Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW T "HOLE NO. 6742. MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. ?SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10J 1855. PRICE TWO CENT5 ;ARS AT THE NATIONAL CAPITAL rHTRTY-TJlIHJ> OMOBIM. 8KCOHD BMM10N. WABm.taTOH, Feb. 0, 1855. PHlVATK BJLIJ1 ?eiogTJrivate bill day, on motion of Mr. Wao* It ?ed that such bills onljr 11 would ellolt no debate >e aclad cd before two o'cioek . ?llowiog Senate bills were then patted : ? Nee. 237, , 380, :i96, ;m, 421, 420, 431. 4 :<?. 441, 444, 450, , 403, 465, 460, 473, 474, 475, 479, 477, 478, 470. , 400, 404, 466. 506, 633, 680, .'46, 551, 663; and billi No*. 310, 820, 871, 873, 371. 374, 877, 878 440, 4f 2, 4to, 456, 400, 472, 470, 4a,!, 484, 486, I, 272, 512, 621. All paased without objection. TUB BRIG OK*. ABXBTnONO o o'clu.k tlie regular bu?lne?.- wai returned. Mr. in'a motion to reeonddtr t'.i> vote by which the canned to be engroaaod the bill for the reilef of t* of the private armod brig Gen. Armstrong, t in older. A very desultory debate arose on thil and it wta agreed to? yea< 21. nay* 17. knmmi.v announced that he meant more amend - t> the hill, wblch will earrj to ?he captain much mnt than the original bill provide*, when Mr. ired to lay the bill on the table. Agreed to ? nay* 10 ?nat < then went into executive session, at the linatiou of which the adjournment took place. Wabihicoto.*, Feb. 0, 1SI5 VHMI1MA k*D TH* MOW >OTHI*Oe. fAvi-n.rn, (dem) of Va., made a tion t.n bU rote again*- the .uapeaeloa tul"* ti enable Mr. W.tte to introduce >w Nothing resolution*. He had been misrepresented throughout hi* district, s accn ed of sympathising with the Know ?. Tt.o rw olutions were m-rely declaratory of and proposed no legUUtlve aollon. He wi*h;l vote to rave time, and consider important measures, being chairman of the Military te. It# belonged to no aeeret political atsocls i to a great democratic party, whieh it powerful to uphold tfce caure of llvrty and humanity, itala t he constitution of the countrj . HK-'oRMB i\ tiik COMILAR KYSTKJI. us* took up the bill to remodel the dlplomitic iular ?v-tem of tha United tftu'ei. BKINR. (d. m ) of La., to rep'y to a question by ullen, 'jiid. by this bill dlplomatic ei oonsei will ished o iniderably, while tb?re will be $50, 0J) ? saved >d the consular system. ccKKMtnur, (dem.) of Kr . s?H. *>me week, as noro a a ted by the President, ""1 .er to ? nsiu. It would be observed that h**1*'1 to bin ordinary duties ber? since that period, linatloi sad confirmation were without hi* re or application, not hiving sought nor the n;Hr?. nor had he ever heard of Ignali. . of Mr. Soule till informal tha. i one I ud been sent to the ' ,bet? cite instances the fremdent granted short indulgence to consider a* ther b? would accept th* poll, r with hi* friend*. Alter doing ao, while appreciating this mark of Kxecutive con and lie manner In which it w%* conferred It It Ills duty to the nppiintment and inri?e 1 the President. He was now at liberty, affected by the bill, to vote in the affirm itive. ral pas ei ? ytaa 143, nnys 33 IXCBBAM Of Till! NAVf. corn (dem.) of Va., fron the Committee on ?air*, reported a bill a-itv.rlilng t-.e coastruv even .loop* of war. Referred to Committee of eon tin- *tato of the Union Till COLT PATBXT KTBX'IOK. >u?> went Into Committee of the *bole on the icing for seven additional year* Coll* pa.en. OHwlxT'dnn ) "f Ohio, resuming his remark ? udav I tat , said tfce llrst information tonclvng rity 'of members in connection with this bill, in tVe Krmung Star of Waihtn<too, the wr.tet that me hundrvd thousand dollar* were net i.rry out the object of Colt's application at. I e he'd su n enough to satisfy himself o th < he story. Here was the commencement, of th I infamous -lander on tbe Am?rieao Congress ?d bv a mau wba to admitted to a aaat a* a re ncna^t, (d?m.) of N. C. ? Wh\t paper? of llhio-U la anadm n iCBaToN? Indifferently ao ( '*n8',ter ) V* American likewtoe r?peated -hat thei?'??g II is to in- eifrcted by char'pi^ne and gl ittony ?Uilaii'-iyhia Pott leiterute- *ne charge aga a?t ot being corruptible and rrxrupt, basing i . on ie of th- Krrning S'?r. Tho-e article*, WP'*1 .nt tb-1 Minn try, bad impressed upon the mlud? op'.e hat the meabers or tlie A-^riean C^n corrupt, and can be bo<i?ht an t sold 11 .et Next, an honorable gentleman (alluding nzinsn) reiterated the ruior. and nber> are open to bribery and corruption, when ot courn#.' enough to accuse any ono openly act uoha* obnervei that the reaiirU implied eow nd thought the gentleman Horn Ohio, by utlng td the rules of order . <>aBTo . doubled not but ev ry 1 ??? ugb to ?tate what is true, tf lie had truth to t wa? because there was n ?t truth, ? ? charge to make, ttat the geutleman <5eclli.? . ST it. and oonflaed Ulm^elf to general He hsd net dared to make the charge directly, he cold not fl? the charge on *ny m-mber. ll<| the roroora he heretofore m*4e, that a s?lec. Fe to examine Into the Colt and other ca??? aUUorkl In Its nature It waa to inquire, no. there was any truth iu the charges re.peH ihers, but whether charges might not be male, questions were leading in their character ash information not be *od on any specifle charge. >en*es ol that committee airealv amount to In courlusion. headvocateil the bdl. isoiui* said thl* was a stagulsr question. It onW bill h-i Vnew of involving a Urge amiunt or not ? uppotted by some good pr-te*t. It viola *1 1 prnciLie. Everything said -n favor of the biU ectly in the teeth of an app! cation for the re ,1 the petent. Mr. Col- K?t a patent for , years, which wa* renewed, aal or wb c i years ara yot to run. It was Bhown bt a Commi.-eioner of Patents, who rejestel Icat loo, that Colonel Colt ha? already made mot J t ttli'.UiD o: dolUrs by It. The whoto '?*?*?* n h the application rests I* faUe. Instead of losing he has been abundantly remunerated. The g-n rom Obio, (Mr Edgarton,) said that last week her had lie courage to maks a dlroet atatemeu' ? the 'oflO' nceB sought to be applied to members of the bill, anl repeated the charge to dsy, r member* with want of courage which was ia i of the rules of order. He d'd not believe th?re member who had not courAga to make a atate believe i true. The aUegati m l? a gratuito is d fSematlon ) He had spoken of efforts tu e ms uibei* The facts snow that ten or twelve have bten employed here lor that purpoea >dt, (cem.) ol Ind., defended toe aelect commit , Mr EigerWs charge of its beiog inquUitorial iing to stab character la tlia <"ark Thia asper her in or out of thia ball, should be repoUed. and mote than himself, a member of that commit < to the charge of that committee sittlag ieeretly nembers for bribery or eorrup Ion, he would ay, alien snyUiing occurred whish required at ?n, any aod every mem >er of tha Houea whom laaaUoa concerned wa* promptly invited to ap lore tbe -ommittee; and aspunga himself, not m imputation, but from eveey ?u?p4cion. When Heman fram Ohio atUmpta.1 to strike down tbs ?mmlttte, he f Mr. Kddy , w.