Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 8, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 8, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YOB K HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6741'.. MORNING J^nTON? THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS TBS OOLD BXIAP. The Intton Cold of the Uut Two Days-. Another Snow Storm? Detention of the Stalls ?-New York In Ielel? The City Railroad Can. THE WEArHER ELSEWHERE. The terrible severity of the weather has taken every body bv surprise. Junt a*t oar citizens were making up their miud* to pat a*ide winter clothing aa<l don the scantier habilamenta of spring, while visions of milder and warmer day* were Indulged in, a cold snap cornea Upon uk, " chilling and killing" all atich pleasant delu sions There ia no question but that the thermometer waa lower on an average during the continuance of thW laat cold apell than at any other period of tUa same length alnce the Revolutionary war. At least auch i< the concluaion we bavo arrived at, after having exa mined all the atatiatica that could be foand on the sub ject. From every part of the coantry we henr of almost incredibly cold weather. In Ogdenaburg, and through out the northern part of the State of New York, the Kercniy fell to nearly thirty degrees below zero. This may afford some consolation to those who think the temperature nnbearab'y cold. There U conatderable speculation as to the relative coldness of the "snap" we have just paased through and the temperature of former years, but every account ?grees ia putting the lowest figure down to the loruior. In February, 1836, there were (five days in succejgieo when the range waa from nine degree* above to four degree* below zero. At that time the North river was frozen across, and people passed over and back on the Ice. On the 6th of January, 1849, also, the mercury atood one degree below zero, and the East river was frozen over, the Ice being jammed together in vast masses so that the city was astonished by learning that a communication on foot could be had with our sister ?City Brooklyn. On the 4th of January of the saiao year the temperature was 4d?gieesat sunrise, but by noon had reached 18 degrees. In January, 1861!, the mercury atood at sunrise, for cix consecutive mornings, a* fol lows:? 9 deg , 4 deg , tf io g., 7 deg., 7 deg. and 10 deg. It will be seen that noao of these figures run as low as the temperature of last Tuesday, including the suc ceeding night, which was a* fellows:? At sunrise, 4 deg. above zero; at 7 o'clock, A. M., 8 deg. ."at 12 M., 11 d?g. ; at CP. M., 10 deg.; at 8 P.M., 8 deg.; at 11 P. M., 4 leg.; at 2 A. M., of the 7th Inst. 0 below <.ero, and at sumi4e. 3 deg. below. From every quarter we hear complaints of the sever! ty of the weather of Tuesday night. There was no such thing as keying warm. Blanket was added to sh??t, ?ad eorifnttable to both, without effect. The vory thought of it 1? enough to give one the ague What the sufferings o' the poor were who can toll' How many tragedies wo eld eome to light weie the oc curren-es of that dreadful night in the miserable hovels of the unfortunate ant1, distressed related. The ther mometer averaged about five degrees below rero from bleven o'clock until sunr se, and at about two o'clock in 4he aight the mercury fell to six dngreeo? the low-tat point point yet reached. Yest?"rd*y morning th* street* were 'leserted; only here and there eould a few persons be seen -hurrying along, as if their lives depended on reaching some warm place Thi apple wcmsc and all otil door peddling ceased, an-t the city lau very aiu<-h tho appearance of a Babballi. The furious phenomena we mentioned yesterday, of the peculiar appearance of the bay and rivers, w:iasgaio Obeervad yratardsy. The ?Vr bfinif warmer linn the *tmo?phere, ? Hidden c ?n lematinn of the moisture aria ing from tha surface took place, unl furmed iu'.o * dense Icy roc, which, falling on the clothing of per-na* i-rosalng vhe ferry, crustcd tbem with ice. The suil'ace of the water, ia the meanwhile, looked like a seething cauldron The riven, durng the day, were considerably obstructed ty're, hut vast nn<'C of It baring b?eu *wept down fcieWy,ou tha Statcn Inland coatt, it blocked up t lie irfips, eo asto prevent the ferry boat* from runmiig %, taual. It waa not until Ute in the aftornom. thai i com ( tkunication was had, when the forr^loat OolnnMiua a; j t Ted. A number of accident* to the (hipping o ourre I A revenue ctitUr, while lying at anchor in the hay, wt tin fool of by a large quantity of drift ice, wh'ch dragged ' 1i>r anchor, *nd drove her clote into the b?ach oppoalt j Ttwniend'* dock. K i mack, i.ameS the Uberator, lying at tho 'lock b | t?ren?tapleton and gui rantioe, wan cut through by the > to and aiiak. "broughout the city there wa* great inconvenience | cxierienred by the freexiag of the water in th* t'roton , w#et pipea, many of which burat. The ?'a*li|< i w, also, ?? much affected, and ia the Hkiuld offioe t ie light wa turned to darknes- for *ome tini", and wo w?r? ciblged to reiort to tallow cindle*, and otlier primitive ?rnngemen?