ttl -aia?l ?n. |>.{|?i| at < ongraaa Hall. 1/ ?/. pit*** |i r*?<i to >o. '? iKt air ?; "|k?on(* H HKftKBY ttlVK* THAT THKIUC Will M J. 1 > ? i ? ?>< Uiik of tko atarlthulda ra of th? vr i ?rj ?n<l fcraiga l/?n l'a??a>ai.t ' ???.jiaii' . at 'h? r o"B# 110 lltMi1*!;, S< n York, </ti t'.? 1Mb 'i?jr ?f I ',r ar jr B' it, at li M. fair tl f >1" l oi of *?a. ii !rita',a?? N?? York, Jaa. U4, I II MA>>fc, H. j. B'lW V'l'.K AS|i IIV?.KIO"T IM tl, rfA t ? 1 Mail ftMMi; ?* W?!l a'r??* V-* I, lak I at, IH'rf Mail a - -T).? aoi, ,?l atarlw-a !-r 1 ln t< r? of II n I <.mp?oj all! bofcaPal aa Iti r i , lit M*r> b bait ?. Iwat tkt Boaira >4 I; tl t*4 1 r. h. wm. i. rocu, *m>* ^ Tk* t/Tl' E MBUU !Y I.lf! S Til *1 Al.1. Wfl Id I* tit* uu r *? rf "! atl ' ht?'? ?? ihr ifiaru nf ito-ia* t,( |V aa* II ton IMUrawaiaS ?trrtt, as 1 a?t ft'laiui 1 or?ai m nt . at'?r "? ? a. I. ? ???' I at kid "B kt tl . i'rfM ; ?< K?? la an : W?-t* ati"*ia *I1D k ",r. hr+u arvt Wm| ata Sr? rom Jim 31 !*?. ___________ I riiac "Nnr wolaxp auim im tk an ? X il? Tort" gltfg > twwri ?t 1 1?? Mr lioua* M Tk'ifxlay ????>?( tho S|J?4 Mat , Is ?ij tl 'Ha rl.ani/ fmxl >tf ua for ?!/ Tit ? i?ta a i. <t ?r i* 1 1 may J* I.a4 o* It ot ? o :<t riitw ?f ? i,? ? t, 4?i ??(>?? J CofttWll oo of Sfrtajt in, plf? f|i al r M nf a (?ittlrint ii aol t fa U ?* l.ilri lot-* V .?ta, I rlWUfS- i Al'.J? I H^i?.a<. ' ? * IHfU >o, B??j * l>. > ?.?;. iiM. tl?!aa I'w a II ??< ' ' ?U *? H i arta, (liaa A I'aok*. ; if A li t vat Lri TI I1KI. "TJHII AM HI A t? i -I ?1. K , . . , Jt aaaatao, I'fci ? TW ?( ring aoailon will 'ifm .a M?* f||, Mink IX IWiwi ?/? ???'* roi?ai|| lo ial; T) .a I* Ua? i/olj oa?T>ga la 1'kti*. I^alo of S?? >? Hr a ? a Ib'l auoiio?f tf w luf?a ,a (km W Irctaara- aia la a!l >i fail aa t ao?apM? a ? Ix^a of tk* u a .a I aiaW tr-'aa I ar an If . <*a?wa ?? or oioaf litfotaiatwa a V-??a? H IIOMiU' HAM?, M l> , l**aa U* Ckll*(0( Ultk aUo?1, ?W? lutial * I ' "?n ! ur a >'i ,i :?tiA f I fill a at', it", na aa ?v-i t'aaa r0r,'t wmi*?r tm'. .!? oar , oA?r?ia a ??,. | |?>1 ?f lafan-at. ' aa b>ina lw|ai(a;a al I'd , (jC??< Mai ialaaaa All..' ! ioi k natal VlTAiryCO-MtlltAt I Til I"' ' a N H ? >KKI II ? V V ? a? jUm, a Jig 4t? - 1 ? rli'? iM|Mb I fa* alo t'an ? r, aa-i a ?<aa tStjprr at l*f tfl I it <a, a?a>r li. vi > Tlaa':- f? m !? A ? k> i o a 'k t M , tk ? 4*? .11 - a la.i ?<( m* ! IflWiwill? a^ >HJ>. __ _ , OR M(Jt A ni U.I , UV( AND J toUINIVI , aabxw a <t aataUwki* ' alkal > <ai Ika H- i anl ; faa *4Br#a wakleg fraaa #? '</) '? ft MQ par ??? ? III < ko-a!!k ?f lk< ? .a 11 a aala f? ? t 't,, m.i ^ on ww k? ?4? f?t?i> |n-# m hi 1 wu. ft : !< WAjrrm. A* KIX EDUCATED TWKfl HERMAN <im. ? -bet a ei'ua'loo a r>o> portable private fatal'y to take '4 re of children toe ap*fe Krrur'i. ouder?Vtn>U (la* n. e.llavork, >o<l it ?llilo< lt< make harealf gen* -ally ux-liil. l.a.1 en wUblug ?? ?? urn I ikfutnl urmt !?'