Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW 1 THOLE NO. 6747. MORNLNu H>HW s ,U' OK K HERALD. jgUIi^iY, FKBRUa3y 15? l855- * Wn ?WQ CEYTS. ARRIVAL OF THE ASIA AT HALIM. ONE WIJEK LATER FROM EUROPE, THE MINIS! cRIAL CRISIS IN ENGLAND, Xtsignatlou of the Wfcole Abfrdeeu Ministry. The Earl oi Derby Unable to Form ? New Cabinet. DEFEAT OF AUS^iA IN THE GERMANIC DIET. MPWTATT IMELLIGCVGE PROM BBRLW. OTGtSIVE ATTITUDE OF PRUSSIA. WO CHANGE IN THE CRIMEA. Tht Cora aiid Cotlou Market* Dull and Derliiiin?, 4o., ko? too. Haufas, Feb. 14, IS 55. The Tto.Mil Mail steamship Aula, C?pt. Lott, arrived at ' hit port at half-past one o'clock thin morning, and a ailed again at three o'clock, with a eoutkeaat wind, for Boston, where she will be da* shortly after noon on Thursday. She left Liverpool on Saturday, the Sd instant, and er advice* are consequently one week later than those ?eceived by the steamship Atlantic. The political news is of a highly important character. As was predicted at the departure of the Atlantic, the resignation of Lord John Russell was followed by that of the entlie Aberdeen ministry, and up to the latest moment no new Cabinet had been constructed. Lord Derby had been Invited by ner Majesty to form a new ministry, but his efforts were unsuccessful. Affairs in the Crimea remained In precisely the same condition as last reported, and there had been no fight ing of importance. Germanic relations were in as complicated a condition ax ever; indeed new difficulties were daily springing up. Tbe Asia passed on the 4th Inst, at llilO A. M., off Xineale, steamship City of Manchester, and at 8:13 P. M. on tbe mine day, the steamship Baltic, both bound to Liverpool. Feb 12, at 7:30 A. M., passed a brig water logged and abandoned, with only foremast and bowsprit atanding. painted greeen inside, porta outside, a red ribbon and full figurehead. The Liverpool cotton market had been dull during tbe ???ek, and in some instances a * light decline in prices Is quoted, a* compared with those current when tbe Atlan tic sailed. The week's business amounted to 47,004 bales. la breajstufb the transactions hail been to a very Inoder&te extent, and prices of wheat and flour, although not lower, wot* certainly somewhat easier and had a Oeclinirg tendency. India corn had declined Is. per ?480 lbs. Tbe market for provision* was quiet, at about previous rates. ConroU closed at 91 X. THE EUROPEAN WAR. PROGRESS OF NEGOTIATIONS. ivronTjjtT actio* or tec obbxanic dist? acs "HIA DTtKF.ATTF KNKHGHTTC ATTITUDX OF FKl'SSIA ? TH1 SAKDL-'IA" ALLIANCE, ETC., ETC. No fighting, but ver y Important diplomatic more* .rr.logou. Prussia checkmates Austria. hi the session of the general committee of the (ier manic Trtet, the propositlen of Austria for a general mo bilization of the federal army ha* been rejected, and that of Prussia, to place the contingsuts only on a war 'toting, is carried against Austria. Some anxiety is ?It as to what course Austria wll! pursue under this ibeck. which preve- > the Emperor of Austria having, is he expected, the command of the federal army. Pro 'labijr no step will be taken until after the formation of the new ministry in England. The intelligence of the Austrian defeat cauied a dul ness in tlie funds. Prussia is preparing for action. An important ill s patch, dated Berlin, the Slst ultimo, says the Prussian govern mtnt has decrred the immediate mobilization of her own atmv, and the fourth and sixth corps are order ed to occupy the pi urinces of Saxony and Seiesig. The Prussian Of. patch, date January 21st, add rested to tbe cabinets ot i/oodon and Paris, states that the re sult of the last conference at Vienna harmonises with the views of Prussia. Prussia is not informed of th# tenor of the preceding deliberation*. She regards the admission of ? Prussian representative to the Vienna - conference ae indispensable to her accession to the treaty. Th* demand of France that a portion of the French army be allowed to pass through Prussian territory la categorically refused. Denmark has appointed a military commission to dace atl the Danish forts in a state of defence THE SARDINIAN ALLIANCE. .i.e V eaties between England, France and Sardinia are published Sardinia engage* to send In English ships 16,000 men to the Crimea, under the commnnd of Sardi nian generals, and England agrees to lend Sardinia a million sterling or two, tf wanted, at thrve per ci-nt, an 1 .''ranee an i England together guarantee to protect Sar Inia duriag the present war. A por Jon of the French army has been detailed to the eid of Austria, and it will march through Lcmbardy, to ?irore to ths Italians the reality of tbe Anstnan alliance with France. The Turkish Ambassador at Vienna hai received plenipotentiary powers to attend tbe ennferen y? to be heli* in that city THE 81' E OP SEBABTOPOL. 'Ahuary 10.? It is nn del stood in camp that consid ble deviations will be made from the original plans ' attack . with tbe view to take Important points of ds ace in th* flank and In the reserve. Two divisions of the French army will immediately leave their camps on the British left and take up a new position on tbe British right, llie object la partly to stop suppilee from reach ng Sibaitopol by the new road which tbe Russians have .^ade from Inkeruann. A despatch from General Canrobert of the 10th, says English have ceded to the French a portion of their > a, namely ? Tbs works commanding and deetiaed to tier in the breach of the Malakoff Tower, on which a rions attack will most probably soon be male. JavrAKT ll.?-A cold, frosty day. A large 'tuantity of arm clott ing was received In camp, but more Is want* *4. The lieoeh are assisting the British to build huts i id stablee. There Is some grumbling among the British ?pectin j the alleged injustice and partiality of th* re it brevet. JsgraiiT 12.- Several desertions to the Russian* have ?