Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 18, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 18, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6750. ARRIVAL OF THE CAHAWBA. two Day* Later from Cube? Here tetite? , The British Squadron, Ac. The United States mail etaamiblp Cabawba, R. W. Shufeldt, comtrander, arrived here at an early hoar jee terday morning, from New Orleans, the 9th, and Ha vana, the 12th. We learn from Havana that nnmeroui arrest* have been made sinoe the 7th Intt. of name of the moit in fluential eitiaena of the island. It is alleged that a plot had been precone?rted to aseasslnate General Concha and overthrow the existing government, the discovery of which led to three arrests. The persons implicated are all Spaniards, Intimately associated with the com mercial and lnduf trial interest* of Cuba. The govern ment are laboring under the belief that thU plot had been Influenced by certain prominent eltiaeni of the X'nited States A highly distinguished lawyer named "Cintra," was arrested on the morning the Cahawba allied. A part of the British West India flret were at Havana, consisting of the line of battle ship Boscawen, flag ship of Admiral Kanahawe; sloop Vestal, and brig L'Kspeigle. Ihe screw propeller Colessus sailed a few days previ ous to the 12th, for England. ? OUB HAVANA COBWMPONDlNOfc I, Feb. 12, 1855. B ptmtm u from office? The Oaylain General' t Proclamf WT turn? The Gaceta on the Invation of Cuba?Trial qf I Kitrampei and Felix ? Movemmlt of Troop*? Travelling I PermiU? Stringent lawt about fire Armi?Arretti, I ? dtc, ? The Cahawha la expected here soon after day- light this ?slanting, and aa ahe generally arrlrea within a few houra ? of her appointed time, I am at my writing table before 3 I o'clock A.M., In order to aend you a full aummary of ? what ha* occurred alnce 1 wrote to you on the 8th. ?.Flret, then, Benorea Gallano (you know him) and Moja I nietta, both Oldora of the Real Audiencia, hare been de I prived of their high office*, their offencea? the latter being I a creole, the former baring married a Creole wife. I The Gaceta of the ?th M. conUina a circular of I which the following Is a translation. After the uiual I beading) it goon on to wy I The pacific and loyal population w^ch forma the ira I minae majority of the Inliabitanta of Cuba wiU SffSi I perhaps with surprise, the measures recently adupt?*l to ? ^cure the tranquillity oi this beautiful country. No I one CM iimestion lor a moment the necessity ot severity I ?or iSJSSSSSm Of criminal outbreak,. Such a course I la fully juatifled on proof of the intent, and oi the fact, I t>mt a itnninlTRCT biH not been &et on foot now, but has I outcrlea hare bten raiaed agai art that tatf ttf by I means of which the resource* of this country aro oemg B iliialillMt a handful of ambitious people, ungrateful for 1 1 ' ? of the government, hare pl.ced tbtmae re. I underTe o7dera of adv.ntu^ witU vhe n^n I uon of overwhelming the islam ?? a fearful Mimn I Thia plan, oonoeived in the profouudeat aecreny botU in I and out of the Island, was soon to be oarriedout, but I the government, while it has always en.lraTorvd to pre I side over the destinies of the country with justice, and I n>nmnt? Its interests has also guarded its security and I peace and has been happily able to frustrate this scheme ? For its ruin. The troops are all concentrated in conve I nient nlacts so as to he ready to march against the I enemy aa koon aa he has landed. That auch an invaaion I waa (o be made waa not known until the sailing ofour |< brilliant navy waa aeen, guarding our coaata, and P'?C,?K ? itself in connection with the army on shore. At the I same time prisoners were taken at different pointa? the I government having In lta possession sufficient proofs of I their complicity. Should the expedition, thojefore. ar I ri vp It will be BBMdilT and completely annihilated, ana I adventurers w.ii be prose I liried without giring quarter. As it U now known who I th#?ir U tdfm we trust that the government of the I I'nitad States wilf prevent the criminaleipylitjonset on I foot In that country, a* it Is m violation of all that we I hold aacred and is a design to destroy the tranquility I of nations by banded adventurers. This government 1 has the greateat confidence in itself, beoau-e It canao I onlv count on ita valiant army and powerful nary, I but'lt can rely on the la?t that the Immense majonty I fit th? Doonle are on it* side, reauy * I their aid wi?h the same decision and the same enthu I si asm as in 1861- I order ?ou to \?> prepared to gir I auch directions as, from time ta ttme. l ' cate to you, by such mean* to crush the attem^tth mar be mJ* againat the i-eace of the country, without I.U r le ri a*w 1 1 b the protection to he given t the alave proprietors who conatitute the aoui I and proa M.|tT 0r the island, and without causing the least un ne cessarr tro a Me to >eace.ble Inhabitants. foreign or native. The government la 'n^Tt u'Tn" ? ir> i nut it h will to use the power with which it is in gS to chastise criminals with the utmost rigor o the law- for the distinction and clemency ot vernment haa only rtimulatod them to comhat a^ainst It God aava vou many yeara ! CONCHA. H>vans, February 8, 18f>?. To the Lieut. -Governor of There you have It m all its purity. And what do you make of It? la It not awful-nonsense? Will it not .trike terror Into the heart a of the ?' banded adventur ?ra " If there be any, of which the Gaceta of the aame day under lta editorial head, aays It haa poaiUre Infor mation. But permit me to tranalate again, lu order to ?how you how ample and excellent are lta souroea of in '"nnsrexpedltlon will be compoeed of from 2.^ to 2^W lasLrtfs tjwsa. i su?|? wfhTchCteW%lTliUnobttn^r "iT o^r to get out of the Dlaces without being dliturbed bv the P afli f th- rjnited htates, tney hare reported that Uie destination of the expedition is Cost* Rica, and^ ? we beliere, this new. ha. been found out .by one of the principal chlefa, who got dlsguated and aeparate ^'l^fireVobatacla met* with waa the srisure of the Ma.aa cbusetta in which rtaeel were found arma and munl ? bona of' war In Urge quantities, perfect. y concealed. ? e e e e The Courier of the United Statea apeaka of thia aa 1 true caae. What Courier la thatf But I hare not time to com ment on such trash. I understand that the eo-ealled pnbllc trial of Ba trampea and Fell* la fixed for about the 30th Instant. I reckon It would puxxle your most eiperienoed law reporter to give a full report of It, eren If he under Vtood Ppanlsh. Besides, It would be dangerous to take a note In that anguat tribunal of the Military Commis ?Ion ; however, I gneea I muat run the riak, ao as to aend vou aa full an account of the proceedings aa poestbl* There waa a "grand parade" In the military aquare last evening. The soldiers appeared In heavy marching order. There wen about 3,4^0 of them, aa counted by myietf and two frienda. I waa told they^been brought frwa Matanaas, C'ardeuaa, and the Vuelto Ariba? that there are at this time but two companies at Mat anus, and a very amall number of men at Car denaa. Thia marching and countermarching proves the correctMea of what I have, In a prevloua letter, written to you respecting General Concha's character Travelling permits are only to be granUd for fifteen days In future, and those obtained for the preeent year ?re to