Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HER AID. WHOLE NO. 6739. it AFFAIRS AT THE STATE CAPITAL. ?HS BALLOTING FOR UNITED STATES SENATOR Wbl B. Seward Blected by Ten Majority. ALL ALBANY IN A BLAZE, Ac., <ko., Ao. new YORK LEGISLATURE. RtiwU. Alsa\t, Feb. 6, 1840. Rrm?M, w. To amsnd tb? charter o the Williamsburg Ferry Com H?r Mr Bnidu report, d the Williamsburg Firemen'* bill. Also, a bill to amend the Consolidation act of Brooklyn. Mr. 8tnmni reported a bill to prohibit inortgMges as a (?tii of circulation iroriow, m. Mr. Buucr, of a bill in relation to extra judicial oaths. Mr. Bboom, by bill, to perfect and legalize the rights Of auff rage in the 8ute of New York. Mr. Mwwrob, of a bl 1 to provide for the better super vision and regulation ot ra. (roads. RKOLLTION8 The consideration ot the resolution authorizing the Governor to appoint counsel to assist the Atterney Ge neral in the Lemmoo ?inv?* esse, was mmmed, the queH lion being upon Mr. Brooks' annulment 'to strike out tbe clause authorising ti e Covernor to appoint. Mr. Dickiwok resumed his remarks, correcting what be belie red to have bee" an un'ntentional error of the Argut report of th h mi rr.iug, representing liim as clas sifying certain citizen* of New York a? a "close corpora tion of wealthy minereiin He made no statement of the kind, and ne di.l u<it doubt the error was uninten tional. Mr. 1>. cortinued in opposition to the proposed amendment, and redsting in detail the various acts of difference between the Mate of Virginia and Ntw York from 1840 to the present time. Without concluding, the hour of 12 M. baring arriv ed? The PBUUDKirr announced the kPliCUI. OBDtE. ? nil! MOMINATIOX OF UNITED STATES 8K.V ATuH. The roll having been called, each Senator, ai his name Was called, named bis candidate , as follows: ? William H Sewari wits nominated by Messrs. Barnard, Bishop, Bradford. Rutts, W. Clark, Crosby, Dickinson, Oorranoe, Field. Hiplins, Monroe, Pratt. Richard*, Rob. ertaon, Sherrill, Walker, Williams, Yost. (Storing, ab sent)? 18. D. 8. Dickinson was noir inated by Messrs. Barr. Dan forth. Halaey, Hutch n?, Watklns? 5. Ogaen Hollman was nom ua'ed by Mr. Brook* ? 1. Pieston King was comtuated by Mr Z. Clark? 1. Daniel Ullman war m m nated by Mr. Goodwin ? 1. Wm. F . Allen was nominated by Messrs. Hitchcock and Lansing? 2. Geo. R. Babcock was nominated by Mr. Putnam? 1. S. K. Church was nominated by Mr. Spencer ? 1. Millard Fillmore wa* nominated by Mr. Whitney? 1. Mr. Williams, In explanation of his vote, said:? Mr. President? I ass the indulgence of the Senate that I may at this time give the reasons for the vote I am about to cast. I stan < here, sir constitutionally charg ed with the responsibility of exerciMng the franchise en trusted to me by a coi ti ling constituency; and I feel it my duty to reflect laitQiully their wisbes?,according to the to?t of my abll ty. That a wide dilTereuce of opinion exists upon the question now bofore us, I hare no reason to doubt. Tne great questions at Issue are slave aon the one ban ) and dictation on the other. My con tuency are opposed to both, sir: I believe 1 speak truljrWHir sontimfntf when I denounce foreign, ecclesi astical. private, domestic, or political dictation. Ilut, sir, BOtwlUtanding the magnitude of these evils, I be lieve the elements air ady working In our midst will soon effect a remedy. Ou tie other baud, sir, comes up the great question ol human liberty; nod 1 believe 1 ?bould not be faithful to my constituent were I to ne glect, on this occasion, to tender my cordial approbation of the dignified, flrio and resolute stand tak?n and maintained bv Senator Seward in resisting tho aggression* of slavery - eepscially in ths attempt to extend its bountari?s into tbe lsnd ,of the tr<o. Ho has manfull) rebuked the enemies of human freedom- sad by his industry, sgaacity and ability, has reached a position which cua tiles us to bjest that in him we have a Nortlierr miu with Northern principles. His experience and l<-srning eminently fit him for th * duties of the station ho now occupies. And notwlth standing the objections of some, that he is not in all 9>eots perfect, yet, u view of the circumstances in ch we are placed, I am satisfied ws shall not be ablrf to find the man whose position upon the watch tower ot liberty will strike git aier r-altotuo ecemies of free dom than William H reward. Therefor*, I ain son strained to overlook all minor considerations, and to commend him for tbe laurels he has obtained, by re in stating h m as a monuiu-nt 'o freedom, upon the but warks of our country. I vote for William U. Seward. Mr. Robxxthon mor?l that a menage be xeut to the Assembly to inform that body of the nomination of a candidate for United State* .Senator by this body, and that the Senate was ready to compare nominations. Agreed to. A cesamlttee from the Ass?mbly Informed tho Senate that the Assembly ha I maoo a nomination for l otted States Senator, and w.r? ready to meet the msmbers of the Senate in the Assembly chamber to compare nomi nations. Under the lead of tbe Jertreant at Arms, the Senate proceeded to the Assembly chamber. On retnrn'ng from the Assembly chamber, The Pbwudk.vt announced that the nom nations of the two houses were found 'o ai;re?, and that William II. Seward had besn declared duly elected I'nl'ed States Senator from this State for six years from the 4th of March next. Mr. Cnrwirr ? 1 have no doubt. Mr President, that ovr Constituent* will be lilirhlv gratified with the resnlt, and therefore move that the Ken ?te adjourn. Agreed to. Adjourned to 11 A. M to morrow Aaermbly. Ai.baxt, Tuomlay, Feb. 8, 1855. to* kkmatorui. Qf nrriox. Mr. Frrro moved, according to previous notice, to ?u*. pcad the rale making the general orderathe ap.-clal orJer to-day. Agreed to. Mr. Fitch reaumed ar.d concluded bl? remark*. Mr. SrsMira aaid he had been anxioua to apeak, bat a* the hour of 12 had arrived, be would Dimply ao oounee hi* purpose t<> publish it. TO* NOMlMaTloK or c.vmtD ?atw hruator. At 11 o'clock the Hiu?a proceeded to nominate a can 4Ulate for the office of Senator. William II. Reward waa nominated by Mea-r*. Bald wia, Baker, Beacher, J. Beuoett, J. P. Benn?tt, Deyea, Blakealee, Blatcbford, Boy n ton. Bruali, Kuahnell, CfcurchUl, Clark. E. CuU , 8. H. Cele, Coleman. Oomatock, I?vidaon. Donaan, Ihimoat, Karaea, Edwanla, Evereat, Fairchild, Fitch. Gleaeon. Hall, Hunt, Jimmeraen C. P. Johnson, I.. B. Johnson Knapp, Kirkland, I/Cigh, I ittle tleld, I/Ourie, Maehaa, Magulre, McKinney. Mallory, Main, May, E. Miller, Munro, Paine. D. Palmar, Pen noyer, Pnelpa. Piatt, Ilamaay, Raymond. Kicker ton, Rhode, Robinaon, Schuyler. B Smith, S. Smith, Speaker, 5ti bbini, Terkune, U. Tompkina, I. Tompkina, Van Oi dol, Walker, Wella, O. D. Williams, Wilaey, Wianer, Wooden? W. Daniel B. fMckinaon waa nominated by Meanra. Aitken, Allon, Buckley, Cot *y, IHxon. Irani, Muady, Oleil, Searing, Seymour, Smaiiry, Stevens, Storrs, Wa'er kury? 14. Washington Hunt waa nominated by Messr*. DleaMag, theater, Galea, Lamport, F. W. Palmer, Peck, Petty, Kb odea, Vaa Etten? IT Horatio Seymour waa nominate) by Ma?*ra. Br .den boektr, Conger, Davy, Iwvening, McLaughlin, O'Keefe, Pareena, Seagriat, E. L. 9m ta, W. B. Smith, Wajer, Ward? 1U. Joba A. Pit waa nominated by Mean '"hapin, Grr on, J.C. I'arker, Rider, Selden, Staunton, S. S. Wha'tin? 7. Horatio Seymour, Jr., of Erie, by Merer*. Keadia, E. 8. Whales? 