Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1855 Page 7
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AITERTI8EBBMTS RENEWED EVEEF DAT. WM*itr mwurmiL 1 Q Q_<*RSK<wicirsiTRmr? to let. next dry ant uid second loft* in fire story buUl laaatodiatelr. Inquire on premise*, or to Mia M Orennwtah itreet, mr Battery ; alto, J- J- *? ^ skylight, and * house u> Now ?ifth wrt, *N *b.i. Brighton, States 5 ^TVO PARLORS AND BEO UNIVERS1TY PLACE. ? . meat, ail handsomely v room i, alio a lUht front bte.. *tamea, without furnirheJ, to tat ?eparately to ????. '**? tb? board, or together to a family, with priTi- . Mtchen, Ac. " ~ < ? ? ? i ? ^ *? k private family or thrke grown nsnScpw i J\ will tat the ?ecoud Boor o( their hen*. consiitlng of front and back room and hall be J room, with targe ?:lonetl connecting, to two or throe pea lie men, (friend*.) The houee in newly fnrnii^cU and carpeted, ga?j Ac , ami no other inmate* will he. rwesiveL Apply at 30 Bleeeker street. Inference* and required. First class house to let? no. -m w rat T!:irt^r-?oco'j4 street, f>rown *tone front, wth all the modern improvement... I Unt m ode ? ate. I'o^miion given immeOAVjly. Inquire oil' J. W. MILLER, 442 Eighth avenue. FQKMBBO) HOUSE TO LOT? FOB ONK TEAR AND three won the, with immediate po**egRion ; yearly rent 91,000; furniture superior, new within ninety day*; *v<>rytY?ifig complete for botueioeping, with bath*. gas, chandeliers. be. Situation very pleasant, near 13gbtb arena*. Purnitrre may be purctia?od if de<irad. B. W. RICHARD-', 307 Broadway. FTROTFItED APARTMENTS, WITHOUT BOARD.? A private family wfl! Irt two nice front rooms, (p?> lor and be.] room aO joining. I on tlin second floor, to one ?or two HingU gentl-men. Ternn uiolerut*. Apply at 133 Franklin iitioet. g~A oruio IIA1X LBt.ri.RE ROOM. 314 AND 318 \JT Hroad**y, .-an Heat SOU person*, to let for drill*, ainetrel*, ba'?*,{/a.-h. .-'inlay s.-hojU, exhibition*, an. I other purpose*. on ;tte premise*. H0BOEEN ?TO LEASE FOR ATKKM OF YEARS, IN oon??quence of ill health of the proprietor, the well known reeort, Washington House un 1 Gardens, Hmiiton xtreet, about two minute*' walk trom the Jtrry. For particular* apply on the prtuni<e?. JOHN IRELAND. H0C8KT0 IET ? IN BUCKCKKR STREET; YEARLY wait The MNH ill (rtr'cet or ler, con tain* t ??.. ?? i; IBUIH, vlib pantiieii aud closets tin r', oat, batbe, gA4, elegant cbamtaliern, Ad. The location U nuei< eptionuMe, nui'. but .. eliort '1 utance w*tt of Broad way. Apply to D. IV. RICHARDS, 3(i7 Broadway. House to i kt /vd possession at onoe? the beautiful fuU -??/.?. u three stu.-y aad ftoco Uawmvnt brick hou*e. No. 216 Adura* *treet, Brooklyn, tbreo room* deep, with all the modem iinpoovenn nt-. la)g<> garden f .11 of lloweWug plant* aud gr?po linei. ?uittblc for h uholcsale merchant or importer an 1 a targe family. To a gcoj teennt it will be let lo * for a term of \eau ami put U. repair. Inqolre iu the btio Mat ~ri 'JfhL I ' ' A F':W DOOJcTtVEil OF HI'.' ??. Jl way. an t but a ?bortd<*t?nce from the Now Hiren Riilioul depot; f< -ty rtx m*; good location for a pubLo bo i*e, bol.T," now occupied m a Itoar.ling and lodg'ng bon?e Fvin.tur? for rale; i"mn ??*y. H. W. RICHARDS, 30" Briidwny. FFICmS IV LET ? 4IXULE ?li IN SLITS, IN rillt _ new banking b.iil>ling north west corner of Kuvtita arid I'ine rlri i t*. Apply at the H?nk of lh? Oon-.iooa w?a?th. or of JOHN IJOY1', 18 Nawai ".tr>>e:. OFF1CEB TO LET? OVER THi; .MARKF.r IUNK, OOR uei of I'earl aii-1 Heekta-ia at recta; likowiie. a small ?tore nad cBioe uudrr tbo bauf, on of Beekmau itreet. O OIMCE TO LET, aSD i-V TURKS FOR SALK, Af.SO for Mile, a pa?enl Ofcid pre.-n, ua le by lloo )t C >. Applj at the t'oluinblaa lire Insuraaco Oo., cornor of College place arid Harelay Htreft. Booms avdoffice* tolet ? nOo?s and om> -is lo r?*t, in Applftnn'a build. ng, cuitaile fo/ b&st ?eriiuien, iaryerr , Appfy it D. AfFLETQV L O0., 340 and 549 B oat! wry. STORK AND HOi HE. No. 114 CANAL sTRKKT, TO LIT. Apply to J. OK A IN, No. i,0 I'llos ?quare, ciraer o.' fc'eTeit.'OBtli itriet ftiiil Fourth uvueue. S~loiuc "to Tki-to fafer "HiWiJis" avq" lt hoirtei- ? N >. 3t)*j Fourth avecue, hand^otcely fitted up To; knainos*; tho ft?re tsA three ba k YMiu* ^nd b? e rent o1'# Sittb arenue, a Qna *': .'ktion for a bakery; aio a'?m*" *4ir?>, 101 Sf Tenth arenue. ?Inquire ou the prec. .-eo, or No. & E?at Ki rty tlr?t itreet. Ren'ii cheap. ril.ET? 1 THENKW YORK BAT HOTIL, SITl'ATKDON the New Yirk Bay and ou tbo J.tricy City and llnr gen Polat llanL' Road, two an 1 a half aailet from i'.ie Jer ?ey City Ferry, conim.ind'jBg ai it docs one of the most ? wend id vi?"? of th> t.<y and Ntrrowi, make* it a inoat deairable r?iii!enc'i for fli .ie e, I ?h.: ot' to *j<tn 1 the sum mer aonthu in tbo j?nntry. Tie hotel, together with the furnlturo eoinule'.e n ill"!^ r jnt?d. For Till parnca tar*, Inquire of PETER BENTI.KY, Feu.. J.-.^ey <;ity, or of Capt. Geo. W. Howe, South Urrgen, N. J. TO l.?TT ? OOOD LOFTS WITH EXCELLRNT Ight; a!