Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 14, 1855 Page 3
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M Tjg ? ? The Ko?lUr? IUr< UwlH ! _ *h? nmw or jcdob lobimo. To m Ho*, m Sx-van amo Boost or Rbobbittatitm, IX Oanu OUDBT ijgWBID; ? The mtutilDN and protMt of Edward 0. Loring , *JudM of Probate within ami for the county of Suffslfc. . wiatt the petitions of various personn for his removal from bU office aforesaid: Against the prayers of the petitioners I respectfully ask lea re to submit to your honorable bodies the follow iat facta aal considerations : ? In the year 1141, while a councilor at law, praetlsiag 1b the courts of this oom man wealth, and of the United States, held within the same, I was, by the Hon. Joseph Story and the Hon. John Davis, thsa Justices of the Cir cuit Court of the Uaited States for the first circuit and district of Massachusetts, appointed to be a Commission - ?r of the Circuit Court in said district. " to take bail and affidavits," pursuant te the aeU of Coogress passed A. D. 1812, 1817. In the year 1847, while still holding and exercising the *?lce of commissioner aforesaid, 1 was appointed by his eeelleacy George N. liriggx, then Governor of this com J", ' >hweslth, by and with the ad rice of hliteouncil, Judge zvjf 'probate within and for the county of SuITjU. ,J 1^i*Tf ever (iace held the same ofhoos. And from tima iL^Mla 1 l? t..? Kam. n?s?/vma? fsae. I., i -? O t.-a ? memorial It has been customary for Judges of Probate f ? >Xls commonwealth to engage in and transact any bu ciMss which is not incompatible with the faithful dis charge of their probate duties, and that incompatibility Is noV fixed anil limited by the revised statutes, chapter S3 and the office of CommUaiooor ot the Circuit Court of the United States, from its creation in 1812, has been ays held by those who were also, us justices of ths rce. or otherwise, State magistrates. * wr an aet of Coagress passed A. 1>. 1793, In execution 11 at ie 4th articli' of the constituUon of t ie United States, ' Sdietion In all cases of tho extradition of fugitive! tin service or labor, had been vested In any maglstrat* i c county, city or town corporate, and therefore In thi< commonwealth, in any person holding a commission a t justice of the peace, Irrespective of his 6 in. as for ths important duties under the act, or of his official or moral character, or or any debasement of both, through which his official services might be prostituted to claimants who would pay for them, and who were left free to pay ?ny sums their purposes might require. And uoder the act of 1708, respondents in the eases for which it pro Tided had ae security s gainst the chance of such a tri banal. By an act of Congress passed A. P. 1830, chap. 60, while I held and bad long neld, the offioeof commissioner, the jurisdictioo in queition wti traaafHrred to commit lionets of the circuit courts of the United States. These officer# were counsellors at law, appo nted Oj the cir. cult courts of the United States, in which they poe tised, for the performaaee of other and judieial duties, Bad theiefore presumed to be experienced in the adutla istration of justlee; their official duties were formally Bad publicly performed, aad oa the responsibility of their official position aad personal character. And this tribunal waa substituted for that under the aet of 1793. To remove this tribunal from corrupting influences, it? fees wen fixed, and limited to a compensation for the Bierdy clerical labor performed. Ia the year 1861 the act of Congress of 1860 waa de clared by the uaaaimous opinion of the juatioee of the aupreme judicial conrt of tne commonwealth of Massa chusetts, to be a constitutional law of the United States, passed by Congress in execution of the 4th artiele of the constitution of the United States, aad as ??c^ th* ,u: crone law of llaesaohussetts (7 Cosh. Rep 285) . aad ia exposition ot tlw subject. after reference to the na ture of the coastltutioa of the Uaited States, as a com promise of mutual rights, ereatlng mutual obligations Bad duties. I* waa declared (page 319) "In this spirit and with these views steadily la pros pect, It seems to be the duty of all judges and magis trates to axDOOB* and apply theae provisions la the con etitutlon aad lawa of the United States, and in this spirit it behoves all persons bounu to obey the laws of the Uaited States, to consider aad rejard them Aad this authoritative direction asto the duties ^ of the Magistrates and people of Msseachasstts was given la direct reference to the 4th article of the coaetltutloa of the United BUtee? the Uaited States act of I860, and the lawa of Massachusetts as they thea were aad have ever since been. Under all theee circumstaaces, by an application uasx tteetedlr made to ma in due form of law in May, loot, aad of which my first aotloe was the preeeatatlou of the complaint for the warrant, it became my paiaful duty" commissioner aforesaid, to perform the official act for which my removal from the office of Judge of Probate is bow sought by the petitioners; fit same belag the ex tradltloBoi Anthony Bums, claimed ae a fagitivefrom service or labor uader the United States act of 1860. The dutr of commissioners of she circuit courts of the Unite/states under ths United States act of I860, is imperative upoa them-, for by the terms of the aot, they are aot aserely authorised, bat they are expressly re uuirod, to exercise aad discharge all tho powers aad du- | ties conferred by this act." An applicatloa made pur ausat to law, to any one commissioner, fixes that auty on him, aad after such application he can neither de cline ii or evade it; for if he could legally do so, all others might, aad then not only the statute but the con atitutioa ef the United States wool ! be violated, and the public faith, pledged to It, and the oaths taken to sup nort It. would bsliroken. In this conviction, the com missioners of the Circuit Court of the United State* in this commonwealth, refusing all pecuniary comp-nsa^ lion, have performed their duties to the constitution an ^Matls'tretes do not make the laws, and It Is aot for them to usurp or Infringe upon that high power tuere fore if they are honest they administer the laws as they are commute J to them. On thin depends tlie secu rity of everything the law protects; and that security will be lost when magistrates shall mspe their official action by their own or the popular feeling, iustead of When l was appointed Judge of Probate, I was, by the authority of the people of Massachusetts, bound by an official oath to support tne constitution of the Inlte l amies This is to be done only by fulfilling the ? om ot the constitntion, and of those laws ofthetWl States which sre eonstltutloually made to carry the con ?titution Into effort. And on tho authority of the Su preme Judicial Court" of Massachusetts, ' coafldeatly that in lnv action under the I oited States act of 1&S0 I exactly complied with the official oath imposed on me b^tUe authority of the people of M^achusott^ And 1 res|>ectlully submit, that when (while acting a. B Commissioner) I received my commission as Judge i of Probate, no . bjectlon was made by the Executive of the Commonwealth, or of any other bran.