be returned to the authorities, and fifteen day Mrmlta obUlned in their atead. Ia not thia the very acme of liberty ? It haa been decreed that firearms are I 'hot to be eold ia the amall towns, but only in the vleini ' tiee of those places where there U a LWntenant Govern < n and then only to each peraona aa he may grant a license to poseeas one, arlth other stringent rnle? re apectlng firearms amongst other, that there shall only |M three stand of arma to evsry hundred negroes upon eatate, that being sufficient to preserve order on the Satata. It la now daylight, and I muit fo out to aaa if tha ?t?araahtp hu irrlTtd. IT aba baa. I noat Tatars an I ?eloaa thia la t tar, If aba baa not, I may poanibty add a ?faw mora lUma POUOFIKRKPSIK. P. S. ? Tha ataamar ia not yat ai^oalitad, tbarafora I lara aaBciaat tima to add all tha lateUJfaaoa ia ray poa aaraion. It ia andaratood tbat all tha arraata <l?amad raqaUita hara baaa mad'- tba preciaa number not baowa, bat varioaaly aatimatrd from fitaan to thirty, an I am fifty It ia oaly wb?n ona'a friaada ara not aaao at thair aana' bomaa tbat wa knnw th?y ara arreted, to aacravly ia wrarytbiaf maaagad, Amongat thoaa partiaa ia tba -country ?ar y ganarally known to bare baaa eaptarad ara tba following: ? At and naar Mataaiaa, B and J Oaaar, oapbaw aad a aria, tba lattor halnf of Catalan (flpaaiah) birth, J. Gareia, I'raaidaot of tba Mataaaaa Railway Company; Hanor Oroide, who, with tba two Otaara, ara plaatara of tba flrat raapactability. At TrtnMad, Ifigaal Oaataro, brotbar to, par ha pa, tba atebaat aaa ia tba I aland, waa about to bo arroatod, bat fta, gatting a biat tbat tba doga war* upon bla track, tad, aad aatod wtaaly ia ao doing, for ia tbia country atlilaait to pto?a a wa guilty of crlroaa tba oomoiia ft** of wblab aarar aatarad Wa brain ia aaaiiy obtain ?bit X* Baaar Raaoa Piata'a aaaa ia baiag harriad on m nfMly aa tba "law's alaw dalay " aapaeialiy ia tba daWw of *4U P*mit ut' (riMdi ?ay that bo evidence haa been adduced against him. I under" atand that a blanket it suspended againtt the window of his call, to that not the alighteet Intercourse can b? bad with him without tha knowledge of hia jailara, who at* right careful that no written communication shall pata in or out ot that cell. . I am net certain whether I informed you in my laat letter that he la now occupying the cell in the Uoro Cattle recently occupied by Franeitco Eatrampei. who at pretest occupies the same oell as his unfortunate fellow tufferer Fells. The two poor fellows keep up their hearts like heroes They were In tolerable health yesterday. Uy (errant, surprised to find my candles lighted (for I eannot yet see to write without tbem), has jnst entered my room* bearing In hit band the fragrant coffee. The temptation is overpowering; I muit drop my pen. P. Havasa, Feb. IS, 1865. Effect of Gen. Concha' i late Rigorout Mtaiurci on the Public Mindr? Alteration of the Travelling I'atiport' for the Interior of the Jtland ? Grand Military Review in Honor of Admiral Fhn* haw*? Reported Arreit of Benor Cintra, <tc, Since my last, by the Isabel, announcing the peace of ferings made upon the altar of the country, under the ministry of Ocn. Jose de la Coneha, wa hare seen no thing ot a disturbing character among the people, and we should not bare dreamed that Imminent danger was so ?ery near us, unless it had been formally proclaimed from the l'alace. The arrests of our neighbors, of the best of the land, did disquiet the nerves of those who were not at home In Cuba, for they took the serious cause assigned as an after excuse to cover precipitate action Bnt with all the light that has as yet been thrown on the alleged conspiracy, I cannot altogether agree in the conclusion that there is no danger now ? that the government will need no aid of bleod or money to feed "the dogs of war." There ate thote who tnink that the policy which induced the arrest* was bad, if, indeed, the government is to strong -banded and well prepared for any emergency, at not to require the ser vices of the people ? that each arreit will only increase disaffection, and the spirit of anger will brood in hearts that heretofore have been filled with love and "ever faithful devotion"? that if the wolf comet, of which the alarm has so often rung in the uttermost "corners of the island," that tha joy extending heart wtlcome to CoDcha, will not be found to Induce resistance ? that, if true, the cause, the arrest of sixty or seventy or of se vtral hundred, is not going to prevent what seams, as it now stands, the suggestion of timidity, while full exposure itt maJe of our state and preparation. Ihis sort of reasoning, which obtains mora or less in the com mnnity, has materially influenced public oonfldence in tha nerve and the wisdom of our superior authority By ori'era issued on the 10th Inst., we Snd that the ordinance of a few day* previous, granting papers to travel for three months on the island, to strangers or residents, has been rescinded, which shows the state of official mind in high places, which we hope may be " converted " back to right reason before long. We are now to be limited to fifteen day papers, to be renewed as they expire, and from point to point, which it a nuisance in discomfort and expeme. Any man losing his license, or being In the country without one, is to be arrested ? fined ten dollars? searched to see that he is not worthy of au?plcion, and if gnorance fall to make a case of crime against blm, or should chanca to be in doubt ? after the pocketing of the tea ? he is teat to Havana with a "Dogberry " guard, for tha attention of those who have longer ears In that line. This order demon strates to the public mind that there is much anxiety in the lig house upon the square, where they grind but one sort of axe, %>od that not a battle axe I think the Im pressions which teem to have arisen from the action of the government are not juat as far as General Coocha la concerned that he may not lose that which was pre dicted for the reign of Ftzuela would causa anxiety which, adde<* to the timid councils of those having hit confidence, but not hia experience or vicissitudes^ would produce the Inconaiatent devalopements wa have found. Id da* course of honorable attention to our protectorate ally, and the clever Rear-Admiral Fanahawe, we had yen tcrday anotbrr military chow, kparade loipeetica and review of the royal troop* net over ua for defence of oar faith and nationality. Being on my way to dinner, and hearing the acunda of aniplcloui bagle*, 1 changed my direction to ascertain the came, a very little appre'ien alve that the Phlliitine* ware upon ua. I found on the Paaeo laabel that it wai only the 'paatime of warrior*? the gorgcoaa diaplay of galoon ? and wan aurpriaed that there had been no notice to the night loving people of the city, and tbat the hoar wan that, when tho?e are occupied who love good living, in cloning dinner with a ft lata of wine, according to fancy. Why thia hour wan aelected la not for me to determine, but there are thoae, who are "no better Iban they xbould be," who nay th?re wan good rearon (or it. I loet my dinner, but not the eight and aa for the light, it wai not anywhere that I eoald ace; and I had read the proclamation with great care, and of courie waa duly excited to fancy the aba4ow of a buih a regular Allbuatero of tke flrit water. There wai a good deal ef the protectorate braM about, upon the abouldera of good looking youth*, and I waa glad tbat tbey were not under the walla of Sebaatopol. The parade waa grand, but not awful; bat I could not help thinking that they looked very much aa if tbey wanted ?ometbing to eat? our own wanta alwaya guiding imagi nation for the apecial benefit of oar neighbor*. 