Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1855 Page 6
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urtrriHiiin* unwii ??m hi. D OOMTIXUBD FKOH FHTH PAdB. MIC CLERK WAN TED. -O.VlT WELL ACQUAINTED ' wiUi tbe city ratttil ?ud prescript ion bu.ia*?s m.ijr Spiff i?7 Eighth avenue. rOBT CLASP milliner wanted? TOR a beadtu fulaad Uealthy city io .North Carolina: a a In no ? fnook lady preferred. Apply to Mr. TERN AN , 37 War rtaitiMt. rR BOOK9KLI I KS? A YOUNU MAN, 22 YEARS or age. deair** ? situation with con* good house, baa hail seven yearn of experience in oity trad*, in wholesale unil retail bran-hes; would aot object to going ajtber Mouth or Wen, with proper inducement*. The ?>t references giver, as to .-harac+er and busineea abili y Address H. H. H., box No. 3072 New York Post fflce TT^AJtM HANDS ANU OTHER LABORERS, AND FRENCH {? domeatxs may be eng.iged at the oftictM of the Diericaa and Foreign Emigrant 1'rotectire and Bmploy eut Society, 27 Greenwich street. female domestics ao, at the upper office, 13 and 14 Aator place, Eighth reet. 8EAMSTRESS WANTED.? A PERFECTLY COMPETENT Heamatrees (none other need apply), to do all kind* of nice family hewing. Ap:ly at No. 1 Harrison place, in Harrison atreet, between Court and CUaton streets, Hrooklya. SITUATION WaNTIB- DT A PROTECTANT UlRL, to do general housework or to take care oi children aad o plain aewing. Cud be seen until engaged at 2M 1 ignth avenue, third lloor, back room. SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITKR WANT od? By an intelligent girl, who refera to and eaa be aeen at ber present employer'*, 2H6 Fifth areane. SITUATION WANT}?!) ? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE youag lady, to go c o California with a family, t* act aa lady's maid, or in any way ahe conld make U*r aelf u artful would wish to make an engagement for one ?ear; ia wil iag to pay half of her expenie*. Please ad dreaa W. fl , Herald offl -9, for four days. SITUATION WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PC'JTCH woman, as a flrsi rate ;ook, In a private family. Can make all kinds of jellies and soups; wishes to go with a family to the country in the summer. 1* a good bread baker, and would have no objections to assist in washing. Good reference given. Please call at 129 Sev enth atreet, between Finrt avenue and avenue A, flrat floor, front room . SITUATION WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE S00TCS woman, as nurse and *?amstress, or aa chamber maid and seamstress; in a good shirt maker and willing to travel with a family. Cob be seen for two days at No. 3 Birmingham street, between Henry aad Madison. Stewardess wanted for a first class ship? A Kmart, intelligent young woman. Apply at t ho Shipping OfBoe, 8T Went street, corner of Albany, North river, up stairs, after 19 o':lo;fc this day. SALESMEN? WASTED, SIX FIRST CI ASS SAI.GS men. Apply to UbvdeD, Peiraon * Lake, 171 Broadway,, before 10 A. M. rf?A0?rEft WANTED .-A YOUNG MAN WISHES TO X engage the servioen of a competent teacher of dancing? one who eas devote the time of three lesson* ia the week ?Jt?f tight a'a!o:k in the evening. To such a oae good cotepenselr-e will be given. Address, stating particular t, box 201 Union square Post Office. XTNIO^kobiM SERVANTS' OFFICE ? NO. t? EAST V Fourteenth street, established I860, for tbe protec tion of employers in the leie-.tion of domestlos, ?nd the guidance of peisona anek ing situations. Cooks, waiters, nurse*, *c.. provided lor respectable families only. Oitr reference for good obanactcr required. JOLN O GALLAGHER, Agent. VtsmNG OR RESIDENT GOVERNESS. ? A YGUNO Relish lady experiensed in tuition, wishes to form aa engagement as abtve. Her course e t Instruction comprises English in Its various bran dun, Freuoh, muaic, and the rudiments of Italian. AdvartiMr cm give tUe highest and moti satisfactory references a* te capability and respectability. Please address Miss Howitt, Union Square Post Office. 17-ISniNO TUTOR? PAY OR EVENING, A GRADUATK \ will now instruct in a full and correct English coarse o( education, ii. Ireek, and Frenoh, t'? sciences on the name terms ~r one, or one at halt' the usual rate. Parents and pua/dians will do well to address immediately, aa advertiser instructs both children and adalts. llea-s address Atbenal, Herald oflloe. fXAANTKD?THKKE COLORED WOMRN, ONF. A3 A *1 proles ed cook, sod to do part of the washiog, the tber aa laundress and cliatnOTmaid, the other an waiter nd to help In the house work. They mnrt be neat, tidy nd smart, and be willing to do everything , and be aind ? children. None nt*<l a: sly, except tlioa? wlio think Iiems<"ven capable tfjUULnc tfcelrdutles, at -JO Pour tenth St., between 11 and vl o'clock. -?J|i ANTED ? TWO .4 ME?.1 I AN WOMEN, ONR TO ?f take care of growing children. She mint bet first rate sempstress. acrJ understand her duties; the other to take cart of au infant two months old, capable ' f takiog her entire charge '.nd understand sowing. None except those who tb:ni. themselves capable of ful filling the r cut.e? need apply at -20 Fourteenth St., be !??? 11 and 12 o'clock. Wanted? a situation a? laundress, or to do chamber work and tine washing, or would iogens :al housework in a aval) .easily, ami is willing to go a bort distance in the country Please aall at .IS East Nioeteeath street, second floe-- back room. Can be seen for two days. \ET ANTED ? BY A FIRST CLASS FRENCH ORKSS Vj maker. a tew famiJies to work for by the day. Any pe/ano who wishes to engage with me for their spring wo' i. will apply at on;e til Fourth avenue. WANTU>? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant wotna: as cook and tlrat rate laun Iresa.gool city reference given. Can be seen this .lay ooly at 210 Sullivan street, third Hoor, front room ?mr'ANian-BY a resit talle younc woman, fl a situation as c- <i jla;n cook, washer and irooor, or as chambermaid. Has good eity relereuce. Please call for two days, at 27 Bleecker street. WANTED? BY A KE5."L? TABIJ? GIRL, A SITC A tioa >? seanntre" she understands all kinds of embroidery and plain sew og, is willing to see to chil dren. or assist in hou-ewori. Plea?e call at No. 7, cor ner of Harrison and Staple streets, room No. 4. WANTED? BY A RE-i'ECTAUI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a Protestant, a situation as chambermaid and waiter, or would do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small privat* family The best of city reference can be given. Please call at 'do Second avenue, betweeo Twenty second aad Twenty-third streets, room 12. "ir'AMED? BY A KS8PECTABUC YOUNG GERMAN Tv woman, a situation a- team-tress in a private American family. apply for two daya at TO Marion street. WANTED? BY A YOUNG ENt.l.ISH I.ADY, A SIT. nat'on as nurse ir ?. pr.rate family; and having a perfect knowledge of the ir-at-cgof honiton lacs, would lie willing to teach it ic tie lainily. Apply to C. (1., 107 Madison street, in til- r<wr, drat Boor. WMNTED ? A PROTESTANT OIRL, TO DO THR housework of a -malJ family; must understand ?ashing n id ironing, and pis. n ooking. (4 per month, ?all at 6!. Sackett street, south Brooklyn, second floor. ffrANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Yf I*rotestant younc woman, as seamstress, is a shirtmaker aad ean do all ..lods of famly sewing. Call at 6* Bnckett street, Bo ith Brooklyn, second floor. WANTF.D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE l*rotestant girl, as cckj* or laundress in a private fanmy. Has no objection to go a -hurt distance in the country Good city reference. i'an be seen for two days at 242 Sixth avenue, between Fifteenth and Six teenth street , In the rear. WANTED? BY A BE*} LCTtBI.K YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid or seamstress: lias lived two years anl a half in her last place BestoCcitv reference ean be given. Can be seen for two days Pleaee eali at u4* Sixth avenue. WAKTUD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as seamstress, can do all kinds of noodle work, and understands ail kinds of family sewing, cittiog and fitting ladies' dresses bas no objection to go out of tbe city, or to travel with a lady. Can be seen at 101 Woet Nineteenth street. >.e.