-hof the KO?ern ment. to my further discharge of the ^""es of ? miaaiAAffr nor at the passage of tlie act of iodU. wn?n the jariedictioa alorssaid was given to Commissioners of the Orcuit Courts of the United SUt s, nor et any time .f _as I notifle<t that the governmnnt of M*ssachu ?t2; o"iit^er the or leglriativ. brancl, thereof regarded the two offices as Inrompatiblo, or ?erTrf opfnion that the same qualities and experience which were employed for tho rights and In'srests of ur i own citiiens, should not be employed for the protection \ of all legal rights of alleged fugitives from service or la \ fcor uaier tlie Uaited SUtis act of 1810 I 1 make these Utter remarks only for the ptroose or I Vrin?lm reenectfullr to the notice a?l clear apprehea K WSorable bodies the extreme injustice and ! w"t of lault, thskwould be Involved in the removal of from t mceTfor the pait dl-'-harae of other offi cial duties not by \aw made incompatible with bis du ii#ia?iud#e- s rain ft his exercise of no ofR >al objection ha' 1 ever been raised ; and which were ere. ted and lmpoee.1 on him by that law of th - land wuich 1s the supreme law oi Massachussetts. .... , And in answer to the prayers of the petitioners, I claim as faets? that the extradition of fugitives from service or lar.or Is withia the P'ovi'lous of the c?n?l tion of the I'nited .Mutes; that the L. S- act of I860 was and is the lsw of the land, and by the decision of the su preme jndicia court of the cominonweslt ? obligatory oa all its magistrates and people; that ac. Ion "?d.r th? raid act was lawful and not prohibited by any State law ? the judicial officers of the State; and wa. ta con formity with tlu official oath of all ofnoers of the SUte to support the constitution of the United . tatci. . And 1 respectfully submit to your hononble bod es | that when the petitioners ask you to punish a Jn,li'^, I officer for an act not prohibited by any jtatute of Mas sscbussetts, but lawful under those statutes, and 1 im posed by that law of the land whleh Is the law of Mae iarhussetts ? tin y ask of you SB abuse of power for which the legislative hiatory of Massaclius?etts furnishes n?AU of which Is respectfully submitted. BostcB, Feb. 9, 18t6. KDWARD 0. LORINO. Another Royal Persona y>< Dtwovend In tHta Country. The F\rttide Journal published a atonr not unlike that which bad euch a run, about the Kcr. Etekiel WlllUmi, who wa? ?ai<i to be the ton of LouU XVI. It is, In brier, ?? followi ng late Ceptaia Joeeph Beck. ?n long known by our maritime folk* a? ke*per of the I sing UUml I.lght ia Boetnn harbor, on hit death bad, lait summer, diecloaed to hia family that he waa a *on of Ouatavu* In., Kinjf of Sweden, and a younger brother of that remarkable Inlgbt erraet of a King, the late Oiutaraa IV. An nn knowa pereon, who had b??a aeea at varioue time* ti regard aim with great intercut, and who waa preeent at the time of hi? death, left la the next European eteamer for Sweden Within a ahort time, the only daughter of Captaia fcrk an Intell rent and acompliahed lady, aow the ?.f? of Abel T. Hayden, one of the pilota In our bar bor, ha a been eent for from a high quarter ia that ooan trv aa4 eepplied with faada for the voyage, to be reetored to the poeaeaetoa of property and titlea belong Kto her father, which were cocflaeated at the time 'n bia lirother, <iu?tavua IV.. wia dethroned. Mr. Ha;d< n and bi* wife, it ia aald, will take their departure for Hwedea, with her brother, George W. Bock, of domer ?llle, Mai a., wbo ia heir to whatever of titlea or boaori be W fed to Captain Beek, bia father. Thia George w Beck, the legitimate heir to the throne ?f Swe'iia, wa* bora in rielem, Mau , Juiy 12, 1-10. He k now principal of a Protectant Epien inal Orphan Aejr ?m in Sometviae, and erjoya a very high ehiaravt.r ia hat aeaftlon, ae he previouaiy did whoa the Institution, ?h iel he foiiLded bim/e)f, waa, like himielf, R'?m.\n atbolie. He hf a returned to tVe I'r.fe'aot fold ?in?n \? father'* 'eeth. The KrerOtt Jmttnal (V votei several iMnai ti thU "ilrange, eventful hUtory." .FUMUOA INMAKH^-The Tao p* J h raid learn fri ??! t I ??ey, late frr.rn Tort Mjare, that the few re jnirg aavaqea, or a majority of Item manifest an in >ib!e determination not to accede to the propoelti.u (their prnreible removal beyond the limita of t. A i-ona'derable ante her of the party averse t? et* p. were in attendance at Fort Mvera, maaifnet nurn eseltemeat aad aolleitud ? to kaow what the f'utrat on ef tro^p* at that point meant. Thie par i the moat adroit meaner, mi naged to prevent aa view or talk by Oapt Oaaey with that portion of ibe wliieh had on previon* oeea>teu? evinced a du oa to e mif rate. A portion of the troope atatloaod Mvere are aow penetrating the interior of teat B, rutting road* aad making other demoaatra at the war aplrit la up, aai that tne kiad over our government are ao longer to be treated with apt. Cult erf Bin tee LMetrlrt toart. , Jo<isr* D? Ht ud Is^inoll on the Smb. Th* United Mtmtt* *e. trutrmJ em ere i.'e>< l<rJtf*g trt Ctmdtanvii m C 9>t? fk'l 'A otic en* prlata wore algo coo4r?wtd. Mot* Hon. Jadp'lforris. liaiilitim or unties oompanim u common oiiuni, P*?. 13 ? Herman Htrt field and other* vi. A. Adams 4- Co. The plaintiff* are partner*, mar. cbent*, havi ng a house at New York and another al Ban Fiandaoo. The defendant* an partners transacting Eipraaa boMoes*, the forwarding and care of package* for hire from the city of New York to Ban FrancUoo, In California. The defenlanta do not own any of the mean*( vessels aid boato) of transportation between ew *ork "d Baa Francisco, neither ate they in any manner interested in them, or have tbey the Uaat management or control of them, either in per eon or by agent*. The package* whi ;h the defend ants expressed to Ban Frauolaoo, they have oonvey ed in their ?wa aame from place to place in the vossela and conveyance* owned by other*, plying upon the route between the two cities, used in co n mon by the community. The plalntUE* ou tie 2H Ji day of August, 1850, delivered to the d?faui*avs two trunks containing clothing, worth $2 025 9-100 to itavwtf&i transported by the defendant* i5f? ? ?*? Burnett, (He house of th> ** "old for plaintiff* and on their ac canvLs T?S5Lffl? Ptotactea with I canva**. The plaintiff* paid to the defendants $219 I 75 compensation for forwarding and tranaoortiuir the tIn?kf.r^defeiuUnta' Bp0B receipt of ^S^tSSjS^ m00e7' gl" the platatl* the An a mx A Co. 