Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1855 Page 1
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'fcrnmam iBWB|tty *ir7 fjtciAr. MyyfiCTWi. lOTION?WHEREAS, A CERTAIN PERSON," AflSU *??* ? - ? Jarty. JOHN H CHAMBKRH, No. 8 at/ Hatl place, , TJT.AVAXA BLAND OF CUBA? GENERAL AND H commission agency .?Mercadera* itrwt, Np. ' lit: J. g. Suxarte, for a moderate rate of commission, wilKeaecuto orcer* (or the purchase or the different prod act* or the island of Cuba, Mich aa npi, moUnwj, , ? tattacco. aegar*, wax, Ac., aa alao the effecting aalea af comigDai?tu of merchanolae entrusted te hit care. In the brokerage department, Mr. Suaarte will attend to the purchase of shares of toe different stock companies, Jailed property, liouaea, villa* and oountry seats in the deligbtiul eaTiruas of Havatia. allotments of land, ootfee and sugar estates, (arms and cottages, 4c. Ilia long ex perience and extensive acquaintance place* him in a po sition to obtain the moat favorable purehasea and selec. tiona, aad flatter* hlnuelf that persons entrusting orders to- Aim will l>e satisfied. Mr. Suzarta will produte the " Vst leletonces as to standing and capability. Orders to be direct"! aa above. J. Q. 8U/.ARTK. ASONIC? MEMBERS OF MUNN LODGE. NO. 190, JjX f ? snd A. M , are req'.eited to meet at their lodge Toflms, on this (lay. Feb. 13, 1856, at one o'clock I'. M.. ??*!*<? l> , to attend the funeral of our deceased brother, . . FreJeuek E. Aruseln. By order, , - ? JUDAH BERRY, W. M. . IIhatton, Secretary. , tOTlCK U HEREBY GIVEN THAT rHERK*WILL BB a special meeting of the stockholders of the Ameri can ?ni Foreign Iron Pavement Company, at their oAoe, HP-Broa-'ray, New York, on the lsth day of February *jext, at 11! Vi., for the election of seven trustee*. , J4pw Ypck, Jan. M. 1866. I. H. SAGE, Hec'y. THK COLLECTOR OF THE TOWN OK I'M, JJT liam will meet at the North American Hotel, Sowery, corner Bayard street, to receive taxe* of uuw -lident lots of Pelbamville anJ Prospect hill in *aid town, a%in t 'he loth February, in tiie city of New York. , Bt-NJ. 1'. HORfON, Collector. iy KW YOlUt A}(D LIVEKFOOL UNITED .STATEri Mai! Steamship Company, 66 Wall street.?- New York, Feb. lst> 18*6. Notice. ? The annua! election for Mlreetorsaf this Company will be held at this olfic*, on Thursday, lat March next, between the hours of 12 M. wad 2 P. K. WM. L. YOULE, .Secretary. "jmmCE IS HEREBY (il/EN THAT ALL LUGGAGE jLi left in charge of the undersigned, and likewise at \he boarding house of Thomas II id ton, 826 Greenwich street, ami not reclaimed one month alter da e, will be Mold at public anctiou at the corner of Reade ami West street*. WEED A MABEY, cor. Reade and West sts. Niiw York, Jau. 22, 1856. .? ?? ITOflCE TO CARTME.V ? IF THE CARTMAN WHO S picked up a bag of coin on the fifth of July lust, ? on the dock at Peek slip, and handed it to a byst under, vwt'.l tpuly to James Kertthaw k Co., 281 Pearl street, he yviU hear of Homethlng to his advantage. OU. A.? GRAND CEIJCBBATION OF THE 128D 9 mini Ternary of the birthday of Washington, on the 2rd of February instant.? Oration at the Academy ?of Music, Fourteenth street. ? The patriotic observance of this duy revived by our order Into a national holiday, will be celebrated with spirit, and all chapter* and mem 'bars are requested to complete aad report their amaze ments without delay to avoid confusion. For though the demonstration must be in harmony with the time*, it will, it i* trusted, be fully creditable. Member* ofthe order throughout ttie State, whose chapter* are not re potted, are requested to unite with their brethren in the city in their appropriate regalia. The Honorable the Chanceries of State* are requested to report early the number of chapters or member* that will accompany them, that their proper place in line may lia assigned. Delegates to the Convention will plsase be punctual ia Attendance oa Wedn eadaf evening*. W. W. OSBORNE, Chairmm, 278 Gran I street. JUA.C. Hulub, la.*r*-.rlei K. Git-ocMuutvi, j s#-r* DFRCF "BOYD'S CITK KXPRK^ POST," NO. 45 WIL llaiii atrset. ? TUe subscriber informs the public tbst '.nring Valentine'* week, viz., 14th, 16th, 10th, anl 17th f ehrctry, buaiues* letters requiring prompt delivery, rtnrald col be put in hi* botes withe ut enclosing them, ? WttA endorsed "Boyd's Eipres*.'' If delivered at In* of Ire, tbey should be artlcu'.arly Darned ?Bjatuees let ters '* Valentines addressed to (ernalei at factories. i?ok concerns, Ac., mast la allcssa* bo prepaid. Person* MUn to tk? itiwti 1m4im fiooi (hi IKtk ?rtu*e, nut MMtii eut or vol *id*. Mom j a*n*t r?ef ?>-? enclnaod ieletteT*. JOHN T. BOYD, Proprietor. 3 vat; fcABBATH SCHOOL ATTACHED TO THI SIXTH , Carversalut society will bold it* fonrth annual klMtion on Wednood?y evening, Feb 14, IMA, at tnlrkert-oehar Hall, corner of Eighth avenue and Twen * -y third etieet, comaMaetag at 7 o'clock. Tickets V2% ?*nt? ?to be had at the door. THE bRMCKBMBHU 0* THB PBKNIX MINING slid Itairatactukf Owfaiy or Virginia are inform ?d tuat at t*e reqoaat of nevera! of the stockhc Idem who misapprehended the object of forming the new mlniof ?ompauy, the anbecrlpiiso* for the remaining shares ?will be reopened antil Saturday Mil the 17th iaat. on that 'la;, the aoboutptiono anil be Anally closed awl tbe ? lock apportioned. apply at 13 Eroadway, ro>m So. i, vaconil story, between 1 and 4 P. II . u ras ARTS. HA'irtATIvit FR1CJOO PAJBITER OF THE GERMAN and Itaiiaa aohool. ? I* ready to decorate la the it approved Meaner, and la all styles. Addreee. at Spnnc itrset, New York, QKORQK F1CHT. INK VALEti TIKES. ? THE AMERICAN VALENTINE Cotnpao/ will keep a choice aaaortment of tine val entine- on Tie* (or ti>e accommodation of retail pur flbafi-, at ale price*. UlBce 88 Nassau street, up .it aim. Wholesale purchasers supplied at reduced am ___ T- KRKKk tjT. VALENTINE'S DAY IS CIAIKE AT HAND.? Yona( ladies and gentlemen who do not wlih to let this important day, ?o favorable to lover*, go by with out securing the object* of their choice, should send one afctUtr, and recelre (postpaid) one, two, three or four /accord-tig to th? quality desired,) splendid Valentino*. t-tr?*g s are the only valentines which have received the eorrsct stamp of Cupid, and are warranted. All ordere to b? aldreaoad to T W. STRONG, Manufacturer, St Nassau (treat. K. B ?Dealers should aend at once for one of Strong'* ua dollar sample lot*, containing 340 valentine* of all doou'tytiona. fTHT C/.AP. NICHOLAS AND PRESIDENT PIERCE? X Which lias done the most good/? Valentines for 1*45 ? Tiie beat assortment of valentine* la Brooklyn be lonnd at RICHARDSON '9 Lire Yankee paper, Txrtk. stationery aad variety store, 40 Atlentio atrest. Brooklyn. Motto ? "Beet good* and cheapest price.'' VAl PNTrNES FOR 1*65.? THS BEBT ASSORTMENT in the city, from below zero to bailing beat, caa, a* aeoaL, ha found at TL'RNBl'LL'S well knowa book, sta tionery, nsueic aad variety store. 278 Hudson street. N. B.? No show bill* outside by order of tl.a Mayor. VAl.ENTlNKH. ? BHXJER (LATE OF CANAL CTREE rj is now at 687 Broadway, I oar doors above Aosity ?otreet, aad noartv opposite (ireat Jone* strset, baa the Vjaeit aeeortmeaf of valeatlnes and la<-e paper ia the jtty, an i be will aell cheaper than aay other ia the twde. ? AUNflMB, VALKNTINEH ? A LAROE AND varied aaoertBMat of Cupid's dart*, to auit love's teaspeielure ia all it* stares, ap to lever heat, at WWN't* book, station .'ry and variety store, 300 Third ?