*o, *v c areLient htore oo Morri* ao>l (ireenw ch ?treet?. Apply JOHN L1a)YD, No IB N**i!ii> itroet. ri LET? IB K DJ9SANTLY FCR.W1FJ), F1RS7 rime brown atoce frnzl i!w?U!nf f.ou,e, 38 tent ttaT?rte?cth *tr?et, between Fifth and Sith avenue*. It ba* all the i> odern iinpri inwutijUd .itlor.l* a rtre eppcrtui.:ty fir rertoni .trmring . pleanut aud g?ai*?i ?e?iJecc?. The toum ac ' fnriHure will lie rec*.e>l to Ctkir. and ponieation givcik litmadiaUiy. Apply 3. SMITH, 1V1 Uro.idw.iy. r) LET? A FUBT.1t HOI.'.-E, rt lTH SITTINO ROOM, and other apartment* If requiro.l. Al>o, two ! >r^o room*, with four ante rootr - Hiijoiuitig, suitable for ?ocietM* or military purpose*. Ap; ly at l^& G/and *'. TO l.KT ? THE BUILDING NO. r. NAS1AU 8n??ET, will Ihj ren'-d for a refftorr If de* red. Aletj, to let, the store and basement No. 7 Nm?# ?tnct. a:<o. ?flice* in the mm# bullliog iBiinlr*1 of J AS. CRUiK fHANK, S3 Broadway. TO IET? THE SPORE, BASEMENT AN!> ?ECOND floor of No. 74K Ilroa. way, 17 by 8S fei't a tlrtt rate loeatiuo f?r mwl any re-pe-'tabl'' bti?in?*? ; Croton water conveniences on every tloor. Foe icnioa lin n.! dlateljr. Inquire on the pr> mi*e?, of S. M. LETKVfl fcTON. To a good tenant the rent will be m*de to luit the time*. T) LET? THE WHOi.E OR FA *T OF A MODERN built home partially farntabed or not, w?*t of Broadway, below Fourteenth itieet; the hou*e contains flfteeen room*, and !? well alculate-i tor * gentetl Ixtar! ing hou*e, bung furnitheti tlirobghout with Lot nn<l cold w*t?r bath*, gae, Ac. The advwrtNer will 'tfnrd out f art ol the rest if aetlrsble. .\ Jdre*a J. F. C , Her aid office. TO 1JCT, KMHKHHOK IMMEDIATELY? T*TO NEW j browr kU<Di* front, four etorr Knglliii ba-em?nt Mum, with nil modern lir.^ro?oni"ntn.' 110 Eatt thir teenth itr??t, rent $1,000; an 1 146 Eatt Nineteenth ptieet. rent $KWI. U.-a'ion et .-elVnt. Kor par'.iQBlar* Mir to KHCt.lLl.O, FRAN CHI i. CO.. Agenta, No. Iw5 waif utreet To lET-ON ijW>,vl.WAY, A WfFRIOR flogs; j conta.oiug twenty Are rtcnni, lo<ai on, witloat ex ctptioa, one of the be-- In ;be eiljr /or a Urn- oi**? b'larl In j; liouxe. n ,w oconp > 4 at audi; the furniture, all new, wi;Liu Bfn?tjr daja: -ill lie i'i-p <>- *?<! of at a bargain. Fv W. UIOUaR1 oOI ilioadway. 10 LET? FROM THE fiR-T DAY OK MAY NEXT. { ?n aeonrr if desired, the eoflomMlom luellin,; Uuf No. b Thonip'on ?'rMt, near Caoal, Rtiltable f jf a ! boardinf bou??. If de-ire-i (he ownn' will alt'jr the ' liont oi the b'i!ldlu< end ? net i.u iMtloa ll IIm Kit, 1 with a ili ? or i(.BYvrliDr the br*t ato'T Into a imUu rant. Apply tg HhNRY S\liril, Office Da?iat <1f?it, up ata r*. ffO ItT? BOOSE AM> -In E NO. 112 CANAL J. ktrfet pon *??lon oj *.h<- lint 'lay of Marcb. In Hotrt oi T . W t'A'.HTMANX, 170 '.'anal atn-et. J f|V) 1JCT? THE FOl'B -TORY FNM.IMI HA-KMKST , X brown tton honae, Wett l?Jt? rhTty fourth ?>re it, . iw.rth libit*, between Sev?*nt i an-l Eighth arenn"*. Toe brnor i? .n e.n.pli ta order. aji'l coB'alm e* rjf tuolern convenience. l'oeneaiuou I at of Ma;. Aprly t? E. BKLKNAI'. '.i Wall Unit i 1>? ixr? ihf. dwkij i"s?. bo toe, <'>? hiukkk i , atreet e< rn?r of Marian, With tli* vi joining front I and rear balldioft?, No. 1 Marina ii'??t. I'M* lr ug c*n- | I lai, ui an eiculhiBt loonUoo lor mum f'tur n* pur |f?v?. Tie ? bole wiU b'i l?t ciie?t< t > * f<?il t?ntnt for tbree yenr". Apply to I . W flCMMt, * H?*mm -tm-t. 1 riio urr-THK whoi.?v mt i*Aftr or r?K nvK .-mntr , JL btiek ?t?>re ano e?tUr, I.K?'?.l?r, c.raer of Wa^n hi*' on atraetp, imunlf lor any buain'ia, bu< more par lleiilarly Ur Ilia tro . ry bi*er bu*ln<S<?, lelog In tbe imnx'iliBtr ? ??nily o e eral ateaiab it'. Unfitly-, only one Wirei from V?e> a,,.| ,(n , j|ne with Aa?hDf on luarket. AmIi t'.? ,r-tna< to fc HAXH BUll. r 1 Toi>v- Tm coifn;, iatster avo Dworo ?\ Immi k>A?n ?? t$ i Vnt net, a govd ?Un<l for Apl',r T0 JrmT WtsilMJK K. at roRT wash ?iT#r tUii oad ' uiteen in.autas' tilt by tlie I I'll ton cutsplet" ip irom Thrty f'r.'. utrevt. The h<m?? li ?r.mi ot ' t\try re?p?< *ivti "'it bttlMiuft aad t*B i>t ?' iai?l The Mtua'.ion ia in toe meat beal'.hy ptrt * ?j# liland, tommaii'l Bf a 1 i?"W of the Hndaun rirer and Ixnig MI.iB'I -oiib Ti- a x teaaat mho will lake ?iK.d '-art ol the place, the rrn'. will be ie?aonatile. >or larther patttenlai* addrea. 11 , II' ral'l oflice i) I XT? A !.AK?;r. 1XM R flOltY HOl-R, 0<if. OF the beat >f? of BroB<lwiy, belof Cant I atr-et tiuilj ren* ? ' *' h all tlie aiode:a atprjteuenu. !o allon eirellent fo * firi. .*1* ' 'joardia; U'>J?e. U-aae, riroet* and olltlotb* far tale. Po*?*? m loam ? lla'.a'.j "cftairtd. M w iMBraaiway. a- wlSrSiHt. w"B'?"k ok tvuht or a i.armc )Kk ft ,t,.ry ti'?e, !'???? -J???lt firui.nad, ooo- itia^ol twrntv um IWMi tri'hkan. two batht, r*a*?, lr. Tit . -no.; teweit. r *01 ae orate*, tow. I'eautii ut Iwna eiat^lf- fi' ' *' rr???-"tey p *oa. APo.nfar maie.1 cottaff on f'alen l?i .r i. T~ ?Xrr? iVi hwi^u flntwrr? a o??j Ltunox tcr a ?lllinlt| M p?rior l'if iroat ar-d ba;a U.JJB.I I-', Till ? at f I ?? ? ??'> |>* ?? ? ??? ?>'i inr1 Vi". *?** room* ) ' Applr to U?o. p! rTJST? 2"J0 FOURKH STREET, WASHINGTON' ?qwr*, an airy furnished bedroom, overlooking the HM* ?v T, No bewM in fewmiZtee *Btte"Ur'S pM< 1,8x1 bIoek ???