*bed to rem nl hi a wsma< bo *truck back. He oppesel the bill, he charge of Mr. Ueteher is true, that not ie.* a or Cf'eea thousaad dollars uave been used to the a*tea?ioa of Colt'?p?tent. . nnr?l to strike out tie enaetiag cUuee Hll. A?,rrrd to, 00 againet 33. The eomm ttee i?. Tl?e Hou*e ooneurrtd in this, by yesa ill. , a* ioU-jws ? . , _ ... ?-Aiken, JameeC. Allen. Ill , A ppletea , Asbe.aat k? rry, I!en.oa, It'ntoa. B.wt, Beyee. Breekearidi . er, Cs'ntkm, Csskie, Chaml.1. *a?tom?a. CUrk ?, Cer?le.Ce*,? itUeg. Iiavis Ijd, IH; inisr, K<lVv Adwaads, Eli?t. Mais.. IlUott, ay . k i he i id, e. ivsrfcart. Faeikaar Matlar, rraaklln, (;i4dia?s,o."?4*, fioedrteh. Ureeaweed, Oray. Oat" Okie. Ilarvia, Miss., Uat'iufs. Headrtek*, . linnet in, Uosre, Jones, *. f.. Joaes, Ten a., Jsaet. Us. U.J Kerr. Itld well. Keltr*d?, Kn?*. Lane. . Uwt?. UBy. Mesjnsea. May. Mid llesnarth. Miller, dleoa. M'.r*ae. * Mnrrav, NeMe, OUyee M . eker i arkse, Peek. I'erkmi. N. r. I evklas l.s . I'Mllli'S Powell, Presloe, I'rinfU, I'erysar Readv, litrUe Ps . KoMlas^Rnffle. Sable. Mass thaw Sim nltk Va .VaTtk. +esss ?t- vans, Mirh ?tra?? >n. N Y . rebsm'Vall, Vae?an?. Watiey, Walk re Me., Weatworth. III.. Weetwertk, Mass,, 4 ri?bt. 1' 1 a. Z dlle'iSTer ? Tetsl, 111 ?Afc reiuielde, Willis, Allee of llllaeie. Meek*. " Bell. li-t aeU, Bllta BrUtee. UrOse, Bu?. Camp A?i. l'1 km, Cobb, C uUvtlt. Difliof R I t inhai. iMtm, Idftrto?. Qo ,i Ma flsrle'i of laeiaaa Hill. Ml. Wedrtey. M.r.Herk. MeDee.l t. ml, MnPeo, Maee, SeoTie. Me.cham, Miekelas. Olds. Prall a lie key ef OMe, Nene Me well, ?ward. *eymeuf, Shaneea, ? Hoe sr. 6mtik ef Ala . StawS" \ ef T'ia , Staaten of R> , Mewl of ?ikle, of Mtek.. Thnr-iea, Traey, Troot W i ittirook YtlAt? Totll, P th* bill WM killed ? oiUrr romptmiivtl; oiimf^rtint buiiiHi, tbf wme of' ur. Walker, (dem of Kew York was I tie (tUr day ia t>M vertr on Mr Bositsy U) ?0 iat* oominitto? on UHflT. If# rotrt la ^iiVte Tat Bcbmko op th r. Uut i .mi Comrmft is HA*?4<MTO?mi ?The 1 remit*# Kiereet qe*fti?n la e?m | iMoi-ia?Bf? firm Tho eUtoamti for tadaaiaitf Iter <)Mtra<*UnB oT frop?rty MturtU/ <0 not look with murh hop# to UM pr? ?ot l/?(rt*l?tar?. bo I th# <ith#r ?M? h?? tllra tornf f ??4 ? pHUUica W hwn pf#?#atM for 4J.IIIMI Wlltm In- ftnt ???* '*~1 ?,i?#Tr<l ri? M ?wM*rt ?T paftif lp#t'CB la tt* kmrn'o* of IM MltMt. AFFAIRS AT THE STATE CAPITAL. (TEW YORK LBG ULATIFRE. Imrtt. Albas Y, Kub. 9, 1855. SILLS IMTBODVOCD. Mr. SnnrcKR introduced ? bill to amend the hnurinca Mr. BaRKARD gar* notice of a bill to abolish capital punishment. ? TBI UtMWOH SLAT* CARS The Lemmon slave com was m ti? the special onltr fo Tuesday next. The Senate adjourned to eeven o'clock on Monday if t< moon. Awmbly. Auukv, Feb. 0, B55. Motion was made to adjourn to Monilay. Agreed t>. Mr Pvrrr laid on the table a resolution to accept th invitation o( the (lovernors of the Almshouse, on the 27th, mad that when the House adjourn on the 26th It b to the following Monday. On Motion of Mr. Watkrjhiry, a resolution waa adopt ed to Inquire into the action of the Uarlsm Hallway Com pany charging extra faro on way passengers. On motion or Mr. O'Ktm, the use of the Assembly chamber was granted on Friday eveoing next t j Frede rick Douglas* to sjeak on the rights of mau. tilb nmi'KKA.ioc mix. Mr. Pnmmxft called up the motion re'erring the Tem perance Mil to tha Meet Coinmitte which reported it. with five members to be added, and that tlie coicmi't?e report on Monday n^xt, and that the final t >te on the bi'i be tskin on Wednesday of uext week. the call for th? previous qiestion wan pending at the Lour of adjournment yesterday. lUc Houre now ordered the previous question? #2 to 33. Mr. Stkbhinh called for a division of the question, so a* to include first, sll before tlie provision for the Lnal vo'e; and so much of the resolution wai adopted ? 5H to 3D. The part of the resolution directing the final rots to be taken on Wedcesday, th? 21st, was carrls*: ? 42 to 29. Mr. I xioa nu-ved to reconsider both the last rote* Mr. Mdnuay? la it to rendtr the gag inare effectual? Mr. O'Kketk ? Yes. it is to rlret and clinch the gag As we have done snflloient wrorg for one day, I more we ad onrn. I .est ? "J7 to 02. Iht motion to rt consider waa lost ? 27 to 91. T1IK NKW YOI1K DKI.KIIATIOS. Mr. MAcrrai celled attention to an article in the last Sunday /tlai, relucting upon the Yew York delegation, ty intiinatlr g that tbey were purchasable He de nounced the ait'.cle a< in'amoutly libellous. RtlLR ItXPORTKT). Mr. Clark? For aid to the Five Points industrial school. Mr. J. I*. ? Relative to the Harlem bridge, and Kicrsbrii'Re. Also, for a free bridge arrows Newtown cre?k. Mr. Edwards? For relief to the Staten Island Railroad Ccrnuuny. Mr. Itcrrr pave notice of a liilt to define the naturali ration powers of the courts of tliis State. Mr. Watikbiry brought In a bill to regulate the lia bility of hotel keepers. Mr. Lamport moved to lay the various orders of busi r<eis on the table so as to reach resolutions, tlist a mo tion might be made to make the Temperance bill a spe cial order. Agreed to. Mr. t-TMiBixa then moved to make the bill the special nr<'er for every evening the ensuing week Before the question was taken the House adjourned Jastlee to Mr. Weed, of Erie, TO T1IK EDITOR Of TBI HBRALD. Albany, Feb. 8, IMS. I discover la an editorial article of Tuesday, the 6ttj instant, list the name of William W. Weed, of Krie, is mentioned ss one of the members of the Holism wh > w*s expected would vote let Win, II. Seward. I hope j< u will allow me the apace to make a contra tictloo, i. m! assure you that Mr. Weed voted for Mr Fillmore throughout, as bis constituents always bel ered be wjuld. Yours, Ac , A RESIDENT OF BUFFAUI. City Politic*. TBI CHEAT Kl'tlON SitKIMi I.N TAMMANY HALL JOHN COCUMA>K TULLIJSO WIIT HK WKNT TO If-GTOK ? CAJ-T KVNIinW OOIHO TO VIKOrNIA TO h*lp i?ht a. mm A meeting of the committee of annulment , to get up tie great fusion dtmun/dralion wLich ia to come off neat mnntb, ?i> held 1>st night In the Coal Hole, Taminaar Hall Caj.lain Rjndera presided, and L. F Harrison acted n fr'acretary. Alout twenty per-onn were present, all of with one or t?o exceptions, were Cu..tos Houae cfBcera. The Secretary read tbe m'nnte* of the previa -a meet in*, which were approved, after which th* wurda ecc called in tbtir order, and apecial eomiuilteea that bal I Uea appointed, reported on the standing of certain per ?