Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1855 Page 7
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mxmmm eemewo etbrt bit WtRDOK) iVD Looans. 786 BROADWAY, CORNER Off TENTH STREET, nearly opposite Grace Church.? Handsome furnished rooiLc and bedrooms for single gentlemen wad gentlemen and their wives, at redu -ed prices. Kot.-aaM, 186 Tenth ibwL RrftiraeM exchanged. 6) A 1 BOWERY. -MRS. MERRITT CAN ACCOMM0 ?i. TJ. dale tfcrwe or (oar gentlemen with fall plain board. Terms (if per week. Also, a tow day hoarders will be accommodated. Keferenca, Aic. rjf\ HUNKUN STKEET, FIRST HOCPE WEST OF I v Broadway, neatly furaiahed room*, with bedroom* Mtached, oo the first and aecoad floor a, for gentlemen ; tsvaU||i served if required; alao, one or two (ingle ?OBMoTwlocg^pge; cleanliaess strictly observed. A A* HOWARD STREET A GENTLEMAN AND HIS 40 wife, er two single gentlemen . can be accommo dated with well famished apartments, with or without full ur partial board, in a highly resectable private family. Tbe Engliah, French , Spanish, and Italiac lan guages rpoken. Ttrma moderate. References ex changed. 1 6) WEST THIRTEENTH STREET.? TO LKT, A HAND JL^5 aomely foriiiahed parlor and bedroom on second hoot - also two furnished rooms od third loor. House hits all the modern improvements, bath, gas, &c. Apply as above. 3 BOND STREET. NEAR BROADWAY ? FURNISHED rooms with full or partial board. Dinner at half past t o'clock. A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR A YOUNG GENTLE umn desirous of finding a quiet, respectable place to board with a private family; co children. Terms mo derate. Come and tee for yourrelf at 180 Spring street. . ... GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE ACOOMMODA* ?a '-vl wi:h a seeoml story room and the comforts oi a Hr home, ID a bonne replete with the modern improvements, ? by applying at 21 West Twenty second street, near tbe Fifth avt nue. Only three other boarder* in the bouse. B Referent es exchanged. W A BEA UTDTJL FURNISHED FROST PARLOR, WITH W J\_ a bedroom and two pantries, and two other bed. r rooms to let, separate or together, at 25 Lispenard Ntreet A NEATLY FURNISHED BEDROOM, SUITABLE FOR a single gentleman, can be obtained with full or partial board, at 01 I'rinee street, west of and near Broadway . House first claae, wi'.h the modern improve ments. EOBHD? TWO GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMAN AND wife, can be accommodated with a large room, with bedroom adjoining, with a private family, and in a boaae with all the modern improvements, and a very reepecta ble neighborhood, by applying at 116 West Twenty-first street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. BOARD? WITH I'LEASANT ROOMS, ON REASONABLE terms, at No. 8 Beach street, near St. John's park. ^ ' 20ARP? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, W1TII PLEASANT room*, for a gentleman and his wife, or two er e single gentlemen. Apply at No. 3 Third avenue, one door from the corner of Seventh street. SkOARD.? ROOMS AND 8C1 TS OF ROOMS, FOR GEN I tiemec and their wives, or single gentlemen, can obtained in a highly respectable family, by applying at No. 0 Perry street, Ashland place, accessible by cars ?nd mages to all par is of the city . rooms furnished or onforutsbed. References exchanged. (X>0A?D.? TWO BEAUTIFUL FRONT PARLORS, WITH Bt bedroom* attached; one from parlor xith a large clothes' press, and m-veral small rooms, all handsomely furoibbed, to let, with board, in a Brut class boarding ksist, U6>?' Grand street. BOARD? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH or without board, can be obUined in a private family. The location is near Ninth street and Fifth avenue. The rooms are parlors, with can, baths, Ac. Re ferences required. Address liome, Union square Post Office. Will not mote on first of May. S?GAKL> rX)R A GENTLEMAN A'.'D WIFE, WITH A I rait of newly furn?hed roema, on second floor, at Eart Twenty- vecond street, where there will bo but tery few Mlect boarder* anil no children. Dinner at 6 ?'clock. No moving let of Mfcy. Ki trence exchanged. Board in a private family may be had at a n.??u rate, for agreeable and aatiiUctory parties, in Hood (treat, near Broadway. Reference* re quired. Addreee Board, la Bond *treet, Union aquare Poet Office. Board, at iwentyfive ninth strut. ? fine nuife? of room, end a ngle roonrn, with or without board, mil 7 be had an above. The houae ii tirat claaa, and newly furnished throughout; modern improve mtnt*, he. Board wantei>? by a lady, in the family ol a French female tea:her, where lemon* can be ?o the Freich language Turma mult be moderate. Reftrenrer given and required. Addreca H. J. N., for one week, tierald cffice. Board wanted? a pleasant room, with to.?.rci, in a private fanr.ily, or where there are hut lew boarder*, not higher up town thin Bond atreet. Addreaa, itatiB( term*, Ac., hoi 4,214 1'oat Ofli X>0aRD WAYTED? FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, ANl) 11 daughter 6 yearn old, from middle of April or lit of ?ay. I'leaaant room, furnished or unfarniahed, con venient or eaey of aeeMi to the lower part of the city. A?dro?? A. B., itat eg term*, wbicb muat b# low, and location, for three day*. BiOARD WANTED.? WANTKD. A NICELY FUR I b.bhed room, for a gentleman end lady, hoar 1 for y caly , in a ? mall family, where there are no other boaruera. Any party deairing boarders where nuiet and ret rw.w >e would be an object, tbey would no doubt And tieeirable ?c?upanti in the advertiser. Addreaa Edward*, Rroadway I'oit Office, atating location and loweat terma in advai<< a, tor a permanency. BOAhD WANTED IN SOUTH BROOKLYN? BV A RiLgie gentleman, a lurniahed room, witn bathroom convenient to it, and partial board, in a private family; French or Gent an preferred. A fair price will be given tor good accommodation!. Addreea L. M. , 11 Herald ?Ace. XJOARMNG.? TO liT-A NEATLY FURNISHED 1? front room, aultable for a gentleman and wile, or tec ?icg'* gentlemen; aleo a a ngle room. The houae ia pleasantly situated, and furniahed with bath*. Appl| at 21 Nc.-Ui Moore etreet, for one week. Boarding.? a private family wish to let, with board, to a gentleman and wife, or two tingle gentleman, an anfuraiabad front room on aei-oml floor, and hall bedroom if wanted. Referencea given and re qnired. laqeire at No. 19 Pike itreet. No moving let af May. Boarding.? three or four gentlemen can be accommodated with board, at No. 14 Hubert itreet. Bath and gma ia the houae. Boarding? at 10. waverley place, third door weet of Waahihgtou park. a front room and bed room ran he baa immediately, with hoar J, by a gentle man and wife or single gentleman. Hoiae drnt cla-a. OARDING? AT #4 WARKEV STRKF.r.-OflMFORlA bie room* for aingle gentlemen or a gentleman and ffia wife. Ladiaa acoommodated with board at moderate prteaa. Day boatrderit accommodated with board at 1-0 per wtek. X) OA RUNG ? A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN OK II tain pleaaant room* with board, in a private family, by applying at 101 Second avenue. BOARMNG AT NO. 6:14 BROADWAY? TWO GEN tieinen and their wlvee can l>e accommodate.) with parlor* and bedroom" on the aecond floor, front . aod board ; uaewiae, two gentlemen, with "ingle rooma and hoard. | OARDING IN AN AMERICAN FAMILY.? TWO OR three "ingle gentlemen can be accommodated with fall or partial hoard; ?!??. a geatVman and hi- wife. App'y at 4U Orchard "treat, between (irand and H*?ter EROOBLYN? A GENTIFMAN AND WIFE CAN HAVE board with room* on ?