Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 16, 1855 Page 3
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rThe Know Nothing*. OriNIONS OP TBUS KNULlall rasa*. [From the Liverpool Jonrnal, Jan. 27.1 Tit Naw You Herald hM deatroted the Know Nothings? it has published their creel. Am Is all other secret conspiracies mystery vu assumed by this Yankee faction be ?uae the object contemolsited would not bear criticism. When the secret is known the power is extinct, as, in the in aect world, the birth of love is tlM moment of death. In politics, sail Coleridge, whatever originates In fear term in it w in folly; and the Kuow Nothings, fearing dea-jcrac/, have made themselves ridicu loos by the cowardly and mysterious method they adopted for saeauiisgit. It needed cot "Note* and Qoe ieo" to learn that the new is often old; that the follies and crimes ?f the pest are eternally being repeated ; aid the Knoir Nothing j have shown us that the AOericans are let.i original in tbelr arguments than In their invent i ns. Their dlilect revlvUiea what ia abaolute n tl o eld country; and we now see that the principles wine i the most obstinate tory and absolutist won a. in K i ope, be ashamed to acknow ledge? constitute the c -cdof the Know Nothings. Tbeiis ia a 'nrge and itinerant belief; they have faith in monopoly, in pr tectlon to cative industry, limited fraurhise, inl ieranoe of strangers, and anil Popery. In the old world these things were the growth of time, credulity, and interest; but ia tbe ntw wo'li tbey are the rcproich of the latelli . gene a of the age. We huve escaped from thsm; [ and our bret?.r<n beyond tha Atlantic, in shaking off tbe el er fo imt of gonrumeut, oujjht to have relieved themselves of tie notions in which til gov ernment exi ted. In point of fa;t, the pe >ple of America are not under tbe vicions influence of such notions; and perhaps It is as well that right think ing should cei ive strength from tbe opposition o' i inch conspirators as tbe Know Nothings. This association was permitted to gather strength from its vapueiess, and to grow into importanoe by it* support of party; but now that Its object are known we reckon confidently on Its ipsely decline. Tbe association, however, has bjen got up with copslde;abie tklL: it appeals to piany prejndufa and variety of interests, and it la prodigal of promised benefits. The It man Catholic religion It obnoxious to hereditary feeling; and foreigners are disliked by tbe working population from their alleged inter ference, adversely, with the rate of wages: manu facturers ate advocates of "native industry;*' and an unlimited franchise interfere! with the whig, or Tory vote, because it is on the tide of democracy. ^ "nit's the lad for work,'' said a Virginian to Mr. Chambers, wht n the subject of labor was mentioned; fat Pat, poor fellow, from a variety of caases, is patronised rataer than respected in tbe new, as veil as in the old world. What Mr. Shell called the poetry of his offences is net esteemed in New Yotk; and his creed and his brogue fall tore ccmmend him to those who wi'l not understand his national romance. Though a bad Christian, ?a Father O'Leiry, or somebody else, sail, he Is a good Catholic; and. at he encounters toe Orange man on the Hudson, he cannot forget the feeling that animated him on the Shannon. His theology is not very extensive or very accurate; bnt his belief it sincere, and he will fight for it. A row is at any time an amusement; there is a frenzied delight in knocking do wn aty one who dares inanlt Iceland, the pnaat, or the Pope. The Irish Orangemin is jnst as Irrational aid disorderly; and bath have disgusted tne inhabitants of too many towns in the States by fiots and bloodshed, even on the Sabbath. At the majority are P/otestanti, the "Papists" are, of oonrse, ever in tbe wrong; and feeling derives strength from prejudice, encouraged by religious controversy. Ultra-montanism ia as rampant In America as in Auatria and Florence; and Arch bishop Hughes is as ardent a divine ri?ht man in oolitii s as Archbishop Cullen. Learned conveiti t> Catholicism are as numerona In the States as in Great Britain; and the most distinguished, if nit all of those, reek to conreet religion with the most des potic p<litlcal doctrines. Unthinking republicans see in this a kkd of danger to the iotegritv of the star spangled banner; and the Kuow Nothings eagerly, therefore, convert the alarm into capital. In tbeir address they say:? Oar government 1* not sectarian. Men miy worship God or tbe Virgin >? their consciences dictate; it msy beourgrief. but it is none of our business We may strive to eoligbten their consciences, but we would not bind them. hqual rights pertain to us all in tbene mat ters. But. as Americans, we hart no right to allow any to administer our affairs who have sworn allegiance to another, and not revoked it, If the bishop'* otth hin ts him to the Pope we must allow him no influence in our polities He n>ar acknowledge a higher law tbau our constitution but it must not be an earthly one. We wage no war on Roman cree* or Papal conlesil ns; but if Borne or a Pope dictate tbe political action of our ci tixena, it become* u* to level Rome and humble the Pope. If a church is the agent of a foreign potentate to wound our liber y it m our duty to crush out of th?t church its political life. We bare *11 icad something like thh bjfore: It waa ottered in Parliament a thousand times during tbe"Bmancipa*ion" debate; it elicited cheers on maay a tor jr platform: and ever an anon it is venti lated by the Rev. Dr. M'Neile at the amphitheatre. Tbe sentiment, the fear, or the belief? call it what En will? impaired the energy cf our oirn great Dfdom fo' centuries; bat it only took twenty jean of need^m t,< give it a practical refutation. At this moment Catholic Francs has an army en gaped In combat with despotism; and the Irish Cfcthaiii solcier beside tbe English Proteatatt sol ditr in the tame field of fight, performs in noble comvanioBsbi j deeds of valor of whish the history of chivalry affords no parallel. Tbe Irish Cath >llc bishops vi m or ient advocates of the war us the liberals of Leeds. It nay surprise tbe Know Nothings to b? told that tbe individual politi al opinions ut the Roman Ca tholic biahop of New York are as obnoxious in Ire land aa in America, and that the intellectual Catho lic press ol Ireland is now engaged in a contest with , ita own bishops on a kindred subject. Strange ! enough, too, at the very moment when an aisocta- | tion la the State* is condemning certain political principles of tbe Court of Rime, two Catholic na- I tie ns , near to Home, are acting in direct opposition , to these principles. Not lees strange is the fact that aa Iiuh Catholic newspaper, on Saturday last, reprobates eeitsin Catholics in Ireland for an al leged tendency la the same direction. The Dublin T\!t graph saja:? There is not an aati Catholic paper in the United King do in, from the Time*, of London, to the Daily Erpre u. of Dublin, but has expressed ita approval of the project of law proposed by "the Uberxl" ministry of Piedmont for the spoliation of the chnrch, and the Iniquitous tax ation ol bishops :u the Sardinian kingdom in Piedmont that attempt has been completely success ful, which we now see struggling for a victory in Ireland ? that is, laymen obtaining the power to treat binhops and priests as they p'esse. Piedment, as w*ll as Spain, once , truly great and purely Catholie countries, are at this moment a warui-g to Ireland. Under the pretence of of seeking for important political changes, attacks were directed against (he episcopacy and the clergy in both places? aa we now see, in Ireland, men nm'.er the pre tence Of seek ng 'or a change in tbe land laws, abusing 1 tkese wo will not follow them in their peculiar path ? denouncing prieits "at the altar and in the pulpit," in- : citing mobs to cry shame" against their own bishops. ( ahuang priests as "corrupt," and prelate* as "political ? iatriguera," and placarding in their miserable journal*, even the meet exalted of our archbishops, the Papal ; legate, as untrue to his principle*, and s foe to the rights cf the nr'eithood "and the people' Such things 1 were permitted to be done in Piedmont and Spain, under the name of "liberty." It is ever thus: in dvtlized nations tbe morality is ' the seme no matter what tbe Christian creed, and ! nnder the same oircumntancee tbe Catholis and Pro testant indulge in the same politic*! principles. | Macanley telle na thst Protestant Bogland was on?