Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1855 Page 5
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, i . ? f ? .a;_ Mm. -? ? T4Nm? MBlfs B^M> BHBLL OOKMITTXB. igj>f the Democratic Young Hn'l nii*[tl l was beW laat night, at 663 Broadway?'_Jfr. kit, of the Fifteenth ward, acted m Prieidiitf pro Mae., and Mr. John Kin*, of the Twenty flrat. anJ Anltof D. Creigbton, of the Eighth wards offlciafcd as Wecietortae. Ob aeeoont of the mean* attendance, it laiimul ad viae hie not toco into electioa of p?rmt ami officers, an proposed. Thev adjourned at an early houV,'to meet again next Thuraday evening. , _ Cowt taltmlar-TkM Day Wttte P?atw DisnucT Odokt ? Noa. <1, 34, 11, 40, 42 . I^IMM Oocav? Circuit ? Noa. 1566, 110?, 1179. 1308, 836, 1606, >60, 261, 1411, 13#B, l?3i.l837. Rnrean Cocrt? General Term.? Noa. 27, 29, 32, 38, tt. 41, 48, 48 to 63, 23, 26, 42. .. Coaao.N Puus? Pari 1.? Noa. 281, 292, 296, 301 to m; Part ?.-Noe. 237, 276, 24, 314 to m ?t Cows*.? Noa. 67. 13, 6C8, 612, 667, 626, 637, ; 640, 648, 040, <60, 662, 664, 666, 417, *97, 603, ~ * , 669, 660, 602, 6i3. 277, <06, 407, 681, 640, 63, I Wtdilu Card a^? An I daD'a elegantly engraved wedding earda, envelopee, Ac., I Canute had on application, or rent by po?t, to any part I ol U* country, fik tab), shed 1840. J AMES EVKRDELL, I TO2 Broadway, corner Duane itreet. I two|W?*IU Sfcre^The Books of the Cee I ? bolitan Art and literary Aaaociat{en will clone on the I MtS instaat, in this city .(All subscribers to the Knicker I bocfrer, and any of the other three dollar mjgaiine^ be I teve. that time. will retire a certificate of membernhip I in this association. Subs<rriptions received at No 2 As I tor HoaroAnd at the Knickerbocker office, 348 Broad I way, pp?<eirs. Uatalogw gratia. I |6/^6? Madame Clifton.? Thla Celebrated I dectrem, who baamx4e ?o many effectual cure*. in thin I and. 0H?|r citi^a, offers the above reward to any person I who^ean surpass her fa Making the following curee:? I >h^am>tiam i& ita wocat stage, pilsa, liver complaint, I dieaise of theV<lnejs. heart disease, affection of lunga, I aad another wqakneiMithat mala or female la aubjectfto. I Madame C. 'a Bower of curing all dioceses -is certainly I MetaaUukUtuiu^ and all thoae who are troubled with I any, disease would do well to call on her, ae.she curea all I who came u^der treatment. Terms moderate. Office I kMM from 9 A. M. until 9 P."M. Residence 66 Thomp I eo* street, between Broome and Spring street*. I If! Vwr| KetabllaheU.? One Hundred and I three, years have proved Braadreth'a Pilla and the hu I aaaa.bodjt are mqtaliy adapted one for the other; they I I wwtlrely, rega neiate and purify the blood; they are kujo I to do good, because they only take out of the body what I I in hurtful. 1 can refer to those who have uaed them over I aeventj.yeara. Man will, be born to day a of comfort, I eompared to what haa hitherto oeen hi* lot( weighed I down aa,t* haa been by diaeaie, infirmities and suffer I iaga, which no earthly power knew relieve until I ttb timed medicine waa discovered. Read: I N*w Yuan, February 2. 1866. I Be. JCBaaNDKim.? From .the great uae, of tobacco, I I berenw BO debiliated about eight jean ago, that my I lljMiasa conaidemd it impoeaifcle fox ma to recover. I * waa warn down to akin and boaes, wa? afflicted with I abiwalj ijspepoia, and everything I ate diaagreed with I me.'. J had constant pain in my cheat, my howela were I eeettwe^aed aaldom moved without recoune to medicine, I whtoh debilitated me aaaee and more. In thin condition I 1 waa leconunended to naeyoar " Vegetable Universal I niia." 1 did ao, and gradually beoaaae reetored to exrel tept health through their uae. They mildly, yet eaer purged, and after each portion I seemed to he ^^^^Harith new bfe. My original robust health waa soon reetored, and, 1 thaah tied, 1 am now a vigorous mea of fifty- six. Bat tor your pilla, I verily believe, I should he aoe in my graae. I ahall be pieaaed to see auj eaa at my store, aad will state farther particulars, an reapoetfuiljv your obedient aervant, TTt.?r ^ ~Jjr JOSEPH KERR, ? Ka. lu BroedaM*. above Eleventh street, or at the lie are sold at 26 centa per boa, with f ull , at the principal offlce, Brandreth'e Building ? swlaanoe NO. 43 Canal street; also, at the branch offlcee, Nee. Ml Hudson street, and 274 Bowery Itunun. ? Braadreth'a Principal Offlce is in the hnUdinc earner of Canal street and Broadway, entrance No. 48 Canal street. HallclWay'a Pilla? A certain remedy for liver and atcmach complaints. The daughter of Mrs. Farlow, of Beary street, waa for three yeara in a deplorable state of health, suffering from her liver and atomecb. Seven weeka ago she commenced the use of HOI.LO WATf'H pilla, and la perfectly cored Sold at the man u fastoriea, 80 Maiden laae, New York, and 244 Strand, lioadon, and by all droggiats, at 26c., ?2)io. and 81 per box. In UDaya, air, My Onjpaent will Force the whiaher or moustache to grow, and will not atain or In jure the akin. $1 per bottle, sent to any part of the country. R. 6. Graham, 686 Broadway; Zeiber, 44 South Third street, Philadelphia; Brigga, 37 State atreet, Alhaay. Who wrtll laser when Dr. Tablu'a Celo brated Venetian liaement will immediately cure ebolera, colic, dyaeatery, vomiting, rheumatiam, awallinga, cuts, haraa, he. Depot, 60 Cor tlandt street, New York. Sold by all druggists and storekeepers. Far Fever and Agne, India Chalsasgiie, v 91 60; Rowaad'a tooic mixture, Oeshler's periodic pills; 91; feir coughs, colds, Ac., Haating'a syrup of naptha, Ayres1 cherry pectoral, Watts' aervoos antidote; for rheamatiam, scrofula, he., Townsend's, Sands' and Morae'f ayrup aaraaparilla. each $1; Hyatt's life balsam, 76 ceata, for sore alpplea; Richardson's nipple oil. 60e . far suppression, Dr. Van Hambert's female pil!a, II ? at 127 Bowery. AiVKKTHXIIim ibrewbu every hat JIKW PUBLICATIONS* f E FROORK8? A FRENCH DAILY PAPER IS PCR JLf Unhedevsiy morning (Sunday's excepted) at No. HI Brttdn;, New York. Le I'rogri (the Progree*) Mtm ? full ? 7 nopal ? of the American news, tslegraphic ?teepatehts included, ii one ol the bsst 'informed papers on Ksropean politic, pay* particular attention to dm natt- and literary matter*, and contain* the moat in oovels, (fenilieton*) by Alexander Duma*, ??gene Sue, Mm*. Sand, Ac. Yearly aubacriptloo*, ?? . quarterly, $2 SEW YORK HDULO.-FOR HAIJS, A COMPLKTK Ale of the Now York Herald for the year 1864. from oary 1 to December 31. Address B. O. B., Herald TrBt.ienxD on monday *kb. j-iortraiw of the Kmperor Nicholas. I n nee Napoleon Suoaparte, Lieutenant (ieneral Lord Raglan, Atxlel Medjid, Sultan of Turkey; Battle of Inkermann, (treat Hurriitane on the Black Pea, Mirror of the City of Sebaatopol, Crimea, and the Black 8oa; Map of the Crimea, (bowing the position of the Allied Force* ; iplenriid Hap of the black Sea ? all on one ikeet, beautifully colored Sixs, 32 by 36 In: he*. Prion 26 cent* (ingly, pontage paid. Liberal discount to Ua trade. Agents wanted to traval In every State, (tow revised edition. A. H JOC ;l.YN, SO Falton at. A 8EN1B WANTB fTO" VIBtTT IE PRINCIPAL PI jUSH A In tbe United mates and tke Canada*, to sell the boat map out? Mirror of Ssbaato|>ol. map of tbe Black Bee and the CriaMa, showing the nllitary poeitioo of the allied foreee, view* of the terrible liirricaoe in tbe Black flea, tattle of Inkermann por ri '.? of the Kmperor of Russia, Sultan of Turkey, Lor- 1 Raglan, Prince Napo leon Bonaparte, Ac. Apply at No. tu Fulton street, up stairs. PBBtOIAU INFORMATION WANTED ? OF MARY McKEENE, OF Ardee, county Louth. Ireland, who landed io New irk on tbe ship Ash bur ten Any information will be thankfully received by tar husband, Bernard McKeene. Adireee John McVey, 378 Eighth arenae, corner Thir tieth stmt. T A. B 1. IS INFORMED THAT TWO I.KTTBM ?I ? tanf been addressed to him through tbe Sew Yen Peet Office under date of Feb. ? in reply to nis of Jan. 81. -nnSONAL.? THE RELATIVES OF OBOR0E F. ALLEN, Mrecontlv mate of a ship out of this port, and sup posed to be from Pennsylvania, can kear something to their advantage, by applying to JAMB W PHIUJPR, M Snath ?treat. . n?