's Ukw Y ork urn California ) o . ,?xi>*"ts ? New York, Aug. 28, 1850. } ' Hwsflald, Burnett k Back, In apparent good order, to be transported by oar exure**, the follow marked aa below, whioh we promise to for ta*Mr ? Ub^lt? Moment now ma le, Fraaclaco. H U agreed, ant li part of the consideration or tliia contract, that we are not to be responsible for any low or damage arUlng from the danger* of ooean or river navigation, leakage Are or from any canse whaterer, unleai the same be proved to liaye occurred from the fraud or gro*s negligence of ourielvei, our agent* or lervant*, and we are in no event to be made liable beyord our ronte aa herein receipted. I*1"* un<!*rv nnle*a otherwise herein aUted. f reight.pald her* $210 76? marktd [MSI. ?60.51. Pack agea-two trunks. San Franslaeo. For Adam* k Co couu. The defendant* shipped the trunk* on board one gfa*.?ie" P'J10# between New York and C'hagre* in their own name, and paid the fr?lght on them. The trunks arriving safely at Cham*. On lH6' /efendant. shipped 1 ttuae trunks in their own name, paying freight for them, on board of a flatboat, CapV fhomaa Angela, for Crueea, on the route to Ban Francisco, whi jh wa* the usual conveyance. The boat arrive 1 safely at a point upon the Chagres river below the town of ;QV7a?H'?0 the evening of toe 12th of September, The night was uric and the river w*a rising rap:dly. Capt. Angels deemed it Imprudent t > pro- i ceed.and made the boat fast at tne bank of the Slff. At 1 o'clock on the morning of the ISth of September, it wa* diacomed that the boat waa leak ing, owing lo Jhe springing or a plank, priduced by | the preasure of the current and the drift wood pau ingaoy the river, Md not by any krofflcienjyof the boat or negieot of master or crew. Captain and 1 ctew made every effort to prevent the boatsinklnr; ' but the pressure of the current caused the boat to I careen and she sunk. Captain and ore w exerted ! themselves to save the cargo; they got muoh ot it on the bank, and among It the trunksjin question, and them the crew deaerted. The master of the boat rMUppedto Chagree the trunks in question, and other packages saved from the flatboat On the 26thof September, 1850. Captain Angels called | npon ttree respectable mercSianfa of Chigre* to sur J*?1*** * wa the fl rtboat, and among them the trunks In question. The surveyors cm- I Mdered the trunks in question and their contents m be,ng damaged and unmerchantable. They signed !LC^?i irS. effect> ndvlsing tbat they snonld be so.d. The conduct of the captain and the survev ?2 the 21st of Sept amber, 18 ,0, the tranks and goods In question were sold by Cant. Angela at public auction, snd were purchased by ^ highest bidder, for $350. The sim ($350) was afterwards remitted to the defendants at New York, and was received by them. The goois ftom the two trunks were ssnt by Mr. Porter to San Francis o, and sold by him fjr $2 000. tusre vai a semi- monthly mean* of ttansporta Jon froai Cha- I giei i to Ban Francieco. The goods were n?ver for warded to Mr. Bmnett. Tbero was a smi-nonthly means of communication between Chagres and N-?iv I or *. The plaintiff* were cot notiOeJ of the a-xi dtntorof the sale. The defendants iiava oT^rtsd judgment for $5?l> 75, bsing the an >unt for w.uch i tie trunks and good-* sold a1 Oiagrc*3, and th.i araouLt of freight paid In advance aid Interest oa both sums. Ticre is no pretense tr?*t f/suj his I bten committed by the d?(endat.t? orthirareits or taat cOTsndants cr their agents kui v of the ocjI- ' dent or cf the sule, Uutil inforrnod of b ?'b, U New .A'jV v ?f the amount of at'e tr^js mltted to ihem. Mokuib, Justice. ? The defendants In this case, not being owners of or Literasted in the vessel* and P?f n th,lte trunks ware to c >n roved bit ween New York ard Han F/anc:s o, wen not common carrier*, and a^e not liable vj m i, The defendant* are bail es for hire to n-cMve these tiULkaat, and to forvard th*m fr>m <iud to, pla-e to place, to destination , by the ordinary and ap proved means of conveyance, and had a legal right to define the extent ot their Jkbiiity. K , By the contract la this case defendant obligated them?e.yea to dell cor tb> trunks and contr ols spoci- , fled to Mr. Burnett, at Bsn Franc lac?, rhey were not to be liable " for any 1 w or damage arisl.ig from dingers of the ocean or river navigat'ou, leak- I ape, fire, cr from any cause whatever, unlaw the same be proved to have occurred from the frau I or grcsa negligence of the defendant*, tbeir agents or arivanti." In this os?e i?. is e subletted thatnp to the fme when Captain Angels and hi* crew reco/e-ed the trunk* fiom the nibkin dithoat and pl*3<?d them upr.a the bnnk of the Tt'vrr Caagies, thcie had been no fiatid or gro .?* ncg.'l^ by the difendanu or J. ' ctwi i6C[iicsT>!/t the def^niau'g arc cot liati e f'ir ai?.>- damage tLat had occurred up t-j t ^at peiioc*. ltc oi ly remtlning question is, whether aooord tog to the spirit and iettor of the deiendant's agrea m? nt with tbe [laihtiffs under the iac'a proved th??y ???'!?' i K?,!ty <* gro-i negligent in no. delivering tte trunk* *nd content? in their damaged condition to Mr. Burnett, at Sin Franci*c >. lhe de acdants' contrast mn*t bo const-ned reference to the lights and obligation* of otfiar per sons engaged in the t iuw,oiUtiou of thasa trunks to snd with the plsistlff* Capt. Angels, of the flatboat on the rive- Chagres, w*s a common carrier, and during the time he waa . reiponHiiletj the plaintiff* to tha fhll value of the trunk* a-d con tents-^ Ofc 09- for the faithful perform Mce <ti bl* duty, and as an iosurtr, and for all hi? legal lia bility as common carrier; and he ha* a right^r the t.urno*e of saving hlmw If harmleM cf l*gal raspon bilHy. to do with these trunks *nd oonunts what- 1 aver the law under similar ctroumstaftcis authorized common carriers to do; ard ths defendsct*, uider the au'hcrlty contained In tbeir agreement, had no f?we* to ptevtnt It. In addition* to this, the defendant* and their agmts bad no knowledge of what Capt. Acgsla was d-ifg The first Information they received up .a that sub w? "fter he bad sold tha trunks aud good', fb* defendants, therefore, have not baen guilty of resligeeca. lhere must be judgment for plaintiff* for $.">07 75, Mlag tte amount for which the defendant* cff?r?d tbat plaintiffs might take judgment, (and which of fer oust control,) with costs to the defendants, einva the offer of judgment. Csari off Gfnrr?l gt-loni. Befoie Hon. Judge Htuart. Fu 13.? Putting OmnUrftU Jitney ? MicYael Tolaa w?? Indicted for ptl^ni counterfeit hUla upon Howl in <1 R. Wait os the 334 of Dec-mber Inat, bat tb? erid?nee to ertabliih I j I* | gilt b?Inj ln?u?clcnt the Dintrict Attor mj abandoned the cum. Gram I Isaremy ? W illiam W. Uiia wan charged w^li ?UaJIn- a gold watcb aod chain, of the value of (130, from Edward l'aloa, the lam ta ng bia eecon.l oitenoe aa al lejed la tha indictment. It appeared tbat tha defendant wan a barber lo Jtraey City, and while altering the coat p'amar.t In bla ?br?p ona day In Noremher la it be to ik the wateh. Tha proof vaa brought borne to th? prlaonar ir a ratber lingular manner. Ha waa arreete.1 in tha New York Hotel acme time after, on a ch*rge of a'.