1 waa hungry, and therefore thought Concha looked, and the Admiral not leae, aa if he could have eaten a Kuaaian, If he bad been made duly tender with froit. I got home no one knew I waa out ? bad no dinner, and we have no eupperi ? aleep did not iweeten my temper, but I fee] better alnce letting oil my grievance*? the break fa?t bell I bear, and all the Alibuateroa, from Concha in the palace to thoae in the Crimea, ahall not make me wait* more time here. II. LATMT NEWH. Oa Boahu tum ^tkahkb Caiuwra? 12 M There la a riport In town thia morning of the arreat of Clntra, the moat celebrated lawyer of Cab*. No time to look for confirmation, bat it i* more than probable. The police atrike at high game, and It may be well, but I much doubt it. Tb* Dr. la leaving, and lot* of good heart* are on the wing on tbeSpaniah ateamer. in my view. Dr. Le Vert and hi* intereatiag family are amongat tbem. I aball go aahcre with the pilot ? you will underitand tbat two Capt. Greena were on board. TTIK LATBflT M A I BIT CIKCILAK. Hatawa, Feb. 10, 10&5 Since the date of oar laat report of 27th ult. but a moderate amount of buaineaa haa been done. hi oa*k h*Tf been leaa active tban previously noted and. although no marked decline haa taken plar* in prl cea. atill tbey are in favor of buyer*, except n/ for good yellow* of atroag grain, which command full rate* Re ceipt* from the country are more abundant an<l the pre aeut atock la eat mated to be about 6<?, <*/0 box** agalnat 70.MK) >K. tea In 1HW and 40 001) in lHt.'l aame period. Tbe bu*ine*a doing in Muacovadoea ia limited owing to *irall aunpllee. A few pare* la have changed lianoa at 4)i tie. inferior and 4\ ria middling for roflainr. Kx r.rt?d ? 10. M7 bona to fpaia, 0.303 Great Britain, 3.1M oittd Htate* 1.6NJ Copenhagen. 1,117 Am*Urd?m *01 Hamburg, 706 France, and 349 Bremen: a all 24,072 box** We retain our laat quotation* ? W lute*, noirmon to >,oret*e, 7 4 { to 9 % rla. ? 22*. f Sd. to 27a. f>'<d. ; yellow*, do do , # to * rla ? :0*. 4 Jtd. to 2?* MWd ; hrowna. Mr 11 to 12. 6K to 0 rl*. ? 1 ?*?. 7 ',d. te 16a #t,d. ; ' ucura' hoa, So # to I J, to 6){ *1*- ? l*-i- 10d to 10*. Hterling per cwt. free on board at 12 % per cent prem. exchange Kola set* ha* be?-n in ateady r*<|ueet at advanced rule* clayed cannot now he bad ander a !l\ rl*. keg bere au<i at outport*. Maarovad* aella at 4U a 4>. rla, biittbei?la hardly *ny offered for aale Kxpor** of clayr 1 f tiring the fcrtn>*ht eonalat of 0HM blade. t<> toe ! ton 7: 7 Portland, ft.'.* UrMol, 847 New York, and f4 to haa*iiU*li-? 1* ail, 2 4*4 bhda. ha* edvarced, owmr to email atoe'a on (Ale good aeer. n> a m worth I# W to til. Ri m I* ae'.ling at ?:W to *40 per pipe MTAK* are in active demand, without ahange In valu* Exported &.WM mill* to the United Htataa, 2.72M Ham burg, 7M* Amaterdam, 000 Bremennnd 072 othar part*. In all 10,021 mtlle. Tobaoto baa been more animated, tban 'previoualy no'.ed. Exported 60,000 pound* to Hpein, 49,720 llrem* n. 45,300 Amaterdam, 44,707 Han. burg and IK, Mo other pert*, in all 21M.3A0 pounda. Exc hasum? Bill* having been mor* freely offered, rate* bav* declined W* quote landon? 11>4 to I2'J Kwnt prvmlum. Peril, p*-r c?et frun.n* rk and Hoeton, 1 to l)i per cent premium New Or leani, abort 4* to 5 per cent preaaian 24 (kn Mexican doliara on toerd of tb* Hri'teb ?teame; Conwav arrived tbie morning from Vera On* and Tampico, have been eold at 0.S per cent prtmlam Import* ? rrnviatone? Tbe aalea during tbe Beet fort mgbt bav* be?a limited. Jerked beef. 4,4 <4 ql* per Onatnneta at 14V rl* arrobe, 0/^)0 qle per Amelia at I4X Wock on band about 2t,000 <]la Rice (Carat aa; 61 eaaki per Zeybyrfat 13 x rla arr.; ICC per hcmer? at li\; 836 per B. B. Uwton, at 13*; 65 do. at 13#; 40 per ht. Andrew, at IS ??; 30 <io at 13??- 20 fruto V?w York at 14, an<l 01 damaged, pe- Kmmn liner, at 11 rla; ?tock roaming MO cmaka }i?h ? 10 d'mu Kagliah cod. 16 do. hatldonk, and 4*< half boxe* do., ait 91 26 ul. Lard baa re*aileu at 61T *0 to 610 ql Stock, li.UOO Mi. aod 1,900 ke?a. Beef? 12b>la. xmunlat 18 ql. Toi'loata, S3 bxn Nan York at tl'J 76 ql., no i bONewOrl??M*, 11260. Candler ? 121 boxen aperni at *41 60 per quintal*, 46 a* ?42, 40 at *40 60, ami 66 p? at at 6 0 Ur? ?e? 20 bblf New Or Van ? at *14 7.' ;>rr qwtntal; 60 at *14 24, ?n<1 fifcO boxes (afcent 1,600 , .oUIh) J!u?ao? Arm at ? 17 60. Keana? 8 bbl . wbl at ll)irla per ?.-*oba, and 11 at P>, rla. Folr r??- ? ' i hbla , In two lota, at $4. and l,:t?IO in fevr leu nt 94 2.V Onion* ? 10,600 buochei at $6 60 j.??r W0 Oder? 100 noxoa at J-' 76. 00 ? I* eanka retailed at 21 rb. per arroba; Oat 26 rla , and 4b at 17 rla. Wrapp ng paper? 1 ,7lK> ream* at 4); rla. , aud l,0Ui at t rla. 1\,? ? 1,800 druau at *->a (*r quintal, and 4 coiut at 610. Tar ? 40 bbla at $3 (,<). Pitch ? 10 ^bl*. at S3, ipiritaof turpentine? 16 bfcla. ?t *10 60 per quixtal. Tobacco? So boxes crewitga< 618 per quintal. Li Mhkii am CoontiuoK Hmi rit'-h pine oontinuea to an ire, nale? lu4.i < 0 feet JaekaoTllte at <28 SO per 1,000 fret 116, (Oo feel Mwbile at 626 26, 12'- OOw feet Wilming ton (contract) at 630, and 03,000 feat do at i'.'fl. White ?ine board*, 18,0(0 feat Bangor at 62x per 1 ' 30 feet. 0,M'l lee1 N?m Brunswick at 627, (raje-- ?d aad reduced to 626.*,) :w,000 f-et 1'ortlan ' at 1 /*t0 Cli'-ry a?ld at 626, 40.000 feet do at $U 6?, 30 000 feet Portland at 622, lft,0t(J feit Bath at 6.7 26,000 feet luperlor Portland a 6*6, and 78,000 fret do at 6? . Sugar box ahooka, upward* of 80, COO have arrived since our laat laaua, and there la no longer any room to put them, about 16 000 batrr bean *oid at >? rla wo tiaae, and 1,200 at auction. da mum*', at ?J? !l?U<-n and A'-gar bhd. ahooka. 1 21/0 Portland city mad* molaanea in va ?:ouk lot? at t'-,. and l,7(i0 aiigar do a* 63. Hoope, 30,(00 P. I at 646 and 660 Kirpty t.hd-., i*'"* second liand at 64, 2?'C at 64 12*, und 80 at 64 26, all for ino laairi. Pwiuim continue to rule at about the aatne rates. Five veaaela hate bran chartered tor Falmouth and a market, ote at ?:? 2* I'd . om at ?3, i nea'. ? '? 7*. fld., <ne at ?3 6a and one at ?2 I61 acoMMiog t ? alie and condition ot remr], ore for riwai.aen for copper ore at ?.'i f.s , two for Cteofuegos ?nd Laadon, one at 10a., and one at ?3. one to tb.< ountitieot direct at ?3 18a. Ad, one to load mi'ngaBy at Mao xanil'o frr Great lliitair a' ?!. 10?. one for (>>rk ?2 16a., 1 of 4,600 *toxea for ^lataer, ati ?2 4a.. 1 for tho Cljde at ?. . ana 1 ditto ?2 17b. i A., 2 for Mnraeillea at ?3, and l ditto at ?.'1 !>?., 1 of 07<) !