>een repotted. There Is nothing doing by tbe British cept getting up shot, shell and provisions. The Krencb id Rusiiaas exchange a few shot*, and a constant ire is <-pt up by the riflemen. Last night was th* coldest y*t -perienesd. During the night a body of 3A0 Russians ? tucked a point on the French lines, when a short con 1 let ensued and forty Russians were killed with the beyo aet. The French force now numbers eight divisions, of ?,000 men. and tbe ninth division ia on the way to the rims. Jan. la.?' The Russians oelsbrsted their nsw year's ?lay within tbe city with apparent gayety. At midnight ell th* ch#pei bells were ringing. At oise e'sloek the Russian* within tbe lines commenced cheering. The . reach, taking It ae an insult, opined lire npon the .>wn. The Rnmiena Immediately replied along their whole 11m of defence by th* innt oansonnade yet *t per.eneed; tbs earth works flashed forth uninterrupted flame, rsp. l and unbroken an fl'.e firing, and showed tbe As fences swarming with men. Undo? cove- ?f the tiring a strong party Botfiane made a sortie on the front an I flank of the British left, la tae atte-k the >?o%ans csftiirefl the Brttteh r lette, aalalsq \f?es in the covering parties; but on being engaged l>y the regi ments retired towards the town. f-.'multaneously with the attack on the British, * strong KteV.? was made on the French, the Russians penetrating within the parapet and spiking three mortar*. The i rench rallied and drove back the <?nemjr inside the lines of his advance, and at da/break tU? batteries were all I quiet. m Ja.ipabt 14. ?The sanitary condition of the itrltUh army ii improving. Theestabllfhment of a centra! depot for provisions ha* much relieved the nutTeriuga of the army. Jam. 15. ? There ha* been a continued falt'of anow, aud It ia now three and a half feet deep. Preparation! for a renewal of bombardment are progressing rapidly on the part of the Britlah. Fifty new <iege gun*, thir teen of tLe Urgent mortar* and thirteen thoutand ahot ,acd ahell baye been brought to the camp. A Polish de. aer.'r from the Kuislans has given important informa tion reacting the rsnge of their batteries. The guna of the have been nearly ailent all day. A more* tnent hac beeO observed among the Russ'ans, and it is reported that Qe?,t*ral Lipranii lias received stroug reiu- ' foTcemente. .I.i.M'AKY 18.? The Russians appeared in considerable forcr near Balaklava, wu cu it was thought they had abandoned. There was a lie., vy fall of ?n>w to-day, and it is now two feet deep on a level, llie 30th British re giment of infantry have disembarked. The French are very active in bringing up British powder. There has been no (i ring to-day. The French batteries are quit* silent; the Russians scarctly firing a shot, but active rifle practice continued on both side*. The steamer ?imla arrived with four hundred bone*. .Uncart 18? A despatch !n the Parts Pah it announces that fire waa almost suspended on bath sides. All were seeking shelter from the anow. The moral and physica] condition of the besiegers was good, but the hordes were suffering from cold. Jawcary 20. ? A despatch from Prince Men.schikoff Mates that during last night a successful sortie was made against the French centre. Several were mule prisoners and many killed. January 22.? 1 The following report has come via Bu charest ?Weather very fine, but the British are still sickly. However, abundant auppUes, of all kinds, have arrived? shot, shell and clothing, but uo houses. There is no progress to report In the siege. The British 30th and 14th regiments are disembarking. The French have undertaken to bold the whole British works. The galvanic apparatus for exploding twenty tons of powder against the sunken ahtps at Sebastopol has ar rived at Balaklava, and also the expected corps of divers. It Is expected the explosion will damage the foundation* of fort* Constantine and Alexander. * y The new ltusiUn defences at Odessa are completed, composed of twraty-seven batteries, and mounting one hundred and ten gun*. The fortification* of Kalfa, Anapa, KerUh and Sujak PaU are being itrengthened. THE DANUBE. Omer Pacha ha* sent In hi* resignation, because 1*. mael I'aiha, appointed to the command of the army at Itoumela, wai not pUced under hi* order*. I arge bodies of the Russians were again concentrating in Rrnl, and Sadyk Pacha baa proceeded with all hi* available troops to that point. The Russian* made a reoonnoissance from TultoLa, on the 10th and 11th, between the Sulina mouths of the Danube, and some{sklrai*hiog occurred. The St. Petersburg Journal gives an official account of the retent crossing of the Danube, and describes it aa a reconnolasance In force. Letters, however, say it waa really an advance of the whole Russian army, which waa stopptd by orders from the Russian ambassador at Visnaa, to prevent embarrassment to negotiations. The RusiUna now occupy their previous positions on their own side of the river. Constantinople accounts if the 22d say a change in the Turkish ministry is expected. Affairs are arranged with (ireeee, and th* Turkish Minister is recalled. ASIA. Pcbamyl'a existence uJ continued eommiail 1.1 proved by a recent foray of hia near Tiflia: (O the report of hi* death i* probably falae Kurdistan coo* tlLue* !n a atato of revolt. Account- fiom the army at K?r tire uocliangrd. General (iuvon hat bo fa placed oo half pay Tli?* Caai '* two ion* pasted tin otigh Mot cow no the 16tli. Orrat liillalu. IMPORTANT PROCEEDINGS I.N T:il HHITISH PAKLIA HlliT- LORD DBKBY UXASU To ran A OAMMV ? THE BALTK FLEET OKPKHtl) TO SKA. The wiek baa been oat of anxiety Io Eaglaad. The Atlantic brought I/indon paper* of .Saturday, 'J7tb, on tainlng I.ord John Rua?*ir? explanation of lil* resign* tion: alao containing the commencement of tlia debate oo Mr. RocbucL'* motion of want of coafidenoe in the Xinlhtry. | Oo the arena* of Moaday, 30th, Mr. Roebuck'* motion | waa reeumed la tha House of Common* , namely ? "That a aeUet coramittae be appoioted to Inquire into the cob ciition <>f the Iirltish army before Sebn*toprd, and Into tba conduct of thoae department* of the government whose duty it b?i been to admiaiater to the want* of that army." I Meaars. Stafford and Ditraelli spoke, when tba Hon** | divided, DOS for the motion, 148 against It ? majarlty | againat government, 1ST. Whereupon tha Ministry ?