*elief an orercoat, and on b?lng taken to a atatlon hou?? a pawn ticket waa found la Ha Boeaonaion which repr i.t uted the Identical wateh and chain atol?n in thta raee. Hence, thocfh the theft waa committed in J?reejr, ttiia , Court baa jurisdiction over the eaae. aa the watch waa a?t>?e't<irjitlT brought Into the dtr of New Vork. Mr fpaiki, Clerk of I ha Court, prored tha roairtetloa of tha I pylaaner of araad larceny at a prerioee term of the .See liona In IBM, for wblch i (fence be waa Ui*n ??n'en-?l I to two yrara in the Btate priaoa. Verdict, gnittr. ten Vi ncd to fear year* an I two montha la the Mtate pilron. ByrfUry ? Thomaa floorer, a boy of a boa*. 14 rear* ' of ige, waa indicted for break log Into the dwelling bo urn of JoLa Fltaherhart, 100 Eleventh afreet, aa the moraiag of the 80th of December latt, aad atealiag tberefrwn a * itcb and chain, $1011 ta money, aad a eaw of pUtola. 1 be fact of the forcible entry a* well aa the robbery were rirarle proved, aad tka only qaeetion for the comrtlera tloa el tbejury waa the identity of the pr'.ioaer On the owe hand Fitiberbert and hia wife both a wore that, h* 'ng woke ap inddenly on the awrataf la qncettoa they reetrr.lned the prlacoer ta their bedroom with a ha la la cne kaai' and a lighted candle In the other la thla, he aeier <lwt mna* hate been mlitak?a. *er M waa p- <?>>?; '.sat the hoi wu In h?d all tught. aad oV-et wtt Emu ware lr?< <ht i:p ta ee?ahH?h thai hit character ! wa. one Urlirt, ael|i: ? 'Hp. i Mew York OptlMrinale HofptUL Jfe And the eeoond annual report ef this bawtr > lent 4u1 praiseworthy instltstlon apoa oar tahl*. Among ito jloing? for the port ysa r, elevsn hand red end fifty-six pjtleats here applied for relief ; seTentyeigit remained under trea'ment et the be ginning of the year, m&klajr 1,234 in ell, and 2,340 since the hoapitel waa opened in Ma y, 1852. Bixtjr ttte gradiitn and students of medicine are attend ing a oourse of lectnree on opthalmlc dleeaaee this winter, also receiving clinical Instruction la the Witntion. Appended to the report is an " appeal in behalf of tbe Institution, " which we cap; : ? While we rejoice with yon in win t has been ac complished by this association during its brief exls teeoe, it moat not be forgotten that moch still re mains to be done. A new hospital, snch a one as will rt fleet credit upon yourselves and the empire cltv of the Union, is imperiously demanded. It is true tbe Legislature at its last session made an appropriation or $5,000, on condition double that amount ?nould first be raised by private subicrip tions. A portion of toe specified ram. we are happy to say. haflbeen obtained anu deposited in tbe Savings B*iik of this city at interest. And but for the great derangement in the fineness of tbe city and coun try, It Is bettered the wnole amxxnt would hare bsen raised before this time, and then the entire list of contributors to the building fuad will be published, and will oontinne to be published in each suc ceeding report, as the benefactors of the institution. When tbe claims of the Eye and Ear Infirmary, in tbe city of Boston, were made known to the pnblio, 170,000 were raised in subs ? riptions varyiag from 110 to $10,000 eeoh. Mr. Maw, President of the Institution, gave $6,000 himself; two Individuals bequeathed $10,000 eeoh; two $6,000 each; twenty gave $1,000 eesb ; eight $506; fiity three from $100 to $400; fif|y six trom $20 to $60. Here is a noble examnwof which our eletmr city may justly be proud? ljnti Imitate it. Why should not New York, the London of America, in com merce, In wbalth, and in population? exoel it? The aurgeons of this institution have never re ceived one dollar ss a remuneration for their ser vioee, nor do they ever expect to. AD they ask is, that the public will turnish them wttb a salable building to carry out tbe original design of its founders. We plead not for ourselves- It is for that lonely widow whese afflicted child seek* your charity. It is for that poor amaurotic seamitrees, to whom the world has become almost a universal blank, whaee aching eyes and weary fingers have known no reet until the midnight hour. It is for that rightleee laborer, whose ceaseless ef forts in bahalf of nls dependant offspring have been continued mid summer's fervid sun and winter's piercing cold? it is for tbeee we extend the head of charity. It waa this vera class or sufferers that moved with compassion of Him, who 1* emphatically styled the great physiciai, to open the eyee of one who was born blind. We moet cordially invite our fellow-oitizens to send any who ere in need of this oharity, and to visit the institution themselves, that they may i judge of its merits. We are conflient it cannot fall to awaken feelings of deep svmpathy and enlarged benevolence. Mark 8raram?aoM, M. D. John P. OAamsn, M. D. No. 0 STtTTVSSAKT 6THKR, Jan. 1, 1865 They want less than ten thousand dollars to com plete their aubeoiiptions f >r a new hospital. Saiely that trifling sum can be raised for so laudable an ob ject without difiloulty. We eonuennd it to the at tention of our philanthropic fellow citizons. It Is a trifle; but the hospital ie doing muoh good and j that is no trifle. . , . I Theatres and EaJtlMUwtia. Bkoad?ay Thkatrx*? " Cinderella/' which hu | Lad inch a long and auooeasful ran, la announced for i the iMt time tbla evening, with the aame oast The fatoe of a " Blighted B&ing" will conclude the ' amusement* of the evening. There can b? little doubt but that the h xwe will be crowded in eviry , department; To morrow evening Mr. Htrrtnoa takee bis bescli'. when no doubt note whj have pitronised the Eugllsh opera will do their duty on tbe occasion. Bowery TnKATnE^-The benefit of the officer of tbla theatre, Mr. W. Poet, takes plact to' ' night. Several eminent artists htre volunteered thru ccrvkea on the occasion. The piece called " IliUae:e," w;th Mr. J. Hart in the cwactsr o tl a*, retre, will corume'i -e the eotertainma Ua Sbelu.a's Hra,,/ Band will out disMurac street mu i ric, afUr wbi'h an acLOrdeon nolo, the faros of th ' " Virginia;," thj " Irisl Know Nothing,' , and the " Game <!ock of the Wilderness'' Bi-rton'm Thkatbf.? As usual, the pt>gramm) lor thi-. ev? nlng is good, and as Ba ton figures la both