> PUBLISH IM.? THE PAKTIBK TO WHOSE CARE I was committed a manuscript entitled ?'Ella Herbert, n nritewn'* First Poek," will plea*e send their addreea to ' R. C, bei 2,MT Poet Oflce HARD TIME*. S IXTH WARD RHJEF ASSOCIATION ? TRKA^I'RFt'S O refort. ? The Treasurer acknowledges the receiptor the fellswiag donation* aince his last report:? From i friend in Mew Jersey, per Rev. James f. Ale* - nnder 8100 M Fro* J. K. Williams, Treasurer of the Orisi A Mane concert for the relief of the poor 134 M , From the Aster He nee Clnb Ball, per New York BeraM 30 <10 Mr. Cortiasoe, M.I Pearl atreet, M> loaves of broad Or nations is money, clothing, Ac , will be rne?lved at tta (torn house 44 sad ?? D iane strsst, or by tbn treasurer, 88 Mm atreet, which will ?e duly acknow ledged. OW>J? W BRENNAN, Treasurer. _ WUBICAIs a T A MEETING <? THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN ? fK Ward Committee of the Twenty first war I, held st Out * Hotel, corner of Fourth avenne and Thirty second street, on Thnrsday evening, Feb. 8, 1844, to elect o?. eers for tbe present year. Mr. Edward B. Fellow. was appointed chairman pro tem., nnd Mr Beojsmin H. H light secretary pro torn. Ibe committee men pro Lends d to an electiaa by ballot for oMcer*. Mr. Charlee H. Barwsll was ?lected chsirmsn, and Mr. Benjamin H. Haight and Mr Edward Thomas MeCoy were elected seetwta r??*, and Mr Edward B. Fsllows, traasurer. The thanks of the committee were tendered O tbe chairman, Mr. Edward B Fellowe, and other officer*. for tbe able meaner in which they have diarharged their duties. The con n ittee then adjourned until the first Tuesdsy in March, their regular meeting night. EDWARD B. FE1XOWH, Chairma-i pro tem. Prxjinm J. Hsmwt. Secretary mRt YOCNO MEN'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN OP, I nernl commitkM, are re^ne*t*d to meet at Tan nany ? BnU, a* Tuesday evening neat, Feb. 18th, at half pa?t 7 *<?>tloek, (.nraaast te adjournment OaneraJ aad poa< Ctaarmaa, pre tem. t'cnoH notice.- public pocks AMD SI.IPH - ?The right to collect and retain tbe wharfage for ?a or occupation of the undermentioned docka and IUHT K1VBR. 1. Weat aide of pier No. IS, and bulkhead adjoining, foot of OKI klip. 2. Eait aide of pier No. IS, and half of bulkhead ad joioiBi ; foot of luidto Uim. 3. Waat (id* of pier No. 10, Including half of the end, and halt of bulkhead between Noa. 18 and 19: foot of Fleteber street. 4. East aide of pier No. 20, inolvding half o' the end, and half ?f the bulkhead between Noa. 20 and 21 , foot of Bnrlinc ilfp. 6. West aide of pier No. 21, and half of bxlkhead be tween Noa. 21 and 30, foot of Burling slip. * 8. Eaat aide of pier No. 22, foot of Fulton atreet, and Fulton Market nlip, (except berth for one chip on wh'. side of pier No. -a, and for the ftah cars.) T. One hundred and forty-two feet, ais inchte, on Kast aide or pier No. 23, and end of Mid pier; foot of Beekman atreet. 8. Eaat aide of pier No. 24, and weet aide of No. 26, and balli heart between No*. 24 and 25: foot of Peek alip.. 9. Kaat aide of pier No. 29, with whole end of Raid pier; foot of Rooeevalt atreet. 10. We?t aide of pier No. 30, and bulkhead to ferry; foot of Koooivalt atreet. 11. But aide of pier No. 30, and bulkhead between Noe. 30 and 31, eacept the portion r ??erred to the city fer dumping manure, 4c. ; between Jame? and Rooaevelt a treats. 12. Pier No. 31 and half of bulkhead between Noe. 31 and 32; foot of Jamea alip. 13. weet etde of pier and hall' of bulkhead between Noa. 32 and 31 ; foot of Jamea alip. 14. Eaat aide of pier No. 33 and half of bulkhead be tween Noa. 33 and 34; fool of Oil v?r atreet 16. Pier No. 34 and half of buinhead between Noe. 34 and 38: between Oliver and Catharine atreeta. Id. weet aide of pier No. 36, foot or Catherine atre?t. 17. Pier No. 37, and half of the bulkhead bstweeai Noe. 37 and 38 and 44 feet ? inehee of the baHtbaad on aaet aide,- between Npe.. 37 and 36; foot of Market alip. 18. Pier No. 38 and half of bulkhead Uelweeu Noe. 38 and 37 ; foot of Market alip. 10. Pier No. 40 and half of bulkhead between Noe. '40 and 41; foot of Pike alip. ' -? 20. Pier Ne. 41 and half or bulkhead between Noa. 41 and 40; root of like alip. 21a liar No. 43 and half of bulkhead between Noa. 43 and 44; foot of Rntger'a alip. 82. Pier No. 44 and half of bulkhead, between Noa. 44 and 49; feet oi Rutger'a alip. 23. Pier Na. 48, foot of Jefferaon atreet. ? 24^ Weet aide of pier No. 63 and half of bulkhead ad joining; feet of Gavaraeur atreet. 2b7Raet aide of pier No. 68 and half of bulkhead be tween Nop. 60 and 67, foot of Jackaon atreet. 2?. Weet aide of pier No. 67 and half of bulhhShd be tween Noe. 67 and 68, foot of Jackeon atreet, together with 100 feet on eaat aide and end or aatd pier. ' 27. Half of both piera at the foot df Dalancy atreet and balkbead between. 28. Bulkhead foot of and along the nor'h aide of Ri vingfon atreet, and to within f0 feet of pier between Stariton and Rivington atreeta. 29. Bulkhead foot or Stanton atreet, extending from Stanton atreet to 'within 78 flat of the pier between Stanton and Rivington atreeta. 30.' South aide or pier between fttan too and Rivington atreeta, the north aide reeerved for dumping manure, he. 31. North aide af pier foot of Stanton atreet. 32. Bulkhead fait of Third atraat. 33. Pier foot of Fifth atreet. 34. Pier foot of Twenty-fifth atreet. 36. Pier foot of Thirty-eighth atreet. 38. Pier foot of Fifty -third atreet. 37. Pier and bulkhead foot of Blxty-firat atreet. 38. Pier foot of 108th atreet. 39. North half of pier No. 12 and half or bulkhead be tween Noa. 12 and 13, foot of Albany atr??et. 40. Weat half and outer end of pier No. 13, naw oc cupied by Virginia 8teamahip Co , foot of Cedar atreet. ? 41. Eaat half of pier No. 18 and half of balkheed be tween Noe. 12 and 13 and 13 and 14, foot of Cedar atraat. 42. South half of pier No. 14 and half of bulkhead be tween Noa. 14 and 13, foot of Cedar atreet 43. South half and westerly end of pier No. 20, and bulkhead adjoining; foet oi Dey atreet. 44. North half of pier No. 20. and half of bulkhead be tween Noe. 20 and 21 ; foot of Dey atreet 46. Bulkhead between pie re Noe. 21 and 23, foot of Veaey and Fulton atreeta. 48. South half of pier No. 23, foot ef Veeay and Fulton atreeta. 47 Narth half and end of pier No. 29, foot of Warren atreet, now occupied by Cmted Sates Mail Hteamahip Company. 48. South half of pier No. 29, foot of Warren etreet, now occupied by Powell k Ramadell 49. South ha f of pier No 31, and halraf bulkhead be tween Noa. 30 and 31, root of Ouane atreet. (0. North hall of pier No. 31, foot of Dnane atreet. 