Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1855 Page 5
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Caution to Western Merchants.? In Order to protect myself against fraud, and the public agaiaat dangerous imoositions, I dfem it neces.ary to state that imitations of my Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps arc abroad, and to warn all who purchase the article against these deleterious and dangerous preparation*. Let the merchants, therefore, and the public be on their guard against deception. Let it be borne in mind that the Dame of " schnapps ' ' belongs exclusively to my article ; that it if mauafactured and imported by me only ; and that any other preparation sold unler that name is an imposition upon too purchaser. I am impelled to stat? theae facta from a knowledge that an attempt baa been made by certain grocers and liqnor merchants, claiming to be respectable, to Hood the market with imitation aebnappa, to the injury of ray in tercut? and reputation, without regard to tbo serious re sults wbich may ? and indeed must? follow the introduc tion of their impure and noxious counterfeits. Be it, therefore, clearly understood, that all gin pur porting to be " schnapps," that are not put up in quart or pint bottles, bearing the words, " Udolpho Wolfe/' in raited letters on the "ide, and verified by a label with my autograph signature, as well as by a *e?l on the cork im pressed with my name in wax, are fraudulent imitation.*. The "1-chiedam Aromatic Schnapps" thus authenti cated, is endorsed, over their own signatures by a thou ,and leading physicians, and adopted in their practice by nearlv the whole medical faculty ; but as all gin is fla vored with juniper, It is quite possible that m:iny who are not accustomed to discriminate the qualities of gin l>y the taste, may fail to distinguish by t.bat tea between my pure preparation and the fiery, adulterated stuff sold as " schnapps " by unscrupulous imitators. Therefore, look to the impression on the bottle and the cork, and see that my autograph signature ? to counterfeit which is a felony ? is on the label. UDOLI'HO WOLFE, Sole importer and manufacturer, 18, 20, and 22 Beaver street. Green's Celebrated Famishing Store.? At. tention is invited to the superior articles in the gentle men's furnishing department, at OKEEN'S shirt es tablishment, Mo. 1 Astor House. The stock includes every variety of under shirts, drawers, dejoinville ties, scarfs, handkerchiefs, gloves, half hose, suspenders, travelling shawls, umbrellas, dressing cases, opera glasses, gold shirt studs, and sleeve buttons mounted and otherwise, &c., all of late importation. The prices are moderate and the assortment unequalled. Osi Fitting and Fixtures?Estimates at low rates promptly furnished for fitting stores, dwellings, factories and public buildings with gas fixtures of the latest stj les and designs, or made to order. Material und mechanism of all work warranted. Gas fixtures repair ed and renewed, and jobbing punctually attended to. JOSEPH H. MARTIN, late with V. Carter, . No. 0 Canal street, near corner Centra. Tnttle's Toy Emporium ? Many people are prevented from entering a store on Broadway, being un der the impression that they must necessarily pay more for their goods than in the by streets. 8uch is not the care, al least at TUTTI.E'8. As a sample, the rubber crying' babies he sells at tl, $1 26, tl 55 and <2; other rubber toys at proportlonably low rates. Wax dolls, from If X cents to $3, comprising some sixteen sizes. We mention these articles more particularly from their being easily recognized. Remember, No. 346 Broadway. Oil Cognac? The Best Imported, and the universally approved, essences Otard, peach and cider brandies; essence gin, whiskey, Jamaica and St Croix ram; oils of juniper, bitter almonds, absynth, anisettes, caraway and pimento; photographic and daguerreotype chemicals ; cyanlt'e potassium, pyrogalllc acid, fi c., for ?ale by I)K. L. FEUCHTWANGER, 141 Maiden lane. Hydro- Motor pathy.? Dr. Halatek has the largest private inatitution, the healthiest and finest location, and one which commands th? most beautiful scenery in the States. Jenny l.ind. after four months residence at Round Hill, pronounced it "the paradise of America." Dr. H. most positively asserts, from past experience, that he can cure by his new method the worst caies of prolapsus uteri, and kindred diseases, with perfect ease, without supports or any of the usual treatment. Motcrpathy is the only quick, efficient and reliable remedy. 8o confident is he of success in every case, after curing some thousands of cases without a failure, tbat be is willing to enter into an agreement to board, lodge and treat the patient without charge, if be fails to perform according to agreement. The most rel able references will be given by himself or lady to those interested, who may call between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M , on or before Saturday, 24th inst., at their rooms, St. Nicholas Hotel. This treatment equally sure in spina) and neuralgic diseases. His work on mo torpathy can be had of him for 26 cents. Northampton, Mass. Hyatt's Life Balsam.? Rhcnmntlsm In It* ?Mt painful lorms, alio scrofula. old ulcers, and the vorit cares of disease of the blood, great debility, liver eomplaint, kidney*, incipient consumption, he., are moat certainly cured by thin great purifier, l'rincipal depot 2M Grand itreet. 75 cents per bottle. Hollo way 'a Ointment anil Pllla. ? "harlrn Pierpont. storekeeper, ot Troy, was for nine month* deaf and blind, from a severe attack of erysipelas, but was cured in two weeki by Uexe valuable remedies, wbloh are infallible in any cn?e of akin disease Hold at the manufactories, No. 80 Maiden lane, New York, and '244 Strand, Ixradon, and by all druggists, at 25 centa, 6'2>? centa, and tl per pot or box Rushton's Cod Liver OU, for Consumption, couj ba, colds, scrofulous diseases, he. ? The late Arm of Ruabton, Clark k Co. having been disaolve<), I am now the aole proprietor of Ruahton'a Cod I ver 011. 1 o be ia eured genuine, it must have my signature over the cork of each bottle. FREDERICK V. RU3HTON. (son of the late William L. Ruahton, originator and senior partner of the late firm of Rushton, Clark ft (>>,, ) N?. 10 Aator House, corner of Barclay atreet, and 417 Broadway, cor ner of Canal atreet. Who will lufTrr, when Dr. Tobias' cele brated Venetian Liniment will immediately care cholera, cbolic, dysentery, vomiting, rheumatism, swellings cats, burns, kc.f Depot AO Cortlandt atreet. Sold by alt druggists and storekeepers. Counterfeiting? The Oennlne Wahpenr haa H. T. Lovet'a own signature written with a pen. and pasted on the outside wrapper. All tho<e afflicted with gray bair or baldness, call at No. 7d'2 llroadway , his wabpene never fails in either case. Long Live Old ?raham-Hls Ongnent will focce wiskers and mou?tachss to grow strong and thick in si* weeks $1 a bottle. Pent to any part of the country. K. G.GKAIIAM, 48b Broad ray. Zeiber, 44 jouth Third street, 44H3 Philadelphia. ?arrlea, On Wednesday, January 14, by the Rev. W. Smith, Mr. John J. Tiioxreox to Miss Lolwa Vascott, all or this city k,0n Saturday, February .1, in the City Halt, Brooklyn, y bis Honor E. D. Culver, City Judge, Charus* A. Ungkr to Miss TnitoDoLixDis Orntnc Stoll. On Monilsy. February 19, by the Rev. M. Jamison, Mr. Bruaxix 0. Dkvok, of San Francisco, California, to Miss Lot ik* Scott, of this city. In Brooklyn, on Sunday, February 18, by the Rev. R. J. Walker, Colonel Jokhph J. Dillox to Mart J a**, only daughter of Captain Joseph Hamilton, both of Brooklyn. On Saturday, Febmary 17. by the Kev. Joiin Thomson, D. D., Roukkt T ait, Esq., of Klioaliethtown, N. C. , to Hiss EixuRmi Bcrton Vkkt, both from Haddington, Kist Lothian, Scotland. Kdinburg papers please copy. On