pUcrs, aa Paul Pry and Jem Bags, and as al tbe leading members in bU company appear In the! n'pectlve cjiract.ra. tt> we who visit Chuaber street theatre to night wl,l enjoy a rich tree'. Tfn pitas gene tally produced by Mr. Barton are of a novel and Interesting character; anl hen-? hit ?u: CffP. Wallace 'b Theatre? Tbe celectians for this cviPtDg ocrs'st of three very amusing pieces. T<n first Is Lester's, called "Two to One, or the King's Visit," which Is caat to tbe entire strength of Wul lsck's liiinitable company. The next feature is "O'Flannagun^and the Kairlea," and the capital farce of tfce "New F.w^raan.'' This progra ame c in hardly fall to fill the house. Amksican Mrs av ii.? The afternoon performance, aa aiso that of the sveninti, will be the inteiestin/ dratta c.f "Eustache," C. W. Clarke, Hu.daway, Miss M? stayer, and other artiste of celebrity In the cast. Betimes the dramatic amusements, the visiters have the privilege of viewing the great curiosities srllb which the Mnneum abound*. Wood's MiNsrnauk?Tha great feature at this popular its m Istha burlesque of th?"H>tal d' An tique." There sill be various melodies, instrument*! pic ea and dax< tog. Brcn.r v's Br:Rin(ADEits^-Tbe test burl* ?ja? *rer prcducid t>v tt Is compa iv Is announced lor this everiitg. "Lncreaia Bjrgia" ahoald be aeen by all Buckley's tinl e a. Tiib TaortaDORS, under tbe direction or Mti Zuter, give concerts tula we: k la Hartf ,rd and New Bavcn. They appear in B'.yrlaa costn'ne. Mr. MTnttrk, the vocalist, will give a ledtare, immj used altii musk, at Flashing (natituts, on Tbntsday enmng. Philadelphia - At tbe Walnnt street theatre, on Monday. '-A Midsummer Nigm's Dream" was played fcr tne tl lr:y-flrst and last time. Ust even ing Miss LUzle Weston hid a beiuliU Tas English opera will commerce next Monday. Mr. Cooldock to playing at tbe Chestrut atreet. Mrs. J jhn Hre/v la playing "ion*' at the Arch. Baltimore ? Mr. and Mra. A.E. Baker are p'ay togastar engagement at the Holliday street [bee tle. Bostox ?A "Japanese Spectacle." by H. J. Con way, bas been b' ought cut at the Museum. Mr. Buchanan is playing at the National. Locjsvilik, Kv.~ Miss Makeah his had a eomp'l BMLtaty bet t tit to make up for tbe loe* of ber wa-d rtbe by tte fire at the Ualt Home. Thirty iw> ptr sens c nnectcd wfth the theatre, gave their free ser vices on tl e (ccaalon. Oa tbe occasion of Mr. McDonougb's b*ni-flt, at the Cl'j Mnsenm, f'biladelphia, on Kr'laj nl^ht last, two b< autlfut sword* were t.reeentH to him by hi* priori*) f i U-t>d?. Ooe of them Is a beaTily mouated .4o?teb Hey irote. sad the <>'.ber a beautiful iwurd, each b??r ing tl.t following .a*ertptloa "To J. E. Mcltonouih, by bin l?r?CD*l fltends. K?b 9, IH.'fi." The TstrT. c it ARtEwroK, a. c., a a 0X14. WjirarsnToa ( ovtn, Fefc raair T ?This was tb# op- a ioa < ay af tba taaual raMeg. Sotk*y Clab pnr?? $1 o??0 ?four mile beats. Tbe 'oliowiag lurni wm ealare<l. ? JilinW's rh h Jt1f Paris, 7 years old W T. Ctiaalbsm s cb h. >l>fbiaa<ler 6 yesrsobl; Cap* Joha Hilrbrr's h Bi, M? C1app*rton, 0 years oi l, K. II Cheat ban s b. b. Urlff IXminitos, 4 ream old This was a Crtialljr well coatest?4 race, and reealtei aa follow* ? b. Criff MmMatea 4 l 1 H. rr. IM? Ciappertoa 1 2 2 (V b. Highlander 2 'lis. Cb. h. Jefl Daefa S d ? Tlm^ 7 :6I ? i:l<t-I M)j. Peetad Race.? Swey takes for Hsteitlusoi stahe?? for three jearold?? - twe Si!eb*ats 01 the twrat* ono sob sciiptleas mad* for this raro tbe four fellawlac eatilsa etily appt-sred ? C A UsBiUt> d aaaaed b a. by Tempter John tempbrll n?m 4 b. f. by Vtgser t B ?;oWst.jr nsm'd b. c Brown Irlrk ; John Rrlrh*r named u ?. by Cbil > Harold The following le the ?nsiniary ? B e. Hrewn lick 1 1 H c. by Trmpter 2 - H. f. by Wi?o?r 3 2 Ik a. by C hiula Harold 4 - Tim?: k 42?4.44. CALiroawta racis, Ka? ftuacKO 1 ie<rta L^raaa, January 12^-A pa*.ag matrh rente off over this eotree, for It OOO > ? ?le, bo twf<aC 8b?*r k| g I rel Jnbnson and J. 1 lot ? r m la<l> Mar. wltii trie f'.!' iwtag rr'ult ? ftr .Jobnxa 1? saddle 1 1 lady Mae, to ealtr? 2 2 ' Time I 90? 4 U. Watitriaj. Jaaaary It.? Tbe eaiae Iwssi are su'rhst to so te sulky far >1.(00 a siae? aeile k?au, as. t tune la iva. Ixm kir.rv* Pi >w rot ass, (at Ik* Miesfcia, > Dseeta b?rt*. 4? Ibegfrat match fer farm ailwii.el ya/ds (tias s>? tetwiea J Reed's a g IMek |eb< vea ?a '. Jsw?? l atv -da'! a S WHIsbef as4rr??l'e4aaea sea <4 ? Wei Maes ,..t Wha'.e*. . * !!!!? V'i\- ?; , ' FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONET MARKET. Ttudat, Feb. IS? 6 P. *? The stock market vu a little more buoyant moaning, sad ia sons of the leading fancies there VU .ronsiderable activity. There wen more ctah tiansa ctlons than usual. State atocka and railroad bonds c mtlnue to press upon the market, bat not In lot* large ?niugh to depress prices materially. 1111 , nola Centr bonds, neir inane, (ell off to-day to a ptlat below the price paid to the company. The public mlud /snot so wall satisfied with thu loin, j aud i* tri'I be I'UBt ult to distribute it. There Usome j queatict V t> the character and extent of the . aeciKit- if- Td. which will seriously Interfere wit a tho tiii-lsi-' value .tf the bonds. It ia stated that ?cue j.< f ion cf tht* company 'a land haa been put in twice, hd security t'or different classes of bonds. Tdjs may not, of itae*V, be a matter of much Itnpor taBce.n carried ao fui"Sher, so far as dollars and cents u e concerned, but the p lnciple involved in . such a proceeding ia of toe grave a character to be pulsed over lightly. We think there is little doubt about the truth of this st&tfmont, ua-J it must bave an Injurious effect upon tho crtdit of the company. It is also reported that the Illinois Central Hall road Company contemplate purchasing the Chicago and lfl*slsiippt railroad, the Air Line, direct from Chicago to Bt. Louis; for the sum of $1, 000, 000. This amouat will have to be provided for by another lisoe of bonds, backed up, perhaps, by a second mortgage on the company's lands. At the lint board Erie Bonds, 1478, advanced i per cent; New York Central 7's, i; Cumberland Coal, 4; New York Central Railroad, Reading Railroad, 4; Hudton River Railroad, |. Dliaois Cen tral Bonds, new issue, declined 1 per cent; Pennsyl vania Coal, 4; Cumberland and Toled) Btllroad, 4; Chicago and Rock Island, |. After the adjournment of the first board to-day the following b>nds aad stocks were sold at auctiou by B. Diaper ?2,000 New Allianj an.. Salem RH Con. Bdi., 1873, 68)^ 96.000 Ohio ft MiMlmip. RK id Mt( 7'? Cun B?, 1880 At ?1,000 7's ad Ht( Bdi IIudMu Rf?er RK Go, 1876. 