* despotic: and we know that Catholic Venice, Flo rence, Genoa, Pisa, Ac., war* once republics. For a republican to object to a man beoause of his reli gion is to give up the argument on which republics neceeeanly test far durability. There ia nothing in political effrontery to com- 1 par* with tbe absurd impudence of Americana ob- , pcting to immigration. It waa by str*ng*n that th* mates were mad* what they are; it is to the immigrants the country must look for what it moat want*- -population. The Irish and Osrman laborers have made tier canals, their rallwaja, their high ways, ar j tbeir piers. These are the Uatro meats which paah back slavery iato the fetid region* ot Louiatana; aad theirs waa tbe valor which conquer ed in the revolution, and carried the atripe* aad stara into th* City ol Mezioo. Th* American army now is almoat entirely com nosed of tbete- sod when "bis Rxc*Uencv H. J. j uan'mr" t* la the legislature of Maaaacnueerta 1 that noce but native Americas* should be per- i mitted to e, be needed tbe indirect information which f.ur Foreign KnlUtment bill will afford him. Mr. Governor < rardner is alarssed at tha progress of in migration, for, ia hla addiess, h* says: ? Ibe moot prominent subject before our Stats and aa tion at the pree-ot moment, aad that which inost n?tu I rsll) rommends itself to-day. and in this plsce. to our attention, comers* our foreign population tbe duties of republicanism toward* them? Its danger* fr >m taem The immjpation to this country was ? Ft on 1790 to 1810 130,000 y mm 1110 te 1880 114,000 I'rrm 18?? 'o H"0 303 07 V From 1180 to litlO 77* ">o0 From IM<> to I860 1,14] VjO And stat. *tic< sliow tbat. during the prs.ent de<?te from 18*0 to 18*0, iu regalarly increasing ratio. ne?rl . four millions of aliens will be poured ia upon us. Hia atatistlri are not accurate, for the old accounts were Incorrect; and he omit* tbe emigration from Canada. Were he wis*, however, lnateal of be wail - log tbe recent increase of arrivals, be would lament that there ia I kely to be a serioan railing off daring the next tea jears. Bat, supposing the b:r**e* u doubled, aid what then ? One half ol the 1/. 00 ,000 men, wtmea and cklldxwn will b* dead in twenty years: tleLr children bora In America will b* na tivee; aid tbe new comer*, say thr** aiUiona, will U a ti actio* ony of th* .'.0,000,000 to b* the popa latica tf tt*But**ln 1875. Mr. (^overnwr Garia?r d< ea rot appear t> know that, if tae -itates reject tfre or !eny tbe'.r ^tb*nalip, Cacada will sw aie aod ?caoithical Canaaa will be the rival? is every way the rival? of tie republic. On tte immeoM lakee uatutioa m%j rev mm the present practice. Immigration baa ita evila. It introduces poverty and crime, for all emigrants are not rlotn inluttrl oni, booea' and orderly; bat these are the oncDmt tasta of the system. Housekeepers cannot buy meat without bo nee, and the Yankeea cannot have an ln flox of laborers without certain drawback*. The political part of the question U even mora easily understood. Immigrant* are arieut ad mirers of the republic, and, when they have a vote, vote fur democrats. Hence the eagerness of the whigs and Know Nothings to deny to them the pri vilege ot tha franchise. Yet their vote is Important only in New York and a few Western cities; and he iaabad republican woo, to nullify su.U Influence , would insinuate a principle the adoption or reten tion of which haa ruined all preceding republics. It is uteleaa to quarrel with Mr. (Gardner'* knowledge of history, for he is strangely ignorant of the annals of nations. The experience of the old woman at Exeter, as interrogated by Mr. Chad wick, is favorable to social progress; but, nevertheless, progress Is painfully slow. Modern instances are abundantly numerous at home; and the Know Nothinga in America tho;k us with unexpected proofs of ignorance. Yet this association has admit era where the/ could hardly be expected; and even the A mertcan Minister la London, Mr. Buchanan, is a Know Nothing. The Know Nothing* of P<-ihim> ItukIh. CIRCULAR 01 Tax TWENTY KIUIIT HiCKHKBS FUOM THK KNOW NOTHING CAUCUS TO TIJKIR CON RTlTUi>T8. High conviction* of duty impel the undersigned to submit to th?ir fellow citisenx the following ?ut? ment: ? At the commencement of the present *e<sion of the IegisUtuxe the fr.end* of the American organization, in the House of Representatives, reaolve<i toast as an independent party. Aa such tbey met lu caucus, and determined to admit none to their deliberation.-* but auch aa were known to be true to the ureal principle* of that organization fn vindication of those principles they alM> determined to support no man for any office in the gift Of the Legislature who waa not e<iaally known to be true to them, an well a? to the intereat* of the commonwealth. At the conventional caucus, held to nominate b candidate for State Treasurer, member* of the American organisation were refused admittance, simply because the/ had refu.ed to cj operate with the party from the beginning, (and to vote for it* caucus nominees. But at the caucus held on the evening of th* 9th inst. those who had been refuted admittance to the previous caucus were found in attendance; and some who were only known aa the bitter enemiea of the American Organization, were with us, directing and cod trolling the nomination of one of the most Intriguing, 11 not the moat corrupt, polltictana in the State. Areaolutlon was offered to exclude these objectionable person*. ani their own vote* indefinitely postponed the consideration of the resolution. A motion waa then made' to proceed to nomicata a candidate for the United Stat&a Senate by a nra rocr. vote. An amendment waa offered, substi tuting a vote by ballot. The amendment was adopted snd tlie resolution carried by a majority of only three? thus showing that those who had no right to bo present htld a controlling influence, or the balance of power. Here let us reflect for a moment upon our own position. There wt re before that Caucus the namea of mtny of the best men in Pennsylvania, whose friend* were urging them aa proper candidates. There were in that caucus leas than twenty men who openly admitted they would vote for Siaon Cameron Under these circumstance* it si eased scarcely possible that he could be nominated. He was openly repudiated by three fourths of the mem bers, and certainly we had no reason to fear, with this open avow al of hoatllity, for almost a ny othsr ol the names before us would have been acceptable It is true t'.ie f had masked themselves by the secret ballot ; but to us thi* was more an evidenee of cowardice than of perfidy. We 2. mid not believe that all who had voted for the secret ballot bad done ao to tide themselves from their constituents, or to betray ua into the support of a man desplse-l and disowned by every political organization in l*ennsylvania. It waa not until we began to ballot that our betrayal