* "0 1.ET-FR .5i PRESENT TIME XI IX NEXT MAY, T* (twew? IC2-2V. pari or ? ?"??? buJt Uouae. ^L?U "" *"-rown w*.r. Kent J"*'?* f' ??? " reeiK'cUble family. Apply at the hoc? 178E>-,t Twenty sixth street. TO IjCT? FOUR ROOMS, SECOND FLOOR AVI) kitchen. with gat and Croton, pleasantly altua'.ed, on tbe northwest corner of Bank and llreenwuh street-, near Hudson, rent $30 per month, with security; also 'utne furnituie and piano fur sale or to let, with <be premises 93 Hank street, near Hudson; two floors, two rooms earh floor, entrance through the yard, rest $0 26 for each floor. Stabling can be had for two horses. O 1JCV? YEARLY RENT $400, WITH IMMEDIATE a. possession, for one year and three months, a nice tbree story and Wemeut house, with modern improve i!. nfs, .desirably situated west of Broadway, convenient m both tbe i-urs and stages. Carpets, oilcloths, Ao , for ..'.e. I'rice, $m. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. 1 1 0 LK I . AT 130 CANAL STREET? TWO PLEASANT jl pallors, suitable for a den tint or physician, or many ?>' Ik r neat business purposes, or to a la y and gentleman, plainly furnished If desired; also, back rooms am) bed rwnn on tame floor, and other rooms os second ao<! ti.ird floors, suitable for lodgers. Rent molerat*. T 'O l.fcT IN WILUAMSBL'RG, TO A SMALL CRN teel family, a new elegant brick cottage, six rooms, baieuient, iron balcony, marble uunlelt; stages rues the door; rent $176 per year. Inquire of Dr. LOREfrE, 46" ? ?rand str?et, Williamsburg. f from '.lit; city per New Haven fcailroad, r. two and a half story house, with wing, containing ten r>ovgs, pvr lorn rommiinicate with folding doors, marble mantels, lartje niry bedrooms, and good irarden attached, and well suited for a laige respectable family : situation .!<?! (fu ful, fronting the Sound, and wi'bln l velve minute* walk of tb' depot. Possession 1st if April next Apply to J. l!0<j ART, 80 Nassau street. TO LET, OR FOR SAKE ? A CAPACIOUS AND OON reuifntly arranged dwelling h>usv, in Stan'orl, C nn., si'.'iat<d at the corner ol South anl Willow ?treets, with garden, frut tree* and sUble; distscja from New YnrH thirtycx mile, by tho New IUr?o rail road, Possession 1st Apr 1. Apply to K. BELKNAP, 02 Wall st-eet. TO LET, on FOR ULE-TWO NEW AND ELEGANT < outages on Vand?rb:lt street, Windsor ierr?.e F Ut, each with stable aud gardva. twoanl a hair' miles distant Irom UaiuPton avenue lerry, aud connect i ed by .. 'ine i f omnibuses with Fulton ferry. I'ostMtfoa immediately. Apply to E. BKl-KNAl' 02 Walt StrMt, flto LET OR 1JCASR ? THE SPORE 1M BOWERY. 2"> J !'<et Ir jnf und 76 feet deep, e'eg.'n'.ly flt'el op. The lease ef tb- at* \e f.-r nine years for sale, or tlien. re will be* divided to suit tenants App'.y on tbe premises. TO LEI OK LEASE? FOR A TEKVI OF YEARS. Hroadway wholesale and re'a:l premise*, ?!*.*. ? Stores, store ,nn 'jasenien's, second lloor stores, sui'aile for the jobbing and Importing business; loft' und rales rooms, oflice-i with north Igbts, artist)' ?l -dio?, law ycrs' c luiii hers, workshops fur j? welers, printers, bivik binders, ke. Apply to 'tEOROE P. FoX, "?-'l Broadway. TO RF.NT? STORE NO 5 CANAL STREET, NEAR Ctntro street, the fust sto*y au! basi meat, with or without kteini power. Inquire at the store. rpo R HAT? THE STORE AND LOFTS, NO. 42 BKAVER J trset. I'o-aessioa immediately. Rent roasoiAble. -\ljily to Edward J. King. No. 119 Wat-r?lr-?-t I'O RK. T-A FVRNISHED PARIjDR, BEDROOil AN > k tehen, with gss and t'roton ss'or Rent $1'7 jsc week. Address M. A II., Broad ray P? OHM TO LEASE? THE HOVSK AND LOT NO. :.64 BROAD way. '-orner of Franklin strett, wili be loascl for ? tr-rm of years Apply te ADAHS A LL'CtCEY, 7j Nas sau street. rno LEASE? EOUR I.OTS, on TWBN' Y SIX : II rtrilEKi'. 1 sn'itb side, bet veeen SixtU and Seventh ar4nu<>H, suitable for a coal y*id or for Oihcr purpi?es. A; p y al 167 Broadway, room No. 14. rr<o EXiumioiw.? to i.eaki:, a i ink pr?ji*krty I on llr .adwity, n"?r Amity slre?t, i>r>arl/ f.irty f?*t wbleby t*o hu?<lr"4 deep; couid easily be com-rte.l intoa small tlica're, con-e. t or rr.insliol hail, an 1 woild be ro conrertis] lor a g jo I 'ona-.t, anl imm"lt>e pos sessior. g'Teo Ailiress bas 1, Pot I WH *? LOFa UXXKlUiliiF *OTAOhu?l. dji-l rkAii r? ?5,tj00.? AN A?TIVK PVRTNKR fflj (UUU with ?bo above amount, can havo :in c, pvrtunity stilou off>red, to iiiske Irani Hve to ten tbousAud dollars in the o< ?t twelve m iaths. 1'or for ther particnlsrs apply to BONNEBjjA CO., .Oh Broadway ?.u\A - WANTED, A PABXMB, Wiril THi above s. in, In a r^ftaurant and oyster sar>on w?Tl established a ng it food bus-n?ss. A I ?!r**e 11. N., b-i* IvJ Herald'offl'-e. A SPLENDID CHAJCE IS OFFERED TO AN/ YOPNU man, who hat I'i .'uO to invest or loan, to share '.be prohtt of a sentoel busiiK.ks, with a gviitlemau in tii's city. Addrsts Business, lit rail, ituting where an interview may be hat". D!S=01.ljn??N0rr m'ARTNKR^Hir.? JOHN II MOR Hi i fcat?i?K tliin day withdrawn from our into, hie int?rp?t cej?e? after tlila date Th* outstanding delita and a ooonta will be aettled by either of the pariaera, and the b'lcin' "* w(li be continued underlie KaoM anat. IT.TEK MOI1IM.S A O , 45 Uuane street. ! Columbian tinmlij, Feb. 3, lHli.V DI-SOU'TION.