*-<-ond floor, unfurnnbed, in a imall private lair.ily ; location vry deairable. Apply at No. U<2 DuffieM atreet, aear Fulton avenue. BROOKLYN.? A FINE FRONT ROOM, WITH OON nectiag liedrocm, on mud floor alio, a front riKU on the third, with full or partial board, In a private Loom, *o?tam>ng gaa, bath. k>\ ; very respectable neighborhood, and only a few minute* walk from either Atlantic nr Wall atreet lerrie*. ieim* very moderate. Apply at 242 Henry meet. Beautifully furnished mm to i.kt 10 aingle geiitlemeo, with h??rd if required, in a ?t.Hctly private family The houae ia new, anJ ha* all the mo dei a improvement*. hoqulre at lll)( ^inth *tre?;, fear do< r? wert of Broadway. Reierencea re<|uir*d. "piiGANT ItnurniED ATARTMENII TO LEr.? IN ri .he Crtt claaa houae. No. & Groat Jcnea atreet. near Broadway, replete with every convenience. *u table for ihreea ngle fn'leaaen, either together or aeparate. Apply at ft Graat Joaea ?' reet FiRNi-HKli Rooms to a R(iom. BEIiR'kim i nd kitchen, with cook atove, he., to a *mal! re ?pe<'ta>?ie lamily . alao, Mime rooma uni urmahed. Apply at 111 Waat Twenty fourth atteet, near Heveath even ie ?WJ?ORNlrHf.D ROOM TO L>iT DOWN TOWN TWO JF large, pleaiant pa/loi* na the ??. i.od aod third JTcra, well furaiafced. wttlmut l oard. Rath in tb? houae. with hot aad cold water. Apply at JO White at/eet, weat of Broadway. ' ' LOD61N(> ROOM^-NVAR ([Roadway, NEAT1.Y funi'thed, to let to aingle geatlemen, at tJ and 3 Ml per weal raoai* Occupied by -.wo, (1 M each, at w>e re pee hotel, lob ??read atreet, one .;o?-r 1> ,in ' roa bf itreet YIOUNCE. ONE BiNf.lK GFN1LEMAN, OH TWO ^l-BING TO occupy tbe ?eme iM m, can be actommclated with partial beard ia a private family, by applying at No. ito jwiaty iecoad atreet, letweec Eighth aod Niath ave ro?a Term* reaecniable WVATF POARI) IN A FKIAifl FAMILV-TWOREAU tiful parlor*, front aad hack, on the Ere*. Bo> r alao. a pari or on tlx iceaal t? Ipt, fornialMd or bafur aiebio, wttk fall or partial hoar 1. to a gwatleaioe atel tady or gcrlteoeeo The boaeo ' "i.taiB * a talk leoot I Hvatf table if ue */nl Ap^'y at ftU3 tfioeme BOAHDnra umuioeDe. RTVATK BOABDLHa.^arVKRAX VtRY I'LKASANT room, in rait* on separately, furnished or unfur led, can be had with board on reasonable terms, in a f mate family. icniding at 280 Fourth avenue, opposite Calvary Church. The bouse la finely located, and ha* all the modern improvement* Keference* exchanged. Booms ? two or three gentlemen can ob taia very deairahle suite* of roomi. or tingle room*, with partial hoard, if required, in a first class brown stone front bouse with all the modern improve ments, convenient ta the car* anil stages. No. 71 West Fourteenth streak, first heuse west of Sixth a venae. r LIT? AT 110 GRAND STREET, TWO LARGlC FOR oished rooms, also, several small rooms, for "ingle gentlemen, with or without board. Kooms lighted with gas. WANTED-A lUMDWJMF.I.Y FURNISHED BOOM, with breakfast and tea, in a private family, by a single gentleman, where he can enjoy the comforts of a home. Address, stating terms and location, A Foreigner, Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A Sl'IIA ble room, with partial board, in an American pri vate family. Address, with particulars, K. B., Herald office. WANTEI>? PARTIAL BOARD, BY TWO YOCNG gentlemen, in a strictly private family, who >'*ve a large bedrojm to (pare; location between Frank I'D and Eighth streets, a short distance off Broadway. I ^exceptionable reference given and required. Terms i <?". to exceed $10 per week. Address M. P., box 1,088 1 i'tt Office. FMABCIAh. Acaa AAA -money io loan on du fflyUViVuUe monds, watches, jewelry, se gErh, pianofortes, merchandize and personal property generally. Business confidential and executed promptly at 78 Nassau street, first Boor, back office. FLORENCE ft CO , Brokers. (Jh 1 ?? A AAA ?TO LOAN, OR will buy at l? lOU vf vf " ? *lght for cash, merchandise, jewelry, diamonds, plate, or personal property of aay description, io sums from $10 upwards, at the old es tablished and responsible Pacific Loan Office, corner of Broadway and Grind street, over the Pacific Bank. All transactions strietly confidential and safe, and no hum bug. Ill (fn AAA TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCH IHDUiUvv ??, jewelry, fee, or bougtt for cash. Jood city stocks, netes, beads and mortgages, bills of eat tftange, Ik., negotiated. Business confidential, ana promptly executed, at 101 Nassau ttreet, room No. 1 THOMPSON ft 00.. brokers and commission merchants. ClAQ AAA T0 WAN< AT SEVEN PER CENT., iJP VI O ? VvU on bond and mortgage on improved real estate, in thi ? city or Brooklyn, In sums to suit ap plicants. Also $40,000 to invest In the purchase of mortgeges. Apply to J. K. COOK, Jr., No. 4 New street, near Wall. ffi?A AAA T0 1X1 A* ON DIAMONDS, IflyO V/* V/\J v7 watehes, jewelry, ftc , or bought for cash. Notes, stocks, hoods and mortgages nego tiated; real estate bought, sold and exchanged. All business strictly confidential. < HEESMHAN, BKA1.STLB ft Co., Brokers, 3 b John rtreet, corner of Nassau. ?rA AAA- TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. WAT. BOvFev/vfVr ches, jewelry, segars, and mer chandise generally, or bought out. Bonds and mort gagee bought and sold. Mooey constantly on baDd at 14? William street, near Fulton, np stairs. FORBl'HB ft CO., loan and commission brokers. AAA ?MONEY To LOAN, ON DIAMONDS, ?^t) UUv. watches, jewelry, plate, guns, pis tols, ?merchandizz, Ac., or bought for cash. Business confidential an<l safe. Apply at the old established lean office, 237 Grand street, corner of Bowery, second floor. N. B. WOOLEY. tibQA AAA ?MONEY TO LOAN, ON D1A nP^VsVUVs mends, watches, jawelry, plate, Ivy goods, Mgars, er merchandise ef every description; business confidential; il2 Broadway, and IbU niton ?treat, room 11, third story. STEEL, ft CO. dh-| rw AAA TO LOAN, IN SUMS OK ?800 AND loJLV/- v v/ V/ opwards, on three, ail, nine anil twelve month ? , security on bond* and mortgages, or weald purchase flrat mortgagee. Address R. C., Herald office. rfS <7 7A? -BONDS AND MORTGAGES FOR JJ) | a | V/f ) sale.? One of $5,000 on Brooklyn pro perty, worth (12,(100, aa<l four mortgagee, li of ?620, $7CO. $700. and ??S6, on property in King* to mty, of two or three time* the amount of mortgage Apply to ("HARLAN R. MILI.ER, auctioneer, 104 Broadway <8SA ANY GENTI.KMAN IN THE OOCTN iC')?ul/v? try who can inform me of a health* location whete industry anil capital will he well reward ed will center a I avor by addressing Exodus, Broadway Poet Ofli 'e. ffil JT AAA 10 ?l&i00* ? WANTED TO LOAN, TOR Wi7t#e"v/\/ three er Ave years, payment secured by mortgage on real estate worth three time- the sum requireu, and policy of iaauraace assigned. A large com miss oo f iv?n if obtained soon Inquire of S. L. JOHN. >0N, 212 Broadway, room No. 3. (JJDAA WANTED? ON A HOUSE AND LOF IN ?OUU South Brooklyn; alio, $18,000 wanted on lour homes and lota in this city. Apply to E. COM lis, Auctioneer. 