be came manifest. It was tkeu that we discovered tue trescher; that was pretending to oppose Cameron, and yet hypocritically and secretly voting for hi* nomination. The [lower that controlled' that caucus was too pal pable; corruption was l>ehind the throne, and no wonder that it* v.ctims skulked behind a secret vote, and covered their 1'eeds from the eyes and knowledge of ths beholders. Weie we justified in leaving tbe caucus when the e?i- I dence, to our mln^a. ha<l become demonstrative 1 Could we, a* tlie represents liven of on honest constituency, bare served tuem villi fidelity by remaining * Could we bare esunerated ounelres from tbe odium of ?uch a 1 nomination if we bad delayed our departure and aids 1 to , consumate such a result )? Could we liaee remained in that lounua, bettering ourdees bound by It* action, and justified ourn?lre? in voting for n man whose whole his- 1 torjr i? but the history of intrigue? ? a mau wbo hat i> spiked all part/ obligation*, and treated all caitcuies with contempt. . I The inquiry arise*. wbo la Mmoti Cameron? At a > I'atrruian, fame baa never associated his name with tbe word. At a politician, he In* always profe??od to be a democrat, and yet that party only f>-<a?mber< h<m be caase of hia treachery, and apeak* of hi n as a traitor. A* a wbig. it ia hit lioast that be never voted a whig ? ticket in hia life? that party being saved from such a j disgrace. Aa an Ameriean and an snti slarery man. let the lecord speak for itself. At a county convention, I held in tbe (V>nrt Honae In the borough or Harrisbnrg, on tie at rood day of laat September, Simon Cameron wa< a delegate and an active ra-mber. The following resolutions a ere offered in that cot vention, and ar* said to have been in his handwriting Certainly, tiny met with ro opposition from him ? Resolved, That we have confidence in the adminlttra tion of Gen fierce, because he ha* manfully battled for ? those principles, and thrown it* influence in favor of eustaiting tbe right of man to self government Retolred, Tbit the ahla. fearless and democratic ad ministrat on ot Gorernrr Bigl*r meet* our heart v appro bation, and we corgratulate the democracy of the tftate upoo the certalaty of his election 4 Resolved, That Judge Black, the able and Intrepid Chief Juitireof the Supreme Court, lia* aa conducted himself ss to win the esteem snd confldence of the peo pie. Resolved, That tbe manly repudiation of Know No thlngism by lieury 8. Mott ha* won tbe respect of even hia ensmiee. and will add largely to hia majority at the com ng election. Resolvtd. lhat we are in favor of the Nrbraska Kan aaa bill, because It embodies tbe vitsl principles of self government, which never can csnflict with the interest* of frseiom. R? solved, That we are opposed to the precrtptlve and etd anti-republican orrler railed Know Nothings, and aball deem It our dutv, as democrat*, to oppose for oSoe all rersors known to have sny connection with it. When baa be changed his opinion* upon the*e ques tions? Wben. or where, has he disowned them? And eren if there be any recent recantation got up for tbe present emergency, there is not character enough ia the man to impose upon rredulite itself. Rnt do not the people of ltonsylrania aspect some thing more of tbe present legislature than the election of ?'an old political hack." The great political revolution that br< light the American party into power baa no pa ? allet In the history of Pennsylvania. The old party or ganiration* were dissolved by an utaeen power, and old politicians, with all their schemes, left floundering or wrecked with the element* that supported them, absorb ed by the mvsteriou* power of an organization beyoad their control. This greet revolution ia not without ita lesson. 1 ho old parties, with their leading poiitlcisns, were ((rropt; snd it was tle.r signal destruction tke people sought when they put their power Into the new oiganirstion. They determined to rebuke corruption. Ihey did rebuke corruption, and the party in power stands ss a monument of that rebuke. Shall the Ameriean perty then, in the face of all ita - professions and actions, be now made tbe dishonored in strument in elevating Mmon Cameron to the highest of fice in its gift, end thus bold him up to the world as the exponent, embossment, and per eoniflcatioo of Americanism f Wo truat not. We consider him a lit repreeentative of nothing good, and a fit nponent of no brnorable principle. Aa I'enn ay Iranians, we remember tbat our Slate motto aa adopt ed by our ancestors of '78, t* " Virtue. IJberty and In dependence. ' ' We reverence this glonoue old motto, and beai in mind that we bat recently swore as represent* Uvea, to perform onr duties a* each with fidelity? fidelity U> oi. r constituents, fidelity to our native State. and fidelity to the eneobling principle engraven on our Htot* escut eke. n. Mull we, tben, or can we coaoiatently with the osths we tsve taken, support a nomination so destitute of every t '.smect or virtue, whieh would disgrace the Ami I Iran nrganiiatton and onr native Htate. and which we feel a ell assured our conotitnente will repudiate with acorn and righteons indignation ? We recognise no power In sny caucus to require us thus to sacrifice our Integrity, to throw away our self -reepect, or to violate onr oaths, and therefore it i* that In tbe independence ot freemen, we atrtke down king caucn* at the bidding of , our country. At-ove our venerated mot'o, and aaeoeiated with It la all the memories of tbe past, and our hopes of tbe fn tore. Is the American eagle? our national emblem and onr country'* pride. It ever adorns our itarry flag, and it spreads its "wings of glory over us' a* a protecting angel. When we go iato the ball of tbe House of Rep j reseatativea to eiecute the most important trnst eonfid- I e>i to ua. we deelre to meet something there having some aosbgy or concordance with theae glorious recollections and these sacred emblems. Grant u* this, or something approilmstlng to this, and all will be well; and our ' heerts and onr hands will be with you, both to do and to dare. Rut what we say unto one we say unto 411? invitA us cot in there to perUke ef a buziard's feast. Ask us not to snp|>ort a nomination brought about, at I webslieve by tbe concentrated an-l "cohesive power of putt! ? plunder,' and tbe superadded element of shsiue If*s and wholesale private bribery. All countenance and 1 participation in such thing* as thise, we not only most ! sffnestly and peremptorily decline, bnt bare pledged ; ourselves unitedly end determinedly to oppose. Such is a brief and hasty outline of ourraet action and onr intended Tuture.course. We submit it to our con stituents confident of a triumphant vindication, and we crrnlally invite all our honest fellow repreeentativea, whether ia tbe late caucus or not, to rallv with ua in this con est, aad to make common cause with a* for the ho and the glory of out native State, asaaring them -i that though It may have passed iato an adage that "Pa I ria Is France," yet Harriiburg la not Pennsylvsnia. Nicholas Thorn, ' ? * * T L Baldwin, E G Hairiaea, J. Alei Wmaeon, T H. Haddock. f> V M ( almont, J is M'CaOouf b. Peniel I?tt, David Taggart, F. R. Jordan, Job* ?erguaea, C. J. Utferop, B Laporte, J. Hskeak, i luumtio, I>* it, )???. -ami. R I'age, R R M'Cotah X. J. 1'eaoypaeker. G. He eh Haiti. Otis A very, J ass?s J Lewis, Jeaee Lews, Watsea P. MaglU, Ha -a A. faedgM*. W. -'earart H tl Wt 'he -sham, (t. J. Hall, In*, leegs'f ?