Monday, February 10, by the Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, D. P., Dr. ICMATtrx Jfromk O'Brikm to Sarah, daughter ol Matcus Colburn, Esq., all of this city. By Rev. James Millet, at his residence, No. 30s lira rid atreet, on Tuesday evening, January 9, Mr. Thosiah II. Bnixwiu. to Mis* Marion Francm, only daughter of O. K Wing, Esi|., all of Brooklyn. On .Vonday, February IP, at Jamaica, by the Kev. An ony Family, Mini am. Coxway, of New tork, to [.Tin A A. O'I omhkh., daughter of Jubn O'Donnell, Esq., Ja maica, Long Inland. I On Monday, February 19, .by the Rev. Thos. Onllaudett, a{ Irinity church, Brooiiwsy, Mr. Uoriiam P. Taylor to Mr*. Mary C. I.vuraham, all of this city. In Tallahassee, Fla., on Sunday, January 38, by the Right Kev. Itisliop Rutledge, ljeutenaut I.arovkr (?ih mi.x, IT. S. N., of N. C., to Alick Rcrrcoa, daughter of the late John.S. Shcppard, Esq. ?Mb On .Saturday evening, February 17, of consumption, Dr. R 8 N. A.tnicRrtON. His relative*, friends, and members of Crystal I.olfe of 1. O. of 0. F , are reapectlully Invited to attend his fune ral, thi" morning, at elr-ven o', fro in hla late resi dence, No. '21 IJspenaH a',r?et. Ob Saturday night, February 17, after a short illness, Amir TarBMO*, aged 1 year. 4 in<-nUn sa l "24 days, twin daughter of Fdson D. and Ixrulsa W Hammond On Sunday, February 18, after a ?bort but severe illness, in thr 3bth year of her age, Jane, wife of William B?ech?r, The friends of the family, acl those of his brother, Nelson Roecher snd those of her brothers, John, Ro"?rt and lh< ma* P*nt*>, are invite I to attend her funeral, firm the lUptis*. church in Siitcn'li street. near Eighth avenue, this afternoon, at o je o'dtti. H-r remnns will be talo-n to Greenwood for inleraarn*. Hi m Haven and Waterhury t apers plea-e copy. On ,-unday morning, February 18, Mis. Parak A. Howie, wi'e of Joeep'a C Ho?e, age.i to H> r relatives and friends, also U.e or l?r of I. O of R. Washington tmt Ho. 1. an I th- Order geoerellv, are most re'pe< tfullv 'nvi'el to att?ndhjr funeral, fron her lata residence No 193 Sixth svenoe, to morrow after ? norn, et one o'clock, without further not ce. 'in vucday. February 18, Joan-g Khkrot, Ssn., In the TMh yearof bis ige. The friend* and relatives of the family, and the Vete rans of 1 "lit, are respectfully invited to uttend his (unc ial. this mormnr, at I" ?'clo-k, fr i<a hi* l\'e res We nee, No list First street. Hia remnius will be taken to Mateo l?lmd for Interment. On Surday, February I", alt<-r a short lllnes>, Faroe sir A., Infsnt child of Richard D. and Sarah A lirncker boff. sg?-d 1 year, f> motths and it Uavs. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to a?tend Irs funeral, this afternoon, at tv > o'clock, from No. <*4 Weat Thirteenth street, withtnt mrtlx r invitation. His remains will he taken to repress Hill* for Interment. (in hnndQv, February 1?, of scarlet fev?r, HttHAI, infant daughter of A. M. and Hannah A. Cnace, aged 3 years snd 4 montns. Fnn?ral st four o'clo -k tbla ?ft< rooon Oi Mencsy, February 19, Juift V. Haiunr, a|sd 50 yeers. The fr eo Is and relative, of i he fasiily, anl tho?? of bis fa'her in law, UeMM Act'rman. are invt.-l to attend U?e fuueral. fror. Ins late residence, So. lid -'ate rtre<t, Hrr.jUvn I.. I., tomorrow afternoon, at three O'- lock, witbeot further notice On M- ndar morning, I -bruary 19, after a severe ill ners, CiiAUao Vims, aged AO ;sari. 1 he frteuds and r>UUves ot the f? rally are respectfully invited to attend the 'noeral this I l ies .ay) afl<rooon, at one o'eloek, from the resnleo e of hi* -on m law. C. J. Maooe, No. Ik4 franklin street, without f artier Invi tation. Pis re Mins will be taken to C/press Hills for inteneent Readout and fougbkeepeie papers please copy Ob Sunday morning, .February lg, Mm Euu, relict of Frederick Hederick, and eldsstT daughter of the late Jobn Kohler, in the 40th year of ber age. The relative* and fnend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thi* afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 29 St. Mark'* place. Mother too ha* gone to reit ? We ar? left alone to mourn; Now our ties on ea'tb are sever'd, For Pa and'Ma baie gone to heaven. At Hudson, Nt>w York, on Saturday morning, Februa ry 17, of dropsy of tbe brain, Edith M iwkih, infant daoghter of William C. and Cornelia II. 1). lUcharJi, of thi* city, aged 13 months. In Brooklyn, on Monday, February 19. Mary I,., youngest child of James K. and Sarah II. McGee, aged 2 years and 4 months. Tbe friends and acquaintances ot the family are invit ed to attend the funeral, from their residence, No. 154 High street, at two o'clock this afternoon, without fur ther Invitation. On Monday, February 10, Isabella K atr, daughter of Antboiiy T. and Anna Gallagher, agel 1 year, *.? months and 4 days. Her funeral will take place this (Tu?sday) afternoon, st two o'clock, from the residence of tier parent*, No. 01 Madison street. The friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend. In Burlington, Iowa, on Saturday December 23, in th? ?' 2d pear ol his sge, Jamkb, fourth son of John Kelly, deceased, of New York city. New I/>ndon, Conn., and Charleston, H. C., paper* please copy. At Springfield, New Jersey, Maria H , relict of the late Adrlel 1'ease, formerly of this otiy. ^On Monday, February 10, LOW R. Swasby, only child of Truewortby R. and Sarah R. Swasey, aged 13 months. Eastern papers please copy. G On Monday. February 10, Mr*. Ann Kearney, in the Mh year of her age. The friend* and acquaintances of the family are invit ed to attend the funeral, at half-past one o'clock this afternoon, from her late residence, No. 147 First avenue. Utlca papers please copy. On Sunday, February 1#, Willie Abbott, only sin of I?aac B. and Eunice K. Wellington, aged 11 months. Tbe relative* and frienda are respectfully invited to after d the funeral, from the residence of his fater, No. 104 Carroll street. Brooklyn, this afternoon, at three o'clock, without further Invitation. At Hargbae, China, on Saturday, October 14, of dyvec tery, Htki ukn C. Fii.i.nwo, von of Stephen and Catherine Fielding, aged IB years, 10 months an I 14 days. Louisville, Ky., papers please copy. Ob Monday, February 19, Charlotte I?, daughter of Jobn 8. and Klenor Msgnes. Tbe friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, Her remain* will be taken to Greenwood. At bi* residence, corner of Twenty ninth street and Tenth avenue, Joseph I)ka v, aged 60 yeir* and 10 months. Tbe relative* and friends are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, from tho Friends' mectiag bouse, Downing street, near Bleecker, at half-past ten o'clock to morrow morning. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. SEW PUBLICATIONS. TUST PUBLISHED. ? A NEW WORK BY THE AUTHOR (J of "Gu* Howard." THE V1R8IM QUEEN": OR, Tilt ROMANCE OP ROY A I.TY . Fy the author of "Gu* Howard," "Woman and her Master," "Amy Lawrence," etc. PRICE FIFTY CE.NTH, Tins charming work, by the author of "Amy Law rence" and "Minnie Grey," it a graphic daguerreotype of the leading event* in the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth, and which can be read with e<jual pleasure and profit. The story is one of deep and finely sustained Interest. It take* the reader back to the "merrie day*" when the "uierrie wives'' ami "merrie men" of England rendered existence in and around tbe great city of Lon don a pleasing and perpetual romance. The work is complete in one volume. Alao, new and beautiful edition* of the following work* by the author of "The Virgin Queen:"? Wcm:in and her Master. Price .'>0 cent*. Fred Vernon; or, The Victim of Avarice. 75 centi. Fred Ard?n, or, The Jeiuit'a lteveune. 50 cent*. Minnie Grey; or. Who is tbe Heir)1 f?u centi. Gu* Howard: or, How to Win a Wife. &0 cent*. Harry Aibton; or, Tbe Will an J the Way. 50 cents. Ellen Devere; or, The Woy of the Will. 25 cent*. Amy I-awrence; or, Tho Freemason's Daughter 50cts. Rochester: or, The Merry Days of England. 