*md floor, back room. ?mrr anted? by a respect abu: oirl. a situation tV aa nurse, and to assist in the rhamberwori of a private family. Please call at 271 First avenue. Good city re'ereoce given Wanted? as waiter in a private family, a respectable Protestant young woman *he can produce good reference* None .others o??d applr. Call boftr-e one o'clock at 76 East Twenty third street. ' WANTED? A SITUATION A* FIRST RATE COOK : unJerf lands her business in stilts branches, with unquestionable city reference. None nee<l apply but a gentleman's family. Apply or address at 1WI west Six teeath street, between tae Sixth and Seventh avenues. IfTANTK:*? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ff yoL'ig woman as child's ourse and plain seam s?re?s."or to co chamberwnrk. Has good referenoe from her last place. Call at 487 I'hird avenne, opper floor. "tIrA>TKD? A SITUATION. BY A NEAT, TIDY GIRI. v? of good recommendations, as general housemaid In s sua;. family: ahe is a neat plain cook, a gvol wash er and irojer, and good baker : willing to work for four or rtve pe"ims. With a kind lady, will take tf> a month, In thi? ?.ty or Brooklyn. Call or address, No. 323 First avenue, first floor, ha t room. WAKTED-BY A YOINU G1F.L, A SITUATION AS chambermaid anl seamatrrss, or as children's nnroe; would have no ot?ectton to go a short listance ia the cosntry Beet nf rrfrrencr from ber last place. a Iw MWl lM t?n> da|s, at 71 Thirty second street, betweapAoW'kead iMincten aveoaes. ?wvifi?n^-lA WTTATION. HY A RE^KPFtTABI JC ' Vf vcmM watnaa, who has lived four years in hor Iset o'ae?, to cook wash and Iron In a private family, or to *o a. second cook; no objection to go as chamber maid. Best cf city reference from her last place. C.n be *"Ofl for three daya Afr'v at fit Honstoo street, |W vv, *, WAmm , ytrAKTsi)? BY T Wf situation to do general housework or chamber work in a small private famil y ; U a good washer ?ad ironer; o?d do plain cooking. Please call at 340 Sixth a'.i eet, near Avenue 0. Ban of citr reference glrea from tier place. WANTED? A SITUATION, IN AN AMERICAN PRI ?ate bouse, by a 9 rat rate French cook. She an- I dersf.inds all kinda rf paltry, jellies and ice cream*, and be* very good city reference*. Please addreia to Mr. lllviset, No. 9 Niulo's Garden, 500 Broadway. WANTED? BY A bESPECTABI.E PROTESTANT girl, aged 13 yearn, a situation to mind children acddo pUin newinf or to do light chamberwork. City reference. Apply at 77 Wert Twenty-eighth street, tli It el floor, back room, for a few days. WANTUD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion in a private family as seamstress. one accus tomed to family sewing; understands plain dressmaking and inak'ng boy's clothe a: would do fine washing and ironing- She can give the best of city reference. Inquire at 341> Twelfth street, near First avenue, flret floor. WANTED- A SITUATION, IN A SMALL PRIVATE family, to do generul housework; ahe is a first rate washer and ironer and a good plain cook, and can come well recommended trom her last place. Please call at 3 is Watts street, or addresa a note, first floor, front room. Can be saen for two days if not engaged. WANTKD? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vouog woman, to cook, wash and iron, or to do geueral homework in a hid all family. The best of city reference can be given if required. Can be seen for two daya at f>0?> Houston street, in the atote, between Broad way and Bowery. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a aituation as cook. Can be aeen for two days, at 33 Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuuoa, four:h floor, front room. \KT ANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN, A ff situation as cook in a private boarding house; understands cooking ui all its branches. Good city re feronce Can be seen for two days, at 258 Eighteenth street, seeoni floor, back room. WANTED? TO GO INTO THE COUNTRY, A PRO testant woman, to do general housework; mist be a good plain cook and baker, and a first rate washer and ironer, respectful, and willing to make herself gene rally usetul; no objection to a widow with a little girl not under tea years of age. Beet of city reference re quired as to character and capacity. Apply between 9 and 11 A. M., at '284 West Twentieth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATIONS: one a* cook, and the other as chambermaid and waiter, or to do general houeevork, in a small family. Six years city reference from their laat place. I'lease call at 120 west Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, cecond story, back room. Can be aeen for two dars. XITANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG OIRL, A SIT vv uatiou ?i le.ys maid and seamstresa; unlerstanda bairdreseing. Has good city reference. Can be aeen tor two daya at 642 Second arenas, between Thirty-thrid and Thirty -fourth streets. WANTED-A 8ITUATIOV, BY A TIDY, SOBER GIRL, as cook, fashionable wniher and ironer; under atands paatry and baking, in a respectable private fami ly. Good city reference from her laat place. Can be seen for two d?ys at 70 Third nvenne. WANTED.? A NEAT, SMART AMERICAN GIRL, Six teen years old, wants a situation as ohildren'e nurse or to wait on table; she is very quick; she nas been brought up in a gentleman's family. Good refer ence can be given, Wages not so much an objeot as a good home. I'lease call at 04 Fulton street, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE-AGED English woman, as nurse: is capable of taking charge of an infant from its birth or an invalid and do needlework, or take care of sick people. Apply at 347 Second avenue, corner of Twenty- second street, third floor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU atlon as nurse or as nureeand seamstress; is ca pabie of taking eare of a baby from Its birth; can cut and fit children'* dresses and do all sorts of plain work. Please call at 236 Greenwich street, between Robinson and Murray, in toe fancy store. WANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TWENTY FIVE or thirty yea re eld, who It a first rate cook, wash er ao<l ironer, "in willing to do general housework, and go in the country in tne spring. None need apply but ttioM who have had much experience, and can give the best of reference. To such a person a steady and plea sant homa can be nee u red. Call at 127 Remsen street, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS PLAIN COOK, GOOD washer and ironer, and to do general housework, iu a small family. Can give good reference. Apply for two 'lays, at No. 120 West Nineteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, in the rear. ?fir ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE v v young girl, aa chambermaid, or as nurse and chambermaid; is of a mild diappsition and fond of child ren haa O'j objection to go a short dlstanca in the coun try hat good reference. Please call at 37 Allen street, for t?ro days. ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTES TANT ww youag girl, a situation as chambermaid and seam stress er to wa.t on a lady; can be seen for two days. Apply at 8S Cold street, between Water and Plymouth streets, Brooklyn. ?fl'AiVIKP-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T? young woman, to do general housework in a prl ?ate family; is a first rate washer and Ironer; is a good plai n 00) it ; has no objection to do chamber work, or as child 's nurse. The best of city reference can be given. Please call at 111 Mulberry street, rear house, third floor, for two days. -1ITANTED-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, RESIDING WW in Brooklyn, who has lost an infant, and has a goo j breast of milk, to take care of the child of a wet nurse Apply at 76 Clark street, Brooklyn. ?KTANTED? A SEAMSTRESS, UNDERSTANDING HER WW business, with good reference. Applv at the Gismercy Park House, corner of Twentieth street, near Thirl avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE middle-aired woman, as cook, has no objection to assist in the washing and ironing, in a respectable pri vate family: best ol city reference given. Call at 94 Went Fifteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. ANTED? IN A MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, A WW young lady who understands trimming. Apply at 107 loarth avenue. \KT ANTED ? A YOUNG WOMAN TO ATTEND A CON WW fectionery store; a neat sewer preferred; one of good recommendations may apply at 19 Union square, be tween 10 and 12 A. M. \Er ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION Yf to do general housework; la a good washer and Ironer. and has good city reference; can be seen for two day* at No. 84 King strest, first door, back room, between V.i rick and Hudson. ?fir AN TED? A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A RESPEC TV table Protestant woman; one who uaderatands cookery lu every branch; she prefers a private gentle man's family, and can produce most re-<|i??cteble testimo nials; abe can oe seen for two days at 112 Baltic street, South Brooklyn. WJ' ANTED ? THE PLAIN SEWING OF A FEW RE V v spectable families will be done neatly, and on reasonable terms. Please call at 197 East Thirteenth street, 4th floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa first rate cook; understands bsr busi ness in all its branches. Has the best of city reference. Can be seen for two days at 371 dixth avsnue, near Twenty- third street, second fleor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion to do general housework; Is a good cook and a good washer an 1 Ironer. Has good city reference and has no objections to go a short distance in the country. Please call for two days at 72 Oliver street, in the rear. "t*" ANTED? A TIDY AND INDUSTRIOUS GIRL TO DO Tf general housework; gool recommendations re aulred from her last place. Apply at 29 Cottage place, Inncock street, before 10 o'clock ia the morning. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situatiou as good plain cook anl first rate washer and ironer. Apply at No. 44 Claiksou street, in J the rear. Can be seen for two days. WANIKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman as cook, and would assist in the washing and ironing, and is a good baker, good reference. Apply at her present employer's, 214 Second avenue, betwen ' Thirteenth and Fourteenth streeta. Clan be seen for two ! d,y WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A situation as cook; understands French or English rooking; 1s a good bilker understands all kinds of soaps; no objection to the country for the summer, or s gen teel bosrdinghouse. Please call for two days at 197 Ninth street, between Second and Third avenues. Best of cfty reference, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ss cook, washer and ironer. and to do general housework. Good cfty reference given. Please eall at 12u West Twenty -seventh street, frout basement, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A STEADS, INDUS trious young girl, ss conk, understands baking | anl pastry, is meieHMl washer ami ironer. Has good reference from her last place. Can be seen for two days at No 9 Harrison street, third door from Co lumbia. sec >nd floor, front room. South Brooklyn. **T ANTED ? A SITI ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yy young girl, aa chsmhermald or waiter, or to take rare of children. Good city reference. Can be seen at her late residence, 210 West Twenty third street ?ffr-ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE! | Yf toung woman, as chambermaid and waiter in a I hoanMog house or hotel. Has the best of city reference. Has no obfection to go in the coeotry. Oen be seen for two dove at 2*0 Mott street, first fl?w. bank room. MfAVmT- A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WJ young woman, to 0* ibe general houeewort of a email family. Pleas* call at 10 Dominie* street, be ?wit* Varict and (lark. WANTSD? A SITUATION, A RESPECTABLE ?om?o, as wet nurae, with ? fresh breast of Bilk. Good reference. Ota be seen for two days at Hi North Fifth street, between Second sad Third streets, WllliiBukU|. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE ProtenUat young girl, as cook, washer and ironer in a private family. Good city reference. Can be seen fcr tiro day* at 120 Sand* street, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE young woman in a small private family, to do general housework ; has the best of reference from her last place Has no objection to go to Brooklyn or Jeriey. Please call at 229 Seventh avenne, corner ol Twenty ttith street. WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL A situation. Is a good plain cook, wather and ironer, and can be well recommenled from her last place. May be seen for two days at No. 341 Seventh avenue, top lloor, float room. WANTED? BV A YOUNG HEALTH V WOMAN, WITH a fresh breast of milk, a situation a* wet nurse in some respectable family; beat of reference, if re quired Can bf seen for two daya at 184 West Thirty second street, between First and Second avenues. WANTED? A GIRL, ABOUT 18 YEARS OF AGE, TO take cjtre of children and to do plain sewing. Noue but Protestants need apply at 07 West Twentieth street, from 10 to 2 o'clock. \ET ANTED ? A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED PRO Yf tentant woman, as nurse. None used apply ex cept those who can biing good city references. Apply at 73 Amity street. IKT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE VV young woman, as children's nurse and seamstress; is neat, tidy, and of a good disposition; has no objection to travel with a respectable lady; six years reference from her last place. Please call at 84 East Twenty eighth street, first house east of Lexington avenue, second floor, front room, for two days. ?YTT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA TV tion as cook, in a private family; she is fully com petent to make all kinds of pastry, and perfectly nnder stands the business in all its branches; has the best of city reference. Apply perionally, or by note, at No. 2 Union court, University place, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A situation as child's maid. The best of reference from her last place. Apply at 191 X Green street, rear house, middle floor. WANTED?A SITL'AOION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, to do general housework, or mind children and do plain sewing Good city reference given from her last place. Please call at 137 Sullivan street, rear h)UIdfQg. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waiter. Can be seen at her last place, 70 West Twenty-sixth street. "*17" ANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION, AS ?T chambermaid, or nurse and seamstress. Applv at 178 Sixteeeth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL, a situation as nurse and seamstress. Can cut and fit ladies ana children's dresses, and alt the branches of family sewing. Address K. S., Broadway post office, for three daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ae chambermaid, or laundress, or assist in any up stair work; best of city reference given. Can be seen for tivo days, at No. 182 Seventh avenue, near the corner of Twenty-second street. TTTANrHD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT young woman, as Burse and chambermaid; has no objection to do waiting or take care of two 6r three chil dren: has good city reference. Can be seen for two days at her present employers, No. 24 West Thirty-sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. flT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Yf steady woman, as first rate cook; she thoroughly understands her business. Can produce the best of city references. Also a young girl as waiter; would hare no objection to doing cbamberwork, fine washing and iron ing. Can give the best of city references. Call at No. 12 Amity street, near Laurens, for two days. firrANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE Vf young woman, as chambermaid and seamstress. The beat of reference* can be given. Can be aeen at 27 2 Walker street, for two days, if not engaged. \tr ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A Vf situation to do chamberwoik or plain Hewing, and to assist in washing and ironing. Please call at 14u East Eighteenth street, for two daya. \tr ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tf young woman, as chitae nurse and to do chamber work. She can take charge of a baby from its birth. B-st or city reference from her last pla;e, Please call at :;54 Sixth avenue. 1|TANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO W man, a situation as nurse. Can take care of a baby from its birth. Can take the entire charge of a nursery, la a good plain seamstress. Has lived two fears and six month* in her last place. Apply at 'I'M irst avenue, thud floor, front room, for two days. WET ANTE! i ? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN. A W situation as aurae and chambermaid in city or oou ntry. Has no objection to go to California. Best of re'arence given. Please call at '^60 West Twenty seventh street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girt, as nurse and seamstress in all its branches, can cut and fit for ladies and children; can make boya' clothes. Haa the best of city reference from respectable private families, as she thoroughly under stands her business Has no objection to a lady who hoards. Call at or address 323 First-avenue, Brut floor, back room. ANTEB-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as chambermaid and waiter, and to as sist <n the washing and ironing, or ai chambermaid and to do plain sewing, or to do the work of a small family. The best of city re?erenc.e given. Pleaae call at 147 Seventh avenue*, betw?en Twentieth and Twenty flrst streets, third floor, front room. Can be seen for two days. Wanted? a situation, by a respectable young woman, to do general housework, or as good plain cook, is an excellent waaher and ironer. The best of city reference given. Has no objection to go in the country. Please call for two days at 107 East Thirteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenuee. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE Y0UNG WOMAN, a situation as cook, washer and ironer, in a email private family: best of city referencee. Can he seen for two daya, at' i!5 Elizabeth streot, between Prince and Houstou streets, (irat floor, up staira, front room. WAITED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED woman, wbo has lost her own baby, a baby to nnrse. at her own residence. Inquire at 159 East Twen ty flftli street for Mrs. Smith. None need apply but re spectable persons. "IK/" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIRL, v v to do general housework. Inquire at 106 Twenty fourth street, in the basement. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PERSON, a situation to do the plain cooking, washing, and ironing of a small family. Can make good bread. Best of city reference. Call at 8t? Sixth avenue, third floor, front room. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply at .123 Washington street, for two daya. Family small. Wages $A per month. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W0 man. aa chambermaid and waiter, in a private family. Good city reference. Can be seen for two daye, at St. Mark's place, Eighth atreet, near tbe corner of Flint avenue. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY A RESPECTABLE young man and his wife; the man as coachman or to take care of horses, and understands farming, to go a short distance in the country. City reference if required. Please call at 181 Tenth avenue, Twenty second atieet, corner store. WANT8D? A YOUNG MAN, FROM EIGHTEEN TO twenty two years of age, American; one acquaint ed with the book business, of genteel appearauce and good address, wbo writes a fair band, good in figures, as clerk to an itinerant book auction establishment. None need apply unless sctive, energetic and not afraid to work, and who cannot bring tbe most undoubted refer ences as to honesty. Wages from twelve to fifteen dol lars per month, and all expenses paid. Address, with real name, in applicant's handwriting, box 30.1, Canan uaigua. New York, post paid. "1*7" ANTF.D? A SCOTCHMAN WHO HAS BEEN ACCUS TV tomed to work on a farm, A stroog, able-bodied man. willing to work, will find a permanent situation in tbe country. Apply at IV Ferry atreet. WANTED? A SITUATION AS PRIVATE WAITER, by a young man whe perfectly understands bit bu*ine*a; ? he would go aa light porter, aa he las been empl<yed as such before, and understands keeping ac counts perfectly. He is a Protestant and i-an be highly recommended. Call or direct to J K , 16 Marion atreet, front basemen'. WANTf.D? A MAV ITIl.i' I'APABI.K IO 1AKE ehsr^e of an alcoholic still, run by steam must be sober and reliable at all times. To such a person stes ly employment an Ijrood wages will be given. Ap ply iMMOtUly at 140 We?t Seventeenth street. \JtT ANTED? A YOUNG MAN AS CLERK IN A RETAIL Y? hardware store, who has some knowledge of the buaiceas. Apply at No. 80 Sixth avenue WAN TED -A SITUATION, BY A HOOD MAN. AS waiter. One who thoroughly understands his bueioees. and can b~ recommended as such ; can be seen or three daya at 38 Kaat Nineteenth street. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS BARKEEPER ONE wbo understands his busioeaa, and can come well recommended as to honeetv and aobrietv. Address by note, in his own hand writing. E. W , 11 Park Row. U|rANTKI>? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN, TO U to the country aaderitaads (erasing. the taking care of horees, or aa coach man, is * Protestant, and ran give two yean' reference from hia last ea ptoysr Pleaae apply fa* three day* at 8? Tenth arenas. I atreet _ __ vtaam. "?TANTKD? A NUMBER Of ENTERI'RISING, INTELU Tf gent men, to act w amenta for the Kum Uaioa Sot t lament Company. Men of noma means and large ac quaintance, will find it to tbelr Interest to oall at room No. 6, V9C Broadway, r??r offlce. Aldreu General Agent, Banian Union .Settlement Company, as abm. WANTED? A liAN, TO TAKE CHARGE OF THE MAN tilla and cloak depart moat, (at Remsen A Power*, 204 and 206 Sixth avenue) ; none need apply but those who are practically acquainted with that department tn every particular, and can bring unexceptionable refer ence aa to character and ability. Apply before 0 A. M., or after 4 P. M. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, (AN ENGLISH OR Scotchman preferred,) to take the entire charge of the Uee and embroidery department, (at Remsen A l'owern, 204 and 20(1 Sixth avenue) ; none need apply but those who are thoroughly acquainted with that depart ment in all itH branchea, and can bring unexceptionable reference aa to character and ability. Apply before 0 A. M., and after 4 P. M. WANTED? A FIRST-llATE SALESMAN IN THE RE tail dry goods buainesH. Apply at 162 Grand at., Williamsburg. O. T. BENNEtT. WANTED? AS CLERK IN A GROCERY, A SITUA tion, by a young man who thoroughly under stands the business. lias done business in flrst class stores in thia city, and can furnish the beat testimonials as to honesty. Has no objection to Brooklyn. Pleaae rail at 09 East Thirtieth atreet, from 10 to 12 A. M., or address a note to said place. WAITER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECT able Protestant young man, la a private family. Can procure the best city references. Address A. F. B., Union t>quare Post Offics, for three days, which will be attended to. WANTED? A BOY TO ATTEND AN OFFICE AND run of errands. He muat be well recommended for honesty, and well acquainted with the city. Inquire at 67 Pearl street, between 2 and 3 o'clock P. M, WANTED? AN APPRENTICE AT WOOD EN'QRAV ? ing; one preferred who has some Unowledge of the business. Apply immediately, at 13 Spruce street, seooad story. WANTED ? 1,000 BOYS, WITH A CAPITAL OF II to 92, to sell the beautiful gilded Calendar for the year 1865. $2 to 93 per day can be realized. Call at 25 John street. (Jlt)AA ?A YOUNG MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT of eaah, will hear of a good situation by sndressing L., box 100 Tribune office. Good seourity for the money. UOUMICN, ROOMS, *Cn W/lNTED. An american family, consisting of four grown persons, is desirous to take part of a house, situated betwryo First and Sixth avenues, and Twentieth and Thirty-first streets, with a respectable family; a French family preferred. References exchanged. ^Ad dress L. F, W., Ilerald office. House wanted? for five or more years: must be commodious, modern style, and located between Fourth and Twentieth streets, and Third and Sixth avenues ; rent not over 91,000. The occu pants may retain a suite of rooms, with private hoard, if desired. Parlor and hall floor covering* purchased, if in good order. Address or apply to Wm. wood, No. 625 Broadway. JEWELLER'S SAFE WANTED.? ANY PERSON HAY ing second hand medium sized jeweller's safe to dispose of low for cash, may hear of a customer, by addressing "Fire I "roof," box 1,781, Post Office. WT ANTED? A CORNER HOUSE, WITH STORE, IN Vt K'ghth avenue, or Sixth or Ninth, with a comfort abl?t yard, from Thirteenth up to Thirty -second street. Those having auefa houae will please state the location and price, and they may find a cash customer by ad dressing A. M. T. K., Herald office. WANTED TO LEASE-SOME TENEMENT HOUSES for respectable families, for which a fair rent and the best of city references will be given. Apply at, or address to 179 Elizabeth street, in the store. WANTED? TO HIRE FROM THE FIRST OF MAY next, a small genteel dwelling house, with gas and croton water; situated between Fifth and Ninth avenuee, and not above Twentieth street. Address, Box 1421 Post Offlce, stating location and price, to a good te nant with a small family. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIKK, iruiu the lit of May next, a small house with mo dern improvement*, at a rent not exceeding ?100 per annum. It must be locaUd in Brooklyn, at no great distance trom the Fulton or South ferries, or between them. A rtd reus T. 8., box 784 Poet Office. WANTED? THE UPPER PART, WITH ONE OF THE basement*, of a genteel house, in a respectable neighborhood, by a small family, consisting of three grown perKon*. Address R. J., Herald office. WANTED -BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE FAMILY of four persona, witheut children, halt of a mo dern built bouse, in h good neighborhood, above Four teenth street. A familj wishing a responsible tenant, *ho w. uld pay a liberal reut, will please address S. M., Heiald office, xtating location, and where an Interview can be obtained. WANTED TO PURCHASE? A MODERN THREE OR tour story bouse, between Eighth and Thirty seventh streets, snd Third sod Seveuth avenue*, must b? located in s good neighborhood. Apply to A. M. Lyon, No. Merchants' Exchange, first floor, central entrance on Wall street. Wanted to hire? two four or five story bouses, connected, situated between Fouith and Sixth avenues, sod between Bleecker and Twenty third streets, for whinh a reasonable rent wdl be paid. For further parti :ulars apply to A. J. BASSET, No. 4 Astor place. "\TACHT WANTED? A FORE ANIi AKT SCHOONER I of ab"iit 20 tons, coppered and copper fastened. Address.!. R., box 349;; Post office. WAN'IED TO KENT? BY TWO PRIVATE KAMI He?, two first class bouses, adjoining, or one large double house, with all the mcaern improvements, in any plessaat well settled part of the city. Possession dexired immediately if possible. Give description, lo cslity, terms. Ac., and address Chapman, Hers Id office. nrsTKUciroii. /njpe?TIRMS REDUCED ONE -HALF? OLIVER B. UPO GOLDSMITH'S Academy of Penmanship and Book keeping, 362 Broadway, corner of Franklin street. ? In dies' writing elass at 10X o'clock A. M., daily, exiept lag Saturdays. Gentlemen's classes at 9 A. M. and 3, 5, 7, snd 8 o'clock P.- M , daily, excepting Saturdays. Terms reduced to 96 for 10, or 910 for "25 lessons, including statienerv. Private instruction, $15 for 10, or 92A for 20 lessons. Each pupil is entitled to a separate parlor. Bookkeeping ? terms reduced this week, from $-?"> to 912 60 per quarter of three months. Books and stationery, 91 60. Arithmetic in ptoportion. Terms, payable la advance. AND 92 10 FOR WRITING? TWELVE AND twenty lessons all this week, without extra charges for stationery. Bookkeeping, commercial arith metic, Ac , at reduced prices, at M. S. P.tlNE'S acade mies, 207 Grand street, New York, ami 164 Fulton street. Brooklyn. Ladies and geutlemen wishing to attend should make immediate application. A SPANISH TEACHER WANTED? TERMS MUST BE XV moderate. Address, stating terms, O. N. X., He rald office. A CLASS OF SIX OR EIGHT PERSONS CAM ACQUIRE a knowledge of the French or German language, ppljrlng at room No. 19, No. 34. Lndlow street. BF. FOSTER A HIRAM DIXON GIVE LESSONS IN ? bookkeeping, writing, Ac., office 344 Broadway, (Appleton's Building.) where gentlemen are qualified for the counting-honse, in a superior and expeditious man ner. INSTRUCTION.? MR. CHAMBlkKLAIN 'S ROOM AT 483 Broadway, Is o^en day and evening for ladies and young men who desire'a quiet place for study, or in struction that will enable tbem to study at home. ??