*? | signed. Their resignation wai accepted, and the Aberdeen Cabinet cnly hold office until a new Mioiitry can be formed. On the evening of Tuesday, ths 30th. the Quean sent > for the Karl of Derby, the leader of the roaierrative , patty. On Wednesday, Lord Derby waited oa lb* Quean, and bad aa interview of two hours. When the inter view waa finished, Lord Derby drove in haste to the reaidence of Lcrd Palmar' ton, where a lengthened o-.n (??rence took place. Tha public have not yet learned a hat occurred between them, but the general rumor wan that Lord Palmeraton would not aa?ent to the term* proposed by I-ord Derby; comequently the Utter waa unable to form a auflleientlr atrong cabinet. Various rumor* then followed, pointing to Iiord Palmeraton, lord John Ruaaell, and laifly to l/>rd Inndnowne, aa thoee who would probablv be placed at the head of the ministry. Bothhouaaaof Parliament adjourned from Tuesday until Thursday. On re a-aembling, Lord Aberdeen briefly announced the realgnatlna. The Dak* of New caatle entered Into an eiplanatlon In aelf defence. The Carl of Derby Informed the llonce that ha had been invited by the Queen to form a Cabinet, but could not do ao. The friend* of the Aberdesa ministry are dead againat lord John Ruaaell for breaking up the ooalition by hla retirement The Queen 1* reported to have written him an autograph latter ceasuriag hi* conduct; bit 'In* is doubtful. No ministry ha* yet been formed, and gene rally there i* aomewhat of public ansiety. The 'bill to give effect to the reciprocity treaty wai rend a second time In Parllaoaent. The Fngt ih Baltic fleet i* ordered to liianbU In 'he Down* ready for sea the first week in March. Rumor aay* that Admirala Seymour and Martin will commind. Meesrs. Wataon, Wlney * Co.. n lamlon house In the Auatialian trade. hav? failed. Uaollltiea moderate. Italy. Nomeroua arreata have been made at Florencs, oo Mia pretext of a revolutionary ronspi-aey ha ring beendia ' covered. Arreat* have al*o been made at l.egh?ru, be j cauae of the *ale of Maaaic'.an boali Holland. The Pu tch F.nvoy aent to Japan haa returned with the 1 assurance that Holland wUl cont.nue on tne foetlag of ' the moat favared of nation*. The Laim Vwa Brrn?MMr, Jan II H',l. 'flner Pacha a diflleilty with the Minister I* settled. fSAMB. ilia French Adm.ra. lebvinr Despomtna. whe com mawM at Petropolowsky la recalled, and replaced by M Konrlehen, et (Governor of lren-h ?la an* I ranoe l U forming a wcond foreign keg. on iPAt*. Soma new arrests have been ad* oo Ui- *a*pletan j of a Carliet conspiracy. Report* *ay that the CnrUsta have raited fiMi .n Ii?!Ua4. A Ma-.r 4 latter, i dated tba St th, any e Br *i'- la eertou-ly alek fie police have baen ? a* 'thing She**' hnaktag '.tonae, *t | fating I? 5 waa^m'en c<?c?nM tir-e C omikrW1 '"WHpnft London am. 7 Money in active, request. (bBHk J???rWably s!<>ady , closing at!>l?? a 91*. TU* bullion ur *??? 3,','i of Kn* gland had increased ?1!<4.000. AMERICAN flKfllirfTfW. Mwiri. B(P i Co. loport much activity du'fi t) th# w*ek, and prices gi-ae rally improved. (ioveniunmt stoek. 1 ?farce and ia demasd, while tUe demand farr Mtato secu rltin l!V*w frj ior/* jtie< jocd, e?p?<''.ally lot Virginia, la which !*"? ;iu?c :%iti bare been tnado. Mora doing in railroad bonis, fiaiticularly in lllinoi* Central, which are quo'.id at 6f y. a Bfl'i, and Erie Third Mcrtfageiat 78. A large salt of Taoama had alKO been made at ?0 Olhor broken uuote the market generally Arm at the following pricti ? t 8. Sixes of 1842, V-8 a 90; C. K Sixes bonds, 1868, 10S % 108, l\ R 81 sea stock, 18A7-68, 104 a 104; Pennsylvania Flees bonds, 78 a 80; Maaaacbusett* Five* bonds, 101 a 108; Maryland Fives bor.da, 01 a 0*.'; Vir ginia Sixes, 84 n 80; Virginia Hve?, 8 a 30 LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKBT. Blown, Shipley & Co. 'a circular reporU the cottoa market dull, favoring buyer*, and nearly -fi lower than last week'a pries*. Other circulars aay 1- 10th Iower) while sorts stale the market to be easier, but not qu9 lably lower. I'air Orleans, S *?'d. ; middling, 6 ','d. fair Mobile*, ?>?d.; middling, 6d. ; fair upland*, 6^d. ; mid dling, 6d. The sales of the wee., have been 37,000 bales, including afcoro 6,000 for export and 1,000 for specula tlon. The sales of Friday were 6,000 bales, cloning dull. Mock on hand, 429,000 bales, of which 1K>,000 were American. CO BR UUR. . Wheat and flour are rather ?aa.*r, Mea<ra. Brown, Shipley * Co. say, and business (iiiite limited. Indian corn la in limited demand at a decline of la. Western flour, 42a. a 42a. 0d. ; Olilo, 44s. (M. a 40s ; Philadelphia and Baltimore. 44a. a 44s. (Id. , white corn 44s. a 46*. ; yellow, 43a. a 48s. fd.; mixed. 42s. a 42s. Ad. ; white wheat, 11(. '>1. a 12s. 9d. ; red, 10*. 84. a 11*. 8d. UVMBPOOL PKOVI8ION MARKET. Richardson, Spence k Co. 'a circular report* bsef in dim retail demand. I'ork sells readily, but the supply coming in may depress the market. New bueon is want ed. Lard U firm, at 4S>?. (id. a 60s. livkkpooi. monecK market. Ashes dull and unchanged. Nothing doing In turpen tino o? tar. Common roiln stealy ? 5s. 3d a Ss. 8d. Spirit* of turpentine unchanged, business m (derate. Rice firm at 2Hs (id. a 29*. for Carolina. r,tnse?d oil In moderate demand at 36?. a 36h.' Od. Oyewood* unchanged, buainu s limited. LOW PON MARKETS*. Messrs. Baring. Brother* report the market generally quiet and ui changed. Bar iron, free ou boaM in Wale?, is quoled at ?6 If * Rails, ?A 13. a ?7, Scoteh pig on the Clyde, 8 6a. fid. a OAs. fid. Breadstuff* quiet,? white wheat, 80a. a 84s ; red, 72s a 70? (lour t'w. a 43a. Coffee quiet; sugars firm at an advance of #d. ; rice unchanged und qu'.et. LIVIKPOOL I ltKIOlIT.'