< n* In their reap?etive localitiea, and a* to whether tbey would coiucut to alluw t^eir Damn to be u>e>! a.i ofBc'ri of the forthcoming meeting. It appear* that at a prevlaua meat in; of the commit tee, renolutiona had been panned that no Cuatom Houac tfljetr should be all"*e) to act a* officer or apeaker on the nijikt in que-tion, and also that there about 1 be t?r > tic* president* from each ward, on'-' of whom abould b* a i oft nnd the other a hard, ao an to have a streak of fa', and a atr>ak of Jean throughout. The aame arrange ? I I nt *ai to bold food miib th* MMtM ?*. A number of name* wcr* called orer, but through ? ni* inexplicable agency, la almoat every ward aom ? of tb* perron* mrntionei^rcre either Cuatom Houaeoflle'aU rr else harda of ao anelcnt a dale aa to Ik- undiatinguUb a t, i- from aolt*. If an inquest waa b<ld on each name, and all who we:e aunpectel of baring th* ?m?ll ?>f tha CuKtom Houae on their garmenta, wei* mcrclleaaly ei put gad. Tbia proceeding waa objected to bjr several of the Interested parte a. who did not think It right that th? > aboii VI be excluded from dancmz at the great wel dirgtf th* democrat:;, especially aa they were expected t > | a j the piper The majority of the committee, bow < T<r, wer* inexorable on tbli point, and the/ were core pellcd to grin and bear it Mr. John tiK'uciM announced that ?hle be wai in Washington, the propriety of holding tbl* rnrttin;; ha-i been much alM UOil. He found that there tha hlgbeat importance had le. n pla< ed on th* propoael i?mi.n?tn tion not only aa a nv ana of uniting the part/ in .Vew Ycrk. bnt alao fiom the effect it would hare throughout th* I'nlon, la c? mention 'o^etber with atill firmer band* the great iemecratic fam I y, to that they m'gbt oppn** >nce*?fuU? the common em my in future contwti Nay. mora, tbl* waa tegaid'd a* tbe openlnf of the I'recdco tial canvaaa? not, it ia true, with a tI*w to urge tbe ciama of anr particular caadilate, bat to **'. th* mi cVncry going' that would secure the election of a man rep: eaeoting ia tact the principle* of that party to which be (Mr. Cochrane, i waa proud to belong Thia eiew ef the subject had been taken by tbe *lltor* of th* Waah Ing'.on l num. t es?rs. Nicholson k K iraey Mr Coeh race had consulted aeveral time* with theae gentlemen in th* I'nion office on th* anbj*ct, and t ?. placed the bigbtst value on tha efftct tbia proposed mee'lag would have on th* future proapact* of th* admlnlatratloo paitf All tbe diirtirignl?h*d democratic mem Sera of th* Penal* *ad Font* ol Representative* In coaf*rre<l ? lib him on h.a arrival la Waahington, and prr imcl to glv* aid aid comfort to th* morenent n Ida con.'eiencea with th* official* ia Waah ngton th* question aa to how th- 'lemonat ration abould b* gotton up waa dl*cnaa*<l. It wa* race m mended that no person thould he permitted to lak* part ia the meeting Wuo waa krowa to be an rffirc holder under the general govern meut, and tbia au??eat.oB he (Mr. Cochrane* eadoraed. aath* cr* would be In. mediately raided bi latera*t*d ertlea, thiit lb* Cnatom Hon** waa at the b- ttom of * whoW matter. It wa* alao re commanded not t) hava aa) adrireaa or re?< lution to commit the reunited party to any doctrine that might be deemed obj**t|. aakl> Federal of the rienatora at Arit thought it ade'aable to Lave bat oae raaotullon agalaat Kan* No hlaziam or rometbiag *f ttat kind, but on further ' oaaa.tatlon eetn thla waa'abandoeed. With regard to the peraon* who abould addreia the meetiag, Mr. OKhraae nad aa auraneea from the Boat diatlnguiahe-l membera of Con gre?a, men whoaa nacei were aa a boat intb* democratic linta, that they wouJI be j.reaent and aldresa th* meet'ag. From pm 'eatlal con>tder*tiuna. ha cecliaed m>n'ioBin( aay a?aw* at yraa*at? time enough wl.e* tb* meeting wae aoaouacd Tbia gathering of the fualon democracy, moreover, waa M be a protracted meeting, to continue f ?i two, three or aaore evening' Mr Cocnrane, after again cautioning tha comn'ttee not to al'ow officeholder to take part In tb* meeting*, acd nr|lBg l*a Importance, concluded bla remarks and took bii leave. Ibe committee then proreeled with tbetr *>oa ne?a filling op tbe blaaka la their Hat of Vice Pr*>ldeit* and fecrefarie*. It sppeara that J. M. Bm'fh. th* Recorder I aa consented to prsaifU on th* Arat even eg or the raee iBf. Mr I. V. Hi** won, from the Financial Committee reported tb* leceipt of f'.O. CBpt. Rthhioi ? Well, how mach do yon *ip*?t ?? raise1 Mr Haaweot? Why, a lout $600 t apt. Rtkixxs? 0. that wta t do at all1 I uaderataad that aonae ef tbe ^ llows amawl tbe Cuatoaa Uonae only fame down with a dollar. Now, I am oppoaed to taklM anything leaa than a V from aay oae la tha e?play ef tbe geaeral government. lie f aetata 'a saggtatloa was adopted, sad aerevai e'ia had paid la bnt saaaU anaas " forked over" eaou^U to make np the reqn red amouat It waa dacbled that the tax ahonll be laid oa all tha oMoehokerr la he paid ap ?a soon *s poe.thl* Ik* committee fa.Uaar agreed t* hire Tamrrar v 11*11, at tha rrat af MO fat th* Aral, $40 U t th* rataad, a ad ?*0 for tb* thlr? a^bl. ahoa^l h be imM Ibey aooa af'er ad'aarwd to mast agaia next Friday ? vet leg. tapta'a r. a 'era aaaot.e-> | . . t v? e-?r,,.,f la' he lutecded to |o to Tftg m* atKu*. a.a* 1st ef Ma-et. retl. fa hslp * i?a la l a cruaali a?? nl tt.0 Kaee N?iblrfs. THE LATE SNOW STORK. The Carnival fUrtvcxi? Sleighing mm Broarf w my and the A wenaea? Merlon* Accident*. The seere* preaentr il in oar e'.ty yesterday ware 4 the moat animated character. The (treat* were nevel la a better condition for aletfbfnf, and every erne wh t could (pare the tin* and the money took advaatage ol! the opportunity 'o indulge in the exciting pleaeare* of a rida. The car* received bat a email ihare of tire pub lic patronage, while the Btag* aleigha were crowded to their utmoet capacity. Howie of theae were provided with (ireheatra* on a email scale, ronaisting generally of a vio'.iuiat ond an aecordeoa player, while other*, hir ing nothing better to piecnt, amu*ed their audienoe by performance* on flah horn*. The maalc waa not of the moat refined and artlitlc character, but then it wae moat kueaeiaful, for It pleaaed the hearer*; an 1 what mora could Jenny Liad or Alboal ac ccmp!lah ? Never have we *een Broadway In a merrier mood tbin yesterday; and although a few untowaid in cident* occurred, yet they appeared to hare but little effect rn the general hllaiity. We were glad to *ee that the pract ce of throwing mow ball* hat been itopped by the police, and that every offence of the kind ia prom p?y punlkhed. But il wm* not In Broadway alone that the oarnival w?? celebrated. The Fifth avenue aad other ariatoera ' tic pottioae of the city miauled in the general eejoy ? 