? ?te rail, (or Uirea day*, a' So 0?Xi Koaf.U atraat, Brut floor Akkmeta'UE iiiorwvAvr wuman wann ? altuetou l?? On If-o* I .1 musii?.rW ia a a malt prvata family, or at chamn rma'.i an 1 ?ai er, or tana . reat; ran ta..a ram of a babf fio i iu b rth If re aired, ha> l>o ot>|r rii<io u> the country . abe i? a ,jo>.d eialier ir< n< r an plan cook. IU* the bc-t of ei'y re'er i ore. tan bo ?eaa fur two or t'ir>~- dayt. I'leaae r .ill at Hit M'.Ibcrrj, r?ar bull lUg, tecund Ik ir, beak reciu. A YOUNG ENUUMI l.\l?Y, OK run llli.HMT itape 'tabllitjr, ib a l??r ? el' euro- tan rot, wi?hea a ?ItnitioilMkil)'* BMliI; baa a thorough kuoele if? tt drr?tmali in* '-an <??'. u|> linn H'tif*; woul 1 l?rto travel; haa bad expari?nr? in ho,it"k??(,lnj, ami ? an lfl?? UH"' ??eplioatbl" r?f?K'i' < . A i !rt-n A. II. C. Miittb, -Irt Ilri.Ija a.r.'tt ilr a pott pa <1 Ai.IHMAS WWJ. Kill A l l VII' N ? I'KKAOM wiabi e a aituaf i >n a* nureary govarneaa.-- Kit la ?rrjf a'llirg to make har-tlf gen-rally uteful, tp-ati thn Kngllrh language ?' well a* iier own. I'lrata c*i I at ber prearnl pi* ?? V. >4 ll"iiry .tr??t, lirooklrn, where ?lie ran lit- m fail two ilaya only, Iroin Iwelva to tw<i o'clock. A I.MIHj /\ lion, In a rl ulitbrr* orit ? AKEWh" T.tM.K WOII i.N WHO I 1A8 BEEN T*M month* in be.- fnwgt placa, want* a altuatlaa a* Bur**. I'an coi.h* highly rocwaiinenJad fro-n her prer> nt employer*. Can be 'Ma at I <7 Kaat Blglite.utb "tract, fmr t?o dayt. AWMIlBHyi situation WANTr.ii ? n v a middle a??d, marred lady, iu * private family. A note ndi'me-ed to tlra. Irary, 4<il fourth mnj1, will bo utt< n led to. \fllAfWH WANTED, BY A REHPKiTlBLE tonnr woman. ?< pla n e-xik, wnb?r an 1 iwnr, or wnulil Jo tli* ji-.irrnl bonaeoork ol a *mtll privat* fami ly J'leuM- call at 74 Oraoil i t^??t for on<" ?la/. A 111 .K YOINO 0 III. WAN nf A tflTf'A - a r*F|i* :ta?ia aiuall pi hat* family, to d* i anO plain Mwmg, or t? do genoral boi:a? wurk Cuo liu ?" u lur tao ilaji at tbe roiuer of and llfrifi n ?ir?i U ltrooklyn, o?er tbe froear/ iter*, tap lUxir, front r> < m. AKFSIIXTAIJE i.ianUN <ilKl. WISHErt A blTU* ? twin ae (ooo ri iik, ?a?Ler and Itoaer, la a'?o a good plain aewer (iood r(ty ie eranoa. l'laan call at 'Jll Tw?nly ? .Hi atrret, til d llv /r. AS IMIM noiiirAtiT YOOUt WOMAN ? i -be? a tituallun a* iUj?lr?o and nuraa, raa rut nnd fit i lilljrrn'o ilreeaaa a n l ilo all klnda of fa*Uy ?awing Can bf bl(bly re amni bil?d by tli* U>ly >ba Mud with * an be *?i n fnr two 'laj?, at tU We?t V na lei nth ?tre<'t, near H*th a*?nue a nvmniii vot mo ut*i. wakth a siu a A tloo, in t<ike of ehildi> n an I da plain M?;uf . Iln? the b<-i>t of rity reference, t'an til men al s'g 3 Aifor place, In the nlilrt itcra. A Vol v<; i adv. n'M.y gi turiKn r ?k i.iv ln| m?ti ucllona in mual:, would !?