244 Orand (tract. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT. OR PURCHASED at fight, diamond*, watch**, rich jewelry, and valuable personal property generally. R. WOOD, AO Fulton street, second floor, front room, from 0 A. M. to 4 P. M. THE FLORENCE AND KEY PORT JOINT COMPANIES. ? The laat annual report may be had at the office in New York ar Philadelphia, where subscription to the ?toch of the North and .south Air 1-in* Company may be made at any time prior to the 4th day of March on the terma stated in the report. Plan and Chartar of the North aad South Air IJne Coopauy may be had of any of the stockbrokers throughout the Union, to whom th*y will be forwarded on receipt of their address at the office in New York. THOMAS I/JYD, Treasurer. Union. Fab. 12. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION. Of, WARREN STREET, one door from Greenwich. ? Open daily from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M., and 4 to 1 P. M. Interest at the rate of six per cent allowed on all sums from tl to I MX). The funds of tbla institution are securely invests! la bonds and mortgagee in the city of New York, worth double the amount loaned, and in londs in thia ilty. (.'A I. KB 8. WOODHUIX, Pre* idea t. M. if' Vixftf, J Vlc* Pr'*id,'nt' ViM-sjiHiLT I,. BriTO*, Secretary. T 1BERAL CASH ADVANCES MADE ON HOI HEHOIJ I l furniture, pianofortes, watches, jewelry, nautical instruments, firearms, fcc., left to be told at aactioa, er the same bought eut fur - ash and higbaat price paid at the auction store, 2t i atbrrtoa street, comer of Haary . McCAFFRAY Jk WAI.TERH Loan wanted.-a h-oan of ?io,ooo on im proved property, bow paying 14 per cent, in the city of Brooklyn, for a term of from three to Ore years, at the option cr the lender, at legal interest, payable semi annually. I^e security offered is worth at least treble the amount required, aad is a very deairahl* op portunity for a safe investment on productive real estate. Address I,. M. F., Post Otto*, Eastera district, Brooklyn. Money ? cash liberally advanced on watches, diamands, pianofortes, furniture, or any other description of property, at the agency and loaa <?1! ? e. .104 Broadway, corner fiiiasie atMSt, ?econd floor, room No. ?. Confluence and honor may be relied upon. Branch office, M West Hat'-eoth street. M'LOI'GHI.IN k O'NEII Money to i.oan? persons bsquhumo tem porary advances on real estate, diamonds, watch**, eselry. furniture, pianofortes, wine, spirits, and per sonal property of every description, can be immediately accinmodated, on liberal terms, and the strictest confl uence observe*, at the Empire I-uan and Agency "ffi :*, 321 Broadway. CASEY * CONIJCY Money loaned stokes, houses and i/>t< bougbt, sidd sad lessed; reals aad other moneys I milei-ted . lite aad Fire Insurance *fl?ct* I . credits ar ranged and goods purchased for city or country ; an 1 commissions general); faithfully sad promptly e?e ' cutset by Walker k Co.. 76 Nassau >treet. Witbers * peterson, bankers. stock an? exchange brokers, 41 aad 4)Hoath Third strssl I Philadelphia ? Stock and Corporation laans bought aac said < a comacissioa , promissory aotes and drafta, nego tiated collections mads upon all accessible pom's a the ! aeer. '. ry , drafta oa other sities, la sums to aait par afeasers. flT ANTED, FOR TWO OR FIVE YEA We- 1. 700 |w?I. Vv !ar? wsn'ed, on bond and mortgage oa f.rst claas improved and ualn umbered housa ami lot, in the city of New York, worth Ave times the above amo int. yevea per cent interest will be allowed, but no brokerage or I 1 1 mrr. -su e. Add- ess B. L . Herald "Ihce II* ANTED, BY A LADY? TWO HUNDRED DOIJ.ARK vv Would board a gec'.>maa aad wife wi*h room and n., (Ire and ga> included. for ten dollars tmr week, or would give one person board, for the us* of tb ! above sum, for months. Reference given Ad dress Board. Herald office. Mll.l IM 1(1 I-(KIIk J'CST OFFNEI - A rPLJENDID STOCK of STRAW bonnets, Preach flrwera, he., tog. tter with a gene r?l assortment of muliLgry goods, wi;i t* .,,i .> to par. kasera at reduced pr. -e?. HOMER * KkTt'Hl M Nos. 64 an. M John -treet. corner William street 1 a ? Just received, one do/ea cartons rich wb:t* ostrich ate Marabout leather*. BILLIARD#. BiluaRD TAiiily WANTED-A rr-T KI! . Hard tables waatad to h.ra, *ith |r'Viley?of p ir jkaslga. if re<jui???L A i.n? s.d dressed to JEVKUf' k 1 MJwhK, New Yorh Beraid effire, will rei rs taiMeli ate attention S |NE srettsv hAUJi M* I WOOl) T AHIX, IM I ICR V/ fert order su'tatle for private or euU c uat wut be aok. at a hargs. a ?<ta sptea.lid smhA of new taUae cowipie*.* laa he sswa at (ui factory . HO A an street ORIFTITB k BACKS TEmHTff MDG1STBR. 4 VALUABLE LUMBER AND COAL YARD TO LET.? 11m above U situated it Vaaderbilt'a landing, B Idaad, compriaei about fort; lota or grwind, with a bulibead of 5M fc?t ou the bay. U baa boo occupied m a lumbar, coal ana brick yard since 1848, and la eoo> aidarad o ne of the bait locationi 'in the State. It will ba rentec from tbe lit of March, 1M5. for furtbar parti cular* Inquire of WM. H VANDERB1LT, Bouthflald, States Iilaod. A ROOM TO LET IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TO A JJx liogle gentleman, without board. Apply at 252 Writ Twentysecond street, corner of Ninth avenue. Broadway stores ro let or lease. -store* 40b aad 408 Broadway, bait location on tha itraat my business; alao, upper part of bouae 400 Brovd wav, now occupied aa a millinery, also. aecood, third and fourth floori of 391 Broadway. suiiaole for any bual neea. Apply to A M. k R. DaVIFM, :iV7 Broadway. t COUNTRY BOUSE, KURNI8BKD, TO LET OR TOR / aala; baa been let for a boarding place, at Patrona Rya. Inquire at 92 Grand itraat, Williamsburg. CORNER OK BROADWAY AND GRAND STREET? TO leaia, tbe property on tbe southeast corner of Broadway and Grand itreet, formerly known aa Ameri can Ball, t?lng 30 feet on Broadway and 100 feet oa Grand itreet. Will be laaaed for twenty-one yeara from May next. Any firm wishing it tor their own bualneaa, and wishing to improve it, can borrow a part of the money of the ovner. Inquire on the ptemiiee, between 2 and 8 P. M. FURN1SBED BOl'SH TO LET? A BEAUTIFUL HOL'SE up town, in view of Madiion square, and apiendldly furnished throughout, would be let to a email privat family, if arrangement* could be made to live with th ? family by tlx- gentleman and lady, lately married, wbo occupy the house, ai tke bouae iaeimoi*. too large for a small family Addreea N E B., box -01 Herald offl'-e. Poaieeiion given immediately if required. OITKTEH TO LET? IN THK BUILDING NO. 34 X Pine itreet ? tbe tint floor ii well eituated for a lire insurance company; can be bad at reasonable rente by early application to WM. REDMOND, 30 line itreet. QPACI0V8 LOKTS, &3 CORTLAND STREET, NEXT O to Merchanta' Hotel, to let; a deairabla location for caeb and ihort pay trade. Alao haaement. CONKl.lNG h CO., 33 Cortland itreet. to uct? basement office. 4 hanover btrhct, for $360. 