- -THE FIRM OK M4KTIN. TIRI'IN * ; CO expires tfa(? day by Iritatlon and aulntl con wnl Mr. 8 r. Turpi n from the Ann The un 1 Milled UiiMMii Hill be cloned by tl.e remain rig partners, whu are duly authorised to ?ign the Dime or the tiroi for that purpose. KDWAKI) MARTI V, SAM I. I'. Tl ll'-IN. Jebn.ary fi, 1S.'.5. ROBERT MOKRIsJON'. i N. K 'lUe undersigned. under the Arm and title of MARTIN' K MORRISON, will lontinne the buxiness at niual. aad wll remove to 1 10 Chambera street, on or be fore the 10th ina'nnt RDWARD MARTI*. ROBERT MORRISON. DlriOLl riON OK CO PARTNERSHIP HIE FIRM , of 1'ran-ia k. Mnaoi., furniture d?alnri>, Is this d?y di?-olred. by trutnai at. JOHN IRAN 'IS JOHN 11. MASON. Rroolljn, February 1, 18'>6. N.H. ? Tl.e baainea* will be continue.1 in the old a'atil, W ttt Will of Myille nvenue and l.awrenoe atrial, ; l.rcolljn, aa hereto! ore, by JOHN" FRANCIS. j K'OTICK? ON AND AFITCR TIII3 DATK, MY BRO I ? her Wiil'am l ee. ha* an intereat in Diy binino* Feb. 1, 1HM, JOSEPH l.EB, Vq ? Warren ?>r-et. XTKW YORK, mi. 8, IBS.'.? THE I. ATE FIRM OF X 1 Ijaff'rta, Coure K Til ton I* berebv di-aolved. by mutual cunaent of all tlie nar'.ies. All ditfirensea h#rtM- 1 fere existing between Mr Tbe<x1. O. Conac, atd.Ro^ert F. I Ijfffcrtf ano Oanet Tilton having been amicably arnoge I , Vetween the parties. ROBERT I.IEEEHTS Til KO. O. OOl'lJE. MANET lTI/loN. N otice or co-kartner-jh hv ? i have tiii!%day i artor'ated with m>: n. y aon. William A Kgau. *# | eo partnership, for th? purpose of nunifa-.turi*- lo)k. ) Ing gltt e?, picture fraroea, Ac., undef tl , 'g DaVTD l> ioAN Ik -ON DAVn> U. UAH N<? York, Feb 1, m.V _ \<n C*oa! street. I>AR'IN?R WANTED-WUrEW KAN' PREFERRED? %'io > \D InQu'n -a "Ottslgrnien's, Vo n in* in *he l-t-elii :?% aii-1 eomm ??ion buMp^n. I have a atand in the beat market in the city, hutnr apital tu carry on the butineta eitannvely. Ile4t of reference given and required. < apital. fl^Wi or"H:?>-?v Addr?ei K N, box 111 Herald o4<X. I MO. I'NI KRftlQNKD IIAV NO, IN 0C.T03ER liM. diaeolveU eopartMrah'p witn Intvid Ur< *a, tt.a lubl.c are hereby n?tfS?l that all d?bt? one liie l?i? Ami of W? a. Brow a tt 0#., are payable to I be Bivier ?taned, *1m i* alone a'itbo^*?l to nlla?t Juae and 1 celpt for the ?ime. WM. A BROWN, ITT Soulii at. fro I.AW^ERI AND OTHERS.- THE ADVERTISER, I an Attorney tmA Counaell'jr of aeven or ci|ht y?ari J pract' -e (two in th ? HI jr), bnt for a time out of it, de- , ?ire? to enter the oltv; ot anme gr n'l?mnn aa partner i cl?rk, under, lor the praaent, a ronilnal *?la'- ;n ' eltheT napwltr niiirht be able to bring enm- tfl I tbeoflice <'4 r<? t? Van.:. - , 'Jni,if,Bl,h .c ku.1 Otletd of atandlog. WonVI object to a CoBO'-O t'oa "U*1 * ^?r?r well e.tahJiahed, tr to en 1 gag* in ?"? tuameea where inlu?try int?frtt.j I ? 0(j ,r t?4f'eMry hereafter rr?ll? an I dome eap.'a m'ebt ?j? te.juirw<l. Addrra, W'^riMJorpb, Vn U> Herald C? e, with red *>*?'? WANrED-A I'ARTT <W MEANS AND OV007BTES re?p?' tability. tn lake tli* a* 3l?il?e agency of an Eagllah iranufaot ir m IMNit Objeetem made t? a pailj already engaged in ether b laiceaa. A ldreaa, vi'.b particulars aad real name only, for three 'lay a, fl. B , Imib No. Hi Canton lionet, Broad* ay. WANTED- A YOLV?/ TKRM ?N, AS I'ARTNER IN a aegar atore. Tie Steal be eery well ae<|uaiMe<i with the bn< new. C. L , Heral : <HHce. "AtrROIXWir^ Vf AIiaMJ. turns, FROM T&li? TBTDCRS HER i.?X eertl ea io Um lailtee aad iTntb m?n of th'a eily .a wkieOoloay, by booha aud a; i*uee. ihe can be coa tuftoi ab>it ?piii'ual facwltiia, Iota, rnarr'.age, kc , an I wft! teD the la* Ilea and geaiUsan whom tbav will Marry alio the name of vlaiUr*. Madaroe Uarvfa too veiae. in I ng'uah, French and Orman He a! ienw, \M Poeery between P;rat aodfW'-nd -treet? Madam mokhow, pe\enth dak-htkh, whj. . give la>. ee private inetare* <aa piat prewar an I fulnr* evenu all who w ah U> eoa? ilt tier aaay call avoa. aa ehe wiil mm a leave the citjr. Iitatl>iaan nwt a. ?OABPnfl tin MDOMS, ntzi) BROADWAY? AN ELEOANT .SUIT OF FUR I t)<2 nUhed apartment* to let, with board, to a family or lingle fjentlewsn. Private uble only. The kouM enntains all the modern inprovfminU. *7-1 ?> BROADWAY, OYER WELLKR k 90S '8 8A I I O loon ? Furnished room < to let to gentlemen. |} | Q BROADWAY? SUITES OF ROOMS ON FIRST 1)*tO and second lloora, with full board; alio. oa? or two room* with grate*, for aingle gentlemen. Hou-ie contain* all the modern improvements. rrf\ franklin street, first hol'sk we-tt or f U Broad w.vy, n?atly furniahed rooms, with bedroom* attached. on tb* first and second door*, for gentlemen: braakftit served if required; alao, one or two single TMma ia r lodging*, claanlinena atrictljr observed. ? ? " TWENTY-THIRD STREET? ROOM'S MAY -v(| 1 , - family, with or without par f J ?f be bad In a p. ' -*a*. Hal board, for thiee ircoiu ... ? P/? LIBl'ENARD STREET, NEAR BIU?.40W[AY, ????."