*waoe. N. B.? Look ont for the window with the barteis- V?. TRAP? ,*C. kl'.MKlf^ ? WANTKI>, A HltHTlOK AS KARMft a d.I regetahle garoimer, by a Scotchman, of several .ia eapwioace ia this onuotry, hie wile is eapaMe of king ' UaiY* of a dairy; best of references givea. Ad sea lirar. hot U? Heraid oft*. ? ARDEN^^-WANTEn A SITUATION BY A MAN who ttxffoughly aad practically uadersUad* the inaaaaease t of a greenhouse, grapery, fruit, floweraoad vegetables, aad can lay o?t a gentleman'e place ia good style, aad wtU do aU in his pneer for the interest oi hi* nil tin ? Ha* 'hs beat of testimoaial*. Pleaae address <)7u7 brt* IM, fbrald oH'f. ljjyf AHKkT ~<MR!>KNRk WaNI'EIK^A tIMUIJC MAN, vjxl "<"? ha* aad several rears esperieacn ia raising vsfetaMes lor new York maitet. To a man thorougfalv iempet?et to aMaage to Uie beet advantage 60 aoree of grst iat# laad. a coailortable home aad good wares wilt be giwn He must tsm well reeoaaes lod. su<l he ??!}etly teasporata. Apply to Mrs. l'horaloa. I.aure HOI Arm, U I., at the loading of ti>* Twenty third a tie *t leiry, Faat liver. CUtTH, CARrVr, air PH AWL MANUTAOroRKM T _ ?A compotent dyer wi*ltM a Mtuatlon wltb some moaotarturiog eetaklishmant. He is a ?ermaa by birth. sm* ha ' groat esperioaee ia the beaeeas. and ia a aup> nor esitata. He also understood* dyeing in aorta, feat i<hiee of aay ahado, and woul.l be of great service to say mOoHketory whicfi would avail itaslf of his shuttles. Addioes Joseph Hodsaao. West street, I'ateraoa, N. J. , ANIO-A WTUAT IOn"a? -TARliKNOl. BV A atesdy altiglo man. who thnrvnghly uadarstaa4< r.y* hostile*, r|g. the car* of grerahon?a plaota, Biosr* >ad vegetables . the layiaj ooea of grooads, ruetle Vuffc, he Caa are lace satisfactory teetisiooial* for ca pability aad conduct, aad reference if required. Ptesee s^drea* J M , Herald ofle*. ehi;b will b* panetnally at WLgHAintO-A SCTOATION AS an KNOINKfTlb take mil charge of aa ang ao. either ia the eit v or ^8Svy. BmI of reeomineodatiooa -an t?- (araisl.el Addfnaa P. M.. Herald o??e. \gr A.MBV-AN" KMULMH. ?.OHH OR <;?**> I k W garde aer. te take charge of a vegeUkl*. fr aft and '^N?w?' gardea, or lawn Hia aatonedosts will be , ihgs i .gMr seruti oiled, aad wago* paid aeeordiag to hi* "f y A i i??6krfabh ksan raraished hia Apply t ? ?? Veoifcaes, W ^ wtmmT JF dfls Jk JHi V ? .DOINGS AT THE MAYOR'S OFFICE. Amoog the change* which hare taken place la the Major'! office niece the Bret of January, one of the most important ia the preeenee of a PoMoe Justice for the trial of petty criminal cam. Justice Osborne U hereafter to preside in the Mayor'* offiee, between the hour* of ten A. M. and three P. M., attending during the remainder of the day at hit bench at the Tomba. He commenced hie official duties in hii new position yesterday, by marrying a couple, and thus bringing to an amicable termination a difficulty which promised to be attended with the most serious cou sequences to the husbsnd. It appear* tha' he bad been arretted on a charge of seduotioo, preferred ?gainit him by hi* wife, and finding tki* the easiest way of putting an end to it, he agreed to the eomprnmiat of marriage. The following affidavit waa alio aworn to before J untie Osborn* City at. J County of [few York , m.? Daniel B. H'n man,' late of Philadelphia, being duly *worn? depute* and says, that be arrired in thia city on Saturday even ing la?'t. for the purpose of procuring to California by the Nicaragua route, that on yeeterday morning, a* he wan passing along West street in search of the office of itaid route, he wa? accosted by a person unkno* n to him, who accompanied him to the office of John An drews, No. U West street, which office said jMrsou rspre HenU'd to be the regular oflice of tha Nicaragua line; tli? person in charge of said office also represented it to bo tlie office of the Nicaragua route, and aald the price of tickets was >'275. Deponent then pa'd said person twenty-fire dollar* on account of aald passage usket, and recti veil a receipt for the same Depouent this morning learned that the said Andrews was not an agent of the Nicaragua line, and therefore prays that the money paid to him under the above false representation niiiy be re'unrfed blu D. B. H1NKAN, Jr. hwora before me this lath of February, lSofi. B. OsBonxa, Police Justice. COMPLAINTS OP THE PBOPLK. Joiin<jate?, of dSUUvsr street complained of Henry Maugaln, a uutcb gKcer on the corner of Madison and Oliver stieata, for keeping hU liquor store open on Sundays. He also complains of a large grocer's wagon in front of the door as a nuisance ; that the ooal bote* on the sidewalk are an ob?truction to travel, and that the very high barber'* pole lately erected on the corner ol tha name streets U very unsteady and dangerous to passeta by. waul Tiemsine, of 17 Beekman street, complain* tlist tha vault coverings in front of the Sun buildings, lu Nas>au striet, are not properly adjusted, to the great danger of persoua passing through said street. lhat the Hamps la Mott street, between Urand an<l Biootne, ate not lighted regularly . and that the ash carts hare failed to remove ths ashes during the past week. That the occupants of houses in the rear of 28 and UO Catherine street, are in the habit of throwing filth ami garbage of every description in Ibe street. That the alley way in the rear of the ume building* is ia a filthy condition, and ha* not lieen cleaned lor m?ntb* past. That some malicious peri on or person* are ia the hit bit of throwing potatoes in the rear windows of house 115 1/eouitrd street, and that they hare broken five pane* of glass during the past lew days, compelling the occu pants to vacate for tear of injury. That the hydrant in the premise* M Mulborry street is out ot repair, and that it overflows ths sidewalk, ren dering it dangerous to passers by. That the hydrant in thepalley way of Nat. 2d, adjoining ?;? Vandewatrr street, 1* kept continually running, over Sowing the cellar and basement, and matting the premi ses unfit for occupation. That the milk stores should be kept open on Sundays, as infant* sutler materially by tbe same being closed. [The health of infant* would be benefited to a still gi eater extent by many of tbsm being closed altogether. | That a large number Of ugly rowdies congregate at the corner of Hamersley and Hudson streets, and conduct themselvss riotously on dnndays, much to tbe annoy ance of tbe neighborhood. Ibst there i* no railing to prevent people from falling into th< alley way In New street, belonging to the pub lic store. That some half dorse barrel* of ashes encumber the sidewalk in front of ths Dey ?tie*t House, the drivers of the ash carts rsfusieg to remove them unless paid there for by tbe proprietor. That the ashee ia front of M Chamber* street bare not been removed ft on tae sidewalk, and that those in front of 3? Bast hleveoth street are nbo nqrieeted. That the lam pa in Third avenue, ftom BgWy-sicth ?treat to Harlem, have net been lighted for tne past five IE he lamps in Twenty ninth stmt are net regu latfy lighted. That tbe Uaspe in l'.tnh street have not been lit for several sights. The complainant heard a gentleman in a slrgn Ml the lamp Ugh'er aot to light mem till he re orived furtkrr orders. That three large log* snenmber the sMewslk on Ilia coiner of (Ireenwleh and North Moore street'. BOARD OF ALDBBMB.V. Tfce l'laaiilent, Imu 0. Barker, E*q., in the cluir. Aldermen present ? Trowbridjre, Howard, W. flicker, I asd Kali/ . The President baring waited nearly twenty mloatc for a quorum, and a aufficient nunbti not appearing be declaied tbe Board adjourned to Thori.laj next, at j < o'clock. Thin act of piompMtade on bebalf of Mr. Barker, to gether with tbe able nod efficient manner io