*, in lien of gullght. Building* heated by oteian aUo miflere I, the w.fej in the lealer* to anl fr '-n the heating p!pe* being froren, rendering the escape of thewatf r formed by the ^nndeaiation of the *teaui iui posdble Tiwarda noon yestarday, from the general appearance of tie heaven*, it wa* pmty evident that a '-norther'' waabrewirg, which wooli eclipie a'l otlwr*. we have , had :tu? winter In severity. Thi* belief of judge* of tho | weafcar wan conflrm-d, for about 1? o'donk It r<>m ?nen*d anowing rather 'lightly at drat, but the lUkes catnedown very heavily e*wn afterward" completely co- ' veiing the eartu in a few hour* with a thick eo.ttlng of lbe aiowy garment The ground, from 'he r?c?oi oul I, wa* n eicallent orde. , an ! not the ali;t?'eal s.^o of , thaw w?* at all vlaible Tlie (now continuing to f*ll with ina beted vigor, aboj'. five o'clock in tho ef te?oon | U wi* of auflleient de| th f< r decent ileighing, eo 1 rainy were they that took advantage of thr hour tor showing off their loam*. The progress of omnihuae* and city | Tailroad car* wa* much aba true ted about thi* time, | and n?ay were the number of accident* tha'. happened ; to U>a horses attacked. Oc the Sixth and Eighth ave ??e railroad* the trip* were made with gTeat a. acuity ; a namVer of th* hor-ea wero lame I anl rendered totally unfit far nae, at leart frr arise time to coine Tie *unk. 1 en track* of theae ra lrcau* becoming filled with the falling mow, and be og packed clo?e by tha astloo of 1 the wht'la, It waa with the gr ate-t exertion, indeed, j that tba proper tine could made. Many bieak down a oe<'urr*1. all of them intereating to outaidera. but par- | ticularlr provoking to the o-cupanta of the unlucky ? cara, eawcialty if they ha I yaiJ their far* Matt. 14 from Barclay atreet in one of the rtlxtb aveuue tara, about haif paat three o'clock we were un lucky enough toba a pacenjer in one of thoae ear* that, from th* force of natural eireunatanoe* wa* ilalaioed It ng beyonl ita uaual tut o tra?ng the tdp up town. Thednvtr, In coming dowL towa, had been uafortnuate with bla horaea, and brcke the pole, which waa taken out at the o?ce ia Ch ir:b atreet, ao we ware obliged to travel without a pole? a aery diBcnlt matUr for the hor?e?, a< will be aeen fr ni the *e<t'je1. Wb?n we got aa lar a* Waat Broadway tsu Duane itnat, the oar moving at a Mail a pace, It be :atee apparent to all, and to the drivet aa conductor eape :ialiy, that it woald be Imp** iible for the home* to drtf the heavy weight without the Mceeaary pole. Ike gray h?i* wa< alippiog at every ?trlde, an4 many donbted whether he wo old roach Caoal ?treat alive. The car torn came t j - dea l (top, the driver rang fur the conductor wtao wa* aaaioualy look iag oat for i?*a aid and toll hlna It woeld be carta n death to tka horaea if he attempted to drive them any farther. The conductor ft .ri hia tonka neeme.1 to be n the very aome op nloa, hut nevortheUaa another at tempt at locomotion wa- male. It re?u.ted ia a dee 1 failure. When we gov to the >:orn*r of franklin alreo: the hot ae> earne to a atatd etiU, ant rtfuaed, fmia ahe*r rvbaaabon. to mote i i.? forther. The p^aae a<er? of coaree begao to gruv^'v A man wi'h fiery rad wl, taker ? moved that tba on<lu:'.or be ? omp*ile<l to refund the fare alt eady paid , thi* troiioa ?*? quiekly aacon-M Hy a very corpvleat gentleman who waa part.cularty down, a* bo eipreeeed It, on raiboeda of all kind*, aadotty one* eapeciaUy No one, howeter. tho igbt at to take the reason* hility of cha rm?n, an there wta no vote taken on tka qaeatton, and no ane laving tha oarage ?r deaira to demand In* fare from tna eoad'ictor, the matter wm of eourae Uid over After wait, eg here about fl'taen mlnntee, blo wing dp abaal a 'ln?au of the Si t tli a a<l F.flith avenue cara behind ua, a reeh pair of horaea Wit* a pole atte bed to their heme.*, wa? pr> eared by tie iadefat.gable oondaet/,- Hut the ear ?aakl not he mo* el from ite pwitlea unUI ?a u>e pwaeager* got oats da and lent a - '"ward* th? efforts of the poor beaits ahead bi#d ?. ^ -s went oo In this way until wo got to of theM. Tftth*. "?*t; the paurapn wera meting the corner of Canu. ***V(ir?tn- they were th* carrier*, th* p*rt of bents of ?. i? hare been the carried, when the agreement ?? ? rj0j w.iU| tnl However, all helped the hor*e* ?. '-?yed aboard after giTing the car a good Htart, the/ j- ? ? well aud seated tliemseire* instfe. The horse* did f?., in Canal street, hut on arriving at the corner of Variok the conductor'* voice waa heard exclaiming, in a very condescending tone, "Gentlemen will bear ? hand with uii until we get up the grade.'' They had juat bigan to get comfortable ? the Know had melted off their boots, and it waa very provoking; but, aa the "UoratM would not go," there waa no other alternative than to hrlp the animal* up hill; ao outside all got again, and pnubcd the ear up Varlck street to th? head of the dnadful grade at t*piing street, where all jo raped aboard ?gain, and comforted fhauselve* for the annoyance luf fered, by mying it wa* "Good exeroUa, that, puihiog a rail car along.'' All went along very well until we got a* for an (arm in* street, where the name operation ? that or iranaferring the pas**ngera from Mm inside to the buteide of the cnr? wa* repeated. Hut with Carmiue htroet all the hardship* of the trip ended, no far aa the