*?? Board of Aldermen. Ho. li.?Iiue 0. Barker, Eaq., President, la the chair. The nlnutee of the prerieu* meeting were read and appro red. BKPOHTH ADOrTKO. The Committee on Finance reported in favor of eon?ur' ring with the Board of Councilman to remit the taxei of Michael Rotahchild ana several othar* Adopted. Report in fhvor of (tan ting permit *ioo to sevsral parties to wi den the aidewalk on the northerly aide of Union aquare, Ave feet in width, at their owu expense Adopted. Re port in favor of aaaigniag a twin in the citjr priaon for the uae of tbe property clerk of the Firat District Police Court. Report of Finance Committee, nan concurring with the Board of Coancilmea to allow claim of M. H I ?mlth to have moneys cu a4-es*ment *ale* rafunded. The i report of the Board of Coanmlmen authorizing the Clarke of tbe tro Boar da of Common Council to auhacribe for the Hxrai.d and certain other newipaper*, wa* con curred in prrrrios for a kkkrv to huctxh'n roiirr Tbe petition of W H Wuldrou and 170 otbera. hoiae holder* In the eastern aection of the city, for a terry ! trom the foot of Thirty fourth itreet, East river, to Hun ter'i Point at tbe termination of the New Vork and Flushing Railroad. Referred MtDCXLtAHMUa. Tbe petition of over r.OO I censed hackm.m in behalf of tha Hack men * Aatocialioa. to bare ordinance amended 6i- lepealed. K?ferred to Committee on Otdinance* Couimuniraticn from the Aqueduct Department, in re lation to tbe ordinam e of l>ec. JO, 18 >4. Referred Titr t.ATK KXiiinmoN or tiik mm wtrt or ai.l wationh. I be Finance Committee reponed that tbe ta*es on tbe I Rf-oc'.Ticn lor the exhibition of the induatry of all ai tions for the v?ar 18( 3, amounting to tbe *um of >1,037 Of), be, and tbe same ate hereby, remitted, on tie exprsat condition that the aaid association will Hiirrender to tbe | city all intereat in title or claim to the flagging, curb and i gutter, laid down at their expense around Iteaervoir i square, uaed by them for tn? erection of a building for | tl.e exhibition of the induatry of all nation*. Adopted. BUFKHVLXOHY POM KK TO TIIK MAYOR. Aldermau Wij.liamso.x ottered tbe folio ring reeola lion; ? Keeolved, That the Mayor he, and be 1* hereby, autho rized to examine the book* and account* of any person holding office under the munic pal government of thi* I city, at any time whan, in hi* judgment, the public In terest* require *uch '?aum'nation. Adopted Iprrnina to dmhand tiik hydrant oomfaniiii*. T<> THF HoM)IUIIIJ! TIIK COMMON COUNCIL Ol 111* CITY Or Nkw York ? The underalgoed, flrem' u of &i* companies in this city, respectfully represent to your body that there are 1 now in axlstenca, as firemen, a body of mm called Hy drant Companies, who are entirely uteleia aa firemen, or i for any aid tbey mar be called upon to give in extin guiabmg Arc*. The fioae companies are entitled to twen ty lire men and they ar? fully capable to attend to .>11 i hydrant duty, a* pretended to be performed by member* of hvdrant companies. We aak ot your body to disband all the hydrant companies now in existence, and trans fer them to such otbtr companies ae they may desire to | belong to. i Signed by foremen and othera of hoae companies Nei. ' 28, ftTifi, M, 00, 14, 15, 2ft, 6, 17, 13, 36, 32, 60, 20, 21, 27, 9, 35, 41. 54; and engine companies 14, 20, H, 41, 32, i 22, 6, 24, 44, 40, and book and ladder companies 1, 11, 8. Referred to Committee on Fire Department. run uonu oo.<rmiri.ATxn crrr ball. Whereas, in consequence of the destruction of the building lately known us tbe new City Hall, by ttre, it be come* necessary for the Common Council to net only to make proviiion for tbe erection of a ue?r building, ade quate to the wants of thl* great city, bnt also some pro vision to defray the expense thus neceaaarily incurred, therefore, b? it Rfaolved, That the Counsel of tbe Corporation be, and he la hereby, au'horized and directed to draft a law. and fieaent tbe aaine to tbe I^gmla'.ura if the Htata of New . ork, at it* present scaaion. authorizing the Common Council of tbe city of New Vork to rata* money from time to time, by the issue of bonds, forth* builiinf of a new City Hail. Adopted . STATION KKY FOR TIIK BOARD. The reaolution of the Councilmen, authorising the Clerk of tbe Common Council to furnish tbe necessary stationery to tbe membeis of the Boards, created *ome diacuaaion. several member* declared themselves Inde pendent of tbe city for pen, Ink and pa per, others said they " used up" atl that was furnished them. After disposing of some routine business, the Board adjourned to Monday next. Hoard of Supervisor*. Fail. IS ? Hia Donor Mayor Wood presiding ItTbee ccriier anl i quorum being pr-*4<at, '.he minute* of tbe U>it me?tiug were re*J itul approved. niLLS PA 10. The lulU of ('. n Woodruff, (?63 25,) and C W FeU*, 1 (%bl 60,) for copying iniex, ?? ordered to b* paid; tbe bill of Jacob It Bmith, (>6i 33,) for *ervice* renlir cd at tbe Court of Season* a* door-keeper, from l*t Ja uuary to lit February, 1H!?5, wu ordered to bo paid. A communication in relation to the 'Fordham bridge the Harlem river, w'lich i* the property of th county, wan referral to a *,>ecial cornra tt'*e, The Mayor ? i.btequintiy announced that th* commit'.*" would b tbe lu ( i'i v'aor* of tbe Nineteenth, Seventeenth, au I 1 wfDt.etb ward*. A rmclutioo *a* paued dl-?tin/ tbe houn??l of tb (orj-oration to inform tbU board whether th* county I liable for tbe expen** cf duplication tuap? in tbe Itegi* Ufa office. The petition* of nevtral partie* lor tlie remia<ion o taxe* were re:erred. Tbe report* of th* omui t'.ee on annual taxee, io favor of renrttmg *ever?l taie*, and tboiie advet e to, were received an'1 adopted. tu? arnvai. *tatk aciiooi. tai Tbe following communication wa* leceivaJ:? In |>urnu?nee o! the ttb nnd 5th *ection* of an act en tied "an act toe-tabliab free achoiU throughout the Mate," pained April 12. ISM, I bare apportioned and In tbe rntuner therein direct.'d, among the ace* ral countiei, citiei, t??n?, acbool diitrtct*. part* of di* tiiet?, and aeparate neighborhood* of the Htate, tbe m<> ueya araenaed and collected purauaut to'the provi* *lou* of that act, a&d all other money* ap propriated to tbe nupport of common *choolt for tbe ?e*r 1M6. being in all tbe *um of one millloD one hundred and nine tbounand *i* hundred and forty-one dollar* and eighty cent*, and do certify that tbe aura of *1.-- . 1 1 68 ia appropriated te tbe county of New York . and tbat each town and city in *at1 county will receive thereof th* aum re? unpoote to the name of aaid towaa and citie* in tb* schedule hereunto annexed the third column of flgurea representing the amount to be appro prated amcng tbe ?? v> ral ecbool, J - ? r . t and parte of dtatrlcta. aecerdlor to tbe number of childrea reel ling therein, between tue age a of four and twenty on* year*, and the fourth column of flgurea representing th* amount* to b* divided equally among th* achool dlatrict* of each town or city. Th* ?ald aum of fl,AV7 <W wlU be payable to tL* treasurer of aald county on and alter the flrat Monday in February inatant. Number of diatrict 21* Population 515,547 Appropriation according to population 1117, 0*4 60 Appropi iation according to Uiatnct S,4'Ji) 51 l ibrary ap i?rtionment<< 9.151 57 Total apportiormenta 1132,711 54 Referred to Committee on Annual Tax*a. Adjourned to Monday nest, at 4 o'clock. 1 hra<TN and Exhibition*. Bfoadway Tiikati'k.? Th* operatic apectacle or "ClLd?rt Ha"' ia aLnoonced again for tbi? evening, Moara Harrleon, Borraai, Horncaatle, MIm L. I'yne aid Kiea P>ne appealing in th? principal charac t?r*. Tbe fares of the "Bona Fide Traveller" coc c'.udfa the aniutementa. Tbe popular an 1 eminent American actor, Mr. E. I.. Davenp.rt, appear on Monday. Bowrrv Thkatre? The benefit of Ifr. <;.