which be baa discharged bia dutie* nince be cama into office, ?Uow? that be ia not to be fouad aleepiag on bia pout, and thai j fee will no* allow tbe other member* of the Hoard to fritter away tbe public time by dropping into the meet iag at an hour which mnat nece**arily involve lata aad i protracted aft ting a. BOARD OF COUNCILMAN. Tbe Board met at S o'clock, P. M., when, ia tbe ab ?eaca of tha i'raaident, Councilman l'inckney , on motiou, took tha chair. Tbe minute* of the laat meeting ?are read aad approved. rrrmona narzaakD. Ot 160 citiiena, bolder* of property on tha eaat *ide of the city, for a public market la Thirty-fourth itreot, at Firat avenue, Eaat river. Of Phillip Frvaeh and Cbriotopher Heiaer, for rennine ration for loaaaa at Caatle Garden. Of Archibald Watt, agaiaat the Mcuiarixation of tbe Brick aharcb, and praying that tha Bazaar for traffic on 'be cburcb giouada may be ordered from wiihla the holy place*. Of Hoe* oompany 20, for a new location Also numeiou* petition* la favor of grading aad rcga latiag virion* (treat*; Id favor of ligbtlag the gas lamp* all aigbt, and ia favar of haviag new City Ball in Madi diaoa aqua re. naoUMM. By Couacllman M.?th?r ? That in amending tbe charter of thl* city, tbe followiag principlra abould be retained, vi*. Hint. The second Board, by whatever name called, abould be more aumerou*, and he elected (a* regard* in dividual*) by conatituciit* 'lift'rent irom Aldenaefe. Second. All measures appropriating or Involviag tba expenditure of money *bould originate in one of the two Boaid* exclusively. Third. Tbe charter "lection abould be aeparatad from the geaeral of !*tat* election, sad be held in tfee aprmg of tbe year. I Aid over for th~ |.re*ent That the Comptroller *dverti*a for *ale at pablic aue i tloa the leaae, of variaua msrkets owaed by tne city au* I thorrtiee. Heferrei lhat tba Area* Commissioner report to thia Board by wbat authority the owners, *c . ol wharvea are allowed to ? teat tbereoa abed*, kc. Keterred. To remove the abed receaUy erected oa the pier at tbe fao* of Mortea street. Referred. ran raur n* lai stuua kailboac Baeolved, That tha Legiaiatur* be re|u?*ted to eaaet 1 a law to the enact that the Hailem Kail mad ahall ha ea , titled to receive dve rente (are ler each peraon for any di vtaore betaw Thirty -escoad atrret, and one cent addi < tiaaal tar each persoa for any drnanee beyoad Thirty aeroad street. aad withia the limit* of the city and couaty of New York. That the < oonael el tha Corporation he diraeted to pre , p*ie a mooter ?a I aad law, to be presented to the lagt'la ; lure, aad that tbe reproeeatativae of tfei* city ia the l>a |i?iatira he nqoeatea to arge ite paaaage. RaterreJ. ra? ma tor * anaiua. | Tba lollowiag reooiutiea waa takaa from tbe table aad adoated ? 1 bat tbe late naexage of bia Honor the Mayor be re fsrrad lader ita ?averal hea<i* (wher* not aijead. re ferred,) to committsee, a* foilowa ? btrveta, cattle and oonibuaaa To Committee ou T* sable proper y aad auapeadad aalea for taaea aad a*, j aomrati. To C<.aam.Uee oa Aa'?aaa?eau. luaigraata. To Cosaauitea oa AiaMhaase Uepartmeat Ldrty iterate. To Committee on Cleaaiag street* I'olice. To Comartttse oa Peliaa. I Jock*. To Committee oa Wharvea, iters and Nip*. Cealial Park. To ' 0*nmjtl?* oa I-aa.u aad ITa a. City Ka.lroaca To Cofnm.'.teS oo Railroads. , A tM. It Ion ?>( fee*, contract*, revlaiaaaf tba ordisaaces To Committed oa law Depsnmeat. lateieat U ha charged. eatlmatee aad epptoprta'.iaa*. *ad bob pevaaeaie of contractor* aad other*. ToOem niittea ea Finance New pablic balldfaga. Te Committee ea Repair* aad .Sappllea I'ublie eehool eipea*** Ta Committee ea Hasace >pnag i barter electiaa Ta ? oaauitee ea Lav fV peitmeat. R*l?af t? Broadway. To 'ommittse oa Wraste. Ihe foUowiog reaalatioa oa* alao lake* from Ike table aa asetwo, aad adopted ? lhat Lb? fetreet Cam*al**i?i?r h* requested to famish thia Heard with the naiara of all the ia*p>atepi eadloy ed by Mm hy eirtaa of h a aikea, the prtoaa of >erk they are aaah iaepec Hag. aad tha priea* paid per dlaai ta aacb ? sepactova ; alio (If aay) the aam||M?f.a%ak ta epeetoe* wka an uader 0>a aaiptoyamat of the MaM ar waeral govvraawal. **<A? attar* aad remaaora*** } of aaab tapWywit. OONTamtD HJMTIOV The special committer appointed to investigate the claim or George W. TroM an tit* elected Counodman of the Fifty-eighth Council district. r> ported and rfctm mended for adoption the following resolution ?That Bryan MtCahill be, and "he is hereby, entitled tofthia aeat a> Councilman of tbe Fifty-eighth Council district of thia city. Tin report wan adopted, Tbe Board then went into Committee of the Whole for tbo consideration of billa In regular order upon tbe calendar. - The committee recommended tbe adoption of numeroua billa, which were ordered to a third reading. Tbe Board then adjourned. Nnprrtor t'aort-Part '4. Before Hon. Judge Hoffman and a Jury. Fkb. 12. ? tYeaeriek Oetterrieker, again ft tke .Yriw Tori: and Hqrlern Kailrnad Company. ? Tbla wai aa action brought by tbe plaintiff, a paper hanger and coach trimmer by trade, against the Harl?m Railroad Company tor damagea for lrjuries (uatained by him in conse quence of an accident which occurred on the 29th of j January, 1864, under tbe following circumstance* : ? The plaintiff, when In the Bowery, near Riving ton-atrcet, made a signal lor the detendant'a car, which was then panning down the Bowery, to atop for him to get in. The bell wua rune; tbe car, it wan alleged by the plaintiff'* counsel. C. C. Egan. wan entirely (topped, and the plum tiff, when in the act of stepping into the car, alleges that the same waa suddenly atarted by the driver, thereby causing the plaintiff to be thrown violently upon the ? round, and to be dragged upon the pavement ad joining be track, and hia right thign to be fractured and other wise aerioualy injured Damages were laid at I10,u00 For tbe defendants, General Handford contended that the accident, which waa not denied, waa the reault of tbe plaintiff's own ctrelesanesa and negligence in step ping upon the car before it atoppod, aud whilst the aame wan in motion. A motion waa made by the counsel for the defendants to dismiss tbe complaint, on the ground that the plain tiff himself waa guilty of careleaan*** and negligence in stepping upon tbe car when it was In motion, and b?for* the/ had time to stop; but his honor the Judge denied tbe motfou (notwithstanding the decision of tbe Su preme Court, quoted by the learnd counsel,) on the groucd that this Court had held that wh re there waa a question of fact, aa to whether the plaintiff was guilty of negl'gence, and also wbelher both parties were gui'ty of negligence, and to what extent, it waa prooer matter for tbe consideration of a jury. He should therefore deny the motion, and submit the question of negligence to the jury. Counsel having summed up, the .ludge chained the jury, who returned a verdict lor the ilefend ant. City inUlUgmee. A I)i' u. that Didst Takk Place. ? Considerable ex elt? ment ha? been created during the past two days, in consequence of an affair of honor* which was expected to come off yesterday morning, in Hobokeu Two lighting characters, well known to the patrons of the ring and tbe lovers of the manly art of self deft nee, while out sleighing on Sunday, on one of the avenues, bad a diffi culty respecting their personal characters and scientiffc attaiamenta, in the course of which they Indulged in language which men of honor consider highly objeatlon able. 1be dispute, it appears, originated in abet of ?140, wblch they bad made on a