20 LET? HOTEL DIEZ, 54 BARCLAY STREET, KAC ing College place and the Hudaon Kirer Railroad ota. Tbe Sixth and Eighth Avenue Railroad! turn up" Barclay atnet, immediately in front of the bouae. One of the beet location! for a hotel in the city. Apply to WOLFE, GILLESPIE k CO., 103 I'earl atreet. mo i.rr-A public hoi se, with sitting room, X and other apartment! if required. Alio, two lane rooms, with four aute-roomi adjoining, luitable for ?ocietiei or military purpoees. Apply at 126 Grand it TO LET? THE DWEIXJNG BOI SE 183 FRANKLIN itreet, a lew iloori west of Hudson itreet. Tha hours ii three storiee, brick front, well arranged for a Cnteel family, and in an excellent neighborhood. Reat 60. Apply to C. WOIFK, 724 Broadway. TO LET? TBE SPACIOUS LOFTS, OK STORE 100 JOHN itreet, to let. For particular! inquire oa the are miaei. TO LKT? PO-SKSSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY? THE first class three story house No. (10 West Twenty sixth itreet. Apply oa the premiiea. TO LET? TBE SECOND, TBIRD, FOURTH FLOOR* and baiemmt, of 29 Beekmau itriet, all being IK) feet deep , well lighted, front, rear and aide, alao afrcot room oo the fifth floor of 31 Beokman itreet; alao the filth loor of 33, 100 feet deep, well lighted oa four sides; alio the third floor of 24 Beekman atreet, 83 feet deep. Any of the above will be divided to suit tenant!. Inuuire of J. CONNER k PONS. _____ TO UST.? STEAM POWER AND WELL LIGHTED roomi, 131, 133 and 136 Mercer street. Geo H Ritcbier, 136 Mercer itreet, aad K. P. Haughwout, btil Ilroadway. Rooma to rent also at BOO Bioadway. TO LET? THE HOUSE 64 KUAN KLIN STREET, NEAR Hrofdway, with pannage way from rear of lot 'ji Cortland t ally; rent 11,-00 per anrriui. Apply to JOHN W HAMERSLKY. No. & Naaaau *tie?t, third *tory. r? IJET ? THE LAROK AND UOMMOIHOUS DWELLING part* of hiuae* New. 37A, 384 unit 374 Fourth av>-ou?, onaieting of twelve room* ami kitchen, with bath*, ga* future*, dumb waiter*, Ac. Kent $iU0, t.'i'J.'i an 4 $.S.'>0. Al?o, the *Uir? 37fl Fourth avenue, (alio* store.) Ap ^!y to E. H. KIN.-JJIMKR, 319 Fourth ? venue, from 3 to TO LET? 773 BROADWAY, SECOND FL'*>R, TWO large well lighted room*, (citable for a pbyai clan, dentlrt, milliner, tailor, or any light buaiueaa, aJao, a parlor ami bedroom, furmaued, for * rlogle gen tleman, wlthgaa, bath, lie. Apply aa above. rpo UCT?THK FIRST CI.AS8 I) WEI. UNO HOI Hl?, I No*. 11- ami 114 l/eonard atreet, uear Hro.-utw?y. The bouae* have bot nud cold water, furnace, bath, A?. Will be let together, an at present, or ?eparat?ly, to lint cla** tenant*. Apply to HENRY HKATR, 2Wt wkj TO LET? THK THREE fcTORY HOUSE, 87 CUFF ?tr- ft, together with the two upper Boor* of the houee adjoining. The houae* are in good itmdltion, with bot und col<l water bath*, and range in kitchen ia a de airable location for a boarding bona*. Aim., tbe hou-e S3 Cliff itreet, with tbe *ame 'oovenience*, will b* let aa a bora Apply at 85 C'lill (troet. r) 1JT. ? THK DWELUNO HOUSE 93 WHITE STREET to let, on tbe l*t of March. Rent $700 per annum Furniture for *al*. Apply o? tbe premiM*, between tha hour* of 12 and 3. TO LET? THE WHOU: OR FART OF a i,ar ;k FOUR atory bouae, completely furniabed, la a delightful location, near Waahlagton square. To parties in *aarch of adeairable honae, wbo can giro good security, thia i? a rare opportum.y. Foesemion iaj mediately . Inquire at 114 Waverley plaoa. rpo LET? THE THREE STORY, ENOIJSH BASEMENT JL dwelhog bouae, 231 Waet Thirtieth atraet, between Eighth and Ninth aeaauaa. The bouae i* In exoalleat order, and liaa e*?ry modem noavenlaac*; poa**e*iun glvm immediately, rent >000. Can be aeeo any day after 2 F. M. mo LET ? A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS BCILWNOS, X with all tbe BKxWn improvement*, ia tha upper Bart of tbe city . alao, tbe atorw and back room No 1 rrry ?tnrt. and a number of oflloei ia tbe baildioga 20b and 304 Broadway. Apply to E. BLOOMER, 20# Broadway. rpO LET? A I'ARJjOR. OR TWO TOGETHER, (BACK 1 and Iront) furniabed. at UtOChaal atreet, alao tba entire tblrd Boor, suitable for a amall Mat family, cou ?lating of front aad back rooau, with bedreorn, bath room, Ac., all convenient. We prefer to lot litem un furaiehed rpO LET- A 8K0MD AND THIRli FUXJR, riUITABUC X (or a fancy gooda Importer, or any light buaiaee*. Inquire of J. PKEMICE, No. 1 Chamber* atneet 10 Lkl ? PART or A HOUSE, IN* EXCEU-KNT RE pair, within a few doora of Broadway; gaa and water privilege* below (aaal atreet. Addre** S. T., Herald oHlce. T< ? I FT? !-! EA M FOW Kit A Nl > W KM I M. JI m > K< Xi If ?>. ?ear Broadway, lo No*. 7, 0, 11. aad 13 Canal at., fronting alao oa him and Walker streeta, at eery low rate*. Apply to Mr. Guaou, eagmeer, 102 Walker at. TO I>.T? A I AlUiE 1TIONT ROOM ON THK OKOl NO Boor, furniabed or unlurmabed . caa be bad for bu*i I nea* purpoee* with more r>?ai If requirwd, till Mayor longer . alao two attic roeiau, oa rear iriabie term*, at ?M? White etreet. foar door* we*to t Broadway. rp?> 1 i I NO H I. TON Mlim, A I.AIUiK UA-K | 1 ntent, aultable (or a reetaurant ar almoat any , wbn|e*ale or retail bu*ine*a tbe locaUoa beiag one of the beat in tbe city It ia quit* light, troat aad roar, ! and ha* a commodioti* entrant* . gooda can be akown to i treat advantage rent f ? alao, aa office and a roocn , ruitabi* for an artlat, having a north *ky light. Apply faialea'i I'apor Hanging atore No o. i'altoa atrwi ( r> U.T- THE STOhE ANDOLlJtlW UN THI eait cornfr of Seventh avenue and Weet Twent) i Ihlni atreet *100 feet *tre?t), 'Ml b/Mfa*t, t? a goo 1 tenant will be ieaaed for a term of rear* Inquire o' SEAMAN LOWBUtE, :w7 spring *tr*et TI lil U'.OM MaV FIRST THK HOI SK AND ?tore 96 Cherry atreet. Alao, the hou*e ami (tore 91 Cherry *tr**t. For term* apply at MHl Houatoo etreet. IVi LET? THE HASK.MKNT NO. WIIJ IAM HTREi T. corner of Maiden lane, from now until the l?t of Hay. Rent cheap. Apply to M. WII*SON, corner of Cortlandt *'reel and Rraadway a r? urr? fAirr of a uknteel two story brh k houac, aad furniture for <ale, if re?|iiir*d. For par tkular*. apply at f>^' Tbonipeon atreet, letewn Hruome and Spntig * rpf? UT? THK STORE AND BA -EMKNT, OR KNTIRK J S?. by 106 knildivg, 321 Hnwdaay, wtth roiiitera ? fixture*, ill .loth, ' arpota, deaka, mirn>r*. Ate . tomp>te. Apply to Ol.OROE I*. roX, on tbe pr m aea ?elltiig or tr.e prooent *tock, at aay '-oat or loaa, t> make room f<>r *pnn( fuhloaable importation*. Not e. ? Kemoviag to i* 1 Broadway, epp?>?tte tbe Metropolitan Hotel. TO LET- THE EOWKR FART OF A OENTMB< bouae. ccaaiatlng of ait room*, i II la good or ier. I'oa-eaaioa given immediately, at 17-1 spring atreet, near Hudson TO I.ET? I'OR DWEUJNO OR m FCRWmF> tbe whole upper part, being ??? ond, third and fourth ?tone*, of* good Hmadway build ng near faybir'a. ?'?*e tee room, with ?IVcbem, water to top alao a g?eJ far btahed houao In Amity p!***, with immediate poaaoa >,tu Apply to BILUNO ft r CKER, 171 Broadway TO I ET Tf< R A PRIVATE RWWMCg. THE Hf?C-?E AN D atoat fbar arrwa of land on the Moomingdale toad, Of ar ltf th (treat Ike bouae fa lltv feet equal*, and one of tbe )?et ta that vtcinfty, and the gardea li (tocbed wtth a variety of fralte. ehiruba end Sowar* , aiw a email ? r U U?e ad .< orag Apply oa th* promlaoa IO 1XT ?.R LEASE? J?0 *? WIPT TWENTY 6r?: (traet -*>4tafe 3b Weet Twenty a rvt rtreet, l*a**i! .I4f. R.