2. Pre* toe King waa nominated by Mr. I. Miller? 1. Millard Fillmore ? ai uomina'.ed by M<'isra. Cock*, Fman*. W. W Weed an ' A. O. W.lliami -4 W. w. Campbell waa nominated by Mr lUxUev ? 1. Reajaaaia W. Butler waa aoraiaate-l by Mr. Maateri John I). Howell wa? nominated by Mr. Wvgant? 1. Albert I-eeter waa nominated by Mr Gaaa? I. L Wait waa nominated by Mr. J. A. Smith? 1. Greene C. Broaaoa waa n >miaa'ed by Mr. Dod*e? 1. t>ytde? Hoffman waa nominated by Mr. Potloa? 1. H. O Haven waa nominated by Mr. Godiiard ? 1. While the roll wae be*nr eallef, Mr. Amua> aake4 to be eacuaed from voting to nay that ha dealred to nomirate a candidate of command ni talent, o( aational reputation and principle*, who wool I repieeent the eemnw-u.i mt?re*ta ?f the emu try, and prove true to the Cnioa? 'lenlel B. IHcviaaou. Mr. Maorina, whea hl? name waa called, a aid ?I riae to nominate a man who baa. with herile valor, thrown a N^abeheU Into the caiwp ol the Int' ieraat Hindoo* ? William H Seward Mr. P*ttt ? I am In doubt bow I should rot*; but I Will mat my vote for Waabingtun Hunt The reenft waa annouo<-?*d to be a* follow* ? Wm H Seward W <>gd?a Hoffmen 1 H. Seymour 13 8 II Havana 1 D 8. Dickinaon 14 W W Oamebell 1 Joba A B?x 7 J. B Howell 1 W. Hnnt # H Seymour, Jr , of Erie 2 B F. Butler 1 Luther Watt 1 flbert I e?ter 1 PreeUra Kmg 1 . FlPmore 4 ? 0 C Brooaoa 1 Total VJ1 The Snuatt declared WMIam 11. Seward nominated Mr. Buaramoa* raovrd tbat a commtt'ee te appotntel to la'erm the Sena'* that the Hoaae wae prepared to m*et that body in jo at rnnveoUen, ta compare nomioa Aioa* far United Ptaiea Senator , T>.? Snuaaa eaia>-d Maun. Ulatchfcrl and Aitkea aa marl eoamitta*. (I A RttfK 4 'i? The Senate appeared Mid <ook their reals ia the froa circle, when The Lbct. Gomnoi called the JULXT COXVIKTIOX to order, and The Ci.krk or Tin Szx*n annou need the semination of William B. Seward <>a the part of the Senate, aad The Clickk or tub Eodss announced tbe nomination of W1 liasa H Seward on the part of tbe Houm. Whereupon Lieut. Governor Raymocd declared William II. Seward elected Senator of the I'niled Stat?a from thii State for tlx jeare fro? the fourth of March neat, to fill the va cancy which will then occur by the expiration of hit ? reient t?rm. [Thin an nounc* ment waa followed by >ng c ntinued cbeera 'rom the galleries and lobbies? by waving of handkerchiefs in the lad lea' gallery, aad by applauae on the floor of the Houae ? renewed when, on a temporary lull, a few bines were heard id the crowd.j The Senate then retired, when Ibe Speaker formally aacoanced the mtlt of the joist convention. Mr. O'Kemv? As tbe black flag of abolitioalltn waves In tli la chan her, to give tbe stars aad stripe* which float above the eapitol a little rest, I move to adj?ura. [laugh'er } Mr. Mc?i>v? I hope the motioa will prevail, but for a different reason. I with to attend the funeral ol the Hii doos [laughter ] The motion to adjourn pievailed: aad The House adjourned to 10 o'clock tomorrow. Tha R1 rot Ion of United fttataa Senator. [From the Albany Jourual (Seward organ) Feb. 7.] RK-KI.ECTION OP BBK ATOK SIWARIK The legislator* responded to a aentimen* which par vadra the who e 8'ate In re electing Will-am H. Seward to theFenatn of the I'rited States. The duty was die charged with a constancy acd firmness eminently boaotable to whig membere of the Senate and Assembly; and when tbe re?ult wan announced, a shout went up from tbe thousands who awaited It within and without the bails, wbieli showed how intensely the popular feel ing sympathised witn and in the action of the Legiila turn There la profound and heart felt cause for rejoicing In tbis remit. Tbe people ? nd the legislature have been true to the interest* und honor of the State. The legis lature is in especial manner entitled to the credit of acting with Roman patr orem an I firmness The reasure front strange sources, and in stranger forms, as been Importunate and infuriated. Individual mem ber!, holding rel?ti< ns which tiny never supposed wtre to conflict with their duty, were singled out tor the ope rations of a secret order thst arrogated a right to con trol their votes. But we to know that In rant iastances th's ussumpt on of authority was indignantly spurned. These "eons of Levi" were told that they '?took too much upon themselves.'' Nothing could hare bees more timely or more bene!], cial than the debate that sprung up in the Assembly. Reside tbe salutary effect It produced directly, it has thrown a flood of light abroad either upon tbe dangerous designs of a secret poll'ioal order or npoa its shameless perveraicn by those who have jolqed it for profligate purposes, lo Messrs. letgb, Stebbini, Baker, Rlckerson, V. P. Jot nsi n, the Speaker, Oleason, Blatchford, Hull, 8. Smith. May, Fitch, who participated In that debate, the people of this State are largely indebted. All honor, thereto e, not only to the whig* who have upheld their principles in debate, but to those who. resisting ap pliances and threats, boldly recorded their votes for freeioiu. It ia duo to tbe democratic members of either branch of tbe Legislature, t" say that no factious opposition came from tliem On the contrary, entertaining the opinion that a fair majority of the legislature desired , Mr. Seward'3 re-election, they have been content simply to caat their own votes for men holding their own opi nlons. *Tbatever of vitality the opposition possessed, came from "silver greys."' This stripe of politicians, as suming a " Know Nothing '' garb, have worked with maligni.nt desperatiou. Two members of the legislature? Senator BoVertson, of Westchxter, ?nd the Hon. Reuben H Wells, of War ren ? who were in the Assembly six year* ago and voted for Mr. Seward, though then threatened with political destruction, had the satisfaction of casting their votea for hie re-election to day. itoring the whole ot last week the city was invested by tbe emissaries of the '-Order," wbo, with but Indif ferent success, under'ook the keep*r?hip of members. The trains of ytsterday and today brought In preat numb* rs of freemen whore pre<? nee at the Capitol oc casioned a brighter and purer atmosphere. THE 8AI.CTE. A salute of three hundred guns, In honor of tbe elec tion of Wm. H. riaward. was Bred in th? City Hall pUce, commencing when the election waa announced from the Capitol. The thirty. three pounder employed haa not berora been called Into tervic# since tbe election of IMP, Tbe Third ward boys are to (Ire one gun for each vote caat for Mr Seward, this afternoon from the steamboat leading. The old mhig enthusiasm baa not run so high thsae many days. Mr. Seward's election la a na'.lonal triumph. P. S ? As we *o to press, the gallant whige of the Eighth ward are firing a salute oa Arbor Hill. [From tbe Albany Atlas, (soft shell organ,) February 7 ] THE VOTE FOR ITN ITKP STATES RKNATOH. The vote to- iay oa I'niteil States Seuator, showed that the Sesard calculators bad carefully measured their ex ertiona to the nece-slty of the case. They took elgli'een votes in tbe Senate, and sltty nine in the House ? two democrats volunteering to vote with them in the lstt< r body They coull have increased this vote. It is slleged, if it had been necessary; but they had more than enough. Ibe democrats of tbe two bouses, on consultation. Hf reed to scatter their votes. A fee- of them, ccuatru Ing this intention too closely, ended by throwiig their votes away on liickinson. Five Senators and fourteen AaseinbUniro (whose i. ernes may be found in ano her column) <iid this One or two funereal votes were also find fo" tte late lamented Brooson. Out ot fift) ? W members in tbe two houses, mainly of tbe bunker org*i.izat;on, this vote waa but an Imperfect reminiscence for those departed statesman. As sn at'empt to divide tbe democratic party again, by ir.entifjing it with the personal fortunes of mere jollticlars, itwdl ha>e the effect of injuring its autbori. Tit* B*k IUlfar ?Thia veasel 1* a clipper built l?rl gantine, full r'ffed forward, of one hundred and nin-ty four ton* burtben, anl haa bwn fitted out by a Spanish tiouae in I '? art itr?ct, In thia city. Bite is on* hundred and nix fort long on deck thirty nix feet beam. and eight feet bold, was built by I.upton A: McDiartuid, at Ure?n point, Long laltn 1, and was launched on the 17tU of December last. While she ni in the frame her con structor tail, d . but her owners continued the work upon bcr, and pfcid tlia mechanics themselves. Hbe ia vary ?barp forward, with a ?t?