tight that was to bare taken place last summer, between Morrissey and Hyer. at a place on the Bloouiingdale road, known ae the Abbey. As lli* Injured character of each must have some re diess, It waa Anally agreed to nettle the difficulty by an appeal to t lie duello ? weapons, pistols; place, Hoboken, tin e, 7 o'clock ysaterday morning. At the appointed hour one of the parties and hia aecond weieon the ground, but the otber could 'not be ?cen. it was mutually agreed to take a dxiak, and in that agreeable way to pass tbe time till the arrival of the expected antagonist. Fifteen rolnntes reven found tana ftlU alone; but they concluded to wait a little longer, in the hope that the expected parttea would yet arrive. The minute hand pointed to half-past, bnt In the expressive language of I the ring they did not "show up." Having waited the full time required by the rule*, they left the gronui. and thus, without the interference of the poli-e, the difficulty waa brought to a bloodless termination Nei ther of tbe parties haa been arrested yet . hut it ia pre aumed that tbe Mayor, aa soon aa be ia informed of tht particular*, will put aa uffijer on their track. Wmr Nov Bbmovk Utnruc ' ? Habit* attention baa beew called, frem tfwie to time, to tbe freestone fort on the west side of Governor'* Nland, known aa I'aatle William, ami there have been many discussion* as to the propriety of eithe rebuilding the wall*, *o a* to make tlicm -orre thing like a lit defenc* of this great city, or else razing them to the ground, ao aa to afford our citi/sa* a fair view of the bay and harbor, to which it Is I ow the only obstruction and defacement. There ia no earth Iv reason why this tortiliuaUon? if it can be called such? should remain in ita present state. In no sense can it be deemed a military ?ietenc*, as a few can non balls would soon t*ar It t? pieces and make ahort work of ite pretention* to tliat title The material ol which it ia composed? freestone? is but ill adapted for a work if that kind, and it would very soon, even If strongly built, be reduced to a heap of rubbish. Be side*, it i* considered by good judges to be an unlit place lor a fort at all, aa the city can be much more effectually defended at tbe Narrows snd should auy ships of war get past there, a fort on Governor's IsUn'.i would be of very, little use in preventing the bombard meat of tbe city. Then, why not remove this unsightly structure at oece and thereby take away one of tue ir reelect blots to the magniffoent hsrUir of our city, an I give us aa uiobstructed view of btaien Island, the Nar rows snd all th>' oppurtenancea thereto Who votea "aye" to tbe que*tlon. ' Why not remove Castle Wil liam t" , Th? W iuthik. ? The sieighlog was excellent y ester dsy, and Broadway waa one continued scene of excitement, filled with gaily decked vehicles going to or returning frem the avenues. In many of the large omnibus aleighs a new feature has been introduced by tbe employment of band organs of questionable melody, aad musical Instru ments unquestionably out of tune, to amuse and edify the inmates. However, aa it appeared to vastly please the sleighers, no one elae ought to complain. It cer tainly gave great animation to tbe appearaa<.e of tbe street. Towards noon it began to tbaw and the streets be. ante sloppy and almost impaeaable (or ladiee. The snow and ios ia some places bad not been removed from the sideeaik, and wheo the thaw commenced It was compelled to perform the doable duty of gutter and pasaag* way. Should tiie weather continue as mild as at pr?aent, we may aspect to see the last of sleighing time In a very few daya. Ernccr or rax Sstow Ston* o* thx IUbliu Roan ? 1 The Brat and second trains out at Chatbsin on tbe Sib ia*t., were detained by the snow from ft A.M. till past 4 o clock P.M. Mr. Kuper, the condector, | walked to Mlllerton, four an lee, snd back, to get men to shovel the eaew, which wa* from four to sight feet deep. It proveii of lJttle avail, a* It atotm-d violently, ao as to make R almost .mpossible to make any headway, in fact, it blew a perfect hurricane, such aa bnt few persona in tbe train bad before es|?rieu jed. On their way up from Mlllerton, though having tbiee ! ? affieea attached to fonr cars, it was st onetime aup posed that they could net paee through the snow tanks. I The train, however, at lengbt arrived at its destination The cold Ttra to t hi i iJtToic or nr. iebaj.o. Tba praaaat cold Urn r<.?iBi?c?l a* tb? J?th day tot Jmuarj ult. ; b?t?wn 4 it f U. of that <tmy, tU<* taaipatitara fall from >4 <!tfrara to 31 Jaf r-??, io<l ba< ?idc* Cb*tiDo?<I bakiw tha Iravilaf point ol Fabroobait, iml ?bouUI It bold on till i P. M of TwnUir 13th, will bat* lr??araa<l tlia wbola nr jum(?r?ae? of th? *r??t elr cla of thr*? buD<!r?<l ?nd ilit; boar*, or lltwg of oar daya. Tb? mlainuD taaapaiBturt r'?k#J batoaaa 7 *n?l 10 P. M. of Tuaalday, etb, at * dafraa* balnia care anrtli ? ad 4 d*Krao? b?low im to M>utb is whk-h tba <uM raa<*l la *<|iilJibrua t?n coaaa<-ati?a aoura, both aortli aod ?oath TW? ??? a parturbaUoo on tha 2d, lurlaf wbicb tha taauprratuM-. for a !a? mlavtoa. rw? to :i4 axoib aad 39 d?g. north, <-oaaartod oitb an aartb^uaka ia Vlr (taia. Aa< lb?r n?? uf t?mp?ratira oocurr?! oa th? tta '?.no?rW.I attb 'b? aorO><|uaka la Mora Keotia aaal tb# Mat* of Moid*, aitnadlataly altar wbleb la? t?inparatura raatad ia "jailibna at 24 l?TJTB?? far atfbt '-oaaatcaUTa boara, uri ?u fallooad by aurora boraall . tba imm of tba ?lb. tbla -bM '?rm ia rfatKimaatad by laaav tba eoldatt for aary a.aay yaara. My aaaauraiMU say* atlxr <t\1 ? ltld ? January If At ?rr? III' -lakniar; 14. 4 d?f riol?w ?aro li ? da*. ?' lf.1 -a-Jaapary .4 t da? '? ?? " 'A 7 dag. " '? " '? ? 1 4af " " l- . " 4 1 <tof ?? 1*. 4 ? FaVraary ? .I-Wf Noaa of thaaa la?Kr?tar?? oara obaorvad ia aueh ? any anorniaf boara aa lb?m? ?* bar* raenrdad tba yra ??at MDatb. tad, tbatafor*. aaat aot ba qnoatdarad aa tba Itwat t?aa^?ratnr?? of tba day* maatloaad. Iba IVth of Jaauary. IO0, ?w tba oaH May, tal ? hkaofb tba lanpmlura a Hum Yora oaly raaebad tba ltm Wm, yal It tai at tba kacollty wb?r? I <a a la eama ia a fWtbrra wildaraaao, with all feat of aao* oa> lia (round, iba caitdaat waatbar I aaar ?lyartooead Thar? day, tto? 1Mb, tfer day yrtima arma rat* fail la aaaay ?kaeaa, altar which tba laajparatura rbMaad ??ubtaali batata alcbt. and durlaf tba aatara alfht tha all4aa?a< ??? total ?f*b tha cnaablrf of tba traaa by tha fnaai. | rapotiaUh* aaKay? af anaa^atry. aad to aaara aa it oaW taraa. tha a ?ataortr olra ayy bm an tha lovar m iMtat OO aaM | ? Kaw. (a fart Mi ar yataMoa pooora by tba k 4 ? ?