pasieogeri were concerted, and as the vehicle tneved at a steady pace along the Sixth avenue, many were the laugbt that took place when the ojcupnut* bethought thrmtelve* of the ridiculoua figure tlu?y mn?t hare eut in the eye* of many while endeavoring, in the midst of one of the mo*t severe snow ktorma we have ever ex perienced, to puah tliu car along through Wait Broadway, Vaiick and Carmine *treet*, ? distance of over a mile aud a half. Thi* i* only one of the many amusing incident* that occurred on the different railroad and omnibus lioea during the prevalence of the storm. The -mow last night, about 9 o'clock, coverod the ground to the depth jf over eight inches, and thero wa* tvery probability at the hour of writing (11 >j o'clock), that in a few hour* longer there would be more than eighteen iuchei of (now on a level throughout the entire city anil ita suburb*. The north wind of Tuesday night and yesterday morn ing packed th* ice on Staten Inland shore in auch ijjautltie* a* to prevent the farry boat* leaving tho slips lei (everal hours resterday. The whis hgot up to the ?ity from Quarantine was the Oolumbu*. and she did not art ire until U o'clock in the afternoon. The Hugue not, one of the Pert Richmond boats, attempted, in tho morning, to make a Unt'ing at Quarantine, but coull not. The Columbu* reported tint the revcuuo nutter lying at St a ten Inland was dragged from her an?har* by a large quantity of drift ice on Tuesday night, and car lied clote on to the beach oppo*iteTown*;nd'ii dock, and that the smack Liberator, lying at the dock between Stapleton and Quarantine, wa< cut through by the ice and innk. The mow atorm extendi thronghont the country. The Faatern, Southern and Western mails duetast night were detained, and did not arrive up to a Uto ho ir last night. The jingle of sleigh bell* la again heard in the street* ; and a* the gfbund ia in excellent condition, we umqt ex pect a renewal of the carniral, with all its amusing and exciting inci'tant*. With the old English poet, we may ?ay:? Winter my them" condnes, whoa* piirciog wind Shall crust th* slabby mire, and kennel* bind. She bids the anow detcend in flakv iheets, "And In her hoary mantlo clothe the atrnetr Lei not the virgin tread these alippery nwt* ? The gathering fleece the hollow pa't?n loadi lint If tby footsteps slldo with clotted frost, Htrlkeofl the breaking halls against the po>U On *Uent wheel the passing coaches rail : ( cut Uok behind and ward the threatening pile. In liarden'd orbs tb* *tLojlb?y moulds*, To mark the eoachuian with a dexterous throw. KE8ULT8 or TilK W RAT It Kit ? IXPI.O^ION IN MAlOK't LANK? TWO rgUXONH HKVKHKLV About eeven o'clock yeaterlay morning in eiploiion took place in the bancment of the 'lining .tloou kept by Mr. 8. H. Thouipaon. 76 Maiden laoe, by which two per Hon* wtro daugeroualy injured. It appear* that tha aevere cold had fruien the water ia th* pipe* lending to anl fmai what in termed tlia " water back," which ia ?iHiated near tha kitchen range. .V? eoon a* lha ftr? ?i" etaried, ateam waa generate I, but owlni to tlw Ireeving of the water there waa no mean* of ita e*cap:n^ An i ipioaiou took pUce, which tore the range to piece*, i hi owing btary naataea of iron ami bricka to entry part of the loom, and shattering the glat* in the win Iowa, ll.ero were acveral employ * of the eetablUhmeat in tho roeir, t? i of whom were neverely injured by the atone, aiortar, i inderi acting water, Ac., being thrown on their Jiwaoni. Their name* are Barney Mo'. aire aud Mien Fitzgerald. They wero conveyed to their hornet to bo cared lor. A WOMAN KK02KN TO DEATH. Coroner O'Donnell held an ln<i?eat at H2t t'earl a'reOt upon the body of a colored woman? Klira Shap pl"r? who came to death from eip"<ure to the in i len.ent weather. lhedec<a??l, It appeara, lived in a 1 lapidated house, aud without anj lire in the room. Hhe went to be<l on Huolay night, anl in tha morning abe waa found dead ? froten to death. The jury in tbla caae rendered the following verdict ? "We Und that the d? ceaaed came to her death from lcatitution and eipoaure. f rtlier, the jury call* the attention of the proper an t ho- to the dilapidated cooditino of the building So. 6'JV Pearl h tenet aa an unlit residence for humiu bring*." T'? THK EDITOB UP Till HERALD. Ileaee allow me ti correct a partial error in your pa j?r of 1'ebr <?ry 7, in re*p?tt to the atreet lamp* being afVeottd by the eoldneaa of the weather. I fear they are more affected by the fawcet 1 inelie* b**k>w the bui ner? aa I noticed all the gaa latnp? from Canal thr<> igh fuliitan anl Bleecker atrial* but three quarter* turned on. Now you . an aatia'y your?elf ot tbia fact, and I believe the city father* hare aj fed with the company to bare the lull fore* of the jete, or what they are capable of givteg. le.u* hare what we pay for. 1 .16 II r New York, Feb 7. WW. "light" la la error. The reaaou why theatre*. lamp* threw oat each a dim light, where they threw out any at all, la to be f?and in the freezing of the water e?i lected in the plpee where they turn from the pneta to connect with the main pipe*. Niw Yoac, I'eb. 7, 19M. To tmk Kmtoh or thk. Nkw Yokk IUkai.o ? The following ia a atatement of tha weather, a< it ha* been obeerved at No. lit Broadway:? 