*ih avenae, Imwmut l,l?i! Pcua4way, aioo, , tie large mm la *?? ??lMlag ** liable far a cturtb ar tertor* roam AMI* la Vlu4M ?P*--', I* Weal Tweat) beet rvart brfvr* )? o'c vet, or W Pearl SlWt TEimrrr register. rliT, OR FOR BALE? A COTTAGE REHIDENCS, with stable, coach house MMl kIUb*, it. ; to gether with eleven lota of ground, haadaoiuely laid oat with trae* and shrubbtrfia, the mi Mac incleead with picket fence end gateway, at the cursor of Eighty eighth itreet and the Bluon.ingdale road Tha above property i? located ia the flne*t spot oa thi? lalaad, and very eaey of acre**. Tbr rtreet is op ea from the liioom iapiale road to the Klettnth arcane Apply to M. WIL SON, corner of Cortlandt etreet aad Broad way. rLET OK LEASE? FOB A TERM Of TEAR1*? A four slory brick house, with ilore attacheil. No ifciT East 1 wtoUeth street; hen a good collar. Will be let or leaded on reatonabla term*. Tuesession given name dietelr. For further particular* Inquire of THO*. BCT LER, 140 Wsst street. PRENT VERY LOW ? 8EVKHAL ROOM* ON THE fifth floor of Trinity building, Broadway, Apply at 24 Trinity building. TO IJU?E ? l'HE LARGE ROOM NO. .iTJ DKOAD way, on second floor, vfixlOO fret, legation I ui table, and unsurpassed, lot almost any kind of bus:aess, beiag in the great thoroughfare, a short dlstanre only above i Chambers street. Possession may be had immediately, j Apyly to B. W. RICHARDS, W7 Broadway. WANTED-TO LEA*E OR HIRE, THF. WHOI.K OR part <>f a bouse in the upper part of the city, with basement ami oern attached, or (be (owner willing to build one st his expense. Any person having such a house would hear af a tenant by addressing J. S. B. , 313 Hudson street, stilting particular*. COPARTNERSHIP NOT1CEI* #5.000." Interest in a large li A Z, AAA ?WANTED, A PARTNER IN A HOTEL lfl/t)?UUv. conducted on the Eoropean plan, situated in tb* lower part of th? city, is ono of the beet business thoroughfare i. This is a splendid chance. Ap ply immediately at 11V and l'Jl Nassau street, room Wo. ii. RICHARD I, PURDY k CO. -WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH , the above amount, to take one half large hotel down town, upon the Euro|?an plan, making mouey. and always baa. Apply to 81 11 Kit* \ l'VRDV, 212 Broadway, up itairs. 1AAA lARrNER WANTED? A TER^ON HA ? v'* ' Vi ?ing lb* ahore amount in ca*h oan enter into a business that pay* one hundred and fifty per tant on sales, which are more than half cash, aud can be increased to as; amount. Thi* is no liuaibng. None but bona tide parties need apply. Addrea* whero to ha seen, B. C., Post Office. UAAA ? GENTLEMEN OF GOOD HI SINEvS ? vvvi habiu, who can give security for the trust, may nbtain an agency worth 12,000 per annum No capital ret] u' red, or risk incurred, aod the buxinee* highly rtipec table A| ply to Ha/aRD KNOWLKS, II J Broadway, up stairs. QlQAA ?WANTED? A GENTLEMAN WITH THIrt fflOv v? amount, to take eooal interest lUVxteel tne most popolar anil best established restaurant* in this city. In a man of the right stamp this is one of the gieateat chance* offered. E MeMABON, 1T? Chatham street. ?WAN! ED, A OENT1.KMAN WITH THIS j amount, to taae one thir< I interest in a money making business; a good man can *btr* In at least 910,1100 a year, his money wiU be wall secured. Call thi* day, don't call without tbe money. E. McMAHON, 17A Chatham street. DM80LVED? THE KIRM OK PATTERSON u Walsh is thi* day diasolvid, by mutual consent. ? , JOHN PATTERHON, . igntd gpWlN yf AL^H. New York, February 12, 186&. N OTICE? THE PARTNER-HIP HERETOFORE KXLHP ing under tbe firm of lincoln A Green, I* tb * day dissolved by mutual cousent. Tlie business in fntura will be carried nn by Kichard <?reen, who alone in au thorised to settle the affair* of tha ronc?ro. FRANCIS E. LINCOLN. New York, Feb. 1, 18&.V KICHARD URKEN TJARTNER WANTED^ WITH FROM ??'> TO ?H,000 IN AN 1 auction and tomioissiun bu?ine?? well established, lhe business Is safe. Kefertnces given and required. State name and residence. Address K., Herald office. $200. ffUn COPARTN EK8H1 P HKRKrOPORK KXHTINQ VS. J tier the firm of .Stirling, Walton k 'o., I* tl.m day diaaoivod by mutual concent, Mr. John Walton retiring (rem tbebuMooa* ? c Ithar of the lubacri bora will *ikii ?u liquidation. OflARIJB JOHN WALTON K/KK IKI. SHAILEK. The bualnoae will be continued by tbc ?ub*crit*r* uu dor the arm of J*lrlin|{ A Sbailer February 10, lbjft. 1IIK COPJUtTNUUSUIP LATELY KXI8T1MO l'NI>KR the Bran of hobert Hae At Oh, U thia day di*ooiv*d Z mutual i un?<-nt, Mr Wai. J. Vim-eat retiring trom ? bumniM. The buomeee will he conducted in f ' by HObKI'.T KAK, at iilJ lludaou nlmt New Vork. >ob. J.lhM. ^NTKB^ A_ I'ARTNKR, WITH A " CAI'ITAI. OK ?2.00<>, to enga.-n in the cloth. nK buainea* The at and ii an old o?e, down town. American proferr?- 1, that ha* acinic knowledge of tbe bualneao. The object la to enlerv* tlx buaineaa. Addreaa (IMIilair, Herald nilcn. )ll*i Kl.l.WI'iOl s. ii?r i'amaj. MKKrr, nkak varick.? w h a lUt) VA.N NOIVH grata and fond or, > >tcLcn rtip cumaner rang* aud *tove waroooma. Wo have a largv ?aaortment of tbo la toot pattern* of mantel grate*, ranfee and iiutn, for *ale oa reasonable term*. Orata* and raagaa net and repaired, range* liao<!, brae* fooad or*' an", jeweller*' furnaea* bailt, *tov*e lined, baker*' ettne bntlt and repaired. CmtAp t'AiU'fci*- a t. britWAKr*oo. wiixufhcr / for aalo on Monday, Fab. 12, MM) pianee of eatra threap); and *u per flue iograia rarpot*, pur.-haaod at the late auction *ale o( the l<uwell *r|?t < at uapre ccdeatod low |iriraa. AUo tapestry, Hrueeel* and velvet carpet* of Mcaara. < ronaley* k rwn*, and otbare, at price* from oae dollar par yard ami upward*. E~~ arthknware- and china EOS BS in aj. i'ack ago* ? aOO crate* Boot*'* " beet" whit* irraoito. ftO do. do " aacoada" white granite. 10 crate* FcrraU'c white granite &4 rratea W alley a aaaorted " aecooda" 100 hhda. Brtdgwood'c china. Far aalo ia quan title* to euit, by Hl'RiiKSM, IlAIJC it GODDAKD, AgonU for tbo manafarturert, 7b Pearl *tro*t. IN INTRODIJCINO TO TtllH MA RUT MUWRR JOHN Pick k fn'a ? cor<t MO yard apsol cotton, we bag reepecUallr to call the attenMou of wbnleoal* and rotaD boyeri and ronaumora to tha article aa beiag worth f of Mieir favorable notice. Mr. Dick. Br., wan far aaarly thirty year* manager for tbo manufacturer whaae rattoa hold* the flrat ran* ia tbi* dty. aad the fact wf hi* ha* lag met with groat aaceaia in tha British, Caa adieu and Wrat India market*, *iaae be bagaa manufacturing oa bi* own account, make* a* fael aaUaftoil that the cotton baa only to be kana to booomo a popaiar aad ftnr.ii arti cle. > rem tbo extant of Meeara. Dtok'c nulla, aa<l their niacin* cry baring all the la to at improvamaata, we arc enabled to call Tt choaper than aay otfcer trit rlaa* thread In the (Hate*. Mr IMck, Nr., aapariatood* tha manufacturing aop*rta*ont, aad a* ha emamine* tha ?pool* during tbeir manufacture and before ibipmant, wo ran guarantee that tbo cottoa will alwaya maintain it* character aad bo eqaal, if not *anertor. to any flrct e!a*a thread aow known A oiait I* aollcrtad frvrn buyera wbca making their nnrahaao* for epring. by KOMCRT lANlAN k CO , M Lay atroet. N H ?The thread ia peculiarly adapted for aewiag machine*. M