. The IiTtrpool freights quotations show but little chsnje. * MAKKKT. Puifngt t* by the Alii. Rev Mr Bl? mlicld. page and lady, Mr* Parker, Mr*M ar land. MUa Bartlett. Mr and Mr* Tuckrrmta. Mr and Mr? HmU Mr and Mr* Campbell. Capt Payne, Mix < handler, Miu Jane Smith. Tailor and lady, Wood and lady, Mr and Mr? Hobinann Mrs Dodd, Me??r* Hear) an 1 three children, Uarllatt, Brand, Pratt, Charle* and l.ouu Tbumn, t U Qulncoy, Liarr of dcapatihe*. llimia*. Loedon, Patleieoe, lloldrn, Latn, Knkland. Brett, Thorn ii?on, Lewi*, Mill, Lair, Tanker, Souier*, Crocker, Moraan, John and Jamc* llutclun ?on, John and Thoma? H < handler, Leacber, llenderton, Mitchell, Cusnlncham. Bpence, I, una Ion, \\ eatlieud. Tav lor, ManUlef, llalm. Lemillet, tt' right, Law, Smith, niage ton, Jordan. Welmiley, 1'erfnfoa, Burn*. Joha*ton Can niunhim, Wright. Henry, Biggine, Morel. t'rowell, Salmon, ('roimrer, Sturck, John-Ion, PuUethy,, I'layar, Uver*. McKenile, Luthbrldge, Br-aleiuan. Nlilpplii^ Intelligence. Arrived from New Vork? Jon L7, Minnesota. and An?-ri<-.?, at Liverpool : Rivendale, at Qneen*to? n. 2-th, John ll. r tram, at Waterford: Jgth, Glory, at Il?lfa?t; JAM ??Urv.-lt, at Liverpool; ,VKh I'alettin - atd Cobden. at Uravenud; l?t. Sldd?n*. at Liverpool. Arrived from Hoitotk ? 3ft b, Wtldflre, at Mai. a. Arrived from \t llniiunteu ? 2Mb, Saltord. at Marr-eitlee Arrived from t'harlo-toa? I'ltti, Cainpoan, at Malaga; 234, Monthar*, at ; 28th Micmac.the Cl}da; 29tb, Joaephiue Hardin?, Liverpool. Arrived from Sataunali? Z7th, Franklin, at Waterford; Sit I. Elian, llolUiead; lat, tVealmoreland. at Liverpool. Anlved from Now tirleaui? 2!>tli Rajah, at (Jueeaitowa; 20th, lla/ard, at Genoa; 2Hth. Gnidfng Star, Spark th' Ocean, Neptune: 2Wtb, Tirrell Atlanta, Bell llork; 2d. Thompaon, all at Liverpool; Slth. Vanthm. at Port-mouth. Sailed lc,r New York ? JBtn, Aurora, fritia Liverpool; rth, William Tell, from Havre; .Kith, Am rican Eagle. Irom PertMnontb; Slit, E Z, from Liverpool. 2d. Columbia, from do; 3d, Princeton, do. {?ailed for RtlHuort- 38th, Lor>>nio. from Liverpool. Sailed for Charleit >?? 2ith, Rotunda, from Liverpool. Sailed for Mobile ? ,11. t, Moutetuma. from Liverpool failed fcr New Orleau ? 2ritb, California, from he Clyde; *)tb. Fnoy GifTnet , St Patrick, Sunny South, M indermere; lat, Revenue; 2d. Volant, all from Llverrool. N'iw M*p or Caurat.m.? Mr. M. Milleaon, C. K., of California. ha? aent to the Si.w Voax HutaM> office "An Improved Topographical Map of the Northern and Middle M.'nee," allowing a new route for the Pacific rail road? the tierra Nevada? at Kre<lonyara' Pa?a. I/eav inf the railway route oat of the queation, thia la the beat and cleareet map of the mining region of California that we have yet aeen. It ia tery well deugaed, aol well executed. ENOt.ten Ovbu? Bern rr or Mr. H*miJ*?.? The en gagement of the I.yric troupe at the Broadway theatre, now extended to it* ninth week, drawa to a aloae, at we learn with regret that Saturday will be ponltively the laat night of their appearance here. To-night, Mr. Ilur riaon, to whone vocal power* the lovera of maaic ewe much of the enjoyment* of Kngliah opera which they have experienced daring the preeent aeaaon, annoancea hia flrat benefit la thia city, and independent of hU claim a* an artlit poateaalng a aweet voice and powerful execution, the bill of entertalnmenta will be *ur? to at tract an overwhelming aa>Henoe. Political Intelligence. ELECTION IN FHILADBLFIHA. The election for State Senator to aupply the vacancy caused by the death of Mr.Vonlkrod, waa hel l on Tue* day .n the old roonty of Philadelphia. The vote, com pared with that of October laat, ia >mall. The following are the reported votea ? // C.Pratt, j/tt. /tilth, Hamilton, Hrovm, Mormn, K. A'of* tug. dem. K. Xoih'g. <lm. whvi. 16, ,M 3 13,171 It. '^7 IS.TS4 3,Mj I Know Nothing majority 3.34'.' Ksnw Nothing gain in four mootha 'J V>'> The election of Mr. Pratt will give the Know Nothing* a majority of one In the Ornate. ?ALLOTI.VOI F OR tTMITKO fTTATKA SIMATOH IN ILLINOIS. The following table exhibit* the varioua balloting* for 1' tilled Ctatea Senator in lllinoia, which llnally rcaulte I i In the choice of Hon. Lyman Trumbull, of Madieon cr.nnty ? 1* t 2d 04. Uk. itk. ?tK. 7tA. %ik 9tk. ; fiuiubtiU... ft A II 10 7 t Ik U el Matte?ea. 1 ? 'I 1 ? 41 44 47 47 Hblelda 41 41 44 42 41 1 ? ? ? Lincoln 46 41 24 31 .'17 34 27 It ? OeHen 2 ? 1 ? ? & <1 ? ? ' Williams...? 1 1 ? ? ? ? 1 I Browning. . .? ? ? 2 3 ? ? ? ? Swet ? 4 1 ______ , Koeroor. ... it 2 2 2 2 1 1 ? ? Peming ? 2 1 1 ? _ _ _ ? ? s>amni'<n.,.? ? ? 1 ? ? _ ? ? logan ? ___ 3 ? ? ? ? i MKIernand.? ? ? _ 1 _ _ ? I JAMES 1*0 1.1.0 CE FOB FRIUDRNT. The Harri?bnrg Itlegrmph ha* placed at the hea l of ite Cflurrni the naae of Hon. Jatnea Pollock, preeent Ci?v- ' wnor of Pennsylvania, a* a eanJhlate for 'he net* Prenidency. POLITICAL SERMONS. In the Iowa Hou*e of R?pre*entativea, oa the 22-1 alt , the bill m relation to the obeervance ef the Chriftiaa Sabbath being under conalderatioa, the following am^nd n en' wai offered ? "It ahall be regarded aa a violation of the Stbbatfe for clergymen of anr denouunatinn to preerh political aer monk on the Sabbath day " oiNKRti -til It I* ate ted that Geo Shield* decliaei rnanlng f ir I'm gre*e In the ilietriet vaeated by Lyman Trurabtnl Senate/ eUct. RAM AND ?AMao. The Berkahtre 'ouatv t^tgh iepre??nt< the eunt^et b 'wen the Know Noinlnga and free aoiler* a* t it rife between ram and Sambo Marine A (klra, Tn?f majeure >'i"?vri.La, having beea uaavoi4aM/ <te talned. will Wave f >r Charlev'on thia morning at 9 o eloc. pmlaaly. Jeraef Clly New*. Scmooi KaaaiNAfWN? Taien DaV. ? YeeteMay Pehl e S..heoi No. S, la Son'H Sixth atreet, waa eaaaaiaed. There waa a fall attea laaee of piyUe, notwlth*tan<i ag the inclemency ef the weather. The male departaaeol of thia aciinot it under the (.barge ef Mr. C. A. t'-n, pr-a?!pel, aad Miaa P. A. Woed. aaai*Uat. There are 1*' pa la co enacted wttb It There are In thafewmie debarment 141 ichelar*, under the tat<-r?hlp of Mitae* , ' itjai.n* f Wilaca, M. A. Varriadat, aad.AmeUe J. M|?<. la the primary departaaea*. tbeee am Jl? ache lata, taj/at by M ??"* la... ?o*ihee*e. and I'aeker ?be examlaatlea* of tb*aa diie^eat lepa rtaneate w ?