7 o'cloca A. M. , 2 degveee* below Zen. H " ?? .1 " '< " # " "3 ?' ?' '? 10 '? " i " above II u .? 4 .. .. 13 " " * " " " 2 '? P. M 9 ? ? ?? 3 ?? ?? 10 '< ?? ? ?< ?* n <? ? ?? H '? ?' IV ?? " ? The above being Uie rreult C t ae >b?*r?a ion*, I take the liberty ef f-ntinrf th' rn to yc " oft're. You can compare them with other- or m*l.e (it .et n?e of them. L. A. II TO TBI BDITOtl Ot TBE IIKUL' In tbia moroing'* Hk**i o you ray ye?W iv waa by 1 far the coMeet day tiaoe 1*4?, which i* a grta ?i ?'?e You will And, on the mem; ug of January 11, IMP, at 7 A. M 4 i'tr " 13, " " leg ?? 20, 1*M, ? $ >g The Brooklyn Marl* rr?aeed th- I ?.at river ou the j iee on the 20th of Jaiuary 1*61, wbes tM( if til ferried them dew a the bey. In ?ome part* of the city It wuMthMU* than the ?b*?ve. B. r k Xkw Yokr, Feb. T, 1 V.V TO TBF. EBirom or TBK Hliup. Tbla morning about half paet ? o'clock, on firm lledford to Vew York via ralton atreet. I atippod a gentleman who had both h'a oar* perfectly while, coo , etdermg they were froat Mtten, 1 iainae Hatety t?ek vine I *aow, and In conrae of about half aa Hour hnd the plea ' aura of aeriag ctrculatioa retura t Y. BnooKLTn, Feb 7, lit*. THK W1ATHRR KI.SKWMRRK. oci*??rorr, w. *. O i ?vr irt. K J , Pah. <!. I*i?, TO Tn?: XDITOli OP TBI H ER4L0. Tlia probably ia aa cold a 'lay. If eot tie eol loat, we have had for m*ay year*. The IWraiM'^r ato->i at ? ?'clack A. M, I tegreca nbove *?"? n?d cna.lneel ?? ' with very *1 ght ran^toa t e preeeat tine? . , P. M.? at thia place. Wini a?rU. Thle probably will be the col lee! al?bt ?r? ran nm-n ber of. I t< j e'lhtk P. > -P* l*v ??a*tH ii ?', /??. W NEWaBJC, S.J. Srom the Newark M-rcurv, Feb. 7 ) ier yesterday >u decidedly tk? coldest expe rienced in tbii latitude the present winter. Tue ther mometer in the morning, we are informed, stood at 6 de gree* abore zero, nod >t no time during the day wm the nercuir abore seven degree*. ruii.4PKi.rHii. (Keom the Philadelphia American. Feb. 7.] "OMafBpit ??. ?ifl?t we hare exns rjf*0*1 '? Hitladelplik^fef m*-~ rrom eTCa',?? the atmosphere ou^"?4 ?*?? "?? teaaei/ r- ??<! tl* ???ury in the At daylight tlie <!*ermo?rler at tbe Kxou . t* tire decrees abore mrv. Httll Uiameroury ann-,' . K*[ three or look P. M. the tame thermometer indiaaiteu .. three and a half degreea abovn ssro. At eta o'clock P. V. the Mme thermometer indicated but ooodegree abort aero, and still later the mercury reached the terribl* aero itself. The cold was of the aotl penetrating cha racter, mmb as one feels In the very marrow. Through out sucb a night and surh a ditjr, bow dreadful must hate been the nufferingi of the poor. This is too terrlbl# tor thought, and the reality would make the heart aehe. Many hydrants were frotea, and water cancelled even in the cupboards of dwelling*, Slid itot very remote from fire*. Ice formed rapidly in the Palawan, and above tbe city the rirrr uiuat hare Imn nearly f roses tight throughout its breadth. The ice men war* Lu y oa the Schuylkill, and ice wai cateJ into town from tea to twelve inchea in thickness. We doubt wlisther a colder spell has erer been experienced here within the memory of our modern Wandering .lew, the oldest inhabitant. A I. D ANY. [From tbe Albany Register. Feb. 7.J Co id Wkathkk ? Yesterday morning was the coldest of the present winter. In rarious parts of the sity ths thermometer* at 7 A. M. inarleil 10 to 12 below zero. At the resilience of Mr. I'M ward Mascoid, on Laik, at the head of Hudson street, the thermometer rasraed & below at 11 on Monday night, and 10 below at 7 yesterday morning In IKi-fi. on the flrst Sunday in January, the therm* meter at tba Manor Homo marked M degrees b?l iw aero; at Fryeburgh. Me., 46 below. In 18 If, oa lltli January, the thermometer in this city marked 1 7 to Id below ; at Amsterdam Jd below ; at Ro Chester 8, Boftou 10 below, FryburgU, Me , ;10 to U9, and Iraoconia 48. lu forty eight hours al ter, the weather moderated, and oa the ll'th three schooners parsed Cleveland bound up the l.aUe. 1 ?n Friday. Oth. the steamer Columbia came within two miles of trie city; on the Vth the river was (dosed to Newbnrg, sad on tbe ISth floating ice was iieen for the drat time tu thu winter ia New York bsrbor. The close of the year 1848 aoj the opeuina; of that of 184U were cold ; on the 11th of January tho Kast and North livers at New York, wore almost Impassible on account of iee , at Springfleld. Mass., 10 t<> 12 below zero; at Boston, 4 to H below. I'tica ID below, Rome '23, and Franconia 30. At Albany, 10 to 12 below, at Hnel's bouse, lfl below The cold continued on the 12th, the Delaware at Philadelphia being frorsn tiijht ? at Adams, Jeffertton Co., 2ft to 27 below. In 186*2, on tbe lftth January, 'A? below at HaMtou, on 16th at Ogdenaburg 18, PjtKilum 20, Malone 10, Wood stock, Vt., 2*2. Nortlttleld, \ t., ill . Moutpelier 1 Hur ling ton 20, PLattiburg 20. On the 20th, 20 below at Boeton, 14 at Salem, 20 at Kosheater, 14 at Columbus, Ohio; at New York people ciosst-d the 1% ou t'oV. to Brooklyn. t'TICi. The following exhibits the rang* of th" thermometer at Ctica on tho moruing of the 6tn instant: ? Thermometer at BX A. M 25 decrees bslow xero. " " 3# " ?' IX " 20 ? " " 8 '< 26 ? ?' " 11 " 20 '? ? '? 