>orge !.e? cornea eff to night. Tbe programme of amnaement la v?y attra<tive. '-Tbe (lolden Firmer'' com DXtcea tbe estorralnmat; the text will ba the artb ecene from "Tom and Jerry;" the "Eighth Wonder of tte World" will follow; alao the "Dutchman in Tionb'n," and the tecond aot of "Jack Bseppard." Bt rton'b Thkatrj ? The selection* for thia even irg ate eld favoiit?a, which alwaja draw la'ge au dien< ee. Tbe fiiat ia tbe comedy of the "derioaa Family." Barton, Jordan, Mr*. Hughe*, lftea Rty mend, Ml** Annie I>ee gad Mr*. Hoi man appear ing in tte piinclpal character*. "The Toodlet,'' ? 1th Barton aa Timctby, conclude a all. Wam.acb'a Thf.athb^A fine bill of esterttln meat for tbu evening? three ez -ellett piece*. Tbe tint la IxaUr'a " Teo to One, or the King'a Vial; " wtleb embrace* in the caat many of tie beat artlata. The cot will be tbe much admired comic drama of "O Flaanlgan and tbe Fairies," and the concluding pit re, the "New Footman." Great variety for one night AaiaiciK Mrwrw ? Tbe afternoon performance* ccnalat of "Quite at Hon* and "Black Eyed Buean;" and in the evening, the mmMM piec? called "llo*ioa M<ado?a" and "B^cbelor'a Tormenu.' Mm Eailiy Mtatayer, C. W. Cl*ik and Haiaway in the prlncl pal cbara.teif. Wood'* Mr^?rRBLa^-Thl? h?ad <y?tinuee to be largely patrocieed. Tbe programme conafata of ne gro mtaatre'ey, t'ariciag. *m tbe birtee>ioe of the "Hutal d'Aftique." BrciiEY * Breis adto.- The admirable bo/ l#*?|oe of "Lncrecia Borgia," continue* to draw laige audience*. < ? a a m> Com iht - A vccal and iuatruaaental con ctrt, ia aid of the Htbtew Beaevoient Societie*. wil hegivia at I>&dwottb'a Academy, Broadway, on Ttitaday evening, the 27th innt. U llllanaalmrg llty Hew*. Dw !?>?(.? 0> Cu?a, TH* Pair AN w IT' II MA V C?>*'.*t> wrvif ' Tbe *tamiaati? a of private wat- liaao flooe, wlich ha* be*a la protre*? l*r aeveral dayt pa?t before Juatiee Bo?w?U, oa a charge of harglarioaaiy *e ter:og the groerry *t"re of Mr HeMth, wa e brought to a doe* U*t n ght, aad r*eolt*d ia hi* aaqaittal The rka racter of tb* clevh, Van Cett. waa proved to he aot of the beet, aad hi* teatiaoay wae co?et4er?4 dnaMfal even if b* vai not aiatafcea a* to th* i4*attty of Mr Ctoee. wtoae character wa* proved good RaOO?b feraooi FrartTAL. -Th* aaaa^n *f th* Ia!*a trial Bcheo'., located ia Worth Bee*ad etreet, hell a ***?' !ag la*t evealag, aal decided to have a feetivaJ V th* I tone** "1 toa* aeh?> . a^t the 1 -ta ? Mar-h aert Tbe aehod I* aew la a SaarthJag roadt'.en there Ve<ag a laiiy attoad^Ke f( ahyit I to In terming from Biwatl. 00* RIO Dl JANEIRO COBBBSrOKDEMOK. Rio i>k J a. mi so, Dec. 14, 1(64. Sailing of a Squadron for Paraguay? Dij/Kcvltiei with IBuenot Ayru to b* Settled? A Retort to Ami Dreaded. Hit n| been confined to my room for a few day* put from kick dm j, and (till very 111, am not abb) to writ* at length ? only to Inform you by tbia conveyance (bark Rover, ('apt. Bakar) which UrM tbu day for New J York, that a part of the tte*t nailed laat Sunday miming, tbe 10th inat. Three ateamera and one brig for I'ara guay. under the comma^ of tbe Chief of Hla Maje.ity'n naval forcra, Pedro Kerra -a de Oiivaria. Other* are to follow. ? 1 alao ?end tbe Jornal do Comercio of tbe 12th, in wbicb yon will find late and important new* from Hue no* Ayre* of the '2d, and Montevideo the Mh. Vou will perceive that, tbe paper* of I'araguay najr that the Britiah packet announced to them that a' Brazilian Am ba?aador, with a fleet of from ten to twelve aleatuvr*, would arrive to nettle ?ev, ral territorial question* biv i twreo tbe republic and tbo Empire. Ve doubt tbat the government of Kio de Janeiro I want* to give audi *u example to the world, a* to settle 1 a Defoliation with urroa llere we remain dUpo?c I to | negotiate w'th rea-on and rights, but have no fear of 1 j cannon K. H. 8. , FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? ? ? MONEY MAUKKT. Thimmimy, Feb. 16? C P. M. The msrkit lor f?u.c> stocks wan better thin morn ing, ?o fm a* price i were coucenietl, but the bean seenud to Ink's *dv*af,age of it more than Ucldar*. It erablei ties to put out more favorable c )utr*cts. Most of the usaaactioas were on time, buyer's op tics. At the fit at board Indiana 5'a advanc ;d 4 por cent; Virginia 6\i, Illinois Ceutral H>n<?s, 4; New Votk Central 7's, 4; Cumberland C?l, 4; Ne* Yok Central Railroad, 4; Hrie Raiiioad, |: Harlem, 1; Reading Kailrc ad, 4; Hudson Itautoad, i: Mloblgan Central Railroad. 4; Michigan Bcuthcia lUilroad, 1. Galena and Chicago lUilroad fell off 2 j>er cent; Cleveland and Toledo, 4. Tbe unfavorable accounts from California, relative to tb* shipments of gold duat, bad just a contrary rff<ct in Wall street. The | bulla are not to be frigltencd by anything of th*t kind. lathe flrat place they do not believe irocli ato 1 riea, and in the second place, It fiey are trne, bow em tbej hurt inch fancies a* Erie, Harlem, and New York Central. According to their ideaa, If the receipt of gold from California ahould cease altogether, these atccka could not be lejuted much in value. It la such faith aa thia that Induoea theae people to pur cbaae auch wotthleA trash. They no doubt tbiik that in taih there ia a margin between pre sent price* and par, for an advance. Perhapi they do cot (top at par, but lock for a prenium. There ia no accounting for tutea or the luconsls. tenciea of abiewd speculators. M?n who in tbeir 1 legitimate business operations would carefully la- | veat'sate ths character and credit of an Individual j makiig jure tapes, will Uveal large suras of money In fancy stocks, which are aa danger ma to hold aa the promise to pay of an insolvent merchant, and reat for weeka and months in appireit security. A large class if buslneaa men have, in times past, ia volved a good portion of tbtlr capital in such adu lation a, and they have auffertd seriously from them. At present very few are t ngaged in auch hazardous pniauiU. The ioMea realized daring tbe pa it tireWe montl H have learned them a ieeaoa the/ will not toon forget, and induced them to confine taelr capi tal, crcdlt and energies to legitimate lines of trade and cemmerce. After a time we may fitd Wall etrett agate fl .ed with ouWde npculatore, and the broketa may load th^m down again with fancy etocka, but it will not be on ill a new race of opera tore spring up, who hare no experience, a ad who with, like all who have gone before tUern, to ae ? tie felly of it for themeelvea. The exp :rita e ?f o*.hen can Le oi no service to them. They must go through the Hirae routine to be aatiafled. a bet II. Nico'ay acid cn Thuraday, February 15, at 12^ o'clock, at the Merchant*' Kt bange, the fo towing bonds and itockc? $ '-O0'- of M-aouri ? ptrcfnt bor,d?, 11.000 ? acb tt Mil niter eat $(,000 Northern Iml >n> Ita.lioail (Goahan brtaneli) Aral roort 7 par ct. bonda, $1 .OO^eaeb .... $4K a ?5 do. $7 00" Hudaou hitrir Railroa 1 3d mortgage 7 per cent roarartih e b-iLda, tl,003 eich 73'f Jo $10,000 Cleveland, PnioHTiilo and Aaktabuit Kail n.aJ 7 par cent l>onde 81 a H/> lo $r.00<) ( >? tand and f'lttaburg Railroad 7 par oent incom* bond* $600 each 14',' do, $1*80 1 il.noi* o ? o' H77, ??? nl'tnil improve irant a*ock inteteat boada do. $i,000 New Vork ab'l harlein Rai.roal l*t tjiorttr 7 per cant bond*, $1,0(0 a:irl) do $2,000 Celumbm, If qua aod Indiana flailrood lat mortgage 7 par cent convertible b $1,000 '?ok 77 % a 7? do. $5,000 Now Jaraev Onlral Railroaa la*, mortgage 7 r?r cent boa-la $1,000 each o| *? ,|0. $?.',000 Maoniee City 7 par ceat'ooavertible bofada, $1,000 each 7 do $4,000 New Vork (antral Railroad 0 p?r cant Kaal i-atata ' on la $1,000 aacb hi do. $2,000 C.ty of Mrmphia 0 par oant bond*, $1 tMO each do. A de?<i for 4,000 ai raa of laad. aituati-d id Morgau county, Tenneaae* datad Kaahv-.lle, Ajril 10, 1M1. and a'gned by Jatnaa K. Polk, (lorrmor, ard John P. \oing. Secretary of Biaio $'.!