* plaaa*! to gat in erinn* |.rh?ti' (airily where ber ???irle?? mo'iM '?? p? n>ate lur her boari. Ad'!re?e Teacher, llerald JSMAKT, TIDY OKI WAS In A -IU Alios Al ? lianihor-naid or waiter, or t?> take care of ebiMrea, ??i u, do plain ?? w dc Tn> ba?? of -liy ra'erwa rail lor t*o/ay? a* no M??t r?-utieth ba twei n Mitb end K??i nth atetuei in ilia rear. u CirUATJON WAMV'.II? BY A IU* htabij: ?U /) man an tftoJ cook and wa*b r tad irnaar, !? ad ru-touvd to 'Jik'nir, and capable of rooting fori* prifata toanlmg boote. No u ijai iloua to go in tiia eoao tr?. C'ood i ity rtlort n a given. I le??a rail for two ilaya, at No. 4 }?? ob atreet, Ur?t floor, ir n'. i oom A UWKTAIU OOIL WIHIIIW A HITt.'ATIOM TO A travel wltl a family. Ila> the beat ?f refer an -e Fleaar rail at 7'.' Olinr lll?t, In tbe rear. a n rafRincu wvtm wAirw a Hirt'ATiot, A I* a I'roUi'anl , 1- roui|? eat Ui take the wbola airg* ol au infant t > b ug up by band, aa>l la o gaod nam- i' a> Hat the b-at ol ally r>Kr*n:a. Apply at No. 7 V nl'.n loort, Univera'ty place. ARl*i K< TAUJC tilHL WAvr< A WTUATION ! H A aaad ocak . ta>Wr and trwaer,wr woaM do ti e ga naral l>oua**ori ol a >m*ll I am ly imk> ??? a at Ear ^r'trnt employir'i, 14 Harrivia atra-<t. naar Hideaa. A HEfH* T A III I < ? IKI . W?NT4 A HTt'ATMH A*t J\ g'.nd rcok, Wan her and Iraaar. Uool rerow.qt'iuda tlon front ler iaat plare *4|?? no ?>l>jar>. to a oa ft r'tb'a borne Ian i*em lor tw<. daya. Iron V UU 4 o'rltM'k, at ..(?? Kltiag'oa atrr> t, ?? ? n M > >r, ba- k km>b, ARiJIfV-'lABLK num 41 ANT UIRL Wol f I) like to obtain a altuatixn aa i:)>*.{ioara aid aad i' ?> ii o-air, t i would do it' ?et a. o nature la a ta.all pneate family bae i.<> abjeatliM togn a abort dlatatm in the roubiry; bin got I' a tot ?<( r?f>reaee hii akoaaalor aod aapahlltly Apply at i ?' i Wett reei.uato ? If el, fi r two la) ? YUtXO vouy W1-JK4 A . II AI*IS AM m.r-< tb<! aeamatr-?a t|4- b ?? o' c.i/ rt erea-a < all l<>- ? aen lur 'in da) a at ' 3 Wetl V ut wtlk , h* t a ' * i H ith aa I f'rr?> I Ii arenuei, la It r?t r A lUM-ll Ifl^ 1 WASril' MY A KKI'M /aim: J\ V'W'K X f". ,l' if ? ? t ? ?r* in * m?ll j't i * ft t?' faiiillt in ftAVP O'i i/'ijf t ufj t ' 4*' (ufiilli, ti?4 ifmmf, loft.. fiMtfoftl ??ftbftf no I If I ft an) aS?o ? fto?i I lftr? mot, ?/? I *s.ri fh# U'?t ol city !' ??????? C41 1 J *t 114 W* 1 M*nly ? I b I h ?*??? : b* ' n ?sf l? 4f*<l > -g^'h fnl 1 rtK'fii < an b* !?????. (? r ivi daye. AKIH'MTABO I'lUiTK-lAHT *????'- I I I V t* mpatent to 'ake ? luge oi tn iatal'4, tol having briar* a< U4 b tliat a|.t tip, it n w ai. >i?ia< to ? ?/a^a aitli any per-on ?l laij<nl?lnl,'y wL'i iua; n< ?! Ii *k initUi <e. An Ibt'rtl a oat M ImI at HI I' 'Hint atrret. AMir.UION WANTED- HY A YOtNO W?jdA>, who rab wtau ai d ir <a In ?a'l?fa In- a aa.1 (> w 1 llii g log.. lo tl(r. .Hi if and r?u lake rh ?rg>. ?f a dally, tr ?ot.ld >!? kaw>?evlk to a a?i all laiuiiy < aa la ettn at *-i Ureenw.h afreet . t ) (!?? r A HITI ATM* W'AfflM BY A Vo NO, V J\ i.?i, 'r* an l dreaaiuakar Ha l-fa t i? > > '? r- ar? ten ?' i{:i < U f Ut e rail tt I "!2 t'e Ml a'reat, frtaa 1 1 1.? 