72* ?1,000 North'o Ind. RK Co 7'? UasGonhen Branch, 8"i ?200 New York Central 7'? Uonds 08 20 nbtrei LoritUrd tniurince Co, ei dir 10.1 26 do Htooingtoa RR Stock 63 At the second board the market improved a frao tloa. Erie fell off 4 per cent. Harlem advanced 4 per oent; New York Central Railroad, 4. Panama Railroad went up to day 8 per oent, and this ad vance did not biing out much stock. It is expected that this road will do a large ftelghting buslnesi, and that ita revenue will be derived principally (torn that eonrce. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-day, were as follows:?' Keealved . Payment*. $13.1 400 00 :W,?30 70 Paid lor Aaaay Office, in bar? moitiy Mum . 308,243 lu 4,374,349 B4 Tbe ateamabip Promethraa, at New Orleans from I r . brUf" meB **** Min from CaH fornla. The ateaoaehlp Northern Light left Nioa ragua on the 6Ua inaUnt for thia port, witb 1800,000 la specie en freight. The mwx from California hi not of moth impose*. No Chan** had uken place in buelness matter, or in mining siuo* the d*. par tore of the previous ateamer. The announcement mada In onr coltinna a few duya hince, of the reanmptlon of Mefira. Page a Baoon, of B*. I/mi*, on the 16th Inat., la oonflrmed by the correspondence published in yeaterday'. Hsbai.d I between Mr. Bacon and Mr. Asplnwali. That cor- ' rtepcndence la characteristic of the two gentlem.n ! from whtm it emanated, and will be read with ruti* faction by the friend* of all the partiea interested. The early resumption of P.Ke & Bac>n pl.cea in a mora ooIoom IigUt the canaii which led to their ana- i per alcn, and every high miLded, honorable bua'naaa i man lr tbl- or any community, muat condemn ' b at til Htrooger term*, '-he narrow, contracted p illcy oftiose who niifortu a'ely bad the po?er to arrwt the active operation, of one o* the most extensive and w?ait> lent banking h >o*ea in Ihe aonntrv. The *??!> retumptioa of Mamr*. Page A Bacon mnit cor.loacd th we who were the direct cau.a of their N-mpo ary suap.raim. AienejaJ of active buai vts* Ly * hooae to exU-naively engaged |n baakmg, l? :* ordinary nutter, and the anmnt ofcapiU! re ferred la the faoe of inch an interruption of cradit, ' 1* wbat vor> f? w f]rnn could f omnnnl. Tha' they a:e abie to rake the nect -aarj mean*, in the beit evidence ! In the woild of their Btrength anJ solidity, ani the 1 unlimited confident placed In them by rh m con. ! net ted with them In commercial matteis. The firm of Page A Umo n for many yean ban been one of tre moat prominent banking houses of the Wait, aud in St. Loaia, where bauking la aarioualy re n' c, J e tbey havd farnitheJ fa cilitfct to the commercial cla?(? which have greatly accelerated the growth of that thriving city. Alter aeveral yeara of prwp-rlty and succeea, dar ing which the firm accumulated an immense capital the hcuae became involved In the contraction of a rail cad connecting Bt. Louis wlt<i Cincinnati of 1 ?a*? to bath citlee and the Intervening i country. In taking hold of thla enter priao Pane A Bacon had In view more the advancement and proe pf ri?y of tbe city of Ht. Uula than their Individual pr< lit, and tbey won!d have carried the r pUaa ILioofcb locceaafoliy Lut foi tbe ncent *uddeu a-.d itTire collar** In pubJIj credit and the utter nn aval-ability cf tha aeon rl lea taken In retnm for ffiftey inve*i?d. The eaplUi involved be:atje Urrf fora, lnactlva and aerlooaly raetricted the I?gl tlB.ate operation of the hotrae. A I'prehendiag difflculty resulting from ?uch en" targUminta, tba ?nlo: partner, Mr. Page, depart, 88n tr>n l aco laat fall, for the pnrp^; of providing the neceaaary meaca to m?t ail their en pg?mei>ta at .maturity; and hij eff<rta would have ?"**?aA?l batjfor tbe obatacle- encounter^ In a quart ? u unex^nad aa they were at the time no avoidable. Arrangementa had b?n male In Cali fornia for tha remhtanre of ^ ? extent nm J Th^ia I'"1 e"la^ The* remlttancea hare coma to hand, and although too late to aave the houia from auipenalon, they c-me In time to eraura a raaumptloo, witiout deiay enoogh to cntatl loaa npon any creditor. With the aid the houe had a Hght ts . xp?ct, ar.j wi,lcb h d la fact been promlaed by It. rorreepondeaU, li wcu.d sever bava faltertd in Ita ob'igatlona, bat on the cottrary, have natainad Itaelf a-nldat all tbe ronoutdiag diaa^aea. But about thirty day. have etapeed .in a tb. co??unltr were ed, cot so much by tha asnouaoemKt of the aoapMlon of a Bacm, m by an ol tbe treachery aad abuae of c nfldenoe os ! r.Wv ?f thoi* c*u,l,<f Aal aiu pin tion In tl at abort tia? r^curas <f the b-m-. btv? been made available. In tbe face of a'l the d fflealtle* ?Bd rmbarraanseBt. growlag out rf a te-nr-orary ioap<saioB, and on tbe lftth lut. . foil re?mP lo, takl. pl^. Mr. H.D Bacon Mt th.dtyo.Ha turday for St. Unle, forti?a.l wltb the m?aae ?, me.'.tvaryd^BMd agaUrt tte tlra, npo. pre#.. * e h41r* ?? We. that ba will bj cal ed ..pon to ,?y a large par c eat of a'J d*i?a. tor tke abarac tcrar.d credit cf the boaae hava on'y b*an .h.k- a, ' tot defrayed, particularly wi?re tha pa.m'. h-m* la orated. Ta** who Save toiled for year* op tha ragged ps'be of trtt ^U't :rd t wl.ohavep?? i aeej leta art r Ma In dt*?i?g way* an 1 raeas. to fol fc" prcm ara-vko have flnily a'Ur w i'r.? -?iig tbe wrack ?' many who h. re ^?cuam^^l 1 fa with faii*r prr??pett?. reaebe?l r.a hegbtof com B etc al prr?p?rity, atd aae In their da lia<t>? j<+rt peace ai d j 'try, with a .offl ^Cy of tb. w^W. K's i a tb' rue*. re. aj d tboa. ut*r and drart> U?B- -tk-t# wUUvt been sfKB the er* af real'a l tg nr. h s rewai to all taelr !aWa raa tat! what It U to fa I by t'e 'rra h*r; of a fate* frte?d, and in U?? tke rep h*t ntaad to tb* Hp. <a*he4 away ?. i< >>e who ?bM>d "aea iombImI, r* M. ar,<| a'aa ?' ? ? -.'(m.f T -4tf ?V; b?M +xi ?i<seii a? a ?:?M'bH* .ith M>mT. A |? ? *"* $)*?'/ 'm tkrw eaaafa fr^, iM V|. |||f I | h Ml* a. Ia this a*lter throughout we ktre been governed solely bj the actual merits of the owe. Htrtag no personal acquaintance with the parties directly con cerned, oa either aide, we have beea la a poaltloa to take a cot nit, unprejudiced view o( the matter, and It la therefore latisfactory to And that our coarse la I auttaked by the community at large- 11 could not , hare beta otherwise. A falte friend la the ordinary walk* of life ia mote to be dreaded than an open eat my; bat la business, where the eredit, the orea t.oa of a life spent ia toll aad aaxiety, la at ataks, % fa Ire f/iu,d may ruia any man. Bmy one cngag J la mercantile poraulta In Immediately interested la tbia matter, and aucb pieAnttens shonld be taken aa wii: temore all from the teodet mercieeof unpria c ip!ed agtnla. Competition in basin* as destroya In htrall mlnda that nice atnte of hener ao neceaiary to auAtaia ctiildenoe, and leads m a iato the prac tioe of the meanest and mo*t cor tempi tble acta, ?uch aa a thimble-rigger or plckpoaLet would indig nantly ir|>udia'e. Men of comprahtnaiTe minis takn a more enlarged new of things. They enter tain no petty jealotuiea, bat on the oontrary are at all limi t willing to aid and sustain a b.otber mer chant , instead o( ?ecn tly plotting his downfall aad ruin. The ar.tinal meeting of tho Kunbury aad Brie Railtoad was held at Philadelphia yesterday. The annoal report atatee that in the present Huanda condition *f the company It la deemed by the boa*d the bea?, ptHoy to ilniith the road eection by aection, thna making rarh link productive aa it beeomea finished, and by I to pro?p?rlty add to the retooreia aad the credit of the company. The ne ?Hou t ram Milton to Wllhamcport ia completed, and th^t be tween Banbury and Milton will be opened by July. It la estimated that the net receipt* from coal alone, 1 npon tbia portion of the toad, will am^uiA to 1200, 000 per annum. The following atatement exhibits the aarnlnga aad expenses of the Vermont Central Railroad C imp toy for alx moat ha ending December 30, 1854:? 