-rn tapering to smaller dimen ?iota titan any r ther Tea- el afloat. Pha hat a moat gor geously fitted up cabin, with splendid panellltgi and gilding and baa tlx atate reonca, with bertha for twelre paaaengera, wbirh cannot be surpaatrd in point of tplen dor by any vessel which saila out of thia port. She baa ? f?re and aft steerage, if tba bold may be ao termed, with a!r er breathing holes pierced In the ceiliog, aucb aa the Tentilat ng perforations in the betw< on decks of emigrant ships. On ber a tern aha l>eara her name? "Balear"? and son* carved female ft# urea, representing, aa near aa we can deaoriba tliem, ao many tuodel artiste* which are placed upon a shifting board or falae atera, ao conatructed that the whole can eaally be taken away. On bar deck abe ban two largo water tanks. Her cargo consist* o( coal, wbica ia probably intended only for ballast, but taken instead of tba ordinary s tone ballast, and a qasntity of pine, She Is, or was, to be commanded by a Spaniard or an American. Wliile fitting out It waa observed that she remained but a vsry sbor'. time at any one berth. Sba waa first observed near tba foot of Jackson street, Kast river, wbere ecnsidarat le work was do?e upon ber: from there ahe went over to the Drooklyn side, between the Fulton and Catherine ferries, and took in a quantity of eoal, in well bound casks, baving the external appearance of sugar liogabeads >rom tbene* she was taken to Jeraey City, wbt re the received the pin* plana before men tloned, and waa afterward* brought to pier No. 7 North river. Vtry few, othar than the workmen, have been parmltt<d to go on board of ber, and ali questions con cerning ber have mwived abrupt answer*. WllltaaaaaburK city New*. A Mt? ATn>miA!.!.T Mfirr ? Yesterday afteraoon Coro ner Hanford held an ln<jueat at Hit Herbert street. in Busbwick. on the body of a young man named John 'tore, who dted early In the morning, from injarie* received the night previous by tbe accidental discharge ef a ea voiver. while being handled by a boy, a cousin of deceas ed. Th?- ball took affect in Onrw's bead. A verdlat of ac cidentally shot, wa* rrn'lered. Pouot Arr. tjmit*T?.? The following nominations bare Uen tent la to the Mayor, for confirmation, by tbe Al dermtn of the K.ght?eath ward ?John D. Hunt, Frede rick Cochen, Kdward Tbiakham Chaa. Videto, Oenrga Ball, li'o W. Moms, Phlnaaa t} Jacobs, Benjamin 0. Noyea, Wm Ml, Het rv Minor, John Doughty, tieorga I?vHr, I,aheii F K?all. (ieorge H. tfetterley, Aobt. Vm?r, (ieo Griffiths, I'aniel Jacobs, and Auatin Armstrong Ona of tbe apfoioteee, t.eorge Ball, waa tried before Mayor Wall and tbe 1'irat ward A Mermen, last fall, on several serious ctargea, and waa than liamisewl from j f*Bce, AoaMDV. ? On Monday evening, a man named (Thar lee I'unn realdlng In North ?l*th slreat, slipped down on tba aidewala in North Fourth street, and 'attained a fiaeture of the leg Oman ? Mr. Henry Krben, of Sew York, ao well aitd favorably known throughout tbe United Mataa. hae juat completed and put up a awewt toned trgan of frurtawn stops, in F ttreat I'reat jierlan charah. Tb? instramaut ia pronounced U be a nsoet taper lor one, baaing a new at , p, called tit* gam Ha. not po.seaead by any otfeer nrgaa ia t*e city Thia stop give* a rtah, sasmrt* reedy t -oe bifhly pleaalar and mlagltM Mggt | aa marm?j at* IM Otftav *f AFFAIRS AT THE NATIONAL CAPITAL, PASSAGE OF TAB FRBNCB SPOLIATION BILL. IMPROVEMENT OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. The Texas Creditors Bill in the House, Ac., Ac., Ac. THIRTY-THIRD OOBTG&BSS. BKCOKP HHBBXOM. Senate. WjUMfiworojr. Feb. 6, 1865. rrrrtBD rtatm fUCTJT oourr in California. The bill reported jeiterdij by Mr. Toucey, from the Committee on tbe Judiciary, to establish the United States Circuit Court la California, wa? takes up. Mr Wtuxu, (de m ) of Cal , m< red to <U tbe salary of the Judge* at els thousand dollars per aaoum. Messra. Ptuakt and Johnwjx were opposed to paying so much. Mr. Tovcct, (dem.) of Conn., was la faror of paying that amount. Mr. Ptrrr, <d*m.) of Ind., thought a salary of sis thou sand was not too much. A coiioquy now arose between Mr. Stuart and Mr. Wal ler, respecting the expense* of tiring in California ; the foimer maintaining that the* were about as cheap now mi in the 1 astern cities, and tbe latter denying the fact. Mr. Cham (free soil) of Ohie, hoped the matter would be j)i'*t( oned until tn morrow Mr. Finjavin, (whig) of La , thought the constitution of this rourt, witb an ioil?|ieui'tnt judge between the Eistrict aiid Supi?me Courts, wn anomalous in our judi cial t. Ue wanted time to consider thk racjno tm.iu.iiai.i, nr. Mr. Jontp, (dim.) of Iowa, presented tbo joint resolu tions o> the Legislature of Iowa, asking 'i.r tue establish ment of a line of militaiy ?to-Lad<? for u telegraph, and for a mail tipre>a between the Missouri rlrer, west of Iowa, and the l'aciflo. Kofeired to the Committee on Pensions. thk Motrins of tii? wi.-wn^rn hi via Mr Puiikll, (dem.) of la . called up the bill appro priating money tor opeuiagtbe mouths of the Miseissippi river Tbe appropriation for the purpose was altered from two to three bundred thousand, when the bill was passed with but Ore rotes sgainst it THK IULMU hl'OUATlOX DILI. Wax taken up Mr Wfixe, (dem.) of N H., mid be bad glvtn It all consideration in tis Judgment, and declared his opposi tion to the bill He asled why a long period elapsed without in executive recommendation of the payor ut of , these losses, or a report belcg made in the r faror? Mr. Clayton, ioterlocutury, naid that the evidence i against government was concealed in barrels, in a garret, 1 and In one ot the public buildings, and aintw its disco very, favorable rt ports bad been made. Mr Wciu? ' Tbe claimant* and their friends were not concealed In barrels during twenty Dee jesrs, and their silence thm, was indicative of a consciousness that they bad no claim. Tbose who hare reported la faror o' these clums, were members from large eomm?rcial cities. There was no spproring of tbe<e claims from Jefferron or Madison, wbo wrre cognizant of the coe'an eous events, and the lamented dead of modern times? they hare resisted th*m. The lossea were incurred dur ing a war in which we took aa many prizes as the French, and immense fortunes were made by private individuals, and other els mants, tl rough insurance offices. lie en tered a long examination of the circumstances aa r which v|Kdiatioos were committed, and concluded that tbe c'ain s cugbt not to be recognised. Mr. Mt NTtn (dem ) of Vn , thought the Mil sbon'd be ?o >mend> d as to give publicity to the procp-dmgs of the I commission to adjudicate tbe claimt aod make the J awards tber?oo. He submitted an amendment to that : etlect Mr. Hamiih, (dem ) of Me., opposed tlie amendment aa I endatvermg the bill, and after a tew remarks from Mr. ! btWAMieml Mr. Clatton, also against the amendineut, I it was rejected by a rote of nays '^4, ysas i"3. Tbe bill then passed by yen* 80, nays 17. AN AHf-MIAL IN TUK lit. TKHT <>* COIXMHIA. Mr. luWH>s, (whig) of (Ja from tbe Committee on Military Aflsir?, reported the bill appropriating thirty tbouesod dollars for thr erection of an arsenal in the 1 ist/ict of 4 oli.mbia, with an apartment for tbe re.