><iira t r < 'adit and Parceloaa for H'.lfO 1 of '.i00 boxes for t^e Canary Itlsnda at 62 60 per box, 1 o' buxea lor .'alaga at 63 pet b< x To the I nit-d 8tatei, 1 l r Keaixt<oa and New York and 1 for Sagoa and ditto at 66 per btid. for ?ugar, 1 for 'Iriridad and do auior 60 cvata per 100 lba and <*eck load at 6'J per bhd., 1 01' l,i?00 Uwea to load lieia for do for 610 000 for a geeeral cargo and from t lie coa?t, 1 to Hoatrn, roola?i- at 61 l>0 per hlM ; 1 do. for Baltimore or I'biladelphia at 61 60, I do. (or Port land at 61 8? %, 1 do. for Falmouth, :>000 liova, at ?2 10a., 1 foi do., 2 000 boxei, at ?3, 1 to Gibraltar, 1,100 boxaa, 63.0CQ. The Cnee of the Proprietor* of the Daily Times? tonti nipt nf Court. M AKIN E CDI BT. Before Hon. Jadg* McCarthy. Fa. 17 ?Tbe ce*e of contempt, on tbe part of Meaar*. F.arper & Raymond, for pt.bliahin,; In the Timet aewa paper, en Thursday last, n paragraph which *m calcu lated to bring thia court into ridicule, excited aorae in terest thia morning among the fraternity, th?r? being a large gathering of the various new ipaper corps present. The Clerk called Henry J. Raymond and Fletcher liar per, Jr., to appear in anawer to the pruoeaa iaeua-d I rum thia court The Judge baked If ary con mo l appeared on behtlf of the defendant* Mr. AbLott aatd he appeared for Fletcher Harper and asked that the matter Im- postponed, in cobescjueuce of tbe aervlce of the process having bwu only mu le late the previa. u* arming lhej requ red t me to prepare the nereassry sOidevits, to show that Mr. Harper bad uo eogn nacre of the bulmcaiion in question Mr. Kay- i mond it not in town, anu lian no. been per?oually ?erred The Judge aaid he was not <:is,.oaed to press the matter od n<<w a? sgaiuat Mr. Katmond. but he felt that in the republication of the objectia nnblr paragraph in thia morning'* 'Jimer ?a? sailing m-ult to injuiy. He de aired to Ldow wlu eaa at tte bottom of this affair Time will diacloae ibe fact, anil the (Vurt wtulal be able to reach him Kvery word io Uh ?tatem>-at is untrue? the subject matter ia untrue *n<t rvery line of It untrue It ia fa'se from beginning l<> end I never wan nent for to come to the Court, the t?i a 'berr d< tcrir>* never oc cnriea. I hare no < isp? sifton to quarrel with the press; I telieve in tl.e largest liberty ot t'.e pr?ss, but I also helh-v* there i* a t>. editorial privllegx. I aaid, when tb a matter fiiai came u>> Lai i cared not for newa paper aitae- 'R on Kl< r> tire McCarthy hot I ? ill uam tain the dig uty ot the to rt and prrven' aa far a? I ran the tribunal* of juatice lr< m being brought into ridi cule. I ranuot. tor tl>e M'bl o' ma. conrtlve the object of the attack If anything irrurred ? if there was the lea- 1 foundation fur i' ? I would not complain of com ment I eat here dnj after atay. with a calends' ol o#er sixty cauaea, fifty p*.r ren' ot wh < h were rraay for trial, and I ban- aat on toe b~ncb to a late hour at nlglit to on poi-e of the buainets lb < unwiui nee of the autenc* of my oikajiu'a In m itinera; and wliy I ahonld, therefore, be single* out 'or attack ia a mystery to w 1 hi* morning the article ia repeated, and 1 t nn* m tk?a the pubit e h- r amenable. > ruler the Renaed ffta'utet, for pubfiahing a falte ami groasly inaccurate report of the moceedng* of the court. Thia court baa tiie aame power, tri^thi* rerpect, a* tin- -upretn* Court, and 1 tnual eon le-a in the present inatance, I feel inclined to exercl?e It I ahall try it, and the pow?r may a t well be teated in thia rare aa in auy other, aa far aa Mr. Harper ia con cerned I ahall flireet an attachment to iaaue againat h m. Aa to Mr. IUim< ml I will defer the matter with tet|trt to him, he being out of town, and not peraonally at rveal with notice to attend Mr. Abbott? 1 aupuuac, air. that Mr. Harper can ap I ear by attorney Toe Court ? Certainly Mr Abtutt then proceeded to read the following depo sition ol F llarp-r. Jr ? City atid C'otan/p of A'ew Fork, ti. ? fielder Harpar, of aaid city, being nuly a worn, nay* that ha ia oue of the firm of I avnic ad, Harper fc Co , propri- tors of .he New York Daily Titnrt That l.ia department In tbe <-0bduet of the aame ia the builneaa department of tbe paper, and that he ha* m care or ?up rrialon OT'T 'he aintorial dipartmaLt, and no c ntr l orer matter for publication therwn 1'eponent further aaya, that the article in the Tim* i of the Utli inatant. entitled "Th* Marine C urt?Wnat W aa Not I < re " wai aritten and paMlahe.t w thout hie kbowledga or ronaent or pririty in auy wla*. and that he bad no u eat.* or opportunity of anli-.-tpaling or exprr.tlcg acch publiaation, and that be regret* tbe ap peaiaLC" of any thing calculated to brmg th? admlm* tratlon of juatire into ridicule } llAKI't t, Juu 5?orn to before me, thi* 17th day of February. 1*55 J Va.t Nawk*, Commiaaloner of Iieeda Mr Abbott further aaid that be expected alao to be able to produce affidavit* to *how that th* article waa prei aieft by wime person outahle the pre** The Court? That I* what I nay I want Mr. Harper to give the name of tbe party who furolihe<l it. Mr. Abbott ? Mr Harp* r doe* not control the ed toral columnar he ia Bore particularly at tbe brad of the finan cial department The Court? How do you explain tbe repetition of tbe article to-day? fume one muat have control over tbat CepArtuent and I want aome explanation on that poiut He all know that Mr. Raymond la out of tbe city The reapert I have for him and tbe courteay with which he haa alway* treated me convince me that he wuu;d not have permitted I'a publication. In the meantime, let the affidavit of Mr. Harper be tiled. Mr. ft ir bard ttuateed laid? Perhapa, air, tbe affidavit 1 hold in my hand may renuar a poatponcment unoecea aarv i he Tonrt? Who do you appear for' Mr. Butteed? For Mr. lee, the reporter The Court? Bow ia he connected with It? Mr bua'aed ? The aOadvit will beat expla.n After at m<- prefatory remark* in favor of hia client, Mr Uu? tee<I proceeded Ui *ay that be nee<l not enter into tbe baidakipa of the dutie* of a reporter nor nee t be ?ay tbat a large ?pace of the limn and the Hkbaui had bttn devoted to law report*, aod recently to the pri>ceed mi* of thi* ruurt? Thafonrt ? That ba* nothing t? do with tbe preaent matter. Mr. Buatec* ? If your Honor will guag* the line for my renarka I will The Court ? Confine youraeif to the matter at preaent lu laaue w tb wtat the reportera have doue prarioualy I bar* nothing to do. Mr Butte*'! then read the following d epcaition ? f l'Jr ond Count* < ,J Nrm Turk, M.? D. Kuaeeli lee, of tke city of !?ew York b*iuf duly *wnrn, *nya that be I* a reporter attached to tbe (toily Ttmn oeeapaper tha he ia the >ole and onlr reporter of tbe article publUhed in aaitl paper on the 17U day ef February I aat Sea-I~l "Martnetomt ? Hbat Waa Not lone There," that tbe fact* there n atated were received by thia deponent from a re pec table mt-mb?r of tbe bar or thia Btnte, an! were f' ? nie bed for pi. hi cation to aaid paper by deponent, in tl.e belief ti at they were *ae?tautiaUy true, an I with out entertaining, or ntall meaning to erlnce an r dure epect whatever to Ui * Court Of any of It* member* and tret tb* ?au>e ea? pnbll?ne1 In th- ordinary pom tt? o' I u?ioee? p I^OoaedO'-t of aaid p*i?r an-t without the kroelt' tt or ion ? puVI-ber- ???,) p?p>r Henry i. Mnta on w Ikidrr llarper. Jr ?c a ther o t ie i> K< cMU.1. I>X Heoio h?ft' e u.e tl la 1'th day of Fa*>raaiy. 1*'> . b W v J. mi i. a titer ( *- loner </f Uawda Mr Bu-t?ea then ?aid he *unpt<ae4 that affi tarit to be ample lull *nd utterly and wholly aneoo vocel and be hoped th* < onrt would deem it. ea he did, enffirieat to burire Mr lire He (Mr. Btia'?ed; *upp< eed it to abeo v* Mr lee entii?ly from any en eavor to -ring *h<a Coert or any of ita ? dicer* into contempt He hopaal it ooeld conie to hie Honor a mind aa it dii to Ma, that there wee no intention ef 4larntp*ct, but that the aubjeet natur of tb? communication ?? furniah*d him, aa fee aweara. bya reapectable member of tbe ber T?ie Court te the Clerk? - Mr CVrk, enter an order ttet r>avid Huaaell I .