*e b'fh"/ anVefa eto-y HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM CVBi. Anticipated Landing of Another Filibustering Xxpedition. CKEAT kXtlTKMKJT 01 THE ISI.INU. :M MEKOl'S POLITICAL ARRESTS. ? Ccuernl fofltJ1*'* Pri\?te Xcrrctary Be|?orinl to liuvr t)f\'n Thrown into Prison. Arrival of the British Weit India Fleet, Ac., 4c.,- Ac me null ht?i?ihlp Ciox. ent Oil/, ??pt McGowan, ?r lived y??Urday morning, with ? WMkV later new* from ( I la vara. She Wit New OrliiDi on the b.tli, arrived at 1 Havana on the evening of the 7th, ami aftei' landing h?r j mail* and pa?ronger*, aailed the ore at 4 1'. M. o/? tl?e 8th, and arrived at Saudy Hook at 7 I*. M on the l.'ttlt, having eiperitnced strong galea <H wind from thil nor ilieaat daring tLrce day.i of the pa?aage from Murina. The C. bring* forty-two parogen and a cargtf of cotton, tobacco, pork, merchandise, \c. The C'olo*sna, an Fng'iah screw ihlp of tlie line, of eight/ guna. and tbo Roicawen, aeventy four, alito Kng lith, wrre at Havana ?li?a the C. C. arrived. An Kagliah ?loop of war arrived at Havana on tit* morning of tho 8th inat. ; name not known. Wa are indebted to tha puraer of the Crescent City for inMlligenc up to the thne of sailing. We have received by tlie Crescent City highly impor tant prlvnte intelligence from Havuna. Owing to reart or pretended Information of tlie approaching departure of another filibustering expedition from tlie United States, and of tho organization of a revolutionary out break upon the island, sever* precautionary measures had been tuken by General Concha to repress any riaing that might take place. On the Ctli numerous urreata were made of sum* of the moat influential |>ei*oos in Havana. Including, it la amid, even tlie Captain General's private secret a ry. Ordera were al?o reported to have been Issued f<r tbo of the Governors of Matanzaa, Puerto friucipe, and Trinidad, who are aald to lie impli cated In tli* contp'racy, but of the truth of this report wo have our doobta. Several enn.mpmeDta lied been formed, and troop* removed to Indifferent points likely to be attacked by M Invading force. The arrival of the British Weal India fleet was, it la thought, the aignal for the execution of measure'- which have been for some time la contem plation. The known to have been arretted pievtoui to the steamer's aaillag were the following ? Beoor It anion Pinto, Director of the l.icee (I.yceum ) f-'eni r Zf l.i rarrin Managing Director of the Cardenas Railroad. The Chief (jifinrar of ?am? Dr. Jon I'rtuillos. Fenors Rubin, fatbyrsnd two toit Hi no i Cadalio T?c passengers of the Cre?cent City were arretted pre vie us to the venue a sailing. Ihoae riiMor< d to have been thrown Into prison, l>iU with respect to wlio*.e arrest nothing potltlve i< known, are ? Kuitr lguacio Coe.poy Ponco de I.eon Marin's Morale* de Reel. Don Jo*e Maria (> Farrill. H? Governor of Malan<a? The Governor of Principe The Covrrnor of Trinidad. Tlie 1'ilvute 8e> retary of General Concha. For further deUiM we mint refer onr reader* to the subjoined '.ettera of ou* correspondents. Onr I Invalid (or rropoiirirticr. H** asa, Kebru ary H, IMi'iJ. Aiprtktntiont qf Another Rerol ti Sonar y <hithreak ? f.'W MrcUtmmt -m he lllanii? Espectni /xmiUng of <i ftli ItmUring t'.j />nJi'ton ? Retorted DetpoleS of JV? Span iih O/Heert In H 'euh ityjton in Reference to it ? Remit of a .S'/t'iiifi "A n f /Allien a> J'inar Del Rio ? MyUriout llortm'uii of Jroopi?.Vumeroui ArretU of Surp tjn! per/nnt amovqii (he m the Privets Sf ret ary qf (Jtntral Conrhn ? f\n ma' ton if Military Com,* ? .trriiHtl of the Hriiltl i W'ti India He" ? Anattinatwnt, dr., i fc. There ha* bwn cnuelderebie excitement in cartaln cir elc? in ihi* city ?inc? I ha<l the |ilea?nre of ad<lr< aaing jou on the Ut inatant, via New Orlean. ?a report having i?ot Into circulation, immediately alter the departure 'if the atearaer by which that letter win forward*!, that two Hpaniah ofHcera were paaeengrri in her who were rent on a minion to Waablngtoii to warn the government of the I'aiU'il i-'ataa that a filibuster expedition wan in a forward atate of orxaniiation aomewhero in the vicinity of New Orioana, whiiat other vtralona made New York tbe place of organ I cation. At any rate, all appear eer ta'.n that in tli* courae o'f the prevent, or early in the eu auiug month, an expedition from the United rtataa will land on tb'ahoieaof Cuba. If It doe* come, wall oil' eered, with a aufRcient auppi} of provlaioni, and 4 bo re aU, in euBlclent atranfth ta conquer any force under the control of fitneral Concha, then Cuba will aooa be free from Hpain a dominion, a rircumatanc* the reallra ti' o of which could only afford Iniinite aatiafactioa to every lover of the human race In thia hrmlaphere. We hare, for noma day*, ha I reporta of thera having been ao outbraali at I'inar <lel lUo, and the large num. b*r of troopa that bare alncc left thla ilty wmll load one to believe that thera waa noma foundation fur the reporta, although, fmm the bart information I have l*en enabled ta obtain, they origin* ted in thi* rircum ?tanca of a l<|ua?lron of Unorra 'laving rarol' ad at thai | place, from what cauaa I am not aware. On the 3d Inatant tha fpanlab frigate perla, brig of < war Uentral VaJdaa, and war ?Uam?a t'randaro da Aal*. Klaaco de (Jar ay. anl Don Juan de Auatrta, pro- | reeded to rea. having oa board a large number of aol diera. AH -orta of reporta tiara bean in circulation aa | to their destination, of which I da not believe any an i tbtntlc Information ha" been obtained. they having, aa I leara, ?ailad with *ealed ordrr*. There have been aeveral arreala In thia city witbla the |?at two or tbiea daya of highly re?p?c table rreolf*. Mihat gToonJ* of a<ru*atio? eiiat agaluat ' them of coitr-e I am not awira. A friend of mine, a 1 gentleman engaged ia trade, i)n whom I called on Tw -a day laet, waa thrown 'inlta Into a ?tate of ex?itameat aodalamiby thia circumataaea. "I expect tliem bere diitctly,'' ?ald ba, "for <;od a aale, take eare of your aeif." Aax egat tho a aireat-d I have retard tha nam'* of Seuor lcbe>an.a, managing dlraetor at tbe (Jr?at Wia4 ward Railroad (?enor Ram< a Plato, a ."[?aiard an 1 tbe Preaid'nt of tj<a Ucto, and ti * n- phew >f a eaMflM lawyer mubtd (juUr, ao*l aVo the private aacretary of (}en> ral Toacha. Jt ia aaid that a regularly org?atr- l c< n 'piracy baa been detected at. i that n> perfect aaa tha laformatkMi of **ia governtnent that Ita nfflrene were m |>oe*aMioa of the paee worfi wbi:b ain<- 1 th"m miaalca ta tba place of meeting of the soaapirataf ? it >? alra ua?l?r?t<>o4 that a largo <le|aait of arm* baa ti"a aei/ad by r%| Moa/iao !a llieeoualry aal tbal Ua ba? ma la a large atnVi of prl?".