-r rafara ba -m oKb ta t?a ?Wa>B t K-a?ar, fab rfpST (I. * 'a?ia exyaiabaa aaaaa on tha tawar anrfaa* . Tbaa ?a*d la thaaaaaa baadOaal aa aaot to t?a The Baptlat HMorinl Sotlrtjr. flHBT MONTHLY memo AT tu* tamrnacli bap tist cHVRoa-i.Bcruiu or d. t. talkntini. ?M)., ON TBI KAJtLV HISTORY 01 THI SAPTIffVH OK NEW TOM. Tli* Brut monthly meeting of the Baptist Historical Hocirty in hold last erasing iu the lecture room of tha Ta barnacle Baptist Church, Becoad avenue. Thara ware between three and four hundrad persons present, 1 amongst whoa ware a considerable number of ladle*. The mealing we* railed to order by tha President, Mr. David T. \ alrntne. by whom tha iactara wa* praparad. Prayer wa* offered by Iter. Mr. (irahuai, after which the Pteeidant read a paper Betting torth the objecti of the Society, an follow* ? Ilia Society liu been organized through the effort* of ! a number ot gentlemen belonging to our denomination, | with a view to <*ta?ll*h in thia city an inntitutioo for i tha perpetuation of hlitorical facte relating to th? | Baptist* in America. .Such an institution cannot ' j fail to prove of *ervire to our deuoiniua | two, tending, an it muat, to nooaolidate tha varinu* 1 ' societies. by bringing them iu a mora active relation ' to each other, unu through tha eourcea of information which may br furnished irom tha different branches of the aociety scattered through the country to collate their I i story and perpetuate it for the ben?Bt of poatarity. We have, tlien-lore, nought the co-operation of our brethren in different part*, and we have every reaaon to believe that the project m highly appreciated by thoae whom we bare addressed. A circular ha ? been iaaued b> our Hecrstary, which sets forth the way in which It ia hoped our object* can be attained; and there ran be little doubt that, if the suggestion* there made tuee* wltb a proper response we ihall, netore long, have an Institution which it will be itUtreitlng to vialt. We hope to gather a collection of memorial* of our hiatory a* u denomination, which wtll, in a measure, Uluatrate the progress of our cliureli in un age and country which 1* now attracting the notice of the world, and promise* in future time* to tie an Instructive leaaon to toe Unto riial itudent. In the religious hiatory of our people tUe poaltion of tha Baptist* ia one of the very higtu-st Impor tance, and no time can lie more aultable to begin a system of historical collection* relating to the aaclety than the present. Ibcae few remark! are 'teamed a sufficient atatcment of our object* at the present time, and tor mora particular detail* of Uie viewa proposed by the n ciety, wa beg leave to refer to the circular of the .-acre tary. and to the article* of organization. At the conclusion of the foicgotng statement, Mr. Daw son, Secretary pro tem. rea l the minutes of the laat I meeting, which wire approved. A p?|>?r written by the President, on the relation of ; the early Baptist* in New York to the colonial authori- I 1 ties, waa then it ad by the Home .Secretary, Mr Dawson. { I It giva a hiatery of the Baptist* in tlila oountry from their arrival to tbe time of the devolution. As it wa* too long for publication, we have room only for a brief 1 ? \ tract Hie tlrst Baptist association In the middle pro viuce of America was called the Philadelphia Association, established in 1*07. This may be called the foun tain head of the Baptist organization In this *?> tioa Of the country. Its session* continued aunuully ' down to and subsequent to tbn Itavolutlon, and it still exists, though tha territory originally embraced in ! ita supervisory Jurisdiction ba* been subdivided with the great increase of the denomination. Tha ttr<t article I of faith adopted at the organisation of the association In 1707 waa In thesa words Agreed that to mm iliall be illowed to prsach among the associated churches except to produce credentials of bis being in cooimu nion with bis cl i in oil, and of his having been called to preach." In 1"09, a few Baptist* attempted to organize a church in New York under the care of Mr. wicLen din, but having no lirenaa, and persisting ia holding I fublic worship, ha wa* arrested and imprisoned for I luce month*. slier which Baptist preaclilng was for s , time suspended in tha colony. In 1716, tha Urst public authority for the establlabnmnt of a Baptist Church waa givrn. Ibis little congregation of Baptists, to tha num ber of about twenty-live, held tbair meetings for several years In a dwel ing home under tha mloistrr of Mi. Ayies. In 17 JO, they hired a houseto be used exclu sively a* a id*" of worakip and in 17tt! application wts made tor ie| 1st ration to the Colonial authorities | which was aoc?rded them. Tha Baptists now began to orgtnir* themaalve* into cougregstic as. One of tbr first churches s a ? erected at Corbam, U I , said to have been fousided iu 1740. A meeting bouae waa built ia 1747, in whi' li Be*. Noah Hammiud preach) d for msny years. Tbe flrst ihiiich erertsd in Oys'er Hsy, L. I , was ot a Baptist denemmaboa, and wa* built in 1724 or i7M.and is now, or was vary recently, atill standing. In 1791 may be aaid to have tie* n that wundetful marsh of ths Bap tist* at a *ic..;ly , wiu.'b h?? ?.ni:e distinguished it, and j now for tha Ar?t tlnia wa* tla society thought worth v of the attention ot tha r.visl*. A fund was raised in 17*4 for the support of travelling minister*, anl sonic ol the leading ministers laft their statod place* of mini* tr? on t)il* duty. . At the conclusion of tbe paper a vota of thank* was | given to Mr. Valeatlna. and a,copy requested for publica lion, soon after whicn tba meeting adjourned Poller Intelligence. ? ItHKBT or Till I.ATV. KEOKIT1NO TKI.I.BK or TUB MARKET BANK , CHABOKI) WITH KMBBZ7.I.I2IQ lift, 0(10. lioirr nwnlb* ago, th* president tad dlnclori of th? Market lUr.k, fa thia city, diaoovvrad that th?r? mkI' I defalcations In lb* l>ank to thu amount of I'iVOOO. and upon a rigid examination of the book* they strongly saapected ibat lb* raceme* teller, William I'oat Hackatt, bul nnbrintil tin above funds 'luring hla continuance iti ofrce, anil accordingly a complaint wa* mada a(im?t Sackett, hy 4b* president, Richard 8 William*. before Justice Connolly, at tha 1-ower I'nlloe Court, charging hnii villi embezzlement. A warrant for th* atr*?tnf tli* ?ec used wan placed Id tb* bands of -<*r|Mst M iu< ?aid and oftcer i'atfrraon, .<ttarhed to the lower police court. Ye ,tar!a j ihna* ? .#!<? ra racetvtag information that ,-'afk*tt waa living m a r*tm"l in tb* labriir of l<ong laleaa, tney alerted in piirauit of , bim Alter a xrvat ''*?' *>f ??* rr-hing aad ingenuity on the part of the** utH'-iale, tbey sucoaedeit in af fecting tli* arreat of tli* accused, and B'-contly ha waa brought to >ew York laat eramn^ on lb* | lalaml railway, to aunr tlia obargw preferred afilnat ! : biin. 11)* warrant for the arrant of tb* arc need atataa " that William I'oat narke<\ receiving teller of the aald > I bank. Iiaa luriag th* laat two yeara, filooeoualv ember. I ' 'led and appropriated to bla own aaa, the aum of twenty { five thonrand dollara of th* funds of tbeaaid bank." ."'ac* - att wa? in costody or th* ofbeera laat eeeetng, prevkma to teing aonveyed before Jaatiaa Coaaolly this morning. 1 A city KATBBK I* dikhictltt. Yesterday altar noon < ouncilman B McCahill, of tha Ninate Aitb ward, vaa brought before Juatlc* Walab by ?ifllctr > Itrmaarlef, of tha Tantb ward polio*, charged 1 with having lOmmiltad aaaault an ! battery upoo tha latter The complainaat atataa that tha < 'ouncilman aa- | aaulteil blai at taa ooraar of Daianeey and Kaaex atreeta, where a dispute aroae bet ween them aa to whather tba oceopaate ik tha tanaat lionaa on tbla corner, own* ) bv the Councilman, were aot bound by law to clean th<-ir gutter* < at IB accordaaee with a late order of tb* Ifayor. Tbe magiatrete peetaaaad tie examination of Ik* cm*, which n* inteada to laveatigate thoroughly. Mr McTabbl euioost rated tboro i^Bly upon tha coodurt of the of. er ia arraatlag him. but the latter aeema d* teimlnad to prefer the complaint agamat tbe aity father. illMID BCBULABY. Abcot taa o'clock oa *aad*y night a gaatlaman paaa iag along Twenty filth atreet aaw bobb* yoatba *flect Ing au entrance to an naoccapied houae in thia itmet, by letting tbem*olv?