-pACBEL IS COMING! '-THE NEAR ARRIVAL pi of Rschel will necessitate some preparation for an umierstanding and appreciation of the rules of this world renowned and unri railed tragedienne. For tliis purpoee a Parisian gentleman, intimately familiar with her entire repertoire, has associated himself with a literary gentleman in New York, and they now otfer to give tlie reeding. in French, or her rMas, and their In terpretation into English? thus qualifying ladiee sad gentlemen, in one week, for a thorough comprehension and intelligent appreciation of the magnificent Idealisa tions of the sublime Rachel ! Terms lor the entire course, 910. single interpretation, 92. Apply at N'o. 104 Waverley place, .cr at Bo. 55 West Twenty first street, from 4 to 10 P M. N.B. ? Interpretations also given at private residences. Spanish ?American institute, no. 143 w.?et Twenty-third street. Persons wishing to study s I thorough course ot 'bookkeeping or arithmetic, should I enter earlv this week, lessons in Frcnch, Spanish, so. I ? English by experienced nstive professors Hours ar ' ranged to suit pupils. Terms moderate. Open from 8 : A. M. to 9 P. M THIS WEEK TERMS REDUCED ONE- HALF? OUVKR R. GOLDSMITH ? academy of penmanship and i bookkeeping. Hit Broadway, coiner of Franklin street, New Yerk I adies' writing clsss, at lOvg o'clock A. M . except n? Saturdays. Oentlemens classes, at V A. A . aed .. 6. 7 and H o'clock P. M. laity, excepting SatiinJays. Te rns induced to 96 for ten or 910 for j twenty -five l? iw?u?. in iu4ing stationery. Private ia ' strnction, 91s fOr tea ot 9H> tor twenty lessons Each ! pupil is entiled to a separate parlor. Bookkeeping? Tsrats reduced this week from 9"i.'> to 913 60 per quarter oi three it?cnth> Books aad stationery 91 60. Arith metic la proportion. Terms, payable in advance. EXTRA PAT. Soldiers, sailors, Ac ., in any war sinc* km? IoO acres United States land; positive proof requl | site at Washington. WM. (IRANDQt, Nos. 119 aod 121 Nassau Street, room 14. ! T? B. RAVY SAUOR5 AND OTHERS -EXTRA PAY a promptly paid, bonoty lead warnats obtained hoaghteod eoli; pensions procured, helances doe hsirn of deceased U. S. seamen collected, aod all kinds of claims sga'nat the C'eited States isiniwod toy EI'W AP.rt OMU* Agent anu late Purser C. S. Navy, 97 WaU FOR IUB. (ftlAA AAA-roR SALE, LKA.SK avd fur lTOXVV|f?"\/\7 niture o( one or the mast ex tensive first cUUa notela oa Broad way; one do. for (30, OoO, sad one for 812,000. Alao a Brut rate house. went of Broadway, tl8,0'0. Also one of the best dining ho tcla in New York, $15,000; and one ol tha raoit exteo aive dining saloons oa Fulton street, $10,000. Apply t a G. A. Robinson. 86 Nassau atraat, up stairs. <BlO KAA ?FOR SALE, A HANDSOME TWO ?^?VVV- story frame bouse, with wings. at Upper Morrlaania, F&iruiount. Entirety new, with eight eity lota, eligibly located. An excellent chance to gat a good house at a low price. Terms r?ry easy. E. U CHARLES, 138 Pearl (treat. (TAA ?A BARE CHANCE FOR ONE WHO ? UUVi wiabea to engage In gentlemen's fur g business. A arnall but well eelectod a took of goods on hand, and a good business already established, ia a denlrable location on Broadway. For particulars inquire of GEO. 8. CARM1CHAEL, 80 Nassau street <JU1 KAA ?FOR SALE, ONE OF THB VERY ij) L,OUv? best manufacturing business in the country. Average profit from $16 to 836 per day. $1,000 in cash wanted, tlie balance in in inufactured articlaa, at the manufacturer'* prices. The beat refer ence will l>e given. For full description and particulars, apply to 0. A. ROBINSON, 86 Nassau street, up stairs. IrvAA? for sale, lease, stock and fix ? V vU tures af a fruit, wine and aegar store, lo cated on Broadway, near Cortlaodt street, oueof tha best locations, dmugagood business, wouidjmaliu a splen did lager bear saloon. Apply to G. A. Robinson, 85 Nas sau street, up ataira. (Hi A n A ? F0R sale ? the s rocK and fixtures lI/TiUUt of a grocery store and lease, In a central 'ocation on F.aat Thirteenth street. For further particu lars call on ROSS A CO., 70 Naaaau street I Jh i) /r rw? FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND FIXTURES I yJiUtJXj of a desirable grocery atore up town, where a good business can l>e don*. Tne owner, baring other bnsiness, cannot give this the attention. requisite. Ad dress Li. R. M., Herald office. ONLY ?FOR SALE, THE LEASE, TOOK and fixtures of one of the beet co.l?e and cake saloons io the lower part of tha city, now uing a splendid business, and muat positively be sold tun week. Apply immediately at 110 and 121 Naaaau street, room No. 3. RICHARD L. PURDY A CO. CNt AA ?TO MAGICIANS AND OTHERS? A (|[)lvv? splendid magical apparatus, in complete order, will be sold for the above sum, if applied for Im mediately. The art learned the puro hater tree of charge. Apply to HALLOCK, room No. 7 Montagu* Hall, Brooklyn. <01 QQ ?FOR SALE? A LIGHT, AGREEABLE IN door business, that can easily be made to pay $8 to $6 a day pro St. Toole, stock, Ac., only $?>. A rare chance for an enterprising man to travel or locate permanently. Apply at No. 6 Catherine street, corner of Dlvialon, room 12, third floor. A RARE OPPORTUNITY? FOR SALE, IN WIL x\_ liamsburg, a brick building aud lot of ground, with ten horae ateam engine; alao three moulding ma chines, with cutters, saw and knives complete. Must be sold. HUGHES A GREEN, 163 Grand street, WU liamsburg. A RARE CHANCE.? THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO J\ dispose of hia interest in 'a very proBtabla manu facturing business, as he ia desirous o( removing from the city. To a young man of enterptlse, having a oath eapitaf of $4,000 or 88,000, with good recommendations, an opportunity will be given, seldom offered, to engage in a business of respectability and profit. Communication* confidential. Dealings only with first parties, and rear name and residence given. Address G. A. A Co., Herald office. Further particular* on an interview. A GOOD CHANCE FOR A MARRIED MAN.? FOR J\ sale cheap, a candy, toy and variety store tn Brook lyn, near the ferry. Has been established sixteen years and ha* a good run of custom. Apply at 212 Broadway, room Ne. 10. BUiTED A BROWN, aueoessors to Slmers A Purdy. _ -?!??? .j, k??;Ii A GOOD CHANCE FOR A CARPENTER OR BUILDER. J\_ The subscriber owns a good farm, five hour's ride from New York city, consisting of 74 acres, with a good house, barn and outhouses on It, with orchard and gar den. About 20 acres cleared and in first- rate order, and . nearly the whole of the cleared land enclosed with stoee fence, in two and four acre lots. He wishes to trade with a carpenter or builder, who would put up a frame building 1n East New York, ot certain dimensions, par ticulars of which may be aacertained by applying to Mr. AL. SIDDLE. 458 Eighth avenue, between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth atreets, between the hours of 8 and 10 ?'clock in the evenings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. BU1LDINF SITES TOR SALE IK BROOKLYN, TWO blocks from Fulton Avenue Railroad, in a healthy and improving location, in paroele of tour lot* and up wards, at low price* and on easy teims, by ROBERT SAR JEanT, No. 7 Jaunoey court, 41 Wall street, N. Y. COUNTRY SKAT FOR SALS? ON THE BANK OF THE Hudson, on this island, of easy access by railroad. The bouse ia conveniently arranged aad the grounds beautifully laid oat. For terma.