60 cents. Stanlleld Hall. A romantic historical novel By tbe author of "Amy I.awrence; or. Ibe Freemason'* Daugh ter, " "Minnie Grey," etc. 2 vols. This book contain* 4: 'J closely printed large octavo pages, and is illustrated with 16 fine engravings on tinted paper. Paper, $1. Romantic Incident* in the I jves of the Que?ns of Eng land. By J. F. 8mith, author of "Stanlleld Hal," "Amy Ijiwrence," "Minnie Grey," "Gus Howard," etc. l'Jmo. Beautiful illustration*. Extra cloth, gilt, $1. A uniform library edition of tbe above bsoa* is now ready, bound in cloth. 5 vol*. GARKKIT It CO., Publishers, 18 Ann *trcet. Also, for *ale by all bookseller*. I 1T1 AMONG THK FACTORY G1RIS.? THE 8TAR J - ! . nj- l ".i lUuner is now publishing a powerful romance, entitled " The Belle of Nashua; or, i xiva tti own Avenger," and " Nott-s from the Diary of a Bottom Policeman." Prise 4s. For sale overywhera. DEXTER h BROTHER, wholesale ipnti, 14 and 10 Ann street. The most successful american book? ruth HALL ; a domestic tale of the present time. By Fanny Fern. 400 pp., 12ao. Clotb. Price, tl 26, It haa been reserved to this distinguished authored to achieve what may, under the circumstances, l>e regarded aa the most brilliant success ever obtained by an Ame rican writer of Action. Ruth Hall, h>-r first c intlououi story, though deriving no intereat or popularity from connect i< n witb any of those vexed questions which agitata the public mind, bas, in the two months sine* its first apperanoe, reached a greatly larger sale thsn any other American work of Action whatever within the same period. This extraordinary fact la, of itaelf, abun dant evidence of the absorbing interest and graphic power of this remarkable work. We hwe In our pos session s?tf ral honored reviews of Kuth Hall, which have alrfady appeared in the principal newspapers and periodicals. Nearly all of these pronounce it emphati cally a work of genius, many predicting for It tbe.Urg est xale of any American book, and deviling whole columns to its eulogism, while we have tet seen but a vary few (not twelve in all) which deny its singular fas cination. Ruth Hall iM for sale by booksellers generally. Published by MASON BRIMMER?*, No. 23 Park row, New York. THE TRAOKI, dtC. TO JEWELERS.? A BOY, ABOUT EIGHTEEN YEARS of age, wishes a situation in a jeweler's establish ment. Has worked at the business two years. Address C. G. 8., Herald ofBce. TO PRINTERS ?WANTED, BY A BOY FIFTEEN YEARH of age, employment ; he ran work a little at case, and prefers a home to salary. Would give indenture* till of age, and no objections to live with hia employer or other wise. Address Typo, Herald office ; would go to any bu siness. TO PRINTERS.? WANTED, A FIRST RATE WASHING ton printing press, No. 1, in good order. To persons having one to dispose or, they can find a customer by addressing C. B. A., Herald office, atating price, ke. I\0 DRESSMAKERS. ? THE HIGHEST PRICE R iLL be given by the advertiser, to a person who has been engaged as forewoman in a Arst data establish ment in tliis city. No half way person need apply. Address Madam, tnlon square Post office, fur two days. TIN AND COPPER SMITH WANTED-ONE WHO CAN command twelve to fifteen hundred dollars rash capital, and would take au interest in ? well established and profitable stove, tin and hardware business, id the interior of thia State. Address box 479 Post office. mm^rmmsrsmsum^sij single VV man, who has been brought up to the businsss in all its branches, hss no objection to go to any part of the country. Addrers G. 8 , at Alexander Smith's, hecdsman, 64 White street. THK HALL ?? AttON. THE THIRD ANNUAL BALI. OF THE YOUNG Men 's Democratic Union CI ib in commemoration of ttsshlngton s Birthday, will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 21, at the Chinese Assembly Buildings. ~~~~~~ POLITIC AJU "T^OING Ml.N'H MMOORAT1C UNION CLUB. ?A J special in"- tin* will be held thia (Tuesday) ere ning, ai i % ?'ekek, at the Chinese Building, M'-> Broad way. M> nit ers tickets fur the annuil bsll In 'onmenr? tion of Haskington's Birthday, will b* ready for da livery. JOHN COCHRAN*;, President. OiRxmrs Carmw, Secretary. THE MILITARY. - NATIONAL GUARD TNI 1 OEM flNCI.fJDlVQ f\ overcoat) for sal*. Prise 116. In |Uir? at 113 Martin n stieet. fl'HE VKTUUN COrtPtt '? f liir. WAR O* UUTWUX 1 a?M mi-le at the Star, in full nntrorn. on Thursday, te.e ?M.'d inst., at 10 A..M.?to eel'bra'e the auaivar'ar / of Washington a hirtb rtav. By order, A. W. JUNE-, Lientrnant CoLnsI Com'naa ling. T~ he roRi^cumir.i) wrnr~THE ijTai. iiadoh of nouromg. will attend the funeral of car e?r>tiier soldier. Joseph Shsro', from lofl First street, on lues cay, the Jioih inst., at 10 A. M. ~ DRY WOOD*. ?C. A | T. !-T?.WART At OO^ WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, lebriiary IV, an elegant assortment of spring aid er dress g*ds. imported expressly for 'heir retsil sale* Bvadway, ? I. ambers and Jteade streets. UHKY GOODS- THE 810 JK OT A MM A LI. I <H Y goods swire tor sale, in c-oaaequenie of the pro ptletrr tfoing (? Euro|?. Early application require!. Also, twofeath?r beds, of the best picked geese fe?t ier?. with In en ticking, quite ?ew, trough t fr-jtn IreWot; store fixtHres. house lurnltare, Ac. Apply at No. SM 1 iestker i treet . tPUUTTALin. 8PI1I IT UAL RiPRlNfl AND WRITING-MR*. ODAll will receive vis '.er- tbi> <nl every day thia wssi, at 7-0 Broadway, Hope t.iiapel buildint Hours 10 to I] A M , S to ft end 7 1 1 9 V Vf r ue day, Wednesday ant Saturday evenings excepted. Admiseioa Ml cents. N. R. ?I'nvata circles by request pofrorwci; hotkei. POST OFFICE NOTITK ?THE MAIL* rt>R CAXJTOR tia, Ac , per I' 8 .lean er ILL'NOli*. will clona at thiaeffire, on rneeda*, Ue 3Dth day of February, at ?m e ?J?ck t. M. Maac V. FOWLKR. lortaarte*. IALEI AT ADOnOS, Auction notice.? larae balk of imported paintings. KDWARD WHENCE will *?U at auc tion, ?a Wednesday, February 21. at the salesroom, No. 10 Wall street, at 11 o'clock, four cases of elegant Im ported paintings, just arrived, and never before ex hibited; also, others which hare been on exhibition a short time, including landscapes, interior*, pastorals, ?e a piece*, he., by tone or the bast artlita in Europe. Now on view. Sale positive. Terras ca?h. Auction notice ?large sai.k or eleganit imported Jewelry. EDWARD SCHENCK will Ml at auction, on Tuesday, February 20, at the salesroom, No. lrt Wail street, at 11 o'clock, a magnificent assort ment of 1'arii made jewelry, cous'stini? of elegant suite of pin aud earrings, gold bracelets, brollies, earring*, chatelaines, Ac. ; lockets, pencil cases, vest, guard aud fob chain*. The watch*! include double timekeepers, independent seconds, leploe, dup.e? patent levers, de tached* do. , llfteeen day, .Vc. ? by Hreting, Prep s. Jur genson, Tobias, Johnson, Coopsr, French, Koskell, anl others. Sale positive. Terms cash. Albert h. nioolat, auctioneer.? spring fur niture auction sales. ? Tho undersigned liegi leave iform his friend* and the public, that he is prepared as usual to give his persosal attention to lirat class fur niture sales at auction, at the resiliences of families that intend breaking up housekeeping this spring. ALBERT II. NitOLAY, Auctioneer, No. 1 Broad st. a UCTION NOTICE. ? BANKRUPT ? ALE? HANDSOME /% household furniture.? J. I. SMI I'll, auctioneer. This (Tuesday) morniug, at 10 ), o'clock in the forenoon, the contents of the large four story house, ia Franklin street, a >esr doors west of Broadway, such as rosewood and mahogany parlor furniture, excellent ta pestry carpets, lar*,? oval anil pier glass-1*, with heavy French plate; oil t*intfug*, by MuRer, Rejig, Eckhart and other eminent artist*; rosewood centre .iud side t?