61. Sooth half of pier No. 32, and half of bulkhead be tween Noa. 32 and 31, between Jay and Harnaen atreeta. 62. North half of pier No. 34; fjot of llarriaon ttreet. 63 Pier No. 38, foot of North Moore atreet. 64. Pier No. 37, foot of Beach atreet. 66. Pier foot of l^ight atreet. b6. Pier No. 39, foot of Veatry atreet. 67. Piar No. 40, foot of Watts atreet. 68. Basin, foot af Spring street. 69. South half ot pier No. 48, except that part occu pied by baain. 80. North half of pier Nn. 43, between Spring and Charlton. 81. Pier No. 46, and half of bulkhead between Nos. 46 and 48, foot of Charlton atreet. 82. Pier No. 48. and half of bulkhead betweea Noe. 48 and 46, foot of Charlton atreet. 83. Pier No. 47, root of iiamaraly street 84. Piar No. 48, foot or Clarheon atreet. 86. Pier No. 60, root or Morton street 88. Pier No. 61, and bulkhead aouth to the ferry, and half ef bulkhead between Naa. 61 and 63, foot of Ohriato pber atreet. 87. Pier No. 62, and half ef balkbead between Vox. 62 and 61, and half of Bulkhead between Noa. 53 and 62, foot or Amoe atreet 68. Pier No. 63. and half of bulkhead between Nos. 63 and 62, foot of Charlea e'.reet. 89. I'ier No. 64. foot of .'erry atreet. 70 Return bulkhead, formerly pier No. &6, foot of Hsmmond atreet 71. Pier No. 48, and one hundred and twenty feet or bulkhead, foot af Bank atreet (no allowance to be made for ailing In,) foot of Hacmeud e'.reet. 72. Bulkhead foot of Bet buna atrnet. 73. Return bulkhead foot of Troy atreet. 74. Bulkhead foot ot Jase atreet. 76. North half of pier root of Thirteenth atreet. 78. New pier foot of Seventeenth atreet. Har fou 78. PWr foot of Twentieth atree*. 77. Har foot of Eighteenth atreeta. 79. Bulkhead, and part of tenth aide <-f pier, foot of Twenty firat atreet. 80 ner foot of Twentj a*<-ond atreet. 81. Pier, (all not naed for dumping manure, he.,) foot of Twenty alxtb atreet. 88. Pier, foot of Thirtieth atreet. 83. New pier, foot of Thirty Detent!, atreet. 84. Pier, foot of Forty aeveutb atreet. Tntira or Hiul? The laaeeea to pa* it the rate of ten percent per annum or the coat of construction of all plere extended during the continuance of the r leaae, I Kim the time of completion. Yeaaela to pay wharfage a/ con'. log to the lava of the btateandth* ordinance* tf the Common Council; acd the le*aee* are to be bound by thoae lawa, aa they may be altered from time to time. No wharfage la to be charged to He.l-Cate or Sound pilot hoata, nor to the boata be'ongtag to tbe rhipe of war ?r the United Rtatee or foreign nationa, or to the tailed Matea Nary Yarda or garrlaona. or to reeeele em ployed in the tranaportatlon of atreet manure or ooal aabee from tbe city. The corporation reaerve to themaelvee the right to build new pi?ra, and rebuild and extend th>ee already built; U> build bulkhead* and fill fa behind the aame; and rleenae auch wbartee, piera and allpa aa they may think pioper, without claim or pretence of -ialm for damages, er deduction or rrnt whatever, ea the part ot tbe leaaeea. No deduction whatever will be allowed for daaaage, by reaaoa or any aiekneaa or epidemic that may prevail in the city, or any om'aeion to dredge out the allpe on the * ef the corporation, during the continuance of the part ef The leaae* will contain the aanal oovenanta and eondi tione except auch changee aa are neceesary to me it the alteratlina made in the tenca by the reeolutiona of the rommiaaionera ; also a clauae al'owtng the corporation to take any pier or wharf, or portion of the aar-.e, for 0ST C ration uaea, on allowing to the leaaee a ju?t ande>jui ble compensation or deduction. The leaaeea will be required to keep the wharvee and piera In good condition, and aafe and proper repair, in cluding eape-iaily the atriag pieoe* tad auperii per tiona thereof for ag ,fe >iaage, at tlwir awa expense, and to give a bond for double the amount of the annual rest, with one or more inretiee to be approved by tbe Mayor aad Comptroller, conditioned for the payroejt or me rent quarter yearly, aad the rulfilment on their part of the <-oveaanta of the leaae. Ten per rant oa tbe yearlf rent b d for tab parrel, and the auctioneer's fe?a in6), to he paid to '.He Col lector or the Oty Revenue, at the Lm*- aa I place of aals aad a written stipulation to be fura<ahed by the b icer f . m one t r more reaponaible peraona. to tbe effect that be or they will guarantee 'be tiayme'i*. of tbe rewt from the Drat day or May, and that aa'lafactory a irety ahall he given whan the leaae aad bond are r>ady to be ex ernted. 1 he tea percent, wbea paid, wtB be -redited on tha first quarters raat, or forfeited if tbe l??aee doea aut give aatlafartorv aure'y. and execute the leaae aad ben J a a aoon aa they hare notiaa from the finaa-' depart meat ; en! tbe Commlaelonera or tbe Hiakiag F nd ahall be authomed, at their option, to re-sall the wharvaa or piera bid en by thoae failing to comply with the terana a* a bote, and the party ao to comply to be liabie lor any deg<ies<-y that may reeoTt from auch re-aaie No person eill be re'-eited aa leaaee or aurety who s d- lin'i'ien*. on any former leaae from tha roracrat oo N '? bid wiD be a^^epted from any per eon who ia in arrear to tha corporation, upon <aht or caatraat, cr <eho a a defaulter, aa ae.:urtty or otborwiee, ip n any o'yMga'.tbn to the corporation. (Fee Aof Anaaled Charter of lUn.) FMNANDO nrX'V, Mayor. A. C. ''amjtroUer. JAMES M SMI rH. J*., Reorder. F. W K1IM<<M<P, Chamberlain ANSON RKRRI> k.Cfi af Flaaace Osfe. hi or Aid. J. C WANbEI.U <V of F aaaae Ce?. M. Coana ne a icnoNKwi-A cx)*iii?o!?rj?AUcnojfi:io? *tij. J\_ b* blrad br tb? w?*k. *.on h tr )#ar I with -*f?T?nri. F ami H , Pfidt 0(P A ^ ICHOR ROTKK.? LAROK SALE (* KUtOAXT Parla ntd# ? H)W A RD SCTIKMfK *111 ?*tl at aurttoa, on foaadaj, Pab. 1.1, at t-? aalaarooan 1? Will atrf?t, at 11 o'ekak, a mafaifir'o*. ???or'.irwit of f w ? mad* j?wt!ry aad .aportaO watci.M. t?! and fob rkaiM, '.ba'.a.a ??, ke ; ??t? of f oa, -*?? riof ? a*l plain and >c.aK*l>: ax. nxl r -^t, iMMtt. Ma<J CMM, traaatpiai, Cap: aai Th? aatebM art by foe par, J?t?aoc Tot aa Di?t, Jar rf?r?ii4?tl?n, Sab pw ti??. Ttmi (Ml. Ml.BI AT AOOTMB. Jk NTBONT J. BLVOKBL ACCTIONEBR.? LARUE A ui peroaaptoij Ml* of M ikatM and valuable building tot*, togetker with *ix brown stone maetie buildings, lilikM and unfinished, situate on hoth itdn ?f Math avrnu*. Eighty ttlrd and Buhty foulSstrinta, t? the dt y of New York. ? AVJHONY J. WjfcCKJCfi will tall, on Thursday, Fab. 16. at 13 o'clfijA at tha Merchant*' Exchange, tha following describsiTproperty, Til:? Ninth avenue and Eighty-fourth street ? Eight lota, toning tha astir* front of tha block on tha wa?t ilda of Ninth avenue, between Eighty third and Eighty - (onrtb streeta. Kiihty-fourth rtraet ? Alao, 12 lota of ground, with six three atory Aaished and unfinished first cleat dwel lings thereon, situated on tha Math side of Eighty fourth street, commencing 100 feet weet of Ninth avenue. Eighty -third street? Alao, 10 lots of ground, on both eidee of Eighty-third street, 8 op the north sida and 11 on the soulb side, commencing 100 feet wast of Ninth avenue. Ninth avenue ? Also, 1 lot and 1 gore lot on tba west aide, of Ninth avenue, betwetn Eighty-sncoad and tlghty-thlrd streets, and ll'loti or gores in the rear of tba same, and adjoining tha 11 lota 1 routing oa tba south aide of Rghly. third street. Ninth avenue and Eighty fourth street? Six