--? Tli* ? are a treat varlaty of ropcrta ia c'reala' too, tb- tralli or (alt'buoa of which It le Imi'Oealbta t? aeeai^ain fom* aay that am re tfcaa tweaty per*?ai ba e be' a ?rre?te-l la thia r.ty, and that I < oaaba, bavlag aa erVa.n'4 that bl? aaaaeeiaaUaai waa t'. have W* e the (r-t a t of the <on>p ratore, will ta ke b4i |r?reate after tbe oaaa aerof tha f*pam*rda, aoi that a bWiy ?Mr* ma> be KOt aatieipaW. A large it mber ?f yer?<ae are Mrferatood '? '.a?? beea ?t.d-.ealy order* J la leava tlae ieia?! '???Un'er, ba> tbe owiy nan e I hat a beard w atbiaed la ' bat of -'? <r Heruar-'ei.^rto. baa bat r?"-itl f ratorae ta tba lelea l he having baaa ergac '. ia oae a t "he aafarteaate I ope rxpeditawa Tha troopa etfaaga ta ralata, fooerafl; ea?a tb. "ty at aagkt. (Ja tba evawtag ef tha lit beaerai Cm* ita ar campaaiad by a a warn ? eta V aal a itraag b*4y gear I procee-kad '? n>orar* dtetaat a. a'e ease faar ar tra miia*, Wbara 1 a ale reload aa a?aaapawat a t eaae 4i or ?%).! haair*4 aaaw baa baaa knM. ta prrtawt iba aeaa'.h of 'he rtvar of that naa?e Cbaaaao i agimltti, a itw tahab tad by -??*?? oa flOVb*. Another encampment u underatood to hare !x>-a forwd near GuAwabacon, OTideatly with the tot* at of defeat!.1!** the More r??'J'e from *?y attack by it for e landed in Ita war. AH fa apparently hurry an I confu atou. Heveraf men of war an1 *t*Wd to have left Iji* bailor in tha night, an J theie it, I betiere, but one , Spinlih man -of war In tbt* harbor at thi* late. From information I bar* tbt* moment rloeired, I bell* ve the greater portico of the troop* that hare ial't thi? city hare proceeded to Trnidad, thr eipected ex pedition being, it ia auppoaod by the authorities, dvatiaed for that locality. On the morning of tin lat <n?t. her Brttioue Ita Jeaty'a line of battle *li.p* Bcacaweo and Colo a* it* entered thin harbor, the former bearing the Hag of rear Admiral Arthur Kan ^liawe, C. il. Hhe mount* aeventy gun*, wbtlat the Coluaau* came* eighty gtin?, and haa an auxiliary arraw propeller, They are both eery flue locking xbipa. Within two hour* alter they came to anchor, an ai<) decimpof the Captain (ieneral, In full uniform, want on beard ttie Admiral'* *hip, with, It ia presumed, the euatoirary ruurteoua Invitation to the Admiral to land, and on the next morning tbw " grand atate carr.age, " with the hor*ea head* decorated aith (lather*, nod two footmen, aha with tha coarhnan wore their (fetching aearlat llvetie*, waa driven to the Knyal Arsenal laodinf place, Where Admiral Kauahuwe diaembarked , after having paid a brief vtnit at the Palace, he again entr-*?d tha atmto carriage, anil waa driven to t*e ItritUh Con lata, where he waajolnel by tha Brltlah Cooaul tieneral, and they together rlatted tlie General of Uar.ue, who, I undtntand, ia an officer of the aamt* raoU aa the Itri tiab Admiral. Cn the eamitng day tbene aomplim-Btaiy vlalta were returned. On i-'tutday dlrine eerrioe waa per formed on hoard the Hoereweo, aud number* of the I'roteitant* resident In thin jlty embraced the opportu nity to viait that ahip, whore they were received with marked courteay. Home frieada of mine alaa went on board the Coluaaa.a, where they >11 ma every attention and politeuoi* waa exhibited to theui; aa officer Searing them company, and explaining the minutin- rf the machinery, he. ltut Monday loat wa< the jipnd day. Ou the evening of that nay Qeneral Coneha received the ItritiaU Admiral, Captain* Ulanville, of the B?>cawea, and Rohinaon, ot the (VJoenua, with auch of Hie other BiitlMi officer* who** rank ent it l?-l them V> the honor, at a giaud banquet, which went oft urltli gr?u" ecfd'. There were oo lea* lh.ui four military baud* ata ttoned on the Plaxa de Atinai, where they dlacouract moat exquialte mutio until i|uite a Utejhour. Tha ave niog waa too chilly (or the more dijicfce of our f.i ih ionabl* fair onea to lounge In the volant**, liateaifig to the tnuai*. wl.iUt they exhibited their chtrma. although I noticed uot a Tew in that podliou long after 9 o'clock. the Kaghah Admiral, I learn, ha* paid a vlatt to tha Moro Caatle, where, o( courne, Ita ?u " dellglite*l with all he uw. I doubt if tha cell* in which Katramji** and Kelix are immured were allow u to him On Hunday laat, (ien Concha again attended the hull tight. When about to leave the pi*/* In which the bull ring ia aituated, th* |.ole of hi* carriage gave way. and t Ilia brave man iind human* pliiln.nph*r(?** h**nl pettlihly to ejaculate, "There in miafortune In every thing now Ilia he then know of the pretend--.! conapirary and *t pedition v A negro early on themorning of Monday laat, ran Mit of kia oiaater'a premiaea near the I'laxa Tel Tapor, hav ing chain* oa In* lega for pualabment, with an old r? r in hi* liand, with whleli he killed I'tree pfrtotl and wounded aererely twenty other*, and wa* permitted to mule good h * escape. A murd*r ?a* committed outatde the wall* on the night cf tha 6th ln?t. but inch clreumatancr* >re < toe lieiiueat occurrene* her* todemand much lit- nt mi, enper ally In ?uch atlrrin; time* If pareiitted by tv tatea, I aball have the piearnre of addr***ing you a rain very shortly POtKlBlttrj'BUt Uavtka, Tab. >1, l?V /'..tinea/ ArretU ? Nmtri of H> :h /^?nctinnari" bt n j ( Intlwltl ?* (*>? Oimtral M' Xturti of I'rotci ,t*inn ? Iht Aitfgrd f.,n<;>iraci/ Saii I ? hi'iWa" Ik* Most lit Jlutntial M'}% in tht l-land ? Hslm,\r Al*i" i of f \? Th* ilfii i' Ihe Uri ,h /''??' /.jjl -- 1 Adrtn'it'H of to Carr y Oi .'A* W*j>i #4 e ,W-< !.*/?*? of (.enrrai C'onrh a. ?fr., rfc, Iho community here w?r* Hir>?n nt'i - n -tarnation tlie day btfot* yatrr lav. by t!i uaouai*M?il t( au oi? roe? jx litical arrrat . Rain / > I'lato On- . i ':liw n( tb al.ioo, (I yntiim) m taken to priaon, f>?! '? ?. I 'p lu the coor?e of the la/ by J. Antonio E brr* r ?, t.t mioiatrator of the railroad, 1 W"; tor J<>? Trn,.lli nut >( oar mutt diatlagoiabt'l auhaiara, and n - f ?