4 r. it. A*ll II 1 AM 1> I I'-Ulf T.lNI II ? Ii I K M 'N alitn a ?it>.at on la late iberje of a aaaail liual raft tn, -t a a 11 l^a gliea 1 1- 1 a 1 ra at !l ? rttky etieat nain N. 1 \HK-IIJ*IAIHK T"l *<i WOU\N Wt?HW IO OW ? ?ilukli'io M ?? t?r <i ft r**(> <l?Mi l??r t*;ta ?-! U. It ? cli>r|a of * i*'t n( rmm. ???aH >!? Cbaab*t*'?k If :? olf?'' i? ? lk?( ' ? iaak? U??ft.' |? (?it. Cill N? 'ii l int atan a, iml ft ?-if , fr-ia . ravm I it/ r*f?r"4 r? | ? ? t HI*iKK?KI U< WAMXn. A "ITTATIOS A ' ka?|-rr to * in ?f< lift H< ? <.f I i <*?f a <,?? ft by ?. M llnwilflilj f^utidtnl ?I'll III* tlma Imwni 1 ail ri?? lli? l?it ut (Itf it ta aMUty ?v! lnU| n?j 1-rni* nul'itU A'Uixi T I V, ll* r ft lil id -a iiMiki n'lJoi -*11011. i a*v ui ran ri/RtfOt J ) I I i ? ' < l Mafftb b" ul ?ti.j-l"/ iiwcl >?>! ?l?.li? < n, ?<? mm', II ? / will (.'-ft*- ??u ! |i? ik> r ? 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M H- A ?& / at 1>?# mk ul <>akft ? 4- umm'I i lw ;??! far r? i '"alk 'Hj ? ? al lb* I >j tual !(? n UN. * r??l fnvit-i(ik i'?irt, t'aMia t, it'' * It? 1 ' nfrriai* ti^' iir4 It ILIi ftl < Uvm f i .?? a< -a *| ? va| I- /?*???. ( ij rif. ?Ain??><? ami ROOKKnniM - t#r* rr .7 MM it Ml)|if 'a 41. ?b?ftf. In ? laa lajrf f' Iff (ih.I> <'b'r fn |l?l?-f I ? ti II ?*?' 'a I, lii? l(!V> at ''I Rim !?if alitor* 4iii Iw, fi *1 firftn f I* ? i i . ? ikrti (taiuib*^ ?' '?? ? ''a? ImI (??. *^ir al 'uBiji 21 j?a ? iiliMliiH. I'll i iim i ? txvavtx wa ? ni> -ts a w ??' > ???ill ???.k H?l" la ' M??f! .MM '??? u l lftai?:r*ia, all e. il ?? I i -v- vaau Apf f a' l? I ih4 ?????* MiiftM^ * ?!>?( l? ablatM abKl il.aa^ bM.' fil?"? 'ba ?a r.*, ? tba ^imU '#mii Ii I !? a >4 ?? > wijrrm, a wr aii?/x a Inllllllllll 1 lul a-Cjr i?4*f ???** ? b'i l"i?"i iM a I ill lifiti *, an ' cm ipau fw4la?'i?b ? ?i ( ii " ba ? ,.t ?alU' 4,\j ri tMu W?-%i4 b?*a >????-?? t?t b--l*l ? r??na?t alia W ii ?/ b' ??. I ????? a ' !i?ja % ?uU In) tk < - ?. I !???!?: v vbn U ?IU (???:?? I?i-?*4ltta at I'llMt. Maitti i t- % Lti.r iiavixo umn ? <? tb.? tl'f to 1 1 !? )?, Ii ai M it if .i"i _a n/ a I - I?l'??' f"*? M/7.M, Of ? , ?M .aft* I ft a il. !??? ?('.il; r?UK?c?i JI.#, A Ji??? M A Hi?Uaa| IM Hto. Srr iff a wa1 r ? i? ?v a i m " * ?ri, a 1tft.kWj a|U> in'tv aa tail Ikl >fti l ?N ? ? ta Ut t,; Ivl i<?)i ,|'i? |?n ft a .1 i b t?t ?? ??* i ? <t|- J '.a itlH >!*?? I 'i?f I* ' aftft^, % ftl?l'?? ta itki ('-ii fa fira< ? lb ?f '? ? ?IVf?la a Ut4r l^ttkalfil lla tlwt^'if ' ?l bl?4M? t r?fla.t IMI??fc< Mf tfa a lb- bi' af |||'I'*1*? |Tf*t, A-'. 4f?.all II b*i l.m foclCMbtf. Itf Mun ?f WimmlittiMi;

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