* flown to the baaaniant through the -oal bole ac utile a tba aidawalk, and aappoalng that they wera beat oa nothing good be informed ofl oer Tfrhune and otkara, of the laixteeatb ward police, whi, ' ateriog the houae, aoald aot discover tba yotingsur*. who, alanaad at their praaaaee, got on the roof of the boaaa, and runniog along tbe roof* of a number of boaaea cuerevded an of than with tb* ai ca|ti< n of on*, la gottla* down oa a *h*<! or outhoua* attached t? one of the doelllaga Tha alow coach wae aireated before be caald eSe*i hi* eacape <Hi beiag takea before Jaatfco Breaaaa. at Jefleraon market p? Ilea court, li* ga?* bia aama aa Thomaa fame He waa coaimitted to prt*oa lav aiamiaatioa. bBCOVBHY or BTOI.B* PBOI'BKTY. ' >IK ? era Cheer, ey and Rua, of tb* lawar polio* *? i n , aacoaeded In r*co**r1ag sixty pair of chlMraa'a gaiter ahoee taluad at lU^lrom tba |r**olaea SOI Klrat are nil*, which wera Stolen bbMI waeaa ago from ?'on Beet" ut He good* wara ? tola a aad carried oa to tbla etly by tb*thl?(, who baa aat yet ba*a arra.t* l ?"tree In Saw lark. I n is m? KkiBtb A?K*tri.? Hatweea Ire aa-l ? ? o'clock yeatarday laoraiac a tra waa dl*i oveaed la th* groawry atore kept by Loot* Harabota >a th* hgbtb avenue, l?twe*a Hfty thirdaad Klfty fourth atreeta tbe baildiag waa of brtck. aad four atario* TV alarm waa |iT?a aa turn aa tb* 8rw waa diarnvwred. bat tb? acarc ty of water oaae.j eat upon the hydrant* bHng frorew, ?<* l*ye<l ecweth ag Hbe twenty mn, tea during arhtc* t aae tba fir* i nsjraaaed too tar for the ^ rewire to eave tba lielldiag Tbe Br* *?*al*? to < o* of th* a4joiaiag, aad <1*D.age-l 'be r??f. Tbe I aaaO (boa* tb* *t?re wae vro ell ( ? Mr ferahi ti, iw! aeaeral other faatlha*, who t ??>' ail thatr tr-uetty, aaxnalug to upwarda of |l, Ma-, Mr bornbot' oad *a aagrain >? ba ataei of i r- iri?a aad #atar*e to tba aaaoaat af |Mt, aad I *a oa hi# lwraM"r? ^ ?< leek wtw. alap' ia tbe atore ia aaid to l.?ee Hr*? <?? ecevne^ >h? Ira The bwildlag wa* nwa#d b* Mr laaac \aVi.i.. - tb* loe* wilt aaaoiat to abawt M ** Pita i* ?l??r?wt< a Hr*BBl ? Tha tr* at >o IT* 'irvnwirb atree' wa Itaaday tugbt abort If befora a<ae u'aloeb, waa a vary 'Utnae eaae. Tba etorw a bay* by W llia.n M.laaa* ** retei! *to?klag Kara Whaa tbe tlb rtarw wa* brohea ? paw tba tr* wa* 4iaaoeor*t >n a larga piaa b i a?a*4lug *t tba *ad of the tiaBBt, a**' tb* btrtaa, aw wbiab waa plaoad a Ut at read; a?a4e i -aa" 1h*e bos waa aaart) <-ww*<i iw*l from tbe taai^a. a?l tbe rtotbteg aw tba Ma aad tb* ead af tbe <?? later waa Vwrat *od - VaireW Tbote la ao .oaacaaea ?* ttv M. (b *4 |n*4* aoH>aa'iag to ?*.?, r:.*a" of wbwa ia ia tba HaHn Nbwian ?'oaapoar. aad tba bauo.-* la * " IWdao?o?*4^B tbo M*arbeo?. lawmaa* ? oaaaM* will pa*babiy am ??oat MWM Tbe | m ? ' atWa ? falt-ai . ?v-.' eviOWdlMMk Tbed rrt%y: ! K Lamination of * U"' ?" ? lluu-t(* of Bt?r?Uo? Mom Ju*tiea Bo*w*ll. THIRD DAT. Tit examination of Mr. Cloee, oo a char*, of *"***? noualj entering ?!?? grocery of Mr. Smith, on u f mgbt U?t, we. continued yeatarda, afternoa. before Ju.tlce Uoawall, in WiUU?n?bur*. tmtimoht ??? nwwoi. M m R. Beatton, *worn-l reaide at No a?|<Jr*? ?tract, Mr. Hear, CU*. -J famtl, ^ ^ I, .?M recollect ?Ui. TueeOa f night "Pokan < 1 J* ttairi aud Mr. ( la- In the lowar part of the houM^ ? him tha U.t tima that night at A* mmutee p~t 10 oclccl ahrn I went up mm* minute. P"1 l0 and I .(marked to .ny wife that tb. clock wa. M minute. to., (a at. when I Uft Mr Clow he (?? '"j >*? little roc in mending a pair ol boot*. mywlf ?n'4 n? urewDt lie !>u at ?ork on ? ? *a?t h* had ub? ?ol? naiUni t>n wt?i?i I Wtt; h- tia?i tlia 0lCro?^xa?ininad-l *?" Mr. Omi'I ro?wfro? about H o clock to about minute* pa.t 1 Oo ch**. , *a. there during that time my clock 1 keep .>0 miauta. ahead of tha Nary-yard gun. Kliuibetli llea.ton ??oro? Aui the wife of the la*t wit oe?. ?a? m Mr Clow', room, with ay twabaad, on Tue.daT eeemog U.t; we laft, both of w tont'iec, at Uv> miuut.a p??t I" o'clock . tha nan gat the l,o0l* U" Mat morning between H and ? o clock the; ware Uu ?h ...1 the u.*u ?ho got the boot. work, for Mr. \ au Men ("rot* examined ?On that nlfM when .1 went up .tair. uiy liu.banil remarked that it wa. Bee tnlnuU. D??t len^j'clock; bur. be?n in the room every evening ? Pi? .That t'me do not raoollect the time I waa down i .ere ant e.eni'og ..nee , went down .talr. with my bu. bSSSSilrtt?V?l ~~.lto.-t <w I .... -t : .j H I. about one block from Mr bmith'a grocer ?, Collect th. night In .,ue.tion, m? Mr. Clow that night j ^..IrenH, come' out ot Li. door. 1 judge 1 twe. , ft' "clock . we went down the .treat and triad the door, told him Mr. Carr wa? to.| 'i.rin* tor him. tuitmtd at Lin dcor, and * womin came on I end Mr ( ?i ihiI ?aa out went down to t?l*th ataeet, croaead orer to SeCeoth and bn.'lT to the or.ter aaloon in Urnn 1 .tteet we r<iiialned thare until Mr. Hinith ?nd Mr. Cur mil CHine in it W.I .bout 11 o'clock when they cam* in, UrOoW trying Mr .Smith a duo. ... . were? ! ? ?. Ill un oy.ter .aloon In Oraudatrct UatTueertay night when Mr Clow and Mr Powell r.w u earn. In 16 minute, to 11 o'clock; Mr Hmlth aivl ao otl.e. man cam. in there about 14 minute, aftar " ( harle. l,i?p?n.rd, .worn ?I keep the .*loon Indrmo I ltnwt recollect weiog Mr. < u>?.' aa.1 Mr. Powell iotn? i i in in v' plaie lunt Tucc.y night about M minute, to 11 oVh^-k i .collect Mr Smith and Mr < .rro.l coming in I ^,U<U' era,l.m!;:i^t" .?a^w.u war. tn th.r. about , *.'f, minute.; Mr Au?tln cania in about 10 mtoute* to 11 , ? li>?,igeB I'.rge, .worn -I wan In Mr. M.panaid .? ' Inon U.t Tu.wt.y evening Mr< ( low and Mr ^Jnw.11 I ram* io there about W> mlnuU. to 11 o clock, icalnc Mr Hnillh come In tbera J minute. *ft*r 11 1 ? cliwk . he be. Woned to Mr. Clow end tald him hi. .tore h.d lieen broken open. left t >.)<? e*. mined. ? 1 iame in tliere at lO^o i lock 1.1 11 ? o'clock* Mr Auntiii wu thirt wliM I waul in ! l.-.kil at the .lock when I went In. <5^?0,l^l"* the rlock a?ain until Mr Cloae wa. In tbara ;; minute. . it then wanted 14 minute, to 11, looked at It again wb.n Mr. Smith c?ml in. firen.l Mr. A Hk hi more .worn. -I rclde at No. (irant alnet neit bouw to Mr. hmltb'. gr.?ery on Tuesday night U.t beard report of r,o.lhlng l .;'Pie.^no ^ pi'.ol. my clock wa. ten minute, to ^ !"'V. the -too. and .aw two men g^ng ..T?Lll^" \\ Ml Hmrr Van Cott come out of the .tore .a<t can in nocle l had hearl that Mr Smith', .tore had bee? robbe.l tbe Kalurday ulght pra?lO'U, I wa? wwiag the lime I heard the report hi the I >ark l.awment Jclin H Kao'i* ?worn.? in tba tiaimiy *?? ?Jut", rtore on Tneedar nlgtit U.t , Vft th^ citn-f of 1 awia nod Vifth .tr?et., New York, at tan minute? pa?. to o'clock ranie directly o*er the I U u.t on "t'eat lerrr , I . pi.tol Bred, It wunde.1 a. though it door. . wa. on the corner of With ??lb. bio. k from Mr. rmith . etora, m _a.?M i eW? ot ina think tlili wan near 11 o eUnjli ib* bo/ ?la N< I a.T^Ltup, that he .aw a man .Hike m?tchee on the Boor and that lie 6re4 at bjm ti,B.uari'. ..?rr ,:*s5-'rs;' .r;, r jsjstst .. i i. .1.,. ?- ?-?b *5!Tnr? Bell .worn -Went Into Mr IMMrt'i <*?? wUk? about elerea o clock or a little after, oo Tue^Uy W Vr tloee wa. in there Mr rmlth In three or four nilnnte. after I j-ama smith', .tere (1,,,.. t'eeeenaer. .worn ?I w.a at Mr. Hmltb . .tere ' .bout Mere., o'ctck on Wrdn.-Uy '"?ninf I a.t Ijt; ; ?miord .round the cellar window, ?nd ww It ha I been broken Ope?;loc?npy the ibop ..t^o.og?o-ofthe p.0ea of 0'W, "ail Sk" ? :7ltK:^".'tH. hee'k yard . ^ b|? i I had roy ..m flrwl told me "f the burgUry lj l" " .n.I the bor told me that < low wa* tbe man tb.l w.. In ?^.w!.'h.t bTtaw bi. .Ida face ? ??. attempt-lto ,, i , b' ? while .Undlng In front of tbe money JfraweT? thT*be ftrrd, 'and Clow J.impe.1 dawn th. trap - ?,i _?nt nut of the back window, ' At tin. itage of the proceeding, the ga. ? *"'][ (Tuee-lay) afternoon. _ Jeraej ??!?