*<? I.aii attend tier* on Mna lay mnreine at 11 o'eloeb oto a newer Inter? egntorlaa, un?er a*th obieh I ahall he pot to htm. I think that affidavit aaahaa tbe matter woree and worae. Mr BttfaM aakaat tbat tbe matter be p? at pa nod en til tne*4ey, and tbat be mifbt ba f ir* abad with a em ut tbe later rotatoria* on Meoday mnnffitig The Court aaaeatcd to tb* edjonromeat of tbe aaaa ef Mr lee an ill Tort jay, and tbat ef Mr. Harper eatil Patirdav wit. IMMIGRANT lA-SENGEK SHIPS. SENATOR FISH AND THE MERCHANTS. Meeting of Irrchaiu ami Others Connected with Commerce, at the Exchange. 8 P E E C H E S? R ESOLUTIONS *o., Ac.. fco. ? 'oaamittee. In accordance with the following can, a meriting wa held ?t the Merchant*' kiehaogo yeaterday afternoon s~ Ifonct.? Merchaotv <-hlp ewnera, >bipMa'*r< asd other* eoni>"-'-?nl with coBiMro, are n>|UMt?l to ntt? nd a public to he bald 1 hit day, (Sator d*yr) at the Meie'ant*' k uliange, at ;i>? o'clock, t.i tela in'O conaideyaitt.ii muttira now before Congraet aifectiag their mter-ec THOMAS Tll.KiTON, M. I! liltlNNE; I., MOK1IMVK UVINfitfTON, E fc. MolttJAN, J Mr. TaoKAt Ttuatrtit call- d the me-tlug to ordar, and ncaaiuatad Ckokok u*i*woi.d a* chalrann, which nomination waa ratlfl< d by the meeting. Mr Ttu*TOf< a Wo maaiuatel the following named g. ntleinea ai Tic* prealdanu and secretaries, a?l the/ wtre aocepted by the ma* 'log ? MCI rHMIiniCNTM. P. Sat 'ah Pmt, Wm. WlXtteek, Audi aw Foeter. I. K Morgan, Mortimer Livnjr-tnn, I 'avid Ogilen, Wm H. Aapiueall, T ion I unbatn. J. W Pbdlipa, William I. Fmt, Vi m Nailaon Oliver Slat*, John J. Hoyd. aWHMEAMMt Robert Goodhue, Charlea lAwann. The meeting waa vary w*U attended. Mr. LUvni Uiiob* read the following reaolation* ? V hereaa. It appear* l.y tae procee-linga of the Senate o' tha United State*, that the bill *'Tu re<ulat?tha car riage of paaiM-nxT* by *te*m hip* and otlior v. ?ie>U," pirparta by the Treasury Iiepai uneut, to remedy .lefttcu in theexiatmg law* on tu* aubjact. iiotn which ?<> much eniharru**n>aut ha* been c*u*ed to the shipping tnt**ra*<a of the whole fount ry be ug renur'ad uuawmoualy by tbe Committee ol toinmerca of ilae Senate, wa* ar reeted in ita paraage by a deference to the expteiiaed ? ??he* of tan* tor H?h, a* elated in h ? behalf A?l. whf reaa, the proviaion* of tbl* bill are a optable to the commercial and ahippmg internet* of the country, aa a remedy of mating deftota iu tha law. and a* auch. bar* al-o received the uiiaulinou* approval of the Committee of C'ominerc* in tba >ei.ate ami tluu*a of Representative*, and containa no,provi?iou lucon*i*tent with the bill on the eubject a* reported by :-?nator F. It him elf, and the parage of the bill t?foia the rlning of Confrea* la kn perativaly demanded l>y the exigence* of tbe eaaa. And whereaa, the only ohatacle to it* pajom^H i* underatood to ari?e from the wieh of Seuator Flak, that th* *ubject *h aid not be acted upon in hi* almence tinleaa the law include novel provielon* aatWtactory to him. and we umieratand that hi* aheence i* to aoutiuiie for tbe ra no. n<ler of the present *e**ion of ('uagien* ? Kraolved, That th* pa*!*** of tb? bill " To regulate ?he tarr *?e of paaeenifere by atrani'liip* and other re*. ?el* " aa prepared by the Treaaury Depart meut, anl unan moualy approved by the Comuutli-a* of C'imiierco of both lioua** ol Curare, a. i* imperitively dem*n<l*d to remedy reci>|niKe<l .'ifect* of the Uw, and to protect tho merchant* ami *lil|?'*n-ri of tbe conuuermal porta ol the whol>' country from uppre<*ive and vexatloo* ll*lyati>n and rninou* emuarraKainent in th* eaploy ut of their veaielr. 1 eao red, 1 hat wliatever raipeet we rimy entertain fjr Senator H*h and hia v vw? and wi*Iih* ou tlii* itu'ijec, *e cannot conaent that our iri.(.or'aut iatermta ahould l<e aacriljefi: in defeixnre to h * aotraee from tbe Me n*t< and thu* a naraiu e nf pronmnx neo?'*ity, which l.a* i-ecured the approval of the Trea ury :>e^ ?r'.inent i ltd tbe I unimiv.een of Cvugreaa, ami ia aatla'ac or> to the fommerctal inier> *t* ol the ':ouutry, aoouwl loai. he?nlveo, Ihat re^ar'lng tmth the -eaator* from thia Mate a* tli* guariliaue of il* urereat* 'n the Henate of 'l.elBltKlM?te* we cannot roo^ent thai either aball >e aonaidered a* th* *x<duaive repre?eatatiT* of Iti Rona i.ieice: ano i^at. a* senator l>>n will lie absent from w aehtOK'on duiinn the remain ? r of the *ea?ion oi i on aree* we rerpev'tfully aud earuen'ly ir<[ue?l that S^ua t?M Seward %il| in a<?nr''auc? wi'.h hi* wl*e an t ?alight en?d view* in re > pert to the roramorje of th* nation, a< vrcatethe tiaerat;* of the h II now he'ore the Senate Heaolved. Inat t>? repra^ent.i'ive* from tbe city of Ne? York lnUongre*< be fully r?>iu"?te<l t<j f ir 'h>r the paaaag* of the bill m>w hefwrr the Senate, that it may by no meao? fa I ta ben,m? a law at tbe proeern " oluu of O ngrraa. Keeolved That a copy of theae reiwlution* he pub I *heo In the paper* aad a copy b* tirwarded to SonatAr hrwar'*. and to each of the repro*outatlfea from tbia rity nfinyre**. Mr. Ou!>c? mnrnl that the re?olutioua be adopted. Mr. M??w II. flaurmu ??t ndad the reaolutlona I irriie, be Mid, to pay a f?w wurda lu behalf of tbe ram triitlea, of wbicb I waa a m?nib?f, who raeeatly nailed WaikiDyloD od the nkj?l now under oonalderation 1 he committee had piepnr- d a b'U with muoh dolilwr* lion and urr, and ?? arriving *t Waahmgtou, found that Mr. Flah waa not". auil, owing to i ilu-a?, would prob ? My Dot rctura luring Ibeprem nt aea-lon. Wa wera re (tlflil mo?t cordially l.y the Ke< rtLarjr of tbe I'raaaary kbd Apal-tant becretary ,^nd w* were eiirpraad to learn that a bill bad already bwii |>r* pared in the department in ace nance with our own via** We altered tbta bill aligbtl) ami proceeded with It to the lloueo, and preaantad It to tbf too in ttae of t?unm?rc?, and aa aniendaded by Id, the bill w?i adopted by the Committee of the Houaa Hjae t f the (unu'iict, after writing to Mr. Klan, ra luiMd to New York 'lh >ie who remained met Mr. Ham lt> n Flah aliortly ?f.<-r id tbe haiaat* and learat Uat their bill ha<l received the aanetioo of th? Fraaaury I ?] ar'u.' 111. and tbat there ?M do reason why it abould not para. Mr Fiali Uhea did not onject to tb? bill, though he tbougll ir?n impoaalble lor any bill to paaa at II ia la.e lariod of tie ?a?a.on We enpreaawl our belief lhat it would paaa and aaked abere aould tbe ?||oalti< n etma from I" H? ai><wiH thkt we would only ban- to lake our iharire altu tha multiplicity of hue-nna bafota the bntiaa Not one word of appoution to our In I 'ell fn iu tbe I pa of tbat gentleman to a Yet, ? lien the auliject wu brnngh t up in tbe fatal* Mr llao jam o, lh* theater iron Ionia ana, riaea and aaya ''I am in(u?-eted lo unr? tbe paaaageof tha bill prepared by Mr., and oppoea that prepared by the m-ruauta of N.