12 " 18 '? [i-'rotn the KocbiMter Amarican, Feb. 7 | We shudder aa we chronicle tho poaition, In defiance ef nil precedent, by the mercury yentwrday morning. It ia awful to think that the defu*'ve '|uici ?liver can sink no low, but it wai ye t mire awlul to feel the shrinking awa y from til" intense colli that gavn jet terday the " had tminence " ol (King tin- coldest 'lav on record. Such It wae. Oh' it wan hitter cold, an 1 neither memory or meteorology rould litid ita je-er in the piU history ol the town. Prim accurate record* kept attic* 183d. we gleau the following fl/uren. The coldest <lav in all the yen r# from 1880 to 1 R...i ws. January II, 184W, when the thermometer marked 9 degree* below zero. Ihe cold day* have Iweu thn* - Jan. 12, 184!' Hi; Iwdow. Feb. 10, 1840, 5 " " 17, ?' f, ?' d?c ai.isio a ? Jin ::t), i#:,i " Dec. 2ft, 1?u1 ? ?' Jan. 2o, is m ?? Dec. 20. 18M r, <? Feb. ?, I8ft& 14 " At midnight on Monday the tbemimeter marked 7 de nize*. Tbe nit lit wax clear, though tlie mint* from the lake occaaionully obneured the moou an I *tar?, and aift id (town a light snow. ZKHO KOWHKKS IK MAMACH0* KITH. | From the Ronton Journal. Fitli <> I Itie fii>t week :n February i? often (lie col lent period <>1 winter, Tlile morning" the dtli of I'ebruary, t!ie aercttry u) t tli'miem-ter auak to tea degree below zaro. which In colder by several defrcee than he* been ntper cn< ed at any previoua time thm noaaon. Window< ? era com* 4 with a thirl, mantle of froit, and the liar ! or wax wr .pird in a thick cloud of vapor, which the frigid a nioeplirre canned the wanner waU ri to ??(hale. Thar win a brink breeze at aunrb n, which reu tared the eold much more Intense than wool! otherwise htvebxtn tbo ca*e, for In mild, atlll weather the heat of the holy prodticen a warm atmo'jibere within and about no ? n clothe*, which ia a tn at protective against oi'retrv cold. Hut a bi-ere blow* awa y all thin wariatli awl bringa tbc cliiily air from witbont lu direct ooutact with the skin. Tlic pa aengeri who throngr-1 the th ?rou,(hfare* of our city tail morning Wire cUmely nulT?l mahawUand greet coat*. The omaibo" dilrere enl milkman were totally Invleible b*n?ath their piles o! bankets, anl mtny an unwaiy ptdeetrian, at the clone of a walk into town, found the mere expoeod parte of bin pernio fr izenor severely benumbed. Die thermometer* in tbie -liy. we underetand, varied in difleient place*. In nome apot* the mercury ludicated a ten,p? raturc of but I dt-jrera How rM, and la other* it fell to ID below. At seven o'clo k, in I'tulllpn placo, it wia 10 below, at ten o'clock, on the comer of Mtat*' and Congresn street*. It wan 7 below and at the nam" time It wa? ft below at the corner of State and Washing ton street*. A i Uik Ik.nton end of < am bridge bridge the thermo meter at 8 o'clock indicated 11 below zero In Cbelwa, at 8 o'd >ok. 10 below. In Itnihury at 7 o'clock, the mercury wae 9 below. At o'cl'ick, 1 1 below. In Weet Iloibury, at 8 o'clock, it wan l<1)? below. At Rarrinon aqnare, liori heater, at 8 o'clock, the thermometer ?1<o1 at 11, and fell afterward*. In Cambridge, tbe thermometer indicate! 9 below rero at 0 o'cloik. At 7 o'clock it had fallen to 11 below At tha Cambridge Obnervatory, at nuoriae, 18 degree* below rero. In Hcmerrille, at n'j e 'clock, the mercury w?a down to 9 telow **ro [4At Jeuaw* Pla n, the mercury was 14 below a' nun nee. In Nepoo*et, at minute* before 8 o'alock. it wa< II below la Quiary at *?; o'clock. It wan i below. In Darrhneter. at reven o clock, it wan It below In nr"Ok1ine. at aunrl?e, It wan 11 below . la l>edham it wa*l:t below. la l.yaa it wai 12 h?low at ell o'ciockt In aire it waa 11 belcw. In Mull, at aunrine, it w .* 4 below, aal at a: ne o clock, 6 below. At one o'clock tbia aftaraooa, tbe thermometer wan 10 b'low. If it increase* in an e<|ual ratio until niagbt. Hall will cairy rff the (elm A Waltham corrrnpon^HSt inform* ut that at *uarine tbe tr.ercury in the glaa* waa 11 below rero; at half-pant e jrht it we* 12 below, and at n^ne o'clock U below < ei e.t marr.iag of tbe *ea*on Wind X. N. W In M?4ford, at eight o'clx-k, tbermoaater 14 btlow. In Iawrente it wa< 1' below. In 1 /) well, at a'i o'clock, it waa 14 below, and at nloa o'clock 1& below. InCloton at lunriM, 12 below. la Vt'oburn, U below In W:ncbe?ter, 8 below. In Ccneord, 11 t.elow In Hollintoa 8 below. la We* t Me<: way . 8 below. iu Ipewicb, IS below. In f inei , 1.. below in Befrrly, 12 below In Uarlboro', 14 below. In Me lSeld, 18 below. I* Htougbtoo, It below. TKI.RGKAfHIC. iUUMt,]l. 3 Feb. 7.? At 7 o clonk thin moraine, tbe tberaiaoieter waa 1^ d? jreea balow tero ? at t o'clock 8 ?lef 'ee* ViMotni, S. 8., Feb 7. ? Weather eleer and calm. Thermometer 2 iegree* above <ero. If toe, V. H Feb. 7 ?4 degree* below rero. Kn' avitui, K. R , Feb. 7?T.ier mo meter 20 legmen be low awro (?t J'oix N. n , Feb 7.-24 degreee below rero Kata-fFirw*, N' B. , I'eb 1 ?14 degreee below ?ero. turn , Fab. 7.? Thermometer at 9 o'clock thl* mora '?? - idefr re* belo v zero ta the lower town, and -ii <1* gree* ia tl.e upper town Mo?n>*?t fek. T. ? Toermira -tei a* 8 o'cle * tbie m<>rniag 58 degrene below rero. Toaoxio, i eb. 7. ? Thermometer 1 1 I agree* '<>iow i*r > BmiritU, Canada. Feb 7. --Thermometer, 18 tegree* btb.w rem |:vtow?, Canada, Feb 7.