> *'*?? btMisaimn or rna Prnuo Hc?ooLa.-Tbe annual ei. animation of the public in Jeraey Oty wa. oom mm< e.1 under the direction of tbe Board of Wucation at 1 o clock ycfrday morning, at .rhool bauw No I lb. maU deiartmeat wa. .i.aained Brat. There were ?i. tent of that department W4 t>u?lU, and they eCinUt*! tb* mwlrw rem.rkably wall. w proBcieney In tbalr T.rioo. .tadk.| Tin. denartt*? unJer the r i rectum of the tm dpal Mr I^ ^Uo U aided by Mr. Knw, lit a..latant, M.w l-u4lef, W aw..? , ant and Mie. la ? ount, ?d awwtant, .HmtrT ,u la the afternoon th. ei.mlnaU.W 'I* pr'marjr t narlinentol that erbool took pUc- ,TTT Ih^ 4U0 jii??nlle ?ebolar* prewnt a-' wlte. cr?dltably alw. Tbi I. d-~ ^ -eat li ' direction of Mr. MeUn-l, prtnrlpa . wbaiUMal^Jjr MiMeedMti, Wblttleeet, Hwly ead pte.ent dnrieg the -lercwe. of ^ **"uV I ;.robePr. of tb. Boerd of Ma^atW m*mi t gy,>w.rf cti-.aa, I Vh.mi appeared pleaee.1 with the proc^tng.orine - oi.iu J uat pre.loaa U, tb. HJSmmn ple.wnt .flair ??? ?? much tn 'he .nr^l- ^ Mr. Met.nd, the principal. A .ow of b^otlfol arl.Be-4 , a??ere Lawfully wroegnt in wa*, wa* peeaea'ea vt , wThTbr^b^a beba.f 1 th....lH.etu-cb.r..^ a oun,b.r of tae.popll. Br t.ouM re.p.?.4ad In bee be b"ne .lamination of tbe lemale depart iweet of tb. w?e M h!Xl "ll be tb,* m.irnlag (Te-U,), .t ? | I #i>a? ? ^ ? T*? Pit*** >Ur? Ha a it ma. - Tba two ai*c*4 palaat ?*f* oparatora *rr**ta4 la Jtnt; III; m ttwlajr, in <#??>?!? Mania, lllii KkiKBtt J**, *lt*? J? Muaaaaakar, | alia* Jafcn MtMfaon *a4 Jolna Kiag alto* Joba lbajt <ir? brought ba'oi* ltor?r?n ? '?attar ;aar#rt*f and tb?ir 'rial ??? Ml Java al 1 *al?k 1a th* I' ?!'<-(?' <>a. it whir h tliaa ibar trara triaO tad .'oho Mcturaklrh, of *??? tba ia4lrMaal# Haa-ad br ik? m m attaaaiaa 0*k?r? farbaaka Hal<1 a ia, th i mad* lb* intii aa4 nMmt K**f* of .V*? Tori *a?a alafl ?worn 1W RaaarAf* tb*?a ta jail f'-r fbr?* tn- alba, >a raarant* *??) ?tlaor 4ar1j par nil. Ihay war* Ibn* pttmpUf .Jiapoavl la ?r*Wf In aikrv Iba txmplaiaaa'a U. jwoeaOTl ai'baut aaaaaa***?? itala j to lb?ir plara of Vatlaati ?a PriMloti oa ?ai*i i ?a ? K'ln 0. ?. Oratory, Jr., bia tatraCaaH ia?? th* Sim J?raay lafialtiiit a plrmaal la iba act for U< p?at*baa*a' of anakaa, vkiab pratx!** (or Iba aatar* j .aubtai- nt af 'ba aa>?|lrra *b" pluaAar t|air x'tUaa by maaaa a< Iba ball, **a aa.1 aafa uparatiaaa II la ua?a*l far H.a abarpar* la Saa Y art u> iaia?tla atuagara Iraaa Dial at; in Jara*y Otr ar Hkba.kah, "bar a Iba/ caa aat* aafaly adar'. Ib*<r itbaan. Mtraast'* U>TliMa< Kara Iba ataaibaHara af tbla liidliUat aaai aa M **lay II* laat , aal klarM ' Uia lolla.a >a( buar l af Mr* tor* Maaaa H Hra?ball, JiavM f Maaarra, Abrahaaa ?> /at.Habla Aa Ira* i lara. Haiab MDI. hutav."S ?l?faa?, Juaaak ? 'Ja*t<ar, Waaaal ? rfMaf . M baal I . aaaU, ' utaaliaa Vaa Vorat, aa1 < Haa 'lark Ibaaa aara all i.aanatera of ib? ptariaua baara **<"?pt Mr Ma a oar* 'A 'alar la/ laat, lb* 4ira lora a.?? toil ra ?l?'i? I Vla<?? H ltr*aa*il Pr**l<|aMt, Mi Hka K. failatlNu Irak a rtaaaaa fark* Ulaa4i. (MOIMU IT ?ALT' CAV. lb* K*y+l X*m?d*r4 of iba 1 4k Jaaaary. *??(?. Ikat 'k?>atk a aa aaawblf a*b*i|taf *< k*M G ay, *HM *> Ura*4 talk It Ha4 aal bm4 a it* apyaaraai a A >Mbal atarai b*4 ?(art*.| Iba lataikA. an I Ikt A Win ?a kr% 0?a I?*aa ( af T'fty. Ifa? Pam ft ??naak, vaa arwiai ?t *aM Ckf. Tba Irraito Ma^ml f>ai?Mr af fabraar f I atf< ? by lb* Mtgaa'aM Mfaai ' ap?a>a Hataktw* ka a?fbl iaaa iraaa T??ka' lalaaAa ?a ka*a ra#?4*a4 Ataa af tba *? Ik* m* a*4 af tba Mfmi VaafaW wa ib? JHb aM. W* a>a Iraly Marry kk far 1?a k; tb*** yaymalbat Ita* r*farl af abater* pr**aMMa alaaaaf Ikraa ? ? 7* M oaAiMa-l Aa to Na oflfM. >1 *a? ? af >r atialMai M aa* taaanr^l at aabaaM (tan Tba '.l*?*aa ImI ?ba?*4 llaail a> tba 1 1 *Mli? a a?l of *ba alaa t ia a WaMIr 4a*tg*ala4 l*aM MaA Taaa It aiii ) ba a*a>" ' by a alauaaaal a? t a* *abyaia, that MM> 'aaaaaa aaa trmA?i)/ Aiiiaff* araa#, 1*4 Iba I tbara b?? S*aa fraa <W 'laaawaa ? aaaai, ??* baair*i a*l a.aly ?*??, ?*< iwy tbraa Mitu ?ttkmab*<ifi4?, Hka4 kaaaiaatarf MAalahwkai -taaaa* II aaa?a Wha< tor ttaa a*a< aM iian?lara**?.t Iba (abMrtaa rlaaM fH ' '*akk A*ai jka ar rta a?*aaar??* af Mb b*aaa * <ib* fNMMM ?a?a*af itakaw k Of to 0ka latot a* "a <k?* wm m Mr***" <* ?0t>. 'ml T?4?. Political I ?atolUfpiarr. ilmjuob koh mart at>A."oa m rtui.AMt.riii a. Ta day ? o tWtn wtll tab* pUc* la lltliadalphi* tor 8<%l* frul'ir. ta All tba tittm i otrwtwal br tUa tell of l-ari toulkiad. tlnly tan Candida la* have baaa noal a?l*d, th* ah (? baaing d*rllB*d lorntar th* ftald. Tha ccnlrat aill, llimfM, b* Iwttwi tUa Know Motb.aif* ?n<! drtaoeratH, tb* loiar baring nominal*.! Haary 0 Pralt, toil tba tatter .1. Murray Kuab. nuiTSP iriTU HlMiiin ton rcNnavi.r ami*. To-day tba two baaaaaof tha Paaaartraai* I agtad akai r w wiM go lato coaraotaan (or t Im purpoaw a/ baUofiag far t'uitrd Htata* Broator, to (111 tba pUo<? af Moo. Jaanaa Cooper, whoa* trim raphaa wlQi lh? praam t Coograaa w4ih ntrriKiv in new frAKftwnti Tin* gi*at a n tt Nabiaaka ina?? mratiog of tba Hanoa4 Congr?*?i?m*l illatrlot la tfaw Haorpablra u fuhr l>*i I at Manrha?t?r tn day. A r*r r lar***ttat*laaew af tli* fr* mm of tha diatrirt ui anticipated itaocmvitibh o* ?4i.Ki? mm-UAUr. Tha 'lamac rati c dortora af tha Naw Itampaliarw ri<aa ty < annol agra* a* to th* political piurliadti** ..f (fa* lUlub Matcalf tha Knaiw Nutbiag candidal* for (taaaroo tu lliat Mate. Wbii* IV Coaoord I'a'nM <1 .MiMMlr ?laa, to iti own aallafartian, at l*aat, tbat Ralph ?a a pro alarary bunkar. of a atripa that caaaot hat b* naii aatiafartory to lb* uropagaadi/m of that pna(, tba Harar Ua cttr U r pially claat tbat lia "balaeg* to tha fra* antf faction." A KNOW MOTRIN'! KNAI.IKBM AM. Tli* ttoalon Allw ? ay* a "aort ham clan corra*p.aadawt. writ** ua that oar Know No' tony K*call*o<r baa ap nointad on* Job a Idaawof tbat into, ? Juatar* of tfiw I'aara. Thl? man "l? an Kn^li.hman to. larabaaa* two or lhr*? ?*ara a?u II* ra<-* I IN s y*arly atipaad of *aiwa A 00 (or hla aupport fraai kugnawd ' hbapy row TIIK KAOK. Hon. < harl*a IWady, Ui* ?h? r?pr**aut*ti*a in Ou grraa from th* fifth diatriot of Iranian***, wiita* tUa fat lowing l*tt?r to tb* Mnrfr**aboro' 7?l*0ru|iA Brlor* leaving bam* laat fall, 1 waa fr*<|?i*titly aakaJ Id varioua parta of tlia4lalrict wh.rb I ban tba kuaur to rapraaaot in Coagraaa, if I would ba a coodi tat-for ra rlrrtion. My an.wrr at* not lata in *r*ry in ataoca, ?ntir*ly ?tpllrit, bat ?aa*rally, at Waat, tirltaal rd an affirmant* i*ap?n?* 1 b??* raraotly rarairwl ???aral la*t?ia oa tba maa onbjact. anil aa th* moot rnartoiant nia'Mo-l of aaaw*r <nj all, aail (iring publicity to my inawar, I hara Utoufbt it *?padi*nt M fu, through th* >-obimaaof tha TtUoropk, I am a candidal* for ra *l**t?Hi CIIARI.M ItKADV. KRMIIAI. AOIJ.ll Ol PKB. 1h* Naahrill* WA tf/ aiivoratt ?? tha ra ?lartl<?a nt Katie K /olliro(T?r la tha Kl|hth < oagr*?ai ?aal 'Mtrict of r?n n*aM>* Th* N'Aif/ aa.ra It would b* rtfbt aod prupa*, and altoiatlirr " *(i**abln to tha flto>*M ?f tbtnga," tor tba wh'gi ?,f tba dTatrlat jaal t? taka blai up, a ad ra *l*< t buu. frm rim., and wltboal tb* formality of catt ing a dtatilrl coa**ctiba to nomlaata a enmladat* Priaanal Inlflllgnirr. lb* llou A II t'4>|i|ultt, of iia.r(ia. la dataioaat from hia oral In tb* I altad >tat?a Hon** ol lUp?*a*Matiaaa by th* aarlnaa llluaaa af lita fathar, a? iV?a'o? Oik^uitt. On Huaday, Irbruarr i aaya th* Htrrt 1'ifri tl, Mra Mat ? 