1 mtnt, and the democratic Bowery wa* largely repre rented. The avenue* were crowded with aleigh* of all ' rieacrlptiona, from th* comfortable family aleigb, through all the rarietie* of *b*pe* aud aire*, to the daehing turn out of the fa*t man. The drivicg on the other tho roughfare* w*? mere child'* pl*y to tho furioua. bead long ffeed at which they swept along here, acatteria< the anow on either (ids of tbem In oloud*,a? they daihel on in their wild carter. Tboae who would enjoy a gen nine aleigh ride, ihoulil go on the Thirl avenue, which Is the grttt rerort of all pleasure aeeker* duriag the carni val, and in which it 1* celebrated with the greateat *e*t. We are enly atating a will known fact when we *ay that the aleigh cg waa kept up with unabated ardor till j twelve o'clock laat night, and aome of tho mire enthu I fl'aatic did not give up till two or three thia morning. Ibe aoow oa Rroadwuy and the other thor lughfare* i* five or Six Inebea deep, and 1* atlll in admirable con dition. Imor.m-e bank* of it line the aide* of the by* street*, render icg the paaaageof wheeled vehlclea almoit impossible. We may revel at preaent in all th* merry making of the carnival, but the thaw will come, wht>n New York muat relapae into it* usual filthy condition, utiles* the (treet contractor* com* to the re*cu*. Hut let u* enjoy ourielve* while we m>y. Burn* iiya ? The present moment'* all our aln ? The next we never *aw. Ani we ought, on *tich good authority, to mak* th* Biokt of it; berider, we have been often told that " audi cunt for the day I* the evil thereof.'' W* have aaid that tbe pleasures of tb* occasion were marred by'some unplea*ant Incident*, but we hav* not heaid that they were attended by lo*a of life. At aix o'clock laat cveuing, a* the Hoa. Levi 8. Chat field ani Mr Hiram Barney nere passing op Broadway, t'aod ng u | on the outside of a stage *Mlgh of tbe Fourth avenue line, wben oppoaite Cortlandt atreet, they were net by an eight bore* sle'gh, the d\ah board of which struck Mr Chatfield In the abdomen, proatrating hint aeaaeleaa on tbe ground. Mr Barney waa (track upeu the ahoulder. wliirh wa* dislocated by the fmce of the blow and he aim waa proatrated. The collision wa* very violent, and Mr Chatto'.d waa earned to hi* houae ml/tsirgton avenue, seriously and dangerously injured. MA I IB BY 1UK 8T03I INOfOM BOLTS. The steamboats on tbia rcute have been withdrawn for a few iaya, until the sevciitj of the weather ab*te? ? in I he mean'. line the mill* uaually can led by that coute will he forwarded by railroad. 1BK H A ILROA T>? lit NfcW JKIU-IT. Th* n'gl.t expree* tialn on the New York aad iCr.a I'aiiicad, iar at 0 o'clock 41 minute* y**>rday morn ing. *rr vtd at 4 o'clock 1 mlaute* yesterday afternoon lie teo train* c'ue laat evening arrived with.n two h ura of the time due. Die track U new quite clear, and tfcc tu ni departed regularly ) eeterday afternoon Ob the \tm Jersey Railroad the tralo* arrived and de parted regularly, and nearly n time in every initaooe. OP^TKT'CTIOKB to natioatiow. Th" s!?smrr Traveller Uft tkiscifyon Wednesday af ternoon at Ji oV'*k for New Haven, aad at 4 o'eiock Than day afternoon, had acccmpli bed the distance tn Etepp'ng h'oce Buoy, where ah* fell in with a wreck abort of prov'aiona, and froien in On aeeiag h*r.aiga?l of diatre**. Cap!. lewis Immediately went to her assist ance. end aupplied her want*, notw.thatan l<a^ the aeveriiy of tbe gale, the blinding mow storm, and the a'moat lmpa**able ice. Th* Traveller wa* five hour* from Thr gg'a Point to City laland, a distance of a 'rout four minute* run in (rood weather. She retarded y** terdey (Frilay) morning, ihortof coal, having bien ou' nearly forty -e^bt hour*. Tie Ice, which, for several days, ha* been packed In and obstructed the Maten laland ferry boata at Htatsn Islatd, all dtssppeared laat night, and tbe Quarantine boding I* sow free f rem ioe. 1 1 e rr venue eutter ha* been got out from tbe be*c'i ?nd i< now at the Public Hois <?ock. TKLfcti RAPIUC. FV>f> jf , F?b. P, A. M. ? A inow dorm eommancai dur'iig lb* af*Lit, and atill fail* tliiok. At prearat it u on tl.a fronad to a drptb of about fourteen iaebea. It la driltirg coniidirablj, bat m> far baa oot Mrioual J la ?atfar ti with railroad t ratal. l!aur>X, Fab. !?, A M ? It l? now mowing taera with ? utroDf brt'M from tba Lortlieut. Th< rmom-t-; 21 abotra irro. Picroc, fab. 9, A. M ? A beary now itoraj l? p retail Id* bare, acd a atronf aortbeait gal* i< blowing /( Faa'port, < i aia ltd R?a|ot tba araatber U rarjr ould, but there la no ido*. pn?Tt.>w?, Feb. #, A. If.? A iaow baa Mt ia bara. At Moutrral tba weatber I* moderate, with iadJeationa of ?na*. Otrnkjratl, Fab Rlter atill cloied, an I builneia iiirtiEt!; ? u 11. 8 A If ? Waal bar mod* rata; cloud/, with Indication* cf m ta mot. Tba morning train from New York at rial d bar* at 7), P M. Ni tfoil. Va., Feb. ? ? Waatbar iat*aa*ly c Id Ground eoeeted wttli alaet, which ia quite uoprire !antad bara. BaLftMoav, F?b it. ? Weatbet clear an<l eoH Paiaoaal Int(lll|>IKr. AKklVALI. A' tba M' if p'.iiiaa Dalai? Il"a D f. Ji4tx, O fd-m k<.i*. fl?a. I. a. Il?rr1?'.a, ??? Irmw-i. rapt K P Fr'tg Par lira, 9 J< tn?'.n, It I <? qii . J II Mat.'owea. t?'. S A ( harlM lla! avail, Th< mat ll?lm and W Ptrj'ti'. Phi Ia4*!pfcta I llaraar<1. *?rmhr, Wa. H. Nhmt^. ItUa; JaaM A< k?rnin l.xac falaad. At tk* ?t Nl.kola. llatel? It I. Raadell. Pkllad*lpMa. I ft Miilimoa. !*t I naii, R II. ( tkaii bill A J Alkirl. Balliuaatt, A <1 II- rr.*.ia*ar, Palayra. J. t * 1 Majitill*, < el T.J It C.lli?, Satb?i, r. > Uatraaa. I-Mirnl . A. Bill' Dunkirk; II W ll.n,.ll iHllim r-.X C llaairi. IkKcil: h It ''keadlar. waadeloafc; i, vaaina H |*at ?t??>nrr, I MllWr fttakmoa'l: B. Ilawleil Calaae. B. < laa*. RalMaaere Allli Pr????tt n?i?a? Ilea R- P tfaaMa- CW*'I??4 Jmtf L l?f, Oht" ; t o!. H. I Mar?t>all. n?itiii; Nr A and rartj, Uilm; Va M Hl'ktard, WofMiin; J t It row a ?. I i U. D. Milaa aad J .be T lx>a?la~ N. Verfc Proa l.iT?r|?.ol la tba atoaaabip Atlaeit*? Baa V fl t'p lam aad led?, K I. Viliia, PA l |- baa. Sir Wm Haarf !>ua. P l-chaaa. In J }ij? Ml *4 I ( Tar tar. M ra f'akeeaaa, Mr> Ratlafia ui thrwa ?t>n4r*a, Ja? W?. H a R A Cal rlrajh, W II llrjjtckrr. Una! Mla? Willi / ??i;iraa, Mr ? ad Mra V>raa. W W Taa R?>ka(t if f llilhf.k r Millar, M l>?lk?a, t hirkc.i i l naaaraM, J I'allawatt I Hm. H Hrealtnl A Kaakla. Jaa sp ar. Jarria. R KU?r. Hilars W ? ?iri?f*r. O R->??ri. B r Carwta W ?ju.'i.J*. A I l???. ? apt li^W I a anil faailv M Banal ? r? linirr ar<l rind.Vlaa C'.aaaad. I V 5i>^i. Jm r?n J W rlaktir a OHM M Italian, R I aoraat Mr Oallwar. Mr Zahrak, J R KHaay iaalWrt|b*. Mr M^r.