-w York ,r Mr Inward regretted that hla onl li ague al.ould ba?e l?It tbe bill in other band*, and hare raid Dotlnog to hiui on tbe aubjoct ? N?w, the time I .a a raiae when the merchant* and abip own?ra >b<'Uld ??pre aa their viewa ol rieiator Kieh a con Uact ll be waa determined to oppoa* our bill and adro i a e hia own wby did be aot (ell u> a -A I pnoounoa tl. a behaviour tha eitrrma of dapli-lty in every an? ol Hie word The Secretary of the Treaaury baa aald that if Congra. a did aot paaa miw explanatory lav, ha woutd put la fcrea the ailatiDg taw aaooroiog to bia own c batmrtKiD which will ba to eeiae arary ahip that outnra l eta bbail wa tanaly permit one Hanalor to pravan t ti e panage of a bill which ia to ailord relief to ua all? hi ail we not denounce that "eoator, wbothua waot away W'.ihont i x preying hla opiniooa on the matter to hla aa aoclate- a Ken a tor Irom tbia fl'aw Mr KiaB'a bill la Id all rerpecta a prepoeterrua one Tbe ehjp nwnera and mrri hai ta here took it op, and tcareeiy a clauaa in it net with their aupport. Ibe r<anator frr m Ixiuiaiana. I aliould My, baa written to ma. aaying lliat he reyielted beiag obliged to uppoae our b /I. Mr llih aaja tbat there waa a mianadrritaodlai bat I aay there ?aa no miaunderetaa*i?f at all. Oar meaning waa dletlnctly undrratond, aad tie thoroughly a" juieeead Id our wiaLae. Wa r.,mplalo, than that lie abouid hat a thua u; wneil otir bill Id ordar to urga tba paaaage of hia own *by bad ba not tbe taanlioaea la etaad up and pay tbat be had a bill of bia own, ami tberWore could i.ol adtocate oqra- I bapa that the raeol iti'<ni aabrnit led Ui you will ba ??Mimoualy paaaed. (A|pl?u?- ) I Mr. TlUHM *14-1 riaa lor tba pur|?>?e of eadoraiag rrery word that Mr (irlnn-ll haa aaid. 1 waa a iwmiat I a' tii* rotrmitlaa that etaited Waahington, a id I re turned beiievlsg that our Mil wnold pa<* The chair nan of the liouaa (aimraittae on O minerre waa we I aa 'iafted with ita proTiaioaa ft a aa a propwr bill in arery leapect, and carefully prilartad the taterea'a of the lai u.if ranta. It waa a mnrh BI' re human* bill t'.ao that eh cb Wa are aow act lag under Tba law under wtieb wa have Uen a> tmg ainee JM7 baa >>aa? r?aalrueil aa in a eertaia bar la at Waabiagtoa The aarrbanta hare ? liejad tha law bat w are now balMing thrae dack?t ?bip*. aakti?wa to oar aoaitseroa, at tba tlm* thia aw-a. ?aa^ted aad oar worthy aarteyor of tba Port ittluli 'hat wa abail plara tha paaaewgera ia tbe '.ower hetw?>r> dacke, and that tba cargo a hall ba (tawed o ?. I nt'he* (Uoghtar.) Via a. a that a la* may b i - by wh'< h we can e? rrjr tba paaa -tig era wt?-r? tbar aabga* light 0W' air We are hai n<1 U. do a<i > "ii" t|.e a?a ?n the uttwr i Ida of tbe l'<aat-a aie e ? alriy I, f we bad no lae he?e toe l?o wm, I te (. u"'ated at Waaelag'oi ili-j >ai b*re K a wilit? a ia w, am wa moat obaarra it. *e ?ball* to a>.|.tant tba la? bat the aiaaa-r in ableH wa ba*r teas treated by a oarta a Kasauar, Mr riab>aMeta w th oar aatir* <^iaappr??Attna ilia bill >aa u?i??iht I ?Jlj oiKTlrel la a right apint bat aucb a law arill never be earned iatn ataeatiaia Tba ia* be haa origt aat? ' la totally IwaracUaaUa One fe*tura la hla biil ia , thai Ibe wwaer of Ibe ablp La raa^maible for tb? death <4 a pawwager Wkr, what waaVd yaw thlak of a law weuW* a ill thekeaparaaf tbe liter Boaaa reeanweihia . for tba death of a gaewt. aad for the rapport of U> fam ?l? It woald only eteite ya?r aatrth Mr. IwaMnw anaclaMd by aayiag that ba hoped tbat the >e.alt of thie aaortlag wo^id ba felt at Waao.a?r<"a aw) that oar aeaatcra aad woald eea tba ? eeeaally af yrotaeUac tba aea wba had ballt up tba "Werea of Ukia gnat alt/ Tha < u Alt* it pat lb? gaaaHaa aa tba raaolatlaaa, aad they ware aaaa wxdy I liplil Mr Moanm Ijtw?iiiii m* tba1 ba raaa ka a-do - ail tha* bad beea aald bw Mr Ortaaalt Ha waaia Wa-h lagtoa with U? ???it'ea aalO tka iMt day aad ne bad aa bnlWiiB I* aaytag IM to bellrrot Mat Mr Fi?h bad acted in a deceitful manner toward* Mr. (irin Mil and bu aaaociatee. ' !%? meeting than dioolved, Mr. J* h? OubriM, th* Surveyor of th* Port, m pr**ent ?t tha meeting, under whoae administration th" prmfat law ill Brat enforced, aa ha oonatrued it, an I wblefe haa baaa foilowwd up by tha Secretary of the Tret" but y, who conwlruea H Im Ita literal aenM. Meeting Mr. Cochrane on the ateps of the Meroliant*' hchange, we draw from blm, la the prmeae* of aavaral ship owner* and agent*, tbi> fallowing admission* ? We naked him how many veaaela had been overhauled on the found of liaring violated tbe law T Ue replied, te e beet of hi? racoHeclioa, about one ho&trwl. bat tber had nearly all, altar admoattion, b*M i?llowcl t" depart. " lii/w many have actually barn *m? ill"' "Twelve. nr the owner* of thia number have bma compelled to give bond* to tbe government 'or *B I II* bill tin imposed by tbe law " We then turned t.? a all I p own?r prraenh *nd aaked him ? ' How much doea it coat to bond a a abip when thuaaeued f" ' Alxxtt otw hundred and fifty duller*, Including counael faa*." Thus, the *eitura of the twelve sli>pa riwt their owner* SI, BOO. We again naked Mr Cochrane ? 1 How many *blp* have you at prt*?an< imder ?eliuraf" " We nave Ave under consideration " fctr. Cochrane admitted tha law to be oppreaalva to ahla owner", injuriou* to emigrant*, ami otbt-awiao delec tire, but contended that while it rallied it ought to be eaforeed It arrm* that the law wa? pa**aj a tcreal many yearn back, when pa:k*t *hlp* had but two deck ?, and a* they aomrtime* c*rjted emigrant* In a *ort of temporary bourn on the main or upper deafc, where they were llahle to be expoaod to the wwaiher or waabnd over hoarr, thia law an* enacted to compel *hl|>* to carry them on tbe lower deck Siace then, ablp* have been built with three deak*. Tim hrwe*t one 1* now generally appropriated to freight, while the two upper, larger, lighter, more roomy, and better ventilated deck*, are allotted to paaaenger* ; yet tils' old law demand* that they ahull (till be transported in what i* now conndered the Ireigbt hole of the ve**el, ar it ahall be liable to aeixure Ihe law. until within a yearorao, haa been considered a dead letter. Humanity i* againat ita an force nient, while it* literal execution will prove barba roua and oppreaaive The Knglioh emigrant pa**enger law* prohibit the transportation of passenger* on th* lowest deck. Thin aiakea Ibe cane still more ambarraea ing In 1 iverpool, they V'olate the law if thev take pa* aerger* on th<- lower deck while in the United Mute* they ate i>el??d If tiny are not placed there. It waa *ug felted that we needed reciprocity treatle* with otner I government* in order to hriiv about a<|uitahle, uniform | and huniane law* retarding the transportation of pa* si nner* Hut above all thing*, tJongre** abouU do *oina thing immediately to remedy 'he preaeut oppraaaire and . barbarou* law*. SoinrfhliiK Nfew I ndrr the Man? ?Young Unw lira Orientalized. The great mm of our citi/ena bare very vague Idea* aa to the anc'al haWta of the Turku. Varioua tnuriat* have endeavored to enlighten u?, and have gone into aueh flta of eeatacy relative to i>rlental luxtirle*. that they have had no time for the particular. Much e.u. rloaity baa been excited hy thew revelation*, and *pe ei?en* of Yonag America have often tlmea fallen violently in love with Turkiah Institution* So they have gone to Conatanttaople, allowed their beard* to grow, had their head* ahaved, put on Muaaultnan gar n-ent*, aad become very grave and aententioua. To theae ambltiou* pernona, and to many other* who like a luxury when it cau he obtained without aoy particular trouble, wa have an Important revelation to make. "There ia ao (iod hut God, and Mahomet ia hi* pro phet!" "Allah, Ri*inillah " A kahre (Turkiah coffee ahop) haa b?eo net up In New York. Conatantinople ha? been laade<j at the I lattery ? the narghile* ef I'erih ?mh. I'a?nr have been brought to our door* The infljel Yankee* may amoke the pipea of Omar i'acha for twelve and a half cent*! Young New York may Orientaliaa it ?eif for a ahllhng! May the "gentleman from Oindantlnopla," who lia* opened tbe Franklin loflee llouee at No h'ib Hroad way, reeetve in large number* the dim* * of the Infldela an<i the ?killing* of tha faithful ! May the bleaalng* of the l'ropbi t reat en hi* beard t May he live a tliouaand year*, anu may he at laat be rewarde<l with hourie* whoaa eye* are aa laatroua a* thn *tar* In tha Armament, abd w hoM' treoar* are Uka the black record* of the vil lain'* guilt. To rem down from Orlentaliim to plain KngCah, which i* quite a different affair, we deilie to call public atten tion to one of the m?