#<) $."00 Saw Vork Oty ft par cont Croton Water I/ian, inUraat payable at Mccbanica' Bank, ?1uart*rly ?.'? >, $l(00Cbicago 0 par c*nt Water i<oan. mter*et |>ay abla in New\ork. 91 HO aha ptonington Railroad < ompanv $100 each 40 86 New York, i'r >vldente and lioaton Railroad, $100 each M fiO Michigan tout barn ItalUoad. $100 do. 9t}( 1U New Jaraev tVntral Raltioad an 1 Traaaporta tine ( OB parir, $40 do 180, 40 Noitnarn lad at, a Railroad, $100 do I?J 11 Pacific Mall Steamship Company, $1 000 do. .61 tofl2'4 1.0110 Kri* Canal Company, $.%0 do IS to 20 40 Rack inan Fir* Insurancx Company, 926 do. .... 7*>? iO I?n!lard Hre In?umnc? Company, $14 do 1 02*? 16<' Flarrlaior I'oe Iu*uran?a Company, $10 do ... 7'2'? ? I nit?*d ftat4?a Kira la^nranca Company, $?'> do 110', 20 Walla. Fargo * C o "a Kxproas atoek. $100 do. . . H* MO Atx-rcarn (io'.d Mining ' viopany. $.'. do 20j. I.OC'i Higb Hhoala Miring and Manufacturing Com pana, $.' do 1}^ 200 I*al*;!a Coppar ( omj?n/, $f.O do $1 174 Chatham rank, $2f< do.. . *ii'4 to 11 40 Faat Rtaer llaok, $.'.o do #7 i; ( rcan Itank $50 do 72 ViO C tin n>' Itank, $26 do I0I'? 20 Fxielalor fire loauranct 1 ompanv, $.'^J do 7i,'? 7 Pl?th Arena* Kallroad $100 do 41 40 I orillard K ra Inanraac* < ompany, $2$ do ... 1 o.J 10 Rapt;blic F.ra fnauranca Companr, $100 'lo 7fi ."0 ?t Mcl.olaa Tank, $100 .lo. 'ai ?0 Hank of th<* Comuonwailth, $100 do. ...ul'j to 'l'? iO Marti) ny Kir* lnauranc Tompany, $'iOdo.... 77\ 40 Farelalor Fh* Inanraaco Company, 40 do 76 ' ; At the tacoLd board the market waa da I and heavy. Neatly all tbe faccies sold at bwer price* Kile fell off | per cent; New York Central Utilroad, 4; Nicaragua Transit, t; Cumberlaod Coal, {; Htr Um, i; Hudaon River Hailroad, 4> Heading Rtilroad advanced 1 per cent; Panama Railroad, 2. The arrival of the ateamahip Northern L'ght, with pas eeng*ra, only twenty -one daja from Ban Pranctao via the Nicaragua route, Tertdee our prediction that the pasaagcaby this line wonld|b? made quicker than by the way of Panama, even after the railroad waa c(fflp!?ted. Tbe tint passage from Han Francisco to Nev Yak via Panams^alnce the completion of the railroad, waa performed In twenty three days, by tbe ateamahip Bottom to Panama, and t*>e ateamahip North Bur to New Yotk. Tbe Nicaragua route ia revtn hundred mUee aborter on the Partflc aide: and although the I*thmu? of Panama ?an b? cr Mwd a lew bcura quicker than the let' m ia o1 Nicaragua, Ce time eared on the other side by the Nicaragua Hne is a.'mcak ent'rely gained all toe way tbrosgn. Tbe traaaactioM at tbe Aa?isiiat Tteawrer'e office today, wire aa foDotrs t? I'ecaiead $M a Sar? I'ajmanU 144 W 7* Paid for Aa>ay w 1*4 Tbe tteaoHbip Africa, from H Mm for l.:ver,ool, jaatevday, carried out liSI.OOO in epacie, of which $3$3,0C9 waa la Ameiican gold, WMiOQ In sova reigt s aad |0 MO is ape ;ie. like follow iBg latter from a boodh'Jler of tbe CI co s Central Reilrcad Company ia very '.leer, aad moth to the point. It placee In a more favorable ilgtt the real eatate ope; at low of tbe company ? D" a i-m? la year paper of yaaterdaj ym gara a tt< t.<|ii* <A the affair* of the llliaota fkattal Kail road ila? tag ?i>a?a .atataat ia U* roa4, 1 ala/, ba?* riaailH ita anatra, but do aet Ira* aay awh mttlanaaa aa 4n*< yoor c rraajondaot CM tha oOar hanl, it d??aa appMf to me that the atat>aa>t< of the eoaipaar a r? r*?naek aWy rlaar. aad tbe la ode well oaaafal Yoar e??oa ?"f -?ot admits Uara* ? laaa*a of laa.:a, aa foliooa, lo S* car* the pr.oaipal of the $17, kn?:< ? Aaraa.. J 000 00 0 7b* > afreet oaitt ISO,1** lb* p" ?* ipol of 3 now do U'.VPi Total i aet ?? Tbe !*?la to *o**r* lb* booda aeo io tha head* *f ?rma tea. wUo caaaet gtoo a *aod foe a a.og a acre aat : at aaa ?' a' beads o-iaat to tU aala* ta na?-a M*?*r ta*latt, aaata of thai a load* baa* baoa mM fee abaat all p*r a?te. Tboy at*, Lo^at-t, a.t anhd for aaa .. Th*; at* aviifet aota* at !*?>, Una* tout aad tn ysati Wh*o tbeae note* m all Said, th* amouat htmM la boo it, and th* booda cancelled, a d**1 (* delrml to th# puicbaaer Thua : aappo** a fanner buv two hundred acre*, at ^1. payable u* above, id aqual inataltuaoU; la two mn, h* pay ? h;? tlrot out* (tCiO) to th* tru* t*ee. They giro ? r.-naipt, and bay a band with Uii ux> nay, Thi* take* plan* arary y*ar until ihe laat not* ha* be*n paid. The truttaoa then hoM t'J,2C0 of bo oca. and ' the farmer hold* their lecaipt for the mooey. TU?y ! thea cancel the bond*. and give the farmer a dead | in full. Darirg the whole of that lire yeara he ' baa bern cultivating lito land, and *uppli*a the railroad with buaineaa. improving the *?<? iri'.y every , year. H'l?n the company bare aold the laula ou theae term*, they hare aided in Hettting the State, I improved the ralue of unaold laoda, increa*ad th ir own | buaiocea. and improved the security of tUa bondholder* ' Ta r?latlrn to the int*rt?l bond*, yoti r corr*?p*">'lent irpeats that they were given "irrevocably" to ?th'j In tereat fund. The meaning of th* phrata la nit eleir. The company cannot apply tlia iauda to th* interest , an 1 keep them aiao. There are Hi ',00k acre* of theae Un la, atd th* proceeda of aaloa ( g'.: i!4,<17'J 2.'lj wn, with the d' ninga <>f the road nod vimiu'DU oa th* >ai>ital, ap plied to the October cottpoua, l,-aving a balance of $I*9.76fi to b* applied, with further receipt*, to th? April coupon* It i* I'ifficnlt to undtratanJ why your correspondent should complain that the pavm-o' of in tereat from proceed* of Intiieal land* should Involve parting with tl.r land*, la th* ca?* of mortgage land*, ?ale* are made, hut the landa art not parted with, nor the bonda cancelled, until lb* tran'a-tlou ia cIo*?d The company own the land*, and owe tlie bond', until the tomia of the truat are complied with, when the truateea give th* deed, cancel the b<n l?, and return (b'-ni t-> the company. Now. your corre?pond*nt alfect* to think that thia transaction la a "griM* breach of faith." lie think* that although the triiktee* a t* aolemnly m ?< > e th* ao'.e ruitodiana of the Inn i proceed* that they ought to he aold bv the company, and '?the money plated In ?om* safe institution. " In th<? hla view* dilVr entirely from tloaaof A ItCKfOHOLDHl. The flrut products from the New .l.<r*ey Frank iiuite furnvre, coLsUting of pig Iron and o*. vile if zinc, have juet Ixen received by ibe compary, aad forwatded to Meters. Thompson, l.aph&ui A C>., and Cyraa Alger A C ol Bostou. The fracture of the pig showa a mos: beautiful cryiUll*?tlon, a* bright aa silver. Tbe oxyde of * nc is of a canny or jellow abate, aod will au?wer for walla, ouUide work, aad a* tbe b*?ls of all colored paint*. We earn that tbe company have it in contemplation to erect two additional farnares, capable of making 5,000 to 8,000 tona of Iron, aud 2,000 to 3,000 ton* of r.lne oxyde per annum. The steam engine* for the contemplated furnacM arc neatly lluishod, a'i<l tire additional worka will ba proceeded with with tbe least possible May. We understand the Fr*uk Unite iton fa of a quality to take the place of the cclebr&ted Punt mora iron, of H?ed#u, which ia greatly prized, and cominauda the very highest prlc*. on ac?>unt of ita great tenacity and toug'n aria. Tbe inte:e?t on tbe airen per cent Civil Funi Bonds of California, due on tbe lat of March, l&>5, will be paid on and alter that date at the ofllc* of Jobn Cook, Jr., No. 21 Hroadway. The State Tr?a mitr, in a letter to Mr. Cook, utja; ? The many forgeri** and the etae ?,f fabricating an Imi lation of the iKinila, they being aimply a lithoirraph aud very badlv done, waa one reanou. and then th ? cooH'Ct ing meaning of the inwa rvferriug X> their redemption, induced him, in a atrict compliance with bl* duty, at flr?t to helitve he could not redeem tliom ?t any other place than at hi* own ofllc* II* afterwurd* altered hia mind aod coni:lu<!td to pay the Intereat id tbia city. Tbe Chairman of Public Woika in Virgin! ?, I ?r. (?rabam, baa colcIu Jed to pay all th; ooupoosouV Mtaudiug, due aud unpaid, lunUnd of making the ciatinctioc tefetred to a few dij* aloce. According to a statement compiled from return* made to tbe Nev Jetaty Hlate Treaaarer'a office the liabilities and reaoarce* oftli' ?p?cli?i and free ban la of that Btate were a* follow*: ? Ba nrh or Sew J rioter, IH.'