flue lots af ground, with house, garden anil carriage house thereon, situated on and neat tbe northwest corner of Wlnth avenue and Eighty- fourth 'street, five fronting on the avenue and one on the atreet. Also, 11 gore lota in tbe rear tf tbe above, or on rear ?f Kigbty-llfth street luts. Ninth avenue and Eighty fourth street? Also, 0 lots ?nd 3 gores, situated on and Mit the norvoeast corner ?f Ninth avenue sad Eighty fifth street, five fronting ?n tbe avenne and two on tbe street. Ninth avenue? Aiao, 0 kits on tbe east side of N in tn avanue, between Eighty third and Eighty- fourth atr seta, commencing '2b feet 8 inches north of Eighty- third ('?reek, sad 1 lot and 2 (ore lota In the rear ot tbe same, 2 fronting on the south side of IOigbty-fourtb street. Alao, 2 lots of ground on the ?a?t side of ninth a venue, between Hghty -second and Eighty- third streets, distant 2* feet 8 .nchce south of Eighty- third street. Tha location of the above property is about tbe beat | on the ehole Island, being situate in the immediate vi cinity of Manhattan square (already opened and oaid for), and the great Central Park, being about one block | from either park. The neighborhood is b aiding up very rapidly with firtt class brown atone and mastic front houses, mostly occupied by the owners thereof. All tha property adjom:ng the above Is owned by large proprie tor*/ pMdged to keep the neighborhood free from nui san'ea. On the whule, the above sale offer* the boe'. op portunity for a safe and profitable investment that has been presented for year* past. Tbe sale wtll be positive, and every lot offered will be sold without reserve to the highest bidder. ' The streets are all opened and partly graded. Tbe terms of sala will bo liberal' to purchasers, a* 60 per oent of the pur chase mooey can remain on bond and mortgage for fire' year*. Maps and further particular* can be nad of tne aofitlenoer. No. 7 Broad atreet. A COTTON NOTICED. ? M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, jCX. will sell, this day, at 10)j o'clock, at 38M fflghtn avenue, the entire stock of a furniture dealer declining buainess? Mahogany sofas,' chairs, dressing bureaua, rockers, extenaton tables, centre and card do., maple chairs, looking glasses, 200 yards carpet, different kinds, oilcloth, French and cottage bedstead*, with numeroja Other articles. Sale positive. Store to lot. AUCTION NOTICE ? H . WILSON. AUCTIONEER ? Splendid household furniture, tapestry carpets, pier glassee, pianoforte, silverware, 4c.? Fo- morrow, wed neaday, Feb. 14, at 10>i o'clock precisely, at 170 Weet Twenty-fourth street, a few door* from Eighth 'avenue, the whole stock, comprising tha b?*i *e lection offered at auctlan this season. Tbe sale will bo positive. A por tion of the coatenta is h*re subjoined ? Roeewood piano forte, full aeven octave, richly carved case, coat (600, ?olid roeewood brocatelle furniture, en suite, very ex pensively carved, and covered with tbe richeet material, without regard to cost: largo pier and oval mirror*, with marble slabs, and gilt brackets to match; marble top roe?wood centre, side and aofa tables; elegant rosewood etegere. marble top, with heavy plate glass doors and back, made to order, cost $126; about 2b0 yards of tapes try carpets. In ? * cells at order; rosewood corner etegsres ami corner stands, beautiful and heavily embroidered white lace window curtains, rich brocatelle curtame and cornices for four windows; large gotbic reception and easy chairs, in silk and embroidered brocade; oil pale t ingn, among whieo may be found a choice collection by modern art. ate; French porcelain decoration* and vase*, finished and painted in a high state of perfection; heavy roa?wood and mahogany bedstead*, both of the modern ead antique style*, with very el*gant marble top dress ing bureaus and wnshstande to match; pure curled hair mattresses, bed*, bolsttrs and pillow*; mahogany aad maple <-nair?, sofas and loungss; hsavy mahogany tea feet eiteneion table, bla;k walnut do. , tea and dining tablet; one complete gilt china dinner net, coat 190; china tea sets, very expensively decorated; elegant man tel clocks, common rrorkery and glassware in oasement. a large assortment of silverware, apoona, forks, heavy plated castors, with cut bottlea. silver tea service, ele gantly rbaeed and sngraved. largo salver* with solid silver edges, best of ivory cutlery, he. Terms of sale cash, eity lunds. A UCTION NOTICK? THOMAS BELL AUCriONEDl? J\_ By Bell * Bush, this day, at 10S o'-Tock, id the sake rooms, No. 27 Centrs street. will be ... -i, sn exten sive variety of householl furniture, removed for con venience of sale. It 11 o'clock 12,000 Havana sogers of i tbe beet brands; bv virtue of a mortgage other artlelee. Auction notice.-wm. b. jone? auctioneer By virtue of an execution 1 will expose for sale at auction this day, at 10 o'clock, P. M., at p er 42, Ka?t River, all tbe right, title and interest wh <-h Antonio Tlgarri bad on the 18th day of January, 1WS, or any time thereafter, in the ship < omutos wealth. ? HAS W. KRUGER, f on stable ucd County officer. HY JOSEPH HJOUIMaN, A L'CITO.VEI'R.? WEDN ? day, Feb. 14, at 2 o'clock 1'. M.. at 07 Clinton atreet. near State? Ibe genteel furniture of a email fami ly mahogany ?ofe chair*, marble top centre table, pier glaaa, Freuca plate and bracket*, mahogany French bed stead, marble top waabetaai, dreaeing b ireau, mat treia. carpet, oilcloths, gae fix turea, crocxery and kitchen furniture, he., Ac. ES. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.? ASSIGNEE'H "" 1 Of Elegant Houaehold Furniture, this day, '?day) morning, February 13, at 10), o'clock, tbe coateate of tbe large four *tory house 78 Warren atreet (not a boarding] house,) cons, sting of the following artlelee, vix:? ? Bruaaeln carpet, oJ ??Jotha, mahogany extension tea and Uining ta llies, mahogany and cottage chair*, sofas, mirror*, clock, I oil painting, china dinner and tea sets, cut glassware, silverware, ivory cutlery, Ac. Parlora? R.-h ly carved roeewood suits in brocade, arm and reception chairs to match, centre s de and sofa tables, *up*r or roeewood etagerr, with plate glass doors sol bacs. very costly roeewiod pianoforte, of splendid tone aad fiaisn, rase wood bookcase, superbly carved; laoiee' roeewood easritoire, with plate glaaa <loors, superb tapestry car pets, large oval minors, lac* window curtains. 18 choice oil pa.atings in rich framws, French engravings, rich china vases, bisque and I'anan flgur**, twenty-one lay ormolu aCock, china spittooLs, Ac., ke. Drawing room? Mahogany suit in artmson pluab, oval mirror, lace cur tate a and rich abacie* rich painting*, m*nte) clock, Uncle Tom <'aoia va*e*, elegant rosewood bedsteads, bu reau, washstaad, en mute gilt toilet set. Also, tbe cho'ce furniture of s'ven bedrooms, comprising rose wood, mahogany and black walnut, bods and bedding, hair mattress** he. Sale po? tive. EUSBJTE B FRANKLIN, At (T10Vr>.K? BY KB A> K. I IN * VIC&OLri. off ?a HI Nu? i itrwt. ? K. k V. would Bcott reepectfall v anaoun"* to tb*ir friend* wed tit public till tkey vul (its tbeir prompt ilUbln e to >tlM of batiaekold furniture, nxrchaDdiae. Ac., at private reeldenrea and itorea. IjMJAB B HENRY, AiTriONEKn? ckntket. nor-. j hold furniture. on Tn*eday. F*b. 1 ilk. at 10 >j e'alork, *t No. 1 -44. Br< will be fold the fnrai ture of a family. eonal?Ung of nsabogaay cba m, aofaa, rockiagand Voltaire cha rt, 3 ply rarpeta, mabogaoy card ?ad marble top aofa tablet, mahogany be)it?ad, , mattreaaee, ha Alao ao aaaor'meat i f kitcbea furni- ' tan. FOOI.TON . ACCIIONKtR.