-. >.i ? or our aio^t .nfluenlial ' amlia. tlit Hewjra Harbin, i father and two aoni, ami a Mr. Cadal>? aa ?" I .uaa( of eatr?m Id our community The it rat parU name i in t >?< foregoiog liat i? a Catalan. and m . u lartiwti ? with* kla people. Tb# movement which General < vmIm ? >p?a*? to b> in preparation *uib?e<-*a our Br?t iiiti igei ? ? aad <i r targral ?ea)tb, and hia effort ia <? nip the |>lut In tie bud, by taking tbe mo.t important of tht or^a n' mate rial into aafe kreping -and. at thi a.un tiw, pritllt tbi-reby for any Incidental e?poaa< ? that ma/ aetir red on the part of the goe^rnraent. Tb* priaon*ra ba*? b*?n dlatrilni trd to tbe ftoyat Tvnu pria >n, t'ue ( aitla at tbe Pnnta. Moro, tud < abaaaa?to the li I fortraaa, Mr llnto, in after to make laroareaiost 'obi oi > < i'.Ioo with bia f r i- nda I am Void that m ny oti?< r trrnu w?re m? l? rett*r .lay, and that up to mm o'clock Laat evening, n 'i*te? i paraxon had h* n auppl.i I with new hom?? a tba damp olla of our prlaooe? end that other* had baen t*k*a to Htlaiuu for iocarwratioo thar?, for tbe p<iri?>>? of kreptog down eieit*ni*ot bet' . I hare b>-?rd tK* foUow Iff aameo nteotiona>l a? *a>< u( *!??? ? U-e raptur?e?f yeaUrilay, wlleh I am ?tron-ly la iu ?' ? . do ibt btor* Item knowiedcof thr io?r. tl*n *aat af . .nfldeii' <? a tbe Kiurce fiooi ?b?n rm detlrad, Tu< y ara, hia it<Ml l?ncy, lijna- i( Coeapoy roa<-? .!e Leon? the Mai tm? M<> ral?? tda BmI Piulfni' oa, aad Jo-> lliria 't Kari l'i Ity teirgrepb, a itic* ??? ra<?lted laet eveatnf that aixty priat n<-ra a??id arrive in the ctarea the night made at Qeafi>*goe, Trinidad ?n i at%?r p^iat* of th? aoutb aide. Arrr.U bate b??a made Nalann aa 1 Card>naf but how many weara au' .4 ?.???! the am ? ut Of arreate j.ropoa?d la tai'l to M orar huo !r M Tt? hd "oa dit of jeatrrday night, up n tba I' lata 4a Arwaa *u, that ordara had bean u-na>l frotn lit" -? cretary a oftra for the anaet of th? sot- mora of iba Jariadictlona of Matac ia>, Trlnl la aad 1'ieiU l"itn ij? under aaapicioa that they bad boon tamp-rri * tb by patriotic priaciplae, or patriuti-- Hpaaiab g'AI H ia probe hi* that General ?'?>?. ha baa bean pr*patia? for tbe aeiraHDt a ? ba<ag ma >. el n <?? lk? '?y In November la?t, ep|?itBtrd far a parade aad ml?a of troopa In l.ooor of b?r Majeety, wee ?udd'al > au*f?ade?! withaut ea aa aw.gfc- ' tba etory la rtrm iatii/i of aa laiaatioai to a??a?loate <#?.??rat < "?< I.* I d<> not better <- f>ot bi> life might hav* b??? !? daagrr if ba bad ha# a pre?#nt oa parade tbe day afladod to K**ry arreat that hae he'u made ao fer baa aMonbte^ly mvi' meay r?an'a t? CaMcha, to Hpan ah i .i- la ? W Mia Oilatio Wall- ii I a Vert h?- baei t ? .*a u < tod tn the pe!a a vbrra ah* iiaa raraned the m?at aw' *4 > I klodly att#at.<n Iwm <. i.?ral and Mra < ??' ba aa '. their fr.'n^a, Kba baa aula a <".iciM aanaeU' D ta Kpaalab aortrty, U>>m I. Or ?iagaaca ef aaaaar, fa' bty ajxl i*l'th of lanfnage, at b?a?e aafiag all aa*i'?ai Ur? and Uloaia. aad err a tb* vaaaaa an < baraaod ail <1 aa ?y I or Jealv?>y< -lia ? to If ate la tb* ?'pao.ab a?rr> ?? of tbe litb laet , for ' a4it aa a UtwrUt br?a? ag grwaa-l at a new i-, at for Ue "m.a?? ?w?ewt tta ba >? per* of tba erew. arr1?d yeeterday, *f a Rritiab btv fr< m r*. Johr.a K V., *? '.nd t . N<taaia< w lji> b k? d oa tb? '- i. a- ?? Raofa, \r> wxtwact oa 'be lrih Jaaaar?-b??tag aa?? ' aa.ia aa>i tight ??a'xrial aa i 'twibiag of tba irew naly Tbe in.i'?li brtg ?' ear I *p> gka, <'.?f ii?n /? k yit retaalr- ? a port udM tb? let latt arn?? t tba . ablp Of tk? I'M faaco w?n, Ttyaaa i#l U0 u??n fiuta K ,a.t>a Jamaica t-aimaotor W. T (?kaaetlla l? >g ti.a !"ag of H'er Adaa r?J Wr Artbar lia?lu?i C i ? ? bo baa neeo rweired by tbe ' tpU.a 4>aaerai aba ? r>at Wal of parade aad iMitt dlapiar It la aaid Ha* {bit mt|aiR'*at preoen a ia ??r b arVar baa k"? taiaa l4nib(a af, aa tbe moat farorada aaaerm foe ma. a? tie ar '"eta aUeb bar* boo* for aaata Una* wa.'ia# Icr -??e aneb nuatewleaea aad praat ge Aba er lived oa the let. tba W? borea pawer erree ?r/yet'i?f ?btp M tb* ttae f oteweaa, of ? gaae aa 1 ?M ear p - )!?*n>?? Im ^-aiaaaatae. froao aaan> poef, la . raipaat' pwtkag 4awa twa or tkrae p^r< af tt a ba a4e I ai d l.m ta of Caflo 'on * "*al??raaJ ittrae ?? v ? nMaey rwiti. Ka<4 will, bafoee kanaf '?> h > V. -..VI lata at 1 n a kVo4 take a Ulo porUer- tbe iot?r - t. (Of Mioa larottae Haea of MoaWaaJ aiooa of fharVe Ft. pa 1*^ .of tbat atty? tba aaarrto.< ta be coaeainaat' a?tt weea. aa I laara ham raid aeUaortty tial ag ' > ?' afaiag ?p>> Mia La Vart, al Mr- Hrow.r a Hat< I I fo?ad tbaa*. tf tate arrlraV Kibolre'l ??odwarda?< lb aaa J ilea Web* fa^a of 4a?baaa? Be, r a., Mra ilaaaCVaaiat b liaigk. of Pea T'<rt at; Ma ga | i .ta f%?Vdy. da laaia Va*a. af ?*???* aa? *ai *aa ? 1 tai Ja?aa ItaMbev af Ne. > "Tb MmUt Ira, a W ' >aae af VaebtMlaa 0 T-. lUaaaU, af ?aa'lMd J?ao lalate Ha'rd ate? af aoMdiettae boa -- I ~ t ' tr*r ? i? aa Wtaa '*?????, i*. 1 af i^tiatalfM* t?. I URBIVAL OF TAP nvOBTHEI.\ UGBT I ONE WEEK UTER FROM CALIFORNIA DETAILS OF TH? |S? E W 9 . la Own AFFAIR8 IN NICAR10QA. The Excitement at Lo? Angelt* Th* Two Murderer* Hring. Vote for l iiitnl Mtufn Mmutor. ZNSX A K f lOVI&ai. Nrwi from Orrtou, llir Writ Count #f Imiw, and thr Saniiwirh hlaid* IMIlt; INTKLI. liElfiS* MAUUIAOKS, IHUT1IS, AND DLATHJ. THE M A K kETM, Ac., Ac, itA. Tb# ?teaniaklp Northern Cept K I. Tinkle puugb, arrlaed earl/ Ui>t evening from San Juaa ?i? Kf Weet. Virgin* the detail* of I>an nHk'l l*t?r nowa f oai CUl'tnli The Northern IJfbt brought tho |>a*e?ngf r* n l ape,*' ? which Uft fan Fren.-laro in the *t**mer Nerr* Netad* mi th? -4tb ill January tb* [>??**<?' havlog b^?.i ;hw formed id twenty out day*. Iha folio* in# U tta upeda Uit of the Nut Ultra Ugbt ? I'aife , Bkcob A: Co. . $200,000 J Uuraari fcC?.... M/XW Adanik ft Co 1 47 Droxel k Co , I'lilta ItO, 4* Wella, I ?>K'? K Co. ?0, ISO NewhouaakfpaU," U.'JTfc lirdir 6,4100 ? ? Yi Hellgaian A. < o I6 IKJ0 Total $470,401 Wa aro Indebted to Mr. Ilrnmaa K Hatch, puraar of the Northern light to tlia eipitnae* of Adam* k Co. and Wall*, Fargo & Co., and to tb* Han t raaclaoi N?wa depot of J. VS. ,-ulU>ai?. far Ulaa of California a ad other | a per a. Ilia Northern Ughl arrived at Kfjr Woet on tha mora fog of tha 10th aud wa* ooaled Id 9', iioura, and lafl for New York at 10 A M The 1 . 