&c, apply toffK. E. LEWIS, 80 Cedar street, corner of Broadway. CANAL STREET STORE ? FOR SALE, THE LEASE OF one of the best stands for business, in t'anal street, ou the north side, near Broadway, for a term of years. Apply to J W. SAVAGE, Esq., No. 192 Broadway. DRCG STORF. FOR SALE.? A RETAIL STORE, es tablished many years; pays well. and iltuated in a populous neighborhood; will be fold very cheap. Fine stand for a physician. Excellent reasons for selling, and full particular* can be learned by addressing H. F. Boult, ! in. hi square Post Office. DRUG STORE FOR SALE? TWO YEARS ESTAB li'hed ? in one of the principal avenues. Rent rea sonable. Location good lor a druggUt or physician. Address, for three days, Druggist, box ISO Herald of Ore. Drug stork for sal*.? a finely located store, now doing a good business, will be sold very low for cash. Satisfactory reasons given tar selling. Apply to ROBERT ROBBINS A CO., drug brokers, U3 John street. For sale? owing to departure.? the best property ottered this reason for shopkeepers, build ers. or investment, on a leading street, and unencuu. bered;or may exchange for other property, mortgages, stocks, leases, store stock. *r merchandise for the South, If soon ottered. Address Owner, SOS Sixth avenue, third Boor. For sale? the two lots nos. a. and m pre si lent street, corner of Van Brunt, Brooklyn, with all materials and buildings upon them, as they stand on easy terms. Apply to CHS. J. I.OWREY, Esq., 67 Fulton" street, Brooklyn. FOR BALE? the stock and fixtures of a well established embroidery and fancy store, with two years lease, on accommodating terms : satisfactory rea son for selling. Apply in the stor- Hi 5 Broadway. For sale-stock and fixtures of a saloon now doing a good paying business. Present occu pant selling out in consequence of 111 health. Apply upen the premiers. 172 West Broadway. FRANK'S. For sale? one new tour story house. 2o*m feet, 46 East Twsnty-lourth street, between Isl ington and Fourth avenues, in the block of Ave, ail alike. This ia a very desirable kouae. and tbe only on* to be had In the block. Apply on the premises. Pos session immediately. CHAS. H. SMITH, 44 East Twen ty-fourth atrset. For sale.? a spi endid grain or dairy farm, In Orange county, situated one fourth of a mile from tbe manufacturing village of Waldon. It contains 110 acres of land, two good apple orchards of choice grafted fruit, and all other kinds .necessary, a large cot tage house, and all the necessary out buildings, barns, Ac. Also, a brick house, three stories, with basement and subcellar. situated on Cumberland street, Brooklyn, 300 feet from Fulton avenue, lot 21 by 79, bouse 21 by 36 plaua on the*r*ar, inclosed ; built in the best manner; finished June last. For further particulars enquire ot E. PRATT, 61 Fnltun street, New York, up stairs. F? SAI.E? AN ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE ON West Fourteenth street, of modern sue, with every convenience, and all tbe modern improvements, and su perior built. Will be sold with or without the furniture, or a portion of the latter, such as oil cloths, carpets, gas fixtures and mirrors. Cash required only $4,000; balance on bend. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. J Pine street. FjK SALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF a well established grocery store, on the Sixth ave nue, now doing a good business. Address box 4.218 P<>st Office, stating where an interview may be bad. r R 8ALE-THE GOOD WILL OF THE LEASE OF the three story brick stor* and dwelling 535 Sixth svniue, corner of Thirty second str**t, with a brick stable I?6m rear. The lease hss 8ve rears to ruu Irom the lit d*y of May. 18?n. Apply to CHAv R. TRIUI.AR, 67 West Thirty -second street. FiR SALE? A VALUARLE FARM AND TAVERN stand, at Cross Koade, one mil* from Dean's Point htatioa. on N*w Jers*v Railroad, near New Brunswick. The farm consists of UiO acres with dwell'ng and out hon-ea, spple and peach orchards, and other fruit ; one third valuable in timber. The tarm will be divided to suit Curcliaiers. Apply to F. KAKF.N k A. MOULTON, 74 rail street, an>i ?,l Richard McDowell and Abraham Ter hune, at Dean's Point Station. FOP. SALE? ONE IMPROVED SALAMANDER SAFE nearly new one office d?-?k, one counting room desk, two 'arge counters with ? ;awers. several tables, shelvea, Ac. Also, a lot of bono' t cases, boxes, A.v The above will lie sold low, to close up the business. Apply at 1?8 William street. For sale? the second morigage on a housk in Brooklyu lor 91,'JOO, or at a ?i??ll dUeouot In terest seven per ceit, nayabt* annually. The property i* worth nearly twice the amount of Sotli mortgages, The only motive for sailing ia, the pirtr holding It Is about leaving tbe city. Apply to J. DA\'|;VP0RT, real estate agent corner I niton avean* in' <)xlord street, Riooklyn ; or address California, Herald >ttice. A capi tal investment lot a person that has mon*v in ? savings bank. For sai.f-a farm of acrfm picamST ly situate* on King etreet, about Iff nuiee Irom I ortcbester. Titer* is an old tnaMoned farm house, good barn aad oatbollding* oa the pnmine*. an I it is de s'inhl* fm farming ptitpesoe, or for ? gentleman wishing to erect t ountry eeat, as there is a Sue view nf tbe found and stirMnndlMf country anil perfectly healthy. Applj to I". B. IE BiROS, W' Kr^adwiy, r-ow 13. WE ItM. _ Fob balk? owe house and wi on amity ' street i$7,!>00; om on St. Clemeat's plaoe, Moodougei street, ?10,000, "M on We*t Waehiag'ou plM% om on Greenwich avenue. $8,264; om oo Went Seventh street. 912,000, OM on West Twenty seventh st (??(, $10,500. A J. BASSET. ? A* tor pUce RPALE.-TBE STOCK AND FIXTOREtJ Or AN ej'ablisbsd outer saloon. situated in om of the best localities in tiie citjr, and now doing imai mm. I'easou for selling ? tUe owner canaot attend to it. Apfly to Hl'STED Ic BROWN, successors to Simers k l'urdy. " For bale? folk ng.w houses on iiaooKLrw Height* ; four splendid house* and ooe largo store on Hudson avenue; a Urge number ot first class houses and stores in Auw York, or would be leased Alio, several desirable country seats, very clieip, besides a number of excellent farm* in the adjoining States, for Hale or exebaoge. Also, twenty ihouuaui dollars worth of city property, paying over ten per cent, tqt eich-iage for co'untry property; on the New York anil New Haven KaUroad preferred. Al?o, a largo quantity of Western property, for fale or exchange for Eastern property, either mercantile or manufacturing Wanted, several small sized houses up town, for wbicli we have both pur chai erH aud tenants. Apply immediately to .SMIIU k LYON, o'Jl Broadway. FOR SAL! ?THE 8TOOK, FIXTJRES ANo GOOD WILL of u regular licensed t-alooo. now doing i ({ood busi ness, and is one of tbe best standi >o tbe city Wil! t>? rold very cheip on account of other business. Apply at tbe corner of Howard and Mercer streets. FOR SALE? A WELL KNOWN AND OLD BSTaB lisbed uegar store, in one of tbe bent bustonea thoroughfares in the lower part of the city. The store is handsomely fitted up. glass cases, counter*, &c. The lease, stoe I: aud fixtures will lie fold this day, at a bar gain. Apply to C. B. HOWES, GT Nas*tu street For sale-a rare chance, and fortune to bk made? A wholesale and retail corner ne<ar store, must be sold at a great bargain- fixtures and gas lights all complete : located in tbe midst of thousands of mechanics, in one of tbe leading avenues up town, with three fears' lease from 1st of next May; rent low; reason for selling, goirg to Colitoinia. Apply to R. R. WILUKR-J, 391 Tsntk street, dining saloon. W7IOR 8 ALE. ?THE BEST IOCATED IXJDG1NO U0U8E. t with restaurant and bar complete attaoMd, ail ready for use. A rare chance and no humbug Pleas* inquire for two days, at 60>? Bowery, from 11 till 1 o'clock. For sale? at hastings-ui'On-hudson, a ooun try seat and live cottages, containing about live and a quarter acres of land, tastefully laid oat and or namented. and stocked with the choicest varieties of fruit and forest trees. Tbe premises are bounded west erly by the Hudson ilver, (of which, as well as of in land sceaery, tbey command an extensive view), and are within three minutes walk of the railroad depot. Tbey will be sold separately, or together. Apply to the