9nss esMtogs it Kiprntvi of operating the road 3<>1 J*7 S# I Net income 9163,608 10 Of thla balance, til 1,444 in expended for hi c?r?, ud about $42,000 for new Iron. Toe expense of running the road for the pie', alx inontha was about 60 per eent, agalnat 80' per cent for the pre vious aix months, and accordingly the nei receipts show a handaome gain. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 10th Ixataot, were aa (ollowa For the payment of Treasury debt* 627,483 00 Knr the Cuatomn 37,381 73 Kot coTrr.nn Into tb* Treaaury Ironi oiiatmua 13,.'M* 77 Covering Into Treaaury from mlito. nuiki. . . IW7 41 >'or tb<* War Department 32,393 An For ri-payinx in the War Department 04 71 For tbe Interior Drpartiqpnt 6,06n HJ We aee by the market re porta that the Block of tbe McCulloch Copper and Gold Mining Company la ft little more in demand. We anderaUnd that Professor Emmona, HUte Geologist of North Caro lina, baa recently expressed himself decidedly in favor of the preaent appearance and future pros pects of the mite. Tbe annexed atatem?nt exhibits the average con dition of the leading department of each bank In Massachusetts, out ol Hjeton, for the four weeks preceding HaturJaj, February 3, 1855: ? (UxKMOK Uirnt' III McrTH. /.'<a?u and SptrU in Hank. Ih-]><?ni. Ilankt. OiMcouni. Abmgton $2' 1,343 a<ud> 34t>,283 A^-a?an> 346,190 Aiiticultuia) .. 864,066 Amlover 347,283 Appletoo 892,544 Amatle 889,936 AHitborct'gb.. . J 1.5, i hb llainatabl* 80.5,516 Baa* Hirer 114,043 lla/ Hate 7*44,104 I So Jfut'l Com I. . 064,830 Brveilr 241,011 It larkn'oiie 1 H2, M 2 Him H'll >81694 ISrigi ti n 1?J, I -'4 III ixbt' u Murfcrt 101', 712 ISriatol County . . 668,288 Banker litil 644, i, 05 Cabot 216,614 C?m?>ri<l|re IM,i'l4 CaubrMfe Clt* , I'll .101 I ambn 'lie lira t 996,669 ??,04;i 626, 421 6,380 37 824 Btral, Cl>aile? hirer. Clilcii|i'i ? 4?9,2i2 170,8:t2 646,070 f'ltiuna' 360,771 Citjr Ivnn 1(2 830 lily, t\ ori:o?ter, ;il"l4N CV mini i rial , . , , Ji78 641 Cuneotd 17'.' 778 Cora a 7 145 7 17 I'tnraia 366,863 IVdhan 467,064 >??*? 168,660 V'xctanar ,131 ,627 Kairliar> n 033 630 lalro.uth 141,172 Kali Kivf r 110 MH KitcbtiUri 6i/2 '.'37 1 lamlDKham . . ."'84 047 I mi.kliu < ountjr 310,466 Gleurmter 4*1 233 Craft' n 116,630 (i rati' 1 167,604 f?rei i? fi ?? 1 ?1 20", 026 llailli-y Kail*. . . . :(>7,2KI linn |?'fu 26< . !*4 >lssi|<*hlr? Mnnf 488,556 IfavrLill 961 64W II nrham 258,063 ftolli'ti n 14e,e?? IMyoke 828 Hopkiatun 177 ."?4 ll'uaat'inie 168,341 Jul a lUnocli.. 273,32* laiRbton 967,617 UliUltll,...., 318,217 i ? ahatie l,'3,,.i2 lee t'invu IjtU "al< r .1.10,0' 1 Io? ell. . . . " I J I -. M?< liaelte' 11m' alcta' tlx l. aiee Val'eti Vail.Vtoa'l Maiino . Vai>aHi t ...... Mittapar Meeb'aNtWitfaH 606^67 to. .Stwl.uryp t iC4,014 1)?i Wi ro-ater I.-'.IVO V> fa i.tila 314, 4la llercb'ta. i*?rll 166,6 "4 Dn. N MTd 1 8M,S?4 I In Nrwt.urjp t 3I" l.'.l I o. Caliai.. 874,061 M-rrimark .... 967,00a Metacoset K'V *43 Milfort 868,844 Milll ar f . 114,486 Miliar'* Steer. . . 174,74* M?b>< n... 148 */.2 Moant WollaatoB |t&,820 Xaumfci*! Ke|i')B**t N???> a Nortbamp'on h oitliUironfrb .. K BiMjaoatof . (Jeeaa 343,568 .'80 041 328.117 180,666 101 248 610,643 <-69, 0*2 I73.6?) Of4 I i UjOj . ? . Oif?-r<1 Ke< flc l'*Bbtll?l ... u # Kitt*a?li) lij mouth . Ki ?<.w Hltor . |im> iftl riMlMtnVi f'j n< boa (jui ittj M<>o* Qu'i ?tfaaM?4 Hatli'a-! fr ' k kan' Fcrtrirt... .. Mli"?'... .. (?? oatb> r|4c* Ktotb R'ai-Bf t\ til fa. # , ? . i 1. 77?,f&5 10" 4MI 272 7MI II.1U 1*2,886 .rr. J.%4 36a, 0*6 147,00', i*4,l7a ll*,'4i7 mjm wajm 2'2,4>? 10O.04* mi .70 ina ''76 367,768 l*#.4*? 473 i wi im on 31 'i III III sm <* 811.796 '.4.'. ','U 161 >81 458.COW -??? l? im<a i '. 1" i, ll*?e*h il 166 of it ?j lib Ib4 ?|IN?r. ?'.? >nt ? >inil . Vllitaa WieiftaVl j., . ?'ot?ra Wna.Ur WttmNfCt'f. Vf<aU?a> . .. . 9t7 rr6 .4.1 <??J 96ej ?e 341 Mi 1*7 884 84* HI I't.VftO Ut 64'' m.e:i it. ?y?a M|W M, 88 7,342 6,5;tO 4,531 7,ao;i 8 544 4,019 1^,5*9 n,o:io 13.3^6 14,?/5 6,204 6.1HI 7,. 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Nil hoU?ro4h?tk? ?too *ad eontrol of the Thla la of a character entirely Ik *? *? pnrpeen, U the event of a withdraw*1 confldeno e. The coantry ban to of had, on the U at rebren ry, on band, npeeio..,"JM* log to $1 ,011^77, against m ontetniidtnc dreo^^V of 114,107,100, equal to about one dollar la ape*4* to fourteen of peper la circulation. Independent tt tii'.i.lbc couotiy bauka bad on depoell In otber banhe ' ? vhi h we euppoae menna the Snflblk Bank of Ben tot- $3 >27,610 for the redemption of tbeir lanaai, actcidiog to the teima ana cendltloua of the oenn p? a ( nWitd lata by tbe batk? of the Btnta. Witfc ail tfci* avai.atita neiu of the ocuntry bnnke nd olo c f thorn cou'.d ataal an actlvo ran of tira bourn, lite njetem of redemption U ao well eatabliahed tkat the public bare grmt oonfldence In tbe awurity of the ( irculation, and tl?o banke am therefore able to ta p out a large amount of paper. The necurttw U, bewever, tm?*tn*ry, and eo loog ae the poblu m'nd remain* quut, It may eufllcc. Tue Nov Kag I iu. J bkit been In operation a long time, and may ootitlnoe uidUtuibed I a a time longer, bet n panl ' among Mil holder* would awoep it away like no ii usb < before a whirlwind. Tbe nit earntnga of the Hoatbweetern Hallreni Ctmpenj of aeorgle, for tbe six endtng ?lilt of January, 1*46, bun k??u 9190,188 M ( uirrtl *zp*D?M for k?n>? prritKl 0j|0ZS 00 N#t earning* Plrl(1?o<1 hB old atoak 137,424 Dirkli nil on utrnaion 2, .144 Total 030, 7M Antutl p>;nfDt to the tlty of Ma con >1,340 lnttr**l on U>u<l* 7,?'J4 Total 66,775 ? 646,646 W tiurplui aaraloft tit 111 M The earning of U>? road for the corraapeadtaa petiod of lWJS '64 - that ta to aay, front Jalj, 1)164 to February, 1M4. laclnalve? vera 1131,4)4 H ahowlng a difference In fa?or of tbe ait montha Joet ended of ?8,T14 U. Tba cempany b?