1 arrar, ot l'*tari(iam, calabratnd !iar on* hua lr?dtl? birthday, by at'*adlag m**tiag at tha t'aitailan i-ImimA. hh* appaaiod in good lirillb, toa* aad atoo-t ua*upp>>rtad diirinc tha aiaging, aod aftar tha <oiigr?gatma waa mia-* l, r*in?l?*d to join in th* mnnaomoa aarvlo". <? t br una all p waa har brother, t'api J'i*l Hrooba, who l? in hla alnaty a*T*ntb yaar. la aaotnar pari uf tba lion-* waa Mra Hathiah Oatad, who m in bar nioaty ma i*ar. Tha tharmnmatrr atood la tba mornioy oaljr twa drgtaaa abora rata and a atroi?K wla I blaw from tha MrtkfHl ?t I I . r. k.- t>.? lay Kavara' w*r* prawn! who bad aaan naarly *<A'''y wlnlara, and -*?aral othara fwa lh*r adraur*d in ?fa. wvald h??* jola*-l tha namraga tioa had It aat bar* for tha *t train* wnritj of tbaaotl. Hon. D. L V u l*a. (7. X. Glutei alact for ITh.ri4a, >at 1'i'aiilaot of thal'irida lUtlr'aa-l t'omaaay, la't Chartaa ton. 8. C. , aa llaa Tt b laal . for tha North . r< r tba par po.a af rlaaiag itagnUat.nit* whkh barn baaa a?a tiaaa oa toot far tha ptrrha** of tha irvu raila aaraaaary Cur hta toad. AArlcaa Iron Horn* a aooo ara lha gradual eoaarataa catx * of Mutgaa iNa, r-. '* portal la l>a<lyiaf ol pat bh aary eunaaauptMia It waa aat >uaa?a|a?? kal l| pit a ? fart*. It raa for (orty day* tivtora ha aaaaa t> kaw ? r?a. Hta atatar. Miaa Ua. haa alao baaa altaokad with . but It do?a not appaar that bar caadatiaa kad laimg Ml aay alarm. Mra. Ua bad -urtaia ruiaah la haaMb frwaa fatigua a?l aaa.rty. bat tb? tirarral aay a ba ?*aftaaar battar la Ma Ilia though ba ha* wataaad by baa aoa'a badaida carry Bight lor thirty daya la awctaaafaa. AMtlVAUi. tl Ilia H Mrl.ula. II-.I l-llaa l> Vila. 1/ It ? Cla ri4a l'r?f*?anr llaa?> l> It* -ra. H al .a ? .t.?l '????< 1*1 it f . rblladalpl.ia, iWataat a H tn4?ra.<a. If 9, A . Aa ; I I' lljrra I' ariha, Nall.aa C. I '>l*ai, >aw <>rt*aaa. I trai tk, M k**lia4 ITaildaarif' IMataa. Alfcaaa . gaaal llai/1,1, K*.| , > Tr"Wkata?*. IV-4r>Ha I A Vaaarbaoaboma, 7 m?: i al"B*l .'ami t oft, llanfarrt, Haw W. I I'raya Alhaa* (t?na< I g**aaa I'lilalan J' l?a a. <la J II tt aT'aa, I laaalaad. J II ITia4 < ladaaatl. r?.,n ||ua II a M alkar. ttatraii. William H<daiaa Halt Jan <a I nak. fjw'.i* I na lit Tko ii aa aal H*rnmaa la ataa<a*hia < wrtaw? Oa W >nai.l lia< liaaraa Mat -ll, A HI a. Rata I, Autaall IV w Ifaraaj jr. p I, M ill an a J W I", i nal, A W tna la aaraaa rakin I'MAIV *r a lor >aa l raail<*-> ?la >i araa >a la Hi* ataaaiatiir ttaa ..I It, a W .i < ' . A I ' I ? laeaaa r W II. fan i A i:? a maaaaarar, J A I'-ak aa4 Bifa, bra I iiaa IU- aiaa, ana aa* mfaai W IIjM.i ? a> i at'. H ' * I > r a . iaaaa* I alfa. Kri HcK.' aat , hi' liM., i k a fiilar. J llaa* aad alfa W.aaM J h,y || J |> alii jaa I' a.. J * l<a and alfa A faai' A aa4 alfi i \ Ca* i I* I Jo%aa><? aal lad) Mra W II Hfiaa anl talai.' M>4aaa H.i<a, Jaa Pviia. Miaa A I'aliar hi ? J U a..,.. ?ad Mia I. J .'a?a ta4 1 lafaata, J *?lli k H tf M a?a all* balA aa4 aaa.aat , Mra firai M I' H.m-.f, H % Waa.a I* I Hia??' A ? W oa4. W M< ta4a* DUliimaa. J, ? Mac.: ... T .a I* II . tart, h laaaina, < ka |lat<ki?a a f II. da aat aifa. Alar liraa> r Il*w4a?r 1 l*?r?a a ia 'mitk J aa>|lai, 1h?aJ ibm J Hal, i. an alfa aa4 laiaat. iaka llaraaau aad wit* M N'Kaaaa II C t >*?. I. .;ali 'la Ha* Tk-a Iaaaa. ? llaa at*. ? ll' lt.i-r M ai llaialaj WaOttia, laki Mi Kaj llkiaaa* Jaka Walla. a. Haul llal*, Aial (.lark. Tat tturaa. Jaha If u?ni < kaa I a?ar? M lli-ataa. U 1 1 If. Ktjaa4maa. wtla aad tafaat Mr* 4 llar'a Mra t Ma* ? ia I. V a aa* J ' Mxarif All A4aia< J W kiiaaiAa, A a Mat Ikaaa II H4all, A J Arohar Ua> Millar. II frta4aaaa. <? akaltarb. Wa Itaaixa A -lark A K.Vrta, A Babart* 1/ b "laik II lliaaa Jaka Wan Mra rt. .* Ilara. (. I Wtf llaaaa, MraQallarkar W I' Ha. . am J llait W Im % A Jokava M Iaaaa A fatara |i llan.i I Riaia M S Ufa. f Mai aily. A laa ll'ary. I. w tua ari aad athara . ? Ma ataaraga An Allrgtd I aaa of Araaaw. th t mb u itw or Tna raw rrmg mamai.w. Yoa pabllab ia to day'a pap*' atiat paarporta la ba a a .miliary of tha ttl las'a uk*a '-a a a bant* af a raa a agataal aa. lh? raprt a aaiiraty aw* aaiaa aad "a laa laud to do aaa mura lajury with tba pubta* It la uaa that I admlttad, aa I 40 bob, that I lall tba ?t ara anaa Allaaa mlautaa WlaH tba At* braka aat, aod t'aal I aad aa laaaraara qf liWua ay ata* . aad Sataraa bat It wa* alao ia proof thai I waa la tha habit bafma ratlria^. of going, aa I did oa tha aifbt af tba flra, arwaM Ua tba a tor* aad my baaraaa 'bat aar ato*k awl Sliaraa wara worth b*twara Han aad H.nW thai aay Im 1 am, wbKh wrra atablaat la anah a laa* pratlaMty ta tha a tar* aa ta almaat laaura thaar <t*at>a> taoa, prandwl tba alar* arra karat, wrra warth i'JOO aal warw Bat Iwlalal la Biyaaliry that my laaaiaaaa aaa atfa. i?4 ia AafaaA. lad/, tad 'hat my kwnha aad aiata, aw aM. h war* aa rouata aga aat ? aal- aaaia aaaauatiag Ua a kwart laa, aara ta tba ataara. aad wrra 4raa bM aith tba walar uaad ta aitlagalab tba *ra It fartbar anaaaral by tba laatiaoaay af flap' M'pbaaaaa. af tha Aaataoath ward pall'* that ta* ?ra bad aat k'.raad maab, a* I 'ha* that a wara aa *rid*a*? a# aay pra para' aw ?- arraaafB aaaal of aay 'wmKaatlM* aaa tart* I a It waa alaa ala.wa tbat th* matrh baa waa lmm*diat?ly a Boa* tba jaf ab*ra th* In artglwat*d Vaar i*part a'alaa "thai iaaa Ibaa* fart a' ? tbwaa at* lad la yaar wpaft-' aal "tbar airav aitaa-aa a wara ta tba watt ar will h* laid bafara tka'iiMl Jary WbaA tbaiaa athaa rlrram*t*a*aa ara I ka*a aat TW*a waa *ar taiali a* aavtawaa af aay utbw a^aaaat ma 1 aaa tbwaa ??a la* la yaar r*port aad I tbia* it vary Bard tbat tba latlaaaltaaa abaald aa aaa da tbat tab afbrra atiatwl I prwtaat agalaat a rrpwrt wh? i *??* aal all tba Ugta ?aay agaaaat aaa, aad whi*h I atl aaa lat a Bat U iBI'aa. r a that tbrra la aawaa tbat >a aap?bliaha4 aal girw* bob* af 'hat la my faaat fAAVCta ?fMPMY II* Waal *arawta*a?b at tart Naw Voaa lab Id I a at i h??k ? r?<? Ftium II A* Ku'io l.imr KlftMM-4 m?ia l*-M? ikni wm ? r*a4artat ?*????? M In ?? r*aa4Mf at Xo It Atai?a?W. m?f >n it (|> ?>< ?# ?rt??ii>? a ?!??? laa? (IM aitk tea?*ta? 1?i4 ? w a? t?l>u4 al Ika ttw it* K'UMItlif SM it <%.'? In 'to. ??at, afc.a >1 ?t?U4? 4 tw Maria* ii<4 m MltaH kar a*4 a ? m mm aha '** ??'?ptai^y aa*a?pa4 ?? I* i?? fr gat ?m raa t.aa ?kntkilf IS *?<NII>l*g VMM aa-l tu lf KM to >IM ?m? nweietely IMIaaa MM)**' d?M K i??Wf<4 Ik) lituli tn 'Mlii ???? I W?h ??aaaa4 kar an twMf taaftaa. aal ?i.?f,r.4 ?? la aa ?f da No, tkal at a hums* ????? a?4 ?<~l aaar <ba vkala My Ik* ?aa> k.lta Wa4 ia?t tkaar ?raaalaal r% ra?a? If HaW~. -a. mm~i at*? aaJJM, aal na ?at?< a I tkaaMt>laa>> -bat la; .a .a 'a aUa??a?a kar ??t>ni|a fcat all hfM a? tot Ma awa > iaa'*4 loca't f?**;l#? at 1 1 . a ?J?b Mr* <?aUa , aa< axl U??4 aa-t r.a? %? ? Ur?a '<f-U V aa ?ui>laa? aa4 IM aad a.aat ka< <aM |taa tai Aaaalal'* ?'?af a ka?rJ fcaaiafcall A lltlla 4aa?Va' M ?ka t.aaaaa-1 afarf laaita, ak? aaa praaaat ? -tea 1 liaaa W Ika ?'"? ????? f ? ' W f? pK aal ika kaaaaa afc?k ka4 ?a ta.?.?IN la tta aarya* '?fi a *k-~ Ik. aw 4aa? MM t i?ma(t ? ? A faaiWataa i ?? ?aa >a Ika I?n?tii?,al ?a fcaarla< a/ Ik. aar*4aat a?al kaaaa aa4 Mate all 'km ? ?>4 Isaa^a a h>? k*w> ? i^raa. aa Ma Viara?aat<aa ? ml kanac aa mm? af ika aaraad *%? taaaal l?<? ?. -.??aal Ma 4l*r*ta?aaii*a, a ad M oUtaaa aval* | ?a utaaiaa. H ????? ka a (** al aat.a? arf Ua -Mwf <r|w, W H wi cm , ? ? B ?aaMfc, raaaallf ,| ttfml rwlka aw la. -4 N?a<*aat Naalk ftarau* ka< aa*aaaMi ?kw?*v ka Mfftaai*. laa <Kiw?, IMaaa rT" >''"Ma **? ak.l laa a aaaa ?' I'aalaA aarf MfH la 'ka Mil al J tft-4 terf* aa/? ?%a* fraa* t*M laa (a?al MM ?hs a ki ? mMM aM M*t wmM -iSr' (#. I* ) '***. ?H ?

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