- IMPORTANT HALL OF . rot??oM aad mahogany cabinet furniture, one roaeweod plaeofort*. plata mirror*. Ac. F 'XM.TON w.ll a*ll. thia day, (Tneaday,) Feb 18, la continuation at 10, o <-io<-k, at auction room* 69 Brekman (treat, a ?nj lain* aad d*a rati* aanortm*nt of rl:k c*bia*t {urn tun, beteg moatly th* ???eh of a d*aier r*n.o**d from '.be uppar part of tb* cite, conflating in part of teTeral re* boaany t*t* a tete aofaa, louag**, rtcbly carved malioganr full Freacb and three <|'jart?r chalra, Fraa h and go'.h.: badatnada, aia.-ble top dreaeiog bureau*, roa*wood aad black walnut do. . maril* top ? antra, card ?o i aofa do. , wardrebea aad book caeca; dining an-i exteo* ua table* rarpata aad ollel'ilbi, fancy table*, Ac., alao, ?*? oral French plat* ml aad aquare ?irrorai alao, ooa row wood pianoforte, ?\t nctav*, In good or<i*r alto. fca.eo'* of good*, by * rta* of a n-<rtgag*. that war* uaacld 'ha laat *a> alao fifty r<, tt*g* todat*ad* a food ar'.i 1*. alao, a lot of a. War plated war* Hal* eri :1 b* peremptory, without r*gard to ?*atb*r, aad good* can be tunixM *arly in tbe moraiag. Gi WXTO<IM?. IRON SAFE", Bt CKWH>;* r -'II Ki. l!> I altnooie? Th * lay, at 1U}? o'clock, at Wy at. -a*', euinar of f.r*en?ick, ?egara, vaaa, -off***, augara, aaap, candle*, chooolate, prima*, *fg po?4ar* aMiwi, ? herring braodv, gin, rjm, win**. 'bamparoe, knltee, forke, *priog t>aJna:*e, above!*, whip*, ?ak>ery, he, W. A. CARTER, Auction eer 67 [)*y atrawt Strm. FOB HALE AT FORDHAM - WILL BC M)l 0 j at public aaft.oa, F?b. IS, IMS, J. MI' i KK k ; au7UoB??ra, tha dapot at Ftnlbam, known a* C J ?ut;<a ? Mortal and tba adjo d ag groaniia, at 12 o'-.J >gk, ?a the prnuiaaa. by ordrr of lA* <*aprata* Court, oad*r . 'na '!ir* t?n of W. t W*tmor?. fba aala wUi w paai tiv* 1a order to rloaa aa *?t?t*. Ftr map* aad par'.ou I lar*. iaqoir* on the |r*uua>ear rf J M Millrr * Oa ?? :? i tloaeere, 75 Hal lea :aa*. Alao. to let a eatag* aad | gardea at Fordbam. at Na. 4 AUea atreeL By c. A. WATERBIRT, ACCTKHTBBl,? WE -EIX, j at 10X o'elo:h, oa thie day, E*?raary 11 with out aoy r*e*rratJ?B, all of Bret ag, Krorwa aod Oo. ? ?e-/ | ee(**>rata-l aad roetly waUbee; w ng tfa?m arw wtf i w.adieg aad wat kee, /ao aey raqairedi, al*o ! doatle t i??r*. w th .Edep*ad*ot *e?aada all a but: ag i caa** Tbe diamoad i*wa. ry es'ira^a* I'awt erary ar I ticle ia tba trade, t ick aa bracleta. fingrr aga **? -age, iraaatplaa, gold kaina pencil c**?a, k*ya k . >e rarta'.y. Alao, at the iaa>? *..roe, by '>rd?r of a jmSgmeat .aa'.ed froai tbe " ipreaoe (^urt. .a aattafaet ' o fcr rea*., Aa* gold ? tckaa .a v.n ea*a*. aa i jewelry Pa)) par.-rx-ara Ij -auleg a, tkie scraing, at oa.- ? u#r? ' M Broad ?lreet. Honi. BAMA>.t W?XK? I, Jl?rM;?. BJkTMt' t*aua aa ) toateat* ? Tk e day a*. 12 ? daefe, a; i' l?y elreet. iora?r of -ireaawk ek, a lot tf fcfM) U>?gHI' from ike r'ow llalel, fat ace^aat ?f wb>: it c?; ?* am. *.c pa; *>p*aa??. at<raf*. kr. W. a. CA*r?, Avmceer, I" D*y ruavt UUtt AT 4IIIIIW. S^HENRY H. litre, A I t TIC* IbBC-KAUnfV L 3A^E ? of freeh imported 1 aliaa ma*?b |M% ll>l??H, ?y goods, Ae.? Henry II. Leeds ft OB. *il entt ?J auc tion, on Tu?t.d?j , lath, iw1 Wednesday, MU> fttwiff, at los o'clock ay. at ih? ttMiroom, 10 Naeeau itreet, b?tv)*D Pit# ar.3 <>dar streets, the laapofjation of Hignor O. E Paadolhnl. l.arge aale of attout om hun dred uwi iiMrb marble goods, jurt reoetved Itvm ? Italy , oonsiatinf of l?r?? end if UI Atruecjux, Hobo, Romeo ?dJ oilier ncv at vl, a uf ??<>?, in Woo reKevo, also a large assortment or aaeller deecnption, end a 1MB* es aortmeet of fancy marble arnamenta. Aleo, 4a invoice 01 boeutifol alabaster grojpe, Vtuiu of Unof?. Doaviafr C,ir)?, Cleopatra, S jannaii, tie be ol Ci^note, Beroules, Venus io A Shell, *o. . Alio, h large. lot of. fwk gwds, joet received from Puis, < oasut'og of morooco cabinet*, boxeg, looking glass**, cabinet*, ijumiaa.ted night clock*, group*, figure*. ormolu Tocka, bronies, uiauid Tti?, china. MM other desirable good*. Male without rea*r??. Henhy t. ijocDd, Aucno.NKm.-PoemvB .-ui.r of kieigh robe*, fari, fee., thin da;, a. atore a ?rni-r 01 Broadway ud Walker itwt, atlOW q'el** A. U. ami 2>? P.M., being the balance of the New York K*r Co. a good*, all of which bo sold to close tho copartner ?hip.- Sale positive. HENRY H. IXEDS ti CO. AUCTIONEERS? ON WW net day, Utb, Tliu'raday, lbth, apd Friday, lfitb, at 10)$ o'clock each Jay peremptory and imuieos* vale of jewelry at th? store of 1- & J. Jacobs, No. 407 Broad way, ,1a consequence of the extensive altcrationa a boot bein<uiale in the building. Coo*iating of bye papier macho, plated and ?;lt, fancy good* of all descriptions, musics! instrument*, ailver and plated wa;o of various elegant patter in o' baa'*eta, cako tiaya, Ua ???-*, wa.tera, apoons, ladeU, caatorx, Ac. , al*o, a eplendid assortment of line jewelry. coniiating of diamond*, broach**, oar rings, pma, riogn and <jro***?; ruby, pearl, emarald, opal and line guM acta, bracelet i, chain*, lock?t?, kc. ; wat hea, an degaut aeaortmont of gnid h inting and open face, made by Koalall, Tobiaa, Coop-*, Johaaon, llriting, aad other uelabrated makera, all of wluch will be warranted aa ileacribed per catalogue, and ha*ini? Wen aeleotod and imported by them for Orel *li >a city trade. Private purcbaaera will llod thia ad opportunity teldopk met with to aupply tbamaolTea at aue'.'on prtwk. .t - . H^HOCBE AND 10T AT ALCTION ?TO HR HOI.? 1IT Hherifl'a tale, at iiuhlie auction, thia day, Taoeday, I3tb inatant, at 1^ o'clo-.k M., at tb? Iter -.hanl'a Exrhango, in tbia city, the houae and lot 108 Kut Hi teenth atreot, !aar than a hundred yard* from two rail roadp. pufclic ?i|U?r*H, fuiiotaioa and churcbea. Tho lot ia 20 feet 10 tncbf a by 103 feet J in&he*. The houae .a four story and luph i.aaaraent, contais a all modern > aa provements, gsl, butha, range hot and cold water, wash room and water cloacta. Ourt yard and iron portleo in bout, rule perfect. All taxa pvd .up to oeitlfay. Uonas laaured for lf>,0O3, r*nled for 17(H), and built in a meet aubatantial mftnn>-r. > E. H. I.UDLOW, Auctioneer HOt>EHOLD KL'RKlTrRE AT PUBIJC AUCTION.? Admiflfatrator'a wile of farniturs, carpeta, Ac., in eluding a fine piano, pfer glaiuiea, parlor and kitchen furniture, without jalpn, rlmraday morning, Fob 16, at 10 A. M., and no poatponement. JOHN W. SOMFJtlNDVK>:. VfCTlOVP.ER.