- \ bles, sofas, rocker, easy chairs, brocatelle and lace cur tains, elegant parlor shades, mantel clocks, extension, tea and uir ing tables, rosewood bedsteads, bureaus*, washstund*. two beautiful painted suits belraom furni ture, bair matrei-aes, feather beds, bedding, together with all the crockery, costly China vases, China dinner and tea sets, rich tllver plated casters, tea servioe. sal vers, cake liaakets, spoons, forks, ivory cutlery, glass ware, bedroom carpet*, caneseat chairs, oil cloths, kitchen utensils, Ac. The house to let; possestion immediately. Sale positive; no postponement. A UCTION NOTICE ? J. HOGAKT, AUCTION EER? BY A- 8. Bogart, this day, at 10" o'clock, at ttie i al*h rooms, coiner of Frankfort at, filliam streei.1, one block frcm City ilall, assignee's ale of the entire stock of a fancy and dry goods store, writing case*, al bums,' manuscript books, dominoes, bronze ink'tands, fifty five ladles' hats; ladles', men's and children's hoso and half hose; woollen an l crape shawls; kid gloves, lace gimps, insertings, gold pens, hair brushes, ' ty paints; fifty dozen white and colored shirts; drawers, vesting*, patent inkstands, velvet vests, and a variety of other goods. Pale p?r?raptory; deposit required. Thursday, at 10,^ o'clock, large salo of household fur niture, at the auction rooms. Auction notice.? tiios. bell, auctioneer.? by IVIl & Bush, at 11 o'clock, this day, in the salesrooms 27 Centre street, will be sold, the valuable furniture of a family giving up houseaesping. Alio, the handsome arrangements of a llrst class rostaurant, Irjm Broadway, compiling splendid paintings, tables, aod all the usual fitting* of a first rate concern; liquors, wines, segars, looting glasse*, glass ware, Ac The sale of dty goods, clothing, lancy articles, and pledged goods, unavoidably postponed till Wednesday. Auction notice? crockery, glass AND CHINA. J. 8. II. BARTLKIT, Auctioneer, will sell on W#d nesday, February 21, nt 10 o'clock, at 2b 1 Pearl street, white granite crockery, blue edged, Hocainghara and giptey w?re, cut and pressed glassware, pored aloe, fancy goods, Ac., in lots to suit purchaser*. Sale pe remptory; catalogue* now ready. A UCriOV NOTICE.? 8AMUEL OSGOOD, AUCTION J\. eer, will sell at his sales room, (16 Nassau street, on Wednesday, at 10 o'clock, a lar^e and choice col lection of household furniture, consisting of several rosewood, oak and mahogany bookcases, marble top and plain bureaus, wardrobes, extent 'on tables, cottage chamber suits, solas, chiirs, lounges, nil pointing*, en gravings, mirrors, Ac. ; also, on* superior rosewooj pl snoforto. Sale without reserve. A I CTION NOTICE.? SAMUEL OSGOOD, AUCTION eer. storo Bii Nassau street,, will sell, on Thursday, 2id Feb., at 10>? o'clojk, on the premises, by order of the 8' reet Commissi! ner, the whole of the Irane anl brick buildings on the junction of Third and Fourth ave nues. bet ween Sixth and Seventh streets. Term* rash; tbe buildings to be remove! previous to the fifth of March, 18J>6. A SSHiNEE'S SAIJ -THE STOCK OF I. ACES, EM f\ broideries, and white goods remaining in the s'ore 7.')9 Broadway, will be sold at auction, to clo?t the busi ness, on Friday, Kebbruary 2d, at 1U o'clock, by order of tbe Assignee. Wll. A FOSTER, 739 Hroa lway. ASSIGNEES' HALE OF FL'RNITUAE ? TO MORROW, (Wednesday,) at 10>$ o'clock, tbe balance of atock contained in the warerooms of A. C. Humbert, (late Humbert A Kenny,) 172 and 174 Fulton street, Brook lyn, including one sup-rb suit of parlor furniture, In rosewood, of thirteen pieces, upholstered in rich figured velvet; some excellent rosewood anil ma'mgany parlor furniture, in bair cloth; dining room suit*, in plush, enamelled chamber furniture, kr. , Ac. Catali gues at tie sale. LOKIN INliEKSOIX, ( ... JUKI. W MA>O.N, j Assignee*. a UtTION NOriC"-? M. DOIGHTY, AUCTIONEER.? fl L Lai^e ?>'" Of hotilehuld furniture, thin day, at o'clock, at B4 Hittb atenue, comprlaiuK no fa, a ?fa bfdatenita, book cane*, mahogany chair* an 1 roitri, centre tallica, bureau* waahatanda, reaewuod and ra t botany French awl cottage bedate.ida, boat curled balr mattrt'Mira, French plate *nl oval mirror*, o.l painting* Ac., together with a good lot of *e<-nnil han I furniture ihr.? pi y and ingiain carpet*, oil clo.h*, oooking atovn Ac., worthy attention. Hale without regard to weather' BY r. A. WATKRBl RY, AfCriONKK K.?WK WILL sell on tbia day, February !?0, by order of the irn porter*, at our atore, Jh Mrotd atreet, a *pl*njid invoice of rich jewelry, net with dlaunindi*, ruble*, an I other preciou* atone*, in variety. The jewelry include* *1 moat every article belonging to the trade, al* i, very line and coatly gold watchea, in hunting and ainglecu**; valuable watchea for correct time; alio, aterling xilver ware, for table nae. Full partlculara by catalogue, thin miming. lb* Bale commence* at 10)< o'clock. (lONKTAIILE'S SALE.? A. M. C&IVTAL1R, AUC J tloneer, will aell at 24 AUrn street, by virtue of an execution, hotraehohl lurti'.ure, contained in aal houae, with barroom fixture', Ac., on Friday, 23d Inat , at 10 o'clock. By order of JAMEn NKSUITT, Constable. Ct ROCK FRY, CLASH AND CIIiNA.? J K. VAN ANT ) WHIP A SON will a?U, on Tueaday, Feb. 20, at 10 o'clock, at 215 I'earl atreet, Irom the alielve*, 10<> eratea i b? ?t white granite light slue C. C. dipt and edged ware. 2 i rate* Rockingham apittooni, 60 caaka glaaa ware, 1 j rank china, 44 pieeea, Beta rich cbioa v??ea . tea and cof j fee moth cup* and aaucer*. caatcra. tea tray* and | waiter*, knivea and lorke, kr., aiao '0 fancy clock*. I i N. B. ? The xale will commence with the balar ce ol **? ?igncea rtock. Term* caah. CII.OTIIINO, n.OTIIINO.-A. 11 CRWTAI.AR WIIAHKLL / on Wednesday, 21 it in*t., at 220 final *t , a beau fu and well arinrted itock of ready made clothing and piece goodi, confuting in part of iin? frock, a?ck, | < reM and ov<rroata, caa-imere, dieitkin and cloth panta, ?ilk , aatin, velvet and cloth veita. fine French and j KnglUh broadcloth*, cafaimerea, docikin*, Ac. The abeve atock i* made up in the beet *tyie *n I miniwr, (or the retail trade only. By order of DAVID RHODE, Kaq., who la retiring from the btuineaa, ri. 1101011, ALI'iIONkITk -KKII H'H tHOI.I) Furniture and Fancy Article*. ? Yhl*. Tues day) rot rmng, at 10', o'clock preeci??!y, the ei*. gant and coatly furniture, of the large five *to ? y pnvate dwelling hou*e in Warren atreet, op I'OMle the Htidaon River Kailroad depot, will be o'lered at public aale. Tlie lurnlture, all tlrat ciaaa, made r>y city maker*, In a proper and anbtUntial manner, eon- i ?l*t* of roeewood aecretary and etegere. centre labia*, ?inartettec, work tablea. reception chair*, corner atanla anil corner cupboard', Fliiahetban belateada bir-nia, waabatanl*, ?ofa* tete a tetaa, richly carve-j parlor fur. n tn re. Ac. , Ac.? all being in roeewowd; maliorany nof.n, chair*, tete#, corner atanda, Mlliull, bureau*, waah atanda, tablea, Ac. Carpet ' oma^'in* of F.a<l a'i, \V i|. ton, tapeetry, velvet an 1 Hrtia?ela do , lufrain, 11/ uaaala atalr carpet*. Venitiau do, velvet ru/a, Adelaide and cocoa mat*. An. fieroration* ? Oil paiutlnga, a 1ne i il lection and pleaaing auhje:ta; Revrn* porcelain arid china vaa?*. richly painted, marMe itttuary, t'arian flgiitea, fancy cologne*, artificial tlower vaeec, French pier and oval tflaaaea, brocaMla and coatly lace window drapery, gilt bnriOfOd ahadea. etndelahraa an 1 gilt chan delier*, Inlaid Gothic year rlo-4*, alahaater an I fan y do., heavily carved ?even octave roMtwool ptanofortea, bedding, mat'reaae., pillnw*. bol*t-r?, pali.'iaae?, iheet*. etuinterpanea, blank'ta, toilet acta, A c , A Crt-ker/ and Silverware? Tea *eta. tumbler*. pre*erve* eol ired wineand Bohemian cut de an'er*, mK*. Ac. , allrer pl>te, aalvarf, tea aervlce*. Cftatora, eake baakete, fnrna, apoosa, napkin rlngi, Ac. ."a!