.fi. I.iaihilititt. [Ir'Kirr.t. f|! lianka ?9,?U9,tfl? (I0,77<j0ii lift banka '2 741,092 2,077,430 Total us,Mi.oua (13,4M,t*l Exceaa of r?aour;ea cvt-r l abilities, 1*1.1,111. Notwithstanding the aMoui oMtrnctHa* to ths buainei" of the Milwaukic anl Miaaiatippi I!?i!roe<i, by rraaon of tu? heavy HOOwa*orm?, omraoaclng the I st tilt, and continuing through tie ui?ntb, the teturna for January ihow a very lisad?ome Ucreaae ov?r laat jear. T!i<- flgurea thai compare:? f aaieager* awl firl|lit, Jaouary, 1M6 till, 412 0* I'rr crntagi* frtm \W*itowu Itoi'l 1,557 65 Total (T2,7(? .a Faint uioutb la?t jpar '23, Till ?'? (.am for ISiiS (V.644 '29 Tb?? proapect is fair for a h?a ry biainsaa ai tli rough tin* and the ensuing month*, there being a large turplua cf gr?ln still tu uime forward. Ihr New Oilmen fir ayune cf the 7th loat. aa/a: - The exc'<aog" marVo* wa? n ahada atiffor t'? 'lay W? rpiota attrl rig 107 >j a 108 for g?<>'l to flr?t cla? , and tort ? ICHI4 foi drafta with bill or lad ng attach*! franca are from 6f. "2 W a *'if. 2^.\. I'rinia aiity ?lay bill? oa tli* North are held at liigbi-r ratra, but tbfra ar- no aal?a alo??2>, |M-r rant diacouut, tin- rang* citrnlmg to J. Tliare *a? % Wtter demand for al^ht ami abort algbt tba foimai ruling at a 1 per cont dinceunt but difficult to obtain at tli* loweat figure, ao l tba lattar at I i 1),' f>rr cant dlaeonnt Tbe operation* of the branch ra nt at New Oileana during tbe month of .lanuafy. were a? folios* : ? I MT*n rtnB Raa.ic* Mi?t, Saw OauuM, Ja* , 1166. (iuM dapoaita ? (allforn'k gold ft.'. 419 .1* From othrra aourcaa 1,io?i .-i 171,126 61 Filter dapoaita ? Krcm Cal foroia (old Iff* 27 Krom otbar nource* lo.S '2SO T" 6 10.'.. ft .1 60 Total goto ant allver deposit* (177,444 H (?old coinag* ? Dollar a. 80/ 00 place < (:0 .lOO (JO Filvar ctlnaga ? Half dollara, 110.00" piewa | > 000 Half diaaa. 300 000 p "??*, l'>,000 (70. Wl 00 Total gold m I allver coinage 1100,000 no Tte operations at U- ('jbtlt mine at Chatham. Cf., are goiogon eu'ceasfuUy under tha aaaagameat of Or. Prancfort, who baa bad a^iu- ?*/>ariao(e ta Kompean mlniog. Two rer* ateara englnea, of i.'?0 boiae power, have been pro used, and there ta every pretrnt prrapert of aucceea. F'rom the Inruracce abatract, joat putiliahed by the He?reUry of Htate of Mun ViMtti, it appeua that the a?fgr?ga'e caplUl of the 19 oflloe? in Boeton having aafiaclfle capital , waa, ont ia lit of Dec., Ik',4, ?.'i,1H2,7'?: of the 11 out of II r?toa SI SIl.lnO. Tbaae B'-aton offlc-m had la rUk, rna rlne, Wl, 176, 270? fire, |H.r,,?i/U IK)|. Tne araount af llrelcaae* paid by tbe Boa'on ofll' ?? during tbe year, IM2.1M 12 ; marine loaaea, 12 ,231^ 14 17. Tbe amount paid by offices '<ut of UmUjo waa? Are, $ll*3/<i7 74; marina. |243,:?.I4 53. Of tba defuact Mi tiopolitan Kite and Marina < impiay In BoeU>a, the r<i??rt *aja, the stock owned la 200 aharea ('nioa fra Work*, I200/W0. "The late I'rrabMat t ana flpntd to tLla comj?aBy 17.ri aharea I'n'on Iron Work* atork at II 000 ptr akare In Ikaof bin k ?'i I rail road utorka a>ld by him." "Tbe late Preaidaat o' tie compac v left thla city aboat tba drat day of November, taking with htm ou.iy <A :Ua paper* in teftraare to tha financial concemaot tha >: /mpa ny, be having been lbea<Ui?l treasurer , by means of which the pte*eat tSk< era are oaab a I" sake a ptrfut return."' Th? Mutaal Mwlra aai Kite and Manna loan ranee of!i? as n the Hta'a report the to tal amount of aaae'a. |0,I4<I,759 II. f.iaaee paid <!oilrgth? jrar on marine rleka, $i4??<,tI1 ** Arw nnt of loaare aacertamrd and napald oa rnarin? rleka, 1311 907 0?., I '*m< fa d oa bra rvaba, Iftt, >11 M-. unpaid. II ooo. LiDmated arooont of ma rlaa k?aw oa uaJi'ioida'ad aiuia. 6'^i.HX). KAI matad Ore loeaaa ol nnlx|iudatal cLaima, Am'.uiat ls?nrid in martns liaka daung tbe )?u 9119,711,771 >0. Oa lira rUks, lll 'il.014. Kw ll'a Inauratca c?fatla* rej^nt UjU the aggre/at# ami lint liftif'dby existing policies is I* ,324,41 7 17 Aaar's of the cooptntea, ll^9s,l.'( 1\. I -mm* pas y?ar,?70 7| ft^Hved for preml'ims, trw/it', Or,; for Interrat, |77 ,*il W. Tbe dtl/e-iaof f> troit are tak ag rrmanraa. aa der the fleaeral Hat'way 'awjaat anarted. to batld a road frem that rtty throagb Monroe to Taledo, ?> aa to pat tbeaweleea la railroad roaa*?oa ama lbs Like Root a line of roads, and give Uaeta cm manieattoa with Us IM Ua <. loaa of Inks cavitation. This road will bring roaa>darab> traf Ac to tba Cloralnnd and Toia4o and tha other shore r'ads. and also easb.a tbe Mtcbigaa Boatbera to d v'.Ja w.tb tbe (mini tbe I??tratt boslaaaa from tba Weal aad Northw?a* Tba Bank f a?pVa>r of Wiacowts gives Ua lol'wvtag tab* of saforttfas Up?*M by Ua banks ft rxatf ta protact t^sLr sao?MUf a"Ua - B All (B or Wtaooras? tfittoc Vf.Mjonam Stat* aiocki, t par rant Mo, 000 M 44 7 par caot 50,000 Uaorgia State atcck, 6 per Mat . *42,000 " 44 Tp?r wut VIM Mmaouri Hat* )t<x li? # per cent Tr rnifiw Mate atneka, 0 par cant Virginia hUt? atocka, ? par cent ........ Kentucky Slat* atccke, 0 per Mat Nor tli Carol na Mat* atocii, 0 prr rent . . l.oui?an> tHat* ?t< cWa Michigan Htate atocka Tota! t < a4> In baiida of ih? Ma?a Trw?.ur?r .. 3, WO Caah in bunda at liaul tcioptroUar . . 1 i'W 6,?M To,el $*1,191 >w Thw afgiegftte u l< r the eecuritf of a -1 ? iletif aiiKiuiitii'K $074,543. The btaU ua gu id, bU it ? laigo amount of the*! m? k? win pa*, an the tier krt, thcio would lie a large lost on tlum Ttw bank* of WiaecneLn were, at the Ja'e ui Cu 1*4 ro pert, well aupjdled with aperie. The Cieduout (Combe 'land) /r.u/xn lent, of * it a nt data, given the following actouot o( Um lUiupahtre Coil and I run Company ? Tha work* of tbia company ? ?#niinc!iMl; an I Without parade undertaken and proaerutrd ? arc now cojupi*t?4, anil in fi ll and aucceaeful operation. 1 ]i?y aj* ai .uata4 an tli? Haltlaior* and Ohio Itmlroad about um mil* above MldaMiut, and touneet t<> compear'* mlnea i?u in num ber. with aaid mad. Thia being ts* li ?t opening t? Ui* cai-tem market. of the great ra n of uo*l at tbx \ irfiua noil of the Cumberland coal llald. warVa an epoch in the biatory of llanipahlr* county Tb? rn?o -twoaai' acuag plana*. leather? la one nilla an I tao bunlrad aa<! tarotjf fart in nl?at. The *utir* worka hate Iwia <-?? atriirtnl iu the beat and moat .iuiabl. manner, an I th? ont'i* road and plaue? laid aritb double (rant of aub alaQtlal 1 ralla lbia moipau y la tUa only una ta Uta 4 Cuuib rlaml region" (mining the groat fouriaan faat vein of mail that ronrey* the inim-ral to Ilia llaltunur* and Oh.o Itallioad, lo Ita own nara, and blare. It ia WMol tha formar, ?t tba "Hampehire StiUM. aiao4 lug on ilia ??ltrb of tb<- llaltini'irv and Ob'o fluiroaJ Una farl. toK?tiinr artt li tba entlr? Iraadoui fr-im atata and tb>' uai vraal.jr a limtlrl aupanorujr at iU co?l, b? nil wbo him ; ?l uaad It gtrra th(a company ohviou adruata^r. avrr all ron|>?iit ,ra in tna ri*(ioa. Tl.a receot dl>umni'? ot luimaua* itapoatta of iraa ore, txilli alioie atid l.elow tba " bi){ ?ciu o( coal, ?? tli" landa of tbl. company, Impart to th?in a vaUia a Inch aren tbe tua-t aangulnc am mx Uta oanara aiia e*er prepared lor. It ia bt-' tbat rooat If not all, tba compani'a of tba ri'/I'm nud*rlanl wiUt tbe *' big vain." contain aimllar dapuaita Wban tiaa aactrlainrd autx-rioriiy of tba ?ra I* taken into viaw, ia connection witli It. Taat aitant. wn ara almoat oi.?