*t remarkable feature* In New kork life, aa allowing the coarnopolilan character of tbi* city, which really aeem* mure like a great convention of d< legate* from all < brlnten lom and Heathendom than any thing clae. At No. (.iO Droadway, Mr (' J. Hcatyao, lately of Cont tantlnople, baa o(>ene>)'an ??? u b lial.ment In imitation of the aahre* of that city, one of tbe moat remarkable inatitutlona in Turkiah life Here we may procure a Turkiah pipe, with th<- ue*t quality o I tobacco a cup of coffee, *herbet or *alep, Iocothp (?*? paite,) atd other oriental luiurlee, nerved In *u<:h a atyle that one may imagine tilmeelf unl*r the aha >f ht. Hopiila, and expect to be awakened from tha dellcioaa languor produced by the fragrant berry or tha arotnal le weed, by the ihrtll voire ot tba Muextin eryin.;, " To prayera 1 to prayer* !" The houae ia fitted up in clue-' imitation of auullar aatabllabmenta In the l-evaot. There i* an elevated platform covered with cuahion*, on wbi'.h the vlaiter* at at tbemaeitea The pipe bearvr than pre *? nta them either tba cli'bouk with tbe long etera *ul ilelirloua amber mouth piece, or the narghile, tbe moke of which U cooled by paaaing through water. There are Ixoka. newapapera, domlnoea, cheaa, Ac., Ac. The coffea ia eertad in tha little porcelain eup* encl ieed m tba metallic atau la which every Kaatern traveler will re copula* aa obi friend*. Of a verity, after enjoying t>i**e luxurlea, we are tempted to believe the oriental aaytng, "A diah of colTea and a pipe of tobec:o are a cwnpiett entertaiLn eiit. ' A* Hyson any* ? And Mocha'a berry, from Arahta, pure. In amall fine cliin* cup* cnaiea in at laat , Gold cu pa of nlle?;ree Blade te eecure The band from burning undi ni-atb them placed. Ibia plea a* at place, although only recently opeoed, la* biciiiiia the rage. The club* la the ilelaltjr are frequently deaerted for It, aad It *eem * t? fill up a vacuum which baa l<ug teao wanting. Here you may amoke a pipe comfortably, and Uka Mr John Kaiatalf , take your eaae la your inn, without being obliged to abut youraelf up In anoyater box or be joetWi about in a her room. Aa a cuno.ity, the plac* I* well worth a vlait ? the proprietor la a very agreeable peraon. and tbe whole thing ie ao unique that It ranaot fail to attract much attention. Hekelam I To amokera, tbe Turkleh pipe I* a great luxury. The beat meerachaum of Caaaetei i* no'blog to It, aad aegara dw nole into laaigntfii an'*. It delight* refine*, *|ev*ie* an-l enchant* one ? it I* the eef*< iaTglft of the prophet to the faithful. What a pity it ia that the infldela ahoaid be pei milled to enjoy It ' Inlet eating from Ml. Helena. We have received frooa IJent. John J Olaeaon, II, fl N., tha ft. Helena Almanac aad Annaal Kegiater for tbe yanr 1WS ; a publication nearly a* large aa tha Ana ncan Almanac an-l full of carlea* In'ortnaUoa Aa flt. Helena I* el.ieiy inown to the w?rld a* having beea Ike prln n and the toab of tb? Iju^eror Napol*?>n. one woutd naturally eipe' t to la '. t 'ace* of him at every page in thl* w. rk. trance to aay, bawerer, tbe eaiy aiiuloa to tbe anb^ect ia ia toe following extraet from the 4 l/*al rt. . ?- eilan oua la 'or auktton, " which we give nee ? la; I. Arrival if .Napoleon ltu< naparte llth 'Mtober. IH* I v> aeh">l eetab l*l>a't uJ aaaaatown I'ipe* ?ld /own f"' c*-n vey I f I w*'er l?i l?OfW?4?< I'll 1 *4 ea?e o' >ap.. eon Hooaaperta tth May A little lower dawn we Had the feiioelag entry la the aWe ? IVJI rn'i William Henry rraderkk, a eraalaoa of I King f ll'llaad, .anderi at Helena fAe Jtr$i Primr >J k* y *4 if Kmfiptmrn <?Ae t*t riti'Ki tk< Itlai'l Talk of hi maa gr*atae?e after thle Napoleon a !ea'b aad tbe lav ag ' f ?at?r p t>ee placed oa a level, aixt tl a Pilar ? Wliiam lf?-"jr rre'?iek be la* ? he ?ret prlaewof the of ae< < i" i?n aatiee who ever ? a<ea tbe le'ao't ek?a > r!>aa ead m ! ? ?? w???ki not kaow of ta ealeteaee but for h at oho haMnwed It ia hte tnal* hi* pri>ee aa I h a death fly the a>aeoa taken M l*d* the popalattaa ef * (Wen* waa ? of ?iao*n tM were U beea lad Afr.nea* aaier the la?ai(at oa Att aad III antdlert A (ml Val ef *a?k fee aa IHtte bread There are, however only tw< gttoraeya aad one doeVor, which la eeafirtlw The Gov at aw*. Col. T. far* Browne, receive* U '40, or |v ?*> >a art tha Cecaaitef MM the Calaalol *"ii tary IW There la aa aaanal great of ft ?M *ar ?>!.?> W whoceolth IM papih bey* aad girt* are eda ca ud Korhapo the aaeat eaeaar^fag Mga la the re r?e* eiauotkce aaataiaod ia thlo uaaaac la tha fallow ag atateaeaat ? <ar the head 'VadMai leeahllaheeel ' . Chief J? Moo, hla Honor W Wild* abaoat | Kherif, L ml*ia. Kaq . oaalar (aa aalary). Happy |*nli, where the Jed** bae avtk ag to do, aad I the I her If w??ti tar aetuaf I THE SEW FIRE AlUnHILATOR. Trial or (he luam Hr? KiiKlnr-Kirl(?gMi( In Ihf Pirk-NUua ??? W? tir Bmw, lap cklrnta, At., dtr. An laaiou oonaouraa of peapla yerterd mf moroiaf ia the I'arb to wtlaxa the long tafci-d af trial of tha aaw itnn Rre englae Mtlaa Kmnwl. wkiah waa annoaacej to corae off at ten o'clock. Atdftioaai intareat waa to tba eiblbltioa by tha fait that the Ktrinpt Ira aogtna aompany bait atgatfled their In tention to eampeta with their engine {originally Vi'a doable decker) a gal net th? new candidate for popula favor. Iridic Morn that Mm* apacifled raat crowd* ?light b* aeen wending tbair way to tba eaana of tba propo?ed trial, aa>f by ton o'clock tb.-ra cont'd not bar a lae? la* a than ?*b tbouaaari par?o?a ia tha I'ark. Tba rampetmg eagmea la/ alonual la tba City f/alll, la flont of Mia offloa of tha Chief af 1'oiloa, aud war* aopplied witb water from tba public cia tarn at that plana. Tha pollca nrraitfetnanta wara eicellant, a larfa pons being in attendance, and tha baat of order waa maiatalnej'durlng tba day. Th* grouu4 waa r 1 * a red to Iba diatance of oaa brand red and fifty feet in awry direction from t.le competing enginea, tha crowd' being kept hack by chain*, aad everjr point guard*! bj tba polleaawa. Nona wara allowed wrtfttln the enrloanra but the aaeatbera of tba praaa, the prowlnent memkara of tba Kiro ttepartmcnt, an''.1 a faw Invited gueata. Al though tha trial waa announced to come off at taa o'clock, It waa after eleven before tha lira waa kindlad ia th* angina, and ball pa*t *laT*n before tha laarhlaaa wera fairly at work Much latareat waa manlfaatad t? knew how aaon tha aUam couM )>a generated after tha wood waa ignitad. It waa found that In al?ut alt ml nil tea aufllrleBt ataam bad accumulated to tbraw <{uita a atream of watar. Kvery thing being Id raadln***, tha word waa given, and both englnea commenced playing, to tl? great deligbt of tba crowd, who had become >|uita impatient at tha delay Tba Orat atraain thrown waa a aingle one, and at an angla of forty five degreea Tba volume of watar from tba aleam engine waa appareatly much gmaler than tha ona from the hand angina, thMigh tbla waa to aoma anient dua to tba triangular aliap* af tha noitle of tha former. Hy Una tlma tha ciowd wai baginuing to bo aicltad, and of eouraa thalr aym|athlaa were altogether on the ailaof tha New York engine, aad at *vary renewed effort of tba Exempt ?'