^rtar, R P. Kan tall Mraira ( aldwaU. ? SHaawa O-taaa Nahla, ik<a? T J La J via Iran fiadaa, la ibtf Baadrlb dada.a Mr Walaa aad lad), al Ba?laad Jtrmty CHf Maara. r?t ir p ? IJQ' oa RaiAWa? Mr Fiaa, r%|af of PoIm*. bat rrytrUi to tba fNaaaca C*u?cU that Urra ara urn ij ota |mi> wbara h|?ar la aald oyaly wlthaat a llaaaia aad tbrra are from Ift/ ta tfmt; Ir* itkar f'if'i *>?ra It I* <-14 NWllj to periaaa wbo cm fl?a a ,i?f irtiar a ftaV- a rap or a wkialia ? kr wktaM it I* iHwa that tba/ raa ba trwatad with a dr ia* k j paf nf M t Vis; ef tba worat ptaaea whkh rti?M to Hka Hi htrala'a rWardaah/ tba aoth?rtt5.i tbrvwfh tha aa rtrritadil ?f tH (kIMt laafti Oana| Ik* pMt in *%i.<??ja tl.a ( riparti that ha raild M tad a ??M ? dr tx ?p p ara apn Tkn la a f-rat r?4?att*a i r." i.r itit. ant ? ? ?ar nan. that h>k? wira '!t ??>. '?? ' I I 'acat wbrrtU^twf t M iaM ARRIVAL OF THE ATLANTIC. ?NE WEEK LATER PROM EUROPE. IMPORTANT FROM SVOLAVJ). RESIGNATION OF LORD JOHN RUSSELL. [ Anticipated Break-Up of tlie British Ministry. THREATENED IMPEACHMENT. ! Interesting Debate in the British Par- j liament. Terrible Krnthroe of the Milliters on the Con duct of the War. AWFl'L BUFfERINC IN THE ENGLISH AUHY IN THR CItlU?A. MTBIKG OF IMPORTANCE I BOM SEBASTOPOI,. Tfcr Negotiation* Tor Peace and Postpone* mrnt of llie Conference at Vienna. STATE OF THE MARKETS. Ac., Air., ?fc. The (fellln* mail ntnamahip Atlantic, Captain West, | arrived at bar wharf at half pant ten o'clock ye*t?rday morning. She aalle<l from Uverpool at four o'clock on the afternoon of Saturday, the 27th of January. Almost the only Intelligence of intereat brought by thin arrival ia to be found iu the proceeding* of th? llritmli | Parliament, in which the conduct of the war baa boen di*cu*?ed in a npirit very much the reveru of favorable to the govtrnmciit. I/pi l.yndhurit bai given notice In the Houae of I/>rd? ' that on Friday, the 2d of February, ho will move a mo'ution of impeachment agalnat the Mm ater*. The accouuta from the Crimea of the state of the army are very diatreaaing, and the war makea no progrea*. Tte peace conference will be opened within a fortnight; ir.eanwbile people in Englaud dou'.t the aincerity of the Cur, but become more deaiioua for peace. A telegraphic deapatcb from ft. Petersburg, of the 2-th ult., announce* the receipt of a detpateh from Prince Men?chikoO;, date! the 17th, whioh atatei that tlie "lege operation. did not alvaac*; that two aucc*aa ful nig lit tor tie* were made ou th? 13th and 16th, in whirb the Kua?ian? took fourteen Knjli.h and nine Frtncli prlacnera, and that the Allie* lo*t a considerable cumber in killed. A report, it appear*, ha* been current a'. Vienua, of a battle having been fought bnfore Kebaatopoi, in which the Huai'cn* ?er* vlctoiioui , bat by a telegraph from i Vienna, dated the 26th ult, we leara that .llrect an tbentic ndv'cos from Balaklava received tli re, lay no thing n<? bad happened. TLe Hagatall Battery at Hebaatopol I* >aid to h?v? bu n mined by tl.eaFrrneb, who otly waited a favorable oppoituulty to blow it np. McnchikolT I* repor'.ed to have said at Seb utop jl ? "Our troop* raiy reit ? f)eo*. Januiry, February aod lUrtt, will Ifhi our hatilea far better than we cm " The French eighty- gun abip Bnri IV , wht -u ran ?*<M>re on the 14tk of November, ha* been turned late a fort and 1* of much ua to the aJllr*. TV-re *r on* hundred bid on hoard, with guna, an<l the defence they ran make I* *o formidable that the It i? il*n? dare not approeen the town on that ride. Th* Rutaiau cava'ry, h'iwe??r, about 6,000 ?trong, form a cordon *ro .m?l En petorla and effectually pre ret t the town from bring prevUicmd iron the interior. Tbi* aource of aupply havirg been .topped, ev*rytting U now brei <ht by *???. The force of liedmonteae piar-d at tlie dtapoaal of the allira Oiilibirl 20 00C, complete in all inn*. T?o Eng !i*b and two French ataff oflrera have gone from the Crimea to Turin to make the neceaaary arrang-maeti with flen. La Marmora, the PiedaionUte commander in rblef. Conn Pelitator, Hivet and r^arMlcr* ti a** left Pari* for tir Ci iiiiPt tl ? I'arla .VooCtur publiahea the bill adopted by tbe legialatire Corpa, railing oot 140,0fX> men of th* ela>a of i*e4 lie Turkiah corpa, under Omrr I'aaha, will imio miri li from >.o[>atoria, urnlrr the piota<tion of tbe tl^et*, to ward) th* Alma nod tli* Iklbek. Th* Col k?? Ha rttr i.aU'i that tba Priia-lao gorarn mml baa, id a deeirl** manner, advlaed tb# Huaalao ( ebiaet to conclude an Imnxdiat* peaee, Intimating that an; furtbrr de'ny would oot be tolerated much longer by tb* Statn to which tba war baa not yet extended. Tb* lata croaaing of tba Itannb* baa, accirdlng to tli* Pari* I'atrit, given ria* to a demand for explanation* ^ frotn Print* (iortarliakoff, on tba part of tba Austrian government. kand at tba nm tima ordwra bare been aetil to Count Coroninl to piavent tba Runiaoa from r* cosjOMnelng a campaign upon th*l>anii|f Tba MinlaUrial of rttorLhilm positively contra dicta tba report of tba approaching moblbtatl >n of tba ftw dieh army. On tba otbar band, we learn, by account* from Cbrlvtiana, that Prin * 'tacar, tba aa-v>n I eon of tb* king, la appolotrd Commaoder in Chief of tba Hw* dlrb and Norwegian Navy, aril 1 rlnre MlcboU* Augua tua, bla younger brother, Captain of the Norwegian Kid* CVrpa. A l*tt*r from Reeaarabia apeak a of num?roua relnftfrc* n enta of KuaaUn troop* moving on toward* the '.'rtm*a H.e plan of tba Htiultat la aaldto be - 1r?t, toerub tba Tork!ah army at Kupatorla, and then atiaok tba f reach and Kiglieb armie*. and, " if poaalble," drlra them lato tli a aen. Tba tbeatra Da la Monnale, at Rrni>eli Ut b en burn ? d to tb* ground. Aetlrlty continue* to b* exhibited lo tb* war d'part Bent of Auatrto. I'aron Raumgartoar ha? r*?(gn*d t .* Miniatry of ft rare* and C*rw?*rr*. If* will b* en* re?led by llano Prtitak, who In turn w II b* aire**!*! a* Mm >t at CoeaUatmopla, by Aaron Ko:iir. y.e?n Mart* ArteUid*. wlf* of the king of Ha Hat*, fled at Tor n on tb* f vealag of tb* 2?lh ultimo, to tb' 2?4 year of h*r age. hhe ?a< the daughter af Ar'b duke Haiaier of Auatrto. Th* <ja? ?a do eager d?*d hot a few day* prwrioualy. On tha meetiag of the Bona* *f Com moot, i.ti alt , <*t Ca otg* Grey took oeraaioo to toy ow th* tab I* of tha Haute ti ii memo* nddroaaea and r**ol*tl?n* pauwd by put. I c bodWa in vartoua IlriUah colon lea. in ralar**e? to th* war. Tb* ''anadi?n rot* of ?70,900 waa ra'errwd to In tor m* of mnch praUa by M*mbor?. Oa tb* ltlh January, a motion of want af (OaMrar* m tha ^pea.eti Mlsiatry waa brwoght forward in th* On* t*?, a ad after 10m* di*< uaate*, waa rwj*et*d by 13* roto* agaln.t !