-HAU: BY virtue of aeveral execution*, at tbo aue* on room, 110 Centre street, corner of Ffinklln, on Wednesday, Keb. 14, at 10W o'clock, two large and one medium aiae French plate snlYr^rs, in excellent order; a kit of second hand furniture, ae<'retary and 4bo<ikcaae, table*, bed ateads, aaloon tables, bed a, matlreaaes, reacting labia for hotel, a lot of crockery of different kinds, also. 140 boys' ' and men'* cloth and pluah caps; alao,. ahiut 16,000 Brat quality aegar*, with twenty doien imported Chlneae aoap; alto, a quantity of miUinery goods ? noad dreaaea, taba. cape, dreaaee, glovea, hosiery, edginga, laces, em I broideries, ribbona. Ac. JOHN W. fOIIERINDYKE, OonaUble. JOHN W. hOMFRlNliYKE. At'CTlONKER ? SlIHUrT'S aale of fine grocetiea. grocery fix turea, horse and wagon, Ac.? On Thumdae, Feb. 16, at *46 Broadway, at 10>t o'clock, a a Kick of fine groceries, conaiatngof teas, 1 augara, eofleea, wax, aperm and mould candles; fancy i and brown aoapa, atarcj>. dried fruits, pineapple aad i other cbesse; old bottled wines, brandie* and other liijeors; linden and Phila'lelptiia porter, preaereea and brandy frnlta. aaoces, pUklea, Wolf a genuine achnapp*, eplcea of all kinds, Ac., coinpriaing a large riock of first chwagooda. Alto, the aup*rior flxfuree ? braa* beam aralea, for augara, tea* and -pi e?, platform scales, (lay lor'a iron aale, medium alxe, mahogany top couatera, with drawera, on turnel legs; counter case, mahogany writing deak, back fixtures with drawers, ahelrtng, iron bound sugar barrela, tea h. ua, ataad casks, barrel*. A;. . ice btx, largeoil cana, A-. Alao, borse, wagon and barneaa. Wlf I.IAM T. BOYD, Salesman, JOHN W SOMERlNDYKE, AUCTIONEER. ? STORK 1 10 I Centre street, corner of Franklin. To bouss mover* | aad >**>?? I raisera Will sell at auction, on Tuesday, ths 1 13tb inatant, at No. 11 Forsyth street, at 10>, o'cWb, ? igbtaeta au|>erior raiaing acrewa, and a lot of yellow , pine timber. WM. T. BOYD, Kaleaman. 1 JDOOART, At CTIONKKR ? BY H. HOUAHT, TII1H ? day, at 12 o'clock, at the new aalearoom*. corner of r ranklort ami Wil atreeta, one block from '.lie < ity Hall? Houaehold furniture, kz , coneiatlngef ma hogany aofaa, bureau*, chavrs, tables, work tables, large lot cf bedstead*, bed* and bedding, carpets, oueioth, ruta, waabatanils, ' rockery, mirrors. offl<-e desks, iron ?afe, cloeiia, fancy goods, nry goo<l*, and a variety of other article*. ' TOHN W. SOMKRINDYKK, ACCDONREK. ? MORT if gage aale of daguerreotype fiitores, Ac. ? This day, I at the corner of Clinton and (irand atreeta, at 12 o ?lo;a, I by eirtse of a chattel mortgage, consisting of head I rests, cair.eras, frames of several patterns, oval and I aquare caaea, Jenny l.ind and velvet patterns of caaea; I buff wheel, iron frame. ? comprlain* a complete aaeort l metit OaVH) MAFFERN. Att'y for Mortgagee. M<IRT?;A<.KFaU^ HK-allV I ' KKIc- A I ? TIOS KKK, will sell, thia day, by order of mortga^m, at 1 ^ I o'ejoefe, in front of atable 17 ? anal *tre*t. npp>i*ite New Haien depot, one grsy horee. < ne coach and one ?*t I double harneaa in good order JOHN MARTIN, Attorney for mortgagee. 1? c. kkmp, Ai'cnosnsi ? hocsehoid n asi .X | * turt? To morrow ( Wedataday), tl Id*, u'c'd k, at h.i Nimkd ?tr*et, t*o do?m fron Koflon. ? H. C. KKMI' will Mil at suet on, ?i ab??*, a large eaaortment of houaabold furniture, coua ?ttn^ of ro**wood parlor fnrii'i urt-. an mite, corered in rich taiin bro -.?U II**, and lut \-rj Utt * uaed ; !*r?-a K ranch pi *r and oval mirrort. window curia na. otl paintlora, mahogany tofaa and cbair*, marble top centre an.' p'er table i, library ea<l **?r*ta ry, bci.ktai.ea,, glaat and crock ?ry war*, dining ioodi furnture, dreading and plain bureau*, waab ?!ar't?, rotewoed ard mahogany hd-tead*. bair inat t rMHI, rarpe'.a, and all tb* utnal ?aro*.jr of bouaehold furniture, which it wall wnr'hy the attention of the trade and bou?i.k*?p*ra. fataieguee on the of tali In' MS MORKKU.. AL'CriONUCR.? 4UPKH10K RfeUt wond pianoforte*, ri-b *n1 plain furniture, otl | paint Inge and minora. 67 catalogue, tbia (rn"aday) I Burning, at 10), o'clock at the 'urge and ape<uoua a?ic Hon rooma. A* Hraadway, corner of ftuaac *tr*et tale* with article* not <a the 'Btalogua after ? hi' lithe fuia ture, which ia fully described on the catalog i*. oon?l?tiB< 01 nrit .'I*** warranted furniture, an. labia for an entire eotBtof faahionable dwelling* A". 12 c'clcck a ?u| erifr pianoforte, 7 octate, alao on* aplen did in?tr*ireni. ??*, . after which a number of truly a' tractiae painting' in raabtoaable framea. from Mr, C. < oata, ?<| .alto otl pamtiar* and m.rrort, from an up t<wt private 'lcal-r I hi t?.le ia witb"-it any l.mita'.li 00 at option of tb* auctioneer Boxing on tbe prem:**a. WU -HIRI.KY. Al< 1 NiNKI'.ll WII.L SIX AT , auction, whatever tb* f.ate of tb* w*atb*r, at theater* 107 Fulton atreet. tbia day, (Tuealay.l K*b. 13, at 10)4 o ?ln<-k, aeta of Hirer plated and RHttenia eat ? bora, eut and preaeed glare whit* i-ran te K-iee d* Hu*ry and coBBon earthenware; aloo, Krencb china and other gootle. ffift WI1TKKH, A I'CT ION ICKR ? W I I.L ?KtX OS Vf ??dn*aday, at 10), o clock, at '?7 ' anal atreet, by * .rtue of a chattel mortgage, all tb* genteel houw bold farnitura of a faaily, cou?lalmg of tofaa, rockm,? and other chair*. - entr* aid* and eitentinn ta:>l*a, gilt frame pier glaaeea, hookraae mantel ornament*, window curtaiaa. thadee, Hruatela aad otn*r arpet* a Bahi-gany aad cot tag* aedeteadt hair and oth*r mat tr?>?**, leather bed* blanket*, apr?ada, dreeing and ether bur?aua, waahatendt. toll*'. ??'.*. china and giaia ware, cooking and other itorw, plae'l ware, furn tuie. Ate., by order of tbe mortgagee. ? UMTim T ECTl'RKS ON MEPIHAI. JI'ltmitCDKWC THK 1 J eoura* of lecture* on M*di-al J'irierrj len**, by lion Joel rarker, L, L. tt, .n the New Yor. Med. el U.l)*>e, will !? eemn*n>-nl on Tu#*<iay tbelKbiaft at 3 o dock, and be eoatianed *a h day at 10 o'eiork R. J. POREMt M. fl , Iwan of tb* faculty DAJVClllWAt AJDKMLKI. PKrtAJT. SCHOOL, ?00 n?OAUWAy-n\> !?.?? ?eight -a the qultker? f</**lbl* ?.me ee an' genUeaen e?n now enter for aay nomber of leaaeaa, nee f 'aaa n< w fon* i.g 'or be* n>"? *aeb < o* toiirwi f ??perauly any 'teLie. Ore. at>, aad all atbll-etos 10 be at 374 Be wary, kcok a '.ore H. KUfMO^ ?PORTinu, ?c. Bm irii^, imm-k nVh k or iciRrn* < * ,Bern a, W ngbre*da, hiLf."' bet gr>ldtinche*. cbtf fin r her , !e?ibir'la, a'ar ;ug?, Uk/'iaaae, a aa ne, n.e'kiBg tlr'*. re I.irja^ ,ar lae'.a n fin*, parrote, k KW1 NTR toVrTHY.tW, 71 f iltoo atreet cor tar of ColO. Alee, ?g ?? eed e*e>i* e; nauo'ly on hand. o.OT H RB TWO -J O N .. : ' t. Vetlee l aatil ftaa ?? < fil " an '. p re r.*l, ? ') M tnl'l low if *f<f- *?' fer itaxuiataly a' Vi let e.-k ? r**.,oa* <S or f/oe< Bedaee. 1 1 <1 -? 10 m - A ?>w woiw wm at rkoah J J way a (* b .t a ?> ?rt4 elaac* from the New I!m*b Ra reed ?.*p?>t . f< rlr *ntrw? gnod le-et en f?' a b?Wic k" ?e be Bg now ?rct pt? i ee e b<erdieg eed lodgleg ke 1 ae lift re Ut *a e t?r?na ? f W K* II4RIW W. Breedway Hotfcr :o ijn? is rnF n i?frrr <tv nr. <rw Y irk Hotel w th .If tbe Ri ?"er* ?[ -c. ?eiraot? the fere. t ire and eteryhleg a r.?/e otl-i ?* e H* fab et I *?'. u** hveNera leea* ea ?.n? irja>ee< aickr eaa Mk| the eeiy r*e*oo for a. a fete eg R V IK MAWe" M* ?7 lirrVei; W IJET-fM 1'IJ ?< h |J? ?TMII f lahJ-T in l; tu Tla naw* .a |*rfert*rier tea iatet U.rteea reetn* will, paetrtee aad fkr?e?* tfer'*gb eat iiita get eegail ittMia en hr fke nakii -e 1 a* 1 - *pl teaebl* aa4 kuttlketi telaaee *t?ltf toted eay A |p y M k W tRlAklK. tH >*?f*>y 1 W* iimMOI.-C!(mfl) 9U1 *8 MAP. stum. SttrtEfejS ^npi ?wt?" ; OJWA^I) K. COUiNS, :*> Wall atreet. I J'k*#enjf?re are WQUteted tube onboard at US"' dock 1. M. "fte Heapthip Baltic will *uc:e*d the Allulie, and a*.] March H]i. ' Shipper# pl*aae take notice that ' tl.o M;ipa fit Uia line caaaot cuijr My goodt outre ?**jui of w*r. rruk BiuTihii and north akkrican JL ROYAL MAIL HrKAWUIPS. FTUlV VIEW YORK IV LIVERPOOL Obkf etluo I1M BrcoBd cabin parang* ?? FROM P.OSTO.N TO L1VERW0L Chief Cab'B pataage ?11? tjreond cabin paatagv N The thpa from teuton i all at llalifat. AFUWA, t'tpt. Judkia*, AMKKICA, Capt. T*ng, ' I KHi-lA, Capt. Ryrlo, KtlUll'A, Copt. .hannou, Awl A, Capt. I. G. Lott, < ANAIIA, (Apt -tone. AH ICA, (Apt. llamaoa, NlAGAltA, <?pt. Lead h. Hie,. v<-um<!h carry a ?1??