? OO ly lurulibed room*, to let, togeutlem^ without board. UIN1VBHS1TY I'l.Ai'E. ? BOARDING IN ONE OF the moit eligible location* in the city, iu the im mediate vicinity of Bioad-Tay, Fifth avenue, the principal lotela, amusements, he. Extra xuit of r?oiu* for a gen tleman and lady. A'?o, rooms lor (Ingle gentlemen, upon advaatageona terms. f-r BEECKEK STREET, EAST BROADWAY ?TWO HANI) I sonie.y rarni*he<l ji trior* an 1 it hall brlrooai, will be rented with or without partial board. l'eraon* prefer riog tbe unlet of a private dwelling to the noi*e of a hotsl, would do well to call. Term* moderate a Wall book, WILL furnished, w:ni crate /\ and gas in it, to let to tingle gentlemen, in ** pri * ate bou? , with all the modern improvements. Apply at 'Jfi Prince stveet, a few door* week of Broadway. A GENTLEMAN AND MIS WIFE CAN' 1JE ACCOM modeled with a wll furnished, second story front room and bedroom adjoining, if required, with a -m ill ?cd respectable family, * ho will endeavor to make ttieir guests comfortable and at hove. Apply at -1 We-l Twenty second street, niar Fifth avenue. AOE.NTI.EMAN AND WIFE WISH TO OBTAIN A room t unl urtisbeil > ani b Mid, in a suiill n | family iu Brooklyn, neai Filton ferry, and near the line | of Brooklyn and WIHjam fcnrg railroad, preferred. Ad drere, with location ard tenon. I . O. II., lierald oft! -a. AlFW BOARDERS CAN HE ACCOMMODATED IN A pleasant lovat'on with leatly furnished room* and |, on rca? o>*ble term*, at lid Ninth avenue AKW SWJCCT FAMILIES ANI) SINOLE OKNTIF men ran be arcoamodaMd with b"ard by applying immediately i.t 4'il Broome ?treet. References reqii red A CERE AN 1.AHY WWDS H' ?AHD WITH WUR RF J\ kjim table family, where tastractlon in in u e : will be taken as an e<n? i * aleni. Flease rail, or addr??x F. II. at 70 W?*h!ngton itiMt, Hcbvkeu. i A commodate.! ? tli a lady where there are oo uiuei boaiders, at J ?-4 Me'b *lr?et, lictTcen ftlrd an l Fourth s*. A I ADY AMD CKNTIJCMAN > A N HE H.EA-'ANri.Y aicommi. 'a ted *it.. a 'argo front roooi, teoond il >.>r , j rurninhe.1, with full board for la ly, partltl lioir 1 for gen tleniau. I' retciireil, n tbr f.nuily oi ? widow, in a i;en *. | location, near Hroadxty huii-te ba? modem improv i inent* terini tn iderat*. Ad'.re**, for two day*, Mr.i I. , 1 Broadway Pout uflice. a > ITI t-V l'l liN IsllEI 1 OK I sFI .VISIIKD ROOM /\, to let with buara. App y 2U4 We-.t Twenty third direct, rnexcep'.ionai.le re.Vr"iwo required. BOARP ? KI.KCANT1 > EVRN18HED KOOMri TO LKT. with or without board. Tlx; situation is one of ifce most f*>biocab!-i in the city, ant! n- ar Fifth avenue. The bouse * n w, witb i'.I the modern iinproveiuenti. Reference* required. The Itirily will not nt iva on t]ie lirat oi Mvy. Ad 'ies* Home, l.uion atjuare l'oit Oltlcu BOA Hit ? WANTED, BY TWO ' ; UN rLEMEN. A HO )M with break i as* and tea In ? p/'S fsmily. l)no of then- wishes to jive l?<?0nt on the piano in r<com pen.>t lor bosrd. Ilesf r?'f' r'oce" given. 1'1-hhc adUrn*^ bo* 3, Of 8 Peft Office, atatiug tltnil, ' BOA It 1 1 ? Wl I'll tVKVeNIKN f AI'.MirMEVM FOR lami! es or single ^mtbt.'ii; a very desirao e location fm gentlemen doing bi tie** down town; cars and stages yas'!ng *.o all part* ot r.e cl'.y. Ap lyatNo. 4 Abingdon senate, (oeonu hou?r from ll%nk *tro"t. BOARIV IIIKKE IEAi riK'1, FRONT i aI'-'im: , * ih bedroom* attached, an'l one baek pul.irau l seveial *?i.a)l rooms, all hamtaoino'y fuminltrd, to i t with board, iu a hrst cine* boanlin/ house, 115 ( and j 17 litaud aire*:, three <ioor* from Broadway. BOARil.- l'l I A-AN ' I'.IMIV-S ami BMAHIi I " I i " m or 1 wu g> ntl< in> n or a small family without ctil dr?c a' all A;iity place. Ali the modern uuprov-mentc. Dine at ?> o'clock bOAKlv- A 't,'l AI;E, FRO.NT \TII ' ROOM TO l.EV in a pi'.snto w th full or partial bo rd. It Is suitabll for on-i or two gentl?n:en. Apply at It I street. Board? a iahy can be accomm>datrd with b< ?ril w t!: a wi low lady, v?ier?> she can enjoy the ouitortf of a home. Terms moderate. Bouid iu ad van e. Address llome, Hcrali f.fflie BOAID IN APR! ATIFAMJLK A SMALL PII1VATR feraily brivi ig one more room than they w\n , wo. ;ld !'k? to diipose of t to a *ingle g.oitl' mm witn or wlthuu* partial b'-aH. Inquire a' 04 Amity street. OAXD DOWN IOW* \ 0EX1LEMAX AMD HW wife, or two or three einglo gen'.li men. can be a? notnodateii with iioard hr applying at lus Uoou l itrtet, east of Broadeay. Also a lew "lay boarder can be icrominodat o, B'tAKI) AT NIVIII STREET? FIME SUITES 01 rootr. an i single ro m? m-wly fornlsheil, in a tiro I ua*? house, -ontainiog the modern Improvements ; verv respectable da** of Lot.-iers, and hotisu well kept A choice of r joins by early cn'.l. No cli'ldren t?k"u. Board rs iikooei.yv "Lka-ant boom-?. with board for amgle gentlemen, or gent'eaiea with their wive*, can lie obtained at 34 Garden street, wlt'iin five minute* atU ol Wall street or South ferr-s Keferance* eschanged No moving first of May. B"AHI> IV BROOKLYN'. -A < .EN", i .KM A S AND 'IH wife, or < ne or two gentleni. n, can lind a large and handaomeiy fnrnialied room at .It Willow itreet, tliree m'.nii '?