--3S defteae beiow rero. Knonei, Canada, Feb. 7 ?21 degree* below ??ro ( ALaia, Me., Feb. 7 ? Thermometer 24 drgieea below rero I* iltmr Me., 1 *?> 7.? F.etremeiy eetd with lad.-a twli of ww Itn Me , I e? 7.? Ddfereat Ibervoaitere raige from 27 to M belee rwro v?r>? rxjt Me , Feb 7.? 19 de^rwee beiow **r?. 'ft*-' M* . f*k T - fmminii It dog"?i be I Woodstock, \t., K?b. 7.? Thermometer ut T o'clock r lki* morning "0 degree* below toro. Wnir* Riv?* Jrwno*, Fek 7. ? Ti*ruii:n?'.er SO d? , f ree* bwlow mh> I Si. Jommiumt, Vt , Feb. 7? Thermometer ti Hyre** | below aero, Hcattlxhoiu', Vt., Feb 7.? Thermometer at 7 o'clock thia morning 22 degree* below tero iti'TLAjto, \ t., Feb. 7? 9 A. M.? Thermematir now degnee below zero Wn-T Itv>?>OLru, Vx , Feb. 7, 7 A. M? Thermometer 4t deereee below reta, the coldeat day kuuwt here for the ?lit fprtj Q?? ftart. j ' NOBTlimt.D, V;., Feb. 7, A. 41 ? The tberauuieter here {?3C Jfjfn below ioro. At Burlington, 'JO d'^rtfi l>e low roro; at Ket-ne, X. Q., 28 degree . b?|ow ? e r<> , and at ' Concord, degreee below zero Poor, Vt., Fell. 7.-33 degreea below *ern. t Oohiiam. N n.. Feb. 7. ? 37 degree* below zero. Dovix, N. H , Feb. 7 ?21 degree* below eero. Hoxton, Feb. 7. ? Weather growing rattd. Thermometer j 12 below rero at aundown A hear; enow "etorm com ? meneed at 6 o'clock. Portion* of the harbor are frozen eolid. The channel, however, remsiua open, and there i* ?o detention of veeieU. SnuMonm.n, Ma**., Feb. 7.? Thermometer 18 degree* below zero. RntiKUMMo, Maaa , Feb. 7.? The river, which wat ' opened by the recent warm weather, I* now cloaed again 1 an far a* Hartford. Bmix.U'ORr, Conn., Feb. 7.? The rmnuietnr at 7 o'clock thll morning, 10 degrees below mo; at V o'clock 4 de gree* below., N. J., Feb. 7.? Knowing ail da/ tad drift "I Thermometer b below. Bnuxirrow, N. J., Feb. 7.? Eight inche* of enow. Thermometer at rero., V. J., Feb. 7.? Thermim*ter nix degree* below zaio, and mow to a depth of four incho* hat now fallen Oin UUW. N.J , Feb. 7.? Snowing hard. Thermo meter 6 degree* ? bore zero. PniukDXLraiA, Feb. 7.? It ha* been mowing all day, | and Ik uow about *ix inche* deep, and greatly drifted. V. in. I ia aubtiding and cold elightly moderated. The i river i)- tight <>|<po*ile the city, and *ev?ral perion* have cro?aed on the ice. The ferry boat* croia through the chanctl but wltb loach difficulty. Hai.timork, rob. 7.? Wp*tljer colJ. Tha ?ky la over- I caat, and it bai been threatening anow all day. We had J bail thla afternoon, but the air ha* moderared, and now i there i* a pronpect of rain Tberuiom*ter about 20de green above rero. WiiiinulOi, Feb. 7 1-aht a ght wa* the cotJeU ex pvnenced here for many year*. Today it ht* been enowlng * ns? morning. It i* more moderate uow. Thermometer 15 degree* u'love rero. BiUWtlMi, I to. 7.? Snowing rapidly. Comuim'ol at da, 1*1. t. l'ot t.iiRKKV.:*, Feb. 7.? T'lermomeler to day ranged fross 5 tn 12 below zero. Commenced mowing at 'J? now i fonr inche* deep. Thot, Kkb. 7 ? Th -rmom^ter at 7 A. M , 18 below zero. I Tie weather ha* b??n moderating during the day, and ! thi< evening the thermometer it at zero, and we liare a il ght full of enow, Ihe mercury ta* oot been above | reio for two day*. AiJiAfcY, Feb 7. 1<i P. M ? At e jnriee the thermometer b< ie stood at 20 degre*. below teio, at 10 A il at 1 > ? itegrer* below zero. Hnow h*? becu f*il:ng t.nre 4 P M Tlia wind il N. F hYitarcm, Feb. 7, 10 P. il ? The thermometer here at ' 7 A. M marked '.:9 degree* betow zero. Tliit afte-noori i thewtather moderated. Snow U now falling fre?ly, with a ?trong n ithwaat wiul. Vth-j>, Feb. 7, 10 P. M. ? At 7 o'clock tlii* morn m the ttarmuuieter waa 24 degree* below zero. Tbi* even- | ing the weather la rethei more moderate. Cnow ia now falling, with ccnaidetable wind. HoTBMTD, Feb. 7, 10 P. M ? In thle elty, at io'clork thl* mctn ng, the th?rraoniet^r Imlicated V) degn>ea be- , low rero. At 8 P M , with the weather moderating, ?now b?gan to fall. The thermometer bow etand* at I degret* above. BvrraiA, Feb, 7, 10 P M ? Ij?te In the afternoon we bad a li;ht fait vl atow here Tho tbernometer tbla ?nun ng *too 1 at 12 degrcee below zero Tu-o<ght it I* much mote moderate CLtvu op. 4?h 7, 10 P. M. ? Aft?r eoowlng heavily here all ilar, the weather began tomolerate It I* now raining hard CHlraoo, Feb. 7, 10 P V. ? The we.-ifser here hae not Uen very coM to day, but eiceelmgly unj>Iee?ant , There ha* been an o-ca?ional fall of dry ?now, whi-.h, drifting eaeily, ki-epa all the railroad* uncertain and >n term it tent. I??r*orr. Feb 7,10P If. ? It ie milera'.ety c. Id her". We had a alight fall of ?now during the day Folic* Inltlllgrnrt CHABMID WITH fU K'il.Al'.Y. At an rarly hour yeeterday moraing the ilereath wail police aireated a young man. named Jamee Murray, ?? be waa ?'riring ? cart loaded with ready made tloth.nrf, al a rapid rata along Clinton at met. Hu?pa-,Un{ bim to be a thief, tbejr conrtyed bin to theatation bouae . wb>"-e It ?a* aacerlalued. in the inorainr, that the clothing utore of Caor ge II Hunter, No. 290 Itowery, had been burglarlmialy entered, and about "W tlnuiaod dollar! ?