** poaitive, without rate rence to the weather I^UAB CliMirtTRiAl. RttTArK" A nil* tiBNKKAl. Alia J tloneer. 144 (irand I treat, -ilea ol ato ka, alup*. and real e*taie, attende>l at the M?rchanta' It i*uge. Furnitare aa<l mar<handi?- at re<idrneaa an I atoret. Ilou*** rented and pro|>?rty of all kind* Mid at private aale. Prv>ai|it return* mt<le X^l'dlNF. B FHANKI IV, >Tl ("fl<(.Nji>:H -i; ( Trank ' Hi UN A NICllOL*. OilM ?1 Naaa?i| -l|,r,a? furnit'ire auction aale ?? ft* *uh?criSera leave to inform their fr.Mda and tho public, that they w. II give their peraonal attention to furniture *al?> at aic.i mi, a< the realdeneea of lamiliea that intent '?reakiag up oouaekeep ng in the apling. 1-mmmssm ? nit tauuhi not init i j I rick houae aoo lot. with <brr?. an I a MM a'.able, Mil Kaat Rn.v.wa /, c irner of Coawmei atieet io a Aral rate Mightx rhood. on u?ay term*. For part.?.ilara, ap ply to A. W. KIYNUUt n< rthwaat corner of 'Jr>-en ? "h and FulUn atteeta, in the ba-ement, or R. P. WUJ.', j l.secotor, Port Richmond. *nt? -TCTO iMfu, AOcrT >VexfC-<-YBii ' ('Tueaday ) nurn ng to c-.min-oce at 10'i o'c?o k at the epaeion" eoct 03 ruotrn W4 I'.roadwav ? ( 1 B ? Ladiec will find arrang?wie?ta for thd? en*fort K ch and p'?ln furn. tore, all ararrantahie frowi o|.t e.t??.i'a'i? I maker?. anpermr pianofortea painting*, of art<a<* -ete brated, with and wltbtwt lran?e, a maginll??ot f'blneaa table, ri' b brotue frnrc*. I' iring the .a>, mvu -? of eigar*. In let* to ault purcbaawra For p.rticu'ara ei amlee, 1* it wnnl t 'j* eip?n-ive to give f ?? 'I part are. Article* In da Man I will be aold wb'B r~| ? rei FlaOe* at 13 o'clock. Fvery facility to V>*ing and *rv*f? CTioioK <<*ik. Afcru nkkr ZTiro. <m?k 'a.'ix I aail, ' hi* *>orn ng, at*l*M e'elwck, at !*? <?reoo wick atraet, af'weral aaaertaen*. of bouaeb ul f u/nlt ira, dining tablea, crockery, glaaa. ?a'.'.reaeea, clocka, deaka, *caici, lamp*. Ac pere*Dpto*y, aad aUr* to let. UUI AT ADCnOS. Groceries, maccaroni, frencu cHoooiare, negara. ? lhii day, 10X o'clock, at 67 Dey atreet, corner Greenwich, brandy, rum, gin, wine*, cham;ia?ne, ten*, Angara, collcc, cocoa, currant*, popper, muitird. buckwheat flour, *oap, candle*, o11t? oil, pical**. ur dine*, tobacco, barneaa, whip*, hardware, chisel*, icalea, ?pilng balance*. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, 57 Dey atreet. HTNBY H. IJCEDB, AUCTIONEER.? BIT H. H. LEEDS A: Co ? Tueaday, F?bruarr 20, at 10)^ o'clock, at the ateie No, 6.'l'j lir>adway ? Aaalguee'* aale of cloth*. Peremptory aale of a large a?*uriment of clothe, caiai mere*, venting*, drilling*, sc., the at>ck of a merchant tailor, together with Uxture*, counter*, drawer*, kc. Henry ii i.e?dh, auctioneer.? by ii h. Leeds k Co ? TueeUa/, February 20, and He !ne?<Uy, '.'lit. at 7)? o'clock each evening, at our galleriea, No. ni t Broadway, formal occupied by the l)ua*eldorf collec tion, magnificent eale o* very valuable oil painting*, ju*t received (torn Europe -ud not before aeen in thia cuuti* i try. Among the artiat* will be found tl:<* n turn* of Van derbr?ck, lioccbl, l'ouaan, 8. Koxa. Zuccbarelli, Vlorghena, Mignot, Canacci, Hmoui-d, School, Vernet, Au lrc.t. m<i Suito, Correglo, Carlo llolci, Saaao Ferrxtu, ae.eral of 1 1? Florentine acbool, < arravngio, Guido, Renl, I'.'iuio* aim, P. Veroneae, Gberiildi, and other very valuable pa utiug*. Alao, a large invoice of veiy flue pauillugM ou copper and gla*a, juat received from I'arla, together with about 100 modern oil painting* of high order. Thi* aale i< worthy the attention of amateur* aud other*, a* it 1* aelitoiii a a have ao fine a collection to oiler. Can b? tien two day* before the Kale, a* above. HENRY H. LEEDS, Al'CTIONEEn ?BY II. H. LEEDS it Co. ? Wednesday, February 21, at 10>? o'clock, at No. 67 Fulton atreet ? Boy*' clothing. ? ny or 'er of the aaaigaeea, an aa.aortment of very bne boy*' clotting, conaiating of brAallclofh*, caaalmt-re* and lim n, being the cxteuMVH aaaortment of apring, winter an I *umin<r clothing, made of the moat la*'non?ble pa'.terni, aud ? ui table for boy a of t very age. I'aren'a an 1 othir* are invited to the sale, a* they can get a* fine and good arti cle* read] mude an can lie made In any establishment in thi* city. To be gold without reaerve. JM0RIARTY, At'CTIONEER, Will. SK.LI. TUIrf a day, at 10 o'clock, at XT.) Chatham atreit, furnl ture fr.ui -1 Eighth avenue~-a?*ortinent, alao furniture | from lamiliea from Fhurtb. Tenth an<l Seventh atrent*; , alio from other ?ource*; var.oua article* of furniture, kc. Sale positive. JOHN W. SOMKR1NDYKE, AUCTIONEER.? FURNI ture aale, nnlhuraday, the 2M mat., at 13 o'clock, I at No 53 Ann atreet, the balance of the atock of Meaira. | F. k T. I'avta, conriating of roaewood parlor mita in I brocade; French and other be<l*tead* , dre**lng and plain | him ana. marble top and other wa*h*aand?; large ma hogany dining table*, liedi and bedding; centre ami *id* : tallea. Alio, a large aiaortment of common jedatead*, cota, table*, chaira, waahatanda, ciQckery, glaaaware, ?tovea. Ate,, kc. N. B. ? 'lh? Ueaar*. I?avls wiah to In . form their friend* and the public that they have re . moved their furniture atore to 104 Spring atreet, under the 8t. Nicholaa Hotel. J' OIIX W SOMERINDYKK, AUCTIONEER. ? SHERIFF'S aale of fine grocerie*, winea, teaa, &<: , on Tuesday, I Feb 20th inat., at 10 o'clock, at No. 76& llroadway, cor I ner of Eighth atreet, a general aaaortmeut of good* in I the line, byoriitrof the *hcriir, conalating of Stuart'* and ether refiner'* loaf, cruahed and brown augart; I green, black and Engilah breakfaat teaa, in the dill. 'rent variety of package*; Java, Sumatra and Rio coffee*, in bag*; wai, aprrm and mould caadlea, fan -y and brown loapa, u general axaortment of fan-y war**, iplcei, iweetmeata, condiment*, paatea, aard nea, anchovlea, ecrdiala, jelliei, cocoa*, cliocklatea, Hecker'a good*, farina and Hour. Alao, the atock of liquor*, in wood and gla** . wine* of I'ortugal, Spain and Germany, and ! other*, very old and rare, and In great variety ; braudlea, | rum* and (in*, in wood and 0MMN, of ttio proprietor'* j own importation, and of high coat; Hccicb and English 1 alea and atout; a fine atock German, Engliah and Amerl ' can cheeae, in a variety of itylea, cat*upa, peachea, | cherriea, walnut*, green gage*, Kc , put up at the Amer ? lean Phalanx, with a general aaaortment of email ware*, i uaually found in a brat claaa eetabliahment. Alao, the fixture*, counter*, acalea, tea and oil can* iron aafe, I deak*. Alao, three good lioraea, three grocery wagona, ! harne*a, Ac. Term* at aale. Mortgage haijc ? the stock, fixti kks and gooiiwlU ol the fancy goo<la and toy atore aituated at 160 Eighth avenue will be *old cheap for caah, under lorecloaure ol mortgage. The itock la new and well ?e lected, and the buaine^ain a flouriahlng condition. A p I ply lor particular* at 85 William itraet, np *tair*. MORTCAfiEKS 8A1.K OF GENTKEI. HOUSKIIOLI) lurnlture. ? To morrow, Wedneailay, at 10>^ o'clo'.k, at houte No. 11 Wooater atreet, near (!anal. the entire content* of *atd bouae, by order of In. J. D. Ilolley, mortgagee ron dating to part of auperior ro*ewoo<t c.i.e pianoti rte, by Itarmore, in perfect order, having been need but a abort time, two *ult< of roaewood parlor fur | niture in Fr*cch brncatelle, tapeitry, three ply and in f;rain ca~p*t?; rich lace r.ur Jklna and ahadea. oil paint ng*. among which ar? two land*c*|>e? by Fiaber, one Matltna by Weima , gilt framed pier gl?a?e*, marble top ' pier and centre table*, roaewood ae- retary bookeaae, muaic cablniti, eteger*. corner atanda, decorate<l china | vaaea, Trench 'hirty a* clock, hall atanda, oil-.lotti, atair and chamber carpet*, roai weod and mahogany bed I atead*, marble top bureau* and wa*b*t?nd*, china toilet I *et*, gilt Iramed mirror*, pur* hair mattreaae*, palU ; area, pillow*, bedding, mahogany ?o!a, apriog aeat cliair*, I arm iliair*, rockera, twenty feet exten?lun dining table. | Fiench china tea and colle* a?ta, ailver plated tea and ! colli e terrice, tea and coffee urn*, ailver forka, a|N>on* | ar.d ladlea, rlaniah tin ware, [tear! Inlaid dining knlve*, ivory table cutlery, ateel Are acta aud *tan la, cr<x kerr *n<l glaa* ware, a variety of kitchen article*, kc., kc. Catalogue* ready on the morning of aale. GEORGE COOK , Auctioneer, office Mo. 170 (Greenwich atreet. EC. KEMP, Al'CTIONIKR? 