( ?r>U? light at start brad, freen on a tar board how : red ou port Imw. CANADA, Stone, leatt-a iioelon, Wodneeday. Jaa. 51. AFItlfA, Harrlaoa, *' Boetoa, Weriueeday, Feb 14b ASIA, lott, 11 lieetoa, Wedneeday Kali 28, ? ANAliA, Mune, " Boalon, Wedueaday, Marc* 14 ilrrlbe nut rerured until paid fur An rtperltmed aurgeon >>a t'oard 1 ho owner* of thr?? abip? will, net be aooonutabie fee fold, alter, bullion, rpeeie, jewelry, piecioue atooea ee metala, unleae lulU o| lading in algned therefore am.' uae <alun iA?trui tbetam tapretetd. For freight or paeaag* apply to K. liNAhl'. 4 Bowling (Iran There will be ao atujunaUipa at ihia line from Sow York antil further notice. rpm: I IVkRHHJI. AND KHILADKLPiUA 8TKAM8I11P X. Company intend aatling their favorite nlMmn'i ia ? OTY.OF MANlHF.STKK 2,124 toai. .Ca pi CITY OK IIA&TIMOKK, (new). 'AMIS ton*. . Cant. . CIIY OF W aSHINGTON, do.2,XU tona. t'api. R. leilck. Saloon $ttO, Mb auil $?>!>, annulling to atata room A limited numbnr ol third el*** pa<uMmuer* will t* taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, ami found la provision*.' 1 ram Philadelphia . . .... $30 | From Liverpool til Par i lea wiabiug to bring -nut their friend? can obtain certificate* of ptaeage, and draft* on Li-trpoul, in euro* of ?1 atrrling aad upward*. Apply to riAMGKl. SMITH, Agent, IT Walnut atreet, ChUadnlpbia, aad No. 7 Urnad wayj'Nt-n Vork. * ?a ' Oi IVAN' KTRAM NAVIGATION. COMfAN Y. -KOK Hrfroen, vtaWontfTmiiiptoo.? The IIalt<?l r-taten mall ala.iui.bip'WAHBINIITuS; K. Caveudy, commanner, will kail for Kremea, tonnhiajr at Mrulhatnpum t? Uixl fl>? naili and paaeengera for fc.ngland and Fran:)', on Hfctuf * ?Uj, ? 1'eb. 24, at 12 o'clo?lr. M, ; from pier No; ST,' Morth Hirer. ? * ?> ' ? j i PRiri OF I'AMKAUK f BUM MCW TOBK TO. aOtTIUBrTlIX OH HRKMKX. * In 11 rat cabin, mala aa'oon 9130 In drat cabia, lower aalooa 1 lo in aecond ? ibm ; ....... ..... ftO An tiperlenred aurgeon la attacliad to eaeh ateamrr Sfeeie deliTered in Havre Or I/oadoa. Alt letter* muat paaa through the I'oit Office. For pa?eax< or freight ap ply to C. II. 8ANII, Agnnt, 11 Fouth \TlllUio at fhe ateamer Hermann wlU auocaod the Waahiagton, and aall March '24. BTKAMXMll* bCTVk k'KN ILAVKK AND NIW YOU direct.? The ateamahlp AIA* will aall froaa Ham di rect for Ntw York, (without calling at any port la Sag land,) on Hatarday, With of November, The rate# of freight aad paeaage la Aral aad aocvad rahlna will bo rery moderate. I be tailing of the (uooeedtag ateaaaorf will be ahortly announced The rate of laaaraaee a 1 raare |a leaa by ahlpa from Havre direct fur New Yeefc, than In ahipe aalling at aa Kagliah port. Apply la Havre aLd l'aria, 17 lloulevard^ d?a llalleiia, to Doaefal Curria, or la New York, to K. CtNARD, 4 Bowling Green. US. MAIL LINK FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA AMPIN a wall and Panama? Cbliforaiaim are Infunned (by autho/ity frtim the Panama Railroad 0om|>auyy tl at tbe trat ?it of tlie latlimua will be toaile by railroad, from O -wo to Ocrau. No more mule travel? uo river boatiag. On Turaday, Febraary 20, at two o'clock P. M.. from pier at foot of Warren atreet, North rlvr, will be diapatcbed the Heel ?teamahlp IL1.INOIS, (Jap'ain II. J. Hartatooe, I H. N., to eono'Ct at Panama w tb the new aM<l aupo rior ateamahlp JOHN L. HI'KPHK.VS. A Mia re boat alwaya kept at 1'anaina to prevent detention. In caee of ai'ooent. No freight received after ono o'elotk on the aalling day. For paaaage applv at tha Company 'a nfltee, 177 Weal alraet, to J W. lUVMOND. TT h. MAIL MTKAMVIIIP COMPANY? KOR HAVANA vJ s and New Orleanv? Oti Saturday, February 17, at two P. M., from pier loot of Warren atraet, North river, by the well known and favoiite ateaituhip ( Rf>utNT CITY, Captain John McUowao. l'aaaage caa fie aecured at the Cimpunr'a office. Freight to Ntw Orleana, -10 rtataper cubic foot. Klilpwra will be eitppliwl elth blank bllla of ladLnii of the fnrm limned by the Unmpany ee application at their oflice. Nootlur luim ngw^l nud no bllla of lading wilt be aigned after the ho<,r of aa ling, lor freight or paaaage, apply at tbe <iffi> e of tbe Company, 177 Weat atreet, corner of Warreo. M. O. IK iBKRTH. B' KW YORK AND CAIJKORNIA HTRAMHlltP UWL via Nicaragua The Acceaaory Tranait Company of Nicaragua, Proprietor*. 700 urn** ahorter tliaa any ether route. The aplendid double engine aleaaabip NORTH CKN IJGHT, 2,000 tona bitrtbeu, ( apt Tinkle pangb, will leave from pier No. 4 North r.ver, at .1 o clock P. M , for Punta Arena*. <>n Turaday, leoruary 27, cosaecliBg with the I arte Ham, V WMI tona burthen, a??r Ihe Nl aragua Tranait rout", liaviug but twelve mi lea of land by Hrat cla?< ".arriagee. He vara J new and awift iron ateaioboata have lately t>?< a pnt on tbe nvrr and lake, wnich (fan leaa the tune <<n tbe tranait from wean to ocean. Theae ateainera are uMurpaaatd in tlieir reinitiation aud ariomuodal.ifa. lor >af< imati<m or paaaage. apply only to CIIA4. MORGAN, Agent, No. t> B iwling (?r???i. I>etter bag* made up at the nffice. Ii*tteta iio ceale per half ounce a Mnuuummn link, oauiow mo. JK H wall. ? The new and elegent clipper ahlp i.FORiiU, 1.200 ton*, lor Hydney aad Melbourne, now lying at p>er 7, K. K, will poaitlvaiy aall on tbe l*t of March, fbia ahlp nflrra a rare opportunity for m' baa ice, laborera. and duo eatic aervanta deeiring t? ?nigra* to Pjdney. where immediate employ menl la obtaine.) at enorinouafy highrate^of wage* Onl> (70 required to i he paid here and f.'iU after arrival, to be paid out of e-rmoga. 1 he George* will he followed bj the clipper ahlp Ocean Steed, to aail tor Melbourne on tbe -<>?li < f March, on her ee- ond voyafe, (plen skd flrat and ae> - ad cabin aeevaiBodaltona be<iiiing aa-1 board turn abe?1 aa tbe paaaage Apply oe boar I. or to R W CaiHCP.OV. U? Well atreet. | T^T KW YORK AM) Ml ORIXANd HTLAM^HII' CON | JLl pany.? lot New Orfana (topping at Havana ? ' arrying the I nlted Hiatea Malt.? The ateainaklp C'A 1 IIAWRA. R. W. .->hufeldt. < otuujauder will --.rfnimn e receiving freight on Kednaa lay. Feb 21, and eailfer tbe afiOve porta on Monday, let' '.6, at U o'clock, from pier < at foot nl Ilea < b atreet, North liter. Freight for tb* o t< nor aad for Mobil*. (on*iKOed to our agenta iu lev Orleana, Jamee < nanoly h Co , will be for we rde I free of ] ?. mmiantoa I'aaaenKer* for Havana muat procure j fiaaaporte before leaving port lor freight at pa**age, apply to IJVINGHTON, CfMX IIKRON fc7o , AitanU, ill llrtiadenr. N B? Tbe Ifl.ACK WaRHIOR, J. fi Hulleek <?m will aafreed the I abawha, and aell Friday, March 10. Riili of ltdlnr moat be aeat la lor a gn.i.g the eveaiag prerioat to tb* ahlp talliag 1'Oh HAY ANN All AND I U>RUJA~ -IT4I1 W> KTATM . Mail ? Tua mw And olagaal aUwaa biy NOXYII I F. i tpl I* I n4low,will Inn Nt? York "or ' Karannah on hoiuriay, Fatimar / 17, from plor No. 4 North rn?r, At t o'clock IV M HUI? of U4laf ? r d?1 ?b Vtit frxfht apply on b"kr?; or for i>***Bgo, to !-AMLKl. I. MlTUIIU, 1.. hr.?1>i; Wot Horu!a. tbroegb ' cipta Iron SV ?. York to J?' k?ua?lll?, It I u> P latka, w:i. Tha Hot .la. ' apt ?V. A Hoo4Ai.ll, oi l laciM, ?B'l l?ara "a W?<ln???)?jr) Fob. ifl. ?l" sin - a rNirrfrifTATW ' mail t*mi ??a?i? i.o? 11.