< rtb of property carried away by the burglai ? Ttia Kobe* auepertiag that Murray waa implicated ia the niiflary, had tha property eowrejed before Mr. H'lattr, 1 wbo identified It aa bi? propert j , that bad been ataien from turn Hi a night prawn. u The meaner in which tli? burglary wa< perpetrated waa Terr akllful ? worth t of an older !iea 1 than tha yon tha alio n allrgM l-i hm i eaaUtfci it. Ihe a Urn v?>n 'if the police waa attracted from tb>- atore and ita rleintty by falae eigrtale ru ni? by tha burpier* with wh'atlea of the aama calibre and too* aa tlioa<> uaed by the pollca While the police were tbua !e ! away, the piemeea wara entered by i>awio( out th" lock, and removing tha ieaide helta. About wi rth of cl?thiaK and ailiui were then packed up in racka, and r?iro?rd to th? aidewalk; but aoine eie-m baring baeni rented, only nue of tb-m waa te'-en awir, tha otbera tnn( left behind by lb- frighten*! burgle-*. In tlif po-Wat* of the prtaoner a > lothinc wer? found a jimmy. ? nd on* of the wl.ntlea referred to. He refuaed to tall wh? waia hia acc^mplicea in tha night, and tnaia taina a diguidad alienee relative to tha whole tiaaaaa tiun Mmray >u committed for exam nation AHHKfcr or A.NUTBSK tUUIII) r?IKTt HI TKLI.gll. Yeitrrday officer Hnlee, of tha Twaitioth ward, aire?t. J a woman named Catharine Wietma^*t>ii a war rait iaaui d by Juatloa Davidaon, of ti* H-cond dl?lrict jp?d.?a court, "here tha atanda charged, on th. <-om plaint of Jacob Wagner, with being a disorderly <bar actar, lnaemi:cb aa aha pretenda to tall furtonea, an l rr.el*?i a eompenaatie.a fr no Walter* for the tana Tha complainant utatea that the aoeueel. who ia atJrr man. and rreidee at 191 Waat Thirty aer-nlh afreet baa l>.r fome time paat baaa eoraced ia the fortune telling bin* neea, that ha want to tha houae of the prioo-r on olo uccaaioa to bi? deatmy told, and baring hear 1 tha ora?i?, paid bar a untall companaatiun for bar labor* lie C'Dclbdaa hia affldav \ by atatiag that tha acr^aad haa defrauded him. and other partita, by b?r m k? ratemonioe and preUnal nt to tall the preaeni pa .t and future, and rerwivlag for h-r information amall con ??leratu na. Catharine, wbo eanaot apeak a aord of fngltab, waa coinBiittad to pri* ?n to await aa 'tinm tUxi A POLtcr.MAN ii DirricuLTr. YeaVr<iay mxtumg WllUam Hb*?haa, a polleemaa, of tha I I'tli ward, waa br<>qgbt before hia llowor, Ma/or V'aod, r barged with diaordcrty oon toet aad dfuakea??a, on tie r*|.iaitt of J*U H Vabait, of IT ? itm>< a'reet. It ia alleged by the co?|.la.r>>iit that w)ii!? be waa ia the grocery atore corner '?f Iman aod i b irab atreeta, the prlaower raaaa iatothe pnaMl MmMH> aad witfcont laaiag aay raaaon ?nate?-r ordered ti * ci.inpta unt out af tb* ?t'#re on. Ju l. of b a Vmtn I on Mr febert by aatbiir if k)ie did not comply with (be ?t I del that he w?uU take liim to I be atajuou '.onae that the '.BiLlaiaint. rrfuaing la aacate t? premtae< waa ' laaaiteo h> UieMiuirat, who eiilaaT'ir*d toarr**t him bnt being unable to do ao Mr 4>oert th?> igat it ?va>d t-e on'y r'|ht on k'a part t" r?t irn the cowiplimeat, ao be Mtie ^<a?7>lalr ant.) t'x.k the praoiaer the palae* ma?,) to the etattoa kaa<a from wHenc* be waa taa?a ' before tha May* KHeebea waa riapeoted from Imy and pay u at il t be matter U iateet'gat?d by t i? OoBieuaieaera. cittMt or OBAVD uacHTa <Mf?r Roaa, attar Wed to the re-orxt dietfict * rourt Je?rre* n we- ???, imet*l a maa aanaed Ma T. I'r?wa, aa i wi n a' iaau?d by J?d*e Breaaai ? here a be a'aada charge I aa the ? apiaiat a 4 Km an iel It At>a of Kc. 4* Vetey atreet Wtth ba* tt a'.o.-e ant I . err ed aw?y g1???w?re ail <.?iie? aaerehaa ia? f r*m t'.? abaae p??mi e?, ealuM ?. the eoaaplai atl a. >gea |Ba*. the aecutod aad aMother Waa a rat a'??e^?i rawiato hlaa < a the >'eih >.it . aa i at taa ?lita pi. prtf. Ilaa * ' ?ae4 4 aeaii) fakanaM lete-it oa b ? , pari ?e? mg that he 1 a . iborlty (Of a' t?ag aa ha 1.1 He aae U*?n hafor* J aat.<e Btenaat, who bel t hlaa fat eudlat .oa COMTLAiWT Dt tunegj. Tha ?ha?re if graad ler<?ay p??fccr*< aga aat Oeorga ea<l Martha Ik* it, by krwd?rwa Swerertla, haa V-ea by Jar aa fa? illy tktra aa< bwag eat pr ?a We eaaailaatiaa to wweeaat tkeaaf a j <a the aceaaal for tuaL - - ? "ATIONAL CAPITAL, rHIRTT-TlfraD OOk ?KlOM? SMMIW. Il ??>>! WMHj*<jr><r, >'ub T, IK Tin. fMfTIVl I ?(.??? law, mo. Mr. Hi'kMi, (.'??? bo*!) of Ma**.. praarirtnl th? row of tb? eiti(<?a of I'awtnohft, Maa* , ??v/n.' tor the rrjM'tl of tba Kugi'.i?a Slav* *et, aa<1 tbf aL><>41ti<>f i of ?U?*ry In tb? Dutrlct #f C'o'um'jU, a?i tb? proal>W41 >? of alav*ry in tb? T? ritoci^. | Mr. Hkiiwx, (<S?m.) of U tbat *11 tliry want ' Mr K< MMta? That It tb? tafiMMnir-. Mr. Mcmm>k tb?a IntriMliiT# m MU to cimMiue oartalu ; public worki la llaararbuwtU. K?a1 t trior Md pUctil j on tlio ralmJar Mi . Ciuaa, (fr???uil> of Ohln, i>r*^at#<i pvtit'Om from 1 cili'eoi <il t ulton aii'l Wilium* count"*, "lilo, {rrtrloK j ???' tba p *?>* {e of a la* , r lubitimf Mtft't la fba tot I (itorlM. an<l ?s. ! 'li'4 >iinu.l call up-tb* MU olt?r?/?l \>y ' hi ui lut mi ?"Ioa, to prohibit ?'