MAWffl'H PATENT CTUKORt WJIflM MA m rhlnea.? Iboao maeliinoa arc ' heap, compact aad eapeditlow*, ?err aimpla la their roaitructlon. oa??ly Utxioratood, aad not liaUo to got oat of enter with ordi nary care. I urm* can eaatly be made rea<!y oa tliem, and < aa be worked by bay*? oa* to tura, and oae to feed aad from twelve to Afteea hundred abeeta |-er boor tan aaeily he rua off or more, If a team be %pi*l ?rf. Ihey have been la ineccMfcl opcratioa *c*oral rear*, aio! ara far aala at & Kldridge atroot, price 93M aadtMO. ii no woi'ui Mbr" puma* a rcactiki'i. h>ui> V? of hair ' The receipt r>t a medical preparatiaa wharh ba> never failed to roatavw the hair although uaad in Otonaand* of raae*. The re<?ipt will i? aen'. to aay direction on the receipt of a letter containing ib < t-n'.o in poaUge ataanpa. poel peid, to Or. kill*, Broadway I'oet <i?ce. IMfr? antwarwl lmm<-diato|y llPltRM AUBM< l?? rplIK AllAMM KXI'RtM* < OMI'AN V ? HFtJlAL NOTK X J ? k a pro* a freight by railroad to lioetoa and tha loot, via Now llav*n, Hartford. h|ir ngflold, kn Owing to the aovority of the weather, aad i>am|ueat anoor taiaty of the *t cam boat rowtav at Ibu tlwio. w* have made apaoal arrangornoata for tha traaoportatioa of all kiada of freight, package* aad parcel! for Bneten aad the F*?t by our lolami oipro**, via New Haven Hartford aad Hprlagteld railroad* Tbt* baiag now the oaly rallahia meOiim ol traaoportatioa to the klaat, abippera ebould ?-nd in their freight Mm 1 o'clock to laeur* ita g. lag forwaru *ame day , f.aprea* clote* at I' M JOHN MOKY Fa|ieriatandeat Treaaportat an of th? Adaaae Rap re?c l < m|?ay cixyrrowo, * c* Ci othim; ? Ukfim and oknthmkn iiaHN clothaa to dlapooc *f caa r*co ve a fair eaab prtaa by aoadiag to tbo ator* 1'i I^a?r*a> atroot aear ' aaal. aa %-i Weat Broadway, or addreec by l*tk*r throt gh tbo poet 'of. 00H1N. Lad tee MImM br Mr*. Ooboa. C~? AKt o>'? riimiiihl.? woktii wanned - / Tbo higho*t poiea Morally g'vao 10 curT'Ot *aoaey , for good left off . U thiag of every do*?ript?"a. 'ioatle w r. wiabiag to c iapam- of the ab< ve will a<Siirwe> or c*;| <? JAMMH MORONITY, It lioitar rlraat, (f>ra*erly ftrange ) C<AHi (iff ummsi. and ?r kniti i:t a*N,rj. - i I a-lioe or gen ioHioa bav ag aay of ib? about - ? ta diapooe of, . an re oive a fair pr> a for the >aae by aendiag far tha awbecrlbor, at kta ia?nta*'a er '.hr< gt the poet L M. M'fMUlOar, 1^ Cm atroot X. H ? lodloa at leaded ky Mr* p. Cum / lag aay lott wearing ap|?rel to 4t?pi< ?a of In largo or email qaaatltloe ahall lOnalve the vera btgbwat pricw for *t.eii> ay ? at* r g >? co i^rawt** T H<h fl flMWIT ?*1 I "earl otroet, hotwooa OHy Ha.i place aad ' ewtre at r?tt _ __ Akamm.y asqvt k? ijuyk nit ott, wi*hi< to die^oea of the who I* of p?n af their faratttafo, I aa arly aew,; to voe oo tWvt to ' Omaoea e tw-.aa koeptag A loo. at?Mm*ataio Wt n.<Mh f< r * *a?l j. r'eol "*a .?^ A-tciaaa Ai'reM 1 *r?M *?<*. unviEmrn. BURTON'S TI1K.ATRK, .CHAMBER 81IUB.r.-ril? 4ay, two nrr laughable oq?a<u*?? nb; pBuui'SYLor Ok. TusU'naum a*u Miiimt* and HWanHKARTM AND WIVKy, to ituM Mi. Mr. Burton aa Raltbaiar the Maimer and Bill* ]*tk aday , Mr. Jordan, Mr. flaher, Mi** Raynu.nd, Mrs 4c. On Friday, SHUOCd FAMILY and THE TOODUfc BOWEBY THEATRE.? PROPRIETOR A.Yli MANAGER, I. P. Waldron; Stag* Manager. Robert Judm ? Hr era diniaaalon ? Boiei, 26 ubII. Pit and (lallary, 13^ cant*; I "mate B?ir*M. ? Tu*?dav evening, P*t 13, TOE OAMMTKK Mr. Pewerly .Mr. MeOracgor | Mri Beverly Mr* M. Jooe* SBANbY MACLIRF OUH UAL. BCCKLET* 8ERFNADkR3. WW BROADWAY. ? MON. day evening, Feb. 12, aaa ?very vetoing turn week Bt Uxaaimuih Ram ran. Tb? beautiful burieeque on thf opera of I.IH-RKZIA ROIvUl A. ?'introducing all the faeoritt gem* " Lnereaia Mtaa FJeanor I Alton/. W. I'ercUal Uennaro U. S Buckley | Orttni H. B. Bu iley Lord*. friend*. &<?., by the Company. I'recatiing the opera, MBMO MlNHTKtfa/ < oncer t at 7M o'clock. Ticket* lb ceata N. B- .-aturday evening, K*b. 17, UatxtQi of <?. W. Reevea, doorkeeper. BARNIM'B AMERICAN MUSEUM? tHM MOKT abaite, interacting and beautiful L*rformancea af ternoon and evening. rueaday, Fab. 13.? Evening, at 7\o'c)o.|, th.OBPHAN UKOENEYA an<l POOR PIL UCOllDY ; alternoou, at 3 o'clock, the DUMB UIRI.OP MANi'llH-TKll. Admittance, 26 centa, children undar ten, 12)? cent*. rpAhlJAl X V1VANT8, OR IJVLNO STATUARY.? 1 Interna' ional Muaeum, 61 lilvian n itreet. ? 1 rof Fleur'* troupe of Fnn h au<! Italian Model At tiete, ani Naorlta Be Soto'* <0101*117 of eerenader* aad faac) ilancer*, ju*t arrived from Enron*. will exhibit o a ne? French and Italian itjla, at f o'clock thia evening Tickata26 e*nta. Reaerved *eat* Ml cent* BOWKRY THEATRE. Friday evening, February 16, QRAND JUBILEE CELEBRATION, being for the benefit of Mr. George lieu Box abaat i* now open. Secure jour neat* MIWICAL. A LADY, (A GOOD THEORETICAL M1-1C1AV,) would be happy to give lenaon* in ringing or tse piaaoforle, to young lad lea at tbc.r own realdcnce Oreat pain* taken to make the pupil* understand thoroughly a* they proceed Would alt' nd in llrooklyn or New York. Reltrenca* to pnpil*. Ad dr??* Sophia, Herald office. Open to an airangeineat a* out door tcacber in a irbool. 2>ANJO! BANJO) BAMJO ? THE BANJO TAHillT y by a new, eaay, and 1 mproved method a - i leer t>n*. rm* $6, in advan^*. 1?**odi) giveu every evening. 1'upll* l>j our method learn with the gri'.t'.aet fac.lity. Profa. H. B. fc H. P. JAOOIM. 407 Broadway. C(OOK k BROTIIKR'.H CHEAP MC8IC S10RK HAS ; bet n removed to 343 Broadway Cook A Brother have decided to reduce the price* ?.f the l?*t piano*, (Haine* Brother, CumminK*, and other ce ebrauetl n>h krra) twenty per cent ku thau their form?r rate*, vi 4 beat 8>j urUti |2W) piano*, ?.,oo be?t 7 *cta?a ? >-u piano*, for $240. Kitra fluiih in name propor'ton Ail the muaic publiabed in the United rttaten .-onatan'.iy iti hand. I?rge*t diarount made to dealer" and tcacber*. Naw and **cond hand piano* to let. Mu^lc rleganlly bound for 91. Ml'MC AT THE REDO (.10) PRICK.- nl R NEW catalogue of muaic at the greatly tedu-< 1 p <, ta now ready, and will be *ent to any part o( the I oited Htate* without charge . In order that pur h?>er? 11 ar have the advantage of Cur great reduction in '.he proa of muaic, It la neee**ary that tin y ahould aelact Irom our cataloi(ua, which contain* nearly all the work* r' merit cr popularity of foreign compoaar*, and all it)' valuable copyright work* of Wm. Vincent Wa|lit4*, Hit. K. Root, K.H.Brown, J. A. Kowiar, and othrr* Luci now copyright work* a* are not in our catalogue we an now airtiut, and will continue to repriut. *<>tbat the pub lie may liave the advantage of the re.!u -ed |irl e* <1 them. Pim'.haaer* at other atoia* will be *ure to in>|uir< for our nlitloai, in order to tf*t them at the raducwl price. 1'ianolortea, gultara, Nutee, Ac., A-.., of nuroei manufacture, all at the lowe*l market price*, an J war ranted in all reapect*. I'rince A t'? ? melo<l*ona, bar Bonion* for cbnrcb*a, An., Ac. WM HAI L A COM, 2.1# Broadway, op(rf?ite the Urk Dealer* aeminarla* andt'-acheraiupplied outbe lowvtl term*. Muaic aent by mail to any part of the L'a tc<J Htfttee an receipt of the money. ?