1IOIHICHOI.O KL'RSI s ture ? To morrow ( H'ednaeday, ; at IOJ{ ?'?!?*>. at "!> S'tuau atnet, two door* fr >m f uit-iu, n C. KKMI' wilJ *i II at auction aa above. a vtrv large aaaortmeut of I boot hold furniture, conaiating of roxwml parlor fur |, ?u milt*, oovarml in rich aatin brncatall* and liut little iimiI, large Kn n b pier and oval mlrrom, window I curtain*. oil paint tig*, mahogany aola and chaira, tuar 1 top rcn'ra and piertable*. library and aecrctiry bo >k 1 ra?f>, lino*, glaaa, ""'I rr"< k?ry wara, cinlng room fur nliu'a, <1r???ing and plain bureau*aB'l waabatanda, ro*a wood and mahogany bed*tead?, bair ma'tre****, carpet*, and all the u*ual a*?ortmint of household furniture, which la writ worthy of the attention of the trada aud housekeeper*. Catalogue* on the morning of **!??. SIIHUKK SAI.E -oS 1TK-KAY, ?0, 1- \r 11 o'clock, A. M . at U6 Bruora? etreet, n?ar ilroadway, of counter and ahelving, oil cloth on Hour, .-a* fixtuir*, Ac. SHsnrra hai.e.-a. m. crotalab, Aucrtoirat ? By virtu* of an exrcutlon, I will exp??e fur aala oa ttiia day, 20th, at 1<))t o'clock, at 109 MyrtU avenue, |!ro< kljrn, King* county, thr atock and fixture* of a Ixmt aid tlMx- Htor*. <-on*i*tlug of a Una aeaortment of ladiea' and gentlemen'* boot* and aboea. Ac . Ac. EStJLKBKRT l/JTT, i-bcrllT. ARTftm O'BltlUI, Deputy Mierttf. WAI.T1R M'.ERNon.H, AI CTIOShKR. W. OKEE NOI (>H A 00. will *ell , tUia day, at 12 o'clock, ib Coettlr* ?|ip for account of whom It may eoniern.? j Hour? MO hhla. prime INI 'lightly damaged at the II re. , Al*o, immediately after, at No. r, Htorie *trwt, for ae- | count? ?|>ongr*? 'JO hair* and crata* Hoe an t *u|>erAna labaroa aponge*. VL'M. WIT7JH- AfCTIfWEER? WlI.I, flU, Off ' W Widneaday , at ItU t'dNl, at 117 Canal llTMl, a general BaaortinaDt of household furniture of ??rer y d?n ripllon? aofaa. rocking chair*, c-Mia and d'riiog table*, oval mirror*, painting*, aetteaa, lamp*, *how caw *, dinner and tea ?eta , Uruaaala, thi>-e ply and otbar 1 <*r|*t?; oilcloth*, iitair rod*, bureau* wa?V i atande, toilet ?etn, ma! o^ any and other b*d*t*a<!* mat trcme*, feather bed*, wardrobe*, ?MMl| atorea, kitchen ! furniture A la < > , the furniture of flte houa?? for aala and to let. Caab advance* on c /n?lgnment*. UMT AfVD KOt'SD. X (MT?OS V ATI RliAV SlOUr. IS OSE 0E TIIE Ji Thuty-aerond and <>rand "treat ferry ?tage*, a pock ?t hock with a not* for $100 on the I'a ifl' Hank. It w?> from Mr. Heed, dated Kab. 3, and *ndor*ad by II. Kirken A Co. Whoever will return it to *4 avenue if, ? trond flw.r front room, will be auitably rew tried I' (MT? OS I<INDAV, loni 1N-T., rPW)1AI?I.V IS* . J l:roa<lw?y or Kourtb avenue.) a child * Scot"! p"'i ble becklac*. Fiva dollar* raward will be paid to the fin' er oo leturuing it to ?'.'11 lourtb atreet. 100? OK HCWIlAV EVKM.V;, A *MAl.l, VKU/Jir J '? rrier dog, with Dollar mark?l V I* Btoaraa," ??I'andy.'' TH# finder will r*ee ?e the thank* of t'ia owner* and be aaitibly rewar>U4, by returniaf bitw to John Iboaaaa, 91 Kaat Saventoeath *tr?*t | (j?T-I PltH aRY Kill, IS TIIE ATtAimC IS M J ??Itkce i.f!lre Wa t ?*reei, an llliaoia f^ntral I'ai ri ad ceitiftrata So 339, I ur ten 'bare* of atock Aa/ ? ne fmdlad gt e lb?n will 'onfer a favor by laating Ilia ? >n e at f Merdlr a, 1*0 1 r?Bt Itraet, aa Use traaa'i r of tba aaiua lia* been *U>pp- i. r< >d< nag it aael* ?? I<*T MORPAT, T)IK ivni. A I.AROI CAIJTORSIA j C?I4 ring, Wi'li a ?|?are anl n, gnt>a<* 'ha ? hieM, and tha luatlala o' V. J. > to*' I- W., on the ImM*. Tba Nnoer mil b^ ii bar ally r??ar <t"l ht leaving it at tl>a of| < . of the I n p re Riki* l?re<>ing < aip*ny far t ?f l'a*t l?>utj ninth <tr**t, or r*tar? rig It to C I Wbalay, filial Kag,a*er >,l tba iwne tawpawy. Irwi.-HfiimKN ihoi *AM? Avn nru in vhrko j dollar* in >pei|e t ? rt fi' ate" l*-u?d by the Haak <4 Amertra to tb? aaaorittal lianlan' tbl* city? t'lraa of ?:> IR4I each, tbrea ol tl <CI0 ca b, Mrf '>ne ?.f ?V*i--were feat oa trl<lay by a ' lark af the I aak of tAa<?*nw>o wealth. oa h.a way fr? ui Aw r learn t be uae to tbe Haab, A* tl.?ae-?rti6rat-? ?r? payable only to U? a ??seated batik* they ran ha ?<t a? valae In tb? I aad* of aoy pri vate individual af otbar r ;? nMtina Alt p*r>?a* are ra rjueatad to atop any one ?t.o nay ?"? m ?' t" pa?? o ft Mther "f tbe?e ear'.lOeaUl A aaltabte reaar-i w II <m paid for tha r return to the Raak ??' *b? 1 ?'o-r"B?eaitA. VP) HUI Caei ler ntnumwi. \I ?' A1WIS, H OH I'tr.l , I? i ICKR lu rerviie* to the la<tlea aa-'. fti'Voxa. >? p'<re not ?y, by book* aai acteaea - an ba ??aalla4 ab"iii hive, auiriage butiaa** *pir't<ial fataJitMa aad wfl; tall tf.e Bama of tba lady '<f geotlerr.u. tb?y elll marry al*o tb? earn* if bar vi*.ur? Madanv* Alwla f tm vara* * |j kagheb, Er*t>cb aad i?era*aa Hm-4**** m Bowery, Bear rtrat *u-et "\f APAM MOlUirm Will. GlVt tiMIt IWTItR ijl ia*lur?* oa all rom^rr.t ef ! '* bf p ?4. rtl a< *r? truly a*K?i*L a< tbougb *be Bra -iaa* ao't. af bat what a raw? fllaki* to phl aaophy If not ??t ?tad t be ra wOJ ba a? 'barfe ft?>B? ilrift, Mar I MttA MMlMI Wt Bteit'.et VUAKC1AL. I 8600.000 a iniinli, watehea, jewalry, ?? 1 Hari, piano forte*, mer< handi*e ana property generally, or bought far ca*h Bualne** conS htllal ! and executed promptly, at Nuug ?tr<-?t, ilrit Bon back office. I LORKNO. tc CO., Broker*. ?550.000^] Jood eity ftockH. oit**, but Mhh. JjOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCH Jewelry, fco, or bougl.Uor'iaab. It/ rtocka, net**, bonda ami morittV'- title of v*t ahange, he., negotiated . Hualneaa contidenUal, a? 1 promptly executed. at 103 Nuaiau atreet, room No. X TH0M1*M)N k CO.. broker* ami eommUaion tnrrebanta. ?.k A A AAA 70 LOAN is BUMS OK FJtOM iUvaUUvM,?H* W.tKK) Tor -hort p-ri.nli ou nicrehi.ndife, wntchea, diamond*, jewelry, or other valuable*, at the City Ixwn Office, 76 Nassau *tre?*t, re*r biiilu r>K, rooui No. 2. Office private and interview* coa fidtutlal. (Jh-| ff /r AAA? TO U)AN ON 1)1 A MOV DH. ffl.1 OOe V?" /" ' watche*. Jewelry, *cgiir*, ami mcicbanuifte gem-rally. or bought out. 1 1< >rj la and mort gage* bought and told Money comtaatly on hand at 146 William *treet, near F ulton up atalra. F0B8C8H k CO , loan and cotninUaiou broker*. mpA AAA T() '>oan on diamonds. watehea, jewelry, kn , or bought for ca*h Note*, ?tock?, bond* and mortgage* nego tiated; r>'al e-ute bought *?ld and exchanged. All bu*lne*a atrictly confidential. CI1KKMKMAN, DKAISTKU A. Co., Brokera, 35 John <treet, eorner of Na*aau. &(' i i AAA To LOAN AT HKVKN PSB CENT ?T>* M/iUUU on bond and m< rtgage on improved r> al eatate in tbl* city or lirooklyn alto, $:ix,000 to in ???t In the purchase of iuortj{*gea Apply to J K. COOK, Jr., No 4 Ne? t., n ur Wall. $2 lI UUU' watche* jewelry, gnna, platola, nierchandlae, Ac., or bought for ca*li Bu i?** coull deiitfal and *nfe. Apply at the old e*taldl*hed loan oflice, 'J37 (irand ?tr*et, roruer of Bowery, room **"ond Moor. N. II. WOOLKY (mtn) AAA? TO i/jan on BOND and iiokt Hp ? ) ? t . vU vJ gage el 7 per cent and rea*?nahle coinmioion. Alao, $o uoo to loan on merehandiav Ad dreii K. box ltl'l Herald office. Keep tltla for reler QQ0 -M0NKV TO iA.N ON DIAMONIH, (Jt4)A AAA ? MONKY TO LOAN, ON I?1A Vf v/ v/e monda, watehea, jewelry, plate, lry gooda, aega r?, or mcubaudiie of every deacrietioa; bualntee confidential; 212 Broadway, aud l&i kultoa itreei . room 11, third atory. ffl'KKL, h CO. Mi.) AAA 10 $11,000.? WAX1SD TO ITR U UU cha*e, a gwd houae mid lot, In an el'gible partof the city, for which payment will be mad* In a mortgage on real entate worth four timaa the amount. In<|Uiie of 8. 