*' walk from FnlUn and W ill street ferries l'h t h< use la furnished with gas, hot air, Ac. ; al-o otm ? J? nmp. Board is brooki.yn - one or iv.o.snclk ?;ev tlttuen. who may be looking for Iioard, will And pleasant accommodation* by at 'M Willow street, three minute*' walk Item 1 ult.n aud Wall strwrt ferries; alio one large room, with view of water, ?ui table fur a laity and gent!? man. Referenee* exchanged. Board wanted- by a udy, in a qi ict fami ly, with a wnlow preferred, and where tnere are positively no otl.?r boa dera, board paid monthly la ad vance il desired, l lea.t addieaa Mrs J. Henry, A't> r place l ost Office, swing pailijular* and tirma, which wuit be Diot'ernte. B TIOARD WANTED IN TI1E COUNTOY, FOR A OIRI. I) 14 year* old, in a fatally where tbete tire no nth r childr?n. ard where her moral* will be attended to A" " convenl'nt tu a goo<l echooL St?t<. term*, anil ni .cliooling p< r <iu?rt*r, location, Ac. 1or 0D, week, jiO'l |-e id, A., it Wa-I ,treet. Board >vantki)-?o?* a i ady, in m> ru BruoV .) ti, neir ..amiltvn a% cn?:e, or of hht hueh Meni-e, ^rm* v:u*t be moderate. Addre** J. A , litrabl i' ft. * V/ari> wanikd? uy a <;en i i.kman and wmc, JL> In ? r#?tp*rtaMa family wbara comfort l? ftadlail. An Kngliah cr |rUh I'rotaatant family prafcrred. l/ca t'on n?ar Ho itb ?r ?ont?(;un (?rry, Brooklyn A<ldr<??, Mating tfrma, wbi-li nut t>? ino''<vala an 4 iaclu I* lira M'l lli?lit, IV " 177 llfraid BOARD V AVTKI)? KOR A YOCNti I.ADY, IN A I'Kl rat# Uioily, wl. r< tli?IB tH n<> oth?r bo?r.:?r?, ?in *h?r? 1h? c<>u.furtn of ? home may !>?? anjnyad, !?> o?li< o wrut of l!ro*d?..y, not btknrCisrf atrot Al ?Ire* a notr ( fating t< i m< . to I' V," T, hoi 11. II' raid ? ?flea. BOAKIi WANT! fl-KHit A CiKNll.KilAN AND Wirt, in a hooar ? r? tl??ir ara positively no bo.ird ?r?, bi low T*?d'j third atraat. Prio??i muni bt low. f?<OB<I or tblH atory, ym and grata, witli Br*. Aa ald<^ly family piffwl, Hrl t? mint b? rivu la >n ?w?r?. Pef?r*D. ?<It?i. Adir?m Q, it, P., Ifera' I ofli * | BOaIILINO? Kb *"<*<l> AVlCU'R? FAMIUK4 A^r> ' ?ibgt# ?? sV?r*li eta obtain larjfe ptrlor< and b? I room*, li?.i 'iMjIr.riji furnUbad, *Rh ho H; twnpirl- r?, 1 in acr ond Cftor, fr lit, gaa, batha, , on tarr low Sarini, rnr ?uU ot room*, oiilun,i?lit<) to bt. I,. I'.lakai i ?* ( Boar?)in?> ? r<>??h and raumnox ?<? it or aap..rata, (?> >t . I ii . ! nnfala (? !<It if da^lrvd. Itatbnoui a. I.! ?i . Mf' I 511 II u?ton atreat. BOAltrWS IN AN AMKRt AN KAHII.Y.? *W0 '<? *!"??? (ftthnia ran In a?>?nim<?lAt"l ? tb Ml <it par i ill loard , al-., ? nntlc iao aa I lii ?.ft App t at i'i <>i' h?f 1 batwr^'i G* an 'I i?l II#. ur. HOARi lV; AT f>M lUtMADW A Y ? A OKVri.CV if and bis wifr, '*n ha Beroaa<n<Hiat?<i <<lih i pat'*r and l?!ro' m wi*h hc*?rd AIl<o rootaa on maai Biaa fronting I r'?'lwajr. AUo a'ag 'a intw aai'.b baarl It intlnm B(BBb AND BBS^wlw tllT l/?AiiD ?r? < raw to So * A?'or pla^a# ! to* may jh'ala '!???? Daioi *r?oi tKMrd- i<iw U> Xu. I liV'i an*, j no will bo #lr?r'?d 'a aal'abio ala^'n, In * ot ' ??r<? i t. II? T7 Fiiraro Ro<i?M iu ljci? with or wirwi t partial W?rd, h> a proa* faaailr rctkiiag l??? ? p*etaM? portion of (l-'4aoo itrwt wHhla a faw 'loor? *< W. I?k?'a fhur'h. Iha r ?w>?, r. ri>Utln* Oi a ftaod a*l; roiainbod parlor and two lM<|rin.-n> bath, ara oa tba aarood H'?t awl wot. i i t<w !?*. to t?o ar hf? a f<Bt!?ib?a ml ?**fa<tab?l *gr. Trtu i in'?darat> Afply at 4>l lla<U ib atoaat, bH?><? J a ad 9 Y, It, a? > o'tk?at A M. HAHDr??M?j v ft T" DS . >i?fk pwiiiwa, witli ot ? U. at ??oa.-d la a m ??'? l^ntily Ik* feniaa la aaw aa . boaauralij . ?? alabrA, aa ' la rw.U a with a- 1 lb* at rl?r? -m prw?" b<?'? Ik Jit *: Iiv , \t?tb la.r 4 ?>t? MAUMWARDUNWira. 14 GRFJCN 8TKECr? A FEW DOOIH KHOM i^l UmI itreet, two mj ptouint and wall furaUbed fiont room i for gentlemen and their wivee or single gen tlrnitu. with full or partial board, In ? roipeete'ile tarn ly, where but ftw boarder* * r. takeu. Term* moderate. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN WOULD FIND A GEV tee) home, with board, In ? small bouse, one Mo.ii west of Broadway. Please call at No. 97 Grand ? t r-f Reference, If require), -pARHAI. HOARD ? MX OR SEVEN YOUNG OKU XT tlemen can be accommodated by a widow lady, wbo will make tlinn comfortable iu every respect; t to mluutet walk from Die cara. Inquire at 7U Feventh - treat, In Ua baaeineat. "PRIVATE BOARD IN A FRENCH FAMILY ?TWO JL baauliful parlor*, trout and back, on the drat floir, alao a back ri om on the ground Uoor, all Tary well lur niahod, to let to a gentleman and Ills lady, or gentlemen aJona, with full orpaitial board. The house contain* batb rot m. Apply at .'?U.l Broome street. BOARDING? SEVERAL VERY I'LBAIANT M~ rooBW to "uiu" or ?*P**ate, furn>abod or unfurnish ed can lr Uad.'wltn i,0?ri'. ?'? reasonable term*, In a private family, railing at No. -v?"rtb avenue, oopo lit* Calvary Cbur.u. The bvuae 1* Bbpij ..-awa, and bai all tb? modern Improvement*. ltefertmcei W changed. _ PRIVATE BOARDING.? A OK P-JJ OF TO let, with partial ?*? ! , to tingle gentlemen, or gen tlcmen and their wives, wl'.h lull board for tiie ladiea. wber? but few boaider* ura taken. Apply at 1>5 I'lioir|. Ben atreet, mar Houston street. KVEl: Al. H r.M.