>a*?ty la lb? Tirftlotlm , ' at tli? nrVal pra-lfenU' .t?v Mi Hrwjiriw, fablf ot La., inllWllicH ? b'll fr> 1.1 th- Couimitlre on Cammaroa, atating II prrirMo I for Mo ( (bang* of tlia iiama of iMbniwr f-oni lia naforiunt' i>am>' of I'lantafft nrt to tlm morn fortuaata onu of A <? lliowu. (LaiiffliU-r. ) l'aai*l AFFAIRS AT THE * Ml\kll IMfRilvrMK\T< M. . lsl?'Ajtlj( (free ?uU) of N v., intriHurc-l it bill to remove tlia obatiudiooa it li. II alao, * bill to Ira pi hit the plaia at the mouth of the (iu?m "iter Mr Mai rf*v, (<'ein.) of Ha Intro,! 10 1 \ biU to im prove the bar at Apalachicola, Klori I* tui; v. ?. mam <i>unr >* uunnu. Thp bill fiitablialung tha I'nltad Circuit Court for California ill then taki-n up. Mr Mknjamin ani l he Ua<l e*?m ued the aubjo. t 4 nee ytalerday, ant could uut auppert the m?aaure Mr. Gwi*, (dam.) of Cal , aald.-? -We haee bi'?u trying to get a Unl'eii Stataa Judge for two year* but cannot do It. Poinathing me mu?t bar*; ao'l aa thia bill oOBi*e frotn Itie judicial organ of tliia boly I th!a? it "U gtat not to be objected to. Mr Ciujut, 1 fiaa aotl) of Ohio? The anomaly will oot be permanent, but will ao -wer the temporary ne< leaity of the ra>?? Mr. {whig) of X. C , agreed with Mr. Chaae. The win le oi tnl* ia, we ahali liavo 1 limited HlatW Court ori the f'arlti", with a Judg>' wlm ia not a Judge of th* Pupri'tte Court, Pome think till! ia aa entering wedge, by wb'ch ht-rr?ft. r the Supreme Co irt Jui'^ea mir bo rvleaeed from Circuit duty If that b? the ra?e, f ant g>ad of it. I would iliacliarge the Judgea from that duty uow . Mr Btti.kIi (den ) off. The peculiar aituafion of California lintitritively demand* a m*a<ire aimlltr to that propMC* 1 ta a salary aliould bt M.&00; if mure, 1' woel*. b'* a grvluatli n againat tho-e of Jjd|*a of Su preu-e Court Mr Hfc.WAWi?--Wliy ran't we hart KB adlitional Oonrt 1 with Circuit pc*< r?' Mr lli'i, Ofbltfi of Tenn? That woal i be a gr*il"r anomaly tli 1 1 the bill propoaea. Mr Wmii" (4em.) of Cal , aaid the condltioa of Cali fornia drinaixlto tbia or aorae ?*|nl\ alent m?aauie, a> ' >? judicial biiani"#* of that Mate w 11 1 o< reaong Mr Donoii', (dem ) of 111., aald the H"0'it<* bvl alicady mini"! a gmeral m*-aaurn to dleoharg* th? Judge from Circuit dutr He waa oppoae I to thia m*a eure became it elti cted indirectly ? liat the Senate had deteitnlotl cluxild not b? done IV S- nat" Ual rer laed to pay tbi- Judfti mcie than th" aalary of a Judge <?l th fn pre ma Comt, and he inoiid that Uie bill be poitp >ii- I till to morrow The hill appropriating 1 <40,000 for deepening tl>? nhaa nrl of the I'atapeco ilttr, to render tlia port 01 liiltim >re accee?i!>la to I'mtcd iitataa tlr itMiWi a wia taken up, Mr. Frili a. ( wtiig) of Md,| argual ti?? merit a of th? bill, an I rooied to ivdai ? ti?? approprLatlnu to tl-'l,0'M. Am-'udmeut agreed to aud bill paaaed luntovruram i?? m< turn w I till a w<-re In'Olucal for ronUn'iing t'ie imiitorrmxrii ? of Budaon linn, NawcJkalle Uaibor, to fafund toe" i lr<n?of Wilmington, S. C th? im>ilot paid by t)i .-n to lmpro?e i'ap? l>ar ritar. for toproTam >nt ??t A ra 1 aatrifli. aliU Imptora the na> (atioo of r^no' ee riter Appt( pnatlooa wira paia?l, for de<-|M-nlo|t rhm nela orer : t I iair'? 11a a an I ov?r tit Mar; ? Hall, Michigan, tj improre tbe Ilea Mmu- a tapid? ao 1 to i ? ? pture the harboi i f Newark N. J Mr Harm u?ro<lure>t a bill It iu?|.ro?e Micb /an City batbor, w'oicb |iaaae<l tlu'mgh ita ml; atairea A bill waa i?aaaed to cootiai:a ttiteaero < imbli' ao:ki h?'ieto(?re 1 , iini"0 ?.l In the htata of Mama 1h? bi I paaied appr ipriatlag t.O Wi la eoul one tie* improaeiLMitt at the in^.itbo' the .-.a UU/o riaer, I'al llortla Mr l>?wa<i* lntr'"l'ir?t .1 bill appr iprlatl if tl'il 0?0 for r*mtfvlog oiratr'ii li.iaa fi <iu the iuouI.i ' -'irjrjnih rir? 1 Iha bill paaaed Adjoaraad. Ilouar ml H?ptea<-ntaflTra. Wtammmr >?, Ka? f, IH '.S ftr>-*r o: . > Rar.i'im T1 " ftntiga* laid befora tba Hmn tba a^i 'c iltura' and in?< baniral rapurt of tlia Caimatiaaion*r of 1'itani ? i>'erre 1 to tba < "inmitiea 1 n I'laatm,- to ta|ti re aa t < ba\ ing eitra > op *a prln' --I tin. mil 1 naiWM tin 1 he llouaa seat Into cim nltlee, on sot on of Mr HmiMIIWI, el.o'a oliject waa to diapoae of tligMII , ptor: Iiik I' r tha ]iay ineol of amb reditu ? >( .halat rapoblic of Teiaa aa ate ompieiien '? 1 .a ;>? act ?f lou< 'aa of w?pt#nil<r II, 1 1..K Quritlon waa raJaed tha' tb l> T1 coul l rr>t '?* tgAan up. aa but yeatei lay waa e<al<ne 1 apacia I!y for Ita cob ? I'M ra "ii Ti.? ttuu nun < in n.m that it ana in v l?i ? uatalo*<l Mr. II' Mi'iim, i 'lam I of Va., tn III* r* , Jurli. n of tb? into nt to l*a tpprv).r: tt?] all i W- t to tli* r mailt of tba ,;anll?a>4n from 'in ?., tyil t!t? on- M ri.Minja , ahobaMoaat aolenjlr, h- .*M, (nil t.> hia , ?|.?b iir>il?d <?lua?ua (Mr. Ia/lair). laojrhtar Kf T? * uik, ( al.i* ) of Oslo, (abo Ma aalaiuir tli ? ball aa tbla ailmlun *a< male to hint rajil *-1 ha ?? ill lathi r t ?r? a alaak haa I tlnn a bliRlliaul (iuioinU rule la igLtar, latfrmnf ltd witla rr.aa of ' i '?iTimxI. > Mr. M< Minna ? I >i*? l? a paraonal riplualui% 1b*Cuaiaa?? ? Will tin contrail'*-** I. mi Ilia <?ntla mau ' a M**t Vftirw ? "T*a, " 'So," "Or'trr," ?f1?r htm." Mr -II ? a ftup I na* r* prir almg that a all Mr M< UVLL*> (no ib^i-llon naw mlarpna.-i*) aal I -I itlimlKl ix.tbm g (kiumIIi oi ? nalra aal noon* au^il to bara auoxu tbia l.*ltatr than tlaa (?atl'-n;an bin Ml/. 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