1. JOHNSON, 212 Broadway, room No. 3 WA A/ x? WANTKD OX IMPROVED UNKNCCM evM. /V he led i en I ?-'ate, in the city ol Brook lyn, worth live tiirea the auai required. Addreaa A. M V , box 3HH7 I'oat olio e. (JhQ/kA WANTED ON A IIOUSK ANI> U?T IN fflolM } Brooklyn. $1*1 <XM> wanted on 4 houae* ami lot* in New York. Wanted to hire, a houae near Kif tcenth atreet, between lhird and Fourth avenue* or vici nity. Bent not to exceed Apply to Kl lAh fOMIH, auctioneer and real estate agent, X44 i.ran l atreet. ANY AMOUNT OK MONET TO LOAN, 'Hi Win, buy at *H;ht for caali, merehandiae, diamond*, jewelry, plate, or personal property of any d?*crlptlon. in aunia trom ten dollar* upwarda, at the md eatabliatiea reeponaaliie l'aclflc offirn, ovr I'aciflc Bank, -oraer llioacway and (irand *tr(et. Term* libera), coulldentlal and ?afe ? no bumi>ug. CtAMl ADVANCKI) IN ANY AMOI NT, ORl'l'KtHAHCD J at alght, diamond*, watcbta, rich jewelry, md valuable peraonal property generally. K. WOOI>, A9 Fulton atreet, necond lloor, front room, from tf A M. U 4 P. M. IKVDM XAVIM;.* INSTITI TION, ?0 WAKftKN HTKIUCT, otf d<ior Imrn <>r**eowirh. ? 0|ien daily from 10 A. M. to 1 I*. M., and 4 to 7 P. M lnt<>r**t at tlie rate of *li per rent allowed on all auma from $1 to t5iK>. Tbe fundi of thla lnatitutlon are aecurely inveatel In lionda and mortgage* In the eity of New York, worth doubla Um amount loaned, and in bond* In thia < Ity. CAl.KB J?. WOODUDIJj, I're.ldeat. W. M. I'rn.ia, ) ? ... M. I). Van 1'w.T, / lc'' I Va*iiI3imiit L Bt'lTOH, Kecretary. IOAN WAN1KD ? A I.OAN OK $10,0<N) ON IM j proved property, now paying 14 p*r c?nt. In tha eity of Brooklyn, for a term o# from three to flva year*, I at the option if the lender, at legul Intereat, piyalile I *emi aunually. The aecurlty ottered t* worth at leaat treble the amount requited, aad ia a very dealrable op portuoity fur a nefe inveitment on produot've real eetate. Addreta I.. M F., I'oat Office, Kaatera dlatrict, Brook ly n . ? YON8, IOWA. OiMfBAt KAILHOAD OOVIITe 1 1 The coadlt'.on* of the agieem*nt aigii-il Ity trie h-ddera of the bottd* ol aaid company, having been fully ccmplied with. ?ald liondholier* art* hereby notified to call at the office of the Ml?al?*lppi and Iowa Central Knllioad C? nipany '-'.'J William *treet,on or liefore Hatar <1?V n*?t, *J4th in-t , and aufltMder their bond*, aud pay the 0r*t in>talniei,t ol I wo per cent In raah, at which time and place they will recene preferred *to-k, accord ing to the agreement made wlOi the*a?l Miaalaaippi and Iowa Itallroad Company. The fee bondholder* wh > hate cot yet *tgnrd aaid a. r??ment. ean avail themwlvee of It* proviaion* by complvlng with tlie above condition*. Ily order of the board u( i* I lector* ABM. CHANDLKK, I'r. , i nt. II. C. Bliow \ . Secretary. Tl/fONlY TO LOAN? PERSON H IlkytlKIKO ntM ill porary a<!?anra? no i*il a.tata, illainon'la, watrliaa, jawatry, furniture, pianufortaa, wine, aplriti, and i*r ?ooal propci ty of triry dtKripUoo, mi ix iniutxiuulr ?W nimixiatvil, no liberal tarma, and lha atru-tait <?it?ll dmra (<h?T*t"l, at tha Empire m*u and Aft*n<y O? ?, !12l Hrnailway MONEY.-CA.-ll I IIIKItAl.I.V ADVANCE!) ON JIIA imii 'I*, vitrtw, itrj goo-la. pannfotlae, furniture (illvo I'll trim, nr any #tli?r pr< (M-rty, at the ?it- n ij and kin i>Bn, 201 HrMitvi/, esrwr ?r I>u?na iUmi, a# c?diI floor, itw ia Nii. I# I urilH'cnc* and bumir 111*7 I* railed upon llrancb office *4 Weat Mt?< ? nth >lrMt MI. 01 i. III. I s * O'NKII X. WANTFD- OH.Y f.S roK THE T|. KET Of A fty iup?ri< r gold En|l ?li patent later witch (full jiaelal), wltli apl< r. lnl gol l real cbun Tl?e watch haa l?m lately pl"i*e<l foi all that w?a a-aal <?0 U ati'l owing m want' ( money tin- tl. ket will be -<41 for the abore aniall ?um Tb? watrh coat the owner a I'DgUml I'. 0 am) tha halo tl'i There *111 ba tlo leea liken if tba chain la rtturuel. AiMreaa i> , llaiaM ?Sea. * I'f.TKKM'N, RAMKKKM, RWOR AN! Tf eicbiQge hrokara, 41 ail 4 t .Snath Third atrial Philadelphia- Mock and Corporation l?M botirhl im aoM no roBBlaaioa. urwnlaaorr nou-a an'! dra'ta, Dafi> tilted 'olle< llnoa mi<fa upon all araealble pa<.n>* a tha enuntry, draft# oa 0tJ?? ' alllaa, n auma la a-Jl III ab*aara p&SSE ACHIU) loR AI<OIT!"N -ANY PEK?WWSMftNa to ldopl a flo* heiltjiy fetnala 'nil tan In xi'lia ?Id, may h>ar of ula by ? l'lr???i?< J I , lx.? IM Ma laid < Itlea ART INFORMATION or THoMAH IIORAN, WII'I left !?!* b?M oa Tu" ?y m rani an I at* Ua| ?>rn id Hertford atr??t, Hro'ikl f u, ? ill 1>- ' haok tully r? celaeii at TW Mi.Jbarry atr?*?. N?w V<.rk be Me dlatrart e<l wife, Aon lloran, who Inn for )i ? lata IK THE <?l NTI> MAN WHO K ,t Hit A Hft A ? "K let .1 ?r>*rrday 'ba 1Mb In ?ul'on a>M?a ba teaan Jiy ind Iaw/hi" atra-t. vill ratura tha .? i?a to !IM Kulton itraal llrwu in ba aball ba L ba rally ra vardad an l |*r? intha tbaiika of M *aa**r INKORMATION WAVTO) Oi CATHEKtXI ll'K.AV liar ? wii nan a |i ? athai .na Ma-?i I, >.f Tamptaa.-ira, e'l'.nty Tl{'i?:arT * ban Uat li'ti I fi'.m ?a .n Ob ?>, at a lUca ' all*'! lay Im a 1 unnal Aay a?r< >a know n( anything at.nat liar a. II ^taaa? lrop a 'a* I naa |a bar bitban I I >an. a I Hn<au Nta York. iMlkarr; atraa1 II I104AN. 1MOKHATI0N WA.HRI -Of FMTli K M CC 14 EN hair ht Bra faat flaaar. : a half In haa, riark lia r, brnan ablakara, fj ay?? aa lull (ac? ftry hiatr || * laft tlila city 01. Oia J?th April 1H*4 Aor inf'.rm a! ?( bim will l? tbi'ikfully Mll'a4 by li^a alia Mary M' < Milan, :a PataMarath atraat for John atol -.y Uh o ? ad WihijMiii papafa plra-a t?py "VJ </TK"E ? MK T1I0MAR DINOW, A OARMOWI, WII.'. X'l bair N tr,r'.l,h,f u, In* >liaat>(> ! ./ at IM Maidan laoa, Ka? York, or <M l'aoi*aa itraM, IW'*?aly?, altbout delay It .1 ? u I'V a? -1 ba la > 11 l/?| l-Uad PEIVONAI. ? ' THE R)l.*r: ifuvmi.r. r A,"Tw raranlly aaila - f a ab p /at ?! tbla yrt\ . aa! tup. Bid to ha r r?. an I' an* a. t?a liw vaaaUk af t* r adfaauga by aa(.iyin? to IAMI? * hmjjm. tl bdk >traa*. I he i a 1 ' v who rwn/*ni tl, on <atu5|5t laal, to I-r 1'itpoara at tl>? ltr> adaay I'uat >M|ra, f.r a I' a ?.f bla |i.l iw p J la ?ill plaaaa mi ila afta aa ? ba aagU'tad t*(IT* tba atraat abara lo aai. l t...aa 'J $L' fourth itraat ab>>?t tbraa ?<.i,i .a agm, i? ra>|aaatad i> '*11 at tba aliwia lo U?a tbaia Illy and pa? ?a paiaaa HKWtHIM. . f tHTiR> i/a-r. IMMRN ORVTOHROOML aa'r 'r.arka-l 4ia?? n4 H '??? 11 Tba a k" ra r* a a ra H"1 rmo*?rj at No I Hut atraat 8* i)?? n tut mou^>.4io;?R vwm _ ' I I'ack a"p thr u! h I mat ?tr-?? t<i l)mr. Mil p.'aot ??*? a at b, Mon a* nakai r 1 ?aa' a'raAa, al'k n tba rrnfa Iflaaur vlli ratiri tt. Ja>aa A. IklM^li, 1*! fc?ith.tra?' akiil r-'lra Ibf akvaa I taarl , and ia> 'f ijaat u.?a aaaaat c 1 / . * Attn - ixm, OR ?*!'?? MliAV EVR 1 ' / ????, tba 1 4t% Inat , la aaaa tba ?'* ? ?a rira. hataarn iwar >?< |la.t?r ai4 ? rat a'aiai ?id atraata. a ill??r ?at'b, Hairy lyraa, bail artak* r. Hi !?? Tba aatrb (a ml Ml a (ilia, kit priaad b? ?ba ttwnar aa ? la?illy ra|:<r Tba ?Min aiH alll Va j?4 aat if. -l *?ata?? aaaa', by ra*. . r* |( tba naa a IR V WHITE, aiubukn, M Ma vary . A VOI NO ENGLU8 LADY Ol RWPKCTABUC 00* J\ i.e< tiona wlabea to obtain * altuatlon la a star*, or aehouieke*p< r In a private family , li *>11 air to alii be I aalf u refill. High lef*rrnc* given. AUre.a 1.. U 1. , Ilr raid office. A To UNO LADY WISHES A HTCAT10N TO TAKK j\ caie or Inatruct children, and will mat* heraelf generally useful Can k ?rio for two ilay", at No. 4*MI llilitl avttn*, between Tliirtjr aecond and Thirty th.rd atreca, .it tl? groi ery ? tor* Allt'Al.THY YOl NO MARRIED FRENCH WOMAN, with a In ?