-?p Von sed pr< s*i vatlm of wilitarj and naval trophies. Item! twiee and ordered to be printed. Tint II A M HO K or NAI.riMOKI Mr. I-HA1T (?h gi of Md., cal ed up tne bill appro printing t' 10 * 00 to improve tbe babor of Ha'tlmore, and 'b 1'ntnpero rivrr. below the city. He ??? proceeding with his rcn.aiLs when tl.e innate adjourned. Iloaar of HtprMfnIallrM. Wmhwroi, feb. 6. ISM. Tffll KXFKUJCIl HWhRTKB. The floor* tabled tbe motion [wading wten it adjourti cd yesterday, n*ir.< ly. to recouaider the vote by wl? ch wan paa-td a reeolution requfrng th* Speaker to revoke the privilege umler which William B. Chaae bo <1* a re porter'* Mat, anri tl at be be eipelled from tho floor, by a tote if M nfianat 42. OIK I'lPU NaTK' ami COKRCI ?R HV-TTX ? T1X AH CREDIToU imx ? AN ANTI-KNOW aOTHIMt BP?M H l> r K?:F A RATIOX . The comdileiation of the tbe diplomatic a inl tcnpuiar ry?tim wax reaumed. Mr. Fkbmmo, ( 'if oi ) of 1.*., batiag heretofore *pok*n of tbe df| I'liintls reform feature*, proceeded to *p*ak of that rrgaiditg tl .? ronaular ayatem Id many iu?Unce* foieigticra act *? ? ur coomi!?? men who havo no know l*<-|ie cf our institution*, not even apeaking our language, clctbed wiih the power t> tax Ameriao commerce and reamen. which u 1 mite-1, aimpl.) by their own dNcretion or regulation* of tbe country m which they real<!e Thl* ban led to abu?ea which would, if mention"!, ?eem in credible. The bill provide* for embracing all the exist ing law* in one rode, io aa to be eary of accea* an<l make pi" in provHoor now obtrore, mid prevent* any one from lxing cotaul who ia not a citizen of tlie I'm ted State*. No con*ul to receive remuneration unt I hearrive* at bit (Out. Ibe pay to ceaa* wl.en be leave* it. The bill provWea for the aimpiill ration of the grade, and to have but two claaie* of ronaul* and commercial agent* . Tbe present la tbe Kngliab *v?tem, "hob ia not auitable to our prenent nec*?*itle* Tbe fouith aontem plated reform l?. that the consul at large, in a commer cial port rball devote hlr whole time to bia dutiea. not in em-aging in trade an<1 uamg bia ofBee for lila peraonal advantage, and to tbe detriment of ev?ry other pnraoa engageil in the American trad*; and the fifth ia, that tbe ronaul* rhall receive -atari**, rather than dejiend on tbe fluctuating f?ea of office Mr. Clui<Df*a, Cwhig) of Pa., commenced a ?p**rh la favor ef tbe bill, hut aave way for a motion, which pr* vailed, that tbe Hon*e go into Committee of the Whole (a the Mate of tbe lolon on the epeclal order that being the henate hill to provide for the payment of ancb of tbe creditor* of tbe late republir of Texaa aa are comprehend *d is the law of heptemter 9, 18&fl M* ?uith (dem ) of T?nn . not wUhlng unnec****ri!y to con*ume tbe time of the llouae. a*ked and obtain*') permireion to print a apeech, in which he would oppo?e tbe extent Ion of tbe term of the natural tat in a lawa to twenty-one year*, a* contemplated hy tbe bill of bt* eol l*apne (Mr. Taylor), and at the mm? time take ?tr"ng . gtound for moiit atnngent mearurea to preven* immlgra ' vionhithrrof foreign pauper*, eotvict* and feloar. On tbe otter hand, be rball treat Ki ow Nothinglim. fr*t, 1 under the bead of it* i rlgia aad constituent element*. >e*ondly. it* mode of action thirdly. It* objeeta and a? rumed principle*; and, fourthly, it* fruit* and ultimate I innrrouence*. Mr Bi<?< KK*an or, Cdem ) of Ky., gava a hi* W ry ef the Texaa debt, and advo aW the paaaage of tb* bill ** the beat rra'ier of eoinprom<*e which could be adopted to rettl* tbe vexed and perplexing (juration. Mr**r*. Hmvih and Iir.u, of Ttsaa, 'revtrally urged sa tiefacttoa to that ktata. Mr. Gidm*<.<i, (abolition! ?t) of Obk?, had jio Idea of voting money to pay tbe Texaa debt when tP? |ieopl* of Ohio hare to pay their own be*l ie* that, Con^re** baa | failed to proviile for redeeming the debt due to tbe chtl dr*n of tur R*volutionarv father* He had *ontioental money de*r< nded to him from hi* father, for which be could eot get a rent "Corruption atalkM in tbi* ball pending the Texaa annexaton reeolut' ? Tetaa a?r p and bobd* were then flourlahed far and wida''? -be wouU not *av la tbi* Bouae, for member* ai% aboi* reproach, (laughter.) Mr < natmiff, Mem. ) of N. C , *aid he did not *ee ?h* bend* ailu''< d to by tbe gentleman, and therefore he very naturally voted a?ain*t the Texaa annex* t on reaoluUou, but, not witb>taa<: eg that vote be conaidtred himaelf a< mucb liable for tbe debt a* tboee whe voted for thea. Jfr Jo>ui, flea.) of Tean , sored aa amendment, re duclng the mm prepo**4 to b? appropriated irom I.VICO.WO U (XO Mr. hnini *aid If tbi* war* adopted Texaa will reject tbe act Mr. l'arrniirium opposed th* amendment, eaylngt) at tbe hill ia a good flnanrlal arrangement for the Lu ted Hal" Without taklag tbe '{oeation tbe committee rnte Mr Bx*(Br.v?ii'<i* remladed the llou*e that tbi* wa* th* only ><ay to be devoted to the Mil therefore, with a view of dupoaiag of it, be moved the Hoa*e again go into ectUBiittee Several Ineffectual motion* were tb*a made for tha Hou?e U *dl' ura, no i,uor?n voting. It wa* aow flee o'clcck, and tb* Ppealer raid he would eoant t? *ee whether a quorum wa* preeeat or oot when a do ten or more of tb* opponent* of the bill *t*pped into th* lobby to avoid being counted. Mr 0?u, (ctm > of H C., laid there wa* a man. feet dl?tt*lt|or> te po*tn? ne thia matter aanvreaearUy and with a view of tatting geatiemea atow their hand* lie mot ? A tb?r*,*houid be * call of the Houae. A Voi f a (outride tbe bar j? We will atay here aa long I* you will. At tf?n a* tbe Clerb began to call the roll, tboee who t ad *l'p|?d ( ut rrtaiaed. and wb'a the call wa* com - pitted, < ne boadred and fifty three member* bad aa aweren to tbeir ram**. The Uouae tb?n adjouned. Our Wathla|laa ( oi i iiperdeere. WiniMTOH, F?b. ?, 1SU. Tht m thf Tkt Jtf f Ofitrrt? On ?. IMUt Ctmimimmg Okr|u-0H nfrt < 4 ttm%m Omttft C^iiiw H* NtwF'fih Auditor? 'Ihrntct* in Favor of tfu Stat* of Maine- Mr. Watltrton m Africa*! for tht (tffict? Amimlihi at WiUariT*, Iff., tt*~ Ci ngress ?Mini determined to fcrret out ?r?d ex plea the Iniquitous frauds perpetrated on the Indians of Neiraka and Kansas Territories by ths gorern iPfnt offlriats In that quarter. In my tetter of the ftfiast. I m? ntU red the fact that the correspondence c?iied for by Con grew had been communicated by ths Secretary of ibe Interior, Implicating seferal offl otn of tb* army staHoced at Fort Leavenworth Upon a eh ser examination of this correspsndeiv e, I Aid that nearly every cflicer at that poat, and many private*, are pmvra to bare baon engaged In appro- > pnatirg to tbeau elves, h vi latlon of the law, the kadi belonglrg to tba Dolaware India?