8. at* aavr Prinretoa. Captain F*(Je, wa* at key Weal, to aui on tha lltb f<K I m>a(ola, u ruler order ? liom I be N ov? ilepartrn'al Jolin Shannon, boatamaia't mat* of that ittamir, lied of a| oplety on 2*th January, and w*. b?na<l at Ko> Waat . The ofUcer* of tb? *hiji, hi* eieaamate*, aad a large ounitcrof the crew >Jr*a*od 10 naval Mil or m, at tended the fiinaral. Tha route arnoa t antral Auierlca I* pwfloctly haa'.tfcy aod in exralltut condition, tlia river belof '..igh an] tha road ,n good order. Nttaral of the company a eiie?e-l carriage* ate on the route, end artel tlia eipectat.uae Of tha 'oDtracti r Through t1i* t nlirinf eaertloa* *< tl>a c mpanv'e agent at I'mt* A ran* a, J N. Scott, K*| , tha paaiung* r* ware enabled to rroae from alilp to akip la tha unprecedented tliort time of t*?aijr all hour* The Soetharn light toft m tta tiMbnrof haa Jutl, t* 'iuary #, Hrlliah mall *taaiu?r !?** *ai? II Jl M '/fig of war poatog U|>t. Naplor. <ol. WL<elar, tha American M'Uiotor, ralurnad to 'aa Joan on lh? mil, frwn ? trip tw^ranad* to proeura Um arct l*oa of h>a pr?da< < ?or, W ? ,or FV ilaoi! Tha j?a.t/-? conaiatmg of Cr>l Mbeabr Dr Caultran, Tutted f"a!a? C< Baul at tiua'.emala < <> I uh< r, of Naw (h eaaa 'a|?t Birlibj, D A Capt He Hi ,??o, of Va? OrWaaa aaJ Mr. ifart, of Taoo* aaaa? la/1 Vjigia Ha;, ft* Rirti, aa Ilia '/6th of .'* "u tba 'JVtb lif ) rncha 1 iba raotj, of lUa rrrolutloa Ut*, wbero tlie/ wi re received uatn arm* bjr tha oSnaw n c minaixl fl.oniorro, aeelag tba crowd, aa1 aai fcnoe r,g tLc oc ta*.<t? o I it, Aral a 2i jM?<ja4 attot, W h. oil abattrr?>l a gala rear tha Mlnlater, aod covered hi* party a tb duat and apliutara. TVa ng tUa Ar*t tiaaa Iba ' olonal waa a?ai lO'let 8ra ha *i?kkI It ear/ wed Tha par*]' aoou after **iii u'o town outer t ha A/nan <?a Hag aad were >or 1 ally racatea't lay ' .oaMario, who la *u1<rtg aaeeialy from dia<-aaa of the liter Col. Wliealar will lake up hie retWieoee at V.rgi a la/ i.util tba c.loia of tba aar, of wblrh thara it ao :maa4. ato iiroafioct. OUmtrra ieatea lly galaiiag groaol, aad a* Hi ptobably auccea.J Miiit of tli* Arret i ana who j > uaJ the raaota' oaa tj t-ai If have left .n 0n/ml < < I < tat *ad Ui !?i a iU ram a la. r r Pavla baa Uan trial by c.?rt rwartia. for abaoUai lapt. t U gatau and *| on lot' 11m Jal oa friagle ab.rb left laa f'ram aro ia*aa#<h of tha ( ? co* l*Ua4 trea*nro, wa* ia ita Jua 4tl hr February 6, tba eipadl'tua baring proeod aa <aUro failure. Th? Krnatorlal Klwllwi. | Frtitti tbt'tv )ritn'i>T'Wi, Jta .4 | itkHi ? (U'tival ul lk? kl'vU h?l lit l'?H fut?i ap to '??! *T*uiu( <?? 'h? lit* niital, H I. MviHaxI Hv rraaitvntv " ?? iw nisitrl by iba vblft la mm M UmI/ luMtO Fm i >m?i Hiim ^aioi, tn-1 Wa M l.w la vatauni mM by ? of lrB*?-r??4 in '* rut iit villi > rr <ol u 1 1 ?? |>r?tkxi?I< ?Vi,*t?l. tl.v two b?nM? an- t In Jv'at er lut li? an ? uf rteeimg ? < alt*'! -t?t?. Evaalaf. a* Wntut'tf, tba nib I l>? nlBM ' f 'on MrN>n{vjl ?M ailk'lnfa tf bit ffi?a.l Mr Dint PaaaU* fr*>w Caa Kr?a-t?<.i lal tba "<? vat aftarvtrfo. at * gvaartl ts.nt. rtttfarj W M.tot.U Ir'.rn * Haaalty, tba ITU. l? 7 >j?v<1ty, lk? ?!<! In'lvtlt* 'b?i? ?rv tvrtilj tva W4 Urtiof. a Mb bat iltll* tar til' o !a tba raatall Tba v-at t'l i.| tuta* ratifa-l frntn lira t?? ?larva, an I tan aaai l<r Mai i>" fa II, lalhai. lla^'tlaUl ^ra|?? Hvrbart, K?a?H?f, llillirrt txtfrath, r?*tl. I rrr?U >>Ma, t>ay, *ulU?r fa liar Hartal awl a a-iuibvr uf u'bar* Tba faltav t,g .* lb# ftilt ?rf thalvvntrtva for liv(n, r<) war-It M<f'?rbla .at Vr??-larvi , tba >*4iag natfblaU* ? Krf y-< nr Hrn4 Va? Hmtln". '/>? t? mmrAt ku *rvM I'rimf rirti ? it | : a r.?.,?4 41 4 IT || T Jhtrl. .... 4. ?s I II * K'iartb II I T II 7 nfU 41 yt II 13 rtlU 4? M IT V: -a.-atb 4<> 2T IT II I I taktb aa M la lz H.atb . ...... t? ?* |a It T Taatb ... *? M IT II T tlavrati. . S> *t It It * t.-lfU ta W 14 U \ TbllVatilh ... ?? M 13 13 a raartaaatb 41 *? II IS ? ritaaaU * U l? 11 ? MtUvatb . ?" 11 12 ? fetaataaaU .. ? ? 1% I. ? I ?bt*vatb .91 1 I It T ,Siaataaa<h , . . ? *? i '? 14 I. Tvtaiiatb *? 14 1 1 II Tattl; Ifti '* ? 14 IS II Ttatt; ?t'ta4 . 31 * l? ll !? Mai?tr af Ibt ? Matty fi>ataa?<r at ?a?i>a? A aoat brutal >a4 alU'?rt<>aa ?tM?i ?at rata tat 1 1*4 I ? IMIH I . I"!,-.' la iw; Mr Jattpl ll?a>y ? 'iaf ltar.l?t"?t.r?f ?it ti ?H ?a4 ?artta4 a bw < he If t t??U va? vf*aa la taa piva* Ml ba vat fatib'. (tfga4 ?ltbya|?> 4a aaa a?4 ? bat. -at ? at* fen.** la I t /?"?! I- >tli ^ al.n, ba4 ba- n ?ta4 la bill'r / b.a< H? ?>? 'wt ???, ba' a tka 4ra*4f?: art, aVMt Lad Mtt?|Ma>lMl Wa fvwal ba vat atlia >)?' ?|rM<Db?> fb? ttl an rvtba-l. Hit It la aai kr.' aa atat a^ ?at af murnj tfcarv vaa ? It It vol IMta, b<-vta?r, tbtt tUt -?a?toi?T b*4 raaa *a4 III 10* U-a day baton, ta-l v?. ? tpy ml la ban aaarty it atib imi< la tttlt batlt (Jm; Irti ll.M a* ' I' ai itViaii, aaa>?l OrlMtb*, bad baa* tabaa I art a# tba aaaaar ba I bv?a rt^avara# Tba aa?l4w a 'ft | ratably b? kaaj b? J?4f* l ;?<b aa Ik* ?*>yla a/a tNli l Tba tutara bia fat*, aa4 Ma U tb#t a, r. <*itM 1 alia blwl It U tb /vfi' ha ba4 awtaaal'tt ? *? Ia4 lb? WWv'af aarttt-atera af Ik* aiMtr 1*4 , o.allM at tka a iaal la Ika rival I$trml4 mt tba ; lb Jaaaary ? Tb* aaavt <tabftlaral 4*a4 vb ab baa ?Wr aaaa* aa'.t > ?-.r wti'a. ni yavytlrakvl I* fVamwa laat T Varalat tfl.l Ibaaat ?? tVaah I". Mr Ja.tyb Haalaa, Irva *aa4aMaa vaa at f vai '<???' vaHar a? t . ?b'tvaf af bit r???, ?,!?aM to M >ytai ?<?tv4 Mr *' I it**; bat ba*a ataaytaf la tba t?aa af la'? at ibt tvt, m" af Mr. Htaity aba vaa tlova. bw ar?-?W t?4 bla alb at aartvrr, Mr Tfvylar. b* a< ?av??*' ? - ? Mr MH aMM Urn hmtUim, " U>t, k# talte4 'U vaaa* of Mr R-aC? <*? -? .aa ?#?? ? at aa it/v* a * ??<a'r%. ?a4 fa?*4 Mr tMay 1/tof tai UJ ?" ? ? 4y , vitb Ua av" yat ' >l-ra' ' ra'ia?t Ma to**t| > raa vv < **4 al?nat4 ?0 tba ?T*** tttiiv<?i mtitpwri Uliiliw'l ir

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