(? breuat la ilea.roua to find a flue tab/ I<|?H Oiliw un objection to llv* with the baby '? pa r?nu. I'liaM' addioa (. II . art uur-e, ilerall ollice. AH COMPANION >01'. AN OLI> I.AKY WANTS), A young Iriah wtnien, of between twenty aad twenty 11** yaara of ?*?, of te.perlable family, good ?dii' ation, agreeable marnera and lively diapiaUlon, ao <|ua.attd with btiuteae?|, u? air. plain cookery. A very 1)1, cral afclary will be given A. draea KO'J.bOI 1 HI Herald oflko, until Wfi'i.Mii evening 21at Icat , In own handwriting latin,; particular! aa to a(e ami ?lualiflcatlon*. with refer ntn, n?m? and aidr*?a. . PKPPHTAHIK FPKNCH oyiL, IT YKARJ OI.I), waiita* alt ua tlon iu an Auii'riaan famly aa etian betmald or nurtemaid, Mm can road ?ulwti\e vary well and know* how to md embroider, and apeaka a Utile 1'ngllali. Addreaa ?' - llrand atraat. \RI rECTABLE MltWt.K AOED WOMIS WANTS A ?It'on to take charge of an infant from ita birth, or would tend an invalid lady no objection to travel. Addreta Mia. Mellon in'll luH kaat Tbirteeutb atreel. AM I! HIY ?.o\ I V A Yol'N'ti I A : > Y who baa bad aevrral je ira eiperleoce In the entire car' an ! man iurm ut of < lu'dien, r m Uitcb tha flrat ru dino-Lta of Kieach and cut and make children'a treeaee, or a* n mriauion to a lady An interview way ba had for three daya from 10 to I o'clock lu tht> morning, at 77 Tlilrd avenue, near Twelfth atreet AiiPM-Kt rAinjc vo Mi woman wi-uum a altuatlon aa n.ok, ia willing to aaalat in waahmg and ironing, or do general bouaework In a amall private fan. ly. Ilaa good ' y reference. Itaa Ileal two yaara in hi r laat place. Can b" aeen at 2*11) Thirteenth atreet until < in agel. A Vtll'Nl, WOMAN WI.-IIK.-l A HITI A NUN AH A n am>'rr? In a prl ? ate family ; aha can ?ut and tuTadlea' dreataa. alao < hlldren'adreaaea, which ahe un d< ratanda perfec'ly Mlie can be aean for two daya at 72Hi>th avenue, tblr I atory, Ironl room. A IlKSI'ICTABI.K VOI NO WOMAN WInlIKH TO OB J\ tain a altuatlon In a amall raapertabla prleata fa mly to do rhamberwotk amit iu waahlng and Ircalnr, or would do chanberwork and mind children, woulil have no objection to ir<> a abort dialaoca la lha coualry can (five gotd city reference. I an be leen for two 4ayi at No. 1 ft I aeenu> A. between Tenth and Kle tenth ate AYOI NO WOMAN. WITH A KKK-II llltKAHT or milk, wiabea to uMani a altuatlon aa wet auraa, or to taka a baby to h r reaideuc*. Apply for tw? daya at No. Concord atrect, [Irooklya. A VUI NO I.AI?Y WHO I f. IKK- TO IMI'HUVr HICK ? e If, wirhea to cnUr a achool wbara bar aarelaag would compen>at<i for her bimrt , no aalary required for tlia llrat an montba ai>*aka the Kreach lanfuaga fluaatly . I'leaae aildreaa A. II , 77 Third arrnul, near 1 welftlt *t. A VKIIY AUIK tilRL, WII.I.INU AND flT TO DO /V plain cookiBf, waalimK and ironing, housework, or cliamlHrwork and waitlrif, wanta a altuatlon *<ba la well ie> ommended, not afraid lo work, and haa no objao t'no to the country < all at tba frew offlca, TOi Kif htb aeenue, nearlwenty alath aireet A HIT CATION WANTKD? BY A KMHI'ECTABIJB youDK woman, aa plain cook, waaher and irMar, or would do general houai aork In a amall arietta (amity. Ilaa good referenca from lu r laat placa Noohjeetlan lo go a abort dlitanee In the corn try. I'loaai call at 47# Ilroome atreat, top tlo<ir, In k room, for tan dayi, AYOCNO MAN WIIU IIA- A I'KHKKCr KNOWIJCDOK of tba grocery and dry gonda bualnaa* wiataaa a eituatloB in altber, ia will n( to bail bluaalf from tw? tu tbrea buo>'rei| dollara for hia boneaty, or would b? will irg lo lend the aame lo ha rn.ployar on good aacurtty Can be reen for one weak at lludaon atreat. ANKAT, IHiYOIRI. HI IIKH TOUIITAIN A SirUA tien. aha ia a goml cook, waaher and Ironar alia baa to objrttUin to dog>neral bou ? wi rk , aba haa tha Waal of i ity reference, (an l>a tern fur twa daya, at V( Waat S.n?te?nth atleet. A YOUNG WOMAN NOT LONG KHoM KNOl.AND, lit A oaalroua af obta nloR a ?ituaMuo la a raapectabto family, either lo New York or Brooklyn, aa cbarakanMlA and waller, or cbamliarmaid and aiam>tiaaa , a par ? nent home iu a ui<a (atnlly la more dtairoua Iban wagaa, can mala heratlf uaeful if called on la da aa, altbwr ta embroidery or floe aewirg I an be aaan for Ibrae iSaya, where abe ia atopping, t1 llergan atreet AHITVATION WaNTKIi BY a KE-n-H*rAIII.K, MID dla aged i'lote.iant woman, to do tha 'woklaf, and iron eg ?i a ? mall family. Haa no <>kjac tlou to go a ahort ulatance ,n ttie country Ooal refar esc*, II required I Iraaa apply at ,MJ' Mott ? treat, ia the r>ar, lor ton daya A HIT CAT ION Wa.-TH- -BY A Kf^lT-TAH. young wt.maa. aa ? hamber maid, fine waalter aa ucner or would be wi ling tn do tba rovkiag *od aa-ia with th? waahlng and Ironing of a amall prl vat* fam ly la capable ol filling either if tba abova aituatioaa Ap ply at Ugbleenlb ?If.' be I w? < n Malb aad Taaiti axnuea heiiofcity i ef. !? nca can aa givaa froaa ba la. I |la>e AK>10'Ef TAHI>: ollil. WI-IIE" A BtTCATIOIf A chaaitermai'i and to aaalat ia lb* waahlaff aa Ironing or boua**rrk for a amall family, Haa I nit ' referenca girt o t all at . I wall h atraat, batwaaa l lrat and SnU ateouea. AHE?"PK( 74 AMRHK'AN YOIW WOMAN wlthaa * altuatlou a? fwl, ?aab*r an I irrnnf, or to do grtirial bnua*?Mb or ' littnbaraorft, m4 ironing no objartlona to tli? country, tba MM a# ra l>t>nrM |l?n AH>\j V '* Muiba-ir; atroat, ?tmrt ?( lloiiaton iIihiI, In ilio ??*??? in a r?t ALh FVOTMTaNT vocmo WOMAN fWDH A tUTUA* t on ii ?<ltrr or r I tuilrimtnl la ? i?p?il?Mi fa m l; rtg | r.?!urr jkH f t; nlrniiM. I*l*a?? >tll for too ilajo it No 4 Mu)tf?nl atraat, n??r Third hum. Amh?tki>k wimiix to wokk ot r iiy rn? da; , <h* i* full; eornpatant of tult a( iifl ltll?( ft, ? i)r?M?? ifl all kluda of Unit; 'on ba .i?.n* r*a*ot itMr b; ealing *t V> (Wood n-uw, r ?r building w<ob>! A' or Vwn ni'Rkk. ? a Rr.?t-BCTAnrx UAKmia> wo vih, allb * frnli liiiut of milk wl.baa t rbill it I ii man if - unit, .? Ijrnu iIimI C*o Im aaaat far In diji. V vol NO MAtKIM- nOIIMANT tAOMAV WIKIIHt ? aituattoo ?? ??l ?ur*? baf bob; l-m? about at* aaaia "Id tl a tltbta to litre out in a i>vuM? faaii ;. i'laat* It'imn at 1M W?a'. hiitniitb niMt, Utfwa K'(l tb >*4 NibIIi H'nu'i <?? o t.? ih a foi too da;a. AWKV I'll'., i s I - 1 1 ? .? A -in Aft'H io a total or boan'.inr b> um, can ? "mm iar.? a i?.? r.?1a ?1 ? ; taut* ot tta taa.lllae n lb* (It;, or ?*? ? at-- a fir?t in* 'in k ? aitua'.l<a. do chamot ?ori, aad 8n* aatl.lar an>) iron ?i- I'laa** 'ail at So Prlaaa ? t. tr?t !!??? r, back tot m Aki -I in Al ! I W( MA'. ' M I I?? I OOKIS0, ea*l..r>f and lioailif, a .alia a t>> o ta o a -It la'l-'O ? t'h a r?*|*ctabla 'am It >U baa ao obJ*<-t>?a to rltf or roi.ntr; l*?f inUi l bi | r .(?? ? a ot lai'H Apply at l<>t ll*;ard att*at, third Im<i, altar* aba a.JI raiaaia l?r t ?a da) a. I ' a t aKM ? a tba *>lnt; of Nat? Y?rt, alilMtiUta a aait or (la *"iiU itiM t" tlx 'It; t.u?in?<a tba adt*r tl.ff aot l?*ir t abl* "> atl??4 t?.tb t ?? tba arm a?>t taa ?alaa k' to an; raatlamaa a <n.all rapital tbia ?mM t* a |t?4 ?tea'* A1d?aa? faiawr, t'ai?aa<|aua I oat i m ?a Awrrmni r?no woman wim a tiru. at o? to taka fai. ? <i ? bllran ant 4* plw* a*<* rf or to b*lp a ,tb *b? < awlsar *?r> ? ao bat* laattl (M; Matflta <aub* iwa lai taa^afa alUA ?*??.td ???!.?? lalatu Ta>ai; >ao.a<1 aft Ta#at ;? tblid ititata AHtonJOTAtlir. HfOTIJHANT l,IJU. WANTt A "I t ,atka aa roab, or to d?? f*i>aral a?<taa aort la a ?i?all pntata faoaal;, or boa a>> ab flmn lo g? ii>. iba rftuair; Ap|il; at 72' >i(b'?>a<b Itnal, b^taa*? Ml.'b ?nt N o'b am III ApuiAtio* aa'th r\ a oorrtJCA* n tA a Ijjl') amp'Uktl a* a ???!< ?? ? a Iraaa ar i n? 'I i* fart a' a |itt? faaaa ?al I ? ' Iffl tut S B'taaa- ' 1 ?a>n I i' >< I 'faa4 it????t o'mkI Boor ft on1. r?^f for too <;? \Y<il ?>0 W< V. 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