/?. Th* Brl'toh t3d, 76 ib Mth and Mtb Infantry, at pre aewt In !? dia. are ordered to tha Crimea and it waa *t pacta d that th* 14th I ght dragoona awl th* Wth an I M<) infnntry would foltow-, th*ir pto'*ia Indm wiB bo ?l<*d by a a a* lery of Irroguiar enrnlry T?.e 14th Karo rop**n htitara ara already oa tha way frawa Monahoy. C?en. Wr Oa lacy Feaaa. oa hia arrleal at rolbaatoaa waa prearaied by th* Inhabf tanta with a a word worth I M galanai Tb* haeai >*a Kaiater of Ctala ha* pmaaatad a HO I* th* nawketi Mbing for ? rradlt of tfteea m!U on ? of ?ottaa t* (Ilea tha Marariat army oa a war footing t?reat Britala *a*h*> hat a ow pn^raa* la *ar*4i-ag Bwtea. Th* rieaeh farotga togWia la *o ho t**raa** 1 by tw* l?ol** h> rndoa, aader Pan*a itima who wtU lab* rnak >n Ua hitch *01 l>aa hi 'h* aatly part of tho awi tho o**toa aaaahat waa wet ? tta. nnd prto** h#4 a haedaaing tood*aty Ma* W*4eea4ay, t km adth at*. , faiiaia* la th* ahiyptng aad laBrw trad*, aad rwaa*r? if awawral tber etoppaga i pcaiaw4|raat eaattoa aoaoagat bayart, aot SoUar ? a*e* ii t i??4 ta o*r It* m*t% froa.y , aat '.h* ??rlet clo.ed on tb. Wth ult. with ? .fam..i ?? tbe MB( price* ea the prerioue week Tbe etock had further dimlnlahe.1 ?- ? Una of 127,<lOO bale. A_,. ~ "?J ? *??el de.r*a<* of TO, OCA Hie qu? "?' * **?' WM ??tlmated at 22O,(W0 balee. If. win tighter, U* itock of bnllioo continue, to decreaae. ConaoU had destined \ par cent, priori pally on account of l-ord Jobn Ru*-?H'* raeignation, which nITeara to bo precursory li a dieaolutloa of the pre-eut ('?bluet. Only a moderate hu*4n?a* la reported in American *e curitte*, at J he fviloaetaii <|u?Utie?e, m giren br llell fen* Co. ? ' 1'nited fltatea f 'a, |. mi, la flM'J) oh . no {*? ?'*' I<1? (?W?) 106 * ton lto Inac. Stack , WA7 l*H?) 104 alOft > tnnaylfanie 6'a ' 7a 7T bo. 6-., ko?ii (U77? ;;; ?, , Maaaacbua'la 6'*, Sterling booda, (HmW). 101 a 103 Marrlaud A ?, Sterling hvnda HU a W Alabama 6'i, Ixnda, (1HA3) , _ No. 8'a, St'gboiid?(lM?'ftil 'M\ (u . . P.'*' <?"*> ** ? M V?n .,fc. ' U,rllo? ?H?. M . Kenturkf A a, ilo. flM.H, . HM a M Montreal city b'a, (1HI>7-UW6) Ha 2 J N Orleena do (.'a, boada, mfcil 7? . ?? Do. bond*, (1874).... .7* (ireat W. of III. I0'?, lat mortgage ( lHtt* > ill . i\j ?} : ;v ^ ii1 r*rt* (***-***) a 101 Jo. 7 a, 24 do. Coo. (1H59>... H4 a M | I>o 7'a, 3d do. (XM3) 76 a TT Nth Indiana 7'a, lat mtf( (floeh?a> flvvx) 7a a ? Terra Haute and Alton 7'a, lat intg (1*?7) 7ft ? _ Milieu A Tbompaoa, of Liverpool, hare lunpeadtd pay- , went in ??>0,000, chilly owing to lo?a?a In the tiade Varioae alniater rumor* ware In circulation ?.r? Liverpool Change, to tbe elloet that a number of other beery failure* are Imminent. Home. Kaft-r h Co I/.o don, liar* au<p?nd-d In ?l30,fi00. Turriff K Sharp, ir.u dealera, New ('umrock, Scotland, litva alan luapenle l ' for a larga amount. In Mnnclieater the market waaduU. UnfafOraMe an i ounta from the colonial market*, and tlie faUunta In Uverpacl and Ixndon, reitriet bualaeaa, tad produce a gloomy leeling; howen-r, -tocki are atill light sad thero I* no preatu re to ai-ll lha (treat Ttritain arrived at l.lrerjK?l on t'ie 24lh, | ?lth datea from Australia to October 2?, au l with Ci r,u ? COO (tailing in apccle. ' | Oor (.oiiilon t'orrea]ion<lenre. Loxoom, Jan JO, 1854. Mmutrriul Cr nit in t.ngland? lUtignation of far J John /hiiifll ? Mr. Hoeburk'i Motion ? Puat'roui H'.aJe "f Kngliih Army tn the Crimea? Lalmt Xrwi from Sebattopol?J he Xtf^datumi at Vumna? Auttri Muket Oommon Caure iiHth the I VeMtm /'omrri //,. , f>r>) atch n/ the Uth of January? The (/ermm f.nfrl ratunt? Kvirian Inleryretalinn of the f\,ur I'uintt ? Lord John Hunell Kxplmimc?tVance and I'rumia S]-ain. Here ?e are In full mlniaterlal eiiala My lait eom muclcatloua will ia aome meaaare bare prepare] you fur thla. I'arllanient met on Tue?d?y, 22-1 |aat., ami Mr. I!oeluck gare notice the name e?eDlag tint on Tburaday , the 2ft th, (; eaterday,) be abould auk for iniolat.-rlal e? planatloaa respecting tlie condition of our army m tb. Crimea. Now, for the la<t week, tbe aowanta from the Crime i ba?e beea of a moat dMreailng nature our men hare in 'pme Initancea Wen found ("ead, fro^-n on tkslr po.t?, ami no l?ia tban tbiee oflicen liave died frnm luduca'ton In thiir teata, frein tbe ru>na.i of eharroal, l,^ht-d la tbe l.ope to keep the tent wirm. Dlaeaac la on t'?? lacreaae. B?t? n bun< red a week go to the hoapltal, and Id a f?v? | wetka, at tbla rate, the Kaglith army wl.l l.are | ] Baay like ?now. For tbe bit week the Timm ha? l?0 bringing all lt? Leavleat funa to hear ?gain?t the miaUtr/. It areu.ea tl?e I'ukecf Kidney Herbert of n-gle. t_ ? ant of furealgljtor lacompe eur y - chaltoogaa the Uti.e.i J f ' ' ?"1 "*gla.i tu command; and thaee artiafaa. In a<l. I ditloa to tb.- prirafe Mtre from tbe hare created auch a ern,atioo that It waa char lb* mini, Irf co?M not itand the atorm. The want of organliatl .a la ?ueli in tie Crimea that |> e wharf at lUlakltra la p?| tlrrly ladra aitb huta, clutbo, proiialoaa, kt , but ther ? la no one to rrnelre tinm or ennrey litem to the camp. It a a pt.rltlre fact flat mine re?a?la laden with art c.!e l for the tr? op. t are return, d to Kogland with their ear K??a, ttey dUl not And any pe?,a a i Ihorlied torcseire th?ro What the reault o' all thli will lei rarmt.t tall. I oid John Boaaelt reajgaed yMtaHay, an t the liar^n baa accepted tla rralgnatlon. How many of the oth?r Will go ><ut U not yet kaowa, nor d? we ban. who will come la. l erbap. before poa- i4?u, | m,r ^ able to tell j ou Of coiirae lytrd J./ha Koa..-11'a r?algna tl. a haa c.Lte l the a*Jooro??i.t of tbe iar?atigall .n Into tbe cond tioa o( tbe army. We bare aewe fro? the camp t? tbe II th, aa I Maaa cbikoffbaa t'legraphi'd to bla gorernment that up tj the 171b nothing particular had ta.en pUce. lie a-U* Hat on the 13tt and Ifttb January, eight aortl*a were ma le wltb lu-eeia, fourteen Engl ah ml nine Trench w?re n.ada priaonera. Tbe al.|ea bare ma.fa two grand reeoa nolaaarcei Tbey p?eh?l on to the ^oerl-ra r-reatiy occupied by I iprandi, an 1 d?atroyed tbe ?illa<e. ?f Kamara and Tcbourgnum. Tl.e r reach bare under ar??l tbe flagataA battery, and are reedy U blow it up It waa rimi red In Tafia that the aaaault would lake |. ace rery ahnrtly but we bare be J ... many dalee U?1 that )eu bad bet'er not put Ujo gr?*t a relUn -e la the aniiouncem?at Upranll bte gone aoithward with a joition of hi. a i my to (ace the Tuike under Omer Pa- ba, It waa at Vianna, on tha IMh, t> a' a?ot'i*r , gnat baltl* Uail b**n !na(bt bafora l*?ba*topot, la which the Kuaaiaa* ?