*e jut 4+ ? *??! ""0*1 dlrldand of fjnr dollan mm abare. beta* at the rate of eight per reatT* aT nom, m? able on aad after the nraiday of Man* next. And alao a dividend of two dollars per abara on the Americua Kitenaion a took, payable at lha ?ane time. "? ??ork KithMiff, 'too s" v?*i 2 *? 09 * .SSSS&SS'S 3* hOOO ].ouiaiaaa Aa. . . #7 'mo ""k? mu llOOO lad. Mtataba.., HI ^00 da "" MK 1<,00 Virginia Aa M Iw ? & JJ? }"?o do biu b*., loo do .10 aa J** <10 bio 66# <" % M 1000 Jt Carolina 6j ?a M) 100 do 'ba'w 2! 300 lalifairnla 7t 'TO WO 100 do lu vu ftM^UarUia in ? be aow sootioid hid mim.,, 5 i "* . v ?" ' ' vj' ' "? >?> M^'ulloah UoU.. 2 do. KiWo. txla. 31 50 NY OnKH hM oaff MftOKrleMi ef'1ft. *6 u ? 51^ 14000 do bj H6 Sl'i do """" Mty MM Paa. ka. ad 107 auo do ' ' .Viae S* 4000 do bft 1*41 do b?0 mi/ Caa.KR. b?U 74); ?72Kr^ UK 4T5 'J??0 d" 74 1? 900 do ... b<M 47 2 J0*'? do eOO 74 JiNi do... \m 47 w ?00N V fan 67V 10 do 4TlJ MKn, C V>b,-#3 2s ,0" 'V.'kt-t ?T* 6000 do... doi to do klo u5 9MX) New York 0. ,7t 0H\ loo do 47 S 1000 do ....*4) V) 100 ,!? "' ai*$ JJ" *? ? <*X OTHarUn, fii. ae ?f?? *? !*!( ?00 do 30V ltco do Ml -iuo do . . ;m>2 30 tin Mar K* J*.. 100 100 do . "ij ao? i ? fft !2"? " v ? ? ? 104 80 ,UrU"1 ***** 76 11 Ilk of tommrrea. lot rAK Keadia* KM ba 7a K 6A Manhattan Hank 117 loo Ilud'on K Kit b& MU MCantouCe 8.|?f do aau 4,10 do *l, fc llaro. KK 10e if" do MO VU 170 CU,. * Tul I ti" 71 IU> Nle Traoalt ?oW 17 io do ' ?iW 'IS ''? ,?>? Ti Chk A lu'iaV M ?7 M do.... w? 17 ^ ;? d?. rritf 101'mnclCo opf loot^ M Pa aa ma M*. l?a . ?coxd aoaan. fL^n JtHiFi V'iJ"'4* 64 100 aba Caot a l'ob44 ny tltoo Vlrjlnla ta Ui V to liaila ? KK b xi ?i? tW 9 1'aa Ma 3d laMO IM aoo " "^ , do a3 loa 60 K. V Oaa. MLaib i*4 V 100?lalU4 .. ,i? 41 l'^O Ki b?U of *15 n:i w) ^ Iooom. v r>? 7'a a X, !!,. SOOO ItL Oa. M. Ho 74i? jm) * 1?? ?- CO 74* 100 2:;;; J!,, JI??00 ?#eeaa...# 60f(u(]rB Hit |M< .. n ?aej 40)i0 111. a IUI ? rid Ila ?i>, 30 i do l>?0 io Wabafea nr., oW 100). M ?" 3 is* si* Mcf?n<Kh<jMi o I, 2<t <i'> . ..' . .baa i ot x lot * at It fc'l ?- fl M '?> ^"H-roKH ueH lot I aaUa le.^, _ M', 6-, Mich (?. Kit Mo JlJ nit rRAoic BKPtmr Ti woit |>b 11?4 i< u Ai> III ?Ha Ira of (0 I bla Mta *<-i? ma'ta |>u jtfcrl. n*,r ?t ?#?; ? $j. ^ ? "'MW. ' 1 TV? ^ ? Mour. Tl?a aaUa narhnl about a dm a ?. <oo t,bl?.. at ?? lj ? |? |o for kiard.. The ? .ataa .t M U a M ?7, . Jlo W ?o?a baicala !or n|?rt Waatara vat at II a ao J6 Inr ludii if ?in imm i? f&nry Uainla of Ml, ??,!,?, t.,-aimnu bia.d. of Bvulbara am *hlla about 1 ae? ?! *, ' ,0 lu'1,n? r ??'? atlra ^aalitMa. at I -tailo far li>0TK?tnv?i , tad $10 J7 f,? rilt nulla a'*f? aed Uatali **N Hald at III. ?'anadiaa ?at I.' u.<n.?iaU damaa-l ?lib ,kUt of aboitl .lOli bbit ta I ll"tt . . VI" ' *f 'i& * ,l0 ",1 '? >??>- at M 7a a I J. W liaal- ll,? taloot ml,, aaad .1,14*1 buibala n>,alb*ra ?' '?*. and ),Un buakaU d* Mi- ?liaa >b t* a ?. 40 prlat? wfcJU f)rn?a^ ?aj hal l ?) |] io ('.?? ! I t, a ' ui |Jy on tba aoakat araa l^i tad >ak. Halt* 1 t? aboat fl?r? ba-bala of Jtrf/ aad .SVitbara ylloa vara n a t at lor? a lOle !?< otlxra tod H'att' ra roubl bate kraa parrbated for fatora dalirvry, at looa lt7a vaa yotet ai.d n> mlital Oata, vaia firat, at Mo a 7 Or ailt4 mr <t4ra|e, aad at 64" a fti Jtrtn TU laat talaa of U*l?x *r,a a ad- at e 1 ?4 ? ?l :it Mati-<tai?, me !,'t l,.-\r" ??'"* ?"? ataia at 64 76. 0?ui vaa l'ntt-1k.?U.rtHr.?HMI ba(. HI. at ??., ? tl.a ' '.I? "VLi* ' * ?*>?''<' . (?~ro>?aU?a Ot 1 * f ?'?*? '? ?' a4?ertit?d u. U .,,h ? .w, ,^jr 5 '14 lata vrra aoLd. at ab.ot Or . |0.,r lmi|; ba 1 ' aloca of llio it tb t tuaiktt vaa tlvitU Xi on-nif.? Tba aalaa awtee, 1 1 aboat 700 a %00 klU* aiti out (urtbrr rbtafa la r?Va ' l-anoirra.--|tt,l|,ptfra wira 4 a|^*?d to avail tba rv ra, |.t of .a tar fortl?o BVVa, doa tt Ha Ufa. ,?,i b-o?? 'B(?|'B,?U vrral abt. To Ijrar^l 4?Q kbl. a* %r ??.' rnr.,ad at It J..d . anl Wt, t ^ ? ZT. baroa vaa at 17t 6d. , train vaa at 61 la bolt a?4 toll, n at 4a M. par bala T-? lo, dwt> J eoo bMa But V. r; rt, .,?d prirtt. ,w. M ^tirtaa at? t<. !)??< otillnaat or to ' ali'ora t To Urr Waat aal Tar t'natj.oeobb.'t ' *tn tt abi|<t*d ot (aniMBMil a' mat. e'-ra >r>(tt'd at '.6r ^ I a f rr ? 7 l,a ft Ira lnala<!?t 16 '??rt larbora rll/oa at aUalltlil; ;60 lotto rala-ai, la/art, atA4 at tt'Um ?a IS J'j Ut.l ,!r; i?it.i?, ?t I i 40 00 I ? 0 dt vet di? 4? , at Oi lb Mar ? 1b? BMtkat vaa at?idy at a?>^ a 96*. , It- ? 7 h? aalaa inbia,*! about 160 t<H?a valak a< t a t J.ll, a t r ^,t ? I t T" ^ ?'*??? *?? OrWe. tot ?( iii. a Mf. V#r4| ? *f j|j?? ??r? a?itt i.V. ? *> 4 ugh wu ?< o.a?a I ' vara told at II Aa ,?r SlO tba laatMan ? Tlx aalaa tato?t4 aboat wa tut tu ?rat p?k at |i: *7 t ||( Mas aaa aoU la -VJ ** ,l4 *? ? ?'4 ? l^aw vaa ,|aiM at |U K. 1 ' atata vat at 914. Maaf ? I nat !tt tt4 C'abata ra |?'la4 ?avt aarbaaf?l. .1/4 l- roaa V.ian?t ? "" at ai 7 <Bt aar.ta -a,. .luTa^T ? *#f ??)??. <9r)tirl!ft|r bftf nft 1! Ir 1 |(/r 40 L6.J ' Y a .old at ?<,. ??4 Ui hbda drr at '.r. btto|bt !?,' 1 *r 1 va . t'ra*' * bo, WL, ? ?'k ?*a mi. at aad I6> ' ' *?t? r#ttra ~4^altt by aurtaoa- Tba t>,rva tw, brMh ^ '"2"*."" *Ma T...,t; Jaaaa4A t?r#* wUfj h?/? ? ftfhr) let, No. IWtM atfwi i m * f, E " i*; v.'i^ w" kl*r- i u t Va ?<ea^ a-a? araTut! * ? " J*t W>a faat.Vavp 6. 4 J* tba ; W4 rni ?roa?<! avd 'oar 'ran- W,?..t th.r?* M,i Wd Jar-ttaa airavt. taftaalaf at'Vm a<r*rt butt loe favt ?e Jarkifrti atraat aad 61 lav*, nu ? ha?r? atraat aotl to T 7 .1*. l#*'* aad M oa r.-,rtb abla llAtr aftk !*,'** S * aa4 al ?*avt>?b arvaaa. lot 14.100 ?. 64 ?Ui tiraa .lot 7 bfMk I -at- av l brt No aa* Taattft t'laat, r*tr t?n?> B, Jr ? ?>ita t 64, H*. lea fraa , l.auara aad foor tot a aartb tida ritoidt aiiwt |m faa ?a.| -r ?I, rti, atraea lldtlOti _ #7 M |;roakl)a (' i ? ' ' 7 ? Twraa ?to?/ auaa laatt aa-t ir4 MTlbvart - *arr Caw. atrtai aad Third }ie" Witt*. ?? /vo ia*aa n i. t"" V .0. tat to- ?i feat a.alk *4 Ittk Wit 4.17 1'* J I'.t) |rf t. I'll a b*?aa aad tat a4 laet. V-?1 4, 6 1 atof? brova etoaa taaaa ta1 tot lart, sr,il? tt.?W, . itat; ki t an ?b?< l?i ? at! P.t ttf'k aide Kal' ;a at'aat, 111 lit! ? ??t-r-a. tiatf ibft. fliKe H W'. 6U4rai aetb I 'tlvlt Mil* >bvt. 1*1 Irrt tart frvat Iktila ata I>tr, ,/il?e?, ?a/ii l""4 I l"t?a r'trth v?at treat rf latrtk attaaa at 4 load rO*#' ??aa |m | M M .*??e, ?l*e, I M a4, Uat.ttaMa.tiM 4 H. "O a.nk t dt rardr Iftbatraat, Ida faat vaat frata Tratt aravaa, Mtlad 4 a*at. M7I I toto vtaa mAm T. atb .<???<, Kr aaiag U ,eet 4 totbaa aaatk ef farST 6"k iJiaai ^6lK' , earl Il.t:6. I M aarlbveZ ITZL l.ftf am. a*?n tal Tavtb anaaa u 4<ltn ij aaa I ltd vatoaet ?a>, ?arif crth dM w4 t^,Vae!' ... ;i 4i|l' 6J.I71. 6latt mi ?M?ea?eaa . .taue 74?>?6 rttkll We ri* ?"! *1 W' "W awtdeat II lf? I f ?.*? -rftlM I# ? 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