*. Mr M?aypMuy> the Csmmlssljoer ol Indian Affklr*, In a lettei to the Interior Department, charges this dlreotiy opon them, as a fact within hU own ; knowledge, ?nd recommends tD the President of UeUrlted 6titts that they should belnetan'Jy i cssllertd ax d dismissed from t^o aervice. Thii ecvmunlcatlon and tec >mmecdatlon were referred to the War OffUe for action, when Secretary Diris iMweted that be wou'd proenre a statement of the fbctaftom the officers alluded to, and w^uld thea c>?ti>nfllcete tgain with tbe Interior 1)oP*"??a~; Tnto Ci 1. Many penny couslderod dlnwspoctfttl to hfaTself, as be Lao mated tbe ffcete of his owa ner ?ail knowledge, and tee Wa? I>epar m*nt, while throwing tlacredlt upon him, was asking vhjj tre t of the partita guuty cf tbs firea il. Tnl*. a- , least exhibits h alrinulsr want of ooi-fldeno* arnosg ; the ? ffl^a'a bert.acd a strange determlna'.1ou at> the | inrt f t Heotetsry Pavls to protect and s reec fro* tux It" meet the ofBoei* or the a?my, ewo at tho ?ntcBM of the veiaclty of the Commissioner of ^MniueOuiX. in a communication to the Weston BrpmUr, sptaka thus of their action In sppropri.V | irg t e lance of tae IteUware Indians to th?m- i *iV"'uU okserve th.t per.ons In ths ploy are tli*nu*l??. <>f the people. Mdit l. n ,t u.B.a>8ndiOi{ < Bieer's pi wer or nim 1 to present thsui j f-on? ex?re.?ii>K -b<1 vliiusl righta which era eoaamon to ell by niakiDu claim* to 'end* ?ut>j?c? lo *nuettsr Ojnir r?Bcy. tbotgh, no l?r as I can learn, very tew of tbsin beve uons so. t , | The M*jor seems to lose'al*ht of the ?*ot thtt ? ffl ere W 'be -rmy stationed at Port i ? oith and paid uy toe goteriment of the IJniW'1 j buua'tc r the pmpoee of siding and I (an ling tut our li.dlan t/eatles In go A (a ^th, aid protecting tb?H very lu.da, if need be, I ?r per or doubtful cccupancy, and Bit, as ne any K to eiahle them, a. a portion of the pcopel, to j .xercts, siiuatvbr ?o?ereignty>ven with U^5 coMent , and npt-rtUil >n of "t e oommindirg offloar. In mVr, however, to show toe ex^t t. whlch j tM? fever tor latrl 1 as been i aging ?moagthogo^ i tt n?? nt oflli >r? in Ternt^ry, I g-ve you t ,o it4lowl' B ?xtis t lrotn a blunt, cbaraoteiisMc let- | ter frtim Oete>al J. W. Wtl'tftlrf, (formerly InOlan Agent anl now the delegate in t '!Lf?? Kansas,) to tbe Commissioner of Ini**n kuw , j r,rT,vr^\rr."T,?er,:oSn74 ?T;i it iirni du'i 'o Ift jou know, and wbat I state I a?u vUiioc lor jou to 1*1 the Pr< ?iJ?nt ?*e, an J f,1"'" 7, .Un'Znt but ?hst csn he well aubsUot l.tsd. ?" Il? eUi i .eschMl lort Uaf.nworth a short tlm- a*o, "T'r'i n "In -"plorls/ ex-m.on, "but Tit-d f-f V,t It turns out that hi. o.J-t w?h to buy' lend claim, sn-l to h?rs other. n.? le^ H" lent to the rott.iw?tt?!Bie nmti.m, where hs rsmnnsd a w.ek liertog that t ee he wee en*a**d in puretoslwt , h?\f luii 'l clelms et le.s Ihsn hell their t?iu , tekTrJr their dseils end HjaUs , wb-a tbe 1 re, ii. cot enter, ths title In addition to Uist, tl Irlem cUirn. on this laud pfc?l'*? f Mrb foondetlon. lit. heelnj claims ^s^l ??s? ta^?c^ ?,h.r. to follow the eianipl* ol his Kxrollency , am , a. - tin.e 1 PUiHtCMi nvtri 'o?>t of U0 l 1* w'?- I Kow lir the ftrst wron, Is htajhsatin* the Indian. , ou'. ol mors then lllUen hu^lWd*reon .seh eUim 1 dent In tr?st.e? mt.icU hs?f loo? since Oeen tne'le, he l? the filet irsn to g.vs him tronhk. 'I be t>i dicce furt Ufctd by tue I .term t'- ( par me tt also shows that Oor. Reeder, at too very t me 1 e ws 8 thus buytrg up and locating theeo Uid^, ^sd in bis poseession the oUlcial o Jiui'-n o Hi Cuebrg. tbe Attorney (^neial or 'bit i.ll*d H'e'ee, tbat It wan in violation f onr ,t'p?iV' ") ) ltl ' thei-e Indians, sud a breac'i of the go<Jd talth o! the r,?tinn And ttrarje to tay, with all tn^sc tacts In 1,0-te rsinn tl tLo executive, be continues Oaveraor l'JeV" UbUl'ty Is thst a nominitlon wiin.jrn?>, tnd?T for Filth Auditor of the Treasury -viw> t-te !Si?n ileasimton , <1? but It is not known wbe?* osn e v-1 1 Ik* aent In. I venture to pi?'llOtf , ?? sever tra* t e choice of the President will fill up n the linn. Mr. Ma donald.of Maine, , it, i(. t of I la btlDg a neither of f ?nK^ 'h. 1 ^ ret ht* Tl h* tUl Ct iticlf . Ol Ob? WU>g 1*1* certain, and 'bat Is, that the Hoc. ?n in ttt, nor las not been, a candidate fo. the (ffiit f i it Is well kcown to nil his ,r^Il(l4 that > e declined the prfiml/e of the same office m jrs last was sell attetded, aed parsed ofl most ide ts antly. 1 beae social re uulons ere now bee mlng very fasliorable be- e. and sie taking ?? ** "' tl e more f< imal parties, bejng a very decidci >m Jukfrg in Alexantrla. on Batcrdey.^thmiKh lt , b\ *b? eti anticipated that ? rowds were {Hng do^u. I trn't think thU a single member of the Vlrglol? celefstkn tn Connresi a tended. This was i? ol kindest ctt of all." COBRB?rOMI>Eh?B OK othkk r*ms. [CotrtaponJcnc* of tne I'bilad* Ipliia l^'ig*r. J Wasmacru*, F*b. *, lUt. Quiet i tin /.and flat mi in California A'cno J'm<tin j //' Ji rt I rmgrttt ? At'tmpted Muring I'p */ Jwliiit ami l.'yitlolir* Tariff AjUatiun ami .tccr< 'ary ' Outkrie A wry important bill la now bafor* Confraaa, an. I a trrj aitraor inary on in *t*ry r*?pcet. It ia a bill to ?luiet th* lnod titlaa of Hacramcnt<> 1 jr, California. Tb* I nit?>'; Hat** Cooimlaaioaar* d*cid*d that tb- ?? titUa ?it?l ia tb* city but an appcil by tlaa la* an arlad oo tb* aubj*et, liaa front that dcciiion to t!.* Hu jr?m* (curt of tb<- I'niU.I BtM?? It w*a thla aop**i wbii b Cfarril llrary H. loot* tb<-n a I'm *d HtMea , nator f rtu? Mlaauaippl. in-i?t* I upoo. a? *?**ntial to | patent rorrupt.oD and fraud, and bla remark* upon tha tubicct lad, a* la nail kno?n. to a |^r*on?l d #<? ilty with a 'h*n Senator from California, wlu?:li waa after ward* bonorabl* acttM. Tha praaant bill. th*r*'"r*, la ! in tb* nature of a ten** I of tba law wblcli a*t*bi'i>U*<l ! tba Fupr??* Court of th* I'nltod Hati? aa tba ila*l ar | blt?r In regard to all (California land da mn ?nd ? m* Onubta ar* < nna*qa*Btly *aUrt*in?<l a* to tb- n?tfti ; ticnality of tba mn>tir? lb* plea la. I umVutar.l, (bat tba drcliioiu of th<i i-upreir.a Ct.urt of tba I'mtod StaUa ar* alow, i 1 tint tb* California claimant* canoot wait. Tb-/, tti> r -fur*, want ( oofr*aa to InUi'er* with tha eoarM of iaatla*. and to aaaam* pro tmnin, tb* function' of tb*tlf'i>?4 I judicial tribunal of tb* land. Thla ia rather a norel ? n -I daoftroua Innovation of toat cardinal priuelpl* of tha , rnMitltutlon of t).* I niM Matra wbi n ??f.ara'** tb* ' judiciary fiom tl.a legialatlr* power nod It l??n iurora tkin tbem<r* to b* <l*pr*cat*<l a* it I* Intrwiar*-' to ward tb* r lo#* of tb* laat aca* on of an**ptr.ti*''oBfr**a. obeb will toon b* beyond tb* rea<b of puMr opinio*. It ia hardly to b* auppo**d tbat tba biU wiJl paaa Tba claim* ar* aald to amount b. aota* flfty or a bandrwl n>ilU< r? of dollar*, lb* tariff agitation I* k'pt al ?a by ' no<T*>-i*a adjournment* of tb* quaatio* from **?b to Th* cal* of duttea prcpo** t by tb* maiort'y of j U>* ( imnl'tw of Waya and M**na la not that w).i?-b m I P*?rttary of tb* Treaaory baa rwnnm*aii>d aa I I <o*W ? wl etber, I' any act I., a w?r* bad oo tb* bill. Mr Outbr a i *i>nld b* mne i ?aM.6*.l ? ith it- Ha woul I, I Irmly M lie**. b* b?tt*r p>aa?d If tba tartf **r* to rviuaia ?? it la. Fy tb* way, much baa br?u ?ai l about Mr t^itbrl* ? mifUtiai an I again about bla d*t*rm nation to lUy Mr f.ntliri* wlU rot r*?4(n now !