* ' n . t? ? I pta'.aa mail ? UAB-blp VAFHVII I K, M. Ilorr;, tuiaatao'W. will Irara |l>r 4, Noith rltar, fwr ok *? '???Jar, Pah. 14 at ! o 'lot* V M pr-'laoly rot fftgh' ab|ly i f a boar I, *h?r? all* of 11 1 ng *ili b? ?i?n?>; an! for 1 pataaga, lo Iba offira of M*??l KOKIi, niJ?rt ?>* Air#, .K) iTiMti; lhr'"i|h ll?k?la lo I rMi, aa loiiori j*. > ? >. t ,11a. (31 hl*U\, I l.. Tlaa Jaiaaa A.l(?r * II inn Md, a*o Imii m Hiliir 'i; , I >t 17 F'rtR ViKPOl It, mwo-w wi ANI' KUHHO-i. _ I Tba I'aitad Ptataa ar.,1 itaaiaihlp JAMfc'Tf' WN, U I'arr.ati towimaanl'r ??' taa*a par 11 Nor'h r ??f '? -atuclaj I abr'.ary IT, at 3 o'tW ? I' M , ?;ll a/ttta .a Nor'oJk itia a?al llkra wa aa4 J'aUr'turj a*'* !-' a iba ft.Ilmrlnf awirn t,g Vr< m Norfolk pa*a*a?a?t I >r "<'?lb fcr ra.!>na4 4ir??t, wilt. tl>?.?k Wlrta frcm'oo to Wi.m r>|l"a Augui't , A? !*aa lip an.: 'ar* U Nor'riik , t" lo I'aWabarg aa4 IU4 B tin ?!?< ??!? half prirO Ajjlf lo LI CI AM * PI i A^A-VI*. tt Hr a-! way. WHY MWIM. A# . iiVr hr<iaI'W?y -.r>vr.Kw* rrnmim j I)*)*) Ha/aat LCM M A MIACMU' tavHo WMltl at 'aalND *o tb?ir a/auaa of $h rt aaaaiaf < nwp>? aa*< ? uraax-at. rarwfal 'all ag, '-oil at aoa.irwairk. o.fhar tiatir la>b. aa4 ao katai If ?-.i to (..??%? linliwaa who hata Van 'liaappm at?l alaawhaia ara partfealatrly i an lot) to taiL I WO I Of N?W fl MMKit HltJIA ?P.f FT ? |? > ! I* K f" lakruft lltll, at Mb p*rnr4. A T '?b WAI'.T A CO., Broadway ? aaaabara ao-l Roa4o atewta. IT trl H J nURNUN A LaKK, 4TI MOAMfA? J Will u?#a IM? mora <kf. aootal t*a?. vat?f* r?b?a, ? r U>a ?o?t alofaal ??|a ???r ?ib<>xta4 in U ? '?tt? alao, ??*???) U" Of Fraarb ralUora. kriluav aaai 4a laia*a ??ry tbotaa aa4 W <Uful TM niMMII. I M?rsm>T ? AsnitiAT* r?? a-mi-tav r ut>. J aaar, W-KTHT 'Ji?h-ta.s nxK. of aa? oa <o 4. m MynPAMa ^ > 1 1 K K 'it arii ? tw TWIW rtrfu Ann I I Hsii #? (!? f)ial*#i llitHI vfH *t ?%?? AK*'> ?? Tb jraAay ? ..a a( Kak 1 ? l*'4 JOHN ','AU.A V?, . Vauraoa ??;lto*tC Oba?m, Harfary 1 f Mi'W* Mwj>~ HKaIi <jt ABftM ?? MlHMN 1 J line. - la?*Ma rf Iba ata? ar|a ara aoi.Aa- Wa attaad tka ?M?(liiy . an a* u> ka ba*< ttw naoaAaf) trwiay lift > Pi a??*f, n?A* i h/iftb . t I Mm f, Tftti lartUty ___ A SRATJOW WAXT*D-ft A TIDY PHOWWAitT A flvaui girl, u nwiUmi, o* houaa I iMMf cab do a!I kind* of aaadlaworb/ and In of to aaay, a nd Ui?poaHw>n. *p?ai? Kagliah. Cm ?'??> tba t??t dly r?frr*Dc(>. Plagaa ml! for two daya at bar pro **M plat a, M firwwwich maui I* 'M terattABut uirl wamjv a jpnruATtoN, am J\ 'I fikrtbrrmiM ta-t Bu? (uhw and lionar. R?" pod <:Uj r?i*iruc?. <*? I* M-#a fyr two Jny*, ?* K ?Vv?.,y, (tract , b*l*?n Fir?t iwo?4 *??????, ,?0e 'o4 goor, Iti.nt'ioom, Worn 10 to 4 o'clock. A KM'!*. woman WIRfKS 4 WfrtJATlOW AK x\ "kinairaaa, In a prtvala family; aha cam ?-?? n?d fit Indian* Craawi, alac iHIHitn'i dr?akaa ibo unduirtBiWta irlartly. tU<v c?n bakrwn (i??t wo day* ll n BtaianiW i. lie, third itory, front roon i '? * ? .fc.NTKM. I'HOTgHTAKT OIHL l? ANXKAW T" J\. obtain board In a rmparUbli. tamily, wbarw^kha would bar* obo or two cbtlilrai. to la ?? < upanaalluo lor bar U?t ' ( \n b> wru l<>r. two. daya kt 131 llratar ?tr**t or during tbo w?oh kft. r 61'. II \Y()IN<; KNtil isll WIISIV '.E-I-Kt rAHl.Y OOH r ?<?!?), wiabaa to kreoinpntiy * lkdjr, or taba ?h?rj? of <>?? or two cbildiwn. t? K.urop* kad bank If Wml No iai|uuad. Addiwu C A , Herald oO*. At;EN71.1MAN lb DCNROO OK KNUAtiHQ TBk ??r*ica? of a thoroughly r iwatad l?>'y in tbe p tuo ?.?d aingine, to raalda iu an Kkatarn city. A pleaaant 1 1 tor ik t*oni|4>nkatlon to t?*ch on- pupil, alao to opp ir tuulty for oMnlrihg acholam. A VIi'u Home, herald i Oka. AKmtTTABl.r YOU NO IIIRr. OTSfDM A HTVl r on an cb**tt>?rin?td krfo ?*ai.i?tr?M- WinM Nki ?>r? of .rhililrrii baa no to tlm roiotry In quira'ar.'flf Viwkb atroat , bntwrea Ktrat 'annua and ??a l A, third Boor, front Yodtn. Oin k? w*ll t* 'iinllhl a very RgsrarrAUiJC, wsu. zoucaiko you < J\ wi n in, want* a aituktlou to altrod a fane/ kip '? or bakary : would bare no objaetloa to tratrl, or *nj ra r |afta sla w.lilnar wanting au apprvritica to laara. tf|ai<l ,4 14- wi^licc to aa*lat ib bookkrapmr o? waiting. it?f call at m Twrnty Aral -trr?t, bftrrta J'it?t *t>4 %OB'l . ? a?rBu?a, for two Oaya. * * ,, Ai^itctaitik WOHAN *AJiTW.A a* nuiM anil ?aatn>tr*M I'uod el'j rt Ujaaca mil T\ ? jirMl , la a rtfj gooi <ot+, uadarataada ba^iM . l>r%ncbe? brloii|ia( to ll. <ioo<l m* W H'Ttn. Can b? ?^?n for two daja, ^'aot. fi?*n. i?il at. 1 i?6 tWvanib arfuua. IMwaro SiiM'mrhtb . Knil Twantiatli itmti, foi two dafa , a h^I'BtTABfjt W01US tiAMf A SKUAflON ' V " rook, la williug to aa?. iu waablaf itl tipitf' <K 1' r?|ulr??l , la a ?*r, " and othtr raora ran I i t|faK?i], at >14 WaTtrlay pUra I XI HI I KM KI) HK-AKJT!'.^, WHO . - vim "Da drraaniakinx aod tliirUiiaklBK, ?%?! al ??wi(k(,JwUU?? to ft, by lha df), w??k. 01 r? %t 4h.l t.kta Avru^s |Wra, >rntj-iiinth ami Thi.t.* U ?!ra?U. A N KiriMt/ifXt) NIKM WAKIM a t^CXi&M? J\ , la a ProtaaUnt; la com|i?tafit to tka wboi* rbarga ot an Infant to bring up br Uaad, and .a a |*o<> (ran. rl rt*a Tba baat o( elt? r*fir?oc? given. AMly al No. 7 I'niou ccurt, IniTarnty pl*ra, for two 4*7*. A H?J<riClTAlII.IC Yol'M. #OHAN obta.n a ultuation In a r??pat'abla| ? ral houarwork, or chanikarworii ga U> m*b for two daj* , at 417 <<raoai A YOfNa KRKNCH CilRI, WiiUUEB A WTUATION AM J\ Bar** In a art rata family; uadarataada tho ear* af rbudrtn and plala Mwing, ?a U'actorj Irafaraaeaa bam bi r la>t ??| loyar. Aildrrm M ? , No I Foarlb araaaa, f? r t?o daya A RK8PECTABLX YOl KO C KL WIKJIBM a WITA ?%, lloo aa plaia rook, waabar an : lrooar, or to 4a lk? li utawork of a ibuII prl> ata faatly good city rafaraa>* gl??n. >'l?waa call at 18" Waat aataaath ftravt. YOt'NO WOMAN VA.VTri A MTCATJON AH WAir ariaaprlTata fan il/, ?a whom aha caa produc* ? baat o( i-lty rofrran t from bar I ait placa. n?a?? ? 1 at lJ'i Waat Mitaa 1 1 ntfrat AIAI-Y ItRKAKIM. I I' HfO HM.I'IV, W!HHU> ?Itoationa for twa <irla ?iat?-? naa aa caaa aa>< to aaaiat in waablag and iroi.iag tba ?tb?r aa 'haahar icald aod a aitar. < an l>a aa?n 'ar two <taya at thair plara No objartina to go a lio.t alataaca >a ita roue try. I'laata call at 7fi b< rrn'b ktraat. AVI. INI. WOMAN W A v A Mi 1 1 AT ION Ak nkraa and HkBI'r?i >?u Uka rata of a baby Iroiti Ita birth. Oty raf -raara |,ro? ftntn bar kaat attu atlt'O. ? aa ka aaaa for tlirta da- aat lif. Twalfth atrial taaond Boor, lack room, nair H*?i a?anua. A*k,AWST?lK*, Wild MAKKM-Arw IUNI?OMr oadarelotbaa, turkad akltt*, and robaa waata a ailnatloa . raa do ap Una n>.< ia n*atly. aod liaaii paiiaa. ad Baraary govt rata* f all for tao dayaat Jl1 (-i,ili>ao airaot, iiaar Aaliy, ia *.h- raar. \r,tHMAN, WKIJ. IDt'C Aim, YOl \<J I'Er.HOX, ?anta a aituatlon a? nuiarrj yorarnaaa. iba la all nag to aaaiat tba lady in bou?*a-*p<B|(, aa>l to v.a?a bai ?all |?aarally oaaial ? ar 00 up I u- .uualm* and -to all I kinda of taaing, tba apt- ika tba 21 (Uali la kg iaga aa wall j aa bar oa o I'laaaa a<ld) ?? .'/I aa;, n tfca book >lin, or 111 Willow plan , Ur(o...?.i ! A rUKI-WTABIA. YIM'dB WwMAN WAWTtl AMTOA UWMgMMl t" MO ?-.-r go?J city ralrraa ? ! |i?m Apply at W llrtwl at-aa' a HCj I'MIAIIIJ'. flt"ll>rAM iJIIll. WaN1*A Bit J\ xail? o aa |ood plain c?>o? lia go>*d oaabar aa4 liofar. I'laaaa . all ?l Ura. t Viitaa. retnar at l'h ity a.atli attaat and Madiaori arrao* at Iba frawa hooaa. AKWIIiiTAItlK Yul M. ? 'WVN WK. 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