*r* automata li I* to aay that tbia r"|uii*a rot Br mat Ion V * bsfo ba4 ('iit* * living* of official aotaa tic] i1-? palcbfi no tli< Uat< it i(M>tion ilarlai lb* wdi Tl?a nn.i-lualoa to ba Jri*? from tbara I* unnUUIwU'. ! Aaatrta li at laat raaolaail to mall* ma in?n eaaa* avltb ilia WriUii Poa*r* In lh? <H|?'rh rlaiait tin 1?tb January Count II ml, tb* Au'tuan altlitn, ralla upon all tl>* .-tataa of Mm tnm failarattoa to h?*a tb'ir cootinf?tta raa-ly act to *1*1 a f*->ral n.rainan !*r ia cbi.f If I'raa lai* laalat* oa aot I rilling ovi li'T rn at oj*nt, 4 a atria will bava ra*our*a to arllcla 42 of tha final ??l of Hi* fa.Wal rwutlt ilini, at i;b la tbu? a'.r >'l " If tha pralimiaary qua'.l >a rata lira to tba rila'aa?4 af ?'aof^r laitoaMad ?'?*in?l; by U.a majonty of rot**, ao'b of tba fi -t?ral ftaUa aa a ra not of tb* opinion of tb* najcrllr ban t rl|bt a taa-rt 1 a o.' l ( lli*tr.??l>?* for caanmoa mniarti of ?l*f*nw " !?? i,1 III f *or ? if I"r???ia an l tha Maci>l*nb*r<r?, aitn tb* MMH of tba l'-aaib*r( roafaraaca, laaxla by a majartt, a tba I *t that P' a?la o?a aat aaana*a -*rrnaa? A aali a j a U 4?'| tlat aa*;*rit; aal aj*n I/ lima loaa Vb* fa j at I lat to Craatia A t*ywlar arhhaia in <*artaaaf ????! I ba tba r*aa!t II la nriaatl; r?j?.at#4 tbat Iba af Aaatrta ia 4aalraa? of a*ta?f appotatal tSa aomaaa?t*r la rtila/ of tba fa^*ra> arv't Tb.a aa <14 probablr #al la Ikla b* ag 4r<lai?4 taaparoa of llnawtf l iirf |i?t*ratlaa I* " ' H "??'? by 4al'i a la a*at Raaala la 'ba A*14 Tba lap< raa af rr*a*a Ua ? ?!??> I tba *i raa-t ' ra*a af tM la gtoa af Duf f aa ' aaat Baal, ?a) Ilk* Kanparor of Antr a baa la rata ra a*almal t!aa '.raa I Croaa at t Pfrjhra ra M Draaya 4a l'Ha>* It la *laar ibat Aaa'rta will bar* lb* affar haa4 la tiara aar Mary of tba *aaailar Clat*a ara pr*panag thalr *r-atWf? a'a Iba Ranrtaa ataulf baa 4aatal *?i a'r*i'.lt of filtaaa aaillaoaa ..f Inlai for tbat par Aa r?*ar4* tba aagot*atba?a at V<*aaa a* Uba a rapt ta> * i f tba latarpralal aa >4 tba four pnta'a of gaaraa tra by I'rinr* Gortarbabaf, tiara ara *ary f*a Aiploana tiata achat ?* ra at fart- Vtaaaa ar BatMa, ?bo aa'*t laiaa; ba^aaf paa'4 artalaf f*ata tfcaaa tbat 'ba aitlaa 4?a?aa4*il ?aa aa ptaa**, aat aar-'ia'l a* If tbay 4a aat tab* - ar* R t4a alU aataril tkaaa yat. Wa at a taa* aba* ia?arfr*'a*U4i Raama la v iiiag la pat I a |< a ?b*aa II* -a la 'ba <f?'t aa aaat by Ifln^ Oorta (babaf 1a It Tatarabatf aat auryiat by Ua Caw ? I. AbaUlwa of 'ba ai'Mia ^ratartaraa af laaaa ta HaUar a *a4 ? a arbat tlta pr attaya* ,.t tSnaa pra ataraa. r*??f'iral by tla KaHaa. bataaf plara* <a *r tba faaraataaa af t*a > ?* i?atu X f raa itrlattiaa af Uaa Uaaaba faarilaf ta taa rr,a<ipl*a aaiabUab^t ky tlaa Maaf aba 'aatgraaa af l*aaa. ta tba artkcla oa fiaalal aaaaaaaai'atiaaa <V * fra-t af a M*a4 faaa aalaa abArb aaai I ba iaa**t?i a ?tb tlta aaoaa?> yaaa'a ta to"*** ttaa ataataaVaa aaiat ia? at It* aavtba, ar abaab a* (,t at a uta* aarWl aa CwflMNl I Haa laaaa af Mba toaaty af Utt af Jaty, 111 taa* I t?- a?ta t: ???atolj UM aa a-.aaT* ?,< ^ ^t'^aa, I, .?ejtnre ef Karnpn. / da n*t refute to omm* .?<** Hiding in Jormal cmforenet f*r peaeo, on ; ,\* mram n-At -A Mr (Art* f'oar'a may propos* to p*t WW ?ti < to wA.jf fkey r.VI lAr /> t ept ttdrranre of Auii? ill (lb* Mark Xra, rx e-ndiScn U<l in r%? '?bMte offK+e mm n?. '"?r* be ml tmt 0/0 nalttre la tnjiimpe upon Ik* riffhtl of leoarri^afp of my mvgoti Natter on hu own territory ( rtfi fan"). 4. A (Ilftdlfr r*>rHl?< <4 Ik* Ftft h?fi, (Itikdi tutad fur t?a eirlaaavo patraoagn pmnmxI bnhii-to by rum# of them ) fm IV iMMmlla* mod iImithh of lb* (Wle'lngei. gf MM 1 (MM rl'ln a ilk oat dletmctiow of farrnr m warabin, ti con.I. tin* laat ti n tral>Mi>*(- <?f U* e..W rnn fnwhn made Is lb* ln*<>( the ttri'lk; the pnl t"ha Ml 1 Kn I'owere >UII I n ? erratic it nd nii?rlratlM? tort, u>l lk>l the pra I re t ea*nl ehnll bn fflttriaw. a ird not ? Ttla word No* it ia ijuiU tliti I tut Hnknatopol t?l tlMCnui m ire rnmpriand la iba Kmperwr 1 "fllMlm' " Tbe ?oif?tnt>i Ut ripacted lorumBiD' a at Vlaou >n lb* Otb Kilirur;, l>ul no tnetmelluna havr? m jo *?n?i'nt to lb* Krgllali Bad Frrncb amhaeaadtire at Vi DM. I ruaala (till rlaima a right to participate in the argo litidu, f they do Itlr place, on tba (inuirftlut aba it pa-ty ti. tba treat y of January 'a. which i? to b* iv aril. Tba Pienrh Mlobtn, to a moat aut|iUe irti, iaa >l?ctai id that ftuntr mill nrotr permit a fewer *U(k nluntarily nfiiHi) to t>k? a part la thn great litMa n* hatog arcoaaplieked, t? aaelat to regulating tba coo 1 ^nencaa thereof. Tbla mU of M. Drouyn da I' Ho fa ?aa errata it coaeiderable ?? nution Thn Momtrnr ?r Laat Wada'eday puSttaliee a Ik Ana irticle oa tba aaaroao of tbn I ranch bias. U ulla it a in at (elltlral aa watt aa a (mat HnuMtal raantt, awf tW Mat proof of the at ability of tha d;nMt; of Napoleon lb? la^rnr of Kaeata ha* oAi-UUy kntlbthU thaaake to tha two Ihicbla* of HMtk?Ur| for hitlnf refk'ed to lira thnlr adlira on to tba treaty of IV'nlMf 'J. 1 lie onht wna' liar baa glvrn in h?ro, and I. udon atreeta arn aa maMy from moltail itnw aa tha high road t? Ha labia *a. The luade are of courie do* a, nwng to tha ta.aieUnal rt Ula. Iba a -*wlt ?? from Spain am af a vary alarm n< nalura A Carliat ointrmrnt I* eoofldiatly eipected. Cabrera la ra d to tave entered H|>aiu. H Hoah hat not j at left it. Oar Pnrla rorraaporafriM*. ran, Jan. V, HU. (<imiia< Hall' Pretonialum <?/ Ammrani af Court ? Halt *t thr Ihtfl tlr Vittf ? Imtijnan/ I7nin i'nl A atari cam?Mr. 1'iatt ? If r. tivulr Krjfrtu! baihun I'arU ? Alto I'rinc * Xapolrnn ? A New Heir to the Imported Throne? Krtluw-n tf IMifia Vrrk lleratd from Mr ru/nlion in /'am. Ibi' flrat nu nib uf the am jrar will a?t barx aatad without a rc-al Januarytbaw. A bright aon l? now rapid )j inrHiii/ tba m?w that bai roTrmd tbn i?'i o* Pa 11a fur a *rrk Tbr ttrtata nil! auiin b* aa m'lddjr aa thaf bare Imi n i|lpf?r; ? aa ltn|>aaaabl* for ttin f ?ot aa for tba ?b?rt. It will insulin all tha aetlrll/ ?f Iba arm/ af atrcit claaarra. ilirm*} to moTrnmnl, to ptaraat tha IV'tilerarda and tin' otlirr jirlnrlpal Iboioufflifar** from 1 kin/ rarli of tlieni, lUr Duayan ? .'-'longb of Itrapoad. K?*n wl lie tba taow wUiUai-d tteai. tbajr wet# ditaial > in ugh. l?r rn<>w la too rata a tlaitar to ttiia rapltal to irenr in tbe ray wlntrr ?