>?t wt>*tb*r b* w II b aln in lb* Tr*a*nry l<*partm*nt ?ft*r tb* ad;oan> *?r?t 1 <A U ?|r?aa. r*mai?a to b* awn, Tb* pr**?Bl l? not al , waja a aur* Ib4*i of tb* fatur* [Cmttth- wdanca of tb* Baltli iora ? -o J VrnnrM F*b a IWI. i Arxrtarkxng Clot* <J Ikt Bum-n ? TV ><??? If-ji ai.nni ?ml ftzaa and Florida Claiac* ? A noiAer J'ardMM ?/ It* i'"rf /?o*i Moriao, 4t I Tb* m1?r*at of tb* ?*??!<* iHrnmai It '.r?w? u. a ? clota. 1 bar* ar* laft bat twaa'y tbrMi rrtml laya aft*rtodar aad fr?>?a tbl* Bumt>*r *>uat b* l?la*i"' tbr** rw*> latl<>? day*, aad a*T*ral wb.cb oagbt to b* aff'Topi lat*a to tb* prUaU cal*?laf V* 'aa bardiy ? *ip*?t, bow*?*r, *Ma*a4rrlng tb* pr*?*ar? of pti'd)'. b? >ia*?>. < bat - 1 ? ? ? r . ? wUl b* ?'*** br tb* liu?a* in fi itwI* *tl)a 1 1towgb tb* lat*r*wt* o( i*di*id*al claiia ? at* a?* ?lu* W> b* a* ala e*gtaet*?l, awl tb ?r??* ranio* **cap* fr< aa tb* r***w*4 laaport-i*i'.r ?f - lalanatt* or tb*ir amtaatiba n?it wh oii, y?t 'bj | d* rv t >nw t? ba qiapoaad to ral *?* tb*?a*l??# 'rt"? tli* bwr<l*B by pa**la* tb* H*n*t* bill for tb* aataMNb m?nt id * Caait of Claim* T>a largvr >**?*ala oa ???/*** >A ?'ra*cb ty .,aU-^.?, o* tb* dat-ta of T**a* and of tb* '>>> >** t '?n? of tb* < a w >-t?'?a i.rtdar "b* (Mb ar'.kla of tb* ri/.rtda Uaaty *rw ltb*iy U> t* pifr*KW4 for bat *t*>, of tbat tb*r? a n-i 'n ' ai* < y al | rmat Vlwa tb*a* ar* 4i*po**^ of. t>w? win * at * b or* f-oaa for t)>* lat*a of Caiilama aod -A t ****** l*>rt"*'** *oo* to baoaiA* -HaUa. lb* ; l'<u*a wiB*iy d???aa H pr*aaat*r* to f* >*'" 'b? n?i**tio? *f Kb- w bo?bir rt*a at tbl* **?il^ a* * " * IbbM w <U| ?MHpibr *Mn JV7 via M w*c I of "Ham" at the Mil aaaalon. Ham require, ' .""""J* ?' i bow room, and will make hia apjK.irauie la I "'<? and airy new halla of Cong re?a next December. I ft ia rumored that onr Mniater in Mexico ia ne*?''1'* ' I lag tor tba purrhaae of an additional allce o I thatrau.* [ try, with a view to bring oar poaeeeaiona down to '.lie J parallel of twaaty nine. Rant* Anna yielded a< mu?h i territory ,%a ba could do belore, MMMMp with M own aalety, and aa much aa our people were, at that lima, wining- lo tali*; but Hanta Anna la now confirmed i la |>ow?r. and ao iiltl objection would ba mada oa our paitlothe acqaUitieu of tha rich Amnion aad utb?r rlvera, aad to a badter route than wo now have t?? tlia fiulf of Metlco. Meanwhile, tka territory embraced ia tba Uadaden purobaee ia beceniag rapidly nettled Ame rlaana In ronalderable nnmbara now oecii-y aomc por tion of the mineral region aouth af the (ilia and tba toloiado. Rnrton'a Theatre? "The Flayer'i Plot." A new come ity in three a?ta waa brought out taat night, called 'Ihe rlayer'a l'lot , or tha Manager aad the Mlnla- I ter," wrltti a for thla theatre by an America* author. The plot la taken from a Oermaa atory whieli waa found good enough to traniilate and which weat tha round ? of the prate a year or two ago. A grand duke of one of the petty (ierman Hate* baring du covered a plot among bia miniatcra to dethrone him, throwa them all into pri ?oa, and puta ia their pierra a company of comedian*, making tb? manager prlaie mlnUter. The managerial dlplc iimtat ia aucceaaful in negotiating a deairabln al liance for tha grand duke, and the bold expe dlent la iu every way aucceaaful. TUia ia tl^ mala plot of the pie"", although the author j baa endeavored to elaborate tba iacidcnte ami baa made a aerlea of odd altuationa for tha third act. in which the principal actor? a myattrioaa peraon In a hiiaaar onl- | form? ia very aoxlcua to marry lomebody, and doea not , auceaed In bia furpuae. Tlie piece ia not wall put to gether, and tha jokea auoh aa tbay are, lieim.- profi'a.ional, 1 are nat, anl, therefore, haog Ore. The acenery la good, and tke dreaaea, though rather too an tique in atylo, are tarteful and effective We do not : tin nk tbat ladle* of honorattbe tteiroao courta dreaa lil. o Sir I'eter l?ly'a abeplierdeaaea. The piece dragged thicugbout, and it ia not ileatlne 1 to have a l?n< life. | Mr. Burton bad the only good part lo thla oomody, an l It waa nat very good. lie played It excellently. Tlie rf I. of tie acting waa only reapxctahle, and in aome caaci it waa below mediocrity. There were oi.e or two lnexcuaabie tlage waita lit the laat ac>n*. Mian Macarthy aang tao pretty aunga, and Mr. k'redefio and Mia* Waltera gave u* a capital Vinucf iU la four, juat aa our granitiuothera uaed to do it. What a aolemn bualntaa dancing rnnat have been hi tbo?? daya. The , minuet laht 'night *?' capitally eai'onted, anil, aa an i anlii|uailan curioaity, U waa refreahing. Ilywayofaeet ! oil there waa osa of the modem fait dancta, the Ma rourka, to wind up the a> t. Mr. Burton wna called for at tha fall of the curtain, and in acknowledging the aummona announced "Tlie ; l*layti 'a Plot" for |>erformaiice thla evt'biug Tlia author beii'g called for, Mr. llurtou aald he waa uot at liberty to give liia name, bat tbat he wai an Amen .an born. Prraonut I ntrlllgetirr. Thefarannah /trjmhlirnn of the 'id iilat. aaya that j Mc nalr'ir Jean Riptiate de Bordeaux, form?rly of Hi. I'ominifn, late or ,'avannah. and nt pmeent of Hontli t a rolls a, arrived In that city on thaniatuli Mooaii'ur ? de Bordeaux ia a uative of St. t'ominici. left that lalaud oheii about twenty live or thirty yeare oM, during our r* v oiullui.ii r; war, in com|iauy with many I'mcC volnnteera, and waa praaent al the aiege ol Susannah in 1770. ll?- did not pl?y tlie part of a m- re ' looker on In 1 Vienna," but took part In (l.e alrupifle, and received a j ???rr? and Hin|*roni wound in the hip, which reuderad 1 him a cripple 'or life He ? ja uenr I'uMakt wbeo )??? waa wt ui iled, end raw the gallant I'ola fall Tb>' oil man j can >ali?fy the curtou>, probably, aa to ? hare l*ulaa'..i | d.ed, ami what iliapoeitiou wea nia-le of lua venerate I remaiaa Attar the ear Uuri-ileur dt< llordekux return" I to 8t. Dbntingo He left the Uland aian, however, dur log the ir><nr>ction. and bv a piofl'abie miatake of the captain of ti e ve>"-l In which he took p.iaiage, be waa a ?ei oml tune lam ed at favannih whrre ba i>ti?nt many yeare with hia friend, the late Daniel laooa or thla city hon e Itfty or ali ty yeara alm e, be removed to Honth t aridma, where b? bea ieau ?d ever aln. >? ttoaaiaur de lUiriiiam ia cou>idrrably over one h indrr I yeara of ego atill l.c rctaina a dl> tinct recolle lioa ol bia vi-rna' uler ?W? VrftU aa4 p..?ca>?a all tlia vivacity of i lhat mlli n no una having ever aeen him ?!epr???a.'i in ? pirlta. lie h?> ever anjoyail Ihr- bigheat i-harxi-'er for integrity and troth. In one of liia onlldential mnnfa, be adm tied that during bia <i ag periyriaaMxia he ha < in part li llnwad the ? iimt.'e of the ?!??? manof the liaat, bating had nu l< a thau tifty oi aiaty wlvea' lli tiry M. Mint, Ka<| , formcilv eiliW r of the I llntoa Trilitir (I n ) baa liei i meoneat the eoitu'a ol tb< /?n/y IriLun r ol ( lili-ngo, llllnoia. It. and Mia. liayue iMiaiJutia Ivan) of South (,'aro Una, ecc mpanirii by the briiit a father. K Iteaa, / errl\?d in S? * "rleena on tha iilat ull , .u liia ateaiuer Mexico, fn in Oalvaaton. Murtu. A ? 1 1 e y ? \ irhola ? J d.e Rrllv, l?M..; ? A "Ir.-klan I. Natl *ill?. A L. f.lllotl, Riabmvnit, J .? I.,'. AILaa) . Ib'tnaa Wldte |'?-?