* I I "IC AT THK HKJHU'ICD PKI< M -IHHlACr WA 111 TKKN, of J&l llroadway, I* making itnirM-naa Iroui kin largo atock of Amaruan ?n 1 K'iroj.ei. n ui mle, ?a piirchaarr* hooae to arail lli'malre. ol the redue tion rnther than pay Ibi old riln to tb? 011.1 ra' <n ?lealara, ud M hi* iHiiiinwiit rotnprlaee all of Mi* ilioin and popular inuak of thi day II* ?)><> >*ll* pianoa, un'bxleona, ami lanaleal Inatrumrnt* of all kinda, at ritrtni'l; low ratra. Ml* auorttnenl of pi&ooe coin trriaaa Um>mi of Ian dlllarant m?niif*<-tor ae ol ihh-ium, thiae of Bra dillerent minultrtiriM Pianoa '? rani 1'iaboa lor uU, oo monthly navinen'a. ? Sparkling I'olla, by ITinnia. llakar, la bar lug aii i?'-.?ue* -al? the tilth trillion la now out. PMNOTORTM To 8KMOIJ?UHKA*-CMK?100, $m, tl&O, al.o, MMiitoixnt of sow pianoa, a; u M KAKMURI. S, ??? lUae.ker a treat S1 elegant rroieaa plaao, 7 octare, (I. OiKait k '<j.J price $4!M, wil> ba Bold fur bVdl on* 4c. , ft ^ o late, |.rlra t.lKilaill . .old for tXik . al.o th*a? for |140, II J6. I 100, $U0, $T?i, ?; II aa<l 1441. New piaaoe at .i: rrfiwly low ptiiw. T. (Jul < rt k lint, pretaium a olaan p ?m>< and the calahrated ml'in improved Horace Water*' \> tin a. Hi MACK WaTWH, No. itW llroa laay HOTKLH. SAGl.K HOTKL UHXJINOK- 41 KNIT. KM KN Wil l. I*) wall to rewieahet that they an ob'aio 'lean and ? oBifurtabla rouma for \ I a. par ni(ht, or 10a to l.a par weal, at the hotal corner af Kraufortand W lliem atteata. ~f i kamkm< y park hoi k mirnui .wi.vnrni VI etreet, between Third and fourth a.en j*? la now complete and farnlehe.i, and op?a for ?.| ? tioo Kamihaa requiring apartment" will And aoparWrr amna nudtlios. C WKM.Iir. HKKITH.-ONIAN 50l."t, BROADWAY. UiKnKK Hauatoa alraat. an the aauje bl*< k with the Ma tan Hotal and Niblo'a '.arden, ai.d two b o la ilrnia Uw M- Nlcbolaa Hotel . la nearly completed, aad oifara to trarallera aupanur *? NMNMmi ib tba i eari af Broadway, la >? .mediate juitapoeiu a ta the other Drat elaea baoaaa ami plaaaa af amueeaaeot at vary law raiaa Tba bona* baa all tbeeonrvnten *e latifua, Indudlaf ataani beat arm, and will I* aoorioetad r n tba Kuropean plan of lodging ruoaa. at Ifti casta to 1 1 a dav according Ui feratloa, kr,, ib I n.ea'u faraiebad aa or ilar ad, Bt prlaaa graded In a ait t?tb tba aa?soa>i<*l and aitraaafant. tba (xaata orderiBf raaala at ptaaasfw, and paying for aaJy wbal ta uaad l a in liaa and par tiea, aa * ell aa ladietduaia, wiU dud ttia -ulti.umaa wall rflralatad to auit tkawi and eaa nal a tlia r tiUa leaa by at laatt one third than at titbar Brat riaaa boi?l> eoadnatad oa tba old ayataai For r*apaetabillty( order, aaalaaaa, ? aatart aad eroawmy. tba a> tb*aeuaa ?hall naka Ita aark nm tba tla>aa and ba worUia tba patrwaafa of tba pa?pla HIIiNlY KOI'MAN X(/RK rlini.T H'rr/i, ,vnr ?TR*rr, l.adgat* Mill, laiadna - Tba aboaa houaa la eaa ly aitaatad, baa aa aiaallant cnlaa fm, tan ? t welt a prtaata (tttiaf ruaaaa, beta eaa forty aad tft> bf bt airy badraaaia a gaod aaaahiaff rnvai warm r?|4, and ahowar l.atka alwaya ready A nlgbt porWf la at ta*danea. A flaad abarga f .r aar.aau THm *>a a Toft Herald la filed THOMAh QC ART ICR MAIN K (ai*a pr< pn a tor af Uta < rowa aad Naeptor aad Kblp Taaarae i.-waa wick,) Vaadera bia grateful tbanka t? k . Anseri*aa frtaada far tha fatora ba baa ao loog aa;a yed at IMl baada, aad aokafta Ikau eoatiaaad pat-aaafa aad re?aa BMOdatioa B RKNOVAIa ticiVAi. on mxomn w nun ~j u. fair IV child k (a , faa'rawaora ta II f Y aaag, ? kook aeilara aad publialtera, bare reame-l tn No \ 't Sa-ea i >tr*ei tba third door above Aaa atrvt th- r a'ara <? Ido fullon atreet baaiag beea daaUoyad by kr? aa the Mh inat Kappi ?? af their owa Bublieatxia. will ba >rr n??d a'elf rreaiaad tn m U?. Madary, a?: u.- >t?r? wMI ha BlWd wlllMrut oalay. wltb anew aad awpUji at* k ?f ?i.e.ellaeaeee aad erbaol boeb* ata'bxiary Ikaa koota. Tba rtniofal will a"a>?? am delay ia tba aaae . tiea o ' ot'lera, but tbay will ha Libel with eapa'-h, aad at t?,a b?we.| market pro. a I ra-i- iroai all <|'>art#r> ta re>|? tlol'r aahrHad A liat of b"?ka, aapa. ally a>iaptad U 'ha waBta of agaat., will la ~ at |.< aay addraea 'Ma of yoa'age Aay mailabla volume eeat at the p?M .bar a pr a, flea of I < -tag. J M PAIK' Mil |r 4 < 'I >? I 'ib Maaaa , atraat tBuvr.i.i.Km' ?.t idk. HH? jr.RRHY RAllJtOAl)? fHt KtOLAM LTflU aad tba fwath a*d W eat. ?la Ja r?*> II; ma I aad aipraaa liB'a - laao Raw fwl at ? aad !<? A * aad 4 aad ? P M I are, |l )k a 4, aad ? n ? aad 10 A M. a*d Hl'lf. aaraad rlaaa, |l ia la It if li M at fl aWr| at all way ata'ioaa Tbro <gli ticket* aaid f?-r ' larlr.aatl Mi 'b* ??.t aad for MnM ** i tilMl? . Narfblk, l< . aad tbrsuah baggage rbb.k?4 '? Waal, oa taa iB ? aa< 10 A M aw' '? I* R A HTM OUM.T. W AUAVK IIARRlx Tt.VI'KRr' H?; TO THt ladiaa aad gaatlaaaaa la pbra*ol?gy by haoaa aad rriaara ab* 'aa ba aaa aa I lad abaat rpr.'.aal fac itiaa, Irta, kt , aad will taM ladiaa aad gaatiawaaa *Ma 'bay will a*rry, alaa tba iaa? af bar Ttat'ara Madaaaa Mar ria <a Ragllah Fraarh aad lierw.aa 4*r.*a W |V. wary, bat w aaa lint aad Aaea*d 'treau numitiu. PRo?<*-Al>? fUTh* tir ink w?*rR^ow>"or7iie Alaalawi. lab It, MU ?To Imgllwa af at aa aad ia?i.? ^aatad pr' pr ae .a Will ba re ei?. ; by 'ba <.o mktra af Ike AlMbma, al IhMr ibra. Rataa4a I'a-k aattl 1 o'.lnrb V M . M <b* 1Mb ltd far freigbilag l torn Kakwnla lalaad In I a liar a< ?aapttal ?a'h |?B< ui* a af vwttdtBf rlaaa aa aaay ha r?-j < -*d Tk> at.** a (II la piarad a* latH tie reaeala at tha lataad by >?* rpartaarl ?ad ta ba laadad at Ha l?a?a by tW rvr%*% ?r. Tba fratfbt at Ib* iMa ta ba pa l far by tb* ?il*? I'M Tkrt, ?ea#wpad I* til* 111 Ala./ far f?rr .fc.a? raad "f tba ?a?t ia*JHy. at U?* kl- ?? ?? rwM i?ar' lUaa a* Ml W 'abed (a-, la la ?*a? rrad ta *ba VI Hb ill paid lar |y Um yard far fartfcrr par bfv'y ti Ha /or forte*, lapar aMbMal oa 'ba iMBM*, AXTMCRirra. llMiHWiT THUTU^ ? MAMIAII, HIO D l?mi - Dow open at (Hj eomoaanea 1 '? o'clock. Urwlaj ntlilf, February I... will M pantra-ad , UKDIUUBJU. rriiNlfUi a.. Mr. HiriM* Albdoro Ml. Re* DawlUii.. Mr tanal PoagpaUno Mr. Haiatartli Pedro Mr HarM(* Oorlnda MI?Py?e ? but* Urlolll Irtmai CMmltt M1m U?M lye AS I .IKK AS TWO I'KAK. Rirfcarda Mr. Oeridge ; Mr" It Mle* J. ?o< g?ata? w AM ACM 11 THKATKK 'BROADWAY, >?EA MrtMiBi* etreat. ? Uanafit of Mr lire igh*tn ? raa day rrrinng, Kab. M, Mr. Br< uifaiu'n i-nipedy of TH* GAMJ4 OK l^Kfc Orttnliaf ..Mr Rink* i Bmilir. Mr. Itlaa Rupert Walla Mr. Utlar I I'.oaa Mlaa R. iMMtl I'raka Mr. Ilroughaiu | Jo/bail . , . Mr*, Itiougbaa I j ll? n Wyuilaro, Eaq Mr. Htepbeae O ri ANKiAN AMI. THK V AIRIIM I brl.m .... Mr. Hrougham i Mai/ Mr* -4iepb?oe Ijktm M. )>aflin .Mr. Hii-lnrl I Holly Mi.* A. FraaM Traria Duffy ....Mr. Olirar | Nor iu Mi?* T. Il<-arj C1 HI OIRIHTY k WOOD* Mlh T1UC1/', IN ?VNI? | nuance of tha deetruetlou uf tUeir hall, 444 laui war, by Bra, wMl perform are-y ornalag at MtOtAMlUr HALL, 47t SUuAiiWAV, asder the eaatrol M HENRY WOOD, I ??0. CIUUHTT, J??*?*'* AO boaineea traaaaetad by Hrrrjr Wart LTHIOPIAN MINI TUCUiY. BrRtlNjlE OP IK A, IJtiMT I'AKCOt, OAK CM, fit, * '<>? tin >mI by the moil ?? 'lupjln . ?et0| ai , to >a? world. A ebaage of pr?*r*-iffii'< iirwry evrciaf. I ?om npra at ?