-IIEI) II' OM-'. WlllK<ir BOARD. ^ to let lu tingle gi-nllt men; al?o, a fr.?nt ba*?m <nt. suitable for u physician's oflif. Apply at No 4 Boo l etreel. rpo i.kt, wim hi )a kd ? v i \r<;k iiandbouk 1 back parlor, unfurn shed, on the Brut Uoor, with two pantries attached ; alio a Urge handsomely fnrnifb el front room on the >*coid Hour, with pantry attached, alao a hall bedroom, foi two yjuug ladies. Apply ?t IU irullivaji a tree t. To I.I.I M IIII HOARD, A H.h.\- Ml HON 1 ROOM unfurnished, w.ili adjoining beilr.ioina and pan trii a, oil the aecoud Uoor of a II rut ??!?*< ho'iae, in an ex cellett an I convenient locality. Inquire a*. 'JHO West Twentieth stmt. S TO GPNTIEMKN? A PW\ ATI F tMILY W Nil TO let to gentli men ? ne or t*o weat'y fu'niaiied ?? I very comfortable rooms. Bath room In the bouse. Apply at 7-1 Houston afreet. H'AMII' HY A GENTLEMAN' A I ItNi H D W room, for pTrmaiien' or trans ent use location bf tveen llraini aril I mii-teenth *t~eet", and (Second an 1 Sixth nvennea, in a private fauiilr ? here there are no other lodger*. Add rc-r C. M. E., [Iroad ray poit o'Mce, for four day?. "lEfAM'ED ? I I IJWMII D Al'AUTMESl-, WiTII jf bo#r<1, lor it i.itfy and t'?o children, uud?r t<vclt-i yetra, on flrnt or >econd (loor of a respectable V?oi?e, where fea Im ?rdera ai' kept? the lady a hnnban l enly Bleeping th?r* ev?ry ni^hi two bo 1 room* milfic.ient not eioeding ttn (lolltin. East llroa l??y, Ua lin in or Henry atrcetii preferred. Addre** H ? , fleruld ollice. MIM'KI/LAIIBOlll. ??/?(? t'AN'Al. S1IIKKT, NEAR VARICK W K H. XOO VAN NOTE'S grate and fender, kiteheu rau^e, ??luuurr range aud itorr warero'tms. We have a l^r^n aaaortment of the laUat pattern* of mantel ifratea, range* and >tore*. for sale on reaior.ablo term*. <iraUa anil rang>? set and repaired, range* lined, bra'" found er*' an 1 jeweller*' fumacer. bu:lt, atcree lined, H*!-?r?' oUom buil: and rejia'ied. AiiKNIIIMAN OK FXMtRIKNCT 'N 1 III' "I V ? tale buaiae^*. a thorough bn?lne?? mail, will gi?i? bla exclaeive attention to ? >e or two ealates. in all their various brandies, sell, lesve, le* , collect, fc Ac , on a moderate (alury or coonnifsion. ICelenu, .en ?ati?'*ctj ry. Aiidress K., ho* 2,'iOi Post ofli. ?. (HORN'S ENTIRELY t'l'KKD, IIY U81N0 DR. UK wJ Df.GROO 1 'S corn lalte, ??i. h is #arran'?d toe i re will out pain .<1 Cvols a 'mi*. A l'!re?a . aion?y vu closed) for one neek, |Jr. lKj(ioot, ilerald ofll:o Will lie aent w<tbi>ut diarg* to any part of the city. CURE OK COKNt BY MADAUt BEItiiARi). M). 117 / liowery eas* *i'le, bet?een 1'ieonm and Detail cy atieet*. k'adatne B r> sp?ctlul!jr iniorm* the pooh* tint ah? haa redni ed tier price in or>i*r '? enable atnw oa lo l e frie fr< m | am, an I feel* ccnfhteuf iu proini'i'i^ that aha wilt r? ao<e corn* hnniona, nails grown in the flesh, A< , ? thnut eaiitiog the leart pain or In ?oovenler. ??. V* r.aai "-ah fcn- Vo i?v home, M al ktaUaiu* U. 'a rratdeace, fr<m 1 until 7 ? clock 1'. M. DIji OUAll \ E rRESCO I' A INTER OJT IHK GKKkAA and Itailac *e.hml.? la r*ady to Aaeorava la '??? wioat approvid m nuer, and la aK atv .ek 10.1-sa*. at H i r>r alrae , Niw V If, 6EOBOK H':ilf. IRf; HHE.-S1 T10N S I'lllN ? | H'AH IV no way .iani*,?d b; the ht? in tl. inoinm/ of the fc.h inetai t. Bis lrien<?? and the publi g< aeraiiy ?ill lliol him at his old stan-t, I li Eolton at eit, prepare t to execute or ers for job u carl pr.utinn, at short no. <* and ca?h pre e? d t i RH.tN H.OWI It M Ki'- KHEORitl AlXtlPir V Jf IIAAt<L, Jr., of Wurl 1'riisala, gt to anuouo ? thai bla iiat ? I Ho?er *??. d" nuy l>c l<*>] on apple ation to Messrs R. Kl-cher A lla he IJ lerty *i ? te1. IN IN1ROM CI.VG IK TIIH MiltKi r HlMWi J "IV Dirk K Sea k ? cord Vimi ya. i ipfii cotton, w? le:; r?*p<*?Uully to rail the attenliou of * holesaln an 1 retail >oi) -a an cona inura to llie art. tie at Ii'iii< aort'.T of thru favorable notice. Mr. Dick, t'r., wai for n"*r:y Unity years manager for the manufacturer wii >*e eatlon bold* the Brat rank in this rity, au 1 t'ja fact of liia li it lug m> t elth great succeia in the llntiili, I snadlan an I Wiat Iiwl a market*. a>nre he b*gao msnufacturing on i>i* { nan a:coniit, make* a* feel satlafled that the cotton ha* only to be kmwn to become a popular n I fir ortte ?rl! ? le f i om the extent of Me- rs. Dick'* ni'lls. and t'lejr ma bli.rry having all the latest iinprovoamta, w* are er.abled to fell it cheaper than any other first class thread In the R ates. Mr. |M:k, Sr., luperinUind* the manufacturing uipartment; and at ha eiamlce* th ai ools during 'heir manufacture and before hipm-ut, ?e can guarantee that tlie cotton will always m ilntaiu i ta character and be ei|u?l If not acperlor to any flr*t claa* thread n?w kno-rn A vlait la soll'-tted from buyer* when making their nurcbaae* for iprlng, by RO'lKRi' I WiA.N k to , 61 lay itre't. N. B ? The threa-l I* peculiarly adnptod fur aewlng machines. B J II MAJtfB'H PATtNT CYI.I.NPI.U PRINHSO MA i chii.i't. ? uuehina* are ? h?u|>, <*nm|>ac'. aid espedlUous, rtry alinpla in th? r eoMtrmstloa, family uiwk ratood, and not liable to out of or.|#r altli ??