*?? pany they ware graeted with warm eheart. For a Uaaa tba advanlagn ap|>eared to be on tba aide of tba etaaaa engine, but, by vigoroua playing on the part of tba Naw Yorker*, tbair atn-am ebot far ahead, and dtataacad their fortnidabla rival by at Wat thirty feat. Tbla par fetman. e elicited tha vehement cheering of tha erowd, who were r.y tbla time fairly batlda themaalraa with aa c'temtnt, and a ruah waa made, which, but for Ik* eflorta of the poliaa, would have reeultad ia tha craw4 getting lualda tba egrloaure. A cum'x r of amualnf incident* occurrai, which Mrnd 1" to kHP th. UMrabl.f* it, ? ?,?4 liitn.or. ()a? unfnrtunai* wl?bt. white rro..ln? tb. pathway ua? ilrurk by tha .train of >t>or from tb* hu,rl~i ?H?' *">?l toic tha ,rouiU. llii* mirth ?( lb* crowd, wbo ?aim# t th# *h?|dalteu r-utl.m.n. *. ha^ck* u ? I 11! w ;h<",u of d?rUlon .ol teufhtar White th* crowd ii, from ?f tha at j flail a??.*!!?'' \"*J *l .fh* I"' ?r ?n pnfMmlag *"f*rhr f- rw?r?! id<( crowding to jr*t % n??rw rlfw of tU exhibition, tb* p'p*? of tb* eocnMtinjr ?? war- .u.idrnly turn..) in that d.r.ctl.,r.?!f tba ?pray fall upon than, with >11 th* fore, of * thur*W f M D* of grmmt confuiilou *nau?l, th* crowd ?t t??'P?"? ??. Matter la a?*,y diraction. but tbo~ b*hla4 . f ' ' *?"'"? *'? ?n'' pr*?-i,tod thrm |f,om ?nipiu. w** but. *? *!1 l,*a<u war* bltnitad by th* falling (pray, iittl* temara wu dan* *0. tb. dl.turbanca ... ,)u^u.l ifil thla to th* intrraat and amuaamant .,f utW ,,?rUoaa ,o u k,?w' i'V?" rt*"?tel dlractlon thara ipmnd to to tut littte adT*??ag* to *ithrr ol th* ia ? ifli V? A*"*' } " ."ropta" will t,r? J out, White tha braanwood <ubI nuad to pter ? <unti?uaua "bioh rroTH ,u "opo r rlty In thte important particular o**r th* taod *"* "* Wh*n both atroasi* w*r* dlracted u>war4a I it bill J i r"p"',"? ??ro a I ki i j t a.,?al with a at (lit advantaga in faror of tba fciaaipt l^aM. ny Tha braadtnof IU .traaa. frorTth* (iJa wood, howtror, waaat laa*t doubi* that of it. romp oil flr"t tH*' !" iM,b 40 >i(htb pip*, with roua.I out,. w?? u??") hy tha S'.w Vork , ?mWni JS ? rtarwar'ta ao loch and a <|uartor plfo. without apaa . t? th? dtatanro of th* r>ilunia i4 i hjr tii?m. Tha .u.n, ana.n. th^ t^J with two *tr?ama with tba tnan?ulai pi^aa aad UUr | with four atraama with pipa* of a round lK,r? la r\*ry cm tb* 1 rial van ?at ?f?< Utr y .. ???? ,r,?' th* roof of tha 111* lUiJ Whaow 1 fMt.'rt l u" ?n?,na Wa? itrth n*!. inawi ['?t*''. thoujli at t/maa la fltful jarka th* baud ?aaiao "tup a *1r*o? a* bifh aa It* rouip^itor Tb. Hwurw o J i.tlra i,n th* tow*r, waa w*ll waabad tha a'raLma w of dlr*r,,y"? ??? owlt. Whaoar'ar tha UraaM waa throw* at riijhl aafUa airainat tb* towar it* Maw ?*? teornou* fnia laat paiformaoea ro?elu-U.| tU .. t*?ta.,,n .., and ,b* , road iooa afur q^tTS*Z5 ^7" B'* ?*!''**?, ??'1 tba r pvrfornaarra hat* alna (rrat aatl*far lion Ui tha paopla of that rltr. Tba laat "j '"j** ?? ?? 000 to ?? <tV) %er?t \ ''?? ?' ??'? ?? r apatite of w^infJl,, SlJ.'fll *? ,h*1 '? to aar It hao aboul tb* una capacity .* |i* ordm.rr ftr.i rtea, .* I ? "trikia* |i*culUr tla* of tha water j teT*l of Iba boil a, ,* li* *.|*n *l,o? (rad* of tho 1 atirrt whathar larai or otbarwlaa. Tbaa?a?bii>a Lrvad j r aur.^jr la i? faat loo(, |o u, h.iabl. lu la width *a4 ?**r four tona It baa " ill tbraa *haa|* tho - ! ?"*<>f*maat by .hi. b it r*a ba. tu road rim at In a narrow .tra^ Tbia la *o ian>irt .at - .alteration. f?, ,ha ,raat ?b, actio, to tlal ? rhloa* |* thair langtb maainf thai* hard to U T inaaal in a narrow atraat bum ?(lfc |t<< ***" ?f?at *r|ua.*nt la laror of t?M* >? *., i* tha -P.' it; tba, bar. of throw, u, a hj TT 7l!S,a US !i i ?*???. without <r?a**ti?a aad without ?llotto* ton (lurliiR tb* tla?a ftramaa atop U , I raalh* on ba tM ,*?t. th.* '"""?idaral.U baadwa/ AO thl* ?* obnatad With thaaa mai-bir^ wbo~ contJauol! ia* m* ? th* w.te, iaata . ?!!! ^ coafa.aart that tlar* i* ao littte projadu* Nro.t tM. angina in o? rir. I?part?^t Ot/7^-T rofard It ** an ianorataoo that ahould a rt ba telaret** l? ia xkjactod that It would ba utlorl? uaflt for aai 1 1 ? a ,jm ? caonat of it* clumaiaaa*, anl baaidoa ll?at. It woubl bo impoaalbte to turn It la a narr?.? atraat Hut tbaa It LY "Ul lo ????' bo* boa. paw poliad by oaa of thaoa Baa.hiaaa * diataoiw a/ aiaw a . io?*anai laot with asfRr|*nt forra to roach a blab ate 'alio. *ad thl* fact would ok rial* aar a*'*oatr lor H air *taa *atonn? a aarrow or uWlmatod atraot or iao*. An' tbar a'laantara ia thair lator ia thai fou>taa? m*u ara aaipiy ?uA'i*al to man tbaoa *n?iaaa, t) 'r*o? I di?par.*iac with * raat aaaouat of onaorMaarr teWir ? ?. * tul ' "p'oU,n *? paoaaa I yaaWrdor aa to 'ha aim, lata lariaai ,7 th a oaw ,ppHca,| ,a o/ atoa? lha '"remittor* apM<at?a| by ??t(, btaiflMO of tha ? . r.n??? lh. 8,,.f mc{^ Al'ra'1 Sri. AaTT kfl. Z"?h*r *"'? * If rod t Hakar fir* Marabal. Ifte a naaibar of otbar fantteowa ? i kteb',*^.^1*! H "P"? 1 thamaal?!. I 1 IV" ih* '***" 04 ?*k?telioa. T?a Kiiaa (,raaaw??d *Urtad f- r te^too r a* tar da* ? fta.noo. by -*, of lha N.w U.aa. J7. ? ' Tha tkpara luteal V mm. ?fr*?ioa c<orr? -uwun. rasa. Iraaant? H,te'J?*tiro Oakter aa 1 Ifoa Judaoa flaw f-aa,phaii, Itoawortb, llolfinaa aad Mkaaeoe. " TH? tmik r !??<-? 'or ia* i.uai. rwa covur I'mmwiti i* i,a*?ri?a ? ww tbi*i_ >*a I T. Pry a* /Maaarr /V |rkO, a;< rv ^a. rarft llrrmld TVa iudfwa war* aoaaiaaoa* thl* BMaruiaw la *w*rdia( to tha dafaadaat a aa. trtel la tfcte caao la ?hiah. II Will ha roooiteaM tha j.ry (*a* 1^. n|M "?d aary aardi'tof 110 '*?, 4a ma r. a Jo>%* N*aa<?tk rwwterod aa alaoarato o*l ai?a ahkah ? hall *| poor a Monday . llra*LB J*i*(a II *i .a ill* f*a* * orl'ioa <te'|Mo. ' ?rnp'?!l >n.*a' * fa a r.aaarka ^atin? thak '*<???* war* vaasiwaou* la lalarw that " - * - kot* of Ntrakoaah *hir?ld aot baa* haaa ajaittol ao u* 1^1 tar fraiwa t aplaln Hynd.ra _ . *?" To**, Pah IT. MM To Jt vi* Hr**fTT ?* #ih alba Until. Ha av/a*iaf I aatl.a . par* (1*1 b IB a), -b It M .latad that yumt rapor'ar >ia<t?4 Taa aarty liaii (aa I a<. p wa? / lor tha Barp ?. bf raport '?? ?ka piacaaolac* of tho <**atfttoa of Irr**^., u ,r* *Mk,D? ,k* ?a?aaa?y arr*a?a<MoU for a I 1 ***** anatiaj af tha 4a? xriay aa tlka Ttk of Hank nail IU ***ta* that ha waadarM from ,mm U - ,a .-oi'h at la ?*ia for tha o)>or*?Wo?u a t tha -1M 1Lu M aii?ht ba lafarrad Imm tho raport tbat tha - wm,, had parpaaaiy V^c-1 y?|, hwt a* I aoa aa* ?" a# W ***?+?. pohUaatiy a* tihar.lij aJte. ?a to '.for* yaa that Ikm w*a a? - T1, w * ?lttM teat a.fbt lm ttii. I ii, u w tk# aei. -a otWil ** *c| *. mwmU L. ? - if i*?IOIty *# kaow. ,aatoMay ??? U?*d * ad af 4,?a aak wboro I la ? I aaawa* ?ro.pJTTL J? ' " ** ^ >oo4r L ?T 1,^.7, *-^7Tl irrtlL ,^T*r*r M tr^*4 it wtll aat . ?tek I *ay that la la* aar taai- ^ ? ? -feswar

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