>* oak**, lo ooauuaaaa at 7)4 pra aleely. F HANK I.IN MIHK.I M. *NO. M IMiWhRY. MKAM.T 4ppu*lte tha Bowrry Tbratrs. Parforniaurra every aftrinooe at a, ami ertrr ertu.itjt at 7. V H. ? Htjengwre will obeerr* that th<< Franklin Mtuwimia lb* oaljr plare in tba (jail ad Mat", wli*re tha Modal irtiatae air rihibitad, with otbrr original tralartaioiimiita. Ha ii ? h i ? : No. 43 llowary HOWARD ATKRN.t.l M, IK *7 ON. -THIS KA VORITK aatabluhniaat will opao tor Uta "priog ?*a#*a an MWatUlMl lAUie* ?u ' ReiitWmen <>' tckiiw li dfxl talrnt wi*hlu( *iigag?m>-nta will ad !r? ? Ot>arl*? Iboma* Pareloe, Agant, Chaaliora *tr?et, Now York. N.H.? Warn wlabing aigbu, will meat with Mh^ral tarai*. THK BALL HCAIUII. BDKNTON'H ORANH HAM, OK THK MKAMON ? 1 * > hiH papila, tbl* arramg, a*. '!.?? lara* ami aplaixl K u mi 1.9 Hroa,iway, mu*lr by Noll'* National Oua"! band. Card* of xlmlwlou ran I hi procurwl ??_ tba bo?? *t<>r? "J14 Howrry. All who *ttaiiil Uii* hall will i?c?ln tirkata of aiimaalon for tha \*? mli.ia* at o>> hargr MAWiNlt' BAIJ. ?THK NINTH ANNUAL HA1I. UT tba M. W. Orano L/>l|^i of tha Knttnrmiy af Aanant and Hunorabl* I ei> aad Ac-wptad Ma*uaa ol tha Stata of Naw York, will i? (I?*d at Niblo'a "alinio. oa 1 uriiiay, th* Hit: Inaiaot. Tlraata li ar ba abtaiaxd. at > - aaclt. i to admit a gaa tUman and ladla*,) at lb' OrMd ^*rratary'a oSra No M'O hroadway at William lla!! A Son*. Jollla'* and I'odwortli * muaic ?tor??, at tu ? pnn ->|>al liotola, aad af tba R. I.. Conmitlaa, air ?Jauiw Herring, Jolm Mana bald M. J Haanatt, N. H Mount fort Robarl Hobarta, lam* laurbtwiBgar, and Jam-all Howa fT>HK MdJRTKBNTH ANNtAI. U* L iff HUt OIA> I liar l>rnio< racy ol tli Taitb ?*rd will la bald at faaa>aoy Hall on Tua'dtT ciaoiDf. I ><b >'?lif nary , nt Val?B<lar'a eta. NOi'.M\f< Mi IJCOI), f'.'aaldaat H H Mami, f^rotary hkwaum ?RA RKWARO ANIl NO 0> lamON'a A^Kl f).- 171k ?C)Ov' alnita re war. I will ???. |iali*< !o* th# r*< arary af tba artli laa laknn fram tba Uouko t26 Iwao atrowt, I'rook Ijn, oa ll.r l?t la?t | nmiatlnj of in <-uaiorlla,l waUli. Vi?taiin A I on ,laa'in ait.r', N, 4U.47U ?l?o, got-l cbam, wtb rlaaii brotru IbrffW i?*rl br-*?*.pn, ?oa a Mao aad ooa plain goM ,ra >t ring*, pan il -a??. Ac., Ac. !? houlil th<- g*6il?:u I I who took w.'in no l faal di*roMd to ratura lb" wbola for tba abure rawarl, tboy all) l? |i|'arall> daalt Willi ai'i no ijuaa'JM* i?li#?l by ratorning th? watch and p a App.y at i*k a?l VI Mt?r ty atlrat up ataira Sak f" RKWARO WII.LM .'*! D ! ?)R 711- NAMK Of m') 'ba aibo<'n< ,ti boacl, waa liound ap tba rirrr, la ? nufMny with th? ??ln? nr' < ta* ll?nry, that ianr In talkll'il wit! tlia *tnaai*r Nautla A?rri -a, o?ar Hutter Hill oa . ulai n ght. *tapta?>bOf 17, lk.'?4 I'laaa* apply to i4 I HtJI.S k'1! ill l*?V Kali Ii. U' I ak/ | ItMV AHD ?!/>-! ?' MUYKVK.N ?*, .lib tyM' ' to?t Id paaaing 1 1, ' i'i j - -nlj a.a'.tb fn,a> NiBtli ai'uu* I.. I ilt I. md up riflb aiaaaa to laai.ty nmli atr?at, alt '* (ll aaVcb, buauaf ???? *llk rlMli. t^tlt riuti, aiu .mall daf f-rmt'yft ?t'?. ||?3 fit* Hn<l?r ? i rata ? Ik ? >X1 ra rraafl bj llx in it No tMl t ?u i . \r- ?? IttWAKI' -IO-. - ? AT KI?AY i URI AH* llP I i' ?? a bla. ill n ? . i lor.aa-> riifj^-l kin) luap tail, aad liad "? a t> vk .a it hat ?? *?. w?,a n?r itlumt illil ?tof t4i lb<- "? ia.' r Urn a 1'ti'al, Ho. 4 hw?fj ?hall ra>a iva tba ?i*>rv 'award art ao^uaa ti?'?* LOM AND ' KNO. $10 1t)?r-Kri(Avrit mo*" tiii K.-vm Hot it, on J tbr Mb la*l a ah't* bo'l ? loon I tb* nam* of "Hull/ ' b> ui ? (bam ? alur a'tb tba u>b <? nf I' l"DM. A-Wr Iio.m ? fX'B i|. ft ? award will I* paid opoa <M at tb* tlx k kVimi Liif-r ??N BATTUI..O Al ? "??* m.TWKKSMMH |!/ldja aad I'lfMii' fllia a <14 <arria(? ?l. p, a Kb ! Iiitj l.ain la, ailh the Baai? 'if U*a uwurt <>a lb* ?a*<lia ft* (tdai will ba r???r i? ? b- raturula* It Lo I? VAN M> IIIANIi. IVi Hii.*.|??i j, ?-.? m m?oinoHA. ua_n bnmtoificD hy j lb* f.ra >a No lb) tu ?ll a '..'Bat? a kaok bo?k af |k>i tti, allb tba *?au?'B> U'i? a* va>iB(a i> .ba um 1 of 1'tar fa ' bo mat Nvtirr i> 1<m> liaa M|| It lb? kaak n.? fla<i?r "ill l<* ? .itaid} ra?ar4a4 ? laa? ? tag it witb k. I Vu'dorl, >? 1 .?an atr??i, <*waar a' W lliaa. tiJIMi ' HO< MiT Naa York fab 12, !??' Rf 0M- -MONDAY, IIW IO f.. THftUt'oH WHIT* ; Xj itraat t? Hruadan ?> A?*?k*/ ? '(**'. >U ?ra a Tain gold ba ad bra"i*' ? '>aa*i m bark n.?rk?4 JaaaM t Ik* r??Ua A libaral r??a <1 aiU a* paid ?* ratal* | lag tba mm la M Win* MrttV "V'orK H?4f -4>M fUTt *t>AY, I9TH l> I / il.ii atiaorjr aata. drawu bf *aj\ Utiot b <ia , la fa 1 >uf (f >air, Hi |i< A ta au4 *a<toraxl M J Ai H Jo?*? A < 0 , <lal*d X**i*f(li "eaiubw I, I *44, al faor anatbi far ll'fl V. a p?ra< a> ?r? ?a?liia>4 a?a lit aaaottatiac tb? ??? l> jayam baa kna ? '?.| p?<l lb* AaAaf VIII IM'l a 'a?? by mM'*| >t I* I tba aab*rr1liar?, J IOMi?|ON? 4 'O 4? Mramna itraat ?rauTt/AijnL ymiTI Al HAPff^O. ASTl ?i-inso M'l" 'a ** 5 wtU raaalu ? Mbn tt< a ad ?*?fy day ib>* <hI at Tan fiaad aay, Hop* < *??!??? H.'M. .?? bear* It ta li A H,, Itol r. I ami '? I? > M t *n imb; aad bataH'at ???a a?a ,?i<?pt?l 1 aA4aU*l?a, M -aa'a M H.?Prl *ata rtr'ta* by >? , ?! lATHiNUIUL. AWDtriKMAN YRA Of AflK ffwaitri bihtf a?M? vaallb wnu'd I ?? lo inab* tBa ?-<lualai ? a<-* of k?.' 1*4; af a kind <? ?,.h!Ij?i a?lof a la'laNa ar* 4iMm< K I> f , t ?!"? ? fwl '*'a, m* a7*imo*iak a ma: has, amoot THturr JYl j?af? of aja aall *4 ?'*4, of m na| ilatui* , t,.r ,vii laakiac, abaM p?.(. .*??? baa prr?*at*4 bla a*ai 11 g aatj 'i?.al? iri?t? a,?b?? Ui b*' uaa a"i a*<at ?<*. a, lb a < aa ta aaW aif,r*-it.Ui a lad,.- M |?|||? *<ra?if*aarAt? a ad ,?a 1? itlnaa a?l ai'Jb fnrlaa* ahuk ?iaM ta ???!? '. Vi Uralf 4d 'r??* I. It M*i*M I4?10M, iMC. 1 or Kruuf'K ctjkr.rr, ikamw, _ _ ai^aa, raaaa M-i a *4 Inab ?ktataya, I aa^? a ad |i?kka partor, MaWr t alaa, liwutla aba aai ?arlar far faaili aaa. k/rapa, a ad rarlajt. fa* *al* lT *? ? VllHUa U* Snm .Mat, ?*?aa* af 500 ?ItUICiio 1|R * AW' OMMDUIKe r-nnu IA* OMWI4TI ,/ of tba I Bl?*r*ilj> af l<aal?f|, aa4 f*fara ml t?. hapai < ? J*f* al Ikaifiaai . Ma M C" iti*#t aaa daa* fraan Hraadaaf fr-na Bla* M ip.' I a a* r M D ? run, 'iiAt't At> <<1 nir. kftal coli If ltd fitrtkalaa** IIAWaat ?raa4aay ?? 4a I, art fn? f ta I 4, ? 1 . . , ? t > a ttaatf, ^i ?1 ?ptad DK WAftl'fN 6MI-' Af? <?? 711* W?YAI ?>' <*f * a# <4nif*<?aaf I'uk a tad M.a'-.rt?, * b* f<uid a* -.i *l at III ?f * :l Ki ?? a toaat. a> ' alb*r aa o? a. ? A M ta * i V A*'; |atta*a jaa. ' I ? ? aaa' ? f a* 'a bfk) 1 ' Stag* af -ti|i??, ' ?**? *a M rtr*at, **?*<???.? 'raa ?*a(?i) B' tlffra I aa ( I at ''I a4aa f N )' All' ft?b- IITT??' I IIYHrtA*' ?.*A|X'Arf. tba I a taraH) I ?f Mlaa af Ib4 I '.:??! Of iitiMi. f 5ia S4 1 aaal 1)^ K4im i? id ami muif mat h ; <*mrf t?i III " a? k 'l*t I'a aa t.,i? a Ibla bra ?< of tka ! rafaaalw atafe-M bikB V y ? aiaakaa paaiaaaaat ? -raa (ffm frata ? A ? tatf M M- iah?o?t, ^AR? a?i? nrv'KUM ? ?? *'i >? ??4a itwat uraar Waaad' .at ? *? "?*? tba?ia? akaaa Odkra baara M A. M ON If M aaA A ta ? f M .taw??y aa-wpta* Mrid< ai. f "a ni' ok Hrnvrnm, wo M k a< ? tan*' *a. ?*? aad 'tin-. ,'a tba -ilMata ??a* auay ka "*ttll*4 at V'' >*' 'Hi. n wj' -m nrnmrr or ?o i? *?a?aa N ft. Pa 1 ta a ata' ?> ?/ Ifta <*? Tuk I a. aaatvtf -aa ka Upk aaa ia kt* ?-?jb

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