|iar?t to adopt tta upitili n aipr??aal ia our haarina hjr a 4m tiniiuiabed gaologiat and in an ul act ur?r, ' that tba ra eloo doea not conta'n coal enough to ami-it tba inM nown to l>a in juitapoaltion with it " Not tbe lanat iiniMtrlant conaiCi-ratiou ariaing frotn the new atata at tblaga, la the eitended him* market for tba <oal ant coke, laaulting from It. and tba eonga-iuant parminintiy Uicreaaed i rotita and pro>lucUr*neaa of tba mining ia t> i rat iLo laupoi unca of thla grant winaral dia- ???ary may !>? infarre<l from tba fact that in * vertical aUaatuiw of about ona bnudrad and fifty laat are found. Brat, li fa<-t of Tary ?up-nor liUck band iron "ra. aac ind, 14 fi it of ai l d eoul. wl'ioot an Intaraanlnc atratua K alatc or other aubatam a or impurity or aay kin4 tbir4. 30 fa?t of Iron ore, awiut a'J par Mot of para Iron, aud fourth faa if natura d?aigoa<l toeomulata taJ rar iter |?-rl art Uf graat aiorabouaa of mln'rala whiah are doillnad to lai.drr tbia tba graatMt irtiu manufaetur ing ration ia tba world,) ft?a ta?t of lim?atoi?a, ab rk al?o c' nl.iloa about W0 p*r rant of Iron To thraa vartoua atrata are, < f eouraa. to Iw adda<> tba nuntaroua naa> af ?icellent iron ore wbicb bava )>?an woraa t fai many yaara by tba Mt. Harare and tlia l/>n%con'ng iron m?au factoriaa, ?? wall aa tba flrr brick clay and otber aaiaa rala. To tilt a a?aio mnat Imi aupai added tba aiaauat nuinbrrlaaa iolarlor i oal maaaiiraa of omar?nt '(ualltiaa and Tatymg from aigbtaan incha? to a if hi tret. *i,<m m.oae 277, DM 73,ooa at.oua 34,ooa 17 j?a 1,(W.,0<? Ill} M |-(H:0 Ohio l. :s IOOO I nil PtalO Klraa 6( 00 lad 2.S prcb. 4K MXO Virr nn c ? ?:i u. '4 to m do 1.00 Qt. i;w*i da. ... ?< HIMNlwi'ii ik. 10 l.ou turn 8 a. 1000 liar l.i M II ? 101/0 do w*xi Kim 2(1 M<* II SUNK) .)?< r.ii lia 71 ail '.OOO I ria Mala a.. . . Mloab Kirtiangr. Tui'it-i'jr Kab I J. I ' 2'j0 aha ( (WUo. .a.i M 87 1 I (JO loo 100 IM) 400 100 HI 0 ?, liivi 04 '76 .aM ?o?t f.'J 112 100 Hi n.1; IT'. i:?, I's IT', S3 1, IM>X 10 do * 100U M0WMIW..H M Mo do M at |J0?.O Miaaouri ' a t V 0 lad Ma I *a >4 200i> lr*iCi U 11 '.'kx) i ti# c?? H< u: f."00 Kfi? ivi? h torn 4" :j'-oi/i Kit. Ibii . r,oco do 4 'iM * Y i -n 7 a 1M? 111 KU I Ida .0 aba rill 4 IU !. R to Nil Trana I o b.10 20* do ... I.'O let do uo 100 do I< 0 < anion 100 ?o. ... bit fro do. .... .91 It 4a ... : i?OoM HUl M ao, . H llu. nn K KK do ... KM do .... MO to ball do . . bKI ?lo all 70 <>4lana * dim !IH IM Ola* k Tal KK bJ V0O do ia*? ?20 do 300 S V fVa Kit MX *4'< MS H4\ 110', 1 000 (lo , Mx, I. Frio H it KXXXI do. 2(000 do 1 o*ii Hud it;. MI li? f.M?i I an lit 2d la a.. ll'iaOO HI t u Kit IU aU 74 J 20M ilo a3 14 S f.04.0 do . b.'X) 74 S .Oui NY On III'. Ill > :?, fll 00 N \ ( ant 7 ? 00', Ml OO do ... , M0 I (Jim 111 ( i> II Ho I la In alia I lanm llank 1 f? A a Ku', ? Haul 10 I'an* of ( otu. . Ml N'ie Tliua lu . c CO do b 100 (Ik li|0 100 do >3 100 (In b'M 100 ( anl< n Co ai l> jo Cool Co. M ir.o 100 100 42b 1 1X1 loo w do . . . bid do hi 1 do bl do blO aW do do Jt?< VI 34s ?ids ? IAS 34 11 04S 04 ?4H ot M r> IMS' 4'1 i 4TS 47S 4T s 31 31 -IS lis 31*4 32 IT IIS 34S ?IS ?is o : wt 44 44 04 s ?2 t ?I 12 S 04 MK *?'. X4I, MS 11 17 16't It ?, US a 23 H ti'. H MS ?XHt luri* RK 100 I a! 7?M do. .*%) '?> i 00 a. ton do I1'*! Ilailaoi KK b I HO do Oil 100 do aj liM) do . a.1 1(XI do... . b l'*! (-'O . . b40 7-<f) P'a l.iig RK al 2'0 do A;, 131 HO H llirar i:K 1*3 70 Mick Orb KU 100 do b40 10 MirbM Kit SO N la.) ana RH 1 -J Clara * IV la KK ?0 do ... BoAiit. 10 ?l.a CambU Cn 14 100 do bll .14 1M? do . . al 3*X m i* v?4 34S V<0 4o atd its tOo do ai 34S IM 4o bV4 34 '.?0 M V Ontal KU oi s to d'( . b? 01 s 10 I., i, KK 41 1"0 4*,.. 44'i MS llarl?oi M || s *00 do al-l .11 S do 1^0 IIS ftO lt?a l n< KK i"! 1?s t<> do at 11% 10 Panama fill 111 1 00 lo U 111 104 Ckr * Tol RKb44 19 ?>' 40... o>s ( I 1 V TH4IIK IIKrilRT. Tm aaoat, lata I". ? t I* f A' ma aora un>baa(rl llatiiitrr m ? I liwii -l??al?ra ?'r? wailirif ?ba ro rnjit of pilrata la'lara b? In# A>la aial iiao a tha aij^rt ?'ainand aaa tar; )i^l> t . Tl>? aal^a ?m'<rn a 1 abaut i t4V a 4 M/0 bbla . a*, t* to It 10 for^nfrtlor. an --nm in lo rlio.ra ml (ood Mala a oil al |1 7 i a II l*S if n in faucr W??Uro. aa ! al 110 >0 a 111 (or ( ?>! la (an') iitriliiiiKtaiilitli?i>t>* l ana>liaa VII da if. with otodarala itoa a'. I ' 31 ? t > IT lot dot ? |.a I aod ioiuox'B to ((.o^ brand la bond, ?' M It a I ? Maloaor Llda till AO . ??n.a Ini.r wr ma (a al l> Mral w II a" 14 TI fir Mf i?i. an I t< 7. f r lliaodt?i?.a n h?a( ?Tho au)>i.ll*a ofltrltg vara I f bl aal fio raailri au flraa, villi aalaa of ilaiul ''Hi (nakaia Ml bUaa obita ?' |X 40 Corn 11m uinal an latl fbi'ifB (ba anoint ?a ? aU aaa | IMP ' ***** *oibra'?1 I 'Mri a t.M4 baaliala Jara#; wbila. al II aod ?<? 4?? rolUo al foalliarn n ??>( ? tnlloarrlro ?a< af about ll Kro waaijula' a a# la of K4 buaVala m a > mala at |1 34 (? ata *ata aorbaofd. itaila? Mall? r*aaa of } M l-,(li?;< pr w ??? ntad* al |1 4> aa 1 790 buabata I tag talaod t.arlat vara . I at (I ? titrtt. - Halaa I i/?i a 7?ln|i ?l H -< va?? nab at ?y alfc ( izmi ? f>al?ra vara am oaal; vaUlog tba raoolpt >4 t,ri?aU lott*r< Tl.a aalaa ?ntbfaiad aboo? Wi a I'W ba i#a, 1 1, a*a' tl'aa ng ratUar a?'t '?r tafanar and ml41lin( *i?'.?a vblia \ >ia ll rW ^ual Maa o4lk liflit anp^liaa v-ta aa?ban(' I, aal la mhcum ??*to Arm Kant. irra ? |C<i4a(( aaaala ;? tba aSara-* of fari'ia Irltar a4?tr?a vara ati?(#al al a alanl To Idfrpmtl 4?4 bbla pnrk v?-? aogacad, at 2a, v-1U aoaaa i?ta ?f I. of al a 0*rot> oaa at 17a Ad aad I *>Va-a? of caH trio at "a r,l f i?'a Ta f ?o4oa V?i ' bla roa o vo?a ?B<a#a-l no yiriaat# t raaa Tl.'r* vaa aolla af aaa to rrbwrl for tba t a' naot or for (Ol.foiolo Kai n Tl^ra oaa oo cluo(o a (ir.^oa, vbila aalaa V ra ?.(?'.atala Ma vaaa .i.. a a' ?t- 10? lla-ra vara ?l?i*l aaaa I aaloa oaro nan t>| at Ik ? 24r Jan* fautab ill vaa at I <i a I II a iuaaotba ao4 I nal a)i baia al Hi a tA4 i'lijiaK I'll" of tOh bbla Vaa 'itoaoa fr.aao vara ?v> at I7? a .ir. O.I I ill - fl iai r%04? . ? '? 144 hfii-ni' - TVa a>a i' bra.a4 ab-^t '-O0 *o 000 barrala lo? a.4.t( ?4d a.a.a a' 111 47 a lo lota and aoo oaoaa al III ? puna of Mb aorta ai< 40 al. Ijraf -f|lai i' ||4 barta'a xraalrr aaai varo o ai> bl I* fi a III 31, Vrnanal wan aa< al (Ho 113 U pt ma oaaao vaa |V-*t aa<l aa?laaa?*4 Col O'lla vara t'.larabl/ lia, an aboal IV' rvu|?a aaoaa l?U il I' ol la Wo* vaa Iro at ly a I ir >arl vaa la ia'l>*T ball*' .amaad o,Ua aaiaa of iM aa#to4 a >s* (ba aaVaa ?44ra?aM aboat Mb barrvto ?td taornaa o.r-r f?r dalaaa-f ?o Ha? at I4? -aaad baoa oar a ba.4 al I' Raab oaa d oil. aa4 to^aa aaoiioal hr: 1 ? Palo* of I'm 'fi Vffr "?'* ma la a' 1 1 s< laiiov oaai|<aO<l il at?.il? far iaa4 Mpaatand t aatoaa/? Tba Miwl ??(.i'oo*4 lia, oiib a .<?t at' ? a if b?Kl?rt Oab ? aa ?o baofal H.raa* -Tbo v artaa baa laao aflWit MVritf tbO aroaool i I r '?# worv aboao IM roaa of bafon UrnriM >* . I? *?'? tt Ur , and Porta CaMHoa. 4 M4 01.-' (O ?r?lao, fl l?? bl IV W*> fry HaUaooraa 34 lb? al I m aod a 1 wno'.ha aboal M.M4 af a* MM ItooiaMtr NarkHi. Mo Mat/, fjft Maaaro I a* 'I -?!? I I.I 1^1 t i IM aaar9 4* .a lb a mat iK v 'b IM aa af ?>?/rt l'/ bbla UaWonUal 'M 'aflav m onoa*. .1 bb>> al II TI, aad M4 V,ia at |t *0 fa ?ar(oo" oa boat ? a aaia of M0 b> t , aatarr -ad al I' *' ~H>- iMiafcaa MMimoaa (or obata "aa pa?> v?4. MlMbMtU MHti IfaMl MM Kb (?M bio.. Maa Ma* oatipva ? li ?!a,i?fO (or aa a ? -ar?. WIMNIrN t'.f'tflM ?' f< >l(>a 't

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