< rat.nrjr, II II let'. I nil a A J 4'aaRalii. (>rau?a aonaty ; C It (Iraat, fliila'lelpliia, If i ! K'lly, I u ft a i . II K i'l.<e?tru, ( anei.ia ?, <> A I' rram. I'arla, 1 II. foul liwick, k'roiileaee, I. fl. ftaillj. Itaftale; II II I'ulk , Ketiturkt ; I ?|i Kara * I , anrinKe-ia I M HrenaM. Helllmor* Jolm Hi t kiea, N. w J r . ? II Hn?l . Cluciaaatl; 8 I. Maaue, l.ak Kapari r.l . I' W I. Aaaara. A) tba Jftimp. litae ll'ital-II .n J Hum . Ma , II ? r I I. i'aiaen, I'aan ; Cnl II U iayl-.r. Kaataeky; J ?? t.'cr hraa ai.'l feadiy, l.?ileaiMi. It Tl ? .tlaaaa, l.'.ai ilaea; Aaa t furi^.n*ortiiy, I . a. Aria). II J i.'rtur, . M. l-aia. W Mi Dowall, .li. I> ? tiralt.B, U--I n K v f ? r I -, hi. hnioad ; A I rtaob, MTa-liln ?' .n. J K Daa'ea, t'. I< Amy. I rr.m Charleet' n. la ataan al,ir> u aethera'-r t Vea Hall' ai l lailr O/ lti llaaaert)', II ?h llrady. W I anlaii i, W MM il Arajl i. J fir iwe, Mr Aaf-rd? ?i la wiateerasa. Th? llojnos Hrivw Fmr I mjisc.? Td? ae? fit) ?niiine, wrrked by at>am. an'l ordered \>y t'ie r ntborltiea of Hoeton, ia on i ta way and ai|>erl.T'-iit < of Ita power have been ma 'e with tb? nuiat gratifying aaaneaa at Wa?bmgt"a and Hal' more, wl.ile it la al"' to ba tried at I'biladelpbia. At WaablngtM, we are told "A fee ' mlnutea tnly aaa re<|uite<l to iaia? the ?'.mm. when tba ?treammg, fr<ti two pipea of ate inch eom niei'-e.l. At ftrat tii? n ray re ache I only to 'lie pwll aient of tbe Oty Hall, but bj ?1? wr?? a the r ieb ug ai' r ae'|uhe<l greater len/th and atr?r>gth until it oroke on th< roof, and afterward* lee; ad over tke building, m>iih I U> tbe an I w>nd< r uf all apo< tatora and amid Uie I ahonta of the juaet,il< a," I At Balt.irnre ateam waa got up in about V?n miautaa j I The pap? ra of lhat city inform ua tba' 'the atreama ware t tfc r? wd from tbree-comrre'I Ir^h and a halfMMtlaa, and ! tie bo<ly of water diarharg*.! waa 'ertainly very heavy 1 lie grrateel dlatanca thrown ' n a b val ? aa l.;*fe?t, at. 1 l^rpenuicnlarly about ki Itet One avid'ut a lvantage I of thla orrr tba apparatua now In uae, waa the ?'< ady continuity with which the atr>am wa? kept 'ip, wbi'b cooid cot fail of tali'Dg with powarf >1 att"ct a^on a flra. 7woof|Ti"b a t rea it a c?rr1?<l 'o tbo npper part of a building in flamea, by aome of our energetic In ok aa l ladd' r loan, w.'ild druan 1 ut a lire fioui cartel lo ceilar, iat the 'Ofrt i at I n ba eter a., area' in ten m'r.'i'ea tine. Tina machine, when flrat wallt and trat la fia clnnati, threw lour at rea a iatanaaof lot feat anl U * apa' !? of tbr?wli>K mr-n l.lrtel to li 000 b?rrt!a - t water per l.oar, which la a'?jut tha capacity f i i drat, claaa baadvnfinea.' AbbMT us i Cntmr. or furri/i **?& r, 1 1??, a*f> Fit/iii r??T*? f* ? Tbur 1a? a'#M laat, tliara ? lo our eitj by tl.a Huti'u jtlm Hailt .??], ? ?* . tinman ?o<l Ia4y. ?bo took r..>. ? a? tba M,aoa i llatl Iv >, wrra ?l.(anMy Bfparall- ' nllkf MINNI iv> . tl ksoan that ha waa on a wadu.n g toar harin* tbat ! n.f>rt,lBf t.arn U? tl.a formally an a'tr -a at tb? ffroalway T*irat??. Saw Vrfc Tha km (??? bka nana ?? W M lUV'db, broiar of lk?l flij, ii, ? U fra? u?? of bii B.onay is ' Um miiiti of t a b .*al aa4 ??? dtajaa#^ U> mal? bia haaat ro'oa | l?a ?aat ?? tha lii'f ?o 14 roaatrthata U?war<l? >t T'.?o?it 'aj frMmji ha, with bti t>rll*. tav'.i a Tut of i mtf ttna ?? Ua layialatiT* ball* aO'1 i-lhar aatl'aaUa poMla <)wallibf*. Tnat ???? ng boaatar, two p>,,kr?t?aa fr?, n Naa Y> fk arrlr?4 a tha Lata train. In {,ar>iit of tb* BtB. ?ho tbry ?a?4, wa? rtarjal ?IU? ar-iWralaman', aw a<1l of aa<l <>bt# nlrg f ??><?, an4?r falaa fnton^i I l? till atonal ?f llvlw fBa okjart of tbair ri?*t waa B< t ?a4a known ant I tfca aatt ai rwlaf w'.an km ( airMl?4 an ! takn v? to .*>? York III* nawly ua4* It(V< a(MBpaak4 k ru 4 Ikin) A'fu*, M 4. Hraiar or Mn m*iar* o* run Vtw Y?*a C?* , T?ai Kiii a?i*r>? TV? t??Uat?r italaa t vat I a <rl waa aa?| from Alitor an n>*rh4?y laat bf t'.a ' Pia.KM.t < f lf.? ( antiaVa If'-a-l, Iva.t .?< -fi?.a? Ka j , I latkaiiit?rtaU|i!tiit of tba ? j? at "/far iaa, aa4 aa ; I.,. < - ".a1 ? ' -i ?,f tha >l(aa of tha la*- >.?nt a Mart lata [Ha<-a On k?ar* n? <Lla about foor baa4r*4 m*B at fttra'aaa, ba>4 a bk*' Br *n4 r??o. ra4 a (a /a a drift* abxb *aa ^*rrt~! : Into Wad tba Baat Moiaiai A law Baas tbouffcl tfcajr *> .14 fa lo watk anl 4i.l ?o. b?t tba frwat ?a?a a> tka ra<ir*?' n'lMaic tJaara. w?bI U, tlaa iftnfi aaa4 4r?*a | i|.a aoraata a I oat, ai>4 iWm4 ofaraUoaaa tWra aar* alout Ivaatf R*a at.(lr??a [a ^<k*w of ra^alr at ^ <ka 1,1 ' ?t >?k ara aae'a4 'or tetr?a4lata uaa ?? tKa . r*a4. IMU* ?flair wtli !nm nata ra?a.aa W ha aaata r>?.T?t CTITB Kl?? m Ai n??r ? A?.-wit 0<K? rWt t aa'ar'a f ar"fB r>f tba Tt?a4l Roikow >a f fgrtitj by Maaara ' hajla k *a<* aa tiaaal ?? M-f.l ?a Van Paa?aala-*, R?, , waa 4aatr,?a4 hjr tfa , 1 (a oaa < f HilMlaf bb4 ma<>l?<rfli .o*ptaVa ??4 pro fca? ; aiao aaoBplat* aa tha aV^a. Tba tra >a aw^piai 1 la kaiaUo.aa "at a (k? rar<iia( r**aa laawraara waa lf>rl>4 IB tha MJowinr 1^" ? - |2 TOO la tba AiSaa/ Fmiimix* f'omiatr 13 4"l 'B tba lnart<aa < Y (I ib tba I "B? !>>aa>4 ? '<aa^aay II.V#Ua >ba V I iaasat?f( <o?,?aa? H (a tU t'aa n> Hartf'?4, ?1 iw ii't a tba K/??r V I'baMa aa1 4aaarl aa of l r^ ti4a*<? aa-" %'l 0r?- Ta tba < ?aaar waaltb ? 'A ak k ??(<?? waa *a tba abaf aa*. Ha ta in., oa balUiaf aa4 aaa'bH>*rr 1W ba< la aaftuM |l It J di.u, Mvr<at THE INTBR8B COLD H lili llKR, Tfc? Wralhrr In Wrw Vork. ( Tna co i n vi day tit? a Torm or oumum ? - mt>?i PBivBiui pko/k> t?? dkatu. I Yesterday Un rvM, throughout the entire day, froaa | gti.tria# uotil auaaet, wa* intent*. TLe sky wa< clear al day, ji t the raya tf old B?I bad do rlaibl? affect ia ra 1 moviitp >00* itorm from the *?4a ' walla, frhich at pre<.?at obstruct aay effort* at quick S^cotdotica <>? the pirt of ptdeetrlana Orereotta, glnvaa, at?* co nifortable# were Id great lemaad. tone pernor*, mar* auecrptfbk* to eo.'tf thaa othara, parka pa wora oorrra* f/vni head to flbot la far* ?l ahawia, wb* otbe r* an roM<M apparently (a bwatlag tba el? mania with nothing ?Mif? than the Banal w \B?*rgar?e?te. Tba Nrrth and Eaaf rirata wne |>a.-t/ oh-trurtad with laaaaa* of floating lea, iBuJering the navigation of farry baata difficult and tint art-Mu. I'aaarngara tlalayad front their liomaa b / l'utn< natural eauaea, fare all D'MOiMona la tlerlarihg the day an "aid faaltoawd on,' In po'ot a ?ererlty." Tim mttfrting of yeatu lay waa o lateu>*lj cold that henry a'HuiU of air tin might' ba par celrad rlaleg from tba water ef the Narth an# Fa>t rlrara, which had tba effe^ of gtring tha watar of tha bay tlia appearance of an iwrnaaa caulilii/D of toiling liquid. Hut word/) can eon way na Ida* of the Interna cold; that san alona be don- by tha lighten, wiilcb arc aa followa ?.it aunrije, 4 da* abora r?m at 1 o'clock, A. M., * deg. ; at lit SI., 1! dag.; al 9 1* M., 10 dag' at * I' Jl.,*deg late at Bight therw *?" ?oin? moderation, hat afmh wind apiang up. that cot to the tery marrow. Yetterdny waa or all ndda tha roldaat day ?e bate had alnce tlia year ii*t* l)a Um 'i~ lli day ot February, of ttiat data. tba IVrmoiaaWr wan do* n to H <'.tg at 7 in Ilia morning, but, thaa, at noou, It reach' d aa high aa IT deg , but wa ban bail co day for the laat tan y?ar? whan tba aaM waa ao It ton. e during the entire liy a? tester ?lay. Kvery window waa '-enipletely rotated by tha froat, ami what waa aurtoaa, atery padeatrtaa looted like a ?m?ll ataam ??ng?D?. amitt ng at er?