-?J i nary oarr. >orm* cai. rami; bo made r?a1y on theni ami i an worked by boya? one t'i turn, aii'l ?>u?> to f*e?l and from Iffltt to fifteen hundred ihw'j |?r hour ran *n?IIy >>?? run off; or more, i! tlnam I* ap|>l ?l. Hey Lave b?en in auccetaful operation ?< >^ral i?in, an. I arc for aalo at 4 Kldrklge ?tr??t, price ?i'.0 anil. ??) Know n (/thing koap ? tiiis MUtmrUL AND fragiaat aoep. emblematical of Know N'oibiag urn, ?) oulil b* In ami oa tbe haul* of ovary member of tl>? nn'er a?<l friend* of '78 To be obtained wboit?aJ? of HaTVM, HlNSl'ALK ill BoaiNHO.Nf, 41 !*? ? and retail of T. foddino'- - ... ? --*?*! ] uiidcr tlw New v ? ???*???, TM Hriacwey jrtfgUU * uultl, fcu l of *!t lh# prucip*! j I"" *ICBKK ? M.un sWU'Ml IJXOUH AKRIVIU, I J ia pr;r.f order, for m'? by J K. < i.K' \ CO , No*. !>0 and 'H MaMen laan. I ?t>l? RIANT WII1MK*KOR1IOUWA<TI? rofKXDTO fiow atrong and t Wei In ?.i wwa bj my oniru rnt, which will not etala *r injure tl>? ikin. tl a bottla ??ut to any part of the country. It. U. flllAIIAM, ll?7 Naaaau aWcet, liaye*, 176 I'ulten itri-et, Brooklje. Sill* f J* SKIN MAIS ? A I. Alt', K AMI IIANIHOMI. A? aoitmantof wbit?' anr> colorM eheep ?*ili ?uat?. ?rf difltnut color*, for aa?e la Into to nult purclua era, by I: (>KAVr, No. .,2 Kerry ?tri-et. I a'Tj TlIK MH.< HA.S7>r<iV MW VOKK riTY.-Wll B. likffON, of Om ana of kfl-eodon t/kamn k >lr. 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Mr. lir<iai(liaui TiJIany Mr. Dyott Twirkle Mr. BlaDit Joilmaiire, . . . .Mr. rilawart K'*g Mr. ttilpiwndals l* ka Mr. viaefiit Mra. Iiftauy .... Mr* Blake Gertrude. . Ml. a k. Bennett Mlllioette. . Mra. Urougbjua Prudenc*. . ..Mrs. ttwphan* THE i.A*>r man. r.eollrey Dala Mr. Blake I I.uc* Mm. Coooeer Codling Mr. Vincent | lUrbara Ma. htapliani Gbp. tawdry & woods minhtreix in oo.vh k quanra ut tba detraction o it thalr hall, 444 Uroad ?a?, by Bra, will perform artr* sraning at yfqjA.vw haj t, 47a hroadwat, ia?ti thi aoavrb* i' HBNi'.V W0C!\ ! r~c?i*u>n. ?;r.o. cHKlKft, All butcneM trai.aai'ed by '.'..Henry Woo ? . wriuoi'i an, Bl lu K><jl ?. OIKRA, 1.1UU7 PARTEM, DANtM, ETC, Afrtcaniird by the m>at tcaompiiabad company in thi worlfl. A eLatga if programma arary eiening Doors oj-va at t', v'siooa, to commune* ?t7>%pr* aiaely. Circus metropoi.itan thkatre.-i.aot wkkk of tb# greut cimhltad TROll'K UK tt. HaNoH At CO AND J. J. NATHAN*. 1MB I. 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"II <i - lili M"-l _ et'abrated ?o Al an 1 in*', umaotal p?rform?r- -ha h??e ?i?lted Ine I ni'ad "ra'a*, aod po**a* -n^ (vail natural abll t'ea for lni?ru :tlo* othar*. will t ?? la- -oa* to yonng hillli at bar re*iija?ifa, law Thirty. fourth ? r* batwem f-arenth :vu I f igbtb m or will Bttau I al reillen.r" tlirn- r nt;iM ? ill pi ra *ufflcl*nt. Tenn. In ?. -.ifdaa'-e al b tba tiro** 1>IAN'?V A ; ??it! A I V Hi I i hD I 'HI K n?r H'tiad >li and a balf o-U?? pl*no? f-?r |17'<, t'.'oo ard I lit' riot a< goo'l a* tbo*e will b e?>?t >'<iX). I'i&no* of a?an tarlaty of *l)la, eomprii nt tb*** of t?n dlferent manof* tuiar*, among tba.n i Ollbart A Co. * praraium - ollan piano*, and tb<- llortre W??< r* iiio Imii Improved pi*n'? S on t ban I | *m>? at gra at bargain*, price lion f 10 to |I6<) I'lanoi to rtnt. Mel <>n?fij| ar?ry larlaly, from fl?* diflaran' u-aeufactiirla*, Inclndlng tlie w-ll?no?oH D All H Fmilb'* nalttddoBa, lha tiei t tr.aka In the I sited Htalaa ftiiBeil In iba eijuai ten parm'-nt,; all at t?!r*in?dy loa jrir?'i Mu*ia al thi i*du<a'l rate*. Juat piblUliad. ipurkllng I'olka, by Ihoui** llakar, SO real*, a baautilul piodii' tion, *nd bailiik' aa im uan-a <*|a tttiej at- a *m ?>ell!>h>d witb l>eaoliiul colored iignatla uf tba m'ertor ot Mi Water*' great | ano *ad mink eatabl ibmant, I lain title aBt?. HORACE WATMIH, Broad r?f SKI ONI IIAVI' l'UM? AroltEAT ?AI''aIN4 (iV, Vi?|l.,,l,ta,MIDMtll. - (J t, t r.u.l tOUM CWtWft U? pffai vd) Se aold for 1190; one 7 octAYt- "V.moie, liont round r .n*r?, ptbe I ?>*). t<e?i a ??<; hut * Itw luoatb*. will ba ao Id for fill ina do , A,', o:tare, ?i(uare aa*a, for IIMI tao boudoir piano*, L. Ulllart, 7 o:ta?a, ?ary *l<gant <-a*e?, b?*n u?d but a law iu ?.W?aah. Till 0N< KHTINA <i't FTAR. AND I lANOfOBU Tl.a u?lai*mnod bag* to announc* thai 1* in'in ?< to giaa in*tru' tlon ' D tba *b"?e .atruw ala, *t b.a rt dar.'a, or at tl e ia*ul? n^a of 11a ru pi la. Addra**, or ap ply Immeuiataly . to %U (IM?ard llartow, No iVh ? itli anoBC. ntb*. prlc* ?? <Pi *?' I , will ba aold for HOB A' B WATBRh, ?.t. Rroa4way. ? in moom, *c A" MkAl ill I r. A' liHWt ST I>r lUl ll' rUHHitll'k r?d til. r M?, Of?M4 L? rob'# ao-1 *ntr < 'n -i rotx?, of U. ) Ut?<t I ?n?laa I ?</ UKt *.?.<! ct'BiuK in v'm4 br ??!? ?l L?li Um<';< i' laiMrtoitott, lit t mm i.i , mivoar 4 uo, y?. 171 Broa-i?*y. Banaim 01 ( Aiu-rre- THK-r m hmm ??tui > for U > ?arj bail of l ?.? l-h ?nl A H'it no-.' f.fc# .n?r?.a, ?t C*. pit r?"J; m'?d4 ? ualitj <Sn. It [?f j?i ! J'/.th 'a|<4tiry \jtmM ?#!. M -?r? <'i ? ( r-?ti ? 40 J ?? . '? at tl J- r JIM ntil Hnt d? ?' II .'l jx 1 *r>l. A T ffTEWAKt K CO , lti<* *i|, I hAti.hf ? an ! 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