<-eaa* that enliren eltiaa nr-arar tbe north pole The tlelxlia that turned oat ia h<*ar of the unwi ntid quaa'liy whirh fa II, vert hot few to nana. tor. and But mt.aikable for a rar aty of faaelfnl ftbapoa 1 cl.arrrd to ?e< only two, on- uf ahuU had tba furui af a n lni'ei r, at>d tba ulber that of a lioo. Tha l.mperor, I am told, dri v* out Iwlre la qatte aa etrgaat ate^gb Niilher the ?n- w atorai? whU li wa? tba ia?ere?t aoa I tti-r aa? In I ari?? Bit tba aaoeaairaly rold ?nattier, that fnlloard t, liara tcterrapted the fratlv.Hea r(ar n tal lb u>, Ola Itaturday a'gbt laat at t laaa t. aa Are hundnd ball* w? tauuly " Hiiemnieed, ' aa Itwf aay brra, itr.udirir Stituu'i maekeat ball al tbeOpnta Ct ."atari ?y ui n.iag BOfI thaa half a Hus tred Ave II II I, of l < Ut m tea aire f>r*aeati<l to tua Majaaty Ike L'ia|eitr by a ar Cburgn dASaira Mr 1'iatt, wba Iaa aeaured ty (aa of tke preaealed " prrfiwn ed bit datf on tfao orea?lu? In qalta mnilf itjl*. J ho friend ? of Vi I'latt a* borne and a'xoad, aoald aut Nte hiia leoa for it ana 1' be wre a more in ! ifeieat aia?ter of oarw uorlat then he ma <? 11/ raya ba le biai? If lie iaa tea '< uitirg f?to w, to or < at of Lta ooart i"ggar?. He baa been, I am ti l ' 1 '>?e ? am *ad tba n aaao;a4 by tba to il k**nt |ptl?ri of e itain aaipolut'd A neriaaaa wko rtl.l not need ?? at. >1 tbn Ibufy t.<k' a pltoaad atliiadi* ptaai Icr U a I pltaatid ka I on Mou ay a'gbt at tba Hetal '.a V lie 1 I ? of the>e letter* la * f <rmal |r-<taet, ?o teif r 00 ?' ? ' 'ban ttine rUw Ir a r ttan p?/e? If tbo Kuod naturad ftiarfe vera to thlak It war lb while to re I ' jr to (oiietu.nileata who e<?ia dtapiMod t* aeiaaad aa a I Igl.t wl at tl.? y 1 an < aly ripo<t ae aa a?t ?l > ?naitnajr, ba mlcbt aaligbt' a Iham x-tuaw bat oa tbe "atutb* tkai" al tlil ial*My Kol a law. >iea III IIwM wte bate (relied lure lor tha !? tiglat time, would eeeaa be lni?r.ce that thn Amarkan lifi'i n .a eaatatoed ? HiHI r lor tl ?? p? rp???n of pr?n orlng inntatioa t? a anrt b*|le that ap?r lal ela >111 ? to tba nrtnrt b*?e baea laaerte I ia ai me In'rmtt ? ral H??ir.? af tbe An>ert*>afa u'l re ah' 1 ate pri laaged tke'r atay In I'ang aatil tkay Bilfbt raeili fi f t ? t tbelr rrwa ration . Il?y (tare eaprene ed, I ur.der atea I a deal af dtegaet at tba dem'xrata ( nnclf i?a i n wblrli aelnntlna- are mada at the lsgal>aw. aa.nng the l amea af tl oee wbo ao| r it tka ur-ial faeara af tba Mud afludod to Aa far aa ruble tboaa wbo bate not 1 rern nalr r?aatted nrltatt ae aaid tbxaa who apa on trie point of leaftof f'arla enjoy the preferr??o, wHkMt diatiaatloa of paraoaa or p-oparty ' II- Baa tl 1 ee teara " llr ha.tlf, fated Hatea M nlatet at Ma ??tl, ia datlf ei f erta>l In f aria. Arejou nipeet ngta a** btm nan n > ? w I ork * fearrely greater attiati-n la paid be re ti tha aa aocaceln'Bt of Mr. Marqy ? inter, t. on t<> abaBdoa tba jutr fi.ixj tte Anietiran Uklaet ralat re to Caba and - 1 ? n 'baa ?a? aao to Uai raaiandprodnr af later reatios by tha I n '?d H*alaa goeerwaneat 1 tba war ba twin laioa and the Ueeteru I'owaaaarf Hernia 11a rw reaairg nraihnbilil.ea af tha native aahaeloa af Anetrla to tba |t.llr? aC'ba Weatera I'oware, la UI at war - tba laolatioa grow ng da>ly aaure die' act of I'rwaaia tba a? parted arrival af l"rlB<o Nap'ileoa at Parle aat or >? . a<r a ad 10 leaa oat uf fav?r with lilk bia father, II a ei Kiag. aad kla roaala, tba Kmpernr tba paaai trtilty that tbe Ira'-rnal .Vti..n of the Keapamr fee liaa ('?aat da M< uy Bay ere king da> I'in tbe adopt aw ad ti at er.t*rptlatig hb ot tfce fVniat 4a I iabaat at pear and artaal faaator, aabotr to thraaa. to tbo earlaaJaa a* ; coafneion "f all pwaeibia eoi late ral aoai r a ale wb->ter lb?> rail tbeaaaalaea I'aliaraoa. araleoaal, or l#<a aa'b are ika pfmlaaat topi * of atUatiaw ai tin pt> neat Btaral To I beta I aaaat a>!J tba deerea la tbke Jf. m.'ear relative ia raaiiag aat Ida IM rvaratu, arf tWa aiarff of I'M 4 A*'l laat kr ao rr>ana lee at for tbo karnpaas raadara af Ua !<?? V"Ba MnetW, I nail mantioa aba' ap paaia la kara I- ..wae a f. ?? '. !a?t . thai t'.e weakly aat t 'OB of Ika* la-'apnn 'eat latraal la mo hanger ? 'm tt*d to a rralaUoa la rarla PlilANO Til* Sflnlatr i lal f rtala In Knglaaatf. rrtm* tKa I UtMb, Jan M ) w. ikmukH la s fr><l [-art af *ur af H 'ic|ttl>*a ??( l?4 Jaba Naaaalf ?? t'r? >i4ni?< ih? uiii I. ?*4 bu fna U>? M , * ? ala? f"? p.j? I* * ra m.r abt'h |f. ra>ta4 lata a 'ba 4tr Ihil tba aa 1 ra fiairtiy bat Wnad thalr raa4(a*tt?Ma '-> tba Qua** <W1k<r ih>a M tba wa or mi. *a ban a* 'ocSraaaU-.a a p la lb* hear af |?k| in (??? < Kaaaafb. la kanaa tafapart a 4apraa i?f r?*Ma*aa ?* lb* Mb'ta altil (bat tba 4af* af Iba nlaiatr r ar? anaWrat lba 'at.# allaf?l laa tba mt|Md?a af 1/aH Ma ftaa ?Ml la bla 4alma>aati?a aat tu ?w>aa tba aaattfa Mr Km barb far a ?alai t t?WMa?aH?- I <a-ataaf ' aaaawla lanalra i?t? lba m? naf* awat af t >?a ? a ' Wbatbar '?? a-.t tba f'akaaat tba a CaitTt ?f tta -*Vr a tba llaa? af < ?a?aaa*a, a III aa<tartaaa tba Uit ? a4 tWaal Ha a a/ a 4 alau'utwa, ?aalaa tn to waa "ar 'alaau aa* taia tba "a**ta*a af war " a<arr>p'-rart*a na tba iMltoilll '"?la akUb af ra*raa tn aaara a* laaa ttafa* br par'liaal ?>)?*%? nt pan 7 taffoaarw bait *a ar? ,a Ilaa4 V? t a* DflM>a ripraaa4 altb aan f?fa I baa tl>raa? hf aaa af ?rar rMa* aaa para rtaa tbat " tk? r?i(?alt?a w I ?r 1 Ja ba K aaaatl la tba 4ra*l*f if lb? I aabpaa a*t ?f tb* ra*t<t>?* aaarb. ' aa-l tbat n la aa* bbalj tba rabi rla raa wal'aaa t?. tort [Frra? tba loa'a* Waa'.ar-t ;aa *P I) *? aa WiUal that ?? afrrapt all ba au4l la |dak na atalra la lba tablaa' f a ?aU 'hat tba fktba af Ktaraalla ?nU )/???>? > raa a? ' t ra fXaaSl i* tba iwaaf l?H Ma Kawll l*r ' Prlaaanta* U la W aar aila H.r lr pia -a af lba rs ba aO ?a?*?lla tan Mi Ma>) llarWrl ?'1 ba Hoar ?r I* (ItM af tarf hiaarab a farb ??a tba b?rat iai" -a A raMaat " aaii *aa brV. at t a >"r??ia Otaa IMa iftmaaa. (irw* tba i<w4e* iaaeaa?MV iae- ? J la tba caaraa af la*''. J aba Raa ?U ? ?pnnb it traraa att<4 tbat aa >>ua|aaatt baa baa* Mia, br ab?a*a 1/ >4 ralarratia la la ba tba War IQaMar titt, Ibaagi tat far anail/ alata4 b; aay ?a?aabai af tb* umaawl. 'a aa<**fat??4 b. ba tba aaaa A a 4 it waa ?a*ria ba Il*ra4 Uial tba a*ijr raaa akf It aaa bat af**!? aaaa _ a4 aaa, tbat lUa, a tb a*ta? aaa arraaf ata raaaa V ? I ' t briar a. b*4 bat fat baa* rnb*?t?- . t? tba<J*?j* 'ar t ppraral. tbaa?> a|taa< a pa* by tba rabaM I* ?it laaabtlaaa. tiaaafaaa tba; aMul ba ia|aiM a*' j aa tba ijfbl af ra?an af a*a*ta u i?*a Tba Uaiat Olab af Ml alttaaa ??? ? 'ba at alaa?-a aab tba Nrataa I r^aaar *a *?t -a r?a? ta a 4a?Ma? aU.ab raa I?l; ba>a tba ifc>t af p-ataa?t*( a**f*r M a *4 aatartoiat; at aarb a arMa (frraa tba AaaaaVtra Kai.'-faWa Ja ? 'J | I a*t*ra fraai I a*4aa itftra taa 'bat 1 4r4 llutii i , m B'atra la aa tba a?. *r af '!? I*a4 Akarla Iff #W?t??t fta Oata af ?#aa?<? a*4 Mr M4a>a * ?rrtofl a?a fatafa, k*4 ? a*ar b*i^?'lH>ll W| ?9 bib

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