<rr breath a rloml tf watary rapor. Tba annw and mot* turewhiihhad bten left on th? ground ? ince tba laat ? Dow atottu wera concealed into a bard, Dioty ice, >>-ndar UJ the (trrata vrry allpi^ rw A gr?at numbar of horaew fell In l!roada*y?|t la ?aid aa many at >areuty lira? anil many wtra foundprt>d and Uft unlit for tar rlee for life Two boraea on the I liar |t<i? track Ml and brnke flair lega. und bad to lie killed, aa thay warn al bo further u?e A maw whoaa nanin wa liara not liarned fell of potlla No. Tft liaek man atraat aad broia Ilia lag, lietldea otiirrwlee aaterely injuring bunanlf. Ila waa conreyrd to ttir City lloep tal. I'oor prople wha?a bualntaa irqulrtd tin ia to do outd?<>r work, auitara<l aa tartly, and wa hate heard of diaadful aulfariag aaioag atage ilritera and other* of a Ilka ralilDif 'V? <iadar atand that an rmn boa drlrar waa taken from hi ? bot la oae of the attnue?, di ad, from aipoaura to the aerarlty cf tha waatber Tliraa othera were take o t<i tha TMr Wrath waid atatiou hoaaa, laaanalbla. aad their Itrwa ara in gr< at >*aii|irr. Thare ait doubtleaa many aead* diataof Una kind yit to Imi record*! The g?? iaaapa throughout tha rlty were ?(fcct?d hy tha call. A graat nnmlM r went out, and tloaa tliat. ram* ned lighted burrrd but ft? hit. Thlt muat b? .l.tad'ul w-athar few the poor, ard it la to be hnpad that tte charllabla wH Ctlne fcrward, and n' t b-atra them to lulter tha chiM windaof thin fierce weather, aa wall aa tba p>aga at hunger, but will (Ire of their abundance to comfort aad auataln th' in. Ntato of Ihr Wriilirr Klwwhrrf, r?ir.ji nrnu b*W <) ? Tliannowt?r at .Urlight ?m (1 di iirma tbu*? aaro. Mnurriaa, K?b. ? ? laat sight wa* tb* oollaat tm |?rli(r?l hi'!* for Ih a pa<i *igliVa>*n jiwi, tba ttaar mciucUr ba/ng da>gr*?a l.alnw rrro (V ? coo, Kill 0, 10 A. M ? TV" ralilaat morolii M ircnil. Tim iimm-lar at ilayligbt x I d*fr?*a liftew 7<ro, do?, 16. 1'h* aaalbar for tb* lk*t twaaty tear bnura lika I irn collar Uian *?ai bafuia known ta IkU city. fits it iui, N. V ?b. A.? Tbtrnioin*t*r jO 4a t? low r?ra. I'l tuio, Kab (1 ? lhirln? la?t n.glit tliara aaa I.ar4lf my wind at >r ting, but tin w?*t',i.r ??? tary ?aM. Ta day th? run l? tnlu tig (?< antlfully an I not k 'land ig to ba aaan "Iba llirrnnntii t"r till* mining at o'laarfc ?tnoat ?t SO ilagr*<-a l^latw rato. An?t)i*r 'ai-irakta tall ?a tail IH <t**r<*a !<? I< w TTiia la <Ja? idadly '.aa ?f Iba c< Itiaat daya ???? raruamhar*d bar* ROCMMrm, fab. f. ? Tbir luumaUr thla nmrnlag II iVgrraa b*low wru? Ilia d d*al day, by tun* d*<raa*, *m ran. id k'i?. Iitttuirr, Irk. I ? To day ta (ba raMnt day r.f tha Ilia tl ? rm<n?ti'r at aia?n a'rlwk tk't ?aa lla i hiwj bal-ia hn. Ilwirt tal al*'gba war* aaa fliijij )r>lrnl(f in laamjr i' >rk an<l p o luta auraaa Ika titer to Ifca (.rial tt < a tar n litilaiiy, Cnnitiiri I'rk. (I ? Wiallilt miid? M <li/r??* abaaa rato IJgl.t anna all <'ay ltiTar attll cljaaij, ka'1 baal urea tlaaadlt j/'y l'uII fun fcl-? b i>, O , I r t> il 10 ' M ? laat night >>< tka fnli'aal ?' hara Lad Hi a ?i>oa T If r tat in* tar at an ? <i 'clock thia mnrmrg 4 t?irr*aa baluw tiro. I.4ayla In ti 1 y , tut cold, wltli a triglit iuu I in iiviira, Tab 7 - W aalbar ai' iratinf N'atitfaMas I a *t ill mnjiiO'1' I At ft Ixxila, tka *?atbar U aaay ?N. aail tl*- bro*|i<ta art that bat galwa will ba (fi'd'ly t'atnn' Ft Alltll (VI i, lab ' TbtrrtH llaf ^4 la|fM lalif l*rt> Wratlur rlaar I rairxrtoa, Vt V*b Wi atbar daar. TbnaaaaM Ur iV it*|c aaa ball.* ?r?. Iki-n.*, Kak. f. ? A i Caml>ri4?* Okn|tataf y tbta naara ? ' V tb* inarrijiy lit lb* ft ad uk tart lbatrara*at >'?>! W'i dagraai t?|i,? r?-n. IriTnat/rij tk* aob 'at ?aatbaa bad tli?r?jtnr tba lait flfii-in viara fi a < liirlai ii>? aaa rotlirly frar#n rn*r latt olgbt IUk-to*, |Vh f, ? Tlarau. m*t^l at 7 n'eb *k thia morn Ir * 10i'*yrir> haloa >*r?;kt lOo'eWrk U t'.'r'aa >?kt. *'?atli?r rl*ar. Fri iai.min, Fi h tl ? Tti*ri?i<cn< 'rt at 10 o'< Utak tkltf mi r nir ir t b*l< * rarii ( laar III 1 1 r*b Tkar mnai*t*r fl 'l*ffaaa batow n? t.i?Kia S II , fth (I ? Tli*na> litalar 31 d*^raaa ha In* tarn Wli.d S. >. V II , lab fl ? T1.I no'. i.atrr 1 i dafriaa L+ 1? w i*ru IVxra. N II lab ?? (laar. fb * rtm/tiia tar It 4<v ffr'a t^low ?*ri>. T' kn^r., V? , fab 6 ? Claar aikthar TltarwaaMUr I I dagr*? a t.?. a i?f, W.T..MU) Ml l.b ? -w. a- bar laar TVaraawa a tar .0 dagraay l*lom inn i t mi Mi , l ib r Morning > War an ) roM tkar S.i aatw It Cagiaat i-alo* wa. tm ?<4 iWigbiag M'oruaL, lib A? Wiktb*r (air, but aary oaM. Tb'iau inatar 2'< 't*gra*a bain* urro T"Knto. lab'arn< afiHi b?!?? iara. A ataga <tiiaar aaa ft ? i*n ta Uaatk aa > (a ml lb a na&aa lag Ha bnraaa 'am to tha uaakl aUapp air bW* la tk* fit; kn<1 tka drtaar ?aa fiiun l iiaad kna at # Ai.-i^ka* (traca aaa IT' /in to daat.'i In lb? atraaU Qt ??rr. fab #, * A M- Tb*ra*a>ov '*r '.I 4-gtaaa l*l? v r*ro la tl* la??r t ?a, 3#d**r**? b*lu? la Ika 'I l-paar toan ?la<1 r.'.rtbaaat w*atk?r i|**r KlHaTtii |Caaa<ta>, fak 6? W*at!>*r riaar Tkar loi'niatai 30 dagraaa >?*! ? * t*ft fUCTmui, N It , I at 4 - W.aikar War aa I ?aM. Yt.t.w to t daytb I?(f a ? Inrbat fall y rata r lay t Jttijt H, fab ? 7).*ra^i?*t*f I* iafrwt* ka Iri* rar- Maatbar claar- wind M W HaU/<f,V " fab ? - A Wna tn'-f lag a aa n ala r at II dagraaa baluv tarw. W a bad a aaoa aU?a jiatar'a/ Ya?a< tra S rt , k'*la. 4 ? Tbaraioinataf k d*^gr*aa ka Ina ma. KM S * arllb tigbt iM?. HUTU , V H , lab. * -TUramntlar I dagraa kWra tar looa ag l>"i I'i i'r>? A latur r?<*?ra<l la U.U rtlj, rfrrrl [*c. 1, nUUt tha' r/iamlar't^m tmm I'rraldfBt I rqulaa (Ika <?< aatiUitli t^l Prafll^k af th? A .'c*i>tira <'oDf"Jaratlon, Ihovcti kar*vj'?r? on by iha ily ao-! pwltM ?4 Ikumm Ayr**.) > ??a- itK had that '111 V i^*goiikla ? plan*, to l? is fotra !arti a bla I raaiifantUi term. ? pwku4 of gfg ??at?. 1-hcwlJ a pa*r? tab# pias*. it wtold \f i4 taoalm'ab't aatraaUffa U> tba fatnr* art ?ai -a aixl pn apetHy <A that H?h pmjjfc-^aaka CwrUr, /it. IL Vrta* F? lit u>^-1V t itam 'aa : ??? ?Ut'i tk* barb lag Icaaaaaf M II >< Ika' ?f.?g* aaa raalad patmiat 'a Tn??4?y la*1 t a' It'kM |*K aa^ ba '"apaafv.ra aatmr* kit 'laaaa* af '|ila*a*-'aia?aa. aifrtaaM aaaarbkataa, *y Ikbaaan kad a<a? ibak all. ladattrf.K* **aiaa ( **d ataboaa aad ??> kaaa K/itar *aa a larga alwibnUar In tk* Ika- * ?( *"* br /* tad Oat lai'.'^U' * baa kl*? a-,a| aire ci asirb*4 u, tk* ftaai ll?/fk*a#? a* a??a'j ta la bt4 rapvla. Ht<iit>o(<i m %!??? PUtii Twiarr I.itm Uw^-Tka a*r*ra af tb* > * Wanna 4* ?nt'k Kd 4a?n yiitai laa ma ag, 'ka? Ika a'aaaw aunt up W. bar bafTMaa* 4tw* at n?n txat.aa Tbaralay aaaa ag It I* I?a?a4 tkat bat ?a k?J it tit i.??* a..a bat an aa". -*i? Lalitanat "a nail b* aaiawi Ma tb a j? >at TV H.ra aaa '"An OnataaaH. k*T tat '<? 1-aH k la-t* '*'g'< ?* a*fa aubb Wa aa r*ria.a tba '*a?a af tb* OlaaaVar -*?"|kli faflt. In. . r. Awn (???(?? "Mi W*(?li? Kginxr kmmrim. I _1b* ? *" na a "aaa'a, ky a lata V t**atjr taa la taa. I ba*a yaa*ad tba A***taMy Wll IM .*ktaf all aaa (taai a ??* ' >ia Tba vata n4 \l a Haaak aaa aaaaaty |*a ta j to far ?' rt,? lira* m faar Jaara bait, W laaaa* a baa baa*, a afaaikl kgiat kt *?* Vaab (m tka ranaxa u? 41 a? 'laf fagaga '#apa<?k..y l.araaaa) aaalf rktbua te tha* sat* Ftmrva IVotti* m I'rwri.a*r,- Tha O ' ii'lr," lb lua-K; ' I I'l la tbat '?(??rial, tk* aaa <.( M.2V* 71 tablaa baa a t ?. aa4 lata pa? 11 aaata tba ataif II Ml A ta* '.akka ?? U #r.m Ufa4U.ll laaaala

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