proprietor, Mr. Henry Kattenhorn. on the premiies; ot to ROBERT S. ROWLEY, 262 Broadway. For sale? the hoose and lot 42 first ave nue, between Second and Third streets. The house is twenty feet front by forty deep, and the lot about seventy -seven feet deep. For terms apply at ISO Tenth street. TT^OR SALE? THE THREE STORY BRICK FRONT T house H*5 Tentu street, between Third an.l Fourth avenue*. House contains all the modern improvements. For terms apply at ISO Tenth street, one door east of Third avenue. For saij? ? two new four story brick houses, 48 and 52 West Twenty sixth street, fifteen feet nine iucbes front and rear by sixty feet deep, with mo dern improvements. For terms apply at 180 Tenth street, one door east of Third avenue. J7>0K SALE? THE LEAS! OF LOT NO. 10 CATHE T rine street, with tbe buildings thereon. Tbe leas* will expire en the first day of May, 1867. Buildings to be paid for, or mw lease given. Tbe lot is twenty -live feet one and a half inch front, and twenty five feet In the rear; and on north side 114 feet nine inchas, and on south side 112 feet ooe inch deep Apply at No. 180 Tenth street, one door east of Third avenue.' FOR SALE? THE LEASE OF 1.0T NO. 131 ANTHONY ftreet. l?tse will expire August 1, 1440; no re newal. I.ot is about twenty two feet front andarear, and about sixty feet deep. Also the lease of lot No. 7T Centre street, corner of Anthony. Lease will expire Nor. 1, 1860; buildings to be paid for, or new Isase given. Lot is twenty-nine feet front a no rear, and about sixty feet deep. Apply at No. 180 Tenth street, one door east of Third avenue. Farms for sale, or exchange for good city property.? One of 58 acres, eight miles from New ark, under a high state of cultivation, one of lo0 acres, ( 100 improved ,) in Tioga count v. New York ; ooe of 50 acres, near Jsmaira, rich sell, and superior Improve ments. CHAS R. Mil. 1 .Kit, 106 Broadway. Farm iots for sale cheap.? a desirable (arm containing humired acres. witb good I.oum aod bain, handsomely located, in Sullivan county ueir tb? F.ri? railroad. For particulars, apply to N. M'ORAW, 45ft Broadway. For sai.e or to let? in thf. vili age ok ny ark , Rockland count;, the hott-1 known a* tbe York House. The above house contain* fort/ nont, aad is considered tbe best stand in tbe county. Also, ouj (our story brick store. it ii well adapted for mercantile or manufacturing purposes. For particular* applv t> THEOOORF. P08S. M Pearl street, New York, o? to A/.ARIAII ROB?, on the premises. FOR SALE AND TO LET? THE STOCK AND Fix tures ot the old established porterh-?tse ?07 Graa<l street. Inquire aa above. For sai.e, at a bargain? the -roos, fix turaa, and four year* lean* of ttie oil established boot and shoe More. No. 52 Avenue D, ue?r a large mar ket Tbe stock i* in good order, aud the atore fitted tip in tbe neateat manner, with glass uahe* throughout, and fixture* painted and gilded in the best manner. There ia a good run of customers, with a trad* of $'J00 a week, and can be increased to (500 in ordinary time*. The reason tor selling ia the drath of the formnr proprie tor, who ha* done business there, and ia the neighbor boo 1. for the lart 12 yesr*. Rent low and tarmi easy. The: ' is a dwelling attached to tbe store. This i* aa opportunity rarely to be met with tor any person going in this business For particulars, inquire on the pre mises, ot of R. WHITE, 169 Water street. HOUSE AND ABOUT SEVEN ACKE3 OF LAND FOR sale In Monro*, Orange County, on the line of the New York and Erie Railroad. 2 Jj hoars from New York city; bouse built last year; price $2,400 For fur ther particulars address C. B Newklrk. Monroe, On age County, New York: or inquire at 489 Sixth ayenus. Property in new yore to exchange for property in Bergen. West Uobokea, Newtown or Harlem ? A "first clasa four story honse and lot to ec change for a small farm, or a large two atory cottage, about three miles from tliefetry. Apply at 470 Fourth street. (TO TINMEN ? FOR SAI.E AN OI.D ESTABLISHED X store and tin sbop in Monroe, Orange Coaaty, on the line of tbe New York and Erie Railroad, pries $700. No competition in the place. Address C. B. Newkirk, Monroe, Orange County, New York. mo H ADDRESSERS.? FOB SALE. THE LEASE. STOCK X and'~$?tur*s of tbe old established hairdreasiac. sharing aod shampooing saloon t277 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Apply in the store, immediately. STPHOiaTERY EST A BI .ISH MENT FOR SALE? OF I mattresses and bedding, and cashions of all kiada, ere ia now doing a good wholesale and retail buaineaa, in a city of 00.000 inhabitants, and no opposition ia th? trade ; the present owner is about to go to California. Apply to B. F., 194 Broad street, Newark. N. J. VALUABLE TIMBERED AND FARMINO LANDS, aear James rlyer. Virginia, for aale ?The sub scriber oilers (or sale, ia qaantitie* to salt purchaser*, 3.5W acres of land, aear tidewater, in Surrey county, Vs., heavily timbered, principally with piae, bet con taining cohaiderable oak, poplar, cypress, fee., and an almost inexhaustible quantity of piae aad *ak weed. There is. probably, no tract of land in market eabrae lngsa large an area, and atfbrding so maay adraatag** for tbe wood, charcoal and lumber trade as the a bo re. The uaderaigatd having just built, oa their owa pn rat* account. an excellent plank road, ill miles in length, Intersecting tbe tract and connecting it thereby witb tidewater. The Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad paaets within 2X miles, another railroad, built oa arirateac .... river. Tbn "post e?ee, - ? , ,. ,y> i ,1 1 w iii ir, distant by plank road. In addition to the abore, the subscriber* oTer tor sale three excellent farms, nearly srerv acre well atarlad. building improvement* extensive, aa<i geaerally ta good repair. Addre** by letter, or ia peraoa. PACt, PITT MAN A PFRKINH, Petersburg. Va. count, paases witbia 3U miles* to Jamoe l village of Cabin Point, with telegraph and *; betels and stoies, is but three m les distaa HOKSKB, CARRIAOII, AO. ' FOH 8A1.K? A BAY HORMC, 1? HAKIM HIUB, eonnd, aad kiad in single aad double harness, eaa trot inside 2 SO Also, a light tr >t*.ing wagon, sleigh, one setof hsrness, whin, stable aad dress blankets, re bee. beds, hf All to be sold together, as the own** is abeM leaving the city. Apply at *4 aad 90 Meroer street. Livery stable for sale.? thf. srocr Fix tures and good will, together with a lease o' Bvw years, with tb? privilege of purchase of the stsble N'e 4b West Fifteenth stteet, now doing one of tbe best busi nesses in the city. Also, severs! pi i isle carriages fee aale cheap Apply oa tbe premises V ,i e, oor n?r Thirty ninth street this lay, at 12 o'clock, ?ale of horses, wagons, bs trust, sleighs, ro'jee, bells, btjukets, Ae., at auction a'.so withoi t reaer**, a last tvouinw iior?e, sleigh an?t harness bells, lilaaketa, be , a ce-nplete establishment snl one brown liorse, r - r fsst. OEORGK CI KMON* a. ctioaeer. Honor PunrK, sa'iSsmsn. S" I F1GHS FOR SAIE.-TWO f.i?,HT tOKOIiK HO^^K pongs got up in liaa !?om? shape aad style pnje, $.'0 each. Inq' Ir* a' No. 0T Pearl n.-eet, uack' office. :nqo!r? at No. 07 i'esrl st,-eet, uack office. A.SHIM TON.? FOR SAIJT, THE FAST TWTTLV9 bay stalliea, Wasbingtaa, 10^ haals hlgti, tee W . ? years old, perfectly aoaad aal k^td Waahligwa Is ?aper'er foal getter, a* all bis stock has jmssl. Vjg faS partiemW' apply at 94 aad VI Mertsr s'reet. REsTMatm one ? Ha:v a* rri*L,(i.ATtTRi ??? OrtNEf m islsn ' plank road, ia now open for tHe ?**' on of *!r<f i a/ parties Music constantly o* aa-ti.

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